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XV. .IVY x,xV -Ex gg 'Lg 5 ,QHVJAQ -wir. xx .ii11-life'"X'..3"f's1fS' fix -V s XX. Ay:-.QQ-,-.acV4 muh ls 5 .A 4 Mx ink ,--V ' If V 5 5 N, 'K .wa bf ix .lf z .., x,Vxz --- sffxz "5 V . I 44 " 1. it , --r. .1 ' , , 1 . , ,fc A ,,Lt3xi V. ,VR V . 2 V 4' gx ' 'Vx , .. ..i,,..wz7?'13"V,4., , A Wx' W x51 ' '.",-R-'Se , V515-:xaeV':?S3--1 A5 4 .U , ,Sq .VV ,MV ? L ' "Ml , K - "fsf','1Vf ' b 4 HQ fc , K., .. g . f ' nf! 1' n fi? p XT .., '1, V- zw K fb! x Q QQ, .if , j Q X w . 4 MQW-' .Vw ' V - VV ' gif? . .ww it Y fzf- Qiizf ,V , 'V Q- 21 QV .11 .Ui-2 M12 ZA! 4 ' V- K -- ' 'Vt ,v If 3-,V-5, gif, V. :,gfx.,Ct A 2 ' 1,41 Q. Q. ' . FV,-cf-W yf " ' ' " --W-?fV-V .f'Ig1f?'f -Z, , 94' 'N ' ' ' V ,- ' 'f?'i-V U4 Q- 'Y '- vas V- ff, -,-VH JV. VV. . -f ,V-:gig iV'.'kzUf... '., ' 'fam -1. - ' jf! 3 - V-fy-J.. V -2 -V.. ', V V .5. 4" 1' --,f ,p VH, 1 5 ' ' "LV Lf,-X-V--.-, ff w-fiif 5 'V V ' ' A Siiffq A FJ ,fhEj5V3.' V., 1, fi Q 34.-far. -n V fix ,X K ix . . , , 3 ' -. fix X' 41 'A' '. Xe: -bf' - , 4 V.. , ,5-f cf m' ....V.?V:.1f,,,iV. -Q V...K 1 w f M A. .N .V . V , V. V gf f A-, jaf.9.f,wgV -1-vw. g-V--54.9 'VV- P - 'gig227ig!.x:-i--.'.VV'-11f5"ak 1. K, 1 ff ',-,tu efgvy Eg -V -iff 1 Kap . V x VV 4 s,.V,s: cgi-QV-.uf ,V ' R' f l -- Ve.,- id v- 5 V' -, V1-2.'ieVf,f--,'V5,Ug .MMU f , 'F W 1 M V ' V V V , - V - f , V - 'V . .4 0 ' M, ,V , -."'. V ,V .FQ 3?'PV""5f4f5"q f'i'X2Z15 ' - N ' x gh gg., V. 4V .,-,wr VA ,fc-.afaf-V-V-V! ,. V - . . ,VV ,-V:'1:"Z:,vii,-G'ff2V4fV'V'V: X V VV 1 'fi 1, ' ,fjm-'T"1V. A 'Cf -qffw ' V . 1 3 "1 2 j Y' ' Vg ij 4 , if i 'I x-"5 .zA1..,, V S' gg :SVP ibm- 31 .VS ' 1 wg " L 51,lCK . SUV- 2-.' V-V-V .. M, ,V , .1 , , xx..-V.f,w.VV3 w..-.-.wi f-. ' V ' "a, V , fV-' ..'-V-VVVX X ' V V,-vffmg-,V. ' 'z ' , 1? ' . T1 V 4 xgfxkbzufiig, . 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V- ' - 4? - YXXQVQ iff Q ga V .V lri h ' ff-' , -- fx-V14 AV , ,,, VV' 1 " ix- V . - P- ! -, , IMN 11 CV- .TTT .0- . 5, . v-V: Via HY 3' ,V . 4 1+ 1 w-'54 T. Q1 .g' 52V 9-it W I V 1 1 1 4 w f N N 4 V x V 1 u.s.s. Forster CDER 3345 P i strategic materials to Africa and Europe. 1 way to the Pacific war zone, the fighting 5 served as a unit of the Allied Occupation 5 assigned to the Reserve Fleet in January, 1 In July, 1945, FORSTER was transferred to the USS FORSTER, originally DE 334, is named in honor of Edward William Forster, Machinist, USN, who was killed in action during, the Battle of the Solomon Islands on August 10, 1942. Machinist Forster was wounded while serving aboard the cruiser USS VINCENNES and died two days later, being buried at sea from the Australian cruiser CANBERRA USS FORSTER as DE 334 was built by Consolidated Steel Corporation Ltd. of Orange, Texas. Her keel was laid on August 31, 1943. Mrs Grace Forster, wife of William Forster, acted as the Vessel's sponsor when it was launched on November 13, 1943. LCDR Irving E. Davis, USNR, assumed com and of FORSTER upon her commissioning on January 25, 1944. FORSTER joined the Atlantic Fleet for active duty in March, 194i where she served as an escort vessel for convoys carrying Pacific Fleet. While on her came to an end. She continued however, to the Western Pacific where she Forces in the Far East. FORSTER was ordered out of active service and 1947. In 1951, she was recommissioned as a U,S. Coast Guard weather a ship USCGC FORSTER CWDE 4343. She served in this capacity until she was again decommissioned on May 25, 1954. FORSTER remained as a part of the reserve fleet until 1956 when she began a FRAM conversion to a radar picket escort vessel Upon completion of her FRAM overhaul in March 1957, FORSTER was transferred from Long Beach Naval Shipyard to Seattle, Wash- ington for duty as an early warning radar picket ship in Escort Squardron FIVE under Commander Naval Forces, Western Continental Air Defense Region. In June, 1958 FORSTER's homeport was changed to Pearl Harbor, Hawaii where she became a unit of the Pacific Barrier Force, the vital sea-area of the Distant Early Warning CDEWJ line. On November 28, 1960 FORSTER deployed for duty with the Seventh Fleet and returned to Pearl Harbor on May 24, 1961. During the tour of duty in WestPac, FORSTER participated in numerous Good Will people-to-people assignments in addition to carrying out normal operations with units of the U.S. Seventh Fleet. In March, 1962, FORSTER entered into operations as a unit of Joint Task Force Eight for nuclear testing in the Pacific. FORSTER served 121 days at sea during the year of 1962 with Joint Task Force Eight. FORSTER departed Pearl Harbor, Hawaii on 29 December 1962 for three months employment with Task Force 43 in Operation Deep Freeze. FORSTER returned in March, 1963 and resumed her vital role in the defense against surprise attack as a member of the Pacific Barrier Force. On 24 March 1964 FORSTER once more was ordered to the Western Pacific where she became one of the first units to participate in Wdarket Timen coastal surveillance operations. Presently FORSTER is preparing for another tour of duty in Southeast Asia as a unit of the Market Time anti-infiltration surveillance force. Dedication H During the period covered by this book, FORSTER was withdrawn from her long standing assignment as a navigation airlsearch and rescue ship of the Northern Pacific Early Warning Barrier and reassigned as a unit of the South I ciii iet-113111659 Coastal Surveillance Force on "OPERATION MARKET TIME". Surface infiltration of arms and munitions by the Viet Cong was confirmed in the sinking of a laden com unist freighter in Vung Ro Bay in South Viet- xemese water during February, 1965. In order to curb this infiltration, it was the DER with her elaborate radar detection, her diesel plant endurance, and her vigilant trained crews that met the requirements for this type of cperation. It is the hope and intention that this cruise book will portray a genuine and complete account of the hard work, the long hours, the discomforts, the unexpected, the contributions, the dedication, the beauty, the experience, the humor, the travel, and the return from FORSTER's 1965 WESTPAC cruise. FORSTER met the new challenge of WMARKET TIME OPERATIONH and fulfilled every com itment. Her sailors produced superior results that proved beyona any doubt that they were sailors. With the above thoughts in mind, this book is proudly dedicated to the ship's company, U.Sa.S., FORSTER CDER 3341. K9 H15 Safe -an.-f.-.-M,.,......., . The Captain vfg with 1 ,V 12 ll 1 I , . A B . ik Lieutenant Commander J. Campbell, U.S.N LCDR Jack CAM BELL was born in Butler, Pennsylvania on 10 May 1927. He attended the public schools in Butler and was graduated from high school with the class of 1945. Mr. CAMPBELL enlisted in the Navy on 26 March 1945 and subsequently served at U,S, Naval Training Centers at Sampson, New York, and Bainbridge, Maryland. Discharged in 1946 he attended Slippery Rock State Teachers College in Pennsylvania majoring in mathematics from 1946 to 1949. ICDR CAM BELL was appointed to the U,S, Naval Academy from the 25th Congressional District of Pennsylvania in 1949, and grad- uated with the Class of 1953. His first duty assignment was in the Executive Department at the Naval Academy during the summer following graduation. After completing duty at the Naval Academy Mr. CAM BELL served as Assistant Navigator and a 5 inch gun battery officer aboard the heavy cruiser USS COLUMBUS CCA-742 homeported at Boston, Massachusetts from September 1953 to August 1955. He made two European cruises during this period. From COLUMBUS LCDR CAMPBELL was assigned as Engineer Officer aboard USS PHILLIP CDE-4985 homeported at Pearl Harbor, Territory of Hawaii for a two year tour and deployed to the Western Pacific twice. From 1957 to 1959 he served as Aide and Flag Lieutenant to Commander Destroyer Flotilla THREE homeported in Long Beach, California, working for both RADM G.R. DONAHO and RADM B,J. SEMMES, Jr. After duty with the staff, LCDR CAMPBELL proceeded again to the U.S, Naval Academy and served in the Executive Department from 1959 to 1962. In June 1962 he returned to sea duty and was assigned as Material Officer on the staff of Com- mander Destroyer Squadron SEVEN homeported in San Diego, Cali- fornia until April 1963. LCDR CAMPBELL reported for duty as Executive Officer of USS CHEVALIER QDD-8051 in May 1963 at Yokdsuka, Japan at the outset of a six month Western Pacific employment. LCDR CAM BELL reported to his present assignment as Com anding Officer, USS FORSTER QDER-334D in December 1964, and participated in DEW Line barrier extension operations in the northern Pacific until FORSTER's assign ent to the SEVENTH Fleet in the Western Pacific. LCDR CAMPBELL married the former H. Loretta DUGAN of Owings Mills, Maryland, in April of 1954. They have three children, Sally Lee, 9, Scott Curtis, 7, and Susan Gail, 5, and presently reside at 2031 Aamano Street, Pearl City, Hawaii. LT R E Flemlng was born 1n Detrolt, M1Ch1g3H on 9 October 1935 He attended the pub11c schools 1n Ferndale, M1Ch1g8D and was graduated from h1gh school Wlth the class of 1953 LT Flem1ng attended M1Ch1g3H State Un1vers1ty and rece1ved a degree 1n economlcs 1n 1957 He then accepted a pos1t1on w1th the Chrysler Corporatlon 1n Detro1t, Mlchlgan, where he remalned unt1l J01H1Hg the Navy ln 1958 LT R E Flemlng was conmlssloned ln October, 1958 at the U S Naval OfflCer Candldate School, Newport, Rhode Island served hls flrst tour of duty aboard USS NOBLE CADA 2185 from November, 1958 to December, 1959 at W11Ch trme he recelved orders to the U S Naval Statlon, Rodman, Panama Canal Zone LT F1em1ng s rved as M1l1tary Personnel 0ff1Cer, Industrlal Relatlons Offlcer, and adm1n1strat1ve ASS1StaHt at Rodman untll November, 1961 In Decenber, 1961 LT Flem1ng proceeded to the NaJal Arr Technlcal Tralnlng Center 1n BrUHSW1Ck, Georgla for a four month course 1n Conbat Informatlon Center operatlons He then reported to the USS STODDARD CDD 5663 as Operatlons Offlcer and Navlgator He served aboard STODDARD from Aprll, 1962 unt11 June, 1964 LT Flmnlng to assume the dutles of LT Flemlng marrled Canal Zone, ln November reported aboard FORSTER ln August, 1964 EXeCUC1Ve Off1CeT the former Cynth1a C ORR of Balboa 1961 They have two chlldren, Dana Ellzabeth, and Robert E Jr , and presently IGS1dL at 1133 Bennlon Street, Honolulu, Hawall The Exec Lieutenant R E Fleming USN Cruise I S3 12153. QW FORSTER IBCGIVSS word at sea of a scheduled WESTPAC deployment Mbored BRAVO QIEIS, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii C mme ced preparatlons for deployment FORSTER movesito West Loch to load ammunition Underwhy for WESTPAC in company Wlth BRISTER, FAISOU , and VANCE f Crosse Internat1onal Date L1ne and entered ll e ealm of the Golden Dragon F J 4 G73 .1 ,ax FORSTER changes operational control from MIDPAC to WESTPAC Sighted Guam at f1rst light Passed Rota Island to Starboard Moored Apra Harbor, Guam, M I to refuel and replenish Entered San Bernard1no Stra1ts Moored Alava Pier, Subic Bay, Philippine Islands Underway for South Ch1na Sea and 'all po1nts W stu E tered MARKET TIM area Rendezvoued w1th U S BUCK at Qulnhon, South Vietnam to rece1ve operation order Arrived in Gulf of S1am and assumed area command Easter d1v1ne services on the fantall Entered An Tho1 for adv1sor brief1ng, LCDR FLEMING aboard for brother reun1on Ship holds skeet shoot on the fantail Shooting honors go to HUNT, STG2, BOLLINGER, a.....EN3, and PIDG, FTG3. -.,hNNk EMS? Moore Cub1 Bulkhead, Subic Bay, P I for tenderx ava1lab111ty FORSTE Welfare and Recreation P1cn1c held at Grande Island Under y for Special Operatlons r Encou tered submarine BLUEGILL wh11e steaming to av 1d Typhoon BABEH 'sums 77" 3.1.1-L1 .,f5fff.lf f Moored Sub1c Bay, P I for upkeep Underway for Spec1al 0perat1ons Loaded ammu n1t10n from USS MT BAKER FORSTER credlted w1th the f1rst boarding of a steel hull merchant ship 1n.MARKET TIME OPERA TION Retr1eved V1et Cong body 1n coastal waters Entered Nha Trang, South V1et Nam Llberty par ashore for the slghts I 1 JT w, JK B,,,,,gf,, 45mg ff! up I I . Q Y Y Y 7 h ,lf ez? X PM -Q. A wi L1 1- ffq Arr? 1.fp. --f swf as' 1 ,F Eggbggg f1,flW3'5f fl Q4 if iihhws QNQQ lg 4 'f T251 Siflfi .fa - fi- , 1 "1 ' . T1 A3212-I I 1-'B ' 'ii ' S -.' B" if ,,,, a G ,..' Q ,. ff: 'L' -' ,L ses 1 if ' be ' f M ',L,1,, ,. " - 1' " . 5,1 . 12-. rr, HK- 1. ix- 4-any 5' - - A Y K - - . V N 17 ' ' 3 ' f - . .- W x A . . . i , . 1 7 N N . , 18 Xy 1 . f ' K ? v . . li L v I o 1 , 22 5 5 , ' , T V o I 24 V 5 ' A 31 I ' ' 5 i ' ' ll X I ' : I I . 28 ' ' p ! f Th " 0 X fl V J "v' X 'I - f s 2 I f 1, W ,, .. ,V .I 1,-Y in gs-nl, , - 1- . wp , ,-k',.:1Q5,i,1. r qw?" I' f If A 7 V I A: X -751 ' ' A ,fd 7 if A gb: - , Sf' I , 'fy , A e, , -' , '-.. 1 - pi ,Q D-3-,,,.. 1 1 12 ' , , , , o a . 7 , 3 ' f . ' ' , . In . I 1 - . . o a o j . . I , . ' 6 , I 4 0 . . Q . . If 7 A , ' ' PM ' I J - p' 28 .' . ' ty 12 ' I O ' O O ' ' l W - o .F . , li - i' ,hh X -K iv 13 . ' . N 15 ' . 18 X. . . . . K 22 5 O 0 0 O .K - 2 gl-N -is -b D -i i Y -if 1 .Y gr -Q' - . -I p 25 A , . , I fl J -7 5. I G pl, IT hqqfi, -N N I -...Lge H19 Underway for Manila, P.I. for rest and relaxation ,16 History R ,fag fri 2- --V f Sai' '55f5.f3lW -iiswsf' wav - ,Q K ...J gtg- -wx,:?,-.kt rt, 1:1 ..v,. I ,.N It 4-5 Holiday routine and nGa1a Barbequen on the 2 Underway for Subic Bay, P.I. fantail- i , 4 Moored Subic Bay, P.I. to complete prep- FORSTER alievad of area command? ahiP heads 6 Experienced electrical casualty in after steer- for Port- 2 I N ing. Underway'for Pearl Harbor. 12 Mbored Su ic BaY: in a nest a10H8Side the tender- 10 Entered Apra Harbor, Guam for refueling and Condition II is set l"Q. for Typhoon PFREDAH. I 13 Sortie ord red. Ships break the nest and get 13 underway f storm evasion. Q 4 15 Ships return to port and weatherfout remainder 14 of the storm at anchor. f f replenishing. EESTPAC to MIDPAC. I Date Line. for the crew. Passed Corregidor Island to port. FORSTER changes operational control from Normal routine again. Crossed International Ship is diverted to Johnston Island when a crew member suffers appendicitus attack. Moored Johnston Island, transferred patient. C782 actual sea timejg 35,826 nautical miles, -4 847,605 gallon of fuel, 283 junks investigated, 83 boardings, d 46,000 man hours of watches, Moored pferside. p f 17 20 FORSTER officers and crew sponsor four San Miguel Underway for Pearl Harbor. Fi1iPinQ Students- 5 ga 19 Moored Pearl Harbor, Hawaii after 178 days 21' Ship visited by the orphans of Hospicio De San Jose School of Manila. f 22 Underway for Special Operations. ' 31 FORSTER encounters refugees fleeing ib C 1 south from Quang Ngai and provides food, medical AL erty a 1 aid, and mechanical assistance. f dlbsfffx rfggaaigs +?f'gS?Ea? 5 hifi:-1 Q:rk!EF3 iss? Q f 5 N 6 RADM Johnston, Commander-In-Chief, U,S. . smugmug, ,4,,,ff Q Pacific Fle , flies over FORSTER during a Q 3 1 1 boarding. dmiral ai -drops magazines and his , Ea f regards in note to ,O. 3 "1. 'Prr- ----- 20 Entered DaiNang Harbo , Sent motor whale "WaPa'W' " X QQQINIII' A"--boat party ashore to dminister medical aid to A XX X South Vietnamese,junk division personnel and ai ,,mlgg!" their dependents. i ' 55, 26 FORSTER terminates the longest patrol-C36.daysJ:.,Ey a 'X Q: Qs""and after numerous postponments, sets course '-Ij""" N I for Hong Kong and a well earned five days rest f ' V . and relaxation. u 'Z V , 1 "" ' A I I K 17" ' ,N ih - , MWwl, fnr-i.,, 1-n.n,n,TM x , I 1 E 5 ! 1 2 g . 1 Q P 9 Q 5 v R ,09"f,.L04'Q , ll l 1 2 33 2 VN 1 OW? cc EAN f WARDROOM T5 N I Kwik 559 Eg ?,"l-T-"' 4l1 J' Operations Weapons 512191 Admin Asst. LTJG RAITER LTJG owsLEY Engineering Supply in LTJ G FRIENDS ui' LT-TG PURDUM LTJG G11-'FIN Comm Asst. Comm CIC EMO LTJG WEBER ENS MARTIN ENS HARTKOPF lst. Lt. ASW MPA A V ,f.. 1 X:.:q,.: E- , A . 2- Y YH, 'V ' Q f x R: ' .E CEQSNNS, .QE E ,ME 'C .IQQCM , .. ,, E.. -5 C 1 ' X MQ, X, C' 'x E X .. . ef 2.3 - ' X155 13 X 1 E X' , Mx X' i 'SN' "Q-. X ' -I X K ? Qs: X ,N x E' C-4 G5 C3 E E O G E' Ll G3 3 5 IT' I-il f-I G3 ' - ' . ,,XQQ1wxCg?x ,,i . W f X fr A E ,xe 9 x W V 4 B X J X x X Q . X k X X 5 E X ENS I-IEROY DCA FEM! LTJ G DEJANOVICH L AA l - -W I 'X - 1,. '- 1 gm' , E -U 1 M X 1 3 , dz!-55,5 X P 1 Q: X77 f"U.EI'5"xp may QW U33 FoRsTaR4 EVEN MY HAIR Hrmfrs USR .. Bah' TIDY AOQ f cnzw fx X ' ,Sf f' lm EJ T www qlYQl 6 sk A Y HU' f X 'WK FIRST DIVISION U1 ' ,MM Kneeling L to R - D. GREEN, BM2, L. SMITH, SN, W. ROBINSON, SN, F. MEADE, SA, F. ROSS, SA, K. SMITH, SN, B. BACON, SN, J. MYERS, SN, Standing - Mr. CRAWFORD, D. DARTEZ, SN, W. MANNING, SN, L. GOZDOWSKI, BMSN, J. GOMEZ, SN, J. DEHART, SN, D. WALKER, HMSN, E. BUNCQMB SN, L. HIXON, BMC QU ff-9 Z? A Xixf' FIRST AQ! L GM fwff A ff V' iw XVQM LX ,N if ,X ,f7',Zf'iQ? Q,-Xi ,- SECOND DIVISION - -S - in :n.XLS.Q:S-nf., Kneeling L to R - E. G01-IEEN, TMSN, N. RLOPEL, FTGSN, D. BRUNK, STGSN, R. JONES, TMSN O, EARL, STGSN, R. OKEY ., SN, S. FOWLER, STO2, Standing L to R - Mr. BOND, P. RAUIZL GMG1, N, HOLDEN, STOSN, W. WILSON, STGSN, B. PLOG, ETGS, M. JONES, SN, OBRIEN, ETOSA E. cAvAzOS, GMG3, R. HARING, FTG3 X! fx! X ff X ann A Z4-Sgt 4-N3 .Q 'KNSQWX SECOND -0 , -I , 4 'X , 0 1' M giiiegi f. L.,--.f X Wm56WQ.f21 sill, y X'1iTjQE'7 'T'-Q55 QL f f S fffgyf , ,Q K0 X n i - 1- N I ' ' 3 M 1 , I OI DIVISION - . A I E E Kneeling L to R - R. OBHRLH, RD3, R. HALLOWELL, RD1, S. SEARS, RD2, J. THOMAS, RDSN, R. HARRISON, RD3, P. BURTON, RD2, J. CLARK, ETR3, A. BALLWEG, RD3, H. WILLIAMS, ETN3, J. w. CLARK, RD1, Standing L to R - Mr. HEROY, R. NICHOLAS, AGAA, M. MURPHY, ETR3, R. NORMAN, RD3, D. HANNA, ACAA, J. DEPREY, RDSN, T. RADECKI, RUSN, w. COODHUE, RUSN, J. MOORE, ETR3, U. HOWELL, SN, R. MCDOWELL, AG1, T. JOYE, SR, L. PAUL, RDC. :fx -INA .SR if ,S X xv! X Lx if QWJ QE-:SEX WW imx jf RZZKQ M X X f -N W 'mn f W k if A XI J X I N if 'E' X bn X "T""" E X7 9 ' n J f- n ' 4, ,1 X w 4 N I S I I 3 l OC DIVISION xjbw 6, I - I5 ,, Mn 'fx Wig 1 X vxuf QS i O XSSX Kneeling 1. to R 5 T. WOJOIEOHOWSKI, PNSN, J. TERRY, POSN, D, MOGEE, sN, J. BLENZ, SM2, W. SEYMOUR, SN, R. DAVIDSON, sMsN, R. WARD, RMSN, Standing L to R - E. JOHNSON, RMC, M. AGEE, SN, Mr. WEBER, Mr. MARTIN, F. SMITH, RMSN, w. WHITOOMD, RM2, H, ROYT, RM1, J. FRECHE, OMC fi 1 L Kxf ix 2' X 01- M f-QA X ' ff 'xxf f fii f"ff1f1f2 Q Af W' R DIVISION Kneeling L to R - L. FNCLNO, EM1, D. FREEMAN, FA, D. ADRIAN, ICFN, L. FRANR, FM3, w. CUREFON, SFF3, M. MAPLES, SFM2, J. CONLLN, IC3, D. INNESS, EMFN, B. LAWSON, DC2. standing L no R - Mr. DEJANOVICH, M. FFFFIT, NR3, J. DHOOGE, FN, R. TOMFC, FN, A. GLASSBURN, EM3, R. VFATCH, SF1, G. BRICE, IC1, G. I-ANER, FM2, C. PRICE, 103, M. RIFGFR FM3, M. LONY, ENCS X jx u-V'-lyx F O bu lr- fx! V X NX XJ fr- XQ ww , ,, sf 0.1.5 4925.5 Q3 I kmGAK ' W , 3' gy ,- .? f I., uugiaia, ff fymf WDD5W5 Q2 f VR H wi-I VVQZM " bg 'T i' H JW 'J XJJNJ Smwwe Ex sgczffefrff WITCH FIPURU 44.4 .swf ,f NI 11.5.1 s M DIVISION Kneeling L to R - M. GROGKER, FN, W. MGRAY, FN, G. WEBSTER, EN3, D. GREEN, FN, M. DRESSLAER, EN3, J. SLOAN, EN3, T. LOCKEIART, FN, D. BCIIVIN, FN, standing L to R - Mr. HARKEN, W. WHITE, FN, D. SWENSON, EN3, M. VAN METER, EN3, H. GIGOUS, EN1, G. BASOCO FN, P. SMITH, EN3, C. LADOW, EN3, R. HANSON, EN, P, CAMPBELL, EN3, L. CHASTATN, EN1, A. AFTANAS, EN1, G. WEST, ENC W ffljxfx f . fix Q?-D52 XY! f rxL-'Km f' S CH O rr: 29? tl. I X ' I Y 47 W N FS X 1 f X QACQl5w7XL Q51 QWVAQI 1-'if' U If S DIVISION Kneeling L to R - J. ANCHETA, DK1, M. MANZANO, SD1, K. BAILEY, OS3, A. JOAQUIN, SK1, O. WANGEN, CS1, J. HALL, SH1, R. MATTHEWS, SK1, J. SULII, TN, L. GUZMAN, TN, Standing L to R - Mr. OIFFIN, P. YOUNORLOOD, SN, E. JETTER, SN, J. LUKER, SK3, C. HOPKINS, SH2, J. JOHNSON, RMB, c. BU'RRE'.LL, SN, I. SINGNASIER, SN, D. DEVEREAUX, SKSN, G. NOODARD, cs R. WALIZ, ENFN, G. MORRIS, EMFA, J. DAVIES, SN, z. NAZAL, TN 0 Q, R., IK! Q7 W .JN 1 1 5 I , A-5 2 1' S if SUPPLY SPI77 F9505 " ff LE fyQQJ"'Q fx fly 'M KX ef' MT A fiisf 45 Q N mn' r-, 2 V M15 I ' N l M if Gi xp 6 X 1' 5' i X XSLE-if Qfs . Q 4X , . ww, .Nil '-11152. iii?" 51,01 A X f Hiw '61 .U 1 4 Us Q N! X hx. , , ',.- 'P' . a n Q N X M , w- ' v 1 , t , X, A --A Nw., X 1 11415 ' ' 'HAII I5 I AT: AKXXRM I E A 25,1 ffg ZAT A LACK WN' WW A B qw OK KWL fx bmi QW sPEclAl. EvoLuTloNs w X X V Wm 5558 C5299 S N 3H!llI W,-ff-Q A gn-if USS WILTSIE'S TIGER RAG BAND .- , Q' A.. in HQZDIC INE BALL RECOVERY DETAIL N i ' ,u M , L+1ifX?fjjWlnlnfffffffwf NXJXLXE w if Q 'g5'N' L S f' awk D WX ,f df T XV K fm W 'VW E . S , Q, L -ef - " 'gm 'X Q ig L Egg 21 f Qi if- iq, Eg if 'S J a , ,X -- XHX B ' X- -.lm ix lf?':3v, x X M, - X X. Xg X , X 1, X x XXX V. 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W K6 X6 , Guam N :E Exp . t X15 K+ .M 1 X X, Q I 4. 4 t yi ,... MX ki! ,-V, i YW7-7,1A,X,+ GRANDE ISLAND 1 Lgm 4' I H Y BUUDEEf COINS? Subic Bay I 1 f ff? Rx AML QNNL,f'Sx,,,Eglgf IFJJN , 3 Manila iixys?-jf jxfk Qffx Nl ll N f FQ 'Mx' C 3 Q Nt YI! 1 E K xxx NN, W!! ,,1,,, Xxx. x , , .E Viet Nam ,wvwlf xxx. xx Qui: X Q3 L21 J-4 fl-LD IJ J J X" , Z Qu My 7 jj N . x x Vx x.Xx ,K 5 . ev. . g 1 f Q . W- Q-1 N- is , R . flg m xx 1, ---M X -ww Xxx! Bxgyx me . ,R M A Q ,N ,f,,,wQ.'SX, " ' -YY" ? Q -new VR' ' X , .X H-wx, AXE ' - Y .--5 'W Lf-"f-QW . . ' " QSFNW x x M .Q ' IX pg. Q x ' f-5 N: N , QRNSK X xg X ,x,,. . xx .X QM. xx LEW" wifi sjfxx X X 911' X-Vg " 3qf3'.,' R0 x 5 ,jiri f- x - -f U2'lI1m1. x- 93 ' EV ci X ww' , :im - 3,555 ji: E k kiSxQ? Q 'RQ .1- ' A '- L-W X X is f X-.x - my ww, ,wx 1, x, H :A xv 'Q wa' QA Mx wx Xwwxf mi X Q. JV 5 Q 4229 5, i Hong Kong S' f fi f il f QV A , W , Agp, v WM., Q , r 3 ,Z 1 'Q ' ' 'L ',E'5ix3U'fsx E . v - -Y -1 'X ? W Q X4 SX W ,SX P2B A A X. . X f 14- f 1 ' 'L X fw1w,.sf4sffW - mx Q . Z. ., -N' ' . Lf A , 1 f 2 .fi AV l ,NM 'B""f' fx MQ L f Xb:,g'CbL'Q'-,ATL HN , Q Ek? f f,XNNVXXf gx ox X A57 L v 5 ix 1 Nami i Q 'Ze-5'-'Efgf f-N15 .. if CRUISE Boolc QS Editor, Artist ..... LTJG E. Division-Representatives: First Division ....... L. C. Second Division ...... D. L. OI Division .......... W. C, OC Division... .... W. T. S Division .... ....J. D. R Division.... .... G. D, M Division ........... H. E, STAFF J. BOND GOZDOWSKI, BMSN BRUNK, STGSN GOODHUE, RDSN SEYMOUR, SN ANCHETA, SK1 BRICE, IC1 GIGOUS , EN1 Thanks goes to those men who contributed their own pictures for this book, If -v--j Q I i mfr If X irvow mrs 15 mf-: cnpmmz spsnfffnfcs , ,, -Z This picture documentary shows the joys and the pleasant highlights of the cruise. What the cruise book cannot show: the many times that the motor whaleboat was lowered in the middle of a pitch-black night to take the boarding party to search a junk, the engineers changing a piston in three hours on a hot main engine in order to be ready on time for underway replenishment, the entire crew and officers Qompleting preparations for an underway replenishment at night with only twenty minutes advance notice, the bridge gang standing port and starboard watches and then having to turn out for a special evolution minutes after having just turned ing the laundry men working in a constant 120 degree heat in the Gulf of Siam, all hands manning their battle stations in less than three minutes at 0130 in the morning, the radio gang sending FORSTER messages and at the same time relaying messages for most of the ships accompanying the aircraft carrier near the Tonkin Gulf, the commissaryman almost crying when his bread would not rise for three nights in a row, the six-hour on and six-hour off watch in the Combat Information Center for months on endg the many other routine, endless watches - these cannot show in this book, but they gave FORSTER an enviable record. The officers and crewmembers pictured in this cruise book are skilled, professional sailors to a man. I am intensely proud of them. Names and Hometowns of Ship's Company OFFICERS BOND, Salem, West Virginia CRAWFORD, Los Angeles, California DEJANOVICH, Eau Claire, Michigan FRIENDS, North Hornell, New York GIFFIN, Colorado Springs, Colorado HARKEN, Medan, Sumatra HARTKOPF, Chicago, Illinois HEROY, Allenwood, New Jersey MANNION, Oak Park, Illinois M. M. MARTIN Kingsville, Texas L LTJG E. J. LTJG D. L. LTJG J. P. LTJG J. w. LTJG D. H. LTJG o. T. ENS K. w. ENS P. E. LTJG J. ENS D. LTJG T LTJG T D LTJG E E LTJG R. w LTJG D. E cox, o. M FRECHE, J HIXSON 3 OWSLEY, Boone, North Carolina PURDUM, Saint Louis, Missouri RAITER, Salinas, California STEENROD, Louisville, Kentucky WEBER, Dexter, Iowa CHIEF PETTY OFFICERS ., ENC - Ranger, Texas . E., QMC - Biloxi, Mississippi N , BMC - Waco, Texas , L. . JOHNSON, E. B.,RMC,- Norfolk, Virginia LOWY, M. S., EMES - Saint Louis, Missouri PAUL, L. W., RDC - San Diego, California SHROYER, G. E., ENC - Urbana, Illinois TREMEL, J. T., ETC - Elgin, Illinois WEST, G. W., ENC - Tampa, Florida IST DIVISION AOELUA, V., BM3 - Samoa u , BACON, B. H., SN - Pasadena, California DARTEZ, D. P., SN, New Orleans, Louisiana DEHART, J. L. SN - Cowicke, Washington GOMEZ, J. NMN, SN - Vualva, Texas GOZDOWSKI, L. C., BMSN - Toledo, Ohio HOOVER, R. L., SN - Lewistown. Montana LISLE, D. R., MANNING, W. E , SN - Redding, California SN, Sand Springs. Oklahoma MEADE, F. S., SA - Coeburn, Virginia MYERS, J. F., SN - Little Rock, Arkansas MCGEE, D. N., SN . c ROBINSON, W. G., SN, Santa Barbara, California ROSS, F. D., SN, Inde endence Kansas - Waco, Texas ALLISON, W. E., GMG2 - Honolulu, EEUNK, D. L., STGSN - saint Joseph, CAVAZOS, F. HGH, GMG3 - San Antonio,. EARL, c FowLER, GOHEEN, HARING, HOLDEN, HUNT, J. w., JoNEs, R. w., JoNEs, M. L., KAUTZT, P. M. OBRIEN, L. J. OKEY, R. E., PLDG, B. R., ZN DIVISION A STGSN - waverly, New. STC2 - Minneapolis, TMSN - San Jose, , FTG3 - Puyallup, , STGSN - Honolulu, STG2 - Dallas, Texas MSN - Louisville, SN - Duncan, Oklahoma , GMGI - Philadelphia, , FTGSA - Norwood, SN - San Diego, California FTG3 - Los Angeles, Cali 3 3 OI DIVISION 8 BALLWEG, A. A., RD3 - Norfolk, Virginia BURTON, P. D., RD2 - Saint Petersburg, Fl CLARK, J. L., ETR3 - Coventry Newcastle, CLARK, J. W., RDl - Alton, Illinois DEPREY, J. R., RDSN - Niagra Falls, New York ERWIN, R. W., RDSN - Suison, California GOODHUE, W. C., RDSN - Long Beach, California HALLOWELL, R. C., RDl - Augusta, Maine HANNA, D. B., AGAA - Granada Hills, California HARRISON, R. D., RD3 - Little Rock, Arkansas HOWELL, W. W., SN - Estacada, Oregon JOYE, T. H. II, SR - Charlotte, North Caro MCDOWELL, R. W., AGI - Honolulu, Hawaii MOORE, J. L., ETR3 - Walla Walla, washington MURPHY, M. L., ETR3 - Santa Maria, California NICHOLAS, R. L., AGAA - Bow, Washington NORMAN, R. L., RD3 - Detroit, Michigan OBERLE, R. L., RD3 - Blue Earth, Minnesota RADECKI, T, J., RDSN - Braddock, Pennsylvania SEARS, S. K., RD2 - Mahomet, Illinois TH MAS, J. B., RDSN - Rome, Georgia WILLIAMS, H. R., ETN3 - Wallace, Virginia P , SMITH, L. S., SN - Irving, Texas OC DIVISION SMITH, K. G., SN - Dove Creek, Colorado ASEE, MQ NMN, SN - Richmond, Kentucky WALKER, D. A., SN - Jacksonville, Texas BALAOING T., RMCYNDI - Phillipine Islands WALKER, D. W., SN - West Covina, California , BLENZ, J, L,, SM2 - Cheyenne wyoming BOCANEGRA, A. H., RM2 - San Bernardino, California BOYT, H. R., RMI - Raton, New Mexico DAVIDSON, R. D., SMB - Meridian, Texas MC CACHREN,H. E., SN - New Florence, Pennsylvania MCGEE, D. N., SN - Corpus Christi, Texas SAVING, R, J., RM3 - Hartford, Connecticut SEYMOUR, W. T., SN - Chicago, Illinois SHANNON, A. F., HMI - Kentucky SINGMASTER, T. W., RMSN - Green Mountain Falls, Colorado SMITH, F., RMSN - Irving, Texas STEPHENSON, F. K., QMSN - Douglas, Wyoming VANBEBER, J. A., RMSN - Harrison, Arkansas WARD, R. O., RMSN - Kingstree, South Carolina WHITCOMB, W. H., RM2 - Honolulu, Hawaii WOJCIECHOWSKI, T. NMN, PNSN - Detroit, Michigan R DIVISION ADRIAN, D. K., ICFN - Grimes, Iowa BRICE, G. D., ICl - Deming, New Mexico CONLIN, J. J., - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania CURETOR, W. T., SFP3 - New Port, Tennessee DHOOGE, J. H., FN - Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts ENDING, L. B., EMl - Yokosuka, Japan FREEMAN, D. J., FA - Souix Falls, South Dakota FRANK, L. A., EM3 - Hollywood, California GLASSBURN, A. R., EM3 - Trinity Center, California INNESS, D. E., EM N - Kailua, Hawaii LANER, G. J., EM2 - Walsenbury, Colorado B. J., DC2 - Josephine, West Virginia LAWSON, MAPLE5, D. M., SFM2 - Roswell, New Mexico , EMTA - San Jose, California NDRRIS, G, w. PETTIT, M. R., MR3 - Hillsboro, Texas PRICE, C. D., IC3 - Richmond, California RIEGER, M. D., EM3 - salina, Kansas TOMEC, R. J., FN - Bethel, Kansas VEATCH, R. L., SFl - Riverside, California M DIVISION AFTANAS, A. N., ENI - San Diego, California BASOCO, G. N.,Jr., FN - Highland Park, California BOIVIN, D. A., FN - Liberty, Maine ERUWN, E. W., FN - North Haven, Maine CAMPBELL, P. G., EN3, Chicago, Illinois CEASTAIN, L. NJN, ENl - Marvell, Arkansas CRGCKER, FN'- Mon outh, Maine UDESSLAER, M. J., EN3 - Joplin, Missouri FARRIOR, H. E., EN3 - Tampa, Florida EICKEN, GIGOHS, H GREENE, D HANsoN, R HARRIS, R D. A O WC I Jo , FN - West Plains, Missouri ENl - Waukesha, Wisconsin FN - Las Vegas, Nevada FN - Rancho De Cordova, California BT2 - Seattle, Washington 3 KDHUT, R. E., EN3, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania LANGRIDGE, J. R. T., ENl - Corpus Christi, Texas LADOW, C. M., EN3, Denver, Colorado LIESTER, J. P., EN3 - Portland, Oregon LOCKHART, T. L., FN - Pine Bluff, Arkansas HAUCR, G. E, MCRAY, w. H. PAULY, L. J. RITCHIE, J. ROWLAND, R. sLoAN, J SMITH, P. T. SWENSON, D. 3 9 9 G L. 3 3 W. VAN METER, M. WALTZ, R. T., WEBSTER, G. L. WHITE, w. J., FN - Saint Louis, Missouri FN -Fort Worth, Texas EN2 - Dubuque, Iowa , EN2 - Tampa, Florida , EN2 - Port Angeles Washington EN3 - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma EN3 - Murphy, North Carolina , EN3 - River Falls, Wisconsin E., EN3 - Grasscreek, Indiana ENFN - Encino, California , EN3 - Puyallup, Washington JR., FN - Cool, California SUPPLY DIVISION ANCH TA, J. D., DKl - Honolulu, Hawaii BAILEY, K. J., CS3 - Indiana, Pennsylvania BURRELL, C. D., SN - Salem Spring, Arkansas DAVIES, J. S., SN - San Leandro, California DEVEREAUX, D. A., SKSN - Portland, Oregon GUZMAN, L. A., TN'- Meycauayan, Bulacan, Philippines HALL, J. T., SHI - Los Angeles, California HOPKINS, C. E., SH2 - San Diego, California JETTER, E. D., SN - Louisville, Kentucky JOAQUIN, A. NM , SKI - Pangasinan, Philippines LUKER, J. F., SK3 - Dallas,Texas MANZANO, H. NMN, SDl - Pangasinan, Philippines MATTHEWS, R. T., SKI - Cincinnati,Ohio NAZAL, Z. G., Jr-, TN ' Moolocan, Rizal, Phi1iPPiHGS SULIT, J. G., TN - Meycauayan, Bulacan, Philippines WANGEN,C. R., CSI - Westby, Wisconsin WOODARD G. E , CS3 - Sylva, North Carolina YOUNGBLOOD, P K., SN - Portland, Oregon Qld Z l .-,, x f ,gb J Qi QfQlF1Qi13Lj 15DP W f CAN HAKVOL 5 17'

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