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--7 ,,.. .X ,ff In I 1. , Q K .. '- ' . --fvs.v..,. - 1 'ff-f 1 . Y A11 P' ,M , ,-.- 4g,,fx-2 .PF 1 'A'15"if ." K' I A ' xg . ,.,7" --vw. -N. 1 2 fs 1 ..,..- .r. , IIE! 1111 -vw-wwf-1 1111 s ' . :fy Q, jf' Hvsg. llll llll W-111-w f ' G ., fu Hfgf .A- v -. J ME, 1 'lx "i1,n ' r i X 5, -'?3g.4 fl 'Y K f 'L ir 5 Q 'Q 'ne THE CLASS i 19 ew vHs5mT5 THE EZXRDlNAI. mm ,ANN csmmm SCHOOL FORT ANN,NEw YORK FORE WORD This is the story of one time, of one people, and one school. It is the narrative history of Fort Ann Central during the school year 1960-1961. But more important, it is a profile of a small schoolg it does not concern itself merely with the classrooms but rather with the people who have endowed Fort Ann Central with spirit, character, and scholastic powers. We are proud of our small school, proud of its fine teachers, its loyal youth, and the opportunities it offers these youth so that they may be fitted to take their places in the "big" age of today. We believe the small school can and does foster good sound education, worthy traditions, friendliness, and spirit. Everyone in Fort Ann Central including the seniors who are on the brink of moving out into the world, the underclassmen whose futures are now being molded and the teachers who have guided, counseled, and encouraged us - each of you has contributed to this profile and to the memories that will forever be imprinted on our hearts. DEDICA TION "Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, Iwill fe for Thou art with me "' Eugene Parrish 1944- I 960 SUPERVISING PRINCIPAL EDWARD F. GROSENBECK PRlNClPAL'S MESSAGE School days provide some of the happiest memories for many people. They should be, in fact, one of the most pleasant periods in the lives of most people. These happy and pleasant activities should be accompanied by experiences which contrib- ute to the general preparation of young people for adult living. The years spent in school are in some ways difficult ones. A child enters school as the product of a sheltered environment. Many times he is accustomed to being the center of atten- tion and having most of his wishes catered to. He knows little of sharing or taking responsibil- ity. From this beginning, he must develop into the adult whom society needs to carry on its work. He rnust be trained in basic skills and knowledge. He must grow at his own rate to the point where he can ,take his place in society. School is such a natural part of this growth process that many youngsters are not actively aware that it is taking place. All of a sudden they are seniors and are preparing for graduation. Where did the time go? To the school belongs the responsibility for getting to know each childg for discovering his needs and abilities and helping him to meet these needs and develop these abilities. Our youngsters, I feel, are fortunate in attending a school that is large enough to be ade- quate and still small enough to be personal. We know our youngsters. We know their needs, their feelings, and their abilities. We are able to guide them and suggest to them the direction in which they should go. Each one of our youngsters is a real person to us. We wish all of our youngsters a,successful, happy future in which they will use the knowl- edge and attitudes we have tried to make a part of their lives. - THESE ARE THE LEADERS - I I I I I I I I I 110123101 N I .ll AI I 5' 3 I ll X3 I rl V Z I 1 I I ff I QM Q , 1 xv q gh N! W v ff f X V v f ff XV! XIII! V M WW V V vi BOARD OF EDUCATICN H. Haviland, E. Roberts, D- Martineau, D. Thomson, Presidentg D. Kelsey, C. Call, E. Grosenbeck. Here are the men behind the scenes in our school life. This body has charge of finances and can say "Yes" or "No" to many school activities. We know they have our interest at heart as evidenced by their concern that we have classrooms well equipped with the tools of learningg that we have sport facil- ities comparable to larger schoolsg that we have late busses and spectator bussesg and lastly that we have that kind of school which will fit us to enter the keen competition in the big field of life. MR. EDWARD F. GROSENBECK Supervising Principal As this picture shows "even a child has no fear" of our friendly and judicious principal: a capable leader and organizer he has helped to put our small school on a level with larger schools. He has fos- tered high ideals and encouraged good scholarship. He is a friend to both teacher and student. suPERv:slNG PRINCIPAL ELEMENTARY SUPERVISOR The implications for education in the United States have taken an abrupt change in the last ten years. Social and economic advancement along with new advances in science and technology have stimulated anew society's demands on the basic purpose and functions of the schools. In the elementary division this challenge has been met by emphasis on the communication arts through new reading and writing programs. These areas will be bolstered in the near future by the in- tegration of our language arts and by new mathe- matics and science programs. With the continued cooperation of our Board of Education, administration, faculty, parents, and citizens, our elementary pupils will be able to fulfill successfully their function in Fort Ann Central School MRS. DOROTHY MARTINEAU Secretary and Clerk of the Board MR. ROY ELDER AS SNSTANT PRNNCIPAL - GUIDANCE DIRECTOR Here is our guidance director patiently laboring over the problem of what to do with us. Throughout our four years we have had no better friend nor wiser counselor than Mr. Elder. The personal contact with Mr. Elder that each student enjoys is one of the out- standing advantages of our small school. THIS IS THE GUIDANCE I Y I l 4 Sc:-1601. I ' A ' W V IE if Ell f M Y I i ig li T IT if ' ' ' V I yyf 'F Y jk f C U X Xyf fl CJ f Y I ' Y VXW V M pw 'LSR X ,, W r' ROW 1: T. Fisher, W. Parrish, K. Chase, K. Adams G. Rathbun, S. Stark, S. Elms, S. Green, L. Good- man. ROW 2: B. Whitney, G. Keysor, M. Yasin, D. Hill, M. Flewelling, D. Granger, R. Baker, P. Call. ROW 3: N. Clark, G. Sherman, R. Guay, D. Graves, V. Graves. I. Gregario, R. Flewelling, R. Jones. The Flutophone Band is composed of fourth grade boys and girls from F. A. C. S. and Comstock Grade School. This group learns the fundamentals of music and MRS, MARIE SKINNER prepares for the day when they will become members Elementary Music of the Senior Band. In the eleven pages which begin here you will find the wisdom and guidance of our small school. These are the leaders who, in the early grades, led us to enjoy school, inculcated in us good study habits, and laid the foundation in the fundamentals of learning and in good citizenship. As we advanced from grades to Junior High and Senior High, our ideals became strengthened, our knowledge increased, and we came to realize that there is a joy and deep satisfaction to be derived from learning. We feel that our faculty has well prepared us for the next step, whether it be a job, the Armed Forces, or further schooling. We salute our faculty! We read our story. MRS IUANITA COLLINS Kindergarten We watch a puppet show MRS. RUTH RATHBUN Grade 1 MRS. MARTHA REYNOLDS Grades 1 and 2 What's this word? Will it work? MRS. ANN SEELEY Grade 2 A mathematician is born! MRS. HARRIET HUMPHREYS Grade 3 MRS. MARY COLLIN S Grade 4 This can't be math? MRS. ANN A REED "Boy, did I goof! " Grade 5 MRS. DORIS COLLINS Grade 6 Slowly add the flakes. MR CATHERINE BOYER Grades 1 and 2 Learning their sounds. MRS. JANET What's new in the world? ALDRICH Grades 3 and 4 MRS. SARAH KENYON Grades 5 and 6 Reading has finally become interesting MR. FRANCIS AF FINITO Grade 5 Preparrng history lessons. MR. GEORGE GREENOUGH Junior High MRS. MAUDE TALBOT Junior High Citizenship Education MR. DEAN GARRAND Junior High English MR. JAY KOSSEF F Junior High Mathem ati cs and Science Don't paint my fingers! All eyes ahead! Give them one hundred! Learning by doing is the best way SENIQR MR. HOWARD NORTHUP H' Commercial Keep at the bookkeepingg he's right behind you. Who needs an adding machine? MR. FENTON SABO Citizenship Education, Science, Driver Education. This experiment had better work! "This is where the gas goes. " Parallelograrns of forces. MR. PAUL VAN DYKE Science Studying the world situation. MRS. EDITH HALL Citizenship Education Mathematicians at work. MRS. ETHYL SHEEHY Mathematics MRS. WILMA GILCHRIST Librarian "No thank you, Mrs. Gilchrist French 1 uses new language laboratory. MRS. VIOLET FAGAN Languages Latin students read Latin play. Juniors prepare to rehearse the MERCHANT OF VENICE. MR. ROY ELDER Enghsh Seniors choose new books for Library. Freshmen learn to use their imaginations "Altogether now! 1-2-3. MR. DAVID FISHER Band - Music n RICHARD OSTBERG Industrial Arts l J 'l Lenfslsee if it will start ,X- I .A . 1 'll M K V 1 jk! K V f , W, fr iraq, v ., f ' Vg X , ,f 1 "l RX lsr. 1" gvf , 1" I sswwf. F Q1 gf'MRs. A r ELEAN ORE MCCLENNING .ff Home Economics Mastering the culinary art. MR MADGE THOMAS Nurse - Teacher "I hope it doesn't blow up. MR. WILLIAM SHERIDAN Boys ' Physical Education MISS BRENDA D OU T HWRIGHT Girls' Physical Education We share our dental and art programs with other schools, thus enabling our pupils to have the advantages provided by larger systems. MRS. ELLEN SMITH Dental Hygienist MR. NICHOLAS TODISCO Art SPECIALISTS MR. DONALD CHAMPLIN Speech Therapist MRS. MARY HUGHES Reading Specialist MRS. ELIZABETH TOMAN Cafeteria Manager MR. RICHARD CASWELL 1 Psychologist By cooperating with other schools in the county, our small school enjoys the services of these specialists who extend the work of the classrooms, thereby enabling each child to have an equal opportunity to find his right- ful niche in the world. i - THIS IS THE WISDOM - I I I I I I III I I I ' SCHOOL. I -fi fx-' ng EII y IIE "ll J' I lf 1 V I I V y T , N9 Yf fc pf N, , J V f X V 3' I V Y SENIORS w Y pix V Y V President CHARLES ROBERT LA POLT "Anything worth doing is worth doing well. " Class Vice President 1, 2, 4, Yearbook Edi- tor 4, Oratorical Contest 2, 3, Essay Contest 3, Senior Play 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, County Band 2, 3, Washington County Music Festi- val 1, 2, 3, 4, ESSPA Representative 4, Youth Recreation Committee Chairman 3, Foot- ball 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, Baseball 1, Athletic Association 1, 2, 3, 4, President 2, Vice President 3. QL'lfN'Y'N.- U. df my 1 '- PSM' 'Se L- lr, ,teh X N., . CAT Q he fx H Q Jvgua-"1,J fx, r. I , FT " , 1 NV A N, KL""'-A-'XJ N , 5 X, ,sgklm IRA STANLEY SKINNER X "Burdens become light when cheerfully borne. " Class President 4, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Bas- ketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 2, 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, County Band 2, Area All-State Sectionals 4, Press Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Year- book Staff 4, ESSPA Representative 4, Red and White Echo Staff 2, 3, 4, Athletic As- sociation 1, 2, 3, 4, American Legion Ora- torlcal Contest 3, Senior Play 4, Press Conference 2, Canteen Committee 1. THESE ARE PAUL WILLIAM MARTINEAU, IR. "To be great is to be misunderstood. " Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Band 1, 2, Washington County Band 1, 2, Class Treasurer 3, Prom Committee 3, Class Ring Commit- tee 2, American Legion Oratorical Contest 2, Debate Team 2, Business Manager Yearbook Staff 4, Athletic Association 1, 2, 3, 4, Teen Canteen Committee 2, Senior Publicity Co-Chairman 4, Senior Play 4, Class Day Committee 3. WE HAVE FOUGHT Ring Committee 2 . "A keen wit, with a fine appreciation of good humor. A genius for getting into trouble. " .TEANNETTE MARIE LEAHY "A cheerful personality will make beauty attract ive." Red and White Echo Typ- ist 4, Senior Play Com- mittee 4. GARY DANIEL BOWEN Yearbook staff, Art Editor 4, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Bas- ketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Athletic Association 1, 2, 3, 4, Class President 3, Class Treasurer 2, Chairman of Prom Committee 3, Baseball 1, Senior Play 4, Publicity Committee 4, Executive Committee 4, Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Projection Squad 1, Chairman of SHARON ANNE IWANIEC "The only way to have a friend is to be one." Yearbook Staff, Literary Editor 4, Red and White Echo Senior Editor 4, Press Club 2, 3, 4, ESSPA Rep- resentative 4, Library Staff 3, 4, Class Secretary 1, Junior Prom Court 3, Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, 4, Athletic Association 1, 2, 3, 4, Yearbook Secretary 4, Girls' Sports Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Cheerleading Club 1, Junior Prom Committee 3, Class Day Committee 3, Senior Play 4, Senior Play Usher 3, Class Day Usher 2, D. A.R. Good Citizen Candidate 4, Refreshment Committee Chairman 4. IN THE WILLIAM THOMAS QUINN ADIRONDACK "Silence hath more elo- quence than speech. " ON THE Typist Yearbook staff 4, Football 1, 2, Basketball 2, Senior Play 4. PATRICIA ANN SCHMIDT "Politeness costs nothing, and gains everything." Girls' Sports Editor Yearbook Staff 4, Red and White Echo Grade Editor 4, Press Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Siena Press Conference 2, Junior Prom Court 3, Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, 4, Co-Captain 4, Cheerleading Club 1, Athletic Association 1, 2, 3, 4, Sports Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Library Staff 3, 4, Class Day Committee 3, Refreshment Com- mittee, Co-Chairman 4, Senior Play 4. f L, .-V f f, f rl 1 I , ' Tx! A , - uuiv N 3 WXILLLLD-r Rf' at U f, I M 4 WM bl ' C 1 ,fa 1 ,ttf XJ: 'Cue 7 uf' . W , . ', ,X "VV QU 'Milf I 'J 'UMM ' fylftffw UI X fifrvv N? U' 1 xl ,QTGIC-ANNE NAoM1 YoLE L UVM ! N 'U X "It's nice to be natural when you're naturally nice." Assistant Editor of Yearbook 4, Class Sec- retary 2, 3, 4, Class Treasurer 1, Junior Prom Queen 3, Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, 4, ESSPA Representative 4, Athletic Associ- ation 1, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Sports Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Siena Press Conference 2, Library Staff 3, 4, Junior Prom Committee 3, Cheer- leading Club 1, Senior Play 4, Commence- ment Usher 3, Voice of Democracy Orator- ical Contestant 4, Senior Play Usher 2, D. A. R. Good Citizenship Candidate. OUR LEADERS . . . Tre asurer Secretary KENNETH DONALD GILCHRIST "Thy modesty's a candle to thy merit. Boys' Sports Editor, Cardinal Staff 4, Play Cast 4, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Basket- ball 1, 2, 3, 4, Prom King 3, Press Club 3, 4, Boys' Sports Editor Red and White Echo 4, ESSPA Representative 4, Class President 1, 2, Class Treasurer 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Band Captain 4, Travel Club Band Cashier 3, Prom Committee 3, Ora torical Contest 2, 3, County Winner 2, Athletic Association 1, 2, 3, 4. MARY ANN ELMS "The blush is beautiful, but sometimes inconven- ient. " D. A. R. Award Winner 4g Chairman of Senior Play Ticket Committee 45 Jun- ior Prom Court 3g Junior Prom Committee 3, I unior Prom Refreshment 3, Dance Committees 1, 2, 3, 4. GERALD DAVIS BEAROR "No one knows what he can do until he tries. " Football 2, 3, 4g Basketball 2, 3g Baseball 1, F. F. A. Sentinel 4g Yearbook Staff 4, Senior Play 45 Class Ring Committee 2g Athletic Association 1, 2, 3, 4. 552 5 JAMES ERNEST ATKINSON "I'm not interested in who a man is, but in what he is. v1 Football 1, 2, 4g Basketball 1, 49 Athletic Association 1, 2, 4, Band 2, 3, 45 Press Club 2, 34 Le Cercle Fran- cais 2g Home Room Chairman 4, Photography Editor Yearbook staff 4, Junior Prom Committee 35 Siena Press Conference 25 Washington County Music Festival 2, 3, 43 County Chorus 3g Senior Play 4, Projection Squad lg Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4. FOR HER HONOR AND HER GLORY ROSE ANNA REYNOLDS "If my heart were not light, I would die. " Press Club 2, 3, 49 Grade News Editor Red and White Echo 45 Activities Editor Yearbook 4, Senior Play, Class Day Comrnitteeg Prom Committeeg Junior Prom Coat Check lg Initiation Queen 1. STANDS OUR NOBLE ALMA MATER SHE WILL NEVER FAIL NEIL CLEON GRAHAM "Wake me notg dear is my sleep. " Basketball lg F. F.A. 3, 4, President 4, Senior Play 4. MARY ANNE PORTER "A little thing in hand is worth more than a great thing in prospect. " Cheerleader lg Typist Yearbook staff 44 Athletic As- sociation lg Senior Play 4, Girls' Sports Club 1, 2, Senior Play Usher 2g Choir 2, 3. DEBRA LOUISE LOBO "Her voice was ever soft. " Red and White Echo Typist 4, Senior Play Ticket Com- mittee 4. my Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4g Football 3, Yearbook Staff 4, Senior Play 4. LEONARD REUBEN PORTER "It is better to learn late than never. " JOHN THOMAS POWERS, JR. "A sporting spirit loved by all." Class Vice President 2, Travel Club Bank Director 2, Athletic Association 1, 2, 3, 4, President 3, Football 1, 2, 3, 4g Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2, 3,1-lg Year- book staff 4, Senior Publicity Co-Chairman 45 Junior Prom Committee 3, Senior Play 45 Intramural Basket- ball l, 2, 3, 4. FOR HER HONOR AND HER GLORY WE SHALL EVER FIGHT 2 ? fx I x THIS IS ? Q- 5. . A A . - Lg' THE TRADITION - M . I ' g I 1' 5-'NJ ,Lx Nc it V J W W K' X V X J Y PN! f If NY Sf K I Y Y -X W Y x " Y if Semors X Vx Y X1 'N ff W Q CLASS The year 1957 and Fort Ann High School loomed ahead of us! How different it looked from junior high, and how mystifyingl Falteringly we entered and became ac- quainted with this new way of life under the guidance of our homeroom teacher, Mr. Altobell. Our Freshman Class was headed by Ken Gilchrist, Charles La Polt, Sharon lwaniec, and J o-Anne Yole. Our first exciting moment arrived when the sophomores announced freshman initiation. Hearts filled with trepidation, we found the initiation and the dance which followed lots of fun. We were much surer of ourselves a few weeks later when we acted as hosts to the sophomores. A profitable food sale wrapped up our first year, and we looked forward to our Sophomore Year with more assurance and con- fidence. We returned to school the next September, having lost some of our timidity and having acquired a certain poise. Again we relied upon the judgment of Ken Gilchrist to lead us, aided by Jack Powers, Jo-Anne Yole, and Gary Bowen. This year we took the initiative by instituting a freshman-sophomore field day in lieu of the traditional initiation. Our boys played football and Junior Varsity basketball cheered on by the Junior Varsity cheerleaders. This year, too, Ken Gilchrist won the county American Legion Oratorical Contest, and Paul and Charlie had the courage to debate the freshmen in assembly. In early spring, came the highlight of this year when we chose our class rings, Everyone was pleased with the selections of Jim Atkinson, Gary Bowen, Paul Mar- tineau, Ken Gilchrist and Betty Shaw, the ring committee. Continuing in grand style, we sponsored the successful dance, APPLE BLOSSOM TIME. We were now nearing the summit. With Mrs. Hall as our advisor, we trod the path pursued by all juniors. This year Gary Bowen assumed the leadership, ably assisted by Charles La Polt, Jo-Anne Yole, and Paul Martineau. The year had barely started before we were flashing our new rings. Now we felt a unity never before experienced. This year our boys were on the football and basketball teams, and our girls became Varsity cheerleaders. This was the year when Charlie La Polt was elected to Boys' State. Charlie also won the school American Legion Contest. The high moment of this Junior Year came with our Junior Prom, "The Isle of Golden Dreams, " when the gymnasium was transposed into beautiful, magical Hawaii, and the boys and girls transported to heights of glory. We chose Jo-Anne as our queen and Ken as our king to preside over an ever- memorable evening of happiness. Soon came moving-up day and Regents Exams. Our last moments of this year were clouded by the loss of our classmate Eugene Parrish. HISTORY In September of 1960 we reached the summlt Our Senior Year' We entered Room 203 wonderlng what lay ahead We selected an able group of offlcers conslstlng of Stan Skrnner Charlre La Polt Jo Anne Yole and Ken Grlchrlst We began the year with a bang by capturtng the football champlonshlp Ln an undefeated season Senror football men Gary Stan Jim Charles Jack Dale I erry Ken and Paul Our boys walked on clouds for several weeks followlng this trtumph This athletic feat was fol lowed by another triumph! Our basketball team went to the Sectlonals ably represented by Ken Lenny Stan Gary J ack Jim Paul and Dale This year we sponsored foot ball and basketball refreshment booths a football dance a Thanksgtvmg and Christmas dance and the last dance of our Senror Year the St Patrick s Day dance Thrs year brought honors too In October Ken Charlie Io Anne Sharon and Stan attended ESSPA In November Mary Ann Elms was elected the D A R Good Cittzen Then rn February the big news broke that Ken Gllchrlst Bill Quinn and Jun Atkrnson had won State Regents Scholarshrps Soon college acceptances began arrrving Stan and Io Anne at Potsdam B111 and Ken at Syracuse Charlle at Boston U I 1m at Plattsburg Sharon lesk1l1 and Paul at the U of Mame Thls month too I o Anne became The Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow and we began rehearstng The Man Who Came to Dinner W1th the entrre class taklng part this experience became a memorable one Flnally on March 13 our yearbook went to press All that remained were our Senlor Trip Class Day and Commencement Through this most eventful year Mrs Fagan patlently guided us As a cltmax to four years of work study and fun our Seruor Class was graduated on June 26 1961 As we look back upon these four years it seems as if it were only yesterday that we entered as freshmen Now we are leaving We hope our tlme spent ln F A C S has contributed somethlng to our Alma Mater for what we have recerved rn our small school can never be repaid ?- l 1 Q 1 g S and Patty at Memorial Hospital in Albanyg Mary Ann at ABCg Debra and Wayhe at Cob- A t l , sf l S g f AX 1 X ,PN ,..-f K L f N ll ll - L 4 Q X xx xx CLASS PRCPHEC Y Let us take a trrp through the time zone into the future via our new tlme machine Prepare for the countdown 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 blast off! As we land we are tn the year 1971 The irst Slght we see is Irm Atkinson seated on a huge turtle I11T1 1S on his way to Plattsburg State Teacher s Col lege Remember what a speedy fellow J 1m was? Jerry Bearor and Nerl Graham have recently tied rn the Indlanapolrs 500 championshrp race Sharon Iwanlec IS the private nurse to Gary Bowen who has recently been elevated to the rank of Admiral on the Good Shlp Lollipop Charlie La Polt has recently made a non stop flrght from the North Pole to the South Pole 1n one of hrs home made rockets Paul Martineau has become the first person in history to talk coast to coast WITHOUT a telephone Debble Lobo has recently been named Dr1ver Ed student of the year Lenny Porter has been nominated as the number one wolf ln the Air Force Bill Quinn 1S the new star of the former Bob Cummings Show Love That Bob which is now known as Love That B1ll Rose Reynolds has completed her latest literary masterplece entltled How to Catch Your Man rn 3 Easy Lessons and Jeanette Leahy has wrrtten a book on How to Gam Weight rn Ten Easy Lessons Pat Schmidt 1S now working as a gas attendant at I oe s SCIVICC Statron Betty Shaw rs berng pursued by Ed Sharrow but wait who is the guy Betty IS chaslng Stan Sklnner has been appomted head food tester rn all 50 states and Jo Anne Yole the new Betty Crocker has Just ftnished testing her new drscovery Mush a la mode Wayne Whitney w1ll be the f1ISI Fort Ann student to get to the moon After getting there he w1ll compare the martian senlor lrfe with the life of a senlor at Fort Ann Mary Thomas has been slgned by Warner Bros to be Fred Astalre s dancing partner Mary Elms is sitting on I ack Powers lap takrng d1ctat1on the letter is to Dorothy Ken Gilchrrst has recently built a BIG transatlantic bridge from New York to Pans Dale Lunt has become head basketball coach at Vassar Girls College I see that the members of the Class of 61 are happy in the land of the future They remember the many happy moments and then many frrends at F A C S , . --.. . s . . 1 - s . . . n n ' ' n no 1 w ' vr ' - n . ,, . ,, . . 1 n . . , . . . 1 1 - 1 - 1 ' ' ' n n 1 n - - 1 . . . , . . , . . . l . . a . 1 . . u . . WAYNE TYLER WHITNEY "Always willing to do his part. " Senior Play 4g F. F. A. 3, 4, Treasurer of F.F. A. 4. HAIL TO THEE OUR FORT ANN CENTRAL HAIL DEAR RED AND WHITE ii? ELIZABETH ANN SHAW "Short and sweet." Assistant Business Manager Yearbook Staff 4, Prom Court 34 Prom Committee 3g Cheerleader 1, 2, Ath- letic Association 1, 2g Chairman Senior Dance Committee 4g Senior Play 45 Choir 1, 2, 3. DALE ORIGIN LUNT "There is a time for some things and a time for all things, a time for great things and a time for small things." Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Football 1, 2, 4, Athletic Associ- ation 1, 2, 3, 4, Yearbook Staff 4g Senior Play 4, ,Tun- ior Prom Committee 3. SENIORHVIGNET TES JAMES ATKINSON - Tall, rangy, hair standing on end, a faraway look in his eyes, best describes our Jim. Jim ex- cels in dreaming, in and out of classes, but we are sure that some day those dreams will materialize in a world-shak- ing scientific invention. Jim plans to go to Plattsburg in September. GERALD BEAROR - Jerry is a fun-loving guy who enjoys drag racing with his best friend, Neil. His one ambition is to graduate, so that his homework will no longer interfere with his good times. Jerry enjoys football in which he has participated for four years. GARY BOWEN - Gary, another of our handsome males, is known among the boys as "Harry, " Gary has an abundance of artistic ability, but plans on a possible naval career. Weekends usually find Gary with his favorite pastime, Sharon. MARY ANN ELMS - Our D.A.R. Good Citizen is a quiet but substantial member of our class. Short, slim, brown eyes, and a pleasant grin describe Mary Ann. She enjoys commercial classes and plans to further her education at business college. That future boss is surely a lucky man. KENNETH GILCHRIST - Meet our class blusher, Ken! Handsome fellow and bashful until you get to know him. Physics is Ken's favorite class. A friend of all, he plans to attend college. Ken is a typical athlete who participates in all the school sports. He likes to hunt and bowl. Although he professes to dislike homework, Gil is a fine student. NEIL GRAHAM - Hailing from Smith's Basin, Neil is a mainstay of the "Ag" department. Sleeping in classes and eat- ing are two things Neil really enjoys doing. Farming and marriage are foreseen for Neil. He likes attending school functions and enjoys dancing, he has no affection for lazy people and homework. SHARON IWANIEC - Pert and pretty, Sharon is one of our best students and a favorite with everyone. However, her attention is mostly bestowed on her favorite pastime, Gary. To become a nurse is her greatest desire. For the pres- ent, she and Pat are content to dream of their futures as nurses. CHARLES LAPOLT - Brains and brawn, this is our "Goop. " Math 12 is Charlie's favorite class. Charlie plans to enter engineering college upon graduation. Hunting is one of Charlie's favorite pastimes. JEANNETTE LEAHY - This year brought us luck, for with it came Jenny, a quiet, friendly girl with beautiful gray eyes. She hopes to become a typist. She is usually seen going through town in Jim's convertible. DEBRA LOBO - This year we were happy to welcome from Whitehall a charming girl called "Debbie, " Her favorite pastime is relaxing in front of the television. She may often be seen talking to Cheech. Debbie plans to take a sec- retarial course at Cobleskill. Whitehall 's loss is our gain. DALE LUNT - More comfortable on a basketball floor than in a class room, Dale, with his infectious laugh and red hair, adds much color to our class. If he isn't at home, he will most likely be "drag"' racing on any suitable road. PAUL MARTINEAU - If you happen to see a VW go whizzing by, you can be sure "Butch" is behind the wheel. Be- sides his great love for driving, he is also an active member of our class, both in sports and class room activities. Whenever anything is said in class, you can be sure to get an argument from Paul, other than that, he's a pretty nice fellow. LEONARD PORTER - Our "Reub" is the class lover of hot rods. His favorite pastime is a '54 Ford, and his ambition is to become a mechanic. You will most often find him zooming along the highway with a special girl named Cindy at his side. JOHN POWERS -Jack is a fun-loving guy who enjoys kidding people, but can also take a joke himself. He can easily be recognized by his favorite saying, "Bula. " Jack is usually found daydreaming about a certain girl attending Platts- burg State Teachers College. Three words descirbe our Jack: "Tall, dark, and handsome." BILL QUINN - Soft-spoken Bill is the class relaxer and well liked by all. His average school day is spent in pleasant day dreams. Bill is planning a career as a chemical engineer and hopes to prepare at Syracuse University. Although Bill dislikes homework, he is a top student in the class. ROSE ANNA REYNOLDS - Smiling and sweet is ou.r "Rosie. " Her ambition is to graduate and get a job. Rose enjoys English, especially writing, and going to movies. She can usually be seen with Mary Ann. Rose will always remem- ber driver education class and that stop sign. PAT SCHMIDT - Quietly efficient and always offering a smile is our Pat. As a favorite pastime, Pat enjoys "bomb- ing" around in J oe's hot rod. Her one and only desire is to be successful at Memorial Hospital in Albany where she will train to be a nurse. BETTY SHAW - "Five foot two, eyes of blue" best describes our Betty. Petite with a gracious smile, she can change hair color in two days without batting an eyelash. She will be glad when there will be no homework to interfere with her daily letter writing to Eddie. She has special plans for June 26. STANLEY SKINNER - Meet our class president, "Steamer, " He 's friendly, cheerful, and very fond of food. When there's nothing to do, Stan will be talking to his best friend, Jim. He plans to attend Potsdam to become a teacher, MARY THOMAS - A late comer to our class. Her attractive smile and pleasing manner have already helped her to get acquainted. Mary plans to enter the buisness field after graduation. WAYNE WHITNEY - Quiet and good-natured, Wayne enjoys most the art of sleeping. Commonly called "Doc, " he can often be neard saying "Nuts, " Wayne has been accepted at Cobleskill where he hopes to learn how to become a successful farmer. JO ANNE YOLE - Whenever there's work to be done, you can be sure our attractive "Queen" will be in the middle of it. At times you'll find her dreaming of those days to come at Potsdam where she plans to become a teacher. Hard- working, intelligent, and efficient, that's our "Naoml.'l CLASS WILL We, the Class of 1961, being of sound mind, do be- queath the following properties to our many loyal friends at F. A. C. S. JIM ATKINSON leaves to Bob Godfrey his ability to sleep in class and get away with it, to Joe Monahan, an empty seat in the senior room for the last of the "Three Musketeers", to Betty Powers, a peaceful band period. JERRY BEAROR leaves to Coach Sheridan his ability to get along with Skip Bearor, to Boop Burch, his ability to take eight laps around the football field instead of ten, to Dot Nolan, his renowned ability to get along with Mrs. Hall and to pass history tests. GARY BOWEN leaves to Mr. Ostberg a peaceful day in shop, to his brother, Terry, his keen sense of humor and his abil- ity to skip practice and go hunting the night before a game. MARY ANN ELMS leaves to her brother, Scotty, her ability to get along with her teachers, to her sister, Brenda, her driving ability, to the future seniors of Fort Ann Central, her best wishes. KENNETH GILCHRIST leaves to Jim Haskell and Jim Aldrich his boxing ability, to Joe Wood, his athletic skills, to Tom Juliana, his position as "King of Blushes. " NEIL GRAHAM leaves to his brother his ability to skip school, to the kids who live in town, his ability to get out of school before the buses leave, to Henry Butler, his ability to sleep in History Class and get away with it. SHARON IWANIEC leaves to Doris Bazan and Betty Powers her ability to get to ESSPA and also the mirror in the back room of the library, to Laurene Cone, her old cheerleading uniform, to Janis La Polt, a book on HOW NOT TO BE A PEST, to Mrs. Gilchrist, a quiet, enjoyable library. CHARLES LA POLT leaves to Jeff Collins his first trombone chair in the band, to Jim Aldrich, his ability to pass Math Regents, to Jim Haskell, his poker winnings. JEANNETTE LEAHY leaves to John Sexton her ability to get along with Mr. Elder in 7th period study hall, to her sister, Wendy Wright, her ability to get along with the boys, to Carol Winchell, her marks in shorthand. DEBRA LOBO leaves to her younger brother, Mike, her share of her mother's apron strings, to her cousin, Skip, her sense of humor, hoping he won't use it wisely, to any junior who wants the job, her ability to type for Mrs. Fagan's newspaper. DALE LUNT leaves to Terry Clark his position on the bas- ketball team, to Bill Thomson, his driving ability, to Ed Steves and Henry Jordan, his ability to skip practice and go hunting. PAUL MARTINEAU leaves to Mrs. Hall 's history classes a year's supply of the American Observer, to Mr. Van Dyke, he leaves a peaceful class, to the Class of 1962, the best of luck in its senior year. JACK POWERS leaves to Terry Clark and Judy his empty bus seat, to Ed Steves, his finesse in combing his hair, to his sister, Betty, the Plymouth. WILLIAM QUINN leaves to Jim Aldrich and Jim Haskell his quiet subdued nature, to Bobb Knippenberg, his mathemati- cal ability. ROSE ANNA REYNOLDS leaves to Carol Winchell her ability to apply effectively strangleholds in interclass basketball, to Judy Carman, her shorthand pads for her own personal use, to Ed Maynard, her ability to do English homework with a cheerful heart. PAT SCHMIDT leaves to Joe Monahan her wonderful driving ability, to her sister, Barb, her cheering ability, to her brother Pete, her quiet nature in study halls, to Mr. Sabo, a large bottle of aspirins for all the headaches she caused him in driver education and in study hall. ELIZABETH SHAW leaves to Joan Reynolds her ability to skip classes without getting caught, to Jo Ann Nichols, her ability to get along with J o Ann's brother Bruce, to Joyce Reynolds, a book entitled HOW TO SMOKE A CIGAR WITH- OUT GETTING SICK. STANLEY SKINNER leaves to Mrs. Gilchrist his extreme patience, to Roy Steves, his appetite, to Harold Stiles, eight decks of cards. MARY THOMAS leaves to Flora Morris her seat in the senior room, to all future typists, her secretarial ability, to the faculty at Fort Ann, her appreciation for the consideration they have given to her this semester of school. WAYNE WHITNEY leaves to his brother his little black book of names and addresses, to his sister, his ability to get along with Mr. Sabo in driver education. JO-ANN YOLE leaves to her sister, Dianne, her cheerlead- ing ability and her ability to get out of tight squeezes, to her peace-loving cousins, Wayne and Karen, two sets of boxing gloves, to Linda Whitney, her old cheering Luiiform, to Mrs. Gilchrist, a peaceful and contented library. We, the Senior Class, leave to the custodians our thanks for their friendly help when we needed them most. Lastly, we leave to Fort Ann Central our good times and happy memories of the past twelve years. A WA RDS ROW 1: M. Elms, I. Yole, S. Iwaniec. ROW 2: S. Skinner, C. LaPolt, K. Gilchrist, J. At kinson, W. Quinn. In a small school, there is a chance for students to achieve. Throughout their four years of high school, several of our students have earned distinguishing awards. Mary Ann Elms, in her Senior Year, was elected D. A.R. Good Citizen by her class- mates and faculty. In her Senior Year, Io-Anne Yole received the Betty Crocker Horne- maker of Tomorrow Award. Sharon Iwaniec was awarded the Latin prize at the end of her Sophomore Year. Stanley Skinner was chosen to represent Fort Ann Central at the Area All-State Music Festival in his Senior Year. At the end of the Junior Year, Charles LaPolt was chosen to attend Boys' State. He was also the winner of the American Legion Oratorical Contest during his Junior Year. Kenneth Gilchrist, as well as winning the Area American Legion Oratorical Contest in his Sophomore Year, was-the recipient of a New York State Regents Scholarship. James Atkinson and William Quinn were also awarded New York State Regents Scholarships. Freshman Debutantes RINGS AND INITIATICN THE CORONA Tl ON Gala evening. Handsome men Don t fall Homer! what next? nfmmmwimg J Queen Jo-Anne and her court: Charlotte, Sharon, Betty, Mary Arm, and Pat. OF GOLDEN DREAMS iasawg gmw H5325 f RM ,wp wk Esau 5735 2145, L: sa? F5: 1 w I L I W , Smllei ter up ! Latm 7th Period Confusion! I 1 5- F W 1 n I I I I fi If I I I I II ll 01. THIS IS I THE womc Y I I '7 I xp V fi-D V V ICD If j I I I V V 4 Memoweg , N NV V! W If S A 1 l ROW 1: L. Blondin, I. Batchelder, Mr. Garrand, P. Bapp, A. Belden. ROW 2: T. Baker, R. Darius, C. Graham, R. Gilchrist, B. Fredette, G. Allen, T. Bowen, S. Allen, J. Campney. ROW 3: B. Elms, J. Jordan, A. Fish, L. Gregario, B. Brush, B. Clark, C. Fleming, R. Vatchelder, C. Kennedy, V. Brown ROW 4: E. Atkinson, M. Gonyea, P. Fuller, C. Fordyce, P. Condon, C. Roods, L. Beyon, L. Fish, G. Cartier, G. Farrel, D. Allen. CLASS OFFICERS President . . . D. YOLE Vice President . . . J. BATCHELDER Secretary . . . L. GREGORIO Treasurer . . . R. GILCHRIST ROW 1: D. Winchell, H. Robbins, Mrs. Talbot, M. Stoddard, R. Stark. ROW 2: E. Martindale, I. Thomas, G. Parrish, D. Yole, I. La Polt, C. Knippenberg. ROW 3: R. Wilson, B. Knapp, J. Ross, B. Rock, G. Sherman, C. Winchell, D. Steves. r J . Y 5 J I ill ROW 1: S. Collins, R. Sanders, D. Kennedy, I. Sexton, Mr. Kosseff, C. Skinner, G. Gilchrist, L. Thomas, W. Yole, S. Hill. ROW 2: D. Hill, I. Collins, F. Greene, R. Hank, C. Elms, E. Fuller, G. Rnrmells, K. Hauk, I. Reynolds, C. Knapp. ROW 3: J. Ryder, G. Treadway, M. Treadway, D. Car- tier, S. Edmonds, B. Fogg, M. Smith, B. Schmidt, M. Seeley, P. Clark. ROW 4: B. Jones, B. Butler, L. Martin, I. Mattison, V. Jones, G. Bazan, E. Fordyce, D. Goodman, S. Bombard, L. Greene, I. Her- rick, K. Kelsey. CLASS OFFICERS President . . . G. GILCHRIST Vice President . . . G. BAZAN Secretary . . . M. SEELEY Treasurer . . . W. YOLE ROW 1: H. Mattison, S. Wood, A. Sabia, E. Reynolds, I. Twiss, H. McFarren, W. Mattison. ROW 2: P. Georgi, R. Harris, D. Sherwood W. Brownell, R. Ladd, N. La Barge. ROW 3: R. Sanford, L. Pratt, G. Cartier, Mr. Greenough, W. Burch, D. McFadden, R. Elms. CLASS OF 1964 ROW 1: D. Lapan, N. Aldrich, G. Bearor, V. Brown, S. Graves, D. Prouty, E. Ben- nett, W. Jackson, R. Steves. ROW 2: B. Dolphe, J. Gonyea, V. Wento, J. Brown, K Locke, M. Hannon, L. Cone, G. Lunt. ROW 3: L. Monahan, J. Nichols, J. Reynolds F. Stark, R. Atkinson, S. Carman, J. Atkinson. ROW 4: .Mr. Van Dyke, N. Lunt, R. McFadden, C. McFadden, J. Kennedy, M. Stoddard, D. Roods, R. Allen. Absent: A Morrissey, P. Schmidt, C. Monahan. CLASS OFFICERS President . . . JAMES BROWN Absent Treasurer . . . NAAMAN ALDRICH Vice President . . . KEITH LOCKE Secretary . . . MARY ANN HANNON The Class of 1964 are newcomers to high school, but already have made a good mark. They have sponsored successful dancesg many are active in various sports, clubs, and cheer- leading. Although neophytes, this class shows great promise for the future. We wish them the best of luck. CLASS 0F 1963 ROW 1: L. Whitney, J. Fuller, B. Brennan, S. Hall, Mrs. Sheehy, L. Wills, C. Ben- nett, S. Wilson, M. Condon. ROW 2: W. Knapp, T. Evans, A. Talbot, P. Stiles, B. Kelsey, D. Burch, D. Fredette. ROW 3: D. Fisher, T. Driscoll, L. Whitney, C. Ward, J. Stark, M Aunchman, R. Runnalls. Absent: M. Rivet. CLASS OFFICERS President . . . ANN TALBOT Vice President . . . DUANE BURCH Treasurer . . . THOMAS EVANS Secretary. . . LINDA WHITNEY The worldly-wise sophomores had a won- derful time planning for the first memorable event of their high school year, Initiation. Since September, the class has been active in sponsoring dances. Many sophomores are football and basketball players and cheer- leaders, others are members of the Red and White Echo Staff and Library Club. The class climaxed the year with the choosing of their class rings. CLASS 0F 1962 ROW 1: A. Stiles, D. Bazan, P. Allen, M. Lemery, C. Winchell, L. Wood, D. Nolan, I. Reynolds, F. Morris, I. Carman. ROW 2: K. Thomas, I. Wood, G. Twiss, W. Fleming, H. Ward, R. Knippenberg, D. Wilson, I. Ward, R. Fuller, P. Lapan. ROW 3: I. Evens, E. Maynard, H. Butler, H. Jordan, E. Steves, I. Monahan, W. Thomson, T. Juliana, T. Clark. ROW 4: I. Haskell, R. Godfrey, R. Hayes, Mrs. Hall, H. Stiles, I. Aldrich, D. Darius, K. Shaw. Absent: P. Rathbun, B. Powers. For the busy and versatile juniors 1961 has been an exciting year. In September, they received their class rings. Throughout the year, the juniors have sponsored many dances which have brought the class popularity and favorable recognition. Wherever there's activity, you"ll always find the Junior Class. Several members belong to the Red and White Echo Staff, three are cheerleaders, and many of the boys are football, basketball, and baseball players. The class highlighted their year with a lovely Junior Promenade, a long-awaited event. CLASS OFFICERS President . . . ROBERT KNIPPENBERG Treasurer . . . BETTY POWERS Secretary . . . DORIS BAZAN Vice President . . . TERRY CLARK f"""'--X, II' - THIS IS THE FRIENDLINESS I I I I l I I I I ' I ' I SEI-IDOL' f I If NV F' I I f I bij I I If X WV V f V ' QNX XV Ny XV Xb I I XX V V I I If -N FACU-Lfy 'A Sd IQdYYUT1lSfYA'I'l0Tl SENIOR ROW 1 P Allen A Talbot I Atkinson. ROW 2 B Butler S Edmonds J Herrlck P Clark C Kennedy ROW 3 D Yole V Brown B Jones, D. Jackson J' Thomas P Fuller G Allen D Allen R Gilchrlst E Martlndale T k RO 4 K Gilchrist,J Wood B Schmidt J Jordan B Brush C Flemlng H Rob b ns M h Directory D Winchell D Burch G Gilchrist T Clark Monahan Davis Seeley W inchell Frost C ond on Yole Yole Monahan Brennan BAND ROW 1: I. Aldrich, M. Smith. ROW 2: K. Yole, B. Clark, L. Gregorio, R. Stark, R. Batchelder. ROW 3: S. Skinner, D. Goodman, M. Lemery, M. Seeley. ROW 4: C. Lapolt, J. Collins, A. Belden, D. Hill, S. Hill, I. Lapolt, D. Fisher, C. Skinner, C. Monahan, E. Fuller. Absent: B. Elms, G. Parrish, B. Powers. "In the Adirondack foothills, on the Burgoyne Trail"--As we think of our Alma Mater, we'l1 always rernem ber the 56 members of the Senior Band who, under the direction of Mr. Fisher, faithfully played for school as- sembly programs and home football games. Besides bringing pleasure to the students with their music, the band has also brought pride and prestige to FACS. While attending a Music Festival Contest during the summer of 1960 the band received an "A" rating. They participate in concerts and parades. C A D E T B A N D ROW 1: N. Prouty, E. Brown, R. Robinson, J. Brown, L. Winchell, D. Douglas, M. Mudgett. ROW 2: S. Bowen, C. Osborne, K. Cone, M. Brennan, W. Morrill, R. Fleming, M. Fleming. ROW 3: G. Grosenbeck, I. Granger, S. Robbins, L. Steves, Mr. Fisher, Director, B. Parker, L. Steves, B. Butler, S. Hall, G. Edmonds. Under the direction of Mr. Fisher, members of the Beginners' Band learn the tech- niques of playing a musical instrument and gradually learn to cooperate with one another in playing as a team. Cadet Band members practice for the time when they will become part of the Senior Band. SITTING: I. Herrick, D. Roberts, B. Rock, D. Steves, J. Conjel, W. Goodman. STANDING: Mr. Fisher, Directorg D. Frost. 1 AE. 3, ,, . nywkf' f "ME ,Mm--,.,M,,,,, SMWM-M-V A gamma? W.,...,Y,,..m,,.M,, , , ,,, .,,A. L,,A4"N'A'W'w,. X2 5 NL Wx R ef L' Q k 'f 42, Q f 4 4 , . s f 14 , ,ff E Q fi , 4 2 K 2 3 f , 4. ' .aw 1 I N 5 F 1 . S W , S, , 41LW,,. Xi I W .W AlW,, ,Q 5 K N, j ,F Qt' 'H I A 3 5 . V - - .rf ? xx 1 'X ,I N f2,,.,,..,.,.w 5 L , 4 f R E,mW,,.,,W.W A ,.,Wm,..wm,m.,, A Hw.,..,,,,,,+4f'ff , "HN,,.,,,,,.,,w ' ' 1 iw 7 'VTX K . on ,f-'fx ' 'M fm xv mr . 9,5 A. -vp -5 , ,W Tw . ,Y .-V, asm, 2 ,,. 7 gh, .N , 7 , W, , N M M . V A U3 ,W ,V 3, 233. Q., rE,f.5L3 mit: 3. afif 4.1, Lugz: 53 5 6 f if 3 E-V, QQM- ffAA5'i SWK P2 5 wlevfi , W ,M ,.. f, N M, N.-w v 1, . W, M . 4 . , , x. W, md? 'Z' 'S' T' "WW V ' 'VY "1 H' 4PM 4 'Q 'Q 'Mi W" vw-44 W 1 W,-f LN -xr-A-Aw X , V M M ,, , .4 L. N-f. .fu f W F. .. W. K-5 fi M QM ig? f 5 2 Q3 ug .3 -. 5 Q 1, gg nw Y 155 if P Q., ,jmij 'R T '- f X 45 ff :1 My ,Q 4 4 2 3 ,4 ,' 4 f -'X ,id .A ii, 2 M,,1.w,,f mfggw 3. w',J E. .5 .1 W4 Aga s ...ei 5 ,Z .y,N3LiQ 3, . L Q, 2 f Y ? A 5 i PM J wx .1,, 'f Q V , W, , , 1, AUM, .. 1.,, A ,,..5. ew- f., x .f,M.-W- J. , AJ, M 4 fi 54. 55 Fw 424 sv 1' ff 'Lg T37 avi: J we L., mf .L .4 .NJ if FYQZV ., M 7 1 ww .43 ,. 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Nw 7. 4 M 44 4 fm W- F V .M M. ,,,.x.. H, f.s,,, mwAf?,5i9QMfiMZ.f7m gf Ska LQQHQ ?QQiQMQR3 Q adv? an QQmQwQb as Lam 4 iw E " f , 154 it 1 W W 15- f , Q. M. - , A M. x 4 Aw 'W 'Z . f. ,- F .ff 4. .Qi as JMU NJ., 6,1 if 2 .lg ,ad Q, QQ! Q 1 1, AL Lui Mg 55 42:3 3441 1 33 gigviggggbyfj :X ERE :S S 53,3 ig? 3 if fl W My if SQ MQW fp gi 5,3 A, 2152 " ,ywyg .+V 44 gm ,,, f M, 4 M Q Q 5 f 4' fi, , f 4 M- M., M, , ,,,, .W M, , 5 , W M 4 we 5 V. 454 fx A30 V 5 4 V f .Q fm V . hw H44QH44M4s Q4 fav pamQx im RHLQmHfiQH55 9959 QQMDG w0MV6MLi6H M, A .Q N, .. ., " WW' WCM 2 E9 4 N 'Q '2 m in . .X R , ,W . K, 'Wa ' 4- H4 f ' KJ A, Zia, Q.. W -., 44 4 ff 4-4M Q. -A Q4 W nf 'X N 7' W3 4 4 4 i JWJS QQlQ?Qw gm ilw W,ga AMAQ muggwg Lam momiz g ws mg, 4, "W Q 'F We A jx 5' X ,Wyman fm Eg QQGHiQ 5. of DKK 'I ' LIBRARY CLUB The members of the library club assist our librarian, Mrs. Gilchrist, with shelving books, making bulletin boards, mending books, and keeping the library neat. CHRISTMAS CHOIR This Choir joins the Bands to take part in our big Christmas entertainment. TRAVEL CLUB BANK R. Steves, Asst. Cashier, B. Quinn, Presidentg I. Atkinson, Vice President, L. Whitney, Director of Tenth Grade, J. Stark, Cashier, Advisors: Mr. Northup and Mrs. Fagang I. Carman, Secretary. Under the direction of Mr. Northup, our school bank was established as a means by which students could save funds for their Senior Trip. The club includes all those students who have deposits in the bank. Each year two directors are chosen from the Senior Class, and one from the Junior, Sophomore, and Freshman Class. F.F.A. The Future Farmers of America, Hudson Falls Chapter, has in its organization twenty one members, of which seven are from Fort Ann. Our agriculture teacher, Mr. Newton, acts as our advisor. Our organization helps farm youth learn better and newer methods of farming. W. Whitney, Treasurerg N. Graham, Presi- dentg T. Brown, D. Wilson, I. Hogan, K. Thomas. Wa Elsa - n-us IS X 625 THE SPIRIT sw 50 mm r I ' ' I I I ll SCHOOL VX g E ll ll E : ll W wr - - 4 wa ' ' ' if X S . fiwf YXQXY V K,V Y NY v V V V V A V X-- V Y CHAMPIONS ON PARADE Until the fall of 1960 FAC had never been blessed with a football championship, however, with the completion of the 1960 football campaign all this was changed. The Cardinals not only captured their first cham- pionship but swept to an undefeated season with six wins against no losses, defeating Hart- ford, Argyle and Warrensburg at home and away. The Cardinals easily swept through their first two games beating Hartford and Argyle by scores of 35-18 and 33-6 respectively. These two games set the stage for the all im- portant first meeting with Warrensburg, who matched the Cardina1's record of 2 wins, no losses. The outcome looked gloomy for Fort Ann as Warrensburg connected for two touch- downs in the opening minutes of the game. However, the Cardinals, led by Henry Jordan, charged back to overcome Warrensburg by a score of 28-13. Although four players were missing in the second game with Hartford, a determined team won easily by 26-6. Excitement gripped Fort Ann throughout the next week, for the Cardinals had a chance to wrap up the championship the following Saturday against Argyle. At this game Fort Ann clinched the championship with a bril- liant 26-6 performance. With the champion- ship won, one might suspect a let-downg how- ever, the spirited Cards swept to an unprec- edented undefeated season by whipping War- rensburg 34-18. On January '7 the football team was honored with a banquet at which time Coach Sheridan gave a resume of the championship season. He drew attention to the tremendous spirit of the whole team. At the end of the speeches given by Bob Kana, guest speaker, and Coach Sheridan, each boy on the team was presented with a football jacket and trophy, symboliz- ing the undefeated season. Gary Bowen and Bill Thompson presented Coach Sheridan and Assistant Coach John Van Deusen with gold buckles in remembrance of the 1960 Cardinals The football banquet was a fitting climax to the 1960 championship season. COACH SHERIDAN and JOHN VAN DEUSEN Get him, Flex! SCOREBOARD We Hartford at Fort Ann ---- 35 Fort Ann at Argyle ----- 33 Warrensburg at Fort Ann - - 28 Fort Ann at Hartford ---- 26 Argyle at Fort Ann ----- 26 Fort Ann at Warrensburg - - 34 They 18 6 13 6 6 18 Tight fit, Jack? UNDEFEA TED ROW 1: C. Skinner, P. Martineau, C. Lapolt, J. Atkinson, J. Powers. ROW 2: Coach Sheridan, H. Jordan, E. Steves, B. Thomson, I. Mon- ahan. ROW 3: N. Lunt, J. Brown, K. Locke. CHAMPIONS ROW 1: K. Gilchrist, I. Bearor, G. Bowen, S. Skinner, N. Aldrich. ROW 2: I. Aldrich, D. Fisher, L. Thomas, T. Clark, P. Lapan. ROW 3: D. Burch, P. Schmidt, M. Aunchman. The Fort Ann Cardinals chalked up one of SCHEDULE VARSITY BASKETBALL C a h Sheridan fin- their finest seasons under o c ishing with eight wins and ten losses. Hurt by lack of height, Fort Ann lost sev- eral tough games son. As the season progressed, the team be- gan to jell and finished the season with three victories. The highlight of the season took e Cards defeated second-place Hoosick Falls in the last game of the season. The team's excellent team spirit and cooper ation was rewarded at the end of the season with a trip to the sectionals. place when th ROW 1: J powers T Cl I- Aldi i ' f ark' D- Lunt, P. Marti at the beginning of the sea- Schuylerville Salem ---- Cambridge - Argyle ---- Greenwich - - Hartford - - - Stillwater - - Hoosick Falls Hoosick Falls Schuylerville Salem ---- - - - - Cambridge - -- --Argyle--- - - - - Greenwich - - - - - - Stillwater - - -- --Hartford---- - - - - Hoosick Valley - - - - Hoosick Falls They --37 --49 --51 --59 --41 --41 ---69 ---62 ---63 ---42 ---50 --72 --41 --60 --54 - --32 -- --54 - --54 I Ch, K. sen, Gi-1Ch1'1St. G. Bowen I . nea'-1, L. Porter S 1 . Atklnson, B Thoms 1 . Skinner. ROWZ C h ' On' B- : Oac Sheridan Godfrey, Assist. Coac h 101111 Van Deu I F I l w - J. V. BASKETBALL ROW 1: W. Jackson, G. Bearor, G. Lunt, T. Evans, D. Burch, K. Locke, P. Schmidt, R. Steves. ROW 2: C Skinner, R. Sanford, M. Aunchman, T. Juliana, J. Stark, E. Maynard, I. Monahan, K. Shaw, J. Haskell, J. Evens, N. Lunt, D. Hill, Coach Sabo. I. V. SCHEDULE 26- - - - - Schuylerville - 34--- --Salem----- 16- - - - - Cambridge - - 44--- --Argyle---- 30- - - - - Greenwich- - 47- - - - - Hartford - - 34- - - - - Stillwater - - - 28- - - - - Hoosick Falls - 28- - - - - Hoosick Valley 47- - - - - Schuylerville - 51--- --Salem----- 31- - - ' - Cambridge - - 38- - - - - Argyle- - - - 30- - - - - Greenwich- - 33- - - - - Hartford - - 37- - - - - Stillwater - - - 41- " ' ' ' Hoosick Valley 42- - - - - Hoosick Falls - THEY - 38 - 37 - 28 - 36 - 41 - 28 - 60 - 62 - 60 - 55 - 36 - 27 - 43 - 56 - 26 - 54 - 44 - 62 This year the bas- ketball team was for- tunate in having three fine scorekeepers, Joe Wood, Sharon Wilson, and Bob Knippenberg. These three did an ex- cellent job of keeping score as nary an error dotted their books. no np, 3152? j.f!p F lv m L- f 1 ' - " WJ ' ' , 4C3,,f+f Xl-1 jj: My .bf CJ 'F A ,J1"Qf.ffUf w"fr,frf'f it T 9 f-J K V , 1- ,Lf -A ' , L' 31, 41 Ll,fJZ"y-if Kxjnfjxa du yt I UU E 5 rr? Q KU' 'Q JW., ' JJ! U 'x 1 'VY J, 70 'dzlfbi lift? KJ Uk 1 ivy Jw' " KV wiv ,-if' Vt,P"7f 'J :fygjs ' X53 3' J, My I. Wood, S. Wilson, B. Knippenberg Ni' as arf fb ,ug ,wg 1, M Vip QKVK. -g iff 6 -15, Wjdffvwghxjt-'hlgig 'Lvl ,yy ,gil ,wsPjfl2gwx,xsfJK,jQ ,J Y X '1 XIX! lk: ' f W ' s ,J 5 IVUCAEQ 'rl 5 1 'P G fl K5 ifdlxtf it ,ff 5 fly ROW 1: D. Fredette P Marttneau T Evans ROW 2 J Aldrich E Steves B Thomson, T. Clark Coach Sherldan I Powers L Porter S Skinner D Fisher The 1960 Cardinals f1I11ShCd the baseball season Wlth a fine 7 7 record Although there were only ten eligible players on the team Coach Sheridan did an excellent Job of guiding the boys into a fifth place f1l'll.Sh After a slow start the Cards developed into a potent club, finishing strong rn the last half of the season JUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS JOAN LAURENE CAROL ANN MARILYN MARY ANN LINDA Continuing their long tradition of being the peppiest girls in Fort Ann Central, the cheering squad of 14 girls once again raised the morale of our athletic teams and student body. The abundance of spirit at football and basketball games points to the work of these girls led by the "Go, Drive, Fight" cry of the Varsity. Their pep rallies honoring the football team contributed highly to school spirit and good sportsmanship. These attractive girls in their bright red and white uniforms not only turned in a fine cheering per- formance but also provided a cheery splash of color. ROW 1: Betty Powers, Marilyn Condon, Phyllis Allen, Leonore Wood, Sharon Iwaniec, Doriz Bazan. ROW 2: Laurene Cone, Linda Whitney, Carol Monahan, Pat Schmidt, Jo-Anne Yole, Ann Talbot, Ioan Fuller, Mary Ann Hannon. VARSITY PAT SCHMIDT Go, Fight, Score, Win IO ANNE YOLE SHARON IWANIEC PHYLLIS ALLEN Q. CHEECH WOOD W Q A CHEERLEADERS Wlim DORIS BAZAN A Cheer for the Team BETTY POWERS The Athletic Association is composed of basketball and football players and cheerleaders. This year the Association sponsored Spectator buses for all football and basketball games and fostered school spirit with pep rallies. The officers are President, Jim Aldrichg Treasurer, Carol Winchellg Vice President, Terry Clarkg and Secretary, Doris Bazan. MISS BRENDA DOUTHWRIGHT Girls' Athletics Coach This year athletic activities have taken a larger part than ever before in the curriculum of every FAC girl. The extracurricular sports open to the girls were hockey, softball, basketball, tennis, and volleyball. Under the leader- ship of their coach, Miss Douthwright, they have mastered the fundamentals and skills of both old and new games. They have also gained a sound under- standing of cooperation and good sportsmanship. During the year they have participated in play days held at other schools in the county. Intramural basketball games have been played between the high school classes and junior high classes. GIRLS ' SPORTS CLUB i 1 9 PARENT-TEACHER ASSCCIATION V SEATED: V. Fagan, Sec. 3 A. Carman, Pres. g E. Grosenbeck, Advisory R. Butler, Treas QD. Thompson. STANDING: C. La Polt, B. Yole, M. Call, R. Maille, P. Schmidt. FOUNDERS' DAY DINNER F E B R U A R Y 27 ROW 1: G. Burch, S. Fuller, C. Page, H. Fuller. ROW 2: L. Fleming, R. Stiles, H. Reynolds. BUS DRIVERS Whether rain, snow, hail, or ice, they bring us through safely. WE SALUTE THEE! P s Y CUSTODIAL AND CAFETERIA STAFF CARL GEORGI HOMER MCFARREN HENRY SWINTON OUR PERSONNEL Always ready! Always friendly! Always willing! CHESTER FREDETTE 5 ? ' 5 MRS. ANITA SIGNNER MRS. DORIS MCCREA, MRS. CAROL LUNT. CARDINAL STAFF P. SCI-IMIDT - - C. LA POLT - I. YOLE- - - S. IWANIEC - R. REYNOLDS M. ELMS - - - I. LEAHY- - D. LOBO - - B. SHAW - - W. QUINN - - G. BOWEN - - S. SKINNER - I. POWERS - - D. LUNT - - G. BEAROR - - I. ATKINSON- P. MARTINEAU K. GILCHRIST MRS. FAGAN - L. PORTER - - FINISHED AT LAST! - - Girls' Sports Editor --------Editor - - Assistant Editor - - Literary Editor - - Activities Editor - - - - - -Typist - - - - -Typist - - - - -Typist - - Business staff - - - - -Typist - - - Art Editor - - Senior Editor - - Business Staff - - Business staff - - - - - Class Editor - - Photography Editor - - Business Manager - - Boys' Sports Editor -------Advisor - - Business Staff, Abs. The publishing of the 1961 Cardinal has been a new and exciting experience for the entire staff. Without the long hours of hard work by all and the expert advice and un- tiring help of our advisor, Mrs. Fagan, this book could not have been published. How- ever, our last deadline has been met, and we can now present to you the 1961 Cardi- nal. CHARLES LA POLT EDITOR THIS IS THEMEANS I . g , I t I ' 'SCHOOL I fx, Il- Eu Y 'li all V 2 1 ADvERTs5sNe va QW V V W f f V xx V V V V :VV V X Sehuorg W v NV - NC X 'X Fa.cuLTD,fN V V Lf INVESTIGATE gm SAVINGS... J-E C ONGRATULATI ONS TO THE CLASS OF 1961 PURCELL INSURANCE AGENCY All Kinds of I Fort Ann, N Y Ready For an Exciting Career? ik I EIDE: INSURANCE COMPANY Glens Falls, N. Y. The National Life' Assurance Company of Canada The Glenway Corporation Members of the GLENS FALLS Insurance Group CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1961 MONAHAN AND LOUGHLIN INC. ROOFING AND SHEET METAL CONTRACTORS Telephone 'RH 7-4191 4 Locust Street Hudson Falls, New York From the FORT ANN CENTRAL SCHOOL PARENT-TEACHERS ASSOCIATION FORT ANN CENTRAL SCHOOL TEACHERS' ASSOCIATION FREE CHECKING ACCOUNT service for one year . . . for this year's High School Graduates National Commercial's graduation gift of a ,Free Checking Account Service will help you to manage your money wisely. Your quarterly statements will show where your dollars go, and cancelled checks will be proof you paid. V sz V NG THE ND ATIONALCOMMERCIAL For job opportunities at National Commercial, please write or call our Personnel Department - or - BANK AND TRUST COMPANY - 1 MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Complete Banking Services through 31 offices in Northeastern New York Stale Erlanger's Men's and Boys' Store E1-langer's Fashion Store Compliments of JIM RILEY HARDWARE Plumbing and Heating 9 0 B r oadway Whitehall Compliments of BARBERS CLOTHIERS 50 Main Street Phone l8 Whitehall, New York Compliment s of WHITEHALL LUMBER C O . Whitehall N. Y. Compliments of FRED V. CHASE West Fort Ann, New York King Kong and Little King Kong SKINNER BROS., INC. Wre stling Instruction NF 9-5307 SCRIME'S FLOWER SHOP 131 South Williams St. Whitehall, New York Phone 79 Compliments of MOORE'S AND BOLSTER' MARKET Fine Meats and Groceries Fort Ann, New York Phone NF 9-8990 S Compliments of JORDAN'S GARAGE West Fort Ann DUCE'S RESTAURANT Legal Beverages Good Food llT General Car Repairs YWY Electric and Gas Welding BAD Phone 24611 Ph RX 2- 454 one 9 Whicehaii, New York Compliments of WOODCOCK'S PHARMACY Whitehall, New York Compliments of SCOTT'S MARKET Whitehall N. Y. Compliments of Compliments of JOY'S DELONG'S DAIRY DISCOUNT STORE Z 5 B S South Glens Falls 3 ay treat N. Y. Glens Falls, N. Y. FOWLER'S Since 1869 in Glens Falls The Friendly Department Store Including Shoes - Beauty Salon - Homemaker Shop Convenient Parking Elm Shoplot QRear of Storej GLENS FALLS JEWELRY sHoP Go,-DSToCK,S Diamonds - Watches - Silverware SPORTING GOODS 2.0 South Street Corner of Park and Glen G F 1 Y k Glens Falls, N. Y. lens al S' New or COOL INSURING AGENCY, INC. Gene ral Insurance 24 Maple St. Phone RX 2.-0947 Glens Falls New York Compliments of Etafff' GLENS FALLS COCA-CHOLA BOTTLING co. South Glens Falls, N. Y. Compliments of Compliments of f a Ladies' Blouses - Daytime Dresses - Men's Shirts Fabrics Factory Prices Glens Falls, N. Y. 92 Main St. South Glens Falls, N. Y. 1, fad! 6444! ?acwl.f r Q ky Q ABBOTT'S CORNER GRILL ,see s 41 Main street X Q So. Glens Falls, N. Y. Y . 2 Q I Steak - Chops - Steamed Clams - Fried Shrimp l Phone RX 2-9898 u GLENS FALLS Compliments of JUNE CLEANERS One-Hour Service GRILL AND RESTAURANT No Extra Charge . Quality Cleaning and Pressing 69 Mam Street No odor - No shrinkage South Glens Falls Hours 7:30 to 6:30 Phone RX 2-3383 Phone RX 2-6101 87 Warren Street Compliments of BERT GOLDBERG STORE Compliments of CHADWICK 81 PIPPO'S HARDWARE Granville Paint Wallpaper N' Y' "Hardware for Everywhere" Phone 23 l Whitehall, New York C ompliments of L. E. ROBERTS JEWELRY Keepsake Diamonds Granville , New York Phone RX 3-1225 or RX 2-1658 CHESTER GARDENS FLORIST Flowers for All Occasions MYRON AND ANGELA DICKINSON 45 Main Street South Glens Falls, New York FRAGNOLI APPLIANCES Frigidaire Appliance s RCA, Sylvania and Zenith TV Whitehall, New York Compliments of SCOTT FURNITURE CO., INC. Quality Furniture at Reasonable Prices Whitehall, New Yo rk Fufuring ' BUSTY'S MARKET BOND c LoTH E s I Groceries . E RS . Top Quality Meats E I 262 Glen Sfreef E Fogfillvrglga gHc5A:EAR Glens Falls, N. Y. Phone 35 Whitehall T"- M076 I BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1961 From THE SANDY HILL IRON 81 BRASS WORKS Hudson Falls, New York Compliments NORTHWAY EQUIPMENT CO. Box 8 Hudson Falls, New York Farmall Tractors, McCormick Farm Equipment Industrial Tractors and Equipment Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of 1961 FIRST NATIONAL BANK of Hudson Falls FOSTER'S DEPARTMENT STORE 92 Main Street Whitehall, New York Phone Whitehall 123 COOKE'S DEPARTMENT STORE 126 Main Street Whitehall, New York Phone Whitehall 7 STEVEN'S GARAGE South Williams Street Whitehall, New York Phone Whitehall 109 WATKINS PARKSIDE FLOWERS BARBARA AND FRED DAVIES "Flowers Say It Best From Watkins Flowers" 132 Main Street Hudson Falls, New York Phone RH 7-4013 HARRIS DISCOUNT CENTER "The Store on the Square Hudson Falls New York C ompliments of STEVEN'S FURNITURE CO. Open Evenings 'Til 9:00 P.M. 138 Main Street Hudson Falls, N. Y. "Quality Furniture at a Guaranteed Savings" Compliments of GROWS RICHFIELD SERVICE Hudson Falls, N. Y. Compliments of OLD HOMESTEAD RESTAURANT Hudson Falls, New York Tel. 4-9873 Congratulatlons to the Semors of the Class of 1961 Compliments of the NATIONAL BANK OF ARGYLE WAGONER BUSINESS EQUIPMENT 29 Warren St. Glens Falls, N. Y. Exclusive Royal McB ee Distributor MICO'S FORMAL RENTAL SERVICE 30 112 South Street Glens Falls, N. Y. Phone RX 2-6922 U. S. Army Recruiting MXSGT. EDWIN H. POTTER MXSGT. CHESTER H. BARBER 12 South St., Glens Falls New York Phone Office RX 2-5181 Home RX 2-0542 Compliments of D'AMICO'S RESTAURANT Corner of Dix Avenue Whitehall Road Hudson Falls, New York STEPHEN HERTZ .IEWELERS 111 Glen Street Glens Falls, New York TRIADS MUSIC CENTER 19 Exchange Street Glens Falls, N. Y. Phone RX 2-7128 Conn and Bundy Instruments Northern New York' s Finest Printing House! BULLARD-GLENCRAFT PRINTING, INC. "The Home of Yearbooks by G1encraft" RX 2-2050 or RX 2-4424 THOMAS F. BARTON- Owners-Managers-CLENDON W. CONE Thirteen East Washington Street, Glens Falls, New York Compliments of CLARKS DISCOUNT STORE Glens Falls, New York Open 10 to l0 THE OUTLET Men's and Boys' Store Glen St. Hill Glens Falls New York J. E. SAWYER 8 CO., INC. DISTRIBUTORS Hardware, Steel, Mill Supplies Plumbing and Heating Materials Kohler Fixtures Goulds Pumps Burnham Boilers, Intermational Furnaces Patronize Your Local Hardware Dealer and Plumber 64-78 Glen Street Glens Falls, New York GLENS FALLS SAVINGS AND I.. OAN ASSOCIATION 37 Bay Street Glens Falls, New York JOHN G. KOPF JEWELER Art Carved Diamonds Authorized Bulova Distributor 100 Main Street Hudson Falls New York THE TOW-LY SHOP 209 Main Street Hudson Falls, New York With Everything in Fashion" As New as Tomorrow Compliments of KING'S SALES CORPORATION Hudson Falls New York Congratulations to Our Past, Present and Future Friends at the Fort Ann Central School PATRICK TOBACCO CO. Supplier to Your Independent Merchant Glens Falls C. V. PETERS CO. SCOTTY'S Men's Clothing Furnishing s Sho 206 Glen St. Glens Falls, N. Y. CS First in Fuel Oil Shell Products Dial RX 2-5877 Corner Elm and Exchange Glens Falls New York 23 Bay St. , Glens Falls, N 25 AIR-LAND MOTOR PAR TS 0 Main St. , Hudson Falls, 15 Main St. , Granville, N. l Main St., Greenwich, N. Main St. , North Creek, N. . Y N. Y. Y. Y. Y ACHENBACH'S Jewelers Since 1890 "lf You Don't Know Diamonds Know Your Jeweler" Diamond Importer s 208 Glen St., Glens Falls, New York C ornplirnents of WARREN SUNOCO EVERETT HUNT, Prop. Glens Falls New York ECONOMY DEPARTMENT STORE "Where Thrifty Shoppers Go" Glens Falls, New York HEIL'S Glens Falls Shoes for the Family BUSINESS MACHINES Underwood 180 Main Street Office Equipment Hudson Falls New York 4 Washington Street Glens Falls, New York Compliment s of A B C EQUIPMENT 81 REFRIGERATION CO., INC. 28 - 30 Elm Street Glens Falls, New York Phone RX 3-3456 - 3-3457 "Home of Personality Portraitsu STEVENSON'S STUDIO 199 Main St. Hudson Falls, N. Y. LOU TINNEY WWSC 1450 C ornpliments of WILEY'S Northern New York "Headquarters for Fine Fitting Footwear" 19 Warren St. Glens Falls Compliments of MONAHAN'S SERVICE STATION Fort Anne New Tel. NF 9-8989 York Compliments of A. C. VAUGHN 8. SON Hardware Fort Ann New York Compliments of COPELAND'S Horn. AND BAR Fort Ann New York Compliments of EARL F. HAYES Lumber - Building Supplies Mobil Heat - Fuels Phone NF 9- 52.55 Fort Anne New York Compliments of HAVILAND'S MANUFACTURING COMPANY Fort Anne New York Congr atulations, Senior s! Compliments of ALLEN'S FUNERAL HOME F0141 ADH New Ygrk Compliments of HOLLISTER'S PLUMBING AND HEATING CO. 131 River Street Hudson Falls, New York Phone RX 3-2.579 Compliments of CRUMLEY'S Fort Anne's Leading Pharmacy Fort Anne New York Compliments of VAN TASSELL'S DAIRY Whitehall, New York Compliments of LEON C. WALKER Cortland Supreme Feed - Fertilizer Dial NF 9-23689 Fort Ann, New York Compliments of COMSTOCK HOTEL Comstock New York A8:S State Licensed SLAUGHTER HOUSE Full Pickup Service Fort Ann, NF 9-8869 Glens Falls, RX 2-6098 With the Best Wishes of the Pari shione r s of SAINT ANN'S CHURCH Fort Ann, New York Compliments of SANDRA'S BEAUTY SALON Fort Ann New York Phone RX Z-0351 Glens Falls, N. Y. GWlNUP'S GENERAL STORE Meats and Groceries Gas and Oil Cold Beer Star Route Ridge Road Compliments of PATISSERIE FRANCAISE KARL AND HELEN GEORGI Fort Ann, New York Phone NF 9-5295 QUEEN ANNE MOTEL Fort Anne, New York Tel. NF 9-5565 Congratulations to the Class oi 1961 THE ROSES' HILLTOP DINER Specializing in Pizzas to Go Phone NF 9-552.6 Fort Anne New York Compliments of LEON COLLINS SUNOCO STATION Fort Ann, New York BEE'S RANCH "Famous Throughout the Western Hemisphere for Our Charcoal Broiled Steaks. " BEE OWENS, Proprietress Fort Anne New York Compliments of POUCHER'S MOTEL "Only a Stranger Here Once" Approved by AAA Route 4 George Street NF 9-8904 Fort Ann New York Compliments of SPHULER'S Fine Food and Liquors West Fort Ann New York RACE Compliments of the MILLING COMPANY Granville New York GRASTORF PRESS Offset - Printing - Letterpress Office Supplies Phone 743-31 Main Street Granville New York GLENDALE FURNITURE COMPANY, INC. Phone RX 2-1108 Upper Glen Street Glens Falls New York Compliments of WHITCOMB HARDWARE Plumbing Supplie s Granville, New York Fair Haven, Vermont Glass - Paints and Wallpaper Roofing - Guns - Ammunition Fishing Tackle Congratulations and Be st Wishe s A FRIEND Compliments of ALFRED J. YOLE Superintendent of Good Luck and Best Wishes to the Class of '61 GINSBURG'S Highways Granville, New York - Compliments of . FORT ANN SALES, INC. mmsm Fort Ann, New York Phone NF 9-5511 International Trucks - Parts - Service - Farmall Tractors Farm Implements and Accessories - Auto-Lite Batteries - Tires R. C. A. Whirlpool Compliments of ADIRONDACK FARMER'S EXCHANGE Fort Edward, N. Y. MARTHA'S RESTAURANT 136 Main Street Hudson Falls, New York For a Good Breakfast A Tasty Sandwich or Complete Dinner Compliments of THE OLD BARN RESTAURANT Hudson Falls New York Compliments of W. J. WILLIAMS Granville, N. Y. Phone 50 Office: East Main St. In Fort Ann on Tuesdays and Fridays Compliment s of GRANVILLE GASOLINE 8: OIL CO. BIGELOW'S FEED STORE Feed - Grain - Fuel Oil Kerosene - Esso Products - Gas ZZ Factory Street Ft. Edward, New York Compliments of RACE OIL COMPANY 48 Potter Avenue Phone 700 Granville, New York Night Phone 52 Z4-Hours Service Compliments of GRANVILLE COOPERATIVE G. L. F. SERVICES, INC. AND G. L. F. FARM STORE Granville, N. Y. Compliments of CRANDALL'S FLORIST Granville, New York RITCHIE'S SERVICE STATION Where You Are Sure to Meet Some of Your Friends Groceries - Meats - Gas and Oil Phone 632 W 4 Middle Granville, New York Compliments of OLD TRADING POST North Granville, New York Compliments of A FRIEND Compliments of T. C. SULLIVAN'S STORE Com stock, New York F. H. KINGSLEY 8. SONS Ford Cars - Trucks LES' BEAGLE KENNEL L. H. BISHOP, Proprietor Tractor s and Machinery 64 Broadway Whitehall, New York Telephone 103 We st Fort Ann RX 2.-8769 Compliments of STEARNS KINGSBURY STORE Kingsbury, New York H. E. BECKWITH Heating Oils Gas Sporting Goods 2.8 Main Street Whitehall, New York COMPLETE GRADUATION SERVICE Class Rings Commencemenl' Announcements Caps and Gowns Medals and Awards Diplomas Taylor-made Yearbooks L. G. BALFOUR CO. BENTLEY 8: SIMON TAYLOR YEARBOOK OO. Your Represenrarive HODGKI NS OF BALFOUR "Gus" Hodgkins, Bob Gray, Don Nash and Jim Gerding P. O. Box 9, Schenectady, New York, Phone EXpress 3-5374 EXpress 3-8083 Congratulations to the Class of 1961 Compliments of the COLONIAL ARMS Warrensburg, New York E. R. 8. PAULINE WILLIAMS Dealers in "Furniture to Suit Every Home Need" Deerskin Sportswear GIOVCS C0955 QUALITY MANOR Moccasins Jackets i Hand Bags Shirts Dlx Avenue Wallets Vests Glens Fans Deer Hides Exchanged N' Y' Phone RX 2-9342 Phone RX 3-2.888 FOIL Ann, New YOI'k Representative Compliments of LAMPHERE DAIRY BAR KINNER'S INSURANCE AGENCY Fire - Liability - Casualty Life TI-IYRZA KINNER Whitehall Phone ll47 Whitehall N. Y- N. Y. C-OTCHEROMA COIN LAUNDERE T TE Glen Lake , ' Road g- 3 Q zgmx 2, --+ 1!4 Mile I ny Rnd Wu-,,, gig! We st of I Lawn: -rre 4' E3 Bay Road N Compliments of the HOTEL KINGSBURY Hudson Falls, New York A GO0D CCURSE TO TAKE Open a Savings Account at First National Bank of Glens Falls Where Your Money Earns 370 Interest! What Do You Look Forward to the most? Travel . . . clothes . . . a college education . . . a car of your own? Whatever it is, an interest-earning savings at First National can help you have it sooner. Stop in and see us. You're always sure of a warm welcome . . whether your account is large or small. .,,l,l'L,,!: 4 m y lb Granville '- X Bolton Landing South Glens Falls l'l""""'l .. Member Federal Deposit ri Insurance Corporation 42 THE PARENTS OF THE CLASS OF 1961 EXTEND BEST WISHES TO OUR SENIORS Mr. and Mrs. Leon Brown Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Lunt Mr. and Mrs. James Bowen Mr. and Mrs. Donald Yole Mr. and Mrs. Charles Shaw Mr. and Mrs. John Iwaniec Mrs. Gertrude L. Wright Mr. and Mrs. Peter Schmidt Mr. and Mrs. Davis Bearor Mr. and Mrs. William Quinn Mr. and Mrs. Ira N. Skinner Mr. and Mrs. John Powers Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Lobo Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Elms Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Gilchrist Mr. and Mrs. Paul Martineau Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Atkinson Mr. and Mrs. Charles La Polt in ' i D v A V K1 U7 NWI7 dvd. N -fx- f' lj 1-,Cf fx f W ? W nf? QQ MW W Q A ,QW MUD Ma fy fm" 5 U3 fp M W W W5 mfg? ,f X Npxbwif fp!!! Evwa NN-CW'i1l5l bww! X? KM9'f4iQ'LsXfdJb MMU! X x ', q Q j A N JJ wiki' V f L I TJ . yy FT xy . , XSS? Nx .G X AX wx? K Ni, A wi 60 Q3 Q , + A , .X 0 56, M X0 pjfwyw M UK vijg w w Q B 5 Q ,xg I X Qs Ng X iiw CQKQ QSy5j?i?2a Qiiig QSM 2234 Qi 3 ii? Wi SR Qliijfpw, ig 2 Xiifw if Qcmwwu QMWJMJE, W' QQMIIM in 0, ibm? g' mD' ,IJ-W ' FX 58- mx' NM sw? M mf is jg' A V 5 3 Jlikf, 49 K' NW! W , ,Q my J Q QM 5 WX EMJX'j YQJXJVVJ5+Yfw1 Q QV N J lWQWW 777,, , W QW ff gf ff WA ff Of M I I f TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY "The WorId's Best Yearbooks Are Taylor-made" -fzanvi-nf., ,Hwf:mQ,:m,:s Qgyfwffw w' W f - p i 'yife . : W -5 :- ., m an Lg. 'P 113,11 ' -Av 1 fx fl A ' 4 if FV KX 'S sl. s . ,, 0 T , A If AAA JI I Y' 'SP Q Q ww. -515' , .W Q . A 'gf ' NST? fig ' W E 23? '. -x W ' ? Sz,-7 ' 3 9' , ,, , ' , -1- . f Q, ' -2 K L. ., W . L f'f'k, - ' ' -- "Y, A Y f iff?" 4 , K s : N--1 221: V f fy., f wa ,V . ,, . , J , 'Qi ' A Q 121. ,- Lgggz v, ' '-ij . . H f J xyl- I ' kfn 1 1' ., " 1 ,- 5-'25 3 It Y w i 5, Iijfl . X? ig ,. E w

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Fort Ann Central High School - Cardinal Yearbook (Fort Ann, NY) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 13

1961, pg 13

Fort Ann Central High School - Cardinal Yearbook (Fort Ann, NY) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 15

1961, pg 15

Fort Ann Central High School - Cardinal Yearbook (Fort Ann, NY) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 49

1961, pg 49

Fort Ann Central High School - Cardinal Yearbook (Fort Ann, NY) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 89

1961, pg 89

Fort Ann Central High School - Cardinal Yearbook (Fort Ann, NY) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 85

1961, pg 85

Fort Ann Central High School - Cardinal Yearbook (Fort Ann, NY) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 112

1961, pg 112

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