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Forsyth High School - Dogie Yearbook (Forsyth, MT) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Cover

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I S l Tc r 5 E H l i ' mul . ' emgvsi 4-1-1-. - -..,. . .- .,...,' - . , 1 a..q3bg,-:,...4..... . 4 O -' -. 'I-3.-Z-. -rl-' '.-.-' 0, , -. . ,- . . . .-If.-,:?.Q7tz:,:.:.w.:w., '-' -' a e 4LG'h-:-- . ,. . .- .,.3,.,. .l ., . ' ' 4-.72-fb' 9:-9,5 N. ' i' .- F .-'.-.--.. . . ' ' -'.'.-Ev!-'.'.q.',-N. . . , - -rw .g.-5 , ,. . , ' . 5 ' -. 5, ...J . .'.-,.'.5..,, .L 8 ' GJ-".31p'v,.-.,,. .-. -. ,. , . ' ffv :5rFi:':'i?"'f:-9-:-.,.,.,s',,A , Mr, .o,. --,?.-3q?e3,m,.9,s:qe. X Q6 - . + Civ'-'--'. ,. f. ' 1 ."ee'Q.-,, , , ..-.v 4 0.53. ZgEgQ'g23:f..,.g.,.,,:',h ' , W .u'Y'::5Z5""959f'.-'-'.-.-- - .- -1, Q ,- "-wg,-.,. .- . t:..g7.,.,,,, w' '55,-P. . G O' at. , up 5":-.1:f'3- . -. Q.'.3.45:17i,:2P,zJ' ' e., .. , ".f'v6z'.-1-'Lis 6. NR-1-. Q. . '-53-.'-754:90 ."2-1?-1-:IRQ-5-L-. .':- .p., .:-:-:-'-.-s-554 - -:' 'u-2-:-'em-' '-:-:-v.- . ' .. .7-,gf ,.,., . . .-, v.-y, -3.5.0.-J,p,3, :,., -P:-tis. "6-23' '.-g:Jf!'3Y.-'-.f-:'- ' 4!23w'-'.'."S- ,-:v 1 , . 3 - ,. . ,- ' - .M ' . ,A ,.-. .5 -.:- -,ng '.g2.,-5 f ,.-'... ,f -i ,, I, -,W -'M -' W1-W2 f-1 4' -QV" . . o ".-.iv '- -' .- ' - , w'.,x-.- s-yi, .',-135+ .-..,:?:J'r:-:..-in -.jf -42-,.g2A.f.QYJ-.-gi.--2-1-:2'1'.:4uZZ555-.-.-xi-.Z-:-'.5-,.-:-'-2-5-'rt-,.-.-.,. -2-s 85? " ' - fffv I-' --Z"g.4i6'z-"'-f'1:2-2-"+I-11a-A:si-MF' 1:-6:2-:S-211:-:-2-iff-r11:-.9fir:-:':f":-'-aff.-'-vw:-:I-5-S,':1-4-'f:2'r+:- " . ' . - . - A - '- '-'- . . . fs- .'- .12 59,4132-':'. u -7' ,-,.' -if .,g2- ,-gif'L5,e.-2-9,-1-JE-2-tk!'.'.6---:1:?.A-2.-.-5-1-'Z-'-fi-ff:-'L' e.'f'.'.-.u, u'.'.'7'3.4'. 1'-.-,-gZ'.v ' ,f 9.6 :Crm--3025 .-C'444.?.w.-:2'!SQ-'-iQ'-yy.M1-015.-.ny 1- -.-.-'f,jp,e 3,-'.a.,5:. -II-rv-'-.5-',-.-fx,'.v-':-'.'.-:-'2'.-rfp'e?-33:--.-2-,400b"'.0.-'.-2-'-'42-.'.-'-'.. A-MS-55 w.53"2-,gigzivz-15-5-2 avffst- -fI'sig-:S.-77:2b.f:f9!s2:1f:3I:2'.-:km:-:SS-M-2-1-:-:1zfadff-31:2-2-5-2-2-nz46'3f':-:-:-!'t'?:-:-:!'I-:- U -- ' ps. -.r.-5, ugh'-rg. nag., ,-, -4- '-g4m.5,A.q43,-2.-.-,a'-1 -2- -ff.-:y'.g.:,:g.g-g.:.y,:.vqplgw,-,-'.g,:'-'.9-2.10 'o.-...Ei 1,-gy, . . . .-.,.9 ' 1545. ....,3,.:,:.-3.:,:35434gq:.::,.,:gs,3,:,,?g.3.:,: ' .',..,,':,..,..5,.- ...'.,',- ni: ,f . 8 ..-.ggqfgsf:gg5gg!2Qgg.:2,j:.3,5Eff v' 1" ll'.l' .A ' ,'0'. ' V -:sis fefx-39' vt-20.-ra.-24 0.-9.9.-'wi-'.:f-ac-:C-35 ' ' Q-'egg-2',37.3,:g., . 5. A THE DOGXE Pubhshed by THE ANNUAL ST AF? of HXG H FORSYT H SCHOOL l WM ll -av. . ,. , ' ' s .,,u Q, ' ' '-'-a-2- 'a DEDICATION 1 1 I To Birger Aasland, who has rendered every service possible to uphold the spirit and name of Forsyth High: to him who has given so wholeheartedly of himself and his timeg and to a real friend of F.H.S. we, the Annual Staff of 1959, proudly dedicate this edition of "The Dogie. " Sponsored by JACK 'S FOODTOWN FORSYTH CLEANERS I I r R I This book is the record of another school year. It has been, I think, a good year. We have had many successes - and few disappointments. All in all it has been a happy period in our lives. To those of you who are leaving, good luck in your future ventures, whatever they may be. We hope we have helped you in the past four years. To the rest of you, have a good summer. We will see you again in the fall and will have another good year together. ' Sincerely , EMILE L. PEREY ADMINISTRATION ggwwz' A ' 7' 'N im Superintendent, Emile Perey: Clerk, Carolyn Ross, Principal, George Stagg. SCHOOL BOARD K 3 'I 'Z W, Eg, I. 'Dahlman, E. Perey, I. Fink, I. Cope, C. Ross, R. Grossman, G. Erickson, J. Cox Ir., E. Gross, C. Phillips. Sponsored by SNAPPY SERVICE LAUNDRY TIP-Top GIFT sr-10p FACULTY HELEN PEREY Music B. of Music Huron College AGNES l-IESTDALEN Home Economics B. S . University of North Dakota JOHN OVER Science, Band B. S . Montana State College EDWIN BLANKS Industrial Arts Masters Colorado State College CLIFF HESTDALEN Commercial Masters University of North Dakota LLOYD BOOZER History, P.E. B. S. U. of Montana CHARLES ROSS Mathematics B. S. Eastern Montana College ROGER RA NTA Guidance Masters U. of Idaho HELEN SMITH English, P.E. B. S. Central Missouri State College LOUISE NICKEY English B. S. Montana State College Sponsored by HOWDY HOTEL PENN EY'S SALUTATORIAN RONALD FRIEZ ..Rick.. Football 1-2-3-4: "B" Squad Bas- ketball 1-2, "A" Squad 3-4g Track 1-2-3: Chorus 1: Letterman's Club 2-3, Secretary 4, Boys' State: Class Vice President 2, Treasurer 3, President 4: Class Play. VALEDICTGRIAN DONNA PINK "Lee" Service Club lg Drill Squad 2-4, President 3: Dogie Staff 4: Chorus 1-2-3-4g Band 4: FHA 1-2-3: Stu- dent Council 1-2 -3-4: Class Vice President 15 Dogie Day Queen 2: Class Play. Sponsored by TREASURE STATE TITLE CO. WEAMERS JEWELRY NOEL BLAKESLEY "BIisk" DAR!-ENE COOK "B" Squad Basketball 1-2: "Cookie" Track 1-2-3-4: Pep Club 2-3: Chorus 1-2-33 Class Service Club 13 Twirlers Play. 1-3, Leader 4: Dogie Staff 3-45 Pep Club 1-2-35 Cho- rus 1-2-3-4g FHA 2: Mas- quers 2-3-4: Class Play. DICK DECOCK III-'eo ll Football 1-2-3, Co-Cap- tain 45 "A" Squad Basket- ball 1-2: Track 1: Student JAY C0l1l'lCil 1"4: Class Play. v-J-oen .Football 1: Class Play. N Sponsored by TED'S WELDING SHOP FORSYTH LUMBER MARGARET FLANAGAN uMuzzn Service Club lg Drill Squad 2-3-45 Dogie Staff 1-2-35 Annual Staff 4g Pep Club 1-2-3g Chorus 1-2-3: FHA 1-2-35 "B" Squad Cheer- CHARLES GUSTAFSON leader 2: Class President 2: IIGUSH Library 25 Class Play. "B" Squad Basketball 1-2: Class Play. KIRK HINDMAN Track 2-3-4: "B" Squad Basketball 2-33 Chorus 1: Letterman's Club 2-3-4g LYLE JOHNSON Masquers 33 Class Play. "Rabbit" Track 1: Chorus 1-2-3-4: Class Play. Sponsored by FARMER'S UNION G.T.A. DON'S WELDING AND REPAIR LEO NA RD LEA RY "Chet" OMER KRUEGER HSCSX " "B" Squad Basketball 1-2- 3, "A" Squad 4: Class Play Football 3-4: "B" Squad Basketball 1-2-3, "A" Squad 43 Track 3-45 Let- terman's Club 3-4: Student Council 45 Boys' State: Class Play. PAULINE LIX "Goldy" WILLIAM MCKINNEY Transferred from Lodge "Pecos" Grass: Class Play. Football 1-2-3-4g "A" Squad Basketball 1-2-3-4: Track 1-25 Pep Club 2-3: Chorus 4: Letterman's Club 1-2-3-43 Masquers 4g Library 2-3-4: Class Play. Sponsored by BEALS FURNITURE AND FUNERAL HOME ELKHORN MOTEL BOB MOG EN "Schicken" Football 2-3-4g "B" Squad Basketball 1-2, "A" Squad 3-4: Track 2-3-4: Chorus 1: Letterman's Club 2-3- 4: Student Council Vice President 4: Class Treas- urer 2, Vice President 3: Class Play. JOHN PRINCE IOS ll Class Vice President 4: Concession Manager 43 Class Play. JERRY MIC HELL uJeffn Track 3-4g Class Play. DONALD MORTENSON ll N Football 2-3-4: "B" Squad Basketball 1-2-3, "A" Squad 1-25 Track 1-2-3- 45 Dogie Staff 3-43 Annual Staff 4: Chorus 1-2-3: Let- terman's Club 1-2-3-43 Masquers 3: Class Secretary 2g Class Play. Sponsored by CORNWELL HARDWARE GA MBLES STORE RICHARD SCHELIN N If Track 2-3-4: Pep Club 3: Chorus 1-2 -3-4: Letter- man's Club 2-3-4: Mas- quers 33 Class Play. WILLIAM SCHULENBURG " Hondo " Football 1-3-4: Pep Club 2-3: Chorus 1-3: Band 1- 2-3, President 43 Letter- man's Club 2-3-4: Mas- quers 2g Class Play. Sponsored by DA VID QUENZER "Fred " Track 1: Football and Bas- ketball Manager 1-2g Let- terman's Club 2, Treas- urer 4g Masquers 1: Class Treasurer 4: Class Play. HM SCHIFFER "Sniff" Football 2-3-4: "A" Squad Basketball 1-2-3-4: Track 2-3-4: Pep Club 2-3: Cho- rus 1-2-3, Vice President 45 Band 1-2-4, President Student Council 2-3-4: Class Play. MID-YELLOWSTONE ELECTRIC IXDRTHWEST TITLE CO- 3g Letterman's Club 2-3-4: ELI sm NNAGEL "Salty" Football 1-2-3-4g Track 1-2: Chorus lg Letterman's Club 2-3-43 Student Coun- cil 2, President 4: Class President 1-3g Concession Manager 2-3-4: Class Play DIA NE SUTTON llsyrup ll Transferred from Ekalakag Dogie staff 45 Class Play. Sponsored by JANICE SCHULTZ "Schultzie " Service Club 2: Drill Squad Vice President 3, President 4: Dogie Staff 2-35 Annual Staff 3: Pep Club 2-3: Chorus 2-4, President 3: FHA 2-3: "A" Squad Cheer- leader 43 Student Council 2-3g Class Secretary 4: Dogie Day Queen 4: Class Play. ITM STARR "Rouch" Football 1-2-3-43 Track Manager 2-3: "B" Squad Basketball 1-2-3: Letter- man's Club 2-3-4: Class Play. MONTANA -DAKOTA UTILITIES BEEMAN'S STUDIO JOAN WAGNER nJ-hoann Service Club 17 Drill Squad 2-3, Leader 45 Dogie Staff 2, Assistant Editor 3, Co- Editor 4g Pep Club 1-2-35 Chorus 1-2-33 Girls' State 3': FHA 1-2, District Song Leader 3, President 4: "B" Squad Cheerleader 1: Stu- dent Colmcil Treasurer 3: Class Treasurer 1: Class Play. TONI WOLKE "Mouse" Service Club 1: Drill Squad 2-3g Dogie Staff 2, As- sistant Editor 3, Co-Editor 45 Annual staff 1-2: Pep Club 1-2-3: Chorus 1: "B" Squad Cheerleader 1: "A" Squad Cheerleader 3-4: Masquers 1: Student Coun- cil Secretary 4: Class Sec- retary 33 Class Play. Sponsored by BOB TWEDE "Charlie" Football 1-2-3-4: "A" Squad Basketball 1-2, Co- Captain 3-4: Track 1-2- 3-45 Pep Club 1-2: Letter- man's Club 2-3-4: Class Play. LA VINA WATSON "Albino" Twirling 1-2-3-4: Annual staff 33 Chorus 1-2-3, President 4: Class Play. FORSYTH SPORT CENTER FORSYTH HIDE AND METAL 9 R IANICE SCHULTZ E N I O "A " Squad Cheerleader ELI SPANNAGEL Student Council President DICK DECOCK "A" Squad Football Captain JOAN WAGNER Drill Squad Drill Leader TONI WOLKE Student Council Secretary BOB TWEDE "A" Squad Basketball Captain HEEL CLASS WILL We the Class of 1959 having gnarled bodies, feeble minds, and a greedy suspicious nature do hereby leave our last will and testament and condemn those chiseling underclassmen who take advantage of it. To the faculty we leave the keys With which we have done what we please. To the juniors who are so snooty and sly We don't leave a thing - just tell them bye-bye. To the sophomores we leave the desks Which we have made more picturesque. To the freshmen we leave the ceiling and halls A little bit bumpy with slimy spitballs. Noel Blakesley, leave my ability of getting crumpled fenders to Dale Fender-Bender. Darlene Cook, leave. What more do you want? Dick DeCock, leave my two fifty smoking. out of season. Jay Donley, leave - have wife must travel. Donna Fink, leave saying, "No not tonight, Andy. " Margaret Flanagan, leave my sack dresses to the Tent and Awning Co. Ron Friez, leave my goose call to Mr. Ross. He took it anyhow. Charles Gustafson, leave my can opener to Louie Lujan so he can open his "P0P- " Kirk Hindman, leave my cat cut to Gopher Corcoran. Lyle Johnson, leave my pink ears to Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer. Omer Kruger, leave my title "Lucky Lips" to Arvon Eberhardt. Leonard Leary, can't leave. I've still got ten hours detention. Pauline Lix, leave on a high lope for the far North. Bill McKinney, leave my teeth scattered all over the arena. The over head plank on chute number six was too low. Jerry Mickell, leave my nickname "Hunk" to Eddie Harris. Bob Mogen, leave gasping for breath. I just told a funny. Don Mortenson, leave my profile on a plaque at the Moose Lodge. John Prince, leave a pig to the hot lunch program. Dave Quenzer, leave my dancing steps to Arthur Murray for further study. Dick Schelin, leave my spinners to anyone stupid enough to steal them. Jim Schiffer, leave my speed to Monkey LaGree. Bill Schulenberg, leave my motto, "Love them and leave them," to Pat Cowley. Janice Schultz, leave, still trying to figure out why that tree jumped out and hit Pete's car. Eli Spannagel, leave my flat feet to Beals Furniture for table tops. Jim Starr, leave to start dancing courses for shy young guys, featuring "Roach's Rock." Diane Sutton, leave my late hours to anyone who can keep them. Bob Twede, leave Leary and Quenzer in one piece, although slightly bruised Joan Wagner, leave for the dam, but only to walk my dog. Lavina, leave my nickname Albino to anyone. I'm even willing to pay to get rid of it. Toni Wolke, leave feeling the way I came in - mighty low. LEGEND OF THE TRIBE OF '59 Four summers ago, the members of the Great Tribe of 1959 were wild savages, roaming the reservation, enjoying a wonderful life. Trouble came their way because the Great White Chieftains had de- cided that the small members of the tribe needed training. So, there- fore, the little savages were called together to learn civilized ways in a large wigwam, called the Forsyth High School. lt was a long, hard task and the young Redskins resented their en- forced educationg but as the moons passed, they were gradually sub- dued and made to accept civilized ways. During the first season of its captivity, the great tribe, numbering 44 in population, suffered a great massacre at the hands of the semes- ter examinations. English and algebra scalped many, and some Red- skins disappeared forever. The tribe had chosen from among its mem- bers, Spannagel Pleases All as chief, Squaw Fink Makes Big Noise for chief helper, Squaw Wagner Fights 'Em Back for keeper of the wam- pum, and Squaw Jenson Slays 'Em All for scribbler. Then the Great White Chiefs, Perey and Kailey, ordered the wigwam closed for seve- ral moons. When the leaves fell from the trees, the tribe was again herded together for more education. This year's chieftains were Squaw Flana- gan, Buck Tom-Tom Friez, Buck Mogen Drags His Deer, and Moose Faced Mortenson. The young warriors fought hard at the games of kick-a-goal and make-a-bucket, and DeCock Fleet Foot, Starr Charges Strong, Twede Dunks the Ball, Mortenson Takes 'Em Out, McKinney Lays It In, and Friez Hands It Off were accepted as outstanding. The fates were with the tribe and a new kind of war party was held for the Sophomores with Squaw Smith acting as the seamstress for Quenzer Rips His Pants. Again the dreadful massacres were held and many more brothers bit the dust. The Tribe now numbered 35, and a second three moon vacation was declared by Perey and Stagg. The Tribe was again called back to the reservation, and it was decreed by the leaders that there was to be no fun this year. The Tribe was growing more and more powerful and would soon rule the entire wigwam. Spannagel Works Well, Mogen Laughs Much, Friez Takes It Easy, and Squaw Mouse Wolke were chosen as chieftains for the year. The Tribe then spent much Wampum on a Junior Prom and it was attended under the stars by many people in their best ceremonial robes. Again that year many of the warriors performed well in the games and Squaw Mouse Wolke was warhoop leader. Krueger Study Hard, Friez Crack a Book, and Wagner Shining Star went to big Tribal Pow-Wows in Dillon and Bozeman. The Tribe again suffered a hard winter and when the snow thawed many of the tribe had left to lessen the number to 32. When the grass again turned green, the vacation was declared and the wigwam was closed. Sponsored by the DAIRY LUNCH From the red-tinted woods that fall came the Mighty Tribe, emerging as powerful Seniors. Chief Afraid of Squaw Friez, Squaw Schultz Gets Her Man, Prince Farms the Ground, and Quenzer Flys the Coop served as leaders of the Tribe that season. The games were again well played by Perey and Kimberly's warriors and Squaw Schultz and Squaw Wolke again led our cheering section in many warhoops. This year the members of the Tribe were quests of a big pow -wow given by the Tribe of 1960. Being so close to graduation, the Tribe frolicked much and made the Pale Face Leaders mad. The Pale Face Leaders immediately went on the warpath and captured a few scalps in the examinations. Those who escaped the scalping most brilliantly and cleverly were Fink Knows It All and Friez Very Smart, and their names were copied on the Shining Star. And now the Great Tribe of 1959, numbering 30, will soon smoke the peace pipe with Pale Face Leaders and scatter, regretfully leaving the wigwam for the last time. Sponsored by the FARMER'S CO-OP PROPHECY OF THE TRIBE OF 759 ON THE MIGHTY PLAINS OF FORSYTH, ON THE F.H.S. RESERVATION, COME AND LISTEN IN OUR COUNCIL- COUNCIL OF THE MIGHTY SENIORS, SENIORS MAKING MANY PLANS- PLANS OF THINGS THAT ARE TO COME. Noel Blakesley is known to the underworld as "Blackhearted Blake" because he steals worms from baby birds. Darlene Cook has opened an opera house called Tweet Tweet. Dick DeCock became a famous wrestler known as "Trickey" Dickey. Jay Donley died because he failed to duck a haymaker delivered by his one and only. Donna Fink became the first woman janitor at F.H.A. Margaret Flanagan is teaching home economics on the reservation. Her main course is "How to wear bright colors without looking gaudy." Ronald Friez is a card shark in Sumatra. When he gets good enough, he plans to move on to Vananda. Charles Gustafson who is "Up the river, " is writing a book called ONE HUN- DRED DIFFERENT WAYS TO WEAR STRIPES. Kirk Hindman is now a chef in a famous restaurant where he specializes in cooking with Lowry's seasoning. Lyle Johnson went to Alaska and married an Eskimo. Omer Kruger was discharged from the army when they discovered that the something shiney in his ear was the doorknob on the other side. Leonard Leary is now a mortician called "Eerie Leary." Pauline Lix is selling soft bristled hair brushes to bald-headed men. Bill McKinney owns a dude ranch called Bill's Hills. Bob Mogen became a famous football player known as "Lay-em'-low Moe!" Don Mortenson was accidentally shot during moose season. John Prince went berserk. David Quenzer made his fortune selling meatless hamburgers. Richard Schelin owns a watch shop. His sign reads: If it doesn't tick, bring it to Dick. James Schiffer is trying to cross a centipede with a chicken so everyone can have drumsticks. Bill Schulenberg is the make-up artist for witch doctors in the Congo - his specialty is a "Hondo Flamejob. " Janice Schultz went to a reducing studio and evaporated. Eli Spannagal owns an oil well, his car still burns a little oil. James Starr is rimning a hat shop called Jim's Blast Hats. Diane Sutton is dancing in a nightclub in Rio. Her slogan is "Lily's lilt will capture you. " Bob Twede has starred in a horror movie called "A Syrup-Eating Monster." Joan Wagner owns a teenage hangout called Wagner's Weird Wigwam. Lavina Watson is wild animal trainer. Her animal's name is "Albino's Rhino! Toni Wolke who was working in a laboratory was mistaken for one of the mice and is now circling the earth in a "Mousenick. " Sponsored by TAYLoR's MOTOR MART COMMENCEMENT 'WI .3 if ,Qi L 5 . ,gg 4' 3 , ' RFQ ..,z.i Ron Mogen John Lujan Nancy Leffler Stevie Wolke Andy Schulenberg President Vice PreSidel1l Secretary Treasurer Council Rep Ron Aasland Bob Beals Sponsored by FORSYTH STANDARD SERVICE Dale Bender Sharon Brewer Jean Brockel Pat Cowley Larry Cox Laura Cross Marcyes Dean Kathryn Doyle Sandra Fink Pat Flanagan Dennis Gambill Shirley Gress e---.---Tw ' Q Billee Hart Marlyce Johnson Barbara Kiser Toni Koch Clinton Koester Helen Kucera June Marten Alvin Ostrum Joyce Phillips David Polley Carol Seliski Carolee Seliski John Sims Stan Steffans Dick Thompson Trent Toms Ken Watson Violet Watson Sponsored by TILLIT INSURANCE AGENCY "DESERT PARADISE" PROM JOAN IANICE P-RGARBT WAGNER SCHULTZ TONIY M P54956 BN WOLKE EL Q U EEN DONNA FINK C plimenrs of BIRGER AASLAND Bill 5W3I1S01'l Chris Sakelaris Jean Gustafson Jim Nile Cathy Sundt President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Council Rep Sponsored by SPEEDWAY DINER Bonny Beals Lloy Dene Boyer Willa Brockel George Brockelhurst Roger Corcoran Bonnie Cox ' Kenneth Cross Carolyn Dahn Eugene Defoe Pat Denius Betty Desjardin Lionel Dobler Dale Douglas Terry Dumler Pat Duplex Beverly Fisk Ronald Giest I0hn Gilbert Sheron Gress Gary Hanson Edward Harris Steven Hicks Geraldine Lujan Jerry Mees Joe Mullin Jim Ostrum Jim Phillips Mima Prince Gladys Quenzer Lydia Riewe Lois Satterthwait Janet Sims Rose Marie Smith Mary Lou Thompson Tamera Toms John Volden Sponsored by MILES AND ULMER Margaret Watt ..'l'l'.nl-lsznlrliulufvuv.'::lll,llu1, lnrluzrwl1m:ll:rul'unv ull.llannn''lLlll.l.,-A lfll n'n':1,nlnLnll4ulln u.lnl.lnvul'llwlLll-nl.:null.lnr.lru:.K:Muna.itslnllxuve!-l'cu:f1Iv Kathleen Dotter Alan Rolston She1la Martmek G1-any Harken Pres1dent V1ce Pres1dent Secretary Treasurer Ioan Armstrong Ronald Ball Donna Barkhuff Georgette Beck Ioan Boyer Nancy Bumbaca Bill Butler Jane Caskey Elsie Cox Chris Crosby Jake Cross Janice Dean Carolee Dalby Council Rep Sponsored by CLARK'S HARDWARE James Desjardin Douglas Donley Arvon Eberhardt Janet Erickson Lupe Franco Edward Hein Delcie Hindman Della Jilge Karen Kalness Hugh Krueger Mary Kucera Richard Kuch Ronald Kuch Carol Kuntz David LaGree Eugene Marten fi?-lr Tai," M Sponsored by EVERETT REDEEN INSURANCE Mary Ellen Marten Christan McRae June Mortenson Maurice Pegram Lynn Perey Dorothea Polley Sharon Seader Donald Seliski Jim Shximplin Gary Thompson Dick Tillitt James Watson Io Ellen Watson Lee Watson Cheryl White Roger Weust Sponsored by Roslsaun FLORAL sHoP ZUNDEL PIANO STUDIO CHORUS President ---- - LAVINA WATSON Council Rep. ---- CAROL SELISKI Vice President ----- HM SCHIFFER Secretary - - - - - TONI KOCH Director - MRS. PEREY BAND President ---- BILL SCHULENBERG Council Rep. ------ DONNA FINK Vice President ------ BOB BEA LS Secretary - - - - CLINTON KOESTER Director - MR. OVER Sponsored by the SANITARY DAIRY DEBATE Left to right: David Polley, Marcyes Dean, Sponsor, Mrs. Nickeyg Carol Seliski, Pat Cowley. MASQUERS SEATED, left no right: S. Hicks, L. Perey, B. McKinney, G. Harken, C. Seliski, C. Sakelaris, Vice President, J. Phillipsg President, E. Harris: Secretary-Treasurer, J. Erickson, Council Rep., N. Lefflerg S. Martinek, H. Kucera, K. Kalness, G. Beck, M. Martens, D. Barkhuff, J. Dean, C. Dalby, D. Polley, B. Kiser, M. Kucera, C. White J. Boyer, B. Beals, T. Toms, I. Phillips, D. Douglas, Sponsor, Mrs. Nickey. Sponsored by the BEA UTY NOOK STUDENT COUNCIL SEATED, left to right: T. Wolke, Secretary, E. Spannegal, President: B. Mogen, Vice President: M. Dean, Treasurer. STANDING: C. Dalby, 1. Erickson, D. Fink, D. De- cock, O. Krueger, C. Sundt, S. Fink, M. Thompson, A. Schulenberg, C. Seliski, S. Brewer, K. DoyleQnot picturedj, Sponsor, Mr. Perey. ANNUAL STAFF SEATED, left to right: I. Dean, C. Sundt, B. Kiser, Editor: T. Koch, C. Seliski. STANDING: R. Aasland, B. Fisk, T. Toms, K. Doyle, M. Kucera, M. Flanagan, D. Mortenson, E. Harris, N. Leffler, S. Wolke, Sponsor, Mr. Hestdalen. Sponsored by BEN FRANKLIN DOGIE STAFF SEATED, left to right: H. Kucera, J. Wagner, T. Wolkeg Editors, M. Dean, C. Se- liski, G. Beck, K. Kalness, M. Kucera, M. Thompson, D. Sutton, D. Cook, T. Toms J. Phillips, L. Perey, D. Mortenson, E. Harris, K. Doyle, N. Leffler, Sponsor, Mrs. Smith. SERVICE CLUB Left to right: G. Beck, N. Bumbaca, M. Martens, K. Kalness, J. Boyer, J. Watson, M. Kucera, J. Dean, J. Erickson, D. Hindman, C. Dalby. Sponsored by SCHIFFER'S CONOCO F.H.A. SEATED, left to right: J. Watson, Historiang M. Thompson, Student Council Rep.: H. Kucera, Secretaryg J. Wagner, President: C. Seliski, Vice President: N. Bumbaca, Recreation: C. Sundt, Parliamentarian. STANDING: Mrs. Hestdalen, K. Dotter, G. Beck, S. Fink, M. Martens, D. Polley, J. Dean, C. White, J. Boyer, J. Erickson, C. Dalby, J. Phillips, D. Barkuff, T. Toms, M. Kucera. LIBRARIANS SEATED, left to right: C. Sundt, C. Dalby, B. Fisk, J. Erickson, S. Fink, C. Seliski STANDING: Mrs. Nickey, S. Brewer, I. Brockel, I. Phillips, B. McKinney, B. Hart, O. Krueger, M. Dean. Sponsored by the YELLOWSTONE PHARMACY DRILL SQUAD President ----- JANICE SCHULTZ Council Rep. ----- SANDRA FINK Vice President ---- BARBARA KISER Secretary-Treasurer - - BEVERLY FISK Drill Leader - - - - JOAN WAGNER Sponsor --------- MRS. PEREY TWIRLERS President ------- JEAN BROCKEL Council Rep. ---- SHARON BREWER Vice President ----- BILLEE HART Secretary-Treasurer - TAMARA TOMS Drill Leader ----- DARLENE COOK Sponsor --------- MRS. PEREY Sponsored by SAFEWAY P.E. CLASS ROPE I U MPING TUMBLERS Sponsored by WEBER'S ELECTRIC "AM SQUAD CHEERLEADERS Marcyes Dean Toni Wolke Stevie Wolke Janice Schultz NB" SQUAD CHEERLEADERS Janet Erickson Ioan Boyer Carolee Dalby Sponsored by DON'S BAKERY LUNCH ROOM BUS DRIVERS 'A s f ,,-'ff ' K If i f' 4 f' 5 gjlim. MILES CITY-PRODUCTION Sponsored by ROSEBUD COUNTY LICENSED CREDIT BEVERAGES FOOTBALL COACHES- Syfw .J 5 xx 6 x Left to right: Head Coach, Mr. Percy: Assistant Coaches, Mr. Kimberly, Mr. Stagg. LETTERMEN'S CLUB Sponsor - MR., KIMBERLY President - - - ANDY SCHULENBERG Council Rep. ----- DICK DECOCK Vice President ------ RON FRIEZ Secretary-Treasurer - PETE FLANAGAN - Sponsored by ROLSTON'S TEXACO PRODUCTS FOOTBALLNAMSQUAD 25 9 67"g7 if D STANDING: Bob Twede, Bob Beals, Jim Starr, Don Mortensen, John Lujan, Ron Friez, Dick Thompson, Pat Flanagan. KNEELING: Andy Schulenburg, Omer Kruger, Bill Schulenburg, Jim Schiffer, Ron Aasland, Bob Mogen, Eli Spannagel. FOOTBALLUBUSQUAD -,L :,. 52, STANDING: Roger Corcoran, Jim Phillips, Jim Nile, Chris Sakelaris, John Volden, Lynn Perey. KNEELING: Jim Shrimplin, Steven Hicks, Ron Kuch, Richard Kuch, Alan Rolston, Doug Donley. WALLIN MERC. Sponsored by MODERN LOCKER DICK DECOCK RON FRIEZ OMER KRUGER Halfback - Linebacker End Guard - Linebacker A ll -Conference A ll -Conference SCORES - HOME Forsyth 46 Worden 0 O Forsyth 19 Red Lodge 6 R. Forsyth 20 Columbus 7 Forsyth 13 Roundup 14 BILL MCKINNEY BOB MOGEN DON MORTENSEN End - Linebacker Halfback - End Guard - Tackle All-Conference All -Conference RANGE TELEPHONE CO. Sponsored by FORSYTH DRUG BILL SCHULENBURG HM SCHIFFER Center Halfback - Linebacker Forsyth Forsyth Forsyth Forsyth LETTERMEN ELI SPANNAGEL Guard JIM STARR Guard - Tackle SCORES - AWAY 13 Lodge Grass 26 Absorokee 19 Red Lodge 7 Harlowton BOB TWEDE Tackle - End KOESTER CHEVROLET Sponsored by OLSEN BARBER SHOP BASKETBALLNAMSQUAD R. Mogen, Managerg J. Schifferg R. Aaslandg A. Schulenbergg R. Friezg B. Beals: B. McKinney: R. Corcoran: B. Twedeg C. Learyg P. Flarmagang O. Kruger: B. Mogeng B. Kimberly, Coach. BASKETBALLMBwSQUAD L. Boozer, Coach: T. Dumblerg R. Kuchg G. Harkeng C. McRaeg L. Pereyg J. Phillips B. Swansong D. Douglasg J. Shrimpling L. Watsong S. Hicksg D. Gambill. Sponsored by A COCA -COLA BOTTLING CO. VALLEY AUTO SUPPLY JOSEPH HOTEL AND CAFE Sponsored by V 0 SEASON SCORES "A " Squad Forsyth 66 Circle 52 Forsyth 71 Baker 51 Forsyth 56 Lodge Grass 65 Forsyth 65 Worden 60 Forsyth 40 Columbus 41 Forsyth 57 A bsor akee 53 Forsyth 46 Roundup 76 Forsyth 72 Circle 71 Forsyth 39 Rosebud 38 Forsyth 40 Red Lodge 72 Forsyth 59 Absorakee 48 Forsyth 40 Big Timber '79 Forsyth 67 A shla nd 49 Forsyth 58 Harlowton 60 Forsyth 63 Lodge Grass 78 Forsyth 47 Roundup 65 Forsyth 80 Worden 56 Forsyth 60 Red Lodge 68 Forsyth 50 Columbus 38 Forsyth 67 Baker 50 TOURNAMENT SCORES Forsyth 50 Lodge Grass 64 Forsyth 44 Columbus 43 Forsyth 58 Red Lodge 73 FORSYTH - 5TH PLACE HARTFORD INSURA NCE Forsyth Forsyth Forsyth Forsyth Forsyth Forsyth Forsyth Forsyth Forsyth Forsyth Forsyth Forsyth Forsyth Forsyth Forsyth Forsyth Forsyth Forsyth Forsyth Forsyth SEASON SCORES rvBu Rosebud Lodge Grass Worden Miles City Miles City All -Stars Rosebud Hysham Rosebud Hysham Hysham Ashland Miles City Colsnip Colstrip Harlowton Lodge Grass Hysham Worden All-Stars FORSYTH MOTORS Sponsored by THOMPSON YARDS TRACK .ff ROW 1: A. Rolston, S. Hicks, P. Flannagan, I. Shrimplin, C. Sakelaris, B. Swanson, G. Harken, A. Ostrum, O. Krueger, D. Gambill. ROW 2: L. Perey, D. Bender, R. Schelin, B. McKinney, R. Corcoran, B. Twede, J. Phillips, D. Mortenson, J. Nile, A. Schulenberg. CHARLIE TWEDE DENNIS GAMBILL "440" Broad Jump I , ,. I, Sponsored by THE HUB CHARLES MOTEL if-Y.. TRACK SEASON DR. GRAM C pliments of DR COPE DOGIE DAY QUEEN 81 KING CANDIDATES Compliments of DR. H. R. NORRIS RUSS FILLNER 2nd prize - Juniors 3rd prize - Sophomores DOGIE DAY First prize float - Seniors Freshmen F. H. A . Compliments of F. F. HAYNES R. C. HARKEN TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY "VM World's Ben Yellboun Am Ylvlnv rv-Ado I c-: .V H., dm ' pr.. Q 4.7 ,. ' 1 9 www., m'

Suggestions in the Forsyth High School - Dogie Yearbook (Forsyth, MT) collection:

Forsyth High School - Dogie Yearbook (Forsyth, MT) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Forsyth High School - Dogie Yearbook (Forsyth, MT) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 8

1959, pg 8

Forsyth High School - Dogie Yearbook (Forsyth, MT) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 11

1959, pg 11

Forsyth High School - Dogie Yearbook (Forsyth, MT) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 8

1959, pg 8

Forsyth High School - Dogie Yearbook (Forsyth, MT) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 40

1959, pg 40

Forsyth High School - Dogie Yearbook (Forsyth, MT) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 24

1959, pg 24

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