Fort Campbell High School - Falcon Yearbook (Fort Campbell, KY)

 - Class of 1963

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Fort Campbell High School - Falcon Yearbook (Fort Campbell, KY) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 104 of the 1963 volume:

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Q! hw xy Nj EF Y "' 3 sd N fx Xggjk wu Q9 QM ii f N M fly dx Xi 'X Q 3 Q wa s N Sfigdgiga ie, -S 4 'Qi A 3 ' QC Ddgjvufx 'Mi Z Ex X y 545fiMf:i5 if-Y f 'h ll' ii 'IM 4' ' Q 4 fi JX 45 -'QQ ' ' ,yiji 'Egg fbi ,fl A bm . ,, gt LL 6952 A42 V lux ii-ffm. 295' If XX ' Gi ESM MJIMYQ f ' M vwiihffifif wars 55552 M My M6 063 MQW fy Q? SMD ,Q Ny' ' 'b Q N 'W ff 3? FOR T CAMPBEL Q2yiIXgZL in YEARBQQK D eff' Zu ecbca fion As we progressed through this first year in the his- tory of Fort Campbell High School, we have come to know and trust one man as a friend and guide. His helpfulness and understanding have helped us, through this past year, to set our future patterns and establish our traditions. In recognition of this fine example, the Annual Staff would like to dedicate our first annual, The 1963 Falcon, to Mr. Bill Perry, our principal. 2 '91 w 1 BE 8 Q gg f'f -Xu , ,y ,,,,LL 22' fi u, f I V?" wk wk Dr. C. O. McKee, Superintendent of Schools Mr. Bill Perry, Principal 4- School Board Central Office Staff 5 Emm ett F arme r Howard McKinney Calie Lee Mrs. I-Ielmandollar Mrs. Shaw Mrs. Krllebrew Mrs. Greene 6 I 3 wg ami ,X M' E iw-ig j ' M-'iff gjiig t f Z QQ gif , MRS. NORMA BARKNLAN MRS. N. N. BORCHERS MR. ROBERT BUCK MRS. JANELL BYRD Math English Ind. Arts MRS. M. G. CANADY MRS. ROWENA CARTER MR. C. CIAYTON MRS. JEAN CLEMENT English Math Guidance Counselor French MRS. MABEL FERGURSON MR. JOHN FORD Art Music MARTHA GUMFORY MR. VERNON I-IALE English Soc. St. MR. WAYNE HALL MRS. MAMIE HARPER MR. JAMES HICKS MR. JOHN HUNT History Librarian Reading Biology MR. WILLIAM LEECH MRS. J. McWILLIAMS MRS. ELINOR MARTIN MRS. EDNA MILLER Gen. Bus. Science Latin Sz German Math MR. TOM MORGAN MRS. ROSEMARY PACE MR. M. H. PATTERSON MRS. G. R. PERSINGER Health Home Ec. P.E. English 9 MR. LAURIE PLAYER MR. BILLY POWELL MR. GEORGE RAWLINS MRS. LOUISE ROBINSON Reading Science Physics Sz Chemistry English MRS. MOLLY SHAW MISS CAROLYN SHELBY Science Typing MRS. ALICE UNDERWOOD MRS. VEGA-DRUET MRS. LOUISE VIGNAUX MR. G. L. WILLIAMS Soc. St. Spanish English Music 10 I i 1 Q a E 2 2 1 f I E 2 E K 5 S S CLASS OFFICER Left to Right Dennis Smith, Vice-President, June Pryor, Treasurer, Shirley Shastid, Secretary, Mike Strooband, President. 2 Left to Right Sharon McCoy, Vice-President, Kerry Murphy, President, Jose Merina, Secretary, . . . FIRST ROW June Smith, Treasurer, Tex Allen, Sergeant at Arms, Sylvia Smith, Parliamentarian . . . SECOND ROW. 12 Left to right Karen Abts, Treasurer, Barbara Scharn, Secretary, John S OPH OM ORES EI GH TH GRADE Banchini, Vice-President, Tom Nicholson, President. FRESHMEN Left to right Janine Sagert, Vice-President, Lenore Kasdorf, Presi- dent . . . SITTING John Kiger, Treasurer, Roger Strickland, Sergeant at Arms, Linda Williams, Secretary. SE VENTH GRA DE Left to Right Bruce Cotton, President, Jan Liufau, Vice-President, Jean Liufau, Secretary, Billy Sykes, Treasurer. 13 Front to Rear Nell Carroll, Pres- ident, Maurice Nash, Secretary, Roger Burleson, Treasurer, Philip Schmidt, Vice-President. -1 0, V ggi: 1 ' w W VICKI JOAN ALLAN "With her personality and intelli- gence, too, there isn't much she couldn't do" Cheerleader Miss Flame Annual Staff Senior Superlatives EDDIE BASSINGTHWAITE "Genius is the ability to avoid work" BARBARA AUTRY "She is quiet, we've been told, as a friend, she's good as gold" Senior Class Queen Miss Spark F .H.A. ut DON BENSON NITA BEST "You oughta hear my cool hi-fi "A sincere smile is always worth- set !" while" Band Chorus Annual Staff Office Staff 16 GLENDA CARROLL "She couldn't be duplicated" F.H.A. Vice-Pres. Annual Staff ROBERT JOHN CHAPLIN "Actions speak louder than wor LINDA CARROLL "Neither could she" Annual Staff Student Council Senior Superlatives MITZ1 SUE EADS ROBERT D. F ELLER "As a friend she is good and trueg "Eat, Drink, and be m91'1'Y, for a nicer girl you never knew" tomorrow we go to school" Pep Club Football 17 Senior Superlatives JOHN R. FOWLER "May good nature and good sense ever be united" Footb all Basketb all Bas eb all JANI CE ANN GINTER "Virtue is bold and goodness 1S never fe arfu1" HOWARD "HERCULES" JANIK He who says nothing makes no mistakes" Library Staff ll FRED JONES EILEEN M. MANN "This man will go far, for he be- "I'd rather be right than president" lieves CVGFY word he S2YS" Vice-Pres. of Student Body AX'1IlU.3.l Ajmugl Senior Superlatives Senior Supeflatives 18 JOHN S. MANNING "The Lord said, 'Let there be fool- ishness,' and He created me" Football Basketball Co-Captain Baseball Senior Superlatives PAUL PAVLICK If value is measured by size, he'll be worth a fortune" Football Co-Captain Annual Staff Senior Superlatives CARL NEWBY "Were his friends money, he surely would be rich" 19 .-mg CHARLES MULLER "Careful, girls, don't trip over his line" Football Co-Captain Basketball Baseball Senior Superlatives JUNE FAY PRYOR "Beauty unadorned" Journalism Club Newspaper Staff Senior Class Queen SHEILA ROBERTS MARY SEWELL "The St2IS have COITIG down to shine "She i5n't much fgf 110153 and Splen- in her eYeS" dor, but it doesn't take these things NeWsPaPef Staff to make a good senior" Senior Superlatives F.H.A. Annual Staff I SHIRLEY ANN SHASTID "A Rare combination of fun, loyalty, and beauty" 7 . Annual Staff Treasurer Senior Superlatives Senior Class Secretry DENNIS SMITH MICHAEL STROOBAND "Once I make up my mind, I'm "Al1 great men are dyingg I don't full of indecision" feel 50 well myself" Libr?-1'Y Staff Annual St:-1.ffXEditor Vice-Pres. Senior Class President Senior Class Football Senior Superlatives 20 JOAN SULLIVAN "A perfect picture of sweetness and quietness" F.H.A. RUSSELL THACKER "His friendly relations make the strongest ties" Footb all Student Council ANN WHITNEY "The gift of gaiety is the greatest fortune" Senior Superlatives H FERNAITD WILLIAMS JAMES D. YQST Wh0 15 Slleng 15 SEYOHSH "I never allow work to interfere oot all with pleasuref' Co-Dirictor Intramural Cross-Country Regional Winner fogfam Track Track Senior Superlatives 21 Annual Staff Business Manager VA LEDICTORIA SAL U TA TORIAN Shirley Shastid Mike Strooband Valedictorian--the student of the Salutatorian--the student of the graduating class who ranks first graduating class who ranks sec- in scholarship. ond in scholarship. 22 , 5 . - 121 5 igfifga 3 A " 'K , ,5.5i53:,.. K., ,fr ,Mg.,,,3iV, we-,1"f-f',ii ,, . X. ,,.. ' sin Zigi? 'fir -wg M A 4ff5'?z:2w,tgvss: if'- ,-mq mf ,, K 03 A-gm... W. ,, -H W ,gflfz,Ee1,,,:f55gx9M ef, vw fzwlrfwff k5'f1.'f 155 Q-Qi? .Xi 7 ' W. ,, iT?55?f5iizf15 5?i.5'Mw ghiff S511i'fffgifk'fzztLia1e2:ifE2fU9f5f'?3?9 ' k?'1f:,f- x51 iw-wigpfgig ,:,.fm1v?Qz?7,:QEe. Qwiw-i K , J, HW N Lmfw.sW- 1 '11,-vin ff vii-,iff fgf.x:y,Q1s- Qiiixipwe fsimzila Vilifmr .Q ppm ,ggi Efsiiwgl. Q-Lf?saY?wgsnwi fhmgwsg' lm: IQ"-vfygzzl 6121: 255, ww-Q Xfawifasmiifii iw. 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S 'ff fi' 25 Betty Miro Kerry Murphy Sharon McCoy Vivian Newman Cheri Niles Jay Nixon Philip Patterson Pam Pirtle Sheril Poland Wilber Price Patty Quals Pete Repak Ugene Shannhaw Mary Sinor June Smith Sharron Smith Sylvia Smith Ann Smithy Mary Stewart James Stockwell Lynda Tierce Bill Tidmore Ginger Thompson Carole Turbeville Rosa Vencebi Herman Wahner Butch Walker Bobbi Webb David Webb Monica Weisbrod Kelly Wilkenson awe -." in ff Y 66 1,59 ., .i,ll . v jU 1012 SCJPHGMURES Karen Abts Tim Axtman Terry Bellamy John Bianchini Candy Bidwell Judy Bodm er Dale Branch Bernardo Brodit Judy Browning Ross Burke Billy Burleson Anita Cabading Terry Cannon Ralph Carr Judy Cassidy Susan Chaplin John Clement Conrad Collinswortzh Steve Cook Ann Dehnbostel Kathy Duco Elaine Earl Connie Fowler Bill Fox Charles Fritz Sandra Giglio Paul Ginter Robert Graves Sam Green Rodney Grushkowsky Delores Haddock James Hall Floyd Harris Sandra Harrison Mike Hendry Barbara Hensel S OPH OM ORES .4 fa' ff ji JMMJIQ fw Ll siny J CLA SS OF 65 ' .,j ,fjbVwr' WWJ Euford Herring Tina Hollingsworth Tina Hollinsworth Penny Hollstein Patricia Israel Jeanne Kinzer Bob Kurz Kristin Larson Rodger Lewis David Luttrell Beatrice Macis Macias Kathy McDonald Pat McGuire J ack Meyer Ruth Miller Phillip Moore John Moseley Katrina Moyers Shirley Mullins Sandra Muse Stanley Nelson Torn Nicholson Kay Nix Bill Patten Carol Pavlick Oliver Peerman Mark Peterson Alan Plaisted Valorie Pratt Wade Pryor Jimmy Ray Phil Richardson Cathey Roberts Ann Royalty Bill Sachse Barbara Scharn Carrolyn Selph Betty Sewell Doug Shaw Ceridwen Shock Linda Simmons Millie Sisk June Skoldberg John Stanners Bob Stockwell John Stockwell Laverne Stoeck Leland Stokes Ricky Sykes Pete Thomas Danny Tomb erlin Bill Townsend Linda Walling John Washington Barbara Weaver Craig Weaver Terry Whitecar Terry Whitson Joyce Willis Skippy Winters Barbara Woods Kay Woods Roland Youngblood amy Si A 2 gif JU .,.il,h-e ,Q ' l 22' QHQPT ,il if .. ,U 1 , . 1 ,f Qi X! 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'-if -- if,1fiU- E.. ., . . ,,M T, 4 ,K 5 w 4 sir 5 Q, ' 'L ew Ear? ee? ,2 gf QP S 5 3 if 3 F91 si V ,, ,..!. FK- ...lsr 'if , a -Z- -QQ: my G' 'ft S S X 5,55 is K wg Ap, 1 if L, Af 1 .is-53,5 A z fn gb 5 , ff nw 'H , 2: ,K xl if , 'W , i' M 1" ga 35 5 Sw 35 W 5 , Mfr by STKE in M 1 M if I S S K :gm fr sv , 1 if IW fm Nl, 4 gf, fir ,, .. as M , ,, X X ' 115453 .Sak 723 'JN ai? fy rims S M2 Q . .,.. " .iiiiiiliili , az.: ff rw ar iii U tw SH Six! R A 1 Z 2 U ,shi,,sQf. VS 1,95 ' H'-ig.? ...Z I ..,,.. X Fh a Y, , -vgjaifw --V' M ' I ' 3 We Y- L ,, 4 ii if 1. .fp :dif- 4 ' Q , 4 . J 'Jw YS X 3 Jw Www mai? , FQ af it , ymfa -f an , A rr ., 54,251 .. . EW .3 r X W r : Ge, il 1 'KGS H ,i M ms SI 1 ' ,egg . , M iw , if M y ig' As? ,f A . Ki 2,5 S , 3 2 r if., -UM: , K if , Y is ijt 1 gig 'lm m gi . Lk rf ,Q 5 we " ri 1' we A gig, ,Q 'F ,r r 1 'las , W N512 if Q, "rm J -14 f Ji. - :HW ,Ltr x 1-7 , .iv vw X li Q Y Q Q Q75 ,- Z . 5. ef 3 w, m If ,rj .X X 3,3 K A g W A if 1-gs, , Q Q 3 Y . ES e a 'Wi , 1,5 in wa H L, l is in 5 is K X A T yi W :kg Q W , 3 i i 22,2 ii ,Bars ig? af' Q 1 x 5 'im .,. A ,..' 9 4 AM" lima 2 , i X ' si , M X in figs X i r Q K, 2 3 S Q9 Q, WP B 'x f 4 7 ,gr . L. fpaf'!Wv vi57'3"?'f1 fi 1. . if, - 'L iii s fi ,W , -ling ,,-:,,,:: 7-w.z,' , K kr, fgffjik 1,15 , w ifiifsi nfs, Film Ma, .L ,- . , iii, ' .. ' la: L ' J , bli: i Cindy Kinns John Kinzer James Krobath Sherry Lamb Marilyn Lauria Billie Lawson Graham Lawson Margie Ligon La Liufau James Luedtke Jeff Lutz David McAmis Aubrey McChary Yvonne McConaha Mike McCoy Linda McGuire Marilyn May Sally Meredith Cris Metcalf Randall Mitchell Kenneth Moody Marie Moore Vickie Murphy Maurice Nash Mike Nelson Andy Nisbit Roy Osborne John Phillips Elizabeth Pigg Nancy Pirtle Edward Plante Calvin Pope Barney Price Glen Ray Doyle Rice Sharon Rice Sandy Roberts Dwaine Ryals Philip Schmidt Phyllis Selph Cindy Shaw Nancy Shepard Patricia Simmons Eighth Graders at work? A 38 William Sisk Barbara Smith Becky Smith Deborah Smith Edith Smith Jane Smithey Thomas Stanners Katherine Stefko Bess Strooband Gilbert Sugg Lydia Sutton Lynda Teel Charlotte Thompson Thomas Tidmore Anna Lee Tingle James Turner Ileana Velez Paula Vencebi Jorge Walner Pamela Weaver Steve Weekley Richard Weesner Mike Wileynski Roger Wilkins Marilyn Wilson Steve Winters Judy Woods Diane Woratschek J amce Yost Curtis Youngblood Helen Zimmerman Luis Velez . ,WG . W.. Ma 5. xg' , H 5 5 " A fi ' ' , X Z 5 Xl, ,. .V K3 M K S ft if i tgp? S ,x hh R- is Q- 'wang ' 1 Wx f"""' QW ls ' W Q 5 1 k il l 3 x N ,Q Ha gg! M y!! fN Y, 52: N JI- f . .,,, ,, Gabriel Adams Linda Alexander Joyce Alford Dalton Andrews Theodore Arnold Craig Ayers Denise Ayres Gary Ayres Pat Bassingthwaite John Bassingthwaite Kathy Baker Cherrl Bath Linda Beaty Danyl Benton Fred Black Nikki Bodmer Charlotte Brewer Eartha Burroughs Linda Byerley Ricardo Cacal Jenny Cannon Miguel Cartagena Donna Coleman Samuel Corey Bruce Cotton Alan Davis Becky Davis Philip Davis Sanora Debarr Donald Dickson Margaret Dunten Kenneth Eidson Jackie Elam Chuck Emery Sandra Eurlin Naomi Estes Jerry Fitzerald Micheal Fletcher Bruce Fox Marlene Freis Betty Fritz Nina Fritz Linda Ganus ,..,. ig... 212,55 , U fed it swf, ,,A ir A as 5' QQ 'Ai ,. -Zag. .: Q r if S '51 5 n A s , l.F r V . 5 VV..--:Q F. "i r -K ef Y K A a K gf? f L 4 ' ., as . 2 learn, J. s ,Kar V fi'Hawi if ,eiwiagir in as . W li , ' " i W, .... A 7 95 X 2 if ar , W fr 5 .f,Qg.+i.f: 115: ,. ,. ...i who ,., J i ' lf . -. . 1 5 51 , na 5 er 5. A fm 4 fi 4 'X 1. Q 'if frk- Ui, gg in I X L P 5 f f , N ....., I, . f, ,. W iss as ily M ' w fl? V 'Y ... LQQF f 1 .A.. .. im g S ,. ls A 1-,, -. 5. 4 4 ..VA r sa, --f J I ff gs' ,gg ,f?V?E5i QQVAES? vwaaaf' faaan H K . L x f ,V ., .. 'i .... ZW 2 :miss ' T1-Vi. ,.. . .. ..., , ,U . in 5 ,, Sian? . 'Fifa it X is if Y' 1 I. I , r f N -A A X , . !i i is ff 'vw' ' . LEW? if W , f z lrr.:sw ,,L,gff4::1+a:' fl 31 gi ' r fy 4 faaFr?i y frfargffg Harry Miller Patricia Miro Clemestine Mitchell 40 Cynthia George Stephen Gilreath Judy Ginter Nathan Godwin James Gormanson Linda Graves Victor Green Shirley Hall Walter Hamilton Deborah Hannah Pamela Hargis Carol Harris Alfred Harrison Jacqueline Israel David Johnson Jane Johnson Susan Johnson Carol Jones Frederick Jones Margaret Jones Steve Konopa Karen Kristoferson Judy Lamb Ronald Lambert Patty Lamke Ramona Lemasters Douglas Lester Barbara Ligon Brenda Lillard Jan Liufau Jean Liufau Vickie Loader Morgan Lunsford George Macias Rita Manning Mavis Markley Patricia May Debera McCraken John McGinnis Brenda McKindra ,E if 'sir' ig P Q 'W 3 5' ' Q w as 'G R if ! 4 ar '4 459' s fs Q 4 W ff? :Y Egui A N L.L, M il is if asf 1 3 W 05 i i .. A, S f "'A 1 IZZ S f V f Q ,y . ,5,,5A 1 N if f U t .S , f -'f sars fe i .:V,' " IVV S 2 ' i . ..,,. - H - . if MM, awmvgwg www a a YV J Xlzx if L KQ .'2ffM11- " ' ft ' 'f I .F ' 5: , iff v? Lf -fig fi A adv is 45515 , 121 . Barbara Strooband Billie Sykes Rachael Stringer ,J Mallory Morris John Morrison Bill Moyers John Muller Alfred Murry Jeanette Nabicht Cythia Nash Job Navarrett Migdalia Nazario Bettina Nelson Mary Nelson Gwenyth Nesbit Buddy Newman Michael Nizzels Sharon Ozment Sharon Painter Larry Pattern Dennis Pavlick Edward Peerman Michael Pigg Stephen Poynter Donnie Prewitt Tom Price Carol Ray Jose Rivera James Rodgers Roy Jackson Pamela Royality Robert Ryals Kevin Schaefer Sieglinda Scholle Brenda Scott Clarence Scott Brenda Seago Sharon Seago Lake Sedberry Ronnie Shanks Linda Shallcross Merlin Smith John Steinhauser A U TOGRAPHS 42 Bruce Terry Billie Titus Linda Tomlinson Ilia Torres Cheryl Watts Donald Williams Marta Winters Karen Wolfe Linda Wright Cleveland Young ATHLETICS Left to right: Sue King, June Smith, Leah Burke, Vicki Allan, Lenore Kasdorf, Dolores Hensel, Lynda Tierce, Terry Whitson. CHEER- LEADERS Sr. Jr. Vicki Allan Lynda Tierce Captain Co-Captain i 44 Freshman Lenore Kasdorf Sophomore Terry Whitson Freshman Junior Leah Burke Sue King Junior Freshman June Smith Junior Alternate Sharon McCoy 45 Dolores Hensel H: ,. QA L l - A 4 .- Q Left to right: Euford Herring, Ross Burke, Randy Glenn, Joe Manning, Sam Green, Mike Hendry, Tom Nicholson Steve Cook, Roland Youngblood, John Clement, Dennis Smith, Herman Wahner, Butch Pryor, Roy Carr . . . lst ROW. Ralph Carr, Tom Darnell, Phil Patterson, Wilbur Price, John Bianchini, Tim Axtman, Butch Walker, Don Herring, James Stockwell, Dave Luttrell, Bob Kurz, Skip Hall, Bernard Williams, Bob Stockwell . . . 2nd ROW. Coach Spurlock, Tex Allen, Bill Tidmore, Bob Feller, John Fowler, Chuck Muller, Paul Pavlick, Rodney Grushowski, Russell Thaker, Mike Kanopa, Pete Repak, Kerry Murphy, Mike Gevedon, Mike Strooband, Coach Leech, Coach Patterson . . . 3rd ROW. THE FIRST FALCO 1962 RECORD Captains Muller 8zPav1ick discuss strategy with Coaches Leech and Patterson. 46 HB- -Joe Manning C --John Fowler Co -Captain HB- -Chuck Muller FALCON SEN! ORS 1962 - '63 Bob Feller E --Russell Thacker Co-Captain T--Paul Pavlick 47 FB- -Bernard Williams G- -Mike Stroob and "'1'---- -an Q Muller Manning Attempts to shake loose and score Blasts through and picks up yardage E Pluribus One Among Unum Many Don't just stand there . . . John can't quite get away Q I iff grf.:3Yib 48 BA KE TBALL Left to right: Charles Fritz, Billy Burleson, Ricky Sykes, Sam Green . . . FIRST ROW. Chuck Muller, Joe Manning, Philip Patterson, John Fowler . . . SECOND ROW. Tex Allen, Paul Pavlick, Coach Morgan, Johnny ,I-lutson, Kerry Muppry . . . THIRD ROW. 49 Joe Manning Captain SENIOR LE TTERMEN John Fowler Chuck Muller Coach Morgan and Seniors. Paul Pavlick j. H. FOOTBALL TEAM Left to right: Charles Boyd, Bill Sisk, John Muller, Steve Week- ley, Ricky LaBlanc, Larry Goss- ett, Curtis Youngblood, Ed Baudreau, Leon Heater . . . FIRST ROW. Kenneth Kiger, Tom Stanners, Ron Fletcher, Bob Connelly, Bill Lawson, Den- nis Pavlick, Jeff Lutz, Wandell Hughes, Jake Harmon, Roger Burleson . . . SECOND ROW. Coach Morgan, Bill Meyer, Ron ald Williams, Ray Loader, Harold Green, Lary Rice, Bill Goode, Maurice Nash, Ken Mc- Amis, Coach Mills. 97. V. BA KE TBA LL TEAM Left to right: Randy Glenn, Pete Thomas, Charles Fritz, Tom Nicholson, Ralph Carr, Harold Green . . . FIRST ROW. Mark Peterson, Alan Plaisted, Kerry Murphy, Coach Leech, Robert Graves, Bernard Brodict, Stan Nelson . . . SECOND ROW. L7UN10E HIGH CHEERLEADERS Peggy Ozmen Becky Smith Sharon Heiser Charlotte Thompson Liz Delacares Kim Wallace 52 x 1 1 L I 1 V 'A A ,dm Sue King being crowned by Dr. C. O. McKee. Senior Junior Barbara Autry with Escort Bob Chaplin June Smith with Escort Bill Markley l I-loming Corning Queen Sue King with Escort Butch Newby. Sophomore Penny Hollstein with Escort Bob Stockwell ln 1 Y Freshman Beverly Turbeville with Escort Roy Carr. is i DIQ is I gif Vicki Allan with escort Jim Yost. Miss Flarne's Court. MISS FLAME 1963 Vicki Allan, Miss Flame 1963 VALENTI E DANCE Student Council Sponsors. Valentine Court 'L-lair f-177 ff'Fr..Y+"5- Pete Thomas, Eileen Mann, Dolores Hensel, Lynda Tierce, Patricia Hensel. Queen Shirley 8aKing Mike. Juniors Juniors April Lillaxd Geraldine Hall Butch Walker . Tex Allen A Seniors Shirley Shastid Mike Strooband ENIOR HIGH BA D Left to right: Barbara Hensel, Kathy Roberts, Jeanine Sagert, Jennie Ahn, Connie Asbury, Judy Bodner . . . FIRST ROW. Bernadette Perry, Peggy Ozmen, David Webb, John Mosley, Bill Fox, Liz Delecaris, Bill Townsend, Victor Merino, Lenore Hamilton . . . SECOND ROW. Judy Lamb, Phyllis Selph, Jan Yost, Linda Teel, Marcelle Mata- mares, Lenore Kasdorf, Candy Bidwell, Mark Peterson . . . TI-HRD ROW. Lynn Poe, Barbara Scott, Leah Burke, Bar bara Scharn, Phil Schmidt, Floyd Harris, Don Benson, Peter Thomas . . . FOURTH ROW. Danny Tomerlin, Harry Rollins, Oliver Peerman, Mike Buerger, Richard Weisner, Carol Harris, Barry Bilreath, Jim Luedthe . . . FIFTH ROW. Betty Miro, Delores Hensel, Bobby Bidwell, Roy Carr, G. Williams, Director . . . SIXTH ROW. 58 j UN1012 HIGH BA Left to right: Linda Alexander, Susan Johnson, Pam I-largis, Jan Yost, Gary Agres, Cori Coleman, Judy Lamb, San dra Debarr, Brenda Scott . . . FIRST ROW: Linda McGuire, Phyllis Selph, John McGinnis, Linda Beaty, Patricia Lamken, Kathy Baker, Linda Tombinson, Kevin Schaeffer, Tim Axtman. . . SECOND ROW. Phil Schmidt, Linda Williams, Linda Teel, Mike Muse, Bob Hoover, Ken Moody, Barry Gilreath, Jim Luedthe, Richard Weesner . . . THIRD ROW. Andy Miskit, Sharon Ozmen, Ed Peerman, Graham Lawson, Bob Ryals, Jerry Fitzgerald, Phil Davis, Lake Sedberry, Leon Adames . . . FOURTH ROW. Steve Gilreath, Sylvia Axtman, Francis Campbell, Didi Warat- check, Don Cox, Butch Benton . . . FIFTH ROW. 59 WITTIEST L' da Carroll and Bob Feller MOST A THLETIC Ann Whitney and Joe Manning BEST DRESSED Sheila Roberts and Mike Strooband 5 MOST LIKEL 1' TO S U CCEED Shirley Shastid and Fred Jones BEST PERS ON ALI TT Eileen Mann and Paul Pavlick BEST L OOK IN G June Pryor and Chuck Muller Vicki Allan and Chuck Muller Vicki All 62 Juniors Sophomores June Smith 6zKerry Murphy Penny Hollstein 8zA1an Plaistid Ch 1 Tgighth CEE ld G Seventh Grade F!6ShII12H at Otte Ompson aw teen Kathy Baker, Nikki Bodmer 8: Dolores Hensel 8zRandy Glenn Dennis Pavlick. NNUAL STAFF Left to right: Vivian Neuman, Mrs. Robinson, Mary Stuart, Barbara I-lensel, Linda Car- roll, Sheila Roberts, Paul Pavlick, Mary Sewell, Eileen Mann, Fred Jones, Barbara Autry, Glenda Carroll . . . STANDING. Shirley Shastid, Treasurer, Ann Whitney, Co- Editorg Mike Strooband, Editor, Jim Yost, Business Manager, Vicki Allan, Secretary . . . SITTING. Mike Strooband J im Yost Butch Newby Our former Editor who left before the Annual could be finished. 64 ,.A..-0-f-"""' mm,-MWA' ,,,,,...----H bwamrw. ,w,,,,......v-mf' ,,,.,.,.---"m 1 ,, , ORGANIZATIO JW Zulu Umm Q SCU 'Nl?U1UQI'9f'2 C002 C 0 U N C I L Left to Right--April Lillard, Linda Williams, Mrs. Butler, Mary Frick . . . FIRST ROW. SECOND ROW--Patty Qualls, Mrs. Schoate, Linda Carroll, Glenda Carroll. Carol Haley, Kimberley Wallace, Linda Simmons, Mrs. Harper, Pam Pirtle, Linda Ray, Danajean Whitecar . . . SITTING Pat Pope, Mathilda Stefka, Terry Whitson, Kay Nix, Bevelry Lillard, Linda Martiney, Drew Peterson, Roger Strickland, Wayne Shank . . . FIRST ROW Bill Patton, Jimmy Ray, Charles Fritz, Katrina Mayers, Mary Centura, Dennis Smith, Howard Janik, John Kiger . . . SECOND ROW. 67 E WSPAPER TA FF Left to Right--Lenore Kasdorf, Dolores Hensel, Sue Anderson, June Pryor . . . FIRST ROW Pam Pirtle, Danny Tomberlin, Bill Fox, Linda Williams, Bill Patten, Bev Lillard, Sheila Roberts . . . SECOND ROW Miss Shelby, Bill Markley, Georgette Walters, Matilda Steiko, Kathy Baker, Mailory Morris, Linda Ray, Leah Burke, Janine Sagert, Bob Stockwell, Mr. Hall . . . THIRD ROW Miguel Cartegina, Kenneth Eidson, Victor Merina, Bobert Bidwell, Cheryl Watts, Sammy Corey, Teddy Cabading 68 H rss,Wm.,4ss2,'Kf1:'iMW . f H fl 'A ' ' Left to right Sue King, Terry Whitson, Carol Pavlick, Penny Hollstein . . . FIRST ROW Sanora Harrison, Gerry Hall, Sandra Sanders, Sandra Pomroy, Sylvia Woratschek, Linda Simmons, Susan Simmons, Anne Royalty . . . SECOND ROW Ginger Thompson, Linda Martinez, Delores Haddock, Sheila Roberts, Jose Merina, Mary Sinor, Carol Turbeville, April Lillard . . . THIRD ROW Mitze Eads, Kelly Wilkinson, Marlyn Muller, Lynda Tierce, Beverly Lillard . . . FOURTH ROW Left to right Barbara Woods, Lynn Poe, Laui Nichols, Candy Bidwell . . . FIRST ROW Mike Campbell, Diane Cannon, Sandra Andrews, Arnez Steinhauser, John Ford . . . SECOND ROW 69 PHOTOGRAPHY CL UB Left to Right--Karen Abts, Cathey Roberts, Jean Kinzer, Lee Donovan, Judi Cassidy, Barbara Scharn, Dolores Haddock, Sandra Giglio, Bonnie Sutton . . . FIRST ROW Mr. Hunt, Betty Miro, Caroline Selph, Leland Stokes, Skippy Hall, Joyce Willis, Diane Prescott, Ann Pinaula., Pat McGuire . . . SECOND ROW Ceri Shook, Ruth Miller, Bob Chaplin, Fred Jones, Chuck Muller, Paul Pavlick, Bob Kurz . . . THIRD ROW Marcel Matamores, Jack Myer, Richard Hillman, James Sullivan, John Washington, Bernardo Brodit, John Bianchini, Ralph Carr. 70 Left to Right--June Smith, Danny Tomberland, Connie Asbury, Barbara Scott . . . FIRST ROW Kathleen McDonald, Betty Stephens, Jenny Ahn, Joaquina Hill, Terry Bellamy . . . SECOND ROW Mrs. Borchers, Rosemarie Holland, Bernadette Perry, Betty Sewell, Cheri House, Jackie Duco, MaryAnn Keith, James Davis, Pat Pope Left to Right--Evelyn Holden, Milly Macklin, Peggy Ozment, Carol Haley, Liz Delecaris, Sharon Heiser, Kim Wallace . . . FIRST ROW: Mr. Buck, Packy Carr, Wayne Shawk, John Kiger, Roger Strickland, Drew Peterson, Ray Loader, Charles Boyd, William Howell . . . SECOND ROW Pete Repak, Craig Weaver, Ricky LeBlanc, Dlae Branch, Ronnie Fletcher, Phillip Miller, Tom Yekel, Thomas H Wilcynski, Ken McAmis . . . THIRD ROW 71 A THLETIC CLUB Robert Graves, Joe Manning, Sam Green, John Fowler, Paul Pavlick, James Allen, Tom Nicholson, Chuck Muller, Kerry Murphy, David Luttrell, Randy Glenn, Leon Heater, Mike Fletcher . . . FIRST ROW Pete Thomas, Bob Feller, Roger Lewis, Eugene Dranahan, Randy Darnell, Dennis Smith, Mike Hendry, Mark Peterson, Butch Walker, Don Herring, John Clement, Dennis Klimk . . .SECOND ROW Charles Hall, Phillip Patterson, Roy Carr, Buford Herring, Danny Ireland, Tim Autry, John Moseley, Alan Plaistid, Floyd Harris, Jake Harmon, Tim Axtman, Steve Cook, Curtis Hannah, Mike Buerger, Jimmy Ray, John Berry . . . THIRD ROW Coach Patterson, Rodney Grush- kowsky, Ronald Williams, Bill Myers, Mike Walker, Roland Youngblood, Phillip Richardson, Mike Gevedon, Wade Pryor, Ronnie Harvey, Larry Gossett, Harry Rollins . . . FOURTH ROW Don Benson, Dennis Fletcher, Eddie Bas- singthwaite, William Tyrell, Luis Nazaria, Glenn Heater, Leonard Stokes, David Poynter, Don Downing. 72 j A I 0 Left to Right--Ron Heston, Fred Coleman, Doug Shaw, Mr. Rawlins . . . FIRST ROW James Stockwell, Wilbur Price, Bill Sachse, Richard Thompson, Keith Shepard . . . SECOND ROW Gary Bartholomew, Terry Cannon, Skippy Winters, Bob Connelly . . . Tl-HRD ROW VC I HC C AL E B Bruce Fox, Don Williams, Mrs. Molly Shaw . . . FIRST ROW Mark Wilcynski, Kevin Schaefer, Steve Poynter, Linda Shallcross, Rebecca Davis, Jean Liufau, Judy Ginter . . . SECOND ROW Job Navarette, Dennis Pavlick, John Muller, Douglas Lester, Roy Jackson, Barbara Strooband, Patti May, Karen Wolff . . . THIRD ROW Alfred Harrison, Jose Rivera, Tony Cons, Larry Patten, Jonny Bassingthwaite, Charles Emery . . . FOURTH ROW 73 R C jf I U Left to right I-larry Miller, Jim Rodgers, Alan Davis, John Mclnnis, Victor Green, A VUCA T10 S CLUB Left to Liuf au Rob ert ...T right Ruby Louise Farris, Marilyn Lauria, Nell Caxroll, Rose Evertt . . . FIRST ROW Paula Vencebi, La , Barry Gilreath, Roy Oaburn, Teddy Cabading, Thomas Stanners . . . SECOND ROW Bess Strooband, Sandy s, John Ensor, Ken Moody, Mike Muse, Philip Schmidt, James Turner, Ray Pryer, Elisabeth Pigg, Mr. Player I-IIRD ROW Richard Weesner, Ken Kiger, Cindy Kinns, Phylis Selph . . . FOURTH ROW 74 Left to right Doyle Rice, Aubrey McCrary, David McAmis, Roy Janik, James Eidson, Steve Dickson . . . FIRST ROW Mike Nelson, Jorge Wahner, Louis Jones, Ed Plante, James Krobath, Mr. Hicks . . . SECOND ROW Thomas Cue, Steve Win- ters, Luis Velez, Roger Wilkins, Thomas Bassingthwaite, Curtis Youngblood . . . THIRD ROW Left to right Walter Hamilton, Steve Anderson, Tom Price, Jerry Fitzgerald, Mike Pigg . . . FIRST ROW Dalton Andrews, Ken Eidson, Crawford Herring, Billy Litus, Steve Gilreath, Don Dickson . . . SECOND ROW Bob Hoover, Fred Black, Pat Hendry, James Gormanson, Mrs. Doyle . . . THIRD ROW 75 HOME ECONOMIC CLUB 3 Left to right: Gwyneth Nisbet, Pam Haxgis, Nikki Bodmer, Sharon Ozment, Kathy Baker, Susan Johnson, Luann Winters . . . FIRST ROW. Brenda Sego, Pat Miro, Brenda McKindra, Debbie Hannah, Cindy George, Donna Cole- man, Lynda Beaty, Mrs. Canady . . . SECOND ROW. Brenda Lillard, Clemistine Mitchell, Rita Manning, Denise Ayres, Pam Royalty, Debera McCracken, Mary Hutto, Margaret Dunton, Jackie Elam . . . THIRD ROW. Sieglinda Scholle, Vickie Loader, Tina Nelson, Sandy Erwin, Patricia Bassingthwaite, Joyce Alford, Carol Rey . . . FOURTH ROW. 76 Mr. Powe1l's Eighth Grade Science Club Officers: Pres. Harold Green, Vice Pres. Lawson, Sec. Treasurer Edward Beaudrou. A TM A GI RC Mrs. Underwood's Dramatics Club Officers: Pres. Linda McGuire, Vice Pres. Marie Moore, Sec. Valarie Chapman, Treas. Diane Carmichal. 77 QUA RE DANCE CL UB Left to Right: Jan Liufau, Jeannette N abicht, Suzanne House, Charlotte Brewer, Cheryl Bath, Brenda Scott, Mavis Markley, Ilia Torres, Carol Jones, Ricky Jones, Bob Ryals, Cleve Young, Ronnie Lambert, George Macias . . . FIRST ROW. Sherry Lamb, Betty Joyner, Cherly Watts, Nina Fritz, Betty Fritz, Edward Peerman, Nancy Alberty, Peggy Jones, J abqueline Israel, Mallory Morris, Naomi Estes, Barbara Ligon, Merlin Smith . . . SECOND ROW. Bill Moyers, Vicki Murphy, Migdalia Nazario, Iliana Velez, Shirley Hall, Cynthia Nash, Linda Wright, Sharon Painter, Linda Ganus, Linda Graves, Judy Lamb . . . THIRD ROW. Grary Ayres, Miguel Cartagena, Donnie Pruitt, Daryl Benton, Bob Childress, Lynda Teel, Eartha Burroughs, Marlene Fries, Helen Zimmerman, Jennie Cannon, Jane Johnson, Linda Tomlinson . . . FOURTH ROW. Lake Sedberry, Billy Skyes, Lydia Sutton, Sandra Griggs, Bill Bolen, Silvia Gober, Judy Woods, Joan Goeke, Jane Smithey, Edith Smith, Kris Metcalf , Nancy Sheppard . . . FIFTH ROW. Sponsors: Mrs. Louise Vignaux, Mrs. Mabel Ferguson, Mrs. Jean Clement. 78 E H1 A F ,f ,. Gm. Eg f 1 V ig v ,I 9 lf ,A " . x 1, A x , A x R 4 X N X X-1 ERTI I w 1 gf' W flw NZM 'MW Vlyyiyvf y'ljlQMjq1b: WMSiK,C AN . 9 ?isN5f'ie ff Eezifr W , ' l l ' 1 l gfilf MMR? jf ,QM Q Mow coup-lvw . fillcsgglllecfesi f ff f fl M 'jQ'lclf.fks,M 1 Ock l W if lf J l 5 W Mffly l fl fl W1i3:gi51f.1W Pi ll? ll M ffl ff of will ll TT l M A F W if W yds Clarksville, Tennessee 0, V W Dj 9, Mq!y'yvv f f fn 49' f' Q Q i -Xfaw fy Z ' ff' X THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF CLARKS VILLE 4 A vw MZTWXP dern Full-Service Banking f Membe . Q, Feder rv tem Best Wishes from x nn, LOVELACE "66" SERVICE STATION X I QRIC I Post it T 4 233 S YI' ' Motor Tune-Ups : n rj : M A 1 I A W ,Pick-Up and Delivery ,fl 'lllllx Clarksville, Tennessee if f 'T North 2nd Street Fort Campbell, Kentucky Sales and Service Since l932 of Appliances Radio TV GLOVER'S BEAUTY SHOP P For the Best in Hair Care Lee Village Shopping Center 214 Commerce 645-6457 Fort Campbell Clarksville, Tennessee iilgxllfff if' I Li, X 20 Minute Rubber Stamp Service X J , I 6, GA TE 3 PRINTERS jw , I Across Fort Campbell Gate 3 ,Personalized Stationery f' - X , 431 -3564 Calling Cards Creative Printing Garlton Bousman MADEMOISELLE'S Kagfg ga4l,i,,,,4 "Everything Beautiful No Matter How Custom Dress Making Little You Pay for It." A Complete Fashion Store For Ladies Including Shoe and Beauty Salon . Sewing Notions and Material Imported Goods Across from Gate 2 ID I-4823 .MURPHVS CHICKEN ON CALL Orders Delivered or Picked Up BLDG. 4003 Indiana at 53rd Phone 2669-2640 SERVICES RENDERED DELIVERY PICKUP CURB SERVICE 4 S25 NELSON STOKES GA RA GEZQQ Bear Froni' End Alinemenf TQ? Wh I B I ' W I , ee Gcmcmg General Repair ' FI. Campbell, Kentucky 4343 9122 . .D I CONGRATULATIONS cmd BEST WISHES 'ro the STUDENTS and PERSONNEL of the New FORT CAMPBELL HIGH SCHOOL WILEQUS TRAILER SALES of SUUTI-I EDGOTEM INC. ALWAYS FIRST WITH THE FINEST 431 -3355 Qxg! Ziff, Gate 2 FI. Campbell, Kentucky POWELL'S SPORTING GOODS 8g APPLIANCES North of Gale 2 43I -3950 VICTORY CLEANERS 8. LAUNDRY Gate 3 HOPKINS VILLE FEDERAL SA VIN GS 6'9" LOAN ASSUV 83 Years of Continuous Service 42: Per Annum on Savings TU 6-4411 Main at Seventh Hopkinsville, Kentucky T . it BU LOVA HAMILTON I' ' 've ,, ' WYLER ELGIN ' , - I , X 2, .5 ' - mai'tmlrziiiiiiiziiiifimm " lr 'I x 4 4 J' K 1- the 1 S '-,f"'-Au-A-fztz-'?vK! .S w ' , fr " f Next to Princess Theater ll'l"M"ll llmll it T f Uflf f i5tE1l?XfX ' ZI1! Compliments of j. E. ROUSH COMPANY Printing Lithographing Office Equipment Clarksville, Tennessee r- - CAMPBELL FURNITURE CITQQ INC. Highway 41-A-1 Mile South of Fort Campbell ' Clarksville, Tennessee Wf AA BA feeffer gWaj4ZQMff n9cen+er AIYQIAAAAA If P hone 2166 4, U! L W Compliments of AU Q! jf! C2 riff!! I rj Q! R T KQKMEUSE AN ERS my UNDRY ve 25W: To 40cX: on Nafionolly verrised Brands Furniture Rugsi . Bedding Appl i MILITARY SPECIAL ORDER SA L55 d A AW? ite Gare 6 Wwkwimoneigfyfiiogg VF WWA WSU OWAIWMMAIIW AMW Q46 j5,w"'s?f5lx fewfijf2Z13 f Qfffl-9 ,T S4-We EP pygmy x , yy ,fm G S I yyjyjgf HERJeTTlp 513055 gbgjfvfyp A Bfldifif my TENNESSEE ESTABLISHED I854 il With All Good Wishes FIRST TRUST C-D9 SA VIN GS BANK Clarksville, Tennessee Compliments cl B T W' h M lo FDIC THE ELDER CONROY HARDWARE C0 B k S A d h CI Cl lc ll T h Y A d 645 4541 in I .ff l i X a I 40 l ' fi' W' ' 1 J ,"tYour Bank on the Post" , , "S 1 ,Q I Q, J, ,Serving Ftfkclampbell Fo'rQ,Twenty Years .bl PLANTERSBAN1f ev TR UST C0 "Largest and Strongest Bank in This Area." Member Federal Deposit Insurance Co. lations Seniors Service is Our Most Important Product Visit Our Modern Photo Finishing Plant HA WKE T E CAMERA CENTER Portraits Fast Photo Finishing Complete Photo Service Photographer--Billy McMurtry Clarksville, Tennessee fl V jf Aofography by Q1 D McMurt1j2 HA WKE YEYTA MERA CENTER YOU R ANNUAL PHOTOGRAPHER See Us For Your Photographic Needs 641 No Riverside Dr Clarksvnlle 647 5392 THE EQUITABLE LIFE ASSURANCE SOCIETY OF THE UNITED STATES DALE WOOD Fori' Campbell 5143 KUPPENHEIMER CLOTHES WATSON 8 J OBE H6 S 2nd St Clarksville Tennessee Soufh of Gare 4 Fort Campbell, Kentucky HA DLE 2"S SUPER MARKET 1 K ,ff 'fl , ' ,J I I , "'T' ' . I If I -I mn , I p TT Q s s X 0 " ,f ,,,, ,WM f f l A A ll l , f se- -"-e' f ' EL C ,ff .,,,..? J . I Bes'r Wishes from GREEN A CRES M 0 TEL 599 Woodland Mobile Home Park 'QW I CHARLES C. GENTRY Owner and Operator Q9 L egg? 35 NcERE wIsHEs FOR A L52 fi? eAgIii1EII5311iQiIii53oI F IN ALL ITS ACTIVITIES JUN ACADEMIC--ATHLETIC--socIAL AFFAIRS PUST CAB COMPANY , BI aqieqe Q FT. CAMPBELL, KY. E0 if we ' 0.0 For a Taxi on The Post, Dial 2001 Sf R Lau gi Lee Village and Pay Sfa ial 439-4632 f Q f XS -Q- 22' , -QE ' E Ls., "A Posf Cab is Your Second Cal' A n Fori' Campb ii Y, K9 qi. J 37539 izwijfdyf 3 U5jJZgMjqanofJ's A Uqfznofcfs S WMZMWCWNTOWN my ku .UNK k SUBURBAN-BQUTIQUE W Op ,W y Y 3 ELAM?S TAILUR S YUP 3 1 ' - X XXX! f BUCKNER RADIO 3. TV SERVICE ' 3 3 1 ' , PX Shopp ng Center Tv, Radio, H F s f Ph 3363 - df X ww, D o All P 9 feud? 6 ,VFW EDSMU xy QQ Z4!51 fI5 fgzffdwfff ldkfff KZXGL 'X UQ Q 'A MMM! 02 JM! , +A " Q mgfzwfj If xg ISS AQAQZCMQOAGUI M700 ' 76676 MUMKQ? 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Suggestions in the Fort Campbell High School - Falcon Yearbook (Fort Campbell, KY) collection:

Fort Campbell High School - Falcon Yearbook (Fort Campbell, KY) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


Fort Campbell High School - Falcon Yearbook (Fort Campbell, KY) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 1


Fort Campbell High School - Falcon Yearbook (Fort Campbell, KY) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 88

1963, pg 88

Fort Campbell High School - Falcon Yearbook (Fort Campbell, KY) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 88

1963, pg 88

Fort Campbell High School - Falcon Yearbook (Fort Campbell, KY) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 40

1963, pg 40

Fort Campbell High School - Falcon Yearbook (Fort Campbell, KY) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 50

1963, pg 50

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