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Fort Benton High School - Pioneer Yearbook (Fort Benton, MT) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Cover

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PIGNEER V UWWIII Nl W if SCH CLA , q I Q3 Cf METER FQRTY-SEVEN 3 52 'TQ ififf QOL nm-.g, I - 'vw ATF r' FQREWQRD Xgqvff 48 AX., Will! rim l'irvIl4'I'l'. Ifll' N"lIi'PI' ui I llilXl't.l1lHH1'4I H11-ilqiiln iIlI1'iiXlllg, 1 ll lillgI11lr1'lIIII1'I1lllvlllv' I'1Hl'l IIUIHHII lI1,l1 Slwlflivl in Huw lwpv llml Hun tIltIl4lNhillN. Vlllllx. .mal wllmvl xplllt m IX ln- pr'vxvr'xwl fqwlw-w1'nfle-1'. ROW I George Nottmgham Leonard Spear Phyllis Blrkeland Mrs Schmxdt advxsor Margaret Helnen ROW II Bob Murray Geo ge Frxelmg Chns Small Jackxe Bramlette Betty Lou Vmxon Genevieve Lenmgton Selma Schultz Mary Ellen Enms Vamta Kang Phyllxs Smith Dons Wxllson Bertie June Hankxns Altha Frzelmg Elmer Hotvedt Otto Stevens NOT PICTURED Naomx Senght Mxss McNally advlsor Edxtor rn Chxef Phyllxs Bxrkeland Busxness Manager Otto Stevens Art Edzto s George Nottingham Margaret Hexnen Pxcture Edxtor Genevleve Lenmgton Class Editor Betty Lou Vmxon Organxzatxon Edxtors Mary Ellen Enms Altha Fnelmg Actxvxtles Editors Selma Schultz Bob Murray Athletzc Edxtors Chns Small George Frlelmg Make up Edxtors Vanxta Kmg Be txe Hankms, Dons Wxllson Phylhs Smlth Sales Edxtors Jackxe Bramlette Naoml Serlght Elmer Hotvedt Advlsors Miss McNally Mrs Schmidt ANNUAL STAFF Associate Editor , ,,,, , , , ,,,, .,,, , ,, , ,, , , Leonard Spear f Q ADNXINSTRATION C2 V .h rbi ax 1 f , Au 9 .,o o o f . . X . ...- ROW I Fred Arnst Fred Scarlett Halder M Hansen To secure intelligent service to the school system requires the selection by the voters of a particular type of citizen for school board membership In many respects this positron calls for a hlgher and mo e intelligent type of commumty service than rs called for in any other branch of community work We of Fort Benton High School feel that we are fortunate m havmg the proper type and supenor caliber of men as members of the Board of Education of School Dist ICI No One Chouteau County Fort Benton Montana To chairman Fred Arnst Messrs Ingolf Bnkeland G over Schmidt Sr William Morrlson Fred Scarlett and clerk Halder Hansen we say Thanks to you for your untnrmg efforts on our behalf SCHQCDL BCDARD if U, Qs , 'Q ROW II: William Morrison, Ingolf Birkeland, G. C, Schmidt that the memhere of the Clas of 1947 Wlll bring further honor and prlde In accomplish ment to F01t Benton Hlgh School If m a few yeare hence we may know that people are proud to have you as a nelgh bor lf we may know that many call you frlend then bhall we of F011 Benton Hlgh School feel that vour year wlth us were well spent ROBERT H WYLIE SUPER! NTEN DENTS MESSAGE It is my hope that in the years to come r s ' 9 I Y Y ' 9 ' Q ' , ' ' as - 99 5 ' , J S - R S PFEIFEH JACK W MCGUIN B S University of North B M M0ni8n8 Stale Dakoga University Montana State University Band and Chorus Chemistry Biology Algebra Geometry MRS MARY ODEN TROY B A Umverslty of Utah Normal School Great Falls College of Education World History Economics G D LAMMERS C E SCHULTZ B S Montana State College B E Montana State Normal College University ot Tulsa Mechanical Drawing Vocational Agriculture MRS RUTH BREDENBROKER B S Illinois State Normal U Girls Physical Education FACULTY University of California MILDRED LUCILLE GLOVER B A State Teachers College North Dakota Umversxty ot Washington Montana State Umversxty Englxsh I III IV Speech I II MRS ESTHER SCHMIDT Browns Busxness College St Louxs Mlssoun College ot Physlcal Educatxon Chxcago Illmoxs Shorthand I II CHARLES C WILLIAMS Montana State Unxversxty Athletlcs General Math ALICE SCHULTE DOROTHY FRAME B S Umversxty of Wisconsin B A Montana State U S Hxstory English II PEG MCNALLY Umversnty Northern Montana College Home Economics General Scxence Northern Montana College Montana State Unxversxty FACULTY Typing I, II Dlxcn Bokovoy Charhe Smlth Mr Smlth and Mr Bokovoy are the cnstodxans of our school They have the Job of keeping the school and lts grounds clean and this ns qu1te a Job Thts necessltates Mr Smith has been custodlan for sever l years to all the students he IS called Charlle Mr Bokovoy has been xn the .ystem th ee years Lets gxve these txreless workers the credit they deserve CUSTGDMNS their being at school even though the students may be enjoying a vacation. K Zi? iff 7' ff'X.f- W5-Q... fp 1 Qffgg Nfx J ' , 'QXXU 2 ' . -.- W fm ff SENIGRS ,V,,1f-, , ff if w I ff' ff f , M'-2 S f' , Z, ' N ,r b i x"-' nil K ,Q-f 'I ' 3 -fx ' X - f 4 f X !ff A A I AN g if fl .t'. I Z. -5 ,5 V lj 5 X' 5? f V ' 71 is fzf L . ' 2 ,N A . K ,, K7 ',,A:1f' agp ' I ff! ' Y, 47' A' -. ' f , f 1 K jifff ik- ' f . X X H -P K A .. , 1 1? .Rf x Y SX' 1 f rf i 1' 3 ffl MW , f'7Tf, E1 N 1, - P Y 1 ' , . ' 1- XV i . , X 5 I f JY M45 ' ' -KN4 4. ,X 4 1 t 1 , . , I ALBERS BILL General Course Thespxans 4 Speech Class Plays Seven Slsters 4 A l 2 3 ANDERSON VAXINE Scxenhixc Course Bandl 3 4 Music Clubl 2 3 4 Pep Band 2 3 4 Lyres Club 4 Press Club 4 Cannon Report 3 4 Trlo 3 4 Girls Chorusl 2 3 BATCHELOR MELVIN General Course Football 3 4 Athlehc Club 3 4 FFA 3 4 Pep Club 3 Intermural Basketball 1 BRADLEY DON Transferred from Great Falls 4 General Course Speech Class Plays 4 ALLEN LLOYD General Course Chorus 2 Band 2 F A1 2 3 Lyre s Club Musxc Club Speech Class Plays Thespxans 4 All S'ate Band 3 lntermural Basketball l Pep Band 3 ARCHER DON General Course Footballl 2 3 4 Basketball 2 3 Athletnc Club l 2 3 4 BIRKELAND PHYLLIS Scxentxhc Course Class Sec Treas l Muslc Club Sec 3 Student Councxl 3 4 B ndl 2 3 4 Clrls Chorusl 2 3 4 Thesplans 4 Cannon Report 3 4 Quxll and Scroll 3 4 Charleys Aunt 3 Speech Class Plays 4 Annual Editor 4 BRAMLETTE JACKIE Transferred from Renton Wash 4 Scxentltlc Course Class Secretary 4 Band 4 Annual Staff 4 Thesplans 4 Cannon Report 4 Qulll and Scroll 4 Press Club 4 Seven Sisters 4 Speech Class Plays 4 2 4 ' F ,..4 FF ...4 ' 4 ' 3 4 Mixed Chorus l I "' ...4 ' a I CRAWFORD WAYNE General Course A l 2 3 Projechon Booth l CLARK KENNETH General Course A1 2 3 Thesplans 3 4 Charleys Aunt 3 Speech Cla s Plays 3 DECK JOHN Sclentxflc Course Intermural Basketball Cannon Report 3 Press Club 3 Charley s Aunt 3 Speech Class Plays 4 Proyectlon Booth 3 4 Thespxans 3 4 Oratorxcal Contest 4 DOLL ROBERT General Course B nd l 3 4 Mu IC Club 3 4 Lyre s Club 4 Student Councxl 3 Charley s Aunt 3 Dance Orchestra 1 4 Spee h Class Plays 4 l CRAWFORD WESLEY General Course A 1 2 3 P ojechon Booth DEDMAN EARL Screntnfxc Course Intermu al Basketball Cannon Report 3 4 Thespxans 4 Seven Sxsters 4 Speech Class Plays 4 Football 2 3 4 Track 2 3 4 Athlehc Club 2 3 4 Student Councll 4 Basketball Manager 4 DECK ROBERT General Course A l 2 3 ELLIOT JAMES Sclentxflc Course Class President l Basketballl 2 3 4 F otball 1 2 3 4 Athletxc Club 2 3 4 Charley s Aunt 3 Manager Track 3 1234 I-'F . . .4 FF . . .4 ' ' 5' ' 1,2 FF , ..4 7 Press Club 3, 4' I .2-3 FF . . .4 a . . ' , -I .U 0 ELLIOTT FRANKLIN Sclentxtxc Course Chorus 1 Charleys Aunt 3 Debate Club 4 Thesprans 3 4 Projectlon Booth 2 3 Speech Class Plays 4 Cannon Report 4 Oratorxcal Contest 4 Intermural Basketball FRIELING GEORGE Scientxhc Course Annual Stat! 4 Student Council 3 Pep Club 3 4 Athletxc Manager 2 Athletic Club 2 3 Cannon Report 4 Press Club 4 Intermural Basketball FRIELING ALTHA Commercial Course B nd 1 2 3 4 Chorus 2 Student Council 4 Music Club l 2 3 Annual Staff 4 Cannon Report Stat! Carrrval Queen 4 Pep Band 3 4 Class Treasurer 4 GRANGER JAMES 4 2 Transferred from Bxgtorlr 2 Scxentxfxc Course Track 3, 4 Pep Club 4 ENNIS MARY ELLEN Screntrtxc Course Cheerleader l 2 3 4 B nd l 2 3 4 Chorusl 2 3 4 Muszc Clubl 2 3 4 Lyre s Club 4 Cannon Report 4 Charleys Aunt 3 Annual Staff 4 Declama lon Contest Thesplans 3 4 Press Club 4 FRIELING MARJORIE General Course Musrc Club l 3 4 Gxrls Chorus 1 3 4 Lyres Club 4 Baton 3 4 Speech Class Plays Home Ec Club 1 2 FRIELING MARGARET General Course Music Clubl 2 3 4 Home Ec Club l 2 Baton 3 4 Lyres Club 4 Speech Class Plays Pep Band l 2 GUY RUTH Transferred from Joplin 1 Commercial Course Muslc Club 3 Chorus 3 ' 8- .,.'.' f' 3 ' ..4 ' 3,4 ..s,4 ..4 a ' ' ...4 " 4 4 , HANKINS BERTIE JUNE Commercxal Course Cannon Report 3 4 Glrls Chorusl 2 3 B ndl 2 3 4 Home Ec Club l 2 Pep Band 2 3 4 Lyre s Club 4 Press Club 3 4 Speech Class Plays Quxll and Scroll 4 HEINEN MARGARET General Course Charley s Aunt 3 Seven Sx te s 4 Quill and Scroll 3 4 Thesplans 3 4 Declamahon Oratxon Contest 3 4 Press Club 3 4 Cannon Report 3 4 Debate 4 Annu l Staff 4 KELLEY ROBERT Scxentxhc Cour e ketballl 2 3 Lo Captam Basketball 4 Cla s Vxce Presxdeni 2 Chorus 2 Muslc Club 2 Student Councxl 4 Track 3 4 Ch rleys Aunt 3 KINGSLAND JEANIE General Course Home EC Club 2 4 Music Club 3 4 Chorus 2 3 4 Flag Swxngmg 4 Speech Class Plays 4 HOTVEDT ELMER Transferred frcm Saco Scxenhfxc Course Fcotball 3 4 Basketball 3 4 Track 3 Seven Sisters 4 Annual Staff 4 Carnlval Kmg 4 Athlenc Club 3 Speech Cla s Plays 4 HUDELSON VONCILE Commercxal Course Cheerleader Chorus 1 3 I ome Ec Club 1 Pep Club 3 4 Cannon Report 3 4 Seven Sisters 4 Press Club 4 Speech Class Plays 4 KING VANITA Ccmmerclal Course andl 2 3 lV'1s1c Club 3 4 Pep Band 2 3 4 I yre s Club 4 Debate Club 4 Press Club 4 Cannon Report 3 4 Annual Staff 4 Student Councll 4 C 1'l and S roll 4 LANE OLIVE C mmerclal Course P ess Club 3 Chorus 3 Muslc Club 3 Cannon Report 3 4 Thesplans 3 4 Seven Slste s 4 Charley s Aunt 3 I-ugh School Week 3 Qulll and Scroll 4 3 a . , , , I 3 ' .4 ,U 2 I 5 1' , , 4 Foo b'zll 2, 3, 4 Chorus 1, 2. 3, 4 12,5 . , , .4 B , . , 4 S . - . I 4 A I 'I LAULO MARJORIE Commercial Course Band 2 Chorus 4 Music Club 4 Cannon Report 3 Press Club 3 4 Home Ec Club Cheerleader 3 4 Pep Club 3 4 LENINGTON GENEVIEVE Commercxal Course Musxc Club l 3 4 Thespxans 3 4 Chorus l 3 4 Oratorlcal Contest 4 Speech Class Plays 3 4 Charleys Aunt 3 P ess Club 3 4 Cannon Report 3 4 Annual Staff 4 Qulll and Scroll 4 MCKEEVER LYLE General Course A 1 2 3 Chorus l Proyecixon Booth 4 FFA Presldent 4 PAUL GORDON Transferred from Great Falls 3 General Course Basketball 4 Football 4 Athlehc Club 4 Pep Club 3 LeFURGEY HOWARD General Course B Basketball 2 3 4 F A l 2 4 MURRAY ROBERT Transferred from Kalxspel General Course Musxc Club 2 3 4 Lyres Club 4 Speech Class Plays 4 Debate Club 4 Football 3 4 FFA 2 Annual Staff 4 Student Councll 4 NOTTINGHAM GEORGE Sclenhtxc Course B Basketball 2 Football 2 3 4 Cannon Report 3 4 Thesplans 4 Seven Sxsters 4 Track 2 3 Athletxc Club 2 3 4 Stuoent Council 4 B nd 2 3 4 Sec Treas Athletxc Club ROWE NORMA Transferred from South Bend Ind1ana 4 General Course l F . . I I . 4 ' 1 Lg're's Club Thespians 4 FF . . , 4 " " a . , SCHULTZ RENA Transferred from Hxghwood 4 General Course Thespxans 4 Seven Szsters 4 SERIGHT NAOMI General Course Home Ec Club l 2 Press Club 3 4 Cannon Report 3 Music Club 1 2 3 4 Twlrlmg 3 4 Lyre s Club 4 Home Ec Club Presxdent 4 SMITH PHYLLIS Scxenhhc Course '-Icme Ec Club l Annual Staff 4 Qulll and Scroll 3 Thespxans 4 Seven Slsters 4 Speech Class Plays 4 Chorus 3 4 Pep Club 3 4 Cannon Report 3 4 Press Club 3 4 STEVENS OTTO Scxentlfxc Course Class President 2 Student Councxl 4 Athletlc Club 3 4 Basxetball Manager 4 Foctball Manager 3 4 Debate Club 4 Press Club 3 4 Cannon Report 3 4 Seven Sxsters 4 Speech Class Plays 4 Annual Staff 4 SCHULTZ SELMA General Course Chorus 1 2 3 4 Lyre s Club 4 Music Clubl 2 3 4 Student Council 4 Debate Club 4 Cannon Report 3 4 Class Secretary 3 Annual Staff 4 Speech Class Plays Pep Club 3 4 Home Ec Club 1 2 SMALL CHRISTOPHER Scxentxflc Course Quill and Scroll 3 4 Thespxans 4 Class Presxdent 4 Athletxcs 1 2 3 4 Athletic Club 1 2 Seven Slsters 4 Annual Staff 4 Student Council 3 Cannon Report 3 4 Spee h Class Plays 3 SPEAR LEONARD fc xenhtzc Course Band l 2 Mu IC Club l 2 Thespxans 3 4 Pep Club 4 Student Councll 4 Charleys Aunt 3 Annual Staff 4 TAYLOR ROBERT General Course Speech Class Plays 4 FFA l 2 3 4 ..4 'G . '.4 i ' Press Club 3,4 . I4 h. 'I . I3 ' ...4 Ns' aygggn .QAQMXZ URTON ROBERTA VINION BETTY LOU Scxentxhc Course Chorus 1 2 3 4 Thespxans 3 4 Quill and Sc oll 3 4 Annual Staff 4 Speech Class Plays 3 4 Cannon Report 3 4 Lyres Club 4 Music Club l Seven Sisters Press Club 3 Hexsey Award 3 General Course Music Club 1 3 4 Bandl 3 4 Mixed Chorus 1 Home Ec Club l 4 WEBSTER MAHVELLE WILLSON DORIS Music Club 1 2 3 Falls 4 Cannon Report 4 Lyres Club 4 Annual Staff 4 Glrs Chorus l 2 3 4 Seven Sxsters 4 Transferred from Great General Course Oratoncal Contest 4 Speech Class Plays 4 Pep Club 4 CLASS CLASS CLASS CLASS Speech Class Plays 3 Class Secretary 2 C orus l 2 3 4 Press Club 4 Pep Club 3 4 Quxll and Scroll WOOD THOMAS General Course FFA Treasurer 1 2 FFA Presxden! 3 Movxe Projectronl 2 3 4 SPONSOR: Mr, Charles Williams MOTTO: We leave the Halls of School to enter The Corridors of Life. COLORS: Cardinal and White FLOWER: American Beauty Rose PHINIIXIAN HF lfw Presldent James Ellxot Vlce presldent Chrls Small Secretary treasurer Phylhs Blrkeland Sponso Miss Mlldred Glover The seniors of today are the freshmen who four short years ago entered the halls of Fort Benton Hlgh School For lI1lllBflO!'l they were compelled to wear baggy gunny sacks overalls and sugar sacks tled around the feet Ch IS Small made the A basketball squad Mary Ellen Enms was a cheerleader and Rena Schultz wa a baton twzrler thxs hrs! year SUl'HUlIUI1l' lb Xll Presldent Otto Stevens Vlce president Bob Kelley Secretary treasurer Dons Wlllson Sponsor Mlss Patrlcxa Be ry One of the hlghllghts of the Sophomore year was a Superstxtlon Dance held on Fnday Aprxl 13 There were sew en Sophomores on the football team and three on the A basketball squad One was m nager of football and one was a cheerleader 14111 'tl President Otto Stevens Vice p es1dent Leonard Spear Secretary treasurer Selma Schultz Sponsor Mr Royal Morrlson In thelr Junlor year four students became members of Qulll and Sc oll and eight were mltlated into Thesplans The Jumors were also represented on the Student Ccuncll A basketball as twtrlers cheerleaders and as ca nlval candldates Chris Small was chosen carmval lung The annual .Tumor Prom was glven on Aprtl 25 1946 wlth the theme bemg Penthouse Serenade On April 18 the Junxor play was presented It was a comedy farce entitled Charley s Aunt and dx ected by Mrss Glover SI' Nlllli HLM1 Presxdent Chns Small Vice presldent Bob Kelley Secretary Jackie Bramlette Treasurer Altha Frlellng Sponsor Mr Charles Wlllxams Thls fourth and last yea proved to be the busxest of all four years The year began wlth Frosh xnxtxatxon the week of September 18 On December 20 the Semors gave a Formal Senlor Ball using the holxday theme for decoratlons Aprll 23 found the school extremely qulet as the Semo s celebrated then annual Sneak Day Class nlght was glven. on May 7 ln hono of the Semors of 1947 May 18 was the day ot Baccalaureate Servlces and the long awaxted Commencement Exercrses were May 21 Dean J W Maucker of the Educatxon School Montana State Umversxty was the prmcxpal speaker SENIOR CLA55 HISTORY . 4 . Y - , s ' ' ' I . - , J ' ' 'Y J JLVN ' 'fqlli . . 7 Y 4, i, The new radlo statzon whlch has been set up m Fort Benton broadcasts dally happen mgs of that renowned group known as the Semors of 47 As a sample of what you might hear almost any day we have selected the following news hxgh lxgh s OTTO STEVENS heavy weight boxmg champlon of the world has 1ust retu ned to his home town for the first time smce he left to battle Joe Lewis As you remember OTTO won rn the 19 round deClSl0n bout BETTY LOU VINION has just won the title of Miss America for the third ttme BETTY says from now on she plans to leave the competition to the younger girls She wlshes to make xt clear however that she ns not quitting because of age SELMA SCI-IULTZ MURRAY has given up her ope atrc career to remain at home wzth her xllustnous husband BOB It looks as though BOB is going to 90 back 10 debating to earn a living You may remember PHYLLIS BIRKELAND as an extremely industrious girl in high school but we understand that she has been on retirement for some txme PHYLLIS says that most of the money which makes her old age placld and tree from financial wo ry was pa1d her for her services as treasurer of the Associated Students of FBHS FRANKLIN ELLIOTT noted author of the Buck Rogers stories long ago gave UP T115 ambition to become A Man ot Science The stories pay off handsomely and allow one to enloy the pleasures of socxety as well NORMA ROWE recently became the wlfe of a wealthy Loma rancher NORMA ts lwmg in a huge mansion and says she doesn t know what to do with all the room as she isnt used to so much space MARGARET HEINEN who always wanted to be an editor has 1ust accepted a position as head of the Physical Culture magazme MARGARET tells us that ever smce she got down to a stze ll she hasnt eaten anything but lettuce WAYNE CRAWFORD chief ot police has been on 24 hour duty guardmg the armored ca in which repose the trophxes and medals won by CHRIS SMALL No matter how low his bank account gets CHRIS can always consider hlmself worth a half million in gold plated brxc a brac ROBERT TAYLOR learned not to wrlte his name on his new car the hard way When surrounded by hundreds of women all t ymg to get a souvemr You see they had mlstaken the car for that of the movie star In the scuffle that ensued ROBERT lost his two remaining teeth ROBERTA URTON and JEANIE KINGSLAND not only were inseparable compamons in hlgh school but are together now also Both girls have set saxl for the wilds of Brazil where they mtend to become missionaries When MARY ELLEN ENNIS accompanied he doctor husband to Sweden she found so many blondes In the country that Just to be different she has dyed her golden tresses a dark brown MARJORIE LAULO as glad her commerclal teacher taught her carefully because in hard times she doubles as secretary for her lawye husband MARVIE WEBSTER BRADLEY is teachlng her 3 year old twins long dtviston so that they will be able to help their father at the bank DON as you know has held the positron of preszdent smce hrs graduatlon from high school EARL DEDMAN ts living wrth hrs eldest daughter because he found that his Job as dentist was as hard as pullmg teeth JAMIE ELLIOT the renowned P E znstructo has lost hrs Job with Harvard Umverslty because they refuse to employ a man who has been married 9 times KENNETH CLARK the roving news reporter of Goosebxll recently moved to Kershaw because he found that his terrrtory was getting too btg to cover alone WESLEY CRAWFORD has developed an ammal with two taxls He believes it 15 a boon for the make s ot ox tall soup You may never have known lt but ELMER HOTVEDT is qulte a connoisseur of femlmne beauty Among the exotlc Hollywood beauties for whom he has made his famous Hats by Hotvedt IS BERTIE JUNE HANKINS Her recent movie ts a remake of one of Charles Boyers earlier hits In this movie BERTIE plays opposite another local boy BILL ALBERS BILL has been chosen the screens greatest lover by a recent Gallup Poll PHYLLIS SMITH has Just published he fourth encyclopedxa dealing with The Happenings of Peter Rabbit BOB DOLL the musical farmer is stlll drxvxng the same old Jalopy wluch saw him through his days at FBI-IS The car ts getting a lxttle old BOB admits but unttl his 12 chtldren start earning money xt s all he can afford shopping in Great Falls the other day he returned to his car only to. find it GEORGE NOTTINGHAM has won natlon wlde acclaxm as the greatest fxnger pamter of all tlme GEORGE acquired prxceless skxlls rn thls fleld as a chxld when he made mud pres by the dozen The Mrs Ame xca title was glven to MARJORIE FRIELING thzs year Too busy with her thrlvxng family of 14 to attend the ceremony MARJORIE sent her thanks by rocket Because she rs convxnced that she leads a dogs lxfe VONCILE HUDELSON has been conductlng a crusade for kindness to dumb anxmals RUTH GUY has Joxned Splke Jones band as vocalzst She was chosen over 200 other contestants because her voxce more nearly sulted Spxkes umque orchestratlons JIM GRANGER has finally gxven up his lxfe of hunting and fxshtng because lt was too strenuous and he has declded to etxre VANITA KING has accepted a POSIIIOH as foreman of the Great Northern Raxlroad You may see her walkmg down Front Street almost any afternoon swmgmg her lunch pall and slngmg I Been Workxn on de Railroad LLOYD ALLEN was chosen Man of the Year because of his dexterxty In tight rope walking Among the ten highest pald people last yea was DORIS WILLSON who has made a fortune from her letter wntxng servzce Desprte the fact that DORIS has wnnen thousands of letters for lonely women we are told that her own personal correspondence IS handled by JACKIE BRAMLETTE JACKIE also censors all outgoing mall Metro Goldwyn WOODS IS producmg a new movre based on farm Jokes written by TOM WOODS who also owns pa t mterest ln the business When the Class of 47 had a recent eunxon the only gxrl who had not married at least once was NAOMI SERIGHT She has taken up track as a hobby so that she w11l be able to run down any lrkely male GENEVIEVE LENINGTON has opened a school on the west coast to teach The Art Of Flirting to those who are not so well versed xn the art RENA SCHULTZ has found her life so monotonous that she has begun workmg at the Pepper Pot ln Loma just to add some sp1ce LYLE MCKEEVER who used to be known as quite a speed demon around here has just won first place rn the National Soap box Derby MELVIN BATCHELOR the prospe ous farmer has had to go on relief ln order to pay his Income tax The versatlle Casanova who has made thousands of hearts stand stlll BOB KELLEY says he has signed off women Now IS the txme to do rt says BOB or I may fmd myself not able to do wlthout them MARGARET FRIELING ns operatmg a bxngo booth on the roof of the post offxce Wxth the help of ROBERT DECK who makes sure that all the players turn m the beans after each game she has been makmg qurte a success of this busxness venture In an mtervlew some time ago the Flrst Lady OLIVE LANE revealed that shortly after she decided rt was rmposslble to make a mxlllon dolla s she had met and marrled the Presldent After all says OLIVE lt was one way of gettlng a yacht HOWARD LeFURGEY has been chosen by seven famous artxsts as the man wxth the worlds most perfect proflle HOWARD says he wonders lf xt stops at the chin MAXINE ANDERSON heads the branch of the Public Health Servxce rn our state that cares for angora cats I-Ie loyal co worker JOHN DECK was injured rn an explosion recently whxle tryxng to dehydrate water LEONARD SPEAR following the tendency of hrs ancestor Shake has 1ust publxshed a book of sonnets on the love life of an amoeba Chxet Jushce CORKY PAUL has Just declared the prohxbztmg of loaded dxce to be xllegal After all the somber faced Judge sald anybody ought to be able to have a lxttle good honest fun A native Montanan has won the trtle of champlon weight lzfter of the world Thrs year s wmner IS ALTHA FRIELING Not slnce ten yea s ago when DON ARCHER won the tltle by carryxng hxs wxfe across the stage has a local man or woman won the honor A good example of a happily marrzed man IS GEORGE FRIELING who cant tear hlmself away from hxs family more than once a year That IS the day he spends ln town stocking up on tobacco and Jokes for the rest of the year CLASS PROPHECY BILL ALBERS will hrs Jeep to JIM HARDY You can take more gzrls around that way Jxm LLOYD ALLEN wxlls hxs abllxty to comb hrs haxr tn that beautxiul pompadour to WILLIS MYERS Says Lloyd Halr o1l does xt MAXINE ANDERSON wllls her talent ln athletlcs to CARLEY BRAMLETTE See how slxm and healthy rt keeps her' DONALD ARCHER wxlls hns quxet manner to TEDDY TUCKER who really doesnt need 1t for he 15 never heard talkmg above a whxsper MELVIN BATCHELOR wills his love for studying to VERA SMITH Melvin says Put your books away Ve a PHYLLIS BIRKELAND wills her nickname Bxrke to her slster BEVERLY Says Blrke IV to Blrke V carry on the good name DON BRADLEY wxlls hxs abxllty to go wxth the same gxrl for more than sxx months to WALLY MURRAY Its easy says the wise B adley I Just glve her her own way JACKIE BRAMLETTE wllls her manner of the Mexxcan Jumpxng bean to PATTY STEWART Patty youll lead an actlve lxfe from now on' KENNETH CLARK wllls his smooth voxce to EARL GRANGER Oh wlll Earl make love sweet now' WAYNE and WESLEY CRAWFORD wxll thelr ablllty to confuse the teachers and classmates to all the future twins of F B H S Its more fun they say JOHN DECK wxlls hxs brams to PAUL GESSAMAN Thought you mlght want to ROBERT DECK wills hrs farming talent to DON ROBINSON Says farmer Robert to the future farme Don Please keep the chlckens fed EARL DEDMAN wills h1s fast feet to BOB FISHER This way Bob can keep away from females Ut he wants toll BOB DOLL wllls hxs trumpet and musxc to hxs brother JACK All rt takes now IS practxce Jack JIM ELLIOT wills hrs happy go lucky way to ABBIE BAILEY Jlm has more fun that way FRANKLIN ELLIOTT wllls hxs scxentlflc mmd to ARCHIE MEEKS Archie wlll look marvelous behmd all those test tubes MARY ELLEN ENNIS wxlls her farmmg abzlxty faxthfulness and her pug nose lwhxch were wllled to her by other semo s xn the preceding yearsl to JANET REICHELT U e them well Janet ALTHA FRIELING wxlls her chalr of solo clarmet to PHYLLIS WILLSON Altha says No squawks now Phyllxs GEORGE FRIELING wxlls hrs glrl Elna to no one He wants to keep her for hxs own. lSmart boy George J MARGARET FRIELING wllls her naturally black han- to all the girls who have ever d eamed theirs a nlghtly raven lnstead of brown or blonde The lxne forms at the right gxrls MARJORIE FRIELING wxlls her abxlxty to get a dxamond to MARGARET FARRING TON All you need Margaret 15 to fmd the nght guy JIM GRANGER wxlls hxs hexght to NORMAN SMITH Says the tall Granger It sure helps to see over the clouds RUTH GUY wxlls luck of commg to class for only one perxod a day to the next years Semor class The only time you can get away wxth xt ts when you are a senior change your A1"s to Ariz Paul?" ' BERTIE JUNE HANKINS wxlls he beautrtul eyes to EMMA JEAN ROWE Oh xs xt ever fun to wmk wlth them' says Bertie MARGARET HEINEN wllls her skxll for destgnmg clothes The only trouble we heard Margaret say ts that no one w111 wear them ELMER HOTVEDT wills his many trlps to Saco to see his gzrl to any boy who has an out of town girl It runs into money though VONCILE HUDELSON wills her abxllty to play boogxe woogle on the piano to RITA LOUNDAGIN It might come m handy when you play for the dances Rlta. BOB KELLEY decxded that he wants to keep all his talents and skulls for himself Says Bob Lets have one pe fect fellow around here VANITA KING wills her voice to the next year s girls chorus You will have sweet musxc now gxrls JEANIE KINGSLAND wxlls her curly han to all the gxrls land hoysl who have to put their hair up every mght Thanks so much for your kmdness Jeanne OLIVE LANE wllls her speed ln typing and shorthand to MARDELLE ROWE Now you can pass your 90 word test In typmg MARJORIE LAULO wllls the gang whlch gathers at her house to anyone who has a big house and a phonograph HOWARD LeFURGEY wills hrs neat physlque to TOMMY BRAMLETTE Do the gxrls ever love those tall broad shoulde ed he men Tommy' GENEVIEVE LENINGTON wllls her cute smxle to MABEL BAILEY You should see how hte brxghtens up when the smlle breaks through Mabel BOB MURRAY wills hrs debating skills to BOB MONTGOMERY Resolved That Bob carry on the good work lxke xt He lsn t so dumb GEORGE NOTTINGHAM wxlls hxs HIIISIIC talent to next years blology class Wont xt come ln handy when drawmg grasshoppers and crawflsh for class'-' GORDON PAUL wllls hxs rldes to Geraldine to ARNIE CAMPBELL who never never goes there Should go sometlme Arnxe xts a ve y nice town NORMA ROWE wllls her cuteness to all the girls of F B H S Then xt can be sald that through the halls of F B H S walk beautiful babes LEONARD SPEAR wxlls hrs love for rest to JIM ARNST his pal I doubt rf Jlm wzll want xt sxnce he IS so actxve now OTTO STEVENS wllls hxs offlce of presldent of the Student Councll to all the POIIIICBI leaders of school May you succeed as well as he did' ROBERT TAYLOR wllls hxs movle star name to anyone who wants to create mterest Its more tun to see the people run when they hear Robert Taylo rs here' ROBERTA URTON wrlls her love for horses to JULIA SIEBENALER Julia you wxll be able to get around a lot cheaper that way no gas to buy BETTY LOU VINION w1lls her job at the d ug store to anyone who IS brave enough to attempt lt You can get plenty of xce cream that way MARVIE WEBSTER wills her publxc speaking skzll to JANIS NELSON Marvxe says lt also helps her gettmg out of Jams at home and school DORIS WILLSON wxlls her talent for stayxng true to the army to all glrls who have fellows there Dons smlles and says Its worth xt when your man fmally gets home TOM WOOD wllls hls theater m Red Lodge to RAMON ARCHER With lt you can make your mxllxon fast Ramon' LYLE MCKEEVER wills his wonderful new ca: to anyone who will trade him one just NAME BILL ALBERS LLOYD ALLEN MAXINE ANDERSON DON ARCHER MELVIN BATCHELOR PHYLLIS BIRKELAND DONALD BRADLEY JACQUELYNNE BRAMLETTE KENNETH CLARK WAYNE CRAWFORD WESLEY CRAWFORD ROBERT DECK JOHN DECK EARL DEDMAN ROBERT DOLL JAMES ELLIOT FRANKLIN ELLIOTT VARY ELLEN ENNIS ALTHA FRIELING GEORGE FRIELING MARGARET FRIELING MARJORIE FRIELING JAMES GRANGER RUTH GUY BERTIE JUNE HANKINS ELMER HOTVEDT MARGARET I-IEINEN VONCILE HUDELSON ROBERT KELLEY VANITA KING JEANIE KINGSLAND OLIVE LANE MARJORIE LAULO HOWARD LeFURGEY GENEVIEVE LENINGTON ROBERT MURRAY LYLE MCKEEVER GEORGE NOTTINGHAM GORDON PAUL NORMA ROWE NAOMI SERIGHT RENA SCHULTZ SELMA SCHULTZ CHRISTOPHER SMALL PHYLLIS SMITH LEONARD SPEAR OTTO STEVENS ROBERT TAYLOR ROBERTA URTON BETTY LOU VINION MARVELLE WEBSTER DORIS WILLSON THOMAS WOOD NICKNAME Sweetpea Stooge Max Archer Batch B1 ke Don Jackxe Swede Wesley Wayne Scrappy J D Deck O1 Bob Sam Frankxe Pudgxe Marge Marge Thumbs Rudy Bertle E Marga Vonme Bob Van: Shorty Ollze Marge Pluto Genny Bob Radar Nottmhead Cork Norm Sente Snookxe Charlte Chrrs Smythe Len Ollle Bob Bert Gabby Lou Marvxe Wxllre Tom SENIOR GLINXPSES AMBITION be nn town more be a flye laboratory techmcxan hubba hubba be a successful farmer mtenor decorator be happy and successful surgical nurse news reporter farming ranchmg workmg ehre at to travel be a successful farmer stay smgle as long as possxble go to M I T obstetncal nurse secretary Jack of all trades get marrxed and have 12 kids make someone a good wife be successful m busmess nurse mterxor decorato nch bachelor a successful wnter travel marry a rlch woman secretary and smgmg beauty operator to succeed ln everything Dane Cla k s prxvate secretary stay smgle go to college be a happy morhcran just to graduate be an artxst to graduate cme Ec teacher nurse go to college gs through college ee the world get rxch quxck dentist be a succe sful farmer be mmus of worrres wnte dlo prog ams w 1te a book go to college proyectxon machxnes HOBBY runmn around collec'1ng stamps photography looking for that certam one huntxng and fxshmg loafxng sports readmg target shootmg bulldlng projects prolechon work taking plctu es huntmg and fxshmg photography playmg for dances domg as llttle as possxble flying readmg Jerkmg sodas baseball danc1ng cooking and sewmg hunting and flshlng colleclmg odd gadgets huntmg and fxshmg collectmg records readmg sports collectmg chrna dogs danc1ng arf playmg the phonograph airplanes playmg the piano guns flylng drawlng and pamtmg ptctures snooker mxssmg the school bus collectlng collectlng collectmg keepmg a match covers souvemrs chma cats po t scrapbook readmg washmg dxshes playmg cards buxldmg tractor cabs horses ge tlng mto mlschxef collectmg books wntmg let'ers to Don ' l-:mg pxcturos . . : ' 30 ' ' ' '1 Al ' ' . J. h ' ' ' WHERE FOUND Chouteau House axrport commercral room Rexall Drug store corner d ug store offxce drug store commercxal room Great Falls drug store drug store shop alrport not at home band room ln gym playlng pmg pong bank Brexiers Coopers Freds ca Home Ec room drug store bank commercial room Rexall Drug store 1946 Chevrolet drug store commerclal room Urtons at Lewrs Towne oftlce call 85 room 40 home Arnsts Snack Bar Chouteau House wrt da gang s reet corner Laulos Rexall Drug store court house around drug store at home Snack Bar Snack Bar Gre t Falls anyplace Frrenclly Rexall Store d ug store home thea re WITH WHOM Lyle McKeever Frank Ellrott Bertxe and Vamta anyone I can fmd Otto Stevens me myself and I MSIVIE Phyllis Betty Lou Mary Ellen Carol the gang B B Taylor Lyle McKeever Frankie the gang everyone John Deck Jack Cwhen hes homel Betty Brelter Elna Cooper Fred Cecxl Bun Leo Max Vanlta Dorrs A chxe the gang Eer ze and Maxxne Ruth Margaret Vonnxe or Norma FFA gang Kathleen Selma Schultz that gang myself myself wrth H L L Bob Rucker Jen Delo es Bob Dons Bob Kelley irrends Jim A Mary H FFA boys Roy Thomas Selma .Tackle Phyllxs Mary Ellen Don B Selma FFA gang FAVORITE SAYING oh' heck you old stooge you oh' thats all nght wouldnt you be surprised' Ill be da ned goon Bram o ' my achmg back o ' by all means you old stooge you o ' those teachers 1' stooge oh' fudge I use them a what lhe heck Im not so dumb you take the cake I ll be darn the luck plam laugh quack quack oh' nuts say how about that censored I wouldnt know fxngey dmgey hard to say you thmk so huh' amazmg rsnt xt' hx' oh' golly I wouldnt say that anythmg that Just enters my mind holy cow' tough Ill never tell how should I know well l wouldnt say tha! get off my back oh' skip rt oh' nuts aw' succoiash well whadda know heaven forbid oh' happy day oh' I just cant SENKDR GLIIVXPSES . hi . ' ' , . h. h. . , h'. ' ll commercial room my friends, natch I could tell you Jr, ' ,AM Qi? , N JUNICDRS 1. ' '-"1 1,'.'.,1 ' ' QA . ,,. iv 6:12 Q - 1 rj'-1:,"25-'fcuf-g ' 1 f?'Gw?:.f! 1 ' fir t 5, 37 ,159 .p.'Ly'.,:7.e , ' ,, ,xr f 3 -Yi i " x ', - xg - -, 'Q ' V, I - 17' A, Q X f, tl gi, N 4 N , X , .N V x A vm At the beglnnlng of the school year the Junlors elected the following officers Wally Mu ray president Arnle Campbell vlce presldent Rxta Loundagln secretary and Jams Nelson treasurer Mr Jack McGu1n was their sponsor The Junxors started out the new year as upperclassmen by going on a hay xde After rldlng for mlles and gettxng off and walklng wheneve they came to a hxll they fmally ended up at the park where they ate thelr lunch They went home that mght tlred but very happy A large number of the Junior boys took a part ln both football and basketball The first dance sponsored by the Junxors was the Sadie Hawkms day dance at which a plg was rattled off Thls was one of the most entertalnlng dances of the school year On February 28 the Junior Costume Ball was held There was confetti balloons. and serpentme Prlzes we e glven for the best costumes Seven .Tumors were on the student councll for the flrst semester Many membe s of the class took part m band and chorus Margaret Farrington and Bu ton Batchelor were their candxdates for the Carnlval kmg and queen Rua Loundagm was chosen to be edxtor of the Cannon Report next year Several of the .Tumors were prominent ln debate After a very successful year ot' plays dances parties and the Prom the Juniors left school anxiously awaxtlng next year when they would be the mxghty seniors of 1948 JUNIOR CLASS HISTORY activities. The Junior cheerleaders were Betty Breiter and Patty Stewa:t. s.-0 ROW I Raymond Allard Jxm Arnst Abbxe Mae Balley Burton Batchelor Bernard Blllups Wayne Bradley Betty Brexter ROW II Arnie Campbell Evelyn Charters Elna Cooper Paul Craxg Elsxe Dedman Dorothy Elllot Charles Embleton ROW III Margaret Farrmgton Bob Fxsher rl rry I-'oucher John Jones Robert Klay Rua Loundagxn Archxe Meeks ROW IV Ina Mae Mxlledge Don Morger Gloria Mornll Wally Mur ay Jams Nelson Ruth Ratllff Mardelle Rowe ROW V Juha Sxebenaler Vera Smxth Edythe Stallcup Kathleen Walker Mr McGum Sponsor ing Q . I 9 ...A i . 2 1. Q , : I , , , ' . ' . Z I , I I Y 3 , , , , : ' , , ' 1 , 3 . ' , : ' ' , ' , . , . I . ,W A-. ur ,:.ffYQNx 4,.2,F, xfx XKW xxx x if X-cv SQPHCDXVXQRES -Lai?-Eiijx z -Q--x, - 4. .xx I xXx, im, x W x 1.17, ' '. x g--- ' , X V5.- .Tf W 'V' xy' - 22. -2' 1 v Q? , fi 'S 4 - , X, X -x , X X fx I 1 QL XX G fmt s xxx X , A, fx I 1 V .X X! ,Y ax f ' If um To begxn the year the sophomores elected the tollowlng class ottlcers Leslie Smxth president Ramon Archer vxce presldent Earl Granger secretary and Arlene Laulo treasu er Mrs Brlese was chosen sponsor and when she reslgned Mlss Frame took over her dunes The boys were more actlve m sports fh1S year Seve al went out for football and those maklng thelr letters were Jere Cooper and Ramon Archer Earl Granger was football manage and recelved a letter for thxs duty Those actlve 1n basketball were Marvm Stevenson Jere Cooper and Bob Lundy The gxrls of the class were active 1n baton twlrllng and flag swmgmg Those who took part ln the baton tw1rl1ng were Phyllls Johnson Shirley Johnson Clarabelle Farmer Mary D ewxske Josephme Pugh and Patty St Peter Axleen Laulo June Scott and Dolores Johnson were flag swmgers These gxrls helped to put on many colorful halt tlme shows at the basketball games Carley Bramlette was the Sophomore cheerleader Dunng the year they sponsored a Sophomore Talent Show a Gmgham and Jeans Dance ln November and a Spnng Fever Dance ln March Wxth the Spring Fever Dance the class of 49 ended thexr Sophomore year rn Fort Benton I-hgh School SQPHQMQRE CLASS HISTQRY , . , . . NOW! ROW I: Virgil Allison, Ramon Archer, Dolores Bixby, Donovan Bixby Bernadine Bogner, Carley Bramleite, Jack Coady ROW Il: Jere Cooper Jack Doll Mary Drewiske. Clarabelle Farmer Paul Gessaman Earl Granger Shirley Guy ROW Ill: Jennie Jenkinson, Delores Johnson, Phyllis Johnson. Shirley Johnson Aileen Laulo, Marion Law. Hay McCaffer!y ROW IV: Willis Myers Kathryn Postill, Marilyn Prideaux. Josephine Pugh Marcella Ritter, Don Robinson, Emma Jean Rowe ROW V: Ione Rowe June Scott Leslie Smiih, Patty Si, Peter. Marvin Stevenson Bob Lundy, Miss Frame Sponsor NOT PICTURED: Boyd Crawford. Gene Dunnwebber si , .7 pm yin ,f K 'plfll ,ll Q37 Q Q Wi X XXX 'wimwkm Xt' xg Qf X 7' 3 ff? , f FRESHMEN .J5Q,.!, 13 5,1 I -: I xy A-Sv' '-.-...sf . . -'- '-r!'w'x. 's--fx N, ffffxfgaf- .fc-Q 'M' .1195 f f' aw Fixx' A , N253 xx 5 ,f I 1111, xx 'ffv w AQ, 14, 41 kk. f' , xx "ti, w hx W' 5 f . J X X , KWBY N f f ' '7 13 ? f A ,, X ' ?2r2ffi' ff" 4 'd gi 7 I On Septembe 3 1946 a group of 56 green Freshmen entered the halls of Fort Benton Hlgh School That day a class meetlng was held and offlcers were elected Those elected were Betty Jean Schultz presldent Jerry Vermrlllon vxce presrdent and Eleanor Pxmperton secretary treasurer Mr Pfexfe was chosen as class sponsor Two weeks later the F eshmen were mrtxated by the semors The costumes that they wore were n1ghtgowns and curlers for the boys and long underwear for the grrls The semors werent allowed to use paddles so they used great quantlhes of halr orl' to pour over the Frosh The followmg Frrday the xmtlatlon was held ln the school gym and a Senior dance followed On November 8 the Freshmen held a retu n dance for the semors Freshmen candidates for the kmg and queen of the F F A Harvest ball were Don Morrls and Eleanor Plmperton Jlm Hardy and Janet Rerchelt were nommated candidates fo the Musrc Carnlval lung and queen On March 15 the class held a Saddle Dance whxch cha ged f1V6 cents for every rnch of the rlght toot of each guest In March the flrst slgns of sprmg fever showed and the Freshmen waxted eagerly for the summer vacatron when they could close their books and at last call themselves Sophomores PRES!-HVXAN CL!-X55 HISTQRY ROW I Dorothy Anderson Shirley Anderson Robert Bach Mabel Bailey No lene Batchelor Claude Behrens Beverly Blrkeland Kenneth Bramletie Tom Bramlette ROW II Joyce Christenson Estella Coady LeRoy Daniels Sharon Elliott Shirley Flathers James Friellng Alfred Guy Kenneth Hampton Helen Hanklns ROW III Mary Hankxns Eugene Hardy Jim Hardy Kenneth Hoeffner Lily Mae Jackson Richard Jahnke Wxllxam Knight Loretta Lenington Lester Lipper! ROW IV: Bill Lohse Arleen Milledge, Robert Montgomery Don Morris Walter Myers Edith Nordhues, Eleanor Pimperton Darlene Pitt, Donna Pope ROW V: David Pugh. Naomi Pursley Janet Reichelt Ted Reichelt Betty Richard Betty Jean Schultz Lawrence Siebenaler Clyde Smith Norman Smith ROW VI: Ted Tucker Alice VanKuiken Jack VanKuiken Jerry Vermillion Bernice Walker Phyllis Willson Marvin Works Mr. Pfeifer sponsor I QRGAINIIZ!-IIIGN5 AND ACTIVITIES f If 44, I I I 4, I I ROW I Jeanxe Kingsland Ruth Rathff Sxebenaler Elsle Dedman Aileen Laulo Dolores Johnson ROW II Mr Jack McGuxn dlrector Lee Adams Norene Deck Janet Ellrott Lols Robxnson Eleanor Mxlledge Altha F xelmg Shirley Anderson Beverly Bxrkelan axlne Anderson Mary Ellen Ennis Rrta Loundagm Phyllis Batchelor Allce Wxll son Sharon Elliott Betty Jean Schul POW III Donald Swerdfeger Tom Bxrkeland Dxck Far ell Ramon Archer Bob Doll Jack Doll Claude Behrens lm Arnst Wally Murray Lawrence Slebenaler Estella Coady Don Plmpe ton Jackre Bramlette Leonard Semenza L1ly N'ae Jackson N h!,,,,,,.,., ROW IV Clarabelle Farmer Mary Drew1ske Naoml Svoboda Marcella R1 ter Me nll Kmg Bermce W llcer Mary Hankms Vamta Kmg Phyllxs Bxrkeland Fowler Shxrley Johnson Shu-ley Guy ROW V Helen Hankms Margaret F Jack Enms Swerdfeger Bob Mu ray John Jones George Nottmgham Robe Urton Robert Montgomery Jack Naoml Senght Phyllxs Johnson ,X If IN J NOT PICTURED Marvin Works Pope l m Kmght Opal Sykes X Wlth the addltlon of new and twenty five twzrlers flag sw1ngxerdJJ-h Fo t Benton Longhorn Band of eighty fxve pxeces much 'fo the color and excxtement of the crowding the school this year , The entxre ba all home football games but was cut to at lrty two rece band dunng the season They played between the halves o theg-gate entertam the crowds The Longhorn Band played at three tournaments Chouteau ollnty Eastern Sub Dxstnct and the At these tournaments an outstanding en taxnment be tween the halves was It featured a cornet tno playmg ln the dark We are the Boys from Benton followed by a hghted baton twlrlmg act In the sprmg Man n Law one of the french horn players was selected lay xn the all Northwest Ban Meet at Seattle Washmgton Seve al members of h went to Missoula for t e State Solo and Small Ensemble Festxval The entxre band als journeyed to Havre on May 10 to play ln the festxv eld th Two formal concerts were glven durmg the year and an out door conc was gxven 1n May A year qt busy actlvrhes was concluded by playmg for the ac laureate and Commencement e cxses BAND f f ' I I , I ' ' ' I d, I M' ' I ' 1 . ' I , I iz I - : I ' l . St. ' , . r , . I' I . I G Clk I II If II I .if I 1 ' . . : I I 't gjbi III., 4--ff ' ?fs,,L-' fl f ! X " '. ,' , - a - - in I . iv, . I 'I 'e I' : . ' l ' - : I-,J l I, . nd .MI , I I If ' . a f Ilf ' - -"' if fl I u I . . - . I . I I I , jf . . . . I ., I C1 . . . I 5 I I I . ' . :I e I P , , I I ' N X ROW I Roberta Urton Mabel Baxley Jeanxe Kingsland Norlene Batchelor Marcella Rxtter Patty Stewart Carley Bramlette Mary Ellen Ennis Phyllxs Bxrkeland Altha Frlelmg Jackie Bramlette Dolores Johnson Patty St Peter Do IS Willson Arleen Mxlledge Mary Drewxske Josephme Pugh Betty Brerter Mr Jack McGuin director ROW II Eleanor Prmperton Estella Coady Mary Hankms Shirley Anderson Abbxe Mae Balley Phyllis Johnson Shirley Guy Ruth Rathff Mardelle Rowe Jams Nelson Arlene Laulo Naomx Senght Marjorxe Frxellng Jennie Jenkxnson Dolores Bixby Clarabelle Farmer Shxrley Johnson HOW III Phyllis Willson Mano le Laulo lone Rowe Beverly Blrkeland Betty Jean Schultz Vera Smlth Elsxe Dedman June Scott Vamta Kmg Maxine Anderson Bertie June Hankxns Marlon Law Betty Lou Vmxon Genevxeve Lentngton Selma Schultz Evelyn Charters NOT PICTURED Phyllis Smxth Vonclle Hudelson The gxrls chorus under the dxrectlon of M Jack McGu1n was one of the success ful musxcal actxvmes of the year Nearly sxxty girls mterested ln singing met on Monday and Wednesday mghts after school to practxce Their efforts were rewarded when they sang for p ograms throughout the year They partxcxpated m the Chnstmas broadcast on Front Street They also gave a sprxng concert and sang for the local women s clubs Besides the regular chorus several trlo groups were orgamzed They parhcxpated the muslc feshval at Missoula Vanxta Klng second soprano was mvxted and sang ln the No thwest Music Meet at Seattle Washmgton She 1s to be congratulated on thls achxevement GIRLS' CHGRU5 ROWI Josephlne Pugh leader Edith Nordhues Margaret Farrington Naomx Serxght Patty S! Peter Mary Drewxske Shxrley Johnson Donna Pope ROW II Shlrley Guy Phyllis Johnson Clarabelle Farmer Ma Jorle Frlelxng Margaret Frxelmg Lxly Mae Jackson Be mce Walker Helen Hankms Kxngsland Rlta Loundagm June Scott Naomx Pursley Delores Johnson Wrth the addltxon of 19 new gxrls to work w1th the 6 expenenced gxrls they formed e very capable group of flag swingers and baton IWI lers These gxrls performed at the basketball games both here and out of town At the county sub dxstnct and dxstrxct tournaments they showed what hours of work can achxeve Four of the twlrlers who perfo med wmth lxghted batons were Patty St Peter Naomx Serxght Maryorze Frxelmg and Margaret Farrington Thxs act was recexved very well by the audxence BATQN TWIRLER5 AND FLAC-3 SWINGERS LEFT TO RIGHT: Ruth Ratliff, Ailene Laulo, Elsie Dedman. Julia Siebenaler, Jeanie ROW I Betty Brexter Chris Small HOW II Altha Frxelmg Elmer Hotvedt The Second Annual Music Club Carmval was glven on the mght of October 31 1946 Booths of all kxnds were set up and the study hall was open for dancmg All of the classes nominated then' cholce for king and queen of the carnwal and Batchelor and Margaret Farrington 1umor candzdates Don Robmson and Carley Bram lette sophomore candldates and Jlm Hardy and Janet Relchelt freshman candidates Elmer Hotvedt and Altha Frlelxng ecewed the most votes and were crowned kmg and queen respectxvely All proceeds from the carnxval were used to purchase new band unxforms the candidates were: Elmer Hotvedt and Altha Frieling. senio: candidates: Burton ROW I MISS Mxldred Glover dlrector Earl Dedman Phyll1s Smlth Dor1s W1llson Rena Schultz Marga et He1nen B111 Albers ROW II Elmer Hotvedt Chr1s Small Ol1ve Lane Betty V1n1on Jackxe Bramlette George Nottxngham Otto Stevens NOT PICTURED Vonclle Hudelson Thxs year the senlor class chose the h1lar1ous comedy Seven Slsters to g1ve before the publ1c on the night of Decembe 6 1946 MISS Mlldred Glover dlrected the play Th1s was an Hunganan comedy that had llS settmg 1n the home ot Wldow Gyurko v1c lplayed by Betty Lou Vxmonl It showed all the amusmg trouble that the WldOW had ln gettxng matnmomal catches to her three older daughters Katmka San and M1121 lJBCklE Bramlettel the black sheep of the famxly was expelled from chool and lmmedxately became 1nvolved wlth an army lleutenant Horkoy CGeorge Nott1ng haml over a wager tn whtch she bet lnm th ee kxsses that he could not get her three older sisters marrled 1n a year Horkoy lmmedlately started to work on h1s task and at the end of three months had Katxnka fOl1ve Lanej marrxed to Colonel Radvxany lChr1s Smalll After th1s he ar anged a marrxage between San iPhy1l1s Smxthl and Mxchael Sandortty lEarl Dedmanl He persuaded Ella lMargaret Helnenl to marry G1da lB1ll Albers? a struggl1ng young dlplomat who hated d1plomacy and wanted only to get marr1ed Horkoy then made a proposal to M1121 and after be1ng accepted collected hlS wager Others 1n the play were Te ka 1Vonc1le Hudelsonl Lxza CDor1s Wxllsonl and Klara QRena Schultz! who were the three younger chxldren of the Gyurkovxcs famxly Janko iOtto Stevensl was the famlly butler and Ton1 Telek1 4Elme1' Hotvedtl was the lxspmg godchxld ot Mrs Gyurkov1cs SENIOR PLAY John Jones Lyle McKeever Robert Deck Franklm Elliott John Deck NOT PICTURED Tom Wood Educational movxes are one of the many actxvxtxes that help to instruct students ln ihel classes Volunteers xnierested xn movxe projectlon operated the projector and sound machine thxs year This crew IS to be congratulated for their tme work In addxtxon to the needed servxce they have rendered to the school we hope that they have benefited from their expenence PRGJ ECTCDR . . ROWI Bob Montgomery Abbie Mae Balley. Carley Bramlette Evelyn Charters Sharon Ellxott John Jones ROW II Mrss Glover sponsor Manlyn Pndeaux Glona Morrrll Margaret Hexnen Vamta Klng Selma Schultz Jenme Jenkmson ROW III Bernard Blllups Bob Murray Franklm Elliot! Wally Murray Robert Klay Leslxe Smith Otto Stevens were chosen Bob Murray was elected president Selma Schultz vrce president and Margaret Hernen secretary Meetmgs were held at noon on every Thursday wxth all members brmgmg therr lunch At each meetxng a debate was held On November 1 the members participated 1n a debate clmxc rn Havre A practlce tournament was held here on Saturday February 8 and the sprlng cllnxc was held ln Great Falls at St Thomas Orphanage on March 22 In Aprxl some of the debaters entered the Northwest Forensrc Debates ln Great Falls and ln May a debate team went to the state meet rn Mrssoula DEBATE CLUB The Debate Club was organized this year with twenty members. When officers ROW I Genevxeve Lenmgton Margaret Helnen Betty Lou Vlmon Phyllxs Brrkeland Jackxe Bramlette HOW II Bertxe June Hankms Otto Stevens Chris Small Wally Murray Selma Schultz BOW III Vanlta Kxng Dons Wlllson Rita Loundagxn Mrs Schmidt sponsor Qulll and Scroll the xnternahonal honorary ocxety for hxgh school you nalzsts organized rn 1926 numbers over 2500 chapters and nearly fxfty thousand young Journal xsts from schools whxch are odstandxnq 1n ine quahty of thexr work wear the gold badge of the soclety The soclety has taken an actwe pa t ln encouragmg and reward mg mdlvxdual achlevement rn Journallsm and xn raxsxng the standards ln thls fxeld Outstandlng Journalists and educators support the society and endorse tts program The socxety publlshes a bl monthly magazxne for nts members Membershxp may be secured only through a local chapter Members must at the hme of ther elec :on be of at least Junxor standxng be rn the upper third of then class scholastxcally have done supenor work rn some phase of yournallsm be recommended by the supervxsor or the committee governing publxcatron and must be approved by the executtve secretary To secure a charte of Quill and Scroll a lugh school must pubhsh a newspape an annual or a magazme whlch rs considered mentorxous by the executtve council QUILL AND SCRGLL ROW I Ollve Lane Jack1e Bramlette Phylhs Smrth Genevieve Lenmgton Betty Lou Vlmon Marga et I-Iemen Mary Ellen Enms Rena Schultz ROW II Mrss Glover sponsor Leonard Spear Bob Murray Earl Dedman B111 Albers John Deck ROW III Chrxs Small Franklln Ellxott George Nottmgham NOT PICTURED Otto Stevens Elmer Hotvedt Maryorre Laulo Kenneth Clark Phyllis Blrkeland Maryorle Frxelxng Lloyd Allen Selma Schultz Don Bradley Vonclle Hudelson Thespxans 15 an honor d.amat1c society tor high schools and Fort Benton Hlgh School ns a member of thxs socxety bexng Troupe No 195 In order to be a member of thxs orgamzatxon. a student must not only do acting but At the flnal meeting last spnng the tollowmg ofhcers were elected Margaret Hemen pesldent John Deck secretary treasurer Olxve Lane John Deck Leonard Spear Margaret Hexnen Kenneth Clark Franklrn Ellxott Betty Lou Vinion and Mary Ellen Enms were Thesprans from last year After the senxor play Seven Slsters Jackxe Bramlette Phyllrs Smrth Earl Ded man George Nottmgham B111 Albers and Chns Small became ehgxble for membershxp Followxng the speech class plays ln March and the Junlor play Lxfe of The Pa ty on Apnl 18 several more students were xnxtlated mto the order Mrss Glover IS the Thespxans sponsor he must do some stage work, some make-up and also help with the sale of tickets. ROWI Wally Murray Doris Willson Genevxeve Lemngton Mrs Schmidt sponsor Phyllis Smlth Chris Small ROW II Elna Cooper Pat Stewart Marjone Laulo Naoml Serxght Phylhs B1 keland Mary Ellen Ennis Rita Loundagln Kathleen Walker Bertie June Hankms Vanlta Kmg Altha I-'rlelmg ROW III Julla Sxebenaler Otto Stevens George Nottmgham Earl Dedman Jackxe Bramlette Selma Schultz Betty Lou Vzmon Elsxe Dedman Margaret Hemen Do othy Ellxot Maxine Anderson George I-'rxelmg John Jones Presrdent Genevleve Lenmgton Vxce presxdent Dons Wxllson Secretary treasurer Phylhs Smlth Sponsor Mrs Schmidt The press club xs composed of the students that are mterested m commerclal and ou nalxsm work Thxs club meets once a month The meetmgs are held durxng the noon hour and members brmg theu' lunch The dues are twenty fxve cents a year On March 28 they presented the Press Club Follxes Thls was a talent show with members of the club partlclpatmg It was very well recelved by the audience The members have been mo e actwe th1s year than tn prevxous years P R E5 5 C LU B 4 'D' W M u I A 7 1 1 1 1 , 1 1 3 1 1 1 1 1' 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 v . . . . - 1 1 1 11 . 11 . The Cannon Report the seml monthly publxcatxon ot F B H S was published under the successful leadership of Bertle June Hanklns the editor ln chief with the assistance of nearly twenty tive junxors and senxo s Thts crew gathered news and articles of xnterest to the school Another duty of the staff IS to comprle the River Press news Mrs Schmxdt proved a great help and azd as sponsor The tollowmg people were active xn Cannon Report work Rxta Loundagm Gene vxeve Lenmgton Kathleen Walker Pat Stewart Betty Brenter Maryorxe Laulo Margaret Helnen Evelyn Charters Mardelle Rowe Vamta Kzng Jams Nelson Elsxe Nottingham Wally Murray Phyllxs Smxth Selma Schultz Dorothy Elhot Jackie Bramlette Betty Lou Vxnlon Maxme Anderson Mary Ellen Enms Otto Stevens Julxa Sxebenaler Naomx Serxght Dons Wxllson Chrxs Small Bertxe June Hankms Mrs Schmidt sponsor COMMERCIAL DEPARTMENT This department under the direction of Mrs C W Schmidt IS one that IS working steadily every moment of the school year In addxtxon to the regular courses being taught there are always calls for posters. programs and othe advertlsmg necessary tor school affaxrs The Cannon Report comes out regularly every two weeks and that adds to the dunes of the department Thls department and the students enrolled tn tt should reallze that the enhre school app ecxates the work that IS bemg done there for the school Dedman, Earl Dedman, Phyllis Birkeland, Elna Cooper, George Frieling. George ROW I Norlene Batchelor Llly Mae Jackson Betty Jean Schultz Dorothy Anderson Mxss Frame sponsor Naomi Serxght Ruth Rath!! Jeame Kmgsland Shirley Johnson Elsxe Dedman ROW II Kathryn Postill Mary Drewxske Clarabelle Farmer Phyllzs Johnson Shirley Guy Margorxe Frxelxng Marxon Law Edxth Nordhues Loretta Lenmgton Vera Smlth Pugh Estella Coady Mary Emma Hankms Edythe Stallcup Arleen Mxlledge The offxcers of the Future Homemakers for l946 1947 were Naoml Senght presx dent Do othy Anderson vlce presxdent and Betty Jean Schultz secretary treasurer In October the FHA members went to Havre to attend the Future Homemake s Dlstnct Conventlon At thxs convenhon Shirley Guy was elected presldent of Dlstrzct 3 Shirley Guy Naomx Serlght and Mlss Frame attended the M H A State Convenhon at Bozeman from March 21 23 A dinner and dance was held ln November for FHA members and then' dates and on February 25 a dancmg party was glven The orgamzahon also planned and prepared several banquets dunng the year FUTURE HGMEMAKERS OF AMERICA ROW III: Dolores Bixby. Bernadine Bogner, Shirley Flathers, June Scott. Josephine ROW I Kenneth Clark Melvxn Batchelor Paul Craxg Robert Deck Wesley Craw ford Lyle McKeeve Bill Albers Robert Taylor Teddy Relchelt Bernard Bxllups ROW II Mr G D Lammers sponsor Marvm Works Don Morns Wxllxam Knight Donavan Bxxby Lloyd Allen Ray McCafferty Wayne Crawford Harry Foucher Boyd Crawford NOT PICTURED Raymond Allad Gene Dunnwebber Howard Lefurgey Wrllrs Myers Walter Myers Jack Van Kuxken The offxcers of the FFA thxs yea were Thomas Wood presldent Lyle McKeever Robert Deck treasurer Howard Lelfurgey reporte B111 Albers sentmel and Mr G D Lammers sponsor President Tom Wood completed school at the end of the fust semester and Lyle McKeever took over the duties of presldent Wesley Crawford became hrst vxce presldent and Paul Craig was elected second vzce president The second and fourth Tuesday of every month was set asxde for the meetings After the meetmgs the boys attended movtes m the auditorium Tom Wood Lyle McKeever Robert Taylor, Robert Deck and Howard Lel-'u gey attended the National FFA Vlctory Convenhon lh Kansas Cxty Mlssoun last October On March 29 the Benton Chapter was host to the annual Dxstnct Meet wxth f1ve other schools partxcxpatmg EUTURE EARAAER5 CDE AMERICA first vice-president: Wesley Crawford, second vice-president: Robert Taylor. secretary: ROW I Roberta Urton Betty Vmlon Patty St Peter Phyllis B1rkeland Mary Ellen Ennxs Naomr Serxght Dons Wlllson Julla Sxebenaler Margaret Farnngton ROW II Maxine Ande son Selma Schultz Margaret Fnelmg Betty Jean Schultz Marjone F lelmg Rxta Loundagxn Genevleve Lemngton Vanrta Kmg Bertle June Hankxns Ramon Archer NOT PICTURED Wally Murray The Lyre s Club was fxrst orgamzed at Fo t Benton Hlgh School xn the sprmg of 1946 All students earnlng letters under the poxnt system were ellglble to Joln The followmg students we e elected othcers 1n the tall of 1946 president Julia Slebenaler vxce president Rlta Loundagln secretary t easurer Dons Willson. The Lyre s Club sponsored a few mixers after basketball games There was a good txme en1oyed by all LYRE5 CLUB ROW III: Mr. McGuin, sponsor, Bob Murray, Bob Doll. Jim Arnst, Lloyd Allen. ROWI Mr McGu1n dxrector Betty Bxchards Jean Kingsland Mabel Barley Abbie Barley Pat y St Peter Delores Johnson Carley Bramlette Marcella Rrtter Naomx Serrght Jackxe Bramlette Altha Frxelmg Mary Ellen Ennis Dons Willson Norlene Batchelor Josephlne Pugh Shrrley Johnson Mary Drewxske Sharon Elliott Arlene Mllledge Bernxce Walker Phyllis Smxth ROW Il Betty Brexter Patty Stewart Ina Mae Mxlledge Ma delle Rowe Marjorle Laulo Jenme Jenkmson Allene Laulo Vera Smith Jams Nelson Phyllis Brrkeland Selma Schultz Shlrley Anderson Rzta Loundagm Mary Hankrns Ruth Rathft Margaret Farrxngton Eleanor Pxmperton Dorothy Anderson Phyllxs Willson Evelyn Cha ters Darlene Putt ROW III Margaret Frxeltng Phyllis Johnson Beverly Bxrkeland Julxa Sxebenaler Manan Law lone Rowe Elsle Dedman June Scott Vantta Kxng Maxine Anderson Betty Lou Vxnlon Bertxe June Hankxns Betty Jean Schultz Genevieve Lemngton Estella Coady Lily Mae Jackson Maryorxe Frxelmg Shxrley Guy Clarabelle Farmer ROW IV Ma vm Works Bob Doll B111 Knight Jack Coady Bob Murray George Morger Lawrence Slebenaler Jack Doll John Jones Ramon Archer Bob Mont gomery Dxck Jahnke NOT PICTURED Roberta Urton Delores Bixby Naomx Pursley Lo etta Lenxngton Helen Hankxns The Muslc Club was organtzed tlus year wlth the followxng officers elected Vanlta Kmg President Wally Mur ay Vxce Presxdent Shlrley Anderson Secretary Doris Willson Treasurer Membershxp ns open to all students partlclpatmg xn at least one musxc activity The Music Club held their annual all school carnival on November txrst and agaln lt proved to be one of the most entertamtng events of the fall season MUSIC CLUB Nottingham, Wally Murray, charles Embleton. Jim Arnst, Claude Behrens, Don ROW I Mary Ellen Enms Patty Stewart Betty Brexte Carley Bramlette Marjorie Laulo ROW II Vlrgll Allison Elna Cooper Mardelle Rowe Emma Jean Rowe Dons Wlllson Delores Johnson Kathleen Walker Earl Granger ROW III Don Robinson Leonard Spear Marilyn Pndeaux Jams Nelson Dorothy Ellrot Betty Vlmon Phyllxs Smxth Selma Schultz Jack Coady ROW IV Mr Carl Shogren sponsor George Fnelmg Leslie Smxth Elsxe Dedman Hot dogs-lCoke' that famxllar cry was heard at all home football and basketball games Wxth a llmlted membershxp of thx ty fwe the pep club was one of the most actxve organrzatxons durmg the school year Proht made from the coke and hot dog sales was used by the club to purchase a new score board for the gym They also formed an organxzed cheermg sechon next to the band This proved an asset to the force and effectxveness of the yells Otfxce s for the year were George Frlelmg presxdent Leonard Spear vxce presl dent Vonclle Hudelson secretary and Elna Cooper treasurer PEP CLUB Genevieve Lenington. lone Rowe. Ailene Laulo, Burton Batchelor OLD STUDENT COUNCIL ROWI Robert Klay Phyllls Bxrkeland Mr Wylle sponsor Selma Schultz Otio Sievens ROW II Rua Loundagxn, Arme Campbell Vanna Kmg Wally Murray Bob Fxsher NEW STUDENT COUNCIL ROWI Leonard Spear Phylhs Blrkeland Mr Pfexfer sponsor Aliha Frlehng Otto Stevens ROW II Bob Murray Earl Dedman Berne Hankxns Bob Kelley George Notiingham George Fnehng STUDENT COUNCIL NOT PICTURED: Evelynne Johnson Shogren STUDENT COUNCIL The student councll xs an orgamzatxon to help car y out the acttvxttes of the school In order to be elected as a member ot the student councxl your name must be entered on a peiltron whrch must be slgned by ten people At an electron rn which eve y student xn hxgh school partlcrpates all the petltrons are voted on As the 1946 1947 school term began the student councrl which had been elected last spring conslsted of Otto Stevens presxden' Robert Klay vlce presldent Phyllis Exrkeland treasurer Selma Schultz secretary Evelyn Johnson Shogren Wally Murray Arnre Campbell Betty Brexte Bob Frsher and Rita Loundagln commlssloners Vanrta King was appointed to fxll Evelynne Shogren s place when she left school Another electron was held at the end of the first semester and the new student councll was as follows Otto Stevens president Leonard Spear vxce president Phyllrs Blrkeland treasurer Altha Frrelmg secreta y George Frlellng George Nottlngham Earl Dedman Bertxe Hankrns Bob Kelley and Bob Murray commlssroners All the offices were fllled by seniors SPEECH CLASS PLAYS Two groups of one act plays were presented by the speech department to give every member of the class an opportunlty to appear ln a play The flrst group presented on March ll conslsted of Are We Dressmg a comedy of two young people who are mvzted to a party and try to decxde whether to go formal Gray Bread a more serxous play dealmg wlth the degree of drscxpllne that should be exercrsed by parents No Not the Russrans an hllarrous comedy concernmg a family of artxsts and The Valiant a serious play deplctlng the courage of a man who IS faclng executron On March 14 the second group of plays was presented In this group were The Boor a comedy of a man who comes to collect a debt and falls rn love with a rrch wxdow Search Me a comedy of the drftlcultxes encountered when a man trles to deliver a large sum of money to some one ln another town and Arla Da Capo a verse drama showing the greed that leads to war These plays besldes grvmg students experxence before the footlrghts helped tmance partrcxpants to the Lxttle Theater Contest held at Mxssoula ORATORICAL CONTEST The Amerrcan Legron Oratorrcal Contest was held th1s year and the toprc was The Soverelgnty ot the People-Then and Now Eve y member of both speech classes gave a 10 12 mxnute oratlon The best eight speeches were grven for the public Those students glvmg oratxons publxcly were Genevleve Lenrngton Margaret Hernen Mary Ellen Enms John Deck Marvelle Webster. Otto Stevens and Franklrn Elliott Mr Edmund T Anderson from Great Falls was the Judge Ma..velle Webster placed fxrst with I-'ranklln Ellrott second and Margaret Hennen third On the nxght of March 12 Marvelle ente ed the dxstnct contest which was held rn Fort Benton and ecexved second place - , . , 4, 1 , - . .1 . 1 - H - 1, . t - 1, . 1. ,, . . . . 7 I . I . 1 1 1 . 1 f . . , I - Betty Brexter Carley Bramlette Marjorie Laulo Mary Ellen Enms Patty Stewart Five veteran cheerleade s successfully led the F B H S students in supporting their team during the football and basketball season These cheerleaders arranged and led pep assemblies before the games at home games and when the team traveled they by Mr Jack McGu1n showed ongmallty and lmtlatxve which brought new interest 1nto the games For costumes the glrls wore attractlve red skirts and bole os with white Jersey blouses , CHEERLEADERS were there with their enthusiasm and support. The cheerleaders, who were directed N a-A 0959! f ! ff 23 WV Sf Zia ATHLETICS . ,- -B 4,3 ! . a I I mf Lf f f ,. 1, ff X V1 Q, V V ! , f jf L f ' ' ' :fi A' ' 'J fl , f-- , 1, X QE A X !! J 'f , 'lf 1 ' I ll f W ' in , 1 , . ' Q f I MXN 1 , .xx A W . "X -xr Asn g iff ??FLig-5.:s,sx 'X' '-- X X - Y, ,,ff4Q ' V HY 912-114, -.Ar ,ill wgfgxxi wr -i 5,1 , r 1 5 W rj Q f' v -1 -Szlifzf --J, ,. , W -f, '-'13, """gi,, Y i ,. , " " " l'i'?---li nil.-T iffzl-1 Y ijfffw Y i A- W Y Q: GEORGE NOTTINGHAM Senlor fullback wxth three letters Hts blocking and defensxve work made htm stand out in the games he played CHRIS SMALL Senxo haltback with four letters Chns speed and puntmg made htm out standxng ln all the games H was one of the best defensxve men on the team BOB MURRAY Semor end wlth one letter Bobs ottensxve blockmg and pass catching helped to make a more bal anced team BOB KELLEY Senior quarter back wxth three letters Hrs expert sxgnal callxng and drlve made hxm outstanding m all of the games He was con slstent on both offense and defense DONALD ARCHER Senior half back wlth tour letters Don was small but hxs speed and natural abxltty made hlm a valuable cog xn the team ELMER HOTVEDT Senior and wlth two letters Elmers pass catchmg and blocklng made htm a valuable asset to the team dll- 'U - 2 - S . , . : . ' , . . i e . . . A Q x, , . . j , -1.- Qu ' , ' ' PAUL CRAIG: Junior tackle with : ' three letters. Paul was a with one letter. Archie's A I 1 C Q : ' : ' A xt ' , . 4 4 . Q I 1 1 1 . u 1 1 11 . - - I . FOOTBALL steady player on both offense and defense Paul should be good next year ARCHIE MEEKS Junior tackle werght and speed gave htm a place on the team The team wxll be glad to have Archte back next year MELVIN BATCHELOH Senior EARL DEDMAN Senior guard BIL guard with two letters Mel vans football splrxt was keen and consxstent a dependable lme man m every way L LOHSE Freshman center wrth one letter Bxll fllled .hm Elhots center positron afte he was mjured Hrs ln sight and ablllty to learn fast gave htm what 1t took to play football wxth three letters Earls speed gave hxm an advantage over many opponents He got more than his share of the tackles and was outstandmg on both offense and defense JIM ELLIOT Senior center wxth three letters .hm was Cap tam and the best defensive player on the team He was consxstent and dependable tt was a seve e blow to the team when he qot hxs leg broken an the Shelby game DONALD MORGER Jumor halt back wrth one letter Bun dxdnt come out untxl the last of the season but he proved hxs worth m the St Marys game BOB FISHER Junxor end with one letter Although Bob small hxs date mmatxon made hrm a valuable player Watch hlm next year BOB KLAY Junior tackle wxth one letter Bob had the abzlxty to lea n but lacked experxence he should be better next year JERE COOPER Sophomore guard experxenced but his football spxnt was keen hell be good maternal next year RAMON ARCHER Sophomore halfback wxth one letter Ramey was small and light but showed determxnatxon dur mg the season Ramey will be an asset next year JERRY VERMILLION Freshman end Jerry dxdn t earn a letter but was always around to practice CLAUDE BEHRENS Freshman tackle wzth one letter Claude has weight nd determxnatlon to make a gocd football player BERNARD BILLUPS J u n 1 o r was new ln the game but de veloped to a tlne substitute WAYNE BRADLEY JUHIOI C911 DONALD was 5 Fresh ter With One 191101 WGYDB man halfback Don didnt play had the S129 ihai made him 8 enough tor a letter this year mldstay on the second strung bug wlll make 3 good player In future years TEDDY TUCKER was H Fresh DAVID PUG1-1 Freshman end man end Ted dldnt earn a Da,-,d was always out for leiiel' fhls Yea? buf will be practxce but lacked expenence good mate 'Lal for future years to e fn a leneg 'CZ' FOOTBALL I I is ' . , ' 4+ 9 A with one letter- Jere WHS in- guard with one letter, Bernard 4 1 A I . . - - I - if :A . . , I kv Q U .. 1 . D ' ' - - : ' 1- J 7' . - 'L' Q ' 'W Y., ,.,..., FGCDTBALI. flisli, KENNETH HOEFFNER was a CLYDE SMITH was a Freshman Freshman halfback Kenny dxdnt earn a letter but with more experxence should be a valuable player BOB MONTGOMERY was Freshman halfback Bob was out fo practxce every day TOM BRAMLETTE was a Fresh man quarterbacx Tommy was always out for practxce OTTO STEVENS semor with two letters All work and no praxse has been the rule where managers were con cerned but the players surely apprecxate them quarterback Clyde had the abxlxty to learn but was hand! capped by bemg small JAMES FRIELING was a Fresh man halfback James stayed out all season but didn! have the xze or abllxty to warrant a letter CHARLES WILLXAMS F eshman coach from MSU Hts coach mg showed that he had the know about football showed that he could take punishment ln practlce as well as gxve plenty of lt to the veteran players EARL GRANGER sophomore wnth one letter Our managers supphed the players wlth towels salt ptlls hot water tor showers and they kept the held ln shape Wtthout them games would have been xm possible FOOTBALL The Longhorns started then- 46 season wxth a game agamst the Great Falls Reserves. The score ended 0 7 ln favor of the Rese ves After another week of practice they tangled wrth the Choteau Bulldogs on the home held Both teams fought evenly but nelther was able to score The next week they traveled to Shelby to engage the Coyotes The Longhorns held a slxght advantage untxl Captaxn James Elhot was 1nJured but even with their loss fought to a scoreless he The Longhorns wxth more sconng punch romped over Chinook 46 0 thxs bemg the fl st score made by the team up to thls hme With flght and determmatxon they glourneyed to Great Falls to meet St Marys but were on the short end of a 20 28 count for the Mustangs They played Malta one of the strongest teams rn the Dxstnct ln the mud on the local fxeld sconng a 26 0 advantage Thus victory put St Marys Malta and Fo t Benton m a three way he for the Judith Basm Champtonshtp The return game with Malta was played at Malta the Longhorns bemg agarn the second tlme thxs season thereby wmnmg the Champronshxp By taking second place rn the Judlth Basxn Dlstnct the Longho ns ended a successful season with Malta Charles Wlllxams as coach SCHEDULE OPPONENT THEY FBHS WHERE PLAYED Great Falls Reserves Choteau Shelby Chmook St Marys Great Falls Fort Benton Shelby Fort Benton Great Falls Fort Benton Malta St Mary s Malta Fort Benton OPPONENTS 54 . A.:l THE PUBLISHERS We wrsh to thank the Rwer Press Mr Overholser and Miss l-Iarber especlally. for thexr tlreless work rn helpmg us pubhsh our annual They helped over many a rough spot so the annual could come out on txme Advxce from them was used very readily as 11 was always good and this has been apprecxated The Rxver Press prmts many school tlckets and programs dunng the school year, and aids rn many other ways victorious over the larger club by 7-0. The Mustangs dumped the Longhorns 19-7 for 7 0 0 0 0 0 ' 0 46 , ' 28 20 0 26 0 7 . ' 19 7 106 19461947 BASKETBALL SEASON RECORD When Coach Wllllams xssued a call for all basketball hopefuls ln early December he found he had txve veterans from last year s club and many new prospects The Longhorns played 28 games during the season wmmng 20 and droppmg 8 They scored 1230 points to thezr opponents 971 and had a game average of 44 to their rxvals 34 The team played close games wnth St Mary s thelr xval of many years and won by last second shots from the held m two games Durmg the season Benton scored two decxsxve upsets by dowmng Cut Bank 40 to 33 whtch was then rated the best team xn Northern Montana and by wxnnmg over Saco 46 to 43 The Saco squad had the same team whlch won the Eastern Dlvxsxon ttrst place ln the 1945 1946 season In tournament play the Chouteau County Crown was taken by Bxg Sandy wxth Benton recexvmg second place I-'ort Benton played host to the Sub d1st zct tournament and the Longhorns beat Hlghwood 48 to 18 Nexhart 57 to 30 and St Mary s 53 to 36 to retaln the txtle On February 20 21 and 22 the Dxvxslonal Tournament was held xn Great Falls In thexr fxrst game the Longhorns beat Sxmms 51 to 25 next they downed Centervxlle 55 to 41 As ln 1946 Choteau and Fort Benton were to play tn the fmals The Long ho ns put up at desperate battle but lost to the Bulldogs 43 to 41 By loslng to Choteau he Longhorns were compelled to play 1-'axrtleld whom they hadnt prevtously met ln e Tournament Faxrtxeld beat Fort Benton 41 to 39 Wxth thts loss Benton received rd place for the Dxvxsxon Bob Kelley and Chrls Small were co captaxns on thxs year s team with Don Morger .hm Elliot Elmer Hotvedt and Ma vm Stevenson rn the mam startmg posxtxons The Longhorns graduated txve seniors from the squad thxs year leavxng sxx letter men to return for next years team Fort Fort Fo t Fort Fort Fort Fort Fort Fort Fort Fort Fort Fcrt Fort Fort r o t Fort Fort Fort Fort Fort For Fort Fort Fo t Fort Fo t BASKETBALL Benton Benton Benton Benton Benton Benton Benton Benton Benton Benton Benton Benton Benton Benton Benton Benton Benton Benton Big Sandy St Marys Power Centervllle Powe Faxrfxeld Cut Bank Shelby Choteau Farrfxeld Bxg Sandy Choteau Saco Centerville St Marys Hxghwood Nezhart V F W CHOUTEAU COUNTY TOURNEY Benton Benton Hlghwood Blg Sandy SUB DISTRICT TOURNEY Benton Benton Benton hlghwood Nelhart St Mary s DISTRICT TOURNEY Benton Benton Benton Benton TOTAL 1230 Simms Centervllle Choteau Fazrfxeld TOTAL 971 1 . . , . . th . ' ' . ' ' ' 3 ' ' ' . 33 vs. ' 29 46 vs. . ' 44 2 44 vs. 24 50 vs. ' 35 18 vs. 3 19 27 vs. ' ' 29 Fort Benton 54 vs. Highwood 38 40 vs. 33 41 vs. 47 39 vs. 50 38 vs. ' ' 29 43 vs. ' 53 42 vs. 45 46 vs. 43 45 vs. ' 31 43 vs. . ' 41 C 3 54 vs. ' 29 73 vs. ' 41 45 vs. . . . 25 50 vs. ' 21 31 vs. ' 34 48 vs. " 18 . 1 57 vs. ' 30 53 vs. . ' 36 51 vs. ' 25 r 55 vs. ' 41 41 vs. 43 : 39 vs. ' ' 41 ROW I Elmer Hotvedt .I1m Elho! Chns Small Bob Kelley Don Morge ROW II Mr Charles Wxllrams coach Jere Cooper Gene Hardy Gordon Paul Marvxn Stevenson Arnold Campbell Bob Lundy Earl Dedman manager Otto Stevens manager Chns Small Don Morger Bob Kelley Marvin Sievenson Elmer Hotvedt Jere Cooper Eugene Ha dy Bob Lundy Arme Campbell Gordon Paul PLAYER S RECORD Percent Total Free Free Pomts Throws Throws BASKETBALL ' , ,,, , ,,,,,, ,,,, 3 02 44 48 ,, 278 46 51 ,, , , , 266 51 48 ' , 137 24 32 James Elliot 76 13 33 58 21 44 , . 34 10 45 1' ,, ,. , 39 7 37 A ,, ,,,,, ,, 21 5 42 ' ,,,, ,.,, 1 7 5 36 ,, ,,,,,c,,,,,,,,,, , , 6 42 ROW I Tommy Bramleile Don Morris Ramon Archer Bob Fxsher Archie Meeks Teddle Tucker Clyde Smxih LeRoy Damels ROW II Coach Carl Shogren Harry Fouche Claude Behrens Bob Klay Charles Embleton Norman Smlih James Hardy manager Earl Granger Although the team was rnexpenenced and started slow they hmshed strong wm mng the last three games by lop slded scores Archie Meeks capiarn outstandmg as a pwoi man was also good on backboard Oifenswe standouts were Tucker and Vermrllron whxle the defensive standouts were Ha. dy Fisher and Embleton At the end of the season the B s had 6 wms and 4 losses io thelr credit They had 374 pomis for the season m companson to 283 for iheu' opponents 'lg-B" BASKETBALL 'C fa 1 TOP Melvin Baifhelor George Noitxngham Bob Kelley Don Morqer Bernard Blllups Ch 15 Small LEFT SIDE Bob Murray Otto Stevens B111 Lohse Gordon Paul RIGHT SIDE Paul Craig Jerry Cooper Archle Meeks Don Archer CENTEH Bob Ll-mdY Arme Campbell Ramon A cher George Fnelmg Earl Dedman BOTTOM Elmer Hoived! Earl Granger Gene Ha1'dY Marvm Stevenson Claude Behrens Wayne Bradley NOT PICTURED .hm Elliot 5 ATHLEUC CLUB O ,ff V 1 . . , , f A 1 1' . :I U ac: Y 1 4 ,A 1 D , . K Q. v- 5' A SEPT 3 Ol-I happy day school began to d y Everyone was overyoyed to see the school once aqam SEPT 11 Longhorns played tlrst football game today They lost to the Great Falls Reserves 7 0 SEPT 18 Today the Freshles came to school decked out ln silk nlghtgowns for the boys and long unde wear wlth boys swlm sults over that for the girls Were they cute' SEPT 20 Today the Choteau Bulldogs t ngled wxth our team at home tor the eccnd g me of the season Score was SEPT 22 Fort Penton played another 0 0 G me Thls txme lt was with Shelhv on tlaexr held OCT 1 The fxrst as embly program spon so ed by the Student Councll was held Erman G ay marxmba arhst enter tamed both he grade and hxgh school OCT 4 The Longhorns trounced Chlnook 46 0 on our tleld That nlqht the FFA boys sponsored the formal 1-'arvest Ball OCT ll The Sophomores sponsored their flrst dance of the new school year OCT 12 Football team went to Great Falls to play St Marys Fort Benton lost by a sco e of 28 20 OCT 18 The Jumors had a Sadie Hawkins dance rattled oft a plg and a teacher won xt Thl5 happened all ln one nxght Good luck Peggy tor gettmg the pxggy OCT 21 The Home Ec Club went t Havre to a F'-IA meet OCT 5 MEA conventxon So a vacation tor the students OCT 26 Fort Benton Malta The Longhorns proved they could wm un der heavy opposxtxon Score 26 0 NOV 1 N S U debaters presented a debate for the hxgh school audtence That nlght the annual Carnxval of the Musxc Club was glven Jackxe Bram lette and Ma llyn Prldeaux each won a Chtco the clown NOV 2 Longhorns played Malta agam and they won agam The Debate Club went to Havre for a practlce debate cllnlc CALENDAR NOV 8 Fort Benton played St Mary s St Mary s won Frosh gave a dance that mqht NOV 15 Student Councxl dance was given NOV 22 Sophomores had a Halloween dance The Sophomore class had some good Orlfilnal ideas for dances thxs year The Lyres Club held hrst tall meetlng NOV 28 29 Thanksgxvmg vacation Um' dxd that turkey taste good! DEC 6 Semo Play Seven Sisters was given The seniors dtd themselves proud by tt too DEC ll Tle txrst basketball qame oi the sea or Longhorns vs Bxq Sandv Fort Benton won 33 29 DEC 14 Tre Longhorns won over St Nl rvs ln a rough tray 46 44 Was lt ever excxtmg' After the game there was mlxer ln the hbrary sponso ed DEC 18 The Speech class presented Chrlstmas program After seemg lt everyone truly got ln the Chrlstmas spxrxt DEC 20 The Muslc Christmas program was p esented by the grade and high school After the program the Semor Ball was glven Wasnt the Chrlstmas tree beautxful' DEC 21 Christmas vacatlon began JAN 3 Faxrtleld beat the Longhorns 29 27 rn a home game JAN 4 Fort Benton traveled to High wood to defeat the Mountameers 54 38 JAN 6 Vacatxon over so we came back to school for four and a half months more JAN 10 Cut Bank Jou neyed to Benton to lose 40 33 to the Longhorns JAN ll Longhorns met Shelby here and bowed to the Coyotes 47 41 JAN 17 Fort Benton was defeated 39 50 by Choteau on then home floor JAN 18 Longhorns trounced to a 38 29 victory over Falrfxeld at Falrtxeld JAN 21 Mr Branson Stevenson Great Falls artxst vtstted FBI-IS and spoke on a t He also exhxbtted many ot hrs etchmgs 3 - - . D a I I y s 2 . ' , . " 0-0. JE l . . . . A . - , A D . : 'l . - a A. . n - ' . r . - . ' 3 D . . 1 A ' 4' I ' ' by the Lyre's Club. Q . : a L . ' ' . . : . 0 - D . : vs. . ' - JAN 24 25 Fort Benton played host to three teams at the County Tournament Bug Sandy took flrst place by defeating Fort Benton 34 31 Htghwood and Geraldme won third and fourth respec tively JAN 28 FFA meeting Big Sandy for the second tlme thls season defeated the Longhorns by a score of 54 43 JAN 29 The Sophs gave a talent show From all reports xt was well attended JAN 30 Orato 1cal Contest held Edmund Anderson from Great Falls was judge Marvelle Webster Frank lm Ellxott and Margaret Hemen placed flrst second and thxrd respectively JAN 31 Centervtlle traveled to Fort Ben ton to be defeated 45 31 by the Long horns FEB 1 Choteau defeated Fo t Benton 45 42 at Choteau FEB 3 Saco lot to Longhorns 46 43 ln home game FEB 131415 Seven teams gathered at Fort Benton for the sub dxstnct tourney Fort Benton St Marys Cen tervxlle and Nexhart placed first second thxrd and fourth respectively FEB 20 21 22 D 1 s t r 1 c t tournament at G eat Falls Choteau Falrheld Fort Benton and Power won frrst second thlrd and fourth places respectlvely FEB 28 Junxor Class sponsored a Mas querade Ball Prxzes were gxven for the three best costumes MARCH ll Speech Class plays entitled Are We Dressmg Gray Bread No Not The Russlans and The Vallant we e gtven MARCH 12 Reglonal Oratortcal contest held at Fort Benton B111 Kotz of Great Falls recexved ftrst place honors and Marvelle Webster second place MARCH 14 A second group of Speech Class plays were given They were The Boor Search Me and Arla da Capo MARCH 15 Frosh had a Saddle Oxfo d dance The prxce was a nxckle for every xnch of your foot It was the tmtxal appearance of the new hugh school dance orchestra the Swmg Club MARCH 22 The debate club took de baters to the debate clmxc m Great Falls MARCH 27 Marxonette Show sponsored by the Junior League of Great Falls and brought here by the Student Councxl MARCH 28 P ess Club Folltes dxrected by Mrs Schmxdt and presented by members of the Press Club IVARCI-I 29 Sophomores sponsored their Spring Fever Dance The FFA dls trlct meetmg was held here APRIL34 Good Frxdav At last two days vacatmon' APRIL ll County Home Ec meetmg held ln Fort Benton Glimpses of Holland a school assembly was given APRIL 12 Musxc Festival held ln Mrs soula Dld we hear some stones when the ktds eturned APRIL 18 Jumors presented play enntled Ltfe of the Party APRIL 25 Mr Jack McGuxn and band presented the Sprlng Band Concert APRIL 26 Student Councll dance at whlch paper hats were giver as tlckets Bozeman We dxd quxte well xn the tests MAY 9 Juniors presented their annual prom The deco atlons were beautiful and lt was well attended MAY 10 Havre Festxval Were we txred after dancmg all nxght and marching all day' MAY 14 The band presented an outdoor concert MAY 15 16 Track and Dramatxcs meet held tn Mlssoula Wouldnt lt be mce lf we could become an actor or an athlete and get to go to Missoula lAt least for those two daysl MAY 18 Baccalaureate exercxses to the class of 1947 were held MAY 21 Graduatxon tonight There were many tears and smlles tonxght Dean J W Maucker from School of Educa t1on M S U was the speaker MAY 23 School IS fmally over For the underclassmen see you next year For the Semors a fond goodbye and God speed you on you way CALENDAR . : :' . Mr. ': , I -- I . MAY 1-2: High School Week held at gr'-1 'ro-as Rlvin ,nts 1 ,15493 rf 'ffm

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