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, 2. ,. 1 A Us -5,91 H: V, I . In JV.-, 1 I7 ' 1' as 1 . 1' J' 'wi W1 n fs- 1- I '61 v 5 1. ',a5gfJ .. . r, il: ,., v ,. -j.f 3 -- 15 ir. -..i , ... .' ami V- nf, lv- -Q. A GEMM Publis y HE ANNUA f H H Forsyth, Montana A, X If f , J 4 I if ,f i W, I if V Qs X , ff Z X f 1' I 'N wx Its f J e J , Y , I f f , rl 1 , 1 M Seated, left to right: J. Swanson, Mr. E. Petey, Sponsor: J. Wagner, Treasurer: D. Tillitt, Pres- ident: D. Fink, Secretary: V. McRae, Vice President. Standing: R. Aasland, J. Schiffer, J. Sch- ultz, M. Thompson, C. Koester, B. Volden, H. Kucera, S. Greenwood, K. Doyle, and D. Fink. Student Council Annual Staff Front row, left to right: S. Greenwood, K. Doyle, J. Clifford, Editor: M. Dean, Business Manager B. Jacobson. Second row: L. Watson, Organizations: H. Kucera, Circulation: B. Beals, Art Editor: R. Aasland, Photographer: Third row: S. Hicks, Photographer: J. Schultz, 1. Swanson, Sports: C, Seliski, Advertising: P. Flannagan, Sports: Advisor, Miss S. Wagner. With sincere appreciation and gratitude for her twenty years of teaching in F, H. S., the Annual Staff proudly dedi- cates the Dogie Days of 1958 to Mrs. Helen Perey. Unselfishly sacrificing her time, energy, and abilities for the betterment of our school and community, we take this opportunity to thank her publicly. The Annual Staff of 1958 MR. EMILE PEREY Superintendent MR. GEORGE STAGG Principal MRS. CAROLINE ROSS Clerk sn-I' HELEN PEREY THELMA PAULINE LOIS BENNER JOHN OVER Music, Twirling English, Library Home Economics Science, Band Drill Squad Masquers F,H, A, Senior Sponsor EDWIN BLANKS SHIRLEY WAGNER HELEN SMITH Industrial Arts Commercial 2nd Sem. English, History Freshman Sponsor Annual Sponsor Dogie Sponsor CATHERINE BLANKS ROGER RANTA RICHARD WHITE Commercial 1st Sem, Citizenship, Guidance Mathematics Annual Sponsor Junior Sponsor Sophomore Sponsor Board of Ediwation Left to right: Dr. James K. Cope, John Fink, Ivan Dahlman, Ray Grossman. I. A Cox, Jr. Not pictured: Dr. C. E. Phillips, Grant Erickson, Superintendent Emile Perey, Clerk Caroline Ross. OFFICERS JOHN FINK ----- - - - Chairman DR. JAMES K. COPE - - - - Vice Chairman MRS. CAROLINE ROSS - - - - Clerk ni .-I.-E h 'x'i '-. .', Q25 x . , ,, .fs -.,.v:R,,, .ff Q : If 'ft - W ,xp mg'X. MW ' -,X ,yfw 1 ' W" 1,1 ,V Q, H '. fffv I-,w.X.'3mJXfgv?.'E?J .6 A Q x 35 '1 . f.f A- ,. gp . W L,'gf,QjM,1 7 j-.':u.,s'f' V Q , W--mv: ' 1, I . ,L 1 X g5m 1 ,ww :a' 1..i, ,: li 1 -1-W1 ,f, gk" z Z7 Y k ' , f , -. T55 ' , rg' AW .. .Av -,., is . - A Fw. X - e Ji --. X W .1-L ,f -M .1f,U,.'-. ,- k .K,, A af A 1 K, A 5 Nw F! 1' wil. ww V W A42 5 X , , V, ,g 5 . .w,, .' A - , U fu- J K. --L, L. , E . 47. , 4 M, ' 1 . y 1 ,. 1 Q sr- . in fl ff xii' . :j,2w?"5?- ' ' f ' 9'-,I-", ' T .N ' ' 11 K ' 4, ,H 5 M --4, -' .' ,Ir 1 ' ., 513115, 5 vii, !'w-'Q 1 . -as ' , . - f iigpi.-:lit-Puffy 'v ', i, 't in .gui . :Qi f 7 V ADWA k +, , J,f Q-.-fwf, .. - . JK - ' 1, , Nt. ,Hr-, .jg 2' s . -- ,-'1' ' -PW ' k .' r' Q 106' Q x H -X '-. 8, x' -K'll4M'f QAXIL f ---f. A .. 1 .fl -4- 1 " u R.?-x P Q W 'sa ' al' vZ'f.5"' va .J 1 '11-I, f-,.g,., -l . "- . K-.Jf',-f'f3r1.,J' -'- .. -' . r-5917" 5 .- " mlb-v" .sig 45. ' - 1 Y- ' .fr -'- fhiw. - un- P, A - Iula U.,'.f1'3f,. s.'-f,. V A' I - ' . - . . ' "n:f!?,'K 9 , Mfr. ' 1, 12 1ahSfi7Ax"9"1"9 "W, vff 'f ' K . f, gsax'-4x'f"lt5f.A.,-, 'g'. -- '3""'." "' 'N L4115- Q-4 ' .- 'L 'SVA-1 .- 5..1'S7-gy-zf"r4 in -13,4 h ' ,'fj, 'Ag . Off,-'f-,F'2-:'u,j1' 1 ' r,-'tak ,. A sms," -al lv ' Qi - 1.0 1--.4 '., '-A All " ff 'QL ' x 1.5 lt Sw- . ,Q ,,1'f"', fQ,2.- , f'!K::c. . -"' K o5fe"'5. -buf.--.H ' I .Vfek - I, - A. .'-VA. ",'f",, Y ." 'Y ,.!,.1'Q,fV,J '-Q:"-- Y -' , , ?"ff'1',. ffl ', :Qs 1.'m,1. . .. . . . . ,F , . . . f' i L ' t . 6,NJ"Zf1 . l las' '- -1 I , r' , Nga' V! ll-rs iv! --4 1' wal.: L.v:u"' '1'w1 . Ii us, X? ,, Lf?" WW L 'anim M r- : 4.5 -7 4 -.. y ef xg- :gy Q SQ wig , V. Fi i Ma , it su, KEY' 599 0 E as Q 1 4 if Qs u gv"Kv-Es kb 19:1 SXK? av J' X 4. n',! .x 6, y . S4559 Y FW-' al I 'a - Tl' l tdlona so U DAVID TILLITT Basketball "A" Squad 1, 2, 3, 4, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Co-Captain 4, Track 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain 3, Boys' State 3, Letterman's Club 1, 2, 3, Class President 1, Student Council President 4, Glee Club 1, Mas- quers 1, 2, Dogie Staff 2, Class Play 4. vale . aww BEVERLY ZUNDEL Masquers 1, 2, FHA 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary- Treasurer 2, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Ac- companist 2, 3, 4, Vice -President 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Director 3, Dogie Staff 2, 3, 4, Class Treasurer 4, Twirling 4, State Music Festival 2, 3, 4, Class Play 4. JAN CLIFFORD Secretary Class Sec, 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, FHA 1, 2, 3, 4, Sec. -Treasurer 3, Pres. 4, Masquers 1, 2, Dogie staff 2, 3, 4, Editor 4, Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Service Club 1, Drill Squad 2, 3,4, Sec. 4, Annual Editor 4, Ap- plied Music 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Play 4. JIM MCKEEVER President Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Co-Cap- tain 4, Annual Staff 2, Track 1, 2, Class Vice-Pres- ident 3, Letterman's Club 3, "B" Squad Basketball 1, Class Play 4. JIM SWANSON S,C. Rep. Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 2, 3, 4, "B" Squad Basketball 1, 2, "A" Squad 3, Boys' State 3, Track 1, 2, 3, Letter- man's Club 1, 2, 3, Annual Staff 4, Masquers 1, Dogie Staff 3,4, Librarian 4, Class Play 4. SHARON GREENWOOD Vice -President Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary- treasurer 4, Student Coun- cil Sec. 3, Dogie Staff 4, Band 3, 4, "B" Squad Cheer- leader 1, "A" Squad Cheer- leader 3, 4, Librarian 2, Service Club 1, Drill Squad 2, 3, 4, Student Council 4, Masquers 1, 2, Class Play 4. VIVIAN MCRAE Twirling 1, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 3, S,C. Vice-President 4, Librarian 1, Class Play 4. GARY BROOKS Letterman's Club 1, Foot- ball and Basketball Mana- ger 1, Class Treasurer 2, 3, "B" Squad Basketball 2, Class Play 4. PAT FREAD Glee Club 1, Masquers 1, 2, 4, President 4, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Letterman's Club 2, 3, Class Play 4. DIXIE FINK Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Ser- vice Club 1, Drill Squad 2, 3, 4, Drill Leader 4, An- nual Staff 1, Class Treas- urer 1, Student Council 2, Secretary 4, Treasurer 3, Girls' State 3, FHA 1, 2, 3, 4, Librarian 3, Class Play 4 BRIAN SCHOOF Glee Club 15 Track 1, 2, 3, 4g Basketball "B" Squad 1, 23 Football 2, 3g Letterman's Club 2. 3, Class Play 4. DUANE MARTENS MBSCIUCFS 1. 2, 43 Concessions Manager 3, 4, Class Play 4. GARY PATTERSON Glee Club 13 Basketball "B" Squad 1, 2, "A" Squad 3g Class President 25 Student Council 3: Class Play 4. HAZEL SHRIMPLIN Glee Club 1, 2.4, Pep Club 3, 4g Librarian 1, 2, 3, Twirl ers 1, 2, 3 4g Leader 4: Pro- grams lg Masquers 1, 2, 4, Class Play 4. DALE WATSON Football 1, 2, 3,4g Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball -'BH Squad 2, "A" Squad 3: Basketball Manager 4g Letterman's Club 2, 3: Ap- plied Music 1, 2, 3, 4g Class Play 4. DUANE PURKETT Librarian 33 Track 3, 4, Letterman's Club 3, Class Play 4. GARY WAGNER Class Play 4. BETTE KAY VOLDEN Student Council 1,4g Secre- tary 23 FHA 1, 2, 3,43 Pres- ident 3g Glee Club 1, 2, 3g Masquers 1, 2, "B" Squad Cheerleader lg "A" Squad Cheerleader 3, 45 Drill Squad 2, 3, Vice-Pres. 3, Service Club 1, Dogie Staff 3, 4: Librarian 3, Annual Staff 3, Class Play 4. Class History On a crisp fall day in '54 our little steam engine, pulling thirty-six cars, chugged down the tracks and screeched to a halt in front of station F,l-I. S, Our engineer, Tillitt, and his faithful crew safely pulled us through a deafen- ing crash with the sophomores. Spring came and we steamed up to the F, only to retum unrecognlzable, Our first stop completed, we celebrated by every- one's going on picnics. After refueling in the fall of '55, our faithful steamer, under the direction of trainmaster, Edwin Blanks, launched into the initiations of the lowly "frosh. Patterson took the throttle this year, and began his career with a second prize Dogie Day float. Driving and geometry were the classes that gave our train of twenty-nine cars an uncomfortable ride. After repairing our trusty little engine, in the fall of '56, we found we had only twenty-six cars to begin the "high iron" ride. We again had Blanks in command with Volden at his right side. With this combination we were cer- tain to gain fame, and started the year by our "Road Runner" float winning first prize in the Dogie Day parade. The junior prom seemed a hopeless pro- ject, but our lively crew worked furiously the last week, overcoming what looked like a sure derailment, to bring forth a lovely "Japanese Fantasy" com- plete with Constance the Dragon. Our little locomotive puffed up to Bozeman to leave Dixie Fink at Girls' State and on to Dillon to let Swanson and Tillitt off at Boys' State. The fall of '57 dawned bright and clear on our little steam engine. Mc- Keever proudly stepped into the engineer's seat to guide us safely through our last, but mighty year. fSome of our crew were "standouts" in our train - the athletes, pep leaders, and musical crew members.j After senior banquet, class nite, baccalaureate, and commencement, we wound up our eventful, but scenic run, with eighteen cars and the fame of being the littlest, but live- liest, train in many years. The seniors presented their class play, "For the Love of Pete, " on April 23, under the direction of Mrs. Thelma Pauline. The three-act comedy was a story about a senior boy who wanted to be popular. He tried to help everyone but his help only got them into trouble. Everything was finally straightened out after many hilarious happenings. C P Z Cl a S y 5 The cast included: Jan Clifford, Dixie Fink, Sharon Greenwood, Vivian McRae, Hazel Shrimplin, Bette Kay Volden, Beverly Zundel, Par Fread, Gary Patterson, Jim Swanson, David Tillitt, and Dale Watson. -5- p-www-as-7,,....rei5-gqmr '11-vw' r,u-'1'u::r1yup:wIw..u- . 4 .rf '-' sz -1 .- Class Will Of 1958 We, the Seniors of '58, being of various ages and having the soundest minds that can be expected, departing once and for all from these cells of solitary confinement, do hereby will and bequeath to our eager, yet equally worthless, successors these, our meager, but priceless, traits: To the Faculty we leave an empty eighth period. To the Juniors we leave Mrs. Smith - - - the problem. To the Sophomores we leave Mr. White - - - your problem. To the Freshmen we leave Mr. Ranta - - - our problem. To the trophy case we leave unfulfilled expectations. Gary Brooks leaves Donna Jennings stuck in the mud. Jan Clifford leave to begin construction on a "Radar Base. " Dixie Fink leaves her future to Dave. Pat Fread leaves his nicknames, "Treader" to the Firestone Tire Company and "Toad" to John Lulon. F Sharon Greenwood leaves - - -plump. I im McKeever leaves casting a smell. Vivian McRae leaves her flowing, flaming, red hair for a toupee for our class sponsor, Mr. Over. Duane Martens leaves his steady to face I im Starr alone. Gary Patterson leaves the way he came in - - - quietly. Duane Purkett leaves nothing. He's too "tight, " Hazel Shrimplin leaves her curfew to Purkett to remedy. Brian Schoof leaves as unconscious as he came in. Jim Swanson leaves his voice to anyone who will show it off as much as he did. David Tillitt leaves his curly hair to Willa Brockel. Bette Kay Volden leaves her sticky fingers to Dick DeCock. Gary Wagner leaves his brain, it's the smallest thing he can leave. Dale Watson leaves no left-overs at hot lunch. Beverly Zundel leaves her "reptile" to the zoo. Senior The seniors were entertained by their mothers at the banquet in the Roundup Room on May 14, This was followed by Baccalaureate services on May 25. The Rev. Allen Gisselbeck, pastor of the Wesleyan Methodist Church, delivered the sermon, "Obtainable:" But Is It Yours. " Charles C. Bradley, Dean of the Science Division at M, S.C,, was the Commencement speaker on May 26. His address was entitled, "You Can Get There From Here." The salutatory address was given by David Tillitt and Beverly Z.unde1 gave the valedictory address. The last act of the senior class of 1958 was class night on May 27. W eek Prophecy Of The Class Of 1958 As I was boarding a train for New York, my eyes fell upon a little old man walking ahead of me. Later as I was getting settled for my long ride, I dis- covered that the little old man was Mr. Over, the sponsor of the class of '58. It was wonderful to see him again, and as we were reliving old times I learned that - - - Gary Brooks is still in the Armed Forces - boot camp was tougher than he thought. Jan Clifford is saying "How-dee folks" on the grand old opera show. Dixie Fink is president of the Finky Stinky Perfume Company. Pat Fread is well known in the marines as "Plump Patty, the Patient Potato Peeler. " Sharon Greenwood is dieting. Plump "ain't" the word now! Jim McKeever is dead, He died from gas fumes. Vivian McRae was mistaken for a fire while brushing her red hair and the fire- men drowned her. Duane Martens, who lived near Echo Canyon, went crazy while calling his pet dog, Fang. Duane Purkett is starring in a movie called "The Great Lover" - - - he's the butler. Gary Patterson is the best spittoon cleaner in the "All Nations." Brian Schoof has become an evangelist to save souls. Hazel Shrimplin is paying fifty cents for Rabbit hides this year. Jim Swanson has a Chinese restaurant called "Swan's Chop-Chop Chops." David Tillitt has been trying for several years to get a patent on a portable turtle house. Bette Kay Volden is now operating a restaurant called "Eyebal1s' Eggbeater. " Gary Wagner is selling elevated shoes to the pygmies in the Congo. Dale Watson is a TV star in a new serial called "Life with Lard. " Beverly Zundel has starred in a recent Tarzan picture called the "She Devil of the Jungle. " Just as Mr: Over finished telling me the story of my former classmates the train rolled into New York, and once again we bid each other farewell. Who's crying ? ? ? Studious boys??? Hazel and who??? Which Fisk g1r1'7'7'7 as awe. W, Y, if V V A, . An, ii: Dale W., back when?? Tired or dreaming Miss Johnson Duane Martens Y N Gogg1es'??? Why so mad, Bev? Jim and Jake, why? Swanie grins Startled John P. Kissin' cousins Pals to the end? Tuck it in, Toni ,pu- .n- 4 'Io'5'2f I I 1 4" 1 I J 3. if 4? QE President ELI SPANNAGEL ... Lf ' , :N , ij! A M ,V . I X is M ,f Vice -President Secretary Treasurer S, C , Rep. BOB TONI RONALD DONNA MOGEN WOLKE FRIEZ FINK .nt 'FOP' IT M?-A ' ' :nj Al 4 lv nz f. ishsw rf-r, "4 lflfhf ' ' HQ V MARGARET FLANAGAN KIRK HINDMAN LYLE JOHNSON H- K NOEL BLAKESLEY DARLENE COOK ' DORENE COOK DICK DECOCK JAY DONLEY OMER KRUEGER SHIRLEY LANDRETH LEONARD LEARY CHARLES GUSTAFSON JERRY MICKELL DONALD MORTEN SON JOHN PRINCE DAVE QUENZER PAULIN E LIX BILL MCKINNEY RICHARD SCHELIN IIM SCHIFFER BILL SCHULENBERG IANICE SCHULTZ JIM STARR STAN STEFFAN BOB 'PWEDE JOAN WAGNER LAVINA WATSON t0 ri 811:- rs, Joh ' Dgr Us efle C Hazel Shrin?nQ'MfS. Cree0Okl Levin Left M P 111 Cy' Mr a wats . S' Btoc on' Ml' k S Custgdian, Mr. Gordon McRae Bu . S Dfwe La'ZC'f5r 00,0 620 17 elflurst, Benner, ot Pictured. at a. YW' . Aasxan YK-1 0569. Bugetk Mack Sho ht Robeult H Gigeybec . Z 6 6 Left I0 Sampx o . 5:1 T 311, ie R055 ' BOW' MIS . 4 10. ur 0 . ' 'I I 'U r I , .1 V and y, -.4 sf ar' A n I- ' 1 f 1 .D' L,"'1,45-... Af H Ulf .ff - r E' E O .c A .,'- in K. L fi 1 ,as .M P . Vx J DAVID RON KATHRYN SHIRLEY CLINTON POLLEY MOGEN DOYLE GRESS KOESTER Pres. Vice-Pres. Sec, Treas. S,C, Rep Ron Aasland Y -f Bob Beals ' ' In Dale Bender " Sharon Brewer ' V' 'n Jean Brockel 7 V George Carr ' , af ic. Pat Cowley Larry Cox Laura Cross Marcyes Dean Sandra Fink Pat Flanagan jim Gamble Billee Hart 'r an 3 ,N 5, -6 , K .31 A jigf f - L Q9 , W: T? , x3 di 1,:'4',:, s T 'N' Carol Seliski Carolee Seliski John Sims Dick Thompson Trent Toms Ken Watson Violet Watson Stevi Wolke fd Fx:-' Alvin Ostrom Joyce Phillips Gloria Schloss Andy Schulenberg Esther Hein Marlys Johnson Barbara Kiser Toni Koch. Helen Kucera Nancy Leffler John Lu jan June Martens A 1-1 Janice chultz 8641 Chor Pres. I hillips r jim 5 Fmsh' S' Donna ink Eli S annagel Pres' Drill Squa Pres. Cone sion Mgr. . Pres. Pat Fread I im McKeever David Trllltt Masquers Pres. Sr Pres. S'C' pref' Football Capt. BB Captam Bob Twede David Polley Sharon Brewer Duane Martens BB Captain . Pres. Twirlin . Concession M Ian Clifford Annual Ed. - Dogie Ed. F. I-LA. Pres. gf. . lr. . E -415 my I --I ,QI . 5. W L- is . 5 Will il RA xp eg M i gk I' ' , 1 1 X ,A i ' 3 2' Y J I X- yn -G a 4 fx 2 ' 5 A lv K T f .1 R X yx 1? If 3 P 3, w , X 1' x 5 gi if 'H X ' 1 V5 v . - . f fa 'K Ri 4, U my Q NN A ,. 2 X f , . f 7 ,xx 'v ,, I K fx , I . ,Y l A J 0 " . At Q JIM JIM CATHY LYDIA MARY LOU PHILLIPS NILE SU NDT RIEWE THOMPSON pres, Vice -Pres. Sec. Treas S C Rep Bonny Beals Lloy Dene Boyer Willa Brockel George Brockelhurst Barbara Cady David Clifton Roger Corcoran Bonnie Cox Kenneth Cross Patricia Denius Betty Desjardin Lionel Dobler Dale Douglas Terry Dumler Beverly Fisk Ronald Geist Mr. Blanks Donald Ball Ronald Ball John Gilbert Jean Gustafson Sheron Gress Gary Hanson Eddie Harris Steven Hicks Barbara Jacobson Donna Jennings Hugh Krueger Geraldine Lujan Christian McRae Sharon Mortenson Jim Mullin Joe Mullin Jim Ostrom Gladys Quenzer Chris Sakelaris Janet Sims Rose Marie Smith Bill Swanson Tamara Toms John Volden Nancy Williams My Junior Prom 173 . 01268 665 W Christmas Formal xx, ig 1 X ' -' ,H f Just friends? man? Our Mascot! GUY , ., l KY 1 Banquet? Wowl Oh, Eddiell! M U fl t S1eepy??? Oh, Noel, gosh! The Triolll SUTPHSCIU Get dressed . . . Party, partyll Dreaming??? Q SOHHY. WHY l-xg' kln- I . 59' 1 The Gangs ll Wild men??? New 8011001 Quit dreaming BEVERLY ZUNDEL VIVIAN MCRAE A E Z e n d cz n t s r DIXIE FINK Dogie Day H i-Lilies QUEEN STEVI KING PETE King, Queen, Best Dressed Dogie Day Dance 0 40 5 Q 5069016 1 od: Dogie Day Parade 6 d .0 I' First prize float - Freshmen 156 seo . I fo 016, O 1608 0 04? gk 050 O49 is This is a house? Aftermathll Blabsl ll Tamara??? The boysl ll Dude??? The Steak Fryl Open wider. Jim This is a teacher? "B" Squadl Close your mouth! Duane, don't! Mardece, when??? Joyce, when??? Pull it down! TEE HEE! ll V rl V. , i 'Q' Mid U! ' .,,M.r. J""" ir,-Fan. "A . '0':"l:re-4. .1 A' 'li "'- fe" Lf -.Lfa ll:- .Q 1 hy.. - -.. A W uh s A . 5.. :ii- .l!'.fA" nl'Lz.zA11 F. H. A. President, J. Clifford: Vice President, J. Schultz:Secretary-Treasurer, D. Fink: Recre- ation, J. Phillips: Parliamentarian, S. Fink: Historians, B. Jacobson, M. Thompson: Student Council, B. Volden: Chapter Mothers, Mrs. I. Clifford, Mrs. A. Schultz, Mrs. J. Seliski: Ad visor, Mrs. H. Benner. F H .A. Librarians Standing, left to right: S. Landreth, M. Flanagan, J. Phillips, S. Fink, M. Dean, J. Martens, S. Brewer. Seated: N. Leffler, J. Swanson, Mrs. T. Pauline, R. Mogon, T. Koch. Music Club Chorus Officers: President, J. Schultz: Vice President, B. Zundelg Secretary-Treasurer, S Greenwood: Council Representative, J. Schiffer, Director, Mrs. H. Perey. Chorus Band Band Officers: President, J. Schiffer, Vice President, B. Bealsg Secretary-Treasurer, S. Greenwood: Council Representative, K. Doyle: Director, Mr. J. Over. Dogie Stay Top row, left to right. H. Kucerag T. Tomsg B. Zundelg D Mortensen J Swanson B Klser M.Deang Sponsor, Mrs. H. Smith, Second row: I. Sims D Cook J Schultz M Flanagan C. Seliskig D. Cookg S. Greenwoodg B, Volden. Seated: T Wolke Edltor I Cllfford J Wagnerg E. Harris. Front row, left to right: B. Fisk, B. Jacobson, G. Lujan J Gustafson L Rlewe B Des jardin. Back row: B. Beals, T. Toms, M. Thompson L Boyer C Sundt Service Club Drill Squad Drill Squad Officers: Drill Leader, Dixie Fink, President, Donna Fink, Vice-President. J. Sch- ultz, Secretary-treasurer, J . Clifford, Council Representative, S. Greenwood, Sponsor, Mrs. H. Perey. VVY 4 sl ,LU Twirling Officers: Majorette, H, Shrimpling President, S. Brewer, Vice-President, L. Watson Secretary-treasurer, B. Hart, Council Representative, H. Kucerag Sponsor, Mrs. H. Perey. Twirling Pep Club Spons0r: MR. RICHARD WHITE Leaders: SHARON GREENWOOD, TONI WOLKE, BETTE KAY VOLDEN. BETTE KAY VOLDEN TONI WOLKE SHARON GREENWOOD Cheerleaders Masquers Masquers' Officers, President, P. Fread: Vice-President, T. Tomsg Secretary, S. Brew erg Treasurer. J. Ballg Council Representative, R. Aasland, Sponsor, Mrs. Thelma Pauline. The first Masquers play presented was, "Grandpa Steps Out, " on December 4, 1957, under the direction of Thelma Pauline. The cast included, left to right: T. Toms, B. Jacobson, D. Schelin, J. Prince, D. Mortenson, J. Phil- lips, D. Cook, J. Ball, D. Martens, H. Kucera, T. Koch, B. Kiser, N. Leffler. The second Masquers play, "Grandma, How Could You? ", was presented on March 12, 1958. Those in the cast included: D. Cook, D. Schelin, M. Dean, E. Harris, C. Seliski, H, Shrimplin, N. Leffler, T. Koch, D. Mar- tens, J. Phillips. Fountain of what? Bathing beauty? Studying, Jake? Thenl love birdsl Xmas Party??? Ouch, it hurts??? Sharon, when??? Oh, we like itl 1 Miss wagner and Noel? Huh? Did you call? Mad again??? Oh. goodie Ma. 501-my yellsl Shorty P.J, 's Just give me a bed! Bashful?? Thinking about??? Sleeping beauty??? Dean gir1??? Cheerleader! Great! I ! ' 5 ,fm . M Q ,.,, aff 111- , W wx Q k Q Y' 1 Y-1 ff: A .,Q...vW' I ,f-' ,ff 1457! 1-flwi' litlizri NISE il"i7 GEORGE STAGG EMILE PEREY BERVYL KIMBERLEY Assistant Coach Head Coach Assistant Coach C 0-Captains DAVE TILLITT JIM McKEEVER Managers RON AASLAND KIRK HINDMAN HM Mc KEEVER Right Tackle DAVE TILLITT Quarterback HM SWAN SON Left Tackle DALE WATSON Left Guard Football I PAT FREAD ANDY SCHULENBERG Tackle Fullback BILL MCKINNEY Left End HM SC HIFFER Left Half DICK DeCOC K Right Half RON FRIEZ Right End BOB TWEDE DON MORTENSON Center Right Guard Football JOHN LUIAN Center BILL SCHULENBERG Left Guard HM STARR Left Tackle BOB BEALS Right End ELI SPANNAGEL Right Guard GEORGE CARR Right Tackle F DICK THOMPSON Right End PETE FLANNAGAN Quarterback OMER KRUEGER Right Half BOB MOGAN Left Half nm MULLIN Right Half JIM OSTRUM Gu ard TERRY DUMBLER Left Half ROGER C ORCORAN Right End JOHN VOLDEN Tackle Football STEVEN HIC KS Center CHRISTIAN MCRAE Gu ard RONALD BALL Tackle JIM NILE Left End JIM PHILLIPS BILL SWANSON Quarterback Fullback I Football SEASON SCORES HOME GAMES they we Lodge Grass 12 21 Absarokee '7 39 Red Lodge 19 13 Harlowton 39 0 AWAY GAMES they we Roundup 0 21 Big Timber 13 '7 Worden 6 2 Columbus 12 21 Basketball "A 9, Squad Standing, Left to right: Bob Mogen, David Tillitt, Ron Friez, Leonard Leary, Bill McKinney, Bob Twede, Roger Corcoran, Bob Beals, Andy Schulenberg, Pat Flanagan Jim Schiffer. Kneeling: Coach Bervyl Kimberely. coach, BERV KIMBERLEY Manager, DALE WATSON BOB TWEDE Captain BILL MCKINNEY BOB BEALS DAVE TILLITT ANDY SCHULENBERG PETE FLANAGAN RON FRIEZ I IM SC HIFFER BOB MOGEN ROGER CORCORAN BERVYL KIMBERLEY Coach SEASON'S SCORES Forsyth 45 Red Lodge Forsyth '71 Baker Forsyth 52 Big Timber Forsyth 62 Worden Forsyth 42 Columbus Forsyth 59 Lodge Grass Forsyth 36 Harlowton Forsyth 41 Big Timber Forsyth 59 Absarokee Forsyth 58 Columbus Forsyth '7'7 Worden Forsyth 52 Roundup Forsyth 45 Colstrip Forsyth 42 Harlowton Forsyth 5'7 Lodge Grass Forsyth 51 Circle ' Forsyth 59 Roundup ' Forsyth '79 Colstrip Forsyth 4'7 Red Lodge Forsyth 65 Absarokee Forsyth 54 Circle Forsyth 68 Baker CLASS "B" TOURNAMENT Forsyth 30 Harlowton ' Forsyth 54 Columbus Forsyth 67 Lodge Grass Forsyth 5'7 Roundup ' indicates overtime games "B " Squad Back row, left to right: O. Krueger, D, Mortenson, 1, Starr, K, Hindman, R, Corcoran, G. Carr, T. Toms, Coach, A. Spang. Middle Row: J. Gilbert, J, Mullin, C, Sakelaris, G. Han son, J. Phillips, D. Thompson, B. Swanson, D. Bender. Front row: S. Hicks, J. Nile, R. Aasland, C. McRae, T. Dumler, I, Ostrom, J. Volden, D. Douglas. Tumblers Back row, left to right: G. Carr, K. Hindman, R. Schelin, B. Twede, D. Mortenson, R. Friez, Coach George Stagg. Front row: J. Schiffer, D. Tillitt, O. Krueger, P. Flanagan, B. Mogen. Track Back row, left to right: J. Phillips, J. Mickell, R. Corcoran, N. Blakesley. I. Nile, C. Sakelaris. Front row: T. Dumler, S. Hicks, B. Swanson, R. Aasland. Don Mortenson George Can' Jim Schiffer Don Mortensen David Tillitt Don Mortenson David Tillitt The Varsity Bob Twede Bob Twede Duane Purkett David T illitt Pat Flanagan M J E. r 5-2' ' "' ' .1 AE: ,675 4 XA 1 V.. J A., .l ' W K. ,nr X 1 2. i -L l ,.,- V 5 1 ,QV Q. ,Y ., Y ' I 5 ' . , ax ,, y g M ,- -.W -., 1- - Miw'-H ' Q f' w ':!- f f' I du Q HYX1 , ' N X? xxx K .KA I I Nita is .', , v , ,. .. 5 ,. I. A A - 1 5: I 11 i 3 5 , 'E 1 5, M Q? ' X, ' X ' H I fr. tg '1 ' "Y A W 1 ,JV hun .?f.Qh.!2. f,.. 235,21M:fSgnc1a z:K?i:,:'iXrm ?mi ik- CITY CAB 24 Hour Service CORNW ELL 'S HARDWARE Har dwar e a Fur nitur e We Take You Where You Want Plumbing n Heating to Go, When You Want to Go." d phone 224 Electrical Appliances FORSYTH LUMBER CO. Congratulations Lumber BI-:ALS FURNITURE ',.,""'x,o'i Hardware , "xx AND a' 'I Minnesota Paints 'NX 58 -sw .. FUNERAL HOME Phone 191 MONTANA-DAKOTA Firestone O T'r s UTILITIES I TF C I 1 e f and "In the Community to Serve" TED 'S W ELDING SHOP "For Fast and Efficient Work' g ll T H 1 Batteries I Qlffmys TEXACO SERVICE Phone 375 FORSYTH HIDE 8: METAL BOB SHRIMPLIN, Prop. New and Used Auto Parts Phone 323-I Compliments of F. F. HAYNES Best Wishes to the Seniors of '58 THE ANNUAL STAFF RANG E MOT EL Modern Cabins Tubs and Showers DON'S WELDING 8: REPAIR SHOP Ac etylene and Arc BIRGER AASLAND 8: SON Welding Licensed and Insured Carriers Phone 466 Phone 206 and 355 F H U ROSEBUD my A R COUNTY Q 35 R N INSURANCE 19 Q9 ' 5 lf, 1 AGENCY I Q A T ' 'A' A Paint, Tires U S 1 4 E Appliances E Phone 104 To Better Serve You Seeds - Grain - Fertilizers Seed Tr eating THE MCCABE COMPANY Feed Star -Hi Feeds It Does Not Cost -- It Pays D ep endabl e Insur anc e at MONTANA REALTY CO. FRED R. COX TAYLOR 'S MOTOR MART TAYLOR 'S SERVICE STATION Sales ICH EVTRQ ILE-rf Service L E., L IFE. Hysham, Mont . MID-YELLOWSTONE ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE INC. Hysham, Montana Now Serving 886 Customers in Rosebud, Custer, Big Horn and Treasure Counties ELKHORN MOTEL Your Home Away From Home On Highway 10 UL I ET' 11.11 C. K. JOHNSON Forsyth, Montana Our Policy - Quality Fir st Best Wishes to the Seniors of '58 NORTHWESTERN' TITLE COMPANY H. V. BEEMAN TILLITT AGENCY for Real Values in Real Estate and Insurance GEORGIE'S CAFE 4 Z 5 Z4 Hour Service K "The Right Place to Eat" WELLS SERVICE STATION Gas - Oil - Accessories Congratulations Senior s ZUNDEL PIANO STUDIO HARSTAD AGENCY Insurance of A11 Kinds See JOHN O. HARSTAD For syth, Montana Compliment s of DR. J. K. COPE THE FORSY TH E"Be' I 'I Ilia- ' INDEPENDENT "For All Your Printing Needs" 'nl , ' Z' pf! 5 t I 5 -, -Y. XX 1. CARL'S SHEET METAL AND PLUMBING Lennox Furnaces Permaglass Water Heaters Cr ane Fixtur es FORSYTH CLEANERS Quality Cleaning Phone 567-W ART'S CARTER SERVICE Quality Products Specialized Service For Happy Motoring Phone 577 JOSEPH CAFE Forsyth, Mont. We Pay Special Attention to "Private Parties and Banquets" Prop. , JOHN SMITH If You Need a Haircut or Shave Stop in at JIM CLARK'S BARBER SHOP WAIELIIN MERCANTILE - Ford Tractor Dealers Authorized Sales and Service nr Compliments 3 NX , of IHA is QL ' 5' SNAPPY I ,P 5 Tad SERVICE ' LAUNDRY K CO-OPERATIVE Congratulations to the Class of '58 DR. C. E. PHILLIPS ELSIE K. CAROLAN Progressive School of Music Credits Given Toward Graduation IXAI EES LJL.IXAE'Q FARM HARDWARE FRIGIDAIRE APPLIANCES nr 50" '44- DUAlfYY 'AUM IUUWPNIINY John Deere Sales and Service Phone 99 ,,p..3Q-iv Super Service ' 0' For Good Food af Try . s ig . 5' Y X' JAcK's f A, 'Q . B-Ewiillp ,' ' FOODTOWN MARKET L N, l THE SPEEDWAY DINER W ore of the Best for Less Compliments of DR. O. E. GRAM The Best In Entertainment Relax in the Privacy of Your Own Car at the STARLITE DRIVE IN THEATER MODERN LOCKER PLANT "For All Your Meat Cutting and Storage Needs" Forsyth, Montana Don't Take a Chance See EVERETT REDEEN at the Howdy Hotel for Your Insurance Needs KERR 'S CLEANERS GCI, V b - Dry Cleaning and NL 1' Laundry Az Af FORSYTH MOTORS Home of Dodge and Plymouth Passenger Cars - Excellent Service ROXY THEATER "Finest in Motion Picture Entertaimnentn THE CHARLES MOTEL Clean Modern Rooms Mobilgas and Groceries AAA Approved FORSYTH STANDARD SERVICE Atlas Tires - Batteries Accessories Lubrication - Wheel Balancing Phone 482 Compliments of HIWAY 66 SERVICE Forsyth, Mont. If It's Hardware, We Have It CLARK'S HARDWARE COMPANY Compliments of BEAUTY NOOK Prop. , AGNES LIX Tl-KDINATPSON YARDS Come in and See Us Let Us Help You Plan Your F utur e Home 7 -535 L '-E 'QI X Congratulations Fr om DR. R. A. WHITNEY Compliments of FF: CQSYT E-I STATE BANK Your Bank Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation BEN FRANKLIN ,,'r,, STORE R. K. WAGNER Forsyth, Montana W. P. ROSCOE CO. Highway Bridges Billings, Montana Compliments of OLSON BARBER SHOP S Fresh Pastries and Bread DON'S BAKERY For Z4 Hour Wrecker Service il .- Li j nsvnourf m' .. I? KOEST ER CHE-VROLET ROSEBUD FLORAL SHOP When You Think of Flowers Think of LUCY AND ALICE Wedding Flowers Our Specialty Chevrolet - Oldsmobile Phone 330 Sales and Service ZZ6 N. 8th Forsyth, Mont. Buy at Shop at f7f'fI2'K? For Price, Quality and Style Compliments of R. C. HARKEN O W i ELECTRIC Q for Better Values General Electric Appliances RCA Victor Phonographs and Radios Maytag W ashers . Phone 186 ' 'Always Remember ' ' "Be Sure Shop at Safeway" jf? WEAMER 's JEW ELRY Forsyth Mont SAFEWAY Phone 208-W Compliments of YELLOWSTONE PHARMACY Prescriptions RUSSELL K. FILLNER Forsyth, Mont. Attorney-at-Law U Phone 196 FORSYTH DRUG "On the Corner, on the Square" Phone 55 Forsyth, Mont. RANGE TELEPHONE COOPERATIVE, INC. 'Better Business for Rural America" SIvIITTY'S BODY SHOP TIP TOP GIFT DANIEL L. MACE SHOP Body and Fender Repair Glass Installation E , Hfor Every Occasion Radiator Repair Phone 75-W SCHIFFER'S CONOCO SERVICE HOWDY HOTEL " F and ' 1 T , ELK CAFE CONOCO Tires V Tubes Forsyth, Mont' Batteries Accessories P1-111'I1Ps PRODUCTS ly" lwyx Gasoline, Oil, Greases OIL PRODUCTS CO. Forsyth, Mont. TREASURE STATE TITLE Joseph Hotel Bldg. Phone 253 VENNIE LANE SHOP For syth, Mont. JOSEPH HOTEL Forsyth, Montana TEXAC O Phone 3 65 - '- PRODUCTS KATE C0 TOM ROLSTON, Distributor MILES CITY DOM DESOCIO AND LOU DALBY MERCANTILE CO' Proprietors Phone 94 TEPEE' MOTOR Congratulations COMPANY U ED qua Class of '58 .lm Forsyth aim Prrrrmv-F Mont' Nl l LE S I v 7 M CENTURY CLUB Wine - Dine - Dance Dancing Every Evening PRODUCTION CREDIT ASSOCIATION Financing for Ranchers and Farmers of Southeastern Montana BLAKESLEY 'S CIGAR STORE Liquors - Milwaukee Beer and Pretzels Best Wishes to Class of '58 FORSYTH BEAUTY PARLOR Compliments Compliments of the ROSEBUD COUNTY FORSYTH SPORT CENTER BERNARD AND JEAN DEXTER LICENSED BEVERAGE ASSOCIATION SANITARY DAIRY 1 i - - . 45 , .f 1 -a ' 'eb 3' ' ' u cn:n:x: - 4. - ' x l ' ' B am... .'2" N Q Phone 275 "The Sign of Good Taste" Fmyth' Montana COCA-COLA BOTTLING co 219 North 25th Street Billings, Montana Epilo ue You have in your hands that summary of the past high school year which bears the unassuming title of The Dogie Days of 1958. Evolution teaches us, not without reason, that everything is constantly evolving, We hold that this annual is no exception. We believe it surpasses previous books because Qaj we published itg fb, anything that could cause so much trouble has to be goodg and Qcj evolution teaches us, etc. Furthermore, since the laws of evolution are not likely to be repealed you may expect an even better annual next year. we feel a glow of relief and relaxation in the consciousness of a good deed well done. Because - if it has achieved no other end - our little book has written an answer to that eternal query: When is the Dogie annual coming out? We hope you like it. The Annual Staff of 1958 K2 a, m 1 w ' Q n ,S b , TT. fix. ,451 5.-e' U H 1 ' 4 1 ' ' ,, .V 1 -'x , w A .-.'f?'.f'-'.I ,- , ,"'. : .if 1 n x V-f-4" 7: r- flfff. .,, , 111 Q w, "HU-11.13 . ., . , , vf, Y 1.-411 U'-'-L, I , 'wa wx - F-ul 15, Q , V . 1 I - .. 4 QW f . ,I f- . ., - gg. f . 'H M54-2.1151 .1-'z-Y - 'gp J .-3 jf: jffl-. .5 ,,-.L 3,54 r ' W . . X ' ,..ZZwih.E" m.ai1.h.9.5'v,z.Liix.:m.Lx,..-.'gLJ4JLi' mma.i.. A mn-w. .r!L1...

Suggestions in the Forsyth High School - Dogie Yearbook (Forsyth, MT) collection:

Forsyth High School - Dogie Yearbook (Forsyth, MT) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Forsyth High School - Dogie Yearbook (Forsyth, MT) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 66

1958, pg 66

Forsyth High School - Dogie Yearbook (Forsyth, MT) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 43

1958, pg 43

Forsyth High School - Dogie Yearbook (Forsyth, MT) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 25

1958, pg 25

Forsyth High School - Dogie Yearbook (Forsyth, MT) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 75

1958, pg 75

Forsyth High School - Dogie Yearbook (Forsyth, MT) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 74

1958, pg 74

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