Fort Benton High School - Pioneer Yearbook (Fort Benton, MT)

 - Class of 1940

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Fort Benton High School - Pioneer Yearbook (Fort Benton, MT) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Cover

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XLXL X RRR I xxx L Of LII 011 Ik 5.5.5. fffff f' X, V 'LV Q -Q 1 llffffi f,., Cvfmf of ,Yzmfv '11 lxorllx '1 ,HP 1 jxfigfz Jwff mf -A 101111101119 'RK 111 111 1 ff 1 1 mx 11 11 111- 1111 X1 111111194018 1111111 PIUNI IR ST IFF -H -fx .I U 7 J j ' ' 1 11 is 111111 lb11'ilblll'1' 111 111-1'1- lbft'-t'1'X1' 1-H1111 1'l'1'1l111'1'111llI- 1-111 51111 111 1-111-1'is11 115 1111- Y1'ilI'F pass. 5111 '11ilf' 111 1111- 11111111-. s1111111i1 11115 11111 111. 1111-111111'i17s 111 i11sp1-1-111111 111111 111 1'1'i1-1111- 111111 1'il1'll11f' 111 f'1'S11'l'y1'i1l'. 1111111111115 2111111151 1'1n',,11111-11 11l1lllg1l 11111-1- 111'ill'. will Yi-11 F111 111111 1111- 11-111n's11ip, 1111- 1li1lll ' 1 1ll1'S. 1111 pai 5111111 j11yso1'11 S11-11 1.' -1 ' -ill 1x1-1'ivi111y '- - '1-d. ., 14.4, .. , DEDI1 C21 TIQN 1lI1SlL1CR1CEH1Cll 1 11 1 111 1910 gl ltC1ll11X 1111 ll 11 91 1 1 11111 1 1 1 ll 1111 1111111 1 11 11111-3 1 1- 1114 1111171 111 IJCISUII1 ll 1 1111pa1111111 111 1-1111 1 ll 1111411161110 111 11 11111 11111 1111111161 Z 1 f 1 ff' 2 1 A ,V 3 1 5 1- 71- " 1- if V171-, 11 1- aff . '1 1' I' 11' -111 1111- sl'Vt'll1 '1111 11111111111 11' 11114 "1" 1:1-ru 111 1111- 111111 111' 111-1' 1111'1. 1lt'l' s1-11s1- 111' 1lllllll1l' 111111 111-1' 11.11 - 1-11111111-11-1' 11115 111-1-11 illl ' 15 ' -1 ' 1111' ll.,' 1 1-1-111-11 l1li11llI'11f' 11-1111 1116 Stlllltf H 11 11111- 111-f. S111-111151 ft 1 sg 1 1f1 -' 1 11111 1111 llr 111111 1111 F111-1 111-1111111 1115111 51-1111111 Lllll1 F111111-11s-1111C1111-v 1111g11'. 11111' 111111111111 1'1" '1111 111111 -1 - ' . 1-11' 1E ' 111' res, -- 1 1 1 111111. Stanzlmg Mxss Buckland Elsa Hagen Annabelle Stanton Helen Blrkeland Edna Bennett Howard Huffman Isabel Nagengast Ollve Stevens Ir ne Blatz June Hollrelgh Leona Swanson S1tt1n Ro emary Imbert Vern McK1nlay Betty Morger Charles Stovall W1n1fred Young Ezhth Cul belt on Esther Mayer PIONEFR 5T4fF Edltor lll Chlef Ro emalx Imbext Asslstant Ed1to1 Annabelle Stanton BUSIHGSS Managels Vern McK1nl'1x Edna Bennett Art Edltors Isabel Nagengast Irene Bratz Classes Ed1I01S Leona Swanson Ol1ve Stevens Wxt Calendar Edltor Betty Moxgel Athletlcs Edltors Basketball Howard Huffman Football Charles Stovall Llterary Edltors Elsa Hagen June Hollrelgh Typlsts Esther Mayer Wlnnle Young Edlth Culbertson Annabel Brlese Sponsor Isabel R Buckland il j a Q. 5, ac ' ' 1 as fv v ? ' l. ooooo ...A .,,,,, . ,L S ' T I N . . Club Editors , ,. , ,, ,, , ,, .Laura Cameron. Helen Birkeland 'I' YN 'ci X , Ni 4, C A A I 1' 1. 'i ,' VA K rigii-4' 'L, ." Av' x gif, " ASTE! 'i V ',,,5,,:-JW., 3 , X, ".-M ' ' . vLE. .1'- X"-wif fi' , , ' FS-f' Y V, Xxx-,ffgjwn ' Q 5, . x,,r-..z25- A gf , ,QQ 3314- N .. A W 'Ne Ax-E fl YSJQ 1 c. Wax-. ' v E: 5 7, X . fs' ,. I V .NDT , J- ' 'erin .- ev. .3 " " ' ,pk ,1r' Q. n "-'-,U . !.f4 1 5 J Jus!-5 x 1 IIIIIL ah 1 I , 'ro J7fa51'e :: O 'I' We shall all remember our Prof You wlll probably never know bow mum h mflueme you hxd on ou1 llves M1 Hdgl Theee thmge about you, we wlll r member longext vo ll wirnmg cough and the unuxual jfllilllg but dlwdve somehow mdkmg us reall e what heele we were! In all seuousnee- ue my, We thmk you are a peach Good luck and much succebs IN our partmg thought to vou I , aa V as :-- L ' 1 ' f - 5 - way you had of scolding us fhalf serious, half . . 7 l H 'V N S Y A . .Q ' .Z . , 44 .H v v 1' 1' - v 4 v Y l Y I 4 1 79 I n X I 1 i . I .N . , , h . I DOROTHY JANE COONFY Home Econom1cs Mont State UDIVCTSIIY B A J A ZILE Athletlcs Mathematlcs Kansas Southwestern B HELEN E FECHTER Commerclal Athletlcs Journallsm Montana State College B CHARLES G IDE Mus1c Northeastern Conservatory of MUSIC Intermountaln Unlon College the Bllllngs PO1Xt8CllIllC B A -XNNIE R EW ANTS Enghsh Soclal SCIENCE Mont State Unlverslty B ADRIEN L HESS Sclence Athleucs Nhssourl Valles College B S ISABEL R BUCKLAND Hlstory Latm Intermountaln Unlon College B A J M HINDLE Manual Traxnlng Bradley Polytechnic Instltute ILA GRACE HAGIE Engllsh Dramatlcs Iowa Wesleyan College B D-KY ID C XRPENTER Sm1th Hughes Agrlcultuxe Educatlon Montana State College B S . ' .. l" ' M' ..' , .A. ' ' ,.S. ,' , .A of " . U' '. l4CL IHEIILXLLI F6115 ICR! ELAIQX HIC H SCHQQL Cf1NDl'D C,-MIER,-1 JHO TS ,YHOIWIT www 'exsxsf Y M V 'W' .IM 1 ,I V I gl W SENIURS WSIB I YERN McKINLAY General Course Class President 1, 2. 3. 4 Athletics ftrack B B F Bl Booster Club 3 4 Pres 4 Junior and Senior Class Plaxs F A Pres Thesprans 3 4 B nd 1 2 3 4 Pioneer Staff 4 Club 2 3 FLORENCE W ILLETTF General Course Freshman Music 1 Home Economics Club 3 History Club 3 Pep Club 4 KENTN ETH ENTGE General Course Entered from Great Falls 2 Spring Fever 3 Three One Act Plays 4 Ewes of Tlaloc 4 Ib -KBEL NAGEWGAST General Course R,oman1Hod1ern1 2 3 History Club 3 Press Club 4 Glee Club 4 Girls Athletrcs 3 4 Three One Act Plaxs Pioneer Staff 4 H M S Prnafore 4 GEORGE H -'LZEN Scientific Course Football and Basketball District Scholarshrp 1 State Scholarship 2 3 1 T ack 2 3 4 'Tlresprans 3 4 F A Spring Fexer 3 Exes of Tlaloc 4 B Club 3 4 ELSA HAGEN Commercial Course 'Romani Hodierniu 2. 3 "Spring Fever" 3 Pep Club 4 Thesprans 3 4 Home Economics Club l Pioneer Staff 4 DONALD RITTER General Course Class Treasurer 4 Basketball 1 2 3 4 nd 1 2 3 District Scholarship 1 State Scholarship 2 3 Spring Fever 3 H M S Pmafore 4 B Club 2 3 4 Booster Club 3 4 EDITH CULBERTSON General Course Pioneer Staff 4 Booster Club 3 4 Spring Fever 3 Eyes of Tlaloc 4 Thespians 3 4 Pres 4 Home Economics Club Three One Act Plays 4 History Club 3 Press Club 4 W ILLIAWI AN DERSON General Course Orchestra 1 B nd 1 2 3 4 Basketball 1 2 3 4 B Club 3 4 Football 4 Booster Club 4 H M S Pmafore 4 Three One Act Plaxs 4 EDN A BENNETT Commercial Course Class Secrerarx 1 2 Band and Orchestra Pioneer Staff 4 Booster Club 3 4 Thesprans 4 Press Club 4 Tumbling 4 Yell Leader 3 4 Spring Fewer 3 1. 2. 3. 4 ' ' ' ' - 1 3. 4 1 F. . . 2. 3. 4. ' . 3 3 I . . '. --B" . . 4 ' Ba . . . 4 -- ' ' . .4 I 3 . . . . - ' s. 4 .- L I I. I. if Q3. , 'l.+.' -lv ' V L, , . HOWARD HUFFNIAN Sc1ent1f1c Course Entered from Kallspell 4 Band 2 3 4 Ploneer Staff 4 Intramural Basketball 4 H S Dance Orchestra Pentathlon 4 IREWE BRATZ General Course Roman1Hod1ern1 4 Home Economlcs Club 1 Ploneer Staff 4 G1rls Glee Club 4 ROBERT BOWKER General Course B nd 1 2 3 4 Pep Band Intramural Basketball 2 Football 4 Hlstory Club 3 Three One Act Plays 4 General Course Press Club 4 234 Home Economlcs Club 1 234 nd 1 2 3 Orchestra 1 2 3 Basketball tumblmg 1 2 3 4 Ploneer Staff 4 Jazz Orchestra Glee Club 1 2 3 4 Three One Act Plays 3 HOWARD BOKOW Ol General Course Thesplans 3 4 Sprmg Fever 3 Three One Act Plaxs 4 Glee Club 4 F F A HISIOFQ Club 3 4 BETTY MORGER General Course Home Economlcs Club 1234 B nd 1 2 3 4 Glee Club 1 3 Booster Club 3 4 Three One Act Plays Eyes of Tlaloc 4 H M S Plnafore 4 JOHV WALKER General Course Intramural Basketball Track 3 P A Stunt Day Play 2 GRACE KERSCH Sc1ent1f1c Course Entered from Hamilton 2 Hamlltonxan Staff 2 Roman1Hod1ern1 3 4 Hlstory Club 4 Home Economlcs Club General Course B Club 2 3 4 F otball 1 2 3 4 Three One Act Plays V1ce Presldent 2 Pxoneer Staff 4 State Scholarshlp 3 Intramural Basketball Tlack 3 4 HELEN BIRKELAND General Course Home Economlcs Club 1234 Hlstorx Club 3 Thlee One Act Plays 4 Band 2 3 4 Orchestra 1 2 Basketball 3 4 Pep Band 4 P1oneer Staff 4 . . 3 y Y , A - -w v ' 4 . . 4 - ' 3 4 " ' " I v . F. '. . 4 a , ' V , . ' . 3 l I 'H V WINIFRED YOUNG CHARLES STOVALL - 0 .' 1 , Ba , . , 4 t ' ' 4 2 3 4 - ' ' l ' , 4 . . . 2. 3, 4 - 1 3 1 2 ANNABELLE STANTON General Course Asst Edxtor of Ploneer 4 Press Club 4 Home Economlcs Club 2 3 4 Romanl HOCIIEFDI 2 3 4 Hlstory Club 3 Mlxed Chorus 3 State Scholarship 3 Orchestra 3 LAURA CAMERON Commerclal Course Entered from Geraldme 3 Home Economlcs Club 1 Glee Club 2 Mechanlcal Arts 2 Cyclone Sally 3 Ploneer Staff 4 AlN NTABEL BRIE SE Ro'nan1 H0dlSYH1 2 3 4 Home Economlcs Club 4 Press Club 4 Ploneer Staff 4 JUNE HOLLREIGH General Course Entered from Spokane 3 Ploneer Staff 4 Hlstory Club 3 4 Romanl Hodlerm 3 4 ELLEN SCOTT General Course Entered from Etna Callf 4 Home Economlcs Club 1 2 Press Club 4 Eyes of Tlaloc 4 H M S Plnafore 4 Thesplans 4 Orchestra 1 2 3 4 Glrls Glee Club 1 2 3 4 LYLE MILLER General Course V1ce Presldent 1 Basketball 2 3 Three One Act Play Senlor Band 2 3 4 Pep Band 3 4 JOHN BAACK General Course Football l 2 3 4 Basketball 1 2 3 B Club 2 3 4 Track 2 3 F F A F F A P1es1dent 4 Booster Club 3 4 Athletlc Manager 4 B Club P18Sld6Ilf 4 ROBERT 'VIEREDITH Track 1 2 3 4 Football 4 Three One Act Plays CHARLES SPRINGS General Course Entered from Judith G Basketball 2 Baseball 2 Three One Act Plays F A Glee Club 4 BILL KELL1 General Course Booster Club 3 4 B Club Eyes of Tlaloc 4 Intramural Basketball Three One Act Plays Football 3 4 Track 1 2 4 ap l , ' . . - 'S 4 . ,4 4- " . . . 2. 3. 4 u ' vv ' . . 1 ' Commercial Course General Course H A . I .H . - . . . - V' 4 .l - -' - f 4 ' F. . . 4 . ll , -- . u 1 ' CHARLES WALKER General Course Intramural Basketball Football 4 Hxstory Club 3 B Club 4 Track 4 Boys Chorus B nd 1 2 4 GLADYB 'VIOE General Course Llbrary 4 Home Economlcs Club DICK BATEWIAN General Course Three One Act Plays 3 Freshman MUSIC 1 IRENIE BOKOW OY General Course Fleshman Musxc Home Economlcs Club Hlstory Club 2 3 Llbrary 4 N ORWI AN T -KCKE General Course Band 1 HISIOTX Club 4 Eyes of Tlaloc 4 F F A 1234 2 ALYLE L-ING General Course Glee Club 4 Home Economlcs Club 1 Three One Act Plays 4 ELI PAPAN Commerclal Course Band 1 Hlstory Club 3 BERN ILE SMALL General Course Home Economlcs Club Pep Club 4 Three One Act Plays 4 Basketball 1 2 W ALTER BAACK Genelal Course F F A Basketball 1 2 3 B Club 3 4 W IOLET LIPPERT General Course Home Economlcs Club Lady Spltflre 3 Eyes of Tlaloc 4 1 ags N ADIWE LIPPERT General Course Glrls Basketball 1 3 4 Home Economics Club 1 Tumblxng 4 Sprmg Fever 3 ESTHER 'VIAYER Commerclal Course Thlee One Act Plays 4 Home Economlcs Club 1 Ploneer Staff 4 OLIY E STEVENS General Course nd 1 2 3 Olchestra 2 3 D1st11ct and State SCh01211S"llp Booster Club 3 4 Home Economlcs Club 1234 Pep Club 4 Romam HOd1CII11 4 P1onee1 Staff 4 Press Club 4 LIL A NI AE WILLIS General Course Romanl HOd18l11l 2 H1SIOFy Club 3 Glee Club 1 3 4 Ewes of Tlaloc 4 LEONA SWAWSO General Course Booster Club 3 Thesplans 3 4 Sprlng Fever 3 Band 1 Ploneer Staff 4 Home Economlcs Club 1 Hlston Club 3 KENNETH SCHMIDT Sc1ent1f1c Course V1ce Presldent 3 4 Football 2 3 4 B Club 3 4 Bovs Glee Club and Quartette State Scholalshlp Meet 3 4 Intramulal Basketball 1 2 3 4 Varsltx Basketball 3 4 Booster Club 3 4 H M S Pmafore 4 W AYNF VVHITEHORN Sc1ent1f1c Course State Scholarshlp 4 Basketball 1 Glee Club 4 Press Club 4 ROBI' RT KOEPP General Course Football 3 4 B Club F A Meet 4 EX ERETT BEECHER SC16Dt1flC Course State Scholarslup 4 Freshman MUSIC 1 JOE WEEKS Sc1ent1f1c Course Football 1 2 3 4 Intramural Basketball 3 Track 2 3 4 Eyes of Tlaloc 4 H M S Plnafoxe 4 Boys Chorus and Quartette B Clubl 2 State Scholarshxp 4 Booster Club 3 4 L 3. 4 Ba . , , 4 . '-- ' F.. . 1. 2 F. F. A. District Judging " ' ' ' . 3. 4 ' .' . N , 4 . . . . Y 2 . 4 . U, .. -- ' V 3. 4 CLASS OFFICERS President ....,,,,Vern McKinlay Vice Pres. ...Kenneth Schmidt Secretary .,.,,..,..,Edna Bennett Treasurer ., ,Donald Ritter Sponsor ROSEMARY IMBERT General Course Editor in chief Pioneer State Scholarship 2 3 Spring Fever 3 Press Club 4 Romani Hodierni 2 3 Basketball 3 4 Three One Act Plays 4 State Declamation 4 Glee Club 4 ALICE CALKIN General Course Fieshman Music 1 Romani Hodierni 1 . .Isabel Buckland 4 EVERETT JACOBSEN Scientific Course Band 1, 2 "Spring Fever" 3 "Eyes of Tlaloc" Thespians 3, 4 District Scholarsh State Scholarship ELMER COX General Course B Club 3 4 Basketball 1 2 3 Football 3 4 T ack 1 2 3 4 4 i p1 2. Three One Act Plays " F F A 4 History Club 3 BEN CALLISOW General Course Football 3 4 B Club 4 FU Ul R .SPONSOR M153 BUCK! 4NlI C xc ausec ou mul 1 1o11 lt Iue hut Ilfllllgll it all youve led llb 1x1 1 L0llldg6, patieme and with an eye fo1 lldllllg su haw sou ist re.1l17e the good thmgs me law dltlblll IIIN 1ed 1.ue tome IIIOUI llttdll 4 you 1e.1llx hehexed Ill our motto The dom lo -utte - 1 a1e e us 0 cour e in haxent alwaw ag1eed with you for Xillll per-onalitx neier leave- OIIC 111d1ffe1e11t to you but usuallw 111 the end, we realized xou were ught I am sure I speak fox the clas of 1940 when I saw vou ve been a grand -pon Ol and a true friend to Us all A SEMOR 3, 4 it - , , '11 Y y 4 r y I- I U 1 ' I M . . .,, V 2 ,. H I .' ' ' 1 , 1 1 v 1 1 f W . 1 I , 4 1. 1 Vthf h'1" 1" .' , I y rl t' l I- 'lis t- I ' - , ' . .1 'tl our class always produce the best. Now. as I.. lol J., . i 5. v 4 , - , v I LL v 3 H sy 's l-l ll d p th." f s . 'L n ' q 1 '4 'YS I s Q. iv Q -v 1 Q Q 4 - Y - v : ' . Q l . n a l 1 . . l . N V 9 as 1 4' l4C! lllLllC,NLLlx fOlxl BLXYOX HIC H SCHOOL 1 5 f " f ff li A. 11.5, C,-1,X'DlD CAJIERA JH O TS ABOUT -.x.,+. + UNIURS 'Q 'I L: 1:1 QQ' Q K ' f "ffl ff 3 Q Mug muul' Q if A Lfl' qc" f X! l Q: P xkeqk ji", ij Q ' C01 f 1 .XO ffvglg? 1 'ldfff 'F Z, 4 ! , :,::..1-" A Q 'I -... 1-ffl' ,F '-'nf . xl' fa'.,' '. f A J: ' VD.: ' an :T H1 A .' ,ix fy, Z , Q ,Az ' ,,,, y I bl My "I I V, ffcl' I, yr- ml , s ...i I f Z" I uv, ayzfto- - .-,. y, , ,f 9.1 :Q-f f V Z ,455 Q M 1, ' N fx . X Y . J I , , 4 ,f I I r ,' x ' ' j , w ' 4- j in 1- y .1 .111 'f CL .L - ' W f f5,5iL!4eL,,,.eLLAe,,..-tf,l'g, ffl V "' 9 ,f X, A X M l ' , W H. ' X lnasoulsdi - Prttflani "----... Top row Marlan Bowker Eugene Ronnmg Lorene Stranahan Bob Bunn Georglana Up mo Donald Adams Margaret Whlte George Stevens Ellen Ame Second rovx Dudley James Shlrlev Young Amta Walker B111 Schmidt Fourth ron Wally Moxger Estella Drevnske Agnes DeBru1n Dean Elllott F1fth mm Yvonne Urton John Llppert Gerald Cameron Grayce Tschache Slxth rovs Vlrgxl Small Marlam Nevxhall Robert Weeks Irene Schanche Clarence Stevenson Lois Lexus Jack B Anderson Ams Hanson Kenneth Morrow Seventh IOXR Irene Colbx H1ltOD Roudebush Leona Jackson Warren Hallex Agnes Stem Edvtaxd Nottlngham Dorothx Worrall Lewes Lotenzen Carleg McCaula5 lxot lll DICIUIE Paul Murphx 2 . 1 . Q I c. 1 S 3 Eve? Third row: ' Ethel Kelley, Alrnam Wiley. Vernon Woods. lvlartha Scott. - lf lfHfllL.XLlR ICL lHSTORY'0F'lDNIUh.CIlSS On a blustery October day rn 1937 we gfruchos rode farly through the gates of the rancho Fort Benton Hrgh School Our leader Don Lours Russell attempted to keep order yyrth the ard of Senorrta Grllespre Behlnd them were Senor John Romrnger Don Lours Russells rrght hand woman Senorrta Georgrana Uptmor carry rng the pesos bag and Senor Wally Morger recordrnv the eyents of the days Once safely through the gates and accustomed to our new surroundrngs yye proceeded to capture frrst prrze at the stunt day fresta after havrng been through the terrors of rnrtratron In 1938 we found some Mexrcans approachrng the rancho wrth sprrlt and garty and we showed them what we had learned about the rancho Th1s year we were led by the handsome Don Bob Martrn wrth Senorrta Dorothy Worrall and Senor George Stevens to help hrm Once agarn we captured the stunt day fresta prrze wrth the ard of charmrng Senorrta Grllespre By the fall of 1939 we senors and senorrtas were eagerly awartrng our thrrd vrsrt to the rancho Wrth Senor Kurth and hrs assrstants Senores Morger and Nottmgham frght called Mr Cook Takes Over and to dance garly at the annual Jumor fresta We departed callrrrg Adros untrl next year when well come back and take over command of the rancho CONTRAST Marram Newhall Thrs rs the Prarrre A famrshed Creature tearrng wrth bony frngers At the very Thrngs whrch feed upon her Breast Thrs rs the Prarrre Forgettrng the angursh caused by rarnless Nature She flrngs her verdant locks bedecked wrth Cactus Blooms rnto the Breeze DREJULJND Maflam New hall I have seen Dreamland Soft sleepy snow lapped rn gentle drrfts across a prarrre Where each stem of yellow stubble makes a trny frssure rn an endless freld A moon to catch the sparkle of the snow plastered on wall and fence A frrnge of wrndblown rcrcles lrke crooked daggers hang from barny ard roofs And as the poet savs there rs snow musrc yvhrch lrltrng lrke the laughter of the stars plays rn thrs paradrse w ST4RFUlA Marram New hall Stars from the town streets aboye the lrghted trees Look lrke naughty vrvens lollrng at therr ease But stars above the prarrre are lrke wholesome country grrls Wrth laughter on therr faces and the yymd among therr curls Clty stars are far away aloof arrstocrats Country stars are frrendlv folks who lrke mformal chats Crty stars are glrtterrng country stars are krnd Somehow I frnd the country stars more pleasrng to my mrnd Ffa. .sg " 1 1 N fa- :fra ,N . , , A . . V N4 . Q . I ,C . A, . . . and sponsor, Senorita Cooney, we gaily rode into the' rancho to participate in the bull LT '40 ii- -i '40 i-, ' .' . " ' A ..., YK. .,.l. .. PA GE so THE PIONEER E H. ll. 5. JUNIOR PLAY On April 19. 1940. we juniors presented our play, 'Mr. Cook Takes Over." a farce. portraying the life of a mathematics teachers family when father decides to balance the budget. Marian Bowker Wally Morger Donald Adams lfatherl and George Stevens had especially good laugh lines. Miss Hagie. our director certainly turns out excellent plays. JUNIOR PROMENA DE Emerald Cnty in the Land of Oz with all its beautles floated from nowhere and landed in the high school gym as the theme for the Junior Prom May 18 A grand and glorious multicolored rainbow made everyone feel close to heaven The wide yellow brick road from the door to the stage served as a path for the grand march A white lattice fence added a harmonious note to Oz It has been unanimously voted one of the most dellghtful proms held in this hlgh school KOD 4K DA Y Breeze' Buzz' Bums' And with a bang Kodak Day began An army on the march' And what an army cowboys mountaineers negroes Spaniards Daniel Boone Robin Hood Little Miss United States and even Hitler along with many more After the march came the movles and stunts by all the classes and school organiza tlons All those in costumes fairly strutted across the stage to catch the eyes of the Judges Amy Hanson as Friday walked away with the best girl prize The best boy prize winner was Norman Tacke all decked out as the well dressed lady and it is rumored iShhhh5 that he actually Wore some of the unmentionables' Couple costume Wlnners were June Hollreigh and V1rg1n1a Swanson two right about face kids Last came the 6 babes ln arms wearing the usual apparel plus derbies bottles and cigars who took the funny prize The best stunt prize was copped by the F F A boys who convinced the Judges that Future Farmers knew their stuff about Judging For all the chilly breeze that blew everybody was all het up for the Jam sesslon which brought to an end a perfectly swell day THE MYSTERIOUS NIGHT Clark Hilton Night black shapeless mass creeps slowly upon us Gradually a dismal gray covers the earth like a blanket to keep out the cold of night Then the gray of evening slowly trans forms ltself into the black of night and all IS calm The pale moon and twinkling stars replace the br11l1ant sun which has now drop ped in the west leav1ng only a dun trail behind it last that too disappears and the world slumbers peacefully unaware of ltS surroundings until the dawn of a new day Mr Ide was doing his best to fit his key into the lock humming absent mlnd edlx as he thought of next weeks exams After a time a head emerged through the window above Go away you fool cried the man up stairs Youre trung to get into the wrong house Fool yourself' shouted back Ml Ide You re looking out of the wrong wmdow A SAILOR S LIFE Warren Halley I W1Sh I were a handsome slug Like Gable and Robert Taylor Instead of being a common mug Thats Just a U S sailor Id slay the girls with my handsome m And pltch a little woo Theyd see me comlng for a mile Without the navy too Boy what a l1fe I would lead Cocktails girls and wine Oh' when I th1nk of all these deeds Shivels run up my spine Marx Gray had an Elgin watch She swallowed it Its gone Now everv time that Mary walks TIME MARCHES ON 40 1le Miss Buckland What did the Federal goxernment do with Negroes who fled to tl e North during the Civil War'P Jean Reynolds They put them 111 UI1l0l1 SUIIS . Y . , . hi '40 -1. r40 -..... , Q 'l wa y , . ' , - - - .. ,, , . Y - . . . . . V ,L . ' . Y, 1 - ' . , , ' ' U V! . . . ' ' ' ' ' 44 u - . . - l. H it 140 l.- , ' . a , , . . 1 - v . - s At . . ' . - ' ' - '40 i - '40 - r , , . ' . , . M Q 1 v ' .. - - ',, 1 .l - A -4 A K- ,' ' v -' v , vw E 1 - V ' ' " LAUXLL CL ll!! !!C,Xz'Llx 312 Class W Top rovr Allce Galbraxth Jerry Sweeney Lurene Anderson Daryl Hagle Jean Reynolds Kelth Neyland V1rg1n1a Swanson Second row Geraldme Schuhmacher Frank Clark ElS16 Rrtland Frank Manley Patr1c1a Anderson B111 Louther Lenore Frlehng Edward Dlckens Dorothy Ronnmg Th1rd row Leonard Stembacher Fern Kelley John Sullnan Jack A Anderson Mary Gray Carl Bratz Fourth row Margaret Bxrkeland Clark Hrlton Delores Fr1e11ng Lucrlle Calllson Tom MHCKEUZIC Effie Rltland Frfth row Arthur Bennett Mabel Stevens Dale Taylor Barbara Scott Stanley Whxtehorn P8.U'1Cla Wackerhn James Wood Rosemary Schuhmacher Walter Weeks Sixth row Lorrame Baker Kenneth V1n1on Marjory Jones Ralph Kerl Delores Wagner Warren Stanton Bertha Lundy Dxck Moses SQIVIH Wolf Seventh row Cecxl Serxght Betty Schmidt B111 Kaepp Lorne Rxtter Donald Rust Velma Ames Jumor Tope Jacquelme Castor George Call-nn l'.1?':: H 5' ' N. 'f"' ffH.ll,S. ' if if Q :Q if , A "'-. gz' fi ' . ' f ri Q Q1 5 1 IHL PILXLLR l L SUPHUUURL CL 159 HISTUIJ We were a bewrldered group of peons as we started out on our per rlous trek throrr n the wrld mountarns of Mexrco 4Fort Benton Hrgh Schoolr rn 1939 so we chose Senorrta Hagre to help us nrap out our course The gurde was Senor Daryl Hagre In case he fell off a clrff Senor Moses was to take hrs place Senor Tubby Drckens came along to read tlse srgns for us and take care of any extra pesos we mrght have A nerghborrng vrlla from the surroundrng country gave a fresta rn our honor whrch proved to be very parnful to us but we snowed up therr rll manners and entertarned them royally at a barbeque Havrng passed through the mountarns wrth very few casualtres we gave another fresta on our way home to celebrate In thrs year of 1940 we peons agarn organr7ed and selected a map maker Senor Ide Thrs trme we chose Senor Harold Krsul as gurde and Jerry Sweeney as hrs assrstant Senorrta Patrrcra Wackerlrn took over the posrtron of offrcral srgn reader and pesos keeper We showed true Mexrcan hosprtalrty by provrdrng an rnrtratron fresta for the frfty seven cowpunchers who came rnto Mexrco 1F B H S l led by Senor Halley We progressed wrth reasonable safety untrl about the mrddle of the Journey when upon ascendrng some rugged clrffs a few of the peons were lost Thus we have frnrshed our second expedrtron and are plannrng a brgger and better one for 1941 when we wrll agarn trek rnto Mexrco KF B H Sl WHEN FATHER PLAYED FOOTBALL The smell of arnrca abounds He hobbles wrth a cane The smell of arnrca rs strong And mothers trme 1S spent In rubbrng fathers arms and back Wrth burnrng lrnrment The house rs lrke a druggrsts shop Strong odors frll the hall And day and nrght we hear hrm groan Hes forty past but he declared That he was young as ever And rn hrs youth he sard he was A football player clever So when the busrness men arranged A game they came to call On Dad and asked hrm rf he thought That he could play football Cn Saturday the game was played And all of us were there Dfrd borrowed an old unrform That George used to wear Pe pard three dollars for hrs shoes Wore cleats to save a fall He had the make up on all rrght When father played football He trred to run but trrpped and fell He trred to take a throw It put three frngers out of Jornt And father let rt go He stopped an end run wrth hrs face Was krcked nor was that all It looked to us lrke surcrde When father played football At last he lrmped away and now He suffers rn drsgrace Hrs arms are bathed rn lrnrment Court plaster hrdes hrs face He says hrs back rs breakrng and Hrs legs wont move at all It made a wreck of father when Pe trred to play football A row of blrsters mar hrs foot He rs rn constant pam But lame and weak as father rs He swears hell lrck us all If We dare ever speak about The day he played football Selected BEGINNTINTG AND END Florence Cooper Bewrldered freshmen crowd the halls T116 arr rs frlled wrth dear frrends calls Senrors proudly carryrng books Grve the frosh drsdarnful looks The frrst day of school has now begun And all look forward to thrs year s fun Serrrc rushrng here and there About them all a lordly arr Now fr play then a speech Wrtlr graduatron ahead for each The freslrres now are not so green For the last day of school rs soon seen 40 GR -XDL ATE S LAMENT Im well educated Trs easy to see The worlds at my feet For I haye my A B M A wrll come next Then of course Ph D But Id chuck rt all For a good J O B Before I heard the doctors tell The danger of a krss I had consrdered krssrng you The nearest thrng to blrss But now I know brology I srt and srgh and moan Srx mrllron mad bacterra And I thought we were alone F H. ll. 5. M 7 N. "' " 'I-ICI j gs , . V Y ,f we . I X' it '40 Since father' played football. ,40 - ' A , , ' ' 1 A ' - g '- to ry IJCI IHLIILXLII IXILRICIX SX IP SHCIS IBO!!! Blawg Cnwrvwwml Ef.TfL.1!fWCflf fm fswklh mm 'fb Li fffwx KL 1-15:4 H 'Y , N,'7fQ FfJ.ff.5. lim: 7 .11 V1 mi "Q, M'H Y "1K 'HXfK'fX FOR T ,5Jf1'1X'Y'Q1X' Hffllf S'CffQQL . af V M' . ' A' .Lum .. mu nz, ' - u, A . FRESH lllC?!f sa 'HIL' l'lC.X'!5'f5'K lf H. ll. S. Hallo Y 94-3 Class Top IO Glen Hlcks Emma Jean Ruth Claxr Sykes Mabel Lucas V1ctor Fatz Barbara Van Horn Wllllam Baumann Second royy Robert Cralg Elsxe Mae McSvyeeney Charles Chrlstofferson Allce El11ott Robert Brust Florence E111ott Elmer Bokovoy Evalvn Bear Donald Gall Tlnrd rovy Margaret James Vemell Flsher Dawn Gallagher Audrey Rody Rudolph Larkln Jr Dude Schoonover Flfth royy Rosalle Cameron Dale Allen Margaret Colllns Henry Grossman Joyce Gall Kenneth Young Helen Chrlstenson Cec1l Roddy Esther Humphrey Slxth royy Albert MOTTIS Beryl Schultz Delbert Long Lllhan Bokovoy George E1l1ot Floren e Coope Cla1ence Wlllson Betty Calhson Arthur Klelnschmldt Seventh royy Kermlt Rody Dorothy Rltter Ellen Eveleth James Morger Edna Rovye Beatxlce Klay George Paul Elva Whltehorn Not 1n DICIUTC Ted Brummer 4- I - of ' A. N. M... V at . 4 Fourth row: Calvin Fultz. Marjorie Manley. James A11en,E1-:lon Adams. Emily Myers. Melvin McLauchlin. llfb IIL XLLIX HrF5l1lHlLllSSl1lSTURl Enterrng the gates of El Rancho FBHS for the frrst trme came yye frfty seven cow punchers headed by the stalwart Senor Chester Halley The second puncher through the gates was Senor George Wackerlrn who later left the ranch to work rn another posr DIOR Followrnv came Senorrta Margaret James who kept track of the cowboys actrvrtres Fourth rn lrne carryrng the pay roll rode Calvm Fultz Trarlrng alon behrnd on a lrttle gray burro was Mrss Evans the MSXICHIX Rose Immedrately after our appearance we were subyected to torturrng hours of drscom fort and embarrassment To make up for our drscomfort the veterans gave a fresta rn our honor After a few months of hard labor we rn return threw a shrndrg for the older punchers Some of the senorrtas slung hash rn the chuck wagon whrle musrc was furnrshed by the Senores Nelson In the wee hours of the mornrng we cowboys crawled mto our bunks and slept soundly untrl sunrrse The ranch work contrnued as usual throughout the wrnter The ranch owners brand whrch was B had been formed from rocks on a nearby h1ll by a group of cow punchers formerly employed at the rancho One warm sprrng day veteran cowpunchers at the rancho decrded that the brand needed freshenrng up No sooner sard than done and we younger cowpunchers trouped up the h1ll By means of whrtewash whrch some one dug out of the bunkhouse we really rmproved the appearance of the brand Back to the ranch and our work we went untrl our employer gave us all a vacatlon untrl roundup trme SING A SONG OF FACULTY Now Carpenter rs a funny name That always mrxes me Frrst well start wrth Hagre Why Carpenter 1snt a carpenter They say hes good and krnd That I Cannot see But when hes rn the study hall He sure does make them mrnd And sure rs qurte a man Mfrthematrcs rs to Zrle As Peter 15 to Pan Mrss Evans now rs drfferent Shes small and gav and krnd But youve got to know your Englrsh That you soon w11l frnd Mr Ide says blow the horns And beat the drums a plenty But when you come to cresendo You ve got to do rt gently I-'ess handles all the nrtrogen And volts and ohms and frzz For hes got a screntrfrc brarn That makes hrm what he rs Mrss Cooney makes the candy bars And frosted cakes Yum' Yum' How do I know they re very good'P Well you see Ive tasted them Hammers brts and frammg squares Are always needed here For you see rts Mr Hrndles room We re workrng here dont fear' Mrss Buckland wrth her charmrng smrle Makes everybody happy But her assrgnments people say Make them all slap happy If Mrss Hagre drdnt teach here And fr ure out our plays And shorten up our days 'vlrss Fechter IS an athlete She teaches tumblrng grrl Some people sure have a tre uck Why wasnt I a glI'19 I could go on forever rAs Freshmen always on Of rulers books and facu ty Oh grve us somethrng new' We say please make the teachers go And tests and books well ban But we couldnt do wrthout em I am speakrng man to man Robert Br ust 40 QL OT ATION S Wrsdom rs ofttrmes nearer when we stoop than when we soar Wordsworth No man rs Justrfred rn dorng evrl on the grounds of eycpedrency Theodore Roosevelt Young men thrnk old men are fools but old men know young men are fools Chapman Readrng maketh a full man confer ence a ready man and wrrtrng an eyract man Bacon F H. H. S, " ' I CX '-' 1' ' RICE if 1. '40 .l Mr. Zile is large and tall, They wouldn't cut our study' hours. ' ' ' ls. ' , ', ' ' ' . ll l l l . Q 1 if .d , A K . . . l . - t ' V43 CL Ill! IILXLII IXILAIOIX SX Il SHOIS HJC!!! ICA! ALXICX INCH SCHCL QMLLQ, Upuufu Yuma mihmh Azwwm Swwgfumi WLM afwm, ll-1f':.S H f ,"'fx I-1f,.ll9 V' ' f 7 7 ' ' Q ' ' ' ' ' I x 1 1 I x 1 J R R55 ' ' ' f ' f r x X ' ' 1 7 x 2 41 I 1 I X X r , . l 1 4 ., 15 GWLU ' 7221 ........ ,.g. -----f---- - 1 FN I 7' 10,9 ., EAA.- DUINES ,,- . . X,.., . get llllg !'lL,.Xlglglx 1-. ff. fl. it 4 1 aw.. fax Da k low left to rlght Dean Elliott Wayne Whitehorn Ellen Scott Anita Walker Annabelle Stanton Iiene Colby Amy Hanson Annabel Briese Edna Bennett Rosemary Imbert Miss Fechter fsponsor? F1 ont IOXX Grayce Tschache Edlth Culbertson Winifred Young Marian Bowker Marlam Newhall Carley McCaulay O11ve Stevens Isabel Nagengast Betty Morger PRESS CLUB Flash' Cannon Report' Everyone rushed to get his copy of the first high school paper Issued here for several years Now the Cannon Report is regarded as a permanent fixture It is published once a month by the press club under the supervision of Miss Fechter and contalns the curient news around and about school The press club meets each Wednesday The news gathering staff of the paper IS assisted bv students it ho dxop news notes in the S O S box Membership in the Montana Journalists Organization and Quill and Scroll was proudly attained by the club Our high school is represented in nearly everv high school in the state through the exchange of school papers cllsplayed on the special edition day at 4 oclock when the armv marches by to get their Cannon Report A FRESHMANS OPINION Robert Craig The seniors think we are so green We do not know a smgle thing But when it comes to general math We ve thrown a log across their path Our English mlght not be so hot We might not know an awful lot But when it comes to common sense We ve got them senlors on the fence They ll make us whltewash the great big Because they re too lazy to you see But vuell get even oh and how When we re seniors three wears from nom ENGLISH Junior Larkm English xs a great thing It thrills me through and through But long assignments bother me and make me feel so blue But I know that I should study and get my Enghsh too For grades don t grow on bushes and they dont come free to you With all my tnought and effort I wrote this poem today I used up all my energy that I saved up yesterday 40 Man like a turtle pulls his head In when trouble comes L , 'I iT '40 The press club's "Cannon Report" is met with great enthusiasm by all: this is best ' u n Y K .ii '40 .l. . . UB-a 7 N'- F B. H. S. THE PICNEER PAGE 31 Back row left to rlght ROSZIIB Cameron Agnes Stem Velma Ames Yvonne Urton Dorothy Worrall Annabel Brlese Irene Bratz Bernlce Small Margaret Blrkeland Edlth Culbertson Annabelle Stanton Delores Frlellng Elva Wh1tehom Mabel Stevens Joyce Gall Second row Helen Blrkeland Mabel Lucas Rosemary Schuhmacher Margaret Whlte Mxss Cooney lsponsorl Anlta Walker Grace Kersch Ellen Ames Geraldlne Schuhmacher Front row Lenore Frlehng Shlrley Young W1n1fred Young EISIE Rltland Effie Rltland Emma Jean Ruth Ol1ve Stevens Betty Morger HOUE ECOIWHIICS Cll B JO1l'llIlg the Home Economlcs Club was the desue of not only the guls but of most of the high school boys this fall slnce Ollve Stevens xx as presldent and MISS Cooney was sponsor 4Boy ale they good l00k1Dg and n1ce'r Dorothy Worrall was vlce p 9Sld9!l W1nn1e Young SBCICIHTV Margaret White treasurer occurred on Valentlnes day Wasnt MISS Hagle funny 1n her tombovlsh costume and wasnt Mxss Thompson cute ln her Chmese pajamas? As fol the rest of us we were dressed ln as little or as much as we pleased There were no boys there rofflclallyb so lt dldnt make any dlfference Then those dlnners for the GPIZZIY band lwerent those boys f1lI't,S9P the schoolmasters and the faculty school board loads of work but loads of fun Of course we had other partles at whlch we just slmplv romped or made candy All ln all the year has been most successful both from the standpomt of what we learned and how much fun we had FUTILITY Rosemary Imbert Bombs burst Guns shot Cruelly men d1ed Loudly we crled Sadly we learned But soon we dled And now agaln Bombs burst Guns shoot People cry 40 A fool and hls money ale some party POME Ruba dub dub Three men m a tub 4How unsamtaryl The Nugget Helena TRUE 1"l COWIFESSIOW I had an ample teacher last term He taught us to do three thmgs Flrst how to wrlte brlefs and then to exaggerate them second how to subtract substances from novels and last hovs to interrupt poetry Chrlstlan S lence Monltor ' . ., - L1 . . , , , 1 . . v . y 1 ' 4 D t. 1 , . . , -.1 '40 li ' vs- ' ' ' v N' K ' K ' - 1 A . - ' ' ' - ,. ' ,. Do you remember our tea and style show--wasn't it fun? Our annual coed prom . . H .. . . . . ' . ' ...i '40 L., . , . ' . T-u lv , , . , - .40 -- , , . . ll ' . . . H . - "L L V ' ' fs' ' IH CL' .13 THE l'lC,X'lfL'lQ If H. ll. S. A l l. Top row Rosemary Schuhmacher Irene Bratz Elsa Hagen June Hollrelgh Lorrame Baker Annabelle Stanton Mabel Lucas Barbara Scott Ellen Ames Grace Kersch Rosalie Cameron Annabel BTIESB Llla Mae W11l1s Second row Lurene Anderson Rosemary Imbert Lorene Stranahan Evalyn Beal Mlss Buckland fsponsor! Maflam Newhall Carley McCaulay Ohce Stevens Jacquelme Peters Isabel Nagengast Front row Emma Jean Ruth Geraldme Schuhmacher Jack A Anderson Clark Hllton Glen Hlcks Dawn Gallagher Agnes Stem 4J ROMAN! HODIERNI Under the very able leadershlp of Caesar fmore commonly knovsn as Clark Hllton! the Romam Hodlernl contlnued its reputatlon as one of our most lnterestlnv lubs As each meetlng got under way the fun began Caesars subjects concentrated on Simon says thumbs up while the chef prepared the lunch whlch alwavs accompanled each meetlng And what a lunch' No subject of Caesars can say he ever went home hungry Thus the tltle of the eatenest club of the school was gxven us At one meetxng Caesar led hls army forth to the front trenches to see Jackle Cooper ln What a Llfe Afterwards we returned to the fort and chef Emma Jean f1lled us up w1th burned hamburgers Carrylng on ln a customary way We turned back the pages of tlme th1s sprlng agam and held a royal Roman banquet The lad1es were attlred 111 the frothy cloth of the goddesses tcheese cloth to you! and the gentlemen wore sheets mno tattle tale gray sheets allowed! They recllned on car seats or pxllows whlch proved to be most com fortable and ate meats and sweets wlth thelr fmgers Between courses Caesars royal Wllle tgrape JUICE! was sipped from crystal glassware and toasts were offered to most of the guests and sacrlflces offered to the gods Caesars right hand men were Claudla fLl1I'CI18 Anderson! vlce presldent Sybll 4Lorra1ne Baker! secretary Mmerva 1Carley McCaulay! treasurer D1do 1Rosemazy Imbert! and Clrce 4Rosal1e Cameron! song leaders Cloel1a 4Annabelle SKBIIIODP reporter and Vesta 4MlSS Buckland! sponsor ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - ' 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 . 1 v H . . .,, . . 1 . . n 5 .1 . , . ll ' 11 - - - - u 11 A 1 - ll . 11 - 1 1 . . , - 1 . . L . , , 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 F 13, H. S. THE PIONEER PA GE 33 ff Top row Delores Fr1el1ng Sylv1a Wolfe Edward D1ckens Mary Gray Jerry Sweeney Luc1lle Callxson Jack Anderson Irene Colby Kenneth V1n1on June Hollre1gh Howard Bokovoy Bertha Lundy Lenore Fr1el1ng Second row James Wood Amy Hanson Donald Adams Ellen Ames Daryl Hag1e Irene Schanche B111 Louther Grace Kersch Dlck Moses Patrlcla Wackerlm Leonard Stelnbacher Anxta Walker Kelth Neyland Th1rd row Gene Ronnmg Mabel Stevens Tom MZCKCHZIC Lorene Stranahan Arthur Bennett EISIC Rltland Carl Bratz Effle Rltland B111 Schmidt Allce Galbralth Velma Ames Junlor Lark1n M1ss Buckland lsponsorl Front row Marjory Jones Jack A Anderson Emma Jean Ruth Stanley Whltehorn Dorothy Ronnlng Lewey Lorenzen Jean Reynolds Clark HIIUOH Shlrley Young HISTORY LIL H HIC IIIII HTS Th1S lS stat1on I' B H S Fort Benton Montana bflflglflg to you the news of the hlstory club of 1940 Master of Ceremon1es P1es1dent Mabel Stevens w1ll revlew how the club made hlstoly thls year Flash H1sto1y club reorgamzes Rumol has lt that the club mtends to make fun h1story Flash Hlstory club stages a half and half palty 1p1obablx got the ldea from Ben Bernles half and half tobacco! Bye tl1e bxe what well known Jumor g1rl and semor boy couple couldnt dance a stralght program that n1ght 1n1t1als are I S and R B9 And what well known twms appeared as half gamblels half COI1VlCtSq And what well known freshman pres1dent and the Jumor boy Ml Cook wanted to help wlth refresh ments because a certa1n red headed sophomore glrl and a Gal4bra1th1 were 1n the k1tCh6Il9 Flash Illustrated talk on HHWBII Gllls told to take tr1p to Hawau 1n February as that IS t1me r1ch buslness men go Flash On to Juplter mov1e shows new XKO11dS fOl h1St0lS to conquer Flash HISIOFY department gets seven 1nv1tat1ons to Bozeman Alfred Stevens FEDOIIS Bozeman sass good h1StOlX and sc1e11ce departments at Fo1t Benton Flash INIOVIGS even Fr1day florn May fust to twenty fOl1IIl'l Well M1 and MISS FO1t Benton well be back w1tl1 mo1e flashes nest year We rema1n w1th 1ot1ons of love YOU1 F B H S h1SIOlX ICDOIICI 1 Y W, 11 M , 141 V ,, , ff., , '. ing -, 1 'V V1 1 , 11 . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 , 1 1 1 1 1 1 . . - 1 ' ' . , . . . 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 4 I .1 I . . . 1 , . . . . . , . 1 . , V V V V V . . . . 1 ' - - . 1 . ' ' 1 ' . . . 1 . - . , - . . V , THESPIANS' W 2 ,EC f1,,f.z,a, pmoerhye gcfllx f X Top row Elsa Hagen George Hazen Leona Swanson Bottom row Vern McK1n1ay Edna Bennett Everett Jacobsen Ellen Scott Howard Bokovoy Bet v Morger Eldon Overholser THFSPIANS So you want to be a Thesp1an'P Thats frne here are the means whrch w1ll accom plrsh the end be rn one 3 act play or 3 one act plays and donate a buck and a half to the worthy cause rn return for whrch you recerve The Natronal Thespran Magazrne valuable rnformatron on the arts of make up and stage management and loads of fun Edrth Culbertson and Elsa Hagen took charge of the troupe thrs year whrle Miss H-rgre taught us how to daub grease parnt correctly We Thesprans are a very select and enter tarnrng group Just thrnk how grateful you were for those assembly programs that gave us a chance to drsplay our talents and relreve you of classes You surely wont forget Edna Bennett as Molly or the vuerrd atmosphere of the Ghost Hunters when Betty Morger was afrard of her own 1mage rn the mrrror W staged a complete evenrng of fun on May 24 Early rn May vre rnrtrated several new members who vsere elrgrble after the junror plas and they certarnlx drd shrver and shake' Our annual banquet took place soon after and bor drdnt we have a t1me'J Better dramatrcs because vre knovs the technrcalrtres and hardshrps of '1 drrector une partrallx drrect our orxn plfusr and more fun because our club has a purpose re ult from our Tl e pran group T 'Wx rlars hath September Nprrl June and November 1 ' tl e rest have thrrty one p r'r , rou hear from Washington 40 WISH I rush I v.ere a rotten egg A Sltllll rn a tree If mr rrral sat beneath the tree Id CCXEI hrm 'mth me I staggered to the bathroom Savr a horse rn the tub the lout So I reached rrght rn ra betcha And pulled the darn plug out 40 What rs the use of a rerndee1" Mr Hess asked Florence Cooper vrhose atten tron had been rxanclerrng Tt makes thrngs groxx was the unex pefted replx fzfctfjw .14 U 1' ' X, "Q fl' lf lf, ll. S. V f IV' W r '- ,.,,.,V Q 9 S o Q o A V I g J . gr L , ' ,, ...-.. '40 l -1 A" I V V ' . ' ' ' .D e If H. fl. 5. THE l'lC.X'EL'K li-JCL' .15 Back row standmg Robert Koepp Arthur Klelnschmxdt Elmer Cox Walter Baack Frank Clark Frank Manley Charles Chrlstopherson Vem McK1nlay James Allen Front row standlng Dale Allen Vlctor Fatz Cecll Serlght Walter Weeks Elmer Bokovoy Warren Stanton Ralph Kerl Howard Bokovoy Dean Elllott Mr Carpenter Slttmg Hllton Roudebush Arthur Bennett John Walker Lewey Lorenzen Warren Halley John Baack FUTURE F4RfVlERS OF AMERICA S1nce 1ts establlshment 1n 1937 the Fort Benton chapter of the F' F A has been very actxve Thls year after electmg John Baack presldent Arthur Bennett v1ce presl dent Lewey Lorenzen secretary Warren Halley treasurer and Hilton Roudebush sen tlnel the boys chalked up some very worthwhlle achlevements Frank Clark won flrst prlze for hls turkey project at the flrst seml yearly D1StFlCt Conventlon here November 11 and the whole club really dld thlngs ln a blg way at Joplm Aprll 6 We won the publlc speakmg contest flrst ln oats Judglng second ln barley Judglng and tied for second ln sweet clover Judgmg Warren Halley was elected treasurer of the Fort ASSlDlbOlIl6 Dlstrlct of F F A One of the hlghhghts of club year was the mnovatlon of a banquet at WhlCh we entertained our parents and the faculty members and took several of the local buslness men ln as honorary members In our radlo broad cast the boys presented a sklt on our part ln vocat1onal educatlon We thlnk that under Mr Carpenters leadershlp we have surely gone to town this year POEM Llttle M1ss Muffett Sat on a tuffet Llttle Jack Homer Sat 1n the corner 1The darned foollb -Central High Tlmes John B horseback r1de Jack A fllled mth hay could be so hard How d1d you enjoy your fa I never thought any thlng Elmer Cox the youthful graduate from agrlcultural college looked rather scom fully at the old farmer Your methods of cultlvatlon are hope lessly out of date he sald wlth a super lor a1r Why Id be surprised lf you got 10 pounds of apples from that tree So would I repl1ed the farmer s a pear tree 40 The greatest waterpover known to man lS a womans tears I , v Y v , - i-.. '40 .-1 64 79 A - ' Q , . . . . , , 1 , - 1 , 1 , 3 . - Q . , . . 1 ' ' -' ' 1 ' - : ' ' . ' ' ' U uv l '40 1... ' . , - . .I . ' U i '40 - " ' ' . "It' . n . ' v ' v 1 nu . na 1 ' , . . PA GE 36 THE PIONEER F B. 11.5. Y 4 I C Back row B111 Schmldt Donald Gall Hllton Roudebush Jack Anderson Russell Kurth Elmer Cox Charles Walker Donald Rltter Ben Calllson B111 Anderson Charles Stovall B111 Kelly Edwa1d Nottlngham Wally Morger Joe Weeks Front row Mr Hess tsponsorl Warren Halley Donald Adams George Hazen Bob Koepp Kenneth Schmldt Vern McK1nlay John Baack Daryl Hag1e M1 Z1le lsponsorw B CLUB All of the letter men 4no women mind youw of the school got together and elected John Baack as presldent and Don Rlttel as secretary treasurer Mr Hess and Mr Zlle were co sponsors They have a hand 111 plannlng the grade track meet and all of the basketball tournaments Although one of the less actlve clubs 1t st1ll has 1ts place IH the extra curricular affairs of F B H S PEP CLLB We ve got a hlgh school weve got a xell vseve got a team that f1ghtS l1ke etc We grrls who were all enthuslastxc over our basketball team dld somethmg about us Pep Club Red skirts and vuhlte blouses school colors were our costumes and me really vnent to town when vue had a chance We pepped the boys up at the home games and then plled IHIO cars to go to Conrad and urge on thelr flghtlllg Splflt there Thls year tor the flrst time F B H S had an organlzed xelllng sectlon at the DISLTICI Basket ball Tournament This years enthuslasm 15 an IDCCDIIVG for the Pep Club to be orgamzed early next fall for the football season GEOMETRY Ml Carpenter Are you golng to the I thlnk that I shall never see lectule ton1ght" A coulse so tough as geometry Hess Yes A course that makes me tear my han Carpenter I advlse you to stax And msh I was not Slttlllg there away Its sule to be avx fullv bormg A course that makes me fret and squum Ml Hess Im afraxd I cant get out of And wonder 1f Ill pass thls term xt Im the lecturer' ..-M '40 -M 66 59 ...M '40 M.. c: 97 I it this year. Ilnder Miss Buckland's leadership. we "jined" together' into a brand new-to- M '40 -.M ' Mr. .. 1 l . . . 4 v 1 ' - Mr' .Z ' , . .. lf lf. H. S. THE !'l C.X'!fl5'lQ IKICIII Rf Back row left to rrght Vern McK1nlay Kenneth S hmrdt Donald Rrtter Warren Halley B111 Anderson John Baack Donald Adams Joe Weeks Jack Anderson B111 Kelly Wally Morger Russell Kurth Edward Nottrngham Brll Schmrdt Front row Mr Zrle lsponsorl Irene Schanche Grayce Tschache Edith Culbertson Edna Bennett Leona Swanson Olrve Stevens Marran Bowker Georgrana Uptmor Carley McCaulay Betty Morger BOOSTER CLUB Candy bars' Peanuts' Pop' Chewrng gum' Where have you heard that before" At basketball games of course' From whom? The ambrtrous members of the Booster Club who turned hawkers to sell therr vtares Tl e Boosters have shown more than the customary pep thrs year by sellrng refreshments at all the basketball games and grvrn, several lrvely shrndrgs Wrth some of therr proceeds the club purchased a radro phonograph whrch was useful for plavrng sound records for plays at least Mac MCKIHIHN was the presrdent Olrve Stevens held down the secretarx and treasureshrp and Joe Zrle was the srtter rnner A WISH Robert Crarg I r rsh I rms a serrror Anl 'rhxaxs got an A And never drd a srngle thrrrg, but I wr lr I was a Thespran r nd could learn a hundred lrnes But I Guess Ill have to mart Urrtrl the better trmes I rush I was a teacher And could pass most arrrorre Bur as mr report card shows Tlrrs rrexer xxrll be done So I uess Ill just be sfrtrsfred And cneu nn cheurrr 11111 And nexer do 1 srn le thrrr 'Eur srt round loolsrn clurnb pass Who Und Und Who Und Und Who Und Und XX ho L rrd Lrrd DER CLASSES rs as fresh as any breeses only as tall as der senrors krreeses pass up all der dues and feeses" Der Freshmen rs rt thrnks dex ms o brrght laugh at freshres dfrx and nrg,ht mrt dem alxaxs starts der frght'9 Der Sophomore-s was rt 'rlvrss starts de brawl wefrrs der hat rn der hall clrsre srrds der SOS Call" Der Jurrrors vrs rt vrs so xerr smart luffs der school mrt all der hefrrt rs not rnrsse'l wen der depar Der Serrrors The Hornet 40 The rrl xr ho frrrds shes a pebble on the leach Le ornes 1 lrttle boulder 1 I I S . I , 3 - . . . '40 -- ' ' Y . . U . H . . ,. '. K , nn H - 7 , - , - - 1 ' 1 1 - 1 ' ' . be ' . ' 'V V I Q 5- -- ' N , . . , Q , Y . Y . N . ' v 'sr ' ' - v v I .' rl.e trme array. f I- 1 r I L . . 5. p . ,, . , ' , .. . . " 3 . ,. . . l , . ' , . . . V - . r .K . 5 V - , ' 1 r 1 - . I L. . . . , 5 .N h ' K' A A ' 1 ' - W 2 -' ' , ' ' 't? g .. . - A - . v , ,. U 0 ,B v . C1 D ' ' I U F U U' ' ' A N x .5 ' D FJ E l4Cl YHLIILXILA 61' Flrst row Mary Gray B111 Schmldt Jack Anderson Howard Huffman Kelth Neyland Shlrley Yo.1n Kenneth Vlnlon Lyle Mlller Bob Bowker Se ond row Wally Morger Darvl Hagle Donald Rltter B111 Anderson Loxs Lewxs James Morger Kenneth Young Kenneth Schmidt B111 Louther Thlrd row Dorothy Ronnmg Agnes DeBrum Vern McK1nlay Irene Colby Margaret James Fourth row Helen Blrkeland Amy Hanson Yvonne Urton Betty Schmxdt Clark Hllton Marlan Bowker Carley McCau1ay Grayce Tschache Flfth row Ol1ve Stevens Ahce Galbraxth V1rg1n1a Swanson Jean Reynolds Leona Jackson Albert Morrls Dlxle Schoonover Betty Morger Eldon Adams Sxxth row Marjorle Manley Margaret Bxrkeland Marjone Huffman Patrlcxa Anderson Martha Scott Marxbelle Jahnke Barbara Van Hom Kenneth Morrow Bud Jones , X u- N . 4. N , . 1. , . A 1 - AS 7 . 3 lx H. ll. 3. l K. ' I x ' .K . -ffjw'-,: ,mf 5' ,eggs fin- 3 -Q5-fer", - wx.: X,?,,,f ,IIN Vi, g A 6- 1 ,, r , A ...W 3 1 , . , . , , , I . , , , . ' 2 , , , , , If If, II. S. THE I'l CXEEIQ ICAICE .49 lIL'SIC VOTES HILLUNS 04 of us chxlluns a tootm and a bloyyln eve1y Monday Wednesday F1 rday ARMONY and rhythm all Ides chllluns ot harmony and rhythm TMOSPHERE of pep and enthuslastrc support thats what we lend to basketball games AH Rah Rah IS our yell for our basketball boys when we are not busy playlng for the game AZINESS-a tralt we band members cannot have for besrdes practlce perlods remember those mlles we walked pract1c1ng marching? SSENTIAL-our band concerts ID w1nter and sprmg for the dellght of our parents They un the1r own mrnds at leastl thmk we are as good as the Grlzzly and Bobcat bands WEET muslc we gave whrle on the a1r broadcastlng at KFBB Saturday Apr1l 20 GNEOUS-that s what we are-dldnt you ever watch the fellows blow 1nto thelr horns well thats to cool them off from the red hot notes weve been Swlflglng EPARTING for the Havre MUSIC Fest1val on May 11 Both Junlor and senror bands dressed 1n our rn1l1tary best set out for Havre early Saturday mornmg Dld you see how proudly our baton twlrlers strutted m thelr new umforms PITOMIZING the above you flnd they spell Charles Ide that very fme muslclan we acqulred for band leader thls year He IS tops and surely puts the old Zlp lnto our mUS1C playxng SLIP ill? SLIDE WITH CH IRLES IDE", Dreamy yyaltzes 1ed hot swmg numbers and old fashloned clrcles how those boys and glrls of the dance o1cl1est1a led by M1 Ide dld make us all unable to s1t stlll' WBIIGD surely slaps a mean bass v1ol and Ml Ide fa11ly pulls you out of your seats yy1th the drums whlle the others tear at you1 healt 51111155 yylth the moan of the saxophone tlumpet and Sllde Ll0UlbOl'1C Newly Organlzed thls yeax the orchestra galned no small measure of fame and even a llttle money Members of thlS group yye1e Wa11en Hallev Bobby Nelson Wally M01 ger B111 Schmldt HOWHIG Huffman Mar1an Boyyker Amy Hanson and Ml Ide A k1SS 15 A noun because IES both common and p1oper A yerb because IIS both acnye and possessne A11 adjectlve because lt takes an ex planatron both before and after An adverb because lt lntenslfles the actlon of the verb A congunctlon because lt Jorns to ether An 1nteryect1on because It expresses strong feelmg A DIOUOUII because she usually takes the place of It 40 Flattery lS 90 per cent soap and soap IS 00 pe1 cent lye Eddy N to Z1le Im a l1ttle stlff f1on1 boyyllng lv Zlle I dont C318 yyhexe youre f1om Get out thele and let me see you lllll MISS Hagre What IS the mea111ng of th1s Patty Im 1n rece1t TCCIDI reclet of your letter'J Oh I alvyays glve separate spellmffs fOl yyords Im not sure of Clark Hllton I vyonder hoyv old Mlss Buckland so MHTIOH Boyyker She must be ayyfully old because I l1eard she used to teach Caesar H - - .. A ug , . A A y I e - ' R v Y 'u' v ,- s H 1 I 1 I I I e I 1 3 1' I , 5 . Q H D W ., Q I A " tj 1 I .l'40.-..- C- ,V ' gl 4 . '4O,i.,.. . W ' lA'. .W 'hQf'i A .. u. . . . p. , I I 1 If h gqogg I It . . ,V I , . -mm, ' ,C I . ,. IHCL' 40 THE PIONEER If 19. ll. S. Top row Clarence Wrllson Marram Newhall Edward Dlckens Lrla Mae W1ll1s Joe Weeks Wrnnre Young Kenneth Vrmon Velma Ames Walter Weeks Rosemary Imbert Elmer Bokovoy Kenneth Young James Morger Second row George Hazen Irene Bratz Wayne Whrtehorn Bettv Schmrdt Jack Anderson Irene Colby Chet Halley Margaret Brrkeland Arthur Kle nschmrdt Vrrgrnra Swanson Charles Walker Lors Lewrs Cecrl Roddy Thrrd row Amy Hanson Mabel Lucas Daryl Hagre Martha Scott Vern McK1nlay Drxre Schoonover Kenneth Schmrdt Barbara Van Horn Marran Bowker Front row Mr Ide Maryorre Manley Georgrana Uptrrror Yvonne Urton Shnley Young Alrce Galbrarth Betty Morger Isabel Nagengast CHURLS All the would be Jenny Lrnds or Lawrence Trbbetts haye a chance to shoy th rr stuff and enjoy themselves srrrgrng rn erther boys or grrls glee club The glee clubs and mrxed chorus w hrch rs a combrnatlon of the other two are under Ml Ides able drre tron The chorrsters sang at qurte a number of school programs at the sprrng Communrty Day program and presented H M S Prnafore the first operetta gryen here rn several years Prnafore a Grlbert and Sullrvan operetta 1S very lrght what you mrght call 19th century Jrve We had 0 eans of fun burldrrrg the good shrp Prnafore Remembe the hornprpe and the wa ha ha water? It proved to be such a success that we had an operetta party afterwards to celebrate DAY Clark Hrlton A farnt lrght appears rn the East It gradually grows and grows and then Suddenly the gray curtam of nrght rs lrfted And Apollo rrdes out on hrs frery charlot The world wakes and lrfe begrns a new ay WE TALK T00 MLCH I love rts ceaseless gurgle I loye rts steady flow I love my mouth rn motron I loye to hear rt go Tl-IE 'NIOON ACROSS THE RIVER Joyce Gall The moon across the rrver was shrnrng brrght It changed the muddy waters to a path of brrllrant lrght The flowers and the trees sway mg gently rn the breeze Changed the gloomy nrght to a scene of rare dehght 40 They had neyer met b 4 But what had she 2 care She loyed hrm 10 derly For he was a 100000 arre , ,, ., . X. . ' - 4 2 ' ,- S 'xx i Is .A- H., , 7 4- , , 0 -K i . '40 ,1 , . ' . V. ' , .. -xl. en . . A- ' . 'V ' ' ' v ' - - ' 'V .. n . . ' . U . V' .y V l. '40 it , , . r . , ' V I ' ' . v 'U - , . Y . , . ' d '. 5 ' . -- '40 - ' . Y -1- Y .-.1 . ' ' 1 Y ' - . . P fffLffC,XfLfx IJCI Mus Buckland Heal Lilrzrfxi THE lr L85-'JPY Sian?-F 5 lfmh :paw Irene Bokovoy Dorothy Worrall LIBRARY Llbrary work IS bemg offered for the flrst trme thls year Students are allowed to leam the work of lrbrarlanshlp durmg a free perlod For one periods work a day a student IS glven '. credlt per year and lf lxbrary IS taken all four years one credlt lS granted Slnce many students can fmd work ln college llbrarles at thlrty f1ve cents an hour lf they have experlence thls course seems not only practlcal but very valuable In a students llbrary perlod he or she learns how to repalr books lend books to borrowers get books ready for the shelves and catalogue new ones Students ln other schools tal-:mg the ldentlcal work have pald thelr way through college by thls knowledge or have later entered this fleld as a vocatlon Many donatlons have helped to partxally fxll our shelves but we are st1l1 lackmg many books to completely fill our allotted space Next year we hope to mcrease the number of books and also the library staff It IS hoped that sometlme ln the future we may have our llbrary bullt up to a full time posxtlon for a teacher llbrarxan Llbrary work IS fun yet practlcal Boys and glrls Joln the staff and fmd a study ln WhlCh they learn by domg and yet have fun Mr Hess was explalnlng the law of gravrtatlon and how xt prevents people from falhng off the earth When he had f1n1shed he lI1VltEd questlons from the class Please slr sald Stovall what kept them on the earth before this lam was passed9 40 Some glrls are smalt enough to act dumb Redheaded Jack A Funny no one seemed to reallze what a bad egg he was vuhlle he was r1ch Elmer Bokovov My dear fellow a bad egg IS only known when xts broke Miss Cooney How dld you break that dlllllel' plate Irene? Irene Bratz Wel you see Mlss Cooney I thlew down the tow el and then I found It vas ln my other hand ,lf.5'. " "1 IKM' it , , Q V L 2 " . ., , at " ra, - Dlagonally, left to right: Lorraine Baker, Gladys Moe, Jack Anderson, Lenore Frieling, Henrv Grossman ...,. '40 ...- l '40 g -- ' l ' 2 1 .. A' , ' . PAGE 42 THE PIONEER E H. H. S. 1.434 Top row Football plcture Vern McK1nlay Joe Weeks B111 Anderson Lharles Stovall Wally Morger Hllton Roudebush John Baack Rlght slde Charles Walker Warren Halley Don Adams Bottom row Warren Halley George Hazen Kenneth Schmidt Sparky Kurth Donald Gall Edward Nottlngham B1ll Kelly Top row Basketball plcture Arthur Bennett Kelth Neyland Kenneth Schmidt Wally Morger Sparky Kurth Bill Schmxdt Donald Adams Edward Nottingham Harold Krsul Second row Daryl Hagxe B111 Anderson Donald Rxtter Vern McK1nlay Bill Louther Warren Halley Chet Halley Front row Mr Hess fasslstant coachb John Baack and Jack Anderson lmanagersb Mr Zile fcoachl K Q , V Left side: Daryl Hagiei Joe Weeks, 'Ben Callison. IHLIILXIIIX P L 3 I UUTB ILI The Fort Benton Longhorns started out the 39 season wlth a bang by v1ctor1es over Choteau and Dutton wlth large scores These tyyo games ralsed Coach Zlles faded hopes of a dlstrlct champlonshxp team In thelr next game the Longhorns travelled to Havre and engaged the Pony Reserves wmnlng by a score of 13 to 0 After a week of steady hard practlce the team went to Malta a new member of the d1str1ct and met wlth a sad defeat Thls game forced the Longhorns to forfeit thelr hopes for the d1str1ct champlonslup Next the team engaged the hlghly touted Conrad team ln a hard fought battle loslng by a 13 to 6 score In the last two home games the Longhorns fought Ch nook to a 0 to 0 stand st11l and won over our old r1va1 Blg Sandy to the tune of 26 to 0 SCHEDULE Where Played Fort Benton Dutton Havre Malta Score Opponents Score Choteau Dutton Havre Malta FBHS FBHS FBHS FBHS FBHS FBHS FBHS Total FBHS Chlnook Blg Sandy Opponents FOIT BBDYOII F011 BBIUZOII INTRA VIURAL FOOTBALL 1939 Twelve hlgh school boys and thlrteen grade boys took part m lntramural SIX man football The boys were d1v1ded 1nto teams as nearly equal m ab1l1ty as It was posslble to get them They played a roundrobln The members of the Wlnlllllg team were presented w1th 1nd1v1dual medals STANDINGS Team Won Lost Vmxon 1 000 Polnts Vmlon Capt Fultz Mol r1s Preun1nge1 Wlley L1ppert Sykes Dlckens Kle1nschm1dt Indwxduals on each team Dlckens Capt Cralg Drewlske Weeks Boles Whltehorn SHORT STOR1 He looked alouno to see 1f all yyas ready It was He gazed 1nto the StI'8.lIl9d tense faces but none made a moye to stop hxm Suddenly he llfted a short 38 revolver toward h1S temple a few pant 1ng words and he pulled the trlgger Bang' and amld the cheers of the crowd four athletes sped down the track Shes only a farmers daughter but 1S she stacked Shes only a carpenters daughter but IS she bu11t Shes only an engmeer s daughter yy hoo w hoo"' Sykes Capt Gall Paul Thomas Kelly S V1n1on Stanton Klemschmldt Baumann Anderson Scott Whlte Smlth PONIE Capt Sme doesnt l1ke a shady Joke She doesnt neck she doesnt smoke Sme doesnt dance she doesnt sing And shelks IH pants dont mean a thlng Sie doesnt use those beauty salves But wont refuse to show hex calves You ask her name? Well thats a wow' Shes not a dame Shes Just a cow' M1ss Evans to John Sullivan Are you lntelested ln hlStOlX9 John Sulhvan Oh no not a blt I always say let by gones be by gones F fi. ll. S. H ' ' N. 'ff L AC 5 4 ,, ,,,,,,A,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,ll,l.l,,,,,,,,, ,... 3 9 .,......,.,,....,.......,,,, ,,,,..,,,.,,.. . 0 Conrad ,,,A ,,,,,.,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,l..,.,.....,.,,,,. .... 6 C Onrad ....,,,,..,.,,..,..,....,,.,,,.....,.,..., 13 , ,,.................,,,. ,,,,. ..,..r,.. .... 1 1 5 , ..... ,.,, .....21 ......- '40 1.- f 1 ' ' ,.., ,,,....,.,.,,,,,,,, . ..3 0 . ., ..... 1 .667 ' ,.,, ,. , 1 2 .333 ' ' H. ., 0 3 .000 .li '40 ...T . I ' I - 1 . . N 0, - v I . v . t v 1 u l . y 1 T ' ' " .- ' A - 1 ' 3 . i ,40 ... 4 . V V l ' M - '40 R PACE 44 THE PIONEER F li. H. S. VARSITY BASKETBALL Tearing into a hard season with a will the Longhorns won the county tournament and took second place ln the dlstrxct We had f1ve of last years lettermen back and wlth a promxslng group of up and comers we had a good season even though xt was rumored that Buck Schmldt needed a ruffle on hxs basketball trunks We wound up wlth a record of exghteen wms and SIX losses Now for a llttle sldellght on each player Donald Ritter semor forward One of the best shots ln Fort Benton xnjurles kept h1m out the last of the season B111 Anderson semor forward A good all around player and a conslstent scorer from any posxtlon Well miss Bill next year Vern McK1nlay semor captaln center A sure shot under the basket and from the center We are all sorry to see Mac leave B111 Schmldt-Junior forward After B111 got started he really went to tovsn Watch h1m next year Russell Kurth Junlor guard A steady dependable player Sparky w1ll be one of the malnstays of the team next year Daryl Hagle-sophomore guard A flne all around player and a crack shot Daryl should go places next year Wallace Morger Junlor forward A fast able ball player Stuffy should stal next year Kenneth SChIl'11dtf-SCHIOX' forward Buck was shlfted around a lot but came through ln the pmch Hell be mlssed next year Arthur Bennett sophomore guard Art 1S a regular hot shot and should be a star next yeal B111 Louther sophomore guard B1lls helght makes h1m an able man under the basket Youll hear more about B111 next year Warren Halley Jumor guard Warren 1S a long shot artlst and should make a name for hlmself next year Chester Halley freshman forward Chet showed lots of promise thls year and should be rlght up there next year BASKETBALL Date Opponent Dec Dec Dec Dec ec Dec J an Jan Jan Jan County -T311 Jan Jan J an Feb Feb Feb Feb Dlstrlct Feb 21 Mal l 8-Havre Reserves 15 Blg Sandy 16 Centerv1lle 23 Geraldlne 28 Choteau 30-Dutton Gt Falls Reserves 6 Gerald1ne Belt Gt Falls Reserves Tournament Geraldlne Blg Sandy 2a-Deer Lodge Choteau Centerv1lle Belt Conrad Conlad Blg Sandv Toumament 22 23 24 Hxghwood Slmms Dutton Choteau HHVIC Reserves 20 SCHEDULE We They Where here here there here here here there there there here there here here here there there 15 111616 1... '40 . . . , ,,,, , , ,17 34 , - ' , ,.,,. , ,,,, .... .,,.,,30 5 . - ' .............,.,,..,.,..,, , ,,,,,,,,,,,,l,, 34 9 . - ' , ....,,,,... ......,,.. l,,......,.....,.., 3 9 14 D . - ,...vv...Y..................,,.Y,.......,...,.., 18 13 . ,l.,..,,Y,,,,,,,.,,.......,.,,.,,,,...,,,..,...... 27 24 - 5- - .... ........,,......,,..... 3 7 21 here . - ' ,, .,,...... ,,,,.,.....,..,.....,...,,,,,,,,, 2 4 11 . 12- ,. .,.. ., ,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,ll,,,, , , 1,31 17 . 13- . ......., ,..,,.....,........ 2 3 12 . - ' .,.. .....,,,,, .,,,,,A,,A, , , ,,,,35 8 ' ,.,...,,,,,,...........,,,,,, ,,ll,, , N38 8 . F ..,. ,,,,.,., ,,,,, , , ,, ,.,,,, ,, M17 25 . 26- . ,. ,,., . .,,, ,, 23 33 . 27- ' , ,, ,, , ,, ,,,,,.45 19 . 2- , ., ,. , . W, ,.... 36 11 . 3- , , . . H, .,.... ,, 22 26 . 9- ' , , . , ,. M24 11 i . 16- ' , , .. , , 22 10 I ' . 36 12 ' . 27 23 , . 25 24 f 17 29 '. - ' I . .. 21 ' F I? H 5 THE IIOXELIX IACL Back row left to rlght Barbara Van Horn Georglana Uptmor Olxve Stevens Velma Ames Irene Colby Ellen Ames Mabel Lucas Amy Hanson Marfaret Bxrkeland Shlrley Young Joyce Gall Mlss Fechter fsponsorh Second row Dlxie Schoonover Agnes DeBrum Helen Blrkeland Betty Morger Delores Frlelmg Patrlcxa Anderson Lenore Fnelmg Dorothy Ronnlng Rosemary Imbert V1rg1n1a Swanson Front row Marjorle Manley Isabel Nagengast Carley McCaulay Ahce Galbralth Jean Reynolds M315 Gray Mabel Stevens Loxs Lewis GIRLS A THLETICS How our backs ached' For the flrst tune ln a number of years we girls of Fort Benton Hlgh School orgamzed a tumblmg class along with our basketball Our coach was Miss Fechter We planned a schedule which gave us two days a week for practlce The glrls were dxvlded mto four groups for basketball each headed by one of the followlng girls Betty Schmldt Jean Reynolds Margaret Blrkeland and D1x1e Schoonover Near the end of the season a round rob1n tournament was held m whlch an eighth grade team headed by Helen Campbell partxcnpated The vlctor was Jean Reynolds team Margaret Blrkeland s team ran them a close second At the close of the basketball season we started work on tumbling and gave an exhlbltlon at the Jumor play Next year we plan to have tumblmg stunts at the basketball games and the tumblers will work m collaboratxon wxth the cheer leaders Teams set up for the season were Jean Reynolds Captam Margaret Bnrkeland Captaln Tumblmg Exhibitors Ahce Galbralth Mary Gray Isabel Nagengast Pat Wackerlm Carley McCaulay Lols Lewls Dorothy Ronnmg Manam Newhall Jean Reynolds Velma Ames Amy Hanson Mary Gray Nadme Llppert Marjorle Manley Margaret Blrkeland Rosemary Imbert Agnes DCBYUH1 Wmlfred Young Carley McCaulay Vlrglma Swanson Barbara Van Hom Georglana Uvtmfff Logs Lewls Florence Cooper Nadme Llppert Mabel Stevens Joyce Gall Mar-lone Huffman Lorrame Baker Delores Frxelmg Isabel Nagengast GCOTSIBIIZ Uptmor Lenore Frlelmg Shlrley Young Betty Schmidt Captain Dlxle Schoonover Captam One thorn of experlence IS worth a A good lme IS the shortest distance be whole wlldemess of warnlng tween tvso dates J 1 f , : v J .' , . . . . . A l +5 , . , V v v v v v , .a . . v - , y v v - - Y f Y . l . . . . . Y - , , V v . v . . v ....,.... 40 ...l- 7 - v y I . , . . v v . . . , , , . . ' v v u n 1 v . Y 40 .-l. H . . . . - - - av . INCL' as Tl IE l'l CXEIQIIQ F H. II. S. SCHOOL SPIRIT School Splflt IS defmed as taking an xnterest ln school act1v1t1es I heard once that Fort Benton was entlrely mfected wlth that dlSe3S6 school sp111t In my hlgh school days I have falled to see It Of course there are some who follovt the act1v1t1es of the high school l1ke a dog but there are those others who would probably forget that there was a sports department ln the school lf It wasnt for those little remlnders by our pr1nc1pal The followers of our school number about 20f7 of the total enrollment Our dls Thls group durmg thelr entlre hxgh school career have probably seen only about a quarter of the outslde act1v1t1es The whole school applauds loudly when a free movle 1S presented m front of the assembly but do you thmk that they would pay back our leaders by attendlng a basketball game or a class play? Ill tell the world not' The school IS lucky lf It even collects for the lyceum Durmg the Chouteau County tournament a few students from outslde schools came to cheer thelr teams to vlctory Boy' Could those klds yell' They encouraged thelr team very much and lf a wmnmg team 15 made entxrely from the1r backers those schools would have played several overtlme quarters to flIllSh the game The Fort Benton hlgh school backers sat on the sldes as meek as henpecked husbands 1 For once there was qulte a crowdl These backers yelled but were completely drowned out by the opposlng yell leaders One of the few tlmes that the crowd really took a keen 1nterest ln a game was when Conrad came down to play Here was a tlme when I d1d see our students share the grlef w1th the team and coaches over losmg a game There was qulte a crowd at the theatre that night though as our dxsloyal half VlS1t the movle whlle the game was 1n sess1on Some of the excuses that the students glve for not commg to a game are that they are busy or broke Those excuses wont work If these students were broke how could they go to the theatre? It costs more to see a movle than to see a basketball game and a game doesnt last as long as a movle elther If these students were pressed for t1me they could just as well enjoy an excltmg game as to see those lawless Westerners shoot up the town What do you say we turn over a new leaf next year fellows? Save the money you use for clgarettes and see at least one basketball game one class play and pay for your lyceums Thank you very much George Stevens loyal group outnumbers them qulte a b1t BUYS INTRA MUIHL BA SKETBAI I About forty boys turned out for lntramulal basketball tlus year and from the looks of thmgs there vslll be some good materlal for the varslty 1n the next few years These boys were dxvlded 1nto class teams a far as po s1b1e The Sen1ors fmally came out on top after bemg hard plessed all the wav Charles Walker was lugh polnt man for the second consecutlve V681 mth How ard Huffman runner up Morrls had the best percentage of free throws and Bennett the best percentage of fleld goals Members of the vunnmg team were K Schmldt Huffman C Walker Hazen Stovall Xoung and Fultz Team Standmgs Sen1ors Sophomores J unlors Freshmen CODA Rosemary Imbert The muslc IS gone And the notes fall stlll On my hopeful ear Played IS the simple symphony Unfmlshed and waltmg for Wlth her has gone My music my theme My notes and my love Harsh unhappy crescendo To end my concerto so soon' Send me a cord for a memory To soften th1S dark empty room Vt O1'1 WOII WON WOI1 los 3 los 5 los 6 lost 10 SUVSET Esther Humphrey A sunset IS a beauty That words cannot express It shows us herds of cattle As they nestle down to rest It palnts us natures plcture Of a land we long to see To us 1ts dlstant heaven To which God holds the key Its that old Montana glory And It hngers 1n our soul The splendor of our sunsets Means more to us than gold v . 1 '. ' ' f . I ' . . . , , . , . U V7 Y AK. Y! , , . . .l f40 7 , I . L 1 1 . ' V. ' , . V . Y 7 . . V Y V . Q . V . Y. . D . , ' . I ,,,,,,, ' 9,, ,,,,,,,.,,,,, , t , 75"J , .. '7 ,,,,,,,,.,,,.,...,,,ee.. t ,, ,,..58"2 ' A , ,,,, ,,,,, 6 ,t,, , ...,, A .. ,,,, t , . . 50"2 , . , , 2 , I ,, ,,, 16"2 540 , ' 1 I ' v FB.ll.,'. THEIILNEEA ILICE - CAINDID CfLlfERA JH GTS ABCL! T H+, N1 FCI? T ,Bl:lX'TON HIGH SCHQOL lllf PIL XLLI' EXCFRPTS H2011 4 SFNIURS Dl1Rl Sept 8 1906 Dear Dxaly Oh what a day' Hovy vull we pool bewlldered freshmen make 1t'P Those terr1b1e Semors' Sept 14-I feel much better today smce we have selected Mr Borchers to protect us from those lnhuman senlors He also has thlee assistants who are accordmg to rank Vern McK1nlay Lyle Mlller and Edna Bennett Threats from the senlors are becomlng practlcally alarmlng Sept 21 Oh yes don t we look just too cute for words all decorated Wlth green r1bbons Kas though we werent green enoughl and bes1des that the boys have to carry dolls and we guls have to shorten our sklrts and whats more this torture lasts for two days' And now to show the senlors that there are no hard feelings we are golng to gxve them a party dm glad the rest have no hard feellngsl June 4 Loose again' O boy now for summer fun August 1 School house burned Wont go to school untxl October Oct 7 1937 Dear Dlary Elected Mr Hess to be our gulde and kept the same offlcers except Charles Stovall replaced Lyle Mlller October 10-O dlary were we dlsgraced' Our sophomore boys couldn t handle the frosh June 10-School closed Me for the ole swlmmm hole Sept 6 1938 At the old grmdstone agam Sept 13 Dear Dlary Changed vlce presidents and sponsors agaln' Kenneth Schmidt took over v1ce presidency and Miss Buckland sponsorshxp Apnl 14 Guess what? George Hazen really got Sprmg Fever and successfully made love to Edna Bennett May 19-Shlver' Shlver' We certalnly frosted the prom trotters w1th a Penguln Prom enade Glad I wasnt a wallflower I would have frozen to death' May 26--June 1 Oh my legs ache Walked all over town begglng flowers for the Senlors September 25-Went through the same old arguments during electlon of offlcers resultlng 1n the re electlon of all Added Donald Rltter as treasurer September 30 O dlary d1d I enjoy plckxng on the poor httle frosh' November 28 You should have seen what happened ln the dark at play practlce December l I was so frlghtened after seelng The Eyes of Tlaloc when I got home to nlght that I peeked under the bed February 15-Annual staff chosen today Boy am I ln for a lot of work' Aprll 23 Leavmg for Bozeman tomorrow Hope It doesnt ra1n and that I get flrst lll shorthand May 1 Annual sent to pless It surely was a rellef fO1 me May Snuck away from school today Wonder 1f anybody knew vse were golng May Guess vsho I got to march vslth-our class presldent May I W1Sh I could flgure out how to march right May Baccalaureate Usual procedure May Class Day May Recexved our sheepsklns Dont know vshethel Im glad Ol sous EYES UF TL 4LOC' Cant you heal Tlaloc thunder1ng" Cant you hear Nawa 1George Hazenn repeat h1s s1n1ster warn1ng9 Rerrember Pat the western glrl fEdlth Culbertson! never afrald of anyth1ng'P What about the dlsappearance of Mr Wayne 1Vern MCKlH13X VP In thls spell of remembermg let us not forget the flashlng Senor and Senorxta 'Everett Jacobsen and Vlolet Llppertb or Ezra 4B1ll Kelly! ln h1s nxghtshxrt or hls flxghty wlfe lEllen Scottl Oh yes I must not forget to tell about the sagebrush tax1 drner Norman Tacke Talk about a southern drawl Llla Mae W1ll1s surely was a sweet southern glrl Dont forget that master v1lla1n 1Kenneth Engel Oh' Oh' How could we ever have forgotten Betty Morger and Joe Weeks w1th their love maklng 'MISS Hagle as chaperone of coursem I am sure you remember what I have been ramblmg about-none other than the semor class play Eyes of Tlaloc ICICIL' 4s " Q T 'f' ' X I-1f!rll.3. September 5, 1939-Dear Diary: Today I "yam" a senior! 14-H H V I ' , . v , . 4 A 1 20- ' " ' . 220- ' ' ' ' . 26- . ' . 29- '. A ' . . ' . ' v . ' . . ..-.. .l '40 F B H S THE PICNELR PAGI: 49 Name B1ll Anderson John Baack Walter Baack Drck Bateman Everett Beecher Edna Bennett Helen Brrkeland Howard Bokovoy Irene Bokovoy Bob Bowker Irene Bratz Annabel Brrese Alrce Calkrn Ben Calllson Laura Cameron Elmer Cox Ed1th Culbertson Kenneth Enge Elsa Hagen George Hazen June Hollrergh Howard Huffman Rosemary Imbert Everett Jacobsen B111 Kelly Glace Kersch Bob Koepp Alyce Lang Vrolet Lrppert Nadrne Lrppert Esther Mayer Bob Meredrth Gladys Moe Lyle Mrller Betty Morger Vern McKrnlay Isabel Nagengast E11 Papan Don Rrtter Leona Swanson Chas Stovall Ol1ve Stevens Annabelle Stanton Chas Sprrngs Bernrce Small Ellen Scott Ken Schmrdt Norman Tacke Joe Weeks John 'Walker Chas Walker Lrla Mae Vrllrs Florence Wrllette Wax ne Wh1l6lIOFD Wrnnre Young SENIOR CLI HPSES Pastrme avordlng grrls washrng sweatshrrts berng a dud krcklng Elsre brtrng on Jokes havrng a secret I cant keep makrng up for lost tlme holdrng down 1 a charr curling his halr skrpprng Latin keeprng her date book straight rn Smrths car sleeprng wrrtrng to Mrchrgan losrng my drrvers lrcense loaflng flrrtrng gettrng a brrght rdea argumg flutter mg breakrng hearts glgglllle avordmg Thesprans amblrng wrth Annabel studyrng home ec for future use drawlrng avoldlng lessons makrng breaks Frenchmen smrlrng boxrng taking everythrng ln but sayrng lrttle rrdlng wlth Leona keeprng up Mrssoula correspondence anythrng for benefit of Senlor Class takrng growrng tablets drrvrng my car keeprng other boys from Margaret keeprng my harr hennaed talkrng slrngrng peroxrde xx orrx mg mfrkrng ex es herng almost dretlng clownrng berng grrlrsh blushrng makrnf' arrplanes spoonrnz, Lerng Jolly keeprn company mth Squrres could be scrence dat dreamrng late Ambrtron catch a 20 lb rarnbow trout fly around the world non stop not to be a farmer lrck Joe Lours Join the forelgn legron get my man own an exclusrve dress shop radro announcer own a modern beauty shop to be happy nurse swrm the Pacrfrc teacher to get out of school deS1gIlll'lg tuxedos for Clark lawyer nurse rn the war zone Myrna Loy teacher frnd the outsrde of space nurse be the flrst man to cross the medrcal technrcran prove that lrght rs matter travel around the world nurse travel own my own South Sea Island to graduate nurse travel worldsstrongest man mentally physrcally morally Gable ocean rn a glrder accountant be as good an actress as Bette Davrs enter freld of avratron Captarn of U S navy stay srngle explore the moon prrvate secretary coach at Notre Dame nurse teacher Leat Cassanovas trme learn to lrke onlons learn muslc be presldent oun a cattle ranch be olxmprc track star be a farmer take Irene out once vuthout Ar t hangrng around clrmb Prkes Peak nurse rn the next uar proxe Ernsterns theory wrong manage a dress shop , , . , . . . 'l ' . . U . . . ' ' ' ' ' beauty operator Y , . . . D . , Y , - - 0, . .' ' ' . . 3 . - . . 4,-V A . U P1515 Ill! IILXLIA 51' NIUR CL 159 WILI We the class of 40 do hereby solemnly declare tlus to be out last vull and testament B1ll Anderson w1lls hls pleaslng smlle to Dolothv Rltter John Baack w1lls h1S dlmples to Margaret Bxrkeland Walter Baack w1lls h1S many nlcknames to Velma Ames Dlck Bateman w1lls hls chaperonlng ab1l1ty to Spalky Kurth Everett Beecher w1lls his lnterest ln Elsie to Daryl Hagle Edna Bennett w1lls her even d1spos1t1on to Wally Morger Helen Blrkeland w1lls her low throaty volce to Mabel Lucas Howard Bokovoy w1lls h1s perseverance to Junlor Larkln Irene Bokovoy w1lls her neatness to Rlp Wlley Bob Bowker w1lls h1S grln to Charles Chr1stofferson Irene Bratz w1lls her art1st1c ab1l1ty to Joe Zlles future geometry class Annabel Brlese w1lls her pleasing dlsposltlon to Clark Hllton Allce Calkm w1lls her quletness to Edward Dlckens Ben Calhson w1lls h1s broad shoulders to Glen HICKS Laura Cameron wills her graceful posture to Lorene Stranahan Elmer Cox w1lls hls reputatlon as a great lover to Clarence Stevenson Edlth Culbertson w1lls her jolly personallty to Carley McCaulay Kenneth Enge w1lls hls actmg ab1l1ty to the Sophomore class to be used 1n the Junior play Elsa Hagen w1lls her personallty to Elva Whltehorn George Hazen W111S hls abllty to get along with people to Clarence Wilson June Hollrelgh w1lls her constant personalltv to Agnes DeBru1n Howard Huffman wxlls h1s fllrtxng power to Gerald Cameron Rosemary Imbert w1lls her versatlllty to EISIC Rltland Everett Jacobsen w1lls hlS sc1ent1f1c ab1l1ty to Lucllle Calhson Grace Kersch w1lls her falr complexlon to Dolores Wagner Bob Koepp w1lls h1s erect carnage to Maryorle Jones Alyce Lang w1lls her soft YOICC to Lorralne Baker V1Ol6t LIDDCXI w1lls he1 ab1l1ty to act to Evalyn Beam Nadme Llppert vyllls her danclng ab1l1ty to Dudlev James Esther May er xx 1lls her blue eyes to Jacquelme Castor Bob Mered1th mlls h1s boxxng ab1l1ty to Edvyald Nottlngham Lyle M1ller vulls hxs conslstencv to B111 Louthex Gladys Moe vulls her arched ey ebrovs to Effie Rltland Betty Morger vxllls hex lmplshness to Ethel Kelley Venn McKmlav mlls hls honey of a laugh to others mthout xesponsxbxlltles Isabel Nagengast vulls her cooperat1on to Eugene Ronmng E11 Papan wxlls hlS Spanlsh complexlon to Irene Colbv Donald Rlttez vulls hls basketball ab1l1ty to Calvm Fultz Kenneth Schm1dt vulls h1s droll humor to Beryl S hultz Ellen Scott vulls her detelmlnatlon to Ellen Ames Bernlce Small w1lls her Spanlsh colol mg to Agnes Stem Charles Sprlngs w1lls hls characterlstlc vxalk to Ellen Eveleth Annabelle Stanton xulls her ambltlousness to Sylvla Wolf Ol1ve Stevens w1lls her mgenue quallty to Estella Drevslske Charles Stovall w1lls h1S waves to Robert Brust Leona Swanson w1lls her hair to Bertha Lundy Norman Tacke w1lls hls slow speech to Leona Jackson Charles Walker w1lls h1s ab1l1ty to flv model an planes to the flfth grade students John Walker vulls hls reserve of manner to John Sulhvan Joe Weeks w1lls his manly physlque to Jack A Anderson Wayne Whltehorn vnlls his sc1ent1f1c ab1l1ty to Carl Bratz if rw " j ' Y 'fi ' F H. ll. 5. Bill Kelly wills his dry humor to Marian Bowker. , ,. . n E B. H. S. THE PIONEER PA CE 51 Florence Wlllette wllls her flgure to Martha Scott Llla Mae Wlllls wllls her drawl to Amy Hanson Wlnlfred Young wllls her wlm wlgor and wltallty to Paul Murphy We the graduatlng class do hereby wltness and afflx our seal to th1S our last wlll and testament and do appolnt the class of 1941 as executors Vern McKlnlay Presldent Kenneth Schmldt VICE Presldent Judge Wlley Testator SEIXIQRS 1940 JQIVEK SJQLIEEZE oume l um er Q or! Benlorz ontana 4 y OO 1994 WARNING T0 ALL BLONDES" It IS rumored that Donald Rltter inter nationally known blonde smuggler and smoocher IS free agaln Dont say we dldnt warn you NEW PLANET FOUND' Whlle star gazlng late yesterday eve nlng Mlss Wlnlfred Young suddenly dls covered a new planet The planet has been named Freddle after 1tS founder PERSONALS The former Mlss Edlth Culbertson has salled for Europe We understand that the reason for her sudden trlp was her great sorrow of loslng her flfth husband From oul northeln nelghbors we have recelved word that June Hollrelgh has just marrled a fat llttle Esklmo wlth SIX chlldren She IS keeplng house ln a very modernlstlc lgloo Word was just recelved from Eyerett Jacobsen kmdergarten teacher IH Belglan Congo He asks us to renew hls subscrlp tlon to the Rlver Squeeze Elmer Cox found that wallflng the flool all nlght wlth Elmel Jr and teachlng Engllsh by day was just too much so he l9Sl ned hls teachmg posltlon We understand that Laura Cameron IS dolng a vely XKOllllXXhl16 VEOIK 111 Indla and aftel many attempts has flnally suc ceeded ln convertlng Mahatma Ghandl to oclallsm Ben Calllson has Just been selected as the matlnee ldol of 1956 Three of our foremost buslnesses have Just gone out of operatlon The flrst one IS the Smlth lunch counter owned by Allce Calkln the second IS Howard Bok owoy s thrlvlng buslness of selllng Wool coats to Mexlcan halrless dogs and the thlrd Wh1Ch W111 surprlse you IS Irene Bokovoys beauty salon where Irene had galned world fame for the excellent mal celles she had glven Blll Andersons tralned fleas The cause seems to be SOC13l securltv In a personal lntervlevt Mr Robert Bovsker states that he obtalned h1S bll llons from selllng cactus plants MISS Annabel Brlese has Just been sentenced to three years lmprlsonment for petty larceny steallng mllk bottles off the nelghbors porches A present best seller HRDDIHESQ Through Marrlage was wrltten by one of our local glrls Mlss Helen Blrkeland Congratulatlons Helen' MISS Leona Swanson our SOCISI worker ln Egypt among the Fuzzy Wuzzles re ports llttle success as yet Mr Wayne Whltehom multl mllllon alre playboy has just retulned from an enjoyable trlp to Monte Carlo and the Rlvlera Important ln the soclal vthlrl thls week vsere Mr and Mls Halley 4the folmel Edna Bennett and Warren Halley Mexlco rumba dance teanlv They selved a de llclcus dlnnel and afterwalds the guests Halleys No news flom Wir Nlorman Tacke fol elgn correspondent ln Russla Maybe he Jolned the IQSI of the soclallsts Flash' Nlr L A Muller has just blOkPl1 the endulance 18 Old for slttlnff on the nolth pole Florence Whllette now owns and opel ates the Publlc Balbel Shop and catels CYCIUSIVQIX to Squues 'get 1t'U and Mexl can HRIIICSS dogs Elsa Hagen reports that she has a VSIX blllllallf class th1S year As you know she IS teachlng the alt of telepoltatlon to the Mevllcan SCIEHCS classes ln Llttle Amerlca The E11 Baacho Taveln owned by Wir Walter Baach IS now belng remodeled DID YOL KNOW' That the costume deslgner for Gypsy Rose Lee IS none other than Mr Robert Koeppo We have all notlced that he has deslgned the scantlest to get by the cen sors That Wllss Nadlne Llppert IS the neu presldent of the National Organlzatlon of Snovsball Jugglerso l. '40 9 f' r ' f J X , l If X X I lx Y! tx , ,V 4 ' x ' x I I ' V! Ili N' A 5' F c , Oli ally -,, -. ' . ' - . . . ' - l . v , - H . . U ' . - . - ' v" ' H ' H' ' I , ' . I U . . ' .- . . - ' 5 Q ' . . V , . - ' ' Y were entel'tained 4?v by the thirteen little . , ll I I M' I ' ' - ' ' A . A ' , '- - u - 1, ' , ' A . ' .L , . L. 1 .- ' . V V . , ' . . ' ' ,' I ' ' C v . , 8 ' ' ' Q - 1 . v . A ' A . . F . . V . . v v' . . PACE THE PIONEER F I? H 5 That Mlss Gladys Moe has actually been successful ln competlng wlth both Eleanor Holmes and Sally Rands ranches? That Mr Vem Mclimlay IS now star rlng ln a new French ballet? That Mlss Bemlce Small lS the flrst woman to brlng back a trafflc cop from the lost contlnent Atlantls'P That Mlss Isabel Nagengast IS the first woman rear admlral of the navy hlSl5Ol'y9 That Mlss Ollve Stevens made a non stop fllght to Satum and actually got punch drunk rldlng on lts rlngs"' Nothlng has been heard recently from elther Charles Walker who IS contlnulng the study of the lntrlcate polnts of shar lng senorltas or of Hermlt Sprlngs who has devoted hlS llfe to the professlon of dolng nothlng and who after much re search work ln thls llne has lntroduced many new theorles to the over crowded professlon ADS Openlng tonlght at the London Royal Theater a new and dlfferent comedy Nuts to the Nutty which IS dlrected by Robert Meredlth Entertalnlng tonlght at the Stork Club Mlss Annabelle Stanton lnternatlonally known torch slnger and dancer She wlll be accompanled by the renowned tambour lnlst Howard Huffman Robots made prlces reasonable see Irene Bratz Hot dogs Hamburgers sold on the ln Come to the 'Beecher Hot Dog Stand on the outskirts Do you know how to make love? Les sons glven-See Ken Schmidt All womens apparel Best quallty at best prlces Papan Classic Shoppe If you are bothered by nerves fcoffee clgarette nerves etcl see Dr Vlolet Llp nert psychlatrlst All work guaranteed Address 4 534 St Llscum Montana For thrllls rllls and chllls read The Dlme Novels wrltten by the famous mys tery wrlter Mlss Ellen Scott Passengers wanted Taxlcab troubador 5c a serenade Always on the Job see George Hazen Remember folks the clrcus IS comlng' A former Fort Bentonlte Mlss Betty Morger IS now the fat lady ln the Al G Barnes Blgger and Better Shows M Barnes IS also brlnglng wlth hlm the man who IS sald to equal the former Frankensteln Mr John Walker MISS Alyce Lang the tlght rope walker famous for balanclng herself wlth a toothplck and the hlt of the show IS Blll Kellys famous danclng chorus starrlng Mlss Grace Kersch SPORT LIGHTS In the llne of sports we flnd that Mlss Esther Mayer has captured the Olymplc swlmmlng tltle The Cal ter Bullfrogs coached by Ken neth Enge have just been lnvlted to play at the Nut Bowl Blll Anderson havlng succeeded ln get tlng Mexlcan Jumplng beans and fleas to Jump at the same tlrne has Just pro nounced the fleas champs Charles Stovall has Just won the world s tlddley wlnk champlonshlp Rosemary Imbert has Just been crowned champlon toreador ln MEXICO Wlth a rec ord of belng gored only three tlmes Dlck Bateman IS rated as Spaln s num ber one bull flghter We have no report so far from Australla as to how the race between Llla Mae wlllls pengulns and Joe Weeks tralned snalls came out but as soon as the scores are recelved they wlll be prlnted ln thls paper FUNERALS John Baack Just burled hlS past PROBLEMS Evalyn Bear I am vexed and tlred and worlled I am worn beyond repalr No lts not my studles thats got me But 1tS how to flx my halr Long stralght and llfeless llke Garbos Or bushy llke Gypsy Rose Lees Just none of them are becomlng Oh school IS so hard for me Well for the moment that s settled Now for a hat for sprlng To know how to wear the thlng Llke thls lt looks llke a cannon Llke thls a blrd ln sprlng Now the trouble starts all over Whlch way up should I wear the thlng? A FRESHMAN Marlan Bowker Shirley Young The freshman am a funny kld Hlm are so awkward and green Hlm thlnks hlm am a glamour oy Hlm should be heard not seen Hlm cant flnd way to class rooms Hlms books are torn and wom Hlm thlnks hlm IS a glamour boy Hlms schoolln cant be borne hlm fusses over every glrl Hlm poses ln the hall Hlm thlnks hlm am a glamour boy And hlm alnt one at all Lols LEWIS was overheard to say I cant get along wlth John lately lgnores me and lf theres anythlng that makes me hopplng mad IIS lgnorance 40 I lle awake at dawn and thlnk How sad lt IS all over town Lle other freezlng souls llke me Who have to put the wlndovl dovm Y' ss ' . . . 3. . . . . Y . v y ' ' ' ' - - ' ' u n ' . ' , ' in . . . u . - , . . ' 1 I , ' ' ' ' A ' ' . 1 '40 1 - , , . . y . - . , , 1 - y . stallment plan. All senoritas invited, It certainly KCCPS 0119 rattled 4 vv ' . I , ' - . 1 '40 1 , . . ' . :Y ' Y ' - . . . b , . nv- r. 'j U ' ' . ' - . 1 '40 1 ' ' ' . . . . ,. ' I ' , 1 . ' D . , . H9 l. . D 'I , ' V ' D TIHEIILXLIR I CL HIFH SCHOUI Wfflx It IS the alffl of Fort Benton Hlgh School to prepare students for 1nst1tu1tons of hlgher educat1on the fact that yye carrled off second honors 1n the scholarshlp contest at Bozeman Apr1l 2:1 26 and 27 goes to prove that th1s a1m 15 successfully be1ng carr1ed out A total of forty one students count1ng F F A Home Econom1cs and non contest 1ng delegates represented F B H S at Hlgh School Week Ih1S year We po1nt wlth prlde to the followlng students wno helped to ga1n our 54 pomts Donald Rltter lst 1n Algebra II r Tflg0H0m8tTy Everett Jacobsen George Hazen Rosemary Imbert E11 Papan Everett Beecher Mar1am Newhall Marlan Bowker Stanley Wh1tehorn Lorrame Baker Florence Cooper 2nd Math Major 2nd Phys1cs 2nd Algebra II 3rd Math Major 2nd SCICHCC Major 3rd ln Chemistry 2nd m Lxterature 2nd 111 Woodworkmg 2nd ln Tr1gonometry lst 1n Extemporaneous Wrxtmg lst 1n Typlng I 2nd 111 World Hlstory 3rd 1n Latm I 3rd 1n B1ology 1st ln General Sclence ONE ACT PLAYS We must have more stage propert1es So what d1d the speech class do but put on three one act plays I am sure we shall remember Treasure Hunt the play w1th the all g1rl cast and Smoky Rldes Aga1n the play w1th the all boy cast To top off the evenlng the comedy Make Room for Rodney was presented D1d you ever laugh so much'P An Evemng of Fun was also g1ven by the speech class and what a flttlng name 1t was' M1ss Hagle has trlumphed agaln GIVE THANKS Betty Schmldt HER HERO LOIS LEWIS GIVE thanks that IH th1s land of ours Oul fleedom st1ll 1ema1ns No man controls the peoples rlghts And uses foxce to 1e1gn GIVE thanks that yyolds are unrestralned And each may speak h1s m1nd Wlthout the fear of DFISOII bars That forever shall conflne GIVE thanks for food unl1m1ted That every man may eat Iso g1asp1ng hand demands II For the army s selflsh meat G1ve thanks that men a1e brothers a Pray wars yy1ll ever cease And all 1n all AITIETICB G1ve thanks that vue have peace M1ss Elsa sy stem MISS Elsa Fechter Can you ty pe'P Hagen Yes I use the Columbus Fechte1 What s that? Hagen I dlscoyer a key and then land on lt They yyalked dovyn the road togethel The moon shone as brlght as day They reached the park togethex Each seemed to knoyy the way They appeared to l1ke each othe1 He looked at her b1g broyyn eyes He yyalked along besxde he1 You see she yyas h1s DIIZQ They paused by the old palk table She heard hlS loyy deep gloan She sayy no more of her hero He had dashed to get h1S bone W ESTERN W ON DERL-XYD Amy Hanson I 1-moyy a land of endless dreams Of snowy mountalns and r1ver streams Of h1gh plateaus and canyon walls Of s1lent bluffs and r1ver falls And yyhere flelds of yyeaylng gram Welcome each drop of dew or raln Whele sk1es are blue and frlends are true And 1f eyer I should have to roam Ill alyyays love my yyestern home F ff. ll. S. ' ' T 1' H If 53 I A 1 1' 1 Y in . ' in in . ' Carley in American History ........ '40 l. -..... 140 M? ' A 1 '40 1 ' ' - 11: V 1' ' .V . 1 - '40 - 4 ' ' ' ' PAGE 4 THE PIOIXEER F B H S CALENDAR September November 9 The school house doors were offlcially opened O boy' Amt those new teachers and new schoolhouse somethln ' The upper classmen were as bad as the freshmen about f1nd1ng the1r class rooms They really put their noses in the wrong places Remember those youngsters ffreshmenl tra1ps1ng around m Dads pants and slsters dress Dld we show Choteau Oh boy' Cupld has had a hard time of lt so far What was wrong wlth you boys? D1d you wonder how all those freshmen got up nerve enough to try the1r hand at dancng or should I have sald feet? How everyone laughed when Bob Bowker and Mac McK1nlay dldnt know the meamng of coquette ' Tut tut boys Class off1cers were elected A press club was organ1zed and w1ll put out the school paper once a month The group of glrls who went to Dutton must have put 11fe 1nto the team for we won by a good marg1n Then there were those young ladxes who were determmed to stay over and see the game at the Falls We wonder lf that was the reason October 8 Pat and Sparky seem to be hlttmg It off O K Ke1th may be back thls summer Freshmen are gett1ng to hand holding stage g1ve them another year' Some of the glrls froze just to give the foot won 13 to 0 Band went hlgh hat and gave themselves a speclal party and d1d they have fun' End of fxrst SIX weeks Remember the peek you took at your report card untxl you got a l1ttle bolder and then WlSh8d you hadn t9 Malta defeated us 1n score but we kept our sp1r1t up F F A boys VlS1t6d Dutton Jack Anderson was notlcmg e1ther Margaret B1rkeland s hat or somethlng An Even1ng of Fun was presented by the speech class The home economlcs department had state v1s1tors Edna Bennett seemed to just f1t her part n Molly Wh1Ch was presented by the Thes p1ans Conrad trampled on our toes but where there IS l1fe there IS hope The flrst lyceum program was a lecture called Storles 1n Stone Booster club 1nv1ted some Dear Llttle Jun 1ors to Jom the1r ranks Teachers journeyed forth to the teachers conventlon A 0 to 0 game wlth Chlnook Rather qulet for such a lovely Halloween November 1 School was host at an Open House for parents The students surely shlvered and shook and were perfect angels when Ma and Pa were there Mlss Buckland recelved a nlcely pol1shed apple from one of her students Benton Sandy game Need any more be sa1d" Freshmen threw the1r first party whlch was more fun' They are learnlng Huffman and Shlrley have f1nally gotten together and the1r bashfulness IS beglnnlng to dlsappear What was thls about Junlor Larkln not at tendmg football pract1ce9 We wonder why' The home economlcs glrls held a very effec t1ve 1n1t1at1on The Southland Smgers d1d the1r bxt toward entertalnmg the dumb students I guess they entertamed the smart ones too Irene and Bob crave solltude Th3DkSglVlng and a vacatlon Or should lt be vacat1on and Thanksg1v1ng9 The Senlor play cast seems to crave the dark not hghts Romam Hod1e1n1 1n1t1ates by candlelxght December Semor play the Fyes of Tlaloc was pre sented to the publlc Annabelle Stanton left for ChlCag0 Marlam Newhall WIHS f1rst pr1ze 1n Everyday Readmg essay contest The students declded that Buck needed new trunks for basketball but dldnt do anyth1ng about lt The home economlcs club sponsored the show Rose Mafle and North of the Yukon Donald R1tter tumbles for Margaret B1rke land Speech class entertamed the Womans club by presentmg a play Belleve It or not Stovall made three baskets' Sandy and Benton basketball game Won by Benton Another game was fought out between Cen tervllle and Benton w1th Centerv1lle commg out on the bottom Physxcs students flnd It takes 80 calorles Jf heat to make one gram of ICC melt Betty Ellen and George Jo1ned Thesplans and they were compl1mented"" Pmg pong pxctures Junlors order the1r rmgs H1ghW00d Benton game Jan 3 Chrlstmas vacatlon Geraldvne Benton game was won bv Benton We won agamst Choteau Another v1ctory was chalked up for the Benton Longhorns agamst Dutton January V catlon ended and vnork was begun aga1n Great Falls Reserves were thoroughly trounced by the Ionghorns K S T C tests were glven Belt lost Benton won Too bad for the Blsons The Longhorns proved Just too much for them Why are the freshman boys playlng shy? Take Albert MOYIIS for 1nstance - ' 1 . J ' . . . . 5 . Q .. ' , up 1 , ' . . . 8 - - - . . . . 4 - I I 6 . . Q . 14-1 ' 7 ' t' 'h ' . 16 . . y ' . 8 l . . . . - 18 ' ' . 1 - - ' , 13 ' ' - 19 . . . . . . D . 1 r ' 16 ' ' 22 . ' - ' ' ' ' 20 ' . h 25 ' . 'D - 29 ' ' 25 ' 30 I ' I Y U ' . . I ... . . - . l . - . . 1 . ' H Ju, V.. - . g 1 l . U . 4 . . . . . 3 ' ' ' . . 5 ' . ' . 8-9 ' 7 ' Y ' ' - u ' v- ra .nv ball boys support. And it worked for we 9 F. F. A. banquet for their parents. . 11 ' ' - 9 ' , ' 3 ' . 12 ' ' 13 ' ' . ' . ' 14 ' ' , . ' ' ' . 15 . 14 ' . ' ' . 16 - 14 . . . ' ' . ' ' ' ' 18 ' ' ' . ' ' ' . ..,. 18 ' ' ' ' 19 " ' " ' , . 19 , ' ' ' 19 ' ' ' ' . 20 ' - ' . 20 ' ' i 21 ' ' ' . 1' " ' - 22 ' - . ' , 22 to . ' ' . 20 A- 23 5 - ' , . ' ' ' 28 ' ' . 23 ' 30 ' - 24 ' ' . A' ' - . ,. . . . r 2 2 ' v U 1 27-2 ' ' 5 28 1- - - A 10-11 .... A ' '. . - 12 . . 31 ' 13 ' . H " 17 ' " . llll: PILXEIA IJCL January Nflarch fr The end of the semester Wonder rf x ell pass? Ben or ron the county tournament Wrth the help of the boosters after whrch the Booster club sponsored a dance Vlrss Hcckersmrth rntrusted the rest of her lrfe to a banker In other words she was marrred The band presented the wrnter concert Vlrss Thompson new teacher rn erghth grade The Deer Lodge basketball boys beat our boys rn a good game The speech class broke down and presented an assembly program We lost the thrrd game of the season agarnst Choteau We won back our prestrge by beatrng Center vrlle Much prrmprng and posrng for senror prc tures February Elsre and Everett scolded for thelr hand holdmg We played the Belt B B team and we beat them Another game was lost-thrs trme to Conrad Natronal drama week The Thesprans enter tarned and celebrated thrs week by presentrng the play The Ghost Hunters Turn about rs farr play so we beat Conrad on therr home floor The game wrth Hrghwood was called off and several grrls were drsappornted boys except those rn the orchestra The Latrn Club had a theatre party which everyone enjoyed Today was a busy day remember you forgot to get that valentrrre for your grrl and then there was another lvceum and also rt was the frrst nrght of the Operetta Operetta H M S Prnafore aga1n Vrctory over Sandy by Benton Mr Hess was voted by the student body to be the cutest fellow rn school We managed to take only second place rrr the drsrrrct tournament Senrors get prctures much exchangrng The Sophomor es enter tarrred the student bodr wrth two one act plays Leap Year dar Selze your opportunrty grrls MHTCH 21 Delores Wagner and Johrr Sullrvan started shorrrrrg an rnterest rn one 'rnother At least rr was made pubhc The speech class a 'nn er11o ed debates br drfferent schools around Benton Several of the boys ventured forth to Havre to get themselves knocked out and several of the grrls were worryrng about them all the trme that they were gone The Bobcat Band gave the hrgh school a con cert and the grrls somethrng to thlnk about MMM' The wearrng of the green was brought to mrnd because today was St Patrrcks day The Grrzzly band gave a concert and after vxards gave the boys and grrls a treat by playmg musrc for a dance and dancrng Was Betts angry at berng put on the clean up commrttee" Wonder xrhx Jack Anderson and Chet Hallex hcnked the horn for hours outsrde of Gal bra1ths'P Easter vacatron Tra k postponed because of the weather Conrmunrty day Manv of us partrcrpated especrallr rn Professor Qurz contest Wally and Mabel castrng lovesrck glances at each other Aprrl May Aprrl Fools day Speech class presents program for Womans club Band starts marchrng Oh our feet' Donald Rrtter and Margaret Brrkeland are really that way about one another Kansas tests Musrc meet at Mrssoula Wlnhle and Buck are strll havrng an on agarn off agarn romance Junrors presented therr play Mr Cook Takes Over Huffman had the song Careless dedrcated to hrm and we wondered why Hrgh school week at Bozeman Students who set the clock ahead Wednesday P M found themselves gOlX1g to school 15 mrnutes early The Joke rs on them cer tarnly Dale Allen learns respect for authorrty we hope How proud those students looked as they came back from Bozeman" Hagre proud' Today Mr Hess rs a proud papa' Grngles Players presented the last lyceum and the last call was made for the students thrrty cents Dramatrc and grade meet day vacatron Track meet at Havre The annual sprrng band concert Tra k meet and hrgh school week at Mrs soula Havre rnusrc festrval Hot dogs and how' Sneak dav and drd the Junrors do the school proud offrcratrng as Senrors Junror Prom the Land of Oz The Senrors xr ere beglnn ng to feel bad about leavrng school Class day Baccalaureate Commencement So lone Krds THE WHIRLWINID Warne Whrtehorn George Hazen Svnrrlrn across the prarrres Tvsrrlrng 0 er the plarn For all your twrstrng arry You do not lrve rn varn You scatter the seeds of the flowers That are blanketed on the hrlls And hrgh rn your arry bowers Wrth beauts your bosom frlls I can take a lesson from your madness Whrch rs really very sane If I can help frll the world wrth gladness I shall not lrve rn varn FH.H.51 " 1' Y 'I' i' lists ev X 19 ' . ' ' 1' ' 21 ' ' ' V' ' Q 20 uf 1 1 ' - ' ' . ' ' , 22-24 .- ' ' . 21 1 ' ' ' .1 ' .' 30 ' - , D . ' ' - 23 ' . . 24 1 ' " - ' ' ' . ' 25 ' ' 1 ' ' . ' ' . 2 ' ' ' 1.6 . . 3 ' - , . 26 ' , ' 5 ' ' 27 ' ' ' - 10 . - ' , 11-13 ' ' . 28 . . . . , - 15 . . U ,, . . " g 19 ' ' I " . 1 , . U . - 41 vv ' 2 . . ' - , 25-27 ' . 3 ' ' . 25 , 4-11 ' . ' M - -I -, A I' 9 ' ' A - 26 ' ' ' , 10 ' ' ' 29. l 12 HOW the girls did enjgy the Coed-Pronj! N0 30 Second place in state in scholarship-Is Mr. 13 ' I 30 , . ' . 14 ' -- Q 1 ' ' A Q ' ' v l ' , 3 ' ' ' -'Z ' . 15 ' . " . . . ' " ' . 4 ' A - 16 ' ' . 5 - 18 1 V Y , 8-ll - c ' 1- 22-24 ' '- 11 " ' ' -- 1 '- 'L - - Q 14 L ' ' 25 ' ' ' ' -- ' '. - ' ' ' ' - 29 - - ' A- 18 ' f . Y. Y v . ' . . .' . 29 . W--Y ' I, . . ' ,u ' . A.4 ' I 23 '. 1 . A, . . V - L, 26 I .1 1' - ' ' . z . 29 . C.. " ' ' ' . ' . --- '40 -- 2 .1 . gf ' ff . . Q V A 5-6 - 3 ' , . Q ' -. . ' 14 U ' I - U I . ' 17 1 - ' . . . l4CI YHEIILNEEA I BHS FOAY BLXYOX HIC!! SCHCDQL C,'JNDlD C1-i,llbwRAl JHQTS ,JBQU T NNN THEPILXLLA I CL WY LONG 101 RNEYS' Mariam Newhall Roads' As long as I can remember they have intrigued me Highways I did not fmd particularly interestlng for they were traveled upon by swift cars and great sweating tugging horses drawing wagons But I was pleased by little paths that led to adventurous places like the chicken coop or the barn vyhere Bartimus our multi colored cat lived with her current famlly of kittens The deep rutted section line road that led to the mailbox was mv vision of Bunvans highway with the mailbox the Celestial City and mvself a most carefree verslon of Christian So because I loved trails I made up a game when I was SIX or so and this was the manner of my game It was called Golng on a Long Journev First one must pack Unlike the seventy sent out of old I found travellng with purse and script definitely necessary I can remember one item which I especially llked to take wlth me It was a pound tea can to which the orlental odor of its former contents still clung In lt I used to place a variety of things raisins from the pantry an apple a tiny doll or a block of Wood left from Daddys carpentry Oh it was a lovely little tea can' Several years ago when a pile of scrap 1ron was moved I found the remains of my tea can Inside were a block of Wood and a very ancient dried black raisln One summer my parents h1red a man and his wife who had a little boy Bobby slightly younger than myself Together we went on many Long Journeys Our favorlte was a Journey around the big vegetable garden We were very leisurely travelers stop pmg to hide among the tall sunflowers playing in the feathery asparagus bed and then proceeding to the lower end of the garden where the house was lost from view Here one could Slt and tell all sorts of lovely things without being disturbed Presently we would resume our Journey going on until having passed all the vegetables We slipped into the to forget them as soon as we reached the end of our travels the chokecherry bushes N warrior ever dreamed of a sweeter Valhalla than Bobby and I found beneath the soft white and gold blossoms and the cool green shade of the chokecherr1es By bending back the tall grasses we could sit comfortably and eat the raisins in my tea can One day Bobby and I went with the men to burn thistles behind the barn When the fire became too hot we were sent home On the way we played Long Journey and Bobby caught a mouse a cute little fellow with perky ears and bright pin head eyrs Bobby and I took turns holdlng it until It grew tired of our company and b1t Bobby wno turned it over to me I let the mouse go and then quickly repentlng of my generosity tried in vain to recapture it But the dav came when Bobby and his parents went ayy ay and school days came for me so I forgot the Long Journeys and my favorite tea can yet I st1ll feel a sense of exultatzon and excitement when I see an unexplored cow path weaving across a field and know that here is a new trail to folloyv and that at the end there lS adventure and reward to gain W IR llFll0RI4L Mariam Nevy hall Alyy ays you stand there in the same place Alvyays your face up turned your feet tangled 1n barbed yy1re But today while late dying leaves fall and shudder groundvyaid You seem almost to be ahve again a mute appeal against war If you could know that the cause for which you stand IS lost That once again British and French fight Germans That little children are killed and yyomen bombed in thelr homes While again yye struggle and grope for a hand hold to keep us out of the vyar Would you st1ll hold your head so proud so sure That you wlth other boys yyould save the yyorld" Would not your shoulders lose that military set And droop deJected like the shoulders of your comrades who st1ll l1ve'P 40 Since yye all appreciate Mariams literary ability and since so much of her work has already been published vye thought you yyould like to have a page ln your memory book which would retain for you Mariams finest yyork yyh1le in high school li bi H. SQ ' N ' " f' J '.-1 7 f' 5: machine yard, and paused to pick the tiny lavender blossoms of the skeleton plant, only -- . o 1, '40 l. IWCE: 7'llEl'lCXE1fR F .H.S. THE TYPICAL SCHOOL DA1 Shlrley Young When sou come 1n on a school nlght And the time IS two oclock Your folks dont say a word to you It gxves you qulte a shock You thmk that you are tralnlng tnem And 1t makes you feel qulte proud But next mornlng after you get up They scold you long and loud As soon as you re ready you go to sch ol So you wont be 1n the f1ght Instead of studymg you talk Wlth fuends And expect the day to go rlght In typmg your errors are numerous In Engllsh you fall asleep In history you make forty exght m a test Then sadly you go home to eat You re late back to school mn the afternoon Get an excuse and go to your place The teacher glves you a cold glassy stale The students all laugh in your face When your flrst afternoon class IS done And you start to the study hall You f1nd that the floors have Just been Waxed AFTER you take the fall You pxck yourself up Wlth holes ln your socks Around you the students are dartmg The buzzer rlngs for the next class The groups 1n the halls are partlng You get to band ten mmutes late And fall over a chalr at the door The valves of your horn are stuck 1ke glue All thxs comes from staymg up late Now why dont you take my advxce Get your lessons done and go out txl ten The next day wlll turn out mce CHEMISTRY Irene Colby Chem1stry IS a whlz Untll you get a qulzz Expenments are a mess W1thOUC Mr Hess Equatlons are great And you want to be ate Theres many thlngs you have to knou Llke n1tr1c aC1d and H 2 O When our bralns are all unfurled We f1nd that chemistry rules the wol ld Ants may be the hardest worklng crea tures ln the world but somehovu they f1nd tlme to attend all the plcnxcs 49 Fuzzx Wuzzv was a bear Fuzzy Wuzzs lost hls halr Then Fuzm Wuzzx uasnt Fuzzy was he'P SPRINTG FEVER Velma Ames Ah sweet IS old Fort Benton 1n the Sprmg t1me of the 5681 When the early flowers are bloomlng and the Shonklns runnmg clear While robms ln the buddmg trees ale bulldmg summer nests Hele We slt ln th1s gloomy dungeon tak mg dally tests The prospect of a nlce cool swlm IS really great temptatlon But the prospect of another test takes much more preparatlon The books which he takes home at nlght are only on an alrmg For he packs them on the nearest table and he flunks not even caring During tests his penclls are all chewed up as though he were a beaver But the source of all thls hstlessness IS just our frlend Sprmg Fever FAMOUS LAST WORDS You lncur no 0b11gat10l'l when you mall the coupon Barbers every where recommend lt Pull over to the curb Please pay the cashler Would you care to leave a message'-l Thlrty days free trxal Must you go9 Guess who thls IS How many mlnutes tlll the bell? TREES I think that I shall never see A girl refuse a meal thats free Upon a coke thats bemg mxxed A glrl who doesnt always wear A bunch of Junk to match her halr Gals are loved by guys llke me Cause gosh who wants to klss a tree9 -Selected THINGS YOU SHOULD KEEP Temper sunny dlSp0S1t1OH secrets promises the Sabbath and your halr THINGS YOU SHOULD NOT KEEP Ugly dogs late houls grudges bad compam bo lOVs ed books God gave us tvso ends-one to Slt on and one to thlnk vllth A mans success depends on vxhxch one he uses the most 1ts a case of heads you w1n and talls you lose RAIN Clark Hllton Ram drifts maJest1cally xn On the clouds It drops 1ts burden And then passes on , I ss 1 ' H ' 1 '40 1 y - 1 '40 1 my 1' . You think YUU can S59-nd 110 more- A girl whose hungry eyes aren't fixed 1 '40 1 ' ' . ' .. Y40 , 1 . 1 '40 1 1 '40 1 ' , ' , - 1 '40 1 If 8.11.51 THE PIONEER PACE -9 THE MIGHTY SENIORS Luc1lle When we were freshmen they called us green But you should see the senlors they re really a scream' When we were freshmen we looked up to them But now that we re older We say Ahem They arent as bxg as they thmk they are What they need IS an awful jar Now that we re SOPHOMORES we can see They arent as blg as they seem to be But underneath they re swell klds we know Even when they put on such a b1g show HAPPY ENDING There was a dachshound once so long You haven t any notlon How long It took h1m to notlfy HIS tall of hls emot1on' And so lt happened when hlS eyes Were Wet wlth woe and sadness HIS tall would st1ll be waggmg on Because of prevlous gladness' NURSERY RHYME Humpty Humpty All the And all Had an Dumpty sat on a wall Dumpty had a great fall klngs horses the kmgs men 68811053 Overheard Buck Schmldt mutterlng I wlsh I were a Jltterbug So I could truck and shag But when I dance Im such a lug I guess Im Just a Jxtterbag V 1 D 1 '40 1 T '40 i - - - ' A -- '40 1 1 '40 - ' . . , ' 1 '40 1 -- '40 1- ' M . I Q . . I 1 '40 1 -- '40 - ' - . I. - - - '40 - 1 '40 1- -- '40 - My . Ha ,... ' ' ' ' ' . My I ' . . Ha .... ' ' - My ' 1 , - . Ha. a... 1- '40 - ' ' ' ' . 1 '40 - Daryl Hagle Pop what lS heredlty" Mr Hagle The force my son whlch arranges that all your good tralts be In herlted from your mother and all your bad ones from me mother told me not to smoke ha ha ha I dont mother told me not to drmk ha ha ha I dont mother told me not to woo h an Mary had a llttle lamp She fllled lt Wlth benzlne She went to l1ght her llttle lamp And hasn t slnce benzlne 40 A WISH I wlsh I were a mmute So when I s1t ln class I would not have to worry Whether I would pass A PENCIL Barbara Scott I was very tall and sturdy dressed ID a coat so brlght On my head was crown of glory I was ready for Work and flght Some student came and bought me and took me away to school And put me III a grmder I guess that was the rule He blt me and he chewed me he treated me so unklnd And many times he hurt me whlle busily wlth hls mlnd Flnally I became so lxttle he had to throw me away After all the work Id done for h1m not a word of thanks d1d he say I want to be a senlor And stand Where senxors stand A fountam pen behmd my ear A notebook ln my hand I wouldnt even be kmg I Just want to be a senlor And never have to do a thlng I sneezed a sneeze mto the alr It fell to earth I know not where But hard and cold were the looks of those In whose v1c1n1ty I snoze Always It IS Lord whatever does she see ln h1m or he ever see 1n her? But never what IS lt I see ln me? SHORTA STORA Car Speeda Tram Meeta They Greeta Samt Peta Little fly upon the wall I-Ilm a1n t got no home at all Hlm got no mother to comb his halr Hlm don t care hlm got no hair POME Little doggie ln the street Lookmg oh so lonely Along came an automoblle Honk honk Bologna A nut at the steerlng wheel A peach at hlS rlght A sharp turn m the road Fru1t salad good mght' LAMENIT My lover hlm has gone away My lover hlm has gone to stay I-hm wlll never come to me I wlll never go to he Dont xt awful'P 'HIL' l'l C.X'lflfK I 41 ll T U 2 CI K .Al ,, ll S i l l 1 4 Y A I Ill' X 1' I is LQAIUAIQN. AI fl I LX ww Wil i I Um xllli A l A t au ENR I1E fifiisif? ' .fgplis L 1i l:2?? Q L1:Sv 1 - N .,.,g.3.ggg:, ... ,nf '

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