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Q. X X -P x 'xx 1 Qu , f x , ,wwe r Q V Q 7 ONCE, Exaeigw Y -vw AJ' N1 ' - Nw lm x'm! X QE 1 . x Af' x U ' , . I X by S N 3 V- A K MJ Lk nv' R . by vow I2 2 LLAERL A .r F , 47,1-I J' i, . S J 1 X ,V K Q! w an ' , v ' rbi, si 'Y' I f L' Y P . ff, , 5' vuwlf. ff ,J , - 11,1 F21 All-ilgii vx,..-kgf,f fl' , 7 I rvplfd in 5 fb Q o G: 'E O Q2 fA"X 1 , Q V N Q , -...X fa . X., Fu . X- ww N Q Q3 E- 1 N 'J N Iky 4 f 9 f , sl 1 K X N1 f PL' of CEJMQMY , 1, . Lx ' 1 ATXWS Y Liv, SXMY O6 . fZL1Z.M'jg:Fl'LAV ngwtofuii V ,rwxc.ciAXX0x5 you ow-5 Qwmjk 9,0 cbd 3 CN C' -'61 ' , you 350 'W W M'aJ?3G3'lZ5'dQf ? I 7 ff u V Ay "Q" "L KHR. GMM p'MfUl',7L'5'1O.4,Q,cycEzjo,o+ T A fifwell SP4 4 Q . -fo 0a ibv-ekgk POL,-fur 1 HM4-,I gilt-f K 1' yn-en-f 'JS' iw' jc 01 Gfe bt , gif - ??,J,5p,g5.'.Tiv Jcoucj Ag,,.,,,:f:'fQ..,,Q,.., ' To 0 vw' f- xq I 'SAVOFKZQFD-wglfj i NN of i J ffif-by bvgQ.y ,f X wxx' Tai X 5 H QL ww W , AQ QQ fix P K Q, 259 , i . AQ" 1 X9 1 x yi Agp 591 0 1- ' X 17? X gif? F' ri vpg Q' 4 ' ah I fxxgi U K N h O :Bb , xii, X Q SEQ QQ- -Kxf ff GJ . . 1, . V05 Vyrxxg.. fo , I 1 My A by fvw fm fm- A i rf . X CY, W I az. J Qgqsb fog N2i,,e 1 WEE' Q7 725 ' Ffh? ,. gawf- ff? , f Q? 1 E? Q x9-4215 b x 5777 QPR N fLD'x ' QQ? Q73 Lvkgg! 'E u 1 jj Wi ,haf 046 fa Q 1 ' 2 XWLLUQQL Qc' M C060 MJ-7 .a . M I OQN WM N We . Q W LX' 5 x Qffmk i.,3r ,lkXi 1E9'wQ B ay!! N ' I QQ gb 'Q Sk Wx X xK?i'fJ 5X E .fx we Qfogggox X 'W xv , 5? Haig gig rf QU K5 W ff SMQXX KQQNXQUQRQXN . RX? ITG CZCQQQXXX1 wie SX KX me XCXNKS Lteafgx 67 jwakis Rinflfm be '12 owe jqm M155 , 6 .NC,'9' .Sl 00 I km 'NJ 'CN SN CX 'icuii 0 mx, Qi- J, 'Q5StS -lxwx x J 49 vfXJAQvlQlQX1,1?Q5Yo 0. 5 8 Iam so ,, ,ks vy, OQZIC' .9-K gig -QQ L jhlm QX355' IWUJQLI5 Q- JCB 5 97 Q5 rQQ5g 5,3 8 . X, 5 ,WA Lycia Kc Rememyeg 'aclu any 9132 playa Q D ' . ' ag o'm'f r'N-mmm: Q, S545 A F . vfaayf aff . ,ww :S L, CI gt :QW 515 Ogg 5512 iw Mc Lf. U' O H, Q, Qfgofb fs C M1922 5-buzz O. 932-14 L A Ky gy XQNQV Q'jQ'23- if gf? 53? 2 T23 4' 'yr do 1 QE Q- LOAJQQ' Pre - 0' Qt 0.75 SD D9 E532 if S 9 SZ: 6 egg! gig ge X Q 43? Q 'X . F 9 5 S ' 3695 J99J! Offs GS, Q5 Q , Z 'S Qi 359 X 5 69 I A ejyi ' YP :ff by Table of Contents Pictorial Theme Faculgf Sports Activities Students Seniors Ads and Patrons THE OF PAST DA YS FUTURE I Xb V XXX XX I JN . X ffx VD - Y , Lt. xl Nl X1 4: ,- O- FFX -V xx m A L XXL "Wax QQ, I 0 f, QL Wxxflx f Q U SJW 'ffl if, 0JWWf x , N 9 f-U N My f N N7 , Q CQ I 35 ,D 4- Wy ,fp fl, NX O Cjgx .K f V W ka , M AX VA wx' HW X f X . J., L N' ZJ W , W G30 xv v WW 6565 Qjm 0gQ?RCl Q , 1 -'LJ 'N I 0 X 'yx JMJJH' IH , A 1 v I gi? U V J K 1 w ' J 1 X 5 J X BNF v J" V J 7 W V The early morning hours provide , a variety of sights even before the school day is officially underway. The last minute cramming for a 9:00 a.m. quiz, the first bell for homeroom, clumps of people blocking the hallway, and lovers tucked in isolated corners. 4 x'q Z As morning classes eat away the hours, classes change and concentration slips to thoughts of lunchtime. When 3rd period slowly creeps to an end, the question most often heard is: "What's for lunch today?" r,p , !zf4 If Q .A ik. wsxweg fywsx va ,.f K 1:1-v 21 awi-wg W, Q - L , ,fy W ., 1 4 1 ' Q 1 'W . -I V, :- 4 n gd I 4 8 1 A , 'Q-in Q K7 -7 S Hilf- VT Q' .' LL, M . QQ Hill ' I Lunch is over and everyone must resume the role of a student. Afternoon classes are spiced up with the library for the study hall students, painting for the art classes, Woodcraft for the shop classes, and headaches for the faculty. 4 Seniors n , S a W if fa ..3., A ' v v AQ N 1 42 ' y- 1 rl, 4 .., g A . r.- , ,Ti ' -1 'xN'tA-.....-A15 X111-.a,.aw" X X 1555: gfvre :H f VS. ' 1-5 'A ,, i - , vizgn Q M .-fr" xQ2r::,BN,,,,,,.J . 3 if N """' ww., 5 I . ,tsl L gf Af' V Ctifg 3 T A! V O 1 1 x', if E-4 ' 1 . is I 1 i 4 r A xl si ii 6 X x i SX Iv law, - rx 25 fsf "' a -v s+b', 53--I E 'SY 5 . lx 'Y . X Ax 'X R S fl .4 T U A -tfk CHEQ NGERS Iffffffli 14. :X ,dye 'Nil fx W P ,, 'fr V, V N . - fy if Q" I . ' SE ,Q .L I ,gi h , L ,A is 'ifllf' - f -. 4 5 I E ' . - ' ' ' 'X 1 if 5 'fx A5 ' 'N,3v?3?W.,g- A '1 'JN f. - X U- I 'xg33fQ'1f.2,,,,. A f E .qw ' ff -' , ., Ai -. 9 'A' E 352' W . A , M-:fm-f-2 4 H! Q ' it wugwgeekx QR' lg. L05 I E' E- Mg ..f'2?W"Twg?2?T?7ff''T' ' 512: gf """' ' 1' 5-a'W,f . 'EQWMEJ 1 f" 'S' 7 8.-Qimwd' Aa Qi. WMI", KW: Za' 25 miles to go now. . . Blind in one eye, and can't see out of the other. I know! You're supposed to put this little thing-a-ma-bob in here! Quick, what do I do next! I wonder when lhey'll let me out on parole! L J.. - 4 Intramural Tennis g x 1- A, OK, where's the basket? l - E ' 'X ?:, WN Xewxj W S25 1. 1 , X ex ' 5 : Your dress is very becoming. Got CHA!!! "Holy, Crackers! So Lhat's what it looks like! I wonder what's on channel 2'2" V' 3 The Odd Couple The Good, the Bad, the Ugly rg My , . . . 1- ,1 me . I Q 1 ' S W. The Teaberry! Shuffle! e E li "Like father like daughter" ll V ' 'Phil' .3 b Rock-On!!! "Would you believe 12 inches in one foot?' Legs h aVe a 18 hand for Fon C herry, Q' '- ax. ' :lg . , ' 1, ffgwx, Alone 88818, naturally' 7 M I 4 93 :GLX - ,U A H Q ,hx ' ft 1 - 1 ' , 11 x 0 ,ga f , . , .3353 A. 'XPYWEQH Qf avgmnl ',QX??:si xqmxfgf. 0 104 xtt n 1 t ww w--, I yn xx , It is P0SSibl e to tum . nron into gold' Thisi s Eynmasdcs? --...E Cheers. Now down the Hatch! ig Qezrfgtx m i , , hgh I., X I Exif'-aa,.,1. 1' FF 44 f 2' - . 'owvf--1 -.... 4- .-w 'r-fw :WF . C EA . ' -2 :f f l W 4'-lg-Q Q Mr T? ' ki ff . -DFWQE-l?fX',2i fp, ' - 1,412.14 mfgx, A -f A is Q ,QW xy g3'5rrL'MV' ' Tw y M H1114 wp? -V sg, - -'f -was ' ff ' fi - in Q , ., . ' 15 Ffil i, .ifif "T V , 5' , gg!,,faQ5A Sf '- zf'2'ffQ?f:iig4: - fi F53 I "if .I ',,,' - . fA-Q'i?.:E:':'f.rS.'-3" in Uh -- Clem, hamming it up!! 'YI . '-Q' N, ,QA C, f P71 c- Q NX , D A. , Q if Q R 'xx K N E Q E 1,9135 5 ' ' Q33 V ' U-f' ,AM W l ' W V r 1 - e l l XR l ,, ., -7, l Having a ball?! Hello all youxout there in Camera Land! 3 E311 L 3 3 I thought a typing pool was a group of secretaries on a beach! ? Q99 Sf V9 l . K s , . " W 1 m-Elma. Did Dr. Scholl start this way? Which of you left the Scope on my desk? A sg v if Great play, but remember this is defense now! gr' if In Memoriam Lois Ruth Beard Everyone of us loved Lois. She was like a flower, just opening its petals To absorb the sunlight, Always fresh and exuberant, Full of love and warmth and joy. She in her way of speaking, Outward in her way of thinking, She carried her beauty like a light shining For Jesus, for friends, for all living creatures Thoughout her life she knew death, fought it accepted itg She died living. written by her English class JACK N. SCHWARTZ - Superintendent California State College, B.S. University of Pittsburgh, M.Ed. GUY TORNABENE - Principal Waynesburg College, B.S. University of Pittsburgh, M.Ed. 1 il v-ff viii ELEANOR BARON - Assistant Principal California State College, B.S. University of Pittsburgh, M.Ed. The Class of 1974 of Fort Cherry High School is graduating into a soci- ety that seems to have more problems to solve than any time in our his- tory. Surrounded by a lack of faith in government officials precipitated by the Watergate investigation, the energy crisis and its converse pollu- tion control stand out as our major concems. These are the problems you must aim toward solving. We have tried to prepare you to be inquisitive and become involved. We, the faculty and administration, commend you for your past accomplishments and encourage you to assume an active role as a responsible member of our adult society. - yi MILTON DIAZ - Elementary Principal Califomia State College, B.S. Duquesne University, M.Ed. RICHARD MORAN - Assistant Principal Califomia State College, B.S. University of Pittsburgh, M.Ed. lst ROW: J. Caldwell, F. McCaffrey, W. Phillips, H. Cole, J. Schwartz, E. Wilson. 2nd ROW: G. Tomabene, E. Baron, M. Diaz, L. Bugay, H. Felton, L. Thomassy, A. Leipold. L. TO R.: W. Phillips, V. Pres., E. Wilson, Sec.-Treas., H. Cole, Pres., J. Schwartz, School Supervisor. Fine Arts MARY ANN BENTHAL ' Carlow College, B.A. G. RICHARD BURNS KENNETH L. TUMA Duquesne University Camegie-Mellon University B.S., M.Ed. 2 B.F.A. JOHN P. VROBLE Duquesne University, B.S. Language Department DOMINICK DeFlLlPPIS v BARBARA HELSING Georgetown University Wheaton College, B.A. , BSW. I ,- ' University of Minnesota, I 'W qjf M.A. , 6 - , eip xx THERESA SULZER Indiana University, B.S. -Z' "I don't care what language it is, it's still work!" W tl1f?2fffff'e WMM ' ll . .8 Q54 rf' .Y X 4- Q ,Q ?. Q: '1 Science Department il li' 4'1" it .A- t l is... RICHARD J. ANTOSZESKI FRANCIS LINKESH Slippery Rock State College California State College B.S. West Virginia West Virginia University M. Equiv. University MA. Equiv. Z- CHARLES D. HUGHEY JOSEPH LAUFF Bethany College Washington and Jefferson, B.A, Penn State Univ., M. Equiv. Univ. of Pitt., M.Ed. ,ff ew-,Jw . , A iff "These little piggies went to market. . . " EMS" 'tif f 2 . 4 y ef ' 'A 7 'Qefi"4+1 ' - dx rsiafW'fSe'r23?bf!'YE? --120' K e . -' -I-Lf --'fi i. , , - . .. ,,-ws. ' ' 'wt 5, Qjfefvf- , 4 , 33,2 f . ' -, ' 2'f2ty1,f'-f3'5f' ,H 5' m f 'ar ,f . f -g . .5 5 K I L 5 . gz Q f i 'S , --... f f - 1 I ! ' -. J . .4 Q.: , , A , 1. x. JOHN B. F ILOSI Califomia State College B.S. LOUIS A. KOBUCHI California - State College, B.S. MARCIA A. LUBECKI California State College, B.S. I I X X A W ' 1 ARTHUR J. HANNA JOHN P. HORNER HARRY PRANDINI University of Pittsburgh West Liberty State College Califomia State College B.S. A.B. B.S. l SALVADORE PUSATERI FRANK S. ROHM DUANE SPROWLS Duquesne University Slippery Rock State West Liberty State College B.Ed. B.S. A.B. West Virginia University M. Equiv. West Virginia University M. Equiv History Department JAM ES A. YANOSIK California State College B.S. WILLIAM WEST , California State College, B.S. Student Teacher JEROME GAUL THOMAS MENZIES DANIEL COON Indiana University, B.S. Indiana Univ., B.S. Clarion Slate College, B.S. HOWARD C. ROBINSON PATRICIA K. RYAN Westminster College, B.S. East Carolina University Penn State University, B.S. M. Equiv. M ath Department "It's almost time for the oscillator to oscillate." WW M .iw ,......L..... -1 JOHN CUNNING RONALD DELLAPINA SUSAN RANDOUR Greenville College, B.S. Findlay College, BA. Villanova University, B.S. West Virginia University, M. Equiv. RUTH WHITE Geneva College, B.A. at C 7. .f.,, e Q Physical Education ana' Health Department A "Ron Dellapina, the Dry Look" "Typeing Practise makes Typeing PerFect." Business I V' v 0 11' " 2 +1-ij f f .4 - l""i.l ' ll! X I Q 'S wmv xg NANCY J. BELL University of Pittsburgh, B.S. A . I MARIE L. SMILEY Westminster College, B.B.A. i VIRGINIA BEE University of Pittsburgh, B.S. L.- LINDA Jo KRAEER Shippensburg State College, B.S. MYRTLE LEE ZIMMERMAN Indiana University of Pennsylvania, B.S., M.Ed. Vocational RUSSELL J. BERSHOK EUGENE R. LUKAN T. LEE CARTER Califomia State College, Califomia State College, Penn State University B.S. B.S. B.S., M.Ed. i. :Q- BENJAMIN STASKO DELORES AMMONS Califomia State College, Asbury College, B.A. B.S., M.Ed. Indiana University, B.S. 1 Penn State University, M.Ed. Mfgm, ffm VIRGINIA LEE WILL Indiana University, B.S. University of Pittsburgh, M.Ed. English and Literature . ,lx No Photo AVAILABLE DONALD H. MORRISON Washington and Jefferson, B.A. California State College, M.A. v... 1 x EDITH WILSON Slippery Rock State College B S CONSTANCE A. HALL Clarion State College, B.S. .5-""' HELEN HITCHCOCK College of Wooster, B.A. 33 4 LAUREL J. KING FRANCES K. LINKESH Clarion State College, B.S. Califomia State College, B S West Virginia U., .A. . , W 5 0 fl GEORGANNE L SEIBEL . 'Fl Lv J Indiana University of Pennsylvania BS x ' ! . ,-I I LV f , 34 be' Department GEORGANNE SEIBEL Indiana University, DONALD MORRISON Washington and Jefferson, B.A Califomia State College, M.A. gt T' -il l' RICHARD G. NOLL Califomia State College FRED D. LUSI University of Pittsburgh, B.A. Special Services JAMES GARRY RAYMOND P. JOHNSTON Wake Forest University, B.S. Washington and Jefferson, B.A. West Virginia University, M.A. University of Pittsburgh, M.Ed. N x RALPH E. LOUGHMAN WayneburgCollege, B.S. University of Pittsburgh, M.Ed. PATSY E. CALABRESE MYRTLE KELSO Cafetena Supervisor University of Pittsburgh, B.S., M.Ed. EDWARD J. TOKAR Califomia State College, B.S. West Virginia University, M.A. W5 ff Q3l X I ' ' ' ' L 4,. kwk SADIE LEE BURNS Roanoke Memorial Hospital, R.N California State College, B.S. Secretaries .,........, I I RX' comma WILLIAMSON Donomv IRWIN MARY Mcvicicnn -I 3 if f- S -,-Jig i 'wff f. ' S 1045, 'fi' . , . 'Keg flqffflif Q5 4424, . Xxx! .A xeysff. on S .-filsr GSI! WL! 121 if' View 4: M if i f s We s rf ' ' ,- .M ,Q i N , W- X ,J ' 1" K :yr f 1? Ad -Eiflfwl Librarians BETTY THOMASSY CHRISTINA SFORZA Ohio State University Shippensburg State, B.S. Univ. of Pitt., M.L.S. Cafeteria Personnel L to R: G. Dopudja, B. Gilbert, L. Williamson, T. Doumont, G. Femovich, K. Yenko. CUSTODIANS: SEATED, L, to R.: W. Bish and P. Brannan. STANDING: L. Brockman. NOT PICTURED: W. Nourigat, S. Bennett, R. Bish, and W. Randall. BUS DRIVERS: L. to R.: M. Denny, W. Cowden, B. Schawb, R. Loughman N. Nishnick, B. Stewart, J. Litman, M. Cowden, E. Shaffer, and P. Herriott. 3 cc 4 .4 ,girth 7 4 X fl' J ' x A Qs a. Q in 'Ju ,1 , , 40 x 82 5? v J , ve, 0 'QQ h . ,.- xi 'Y , T12 It f , 'rf ' 4 6' r "1 .J x 'ix ' j A5 X f, SPORT Football f fwwvaeefafq--p3zf+:w1fysez1.g',21 T.-fs-meer' i"- . V V 1 A X .. 4, 4 1' f 1,f.,,y 'flimlufez-Qafeg' f' " ii' E' " 1' fr 1-S ,'11iiaf:iQvi51ff"i3'5?A''f '55 'Q yi' 4 5.2.3 we k ,J 3.152 -, .2-inirpmf fi, a -fr, f. g an-,rv 1 . ' '.. 1551 r , ,.., .. .1 at .S w ROW l: Mike Jordan, Manager, Cliff Polen, Bob Bezusko, Dale Smith, Eric Templin, Bill Bedillion, Jim Kelley, Eric Schofield, Bob McCaffrey, Ken Glss Dave Gallo, Manager. ROW 2: Jim Donaldson, Manager, Tim Wallace, Ray Kemp, Paul Snatchko, Dave Kramer, Ray Washington, Bob Cook, Bob MaDan, Jim Snyder Skip Felton, Robin Parkison, Bill Gilbert, Rodney Brown, Mark Toulouse, Manager. ROW 3: Jim Little, Trainer, John Panizza, Dan Baldigowski, Charles Washing ton, Bob Bartains, Ray Jackson, Mat Zombeck, Ray Hardy, Terry Crowley, Marvin Lewis, Doug Gregg, Don Cook, Ralph Kumer, Joe Tomm, Tim Donaldson Manager, Gary Greene, Manager. The Fort Cherry Varsity Football Team closed out its 1973 season with a 3-5-1 record. Although the season record does not look very impressive, it does not do the Rangers justice, as most of the play this season was electrifying. The 1973 Team had to be almost completely rebuilt with only two regulars back from the 1972 Squad. Replacements for the graduating Gridders up from last year's Junior Varsity and Jun- ior High Teams gave a good account of themselves. Numerous injuries handicapped the team throughout the year. Player after player was injured until, at one time, ten boys were on the injured list, of these, five were regulars. Still, the Rangers' spirit wasn't gloomy. They fought hard and well in each of the ballgames. Local fans feel sure if a few breaks had come our way, some of the losses could have veryxeasily been Ranger victories. The excitement and thrills that our Team has provided will bring back fond memories for us for the rest of our lives. N MR. GARRY Head Coach N-F -X aw ag,-'1 -K. V 6 V515 Q' q'n"97"""- iaf?-'N"X:X-X-xwxQ Peters Twp Carlynton Avonworth South Park McGuffey Bellevue Burgettstown West Allegheny Quaker Valley 73 74 Record Record Won 3, Lost 5 Tred I gf- fx-r 4 New Nr X 66 36 20 6 5 13 20 O 25 12 27 24 6 BILL BEDILLION SKIP F ELTON Gif JIM KELLEY JIM LITTLE, Trainer Football and Basketball DAVE KRAMER .miaxlxvzis-:ffl -. fl m v .l. v, - ., N 1, f " iwflr--:Vg If 5 1 l BOB MaDAN ROBIN PARKINSON PAUL SNATCHKO Ns., ERIC TEMPLIN JOE TOMM RAY WASHINGTON la k I N 4 .455 K' 48 ir 24. .X 4 gizj l. 1 f ,I Q Q Slfxl 157.5 ai ,wwf . :V N. 54, vc? 3 QQ QQ 5-9 . 'Hi Q0 F Ln F f 'YI Im X , 4, 95' .f his ai AA' gm in A 5--.fa ,JMS if fl 9 1 , X. as V INK 2 P, ' 5 9' .s- 'ggi , A , 'ai A Gay LEFT TO RIGHT: Dave Slates, Jerry Yanosik, John Kress, Art Godwin, Jeff Phillips, Mark Godwin, Chris Bonnet, Dave Jacobs, Jim McCaffrey, Bill Bemhart, Gene DeFillips. F .C. 416 Burgettstown l 156 12M Washington 3 95 12 West Allegheny 4 1295 Avella 356 6 Trinity 10 5 Washington l l 13 Burgettstown . 3 I2 Trinity 4 15 92 West Allegheny 95 l5Vz Avella V1 Season Record 7-3 Second place in Section 16 'Mark Godwin and Chris Bonnet qualified in the Section 16 tour- nament, advancing to the W.P.I.A.L. , Regionals. ' 'Mark Godwin advanced to the MR. y ANOSIK W.P.I.A.L. finals. Coach 1 2 at .- q.g,g -v-D 1 r -.-A, lf? if A Af QQ N J BA. 'gn ffkxlg, 3 as My 'fix :ZZ ggi ' 5 S5 x X wi ff wr 'A R if ri .233 'v!"'.3. 'Sp fw. yfsggy... 1' fx xx " t . K 6 'P A 2 31. W . ' er --fie!9':f'fff!:f 1 . lf! Ax '15 ! V yi! -rn-,,, .,,,..1,K J fllfn, ,Ji . 5 ?K X ,LW , ix ., A yn -,,.. r Mg, I Cross Country L 1 KN EELING: Randy Williamson, Jerry Alrutz, Steve Lucarini, Paul Clark. STANDING: Randy Brown, Bob Brown, Dave Jacobs, Ernie Pusateri, Jay Nation F.C. 24 Chartiers Valley 31 42 Trinity 19 33 Waynesburg 22 19 Chartiers Houston 42 County Coaches Meet 7th 43 Washington I8 18 Chartiers Houston 44 33 Quaker Valley 22 44 McGuffey 17 29 Brentwood 26 Central Invitational 13th 39 McGuffey 21 W.P.I.A.L. 7th 18 South Park 45 i Season Record 3-8 l MR. CUNNING Coach BOB BROWN RANDY BROWN DAVE JACOBS ERNIE PUSATER1 Basketball LEFT TO RIGHT: Randy Lauff, Bill Bedillion, Eugene Briggs, Dan Lucarini, Mark Godwin, Chris Bonnet, Dave Kramer, Dave Eiler, Dave Jacobs. NOT SHOWN: Bob Brown, Randy Brown, and Rick Gardner. South Fayette 85- Chartiers Houston 73- Avella 55- South Park 43- McGuffey 63- Waynesburg 55- Burgettstown 59- South Fayette 56- Chartiers Houston 69- Avella 65- South Park 55- McGuffey 85- Waynesburg 60- Burgettstown 64- Section Record: 3 Wins ll Losses A 73-74 Season Our team's record this year does not show all the effort and enthusiasm our players so willingly put forth. The hard work and dedication still makes us proud to say they're our Ranger team. Outstanding efforts were displayed by Randy Brown and Robert Brown. Randy broke the record for the most assists in one season -- totaling 100 - and tied the record for most assists in one game - tallying I 1. Robert Brown - our leading scorer with a 23.6 average - totaled 479 points this season leading our team and taking the honors of leading Washington County! We wish the team the best of luck next season! ,A 1 J 9 rf 8 Q X K si if k , v v L , y J CW V L, 'R' ' 1 K' ' xg- V if W,,,- ,,, ai-5' 2 k ' ks. 6 i"i"'sj o X R1-R R3 'iz xi + Q55 llfll Am M Kxxxx 5 M f fb Riff , uf E T 5 i m mg ,Wi 255 x 1 il SE ,,....,--h , ., P N..s.4f 'qecmixfl 'Ffa' O "' C4 0'4- 'll ff I 3 fy, ,' K V' X ., X 1 'f N i ' fi ' ' S -ai' SE . VX H ij' Q M 56 ,V L4 af21uf,5 l M, Q M iff ' aiiiliQ if l:.X-fu' FW? d1iQ -fffiiii 1 yi'iR-if . fig 1 grvgf x ' ,Qi ,n ' Q3 ,Q ' M.. yn, sf. 5..- 1.-N 5 A f .VSV L5 . A LAM, ' 1 . f 4 A W Y! If 1 N! F . 3 er 5m Q AQ' Q Wrestling ,kgfli , fl A f.N. i 4 J lst ROW: Bob McCaffrey, Bill Bernhart, Bmce White, Dave Whiting, Eugene DeFilippis, Walter Herbst, Rich Jones, Bob Jones. 2nd ROW: John Zeno, Mark Cowden, Ron Battisla, Rick Cowden, Bob Hospodar, Bob Cook, Ray Kemp, Marvin Lewis, Jim Snyder, Eric Templin, Jim Kelley. , rf " J W' e -1-5 1 , , ff Th E5 N A- .fage A -ffl, 612' wi, ,,,,m.-e+15,r',3 Y J, .4 ..r. M ,iv , 251 M.. F ew wh 'JEEP 'N ,wi- tl png vi, Q: 'l ye 9 ed rr f 1'2" 1 3 ' 1 Q -A 3 .. . . .si ms- ,5 I ik ' --:sf - we 5 3' . , 'jig-if igr' I 'J Mil . 1 btw ,43:m::Ee'fif-IIaf"-f- N f - -1 -me -..:1'r?1q iw .f.k.:.2Y1 . .frm Hg:-3-9f1f'1gfl.' - :K Kg: , ' 3 , 1 ., .tri w'.,'::E5,nx ,J-, 'if 7' Pi' '7?f+"2l Ki-Q-si.. ' " 4 .v H has ff' ...ff .ff Hm A -, -.M . ..,.-s ,--,,.. ,. ei, '+ Fa .M ' ' sz '-J., .k,.,?fSf+q- S . ., r- .4 J EJ ' -'ef ' fl '- , ,F-, ' In ., n I7 55' ' 5 I,-Nui, M 351 F -f -11:4 3 we . 1- ,, . -f-,.: -f?"s.ew A - Qw,-f'-- . f..--.:,5g .4 1. g. ,. fggiwgx was Q 2 ff -iff ' Eff' ' J 'i"EQ 5'-" In t, ' " ' 21.1, we -Winn PM W li 'W x :flew . -S3 Haig S111 ', f -'asf we f 4 1' ' 2123? 1-+i5E.z':5Ps,g4s'f ,, . if " "X 7 flffr, ,f y .2 X ':ET:'v Mala- ur-1':.:: ,, .4. :::f::.q5.., ning.: 3553: ?. , Qrqrgjfii5p,gg3n3ri:p::Ei5i!:vl -. .,x'i':.4::,,1 ,-zgz' -1, N- L,-- A.: ,fn-J mn 1 In A an -, W 'R2.....4.. ' N e. . amyf l . f -1 ,i.1.szf5 - "i A . x!3?3zz:5si11s:iLz?lg??z3lgl 5 ? 'Li 1? 1" "V "LSI Coaches: Mr. Dellapina, Mr. Antoszeski Managers: Robert Lemal, Jeff Browett NOT PICTURED: Joe Tomm 62 Junior Varsigf lst ROW: Jeff Browett - Manager, William McGivem, Jim Cowden, Joe Yamber, Mike Gedman, J on Dolina, Randy Williamson. 2nd ROW: Robert LeMa.l - Manager, Gregg Cowden, Reginald Washington, Jim Wallace, Cliff Polen, Ed Ringer, Jay Hradecky, Richard Couderc. T 1973-74 Season The 1973-74 Wrestlers gave "The Fort" what it has long awaited -- a wrestler that competed in the State Championships. In fact, there were three wrestlers, Gene DeFilippis at 112, Mark Cowden at 138, and Bob Hospodar at 155. Bob placed fourth in the State and Gene lost a heartbreaking referee's decision in the finals to place second. Gene finished his season with 24 wins and only 3 losses and his career 52 and l 1. Bob finished 20 wins and 5 losses and his career 48 and 13. Hospo- dar also became the school's first W.P.I.A.L. Champion while DeFilippis and Cowden placed second and Jim Snyder placed third. In Section 10 of the W.P.I.A.L. DeFilippis and Hospodar won championships. Gene's first title and Bob's second. While Bruce White, Mark Cowden, Bob Cook, and Jim Snyder took second places, third place winners were Bill Bernhart and John Zeno while Bob Jones and Ray Kemp placed fourth. The team hada fine 8-5-1 record and placed second in the Black Hills Tournament, second in the Section 10 Tournament, and third in the W.P.I.A.L. Toumament. Other Wrestlers with good records were: Rich Jones 8-5-1 2nd in Black Hills Ray Kemp 7-3-1 Bob Cook 11-4-l 2nd in Black Hills Jim Snyder 16-5-2 lst in Black Hills This is a team our school can be proud of . Congratulations and Good Luck next year! P A KT i o QQ' 5 ' YI, 'ea 7 X, Q E 5 QQHGEI' A n 'n .n 44' Ill gf , f W .aAA'6',f ia. ., ysgx., Llkv 15' fx 21A if , A QW- Q. ye X . 1.Q 1 I 1 Ykhugir wi f 4- E A qw . NWS E1-Us ff' .ex . .ri , A 'V' h xv-WHS E RQ N Jw' 'S f ex c no . QU Q1 -,efhlm X K Q ' ' f 1 q wusfia' , ? Y ff A Qs' le, Q . K DJ 1,3 ' x .lp 12 aim? Q - A J ' l l X X A 'X sg. , f fi a.. .f" f"'N y y Bowling ROW l: Marsha Malesky, Mickey Gilbert, Linda Fehl, Tina D'Angelo, Linda Cimarolli. ROW 2: Kevin Coufman, Glenn Jones, JoAnn Baroni, Lois Beard, Norman Knapper, Renee Brown, Larry Jemison, Cathy Leopold, Terri Sember. ROW 3: Joe Kencec, Kim Makrush, Lee Dickson, JoelButler, Rick Loughman, Rick Butler. NOT SHOWN: Gene DeFillips, Jim Kelley, Coach Miss White. Q- L g g Marine Physical Fitness FRONT ROW: Jeff Phillips, Barry Johnston, Steve Lucarini, Bob Barton, Paul Clark, Bob Washington. BACK ROW: Jim Snatchko, Chuck Washington John Blussick, Dale Smith, Eric Schofield, John Castner, The team looks promising for this year with 5 of 6 returning letter- men. Dale Smith who was third individual in the meet at Pitt Field Castner, and Eric Schofield also back from last year's team. Some new prospects which look good in a meet with Penn Hills were Steve Lucar- ini, Barry Johnston, and Jim Snatchko. Last year we placed fifth in the tri-state meet at Pitt Field House and the team is in good spirits working hard to be one of the top three teams this year. Competition includes sit-ups, push-ups, standing broad jumps, pull- ups, and 300 yard run with a perfect score of 500 points. V House last year with 4l0 points, Chuck Washington, Bob Barton, John ee ' 6 J R 5 K 1 ff K -SP.,-'Es ww ag va, ws: -wi, ur -.ff I 'L' , U 12555. Q gl A 5 NH Miz? 35 4' I ' 1' - Fi 1 3 m ,Z - Elggigib Q? x Q ,rf .i,, 4",+1,', af 'Wa i H "' 325 Q: Q vw' xx-I gn, JACKIE CLEMONS KATH MAXI N BONNIE POZNAK RETTINGER MS. RYAN Coach GAYLE The 1973 fall season saw the first girls' sport added to the roster of F.C.H.S. interscholastic competition - Girls' Volleyball. The girls entered a tough section play- ing: Mt. Lebanon, Char Val, Upper St. Clair, Peters Twp., and Montour, all large schools with a few years, experience. The team's no win record was disappoint- ingg yet, the experience gained was not reflected in the scores. Ms. Ryan has high hopes for next year's team, and the J .V. girls of this first year look promising. 7l Wy, Baseball FRONT ROW: Mark Campbell, Jim Kelley, Tom Taylor, Ernie Pusateri, Bill Bedillion. BACK ROW: Rick Loughman, Bob Barton, Marvin Lewis, John Zeno, Emie Shaffer, Randy Lauff. NOT PICTURED: Randy Brown, Rick Gardner, and Dale Smith. K X X Coach NY 4 x M Q MR. LOUGHMAN Q' fx A saw Bl gi Q' '- 'yiimfv xl, X'. x xml, px X T ki M I I Q,,,F.,. .L ,, K sg? , vryb, J. . F 'N R - Q - - f f , , .f ,," - if ,,. 2 xx 1 x l ll Magi fl , ,!.. xxx 'XN K f ' .. i , V IMJWI bww i L if " . Q - 'wrflx Tennis 'KNEELING: Harry Descutner, Dave Currin, Jon Dolina, Steve Lucarini, Joe Tomm, Bill Bcmhan, Bob McCaffrey, Jay Nation. STANDING Denms McCarty Gary Lefebvre, Bob Amie, John Dinsmore, Jim Cowden, Dave Ja'cobs, Eric Templin, Jay Hradecky, Kim Makrush. NOT SHOWN: Coach, Mr Rohm GOOD n rn V -Iii .E!ks!!-- " .I u un 1Yi"lllllll Inu llllipliiillllll :llll IEEE!!!-i"SIl"I IIIII I--Yl'lll-IU Il: I : r I hilllliilllii I :Vial-ll llllil I!! zlslll llfniillllll Q " . ' S-q: 'I - -:li-iilfziiliiilll Inn I3 NW. E 1 I . A. . I " .' ' -fy ll ll fr!! 1 I lg . - 1 ! l A 4 LUCK BILL BERNHART ERIC TEMPLIN DAVE JACOBS CHRIS BONNET JOE TOMM Dr. Charles M. H ughey Award CHRIS Annually, this award is presented by the Fort Cherry High School faculty to the outstanding senior athlete exhibiting academic achievement, leader- ship ability, and high moral values. This year the award is given to Christo- pher Adrian Bonnet, who has not only lettered in three sports: basketball, tennis, and golf, but has also maintained a 4.00 cumulative average through- out his high school career, earning him the distinction of a National Honor Society officership. Chris is also an active member of the chorus, YEA, Math, Science, and Varsity Clubs, and a member in good standing of the French Club. We congratulate Chris and hope many younger athletes will follow his excellent example. Cheerleaders fl MIDDLE ROW Che l Wallace Marta Machek, Joetta Gardner. BACK ROW: Darlene FRONT ROW: Jan Edmonds, Carole Johnston. : ry , Patrick, Beth Bailey, Luanne Allender, Lynn Dowler, Ruth Laurich, Debbie Strike, Patty Simpson. RUTH LYNN LAURICH, Captain PATTY SIMPSON, Co-Captain 1 PETEY ALLENDER LYNN DOWLER CHERYL WALLACE MARTA MACHEK, Mascot Jr. High Football n..s,-.+.f. . , , V ..T,.:,,. .,,,-,,o,. .... ,., ,,,. ,, Q WML V ii W-0 V NNW L.. Udo, Y ,s , VAVV - P--. ..,....,,,.,...,,Y Y, ,. 1 V ., ,, , Y, , .- . ,, ,, -V .,..,,,,,,, Wg NL' 'if' W"'---- --V-wi, Y J,-::Y,..,,,...,m,-, ..,,,, V V V V A Q M. ,..e-..e...,,..-.........,a.w..,-1,.. .,.q..e..r-H,,t,, .. J, .. .Vi ,, , A,! , , . H, ,, ,W . ,. A V VK I K VA . K +,.wA4e-awe:-..,.1...,,v..,..,...s.,,-.w.4....,.. - , -. ..--,,.-, A . - .- -1 V- L Qt we , 'Me -M'-1 -5-f-3-:,:,.s,..A, .f.mN.,,, lst ROW: Gary Walker, Tom Fehl, Kevin Thomton, Frank Scott, Bob Allen, Kevin Coufman, David Carlton. 2nd ROW: Keith Bailey, Marty Soltis, Brad Eberle, Jim Kaste, Ed Soltis, Jim Brown. Ray McConaghy, Barry Johnston, Jim Maxin. 3rd ROW: Dave Femovich, Mike Kellerman, Jim Bruce, Dan Machek, Terry McCartney, Mike McClements, Ed Panizza, Bob Sember, Gary Jackson, Willis Chiff, Joe Zom- bek, Pat Tobin, Howard Gregg, Dan Clark. Hg.. it Quia' 'j, M 25 Z ff Nb, g X, fl' thi' fy ll A 1 KX f Wfitllg mf' 7,442 fn 1 ' " if WI' W , 'B , 0 Lim. REL !! Q i . Nfl gag! 1 'IM W .aj Q4 Jr. High Cross Country L. T0 R.: Brian Brown, Richard Gross, Don Clark Coach: Mr. Cunning x , X 6 j 6 5 3 H--N 1+ , N f , ,M, 15N , ,' 5 I -J Y Evra ' J , Q 5 RX , S , ' Xxm A4 X x A . YQ , 'Q ' ? M Clo d F ank Scott iv f t? Jr. Hzgh Wrestlzng sy, Qf , s A t ROW: Mike Lucarini, Scott Cook, Richard McCaffrey, Cary Cowden, Jeff Butler, Dave Weagly, Dennis White, Gary Bongiorini. 2nd ROW: Gary Washing. 1, Bob Sember, Bemie Guidos, Danny Baronio, Mark Sember, James Kaste, Tim McMillian, Scott Russell, Jeff Toulouse. 3rd ROW: Randy Gilbert, Blaise ith, Gary Walker, Richard Deveany, Ricky Williamson, Dan Litman, Bob Bongiorini, Don Taylor. 4th ROW: Paul Panizza, David Slates, Kurt Bedillion, :nny Allison, Howard Gregg, Rich McCoy, Mike McClements. Sth ROW: Edward Panizza, Joe Zombek, Gary Jackson, Dan Clark, Jeff Falsetti, Kevin Couf- Ill. Coach: Mr. Coon I wliwfl L fav WWWOL C491 'fc?Qi- M 7 -efoiaff ygdmiifgj Q C f , 83 4 ACTIV ' f. J'-, il 5 W.,- '-'II '3- JV,4., ' 'hWA V 6 v 1:7 s 4 X L 'E - . ' " " H . I 'fl 5 ,igiigkxei v T r . ' ' I .3 ,h ' M 'I' W HTH Q ,xgbiis x g N r V YTIES e WX X SL- '..' - wf iz 1 fm f 5 . - 'x X ' 5 U M J 9 fi-1 1 Q3 f iz Q Panorama STANDING: D. McCloud, M. Machek, P. Moran, M. Dunn, L. Loughman, T. D'Angelo, J. Zeno, D. Linder, T. Bable, L. Allender, A. Hospodar. LADDERS: K. Maxin, D. Williams, J. Rogale, C. Wallace, C. Irvin, R. Butler, G. Jones, S. Craig, A. Dolina, D. Bickel, B. Piazza, G. McWreath, K. Walker, D. Ringer. Co-Editors and Sponsor B. Piazza, P. Moran, Mrs. Seibel Photographers C. Irvin, G. Jones Staff '74 .fx-v,-,,,.' 4gn.,,.-. ?'i .f" - h 'fig-zfziggr Panorama Staff Co-Editors: B. Piazza, P. Moran Photographers: G. Jones, C. Irvin Art Editor: K. Maxin Faculty - S. Craig M. Machek C. Wallace Sports - J. Zeno A. Hospodar L. Allender Activities - D. Ringer D. Williams Seniors - M. Dunn B. Zombeck D. Bickel Students L. Loughman K. Wlaker J. Rogale Typists - C. Wallace T. D'Angelo D. McCloud Captions - A. Dolina R. Butler L, Student Council STANDING: L. Dowler, P. Moran, M. Campbell, M. Meehan, C. Irvin, R. Brown, Mr. Carter fsponsorl, B. McCaffrey. SITTING: T. Toward, L Beard, K. Redd, R. Brown, L. Jemison, L. Carter, J. Gardner, C. Johnson. NOT PICTURED: S. McQuillian, T. Jemison, E. Schofield. Officers X - , K. Redd, M. Meehan, M. Campbell, R. Brown 1V UUUHUL 11 UILUI' LJUClCljf ROW l: D. Williams, D. Grant, C. Clark, K. Ivory, M. Machek, C. Powell. ROW 2: V. Walker, L. Loughman, M. Dunn, D. Bickel, J. Miller, R. Phillips, R. Laurich, D. Augustine. ROW 3: K. Schwartz, T. D'Angelo, K. Glass, J. Fulmer, P. Zombeck, C. Wallace, M. Meehan, J. McCaffrey. ROW 4: T. Bable, L. Maskarinec, A. Dolina, T. Tomm, D. Lucarini. ROW 5: J. Panizza, E. Bable, M. Campbell, J. Kelley, M. Cowden, E. Templin, P. Simpson, K. Maxin. ROW 6: D. Kramer, R. Brown, R. Butler, D. Bemhart, L. Allender, C. Bonnet, B. Brown, C. Irvin. ROW 7: M. Godwin, J. Zeno, S. Craig, B. Piazza, A. Allison, B. Hospodar, A. McCaffrey, P. Moran. The primary purpose of the National Honor Society is to create an enthusiasm for good scholarship. throughout the school. In addition, students are encouraged to develop strong traits of leadership, service, and character within themselves. Being elected to this organization is a honor achieved only by those students who have developed the above traits to their fullest potential. Reading Club YT... ...Q ,9- FRONT ROW: L. Allender, C. Powell, G. Rettinger, A. Dolina, K. McCloud, S. Moorehead, R. Keams, D. Allan, N. Baker, M. Bish, D. Strike, J. Powell. 2nd ROW: C. Madera, M. Mortakis, D. McCloud, C. Briggs, S. Clark, V. Piazza, D. Sprowls, T. Availotis, J. Baroni, C. Toumay, L. Fehl, B. Caldwell, L Carter, B. Fisher, N. Clark, T. Alrutz. 3rd ROW: L. Menichi, C. Weber, P. King, K. Yeirs, B. McLaughlin, D. Lauff, R. Bennett, D. Redd, J. Zeno, J. Panizza, R. Brown, M. Gilbert. READING CLUB OFFICERS lg!! ff Jgilifii? Cindy Anne Cheri Marcia Tourney Dolina Powell Dunn 1'll'll'lClCl6 FIRST ROW: D. McCloud, K. Makrush, K. McKissick, M. Mortakis. 2nd ROW: M. Dunn, S. Staudt, B. Liggit, D. Foley, M. Harvey. 3rd ROW: D. Linder, C. Taylor, C. Weber, D. Dhans. 4th ROW: G. McWreath, M. Campbell, J. Phillips. 5th ROW: Sponsor, Mr. Noll. Studying all aspects of Journalism in both the print media and the electronic media is the pri- mary concern of the Journalism class. Working on the staff of the "Pinnacle" requires time, hard work, curiosity, and ability. As a result, helping send the "Pinnacle" to press gives the staff mem- bers much pleasure in sharing in a creative proc- ess, in working with people of similar interests, and in putting into practice the American ideal of free expression. This year the "Pinnacle" has adept leadership in Marcia Dunn, its editor. General news reporters, sports writers, fashion writers, feature writers, col- umnists, and typists all contributed in fumishing the school with up-to-date news and views. PINNACLE STAFF Michel Diana Guy Mark Young McCloud McWreath Campbell Cherie Marcia Susan Powell A Dunn Staudt Range-A ries Q . f Q L L 4 L - ROW 4: J. Nogg, C. Clark, C. Johnston, S. Engel, L. Menichi, M. Banas, L. Beard, L. Carter, V. Walker, D. Sprowls, A. Dolina, S. Semenick, C Hlavay, M. Moran, A. Hospodar, M. Miller, M. Dunn. ROW 2: A. Allison, A. McCaffrey. C. Falsetti, C. Schwartz, D. Ceyrolles, C. Carlton, M Zombeck, R. Bennett, P. Zombeck, C. Allen, C. Toumay, J. Zombeck, P. Simpson, J. Barr, J. Edmonds. ROW 3: D. McCarty, R. Cowden, M Snyder, B. Ball, S. Craig, D. Kramer, D. Jacops, C. Bonnet. J. Panizza, D. Lucarini, J. Michalka, J. McCaffrey, R. Brown, J. Kelly, H. Curis, T Phillips, J. Donati. ROW 4: S. Rjtenour, M. Campbell, B. Bemhart, J. Marquis, R. Kumer, B. Brown, R. Butler, G. McWreath, T. Cowden, M Gates, J. Hradecky, D. Currin, J. Cowden, J. Dinsmore. NOT PICTURED: P. Moran. District Chorus Officers D. Lucarini, M. Machek M. Campbell, M. Mo,-an A. Hospodar, R. Cowden IiCll'lgelleS ROW l: D. Bickel, D. Patrick, J. Baroni, M. Meehan, J. Sawhill, D. Grant, K. Hill, B. Gilbert, S. Schwab. ROW 2: R. Cook, V. Forsythe, C. Ivory D. Strike, L. Cimaroli, M. Young, C. Araneicka, K. Glass, K. Redd, S. Moorhead. ROW 3: S. Damley, D. Redd, L. Miltenberger, M. Machek, C Irvin, J. Gardner, K. Walker, C. Zemaitis, M. Harvey, L. Moore. A fff Q rrrrrrr Vg,-K ,W .4 4' D. Redd, M. Machek, C. Irvin, J. Sawhill 1 Fort Cherry H i gh School Ran ger Band Concert Band STANDING: B. Bezusko, L. Jemison, T. Briggs, S. Banas, G. Putt, G. Lucarini. HORZ. STANDING: M. Gilbert, P. Davis, S. Craig, R. Hormel, J. I-Iorloran, D. Kraeer, B. Eberle, D. Femovich, G. LeFebvre, R. LeMal, W. Leipold. SITTING: M. White, L. Mercier, M. Dunn, C. Shaffer, M. Machek, C. Weber, J. Fulmer, B. Fisher, P. Guidos, B. Loffert, S. Alexander, D. Barkhurst, B. Guy, C. Eger, D. Weber, L. Loughman, N. Brown, C. Kelley, D. Slates, J. Conaway, G. Jones, D. Kramer, E. Semerod, M. Gallagher, P. Weagley. Officers J. Michalka, G. LeFebvre, W. Leipold, J. Fulmer, G. Jones, L. Loughman. M ajorette Squad Amy Allison, Mary Ellen Brown, Dawn Sprowls, Cathy Ivory, Cindy Clark- Dnxm, Patty Zombek - Head, Cindy Falsctti, Joy Kehn, Jamie Miller, Charlotte Hlavey. 5 d Cindy Clark, Joy Kehn, Dawn Sprowls, Jamie Miller, Cathy Ivory, Mary Ellen Brown, Amy Allison, Cindy Falsetti, Charlotte Hlavey, Patty Zombek. Senior M ajorettes AMY ALLISON CATHY IVORY Head - PAI I Y ZOMBEK Drum - CINDY CLARK JOY KEHN JAMIE MILLER Fort Cherry Drill Team ROW l: A. Dolina, B. Zombeck, L. Carter, C. Schwartz, C. Madera, D. Jackson. ROW 2: J. Fulmer, A. Hospodar, D. Bickel, B. Caldwell. ROW 3: K. Dagnana, J. Noga, D. Wagner, B. Toth. ROW 4: B. Bykens, N. Baker, D. Grant, K. Hill. ROW 5: J. Zombek, J. Athey, M. Moran, L. Loughman ROW 6: C. Toumay, D. Allen, P. Bozic, S. Weber. ROW 7: V. Kemp, K. Glass, D. Ceyrolles, C. Ivory. Captain and Co-Captain C. Schwartz, L. Carter X I ' muah.. Aw A, . ..4r , -5 101 Senior Drill Team rbaxa Zombbck Anita Hospodar 2 Janice Fulmer Kathy Glass arbara Bykens Debbie Grant Members Cathi Schwartz Darla Bickel Linda Loughman Anne Dolina Janet Athey Varsigf Club ROW l: L. Dowler, C. Johnson, R. Laurich, D. Strike, J. Edmonds, B. Baily, P. Simpson, L. Allender, D. Patrick, J. Gardner C. Wallace M Machek. ROW 2: T. Crowley, R. Kemp. R. Jackson, J. Little, B. MaDan, S. Felton, J. Kelley, E. Schofield, J. Snyder. ROW 3: Ri Washington, Di Gregg, E. Schaffer, D. McQuillan, J. Nation, D. Cook, C. Bonnet, B. Brown, M. Lewis. ROW 4: B. Bezusko, M. Campbell, R. Parkinson, T. Taylor, S. Lucarini, R. Gardner, D. Jacops, E. Pusateri, R. Brown. ROW 5: D. Smith, J. Phillips, B. Vartons, C. Polen, B. McCaffrey, G. LeFevbre, C Washington, R. Jones. ROW 6: E. Templin, D. Kramer, E. DeFillips, J. Zeno, B. Vincenti, J. Tomm. ROW 7: P. Snatcko, B. Bedilion, J. Panizza, D Lucarini, J. McCaffrey, M. Godwin, B. White, B. Hospodar, B. Bemhart. Officers N Y' 'e:guX.fx . W -.Q '. - , Ei: xf f x., I ml' ii ' Y gg 1 ,. Q Xt,-. 1 '53 fr - x I X ' 5' i' .3517- e" ' wi' - 5 AY- . . R Q! ' - .M ,W 1 J. Kelley, S. Felton, B. MaDan, E. Schofield G.A.A. ROW l: L. Dowler, C. Johnson, S. McQuillan, D. Williams, R. Keams, L. Cimarolli, L. Allender, A. Hospodar, K. Redd, C. Scott, K. Boyd, J Edmonds. ROW 2: P. Keams, S. Alexander, T. Sember, P. Bozic, K. Leopold, N. Baker, D. Strike, B. Bailey, C. Irvin, V. Piazza, G. Poznak, M Moran. ROW 3: K. Maxin, A. Allison, D. Sprowls, K. Hill, K. McCloud, S. Moorehead, J. Naga, C. Clark, R. Laurich, D. Quevi, J. Lamb, S Engle, P. Menchi. ROW 4: M. Meehan, K. Yuhas, P. Dopudja, D. Kuptas, J. Miller, C. Ivory, J. Athey, L. Menichi, R. Phillips, C. Falesti, C Hlavay, J. Lamb, M. Banas. ROW 5: L. Beard, N. Brown, C. Felton, A. Dolina, J. Fulmer, T. D'Angelo, C. Schwartz, C. Glass, D. Grant, M MaDa.n, B. Peznak. ROW 6: T. Toward, T. Jones, P. Davis, C. Ivory, B. Toth, J. Wilson, P. Guidos, K. Clark, P. McKean, D. Ceyrollis, M Brown, J. Gardner. Officers L. Allender, M. Brown, P. Simpson, D. Sprowls Business Club ROW l ROW 2 ROW 3 ROW 4 ROW 5 ROW 6 ROW 7 0, - J. Kehn. R. Phillips, B. Nesbitt, C. Wallace, J. Rogale, B. Poznak, M. Madan, D. Bickel. - J. Athey, J, Miller. D. Patrick, J. Zombeck, K. Walker, B. Zombek. T. Margerum. J. Sawhill. L. Maskarinec, S. Semenick. S. Clark, T. D'Angelo, M. Gilbert, S. Snedeker. C. Taylor. D. McCloud. L. Cimarell, J. Baroni, T. Aivalotis, C. Zemaitis, A. Scrupa, D. Williams, D. Foltz, M. Bish. C. Engel. M. Zapetesky, B. Liggitt. D. Dhans, R. Gamble. L. Carter, J. Powell. - A. Klinsky, C. Davidson. N. Baker, K, McKissick, R. Keams, D. Allen, P. King. B. Caldwell, D. Ringer. - M, Kearns, M. Altruz, C. Ayres, N. Clark, S. Webber, A. Hospodar. B. Bykens, D. Williams. Hb-'F ' SIIIIIII , . -..,,..,. N-,.: V . , 4 1 if ,, A 5, 1, Q' Q Ax , 9 , 1 , -QQ' 5, ,, xv N V.: N Q ,L Q' 3. 'M OFFICERS: Cherle Wallace - Vice Pres. Tina D'Angelo -- President Becky Nesbitt - Secretary Jamie Miller - Treasurer Pe Club P X f X EU. . 'I 0 ,., 1 'EY Q T hespians ROW 1: M. Alrutz, K. Hnat, K. McKissick, N. Baker, S. Ceyrolles, L. Dire, K. Maxin, C. Powell, B. Caldwell, J. Washington, M. Bish. ROW 2: G Jones, K. Bish, B. McLaughlin, T. Fumo, C. Buzusko, T. Taylor, R. Smith. Officers l' G. Jones, B. McLaughlin, L. Dire, C. Powell Lit gf' XXL.hA f.X ,Q-r" -f W Journal J. Panizza, D. Bickel, K. Glass, C. Powell, M. Machek, J. McCaffrey The Fort Cherry Literary Joumal publishes short stories, poems, ssays, and sketches submitted by interested Senior High students. wo issues are printed annually, in December and in May, by a aff consisting of volunteers from the advanced composing and 'ping classes. , Science Club ROW l: C. Schwartz, E. Templin, C. Ivory, D. Kramer, J. Gardner, B. Hospodar. ROW 2: J. Zeno, S. Staudt, J. Tomm, C. Johnson, M. Moran, V. Pizza. ROW 3: R. Schons, B. McGahee, C. Carlton, D. Jacobs, V. Walker. ROW 4: R. Loughman, L. Bear, J. Jones, B. Toth, P. Guidos, M. Lewis, T. Bable. ROW 5: D. Matchett, J. Zeno, B. Bemhart, B. McCaffrey, J. Dolina, R. Cowden. ROW 6: G. Lefebure, G. McLaughlin, J. McCaffrey, C. Bonnet, M. Godwin, R. Brown. Offcers C.Scl1wart1., E. Templin, C. Ivory, D. Kramer, J. Gardner, R. Hospodar Library Aides L. TO R.: S. Madera, J. Powell, D. McCloud, M. Mortakis, M. Dunn, C. Powell, D. Redd, D. Dhans, M. Harvey. uture Teachers 0 America L ' "it 3-iv. . .,,.. ., Xgljjg ROW l: C. Bonnet, J. Panizza, P. Zombek, C. Irvin, C. Wallace, J. McCaffrey, J. Tomm, B. Brown. ROW 2: C. Johnson, D. Bickel A. Hospodar D McCloud, C. Scott, D. Redd, M. Harvey, J. Powell, C. Powell. ROW 3: M. Meehan, B. Bailey, M. Brown, J. Gardner, J. Zombek: M. Brinkmari, S. Staudt, J. Edmonds, M. Lewis. ROW 4: D. Wagner, D. Sprowls, D. Ceyrolles, M. Machek, M. Miller, L. Beard, T. Toward, B. McCaffrey. ROW 5. C. Zemaittia, M. Moran, J. Hardecky, B. Piazza, J. Zeno, R. Butler, K. Clark, J. Dolina. ROW 6: D. Jacops, G. McWreath, D. Lucarini, E. Templin, B. Bernhart, L. Allender, N. Brown, A. Godwin. ROW 7: D. Kramer, C. Clark, C. Ivory, J. Miller, R. Phillips, B. Harshall, R. Smith, J. Zeno. Officers J. McCaffrey, C. Wallace, C. Irvin, P. Zombek, J. Panizza 4 Future Nurses 0 Amerita L...4 N ROW l: K. Redd, D. Jackson, J. Miller, R. Phillips, D. Grant, J. Athey, C. Toumey, T. Avelotis, Mrs. Bums. ROW 2: D. Lauff, P. McKean, R. Laurich, C. Zemaitis, R. Keams, C. Leopold, T. Sember, M. Bish. ROW 3: K. McCloud, L. Meichi, S. Moorehead, B. Goblick, K. Hill, S. Alexan- der, A. McCaffrey, P. Simpson, D, Patrick. ROW 4:.B. Fischer, P. Cooper, P. Menichi, V. Walker, B. Liggitt, D. Dhans, V. Forsythe, C. Hlavay. ROW 5: J. McGahee, C. Carlton, J. Jones, P. Moran, T. D'Angelo, D. Ceyrolles. ROW 6: M. Moran, L. Loughman, J. Barr, J. Wilson, P. Guidos, M. Miller, J. Noga. ROW 7: D. Foley, S. Ceyrolles, M. Filauro, A. Dolina, C. Briggs, N. Brown, K. Clark, C. Falsetti. Officers L. Menichi, K. McCloud, Mrs. Bums, R. Phillips, A. McCaffrey , French Club ROW l: J. Nation, J. Panizza, B. Brown, K. Maxin, D. Lucarini, M. Machek, R. Butler. ROW 2: J. Edmonds, K. Clark, M. Brown, V. Piazza, B. Baily, E. Schofield, S. Craig. ROW 3: N. Brown, J. Wilson, M. Zombek, D. Wagner, D. Sprowls, P. Davis, M. Miller, T. Toward. ROW 4: J. McCaffrey, K. McCloud, S. Moorehead, L. Menchi, C. Weber, D. Quevi. ROW 5: R. Brown, D. Kramer, B. Fischer, D. Ceyrolles, L. Loughman, A. Dolina. ROW 6: C. Bonnet, C. Clark, M. Meehan, A. Allison, P. Simpson, J. Fulmer, T. D'Angelo. Officers MR. DeFILLIPPlS - Sponsor, M. MACHEK - Secretary-Treasurer, K. MAXIN - Vice President, J. PANIZZA - President Spanish Club ROW l: J. Gardner, C. Ivory, M. Banas, C. Felton, K. Redd, M. Roberts, L. Jemison, V. Kemp, C. Scott, F. Scott, F. Kemp. ROW 2: B. Hospodar, K. Thomas, C. Mlanic, K. Dagnana, K. Thorton, P. King, D. Jackson, B. Caldwell, J. Washington, V. Bell. ROW 3: D. Jacops, C. Falsetti, C. Hla- vay, J. Noga, E. Skarupa, D. Allen, S. Brown, R. Clemons, L. Gatten, S. Stimpson, T. Shatis. ROW 4: J. McGahee, G. Rettinger, S. Schwab, M Malesky, W. Lewellyn, N. Allen, A. Hoffman, J. Brezinski, M. Gilbert, D. Wannamaker. ROW 5: L. Beard, S. Webber, L. Cimarolli, D. Foltz, P: McKean, K. Hill, V. Forsythe, D. Gallo, W. Openbrier. ROW 6: J. Jones, J. Little, K. Glass, D. Duran, R. McCoy, R. Gilbert, D. Patrick, R. Bennet, C. Tournay, V. Piazza. Officers 315 1514+ I ' l 'WWW af 55 D. Jackson, D. Weber, C. Cimarolli, D. Jaoops A ro American Culture Club ROW l L TO R: R. Brown, B. Cadwell, K. Redd, R. Jones, D. Redd, K. Thorton, M. Harvey, D. Jackson, J. Powell. ROW 2: R. Jones, F. Scott, R. Washington, B. Clemons, D. Allen, L. Carter, V. Kemp, A. Powell, K. Boyd, J . Edmonds. ROW 3: C. Powell, L. Jemison, M. Roberts, C. Washing- ton, R. Jackson, R. Bennett, J. Washington, C. Scott, M. Lewis. ROW 4: L. Allender, L. Miltonberger, J. Clemons, S. Williamson, L. Cauthen, G Edmonds, L. Bitler, S. Brown. ROW 5: J. Wallace, R. Brown, J. Blussick, P. King, C. Wallace, C. Ivory, T. Toward, L. Lacey, F. Kemp, D. Ragland NOT PICTURED: T. Kersh, R. Hardy, R. Allen, S. Brown, K. Dagnana, P. Depudja, R. Johnson. Officers .S L. Jemison, B. Caldwell, C. Wallace, R. Jackson Math Club ROW l: T. Avilotis, C. Toumey, C. Johnson, M. Moran, M. Brown, C. Ivory, C. Clark, J. Gardner, B. Hospodar, J. Kelly. ROW 2: D. Sprowls, D. Wagner, S. Quevi, C. Ivory, D. Strike, D. Redd, J. Edmonds, R. Bennett. ROW 3: E. Schofield, B. Baily, S. McGahee, D. Jacops, J. McCaffrey, P. Guidos, K. Clark. ROW 4: R. Brown, L. Bread, P. Davis, M. Miller, C. Carlton, J. Dolina, J . Wilson, B. McCaffrey. ROW 5: D. Kramer, N. Brown, T. Toward, J. Jones, M. Zombeck, L. Loughman. ROW 6: D. Lucarini, R. Butler, E. Banle, D. Ceyrolles, C. Falsetti, C. Madera, B. Fischer. ROW 7: A. Godwin, T. Bable, J. Zeno, R. Smith, J. Zeno, M. Klimas, B. McLaughlin. Officers . The purpose of the Math Club is to stimulate interest in mathematics within the school and to aid math teachers and math students in any way possible. This year the Club has established a solid tutoring service to aid those students who need help in math. The Club feels that this service has helped to further mathematics within Fort Cherry. D. Jacobs, M. Moran, B. Baily, J . McCaffrey KNEELING ROW I: B. Brabson M Jordan D Foley P Ullom KNEELING ROW2 B Bell T Wllhs B Bedxlhon E Bxssett E Engle H Curns ROW 3 D, Smitsky, J. Barr J Herbst T Carter D Battxsta J Farthmg H Descutner D Bowers L Momson ROW 4 T Cook B Gncar D Ransll M. McCellan,A Turkley R Bush R Ransnl J Thomas Mr Carter l 'gi I O 'Sm lf, 'Viv 0 lf-'I Il 1- ,f 29" ff' X off Php . X IA , 4 To" 'Qi' 1 uture H omemakers of A merica STANDING L. T0 R.: D. Quevi, H. Ball, P. Cooper, T. Toward, J. McGahee, D. Foltz, C. Davidson, S. McCabe, C. Engle, R. Brown, G. Poznak. SITTING: D. Grant, P. Bozic, D. Allen, L. Fhel, T. Sember, D. Kimbell, T. Romestance. Officers Y.: aw Sis in SITTING L. TO RL: P. Bozic, R. Brown, C. Allen, D. Grant. STANDING: T. Sem ' ber, S. McCabe, G. Poznak. G. L. C. ROW 1: P. Westlake, B. Carter, S. Sylanski. ROW 2: R. Webb, D. Nestas, D. Lugaila, B. Dolina, L. Tamulinas, C. Loughry, M. McCaffrey. ROW 3: Nf Allen, C. Peck, C. Phillips, K. Stewart, C. Kosaric, C. Campbel, D. Patrick, C. Sprowls, S. Quevi. ROW 4: L. Sawhill, J. Kinser, S. Demnyan, N. McCaffrey, R. Baker, J. Welsh, C. Schaffer, D. Phillips, K. Kasak, D. Weber. ROW 5: L. Gatten, K. Shoemaker, T. Pasco, M. DeLair, L. Cowden, K. Loffert, K. Kelly, M. Caldwell, T. Kumer, D. Smith, S. Toumay. Jr. H igh Librarians ROW l: P. Westlake, B. Carter, T. Williamson, S. Bennett, D. McCoy, B. Phillips, C. Powell. ROW 2: K. Kelly, K. McConaghy, T. Kumer, M. McGivem, C. Campbell, F. Lauw, D. McConaghy, J. Fisher. ROW 3: B. Bednaxzik, T. Marquis. ROW 4: R. Clemons, B. Madan, C. Kasarik, K. Stewart, D. Riser. 120 Jr. High Band ROW I: D. Weber, B. Loffert, C. Eger, B. Guy, D. Eger, D. Barkhurst, B. Eger, L. Fulmer, D. Kilmas, D. Dunn, D. McConaghy, R. Webb. ROW 2: V. A. Mattaliano, D. Kinser, J. Lukan, J. Wiley, C. Shaffer, L. Mercer, K. McConaghy, L. Slates, S. Banas, S. Koraido, D. Slates, S. Podlinsky, M. Devos, C. Kelly. ROW 3: R. Craig, J. Ferris, C. Loughry, A. Snyder, M. LeFebvfe, S. Russell, S. Craig, D. Leipold, D. Krear, B. Eberle, B. Johnson, D. Femovich, J. Kalasky. ROW 4: K. Allison, T. Briggs, L. Curtis, D. Narigon, K. Stewart, C. Powell, R. Williamson, C. Dunn, P. Weagly, M. Curtis, S. Cook, B. Stewart, N. Knapper, R. Semerod, M. Gallagher. , Jr. Hz gh Drama , 0 ,, .5.,,,.i,.4.g.,.,i,.,,1,,.,i.v,E ROW I: S. Brown, D. Ragland, F. Kemp, C. Lewis. ROW 2: C. Eger, S. Stimpson, B. Quinn, R. Allen, K. Kilpatrick, S. Moran, B. Eger, T. Williams, S. Sylanski, S. Meehan, B. Dolina, A. Bracall, P. Gilbert. ROW 3: M. McLaughlin, S. Williamson, D. Lugaila, L. Gatten, J. Dire, K. Shumaker, T. Wallace, J. Gibson, B. Nicholas, M. McCaffrey, B. Carter, C. Peck. ROW 4: M. Dunn, M. Ransil, L. Dixon, D. Machek, L. Fulmer, E. Lyons, J Horwath, L. Cowden, K. Wilson, C. Hampson, E. Danjou. ROW 5: N. Allen, S. Loffert, J. Wiley, B. Loffert, R. Baker, K. Loffert, M. Partozoti, D Dewie, D. Cowden, S. Moore, D. Gregg, K. Stewart, L. Ruschell. ROW 6: W. Michalak, R. McCaffrey, J. Alrutz, S. Phillips, B. Ligget, D. Richell, B Phillips, C. Kosarik, P. Westlake, M. Chiera, C. Hatfield, T. Pascos. 7th Grade Chorus ROW l: D. Stanish, K. Maycock, K. Pascoe, C. Geisler, K. Schmidt, N. McQuillian, T. Robinson, L. Bish, B. Stover, C. Schnar, G. Bonjoumi. ROW 2' A Bracall N. Kelly, C. Homestan, G. Roberts, T. Clark, J. Forsythe, C. Dire, K. Simariski, D. Morce, J. Rachec, J. Toulouse, E. Schimdt, M. Loffssed, Z. Mason.. ROW 3: Tl Blanchard, D. Gedman, S. Moreau, C. Brezinski, L. Ruschell, R. Gilbert, M. McGuanne, R. Wirtz, J. McCabe, P. Gilbert, B. Currin, S. Donaldson G Semple R Curtis. ROW 4: J. Masquelier, M. Wirtz., S. Bennett, C. Machek, J. Fisher, C. Zirwas, E. Danjou, M. Laufft, B. Bednarzik, M. VanShuron, P. Pannizna, E. Allen: der, G. Schwab. 8th and 9th Grade Chorus ROW l: J. Browett, L. Curtis, R. Dye, F. Rich, J. Skarupa, M. Cole, B. Carter, S. Sylanski, S. Meehan, B. Dolina, L. Sawhill, L. Tamulinas. ROW 2: J. Robel, R. Braddock, T. Carter, J. Ferris, K. Stewart, E. Shaffer, V. Zarka, C. Loughry, T. Klimas, C. Peck, M. McCaffrey, D. Patrick, M. Delair. ROW 3: D. Litman, H. Kelly, P. Tobin, P. Goughenour, S. Loffert, M. Gaughan, M. Caldwell, B. Moore, C. Campbell, C. Sprowls, L. Cowden, D. Phillips, N. McCaff, C. Hampson. ROW 4: M. Bonnet, V. Federoff, S. Toumey, K. Kosac, S. Demnyan, R. Clemons,.B. Gema, K. Wilson, K. Kelly, J. Welsh, T. Pasco, T. Kumer. l22 Jr. H igh French ROW l: C. Geisler, L. Bongiomi, T. Robinson, K. Willis, T. Williams, C. Brezinski. ROW 2: S. Moreau, D. Klimas, K. Loffert, K. Kelly, D. Dewey, M. Herbst, P. Westlake, B. Carter, L. Sawhill, M. McCaffrey, A. Bracall. ROW 3: W. Phillips, S. Walker, D. Anestis, C. Runtas, C. Hampson, N. Turk, V. Zarka, D. Cowden, L. Cowden, C. Sprowls. ROW 4: J. Kaste, D. Machek, M. McLaughlin, B. Dolina, M. Sclmarr, M. A. Gaughan, B. Nicholas, D. Eger, C. Barr. ROW 5: C. Peck, D. Lugaila, R. Gema, S. Phillips, R. McCa.fferey, J. Alrutz, N. McCafferey, C. Hatfield, D. Gregg, R. Samenick, R. Dartozoti. p ,,,,,, Jr. High Science Club ROW l: R. Dahns, G. Phillips, C. Baker, N. McCaffrey, D. Patrick, S. Meehan, T. Bain, M. Cochran, M. Irwin. ROW 2: D. Dumaret, P. Neil, M. Caldwell, E. Shaffer, V. Zarka, S. Knat, D. Descutner, B. Openbrier, R. McCoy. ROW 3: D. Anestis, M. Van Gysel, K. Stewart, T. Pascoe, H. McCaffrey, M. Gallagher, W. Phillips, J. Altrutz, K. Bailey. ROW 4: C. Runtas, K. Kosak, J. Marquis, E. Bednarik, K. Bungard, D. Femovich, J. Zombeck, R. McConaghy, K. Coufman. 123 Jr. Class P Count Dracula "Blood-curdlingf' was the word to describe the Junior Class's dramatic presentation of COUNT DRACULA. The play, set in an insane asylum, lived up to all its terrifying expectations. Based on Bram Stoders nineteenth century novel DRACULA, the plot unraveled the story of the beautiful young woman who falls victim to the vampire and the classic struggle between the Prince of Darkness and the forces of Good. 124 Cast Timothy Phillips - Dracula Mary Ellen Brown - Mina Murray Brain McLaughlin - Dr. Seward Gary Lucarini - Jonathan Harker Barb Fischer - Sybil Seward Jerome Yanosik - Inmate of the Asylum Gary Lefevvre - Van Helsing Garvin Putt - Attendant of the Asylum Vicki Piazza - Attendant of the Asylum Senior Class Play "OUR TOWN" "Our Town" depicts the life of a New Hampshire village - with its humor, picturesqueness and pathos - set against a background of centuries of time, social history, and religious ideas. As the Stage Man- ager in the drama says: "This is the way we were in our growing-up and in our marrying and in our doc- toring and in our living and in our dying." The play begins in 1901 in Grover's Corners where the Gibbs and the Webbs are neighbors. During their childhood George Gibbs and Emily Webb are playmates and their lives are inextricably woven together as neigh- bors' lives are likely to be. ROW l: KL. to RJ Dave Jacobs, Cheryl Araneika, Barb Zombeck, Jim Little. ROW 2: QL to RJ Ted Bable, Jerry Runtas, Bob Hospodar, Candy Irvin, Bob Brown, Rick Butler, A M. Mattaliano. NOT PICTURED: Jim McCaffrey. ROW l: fL. to RJ John Paniua, Luanne Allender, Chris Bonnet, Luci Miltenberger. ROW 2: KL. to RJ Ann McCaffrey, Kath Maxin, Glenn Jones, Amy Allison, Bill Pina. CAST Dr. Gibbs - John Panizza Stage Manager - Jim Little Mrs. Gibbs - Luci Miltenberger Mrs. Webb - Kath Maxin Joe Crowell - Bob Brown Howie Newsome - Ted Bable George Gibbs -- Chris Bonnet Rebecca Gibbs - Luanne Allender Emily Webb - Amy Allison and Ann McCaffrey Wally Webb - Glenn Jones Prof. Willard - Rick Butler Mr. Webb - Bill Piazza Simon Stimson - Dave Jacobs Mrs. Soames - Candy Irvin Policeman Warren -- Jerry Runtas Sam Craig - Jirn McCaffrey Joe Stoddoard - Bob Hospodar Woman in the Balcony - Cheryl Araneika Man in the Auditorium - A. M. Mattaliano Lady in the Box -- Barb Zombeck The Junior Class held the 1972-73 J r.-Sr. Prom on May 18, 1973 in the Fort Cherry gym- nasium. The theme chosen was "Dancin' in the Moonlight" and the gym was decorated like a moonlit garden. ' Couples entered through a white arched trellis intertwined with pink and white rosebuds on leafy vines. In the center was a beautiful fountain illuminated by a mirrored ball hung high above, that reflected the light shone on it. Glittery stars hung from the ceiling over the heads of couples dancing. Pictures were taken beside a country well surrounded by trees and hedges. A scene com- plete with wrought-iron garden furniture. Live flowers graced a secluded corner. Paper roses in silvery vases on each table added a final touch. The post-prom was held in the cafeteria immediately following the dance. Approxi- mately two hundred people were served a deliciously varied menu. QF! QM '22 l' . um ,1 130 5, gn , 'LEQTW Lf Q - '-ref s-fax, k - wx X Si! ' x 1' X A X, W , , W ' -- f. -, I .. . , - ,Q , ,WN gk My xx 3,1 S 1 V x A W i 55SQ35f'5!f5!?f .f?F - '5, f: .t 9 A A 'X "Q-17'fX K , Q' 5 :,.,,7, q ., , im X' y X Q fx. X13 I .Y KN 1- A ' . X ' xxx, 1, ww J' ' X A K ' .NRM -mf , W N px X' L ' ' K X. , Y ' Y Uv A X V xg K W Nu ' x M if, k Nx NV x M I XL x W I E V' L 'Nl , X Y m Xl U yf Vx QL!! ' x. if x I N x Exif, X 1 X W yi N'-JL xx K Xl X TJ ' F X X. ' Nj X-QU ,L . I xv Q . ly! Xxx xx , ' A 'NV r ,x x f w X xv N33 1 X, I ix X i V M V 1 K X f X e f . Xf' Rf N ' ' N fy N r , Q K JK Aw , U 1 X l-xxx Y X X K Q V Qi- , ' f K, . ' X ' f u xxx KX X X L XX QNX vi 'li 1, X., w - . W V X L WU? N' 44 X! ' N K f ' J XJ x M ' -ww S' I fy :M ,af-m 3 L ii W Q 53?"3f- fa mdk " 4 9 X 4,5 fl BQ Nia.. Vx v. P . - - - 1 Wan w ' 1 ??"i?w 1 ..,,'wagf:+b fe?'asf5?Q Q ' f "' 12. ii' '- ., ,, J x iL V . ,- F1 gfgkh, A J 1 W, Wu QF? ' I fe 'Wm if If Q20 1' , , w 1 Nj . 5 .. 585 Q im., ,x f -. . -. , . . . . L W ' . QQ . z ' H-si ., , . i Mwix.. Q. Q Su E . i lf? 3 Xe is 8 iii S! M .. Q R. .SQ W 5,5 .Yi :va I Allender, E. Bednarzik, B. Allen, R. B?dillion, K. J K i 056. .. 1 ' Libya Bemesser, T. Bracall, A. Bennett, S. Boyd. S. 1 que 5. 1 'A V , sis' fi Carter, B. Carter, B. Cook, S. Craig, R. A. is 'A ' X .. Allison, K. Bell, J. Bish, L. Brezinski, C. i A i hx N eb if 3 ,f . :Af 4 Q X, me EW Q 3 . . f xg f .1 if lisa Carter, W. Currin, R. IV: -. A-in .4 A 'wifi if ' 'W fi., 1 " slay" R be S' " lg.i.:Q- N . . ' S f A A 43 Qi I I Bal? iii 'A I .f , Bailey, A. Bell, W. Y X . . W M5 Y. '54-L31 Bislarkey, D. Brown. B. . , M A Clark, D. Curtis, R. . . ...WNV K xwkf N Q v lk F 2' Bain, T. Bellaire, H. . ,f 'E :L l A af if , 259 ,. -A A ' Q1-'fi A-or Q. f Blanchard, T. Brown, T. Clark, D. Dagnana, T. Baker, J. Bellaire, P. - 1 .J . 2 0' 'u Bongiomi, G. Bungard, C. . .,. . . ,, ' 4 i . G' . -I A1 5 C Clark, T. Daniels, B. Baronio, D. Benard, A. N U 1 .. ,iii EL ' ,, ii 'Ti-ff? Bongiomi, L. Carlisle, J. xx f . x X W TE Q.. Q . . mf ai? fl V sf X x Coffield, C. Danjou, A. 4 + 'fra , .-.l , 1 ,-.. 'F' 'vi .1 19' L 'F' pg , .K 15: V.,-,gig y . K I ul T .. M W 3 .... F 5 we J . J ....., Danjou, E. Descutner, D. DeVos, M. Dumaret, D. Dunn, B. Eger, B. T ,..k . f JPG " ' ' "L:- xi'-"' T f ' ' 35? 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Zombeck, J. Nickerson, R. 3 Wiley, J. ' if 'e K 19514-n ix., . . iiwfifi, V ,ww n. Q74 if-22 l49 23, 1 I, l j 55.2 4 -2 'M Alexander, S. Banas,S. Q. , 'ii l lx 1' Bish, G. Brower, S. Jlliill A J I Clark, P. Cowden, J. ISO Allen. C. Ban, J. 55: 33 , R .l' .W if , as A.L .l Q 5 A llliggilr Blussick. J. Brown, N. Conaway, J. Cowden, J. Amic. R. Barton, R. Borella, L. Brown, R. t, 7 . 5' Q. Q Cook D. Currin, D. Auld, M. Battista, R. i? .- :wt Elma J ii'J'i'.X Q- ' N A Bozic, P. Campbell, L. .t g'-2.1 S V - lag Cook, R. Curtis. H. C... R. .Q ' fs 5 K xi? ,if . J X . I, his a'-3 ' YQ. ' Ball, W. Bedillion, R. Ball, H. Beard, L. ,. - L 'E xr f . . K I.. . 17 ,if3f? 553 ' Mirror fl --Y 1 i A - A x. Rex ij? 'if Brezinski, P. Briggs, E. Cass, F. Cerezo, R. f-I Na.. 5,5 ? 4 if 7: A ' A N! Banas, M. Bilger. C. Brinkman, M. Clark, K. X X' x .hi . ' 1 1? ,J , Iii! l 'tg' 1 Q I I Cooper, P. Couderc, R. Dagnana, K. Dallapiazza, G. Cowden, E. Danley, C. Davidson, C. Donaldson, J. Faingnaert, C. Ganchuk, T. 4 Kgs is Gizoni. A. Herbst, W. 1. . xv if . X, x x Davis. P. Dopudja. P. A- fe? xn.Q J Farthing, G. Gardner, R. .pulp . 'QU 'F ' 1 .4 . Q22 gl lx YN ex :l'Q,:' .wo .At . . 'Q-"2 a Descutner, H. Duran, D. 'f x H' '- J. 'fit Ni" , iy ,M ...rf ' Felton, C. Gatten, S. ' 5 .. ' 9 53 Glass, K. Godwin, A. Heron. K. Hoag. C. V -may .vw r- , WI" . M its A . 'Ea , - - .,.yl K .5 K .- 4 1-f l Wk A K Dewey, J. Dickinson, B. Dinsmore, J. J Dolina, J. Edmonds, J. Eiler, D. Eiler, S. Engel, S. if nf' 3145+ T 4 if Foflygen, B. Forsythe, V. Freville, L. Gedman, M. Gilbert, R. Gilbert, R. -'Fi ' it ' 'S 'QMQQ' '1 "P . ' fx X '. Guidos, P. Hainaut, D. Havel, D. Hoag, D. Hormel, P. Hradecky, J. .M i f X . Gamble, W. Gilbert, R. Heirendt, J. Ivory, C. 4 Jemison, T. Kersh, T. 5 A eff? 1 L Lamb, J. Lucarini. S. ,. .., " Matchett, D. McLaughlin, G. Jones. J. Kimball. D. .S Lamb, J. Makrush, K. v 'L . ,,,, .3 . .Q McCaffrey, D. McQuillan, M. R' .. pi ' .. , 5, fr ea ' J. QI- Ja Jones, R. Jones, R. Knapper, N. Kohn, J. af' . uv 1 . J Lauff, R. Lemal, B. Malesky, M. Marancel, N. ' 5 Q Q, ' .., McCaffrey, R. McCarty, D. Menichi, P. Mlinac, C. Tl. . '. I ,' XY-Q! 3 sw .- .. 3 Q: fig' A . Kearns, P. Kemp, J. Kenec, J. Kretzler, M. Kupstus, D. Lamb, G. iii Q'-5.4: , O Q M l .. ' 5' A A ' Leonard, G. Leopold, C. Lewis, M. Marquis, J. Maskerinec, G. Matalik, S. .ggi .4 f .. ,v 9 :ie T-X "vii f as if , -, -'P J J Q51 'W kg :W 1 if d b- T2 1 2: AI. ,x " - JA . ' K ' 's Ei ' sr A McCoy, L. McGivem, B. McKean, J. Miller, M. Moore, L. Moreau, K. 'Qi -.gin .i '81 - ,Sf J Q J -if - ig.. R' J ."" 5 'S 1 .k., f gif-nu. , ,,,- fi .V .. it 55' 'L - I Q K W , A,,' Mountain, R. Nation, J. Raineri, D. Ringer. E. J ggi A . J W,:, , A li :fi if K I Sember, T. A Semerod. E- Thomas, K. T0lh. A- '- ri. ' R Q L .V I 'i l . H I Wannamaker, D. Washington, R. Wilson, J. Yamber, J. A . - .. 'lg J l .2V' .. . fb. N 1,3 34 We wt If J W e J i i. 3 A . . , V .Q,i, .., ,,. 1 q u. Openbrier, J. Pirillo, M. Polen, C. Powell, A. Quivey, D. Roberts, B. Roberts, M. Roberts, J. Robson, B. Schwab, S. ff! W' T li: Ig! i A ' ,'.ay 1-7. . .R . ' 1 ' " 3' J L 2 A' A N X Aa' .-'5 'A' 'T' mg,-gs . -- . . .. .. N.. X J - Y Shaffer, D. Spencer, B. Stewart. L. sweetie, E. Taylor' R- Toth, B. Toumay. G. Toward, T. Walker, B. Walken I-- ., .5 wi .2 - , Y :fi g 7 A R . .rs .11 ll J ' A 5 , Q1 A -ff .. V. .f W 'QL Hag- i -t .x V' ' N. t " ' lv--Q .J iles A '-rin ' I Washington, R. Weagly, P. Webber, J. Williamson, R. Willis, T. Yates, R. Yenko, T. Yuhas, K. Zombeck, J. Zombeck, M. 15 w f . 1 "1 2: x 51. mins hw 5' ,TV v fu, qi J' , A 'v it 1 ' . i 79 9' n N .ig ' ,fwgf ry, ,z".' 1 Wir X, ',.f.3:," , I ,x ,mf -rj' 21231 - 4' -fzifw is J ' Q I ' , 4 , A . , , Af J S 'wa Y 'r . mm MZ, 5 4 l gh: fi X . , A .+- I ' O sag. C, 1' ' ' - - f 2 ' Q 91 I t ' .. ' K 1 l . . ' - 4, . . .- Q. Q ' ' ' J- v ' x 4 A .gg ., 1 . 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F 1 YET E5 gf 3 F19 2' ' ,xv if . 'L' 1" fig '3 .5 ' . 1f -iii ig -. 'I' 3 'i 3 wx..m3 Baldigowski, D. Bish, K. fiig -sv ..2,'J ..v 5' ,QED we Cimarolli, L. Darnley, S. Filaura, M. Gardener, J. 155 . . ,gn '17 ' v . ,E H-F ' ' ,mfl !,' ' fi f lf i . 'EP A -if . M x v X VH' 'Q Ml. - Gates, M. Gibson, J. Gilbert, C. Gilbert, W. Hans, C. Harvey, M. Herbst, E. Hill, K. -a Q 1 - M v 1 'H-'35 . Q Q P 'al' X 0' 1 Avg., 5.1 A ,al ' Q ' 'Gif R, , " ' G , N. Jackson, R. Kalaski, J. Keams, R. Kems, M. Kumpstas, V. Lauff, D. Lauff, R. Lefebvre, G. Q f J .5 . .J . 4 A , w 5' 1' 5 irfr-w Liberl, D- Liggiii, B- Longstrelh, B. Loughman, R. McCabe, S. McCartney, J. McClellan, M. McCloud, K. J 5' -bl I rw . Goblick, B. Hlavay,C. . il? R wif, f i "., , U , Q' ,,sx11"A, ,' X Klimas, M. Legg, B. Lucarini, G. McGahee, J. I 1 waevn -- f fwf-Ngiflel V x in wif E Gregg, D. Hlavay, G. ear 5: X, N TLK' nl ' R3 Klinsky, A. Leipold, W. Madera, C. McKean, P. x .. , w .sg - .' j D 1 1 'Q' fax . K ., 3.f. 5-f"Xl'oX,2i: N Hampson, B. Knat, K. Lgffl .i . -.1 1 if Kumer, R. l LeMal, R. 7 X -5831-' sl' Makrush, K. McKissick, J. le McKissick, K. Neil, F. Noga, J. Piazza, V. Powell, R. Schofield, E. Schons, R. Slacko, B. Slaudt, S. Wannamaker, Washington, C. M. McLaughlin, B. 'gag' , 3152 N- N X W3 '. 1-' ll. ' gf... r :K 3' 3, if Qu.: , '7 5 McQuillan, S. Parkinson, P. i . A, . . PW' QQ, ,.. 'Q - Q S' n g i L ' Q ff' gi . . ' Poznak, G. Shaffer, E. Strike, D. Watazychyn, D. ZW s. .v 6 W R 'F Q W 2 Y, , i I Menichi, L. Moorehead, S. Moran, M. Partozoti, S. Patrick, D. Peck, C. ' 1 3 0 ff we W Pun, G, Reboul, F. Robson, E. Skarupa, E. Smith, D- snedeker, c. Tolbrook, R. Toumey, C. Vincenti, R. Webber, A. Webber, S. Wiley, J. Mortakis, M. Phillips. T. sf' .:mw f1i1fg1,g'fi ' i - Q z: gi ' ,. ,fi ,if 11 , QW in K i f ep 4. n 4' g f .-gf. if: 1 .V 2 il.. 'Y' ff' Q if 3:41-'N " . Romestan, D. Sprowls, D. Wagner, D. Weber, C. Williams, D. Zombeck, J. Jw A gg ,, K Yi -A 1' 1 Yanosik, J. Young, M, Zapatosky, M. Zemailis, C. Zeno, J. Zilich, J l s Wlbunnunllsv' JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Garvin Putt, Pres.g Vicki Piazza, V. Pres.g Linda Cimarolli, Sec.g Carol Johnston, Treas. SEVENTH GRADE BARONIO, L. COLUMBO, K. CONN, S. JENKINS, L. JOHNSON, C. SILA, M. EIGH TH GRADE CASS, D. FEHL, T. GILBERT, H. JENKINS, R. LEGG, B. LEONARD, L. MCMILLAN, T. SNYDER, A. STRAUSS, H. WEAGLY, D. NIN TH GRADE BITZ, R. BLUSSICK, R. DEVEANEY, R. EDMONDS, G. FORRESTER, S. GRICAR, W. NAGY, R. RAGLAND, D. LFENNENT, R. TENTH GRA DE ALLEN, D. ATCHISON, T. IBOYD, K. CLEMONS, R. ONN, s. EMNYAN, J. ACKSON, D. EMP, R. EASHER, T. PICTURES NOT AVAILABLE TEN TH GRADE Iconfalj MCANANY, K. REDD, K. ROMESTAN, T. SCOTT, C. SEMINICK, K. SEMPLE, E. TENNANT, T. WALLACE, J. ELE VEN TH GRA DE ATCHISON, D. BALAZS, L. BATTISTA, P. BERNESSER, P. BISTARKEY, C. BRABSON, R. BUTLER, J. CALDWELL, B. CARTER, L. CEYROLLES, S. CEYROLLES, Y. CHAPPELL, R. COOK, T. COWDEN, L. CROWLEY, T. DEVEANEY, D. F ULMER, V. HARDY, R. JEMISON, L. JOHNSTON, C. KING, P. LEONARD, J. LUKAN, M. NESBITT, D. POWELL, J. REDD, D. SMITH, R. SNYDER, J. SPRINGER, G. THOMAS, J. WASHINGTON, J. ZOMBECK, M. 60 In years to come, as l look back. how will I remember? Will l remember the year as it was or how l wished it to be? Will l remember only the happy times or the disappointments too? Did l use the days and months to form lasting friendships with others or will the experiences we shared be lost with the closing ofa book. never to be of benefit to me ina more serious later life? ef -Lb, XX Y ' kxismkix xy 1, -6' -.3 :jf N i' K 1' 35 fl Wifjgl ll Qi, ,J 1W7f QM ' , M 5 11 "'!,!,s '! .lim "' ',Q,..A:. ' 7' ,W "' wg ww Q SENIORS. . . AMY ANN ALLISON Amy Pep Club 2, 3, 4g GAA 2, 3, 43 French Club 2, 3, 49 Drama Club 2, 33 Chorus 2, 3, 45 Majorette 2. 3, 43 Stu- dent Council 3g National Honor Society 3, 4, Jr. Class Play Com., Prom Decorating Com., Home- coming Attendant 3, 45 Eighth Grade American Legion Award, Intramural Volleyball 3 LUANNE ALLENDER Petey Pep Club l, 2, 3: Jr. Class Play: Prom Decorating Com.: Varsity Club 43 Cheerleader 43 National Honor Soci- ety 3, 4g YEA l, 2. 3, Afro American Club 45 GAA 2, 3, Pres. 4: Reading Club 2. 3, 4, Band I, 2, 3, 4 Treas.: Drill Team 33 Panorama 45 Intramural Volleyball 3 DONALD ALRUTZ Don Prom Decorating Com. RODERICK ROSS ALBRIGHT Rod Spanish Club 2 CHERYL LYNN ARANEICKA Araneicka YEA 2, 3, 4g Drama 2, 3, Panorama 43 Thespians 3, Math Club 35 Pep Club 3, 45 Jr. Class Play Com., Prom Deco- rating Com., Pinnacle Staff 33 Chorus 4g Intramural Volleyball 3 wtf, E-if f ' az' .4 JANET LYNN ATHEY Jan GAA 2, 3. 4: Business Club 3, 4, Drama Club 3: FNA 2, 3, 4g Pep Club 2, 3, 4: Band 25 Drill Team 43 French Club 23 Prom Decorating Com. 3 AUG UST T. BARONIO Augie Wrestling 23 Pep Club 25' Varsity Club 33 Vo-Tech Club, V.P. 3, Pres. 4 DEBRA MARIE AUGUSTINE Deb Vo-Tech 3, 45 Pep Club 33 Prom Deco- rating Com. 3g Student Council 3 JAMES EDWARD BABLE Eddie French Club 23 Math Club 3, 4g National Honor Society 3, 4 GEORGE THEODORE BABLE JR. Ted Math Club 2, 3, 45 Prom Decorat- ing Com., French Club 2, 3, 45 Cross-Country 3g National Honor Society 3, 4g Science Club 4g Jr. Class Play Cast, Panorama Staff 4 163 WILLIAM MICHEL BERNHART Bemy Tennis 3. 43 Golf l, 3, 43 Wrestling l, 2, 3, 4: Math Club 3, 4: Y.E.A. 2, 3, 4, Varsity Club l, 2, 3, 43 Sci- ence Club 2, 3, 43 Pep Club 2, 43 French Club 23 Chorus 2, 3, 43 Nal'I Honor Society 3, 43 Prom Dec. Com. 35 Varsity Club Raffle Com. 4 WILLIAM RALPH BEDILLION Ralf Football 2, 3. 43 Basketball 3, 4: Base- ball 2, 3, 4: Prom Decorating Com., Varsity Club 3, 4: PCP Club 4 DARLA MAE BICKEL Darla Pep Club 2, 3, 45 Literary Joumal 3, 43 Business 3, 4, Prom Dec. Com. 3, Drill Team 3, 4: Y.E.A. 3, 4g'Panorama Staff 4: National Honor Society 3, 43 Chorus-Rangettes 2. 3, 45 Senior Mag- azine Com. 4 JANIS ELAINE BARR .lan F.N.A. 2, 3, 43 Pep Club 2, 3, 4, Prom Decorating Com.: Chorus 2, 3, 4 EDWARD BISSETT Ed F.F.A. l, 2, 3, 4 CHRISTOPHER ADRIEN BONNET Chris Golf I, 3, 43 National Honor Society 3, 4g Prom Decorating Com.3 Basketball 2, 3, 43 Tennis 3, 4g Chorus 2, 3, 43 French Club 2, 3, 43 YEA 2, 3, 43 Var- sity Club 3, 43 Math Club 2, 3, 43 Sci- ence Club 2, 4 RANDY LEE BROWN Rarely Baseball 2, 3, 43 Math Club 2, 3, 43 Sci- ence Club 3, 43 French Club 2, 33 Pep Club 23 Varsity Club 2, 3, 43 Prom Decorating Com.3 Student Body Presi- dentg Student Council Presidentg Cho- rus 3, 43 Cross Country 43 Basketball 2, 3, 43 National Honor Society LINDEN R. BOOTH Russ Vo-Ag. 23 Vo-Tech 3, 4 CATHERINE LEE BRIGGS Dizzy Briggs Pep Club 2, 3, 43 Business Club 33 F NA 43 Reading Club 43 Girl's Tennis 43 Intramural Volleyball 3: Vo-Tech Club 4, Treas. DEBRA ANN BOWERS Deb FFA 2, 3, 43 Pep Club 3g Prom Decorating Com. MARK ALAN BUYDASZ uwopu Spanish Club l, 2, 3, 4 ROBERT LESLEY BROWN Bobby-0-Browntastic Basketball 2, 3, 45 Cross Country 2, 3, 43 Varsity Club 2.3, 43 Y.E.A. 3, 4, Math Club 2, 3, 43 Pep Club 2, 4, Reading Club 4, Prom Decorating Com.: French Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Chorus 2, 3, 4, National Honor Society 3, 43 Drama Club 3 RICKY LEE BUTLER Rick Mat.h Club 2, 3, 43 Y.E.A. I, 2, 3, 43 French Club l, 2, 3, 4: Bowling Team 45 Chorus 43 National Honor Society 3, 43 Prom Decorating Com., Pano- rama Staff BARBARA JEAN BYKENS Barb Pep Club 2, 3, 4, Business Club 3, 43 Reading Club 3, Librarian 2, Prom Decorating Com., Drill Team 3, 4 MARK EDWARD CAMPBELL Meatball Class Officer - Pres. 45 Baseball 3, 4g Y.E.A. 3, Varsity Club 43 Chorus 2, 3, 4 Pres. 43 Prom Decorating Com., Pin- nacle 3, 4 Sports Editor 4g Student Council 3 Vice Pres. 4 JOHN CASTNER John FFA 2, 31 Marine Physical Fitness 3, 4 J ACQUELINE ANN CLEMONS Jacki Pep Club 3: Vo-Tech 4g Afro Ameri- can Club 4 RONALD LEE CATRAIN Tut Marine Physical Fitness 45 Basketball 3: Science Clubg Prom Decorating Committee 3 SHARON LYNN CLARK Clark Pep Club 2, 3, 43 F.N.A. 43 Busi- ness Club 3, 4: French Club 23 Reading Club 4: Drama Club 33 Prom Decorating Committee 3 CYNTHIA ELIZABETH CLARK Sham Majorette 2, 3, 4: Drum Majorette 4: Pep Club 2, 3, 43 Y.E.A. 43 G.A.A. 2, 3, 43 Math Club 43 French Club 2, 3, 43 Chorus 3, 45 National Honor Society 3, 49 Prom Decorating Committee l l 167 THOMAS WELCH COWDEN JUNIOR .t-I-om.. Basketball l5 Chorus 45 Prom Decorating Com. 35 Science Club l RICHARD LEE COWDEN ucrazn Spanish Club 25 Wrestling l, 2, 3, 45 Chorus 2, 3, 45 Treasurer 45 Prom Decorating 35 Science Club CARLTON EDWARD CRAIG JUNIOR skip Math Club 4: French Club 2, 3, 45 Chorus 2, 3, 45 Panorama 45 Prom Decorating 3: National Honor Society 35 Basketball 2, 3 MARK COWDEN TINA MARIE D'ANGELO Tina French Club 2, 3, 45 Pep Club 2, 35 Business Club 3, Pres. 45 FNA 45 Reading Club 45 Panorama Club 45 Secretary 45 Bowling 45 Prom Deco- rating Com. 45 National Honor Soci ety: Prom Decorating 35 GAA 2, 4 EUGENE D. DeFlLIPPIS Flips Wrestling l - 43 Varsity Club l - 4: Pep Club 4: Bowling 45 Prom Decorating 4 JOHN MICHAEL DOMATI Johnny Mike YEA 23 Math Club 2: Science Club 23 Jr. Prom Decorating Com. 3: Chorus 2, 3, 4: French Club 2 ROBERT WAYNE DeHOUX Day-Doo Prom Decorating Committee, Announcements 4 ANNE ELIZABETH DOLINA Anne French Club l, 2, 3, 43 National Honor Society 4g GAA 3, 45 Prom Dec. Com., Reading Club 3, V.P. 4, Jr. Class Play Com.: Drill Team 3, 45 Pep Club 2, 45 Chorus 2, 3, 43 Drama Club 2, 3: Panorama 41 FNA 2, 3, Librarian 2, 3 JAMES DEICHLER Dike Vo-Tech 3, 43 Vo-Tech Homeroom Club l69 DANNY AN DREW ENG EL Dan Vo-Tech 3, 4 MARCIA SUE DUNN Marcia Chorus Accomp. 2, 3, 4g National Honor Society 3, 4: Reading Club 3, Sec. 4: Librarians 2, 4: Pep Club 2: Panorama 4: French Club 2, 3: Mardi Gras Ch. 4: Pinnacle Editor 3, 4: Prom Decorating Com. 3 LYNN DIANE DOWLER Lynn Drama Club 2: Chorus 2: GAA 2, 3, 4: Reading Club 2: Pep Club 2, 4: Drill Team 3: Varsity Club 4: Student Council 4: Cheerleader 4: Prom Deco- rating Com: Vo-Tech 4 LINDA SUE DIRE FEHL Linda Pep Club 2, 4: Drama Club 2: Read- ing Club 4: FHA 4: Intramural Bowl- ing 4: Speech Club 4, Sec. I-,f Q l DWAIN ALLEN FELTON Pip Football 2, 3, 4: Varsity Club 4, V. Pres. 4: Pep Club 2, 4: Prom Decorat- ing Com. 3 ROXANNE FISCHER Fish Chorus 2, 33 Pep Club 23 Vo-Tech 3, 4 TERRY LEE GILBERT Snuffy Baseball 3, 43 Cross Country 43 Prom Dec. Com. 3 JANICE LEE FULMER Jan French Club 2, 3, 43 Band I, 2, 3, 4 Sec. 4, Lib. 43 Pep Club 2, 3, 43 GAA 2, 3, 4 Pt. Ch. 33 Drill Team 3, 43 NHS 3, 43 Prom Dec. Com. 33 Stage Crew 3 MICHELE LOUISE GILBERT Mickey Business Club 3, 43 Spanish Club 2, Sec. 3, 43 Pep Club 2, 3, 43 Sr. Hi. Band 3, 4g Jr. Hi Band 2, Secg Drama Club 33 Reading Club 43 Prom Dec. Com. 33 Jr. Class Play Com. 33 Intramural Bowling 4 ALICIA LYNN GANCHUK Alicia Pep Club 43 Vo-Tech 3, Sec. 4 I7I DEBORAH DENISE GRANT Debbie National Honor Societ 3 y r 4g G.A.A. 2, 3, 45 F.H.A. V. Pres. 2, Pres. 3, 4: F.N.A. 2, 3, 43 Chorus 3. 4: Drill Team 4: Pep Club 4: Prom Decorating Com.: lnter- mural Volleyball 2 MARK LOUlS GODWIN Mr. Goodwin Golf 3, 43 Basketball 2, 3, 41 Varsity Club 4: Science Club 4: Prom Deco- rating Com.g National Honor Society 3, 4 ROBERT WAYNE HARSHALL Puff Library Aid 2g Y.E.A, 2, 3, 4: Prom Decorating Com.: Design Com. Offi- cer: National Honor Society KATHRYN LOIS GLASS Kathy French Club 2, 3, 4: Pep Club 2, 3, 43 Drill Team 3. 4, Business Manager 4: Chorus 2, 3, 4 Alto Section Leader 43 Prom Decorating Com.g G.A.A. 2, 3, 4 Literary Journalg National Honor Society BARBARA JEAN HERBST Herbie Pep Club 35 Business Clubg Prom Decorating Com. GREGORY ALLEN HOLDER Buck Vo-Tech Homeroom Club 33 Vo-Tech Homeroom Club 4, President 4 CANDICE PARR IRVIN Candy Panorama Photographer 43 National Honor Society 3 - 43 Jr. Class Prom. Dec. 3g Jr. Class Play Com. 33 Sr. Magazine Com. Student Council 43 GAA 2 - 4: YEA 2, 33 History Club 43 Drama Club 2 - 33 Chorus 2, 3, Treas. 43 Intramural Volleyball 33 Pinnacle Photographer 3 GORDON HOLMES Sherlock ROBERT PAUL HOSPODAR Hoss National Honor Society 3, 43 Wrestling l - 4, Sec. 5, Champion 23 Spanish Club 2 - 43 Science Club 3, 4, vice pres. 33 Varsity Club 2 - 43 Math Club 43 Pep Club 43 Jr. Class V. Pres.3 Prom Com. 33 Foot- ball 2, 3 ANITA HOSPODAR Neet Chorus 2, Sec. 33 Range-Aires and Sec. 43 Drama Club 2, 33 Prom Dec. Com. 33 Pep Club 2, Treas. 3, 43 Panorama 43 GAA 2, 3, 43 Drill Team 43 Business Club 3, 4g YEA 3, 43 Junior Class Play 3g Senior Class Sec. 173 GLENN FREDRICK JONES Uh-Clem Band 2 - 4, Vice Pres. 3, President 4, Panorama 4, Photographer 45 Thespians 4, President 4g Stage Band 2 - 4, Drama Club 2, 3: Jun- ior Class Play 3g lntema- tional Thespians 35 County Band 3, 4 DAVID LEE JACOBS ujaken Spanish Club, Fiesta Com. 2, 3, Presi- dent 43 Science Club 3, 4, Pep Club 2, 4g Math Club, V. Pres. 43 Varsity Club l - 4, Prom Dec. Com. 3, Chorus Drummer 3, 4, Marine Physical Fit- ness lg Thespians 3, Cross Country 3, 45 Basketball 1 - 4: Tennis I - 3 JOY DARLENE KEHN Joy Majorettes 3, 43 Pep Club 2 - 4, GAA 25 Drama Club 23 Reading Club 25 Business Club 4 CATHLEEN MARY IVORY Ive Pep Club 2, 3, 4g Math Club 43 Librar- ians 2g Science Club 3, 4, Treasurer 3, 45 Spanish Club 2, 3, 45 Chorus 2g National Honor Society 3, 43 GAA 2, 3, 4: Majorette 3, 45 YEA 2, 3, 4, Prom Decorating Com. 33 Student Council 2 JAMES LAWSON KELLEY ..Kel,, Football 2 - 45 Wrestling 2 - 4, Varsity Club 2 - 4, Sergeant at Arms 4, Pep Club 2, 43 Chorus 2 - 4g Marine Physi- cal Fitness 2, 3: Prom Decorating Com. 33 Varsity Club Raffle Com. 4 l74 , JOHN R. KELLY John Pep Club 43 Prom Dec. Com. 3 TIMOTHY KRETZLER Tweety RANDALL M. KISH Curly Spanish Club 3. 43 Science Club 4g Prom Dec. Com. MICHAEL TIMOTHY KRAMER Mike Prom. Dec. Com. 3 DAVID LEE KRAMER Beav Student Council 3, 43 NHS 3, 4: Math Club 2, 33 Pep Club 49 YEA 2, 3, 43 Varsity 2, 3, 43 Science Club Pres. 2, 3, 43 Prom Dec. Com. 33 Chorus 3, Sec. Leader 4g Band 2, 3, 43 French Club 2, 3, 43 Football 3, 43 Basketball 2, 3, 4 175 DONALD DENNIS LINDER Don Prom Dec. Com. 33 Pano- rama 43 Pinnacle 3, 4 RUTH LYNN LAURICH Ruth Lynn Cheerleader 2, 3 Capt. 43 FNA 2, 3, 43 Pep Club 2, 3, 4: GAA 2, 3, 43 Varsity Club 2, 3, 43 French Club 2, 3: NHS 3, 4: Band I, 23 Prom Dec. Com. 3 JAMES EARL LITTLE III Jim Prom Dec. Com. 33 Drama Club 33 Spanish Club 43 Varsity Club 45 Stu- dent Athletic Trainer 4 STANLEY PHILIP LAUFF, JR. Stush Vo-Tech 3, 43 Baseball 3, 4 1 J 'T' I LINDA KAY LOUGHMAN Linda French Club I, 2, 3, 43 Math Club 3, 4 FNA 3, 43 NHS 3, 43 Band Lib. l, 2, 3, 43 Drill Team 3, 43 Panorama 45 Pep Club 2: 8th Grade DAR Award DANIEL JOHN LUCARINI Luke Basketball 2, 3, 4: Drama Club 2, 3: Pep Club 2, 43 French Club 2. 3, 43 Math Club 2, 3, 4g Varsity Club 3, 4g NHS 3, 4: Jr. Class Pres. 33 Chorus 3, 4 Section Leader 4: Jr. Hi County Band lg Football 33 Prom Dec. Com. 3 HENRY R, MARGERUM FFA 3 Henry MARTA LOUISE MACHEK T-Lou French Club 2, 3, 4 Sec. 3, 4: Pep Club 2, 3, 4 V. Pres. 33 Business Club 33 Panorama 45 Chorus 2, 3, 4 V. Pres. 2, 3 Pres. 43 Drama Club 35 Literary Joumal Editor 41 YEA 3, 43 Mascot 43 Intramural Volleyball 4: Prom Dec. Com. 33 Jr. Class Play Com. 3, NHS 3, 4g Varsity Club 4 MAUREEN MADAN Moe ROBERT PAUL MADAN Bobby Wrestling l, 2, 3, 4: Football 3, 43 Varsity Club 3, 49 Prom Dec. Com 33 Pep Club 4 177 A. M. MATTALIANO A. M. Basketball 23 Prom Deco- rating Com. LOU ANN MASKARINEC Tippy Pep Club 2, 3, 4g Business Club 3, 4: Drama Club 33 Prom Decorating Com.: National Honor Society KATHLEEN JEAN MAXIN Kath French Club 3, 4, V. Pres.: G.A.A. 43 Pep Club 4: Panorama Art Editorg Prom Design Com., Girl's Volleyball 43 National Honor Society 3, 4 TAMARA DEE MARGERUN Tami Pep Club 2, 3, 4: Bus. Club 3, 4g Prom Decorating Com. ANN McCAFFREY Ann F.N.A. 2, 3, 4g Pep Club 2, 3, 43 Cho- rus 2, 3, 4g Student Council, Drama Club 39 Junior Class Playg Prom Dec- orating Com.g lntermural Volleyball 3g National Honor Society 3, 4 JAMES JOSEPH McCAFFREY Jimmy Joe French Club 2, 3, 4g Prom Decorating Committee 3: Science Club 2, 43 Liter- ary Joumal Editor 4: Math Club 2, 3, 4, Pres.g Senior Mag. Com. 43 Y.E.A. 2, 3, 4 Pres., Varsity Club 2, 3, 43 National Honor Society 3, 4: Jr. Class Play Comm. 4, Drama Club 2, 3, Golf Team l, 2, 3, 4 DENNIS JAMES MCELHANY Duck Vo. Tech. Homeroom Club 2 ROBERT JOHN McCARTNEY Bob Spanish Club 1,23 Vo. Tech. Home Room Club Sec. 4 DIANA LYNN McCLOUD Diana Pep Club 2, 3, 45 Librarian 2, 3, 4: Pinnacle 3, 4 News Ed. 4, Reading Club 45 Prom Decorating Com., Y.E.A. 2, 3, 45 Thespians 3: Busi- ness Club 43 Panorama 4 MICHAEL ERNEST MCCLELLAN Churchy F.F.A. 2, 3, 45 Junior Prom Dec Com. GUY ALEXANDER MCWREATH , Ill l MARY ANNE MEEHAN Miche Senior Class Treas.: Stu- dent Council 2, 4, Sec. 4g G.A.A. 2. 3, 4: Y.E.A. 2. 3, 43 French Club 2, 3, 43 Pep Club 2, 3: Chorus 2, 3, 4: Nat. Honor Society 3, 43 Thespians 3, Sec. 3: Prom Dec. Com. 3: Jr. Class Comm. Guy Chorus 3, 45 Y.E.A. 3, 43 Prom Deco- rating Committee 3: Magazine Com- mittee 4: Panorama 43 Pinnacle 4, Photographer: Electronics Club 3, V. Pres.: Drama Club 2 JOHN JOSEPH MENCKE Peaches DALE LEE MCQUILLAN Hot Rod Cross Country 2, 3, 43 Varsity 2, 3, 4 Prom Decorating Committee 3 JOHN WESLEY MICHALKA John Basketball 2, 35 Football 3g Chorus 3, 4, Band 2, 3, 4: Prom Dec. Comm. 3g Junior Class Play Comm. JAMIE LU MILLER Jamie Nat. Honor Society 3, 45 Majorette 3, 45 Y.E.A. 2, 3, 45 G.A.A. 2, 3, 45 Busi- ness 3, 4, Treas. 45 F.N.A. 2, 3, 45 Drama Club 35 Librarians 25 Jr. Class Play Comm. 35 Prom Dec. Comm. 3 REBECCA SUE NESBITT Becky Business 3, Sec. 45 Pep Club 2, 3,45 Prom Dec. Comm. 3 LUCIA ANNE MILTENBERGER Luc Chorus 2, 3, 4, Soph. Section Leader 45 Pep Club 2, 3, 45 Drama Club 2, 35 Prom Design Comm. 35 Afro-Ameri- can Club 4 LINDY LOU MORRISON Lin F.F.A. 3, 4, Sec. 45 Parliamentary Procedure Team 3, 45 Demonstra- tion Team 35 Public Speaking Con- test 3, 45 Art 2, 3, 45 Pep Club 3 PATRICIA MARIE MORAN Patty Panorama Co-Editor 45 Student Council 2, 45 Nat. Honor Society 3 45 Pep Club 2, 35 F.N.A. 2, 3, 45 Thespians 35 Drama Club 35 Cho- rus 45 Junior Class Sec.5 Prom Dec Comm. 35 Spanish Club 2, 35 Jr. Class Play Cormn. 3 181 n ROBIN GALE PARKINSON Park Var. Football 2, 45 Pep Club 45 Varsity Club 45 Baseball 43 Tennis 23 Sr. High Band 2 JOHN EDWARD PANIZZA John Y.E.A. 2, 3, V. Pres. 4g French Club l, 2, 3, Pres. 4, Editor - Literary Jour- nal 44 Prom Dec. Comm. 3, Magazine Comm. 43 Nat. Honor Society 3, 43 Pep Club 2, 4g Reading Club 4, Math Club 2, 3, 4: Drama Club 3: Football 2, 3, 43 Basketball 35 Varsity Club 4g Chorus 2, 3, 4, Marine Phy. Fitness 4 JEFFREY W. PHILLIPS Phillips Varsity Club 3, 43 Golf l, 3, 4g Thespi- ans 33 Pinnacle 45 Jr. Prom Dec. Cormn. 3 CURT A. NICE Curt Tennis 3, 4 ROBIN LYNN PHILLIPS Robin Spanish Club 25 Nat. Honor Society 3 43 Y.E.A. 2, 3, 43 Pep Club 3: Librar- ian 23 F.N.A. 2, 3, 4, Sec. 45 Jr. Class Play Comm.: Prom Dec. Comm. M. WILLIAM JOSEPH PIAZZA Bill Tennis I: Prom Dec. Comm.: Y.E.A. 2, 3, 43 Nat. Honor Society 3, 4: French Club 25 Drama Club 2: Pano- rama 4g Jr. Class Play Stage Manager T.V. Crew 3, 4 DONALD F. RANSIL Don F.F.A. 2, 3, 4 CHERIE LORRAINE POWELL Cher Nat. Honor Society 3, 45 Pep Club 33 Spanish Club 33 F .N.A. V. Pres. 23 Y.E.A. 2, 3. 43 Math Club 3: Reading Club 3, Treas. 45 Prom Dec. Comm.: Pinnacle 3, Fashion Editor 4, Literary Joumal Editor: Afro-American Clubg Thespians 4: Jr. Class Play, St. Direc- tor, Librarian 4 I " ' 2 L ERNEST JAMES PUSATERI Ernie Spanish Club l, 2: Cross Country l, 2, 3, 43 Baseball 3, 43 Varsity Club 2, 3, 4g Science Club l BONNIE MARIE POZNAK Poz G.A.A. 3, 43 F.H.A. 43 Business Club 3, 45 Pep Club 2, 3, 4: Librar- ian 2, 3: Prom Dec. Comm.g Intra- mural Volleyball 183 DEBRA JEAN RINGER Ringer Pep Club 2, 3, 43 Bus. Club 43 Panorama 41 Jr. Class Play Com. 184 MARK DARRYL RICHARDS Merk Spanish Club 23 Vo. Tech. Homeroom Clubg Pep Club 2: Tennis 2 STEVEN RAY RITTENOUR Ri! Prom Decorating Committeeg Chorus 3,4 GAYLE AUDREY RETTINGER Sparkie Volleyball 45 Varsity Club 4g Chorus 2, 33 VoTech 3, 45 Reading Club 4: Drama Club 2, 3: Pep Club 2, 35 Sen- ior Mag. Com.g Spanish Club 2, 3, 4 JODI LYNN ROGALE- Jo Pep Club 45 Panorama 43 Business Club 4: Chorus 2, 35 Prom Dec. Com. MARY JANE ROSSI Rossi Vo. Tech. Homeroom Club, Librarian 2 CATHLEEN LOUISE SCHWARTZ Cathi Drill Team 3, 4 Capt. 4: Chorus 2, 3, 4 Sec. Leader 43 Science Club 3, 4 Sec. 45 G.A.A, 2, 3, 4g Drama 2, 3: Pep Club 2, 3, 4g Librarian 3, 43 French Club 2g Prom Com.g National Honor Society 3, 4, Jr. Class Play Committee GERALD ROBERT RUNTAS Runtas Football 2, 3g Wrestling 23 Prom Dec. Com.g Electronics Club 2, 3, Treas. 3 JANICE GAYLE SAWHILL Janice Business Club 3, 4, Pep Club 2, 3, 43 Chonxs 2, 3, 4 Sec. 4, Prom Dec. Com. ROBERT ALAN RUPAR Rup Spanish Club 35 Vo. Tech. Home- room Club PATRICIA ANN SIMPSON Patty Class Treas. 35 Cheerleader 2, 3, 4, Varsity Club 2, 3, 43 Business Club 3: G.A.A. 2, 3, 4 VP 3, Sec.-Treas. 4g Pep Club 2, 3, 45 Prom Dec. Com.: Chorus 2, 3, 43 National Honor Society 3, 4, Drama Club 2, 3, FNA 3, 4, Intramural Volleyball DANNY DEAN SHIEL Shield Vo. Tech. 3. 4: Spanish Club 2 STEVE SKARUPA Football 3 Skarup SHARON JEAN SEMENICK Rat Chorus 2, 3, 45 Pep Club 2, 3, 4 Busx ness Club 3, 43 Drama Club 3g Prom Dec. Com. DORIS JEAN SMITSKY Doris F.F.A. 2g F.F.A. Sentinal 3g Pep Club 3: Prom Dec. Com., F.F.A. Parlia mentarian 4 PAUL ALLAN SNATCHKO Snatch Football 2, 3, 4, Baseball 2, 3, 4g Var- sity Club 2, 3, 4: Pep Club 2, 3, 45 F.F.A. 2, 35 Prom Dec. Com., Math Club 2 CINDY Lou TAYLOR cindy Pep Club 3, 4, Business Club 3, 4, Pin- nacle 4g Prom Dec. Com. SUZAN LEE SNEDEKER Suzie Pep Club 2, 3, 43 Business Club 3, 4: Prom Dec. Com. ROBERT A. SPRINGER Bob MARK E. SNYDER Merk Electronics Club 2, 3, Chorus 4 Prom Dec. Com. GERALD AUGUST THOMAS Frog Golf 3, 45 Baseball 3, 4g Football 3, 4g Thespians 3: Pinnacle 45 Y.E.A. 4g Prom Dec. Com.g Cross Country 2, 3, 4 ERIC VAN TEMPLER Grinny Y.E.A. 2, 3, 4: National Honor Society 3. 4: Tennis 2, 3, 4, Football 3, 4: Sci- ence Club 2, 3, 4 VP 45 Math Club 2, 3, 45 Prom Dec. Com.: Marine Physical Fitness 2, 4: Pep Club 2, 4: Electronics Club 2, French Club 2: Student Coun- cil 2, 3 JOSEPH ROBERT TOMM King Kong Tomm National Honor Society 3, 4, Wres- tling 3, 4: Science Club 2, 3, 4, Varsity Club 2, 3, 43 Electronics Club 2, 33 Math Club 4: Pep Club 45 Y.E.A. 3, 43 Prom Dec. Com.: Tennis 2, 3, 45 Foot- ball 3, 4 TOM TAYLOR Tom Varsity Club 43 Pep Club 43 Baseball 2, 3. 4: Prom Dec. Com.: Spanish Club 2 ,J GUSTAVE TOURNAY Gus ANDY TURKILY Turk F.F.A. I, 2, 3, 4 CHERYL ANNETTE WALLACE Flame Spanish Club 2: Drama Club G.L.C.g G.A.A. 2, 3, 45 Cheerleader 3, 45 Prom Dec. Comm., Varsity Club 2, 35 Pep Club 2, 3, 4g Business Club 3, 4, V. Pres. 43 Panorama Y.E.A. 3, 45 Maga- zine Comm.g Afro-American Club 4, Sec. 4 ALEXANDER JOSEPH WALKER Joe Science Club 23 Prom Dec. Comm., Varsity Club 23 Baseball 2 rv' Vi VIKI LYNN WALKER Viki F.N.A. 2, 3, 4g Science Club 45 Pep Club 2, 3: Drama Club 33 Chorus 2, 3, 4, Section Leader 33 Nat. Honor Society 3, 4 KAREN KAY WALKER Walker V. Pres. Sr. Class, Pep Club 2, 3, 4 Chorus 2, 3, 4, Treas. 3, Business Club 43 Prom Dec. Comm., Vol- leyball Qlntramuralj 189 JAMES EDWARD ZENO s. ZIP Science Club 3, 43 Pano- rama 4, Reading Club 4, Spanish Club 2g Y.E.A. 3, 4, Prom Dec. Com., National Honor Society 3, 4: Math Club 4 BRUCE BOWEN WHITE Nuce Varsity Club 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 4g Prom Dec. Com.: Wrestling 2, 3, 4 BARBARA ANN ZOMBECK Babs Pep Club 2, 3, Business Club 2, 33 Panorama 43 Drill Team 49 Jr. Class Play Cast, Prom Dec. Com. ANTHONY RAY WASHINGTON Flash Football 2, 3, 4g Wrestling 23 Chorus 2, Baseball 2: Vo. Tech. 3, 4 PATRICIA ANN ZOMBECK Patty Pep Club 2, 3, 45 Majorette 2, 3, 4 Head 43 Student Council 3g Prom Dec. Com.g G.A.A. 2, 3, 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Chorus 2, 3, 4g Y.E.A. 3, 4 Sec. 4g Intramural Volleyball ramag YEA 2 DEBRA LEA WILLIAMS Willie Chorus 2, 3, 4: Business Club 3, 43 GAA 2, 3, 41 Intramural Volleyball: Jr. Class Play Com- mitteeg Prom Decorating Committee: Pano- Pres. Mark Campbell V. Pres. Karen Walker Sec. Anita Hospodar Treas. Mary Meehan SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS To behold a whole new day aborning. To heed the call of dawn's creation. To peer inward and see soul. To gaze outward and see hope. To feel new meaning in the life you know. To wonder at the life you are about to know. To quest for who you are and what you are to be To find purpose in being. To sense challenge in becoming. To imagine yourself a star in the heavens. To approach the unknown and ask why. To confront the unknowable and ask why not. To see adventure in flights transitory. To see eternity in truths immutable. To reach. To touch. To know. To rejoice at the rise of the sun. To seek light where there is dark. To seek peace where there is strife. To embrace dear values. To value dear embraces. To seize the present. To chart the future. To find summer in winter, sun in rain. To accept your place in today. To assert your place in tomorrow. To love to live. To live to love. To laugh. To cry. To be. To become. Unknown D.A.R. AWARD Patricia Moran is the recipient of this year's award for character, dependability, service, and patriotism - the Daughters of the American Revolution Award. The entire Senior Class is aware and thankful for all she has done for us as underclassmen - the Junior-Senior Prom, treasurer of F.N.A., an active member of Drama Club, Spanish Club, GAA, Student Council, National Honor Society, and chorus. Patty has always been a dependable, productive, and hard-working girl in all her activities. We of the Pano- rama Staff are especially indebted to her for all the time she has dedicated to this Yearbook as co-editor, and on behalf of the student body and faculty, we extend our congratula- tions. "MICHE" F PA'I'I'Y AMERICAN LEGION AUXILIARY AWARD Mary Meehan was voted by the Senior Class as the girl most deserving of this award for Good Citizenship. She is a member of National Honor Society, treasurer of the Senior Class, secretary of Student Council, a member of the Chorus, FTA, French Club, GAA, and a homecoming queen candi- date for 1973-74. The Senior Class extends its congratulations to "Miche" for being most representative of these qualities: service, honor, scholarship, leadership, Americanism, and moral courage. S7 , 5. mi? if-V .XO SPD 5 A259 if Smiypwb wif 3 QP yy Q59 QXCGSNON Q! A3598 C5309 X Q 85 PM b .Of P Q32:?f?W .. MR. AND MRS. J. H. BONEYSTEELE AND SONS JAY, JIM, AND JOE U H XL VJ X Ru1'I1 Lynn PaHy ' Carole Debbie Mem' -MOBILE SERVICE Be+I1 I973-74 CHEERLEADERS Darlene ' ' . Lynn Box 7I Hickory, Pa. J0e++a Jan Phone 356-2278 Sherle Pe+ey DON SEGUI MOTORS TOUGH:-:ST 4-Iellev nord on wheel Phone: 926-2530 IPC-JHJ923-2531 American lbl S. McDonald S+. NWN McDonald, Pa. lso57 MOORE, KINSER, KARAS, INC. Q Mine Tool Repair R. D. 34 McDonald, Pa. Phone 926-2760 PASCOE EQUIPMENT COMPANY Ford and Gravely Traciors and Equipmen+ Good Luck Class of '74 CORWIN JEEP Pa r'rs for all Models 9 of.---7 JEEP: Tl1e'Toughes+ Four LeHer Word on Wheels Rou+e 50 Box 98 '-LIT Hickory, Pa. 356-2256 Complimen+s of MASTlC'S SERVICE MIDWAY MUTUAL TELEPHONE CO, I03 Dickson Si' Md y P 796-3l ll JOSEPH HARRIS G. C. MURPHY CO. Groceries and Meafs 3I7 E L'ncoln Ave. McDo ld P . 926-2l43 E +L' MD ld I A P l Complimen+s of Complimen+s of RICH'S FLOWERS WALKER AGENCY Cu+ Flowers Arrangemenis and polled Planls I I I Wes? Lincoln Ave. McDonald, Pa. McDonald, Pa. 926-2900 JENc:o Home REMODELING oo. Specializing in Game Rooms Siding Soffil' Fascia GuHers Downspou+s Roofing Porches 947 335I 77I 353I Compiimenis of HENRY E. COLE AGENCY NATIONWIDE INSURANCE Hickory, Pa. BISH APPLIANCE HI-GAL SHOP l27 Easi' Lincoln Ave. McDonald, Pa. IQ3 E, Lincoln S+, Your McDonaId Headquariers for McDonald, Pa. Famous Name Appliances I5057 MAYTA6 ZENITH TAPPAN GI BS- ON HOOVER The I973-74 Senior Drill Team Members BILL SERGIIS Wish 'ihe Drill Team Good Luck in Fu+ure Years. Barb Janice Jan Darla ' Anne Caihi Babs Md P Linda Debbie Kaihy Anifa I way' Q' Hickory, Pa. 356-9993 VlC'S FRANK AND ARMlDA's AUTO BODY SHOP OLE HICKORY INN PIZZA 309 NOHI1 AVG- Midway. PG- Sandwiches and Fine Food Take-ou+ service MASQUELlER'S sERvlcE ED RINGER SC R E 926-2208 923-2 I 70 SERVICE Emblems - Pennanfs - Decals Shiri' Le++ering GOOD LUCK 745-9089 356-77I5 Made Janice Hickory, Pa. f Y K fhy L cy D bb e Congra'I'ula+ions Meafball ' C' dy 49 3333" 4? 42 Crm ml llm .sa TIA Rick A . In arcia f 49 a i rnifa 425 gems I74 ' abenvjy L7 49 S2123 Viki . John QM E Zi i m ii" X b 9 Joh nge 0 ?aTe oe: Complimenfs of gggy A f Egjjg Klo's COLONIAL LOUNGE Me-AX! My AND RESTAURANT lbl S. McDonald S+. McDonald, Pa. Us . I. . . F. F d .. CLASS OF '74 5fZ'Z5fJTg 'n 522 93255 McMahon and Kennefh, Inc. E - 5 E n Ba nk Bldg Hs'I'own Pa 02 I MC MAHON AND KENNETH INC. EMMENKAY CONSUMER I DISCOUNT CC. CV A759191 coNe-RATULATIONS To The Class of "74" QWJRKPMIS BROS. p!qibqARDWARE ZWOLAK SUNOCO my Newldea Farm Equipmeni' - Complimen+s of 3rd, Genera'I'ion Successor 356-226I Hickory, Pa. EDWIN G. WILSON Complimenis of CLARK'S BARBER SHOP CARL LOHMAN M D Id P McDonald 'Complimen+s of Vvesnnghouse Zenifh ALBRlGHT'S FLORIST Admiral MD ldP Complimen+s of FRANK J. NATION FUNERAL HOME MIKE DIRE BUH-DER S. A. BUGAY Complimenls of W. L. MARCOTT Waler Wells Drilled and Cleaned Red Jaclcel' Pumps WaI+ and Kass 356 73I9 Complimen+s of M U NGAI 'S FARM Ha - Grain - Vegelables - Appl Y Wholesale-R I' il Hickory,Pa. 356-7805 BIANCHI CHEVROLET - OLDS I20 Bau S+ McDonald, Pa. Chevrolel Oldsmobile UNION NATIONAL BANK OF PITTSBURGH Q All L I Q gl E we iI,iI, Member: F.D.I.C. Federal Reserve Syslem Complimenls of SHUPE'S THE PITT HOTEL The Rexall Drug Slore McDonald, Pa. Agency Phone 926-999I Russell Sfover Candies 926-843 I Prescripfions Carefully Compounded I e-Rose MARKET FE LTCN S Hickory, Pa. Midway, Pa. 796-9600 Owner: Phone: FRED GROSE 356-2284 WAGNERS GREENHOUSE MYERSS PU M PS Hickory, Pa. 356-7377 JAY ALLISON - Hickory, Pa. 355-2248 Complefe line of Spring and Vege+able Planls Also: Chrisfmas PoH'ecl Flowers Complimenfs of GAITENS AGENCY Real Es+a+e and Insurance REFOSCO 81 PLETERSEK Gas - Oil - Accessories Lubricafion - Car Wash 357 E. Lincoln Ave. McDonald, Pa. 926-2l5I RUSCHEL STUDIO "School Pho+ographer" Home of Fin Ph 'rography Washing+on, P Congra'rula'rions and Besi' Wishes +0 +he Class of I974 THE MAJORETTES BRODY'S of McDonald 5 ZZ PaH'y - Head r J 4 Drum - Sham Calhy Mary Ellen Fine Furnllure fmie Chagfazle 926-2l22 Jo? SSW: Compnmems of Complimenfs of M EAT MARKET AUTO WRECKING MCDOMHI Pa. Towingtgelafe Mggleclrgslicl Par+s DAVID T. STAUDT ALCO AUTO PAR-I-S Real Es+a+e Appraisals '34 S. McDonald S+' Insurance McDonald, Pa. HlCk0fY, PC. l I McDonald. Pa. 926-89I0 Complimenfs of BROWN 'S ORCHARD Ladies Apparel - Gif+s - Accessories Apples and Cider R. D. 33 McDonald, Pa. RUTH AND VIOLA - Propriefors I07 Soufh McDonald S+. Mcljonald, Pa. CLIFF'S RADIO - TV Sales and Service Mo+orola - Zeni+h Balck and Whiie, Color TV Gibson Air Condi+ioners H k p Radio - S+ereo 356-2258 Hickory, Pa. CS MARQUIS AND SONS ELEANoR's FAS:-noN SHOP B.,,?':.ilLLt,?:.i0 Seszzfsm 953iQffg2EfQQff' fifigli- POLLINGER'S FLORIST and GREENHGUSE FREVILLE FUNERAL HOME Formally BROWN'S ' FLOWERS For All Occasions M d Y P R.D. 3 i Box 45 HA Hickory, Pe. l5340 356-2335 HANOVER SHOE CO. MATHIAS BAKERY STUART McGUlRE SHOES KNAPP SHOE CO. For Personal Fifiing Service Phone or Wrifez MELVIN POLEN 356-4566 Hickory, Pa. II7E L' I A M D ld P l5057 9262l8I PATRONS Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Loughman Debbie, Linda, and Rick Loughman Ralf and Neel Ms. Heidi Machek and Kids Mr. and Mrs. Marlin Machek Gram and Orampa Ple'I'incks Mr. and Mrs. David Markish Pam, Tracy, Burnie Ani+a-Kung, Fu-Sherle, Dee, Jeymi Mr. and Mrs. Gearge Meehan The Panasonic Seesfers Moron, Annie, Miche, Em, Pil, Irv. Jerry Gaul The Three Farmer-eHes: Debbie, Doris, Lindy Tom-Tom Class of '74 Dear Buds - Be Happy. Luv, Irv. Miss Cowden Ted, Cook, Neu+"75 Mr. Iusi Dale, Susie and Ginger McOuillan Mr. and Mrs. Tomm I Carl and Onelia Zeno and Sons Cindy and Mike Walker '74 Bill and Anifa Barb and Dale Rodney and Pa++y Ca+hy and Lynnie "74" Kenny and JOY Amy and Bobby "The Moran Family" Ken and Marfa '74 Bob and Janice '74 990 and Joe Vickie and Denis E.S.C. '74 The Carl Bickel Family Hoss and EH'a Sham and Bear THERE IS HOPE IN TOMORROW! Slique Clique Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Piazza "BrackeI, Wammy, ZB, Squirrel, and Geisler" Ken and Jodi Candy and Kevin - Pa'H'y and Rodney Mr. and Mrs. Emile J. Hospodar T Mf fw J RQ YW QW W Rmggm QE. i JW' Gfcgcp N203 Qlf simmer PQ T6 'X MC' Cv-MGX Q mm grfd tibia wauwm. in Viwiidvggxm Q E2-'if X!4,4,Q,Q,0O jg Owll+XNg.Qkm'wQ. WMA? you wi ww w 4-jif-4a QCD Pmlvfw ,, MPA 'W , F1 13,15 f . p - Q- ' f f ' 1' .1 15. ' M315 yfffflw 9 , K A Jr .1x lv K F I I U 0 05 KDS , , f ' ' lffb. ' f -C5 sb fy JOJQ S ZLLOJX, XG NQ0- fag, 4 J 0332? jim, f' Md 1 A09 by V99'j?00U4oZffwf5 Q, ,iv , , Q, I f H ff W Zfffgfmw xD MJ! M . 3 SV Q ' ,MJ N Q QF X Z w sf SS Q- , jg KSA F Reg JMW4 t MQ Q QW W Xu W f 315 2-iii , ig' -A . wgx 1, My CEE QQ Q7 . . Q5 !fmgY!1U?5 go 2:5351 3' W Diggs? WM- f wg ff

Suggestions in the Fort Cherry High School - Panorama Yearbook (McDonald, PA) collection:

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Fort Cherry High School - Panorama Yearbook (McDonald, PA) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Page 128

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