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THE CHHUIHPH UFIQZH PUBLI SHED BY n F,E,H,S, SHHUR ELHSS The class of of those and will members of the senior 1941 in appreciation influences which have continue to contri- bute'toward their best inter- ests, wish to dedicate this annual to Hthe community.N This dedication is parti- cularly to the Forreston Com- munity . However, the class members realize that the word Hcommunityn has a broader meaning and thus include those factors and cersons of the world at large which help to enrich their lives. affix 'R-'E' i 1 , ' . 3' xg gil A ,.- ., i LX- , , Of- X v 'B " I I , D,,. iii ' s P-fe TN Q HUILUEQE Es :J emu HHEH HMS uw ww ,,,,, At the beginning of the school year we entered the building which had been put in Htip topu shape by the L, janitors. In the office ' we noticed an extra desk which we found out belonged to Mr. Poe who had been made principal. The typing students were all very glad to see new typewriters in place of the old ones. Early in the year students became conscious of the fact that a guidance plan had been insti- tuted. Miss Plagge was in charge and particularly emphasized vocational guidance through interviews and accumulation of reading material. At our first basketball game the boys had new uniforms which made them feel quite proud. The cheer-leaders also had new outfits which were very becoming to them. Mr. Winebrenner and his English classes great ly appreciated the Literary Map of the British Isles because it was a great help when studying their literature. During the first semester, hour classes were held but this did not prove entirely satisfactoryg so, during the second semester forty-minute class- es were held. Byghaving forty-minute classes physical education was available. ' For the second semester Miss Ray was glad to have new stoves, a ' supply cabinet, and new stools in the home ec room. School Board Standing: Walter Laney, Earl Link Sitting: Herman Frey, Onne DeWall, J. E. Fisher, and Oscar Vietmeier The Forreston Community High School Annual Staff Standing: Lucille Wubbena, Marie Hedrick Evelyn Jacobs, Minnie Weegens, Virginia Mase harcile Gesin, Lois Blair, Dortha Mae Roskam, Mildred Ludwig, Glenn Mase, Sitting: Miss Plagge, Ethel Long, Laverne Peters, Kava Gesin, Flossie Norris Mildred Hunk Betty Williams Inge Dalsheim, FPEUHY 1 f Hr. Hosterson-- . Always much concerned about this and that about school. 1.11.0 Poe" B A popular believer of HIf at first you don't succeed, try, try a5ain.H Kiss P1a5ge-- She believes in being Hmethodicalv and having things in on time. Hr. McGuire-- He says he is like a bird, he always takes the shortest way. Hr. Winebrennerv- He thinks there is nothing more fascinating than a Reader's Digest. Miss Ray-- She is very much concerned about all phases of Home Economics. Mr. Ragsdale-- Much interested in the home--furnishings and his future one. Miss Hower-- Give me a good car, the company of my dog and off I go. A Ethel Jane Deuth-- D Think of me, think of the mimeograph and how I turn and turn. 'YN -1 - 'nf John Masterson, A. B., M. A. Superintendent History, Bookkeeping, and Algebra Student Council Advisor Ernest Poe, B..S., M. A. Principal Science and Athletics Florence Plagge, B. S., M. A. Commercial Sponsor of Publications Guidance Counselor Senior Class Advisor Keith McGuire, B. S. Vocational Agriculture Junior Class Advisor Philbert Winebrenner, A. B. English and Vocal Music Senior Class Advisor Carolyn Ray, B. S. Home Ee, Latin, and Girls' Physical Education Sophomore Class Advisor Sponsor of G. A. A. La Ragsdale, Bo Ed. Manual Arts, Practical Math., and Commercial Law Freshman Class Advisor Beth Hower Band Director Ethel Jane Deuth Office Secretary Q' x 5 9-Qi i Q okvx NQSXQYQOK G mee? E. Poe SupQmrHQnaQrQ' Pr-1nQ1PqI 77zQQM',,2, 3 0? 1 M C on-oly nm my KW Y I 50:1 iv' MQQ Q , Q -fr YXSCSQSCQQ f ff M n 'f ,7 X 1 OYQYKCQ 1 .,f,, , fl ' ' v . .:J1f1U.i5'?fJ wg R "'r- .r. . .f .' --'1 -vin.. V ,nf qv. . v,-. LW.. N71 A -1.1-'ESQ-4 -,V 7-4-x-5,:'Qjr,.wfgjQ.2g-. xv. ,,:Q,:..,! fML.,,,. ,, ,Dig-x .. , xg., ff. ..-,h ,K-4- -1, ,..4 -V .4 .Y 4 . !t..,,,.5. Ffa-f, ...Q,L,.,VJ,,N?,.gi,A , . -. H-., A- L .ww-f A ' , ri.'i1.- . :!:,w,1,g-if ff' 5564, Q. -X ,g fps:-. f , .fi af, K ,lifaffq L :fm-' " L."'f' Ti mu.-. ,?:J.f':f-99 1'fi"- - f.,'.A-J:-'ff-Y: w,p..,f,'t-wg. ffm A --:',,'1gV-.44 writ.,-'71-' if wg- -..-N J. - if 'NI'-,Q-jC3'j4.. A K' f'?fx"fr'? f . U F," HS 1941 U! SENIOR MOTTO: Our Aim, Success: Our Hope, to Win CLASS FLOWER Lily of the Valley All 'fm ! f'ifffI,Al'U ' N! in yj I NM! f 'I 1 GLASS COLORS Aquamarine and Silver SENIOR CLASS HISTORY When in the course of human events, it is necessary for one group of people to start their high school career, they usually start as green and timid pupils but with lots of ambition and talent. So started the class of 1941 with the following enrollment: Phyllis Kampen, Marcile Gesin, Glenn Mase Jr., Ralph Erdman, Margaret Bornemier, Wilmith Elam, Ethel Long, Dortha Mae Roskam, Helen Kaney, Lucille Wubbena, Mildred' Munk, Minnie Weegens, Ted Schoon, Leroy Smith, Boyd Doeden, Lester Gerwig, Edwin Kilker, Lois Blair, Evelyn Jacobs, Marie Hedrick, Frances Gene Lang, Gerald Duitsman, Simon Schroeder, Donald Buttel, Kenneth Homan, Harold Birkholz, Laverne Peters, Milford Alberts, Vernon Abels, Betty Garman, Inge Dalsheim, Doris Kleckler, and Alice Twigg. The following class officers were elected: President Inge Dalsheim Vice-President Doris Kleckler Sec. E Treas. Mildred Munk Advisor Mr. Manus Lois Blair became vice-president when the office was vacated by Doris Kleckler. Marcile Gesin and Gerald Duitsman were the first semester reporters, with Lois Blair and Glenn Mase serving during the second semester. Great promise was shown in sports, band and glee club, but there was no outside activity sponsored by the class. The sophomores who came to F. G. H. S. in 1958, had lost three members. These were: Helen Kaney, Phyllis Kampen, and Margaret Bornemier. The following were chosen as class officers: President Wilmith Elam Vice-President Harold Birkholz Sec. R Treas. Lois Blair Advisor Thu Ragsdale First semester reporters were Frances Gene Lang and Gerald Duitsman. Second semester re- porters were Inge Dalsheim and Donald Buttel. Vernon Abels was elected class president when Uilmith Elam moved away. Other members lost during the course of the year were Alice Twigg and Leroy Smith. But Betty Williams, Flossie Norris, and Victor Conkey joined us at the beginning of the year. In September 1938, once again we assumed our' school activities. We were minus only one memberg Ralph Erdman, who was replaced by Ellsworth Lewis, formerly of Wisconsin. The following class officers were elected: President Ethel Long Vice-President Gerald Duitsman Sec. a Treas. Harold Birkholz Advisor Miss Plagge Marcile Gesin'and Glenn Mase served as first semester reporters, with Lucille Wubbena and Ken- neth Homan working as second semester reporters. Flossie Norris was the second semester editor-in- chief. We received 1510.00 for a float entered in the parade on Sauerkraut Day. Among other things a corn game and candy booth were sponsored at the Senior Carnival. In the fall, we purchased our class rings. The Junior play, HAlmost Eighteenn, presented in April, was a great success. The Junior-Senior Banquet was given May 18 at Emmert's Tea Room in Freeport. In the fall of 1940 we re-entered high school for the fourth and last time as students. We were fortunate in our enrollment, inasmuch as we lost only one member, Boyd Doeden, and were introduced to two new members, Vivian Bradley, formerly of Shannon, and Jane Bogus, formerly of Dixon. Our enrollment was now increased to thirty. It seemed hard to believe that the four years in F. C. H. S. had passed so quickly. Class officers elected were: President Marcile Gesin Vice-President Donald Buttel Secretary Flossie Norris Treasurer Evelyn Jacobs Class advisors Miss Plagge, Mr. Winebrenner Betty Williams and Teddy Schoon were elected as first semester reporters. The editor-in-chief was Evelyn Jacobs. The second semester reporters were Vivian Bradley and Ellsworth Lewis, while Lucille Wubbena was the editor-in-chief. Betty Garman was chosen Sauerkraut Queen, Flossie Norris and Jane Bogue were attendants. we entered a float in the parade for which we auto matically received Ll5.00. The class decided to have a carnival, in order to raise money for class expenses. The Senior class play was given in May before a large audience. The graduating class numbered 30, 22 of whom started as freshmen here. SENIORS Harold Birkholz Milford Alberts Basketball 1, 2, 5, 4 Glee Club 1, 2, 5, 4 Softball 2, 5, 4 Softball 1, 2, 5, 4 Glee Club 4 Track 1, 2, 5 One Act Play 2 Basketball 1, 2, 5 Class Vice-President 2 F. F. A. 1, 2 Class Treasurer 5 F. F. A. 1, 2, 5 Vivian Bradley Lois Blair Band 2, 5 Glee Club l, 2, 5, 4 Band 2, 5, 4 G. A. A. 4 Glee Club 1 Class Play 2, 5 Operetta 1 G. A. A. 2 Class Reporter 1 Donald Buttel Cub Reporter 4 Annual Staff 4 Band 1, 2, 5, 4 Class Secretary 2 Glee Club 2, 5, 4 Class Vice-President 1 Operetta 1, 5 Class Play 5 Orchestra 5, 4 Class Play 5 Reporter 2 Jane Bogue Softball 1, 2, 5, 4 Track 1, 2, 5, 4 Orchestra 1, 2 Basketball 1, 2, 5, 4 Glee Club 4 Class Vice-President 4 G. A. A. 2, 4 Literary Society 1, 2 Latin Club l, 2 Vernon Abels Dixon Staff 5 Commercial Club 5 Softball 1, 2, 5 Sauerkraut Attendant 4 Class President 2 F. pup.. 1, 2, rs Victor Conkey Basketball 1, Football l, 2 Track 2, 5, 4 Softball 5, 4 Glee Club 5 One Act Play Inge Band Glee 1, 2, 5. Club 1, G. A. A. 1, 2 Libraria Band Operetta 1, 5 Annual Staff Junior Journa Class Preside Class Play 5 2,5,4 2 Dalsheim 4 2, 5, 4 ,f5.4 n 5 4 l 2 nt l Gerald Duitsman Band 1, 2, 5, Glee Club 1, Operetta 1, 5 Class Play 5 Track 1, 2, 5 Basketba11'1, Softball 1, 2 Class Vice-Pr Lester Gerwig Track l, 2, 5 Basketball 1, Judging Team F. F. A. l, 2 4 2, 5,4 , 4 2, 5, 4 , 5, 4 esident 5 2 1,2,:s ,s Betty Garman Band l, 2, 5, 4 Orchestra 5 Glee Club 1, 2, Operetta 1, 5 Sauerkraut Quee G. A. A. 2, 5, Cheer-leader 4 Class Play 5 Marcile Gesin Band 2, 5, 4 Glee Club 2, 4 Operetta 1 G. A. A. 4 Class Play 5 Annual Staff 4 Class Reporter Class President Marie Hedrick Glee Club 1 G. A. A. 1, 2, Junior Journal Annual Staff 4 Cub Reporter 5, Ellsworth Lewis Glee Club 1, 2, Class Play 5 Reporter 1 Operetta 5 One Act Play 2 Touch Football 5. n 4 4 1. 4 5. 4 4 5, 1 4 4 Kenneth Homan Edwin Kilker Band 1, 2, 5, 4 F. F. A. 1, 2, 5 Glee Club 2, 5, 4 Judging Team 1, 2, 5 F. F. A. 1, 2, 5, 4 Basketball 1, 2, 5 Judging Team 1, 2, 5, 4 Track 1, 2, 5 Reporter 5 Basketball 2, 5, 4 One Act Play 2 Evelyn Jacobs Operetta 5 Track 1, 2 Band 1, 4 Glee Club 1, 2 Operetta l Frances Gene Lang G. A. A. 1, 2, 5, 4 Class Treasurer 4 , Band 1, 2, 5, 4 Editor-in-chief 4 'F' Glee Club l, 2, 5, 4 Annual Staff 4 Cheer-leader 4 Cub Reporter 5 G. A. A. 1, 2, 5, 4 Orchestra 5 Operetta l, 5 Glenn Mase Junior Journal 2, 4 Class Play 5 Band l, 2, 5, 4 Orchestra 5, 4 Glee Club 1, 2, 4 Ethel Long Class Play 5 Reporter 1, 2, 5 Band 1, 2, 5, 4 One Act Play 2 Glee Club l, 2, 5, 4 Annual Staff 4 G. A. A. 1 Softball 1, 2, 5, 4 Operetta l, 5 Basketball l, 2, 5 Class Play 5 Cheer-leader 2, 5, 4 Class President 5 Mildred Munk Annual Staff 4 Cub Reporter 4 Glee Club 1, 2 Orchestra 5 G. A. A. 1, 2, 5, 4 Class Treasurer l Annual Staff 4 Flossle Norris Bane 2, gs, 4 Glee Club 2, 5, 4 President of G. A. A. 4 Operetta 5 President of Band 4 Class Secretary 4 Cub Reporter 5, 4 Annual Staff 4 Editor-in-chief 5 Home Bc. Club 1 Sauerkraut Attendant 4 P116 Peters d1,2,s,4 Glee Club 2 F. F. A. 1, 2 Judging Team 2 Annual Staff 4 porpna Mae Boskam G. A. A. 1, 2, 5, 4 Class Play 5 Annual Staff 4 Teddy Schoon Glee Club 1, 5 Operetta 5 One Act Play 2 Class Play 5 Reporter 4 Basketball 1, 2 Track l Simon Schroeder Band 2, 5, 4 F. F. A. 1, 2, One Act Play 2 Minnie Weegans Band 1, 4 Glee Club 1, 2 G. A. A. 1, 2, Junior Journal Cub Reporter 4 Annual Staff 4 Betty Williams Band 2, 5, 4 Glee Club 2 GI Ao Al 4 Home Bc. Club 1 Class Play 5 Class Reporter 4 Annual Staff 5, 4 Cub Reporter 5, Lucille Wubbena G. A. A. 1, 2, Class Play 5 Annual Staff 4 Class Reporter 5 G. A. A. Treasurer 5 Editor-in-chief 4 4 I 5 Glee Club 1, 2, 4 5 4 C' 1 Varnonabals 6'3G.r61aB11-Vxxxdll Qoms Blmr My-div R 3, ui., J . LJQYXQ UQ Xf1v1qnBy-qalqy 5f"' CY wi' A A ' 1 ff, I DoncQS.BUY1'Q1 BQYE9 Germ? V1C'1'OV ConYm.9 lrxqa A was Ce ., u M! -0 1 3?'n4D . I V' "5" . ' 1 C' V I5 'L-1 . L f 'fy Y Lczslczr C7Qrx.11q Q1 ez Qrczsux CX Ummm KX3QdY1Cv1 VXQrxndlYx Qqomurx F. -I -of Qvczly n Jacobs, I I eww Long K xXX..vrv," Cvlmllfaa C'UunYL Uk V11 455' f'-192' Fr cmcescfwzrxa Lung filxsworqth L QW IQ 'I' Glarxniw use 'R '3 ' G10i3S1QNOYP1S LGVQYRQ DOl:'E1'XQCNdQYvkOSYXQYTL Ugkmw 2, f I' gi, ' .- F4 h fi 9 ' 1 Aw' 4 K ' ' Q 'U 9 X w--I J ' L 4 f . 'iq 5 Y 9-W--s.4...M. S 1momSc1xroaaszv- FWUNNIQXJQQQQNS Bead y M1111 cams Lfclle Zubba PHUPHHIY Traveling by plane from Chicago to California to - play in a football game, Donald Buttel, a profession .A al football plaf er, was very " H" - much surprised to find that 5'1" Vivian Bradley, one of the members of his graduating class of t-n years ago, was a passenger on the same plane. Inquiring about her destination he found that she was a movie ac- tress on her way to Hollywood to make a picture. Wanting some information from the stewardess they found that she was their old schoolmate, Frances Gene Lang. She was delighted to see them and while talking happened to mention that Milford Alberts was pilot and Gerald Duitsman was co-pilot of the plane in which they were traveling. Landing at Omaha at 4:15 in the afternoon, Donald and Vivian drove to town for dinner. On the way they passed two hitch hikers--none other than Victor Conkey and Glenn Mase. Giving them a ride they learned a lot of information concerning some of their other classmates. ' a Hwhat ever happened to Kenneth Homan?n Donald asked Glenn. nwhy, didn't you know that Kenny and Lester Gerwig are the managers of a farm implement store right here in Omaha?n Vivian had a question to ask too. nwhere are those two Maryland maids?n nF1ossie ' Norris is the owner ' of a beauty shop in ' Polo with Marie Hedrick as her as- I sistant, and we hear that Betty Williams is design- ing hats for Karcile Gesin who has a millinery shop in New York City. Those two certainly get separated, didn't they?n UI guess you boys have done quite a bit of traveling, haven't you?H Donald said. Uwe sure have,N Victor answered, Hwe've been in almost every state in the Union. 'By the way, we ran across one of our old friends, LaVerne Peters, not far from home. He is a soda fountain clerk in Rockford, Illinois.U Vivian and Donald then arrived in Omaha where they stopped for dinner at a very fashionable res- taurant. Here they found Betty Garman as the head waitress. nHow long have you been working here, Detty?U nTh1s makes my second year here and I like it very much. At first it seemed kind of lonely here, so far away from home, but a let of my old class- mates write me letters. I especially enjoy those from Lucille Wubbena. They certainly are interest- ing. You knew, didn't you, that she is a mission- ary in India now? Gene always comes to see me when the plane she is on stops over. She really gets around and knows where almost all of our old class- mates are. She says that Simon Schroeder is in the automobile business in Forreston and that Harold Birkholz is teaching school. That other Bailey- villeite, Vernon Abels, is a section foreman on the railroad. After eating dinner, Donald and Vivian wont back to the airport and continued on their journey. They went as far as Cheyenne, where they changed planes. While doing this, they met Jane Boguc who is traveling with an orchestra in which sho is solo violinist. They didn't have much time to talk but she told them that Ethel Long is giving accordian lessons in Haldane and Lois Blair is a secretary in " H' ' ' . the Douglas Aircraft Corporation in California. At this airport they also found that Dortha Vac Roskam was an instructor in women's flying. Dack on the plane Donald and Vivian talked about all these old classmates and Vivian mentioned that she had received a letter from Vildred Funk, who is working in a grocery store in Shannon. Tildred said in her letter that she sees Vinnie Ueegens sometimes. Winnie is married and living on a farm not far from Forreston. nwhere is Evelyn Jacobs, Vinnie's old pal, by now?n Donald asked. HOh, she's head librarian in a library in Salt Lake City. I was very much surprised when I heard this because you know we all thought that she was going to be a farmer's wife. I also heard that Inge Dalsheim is happily married and living in Freeport.U The next stop they found was to be Reno. They were very glad of this because they wanted to see the town that they had heard so much about. They were there only a short while when they ran into none other than Teddy Sehoon, a lawyer in that city. Vivian and Donald happened to think that they had found the whereabouts of almost all their grad- uating class of ten years ago so they asked Teddy if he knew anything about Ellsworth Lewis and Edwin Kilker, his pals in Forreston High School. HOh yes,n he said, nEllsworth is the owner of a large creamery and Edwin is working his way to the top, rather fast, in the wrestling profession. Vivian and Donald had to rush on to catch their plane and during the remainder of their journey dis- cussed all their classmates, of whom they had seen and heard. 3 THE CLASS WILL OF 1941 We, the Senior Class of the Forreston Com u- nity High School, Forreston, in the county of Ogle State of Illinois, in this year one thousand nine hundred and forty-one, being of sound mind and considering the uncertainty of our frail and tran- sitory lives, do therefore make, ordain, publish, and declare this to be our last Will and testament in manner and form as follows: I, Lois Blair, will my neatness and graceful poise to Louise Binkley. ' I, Marie Hedrick, will my ability to chew gum, and keep in step with all boys to Betty Roth I, Nilford Alberts, will my ability to keep on the good side of all the girls, and to pitch softball to Lowell Brockmeier. f I, Betty Garman, leave my ability to keep on the good side of all the boys, and be able to col lect votes for Sauerkraut Queen to Florence Ihms. I, Ellsworth Lewis, will to Donald Schell my ability to take all leading roles in operettas. I, Evelyn Jacobs, leave my editor-in-chief capability to Virginia Mase. I, Donald Buttel, will my basketball ability to Marvin Fuller, hoping he will use it to a great extent in future years. I, Frances Gene Lang, leave my ability to raise rousing cheers at all basketball games to Norma June Reynolds. I, Glenn Mase, will my ability to chatter and talk at all times to Wayne Hammond. .Y I, Flossie Norris, leave my ability to give' pleasant smiles to all the boys to Norene Muller. I, Theodore Schoon, will my ability to argue with Miss Plagge to Bill Taber. I, Gerald Duitsman, will my ability to be stubborn to Mack Dison. I, Lucille Wubbena, will my quick finger move- ment over the keyboard to make sixty words a minute to Dorothy Burma. I, Harold Birkholz, will my ability to attract beautiful and charming girls of lower classes to Pete Hayenga. I, Dorotha Mae Roskam, will my neatness and ability to keep my hair in good style at all times to Ora Black. I, Kenneth Homan, leave my good standing with all the girls to Gene Gronewald. I, Inge Dalsheim, leave my ability to trans- late Latin, and have long fingernails to Ruth Greenfield. I, Mildred Munk, will my nice girlish figure and good behavior in school to La Vonne Swalve who is always so quiet. I, La Verne Peters, will all my good grades in American history and bookkeeping and my tall- ness to Herman Ludwig. I, Vivian Bradley, leave my many chats with Victor Conkey in the study hall to Patty Stoner. I, Jane Bogue, will my many interesting chats with Mack Dison to Mary Ellen Buisker. I, Lester Gerwig, will my curly hair and sweet smile to help attract girls to Wayne Moring. I, Minnie Weegens, leave my attractive giggle and jolly disposition to Tena Frey. I, Marcile Gesin, leave the high office of the Student Board with all of its troubles and many worries to Bill Taber. I, Victor Conkey, will my fighting Irish for further basketball use to Mike Earlenbaugh. I, Ethel Long, leave my place in chorus and other musical activities to kdldred Ludwig. I, Vernon Abels, leave my ability to tease the girls and make them cry to Victor Bradley who is always in mischief. I, Simon Schroeder, will my deep voice, and ability to keep out of mischief to Lynn Duitsman. I, Edwin Kilker, will my ability to control those who don't behave in school and to put them in their place to Dale Peters. I, Betty Williams, leave my ability to do art for next year's annual to Marjorie Mertz. And last but not least, we leave the memory of our ambitious and illustrious Senior Class, to the school and community hoping they have enjoyed our activities as much as we have enjoyed pre- senting them. All former wills are null and void. Senior Class H1941-If WML 215,,,,4,.,,! n 43 E9 W 596.5 22 dy,,m2-fix,-QLewQp I 'Ha 'G A . Sax QJQL C, Mxiw My fi, 3 K9 M W Q E ,A i mw , f L':Q"k D, QQWL7 VV! Nagy I I 'J--.... 6. ww 'S wif MM fa W JW WM ww WWW? Jww JJWJW yy! ffm, Wa PHSSQHBQHQ lffgg UUUDQ f! 2 L + x ' . X Wi: Lp! I Once again here as schoolmates assembled, We fain would lift our hearts in song, To our high school, our dear Alma Hater Let gladness the moments prolong, We are proud of our lads and our lasses, Of honors won in days gone by, So here's a cheer for our old High School For Our Old High School, Our Dear Old High. Herefs to our classes, Here's to our lasses, Here's to the lads they adore, Here's to the seniors so mighty, Juniors so flighty, freshie, and sophomore, Let mirth and gladness, banish all sadness, Then as the days go by You'fl find us ready and steady Boosting for Forreston High. Soon for us will our schooldays be ended, The dreams of youth that fade so fast, But we know that our hearts oft' will ponder, In memories of scenes that are past, There are joys that will long be remembered And friendships too that ne'er can die, So here's a cheer for our old High School For Our Old High School, Our Dear Old High. Fourth row-- Zelda McPherson Richard Fager Wayne Moring Dwight Hayenga James Myers Eugene Gronewold Donald Ludwig Mack Dison Marvin Muller Dorothy Burma Second row-- Ora Black Lucille Rademaker Dorothy Stolzman Dorothy Heeren Donald Wubbena Victor Bradley Marian Moring Betty Dohse Florence Ihm JUNIOR CLASS Third row-- LaVonne Korf Gerald Fager Virginia Gravenstein Viola Schoonhoven Lhry Ellen Bisker Naomi Meiners Lucille Daniels Gladys Swalve Wayne Hammond First row-- Mr. McGuire, Advisor Gerald Earlenbaugh Alvin Ludwig Marjorie Hertz Gretchen Huntley Virginia Mase Caroline Duitsman Milton Zimmerman Note: Harold Smith and David Smith do not appear on the picture. SCPHOHORE CLASS Third row-- Dorothy Lewis Ben Unangst Craig Brattrud Eldon LaBudde Willard Runte Doris Haas Harold Meinen Dudley Stukenberg Donald Gravenstein Second row-- Jule Robertson Mildred Ludwig Helen Boelkes Hargorie Myers Evelyn Birkholz Rogene Beyer Norma June Reynolds Yvonne Frederick Albert Snap Ben Buisker First row-- Oscar Byers Kelvin Stykel Dale Peters Vada Mae Schoonhoven Doris Devries Olive Mae Doeden Glenn Ludwig Ruth Greenfield Kiss Ray, Advisor Note: Leonard Otto does not appear on this picture. Fourth row-- Ralph Rugland Frank Boyer Dorothy Dikkers Mildred Roskam Ermalee Doherty Irma Uubbena Lowell Broekmeier Lynn Duitsman Donald Greenfield Dolores Ludwig Bertha Boyer Second row-- Lavonne Swalve Phyllis Kaney Marvin Swalve Edna Meyers Glenn Hiller Harold Hiteman Heinie Engelbarts Betty Ruthe Ruth Schmidt Leo Allen Erma Schmidt FRLSISEAH CLASS Third row-- Lylc Hundcrtmark Norma Rush Rogene Hartje Leila Korf Robert Duitsman Ralph Snap Delbert Rademaker Dolores Joynt Marvin Timmer Donald Schell Harold Heeren First row-- Arlene Hartz Herman Ludwig Ruth Meyer Patricia Stoner Louise Binkley Teva Gesin Moreno Muller Dolores Dohse Viola Johnson Hr. Ragsdale, Advlsor Note: Vernon Harrenstein, and Homer Schmidt do not appear on the picture. -ltr -A A ' " l'-" '. JUIHURS 4101 ffbg lmry Ellen Bisker-- NBisk' NShe talks her way through life.n .4 . ora Black-- I nLittle I ask my wants f are few.U Victor Bradley-- NVicW HEverything comes if a man will only wait.U Dorothy Burma-- UDotU HAn open-hearted maiden, true and pure.U Lucille Daniels-- Nljnnien Uvariety is the very spice of life.N hhck Dison-- Hmack Dison is my name--smil pation.H Betty Dohse-- NShe appears very quiet--BUT Caroline Duitsman-- ing is my occu- ' a1Dui-tsyn HIt's a gay young life, this is.0 Gerald Earlenbaugh-- 'duke' HGerald goes through school--we hope a little school goes through Gerald.n Gerald Fager-- WJerryH HI care for nobody, no not I, if nobody cares for me.W Virginia Gravenstein-- NI love the wee small hours of the morning.U Eugene Gronewo1d-- Hweenyn UGee, I wish I had a girl like the other fellows have.' Wayne Hammond-- UFooU WI wouldn't be good if I could, and I couldn't be good if I would.U Dwight Hayenga-- HPeteU ' nIt tain't no use to Worry.u ' Dorothy Heeren-- HHer best companions are her books.N Gretchen Huntley-- WCorkeyU NPaddles her own canoe, and paddles it well.n Florence Ihm-- HGood sense and good nature are never sep- arated.H LaVonne Korf-- HA small bundle of energy.n Alvin Ludwig-- UActions speak louder than Words.W Donald LudwiQ-- UCristN HI often tell myself there is more in me than people thinK.N Virginia Hase-- HDollyU WLife without laughing is a dreary blank.H Zelda McPherson-- HIn her it is natural to please.N Naomi Meiners-- HShe will if she Will, she won't if she won't, that's all.n hhrjorie Mertz-- Uharjn WSuch a serious little creature.H James Myers-- 'Some hard 13165. N Lmrian Moring-- nAnd still head could Wayne Moring-- 'You can't Marvin Muller-- n Jimmyu work will conquer all difficul- the wonder grew that one small carry all she knew.N keep a good man down.N HPeanutsH NNobody would ever suppose it, but I am naturally bashful.N Lucille RademaKer-- WShe speaks, behaves, and acts just like she ought. W Viola Schoonhoven-- Nvin WNot that I love study less, but fun more.n Harold Smith-- WDopeyN NHe is rough but kind.N Dorothy Sto1zman-- UDotH 'Agreeable and happy.N - - Gladys Swalve-- HGladN NShe's always in for fun, and is a friend to everyone,N William Taber-- ll ll Ulf the good die young, it's a wonder I have survived this long.N Donald Wubbena- NNot much talk, a great silence.U Milton Zimmermane- NMilt' HThe world Richard Fager-- knows nothing of its greatest men WDICKU WAnd they call him DicK.W Contact! And the juniors were off to another year of school with 57 members. This was four less than at the end of last year but one member was added at the opening of school and another at the beginning of the second semester. Early in the year the following officers were elected: President ---------- Gretchen Huntley Vice President ----- Marjorie Mertz Secretary ---------- Caroline Duitsman Treasurer -------- --Lois Devries First Semester Reporters---Mary Ellen Bisker and Mack Dison Second Semester Reporters--Gladys Swalve 'and Dwight Hayenga Class Sponsor ----- -Mr. McGuire In November Lois DeVries did not return to school and Virginia Mase was elected treasurer. Second prize was awarded to the juniors for their float on Sauerkraut Day. The float repre- sented a ship and was made in blue and white. The class play, NKid Colbyn was presented on November 22, and proved very successful. The final event of the year was the Junior- Senior Banquet which was held in May. As a whole the members, of the 1940-'41 junior class can look back on the year with various feel- ings of disappointment and satisfaction, these feel ings being the result of what they had done along the lines of scholarship and extra-curricular ac- tivities. 'Not all could be expected to reach the same goals, but backward glances and comparison of the first and last of the year should reveal some progress. SUPHUIUUHES Evelyn 1Birkholz-- "Ev" HA patient gentle blond having ability to ren- der best services to custo- M' mers in her home town gro- , , cery store." lj?" Helen Boelkes-- f Hautcnw NOh ny! 9 A. M. Canvt think of pleasure again till 4 P. M.H Craig Brattrud-W , NOrbH NEnjoys his history better when that certain lassie is present to keep him company in class.v Ben Buisker-- NBuiskerH WI am resolved to grow fat, and look young 'til forty.N Oscar Byers- NBYW HHe finds his enjoyment in clearing his throat and letting his strong bass songs ring out.W Doris DeVries- wnatiev HThe tho'tful things which others leave un- done, are what she does.W Olive Mae Doeden-- NTootsW NHGT voice is soft and sweet, like a tune everyone loves to hear.H Yvonne Frederick-- Hvonnien UI miss him most when he's away.H Donald Gravenstein-- NFatH Hlt is wonder- , ful to have the s strength of a ' giant.W r as U"" s Hutn Greenfield-- URutnigH 'So much like ner sister Dorotny. ISn't satls fled until she makes straight A.H Eldon LaBudde-- UB1ubH NA merrier youth is yet to be seen.H Dorothy Lewis-- nDotH HHappy is sne, from morn to night, why can't we all be as sne.H Glen Ludewig-- NShortN HHe is made into everlasting quietness.W Mildred Ludwig-- NJimH NA nice voice to sing duets.W Doris Maas-- Hmaasiew HThis maiden--with no thought than to love and be loved.H Harold Meinen-- UMeinenH Hmerry as a mouse.' , Rogene Meyer-- Hoenev HHer looks remind us of a garden, and in her mind are wisest thoughts.N Marjorie Myers-- HMargeH WTO be let alone is my greatest desire.N Leonard Ottoe- HBuckN Hlt isn't what 1'd like to do, but what I do that counts,H Dale Peters-- HPeteH HHas already inherited his brotner's swift, elastic step.H Norma June Reynolds-- UReynieH Nshe talks and laughs, and enjoys sports, even likes digging for mice nests.H Jule Robertson-- I nmimn Hsilence is golden, tnat's why I'm always so quiet.H Betty Roth-- nBettsH HThis learning, itis such a thing.H Willard Runte-- Il ll WTO get to the top, we must start at the bottom.W Vada Mae Schoonhoven-- 'Vadie' HA woman with domestic air, who can sew buttons and pull nair.' Albert Snap-- uzipn Hwhat I think, that is what I do.N Dudley Stukenberg-- I1D'ud YI NHis countenance, two big dimples and a smile that is permanent.H Melvin Stykel-- ns-tykeln UHe is a talker, and needs no questioning before he speaks.H Ben Unangst-- HBennie' Hrne ladies call him sweet.N CLASS OFFICERS President-- Vice-president-- Secretary and treasurer Class adviser-- Doris Devries Vada Mae Schoonhoven Olive Mae Doeden Miss Ray FRESHNEN Leo Allen HAllien HGreat things are possible for one with ideas.U Louise Binkley nBinkyn UGood natured, busy, and fr1endly.N Bertha Boyer nBertie' nFor she is just the quiet kind whose nature never varies.n Frank Boyer UFlashnH UNO really great man ever thought himself so. Lowell Broekmeier nBrockyN uOutdone by no man.H Dorothy Dikkers HDotW HHer voice is very soft and gentle and low, an excellent thing in a woman.H Ermalee Doherty UPepN V HFull of pep and always ready to laugh out loud.H Dolores Dohse Nnohsen HA true friend and ever loyal to hor class and friends.H Lynn Duitsman NLynndyn UEverything comes if a man will only wa1t.U Robert Duitsman nBobH HNone but himself can be his parallel.u Earl DuVall WRedU ULaugh and the world laughs with you.H Heinie Bngelbarts HHonoen HBeware, I may yet do something sensational.U Tens Frey NBuzzU HIS she talking yet or again.U Wava Gesin HNoreenn NI don't know what I'll be--guess I'll wait and see.H Donald Greenfield nDonn HA good reputation cannot be lived down.n Vernon Harrenstein nVernen nThe country cocks do crow.U Rogene Hartje nGenen nHer heart is like a trolley, always room for one more.U Harold Heeren HPestN UI could be good, I would be good, but gee.n Harold Hiteman nHickyU nwhy let the devil have all the good times.n Lyle Hundertmark uHundyn nwhy hurry today there's always tomorrow.n Viola Johnson Uvin nJolly and full of fun.n Dolores Joynt HDoryN UStill waters run deep.n Maynard Joynt HMaynn Ulf study makes a man--bring back my cradle days.H Phyllis Kaney HPhyllyH HSilence is golden but I sometimes speak.n Robert Koning nBobN UI envy no man who knows more than I, but I pity those who know less.n Leila Korf uLeeH WShe does her work and makes no fuss about it.u Dolores Ludwig HDoloryn nFun is the salt and pepper of life.n Herman Ludwig nShrimp uEnjoy today for tomorrow the first gray hairs may oome.W Arline Mmrtz nLinaU nBack of her silence is true sincerity.U Edna Meyers uEddien NAnd though she speaks little, a great deal more she thinks.U Ruth Meyer nRuthie nAlthough the girl is small, she has a smile that beats them all.n Glenn Miller nBuddyn HHe smiled and said, 'Don't rush me girls.'n Norene Muller nJuneN nBetter double than single.H Delbert Rademaker HRadieH NDon't worry me with the women.n Mildred Roskam nMidH nThey say life is one sweet song--well, start the music.n Ralph Rugland HRuggien nFor me life is a strenuous thing.u Norma Rush HRushn UAll great women are dying, I'm not feeling so well myself.n Betty Ruthe NButchu nShe and melancholy are strangers indeed.n Dale Ruthe uRutheU HThe art of living is more like wrestling than danoing.U Donald Schell nDonN nwork and worry have killed many a boy, why should I take a chance.n Homer Schmidt UTall, light,- ----- .H Ruth SChm1dt nKindness hurts no one.n Erma Schmidt HA miss as good as her smile.u Ralph Snap NOh, those baritones.N Patricia Stoner nI'm sure 'care' is an enemy to life La Vonne Swalve MShortn uRuthn nBlondieN nRufuan UPattyN u HSH8lven HShe never troubles trouble, till trouble troubles her.H Marvin Swalve USwalveu NI attend to my own business.n Marvin Timmer UTimmyH HTease! Tease! Teaseln Irma Wubbena Hwubbyn NSincere, hospitable, and kind.H Ardith York nArdieU NGood nature and good sense must ever join.u The Freshman officers were as follows: President--Louise Binkley Vice-president--Wava Gesin Secretary--Patricia Stoner Treasurer--Norene Muller Sponsor--MT. Ragsdale STUDENT BOARD While speeding along, let's see what the du- ties of the pilots are and who they were during the last year. The members of the student board might be re- ferred to as the pilots of the airplane. Presi- dents and vice-presidents of the various classes, plus the secretary of the senior class comprised this group. These pilots met to discuss the hang- ar activities and other business. The passengers were urged to give any suggestions to the pilots, who would bring their idea'up at the meetings. During the second semester, meetings were held weekly. Hr. Hasterson, head of the engineers, act- ed as the adviser. The pilots for the last year were: Seniors: Marcile Gesin Donald Buttel Flossie Norris Juniors: Gretchen Huntley Marjorie Hertz Sophomores: Doris DeVries Vada Mae Schoonhoven Freshmen: Louise Binkley Wava Gesin Last fall we stopped off at Krapes Park for a weiner roast. Shortly after that the younger set of passengers were initiated. .Early in February, an all high school skating party wrs held in Polo. It was decided to have class programs every month during the second semester for the entertainment of all travelers. With the cooperation of the passengers and the engineers, the pilots were able to carry on their work successfully. ITEUHWW ' SUHHHU fm. Fall gave opportunity to view interesting soft- ball games . Ulaoaaa I The 1940 F. c. H. s. I-'J Softball Roster was as fol- lows: Captain Alberts, again proved to be an important cog in the F. C. H. S. machine. He hurled some mighty fine games and was also the power hitter of the Fbrreston club. Alberts had as his receiver as good a catcher as he could wish forg Duitsman was a great hitter and a great catcher. Muller and Gronewold formed of Forreston's failed to show one finest Wkeystone combinationsu, but the power of the year before at the plate. Buttel was transformed from an out-fielder to first base and played very good ball at the Hinitial sackn. Birkholz played very good ball at third until an operation forced him out of action. This left a gap to be filled in the inner-defense but Ben Unangst took over third and handled the position in good style. Fbrreston ive out-fields in short-field defense in the showed flashes doing. Conkey presented one of the finest defens- it has seen in several seasons. Mase and Zimmerman in left-field gave good outer-garden. Conkey in center-field of the fielding he was capable of played his best ball in the latter part of the season when it was needed the most. The right-field position was Donald Ludwig who performed well uals served in at the plate. The following individ- the capacity of substitutes and should prove good prospects for the next season: Swalve, R. Duitsman, H. Ludwig, L. Brockmeier, Schell, and L. Duitsman. F. C. H. S. opened its season with 4 consecu- tive victories, we then proceeded to lose 5 games straight C2 of these by l runb, from here we went on to win 5 more games in succession. The Ashton game for the championship was a hard-fought affair with F. C. H. S. rallying in the closing stages of the contest to come from behind and win 9-8. The team had a fine spirit this sea- son as was shown in several games when they came from behind to win after defeat seemed certain. In the final game of the season F. C. H. S., Ogle County Champ played Dakota, winner of the Stephenson County Pennant. The game was played at Dakota on a wet, slippery diamond, thus making good playing almost impossible. The outcome was a de- feat for Forreston by the score of 9-4. The task of presenting a powerful team, both on defense and offense next season possibly will be considerably more difficult than it was this year as six regulars were lost by graduation. The six senior regulars on this year's team were: Captain Alberts. Buttel, Conkey, Mase, Duitsman, and Birkholz. The schedule with results was as follows: F. C. H. S. 6 vs. Stillman Valley 2 F. C. H. S. 5 vs. Franklin Grove 5 F. C. H. S. 10 vs. Pecatonica 9 F. C. H. S. 4 vs. Leaf River O Fo Co Ha So 1. V50 Ashton 2 Fo Ce H. So 5 V50 Sh3.I1I'lOI1 5 F. C. H. S. 4 vs. Stillman Valley 5 F. C. H. S. 5 vs. Shannon 2 Co Ho So vs. Grove 5 F. C. H. S. 9 vs. Ashton 8 Fo Co Hn so 5 V30 Dakota 9 E sip Qusmmu v. ,,,,, 3355 7 1 L M Stopovers at the . ' F. C. H. S. basketball games is ES were often disappointing. 2 The lads who carried the Q colors of Forreston Community ' High School on the hardwood Q L XX failed to turn in an impressive record in the won X and lost column. After registering their impressive Ng victories in the very beginning of the cage season 1 the first team went in the doldrums from which they N3 Q never fully emerged. However, it must not be for- igx . 8. ? ' C' gotten th t on February 4, the F. C. I-. S. first team turned in a splendid victory when they upset the E Q powerful Franklin Grove quintet and thus partially compensated their mid-season slump. Sgxw wg At the outset of the l940-41 season the local wmv 'Ng varsity consisted of Muller, Buttel, Birkholz, .ig Gronewold, and Duitsman. But after a grand start this'H it Q team quintet failed to put forth with the real ability they possessed. Erratic ball handling and the attemp pxgk ting of so-called impossible shots led to their poor mark Conkey and Unangst were promoted to varsity positions. The F. C. L. S. reserves turned in a much better record than the varsity as they left the hardwood - victorious in better than 503 of their games. Their record might have been even better had they not lost squad members who at times were promoted to the first ,S 5 showing. Just after the season reached the half-way 'W E team. The reserve squad was composed of: Conkey. Unangst, Homan, Moring, BTOCkm6i6T, L. Duitsman, , Hiteman, ' 1 Earlenbaugh, D. Ludwig, Schell, and Timmer. several freshmen participated in basketball and among those showing promise of becoming flne players at Forreston Community High are: L Brockmeier, L. Duitsman, Hiteman, and Schell. Nov Dec Jan Feb Dec Jan Feb DATE 18 20 26 5 6 10 11 15 20 5 4 8 10 25 24 51 4 14 21 5 6 20 5 4 8 10 51 4 14 21 FIRST TEAI TEAM PLAYED Leaf River H Shannon T Monroe Center T Byron H Stillman Valley T Shannon Thy. T shannon Thy. T Shannon Tny. T Franklin Grove T Ashton T Monroe Center H Shannon H Byron T Monroe Center T Franklin Grove Stillman Valley Franklin Grove H Leaf River T Ashton H SECOHD TEA! Byron H Stillman Valley H Franklin Grove T Ashton T Monroe Center H Shannon H Byron T Stillman Valley T Franklin Grove H Leaf River T Ashton H - TRACK Since the track season is usually only at about the half-way mark when the year's trip is rewkned, it is difficult to summarize this sport, It has been decided that the track season of the previous year will be put in the next yearfs Annual Much credit is due Coach Ernest Poe who injec- ted a hustling and fighting spirit into the F. C. F. S. cindernen. He had every candidate for a track birth doing his very best possible, and if he didn't, he need not report for further practice sessions. If the participant takes this attitude, to do his best, fine track teams resultg and if not failure follows. Track was inaugurated with a triangular meet in which Forreston, Pearl participated. Pearl City 51 points, second was won F. C. I. S. suffered 1940 Season when Stillman , 0 City, and Leaf River captured first place with by F. C. H. S. with 595. its worst defeat of the Valley trampled the local A meet between Forreston, Byron, and Franklin Grove was won by F. C. H. S. who scored 833 points while B ron took second nlace with 595 ,oints. 1 - F F. C. H. S. engaged in a dual meet with Polo under the Polo flood-lights and was defeated in a Hhotly contestedn battle 745-625. The thin-clads of F. and emerged victorious 55 C. H. S. also net Dakota 1X5--54 215. The Route 72 Meet was held at Rochelle. Byron won first, Forreston was second, with Stillman Valley finishing third. Conkey was the only Forreston entry to win a first. The F. C. K. S. 440 relay team set a Conference record in winning this event. Fourth row-- E. LaBudde, V. Conkey, L. Gerwig, D. Buttel, W. Hammond, G. Earlenbaugh, M. Alberts, J. Myers, Ms Dison. Third row-- D. Greenfield, H. Smith, G. Mase, M. Zimmerman, D. Hayenga, D. Ludwig, R. Rugland, E. Kilker. Second row-- Mr. Poe, H. Ludwig, R. Duitsman, L. Duitsman, H. Hiteman, M. Timmer, G. Miller, L. Allen, M. Swalve. First row-- D. Schell, M. Muller, B. Unangst, W. Moring, K. Homan, H. Birkholz, L. Brockmeier, G. Duitsman, E. Gronewald. Lettermen G. A. A. Officers Cheerleaders A few P. E. Girls UHIUR JUURHHL News concerning the year's trip was furnished to ' the public by Junior Journal Staff members who wrote news 'A for the school page in the Forreston Journal . 19? ' Again, this year two pupils were hosen from each class to serve on the Junior Journal staffs. Each semester a new staff was chosen so as to vary the news. These groups met once a week with the sponsor so as to plan the news for the following week's issue. 1 The elementary grades contributed a portion of the news for the Journal. The first semester staff was as follows: Editor-in-chief, Evelyn Jacobs Reporters ' Betty Williams Yvonne Frederick Ted Schoon Donald Gravenstein Mary Ellen Bisker Phyllis Kaney Mack Dison Herman Ludwig Typist, Marie Hedrick Those on the second semester staff were: Editor-in-chief, Lucille Wubbena ' Heporters A Vivian Bradley Bogene Meyer Ellsworth Lewis Ben Buisker Gladys Swalve Ruth Meyer Dwight Hayenga Donald Schell Ty Frances Gene Lang .L Miss Plagge was the sponsor for s r " both semesters' staffs. CUB REPORTER Other very interesting reading material on our trip was furnished by the Cub Reporter. Again this year, there were enough typing students interested to warrant the publication of this magazine which was initiated last year. Various staffs put out monthly editions. In addition, all those who had signed.up held meetings approximately every two weeks, when various topics such as, cutting stencils, use of styli and other things concerning magazine work were discussed. The Cub Reporter was a success again as it contained good reading material about occupations, and also humor, crossword puzzles, guessing games, etc. . Each month approximately one hundred twenty papers were distributed. Some were exchanged with other schools. The members of the Cub Reporter group for 1940 -1941 were: Betty Williams Flossie Norris Minnie Weegens Marjorie lbrtz Dorothy Heeren Margorie Lwers Marie Hedrick LaVonne Korf Virginia lmse Naomi Meiners lildred Ludwig Dorothy Burma Sponso I' Dorothy Stolzman Florence Ihm Caroline Duitsman Zelda McPherson Ethel Long Lois Blair Betty Dohse Gretchen Huntley Gladys Swalve Ora Black Viola Schoonhoven Vada the Schoonhoven Miss Plagge EHRUIHEH This,the l94l Cardinal summarizes or acts as a'diary of the trip of the year This is the fourth year book published by F. C. H, S The staff members have tried if .41 ' ! to make it as interesting as those of previous years and wherever possible to profit by experiences of the past to bring about changes and improvements The staff included all seniors interested in this publication and one representative from each other class, The staff positions were: General news--------------- Music and student board4--- Publications------- Sports--- u---v 0 uusu can uuouc as F F. A, and subscription Calendar ------- - ----------- HUIHO I' '-'-v----vv--------0- 0 Art ------------------ - ---- - Pictures ----------- - Senior typists---- -----Lois Blair Mildred Hunk --Marcile Gesin --Marie Hedrick -----Glenn Mase manager-- Laverne Peters -Inge Dalsheim e-0sovEthel Long -Betty Williams -Flossie Norris Lucille Wubbena Minnie Weegens General typists ---- ------Dortha mae Roskam Evelyn Jacobs Junior representative-- ------ Virginia Mase Sophomore representative----Mildred Ludwig Freshman representative- ------- -Wava Gesin I Sponsor-- Miss Plagge Student Board Those who served on the Cub Reporter one year Sophomore and Fresh- man members of the F. F. A. Those on Cub Reporter Staffs for two years Senior, Junior, and some Sophomore members of the F. F- A- Members of the first- semester Junior Journal Staff Second semester reporters of the Junior Journal F. F. A. prize Winners at the Sectional Fair 5 S fs5"'m '-I F HH As we were passing over NOI"C11GI'l1 Illinois had weath- A er forced us down and while A waiting for clear skys we attended an F. F. A. meeting and were told of activities. 22' The F. F. A. is one of the live-:ire organi- zations of F. C. H. S. These are high lights of the year: A sectional grain and poultry meeting was held in Forreston in the fall. The National corn husking contest was attended by an F, F. A. group. A Father and Son banquet was held in April Teams were picked for the judging contests. A number of the boys showed their projects at the Fairs last summer. They captured a share of the prize money. Officers President------Eugene Gronewold Vice President----Marvin Muller Secretary --------- Donald Ludwig Treasurer--- ----- -'Gerald Fager Other Members H 'A R. Duitsman C. Brattrud T Runte D. Greenfield B. Buisker M Stykel V. Harrenstein O. Byers L. Gerwig H. Heeren D. Gravenstein D. Hayenga L. Hundertmark E. LaBudde K Homan R. Koning G. Ludwig A. Ludwig H. Ludwig H. Meinen W Moring R. Rugland L. Otto J. Meyers M. Swalve D. Peters S. Schroeder f H. Smith , . 4x D. Wubbena M Zimmerman W Hammond E Kilker KID COLBY One very interesting stop over on our trip was to the Junior class play HKid Colbyu presented on November 22 at the High School Gymnasium. The scene of the play took place in the office of August Bancroft. It was centered around HKid Colbyv who was Bancroft's son. He was a fighter much to the disapproval of his father. He fell in love with his father's secretary, Eileen McPherson, became involved with a chorus girl and later took up fighting again to help Eileen's brother, Billy, who had been in an accident. The five stenographers also played very interesting parts with Teddy and Eileen finally planning on getting married and Billy on the road to recovery. As a whole the play was very successful. The play cast was as follows: August Bancroft, president of the Con- solidated Manufacturing company--Dwight Hayenga Teddy Bancroft CKid Colbyb, his son,-- Wayne Hammond Jerry, Kid Colby's trainer--Harold Smith Eileen McPherson, Bancroft's secretary-- Florence Ihm Billy McPherson, Eileen's brother, office boy in Bancroft's office--Victor Bradley Dr. Dalton, surgeon--Bill Taber A Messenger Boy, himself--Gerald Fager Marie DeLang, a chorus girl--Virgigia se Miss Kelly, a nurse--Marian Moring Lydia, Julia, Iona, Isobel, Geraldine, stenographers in Bancroft's employ-- Zelda McPherson, Dorothy Heeren, Gretchen Huntley, Mary Ellen Bisker, Naomi Meiners First radio announcer--hmlton Zimmerman Second radio announcer--Donald Ludwig CH t fm, Early in December an important stop was made at the senior Carnival. There was a good attendance and e ---- -- , seemingly all present had a NK 7' good time. However, perhaps unfavorable weather and other entertai ents re- duced the crowd somewhat. The Carnival differed this year from previous years due to the fact that the senior class took entire charge and had little assistance from lower classmen. The free entertainment went over big with the crowd. It consisted of music by the Four C's, accordion bandg tap dancing by G. W. Smith, and acts by a magician, Mr. Wertzel. All this was much appreciated. Side show entertainment consisted of pictures shown by Rev. Mertz, wrestling by the F. F. A. boy and three playlets presented by a group of junior girls. Concessions were arranged along two sides of the gym. Here most anything usually found at a carnival might be secured. Variety ranged from balloons to hot dogs. Perhaps one of the most valuable results of the carnival was the training which it gave the seniors in putting on an affair of this kind. Getting up early Saturday morning to clean up wasn't much fun, but most of the class were on hand at the ' appointed hour. S , lg , ,ll GPERETTA The passengers enjoyed the stopover at the mlsical comedy, UThe Lady of the Terracen. Ellsworth Lewis took the part of a young Irish nobleman, Sir Gerald Craughmont, The part of Ger- ald's uncle, Squire Michael, was taken by Donald Schell. Donald Buttel acted as a wealthy American, lun John Chandler. Ruth Manus carried the role of Clare, John's daughter. Doris Devries as Lady Mary, had no speaking parts but sang on the terrace at midnight. Good comedy was furnished by two Irish servants and by Sir Clarence, an Englishman, who thought he was deeply in love with Gera1d's sister, Peggy. Gerald Duitsman handled the role of Sir Clarence, while Louise Binkley was Peggy. Lynn Duitsman'as Dennis O'Hara, Ermalee Doherty as Molly O'Hara, and Ethel Long as Lady Stanford, all carried their parts well. Zelda McPherson, Kenneth Homan, Harold Birk- holz, and Delbert Rademaker took the parts of the' cook, butler, valet, and bootblack, Erma Schmitt, Leilaigorf, Irma Wubbena, and Dorothy Burma, acted as ma s. There were three choruses, the Rose, the Moon, and the Irish Mixed Chorus. S ROSE CHORUS: Frances Gene Lang, Caroline Duitsman, Betty Garman, Jane Bogue, Norma Reynolds, Phyllis Kaney, Patricia Stoner, and Vivian Bradley. MOON CHORUS: Inge Dalsheim, Yvonne Fredericks, Mildred Ludwig, Evelyn Birkholz, Dorothy Heeren, Ruth Schmidt, Dorothy Lewis, Lavonne Korf, and Wava Gesin. IRISH MIXED CHORUS: Flossie Norris, Lucille Wubbena, Mary Ellen Bisker, Doris Maas, Gretchen Huntley, Lucille Daniels, Naomi Meiners, Marcile Gesin, Milford Alberts, Richard Fager, Wayne Moring, Mack Dison, Gerald Earlenbaugh, Delbert Rademaker, Kenneth Homan, and Harold Birkholz. Q CUIUEST fm, Gne of our chief engi- '-e neers, Mr. Poe, reported in the fall that the basket- ' ball boys needed new suits. ""'-' , This problem was solved by , selling Crowell-Collier X magazine subscriptions. The contest was between the first morning classes. Each class had a secretary who reported how many subscriptions were sold each day. The Ag. boys won a desk clock which was presented to Mr. McGuire and an ice cream party was held for all of them. 'The clock was donated by the mag- azine company. The three high salesmen who sold the most subscriptions were Leila Korf, Craig Brattrud, and Norene Muller. They were each awarded a prize in money. Individually selected prizes were awarded to those who sold more than one subscription. Also, everyone who sold a subscription the first day was awarded a candy bar. Leila Korf our highest salesman was honored by having her picture in the Star section of the 1941-42 Crowell-Collier sales booklet, The gross profits were 3458.75. Last year they were 3375. Last year'our school ranked second in the State of Illinois, being topped by a school of three hundred enrollment. Besides making enough money for basketball suits we had enough left for four basketballs. , The contest gave very good ex- perience in sales- manship. Band Members Oblander Leissen Brockmeier Williams Peters Homan Peters Duitsman Snap Greenfield Buss Bisker Lyers Weegens Schell Snap Timmer Stoner Dison Brattrud Meyer Stoner Steinhagen Myers Mase Jacobs Ease Abels Ostic Huntley Blair Lhller Brockmeier Schroeder DeGraff Lomax Steinhagen McPherson Ludwig Dalsheim Unangst Long Duitsman Binkley Abbas Williams Beebe Mertz Hiteman Gesin Gesin Stukenberg Lang Stukenberg Hiteman Duitsman Norris Buttel Carman Hower--Director Boys' Chorus Girls' Chorus Girls' Chorus F. C. H. S. Pianists N X v . k valuq, H, -fu. '-.M, 'iff-F1 Peppy music was fur- nished on the trip by the band under the direction of Beth Hower. ' L, Vesper services were held one Sunday of every month, beginning with January. During the basket- ball season the band played at all the home games. At the beginning of the second semester, they started to work on the contest numbers. Since the school was in class C, the required number was The Crusaders. Broica Overture, required for class B, was chosen as their selected number. Pompous Ha- jor was used as the warm-up march. Everyone set- tled down and really worked to keep the good record which the band has held during the past years. Since the band had the honor of going to the National contest last year, it would not have been necessary to play in the district to qualify for the State. However, they did play, but did not compete with the other bands. The F. C. H. S. band acted as the host to bands and glee clubs around this section on March 29, at the district. Churches in the community were used for the vocal solos, choruses, and banquets. Every- one in the community helped to put the contest over successfully. Mt. Morris, Shannon, Elizabeth, Hanover, Warren, Pecatonica, Byron, Galena, Pearl City, Lanark, and Stockton were represented at the district. ' The State con test was held at Glen Ellyn on May 2 and 5. w GLEE CLUBS While flying along, radio music was enjoyed. Among the programs which came from station F C H S were those by the girls' glee clubs, the boys' glee club, and the mixed chorus. These programs usual- ly commenced at eleven o'clock. One evening in the second semester, the station was given over to them for the operetta, HThe Lady of the Terrace. GIRLS Louise Binkley Vivian Bradley Jane Bogue Inge Dalsheim, Lucille Daniels Doris Devries Ermalee Doherty Yvonne Frederick Caroline Duitsman Betty Garman Marcile Gesin Gretchen Huntley Ethel Long Mildred Ludwig Ruth Manus Naomi Meiners Flossie Norris Lucille Wubbena Rogene Hartje Evelyn Birkholz Mary Ellen Bisker Dorothy Burma Wava Gesin Dorothy Heeren Phyllis Kaney Lavonne Korf Patricia Stoner Gladys Swalve Ruth Schmidt Leila Korf Frances Gene Lang Dorothy Lewis Doris Maas Zelda McPherson Norma Reynolds Erma Schmitt Irma Wubbena Delores Joynt Marian .morlng Kenneth Homan Harold Birkholz Donald Buttel Oscar Byers Maynard Joynt Gerald Earlenbaugh Mack Dison BOYS Milford Alberts Wayne Moring Gerald Duitsman Donald Schell Delbert Rademaker Lynn Duitsman Ellsworth Lewis SKHEUUHS AIRLINE From To Leaves New York Cleveland 8:30 A New York Chicago 8.00 A New York Miami H 9:40 A New York Pittsburgh 8-50 A Albany Bo s ton 6 . 58 P Albany Buffalo 4:05 P F. CL H. S. From To Leaves Home F.0.H.S. 7:45 A Assembly Annual 8:05 A Annual Typing 8:55 A Typing Shorthand 9 : 42 A Shorthand Assembly 10:27 A Assembly Band 11:12 A Band Lunch 11:57 A Noon History 12:45 P History English 1:50 P English Study 2:15 P Study -Home 3:00 P Arrives ll 20 A 12:53 P 6:00 P lO A 250 8:08 P 7:59 P Arrives 8:00 A 8:07 A 9:00 A :45 A 9 l0:50 A ll:l5 A 11:59 A 12:48 P 1 2 :35 P :l8 P 5:50 P X . "T"'.'i"""A vxf? J if 'X 1? P . X b5,6! .,,fuJ,f I. fn-10" 'cn E T 0 B VY A MAG-AZN! EQ Ti me .ST R? is UA 1' SEPIUUBEH 4 5 Haj First dav of school ?j323x"' 12 X. 4 yas Stillman, there BSS? it : 19 '- jf Sauer Kraut Day . ,1 2C eq- Pecatonica, here KV NX 24 N' X there Leaf River, 26 Ashton, here 27 Shannon, there UUUQEH l Stillman, here 4 Shannon, here S Franklin Grove, there ll Ashton at Leaf River High School Weiner Roast 15 Magazine Campaign Dalzo ta , the re 17-18 Teachers' Institute W GD nuvsmlm Pecatonica, there 'Vp ' ff.. . Us ' 'S qw W 1 Y, mx -J Leaf River, here . ' f ' ' f 15 'f QI-Q ' County Music Festival -, 18 A ' -H Z 1 7,01 20 R Shannon there My , f, Vx Y 1 U Q V I 22 ' Junior Play , ' 25 , Monroe Center, there "ggi 29 gif X X Senior Carnival UEEUUBEH 0 V X' " ' af" 4:2 6909515 XX 1' Z 3 QXe s ' ' Og Byron, here - iss Q 6 -"f 5 , Stillman Valley, here f X ' 15 " X Shannon Tournament Q' f ' ao Franklin Grove, there X Last day of school , NK . -if fO1" 1940 I . '5 1! Ilonroe Center, here Q e 8 , ?i 1- f' Shannon, here . , . f' 10 - 4 Byron, there N Y, 19 kv Band Vesper Service 1 25-24-25 Route 72 Tournament -an 29 I N. Y. World Fair Movies v 51 Stillman Valley, there Magic Show FEBRUHHY 4 Franklin Grove, here 1 7 P. T. A. Play Leaf River, there , ffl, 16 5, I Vesper Service 21 Ashton, here Senior llrograzg 27 Annual Pictures awww Ashton, theie J C I Route 70 Banquet Assembly Declamations band Concert Senior Rochelle Trip Junior Program La Band Contest xls: ? ' Ov I': 'il Q LL 19 tsgiiiiiliyh 21 28 O9 TTI' "fly J n , A WV Q X al- HPRH-IHHY A Kigh School Opcrotta 20 Vesper Service 25 Roller Skating garty 2 State Band Contest 10 safety Dcmonstratlon 25 Baccalaureate Service 27 Senlor Class Play 29 Sommencement ,Z.q.0...,,-,-Jani..-4c...,.'r., 1 lZu.......A ybloanil, 0n.J..L-.'th. '?71l4.44, Y N70 , liflarlz UMW 7-4-17- n-sul lima 67144 ai G. PV-I .J- fl 'nwwWNLW7JW f ' , , L WUC ,, slllll""' ...--n-p-F 9 5 5 V A A F' iff? V P' ML, fi? 2' WZ' HIHUUH Fllossie Norris and Q Betty Williams, the nMary- 4. land Bellsn said they .,,,,,, thought the Jolly Junior , l'lp: boys were just it. !r'4s' Edwin Kilker said he' studied history part of the time and slid through the rest of the time. Watch out for the splinters, Edwin. Caroline Duitsman was very jealous when her Romeo of last yearfs senior class stepped out with Jane Bogus. Miss Ray and Mr. Ragsdale started going steady again as soon as school started. In December a ring appeared. Lois Blair sayslngo Dalsheim will be the first to be married out of this year's senior class but what about you Lois, things look pretty promising for you. Vernon Abels said maybe Mr. Masterson cou1dn't walk with such ease and grace if he had to carry around what he does. Zelda McPherson said she liked the bass singer in the negro quartet because he liked a nboeg fat girl.n Beth said the band was definitely going to learn to play UCadets on Paradeu composed by Larry Vogloberg. New Beth, maybe . the band diamt like it. STAND INS Baby Snooks--Betty Ruthe Jack and Jill--Ruth Meyer and Don Schell Mutt and Jeff--Robert Koning and Lyle Hundertmark Brenda and Copena--Minnie Weegens and Evelyn Jacobs Bob Hope--Donald Buttel Mortimer Snerd--Donald Gravenstein Fibber McGee and Molly--Jerry Duitsman and Jane Bogue Gloria Jean--Louise Binkley Slim and Spud--Delores Ludwig and Norene Muller The Phantom--John Masterson George Burns and Gracie Ellen--Norma June Reynolds and Donald Ludwig Betty Grable--Betty Garman Professor Quiz--Ted Schoon Maggie and Jigga--Victor Conkey and Vivian Bradley Freckles--Herman Ludwig Kate Smith--Ermalee Doherty Katzenjammar Kids--Simon Schroeder and Wayne Hammond Lard--Ben Buisker TWENTY YEARS FROM NOW Mr. Poe will be a retired or tired coach from trying to get the basket-ball team to win more games. Eldon LaBudde will be the fastest speaker in the world. CHe is now.7 Florence Ihm will be a nurse in Freeport breaking the hearts of her patients. George Smith will be a famous tap dancer with R K O in Hollywood. Marvin Muller will be the director of the Future Farmers of America. Ben Unangst will be cashier of The Harper State Bank. Virginia Mase will be a model for the Carson, Pirie and Scott Company of Chicago. Ruth Manus will be singing with the Chicago Civic Opera Company. Dorothy Heeren will be the United States President's private secretary. Bill Taber will be the most famous radio comedian. Marjorie Mertz will be The Dean of Girls at Frances Shrimer College. Vada Mae Schoonhoven will be an expert figure skater in Chicago. Mr. McGuire will be Secretary of Agriculture. MY HOBBY IS To make dates with certain senior girls-- Wayne Moring . Typing stencils--Minnie Weegens To take extra shorthand dictation--Naomi Meiners Making faces at the teachers--Harold Hiteman Looking up to a certain Junior--Glive Mae Doeden Collecting boy friends--Jane Dogue Helping Miss Plagge--Wave Gesin Writing one hundred times HI shall not speak in classn--Ben Unangst Skipping band--Dudley Stukenberg Making Hwhoopeeu in school--Eldon LaEudde Eaves dropping for the Junior Journal--Mary Ellen Bisker Giving Flossie candy and gum--Dale Peters Dating a sophomore girl--Dwight Hayenga Taking messages home from Lucille Daniels --Dorothy Burma Keeping order in the study hall the seventh hour--Miss Plegge ' Ringing the old school bell--Harry Anderson Writing letters to someone in the army-- Virginia Grnvenstein .1 u. L ii:-LOL! C0446 Jw., J I 5 P f 1 Q r ui rl .. M LQ ., 4 ,-a..--gl. I -n.-1-v-as , rn. ' l - mmf, -W ith, A lain?-5-H' '-' LII- -'-"- : .1 , . : . .. . V "y-'1-.'1'f- ' Q1 iv 112 : ff J f?2.'ffi:3 yi I Gazing,- 'W QA G?"""'+ 7770145-o-Q. UI ,Z1a...,0,4x- ' 7-A 1512! J'r'xwubG.,..U- 62-JM, 4f.,m,,., - ' 4. K f1u,vm,l74.vw4- IOL DUI lA! Dear folks, Yes, you have come to the end of the beginning. Do you like our attempts to create an annual for you? Well, we sin- cerely hope so, Having gone through many trials and tribulations ourselves, we feel that we are in a position to give the seniors of next year a bit of advice. This is it: Don't become impatient when you are asked time and time again: HSay, when are the Annuals coming out?H Hwas my class picture good? Which one did you like?H UYou ought to put this in the Annual.H HTO when are you going to dedicate it? I won't tell a soul.H And so forth and so on, Here's hoping you enjoy the Annual for years to come, and forget the bad points of it. Sincerely, THE STAFF HHPPN HUUIHIH pa 1 ..--::f'm5":' ,.-. - --- " Cbwwfjff-W '2M,,Q'?fZ.Q,.J-4,7 ww . nurunuwug WMM WWMWM 'MWWGW iii W 0 ww M522 cw, 'U . Vilxii MM My 3 Wy pfifx ff ' ,JAM Mm w 4 fw'f My ,MM , , "Lf3q l FLM MA nb 513.190 Q vw S . GW , WW 5' ,zo Wijffwf. Mmiifww META' gi 'B ,,D,e,afx,H!4fvaA 'DMD' fm: fajvtlak ,Qw M-41,4-wbdbfd . ,iifjif Wfwfigw W-WMMW N'M"'V"'f'W - ,D,,fy.,a,e,6L fLU,u,6J9-ffwu , Dffdflx ' WW pw, . 0 MPXWM 5:L+'J'91-WWQMM LWMMQ 659+ W ww F MQW wwf Zwgfllf I MQVWQWW' 22 L MfliT!TA! ex QQSTWW S255 L WWMA is X fEU'9gf4 'l , My . HUTUGRHPHQ QM 6 Q W9 ffffwiae, MW Qlffyzifm W 0 9 mf 7 ,awlfpvjw Dm an MK' QW, QQMM, . Cgxtgvak ff ZZ? xwfffy M7 3727! , M 1 Wvfmwqo M MQW W W W wif ' 5 i. -wg-,,-1 "wr-1':f ,.--'W 'F"'W'. , -f-.K-v--,- V... ,. , V - ' - : .G . Yfvfsr ,g- -. wma-uf - , vv ,. Q - , ,ff .fn SN' g ' 1, Q'-241 K til., .4 Yi' 35f6,5'f3E", tiiil' 'f Haig!-QQ,l'?Yf 5Z5'1-'Q"E?4iJ 'i2ErEQ1fE:5a'f: v5g-" . 1 ff" . f f - ' fl ,- 1 f '23 cz f g J ' 'if Q , - ,r " ?:?f'f:,a'1f:a':,+5g,4"'w--ai"'f:p.f-1 +V :f,4"-14.5 +fa?5J'g0 . 1 ifgitffv ' z- f V , -' -2' ' X k ': , 'ff L ' . I. ,. V A ' f- 'f' 1,fif.,.p'f.: iwygfx' f ' Fg. i- 5- ,f45f,1y+i,'.:Le:':,g ,iw 1'-'g,X?3'g,L.5a,fra-'L'-.' . . . y , f I , , f , -1-,. ., , M, 5 .- v-.. - ,.--,.4aQ,, 7:.wq.f,-,M wiv,-F- 2-: I , ' ' f- : 1: .gf ' , . ' - ' , T ' ,, 9 VEf"'1:, .-' 2-'Q Q-'fl-ga " 3 '1"' -,:-,,2.,51-g':1i3g.:' gf, :l ag , ' 2 'f . '- f f, - .. - 1 ' N '. ' P 'rf we-. '- fm,-,,r.,2-1M+'?fffef12'f ' ' A ' V L ' H ' fl "2i'-2-fra" -1 ff :Leif . gf? aff .- Q - " ' ' b f ' '--Lg,5:- 3,155 w.,5c:ggfgf,.,3Hf1g-lgnfyfbg I "Tar-5'-222 1'-jj xg - -V 4?M M, M QM W, ,Q M1752 wwf f ff MMVM3 Wffw y Q WwffW if W TH' as QW' WW W4 Ji. Shiga? LWl' ikigf gb . il Q, 7 25? fi aw W ff MJ 9153 2 3, 2, 5, x J ' "Q l a' g g i f 7 ' A

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