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 - Class of 1921

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The Pioneer Published By The Associated Student Body Of The Chouteau County High School Fort Benton, Montana ..O,o FORT 1846 ' THE PIONEER Supt. J. W. Lenning THE PIONEER DEDICATION 1 lo Mr. L111111i11g. 1m111' s 11p111'i11t11111i1111t. :1 pi1m111-111' in tho fi - -1 ' ' . 1n1t:111:1. who, 1l11'1i11g'l1 l1is zval :1111l 1111111 111 111111 1111111 111 NI rlc. has 1'z1is111i 1r111' s1'h1m1ml lo 11111 highvst st:1111h11'1ls iii 1111 111r1'tliw11st, iw. tho st111l of Thv I'i1i111-1112 11111 hmitv 1i1'1li1-11111 this first VUI111111 1 1 THE PIONEER Principal J. G. Ragsdale THE PIONEER FOREWORD '111111 1'i1111001' typifivs 1110 f111'w111'11 51011 which 1110 0111111101111 C111111ty High S1-1111111 1111s 11111011 this y0111'. T110 1111111is11i11g 111 11111' first 11111111111 is 1111 110011111- 111is111110l11 XVd111'1l 1'Qf101'fS 1110 spirit 111111 W111'11 of 11111 S01111111. This YQZII' we 1111v0 130011. i11 11111111' ways. 11i1111001's. XVO 1111V0 11-11111 111 111'0111c 1110 11111111s of 011510111 111111 1111V0 s11'iV011 for 21 11111111101' vision i11 11111' S1-1111111 1if0. I1 11215 1'01l11i1'011 1f11111'11g0 211111 11111i111it011 faith i11 11111' s1'1111111. If wo 1111111 11111111 1110 111-11i1-1011101115 111 this Ylill' 111111' 215 1110 111-gi1111i11g of 1l11V2ll1C6l1l1'l1t W0 111111' 1'1l11 1110 yl"tll' S111-1'0+sf111. 1V1l1'll il 111111' 501111111 y0111' 110gi11s 101 115 11111 1111111 1111011 11111111 1110 y0111' 111111 111115 g11110 11111 101 115 1111111 f111'w111'11 211111 s11'iV0 for Q1'01l161' 111'11g1'0ss. It is 1110 f01'1'011t wish 111: your 111'i111-i11111 1111111 you i11111i11e 1110 spirit of the pi1111001': 111111 you 11111101'111k0 ylllll' tasks with 01'1111'11g1+ 111111 11111i111i11-11 faith i11 your p111v01's of 1l1'1110V011ll'11tQ 111111 f1111l11j'. 111111 you 111132101 11111 past 111111 111111: St01l11'f2lS11Y 111w111'11s g1'011101' w111'k+ i11 1110 f111111'e. J. G. HAGSDALE THE PIONEER Chouteau County High School K o vx..-1... , , ,, 7,,, , Y, THE PIONEER , T f-fx fxgx Kt'N fd NU "X,- f' k f- cg N,mx, f-XQN 5 X fi-'YF' -xv iff 0 0 'ww Q lx Q N if 0 , x FAEULTSQ-v4 I N V M THE PIONEER MR. J. H. ASHCRAFT Home-IVestfall, Penn. Graduate of Mansfield Norinal besides Work in University of Illinois. Manual training and Coach. MISS FRANCIS THEIS Home-Missoula, Mont. Graduate of University of Montana, received il IS. A. degree. Has charge of foreign languages. MISS JOSEPHINE CHAPMAN Home-Anna Arbor, Mich. Graduate of University of Michigan, received El A. IB. degree. ' Teaches lower English and History. Miss LILLIAN M. KUHN I Home-Muscatine, Iowa. Graduate of University of Michigan, received El B. A. degree. Teacher of Matlieinatics. THE PIONEER MISS MAY LAKENAN II01110-BICIQCGSPOFI, Pe1111sylvz111i:1. G1':1cl11:1te of Valparaiso besides post QFZICIIIZIIQ work i11 University of XXvtlSllIlIg'IOII, Seattle, reeeivecl B. A. degree. Clmrge of Colnlnercizll Depzlrtlnent. MISS EVICLYN CI IAPMAN llolne-lViseo11sin Rapids. XXVISCOHSIII. fil'illlll2lIQ of TllfJl11tlS Xo1'n1:1l of Detroit. Mich. Clmrge of Music- :111ml .Xrt work. MISS LILLIAN SKINNER IIOIHP-I412lll'lJTlllt. Minnesota. G11 clnute of fIiTlllGllll0 College. St. Paul. Minn.. with tl li. A. degree. 'I'e,1el1ea Engli '11 :mtl Latin. MISS GLADYS 1. PENN Ho111e-4N:111z1wz1, Illiseolisin. .Xttentlecl Lz1w1'enee College and Milwalukee- IIOXVIIOI' College. GI'tlLlll2ltG The Stout Institute. 11:15 0ll.l1'g0 of the Doinestic SC'l61'll'0 Dep:1rt111ent THE PIONEER STAFF OF THE PIONEER Chestvl' Tzltc ...,,,.,. ..... I Crlitol'-ill-ifllief XVi11if1'1-cl Joycv ,w,,,, Associate ICflito1- Stillllixy Allou ..... ...,,. I 31lSi1l0SS Blilllilglll' Lillian Eu-rs .....,.. ...Assoc-into HIISEIUHS BIEIHZIQOI' .X1'fhll1' Julmsoll ..... .... . Xfhlotio Editor Elizzllwth Joyful ....., ....., . Yukos and I4if01'2l1'y Editor F Iqllllili' Stevms .........,,,,.,....,......... Cil1'f00l1iSt Vudm' the Sll1J9l'ViSiO1l of Miss Lillian L. 'Skillll01'.. wv haw lJ1'OiQlIlf'0d this F f sf V01lllllP of Phu Pimxver :md lm we our follow s'rl1cl011ts :md l'02ld0l'H will 1 X . . ,. tl110.V flux our f11'Sf Zlllllllill. THE PIONEER - J N 'XM XXX . Q' Lx X A VI W U W , Ev A A , W HF' 4 Hlvifww f If ,Wu AW' A' W EN I DRE THE PIONEER ROBERT MORRIS-uBobby" Scientific Course. Class Play. Basket Ball. Football. Class President. Declalnatory. Member of Stuclcut Body Council. HHQ loves the ladies, but cloenlt think them Worth the price." GRACE CROYV-'iPcggy" Scientific Course. Japanese Dance. Glcc Club. Class Play. "Sugar and spice LILLIAN EVERS-HPolly" and all that's nice." Scientific and f.JOITl1H01'Cl2ll Coli1'sc4. lVinmlmills of Holland. Glec Club. Class Play. Japanese Dance. Assistant Business Manager. "Slick a good sport, but Uh, such a 1nystc1'y." HAZICL I'IIAT'I'-tiHazy" COIHIIIQ-3l'l'lill CIOUITSQ, lD6Clill'1121'f01fV. State IJQCltl1Tl2lt0I'1V. Reading at Class Play. "A damsel with a sweeter' has never seen," disposition this school THE PIONEER JOHN FLAGLER-ttlfuzzyl' Scientific Course. Debate. Class Play. . 4'He's always on hand with his paint brush and little tin can." ILMA GRIESBACH-'4Blondy7, Commercial Course. 42-Xlways seen, but seldom heard." NELLIE MURRAY-uShorty', Commercial Course. Japanese Dance. VVindmills of Holland. Glee Club. V ice President. Class Play. Secretary Student Council. c'She's little, but Oh! Myf' ELIZABETH JOYCE-4'Beth,' Modern Classical Course. Joke Editor. Member of Student Council. Declamatory. Class Play. Glee Club. lVinclmills of Holland. Japanese Dance. "Please go 'way and let me sleep." THE PIONEER RAYMOND CURTIS-4tFat'l Scientific Course. lVi11clmillS of Holland. Class Play. Basket Ball. Football. L'He's a goocl little lafl, but he l'l1llllCS Belt is hottm 77 tha 11 I3011fO1l. BEATRIX SMART-'gBetty" Classical Coursv. Class Play. '4Pleaso Clllllqt- sav 2lllVfl1lU0' about 111 ' hair." . . 3 . YVINONA COURTNAGE-HSally" C0111111e1'cial Course. Class Play. 'WVQ Cillllt toll what sho thinks, she 11ovo1' saysf EDNA M AY CR All' FC TR D-'slid " Ql0111ll101'Cl2ll Course. Docla11'1atory. llllllllllllllil of Hollaucl. Glco Cluh. Class Play. -wx 191 N1 fl. 1 1 ca111ty 111.111 Nlllll a me llfllllltl. THE PIONEER LAXVRENCE M7130NALD-'4Macaronia,, Scientific Course. Class Play. 7 N l rack. "As quiet as a mouse." NAT A LIE TC RVN EIli4'TlJXX'lllFl'll Commercial Course. lVi11flmills of Hollauil. Japanese Dance. Girls Cheer Leader. Class Play. Secretary-Troasiiroi' Glee Club. "lVhat a spolultlirift she is with her t0ll0'll6 FLORENCE KINDER-4'Fiuuy" Colnlnercial Course. Class Play. "lf Sll0lli'0,S gnlclc-11, thou art an Hllg 37 THE PIONEER CLASS HISTORY lll tl10 year of 11i110t0011-s0v011t0011. Nile w01'0 l+'1'0sJ.1i0s, UEIQGI' to ln- sc-011' fjlll' officers w0 chose w01'0 lI0Oll1 To iI1itiat0 our vlass was 111U2lll. w 'l'hi1'ty littl0 I'l1'OSl1lQS, gay as larks. hlafle all Olllltl' Classix tl1i11k of l'lll'l1' lll2ll'liHQ xvllltll on a May nite what :lo you think, XVQ SG1'Vl'1l a ha11q110t llltll llltlflt' llll'1l1 wi11k. Of thirty I'11'0Sl1lH0D so1110 clroppocl out. And loft us Sopho111o1'0s i11 gl'UZll tloulrtz Bob and Nc-lli0g v01'y goofl scouts lCXCl12lllQ0fl llltlll' oftim-Q about. 01100 a YPZII' w0 w01'0 allow01l To g'iV0 0110 party for o111' 01'ow4l: IJ111-i11g this YOQII' wo ga V0 a s111'111'i 40 lllhich s'l1ow0cl tl10111 why-w0 w01'0 so wis0-. fllll' Tha11ksgivi11g party was 110xt in lllll? -Xml all 1'0po1't0cl a good ti1110: 'lllll' biggest 0v011t of all that yn-111' lllas tho J1111io1' Prom which llI'0llQ,'lll gooml 0l10c Ah I what a llllll' we had that y0a1' llYl1O11 Bob and Fat lllxgtlll th0i1' van-01' As liaskothall boys who soon lJOCZllllK' The Very lwst playa-1's i11 tl10 Qilllll' Now we are i11 tl10 Slfllltll' row, Of tal011ts w0 haV0 llltlllll a allow. Ill 1l0l1ati11g John was imlolizofl, 1 i111o11g ll0t'l2ll1191'4 llaz0l took tl10 lJl'lf'fl'. XV0 hid gooclhyo to Cl10lll02lll Higl1. Now 111 0lll'S0lYPS om' t11t111'0 l10'. lVll01'0lC1' w0 go 01' YYl1tll w0 clo. Old Cllfllllixtlll High. w0'll still low you. NICLLI IC IIUIEIGH' 'l n THE PIONEER SECTIONAL VIEW OF THE SENIORS fcontinuedl FAVORITE SONG Let the Rest of the World Go By My Little Grey Home In the West Um-Hum My Wonderful Dad I'll Do as I Please as Long as I Please Roaming in the Gloam-A ing In the Moonlight Take Your Girlie to the Movies This is the Life That Naughty Waltz Smiles Oh, You Great Big Beautiful Doll Take it Slow and Easy I'm Always Chasing Rainbows Missouri Waltz HOBBY Basket ball Dressmaking Being nice to the teachers Reading Music Bobbing her hair Following the fashions Cooking Flirting Dancing Elocution Coquetry Cartooning Acting Playing the piano WHERE FOUND Benton Drug Store Choir practice In the lime light In the library In hot water In the kitchen With Capt. Davy At a weenie roast On the porch At the hop At home In the Archery At the bachelor club Nobody knows With her bunnie TEN YEARS HENCE Noted Scientist Head of business col- lege Bachelor citizen of Fort Benton Author of best seller Member of Congress Farmers' wife Private secretary State agronomist Married A great painter Chautauqua reader Beauty specialist Stage manager Movie star Missionary in China 4 THE PIONEER CLASS PROPHECY I'Il.XCIC---I"ol't Il011t0l1., HI0llI2llItl.+IIUlOl Illlt11101.'0 TIRII'lw---lflilfl. SI'IlUATION-Hzlylllolld Curtis Zllltl Robert Morris. two 11l0l1ll1t'l'S ol' tlll: clzlss of 15321 2l1'O ovt-l'llolll'd tl1St'llHSl11:Q old tlllll-4 ill tlltl lolllly. S1l2l1t'l10H of tlloil' COIIYUVHZIIIOI1 follow: lilly: Slly 1.111 glad I llllltl you llvlforo tlltl 1l'2lll1 loft. old top. I lllld llo ldoll Holm R il y Holm lilly Holl lilly ' Hob: Izily ' Holm: lilly' Holm llilll" Hob: Huy Holm R21-Y Holl Rely' Holl Ilily' Holm: lizly' Holm: llzily' Holm: Ray' you were still l1Vl11:Q' l19l'K'. lYllllt ure you Cltilllg? Yos, Illll still ll0l'0. I'w llevll IIZVIIIQ to Illillilx ll tllrlllol' out of 11l.VS0l15. Hvvll olvyelll yours Zlttllllllltlllg' to raise wllezlt Ull dl'y ltllltl. I l1ilVl'l1.t l'2llS9Kl Wllilt you vould c-llll ollt- good crop. Hough luck. old toll. but 11113111 tlll- looks of tlltlt' Zlt'l'Oplilllt' it doc-sll't 590111 als tlltbllgll you wow llzll'd up. lVlllltl I'I2lVGl1.I you lltHI1'tl of Illll 3I01'l'lH Oil Cthlllllilllyq You! lllelld of lllll f2lll10l1S Morris Ull cltllll DZIIIY? 1 . . . l - . tXVl1l1 prldvl : lYvll. tllllt s tlul wlly tllo 1lt'XVH1Z2l1IPl'H lHlVt' lt. Hut Zllltlllt 'VOll1'SCl1: - l Ull, I l121VG11.t sot tllo world zlfire. llut I'Vv C'0l't2lll1ly lltllllvd to lcllvp il Oltxilll. I'y0 bot-ll tl1St1'llJllt1l1Q Ivory Soup. Host Oll tllo lll:ll'lc0t4-s- 'Il1'tlV0l1llU' Itlllf 'Ill1E'll you Slltillltl llzlvv NIUYS. 'llelll 1110. ll2lV0 vou 2' . , . sl-ell ol' l1P2lI'Il illlytlllllgf 2ll1Ol1t tllv rest of tllc vluss. I lllcvt SOIIIK' ot' tlle old c-l'ou'd 0t't'2l'4l0l12lllV ill lllv tl'zly0ls. Mot IAlWl'0l1t'l' BI2lt'IJ0l12lltl ill Nm-W York two .V02l1'S ago. Old Maw? fllll' llloetillg was I'2ltl10l' 1ulll1ll.V. Ilct 1110 tl-ll you Ellllllll' lt. Go Olll Illll 2ll1XlOllS to lltlill' of Maltz I was just ellltt-l'illg' tllv RltZ-clilfltllll illltl tll1'l10tl zll'oulld to 2ltllllll'0 2111 illllllvllse 111534 lll0tlt'l Ij2lt'liilI'tl. It droyv up to lllfl C'll1'l1 lllld WLIIO Slllilllll llop Ollt llut Mac. Yos slr. Mala' witll il l'l1211l15luOl1l', footlllllll Qllltl 0Vt'1'KY tllillg c-olllllleto. 1Vell, Zllltl lloly did llc lllzllgtl llis 1110116572 H0 is 1Jl'0Sltl011t of tllv First Niltltllltll Iailllli 111 New York. lYvll l lYoll Y r.lll1t'll I'll li1lOXY YYllll1'C to go to llYll'l'0XV l1l0ll0'V. II:l. llil. rIll1l'0t' weeks 211:t01', I wzllkvd lllto Scars Zllltl ROQlJllt'li-S lll Clllc-algo Illltl zlsked to sol- tlle lllllllllgel: llvilllttul to put tl11'0l12Efl1 il little dvlll you li110XV. lY0ll. I was issued ll1t0 El l21l'Q0 l'oolll :llld wllo sllould llo Il1t'1't! tllllilllg' XYltl1 tlle IIIEIIIRIQCI' lult Fuzzy. Jtlllll Flzlvll-1-1 I'yv Ofttlll tl10l12'l1t Zlllflllt llilll lllld XY01ltl01'0tl wllalt llilll T' . -- ot llllll. llovolllv llvvll. Fuzz Ellltl I llllld tlle lla-st tilllv tlllkillg owl' old tllllvs illltl old friends. Hut 1Vl12lt'S llo ClOl112Q'? lVlly, lllfs 2ItlVPI"lISl1lg IIIEIIIZIQQI' for St-:rs 2l11tl RtJClJl1tflC. fxllll you li11ONY wllzlt Il st-llslltioll tllc-il' 21tlY0l'tlSOI110lltS ll2lYO Illiltlt' 1lll'l10l1I tllt- t'0llllll'.V. Yvs. but I llilil llo ldoll Fuzzy was at tlle lJ2lt'li of it alll. Yes. tlloy clzlllll llvls tllv llest lllzlll ill tlle- ll. S. for tllzlt typo of work. Illld dlllllol' NYltll llilll tllzlt lllgllt illltl llftlll' tllllt wollt to tllv Follivs :llld QIIPSS wllolll wo lllt-t Ill0I'9. Il02lt1'lX Slllillt. I 5111117081-F. 'llllQI'U lslllt 21 llltllll wolllllll ol' clllld 2l1'0l11l4l l1P1'0 tlllllt flO0S11lt li1l01V of ll01'. My wlto copivs :lll llvl' drossos. Yes, ,l3l'2lI1'lX S-lll:ll't, IQIIOOI1 ot tllll Follies zllld still 2111 2llltl10l'Ity oll spit c-urls. Ill'EltI'lX lll'illo's Hllzcl to IIIV Illlllll. Illlyc you lllvt l1t'1' 'f 2- . , . llzlzol Y No I,l12lV0lllt lllvt l1l'1' llut Il0211LI'1X told 1119 :lllollt llc-l'. THE PIONEER CLASS WILL lVe the class of nineteen twenty-one of Chouteau County High School of the State of Montana, being in generous franie of niinfl anal being desirous of leiying our valuable possessions to the pleasant companions of our High School Days while we have ambition and tlesire to tlo so, do tleclare this our last will ancl testament. First-IVe clo bequeath our innnetliate successors the Junior Class. our IlllVGl'IlSll1g space on the school house roof for their class nuinerals next year anrl also our fifth row of seats 111 the Assembly rooni. Second-'I'o the Sophoinore Class we bequeath one-third of our clignifietl , . searing. 'l'l1ircl-To the Freslnnen Class we bequeath our extra credits. SPECIFIC First-Florence Kinmler bequeaths her reserve tiniitlity to IValter Evers. Seconclffhatalie Towner bequeaths her powers of holding a beau to I eronica Sullivan. rlllllFil-IIZIYIIIUIIKI Curtis ber ueaths his extra suiilv of sugar to Rose , . . . z- I'ate to coax flown Jier skirts. I"ourthvRobert Morris bequeaths lus golclen heart to Stanley Allen to pawn tor reacly cash. Fifth-Ilina Greisbach ber ueaths her French leave of absence to Bessie l Swena. Sixth-Nellie Murray bequeaths her brulal bouquet to Atha Stelhnon. St'Y0llIl1"lll10 Senior Class, as a whole be ueats to Lucille Hogan all 1 I s - . g- . rs . their olcl watts ot glnn, thereby autthorlzlng her to be official guni chewer ol' Chouteau County High School. Eighth-Graee Crow bequeatlis to Ruby Pugh one pink powder puff six inehes in rlianieter. Ninth-.lohn Flaffler bet ueaths the nielnories of a little black bug to 1 .4 :Q 1' Alice Overtieltl. Vlltfllfllflallllilll Evers bequeaths her precious t'Carrot Tops" to Helen l'atterson to cultivate. Eleventh-Lawrence Mac-Donalnl bequeaths his spare tune to Chet Tate. 'l'welfth4l3eatrlx Sniarti be4 ueaths her s ut. eurl. as a finishing touch to V, I I Q U H l , :- Vx llll'l'1'G4l Joyce s COIIIIIFC. Th1rteenth-Eclnaniay Crawfortl bequeaths her tleniure and quiet au' to liorts Greisbach. FonrteentheHazel Hiatt bequeats her oratorlcal powers to Roy Tope. F1fteenth-Elizabeth Joyce bequeatdis one-half oft her consistency to Anna Hagen. SIXIPktllfll-Xxvlllllllil Courtnage bequeatlis her plunipness to Florence Stevens. And lastly, all the rest, resiclue ancl I'9lll2ll11ClG1' of our intellectual tools, such as text books. pencil stubs, scrap paper, ete., to the Stuclent Body in gen- eral. Ilve hereby appoint Miss Lillian Skinner the sole executrix of this, our last will anal testanient. In witness thereof we hereunto set our hancls and seal at Fort Benton, aforesaul, tlns first clay of June, nineteen hunclrecl and twenty-one. Signed anrl sealecl by the Senior Class of Chouteau County High Scthool. NAME Robert Morris Winona Courtnage Raymond Curtis Florence Kinder Natalie Towner Ilma Griesbach Lillian Evers Lawrence MacDonald Nellie Murray Grace Crow Hazel Hiatt Beatrix Smart John Flagler Elizabeth Joyce Ednamay Crawford gg THE PIONEER SECTIONAL VIEW OCCUPATION Sleeping Studying Living up to his repu- tation Quoting the dictionary Running the class Staying out of school Dancing the fantastic Teasing Looking after little sister Making her days happy Being agreeable Looking sweet Riding in the bug Worrying, hurrying Cultivating the teach- ers OF THE SENIORS FAVORITE SAYING Don't do anything 1 wouldn't do For the love of Pete I got my dates mixed Ye Gods! I don't give a darn Nothing doing Holy cats I never had such a time for a long time. Oh Gee! I don't see any use in it What do you know? My eyes! Hey Oliver! Oh Horros! Oh Pickles! PASTIME Trying to sing Amusing the kids Making a smash Giggling Keeping Chet in line Studying Automobiling Beauxing a Freshie Talking to Schoonic Vamping Traveling Making spit curls Rushing a girl Dreaming Getting peeved 111111 11111' 111111 111111 131111 11111' 111111 I'-11' 11 111111 12:11 111111 11111' 111111 11111' 111111 11111' 111111 11111' 111111 11111' 111111 1121 1' 111111 11111' 111111 I111.V 151111 Ray: 131111 1111-1' 111111 Rily ' 111111: THE PIONEER I 1111111111111111' sl111 11'1111t1111 t11 1111 El County S11p111'int111111e11t. D111 she s111'- 1'11111l 3 1V111l. i11 21 way. S1111 11111111111 the State S11pe1'1nten110nt of Schools in t1111 St:1t11 of ,X12l1J2llll2l. A1111 11111101121 1 Y1111 h111'1111't 0111111111111 1117011 her, have yon? Yes. I 111111111 1111111ss 11111' 111 Il11cl111st111'. She is one of the host n111's11S 11111' 11111'11-- 1Vin111111, El 1lllI'SQ1 T111111 she is 1'l11ing 11011 11it for the 111l1l12l111ty of the 11'111'l11. Yes 11111 is. I s11pp11s11 11111 1111111 111111111 of Eliz111111tl1 Joyce. 11111'1111't 111111 'Z Yes, I'1'11 111111111 lots 11111111t l1111'. S1111 is 11111 1111tl1111' of tl111 '1:2l11l01IS 111111l1, "The B011-o-link." I 11111'1111't 111111111 111111111 21110111 tl111t 191111 I 1111 11111l111'st11111l sl111's to lH2lI'I'y 21 1111111 111' 11111 111111111 of IC111111's1111. Yee, 111111 sl111'l1 1111 1111111 to 1111111'111l1ct, 111111 for the 1'11st of his life. poor f11ll11w. R111111111111Q1' the 11is1111ssi1111s she 111111 i11 0111 S1111i111' I'11lg11S11 111111' 112111711 11121111018 essays? I sl11111l1l s11y I 1111. It was 21 good 1111IlzQ'1lG w11s11,t t1111111. C1111111 to think 11111111t it. N11t11li11 '1'11w11111' 11s111l t11 1111111 il good 1111111 to say 11111111t1 En1c11's1111 t1111. 'I'l1:1t's right. 11'11111l111' 11'l111t 1111121111111 of Natalie. H11111 you 11131111111 Oh 111111't you l11111w? 1V1111. sl111 t1'i1111 st111111gi11g for 21 wl1i111 l111t 11111' 111111 wus l1ig'l1111' so 11111 st111l1111l 11111' 111111 111111' sl1e's ll I111p111sQ11t11t11'11 111 C1111- gross. 111111. w11ll. 1.111 1101 S111'171'1S0t1. A1111 t11t1 you 11111111' F111111111-0 Ki1111111' is .Instic-11 ot the 1'1111c11 111 II111111111l11? I ll11C10l'Hf2l1111 sh11 1111s 1l1111e s1111111 11111111111-ful 11'111'11 1111 the H11f111'11111ti1111 C11111111itt11c 1l1111'11 I1ll'1'l'. Is tl111t th11 truth? I 111w11ys 1111011 1+'l1111111111 111111111 11s11 11111' 111111118 t11 11111 l111st 111l1'1111t11g11. 11111 111111111 11n 11111'tl1 is Nellie 11I111'1'111'? Now 11111 top. .11111 l1111111' 111111 is 1111 11X1111011i11g11' foolish q1111sti1111 t11 11sl1. D11 11111 tl1i11l1 S1-11111111111 111111111 111t 111111 out 11f111s sight 11111' tw11 211111 111111 halt 111in11t11s. if 1111 111111111 1111111 it? Y11+. I might 1111111 11n1111'11. 211111 1,11 IC1'111's! SEXY 131111. 1111 you l11111w wl111t sho is doing? X11. 11111 '11111 11111111' 1-1111 t11ll XV11ilI 1111111111 will 1111 1111xt. 1V11ll. sl111 was 11111111 s111'1'11t111'1' for t1111 I'1'11si1l011t of the 131111111 1XlI1lll2l1N S111'i11ty, 17111 she 11i1l11't 11119 tl111 .11111 so 1111w s1111's 1111sig11i11g 1111111111115 for tl111 I'11l11J1'0SS of J11111111. 1V11l1. w1111t 1111 11111 11111111' 11111111t 111211. 111111 what 11111-1111111 of GI'2lCt1 Crow? S1111 toll 111 111111 witl1 11111' Cl111111ist1'y p111f11ss111' at Miss1111l11 211111 111111'1'i111l 111111 l1ef111'11 t1111 s01-111111 111111' was 111'111'. C'l111111ist1'y 1'111f11ss111'? Y11s. s1111ti1111111t111 guy, w11111's glasses. D111 11111 11111111 1111111 G1'i11s11111-11 was 11'i1'11lcss 191917110110 11p111'11t111' 111 1,l1111111i111SV111P. I111li1111a? I11111l11'? lint Skly 11111 top. 11111 112lV6l11f t11l1l 1110 why you 11111 111 I1v11t1111. 111' .I111'11, t1111t's right, 111111-111'-111'. Oh, I 11111111'4y1111'v11 01111111 11111111 t11 got 1n11r1'i111l. Nope. 1111tte1' 1112111 tl111t. I 21111 1ll1l1'l'1l'l1. M111'1'i111ll 111111. of 1111 things! 1V1111 is th11 111111111 girl? 111111' t1111 111111' 1111111111111' of 11111 11111ss of '21 w11 112111-'1111 1111111ti11111111-l- I'11l1i11111111'! 1 C111't11111. Told 111' so11111 111111- 111111. '21, 4? l' LH THE PIONEER SENIOR'S FAREWELL lYe bid 'farewell to C. C. H. S.: and its students who are true blue, lVe liave stood by the standards of what they deem right: and have stuelc together like glueg Four years we have been in H. S.g four years of worl: and strife. But along with the work we-'ve had loads of fun. whieh all goes to lll2llC0 up life. The friendships we've made in H. S.: are the friendships that last through For life' Our Inl fe, They are dear. they are sweet. they are loyal tlllil true. and are born of our joys and strifeg our H. S. days are the golden daysg in our hearts tlieir nieinory will cling, They will linger with us where ever we gog each year SUIIIC new fragranee will bring. ve stood by our motto, Oll1'Cl2lSHl1lZll'k'S true. and our Il. S. we'll always adore. llveill boost her. uphold her. and love her too. and her honor wl-'ll cherish everinoreg ll. S. is just what we inake it, we niar it or inake it our pride. Our standards are while we are studentsg so our High School is known far and wide. Nellie Hilyllltlllll C'oninieneeinent l':Xt'tll'l'l4Csfdlllltl tl, 1921. Class Colors-Rose and Silver. Class Mottoilie Square. Class Flowersflloses. THE PIONEER P I Z mi g ff ' , , , , umlgzl f-- ' ,- , I ' gm lf j -I .EE. , A ,ll MQ? ' W at 'F f f, he ' R I Q A fry? I -' 1 , if if MAY size vm? KIA cETpw"", IF NOT NAYMSITON 7 'THR - D AKDT-U O Byfpf-D Scene from Iunkcn- Party. . 71 f, ff -ff f Nfffff THE PIONEER JUNIOR CLASS Left to Right First row-Hoy Tone. lCclw:11'd Jolinston, Xlvilltlll' Evers, Cliester Tate, Owen Morris. Sfilllltil' Allen. Second row-Rose Tate, Ruby Pugh, Helen Pzxttersoii, Doris G1'eisl1:1cl1 Lucille Hoffz111. Veronica Sullivan. lvinifred Jovee. 11 f 1 ., Third row-+Alice Overfield, Sz11'z1l1 Reynolds, Atlnl Stellinon, Bessie Sweenu Florence Stevens, lllllflillll Falylor, lxllllil Hagen. FOllI'll1 row-lVilli:1111 McLeisl1, Reuben Arelier. CLASS OFFICERS X Pl'0Sl dent ........,..... Vice President ,..,... Secretziry ........,., T1'Q21Sll1'G1' ,.....,.. C lass Flower ....., Class Colors ...,.... Class Motto .,.. Sl?ll1lk'Y Allen Cll0SlPl' Tate lVi11ifred Joyce Helen I,illt01'SOl1 Yellow Rose Blue and Gold l'lVe lVill" THE PIONEER JUNIOR CLASS HISTORY Vg,,,- ln 1915, we. as brave little Ifreshmen. thirty-one strong. climbed the stairs to the life we had dreamed of for several years. Of course. we deter- mined to be the one grand exception to the rule that all Freshmen are green and timid. But. after elasses were fairly started, we beeame so hopelessly entangled in a labyrinth of programe cards. study periods and elanging bells that we felt as green and shy as the ordinary Freshman. Of eour-fe we afforded mueh amusement for the Seniors. but after sev- eral weeks we were settled and enjoying the change of subjects and discipline immensely. After being entertained at several delightful parties, given by the upper elassmen. we felt that it was our turn to entertain. George lVash- ington's birthday offered a favorable opportunity. so we set out with a vim to ma ke our first party a sueeess. Decorations and refreshments were ear- r'ed out in patriotie schemes. The party fulfilled our highest expectations :1 nd we now felt that we had done something which made us worthy to be- long to C. C. H. S. During the same year, the girls of the Freshmen Cooking Class. bfirnerl their patient fingers. steamed their beautiful faees. and put forth their best l:'.bors in preparing a dinner for tl1e High School Board. f'All's well that ends well." in fact. at a suggestion given by Mr. Lure. our princi- pal. and Miss Eekles our Domestic' Sc-ienee teaeher. we were inspired by our sueeess to give a dinner in honor of the returned soldier boys. Oh Y the prepa- ration of those seven eoursesl llvill we ever forget? Never. Hut the empty .plates and smiling faees well expressed their thanks. By the time we had fnished washing the dishes it was 11 230 and the guests were so interested in telling war stories that our stealthy eseilpe was imnotieed. However. the next morning. we found a note. whieh the boys had left in the kitehen. thank- ing and congratulating the Freshmen K. Irs. Yow. as the month of May advaneed a foreboding cloud of examina- tions hung over our heads. Some of us endured the eloud burst and a few were drowned. However most of us looked forward to being Sophomores the next year. The following yeir. with heads llll. as Sophomores. we domineered over the Freshmen and laughed at their eonfusion and timidity. But soon our spare moments were taken up with other aetivities. This year was an uneventful one. Of course the reason was that we were so deeply engrossed in study that we eould not find time for play. llowever when the athletie season opened. as our class had a majority of girls. we did not have a representative on the basket ball teun. But we feel that we did our share in supporting the game as Stanley Allen. our presi- dent. was eleeted yell leader and held that position all year. After the basket ball game between Casa-ade and Fort Benton. we gave our elass party. the only soeial event whieh we gave during our Sophomore year. Now we are in our Junior year and our number is diminished to twenty- three members. Our elass offieials are: president. Stanley Allen. vice presi- THE PIONEER dent, Chester Tate. fl'021Slll'01'. Helen Pattersoii. a11d sec-retary. lVinifred Joyce. Tl1is year was cl1araeterized hy great entliusiasin in all aetivities. Tl1e foot hall Qtllllt' of Noyeinher 28th Y How well we 1'Cll'l0llllJt'l' it I llle l1ad several representatiyes, Owen Morris. Roy Tope. Reuben Arelier. and Cliester Tate. who ll10l'0 fllilll once 11lHfT0 that football feel dizzy. fl'0lll stun- 11i11g kic-ks. or whirlwind passes. And oh! tl1e rush illltl exc-ite1ne11t of that prec-eding week when eaeh elass tried to sell tl1e 111ost tiekets i11 order to display its class eolors at the gaine. It was a close race hut finally we eanie o11t on top. Here eredit is d11e the girls of the Junior Class. pretty eoquettisli l1l2llt'lS who raised sur- prisingly the sale of tickets. Blue Zllltll Gold. Olll' 1-lass enihlein floated i11 fllilf eold Noyeinher wind. and .lunior l1earts we1'e nierry. Txvlwll haskethall season opened. Owen Morris played eenter Oll tl1e ser- o11d teani tllltl also played ill several ganies with tl1e first teani. Here's one lll0l1llJ0l' of our elass who looks promising for tl1e first teain i11 1921-22. In traek events Owen Morris illlll Tlvalter livers were Junior repre' sentatives. Stanley Allen still holds his plaee as yell leader fulfilling it to the satisfaction of the whole sehool. I11 the operetta, 'tlVindn1ills of Holland" given hy the Glee C'lul1 Clhester Tate. Stanley Allen. Owen Morris. kllltl Hose Tate took solo parts. None of IIS knew 1111til that evening l1ow well these n1e111l1ers of Olll' c-lass eould earol and trill. lYhen the debating ft'2llll was organized two .luniors. Stanley Allen. tlllll flilfilll Reynolds. inade tl1eir dehut. Sinn-e this event we have had two elass IIIHUXS. wlio could speak tlllxll' ow11 lllllltl5 hrayely. During Mareh. we'gaye Olll' 1-lass party which we11t off with rollicking entliusiasin partly owing to flltx-f2lf'f that we gave a prograine hetweeu danees. Lucille llogan. a lllt'1lllDt'l' of our elass. wl1o has a very sweet yoiee. sanga selection Qllltl several otl1e1' girls gave a eoniie song entitled. "The Three Old Blaids of Lee." Tl1e hoys gave 11s several tuinhling jousts and kept us i11 peals of laughter. Plenty to eat a11d lots of good fllll CllZll'2lt'l'0l'- ized our 0l1f01'fillllll1t'1lf. In tl1e Deelaniatory Contest Ruhy Pugh. Bessie Sweena, Stanley Allen. Owen Morris, IIHQT Floreiiee Stevens took part illltl WUII eoiiunendalmle praise fl'01l1 t1heir fellow students. Owen Morris took tl1ird plaee. lllhat with getting Ollt the Annual. keeping our niarks Ill? to grade. and 2ll'1'2lll2Q'lllQ the Junior l'1'o111. we'll he lrusy u11til the last l1Oll1' of .lune the ltlth. Next year we all hope to l1old tl1e llOl1U1'2llJl0 plaees of tl1e Seniors tllltl lltllltx again to c-arry off o11r share of the l1o11or ill as good spirits as we have hefore. Now rahf Vlldli rahf for the ,luuiors l,et's l1ope tl1ey'll all he haek: ll'itl1 a few 1110111 hoys ,X little 111ore noise And flllf sanie old pep a11d taet. lVINIl"lIlClJ ,l0YC'IC. '22. THE PIONEER H ff'----' g -'iw df J x 5 ft. jf ' 1 l y A 1 NNN EN- 1:65.11 DFH NURE THE PIONEER SOPHOMORE CLASS Left to Right lst. row-Ralph Uhl, Jesse Schoonover, Merlin Cohoon, John Harris, Glenn Stellmon, Arthur Johnston, Lelancl Howcler. Qml. row-Flora Reiehelt, Bonnie Grundy, I1OllI'0l1il Sethoonover, Florence Ishain, Harriet Lonther. Brel. row-Margaret Smith, Stella Miley, Enniee Stevens, Christine Olson. Iva Boyd, Henrietta Nagangast, Fern McFarland. 4th, row-David Archer, Grant Sharp, Merlin Melleish, lV:1lter Morger, Baslizun Overfielcl, Billy lllnrray. CLASS OFFICERS Presimlent ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, lNIerlin Nlelleish Vice Prelsiclent ,.,....,..,...,.,.....,....... lVzLlter Merger Secretary and ,Il1'02lSll1'Ql' ...........,I Je see Sclioonover Class Flower ,,.................. ........, I Zed :Incl lllhite C2!I'l11ltl01l Class Colore ...... ,......., l lecl zlnfl lvllite Clues Motto o.Vo,. ......... l Ever flllXV2lFll THE PIONEER SOPHOMORE CLASS HISTORY On the seventh of September. 1919, IVE. who are now Sophomores entered C. C. II. S. Our class. green as tihe average Freshman class, numbered thirty two. Our first class-meeting was called in the French room, with Miss Rhodes. as temporary chairman. lve chose as our officers, Merlin McLeish, president. Boots Bjerring, vice-presiclentlg Jess Schoonover. secretary and treasurer. These officers proved themselves worthy, and are still the officers of our class. Early in our career. we showed the winning spirit. when the Seniors gave a party, at which they offered a prize of two dollars to the class who could put on the best charade. lvhether our class really had the best Charade. or whether it was because we were Freshmen and the udges didn't wish to hurt our feelings, we do not know. but anyway we won the prize. In athletics. also. we played our part by challenging a team made up of the rest of the school, to a basket ball tourney of three games. Two were all that were played. lVe won one game and lost one. lVhen. later. Coach Rea- gen looked over prospects for the basket ball season. Billy Murray, lvalter Morger. Merlin M4-Ileish. Ralph Ilhl. Boots Bjerring and .less Schoonover. all Freshmen. were picked as first-squad n1en. Ive were proud Sophomores. who came. the following term. to occupy the third and part of the second row of seats in the Asselnblyg these being as signed to our class. In the orchestra. organized early in the semester. our class was well rep- resented by Harriet Louther. Merlin Mclieish. Arthur Johnson. Basham Overfield and Glem Stelhnon. Nor was the Glee Club lacking in Sophomores. Harriet Iiouther took a leading part in the Operetta "The XVll1fll1IlllS of Hol- land" given in April. lVhen foot-ball season opened. another opportunity was given the Soph- omore hoys to make a showing. Nor were any of our class disappointed when Coach Ashcraft placed on the Assembly blackboard the men who were to play in the first game. for seven of the fifteen were, John Harris. Billy Murray, Leland Howder. Arthur Johnson. Ralph Ilhl, Merlin McLeish and Jess Schoonover. all Sophomores. Basket ball was the next event in which we were to show our ability as athletes by challenging and defeating a team picked from the other three classes by a 29 to 3 score. This game must have given Coach .Xshcraft the im- pression that we could play basket ball. for when he issued the black and gold suits of honor. John Harris. lValter Merger. Billy Murray and Jess Schoon- over received four of the six suits and played on the first team all season. Our party given in the Domestic Science room. was the hit of the season. As a result of the announcement. that all who attended we1'e to be in costume, Bo-peep, Uncle Tom, Topsie. Fatima girl. Gypsies, Pirates, Cowboys, Scotch Highlanders. Soldiers. Sailors. Turkish women. and in fact nearly all nation- alities were represented. The greater part of the entertaimuent consisted of V Mk, THE PIONEER dancing, the music being furnished by Loos's orchestra ot which Basham Overfield and Merlin McLeish were Sophoinores. Members of our class, aided by two of the Juniors, gave several numbers of music. Also a play was given by Leland Howder and Margaret Smith. Near the elose of the enjoy- able evening, John Harris and Jess Sehoonover surprised everyone by start- ing a sword duel, during which a saek ot peanuts concealed in the decorations was struck and scattered over the floor. lVe were complimented by several of the faculty as having served one of the best lunches since the beginning ot the parties in the Domestic Science rooni. As spring approached. Coaeh Ashcraft sta1'ted track work and as pros- pects looked good, arrangements were made for a duel track meet with Belt High School to be held on the home field. Of the 109 points. the total of all events, our team won S13 points, G0 of these being won by Ralph Uhl, Billy Murray, John Harris, Merlin Mclieish, lValter Merger and Jess Sehoonover. Of the three nien sent to Missoula State Track Meet, two were Soph-- inores, Ralph Uhl and lvalter Merger. Our elass as well as the rest of the school is proud of Mergers skill in javelin throwing. and though the other representative did not place. we are equally proud of hini. lVe have enjoyed our past two years of high sehool activities and are looking forward to the time when we will be Juniors and then as we look farther toward the goal and see ourselves sitting in the Senior rows, we are more determined to do our best, and to uphold our motto "Ever Onwardfl HARRIET LOUTHER '23 JESS SCHOONOVER '23 1 1 THE PIONEER , ww ' "M "5" Rf f . ww M, fa wfhx 51 fir 971 9? 'ijak 4,-fa EE Tr , . , X' ffrf ' 4,, h Y ff f 5 ..X i " f X if 'Tff p,?'? rf 2 ' - , THE PIONEER FRESHMAN CLASS Left to Right First row-Harolcl Stranaliari, liaymoucl Marlcloy. Earle Moiitgoiiiory. .lust- Stolliuon. Lorriu Clarke. Kouuvtli Pettit. Sovoiifl row-Mary P21ffllI'St7ll. Lucillc' Clarko. Ella Thissol. Elloii Marlclvy. Violet Scott, Everett Day, John Joyce. 'llhirml I'0XVf.-Xllllil Hagen, Kathoriiie Souienza. Cecil Pelloy. Holvn Holmes. Ruth Leo, l"lo1'0nc-Q Cougliliii, Lola Blll'C'l10ff. Fourtli 1'ow-l+'1'a11c-os Dovk. Mabel Slieplicrcl, .Ivana-tto IA2lB2lI'l't', lilaiivlae Cooper, Sereno lllarrl, llolvn Loaclicr. Juno Ouarm-ls. Fifth row-llci'boi't Coopc-r, Barton lull1'1'il-V, Ralph Shcpliorcl, Hay lllil, Eclwarcl Hein-holt, litlllftlll lllilforfl. CLASS OFFICERS Pl'0Slfl0llt ..,.....,....,.,.7.,,,,,7,,,,,i,,,,,,,, , Everett Day Yico Prvsimlout ,,.,., ,,7,, I iouiiotli Pettit w hv01'0t a ry ............. 'I'1'0as111'01' ......, .. . Y..... Sereno lV31'll ..,,.Btl1'f0l1 Miirralv Class Flower ...... ,,,,, l 'ink Carnal iou Class Colors ,,.. Class Motto ,Y.i,,., ..... .,,,.1lI2lI'0Oll and Lig "ll'o1'lc aml lVih." 6 THE PIONEER FRESHMAN CLASS HISTORY Our history in high school has been short but sweet. It began in the fall of 1920. when we, the Freshmen entered school, a rather green crowd. In fact. there was one so green and bewildered that he simply sat in the assembly room all the first day, and the next day went to Mr. Ragsdale, and asked him why the teachers didn't give some lessons instead of just standing around look- ing at one. During the first week. the halls were full of scared Freshmen looking for a teacher but by the end of the month the tables were turnedj teachers were kept busy looking for Freshmen. At our first class meeting, we elected Everett Day. presidentg Kenneth Pettit. vice president: and Barton Murray. treasurer. lve chose maroon and light blue as our colors and red carnations for our class flowers. In November. the Freshman girls in the Domestic Science class gave a dinner for the District Board which was appreciated very much by all who were present. There were expressions of wonder at the ability with which the girls l1ad mastered the art of cooking in so short a period of study. lVe l1ave been very well represented in all athletics. Ray lfhl played full back on the football team. and he was also on the basketball team. The track team too found Ray excellent material. In the track meet with Belt, he ran away with the first prizes in the 50 yard dash, the 100 yard dash. and the 220 yard dash. lVith all these and several second prizes he was entitled to wewr the badge of highest individual point winner. lYe also did our share in the musical organizations. In the orchestra organized this year. Helen Leacher played the piano. Everett Day played the sixaphone and Kenneth Pettit played the drums. Even the lordly Seniors will have to admit that the orchestra couldn't have existed without them. The Glee Club had l4'reshman girls in majority. Lola Burchett represented our class in tl1e Declamatory Contest with the piece "Fanny and I" which was very good. Of course we are only lfreshmen and still look up with wonder at the dignified Seniors who can do almost anything and not get caught. but next year we will be Sophomores and we believe that by living up to our motto "lVork and lYin" we too will some day be Seniors. JUNE QUARELS, '24 THE PIONEER THE PIONEER ASSOCIATED STUDENT BODY Left to Right First 1'ow-11011011 Morris. R11y111o11c1 Curtis, St111111-y A11l'll, cN1l0Stl'l' Tam-, BIt'l'111l Mc'Lvis11. Evvrott Day. Svc-111111 l'ONY-1191113611 ,xl't'110l'. Nvlliv 1XIll1'l'tlf'. E1iz1111vt11 Joyce. Txllllll 1121213111 Billy B1ll1'l'l'2l-V. T11 0l'K10l' that the st1111e11ts might hottvr t'2l1'l'y 011 their 11ff11i1's 11112 Rags- c1111o 1'o11cc'ivv1,1 tho 111011 that thv 51111101118 Ol'gill11Z0 111t'1llSt'1Yl'S 111111 1111 11ssoc-i11t011 5111110111 11061-V. This was rt-1111i1y 0l'Q2lll1Z0t1 211111 ll cmistitlitioli t11'2lNVll up 111111 1'11tifie'11. T110 Sfllt1l'1lfS t11v11 vlvctt-11 thoir st1l11v11t 11o11y offic-01's 111111 ll st1111v11t' 1'u1111ri1. Rohv1't Morris was c'11os011 as 111'vsim11111t of tho ,Xssm'i11tv11 S1llt1t'llf 13111152 E1iz11l10t11 Joyvv 11s Vive lJl't'S1t1t'llt. c111K'5101' 'l'11t11 :ls t'i1111111'i111 lll2llltl:Q'l'l' 211111 Nt-11111 Mll1'l'z1y 11s s1'1'1'1-t11l'.V. Ill spitv of tht- fact that tho S1Ilt1t'l1lS 1111vo 1101111 o1'g1111izn111 only ll short ti1110 thvv 1l2lYt' 2lt't'0l1llJ11S1l0t1 1111111V things w111't11 w11i11-. 01111 of whit-11 is tht' 111111111-11t'in11 of t11is 11111111111. THE PIONEER LABORATORY Clmlltc-:lu County High School is fortunatf- iu lmving one of the but Qquippocl high School lzllmorzltoria-A in tho Qtato. It iQ not only woll equipped for the Cll01l'llSll'y collrse, hut also has 1ll'i'l'HSilI'y ill7Pil1'ill'llS for the COll1'il'4 offm-vml in Plmysivs. DOMESTIC SCIENCE l The Domvstic Scion:-e il017ill'flllGllt c-ouwists of a clloerful sowing room null up to flute lClli'll0l1. THE PIONEER MANUAL TRAINING qllll' wvll vqlxilxpcfl 111111111211 t1'.1i11i11gf 1h1p:11't111cl11t giws tho boys of Chou- 10511 C,'o1111iy Iligh School :1 W0ll4Y0l'IlllI oppc11't1111ity to l11-151111111 1-:11'1:011lc1's 1-.1h111vt 111.1kv1's 01' h:11111y 1111-11. 'Ihv fhop IS 111111111111-ml XVIIII Rlll l'Il'K'Il'li' l'0I2l!'j' saw. jc111101's. lathe. Q'l'Il1lISl'0ll0. 111111 011111 2111 c-lvc't1'ic Qllll' pot. COMMERCIAL 131-sinh-s lhv 1I011z11't111c'11ts shown alvovv 41111' high sm-lmol has 21 111111h11'11 l'o111111Q1'ciz1l 111-pz11't111v11f x1'l111'h is 1-1111111111-cl with 1-ight 1yl1011'1'1tc1's. 2111 umhlillg 111:11-hi11v 111111 vvv1"Vll1i11g 1'vq11i1'111l for El high svlloul CUlIll'llPl'L'IZll L'0lll's0. With :Q'1'0KVIllQ' illlerosl Ill 1-111111111-11-1:1l work it is z111tiCip:1t0cI that this tIl'l72lI'flll0llf may ho llixtflil' 1-1111111111111 next y0:11'. i111p1'11v1-1111111t owl' thv ohl systc-111. Tho sl1o1'tl1:1111'I was 1-l1:111g1-cl fl'O11l I'itt1111111 tu Gregg 2lIllI p1'm'01l :1 great THE PIONEER HIGH SCHOOL ORCHESTRA Left to Right First row-Helvii Lilac-livr. Ilasliam Ovcrfivlml. Evvlw-tt Day. A1'tl1111' Joliiisou Anna Hagoll, Marlin Mc-L4-isli. lIa1'1'ie-t L0llll1l'1'. Sec-oiifl 1'OXY-filvlll Sf0lllHOTl. Ke-mletli Pettit. Miss liiY0l.Vll Cil121Pl'1l2lll. The C. C. H. S. orc-livstra. OI'Q2lIllZ0il this yoai' has maclv startling p1'og1'n-Qi With voustaut practice llIlllGl' ilu- lO2lCl01'FJlllJ of Miss IC. fvlltllllllllll. it has clv- volopeal into ali organization wliic-li we fm-l will always play on important part in our liigfli Svliool activities. THE PIONEER HIGH SCHOOL GLEE CLUB Left to Right First POW--rxlillil Hagen. Christine Olson, Florence Isluun, Veronica Sullivan. Loureuu Sclioonover. Ella Thissel. Helen Patterson. Lillian Evers, Lum-ille Hogan. Seeoucl row-Miss E. Cllillllllilll, Bessie Sweenzl, Lucille Clark. 52111111 Reynolds, Atha Stelhuou, Katherine Semenza. Cot-il Pelley. Ruth Leo, Harriet Louther. Third row-Alive Overfielcl, Nellie Murray, Mabel Sliepdierd, 561131121 lvard, Blanc-lie Cooper. Henrietta. Nagaligust, Stella Miley, Helen Lent-her. Fourth row-Ruby Pugh. Gran-e Crow. Natalie Towuer. Elizabeth Joyce, Eflllilllltlj' fll'2lXV'l:0l'tl. Rose Tate. .Xlllltl Hagen, Miriam Fzlyler, Mary Pzllterson. The Girls' Glee Club has iuzule wonderful progress this year and has without 21 doubt the largest iueiuhersliip in its history. Although they have not been hailed as eiitliiisiastic-ally as the Ol'CllCSil'2l has been, they have clone sonie very excellent work anml, in various 2l1DP02ll'2ll1Cl'S before the public, have provetl theuism-lve+ apt entertainers. The chief entertaiiuneut put on by the Glee Ululr was on operettu, "The lvincliuills of Iltllitllltlu, which, :1cc'o1'1li11g' to iuuuy erities, was the beet work of its kind ever staged here by any organi- zution. From the fuet that four boys were given solo parts in the operettu. we entertain u hope of ax Boys' Glee Club next .Veur to eonipete with the girlsf THE PIONEER PROGRAM AND CAST OF SENIOR CLASS PLAY "The Stange Adventures of Miss Brown" Presvntoml Ily The SENIOR CLASS CHOUTEAU COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL FRIDAY EVENING, MAY 20, 1921 BAKER OPERA HOUSE NIISS Romney Of Cicvro House Awifloiiiy ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, I Clizzilnltli .loyrv Angela Brigliiwvll ,,..,,,, l ,,,,w,,,,S,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,S,-, ,,,,,,,,, X z italie Tuwuvi' Eupllvmia Scliwzlrtz ..,,., l ,,,,,,,.,,,,A,A,,,,,,,7ss,,,,,,,s,,,,,,,w,.,,,,,,S,, ,,,,,,,,,,, X ollic Murray Matilda Jones ...............,. Q, I3oui'flui's at Cicero House .....I,.,,.,,.,,...,.... Grace Crow Millirellt Lovcwiflgo .,.,.. .,,,,,,,,,,,,O,s,,,,,,,,,,,,,W.,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,sVY,,,,,, Ecliizliiizxy Crawforfl Olara Lovcriclge I,...,,,s..,4 J ,,,. IIV,,,, P 'loimico Kiuclvr Emma ,.......,............,,.. ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,..., I3 4 -ati-ix S1.11a1'l' Ilfrs. O'Gz1ll:1gl1er ,,.,.,,,, ,A,,,,,,I I Viuouu Courtuugge Major O'Orallaglier I,,,,,,,,,,,4,,,,,,,.,, MIV,,,,,,,,,,,Y R olwrt Morris Private Dorlierty ,,....V,,,,,,,,,,,,w,,,,,,,,, ,O,,,,,,,,.,.,,,,,, I ,illiuu Evorw Herr XIOII IVIOZOI: lIuSi0 lNI:1sl'ui" ,,,,Sw I,,,,,, I ,21XYl'0IN'0 Il'I2lC'IJO1l2llIl IVI12 IIilmlwrfSO1i, Solicitor ',,w .,,,,,i ,,,,,,, ,,i,,,,,,,,,,, . I 4 -ss Scliooiiorw' Sorgozmt Tanner, Scotlmul Yard .,,i,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, i,,,,,,,,,... . Ioliu Flagler CZIPIZIIII Clmrlos Cou1'ti-may ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,I,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,i.4,,,,, ,,s,... R Zlylllllllil Curtis 'QIIBI-I'III'NI'l ,...Is,,,,...,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,s,,, Lillian Evvrs :incl Cl1or1lS ACT I-THE IVICIJDING In which Miss Ilrowu mulrvs au IIIICXIJOCIUCI appvuralicv uf Major O'Oz1llzigJiv1"s Quarters X Y y ' READING ...,,s,,,,... ...I...S,,,,...Os,,,S.Y..,,.i...... I Iam-l Hiatt ACT II-THE IIOXICYMOOX Iu wliicli Miss Brown is guilty of most uuluflylikv IJOIIZIVIOI' at Miss IIOIIIIIOBTS4 Acuflumy. Oicfvro Housv SCARF DANCE ,s,,.,.,...I,..,sS,,,,.,,...,,.,,...,,.. Lillian En-rs ACT III-AMAZIXG APOTHICOSIS OF MISS IZIIOIVX Iu which Miss Brown niulces 21 most ustouurliug coufossiou :mil floparts forovvr from Oiczvro House Play Dircrteil by Miss .foseplliuv Clizlpmzui Specialties IJi1'e1'h-cl by IXIiss Doi Orvorgo Iiusiuess AI2lI12lg'0l', Iluyiiioiirl Curtis Stugv Mzuiugc-r, Jolui Iflaiggli-i.' THE PIONEER HEXXUJJ, E , jxlffgfx A jg ' 5 IWW 'Z' f 4-EE if THE PIONEER Y BASKETBALL TEAM C'0ill'h J. Aslmffmft Robert Morris. Jvssc- Sc-l1oo11oVv1'. John Harris TIHYIDOIN1 Curti Vllltvl' Morgar Billy KIIIFFZIY THE PIONEER OUR BASKETBALL RECORD The haskethall season of 1920-21 was the most sneeessfnl ever enjoyed hy C. C. II. S. Of the twelye games seheclnleal only two were lost hy the loeal institution. At the tlistriet tonrnannent C. C. H. S. won first plaee. hnt was less fortunate at the state tonrna ment. when two of the three games were lost. This eliniinatecl the teain anml kept it from plat-ing. The first game of the seison was with Caseamle. That easy yietory was repeated on Deeenlber Z23l'4l. when C. C. H. S. niet anml clefeatetl hoth llig Sanfly anfl Geralcline. In all of these games the seeoncl teani playenl. The fastest and IIIOHI exciting games of the season were with Havre. Havre niet C. C. II. S. on our own floor anml were clefealeml 19 to 21. lint at Havre we were clefeatefl 12 to Ili. Two olcl hasketlmall rivals of C. C. H. are Great Falls and Lewistown. The loeal hoys fll'IOI'llllI10fl to heat them this year. Lewistown was clefeateml at Fort Benton and although C. C. II. S. faileml to win over Great Falls at Great Falls. they hail their revenge at the fOlll'lI2llll0lIl. where the tahles were tnrnecl. Fort Benton winning first plaee and Great Falls sixth. The re-- inainmler of the games played by C. C. II. S. were easy vietories. One thing espeeially notieeahle ahont this YOIIFS ganies was the splentliml Ithllll work. Every player workecl for the benefit of the teani. During the whole season there was less intliyiclnal playing ancl more teani work than ever before. Although ino-t of the honor goes to the first team. let ns not forget the work of the seeonml team. whieh tnrneml ont every night in oreler to give the first ll'2llll the nineh neemleml praetiee that llltlilt' yietories possihle. The haflc.-tlmll teani of 1920-21 is the heat that C. C. H. S. has hail for niany years. Its reeorcls of vim-tory. elean playing and sehool spirit are reeormls of whieh the sehool may justly he proucl. ancl the team feels eonfi- :lent that it shall he able to make an even lvetter reeortl for C. C. H. S. next year. A RTI IFR .IOI INSK DX. THE PIONEER FOOTBALL Left to night First row-John Harris, Arthur Johnson, Jesse Sehoonover, Chester Tate. Coaeh Asheraft, Roy Tope, Ralph Uhl, Owen Morris, Lawrence Klar- Donald. Seeond row-Billy Murray, Raymond Curtis, Everett Day, Merlin Melieish, Leland Howder, Ray Uhl, Robert Morris. At the opening of the football season in 1920, Coaeh Asheraft issued a eall for football candidates. Of the twenty who responded to his eall, only one man had had experience in football. This, and the faet that the sehool was without uniforms and equipment made it difficult for Mr. Asha-raft to train l1is men, but from the very beginning the boys took an interest in the game and put forth all their energy to produce a successful and winning team. Vnder the competent training of Mr. Asheraft the boys learned that the seeret of the game was united team work. lvith this as their motto, they trained for football. At the end of the first two weeks tr-iinine' the 'food re- sult was evident. ' rs- bv Because of delay in getting uniforms and in beginning to train, only one game was played with another high sehool. This game was played with Stanford at Fort Benton on Arniistiee Day. Unfortunately C. C. II. S. players fought hard to wi11 the game. Every player showed tl1e right spirit and would not give up until the final whistle. In the words of the captain of the football team, we express the spirit of the players: "Although defeated in our first and only game of the season, we, the C. C. H. S. football team, feel confident that we shall be able to make C. C. victorious in football next year. lVe have the stuff, we will put it over the goal line." ARTHUR JOHNSON THE PIONEER TRACK TEAM Left to Right First row-Coach Ashcraft, Ralhp Uhl. Lawrence MacDonald, John Harris, Ariiliiir Johnson, Glenn Stellmon. Second row-Jesse Schoonover, Edward Beichelt, XValter Merger, Bay Uhl. Raymond Curtis. Third row-Owen Morris. Lorrin Clarke. Leland Howder. Merlin Mclieish, llohert Morris. Billy Murray. In 1921 C. C. H. S. for the first time in ten years. organized a track team. The eagerness with which the boys responded to the call for track candidates proved their interest, nor did, they lag during practice. They were out every evening. rain or shine and the rexult of this work was seen in the Belt-Fort Benton, dual track nieet. Belt met C. C. H. S. at Fort Benton. on April ?30tJi. .Xt the 1ll06t the C. C. H. S. boys showed the pep which made victory possible. Belt was able to score hut twenty-three points out of one hundred and twelve. C. C. H. S. sent Ralph Uhl, lValter Merger and Ray Uhl to the State 'rl'.lCli Meet at Missoula. Ralph entered in the discus throw, half and niile runs but was unable to place. Ray entered in the fifty. one-hundred and two hundred and twenty yard dashes. He also failed to place. lValter Merger entered in the javalin trow a11d took fifth place. Althouvh the track team scored but one point at the State Track Meet. Cf I . we cheer up when we recall that almost titty per cent of the schools that C0111- peted carried hoine l10t even one point. Any how there is another year coming. r 1 3 Y 1 Y AR I HUL JOHB SOB THE PIONEER T r ,,, lv 5 -w Q F? Y JE' THE PIONEER DEBATE TEAM S2ll'2lll Reynolds 101111 Flagler Stanley Allen Coz1c:11 J. G. Ragsflulc THE PIONEER DEBATE This was Chouteau County High School first year in the debating field Zlillll ill spit of the fact that the teani did not succeed in winning every debate, every o11e is well pleased with tl1e Sll0XVll1g' inade Zlllll are anticipating a more successful showing next year. The first debate on the schedule was witl1 Cascade High School. Chou- teau County High School defended tl1e affirniative of tl1e question, Resolved, Tl1at tl1e Federal Governinent should pass a law of compulsory arbitration for lilll' settlement of labor disputes i11 all vital industries, and won by a HIIIIIHIHOITQ decision. The 11ext debate of tl1e season was with Fergus County High School. This debate was held at Lewistown tlllfl again old Chouteau County High won out, defeating the locals by a two to one vote. The winning of this debate placed Choutean County High School in tl1e District Chanipionship debate with Augusta. Here tl1e tables were fllI'1l6ll and Chouteau County High School 1net witl1 defeat by a two to 0110 decision. This completed tl1e regular debating schedule. lVith till? l'6tlIl'1l of two lll6lUl301'S of this year's t02llT'1 and tl1e additional pep of a new member Chouteau County High School should make a brilliant showing i11 debate next year, DECLAMATION Cn April 19th a Declainatory Contest was staged in C. C. H. S. Fifteen students entered Elllil were supervised by the different teachers of tl1e high school. Pathetic, huinorons Hllfl dramatic selections were given receiving much applause. The StllClCI1tS who competed were Stanley Allen, Robert Morris, Owen Morris, Bessie Sweena, Ruby Pugh, Lola liurcliett., Christine Olson. Elizabeth Joyce, Hazel Hiatt, Florence Stevens. Merlin McLeish, Bonnie Grundy. Sarah Reynolds, and Ednaniay Crawford. Hazel Hiatt by win11ing tl1e S10 prize which was given by Mr. Ritter of T. C. Power 8 Bro., and by taking first place had tl1e opportunity to go to the state contest at Missoula, but failed to take a place. 2 'I R 'I 1 inns. THE PIONEER P v V 50535 0,9 To the tune B THE PIONEER HISTORY OF A GALLANT PAIR Natalie is a Senior bold, Chet is a Junior 11ot quite as old, But tl1ey are a match there is no doubt, And she amuses herself by bawling l1i1n out. llut Chester with a bashful grin Just steps back Zllld takes it in, To get 0110 word edge ways tl1ere is no ehanee, For sl1e cuts him off with o11e quick glance. As soo11 as Natalie gets cooled down, They take a stroll II'll OII1' town, And to see them then it is a sight, You never wo11ld think they eould fight. But neverless they are no fools And tl1ey do their best for o11r high school, Ive will all rejoice i11 years to come, II'hen they are lll1It0t'l two i11 one. I IVHY? of i'Auld Lane Svne" 1 as t ,, IVl1y are o11r lessons oft forgot And seldom brot to mind, IV hy is it when we come to class lVe leave our thots behind. Chorus: IVe leave o11r thots behind. behind, Oh yes, far, far, behind, A So often when we come to class Ive leave o11r thots behind. You'd think from the hours we crammed and boned, Ive really Sllfllllflllit be dense, But when a. questionls asked in class IVe're always on the fence. Chorus: lVe,re always on the fence, welre dense, IVe're always on the fence, we're dense, VVhen 'ere a question's asked in class IVe're on the fenee, we're dense. Oh, where's the thots we left behind That's what we'd like to k11ow, IVe had them once, of that we're sure But whereld the blamed th111gs go? Chorus: Oh, whereld the blamed things go-they'rc gone, Oh, where'd the blamed things go-theylre gone, IVe had them once, we did, we klIOXY, Oh, wl1ere, oh, whered they go?-A-then. MISS JOSEPHINE CHAPMA N CHRISTINE OLSON TI-IE PIONEER SIGHTS SE Ll It JM SEEN Lucille without a wad of gum. lViggs tending to his own business. Sehooney without Nellie. l"lorenee with her hair np. Stanley without a sweetie, and he's a haehelor. Fuzzy without his jitney. Une Stevens without the other. Merlin's jitney resting a day. Kenneth without a whistle. Iva not kidding Everett without a eurl. June without yelling, Oh! Skinny! Goldie without thinking. Oh! llillyl Frankie without a smile. Joe Chapman without a new dress. Natalie without a euriosity. Rose taking her time. Anna without a eurl. Herbert without a grin. llenrietta when she isn't the boys. working. MUMBLIXGS OI" THE CLASSES Seniors-Mumlmle. mumble our elass play. Uh! that banquet, will it pay? Sophomores-All those seerets, what a fuss. Freshman-Good night, its all Greek to us. OVERIIEARIJ IN POPULAR QUARTERS ? ? ? ? -L'May. dear, you are the hreath of my lifef, Miss Lakenan-'tThen hold your breath." Miss Lakenan. addressing our class in typewriting4"'l'his room sounds like a nest of Magpiesf' And to lleuhen with a smile,-f'lVhen did you apply for a 'l'alker's License?" hlllltll it is granted you have no right to usurp . a woman's privilege' Yeroniea Sullivan and Glem Stellmon prefer a test in Geometry every day to a regular lesson as long as the professor puts them m the laboratory room hy themselves. THE TRIAL BANLANCE lt isn't the joh we intended to do Or the labor we've just hegun llhat puts me right on the ledger sheetg It's the work we have really done. Our eredit is huilt upon things we do, Our debit on things we shirkg The man who totals the higgest plus Is the man who eompletes his work. Good intentions do not pay hillsg It's easy enough to plan. To wish is the play of an office hoyg To do is the job of a man. AUTHOR UNKNOIVN Fritz-The dentist said that I had a eavity that need filling. Chet-Did he preserihe any special eourse of study? Rastus-Say. do von know who am the ehilliest man in town? Morgan-vNoi, who am de ieiest man? Ilastus-lVhy, don't you know? .laek Lepley, eos hels de guy datls goin, to freeze all de iee for dis town dis summah. Xatalievutlhet put his arm around me five time last nightf' Miss LakenanM'fSo1ne armf, THE PIONEER A SLEEPY INCIDENT Tlwas a wea rv da v o11 the first of May, A dreary day., indeed, Elizabeth did to Natalie say, Tl1at for sleep she was in need. Tl1e teacher spoke and witl1 angry look Told tl1e girls tl1at elass l1ad begun, And Lizheth ope11ed l1er little green hook, Ent O11 Lowell llixl' thoughts did not rnn. She gazed at "The C'risis" a second 'Till her eye lids grew heavy and fell, Then fi11ally tl1e Sallflflltlll heekoned, And o11 English no more eonld she dwell. She slept very peaeefnlly tlllll softlyg The elass did l1Ot' lil10XV that she slept, 'Till a question Miss Slfllllllxl' asked loftily, Tl1e11 we all laughed 'till we wept. XYe spoke a11d we yelled and we shook her, 'Till sl1e eaine haek frozn tl1e llillltl o f Dreams. Sl1e opened l1er eyes and looked 'ronnd her, As if surprised at l1er error, It seeins. Sl1e rose to lltll' feet illlll rushed o11t as if niad To o11r great a1'nazen1e11t and wontierg XVe're eertain l1er lesson Edit' has had, And i11 Class she'll ne'er more SlllllllDt'l'. X ATA LIE TUXVN Eli MISS SKINNEITS CLASSES Still stands Miss Skinner by her desk TVith peneil poised, i11 waiting. Around her still the voices jest, Of tl1ose wl1o are ll0t tl1i11ki11g. grnn So t1'Ol1lJlCtl by those Freshmen Around l1er still-tl1e inerry din. lleeanse she does not seold them. YVit,hin her tl1OllQflltS are dark and Ent, 11ow she sits before llel' elass The carefree HSophs" so rognish She tells tl1e111 all if tl1ey don't pass Its beeanse tl1ey are so foolish. The Juniors now, are i11 tl1e room Always so wise a11d trying They're laughing-eyes, hnt all too soon Theylre laughter t11r11s to sighing. At last the Seniors have their tnrn Xxvlth their fllglllfy Elllll lJO?lI'll'1Q' Tl1ey sit np straight, w1tl1 inneh eoneern To faee Miss Skinnerls hearing. THE BACUELORS' CLUB Qlledieated to Stanley, Fuzzy tllltl Bohj In onr good old high school Three lDtl0l10l01'S reign snpreine. Altho they soinetilnes hrea k a XX ltll girls fl1Gyl1'0 11ever seen. rule YVhy they still are single Has never been explained. fxltdltl witl1 girls they mingle To o11e tl1ey're never eliaineti. In all activity and sport They l1old the highest. plaee, But i11 the gaine of love Ellltl They're laggards i11 the raee. con rt Wvhen they are old and bald or gray They'll find that t1hey're too late XVl1en witl1 one girl they'd gladly stay For t1l1C1H td1Ql'Qlll be no 111ate. E. JOYCE, tlvlth apologies to Longfellow! THE PIONEER HEARD RY OUR REPORTER Nellie-T he boys won't clo that. Chet-I macle the hotealzes. .lohn-Now chilflren take what you fret ancl say nothing about it.. Golilie--I clon't. love you any more. Lelanfl--Ha woo. Elizabeth--Oh l Horrors. b llYlg'Q'4-Silf'-Silj'-GOI something to tell yuh. lflorence-I just hate to talk. Stanlev-Bachelor I am! Bachelor I wasn't. liachelor I'll he until I ean he otherwise. Lola-Are you boys mail? Scdiooiiey--lYhere's my woman. Rose-Gosh! he's eute. Ilelenvflslello Little Sweetie. W.. Miss Lalcenan-l'lease return my atlyanceml key. Ruby-I flicl not. M1-s Slznniei'-Olilif 11151-1- Iva-I heard lem. I,l'llyixv-'V-Y-Y-YOII ,Q-gf-irls get out. clllI'ISIlIl0--Illll going to be a teacher. Natalie-I flltlllif. but I can make strawberry sliortegke. Anna-I Iearcl some seauclal. John I".--'ll'oulcl you like to retire 'K I3obWSure that's all right with me. Lucille-lVhat are you Going to wear? 'Q Raynionil-I wont tellf ii lvlnifreal--llo you think Ill stay. June-Iluili. and he H?llfl-i--- Lawrence--VatY ilot ist noclt Schuman. llazel--I hail the grandest time. ll 'I'l'lPI-A-BIOTGIUI' calls me Totse. Ecltlie ReicheltfI can do it. Grace4fJhhhhhhhh, telectricsj Ray-'l'hey say I'm the fastest kicl in school. E1ln,'s go right now. Oyven41 will never bite Alice again. FRA'l'ERNITIES AND SOCIETIES REl'RESEN'l'ElJ BY JUXIORS Stanley Allen-J. J. J. Club. Rose Tate-S. S. S. Club. CSecret Sew- ing Qlllllj Helen l'atterson-lYa11cla Man-rla Club Anna Hagen-She Fell lvest Society. XVinil'reml Joyce-She Vampsa Sharp. Chester Tate-Eta Byta Pye. Alice Oyerfielfl-F. F. Club. . Veronica Sullivan-Gicla wee rioadster Lucille Hogan-Cheua Stika Gumm. Reuben Archer-Star and Billy Club. Roy Tope-Gotlfla Huge Voyee. Miriam Fayler-Illushing Club. Atha Stellmon--X. M. S. tNomans Societyl Sarah Reynolcls-Society of Great Minds. Florenee Stevens-Grooa Lytle Shorta. Bessie SwenawStorm and Tempest Club. Doris Griesbach-All Xight Society. Ecl. Johnston-Sun of a Moosen Society. lValter Evers-Buttinsliy lVilcl lVest Club. Stella Mileyf-lvorkan Awful Lotta. Wm. BICILGISl1-1101116 and Mother Club. Owen Morris-.lumpa Ilighanil Lyte Ezy. Ruby Pugh-Cross Bow Club. l - E A THE PIONEER AN APPRECIATION PPelou7a1EHie naiiea of Alumni members, who have showed their interest in Chouteau County Higli School by purchasing annuals. The-we pureliaseia have aided us greatly in meeting our financial difficulties, hut we hope that next year, more Alumni members will support the publication of our Annual, The Pioneer. Nora E. Harbor George lvaekerlin .lere Reiehelt Christine Muir Edmund Lee Celma E. Yeary Ethel lVestfall Marion Shook Alice Stranahan Jessie Cooper Dewey J. Morrow Bessie Johnston Mrs. lV. P. llrard Uorthy Ragland Glaycls Fisher Catherine lvaekerlin John S. Culbertson The liherality of the luisiness men whose advertisements appear on the following pages has made this first puhlieation of The Pioneer possible, and that the readers will show their appreciation of this fact by giving them their patronage is the sineere wish of the Associated Student Body of Chouteau County High School THE PIONEER EEEE E E E E E E E E E E E E EI F E I E C E E E E E E E Q EE E C C E E EEEE E Frank Morger's Ig 5 CIGAR STORE E E E E EEEEEEEEE EEEEEEEEE CIGARS Q Q E CANDY E E1 131 Lil E1 Lil 13 IE PIPES L21 IE 13 Q 12 Q1 Q E1 Q1 E '- E E1 EEEE EEE 12 P 1- 1- 5 Z U cn O -11 -1 O us P 0 0 O E E E Q 'EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE EEE E E E E E C E C I I E E E El E1 E 59 x B 59 Ei E9 EH EJ EI EJ EJ E Ei 59 EIKHEJ E E E E E E E E E E E E E E 5 GARAGE 5 12 E1 E - E E E E E ECK1 EEE AUTOMOBILE REPAIRING E E E .- E E E E E E GASOLINE 5 E E 5 OIL 5 E E EEEEEEEE EEEEEEEE SUPPLIES EEEEEEE H1 "I 0 E. CD 3 m o FP 'U IT' O C! o wa O 65 EEEEEEE EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE THE REX CAFE EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE EEEEEEEEE EE EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE E MEALS AT ALL HOURS E E E E -1 E E E E E E E EI HOME COOKING E EEEEE E E C C EI Q9 I El KJ 59 Qi EQ El El EJ EQ KJ 59 53 59 El E9 E1 E3 E3 E1 EJ EJ EJ QQ Ei 59 EEEE EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE LI 5 E '31 13 511313131 -11 O so 0 r- FI P Z P Z U ur: FI cn '-I 2 O so w 51121121 13 VISIT g E E E Q E E E 5:1 -L, 13 Q E Q E 2 E EEEEEEEEEEEEEE EEEEEEEEEEEEEE JOE GRAY'S B A RBER SHOP I E 121 Q -""-'- E E E E1 I C1 IE Q E EJ EEEEEE IEEE UNDER BENTON STATE BANK E C I C II E EQ E9 EJ EJ EQ E3 E9 EJ EJ EJ EJ E3 EH E9 EH EQ EH EJ EH EJ El EJ El EQ E9 E EJEJKH THE PIONEER EERE IEIEILRIPEIEIBIBI EIBIEEIEENEEENEEEE EBIWEEIEE EEKJLZIIZIEIELXIETBI EEKWWWIXIENEEIENEEWWEIEIEGNWIEUEBHE O ARGUM NT! WE SURPASS ALL IN E E E E E E E EEEEEEEEE! EEEEEEEEEE SERVICE QUALITY and EEEBE f it QQ 9 "'U 5' FU n-4 EE E E 4513 gl E . . . E E A Trlal Wlll Convlnce You 5 E H E1 131 Sh B h arp rot ers 5 E 5 E E EEEEEEEEEEEE WEEE EEEEEEEEEEEEE ME E E 3' E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E El E E I E W1 EE THE PIONEER Q ENEEENEEWEEEE Q E E W3 E 5 E - E 'gr 0 Soda Fountam 5 Schmidt 8: Coqplahan 5 ffvfqi f Y fi YY fT?l??,, ,Lili 31: o Home Bakln E E E E L T' E Real Coffee Q X E E E -,A-Y, E E E E 5 OPEN NIGHTS El 5 E A X E E E Q lg o Q El E Sulllvan s E E E E E 5 Luncheonette E1 E E E E E E 'EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE EE E E E E E E E E E E 2 A E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E Z E 3 si E E E E lg P. W. BURNETT S 5 E Modern Shoe Shop E E E E E ?- Q El E E suolzs REPAIRED Q, Q E E E E wmu: You WAIT E E E E E E E E E W -l 131 E M E E QEEEEEEEEEEE E E E E E C E C C C C I EJ EJ EJ EJ 59 El EI EH EJ E1 EJ EJ EJ EJ El E EEEEEEEEEEEE MAIL ORDERS Looked After Promptly EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE D3 D D- EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE GARAGE MACHINE SHOP EEEEE EEC Q Oxy-Acetylene Welding E E E E E E E E E E "'-" E A E E an E1 , . gl E TITGS and Aooessones E, E E lg fa EEEEEEEEEEE EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Xl 5 E ew The Benton Drug 5 EEEE EEC and Q E Q E Jewelry Company I Q E E -1 E Q E Q E E I EEEE E: Qu-1 UID' no ,do Oc: O5 P+-1 01111 -lm gm SE 370 EEEE EC EC EEQJIEEEIEEEEESEEEEEE N 5 FL' m rp : ff -E3 O so g 3 'o an ELI! '4 O 1 '4 EF I o s: 2 2 U Si 5' at 'EI :J "3- UQ EIEEEEEEEEEEIEEIQIEEE EE C C I I E E3 Q9 59 E1 E1 Ei E El E9 E9 EJ EQ EQ EH Ei E3 E3 EJ CJ E9 Ei EJ E9 EJ E Eill grade school supplies at lower prices. Q THE PIONEER mmmMyE1Q1M151EmmzmgauxmlsllilrxnzanzmzlriaanzamgxmrraalfzrrxlrimEEinzaE:xxEgualmmmlmszxlmmrammmmriznmzsmmmxmmmama: 131 El 1867 Fifty-FOHP OISQSIQFECQYEQG 1921 2 NEED E Ready For A New Season's Voyage With Decks Cleared For Action MZQQIMQQlmfzsxlriimmrinzlvrxrwilnnrzigwxgmmmw 'IJ H P U -4 5 Y 'L' P1 I 'ri :U FJ m E F if 'xi -71 F! U2 H O C '71 I FN NJ 'Z' Z fi 4 w Pix 'I' L J Pd C 'H F4 K Z U P-4 m 'Z' Qufauzialifmlriglmmlalamrammznnlzualfxmmmmm READY IVITH IVONDERFUL QUALITY GOODS ALXVAYS PRICED AT THE LOWER PRICE LEVELS i- E1 E F31 E1 V31 IE E El E W e are here after Flfty-Four years wlth larger stocks than over before and E larger Volume of business than ever in our history because we E have been tried and not found wanting E ' Q E1 E EEEEEEEE EEEEEEEE U Q E E E Q T C POWER 81 BRO Ltd E 0 0 0, Q Q E E E A-wr: SELL EVERYTHING" if E E1 F5 EEE E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E I E I I I I C E E I I I E C I E E I E E C C K C E E I I I I E 53 C EI EI EI E! E9 EJ Ei EQ EQ E1 C1 EI EQ Ei E3 EJ EJ ES EL E235 THE PIONEER El A E E El E E E E E E E Z1 E E E E E E E E E E E E 5 E C E E E Z INWHEE BEREEXWXEXXQHQE 9 T4-1 1: T C 1-I 51 W ,Q L.-f A rn O 11 1 Hr rv C w 5 hd S. ,A H K -Q v-1 51: A 3 A ....-:TQ "4 Z sa rv-'gp f'N 5 1-1 ::. 1 0 z .'.1--, H 1, clmle :fc l " P' 2 P1 EMC 17 " U' I'K 4 . - Ei,-1' 3 gg 5 ...IUQ 22 FU 0 ,I Z on v 721' 1 N 5: E Icif. J Rd 5 Q w Nu: f: no -u , cg. oo. ' i H' Fi O ro B 25" :j H ' EQ- H11 cfs Q4 ra U. lgiEEEEEMHEHEQEFTWHENQEEKHHEEE E? E E 53 Q Q L L A E Q Q E1 E I E E Q E E51 E H1 E E Ei Ei Qi Qi E Q Q' Q E, E51 EEEENENNWW E E E E 1 E g LaBarre s Garage E U Bl , 5 E I,l'Ell0I'S l'o1' 5 E Q 5 E DODGE BROTHERS El E 5 MOTOR CARS N E lil lil X Fil El E p O gg WIC IIz111cll0 21 fYl0lllPl0Il' Stock of gl El . . Bl E rxlltllllllbllllt' .XC'i'04FOI'l04 gl EB IEE Inc-l11cli11g the FEIIIIOIIS E E GOODYEAR TIRES E M E N li E -l E B lil Q Bl Q FORT BENTON, MONTANA E ESMF E E Z E E9 E1 E Ei E9 Gi Ll Ei El EQ El E1 El EI Ei 55 El EQ Ll E1 KI Ei EJ E3 EI E1 E EERE EEEEE WWWWW E O Q E 123 E CLUB CAFE Q M O f -A P H W A N IE --A - A--A El gg 59 gl E 'Q E H El Q E AN IDEAL PLACE IJ QE TO GET BQ 5 E A TASTY MEAL Q Q Xl Q N FO Q1 Q E 3 ---- E El El BH W El Prompt and Courteous lg SHE El Q Service Q 8 Q1 E DQEHDUHUEHE DUB DHBUDHDUDQBHEHDED EHEQUQDHDUDEBUDUBUDQBUEHDUEED E939 WWNWWWNEWWNWN 5 Q Kane's Barber Shop Di LJ E S E E THE SHOP FOR YOUNG lg, gg E3 AND OLD ALIKE 3 35 Q Bl E E E ' El Cl H E El E Ive USIIPI' to 111011 of all agus 1111ml gl E priclo OIIFSPIVQ-R 011 bving able tu E cut your hair E EEXEEQ 14 I4 X4 U1 H iii k 5-4 b-4 fw - LAJ -4 I5 Nl f'1 X 4 J' 4 I r' Z '-E 'Tl F1 Eligigfmi -1 El E E51 gg El E gl lk 1. Prompt Serv ICC E IQ lil Q E El EEEEEEEEEE THE PIONEER E33 Q M 1351 - IE 9 gl STOCKMEN S NATIONAL BANK li M lg S Each yo11r finds 21 new Class of people who need the Eg 1 . 1 1 1 53 helpful service of -1 11111111 X Q I , E E As yOll1' 111001110 11101101151-s Zlllfl your Sl1l'PllIS c11sl1 grows, gl Q1 more 1111d 1110111 do yo11 owe it to yourself Zlllil filllllly to gg Q protect, this 1'0SOl'VQ fund 11g1'11i11st loss. 1 IE 5 As a HIOIHLJOI' of the Federal Reserve Systein we Cjglll QQ gladly place at your disposal Olll' 11dy10o Zllill llillllillig l!2lClll- IQ ties lmohind which are the entire reso11r1:es of the l'l0flGl'2ll Tieeerve S.vst0111. 5 L . QU PQ ------ M Q 9 - E E STOCKMEN S NATIONAL BANK gg EI E Fort Benton, Montana U E E E E EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHEEEEEEE 5 EEEEEEE!EEEE RFEEEEEEEEERE IE lg E M E H E M E , E Cl 1 E LL TRY TO P LEASE YO E m E M E E E M E v . .. . . E E We know the degree of S2ltlF5l2lCfl01l that is yours when you E t0lepl1o110 YOIII' order 01' l111Ve it filled by 21 Visit to Olll' store E and know that HIOST eve1'ytl1i11g you w1111t 02111 be found i11 011r E stock: illld to know further that it of 21 high grade q1111lity E with 110 s11bstit11teS of iiiferior q1111lity. 'We l111Vo se11s1-d this E E 1111d 1l12llIO it Olll' business to please you. : : : : : 5 I ' E E Groceries Flour Queensware E El 5 E W E E ' S 3 avis rothers E Telephone 105 E E X E 5 E E E E NEENEEEQEEEEEEEBEEEBEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEMEEEEEEEEE THE PIONEER Eif1Zli1Z11EQ?lEEBl5E1E!1CiEEFEi1i5V1i5EV2955335iWWEEEi1V2iiS15ff511X13?T331 Q1 12 31 55 E1 122 E ig HEALTH, CGMFORT, CONTR TME T E1 if IE .xr 1 E IQ im ' " i ' ' 11:1 113 11 1- oirvi' 2111 t11cs0 for :11111ost 11ot11111g. ix, 139 Pi. E TW' will 1911 you exactly what it Wi11 Cost you. 1211111 have E the work 110110 for you if yo11 so f1Ci1I'01 to SCREEN IX E you POUCH. A1111 :111 0Xtl'2l roof to your Home i11 this lllilllllvl' 111141 f'l1410'V tho 0o111fo1'ls of CABIPING OUT RIGHT AT HOME. rm , Y 1 V , , T110 whole 1'Ul11ltl'y is f1.1.1l1'l.1ff 01 Y. Join the c1'o11'm1. Bri Era EQ Q11 gg ll.. E1 131 E1 gl M Q11 B1 Q11 55 Missouri River Lumber Compan im ,. fi 'sf B1 V V Y V .f-1 .IQEKQYQEEIXQIIYEIIZX35XiiiELEEPZlIQ3Q31E1EZiEEf!Qi7CQC3QEEi?Qi?9Y1Qf35f131IX1ERIE'Xi'!Q1!U!Q13QQU5iff1EQ131753231151Z1 E11Q'2i1?Q'351Y59i15S1341E 1533351723153 31111211511123112511111311D01X111ii15i113f1131TIXFIX1Di.12K?D!1Di15111511i?11X11Xi1XiB!i5f1Q11551i311IYf1I51IY1U11D11EIf5521131123E1531E1E11ElQ12U1ii11!i117UWEX1E11E11131339Gi!i1?i1B11Bi1511541E1E1ED6365115211511 X! P9 1351 V511 M H1 Q1 Q 0 0 . To the Edltor of The Ploneer. 5 131 1' S41 is E , 113 We are proud oi the courage displayed by the ASSOC1atCd Student Body of Chouteau County iw 1:6 an High School in commencing the publication of an ag QQ The Ploneer and are pleased to contrlbute this ' izi d - ..... 151 M space towar its success ...... 1,3 DQ 1:9 1 13 151 152 125 179 DQ gg VX? 131, 1:11 Stranahan, Towner SL Clark gg F1 511 W 3:1 W LX! E 311 E 1:11 y Fi Z1 Q, 12T1iHNB1E115J1X5liW51511316311211Z11E5j1i13H1i11if1EUlZ1lQQE1E1iilEDi1Z1l1?1E11EEEE! DUDQDQIIU32112123iiiDil!!E12!11?i15311ii1XE1!IDQRU1EQ1E1 EEEEEEWEEWWWW THE PIONEER NEEEEENEEEEERE MWWNWWHENWWW 1 E W E an EI M - mi it Q13 an e' E GENERAL MERCHANDISE CQ fi El or N H I I E21 an ui 31 E11 E Qc E M E l Q6 f l A 0 X Quallty Goods Ac M ni E . Q Reasonable Prices IE V gl , I E3 E EI IE P il IE SQ O F TATE C r M r E . . , ar er, on ana U til E lx? - Q EEEEIREENWEE EIEEWEEEENWHERE EEEEKWEWNMNEEWENENEEWWEEEEEENNEEWEEKMFEEEWEEEENE El D5 e Are Headquarters For Students E E E , E 5 W3HtlDg--- E School Supplies of Any Kind E Books and Ma azines Soda Fountain Drinks E Fancy Correspondence Stationery 5 Candy and Gum, Cigars, Tobacco, Novelties of All Kinds au , Q Look For Them Flrst At x ,T jx 0 9 Q X X, 1ll s Novelty Shop E E5 Qi Q El 521 EEE IEEMMMWEEEMEEEEEWNEEEE g, 'Xl Z? 1 4 X Q E El Ili M Fil E 'E E' lgl Q E Q li La is E as an li E W Pj E IE E it lil E E E E li 'FE E 13 E E IE E El 55 IE lil E El El E li 'lil rr ir. Z! 'XQ 33 B9 'rf QF mi if ug B I UH 312 Q0 rw llil M ll! BQ gl Dil DC D! by Bzl QQ 32 mr QS 311 Dil bil THE PIONEER 'KW l5l2i'51lX'l!2lVififlF3531liwfilimflilil5I3l51lltiiiilglgiifilillzxiliii1ll2El26Ql26l21l ElzlXlDilEllX4B!llillilillilQUEWMIE5illZilWElNDXlQ3l5ilE!llilRYlEllfiD1llil71lE1lEQilF3l ard 81 orrison The Men's Store J. Capps SL Sons 100 7, Virgin Wool Clothes Crawford and Copeland 81, Ryder Shoes Lanpher and Stetson Hats Ed V. Price gc Co. Tailored to Order Clothes ,fff Summit Shirts and Furnishings Everything the Best for Men and Young Men 10071 Virgin Wool Suits Made to Your Individual Order 9535.00 and Up Ward Sz orrison Eiliilillihilffilliwiiig Fort Ben ton, Montana cw ' N l1Kl J xl L fl wx, 5, ,za i 5 :EQ P? , l FQ 115 'N 1 I P3 xii lvv' A lui sf M 55 GU 'xl lxzl .41 'xl ,xl 1, :xl 'xl xl 2 E M Fil 39 Xl af, A XI :xg , px, 311 ,xx X 911 xr C 1 v :Ae 'X' Q11 :xl Lxl gil Qfl Q11 31A Q12 Q1 El Qi. 31. gl ug, 21, ,W lri 1. xg X Gil 31 B V 3. Mi Q E9 X Y ZZ A 1 E11 Q: V :fl 14 Q 3, V 9 sv it .73 V Q Q v a 3 lxlllillilliliilllgiilQIQ3ilf!1i'2i31il!SiiXi5!lXl,I1iQ1iiXDil.!El31ll?il IlillilillilxilliliillillXllxxliilmEillYQl7!zliflX1Eiil7Qll!ilfQlIQW-liillilillillillXllXllX1lXllXlEiEl721 l l ,J 5 W K WY, W Win, ffnnyw, ELLA L . H fn A- THE PIONEER NENEEWEWEWWEWEENEWFEFEW?WWEUEEEEWEEEEEENWENWWFEWEWQ III E E E is El 1 IE Q IE I I Benton State Bank R4 M I J I M I IQ I.. E , Fort Benton, Montana I I I N 1 I ig I' 'Z I I Capital Stock, 3125000.00 I E I ' Surplus, 375,000.00 I E E DIRECTORS: I j Morger Geo. B. Bourne J. P. Williams Geo. L. Overfield I D. G. Lockwood C. B. 5 I A. E. MQLeiSh E F. A. Flanagan E E E C. J. McNamara F. J. J. S. Brown lil E Power X Sharp D. L. OFFICERS: E C. B. POWER, President Q L. D. SHARP, Vice President F. A. FLANAGAN, cashier . I J. F. SULLIVAN, Ass't Cashlel' I I Ili I IQ IU I E We solicit your business and offer you every accommoda- , I E I E tion consistent with safe and proHtable banking E I E INTEREST PAID ON TIME DEPOSITS W . I IE I IQ I I5 Safety Deposit Boxes For Rent , IQ I In I IE I fa t--if---PPP PP Pee P PM P P' iefve--ee'-Peg'-P' 'W I.. LL-. L I I Q IE E E XY' L MEENWWWEWEEEEEE MEQEMEWNEE B QI 5 MSI XI S B M, IQI IQ E BI B 2 E M Im .W M W QI 3 M 'wal 5 5 A 5 E 'Q If: H 'B -E Izgg B I! Isl MI E M W QI IE I5 IESI Itj H I5' I2 E IEI E I5 E Ig E E Q BI fE Q 8 E .XI E IKI E E X E E IQ Qi IE 5 Ii V IQI 5 32 V7 THE PIONEER X arm Lands arm Loans f - fl All Kinds of Qsalfageg 3 Oil Royalty m1eiluu G. C. schmiat B, H. mas SCHMIDT Sc KREIS CO. D. G. LOCKWUOD Q Drugs and Jewelry The Rexal Store K WE MAKE A SPECIALTY OF GRADUATING PRESENTS X lcflhllllilll Kmlzlliw fublllillll l"lPlllll2illI I5-ns lliallii1'111!4-XX21l:'l1a--- ' ' ' W X SIQIIIW llllljj-1 llluas-4 l'lH4 YlQ"l'llUl,.'x l'llUXl7Hl2.Xl'llS XXI? Yli"l'Ull l3l'X'OlllJZ'4 iv ,. EK 211211211241 zz zz zz 2: 'rr Q

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