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Text from Pages 1 - 76 of the 1947 volume:

an X MEMGRIES GF '47 Published by the Senior Class of '47 Fort Branch, Indiana VVO, the class of 1947, sincorvly elm-clivzxto this Zlllllllill HhrlV0Il10l'i0S of '-17" to our parcllts, who have workvml lllltil'illg'ly and 1lll00i'lSillg'ly to make possible our svhool c'a11'0or, to our many friumls and tvaclu-1's who have helped to make our sc-lluol days ph-asznlt :md happy oxpc-1'i4-lu-vs, and to everyone who has lu-lpwl us to prvpurm- for tho gre-alt hutth- ot' LIFE. IHHIIIHIIIIN 444 51,fsgm...W MN .. W A ,. , MVR? 4 ,gg is af 2 f x 1 s , I W" 7 'gr EX 1-ma f E K 5 . ff f 1. mm... L 4 gf 'wk Q5 iw yAQ-h Liss ff f f H 5. , . 5 sl . S F. . 6. gf Y , , 5 if , i if 75, , wg! 3, ag ,M if i S exif ' i , fi ' . wane ' Kg , ' PQ f fx - 1 ' ' 0 , if gi I v Q s A N 'MF Maw i x. ' . .- .V , A ,.W,.kW , ,, ,. 4 ww ' X ,- wx-,Bw 1 W i ,Mani 'J ' 'Yi' x ' . A MUN ,A 35,4 Li M. ,, . .-,fi A ' -sf mu , . '.a.e,,jb.if5fT" V' 5 W ' f-"'f'f?4 'i ' 4 ,N Y f ' ,, wwpf,-, ' -,. .M Q A- .. -,fy 21- y f- , u. ' YQm.Z"f!,1Ctxs Q f w:2iSm+fz-mit, ,,2.i5WV,v.,?" y Sf' V V , x -ga' rg: ffilssttas Pts' ...W Q21- fs. Cfacujly MRS. ELPERS-Evansville College, Northwestern University. Departmental. MRS. BRCZWN-Oakland City College, Indiana University. Mathematics, Latin and Eng ish. MISS GRAPER-Oakland City College, Departmental. MISS BERGER-Evansville College, Terre Haute Teacher's College. MISS WHITE-Indiana State Teacher's College. Music. MR. MR. MR. MR. MR. TAYLOR-Oakland City College. Ilepartmental and Coaching. WEST-Central Normal College. Connnercial. WALKER-Central Normal College, Indiana University. Science. WEAVER-Evansville College, Indiana State 'I'eacher's College, Maryville College. Social Studies and Departmental. BAKER, Principal-Oakland City College, Indiana State Teacher's College, Indiana University, Stanford University. Absent from picture: MR. LOCKWOODwEvansville College. English and Social Studies. MISS NIEKAMPf-Oakland City College, University of Michigan. Departmental. MRS. CALLIS-Oakland City College, Indiana State Tc-acher's College. English. IC. J. HEMMERv-County Superintendent. W. G. BENTA-Township Trustee. 81fl1:O'l"S MOTTO: We have Crossed the Bay: The Ocean Lies Before Us COLORS: Green and White FLOWER: Red Carnation BOB JACKSON-Secretary Basketball '44, '45, Conservation Club '44, '45, '46, '47, Junior Class Play '46, Senior Class Play '47, Sec'y Senior Class '47. DAVID HILL-Treasurer Junior Class Play '46, Senior Class Play '47, Pres. Conservation '47, Conservation Club '44, '45, '46, '47, Treas. Senior Class '47, Glee Club '44, '45, '46, '47, BOB PHILLIPS Beta Club '47, Junior Class Play '46, Senior Class Play '47, Conservation Club '44, '45, '46 '47, Class Reporter '47, Basket- ball '44, '45, '46, '47, Baseball '44, '46, Class Pres. '44, '45, Basketball Captain '47, Beta Pres. '47. JACK PIKE-President Navy '45, '46, Basketball '44, '45, Seni Class Pres., Glee Club '44, '45, BOB HACKER-Vice-President Basketball '44, '45, Glee Club '44, ' Conservation Club '44, '45, '46, '47, via Pres. '44, '45, '46, Junior Class Play. IRIS ANSLINGER Sunshine Society '44, '45, '45, '47, Glee Club '44, '45, '46, Choir '46, '47, Trio '46, '47, District Music Contest '47, Flower Girl '46, Swingerettes '47, ELOISE BUCK Sunshine Society '44, '45, '46, '47, Glee Club '44, '45, '47, 1 JOYCE CARTER Editor of "Twigs Twitter" '47, Sunshine Society '44, '45, '46, '47, Beta Club '47, Secretary of Beta Club '47, Junior Class 1Play '46, Senior Class Play '47, 3 WILLIAM ABE DILBECK Choir '44, Junior Class Play '46, Senior Class Play '47, Conservation Club '44, '45, '46, '47, Basketball '44, '45, '46, '47. KENNETH PAUL DODDS Basketball '44, Glee Club '44, '45, '46, '47, Yell Leader '45, Junior Play '46, Conserva- tion Club '45, '46, '47. l BONNIE DUNKEL Sunshine Society '44, '45, '46, '47, Glee Club '44, '45, '46, '47, Choir '45, '46, '47, Yell Leader '46, '47, Class Treas. '45, Flower Girl '46, RALPH GENTRY Senior Class Play '47, Baseball '45, '46, '47, Basketball '45, '47, "Argus" '46, True Sportsman Club '44, '45, '46, '47, Treas. of Beta Club '47. GEORGIANN GRAPER Sunshine Society '44, '45, '46, '47, Glee. Club '44, '45, '46, '47, Choir '45, '46, '47, "Twigs Twitter" Staff '47, ' , ELMA DORSAM "Twigs Twitter" Staff '47, Sunshine Society '44, '45, '46, '47, Beta Club '47. SANDRA DOUGLAS Sunshine Society '44, '45, '46, '47, Sun- ishine Corresponding Sec'y '45, Vice-Pres. '46, Pres. '47, Glee Club '44, '46, '47, Choir '45, '46, '47, Junior Class Play '46, Senior Play '47, B. B. Queen Attendant '44, '46, '47, Class Sec'y '45, Class Pl'6S. '46, Orchestra '44, '45, '46, "Twigs Twitter" Staff '47, Beta Club '47, FAYE HASSELBRINCK Sunshine Society '44, '45, '46, '47g Sun- shine Treas. '47, Glee Club '44, '46, '47, Ihoir '45, '46, '47, Junior Class Play '46, 3. B. Queen Attendant '46, B. B. Queen '47, 'Twigs Twitter" Staff '47, Orchestra '44, I5, '46, Swingerettes '47. AILEEN HOFMAN Orchestra '44, '45, '46, '47, Glee Club '44, 45, '46, '47, Choir '45, '46, '47, Swingerettes 473 Trio '47g Junior Class Play '46g Sun- shine Society '44, '45, '46, '473 Beta Club 473 "TWigs Twitter" Staff '47g District Vlusic Contest '47, State Music Contest '46. N WILLIAM JACKSON Conservation Club '44, '45, '46, '47, Glee Club '44, '45, Basketball '44, '45, Junior Class Play '46. BOB MAAS Conservation Club '44, '45, '46, '47g Boy's Chorus '46, '47g Junior Class Play '46, Senior Class Play '47, Glee Club '44, '45. MARY ALLENE MASON Glee Club '44, '47, Choir '47g Sunshine Society '44, '45, '46, '47. w RAMONA POOLE Sunshine Society '44, '45, '46, '47, Oompah Queen '45, B. B. Queen Attendant '44, Class SeC'y '44, Glee Club '44, '45, '46, '47, "Twigs Twitter" Staff '46, '47, Junior Class Play '46, Senior Class Play '47. JESSIE ROBINSON Sunshine Society '44, '45, '46, '47, Glee Club '44, '46, '47, Choir '45, '46, '47, Orchestra '44, '45, '46, Trio '47, State Music Contest '46, B. B. Queen Attendant '45, Junior Class Play '46, Senior Class Play '47, "Twigs Twitter" Staff '47, Dis- trict Music Contest '47. PATRICIA SCHMIT Choir '47, Glee Club '44, '47, Sunshine Society '-14, '45, '46, '47. BENNY MCINTYRE Glee Club '44, '45, '46, '47,' "Twigs Twitter" Staff '47, Boy's Chorus '46, '47, Conservation Club '45, '46, '47. CHARLES MCREYNOLDS Conservation Club '44, '45, '46, '47- WILMA SCHUESSLER Charm Club '44, Biology Club '45, '46 QThese at Reitzj. Sunshine Society '47, BESSIE SMITH Sunshine Society '44, '45, '46, '47, Glee Club '44, '45, '46, '47, Choir '45, '46, '47, Junior Class Play '46, "Twigs Twitter' Staff '47, Senior Class Play '47, Swinger- lettes '47. 4 rx aww 71 1'-4' 'fF'ff1sr 'wus-f" 54 A 5 -f W -Ffkie , Fr NORMA SOLLMAN Sunshine Society '44, '45, '46, '47, Glee Club '44, '45, '46, '47. JUNE WALLACE Glee Club '44, '45, '46, '47, Choir '46, '47, Swinggerettes '47, Sunshine Society '44, '45, '46, '-17. LORETTA WEBER Sunshine Society '44, '45, '46, '47, Beta Club '47, Vice-Pres. of Beta Club, Junior Class Play '46, Senior Class Play '47, "Twigs Twitter" Staff '47, B. B. Queen Attendant '47, Glee Club '-44. BOB YEAGER Sec'y-Treas. '46, Conservation Club '46.' '47, Senior Class Play '47, YVONNE WILHITE Sunshine Society '44, '45, '46, '47g :Orchestra '44, '45, '46, '47g Choir '45, '46, '47, Glee Club '44, '45, '46, '47, State Music Contest '46g District Music Contest '47, "Twigs Twitter" '47, RUTHANN FAIRCHILD Orchestra '44, '45, '46g Glee Club '44, '45 '46, Vice-Pres. '46g Choir '44, '46g Evans- L gg 3 ville College '47, Qlass story On one bright and sunny morning, a mighty force of forty-six timidly marched into the upper assembly to begin their high school career. After becoming a little more acquainted with the ways and customs of the school, we elected the following' officers to steer our auto: DRIVERF-BOB PHI LLI PS5 ASS'T DRIVER-BOB HAt'Kl'IHg SIGN READER-Mt PNA Pt It lllltl. The backseat drivers were Miss Niekamp and Mr. llenuner. To repre- sent us at the Uompah we selected Sandra Douglas and Jack Pike. The BB. Attendants were Mona Poole and Sandra Douglas. Our social life in our green years was eontined to a scavenger hunt which included the whole town. Boy! were we tired! ! ! lVe returned the next year minus eleven ot' our erewinates. 'llhey were Wendell Bray, Buddy Burke, Kenneth llinds, Ruth llarmon, liohhy Joe Douglas, t'arol Jean Dyson, Doris Allen May, llenrietta t'ohh, Wayne Sturgeon, Junior lioyles and tllen t'henoweth. ltalph Gentry and Anna lieu Kelly joined us. lint this did not discourage us as we kept el111g'gi11g':1long'. Hur crew which tried to regulate our steam were: l1INtllNl'll+IR-HUB l'llll,l.lI'Sg FIRIGMAN-B014 IlAt'Kl'IIig SIGNALMAN-SANDRA lltilttl-IAS, SWl'I't!llltlAN--l5tlNNlI+I IIUNKIGI.. Our hrakenlen who tried to control us were Miss Skelton and Mr. Lockwood. Hur tloinpah candidates were Mona Poole and Boh Phillips who were crowned king' and queen. tlur B.B. Attendants were Jessie ltohinson and Alice Ann Purcell. ' Hur Sophomore year was higllligrlited with a "kid" party. Such original costumes that were displayed!! With our Sophomore year ending' so gaily, we anxiously looked forward to our Junior year. We took off with soaring hopes for a super year. Four members bailed out: Alice Ann Purcell, Hugh Mounts, Lillian Hickrod and Cecil Hurt. The crew was increased by twonew fliers, Janie Meredith and Bob Yeager. Our Junior year flew past with the following crew: PILOT-SANDRA DOUGLAS, CO-PILOT-RUTHANN FAIRCHILD 5 BOMBARDIERF-BOB YEAGER5 1 RADIO-MAN-BOB JACKSON. - Our instructors for '45'46 were Mrs. Brown and Mr. Weaver. Abe Dilbeck and Mary Allene Mason were our Oompah candidates while we chose Faye Hasselbrinck and Sandra Douglas for our B.B. Atten- dants. This year we received our class rings which we considered the prettiest ever worn around F.B.H.S. We also received our green and white sweaters in time for the Invitational Tourney. My, were we Proud! ! This year we celebrated with a Christmas party a11d named our team i11 the class tourney, "Bubo's Bobcats." Having had great success with our Class Play, we splurged by having a super reception. We cruised through our Senior year with full steam ahead. Those who fell overboard were Anna Lou Kelly and Janie Meredith. lVe welcomed Jack Pike back from the Navy. The officers of our ship were: CAPTAIN-J ACK PIKE 5 CO-CAPTAIN -BOB HACKER, N AVI GATOR-BOB J ACKSON 5 TORPEDO-MAN-DAVIG HILL 3 RADIO-MAN-BOB PHILLIPS. Our supervisors were Mrs. Brown and Mr. Baker. Our Oompah candi- dates were Janie Meredith and Bob Jackson. Faye Hasselbrinck was the basketball queen with Sandra Douglas and Loretta Weber as at- tendants Our final year was started off with a chili supper and a hayride. Br - - This year fairly tlew--Class Play, Annual, etc., and we found we were really busy. Our team this year was called "The Green Hornets" and the other teams really felt our sting. We hate to say goodbye to the old school but each is anxious to see what awaits us after gradua- tion. So, so long. ? , fass Cgvroplzccy 0 '47 As I walked up the steps to the old "Alma Mater" who should open the door but JOHN ROBERT HACKER. Immediately I wondered if Bob had succeeded Mr. Baker as the principal of the great high school, but after conversing with him for a few minutes he enlightened me on the subject. It seems that Bob 's main occupation is farming while he devotes a little time to an Owensville girl. Yes, kids, he finally decided to settle down and save wear and tear on the Plymouth. As we continued to saunter down the hall, I bumped into another classmate, RALPH FRANKLIN GENTRY, JR. Bud told me that he was preparing to run for president in a few years, but in the meantime was hunting for a brunette who was not a Hboogey-woogey-ite." Leaving Buddy, we went down the still dark and dismal stairs into the old gym. Upon entering this beautifully decorated gym, my heart turned ha flip-flop. There was something so familiar about it and that song that the orchestra is beating out-where had I heard it before? ? Suddenly it dawned on me that these are the same decorations we had used for the J unior-Senior Reception in 1946, and the "Victory March" was the theme song of our orchestra. What a perfect setting for our 10th class reunion. I was startled to hear a voice behind me. When I turned around, I thought I recognized the face, but still no one in the class had been so handsome. Suddenly I realized that it was BOB JACKSON. Bob told me that he was now an actor in Hollywood, under the name of Robert Powers. He also told me that another classmate had gone west too. MARY ALLENE MASON is playing opposite Roy Rogers in her be- loved cowboy movies. Suddenly something hit me on the head. When I glanced up at the ceiling, I saw that it was just BENN Y McINTYRE trying to fasten the crepe paper back. Later I learned that Benny had succeeded Mr. Mc- Intire as janitor of the one and only school. Just then the orchestra struck up another number. It sure was grand to see so many of our old classmates all together. There was RUTH- ANN FAIRCHILD at the piano. Although the outstanding music teacher of the state, she chose to return to F.B.H.S. to teach. And there 's the former SANDRA LOU DOUGLAS. Having had me as her first partner, she is now playing the bells with her husband, Yehudi, the famous violinist. They have a small son named "Doug" so maybe she isn't playing second fiddle to the fiddle. The music is interrupted by JACK PIKE. Jack has made the Navy his career. I accidentally heard that Jack has a girl in every port but no special girl in any port. Jack is announcing that the trio will now render "I'm Only Ninetten." After a minute I realized I had belonged to that so I found my way to the stage. There I found J ESSIE ROBIN- SON and IRIS ANSLINGER. These two girls had been leading much the same type of lives. Iris is on the "Hit Parade", while Jessie is featured on "Waltz Time." After finishing our number we three re- returned to our seats to discussiold times. V KENNY PAUL DODDS, who has his own orchestra at the Stork Club, is our next soloist. We came to the conclusion that the 1947 Senior class certainly had talent that got places. ELMA DORSAM is the head cook at the Stork Club and is very' famous for her Southern Biscuits which she learned to make in Home Ec. at F.B.H.S. I noticed that the lights were dimming and the music was very soft. Out on the stage steps our school-day crooner, ABE DILBECK. While listening to his arrangement of "Stardust", I learned that he is co- starring with Iris on the Hit Parade. So tune in every Saturday night at 8:00 and listen to the famous students of F.B.H.S. My attention was suddenly diverted from the stage by a group of voices at the table next to me. There I found ELOISE BUCK, NORMA SOLLMAN and GEORGIAN N GRAPER. Norma is a famous hair stylist while Eloise is alworld known designer. Eloise told me they were soon leaving for Hollywood to work at a studio. Sure seems that Ft. Branch 's population is decreasing while Hollywood's is increasing. As for Georgiann, she is the world's champion typist. She now occupies her spare time by writing 11ew speed test books, and when completed, they will be presented to her beloved old institution. Actually the school is getting some different speed tests! ! . When I turned around there stood CHARLES MCREYNOLDS and DAVE HILL. Charles told me that he had married that little blonde We tried to find out about in our Senior days, and recently was crowned "Wheat King" of Gibson County. Dave is the editor of the Evansville Courier, now a democrat paper. I thought that paper had a familiar twang to it! ! 4 The drum section aroused our interests and as we looked to see who was doing such a good job on "THE MARCH OF THE WOODEN SOLDIERS" I saw that it was the former FAYE HASSELBRINCK. Wonder if Faye uses those same sticks on Bill Jr.? Swinging the bass drum stick was the former MONA POOLE, now the wife of Indiana's governor. Seems that Mona has gotten to be quite a prominent social lady. Playing the clarinet was YVON NE WILHITE, who is now an air hostess on the HTWIGS TWITTERH of which BOB PHILLIPS is the pilot. Talking to them later, Bob hinted that there were special rates for any old classmates who were brave enough to go up, to which Yvonne add that she had a good supply of air-sick pills. Seems that they know their old classmates pretty good! I strolled over to a table where BESSIE SMITH was sitting. Bessie has turned out to be quite glamourous, having won the "Miss America" beauty contest in 1952 down in Florida. I heard rumors that Bob Jack- son would like to have her as his leading lady in his next movie. Here's hoping! Also at the table was ROBERT LEE MAAS, who is now the mayor of Evansville. Although he may be the boss of that progressing city, a certain little blonde reigns over his household. ' I continued over to the next table and there sat two of my old pals. LORETTA WEBER is now the wife of an Evansville professor and seems to enjoy society life. JOYCE CARTER is the now well-known professorite of Purdue University. A glint in her eye told me that there was perhaps another professor that is helping her to build dreams in- stead of bridges. At the next table was the former BONNIE DUNKEL and JUNE WALLACE. Bonnie and Perk took the fatal "step and now have a couple of little "Perks". June is about to tie the strangling knot with a Poseyville guy. June just decided she couldn't or wouldn't live any- where but in Poseyville. Bonnie told me that PATRICIA SCHMIT was the only Senior absent. Pat and her sailor are now residing in Hawaifi. Better be careful of those little hula-hula girls, Pat! ! Just then a booming voice diverted my attention. It was none other than ROBERT YEAGER. Bob is now traveling salesman and usually he can arrange his schedules to fit wherever "Army" Ls playing. He told me that he had met up with another classmate while touring the wets. WILMA SCHUESSLER is sawed in half every night. Now don 't get alarmed, she .married a magician. BILL JACKSON strolled up and I learned that he had married Lois and they were living west of town on the farm. Bill was recently elected "Corn King". Now you can see our class had talent. As it is getting late, I had better hurry, As for myself, my love for traveling has gotten the best of me and to date I have flown around the world twice. In my free time, I write the feature stories for the New York Times, having had my first experience on the "Twig Twitters". This reunion has been wonderful for each of my classmates has gone far beyond the goals I had set for them. Woiicler what tl1e next ten years hold for us-well-we'll see at our 1967 class reunion. Farewell to all until then. --AIIQEEN HOFMAN. Qlass of '47 Ralph Gentry-My intelligence to Kenneth Romershausen. Charles McReynolds-My ability to keep out of meaness to Bob Neu- felder. Benny Mclntyre-My mimeograph job to Carl Westerman. Norma Sollman-My "pug" nose to Betty Beadle. Eloise Buck-My nicknames such as, Freckles, Tootsie and Shorty to Eleanor Douglas. David Hill-My position as treasurer to an honest, trustworthy Junior like myself. Kenneth Paul Dodds--My small feet to 'George J ohn-son. Mary Allene Mason-My chewing gum to Mr. Walker. Sandra Douglas-My position as president of the Sunshine Society to a Junior. Bob Yeager-My love for football to Don Elpers. Elma Dorsam-My upper locker to a short Junior girl. Bob Hacker-My ability to miss school and still get A's, to Jerry Kiefer. Bonnie Dunkel-My yell leading ability to Don Wallace. Patricia Schmit-My moccasins to Phyllis Fougnies. June Wallace-My ability to talk in Mr. Weaver's class and get by with it to John Johnson. Bob Phillips-All my luck to "Kinko". Loretta Weber-My glasses to anyone who will have them. Abe Dilbeck-My style of crooning to some Junior Swooner. Bessie Smith-My bobby socks to Bernadine Mclntire. Iris Anslinger-My hair to Bonnie Blum. Ramona Poole-My smile to Norma Boyles. Faye Hasselbrinck-My position as basketball queen to some Junior girl. Bob Maas--My ability to understand Chemistry to Mr. Walker. Jessie Robinson-My carefree ways to Mrs. Brown. Yvonne Wilhite-My ability to stay home and sleep mornings to Slug Gwaltney. Bob J ackson-My Latin book to some unfortunate underclassman. Joyce Carter-My position as editor of the "Twigs Twitter" to a Junior. Bill Jackson-My ability to sleep in assembly charges to any under- classman. Aileen Hofman-My nickname "Huffy" another Hofman. VVilma Schuessler-My sewing ability to Pauline McCarty.. Georgiann Graper-My typing ability to Roger Mayer. Jack Pike-My Naval ability to some other classman. Ruthann Fairchild-My driver's license to Paul Hasselbrinck. CD QVVIOY' 6,6188 DON'T KEEP HIM WAITING A COMEDY IN THREE ACTS PRESENTED BY SENIOR CLASS FORT BRANCH HIGH SCHOOL ON FRIDAY, APRIL 11, 1947 EIGHT O'CLOCK P. ML CAST OF CHARACTERS Jeff Ramble, a camera fan ............................................ .I..... B ob Phillips Toodles, his younger sister ................... - ............ ............, J oyce Carter Betty, his older sister, who pays the bills .......... .............. S andra Douglas Owen, his father, an armchair traveler ........... ........ W illiam A. Dilbeck Selina, his aunt, a horoscope fan .................. ...........,.... B essie Smith Jinny, a good little pal ........................... .,,...., J essie Robinson Chester, who is allergic to work .......... ........... B ob Yeager Sally Lou, who fascinates ....,,............... ......... L oretta Weber Minerva, who giggles ...................,,....,.,.,.,,,.,. ........ M ona Poole David Vance, who is tired of waiting ........ ....... B ob Jackson Amos Atkins, an antique dealer ............. ........ B ud Gentry O'Toole, who wants his money ........................ ....,.. D avid Hill Radio Announcer ...,....................................,,......... ....... B ob Maas PLACE: The Ramble home in a small city. TIME: The present. Summer. SYNOPSIS ACT ONE: The Ramble living-room. Four o'clock on a hot Saturday afternoon in August. ACT TWO: Scene One. The same. Four o'clock on the following Monday afternoon. Scene Two. The same. Four o'clock on Thursday afternoon. ACT THREE: The same. Four o'clock on Friday afternoon. Stage Manager-William Jackson. Prompter-Elma Dorsam. Properties-Georgia Ann Graper, Eloise Buck, and Mary Allene Mason. Advertising-Faye Hasselbrinck, Bob Hacker, and Bob Maas. In-between-acts--Aileen Hofman, Iris Anslinger, Kenneth P. Dodds, Yvonne Wilhite. Ushers-Ruthann Fairchild,,June Wallace, Jack Pike, Norma Sollman Bonnie Dunkel, Pat Schmit, Charles McReynolds, Benny McIntyre . Wilma Schuessler. Y 7 Director-Mary C. Brown . ' Produced by special arrangement with The Dramatic Publishing Co. of Chicago. William Abe Dilbeck Ruthann Fairchild Joyce Carter Yvonne Wilhite Bill Jackson Norma Sollman Jessie Robinson David Hill Bob Phillips Aileen Hofman Benny McIntyre Bob Maas Iris Anslinger Bob Hacker Faye Hasselbrinck Bonnie Dunkel Loretta Weber Jack Pike Bessie Smith Charles McReynolds Ralph Gentry Elma Dorsam Kenneth Dodds Sandra Douglas Wilma Schuessler Bob Yeager June Wallace Georgiann Graper Robert Jackson Eloise Buck Ramona Poole Pat Schmit Mary Allene Mason enior 'Cginiiials who 's Qylmo Waiting an' Dreaming Really Fast Jolly Chum Youthful Woman Big Joke Nice Senior Jiving Reputation Daily Hangover Best Player Always Happy Beats Machines Best Mixer Irresistible Angel Best Husband Future Housewife Boogey Dancer Loyal Worker Jolly Person Busy Senior Charming Man Real Gentleman Ever Diligent Keen Dancer Sure Dependable Willing Student Big Yap! ! Just Wishing! Giggling Girl Really Jolly Ever Busy Real Personality Peppy Schoolgirl Moody and Mannerly The "Crooner" Flippiest Flip Most Ambitious Future Ladies aid Most Dependable Prettiest Eyes Jolly Senior Happy-go-lucky Best Athlete Best Musician Biggest Tease president Best all-around student Most Conceited One most likely to Best girl dancer Best Personality Student's Choice Cutest Dimples Prettiest Girl Most Faithful succeed Future U.S .President Most Serious Best boy dancer Best Groomed Most Bashful Biggest burden on Future Housewife Friendliest Dream Boy Neatest Dazzling Smile Lady Spitfire Pin Up Girl taxpayers September October October October November November November December December December December December Dec. 20 to January QCIIGWCIGT 20-Initiation. of new Sunshine members. Party followed. 14-Oompah. Eleanor Douglas and Kenneth Jackson were crowned Mr. and Mrs. Oompah. 25-Senior Hayride and Chili Supper. Br-rrrr! 30-Group Pictures. Watch the birdie! 14-Senior Graduation Pictures. That's alll 23-District Sunshine Convention. Flat tire. Nuff said. 15-Sunshine Meeting. 1 4-Junior Class Play "A Credit to the Family". 9-Sunshine Meeting. 10-Mr. Little 's Guidance. 17-Christmas Program. 1 18-Sunshiners went caroling. Dashing through the snow! 30-Christntas Vacation. ' 1-Invitational Tournament. Owensville won. January 8, 9--Examinations! January January February February February February Feb. March March March March March March March March April .April April April May May May May 27, 19, 17-Sunshine Meeting. 30-Beta Club Supper for Mackey and Francisco Beta Clubs. 7-Good and Bad Manners Play given by Beta Club. 12-V-Roy. 14--Valentine Tea for Juniors and Seniors. 21-Sunshine Meeting. 28-Sectional Tournament. Princeton won. 7-Mario Cappelli. 10-Adv. Typing class entertains Basketball Boys. Steaks! 13-Mother-Daughter Banquet. 17-Francisco Betas entertain Ft. Branch's Club. 20-Class Tournament. 21-Sunshine Meeting. Election of officers. 23-Marlette School Operetta. 26-"King of Kings". 11-Senior Class play "Don't Keep Him Waiting". 17-Installation of Sunshine Officers. 19-State Sunshine Convention at Sheridan. 25-Lilac Festival. 4-Baccalaureate. 5-Junior and Senior Prom and Banquet. 7-Final Exams-Used our last brain. 9-Commencement-This is the end. Lips. ,jzfd Maja NOQN Sufermvfy .13 nl fxfaj Dream Bag B vb.: nhafva, 9?iCERS is is nigga EOM ggm 50-5 gh 223 8-gg but V 0-5639 .gsm m-hoigaw 2926 mg MEPEH B55 Bmz Madam ash D385 gsm :N no-mam JE HO :QB 39332 :Nm SE manga 'Sasha 05 5 :gaps og? DMU-EO Ozgggm gvsmeim gag H E gsm at Bagan- Ham Q4 0.56, as uma. UEPCEAA 31 E05 3. E ya-:H :Q :M-EM: its EE.-Bm :Degas :ESO its COUEOEHE H4 w-vCOEOaw N N N N N N 58-3 8 MEOU germ .HE MO vga gpm Us E grsw 325002 Ee ggi Egg -EE 8 22-3 ogom 50 ESEED Ho 05 E nipaghdm H935 :desk Sago 5 HSCE 3380.5 3555 H2806 Nags' H2-Sa 2534 Mmm 0528! MO! 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E4 WEEE wggxm H862 Q .E is was bcm Egw hz NO B23 PEE H MSU N38 ME Ngo EWOM he O E gsm apwgm mg :GH ig? :gn O-Em :0wOA'. V :van-um :UB NNE? gm nga ECU E392 .azz .32 .go -EEE! N Q-E5 gp 53,20 ECU maegm A Ea as :swag-nm 3-E 302, was :Om gwgr :Om F556 :EGM 093595 Nm-:am WEOESMQS M2526 xsemn B4 WEVOQ M 50-MEM wg:-Em :Om 5392. Em H-Ogogv :Om .Manga Pagan Em E35 EEHENM Sass! :aim adm no-im 335 kgmmmagom N-Eg? Egan WEE Haag Cigwhao CNE-Em NESZ gsm S-Beam BE-ma BEDS, Com-:ex emma' xoiuegmdm Obi 08:55 ga. Heian Beam grim swam 3-mga SOA seam .BME-WCQ mm: Evgs 05:4 has Ewetm -assi H825 0985 'Sea Sugoi! gh-Nz Ks N fl fi" Pvcrfl Sgfltics S.cXffgfYSl i H w-mvfvw l Y iw ' Thr: L:'rc-ffcsf Bismlul 77 Z,. C2 1-2 6 f S 6 DQ fi Jlifiii D X . ' 34 A l .2 .M A M KJ ' Lf nf. -1-, L f"L."+f Av, swat-a waccalaureaie Cgrogram SUVNDAY, MAY 4, 1947 Processional .......... ......... P omp and i'ircumstzmco Invocation ..............................,.A...,, .................. R ov. McMillan Q9 . . "Angel Volces Ever Slllglllgn .,... Scripture and Announcements ......... ....,..Girls Gleo Club .........Rev. McMillan Vl0l1l1 S010 ..................................... .............,. A ilcon Hofman Sermon .........,,....,.,..,.,,.A , ,v..,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,. "Day Is Dying' In The West" ..... .....,,, Benodiction ..... Q ...,.....,.,,,.,,,,,,,,,,, .Rev. C. J. Limlauer .High School Chorus McMillan OVVL1fVL81flC61'1'l61flZ X X rogram FRIDAY, MAY 9, 1947 PFOCeSSi0llal-Pomp and iill'0lllllSi2lllf'O ., ... ...,. IN lary M. liurell "America" CStanzas 1 and 43 ,.,,, ,, 1.?......,A,...,. A mlienee IllVOC2ltl0l1 ..,... ,,,.,.....,.....,,.,,,,,,,,,,.,..,,,,,, I iev, VPUIIIHS Taylm' Piano Duet ,....................... ,,.,. l iuthann Faircllilal and Mary M. Buren introduction of Speakel '.,,. .. ..,...... l'rinc-ipal W. A. Baker Address .............,.,.,,.,.......,Q.........,,. ...............,,.. I it-v. 'l'l1vmlm'e SC'i1lllll2lK'il0l' e Pastor, Salem l'lvang'elic'al and R0f0l'lll Ulinrvh, iillllllllglllllg' "In A Garden" ......,..,...........,..,,.. ........ - .,,.,....,...,.........,... ..,... I A lirls Give Flulb "Deep In My Heart, Dear" ..... ..............,... ll lixed iill0l'llS Presentation of Awards ......,.,,.,..................,..., .....,. I 'rineipal W. A. Baker "A Perfect Dayn by Carrie Jacobs Bond ............................................., Anslinger, Aileen Hofman, Jessie Hnhinsfm Presentation of Diplomas ..... ..... C 'ounty Superilltendent IC. J. ii0lllIll0l' Benedietion ..,l,. ..,., R ev. TUIIIEIS Taylm' CMTQJGTCZGSSWGW ! wwf W 2 i 5 3 +3 Q 5 ...,J..... .M . n. , 5 A W E i , 1 i l 5 A 1 ii V ii' I L . 5 M ifggw , m2g.g4iQsQLWLKQ l f , l 'I g 53,1152 M g1iifi, 5 if WLT i ku, YT .:':1 5 q:" Q -- Q--5 S N ,. H .Q-, QE..-655, K , gi M I. as- U wg,-:ig 2 Q5 Y X I I lv E . Nw.. if . ' R 5 K Q W' H X -if " -TK . gs an 9 ig ' f Q5 ,, s i "A Credit to the Familqn CHARACTERS Father-Eddie Bales .................. .............,................. ...............,..... M r . Stone Mother-Jean Rohl ........................ ................................ M rs. Stone Jerry Stone-Alan Hickrod ......... .......................,............,A. t heir son Helen Stone-Aline Mcllree ......... .... ....... .............,....., t h e ir oldest daughter Mary Ann--Marjorie Gray .......... ....... ................................ t h e youngest of the family Jane-Betty Beadle Mary Ann's friends Mary-Millie Meny Jo-Ruth Rexing Elliott-Jimmy Barrett Jack-Donnie Elpers ...................... ...............,.,......................,,.... H elen's boy-friend Trudy Jones--Roberta Reeves ......... ............................. o f uncertain name M1's. Tyson-Phyllis Fougnies ........ ......,. a wealthy widow Robert-Jack Boren ........,............................,,.... .....,,,,,,.,,,,.,,,, h er son A State Trooper--Don Wallace ............................. .................. t he law Place: The living-room of the Stone home. Time: The present. SYNOPSIS ACT ONE: Early Afternoon. ACT TWO: A short while later. ACT THREE: Two days later. unior lmgition Alan Hickrod-To own a Bookie. J ack Boren-To stop growing. Carol Heldt-To make a man. Don Elpers-To become an airplane pilot. Ed Bales-To live to be 100. Jim Barrett-To see t.he world. Robert Lockhart-To become an airport owner and a pilot. Jean Reed-To be a dish washerand pot slinger. Phyllis Fougnies-To marry and settle down. Betty Kruse-To become a housewife. Evelyn Schuessler-To learn to draw tSomething besides girlsj. Betty Jane Beadle-To be an opera singer. Phyllis VVoods-To own a Beauty Shop. Rovilla Carter-To go to college. Ruby Hamilton-To graduate with highest honors. Millie Meny-Be able to learn how to swim. Eleanor Douglas-To be able to make banana cream pie. Norma Boyle-To be a champion skater. Kenneth J ackson-To own a night club. Mary Ann Block-Private Secretary. Viola Weiss-Good cook and housewife. Mary Ann Bayer-Bookkeeper. Pauline McCarty-To become .an A student. Ruth Rexing-To yell at a state final basketball game. Lois Riddle--To be able to play the piano as good as Frankie Carle. Walida Silkey-Stay in the Beta Club. Marjorie Gray-A good driver. Mary Lou Borders-Psychiatrist. Bob Sides-To grow as tall as "Jug" Boren. Ray Willianison-To be 011 the state champion basketball team. Kenneth Earl John Charles Romershausen--To own and drive a racer Floyd Silkey-To inherit a fortune. Don WVallace-To be the greatest man in the world. Logan Neufelder-To be an artist. Carl Westerman-To- be or not to be. Clara Dixon-To become a vocalist. Bernadine Mclntire-To be a housewife! ! Jean R'ohlTTo marry a farmer. Bobbie Reeves-To be able to eat and sleep anytime I please. Aline Mcllree-Lab. technician. Norman Thompson-Make A in chemistry. Harold Gwaltney-To get 50 miles to a gallon of gas. Vesta Ferguson-To be liked by everyone. Kenneth Weber-To be a farmer. Arnold Michel--To be a farmer. ff' w A A N . 4 A if f H , 5 , .47 ,,. . ,,, , A , ' in " Sf ,Ag 5 , S 5 5 x T5 Q E tx 4, 1 ', ,rj fi g , 'rg 5 -- 1 Q , 1 ar ' W: Y QI fe, WJ 4 Rug 5 wx fi M. ,mars 1 5 Wg 5 15, if F' Q K , f f Q ,L 1 :w if W- iz. .sf . f M ' Q 3 ,w-A Jin , 1 MW S w 4 1 I s if ...,,. ...MM - E ,,.......4s...,,.,,,, X.,x.,.M , ..A..W,.,i X . i i M 5 fx ?am-sw ,N N, V 2 . ,..E.,,. Q gum-N 1 5 MM MQ M5 6144 ai? 43' f Q 5 D .. 3, . ,. 3 5 E, ,,,, EH sg x W gf X if K 2 . if X x X S, .Q X. X Y A Ns 1 -rv' . . ..... X , ,. .M X ,Y Q E 3 ,S A E y :E +1 Hb bw yi S egg? Y z, x Qi bk Hg.. Q , lg ff fi. ' ,sf- N16 N . lk 9 .Q 5, .. Y m 'iw . 1 Q . 25 19345 , .+V W A f ,,. Q ':, R Q N 5 A Q as Qq,Aq R M gate sQ'SQ6m'Fw as se rw, i- S Rx .ff E V H an M ,K Q wx Qw Z , y ' ' 'Si 5 i 1 2' 4? ,wk M J N . i i2 5ff ?Q Q Tiff A X if a "' 'gf Q 5 f ,i 'E' 2. xg, y . .fw is-V A .. :Q Y 3 Q 5 X we Q 4 G QA f YI Q -' 2. i 'f' E S R5 K 'W ,Q as 'Y X 0 S 1 at Q i is 116' Q .Af fi 5 9 S' 'fines Mi M, ,.,, HJ T .., ,., ,,,,. WWW AX., f N? Q my I ., K Sa ff m Q if xv sg R YW' X swf sf 'vw K gif ix J. LN W :H W, Q S5 im if 2 K X Qi! , 1 rw 4, ff? -F Q, me l wf 1 1 Y , -Q, Kia , tif In , X, - Q s wi, wi! E 'Eng 3,13 .W sg 'R , il: - H Q i , , S .f 'X X - x , X? '14 X .x garewell gram a Qjenior When We close our school books with a sigh At the end of twelve perfect years, We wonder what problems ahead do lie But each will be met without fear. When we entered as Freshman, we were fifty strong We wanted to see these four years fly past But now'as Seniors we realize how wrong For the time has flown so fast. We 've grown strong in body and mind. We 've worked and studied for days On lessons that were due at a certain time But we received more than just grades. We 've learned to work and play together And to willingly help each other. N o matter the kind of weather ' We considered our classmates as brothers. Much honor goes to our teachers Who so patiently tolerated us. It wasn't all cream and peaches To them a salute is a must. And to our many pals and friends ' Who in the future will fill our places. We hope you will remember our grins And speak to us whenever you see our faces. A -AILEEN HOFMAN Ngf 8071 5Kate""3 - ' u 1 1 f ll I E lun. I . M ' :QQ as is 5' f . I ' J 00 WOO - F.- 2 2 9 E x E i ALMA MATER 6, Cllueev De 8,51 Ffovvfl, Sobhovno-re. Kiel. Panrfv 44.2 u. , 3 v a. 1 Kinkou Akin 744.-.K 'X nVrou,fJ1 1 5 4 -4- -4. f . . - , .V K. 4. 1 1 Q f .X Aawixsxsa-f2.2ae3s+5w.1 4f 5 ' . .1 .u1w.,," , frff Lf -M., L ..go,.V.. .M TV .-... 1 . . I Qs V , V N ,. ggig.-. , . . V. V . - I ... .5 Q, . -4. pf' V , QL 'fa ' V Vg: Vgggzf ' v-11" 4 , 3 . ",-3.21 , Q 'M' V va,-L ' . , 12,9 ,. 1 . -.iff . . -wfwfili ,V , 'v','?"'1v Fl ri-iii A , V ' " U 2115'- , .a. 4 , ' ,: .' V X , , , 1 1 . ... : .142 ' C 'fi ' ' -.ff r , . .. LVL.: . ,. . 'f v g V V 5, , r ' ' . . ., ' ' . V 'g H , K. f . A F V . n , ' . V + v ,,-3, 5f..V,' HV- ,INV ' 4 .' ' X, ' 'Ve' Vx 'I , X H ,, M. " ' ' fi! ' ,Lf 5. :V.,VVV A ,, V., QV. ,V .-V.,1,, . V ,5. A . 4' w - N: . -N 41ifV:,,x,1.x., J - , . jj -341 M -" V ,w.,.-ka ,.,. , V - - , .. V .1 5,0 . f . ,. rg :".m, 1 ,.f- . 1- V ,z 5, fV f1,.,3y 2, fy ,, V 59 ,Lk- f ' I"'.'-' ,, lub' .JL5 ' X! - 1 i W ffl? ' """f:?:l"i -,, -711' --fg - . V ,V, -V V. ggftig-.F Vl!V.mAf.i , . - ,, J- ' - . ., . .U D V ,N If -.,,V...V " A.'!' A.. na ' I .Siu . ul LTl5 2 Q e 3 3 4- t . , ,W .N 6 b 3 D V K if 'D A 'WL 4 . X . 5 if 1 tyruig ,ij Ar,5 14,3, 3' ,K Q ,nf 4 J ,. Q 5 ig Mr ,Z ,Q A 9 Q, ' A E if Q. ,ni yas 51' f -Q1 kv. -1 S 2 if Q 5 .fi Q Q in as 1 1 ' Y X A Y' 4 4 g f X .., if -1. ,gk v !i 1 Q wax Q it as - ' fa 35' v 2gi w Sf 9 5 Wi J Q ' fs' W . ,,.. X F , 5 F I X 135 5 1 -A Q-- H' M -1 ., Qb'-f- M W' , K -ff' x X xg x W . . H-X ' ' S 9 ' ',1v- X? N ' "': " ," 5' ?:,?':Eg.. I if X, b M' "' - f Q J.i..w-.2-J-.zxrd '- -'X -X. s as vw- 1 ' ll 5 J Q H" ' ' 'N' M 4 ig 3 5 . my ,xgzww in Q .2 , M , 1 ff wi 1 45' ,Q .4 K if fu f x. 4 99 ,wg f"ii?i' Li' 553 5 W! 'D 55153 , Yf.' an 'Al If .V , gg 1 ,kv i 'a 1- g 3 Q ,, 5 ,X QQ ' x 'Q ii S. A ,aw .-.Q awww. ' WP' i Q 'p X Q: 6 R Q .' i ,. .. ..., x ,.. .. . ,z e Wi-.. . .W , -3e ,...LQ S is ,mf Q Q E sf, v . ws' 1 4 , Maw.-, """" " fu i . 3 , A L , f M ,,,,x,1,H.,, 4. , Y ,.,..,,,.W,.W,.f.. , , f i 2 W.- ,-, , .,W.,..,i.,. ,.. ,, ,M ,,,,.,M. mm.. ' A .Q 1 a Q ,W,,T,. ,....,,,.,.-F.,,. .. 'N ,MWMQ0 ,,,,,,,,,,,,,?,,..,,.,...., ., s , x .xii 3, W 4, gg Q 2,1 - QQ? .. 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" WW F - .,A. , ,,., , ,-,ML,i K , WL,MiwMrWMiM r N i . .EMM v.., .,,. , A gmwwym 4 N, VAAA ,,.. F,W.: M almm?w5M MM X, W N. ..,,,,,, V -,-- avi Iwqikrig A Q i E Q 3 in Y i '15 "Q. - N' hw, Q. M 5 55, S 3. Q aging X, as sg yM,,,, 'W " 2 ' - 15, f his Q if Q .. Q ' K f Q A g,1,.f- 3 W " ' V :ff Q N 1 1 -sun: ' ,. V ' I 1 A ' i S 1 SQA 1 A r W . M ge3,..g2'Q-5 5 ,Q-.A is V 'S 1 , Q Q-5 uu ' I . 4 'Q S X , Q Q . . . S i 3 ' A' A L 4 , f v. . , 1 Q 'NOP , 5 . 3 R E ,Q i?E""'9? . if f h w u ,Q"f 1f,:iA 1. 0 5 1 4 ,,,,. , t E 5 5 i M-draw-A. K , iw it I , 'Q u .Az ty ,, ,S 5 5 wwf' W! 5 m 3 17 A '12 x Q I 5 Q Q. Kifn J, W ,M4 A . gg, Jziii ,W ,N if fi W W .N.. ,M ,,,WE,,.,. ,L i 1 ,....w-.-.-d...w....Vx. A, J. 4.46-M 7 z S --Mx - - x ..,M.,,Y..,,,,..W.,w., s 5 Y wmm.wmwwwM. S 4 , l 1 , v , , A 1 Q 5 Ms ? I , i I i 1 5 5 QF ,A,A M 2 5 in X, L 5 I 1 i 1V , 3 i. f, b-EE Z,, HE gg Q rw. N 2' 1 ,Q , Nr Qyw 5 ! I 'li QF' gbssp 'bv A , A i . Am 'T 5 J s. Q Q I Y 1 'K 'Y :S R V 'S-f i, 2 , X ' ,' ' My :,,. . S 5 'Q 'J .wi is . wf " WW., ,W U..-iw-.,-KW QZZLIQZ 3 1 , , I mx? V 'I EY 4 A? Fort Branch Hazleton ...... Lynnville .... Poseyville .... Fort Branch Fort Branch Fort Branch Fort Branch Oakland City Patoka ........ fffif Iffflfffae BASKETBALL SCORES 22 Spurgeon ........ ....... 9 Fort Branch ....... ....... 39 Fort Branch ....... ....... 26 Fort Branch ....... ....... 35 Haubstadt ........ ....... 31 Patoka .......... 24 Boonville .......... ....... 28 Fort Branch ....... ....... INVITATIONAL TOQRNEY Petersburg ...... ...,... Fort Branch ....... ....... Fort Branch ........ .......... 3 7 Owensville ...... ........ Mt. Olympus ...... .......... 2 4 Fort Branch ....... ....... Fort Branch ........ .......... 2 8 Princeton ........ ....... Fort Branch ........ . .......... 42 Dale ............ .. Fort Branch ........ .......... 3 3 Reitz ............ Fort Branch ........ .......... 3 0 Owensville ...... ....... Mackey, ......... .......... 4 6 Fort Branch ....... ....... Francisco ..... ..,....... 2 8 Fort Branch ....... ....... Mt. Vernon ..,.. .......... 4 4 Fort Branch ....,., ,,,,,,, Cannelton ..... . ..,....... 44 Fort Branch ..... .. SECTIONAL ' Hazleton .......,.. .......... 2 3 Fort Branch ..... Mt. Olympus Oakland City Fort Branch Fort Branch Fort Branch 36 Princeton .... Overtime ky-lltjflfl-lillllf girzfu Topg left to right: BOB PHILLIPS, Senior-Captain and guard. Always plays a good all around game and a very capable floor general! ABE DILBECK, SeniorAGuard. Plays a hard game and pulled the team through pinches with his timely shooting. Bottomg left to right: KENNETH JACKSON, Junior' fCenter. Proved very important in rebounding, always a scoring threat. HAROLD GWALTNEY, Junior-High scoring forward. Plays a good game of ball. Another big year left. Topg left to right: JERRY KIEFER, Sophomore-Neat rebound man. All defensive man and proved a hard player. ROGER MAYER, Sophomore-Plays guard very well. Always a worry to the op- ponents. Bottomg left to right: KAY WILLIAMSON, JuniorfA one hand specialist who has helped the team to a large extent. DON WALLACE, Junior-Saw plenty of action. A very prominent defensive man. He'l1 be back next year. ' S 0 N17 s X Ia' ' X fbinklf if x ..... 5, X xxx f f . fee.. . as Q: , Wg? Y W X S if Aww if an A ,yi MW E Nm Qs ' .Q ff 3 xx ,:,. 9 ww Q ,.,,, V,:5, 'IQS i x NB L. 1 :.:.. X , www Q-T SQ .Q Y S . , wi ', 5 .lbxg .JL 1 .- ... .-.nm .. . ., . .- .wan-f -wgff' , .. . ,.,,. ,.,... ,-1, , , b . , K, 4 , ' f ' 3 15 X A i 1 ff si! Q 4 5 A E ' K 1 -I 5 V , 1.3 A V. . sf, 4, W I 5 ,. 4 K 30 , Q . , fi 2 I ' I , 5 ' we if A aw. 5 ,Q . .1 . ny 6, Qi! NX W mr. is -SS 5' -vi, -5 ,v ak ,. .ns iii ' - , ' A - fi , - . .,p:.,- Q . ' , .A K f Q 3 2 . , N51 A P 1' 30 f 4 Q W ' ff 1 ,f 35 f ,,,. Q J :fl - -I 52 :E w . :f N f Ss? f- 1 ..X. Af Q32 Qi fk :Z Q xmwx.-,f,4 CY. . u pq I :R V x 12 f :A if s . , ,, . fy , , ,ai +3 , g , ,Wifi 3 5, g m f 2' , 1 Q ,, if X15 f 'i 'Q' 1 feb A ' v-N ' TEHCHEQS . 2 1 ki . K. ik Q- ,gawk , M :wif s ef 5 Lwwk ,. 4 Th ef f33'Y'-av H STS B, J' E sv U j Q Nanj AMN PiGTAfLb fa FL LAS Uv-'N' hgh ski MIX" 'wwwflf 2 J I 5 QQ: wh ii Nr: Pgsufjff-E Ulu-F615 L i, .fs CY! SMJ Q K F b f ri, ' f 5 ,A ,. 5 l4"0s.uY'I M aggaslel gil!! Qrownfng Qicfure Left to right-Lucille Kuhns, Lodema Kramer, Lois Riddle, Loretta Weber, Queen Faye Hasselbrinck, Sandra Douglas, Roberta Reeves, Doris Jean Scales, Bonnie Blum, Ball Bearer, Leland Hasselbrinck, Crown Bearer Judy Rae Kuester. .Q ...,,l,..3'?f,,1l 3 1 W1 1 .....w-W, .W-...W-,,.,,.,v 3 SI !iKag"!i,14k6 ix MT We LW awwsw ' f' if W' """A. 13, A L, A ' T 3 ..:-: -.,. i '?..:., , . gh sg . H , 1 2 Maw-Q44 an-'JP www i 5 sl , , ,,.,. , Q ,, , . Y g i 'ff , 5: , A4 ,E v ai, ? H S f y! , - .ff my 3 533 f 2 , N' fri? ,. . , , ,, av , : f if A ik , f .ff s 2 Q F 5 J 73, ' .,,A.,1,.1L . 51 .,,g- U-M-ff wx , 5 J ,, '11 1 Q ,L N, ' A iff Q 3' 2 ' f - ,fy Vw 5 Lift, npr Q 4 , V M ahh I 4, 3 f My 1fY4ff' , A ,Q M T M .wed f V X Y if I , ,I Q , U, ' 5 gd Y 3' F Q , 5 I ,L ' vglg- . X Z ,r S4 g if K :N i V H1 . X ! i' 6 1- fg rf f 5- iw!! ' iw 1 k.. ,Q fx lf' + 5,3125 Q32 Q' Qiic 9:5 ' 'M k " Q, , A . KN ' Ally 5 LN, - Q ". 4 ' Pg . P ,U l Q .' N - f i Q ,L ,V I K K - A I l. ,.,.,' +V: ' Q? ' fh t 4 X , 5. " L H gf F T ' 4. 1' 1 , I I W, ' . , LX . fr 2-.K Z 'f . 1- sf ClS9LClZ! Fort Branch High School Baseball Team was Gibson County Champs of 1946 with three other teams, Owensville, Haubstadt and Patoka in the league. Fort Branch was tied in games won and lost at the end of the season with Patoka, so a play-off was necessary to decide the winner. After dropping the first one at Patoka by a score of 8 to 6, they came through in fine fashion to win the next two. The second- game was played at Fort Branch and the deciding contest at Lafayette Park in Princeton. Here are the results of the games: There Here There Here There Here There Here Princeton Patoka ............................ ..... 9 Fort Branch ..... 5 Haubstadt ......... ..... 6 Fort Branch ..... 3 Fort Branch ...., ........ 1 6 Fort Branch ..... ............... 9 PLAYOFF Patoka ..,,......,. .................. 8 Fort Branch ..... ........ 1 1 Fort Branch ..... ...................... 1 4 WON 6 LOST 3 Names Donald Barrett ......., Bob Maas ............. Bob Phillips ......... Charles Adams ...... Abe Dilbeck ............ Harold Gwaltney ....... Roger Mayer .......,.. Eddie Bales ......... Bud Gentry ..... Positions 3rd baseman Fort Branch Owensville Fort Branch Haubstadt ........ Owensville Patoka .......... Fort Branch Patoka ........ Patoka .....,.. right fielder ...,. pitcher ....... . catcher ........,.... center fielder 2nd baseman short stop ..,,.,. 1st baseman left fielder ....... 8 2 4 2 3 6 6 Batting Averages .189 .400 .591 .250 .424 .333 .353 .140 .375 QLySiCClZ GQICISS Left to right-Millie Meny, Clara Dixon, Phyllis Woods, Viola Weiss, Eleanor Douglas Norma Boyle, Faye Hasselbrinck, Mary Ann Block, Mary Ann Bayer, Mona Poole Rovella Carter, Yvonne Wilhite, Pauline McCarty, Miss G-raper, Jessie Robinson. x 5 ff Gain hui . X1 A Wi 4330 1,5 T 719: msfmifaj UKSA Ravi' Swim vwuf 5 mwnnnm 4 NK SX 34-E, 'ia it Qhp 2 ff' gli.: June: "Gee, that boy 's tough, isn't he?" Norma: "Yes, they say his mother feeds him marble cake, rock candy, and brick ice cream." "It says here in the paper," observed Mr. Weaver, "that a man is run over in New York every half hour." "Tak, Tsk!" murmured his wife. "Poor fellow!" Eddie Bales, looking at his report card, said: "I'm famous like George Washington now." "How's that?" asked Jughead. "Well, I just went down in History." Mrs. Brown: "Are you sure those lobsters are fresh?" Fishmonger: "Lady, they are positively insulting." Mr. Baker: "I would like to know why it is that whenever I leave the room for a short time and then return I find no one working." Donnie Wallace: "It's because you wear rubber heels." Jessie: "Does the moon influence the tide?" Kinko: "I wouldn't know, honey, but it sure influences the untied." Heredity is something everyone believes in until his son begins to act like a fool. Mrs. Elpers demanded of a bright-eyed 13-year-old how long he had studied for aapoorly recited lesson. "Well," drawled the little boy, "I studied from 'Blondie" until 10 o'clock news." A thrifty man went to Mr. Lockwood for advice. After the interview the man ran into an acquaintance and told him about it. "But why spend money on a lawyer?" asked the other. "When you sat in his office, did you see all the law books there? Well, what he told you, you could have read in those law books." "You're right," admitted the advice seeker, "but that lawyer--he knows the page it 's on." Freshman: "Some upper classman was just telling me that we are to have a new concrete stadium next fall." Sophomore: "Yes, the alumni have at last decided to use their heads." Aileen: "Can you telephone from a submarine?" Bessie: "What do you think I am, a dumb-bell? Anybody can tell a phone from a submarine! !" '44 Charles Barrett Eula Brenton fHoifmanJ Eldon Corne I Becky Dilbeck fCorneJ George Douglas George Dunkel Barbara Emge Dorothy Farney Anna Lou French Gene Hoar Vernice Kruse Virginia Kruse fSmithj Emma L. McCarty fSollmanJ Ruth Mcllree Uonesj Betty Mclntire Harvey Ricker Mary F. Robinson fSchmitJ Edward Schmit Clara Smith lWoehlerJ Viola Sollman' fSchwierschj Pat White QNiemeierJ Lois Vaught Gordon Vickery Kathryn Blum Maxine Buck fHoarJ Helen Cain Lawrence Callis Betty Conway Sarah I. Douglas Helena Hacker fMorrisonJ Lawrence Kruse Patricia Lefler Sam McKean Charlestein Mason Barbara Mounts Sarahbel Mounts Lethel Poole Louise Robinson Iola Rohl Rebecca Saddler Mayella Sides fLintzJ Doris Sollman Mary ll. Sollman Joyce Stone Ina M. Strohm fSollman5 Robert Stunkel Janice Thompson QWoolstonJ Clarence Utley Eugene Wallace am ZMVVIVLI '43 Barber International Harvester Housewife Farmer Navy Office Worker Married Beautician Railroader Farmer Housewife P .O. Worker Housewife Farmer Housewife Emge Worker Emge Worker Housewife Housewife S. I. G. KL E. Co. Evansville College Hansen's Housewife Home Insulation Salesman Nurse's Training O. C. C. Student Works at Sunbeam Army Factory Worker-Evansville Evansville College Home Housewife N-urse's Training Works at Sunbeam Works at Sunbeam 0. C. C. Student O. C. C. Student Housewife Servel Servel Bell Telephone Housewife Servel Housewife Farmer O. C. C. Student Ft. Branch, Ind. Ft. Branch, Ind. Oakland City, Ind. Oakland City, Ind. Ft. Branch, Ind. Cuba Ft. Branch, Ind. Evansville, Ind. Indianapolis, Ind. Ft. Branch, Ind. Ft. Branch, Ind. Ft. Branch, Ind. Owensville, Ind. Deceased Ft. Branch, Ind. Ft. Branch, Ind. Ft. Branch, Ind. I-Iaubstadt, Ind. Mackey, Ind. Maine Ft. Branch, Ind. Ft. Branch, Ind Ft. Branch, Ind. Ft. Branch, Ind. Princeton, Ind. Indianapolis, Ind. Indianapolis, Ind. Oakland City, Ind. Evansville, Ind. Maxwell Field, Al Ft. Branch, Ind. Ft. Branch, Ind. Ft. Branch, Ind. Princeton, Ind. Evansville, Ind. Ft. Branch, Ind. Ft. Branch, Ind. 3 Oakland City, Ind. Oakland City, Ind Ft. Branch, Ind. Evansville, Ind. Ft. Branch, Ind. Indianapolis, Ind. Ft. Branch, Ind. Ft. Branch, Ind. Owensville, Ind. Ft. Branch, Ind. Oakland City, Ind Leo Anslinger Marie Bauermeister Martha Brooner Dixie Borders fSaddlerJ David Chaille Norma Buck Verneda Buck Ella Dorsam Mary Jane Emge Eugene Fougnies Mary Agnes Kruse .Ioan Lewis Nola Martin Dorothy Mason Earline Scales George Thompson Betty Westerman Bernice Sollman John Riddle Darwin Wallis Agnes Anslinger Frances Beadle Rosemary Bell Jean Blum Carl Carter Audrey Chenowith Bill Dilbeck Eileen Elpers Joyce Hayhurst Mary Louise Hoar Kenneth Jenkins Dorothy Ann Kiesel Jean Kiesel Vera Lee fGieselmanJ Dorothy Lefler Leland Mayer Wesley McConnoughay Thora McIntyre Viola Meny George Munnier William Neufelder Dave Reed Donald Robinson Robert Sollman Shirley Stone Randall Wallis Paul Weber J. T. Williams John Ray Woods Betty Rose Yeager .Q-iliumnf CContinuedl '45 I. U. Student Nurse's Training Worker at State House Housewife Home National Furniture National Furniture Clerk Office Worker at Emge's I. U. Student Worker at Princeton Nurse's Training At Home At Home Nurse's Training Farmer Emge Worker Nurse's Training E. C. Student Sunbeam '46 I. U. Student Potter Sz Brumfield Home Hanson Purdue U. Working International Harvester Emge Office Worker Potter 8z Brumfield Electric Plant O. C .C. Student Clerk Potter dz Brumfield Housewife Home Insurance Salesman Farmer Bell Telephone Potter Sz Brumfield Electrician Garage Worker Mich. University Army Farmer Clerk Emge Worker E. C. Student O. C .C. Student Sunbeam Clerk Evansville, Ind. Indianapolis, Ind. Rockport, Ind. Fort Branch, Ind. Evansville, Ind. Evansville, Ind. Fort Branch, Ind. Fort Branch, Ind. Bloomington, Ind Princeton, Ind. Evansville, Ind. Princeton, Ind. Fort Branch, Ind Evansville, Ind. Fort Branch, Ind Fort Branch, Ind Bloomington, Ind Evansville, Ind. Fort Branch, Ind Bloomington, Ind Ft. Branch, Ind. Ft. Branch, Ind. Ft. Branch, Ind. Lafayette, Ind. Richmond, Ind. Ft. Branch, Ind. Ft. Branch, Ind. Ft. Branch, Ind. Boston, Mass. Ft. Branch Ind. Ft. Branch Ind. Ft. Branch Ind. Ft. Branch, Ind. Ft. Branch, Ind. Ft. B1'anch, Ind. G rand Ridge, Ill. Ft. Branch Ind. Ft. Branch Ind. Ft. Branch Ind. Ft. Branch Ind. Ann Arbor, Mich Florida Ft. Branch, Ind. Ft. Branch, Ind. Ft. Branch. Ind. Ft. Branch Ind. Ft. Branch Ind. Ft. Branch Ind. Ft. Branch Ind. Compliments of' BENTWS SERVICE GARAGE Phone 129 Motor Rebuilding Compliments of REDMAN GROCERY Fort Branch, Indiana DELONG'S Serving the Community Over Half a Century STEVENS 5c, 10c to S1 STORE Your Shopping Center for All Your Needs Fort Branch, Indiana BIEL'S GROCERY 105 South Walters St. Phone 43 Ft. Branch, Ind. Compliments of RUNCIE DRUG' sronm Fort Branch, Indiana GARBER'S BEAUTY SHOPPE 'The Shoppe for All Your Modern Beauty Needs Phone 123L Ft. Branch, Ind. Congratulations to the Class of 1947 PIKE'S CITY CAFE Fort Branch, Indiana Congratulations Senior Class of 1947 FARMERS AND MERCI-IANTS NATIONAL BANK FORT BRANCH, INDIANA Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Congratulations to the Class of '47 and the best of success all, through life A. E. WALLIS SERVICE STATION Congratulations and best wishes to the Graduating Class of 1947 FORT BRANCH GARDENS Compliments of NEUFELDER RADIO SERVICE Phone 72-B Compliments of L. P. WOOLSTON To the Class of '47 Compliments of ATTEBERRY 85 HANOLD Success to the Class of '47 Compliments of LINTZ BUILDING 8 SUPPLY COMPANY Fort Branch, Indiana Phone 10 FLOYD'S CLEANERS "At Your Service" Fort Branch, Indiana Phone 42 Compliments of FORT BRANCH MILL 85 ELEVATOR Phone 55 Compliments of ELPERS 8x HICKROD FORD MOTOR COMPANY Fort Branch, Indiana Phone 21 Compliments of BERT WOODS To the Class of '47 and all classes hereafter Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of 1947 GIBSON CUUNTY BANK Bank of Today and Tomorrow Member of Federal Deposit Il1Sl1I'21I1C8 Corporation PRINCETON, INDIANA HAZLETON, INDIANA Congratulations to the Glass of 1947 A EMGE PACKING CO., Inc. Packers of FAIRVIEW FARM BRAND MEATS Compliments of JOHN ULEN FORT BRANCH APPLIANCE COMPANY Sales -- Service - Repair Free Estimates on Wiring' Phone 20 Compliments of BARRETT'S STUDIO Fort Branch, Indiana Compliments of FORT BRANCH FEDERAL -SAVINGS 85 LOAN ASS'N Phone 62 Fort Branch CARL G. APPLEGATH Quality Jeweler GRUEN, ELGIN, HAMILTON, BULOVA AND PRISCILLA DIAMONDS Princeton, Indiana MENY 85 CO., INC. General Repairing Batteries - Tires and Tubes -- Oil and Gas Phone 10-F-3 Fort Branch, Ind. POLK GENUNG POLK CO. Fort Branch, Indiana Compliments of MEYERS SELF-SERVICE Phone 114 1 Fort Branch, Indiana Congratulations and all Good Wishes from the Star Theatre NYe feature third dimension pictures, with depth in ad- dition to height and width, for realism. Vile use the Golden VOICE OF THE SILVER SCREEN sound. WVO play all the big' Movie Hits. Every picture change, every weekly program and every monthly program is planned with every consideration to make our entertain- ment thorough, enjoyable and well balanced. VVe are here to furnish to you and to this community and eity the finest in Motion Picture l+lntertainment every day ot' the year. i YVe support and boost our local community and city with it's fine sehools, churches, industry and business. Wle believe that we should all stand together a11d eo- operate with each other. lt was onee ably stated t' United Vile Standg Divided XVe Fall." Therefore, let us make our city and community a big'g'er and better one tor the good ot' all members. The Star Theatre "VVhere Everyone ls Always NVeleome" Compliments of Sears, Roebuck Sz Company East State Street Princeton, Indiana COMPLIMENTS OF Awwinna fpfzintizz fam an J' fi ff , Best Wishes to the Class of '47 WRIGHT MOTOR CO, H0oKER,S GROCERY Phone 30 Fort Branch, Indiana Complete Service on all Cars Sales Service PRINCETON GARDENS BARGAIN HOUSE FLOWERS We don't have Everything but Almost A I Anything Phone 132 Princeton, Indiana Next Door to Post Office Phone 159 Telegraph Flowers the FTD Way BEST WISHES TO THE.QLASS OF '47 WILKINSON LUMBER COMPANY PHONE 67 BUILDING MATERIALS OF ALL KINDS 1 r 5 SE ? -3 if ? 15 S5 P ae 4? it F :4 ?!LZEV"'T Ei ' " ' -E' v75MI EIMS'-12" . 7 ' . - 3 ... -5? Yfl? ,iL7E:.v?RkZ?:f .2IJE'aFw WHEWSE

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