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Xhgnlr AJ fl :- as VHP' 7' M Kouq QBQSZU y o-'A 9 V Z sr af' A g--'-911! ,I 'QAM SUB fs INA o 5 11 1' , 'V GJ. VS 1 I . H 4 ' 6 5 1 4 X an 8 -2 0 .so 0 Qt gnnbdii , 6' V7 , 2 'f I f bo 0 lu ." lf!" ff J 0 Y 'F-' 023 lr Q ij fl I ,fx Nowm It VIETNAM A. N ,age ' A ' ' Seveurn I . ADR V iX'1x -LQ.'a-.,,?i-ix' anna-nun Qswo Hue. ffgfgqq M445 wb F LE ET O :. , LLBRARX Us N CH""'s' oo YHKSE g QugnG Nami +I 1' ci' " 0 Qui Ni-tow 5 AMBODEA . Tw! Non J 0 .P Bn Env ' Nan TRI-M15 LZ- QETNAQ1 Pano:-6 Em-a . CRM RAM-I J """"""" "" 0 yr SAKQQN CQ ' ' Q , ,-'Q - 1 r f" - X M-lTno qxsa jfolfl I ' o so 'oo 'so 8. V 'f E ' Sensi 5. x A -..l1-, Y-A---V -f----H-,--1 fV7pw4-- YL Y. -JIU! x C Wie, 2,053.5 We ' .e Af - . ,, 0. A . .l ,,. l !!.", ,af!m . . , L.- I f i si . I- A ....-...--... ....,.3........m.g.,....,..,,- ..- E Q U99 FORSTER USS FORSTER, originally DE-334, is named in honor of Edward William Forster, Machinist, USN, who was killed in action during the Battle of the Solomon Islands on 10 August 1942. Forster, born in Jersey City, New Jersey on 8 October 1884, first enlisted in the Navy in 1919 and reenlisted seven times thereafter. Machinist Forster was wounded while serving aboard the cruiser USS VINCENNES and died two days later, being buried at sea from the Australian cruiser CANBERRA. F ORSTER was built as DE-334 by Consolidated Steel Corporation, Limited of Orange, Texas. Her keel was laid on 31 August 1943. FORSTER joined the Atlantic Fleet for active duty in March 1944 where she served as an escort vessel for convoys carrying strategic mater- ials to Africa and Europe. Her first mission was as escort in the screen of convoy UGS 37, enroute from Norfolk, Virginia, to Bizerte, Tunisia. The convoy crossed the Atlantic and entered the Mediterranean Sea without incident, however while steaming in company off the coast of Algeria on 11 April 1944, F ORSTER was attacked by German aircraft. In the action that followed, F ORSTER shot down at least one German aircraft and shared in the killing of at least one other. During this action USS HOLDER QDE-4015, one of the ships in company, was hit by a torpedo and lay dead in the water. FORSTER was ordered to proceed alongside and render assistance. Together F ORSTER's and HOLDER,s guns warded. off continuing air attacks until the wounded men from the stricken ship were transferred to FORSTER. In July 1945, F ORSTER was transferred to the Pacific Fleet. While .on her way to the Pacific war zone, the fighting came to an end. She con tinued, however, to the western Pacific where she served as a unit of Allied Occupaticf, Forces in the Far East. FORSTER was ci dered out of active service and assigned in ax the Reserve Fleet in January 1947. In 1951. ,X she was recommissioned as a U.S. Coas' W Guard weather ship. She served in this capac-W 5131- -x 'I-'T ity until she was again decommissioned on w g . 255' 25 May 1954. 1 l .2 I Q N3 F ORSTER remained as a part of the Re- " 5 , serve Fleet until .early 1956 when she began 'sw' R ' a F RAM conversion to a radar picket escort l I 'tg z -I, vessel. As part of her more-than-four-million Nitizcx E. gk V ,VA ' ,L , .- dollar conversion, FORSTER was completely F- ,X :ZS lol. Q , QL ,IM tl y Q niodiernized. and fitted with the latest S-,.,,, X, - I s ,Q Pg: A I -h ass, , o e ectronic equipment needed for her in-nv P Xl' , I 'J ' , s. Ai -"""' -- "' job. In addition, the living conditions weve . A ss rl , , its ---. greatly improved and provisions were HV s -- 'A--"i"'5""' the ""x'?oT--:--:-'I-:' 'ag H fOr better lighting, ventilation, and rec1'eatic:u2l facilities. ' '- Y Y-- ':5"-1' 'W ' ' Upon completion of her FRAM overhaul in March 1957, FORSTER was transferred from Long Beach Naval Shipyard to Seattle, for duty as an early warning radar picket ship in Escort Squadron FIVE under Commander Naval Forces, Western Continental Air Defense Region. In J une 1958, FORSTER's homeport was changed to Pearl Harbor, Hawaii where she became a unit of the Pacific Barrier Force, assigned duty on the Distant Early Warning QDEWJ Line. After serving 28 months in the Barrier Force, FORSTER reported to Commander Destroyer Flotilla ONE for employment as a unit of the U.S. SEVENTH Fleet. While a unit of the SEVENTH Fleet, FORSTER patrolled the Taiwan Straits, operated with Task Group 77.7 and served as Station Ship, Hong Kong. FORSTER also conducted a good will tour in the Philippine Islands visiting San Carlos, Negros, Surigao, Mindanao, Ormoc City, Leyte, and New Washington, Panay. In lVIay 1961 upon completion of her duties with the SEVENTH Fleet, FORSTER re- turned to Pearl Harbor and resumed her operations with the Pacific Barrier Force. On 19 September 1962, Admiral John H. Sides, Commander-in-Chief, U.S. Pacific Fleet presented the first Arleigh Burke Fleet Trophy in the U.S. Pacific Fleet to the Commanding Officer, USS FORSTER, Commander Gordon R. Nagler, USN, for having achieved the greatest improve- ment in Battle Efficiency for the year 1962. On 29 December 1962, FORSTER departed Pearl Harbor, for three months employment in Operation Deep Freeze. After this employ- ment, F ORSTER returned to the Barrier. On 19 December, 1964, LCDR Jack Campbell, USN relieved LCDR .Ioel H. Berry, Jr., USN, of command at Pearl Harbor. On 241 March 1965, F ORSTER was ordered to the western Pacific where she became, one Q . I of the first units to participate in '4lVIarket Time" coastal surveillance operations off the l D I coast of South Viet Nam. w, t- H From April through August 1965, FORSTER was assigned as a unit of Task Force 115, the South Vietnamese Coastal Surveillance Force. FORSTER made four Market Time patrols during this period and visited various ports along the coast of South Viet Nam, the I Philippine Islands, and I-Iong Kong. FORSTER departed the western Pacific and returned , N to Pearl Harbor arriving on 19 September 1965. After spending two months in a restricted shipyard availability and tender period, FORS- 55 TER conducted two weeks of type training followed by extensive preparations for de- U ployment. On 28 December 1965, FORSTER again departed Pearl Harbor for deploy- u5,N,T,L ment to the western Pacific where she resumed her duties as a unit of Task Force 115, the - Coastal Surveillance Force. AND NOW . . . I WEST PAC 6 6 an cl Sam, Y., SA, USN, reporting aboard for duty, sir. LCDB J ack CAMPBELL was first enlisted in the U.S. Navy in March of 1945. During 1945 and 1946, he served at the Naval Training Centers in Sampson, New York, and Bainbridge, Maryland. From 1946 to 1949, LCDR CAMPBELL attended Slippery Rock State Teachers College in Pennsylvania and from 1949 to 1953 the U.S. Naval Academy. After graduation from the Naval Academy, from 1953 to 1955, he served as Assistant Navigator and 5" Battery Officer aboard USS COLUMBUS QCA-741. From COLUMBUS, LCDB CAMPBELL was assigned as Engineering Officer aboard USS PHILLIP QDDE-4905 for a two year tour. From 1957 to 1959, he served as Flag Lieutenant and Aide to COMDESFLOT 3, work- ing for both RADM G. P. DONAHO and BADM B. J. SEMMES, Jr. From duty with the staff, LCDR CAMPBELL proceeded again to the U.S. Naval Academy where he served in the Executive Department from 1959 to 1962. In 1962 and 1963, he was assigned as Material Officer for the staff of COMDESBON 7 and during 1963 and 1964, he was assigned as Executive Officer of USS CHEVALIEB. QDD-8055 where he served until reporting to USS FORSTER QDER-3345 . LCDR CAMPBELL is married to the former H. Loretta DUCAN of Owings Mill, Maryland, and has three children: Sally Lee, age 10, Scott Curtis, age 8, and Susan Gail, age 6. ' To LCDR JACK CAMPBELL USN l 0 Vietnam Born in Lawrence, Massachusetts on 17 October 1927, LCDR DEAN is the son of Mrs. Herbert A. Dean of Waverly, Massachusetts. A 1944 graduate of Central Catholic High School in Lawrence, he enlisted in the Navy in October 1944. After attending the Naval Academy Preparatory School, he received a Secretary' of the Navy appointment to the U.S. Naval Academy in 1950. Upon graduation in 1954, he received a Bachelor of Science degree and was commissioned an Ensign. LCDR DEAN was promoted to his present rank on 2 February 1964. After graduation from the Naval Academy, he served in USS GEORGE CLYMER QAPA-275 and USS STOCKHAM QDD-6815 . After a tour as Aide and Flag Lieu- tenant to Commander Amphibious Group FOUR, LCDR DEAN commanded USS ACCOKEEK QATA-1811. He served in the Bureau of Naval Personnel and then attended the Naval War College. Upon graduation in 1964, he received a Master of Science degree in International Affairs from the George Washington University. He assumed command of USS FORSTER QDER-3341 on 22 June 1966. LCDR DEAN is entitled to wear the following campaign medals and ribbons: Navy Good Conduct Medal, American Theater, Asiatic-Pacific Theater, World War Il Victory Medal, National Defense Medal with star, Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal, Viet Nam Medal, Philippine Liberation and Philippine Independence rib- bons. LCDR DEAN is married to the former Mary COREY of Lawrence, Massachusetts. They reside with their son and daughter in Honolulu, Hawaii. An aduwk LCDR HERBERT J. DEAN USN Back LT. R. E. F LEMING was born in Detroit, Michigan on 9 Oct. 1935. He attended the public schools in Ferndale, Michigan and graduated from high school with the class of' 1953. LT FLEMING attended Michigan State 'University and received a de- gree in economics in 1957. He then accepted a position with the Chrysler Corpora- tion in Detroit, Michigan, where he remained until joining the Navy in 1958. LT F LEMING was commissioned in October, 1958 at the U.S. Naval Officer Can- didate School, Newport, Rhode Island. He served his first tour of duty aboard USS NOBLE QAPA 2181 from November, 1958 to December, 1959 at which time he received orders to the U.S. Naval Station, Rodman, Panama Canal Zone. LT FLEMING served as Military Personnel Officer, Industrial Relations Officer, and Administrative Assistant at Rodman until November, 1961. ln December, 1961, LT FLEMING proceeded to the Naval Air Technical Training Center in Brunswick, Georgia for a four month course in Combat Information Center operations. He then reported to the USS STODDARD QDD 5665 as Operations Of- ficer and Navigator where he served until June 1964. LT FLEMING reported aboard FORSTER in August, 1964 to assume the duties of Executive Officer. LT FLEMING married the former Cynthia C. ORB of Balboa, Canal Zone, in November 1961. They have two children, Dana Elizabeth, and Robert E. Jr., and presently reside at 1138 Bennion Street, Honolulu, Hawaii. LT ROBERT E. FLEMING USN 5 wi' 1 ,j .fky X Xxx ' X J' , , - :wil 4-A .3 5,5 3 51 4 'Q- mv li '. P, -Q XD-nn, s 'z X , 'Y-., X ., , N v W , The ' Wardroom f i 152 , S2 A a-I 0 .A K I - ' I OPERATIONS LT RAITER WEAPONS LTUGJ DALAGER SUPPLY LT-UCD GIFFIN vi' Nl ENGINEERING LTUGJ HARKEN ADMIN. ASSIST. LTQJGJ FRIENDS WEAPONS!1st LT LTQJGJ CRAWFORD ERN DAMAGE CONTROL LT f.IGfl DEIANOVICH C.I.C. LTCJGJ HARTKOPF COMMUNICATIONS LTQJGJ MARTIN ASW ENS CALDWELL ELECTRONICS ENS HEROY ' Ist LT ENS WORTHINGTON ASSIST. C.I.C. ENS BILLS SUPPLY ENS KING MAIN PROPULSION ENS SLATTERY 'This is the Chaplain, I have the Conn." Whaddaya mean We,ve been extended? lb X e NQQNQKXXA LT QJGJ Purdum-Departing ..4,,, 4. k'314 ,ff 344. higfyvkw "-f--f--..,...,,,,, my 3 ZW! The Bull makes good F1eld day 1n the L ,, 1 'k" ' ii, S M Xi 'X sg 'fe Ry my exx I s r"",f'-. s I ww 1 gl 4 A as xX xx x X N w , . , 13: Nik ' PALONE LT fig? CRAWFORD BM1 WALKER BM3 X E X XX ' X K SQ, Xi X: X FXS X X X X Q if xg ,Y ' x 3 A55 K' xi s X13 XSTSQ ENS WORTHINGTON KAUTZI YOST BM3 5 . . D SMITH BM3 l I I W 4 1 ,. GOMEZ KENNEDY - S v ," BMSN Y RADFORD BRENDLE XS xx XXX X W fi x MEADE WHETSTONE DARTEZ FAULKES BRAND MANNIN G X N X Y X M XX X XXX xx Q8 gixx 5X LISLE ,IOYE lk BARKLEY Qxxxxxxxf xxx ,N wx XW f f X wx NN QV xx W X f Xf ? a HOOVER i 7 Y f 6 X I SN SA 1 - S E . I I V X xii? a ' ExEx i SSSSi SN SN SA SN SN wW,f'1"" """ 1 xx vff uf-xx , fi 2 I X 'i Q M77 7 xx '- S SSSX. fx WQQx,, X Q, "-',,. Q 31,fSnxx.-x- .S., ES 2 X ' W ' ,fqfx -'V" ' Y -S SN SA SN SN SN 5 Tw X , 5 XXX sl -X ,A if wk .gjm xx N .L x-XX 1 ff S, Ship over, mate I ,443 x f"1g'f'w- usay Again" I wish I could get to Wear the phones just once . --E 1 I I Qnd Dlvlslon 5 Y 1 x ENS CALDWELL Y . ig 5, 1 elf ' N ASW gl TIFFANY, STI W N 1 I I R CRAIG, STG3 HARING FTG3 PLOG FTG3 1 xx ' f gl ix 4 I Q -M X fr x xr ,I X V, R1oPEL,FTc3 J Y N Q 'Q I I? BRUNK' STG3 S I 4 Ni' ' 'I x W N, - ? Vs 4 1 2' Q - Q Q , ll! ix ,Q W MYERS, SN GILBREATH, STGSN WILSON Q lt, ix. K Lets let Poof f1X lt th-1s tlme You know black pamt IS hardto get up! Who said, '4We get too much sleep Q79 wx gf , ! Who's the bar girl? ' A ,A . 'MIT 'Xiv""1 0.l. Division ...., .... -.T..g--- M 1 W Q 91 iii! W ages 6 , fwvsgqff i' away- I if go Al A G Vx -v. 5 Y X4- X X 0 if -M 11 'ly V ff f f ffQ5f MW ' f' if ,lf f f HARRISON RD2 - W4 f f 5 'f ,,,j, ,, L 44 ' , L. ,fa ,Q x mi .V lwffl .4 W K, . ,N .- .,.,,g ' xr iii' WOODS ETN 3 LTf5gJ 1 ml! HARTKOPF CLARK ET2 MOORE ETR3 K g , .gt ff K RADECKI RD3 x 5 5 4 Zxbi 1 M WV A 'az V Wx vs COVINGTON TREMEL CLARK HALLOWELL RDC ETC RD1 RD1 MURPHY HATCHER 1 ETR3 ETR3 HOWELL PIRIAK SN SN BALLWEG DEPREY GOODHUE RD3 RD HAMMERBECK ADAMS 3 RD3 ETRSN RDSA V L 1 ii z v n v , 1 ww..-A ,M 30294 A+ 1139 XV Qs f M52 'fm M A Ajbfwf e f 2 z 2 9,9 X ?+Q"f5'j'f ZW M K1 PM 4 1' X7 ' W ' X M X x 5 V As, 45-1 QQ' Wyi gf! sf iii' 1 x aw V A f 4X5 My X XR 4 'tif ttf 'R it 'iii' U '22Z'yl 245523743 F . 4' EQQKQQ? 2 53Q3 KKWYWXQQQX J Qagwwi s x .. ' ...P J - f,.. s i ' M j S yl -IQ, v 52-L5f .lk W ., x I N Us f-'- ' L ' i J n a ' . L 1 f V . In . M.m.ff,,tk,, tink -k Vim, A ...I X P J, H gn!-X 00 MJ-' ff iM ,ff .' 'fWo'x'b1'oZ'5i'fQ7':Qq5" X i . S 1 'v f.m,, axis. - .i if iff, J f .,,g,. X 3 1 .XX V - ' ,-X X Q Ig s Q 'xiii OC Division Q. x ii N fi 45335 X ff g X N F X 'i 3 N is S 6 E x X x ,,. LTJG MARTIN DAFF ERN RDC BOYT RM1 KAERCHER PN 1 BOCANEGRA HOUSTON BAUER SMITH, F. VAN BEBER RM1 QM2 YN2 RMs RM3 WOODBY RM2 HERBERHOLZ QMSN V sf -X X- c" - - . 91 ,f A A s , . . S ' ix S ' 'Y RQ A TF A ,A 5 ' KX? S ' A , x,,,.ff 2 A ' 5 SHANNON HM1 MASON WARD AGEE VAUGHN RM3 RM3 QM3 RM3 TENNEY SHIFTLETTE ROBINSON JOHNSON, S PCSN RMSN SN SN GRUBBS McDONALD HIGDON SN RMSN RMSN 'VF 'E' Y 0 , I I 1 l i 1 I+ f I I u4.!i K-Z ,.7, 5 ' ' Q' . L 4 2 l! 3 P' WHEELER EM1 R .ff"3Y- Xi . f X . . .X fX X A R EEEEE gf RIEGER EM3 LANER EM2 xif x L A W -:X -s. 'fi "A X X X X X f X X S X 4 XXXQ N X is E MW? X QX N XX X X NX X XX X XX X N Q X .. Xx X X X XXX SRX I X FN S X iixl X f X X X AX XXX X Xi X X l Y Xi S X Q X? XX XSS Q 5 vfiiw -f ' in X853 " N - MXN IN N ESS EM3 S' .ist EEE , EEEE 1 A . ,,x" X ' Q fi ' 'xm' X X F-:iii EMS 'f 'nw Xb, FQ. -, gy X 'wx 'X vw. XX . -,:'-: 'M N X Q XXX X Q X X Y X r Q X N X X Xi X A X X F N X X YXBXXX ' X... ,khk ,XM ,X,, -V is . A .. XX X 1- 2. :XX . X . XE. 7 EE h 3 VX ,.-:V rx K, X VXQX- : Q .3 X gg L , ' -, .,"57 Q . X .1 X X XX.V RXXXl X fi MORRIS PORTER EMFN EMF N .1 Y:-fs: gg ig ' f " . 1, .- 1, -'bf :U N L ' gg . ir, 'fx 2' ,.,, .,. . XXX-X 1- aa. Xp 3g.,jXqg-:gl w X X .Xf..XX XXXgXg35,XX ,XXXX ii, X2 . ' . -X foley Q, .' qi, , ' arg.. - -X X' N MAPLES CURETON DHOOGE SP1 SFP2 Q SFP:-1 Division LTfjgJ DEJANOVICI-I VEATCH BRICE IC1 SFC CON LIN IC3 XX X Q XX- Ni. I . , XXX.. X XXX X .X .XX X X N RSX XRS ADRIAN HEVERLY ICFN ICFN FILSON ICFN .ix KVVV XIXXEV. Am . .. .. 5' - - ' N XRRA wsgiai iii? .. TOMEC DC3 FREEMAN FN MAYORAL JOHNSON ARNOLD THOMPSON FN FA FN FN Om Wx f l .gli 6'Frankie Poo" ccWheels" 'cCurly Dinky Ducka' Dooger V NJ ww 1 Mau" U IM 3 lux, ,. afwleay 1 'KK x , QCQ' , I Ny.- ., -15 10 0? m 6 I W 2,-ef XS ',1,',y,- , X r".- T 1 S Q 'S if Q, 4 18 ,S y s N N Nm X 54 Q ' " . m ,Q N ,S Y M 'W x ' A N M q 5 X M,A ' ie? Q . nb B H KX wi K U if K, XXx,X ., , A X Mx xg A x , N Ve. ,av S v It , K I - I N T A 49' 0 if Members of the Academy of Internal Combustion MR.HARKEN --- -- '-------------"'eH'f' f " W ' W H' m.e..Q.x. n -Ankunun a l MR. SLATTERY 4- , 'QU' CHASTAIN HARRIS PAULY SWENSON WEST cox ENC EN1 BTI EN2 EN2 ENC ENC SHROYER VAN METER PETTIT CAMPBELL SAVAIINAEA WEBSTER BOIVIN BROWN EN 2 MR2 EN 2 EN 2 EN3 EN3 EN 3 . Im NN E LETTERMAN FICKEN WALTZ SMITH CROCKER MAUCK WHITE EN3 EN3 EN3 EN3 EN3 EN3, EN2, MCRAY BASOCO MCCOY WILSON JENSEN HANSON EVANS FN HART FN EN CINAS FN MENDRZYCKI FA LOCK A X kL..L A HART FA GLASPEY FA GERVAIS FN Me' 'Z' Qfggd- X. Tubhy Tunes Play Boy Hey I Rat Fink - .ve "Frog" 81 'cWet Back" Fresh Water Boys! Rest Period Who Me! fi xx N osx' X xxx xg xg x x X 2 X NX My next trick X XX N Willhe ...l T . -Mix.-N S , Sex- xx im, -f,. X 1 H Q -xX .x 3s, x F m Ne w-F V I - 1 V If: or if ' I . , . X F f mi Throttleman "P aint always Paint" x J'- More Throttlemen c'Want'a fight Buddyv What's this chief? Boo!! Hold Suu" J '4Boiler watch" 2 l V I ju I t la ltls not jail" . . is it? QI "Chief ofthe watch" "destroy ll 77 Long distance . . . for you!" Always paint ' and Boys . . . l 66 Pale face I " . I Q . i X lf 'S 1 YQ X X E I , 'I' I Wir V V! ' xii' . 4, 5 - - - "Fairbanks King" F sy K s- 5 "Have a real smokev' S No one knows call homel' where hey grtty up go Xi 'adsl Co d water to awaken thee I I use Nan MUSIC Man Tom 81 Friend mmf A Frenche Protectors Wlth Big Bad George GTO "Spring cleaning playboy" "We fight, instead of switch." cc 79 Sweet dreams Io, J 1 - K. .1 cc t "if- I Q , iv ' Z K -V Q ' ft . ggi I I I ,i cc - as Y Q I I 'Nz If 'K ii 2 . . . . , , E .3 , It . Cath NN, ,QR-'V , -, V, ' V were.- -r X-w S' fff, t',rX ' E ,tg 5 .- Q r-r' i 4 :Liss X I I fr, 'S l ' I - 0 - . . as Q gg ,A ' I I 66 7, H . ,, c.o. , cc as , I cc - A N. aa Qs ' I cc as I cw 9 NI ll ' I 41 I was a 97 lb. or weakllng Tune Time Blow" . 0: MgQ..I" B X rg W Ui Q 5 vi "Butterfly" B Q , N , 4 Y ieer l Q y 1 f 1 K B "F our loners" , . 2,4-QQ X Q N5 5' -9 "Our Band" "The Shortimers" "Noon Hour" 66 77 Board Meeting uC0C0Il1lfS,, Mac, Ski, 81 Mike 8: Friends 15. "Stag Club Party" Ney "-:Law A xx N ' 'N X v N Xx 'Me too! ru uBiguns x fl N ,vi Supply 5 in-'fi' 5 x R . , Q McKAY LTJG GIFFIN WANGEN SKI CSI HALL LADOW TERCINO SH1 EN2 SD2 JOAQUIN SK1 , , - X -T J 1 ff: ,M Q gzf- '- ig 'A QT MONTGOMERY SK3 DELOS SANTOS AN CHETA DAVIES J ETTER DEVEREAUX CS1 DK1 CS3 SH3 SK3 CHICHESTER STOUFFER GUZMAN TN CS3 CS3 SULIT WALKER BACON BERRY TN SN SN SN K-: i gg!.1 iiigQ l kr 5 gtk X ' 7, ,. '1 S R we f S, VEXNE- E .sfi YN ,.,, ' rvgv ,,,1.,. V' ' IACULLO, SN NAZAL THURMAN TEACUE F TN SN SHSA -no fr-4 3 I W - NWN MMM. M6664 100966, 9,'?,064,' H1603 wwe M Il I 1 new wow 077709 mm' z'l'M'i,'? 4 fflfx HJQMV 5 452 in 9 ,z a is ,K K N -'E 6 i , Y 8 S. S "' ' ui' 9,0 up w 1 WV! Q nooQoog,W,3:3.Mm mm mommax . W oooosoo,o'a,g3g5F' . A A A A I nmx - -' 'fl OM. O A LA 2 A !ll..l.i4'A .',A'AQi 3 X 'N ,M ,f .iff 'l9'lu.,.,. Now - West Pao '66 1 On December 28, 1965, the U.S.S. FORSTER QDER-334D embarked on its second West Pac Cruise, in company with the U.S.S. F ALGOUT QDER-3241, U.S.S. VANCE QDER-3875, and U.S.S. BRISTER' QDER-327D-our destination: Guam, Philippines, and finally South Viet Nam. After a brief stay in Subic Bay, Philippines, FORSTER got underway for its first West Pac ,66 Patrol. While on patrol, FORSTER carried out her primary task of boarding and searching junks. In addition, regular training programs were administered to all hands. Firing exercises, medical training, boarding parties drills, and safety lectures were the orders of the day. During our first patrol the first class mess and berthing space took form. On 31, January and 1 February 1966, E-4 and E-5 Advancement Examinations were given to 35 men. Thirty participants were advanced a few months later-an outstanding achievement. A Beard-Growing Contest was announced with the only rules being who ever wanted to participate was eligible just as long as he was capable of growing the stuff. Twenty-six men braved the scratching sensation for a few months and Captain Campbell, LT Q Owsley, Chief Lowy, Blenz, SM2 were announced the winners of the competition. While on our first patrol, the F ORSTER anchored off the small island of Poulo Obi and sent a party ashore for at brief visit and a little trading. This was one of our few stops during Market Time Operations. An achievement of high-honor was earned by the Operations Officer, LT Q Raiter, when he was selected for spot promotion. Lt. Raiter was the only officer selected from the USNR ranks. FORSTER Arrived in Subic Bay after her first patrol for a repair period. During the transit to Viet Nam for the next patrol, FORSTER es- corted nine Coast Guard WPB7s. Part of our task of escorting the WPB's was replenishing the 'flolly Ninei' with oil and water. FORSTER also gave a special bonus to all the WPB's while refueling: a free gallon of ice cream-compliments of Wangen Dairies, Inc. During the journey FORSTER welcomed aboard COAST GUARD DIVISION 13. Our second patrol provided little action. FORSTER did successfully complete her first c'He1o" Replenishing Detail for the West Pac '66 Cruise during this patrol. g t 1 ,leglgrggdp-W -H I 4-,J In March, FORSTER was ordered to drydock in Subic Bay to repair the Starboard Rudder Post. As it turned out, this gave all FORSTER personnel a chance to take advantage of a 48 hour liberty in Manila and extra time for R 82 R. In April, FORSTER got underway again for Market Time Operations. During this patrol, FORSTER received several visitors while main- taining the searching and visiting of junks at a high rate. Our first visitors were two photo teams who were to take pictures of FORSTER, and the USS INFLICT. No sooner had they left than we received Chaplain E. G. Cheerington, who remained aboard until FORSTER arrived in Hong Kong. During this patrol, FORSTER boarded a total of 188 junks and took over 57 prisoners, including many suspected deserters and Viet Cong. Early May brought many bright and happy smiles to the faces of the crew as FORSTER rounded the point and in the foggy distance Hong Kong stood out majestically. As FORSTER made her approach, Bum Boats came alongside showering all hands with free coupon booklets de- scribing their trades from cocktail lounges to custom tailors. During the stay in Hong Kong, M, OC, and OI Divisions held divisional parties. After loading the ship with suits, laces, silks, high heeled western boots, coats, sweaters, stereo equipment, and thousands of happy memories of a fabulous port, FORSTER got underway rather reluctantly for Market Time Operations. Our fourth patrol brought us one holiday: Memorial Day. All hands celebrated it on the fantail with a Cala Barbecue handled by the Mess Cooks, and Commissarymen. Also, while on this patrol, FORSTER was asked to give generously to the Navy Relief Campaign. That she did by giving over 351100-the highest contributor of any DER in West Pac. After leaving station FORSTER arrived in Sasebo, Japan, for R 81 R, repairs, and a change of command. LCDR Campbell was relieved of command of F ORSTER by LCDR H. J. Dean. The ceremonies were complemented by a ships party held at Fiddlers Green. For two nights free music, food, entertainment, drinks, and dancing were provided for all. FORSTER left Sasebo, Japan, to head for her last and longest patrol of the cruise. The highlight of the fifth patrol was when FORSTER re- ceived Admiral Rivero, Vice Chief of Naval Operations, and party aboard for a luncheon and a brief tour of the ship. After finally being relieved on station, FORSTER proceeded to Subic Bay, P.l. for a short stopover for fuel, supplies, and engineering repairs. After a seemingly endless transit, the FORSTER ended West Pac '66 Cruise, and tied up alongside Pier B-28 Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, while the band performed and the Hula Girls swayed. Although West Pac '66 is gone, the happy, sad, difficult, and fond memories of the crew's determination, the officers' guidance, the foreign faces, and the tropical climate of Southeast Asia will never be forgotten in the memories of the men who served on DER- 334. www w- V315 ...,..4Q,, Specual Sea Deiauls ii Ygw , W, , 3 i ?.. X I x N -1 Veriical Repleni hmenf 4 . , 1 J. A X, E 1 2, ' Q Sig. ' A k im .3 ,T'7Qi! NL xy-X 3 , 1. H -KVL ' m 1- a Q ,X x , 1, - ,dm - . i'S'i -il' "f f.,:f.," S 1 . 'V 7 ,, f ,- ,ml Q6 M V X xxx --in-X.: ,, va- jimi- Nl ff . " I V Q I X XX ki I ,Qi n x Ni I ,,., pf' - - , vr F-' wif W ,p 1 -- A X Wm: , , ' d "i2s2ix X ' A 3 - ff m. f f , QML' -I - Y f .753 'if A Xf A 45, ,, fA ' f 5 N My . t , X H M5 , . ,:z,,. r S? . ' K 5 , ,7,.,WW.x,, 53 wah- Km Boarding and Searching 1 7 ex 4 5 377 A X . ,, A X, fr Q, W H .3 , Ni fr, ,Ham '62 'v H ,: ,W - . . . " .ghifig-af ' '??fXQ.f' X: KfX:fsvs:g"S - A - -X X yy k,3,gagZgpQ"i fa ,, ' 2, Q -.:,,.. aiw,s.yfa4-Z A .. 'X ' Q iii 1 m N X. X x X ,Q AX . R331 . ' -'gf' .,.., A. 5 V' .. . -F. ' N - v -Q 1 S, 4 X in Q Q 3 Poris of Call Vung Tau A s V QQ aww X W X x N1 X x iw Q x wmff Q wg X N E X3 X? X X ' H Eg 3 X ww X ww-Q wxfwmx-me Ni 3 Q uawx. Ky 9 'N i "Xx 'ff 'gn .X . A, XX', Y K X X E N ,xi bg Fw xx tx ix V , . X A z K-:jg N x 5 NNN x ff-Q., "Nui Mit! . W L Q-1..'f5f5m..x,fXm.... V .4 Hon Kon 8 8 We +95 5 X,...,....-Q-......-..-ff XQWMM, Change Of Command 'xx A1 x F K Er ff Qhipboard Life 4, Q X rx ' Q . 5 5 QNX V LSE: Z fy n A X s ? A 5 if 'qi 1: Xt if 'Quo-lr" F The Visii ,--n-- I--I-I ------ l--.-- ?:::"':':::' iyhlmxii ll. dll 's I A+ Long Las+!!! I l XX --"" ' M 5,1-vm? If ., 'NNANQJ . ' M f, L4 M'-.Y 1 l 'QSM' s F '. 1' A :VJ ' ' ' A e xr. 531533 l' gn ' J ' " 'xi :C , X km v my I , Li f.:':"""'2,"' U -' ---.:..--2 .. 'N --. ., -- i- ..1-.f-.1---...--:d--:-- ""5:"l'Q 'T """" "' - J X '- Kwan' -T ,I . :'2::..:::.'ii ""' -4- Fon-STER ' 'A 6 XX Q 1, 1 lc 4 'F-vb ww Q' RE 1 ,522 if Y Y7,,,,,,, , , Epilogue MANY A STORY OF THE SEA HAS BEEN TOLD ABOUT SAILORS WHO WERE DARING, BRAVE, AND BOLD BUT HERE IS A STORY OF FORSTER AT SEA AND WHAT HER MEN DO FOR THEIR COUNTRY AS FORSTER STEAMS FROM HER PORT AND HOME THERE IS SADNESS AT LEAVING SWEETHEARTS ALONE MEN REALIZE OF COURSE, THERE'S A TIME FOR FUN BUT NOW ON THE FORSTER THERE,S A JOB TO BE DONE "MARKET TIME" APPROACHES AND LONG PATROLS BEGIN MEN PREPARE FOR WORK-FILLED DAYS, END UPON END THERE ARE G.Q. S, UNREPS AND CASUALTIES UNKNOWN THEY HOPE EACH DAY THEIR EFFORTS ARE SHOWN FREQUENTLY, AS FORSTER STEAMS THROUGH THE NIGHT MONOTONY PREVAILS, THERE IS NOTHING IN SIGHT BUT THE JUNKS AT THEIR MOORINGS QUIETLY LIE AND ARE QUICKLY PICKED UP BY F ORSTER'S ELECTRONIC EYE THE SLEEPING BOARDING PARTY IS CALLED AWAY FAST EACH MAN WONDERS, SHOW LONG WILL IT LAST?" TOO OFTEN IT EXTENDS THE WHOLE NIGHT THROUGH THEN AT ZERO EIGHT HUNDRED, ALL HANDS? TURN TO YET, THERE IS RECREATION WHICH VARIES TO ALL SORTS AND PLENTY OF GOOD TIMES IN MANY STRANGE PORTS OLONGAPO, HONG KONG, AND SASEBO, JAPAN ARE A WELCOME RELIEF FROM THE TOIL OF VIETNAM OLONGAPO PROVIDES LOTS OF GOOD FUN WITH DRAFT SAN MIGUEL AND SWEET' MANILA RUM THERE ARE QUIET LITTLE BARS TO CHASE AWAY BLUES AND OFTEN YOUNG BOYS SAY, "SAILOR,. .SHINE SHOES?" HONG KONG, THE SCENE OF OUR COSTLIEST FLINGS JUST THINK OF THE MEMORIES NEW' TOKYO BRINGS THE LIMEYS, AND AUSSIES, AND CHINESE WE MET THE CHOPSTICKS WE TRIED SAYING, "PLL PICK IT UP YET." SASEBO, JAPAN IS THE NEXT PORT OF CALL THE SHIP'S PARTY THERE, INSURES A GOOD TIME FOR ALL ALSO IN SASEBO, A CHANGE OF COMMAND IN WHICH F ORSTER ACQUIRED A BRAND, NEW "OLD MAN" NOW BACK T O VIETNAM FOR ONE LAST PATROL THEN ON TO HAWAII, WEIRE PLANNING TO GO THE MONTHS IN PEARL ARE QUITE LIKELY FOUR THEN OFF TO VIETNAM AND THE TOIL OF WAR IN CONCLUSION, WE SAY THERE HAVE BEEN MANY GOOD TIMES WHICH CAN'T BE INCLUDED IN THESE FEW LINES THERE ARE TWO WESTPACS BEHIND, THERE WILL BE MORE AWAITING THE MEN OF DER 334 By kfgyf-061 4 Y 6513! N Sas aki 3 X l Q A See learning can be fun now try 1x2 A " A - Tvf. 25,-,. No dice, Tenney, you know the XO said no center fold pictures. Our ardent staff? SUPERVISOR EDITOR INNESS, EMS VAN METER, EN3 WALTZ, EN3 FICKEN, EN3 BRUNK, sTGs VANBEBER, RMS BALLWEG, R133 ff Lieb always comes to the point ENS HEROY LIEBERKNECHT, SN PLOG, F TG3 DAVIDSON, SM3 TENNEY, PCSN BARKLEY, SN EARL, STGSN WALKER, SN WHETSTONE, SN c""f"W'Xf' OFFICERS ENS D. E. BILLS, Idaho Falls, Idaho ENS P. L. CALDWELL, Houlton, Maine LTJ G D. L. CRAWFORD, Los Angeles, California LTJ G N. R. DALAGER, Honolulu, Hawaii LTJ G J. P. DEJANOVICH, Eau Claire, Michigan LTJ G J. W. FRIENDS, North Hornell, New York LTJ G D. H. GRIFFIN, Colorado Springs, Colorado LTJ G O. T. HARKEN, Honolulu, Hawaii LTJ G K. W. HARTKOPF, Chicago, Illinois ENS P. B. HEROY, Allenwood, New Jersey ENS L. A. KING, Honolulu, Hawaii LTJG D. M. MARTIN, Kingsville, Texas LTJG T. D. PURDUM, St. Louis, Missouri LT F. E. RAITER, Salinas, California ENS F. J. SLATTERY, Dubuque, Iowa ENS W. B. WORTHINGTON, Sierra Vista, Arizona Ist DIVISION ALLISON, W. E., GMG2, Honolulu, Hawaii BARKLEY, D. T., SN, Montrose, Illinois BRAND, J. D., SN, Seattle, Washington BRENDLE, J. E., SA, Pilot Mountain, North Carolina CAVAZOS, F. "G", GMG2, San Antonio, Texas DARTEZ, D. P., SN, New Orleans, Louisiana FAULKES, J. W., SA, Alhambra, California GOMEZ, J., BMSN, Vualva, Texas HOOVER, R. L.. SN, Lewiston, Montana JONES, R. W., SR, Louisville, Kentucky JONES, M. L., GMG3, Duncan, Oklahoma J OYE, T. H., SN, Charlotte, North Carolina KAUTZI, P. M., GMGI, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania KENNEDY, D. H., SN, Pasadena, California LI-SLE, D. R.. SN, Sand Springs, Oklahoma MANNING, W. E., SN, Redding, California MEADE, F. S., SN, Coeburn, Virginia PALONE, E. B., BMI, El Paso, Texas RADFORD, J. K., SN, Goldboro, North Carolina SMITH, L. S., BM3, Irving, Texas WALKER, D. A., BM3, Jacksonville, Texas WHETSTONE, R. H., SN, Los Angeles, California YOST, R. J., BM3, Racine, Wisconsin The Crew 2nd DIVISION BRUNK, D. L., STG3, St. Joseph, Missouri CRAIG, D. A., STG2, La Grande, Oregon EARL, C. J., STG3, Waverly, New York GILBREATH, G. D., STGSN, Havana, Illinois HARING, R. O., FTG3, Puyallup, Washington HOLDEN, M. L., STG3, Honolulu, Hawaii MYERS, J. F., SN, Little Rock, Arkansas OBRIEN, L. J., FT GSN , Norwood, Massachusetts PLOG, B. R., FTG3, Los Angeles, California RIOPEL, N. E., F TG3, Warren, Rhode Island TIFFANY, E. W., STI, Honolulu, Hawaii WILSON, W. E., STGSN, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania OI DIVISION ADAMS, O. E., RDSA, Gas Hills, Wyoming BALLWEG, A. A., RD3, Norfolk, Virginia BIESIADA, R. J., ETN3, Fort Wayne, Indiana BURTON, P. D., RD2, St. Petersburg, Florida CLARK, J. L., ETR2, Honolulu, Hawaii CLARK, J. W., RDI, Alton, Illinois COVINGTON, J. W., RDC, St. Anne, Illinois DEPREY, J. R., RD3, Niagara Falls, New York ERWIN, R. W., RD3, Suisun, California GOODHUE, W. C., RD3, Long Beach, California HALLOWELL, R. C., RDI, Augusta, Maine HAMMERBECK, W, J., ETRSN, Billings, Montana HATCHER, T. A., ETR3, Dover, Ohio HARRISON, R. D., RD2, Little Rock, Arkansas HOWELL, W. W., SN, Estacada, Oregon MOORE, J. L., ETR3, Walla Walla, Washington MURPHY, M. L., ETR3, Santa Maria, California NORMAN, R. L., RD3, Detroit, Michigan OBERLE, R. L., RD3, Blue Earth, Minnesota PIRIAK, M. D., SN, Woodbridge, Virginia RADECKI, T. J., RD3, Braddock, Pennsylvania SEARS, S. K., RD2, Mahomet, Illinois THOMAS, J. B., RD3, Rome, Georgia TREMEL, J. T., ETC, Elgin, Illinois WILLIAMS, H. R., ETN 3, Wallace, Virginia WOODS, C. K., ETN3, Amarillo, Texas OC DIVISION AGEE, M., QM3, Richmond, Kentucky BAUER, R. C., YN2, Emporium, Pennsylvania BLENZ, J. L., SM2, Cheyenne, Wyoming BOCANEGRA, A. H., RMI, San Bernardino, California BOYT, H. R., RMI, Raton,-New Mexico DAFFERN, H. F., RMC, St. Jo, Texas DAVIDSON, R. D., SM3, Meridian, Texas FRECHE, J. E., QMC, Biloxi, Mississippi GRUBBS, D. S., SN, Hagerstown, Maryland HERBERHOLZ, E. R., QMSN, Tacoma, Washington HICDON, G. R., RMSN, Baltimore, Maryland HOUSTON, T. R., QM2, Ontario, Oregon KAERCHER, R. W., PNI, Buckeye Lake, Ohio MASON, R. A., RM3, Marshalltown, Iowa MCCACHREN, H. E., SM3, New Florence, Pennsylvania McDONALD, R. D., RMSN, Bridgeton, New Jersey MCCEE, D. N., YN3, Corpus Christi, Texas SHANNON, W. A., HMI, North Matswan, West Virginia SMITH, F., RM3, Irving, Texas VAN BEBER, J. 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J., FN, Wausau, Wisconsin PAULY, L. J., EN2, Dubuque, Iowa PETTIT, M. R., MR2, Hillsboro, Texas SAVIINAEA, K. S., EN2, Samoa SHROYER, G. E., ENC, Urbana, Illinois SMITH, P. T., EN2, Murphy, North Carolina SWENSON, D. W., EN2, River Falls, Wisconsin VAN METER, M. L., EN2, Grasscreek, Indiana WALTZ, R. T., EN3, Encino, California WEBSTER, C. L., EN3, Puyallup, Washington WEST, G. W., ENC, Tampa, Florida ,WHITE, W. J., EN3, Cool, California WILSON, D. J? FN, Kimball, Nebraska S DIVISION ANCHETA, J. D., DKI, lsahela, Philippines BACON, B. H., SN, Pasadena, California BUNCOMB, E. L., SN, J ohn's Island, South Carolina CHICHESTER, W. G., CS3, Elmira, New York DAVIES, J. S., CS3, San Leandro, California DELOS SANTOS, E. S., CSI, Cavite City, Philippines DEVEREAUX, D. A., SK3, Portland, Oregon GUZMAN, L. A., TN, Meycauayan, Philippines HALL, J. T., SHI, Los Angeles, California HOPKINS, C. E., SH2, San Diego, California IACULLO, C. W., SN, Evergreen Park, Illinois J ETTER, E. D., SH3, Louisville, Kentucky JOAQUIN, A., SKI, Pangasinan, Philippines LADOW, C. M., EN2, Denver, Colorado McKAY, D. L., SKI, Reno, Nevada MONTCONERY, K. E., SK3, Owensboro, Kentucky NAZAL, Z. G., TN, Caloocan, Philippines ROBINSON, W. G., SN, Santa Barbara, California STOUFFER, T. L., CS3, Hagerstown, Maryland SULIT, J. G., TN, Meycauayan, Philippines TEAGUE, R. L., SHSA, Siler City, North Carolina TERCINO, R., SD2, Philippines THURMAN, W. K., SN, Branson, Missouri WANGEN, C. R., CSI, Westby, Wisconsin WALKER, D. W., SN, West Covina, California LIEBERKNECHT, M. A., SN, Columbus Junction, Iowa JOHNSON, S. L., Pasadena, California SHIFFLETTE, Mendota, Illinois 7Ww ARMED Fonces f ' QIPUBLICATIONS TAYLOR Pususume COMPANY f DALLAS 0 U S A 11' 4' 6690, . -uma 3 4 Sam Y., Departing. W4 -w, ..-..., I 5 4 s -V 1 uw .t Q ,gf , Qi -' 1 Q Sppvod Ps Q50 bb flguq Kotlq 4umM , 3. lhnbdip V7 so 'Z 9 2 . fqffsf-f fn I -EAiLANQ as 'Nom-ru It VRETNAM ' "dv Ssevewrn . 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