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-- - - -vm -Y ,gym -V -. i ! A 1 4 4 Liu, -Q...-- Au -Q,-ai.. .. .LU .rm .. . .ici . .1-...ix-A - 2 -,,.,.......-,. .-..- V . ,I ,f,-:,2f:- . 1 2-Eg? . Q - .4 5,153 .' :' , , jj j"ITf'.- " ' A ' Bai 'Si-'1' ' '-1... ' , f-T ' N- ps L ' I .. ,A ,.j .. it i 6 V ,Q 3 . - f .sf- -1 -. wg. - 11-1 :H ' ii - . . ia. -.I 15 ff? ' T-11,-N--f'7 ' fm c ' 'V , :Rig ' 'V 4.3,-,pI-V -. . -5, ., .,--...-g,,..,,f 'VA . . r ' 1 I M. - --f....,., --- - -,. ,. 12 ff ' f- E! YT --f Fi' ' . if ,, ' ,H.1:'. - :-'.' . 74431 - . , X5-L P... ff 4. A E545 - f:.- 1 'J' ' 41W-P - rq. .Fc , '4- .f'f 1' pg, , . - . "'fF'fgY'1 cu .., - 51,5 .A .11 - 'E-Z' L , -Vg 2 j...'.4 LZ". ' 'f f' 1 ' . A ILP.. , 53.1 .-ff .' Q -,na , ffz " ' 1 'WL'- ELL- . ,. , ' 1: 1.-fl- A A -5.-23'-3':,. RQ.-1-', - --.5.'fk,,fsfiL:J-.Z-T1 gg'-'k'22, ' ,. .-.-V,-mf. :WE . .- ,. ,- f. - r df.. . I, -J' , ., 4. ,:- 14 gf-'S " Q-5 P-.MM 'HJ . - c 'Q -at-1 --'G.uii-,-exif I2 . , - . ' ifS:5.3f,j 2 v ' -10 ,-Q1i'2:Si,iv.'.L"'2p' . V ' ,, 3:2-'fin r!R'fy4A,1, 1 1 M ,-., ' 'M 'H-T gpm, NL, 1.- --- . l' -,F - , .u.-.QQHIL-..g ., ,-,,, ---. - . . A ,, . ,, Q M.. . 1 .. if ',g526-'QQ ff , V, r -' -1-Q aa- . -2. Q-- . ,- A 1431,-'Efi .:-,--.--.23-,f , - H--:,. 31.4-1 . ' V- ..,, gg,f:.--sg-Q , P. it 'EJ . ", f -P" , L-'z:3EFi'Z'?E!5 ' .1 - ,.--.:.',,x ,Q A A if QLW'-x"-4 k tj'-"' - ,is . gt:-rf -,-35 N r--. 'Apr gyp ..5-tw .3 F 'TZ 42i2.f?r-Qqa'E1,?,f "-53,-5 Y -7 --.f-rf, Q. wwf,-,G:',, fi-. -f ' . 1. ,g -fp'i2g2.Q:'f+ 1- 'A-. - - . was if -,Q-1 q. ...f -279.-' -fn a '- , -J-cm.,-M,In75.,,,v . 3 -- r .- ,,. - - ..- wg. .- - f. V' " :S -P' .75 15-g,..',' -gf' , ',.,,j11I1E---N -m s.. ,f.,...f.a. 4 . ,- ' -l-1..we'3ag .- 'U . Ii 451!"'f ,-'-E v ' --Pi-".+iL-iw .2-'fifrsz , .- - ' W- -lih lfb'-.' -.T . .- . Q: IL. 552 -251 '-91?-"i2?fr3'9?7ff-3 .' A W , a,, -3113 .- - . gi.-if - - " N'v..,,-.:-.--.e- '. - 1-'J-f -Gwffmaizsu ff- 'infix---.-'a"f ' .. .,, .. ,1 ,g,,,x.,.a ..- -- ' X, ,- -,i.1H.f1-.-g'qQ.f,' 'K-.,j,5I54,..f,.g.y:4 K 'f -i-uf ' '2 LT-ff-fl 'L -551.3-' . ' " Lyla. " Q' , . V 55, . -1 :Q ,Q 'wtf' yi" 1-'S' .1 w , u-, .9 W.. f ,.,. I1 N . ,-- -4, ,f. .. :., .4,,- ' vi , ' hj' 4li:EQi.ffEf'i,1-if-H? - - ' - , f 4 .-fi -..-,,-wil.--'ff -'J ,Q -if - . -J-A-.,..j 51- , is-'.5.i-gvggif-Q,,"7,?, ,,,:fg-giilpg if . V ' - .1 'MPS , . - .- .-- ,.::4,v,nv-:, .ty Q . . . -'11 , - 1-ff... ,we ,ragwfx :Ig -1 wg,,, f 4 wi,-W. 5 ' ,.i".i:!iLzQ11f ' E-1u.Lf'f E ,:--.- -5.52: '- "3" -ff1'M 3i5gk'N.'iw' -ii.L5'fh?"-' ', ,'1?1..Z45jfZ-'- YY-2' :'.VQ'TT" .T "2 -F 7 ' M-55LL'.,--' ?f'.fij7-'7:7,.-i"Hfg,g-".,:. i ' - , 3-"ff, 3-as it ei- N- 1 If- 1 W ., 5,5 " -. ---J. ,ij-.H '.e.'.--+ .,w.i1.-I-.1--r'W - - . ---v-V.-J'-'-vi, 1"-f",1aMf.1-Jggy . 9, , ,I V V. .,.,wbf5 - al., ,.VJJ'j'gg9?'iril:v,,"- H.. , .j -1 " ' -- -nf -4..-'S gh- ,.-Q' 2.5 '.:': , ,. . --Ag, .-V ,.-v- - -- ,, , L?9f--.-125-fm-s-mf - . .. , - .-'sf Y , , - - - . - gm :nfl-1,-31,5 N ' " 3 --fc-J?.41 . ,,., TY,-' .' 4 - . gffflii- -Marx '-: 5 5' ' - 1 x '-. ,,. K M -234' 'Es,9g--'.--523531--Li G - . viii.-,41-:yfjrg1g., ,fq-fg',j-fgpgggpfq-,T - .-,-L.. ff'?.f1!ff5Q'ff '?.'5--QW Qlf5!IE"f-'?Ff'35S iaf "5" Mg'-'21, ,ff .,.- . 'T Tw f5:?'3Yg".-'7A" V' 'ff'lj7 .4 . . Ml'-.:3., - 1-.-.-w,--?'gQ,1'f'1.F.' --4,-,ia-65: 5:5 5.-21111. .!.':f'j,.Q:..'F' - . v - WH.: t 3 -'v ,t-'gif 'gy .'--.fn ..gz5?'f1 ligawf -14- -,gL1,'f"-539. lu ',-.fl"f3':lfi'5' 9525 II1?1:E'5'.':fE..1,5i5 '--' - -v-Q, ,N '-zrj.--"A-- ' 'zu' ' Q 4. .. Q V! ' ,X ' -f 1 -' Ti-..'. -3 A 2 5' H4551 -'J-98' N 5 I- 1 'A -' -f!g:f4t'.'Es.-f"f . ,. . -1, E -H-Hfgu . 1 '71-if M: .- .11 -13 - . w I ' .1 . , , . , "Bl u , -1 ' -11'-35 1' ...B -1- -J f. 1. - , .' A. 'af --Eli-is ni:-Lani.. ff, . . '-.f f'ij:g , ,.E" 'ifi"' 16 5?f'!-YQLY' .F ,J ,ig 1-th ' ,- lg,"-' ,f,.,.,:fr'f',1'ii:? .. Hn - r I i . -" .. K M "Trp:-'l 144 .4- , 11-,w -. 2.5, - "2 45.5-'f,,,Q, ' -.14-'-,gafPf3p..'!'1a'.. ' 5-q f,- F-if 'l s-QW: W l-1Q-i-- ' by Q7,'w f lik-P., - . , fi-9 " '-5. ' "5 .i?.Q?g2-Nix -L-. 1 . ...Q '.-P -- .- ,Q 115.5-' -'3u:Zg.'1-3:g3?.?i' - .- 'f -A 1: .""f,.1-:-- wg: 4-' " ' . . -A :I - .-.VK -5' r' Ii' J, ' 1 ,. Ji' Y- f. 'ami'-J '- 16Q"f4f143,J . . ,--A -ii N7 , U?.,5?Y:,'QE?-E:.:5,, Wim. ,ff . - ' - Wi-a 'vi-V "-1 ' ' ".'.""l' Ji i f -wx.- 2- ' -fr af--J KL..-hw .- ,ml if , 4. Jr., .. ,w x . The Cardinal 1962 VOLUME XXIII Published by lhe Senior Class of Forreslon Communily High School Enrollmenl Slalislics for Opening Day of School Seplemher 1, 1961 GIRLS BOYS TOTAL FRESHMEN 26 39 65 ii U Dedication 'i E Q S A score of years, one fifth of a century, is a reckoning not uncommon for the length of one genera- tion of mankind. To have effectively served in a responsible public position in one community for 20 years is an achievement realized by only a few. The subject of this sketch, Willard VanNess, was employed in the late summer of 1942 to teach commercial subjects at F.C.H.C. Mr. and Mrs. VanNess and their three year old daughter, Kathleen, then moved to our community. He was a mere stripling, "six-one" in height, and weighing exactly twenty pounds less than the 1962 scales records. In the summer of 1943 Mr. Sprague,our head coach, heard the "call to the colors" for World War II. Mr. VanNess, with no coaching experience, agreed to take charge of softball and basketball, while Mr. Poe handled track. The "Rookie" assumed the added duties in stride along with the regular full-time class- room schedule. He produced championship teams in both sports. His basketball team compiled the best record earned by any Forreston basketball team in 20 years. The next year he also handled track to make him a three-sport coach. He continued this heavy schedule until the fall of 1948 when Mr. Brinkmeier arrived. The commercial department has consistently been a strong one in our school. More students go directly to gainful employment from this department than from any other in F.C.H.S. Many girls go to Freeport offices. A number of boys have held positions of trust and responsibility in the armed forces due to their commercial training at F.C.H,S. Meanwhile Mr. VanNess is like "Old Man River,"--he just keeps rolling along, and he does have second generation students in his classes. The family has an attractive new home in "Sunrise View" addition in the southeast corner of town. From that base each morning the family issues forth to three destinations: Mrs. VanNess to her teaching position at Leaf River, Mr. VanNess to F.C.H,S., and son Jim to the eighth grade rooms at Forreston Elementary School. The three year old daughter of 1942 is now completing her second year teaching Girls' P.E. at Barrington High School. Mr. VanNess is crowning this twentieth year in our school by serving as senior class adviser and by coaching track. He also maintains that major interest in the commercial classes. He does admit that the first 20 years are probably the most difficult and he thinks he will retire just before the 40 year mark arrives. But he wears well and rolls with the punches. He could make the 50 year mark! In view of the above record, and for the promise of the future, we, the class of 1962, are happy to dedicate this twenty-third volume of the CARDINAL to our class adviser, our commercial teacher, our track coach, and a trusted adviser at all times---Mr. Willard VanNess. What is so rare as a day in June! If winter comes, can spring be far behind? 1. CHORUS: 2. chool ong Once again here as schoolmates assembled, We fain would lift our hearts in song, To our high school, our dear Alma Mater, Let gladness the moments prolong. We are proud of our lads and our lasses, Of honors won in days gone by, So here's a cheer for our old High School For Our Old High School, Our Dear O ld High Here's to our classes, Here's to our lasses, Here's to the lads they adore, Here's to the seniors so mighty, Juniors so flighty, freshie, and sophomore, Let mirth and gladness, banish all sadness, Then as the days go by You'll find us ready and steady Boosting for Forreston High. Soon for us will our schooldays be ended, The dreams of youth that fade so fast But we know that our hearts oft' will In memories of scenes that are past, ponder There are joys that will long be remembered And friendships too that ne'er can die, So here's a cheer for our old High School For Our Old High School, Our Dear O Pep Song Cheer, cheer, for Forreston High Cheer for the red and cheer for the May the odds be great, or small, We'll be the victors over all. Cheer, cheer, for Forreston High, Raise your mighty cheers on high, We'l1 stand by our Alma Mater, On boys to VICTORY! white ld High Contents School Calendar . .... . ADIVHNISTRATION Board of Education . ..... . . Faculty . . . . . . . . . Auxiliary Staff . ..... . STUDENT BODY Senior Class ..... ..... Senior Class Poem, Motto, Flower, Colors, Gift Senior Class History ...... . Senior Class Prophecy .... Senior Class Will and Testament . Boys' and Girls' State . . . Junior Class .... Junior Class Interviews . Sophomore Class . . . . Sophomore Class Interviews . Freshman Class . . . . Freshman Class Interviews . Student Council . . . Senior Class Autographs .... CURRICULUM Curriculum Photos . . . . . Speech Contest . Librarians . . . . . . School Newspaper ..... ATHLETICS Cross Country ...... Football . . Basketball . Cheerleaders . Pep Club . . . MUSIC Band . . . . Pep Band . Girls' Chorus . Boys' Chorus . Boys' Quartet . . Choir ..... Instrumental Contest .... . . . Vocal Contest . . .... . . ORGANIZATIONS FHA ....... FFA ...... GAA . . YFC . . ..... . . Annual Staff . ,.,,,, , SPRING ACTIVITIES Track . ...... . Baseball . .,,,, , Senior Trip . Prom . . ,,,,, , Graduation . .,,,, , MISCELLANEOUS Homecoming . ..... . Junior Play Senior Play Awards . Odd Shots . Honor Roll . Student Roster Appreciation . Calendar SEPTEMBER 9 Basketball- Stillman Valley QHereJ 1 School opens 4 No school- Labor Day 15 Football- Mt. Morris QHereJ 23 Football - Winnebago fTherej 29 Football- Stillman Valley QTherej OCTOBER 6 Football - Pecatonica QHereJ 13 End of first period 14 Football- Franklin Center QThere3 16 Second period begins 17 Senior pictures taken 20 No school- Dixon Institute, Football- Leaf River QHerej Homecoming 27 Football- Byron tThereJ NOVEMBER 3 Football -Ashton fHereJ 4 FFA Grain and Fatstock Judging at ACT Scholarship Test 10-11 Junior Class Play 23 No school - Thanksgiving 24 No school- Thanksgiving Vacation 27 Third period begins DECEMBER 1 Basketball 2 Basketball 5 Basketball 8 Basketball 1 5 Basketball 1 6 Basketball Pecatonica QHereQ Franklin Center QThereJ Shannon tThereJ Leaf River QHereJ Byron fTherej Ashton fHereJ 18 GAA Christmas Party 19 FHA - FFA Caroling Party 21 Last day of school before Christmas 26-30 Forreston Holiday Tournament JANUARY 2 School opens after Christmas Vacation 5 Basketball- Winnebago QThereJ Forreston, 12 Basketball- Pecatonica. 1ThereJ 13 Basketball- Franklin Center QHereJ 19 Basketball- Leaf River QThereJ End of first semester 20 Basketball- Soph. at Freeport High School 22 Fourth period begins 24-27 Conference Tournament at Stillman Valley 25 Annual pictures taken FEBRUARY 2 Basketball - Byron tHereJ 3 Basketball- Chadwick fThereJ 9 No school - Oregon Institute Basketball - Ashton fTherej 10 Basketball- Mt. Morris QHereJ 12 No school- Lincoln's Birthday 16 Basketball - Winnebago 1HereJ 20 Basketball - Shannon fHereJ 23 Basketball- Stillman Valley QTherey 27-Mar. 2 District Tournament- V V MARCH 2 End of fourth period 5 Fifth period begins 10-17 Frosh-Soph Tournament at Franklin Center APRIL 6-7 Senior Class Play 13 End of fifth period 16 Sixth period begins 20 No school- Good Friday 23 No school- Easter Vacation 23-26 Senior trip to Washington, D. C. MAY 12 Junior-Senior Banquet 18 Honors Night 27 Baccalaureate 29 No school- Teachers complete records 30 No school- Memorial Day, Commencement 31 Report Cards and School Picnic A As is the head to the Cardinal So are teachers and board to the school 00 Board of Education STANDING -Paul Moring, Lester Schneiderman, Robert Smith, Howard Scott. SEATED - John I. Masterson Gerald Duitsman, Onne A. DeWall, Earl J. Link, Edward Ackerman. The Forreston Community High School, District No. 219, was organized in the spring of 1937. The five board members elected then were: Onne A. DeWall, Earl J. Link, Herman Frey, Walter Kaney, and Clarence Rademaker. J. E. Fisher was employed to serve as clerk. Two of the original five are still mem- bers: Onne A. DeWall and Earl J. Link. Oscar Vietmeier replaced Clarence Rademaker in August, 1940, when the latter moved to Polo. Warren Kaney was elected in April, 1948, to succeed his father, Walter, who retired. J. E. Fisher served as clerk until April, 1944, when he retired following 44 years of consecutive service on Forreston school boards. He was succeeded by B. H. Unangst who served until May, 1954. G. R. Duitsman, the present secretary, succeeded Mr. Unangst. In 1954, a new state law became effective whereby two members were added to make a seven man board. In April, 1954, Warren Kaney was re-elected to a three year term and two new men were added: Paul Moring and Howard Scott. Glen McGraw replaced Herman Frey in 1956g Edward Ackerman took Warren Kaney's place in 19575 and Lester Schneiderman replaced Oscar Vietmeier in 1958. In 1959 Robert Smith replaced Glen McGraw, who was planning to move to Rockford. In 1960 Moring, Scott, and Ackerman were re-elected for three year terms, and in 1961 Lester Schneiderman and Onne A. DeWall were re-elected for three year terms. Faculty SEATED-Mrs. Lusardi, Mrs. Grande, Mrs. Amsrud, Mrs. Ellis, Mrs. Ziegler, Mrs. Frederick, Mrs. Capps, Mrs. Brinkmeier. STANDING- Mr. Carpenter, Mr.Brinkmeier,Mr. Erickson, Mr. Finch, Mr. Egan, Mr. Frederick, Mr. Kickert, Mr. VanNess, Mr. Farley, Mr. Masterson. Thirteen full-time instructors and four at part-time make up the FCHS teaching staff. Mrs. Ziegler and Mrs. Frederick come each morning-the former to teach freshman English plus one class of junior English and the latter to handle girls' PE classes. Mrs. Ellis comes in the afternoon to teach shorthand, economics, and general math. Mrs. Amsrud is here each day at 11:30 for band or boys' chorus and parts of other days for chorus and lessons. She also has band practice every Wednesday night. Mr. Farley and Mr. Kickert are new to our school, having succeeded to posts vacated by Mrs. Mc- Avin and Mr. Hendee. Mr. Farley has a master's degree and Mr. Kickert is well advanced on his require- ments for the master's degree. Seven teachers have master's degrees and three more have made marked progress toward that goal. Mrs. Brinkmeier is the capable and efficient office secretary. She also has charge of the Board of Education bookkeeping this year. JOHN I. MASTERSON Mt. Morris College B.A,g Northwestern M.A. Superintendent, Algebra I ROBERT E. BRINKMEIER Bradley University B. S. Physical Education, Athletic Director and Coach FACULTY WILLARD VanNESS Illinois State Normal University B. Ed. Typing I andII, Sophomore Typing, Book- keeping, Class Adviser, Track Coach rf' 19 sr W f fs 1' l 122ffif-ffiiizvirilzssafliit i'-1 ' Wd 1:13295g?j15fQ'-xiao'simgeii' Q' l ' w.,,.,.. ,.,,.. -Q ., , 1 A as I lg' ,' senate: W NW BETH D. AMSRUD School of Musicg Northwestern M.M. Band and Glee Clubs MILDRED M. CAPPS Mt. Morris College B.A. English II and IV, Librarian, Junior Play WILLIAM F. EGAN JEANNETTE B. ELLIS ARTHUR B. CARPENTER Northern Illinois State College B.A. and M.A. Industrial Arts, Counseling, Class Ad- viser FRED A. ERICKSON N0I'f'he1'H I11iI10iS U11iV91'SitY B-S-Ed-5 Whitewater State Teacher's College B. Wisconsin State College B.S. M.S.Ed. Ed. General Science, Chemistry, Football, Driver Edl1Cati0I1. IHdl1StI'iP11 ANS. AS- Shorthand, Economics, Business Arith- Class Adviser sistant Coach, Class Adviser metic, General Mathematics, Librarian ,,,m.,,., ,. A 9 ., Y , ,, 5 1- agp 4' ilvE"Z5?w a if wi l r ,, ,, .l,.. .:::.:2f- f ,,, ,,,...,,,,,. ,. ,, , ,, , ,, ,, 2 , ' Y ' ii " 'B of ma, V , Ik, li, M ' mga- if ' fm 1,5-f 1' ,,,, 1- QQ J I Q E , H EN' ah ' f xt.: ,qi 5 E egg Q - 9 Q E334 fig! A 31 M 'H in ,L f fhfg 51 sif22212wsfD2. 4f-J - V 4 zgefgggffffil -1- 1 -361 5 my 5 -w H 3 3 3 N5 eizfw i 4 K -Q 'Q' g PQ Mig M ' Nf- Si ' 1, , , 2 iq. as 1 t ,-,- my My QSEK n .1 K. -Jia: G 1 531 M 2 get-M. , , fi' --ff- wav tg Riff.. I Q M51 5.2!t,fv,4, X 5 I . 'f . . 1 !1.,..w.L,q. 9 .-'gi , . S' 231 'r uff' Jai-,fix 'i" 1-gif?" ,X-'m"'i 'Shi ik., . :Mio ,I--1-Z'g,"'2 -aa, i2f'n4a'1-'a sfmy MZ.-.a, I 'I Il!! I 'I if JOHN F. FARLEY DEAN K. FINCH University of Nebraska B.S.: Northwest- University of Illinois B.S. ern University M.A. Agriculture I, II, III: FFA Adviser U.S. History, World History, Speech, Senior Play, School News Adviser misss DOIS FREDERICK VIRGINIA GRANDE Illinois State Normal B.S. Ed. Beloit A.B. Physical Education, GAA Adviser Latin I and II, English III is i LAUREN FREDERICK Illinois State Normal B.S. Ed.: Uni versity of Michigan M.A. Plane Geometry, Algebra ll, Trigono metry, Physics LEE G. KICKERT Calvin College A.B. General Biology, Advanced Biology RUTH E. LUSARDI VERA MAY ZIEGLER Iowa State University B.S. Manchester College B.S. Home Economics I, II, IIIQ FHA Ad- English I and III viser INEZ BRINKMEIER Browns' Business College Office Secretary Auxiliary faff Oh good! Spuds for dinner! "Temperchure !' Mrs. Snapp, Mrs. Vogt, Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Kaney. Mrs. Johnson. Make mine one billion! Lights out! Time out for a picture! Mrs. Brinkmeier. Jack Freasman. MIS- MGROD- Snow, snow, and more snow! The Line-Up! Homer Smith and Lawrence Ascher, Ray Bolen, Lawrence Ascher, Donald Koch, LeRoy Foikerts, Frank Watry, Fred Vietmeier, Clarence Sorn, Dave Snap. QOne bus missed the photo.J SXWAenf The sturdy, yet streamlined and steady Cardinal is symbolic of our own sturdy student group. President Adviser Vice-president GAYLE SCHNEIDERMAN -Always joy and laughter when she's around. FHA 1,2,3,4, Degrees 1,23 Band 1,2,3,43 Girls' Chorus 1,43 Music Contest 3,4Q Speech Contest 33 Class Play 33 School News 39A11.t1l1a1Sta.ff4. I' Co-treasurers NOR MA ANDER- BERG-Joy springs from this fountain of youth. FHA 1,2,3,4, Degrees 1,2, Officer 2,3,43 Pep Club 1,2,3, 4, Officer 43 Girls' Chorus 1,2,3,4, Offic- er 23 Choir 1,2,3,4Q Band 1,2,3,4, Officer 33 Pep Band 1,2,3,4Q Music Contest 2,4Q Li- brarian 43 Class Play 33 Homecoming Atten- dant 1,43 FFA-FHA Queen 43 Annual Staff 1,3,43 YFC 1,2,3, Of- LARRY STEIN- "Pm just as big for me," said he, "as you are big for you." FFA 1, Greenhand Degree 13 Track 1,2,33 Basket- ball 1,2,33 Cross Country 2,3,4Q Athletic Manager 4g Student Council 23 Annual Staff 43 School News 3. LYLE COFFMAN- Steady, "sincere, but not slow. FFA 1,2,3,4, Officer , 2,3,45 State FFA Convention 23 State FFA Chorus 3, 43 Greenhand Degree 13 Chapter Farmer Degree 23 FFA Lead- ership Training School 2,43 FFA Parliament- ary Procedure Team 2,33 Grain Judging Team 13 Soil Judging Team 43 Fatstock Judg'ing1 Team 43 FFA Production Awards 3, 43 FFA Outstanding Greenhand 13 FFA- FHA 'King 3,43 Foot- ball 1,2,3,43 Basket- ball 1,22 Baseball 1,2, ficer 23 Class Officer 23 DAR 4. JUDITH ASCHE-A variety of all things forms a pleasure. Band 1,2,3,43 Girls' Chorus 1,2,3,43 Choir 1,2,3,43 Pep Band 1,2,3,43 Pep Club 1,2,33 GAA 1,2,43 FHA 1,2,3, Degrees 1,2Q District Music Con- test 1,2,3,4I State Music Contest 2,31 An- nual Staff 43 Class Play 3. 3,43 'Track 1,2,33 Cross Country 13Band 1,2,3,43 Boys' Chorus JOANN BORNEMEIER-It's nice to be ua- tural when you're naturally nice. GAA 1, 2,32 Pep Club 1,2,3,43 YFC 1,2,33 Girls' Chorus 1,2,3,4Q Class Play 33 Annual Staff 43 School News Editor 4. Secretary 955 1,2,3,43 Choir 1,2,3,43 District Music Contest 1,2,3 ,43 State Music Contest 1,2,3,43 Class President 13 C l a s s Play 33 Mathematics Award 33 Boys' State 33 Boys' Quartet 2,3,43 Annual Staff 4. RANDALL BOLEN-A smile for all to see. Annual Staff 4. JERRENE BORCHERS-She makes every moment count. Band 1,2,3,45 District Mu- sic Contest 2,35 Girls' Chorus 1,2,3,45 Cheerleader 1,2,3,45 Pep Club 1,2,3,45 Cheerleading Clinic 3,45 FHA 1,2,3,4,De- grees 1,25 GAA 1,2,3,45 Librarian 45 School News 25 Annual Staff 4. STEVE BORCHERS- Never trouble trouble, till trouble troubles you. Annual Staff 45 Basketball 1,25 Football 2. KERMIT DANXELS-Joking and laughing is my hobby-work is my vocation. FFA 1,2, 3,4, Greenhand Degree 1, Chapter Farm- er 2, Officer 35 FFA Parliamentary Pro- cedure Team 1,2,35 FFA Judging Team l,2,35 Football 3,45 Basketball 35 Band 1,2,35 Chorus 1,2,3,4: Choir 1,2,3,45 An- nual Staff 4. ROBERT De VRIE S- Good nature and good sense must always join. Basketball 1,2, 3,45 Baseball 1,2,3,45 Cross Country 2,3,45 Track 1,25 Buys' Cho- rus 15 Band 1,2,3,45 District Music Contest 45 FFA 1,2,3,4,0fficer 3,4, Greenhand Degree 1, Chapter Farmer 25 Section Judging Con- test 1,2,3,45 State Judging Contest 2,3 ,45 State Delegate 35 FFA- FHA King and Queen Party Attendant 3,45 Production Awards 3, 4: Corn Yield Winner 2,3. JANE DUITSMAN-A patient worker and a sincere friend. FHA 1,2,3,4, Degree 15 GAA 1,2,3,45 Pep Club 1,2,3,45 Girls' Cho- T115 1123.49 YFC 1,2,3.4: Annual Staff 4. LLOYD FOLKERTS-Some work harder to conquer all difficulties. Baud 1,2,3,45 Boys' Chorus 1,2,3,45 Choir 1,2,3,45 Pep Band 3,45 District Music Contest 1,2,45 FFA 1, 2,3,4, Officer 3,4, Greenhand Degree 1, Chapter Farmer 25 Poultry Judging Team 15 Dairy Judging Team 25 Fatstock Judg- ing Team 35 Soil Judging Team 45 YFC Officer 3,45 School News 35 Annual Staff 4. 'X NEIL DeWALL - To all who know him he's a friend. Annual Staff 45 Athletic Manager 25 Basketball 1,2,3,43 Track 1,2535 Boys' Chorus 1,2,3,45 Choir 1,2,3,4, Officer 45 Band 1,2,3,45 Pep Band 2,35 District Music Contest 2,3,45 State Music Contest 3,45 Boys' Quartet 2,3 ,45 Class Play 3. CARL FORNEY-Strong and powerful in words and deeds. Football 1,2,3,4: Basket- ball 25 Track 1,2,35 Boys' Chorus 1,2,3,45 Choir 1,2,3,45 Annual Staff 45 FFA 1,2,4, Greenhand Degree 15 YFC 3,4, Officer 45 Boys' Quartet 2,35 FFA State Chorus 35 District Music Contest 2,3,45 All-State Chorus 15 Most Valuable Player, Foot- ball 4. age SANDRA GAGLIARDI -A personality that's DIANA GENKJNGER -Kindness is the foun- DAVID GRAFF - Learn to live and live to so sweet. FHA 1,2,3,4, Degrees 1,25 Girls' tain of youth. Girls' Chorus 1,25 FHA 15 learn. Annual Staff 4. Chorus 1,2,3,45 Choir 1,2,3,45 Class Of- ficer 2g Pep Club l,2,3,4, Officer 2,35 Band 1,2,3,4, Officer 3,45 Cheerleader 1, 2,3,45 Cheerleading Clinic 3,45 Homecom- ing Attendant 25 Homecoming Queen 45 Class Play 35 District Music Contest 1, 25 Librarian 35 Annual Staff 4. - .,.. F.. gg- sl BONITA GREVE- Quick with a smile for all to see. FHA 1,2,3, 4, Degrees 1,2,0fficer 3,45 GAA 1,2,3,4, A- wards 1,2,3,4, Officer 45 Pep Club 1,2,3,4, Officer 35 Band 1,2,3, 4, Officer 35 Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 5 Cheerleader 1,2,3,45 Cheerleading Camp 3, 45 Class Officer 25 Class Play 35 Student Council 25 GAA Lead- ership Camp 45 School News 25 Speech Con- test 2,3g YFC 1,2,35 Annual Staff 4. -15115: s 1 JUDITH HAIJENGA -Pleasure andfnn make thexworld go around. Girls' Chorus 1,2, 3.49 GAA 1,2,3,4a FHA 1,2,3,4, Degree 15 Annual Staff 45 Librarian 45 YFC 1. Librarian 34 Annual Staff 4. KARL HARMON-Always lending a help- ing hand. Annual Staff 45 Band 1,2,3,45 Baseball 2,3,45 Basketball 1,2,3,4s Class Play 35 Cross Country 2,45 FFA 1,2, 3,4, Greenhand Degree 1, Chapter Farmer 25 Poultry Judging Team 15 Dairy Judging Team 25 Chapter Production Award 35 FFA Officer 45 School News 3. CAROL HAGEMANN- Sincere, honest, and kind. FHA 1,2,3,4,De- gree 15 GAA 35 Speech Contest 45 Co-editor School News 45 Girls' Chorus 1,3 ,45 Libra- rian 45 Annual Staff 4. VIRGIL HAYUNGA-A handful of fun is better than a barrel of learning. Base- ball 1,3,45 Football 2,45 Annual Staff 4. F KAREN HOCH-A treasure of friendship LEONA HOCH-Life is too short to find she has found. Co-editor Annual 45 FHA 1, time to frown. FHA 1,2,3,4, Degrees 1,25 2,3,4, Officer 3, Degrees 1,25 GAA 1,25 Girls' Chorus 1,25 Annual Staff 4. 3,45 Girls' Chorus 1,2,3,45 Co-editor School News 35 Speech Contest 35 Class Officer 2, 35 Pep Club 1,2,3,4, Officer 2,35 Class Play Prompter 3. GERALD KANEY-A few strong instincts and a few plain words. YFC Officer 45 Class Play 35 FFA 1,2,3,4, Officer 3,4,Gree11hand Degree 1, Chapter Farmer 25 Grain Judg- ing Team 15 Poultry Judging Team 25 Fat- stock Judging 25 Farm Mechanics Award 35 Annual Staff 45 Boys, Chorus 1,2,3,45 Choir 2,3,45 Band 1,2,3,4. CARLTON JOHNSON -A varietyis the Spice of life. Football 1,2,3,45 Basketball 1,2,35 Track 1,2,35 Athletic Manager 45 Boys' Chorus 1,2,3,45 Choir 1,2,3,45 Band 1,2,3, 4, Officer 45 Class Officer 15 Pep Band 1,2,35 District Music Contest 1,2,3,45 State Music Contest 3,45 Boys' Quartet 2,3,45 Class Play 35 Annual Staff 4. PATRICIA LAMIBRECHT-Laugh and the world laughs with you. GAA 1,2,3,4, Of- PAMELA KRAMER- Wise to resolve and patient to perform. FHA 1,2,3,4, Degrees 1,25 Girls' Chorus 1, 2,3,45 Class Officer 35 Class Play 35 Libra- rian 3,45 Annual Staff 3,45 1961 Girls' State Delegate 3. HELEN KRUM-A patient and sincere ficer 45 FHA 1,2,3,4, Degree 15 Pep Club friend. FHA 1,2,3,4, Degree 15 GAA 2,3, 15 Band 1,2,3,45 Class Play 35 YFC 1,2, GEORGE LAMM-A man never knows what 45 Pep Club 2,35 Girls' Chorus 1,2,3,45 3,45 School News 35 Music Contest 3,45 he can do until he tries. School News 35 YFC 1,2 ,35 Annual Staff 4. Annual Staff 4. Annual Staff 4. BARBARA LINK-Friendly, Helpful, Act- ive - our fine FHA State President. Band 1, 2,3,45 Choir 1,2,3,45 Girls' Chorus 1,2,3, 45 District Music Contest 1,2,3,45 State Mu- sic Contest 1,2,3,45 Pep Club 1,2,3,45 GAA 1,2,3,4g Class Officer 1, Student Council 15 Librarian 33 FHA 1,2,3,4, Officer 3,4, Sec- tion Historian 3, State President 4, State Leadership Camp 3, National Convention 4, Degrees 1,2,35 Annual Staff 45 Speech Con- test 33 Class Play Prompter 3. B LARRY ME YER l Knowledge is power. Qfrlgf' Boys' Chorus 1,2,3,45 Choir 2,3 545 Track 25 gi Class President 25 District Music Contest l 3g 25 Boys' State 39 Q Speech Contest 35 An- nual Staff43 Class Play 3. 5, 1 .Q KAREN MOORE - Silence is golden. FHA 15 Annual Staff 4. GALE LUDEWIG- Speech is great, but silence is greater. Basketball 1,2,3 ,45 Cross Country 2,3 ,45 Track2,3 ,45 FFA 1,2,3, Dairy Judging Team 25 Annual Staff 4. CHERYL MALOTT- To be ready to help is one of her mottoes. FHA 1,2,3,4z GAA 1,25 Pep Club 15 Class Officer 35 Annual Staff 3,45 Band 1,2,3,45 Choir 1,2,3,4g Girls' Chorus 1,2,3,45 Class Play 3. JOANNE MILLER- Actions speak louder than words. GAA 19 FHA 15 Girls' Chorus 1,25 Band 1,25 Class 45 Librarian 4. DIANE NESEMEYER-A friend to all and all are her friends. FHA 1,2,3,4, Degrees 1,25 GAA 3,4, Awards 1,25 Pep Club 3,45 Girls' Chorus 1,2,3,45 Choir 2,3 ,45 Officer 45 Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow 4, Annual Staff 4. LINDA NEVENHOVEN-Kindness is wis- dom. FHA 1,2,3,4, Degrees 1,2, Chapter Of- ficer 4, Section Officer 43 GAA 1,2,3,4, A- wards 1,2,3,45 Girls' Chorus 1,2,3,45 Choir 1,2,3,45 Pep Club 15 Annual Staff 4. Play 3g Annual Staff MARLENE PIERSON -Wise,witty, and won- DOROTHY RATMEYER - A smile and kind derful. Pep Club 1,2,35 GAA 1,2,45 Girls' word to everyone. Girls"Chorus 1,2535 Chorus 1,2,3,45 Band 1,25 School News 45 GAA 1,2,3,4, Officer 45 FHA 1,2,3,45 Pep librarian 45 Annual Staff 45 Class Ofiicer Club 1,2,35 YFC l,2,3,45 Music Contest 1. 15 Homecoming Attendant 3. DONNA RAYMOND-Slow in her ways, but it usually pays. FHA 1,2,3,45 GAA 1,2,3,45 Girls' Chorus 1,2,3,45 YFC 1,2,3,45 Pep Club 1,2,35 Class Play 35 Speech Contest 35 School News 3. ROSEANN RAYMOND- Quiet but not idle. GAA 1,25 FHA 15 Librarian 45 Annual Staff 4. LYLE ROBINSON-No- body would ever sup- pose it, butlamnatur- ally bashful. For- reston: Basketball 3, 45 Football 3,45 Track 3.4. Shannon: Basket- ball 1,25 Track 1,25 Pep Club 1,25 Hi-fi Club 1,25 Librarian 2. NANCY ROGERS-You'd know her by the merriment that sparkles in her eyes. Girls' Chorus 153,45 YFC 1,25 School News 35 GAA 35 Pep Club 1,2,35 Choir 45 Annual Staff 4. DARLENE ROSS-Her heart is like a sta- tion wagon-always room for one more. Band 1,2,3,45 Choir 1,2,3,45 Girls' Chorus 1,2,3,45 District Music Contest 2,3,45 State Music Contest 35 FHA 1,2,3,4, Degree 1,25 Pep Club 1,2,3,45 YFC 1,2,35 School News 35 Class Play 35 Annual Staff 4. FAYE RUTER-Always pleasant in her ways. Girls' Chorus 1,2,3,45 FHA 1,2,3,4, Degree 15 School News 35 Annual Staff 4. MIKE SCOTT - Two gentlemen rolled into one. Boys' Chorus 1, 2,3,45 Choir 1,2,3,45 Track 1,2,35 Basket- ball 1,2,3,45 Football 1,2,3,45 Baseball 1,45 Band 1,2,3,45 District Music Contest 1,2,3,45 State Music Contest 1, 2,35 Class Officer 35 Boys' State 35 Home- coming Attendant 45 Class Play 35 Annual Staff 4. BETH SMITH-One good turn deserves an- 1 other. FHA 45 GAA 2, , 3,45 Librarian45Class 1 Play 35 School News 35 Annual Staff 4. 1 CAROL STUKENBERG-A certain alumnus fascinates her. Band 15 Girls' Chorus 2,35 Pep Club 1,25 GAA 1,2,35 FHA 1,2,3,45 FHA Week Queen 25 Student Board Presi- dent 45 Annual Staff 4. GERALD STUKENBERG-The word "im- possible" is not in my dictionary. Foot- ball 1,2,3,45 Basketball 1,2,3,45 Baseball 1,2,3,45 Track 1,2,35 Boys' Chorus 3,45 Boys' State 35 Speech Contest 35 Class Play 39 Homecoming King Attendant 25 Homecom- ing King 45 Annual Staff 4. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 LYLE TEMPEL-In spring a young 1nan's heart turns to light fancy. Forreston: Bas- ' ketball 3,45 FFA 3, Officer 33 FFA Produc- tion Award 35 Annual Staff 4. Freeport: Basketball 1,25 Football 1,25 Home Room Officer 15 Track 15 FFA Greenhand De- 4 gree 1, Chapter Farmer 2. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 FRED WIEDER - 5 HOLTZ - Never a dull moment when he's a- round. Choir 1,2,3,45 Boys' Chorus 1,2,3,45 Track 1,2,3,45 Cross Country 35 Football 45 Class Play 35 Home- coming Attendant 35 Annual Staff 4. DIANNE WILEY- Good-natured, b u s y, and friendly. Annual Co-editor 45 Class President 3: 5011001 News 35 FHA 1,2,3,4, Degrees 1,25 GAA 3, 4, Awards 3,45 Pep ' Club 1,2,3,45 Band 1, 2,3,45 Officer 45 Girls' Chorus 1,2,3,45 Choir 1,2,3,45 Music Contest . 1,2,3,4g YFC 35 Class Play 3. Class Colors Minl green and while Class Flowers-Minl green Spider Mum Class Mollo Dare lo have a purpose lirm, Dare lo make il known. Class Poem- "Dare to Have a Purpose Firm, Dare to Make it Known." We started school as freshmen "gr This motto was a challenge keen. A phrase by which we have worked And have learned. We advanced, and then our thoughts To graduation turned. Now as our years as students end, Forever we have made a friend. That friend - ' 'our purpose" is Knowledge true. We will "dare to make it known In everything we do. Our futures hold a lot -we know. Commencement is our final show. We will wait for another "Purpose firm." We know that there are always Many more things to learn. JoAnne Miller een! CLASS GIFT -The Class of 1962 purchased a re frigerated drinking fountain for the school At present, it is undecided where this fountain will be placed. The class feels that this is agift which can be used for many years. enior Class History August 29, 1958, was a memorable day for one of the largest classes of freshmen ever to enter Forreston Community High School. There were sixty-four of these vivacious freshmen whose names were: Gary Abels, Norma Anderberg, Judy Asche, George Baal, Leon Bogue, Jerrene Borchers, Steve Borchers, Joann Bornemeier, Kathleen Brunson, Lyle Coffman, Esther Dale, Kermit Daniels, Robert DeVries, Neil DeWall, Jane Duitsman, Lloyd Folkerts, Carl Forney, Sandra Gagliardi, Diana Genkinger, David Graff, Bonita Greve, Carol Hagemann, Judith Haijenga, Sandra Hammer, Karl Harmon, Virgil Hayunga, Karen Hoch, Leona Hoch, Larry Janssen, Carlton Johnson, Linda Kaderly, Gerald Kaney, Pamela Kramer, Helen Krum, Patricia Lambrecht, George Lamm, Barbara Link, Gale Ludewig, Cheryl Malott, Larry Meyer, JoAnne Miller, Karen Moore, Diane Nesemeyer, Linda Nevenhoven, Leta Pierce, Marlene Pierson, Dorothy Ratmeyer, Donna Raymond, Lyle Raymond,Roseann Raymond, Darlene Ross, Faye Ruter, Paul Sanders, Gayle Schneiderman, Michael Scott, Leland Shellhouse, Beth Smith, Larry Stein, Carol Stukenberg, Gerald Stukenberg, Rita Suess, Franklin Wahl, Frederick Wiederholtz, and Dianne Wiley. During the year, we lost JoAnne Miller, Leta Pierce, Paul Sanders, and Rita Suess, and we gained Randy Babcock, Norman Newbury, and Nancy Rogers. JoAnne Miller returned later in the year after spending a few months in Florida. Our class officers for the freshman year were: President .... ..... L yle Coffman Vice-president .... . . . Barbara Link Secretary .... .... C arlton Johnson Treasurer .... .... M arlene Pierson During the year we entered a float in the Sauerkraut Day Parade, sold magazines, and had several bake sales as money-making projects. In the fall of 1959 our class roll showed sixty-five members. George Baal, Leon Bogue, Esther Dale, and Lyle Raymond had not returned,but Randall Bolen, Curtis Newbury, Leta Pierce, and Edgar Ruter were new members. During the year, we lost Kathleen Brunson, Sandra Hammer, and Leta Pierceg but we gained Jay Koeller. Our sophomore officers were: President ....... . . . Larry Meyer Vice-president . . . Bonita Greve Secretary . . Norma Anderberg Co-Treasurers .... . . . Sandra Gagliardi Karen Hoch We again entered a float in the Sauerkraut Day Parade and had a stand. Other activities to fatten our treasury were magazine sales, bake sales, and car washes. In the fall of 1960 our class enrollment dropped to fifty-five. Norman and Curtis Newbury, Edgar Ruter, Leland Shellhouse, and Franklin Wahl had not returned. A pair of Lyles, the Towering Tempel and brunette Robinson, were new members. During the year we lost Linda Kaderly. The Junior Class officers were: President ........... Dianne Wiley Vice-president . . . Karen Hoch Secretary . . . Pamela Kramer Co-Treasurers ......... Cheryl Malott Michael Scott We entered another float in the Sauerkraut Day Parade and had a food stand. During the year we sold Cardinal folios, had a car wash, sold food at the football and basketball games, had bake sales and several "sock hops" after home games. On November 11 and 12 the Junior Class presented three one- act plays which were directed by Mrs. Capps. They were "The Uninvited Ghost," "The Storm," and "Don't Kiss Her Now." We were hosts for the 1961 prom which took place in the beautifully decorated gym. The theme was "Hawaiian Holiday" with the music by the Ray Bianchi Orchestra. In the fall of 1961 we entered school with fifty-three seniors. New members of our class were Carol and Richard Allen, and Sharon Henry. These three members were with us for only a few months. Four others made up deficiencies to be eligible for graduation by May. The Senior Class officers were: President ....... . Gayle Schneiderman Vice-president .... .... L arry Stein Secretary . . Joann Bornemeier Co-Treasurers ....... Norma Anderberg Lyle Coffman Our class Adviser for all four years was Mr. VanNess. During the year we had several bake sales, sold ice cream at basketball games, sold Cardinal folios, and served the Alumni Banquet. The Homecoming Dance theme was "Black Magic" with music provided by Ray Bianchi. An artistic job of decorating was done in the gym. Our many activities gave us a fair-sized treasury and we made plans for our senior trip right after Easter to Washington, D.C. Our senior class play, directed by Mr. Farley, was presented April 6 and 7. Thus we leave 'fdear old FCHS" as a class of graduates looking forward to a brilliant future with these treasured memories to carry with us. ienior Class Prophecy It is a warm autumn daywhen two '62 Forreston graduates enter the Gala Davine, an elegant restaur- ant on New York City's famous 5th Avenue. As Pat Lambrecht and Neil DeWall enter they are greeted by the manager, Gayle Schneiderman. The following conversation is quite revealing in regard to members of the illustrious Class of '62, Gayle: Well, hi, Pat! Neil! It surely has been a long time! What are you doing in New York? How's the star reporter for the New York Times? Pat: Just great! I've been assigned to cover the opening of the "Gala Davine." Neil: Yeh, and I've assigned myself to sample the cooking. I've just finished the drawings for the Interior Decorating School. Norma Anderberg is going to be the general manager. Gayle: She's come a long way in the six years we've been out of high school. Pat: Yes, she has. Gayle, did you hear that Lloyd Folkerts is in town, too? He's opening at Carnegie Hall next week, giving his star performance on the cornet. Neil: What happened to Larry Meyers and Kermit Daniels after they finished college? Pat: They both started a business of their own. Gayle: Pat, did Carol Hagemann and Judy Haijenga get the secretarial jobs that they applied for? Pat: Yes, a month after graduation. Jane Duitsman, Leona Hoch and Helen Krum are employed in an office, also. Neil: What happened to Mike Scott and Darlene Ross? Gayle: I got a letter last week from Mrs. Michael Scott saying that they are in Wisconsin. Mike's drawing plans for General Motors, now. Pat: How's Lyle Temple doing at Cordova? Neil: He's still tramping the old gas pedal. He came in first place two weeks ago in the Grand Champion Sweepstakes. Gayle: Say, I read in the Times that Bob DeVries raised and showed the World Champion Landrace Hog. Speaking of FFA boys, what happened to Lyle Coffman? Neil: Lyle owns his own cattle ranch now. Pat: From the news I hear, he and Joann got married. Neil: Carlton Johnson is running his own barbershop in Forreston. Coach Carl Forney is scheduled to appear at the Rose Bowl next month. Bonita Greve is going to be featured there, too, on the International Cheerleading Squad. Pat: I received word from Lyle Robinson last Monday that he likes the Navy quite well. He's been promoted to Chief and is awaiting orders to embark for Hawaii. Gayle: Is Steve Borchers enlisted in the Navy yet? Pat: No, he's back in German Valley. He's running Borcher Bros. now. Neil: What ever happened to Jerrene Borchers and Larry Stein? Gayle: Jerrene is doing experimental work as head lab technician at Iowa State. Larry took over the Stein Bros. after his father retired. I received a letter from Faye Ruter last Wednesday. She said that George Lamm, Gale Ludewig, and Randall Bolen have farms of their own back in the old home state. Faye is enjoying the farm life, too. Pat: We've got a big wheel in Washington, D. C. Neil: Who's that? Pat: Barb Link. She heads the National FHA Department. Neil: Did Judy Asche ever make it to Canada? 1 Pat: She surely did. She's teaching Phys. Ed. classes in that new iron ore region near the Arctic Circ e. Gayle: Has Sandy Gagliardi graduated from nurse's training? Neil: When I stopped at the Standard Station in Forreston Jerry Stukenberg told me she is working at Dixon State Hospital and she is really happy with her work. Gale: Pam Kramer is working at Rockford Memorial Hospital. Is Linda Nevenhoven or Cheryl Malott working at Freeport Memorial Hospital? Pat: Linda is, but Cheryl has become a surgical nurse and is working in Chicago. Pat: I read an article in "Look" Magazine featuring outstanding beauticians in America. They gave honorable mentions to JoAnne Miller, Diane Nesemeyer, Marlene Pierson and Carol Stukenberg. They all have their own shops. Gayle: When will that program for the armed forces be put on here in New York City? Pat: I'm assigned to cover that, too. It's scheduled for December 23. It is supposed to be quite a spectacular with the "Ladies in Uniform" giving the performance. Donna Raymond, Karen Moore, and Beth Smith are to participate and Dianne Wiley is going to take time out from her Corrective Speaking School to M.C. the program. Karl Harmon is stationed in the Phillipines at our Air Force Base there. Gayle: Out of a class of fifty-four, we have three who went into the field of religion. Neil: Who else besides Gerry Kaney, an agricultural missionary? Gayle: Well, Roseann Raymond is in the foreign fields, and Dorothy Ratmeyer is teaching and helping to preserve Freedom of Religion here in the States. Neil: What became of Dave Graff's jokes? Pat: He's still leaving his friends in stitches. Neil: How is Virgil Hayunga? Gayle: Virgil owns and operates his own garage. Pat: Karen Hoch is teaching now, isn't she? Gayle: Yes, she teaches an elementary class in a small school in Texas. Neil: Are Diane QGenkingerJ Murray and Nancy fRogersJ Waack still arotuid Forreston? Gayle: Yes, they have their own families now and are very happy. And did you hear about Fred Wiederholtz? He began to help his father repair rifles and now he has developed a special rifle that our next astronaut will take along to the moon. Pat: Look at the time. I've got to run. I've got a story to write. Sure glad we ran into each other, Neil. Good luck on the restaurant, Gayle. I'll see you around. Good-bye. Neil: Bye, Pat. Say, how about my food! Gayle: Coming right up. enior Class Will I, NORMA ANDERBERG, bequeath my friendly smile to Barbara Ackerman. I, JUDITH ASCHE, bequeath my tardiness from the cafeteria to Lana Bruning. I, RANDALL BOLEN, bequeath my ability - -on second thought, I'd better keep it. I, JERRENE BORCHERS, bequeath my ability to get Freeport boys to Lana Scheider. I, STEVE BORCHERS, bequeath the water tower shadows to Lynn Greenfield. I, JOANN BORNEMEIER, bequeath my ability to operate a cash register to Sandra Miller. I, LYLE COFFMAN, bequeath my football playing ability to Dan Abbas. I, KERMIT DANIELS, bequeath my good driving standard to George Arjes. I, ROBERT DeVRIES, bequeath my FFA awards to Larry Sluiter. I, NEIL DeWALL, bequeath my "hot rod Chevy" to Robert Beightol. I, JANE DUITSMAN, bequeath my city cruising to Joyce Dentler. I, LLOYD FOLKERTS, bequeath my cornet to Jim Schneiderman. I, CARL FORNEY, leave my touchdown runs to Jim Janssen. I, SANDRA GAGLIARDI, bequeath my silly giggle to Clarene Poppen. I, DIANA GENKINGER, bequeath my ability to get out-of-town boyfriends to Diana Trei. I, DAVE GRAFF, bequeath the 5:00 A.M. chores at Wubbenas to my brother Paul. I, BONITA GREVE, bequeath my cheerleading ability to Sharon Kaney. l, CAROL HAGEMANN, bequeath my shyness to any bashful freshman. I, JUDITH HAIJENGA, bequeath my humorous laugh to Joyce Kaney. I, KARL HARMON, bequeath my nickname of "Hercules" to Greg Haack so that he may lmow the under- standing of work better. I, VIRGIL HAYUNGA, bequeath my empty locker to Bev Bornemeier for next year. I, KAREN HOCH, bequeath my ability to talk to Mary Klipping, that silent, solemn sophomore. I, LEONA HOCH, bequeath my tender voice to Sue Ross. I, CARLTON JOHNSON, bequeath my ability to wreck "Chevies" to Daryl Moring. I, GERALD KANEY, bequeath my wholesome speaking voice to Gordon Ashton. I, PAMELA KRAMER, bequeath my ability to concenrate in study halls to Drew Duitsmang may he learn to use it. I, HELEN KRUM, bequeath my liking for candy to Barbara Bradbury. I, PATRICIA LAMBRECHT, bequeath my homemade humor to Julie Miller. I, GEORGE LAMM, bequeath my basketball shooting to Tom Kriens. I, BARBARA LINK, bequeath my FHA awards to Judy Kielman. I, GALE LUDEWIG, bequeath my nickname of "Wilt" to "Chester" Ross. I, CHERYL MALOTT, bequeath my old Ford to Doris Kochsmeier. I, LARRY MEYER, bequeath my ability to reason to David Klipping. I, JoANNE MILLER, bequeath my hair dye to Doris Harrenstein. I, KAREN MOORE, bequeath my quietness to Beverly Bornemeier. I, DIANE NESEMEYER, bequeath half my height to Julie Runte, so she can see the world. I, LINDA N EVENHOVEN , bequeath my ability to get boyfriends to Judy Schoonhoven. I, MARLENE PIERSON, bequeath my hearty laugh to Carol Sue Sprague. I, DOROTHY RATMEYER, bequeath my red hair to Sandy Zumdahl. I, DONNA RAYMOND, bequeath my ability to disagree with anyone who wants it. I, ROSEANN RAYMOND, bequeath my slim figure to Patty Zumdahl. I, LYLE ROBINSON, bequeath my well worn books to DuWayne Everts, that over-worked junior. I, NANCY ROGERS, bequeath my talkative attitude to Jane Abels, that quiet Freshie. I, DARLENE ROSS, bequeath my boisterous laughter to Linda Pasch, that quiet Baileyville miss. I, FAYE RUTER, bequeath my working hours in the cafeteria to Jill Ross. I, GAYLE SCHNEIDERMAN , bequeath my out-of-town boyfriend to Marcia Wubbena. I, MICHAEL SCOTT, bequeath my ability to ride a motorcylce to German Valley to Arlyn Zimmerman. I, BETH SMITH, bequeath my quiet giggles to Bonnie Eckhof. I, LARRY STEIN, bequeath my exalted position of "Mayor of German Valley" to Don Schneider. I, CAROL STUKENBERG, bequeath my ability as a beauty operator to Betty Duitsman. I, GERALD STUKENBERG, bequeath my ability to be an all-around-athlete to Dick Stocker. I, LYLE TEMPEL, bequeath my rebounding ability to "Sam" Meinert. I, FRED WIEDERHOLTZ, bequeath my chivalrous behavior to Rich Gronewold,--this doesn't mean a Chevrolet! I, DIANNE WILEY, bequeath my ability to make up ideas to Judy Buisker. TO MRS. LUSARDI we leave all of the food we burned this year. TO MR. FARLEY we leave our pen, ink, and unanswered history questions. TO MRS. ELLIS we leave our noisy study halls. TO MRS. CAPPS we leave Shakespeare and all his weighty words. TO MR. FREDERICK we leave our "polished up" slide rules. TO MR. ERICKSON we leave our muddy football games, along with fond memories of chemistry. TO MRS. FREDERICK we leave our many PE exercises, hikes, bowling, and GAA affairs. TO MRS. ZIEGLER we leave our word definitions, the King's English, and themes. TO MRS. GRANDE we leave our many late themes and Caesar's Gallic Wars. TO MR. BRINKMEIER we leave our cheering support at the basketball games. TO MRS. AMSRUD we leave our unforgotten music lessons. TO MR. VanNESS we leave our tardy slips, typing lessons, and bookkeeping tests. TO MR. EGAN we leave our dents and scratches on the Driver Ed car, - - also Judy and Bradley for a bonus. TO MR. CARPENTER we leave all of our counseling books and helpful college hints. TO MR. KICKERT we leave many extra frogs, grasshoppers, earthworms, and memories of interesting biology. TO MR. FINCH we leave a quiet sixth hour study hall and all new ideas in modern agriculture. TO MR. MASTERSON we leave our many questions and problems. TO MRS. BRINKMEIER we leave our telephone calls, lost report cards, sums of class money, typing paper purchases, and lost and found items. A TO MRS. MELTON we leave our long lost meal tickets. TO MRS. JOHNSON we leave our many aches, pains, aspirins, and fever thermometers. TO THE COOKS we leave our suggestions for tasty meals and promise no more gripes anywhere. TO THE JANITORS we leave all the dirt that we have drug into the school- -and the assurance we shall always remember our clean building. TO THE BUS DRIVERS we leave the memory of our lusty singing on athletic trips and stacks of books on the bus in mornings and evenings. Boys' 8. Girls' S ate FRONT ROW- Lyle Coffman, Pam Kramer, Mike Scott. BACK ROW - Larry Meyer, Jerry Stukenberg Premier Boys' State was held from June 25 to July 21, 1961. Four boys from F.C.H.S. went to the State Fair Grounds at Springfield, Illinois. They were Lyle Coffman, Larry Meyer, Mike Scott, and Jerry Stukenberg. While there, they learned how our government is organized at county, city, and state levels. lt was an experience they will never forget, especially the daily marching. Girls' State was held this year at Jacksonville, Illinois. The delegate from our school was Pam Kramer. The girls, also, learned about government. They held an election, and Pam was chosen Senator. YS' Junior Class FRONT ROW -Nancy Hunziker, Joyce Dentler, JoAnn Heeren,Don Schneider, Betty Duitsman, Jerry Kaney, John Kitzmiller, Judy Shelly, Lana Scheider, Mr. Erickson.ROW 2 - Marcia Wubbena, Joanne Forney, Mari- lyn Miller, Tommy Kriens, Ronald Empen, Gordon Ashton, Robert Fansler, Sandy Zumdahl, Nancy Rosen- baum. ROW 3-Jean Schneiderman, Darlene Stein, Paul Swalve, Paul Graff, Gerald Groenewold, George Arjes, Richard Mertz, Gerald Vietmeier, Electa Trei, Clarene Poppen. ROW 4 -Sandra Miller, Julie Miller, Leighton Duitsman, Dick Leerhoff, Larry Frey, Roy Rummel, Mickey Dwyer, Judy Kielman, Diana Trei. BACK ROW-Diane Ruter, Doris Kochsmeier, Paul Ruter, Richard Gronewold, John Kutz, Daryl Moring, Gene Simmons, DuWayne Everts, Karen Schrader, Pauline Heeren. Ronald Alberts and Arlyn Zimmerman were absent when photos were taken. The juniors had the concession stands at the football and basketball games to earn money. They really had a big week during our Christmas Holiday Tourney when they sold over 31,000 worth of food and pop during the five-day session. Several mothers helped a lot at games and dur- ing the tourney. Their room mothers were Mrs. Simmons and Mrs. Rosenbaum. Mr. Ericksonwas the Adviser. At the beginning of the school year there were fifty-three juniors enrolled. The officers elected for the year were: President . . . Richard Gronewold Vice-president . . . Judith Kielman Secretary . . Sandra Zumdahl Co-Treasurers JoAnn Heeren Paul Swalve LE FT TO RIGHT - Mr. Erickson, Adviser, Sandy Zumdahl, Paul Swalve, Rich Gronewold, Judy Kielman, Jo Ann Heeren. Junior Interviews GARY "HORSE" ABELS-It is wonderful to have the strength of a giant. RONALD "RONNIE" ALBERTS - He is made into everlasting quietness. GEORGE "PORGE" ARJES-Oh, dear me, Pm just a wolf at heart. GORDON "GORDIE" ASHTON -I'll get to class on time tomorrow. JOYCE "JOYCE" DENTLER -No men, no worries, no troubles . . no fun! BETTY "BETTY" DUITSMAN - This maiden -with no other thought than to love and be loved. LEIGHTON "LEIGHT" DUITSMAN -Pm standing on the brink of a great careerg why doesn't someone push me off? MICHAEL "MICK" DWYER - The turtle got there ahead of the hareg so will I. RONALD "RON" EMPEN -If the good die young, it's a wonder I have survived this long. DuWAYNE "DuWAYNE" EVERTS -If study makes the man- give me a refund on my cradle days. ROBERT "BOB" FANSLER -I attend to my own business. LARRY "LARRY" FREY-If girls are contagious, I'll get one for sure. JOANNE "JOANNE" FORNEY -Her smiles have warmed many a heart. PAUL "PAUL" GRAFF - To study or not to study: that is the question. GERALD "JERRY" GROENEWOLD - Everything will come if a man will only wait. RICHARD "HORSE" GRONEWOLD - Has anyone seen my girl? fWhich one?J JoANN "JoANN" HEEREN -Always looking crisp and cool as if she slept on mint leaves. PAULINE "PAULINE" HEEREN - Her countenance, two big dimples and a smile NANCY "ZIK" HUNZIKER -A "small" bundle of . . Energy! JARED "COLYN" KANEY- If school be liberty, I move we impeach Patrick Henry. JUDITH "JUDY" KIE LMAN - My mamma says I'm a good little girl. JOHN "KITZ" KITZ MILLER - Big things come in little packages. DORIS "DORIS" KOCHSMEIER - Big things come in big packages, also. TOMMY "TOM" KREINS - Greater men than I have lived, but I haven't seen them yet. JOHN "JOHN" KUTZ -Steady, sure, sincere, and not so slow. DICK "RUPERT" LEERHOFF - Now hear me a littleg I've been silent so long. RICHARD "RED" MERTZ - The art of living is more like wrestling than dancing. JULIE "JULIE" MILLER -A woman with a domestic air who can sew buttons and pull hair. MARILYN "MARILYN" MILLER -A church-going girl that likes the "hims." SANDRA "SANDY" MILLER - Life is not a race, it is a "Derby," DARYL "DARYL" MORIN G - You won't find me home on Halloween. CLARENE "CLARENE" POPPEN -If opportunity knocks, boys watch out! ROSE MARIE "ROSE MARIE" ROACH -Don't rush me, boys. I have studying to do. NANCY "NANCY" ROSENBAUM-I love the wee small hours of the morning. ROY "ROY-BOY" RUMMEL - Full of jokes and that's not all. DIANE HDLANEN RUTER - She's prim and precise, a girl that's quite nice. PAUL "WALLY" RUTER-Serious and studious, yet he has a good sense of humor, and radar open doors that would bump his head. LANA "LANA" SCHEIDER -Why doesn't everyone be quiet and let me talk? DONALD "DON" SCHNEIDER - That's not mud, that's shoe polish on my pants. JEAN "JEAN" SCHNEIDERMAN -Oh myl 8:30 a.m. Can't think of pleasure again 'til 4:00 p.m. KAREN "KAREN" SCHRADER - Innocent looks are sometimes deceiving. JUDY "JUDY" SHELLY- She works the grave yard shift. GENE "GENE" SIMMONS -I got a big kick out of watching the turtles zip past at the zoo. DARLENE "DAR" STEIN -Is she talking yet or again? PAUL "BEAV" SWALVE -Why study, it only hurts your brains. DIANA "DE DE" TREI - Boys are all alike, but boys are all I like. ELECTA "ELECTA" TREI - Girls, We need spring training for our ball team. GERALD "FRITZ" VEITMEIER - Late to bed, late to rise, makes a student -or otherwise. MARCIA f'MARCIA" WUBBENA - Daddy told me I couldn't drive, now I believe him. ARLYN "ZIM" ZIMMERMAN - My ideals are like the stars, I can never reach them. SANDRA "SANDY" ZUMDAHL-A true friend and a superior student. that is permanent. to warn of ophomore Class FRONT ROW-Mr. Carpenter, Sandra Kampen, Karen Rosenbaum, Beverly Bornemeier, Eileen Buttel, Bonnie Eckhoff, Pat Renkema, Julie Roskam, Lana Bruning, Jean Knott, Julie Runte, Lynn Greenfield. ROW 2-Carol Sue Sprague, Phyllis Hagemann, Linda Pasch, Sharon Wubbena, Barbara Scheffner, Doris Vietmeier, Gwen Anderberg, Diana Alberts, Mary Klipping, Joyce DeVries, Vicki Carmichael, Judy Schoon- hoven, Wava Miller. ROW 3 -Joyce Kaney, Luaxm Meiners, Doris Harrenstein, Sandra Bolen, Drew Duits- man, Bradley Schoonhoven, Greg Haack, Dave Klipping, Patsy Zumdahl, Shirley Lawson, Joyce Birkholz, Nancy Janssen. ROW 4-Jim Drake, Dave Buttel, Terry Vogt, Bob Bowers, Ronnie Frey, Larry Pasch, Wayne Miller, Bob Raleigh, Bob Meyer, Gary Dumpman, Stanley Bomgarden, Larry Sluiter. BACK ROW - Lee Coffman, Jeree Harms, Randall Raymond, Carroll Haijenga, Harley Ludewig, Jim Janssen, Randy Schneiderman, Robert Ludewig, Larry Nevenhoven, Gale Frank, Dennis Moring, Laurence Cornelius. Last fall the sophomore class officers chosen were: President . . . Randy Schneiderman Vice-president . . Bob Bowers Secretary . . Beverly Bornemeier Treasurer . . Gwen Anderberg Mr. Carpenter was the sophomore class adviser. Mrs. Roskam and Mrs. Coffman were their room mothers for the year. The sopho- mores had a Sock Hop during the year to raise money. LEFT TO RIGHT - Bob Bowers, Gwen Anderberg, Beverly Bornemeier, Randy Schneiderman, Mr. Carpenter, Adviser. ophomore Interviews DIANA "DIANA" ALBERTS - She's usually busy- but at what may be a secret! GWEN "PROXIE" ANDERBERG - Does she, or doesn't she? JOYCE "JOYCE" BIRKHOLZ - Man, dig those cool A's! SANDRA "SANDY" BOLEN-Dig those "American Freys!" STANLEY "STAN" BOMGARDEN -Don't worry me with girlsg I've got Latin and geometry. BEVERLY "BEAVER" BORNEMEIER - Love those gravel roads! ROBERT "BOB" BOWERS-Brains and wise remarks. LANA "LANA" BRUNING - Talk is a woman's prerogative - where's my prerogative? DAVID "DAVE" BUTTEL-I know a lot, but I can't think of it. EILEEN "LENNY" BUTTEL-Wow! Dig those cool senior boys! VICKI "VIC" CARMICHAEL-If opportunity knocks, boys, watch out. LEE "TINY" COFFMAN-Say, those frosh-soph cheerleaders are really sharp! LAURENCE "LAURENCE" CORNELIUS -A man never knows what he can do until he tries. JOYCE "JOYCE" DeVRIES -All great women are dying - I don't feel so well myself. JAMES "JIM" DRAKE - Eek! Am I taking a book home?! DREW "DREW" DUITSMAN -Don't give up . . some day I'll grow, . . and glow. GARY "GARY" DUMPMAN - Beware! I'm preparing for a fast finish. BONNIE "BONNIE" ECKHOFF - Boy, are those senior guys ever sharp! GALE "GALE" FRANK-Quiet and courteous - a gentleman of the old school. RONALD "RON" FREY -I know everything and I let everyone lmow about it. LYNN "LYNN" GREENFIELD - No one knows my power -not even I. GREGORY "GRE G" HAACK - Ho - Hum. This learning bores me to death. PHYLLIS "PHYLLIS" HAGEMANN - She has a quiet look, but looks may be deceiving. CARROLL "CARROLL" HAIJENGA - Tall, dark, and say! I've got everything! JEREE "JEREE" HARMS -A handful of fun is better than a barrel of learning. DORIS "DORIS" HARRENSTEIN - If you don't like your hair color . .change it! JAMES "JIM" JANSSEN - There a little bit of bad in every good little boy. NANCY "NAN" JANSSEN -I may be new boys, but just give me time. SANDRA "SANDY" KAMPEN - Shall we take our '62 Cad or the '62 poncho? JOYCE "JOYCE" KANEY-I could be goodg I would be good-but oh, gee! DAVID "DAVE" KLIPPING -I'm a lady's man, at least that's what I keep telling myself. MARY "MARY" KLIPPING -Quiet, but far from idle. JEAN ANN "JEAN" KNOTT -Why study? It just gives you a big head. SHIRLEY "SHIRLEY" LAWSON - She's hereg I heard a giggle. HARLAN "HARLEY" LUDEWIG -If there's anything you want to know about how to get a driver's license just come to me. ROBERT "BOB" LUDEWIG- Life is too short to find time for studies. LUANN "LU" MEINERS - Full of pep and always ready to smile. ROBERT "BOB" MEYER - No one knows his thoughts -not even he. WAVA "WAVA" MILLER -Will everyone please be still and let me talk! WAYNE "TURKEY" MILLER -I hurry little and worry less, but I get there. DENNIS "DENNY" MORING - They say life is a sweet song . . so start the music. LARRY "LARRY" NEVENHOVEN -I'm wonderfulg just ask. . I'1l tell you! LARRY "LARRY" PASCH - Busy and quiet-the strong, silent type. LINDA "LINDA" PASCH - Black cherries are wonderful! ROBERT "BOB" RALEIGH - Basketball is my hobby. RANDALL "RANDY" RAYMOND - They say the good die young . .they must have missed me. PATRICIA "PAT" RENKEMA -If studying kills one young, I'Ve nothing to worry about. KAREN "KAREN" ROSENBAUM- Guess what-I'm on a diet! JULIE "JULIE" ROSKAM- Senior class rings fascinate me. JULIE "JULIE" RUNTE -Silence is great, but speech is even better. BARBARA "BARB" SCHEFFNER - She makes every moment count. RANDY "DEAC" SCHNEIDERMAN -Anybody want to go for a ride in my green Olds? BRADLEY "BRAD" SCHOONHOVEN- Come on, Judy. Let's go for a ride in the Driver Ed. car! JUDITH "JUDY" SCHOONHOVEN - To go to Winnebago, or not to go to Winnebago: that is the question!- Frankly speaking. LARRY "LARRY" SLUITER - Oh kookie! Dig that hair! CAROL SUE "SUE" SPRAGUE -Boy! are those college guys ever sharp! DORIS "DORIS" VIETMEIER - The world knows least of its greatest women. TERRY "TERRY" VOGT -We all go through school, but does school go through us? SHARON "SHARON" WUBBENA - Chicago - Here I come! PATRICIA "PAT" ZUMDAHL - The recipe to have friends is to be one. Freshman Class FRONT ROW -Kitty Tallman, Sue Ross, Diana Grabow, Larry Hagernann, Gary Krurn, Lloyd Paschal, Mr. Egan, Milton Fager, Bruce Taylor, Michael Gagliardi, Mary Graff, Linda Bornemeier, Barbara Ackerman. ROW 2 - Erma Shelly, Connie Munk, Donna Ranz, Gary Ross, Dennis Meinert, Robert Beightol, Robert Walk- er, Ivan Bolen, Ralph Derby, Judith Busker, Jill Ross, Sharon Kaney. ROW 3 - Victoria Trei, Ruth Beyer, Barbara Mertz, Duane Brockmeier, Ronald Finch, Richard Ellis, Thomas Frisbie, James Schneiderman, Richard Zettle, Dick Stocker, Anita DeWall, Donna Frey, Myrna DeVries. ROW 4 - Donna Bennett, Dianna Frey, Connie Kielman, Robert Brandenburg, Walter Mclntosh, Gerald Sorn, Earl Love, Wayne Bomgarden, Clyde Riley, Doris Duitsman, Jane Abels, Joan Daniels. BACK ROW-James Matthews, Jeffrey Moring, Donald Frager, John Brass, Daniel Abbas, Walter Nicodemus,Billy Black, Ronald Kerkhoff, Robert Swalve, Thomas Hutson, Theodore Buisker, William Duitsman. Barbara Bradbury, Dorinda DeWal1, and Edward Faulkner were absent when the photos were taken. We started our freshman year at Forreston Cornmimity High School with thirty-nine boys and twenty-six girls. During the course of the year we lost John and Richard Halfman. We gained Clyde Riley from Polo. Our class officers were as follows: President . . Jim Schneiderman Vice-president . . . Sue Ross Secretary . . . Dick Stocker Treasurer . . . Doris Duitsman Our class Adviser was Mr. Egan. LEFT TO RIGHT - Mr. Egan, Adviser, Sue Ross, Dick Stockerg Jim Schneidermang Doris Duitsman. Freshman Interviews DANIEL "DAN" ABBAS - Brains are what count. JANE "JANE" ABE LS-Now hear me a little. I've been silent so long. BARBARA "BARBIE" ACKERMAN -A little bundle of big energy. ROBERT "BOB" BEIGHTOL-If school is liberty, give me death. DONNA "DONNA" BENNETT -No boys for me. Latin is my favorite. RUTH "RUTH" BEYER -I'm really not as bashful as I look. BILLY "BILL" BLACK -Does anyone have an extra cud of gum? IVAN "IVAN" BOLEN -Why study? It only harms your brain. WAYNE "WAYNE" BOMGARDEN - Still water runs deep. LINDA "LINDA" BORNEMEIER - Big things come in small packages. BARBARA "BARBIE" BRADBURY - Little, but oh so mighty. ROBERT "BOB" BRANDENBURG - School? What's that? JOHN "JOHN" BRASS -Everyone be quiet and let me talk. DUANE "DUANE" BROCKMEIER -I know a great dealg I just don't want to show off. THEODORE "TED" BUISKER - My mother says I'm a good boy, but we know better - don't we? JUDITH "JUDY" BUSKER -Have you ever seen me out of trouble? JOAN "JOAN" DANIELS-Boys from German Valley are all right, but I prefer Forreston boys-they "Ar-jes" fine. RALPH "RALPH" DERBY - First things first - girls were here before books. MYRNA "MYRNA" DeVRIES - These long assignments! I'll have to study all night. ANITA "ANITA" DeWALL- She thinks before she speaks. DORINDA "DORI" DeWALL -She's quiet, unlike most girls. DORIS "DORIS" DUITSMAN - Full of pep and always smiling. WILLIAM "BILL" DUITSMAN -Why worry? The first hundred years are the hardest. RICHARD "RICK" ELLIS -His pleasant smile and manner are contagious. MILTON "MILT" FAGER - Heard any good jokes lately? EDWARD "ED" FAULKNER - Life is just a bowl of cherries. RONALD "RONNIE" FINCH - The only who who works with the Ag teacher every night. DONALD "DON" FRAGER - The turtle got there - so will I. DIANNA "DIANNA" FREY- Sincere, honest, and friend to everyone. DONNA "DONNA" FREY- That cheerleading is a rough business. THOMAS "TOM" FRISBE - He's really good . . at getting into trouble. MICHAEL "MIKE" GAGLIARDI - Good things come in small packages. DIANA "DIANA" GRABOW - Oh, why are men so bashful? MARY "MARY" GRAFF -If silence is golden, I'm a millionaire. LARRY "LARRY" HAGEMANN -He who talks much, thinks little. THOMAS "TOM" HUTSON - Questionpopper -he finds out what he wants to know. SHARON "SHARI" KANEY - Dutch Ditch, here I come. RONALD "RONNIE" KERKHOFF - Howdy! I-Iow'd you like to know me? I know all of the Baileyville news. CONNIE "CONNIE" KIELMAN - Miss Giggle Box of 1962. GARY "GARY" KRUM-He has a smile from molar to molar. EARL "EARL" LOVE -Hello, all you lucky girls. JAMES "JIM" MATTHEWS -Never do today what may be delayed till tomorrow. WALTER "WALT" MCINTOSH -O. K., coach, I'll bring home the bacon- I mean the pigskin. DENNIS "DENNIS" MEINERT -He specializes in basketball and concentrates on school work. BARBARA "BARB" MERTZ - She speaks, behaves, and acts as she ought. JEFFREY "JEFF" MORING-If at first you don't succeed . .let someone else do it. CONNIE "CONNIE" MUNK -Oh, that typing class! WALTER "WALLY" NICODEMUS - He's tall, dark, and . . poetic! LLOYD "LLOYD" PASCHAL- Paschal principle: If you exert pressure on a carefree boy . .he offers more resistance. DONNA "DONNA" RANZ - Too many car accidents might harm me. CLYDE "CLYDE" RILEY- Polo's gift to Forreston GARY "CHESTER" ROSS - Life's complicated - and my unique approach doesn't help any. JILL "JILL" ROSS - Calm, cool, and collected. SUE "SALLY" ROSS - Is she talking yet or again? JAMES "JIM" SCHNEIDERMAN -All great men are dying - come to think of it, I don't feel so well myself. ERMA "ERMA" SHELLY - She's quiet, but not idle. GERALD "GERRY" SORN - Beware! I may do something sensational. DICK "DICK" STOCKER -The coaches like him and so do the girls. ROBERT "BOB" SWALVE - He speaks only when he has something to say. KITTY "KITTY" TALLMAN -Yippee, it's leap year. BRUCE "BRUCE" TAYLOR - He's a friend to all. VICTORIA "VICKY" TREI -I know a lot, but I just can't think of it. ROBERT "BOB" WALKER - He is deep in thought and working toward a goal. RICHARD "RICHARD" ZETTLE - He keeps his information to himself. ludenl Council SEATED -Nancy Rosenbaum, Mary Klipping, Mr. Masterson, SharonWubbena,Karen Schrader, Nancy Hun- ziker. STANDING- Carol Stukenberg, Paul Swalve, Neil DeWall, Tom Frisbie, Drew Duitsman. The Student Council, presided over by Carol Stukenberg, meets every Thursday during the fourth hour in the Faculty Room. Freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior classes, FHA, FFA, GAA, Pep Club, athletics, and band are represented by a member chosen by each troup. Mr. Masterson is present at the meetings to give good suggestions and advice. Among the activities the Student Council put on this year were: a Christmas Party, a Valentine Day Lunch, and an Auction of Unclaimed Items. The Student Council discusses and makes decisions con- cerning the use of the gym and bulletin board, bake sales, pep sessions, Study Hall rules, and many other things that pertain to the student body. Senior Autographs if :SM M ,Q QQ H zsffif M, W MM Q ,WG HWMMM, if WW! Q Q 2 Qjjaggsiikwbx Ri pf if MM ' ,ff M522 QJ5kQ79afwim0Z9aQ7'1'w AN Q-Q., WWW WSX 0D7gS1i'?fiw0"W ,gk JP 5 wig' fwwiffw ihvf '?fyiQ NfQ 2 3573 Ni ij 34 EE Q aww' WW Gumibula Just as the Cardinal requires solid food, In like manner our minds require difficult problems and much work. Classroom cenes EE IT DIDN'T BURN! GUESS WHAT! HE KNOWS THE ANSWER Home Economics I English I CHECK YOUR PAPER, PLEASE. Algebra I KEEP YOUR HANDS IN THE AIR, THIS IS THE WAY WE CUT OUR AND DON'T WRITE ON THE COUNTER TOPS! WOOD, CUT OUR WOOD, ETC. Science I Industrial Arts I Classroom cenes THEY'RE USING THE TRY-ANGLE. CLASS, THIS IS Us - - Geometry THE FRAMEWCRK, THAT IS. Biology I READY, SET, GO! Typing Practice TIMBIERH JUST CALL Us GRACEFUL: BOYS P-E- Girls' P.E. 37 Classroom cenes AT THE MOVIES WITH MR. FREDERICK. THIS ONE WORKED! Algebra II Chemistry I HISTORY STUDENTS TODAY, STATESMEN TOMORROW. World History IT'S ALL WORK AND NO PLAY! THE F.F.A. WANTS Industrial Arts BOTH MIND AND MUSC LE Vocational Agriculture Classroom Scenes DIG THAT SHAKESPEARE! ' U.S. HISTORY PATRIOTS OF '62 English IV U.S. History STUDY HALL EAGER BEAVERS. Study Hall YOU CALL THIS CLASS? PHYSICISTS LEAD US Shorthand INTO THE SPACE AGE. Physics peech Contest STANDING-Dianne Wiley. SEATED-Carol Hagemann, Pauline Heeren, and Judy Asche. SEATED - Nancy Hunziker, Pam Kramer, Roseann Raymond, Lana Scheider, Marcia Wubbena. STANDING- Mrs. Capps, Norma Anderberg, Marlene Pierson, Pauline Heeren,Beth Smith, Jean Schneiderman, Darlene Stein, Carol Hagemann, Judy Haijenga, Judy Shelly, JoAnne Miller, Jerrene Borchers. SEATED-Marlene Pierson, Assistant Editorg Joann Bornemeier, Editorg Carol Hagemann,Assistant Editorg Mr. Farley, Adviser. STANDING-Joyce DeVries, School Calendarg Jerry Vietmeier, Gossipg Jean Schneiderman, Editorials and Featuresg DuWayne Everts, Sports Newsg Pauline Heeren, Senior Interviewsg Paul Ruter, Sports Newsg MarciaWubbena, Gossipg Colyn Kaney, English Thernesg Lana Scheid- era Senior Interviews. Pxwkxefigs, As are feet and wings to the Cardinal, So are fleet feet plus strong hands, bodies, and arms to our athletes. e Cross Country FRONT ROW-Mr. Brinkmeier, Larry Sluiter, David Klipping, Harley Ludewig, Robert Ludewig, David Buttel, Lynn Greenfield. BACK ROW- Larry Stein, Gerry Vietmeier, Bob DeVries, Daryl Moring, Lyle Tempel, Neil DeWall, Gale Ludewig, DuWayne Everts, Karl Harmon, John Kitzmiller. The 1961 Cardinal Cross Country Team "flew" through a highly successful season by winning six out of seven dual meets and placing second to Pecatonica in the Route 72 Conference Meet. The boys also placed second in one triangular meet and third in another. The frosh-soph did equally well by climaxing their season with an impressive victory in the Route 72 Meet. Larry Sluiter was the top yearling for the season, but Wayne Miller deserves much credit for his stellar performance in the Conference Meet. Wayne was a regular footballer, but he willingly traded heavy football gear for running shoes and was the first Forreston runner to enter the chute. He was third among all the conference cross country boys. Varsity letter winners were:Sen- iors-Bob DeVries, Gale Ludewig, Lar- U ry Stein, and Lyle Tempelg Juniors- John Kitzmiller, Gerald Vietmeier, and DuWayne Everts. Tempel and Ludewig were probably the most improved run- ners as compared to 1960. John Kitz- miller showed promise for track this spring. The Conference Meet was held at Forreston on October 18. The results were as follows: VARSITY: Pecatonica 32, Forreston 65, Franklin Center 72, Byron 79, and Stillman Valley 100. FROSH-SOPH: Forreston 47, Franklin Center 64, Byron 72, Pecatonica 72, and Stillman Valley 81. Cross Coun- try scoring is similar to golfing--the low score wins. LEFT TO RIGHT-Lyle Tempel, Neil DeWall, Gale' Ludewig, Bob DeVries, Larry Stein, Karl Harmon. 42 X Football FRONT ROW-Mike Gagliardi, Brad Schoonhoven, Tom Frisbie, Lyle Coffman, Bob Bowers, Lee Coffman, Paul Swalve, Don Schneider, Dick Stocker, Dennis Meinert, Gary Ross, Drew Duitsman. ROW 2 - Bill Duitsman, Terry Vogt, Denny Moring, Bob Raleigh, Tom Kriens, Gale Frank, Paul Graff, Ron Empen, Wayne Miller, Jeff Moring, Jim Schneiderman, Walt Mclntosh. ROW 3-Mr. Carpenter, Mr. Erickson, Mr. Egan, Mickey Dwyer, Virgil Hayunga, Leighton Duitsman, Carl Forney, Mike Scott, George Arjes, Tom Hutson, Bruce Taylor, Milton Fager, Duane Brockmeier. BACK ROW-Jeree Harms, Bill Black, Jim Janssen, Randy Schneiderman, Paul Ruter, Gene Simmons, Rich Gronewold, Carlton Johnson, Jerry Stukenberg, Fred Wiederholtz, Ed Faulkner, John Brass, Larry Nevenhoven. eniors Carl F. Fred W. Bud C. Virg H. Mike S, Carlton J. Jerry S. Our Football Lyle Coffmanf, Carl Forney", Virgil Hayungat, Carlton Johnsonf, Mike Scott"', Jerry Stukenbergt, Fred Wiederholtzf, Leighton Duitsmant, Mickey Dwyert, Rich Gronewold"', Tom Krienst, Paul Ruter"', Don Schneidert, Gene Simmonst, Paul Swalvet, George Arjes, Ron Empen, Paul Graff, Bob Bowerst, Lee Coffmant, Bob Raleight, Dick Stocker! 'F Letter Winners Captain- elect for the Varsity Squad was Jerry Stukenberg, The most valuable player award went to Carl Forney. Bob Bowers was named captain of the Frosh- Soph Squad, and Bob Raleigh received the most val- uable player award. FROSH - SOPH PLAYERS Dick Stocker, Bob Bowers, Dennis Meinert, Bob Raleigh, Lee Coffman, Randy Schneiderman, John Brass, Bill Black, Jim Janssen, Tom Frisbie, Jim Schneiderman, Ed Faulkner, Dennis Moring, Bradley Schoonhoven, Wayne Miller, Gale Frank, Drew Duitsman, Jeff Moring, Jeree Harms, Mike Gagliardi, Bill Duitsman, Dan Abbas, Gary Ross, Terry Vogt, Walter McIntosh. VARSITY RESULTS FROSH - SOPH RESULTS Forreston 6 Mt. Morris 27 F01'1'eSt0n 21 WiD11ebag0 0 Forreston 0 Winnebago 25 Forreston 20 Stillman Valley 0 Forreston 0 Stillman Valley 0 F0I'I'eSt0I1 0 PeCHf0I1i0a 13 Forreston 21 Pecatonica 14 Forreston 20 Franklin Center 6 Forreston 27 Franklin Center 0 F0I'I'eSf0H 21 Leaf River 7 Forreston 34 Leaf River 12 F01'1'eSt011 12 BYT011 7 Forreston 32 Byron 0 Forreston 39 Ashton 0 "Cardinal Footballers" had a successful year. They ended in 3rd place in the Route 72 Con- ference and 7th in the Journal Standard Top 10 ratings. The first game at home was with Mt. Morris. We played hard but lost 27 - 6. Then we played a powerful Winnebago team. We were behind 6 - 0 at half-time. The second half wasn't as good, for Winnebago outscored us 19 - 0 in the rain and mud. Then came Stillman Valley and a 0 - 0 tie. After that game we really played ball, winning the remaining games. We played Pecatonica at Forreston, outscoring them 21 - 14 for our first win of the season. We then traveled to Franklin Center,where we wonby a 27 - 0 score. Then came the game which everyone had been waiting for, our Homecoming game with Leaf River. Our boys were fired up for this game. In previous years Leaf River had often overpowered us. 1961 was different. We won 34 - 12. Byron was next, at Byron. In this game Carl Forney finished his high school football career, because he became 19 years old a few days later. We won this game easily, with Carl ruzming for 3 TD's, or 18 points, before his 19th birthday. Don Schneider replaced Forney for the last game. He did a great job, scoring three touchdowns. We won this game 29 - 0 over Ashton on our field. Bud Coffman scored his only TD of the year in this game when he ran 30 yards in the last quarter. So all-in-all it was a very successful year. Besides having a five game winning streak to carry on to next year, there will be 12 returning lettermen. Through gradua- tion we will lose many fine players. Fromthe backfield will be gone Carl Forney, the team's leading scorerg Jerry Stukenberg, the able field general, and Lyle Coffman, a hard running flanker. In the middle of the line we will lose Fred Wiederholtz and Carlton Johnson. These two were capable on defense as well as offense. Virgil Hayunga was a lineman who proved his worth throughout the past season. Mike Scott played capably at end. He was a very good pass catcher, although he was one of the smallest Route 72 flankers. The returning lettermen for next year are Leighton Duitsman, Mickey Dwyer, Rich Gronewold, Tom Kriens, Paul Ruter, Don Schneider, Gene Simmons, Paul Swalve, Bob Bowers, Lee Coffman, Bob Raleigh, and Dick Stocker. A number of others will develop to help out next year's team. FROSH - SOPH REVIEW The Frosh - Soph won the Rt. 72 championship via a rare display of courage and skill in their final game at Byron. The score was 0 - 0 at the half. Stocker was not to play in the second half, being kept out for the Varsity. Raleigh could play only the third quarter. Then the roof fell in. Byron ran the second half kickoff down the north side line for a touchdown. Then the extra point made the count 7 - 0. Bill Black, the Baileyville flash at our right end spot, said, "I saw that Byron speed demon whiz by, but I couldn't catch him." Things looked dark for the Cardettes. Stocker and Bowers were gone, and Raleigh had only minutes to play. But the whole gang got busy.Raleigh did more plunging, lunging, and twisting than ever before. That tough line of Black, Brass, Faulkner, Frisbie, Coffman,R. Schneiderman, Janssen, Miller, Frank, and Mor- ing really dug in. Walt McIntosh threaded the needle with several passes to glue-fingered Randy Schneider- man. Mighty Mite, Gary Ross, Dennis Meinert, and Jim Schneiderman did their share in the backfield and these stout-hearted lads gained one of the greatest victories of the year -- a fine 12 - 7 win over a good Byron club. These boys are the toast of the present and the hope of the future. The sophs will help next year's varsity and the frosh will keep the '62 yearlings rolling. What won't they do in '62? Varsity Basketball FRONT ROW - Karl Harmon. ROW 2 - Paul Swalve, Bob Raleigh. ROW 3 - Leighton Duitsman, Gale Frank, Jerry Vietmeier. ROW 4-Mike Scott, Jerry Stukenberg, Gene Simmons, Mickey Dwyer. ROW 5-Rich Gronewold, Bob DeVries, John Kutz, Lyle Robinson, Gale Ludewig. BACK ROW - Larry Stein, Mr. Egan, Lyle Tempel, Neil DeWall, Mr. Brinkmeier, Carlton Johnson. fi f"- 3',.l,'Ev.ff'5,,1:fAzE'j'l Q.E:'S5l'?iS7'.fff5?f?lf5f mf yyyl Lyle T. Neil D. Jerry S. lVIike S. Lyle R. Bob D. Gale L. Karl H. Varsity Tournament quad SITTING-Jerry Stukenberg, Neil DeWa11, Lyle Tempel, Mike Scott. KNEELING- Mr. Brinkmeier, Leigh- ton Duitsman, Richard Gronewold, Gale Frank. STANDING- Mr. Egan, Larry Stein, Bob Raleigh, Carlton Johnson, Jerry Vietmeier. S5 VARSITY BASKETBALL STATISTICS WON 22 TOTAL POINTS 1731 FORRESTON AVERAGE 61.8 LOST 6 OPPONENTS 1506 OPPONENTS AVERAGE 53.7 FIELD GOALS FREE THROWS TOTAL Att. Made 'Z Att. Made 96 POINTS REBOUNDS Leighton Duitsman 52 21 .403 18 10 .555 52 37 Bob Raleigh 37 14 .378 33 20 .606 48 16 Mickey Dwyer 26 8 .307 11 8 .727 24 14 Jerry Stukenberg 138 42 .304 81 48 .592 132 162 Neil DeWall 246 112 .455 154 80 .519 304 179 Lyle Tempel 393 217 .552 250 113 .452 547 390 Paul Swalve 162 61 .376 123 70 .569 192 87 Jerry Vietmeier 87 30 .344 30 15 .500 75 17 Richard Gronewold 24 15 .625 14 6 .428 36 56 Lyle Robinson 43 14 .325 39 22 .564 50 53 Mike Scott 240 106 .441 47 33 .702 245 55 Bob DeVrieS 13 3 .230 2 0 .000 6 1 Gale Ludewig 2 0 .000 0 0 .000 0 10 Gale Frank 18 8 .444 3 1 .333 17 4 DuWayne Everts 0 0 .000 2 1 .500 1 0 Karl Harmon 3 0 .000 0 0 .000 0 0 John Kutz 1 1 1.000 0 0 .000 2 ' 1 Gene Simmons 3 0 .000 0 0 .000 0 0 FORRESTON HOLIDAY RT. 72 TOURNEY DISTRICT AND REGIONAL TOURNEY FCHS 70 Ashton FCHS 58 S. Valley 54 FCHS 71 Boylan 41 FCHS 59 S. Valley FCHS 61 Byron 60 FCHS 67 Le-Win 40 FCHS 90 L. River FCHS 41 R. Falls 64 FCHS 58 Walnut 48 13rd Placey FCHS 55 44 1961 - 62 FROSH - SOPH BASKETBALL RECORDS WON 20 TOTAL POINTS SOORED 1335 FORR. AVE- 63-5 LOST 1 OPPONENTS POINTS 791 OPPS. AVE- 37-6 FIELD GOALS FREE THROWS TOTAL Att. Made 17, Att. Made 7 POINTS REBOUNDS Bob Bowers 66 40 60 41 23 56 103 29 Bob Raleigh 119 60 50 61 41 67 161 33 Harley Ludewig 20 4 20 25 18 72 26 37 Larry Nevenhoven 24 14 55 22 12 54 40 20 Randy Sohnoidorrnan 91 53 5a 81 51 63 157 131 Dick Stocker 204 115 56 45 35 77 265 33 Lee Coffman 115 78 68 72 52 72 208 105 Gale Frank 223 101 45 34 21 62 223 80 Drew Duitsrnan s 4 50 5 2 33 10 4 Brad Schoonhoven 10 6 60 10 3 30 15 3 Dennis Meinert 17 12 71 14 3 21 27 2 Jim Schneiderman 25 15 60 14 6 43 36 21 Ed Faulkner 15 8 53 15 6 40 22 21 Jeree Harms 6 3 50 2 1 50 7 3 Terry Vogt 4 1 25 6 3 50 5 4 Walt Mclntosh 5 0 0 S 5 62 5 1 Jeff Moring 5 2 40 4 3 75 7 5 Dennis Moring 5 2 40 4 1 25 5 1 Lynn Greenfield 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Tom Frisbie 2 0 0 7 5 71 5 1 Bill Duitsman 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 Bill Black 0 0 0 2 1 50 1 3 Gary Ross 3 2 66 4 3 75 7 1 VARSITY REGULAR SEASON RT. 72 TOURNEY FROSH - SOPI-I SEASON'S SCORES FCHS 77 Ashton SCORES TEAM FCHS OPP FCHS 72 Winnebago TEAM FCHS OPP Pecatonica an 55 51 FCHS 56 L. River 40 Pooatonioa KH? 66 39 F. Center QTJ 104 fChampionship Gamej F. Center iTl 59 33 Sharmon fTj 37 Shannon QT! 70 23 L. River my 5s L. River QHD 70 38 Byron qTy 65 Byron KTJ 67 56 Ashton an es Ashton KH? 50 20 Winnebago m 55 Winnebago QT? 60 22 S. Valley guy 56 S- Valley CHD 64 35 Pecatonica QT? 62 Pecatonica QTQ 62 38 F. Center an 74 F. Center KH? 66 23 L. River Cry 65 L- River iT! 71 45 Byron QI-lj 68 Freeport fTy 38 49 Chadwick QTJ 67 Byron QHJ 57 33 Ashton qTy 54 Chadwick QTD 90 50 Mt. Morris QHJ 61 ASht0I1 CTT 65 33 Winnebago QI-D 52 Mt. Morris QHJ 46 45 Shannon QI-IJ 45 Winnebago qHy 60 34 S. Valley QTQ 57 Shannon QFroshMHJ 72 43 S. Valley QTj 68 56 Frosh-Soph Basketball FRONT ROW- Lynn Greenfield, Mike Gagliardi, Gary Ross, Dennis Meinert, Bradley Schoonhoven, Bruce Taylor, Drew Duitsman. ROW 2 -Jim Janssen, manager, Tom Frisbie, Walter Mclntosh, Mr. Brinkmeier, coachg Mr. Egan, coach, Jim Schneiderman, Dick Stocker,Dave Buttel.ROW3-Larry Sluiter, Bob Bowers, Robert Raleigh, Jeffrey Moring, Lee Coffman, Dennis Moring, Ted Buisker, Ter- ry Vogt, Bill Duitsman. BACK ROW-Gale Frank, Larry Nevenhoven, Daniel Abbas, Billy Black, Har- lan Ludewig, Randy Schneiderman, Robert Ludewig, Jeree Harms, John Brass. Trophies The above trophies were won by F.C.H.S. the past season in cross country, football, basketball, baseball and track. Cheerleaders CARDINALS GREAT! Warsity Pep Yellj They're grrreat! He's grrreat! We've got the spirit that a great team needs, It's grrreat! Cardinals GRRREAT! F-I-T-E! QFrosh-Soph Pep Yellj We're gonna F-i-t-e, What gang? Fite! We're gonna F-i-t-e, What gang? Fite! We're gonna F-i-t-e, What gang? Fite! What gang? FITE ! FRONT TO BACK-Betty Duitsman, Nancy Hunziker, Bonita Greve, Sandra Gag- liardi, Jerrene Borchers, Judy Kielman. We've got the Cards on our team, We've got the Coach on our team, FRONT TO BACK -Donna Frey, Sue Ross, Shari Kan- ey, Beverly Bornerneier, Eileen Buttel, Wava Miller. FRONT ROW - Sandra Gagliardi, Betty Duitsman. ROW 2 - Jerrene Borchers, Sue Ross, Shari Kaney, Judy Kielman. BACK ROW - Bon- ita Breve, Eileen Buttel, Wava Miller, Donna Frey, Beverly Bornemeier, Nancy Hunziker. Pep Club FRONT ROW - Linda Bornemeier, Dianne Wiley, Julie Roskam, Karen Rosenbaum, Nancy Hunziker, Mrs. Brinkmeier, Jill Ross, Lana Scheider, Jean Knott, Barbara Ackerman. ROW 2 - Darlene Ross, Bonnie Eck- hoff, Myrna DeVries, Karen Hoch, Bonita Greve, Beverly Bornemeier, Sharon Kaney, Sue Ross, Nancy Rosenbaum, Carol Sue Sprague, Pat Renkema, Marcia Wubbena. ROW 3 -Vicki Trei, Linda Pasch, Joann Bornemeier, Sharon Wubbena, Sandra Gagliardi, Diana Alberts, Vicki Carmichael, Joyce DeVries, Judy Schoonhoven. ROW 4 -Jean Schneiderman, Darlene Stein, Diana Trei, Jane Duitsman, Betty Duitsman, Joan Daniels, Gwen Anderberg, Joyce Kaney, Anita DeWa1l. BACK ROW-Dianna Frey, Joyce Birkholz, Barbara Link, Diane Nesemeyer, Judy Kielman, Jerrene Borchers, Donna Frey, Wava Miller, Eileen Buttel, Karen Schrader, Norma Anderberg, Doris Duitsman, Connie Kielman. Pep Club, the organization which cheers the Cardinals on to victory, was designed to encour- age enthusiasm among the Forreston fans and to give positive and dynamic leadership for student school spirit - "Cardinal Spirit." All the members sit together at every game to project more volume in voice and spirit to the team whether they are on top or whether they are behind. Club dues and a ten cent fee for riding the Pep Club bus are collected to buy the awards earned at the end of the season. This year, to send next year's cheerleaders to camp, we sold new Cardinal buttons. The officers for this year are as follows: President . . . Norma Anderberg Vice-president . Nancy Hunziker Frosh-Soph Secretary Gwen Anderberg Junior-Senior Secretary Jean Schneiderman Treasurer . Carol Sue Sprague Adviser . . Mrs. Brinkmeier OFFICERS: FRONT ROW -Jean Schneiderman, Gwen Anderberg. ROW 2 - Mrs. Brinkmeier, Ad- viser. ROW 3-Nancy Hunziker, Norma Ander- berg, Carol Sue Sprague. MtlSig As is the Call of the Cardinal to alistening world, So are the tones and tunes from our groups, soloists and ensembles to the whole comrnnmity. I Band l FRONT ROW - Nancy Rosenbaum, Pauline Heeren, Jerrene Borchers, George Arjes, Doris Duitsman. ROW 2 - Dave Buttel, Karen Schrader, Mickey Dwyer, Randy Schneiderman, Lana Bruning, Joyce DeVries, Wava lVIil1er, Cheryl Malott, Dianne Wiley. ROW 3 -Judy Schoonhoven, Diana Trei, Karl Harmon, Barbara Link, Harley Ludewig, Stanley Bomgarden, Shari Kaney, Leighton Duitsman, Betty Duitsman. BACK ROW - Dan Abbas, Gerald Kaney, Mrs. Amsrud, Diana Alberts, Vicki Carmichael, Ronald Finch, Ricky Ellis, John Brass, Dennis Moring, Wayne Miller, Bonita Greve, Neil DeWall, Bill Duitsman, Norma Anderberg, Lee Coffman. The 7 9-piece FCHS Band began another banner year by playing between games and at halftimes of the Varsity football games. The band marched to the theme of "Droodles" on Homecoming night during half- time of the Varsity game. Many fine performances were given by the band, and also Pep Band, for the home basketball games. During the summer of '61, the band presented excellent concerts downtown every Wednesday night. The FCHS Band and the Leaf River Band presented a combined concert in the FCHS Gym, November 29. The 120-member combined band played four selections. Also, individual selections were presented by each band. During the second semester, the Forreston Band traveled to Leaf River to help present a similar concert there. Both band groups enjoyed the group activity. The 1961 - '62 FCHS Band officers are as follows: President .... . . . Carlton Johnson Secretary . Sandra Gagliardi Treasurer . . . Judy Kielman Librarians .... . . . Jerrene Borchers Dianne Wiley The very capable Adviser - Conductor this year has been Mrs. Beth Amsrud, our veteran of thirty seasons. FRONT ROW-Julie Roskam, Sue Ross, Clarene Poppen, Joyce Kaney, Sandy Gagliardi, Joyce Dentler. ROW 2 - Lana Soheider, Donna Bennett, Carol Sue Sprague, Sandy Zumdahl, Pat Lambrecht, Lloyd Folkerts, Judy Kielman. TWO STANDEES-Darlene Ross and Gayle Sohneiderman. ROW 3-Jean Schneiderman, Joan Da.niels,Jerry Groenewold, Bob Walker, Bob Swa1ve,Jim Schneiderman, Bonnie Eckhoff, Bob DeVries, Sharon Wubbena, Larry Nevenhoven, Dick Leerhoff. BACK ROW - Tom1nyKriens, Jeff Moring, Lynn Green- field, Gary Krum, Pat Zumdahl, Tom Frisbie, Connie Kielrnan, Eileen Buttel, Anita DeWa1l, Mike Scott, Judy Asche, Lyle Coffman, Carlton Johnson. FRONT ROW-Nancy Rosenbaum, Pauline Heeren, Lana Brunong, Norma Anderberg, Wayne Miller, Judy Asche, Anita DeWal1. BACK ROW-Karen Schrader, Barbara Link, Tommy Kriens, Joan Daniels, Lloyd Folkerts, Sharon Wubbena. Girls' Chorus FRONT ROW-Mrs. Amsrud, Pam Kramer, Dianne Wiley, Julie Roskam, Sue Ross, Lana Bruning, Lana Scheider, Jean Knott, Bonita Greve, Linda Bornemeier,Joyce Dentler, Barbara Ackerman, Nancy Hunziker. ROW 2-JoAnn Heeren, Donna Raymond, Beverly Bornemeier, Cheryl Malott, Marcia Wubbena, Darlene Ross, Nancy Rogers, JudyBusker, Myrna DeVries, Connie Munk, Gayle Schneiderman, Eileen Buttel, Sandra Gagliardi, Jill Ross, Sharon Kaney,ROW 3 - DonnaRanz,Wava M.iller, Patricia Renkema, Vicki Trei, Nancy Rosenbaum, Joanne Forney, Judy Schoonhoven, Marilyn Miller, Sandra Zumdahl, Jerrene Borchers, Karen Hoch, Betty Duitsman,Joyce DeVries, Carol Sue Sprague, Bonnie Eckhoff. ROW 4 - Jean Schneiderman, Linda Nevenhoven, Judy Haijenga, Diana Alberts, Donna Bennett, SharonWubbena, Barbara Mertz, Sandra Miller, Darlene Stein, Faye Ruter, Anita DeWa11, Joann Bornemeier, Clarene Poppen, Linda Pasch, Donna Frey. ROW 5 - Mary Klipping, Helen Krum, Jane Duitsrnan, Gwen Anderberg, Judy Kielman, Julie Miller, Doris Duitsman, Barbara Scheifner, Joan Daniels, Diana Trei, Joyce Kaney, Carol Hagemann, Nancy Janssen, Judy Asche. BACK ROW -Dianna Frey, Connie Kie1man,DorisKochsmeier, Marlene Pierson, Shirley Law- son, Sandra Bolen, Barbara Link, Diane Nesemeyer, Patsy Zumdahl, Norma Anderberg, Doris Harrenstein, Joyce Birkholz, Jane Abels, Luann Meiners, Pauline Heeren. 1961 - '62 brought another large group of girls to Girls' Chorus. This group serves an important purpose of giving the girls valuable training for Mixed Choir. The main project this year was to prepare and give a spring concert. Almost ninety girls can do a lot of singing. Boys' Chorus FRONT ROW - Lynn Greenfield, Gary Krum, Greg Haack, Lyle Coffman, Mrs. Amsrud, Colyn Kaney, Gerald Kaney, Bruce Taylor, Drew Duitsman. ROW2 -Richard Ellis, David Buttel, Stanley Bomgarden, Bob Bowers, Robert Raleigh, Terry Vogt, Jim Schneiderman,Thomas Frisbie,Walter McIntosh, Robert Walker. ROW 3 - Wayne Miller, John Brass, Dennis Moring, Leighton Duitsman, George Arjes, Paul Graff, Robert Swalve Carl Forney, Gerald Groenewold. ROW 4-Larry Nevenhoven, Mike Scott, Daniel Abbas, Dick Leerhoff, Paul Ruter, Randy Schneiderman, Larry Meyer, Mickey Dwyer, Jeree Harms. BACK ROW - Jerry Stuken- berg, Walter Nicodemus, Daryl Moring, Kermit Daniels, Neil DeWall, Lloyd Folkerts, Carlton Johnson, Harlan Ludewig, Richard Gronewold, Fred Wiederholtz. There were forty-eight members in Boys' Chorus this year, with Dave Buttel serving as pianist. Mrs. Amsrud has commented that this is the most well-balanced boys' chorus to represent us in several years. At the Ogle County Institute at Oregon on February 9 they royally entertained the county teachers and received many fine compliments. They sang like professionals, holding tmdivided attention from this critical audience. Choice selections rendered by the group during the year included: "Be Kind to Your Parents," ffnown the Open Road," "Some Enchanted Evening," "Chisholm Trail Days," "Rock-a-My Soul," "Rollin' Down to Jordan," and "Climbin' Up the Mountain." This Boys' Quartet has been one of the best that ever represented FCHS. They won several substantial money awards and had more calls during the school year than they could meet. They also sang at the Ogle County Teachers Institute in February, being well received by that group. It will be difficult to replace this great quartet since the three seniors will be gone: DeWall, Johnson, and Coffman. LEFT TO RIGHT-Leighton Duitsman, Neil De- Wall, Carlton Johnson, Lyle Coffman. Choir FRONT ROW -Joyce Dentler, Lana Bruning, Sue Ross, Sandra Gagliardi, Eileen Buttel, Lynn Greenfield, Robert Walker, Mrs. Amsrud, Gary Krum, Drew Duitsman, Judy Busker, Cheryl Malott, Julie Roskam, Dianne Wiley, Lana Scheider. ROW 2-Bonnie Eckhoff, Carol Sue Sprague, Pat Renkema, Nancy Rogers, Greg Haack, Lyle Coffman, Colyn Kaney, Tom Frisbie, Gerald Kaney, Betty Duitsman, Darlene Ross, Mar- cia Wubbena, Wava Miller. ROW 3 -Nancy Rosenbaum, Donna Bennett, Linda Nevenhoven, Marilyn Miller, Paul Graff, Robert Swalve, George Arjes, Leighton Duitsman, Carl Forney, Gerald Groenewold, Sharon Wubbena, Sandy Zumdahl, Joanne Forney, Judy Schoonhoven. ROW 4 -Anita DeWall, Joyce Kaney, Darlene Stein, Judy Kielman, Jeree Harms, Larry Nevenhoven, Mickey Dwyer, Larry Meyer, Daniel Abbas, Mike Scott, John Brass, Joan Daniels, Diana Trei, Gwen Anderberg, Judy Asche. BACK ROW - Connie Kielman, Doris Kochsmeier, Norma Anderberg, Patsy Zumdahl, Fredwiederholtz, Carlton Johnson, Kermit Daniels, Neil DeWa11, Lloyd Folkerts, Daryl Moring, Harlan Ludewig, Paul Ruter, Diane Nesemeyer, Barbara Link, Joyce Birkholz, Luann Meiners. The '61 - '62 year has been another success story for the Choir and their veteran director, Mrs. Amsrud. Forty-four girls and twenty-nine boys blended their vocal talents to make this another outstanding musical organization. They sang at the community Christmas program December 17 and the Easter Cantata, "Were You There?" They also sang at the Baccalaureate services on May 27. The fine harmony from this group has been heard in and near the music room every Friday during the ninth hour and on the first and third Tuesdays during the seventh hour. Instrumental Contest twill? FRONT ROW -Nancy Rosenbaum, Patsy Lambrecht, Lana Brxming, Joyce Dentler, Lana Scheider, Eileen Buttel, Wava Miller, Darlene Ross. ROW 2 - Gayle Schneiderman,Joyce DeVries, Anita DeWa11, Judy Asche, Judy Kielman, Lyle Coffman, Larry Nevenhoven, David Buttel, Connie Kielman, Sandy Zumdahl, Jean Schneiderman, Carol Sue Sprague. BACK ROW-George Arjes, Leighton Duitsrnan, Arlyn Zimmerman, Carlton Johnson, Lloyd Folkerts, Bob DeVries, Harley Ludewig, Mike Scott, Gerry Groenewold. The Instrumental Contest this year was held at Freeport. Even though there was stiff competition, Forreston received several seconds, and the marimba duet of Gayle Schneiderman and Darlene Ross ' received a first which entitled them to compete in the State Contest at Macomb, Illinois. Congratulations to everyone who competed in this contest! Vocal Contest SEATED - Darlene Ross, Judy Asche, Norma Anderberg, Nancy Rosenbaum, Dianne Wiley, Lana Scheider. STANDING-Barbara Link, Neil DeWall, Carlton Johnson, George Arjes, Carl Forney, Leighton Duitsman, Gerald Kaney, Lyle Coffman, Julie Roskam. The Vocal Contest was also held at Freeport the same day as the Instrumental Contest. Carl Forney received a first rating on his vocal solo, and the boys' quartet-DeWal1, Johnson, Coffman, Duits- man - received a first. This entitled both numbers to go to the State Contest at Macomb, Illinois. The other contestants won seconds and thirds at Freeport but this did not qualify them to go on to the State Contest. All participated and did well. Our hearty congratulations go to each one of them unizaff As feathers give beauty and protection to the Cardinal, So our organizations lend color, variety and security to school life. FHA FRONT ROW-Jane Abels, Luann Meiners, Sandy Bolen, Barbara Link, Karen Schrader,Diane Nese- meyer, Pat Zumdahl, Norma Anderberg, Joyce Birkholz, Doris Duitsman, Dianna Frey, Doris Kocks- meier. ROW 2-Nancy Hunziker, Julie Runte, Bonita Greve, Jean Knott, Dianne Wiley, Julie Roskam, Mrs. Lusardi, JoAnn Heeren, Sue Ross, Lana Scheider, Pam Kramer, Leona Hoch, Barbara Ackerman. ROW 3-Sharon Kaney, Jill Ross, Cheryl Malott, Dorothy Ratmeyer, Marcia Wubbena, Darlene Ross, Bonnie Eckhoff, Pat Renkema, Gayle Schneiderman, Eileen Buttel, Myrna DeVries, Sandy Gagliardi, Donna Raymond. ROW 4- Carol Sue Sprague, Nancy Rosenbaum, Joanne Forney, Phyllis Hagemann, Jer- rene Borchers, Donna Frey, Marilyn Miller, Linda Nevenhoven, Judy Schoonhoven, Carol Stukenberg, Patsy Lambrecht, Karen Hoch, Betty Duitsman, Wava Miller. ROW 5-Sandy Zumdahl, Joyce DeVries, Clarene Poppen, Doris Vietmeier, Sandy Miller, Barbara Mertz, Judy Haijenga, Sharon Wubbena, Faye Ruter, Darlene Stein, Jean Schneiderman, Vicki Trei, Linda Pasch. BACK ROW-Helen Krum, Joyce Kaney, Gwen Anderberg, Julie Miller, Joan Daniels, Jane Duitsman, Connie Kielman, Barbara Scheffner, Beth Smith, Diane Ruter, Diana Trei, Judy Kielman, Carol Hagemann, Anita DeWall. OFFICERS FRONT ROW - Bonita Greve , Nancy Hun- ziker. ROW 2 -JoAnn Heeren, Mrs. Lu- sardi, Adviser, Lana Scheider. ROW 3 - Linda Nevenhoven, Jean Schneiderman, Faye C arol Sandy Ruter, Eileen Buttel. ROW 4- Sue Sprague, Norma Anderberg, Zumdahl, BACK ROW-Karen Schrader, Barbara Link . EMPLOYMENT Pam Kramer, Diane Nesemeyer, Dar M lene Ross. M Q BARBARA LINK, STATE PRESIDENT One of the finest honors our school and community has had in recent years was the elec- tion of Barbara Link as state president of the Illinois Future Homemakers of America. As such she was the elected leader of 29,628 girls who were members of 592 local FHA chapters in Illinois. Nor was she merely a girl with a "tit1e." She was an acknowledged leader and she effectively directed the work of the organiza- tion. Gov. Otto Kerner and other youth leaders at Springfield were impressed with her ability to handle a meeting and her presentation of business. She addressed numerous chapter meetings in Northern Illinois, attended two national con- ventions in Chicago and two state meetings at Springfield. She closed her term by presiding at the three day State Convention in June at Normal. She also excelled in the many commit- Mrs, Lusardi, Barbara Link, 1AindaNeVenh0Ven, tee duties she had. F.C.H.S. and the entire community is justly proud of Barbara Link-- the "first lady" of Illinois Future Homemakers of America. The name of our chapter is the Forreston Chapter of the Illinois Association of Future Homemakers of America. Our theme for this year was "Values -Key to the Future." We were very pleased to receive the Illinois Bankers Award for having the highest rating chapter among the 36 schools in Section 22 for the 1960 -61 school year in the Chapter Activity Contest. The award was made for the Ogle County Bankers Association by G. R. Duitsman, F.C.H.S. '41, and now cashier of the Forreston State Bank. The following served as officers for the 1961 - 62 year: President - Linda Nevenhoven Vice-president - JoAnn Heeren Second Vice-president - Karen Schrader Secretary - Norma Anderberg Treasurer - Jean Schneiderman Historian - Lana Scheider Vice-president of Public Relations - Bonita Greve Vice-president of Projects - Eileen Buttel Vice-president of Recreation - Nancy Hunziker Adviser - Mrs. George Lusardi Chapter Mother - Mrs. Arnold Stukenberg Chapter Grandmother - Mrs. Lloyd Link Chapter Father - Mr. John Greve Section First Vice-president- Linda Nevenhoven Section Mother - Mrs. Lloyd Link State President - Barbara Link State Adviser - Mrs. George Lusardi FFA FRONT ROW - Lyle Coffmang Karl Harmon, Bob DeVriesg Linda Nevenhoven, FFA Sweetheart: Lloyd Fol- kertsg Gerald Kaneyg Drew Duitsman. ROW 2-Ralph Derby, Milton Fager, Ivan Bolen, Mr. Finch, John Kitzmiller, Lloyd Paschal, Gary Krum. ROW 3 - Gary Ross, Ronald Finch, Larry Sluiter, Robert Fansler, Wayne Bomgarden, Duane Brockmeier, Robert Beightol, Dennis Meinert. ROW 4-James Schneiderman, Gordon Ashton, Earl Love, Wayne Miller, Robert Meyer, Richard Zettle, Gary Dumpman, David Buttel. BACK ROW -Ronald Kerkhoff, Gary Abels, Carroll Haijenga,Ja1nes Janssen, Kermit Daniels, Robert Lude- wig, Laurence Cornelius, Lee Coffman. 11115535 rrsl F eloie rrlii J1't A dd., G -,,. ,, . f ' ' ' '- .... f orr ,, ,,' ,,,,, Vdiill ' i"' '- i:i", "" fftly - - ' d"d I i" 1 .,,- A ' irrrl rx - , if - l,,, -H ' if 2 , ' ' ,EK ,V WVVV ,,,L , I 1 . at - we 3 . 1-' .,a' 1 A F " f "'l:" "'f ' ' f if il "i' L ..,, f i,4f1qg5.f-fJ'w V H w ' lla' - - .,,,,,,,, - as " - ai' 5, -V err, l - , f , :M fzfsn. .ww : , - ' ff? - , 5. .f2fii":z.1,, .. , d ,". , , "l'd W' rrli ,--t fl ' ""tt H 2 ' A d'l' ff' M , ' " .... 'K ' '," 1 A, ,,,,,, ., , M Q , , . , i ,,,. I , M VAA wfvaz ,f ,J 3- ' 'F ,Q ' , '17 5. . I .I 2 ,,,,- 0 'i" "-, 1 . V "Hi -'-' ' --' -,jg j - 1 egg, I ' ,.,s a n ,,,. ,,,,,,,,,,.. "'- :vu v,. f'f15TQQyrigj1,r' . J ' E57fi5Ei:- W . -H ..5'::' ' - --S' -I' 'rrlfif 'E .5 1 255! ii1?5""f3-5 :1 ". : yi ..,, V A . -' M sg-fl: ,i,l-f1iEifE:,.,1Qw T gltilff , 1l2'f"': 22:5 'ff F FRONT ROW - Mr. Finch, Adviserg Drew Duits- man. ROW 2 - Karl Harmon, Lyle Coffman, Jerry Kaney. BACK ROW - Lloyd Folkerts, Bob DeVries. IRY TEAM - B 0 b D e V ri e S, PROGRAM CHAIRMEN - G a r y CORN PRODUCERS - SITTING - Gary Abels. Abels, Gordon Ashton,Robert Bob DeVrieS, Lloyd F01k6I'tS Fansler, STANDING - Gary Abels, Lar ry Sluiter. SOIL TEAM - Arlyn Zimmerman, GRAIN TEAM -R o n al d F in ch , Bob DeVries , Lloyd Folkerts. Gary Krum, Wayne Bomgard- en. The officers for 1961 - 62 were as follows: President-Robert DeVries, Vice-president- Lloyd Folkerts, Secretary-Karl Harmon, Treasurer - Gerald Kaney, Reporter - Lyle Coffman, Sentinel- Drew Duitsman. Our state delegates for the FFA Convention were Robert DeVries and Gary Abels. Our delegates who sang in the State FFA Chorus were Carl Forney and Lyle Coffman. Wayne Miller was our chapter delegate for the "FFA - Farm Bureau Get Acquainted Days." Activities this year included a corn picker safety campaign, and selling garden seed and rat bait. The FFA members who won scholarship awards were Dave Buttel, Larry Sluiter, Lyle Coffman, Robert DeVries, Lloyd Folkerts, Bob Fansler and Ron Empen. This year at the FFA Fair We were 4th in boys showing, 3rd in total entries, and 3rd in premiums. We had several boys that showed at the Carrol, Stephenson and Winnebago County Fairs. Robert DeVries also showed at the Illinois State Fair and had the Grand Champion Landrace hog at this big show. GAA FRONT ROW - Barbara Ackerman, Bonita Greve, Sandra Kampen, Dianne Wiley, Julie Roskam, Lana Scheid- er, Jean Knott, Joyce Dentler, Julie Runte. ROW 2 - Donna Raymond, Sue Ross, Jill Ross, Marcia Wubbena, Dorothy Ratmeyer, Connie Munk, Eileen Buttel, Sharon Kaney, Karen Rosenbaum, Mrs. Frederick. ROW 3 - Patsy Lambrecht, Wava Miller, Nancy Rosenbaum, Joarme Forney, Judy Schoonhoven, Jerrene Borchers, Karen Hoch, Carol Sue Sprague, Bonnie Eckhoff, Myrna DeVries. ROW 4 - Linda Nevenhoven, Vicki Carmichael, Anita DeWa1l, Donna Bennett,Judy Haijenga, Doris Vietmeier, Joyce DeVries, Sharon Wubbena, Vicki Trei, Donna Frey. ROW 5 - Helen Krum, Darlene Stein, Diana Trei, Joan Daniels, Jane Abels, Dianna Frey, Judy Kielman, Joyce Kaney, Judy Asche, Mary Klipping. BACK ROW - Electa Trei, Jane Duitsman, Doris Duitsman, Karen Schrader, Diane Nesemeyer, Barbara Link, Marlene Pierson, Diane Ruter, Beth Smith, Connie Kielman. FRONT ROW- Lana Scheider, Vice-president, Bonita Greve, President. ROW 2-Dorothy Rat- meyer, Point System Secretaryg Mrs. Frederick, Adviser, Pat Lambrecht, Treasurer. ROW 3- Eileen Buttel, Secretary, Nancy Rosenbaum, Point System Secretary. BACK ROW-Electa Trei, Camp Delegate. 2s2mvssaae5a?iifl'.23ff -1-'f:z,f:,:fg'21 kc" M-'mum 2l""""'i in U--2' auth For Christ N STANDING - Gerald Kaney, Paul Graff. ON PLAT- FORM - Sharon Wubbena, Carl Forney, Joyce Kan- ey, Lloyd Folkerts. The officers of the 1961 -1962 Youth For Christ Club are: President, Paul Graffg Vice-president, Lloyd Folkertsg Secretary-treasurer, Joyce Kaneyg Program Chairman, Gerald Kaneyg Co-chairman, Norma Anderbergg Song Leader, Carl Forneyg Pianist, Sharon Wubbena. During the year, the area pastors have given messages to our club. We also had football and basket- ball meetings to start out the particular seasons. Arlyn Zimmerman, Stan Bomgarden, and Gerald Kaney attended the Holiday Teen Convention, De- cember 27, 28, 29, at the Conrad Hilton Hotel in Chicago. We had no Youth For Christ Director the first half of the year because Lyonel Watkins resigned from his position as director just before school started. Annual taff FRONT ROW - Carol Hagemann, Karen Hoch, Dianne Wiley, Judy Haijenga. ROW 2 - M.r. Masterson, Pam Kramer, Donna Raymond, Dorothy Ratmeyer, George Lamm, Gerald Kaney, Karl Harmon, Randy Bolen, Roseann Raymond, Sandra Gagliardi, Bonita Greve. ROW 3-Leona Hoch, Gayle Schneiderman, Darlene Ross, Karen Moore, Carol Stukenberg, Lyle Coffman, Carl Forney, Gerald Groenewold, Larry Stein, J errene Borchers , Carol Sue Sprague, Cheryl Malott. ROW 4 - Pat Lambrecht, Nancy Rogers, JoAnne Miller, Judy Asche, Leighton Duitsman, Virgil Haytmga, Mike Scott, George Arjes, Helen Krum, Joann Bornemeier, Linda Nevenhoven. ROW 5-Sandy Zumdahl, Faye Ruter, Jane Duitsman, Dick Leerhoff, Jerry Stukenberg, Richard Gronewold, Gale Ludewig, Fred Wiederholtz, Larry Meyer, Doris Duitsman, Sharon Wubbena. BACK ROW - Marlene Pierson, Barbara Link, Carlton Johnson, Neil DeWall, Lyle Tempel, Lloyd Folkerts, Kermit Daniels, Bob DeVries, Diane Nesemeyer, Norma Anderberg, Beth Smith. Each staff member was given a definite writing assignment, or helped take yearbook orders, solicit ads, or assist in typing copy. It was a big job directed by the co-editors, Karen Hoch and Dianne Wiley. Acf'. Q09 "Wx, Q fs As these young hopefuls await food and survey the world, So the Class of '62 seeks jobs and ponders the future. Track FRONT ROW - Mr. VanNess, David Klipping, Wayne Miller, George Arjes, Mickey Dwyer, Robert Ludewig, Jim'Janssen, Randy Schneiderman, Fred Wiederholtz, Tom Kriens, Don Schneider, Larry Stein. ROW 2-- John Kitzmiller, Jeff Moring, David Buttel, Leighton Duitsman, Gale Ludewig, Lyle Robinson, Kermit Daniels, Gary Abels, Jim Schneiderman, Ted Buisker, Dick Stocker, Drew Duitsman. BACK ROW- Mike Gagliardi, Bruce Taylor, Jim Matthews, Bob Raleigh, Gale Franks, Eddie Faulkner, John Brass, Walter McIntosh, Bob Bowers, Tom Frisbie, Larry Sluiter. Varsity track material was a bit short this year but the frosh-soph more than made up the differ- ence by handily winning their division of the Rt. 72 Conference Meet. The varsity letter winners were Bob Bowers, Tom Kriens, Leighton Duitsman and Fred Wieder- holtz. Tom Kriens was high point man and so has his name on the track trophy for 1962. He has a chance to repeat in 1963 since he is a junior. The frosh-soph award winners were Bob Bowers, Dave Buttel, Drew Duitsman, Gale Frank, Walter McIntosh, Wayne Miller, Bob Raleigh, Jim Schneiderman, Randy Schneiderman and Dick Stocker. Bob Raleigh was high point man in this division. The Conference Meet was held at Forreston May 17. The results were: VARSITY FROSH-SOPH Winnebago 55 314 Forreston 57 L. River 50 314 Byron 43 112 Pecatonica 33 S. Valley 21 S. Valley 28 314 Winnebago 17 Byron 23 112 Ashton 10 Forreston 10 114 L. River 6 112 F. Center 10 114 F. Center 5 Ashton 1 Pecatonica 5 Baseball FRONT ROW-Lyle Coffman, Jerry Vietmeier, Richard Gronewold, Bob DeVries, Lee Coffman, Dick Stocker, Virgil Hayunga, Bob Raleigh, Gale Franks. ROW 2-Bradley Schoonhoven, Karl Harmon, Mike Scott, Jerry Stukenberg, Harley Ludewig, Tom Frisbie, Jim Drake, Bob Bowers, Mr. Brinkmeier. BACK ROW-Bruce Taylor, Gary Krum, John Brass, Wally Nicodemus, Ed Faulkner, Billy Black, Jeff Moring, Jim Matthews, Bob Walker, Drew Duitsman. The above group of boys won the co-championship of the Route 72 Conference in baseball this spring. Their complete record was an enviable 10 and 2 mark, the losses being to Winnebago and Free- port. 'I'he latter loss was in the State District Contest played on our diamond. Six regulars return for next year's team so the outlook is promising for the future. BASEBALL STATISTICS AB R H BB RBI TB SO St Swalve 32 14 16 5 19 31 5 12 Stukenberg 33 9 16 0 12 24 11 11 Frank 30 7 14 7 9 19 2 10 Lee Coffman 33 12 13 7 13 16 5 12 Hayunga 26 6 10 3 6 12 2 10 Raleigh 29 14 11 13 6 14 9 13 Schoonhoven 8 2 3 1 O 3 1 0 Vietmeier 35 10 13 1 7 22 5 12 Gronewold 37 11 13 2 13 18 6 12 Stocker 32 7 11 A 4 7 14 6 13 Lyle Coffman 14 8 4 4 5 8 4 3 DeVries 23 10 6 14 2 6 15 14 Scott 8 5 2 6 0 2 3 1 Ludewig 4 1 1 2 0 1 0 0 Frisbie 4 O 0 0 0 0 0 0 Harmon 6 1 0 0 1 0 4 0 PITCHING RECORD Inn R H W K ER Win Stukenberg 32 8 15 . 18 49 4 4 Hayunga 29 8 17 11 48 7 4 Vietmeier 13 13 15 11 18 8 2 Ludewig s 9 5 3 4 6 0 BA .500 .485 .466 .393 .384 .379 .375 .371 .351 .343 .285 .260 .250 .250 .000 .000 ERA .88 1.66 4.21 5.00 Washington D.C. , on April 25, 1962 Fifty-five from F.C.H.S. at Capitol. GIRLS SEATED ON STEPS: Faye Ruter, Gayle Schneiderman, Diane Nesemeyer, Pamela Kramer, Karen Hoch. SEATED CHAPERONS: Mr. Masterson, Mrs. Egan, Mr. Egan. STANDING IN "STAIRSTEP" STYLE: Joann Bornemeier, Dianne Wiley, Linda Nevenhoven, Cheryl Malott, Carol Stukenberg, Jim Hillard of Tri-State Tours. SEATED ON LEDGE: Randall Bolen, Helen Krum, Jane Duitsman, Dorothy Ratmeyer, Judy Asche, Karen Moore, Donna Raymond, Beth Smith, Patsy Lambrecht. GIRLS STANDING AT THE LEFT: Bonita Greve, Sandra Gagliardi, Darlene Ross, Marlene Pierson,NormaAnderberg, Barbara Link, Jerrene Borch- ers, Carol Hagemann, Judith Haijenga, JoAnne Miller. BOYS KNEELING: Gerald Kaney, Karl Harmon, Lyle Coffman, Larry Stein, Virgil Hayunga, Carl Forney. BOYS STANDING: Michael Scott, David Graff, Gary Abels, Carlton Johnson, Steven Borchers, George Lamm, Lyle Robinson, Lloyd Folkerts, Kermit Daniels, Gerald Stukenberg, Neil DeWall, Lyle Tempel, Gale Ludewig,Robert DeVries, Larry Meyer, Fred Wieder- holtz. Two are not in the photo: Leona Hoch, confined at the motel with measles and Mrs. Masterson who stayed with her. Junior-Senior Prom Queen Sandy andKing Jerry relgn over Southern Cotillion Prom 'ning of King Jerry Dancing to music by the Crowning of Queen Sandy Melody Men Grand March King and Queen and Court ! ,,-.-.., wf 4 -f M-nu-nw--W-4' raduation The fifty-four members of the graduating class of 1962 FRONT ROW - George Lamm, Diana Genkinger, Bonita Greve, Donna Raymond, Dianne Wiley, Pamela Kram- er, Leona Hoch, Randall Bolen. ROW 2 - Larry Stein, Darlene Ross, JoAnne Miller, Cheryl Malott, Dorothy Ratmeyer, Nancy Rogers Waack, Gayle Schneiderman,Karen Hoch. ROW 3 -Karl Harmon, Beth Smith, Rose- ann Raymond, Linda Nevenhoven, Judy Asche,Karen Moore, Sandra Gagliardi, Gerald Kaney. ROW 4 - Carol Hagemann, Patricia Lambrecht, Carol Stukenberg, Helen Krum, David Graff, Faye Ruter, Lyle Coffman, Jerrene Borchers. ROW 5 - Jane Duitsman, Judith Haijenga, Joann Bornemeier, Marlene Pierson, Norma Anderberg, Steve Borchers, Larry Meyer, Carl Forney. ROW 6 - Diane Nesemeyer, Mike Scott, Virgil Hayunga, FredWiederho1tz, Gerald Stukenberg, Barbara Link, Carlton Johnson, Gale Ludewig. BACK ROW - Lyle Robinson, Lloyd Folkerts, Lyle Tempel, Neil DeWall, Kermit Daniels, Robert DeVries. Valedictorian Salutatorian Pamela Kramer Larry Meyer LEFT TO RIGHT-Carlene Ross, Carl Forney, LEFT TO RIGHT-Carlton Johnson, Leighton Gayle Schneiderman. Duitsman, Neil DeWa11, Lyle Coffman. CLASS OF 1962 EE oiodddddtidddddddddddddddl FORRESTON COMMUNITY HIGH SCHOOL Norma Anderberg Judith Asche Randall Bolen Jerrene Borchers Steven Borchers Joann Bornemeier Lyle Coffman Kermit Daniels Robert DeVries Neil DeWall Jane Duitsman Lloyd Folkerts Carl Forney Sandra Gagliardi Diana Genkinger David Graff Bonita Greve Carol Hagemann Judith Haijenga Karl Harmon Virgil Hayunga Karen Hoch Leona Hoch Carlton Johnson Gerald Kaney Pamela Kramer Helen Krum Patricia Lambrecht George Lamm Barbara Link Gale Ludewig Cheryl Malott Larry Meyer Jo Anne Miller Karen Moore Diane Nesemeyer Linda Nevenhoven Marlene Pierson Dorothy Ratmeyer Donna Raymond Roseann Raymond Lyle Robinson Darlene Ross Faye Ruter Gayle Schneiderman Michael Scott Beth Smith Larry Stein Carol Stukenberg Gerald Stukenberg Lyle Tempel Nancy Rogers Waack Frederick Wiederholtz Dianne Wiley Valedictorian, Pamela Kramer Salutatorian, Larry Meyer President, Gayle Schneiderman Secretary, Joann Bornemeier Vice President, Larry Stein Co-Treasurers, Norma Anderberg, Lyle Coffman FACULTY Beth Antsrud Lauren Frederick Robert Brinkmeier Lois Frederick Mildred Capps Virginia Grande Arthur Carpenter Lee Kickert William Egan Ruth Lusardi Jeannette Ellis John Masterson Fred Erickson Willard Van Ness John Farley Vera May Ziegler Dean Finch Inez Brinkmeier, Secretary BOARD OF EDUCATION-Onne A. DeWal.l, Presidentg Edward Acker- man, Earl J. Link, Paul Moring, Lester Schneiderman, Howard Scott, Activities of Seventy-Eighth Commencement C L A S S 0 F 1 9 6 2 si? Slmlllli TY May 12 Junior-Senior Banquet May 18 Honors Night May 27 Baccalaureate May 30 Commencement Robert S. Smith, Gerald Duitsman, Secretary. Class Colors: Mint Green and Whito Class Flower: Spider Mum Motto: Dare to have a purpose firm, Dare to make it known. QQWWQQ BACCALAUREATE SERVICES Forreston Community High School High School Auditorium May 27, 1962, atoo P. M. The Seventy-Eighth COMMENCEMENT EXERCISES Forreston Community High School High School Auditorium May 30, 1962, 8700 P. M. 'Processional Clarene Poppen Invocation Rev. William Nagy Scripture Lesson - Rev. Ronald Graham Prayer - Rev. C. W. Muyskens Hymn: Come, Thou Almighty King Sermon - - Rev. Arnold Punt 'Tis the Evening's I-Ioly'Hour Cherubim Song No. 7 . - Choir Benediction - Rev. Merle Hawbecker 'Recessional Clarene Poppen 'Congregation will remain seated during the processional and for the recessional. if Q." "g4' Pj' JD' 'Q' 91" 5 '7' i':" I "J',,".'Ci "ff, tProcessional Invocation - 'H'Vocal Solo Salutatory Valedietory - ""'Marimba Duet - Introduction of Speaker Commencement Speaker "'i'Boys' Quartet - Presentation of Honors Presentation of Diplomas Benediction - - 'Recessional - Judith Kielmz Rev. Orin Gra - Carl Fornf - Larry Meyt - - - Pamela Kramt Gayle Schneiderman, Darlene Ro, - - - Mr. John Mastersc - - Rev. Joseph Clevelar - Carlton Johnson, Lyle Coffma Neil DeWall, Leighton Duitsmz - - Mr. John Mastersc Mr. Howard Sco Rev. Orin Gra Judith Kielmz 'Audience will remain seated during the processional and for the recessional. "District Music Contest Winners Q dd dtdl X Among tail functions are a brake for landing, a rudder in flight, added beauty to the whole bird, and the end. In like manner a variety appears in this final section. Homecoming King Jerry is crowned by Gayle King Jerry and Queen Sandy with Queen Sandy is croumed by Larry Schneiderman. their court. Stein. "Black Magic" was our theme for Homecoming last fall. King Jerry Stukenberg and Queen Sandy Gagliardi presided over the affair with valuable assistance from their court: Mike Scott, Norma Anderberg, Tom Kriens, Judy Kielman, Bob Bowers, Eileen Buttel, Dick Stocker, and Jill Ross. The royal throne was locatedunder ahuge black mask on the stage. At the other end of the gym was a deserted graveyard in which rested our seven Rt. 72 rivals. A witch was stationed to watch over the ceme- tery, and a pale orange moon was overhead. In mid floor there was a large black pot filled with steaming witch's brew. It created a fine autumn scene and everybody seemed to enjoy the occasion very much. The G1-and March, The King and Queen lead the Grand March. FRONT ROW - Daryl Moring, Dick Leer- hoff, Roy Rumrnel, John Kutz. ROW 2- Paul Graff, Diane Ruter, Sandy Zumdahl, Joyce Dentler, Jean Schneiderman, Lana Scheider, Pauline Heeren, Julie 1VIi11er, Mickey Dwyer. BACK ROW - Tommy Kreins, Jerry Vietmeier, JoAnn Heeren, Marcia Wubbena, Joanne Forney, Karen Schrader, Diana Trei, Rose Marie Roach, Betty Duitsman, Paul Swalve, Mrs. Capps. Junior Play Lock, Stock and Llpshck LEFT TO RIGHT -Julie Miller, Diane Ruter, Sandy Zumdahl, Lana Scheider. LEFT TO RIGHT - Pauline Heeren, Daryl Moring, John Kutz, Jean Schneiderman. LEFT TO RIGHT-Diane Ruter, Dick Leerhoff, Joyce Dentler, Roy Rummel. 77 U o s ll Junior Play On November 10 and 11, the Junior Class presented as their class play the hilarious three-act comedy entitled "Lock, Stock, and Lipstick." A fine group of juniors under the expert direction of Mrs. Capps gave two commendable performances. The same cast appeared both nights. The action of the entire play took place in the guidance office of Pembroke High School. The play opens with Mr. Warren, school guidance counselor, who is very much opposed to women, discovering Miss Gardner, a girls' counselor, is going to live right in his office. To complicate matters, a large sum of yearbook money is reported missing. In the end right triumphs, the yearbook money is recovered, and Mr. Warren changes his mind about women. In fact, he decides to marry Miss Gardner! The cast of characters was as follows: Gordon Warren Charlie Plunkett Mrs. Maggs Mary Lou Brennan Don Donley Larry Donley Miss Entwhistle Dick Leerhoff Roy Rummel Joyce Dentler Pauline Heeren John Kutz Daryl Moring Lana Scheider Miss Prather Jane Gardner Carol Izzard Mrs. Donley Extras enior Play Sandy Zumdahl Diane Ruter Jean Schneiderman Julie Miller Rose Marie Roach, Joanne Forney, Paul Ruter, Diana Trei, Paul Swalve On April 6 and 7, the Senior Class presented their class play, "Take Your Medicine," under the direction of Mr. Farley. The play was double cast as follows with those appearing on Friday night listed first: Henry K. Dodson Angela Warren Dr. William Jackson fBillJ Miss Holt Patricia Pryor fPatJ Fred Wiederholtz , Larry Meyer Joann Bornemeier Judy Asche Carl Forney Linda Nevenhoven Patsy Lambrecht Marlene Pierson Jerrene Borchers Dorothy Carleton QDottieJ Gayle Schneiderman Dianne Wiley Charlotte Nelson QLottieJ Jack Benson Jonathan Puckett Miss Cordelia Puckett Cheryl Malott Karen Hoch Neil DeWall Gerald Kaney Norma Anderberg Carol Hagemann Miss Finkledink QTurtle Dovey Barbara Link Diane Nesemeyer Dodie Blake Beth Smith Hoofendyke X Donna Raymond Virgil Hayunga Karl Harmon The entire action of the play takes place in a bright cheery room in a private hospital where Jonathan Puckett, anelderly man who is the pet of the hospital, and Henry K. Dodson, a new patient, are staying. When Mr. Dodson first arrives at the hospital he is very cranky and unruly, but after his stay there his personality is greatly changed. He becomes very kind to everyone, and he even apologizes for the way he acted previous- ly. All of the other characters add comedy to the play, and from the response of the audience the play was very successful. enior Pla Friday Night Cast I' ROW -Joann Bornerneier, Norma Anderberg, Linda Neven- Cheryl Malott, Marlene Pierson, Gayle Schneiderman, Beth Barbara Link, Sandy Gagliardi. BACK ROW - Fred Wieder- Carl Forney, Virgil Haylmga, Neil DeWa1l, Jerry Kaney. LEFT TO RIGHT - Fred Wiederholtz, Virgil Hayunga, Carl Forney, Joann Bornemeier. y Saturday Night Cast FRONT ROW-JoAnne Miller, Judy Asche, Carol Hagemann, Donna Raymond, Patricia Lambrecht, Karen Hoch, Diaxme Wiley, Jerrene Borchers, Diane Nesemeyer, Bonita Greve. BACKROW -Karl Har- mon, Jerry Kaney, Larry Meyer, Carl Forney, Neil DeWal1, LEFT TO RIGHT-Dianne Wiley, Karen Hoch, Carol Hagemann, Neil DeWa1l, Jerry Kaney. LEFT TO RIGHT-Carl Forney, Gayle Schneiderman, Cheryl LEFT TO RIGHT-Jerrene Borchers, Larry Meyer fthe patieuty, Malott, Jerry Kaney fthe patientj, Neil DeWa1l, Linda Neven- Neil DeWall, Judy Asche, Patricia Lambrecht, Carl Forney. hoven. - 79 LATIN CONTEST PARTI- CIPANTS: FRONT ROW - Stanley Bomgarden, Bob Walker. BACK ROW-Dan Abbas, Tom Hutson. The Latin Contest was held in Rockford. Forreston was re- presented by some fine students. We had four students who receiv- ed high honors. Senior girls had the opportunity to take a Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow test. From the girls participating, Diane Nesemeyer was chosen as the Homemaker of Tomorrow. The DAR Award winner is chosen by the Senior Class and faculty members. Norma Anderberg, the winner, has many fine qualities, including leadership and personality. The State Mathematics Test was given to seniors, juniors, and sophomores. Arlyn Zimmerman was the F.C.H.S. winner and received the award. The Forreston American Legion awarded citizenship medals to Barbara Link and Lyle Coffman, who were chosen by the faculty members. Norma Anderberg and Carlton Johnson received the runner-up honors. Awards l HOME MAKER OF TOMOR- ROW - D i an e Nesemeyerg DAR AWARD WINNER - Norma Anderberg. MATH AWARD WINNER - Arlyn Zimmerman. CITIZENSHIP AWARD WINNERS - Norma Ander- berg, Carlton Johnson, Lyle Coffman, Barbara Link. . . ifiifii.vfv,.tf' i ' 15, ,mg - -few' -' 5515955 f- , 1,54 P 11 ' f ,. T 1 ?'95f5u,.ie5ff ' ' tm uqyfffwf, Q,:ase,ffg:f:z,:1fffffHff?5'l'fGfw!f+- - 5, ,,.., gi, W,-...,..,,: 2, fa v Hi' ' w. fy gi n fm ' . A . f gf' ,J ' ef f- E 'H' 1 x I ,, C 1 .R . , f T T Q fn 5 ' 'ff 2 A ,I xl , 11 H r 4 1 1 'Syl 5,5,,,,Zg3,sf5fga2,1ifMa:fff'fa.'FM gf? v,M,fwn,ai :- " ' 4 ' ' X' ,F 5 ,. . ., ' ug? tv ff' 5 ww N ,. ,gn ,, 'fl -, , ' ' f if xsf ' ' ' Hi pw' 1 ,Zi , . ,E Strong Man M 501851 ll 1-Q f S 1 ' qgeriieifig gm S Y' N-'if . J 'Mi ' 332' SH E Rfileiif' 7 aikwifw ' 5 W' ' 'P' ,. F ' E Ziff' ' W 'V ' - I -H 'iilg -,T'?Se ,.v4': "Q" , .Hi iz: ,za eggs?-21 32 if ,. H., 'M E L A 'A EU : 1 ,.,, 1, ' F ' f nsnsifeamffggg iv -'-- H ' S ' ' ' H 215 -S 'i il Qieegzi zx-Vi. , -':,.',, iw g ia ,.,.- Our Counselo r ? Dream Boy! Peek - A - Boo . it-f,4as,:,,,Q :amy Sing Along With Mick H Wfyf . X .fi Voice Lessons by Mrs. Mandrogoc The "Spic 'N Spam' trio! Good workers -- and handsome! Meal Tickets Every Tuesday Lunch Line Band Members Eat Lllnflh I . LEf.iN4' , f . ,mm T V Houma, mum . T ' wmmesmow '51 mms ,QQ .FGRRESAGN 1 Q Iliff Msn 5 is',' 15 ' T wmzcowt f 1' ,fyuift 1' -yir Vzhir gi. 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' . 1, 'M gl JI : , M. . , V , v Q ff 5, , 7' Q w ... ., 2.121 X 114,21 . .2553 2 .. I 3 qggf 5 aah ' no 1 sw lf" ,cz i 24 .5 ., 1 I V ,..Tf'gfiE2Eff 53535 ' 523113221 Q5 ANN! XX !.,:..,....xlx N . . X x' 1, X x . x ' f SM I nga' X o f' wifi Q0 QI25?!2r "f5!' X fig! 4 Q x lp , , 'fx-QM' t" it 4 ' 3 55' 'Km 4, Six Honor Roll 1961-62 FIRST SIX WEEKS A Honor Roll- FRESHMEN - Daniel Abbas, Tom Hutson. B Honor Roll- FRESHMEN -Donna Bennett, Ted Buisker, Myrna DeVries, Dorinda DeWall, Sharon Kaney, Connie Kielman, Dennis Meinert, Jill Ross, Sue Ross,Robert Swalve, Robert Walker. SOPHOMORES- Gwen Anderberg, Joyce Birkholz, David Buttel, Harlan Ludewig, Patricia Zumdahl. JUNIORS - Leighton Duitsman, Robert Fansler, JoAnn Heeren,Nancy Hunziker,Dick Leerhoff, Mary Meiners, Sandra Miller, Nancy Rosen- baum, Diane Ruter, Sandra Zumdahl. SENIORS-Norma Anderberg, Jerrene Borchers, Sandra Gagliardi, Diana Genkinger, Karen Hoch, Pamela Kramer, Cheryl Malott, Larry Meyer, Carol Stukenberg, Dianne Wil- ey. SE COND SIX WEEKS A Honor Roll-FRESHMEN-Daniel Abbas, Donna Bennett, Tom Hutson. SOPHOMORES-Joyce Birkholz. JUNIORS - JoAnn Heeren. SENIORS - Pamela Kramer. B Honor Roll-FRESHMEN-Wayne Bomgarden, Joan Daniels, Myrna DeVries, Dorinda DeWall, Doris Duitsman, Sharon Kaney, Robert Walker, Connie Kielman, Barbara Mertz, Lloyd Paschal, Jill Ross, Sue Ross, Jim Schneiderman, SOPHOMORES - Gwen Anderberg, Stanley Bomgarden,David Buttel, Harlan Lude- wig, Eileen Buttel, JUNIORS- Leighton Duitsman, Nancy Hunziker, Dick Leerhoff, Marilyn Miller, Nancy Rosenbaum, Diane Ruter, Jean Schneiderman, Karen Schrader. SENIORS-Norma Anderberg, Jerrene Borchers, Diana Genkinger, Karen Hoch, Larry Meyer, Carol Stukenberg, Dianne Wiley. THIRD SIX WEEKS A Honor Roll- FRESHMEN - Daniel Abbas, Myrna DeVries, Doris Duitsman. SOPHOMORES- David Buttel, JUNIORS - JoAnn Heeren. B Honor Roll - FRESHMEN - Donna Bennett, Dorinda DeWall, Tom Hutson, Sharon Kaney, Connie Kielman, Dennis Meinert, Barbara Mertz, Jill Ross, Sue Ross, Jim Schneiderman, Robert Walker. SOPHOMORES- Gwen Anderberg, Stanley Bomgarden, Eileen Buttel, Harlan Ludewig, Sharon Wubbena. JUNIORS- Leighton Duitsman, Ronald Empen,RobertFans1er, Marilyn Miller,Diane Ruter, Jean Schneiderman, Pauline Heeren, Judy Kielman, Karen Schrader, Sandra Zumdahl. SENIORS-Norma Anderberg, Jerrene Borchers, Pamela Kramer, Larry Meyer, Dianne Wiley. FOURTH SIX WEEKS A Honor Roll- FRESHMEN - Daniel Abbas. JUNIORS - JoAnn Heeren. SENIORS - Pamela Kramer. B Honor Roll- FRESHMEN - Donna Bennett, Myrna DeVries, Tom Hutson, Doris Duitsman, Dennis Meinert, Robert Swalve, Robert Walker. SOPHOMORES - Gwen Anderberg, Joyce Birkholz, Stanley Bomgarden, David Buttel, Ronald Frey, Hai-lan Ludewig, Larry Nevenhoven, Larry Sluiter, Patricia Zumdahl. JU NIORS - Leighton Duitsman, Nancy Hunziker,Dick Leerhoff, Marilyn Miller, Sandra Miller, Nancy Rosenbaum, Diane Ruter, Jean Schneiderman, Karen Schrader, Sandra Zumdahl. SENIORS- Lyle Coffman, Diana Genkinger, Karen Hoch, Larry Meyer, Carol Stukenberg, Dianne Wiley. FIFTH six WEEKS A- f A Honor Roll- FRE SHMEN - Daniel Abbas. SOPHOMORES - David Buttel, SENIORS - Pamela Kramer. B Honor Roll- FRESHMEN -Donna Bennett, Wayne Bomgarden, Myrna DeVries, Doris Duitsman, Thomas Hutson, Lloyd Paschal, James Schneiderman, Dick Stocker,Robert Swalve, Robert Walker. SOPHOMORES - Gwen Anderberg, Joyce Birkholz, Stanley Bomgarden, Eileen Buttel, Lee Coffman, Larry Nevenhoven, Larry Sluiter, Patricia Zumdahl. JUNIORS - Leighton Duitsman, JoAnn Heeren,Judith Kielman, Nancy Rosenbaum, Diane Ruter, Jean Schneiderman, Karen Schrader, Sandra Zumdahl. SENIORS - Lyle Coffman, Bonita Greve, Karen Hoch, Larry Meyer, Carol Stukenberg, Dianne Wiley. SIXTH SIX WEEKS A Honor Roll- FRESHMEN - Daniel Abbas. SENIORS - Larry Meyer. B Honor Roll- FRESHMEN - Donna Bennett, Joan Daniels, Myrna DeVries,Doris Duitsman, Thomas Hutson, Connie Kielman, Dem1is Meinert, Barbara Mertz,Ji11 Ross, Sue Ross, James Schneiderman, Robert Swalve, Robert Walker. SOPHOMORES - Gwen Anderberg, Joyce Birkholz, Stanley Bomgarden, David Buttel, Harlan Ludewig, Larry Sluiter. JUNIORS- Leighton Duitsman, JoAnn Heeren,Nancy Hunziker, Dick Leerhoff, Julie Miller, Nancy Rosenbaum, Diane Ruter, Jean Schneiderman, Karen Schrader. SENIORS - Lyle Coffman, Pam- ela Kramer, Carol Stukenberg, Dianne Wiley. 45" FRESHMEN Q66-J FORRESTON HIGH SCHOOL ENROLIME DATA September 1, 1961 Ca,,,,ec-fed +0 6-Xaofgzp IW3 SOPHOMORES 1631 .HINIORS C557 SENIORS i553 G-213 B-59 G-503 B-55 G-25: B-28 G-554,73-20 Abbas, Daniel Alberts, Diana Abel-Se Gary Abels, Jane Anderberg, Gwen Alberts, Ronald Ackerman, Barbara Ashton, Gordon 'PK Arjes, George A-I1f191'b9I'Ev Norma Beightol, Robert Birkholz, Joyce l.5Y2BQrQhers, Steven ASCT191 Judith Bennett, Donna Bolen, Sandra Dentler, Joyce Bolen, Rand-all Beyer, Ruth Black, Billy Bolen, Ivan Bomgarden, Wayne Bornemeier, Linda Bradbury, Barbara Brandenburg, Robert Brass, John Brockmeier, Duane Buisker, Theodore Busker, Judith Daniels, Joan Derby, Ralph DeVries, Myrna Bomgarden, Stanley Duitsman, Betty Bornemeier, Beverly Duitsman, Leighton Bowers, Robert Dwyer, Michael Bruning, Lana Buttel, David Buttel, Eileen Carmichael, Vickiife Eknpen, Ronald Everts, Duwayne Fansler, Robert Forney, Joanne Coffman, Lee y SY, Graaff, David Cornelius, Iaurence DeVries, Joyce Drake, James if Duitsman, Drew S Dumpman, Gary Eckhoff, Bonnie Graff, Paul Groenewold, Gerald Grcnewold, Richard Ha ga, Virgil eeren, JoAnn Heeren, Pauline Dewall, Anita Frank, Gale Hunziker, Nancy Dewall, Dorinda Frey, larry Kielman, Judith Duitsman, Doris Duitsman, William Ellis, Richard Fager, Milton Faulkner, Edward Finch, Ronald Frager, Donald Frey, Ronald Greenfield, lynn Haack, Gregory Hagemann, Phyllis , . . I? Harms , J eree Harrenstein, Doris Kitzmiller, John Kochsmeier, Doris Kriens, Tommy Kutz, John Leerhoff Dick . ' ,Ma Mertz, Richard Borchers, Jerrene Bornemeier, Joann Coffman, lyle Daniels, Kermit DeVries, Robert Dewall, Neil Duitsman, Jane Folkerts, Lloyd Forney, Carl Gagliardi, Sandra Genkinger, Diana Greve, Bonita Hagemann, Carol Haijenga, Judith Harmon, Karl ll 22. Hooh, Karen Hoch, Leona Johnson, Carlton Kaney, Gerald Kramer, Pamela Krum, Helen lambrecht, Patricia Iamm, George Link, Barbara Ludewig, Gale Malott, Cheryl Meyer, larry Frey, Dianna Janssen, James Miller, Julie Frey, Donna Kampen, Sandra Miller, Marilyn Frisbie, Thomas Kaney, Colyn Miller, Sandra Gagliardi, Michael Kgmey, Jgyce MOI-ing, Daryl GI'ab0W: Eiafla Klipping, David de Poppen, Clarene 1 I Graff, Mary H9-gemann, Larry S - 355 Hutson, Thomas Kaney, Sharon Kerkhoff, Ronald Klipping, Mary Knott, Jean Lawson, Shirley Ludewig, Harlan Ludewig, Robert Meiners, Luann Meyer, Robert Miller, Wave. son, Lyle Rosenbaum, Nancy Rummel, Roy Ruter, Diane Ruter, Paul Scheider, Lana Schneider, Donald Kielman, Connie Miller, Wayne Schneiderman, Jean Krum, Gary Moring, Dennis Schrader, Karen Love, Earl Nevenhoven, Larry, Shelly, Judy Matthews, James McIntosh, walter Meinert, Dennis Mertz, Barbara Moring, Jeffrey Munk, Connie Nicodemus, Walter Po Pasch, Larry Pasch, Linda Raleigh, Robert Raymond, Randall Renkema, Patricia Rosenbaum, Karen Simmons, Gene Stein, Darlene Swalve, Paul Trei, Diana Trei, Electa Vietmeier, Gerald Wubbena, Marcia 7Mil1er, JoAnne Moore, Karen Nesemeyer, Diane Nevenhoven, Linda Pierson, Marlene Ratmeyer, Dorothy Raymond, Donna Raymond, Roseann Rogers, Nancy Ross, Darlene Ruter, Faye Schneider-man, Gayle Scott, Michael Smith, Bern Stein, Larry Stukenberg, Carol Stukenberg, Gerald Tempel, Lyle , Paschal, L10yd Roskam, Julie Zimmerman, Arlyn Wiederholtz, Fred Ranz, Donna Runte, Julie 1? Zumdahl, Sandra Wiley, Dianne goes, Jill Scheffner, Barbaraii W- oes, Sue Schneiderman, Randy H , Ross, Gary Schoonhoven, Bradleyaeia 19304291355 13-Q-Xl 311-M' Schneiderman James Schoonhoven Judith ' Shelly, Erma, Sluiter, Larry ' freshmen 25 '59 Sorn, Gerald Sprague , Carol 'oplpmores 50 55 65 Stocker, Dick viefmeier, Doris J1m?01'S 25 25 55 Swalve, Robert y Vogt, Terry 1 Sem-OTS -li .LQ .-'li ' 2,3 Wubbena Sharon Taylor, Bruce Zumdahl: Patricia 1157 120 gi Trei, Victoria H113 Jah 35671, lwncy 4- 3 7 Walker, Robert 31-5'AJber1S, sharon 'JB 113 241 Vfizttlez Ghard-3f?.46 Vawtio-nbwhg' Luqaa pi-tal 7-'erm ehrollmafjh - iz., 3f6 Kadev-2y,Li'nda fWZL"U7'r -S'f3ofCZ"?2.Z9 3jzb'Pon Thank, ' Advertising The following business and professional men aided in the publication of this yearbook by their finan cial help. The CLASS OF '62 wishes to thank each contributor. A Adeline Grain Co. Akins Drug Store Alice's Beauty Salon Anderberg Hardware Asche Trucking Co. B Xt L Distributors Baileyville Farmers Grain Co. Blankenberg Photographers Bob's Dairy Boelter, Dr. O. H. Borchers Bros. Cardinal Motor Clinic Caroline's Beauty Shop Coffman, Floyd, Pioneer Seed Corn Continental Baking Co. Cu1ligan's Soft Water Service Daws Trucking, Inc. DeVon Provisions Dick's Gulf Service Dougherty - DeGraff Funeral Home Ear1enbaugh's Heating 8: Sheet Metal Faulkner Builders Forreston County Mutual Fire Ins. Co. Forreston Grain Sz Feed Mill Forreston Journal Forreston Lumber 8: Fuel Co. Forreston Motor Sales Forreston Swiss Cheese Forreston State Bank Forreston Veterinary Service German Valley Farmers Grain Co. German Valley Lumber Co. German American State Bank German Valley Implement Co. Greve, John, General Blacksmithing Haack and Knapp - Choice Feeder Cattle Haldane Elevator ' Hoffman, Paul, Kent Feeds Holleb St Co., Foods Josten's, Inc., Rings Kaney Bros. Lahre's Market Lewis Dairy Bar Messing and Becker Miller, Ben - Standard Oil Moody, R. C. , Builder P Sz L Farm Service Pau1's Barber Shop Plock's Grocery Railton, B. A. , Foods Raleigh Produce Ralph's Cities Service 8z Lunch Ratmeyer's Farm Equipment Co. Rick's Mobil Service Roland's Gulf Service Rosenbaum Body Shop Ross, Dick - Corn Shelling Ross' Standard Service Rutkowski, Judge Helen M. Schoonhoven's Standard Service Seas and Stamm, Barber Shop Sexton, John 8z Co., Foods Shannon State Bank Shaw Oil Co. Simmons' Gamble Store Simler Hardware Sz Plumbing Smith Motor Sales Snyder's Black Angus Cafe Sneek, Clarence - D-X Distributor Stein Bros. - Livestock Trucking Trei, Howard, Contractor Trei, Lawrence Insurance Agency Xing, clardfgsf As is the self-reliant, mature, and majestic Cardinal, So are F.C.H.S. seniors who are prepared to step forth into Life's School.

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