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Text from Pages 1 - 92 of the 1955 volume:

RAYMOND J. KUES TER Trustee BRUCE WEST Commerce, Treasurer GALEDA BARTLETT Commerce 41 INN MOTEL Charles Fougnies, Propr. P FACULTY BEN F. WALKER Principal, Science EDWIN ROETTGER Ass't. Coach, Science EDGAR SCHIFFER Vocational Agriculture hone 3-7177 Ft. Branch, Ind. VIRGINIA CALLIS English IDA E. BERGER Home Economics MARY C. BROWN Math. , Latin M41 wglf ,,A'A. I y, 4 ff , v Wm FACULTY GLADYS ELPERS English INEZ G. PUMPHERY English, Phys. Ed, IONA FROMAN Commerce, Band Cornplirnents of THE MODEL. 4 "Clothes for Dad'r1'Lad" '13 6 FACULTY? QF' WAYNE NORRICK Phys. Ed., Social Studies EDITH E, PIERCE Math VIRGINIA RICE Music VAUG HN WATERS Social Studies 1' PHYLLIS ESKEW Secretary J. T. WILLIAMS Custodian This page sponsored by I-IERFF JONES CO, Xa 4 I 04 fd cv X Y X N., X fi 1' 4 75. VALEDKTORMNS 1925 Frieda Graper Klusmeier fDeceasedJ 1926 Olevia Stull 1927 Marjorie Stone Dixon 1923 Josephine Laib Mower 1929 Rose Elpers McCloskey 1930 Ida Berger - Alma Meyer Fauth 1931 Robert Delong 1932 Nellie LeGrange Yeager fDeceasedD 1933 Inez Graper Pumphrey 1934 Charlotte Brumfield Phillips 1935 Margaret McGuire Greubel Betty Humphrey Geier Louise Hemmer Hill Ruth Roberts Anderson 1936 1937 1938 1939 Glen Wallace 1940 Genevieve Adams Blackard 1941 1942 1943 Kathryn Hickrod Gwaltney Genaldine Mclntyre Camp Voila Sollman Schwerisch 1944 Rebecca Saddler 1945 1946 1947 1948 1949 1959 1951 1952 Bernice Sollman Tirmenstein Carl Carter Joyce Carter Schneebeli Alan Hickrod Patsy Carter Mary Lou Miller Borders Patricia Westerman Garbers William Eplers 1953 Lavonna West 1954 Marilyn Barrett Compliments of SALUTATORIAN 1925 Mary C, Douglas Brown 1926 Henry Graper 1927 Richard Brurnfield 1923 Opal Singleton 1929 Marie Sollman Kuester 1930 Lilias Stone Pelz 1931 Jack Swinney 1932 Wallace Williams 1933 Velma Sollman 1934 Virginia Mcllree Callis 1935 Ben Williams 1936 Lloyd Yeast 1937 Estelle McReynolds 1938 Elizabeth McCarty Susott 1939 Mary Aline McReynolds 1940 Eliza Pumphrey Kruse 1941 Grace DeLong Williams 1942 Paul Williams 1943 Ruth Mcllree Jones 1944 Helena Hacker Morrison 1945 Mary Jane Emge 1946 Eileen Elpers 1947 Loretta Weber Brahm 1948 Viola Weiss 1949 Mary Margaret Boren 1950 Juanita Dilbeck 1951 Eleanor Blake 1952 Barbara DeLong 1953 Marita Reising 1954 Ann Reinhart ' Rosalin We DERBYS-HIRE PHARMACY P rinc eton, Indiana ber 'bv seniors EXW " fd SENIOR OFFICERS LARRY TRIBLE President "For knowledge, too, is itself a power, " SACQUE mir. PULT ON S C Crew? I known JAMES VEACH Vice President "Wit and humor belong to genius alone, " . e 4 rs Bev ge . ,, A hien Zed of 0 till man has H JUDITH LOCKWOOD RITA ANN CHANDLER Treasurer Reporter "Joy softens more hearts than "Let all things be done decently tears, " and in order, " ,W l GENE BOYLE ld is like 3 W his WOT xi :OV "SUV ln 1 Y we neva! me bow--H13 in akeis ' U ea f SENIORS SANDRA BARTLETT "Music is well said to be the speech of angels, " WAYNE BEELER "Continual cheerfulness is a sign of wisdom, " MARY FRANCES DEWEESE JAMES DILBECK "It's nic e to be natural, whenl "Ambition has no rest, " you're just naturally nice, " -nv 9' 43140-0 SENIORS "She may be little in size, but mighty when it come to the friendship side, " DICK EPPERSON "An industrious and deserving fellow, " ARBY 'ICE ES . to ARY 50 bulb Xflllndness save i kindD655. LARRY GEORGES ELIZABETH FERRY "He has been a real sport and we "I take all knowledge to he my will always remember how he province, " .ff 'Q' 'V can laugh, " 99 wg., ,! l ?"'gQ'? fl' x we-.Ji 2-4 Z. -JJ LTNEY .. PEGGY Grids hex lowme' .1661 Srnx SENIORS BARBARA GEISELMAN "Iam a part of all Ihave met, IACQUELINE GREGORY "The way to have a friend is to be one," JOANN JENKINS LORA LOU HARMON "A very likeable person with a " A merry heart maketh a smile for every one, " ful countenance," 'iz i GENE LEXSTERPWP is new "Not mfmybir he WN beg a from 2216 d by many a meme Pai. :J ""'nv SENIORS MARCIA JANE HOAR "A willing worker and friend in time of need, " 1.-.Q ROBERT HUELSMAN "Away wirh books, I am here for fun, " JERRY KING LARRY KING "The rolling stone gathererh no "Eat, drink, and be merry for H1053-" tomorrow we go to school," X Qs-' 'F' 's AAS . 3016! CHAR!-ESUM of a ?e,!S0n 5 filing his "Sot1'16mKEeovered bl' Obs m2-Y be 5milC.' 'Bw f KATHERINE MAAS "To do easily what is difficult for others is the mark of talent. " 'Q SENIORS DIXIE LIKENS "Had tongue at will, but was never loud. " SHIRLEY KRAMER "Small, but mighty, " WILLIAM MARTIN "Politeness costs so little yet much, " SENIORS EIB?- vrm.xAS ANRX dancin! e 1 11 Defnut 'I bluef 'Wes' 'Q- ARLENE MAYER "She is one who will be remem- bered even when she is away," MARY ANN MCCLOS KEY "She is so kind and constant to all," KENNETH ODOM MARILYN MICHEL "If worry were the only cause of A hght heart llves much longer, " death, he'd live forever," 4 'Q' 1 i 0 5,0-1 -,'1 SENIORS YNOLDS ani SUE RE . was MARLQas a winning and P nshe Smile. " ,gnu-no DELBERT OLDHAM "He that has patience can have what he will," NAOMI JEAN PITCOCK "The observed of all observers. ADRIAN REINHART .TERRY SCHMITS "A shy face is better than a forward "A good studentg an all an heart. " sport. " M 'Z-'aff 1,510,- ',,' I A ' HJ' ', 2 3.7 J I . , ' 2621. A MAE SOLLMAE gow shed be int W C mnuoflaue' SENIORS modesty. " RAYMOND SELB v CHARLES STALLINGS "Let us have wine, women, mirth, and laughterp sermons and soda water JOHN STONE the day after, " "To be great is to be MILDRED SCHUESSLER "B1ushes are the rainbow of "He is a person when asked, a willing helper in a great task." misunderstood 'J rr SENIORS WESTERMPLQ t and BA?-EPSRC of humor, VCE? gags six' me some Ciiiend-S She titties the mail alw alls makes' DONNA TURPIN "An enthusiastic worker and plenty of pepg she will not be forgotten by the many friends she always kept. " CAROLYN SUE WEISS "There's nothing so kingly as kindness and nothing so royal as truth. " of-"""" JAMES WOOLSTON " We have named him our friend who will always be there. " CLASS MOTTO-We'1l dc our best and God will dc the rest. i CLASS FLOWER-Yellow Rose I v- I l CLASS HISTORY FRESHMAN YEAR After eight years of hard campaigning, our 1951 Legislature which consisted of fifty three members was finally in session. To begin our four year tenure, we elected the following officers: Jerry King, President, Bob Huelsman, Vice-President, Arlene Mayer, Secretary 8: Treasurerg and Kenneth Odom, Reporter. Our cabinet was composed of two members, Mrs. Virginia Callis and Mr. William Hopping. Naomi Pitcock and Jim Veach were elected to the student legislative body, better known as the Student Council. We the Legis- lature approved Bill 41, Republican candidates Mary Ann McCloskey and Bill Martin for the annual Oompah festivities. They were elected by popular vote of the people to reign for that fiscal period. To aid her high- ness, "Miss Basketball, " we elected Barbara Westerman and Jackie Fulton. Thus ended our first year inpower, SOPHOMORE YEAR For the second year Jim Veach headed the administration with Barbara Westerman as his assistant. Serving in the administrative post of secretary and treasurer, respectively, were Lora Lou Harmon and Lela Mae Soll- man. Our faithful cabinet members were still with us from last year. Again our party proudly watched while Larry Georges and Lora Harmon were crowned Mr. Sc Miss Oompah. Our party was further honored by having Donna Turping elected as one of the cheerleaders. She will keep this position until she graduates. Rita Chandler and Larry King were our Student Council representatives. Naomi Pitcock and Phyllis Meier were our class attendants in the annual basketball queen coronation. This year it was not a strange sight to see one of our members proudly showing off our class rings and jackets. We had a swell time trying to relive the old days in our Roaring Twenties party. As in any legislature, some members resign. The following members of our party resigned during our second year: Judy Hooker, Mary Reed, and Bill Mason, but we gained a new legislator, Daisy Mae Prince. JUNIOR YEAR In our third year as the party in power, we had added responsibilities on our young shoulders--the Jr. -Sr. Prom and the Junior Class Play. The theme of our prom was a, "Garden of Memories." During the reception, Donna Jo Lutz and Richard McGuire were chosen from the senior class to reign as king and queen. Bill 43, Father Was a Housewife, proved to be the most successful accomplishment of the year. As in previous years, we maintained the tradition of electing aides to the basketball queen. These aides were Peggy Gwaltney and Lora Harmon. As student council representatives, we had Charles Maas and Mary McCloskey. Of course, we could not keep everyone together during four year period. Mr. Robert Lochmueller replaced Mr. Hopping as our new cabinet member. We we had roll call, we found that Genevieve Weber, Alberta Elpers, and Daisy Prince were absent. To help balance the exchange, we welcomed back an old representative, Gene Boyle. We were privileged to have two of our members, Judith Lockwood and Mary McCloskey, to have the honor of attending Hoosier Girl's State. We had some administrative changes: Charles Maas, President, Barbara Westerman, Secretary of Stateg Jackie Fulton kept our recordsg Lela Sollman, Secretary of Treasury, and Kenny Odom reported our news. On the day after our class play, we journeyed to Indiana University to at- tend a football game. SENIOR YEAR -After four years of hard administration, we are finally on top. As with all promotions, more responsi- bilities are added. For our final year we chose the following to put forth our laws and principals: Larry Trible, President, Jim Veach, Vice Presidentg Jackie Fulton, Secretaryg Judith Lockwood, Treasurer, Rita Chandler, Reporter. We had another new face in the cabinet, Mr. Wayne Norrick, who had taken over the post formerly held by Mr. Lochmueller. We had lost Adrian Reinhart, but gained Delbert Oldham. For bas- ketball queen this year, our own legislative member, Arlene Mayer was elected with Naomi Pitcock and Peggy Gwaltney as her maids of honor. We had another queen in our ranks, Phyllis Meier, who was chosen Snow Queen at the annual Christmas Dance. Arlene Mayer and Naomi Pitcock were her attendants. Lela Sollman was very deservingly chosen as the Good Citizen of our school. Our last few weeks at old F.B. H.S. were filled with many pleasant memories. We'd worked very hard to make enough money to go to Washing- ton to see our government at work. Our senior play, "Girl-Shylj proved to be very successful and we were kept quite busy in general, trying to sell our annuals, working on the school paper, attending the various parties held in our honor by the colleges, and getting ready for the four main final events- -the Prom, the Alumni Banquet, Baccalaureate, and Commencement Programs. 17 H 1 S 1 . J X 1 3 S n ,L 'W v ,, J, rm l , fury I ., .4 , , .J A ,-, , ,. - 4. - ., fa ' 03fa TN. L f fm 'Z ' 5 yumf- Qf2f75 - .s M , 7 x , f , Q., fi 4 , 4 ' Mg ,fl fir , Q .. ,,.,.. 1 ' ic! ' ' x, 'xl V -1 -., ,z Um? fr- Q ' " I 11 fi X Av 'i sr. 9 D V 5. of er ix, . . 5, Y i r R. 'fix' " if x .813 iii - . ..w NOTARY Ons Fuuou-J.mcf ,Haut 1. The Gang! 2, S1umbering??? 3, Dare me! 4. Sophisticated Seniors '????? 5. Another party. 6. A Kickapoo! 7. Our Ir. Pres. SLV. Pres. 8. Baby, its cold outside! 9. Bobbie'???'? 10. Five ofa kir1d!'?'? 11. Oh!??'?? 12. Lulu! 13. Pals! jlfw.. fr' . pm fy-Ji -.S ,..i-ff ,i'-,-.auf "GIRL-SHY" A Comedy In Three Acts PRESENTED BY SENIOR CLASS Fort Branch I-Iigh School Friday, April 1, 1955 Eight O'clock P. M. CAST OF CHARACTERS Tom Arsdale, who is girl shy . Oke Stimson, who isn't . . . Caroline, Tom's aunt .... Anthony Arsdale, Tom's father . . Sylvia Webster, Tom's pet aversion . . Dean Marlow, dean of the college .. . . . Peaches Carter, Oke's present weakness. . . Asma, a colored "wash lady" ,,..., ,, Birdie LaVerne, a movie aspirant ..... Alfred Tennyson Murgatoyd, the college poet . Chuck Mayo, Birdie's late affinity ,... Barbara Sanford, herself ...... SYNOPSIS ACT I: Tom and Oke's apartment. A day in Spring. ACT II: The same. The next afternoon, ACT III: The same. Evening of the same day. TIME: Present. Graduation Time. o . Larry Trible . . Jim Veach . Arlene Mayer Dick Epperson Judith Lockwood . Charles Maas Katherine Maas Marla Reynolds Lora Harmon . Raymond Seib Jerry Schmits Jackie Gregory PLACE: Living-Room in the bachelor apartment of Tom and Oke, in a l COMMITTEES PROPERTIES: Lois Emge, Joann Jenkins, and Mary Deweese, PROMPTER: Shirley Kramer. TICKETS 81 SALES: Donna Turpin, Kenny Odom, Jackie Fulton, Jim Woolston. WARDROBE: Mildred Schuessler, Marilyn Michel, Lela Mae Sollman, Phyllis Meier. MAKE-UP: Naomi Pitcock and Peggy Gwaltney. STAGE CREW: James Dilbeck, Larry King, Jerry King, and Gene Leister ADVERTISING: Larry Georges, John Stone, Delbert Oldham, Bene Boyle Wayne Beeler, and Bill Martin. IN-BETWEEN ACTS: Sonny Stallings and Sandra Bartlett. USHERS: Mary Ann McCloskey, Barbara Geiselman, Carolyn Weiss, Marcia I-Ioar, and Mary Joyce Esarey. This page sponsored by TWIGS APPLIANCE IZI North McCreary Fort Branch, Indiana SENIORWHO'SWHO MOST TALENTED Sonny Stallings Judith Lockwood BEST PERSONALITY Charles Maas Mary Ann McCloskey Mosr STUDIOUS I Larry Trible I Lela Mae Sollman CLEVEREST Dick Epperson Sonny Stallings Jim Veach Barbara Westerman , , c MOST AMBITIOUS Jim Veach Katherine Maas NEATEST Jim Veach Naomi Pitcock i BEST LOOKING Larry Trible Peggy Gwaltney Arlene Mayer T Naomi Pitcock BEST ATI-ILETE Larry Georges I Marcia Hoar ! HITCH PACKING COMPANY "fb-+.,Q . Custom Slaughtering and Processing" Princeton, Indiana l as 1 Pnornfcv f AX ,N Ten years ago today we graduated. Since this is the anniversary of the Class of '55, the plans for the class reunion are in the final stages. We were chosen to notify everyone of the time, place and date of this great occasion. After getting in touch with all of our former classmates, the day of the reunion has finally arrived. As we arrive, BARBARA WESTERMAN is preparing the table for the food. After a friendly greeting the subject turns to all the good times we had in school and many of the life-long friends we have made. We are sorry to hear from Bobby that RAYMOND SEIB, DELBERT OLDI-IAM, MARLA REYNOLDS, and BARBARA GEISELMAN will not be able to attend because they are now serving in Uncle Sam's Air Force. She mentions that she is now secretary to JERRY SCHMITS famed engineer. She adds that SHIRLEY KRAMER, MARY ESAREY, and PHYLLIS MEIER work as secretaries in the same building. The rest of our old classmates then begin to put in an appearance, so we leave Barbara and join the rest of the group. Y We begin a conversation with BOB HUELSMAN and LARRY KING, two well-known lawyers. As the conversation progresses, Larry tells us that JERRY KING has joined the Foreign Legion. As we stand talking, NAOMI PITCOCK joins our group. She tells us that MILDRED SCHUSSELER and JOANN JENKINS work as nurses in the same hospital as she. After talking to Naomi for awhile we wander over to the next group, who seem to be enjoying themselves tremendously. We soon discover why, SONNY STALLINGS, now a millionaire is the center of conversation. We look around and are not sur- prised to see wedding bands on the hands of ARLENE MAYER, LOIS EMGE, MARY DEWEESE, DIXIE LIKENS, MARCIA HOAR, and MARILYN MICHEL. We are sure they will make outstanding careers in marriage. As we three stand talking, DONNA TURPIN joins us. We can tell by the way she is dressed that she is president of a ladies' fashion shop in New York. Donna informs us that KENNY ODOM and JAMES DILBECK are in the Marines, and GENE BOYLE is in the Navy. We also find out that JACKIE GREGORY and CAROLYN WEISS are airline hostesses. We are shocked but pleased to hear that WAYNE BEELER is a big game hunter, and LARRY GEORGES is now coach at Fort Branch. Also on the teaching staff at Fortsie are LELA SOLLMAN and ELIZABETH FERRY. We're glad to see that RITA CHANDLER and JACKIE FULTON are able to close their beauty shops for the reunion and JUDITH LOCKWOOD has managed to get away from her jewelry store. LARRY TRIBLE, JIM VEACH, CHARLES MAAS, and BILL MARTIN have fulfilled their life-long dreams and become successful engineers. It seems that DICK EPPERSON and GENE LEISTER are now prominent farmers. PEGGY GWALT- NEY is a social worker and MARY ANN MCCLOSKEY is working at Riley Hospital as an occupational therapist. JIM WOLLSTON is salesman for General Motors and JOHN STONE is a test pilot for the Lockheed Jet Corporation. As darkness begins to fall we separate and go our own ways: SANDRA, back to teaching her primary classg KATHERINE, to herjob as buyer for Macy'sg and LORA, back to her nursing career. We all leave with the same thought in our minds. We are glad to see that all our old classmates have gone so far and accomplished so muchg still we can not help but wonder what the next ten years holds for us. We only hope that it will be as wonderful and just as exciting as the first ten years after graduation. Lora Harmon, Sandra Bartlett, and Katherine Maas Compliments of GIBSON COUNTY BANK KEY STAFF 5 , n - L' LLL- - SEATED: Naomi Pitcock, Dick Elpers, FIRST ROW: LoraLou Harmon, Sandra Bartlett, Katherine Maas, Mary Ann McCloskey, Rita Chandler, Jackie Gregory, Donna Turpin, Lois Emge, Barbara Geiselman, Arlene Mayer, Phyllis Meier. SECOND ROW: Mr. Norrick, Judith Lockwood, Dixie Likens, Barbara Westerman, Marcia Hoar, Carolyn Weiss, Lela Mae Sollman, Mildred Schuessler, Mary Joyce Esarey, Peggy Gwaltney, Mr, Walker. THIRD ROW: Dick Epperson, John Stone, Larry Trible, Jerry Schmits, Sonny Stallings, Raymond Seib, Jerry King, DEPARTMENT HEADS Editor-in-chief. , Naomi Pitcock Social Editor . . Marcia Hoar Business Manager . . . Mary Literary Editor . . , Lela Mae ' McCloskey Sollman Production Manager . . . Judith Historian , Mary Joyce Lockwood Esarey Photography Editor . Phyllis Calendar .... Raymond Sieb Meier Secretary . Barbara Westerman Snapshot Editor . Donna Turpin Art Editor . . . Dick Epperson Distribution Manager . . Jerry Prophecy . . Katherine Maas Schrnits Faculty Advisors . . Mr, Walker Sports Editor . . Larry Trible Mr. Norrick This page sponsored by KICK'S CAFE, Owensville, Indiana. 23 AUGUST Z3 SEPTEMBER 10 14 Z0 Z3 Z4 OCTOBER 1 6 7 8 14 I6 I8 19 Z0 Z1 21: ZZ Z3 Z5 29 NOVEMBER 5 12 IZ 15 19 Z3 DECEMBER 6 9 10 14 15 17 Z0 ZZ Z3 JANUARY 1 3 6 8: 7 ll 13 14 17 Z1 27 28 Z8 FEBRUARY 1 Z 4 7 ll 12 14 I5 16 18 Z1 Z4-Z6 MARCH l 2 ll 17 Z5 APRIL l 5 14 18 19 ZZ MAY 1-5 6 7 8 11 13 School started Magazine Sales begin S. S. S. initiation and meeting Convocation - Rev. Cronenberg Individual pictures taken Magazine sales end Freshman Initiation Dance Basketball pencils go on sale Election of freshman yell leader S. S. S. meeting Junior class play S. 5. S. district convention Convocation - Rev. Gouwens Magazine Sale Dance Group pictures taken No school Beta Club bake sale F. F. A. Dance 8: Chile Supper Pep Club organized I-Iazelton game, we won 70-52 S. S. S. meeting Lynnville game, We won 60-46 Convocation - Rev. Hancock Booneville game, we won 47-43 Mt. Olympus game, We won 46-43 Annuals go on sale F. F. A. meeting Bicknell game, we won 64-41 Oakland City game, We won 58-53 Beta Christmas party S. S, S. dance Sz election of Snow Queen Convocation - Rev. Lemons Mater Dei game, we won 59-46 Christmas vacation begins Holiday tourney, We won! !! !! Back to school Exams Spurgeon game, we won 51-46 S. S. S. nieeting Rockport game, We1ust49-54 Convocation - Rev. Morgan Haubstadt game, we Won 67-49 Princeton game, we lost 37-35 Francisco game, we won 61-39 Crowning of B. B. Queen Sz Sock Hop Holland game, we lost 51-76 Beta Club meeting Monroe City game, we lost 67-64 Called S. S. S. meeting Dale game, we lost 67-64 Pancake Day Pep Club rrxeeting Patoka game, we won 47-43 Book review by Mrs. Pumphrey Winslow garne, we lost 44-46 Convocation - Father Stone Band 81 Chorus Festival Convocation - Rev. Weir S. S. S. meeting Band and Chorus concert Mother 81 Daughter Banquet Senior class play F. F, A. donkey basketball game Marlette Circus Convocation - Rev. Cronenberg Beta County party Lilac festival Senior trip to Washington Prom Alumni Banquet Baccalaureate Final exams Commencement if ff, f 1 iuninrs ,Q- .fgr- ff - my f if .J A ' I 5 5 fri w -N X iw Q23 fx! Vincent Baehl Peggy Blackard Janice Bunting Bruce Carter David Carter Bonnie Crow Carol Douglas Joan Douglas Deanna Emmerson Sharon Endicott Max Fauquher Jane Gentry Barbara Hacker Larry I-Ianold Carol I-Iartig Marjorie Huelsman Donnie Kiefer Margaret Martin Rosemary Martin Glennis McGuire Donnie McNair Dorothy Michel Sharon Michel Dave Neufelder Nancy Odom Paul Odom Marvin Pitcock Martha Jean Riddle Rudy Roy Bill Schmits 6,1 6 , J- , 'K I ff M 'lf 1 xy' F A A .Ry N ,:1 Q 'azz -2' sv if 6 6 X 'i- NT 'YZ' I T 4 'fl' ' If 1 1 gl - 4 M K V IIN X f' N' Q ffhi A' f 'Q- ' ' y -W , vs. fw In 6' -ki , NJ .... -- A ,gxil X' ' Q A , . ' 'L ,, i .clit .f:Mn.ff'-sf .-L F Q-Y tif? l 1- Q 5 M 5 .ig ' n, ,an an 1-k. ,f M fl M f- an ' ' ra 'T' i 'Y 2 if' 2 4 . fy X M M. 5 ii ' x .aw K- D h pf, . A M0 7' Q i 1 'IVY1 YT' ,N ".'1 N1 Ni- ,X 3 ' ,f1 Sf- . ' . . I No Picture: Larry Cunningham and Dick Elpers JUNIORS Charles Schmits Charles Scott Joey Scott Kenny Sides Q.. .5 ' ,,,, ,- Bill smau ' 1 Sam Smith , I 1 1. Eva Mae Spindler ' ' Gwen Tate Don Thompson Joyce Townsend X X ng, ab Patsy Trainer :QV Xue. K 6 Barbara Wagner . Sf I Aki. Helen Weber ' A' Janet Weber if Nancy Wilkerson Ronnie Woodruff Marilyn Woolston f' Sina Kay Utley V ,W x gi ,g J i f I Ms' M nf M I 46 TbeJ12 m8 ff HJ? L17 1 CRQA 5 V ff , I -5-1 l"v I A P 1' ', , I 1 1 ' 1 ' W QI? J' .Ty i A I snphnmnres .fi 1 1 '- Qs . X ff l ,Y f 1 EW Robert Baehl Bill Barrett Mary Ellen Blevins Louise Bowen Wayne Brurnfield Jeannetta Buck Anna Marie Carter Judy Carter Dick Dilbeck Linda Eaton Sharon Floyd Glenda Georges Wanda Mae Graper Judy Gregory Donald Gries Loren I-Ieldt Julia Ann Hillyard Helen I-loefling Darwin I-Iolzmeyer Eddie I-Iuelsman Joy Ann Huering Joyce Jenkins Beverly Jones Phyllis Jones Phyllis Kramer George Krieg Marlene Kuester Leland Mclntyre Linda Marshall Patty Marshall R fl .pq-2 v' 4 11. ,' SOPHOMORES L Q in , ,AJ tx. .4 NuA'yLi ' was ez J 1 Z7 X K-5- L 4 - if? X 'XLYYKQB x J N AL 5- . J , . lg rf' 5--Ag- Paul Meny Pauline Meny Evelyn Moore No Pictur e R ayrn ond Dilbeck 'va' ' -D Q "' :swf Q 1: v 5' y u, ,, X Ll K v . K , Y A fx A x I Q1 fx 'f M' ! 3 0 .1 In Q ivan If I 'x P V - -sw' x . 4, , ' ,H 1 I I , K 7 .lafflx I F- A ' Q 1 . ' 4' N "' it 4 ' 1 4. 3 'vb L-y R Lv gl fi x T2 ' 'Q' ' A7 - " I3 A "' ,I R dxf fv e M3232 J: H+- f N ff 7- Q, T 4 S1 -,, "Y J I I 1 .6 J 5 an ' V- J' : ff m X , X 9 1 15' vial' 4 . ' i, I ...f EW ' 4V Ray Money Donnie Naas Danny Neufelder Sheridan Reed Kenneth Robb Bob Schmits James Schuessler Betty Ann Sollman Francis Sollman Frank Sollman Alan Titzer Minnie Trainer Ruth Underwood Jerry Veach Joyce Wagner Richard Weber Jerry Wilkins Donnie Woolston 1 - i 'lfsnbuji-rf STXFIR- 19 wr NS ALL SMILES , . . , V 1 I I! J4.l 'R' WN Q: 'Y Mb - - Q ' "' 4 'AY' ,A+ f 5 A - ' Q 2 .:,,,. , u LP W 5 A I ef' - VV , V ,V rid Hnijh-r' jfmcn I A Toay W Q I i. . 1 ' r H one. ESQ GIRL? ' 1 I '1 1 I . . 'W X IN N3 Sw freshmen -,J - x.,,l NX NXJXX' :U K' A X. '.T,5- wwim izliyt-I , 5-A-.,.lJ-: . ,F ,. .,-. X.:- S Klux 'xjh - - 1 1 gi x X Q' .5 K 5' ixQ?l Rose Marie Adamson ' -' Gerald Allen Lois Askren Gary Bartlett Allen Blackard George Beloat Peggy Cotner Priscilla Deal Bobby Douglas Bob Elpers Phyllis Finney 4' 1 . . ,fm ' FQ' I .1 J 3- ' ' I ' ' 'C J. 4 " .5 y 9- I J ,1' Q ,fi A Y : D V A - 1 4 fri , ,vi N f C 15' H, U' ' l gl '. 1.1 -Q i r 555355 PTEEEJKT3 5325 ya' N-:Ev-:gg-4 Us-4SHS sggfg, ,, " 3:12 Z3 O QW! S mm . ' Om Z O G4 :E H . . solgmflcs mrrhgmgb c-Hymn. , NA Q 0-1 mf C1-I mggmrhr-1 WDP-l rl Ii - Opqwg mv-I-HD-gg 5000 :lx M 'ixv 6 Oo-f Omg HU' U, QP-APT""' 'l 9 oJo3s - T 'lrvfl' ,w 4 -n U1 500 :E HD-I I3 HH- B W CD i 3 H' :Q ff?-Z 2 2 E i , D D' Sv rn UQ .4 3 5 5 UQ N4 U7 x QM' 15 ' K Q H A ' iff 'A A so 7 "H W 'A W , - 1 -I' X. V "li . n A' V fi A gill X -' 'X I , xl- Q. Q. Q 1 E ,ff 3 .Q I' -ln A I x -' gpxg - b ,. Nrlxp ek, A1.f,4AM3 Z X ,N-T ,. -X ,I I . x' 9' ,I . r q 3 A Li ,- ,' 10 quasi 5 N f V l as 0 X D It Aff. 1 J - vw l',y 11 'K ' L15 ' - L ' 'P , N N 'xl Aa!- QQE'QEjEl 5539295 2953989 ff-v, I- ' an 1:3 H.OE'f"'lU'0Q D-1:59-l:3e4O SW-.lH:j:5"l ' ii I X K ' pp-xrfomm P-1:1-'joggf m-4,-49,9-DJ XJ V AIX , -f g 40375412 ffg5',7,'fv :DUFg3:D ' ' "F-as fig 553-Hwif' Dggflwwg V5 , Sifbgsmp. rv-O,',TfO0:3-' 55000 I .-Mtv,-OcJ'F gamiwa mggmgg in y 5 L "ia 0:2320 in 55.5, an 5- H vcr M, x-, Hg'-1 3 :ig rua'-ul SQ 0' G' ' ".4.. E: g 3 C' - we 'A -f 1 1 iff, R iv, ' 5 s G so 1 I1 :L Jack Foster Ronnie Gayer Kay Georges g F 5 ,I 1' -sg ' ! I 1 ' +- ,. 'iw " 1 , i ? ff" gi:'g1 l DC 2'xuf'1g We CU+e K RoSId,"?Q? AROLLNJ We 90, S HOF 80,15 S -J CLAS: M4-,Les EIGHTHGRADE 1 yiqwq f'ffefeven. rvx f S argl IIIQ ,al 1ST ROW: Mrs. Elpers, Bennie Michel, Claude Thompson, Gordon Sides, Dick Warren, Donald Broshears, Carolyn Deal, Jill Gentry, and Nancy Karnes. ZND ROW: David Singleton, Leland Hasselbrink, Fred Lucus, Windell Logston, Jerry Williams, Curtis Lucus, Bobby Joe Douglas, Judy Rae Kuester, Helen Money, and Kay Ritchie. 3RD ROW 1 Latona Dilbeck, Billie Borton, Jeanetta Bryant, Shon Hooker, Bonnie Odom, Joan Meyer, Ruth Heldt, Nancy Finney, Mary Kuhns, Barbara Dyson, Larry Blackard, and Judy Douglas. 4TH ROW: Bobby Bell, Joyce Bradshaw, Barbara Howell, Eldon Scott, David Murphy, Harry Christmas, Eddie Morris, Joan Kramer, Hattie Arbuthnot, Jerry Sollman, and Donnie Rohl. OFFICERS President ' .Bobby Joe Douglas Treasurer . .Judy Rae Kuester Vice President . Gordon Sides Reporter. . . Mary Kuhns Secretary . Latona Dilbeck Sponsor . . Mrs. Elpers Compliments of MENY'S GAS AND APPLIANCES, lNC. Haubstadt, Indiana 31 SEVENTH GRADE 'aff 70 , , , at fl . , f 5 ' -1 1 :af 1 ' 1 '-,1 1 ' 5 if ,W gf: ' af' ? f v ' W? 'M' lf! ' "7 '41 ' "I-fif Q :Z ffjfi - 55, V 1 5 if 1? . v 17-17, ' ' JZ2' ' 'Q Y ' ' , ' M f! 7 . , 4 ,. -1 -4 ff f 'v f 1 ,Jf-4 yy 1 f- I V 1,- "" , ' fiffv 'ff-, ' .f. ff- 1 - 1 if ' '. 5'-Q-him :mf-:1':'f,' ' " f fi' ,-Q, 5, V 1 I, 0 47 "".1 23 421, . " "' i'w"'i"w - -if 1? a ' ' v .4f'.4ffCW f- . ,Ljluxf 'f , firm' ' ' , . V1 '4' ' fy' 'TTEWZ . r' ' Ziff "v ii 1 H 2 'f ff,:aaWf-N-,f,,,g2:- , ff--: - , 1' -f n... -f ,Q .L 477: ',L:21..,.2,'2 1,,,fu,c,,..:i 42 ' . .::,: ': ,, ping: if .1 .-.A i"""T. . .. f ,,'- . - 1ST ROW: Kenneth Ritchie, Donna Ingram, Raymond Odom, Bobby Braxton, Mickey Gayer, Charles Broshears, Bobby Dejournett, and Donald Martin. ZND ROW: Henriettat Michel, Edwin Kruse, Billy Askren, Jimmy Kuhns, Roger Morris, Donnabell Jones, Beverly Yeager, Paula Sue Bush, and Sue Boyle. 3RD ROW: Ann Williams, Sharon Oexrnan, Judy Cotner, Gary Avery, Mary Louise Gilpatrick, Nancy Thompson, Diana Wagner, Ida Marie Michel, Patty Conner, and Bobby Emge. 4TH ROW: Cassie LaGrange, Geraldine Michel, Wilma Newton, Wayne Biel, Franklin McIntyre, Helen Christmas, Lowell Kuester, Linda Swin- ney, Diana Poole, Marilyn Townsend, and Mrs. Edith Pierce. OFFICERS President . . Ann Williams Reporter. . Sharon Oexrnan Vice President ..... Sponsor . . Mrs. Pierce Bobby Dejournett Secretary-Treasurer . Paula Sue Bush Compliments of ROYAL CROWN COLA 32 activities Z-X i XXL! WW atm nun src F Luci! sg TF' ' I fl a 1 FIRST ROW: Martha Riddle, Ruth Underwood, Judy Gregory, Jackie Gregory, Phyllis Meier, Anna Marie Carter. SECOND ROW: Naomi Pitcock, Glennis McGuire, Rita Chandler, Mary Blevins, Barbara Westerman, Betty Sollman, Jeanetta Buck, Marlene Kuester, Carolyn Weiss, Katherine Maas, THIRD ROW: Barbara Hacker, Carol Hartig, Sharon Endicott, Nancy Odom, Sina Utley, Judith Lockwood, Mary McCloskey, Mary Esarey Lela Sollman, Miss Berger. FOURTH ROW: Dorothy Michel, James Schuessler, Dick Epperson, Jim Veach, Larry Cunningham, Dick Elpers, Vincent Baehl, Danny Neufelder, Donnie Naas, Donnie Woolston, , , , STUDENT COUNCIL ffl SEATED: Sonny Stallings, Larry Cunningham, Dorothy Michel, Phyllis Meier, Bobby Braxton, STANDING: Anna Carter, Mary Ruth Keegan, Sara Pyle, Ann Williams, Mrs, Pumphrey, Danny Neufelder, Bobby Douglas, Wayne Brumfield, Kenny Odom, Barbara Hacker, Mary Ann McCloskey, Compliments of STEEL BUILDING SALES, Inc. Exclusive District Representatives of Martin Steel Phone 7-1579 2353 Division Street, Evansville, Indiana E. T. Hunter L. M. McCloskey , GIRLS' CHORUS " ,257 L. v D FIRST ROW: Phyllis Meier, Sandra Bartlett, Jackie Gregory, Naomi Pitcock, Glennis McGuire, Jane Gentry, Marilyn Woolston, Julia Hillyard, Jeanetta Buck, Judy Gregory, SECOND ROW: Martha Riddle, Arlen Mayer, Barbara Gieselman, Mary Joyce Esarey, Mary Ellen Blevins, Joyce Townsend, Marlene Kuester, Margaret Martin, Deanna Emmerson, Peggy Blackard, Carol Douglas. THIRD ROW: Wanda Mae Graper, Sheridan Reed, Mary Deweese, Joan Jenkins, Nancy Wilkerson, Marjorie Huelsman, Sina Kay Utley, Rosemary Martin, Nancy Odom, Patsy Trainer, Joyce Jenkins, Evelyn Moore, Helen Weber, and Gwen Tate. FOURTH ROW: Sharon Endicott, Judith Lockwood, Janet Weber, Eva Mae Spindler, Paulene Meny, Peggy Gwaltney, Barbara Hacker, Barbara Westerman, Carol Hartig, Mary Ann McCloskey, Miss Rice. MIXED CHORUS FIRST ROW: Phyllis Meier, Sandra Bartlett, Jackie Gregory, Naomi Pitcock, Glennis McGuire, Mary Ellen Blevins, Jane Gentry, Miss Rice. SECOND ROW: Arlene Mayer, Barbara Gieselman, Mary Deweese, Joan Jenkins, Marjorie Huelsman, Judith Lockwood, Peggy Gwaltney, Mary Joyce Esarey, Barbara Hacker, Barbara Westerman, Mary Ann McCloskey, Max Hanold, THIRD ROW: Richard Gladings, Ronnie Gayer, James Dilbeck Jim Woolston, Donnie McNair, Charles Maas, Gary Bartlett, Sonny Stallings, Alan Titzer, Robert Weber, Albia Yeast, Bobbie Bell, FRESHMEN CHORUS FIRST ROW: Alice Smith, Sara al- Pyle, Laura Jane Hefley, Sandra 'H Reed. SECOND ROW: Joy Ann Heuring, Mary Ann Hoefling, Edna Carolyn Woodruff, Marilyn Meier, Joan Wallis, Mary Ruth Keegan, FOURTH ROW: Miss Rice, Nancy Laib, Rose Marie Adamson, Mildred Odom, Peggy Corner. PEPCLUB ll 1 ll :mi ll I'lI I 1 ll Ili Compliments of PRINCETON TELEPHONE COMPANY , Sieb, Phyllis Schmits. THIRD ROW: Ellliltlil Elllizflllf V151-15 ig Fortlilllirpflch School Npyernber Zirkiglfgff S CHRIQ'T'MAQ TWMXTFTT-If CA'E"C'fT'V Christmas music decorations and dressed in their b blend for the a Christmas dance ember 17th. Sunsh all out for the b erine Maas and Nao their committees all plans. Word there may be a reign over this Guests may be in side our school proval of Nr. Wa girl will be with There will be a with music from the highlights wi march, attenda ce 3 f Co-Editors . . . Judith Lockwood Mary Ann McCloskey Feature Writers . Katherine Maas Barbara Westerman Interviews . .Barbara Gieselman Jackie Gregory Teen Time . . Mary Joyce Esarey Artist . . Sports . . Snoopy Sc oop . Roving Reporter Circulation . . Mimeograph . Sponsor . . . . Donna Turpin Sonny Stallings , Phyllis Meier Naomi Pitcock . Lora Harmon . Dixie Likens Jim Woolston Larry Georges Carolyn Weiss ave been hearing ut the Sunshine The Sunshiners rogram last year gram with a very y hope that it t many accidents. f the things the doing. They have Agreement con- the family car. ture you will be Boys at the cor- also a safety one interestedii Marilyn Michel, Safety Program. given the Sun- ate trooper Don ed out. Marilyn I'1 J personal memo spread by the aglow or sure to . . Mr. West Q mary with Cont'd sts each month for answer. They also assembly program 'ember, Dec- February. fefng to have A? safety li- ,Led in Mrs. all boast HINE hine for lids are ages of ain the ing to Thanks- utee is in ,tion. The oeth Ferry, has .ined to go to the county plates and a pro- to Paee 3 L3 l U FBHSBAND FIRST ROW: Naomi Pitcock, Katherine Maas, Martha Riddle, Sharon Floyd, Sharon Endicott, Ann Williams. SECOND ROW: Marilyn Meier, Rosemary Martin, Dorothy Michel, Shon Hooker, Ronnie Gayer, Larry Hanold, Jerry Williams, Marilyn Michel, Wayne Brumfield, Judy Kuester, Cassie LaGrange, Marlene Kuester, Phyllis Meier, THIRD ROW: Miss Froman, Nancy Karnes, Jill Gentry, Jane Genny, Marcia Hoar, Mildred Schuessler, James Schuessler, Donnie McNair, Elizabeth Ferry, Phyllis Jones, Louise Bowen, Beverly Jones and Patty Marshall, if 355 - isgsf' , 1- ', S js: P Q ' 'sl , QE Q 'f i 1 :Si I R ' 5 Y :Ml 1? I il: , hi r. VS, 2 I 'fl 1 ,lf ss I Compliments of JOHN JACQUESS, your Mobilgas d Owensville, Indiana Linda Marshall, MAIORETTES Linda Marshall Phyllis Jones Louise Bowen Beverly Jones Patty Marshall ealer SUNSHINESOCIETY i In Wigs? sg 1ST ROW: Phyllis Ann Meier, Rita Ann Chandler, Marcia Hoar, Sandra Bartlett, Judith Lockwood, Katherine Maas, Mary Ann McCloskey, Barbara Westerman, Mary Deweese, Elizabeth Ferry, Donna Turpin, Lora Harmon, and Naomi Pitcock. 2ND ROW: Marla Reynolds, Jackie Fulton, Mil- dred Schuessler, Lela Mae Sollman, Marilyn Michel, Mary Joyce Esarey, Peggy Gwaltney, Joan Jenkins, Dixie Likins, Shirley Kramer, Lois Emge, Jackie Fulton, Arlene Mayer. 3RD ROW: Mary Ellen Blevins, Judy Carter, Judith Woolston, Sharon Michel, Joy Ann Heuring, Laura Jane l-lefley, Sandra Reed, Martha Jean Riddle, Joan Douglas, Joyce Townsend, Phyllis Jones, Phyllis Kramer, Beverly Jones, and Sharon Floyd. 4TH ROW: Lois Askren, Phyllis Finney, Marilyn Meier, Sara Ann Pyle, Alice Ann Smith, Jane Gentry, Dorothy Michel, Joan Wallis, Nancy Laib, Nancy Odom, Glennis McGuire, Marilyn Woolston, Gwen Tate, Joyce Wagner, Louise Bowen, Linda Eaton, Glenda Georges, Anna Marie Carter, and Mrs. Brown, 5TH ROW: Ruth Underwood, Carolyn Wood- ruff, Kay Georges, Mary Ann Hoefling, Edna Mae Seib, Rosemary Martin, Mariruth Keegan, Carol Hartig, Sina Kay Utley, Helen Ann Weber, Bonnie Crow, Deanna Emerson, Barbara Wagner, Mar- garet Ann Martin, Minnie Trainer, Evelyn Moore, Jeanetta Buck, and Betty Ann Sollman, 6TH ROW: Helen Hoefling, Pauline Meny, Judy Gregory, Priscilla Deal, Peggy Cotner, Rose Marie Adamson, Mildred Odom, Janet Weber, Sharon Endicott, Marjorie I-luelsman, Nancy Wilkerson, Patsy Trainer, Carol Douglas, Eva Mae Spindler, Peggy Blackard, Janice Bunting, Barbara Hacker, Julia Ann Hillyard, Marlene Kuester, Joyce Jenkins. OFFICERS President ...... Financial Secretary .... Mary Ann McCloskey Marlene Kuester Vice President .... Recording Secretary .... Joyce Townsend Joan Douglas Treasurer . Phyllis Ann Meier Sponsor . .MrS. George Brown Compliments of WILSON FURNITURE STORE East Side of Square Princeton, Indiana 38 FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA I I 2, all 1ST ROW: Ronnie Woodruff, Gene Leister, Vincent Baehl, Max Fauquher, Raymond Seib, and Rudy Roy. 2ND ROW: Ray Pifer, Donnie Woolston, Loren Heldt, Alan Titzer, Terry Kruse, Dar- win Holzmeyer, George Beloat, and James Schuessler. 3R.D ROW: Kenneth Woolston, George Krieg, Larry Stone, Larry King, Bob I-Iuelsman, Jerry King, Robert Baehl, David Douglas, and Mr. Schiffer. 4TH ROW: Bob Weber, Leland Mclntyre, Frank Sollman, Wayne Brumfield, Fran- cis Sollman, John Stone, Ray Money, and Eddie Huelsman. OFFICERS Pres. . . . Vincent Baehl Treas. .Raymond Seib V. Pres.. . Max Fauquher Rep. . . . Gene Leister Sec. . . Ronnie Woodruff Sentinel . . Rudy Roy This page compliments of WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE Princeton Indiana West Side of Square 39 PROM -1954 LILAC FESTIVAL-1954 JUNIOR CLASS PLAY "BOOKS AND CROOKSN A t'0MI'IIJY IN THREE ,tors PI? ICSICNTE IJ BY .I VX IOIT CLA S S FUIVI' ISRANVH HIGH SCHOOL UN 'I'I'Il,'HSIJAY. OVTOBER 1-1. 195-L 7:30 U'l'I.0l'K P. M. VAST UF l 'HARAI 'TERS Lindy VVilliams Larry Malone Students V V Goody Gulfhopper 'Q Gerard I Arnold Q.'Henly, principal Martha Riddle Joey Scott Helen Ann Weber Marvin Pitcock V ,,....... Dick Elpers Raymond "'I he Prof" Nichols, at large Franis, his partner, also at large .,,,..,...... .,,......,. K enny Sides Oliver P. Burkhol.ler, president of bank .. ,.,.,,, ,,,,,,.,,. D On McNair Miss Irene Ilamilton, principals secretary . ,,.,,. Carol Jean Hartig Mrs. Mildred Gunklock B d I . Joyce Townsend Mrs. Margaret Brickle an mot WIS ' Sharon Endicott Lieutenant Shaw, of police department .,,,.,., Members of the band ,,,,,, .,,....MaX Fauquher Dorothy Michel Jane Gentry Rosemary Martin Larry Hanold Marilyn VVoolston PLACE: The outer office and principals office of the Alexander Hamilton High School. TIME: The present. Spring. Compliments of the BOWL Join in the sport that twenty million people enjoy! . -s 0' ' ti? P CORONATION GROUP I955 QUEEN OF TWIGS This page I-IERRMANN'S DA , Ind. ' I uthletlcs ,i A M m CHEERLEADERS Alice Ann Smith, Phyllis Jones, Jane Genuy, and Donna Turpin. FIRST ROW: Terry Kruse, Larry Oexrnan. SECOND ROW: Raymond Dilbeck, Dick Dilbeck, Sam Smith, Eddie Hacker, Jack Foster, and Mr. Roettger. THIRD ROW: Jan Messersmith, Frank Sollman, S E C 0 N D T M Garcy Bartlett, Richard Weber, Francis Sollman, and Donnie Town- sen . FORT BRANCH MILL. AND ELEVATOR Master-Mix Feeds Phone 3-3561 "Always is the market for grains' SCHEDULE We They Hazleton 70 52 Lynnville 60 46 Boonville 47 43 Mount Olympus 46 43 Bicknell 64 41 Oakland City 58 53 Mater Dei 59 52 "'Oakland City 56 42 'l'Owensvi11e 62 45 Owensville 52 38 Spurgeon 51 45 Rockport 49 54 Haubstadt 69 49 Princeton 35 37 Francisco 61 39 Holland 51 76 Monroe City 64 67 Dale 52 72 Patoka 63 47 Winslow 44 46 4'Princeton 38 39 'lfstands for tourney games This page sponsored by LOMAX gl DOERNER 31:9 f" 9 gi. 24" A h , ROSTER Larry Trible Sr. 4"""' Larry Georges Sr. ""4"9' Bob Huelsrnan Sr. 'N' Jim Veach Sr. :ff Marvin Pitcock Jr. Charles Scott Jr. Larry Cunningham Jr. Don Kiefer Jr. Paul Odom Jr. David Neufelder Jr. Joey Scott Jr. Compliments of PARKER 81 HEISER Ferguson Implement Dealer Princeton, Indiana Your Massey-Harris- FRESHMAN TEAM Ei 1 I A 1 I FIRST ROW: Terry Kruse, Ronnie Gayer, Mariruth Keegan, Nancy Laib, Larry Oexman, and Allen Blackard, SECOND ROW: Max Hanold, Richard Gladings, Larry Wittman, Albia Yeast, Jack Foster, Donnie Townsend, and Mr, Norrick, Coach, THIRD ROW: Bob Weber, Jan Messersmith, Gerald Allen, Gary Bartlett, Eddie Hacker, and Raymond Martin. FIRST ROW: Judy Corner, Marilyn Townsend, Shon Hooker, and Mary Kuhns. SECOND ROW: Donald Bro- shears, Larry Blackard, Jerry Williarns, Dikie Warren, Gordon Sides, Leland Hasselbrinck, and BobbyDouglas. THI.R.D ROW: Mr. Roettger, Coach: Donnie Rohl, David Murphy, Harry Christmas, John Neidig, Eddie Morris, and Eldon Scott, GRADE TEAM Compliments of WHITE LUMBER CO. Princeton, Indiana "Your Lumber Number" Phone Z2 I BASEBALL FIRST ROW: Gerald Allen, Marvin Pitcock, Frank Sollman, Ian Messersmith. SECOND ROW: Mr. Roettger, Bob Huelsman, Kenny Odom, Sam Smith, Bill Schmits, Larry Cunningham, and Charles Maas. THIRD ROW: Jerry Wilkens, Richard Weber, Francis Sollman, Larry Georges, Gary Bartlett, and Gene Boyle. FIRST ROW: Marvin Pitcock, Bob Huelsman, Larry Georges, Larry Cunningham. SECOND ROW: Terry Kruse, Donnie Townsend, Gary Bartlett, Eddie Hacker, Jan Messersmith, Larry Oexman, and Mr. Norrick. THIRD ROW: Donnie Woolston, Sonny Stallings, Francis Sollman, Danny Neufelder, Donnie Naas, Jack Foster, and Raymond Dilbeck. TRACK , y4Ky, Compliments of I-I. D. "Pappy" Hefley FI..OYD'S GRILL Princeton, Indiana We wish to take this opportunity to thank all of our advertisers, without whose help, this 1955 volume of The Key would have been impossible. W 1-1 , 'M "H .4 I. M . A. Q4 Compliments of DOG'N'SUDS Serving Reed gl Bell Root Beer Sandwiches Kr Ice Cream Wayne Norrick Manford Morrow C. HAROLD GRAY AGENCY Compliments General Insurance Auto Financing 302 E. Vine Street Phone 3-5362 Fort Branch, Indiana of THE VENDALL COMPANY Fort Branch, Ind, Best Wishes to the Class of 1955l! FORT BRANCH GARDENS Compliments of ATTEBERRY'S MARATHON STATION xx A I advertisers THE KEY+I955 1 vs - 1.mv1,,f With the passing of time, the echoes of our school life will grow fainter and fainter, and then die away. Gone forever will be the routine of school life, the fun we had, and friends we made. It is the hope of the 1955 Key Staff that this book will serve as a key to re- capture those memories as you glance over the pages in years to come. SENIOR CLASS OF T955 FORT BRANCH HIGH SCHOOL FORT BRANCH, INDIANA K EW Swear AND TENUER. . . 91' .- '1' WMM 5,51 FE.-f + nennov -ro en ' if n I-I M Compliments of EMGE PACKING C0., INC Packers of Fairview Farm Brand MEAT PRODUCTS U.S. Government Inspected for Your Protection Plants at Fort Branch, Indiana and Anderson, Indiana KUESTER'S GROCERY Phone - 3 -4431 Fort Branch, Indiana Compliments of TWIGS CAFE LIL'S CAFE "A Good Place to Eat Just Any Old Time" Phone 3-3581 Gas -- Oil 1 Red Bank Road Ft, Branch GARBER 'S BEAUTY SHOP Your modern beauty center. Phone 3-78453 Fort Branch, Indiana WALLIS SERVICE STATION Phone 3-7622 Wishing the class of "55" WILLS GRCDCERY General Merchandise High Quality Meats Weathervane Shoes Venetian Blinds the best of Success' Phone 18-L Haubstadt, Lnd. DEWIG BROS. J0AN'5 PACKING co. BEAUTY SHOP Custom Bmchering Hair Cutting and Cold Waves are our speciality. Phone 98-F-2 Fort Branch, Ind. Call 3-3811 Haubstadt Princeton Cmrrplinzvrrts of Compliments of Dr- R- C- Ceick James Leroy Holder, D. D S POODLE'S STANDARD SERVICE Phone 3-3582 Fort Branch, Indiana G. W. THARP Standard Products Agent Haubstadt BARRETT'S BARBER SHOP WOLF CHEVROLET CO. , INC Buick Sales and Service Princeton Phone 130 301 N. Main St. Compliments of 76p 7071 G Meadow Cold Products Princeton. Indiana For good listening tune to WRAY 1250 on your dial Compliments of f Lgzlfzeifaf SZHM Owensville, Indiana I W. B. JOHNSON Insurance for every hazard Real Estate- -Loans- -Notary Owensville, Indiana Office 4-2355 Residence 4-3051 Compliments of THACKER'S APPLIANCE STORE YEAGER'S MARATHON STATION Phone 4-3575 Owensville , Indiana Maytag - Frigidaire Sales - Service YVest Side of Square I. HERSHEL MONROE Your jeweler Princeton, Ind. Phone 46 Compliments of PRINCETON APPLIANCE 86 SERVICE CO. MILLER TRUE VALUE HARDWARE COMPANY Gift Headquarters for Gibson County Quality Jewelry Keepsake -DIAMONDS - Prisilla Elgin - WATCHES-Gruen Princeton Phone 232 Compliments of THE CARD SHOP Greeting Cards SL Gifts Princeton "Norcross Cards of Course" Read All the Latest News in the CLARION-NEWS and DAILY DEMOCRATE Princeton, Indiana GIBCO APPLIANCE CENTER South Side of Square Phone 1199 ' Princeton RCA - Crosley - Thor Bendix - Caloric Sales and Service GREEN'S CLEANING SERVICE Dry Cleaning Renew the Beauty of Your Garments Free Moth Proofing Phone 699 110 East State Princeton For Good Food THE COFFEE SHOP Compliments of SHO PTAUGHS East Side of the Square Princeton Your Walgreen Agency Dining Room for Private Parties Princeton Phone 1124 Compliments TRETTER LUMBER co. of Your profit sharing lumber dealer, BENTS SERVICE GARAGE Phone 3,4442 Phone 3-4561 Ft. Branch Fon Branch' Indiana WILBERT VAULT COMPANY R. M. STORMONT DRUGGIST FORT BRANCH, INDIANA D. T. Woods Orchard Quality Fruits Apples Peaches Phone 2096 Highway 168 Wholesale and Retail Owensville, Indiana Compliments of POLK-GENUNG-POLK CO ' EMMERVS STORE Compliments Sundries Notions of Ice Cream Open 7-days a week, ARROW COACH LINES Phone 16-F-12 Haubstadt LAKEVIEW BEATTY'S 56 to 31.00 sToRE Restaurant Mgtel Candies Always Fresh Standard Station Good Tasty Pop Corn U.S. 41 Ind. 68 Phone 195 Haubstadt, Ind. Princeton, Indiana ROSEMEYER 81 BROWN Real Estate-Insurance-Bonds Phone 3-4471 108 S, McCreary, Fort Branch BLACKARD AND CHANDLER Clothing for the Entire Family Fort Branch, Indiana Conzplinzcnis' of HOEFLINCS SERVICE STATION Phone 704 MCINTIRE AND CRECELIUS Insurance-Real Estate-Bonds 104 Railroad St. Phone 23-33351 Complimcnts of ZZJKJT IC ll 1 Jafwxfnf time Compliments of SWINNEY PRINTING CO. Fort Branch, Ind. Compliments of MARSHALL 'S GROCERY Biggest Little Store In Town Free Delivery Phone 3-5701 Compliments of BAUERMEISTER'S 1,G,A, Food Marker Phone 3-7231 WEBER'S TRUCK AND TRACTOR SERVICE Sand, Gravel, Coal 8a Chat Phone 3-3481 Ft. Branch, Ind. Compliments of WILKINSON LUMBER COMPANY The House of Homes Fort Branch Phone 3-3631 Compliments of GIBSON COUNTY FARM BUREAU COOPERATIVE ASSOCIATION, INC. Complete Farm Supplies Phone 3 -5811 Ft. Branch Francisco Compliments of L. P. WOOLSTON FORT BRANCH CLEANER Phone 3-4641 RAYMOND JR. KUESTER Dealer in Sand -Gravel -Lime -Fuel Oil Phosphate -Fertilizer -Coal Phone 3-3401 Ft. Branch Television Zenith-Emerson -Motorola -Philco Compliments of WRIGHT MOTOR CO. Sales and Service MUNNIER ELECTRIC SHOP -- T ' Biififrff' Q5 ff-"'f.jFi5tgr.:, T I T1 - ,,,-f-' , QA, -V ....-. fr g - -.-J 3 X Phone 3-3791 Ft. Branch T T 'Tm' " Phone 3-5611 Fort Branch MCCARTY' HARDWARE CO. Best of Success Class of "55" Come and See Us Often Bring your Friends Compliments of IDEAL MARKET Phone 3-7631 Ft, Branch "Congratulations" I DEAL Pure Milk Company, lnc. You'll like trading at Schultheis' Congratulations and Best Wishes Qfejimizfiiea o AND S o N 5 Vincennes Reliable Furniture Store Free Delivery in Ft. Branch and Vicinity Every Friday Visitors Welcome Vincennes, Indiana Compliments of SPROWL. BROTHERS Congratulations Fort Branch Seniors from PRINCETON AND ROXY THEATERS l Nationally Known in Locally Owned Princeton, Indiana By Lawrence Gwaltney Ed Thies William Green WHO DOES THE WORK IN YOUR HOUSE? Congratulations Senior Class of 1955 FARMERS AND MERCHANTS NATIONAL BANK Fort Branch, Indiana Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Deposits insured to 810,000.00 for each depositor 0 Ill' iv O la- 2 lffrffv lIl:'I'll ofowoo ,fa gnu .... If you say "Reddy Ki1owatt" you score 100. Reddy is your electrical servant who is always ready to take over your household work at the flip of a switch. Reddy also works for the lowest wages in town - less than 3 cents an hour, on the average, and think of all he does for you. SOUTHERN INDIANA GAS AND ELECTRIC COMPANY Compliments of NUSSMEIER ENGRAVING of Evansville, Ind. ' DEDICATION Ai We, the Class of 1955, wish to dedicate our yearbook, The Key, to Mr. Ben F. Walker in gratitude for time so unselfishly given to us, and for his genuine interest that has guided and inspired us through our four years of high school. We would also like to express our appreciation and esteem to Mrs. Virginia Callis, who has been our sponsor for the four years, and to Mr. Wayne Norrick, our co-sponsor during our senior year. Compliments of PRINCETON FARMS WorId's Finest Popcorn Michel Sales 8. Service Your Oldsmobile Dealer Rockets "88" and "98" Phone 325 112 N. West St. Princeton, Indiana Compliments of Garrett Brothers' Mill Dealers in grain, feed, fertilizer and seed corn Phone 2415 Owensville, Indiana THE HELDT 81 VOELKER COMPANY INCORPORATED Seeds, Binder twine, Hardware, and Implements, 2100 West Franklin Phone 2-2052 Evansville, Ind, Compliments of Compliments of ,N I THE FORT BRANCH FEDERAL E, SAVING 8 LOANS ASS'N. 0 e o 100 McCreary Phone 3-3622 Fort Branch, Indiana " Q ELPERS MOTOR COMPANY Compliments of "UTLEY'S BETTER SERVICE" Sinclair Station Highway 41 Phone 3-5795 Fort Branch, Indiana JONES CAFE Owensville, Indiana A GOOD PLACE TO EAT George, Grace, and wimpy This page sponsored by HONEY KRUST BAKERY of Evansville, Indiana CITY MOTORS, INC. M. T. JONES H. G. LaMar "Your Dodge Dealerv Your D-X Agent I Distributor of Firestone Products Princeton, Indiana Phone 129 Princeton, Indiana I ! Compliments of Compliments of EVERETT HALWES MOTORS FARMERS NATIONAL BANK Chryslepplymouth Princeton, Indiana Phone 1 1202 South Main Street Princeton, Indiana MANNINC IMPLEMENT SALES Compliments I. I. Case Farm Machinery of G.NI.C. Farm Trucks Phone MHF7 R. J. OIL AND REFINING COMPANY Princeton, Indiana Compliments of Compliments of WRIGHT 81 KENDELL Funeral Home SEARS ROEBUCK 8- CO. Phone 371 Princeton, Indiana WHY LOOK FOR A JOB? Become a Lockyear graduate and the job will look for you. Approved: National Association Sr Council of Business Schools--Veterans Administration Accredited: Accrediting Commission for Business Schools LOCKYEAR'S BUSINESS COLLEGE Evansville Indiana INDIANA I This page compliments of I-IEWETT STUDIOS Be STVLUIT - Cook Wifh N U - C A S CONSERVATORY OF FLOWERS , And Get Your Money s Worth "Flowers of Distinctiorz for All Occa.sions" THE NU-CAS CO., INC. "Our Busine.s'.s is Blooming" i I Burton Wilhite, Servicemen - P" - IE 1 I . . Phone 639 imceton, Inc im 1 Princeton, Indlana I I Compliments of 5 C R 'I' Y F E DARWIN S. BOYLE 8. SON 1 Contracting -- - , .. Brush-Painting. .Decorator-Spray The Home of Five cent Coffee Paper Hanging 84 Steaming Phone 24Fl4 Fort Branch, Indiana R.F.D, Princeton, Ind, PRINCETON out COMPANY Compliments of Distributor Mobil Products B I I- I- T 0 S E N D phone 55 I Plumbing and Heating Princeton, Indiana Phone 3'76O1 Fort Branch, Indiana 54.62171 ComP1imem150f OING ELECTRIC COMPANY 103 W. Broadway 303 East Vine Street Phone 3-4184 Fort Branch Phone 1254 Princeton, Indiana Princeton Awning 81 Shade Co , ' '13 Ez E Shi Princeton, Indiana Phone 1061 Day or Night FImL.c,l.S CnnvnsXinQ-:IIgiir1gTi1:dgAxx'ning Alsco Aluminum Storm VVindows. Phone 132 Princeton, Indiana Doors R Perch Enclosures I. L. Tedford. Owner Gibson, Pike, Posey This page compliments of ROMER'S RESTAURANT Phone 3-7685 Highway 41 Fort Branch, Indiana 2- ., . . ' 1. rf ' 'V 9491 n. - - -' , ,.. E-, .V . - 1 . - V .. U., .. -M ,A ,1 '..w' , ' I R A Q r 3 is 1 Q- I- ..' 4 1 ff-w Yunnooxs inistr l'i x. ,151 ' ll fl' -M -1 I Qx lk A w 45 1" r Iii ,". .lg :E 6 '7 I 3' . I, QL! Ji? Qu- I, I I fi

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