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1 ff-Y?-35 '31, - 'H'-"79f,1'fEji5..., . .,,.,,. , - J .,.. . N7,-I . V. ,Q ff-2 9'5 " . 4: f" ,i-, f :ef A A f 22 jf W 4 Z, ' ?,"'.f" 7. - ri V af-'.:,f .fa 'r,' fm .Q ' t 1 , f-'fl-. E, ff , , '5 - - ' 1 G f g f f ,ff Newry: J ,fag MWm, w pfgf 12 J 2 ai, Q ff K 4 I I 2 , ff M W , 'jf ff AA f , f f 4 4, f 1 ff? J mf X Q 45 ' Q2 " f f if iffy J ,if , f I ' .1 f Z' if ,gf ' Q1 2 filff' J? J Q' -91 , 1 ibn f fggffffvf f fzmn-2'1?37f If ,. 1 1 f Q ,W f if EQ J if ff ff ' ff' Y 3 X, ,gf df ff ,+- Q ,221 JP ,,f?f1Pwi,f"f-3 V, AW' -f gf? Iv, ,Egg as " 1 'I -' iw , -- Q - ., ag - ,fwfr , 2.5: vie.. f f ff.: -5 ,a -. . gf, E' M 4 'gif f flfrz. . 1 J 4 ffffigt ' - ' fn -' . fxfjgi' . 4? , 995352-f 'Z ' wif- 15:2 U ' fm e: f??-L-1 ffifffff 3' 563 CC-Qi, , ' ' QQJQQEW'-Zs:4'6,f if A2231 'ffE:f3'P 'i :.-4 f dff-Yffwsff 4 My - E M. If f ,Q-Ma' Q4 ' wfW9 fdf- -'1.?331z.w1.4-v1.egQwgfffff.:14" - -- -. Af .. 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Q-mags If lf.-155' 4w fefgff2y,QwMf4Q2f, W, ' V , "f"2'4f!'f' L-?z?4rff,:ifsff?x ,lufyzfffwazkf .!'- Q70 -.f -f -AW W-,gf ff?-22 W ,. ,pf f ,SQ I4'w,e.- f ..- ' --1324, ' ...'::..f,ay :V ,ffifgfl -5, ildxpfw 5 A93 1,-iff igffv. ' - ' -7114. 151IfaS?'mi1z:L ., Zififlaaf-fizwgy' If .Z-, sa' J 9651 - 451 C54 g:.. P' ,,, ,, 11.4, ii f" 1' ' .ff -11 1575-?i:' aff . r w- m y f94?4fZ", Jfsfsaylii'9,w Af5,,fZQE,44ffa1igiz?fw,i211::Q'f,:Lg.4' 1-if .- . ,.,-69 ,ga i' ,w .4:gyfLf,Q4+a5,wvw,E"4.-fp-e fvfiffaaes Bai" , :-:.:+.4f:- . THE PIONEER VOLUME XXII 1 9 4 6 PUBLISHED BY SENIOR CLASS F. B. H. S. Pom' BENTOM MGIFANA Q Fl-xovxiglfxl' we lauvxalfx, WLXBVS 3lfxc1H we CIYXCLXOf7 TABLE os QQNTENTS BOOK I School Board Superintendent Faculty BOOK II Seniors Juniors Sophomores Freshmen BOOK III Thespians BOOK IV BOOK V BOOK VI Quill and Scroll Future Homemakers of America Future Farmers of America Cannon Report Music Club Pep Club Student Council Band Girls' Chorus Baton Twirlers Senior Play Carnival Movie Projector Speech Department Football Basketball Athletic Club Cheerleaders Prospectus Calendar FOR EW GRD As we leave the halls of FBHS, we look back on the four short but happy years that we spent here. We also like to think of the students who have one or two or even three more years to spend here, and we envy them. lt is for this reason that we, the senior class of 1946, have published this Pioneer so that we can always have something to cherish the memories of our years in high school and the friends we knew there. DEDICATIQQNI To you parents who have guided those most impressionable years of our lives goes our most sincere gratitude. We, the class of 1946, appreciate the time spent on making us what we are today. We hope that you are proud to say of us, wfhat is my son," or 'That is my daughter," for that is a goal towards which We have striven. To you, therefore, we dedicate this 1946 Pioneer. FIRST ROW: Charles Stewart. Jean Lundy. Charles Behrens, Bernice Cooper. Shirley Spear, Mr. Robert Wylie SECOND ROW: Holly Hyatt, Ernest Schultz. Miriam Gessaman. Paul Shogren Jack Lepley, Steve McSweeney, Don NOT PICTURED: Caroline Postill Editor-in-Chief , Associate Editor Business Manager Art Editors ,, , Picture Editor , Class Editor , Activities Section Athletics Section ,, Organizations Section Make-up Editors Shirley Sales Staff , ,, , , PICBQNIEER STAFF Pogreba, Guy Willson , ,Charles Behrens ,, ,, ,,,,,, Bernice Cooper ,,,,, , Charles Stewart ,,,,,,,Jack Lepley. Paul Shogren , Jean Lundy Rolly Hyatt H Steve McSweeney ,, ,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,, D onald Pogreba , , Guy Willson. Ernest Schultz Spear. Caroline Postill, Miriam Gessaman Charles Stewart, Charles Behrens Miriam Gessaman. Richard Mercurio BUUK I School Board Superintendent Faculty 1 9 T41 W! X740 E H5 ND SQ f f Nl X W X L 7,0 N 3 5 N ,If XX 6Uf' llVG E Q UZ Z WAV ..R,.- -Q 2' g -if ' -xx v x K X fxfx DFF aff nun :ra my FIRST ROW: Fred Arnst, Fred Scarlett, Halder M. Hansen SECOND ROW: William Morrison. Ingolf Birkeland. G. C. Schmidt The community of Fort Benton is to be congratulated on the citizens they have selected to direct the affairs of their school system. Through the years of the war these men have given freely from their time, their abilities and their experience so that the high standards of education to the young people of Fort Benton might be maintained. The members of the Board of Trustees of District Number One and Fort Benton High School are: Chairman, Fred Arnst: vice-chairman, W. T. Morrison: Ingolf Birke- land. Grover Schmidt, Fred Scarlett, and Clerk of the Board, Halder Hansen. To you, the members of our Board of Education, we extend our thanks for your unselfish efforts in our behalf. SCI-IOQL BQARD It is my hope that Fort Benton Schools have assisted the home and the community in adequately preparing you for the living which lies ahead of you. Keep in mind that life need not be a "struggle for existence" but rather a joyous encouter with the adven- ture of life. May you ever recognize that successful living requires cooperative effort freely and willingly given. Ahide with and live by the Colden Rule, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto youv! ROBERT H. WYLIE SI.lPERIjNl'l'EQN1DEjNIT'S MESSAGE GEORGE M. HALL CARL A. SHOGREN World History Sh0p-PhYS- Ed- Sociology Aeronautics Washington University Grade Principal Montana University, B. A. Eastern Montana Normal Colorado State College of Education PEG MCNALLY Shorthand I Typing I Northern Montana College Montana University ROYAL MORRISON JOSEPH W. KRALL General Science Vocational Ag. General Math Montana State College, American History B' S- A9- Ed- Athletics Montana State College Albany College, Oregon JUANITA SPAULDING Home Economics Montana State College. B. S. MILDRED LUCILLE GLOVER English I, III Speech Dramatics State Teachers North Dakota Washington University. B. A. MRS. CHARLES W. SCHMIDT Commercial Subjects Physical Education Browns Business College, Missouri American College of Phys. Ed., Chicago, Ill. HELEN GESSAMAN English Biology Science College A. B of Pugei Sound. College. NOT PICTURED: NELSON H. LUTEY Physics Plane Geometry Elementary Algebra Montana State Normal College, B. E. FLORENCE VENETZ Home Economics Montana State College, B. JACK MCGUIN Band Music Montana State University B. M. N QHARLIE The men who keep the school building and grounds clean and in good condition are Mr. Charlie Smith and Mr. Dixon Bokovoy. Mr. Smith has been janitor for a number of years and is known to all students simply as "Charlie." Mr. Bokovoy has been with us for two years and has become familiar to all the students. To these two men goes the credit for sweeping the building, cleaning the black- boards and erasers, watering the lawns. cleaning the snow oft the sidewalks and doing all' of the general handiwork that goeshwtth the running of a school. THE QJNWTGRS BOOK Il Seniors Juniors Sophomores Freshmen I N 4 - i .Z WT N, - ,H ,X Z3 5215 Q0 Wifi? ff-x Qy X747 ..,-I""' X XM X S X C... , WZ NONE OF THE PLAINS PEO FAY ALLARD General Course Band 1 Home Ec Club l Heisey Award l Speech Class Plays 3 EVELYN BEECHER Commercial Course Home Ec Club 1, 2 Chorus 1 Heisey Award l CHARLES BRADLEY General Course Football 2, 3, 4 Basketball 3, 4 Athletic Club 2, 3, 4 "Best Foot Forward" 3 "The Man Who Came To Dinner" 4 Speech Class Plays 4 Baseball 4 Track 4 LESTER DeBRUIN Scientific Course Basketball 3 Athletic Club 3, 4 Football Manager 3, 4 "Best Foog Forward" 3 Speech Class Plays 4 Track 4 BERNARD BACH General Course FFA 1, 2, 3. 4 "The Man Who Came To Dinner" 4 CHARLES BEHRENS Scientific Course President 3 Secretary-Treasurer 4 "Best Foot Forward" 3 "The Man Who Came To Dinner" 4 Speech Class Plays 4 Football 3, 4 Basketball Manager 3, 4 Annual Staff 4 Quill and Scroll 4 Athletic Club 3, 4 Cannon Report 3, 4 BERNICE COOPER General Course Baton Twirler 2, 3 Student Council 4 "Best Foot Forward" 3 "The Man Who Came To Dinner" 4 Speech Class Plays 4 Thespians 4 Cannon Report 3, 4 Quill and Scroll 3, 4 President 4 Annual Staff 4 Oratory-Debate 4 DEAN FISHER Scientific Course Football 2. 3, 4 Basketball 2, 3. 4 Track 3, 4 Baseball 4 Athletic Club 2, 3, 4 Music Club 3 Thespians 4 "Best Foot Forward" 3 "The Man Who Came To Dinner" 4 Speech Class Plays 4 Boys' Chorus 3 MIRIAM GESSAMAN General Course Girls' Athletics 1. 2, 3 Chorus 1. 2 "The Man Who Came To Dinner" 4 Cannon Report 3, 4 Annual Staff 4 Press Club 3, 4 Music Club Z Thespians 4 Speech Class Plays 4 Debate 4 Heisey Award l EWELL HANKINS General Course FFA 1, 2, 3, 4 Music Club 3, 4 Chorus 3, 4 "The Man Who Came To Dinner" 4 I-Ieisey Award 3 DAN HAZEN Agricultural Course "The Man Who Came To Dinner" 4 Speech Class Plays 4 FFA 1. 2, 3, 4 Athletic Club 3, 4 Thespians 4 Football 3, 4 ROLLY HYATT Scientific Course " me To The Man Who Ca Dinner" 4 Speech Class Plays 4 Football 3 Band l. 2 Mixed Chorus 2 Boys' Chorus 2 Music Club 2 Pep Club 4 Athletic Club 3, 4 Thespians 4 Annual Staff 4 RALPH GUY General Course Transfer from Joplin 2 "The Man Who Came To Dinner" 4 Speech Class Plays 4 JOHN HANKINS General Course Music Club 2, 3 Boys' Chorus 2, 3 Track 3, 4 FFA 1, 2. 4 Speech Class Plays 3, 4 Mixed Chorus 3 DON HUFFMAN General Course Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Boys' Chorus 1, 2, 3 Thespians 3, 4 "Doctor Has a Daughter' Speech Class Plays 3 Music Club 2, 3, 4 Pep Band 3, 4 Vice-president 2 EMOGENE KANDERSOND KATZENBERGER General Course Home Ec Club l, 2, 3 Cheerleader 3 "Best Foot Forward" 3 Speech Class Plays 3 Orchestra 3 Oratory-Debate 3 Cannon Report 2, 3 1 3 SHIRLEY KLAY Scientific Course Home Ec Club 4 "The Man Who Came To Dinner" 4 Speech Class Plays 4 JEAN LUNDY General Course Band 2 Press Club 3. 4 Annual Staff 4 "Best Foot Forward" 3 STEVE MCSWEENEY Scientific Course Student Council l, 4 President 2 "Best Foot Forward" 3 "The Man Who Came To Dinner" 4 Speech Class Plays 4 Football 4 Annual Staff 4 Thespians 4 Athletic Club 4 Pep Club 4 Baseball 4 BERYL MORROW General Course Home Ec Club 4 Chorus 3, 4 Pep Club 4 Music Club 4 Speech Class Plays 3, 4 "The Man Who Came To Dinner" 4 Thespians 4 Press Club 3 Cannon Report 3 Oratorical Contest 3 JACK LEPLEY Scientific Course Football 2, 3, 4 Basketball 2, 3, 4 Athletic Club 2, 3, 4 Quill and Scroll 3, 4 Thespians 3, 4 "Best Foot Forward" 3 "The Man Who Came To Dinner" 4 President 1 Annual Staff 4 Student Council 4 Cannon Report 2, 3, 4 EDWIN MCCAFFERTY General Course Transfer from Belt 3 FFA 3. 4 "Best Foot Forward" 3 "The Man Who Came To Dinner" 4 Speech Class Plays 4 RICHARD MERCURIO General Course Transfer from Bellville, Ill.. 4 Football 4 Basketball Manager 4 Oratorical Contest 4 "The Man Who Came To Dinner" 4 Speech Class Plays 4 Athletic Club 4 Student Council 4 Annual Staff 4 HELEN NELSON General Course Chorus 2 "Best Foot Forward" 3 Speech Class Plays 3, 4 Thespians 4 Home Ec Club 2, 4 DONALD POGREBA General Course Transfer from Great Falls Football Manager 3 Football 4 Basketball 3, 4 Baseball 4 Press Club 4 Speech Class Plays 2, 4 "Best Foot Forward" 3 "The Man Who Came To Dinner" 4 Athletic Club 3, 4 Thespians 4 Annual Staff 4 Student Council 4 KATHERINE ROWE Commercial Course Home Ec Club 1, 2, 3, 4 ERNEST SCHULTZ General Course "The Man Who Came To Dinner" 4 "Best Foot Forward" 3 FFA 1. 2, 3, 4 Band 3, 4 Orchestra 2 Music Club 2 Basketball 1, 2 Mixed Chorus 2, 3 Boys' Chorus 2, 4 Annual Staff 4 Heisey Award 1 SHIRLEY SPEAR Commercial Course Home Ec Club 2 Music Club 1, 2, 3 Pep Club 4 Press Club 3, 4 Band 1, 2, 3 Cannon Report 3, 4 Annual Staff 4 "The Man Who Came To Dinner" 4 Baton Twirler 2. 3 2 CAROLINE POSTILL Commercial Course Student Council 1. 4 Press Club 3, 4 "Best Foot Forward" 3 "The Man Who Came To Dinner" 4 Thespians 3, 4 Secretary-Treasurer 3 Cannon Report 3, 4 Pep Club 4 Annual Staff 4 GENEVIEVE SIEBENALER General Course Transfer from Three Forks4 Drum Majorette 4 "The Man Who Came To Dinner" 4 Speech Class Plays 4 Thespians 4 Music Club 4 PAUL SHOGREN General Course Transfer from Three Forks4 Basketball 4 Afhletic Club 4 Track 4 Baseball 4 Student Council 4 Annual Staff 4 CHARLES STEWART Scientific Course Band 1, 2 Music Club 2 "Best Foo! Forward" 3 "The Man Who Came To Dinner" 4 Speech Class Plays 4 Thespians 3, 4 Oratory-Debate 4 Mixed Chorus 2 Vice-president 3, 4 Annual Staff 4 Pep Club 4 CALVIN TAYLOR BETTY TERRY Commercial Course Band 2 Cannon Report 4 General Course FFA 1. 2, 3, 4 "The Man Who Came To Dinner" 4 Press Club 4 Speech Class Plays 4 "The Man Who Came To Dinner" 4 Speech Class Plays 4 DOLORES TOPE PATTY UHL Commercial Course Home Ec Club 4 Commercial Course Home Ec Club 1. 2, 3. 4 "The Man Who Came To Dinner" 4 "Best Foot Forward" 3 Chorus l GUY WILLSON Scientific Course "The Man Who Came To Dinner" 4 Speech Class Plays 4 Football 3 Annual Staff 4 Thespians 4 Athletic Club 3. 4 Pep Club 4 CLASS SPONSOR: Mr. Robert Wylie CLASS MOTTO: Tonight we launch, where shall we anchor? CLASS COLORS: Blue and silver CLASS FLOWER: White Rose SENIOR CLASS HISTORY FRESHMAN YEAR President ,,,,, ,,,,,,,,. . W ..,,, Jack Lepley Vice-president .,7,,,,,... ,7,,,,,,..,,,,,,,7....A,,, D ick Arnst Secretary-treasurer .,.. ..,, ,,,,7,.,. , ..,.,,...,,. L l oyd Kurth Sponsor ..,7,,, .,.,,,,,,,,..,,,,,,,,.,,,,, . , Miss Mildred L. Glover The Seniors of today are the group, who, four short years ago, shyly entered the halls of Benton High. For initiation they had to dress as children, and carry teddy bears or dolls. The girls had their hair in 5 pig tails and the boys wore hair ribbons and make-up. Although there really isn't much activity for the freshman class, they went through the regular routines of giving a return party for the seniors, and in the spring the whitewashing of the When the seniors wouldn't help, the freshies took it upon themselves to shine up the "B" and have a picnic. Thus ended the first year as the "green" freshman. SOPHOMORE YEAR President ,. . H W s,,,s,,,,, . ,,s,s,,,,,, Steve McSweeney Vice-president , ,, , , , , Don Huffman Secretary-treasurer ,,,.. Mary Lou Cooper Sponsor ,, ,, ,,,,,, .,,,,,, ,,A,,,,,,, M i ss Verna Young This year proved to be a little more interesting for the students, at least they were on their way to the top. The sophomores began to show they had some talent in their class. Jack Lepley became an asset to the basketball team. Emogene KAndersonJ Katzenberger was a member of the cheerleading group. Bernice Cooper and Shirley Spear were two of the high school's baton twirlers. One April evening the class had a party at school where they danced old-time folk dances. Then the time came when the "sophs" put away their books and waited patiently for their junior year of school. JUNIOR YEAR President ,,,,,,,,,,,,, , ,,,,,,,,,,,, , ,,,,, , , ,,,, Kenneth Scott Vice-president ,,,,, ,,,, . ,s,, C harles Behrens Secretary-treasurer ,,,,, ,. ,.,,,, Caroline Postill Sponsor ,,,, ,,,, , , ., ,,,,, , ,, ,, , , Miss Verna Young This was the year of some prominence and work for the junior class. This year, Thespians, Cannon Report Staff, and Quill and Scroll were open to juniors for their membership. Just before Thanksgiving vacation, the junior class gave a party at which everyone dragged out their jeans and plaid shirts, loggers and corn cob pipes-yes, it was the Junior Barn Dance. The gym was decorated with straw and the lights turned low. The stage was fixed like a corral, in which there was a big keg of cider for the thirsty dudes. The juniors held a farewell party for Mary Lou Cooper. The boys furnished the lunch and planned the program. Donald Archer and Raymond York were lost from the junior class when they enlisted in the armed forces. When Kenneth Scott dropped school in March, Charles Behrens took on the duties of president. and Charles Stewart was elected vice-president. Then came the day when the juniors put on the class play, "Best Foot Forward," a Broadway hit by John Cecil Holm and directed by Miss Mildred Glover. The gym was decorated for the junior prom on April 27, with pine trees and a make-believe mountain on the stage, the theme being "Springtime in the Rockies." Bob Nelson's orchestra furnished the music. Barbara Ellis was queen, Ann Katzenberger, senior attendant, Caroline Postill, junior attendant, Phyllis Birkeland, sophomore attendant, and Betty Breiter, freshman attendant. The juniors lost a classmate when Dick Arnst completed his high school work in three years and graduated in the spring with the class of '45. Once again the class put away their work of a happy and eventful year to wait for their last year when they would be seniors. SENIOR YEAR President ,,,,,. .,7,,,,7,7,,, , ,7,.,7,,,,,,,7,,,.,7,,,,,,,,, B ernice Cooper Vice-president ,,,.,,,,,,7, 7,7,,,, , .,.,,.,,,, Charles Stewart Secretary-treasurer , ., ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,.,,A Charles Behrens Sponsor Mrs. Kathleen Holm and Mr. Robert Wylie At last the time has come when the class has reached the top as seniors of FBHS. This year was full of activities in which many of the seniors participated. First of all, they had their chance to initiate the freshmen into high school, and then to attend the return party given by the "frosh." With about six weeks of rehearsal, the seniors presented the annual senior play, which was "The Man Who Came To Dinner." This play was directed by Miss Mildred Glover. This year many of the senior boys were on the football and basketball teams. Some of the seniors were members of student council, pep club, baton twirling, and in debate teams. Also, some of the members of the senior class went to Bozeman for school week on May 2, 3, and 4. On April 25, the seniors escorted the "frosh" with their brooms and whitewash, up the hill to give a little shine to the "B." On May 7, the school was a little different-it was the seniors' sneak day. They took one school bus and had a picnic in the Shonkin mountains. The night of May 9, a class night was given for the enjoyment of the seniors. At this time a comedy "short" of the seniors' past, present, and future was given. Also, the different awards were presented to the high school students. At baccalaureate, May 19, Reverend Wallace Smith and Reverend Earle McKnight were the speakers. A program by the students was given at commencement on Wednesday, May 22. After the last night, the seniors, gladly yet sadly, bade the under- classmen goodbye and wished them happy years at FBI-IS. CLASS PROPHECY December 25, 1966 Fort Benton-JACK LEPLEY and CHARLES BEHRENS, those two medical geniuses of Fort Benton, are spending Christmas with their wives and children. It is the first time they have seen them since they started experimenting on palpacosis of the brain from which their former classmate DEAN FISHER, the comedian of all time, is suffering. Nothing has been discovered and DEAN has disappeared. His close friend and fellow freight train rider, DON POGREBA, has been conducting an investigation as to his whereabouts, but so far has found nothing. POGIE. you may have heard, is the honorary Prince of India, because of his having 621 wives. JOHN HANKINS was running a close second with 620 wives until 10 of his wives disappeared. We fear there may have been foul play, but we can't be sure. Lorna-FAY ALLARD was killed instantly today while trying to be with JEAN LUNDY more. JEAN had climbed to the top of the Loma Store trying to catch up with DON HUFFMAN for Sadie Hawkins day. This however, was made impossible by DON'S use of CHARLES STEWART'S newest invention, the "human wings." CHARLES discovered these while trying to protect his daughter from kidnappers, lby the way, little "Breezy" looks more like her mother every dayl. Shonkin-ED McCAFFERTY is doing alright on his Shonkin farm. For each new wife, he builds a new house. They have a regular little village now. BERNARD BACH and CALVIN TAYLOR have recently tried to acquire all of the land in Montana. If they succeed, they will change the name to the State of BAYTLORACH to include both names. DAN HAZEN has broken the record of getting to his girl friend at Highwood. He got his little jalopy up to a speed of 130 miles per hour. Atlantic City-ROLLY HYATT has stated that he has flirted with more than 1,000 girls. He says that he likes flirting so much, he doesn't think that he will ever get married. LESTER DeBRUlN has finally found his ideal girl-3'4" tall with green hair and purple eyes. They went to visit King Tut's tomb in Egypt for their honeymoon. New York-From a local newspaper, it is seen that PATTY UHL has just been com- mitted to Sing Sing prison for murdering her seventh husband. GENEVIEVE SIEBENALER is in the hospital being treated for compound fractures which she received while trying to balance herself on a pin head and twirl her baton. Geraldine-CAROLINE KPOSTILLJ HILTON recently gave a birthday party for the oldest of her three sets of quadruplets. Carter-STEVE McSWEENEY, long-time janitor of the Carter post office, recently resigned to spend the rest of his life on pension. The reason he gave for his resig- nation is that too many people disturbed him. Big Sandy-KATHERINE ROWE went walking the other day and failed to return. Her two old maid companions, HELEN NELSON and BERYL MORROW, went to find her and when they couldn't they were so disturbed that they both jumped in the river. Washington, D. C.-SHIRLEY SPEAR and EWELL HANKINS were recently voted the most happily married couple in the U. S. A. As a result they, and their fifteen darling little children were given a free trip around the world. Warm Springs-SHIRLEY KLAY recently suffered a collapse of her mind. She had just completed her thirteenth set of encyclopedias. SHIRLEY always said that thirteen was her unlucky number. Chicago-EMOGENE CANDERSONJ KATZENBERGER has just opened her style shop. She has designed all the clothing herself and has some beautiful models. The other day she asked ERNEST SCHULTZ, a buyer, if he spent as much time in other stores as he does in hers. He answered, "No. they don't have such beautiful models." Salt Lake City--CHARLES BRADLEY is one of the most sought after life guards in Salt Lake. People are always drowning conveniently near. DOLORES TOPE is still trying to beat the world record in typing. BETTY TERRY gave it up some time ago, in favor of a domestic scene. Philadelphia-MIRIAM GESSAIVEAN has just finished her ninety-seventh volume of "Corny Jokes." When people ask her if some of them aren't duplicated. she just tells them no, it isn't possible, she can't remember anything that long. Berlin-RICH MERCURIO recently assumed command of the German Marine Corps. This was organized for the purpose of keeping the German people from settling down to the non-aggression policy. New York-Handsome RALPH GUY has just returned from merry old England with another stage success to his credit. He starred in GUY WILLSON'S version of the old masterpiece, Hamlet. But the trouble is, GUY believes in using more ham in his plays. LU LU BEECHER has just received medical attention at the hospital as she fell while doing her last number in the burlesque show and broke her fingernail. Chicago--PAUL KSHORTYJ SHOGREN has been taking vitamin A pills to enable him to play against seven foot Bob Kurland from Oklahoma A. 8: M. According to last reports he was hitting the measuring stick at six feet nine and one-half inches. The little Shogrens have taken after their mother and PAUL is disappointed as they won't be tall enough to see the basket. CLASS WILL FAY ALLARD wills her shyness to Patty Stewart. Fay says that, since she move-d to Loma, she has no need for it. Use it sparingly in company, Patty. BERNARD BACH wills his pug nose to Mary Ellen. He says that his sniffer has been very serviceable in the mountain air: so take care of it, "Pudgy." EVELYN BEECHER wills her giggle to Olive Lane. As this has been very useful to Evelyn, please don't lose it, Olive. CHARLES BEHRENS wills his wavy hair to Donavan Bixby. If wave set won't do it. Donavan, you might try using bear grease. BERNICE COOPER wills her ability on the Cannon Report to Bertie June Hankins- from one editor to another. Keep up the good work, Bertie. DEAN FISHER wills his ability to play pinochle and pool to Bob-just to keep it in the family. He also wills to Bob his trusty shotgun so that he may shoot many geese. MIRIAM GESSAMAN wills her graceful gait and baby face to Betty Breiter. As these have served Miriam through four years of high school, she hopes that they will do you as much good, Betty. ' RALPH GUY wills his ability to get high scores in typing speed tests to his good friend and loyal companion, Kenneth Clark. EWELL HANKINS wills his baby innocence to Altha Frieling with the fond hope that it will serve her well in the future. JOHN HANKINS wills his '34 Chevrolet to any student who wishes to make a trip to Shelby. The students who went with John will probably be glad to take advantage of this offer. DAN HAZEN refuses to will his entire interest in Highwood to anyone else, but he says that he doesn't mind sharing it. DONALD HUFFMAN wills his ability to play the trombone to Bob Lundy, and wills his ability to be different to anyone who has the nerve. HOLLY HYATT wills his natural red hair and freckles to Vera Smith. Although you seem to have acquired the red hair on your own hook, Vera, we are certain that you can use the freckles. SHIRLEY KLAY wills persistence and determination to make use of her knowledge to Bob Doll and Larry Granger. This determination has carried Shirley a long way through high school and she wills it to Bob and Larry in the hope that they might graduate in the upper fourth of their class. JACK LEPLEY wills Mary Ellen to Chris Small, if he wants her. It seems there has always been a little conflict here, and, now that Jack is leaving. he wills his high school love for Mary Ellen to Chris. JEAN LUNDY wills her ability to ride horseback to Ina Mae Milledge. After Jean's many spills and tumbles in learning to ride horseback, she has decided to let others see what they can do. EDWIN MCCAFFERTY wills his room at Cooper's to anyone who is interested. We all hope George Frteling doesn't break the door down in trying to get the room. STEVE MCSWEENEY wills his noisy nature to Jim Elliot, who definitely does not need it. 5. CLASS WILL CHARLES STEWART wills his English accent and quiet manner to Arnie Campbell. We wouldn't believe it until we saw it, though. CALVIN TAYLOR wills his ability to sew to future Home Ec. girls. He says that he can out-sew anyone of them now. BETTY TERRY wills her debate arguments to Ione Rowe. She says that there is too much competition. Don't let it get you down. Ione. DOLORES TOPE wills her "night owling" to Abbie Mae. You see some of the strang- est things at night. Abbie. PATTY UHL wills her diminutive size to Roberta Urton. Better watch out, Patty. or you will be just a shadow. KATHERINE ROWE wills her faithfulness in love to anyone who has the ability. How about willing a little to Carley Bramlette, Kate? She may need some in future years. 1 GUY WILLSON wills his natural ability on the football field to Paul Craig. Paul. we hope it will serve you as well as it did Guy. LESTER DeBRUIN wills his number 14's to Earl Granger who wears number 6's. Gus figured you needed a better understanding. Earl. EMOGENE KATZENBERGER wills her fur coat to anyone who is not successful in getting one. We hope each of you has a fur coat in the near future. RICHARD MERCURIO wills his oratorical ability to Robert Deck with the hope that he may have it back when he gets out of the Marines. Or does he have enough ability for both of you? BERYL MORROW wills her singing ability to Emma Jean Rowe. Beryl has plenty to spare, Emma Jean. and we hope you will do as well as she. HELEN NELSON wills her braces and Walter to Maxine Anderson. We don't know about the braces. but she'll probably like Walter. DONALD POGREBA wills his ability to give all the girls an even break to Bob Kelley. Don hopes you have as much fun at it as he did. CAROLINE POSTILL wills her blonde hair to Dolores Bixby. We hope you are as successful and popular with it as Caroline was. ERNEST SCHULTZ wills his "sax" to Phyllis Birkeland. He knows you already have one. Phyllis. but he thought maybe the tone of his would be more mellow. PAUL SHOGREN wills his ability to play basketball to Howard LeFurgey with the hope that Howard makes a good name for himself. U GENEVIEVE SIEBENALER wills her twirling ability to the rest of the twirlelrs: but our own advice is that practice makes perfect. Keep them in the air. girls! SHIRLEY SPEAR wills her ability to have two jobs at once to anyone who is willing to try. Do we hear any offers? CHARLES BRADLEY wills his manley physique to Otto Stevens. Lots of sleep and plenty of Wheaties and spinach should do the trick. If not. try shoulder pads: it's a lot easier. anyway. SENIOR GLIMPSES NAME Fay Allard Bernard Bach Evelyn Beecher Charles Behrens Charles Bradley Bernice Cooper Lester DeBruin Dean Fisher Ralph Guy Miriam Gessaman John Hankins Ewell Hankins Dan Hazen Don Huffman Holly Hyatt Shirley Klay Emogene Katzenberger Jean Lundy Jack Lepley Edwin McCafferty Steve McSweeney Richard Mercurio Beryl Morrow I-Ielen Nelson Don Pogreba Caroline Postill Katherine Rowe Ernest Schultz Paul Shogren Genevieve Siebenaler Shirley Spear Charles Stewart Betty Terry Calvin Taylor Dolores Tope Patty Uhl Guy Willson N ICKN AME Beech Charlie Joey Breezy Muscles Fish Johnnie Junior Huffy Red Sucky Emy Jeannie Club Foot Ed Sweeney Rich Toothy Pogie Katie Ernie Sally Genny Shirl Stewart Terry Cal Pat Shorty Willie AMBITION travel none go to college be a doctor join the Navy be a journalist be an interpreter be a lawyer be a pilot be a librarian none be a farmer live in Highwood be a cattle rancher none be a teacher have a happy home travel be a doctor none chemical engineer be a good Marine blue's singer none be a journalist private secretary to ?? be a good wife be a farmer electrical engineer meet Van Johnson marry Robert Walker get rich be 5' 5" tall be a farmer go to college be five feet tall join the Navy FIRST ROW: Bill Albers, Lloyd Allen. Maxine Anderson. Melvin Baichelor, Phyllis Birkeland SECOND ROW: Wayne Crawford, Wesley Crawford, Kenneth Clark. Robert Deck, John Deck THIRD ROW: Earl Dedman. Bob Doll, Franklin Elliott, James Ellioi. Mary Ellen Ennis FOURTH ROW: Aliha Frieling, Margaret Frieling, Marjorie Frieling, Larry Granger. George Frieling FIFTH ROW: James Granger, Ruth Guy, Bertie June Hankins. Margaret Heinen. Elmer Hotvedi QIUVWSRS Q1 UNORS FIRST ROW: Voncile Hudelson, Bob Kelley, Vanita King, Jean Kingsland, Olive Lane SECOND ROW: Marjorie Laulo, Howard LeFurgey, Genevieve Lenington, Lyle McKeever. Robert Murray THIRD ROW: George Nottingham, Gordon Paul, Naomi Seright, Selma Schultz, Chris Small FOURTH ROW: Phyllis Smith, Leonard Spear, Otto Stevens, Robert Taylor, Roberta Urton FIFTH ROW: Betty Vinion, Doris Willson, Tom Wood, Mr. Royal Morrison JUNIOR CLASS HISTORY At the beginning of the school year, the juniors elected their officers-Otto Stevens, president: Leonard Spear, vice-president: and Selma Schultz, secretary- treasurer. Mrs. .Tone Wiberg was their sponsor, replaced by Mr. Royal Morrison when Mrs. Wiberg resigned at the end of the first semester. A number of the junior boys took a part in both football and basketball games. Mary Ellen Ennis and Marjorie Laulo were two of the cheerleaders this year. In November, the juniors sponsored a dance. About basketball season, the junior class went into the selling of little red hats with "FB" on them, and red pins with "Yea Benton" painted in white on them. Later on, they sold pennants. Four junior boys were on the "A" basketball team, Chris Small lcaptainl, Jim Elliot, Bob Kelley, and Elmer Hotvedt. In January, Phyllis Birkeland and Chris Small were elected to be members of the student council. At the Carnival, Phyllis Birkeland and Chris Small were junior candidates, Chris being crowned King. Several of the junior girls were baton twirlers and Bertie June Hankins was chosen to be editor of the Cannon Report next year. Near the end of May, the juniors put away their studies to await the coming year when they would at last be the seniors of FBHS. 4 JUNIOR PROM The annual junior promenade was held this year on April 26, in the high school gym. Upon entering the gym, the dancers saw a blue sky full of stars-a rock wall was built entirely around the dance floor, with sky scrapers in the background, the theme being the "Penthouse Serenade." The orchestra, which was Bunny Leeper's from Great Falls, was enclosed in an oval-shaped shell on the stage, with a large moon behind it. The attendants were handed small blue programs decorated in silver, which carried out the theme. The class chose a Queen who was crowned as the climax of the evening. It was impossible to serve punch because they could not obtain supplies, but with dancing from 9 to 1:30, the juniors were happy of their success of an annual prom. JUNIOR PLAY On April 18, after three weeks of very strenuous rehearsing, the junior class presented "Charley's Aunt" the always popular comedy-farce by Brandon Thomas. The set for the play was a college in England. The plot is as follows: Jack Chesney Uohn Deckl and his friend, Charles Wykeham KLeonard Spearl invite Kitty Verdum lGenevieve Leningtonl and Amy Spettigue lOlive Lanel to join them at their rooms for luncheon in order to meet Donna Lucia D'Alvadorez, who is expected to arrive from Brazil that very moment. This is Charley's aunt, a lady who in her youth went to South America, married a man with tons of money. and has come back to merry old England to spend it. The girls accept the invitation but the millionaire Donna sends a telegram saying that she will have to defer her visit for a few days. The problem is solved at once by forcing another undergraduate of the name of Lord Fancourt Babberly lBob Dolll into a black satin skirt, a lace tichu, etc. As Charley's aunt this old trump is introduced to the sweethearts, to Jack's father, Sir Francis Chesney lKenneth Clarkl, and to Stephen Spettigue Names Elliotl an Oxford solicitor. Charley's aunt becomes the object of the greatest solicitude and devotion of the young women, and both Sir Francis Chesney and Stephen Spettigue make love to her. Un- expectedly, the real Donna Lucia lMargaret Heinenl turns up, but upon hearing that someone has taken her place she assumes the name of Mrs. Beverly Smythe. As the third act progresses Donna Lucia makes Lord Babberly reveal who he really is and then tells the rest of the suitors and admirers who she really is. Sir Francis Chesney then proceeds to court! her and as the third act ends they are engaged to be married. Other juniors in the cast were: Brassett, a college scout lFranklin Elliottl, a young farmer, lBob Kelleyl. Ela Delahay, an orphan and the ward of Donna Lucia lMary Ellen Ennisl, and Maud, a parlourmaid for Spettigue, CPhyllis Birkelandl. SGPHS FIRST ROW: Raymond Allard, Jim Arnst. Abbie Mae Bailey, Burton Batchelor, Bernard Billups, Wayne Bradley, Beiiy Breiier SECOND ROW: Arnold Campbell, Paul Craig, Elna Cooper, Bradley Clark. Evelyn Charters, Elsie Dedman. Charles Embleion THIRD ROW: Dorothy Ellioi, Margaret Farrington. Bob Fisher, Harry Foucher. Walter Jackson, Evelyn Johnson, John Jones FOURTH ROW: Robert Klay, Harold LeMond, Clara Ludeman, Rita Loundagin, Archie Meeks, Ina Mae Milledge, Wallace Murray FIFTH ROW: Donald Morger, Janis Nelson. Mardelle Rowe. Ruth Ratliff, Julia Siebenaler, Vera Smith, Edith Siallcup SIXTH ROW: Patty Siewart, Donald Stashi, Kaihleen Walker, Russel Weaver, Arthur Wolfe, Mr. Jack McGuin SGPHOMORE CLASS HISTORY At the beginning of the year the sophomores elected Robert Klay as president. Bob Fisher. vice-president. and Elna Cooper, secretary-treasurer. Mr. Jack M'cGuin was class sponsor. This year several of the sophomore boys were on the football and basketball teams. Arnold Campbell and Paul Craig made their letters in football while Donald Morger made his letter in basketball. Rita Loundagin and Julia Siebenaler were flag swingers and Margaret Farrington was a baton twirler. Patty Stewart was one of the cheer- leaders. At the carnival, Bob Fisher and Betty Breiter were candidates from the sophomore class, Betty being crowned Carnival Queen. On March twenty-ninth. the sophomores sponsored their annual dance. Everybody patched their clothes and got out their long skirts and went to the "Hobo Shuffle." The stage was decorated with straw and a booth was set up where hot dogs and punch were sold. Although the sophomore year is usually the inactive year of a high school career the sophomores can feel justly proud of the accomplishments in this, their second year in FBHS. . COMMERCIAL DEPARTMENT Probably one of the most hard working departments in school is the commercial department. This department, under the supervision ot Mrs. C. W. Schmidt. works many long hours on the mimeographing ot play programs. menus, and posters. Many times the request for such work to be done comes at a time when the department is at its busiest turning out the Cannon Report and thus adds many more hours of hard work. Although commercial students and their teacher sometimes consider theirs a thankless task the entire school appreciates their patience and tireless cooperation. FRGSH FIRST ROW: Virgil Allison, Ramon Archer, Carley Bramlette. Dolores Bixby, Donavan Bixby, Jack Coady. Jere Cooper SECOND ROW: George Cowie, Boyd Crawford. Jack Doll, Mary Drewiske, Gene Dunnwebber, Clarabelle Farmer. Earl Granger THIRD ROW: Shirley Guy. Jennie Jenkinson, Dolores Johnson, Phyllis Johnson, Shirley Johnson, Carol Klay, Ailene Laulo FOURTH ROW: Betty Ludeman, Bob Lundy, Ray McCafferty, Willis Myers, Kathryn Postill, Marilyn Prideaux, Josephine Pugh FIFTH ROW: Emma Jean Rowe, Ione Rowe, June Scott, Leslie Smith, Marvin Stevenson SIXTH ROW: Patty St. Peter, Ardice Weaver, Miss Juanita Spaulding NOT PICTURED: Marcella Ritter FRESHMAN CLASS HISTORY As the students came into FBHS on the first day of school it was not hard to dis- tinguish the lowly freshmen from the upper classmen by the fresh new haircut given them by the sophomores. Two weeks after school started they were given their formal initiation by the seniors. They had to dress as freaks, half man and half woman., one high heel shoe and one low heel shoe, and with makeup on one side of their face and none on the other. On September twenty-second initiation was held in gym when the "frosh" were persuaded to do a few stunts. After the initiation a dance was held. For their officers the freshmen selected George Cowie as president, Virgil Allison. vice-president. and Earl Granger as secretary-treasurer. Miss Juanita Spaulding was chosen as class sponsor. On April twenty-fifth the freshmen, armed with hoes and brooms, gave the "B" its annual cleaning and whitewashing, aided of course by the ever present seniors. After the task was finished the seniors and freshmen had a picnic in the park, lunch being provided by the freshmen girls. With this the freshmen ended their first year in FBHS. THE PHOTOGRAPHERS This year the ping-pong and group pictures were taken. as in former years. by Umphress Studio of Black Eagle, Montana. The Seniors would personally like to thank Mr. Umphress for his tireless effort. work, and helpful hints, which added life and interest to our Annual. The Senior and Faculty portraits were taken by the Hester-Zuck Studio of Billings. Montana. Their fine work aided us greatly in our Annual. and we wish to thank them most sincerely for their time, effort and suggestions. THE PUBLISHERS For all the grief and misery to which we have put The River Press in the publish- ing of our Annual, we offer our sincerest apologies. If it were not for the tireless work of Mr. Joel Overholser and Miss Nora Harber. our Annual never would have been completed. Mr. Overholser's advice and many years of knowledge were invaluable in doing a seemingly impossible task. The River Press, in addition to publishing the Annual, prints tickets. programs and other things necessary for school functions. BOOK Ill Thespians Quill and Scroll Future Homemaker Future Farmers Cannon Report Music Clulm Pep Club Student Council .x ,. fxg-I-f -W f fb' -Q-. , P- ""- 1 'P NA w w M ?..i,11.. v""-'S i 1-4- IVIGIIT' JA' 7175 PRHIKIES FIRST ROW: Don Pogheba, Guy Willson, Charles Behrens, Dean Fisher SECOND ROW: Beryl Morrow, Lester DeBruin, Caroline Postill, Jack Lepley, Charles Stewart, Miss Mildred Glover THIRD ROW: Miriam Gessaman, Steve McSweeney. Holly Hyatt, Helen Nelson, Don Huffman, Genevieve Siebenaler, Dan Hazen, Ed McCafferty, Bernice Cooper, Shirley Spear "Act well your part, there all the honor lies" is the motto of the National Thespian Honor Dramatic Society for high schools of which Troupe Number 195 of FBHS is a member. Membership to this organization is gained not only by acting on the stage. but by doing stage work or selling tickets or any other work associated with the staging of a play. When school started last September there were only four members of Thespians left from last year. These! were Jack Lepley. Charles Stewart, Charles Behrens, and Caroline Postill. The following officers were elected: Jack Lepley. president: Caroline Postill, vice- president: Charles Stewart, secretary-treasurer: and Miss Mildred Glover, sponsor. Of the students eligible for membership after the senior play, "The Man Who Came to Dinner," the following seniors joined Thespians at an initiation at Charles Stewart's home on January tenth: Shirley Spear, Genevieve Siebenaler, Beryl Morrow, Bernice Cooper, Don Pogreba, Dean Fisher, Rolly Hyatt, and Steve McSweeney. Following the two groups of Speech Class Plays, Miriam Gessaman, Shirley Klay, Guy Willson, Helen Nelson, Dan Hazen, and Ed McCafferty joined Thespians. Spring initiation, after the junior class play "Charley's Aunt", saw these young actors and actresses joining the troupe: Margaret Heinen, Kenneth Clark, John Deck, Leonard Spear, Olive Lane, Franklin Elliott, Betty Lou Vinion, and Ruth Guy. THESWW3 FIRST ROW: Mrs. Esther Schmidt SECOND ROW: Jack Lepley, Margaret Heinen. Bernice Cooper, Phyllis Birkeland. Chris Small THIRD ROW: Charles Behrens, Betty Lou Vinion Quill and Scroll, the international honorary society for high school journalists, was organized in 1926. It numbers over twenty-five hundred chapters, and nearly titty thousand young journalists from schools which are outstanding in the quality of their work. wear the gold of the society. The society has taken an active part in encouraging and rewarding individual achievement in journalism and in raising the standards in this field. Outstanding journalists and educators support the society and endorse its program. It publishes a bi-monthly magazine for its members. Membership may be secured only through a local chapter. Members must, at the time of their election be of at least junior standing, be in the upper third of their class scholastically, have done superior work in some phase of journalism, be recommended by the supervisor or the committee governing publication. be editor of the high school year book, and must be approved by the Executive Secretary. To secure a charter for Quill and Scroll, a high school must publish a newspaper, an annual, or a magazine which is considered meritorious by the executive council. The Charles E. Russell Chapter of Quill and Scroll was granted to Fort Benton High School about 1928: but did not receive its formal title from the national organi- zation until 1940. QUILL PJNID SCROLL FIRST ROW: Patty St. Peter, Beryl Morrow, Ailene Laulo, Patty Uhl, Miss Juanita Spaulding. Katherine Rowe, Dolores Tope, June Scott, Mary Drewiske SECOND ROW: Shirley Johnson, Marcella Ritter, Ardice Weaver, Josephine Pugh. Clarabelle Farmer, Helen Nelson, lone Rowe. Phyllis Johnson, Jennie Jenkinson. Shirley Guy, Carol Klay, Emma Jean Rowe Although the home ec club didn't have as many members this year as in previous years, they carried out their activities equally well. In the fall, Patty Uhl was elected president: Katherine Rowe, vice-president: Dolores Tope, treasurer: and Ailene Laulo, secretary. Miss Juanita Spaulding was advisor. A district home ec club meeting was held in Malta last fall. Representatives from Fort Benton attended this meeting, with Selma Schultz being elected district secretary. At the home basketball games, the home ec clubbers sold hot dogs and pop corn. They had a St. Patrick's Day party, also. When Miss Spaulding resigned in March, Miss Florence Venetz, who took over her position, became advisor. On May 1, a co-ed prom was sponsored by the F. H. A. This Year, a point system was worked out. Each member gets a certain number of points for the work she does: at the end of the year, the member with the most points receives a pin. FUTURE I-IQMEMAKERS QF AMERICA FIRST ROW: Robert Deck, Ed McCafferty, Lyle McKeever, Dan Hazen. Kenneth Clark, Tom Wood. Mr. Joe Krall SECOND ROW: Raymond Allard, Bernard Bach, Boyd Crawford, Paul Craig, Robect Taylor, Willis Myers, Ray McCafferty, Harry Foucher, Russell Weaver, Melvin Batchelor THIRD ROW: Bernard Billups, Bill Albers, Calvin Taylor, Ernest Schultz, Ewell Hankins, John Hankins, Wesley Crawford, Donavan Bixby The officers of FFA this year were: Dan Hazen. president: Kenneth Clark, vice- president: Lyle McKeever, secretary: Tom Wood, treasurer: Robert Deck, reporter: Ed McCatferty, sentinel: and Mr. Joe W. Krall, advisor. The first and third Wednesdays of every month were set aside for FFA chapter meetings. After the business meeting was concluded the boys wrestled, boxed, played basketball, or did stunts for recreation. After a few meetings this year, there were refreshments served by the boys themselves. This year Dan Hazen and Ewell Hankins were awarded their State Farmer's Key for their activities and work in FFA. On April sixth, seventeen of the boys journeyed to Belt for the annual district convention. There they entered into contests in grain judging, cattle judging, agri- culture scholarship tests, FFA tests, farm mechanics, and public speaking. Kenneth Clark won the public speaking contest and then represented the Judith Basin district at the state convention in Bozeman on April twelfth where he placed fourth. At the end of the year officers for the coming year were chosen with Tom Wood being elected president: Lyle McKeever, vice-president, Robert Taylor, secretary. Robert Deck, treasurer, Kenneth Clark, reporter: and Bill Albers, sentinel. FUTURE FARMERS QF AMERICA FIRST ROW: Chris Small, Miriam Gessaman, Mrs. Esther Schmidt, Bernice Cooper. Jack Lepley SECOND ROW: Caroline Postill, Phyllis Smith, Margaret Heinen. Betty Vinion. Charles Behrens, Jean Lundy, Genevieve Lenington, Phyllis Birkeland. Olive Lane THIRD ROW: Otto Stevens, Betty Terry, Altha Frieling, Voncile Hudelson, John Deck, Naomi Seright, Shirley Spear, Marjorie Laulo, Earl Dedman NOT PICTURED: Don Pogreba, Bertie June Hankins The Cannon Report is the bi-monthly publication of FBHS, published by a large staff of juniors and seniors. Members of the staff also write up school news for the River Press. Mrs. Schmidt is advisor for the staff and Bernice Cooper is editor-in-chief. Bertie June Hankins will take over this position next year. Press club, a journalistic society for members of the Cannon Report, includes reporters, typists, and editors of the various divisions. The following are officers of the club: Bernice Cooper, president: Jack Lepley. vice-president: and Phyllis Smith. secretary-treasurer. Mrs. Schmidt has been sponsor of this club for the past two years. Meetings are held monthly to discuss matters pertinent to the club. FIRST ROW: Paul Craig, John Jones, Lloyd Allen, Bob Murray, Mary Ellen Ennis, Arnold Campbell, Jack Doll, Ramon Archer SECOND ROW: Abbie Mae Bailey, Olive Lane, Evelyn Charters, Marcella Ritter, Patty St. Peter, Beryl Morrow, Doris Willson, Ernest Schultz, Ewell Hankins, Phyllis Birkeland, Marjorie Frieling, Jean Kingsland, Altha Frieling. Mary Drewiske. Shirley Johnson, Carley Bramlette, Mr. Jack McGuin THIRD ROW: Donald Morger, Selma Schultz, Ina Mae Milledge, Shirley Guy, Phyllis Johnson, Phyllis Smith, Genevieve Lenington, Carol Klay, Ruth Ratliff, Wally Murray, Voncile Hudelson, Marilyn Prideaux, Jennie Jenkinson, Vera Smith, Janis Nelson. Ailene Laulo, Rita Loundagin, Mardelle Rowe, Naomi Seright, Ardice Weaver, Arthur Wolfe 1 FOURTH ROW: George Cowie. Clarabelle Farmer, Evelyn Johnson. Roberta Urton, Ruth Guy, Betty Vinion, Maxine Anderson, June Scott, Don Huffman, Elsie Dedman, Vanita King, Ione Rowe. Margaret Frieling, Julia Siebenaler, Margaret Heinen, Margaret Farrington, Bob Doll Music club was reorganized this year with the following officers elected: Lyle Allen, president: Selma Schultz, vice-president: Phyllis Birkeland, secretary-treasurer: and Mr. Jack McGuin, sponsor. Membership was open to all who participated in an organized musical activity in school, such as band, chorus, baton twirling, or flag swinging. Club membership fees were fifty cents per semester. Within the music club was formed another organization. more difficult to be admitted to, Lyre's Club. To become a member of Lyre's Club. a student must have been a letterman in B-C-D-F under the new point system set up by Mr. Jack McGuin, music director. This is the club we will all endeavor to belong to. Perhaps the most outstanding event of the school year was the Music' Club Carnival. put on by the Music Club on March first. The purpose was to raise money for new band uniforms. There was 51129.14 taken in for uniforms. Next year we hope to buy robes for the chorus. jmglii CLUB FIRST ROW: Carley Biamlette, Mary Ellen Ennis, Marjorie Laulo, Betty Breiter SECOND ROW: Bob Lundy, Jennie Jenkinson, Beryl Morrow, Jean Lundy. Dorothy Elliot, Selma Schultz, lone Rowe, Caroline Postill, Phyllis Smith. Mr. Carl Shogren, Sponsor THIRD ROW: Earl Dedman, Elna Cooper, Janis Nelson, Ailene Laulo, Guy Willson. Emma Jean Rowe, Shirley Spear, Burton Batchelor, Virgil Allison FOURTH ROW: Voncile Hudelson, Jefe Cooper, Steve McSweeney, Rolly Hyatt, Archie Meeks, Charles Embleton, Charles Stewart. George Frieling, Melvin Batchelor, Jack Coady, Doris Willson NOT PICTURED: Patty Stewart, Cheerleader The Pep Club was organized this year, the first of its kind in Fort Benton High for many years. The officers elected were: President, Steve McSweeney: vice-presi- dent, Charles Stewart: and secretary-treasurer, Shirley Spear. The Pep Club went all out for basketball and really supported the team. The club was formed after the football season was over, but the football team did not lack in supporters. The club, this year, sold hot dogs and made programs for every home game. The receipts from these undertakings were good for a new organization, working at a new task. The club arranged to sit in a certain section in our home gym so that they could support the boys with all the spirit they had. They also accompanied the team to neigh- boring towns and in most cases showed more spirit than the opponent's own supporters did. All in all, the school and the club were proud of their efforts to cheer our team to victory. PEP CLUB FIRST ROW: Bernice Cooper, Phyllis Birkeland, Steve McSweeney, Rich Mercurio, Mr. Robert Wylie SECOND ROW: Chris Small, Paul Shogren, Jack Lepley, Ailene Laulo This year the student council was formed for FBHS, being called the "Constitution of Fort Benton Associated Students ot Fort Benton. Montana." A petition was signed by any ten students tor the nomination of each officer. Elections were held on Friday, January 10. 1946. Officers elected were: president, Steve McSweeney: vice-president, Rich Mercurio: treasurer, Bernice Cooper: secretary, Phyllis Birkeland: commissioner at large, Paul Shogren: commissioner of publicity, Jack Lepley: commissioner of athletics, Chris Small: commissioner of social affairs, Caroline Postill: commissioner of traditions. Ailene Laulo: and commissioner of music. Lyle Allen. Mr. Robert Wylie was the advisor. The student council helped carry out the activities of the school. They also issued charters to each club. At tournament time, they decorated the gym in sections repre- senting each team. Near the end of school, student council pins were received for each member. When Rich joined the Marines, Lyle left Fort Benton, and Caroline resigned to work, three new officers were elected. George Frieling was elected vice-president: Don Pogreba, commissioner of sccial affairs: and Bob Doll, commissioner ot music. Phyllis Birkeland was elected treasurer for next year. STUDENT CQUJNICIL, 1 H0014 IV Hand Girls' Cllorus Baton Twirlers Senior Play Carnival Movie Projector Speech Department "df W M A4 ., ffl ,ff 'xx' 1816. ,9gG A - Q "' , N ,N , 1 .6 . lily' ,A ,f, -f gf jg f -X, f"",,"l"...-fff' X S- Ni milf -' :if ,fd 'I z--ai Y !,Ff-!fj-f,f-- f--f""" X , , if NEARING OUR DESTINATION K If FIRST ROW: Eleanor Pimperton, Norletne Batchelor, Opal Sykes, Ina Mae Milledge. Shirley Anderson, Beverly Birkeland, Phyllis Willson, Bob Doll, Ramon Archer, Altha Frieling, Maxine Anderson, George Cowie, Mary Ellen Ennis, Donald Morger, Betty Lou Vinion, Lloyd Allen, Vanita King, Loretta Lenington, Sharon Elliott, Jim Svoboda, Mary Emma Hankins, Ernest Schultz, Phyllis Birkeland, Bob Murray, Fred Arnst, Bob Montgomery, Jack Pittman, Roberta Urton, Don Huffman SECOND ROW: Patty St. Peter, Genevieve Siebenaler, Margaret Farrington, Julia Siebenaler, Jack Doll, Gene Hardy, Dick Jahnke, Jim Hardy, Mr. Jack McGuin, Betty Jean Schultz, John Jones, Merrill King, Wallace Murray, Jack Ennis, Stella Coady, Del Swerdfeger, Donald Pimperton, Dorothy Anderson, Leonard Semenxa. Angela Eloff, Rita Loundagin, Naomi Seright, Marjorie Frieling, Margaret Frieling NOT PICTURED: George Nottingham Much improvement was noted this year in band. The concert band played many varied programs for Junior Woman's Club, Senior Woman's Club, before and between the acts of Pep Parade, and played outdoor concerts in the park in the spring. From the sixty-piece concert and marching band, a thirty-piece pep band was selected to play for basketball games. This pep band and the six baton twirlers and two flag swingers put on many colorful exhibitions during the basketball season. Perhaps one of the high lights was the lighted baton act at the basketball tourney. With playing for football games, pep rallies, basketball games, and parades, the band was kept pretty busy. Winter season was high-lighted with a music club carnival to raise money for purchasing complete uniforms. The band looks pretty natty! in their new red and white uniforms. Spring kept them busy with festivals in Great Falls, Missoula, Havre, and Billings. The Junior band of forty-two members made rapid progress in both playing and marching and will augment the band for next year. BAND FIRST ROW: Genevieve! Siebenaler SECOND ROW: Rita Loundagin, Margaret Farrington, Margaret Frieling, Naomi Seright, Marjorie Frieling, Julia Siebenaler Third from left omitted from second row: Patty St. Peter FBHS had a large group of twirlers this year, including two flag swingers. These girls put in many long hours of practice throughout the year and by the time of the music festival at Missoula they were quite proficient in the art of baton twirling. The girls twirled at almost every home basketball game and often went to other towns with the pep band and put on a grand performance. Perhaps the highlight of the baton twirlers performances was when three of the girls twirled with lighted batons at the sub-district tournament. The girls are to be commended for the time and work that they put into their twirling acts so that they would be as good as possible. All of the girls, with the exception of Genevieve Siebenaler, will be here next year to carry on where they left off this year. This group of baton twirlers is under the instruction and supervision of Mr. Jack McGuin. mmm TWIRLERS I-'IRST ROW: Marjorie Frieling, Margaret Heinen. Phyllis Birkeland. Mardelle Rowe. Ailene Laulo SECOND ROW: Abbie Mae Bailey, Voncile Hudelson. Marilyn Prideaux. Clarabelle Farmer, Shirley Guy, Phyllis Johnson, Beryl Morrow, Genevieve Lenington. Carol Klay, Ruth Ratliff. Janis Nelson THIRD ROW: Mr. Jack McGuin, Evelyn Charters. Marcella Ritter, Doris Willson. Ardice Weaver, Patty St. Peter, Carley Bramlette, Altha Frieling, Olive Lane. Shirley Johnson. Mary Drewiske, Mary Ellen Ennis. Jenn Kingsland, Jennie Jenkinson FOURTH ROW: Dolores Bixby. Phyllis Smith. Roberta Urton, Ruth Guy, Maxine Anderson, Vanita King, June Scott. Elsie Dedman, Ione Rowe, Betty Lou Vinion. Evelyn Johnson, Selma Schultz, Rita Loundagin, Vera Smith The girls' chorus, consisting ot forty-six members, was greeted with much acclaim at all of the performances this year. This glee and a capella group's repertoire ranged from popular music to the classics. Singing in "Pep Parade." and Junior and Senior Woman's Club programs were two of their many engagements. Girls' trio and sextette entered Solo and small ensemble festivals in Great Falls and Missoula. GIRLS' Cl-IQRLXS FIRST ROW: Rich Mercurio, Charles Stewart, Calvin Taylor, Dean Fisher, Miss Mildred Glover, Steve McSweeney, Charles Behrens, Ed McCafferty SECOND ROW: Don Pogreba, Betty Terry, Miriam Gessaman, Shirley Klay, Genevieve Siebenaler, Beryl Morrow, Dolores Tope, Caroline Postill, Bernice Cooper, Shirley Spear, Bernard Bach THIRD ROW: Guy Willson, Charles Bradley, Ernest Schultz, Jack Lepley, Lester DeBruin, Ewell Hankins, Ralph Guy, Dan Hazen, Rolly Hyatt THE MAN WHO CAME TO DINNER This comedy by Moss Hart and George S. Kaufman, was chosen by the senior class to be presented before the public on December 14, 1945. The story took place at the hcme of Mr. and Mrr. Stanley, played by Jack Lepley and Genevieve Siebenaler. June Stanley, played by Caroline Postill, and Richard Stanley, played by Rolly Hyatt, were also members of the household: with Dan Hazen as John, the servant, and Shirley Klay, as Sarah, the cook, added to the exciting comedy. Mr. Sheridan Whiteside, portrayed by Charles Behrens, came to have dinner with the Stanleys, only to fracture his hip upon entering the house. Therefore, he had to extend his visit. His nurse, Miss Preen, played by Beryl Morrow, must answer to all his calls. His secretary, Maggie Cutler, portrayed by Bernice Cooper, fell in love with a newspaper reporter, Bert Jefferson, played by Guy Willson. Sheridan Whiteside wired his friend, a movie actress, Miss Loraine Sheldon, played by Shirley Spear, to visit him, and to get Maggie away from the young newspaper reporter. Among the other actors and actresses, who added to the excitement, Betty Terry and Dolores Tope were two of Mrs. Stanley's lady friends: Steve McSweeney played the role of Dr. Bradley: Miriam Gessaman was Mr. Stanley's sister, Harriet, the axe murderess: Professor Francios DeChadinate was played by Rich Mercurio: Mr. Baker was Charles Bradley: Sandy, June's boy friend, was Ernest Schultz: Beverly Carlton, an English playwright, was portrayed by Charles Stewart: Wescott, a radio technician. was played by Don Pogreba, and his able assistant was Ed McCafferty. Banjo, a Hollywood playboy, was portrayed by Dean Fisher. Other seniors had minor parts in "The Man Who Came To Dinner." The play was directed by Miss Mildred Glover. gamma may Charles Stewart. Shirley Spear. Chris Small. Phyllis Birkeland. Bob Fisher. Betty Breiter. George Cowie. Ailene Laulo This year something new was added to FBHS in the line of entertainment. The music club held a carnival for the public on March 1. A boy and girl were elected from each class as candidates for Carnival Queen and King. The candidates elected were Charles Stewart and Shirley Spear. seniors: Chris Small and Phyllis Birkeland. juniors: Bob Fisher and Betty Breiter. sophomores: and George Cowie and Ailene Laulo. freshmen. After all of the votes had been tabulated, Betty Breiter was crowned Queen. and Chris Small was crowned King. CNRQNI IUPXL, FIRST ROW: John Deck, Tom Wood SECOND ROW: Wesley Crawford. Franklin Elliott, Lyle McKeever, Ewell Hankins. Robert Deck During the school year there are a great many educational movies received that must be shown to the students. As there is no one hired to run the projector it is operated by a group of students who have shown by volunteering that they are inter- ested in this type of work. Tom Wood has been the chief projectionist for the past two years and tor a time did the task by himself until volunteers were asked for and several of the students responded. The boys have all learned how to run the projector and the sound machine and as all of them will be back next year there will be a good crew to keep the movies coming. MGUIE PRCBQEQTQR ORATORICAL CONTEST Many activities went on in the speech department this year. Members from both classes started out with pantomimes, making speeches, reading for expression, and then to their first public performance. On October 10, the dedication of the Lewis and Clark Monument was given by the Speech classes. Charles Behrens gave the history of the Lewis and Clark Expedition and Guy Willson dedicated the marker. Bernice Cooper led the speech classes in a pledge to the marker. Next came the American Legion Oratorical Contest for high school students. Both classes prepared a 10-12 minute speech on "The Constitution In Our Everyday Life" for class work and the eight best ones were given before the public. The students giving their orations were Steve McSweeney, Charles Stewart, Charles Behrens, Rich Mercurio, Betty Vinion, Doris Willson, Bernice Cooper, and Jack Lepley. The judge was Mr. Edmond T. Anderson, of Great Falls. Rich Mercurio placed first, Charles Stewart, second, and Jack Lepley, third. After Rich joined the Marines. Charles Stewart represented Chouteau County in the district contest in Great Falls, March 18, and placed second. Bill Kotz. of Great Falls, placed first in the district, in the zone, and took second place in the regional contest. The students appreciate this opportunity for experience and hope they will con- tinue to have it in the years to come. DEBATE At the beginning of the year, the speech classes carried out informal discussions. Several of the juniors held a discussion of "Atomic Power and Its Uses" before the Kiwanis Club. Debate occupied the most of the time in the classes during the month of March. The classes had four debate teams-Charles Behrens and Jack Lepley, Charles Stewart and Bob Murray, Bernice Cooper and Miriam Gessaman, and Rolly Hyatt and Margaret Heinen. These teams went to Havre to debate on March ll, and were hosts to Havre and Great Falls for a debate on March 13. A debate tournament was held in Great Falls on April 27. SPEECH CLASS PLAYS Two groups of one-act plays were given this year. The first group was presented on March S, 1946. These were "Submerged," "A Minuet," "Overtones," and "Time For Everything." The second group was given on March 15. These were "Balcony Scene," "Sham," "Late Holiday," and "Fantasy On An Empty Stage." Miss Mildred Glover was the director of the plays. In May. a. declamation festival was held in which both serious and humorous selections were given. Some of these were prepared and others were cut from longer selections or plays. SPEEQH DEPARTMENT BOOK V Football Basketball Athletic Club Cheerleaders 1 QQ xg -Y 4fQ i , -- -xv Q . fr, Firm ents f 6 HfL0jV6H0 I ' 6 .,,. f A" 5: K , ff fl 3 A f--x. X 3 JOURNEY5 END FQQTBALL KENNETH SCOTT: Senior full- back with two letters. Fast and a good punter, a good tackler, and a good team cap- tain. He will be missed next year. RICH MERCURIO: Senior half- back with one letter. He was inexperienced, but had the heart and natural ability to learn fast. He was equally strong on offense and defense. DEAN FISHER: Senior halfback with three letters. Dean was a good blocker, a hard driver through the line and a hard tackling backer-up. His foot- ball spirii was always keen. CHARLES BEHRENS: Senior center with two letters. Charlie is big and cool head- ed. He made very few fum- bles by bad passes and is a good defense man. Charlie will be missed next year. JACK LEPLEY: Senior righg end with three letters. Jack start- ed slow but worked up to share top honors as being a great defensive man. He stop- ped reverses time and time again. CHARLES BRADLEY: Senior left tackle with three letters. Chuck was big, conscientious. even tempered and depend- able. Chuck will be missed very much next year. DONALD POGREBA: Senior half- back with one letter. Don was light, and small, but fast and dangerous. offensively. He was also a good passer and dangerous drop kicker. DAN HAZEN: Senior right tackle with two letters. Dan was very strong on the defense and never quit till the gun sounded. Dan always opened a hole when it was needed most. STEVE MCSWEENEY: Senior tackle with one letter. Steve missed some practice which might have made him strong- er but Steve always was ready for anything and played a cool game of football. CHRIS SMALL: Junior left end with three letters. Chris is our very capable first string end. He is very strong defen- sively and alert on the offense. BOB KELLEY: Junior quarter- GEORGE NOTTINGHAM: Junior back with two letters. Bob is coolheaded with the ability to think under pressure. He sel- dom carried the ball but gain- ed many yards on quarterback sneaks. ELMER HOTVEDT: Junior end with one letter. He made his letter by playing in almost every game throughout the year until sickness stopped him. He played his position well. MELVIN BATCHELOR: Junior guard with one letter. Melvin was small. and inexperienced. but had the will to play. He was a very valuable substitute. and a hard worker. ARNOLD CAMPBELL: Sopho- more end with one letter. Arnie made his letter by hard work and lots of fight. He looked like a veteran at the end of the season. Watch him next year. guard with two letters. George played a game well, even though he had a cracked nose, which hindered him some- what toward the end of the season. JAMES ELLIOT: Junior guard with two letters. Game after game Jim was an outstanding player and made more than his share of the tackles. He plays either guard or center well. EARL DEDMAN: Junior guard with two letters. Earl's sense of knowing where the play is coming makes him a good guard. He will be right in the thick of it next year. BOB MURRAY: Junior halfback. Bob was out for the first time this year but improved great- ly as the season progressed. He should do himself credit next year. GEORGE COWIE: Freshman cen- BOB FISHER: Sophomore half- ter. George was big and will- ing but lacked experience. Next year should find him an enthusiastic challenger in the middle of the line. back. Bob was small but did not lack in intestinal torti- tude. He was always a mid- week player. enabling the starting club to win. X K FQQTBALL PAUL CRAIG: Sophomore tackle with two letters. Paul was moved from guard to tackle and caught on slowly but turned out to be a good de- fensive man by the end of the season. ARCHIE MEEKS: Archie started to play football this year but had to quit because of an old injury. It was because of this that he became one of our able managers. BURTON BATCHELOR: Sopho- more guard. Although young and light. Burton would never miss a practice, because of the desire to learn. That type of boy will always succeed. OTTO STEVENS: Otto was an- other of our football man- agers this year. Otto's special- ty was building the fire for hot water and handing out salt tablets to the players. LESTER DeBRUIN: Gus was our head manager and it was 'his duty to see that everything was as it should be. It was his duty to see that the field was lined, that water was supplied during games, and that the boys were supplied with towels. The Longhorns had a bad start in their 1945 football season by dropping their first game to Chinook by a 13-12 decision. They next tangled with their close rival, the reserves of Great Falls. The Longhorns hit their stride and defeated the reserves 32-6. Coach Morrison took over October 8, and looked upon 33 fine ball players. As he used his style of play, many of the boys thought they were mistreated and quit, but the men stayed and had the patience to see just what Morrison had in store for them in the coming weeks. In the Conrad game, Fort Benton looked good all of the way, but poor conditioning enabled Schlepp to run by the Longhorns for a 12-B victory. At St. Mary's. the following Saturday. after a week of hard work, the team was organized and that day everything seemed to work, defeating St. Mary's, 19-6. The next week we traveled to Malta. They were light, hard chargers and played football for the love of it. We won, 19-0. In a hard-fought contest with Chinook, to regain our lead in the district, both teams fought evenly and only Pogreba's fake drop kick. which Fisher took over as a line-drive, enabled us to defeat them, 13-12. Because of a tie, we had to play St. Mary's again. This time, we journeyed there, to play under the lights at Great Falls. St. Mary's had the will to win, and Fort Benton did not have their usual drive, therefore, St. Mary's passed at will, ran through our line time and again, but ill-winds gave them the loser end of a 7-6 score. This win gave Fort Benton the Judith Basin District Championship. On November 24, Fort Benton played Conrad for divisional honors. Conrad, with the exception of Schlepp, who twisted a knee, played at Fort Benton. The first half, Conrad scored easily through a seven man line, and ran the extra point over. The second half showed an inspired Fort Benton team. They scored immediately on off tackle smashes but failed to make the extra point. The rest of the game was all Fort Benton's, driving Conrad, time and time again, into the shadows of their own goal post, but costly fumbles, incompleted passes and other tough breaks saw Conrad on the top side of a 7-6 win, thus completing a very satisfactory season. FOQTBALL FIRST ROW: Chris Small, Dean Fisher, Paul Shogren, Jack Lepley, James Elliot SECOND ROW: Coach: Mr. Royal Morrison, Don Pogreba, Arnold Campbell, Bob Kelley, Charles Bradley, Elmer Hotvedt, Don Morger, Managers: Charles Behrens, Rich Mercurio The Longhorns played a strenuous season during the 45-46 season, playing 30 games and winning 26 of them. This year's rampaging herd set a, new record for future Longhorns to aim at by winning 20 consecutive games before losing to Shelby 50 to 44 KShelby placed second in the "B" class at the state tournamentl. The Longhorns downed Belt in the first fray of the season and then rolled through the Alumni, Power, Choteau, Centerville, Great Falls Legion, Fairfield, Big Sandy, Geraldine, Belt, Morris Sporting Goods, and Big Sandy in that order. The next week the county tournament was played in Highwood with Fort Benton winning easily over Big Sandy for the championship. The next week the Longhorns played their most strenuous week-end when they played Fairfield at home and then traveled to Cut Bank and Choteau defeating all three teams. Finally the Longhorns met defeat when they met the once defeated Shelby Coyotes on Shelby's home floor. This was rated as one of the best games of the season. The next thing on the bill was the tournaments. In the sub-district, Fort Benton won over Centerville and St. Mary's for the championship. The next week the Longhorns went to the district tournament where they won their first two games over Cascade and Fairfield. On the third and final night the Longhorns could not seem to click and lost a tough decision to Choteau by a score of 25 to 24. This placed them in the regional tournament at Shelby two weeks later. In their first game against Stanford the Longhorns won by a large margin and this pitted them against the Shelby Coyotes. Although the game was nip and tuck all the way, the Coyotes came out on top of a 43 to 37 score. By losing to Shelby they had to play Conrad in a morning game. This game brought some measure of revenge for the beating meted out by Conrad. in football. In the last game the Longhorns played Choteau and after playing three hard games, they could not put up the fight necessary to win. Thus ended one of the most successful basketball seasons in the history of Fort Benton High School. EPS KETEALL Fort Benton Fort Benton Fort Benton Fort Benton Fort Benton Fort Benton Fort Benton Fort Benton Fort Benton Fort Benton Fort Benton TOTAL 1946 BASKETBALL SEASON RECORD Fort Benton 27 vs. Belt 13 Fort Benton 37 vs. Alumni 26 Fort Benton 42 vs. Power 14 Fort Benton 38 vs. Choteau 37 Fort Benton 48 vs. Power 25 Fort Benton 59 vs. Centerville 25 Fort Benton 46 vs. American Legion 26 iGreat Fallsl Fort Benton 57 vs. Fairfield 43 Fort Benton 37 vs. Big Sandy 29 Fort Benton 46 vs. Geraldine 17 Fort Benton 37 vs. Belt 36 Fort Benton 51 vs. Morris Sporting 32 ' Goods iGt. Fallsl Fort Benton 34 vs. Big Sandy 20 Fort Benton 50 vs. Fairfield 27 Fort Benton 36 vs. Cut Bank 27 Fort Benton 32 vs. Choteau 23 Fort Benton 46 vs. Neihart 32 Fort Benton 40 vs. Centerville 28 Fort Benton 44 vs. Shelby 50 TOTAL 807 530 Won 20 Lost 1 TOURNAMENT RECORD 73 vs Geraldine 15 lChouteau County 67 vs Big Sandy 411 Tournament 44 vs Centerville 17 Sub-District 67 vs St. Mary's 32 Tournament 62 vs. Cascade 21 t I - 47 vs. Fairfield 29 District Tournament 24 vs chateau 251 44 vs. Stanford 24 iz 222221 Regional Tournament 40 vs Choteau 45 564 327 Won 8 Lost 3 PLAYERS PAUL SHOGREN: Sr., 1 stripe. Transfer from Three Forks, considered one of the best offensive forwards or centers in the class B all regional. Paul was high point man for the team this year with 372 points. CHRIS SMALL: Jr., 3 stripes. Captain, Chris was rated on the first all region- al team. He played consistent ball and was an exceptionally fine captain. He was third high point man with 241 points. JACK LEPLEY: Sr.. 3 stripes. Jack worked nicely into a double post. He played outstanding defensive basket- ball in the game against Shelby. He has a good eye and was second high point man with 302 points. DEAN FISHER: Sr., 2 stripes. Dean was a very good defensive guard man. driving the ball down Fairfield's throat time and again without fouling. He was placed on the second all region- al team. Dean had 114 points for the season. JAMES ELLIOT: Jr., 2 stripes. Jim is a coolheaded, smoothtosser who never quits driving. He is going to be a much-needed man next year. Jim had 67 points for the season. CHARLES BEHRENS, CURIO, LESTER are our managers. BOB KELLEY: Jr., 3 stripes. Bob is one of the most natural pivot men in high school basketball. He subs for Lepley and Shogren, filling the gaps with the same equality. Bob got 138 points for the season. DONALD MORGER: So.. 2 stripes. Bun is fast with a good eye. He pulled two games out of the fire. Belt and Big Sandy. He got 64 points for the season. DONALD POGREBA: Sr., 1 stripe. Pogie helped make up a scoring combination of the reserve material that played in almost all of the games. He is small, fast, and has a good eye. CHARLES BRADLEY: Sr., 2 stripes. A broken hand kept Chuck out the fore part of the season. Despite his size, he could move and guard well. ELMER HOTVEDT: Jr., 1 stripe. Elmer is a transfer from Saco. He improved greatly as the season went on and will be a valuable asset next year. ARNOLD CAMPBELL: So., 1 stripe. Arnie has had very little experience but a desire to learn will make him a valuable man next year. RICHARD MER- DeBRUIN. These They see that the team has towels, clean the balls, pack the suits for trips, handle the game records, shots, fouls, percentages, etc., and take care of the team in general. All three are seniors and will be greatly missed next year. This was the most cooperative team I have ever coached or been around. Their cooperation in training, following advice, and being men instead of boys in many cases was the real reason for win- ning twenty-six games and losing only four games. It was the reason also for winning twenty consecu- tive games. COACH MORRISON TRACK This year the Longhorns had the largest turnout for track in many years. The track team entered the meets at Great Falls and Havre during the first part of the season and then participated in the state track meet at Missoula on May 16, 17, and 18. We were glad to see such an interest in track this year and hope that this interest will continue for many years to come so that FBHS may again measure up to its previous high standards and good records in track. FIRST ROW: Robert Klay, Jim Arnst, Marvin Stevenson, George Cowie, Howard LeFurgey SECOND ROW: Otto Stevens, manager, Jere Cooper, Bob Fisher, Bob Lundy, Harold LeMond, Walter Jackson, Mr. Carl Shogren, coach The B basketball squad is composed of freshmen. sophomores, and juniors who cannot make the A squad. They play games so that they will gain experience for the next year. This year's B squad was a very successful team, winning seven games and losing three, one of which was to the Geraldine A squad. The other two games were dropped to Fairfield and Choteau. Jim Arnst was high point man this season with 76 points. Howard LeFurgey led a close second with 61 points and LeMond was third with 47. Jackson got 27 points and Stevenson got 20 points. The team made 275 points, throughout the year, to the opponents' 224. SUMMARY OF SEASON Shorthorns 12 vs. Belt ll Shorthorns 32 vs. Power 10 Shorthorns 35 vs. Power 21 Shorthorns 32 vs. Centerville 15 Shorthorns 36 vs. Fairfield 44 Shorthorns 34 vs. Belt 22 Shorthorns 35 vs. Fairfield 25 Shorthorns 15 vs. Geraldine A 27 Shorthorns 24 vs. Choteau 31 Shorthorns 20 vs. Centerville 18 1 overtimel TOTAL 275 224 B B715 KETEALL FIRST ROW: Charles Bradley, Bob Kelley, Otto Stevens, Mr. Royal Morrison SECOND ROW: Paul Craig, Paul Shogren, Jack Lepley, Dean Fisher, Elmer Holtvedt THIRD ROW: Don Pogreba, Dan Hazen, Don Morger. Melvin Batchelor, Rich Mercurio, Arnold Campbell, Charles Behrens FOURTH ROW: George Frieling, James Elliot, Lester DeBruin, Earl Dedman, Holly Hyatt, Guy Willson, Archie Meeks, Steve McSweeney, Chris Small NOT PICTURED: George Nottingham The name of this club was changed from the B Club to the Athletic Club this year for the reason that band members were being awarded letters and the club is exclusive- ly for students who have won their letters in football, basketball, track, or manager of any of these sports. The club sponsored a dance after the football game with St. Mary's last fall. They also went on shares with the Pep Club in selling programs at the sub-district tourna- ment. Folur of the club members, George Nottingham, Steve McSweeney, Melvin Batchelor, and Dan Hazen, acted as policemen during basketball season, keeping people off the playing floor and directing the pre-game traffic. Officers of the club are: Charles Bradley, president: Bob Kelley, secretary- treasurer: and Mr. Royal Morrison, sponsor. ATHLETIC uma Betty Breiter, Mary Ellen Ennis, Patty Stewart, Carley Bramlette, Marjorie Laulo CHEERLEADERS This year's cheerleaders were under the direction of Jack McGuin, and improved greatly over last year. Two veterans who led the cheerleaders were Mary Ellen Ennis. junior, and Patty Stewart, sophomore. Three new cheerleaders were chosen to help these girls. They were Marjorie Laulo, junior, Betty Bwreiter, sophomore, and Carley Bramlette, freshman. These girls followed the team on many of their out-of-town games in football and basketball. The team and schoollare proud of their cheerleaders for the support which they showed their team. At all the basketball games away from home, the cheerleaders. aided by the Pep Club and Pep Band, and the rooters from Fort Benton, seemed to drown out the other schools. As a costume the girls wore white sweaters and white skirts. All of the girls will be back to cheer next year's team on to victory. ,4nn11 BASEBALL Baseball was reorganized in Fort Benton this year as part of a plan to bring the sport back to popularity in the state of Montana. The boys practiced Friday and Saturday afternoons and played games with High- wood and then the teams of Fort Benton and Highwood were combined to play games with Kalispell, Great Falls and Havre. Mr. Royal Morrison was the coach of the team. SOFTBALL Softball was offered to the boys as a part of the physical education program of the school this year. There were about thirty students that reported for practice regularly twice a week. About fifteen of these made trips to Big Sandy to play or played Big Sandy and one or two teams from Great Falls on the home diamond. All in all, the students who played softball this year had a lot of fun which is the main thing in the long run. SCHOOL CALENDAR Sept. 4--School started today, with seven new teachers in high school. The freshmen made themselves right at home. Officers were chosen. Presi- dents of the four classes respectively were Kenny Scott, Otto Stevens. Rob- ert Klay. and George Cowie. Sept. 7--Meeting was called of all the freshmen, and a committee of five seniors informed them whai they were to wear for initiation. They dressed half feminine and half masculine. Mr. Hall, principal, arrived today. Mr. Hall has just been honorably dis- charged from the navy. Sept. 12-Freshmen came to school dressed for initiation today. You should have seen them bowing and saying "I am a halt-wit" to all the Seniors. Sept. 14-Seniors got a little rough with the paddles, so they had to put them away for today. A general assembly was called 8th period and the fresh- men were informed who their dates were to be for the evening. Then they all proudly marched across the stage. as their names were called, holding hands. Initiation night-the public was invited, and a record crowd at- tended. Highlight of the evening was a skit put on by the new teachers. Sept. 17-Mrs. Tracy, new Jr. High teach- er. arrived today from Deer Lodge. Jr. High rooms are so crowded that they are having science in the high school science room. Sept. 21-First issue of the Cannon Re- port for the year came out today. Three new cheerleaders were chosen. The four class presidents and three teachers were the judges. Marjorie Laulo, Carley Bramlette. and Betty Breiter were chosen. The other two cheerleaders from last year are Mary Ellen Ennis and Patty Stewart. Sept. 22-The first football game of the year, with the Great Falls Reserves. there. was cancelled on account of bad weather. Sept. 24-Miss Battershell resigned over the week-end and Mrs. Silvius substi- tuted for her Monday. Sept. 25-Mrs. Sullivan came today to take Miss Battershell's place until another teacher can be hired. Sept. 27-A pep rally was held in the audi- torium preceding the Chinook game. Sept. 28-All the football boys got out of school today to go to Chinook. Miss Glover left in the afternoon to fly to Billings. Sept. 28-Fort Benton lost to Chinook. in Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. the first football game of the season. 2-No school, as the teachers' conven- tion was held at the school-house. The Home Ec. class served a lunch to all those desiring it, in all about eighty people. 3-Mr. Zuck. from Hester Studios in Billings, talked to the seniors about their pictures. They decided to let Hester-Zuck do them. The seniors plan on having their pictures taken sometime in February. 4-Our first movie of the year. "Blondie Goes Latin" was presented. The women teachers had lunch with the Methodist ladies after school. 5-The seniors and freshmen go out at 2:30 to gather wood for the bon- fire for the snake dance. After the snake dance the freshman return party was held in honor of the seniors. The Cannon Report came out again. ' 6-In a football game played here. the Fort Benton Longhorns won over the Great Falls Reserves. 32 to 6. 10-The whole school got out at 10:30 to march down to the park. where a marker was dedicated to the Lewis and Clark expedition, by Guy Willson. 12-The football team went to Con- rad. A pep rally was held in front of the school house. right before the team left. Conrad won. 12-6. End of the first six-weeks.- School was out at 3:15. 18-Pajama party and noise rally be- fore the St. Mary's football game. 19-Fort Benton won over St. Mary's 19-6. 23-Seniors chose their class play. They chose the play. "The Man Who Came to Dinner." Tryouts will be Monday after school. 26-Teachers' convention in Great Falls. As a result, no school. 27-Fort Benton played Malta. there. and we won. l9-0. 30--The seniors started play practice. SCHOOL CALENDAR Oct. 31-The halloween party was held with a movie first, and later a party and dance in the gym. Nov. 1-The juniors started selling boost- er buttons and red hats. Nov. 2-School was let out at 2:00 o'clock, for the Chinook-Fort Benton football game. Fort Benton won. 13-12. Press club made new yell books and passed them out today. in time for the game. The Kiwanis Club entertained the faculty at a dinner and dance. Nov. 7-Mr. Nat Muzumdar, from India. talked to the students and teachers on India. Mr. Muzumdar came from In- dia eight years ago and is teaching school at Big Sandy this year. He is interested in learning all he can about our country. so he can go back and help the people of his country. Nov. 12-Mr. Meeks is taking Dean Elliott's place as Vo-Ag teacher, until the new teacher arrives. Dean has enlisted in the army. Nov. 13-The English I class gave a radio program, with imitations of "Take it or Leave It," and "Truth or Conse- quences." Nov. 16-There was a pep rally, sixth per- iod. Fort Benton played St. Mary's there, and we won 7-6. Nov. 21-School out for Thanksgiving va- cation. Nov. 24-Fort Benton played Conrad, here. for the Northern Divisional Cham- pionship game. Conrad won 7-6. Nov. 30-There were movies second and third periods and the juniors sponsored a program seventh period. End of the six-weeks, school out ai 3:15. Dec. 5-Report cards were given out. Dec. 12-"The Adventures of Tom Saw- yer." a movie, was shown during the seventh and eighth periods. Dec. 13-A dress rehearsal for the senior play was given for the benefit of the grades at 2 p. m. Dec. 14-The senior play, "Man Who Came to Dinner" was given, followed by a dance, also sponsored by the senior class. Dec. 20-The Longhorns played Belt on the home floor and won 29-13. Dec. 21-The grades and jr. high presented a Christmas program, "Susanna's Christmas Auction." Dec. 22-The Longhorns played Power here and beat them 42-14. Dec. 28-The Longhorns played Choteau here and won over them 38-37. Jan. 2-Mrs. Holm resigned during the holidays and Mr. Hunziker arrived to . take her place. He was just recently discharged from the army. Jan. 3-The Longhorns played Centerville on the home floor and beat them 59-25. Jan. 4-Great Falls Legion team came down to play and the Longhorns beat them 46-26. Jan. 5--The Longhorns played Fairfield and won 57-43. ' Jan. 10-The Student Council was formed under the direction of Mr. Wylie, the sponsor. Jan. ll-The Longhorn team played the Big Sandy Pioneers and beat 37-29. Jan. 12-The Geraldine Tigers played the Longhorns and we won 46-17. Jan. 16-The annual staff was chosen and receipt books were given out so that the pre-sale of annuals could be start- ed. Jan. 18-Big Sandy again played the Long- horns and once again they were de- feated. 34-20. Jan. 21-Miss Peggy McNally joined the FBHS faculty, replacing Mrs. Wiberg wno left to join her husband. Jan. 22-The Morris Sporting Goods team, from Great Falls, played the Long- horns and lost 51-32. Jan. 2.8--Mr. Shogren took the Aeronautics up to Great Falls and they went through the East Air Base. Jan. 25-26-The Chouteau County basket- ball tourney at Highwood. Fort Ben- ton took first place. Jan. 31-Fairfield played the Longhorns here, and lost 53-37. Feb. 1-Fort Benton played Cut Bank and won 36-27. Feb. 2-Benton played Choteau and won 32-23. Feb. 5-Junior class received their rings. They are a flai plate with a big "B" on top. Feb. 7-The speech class held an oratorical contest in which Rich Mercurio took first place. SCHOOL CALENDAR Feb. 8-"The Count of Monte Christo" was shown during the seventh and eighth periods today. Fort Benton played Neihari and won. After the game, the Athletic Club sponsored a dance. Feb. ll--Mr. Hester, from Hester-Zuck studios in Billings, took the Senior pic- tures and orders. Feb. 12-In the first defeat of the season. Fort Benton lost to Shelby 50-44. Feb. 14-15-16-Fort Benton won the sub- district tourney by defeating St. Mary's in the championship game. Feb. 19--Mr. Hesier came back with the proofs of the senior pictures. Feb. 21-22-23-At the district tournament in Great Falls Choteau walked off with the first place and Fort Benton came in second. Feb. 22-Mr. Hunziker left to take up a position with the army intelligence. Mr. Lutey, a recently discharged vet- eran, took his place as mathematics instructor. March 1-The music club gave a carnival to secure money to buy new band uni- forms. At the carnival, Betty Breiter and Chris Small were elected King and Queen. March 7-8-9-ln the regional tournament held in Shelby Fort Benton took fourth. March 18-ln the oratorical contest held in Great Falls Charles Stewart took second. He was beaten by Bill Kotz of Great Falls. March 21-22-23-All the basketball boys went to Bozeman to watch the staie tournament. March 29-The Sophomores sponsored a dance very appropriately called the "Hobo Shuffle." Miss Spaulding re- signed to get married. Miss Venetz accepted the position left open by her resignation. March 30-The F. F. A. boys went to Belt for a field day. April 2-The members of the Kiwanis Club gave a banquet for the athletic boys. April 6-The band made a trip to Great Falls to attend a music festival. April 11-Four debate teams from the Speech class went to Havre to partici- pate in a debate tournament. April 12-All of the boys who were going out for track, entered in a contest to see who could run from the football field to the "B" and back again, in the shortest time. Chris Small was first. Bob Kelley second, and Earl Dedman third. April 12-Mrs. Shogren. Mrs. Birkeland. and Mrs. Wylie gave a party for the basketball boys and their girls. April 13-Several debate teams from Havre and several from Great Falls came to Fort Benton to take part in a debate tournament. April 16-General Royce, of the army air force, spoke before the assembly on his travels and experiences in the army air force. April 18-The junior class presented their annual play for the public, "Charley's Aunt." The seniors gave their picnic in honor of the freshmen and sopho- mores. April 18-Good Friday-no school. April 25-The seniors took the freshmen up to the "B" to do their little duty of whitewashing it. April 26-The juniors presented their an- nual prcm in honor of the seniors. April 27-A track meet and debate tour- nament were both held in Great Falls. May 1-Co-ed prom sponsored by F. H. A. May 2-3-4-High school week held at Bozeman. Seven contestants went, and about six non-contestants. May 7-Seniors took their traditional sneak day. May 9-Class night. Various awards were given to the high school students. A comedy "short" was given of the sen- iors' past, present, and future. May 10-Grade school scholastic meet. May 16-17-18--State track meet at Mis- soula. Speech festival at Missoula. May 19-Baccalaureate. Reverend Smith and Reverend McKnight were the speakers. May 22-Commencement. A program by the students was given. www 'www mm Ea? M dwg? H Q ww .,.,.,..,.. , .,.,,. 1 M ,.,. 2 x x -sn. A .-U 7 x 5 1 rf., s ff - Q.. 9 ' , 1 f k r -. 1 . I W J ' A As, . X I , 4, - ' V C . Nr 4 , 1 Aw ,- X ' a X x f Q I ' x f r Q 'QA' ! I 4 X S: . 'R-4 . , H., , , ..',, A x , 9 .1 44 .A 1 S., HQ' 1 35? 1 , .4-1. .f "K Li? 2.152115-ff --A 1- "' 'if' il . ' -1 1 1 W Nw 4 'W '1 K.: .x,. H ,M X -4 ' Q. Xwwi . X . . P,- I A . 1 1 BQ 4 4 N 1 op ,lx .- li V, 1 1 , J.. , if I. xy. X .QQ . if , , ,Y M V. ', 'I 5 rv V 1 - , we X ,Q ,a s I , '- I . A-it . ,- .. A A fa' , un Av Q . .. . -. Y, ii' ' ' A x L. Y jg., . . , J ' A . ,J 13 V , H . 4 Vx 1 u , V 1 I 5 . 1 - x ,y 1, gg. I My 3 'J 4 'TV . 5' HM: ' kfiyg-'!g.,,.v:?T. . V ' ' K3-6-'1,x.-,, sg , , ,, , 1 vm.: 2' V v 2-. .' -5 , xv Y fel' ff- V, ' A 'Q ". vw- -. 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