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Fort Benton High School - Pioneer Yearbook (Fort Benton, MT) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Cover

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UEHE KDIOHEER UOLUITIE XDIH Pub mshed bl CLASS OF IHUETEEU FORTH ODE FORT BEHTOH HIGH SCHOOL fl T51 I4 I wus., 'w -.-.1-fn 5. fa ICRL CAD 1 is 'Nl mn . Q I I Ht P lf g c vidllx W - 1, 9 ' ' U Tolad' fat' al Ilvtmw- Amd lllt' app tu Pa rio ism aw playing Illiljill' rolvs in mu ' '-5. W' . tl - Fluff of the- 'lil Pimwe-r. Ilan Q'll1lfx2iYllI'f'fl to l'ill'I'f' out il the-nw wllia-ll iF Ill l'it'Q'Ilil1gXYilhlllIl'Ulllt'N. ll is our SiIlt'f'I't' ui ll that in tht- future- lhi+ annual may wrw- In IPKYIH your fm-lmul uvlixitie-x qlurin 1111. i3EDlCf+1TlQN iff' Wi? JDIXILX I HLSS 0 'VII Hess ss mse e1e1 1 ent 511116 and re ldy mt helped to reh ve the IIIOIIOI mm of our Lhool day- and whose lffdlhlllg tantn N have put F011 Benton 011 tle map 111 th SCICHCCS and h1ghe1 1nathe111a11c we extenl 0111 IIICCIC dppreelatloll not onlx fm hh lIlNdlUdlJlt,' ald as dN lbtant coaeh of athletle hut fo1 hm Challlllllg perbomlllty We feel that hle lnterest Ill us was gellllllle and frlend ly and are ploud to dedlcate thl Pzonew to h1n1 lll token of 0111 dppl Lldtl0l1 , 4' I 4' , 1' A -. 5 x T . , . 11 . , . . . . '1 1 . ,U , . , -p es ., 1 ' xa ' X e ' -1 f' S1 . lf . v K. . 1 ' . 1 ' V.-4 ' ' . 1 - ' 9 1 ' X 1 . A 4 4 . ig. ' . vu 1 4 I 1 A' 1 QF. ' 1 1 4 4 . . . - 1 40 h.1 I QUEDICA TIQN ir rf? 1 7 To Joe Lllt who e div humor and ein hum Ned manner are an ever prebent -ourtc of px to the tudent- and who guides little fre hmen and ophomore in the demons path of K and tr angle we gtatefulls oftei out one nt the worthwhile feature-5 of our -thnnl life We appreciate more than he 1 dh? hi per unal lntere t in h1 pupils and athlete and IIICC' action peak more loudlw thai wud thi Pioneer 1 dedicated to hllll i .7. ,- . , IL E f 7 i lg - S -Y' - . - I ' s Q, - ' ' Q ' s 2 s s ' , " 3 - s A F . H. S, u .. I . . thanks for his efforts toward making athletic- ' . 1 . ' . . .tv '49, 's s ' ' s ' 's ' - - s. ' 5' - i 5 s ' ' ' ' : ' ' s. 's ' ' 'S X - ' . Back row Mlss Thelma Swenson Irene Colby Donald Adams Lewey Lorenzen Russell Kurth Edward Nottrngham Irene Schanche Jack B Anderson George Stevens Dean Ellxott Mxddle row Loxs Lewls Dorothy Worrall Marlam Newhall Georgxana Uptmor Grayce Tschache Carley McCaulay Amy Hanson Wallace Morger Seated Yvonne Urton Estella Drewlske Leona Jackson Anlta Walker Shirley Young Lorene Stranahan Agnes DeBrum Marxan Bowker :AP ANNLAL S'l AFF Editor ln Chief Marlam Newhall Buslness Managers Jack Anderson George Stevens Class Edltors Lols LCWIS Don Adams Dean Elllott Art Edltors Irene Colbs Amy Hanson Club Edltors Amta Walker Lewey Lorenzen Doroths Worrall Lxterarv Edltors Graxce Tschache Estella Drew 1ske Georfflana Uptmor Glrls Sport Ed1tOl Agnes DeB1uxn Boxs Sports Walls Morger Eddxe NOlIlHgh3m Humor Leona Jackson Russell Kllltll Irene Schanche Tx plsts Maman BOVHKGI Shulex Young Yvonne Uxton Lolene Stxanahan Ma1ga1etWh1te 4, 1 VN Assistant Editor . ..,, ,, ..,, ,, ,, A . , ,.., . ,,,, A .. ,,,,,,,Carley McCaulav ff 'I-2 -J- R X 4 sxxxix i :H 411. 1 ' 1 1 X.. A !f myg W ' ,ff rg 2-1 , V' J: Z vi? ff f T If J"fa5ie il? if? For fourteen yealb you have been guldlng the foltunes of Fort Benton Hlgll School and dLlI'lIlg that tlme you have seen qulte a few graduatlng clawseb But although me may lm ju t anothel graduatmg claw to you to IS vou are the one and only Prof and no on So hefoxe we go we want to tell you what a swell guy you xe been and wish you a lot of happlneb- lll the futule We mont forglt you nor all the thmgs sou se done for u Good luck Plof asof 7 H A . . ' 3 N. ' ' 1 e CC' 1 I - K ' I N 179 Y ' Y P . .. .V , x t A A Y C Zi -I , ' , L could ever quite take your place. v - 1 , ' Y f ' ' ' , Y J I V. 4 , v J , ,v 1 I -' .V Q v S. cc , 99 -Cl- Sf '41 ILA GRACE HAGIE English Dramatics Iowa Wesleyan College CHARLES G IDE Music Northeastern Conservatory of Muslc Intermountain Union College the Billings Polytechnic B A THELMA P SWENSON Latin Histoly Mont State University B D -KVID CARPENTER Smith Hughes Agriculture Education Montana State College B HELEN E. FECHTER Commercial, Athletics. Journalism Montana State College, B. S. J M HINIDLE Manual Training Bradley Polytechnic Institute ANNIE R EVANS English Social Science Mont State Unlverslty B A J A LILE Athletics Mathematics Kansas Southwestern B A DOROTHY JANE COONEY Home Economics Mont State University B A ADRIEN L. HESS Science, Mathematics, Athletics Missouri Valley College, B. S. IQ"-Vw Mm Cooney Nasa Evan: N as 1-Xu ez TEACHEIEU ll ANI M Carpeni TE Nr Hess N ssf: son Mass e,ch't'ar 'fm GEORGE STEVENS Sclentlflc Course Class Sec dz Treas 2 Mr Cook Takes Over Basketball 1 2 3 Football 2 3 4 B Club 4 Hlstory Club 2 Pxoneer Staff 4 AMY HANSON General Course Glrls Basketball 2 3 Press Club 3 Hlstory Club 2 3 Home Ec Club 1 2 4 Band 1 2 3 4 Orchestra 1 2 3 Jazz Orchestra 3 Glrls Glee Club 2 3 H M S Plnafore 3 Ploneer Staff 4 VIRGIL SMALL General Course Basketball 1 Football 1 2 MARIAH NIEWHALL Genelal Course Thesplans 3 4 Pxes 4 Mx Cook Takes Ove Llttle Women 4 GIIIS Basketball 2 3 4 P1 ess Club 3 4 Hlstory Club 2 Qurll 8: Scroll 3 4 Gnls Glee Club Latm Club 1 2 3 Ploneer Ed1tOl 4 DEANT ELLIOTT General Course Press Club 3 4 F' A 2 F F A Presldent 4 Pioneer Staff 4 3 GEORGIANIA UPTMOR Commerclal Course Class Treasurer 1 Booster Club 3 Glrls Athletlcs 1 2 3 Pep Club 3 Pless Club 4 Home Ec Club 1 Orchestra l 2 3 Glrls Glee Club 2 H M S Plnafore 3 Ploneer Staff 4 RUSSELL KURTH Sclentlflc Course Class President 3 Thesplans 4 Mr Cook Takes Over Llttle Women 4 Booster Club 3 Varsity Basketball 2 3 Varslty Football 3 4 B Club 2 3 4 Presldent B Club 4 AGNES STEIN General Course I-Ilstory Club 2 Home Ec Club 2 Latln Club 3 4 DON ADAMS Sc1ent1f1c Coulse Thesp1ans 3 4 Mr Cook Takes Ovel 3 Llttle Women 4 Booster Club 3 Basketball 2 3 Football 3 Athletlc Manager 4 B Club 3 4 Band 1 2 Ploneer Staff 4 MARG ARET WHITE Commerclal Course Hlstory Club 3 Home Ec Club 1 3 Band 1 Ploneer Staff 4 KENNETH MORROW General Course Intramural Basketball 1 Band 1 2 3 4 Pep Band 1 2 3 4 Jazz Orchestra 4 F A LOIS LEWIS General Course Glrls Basketball 1 2 3 4 Tumblmg 3 4 Press Club 4 H M S Pmafore 3 Home Ec Club 1 Band l 2 3 4 Pep Band 2 3 4 Orchestra 2 3 Girls Glee Club 1 2 3 4 Ploneer Staff 4 PAUL MURPHY General Course Football 2 Y WONNE URTON Commerclal Course Hxstory Club 3 Home Ec Club 1 2 3 Band 1 2 3 4 Pep Band 3 4 GITIS Glee Club 2 Pxoneer Staff 4 ETHEL KELLEY General Course Hxstorn Club 1 Home Ec Club 1 4 ANITA WALKER General Course Thesplans 3 4 Mr Cook Takes Over Llttle Women 4 Press Club 3 HISCOTY Club 2 3 Home Ec Club 12 3 Baton Twlrler 2 Glrls Glee Club 2 3 Ploneer Staff 4 WALLACE MORGER General Course Class Secretary 1 Class Vlce Presldent 3 Thesplans 3 4 Mr Cook Takes Over Llttle Women 4 Booster Club 3 B Club 3 4 Band 1 2 3 4 Ploneer Staff 4 LEONA JACKSON General Course Hlstory Club 2 3 Home Ec Club l 2 Glrls Glee Club 2 Band 1 2 3 4 Ploneel Staff 4 DUDLEY JAMES General Course Intramural Basketball F A SHIRLEY YOUNG General Course Press Club 4 H M S Plnafore 3 Home Ec Club 1 2 Band 1 2 3 4 Pep Band 3 4 Orchestra 2 Glrls Glee Club 2 3 Ploneer Staff 4 3 3 1 -2 ' - F. . . 4 A ' ' ' ' -2 .. .' ,, - - Af.hl6f,lCS 1-2-3-4 - - -4 F. . . 4 . . -3 BILL SCHMIDT Sclentlflc Course Class Presxdent 4 Thesplans 3 4 Mr Cook Takes Over Booster Club 3 Varslty Basketball 2 3 4 Intramural Basketball 1 Football 3 B Club 2 3 4 Band 1 2 3 4 Jazz Orchestra 3 DOROTHH WORRALL Commerclal Coulse Class V1ce Presldent 2 Press Club 4 HISTDFQ Club 2 Home Ec Club 1 3 Ploneex Staff 4 J ACK ANDERSON Sc1ent1f1c Course Thesplans 4 Booster Club 3 B Club 2 3 4 Athletlc Manager Band 1 2 3 4 Jazz Orchestra 4 Quartet 4 H M S Plnafore 3 Ploneer Staff 4 GRAYCE TSCHACHE General Course Class Vice Presldent 4 Thesplans 4 Llttle Women 4 Booster Club 3 Yell Leader 3 4 Press Club 3 4 Qulll 8: Scroll 3 4 Band 1 2 3 4 Orchestra l 2 3 P1oneer Staff 4 EL GENE RONNING General Course Intramural Basketball Hlstory Club 3 IRENE SCHANCHE General Course Thespxans 3 4 Mr Cook Takes Over 3 Llttle Women 4 Booster Club 3 Glrls Basketball 2 Pep Club 3 Press Club 4 Hlstory Club 2 3 Home Ec Club 1 4 Ploneer Staff 4 ROBERT W EEKS Mathematlcal Course Intramural Basketball 2 6 Man Football 2 4 Band 1 3 4 CARLEY MCCAIJ LAY Sc1ent1f1c Course Th8Sp1aDS 4 Booster Club 3 Gxrls Athletlcs 1 2 3 4 Press Club 3 4 Ed1t0l 4 Qu11l Sz Scroll 3 4 Band 1 2 3 4 Orchestra 1 2 3 Latm Club 3 4 Pxoneel Staff 4 BOB BURNS General Course Transferred from Shelby 3 Intramural Basketball 3 Football 4 MARTHA SCOTT General Course Band 1 2 3 4 Glrls Glee Club 1 2 Home Ec Club 1 2 -2 "Little Women" 4 "Little Women" 4 ' 2-3-4 - ' ' 1-3 - - - AGNE S DeBR.UIN General Course Mr Cook Takes Over 3 Glrls Basketball 1 2 3 4 Tumblmg 4 Pep Club 3 Press Club 4 Band 1 2 Baton Twlrler 1 3 4 Glrls Glee Club 1 2 Home Ec Club 1 2 Ploneer Staff 4 EDWARD NIOTTIWGH ANI Sclentlflc Course Class Treasurer 3 Mr Cook Takes Over Booster Club 3 Varslty Basketball 3 4 Intramural Basketball 1 2 Football 2 3 4 Track 2 3 4 B Club 3 4 Hxstory Club 2 ESTELLA DREWISKE General Course H1story Club 2 Home Ec Club Ploneer Staff 4 LEWEY LORENZEN Agrlcultural Course Intramural Basketball 1 2 3 I-Ilstorw Club 3 F A 2 F' F A Secletary 3 4 Ploneer Staff 4 'VIARIAN BOVVKER General Course Class Sec 8.: Treas 4 Thesplans 3 4 Mr Cook Takes Over Tumblmg 4 Press Club 3 4 Band 1 2 3 4 Librarian of Band Orchestra 1 2 3 Glrls Glee Club 2 3 4 Pxoneer Staff 4 WARREN HALLEY General Course F F A Treasurer 2 Booster Club 3 Football 2 3 4 Basketball 1 2 3 B Club 1 Track 1 2 3 Orchestra 3 IRENE COLBY Commerclal Course Mr Cook Takes Over Llttle Women 4 Press Club 3 4 History Club 2 3 Home Ec Club 1 Baton Twlrler 2 3 4 Glrls Glee Club 2 Glrls Trlo 3 H M S Plnafore 3 VERNON! WOODS Mathematlcal Course Varslty Basketball 4 Intramural Basketball Varslty Football 4 B Club 4 Band 3 LOREWE STRAYAH AN General Course Thesplans 4 Llttle Women 4 Glrls Basketball 2 Pep Club 3 Press Club 4 HISCOIQ Club 2 3 Latln Club 1 2 Band and Orchestra 1 Pep Band 1 Ploneex Staff 4 CLAREN CE STEVEN SOX General Course Basketball 2 Hlstorv Club 2 F A U " -2-3-4 1. v ,, 3 ' - -2 - f ' - e -3 Pioneer staff 4 Pieneer Staff 4 1-4 A 2-3 F. . ' . 1- -3-4 ' ' ' - -3 .. I ' -- 3 F. . ' . 4 ' ' 4 HILTON ROUDEBUSH Football 1 Basketball 1 Track 1 2 B Club 1 2 3 History Club 2 F A 2 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Plesldent B111 SChI'Il1dI Vlce Plesldent Graxce Tschache Secretarv Treasuler Marlan Boxxkel SDOHSOI MISS Thelma Swenson 'I 0 MISS SWEN SON c NCIIIOIN MINI to ex HCS out than t xox Ol 1 xxenxc xx xo xx as 1 xx x IP to fll .11 g ln n pllltllt' Dui to hu folethoughl ln Silltlllg the annual deadllnt up a Louple of xxevlxf. xxe o the mat rlal fm tln ne xx tune to Npare and hid no lat nnnute xn ll are gldltlflll to ll 1 wi unnlx llla guldanbe 1n our ll t xc-al xn FBHS Claxn -2-3 .. .. - - -4 F. . . 1- -3-4 iv i? is fx? fl ffl? lf. TX7 Q 1 YTN Y W-Q ' Q "pl . I ' qs ' - ks -r A our Sl IS ', M'ss S ' .' yn. 'I 'if al 'af vw . AH-X7 the- a I1--k on when we ol l LL U . i J, X V 1 . h . I I g t ' S 7 ' 's "Pin -Pro in 'itll if ' . . , . . - . 2 ff Vive - ' " 9' for I ' t' .Qixv - , ' si f 'll - 1 YH 1 Marmaa Of March And Nz "A Bustles Aunt Narch Luftim Woman 5 H5 su '5A"J "'n'uf 2 E Hannah QM? -' 1 Ins parab 123 A n rg TR ------ ,Pi ' f 5 fivi 5 ,S , Tri lia ggi . f , wg, W , : , , I its ' is : f f ' " LQ- 5 , 5 , ' F 1 5- ,Z A Q ., Y. , li L Vu! -1-' , , Y 4 2 5 AZ slsgl 1-,,. - , 'Fa ,, Sig' "5 ' . 1 L 1 'V V' in xii: . 'rv P- Z' Q: Page 18 THE Ploueen ig OFFICIAL RECORD OF SOULS SEEKING ADMITTANCE THROUGH THE PEARLY GATES YEAR 1999 A D For the past half century a long lme of wartlng souls has been ShlVCI'll'1g outslde the gates of Paradlse seeking the day when the last of then' members the Class of 1941 of F B I-I S wlll depart from therr earthly exlstences On the last day of 1999 the last and forty first member Jomed the ranks of the Immortal The followlng 14 an account of each one s deeds on earth and manner of death DON ADAMS-M S Ph D Ll D B S whlle cooperatlng wlth the Rome Berlrn Tokyo Axrs powers to flnd the most effrcrent method of conquerrng the world was assassmated by Mme Newhall He leaves to mourn hlS untlmely death hrs wrfe the former Jean Reynolds and h1s only son JACK ANDERSON evangelrst lecturrng agalnst verbosrty dred from asphyxratlon too much gas MARIAN BOWKER-composer of successful modern muslc untrl the enraged A S C A P lynched her for plagrarmng Vrctor Herberts masterpieces ROBERT BURNS-salesman of Husky gasolme used as walrus bart by the Eskrmos when he trled to sell It to them as dog food IRENE COLBY modelled Navajo Indlan blankets rn London dled rn the last German a1r ra1d there when the Tower of London collapsed AGNES DeBRUIN army hostess rn 13th D1v1s1on of the 13th Infantry was run over by an ambulance of tralnees rushrng to mess ESTELLA DREWISKE-1nter1or decorator shot for treason when she papered Mt Vernon wlth red wall paper f1gured wlth hammers and slckles DEAN ELLIOTT-developed a way to grow potatoes already mashed Dred at the rlpe old age of 85 from the shock of losmg h1s F' F A plns WARREN HALLEY kllled 1n actlon carrylng the flag for the W C T U AMY HANSON renowned mountarn cllmber dred from the hrgh altrtude while plcmckrng ln the GOOS8b111S LEONA JACKSON offlclally knovsn as operator No H R 76 after recervlng the Congressional Medal for extermrnatmg the 5th column ln the U S dred peacefully 1n her sleep DUDLEY JAMES organwed a 'Back To Nature movement and dled of embarrassment when h1s lll1d1St colony was arrested for rndecency ETHEL KELLEY offrclal taster for Ha1l1e Selassle choked to death on an over r1pe banana RUSSELL KURTH mrdshlpman ln the Smss navy Washed overboard by a tldal ma e on Lake Geneva LOIS LEWIS-teachet of eugerncs 1n Potowatomle College Dred of blood po1son1n,, from a cactus thorn placed on her chalr by a mxschrevous puprl WALLACE MORGER kmg of the Fort Benton Jungles dled from the effort of thrnkmg about golng to molk KENNETH MORROW Presxdent of the United States dred whrle tryrng to pass a blll lrmltmg the trm of parklng rn Lovers Lane to three hours PAUL MURPHY Ambassador to Ireland choked to death whlle try mg to learn Gaellc l 7 - . . . . . . , U ' ' - ' - r . ., . ., . ., . ., 1 . . , Y . , . "' - I . . . , , , 1 1 7 1 Q . ., -. V - . . . V. V , . v W -Q . y . I v v g I . - . . U 1 . Y . . . . 7 . C - . ... ' ' 1' - ' eg? THE PIOIIEER Page 19 CARLEY McCAULAY leader of the 99th Womans Skr Patrol statroned on Old Baldy Krlled rn actron whlle bravely leadrng her patrol agarnst the Semmole Indrans MARIAM NEWHALL-forelgn correspondent for the Prnk Reporter Wasted away rn a Nazr concentratron camp after assasslnatrng Hrtlers rrght hand man EDDY NOTTINGHAM Shonkrn mountarneer Dred when an overly potent mrxture rn hrs homemade strll exploded EUGENE RONNING-cowboy rn B111 Cody s Wrld West Show, contracted scarlet fever from drrnkrng too much prnk lemonade HILTON ROUDEBUSH member of Royal Northwest Mounted Polrce Rather than break the mountres perfect record he commrtted surcrde when he farled to get hrs man IRENE SCHANCHE Mrs Bob Bowker as she approached her 64th year was smrled on by fortune when she was blessed by her 17th chrld whrch was named Too Many She took polson BILL SCHMIDT youngest member of the Bram Trust wrote After 32 years wrth Roosevelt Dred of black measles whrch he contracted from hrs grandchrldren MARTHA SCOTT ho trculturrst who perfected a pollenless dandelron dred of asthma VIRGIL SMALL buck prrvate charged across No Mans Land trrpped over hrs own feet and dled of frrght AGNES STEIN beauty parlor operator dred of old age after rnventrng the rnverted eyebrow GEORGE STEVENS-dry land farmer drred up tryrng to persuade the government to rrrrgate hrs farm from the Dry Forks Rrver CLARENCE STEVENSON Jack of all trades learned to play a saxophone to cossack dance and wrrte poetry all at the same trme dred of a toe hemorrhage LORENE STRANAHAN teacher of kmdergarten rn Loma Dxed of shock when she recerved a telegram frrrng her GRAYCE TSCHACHE mrssronary to the Balrnese came home wrth perfect posture from carryrng frurt on her head dred of yellow fever GEORGIANA UPTMOR travelrng shorthand expert dred of apoplexy rn Germanx trwrn YVONNE URTON Mrs D Cralg organrzed a delrcatessen shop rn Carter for benefrt of husbands appetrte dred of ptomame porsonrng from her own hamburgers ANITA WALKER avratrrx crashed rnto the South Pole whrle flung a drve bomber over Antarctrca ROBERT WEEKS telerrs on technrcran Four rears rn Europe televrsrng war scenes Stopped a bullet MARGARET WHITE trght rope walker rn Barnum and Baller s Crrcus walked off end of the rope VERNON WOODS-perfected a new bubble dance Dred of embarrassment when some one pr rcked the bubble DOROTHY WOPRALL-one of Ernsterns mathemfrtrcal wrzards dred rn an rnsane asrlum SHIRLEY YOUNG world war nurse trapped rn a burnrng hosprtal from whrch she w 'rs trxrng to rescue soldrers Due to the wrcked and srnful lrves whrch these people led and the vrolence wlth whrch ther met thelr deaths none of them w1ll be admrtted to the glorres of eternrtn Srgned Gabrrel Keeper of heavenly records ' ' Ab v " - r ' 1 ' ' . ' .. . y a ' ' . T ' ' ' . v' n. ' ' . .. D to take down Hitler"s speeches. 1- I Nki ' ' ' . lv 4 .C ' . ' ' C . .A 7 ' , . vc . ' , . I ' ' . V.: . . ' ' ' . ' " s: ' ' . ' 1 1 .N .AL V . . 4: . ' . ' ' 1 ' vt ' : . " Page 20 THE PIOUEER 215 TIAS? Wlll We the Class of Nineteen Forty One of Fort Benton Hlgh School being all of sound minds 191 and firm 1n purpose and realizing that vue are about to depart sorrowfully C95 from these halls of learning on May 29 1941 do make declare and publish this our last will and testament declaring void all former wills made by us Firstly since many of us will soon be college freshmen we leave our gravitv and dignity to next vears junlors who must attempt but never quite succeed in taking our places Secondly to the sophomores vue will and bequeath the mental and physical labor connected with throwing a prom Thirdly we bestow upon the freshmen the thrill that comes from amateur barbering when they are sophomores Fourthly to the incoming freshmen we will the dlsllluslonment that comes when first you realize that seniors are not perfect We also leave the following valuable items which we hope will be duly used and appreciated DON ADAMS ability to take SEYIOUS parts in plays to Bud Jones JACK ANDERSONS wisecracks to Bobby Willson MARIAN BOWKER S continual glggllng to Emily Meyers BOB BURNSS Husky pickup to Bill Bratz IRENE COLBYS artlstlc ability to David Dedman AGNES DeBRUIN S interest ln the army to Dot Ronning min competltion with the navyl ESTELLA DREWISKE wills her ever ready smiles to future annual staffs tthevll need lt! DEAN ELLIOTT leaves his deep interest in FFA to Clark Hilton WARREN HALI EY W111S his nurse maid experience to the FFA 1F'uture Fathers of America! LEONA JACKSON wills her knows all sees all hears all technique to Daryl Hagle ETHEL KELLEY wills her classic features to Leona Reichelt RUSSELL KURTH bequeaths his unruly curls to Ted Kelley lvxith a provislon that he keep them combedl LOIS LEWIS le'1 Jes her blush to Pattx Andel son LEWEY LORENZEN bequeaths his cave man technique to Glen Hicks WALLY MORGER leaves his artificial vvaves to Charles Christofferson to match his natural ones KENNETH MORROW wills his dancing abllitx to FBHS for bigger and better parties PAUL MURPHY becueaths his Irish blue ex es to James Wood for color contrast CARLEY MCCAULAY leaves her freckles and turned up nose to Rita Ruth MARIAM NEWHALL wills her llterarx ability to Cecil Serlght lvslth the D1OY1S1Ol1 that he vain at least one lxterari avnard before he graduatesb EDWARD NOTTINGHAM leaves his manlx physique to Eugene Fueling Moreover To B111 Louther ue bequeath EUGENE RONNING S talkatrveness DUDLEY JAMES bequeaths his boisterous personality to Tubby Dickens. Q? THE PIOHEER Page To Elsle Rltland we leave HILTON ROUDEBUSHS loyalty to one person To next year s freshmen we w1ll IRENE SCHANCHE S tact and p01S6 To Ellen Eveleth we bequeath MARTHA SCOTTS manmsh strxde VIRGIL SMALL wllls h1S dxmples and black han' to Wllma Blackwood AGNES STEIN bequeaths her lnterest ln Latln to Mabel Lucas To Delores Wagner we w1ll GEORGE STEVENSS platlnum blond tresses on the condltlon that she let them grow long To futuxe Thesplans we bequeath CLARENCE STEVENSONS ablllty to speak coolly and calmly To Junlor Tope vte bequeath LORENE STRANAHAN S vocabulary Furthermore GRAYCE TSCHACHE leaves her get em and keep em pollcy to Margalet James GEORGIANA UPTMOR xulls he1 good memory to Lorlalne Baker lplovlcllng that Lorralne w1ll lt to some lower classman upon gladuatlngl YVONNE URTON wllls he1 xed han and car to Cla1ence W1llson ANITA WALKER vxllls hex pug nose to Lolne Rltter ROBERT WEEKS leluctantly bequeaths hls algmnentlveness to Bas1l Fultz MARGARET WHITE. bequeaths her happy go lucky d1spos1t1on to Mabel Stevens VERNON WOODS leaves h1s cum 1os1ty to people who take snap courses DOROTHY WORRALL xx 1lls hex flntlng technlque to Rhoda Ann R1tte1 AMY HANSON bequeaths hel healt shaped face to Malgalet Colllns BILL SCHMIDT le ves nothm He needs eversthmg hes got SHIRLEY YOUNG bequeaths thls b1t of D2-lftlllg advlce If you play wlth flle lt BURNS The followlng valuable ltems w1ll be sold at auctlon to the hlghest blddels notes hand notebooks VHFIOUS WO1kbOOkS COIICCLBCI tests assignment notebooks and 'lm a1t1cles 1ema1n1ng m the lost and found case upon ou1 departure We the underslgned do on th1s 29th day of Max 1941 slgn and affnc ou1 seal ln the p1 esence of wltnesses THE SENIORS WIIXICSSCS Soggy Schoonle B1 Y' ShNIUR Pl ll Lxttle Women opered the season thls X631 fox the SCDIOIS and was heralded bx the cr1t1cs as one of th most soul st1r11ng pelfolmances of the X631 Undel the more than competent dlrectln of M1ss Hagle the cast bloomed and gave a Vern good take off on the book of the same name Llttle Women The cast was as follows Jo Irene Schanche Beth Lorene Stranahan Meg Glaxce Tschache Amy Carlex McCaulax Mrs March Ilene Colby Hannah Anlta Walker Mr M31Ch Don Adams Teddy Lawrence Jack Anderson John Blooks Wallx MOIg8l Plofessox Bhaex Russell Kulth The cast enjosed the lehearsals and was sony to lock the stage doom cast off then costumes and pull the curtams on the fxnal act 21 Home Ec. projects. FFA projects. typing lessons. experiments. bookkeeping projects. short- 'll Page 22 THE PIOHEER if NAME Donald Fay Adams Jack Bagley Anderson Marran Faye Bowker Robert Samuel Burns Helen Irene Colby Agnes Cornellra DeBrurn Estella Jean Drewlske Dean Alexander Ellrott Warren Halley Leona Lourse Jackson Wrlllam Dudley James Ethel Fay Kelley Russell Lloyd Kurth Lors Lewrs Lewey Henry Lorenzen Wallace Earl Morger Kenneth Charles Morrow Paul Thomas Murphy Carlev Jean McCaulay Marram Ella Newhall Harold Edw ard Nottrngham Eugene Marvrn Ronnrng Hrlton Roudebush Irene Claudra Schanche Charles Wrllram Schmrdt Vrrgrl Elton Small Agnes Julrana Stern George Alexander Stevens Leo Clarence Stexenson Lorene Alrce Str anahan Gray ce Maude Tschache Georvrana Albrna Uptmor YVOnne Mar alet Urton Anrta Lourse Walker Robert Weeks Margaret Juanrta Whrte Vernon Edvu rn Woods Dorothx Mae Worr all Shrrlex Nadrne Young OR Nrck Name Ambltron Don Muscles Shorty Bob Jeanre Peewee rs Dud Spar ky Buzzy Stuffy Prc Murf Char lre Eddre Gene Dutch B1 Toots IilIlgf1Sl'l Slrm Str annx Srs Geor gre Red Nrkkr Bob Mar gx Woodsre DOIt18 Butter ball veterrnarran archrtectural desrgner not get marrred too young avrator and mechanrc desrgner of clothes catch Tommy Harmon rnterror decorator art of mechanrsm the rdeal papa get marrred when schools out alrplane mechanrc and flver arrplane stewardess success wrthout work prrmary teacher avrator frnd a worthwhrle ambrtron dentrst get 1n the army to fmd Lost Horrzon wrrte a Pulrtzer prrze novel teacher explore the navx own a beauty shop to be a model be a man possess blond locks brat teacher keep home frres burnrng sleep all dax frnd a mrllronarre learn hou to concentrate tI'3VE11I1g secretarx keep from makrng breaks to be somebody s stenographer televrsron operator prlot an arrplane arrplane mechanlc to make a good boulrng score to have a large famrlw Hobby procrastmatron women frnd lersure trme sellrng gas drawrng takrng 4 H trrps collectrng lrcense berng orrgrnal changlng drapers collectlng cigar wrappers huntrng and frshrng readrng funnres gettrng ln trouble makrng chocolate cake pesterrng grrls keeprng on the good srde rrdrng horseback rollerskatrng wavrng Brlls harr scrrbblrng drugstore cowboy numbers of blondes dorng as lrttle as possrble sowrng wrld oats before settlrng down collectrng thrngs makrng model arrplanes settrng up ten prns collectrng knrcknacks collectrng lrpstrck collectrng old clocks collectrng sheet musrc corre trng her Dads manners standrng on her head rn tumblrng cross strtchrng sevxrng ercperrmentrng boulrng hrs model A collectrng stamps keepmg Bob s heart E I1 1 dk aa fa? av waz? . . Ag - , - I S ,.,. . ' ' ' 'll ' ' Martha Dell Scott Marthy own professional basketball team doodling Shrrley VV THE PKDHEER Page 23 Where Found Jerkrng sodas everywhere and anywhere grgglrng rn the hall rn the prck up sketchrng rn her Art book Arts car bowlrng alley rn FFA coveralls home 199 anywhere where theres news slavrng wrth bookkeeprng bowlrng crvrc center tumblrng around the halls annoxrng the grrls on Campbells daverrport around town the shop workrng on the paper workrng on annual the Drug store Rattlrng around rn hrs coupe drrvrng her dad s car srttrng on the post offrce steps chordrng on the prano bowlrn alley home Hagen Block home everxw here here and there Commercral Room lrbrarx just around at assemblres commercral rooms on the playground comme-rcral rooms rrdrng around town Who Wrth Jean grrls her prano Art Bennett Art of course Margaret hrmself wrfe and baby Drxre the Donn krds Frrelm grrls Pat MHTIOH B Frank Clark Mabel Stevens Bud Jones B111 E B111 K wrth Brll L LIIUPSES Favorrte Sayrng naw thats no fun When I was 1n camp thr summer nothrng just grggles theres no future rn the few farthful members of annual staff Butch Irene B Lorene S the gang Holman Bertha Lundy Tom McKenz1e Leona Rerchelt Maynfrrd Conway Irene Schanche Carlex McCaulax Shorthand Tsprng keeprn books Donfrld Crfrrg Irene Colbx Dorothx Worrall Rose Tax lor Vrola Collrns Lors Carter Bob Burns T Book I dont know I dont thrnk so Im not for certarn but h6I'6S SOIIIS IIIOFC FFA IISWS hes a born football player I heard somethrng about sou I guess so we O K sweetheart H0nest'J 'J 'P What UITIS 13 Ito Krss me lheaven honey knows we dontl Ill beat ya to a pulp Crrmmy Oh' Mom E Gad I m engaged Oh' You Moron' Telephone I dont know Gee' I dont know O Heck You flrnched Oh Yah' Could be I m stuck wrth H X tl ere Jeepers You Doodle Yay Could be Ye Gods my Bookkeeprn Dont Jud e others bs xourself Oh for crune ur fr bucket Oh don t VN Jv ev we db f. fl rf. fr Y . . .S '- ' ' - ' ' it . . . g D. , H setting pins at the bowling alley Carl Bratz Where's Elsie? " 0' ' C . ' ' l . K . - v ' .- " E' ' g - '. ' . j ' '. - eg. 1 ' ! . g K ga' A ' ' e ' .'. , - , I ' .V . ' . .L-' D ' C f7 D Cr N when We was Kfds ID ,W Wiatr: ,Q BNU0 Q 'fha Q rr, 0,9 cl ff' fa DOW Q' ood H0 W, Lottie Lao 6.711 o ,You mtg IIINICIIIS ilfg' i IQ? W + 1 V ., 4' 'Q L Page ze THE PIOHEER gy JI NIURD F1151 1011 Wa11e1 Weeks 141119118 Andelson B111 Koepp Bett1 CHHISOII D21111 Hagle Man GIHX Dale T'111o1 Ma1g,a1et Bnkeland F1ank Man1e1 Second 1011 'VIabe1Ste1enS Ha101d K1su1 Fe-111 Ke11e1 JWHIGS Wood WHIIPII Stanton Els1e R1t1a11d Leo11'11f1 SIQIIIDRCIIEI Rosemau Sc11u11mac11e T1111d 1011 D1tk Moses AIICB G'11b1'11111 Eff1e Rlflalld Donald Rust 110111111 11111 Do1o1111 Ro1111111g 51111161 YW111IC1101l1 Balham Sco1t De1o1es F'I161111g, Jfxck A Andelson 'VI11Jo11e -101168 F1I111 11111 C11114 I-1111011 S111121 VNo1fe -11111101 Tout P21111 5x11C1i1SOI1 B111 Loutnex V11'l111l SXXHHSO11 S111 1011 Xf11111 Amw Gco1ff C11111I1 J1cq11e11nt CWKIO1 kc1t11 1Nc11Q11c1 LEIIOIC F11c1111f C111 B1a1f T3 fl C1111 Se11 111 C c1'11c1111e Sr111111111ac 111 S 1111111 1 1 John L1ppe11 13111111 L1111c11 Crux P11c11S Lo1111 P11111 P'1111c1f1 VY'1Ck611111 A1I1111I Be1111f1 111 11 C111 1 1 111111 111 11111 cl. ,A ., . ' . l . lv- C . ' .4 '. .-. 21' 1 4 'U ' 1 ','. 1111111 McKc'11z1t-. Jean R9j'I101C1S. Ec111'a1'c1 Dickens. S151 'Q " 1 I Q' 1 ". 2' ' - 1. 2 '-' , 2 ' 4. 1' ' I.rr11.1111f- . 211122 "u . 111 ' 1 1 4 1 '1 St-H 'o1'1 ' '. 1' z ' .' ' I 1' 1 '.4 ". ' ' 11. We 1: 1 '12, B1t1j S01 '11, Kr- 1'-111 .".'O11. gy THE PIOHEER Page 27 JUNIOR CI ASS As Buck Prlvates mth Brlgadler General Mlss Hagle to keep us from becommg lonesome we struggled through the ordeal of whxte washmg the B saluted our Super lors and fmally wlth the a1d of Prrvate Daryl Hagle we emerged from the lowest rank to become Sergeants Next we trled Bngadler General Ide and Sergeant Harold Krsul to lead us safely through the rank of Sergeant The next year we declded to advanc Mlss Evans to the posltlon of Brlgadler General and John Sulllvan was chosen and put ln charge of the Lieutenants We really made an lmpressxon wrth What a Life' And from our experrence 1n the army so far we repeat What a L1fe"' JL NIOR PLAY What a Lrfe three act play starrlng Henry Aldrlch was presented by the Junlors Apr1l 25 Co ntlng plavers and extras the play had twentv seven characters The care laden apologe and trouble makmg Henry was played by Clark Hllton No wonder Mr Nelson rDary 165 asked Henrv lf he somet1mes dldn t Just hate to get up 1n the mornlng Barbara presldent of her Junior class and the llght ln Henrys life was played by Patty Ande on Dolores Wagner f who became a member of the cast only two days before the f1nal nlghtl plaved the part of Henrvs long suffermg mother B111 Louther as George Blgelow was the cause of much of Henrys mlserv The stern and forblddlng Mr Bradlev pr1nc1pal of Central Hlgh School was played by Junlor Tope Hls secretary M1ss Shea fMargaret Blrkelandl was also the object of Daryl Hagle affectlons The faculty of Central Hlgh School was composed of Mr Patterson fFrank Manleyl teacher of Roman hlstory M1ss Plke 1Lorra1ne Bakerl whose ventllatlng system was out of order Mlss Wheeler 1Mary Grayl was the busv bodv band teacher Mlss Eggleston 4Effl6 Rltlandl Mlss Johnson I Betty Schmldtb B111 a student who spent most of his time unsuccessfully trymg to see Mr Bradley was played by Jack Anderson Kenneth Vlnlon took the part of Mr Vecchltto an Itallan parent Gertle and Mary stud ents were played by Rosemary Schuhmacher and Lenore Frrellng The Jumors grossed S137 on the1r play whrch helped to pay the expenses of the1r prom JUNIOR PROM Amid the grape vines 1 Purple balloons? and the1r sllvery leaves seniors were royally entertalned by the Junlor class on May 23 Musxc was furnished by Ed Pierce s orchestra and punch Was served We seniors take thls opportumty of thankxng the Junlors and the1r sponsor MISS Evan for one of the most enjoyable partles of the year made poss1b'e only by much tlme and effort not to mentlon elbow grease expended on the part of the JUHIOYS INTERLUDE Betty Schmxdt Snowflakes Gentle feathers drlft to frozen ground Warm gentle snow unharrled unworrled Snowflake Hexagonal dellcate EXQUISIIC patterns None allke every shape and desrgn such as artlsts use Snowflakes Tlnv blts of fluffy wonder MIIIIODS bllllons and the ground hes Whlte Snowflakes Have vou ever seen them o southern lass? TIS the erghth and greatest wonder of our world AWD ALONE I stopped by the gate to ask For a drxnk of water from the flask That hung on the slde of the rustxc well The farmer paused from hls task And hurrled over to ask Some questions of me I saw through hls DFCCSHIIOUS mask I d1d not have to ask He was lonely And alone -Clark HIIDOH Fans- AUTUMN The solemn trees their burdens shed As autumn spms 1ts deadly web -Clark Hllton T 1 a - , - u rv , . 1 y - ' -. ' ' - - u n ' - u ' -v , . . . il U . ., . . . . , ' . . . . . , . . I Sq, ' . . , . , . , . V 1 . ' . ' . v . ,S , . . - - . - - - V - v - 1 ' , , l . . . ' . . . , . - 3. . A fi V . WK. M,......----"" Co cds 3rm E I so omeo in Juice? Dr-oolix-xg Tn Make,-14 P aw-an S0l'll0V0l!l t'f mf f fy fffllldfi , B f JIM Page 30 THE PIOHEER Flrst tow Clarence Vhllson Margaret Collms Albert MOTYIS MarJor1e Manlex Geoxge Paul Laura Jane Olmstead Vlctor Fatz Allce Elllott Emxlx Mxers Second row James Morger Lllllan Bokovos Charles Chrlstofferson Elwa Whltehorn Rlta Dale Ruth James Allen Esther Humphrey Glen H1CkS Florence Cooper Thxrd row Beatrlce Klan Melvln Weeks Helen Chrxstensen Vernell Flsher Flfth rovs Ellen Eveleth Donald Gall Josce Gall Clalr Swkes Betts Calhson Delbert Long Slxth row George Elllot Audrex Rodw Dorothx Rltter Kenneth Young Florence Elllott Mabel Lucas B111 Baumann Margaret James Seventh rom Chester Hallex Dawn Gallagher Cectl Roddx Dune Schoonower Calvln Fultz Elsle Mae McSxxeenex Elmer Bokovox Eldon Adxms Barbara Van Hom Fourth row: Henry Grossman. Helen Collins, Arthur Kleinschmidt, Beryl Schultz. gk THE Ploneera Page 31 SOPHOMORE CLASS When we were only Buck Prwates under Brzgadmer General Evans and Prlvate Halley we longed for the tune when we would advance to the rank of Sergeant Well here We are and to prove xt we really dld a sh1p shape Job of cutt1ng the halr of those youngsters the Buck Pnvates Under Brlgadler General Evans and L1eutenant Kllroy we fought our way through and flnally threw a huge party We dont ment1on however that we were too fatlgued from hot footing that we neglected to clean up and scrub decks Consequently we were deprlved of shore leave for a week beSldES los1ng part of our salar1es We are lookmg forward to becomxng Lleutenants next fall MODERN VERSION OF A LADY IN DISTRESS Let me slng you the tale Of a lady 1n d1stress W1th a hero who was handsome And a hero1ne named Bess Bess was a snappy l1ttle blonde Who drove a Chevrolet The Hero wasnt up to date He drove a hoss and shay One day when It was ra1n1ng hand Bess went to take a spm She drove too close b9Sld6 the dltch And presently Sllpped ln At th1s awful predlcament Bess let out a Shflll wa1l And 1f she hadnt had on rouge Would really have turned pale It so chanced then that hero Joe Was commg down the lane seelng Bessle 1n d1stress gave hlS horse more rem left the shay beslde the fence ran unto her a1d put the car back on the road w1ll1ngly essayed If I got out Sald lovely Bess Perhaps the car would llghter be Unto the shay Sald rustlc Joe Ill gladly carry thee He took the lady 1n h1s arms W1th her so very near It was a s1mple matter To say I love you dear She put he1 arms around h1s neck Her head upon hls shoulder laid ImDlShly sm1led mto h1S eyes And klssed h1m naughty mald But s1nce that lt was ra1n1ng hard They ln such bllss couldnt tarry He asked land was not answered no! If she w1th hlm would marry The youthful DBSSIOH ln hxs velns Increased h1S strength a thousand fod He got the car out of the dltch XV1th one good heave Im told He put h1S love 1nto the car He left h1s horse and shay He motored to the county seat And marrled her that day The moral of my story gals In case youd l1ke to know Is when you re out to get a man Be anyth1ng but slow Marlam Newhall FBHS AVENGER A IS qu1et save the constant d1one of alrplane motors 1n the heaven 1nnocent chlld possessed Wlth fea1 cl1ngs helplessly to his mother Her eyes are turned upward where 1n the dlstance t1ny black flgures can b seen weavlng a pattern IH the fleecy clouds The peaceful green valley l1es contentedlv ln the sun unaware of the approach 1ng death The drone becomes louder and loudel unt1l h1gh 1n the sky three t1nx wlnged flgures are VlSlblC They look hke graceful blrds flylng 1nno But lo' What IS dropped from the fnst plane that tlny object speedlng to ward the earth'P No' It cant be a bomb' But It lS The mother t1ghtens her grasp on the small chlld Horror mlngled wlth tears f1lls her soft brown eyes The terrlfxed chlld senslng the dange1 beglns to crv IH a SBYISS of p1t1ful sobs Even the meadow takes on a sombre appearance A falnt vshxstle IS heard Gradually 1t grows and grows unt1l W1th a crash xt br1ngs 1ts message to earth The planes are st1ll there stxll Wlnglng onward wxth the1r cargo of death and destruct1on But where IS the young 1nfant9 Where IS the frlghtened yet brave mother" What has happened to the peaceful meadow'P They are all gone ThlS IS Europe Thls 15 today -Clark Hrlton ' . . H . ,, . . . l v , . . ' 11 ' ' - . . An ' ' , ' '. . . ' , ' ' e On - ' 1 ' . . . . j He ' ' . . ' . . . ' A He ' . Q ' He - cently over the countryslde. To ' . . . ' He ' ' . - . . . . , . . . - 1 ' . . i M2- Pwbifr WWA' Nicks 1fMo.th5 Stl-fqbv V K Vin On WMM. CBT Sinn. Kuxn Qi h N MM 'WW 9? J Lorenz Sfmnnhlm ra. QW'- Ironz 5. Gear :MW N-arswfx N " ,ig L- ' ..,5 -I . x 6 ' , ' 5 'ia M . , 'a " 4 42 " . , ',1:.z'f sw., ' - . ' - ' A x' ' a 1 f ... . -531 . , I M , 1 . W ,lk 1 sham' , Q 43, M-. ,. , .. 0 l .. I K l Lk'-wr: 1: .. mama-w 4 1 . . ' . . ' 4 ' 4 i . . is ' I-1, - 45457532222-l ss v - f 1 Y .Mig ,V jx - Vg.,-iff, J nk fx 0 xc 5.1 .,.- . ' '5 A i v " flw if 5 K . n " m -.Qiv X EJMWDJ I fvazv an fmkw !"V ?3FxW , 3 5 if7 XX Wx! T W www if Page 34 THE P1011EER K1 I1 HO11I'1 A11111 T111111 W1111am P1eu11111O1'1 D11 1112 I-11111111111 111101 A 111 Mf11111,1 E 11 C1111I1 1 H11111111 R11s1111 D11111f111 Donald K1111C1SK711 Sefconci 11111 V1o1.1 C111111s F11-0111111 K'1111111Je1ge1 XN1'11HI11 B1'111 M1111s 111111491 O 1 11 S111f111 LQ1111 R11 11111 12111 'I11o111f1s 1111111 51111111111 D'i11C' D1A11111 111 1111 1 51 111111 111111111 B111 F111111111111 M1111 E1off F1 IXICSK F111111141111 111 11 1111111111 I-11111111111 P1111111 1111111111 111 1111111 Olll 111 11 1 XX1111 1 1311111.11 , 11111 31111111 11111111 B1111111 1 11111 11. T 1111 111 '11 1 A111111K 1111 1 111 Rf 1 1 1 1111 1 11 1 T K1 K1 C '11 1311111111 11 1111 V11 1 V 11 S1711 F1111 11111: J. .11 1:12. . . 1 . ' ' ' Q - 1 11 . . H - .111 . 1 ' 1 12 12. 1'1 Q1 1 '- . ', 5 . T11' 11111 fa " ' . ' . ' .. 1 . '1 '- . . F11 , 1'11 '.1,' 2 A 1 ' 1 . 1 1' " . , F11 1111: V' '1 1 J. ff. R11 1 '111 1'11.1111. D111111111 Jac-11s1111. ' 12 2 " 111111, S1'g'11 1111 i G1111111111- P11fN1111. B11f11 F111fz. H1-11-11 Ca111'31Je11 D11 11' I.-j 11f. J' j ' . .11 '1 11111 111111711 .111 111 A111 -'11- . ' 1111. S1-' 11 111 ',1.' 1 C'1- Q11 R11111. R111:11:1 .A1.11 H171f11'. M111 11111 C 111111 D1111 G1111, D111 211' C1'L1S:, 1-' 1111-11 '111..-A 1' 11 11. E A .1" 1111111 112' 1 -- . :Ag THE PIOIIEER Page FRESHMAN CI ASS We thought when we became Buck Prlvates that we would lmmedlately gam dlgnlty prestlge and self confldence but mstead we Were forced to lose the few good qual1t1es we already had and had to don nlght gowns and nlght shlrts Its needless to say that we were embarrassed to make our flrst lmportant publlc appearance ln thls unlform when all the tlme we had planned to wear our Buck Prlvate umforms When we saluted our Superlors we recelved not shmy medals but shalp paddlmgs from perforated paddles manuevred by th hard hearted Generals However wlthm a few days we were allowed to assume the dlgmty of unrforms Leader of our contmgent was Klkl Gray w1th Brlgadler General Cooney as advlsor Durlng the year we took the sallent known as Freshman Party and bravely wlthstood the gunflre of whltewashlng the B For our excellent turn outs at dress parade texamm at1onsJ most of our numbers are to be promoted to the posltlon of Corporal THOUGHTS Out of the sw1rl1ng mlsts of nlght Thoughts came to me Beautlful thoughts l1ke The color splashed ralnbow I marvel ln thelr beauty t1ll they f ee Humble thoughts llke The gentle gray dove Softly wlngxng their way mto my heart Jealous thoughts hke Llttle green devlls Forever proddmg w1th sharp pltchforks Depresslng thoughts l1ke A heavy cloak of fog Only thelr absence brmgs 1el1ef Joyous thoughts l1ke Sllver bells chlmmg together I would have them stay forevermore Brazen thoughts llke The clang of an anclent Chlnese gong That alarm me wlth thelr very suddenness Incomprehenslble thoughts l1ke The mmd of a beautxful woman Thev probe 1nto my deepest emotlons Sorrowful thoughts llke The weeplng wlllow tree They f1ll my heart mth 0VBlf10WlI'lg tears Out of the swlrllng mlsts of nlght Thoughts came to me Pat Wackerlxn FBHS Phone rang lk ade date Got home Too late Alarm rang Overslept School late Dxd fret Moral IS Stay home Never answer Telephone ON A TRAIN WHISTLE Betty Schmldt The call of a whlstle wakes me at night A long pla1nt1ve note fllls my soul w1th dehght Comes whls rmg across the qulet black land Past the scent laden sagebrush past the rlvers clean sand Reaches the c1ty and f1lls the mght axr Telllng the townsfolk lt soon w1ll be there Calllng and calllng m even sweet tone Hman Then slowly and softly the note starts to fade The hllls hold the echo the last sound IS stayed And It seems of the tune of an evemng song blrd OI the echolng call of a bugle last heard FBHS STUDY HALL Betty Schmldt From n1ne t1l four The hall does roar Wlth shuffles of feet And slammmg of door Wlth study books here And sp1t balls there And stlcky gum to throw In one s halr A llvely t1me was had By all From n1ne t1l four rn The study hall FBHS- Gettmg along wlth a girl sald the sophomore IS llke maklng ple All you need IS a lot of crust and some apple sauce 35 we . A ' ix? - .. . - . - D.: YI. . lvl.: . , I . .I Z.. I 1 4 - The. -whistle re-echoes. a whispering Fu Xu'-X mum' O ,525 ,,:' Agfa.. w W' Wwbms llll llll llll M!!! Floibomn 7' JCtSQTU Gan T1 r 1 1 ",T.'1--'M ii T" Woatnn. Gu bien Gxrl mmd .Sand f1f5to.ra 415 Goolwll 'pslncxx Cggwg, , J V 'T' Y . . , w, . ,- w 5 if ,J I . '4 1 A ' ! 1 , . A ' . 1 , , if' v QF , Yi . ,.., 1 - X . , ,E 4 Y , V 1 , ' Y' Vs EAR ,J ' xx wwf' " ' 'N T v 1 l I A 5 ,. .U M , - Q . - I ww 3:5252 Y ' m 1 nr T A g ? P-1 -.,: -1-::--f' 5 :a-1-2-:a::- ..',-. 3 "J , u f .1 1 1 I W I , 'vv' 5 W' f In I' 1 2 if A uvuzzquvl . ..A.., ,., W ,- ,... Y I .,.:.Q 'IVA A' ' ' 3 ' ,.: ,.. . 2 32 f 'Q LEE? iff? .QWN Af-"ff , '....A ,, Q 'Y ' 1 ,. v iffy? ,W my V la ,i ' I " M M. qv-, val in 7 ' ' ' 3""Q ' l Q "J ,Q 'f- 1 ,- , W X - M ,Ji Q 1 5 1-, ,.,,, ' A Qzil ii .Q Q ' 1 A, ,.' A fx f , 3-4, I F12 , ff' IPL :-in ,, V ' ' ':jf""5 3 A , V ' ,. . -we I V " X xi'-Q1 ,?':L5,." . X ,,-J, pg df 90 i A " O iff fx 4' fl: WU 'Wing k, ,Af X ffl? If! ,.. lvl!HHcU,vy-'rx' -, 1 U NA, . 1, V L ' - ' , . 5 gg, , 11 44 Mp ,sf , :Wif i 3 f5'Z? JW 11 ' " t . ,' 3- '1 1' fn, , ' 1 H if ' 4' Y 1 , -1 7 T557 I J X In ' l i, I 4 X' J v - h -1 ' I 3 t 6, ' I I 0 7 - .A Q f s fylyggx fl! 9, 0111, ' ' e?6:,' Q xl,-, 'XT' K-A E jk "1 QC! 4 . ' " . s ..: -we-f r' Rf 'P 2 sf f ' 4 ff W- ' -A v , ex tkew J A I ty 24 Z4 4 dp -9? f T, 4 .-ix' 1 if 4 f t V L A U B ASKETBALI Top IOVS Ve1ne1lF'1sher Dar5lHag1e B111 Louther Chester Hallex Mlddle row Clalre Sykes Kelth Neyland Wallace Morger Russell Kurth Bottom row Leo K1lroy B111 Schmxdt Edward Nottmgham, Arthur Bennett l w - .4 . . . , , . - 1 1 1 - ' . . . V . - n v gf THE PlOTlEER Page 39 BASKETBALL The Fort Benton Longhorns completed thelr season wlth an envrable record of twenty two vxctorles and four defeats Basketball breaks kept the Longhorns from pro gressxng rnto regronal olayoffs when St Marys a team whrch the Bentonrtes had twlce previously humbled upset the Longhorns bv a 23 22 count The Longhorns routed Choteaus Bulldogs ln a 41 20 w1n on the flnal nlght and recelved thlrd place Thrs year s schedule the toughest ln many years mcluded top notch teams such as Shelby and Brownlng The greatest achlevement of the Longhorns was a 275 mlle tour IH whlch the Longhorns engaged Poplar Nashua and Malta galnlng vlctorxes over all three Thxs years squad conslsted of flve senxors Wally Morger Russell Kurth Edward Nottlngham B111 SChITlldt and Vernon Woods four Juniors Arthur Bennett B111 Louther Daryl Hagle and Keith Neyland two sophomores Chester Halley and Vern Flsher PLAYER SIDELIGHTS AND TOTAL POINTS Semors J unlors Sophomores Fort Fort Fort Fort Fort For t Fort Fort F01 t Fort Fort Fort For t Fort Vernon Woods a steady plugger and falthful team one pomt man Eddre Nottrngham a stalwart defense man and good center man 8 pomts B111 Schmldt-fast d1m1nut1ve forward and a good shot B111 h1t hrs strrde ln the Nashua game 138 pomts Russell Kurth a steady man 1n the game Spark was a bulwark rn the Longhorns defense He played guard 48 pomts Wally Morger a very fast floor man and a demon on the defense Good at erther forwald or guard 74 pomts Arthur Bennett-one of the best shots on the team rebound man 71 pomts B111 Louther-elongated center Good plvot shot man a good number of polnts 158 pomts Daryl Hagle high scormg forward and good offensive man 238 pomts Kelth Neyland Kelth played forward and center Good shot and offensrve man 55 pomts Art was also the B111 also amassed Chester Halley Good reserve man 22 pomts Vern Flshel a good shot and offenslve man 4 pomts The Longhorns scored a total of 942 pomts to thelr opponents 519 The B Squad Went through 1f,S 8 game schedule undefeated They were coached by Mr Hess This group or squad was composed of promlsmg under classmen most of whom will f1ll varsrty berths next year Benton Benton Benton Benton Benton Benton Benton Benton Benton Benton Benton Benton Benton THIS YEARS SCHEDULE Geraldlne Brg Sandy Geraldrne Poplar Nashua Malta St Mary s Choteau Hrghwood Belt Browmng Chlnook Choteau T Fort Fort Fort Fort Fort Fort Fort Fort Fort Fort Fort Benton Benton Benton Brownlng Shelby Belt Benton Benton Benton Benton Big Sandy St Marys Chmook Conrad Dlstrxct Tournament Belt Slmms St Marys Choteau Benton Benton Benton Benton TR ALK The track team th1s wear ran up agarnst tough competrtxon rn the Great Falls and Havre meets At Great Falls Vernon Woods took second 1n the m1le and fourth ln half mrle Chester Halley took thxrd tn hlgh hurdles and fourth 1n low hurdles and Charles Chrxstofferson took fourtl- ln 440 yard dash A total of elght pomts gave Benton fourth rn the meet At Havre Vernon Woods took second rn mlle Wally Morger took second ln low hurdles and Chester Halley placed thrrd rn hrgh hurdles Wlth a total of erght pomts Benton placed srxth ln the meet Members of the track team also partlclpated ln the County Track meet at Fort Benton and at the Mlssoula track meet late ln May 555 55.545 ' 5 ...,,. 55.15 .....,,.... 16 ' 5 543 ' , 5516 5 ,,,,, 34 s.f, 55555532 5 5534 ' ...r.... 5,13 ,,,.,.f... 32 ...,,t....,,,,..,..,,, 5518 Benton 37 Highwood 5 5 ,... 10 Fort Benton5 ,,,, ,,,,, 3 5 Centerville 10 5 5 25 .... 555555523 ,,..,. 54 ' ' 5 37 5 H20 5 5 55 .523 . ' 5 5 22 33 5 5 .5 21 5 .,,,.s... 38 ' .,,..,....,, 5528 29 5 ' 5 19 ,..f.,,,s. 23 ,.,,,,,,,,,.,,,, 32 ' 18 5 5 17 31 ' 5 55 13 ' ' 5524 55 55 5 19 55 ,f..f, 5541 5 55 ,5 5555516 532 ' ...., 55 ,5525 5550 ' ...,.. 55 5 25 ' 25 ' 5 ,5519 5 555555 55522 . ' 20 55 30 5. 555, 41 555 5 20 Page 40 THE PIONEER sk 'NVQ nm Foo mms.. Dau 1118 Top row Edward D1ckens Daryl Hagle Wallace Morger George Stevens Vernon Woods Chester Halley Edward Nottlngham Second low Kelth Neyland Donald Rust Thlrd row Wllllam Baumann Wllllam Preumnger Bottom row Calvm Fultz Arthur Klelnschmldt Russell Kurth Donald Gall Cla1re Sykes Managels Jack B Anderson Donald Adams Coaches Joe Zlle Adrlen Hess LHI- Ui IE XDILIIS Bud Jones Grayce Tschache Betty Schmxdt Jack Anderson 5 ,lr P' . A 5- N0 gg X, , ' - V- -3 -- .. 1 fb' ,I 'M V '-nf v , MV? , ,,..,,.. I 1 ' A' 1 l of Y 'H - ,,,, 'I " .j '?g,l V ..... 3 -4'-' ,V j::.. f wif' .. Qw- F f - '. L' d .. ' v ' ' '- , ' , sg 'me Promsetz Page 41 Sept Sept Oc Oc Oct Oc W -mn , Where played Choteau Great Falls Fort Benton Fort Benton Fort Benton Chrnook FOOTBALL Chouteau Great Falls Malta Dutton Conrad Chrnook They Football for the 1940 season was a major drsapporntment to Fort Benton football fans Srx lettermen yyere back rn unrform from the year before but lack of werght and experrence proved an rmportant factor rn the outcome of every game When Longhorns traveled to Choteau for the frrst game the Bulldogs made the trrp drsastrous by nrpprng Benton 13 to 0 After the frrst game every game was a vrctory The team drd not really clrck throughout the season untrl the last gfrme when the Longhorns stampeded Chrnook by fr score of 33 to 0 Great Falls Reserve proved an easy yrctrm for Fort Benton but Malta gaye the Longhorns a severe trourcmg Dutton hEiV11lg a less experrenced team than ln many years fell subject to Fort Bentons strategrc tactrcs but the next week end the Conrad Cowboys roped th Longhorns wrth a score of 13 to 12 Although the football season was not very successful rt drd uncover some lrkely materral for the 1941 season and wrth thrs year s experrence the football team should have prospects ror more wrns next year Cal Fultz Cecrl Serrght Clarre Sykes Albert Morrrs GAMES Where played O a Fort Benton Oc 11 Geralclrne Oc 24 Brg Sandy George Paul Bob Burns Fort Benton Fort Benton Fort Benton SIX 'WANT PLAYI' Rb Walter Weeks B111 Koepp Kenny Young Frank Manley Ger aldrne Geraldrne Brg Sandy They GR KDE TE ACHERS Back row Iya Jane McCrory LOUISE Patterson Fred Lennrng Ruth Srnnott, Anna Nrgon Front row Ruth Lagerqurst Lors Thompson Alberta Johnson Page 42 Y THE PIONEER gf? Front row Patrlcla Wackerlxn Mary Gray Shlrlex Young Lo1s Lewls Jean Reynolds Dolores Frlellng Back row Lenore Frlellng Esther Humphrey Marlam Newhall Allce Galbralth Dorothy Ronnmg Agnes DeBru1n Barbara Van Hom Marlbelle Jahnke Mxss Helen Fechter GIRLS BASKETBALL Girls basketball was organlzed on January 7 1941 by Mxss Helen E Fechtel Tuesday from 5 to 7 and Thursday from 4 to 5 were the days deslgnated for regular practice Teams were formed and captams were chosen as follows Gallopmg G1rl1es Ahce Lvalbraxth Horrlble Harum Jean Reynolds and Short Stops Helen Campbell Durmg the year a few games of volley ball and badmmton were also enjoyed by the girls fi? 'Q' A Q 4 . , 1 Helen Campbell. Carley McCau1ay, Georgiana Uptmor. it 7 117 THE PlOTlEER Page 43 IUMBI BRS Georgrana Uptmor Shrrley Young Lors Lewrs Agnes DeBru1n Marrbelle Jahnke Mary Gray Carley McCaulas Marjorre Huffman Not rn prcture Marran Bowker Jean Reynolds Y vcnne Urton Esther Humphrey TUMBLIINC Tumblrng class wa organrzed soon after the basketball season came to a close Practrces were held at the end of the basketball season and at the same trme as the orrgrnal practrces for basketball wcre held The members all cooperated rn plannrng 1 program to be presented between acts of the Junror Play The members partrcrpatrng were Marjorre Huffman Lors Lewrs Shrrlew Yourg Marrbelle Jahnke Marran Bovaker Esther Humphr-ex YVonne Urton Carleg McCaular Georgrana Uptmor and Agnes DeBr urn The Hunchback from Ne krn Dames bs Effre Nreht One Class of Geometrx bx Izza Nuff Broken E0 s bs Watta Mess Postponed Marrrage br Canta Lope Loxer s Goodnrght bs Don Zabrakrrr The Blushrng Box br A Scarlet Male Cant Dance bt Dunno Home The Lost Game bs Itza Sharm Copper A polrceman Zlllf' A place to wash sour hands Bromlne What sou take for a head ache Srlxer what goes under the Lone Range Nrtrate Reductrorr on telephone call pr rces at nrght Nrtrrde What Paul Revere made :Az VX! OYTSTANDING BOOKS AND Al'THORS CHEMISTRY DEFINITIONS page 44 THE monaen ig? ni 41 Frrst row Clark Hllton Carley McCaulay Grayce Tschache V1rg1n1a Swanson Alxce Galbralth Jean Reynolds Betty Schmldt Mary Gray Donald Jackson Ronald Archer Daryl Hagle James Brown Wallace Morger Second row Leona Jackson Albert Morrxs Marxan Campbell Barbara Bxrkeland Edlth Scott Helen Campbell Mabel Stevens James Morger Lois Lewxs Kenneth Young Marxbelle Jahnke MarJorie Huffman Marjorie Manley Patricia Anderson Barbara Scott Margaret Blrkeland VernellF1sher Kenneth Vlnlon Keith Neyland Robert Weeks Shirley Young Third row Mr Charles Ide Donald Knudson Amy Hanson Wllham Preumnger Lorne Ritter Arthur Klemschmldt William Koepp Noel Anderson Agnes DeBru1n Dorothy Ronnmg Margaret James Irene Colby Jacquehne Castor Esther Humphrey Florence Cooper Geraldme Schuhmacher Fourth row Marlan Bowker Mary Wilford Barbara Van Horn Kenneth Morrow Wyman Jones Rosemary Schuhmacher Richard Moses Claire Sykes Robert Brust Eldon Adams Robert Cfalg Jack B Anderson B111 Schmldt BAND It takes muslc to keep an army marchlng so the FBHS band under Mr Ide has been playmg briskly since early fall when they played at the County Fair and enter tamed at Communlty Day Of course there were the regular Wmter and Sprmg Band Concerts and the band was also responslble fol a splendld cheer section at the dlstrlct basketball tournament and a radlo broadcast from KFBB Thmk of all the shoe leather that band members wore off when practxsmg to ro to Havre' It was almost comparable to the shoe leather dlSp0Sed of by graduates learn lng to march properly for commencement Yes lt takes muslc to keep an army gomg sk TWIRLLRS Those snappy ladle wlth batons who accompamed the band at the tournament at band concerts and on the trlp to Havre were our baton twlrlers Margaret James Irene Colby Agnes DeBru1n and Dorothy Ronmng Esther Humphrey Jacqueline Castor Geraldlne Schuhmacher Florence Cooper Agnes DeBru1n has taken a httle flock of begmners under her wing so FBHS will have twxrlers for years to come - s Q l V . f X , l - V V V V V V V V V V V V - V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V . V - - V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V - - V V V V V V V V V V V . , . V V ' 1 ' .. V ' J . , . Q V c . . .. V . V . V V . V , . sk THE PIOTIEER Page 45 Maflall Bowker at plano Back low Amy Hanson Henrletta Gray Effie Rltland EISIC Rltland Mabel Stevens Wllma Blackwood Marjorle Manley Mary Gray Betty Schmldt Patrlcla Wackerlln Barbara Van Hom Slttlng Georglana Uptmor Marlam Newhall Helen Campbell LOIS Lewis Al1ce Galbralth Leona Relchelt Rona Wharram fx GIRLS Cl EE 1 I LB Attlred ln black and whlte approximately twenty damsels spent the early mornmg hours practlsmg those notes whlch won them acclaim wherever they sang whether a Sundown or under a Pale Moon Wxth potent effect they scattered Stardust the eyes of the Kay Kyser audience After entertammg the Belt hlgh school and the local womens clubs they sang at Baccalaureate and came Smllln Through the ordeal of graduatlon to revel ln the dellghts of Summertlme KODAK DAY Because Kodak Day was scheduled for Aprll Fools Day lt took a lot of convmclng to get some of the more skeptical students to dress up however last minute results were up to the usual standard Spectators ICCCIVBG a sllght shock when Sparky and Chet paraded by 1n long underv ear not to mention the hula glrls raggedy anns and one lone cave woman Amer1can doughboys and the1r hostesses mmgled wlth ladies of yester year Dutch chlldren and Russxan dancers Who could forget the genume hoss whlch was supportlng Johnnv Sull1van" After taklng snaps outs1de ut was chllly as usualb everyone moved lrdoors to watch or take part ln the class and club stunts Prlzes went to the Sophomores for thelr Judgment scene from the Lower Reglons the Speech Class wlth xts Truth and Con equence program and the Press Club which deplcted the dxf ference between an old fashloned and a modern glrls gym Dlck Moses weaxmg what the well dlessed man wore ten years ago and Nlckx Walker fem f1lle of 1000000 B C were best dlessed bow and glrl Kodak Day wound up wlth a dance sesslon ln the gym 1 1. . ' ' K ' ' ' ' -, . Y - , , , . . . . . , - - . ix v ' ' V ' ' ' '. v 1 - I A . V ' S : . - ' v . N' . - v . .. . . . ' . . ,- ' ' . Page 46 THE PIOHEER in l""7 I 'Irv .1--4 Am a mam q Delores F'11e11ng Lorrame Baker Lenore Frlelmg Lurene Anderson Martha Scott Jacquelme Castor Mlss Thelma Swenson TNPINC II CI ANN .-A+ X K Mx. 19' Lf- ,Q '-I , 1 X S "1 gg, I .43 Ms e Q ,.,e i . W 2 J M ' -. N, 15 1 9 v . . , . . if THE PIONEER Page 47 Top row Irene Schanche Grayce Tschache Marlam Newhall M1ss Ila Grace Hagle Carley McCaula! Wallace Morger Anxta Walker Second row B111 Schmldt Russell Kurth Jack B Anderson Donald Adams Bottom row Marlan Bowker Lorene Stranahan THESPIANS Droolmg 1n make up and plddlxng ln drama aptly descrlbes the Natlonal Thesplan Troupe 195 of FBHS The Troupe was headed by Presldent Marlam Newhall and Secretary Treasurer Marlan Bowker and sponsored by Ila Grace Hagle Fall 1n1t1at1on found Carley McCau1ay Grayce Tschache Lorene Stranahan Russell Kurth and Jack Anderson standlng on the carpet as 1n1t1ates Later a program was put on by thls troupe wlth the new members partlclpatxng ln a comedy Of all Thmgs and the veterans ln a drama The Purple Rlm Total recelpts looked mlghty good and were used to sponsor travellng expenses of the cast of Revenge The drama Revenge was taken to Mlssoula to partlclpate ln the Llttle Theater Festwal Sprlng 1n1t1at1on mcluded those promising young actors and actresses from the Jumor Class play SPEECH CLASQ Speech Class members of FBHS presented three one act plays which netted them almost S70 The plays were Wednesday Mldnlght a mystery melodrama A Mad Breakfast a farce and Hyacmth on Wheels a modem play ln verse Casts were made up of the entxre Speech Class and dlrected by Ila Grace Hagle ix LAST NIGHT Txo glrls were dlscusslng men Last mght I clunbed a h111 Irene S Wh1ch would you deslre most Nor was I alone ln a husband brams wealth or appear I had the stars for playmates 211009 And the moon was my own Lorene Appearance and the sooner -Clark Hllton the better , , y 1 v . , . - v v ' v - . , . H . . h ,. ,I . . . ,, . . - 1 a y . , . ll - U - rl ' yn - ' ' u -v J ,, . . . . . a v AA. :U , . 14 - - -v , 4, . . , , uv . 41 - ,, . y - , . K . v . . L v t ' Page 48 THE PlOHEER :AV 5 First row Beryl Schultz Viola Collins Elva Whitehorn Esther Humphrey Marjorie Huffman Second row Rhoda Ann Ritter Rita Dale Ruth Miss Dorothy Cooney Irene Schanche Estella Drewlske Rona Wharram Amy Hanson Third row Martha Fultz Gertrude Postlll Amy Tope Edna Rowe Velma Ames Frances Embleton Wilma Blackwood HUNIIL EC CLUB Members of the Home Ec Club have spent an eventful and exciting year with Wllma Blackwood as president Esther Humphrey as secretary Rona Wharram as treas urer and Miss Cooney as sponsor Surely you remember the co ed prom with a large variety of people in their native costumes bums cowgi ls nymphs valentine girls dancers old fashioned girls and manv more Weren t you tired after you ran all over town looking for the assigned articles for the scavenger hunt? Dldnt you have fun at the Christmas party? Wasnt the potluck supper we had good'P Do you remember the times we made candy to sell at basketball games and the taffy pull we had" Werent you nervous and proud when we entertained our mothers at the Mothers Day party? To climax a successful year we vsent on a picnic k I do not mind the powder marks Bandit: Hands up! Out with all the You leave on my lapel. money you've got. I don't object when cherry lips Postofficial: One minute. p1ease--kind- Reveal our love too well: ly fill out this withdrawal form. But. oh. my sweet, I must record FBHS In bold and sweeping letters. My very strong antipathy Minds, says Hindle, are like parachutesl To white angora sweaters. they function only when open. gy THE Pioneeta Page 49 414 Zfo Front low Jack B Anderson Russell Kurth Stanley Whitehoin Walter Weeks Carl Bratz Miss Coonev Back row Donald Adams George Stevens Vernon Woods Dean Elliott Vlfgll Small BOX S HUNIF Fl Have Sou noticed how some of the bots gnlish fieuies have tlnckened the last semester" The reason is obiious thex are takinff Bots Home EC and are thriving on then own cookine Thet Xie with each other to see who can surpass in bakinv fixnie boiling fighting roops excuse it plea e Well anxviav the gnls appreciate the bots learning how to ciiit on . domestic life so thu can keep the home files burning Heic s to Xou Chefs' NPNIUR NNI' Xlx IWW Ficshmen Sopl Cino es and Juniors w ere left al ne in F B H S on Apiil 2-1 because Seniors selected that dat for then innual Sneak Aftei pain lllg tip he school ground in eiand stile the night before ther ill lett in cars at six in the mcininv Lvetvone arrived safelx in Gibson Paik Great Falls ani proceeded to Ed ly s Bdlsem where thex saw the pioctss of bread baking and w eie treated to delicious doughnuts, Thence they wended their wav to the Stnelter and went throuai the various shops, learning about copper refining and wire making, The Anaconda C, Nl. C, invited the students to eat their lunch in their club dining room and furnished them with milk. cho olate milk. and all the ice cream they could eai The Seniors certainl,' appreciated their kind invitation, the treat. and their detailed instruction as to the different processes which take place in the Snielter. Lastly on tl'e schedule was the KFBB Broadcasting station where everyone heard the news broadcast at 7355. after which they were shown around to the control room ani given information concerning the method of broadcasting the program. From the Broadcasting station everyone went to Giant Springs where they finish'-fl the rest of the food and from there parted to go their various ways for the night show. Page so THE PIOHEER eg? l F5 - A QOPHOMORE NEWS Front row Betty Callrson Robert Brust Florence Elliott Leo Kilrox Marjorre Manley Cec11 Roddx Ellen Eveleth Glen Hicks Florence Cooper Top rovx Miss Annle Evans Elva Whrtehorn Artl ur K16lhSChm1dt Mabel Lucas Barbara Van Horn Robert Craig Margaret James Lrllran Bokovo5 Estella Drewrske X-1 HIGH SCHOOL XX EER Fort Benton High School sent a dele ation of thrrtx nine students to attend the erghteenth annual High School Week at Montana State College rn Bozem n Mo t or these traveled rn one of the school ouses under the guiding hand of Schoonre Besides hav'ng a splendid time most of the students participated rn s holarshro events coming home wth the following prizes Keith Ney land Mabel Stevens Robert Cralg Lorraine Baker Glen Hicks Farlex McCaulaw Lorraine Baker Lorraine Baker Vlarram Newhall Dorothy Worrall Florence Cooper s s 2nd 2nd 2nd rd r 1 I' I' I' Solrd Geometrx Envlrsh UI Algebra II Pentathlon En l1sh II Chemrstrx Current HISIOXX U S Hrstorx English Ma Jor Bookkeeprnv Biology Participating rn 'he F F A contest the Fort Benton chapter took 3rd rn super Dean Elliott s rn Ford drvrsron of shop contest Walter Weeks s hog Judging Dean Elliott 3rd shop contest Dean Elliott was al o elected F F A reporter for the state for this near and was given the State Farmer degree N7 N 7 , ' r , ,,,,1 t ,,,, , ' M' t ,, 3' . ' ' ' ,,,, 3'd ,,,, ,, ,, , ' ' ' , , l .,,. 3'd,,,,,,,,.,, ,, , ., ,, . . ' j Lcrene Stranahan . ,,3rd American da English Literature r ' ' , , , ...... 3 d, . ' ' ' ,, ,,r..... ., 3 d .... H.. , , ' D vrsed farming. Individual winners' in F. A. events were as follows: h ' .......,,, ,,... 1 t .,,,, .......,, , ' ' ' ' l ....r.......,,,,,. 1 t ,,,,,.., ,.,...,,. , . .,4,. , , ' ' gf? 'THE PIOHEER Page 51 Frrst row Margaret Brrkeland Mabel Stevens Carley McCaulay Alrce Galbrarth Jean Reynolds Georgrana Uptmor Marran Bowker Lors Lewis Irene Colby Second row Mlss Helen Fechter Grayce Tschache Patrrcla Wackerlrn Irene Schanche Mary Gray Betty Schmrdt Dorothy Worrall Agnes DeBru1rr Thrrd row Lorene Stranahan Dean Ellrott Shrrley Young Clark Hrlton Marlam Newhall PRESS CLUB ' Swen Well known secret service OlgdI1lZH71C1l was under the drrectlon of Helen E Fechter rnvestlgator of unstudy actrvrtres At Intervals of two weeks The Cannon Report offrclal news communrque was rssued by secret operator M 13 known in private lrfe as Carley McCaulay George Stevens S 19 was forergn correspondent from the sports freld whrle Clark Hrlton H 8-to hrs fellow workers went as club delegate at MIEA conventron ln Mrssoula Elght members were promoted to the status of Qulll and Scroll members at a secret meetrng of all ' Sweners Operators T 20 1Grayce Tschachem M 13 1Carley McCaulayJ and N 14 1Marram Newhalll provlcled ratlons and F 6 mMrss Fechterr presented the medals T What 110156 annoys a norsy oyster norsv norse A skunk thunk he thunk the thunk the annoys a norsx oyster sat on a stump The skunk stump stunk and the stump skunk stunk If the skunk stump stunk and the stump thunk the skunk stunk yyhrch stunk the skunk or the stump? FBHS Dlck M Is my car rn front" B111 L Yes I heard lt knockrng O gl 'v f. TRY THESE: Romantic carryings on among the vege- - E - L, - L, , ,. .. , . ' Uv . Lv . t ' ' .. L .- . ,-In tables But dcllllllb we cantelope on your celery I ar trchoke you for that honey I ve been thlnklng and we could squash our troubles and beet the world lf me were a pear Her face became radrsh as she slowly drayyled Lettuce We know thrs IS corny but we dont carrot all , x I .. Wi. :S x X wheres Tonfn 7 !g'i gvfiiif ' 533 Q 15:3 1 wa Cleo ISIC. uaen l. nl suokslsm ,R Cole, A530"TQ'd Unzquz wwyg, 4Y Z- Calomxi' JOJUP, A Buffalo Bn!! Mrs Alias' Oop if THE PIOUEER Page 53 ront row Elmer Bokovoy Robert Wrllson Thomas MacKenzre Wyman Jones Vance Allen Dean Ellrott Henry Grossman Donald Knudson Donald Reynolds Freddre Katzenberger Second row Walter Weeks Dudley James Calvrn Fultz Gus Pavelrs Lewey Lorenzen Arthur Bennett Arthur Klernschmrdt Noel Anderson Basrl Fultz Clarence Stevenson Back row Davrd Carpenter Warren Stanton James Allen Vrctor Fatz Hrlton Roudebush Maynard Conway Frank Manley Davrd Dedman Charles Chrrstofterson FF The F F A chapter rrr rts fourth rear has reached a total membershrp of 30 boys and has been an outstandrng chapter rn the state thrs year Just before the begrnnrng of school the chapter sent one delegate to the State Offrcers Trarnrng Camp Members of the chapter purchased regrstered seed for use on rndrvrdual projects Another pure swrne revolvrng proyect was started and all other cooperatrve projects were contrnued Several bovs cooperated wrth the local County Agent rn testrng varrous varretres of wrnter wheat seed rrr thrs localrty In December several boys spoke before the Krvranrs Club at one of therr regular weekly meetrngs explarnrng the yyork of the Future Farmer organr zatron The chapter reported the hrghest returns rn the state from farr errhrbrts yyhrch totaled S161 80 Further the members entertained therr parents at the 2nd annual parent and son get together and the fourth annual radro broadcast was grren over statrorr KFBB A complete entry of teams was made at the State Comerrtron thrs sprmg Dean Ellrott chapter presrdent applred for the State Farmer degree whrch was ary arded hrm at the state corrventron Annual Staff What wrll you grve us Vernon Woods on Sneak Day Hello for these Jokes? Great Falls grrl Student body Ten yards start Vernon Oh well 'X vi' fC. Page 54 THE PIONEER ig Back low Althur Klelnschmldt Daryl Hagxe Vernon Woods W1ll1am Louther Kelth Neyland Donald Rust Chester Halley Jack B Anderson Mlddle row Joe Z1le W1ll1am Baumann H1lton Roudebush Donald Adams Wllllam Preunlnger Russell Kurth Edward Dlckens Adrlen Hess Front row Donald Gall Calvm Fultz B111 Schmldt A thur Bennett George Stevens Wallace Morger Claue Svkes Edward Nottxngham B CLUB At the beglnnlng of the campalgn Colonel Russell Kurth was promoted to the generalshlp w1th Captam Hagxe and Lleutenant Blll Schmldt as asslstants Thxs staff with a group of nrlvates had a very successful campaign Wh1Ch they began wxth the spon sormg of the Muslcal Gavettes a lyceum presented solely for the purpose of I'a1S1Ilg money to pay varlous expenses The next barrler on the march was the sale of season txckets for basketball Games The entlre company cooperated to make the sale successful Another salxent that was captured was the Jmgles Players also a lyceum presented for fmanclal reasons The sprmg campaign was finished With the conquermg of the County Track Meet and the appointment of new offlcers for the next maneuvers sir A JOE ZILE SAYING SEZ LEWEY L TO ALL GIRLS Mans faults are many You aint got money Women have but two You alnt got looks Everything they say So youd better carry And everythxng they do Your own dam books R .. , 25' G Q . 20 2' ' as " M 5 . 4 1 l 1 , . ' . r - . ' , , G6 77 , , . . ' ll ' 17 . . . , r ' ' . , ig THE PIOIIEER Page ss 'nf Front row Rrta Dale Ruth Geraldrne Schuhmacher Carlev McCau1ay Agnes Stern Dawn Gallaghe Mrddle row Lorrarne Baker Mabel Lucas Rosemary Schuhmacher Barbara Scott Lorene Anderson Mrss Thelma Swenson Back row Lorene Stranahan Clark Hrlton Jack A Ander on Leo Krlroy Glen Hrcks Marram Nevuhall L ATIN CLL B Flash' Latest communrque from the forergn front The Romanr Hodrernr vars mobrlrzed under the drr' torshrp of Jack A Anderson wrth Mrss Swenson as advrsor Chref of Staff Dawn Gallagher Propaganda Mrnrster Mabel Lucas and Drrector of Frnance Barbara Scott promrsed to grve therr unwaverrng support They herd tl err secret sessrons every two weeks after whrch ratrons were grven out at The Old Fort Inn The movre Krtty Foyle furnrshed a delrghtful evenrng of drversron from regular dutres To rmpress the faculty and school board wrth the rmportance of therr organrzatron thes gave a banquet patterned after the old Romans b Mrss Coonex Hou do xou test the temperature of a babx s bath? Irene S You frll the tub urth ua er and put the babx rn rt If the babx turrs red rts too hot rf the babx turns purple rt s too cold and rf the babx turns uhrte rt needed a bath FBHS The Senrors were born for Greater thrngs The Junrors and Sophomores for small But nobodw has ret found the reason Wlrx Freshmen were born at all Walter Weeks Sax have xou been readrn the papers larelx'P Amr Sure Ive been readrn the papers and I dont tlrrnk thrs Hrtler rs so bad but thrs gux Blrtvkrer he ou ht to be shot FBHS XX allx had proposed and been accepted Do xou hrnk xou could lrve on nn salarx Or S2a 00 fr weel-:9 he asked Surelx Darlrng replred Mabel but uhat wrll xou d09 -1 4 . . ' . ' . ' .Q . . . , . . 1- . ,. . ' A S ' V ' .' v 1' T r r . ' . 'E ' ' ' 4.. . ' . ' ' . , ' . ,cu . , . ' v 1 . ' ' . ' . . V ' . ' . . ' ' . ' , ' . U . ,, Q . . . . . .. .. . . . v .. . , , t . A . . 1, . K . -' g ' U .. . . ' :v . - - . . , r . . .. . . - . . . . .. . O. U. - - . r Q rs- o 1. . ,, , , . L. C l '- 5 ee- .' 1 r' .' ' . . . . ,. r - . '- "SY V Foot Loose. .- I-A Blonde. za LA Nod Tchofahaa Dmawi Nan L sl ,Lawns Goq Naneiilazs Tr-av rx H: Hofshvzr ' MA A 4'2--ana 2 -Nh! ' 2 A 1 , E? V ,. 1 ' Pr' I 9 I 10 ? ' 2 L if QV' 1 GI - ' ' 5 . U . SQ? THE PIONEER Page 57 MANUAL TRAINING DPI XRIXII4 Nl QNII FII HLGHI' S F01 the fn t tlme the Smlth Hughes Shop leallx got lllld9lXV'1X Ill full SVKIDU Fell new tools V616 Dl1IC1l"iS6d OVSI last xeal but no neva Hllqllglllg had to be done Autos went out of the shop at the late of about one exell mo 01 thlee weeks Ag III boxs C0llUllU6d on we-ldlng plactlces and Ag I boxs YXO1k6d most of the xeal on plellmlnalx DFHCIICE Iobs such as folglng QO1d6I'1llg shalpenlng alld others One outstandlng DIOJQCI was the constluctlng of 1 glaln blouel bs an advanced student Vert good home falm lI'I'lDlOX6ITl6l1I DIOJECIS uele Callled out tll1S Real lncludlnv such wolk as Remodellng and palntlng bl111dlllgS IBSEIXOII COIISIIUCIIOII leallanglng farm steads equlpplng sllope and COIISIIUCUOII of labor S'iYlIlg dexlces The moon was bllght Plof lto couplel Caughl on a palk The load was dalk A pelfect place To stop and palll gate a slol gale a glO'1ll culsed the fates I was alone Lench eh" What ale XOUI names" H Ben Petten She Anne Home FBHS FIOIII Vllglnla S S dlall Hon to keep xoul xouth Vll 3dY1C6 IS dont lntlo duce hlm to XOLII glll fll6l1dS Page 58 THE PlOI'lEER jf? SCHOOL C ALENDAR 1940 41 September Is ovember 2 Fzrst day of school Just th1nk of havlng to get up 1n the mommgs agam' Press Club organlzes for the task of edltmg another year of Cannon Report Glee Club IS orgamzed No doubt about 1t- we have at least f1ve Jenny Lmds Classes go 1nto a huddle and elect offlcers and sponsors SChIl'1ldt Sullivan Kllroy and Gray get the presldencles Senlors persuade the Freshmen to doll up m thelr nlghtles and show proper respect to thelr supellors wooden paddles ln the back ground As a crownxng touch to 1n1t1at1on the Senlors throw a party 1n honor of the Frosh By the txme you read thls you fresh1es should be able to forget and forgxveb Frlday the 13th and no casualtles to speak of Tumblers get together for another season of monkey flops etc th1s tlme w1th new mats to break the falls Even w1th the ard of a bus load of fans the Longhorns lose the flrst football game to Choteau We are entertalned by a talk on tuberculosls Sophomores begln to ed1t RIVCI Press hlgh school news 1More power to theml October 30 Fall plalds snappy knee socks and red cardl gans begln to blossom 1n our midst Our f1rst home football game We lost 31 9 but how could we help lt w1th B1ll Preunmger gettmg a black eye Duck twlstlng hls leg and Chet turnmg hls ankle" Daryl and Helen begm an endurlng romance B Club sponsors Festlval Accord1an1st. End of lst SIX weeks Frank Clark starts hrs Wharram courtshlp Knute Rockne memorlal game played here agalnst Dutton We won 27 0 Student body glven T B Tests In response to popular request Mlss Swenson organnes a French Class of 15 members Press Club sponsors Brown and Menely Second appearance here of the vlbraharplsts As usual the football teams outnumbered the spectators at the game here wlth Conrad N1ce that hlstorys ln the makmg 1snt 1t'9 We got to llsten to the conscrlptlon lottery broadcast We llsten to an astronomv lecture Klds will be klds when It comes to monkeymg wlth wlres connectlng mxcrophones Speech class glves choral readlngs and poll t1ca1 speeches at an assembly A llttle mud slmglng but not much-conslderln Teachers are useful for someth1ng' They went off to the Teachers Conventlon so we got a vacatlon We go to the polls ln the straw ballot en gmeered by U S Hlstory Classes FBHS prefers Ayers to Ford Freshies glV6 the Semors a return party Pat the educated ape goes through her trlcks Reverend Assembly Gravenor speaks at Armlstlce Dr Gable lectures on Mlcrobes Good and are allowed to look through some peep holes and see radlum dolng its stuff Bad W Senlor play I..1ttle Women 1n full costume goes over brg Jumors plck out then' rmgs three tone gold End of second SIX weeks Franksglvmg lget 1t"J Agnes DeBru1n leaves on 4 H trlp to Chlcago Republlcan Thanksg1v1ng Cthese poor turkeys dont have a chance anymore? Junlors g1V6 party Net proflts nothlng Press Club charters a school bus to attend a nelghborhood Journahsm meetlng at Havre December Herman the salamander takes up lns abode 1n the sclence room acquarlum a b1g hit Kay Kyser band program 1n other words Thesp1ans 1n1t1ate f1VC new members from Llttle Women cast Motto others before they do unto you llIlt0 Glrls convene for some volley balllng Flrst basketball game We won 45 15 Communlty Day proves that you can st1ll get somethlng for nothing 1Thanks to the buslness men of our falr cxtyl B Club takes ovex season tlcket selllng wlth a contest to llven thlngs up Band presents vunter concert featul mg solos Press Club beglns 1ts home made candy sales at basketball game w1th Big Sandy peanuts' pop corn' candy bars' Prehxstorlc typew11ter dlsplayed ln com merclal department Jubilee Slngers warble for lyceum program Longhorns set out for 3 day basketball trlp to eastern part of state Last day of school before Chrlstmas vaca t1on ends with Christmas play and pageant by the grades Now to go home and recup erate from the stram of these last months Herman departs from thxs world of strlfe All that remalns of hlm now rests ln a bath of formaldehyde 3 ' . ' ' 1 ' . . 4 . . . . r ll In 5 ,, ' ,, . ' . 7 ' ' . 6 . . . I. in V ' 11 ' ' 10-1 ' r ' U . .. -Q . - 18 r .. - D e 12 . . . . . A . .1 .' I l . . . 1 19 I... u 13 ' ' . 20 ' - 19 . 1 1 21 ' ' ' . . .- 2,7 . - . . i I ' 2 . . . 20 . , 8 , . . 29 ' ' . ' - ' . 23 ' ' . 30 25 . . . ' . ' . . 1 Y ' I 3 . ' V .- i - . - - - I 4 The "Ole Professor" and hlS "Ch1lluns" make 5 . . . - . . - Q ' T ' .U ' A ' - " ' " . 1 "Do . I . 5 - - . I 10 4. 1- ll ' - - qjv 6 . . - . 11 '. . 7 ' ' 12 . . . I. I ' . - . 9 - - - V -I 14 ' . , . - , ' 12 'A . " .. "' - 13 ' ' - 16 . I i . - - 19 V 1,7 .. . ,. . . - . .' , . . . . . ' 18 " ' ' " . 29 . . x - 3 19 - ' . ' . . 20 ' - if THE PIONEER Pdqe 59 December Ma1'Ch Basketball trlp ends ln success Poplar Nashua and Malta beaten Chrxstmas Annual KIWBUIS banquet for collegxans Bowl1ng alley opens There go all our spare dunes down the gutter January B1ll Schm1dt resolves to burn the m1dn1ght o1l but not because of studv1ng Last day of vacatxon We ought to have another week 1n whxch to recuperate from the effects of the last two School beglns agaxn A1nt llfe a bore? Glrls organlze basketball teams French class has pract1cally d1s1ntegrated three more to go Those KSTC tests aga1n Pep Band makes flrst appearance at Brown 1ng basketball game Speech Class wears ltself and everybody else out w1th 1tS Const1tut1on orat1ons Annual staff selected Marlam Newhall be comes editor m chlef of 41 P1oneer Lady teachers play basketball The boys could take a few lessons ln the art of foullnv That on agam off aga1n Morger Stevens courtshlp IS on agaln rlght now Semester tests Even the darkest clouds have s1lver llnlngs-or so they say Prlde goeth before a fall well anyway the basketball boys lost to Choteau Beglnnmg of second semester MISS Cooney tr1es teachmg 10 boys how to become housewlves Republlcans and Democrats fthat lncludes usb l1sten to th1rd term lnauguratlon Grayce Bud Betty and Jack appear ln flashy new yell Jackets at Shelby game February Ground hog sees shadow We won over Blg Sandy 5416 Only 17 fouls between the two teams My' My' FFA broadcasts over KFBB Th8SD13nS present The Purple Rlm and Of All Thngs Dav of hearts and flowers Fort Benton vs Chmook Last game befo e tournament We won 38 28 Prettv good 19 v1ctor1es 3 defeats No boys allowed at the Co ed prom glven b Home Economlcs Club DlSfTlCt basketball tournament Shucks' We would lose to St Marys by 1 pomt Well at least we beat Choteau revenge lS sweet and got th1rd Band g1ves broadcast and dom1nates Satur day n1ght cheermg sectlon KIWRHIS Club feeds FBHS athletes for grand flnale of basketball season N121 ch 12 Students UIVB Amerlcan Leglon Oratxons ln front of Judges Marlan Bowker lst Jerry Sweeney 2nd and George Stevens 3rd 8 Apr1l May 123 Thesplans smear greasepalnt on each other and call It character make up Jack dxd look pretty awful Sophomores g1V6 party Net proflts mmus 'lc Next tlme maybe thev ll learn It pays to clean up after them selves Amy H and Walter W are obl1v1ous to every one but themselves Marlan Bowker gets 3rd in Amerlcan Leglon contest at Great Falls Speech Class presents A Mad Breakfast Wednesday Mldnlght and Hyac1nth on Wheels Made practlcally 570 00 prof1t' 29 Hess and Lenn1ng attend MEA Delegate Assembly The Cannon Report comes out wlth a red hot razz 1ssue-no punches barred Apr1l Fool' Kodak Day Chet and Sparky outdo them selves ln long underwear and football sox Bozeman el1m1nat1on tests just hold your breath and hope for the best Junxors engage Ed Plerce and h1s orchestra for prom Theme very much a secret The Kansas State Teachers College never seems to tlre of sendlng out tests What a Llfe cast IS practlclng both after school and after supper What a hfe' FBHS representatlves to Mxssoula MUSIC meet g1ve an assembly solos and such It looked rather doubtful for a wh1le but our mus1c1ans f1nally left thexr classes to 'fo to Mlssoula Sen1ors choose blue caps and gowns Mlss Brown speaks to an all g1rl assembly on the advantages of nurs1ng Frosh whltewash the B Its a fme thmg when the senlor g1rls cant even help super v1se any more Off1c1al Bozeman 1nv1tat1ons to Hlgh School Week recelved Junlors present What a Llfe Annual goes to press Forty students took 1n the s1ghts at Mon tana State College Hlgh School Week couple of Fangs attached themselves to a couple of Benton g1rls wor v1ce versaw Havre Track meet Grades presented Tom Sawyer County Track Meet 17 MISSOUIB Interscholastlc Track Meet Ath 16t1CS Thesplans and Press Club attended Jun1or Prom Jun1ors almost managed to keep thell theme a complete secret Baccalaureate Semors ln blue caps and gowns marched down the 315195 of FBHS for the last tlm So Long Kds' 21 ' ' . , 13 ' v ' . 25 ' . . . ' .' ' so ' ' ' . , - ' - 1 1- . ' . . 21 1 l t 6 . K . U . , . i 27-2 - l 7 . . Q - - 28 I . 8 ' . , ' 11 ' - , - ' 1 . 12 ' . - - 16 . ' - 34 ' n U T' ' ' - - I 5 . . . 20 - . - - . - 8 U V ' 23-24 . 14 H . H ' D l , 24 1. . H- .. 16 . ' ' ' 25 We lose to Browning, too, 18-16. 18 End of fifth Six Weeks- 27 ' ' . 19 h ' . 29 ' ' ' 21 ' . . . . 1 21 I - l 30 w v Q . . . D I ' ll 71. Y ' ' 2 . ' - 4 . - Q h 24 . . , . . . 7 - 25 ' " ' 11 ' 1. ' 1-V f - . 14 , . Q U , , ,, I ' , ', I Z ' . A 18 1 ' - - ' ' ' ' . 3 . 19-22 ' ' . ' . 6 1- ' - - ' Q 9 ' . p ' . . l5-16- ' ' - 24 .' . 23 ' l. . n - A . 25 . D .... . 29 . . Hxawzxthc. 'Q- 'S fha: Qld Cu 'rm cowboy frm my be a I6 Wnllzo-Nga. A i x 1573 sz MW E quffwviiw fggvww' -Hn-QM Coma? AVI rx D085 n'-Stuff Coolfx G a n8sTe r Q i if-5 , A mi' 1. Xxx, F' "..5lLisv r . K h 1 as 6 Q , .. m I , 5 4,, jx ,V i ., ,A tu 1 ,:::- I Af r 'ight , W Mx wr , ., A vgwzf .A 5 . H i , ,If 4 5 ' 1 1- .Y ', 'i .-: ef, quggzj , , V 4 :E 5 ? X , Miz I 2 wr! ff gf? THE PIOHEER Page 61 rink wiki? Schoonxe B1 Soggy JAN ITORS FBHS TEN COMMANDMENTS Thou shalt not cut class 1Take the day off! Thou shalt not copy somebody elses homework tHave him do It for youl Thou shalt not drlve the teachers to thelr graves tLet the undertakers do their work? Thou shalt not run down the staxrs 1Slxd1ng down the bannlster IS more fum Thou shalt not look at anybodys test cAsk to have It passed to you? Thou shalt not shove others ln the halls 4Knock em downl Thou shalt not pull up plants to d1e 'Take them home 1ts betterl Thou shalt not throw erasers in class 1Br1cks are harder! Thou shalt not covet thv nelghbors pen 1Take ntl Thou shalt not whxspex ln class 1Shout1ng gets more attentlon and resultsb OPPORTUNISTS Among the rafters up above the eaves The splclers dwell 1n homes of old pomt ace The mows are full Gods plenty And the blns burst with his store The horses whlnny at your least approach The cattle low and tum complacent eyes The tlmld barn cats scamper from your reach And hide behind the forks piled by the door Above so much thats dull and common place The splders dwell IH palaces of lace Marlam Newhall F-'BHS Mallam 8: Carley We edxtols may dxg and toll T111 our flngextlps are sole But some young squut IS sure to sa I heard that cne before r ALKNUW LEDGTVILNTS Comp1l1ng and publxshmg the Ploneer lS of necesslty a commumty enterprlse We extend our thanks to Fulmers Studlo for photography and to the Rlvel Press not only for thelr prmtlng but for much helpful advlce Credit and blame for the vlrtues and faults of an annual usually fall upon two persons the edxtor and the sponsor However we feel that the Ploneers vlrtues outwelgh lts faults and want the pralse to be evenly dlstrlbuted Amy Hanson and Irene Colby should receive due credlt for cover deslgn letterlng and lllustxatlons Assoclate Ed1tor McCau1ay dld her share of revlsmg and remmdmg Our flV6 ty DISYS Marian Shlrley Margaret Y vonne and Lorene were some of our most w1ll1ng workers To Geol ge Stevens should go laurels not only for hlS dlrectlon of the sales campalgn but for several wrlte ups and revxslons which were exceptlonallv well done Don Adams Dorothy YVOIYS11 and Irene Schanche WSIS other yy lllmg workers who dld thelr share wxthout tooth pullmg Thelma P Swenson Marxam Newhall r . 1 il li - v - v ' y ' ll Ol - v v U . , . , . . ' . 1 Y . . . . V . Q . . yi QL fx N y y 1 Y w A T l . . . . . H . .. - . v . . . . ' V l v - ' - ' , V' ' , ' . 4 V . . , . . ,' ' ' - ' ' .' - ' v ' wwf' f 3

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