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E E 5 S S 99 3 ff 5 E 5 5 fi ? 5 5 Z it S Z' n Z P5 E 3 5 54 ff 41 S4 gi A Qi A 1 ii 2 ff-i Q gl f Q, 5 5 E 52 Q1 S, Q 2 E gl it gi if E 2 5 5 2 r P 5 5 E T 1 E 5 3. 5 E 3 5 'Q X 5 ? r F x Q E E, S 2 5 BIIEIIIH UI IIIIEHII 1944 PUBLISHED ANNUALLY BY THE STUDENT BODY FORT BRAOO UNION HIGH SCHOOL FORT BRAOO :: CALIFORNIA FUREUJUHD On flue baffle fields, on flue sea and in flue air, flue forces of democracy and luuman decency are loclced in morfal combaf wiflu flue opposing forces of fofalifarianism and compulsion. Slowly. buf sfeadily, fluose of democracy and decency are defeafing flue enemy and pushing back flue barbarous luordes wluo would rule flue world and enslave manlcind. As flue day of final vicfory for flue Unifed Nafions' cause comes ever nearer we musf focus our fluouglufs upon flue peace wluiclu is fo follow. 'flue conflicf is more fluan a baffle befween nafions. Fundamenfally if is a conflicf of ideas and idealsg flue ideas of luuman dignify and individual worflu versus fluose of flue supremacy of flue sfafe and flue concepfion of a masfer race dominafing an enslaved world. Wluaf will be flue fruifs of Vicfory fluis fimef7 Will we as a nafion ever be willing again fo dodge our infernafional responsibilifies? Will our acfions or refusal fo acf in concerf wiflu ofluer nafions dedicafed fo world peace once more become a foolislu prelude fo anofluer world-wide conflagrafion? Can we again afford an osfriclu-like isolafionism wluiclu may lead us down flue road fo World War III? Suclu guesfions as fluese l commend fo you in wluose luands flue desfiny of our Nafion will reside. Tluose of you wluo are graduafing from flue American public luiglu scluool musf falce your places nof only in flue figlufing, buf also in flue peace and reconsfrucfion fo follow. We will win vicfory by our superior force. Force, alone, luowever, will nof insure a beffer world fluougluf if may sef flue sfage. Tlue parf flue Unifed Sfafes sluall play upon fluaf sfage is yef fo be defermined. Tlue seriousness of our purpose and flue wisdom of our decisions may luold flue lqey fo a iusf peace and flue esfablislumenf of a world devofed fo freedom and securify for all mankind. A wrong cluoice may mean flue firsf sfep foward anofluer war wluiclu could conceivably seal flue fafe of manlcind for cenfuries fo come. Tluis fluen is flue faslc. lvlay we succeed! JAM ES L. SNELL. Superinfendenf Ulu the jliilemurp uf warren Iiaarnlh Ylemmnn Svzninr, 1944 this Breath nf Busan is respntfullp hzhiratzh hp the Breath uf QBcean Qtaff Warren l-larold Lemmon was born in For? Bragg on July 7, l926, and wi+h Jrhe exceplion of a shor'r period, allended For+ Bragg Schools lhrough- oul +he years of his educalion. l-le enlered Forl Bragg l-ligh School in Sepiember, l94l, and was a sludenl here unlil his dealh on February 9, I944. l-le was a member of lhe Senior Class lo giraduare in June. l-le was admired and respecled by sludenlrs, facully and all who lcnew him as mosl lrusfworlhy and reliable, one of lhe school's linesl Jrraclcmen, an underslanding, guiel buf lun-loving friend. Warren has lell wilh us a spiril of cooperalion and fellowship which we, Jrhe sludenls ol Forl Bragg l-ligh School, will noi forgel. Zin Memoriam THE BOYS FROM FORT BRAOG UNION HIGH SCHOOL WHO HAVE GIVEN THEIR LIVES IN THE SERVICE OE THEIR COUNTRY. JOHN CECIL OWEN, MEMBER OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES OF THE FORT BRAG6 UNION HIGH SCHOOL. w I Q Q 25 HHMINISIHHIIHN I Q BOARD OF TRUSTEES OFFICE STAFF I BOARD OF TRUSTEES ILEFT TO RIGHTI C. L. WOOD, J, M. ANDREANI, T. W. HOLMES, A. BAINBRIDGE, J, L. SNELL, Superinfendenh R. F. PHILLIPS, F. O. ALBERTSON, R. C. HUNT OFFICE STAFF ILEFT TO RIGHTI BETTY GREGOR, LOU ETTA HANSEN, MARGARET GRANT, JEAN POTTER, PHYLLIS RAUDIO, VIRGINIA BUFKIN, ALBERTA LAWSON, DOROTHY MCCUISTION, JOAN STONE, BONNIE JENSEN, CAROL RANTALA, NORMA BAINBRIDGE, MISS LOIS COONEY, Sec- refary, RUBY THOMPSON, CHARLENE MELCHIOR FHCULTU CARL H. SCHRADER HELEN ABRAMSON ARCHER ANDERSON MARGARET COON . JOEL S. COTTON . A. NORMAN CRUIKSHANKS THOMAS DORNAN .... Principal, Commercial, Advisory Board Advisor Girls Physical Educa- +ion, G. A. A. Advisor Commandanl of Cadels, Coaching, Commercial Biology, French, Sopho- more Class Advisor Chemislry, Physics, Malhernalics, Adv. Biology Economics, Consumer's Science, Senior Class Advisor Boys Physical Ed ucalion CORN ELIA GILDERSLEEVE lMrs.l Librarian HELENA GRONLUND . . English, Dramalics GRACE HARLOW lMrs.l . . Vocal, Music Direclor, Piano, Sewing EDWARD JEWETT . BRYCE PHILLIPS . . RUTH RICHMOND .i MAX REINBERG . . HELEN TREOONlNGIIvIrsI GLENNA TREvARRoW VIRGENE WADE . . RUTH s. WARE IIv1rs.I . PERRY WiLsoN . . FLORENCE WRIGHT IIv1rs FHCIIIIII -I EIec+ric Shop, Prinfing, IvIecI1anicaI Drawing, Prinring Advisor of II1e Brea'rI1 of Ocean Ma'rIwema+ics Ari' I Xa II, GeneraI Advisor oIII1e BreaII'1 of Ocean Music, Band, Siage- crafr Nursing. ScI'1ooI Nurse English, Spanish CommerciaI, Dean of Girls l?I?WS. His'rory and Civics, World Hisiory, Jr. Class Advisor Woodwork, Shop Domesfic Science Homemaking Top Row IIeII Io riqhfi PATRICIA SULLIVAN . MAYME KOKKO . . CAROL RANTALA . . Boiiom Row Iieif Io riqiwii RAYMOND LUOMA . BOB CELERI . . , JUNE CARLSON . STUDENT BODY OFFICERS ADVISORY BOARD STUDENT BODY OFFICERS ADVISORY BOARD . Secreiary, 2nd Semesfer . Treasurer, 2nd Semesier . Secrefary, Is? Sernesier . Vice President 2nd Sernesfer President IsI and 2nd Semesfer . Vice President Isf Sernesier Top Row: Jack I-Iess, GIenn Philips, Raymond Luoma, Bob CeIeri, BEII Phiiips. Bo+'rom Row: Colieen Siiveira, Carol Raniaia, Louise Gianuzzi, Mayme Koicico, June Carison, Rebecca Clark, Joan Sfone, Pairicia Suilivan. Noi Picfured: Waliy Brown. QQ Q Q Q HHSSES SEHIUIT CLHSS HISTUHU AT lasT The big day in The Tall oT I94I had arrived-our grand enTrance inTo ForT Bragg l-ligh School. As "Sophies" ThaT memorable day we TelT quiTe green. Tha+ is aT TirsTl BuT soon our greenness was replaced by a scarleT hue in The Torm oT lipsTick smears and The aTTer-eTTecTs oT The belT line. Many, indeed, were The morTiTying TorTures ThaT we poor innocenT ones received-Thanks To The upperclassmenl The TirsT dance oT The season was The Sophomore RecepTion, given especially in our honor. lncidenTally, we liked To Think oT iT as an apology. IvlusT The TacT be menTioned ThaT plans Tor a Sophomore ReTurn Dance had To be dropped, as we were Tinancially embarrassed? Ahl buT you should have seen us shine in The oTher acTiviTies oT The year. We did much Toward The success oT our TirsT Jamboree. As Juniors in I942-43 we discovered new duTies and acTiviTies To keep us more Than busy. The conTenTs oT our scanTy Treasury grew and by May we were able To give one oT The mosT beauTiTul proms To honor our deparTing Triends, The seniors. The Theme was l-lawaiian wiTh grass skirTs, hulas and all The Trimmings. ATTaining The digniTy oT Seniors, we were The envy and admiraTion oT The school. Did we leT This newly acquired superioriTy go To our heads? No indeed, noT The class oT '441 lnsTead, we buckled down To a busy year oT Tun and work, amid shouTs oT ioy Tor The liTTed ban on aThleTics. The BREAKER came To liTe again aTTer many years oT slumber. Came lvlarch ll and a large TurnouT Tor The Senior Play, a comedy enTiTled "Miss Jimmy" which was held in The CoTTon AudiTorium. On lvlay I2, we aTe our way Through The Senior BanqueT and Then danced The nighT away aT The Junior Prom. All Too soon does The exciTemenT oT graduaTion descend upon us. On June 2, Tiling solemnly Trom The CoTTon AudiTorium Tor The lasT Time as The class oT '44, we Think sadly oT The happy years we leave behind, buT quicken our sTep as The TuTure looms promising, even in This war-Torn world. SENIOR CLASS FirsT SemesTer Presideni' . Second SemesTer PresidenT . . FirsT SemesTer Vice PresidenT . Second SernesTer Vice PresidenT . FirsT SemesTer SecreTary . . . Second SernesTer SecreTary . FirsT and Second SernesTer Treasurer SEHIUH CLHSS OFFICERS . . Bill Celeri Raymond Olinslcy . Glenn Philips Raymond Luoma Colleen McMahon . Barbara Lusby . . Joan STone The qraduaTing class oT IQ44 goes ouT inTo The world wiTh Two purposes beTore iT. One is "Win The War." The oTher, iusT as imporTanT, is "Win The Peace." WiTh This ThoughT in mind, and wiTh The careTul preparaTion given by our Teachers, we are ready To Tace The Trials beTore us. Second SemesTer PresidenT RAYMOND OLI NSKY NAME ORIGINALLY BERNICE ALBRECHT VICTOR ALIOTO BERNICE ANDERSON MARJORIE BARNEY LOUIS BAVO BETTY BOWMAN WALTER BRADLEY ELIZABETH BULLARD LAURA CANCLINI JUNE L. CARLSON BILL CELERI BOB CELERI REBECCA CLARK AILI CLOCKERS BILL COLOMBI HOPE L. CULVER ANGELA DEL CARLO WINIFRED FRISTOE EVELYN 6-HOSSI MADGE GRIVETTE DOLORES GUNNAR BETTIE HATTON HENRY HEITMEYER CHARLOTTE HOLMES LILLIAN IKOLA BONNIE JENSEN EDITH JOHANSEN BILLY JOHNSTON EINAR KESTI ERNEST KOSKINEN MIRIAM KOTHGASSNER RAYMOND LUOMA BARBARA W. LUSBY DENNY MARGIE DOROTHY McCUlSTION COLLEEN McMAHON NORMA McNABB ERMA MORANDI JOHN MICHAEL MARION MORANDI ARTHUR MORLEY SHIRLEY MULVAHILL G-ERTRUDE NOLTE RAYMOND OLINSKY 4 DONALD PEDROTTI GLENN PHILIPS EDWARD POE CAROL RANTALA KATHLEEN RICHARDS DONALD ROMERI BILLY ROWE MELBA SMITH JOAN STONE PATRICIA SULLIVAN VERNA MAE WEST BEULAH WILLIAMS SHASTA WANOCOTT ROBERT WOOD SEIIIIIII HIIIIIISIIIIPE WE CALL 'EM Bernie Vic Andy Menagerie Louie Belly Waller Belly Laura Junie Bill Celery Becky Aili Blackie Hopeless Dolly Winnie Zazz Madge Gufler Birdie I-Iank Blimp Lilly Bonnie Chick Mai. Hoople Kesli Ernesl' Aggie Tulip Barb Denny Dol' Colleen Slormy Erm Mike Mahubba Choppy Shurby Tooiie Ray Don Commando Poe Carol Kal Romeo Reuben Smilh Joan Babs Flashy Booge Susie Bob CHARACTERISTICS Personalily Dark eyes "Proxide" blond Friendliness Oulspoken Quielness Curls Aggressiveness Vagueness Flighliness Build His line Nealness Hair Walk Pleasanlness Placidness Energelic walk Forwardness Soulhern accenl Smallness Flighliness Piercing eyes Boislerousness Giggling Flaming lresses Jiller-bugging Telling lall slories Bashlul Shyness Brainy Broad shoulders Personalily Smallness Freckles Personalily Silliness Alhlelic abilily Superman Dorolhy Bewildered Iook Long legs Telling iokes Talk Blue slips Grin Wise cracks Hair Finger nails Grin Nealness Misinlerpreling l:ac'l's Sophislicalion Dimples Cheerfulness I-Ialf pinl' Niceness GAB! AMBITION Telephone operalor Fish packer Secrelary Dress designer Bowling champ Milk maid Lady killer Teacher ol Malh. Privale Secrelary Lilrle wiiey Navy Sing like "Bing" Aclress Who knows? Hermil Periecl' wife Seamslress Opera singer Housewife Ship yard worker Telephone operalor Nurse Navy To graduaie Housewife Live in England Cadel Nurse To be believed Sailor To be bold School Ma'am To be an alumni To find an apl. To weigh 200 lbs. To be Mrs. Morandi Nurse Nurse Baseball Mgr. Olympic swimmer Married Army bugler Gel a lall man Two divorces Navy While slips Li'I Abner Big Shol Two children Are you kiddin'? Bachelor Man of 'rhe world Secrelary Aclress Model Oh brolherll Lady Marine Co-ed Speaker U LTI MATE DESTI NY Carloonisl' Fish peddler A brunelle Second Veronica Lake Marines Riveler Sing-Sing Dog lrainer U. L. Co. clerk Ambilion fulfilled Swalobing decks Second Sinafra Scrub woman SPAR Sullan Hopeless I-lousekeeper Forlune leller Old maid Blues singer Bus announcer Chamber maid Fisherman P. G. course Prison malron Main Sl., FI. Bragg Gay divorcee Ficlion wriier Second Popeye Commando Encyclopedia Trying lo graduale Periecl wife Weighing 99 lbs. Learning lo cook Nurse maid Circus performer Umpire Lile guard Taxi driver Friendless bugler S+iII looking Six divorces Polilician Dralil slips Glamor boy Yard bird I-louse full Taxi dancer Eloping Hobo Marine's wife Usherelle Soda ierker Censored! Fan dancer Pholographer Full of ho+ air 'IIISS III '44 BERNICE ALBRECI-IT Gen. Course Prom '43 Jamboree Sporfs-all leams Breallw '44 Sr. Play '44 lvlolliers' Tea '44 VICTOR ALIOTO Transferred '42 Vocafional Course Baskeiball '43, '44 Slage Crew '43, '44 BERNICE ANDERSON Commercial Course Jamboree '43 Molhers' Tea '42 C.S.E. '42, '43, '44 Breaker '43 Prom '43 MARJORIE BARNEY Gen. Course Sporrs '43 REBECCA CLARK Gen. Course Glee '43, '44 Prom '43, '44 Jamboree '42, '43 Jr. Class Sec. '43 Advisory Bd. '44 l-lowl '43, '44 Bandslnow '43, '44 Sr. Play '44 AILI CLOCKERS Commercial Course Glee '42, '43 Prom '43 Jamboree '42, '43 Breaker '43 Howl '43 Bandsliow '42 LOUIS BAVO Gen. Course Bowling leam, '43 Prom '43 Enlisfed Marines BETTY ANN BOWMAN Gen. Course Glee Club WALTER BRADLEY Gen. Course Prom '43 ELIZABETH BU LLARD College Prep. Prom '43 Jamboree '43 I-Iowl '43, '44 C.S.P. '42, '43, '44 Breaker '43, '44 Moflwers' Tea Senior Play '44 WILLIAM COLOMBI Gen. Course Eoolball '43 Prom '43 Sfage Crew '43, '44 HOPE CULVER Gen. Course LAURA CANCLINI Commercial Course Glee '42, '43, '44 Prom '43 Jamboree '42, '43, '44 Moflwers' Tea '42, '44 Sec. Jr. Class G.A.A. Council '42, '43 6.A.A. Presidenl, '43, '44 Band '42, '43 JUNE LAWRENCE CARLSON College Prep. Morhers' Tea Pep Band '42, '43, '44 Band '42, '43, '44 Jamboree '42, '43, '44 Advisory Bd. '43, '44 Sludenf Body Vice Pres. '43 Prom '43 Breaker '44 Sr. Play '44 ROBERT CELERI College Prep. Sludenf Body Pres. '43, '44 Class Pres. '42 Advisory Bd. '43, '44 Jamboree '43 Baseball '4I, '42, '43, '44 Baskelball '4I, '42, '43, '44 E. B. SOC. '4l, '42, '43, '44 C.S.E. '42, '43, '44 Breaflw '43 Opererfa '43, '44 Ecofball '42, '43, '44 VVILLIAM CELERI College Prep. Prom '43 Brealli '44 Senior Pres. Advisory Bd. '43 Jamboree '43 Opereffa '43, '44 P. B. SOC. '4l, '42, '43, '44 Baskelball '4l, '42, '43, '44 Eoolball '42, '43, '44 Baseball 42, '43, '44 Track '42 CIIISS UF '4 ANGELA DEL CARLO Gen. Course Moflwers' Tea '42 WINIFRED FRISTOE Gen. Course EVELYN GHIOSSI Commercial Course Prom '43 Jamboree '4I Band '4I Glee '4I MoII1er's Tea '42, '44 Sporfs '42 MADGE GRIVETTE Gen. Course DOLORES GUNNAR Commercial Course C.S.l:. '42, '43, '44 Prom '43 Jamboree '43 Moflvers' Tea '42, '44 Breaker '43 BETTIE I-'IATTON Geri. Course Glee Prom '43 Jamboree Breaker '43 Bandslwow '44 Band '43, '44 Opere++a '44 HENRY HEITMEYER College Prep. Track '42 Baseball '42, '44 E. B. Soc. '42, '43, '44 Eoolball '43 BreaI'I'1 '44 Prom '43 Jamboree '44 Baskefball '42, '43, '44 Bowling Ieam '43, '44 Sraqe Crew '43, '44 CHARLOTTE HOLMES Commercial Course Glee '42 Bandslwow '42 Prom '43 Jamboree '42 lvloiliers' Tea '44 AII Ieams Girls' League Yell Leader '42 ERNEST KOSKINEN Gen. Course J amboree Prom '43 EINAR KESTI Gen. Course Eoorball Siege crew, '43 Enlisfed in Navy LILLIAN IKOLA Transferred '42 Commercial Course Howl '44 Breaker '44 BONNIE JENSEN Commercial Course Breaker '43 I-lowl '43, '44 Prom '43 Moflwers' Tea '44 EDITH JOHANSEN Gen. Course Glee '43, '44 Prom '43, '44 Jamboree '43, '44 Bandshow '43, '44 All reams C.S,F. '42 BILLY JOHNSTON Gen. Course Srage Crew, '43, '44 MIRIAM KOTHGASSNER College Prep. Prom '43 Sr. Play '44 Advisory Bd. '42, '43 Breaker '43, '44 I-lowl '43, '44 Band Show '42, '43, '44 G.A.A. Sec. '43, '44 C.S.l:. '42, '43, '44 Brealli '42, '43, '44 Band '42, '43, '44 Pep Band '42, '43 WARREN LEMMON Gem. Course Track '40, '4I, '42, '43 Slaqe Crew '43 IIIHSS UF '44 RAYMOND LUOMA Gen. Course Prom '43 Pres. class '43 Vice Pres. class '44 Vice Pres. Sludenl' Body '44 Advisory Bd. '44 Jamboree '44 Operella '44 F. B. Soc. '44 Baskelball '42 Baseball '44 Eoolball '44 Track '42 BARBARA WOLFF LUSBY Gen. Course Prom '43 Jamboree '43 Sec. Sr. Class '44 Advisory Bd. '43 Breaker '43 DENNY MARGIE Gen. Course Track Slage Crew '43 Erilisled in Navy DOROTHY MQCUISTION Transferred '42 Gen. Cou rse RAYMOND OLINSKY College Prep. Sr. Play '44 Jamboree '4I Howl '44 Breaker '44 Bonds and S+amps '43 DONALD PEDROTTI College Prep. COLLEEN MQMAHON College Prep. Glee Prom '43 Jamboree '42, '43 Breallw '44 Pres. Sopli. Class Jr. Class Vice Pres. Sec. Sr. Class Sec. Girls' League '4I Opereffa '43, '44 Bandslwow '42, '43, '44 Sr. Play '44 NORMA MCNABB Gen. Course Glee '42, '43, '44 Prom '42, '43 Jamboree '42, '43, '44 Bandslwow '42, '43, '44 lvlollwers' Tea '42, '43 Operefla '44 Sr. Play '44 JOHN MICHAEL Gen. Course Eoolball '43 Prom '43 Slaqe Crew '43, '44 ERIVIA MORANDI Gen. Course Mollwers' Tea '44 All learns GLENN PHILIPS College Prep. Prom '43 Vice Pres. Sr. Class Advisory Bd. '44 Jamboree '43 Operella '44 Band '4I Track '42 Baskelball '42, '43, '44 F. B. Soc. EDWARD POE Gen. Course Prom '43 Jamboree '42, '43 Band '42 Opererfa '43 Poolball '42, '43 Baseball '4I, '42 Track '42, '43 Yell Leader Sfudenl Body '43 MARION MORANDI Gen. Course Slage Crew '43, '44 ARTHUR MORLEY Gen, Course Jamboree '42, '43 Band '42, '43, '44 Operella '43 Pres. Jr. Class C.S.l:. '42, '43, '44 Prom '43 Pep Band '42, '43 Sr. Play '44 SHIRLEY MULVAHILL Commercial Course Glee '44 Prom '43 Jamboree '43 Sec. C.S.F. C.S.F. '42, '43, '44 GERTRUDE NOLTE Commercial Course Glee '4I Prom '43 Jamboree '42 Mollwers' Tea '42, '44 Band Slwow '42 CAROL RANTALA Commercial Course Glee '43, '44 Prom '43 Jamboree '42, '43, '44 Moiliers' Tea '42, '43, Advisory Bd. '43 Jr. Class Vice Pres. G.A.A. Council '42 Girls' League Pres. '43 Band '42 Sr. Play '44 KATHLEEN RICHARDS Gen. Course Glee '43 DONALD ROMERI Gen. Course BILL ROWE Gen. Course Band '42, '43 MELBA SMITH Commercial Course C.S.F. '42, '43, '44 Prorn '43 Jamboree '42,'43 Advisory Bd. '42 Band '42, '43 Breaker '43 Breailn '42, '43, '44 Siudenl' Body Treas JOAN STONE Gen. Course Glee '42, '44 Prom '43 Jamboree '42, '43 Treas. Sr. Class '44 Advisory Bd. '43 Operelfa '43 PATRICIA SULLIVAN Commercial Course Glee '42, '44 Prom '43 Jamboree '42, '43 Advisory Bd. '42 Brealcer '43 Breallw '43 Bandslwow '42 - '43 Siudenl Body Sec. '44 VERNA MAE WEST Transferred '42 Commercial Course Prom '43 Jamboree '43 Breaker '43 Banclslnow '44 IIIHSS III '44 INOI Piciuredl DOROTHY HORSTMANN General Course Transferred from Nolre Dame Hiqh School BEULAI-I WILLIAMS Commercial Course Prom '43 Jamboree '43 Bandslnow '43 SHASTA WONACOTT Commercial Course G-lee '42, '43, '44 Jamboree '42 Bandsliow '42, '43, '44 Prom '43 Moilwers' Tea '42, '44 ROBERT WOOD College Prep. Advisory Bd. Eoolball Band Prom '43 LUNG TIIHE H60 Laura Canclini Bob, Bill, Don Celeri Clwarlolle l-lolrnes Dolores Gunnar Palricia Sullivan Angela Del Carlo Ray Olinslcy Colleen Mclvlalion Carol Ranlala Beulalv Williams I l. Evelyn Glniossi I2. Waller Bradley l3. Erma lvlorancli l4. June Lawrence Carlson I5. Belly Bullard lb. 2nd grade group l7. lvlariorie Barney lB. Melba Srnillw l9. Sliirley Mulvalnill Rebecca Clark lvliriarn Kollngassner Belly Bowman Bill Celeri Bonnie Jensen Donald Romeri Bob Celeri Lillian llcola Belly Hallon Edilln Jolwansen Denny Marqie Sliasla Wonacoll l-lope Culver Madge Grivelle Verna Mae Wesl Bernice Albreclwl Kalllleen Richards Bernice Anderson Aili Cloclcers CIHSS IUIII We, fhe members of fhe class of I944, being of sound mind, and having demonsfrafed for fwelve long years our superior menfal affainmenfs, abilifies, and infelligence, herewifh publish fhis, our lasf will and fesfamenf. We hereby cancel any and all ofher wills fhaf may have been made previously. We bequeafh, dedicafe, give, and devise fhe following ifems as specified, said ifems fo be held by fhe individuals named as long as fhey inhabif 'Ihe precincfs of Forf Bragg High School, and nof for one day longer. I-lear ye, all men, This our will and fesfamenf. ' I, Bernice Albrechf, will my very -mficeable freckles fo Velma Gefliings. I, Rebecca Clark, will Raymond Luoma fo fhe Junior Class. I, Dorofhy McCuisfion, will my abilify fo lceep my man fo Dorofhy McGuire. I, Shirley Mulvahill, will my heighf fo Marlyn Ainger. I, Lillian llcola, will my abilify fo gel in before 6 A. M. fo Lois I-lufnance. I, Ray Olinslcy, will my ears fo Elwin Cox. I, Walfer Bradley, will my curly hair fo Elwin Thornquisf. I, Ernesf Koslcinen, will my shyness Io Jacic Hess. I, Kafhleen Richards, will my shorf dresses fo Lulu Marlcala. I, Erma Moranda, will my sporfsmanship fo Rufh Olinslcy. I, June Carlson, will my maiden name fo all The unmarried girls. I, Ray Luoma, will my abilify fo sing fo Frank Sinafra. I, Beulah Williams, will my heighf fo Jean Poffer I, Bob Wood, will my sfriding wall: fo whoever would have if. I, Billy Rowe, will Joan Sfone fo fhe Theafer box office. I, Vicfor Aliofo, will my fishing abilify fo Warren Gobles. I, Bill Celeri, will my fifle as Breafh Edifor fo whoever wanfs a big headache. I, Bob Celeri, will my office of presidency fo Edgar Easf. I, Bill Colombi, will my posifion on fhe Advocafe fo fhe fufure Brealcer Sfaff. I, Henry Heifmeyer, will my expression "Hella Bag" fo Alberf Canapa. I, Angela Del Carlo, will my shyness fo Ruby Thompson. I, Billie Johnsfon, will my soufhern accenf fo Wally Brown. I, Marion Morandi, will my sfage crew managemenl' fo Mr. Reinberg. I, Bonnie Jensen, will my red hair fo Ann Lee Sfoddard. I, Colleen McMahon, will my abilify fo come fo school once in while fo my sisfer, Pafsy. I, Pafricia Sullivan, will my preffy hair fo Francis Raudio. I, Barbara Wolff Lusby, will my abilify fo gef married fo Louise Gianuzzi. I, Edward Poe, will my abilify fo gef lciclced ouf of class fo Billy Livingsfon. I, Shasfa Wonacoff, will my abilify fo chew gum 60 miles an hour fo Elaine Daniels. I, Charloffe Holmes, will my sassyness fo Paffy Brown. I, Marjorie Barney, will my professional soda Ierlcing iob fo Corine Jaclcmello. I, Carol Ranfala, will my friendliness fo Phyllis Raudio. I, Winifred Frisfoe, will my abilify fo paclc a whole library wifh me fo Marie Massolini. I, Edifh Johansen, will my abiliiy 'ro dance fo Ellen Jensen. I, Beffy Bullard, will my Miss Waflcins old suif fo Gerfrude Luoma. I, Norma McNabb, will my negro acfing fo Jo Ann Rowe. I, Arfhur Morley, will my manners ro The boys of fhe Junior Class. I, John Michael, will my seaf on fhe "dolly Car" fo 'the fufure Sfage Craff Crew. I. Melba Smifh, will my C. V. S. privileges fo George Kelly. I, Beffy Haffon, will my abilify fo draw Soufh African nafives fo Mariorie Davis. I, Aili Cloclcers, will my abilify fo sing fo Norma Bainbridge. I, Laura Canclini, will my abilify fo be manager of fhe Company Sfore fo Mayme Kolclco. I, Marian Kofhgassner, will my abilify fo be Iafe every morning fo Doris Canclini. I, Hope Leonard, will my eager anficipafion of geffing lefiers from my husband who is overseas fo Isobel Swanson. A I, Verna Mae Wesf, will my secrefarial posifion fo Virginia Bufflcin. ' I, Gerfrude Nolfe, will my double chin fo Lu Effa Hansen. I, Dolores Gunnar, will my quiefness Io Alberf Rossefi. I. Donald Pedroffi, will Beffy Bullard fo Bill Celeri. I, Glenn Philips, will my laughing eyes fo Angelo Maffini, I, Donald Romeri, will my bashfulness fo Allen Holmes. I, Einar Kesfi, will my seriousness fo be spread ouf among The Under Class Men. I, Bernice Anderson, will my very blond hair fo Barbara Shea. I, Beffy Bowman, will my lcniffing needles fo Colleen Silveira. I, Madge Griveffe, will my nice personalify fo Beffy Gregor. ULHSS UT '45 RuTh Wheeler .......... Vice President 2nd SemesTer Marie Masolini ....... SecreTary, lsT SemesTer Homer Zill . . . Vice President IsT SemesTer: PresidenT, 2nd SemesTer GerTrude Luoma . ....... SecreTary, 2nd SemesTer Donald Bainbridge . . PresidenT, lsT SemesTer TNOT in PicTure, JUITIUR HISTUHU The class oT '45 has enThusiasTically and generously swung inTo all acTiviTies This year and has emerged boTh Tinancially and socially successTul. The Juniors have given numerous dances ThroughouT The year To aid Their Treasury in sTanding up under The sTrain oT giving ThaT slighTly TerriTic Prom oT May l2. Through The Junior year in high school They have Tried To carry ouT and hold The TradiTions ThaT were handed down To Them by Their Tormer classmaTes, and incidenTally, To help sTarT some new ones! This has broughT ouT many unknown personaliTies ThaT have shown greaT leadership in scholarship, exTra curricular acTiviTies, and in The aThleTic Tield. They have been Taced wiTh The hardships oT obTaining an educaTion wiTh a world aT war, and They Teel They have meT Them very saTisTacTorily. "We are guiTe conTidenT ThaT we have gained The necessary gualiTicaTions ThaT will enable us To meeT The responsibiliTies ThaT will be ours as Seniors"- ThaT is The Junior Class. l GLHSS UF '45 JLlNlOR CLASS GIRLS Bollorn Row: Louise Cianuzzi, Mayme Kolrlco, Ruby llwornpson, Dorolliy McGuire, Marilyn l-larrison, Gerlrude Luoma, Mildred Sanderson, Elaine l-laulala, Lyyli lvlarlflcula. Cenler Row: Marqarel Granl, Norma Bainbridge, Lois l-lullwnance, Marie lvlasolini, Elaine Daniels, Gayle Bowman, Ellen Jensen, Phyllis Raudio, Jefn Pclrei luirdinia Bullcin. Top Row: Palricia Purbeclc. Pallie Brown, Geraldine Brown, Lillian Seymour, Alberla l-lopper, Ann Lee Sloddard, Kallierine Junlrer, Rulli Wlweeler, Lois Mabory, JUNlOR CLASS BOYS Bollom Row: Sidney Poe, Georqe Ricliards, Cliarles Wlnile, Dino lvlalliuzzo, Elwin llwornquisl, Slwerrnan Gunnmerus, Roberl Saylor, Donald Coolc, l-lcnner Zill. Cenler Row: Aldo Cirnilino, Larry Pardini, Anqelo lvlallini, Jack l-less, Edwin Saarinen, Jolin Murray, Cliarles Spencer, Roy lvlaclc, Carl Koslcinen, James Roberls. lop Row: Norman McDonnell, William Liyingslan, Jolnn Cailo, Alvin Slandley, Milce Clarlc, Henry Srniln, Roy Slandley, Wally Brown, Doran Torrence, Edward Kelly, CHHSUFW5 SOP!-TOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Top Row: ' ArThur MaTson . ........ Vice PresidenT, FirsT Term Marilyn JeweTT . . . SecreTary, Second Term ErnesT Jacobsen . PresidenT, FirsT and Second Term BoTTom Row: DoroThy Barney . .... SecreTary, FirsT Term Jimmy Symes . . SergeanT aT Arms, Second Term Jo Ann Rowe . . . Vice PresidenT, Second Term SUPHUITIUITE CLHSS ThaT memorable day in SepTember when we nervously enTered The high school porTals oT learning, was a red leTTer day in our lives: one we'll never Torget Our nervousness wasn'T wiThouT reason-we were expecTing a warm welcome and did we geT iT! ATTer The TirsT Tew weeks oT being raTher dazed by iT all, we seTTled down To our TirsT year as members oT The Senior l-ligh School. When iT comes To sporTs our class has made a good showing-Take Tor insTance The baskeTball Team. We had several boys "make" The Ns and guiTe a Tew "make" The B's. some also wenT ouT Tor TooTball, baseball and Track. During The games, our class Turned ouT To rooT Tor our high school, which shows ThaT we have The old school spiriT. We Sophomore girls' B Team Tied The Juniors in The GAA. playoTTs, and we beaT The Senior's B Team when we played Them. This, as may be expecTed, made us Teel quiTe imporTanT. We are proud To reporT ThaT The Sophomores Turned in more maTerial Tor The liTerary conTesT in The BreaTh Than any oTher class. During The TirsT weeks oT February and March, IQ44, we all worked hard To puT our raTTle and Tood sale over and Trom These we earned enough money To give The annual Sophomore ReTurn Dance. We Sophomores are eagerly looking Torward To our Junior year in high school, know- ing ThaT Then we will have a Ii++Ie more "say" in whaT goes on and more chances To help plan acTiviTies. Then Too, we're really looking Torward To giving nexT year's sophomore class a real iniTiaTion. SOPHOMORE CLASS GIRLS Bollom Row: Frances Alwood, Palricia Wilder, Velma Gelhing, lda Simonini, Doris Canclini, Colleen Silyeira, Charlene Melchior, Belly Gregor, Jean Yarnell, Rulh Olinslcy. Cenler Row: Dorolhy Barney, Marilyn Ainger, Jo Ann Rowe, Alice Alexander, Evelyn De Priesl, Maurice Tullos, Barbara Shea, Mary Cirnolini, Rulh Cimolino, Lorena Wilder. Top Row: Agnes Cloclners, Marian Kendall, Pamela Sloddard, Marilyn Jewell, Jean Kemppe, Lu Ella Hansen, Frances Poller, Marjorie Davis, Corrine Jacomella. SOPHOMORE BOYS Top Row llell lo righll: Alberl Canepa, Forresl Lewis, Raymond Dayidson, Bill Fee, Elwin Cox, John Milchell, Alberl Rosello, Allred Frey, Frank Campbell, Calvin Brealcfield, Ray Hunl. Third Row llell lo righll: Glenn Swanson, George Del Fiorenlino, Edgar Easl, Earl Smilh, Ernesl Jacobsen, Marvin Buck- masler, Marion Syerlco, Richard Tamborini, Collin Morrison, Arlhur Malson, Alan Holmes, Arlhur Slump. Second Row llell lo righll: Jaclc Aldrich, Charles Carlolli, Richard Doughly, Philip Cornell, Miles Sloddard, Clarence Boynlon, Fred Heryilla, Dale Alexander, Fred Lemslrom, Galen Marlcwiclr, Roberl Cox, Bill Maahs. Firsl Row llell lo righll: Richard Harrison, Kennelh Pelerson, Arlhur Marlin, Bill Philips, Oresli Tamagno, Jimmy Symes, Donald Pelerson, Tom Bullard, Dominic Carine. CLHSS UF '4B' 5 ,G 5HEIlVmlS NURS BHEHTH UUEHH SIHTT UF LeTT To RighT: Colleen McMahon, DoroThy McGuire, Henry I-leiTmeyer, Melba SrniTh, Mir K T CII SI M MIM RRh dBllCl L G JlcT-I Qassner, O een I Velra, Brle GSO lnl, ISS . IC I'TiOFI , I 9 Srl, OUISB IGIIUZZI, PaTricia Sullivan, Bernice Albrecht ln This year oT I944, Those OT us who have served on The sTaTT have never been per- miTTed To TorgeT ThaT we are in The midsT oT war. We suppose ThaT each previous year has been diTTiculT Tor Those responsible Tor The BreaTh oT Ocean. We wonder if previous sTaTTs have been up againsT quiTe The problems we have had To solve. MaTerials ThaT are required, Trom The paper and ink To The meTals ThaT are used in The engravings, are scarce. Commercial Technicians already have more worlc Than They can handle. WiTyh TaiThTul assisTance from TaculTy and sTudenTs alilce, wiTh perseverance and per- suasion, and wiTh a TundamenTal aim To mainTain The previous high qualiTy oT your annual, we are conTenT To accepT your iudgmenT. We exTend To all oT you our sinceresT wishes Tor your success. We add our prayers To The millions being oTTered Tor a ToTal vicTory. We shall share wiTh all The peoples every- where The greaT hopes Tor a new and beTTer world. We shall have pride in The small parT we may be able To play, Tully aware ThaT our Taslc began here in our school. THE STAFF SIIHIIIII IIHIEIIIIHII '43-'44 Sepfember I3 School begins--Enough abouf fhaf. Sepfember I4 Sophomore Recepfion-Thaf sure was ringing in fhe new! Sepfember 24 Girls' League I-Ii Jinx-The fairer sex has fun-alone! Ocfober 22 Junior Dance-And do fhe Juniors break loose. November IO Breaker Theafer Parfy-Work raises funds for Paper. November I I Armisfice Day-A breafher and already we need if. Also fhe day our foofball feam almosf beaf Eureka. 27-23. November I2 Senior Formal-Somefhing new has been added. Buf good. November I7 Terrible shock-reporf cards ouf and accompanied by affendance reporfs. November I8 Anofher shock-Senior finfypes faken! November I9 Grland Vicfory on fhe foofball furf. Rah! Rah! November 22 Thanksgiving-A fwo day "fime ouI"' for furkey. December I I Jamboree-An all fime-all fimer of a financial success. The Dance and Afhlefics wenf over fhe fop fo a final, glorious climax. December I7 Chrisfmas Program-Peace on Earfh, Good Will Toward Ivlen--Tomorrow. December 22 Chrisfmas Vacafion-Dear Sanfa Claus .... January I New Year's resolufions made. January 3 Back fo school. Whaf didia gef for Chrisfmas? All New Year's resolufions broken by fhis fime. February 4 "Miss Jimmy" casf. February 9 Prinfed Breaker appears-a goal is won. February I I Vicfory in Baskefball-Willifs doomed fo defeaf. February I2 Band Show-Sfardusfers appear-Band nefs all fime high. February I8 Junior Prom Benefif-and fhe school swings ouf. February 22 George Washingfon's Birfhday-Whaf, no holiday? February 23 Band Show Parfy-Faculfy Four provides music. February 25 Annual Girl Dafe Boy Dance -The Leap Year Limp. Whaf's Sadie I-Iawkins gof on us? February 25 Excifemenf! B's fake league championship in baskefballg A's lose ouf. Ivlarch I I Senior Play -- Ah! Romeo! - Juliefl Ivlarch I7 I Sfudenf body makes money on a benefif dance. Ivlarch 25 Opereffa-Tune In! Sfarring Norma Bainbridge-La! La! Ivlarch 25 C.S.F. Dance--follow up on fhe Opereffa. April 3-8 Fasfer Vacafion--Ah! Spring! April I4 Sophomore Refurn-Life from fhe Sophomores!!! Af Iasf! April 24-29 Public Schools Week-So we show off fo our parenfs. Ivlay I2 Junior Prom-Dufch Garden fheme-soff music-7 June 2 Graduafion-A beginning and an end. l-TOWL STAFF FirsT Row lleTT To righTl: BeTTy Bullard, Rebecca Clarlc, Colleen lvlclvlahon, Miriam KoThgassner. Row Two lleTT To righTl: Bonnie Jensen, Bobby Wood, Raymond Olinslcy, Aili Cloclcers. BREAKER STAFF BoTTom Row: Elwin ThornquisT Miriam Kofhgassner, Bill Colombi, BeTTy Bullard, Wally Brown, Doro- Thy McGuire, l-lomerzill, GerTrude Luoma, Raymond Olinslcy. CenTer Row: Colleen Silveira, RuTh Wheeler, Carol RanTala, Mar- gareT Grant Ann Lee SToddard, June Carlson, Mayme Kolcko, Jo Ann Rowe, Geraldine Brown Top Row: Angelo MaTTini, Lillian llcola, Norma Bainbridge, Marie lvlasolini, John Michael, Jean Kemppe, Louise Gianuzzi, Bill Philips. TIMBERWCLVES HOWL The senior English class, as has been The TradiTion, Took over The wriTing OT The Timberwolves l-lowl and had iT published weelcly, as usual in The AdvocaTe. They have been responsible Tor all arTicles published under The name oT The Timberwolves l-lowl and have Tried Throuqhour The year To give The public an idea OT whaT goes on in our high school. The sTaTT gained much valuable experience in iournalism in Their eTTorTs To malce This year's The besT Timberwolves T-lowl ever. BREAKER This year The school paper, The Brealcer, was reborn under The advisorship OT lvliss Gronlund. The Brealcer worlcers sTarTed Trom scraTch Tinancially and liTerarily and The sTaTT worlced hard To achieve iTs goal. Their hope was To prove Themselves worThy, capable and willing To publish a successTul school paper. IT They have reached Their goal They have laid The ToundaTions Tor a larger and more iournalisTically successTul Breaker nexT year, and can puT away Their Tools wiTh saTisTacTion. Tl-TE STAFF I CALIFORNIA SCOLARSI-IIP FEDERATION FirsT Row IIefT To righTI: Lorena Wilder, Frances Afwood, CoIIeen SiIveira, Mayme KoIcIco, Gerfrude Luoma, Louise Gianuzzi, Norma Bainbridge, Ann Lee Sfoddard, Do- Iores Gunnar, Dorofhy McGuire. Second Row IIefT To righTI: Lois I-Iufhnance, Shirley MuIvahiII, Jean Kemppe, Marie MasoIini, Miriam Kofhqassner, ParneIa Sfoddard, MeIba Smifh, Bernice Anderson, Beffy BuIIard. Third Row Ileff To righTI : Arfhur Morley, Bob Celeri, Ernesf Jacob- son, EIwin ThornquisT. DRAMATICS FirsT Row: Pafricia Purbeck, Ger- aIdine Brown, June CarIson, Mar- qaref Granf. Second Row: Rebecca Clark, CoIIeen McMahon, Mariorie Davis. CALIFORNIA SCHOLARSHIP FEDERATION Chapfer 284 of The California Scholarship Federafion swung righT inTo acTion as soon as school began, eIecTing iTs officers for The year. They were, for The firsT semesTer: PresidenT, Marie MasoIini: Secrelrary-Treasurer, Mayme Kokko: Vice Presidenf, MeIba Smifh. Miss Glenna Trevarrow was our adviser and did everyThing In her power To heIp us along. Our annual IniTiaTion BanqueT was held on February I5 aT which The new members were presenTed and accepfed. We were granTed concessions on Old CIoThes Day in The form of pop-corn sales, soda waTer sales, and a Theafre parTy. We gave a dance immediaTeIy foIIowing The opereTTa To raise money for The annual Senior Tour. The dance was a success and This enaIoIed The Seniors To make Their Trip To various universiTies. Second semesTer officers were: Presidenf, GerTrude Luomag Secrefary-Treasurer, BeTTy Bullard: Vice Presidenf, Miriam KoThgassner. Probables for Iife membership This year were: Miriam Kofhgassner, BeTTy Bullard, Bob CeIeri, Dolores Gunnar, Melba Smifh, Bernice Anderson, Shirley MuIvahiII, and ArThur Morley. AII of us were sorry To see The end of The year come and To see The Seniors go buT we are sure ThaT There wiII be DRAMATICS This year's dramaTics cIass has been a small one, buf if has accomplished much. The cIass sfudied and experimenfed wiTh make-up and found iT very inTeresTing, as weII as useful. The ouTsTanding play puT on by The dramafics class was, "Mushroom PaTTies" a comedy which was presenTed for The Jamboree. Much work was puT info This pIay by The casT and iT was enjoyed by everyone. equally worThy sTudenTs To Till Thir vacancy. CADETS CADETS PLATOON ONE Eirsr Row llell fo riqhll: Donald Romeri, Jim Symes, John Murray, Donald Pedroili, Sherman Gum- merus, Philip Cornell, Roberl Mahaffey. Second Row llefl To riqhllz Marvin Buclcmasler,William Maahs, Galen Markwick, Henry l-leilmeyer. Fred Lemsfrom. Baclc Row llell lo riqhllz Arrhur Maison, Edward Poe, Ernesl Jacob- son, Warren Goble, Alvin Slandley, Norman McDonald. OFFICERS Leif lo Riqhr: Raymond Luoma, Firsf Lieufenanrg Roberr Celeri, Caplaing Glenn Philips, Plaloon Serqeanl. CAD ETS PLATOON TWO Firsr Row llefr lo riqhllz Roberl Cox, Alberf Rosselro, Alberl Frey, Sidney Poe, Larry Pardini, Edwin Saarinen, Elwin Cox. Second Row llefl ro riqhflz Ralph Seymour, Raymond Davidson, Ar- fhur Mar+in, Roy Maclc, Carl Kos- lminen, Alberi Canepa. Third Row llelfl lo riqhll: John Mirchell, Dominic Carine, Forresl Lewis, William Fee, Richard Har- rison, Glenn Swanson. OFFICERS Homer Zill, Second Lieufenanfq Doran Torrance, Second Lieulens ani, Jaclc l-less, Plaroon Sergeant STAGE C REW Leif lo Riqhf: Marion Morandi, Waller Bradley, Henry l-leifmeyer, William Colomloi, Denny Margie, John Michael, Raymond Luorna, Edward Poe, William Johnslon. STARDUSTERS Firsl Row llefi lo riqhll: June Carlson, Norma Bainbridge, Marie Masolini, Gerhude Luoma. Second Row llelf lo riqhflz Al' ber? Canepa, Franlc Campbell, Milce Clark, Earl Smilh, Skippy l-landelin. BAND Carlson. Arfhur Morley, Geraldine Brown. Bill Philips, Sherman Gumrnerus, Glenn Swanson ff" ex rn T5 'wif' i GLEE CLUB A - in sl 1 Margaref Albrechf, Doris Evans. bridge, Alice Pefers, sen, Shirley Mulvahill. Sfandley, Delores Sullivan, Mary Roofner. Barney, Peggy Cauckwell, Rufh Hyman. BAND This year saw The band beginning a reorganizaTion wiTh anofher new buf capable direcfor, Mr. Max Reinberg. The band has been very acTive ThroughouT The year, playing for assemblies, rallies, Senior Play, and Band Show. The firsT large public performance was during The Jamboree, and The march downTown previous To The show was a big help To iTs publiciTy. ln February came The annual Band Show, which proved To be a greaT success, drawing a very large aTTendance. Ofher performances and public observances were supporTed by The band, including The Public Schools Weelc program and The final appearance aT The graduaTion ceremonies which rounded off Their full and successful year. C-BLEE CLUB AT The Jamboree, iTs firsT public performance for The year, The Glee Club sang ouT in Typical LaTin American rhyfhm sixTy-Tive girls sTrong. Following This performance, They ioined in wiTh Chrisfmas carols for The ChrisTmas A? pageanT and followed This soon afTer wiTh music Tor The Band Show. Affer much rehearsing, The opereTTa "Tune ln" was given and iT scored a smashing success. Nor were The Junior Prom and Mofhers' Tea slighfed-appropriafe music, presenTed in iTs usual "Top" manner was a highlighT in boTh affairs. Thus The year I944 draws To a close: a year in which an unusual amounT of inTeresT has been shown in music, making iT a very successful year wiTh The Glee Club. Firsf Row fleff To righflz Louise Gianuzzi, ErnesT Handelin, June De Flores, Edward Galli, Her erT Fraser, Marilyn Ainger, Joanne Rowe, Dolores Sullivan Second Row lleff To righTl: Mayme Kokko, Miriam Kofhgassner, Frances ATwood, BeTTie HaTTon, Lois Hufhnance, Glenise Piclcrell, Jimmy Wheeler, June Third Row fleTT To righfl: Frank Campbell, Charles Plummer, Floyd Edwards, Bob Saylor, Tom Bullard Fourfh Row lleff To righTl: AlberT Canepa, Earl Smifh ' ROW 5 flefl' To riqhfjz AlberTa Lawson, ShasTa Wono coTT, Rebecca Clark, BeTTy Gregor, Louise Gianuzzl Gerfrude Luoma, PaTsy McMahon, Laura Cancllni ROW 4 fleff To righTl: Kafhleen Richards, Jo Ann Shannon, Phyllis Raudio, Myrfle McDowell, Irene Lal Tala, Colleen Chambers, Agnes Cloclcers, Norma Bain ROW 3 Qleff To righflz Beverly Yarnell, Jean PoTTer Doris Canclini, Mariorie Davis, Berfy l-laffon, EdlTh Johansen, Colleen McMahon, Marilyn JeweTT, Marne Masolini, Lois Hufhnance, Jean Kemppe, Lu ETTa Han ROW 2 flefT To righfl: Jessie McDowell, Winlfred Frisfoe, Frances Afwood, Charlene Melchior, Norma McNabb, Dorofhy McGuire, Ruby Thompson, BeTTy Olson, BeTTy Lu Spencer, Glenise Pickrell, Virginia ROW l lleff To righTl Evelyn Versino, MargareT Bon: face, Imogene Rosh, Velma GeThing, Carol RanTala Violef Cox, Evelyn Jacobsen, Joan Sfone, DoroThy BAND Sl-lOW CAST Firsl Row ilefl lo riqhll: Leno Masolini, Carl Monsen, Shirley Cox, Palsy Cailo, Palricia Suckyna, Shirley Cummings, Joan Kennedy, Lois Silveira, Carol Tibbils, Belly Paoli, David Purbeck, Jackie Erickson, Second Row llefl lo riqhll: Marilyn Ainqer, Charles Hallon, Ronnie Srnilh, Kennelh Burrows, Louise Gia- nuzzi, Joanne Shannon, Colleen Markwick, Evelyn Ver- sino, Norma Bainbridge, Waller Oiamoera, Thomas Evans, Rudy Ranla, Dolores Sullivan, Third Row ilell lo riqhll: Miriam Kolhqassner, Ed- ward Galli, Floyd Edwards, Glennise Pickrell, June De Flores, Jimmy Wheeler, Marie Masolini, Mike Clark, Gerlrude Luorna, Mayrne Kokko, Frances Alwood, June Carlson, Geraldine Brown, Charles Plummer, Jo Ann Rowe, Fourlh Row llefl lo righll: Earl Smilh, Bob Saylor, Lois Hulhnance, Sherman Gummerus, Glenn Swanson, Arlhur Morley, Bill Philips, Frank Campbell, Thomas Bullard, Alberl Canepa. SENIOR PLAY CAST Arlhur Morley, Colleen McMahon, June Carl- son, Norma McNabb, Carol Ranlala, Belly Bul- lard, Bernice Albrechl, Raymond Olinsky, Re- becca Clark. MOTl-l ERS' TEA COMMITTEE Eirsl Row llell lo riqhll : Jean Poller, Rebecca Clark, Belly Bullard, June Carlson, Ge-rlrude Luoma. Second Row llell lo riqhll: Gayle Bowman. Mayrne Kokko, Frances Alwood, Palricia Sullivan, Kalhleen Richards, Dorolhy McGuire. Third Row llell lo righll: Carol Ranlala, Jo Ann Rowe, Rulh Wheeler. OPERETTA LEADS Eirsr Row IIeII Io riqIwII: Skippy HandeIin, Norma McNabb, Norma Bainbridge. CoIIeen McMahon, AIA Ioerr Canepa. Second Row IIefI fo riqI"iII: Louise Giarluzzi, Marie Masolini, Raymond Luoma, Jean Kemppe, Ge-rfrude Luoma. Third Row IIefI Io riqIiII: Bob Wood, Bob CeIeri, Jack Hess, BIII CeIeri. JAMBOREE STEERING COMMITTEE Top Row Ileif To riqIiII: Ray- mond Luorna, Bob Celeri, Jack I-less. Bofiom Row IIeII Io riqIiII: Pa- Iricia SuIIivan, June CarIson, Mir- iam Korhgassner, Ann Lee Sfod- dard. JUNIOR PROM STEERING COMMITTEE Top Row IIeII Io riqI'iII: Ann Lee SIoddard, Jack Hess, Dorofhy McGuire. BoIIom Row IIeII Io riqIwII: Louise Gianuzzi, Marie IvIaSoIini. Norma Bainbridge. - ' Q Q if -ef-A4 I Q HHHHHY HIENHNU NNNIESI WINNERS We We We We We We We We We We We DOROTHY McGUIRE, BILL PHILIPS, NORMA MCNABB F I R S T P R I Z E AMERICAN YOUTH are The parTy-mad, Iaughinq youThg are The iiTTerbug, crooner-crazed cIan1 are The plaid-shirTed, T-shirTed, Levi wearers, The wrinIcIe-socIced, sIoppy, above-The-Icnee-sIcirTed7 are American YouThI are TheTeaTher-brained, unThinI4ing youThg are The slap-happy, peace-iIIusioned Throngg are The do-noThing, soTT-muscIed coIce drinI4ers, The Model A owners, The blowers oT horns: are American YouThI are The mass-minded, gullible youThq are The Time-wasTing, seIT-cenTered brood, are The sIang-making, auTograph hunTers, The movie-going, Tad crazy, comic sTrip readers, We are American YouThI We We We We are The bIood-spiIIing, warrior youThg are The pIane-TIying, peace-planning group! are The classless Democracy buiIders, The voice oT Tomorrow, now hushed in a prayer: are American YouThI -DOROTHY IvIcGUIRE SECOND PRIZE TO A Sl-HP THAT NEVER RETURNED She rose like a serpenT MighTy and sTrong- and sang as she whipped Through The breeze. l-Ter greaT masTs Toppled In The wild winds Throng. She Turned and Tossed on The seas. Long pasT Time due She Tailed her reTurn. WiTh The seven she venTured Too Tar. The days are TasT, She did noT learn, To Tollow her guiding sTar. Far down below in The Ocean's deep, l-ler hull is noT aT resT. Sh,e's buT a babe now TasT asleep, In her new discovered nesT. GreaT TaThoms There, she Tells her Tale OT a baTTle she has losT. And high above, blows hard a gale And The cold moon brings The T rosT. The rocks ThaT line our rugged shores, IT They could speak, would Tell, OT ships ThaT baTTle endless wars, Then lose and driTT To hell. The rnoon above, The guarTer moon The winds ThaT blow on highg Could Tell us Tales, buT noT Too soon, OT ships ThaT TighT and die. The gulls on wing ThaT venTure Tar, See lives ThaT TighT in vain. And see our ships sail 'cross The bar, NoT To reTurn again. Through Thickening Tog Through hell and sTorm They driTT To seas beyond. Our love They carry deep and warm, From dusk To breaking dawn. The days are Tull, The nighTs are long, Since ThaT gallanT ship wenT down. She's resTing now in The ocean's Throng. A Queen wiThouT a crown. ..N. K. lv1cNABB THIRD PRIZE WAR IS A I-IERO'S GAME I arrived aT The TronT wiTh TwenTy-nine oTher men iusT Two hours ago. Already we were geTTing our bapTism OT Tire. An English arTiIIery baTTery OT ThirTy pieces had open Tire on us. This same baTTery was responsible Tor our being here. IT had killed TiTTy men in iTs IasT assauIT. We new recruiTs lay TlaT in The Trenches like so many scared puppies. The veTerans looked aT us as if To say, "You poor, piTiTul Tish. You should be home wiTh your mommiesf' The veTerans knew when a shell was coming Their way, buT we didn'T. This had caused many deaThs among green soldiers. I look slowly around me. To my IeTT is KesTer, a Tormer school maTe, crying like a baby. To my righT is I-IardT. I-Ie is noT scared. I-Ie was always our leader aT school. FarTher up The line lies small Welding. Though smaller and younger yeT Than The resT OT us, he had Taken his Training beTTer Than any Two OT us. "DownI" comes a sudden shouT. A shell is coming our way. The screech is louder Than The resT. I press myselT hard againsT The ground. My hearT is beaTing hard, my Temples are Throbbing, I wanT To geT up and run, I wanT To scream-. The ground awakes and shivers, dirT is Thrown over me as The shell hiTs up The line a way. I hear a hideous scream. IT Turns my sTomach. I am aTraid To look. "We had beTTer geT a docTor Tor This man, Corporal." "I-Iell no. I-Ie's Too Tar gone. LeT him die." "LeT him die! You can'T d-" I sTop. IT is Welding. I-Ie is lying There wiTh his guTs hanging ouT OT a hole you could puT your head in. The shell had hiT abouT TiTTeen TeeT Trom him. A large piece OT shrapnel has ripped The hole in him. Poor Welding. I-Ie was a young warrior. I-Ie wanTed so badly To TighT. Ach! Already I'm Tired OT This damned warl I have been aT The TrOnT Two monThs now, and Teel like a veTeran. I know when To duck when shells are coming now. IT is my Turn To piTy The greenhorns as TwenTy came up Ias+ week. Seven are dead already. To see men die, To me, is as seeing flies die To housewives. I have seen much bloodier messes Than Welding more Than once and iT doesn'T boTher me. I am Torced To believe if your number is up you'Il go. IT is guieT Today. The only sound is The disTanT rumble OT shellTire and an occasional shoT Trom a sniper. The men are lying around delousing Their cIoThes and Talking or are playing skaT. The usual Talk is TloaTing. Max RinehardT is Talking OT his girl in Munich. AlberT Kropp is Talking OT his wiTe. FriTz Mueller is Talking OT whaT he Thinks are The beTTer Things OT liTe. This is Too good To lasT. "FrogsI They're aTTackingI To your sTaTions on The double!" I leap To my machine gun. My Two assisTanTs land righT behind me. The beIT is quickly TasT in place. I swing The machine gun around and Tor The TirsT Time, really see our enemy. By This Time They have sTarTed Tiring, I squeeze The Trigger. The buIIe+s beaT a rapid TaToo OT deaTh on The oncoming Frenchies. I sweep The gun back and TorTh. The Frenchies shriek and scream as bulleTs Thud home. I haTe myselT Tor having To do This buT realize iT is They or we. A grenade is Tossed inTo our piT. One OT The men kicks iT ouT, buT Too laTeg iT explodes. The man falls backwards wiTh a gaping hole in his head. The Frenchies are hard upon us now. One leaps inTo The piT and rams a bayoneT in my oTher man's Tace. I kill him wiTh my Luger. The machine gun is useless now. I sTop anoTher wiTh Three shoTs Trom The Luger. I accounT Tor a Third sTill. Then They are upon me. One swings aT me wiTh The buTT OT his riTle. A kniTe To The hiIT in his guTs sTops him. A blow Trom behind sends me inTo unconsciousness. I awake in a Tield hospiTal. A Tall, dark Englishman sTands by my bedside. "Well, I-Ieinie, iT's all over Tor you." "Did They Take Over our line?" I ask. "Yes, IT was a bloody baTTIe Though. Frenchmen did The TighTing, you know." "I know. Where will They send me now?" "To a prison camp. You're ouT OT The war now." I'm ouT OT iT now. Such sweeT words. I Thank God Tor iT. For The TirsT Time in monThs I'm happy. Yes sir, This Boche is beginning To live anew. -BILL PHILIPS HONORABLE MENTION DREAM HOME In TronT a snow-capped mounTain, high-sTeep. Behind, a rocky sTream swiTT-deep, All around, Tall pines will grow And in The Tield an orchard, Trees row on row- A small log cabin by The sTream- POETRY PoeTry may be all righT-- Some people even like iTI Some even read The nighT away Wi+h rhyme schemes Tor a dieT. Well now, They may be righT in This, BUT me, I iusT don'T like iT. -RICHARD TAMBORINI This is The home oT which I dream. -DON PETERSON SAILOR'S LESSON The sea in iTs mighTy Tury I-Iow merciless iT can be- IT can break The hearT in a hurry When one is IosT aT sea. The pounding wiTh iTs roar and Thunder' As iT beaTs upon The beach Makes one sTop and Think and wonder JusT how Tar The waves can reach. When The Tide is all puT down And The rocks ThrusT iaqged peaks All is quieT, no more pound 'Tis a monsTer iusT asleep. The ships aT sea are never saTe When The evil winds do blow In The ship you musT have TaiTh ThaT she'II miss The reeTs below. JusT how much The ship can Take JusT how and when The winds may blow A saiIor's courage musT noT break The sea holds much To learn and know. --PI-IILIP CORNELL Q Q Q G SPHHTS FUUTBHLL Kneeling llell 'ro righll: Henry Heil- meyer, Edward Kelly, Einar Kesfi, Adelio Bozzoli, Raymond Luoma, Bob Celeri, Bob Wood, Edward Poe, Bill Celeri, Alan Holmes. Sfandinq llelf lo riqhllz Elwin Cox, Oresle Tamaqno, Miles Sloddard, War- ren Goble, Norman McDonell, Richard Tamborini, John Michael, Elwin Thorn- quisl, Bill Colombi, Louis Bayo, Dan Incerli. BHSHETBHLL A's BASKETBALL Too Row: Fred Lernslrcm, Warren Goble, Richard Tamborini, Raymond Luoma. Miles Slocldard, Viclor Aliolo. Bollom Row: Roberl Celeri. Bill Celeri, Alan Holmes, George Richards, Galen Marlcwicli, BS BASKETBALL TOD Row: John Mifchell, Cresle Ta- manqo, Doran Torrance, John Murray, Bill Philip, Al Rosseflo, Al Canepa. Boflom Row: Henry Heilmeyer, Glenn Philips, Elwin Thornquisl, James Symes, Elwin Cox. BHSEBHLL STanding lleTT To righTl: James Symes, ArThur STump, Elwin Cox, Richard Tam- borini, Miles SToddard, Fred LemsTrom, AlberT Canepa. Kneeling lleTT To righTl: Henry l-leiT- meyer, RoberT Celeri, Edward Poe, Ray- mond Luoma, RoberT Saylor, William Ce- leri, Galen Markwick. NoT PicTured: Mike Clark, Warren Goble. FOOTBALL Our TooTball Team This year was an excepTionally good Team even Though The war banned inTerscholasTic sporTs lasT year and we losT much pracTice and experience. We did noT have The privilege of playing a league, Though we did play many games. Our TooTball Team, as mosT oT our Teams, was composed oT underclassmen. They have proved Their worTh as good, clean aThleTes. Our TooTball season was very shorT and was exciTing. We had To play our games aT random. The games we did play were: Eureka, CoasT Guard, Mendocino, Orland and The ForT Bragg Town Team. The scores oT The above games were: ForT Bragg 24 Eureka 27 l:orT Bragg 6 Town Team 7 ForT Bragg I3 Orland I2 ForT Bragg 48 Mendocino O ForT Bragg I3 CoasT Guard 7 BASKETBALL Our baskeTball Team was exTremely successful alThough our A Team did suTTer a deTeaT ThaT hurT. Our B Team made up Tor The deTeaT oT The A Team and Then some. ForT Bragg and Three oTher schools Tormed a league which was originaTed beTore The war. This league is com- posed oT Ukiah, WilliTs, Mendocino and ForT Bragg. ForT Bragg had a very good chance To Take boTh TiTles Tor The A and B Teams, buT our A Team was broken up because oT The inducTion oT Two oT our besT players, Adelio Bozzoli and Don Bainbridge. ln playing These games ForT Bragg noT once gave up. WaiT unTil nexT year and see The A and B Teams. They will puT up a good TighT againsT any Team. The TiTle ThaT The ForT Bragg B Team won was The NorThwesTern League TiTle. BASEBALL The ForT Bragg Timberwolves had a very successTul baseball season. Our baseball Team was composed oT all underclassmen excepT Tor Three Seniors. The Team had very high morale iusT The same-iT you know whaT l mean. ln baseball we did noT organize a league because some oT The schools around This viciniTy were noT able To pro- duce a Team. We played all oT our games aT random, and all games were seven innings. The Teams we played were Ukiah, Eureka, LakeporT and The Town Team. The scores were as Tollows: ForT Bragg 27 PoinT Arena 2 ForT Bragg O Town Team l5 ForT Bragg 9 Ukiah 2 ForT Bragg 2 Eureka l6 GIRL'S LEAGUE COUNCIL EirsT Row IIeTT To righTI: IvIariIyn Ain ger, RuTh Wheeier, PaTricia Suilivan. Second Row IIeTT To righTI: Mayme Koidco, Carol RanTaIa, June Carison. G. A. A. COUNCIL Top Row IIeTT To righTI: Pameia STod- dard, Soph. Rep.: GerTrude Luoma, Vice Pres.: Gayie Bowman, Jr. Rep. BoTTom Row IIeTT To righTI: Miriam KoThgassner, Sec.: Laura Canclini, Pres.: Louise Gianuzzi, Treas. NoT PicTured: CoIIeen McMahon, Sr. Rep. GI RLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION IT is The TuncTion OT The CounciI consisTing oT G. A. A. oTTicers and Three cIass represenTaTives To acT in an advisory capaciTy. NominaTions Tor cIass managers, commiTTees, eTc., are given cIose consicIeraTion by This group. IvIeeTings are heId To eIecT general and class managers Tor each acTiviTy. InTercIass games cuIminaTe each sporT season. G. A. A. awards incIude: numeraIs, bIocIcs, winged bIocIcs, sTars, and in a very Tew cases, sweaTers. The girIs win These awards by being seIecTed on class Teams. SeIecTion To a TirsT Team earns IOO poinTs, To a second Team 75 poinTs. PoinTs are aIso awarded To managers, Tor aTTendance aT school games, winning play-oTTs, eTc. These poinTs GIRLS' LEAGUE The GirIs' League sTarTed ouT wiTh a bang This year by seTTing a day aside Tor iniTiaTions OT The Sophomore girIs and an evening Tor The I'Ii Jinx parTy. The highIighT oT The evening was a relay race beTween The Seniors and Under- ciassmen, which was hiiarious and provided much IaughTer and Tun Tor everyone. AT ChrisTmas Time, Through The cooperaTion oT The girls, enough Tood was coIIecTed To TIII ChrisTmas BasIceTs Tor Two needy Tamilies, insTead oT The usuaI one as in previous years. On February 25, The TradiTionaI GirI-DaTe-Boy Dance was held and This being Leap Year iT was caIIed The Leap Year Limp. IT proved a grand success and The girIs showed The boys The manner in which They IiIce To be TreaTed aT dances and on daTes. IThe boys reaIIy did enioy being "rushed" Tor a change.I LasT year, due To many opposing obieclrives, The annual IvIoThers' Tea could noT be given. This year, Though, iT was held on April 2I in The Grammar SchooI AudiTorium, reTreshmenTs being served aTTer a very enioyabie program. This year's GirIs' League acTiviTies were all successTuI and we wish as much success To The organizaTion in The years To come. accumuIaTe Trom year To year. O. A. A. NUMERAL HOLDERS Top Row: Bernice Anderson, Miriam Kolhgassner, Shirley Mulvahill, Elaine Daniels Evelyn Ghiossi, Lillian Raudio, Erma Morandi, Bernice Albrechl, Barbara Lusby, Rebecca Clarlce. Bollorn Row: Dolores Gunner, Laura Canclini, Mayme Kolclco, Gerlrude Luoma, Louise Gianuzzi, Gerlrude Nolle, Char- lolle Holmes, Phyllis Raudio, Kalherine Junlrer. Nor Piclured: Colleen McMahon, Carol Ranlala, Isobel Swanson E. B. BLOCK HOLDERS Lell lo Righl: Dolores Gunner, Char- lolle Holmes, Erma Kolclco, Louise Gia- nuzzi, Gerlrude Luoma, Laura Canclini, Miriam Kolhgassner, Bernice Albrechl. Nol Picruredz Colleen McMahon, lso- bel Swanson. WINOED BLOCK HOLDERS Lell lo Righl: Charlolle I-Iolmes, Erma Morandi, Laura Canclini, Miriam Kolh- gassner, Bernice Albrechl. Nor Piclured: Colleen McMahon, GI RLS' ATH LETIC ASSOCIATION Baslcelball season, our lirsl, was compleled by inlerclass play-olls. The girls showed 'line spiril and co-operalion by lheir usual splendid allendance. We were delighled lo have a game wilh lhe Mendocino girls as our guesls lhis year. Sporls lhal followed were volleyball, badminlon, shullleboard, lable lennis, baseball, archery and swimming. As rhis goes lo press, plans are being made concerning our second "G, A. A. Sporls Nighl" lor boys and girls ol lhe High School. Badnninlon, lable lennis and darls will be played. Winners of lhe G. A. A. awards are as lollows: NUMERAL 500 POINTS: Bernice Albrechl, Bernice Anderson, Laura Canclini, Rebecca Clarlc, Evelyn Ghiossi, Dolores Gunnar, Colleen McMahon. Miriam Kolhgassner, Erma Morandi, Gerlrude Nolle, Carol Ranrala, Barbara Wolll Lusby, Elaine Daniels, Louise Gianuzzi, Kalherine Junlcer, Mayme Kolclco, Gerlrude Luoma, Lillian Raudio, Phyllis Raudio, Isobel Swanson, Shirley Mulvahill, Charlolle Holmes. BLOCK 750 POINTS: Bernice Albrechl, Laura Canclini, Dolores Gunnar, Charlolle Holmes, Miriam Kolhqassner, Colleen McMahon, Louise Gianuzzi, Erma Morandi, Mayme Kolrlro, Gerlrude Luoma, Isabel Swanson. WINGED BLOCKS IOOO POINTS: Bernice Albrechl, Laura Canclini, Charlolle Holmes, Miriam Kclhgassner, Erma Morandi, Colleen McMahon. Q MIR X E314 Q ' ' 4l?",w' 1 , 1 JI! SNHPS Don? be baslnful. lO. Lernslrom Wlnal a lie? I I, Track Sfars Soullw Sea lslanders I2. Kiss me Band Ya, ya Bye, Bye Soullnwinds Wliaf a smile Kinq fisher Old cloflies Day Collecling specimens Gym class We lwo Moran Sislers "Babesl' A day af flne beaclw l-lave a bile Aclors fliree Brownie and Donnie Ernesl Alles Mull and Jeff Shine her up Noon lime Love birds Gruesome llwree Parade is over Hep, fwo, flnree, four Buzzy-bees Usinereiies Preifying up fine piece On Top of ine world Our gang Songsiresses Picniclcinq Pals Back io school. Oh Yen Big news porward Marcin! "Andy" Basiniui Gee scinooi again Toqeiher Summerfime Posing Hi Why vice pres! "PMN" Busy Twins Going my way? Hi ieiias Musi be a blimp and 27, Comparisons WHITE SUIHETHIH6 HERE HHIJ HERE COMPLIMENTS O THE UNICN LUMBER COMPANY DEPARTMENT STCRE MAIN STREET G. GIALDINI E C KRAFT Quality Tailor and Cleaner Wholesale and Retail 220 Main St. Fort Bragg Auto Parts Compliments of ITALIA HOTEL Compliments of PIEDMONT HOTEL CHARLES R. WELLER Real Estate and Insurance Laurel Street Compliments of SHAFSKY BROS. Welcome to the GIFT SHOPPE Mayme Ward, Prop. B. P. STUART Jeweler Laurel Street Compliments of OAKS HOTEL Corner of Oak and Franklin Steam Heated Compliments of GALLI'S MARKET Compliments of FORT BRAGG STEAM LAUNDRY Compliments of RICHFIELD SERVICE STATION Main Street COMPLIMENTS OF AL and VERA DRUG CENTER 332 MAIN STREET PHONE 147 5 HOSPITAL as suvruzs We 4' Q23 0 Oo 'is- ek. PRESCRIPTIONS MAIL ORDERS O. M. JACKSON Auto Accessories Tires - Batteries - Oil Household Furniture and Supplies Compliments of COAST NATIONAL BANK Compliments of JULIUS OLI NSKY Compliments of CREST BEAUTY 'SALON DR. W. F. CONZELMAN DORNAN Optometrist HARDWARE for HARDWEAR Franklin Street l4l Laurel Street Fort Bragg FORT BRAGG FORT BRAGG MARKET H, O. Bainbridge, Prop. CO-OP MERC. CORPORATION Redwood Avenue Save with Safety af Compliments of REX PHARMACY A POLLY Phone 68 362 Main St. Ft. Bragg Compliments of A. E. MATSON Compliments of SAM SHAFSKY A. PALADINI, INC. FORT BRAGG, CALIFORNIA Louis Cavallini, Mgr. FRESH - SALT - FROZEN - FISH BRANCHES . . Oakland . . Monterey . . Pittsburg . . Eureka . . Fort Bragg Santa Cruz . . Morro Bay . . Los Angeles COMPLIMENTS OF Compliments of ANDERSON'S SERVICE PLYMOUTH - on soro ' DR. ROYAL SCU DDER Physician Complete Automotive Service l 23 Laurel Street Main and Pine Streets Compliments of if DR. G. A. CARLSON LET.. C. LOUIS WOOD Keep Your Car Rolling FLYING "A" GAS FLYING "A" TIRES Compliments of SAF EWAY STORE Franklin Street FORT BRAGG SODA WORKS COCA COLA ' ICE CREAM - ICE Compliments of WINDSOR CAFE Laurel Street Fort Bragg, California Phone l O9 244 Corey Street Fort Bragg California COMPLIMENTS OF Compliments of NOYA BEACH AUTO COURTS WINDSOR BARBER SHOP Modern 2 and 3 Room Cottages I H ' Compliments of WONACOTT'S STU DIO COMPLIMENTS OF GOLDEN RULE MARKET Fort Bragg's Busiest and Finest Food Market Corner of Main and Laurel Streets Compliments of SIMPSONS SHELL SERVICE COMPUMENTS OF THE Compliments of DQMESTIC STEAM LAUNDRY BEST OF FOUNTAIN SERVICE Laurel Street Compliments of NORMAN JOHNSON Compliments of A. J. PENITENTI Real Estate and Insurance Compliments of Compliments of CALIFORNIA PUBLIC SERVICE CO. ARLIE'S BEAUTY SALON Compliments of REDWOOD COAST HOSPITAL Main and Fir Streets Compliments of STAU ER Main Street Compliments of HARDELL'S Franklin and Laurel Compliments of PAUL J. RACINE Musical Supplies and Sporting Goods 338 Franklin Street' MAKELA rf soNs si-io: MFG. co. C0mP""'e"lS of Phone 254 Me'r's 'rAlLoR SHOP 333 Franklin Street CHEVROLET CO , , 1 4 n fi ,. - , i 5. A s . . 3 Q. sf as 2 I fi L -. L 3 P , , Y ii S' 3 I 2' P 5 ? L: 5 5 I A L 5 5 , 5 y i A , 4 5 k , 1 6 5' L il fMm.w,.wwMM , wwkwmfwwm-fwwffmmml-MMWEMM,.' VMr,M,,w.Wv,y1W,u.mxfmmwHW1mnMn-- mummwmwawwwmgmmm -f- 3 9 a 9 1 3 I 3 li 5 N 5, 1 4 I I A,.,A 1 43 -1 1 5.5. 3 'Q ' , 'wig Ji: -5 1 4 F ,ff L 'QT

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