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1 Q, r'L' me f . wk .- 'Av rf' ' 9 I 1 1 .w J. Fw - ui qv . .r f, ,ir 5. ene iclus i 1 2 l l ' Published bg the Senior Class ot Fort Branch Hiqh School 1928 Li' ,-flAA',1 ' fl., A - 'Y Forewor , As one who cons at eueninq o'er an album, all alone, And muses on the faces of the friends that he has known, So I turn the leaves of BEN NU, and there creeps into mg mind, The memories of those old school daqs, that I have left behind. Apologies to J. ID. Rileq l MARY E. lVlcCREA IDG icanon To lVlary E. lVlcCrea, whose interest and untiring effort have helped to make our school days so pleasant and profit- able, we, the Seniors of l928, respectfully dedicate this Beneclictus. Hxc.H SCHOOL BUILDING FMUM 3 ' Lx 'V3?iL? ,rfb-' - f Six xxx 11? , X Mg ! K I , YB 559, ffff my jjw v fg' fi I uf ,K wa' ml ' is ',:mN , 'K "'., ,,.-'fig' , if ff7ZffZL X Z N- QQMH H X W ff J fy XHP LL f T N 1 an ,mm W wWfQfw ' H 'W"" v 712 ' QW -. if f ff 5 Qu? if 'fffi 2 f -W N s f -' I f f'1-. Nf fp-5,15 2' 11 ' 9 Y A 'N WH' ' ,LX ff f x- ?" f Y- X X X .N 5 lfzff fvf' f ffwrfg' l" 1fef"2Nx aff fx. fi:1:.fw'ffWxfs Efifdwi ff ff V-V,-..-1.--v.1:,:w-n1,,-aww, tix, fin! n H-f,,.-67. SAV N sfafs ,xv JIM " .H .,.- w,,:'..,.a x.-. ,-... 1 X - X 'f V, 4vA1 .we - - X .f rf- wfx .w A .fl V' Aw I- ...ty ,.,., .VME .L,., , S,-.-X X f -, ...f W sn fffg Q 0, I . JI ,f,-ff3e11'.1'5.wI- 1. A -QPQQQSXN, -' x gdlll f I WWI' 1 1, f .fy f 7.1244 ,Y ff,-V--,-,S-5. v .-24' 11' ' ' ,' wie - , W " 411 W 7 ff W , ,,,r 31, ir V gygfygffi V557 "f 7' ,l,l,gp:'Qf ,Q , ,rj W W g'231.e:: '1 f f ,- ., 'f A " ,-qv 'fff , fwwfff was 21' ' ' I -b '.4- I fi Z X Z,,ffGf Wwff XM., ff 'ffgffwffy' ff Q. Lf7g,V4, f'!'n 2 f,fQ',4', QQZZZ 41" iiffqg v,.,.-Ai: 2122? g, . X N , f ff 'J Q,4ffjLy,,,ffLfZ X-xx? I , -.l 5 V , fl W, WWWWH 00, I 7 Zjyyng 7 X Y V .K ,, ,Z av ,ffl7'm.o4x ly nf, by fy c,fl,,ff!:!,f!j,!,,f, : '1 , ff ' ,ff ffff ,ff f,fff ff 1 f X970 f 1 gf! 4' f.-fqfffi gig, .411 Mf ffwmmwwwgfw f f ,lfl f ff X if TH141 BIQNLLDICTUS ,, 1.m1.1..-..,...,,,.1,.n1w.- -lm-..,1m.1m.-m1.1..-n..1......,...1,...-.N1.1 H1 -W-, qw... ... 1. .- IC. .I. III-IMMICK IGYICRETT SMITH Supl. :mul Svic-mv Prim. and History A. H. lmliznm Stain- Normal A. B. Oakland City Cullvgo A. M. Imliumx Univvrsity Imiizum Universilv GLAIDYS M. VVICBB AMY VANCE THOMAS l':IIj.L'liSh :xml Hmmm- l'Ic'm1mnif's Latin A. B. I':VZlflSVillQ 11111101.20 A, IJQPQUW' University Indiana University Page Seve Tina BENED1cTUs 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1,.1M.1,,,,1.,,.1un1,...1..,....mi.-....1,,,,1,..,..,,,,1 1 1 1 1 1 1 -- I. EVELYN JONES MARK LOCKWOOU Commercial English B. S. Indiana State Normal A. B. Evansville College 1 if 41 v Z. HARBSTREIT MERYAM JOHNSON Math. and Manual Tr. Music and Art Boys' Coach B. S. DePauw University A. B. Indiana University Page Eight T1112 BENEDICTUS ....,-.,.,1. ... ,...1 ,- 1.1.1-nn1.w...m,1lm1uu11.u1,n ..,, - -- L , MARY MJTREA BERNARD G. VVEAVER Junior lli'jHll'llNl'Y'lt Junior lPvpzn'tn1ont nrmul 'l'ruining Maryville College llinonzm Volloggo lllivlmigzm Slam Normal Collvgrc rlmlS Stznlv'l' l.ic'0ns0 Illi. J. A. IBRITNIFITCLIJ U. S. ABBOTT Trustee County Supt. ol' Schools Page Nine OPPQ1-h.f..,y XX? Lx x.J1'j l xfx xwj X. THE BENEDICTUS - 11 -- 1 1 1- 1 .- 11.1.11p.-mm...up-0.11M1,.1.,1uw1nn1uun-,un1 1 1... 1 -, , JOSEPH LAIB, President His life was gentle and the elements so mixed in him, that nature might stand up and say to all the world--"This - n IS 3 mall. JOSEPHINE. LAIB Found! A treasure. No need to say more. UNA JAY, Vice President Una with a little non-sense inter-mingled and quite a whiz as yell leader. JESSE PURCELL And the wonder grew and grew, that one small head could carry all he knew. MAXINE YEAGER, Treasurer A disposition that's sweet and sound, a friend it's a comfort to have around. GERALDINE SLINGER Gentle and kind, but never proudg hath a tongue at will but never loud. 1 , Page Eleven .- - Page Twelve 'THE BENEDICTUS -.-u-0?-rm-vm.-.M-m.-m1-n.-1m-u.-.m-1.i-,..-w- - - - - - .. - - FLOYD LEWIS, Secretary Some one said that Floyd is intellectually good, socially better, romantically best. DOROTHY lVlcKEAN Ever loyal, ever true to the things she has to do. RALPH MATT IN GLY There are two sides to every question, mine and the wrong side. OPAL SINGLETON Opal sets a good example with her fad for work. Life without laughter would be a dreary blank for her. GEORGE SOLLIVIAN Every man is a volume if you know how to read him. HELEN MILLS Helen has a gentleness of manner and a mildness of speech that is pleasing. THE BE-:NEDICT - - - 1 1 - 1 1u-rmQus--uu-rr-1rr--uu1m.1u..-.rru1..u--ru-mr1 1 1 1 1 1 1.1 1 1 KATHRYN JOHNSON lt's nice to be natural, when you are naturally nice. JAMES WALLACE- - 4 I "Happy am l, from care l'mAf'ree, why aren't they all content like me? LOLAVE BRENTON My toagt. to a girl with a heart and a smillei that makes the bubbles of life , worth while-Our star guard. 1. I HENRY MICHEL Henry, one who talks a 'little but thinks a great deal: while others talk about doing things, he does them. " LUETTA SINGLETQN A small girl with a big lgrt, always ready to do her part. MURIEL SHELBY The world delights in sunny people. Page Thirteen t N THE BENEDICTUS Historq of the Class of '28 In the fall of '24 an army of twenty five determined youths stormed into high school. Organizing at once with Miss McCrea as sponsor, we set to work. We chose Blue and Old Gold as our class colors: "B sharp, B natural, but never B flat" as our motto: and a' Pansy as our class flower. However death claimed one of our members, Miss Pauline Symonds, much to the sorrow of the class. '25 found us as brilliant Sophomores, rough and ready. We again organized with Miss McCrea still sponsoring, much to our great delight. We had to lose, however, George Fehrenbacher, Aline Mason, and Rosina Geisslemeng but added to our midst Maxine Yeager. After eight months of sincere study, we were pleased with a long looked for vacation. Vacation over, we sallied forth again. This time as Jolly Juniors, twenty strong. This year Mr. Harmeyer was chosen as our sponsor: but to our regret, he accepted a position at Central, and so was lost to us. We were fortunate, however, for Mrs. Bernice Karnes Hickrod assumed his place. This was a very successful year, both in school work, and in activities. Thanks to the aid of Miss Gladys Webb, we were able to put on the class play entitled "Cousins" which drew a larger audience than any preceding play. This enabled us to throw a great reception for the Seniors. The fall of '27 finds us as dignified, and honored Seniors. When the enrollment was taken we found that two of our members were missing, Marjorie White and Lydia- Rahn. Determined to make the best of it, we reorganized. This time we changed our colors to Red and White, and our motto to "Excelsior." Our class flower was an American Beauty Rose. This year we had the honor of having our Superintendent, Mr. E. Hemmer, as our sponsor. We have been well represented in all school activities, which we will always remem- ber. Now that graduation is drawing near, we are just a trifle sorry to say farewell to our old school. We appreciate what our faculty, and fellow-students have done for us, and to you we owe a vote of thanks. We are as a small but mighty army ready to go forth and battle life. having only best wishes, and fond remembrances for our dear old Fort Branch High. OPAL SINGLETON. Page Fourteen THE BENEDICTUS .-.--u-n- -------4--n-u-------n-u-u-n---u----u-u--n--n ----- u--.I--1--I-u Prophecq of Class of '28 Home againl It sure seems good to be home again after one has traveled all sum- mer. But this summer has been a very enjoyable one. Now I must tell you about my trip. It was early in May when I received a letter from an old friend of mine whom we knew in our school days as Kathryn johnson. Kathryn married a former Oakland City man and is now living in Chicago. She wanted me to come and spend a month with her, so I decided to travel the remainder of the summer. Kathryn met me at the train. It sure seemed good to see her again. On the way to her home we talked of the days we spent together back in Ft. Branch. She had received a letter from her mother telling her that George Sollman had married Lydia Rahn and was preaching out east of Ft. Branch. Imagine George as a preacher. We laughed quite a bit about it. While I was in Chicago a very well noted chautauqua came to the city. The com- pany was fortunate in having with them a great singer whom they advertised very highly. On attending this I found the singer to be Josephine Laib. I had quite a long talk with Josephine and found that she had been disappointed in love and started traveling with this chautauqua. But she likes her work fine. She said that she heard from Lo- lave Brenton very often. Lolave married Tommy Haley from Mackey and is now coaching a basket ball team in the Mackey school. Josephine saysthat coach Haley turns out the best team in the country. I also had the privilege of attending a basket ball game between Chicago University and Purdue University. To my surprise I found that Jess Purcell was coaching the Chicago team. Jess seems to be satisfied with his job and he sure is proud of his team. The latter part of May I started on my travel. I hated to leave Chicago and Kathryn as I had learned so much about my old friends. My route took me through Ohio and I stopped off in Cincinnati for a while. I learned that Helen Mills was at the head of the Music Conservatory. Helen told me that Opal Singleton- was in-the east, and was Dean of a girls' boarding school. I could only stay in Cincinnati a short time and so continued my journey on up into New York. While on the train I bought a newspaper bearing these head lines. "New York Heiress Sues Husband for Divorce." On reading this account I saw that James Wallace was the young husband and Ralph Mattingly was his lawyer. I went around to visit james and he seems very unhappy. He had such an easy life but what will Page Fifteen THE BENEDICTUS I Prophecq of Class of '28ff-Concludecl it be now? James told me thatiUna Jay studied to be a nurse and is now nursing in the navy. Then I made my way southward. While riding through the country I noticed a fine, large dairy farm and a sign reading, "Michel's Dairy. I wondered if this was the Henry Michel I used to know and at the next station I was informed that it was Henry Michel and his wife Muriel Shelby. I didn't have time to pay them a visitiialthough I wanted to do so. While I was in Florida I soon found that Joseph Laib was a very successful real estate agznt. Joe took me to his home and there was his wife, Marjorie Stone, all smiles. It sure seemed good to see Marjorie again. joe and Marj like the sunny south fine. I had to be on my way so I just spent a few days with Joe and Marjorie and then left for the west. I stopped off in Denver, Colorado, and the first thing that caught my. eye was a large sign reading as follows, "Come I-lear The Great Mr. Lewis Lec- ture on Prohibition." Could this be Floyd Lewis? I attended the lecture and sure enough it was. I could hardly imagine Floyd as a lecturer but he certainly is good. He loves his work and he seemed very glad to see me. Then I went to I-Iollywood, California. The first person I met was Dorothy Mc- Kean. I couldn't believe my eyes. My, how Dorothy has changed. She is now an actress and her stage name is Dixie Trevis. Dorothy and I had lunch together and she told me that Luetta Singleton had married some sailor boy and was living some- where in California. Nobody ever hears from Geraldine Slinger but Dorothy says that she is at home on the Carter farm west of Ft. Branch. The summer was about ended and I had to get back to my work. But I never will forget that summer of travel which brought back all those happy days which we spent together in Ft. Branch High School. ' i . MAXINE YEAGER N, I Page Sixteen -4 .V Rv. , Tun BENEDICTUS 1 'N .f SENIOR CLASS PLAY "The l-liclclen Guest" Characters Ralph judkins, a realtor - ,.....,, --- Bfrt Jucllcins, his son ..,,,,,.,..... . Chester Briggs, an employee of Judkins -- Tad Wilson, a college boy ....,, Otto Hubner, a convict - ----- McCarty, a policeman ,.,,,. Ruhy Mayfield, a debutante --, Minnie Mayfield, Ruby's aunt --- Mrs. Barrington, a widow ..,.. Nellie Trotwood, a society girl ...., --. .,,,c. - Melanthuria CMelons, a servantj Scene: The living room of Miss Minnie Mayhelcl's home Time: The present.. A night in September. 0 - - - -Jesse Purcell. - - - -james Wallace. - - - - -Floyd Lewis. - - - - - -Joseph Laila. - - - - Ralph Mattingly. - - - -George Sollman. - - - - -Kathryn Johnson. - - - -Maxine Yeager. - - - -l-olave Brenton. - - ----- Una Jay. - - - - - -Josephine Laib. at Melville, Conn. Page Seventeen ' Q- T., , . ff :THE BENEDICTUS 1 .. .. .. - - .. .. -. -it-im-ml-M-n-i-n---nu---u-nu-nu--im1nu- - - -- - -nn-nil----an--u Senior Calendar Sept. IZ. Everybody happy! We all meet after a happy vacation, to enroll for our last year. Sept. I3. We're getting better acquainted with our new teachers and we like them fine. We feel lucky in having lVlr. Smith as our new principal. I V Sept. I4. Everyone has all their books and school starts in earnest. All the teachers made long assignments today. Wonder Why? Sept. Zl. We selected our rings today and they certainly are pretty. M Sept. 28. We organized our class today. Mr. Hemmer is our sponsor, and we are planning on our senior year to be the most profitable and enjoyable of our four years in high school. Oct. I5. We selected our announcements today. Nov. 3. Exams! Will there be any F's? Nov. 2l. First basket ball game of the season. Nov. 23. Vacation! Um-m-m turkey! Nov. 30. lVly l'm tired. I just returned from the senior party. Our president sure knows his committees, for we had the most enjoyable time. Dec. 6. lVlr. Smith gave an entertaining program today. Seniors starred. Dec. l5. We are all waiting patiently for Dec. 25th. All the seniors are writing letters to Santa. Dec. 23. James had his share of fun today. He nearly frightened all the girls to death with the most charming little green snake. It was really harmless, but you couldn't make lVliss Jones believe so. Jan. 2. Everyone back from the holidays with a smile. Santa was good to us all. I wish you could see the beautiful new ties the boys are wearing. A Santa must have had an over supply of ear-rings and left them all in Fort Branch. Jan. 3. lVlr. I-lemmer announced today that the teachers have planned a program for us Fri. Exams! Jan. 5. We all went to Princeton today to work out some civic problems, which proved very interesting. lVlr. Smith won the race to the court house. Jan. 9. Donald l-lemmer. Jan. l2. The Seniors had a theatre party last night. We saw "lVlcFaddens Flats," at the high school building, then had refreshments at the Soda Shoppe. Jan. I7. The chemistry class visited Emge's Meat Packing Plant today. We saw a bear's skin.???????? Page Eighteen g v A THE BENEDICTUS 1 5-ap-u..n1..1n.-..1...-....-......-l.1...-,.-..........-..-........Qui .. 1 1 1 -......1.a-...- Senior Calendarem-Concluded We selected the Benny Staff today. County tourney drawings. We play Hazleton in the first game. Yeal Rawil Twigsll Jan. I9. Feb. l-2. broken. Feb. IO. Webb has Feb. I5. City today. Feb. 23. at Evansville senior year. Senior pictures made. All reported a jolly time. Only three cameras We decided on our senior play today-"The Hidden Guest." Miss an unusual way of deciding things right. The Girls Glee Club gave short programs at Francisco and Oakland We sure had an enjoyable time. We certainly had lots H fun today. We went to the senior banquet College. We vgill remember it as one of the most jolly days of our ! March IO. We gave our class play, "The Hidden Guest," last night. It was enjoyed by a large audience. Seniors remember the secret of the play. Aipr. 20. The..juniors will give their play, "Cyclone Sally", tonight. Apr. 22. Tonight is Baccalaureate. Our speaker is Rev. Shake. Apr. 23. We are expecting a big time at the junior and senior reception tonight. The juniors are all acting queer and mysterious today, and no one seems to know what is up. Apr. 27. Last night was commencement night. It doesn't seem possible that it has been four years since we were freshmen. The stage was beautifully decorated. We girls wore dresses of pastel shades. Dr. Earl E.. Harper from Evansville college was our speaker. We hate to say to our good old times in F.B.H.S. "Farewell," but it is "linis". I KATHRYN JOHNSON. Page Nineteen THE BENEDICTUS Senior Class lDill We the Senior Class of l928, being sound in mind and body, do hereby make our last will and testament. To the Junior Class we will our seats by the windows, provided the said class does not mar them. To Mr. Hemmer we will a class equal to ours in asking questions on subjects besides the lesson. To Mr. Smith we will a l928 model Ford, that is capable of hauling as much as his old one. . To Miss McCrea we will a class that will appreciate her help and cooperation through school as we did. To Miss Webb we will a senior class that will stop talking before the warning, bell rings. To Miss Jones we will a speaking tube to be placed between her office and typing room so that she can tell us "to please shut up." I' To Mr. Harbstreit we will our athletic ability to be distributed among next year's basket ball team. To Miss Thomas we will enough ponies to make a bonfire to celebrate the first basket ball victory-i. To Mr. Weaver we will a senior class that will not run up and down the stairs. To Mr. Lockwood we will enough dictionaries to be distributed among the class of '29. I, James,Wallace, will the right to be champion talker of F.B.H.S. to Norman Freund. I, Kathryn Johnson, will my place on the basket ball team to Velva Harmon. I, Floyd Lewis, will the right to take Wilhelmene Johnson to the car each evening to Harry Joe English. I, Maxine Yeager, will my compact with all its attachments sto Evelyn Miller. I, Lolave Brenton, will my studious appearance to Mable McKee. I, Josephine Laib, will my bathing cap to next year's basket ball team. I, Luetta Singleton, will my loud and noisy manners to Fern Robinson. Y I, Jess Purcell, will my ability to hold down the BB. bench to Kern Harmon. I, Opal Singleton, will my quiet ways to Helen Mounts. I, Una Jay, will to Violet Wells my ability to ask questions. I, Henry Michel, will to Fred Johnson my gift of oratory. P a g e T w e n l y -s ' . THE BENEDICTUS In-ellen-1am-an-1111:-un-:nu-:nu-uu1un-1:1-n1nu1un-nn1un1411:-uu1uu 1111111111 Senior Class lDillf--Concluclecl l, Dorothy McKean, will to Beulah Woods my winning smile. I, Ralph Mattingly, will to Marsovan Reynolds the right to have the last word in any argument. J I. Helen Mills, will to Mary Louise Upton my ability to play for the Glee Clubs. I, joseph Laib, will to jack Swinney the right to be the best looking boy in school. I. George Sollman, will to Wilmer Wallis my success in music as champion player of the French Harp. I. Muriel Shelby, will to any present junior, all my school notes in Economics. I. Geraldine Slinger, will to any girl my ability to capture rides in the Overland. -1 Junior Class Plan UCYCLONE. SALLY" By Eugene Hafer. Cast of Characters Jack Webster -- ........... -- .... John L. Wallis. Reggie Manners ..... Carl Brumiield. Jim Jerkins --- ..... Walter Michel. Willie Clump -- .... Lawrence Wirth. Sally Graham --- .... '-Mable McKee. Jenny Thatcher - ...... Thelma Epperson. Ruth Thatcher -.. .... Mary Louise Upton. Effie Vardon - .... Alma Robinson. Vieran Vernon ....... ..... F aith Weeks. 5. 4 Synopsis Sally Graham, a young lady of cyclonic temperature impersonates Sue Bascom, a girl whom Jack Webster wishes to marry for her money. Jack falls in love Qh the counterfeit Sue for her own sake. Her true identity is revealed as Sally whom Jack hated and all ends happily. Page Twenty One I, I if 1 Page Twenty Two THE BENEDICTUS i JOSEPH LAIB-Joe was a forward on our basket ball team. He was a fast lad and had a knack for drop- ping' in longs excessively when needed. He is a Sen- ior and we hate to lose him as a captain the same as we hate to lose him as a forward. ' HARRY JOE ENGl..lSH+,Ioe was our other for- ward who has played this year on the first five for the first time. If Joe doesn't make any freakie shots none can be made. He is a Sophomore. JOHN VICKERY DELONG-Vickie was our center who has a good eye for the basket, although he is very different when playing basket ball than he is in school. He has playedthis year for the first time onthe first five. He is a sophomore. ROY WARREN-Lefty was our running guard who could play center as good or better. He was the head work under the basket. Also he could drop in a long one now and then past center. He is a sophomore. Ti-is BENEDICTUS .. - .. - .. .. - - -......-,...........-...-...4...-...-..........,........- - - - - - - - ... HAROLD CARNAHAN-Felix was our depend- able back guard. Nothing much is ever said about "Felix" for he is always the same, "just a real good back guard." He is a freshman and by the time he is a senior, look out, "Oh ye forwards." X X .X- RONALD HOAR-Percie was our first sub as a guard. He plays a very neat game and is very "spunky" for a small lad. He has great things in himself if he will just show them. He is a sophomore. KERN HARMON-Curly was our first sub as a forward. He is one of the fastest lads on the squad and he has fight and plenty of it. He also has a keen dribble and passoff. He is a Sophomore and was eligible after Xmas. JESS PURCELL-Bunco was our first sub as cen- ter. Bunco was good on the tip off and fast on his feet. He has been a help to the team in many ways. He was also a substitute as forward when needed. He is a Senior. P age Twenty Thr THE BENEDICTUS 1 JAMES WALLACE-Jimmie was a pretty good l player for his experience which-consists of only one year. He was a hard little fighter and was another one of our subs who knew the game well. He is a Senior. ' HAROLD JOE WILHITE-Mary was our last letter man, who is a sub guard. This is his first year. We expect great things of him, although he differs in speech and basketball. He is a Freshman. DARWIN STONE--True Love was a substitute as a forward or guard. He was a nice little rough player and he had a temper as big as any barrel. But Dar- win, outside of that, was a good sport and handled himself fine. He is a freshie. I JUNIOR ROTHERT-Junnie was another substi- tute as a forward. He nor Darwin were letter men but just the same their work was acknowledged. Junior is not very big and his motto is, "The bigger they are the harder they fall." He is a Sophomore. Page Twenty Four ' THE BENEDICTUS Z. M. IIARI3STRICI'I'f Buys' i'mu'h IJKUM FOHPS Left to right---M:u'y Jay, Willu-l111c-:mv Johnsulm, Irma Ii1'al,to11, Mary l.. Upton, Thelma Eppersorl, Vi1'g,:'ir1iz1I'olk, Faith Weeks, Lilius Stone, Rose Elpers, Miss Mc-x'yu,m.lol111son. ' Page Twenty Five THE BENEDICTUS 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1.0,1.,.,1,.u...,,.,..nu1ItU1H..1,..,1,...1.,,,1,,,,1 1 1 1.1.,.1. 1 1 1 1 Girls' Athletics Mable McKee-Mac is one of the smallest girls on the team. This was lVlac's first year as a regular. She was a fast and skillful player and handled the ball with the ability of a veteran. Next year's team is fortunate, indeed. Josephine Laib-Jo is our tall center and it is very seldom that ,Io goes up against a center who gets the tip-off from her. She proved her ability as a basketeer in her first game on the local Hoor. She graduates this year and her loss is a great one. Kathryn Johnson-Pat is another one of our sextette. She is a very steady player. Also besides being so steady she has an "educated toe" which she uses to advantage in her playing. She was a real sport and proved an asset to our team. Pat, we hate to lose you. Lolave Brenton-Shorty was one of the mainstays of our team. True to her nick- name she is short and this seemed to be her only drawback, as her job was to guard the tallest, the "center," How she did it we don't know but that center usually did very little in a game. This ends her four years of Basket Ball. Page Twenty Six THE Bsmaoicrus gc-u1u1nl1u-u1nl1nl1u-n-.11-11.11ul1In-qu-ug-up-uI1uu1uu1pl1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Girls' Athletics-Concluded , Fern Robinson-Pete was our tall guard. She was always there to catch the ball at the critical moment! She always plays a hard game and very often she uses up her alloted number of "bumpings" and has to finish the game on the bench. We hope to see her in the games next year. Pauline Reynolds-Penney has one more year on the team and great things are expected of her. She is one of our fighting guards, that never gives up, never stops regardless of how the score stands. She is a clever and skillful player and plays with her heart in the game. Thelma Kell-Kelly, our sub guard, was called upon to fill the vacancy marry times and she proved a valuable player. She has had experience that will serve her well and we welcome her back next year. Helen Mounts-Kitty was a sub and this being her first year she did not get to play in very many games. Although her smiles never failed to give encouragement to the team. She is to be commended on her good work. Nova Hooker-Hook played on the second team the whole year, but that was no sign she couldn't play basket ball. She is only a Sophomore and in two more years she should be able to make the best sit up and take notice. Velva Harmon-Dimples was rather handicapped by her size, but she made up the balance by her lighting spirit. This was Dimples' first year, but she developed and learned basket ball rapidly. We expect great things from. her next year. Thanks must be given to Ethel Newton, Ida Utterback, Louise Mills, Violet Wells, and Lillian Harmon for their help this year in practicing with the team and being' faithful even if they weren't regulars. More will be expected of them next year on the regular team. LOLAVE BRENTON. Page Twenty Seven l THE BENEDICTUS .. Operetta "MISS CHERRYBLOSSOMH The Cast b Cherryblossom, brought up as the daughter of Kokemo, in reality, Evelyn Barnes of 1 New Y01-k ---------------------.-------- -, ,--,,q--... Josephine Kokemo, a proprietor of a Tea Garden in Tokyo, Japan, comedy part- -,-,-----,,----------------------------------Harry Joseph English John Henry Smith, a New Yorker, on a visit to Japan as a guest of Mr. Worthington- -,,--,,,H--,,-,--,----,--,-----,,,----,,-------- Joseph Laib Henry Foster Jones, Jack's pal, in love with Jessica .............. Junior R0lherl Horace Worthington, a New York stock broker who is entertaining a party of friends with a trip to Japan on his private yacht .................... Harold Polk James Young, Worthington's private secretary --- ..... Floyd Lewis Jessica Vanderpool, Worthington's niece ........ ....... M ary L. Upton Togo, a Japanese politician of high rank -.. .... John Lawrence Wallis Chorus Geisha Girls in Kokemo's Tea Garden .................. Glee Club Girls American girls and men, guests of Mr. Wortliington, visiting Japan on his private yacht ........... 4 ........................ Glee Club Boys and Girls The Plot . Miss Evelyn Barnes, an American girl, born in Japan,- and whose parents die .of fever, is brought up as a Japanese maiden. Her father's secretary uses her property for his own ends. When Evelyn, who is known as Cherryblossom is about eighteen, Worthington fthe secretaryl returns to Japan on his yacht with a party of American friends. One of them, John Henry Smith, falls in love with Cherry and wishes to marry her, but Kokemo who has brought her up as his own daughter, wants her to marry Togo, a rich politician. The action of the piece centers around Jack's effort to outwit Togo and Kokemo. Eventually Cherry learns her true identity, comes into her own property, marries Jack, and all ends happily. Director, Miss Johnson Accompanist, Miss Thomas Page Twenty Eight THE Bamzoicrus 11.1-.111-11...-1.11.-1.1.1 1l.1g.1..1p,1p.1ll1q41...-qu-.,.1..1-.1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Jokes Leuetta S.: "Honest, Mr. Weaver, I stayed up all night to study and got, up early this morning." Josephine L.: "Why the strange expression on your face, Kathryn?" Kathryn: "Oh, I was just thinking." Mr. Lockwood: "What are you two boys doing walking so slowly up those stairs?" George: "We.are working, Mr. Lockwood. We are carrying this desk up to the auditorium for Miss Webb's play." Lockwopd: "I don't see any desk?" joey "'For heaven's sake, George, we forgot the desk." -"Geraldine: "Can you drive with one hand?" He: "You bet I can." Geraldine: "Fine, have an apple." Opal Singleton: "Give me three packages of insect powder." Mr. Runcie: "Do you want to take it with you?" Opal: "You don't expect me to bring the bugs here, do you? Miss McCrea: "What's the Liberty Bell?" Floyd: "The one that rings after the eighth period." James Wallace lon examination dayQ: "What's the date?" Miss Jones: "Never mind the date. Answer the question." James: "Well, I wanted to get one thing right." Miss Thomas: "What makes you think Caesar was unusually strong?" Ralph M.: "Well, it says here that he pitched the camp across the river." Speaker in Auditorium: "It gives me great pleasure to 'look in these bright and shining faces." ' Lolave B. Uust waking upl: "Give me my powder puff." in "The faculty is a body of men and women paid to assist the Seniors in running the school." - , Q " Miss lVlcCrea: "What student was so rude as to laugh out loud?" Josephine: "I laughed up my sleeve but there's a hole in my elbow." Mr. Lockwood: "What part of speech is the word "egg?" jess: "Noun." Mr. Lockwood: f'What gender is it?" jess: "Why, you can't tell until they're hatched." joe: "Miss Jones, is it bad for one to stay up late at night?" Miss jonesz, "Yes, bad for one. but not for two." "Benny is a great class book. The school gets all the fame The printer gets all the money, And the staff gets all the blame." 'Page Twenty Nine l a I a THE BENEDICTUS - 1 - 1 1..1..1un1uu1un1nl.-suluu1nn1uu J. L. BRYANT Dealer In GENERAL MERCHANDISE Farimers 8: Merchants National Bank Building FORT BRANCH, INDIANA iniIgtllltm.-...,1u..-yl1:.n1 11101141 1 1. 1 in.- Wall Paper, Paints and Varnishes, White Lead, Linseed Oil, Mixed Paints, Stains and Enamels Contractor for Painting and Decorating J. F. ATTEBERRY PURCELI-'S BAKERY YOU RECEIVE i Home of , The kind of portrait you and your Butteragapcgliizd' ples friends will appreciate at MRS- GRACE PURCELL, Prop. SHUBART STUDIO, Princeton, Ind. I J. E. T00Ps Highest Cash Prices for Eggs and Poultry TRADE WI'I1H HOLLIS BROTHERS and Save the Difference Groceries, Fresh and Cured Meats of All Kinds Give us a Call HOLLIS BROTHERS MONTGOMERY'S SODA SHOPPE Lunch, Ice Cream, Cigars and Cold Drinks Agency for Whitman's Famous Choco- lates and Nancy Hart's Home Made Candies ca OH! YES ' Antiques are all right in Furniture, but never in Furnishings Here are Spring Furnishings that carry Metropolitan Style ROTHERT'S ZILIAK Sz SCHAFER MILLING CO. Fort Branch, Indiana Dealer in , , GRAIN, FLOUR and FEEDS R. S. BOYLE, Manager McCARTY HARDWARE COMPANY "Globe Feeds, Globe Stoves" Johnson Paints and Enamels Full Line Farm Machinery GEO. W. REED MOTOR COMPANY Authorized Dealers, Lincoln, Ford, Ford- son, Genuine Ford Parts And Accessories Fort Branch, Indiana HANK'S PLACE For the best Ice Cream, Cold Drinks, Short Orders and Candies of All Kinds ' SLINGER'S RESTAURANT VICKERY 8: KNOWLES AGENCY 4 Real Estate and Insurance Try Our Service Farm Loans Surety Bonds Fort Branch, Ind. . Before buying refreshments for your Party or Social, call the COTTAGE SODA SHOPPE For Prices on Ice Cream and Sherbet DeLONG'S STORE For DEPENDABLE MERCHANDISE Phone 31 Fort Branch, Ind. EMGE Sz SONS Packers of BEEF AND PORK Manufacturers of High Grade Sausage and Lard 1u1u1 1 -.. 1 1gl..anu-.un1nn1.u1nu1nn1n-usiuiq Page Thirty One THE BEN1-:D1cTUs .- - .- .-uu.-gl-.n.1n.1,g1m.-4...-M-.,g1..n1m.1.,,.. BEST WISHES From ALLEN A WILKINSON LUMBER Co. Q J. H. LAIB, Agent l SOUTHERN INDIANA GAS 81 ELECTRIC COMPAKNY I-ce by Wire Fort Branch, Indiana m1,q1nn..nq1m.1 ...n.n1ru.-uu-.-ln1m- -. - 1 H. P. KLEIN, M. D. Office Opposite High School Building Phone 8 C. S. STONE GROCERY The Place to Buy Good Groceries Give us a Trial "" FREE DELIVERY Fort Branch, Indiana DR. BRUMFIELD, Dentist Office First National Bank Bldg. Office Hours: 8 A. M. to 5 P. M. Office Closed on Wednesday Afternoon 'l'rustee's Office Same Location Sales CHEVROLET Service Wright and Jones Motor Co. 'sSee the Bigger and Better Chevrolet" Fort Branch PAUL WRIGHT, Mgr. DEW DROP IN For Special Orders KELLER-CRESCENT COMPANY ENGRAVERS-PRINTERS Specialists in High School Annuals , EVANSVILLE, IND. P'OI.K GENUNG POLK COMPANY Fort Branch, Indiana WILLIAMS' ELEVATOR Grain, Flour, Feeds, Seeds, Coal, Harness, Wood and Iron Posts, - Fencing, Farm Implements. Asa L. Williams Fort Branch, Ind. Nurse: "lt's a boy, professor." Mr. Hemmer, flooking up from his worklz "What is?" Kathryn: "Only think he tried to put his Joe: "lVly! What long arms." arms about me four times." Miss Webb: "All the world is a stage." Floyd Lewis: "Yes, and all the speaking parts are given to women." Mr. l-lemmer: fin chemistryjz "Tomorrow we will take arsenic and finish the chapter. ' ' Dorothy M. fin English class: "And from her shoulder hung a light bow." Miss Webb: "What ablative is "From her shoulder?" Dorothy: "ER--ah--ablative of suspension." FII'i?T'ETi'Z""iZlT"' - ' ' ' ' .- .- 1 -. - - in-main:--lnill.-ll-.pq-nv THE BENEDI Swinneu Printinq Companu Annual Publishers -.-0 lDe conqratulate the class of twentufeiqht and hope that uou find uour lifes work as pleasant as have been uour school claus. fx A Fort Branch, lncliana The Home of Good Printing 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 .- 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1uu1lu1up-1111111151nun-nn1uu1nu1nn1un1uil Page Thirty Three THE BENEDICTUS nq1,m1 1 1 1 1 1 1,-,I1..H..ru1,,,-..,m.-lm1m,.. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1,.-nu..un1 FIR T NATIO AL BANK FORT BRANCH, INDIANA "The Bank of Personal Service" BUILD UP YOUR ACCUUNT The rising Ievel in your bank account carries you aIso to a higher IeveI of success and accomplishment NCTHING is ever a trouble to us that is a service to you. We pay 4 per cent on Savings and Time Deposits . We are members of g The Federal Reserve System IV. S. HOFFMAN, President M. M. KNUVVLES, Vice Pres N. C. WHEELER, Cashier G. R. EMERSON, Ass't. Cash Mp1,p1,.1,,,11.1,,,....,,,......1,.1,.,,1,.,1 1 1,1..,.1,,.,1.,..1,..,1...I-1.141...1..1,,,.-,.1..1..1....,g1 age Thirty Four ,inn--1-...n:co1ui-ng..-1un1uu1n1nu1:-1:11-... THE BE Conqratula ClassoftQ28 NED! tions uccess has been obtained by hard study---to continue your success in the future before you, the Hrst requisite is to SAVE---TIME. and MONEY. The first is entirely up to you, in the second we can help you. Consult us in your financial needs. Farmers 81. merchants National Bank Fort Branch, Indiana Capital and Surplus 340,000.00 .1.-1..,1n1.g1.l.-nu..-1.1pu1.g1.,...u.-I.-uuigglg.-I. """""'MTSHIQIM'-iTI'E"'1'E'T C 4 . 3. . ' 1 . g --x f 5 4 I pfyswxf., . X ' - -' " fx- . 7... 4, K 5' .755 '-25 ' W5 ' 'Tv 1 59.14. ' . 91 . ' 1' - , 2 1- aux: X 1 '- .:fi'7f+a5:3 K ' if f HH--' wfi... V, ' - 'L R ' A'-j, Y' N r.. ,:- :V-N - : ' . . ' . . ' , 1.-4..- -' f- " gf- .- , Mzgeg- -. .a - ...J ':..,,, --W., . .. . 1 f 'V . ' 1 -5 41. 4-.E :. ' . 'X' ff. , -4 I , ,TK l,.1,,f jg .fml ' ' "5 - . , ., ,QQ ,Nfl - 1 'fn' ,N . . A . K f x Q " - if A X' 'IFEV ' . 7-,- K .11 5, nf. 1-1Q?,.' ' is V f -'ef .mga -A g. -' , , . Lf., Avmwf, I .1.- ' ff V .- - 5 f f I I ' , ' 'A . . P . -1 1 I - ,H f 4 1 1 . 4' r" ' ' 7 5 - -1. 4 I " f X f' X 1 if - -,, 7 N-f ' Y . . X 4 h 1 k , X 'K K I X ' . Q A . XM..- .. W ' i . I J ' ' ' ' -Q-.9 1 '- .. ' Jw' . N ' .j' J' Q .Q l . ' . ,715 ' ' J ..-- P F-11 Ay" P H ' ., ' ' 1. WV? ,-. " xi.. - . A 1 ,-v.f,.g, V 1 .,, I . .. -fx: ' -A.'f-G . . .F .Ai.,-4,12 . .fu -Agn: ' ' '::.'i K 5.3,--' eg 4 . -'T ui'-fyg V 1. . . 1. . h ..,d ' .' .-'ff -, if fA'I'iL'.47f,1-2.2 '-- I . Q. .5 'fa I 5 . . .3 EM QL-gr' .tw-,ft .. ' "I ,I L RQQ'-:E-Qs. W . .h . ...Aging A 1 4 . . H me :.-fl 4,5 I4 1 X, H. 1 .,. g, 1 1' . I. 1 . -45.5 1 ' f . , , . . F Af . 1, . . .' ' ir fi ' 1 4 T " 1 ' . ' .Q 5' 'V ' - ' . 1 ali' . " f rf . . ff".-f - Q' la U Z.: V 4 V ff .5 1" ' f 3" :Eve ' f 1 . , 1-4 "- fp,-" r ' . v ' . 1 Af- 'f A . ,- . , a A .- . U-' A -' n V ' . 9 ' 4. ' . . f . , . ff , f , .+ ' r , . - ,N -au ui A ' z " t If '-live . . - 5 f ' N . ' 1 ' ' gg . K . - QT, , ' ,A JT' . v ' 1 wif" ' '. ' 5 .YQ 1 Q.: ..-V! . t I 5 gg f f f v . 3 ' ' ' ff' L - ff .. -.P f 4 f ...-- ' " f .f . P25-'Tin , P' -. . .5 - . ' . ' , J . .I ,-1 . g, .' ' Vg, , . 1 ' ... 1 X. '. ' 6' YI' f .' ' ue. f .g' ..,- Q' . .1 .. , V,-f .1 .V - ', - .u 1 N.-1 , -.v.- Af 4,m.:JI.!.', .-.9-M--9 .,.r,. 1... ..4- f - 54ui5..?'1 .JP 1:2 X

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