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'a 'J-M . , , ,,.,1 xi , BV- 2 . ,r V' -v ""7QsQx, 4'1" V'-.". i . vi A 1 X , -.'Vt,. 5 ' N 'x. -. . ' "4. U ., g' 1 .Ml 'Q , -.,.'.,,,,'1 3, fx Lx ..Q.,, 'HJJ he ah... rf. " A sv ' g 3 Q . . . . , '- -, 'QR' ' L. , f - fi 3 '1f?f"'4 ' ,Mtv-f': 'f ff QESXSU, lf-QQ " ,. 6 f-. ' -. ' .f ji r-4'-4 f 1-5, s 5 q xl 3, M 3 , U , -- 2g xdhvg V .3 1 .Lq5,,-.5 ,m,-..-V.,.- -.A-.. K hr A 3.5.1 123, - Qi ... z.- -Q4 'S z 1 2 I I I I I ll Q5 2 if 1, u 4 w L 1 USS FORRESTAL CVA-59 Mediterranean Cruise 22 Sept 72- 6 July 73 F Y- M, Q, 0 F4 me 'TA f 7 73 CAPT. R.F. SCHOULTZ CAPT. J.B. LINDER 2 COMMANDFNG 1 M .... -- Aw f--'1M- W-ff-f--T" '-' "f"""" Men, Supplies and munitions: All to keep 5,000 people and one 80,000 ton aircraft carrier in 10106 operating efficiency for over nine monthsg Filling FORRESTAUS role as 'FIRST IN DEFENCE". f, Wwyww 6217 ff, 7 A Y mf """""'M""'I1'!""'-A:'1?':-'-"f'F'!"3""'?-f97'73..r,,. ,fl .. 1 , H 1 Commissioned in Norfolk, Va.,' October 1, 1955, her first years were active ones. After shake ' down and summer Atlantic operations she ewas called to bolster U.S. forcesin the Med during the 1956 Suez crisis. Then, in July 1958, after her first full- term Sixth Fleet cruise, she was called on short notice again, this time to stand ready in the mid-atlantic during the crisis that year in Lebanon. i From 1958 to 1966, FORRESTAL alter- nated between the U.S. Second Fleet in the Atlantic and the Sixth Fleet in the Mediterranean. ln June of 1967 that rhythm was broken when, on her first cruise off the coast of tragic fire broke out on fire, -- - -A 'V -..W V M Y , -.,.,,,-1-4- ,Wg ""'---an--"-' 1: -r:-A,-gy - f a 7 , ,,, - -Af-- e. -- .if--V W f: ,iv f' - FII? Nfr.:'SL53-2ff:1.'f:i:iEQi:E-.225551.52-511225322-zf,5zarfrf9111:-ry,5,:.:f,::::,L:,s.:.b-2-5-M .:Aw14.f4,.,- Grim" ,, 5 . . f ..-, - .,- f I, V I . ' '! 'H ' "WA x . y A 1, . fn-sn. . -.. N , A - ----K f' 5 ---r ,v-.Vm.,.,.mi,m L. i. . af-HggfMSQQj',fF53wf,LimrNQ5,3-,-3.4.53753 V M -,:gf:.Qy .A.,Z:',.,, A " f l"E'1fl'7SQy15Ygg1+5'1-'fizfgjig4"f:3'.2sejf,g f ' -'j2,'f?i'i7ff1-g.',f 1 - V N I . .- ngyg 1 v-yyf ,Q fx-,L - D ,. -w-.m.w'4r g,,,:g1,." ff X ,. .- ., A Xu, Q , - .. ...,,,..4-fl .2 1 -..y:,,n,,: A1-f.,... ,, - J- ""- ' frrffuz--flfzrw ' , -,Y,..,.fY4q'f'f.t f . ' - -'f'- Vg .56-1-,..,.. -.L . ' A ' " zulu, " a - . n 4 ' L 5 Q54 4 'O I U 4 - ' A 4 --'-' - --- ---- --- -x., - . f . -... . ... V ,. ,--. .,. .., , . .,,,, .V .. r ' , , J lf, A .wr--if L an-. u 'vi - fa.-.2 417:-uf.-9-f-+-v-Q own s 1 A ? I 4'4KrZ'Q"1'llK1 vasn oun Sw Worm n,w- ... ,A - ..'-4' J' 'll ',, gli' 'f' ff 1, W' fun.-,T ., . . , , - ...wwf ., N., NPT ,.. ..-,,,- , ,qv if EV' M-ww"J-5-1,w!Hs' 3 'P - --- . -, -w--V+-4 -. " -f-,va -'n "R, ., 1T"9. , V f"1 -,-...:+'v'ef ' Lazy . 2' Goonsvs NonFol.K. Oh great Land of the Big Gedunk See you in the summer! wffiiffi '7f rv'5 A w , My ,- ru WV, mga 3 ,, 'ff XM up au. XV Za...-M. 7 ,, ,.,q.. ,.. ,V ,.,.Q .' K Y - ,v-iv ...,f,.--H-,H -ffr T- we -f Y ...pu FORRESTAL departed pier 12 Norfolk, Virginia, at 1030, 22 September 1972. A sad day for some and a joyous one for others began as the last lines were thrown clear of the pier. I ,,,,opsssI0"' S v x J' vw ,. M.: Ni". 9' ,Avi 'J ,ff i '-"""!M WW! W Vrnrv 'aww Tl 1-M 1 Z W f w www- 'fan I 1 uf: 1 1 V Wkfw fgy, . ..4, ,,,,.4. M 10 5 Food Services... Serving 19,000 meals a dayg 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. 7, W ,, S N- A xx N .Y X .WNim,,.4. ., 15:74 .Q "f O? 4 ,W Q A 4 ZQQX Q1 if X f f YZ? Qi Y f 4507 AZN W X, M. 1 5 ,X ,xy f Q 1, Vw W W W ' ffl! if I ' xr' 5 f ff ff ,f fxff ,f .X ff ff dm wmv' Q i""""""' I ,. gr'--V. -V4A7f7W7n-A-, Y --Y .,. .Y - --V 7.7: V.,-. ' I fc, A Ei? 1. .. NAPLES ITALY 'Q '3 Lu fy f f . In 'Q V , u , ,V may ff 335?gQg5Q5-ryggg5feg2yzr.' ,.gy,g3Ff53yg, my :nf f, , , . , ,fx-W, 46-f-wQa,flY2,,:,vff:a: 6m4,ff5f:Qz4,QQzxs-,VXf Q . -f I. y -. f f,.-'Mw:- N.:1E,2,Y1fmif'.,L??gX:144v-fnwli m2S?bfsA2ffg+ff-zfW"Uv4gf--ya- 1 V f Q, f 'X mfwyfw., ,..4,f-fqfggywz f-,QM -4331? 9Q'csoU::ff-v ,-3,1-,w -, ,ff M f x ,, , A ,.f,:,,,y,5,,7-:fan Ser gym ,. ,1. MF' Q, 1, , -f wi- .- - ,wmfgffwwawfzzywgsnmpM 'Ga V, ww , V H . ,UZSQQ Q4 my-Y5R5w,,wwf1 wggg? V451 M42 -92 ' 944,1- -Lf ywmlfff fwqm, ,f Wfffwsr. QW if aw sf Qssifiww " fr-f.-if xv- vffwfgm Wai? v4,+fA'fd5?,T2.-'24, fr Q 1 ,2,,a5f.fg,?w 1-- JM' -V1.4,,,:tf.fpx,fxi.'Wzgfwz'fy- 3-ani' 'f ' f' WA" K"f:-micvaffvf, 339' . X, " Qi?-T559 Qfwiro " , .L -If ' "YU " fl K ' . ' "' ' bi-:SLQ',.f 'fi1Im:L'Q' ,. ',,ff7,'y,:f,-'f'WYv5.if",f'f"'4ll11q '95, W, fa, -f v' 1 Y fr , ,.w,,,,. , . ,ff Q52 Ajgwzffignfggfifrfb-ij-w fw-e2'CR,Xg1L,'.gQ.!'Q 5 ,,, .. TL-...... I7 ' 'N Km' vw-.-1 ' ,W I :W Q .rw ' .. L:.1x"1', - K" ' .2weaywqn,4,3gs.:rw.w,::5c,1Z,3.5 yggkzaw-eg-p:,,f,1'fV:wgi,, - an :'.',,+ W gi,z,-qrgfh A, f ""Ibz2ii??ffifl-'f4? gX- .:, Q 1,-1:Hfv414-:aao.n.q,W,g. 1.,.c.'- QL14'1g,?:5: 1'132-1fw,f,.- 'S Q . . - - . J . 1 ' .14--12 Zfeniiwfvfi L'air.:127125922?-31i353f3?U"i?'filztizbif?-Q5?Iz'q'fitf:J 0 '42, .fJ,.2gf.:2'f:f'z -i.11::g:i amy:-'vitfefr-"-'flJW'.nie mr: .L n-ag.: -- . . :""' ,, 12. - ak. 'f g,g,.gg,':5'-f1,'jw ::gg,1,5 g?,4JJA2-Z'f' 111' -I -f2512-Q'f'gif'.i:1i':1f'212.11',?eE: fgr gam .1 liz- " -. f?t2f?f?:L.11 .:. 1-.f12f?L:efa75"352"i'?"'?"' L if g.L,41ff-:-Af-,::'ff12'fW:fiff52:4:sfawififwiyffwmziigmg4,1443, - , g ,Is-315 ' N "Q, ' . " f .171'HW-if522-f?ij31fgf:'-:ras-21451-w?f:5R3E1e:Z:i'1fi.3 1'-3'N3'q,m..-555-.'.': .. ' fff-m:Q,k.-M1111 .wwe H1 f.a.fes'--"1:f1:t,f::A.sf. '-weif-f:w:::a-1.-me-1111.,..z,1-adf.r-f"'- " "wif-:Ext - , ..31,,.- . ,,,?,5,g..1.i' 44.3044 We-zwmf. .,-4-w1"f-v-'-',Agq?:g-www ,,.H',,i:ii,,,-Um I3,g,:f-1-191.13-f:aq1q:Z3Efft -' 12 -Lf H 2i':4Z:n'23Jif21IL 3 n-.::,1'f'1""i V: M 5' " 1 , m f x , ' 4'1:'h,."Z'fgf12,2'.2"' '1"124.4iLu,5-"1"', H , - 4 '-Q"-'fr'V5 f1':.3'4...1,1,Q-7,j'g3,,'2 2,5554 ,:,.3,g ,- iw k Q' 54 2, M sw: .- 1, .gassiraflffH1-'-i-:fA':Arfm':f1zs'.5-C55 wg.. ., .fm-:f g,Yv,-- -. 4, - ' ,. 3-I --I.Z-fiamiiaz'112:55fw,sfafw'i1:z2H:new11:21'amswzfa-f4fF:'mw-frm' . H 1. ' - M. 16 W 4--..,.,9 Wai -1. - ,,,,, ,ww kwa-if f-1 V ... -494. W , M3 " ' 12 1, .- , if :gm 4 A' ' J FX W Q1 if! I 1 W W A NX X X, W QY X .- x -Qjaigwrs . , it " xi A 3 eil vi . QNQN l A '-f--... Q..5.,,L, V V A af N?- M, vi -'Y g DAMAGE CONTROL TRAINING: an important never ending re quirement for survival at sea. YL 1 L QV! .x ffm'-". J I K .41 2C raw s ,ff V 21 ISTANBUL TURKEY 22 1 K , gf Q .xwf 5 Mg 1 ' " J ' l . x xt::mu . if ,V- fx 1 L I -5- w V -4- 4 ' 1- :f-. 1.-1- :,- Lau? :il ir-Li?9.1353-'E'Eil-1563JIQEQT-2:'5:1-Q3l,i2?:lZi5f.?-2"-'52'iS?SRTQEQ-5SXil'3-?S'?iv'? '5 vi'SZfi!?35QCS?.91S55'SxXXzYETJQT7.i'.5 F2i???'bl15! r S:Q'?E.f?fR.Q 0.?VM-jbf.R'ffll:fJ'v125:!iS5Li".3i.:5'.1?F-3ffEkTT1?'kCxk1Sl'i-'T-'lL3:j ,mwwv The ability to re-supply at sea by day and night ex- tends FORFlESTAL'S mission as a mobile air field to a highly flexible force, always on the move. K w 1 5 1 f 4 , f X Vs I X , Q L - ,JD JN-. LA X f' "H r 1-1523 z'nT,g" , Ni-'::.u1.g ' Nwfaw .. ,,,,,... 14. , z . s K -P . . - -' ' ,N ,-L, ,,. 1-fy, , . ' A - - - 3 I X Eff -5-Qaf?-f inwlb-Q-:QS gms 'A -' ' ' ' 'J'-4'f'1F2' -"-'WM' ' ,. , " p U - A Vrkl mmfg A - 'rr-37.-57--i,,m ' ' ' ' . , , 'N--' 'AW -Ah- -- QL.-,W - M, , L 1 ' Y " 4 ff- 7? g, K I ., -AWE f ff r' '! L 1: s T "" ' A-7:33 5 Zff f M E- , -,.. ,,,,,, Y - .., -- .. . vm V ,- f-f 1- - ,fi - ff "- H" """"' ATHENS GREECE I w 1 Q E 1 i 1 I I 1 I 1 1 I K ? 1 1 32 nh rf' " 'lt' ...' ' ff! , " .J .iw . 0 g sv f f vw: f " ' 'kb .4 v. Q V, A . or' 9 ,T " " " 'MVA' 'H' A' "'f'A""' AQ" E l , . . "w ""'., A V' ff -L. ' -"4.5f'9 ' , -53:7 MU. '-,im 1 ' I ' f V 1,1 3 , ,W ,--A,, fn 4 Z f' r WV ' , ,X 4 f ff . W. ,,,ff, X 'L . !,f' fb ,fa 1 Q .1 J 35 FORRESTAUS Chaplainsg Father F. Slejzer and Rev. H. Smith I W , w f i V ! 1 1 i I 1 w R I 2 1 1 v w N J if 2 I .iq XXX f ' K? XR X 'W 'Wx Always there to lend a helping hand and lead us in our personel devine services. l x .l a u-P" z Admiral Miller arrived with his 6th Fleet Show... 211,21 ,.'.,. X 947 1'4'fJw7z14"TT75Q?74 My ,n,.,,7v,4 4- 5 5 ,M X f K M f ,- ,., N xx ,qyj .,f-gb 1if,'QfZnVff214, -Ay, f M, WMA ' WZZMQ if 2 ...a nice welcome to the Mediterranean. hr ,ya .f +f"f"'f"'i , ' any -- ' , L...,gpZi5:-' . f A Y,,,f1Z"Q ff' p, . ' f f 91? ' f 1,-mguv --. "xl fff"' THESSALONIKI GREECE JK? .A vv A .J wg. . v 1 A A' v, .-. . Lv. .'. .v v. 'A .v 1. . -. ." . vi .5 ' . J. ,qv .v,v. .- v. ne 1 'fgyaax x . . ,,.,A5, 4 A fx, , . ,V . f,,,,jsf!.g,,,f ,, 'f"" . .1 ' I ' X',,., -. -, ,,. -T ,.,., V X f . W f , X ff f !v',,f,f! k ' pffiff, , - H f -a fr if, , y ffvxfw fx ff f 4 4 ff , , , V , , , Q - v , ' Q JV, 4-A fM?Mw,g,,s..4g -H fp ' ,V f, , , f,, ,, ,,,, ,f , X , , , V , V 1 My - 4,78 V ,MQ 5 1,?"42 . L g H f ,WWMWWM J, A2 , , f 5 f mf,g,4!,, M2 R3?'ff1?J5'Q Q ,,,axf,g 'z.T3'g'fw ,,, :R 'u ff 44:1 '-QQ. ' - 4, , M Nfi-Ziwfu-W4.1' X "' ' ' 1 yk H 1 f"'+14 " "if-554+ aff' f gr: fr, -V -.V ' M-Wf"'f' -" 'fa' K ,,v.m,5' ,y 1 .mf f, ' - f- llfff' fag iJ.Wgg.M My xx- f .,, .,x...4.cxfTifi,f3'5 Xfflijn' J . W- ' , 1 ' ' -1-1-WM -H f ' ' , -,',:f'fh ,, "- 9 . 'A ' 'PW -J M "f f w f- fi Y' 'Ile 2 -- .l,'W:Q , .K f ' yd f' ' ' " z, ' Q if 'i 'n 5' ,gf ,,"Q,Qf.Qg gQ.:'.,jif2-5 5-gf' Q X Wi' H, ,A ,V 1'f'?'2i' m N --. 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S.. +1 ,1:.,,--:,-.4....-........,4.-:....4...4..........-.. , .,. , .... . , ,- - aw ., ,, .U ,. , -.1.:4,.,'.'.,., 4... CHANGE GF CGMNIAND COMMANDING OFFICER CAPT. J.B. LINDER At the close of this extended deployment it is time to reflect on some of the incidents and dis- cuss some of our accomplishments. Our cruise book is the record and will remind us of the hard work, the anticipation and the good times we shared. Those first few weeks in the Med required lots of concentration and teamwork to get the ship and air wing "up to speed". We have continued to improve and perfect this complex weapons system made up of men and machines while still finding time to occasionally relax and enioy Mediterranean ports of call. Many of us, along with our loved ones, par- ticipated in the two charter flights to Athens during the Christmas and Easter holiday periods or returned home via the "early bird" flight in June. While at sea we successfully evaded submarines during "National Week" ex- ercises and participated in the rescue of sur- vivors after a Greek airliner crashed near Athens. As the months rolled by, port calls to Palma and Barcelona, Spain were a welcome change of pace. We even participated in a ma- jor flood disaster mercy operation in Tunisia which gave us the opportunity to demonstrate our friendship toward that North African coun- try. ln fact, we have been asked to return to every country and every single port we have visited! One of our most noteworthy ac- complishments concerns our internal "people" programs which have given us the basic con- cepts and knowledge to get along better with shipmates and understand more about ourselves. We have matured and learned from one another and this has helped to produce a ship and air wing second to none which can meet any challenge, carry out any assignment and make it look easy to boot! I want to recognize and extend a special, well deserved "thank you" to the wives, mothers, fathers and loved ones who have supported us throughout the deployment. Their understan- ding and ability to cope with "homefront" problems have made it possible for us to get on with the iob at hand. Now, the time has come to wrap it up and start a new cycleg and while it's good to change the pace, it is also hard to let go of this superb, winning combination. For me personally, this deployment has been the most demanding, yet rewarding of manyg I hope each of you can say the same. God bless you all. M545 fx :Mg an 123 ATTACK CARRIER STRIKING FORCE SIXTH FLEET CHIEF OF STAFF 2 if Rear Admiral F. C. Turner CAPTAIN F. E. FIELD This NATO and National Task Force is com- posed of Aircraft Carriers, Guided-Missile Cruisers, Frigates, Destroyers and Ocean Escorts. The Fast Carrier Task Force often maneuvers at sea with the Naval forces of France, Greece, Italy, Spain and Turkey dur- ing NATO and bilateral exercises. i 125 126 fr. A ,,,f' The concept of an agent deploying with major combatants for a duration cruise is now an in- tegral part of NIS. NIS now has assigned a Special Agent Afloat to give political, criminal and counterintelligence estimations and provide investigative support to the command and Navy Department. Mr. G. W. Grossman SP AGT AFLOAT NIS 127 AIRCRAFT . - , f INTERM ED IATE A x Nt' Q Y W gg .i P - s , -A-' g y..--qgv . ,. 1 , LLL ' . 'S-IA A ,S Q x X. x .qw N "Wei 'f'M'2 X '-L- 2 www f ..A"C Af-,x,m3'i9:,vY?QX-ff Nfl -Xxmmgzyi X 'Q . - 5-Q -f,ff,uMgg.'QLfX Ser, X M .-.,,w. ,XJ .:f:1.,Q.4MM',x..- X ,X W f XQS9'-5,-X , ji My - f K,--M K - kgs, A m - - we f,,gV X X'1-'Wrif ' .vgW?Y'?Ff5j'fi"f'1 sam X - -1- X ,X A Q if-,N L fcyg 1 ,L xy 3tjg,i5?5?'F K S152 X kkgxft ,S HSM,-. sasrifrgifks 1' N T QQ: 3-fm t . " K X . 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J , , , 'f .s , it A 'N 1 1 f, f ,L 'f ' ' - "Q ff N 'f if E6 I' ' ' "'fLJTfg-yi' ' ' 'I t ' , ffj,V:'fy7,Y1' - L S' ' " F ff " "ff ' A, ' WH' ' ,Q - my ",,V:! ff V I, -vf ,: b , x -, -, f J, 1. 35 , pf, ,wk ,M-g,.f, . Wy, f-M, ,ff ,, , - . A V rf ff .Z .n ff :fg,..,z M fw:,,, f'- ' ' 'ff' -A -H , - - -.-..u...-. -7- ..-....,.,,,.. --.A...-,........::..'..xT..-VAf ,V -., -,...... . --- : Lu- V .. :-..,4:..f W- mv----. ' 1 i con. T.P. cANN -IM-1 DIVISION -IM-2 DIVISION -IM-3 DIVISION AIMD OFFICER 2 0 'Ty' ' Y R,..,.,A . 1 . I X. . ,, 1 ,ff e I 0i.Au '40'v.xv,- ,' :K N, ' . The Aircraft Intermediate Maintenance Department is tasked with the repair of all communications, navigation, hydraulic, propultion and structural components in support of the embarked Air Wing. The Department also maintains the ship's COD air- craft. This cruise AIMD FORRESTAL has led the fleet in components returned to a "ready-for-use" condition. 129 IM-1 DIVISION LCDR D. WHITE ENS. J. DIMMETTE AFCM k.cAnPEN1'En I Azcs .1.AoklNs I 0 I Azc o. ci.Ank ASC J. KLONOWSKI I' a ef. 1, The Aircraft Intermediate Maintenance Department's Administrative Division, IM1, is divided up into five Work Centers: Production Control, Admin, Tech. Library Q.A., Analysis and Material Control. Of the tive Work Centers, Production Control is the largest. All components coming into or going out of AIMD pass through the hands ot a highly trained screener. This makes for a busy Work Center as AIMD has processed almost 30,000 components this cruise. 130 , :if E 5 . , Q, . '. 5 ' 1 . , A I v 1 1 ll fn , mv W "' Q f I 3 'xo un s fu lu i ill up I' 4 I s Q7 t. 'I Q it me 11 X , f K f . XR 1-1 4 .5 gr- . , 2 fin T .f V 6 X I7 ' 1 l..-..a"1a1z,t' 4 f f r . A 4' ' A5521 QV , N V any N a ,Q , ,X ,Q , . if . w 7 T 'Q ,. 31' X v f - , f .. ff-J Q2 , ' Q 'N , A .2 E64 7 f ., . .M . f,. , 5 X . , . Y , , , , A...w4...,,,,w...,- sk 1-,mums 5 if 'g - - x U ., f , I . k mx 3 ,... -1... --Lf 4- -V: .fa ' - . V' gg QI ' i , ,M H- I ' , 4 Q HI W g li. t im! ' f jf.: , 1 I IV-Q e I i' i I ' gpg. v fi lx l ,f J ., lxdlgviy Lage.. X x gg? g My 1 MS X W .1 A , ,. .- V , .1 f f, .,. " - -r 1 ' 'e M . ' .... . .. . e. 'N g Q. , pei, AN V. AGUILA AT2 A. ARNOLD AZ3 A. BALSTER YN3 D. BEALER AN D. CORN AZ2 D. DE CUIR AN J. FRYE AZ3 K. FUIT AZ2 R. HARGROVE AZ1 R. KURTZ AA E. LANN AN L. LEWIS AS1 M. MOORE AA L. MURREN AZ1 C. OGDEN AK2 D. RIDGWAY AN P. SEIBERLICH AN D. TERRY AZ3 V. WERKMAN ARD2 P. ZEHNER The Technical Publications Library, containing over 10,000 publications, is used by AIMD and Air Wing personnel for the latest aeronautical technical information. Admin, Analysis and Material Control combine their knowledge and performance with the other IM-1 Work Centers to make AIMD FORRESTAL Number One in the fleet. - I IM 2 DIVISION LT Fl.W. SMITH AMCS G. RENFELD 1 1 2 The General Maintenance Division UM-25, comprised ot twelve work centers and over ninety ship's company and TAD per- sonnel, is responsible tor the repair, check and test of aeronautical equipment, repair ot ground support equipment and the organizational maintenance of the ship's C-1A utility aircraft. Each work center has highly trained specialists assigned to ettect repair on the various equipment inducted from the supported squadrons. The components assemblies processed include iet engines, aircraft wheels and tires, hydrauliclpneumatic components, aviators breathing and sur- vival equipment. 132 ADJC D.GOLDER PRC G.MYERS AMSC G. SEMONES ASC A. STROUPHAUER 133 134 AMS3 P. ALVARADO AZ3 D. BALL ANJAN W. BEECROFT AMSAN R. BOWDEN ASMAN D. BUNCH AS1 V. BURKE AN A. BURKHOUSE ADJ3 D. CARONAN AMSAN G. CHARLES ASH2 D. CHUBB AN C. COKER PR3 J. COLEMAN AMH2 C. CROWLEY AN J. CRUMBIE AMH3 P. EDMONDSON AN P. EVANS ASMAN D. FERNANDEZ ADJ3 J. FIELD AN L. FIRESTONE AMH3 C. FONES AN L. FREEMAN AN F GRIFFIN AMS2 J HARDY PR3 D HELDRETH CPL P HELMS AMH3 R HICKS ADJ3 A HINSON CPL C IMHOF AMH3 E JABBS ASH3 L JACCARD AMS2 T KEANE AS1 J KELLY ADJ2 J KINNEY ASE3 P KRUNSKI PR2 R LANG f SGT. D. LOWEN AMH3 G. LOUP ASM3 D. MANSON AMH1 E. MARINO AMSAA P. McHENRY AN W. MCKINLEY ASEAN P. WOODLING AMS2 R. MERCEL AMH3 G. MOFFATT ASM3 A. MORRISON ASMAN D. NATION AN B. PAIGE ASH3 C. PARZICK ASM3 H. PEACOCK AE2 F. PLUSHKIS ADJ1 R. POEHLMAN ADR2 W. RADTKE AMS2 S. REIMER AN R. RENZONI AN W. RODGERS ASHAN R. ROTH ASM2 J. SCHULTZ ADR2 O. SHEA AMH3 J. SINGER ASHAN C. SKUZINSKI ADR1 R. SNOWDEN ASM3 J. SONNIER AMS1 S. STANLEY AMS2 R. STOKES ASH3 J. VELARDI ASM3 R. VILLANUEVA ADJ3 J. VOLPE AN E. WARDELL AMS1 D. WILLIAMS AN H. WILLIAMS C-1A CREW: CVA-59 IM 3 DIVISION LTJG L WEAVER 136 The AvlonlcslArmament Dlvlslon UM 3l IS organrzed Into 13 Work Centers whlch are manned by over 130 Shlp s Company and Arr Wrng personnel These men are responsible for lntermedrate Maintenance of over 200 complex avronrcs systems and support equipment with a monetary value rn excess of 50 mrllron dollars IM 3 Drvrslons mlssron IS to achleve and marntarn maxrmum maternal readiness, safety and conservation of avronlcslarmament equipment rn support of the embarked Arr Wrng thus enhancing the overall readiness of FORRESTAL AQCS S. GRIFFITH ATC B. AYEFIS AEC W. FIEAVES lrff:,, N , ,, ,, A, --..:,,, .,..,-,J,.-a..,.,.i.., :f,,:L,-1""--- --,.--- ,.. ., , - -- V f - Y- --'-- :f - , . ,, -- L- . :gg ,..4..-..... A02 R. BARTON AT1 R. BEEBE AE1 H. BLEDSOE AT2 R. BLOSE A02 M. BOTCHIE AT3 J. BOUCHARD AT2 R. BRAY SGT B. BRINER A02 R. CARTER AN J. CARVER AN L. CHERRY AA C. CORRARO AZAN S. DILLOW AT3 D. DIXON AT1 DODY AE2 L. DOWNING SGT E. FINKE A02 R. FOGARTY AE3 G. FRANTZ A03 E. GEILINGER AEAN G. GIBBLE AE1 J. GIBSON A03 R. GILES A01 S. GOODLET A02 F. GREGORY A03 M. HARRISON AT2 L. HAZEN AE2 R. HOGG AQAN D. HOWE AE2 J. HURST AT2 W. JOHNSTON CTRSN M. KMETZ AE2 E. KONICKI AT2 K. KREJCI AT1 G. LARMORE I ' P XM w W! , fx , 1 4 f 7 .-., i ff 10 ff l'1 I , ,z ' . wwavavgqsm az 3. 1 W fl Q AO3 D. LAWSON SSGT R. LOETHER AT3 T. MACLIN MR. L. MARTIN CPL G. MCCULLOUG CPL R. MCGACHEY AN J. METZGER AT3 D. MITCHELL A02 F. MORGAN A01 C. NEWTON AOAN T. NEWTON AT2 J. OGDEN A02 R. OSBORNE CPL G. PARCHMAN A02 P. PASCHAL AE1 R. RAMOS AE3 R. READY AN L. RICHARDSON AA P. RIVERA AE1 L. ROBBINS A02 R. ROBERTS A02 S. ROP AE3 D. RUSHEN AT2 R. SEUIS AT3 D. SHIVERS AK2 D. SNYDER AE3 W. SPIERS A02 D. SOFFEL AE3 H. STOUT AT1 R. TOOTHAKER SGT S. UTZ CPL J. VAN DYKE AT3 D. VICKERY A02 R. WILLIAMS CPL S. WISE H 139 AIR DE RTMEN i 3 E 1 i A. L Y ff .. ,vw - ....-3 ,.x-- s.-. H , , ., , ,N , R, ,, - ., f..:,1 -- -..-...--1 5.14.-:-.... -.4,-..-..,-v--.u-- -. lnnfn, -Y Y Y Y YY,-,Wu-N-vi W 1 1 CDR W. SHEWCHUK AIR BOSS An aircraft carrier exists chiefly for the purpose of launching and recovering aircraft at sea. FORRESTAL's Air Department is comprised of the men and equipment specifically designated to ac- complish this task. From the tower high above the flight deck, where the Air Boss oversees his domain, to the JP pump 'rooms on the 7th deck, where men are engaged in every form of activity necessary to get the airplanes off and get them back. 141 V-1 DIVISION LCDR G. DAVIS LCDR J. SIMEONE CWO J. SALT They are called "Roof Rats". They work in a world of howling engines, searing exhaust, and numbing wind. They are the men of V-1 Division, the Flight Deck Crew, and their mission is to supervise traffic on the floating runwayg to spot aircraft before launch, after recovery, and the times in between. The hours are long and the pace seldom slackens as the yellow shirts direct tractors and aircraft, the blue shirts secure them, and the red shirts keep a protective eye over all. Though their world is one of danger and constant hustle, the Roof Rats would not trade f it away, for their breed thrives on the challenge, not of. being where the action is, but of making sure the action takes place. J' Ylyllj 142 I Q Wm., J , t I ABCM Fl. OWENS ABHC J. BAEFI ABHC W. TAMPLET Z-'KJ f X CRW I I ,Q ,, " f v H '1 V JW , f 15: 14 'lf Xff-if W1 4+ - 1 , f-Wy,-W f U, . Q fi! Q4 .. ,I WW 'W' A' f fyfff' Q SPM? X g,. 143 I 1 Q , ABH1 W. AITKEN AN S. ANDERL ADH3 G. ANDERSON AR M. ANDERSON ABH3 E. AUSTIN AA E. BALLARD AA F. BATES ABH3 L. BERNSTEIN AA A. BREWER AN D. BRISKE AN M. BROWN SA J. BRYANT ABHAN D. BUCHAN AN R. BURNS AN H. BURROUGHS AN H. CAHILL AA G. CANTU AN D. CAREY AA L. CHRISTOR ABH1 M. COLE AN D. COLLNS ABH2 A. COLWELL AN L. COX AN C. CROFT ABHAN G. CRUZ AA R. CUNNINGHAM AN J. DAVENPORT ABH1 A. DESHAZO AN W. DINWIDDIE AA B. EVANS ABH'3 R. FERGUSON AN P. FERNANDEZ AA C. GODDARD ABH2 F. HALE AN W. HENRY qw. ' a ,J 144 4 22 fijfgff ff ff .W 2 'S Vw A ax ,W-.A is - . , A z x f. Vx A ai , ry- , , .4 . . , , m O T , -,...f,.W. V XM - f ,-,,, f, yrwwng' A- . ' 51.1385 I- -A ' - ,. -.. -w.. ,-,.. - . 'f'.,'1"f' .,,-- M W! - , 7 1 . Q ' a - wkllxpf-y:,....Lfl"' ..,, A , :,, Nils fm ,AW NUR 2553 E' f f-K fr i AA S. HERRION AN M. HETRICK ABH2 W. HOWARD AA D. KENNEDY ABH1 J. KIMBROUGH AR R. KNAPP AN W. KNOBLAUCH AN S. LEE ABH2 J. LOFTIS ABH2 G. LOHR AA E. LONG AN D. LYONS AN P. MARCHITTO AN K. MARSHALL AA R. MCKEE I AA D. MESKER AN F. MITCHELL ABHAN K. MOORE YN1 A. MOREAN AA K. MURRAY AN M. MYERS AA M. NETZ AN P. OLDFATHER AN G. ORTEL AR M. ORTIZ AN W. OTTO ABH1 P. PALMER AN J. PARSONS YNSA R. PHILLIPS AN D. REED AN B. RODGERS AN D. RODRIGUEZ AA P. ROMAN AA E. RUST AN C. SCHNEIDER AA F. SHELBY AA L. SINGER AN B. SPAULDING AN T. SPEED AN C. STEPHENS AN R. STONE AA B. SWEATT AA D. TAYLOR AA H. TERRY AN C. WESTBROOK AN W. WILLIS AN D. WOLLUM AN G. WOOSTER 145 V 2 DIVISION LCDR R. MURRAY LT R. AMIDON LT J. KEARLEY CWO2 J. BRESLIN ABEC R. MCGUIRE ABEC E. MCGUIRE ABEC G. WORLEY A 50,000 pound jet fighter leaps from a standing start to flight at 170 knots in a distance of 250 feet. The returning aircraft touches the deck at 135 knots, and is stopped cold after 320 feet. Another successful Cat and Trap for V-2 Divi- sion. It's done not only with teamwork but with millions of dollars worth of complex machinery. To maintain this vital equipment is a grave responsibility, to operate it on an hourly basis, safely and efficiently, is even more so. 146 I 1 Q ABE3 W. AMBLER AN R. ANDERSON AN P. ANDERSON AN K. AUSTIN ABEAN E. BALDRIDGE AN K. BARRETT - AN R. BENNETT ABE3 W. BENNETT AN D. BERENGUER ABE2 W. BEST ABE3 G. BLACK AN P. BORNEMANN AN B. BUTLER TD2 J. CAMPBELL ABE1 E. COLLIS AA J. COLLUM ABE3 J. CURTIS AA P. CURTIS AA A. DUMAS AN D. DUNFEE 147 ffl lui JTQ fu! VH :li . 'Vi' 15' Iigi I Ig? I . . i ' 1 'xi . 1 , , ls J W ,. A 1 1 A All l E E E ABEAN J. DURA ABE3 w. ELAM + 1 AA E. ELLIS i A ABEAN 'r. FANUS ' ' AA B. FISHER 1 l AA c. GORDON 4 i ARE1 T. GRAFTON A l 1 ABE3 v. GREENE 4 AN G. c.RossMAN . 5 AR B. GUSHING u 4 AA J. HAYNES 5 AA s. HEAsLEv 1 AA K. HEFFERNAN 1 E AN J. HELD f AN D. HENDERSON i AA c. HERRING 1 ' r H AN K. HINCKLEY AN E. HUHN A ' ABE1 F. IFORD 4 5 IC1 M. JACKSON YJ A I AA M. JAMES 1 ABE1 R. JAvNEs J . AN R. JONES AN D. KELLER 'r 'J ABEAA M. KIEE ABE3 J. Kuels 1 AN c. KOPENKOSKEY A AN w. KUMP AA R. LABOY 3 ABE3 J. LASTOVICA AN L. LEBLANc ABE3 R. LESNIAK J f . AA c. LYLES j AA J. MccAaE J fy AA R. MccuLLERs J In AN G. MICHALARAS J AR c. MILLER 1 J AaEa D. MONTGOMERY 1 g ABEAN J. MOORE f J ABEAA J. MORRISSEY 5 148 i H .. , T I. I4 A ABE3 MULLER AA G. MURDOCK ABE2 P. MURDOCK ABE3 F. NABOZNY ABE2 D. NEVILLE IC1 D. OGLE ABE2 T. O'LEARY ABE2 J. PECK ABE3 L. PENIX AA D. PERKINS ABE2 R. POGUE ABE2 C. POORE ABE1 J. PRITCHETT AN C, PURSCELL ABE2 J. REED AA J. ROWLAND TD2 C. RYPPLE AA J. SANCHEZ ABE3 R. SCHRADER AA D. SHEPHERD ABE2 D. SHERIDAN IC3 M. SIRLEY AA D. SIMMONS ABEAA L. SIMMONS AN M. SINCLAIR AA J. SMALL AN D. SMITH AN R. SMITH AA W. SMITH ABE3 G. SOSNOWSKI AN L. SPRINGSTON AN M. TAMPLIN ABEAN K. TAYLOR AA C. THORNSBURG AA K. THORNTON AN S. THURMAN ABEAN T. TODD AN W. TOSLAND ABE2 S. VORAS AN R. WADLEY ABE3 J. WALDRON ABE2 J. WALTON ABE1 D. WATKINS AN G. WATTS ABE3 D. WEBBER ABE2 R. WEST ABE3 D. WRENN ABEAA R. YEAGER f ' 1 - , ,N ' " ,V--' ' , . I , I-llllllllllllng .-'gm I f . , ...ilk V5 -. I . ff. ...ja ',:.:yg,w Lx.: ..5,,J'v M . Eh iM Zf" f: ' i:.r 'J I Q6-f s f. I I A ' I' ' f " ' if --was .. 71 W .,.. if m ay . I .I . Y' ' ' . " 5' A S 'A M, N92 ' ' .wwf -' ' ' ' M . - 5 t Sfa5..:.- M 1 . , , 4: WW' cxxigik .6534 M IQ Ea.: j5:5?5A:. gg2Q:k j-1 " -Z' I -. , Fi V A.'s:'W H I . Af' v w Q5 M . . , - ' , sssaww, ..,. ..,.fwv"f1fWw?0 S- .swzwwr . f.-4 , M ' . , . ' .,., '.,-fi..-'S :L f ffbgf, .gay-W.6X?5fW.4Q?lff'f'525Qf 521552 'imilfgfiw' ' f 155 fif-A1115".r-f'X"'7f5'f'.1 ' xg -Mlff-Vi.!,p I 'f.l, . rf? A ' 149 --" f Q, fqk5.,"1- ,. M M, .Jaw-f.w'f rw 0f1.gLf.f:gs5w4, S ,1 '- Q. dw". fs-N . in ,Eg Sf ,..p.-fb 0-K: -Y , 1 - , '- f ' M2 92 W Y swf? W 3,-Z N575 'S QW Nw .. ,.:. , , , A . Q 'Ar:f.4s'f2sfM:.:wfmmxwf- , X 1-fwfw. .J V. ww. ...Af N .Q ff-A-7 :X-f was ' - ,. M'- ., .E 1Tii1x2"N Q"'f ' , 'X If , Q' I ' , 'T 7 -' 1 ...A A., A4 gg W ':k.,,,f. .M , w.gggwf.wgf gfwp .QW5xffrrbwggQMQQQxpgff.,,X,...,. 4gy,.f1v...X .,...,.,,... f. . .C .- f. . f f'1.'w.a.ix f 259' ff-ngizfg. X. - QV M5 fy fl: . 'fQU:'!Fy?.K'V:I'f?..LwXf. . 'A , wif-W ' Nr " f. 4 A f f. -vixmfv -warm .X . f ., .mx .,Q.f!mXN.,:.- f . .., L -'Q f ..v.,--...-ww. ...sf , , A we.-, N051-V19 .ww f.Q:Q.m,Xi. k ',.Mff1i,,m. has ,. , , . I N .C 4 ...S It Qgwffffxgxf . 'V .a g mf, A 5'.5:fffst5J.Q, ,X sg gr- f H " ..,v,,....-..-Q .,. '-. ivv.,n:v-.'... M3 . 1 v-3 DlvlsloN 150 LT J. WILSON W ABCS R. MIZELL ABHC W. PETERSON They call themselves the Hangar Deck Hackers. Others have offered less appreciative appellations, such as "The Crunch Bunch", or "The Wrecking Crew". But the men of V-3 Divi- sion can afford to take the iests in good humor. They know that they perform a vital iob, and they take iustifiable pride in performing it well. Their home is the Hangar Deck, the cavernous bays where aircraft are protected, maintained, and repaired. Their mission is to spot these air- craft, safely and expeditiously, f0l' maintenance or for fIi9ht. lt is a mission that demahds long hours on station, periods of frantic actlvlty,8l1 a vast amount of teamwork. Maneuverlngaei twenty ton aircraft to within inches of anolble twenty ton aircraft is a task for steady, Ffh? ne professionals. And the professional GIFPZM protectors, thoroughly trained and comp? in the use of the full array of Hang firefighting equipment. ar Deck hw 4 4 , , 4 W ,W , I4 I, g 7, .Www ' MW!! f ,I 2- , ,.f wwf! f V , w, ,f M ff W fb! Z iff 1 JWW ff. ,M ,, ,yf!f,W,,Mf 4 gg J, I 4 f, ,ff , ff 5 f j 1 Z A ff A .wwe Lf K ,ff f '," , f f W:1,H,5ay3,., W ,vi . M, PM WWWW W ,X 2 f ', 241 W ,ny . . ,, f J Y 4 N 'W W , W W if., X, ABHAA H. GUTIERREZ-ROA I AA E. HABRACK AA O. HALL AA S. HARVEY AN L. HILLIARD AA L. AVERY ABH3 B. BRANUM AA P. BROWN AN J. BREEDLOVE AA W. BREWER ABH3 A. BRUNO ABH3 A. CALABRESE AN J. COBLE ABHAN G. COOPER AN J. CRAIG AA A. CRANE AA J. DAWSON AA J. DEGIULIO AN D. DEITZ ABH2 P. DOERFLEIN AN P. DOWNES ABH3 W. EDWARDS AN J. FONTAINE AN A. FORTENBAUGH ABH3 A. GATES AN R. GOODELL AA J. GRIENBERGER AN H. GREGAN AR L. GULLEY 151 ABHAA J. HOLLIMAN AA C. JAMES AN J. JAROSZ ABHAN D. JAUDON AN G. JOHNSON AN A. LEWIS AA P. LIEZIE AN J. LOPEZ AN D. MACIASZEK ABE3 D. MCDONALD ABHAN T. MCDONOUGH AR T. MEYERS AA B. MYERS ABH1 R. MYERS AN D. NELSON AA S. OWENS AN D. PHILLIPS AN M. POOLE AN S. PYLE AA J. QUALLS AA D. REED ABH3 W. RIPLEY AN C. ROGERS AA H. SELF AN E. SPENCER AN V. STEWARD AA P. TURNER AA M. WALLS AA R. WALTRIP AN H. WALTER ABH2 J. WARRICK ABH1 C. WEATHERBURN ABHAN L. WEST AN E. WILSON AN G. ZALEWSKI ABFC S. VANLANDINGHAM , , -.,, g .,,,.-Mgr.,-... V-4 DIVISIDN LT. Fl. HEAMAN LT. D. NIELSEN CWO2 R. DOLINGER Behold the Grapes In the frocks of purple scurrylng over under around and hopefully not through the waltlng aircraft dragging their hoses behlnd them They are the men of V 4 dlvlslon FORRESTAL S full service Gas Passers on the job around the clock to keep her aircraft fueled and ready And they Insure that they dellver only quallty merchandise un contamlnated and rellable for the fllght crews stake their llves on It V 4 s realm extends throughout the FORRESTAL from the fllght deck and hangar decks to the pumplng rooms deep wlthln the bowels of the shlp The Grapes also man the sponsons whenever avlatlon fuels are replenished underway It IS a busy exlstence a very Important mlsslon and a cause for prlde and personal satlsfactlon AA J. ALLEN AA J. BARNES AN F. BENAVIDEZ ABF2 E. BREIDINGER ABF3 J. BOURCY ABF2 J. BURKE AA L. CAMPBELL AN R. CASTILLO AN G. CHRISTMAN AA S. COULTER AA D. COUTURE ABFAN R. DEVLIN ABF1 D. EDWARDS AN G. ELZARES AN R. GRIGGS AN R. GUYTON AN A. HOYTE AN D. HUNTER AA C. JACKSON AN H. JOHNSON ABF2 E. KLECKNER 021' J. .Xl 3 5 AN E. LATOUR AA T. LAWERY AN F. LONG ABF1 R. MARTIN AN W. MATHEWS ABF2 J. McGINNIS ABF3 B. MESKER AA cp. Messen AN J. MILES AA K. Moone ABFAN E. MYRTLE ABFAA J. O'BRIEN ABF1 F. PARKER ABF3 L. PETRO AN B. PHINNEY AN J. POINTER ABF2 J. RAY AN J. ROGERS AA T. ROTENBERRY ABF3 G. ROWE AA E. SALAS AA J. WANNAMAKER J ' 155 U , COMMUNIC DEPART A fr? 7' Q : J ' 1--'SQQQA -52- ' wwf. .a -- pn ' 1, ,X Q, V naw, . J? 1 X , 1.23 xm, yi, ,Ng A g,,, A ,, V H 'lx 5 km'-2sxSa af . V' ?'i.f'i ffl 5 .7 . 15 -L.. -- .H W73 LCDR E. DAVIS COMMUNICATIONS OFFICER Communications is responsible for es- tablishing, maintaining and coordinating voice and teletype communications to and from FORRESTAL. The Message Center processes incoming and outgoing teletype messages and prepares them for distribu- tion internally and world wide. On an average radio day, the Department handles over 1100 messages. LCDR J. BOND LTJG R. BROOKS ENS W. FEDYNA E I E 5 r I E , RMC J. CHILTON RMC D. DUNN RMC V. FRIAR ENS J. FURBAY ENS C. GOINS ENS R. LEE CWO2 W. MARTINOLLI 157 XX ,u'Y""'I LSIKQLTZL 158 fm-ng, null' ff 'ffff ,M www! .4 159 -1... 1 LJ I' C 5 I Dull 9 Pmh jd 5-3. s-f I I I I I I I I I I , I I I I I I I I I I. RM1 M. ARES RM2 R. AUSTIN RM3 J. BLANKENSHIP RM3 R. BLEYER CRTSN D. BRADT RM3 R. BRODERICK RM3 J. BROTHERS RM3 E. CAMPBELL RMSN. D. COCKEREL RMSN V. CUZZO RMSN K. DAVID RMSN R. DONALDSON RMSN J. ENGLISH RM3 T. FARSON RMSN L. FIKE RMSN J. FORD RMSN P. FORD RMSN R. FORD RM3 R. FRASIER RM2 N. FURR RM2 D. GRAHAM RM3 T. GRAY RMSN C. HALLAY RM1 I. HALTER RMSN L. HARRELL RM1 R. HENSLEY RM2 L. JENKINS RMSN J. JOHNSON RMSN J. JONES RMSN J. KILCREASE SN K. LAMB SN W. LAURY RM3 K. LIERHEIMER RM2 J. LUDWIG RMSA A. MALKOWSKI RM3 S. MOKEN SN R. MOORE RM3 A. MUTTER RM2 L. NASH RM3 A. NEWPORT RM1 R. NICHOLSON RMSA W. OCKFORD SN L. ODOM RM3 H. OTTO RM3 S. PACE RM3 G. PARKER CTRSN R. PARRY RM3 D. POTTS RMSA R. ROSANE RM3 H. RUSSELL RM1 W. SALLIS RMSN W. SHANAHAN RM3 J. SMITH RM3 D. STAMPFER RMSN G. THAYER RM2 J. TOMLINSON SN S. WHITTAKER RM1 T. WILLIAMS RMSN D. WILSON RM3 L. WINDSOR RM3 J. WORLEY RM3 I. de MARTINO 161 ,.,,...l.-lT- --Y' vf- CS DIVISICN " . ENS. c. coms SMCS W. KEENE CS Division's Signalmen have mastered the art and science of communication with the use of flashing lights, semaphore, flag hoist and pyrotechnics. Each man challenges himself to be better and the hours of practice are seldom seen by other members ofthe crew. Pride and practice- two words which are lite to the signalman and which make visual communications continue to play a vital role onboard FORRESTAL. 162 I SN B. ADAMS SM3 C. ALLEN SM3 T. BLASZCZYK SM1 J. BYRD SM1 J. CHAMBLIN SMSA M. JOHNSTON SMSA W. LAMB SMSN J. LYONS SM3 R. MARTIN SM3 C. MCCARTHY SMSN J. MCDONALD SA P. MCNAMARA SMSN D. MESSENGER SMSN P. OTERO SMSN T. POWERS SMSN T. RANDALL SM2 J. WEEKS X 2 f s ll 3 .g53f2Z? 3 QI ,-'fx,r:?i 2 T rf ' 163 K DEP LCDR C CORSE FIRST LIEUTENANT Deck Department has a wide range of tasks and responsibilities aboard FORRESTAL. The First Lieutenant is assisted by a professional Ship's Bos'n and five other officers who act as divisional officers for the five Deck Divisions. It is obvious that the Boatswain Mates and Deck Seamen who make up the Deck Department provide an integral part to FORRESTAL. 1ST DIVISION One of the more important tasks aboard the entire ship is anchoringefirst division is responsible for sea and anchor detail-the two 60,000 pound anchors and all foc'sIe equipment. Seaman in this division also stand numerous underway watches throughout the ship. ENS J. MCCAMANT BMC FI. DUNBAR BM2 B. GARNER SN C. SCOTT SN N. DUSSIA SN N. MEADOWS SN D. OTTUM BM3 U. BUNETA SN D. FOLLO SN C. HARPER YN1 R. MCGEHEE BM2 J. FINLEY BM2 J. SCHNE!DER BM2 W. MCCLENFON BM3 D. ENTSMINGER BMSN T. JOHNS BM1 A. WIGGINS BM3 M. KELLEY SN R. BITLER BM3 J. FIOTEN SN J. LEE SN P. COOK SN O. McGEE SN J. CAINES SN D. ANGELICH 167 2 N ollbiylsioN The primary duty of Second Division per- sonnel is the traditional Quarterdeck. They are also responsible for the rigging and maintenance of the ceremonial Quarterdeck, which is used to render honors to the Captain, Admiral or foreign dignitaries. In addition to these functions the men of Second Division operate numerous refueling and replenishment rigs during unreps. ENS. J. BOLTI WW of ,... A , ,,.,, f . ,, ., ,ww fn-1 Q"'fW,fZ2f:9f,.M V V, . ' M"-i f f . 1. 'Z ff r' 2-ff, -ff' 1 , a, ,,,. 1419, ,V T f 1 . .... K , f 1. ' 2 4 4 fn i k 'EW' X 17 is -S SN. A. ALEXANDER BM2 W. BUSSELL SN J. CARRANCO BM3 A. CLOWERS SN G. COCHRAN SN C. COLEMAN BM2 S. COX BM3 L. DAVIS SN D. DELOZIER SN M. DOTSON SN W. ELKINS SN J. FORD SN M. GOMEZ BM1 J. GORMAN SN S. GREER SN M. GUARE SN M. HARRIS SA J. HINE SA C. HOLLOWAY SN S. JERELE SA C. KEAGLE BM3 T. KENNEDY SA G. LAFOR EST SA D. LAMBERT SA B. LA PIERRE SA J. LOWERY BM3 P. MAYLE SA D. MCELYEA SN C. PECK SN J. RILEY SA M. ROBIN SON SA O. RODRIGUEZ SN J. ROTH SA R. RUSTON SA J. SCHECK SN F. SNIPER BN3 M. STONER SA M. STEVENSON SA D. STINGLEY SN R. TAYLO R BM1 C. THEBARGE SN F. THOMPSON SN B. TURNER SA K. UTTING R. VANESS SA SN A. VIRLEG SN L. WASHI SN R. WHITE NGTON BM3 W. WISE SA D. WILSON SA W. WOLF 169 3RD DIVISION i LT. D. DAVIS ENS. H. HEFINANDEZ BM1 J. HIGGINBOTHAM I . 4 I w i w 1 v i w i W l Third Division mans a major destroyer refueling rig and operates the classified material disposal unit. In addition they maintain Deck House 44, the crew's liberty sponson. Third Division is also on deckfor all refueling and replenishment operations. 170 5 Q E I 2 I 4 www if "J, , fw Ng A ,,, 5 Z 5 . y , 6 5 .. XM ? f 6 X.. in 4TH DIVISION The men of Fourth Division have the responsibility of manning and maintaining the ship's six Utility boats and two Of- ficer's boats that provide transportation for the officers and men onboard FORRESTAL. 4TH Division also mans and operates the Captain's Gig and AdmiraI's Barge. Should the emergency arise, Fourth Division personnel are readily available to man the ship's Motor Whale Boat, to recover a downed flyer or a man lost overboard. Along with their normal ship's work they man replenishment and refueling stations that bring aboard a double rig of both JP5 and Navy Distillate. ENS. H. HEAFNER if I i I I4 I l ,X I 172 -' ' "' -.- .v g, .-'c- "-'N , ---':- 'L-,-Q,-we f -' '- . . -, -N , 1 v -4 ' , A ,,,,-.. ,. 4 'I if 1 A .Rf I f .f J ff' , .ff W w ,41 ' ,, f 2.1 ,UN II ,, ff. BM2 G. BAILEY BM2 J. BARFIELD BM2 D. BLAIR BM3 M. BROWNLEE BMSN B. CRAMER SA E. DUDLEY BM3 R. ENUMERABLES SN M. FARNBAUGH SA C. FISHER BM3 A. HOLCOMB SA T. JACKS SA J. LACY SN R. LAWSON SA C. LINDSAY SA D. LINDSEY SN K. MARSHALL SA L. MAYS SA G. McKAY SA P. MURPHY SA R. MUSGROVE SN M. NUSS SN P. PARO SN R. RELYEA SN B. RICHARDSON BM3 R. SCATES BM3 R. SWEET SA J. SWEGAN SA D. THOMPSON SA D. WAHLERT SA L. WALKER 173 CWO F. KIRKEY The exterior of the ship is made of steel. Hu I Division is responsible for the painting, care and preservation of all of it. Hull Division also runs the Bos'n Locker, which provides over S200,000 worth of gear to the other Deck Divisions. f W . . . ' , f . fr 1+ " - -A wa. MMM MW W J.. f , ., J X V. , I v ywm w .K g.l1.QQgQQf,Q , ' 3 H 31-I. BM1 L. BARBER BM2 E. BENTON SA R. CICCOTTO SN G. CUSSNER SN R. DUNCAN BM3 S. GERAUIS SA D. GEORG SN J. GILILLADD SA R. GRANSBERGEN SA F. GRICE BM3 W. HAGER SN R. HEMBERT BM3 J. HICKS SA N. IMAN SA D. JACK SN R. KOURY BM2 R. MASTERS SN M. NECK SN R. RAKING SN T. SCOTTORN BM3 R. SEATON BM3 J. SHARBUTT BM1 T. SPISAK BM3 P. TIRPAK BM2 M. TURNER BM3 B. WEBB SA R. ZIRPOLI 175 K-W' .. DENTAL DEPARTMENT NN .-i,,.,. ,,Y ilyvng-xasl X ,. get 9 f"'f' If t 43- MEDICAL DEP TMENT CDR H. SEMLER DENTAL OFFICER CDR G. STONE MEDICAL OFFICER DTC R. GALONSKY -Tlx... HMCS G. JONES HMC J. LIBBY HMC A. MUSCARELLA HMC J. ROGERS HMC R. WINTHROP-ST. GERY LT L. CROWLEY LT E. GLASS LT B. PETERSON ' LCDR F. GRISWOLD LT J. WARREN LT T. WHITAKER LTJG J. CRISCITIELLO The mission of the Medical Department onboard FORRESTAL is to ensure the health and living con- ditions are the best possible for the entire crew. While in the Mediterranean area our facilities are usually better than most facilities ashore and only personnel needing specialist treatment or long term care are evacuated to other U.S. military facilities ashore. A Medical Service Corps officer is responsi- ble for the administration of the department. This medical department also acts as medical guard for all other smaller ships in port or for emergency con- ditions at sea. Corpsman are often assigned to ride a smaller ship when necessary, or to go ashore with v-arious detachments or operate with rescuelassistance details. 177 ""!-au,.,...,, ..,, 525611 iff g" .1-950 - f HN R. ANDERSON HM2 M. BLATT HN R. BROWN HN L. BULLUCK HM1 W. CARMICHAEL HM3 L. CASILLAS HM3 L. CASON SA A. FRANGIONE HM1 J. GEORGE HM1 H. GUIDRY HM2 R. HIEBERT HM2 R. HINKLE HM3 W. HODGE HM3 R. JEROME HM3 R. JOHNSON HM3 M. LAGANELLI HM2 J. LARUE HM2 A. LOVELESS SA A. MARTINEZ HM2 M. MCDONALD HM2 C. MCDONNOLD SA C. MUCK HM2 S. ORIS SA F. PLASCENCIA HM1 T. POE HM3 W. REED HM3 J. REESE. HM1 J. RHUDY SA T. RIDDLE HM3 R. SAVAGE HN E. SPARICH HM3 J. STETZ HN T. THOMAS SN J. TORR HM2 R. VAN DYKE HM3 R. VERON HM3 R. VOTAW SA K. WILLIAMS HM3 B. WRIGHT HM1 J. ZOLLOTSCH HM1 H. COLSTON HM2 J. DARBY HM2 J. MCGAULEY HM2 A. PEACE HM2 J XAVIER an 1. ffn V f f W rv, ..- DENTAL DN R. LA FUENTE DT2 L. MACABEE ST3 G. ROOT SN B. STATON DT1 T. TRANIPE DT3 G. ZUNIGA 180 SA J. CASEY DT3 D. GEORGE DT2 M. KANE sn J. Knoecsi. The Dental Department provide for the oral health and hygiene of the ship and embarkedair wing personnel. The complexity of treatment provided ranges from a program of Preventive Dentistry Instruction to full mouth rehabilitation. During the overhaul period the department underwent a maior face-lifting, expanding and up- grading facilities in an effort to provide optimum care for all. r t , 2 f XV I 2 4-w f2f'3X?5'v ,V V' 5' 7i'ASmk.. QM 30" Q'-w-,wwf . ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT 06? CHIEF ENGINEER LCDR G. O'BRIEN 4+ LCDFI W. STINSON LT. W. BREIDEFIT me., -AD -BDI -ED -RD VISION VISION VISION - M DIVISION VISION O LT. G. WILLIAMS LTJG C. LOESER WO1 D. STUART 'I 'I' 1? 14 . 'I rms mu n 183 U31 E 4 I N r wi 41' 3 1 . 4 P IH, VQX EH VI 1-i rff I4 I I ! Hz 14? Ii V W , I+ l li I, 1? f i e lm' 11 3 H 1 U L21 ,Q X -mg I 'W l 'vu U W w , 'ei xi i H, 14 gg' ips? wif' 1A"! W v3 4 i 1 184 ! IZECIZY 4 1 Q52 Aff A DIVISICN LT. W. ADOLFSON W01 H. MALONE MRC E. AQUINO MMC W. BLAYLOCK ENC T. DAVIE MMC R. MORRISON 186 R. Auxiliary Division is one of the largest ser- vice oriented divisions aboard FORRESTAL. With a strength of over 1.00 men, "A" division has the task of mam- taining a variety of equipment ranging from aircraft elevators to ice cream machines if the delicate production of 02N2. "A" Divi- sion is also responsible for all climate CON' trol which is maintained by the AC8mR and steam heat shops. . ,,.k y Xfi L. wi' .4 - ,-X554 1 A ., ,IKM QQ. S Q 187 I H'- 188 MM2 J. BAGLEY MM2 W. BRANTLEY FN H. BURTON ENFA K. CHAMBERLIN FA J. CLARK MM3 T. COSGROVE EN3 P. CUNNINGHAM MR2 J. DAVIS ENFN D. DUFFY MMFN D. GUICE MM1 L. GUMP MM3 A. GUYER MM2 T. HALL MMFN J. HAWTHORNE MMFN V. HEBERT FN J. HUNTLEY FA C. JENKINS SN W. JOHNSON MM2 J. JONES MM2 G. KENNEDY FA G. LAYA FA R. LeMAY MM3 R. LUCE FN G. LYZWA Qi J I j T 5 N 1 l I f l W I 1 K I I 4 x H x J E sv' fx SN M. MADDEN EN2 T. MCCORMICK EN3 S. McWILLIAMS MM3 P. MERRIS MMFA T. MOORE MM2 W. NEW MM2 J. NELSON FN J. PEREZ MM3 G. RICE FN J. RILLING MM2 D. SCOTT' MM3 J. SIGMON FA L. SMITH FN P. SMITH MM2 C. SPRATT MM1 W. STITT MM1 C. SUTTER FA P. THORNTON ENFA J. TRIBE FA M. VERIB EN1 G. WARD ENFA T. WELLS MM3 T. WHITE MM3 E. WILHELM FN C. WILLIAMS 189 B DIVISIDN Boilers Division is the foundation of the ship's main propulsion and steam catapult system. B Division is responsible for the proper opera- tion and maintenance of eight 600 pound constant superheat boilers and its fuel which supply FORRESTAL with steam serving the ship's four main engines, four steam catapults, ten turbo generators, five fresh water distill- ing plants, and all auxiliary ser- vices. In operating the ship's evaporators, which distill approximately 300,000 gallons of water daily, another func- tion necessary to FORRESTAL'S operation is performed. B Division performs its work around the clock, underway and inport, to provide the ship with steam, the energy so vital to its existence. 190 LT. K. FRICK ENS R. JENKINS W01 E. LUCAS BTC R. BAKER BTCM M. HORNSBY BTC T. LABRECK BTC P. SMOLLEY 7 ' Z Wmfmspvav 'W' ,' it f 4 1 ff J? mf I 'J , L ffl 'Ki fy Y , W' , if 191 FN R. BRANCH BTFN R. BOYD FN J. BRADSHAW BT2 P. BUMP BT1 W. CHASTEEN BT2 C. DAVIS BTFA R. DORAN BT1 J. FAGGARD BT3 J. FOLK BTFN M. GAMBSKY BR1 C. GARRETT BTFA S. GEORGE FN B. GRIFFIN BT3 W. HALL BTFA J. HART BT3 R. HENSLEY BTFA R. HUMMEL FA R. JULIAN SA W. KEITH BT2 S. KILLMAN BTFA G. KOPP BTFA R. LANUTO BTFA M. LA SHOMB BT1 C. LAVENDER FN W. MANNING FA B. MARSHALL BTFA B. MARTIN BTFN T. MAURAIS FN N. MENNER BTFN P. MESSER BTFA G. MIDLAM BTFN L. MINER BTFN B. MITCHELL FN T. MORRIS AA D. NELSON BTFN F. ANDOR BT1 R. GENIGNI BTFN J. BENJAMIN BTFA M. BLACKBURN BT3 D. BLAIR ig ,KX A..-1' i -v- FN T. NEWBURN BTFN R. NEWTON FN C. OLDS BT3 R. OPEL FN J. PARROTT FN R. PENA BTFN J. PHILLIPS FN M. PIPPITT BT1 G. PRATT BT1 M. PRATT FN T. RISBAN FN D. ROBINSON FN G. ROBINSON BT3 S. ROBERTS FN W. ROBERTS BTFN J. RODGERS FN c. Ross FN A. nom FN A. scHATzHuBEn SN T. scHn.l.Ecl FN P. seno BTFN w. SHEEDY. BT3 M. SHEPPARO FN w. SHIPLEY BT3 P. SKEBECK BTFN W. SLADE FN R. SMITH FN W. SPEIGHT BT3 K. SWARTZ BT3 FI. THIBOLDEAUX BT3 R. THOMPSON BTFN G. VANBIBBER BT3 S. VANHORN BTFN D. VOTAVA FN J. VUGRINEC FN R. WALKER SN M. WELLS FN A. WHETSTONE BT3 G. WAMPLER BTFN W. YOUNG 193 E DIVISION EMC M. HEDGECOCK ICC J. ISOM EMC I. KUBLER EMC D. THOMPSON The Electrical Division is composed of over one hundred officers and men. There are five major work centers and seven shops maintaining the entire electrical and interior communications systems on FORRESTAL. E Division is a ser- vice division and its services are used many times a day by every man aboard. Some of the major components serviced by E Division are ship's service generators, switchboards, steer- ing gear, edge elevators, ship's lighting and electrical power and much more. E Division supplies technical assistance, motor rewind facilities and acts as a movie exchange for units of Task Force 60.1. EMCM A. RODGEFIS EMCS E. AGENS EMC W. CAHAIL ENS. D. STECK V w N 1 1 r x I 4 I I I 4 EM1 R. AUSTIN EM3 R. BAKER EM2 A. BEAVER EM1 F. BELL EM3 W. BELSKY EM3 J. BENNETT IC1 M. BLISS IC1 G. BOUDREAUX EM1 W. BOYDEN FN D. BRACKEN IC2 R. BRADFORD EM3 M. BREINER EM3 P. BROOKS EM2 R. BROWN EM3 R. BUTLER FN J. CALVERT SN C. CAMPBELL EM3 G. CAMPBELL SN D. CAPIZOLA EM2 R. CLARK EMFN M. CONRAD ICFN T. CROSBY EM1 R. DARBY FN P. D'ARRIGO EM2 E. DAVIS FN K. DAVIS EM2 J. DEMPSEY EM3 B. EDGIL EM2 K. EIDNES EM2 R. EPPERLEIN EM1 F. FAIRBANKS EM3 D. FRITTS FN D. FRYE BM2 B. GARNER EM2 G. GODFREY FN S. GOMES FN J. GRACE EM3 R. GRANT ICFN D. GRIFFIN IC3 K. GROSSMANN EM2 J. GRUBER FN C. GULITE EM3 M. ALONZO EM3 A. ALVAREZ EM3 T. ANDRULOT EM3 H. APPLEGATE EM3 R. ASTGEN ,iff ,ff f- Q'- EMFN F. GUSTAFF IC2 A. HAYES IC3 R. HAYS ICFN C. HENSHAW IC3 R. HEYDENBERK FN M. HICKS ICFN L. HOFFMAN EMFA R. HORAN EM3 K. JAROS FA J. JONES EMFA R. KENNEY EM2 J. KLAMMER IC2 J. KORB SN P. LATHROP SN R. LANCIA EM3 W. LEIBY IC3 D. LUDWICK EMFN R. LUFFMAN EM1 R. LUNA FN E. LUNIESKI EM3 A. MAGISTRO ICFN R. MAJORS EM2 R. MARBLE EMFA D. MILLER EM3 J. MILLS EM3 R. MOONEY EM3 W. MORSE IC3 P. O'DAY EM3 J. OSBORN EM1 D. OUELLETTE FN W. PARK FN D. PEFFER IC2 R. PERALES ICFN T. POTSKU IC2 J. PRATT IC3 R. SCARBOROUG FN R. SLAUGHTER EM2 D. SMITH IC2 R. SMITH EM2 D. SPEARIN EMFN M. SPRINGER EM3 S. STRAATVEIT EM3 W. SULLIVAN EM3 W. SUNDAY IC2 D. URANN EM3 B. VESELY FA R. VICKERS EM3 A. VILLACORTE EM3 K. VOGT EMFN J. WALKER EM3 R. WALKER EM3 L. WARREN FN J. WHITE EM3 R. WHITEHURST EM2 D. WIRTZ SA J. MORRIS ICFN D. KLEFFNER FA E. KOPKO IC3 A. PLANT H 197 M DIVISIDN LTJG M. MILLER LTJG J. WALLACE MMC H. RAGAN MMC J. CRITTENDON M Division operates and maintains FOFtRESTAL'S main engines. This includes the steam turbines, reduction gears, bearings, shafting and propellers. In addition, machinist mates are responsible for the piping and pumps of the con- densate and feed systems which supply feed water to the ship's boilers. Since our electric power generators are steam turbine driven, the turbine part of the generator and its related machinery are also cared for by M division personnel. 198 3 an V !,. N x 2 'Sv X , Y :po ' I J ' JN 5 f 9- 100 A nu Q L J v .HJ soo, 0 WVU y x ' f .4 . X- X x 2OO FN J. DE LEO FN W. BROCK MMFN D. BOSTWICK MM3 R. BOVA MM3 A. BOYK FN C. BUEHRLE FN M. CHRISTIANSEN FN L. CLAPPER MM3 R. CLOUD MMFN K. DELONG MM1 E. DIKEMAN MMFN J. ELIM FA H. ERWIN MM1 G. FALGOUT FA G. FAULKNER MM3 A. FREEMAN MMFN C. FULFER FA T. GALLUZZO MM2 P. GILBERT FN J. GILMAN MM3 D. GOODE MM3 S. HARVEY FA R. HORNLEY FN S. HUFF MMFN M. JOHNSTON FN D. KITCHENS FA G. KOLHINSKY FA P. LEETE MMFN V. LOGUE MM1 L. MARTIN FA A. MATHEWS MMFN J. MATTISON MM3 M. MAUGER MM3 R. MCPHEFISON MM2 F. METHNER MM1 S. MILLER FA G. MOORE SN M. MOORE MMFN R. MOLOCH FA F. DOGGETTE MM1 A. ONDRAK FA D. PAPE MMFN F. PARRY FA J. POLEY MM3 J. PUGALEE MM3 M. REBER MM3 S. RING FA R. SCARBOROUGH MM1 J. SHANKS MMFN G. SMITH MM3 M. BEAMAN FA D. SNYDER MMFN W. STRAIN MMFN L. STRUNK FN L. SWANSON FA M. THOMAS FN J. THOMPSON MMFN J. TROGLER MM2 R. TROTTIER MM3 G. TYNER FA D. VICENTE FN J. WATTS FA L. WATSON FA E. WILLIAMS FA J. WALKER 201 R 202 DIVISION R Division is made up of Damage Controlmen, Pipe Fitters, Metalsmiths and Carpenters all grouped together in the Hull Technicial rating. While Damage Control is an all-hands responsibili- ty, R Division men are experts, play- ing a vital role in training all-hands in the business of Damage Control. The division is on the go 24 hours a day repairing piping, manufacturing items from sheet metal and assisting other divisions in keeping FORRESTAL on the move. LTJG E. FULLER ENS I. CLAYTON HTCM J. ROBINSON HTC A. NEILL , Z, ff 'fm fd .M , , ,T An 16 322, ..-f- , ll I2 13 14 HR W 2021 22 213 u -yq 'W q .lg 20 n ' 203 A '7 N Aw FN W. BARLEY HT1 N. BASQUEZ HT2 D. BLACKBURN DC1 R. BLACKWELL HT2 S. BOOKLESS HT2 J. BOLYN FA L. BROWN HTFA J. BUCCHI HT3 R. BULLINGTON HT1 W. BURGUND HTFN S. BURNS HTFN G. BURTON HT3 D. CRAIG FA S. DAY FA T. ELLIOTT HT2 R. EVANS HT3 J. FITZWATER HTFN J. GANLEY HT3 L. GAWORSKI HTFN R. HARSCA HTFN P. HARTSHORN HTFN S. HAWKINS FA M. KATELY HT3 H. HOVERSTOD HT1 D. KELLOGG FA L. KING FA M. KING HTFA R. LEMER ZO4 ..-Q.: -' "" ' I wx Q -.-rl'l1:5..,,.,. M. ,,,,,,,- , 43- " I. uf f I f . , FA P. LINDVIG HTFN J. LOGAN HTFN G. LOUTH FA W. MADDEN HTFA J. MASON HTFA W. MILLER i', M Q A li HT2 G. MCGRAW I HTFA C. MOIL HT3 B. MORRISON HT3 C. PIERCE HTFN FN R. HTFA HTFN HTFN HTFN HTFN HTFN FN R. R. RAGLE RAMSEY A. RAWLS C. RICHARDS M. RITCHIE J. ROBINSON D. ROGILLIO D. ROYALTY SCHMIDT HT3 D. SEME FA T. SINGLETON HTFN FI. SIZELOVE HT3 C. SKINNER FA G. SMITH FA W. SMITH HTFA J. STEIN FN F. STEINER HT3 L. STRUNK HT2 R. THOMPSON HTFN HTFN HTFN AA W. HTFN P. TROWBRIDGE M. VAN DE VERE R. WAITE WASHINGTON R. WILLIAMS HT3 P. WILLIS 205 V W hw V X -ML yi V V 0V ' 4 , f 4 ff X f my w f Milf f I' an M V 1 M fi! uf! fb QSM' WWW 403, 7 sc if , .vw XMAA , , i ? 1 r 1 E I E 9 A gf 5714 Q 1 H 'N V 'Z ' y 1 A I 1 p K i ., 1 'fm 2 i E E: V fan! s W 2 xl '1 , 179 1 ffm.. 1 ,ff , X 1 ,X W , 2523 I il", iff' V , l 1 l 1 i' TZf ,QS . 1 V V. jg-'fy 5 Ni' if i Q 1 i ff i f f 'f'fwW?wA. f, M A I , f i X X 1 xx fl ,E 3 "4 1 ?, . 3,945 ,1 "mf" XXX 'N .N QSM N--QQ Wk 5,--Q EXECUTIVE OFFICER The Executive Staff forms the hub around which the rest of the ship revolves. The FORRESTAL at sea floats not only on the water, but also on a mammoth sea of paperwork. This is necessary if com- munications within the ship are to be main- tained, and if each department is to be kept aware of what the others are doing. Therefore, keeping the ship's lines of inter- nal communications open represents the Executive Staff's importance to the Com- mand. But of greater importance, from the crew's standpoint, are the services provided by the Staff. All religious services, the post office, legal service, training and education, advancement, career guidance, radio, television, special services, transfers and separations-all are administered by the Ex- ecutive Staff. This myriad of functions is -all under the control of the Executive Officer, Commander J. E. McCardell. 207 ,,.. 'f 1:....J'f ., in- ,, .M CDR G. MCGRUTHER CDR F. SLEJZER LCDR H. SMITH LT. J. LONES LT. J. BAGBY LT. R. SHEARIN LTJG B. BOBO LTJG D. TOMLIN LTJG C. HUNTOON LTJG R. SINNOTT ENS. R. MILLER ENS. B. BUNKER ENS. J. COWARD CWO2 C. SMOTHERS CWO2 L. SHEEHAN 208 . 411171 ,I HTC R ALSPAUGH PNCS J. GALITO . YNC L. JOYNER BTC J. MUCKELVENE AOC B. SWEETMAN Z dam .-.,.,,,,,.M1,v- ., QW U - f-ug.,.::n,A .,,, .E 5 The Chaplain's Office-Through Devine Services, counseling and visitations FOFlFlESTAL'S Chaplains bring God to man and man to God. The ship's library, with over 3000 books and magazines on hand, is the focal point of relaxation. I ! lr The goal of the Career Counselor's Of- fice is to emphasize command interest in each individual in reaching his es- tablished goals, not only in his shortllong range military career but also in his civilian life. Aboard FORRESTAL safety is always firstg the Safety Officer and Team sees to that. The Team is always on the alert 24 hours a day to squash safety hazzards. 209 I, v J Vw, , t. ,V-H ,. ,,,,. 1.-v:,.,,,A. .,...f., ...,uQ1, ., Master-At-Arms: The long arm Qf the XO, providing security and insuring a squared away ship. ,oi The World Famous Forrestal Print Shop, printing over 600,000 pages a month, is kept busy 24 hours a 210 day, S. From a tent for camping in Thessaloniki to an inter- national chess tournament, it's provided by Special Services aboard FORRESTAL. 5' W-F-0-R: The finest in visual entertainment aboard FORRESTAL, providing full color television programs and the latest hit records on WFOR Radio. The BIG 59! Post Office: The 731 morale boosters aboard FORRESTAL. These hard-working men have handled over 750,000 letters and over 900,000 lbs of packages this cruise. "Mail Call, Mail Call!". 212 "Last to know - First to go" VIP, , fl d CQVGVGQQ and the Flyer. The Puliicogf- fairs Office QPAOQ is on top of it all, The Educational Service Office lES0l assists FORRESTAL men in making rate, examinations and self-improvement courses. Wills, Income Tax, Powers of At- torney and a trip to the Captain: lt's all part of the Legal Office's daily routine. 213 214 The coordinator of it all. The voice of the XO. The POD The home of the "Do-ers": it's the ship's Admin. Office. 3 4 gil-fb I Y lll-1 "How much leave do I have on the books?" "I want a transfer!" "You want a transfer, I want OUT!!" Do you fall into any of the above areas? See the Personnel Office. 5 ss 14 sl ij, il. ri 5 H. 5 I is r 1 Q 1 4 The Captain's Office: The ad- ministrators of the Commanding Of- ficer's correspondence. Handling Of- ficer's records and Naval Instruc- tions. . ."Refer to FORRESTAL Instruction 11071.7F, Paragraph 6B .... ". For further information see the Captain's Office. They either wrote it, typed it, filed it or can quote it. i v I l L 5 kim 4 i N a P l I Human Resources Development Center lHRDCl: A new program to keep the FORRESTAL team up on un- derstanding everyone's worth and racial dignity. 215 - 216 PN3 H. ACUFF SA V. ADAMS PNSN J. ALI AA D. ASHLEY SN B. BAIR SA S. BARROWS LI3 W. BOGIAGES PN3 M. BOOZER YN3 S. BRAZNELL PN3 D. BROWN PNSA H. CAMPBELL SN R. CARROLL PN2 G. COLLINS LI3 G. DECKER LI3 P. DEMOS SA M. DENNIS PN3 B. DUNN SA J. EADIE TN W. FERNANDEZ SN G. FISHER YNSN T. GARRISON SN E. GILL SA M. GRANGER SN D. GULDIN PNSN D. GUSTAFSON YN1 G. HANSON ETR3 P. HARRIS ETRSN F. IVESTER SN J. JENNINGS SN W. JONES PN3 A. KENT LISN M. MACE SA E. MADISON SN T. MASON PN3 J. MCCAY SA S. MCCLENDON PNSN G. MCCULLEY PC1 G. MCGUIRE SN D. McNEAL BM1 G. MEYLIAN JOSN J. MONTGOMERY SA K. MURPHY Li W 0 1 n I I 1 1 - ,f off ff , X 4 Y, . 'Sew' 1 i SN S. NEALE PNSN J. NEVLING SA E. OLIVER PNSN E. OLSEN AN R. OLSON SA J. O'NEIL PNSN M. OUSLEY PN3 M. PASCUAL PN3 J. PATE SN M. PATTERSON PN2 D. PETER SN F. PHELPS SN J. POSTIGLIONE PN1 S. POWELL PNSA C. RAISCH YN3 L. REIMANN PNSN R. RENVILLE CTR3 S. REYNOLDS SN T. RUSSELL YN3 G. SCARBOROUGH SD1 E. SENGA PC3 R. SHARP SN J. SMITH SN A. ROTEN PN1 L. SMITH PNSN E. SOTIROKOS PNSA L. SPINKS ' PN1 G. STEED SN E. SWEENEY SA K. TELLER CTR2 L. TUTTLE SN D. VEILLEUX SN P. VRIESEMA MU3 G. WALKER SN G. WHITE SN J. WOLFKILL ETN3 K. WONG SN V. WRIGHT AA D. YARBROUGH BMC L. HANSEN BM1 H. OLIVER ADJ2 R. EWERS AK2 D. SAATHOFF SK2 E. THORNBURG A03 G. STIEGLER ETR3 D. ZUCKERMAN 217 ff 4f' CDR J. COLGAN NAVIGATOR LCDR C. WOLFRAM ASST. NAVIGATOR QMCM W. CZARNIK The "Gator" and his crew of officers and Quartermasters are tasked with safe navigation of the ship. Included in their variety of functions is piloting, finding the ship's position, maintaining navigation equipment and charts, coordination of protocol, computing and recording navigation data and training bridge watch standers. During critical maneuvering, they stand the bridge watches with a specialized team. These maneuvers include replenishments, refueling, rearming, transiting narrow straits, approaches to anchorages and, of course, berthing at Pier 12. The Gator and his team of experts perform 24 hours a day onboard FORRESTAL, offering challenges to themselves and gaining personal satisfaction enough for any man. 219 L H I 2 3 3 2 Q i ! ,Q 5 I J L V H 1 I E EQ 1 5 3 220 H SN S. HARRIS QMSN W. HINDS QM3 T. KELLEY QM3 J. LUGLIANI SA M. MCILHARGEY QM2 R. NAJEFIA QMSA P. 0'CONNOR QM2 L. SKAGGS QM3 W. SMITH SA D. SWANTNER SA R. VITITOE QMSA T. WILLIAMS QM3 W. AUST YN3 C. COLLINS QMSA G. EDSALL SN D. GOODACRE 221 DEPARTMENT ,1 'Q ,gay f V . Z www jww . ,.......,1 OPERATIONS OFFICER CDR H. ROSE UV..M.f OA DIVISION OP DIVISION OC DIVISION OI DIVISION OE DIVISION OS DIVISION OW DIVISION OZ DIVISION YNC R. BRIERLY SN S. CONKLE .4 gfg, I . SN D. SA M. SN G. W V, SN D. W. W. FLEMING KLEIN KLIWINSKI LEUTKEMEYER MATELSKI WOJEWODZIC SN - SN 223 .JE we 1-A-Y-ww , M, .,.,......,.., .,,., , , , 0 A ... OA Division provides meteorological and oceanographic services to FORRESTAL, the Air Wing and ships in company. The Environmental Support Office takes, records and disseminates hourly surface weather observations. While at sea, operational type forecasts are disseminated to the departments on board and sent by message to the ships in company. Aviation weather forecasts are sent to Air Operations and all Ready Rooms. ln addition, weather briefings are given to IOIC and the War Room. The latest weather information is also provided continously to the Bridge. An ad- ditional duty of OA Division is to provide weather guard for all ships in port, concen- trating on small craft, gale and high seas warning for all concerned. AGAN M. ALBERTELLY AG1 R. CROSSMAN AG1 W. DARICHUK AG3 P. DELUCIA AGAN H. DRUDING AGAN F. GEDEON AG3 R. HAMPTON AN W. HANSHAW AG3 T. HARPER AA D. LEE AG3 N. MERCIER AG3 J. MULLINS AG2 D. MUNGER AG3 J. NORWOOD AG2 S. TURCO AGAN J. WHEELER KKK? ..,,, 2, . .. K .. 'A K . K. ' K A Y N .. . . X.J3"5f w mff ,K V. . K KK Q .K .,,, K K' A K K K... K K K ,K K K -N 1 -. f. KK K . . K . f s . KK? , 3 . , , . , ,,.,.A ,. ,. , X ' N ' X A :si SV f, V" ff . W .,X KKK KF.K , K K K K . KKKvfKKg,. K K . KKK., , .Q K . I Mg- .K K xLLg W .I - ., . V N . ...X .. R .Q gf fggylf-J-. . . . 2' , Af-gg ., . - ...J . , ...J . 2 .I A N - ' ' - W1 .. A . W' J' Q 'A .ff ' - . . ' ,Q NX piss? 3 'J X X . ew-.2 ' .J 'X' J ug. . f . . , 'X . . X "" ...A Xikzx ,Q A sm K 'me xx KM.v'X,X'Kl .KK K ,v if 0354 - , :iz f -5 . xx .X . Q - QQ ..,, -N .- XV.. a xnxx '. -19 1 1 1 ' .NK 3,3 5 K ,,,. 'X 1 .., .K K, N- wig ' f V- , :K . MF 4 X A '- Q, X -K .f .4 wr X" ff' - 'Y f ' f x riff.-1 A ,, , . X X H1 ,K ..,g 5 i' .gf X 1 J ,"-- ' XX. - .fy . . X H v ' -. . XSL , NSS.. X X' ,i f , .f f- . K. HHN! ,, '- 5" .xwx 'Q K k'L. 1 L - K if K. if KKK KK K . K 'XK KK ibyxggxdx A N7 ' -X ..,.. f " ' ffl' ' V ' - J. 'fi'-f.4s x .,,' Q 5 gf". Y' Qs 4-Jig ' , H ' - ,gf . - ,. -4 'f I . - HX : 1 X X tt W' P ,K.. 2 I F Q. K, .HK .L X Qi. A EKG f K KX f f L K , . Q K K0 F.,-Q if Xu Wgg.Q.. Q. 1: 'f I 7'Kf'f -'.' T X". ' 1 i 5 ' Y '-'J 2 ' . , A . 1 "Q, Ky . ,, 6 ,.,k .K . V,hV KK. A K V ...H A f..- T A if JJ-., A Q if . Ne .ff . My g K VS. f X-" . ,.X' 3.9 X ,.. - . 'Q 0 ' ming, , . - 'X ..f. S,,s...,X .MXN .,.- . ..,,X. JXMMX f. . X3 ,X 01, wp 'X E 'if . " . xi 'f..'x ,X 'X f V. 75 7' s. -f g. , . X . 'KXXx.'e,..5, Q Q j . J V . ' 3 Q ,A A r X4 h I Q' ,g.X,X. , K A ,,K. KK KK K K QR Miz .61 , 3? 1 A K g K. K' K -4- ii.-K -X X K, ' K 4. ,V Xi 233 i I C " 1 . H - NX S XX ,f fx if E, P it ...Q-"A" I Q S A . 33.24 S' PM XZ 4 X. 1 Q Q P ' i ' 5 XX' 'X' S xo N, U if xg 3 . - f ,. X 3 ' ' 9' ge, ' Gai- PM 5' .MZ 225 l l L 1: I I 5, il 1, E. l 1, ii 21 gl 3, ll Elf fl 51, ll 21 Zi ijt gl Z! . fm gl X ill Qi: 5 as gs, Zi' Q ZW 5. Z1 yi Q Z , A , ' f 5 ye .1 QR, ,Kg f X 226 CP DIVISION Our shutter bugs of OP Division are responsi- ble for the coverage of almost every evolution that FORRESTAL takes part in. There com- mitments cover everything from a crash on the flight deck to PAO coverage. While this division is not very large they maintain the photo labs, Pilot Landing Aid Television QPLATI, photo studio, IOIC sighting team and all other happenings of pertinence requiring their services. W0 D. WALLER PHC G. BARFIELD 7-- !,,,.,4 . in fffy Z f Vf X ff 'f fl! ff-7 ,, ffff 228 AA R. DURAND PHAN M. GRALEY PH3 M. HENDRIX PH2 M. HINE PH1 D. HOUCHINS PH2 D. KEMP PH1 J. KNIGHT PH3 L. LANCE PH1 G, LEAHY ' AA T. LEE PH3 C. LYNCH PH2 M. MAPLES PH2 J. MARTINEZ SN D. MCGUIRE PH2 R. METTS AA R. MONTGOMERY AN R. NIXON PHAN J. POWELL PH1 G. RANDLE PH2 E. SENA PH3 J. STEWART PH3 R. WIKERT PH3 G. WINFREE PH1 D. WITHROW PHAN P. BETTENCOURT AN P. BORDER AA G. DESTEFANO PH3 J. DORAZIO iv- X .inf ix T- IIIZK L by-bw.-A-'dk A-'- -mwmnn ' 'H ' 1 v fr, . ,. ., , CDR J. COCHRANE LCDR R. DUNSTAN LCDR R. NORWOOD LT. J. LONGWORTH OC DIVISION ACC R. ATKINS ACCS N. BOWERS ACC H. COBB ACC W. REDFEARN OC division is assigned the responsibility of coordinating all air operations conducted by FORRESTAL, and is divided into two main sections. The first section is responsible for air operations and handles the carrier control zone. The second is the carrier control ap- proach section, responsible for the orderly flow of air traffic about the ship. CCA also controls all approaches made during night operations. 229 230 1 Us ff ' 1 nm' -x -' V ' 111, Q, : A fig? ,V f ' ' J? x .-.., . , .ZA 'W 7'Q'IR'Q ' Q X, Llx Q Z Q ' fx f 1.-S .f .' , 'I rue ,f X 9' ex ' W, '-. S. i " Q , f f i 4' O ,. . 'V Q- I ' A XG I Q Q H Q I Q f", JL .. ' - Q 6 Y 'f"""g O Q AC1 C. THOMAS AN S. WAINER AC2 J. WICKSTROM AA K. WREN AC2 C. ALLEN SA J. ANDERSON AC2 L. BACH AC1 J. BARRON ACAN H. BROWN AC1 H. BURNETTE AN K. ELLINGTON ACAN T. ESTLING ACAA T. FITZHENRY AC3 P. HERMAN SN J. HIGDON ACAN R. MASHER AN A. MAZZA AC3 S. MUNGER AC2 R. ROGELSTAD AC1 A. SCOTT AC1 R. SOUTER AN J. STODGHILL 231 LT. D. SLEZAK 232 OI Division personnel man the Combat information Center ICICI. CIC is designed to collect, display, evaluate and disseminate information to the Commanding Officer and the bridge. The information is collected from various sources such as radar, lookouts, voice radio, teletype, in- telligence reports and Electronic Sup- port Measures IESMI. In addition to providing the bridge with information, CIC's radarmen and EW's IElectronic Warfaremenl control the CAP ICombat Air Patroll, the Anti- Submarine Warfare helicopters and operate and maintain the electronic warfare equipment. Although Anti-Air Warfare is the primary function of CIC along with Sur- face Warfare and Anti-Submarine War- fare, other functions include Radar Navigation and assisting the bridge dur- ing man overboard and SAR ISearch and Rescuel missions. RDC R. HARPER RDC E. JONES RDC C. LEFTWICH RDC R. MCPHAIL RDC T. QUICK RDC L. SMITH RDCM E. WILLOUGHBY LT W. LT R. PAWLAS SCHNELLMAN ENS G. DIRKS LTJG R. TRIANI ENS L. DICK ENS M. MARRINGTON ,V x rv 673 fl? , X, W. --1...,'r W -.,,777FMm-1 V 233 RDSN T. ALORD RD3 J. AROS RD3 J. BADER SN G. BANCROFT RDSN T. BLINE RD3 J. BREAUX RD3 R. CAIRNS SN P. CAMPOS RD1 J. DEVLIN RD1 T. DICKERSON RD1 C. DINGMAN RD3 M. ELSBERND RD3 P. HANLEY SN C. HEUBERGER RD3 J. HOPKINS SN M. HASSLBURG SN J. HUGHES RD3 S. IRELAND SN J. LANDRUM RD3 S. LAWLER RD2 R. LEHMANN 234 RD2 RD2 RD3 RD1 RD1 RD1 B D RD1 O C D ET3 G. SMITH P. D RD2 M. LEMKE RD2 M. LINDSEY RD3 J. LLOYD RD3 P. LOLLIS SN J. MAXCY SN FI. MEDEIROS SN R. MELVIN .PADILLA PASCAL PEASLEE SHEENE SHOLLER SKAGGS SMITH FIDSN S. SOLBAKKEN RD3 J. STAUFFER RD2 N. STETTLER SN J. WILLIAMS RD3 H. ZEILLER l E 235 D VISION LCDR A. LOGGANS ENS J. MOIA CWO-2 J. TOMLINSON OE Division, an extremely complex organiza- tion, is tasked with maintaining the ship's in- tricate electronic systems. OE Division has many highly trained and skilled technicians possessing the knowledge and ability to troubleshoot, locate and repair any problem which may develop. Their maintenance tasks cover over five hundred pieces of electronic equipment. ETCM J. WATTS ETC C. WEIR ETC P. YACK C C if 236 237 CTRSN M. AMMONS ETRSN D. BARKELAU AN C. BEALL ETR2 M. BENNETT ETNSA R. BEVLIN ETR3 C. BLUBAUGH ETN3 J. BOYD ETR2 J. BURNETT ETR2 R. CARIENS SA G. CARRIGG DS2 M. CAROTHERS ETNSA J. CONWAY ETN2 W. DEMPSTER ETR2 L. DIETZ DS1 F. DODGE DS3 T. EZEL ETRSA V. FRANTZ ETN2 R. GRASS ETN3 R. HUTCHINSON ET1 B. IMEL is ?' I X E ' Y! vu wffjff. 2.5.-af Q7 ara. .. 'Ui ,Q Nx -xwwx Q A .I as M4 ETN2 C. KELLER ETN3 C. LEDBETTER ETR2 S. LEFFER L f H 'C, "T' .5 f 4 1 If ff ,. ! ff I , 47 K .Nw J - x ETN3 R. LINDOW ETN2 S. MCHORSE ET3 D. MATHEWS ETN3 L. MUSCARNERE ETN2 R. NORTON ET1 J. NUTTER ETRSN L. PECKINPAUGH ETR2 H. PIRTLE IC1 J. RANK DS2 E. SCHWENN DS2 J. SELF ETN3 L. SMITH ETN2 L. WILLIAMS ETR2 W. WISEMAN ETN3 D. YOUNG 239 OS DIVISION 240 LCDR G. GAVIN CTOC S. RENEFI CTOSN M. BELL CTM3 M. DUPREE CTA2 D. JACKSON CTOSN E. KELLNER CTOSN H. SCEORCE CTO C. SNYDEFI OS Division is the ship's Naval Security Group on board FORRESTAL. As a branch of the operations department, it is made up of Com- munications Technicians. Its task is for the operation of both radio and communications equipment and has the personnel to accomplish Naval security functions and crypto equipment repair. OS provides direct support and service to the commanding officer as well as the embarked flag commander. fklfilif s 4.15-:?:235:-1+ mf- f -ze-eww:-'-. .,f,'.'.u ,.,.,., yup, f'zf'Wf"'-Ili? Q'-. Qlhillflbhfl :wif "'i' a.':. s -, S-:fi-wZL':"i,,'f 'ffsi Sh. -ss-rw c,-:f-,' : -5-- 'Ns:J.- 75:-1 -1' .' '- E ...sushi '. . I J r - . . "."f . , J 'V .zftf 'B 's"-1-we-11-1p1'f' -4 " :I-:: fa:- -J ' - 'E V- 2 1 . I 1 : 1 2 ml' r . ' 1 J as 1-. - -. 'f 'wr 1-' . 'rg - 5 E: I 5 5 fav -. 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" ef '40 " ' Ql gm. -232533. 4' , ,,:hmh,e-:B,1, 5 OW DIVISION The Electronic Warfare section of CIC, com- prised of both operators and technicians, is responsible for the earliest possible detection ot the enemyis electronic radiation's, using methods that are undetectable by the opposing force. OW Division is one of the newest divisions on board FORRESTAL, having been formed in January of 1973. l CWO G. SHANNON 241 OZ DIVISION 242 SHIP'S TRAINING CDR J. FINK LCDR E. PALMER LT. R. FOULK LT. E. WIED LTJG R. SAYLES ENS. R. TALONE CW02 R. LANE . NA 1, I I I I I I vNc J. PEACOCK I I ff x X, NM ,. -V Q , . , - f I .nf , I J, , I A I I I I -I The mission of the Integrated Operational Intelligence Center QIOICI is to provide ac- curate and current intelligence to the ship, embarked staff and ships-in-company in the support of fleet operations. I I I I I X -up 7142 , f 'wha 1 x i 243 DS1 J. BLANCHARD DPSN M. BOSWELL DP3 J. BYL DS2 D. CLAUSE PT3 J. DAVIS PT2 D. DAY DM3 D. DEGUTIS PT3 F. EDWARDS DP2 J. FERNSLER CTT3 T. FUGE SN B. HARRIS DS2 A. HANS PT3 J. HOOPER PT1 L. KORAN RD2 D. LISET DM3 R. MACAULY DS1 D. MATHEWS DP3 D. MILLER MR. J. RARDEN PT3 R. ROBINSON SSGT H. SCHROEDER 244 4 jf 1 DPSN T. SEELEY PT1 T. SHADE CTT1 E. SHOVAR PT2 J. STALEY SGT R. TAYLOR DPSN G. VERNER PT3 B. WEAVER ' SA M. WELLS CTM2 R. WILSON PTAN D. CAMPBELL 245 f Q ' 4 . ' I Q , Q ' - Q --mv -09 : .:' gE::..,., H.. -, -- 'H 1:f'Q...,4g,.1.+', '- X -f -' ' I xx' m -' " 'i .-in-s-saws' W f fgg . ww SN-1 E: si s wf" . A , X aww. nag., ww- X, - - ' X , g, Lys ' x if R2 I Y wx 34 X k if 51 N Nw M -4 ' X X. R X X we W' W Q W WX Q V 'Fi . --Ky 3. Q, - - F-1 K3 . f-', -A :N -F 21 Qzgzxng Q rx - QP? . g,,.xxx.N hx . . xxx Q ., N sf- J SQ, 1.3 ' w Q x . M. XL '55 X ,, ,ww Q52 WK X ,, X ,..NQ5 ,Q :...g. 5 - P-1 gf is ei n 'f 5 , 1 vs: 5 ,100 ' ,?Nm. ? . rr. lxxxxxxvi SUPPLY OFFICER CDR R. JOHNSON ASST. SUPPLY OFF. LCDR J. BURNHAM 247 S-1 DIVISICN The S-1 Division is one of the seven divisions comprising the FORRESTAL Supply Department. The division is broken down into four major branchesg Storage, Technical, Accounting and Control. Within the branches specialized support tasks are assigned to several sections. The S-1 Divi- sion provides material support to all departments, carrier division and embarked air wing requiring shipboard hull, mechanical, electrical, electronic, ordnance and general stores material. LT. R. CAWLEY SKCM G. MCLEAN SKC E. HARGROVE ff' f ' ' V :Mgr f..,, 23. , I s N x mmm naw ,Q- Q ,M-M '75 il HIM! 302411.03 : wx ' x E 9 zz H It ws '-..N.., f gp-v-M, 5530 WM053 Q 249 250 .QQ lid' gk-Q SN S. BAKER SN S. BRANDELL SKSN D. BURD 6 G Q u Cf Ci N K. Y. SN J. CRIST SN P. CHIZMAR SKSN D. ESELTINE SA D. FRAZIER SK2 G. MARSH SKSN M. MATHEVICH SN D. MEYER SA J. MICHALEWICZ SK3 W. MOORE SA E. NAPIER SN D. PERAULT SK2 V. PRODIGALIDAD SA R. QUIRK SK3 J. SAMS SA M. SCHAFER SN R. SMITH SN R. STOGNER LCPL D. SWEENEY SN R. THOMPSON SK3 D. VANDELAAR SA G. VASSAR SA J. WASHINGTON SN C. WILLAMAN SK1 D. YANCEY , F ' . X302 ghmnq EX fa. . Q QQ 251 S-2 DIVISION 252 The Food Services Division plans and prepares the meals to feed over 4200 hungry FORRESTAL MEN. Four meals are prepared each day and serving lines are open 21 hours a day at sea. Homemade fresh doughnuts are available 10 hours a day. a Approximately 10 tons of food items are used daily and is valued at approximately S6,000. The FORFIESTAL "grocery bill" per year totals well over S1,500,000.00. CSCM A. HYDE CSC M. BOYD CSC T. WURTH CWO-2 G. SEITZ R Dx 'Tse ann, v . 31 '51- WM 253 SA F. ABERNETHY CSSN J. ARNOTT CS3 T. BENSON SA B. BROOKS CS3 J. CARREIRO CS3 J. CAPO CSSN S. CHARKO SA G. COX SN C. CREECH CS3 R. COWLEY CS3 G. DARBY CS3 R. DEMPSEY CS3 A. DUSSAULT SA J. EVE SA G. FLETCHER CS2 R. GORDISH V iff.-vinci f , , s X v X 1.4 254 ki! X... f : 2 x f ., ,gy Q Q N ..X SNS WW si x SNQ . SEX X,..,, X Y X x wwxq CS3 D. HAWKINS CS3 J. HASTY CS1 R. HOJNACKI CS2 J. JACKSON SA L. JACKSON CS1 A. JONES CS3 S. KILEN CS3 R. KITTERMAN SA N. KLOPSCHINSKI SA D. KNILHOFF CS3 S. OCCULTO AA S. OLBRYS CSSN M. LEE SN L. LESOGOR CSSA G. LEWIS SN G. MCDONALD CS2 S. LUCAS CSSN T. MANNOS CSSN M. MAZER SA L. MIDDLETON SN H. MOSLEY CS2 A. MORANT SKSN D. PERUSSE CSSN L. PETERSON SN S. RACIC SK3 K. SALZMAN CS2 S. SIMPSON CS2 R. SMITH CS1 W. SMITH CS1 L. SNYDER CS3 F. STASCH CS1 R. STULL CS3 R. TAMAYO CS2 V. VILLANUEVA CS3 H. WHITE SA T. WOOD MESS DECK MASTER-AT-ARIVIS Mess Deck Master-At-Arms: The "man" on the Mess Decks. This group is responsible for the cleanliness and orderly operation of both FORRESTAL mess decks. The MDMAAs "keep-the-peace" in the chow lines and during the meals. In conjunction with the keeping of military order on the mess decks they also hold training sessions in Military Protocall for the newly-reported S-2M personnel. i 5 I i 256 5225 1' S-2M DIVISIDN All new non-rated men reporting aboard FORRESTAL are temporarily assigned to S-2M Division as messmen for approximately 8 weeks. Messmen assist the commissarymen in the preparation and serving of all meals. They also load and store sub- sistence items. The men work an 8 hour day and are to be commended. 257 X ,, Z.-334,75 ffwf 258 42 A v 4 N. fbft -3 DIVISIGN SHCS C. CURRY SHC F. ARENAS V 1 S-3 Division is comprised of 67 perma- nent and 33 temporarily assigned per- sonnel. The division operates a tailor shop, cobbler shop, laundry, barber shop, sales office, crew's store, special order store, officer and CPO uniform store and an enlisted clothing store. S-3 is the division responsible for the maintenance and stocking of the vending machines throughout the ship. During the deployment S-3 sold over 31,- 500,000 worth of merchandise. The profits obtained from sales are turned over to the ship's Recreation Fund for the entire crews' use and enjoyment. From a 35,000 stereo multiplex system to a 204: toothbrushg from a haircut to a Hershey bar: It's S-3 Division! 9 IN PQRT 259 260 "Next!" yells the man behind the chair and another FORFIESTAL crewman sits down in an S-3 divi- sion barber's chair. The "clippers" of S-3 division have cut over 76,- 800 heads of hair this cruise. ! Q , x 2 2 X 2' x 4 . 5 N M ...,,.. 262 - f"'f'.zn X of-f" . fx SH3 J. BARNES SN G. BASKERVILLE SN W. BERARD SH1 T. BLANKENSHIP FA O. BLEVING SH1 J. BOXLEY SN D. BRIER FN P. DOWNEY SN R. DRDA SN S. EILER SN S. FRONKIER SN J. GARCIA SH3 R. GILMARTIN FR A. GONZALES SN A. GRAHAM AN J. HAMBROOK SN S. HENDERSON AN T. HOSMER SH3 J. IRWIN SHSN A. JOHNSON SN J. JOHNSON SN C. JONES ENFN R. KIRKPATRICK SH1 J. LAXTON 263 264 SH3 L. LOVE SN T. LUJAN SN E. MIDDLETON SN R. NEGRON FN J. ORMOND SH3 R. PHILLIPS SN H. PORTER FN K. POUNDS AN S. PROSSER AN B. SADLER SN E. SMITH SH1 H. SMITH AZAN L. SMITH SN R. SMITH SN J. SWINDALL SHSN R. THOMPSON SN M. TISDOM SH2 H. VERGARA SN B. VOLLERTSEN SKSN K. WALKER SN T. WATTS SN J. WILLIAMS SN H. WOODS SN J. YOUNG SH1 A. YOUNGER L l r P' vf r 1-1' , ,Q -, 'v 1? , 1 ' w .., ---., .f W S uw -N ,gr- P N 'S ' ' 'w N 5 ,X V ' 'w 'N A S , ,J 'N 'N ' "Q 3 X. . "' N . 9 55 Q P Tb 94' ff? 4 X .3 -3 ' M: x I3 .V .WH Sw "5 . D O J TZ f x fi Si '-,- S-4 DIVISION ENS D. HARRIS Disbursing's primary function is the management of the various pay and allowances offered by the Navy. It is the job of the DK's to maintain accurate pay records on a daily basis for more than 4500 members of the crew. Accounting procedures include allotments, pay and allowances, per diem, travel, W-2 forms and ship's bills. 4 I Twice monthly the DK's become the most popular people on the FORRESTAL as the crew happily awaits the arrival of their checks. In fact, the total amount of money paid out by Disbursing this cruise was well over S10,000,000! Prior to entering the various foreign ports the disbursing gang can be found selling "funny money" and telling us just how the stuff relates to the good old U.S. Dollar. 265 DK2 D. CLAY DK1 A. DE LA PENA SN R. FERGUSON DK3 L. FORTUNO DK3 E. HERNANDEZ DKSN J. KANZEG DK2 D. MAYENSCHEIN SN M. QUINTOS SN G. SMITH SN D. WALSH SN P. WARD SN W. WEBER if Aa ENS. C. BENTLEY 73' f"?' "" 01,1 -'Zif f ' 3 kr-K., M., 2369 A 'Fa . S-5 DIVISION The primary mission of S-5 Division is the operation of the officers messes and the maintenance of their staterooms. The opera- tion of the division requires the services of one officer, three Chief Petty Officers and over 80 enlisted men. In addition to its primary mission, S-5 Divi- sion is called upon to serve at official func- tions, working parties and numerous other duties required of each man. These and all their other duties share one common objective .... to provide the best possible service in the best possible manner. is SDCS E. AUSTRIN SDC R. PESEBRE SDC B. PINEDA 267 K, 5.1 X xl A C N N5 X I ' 268 ,fl I x v JP' ,urn E iggf' If I fa A " K MW.. is ,X QE as 270 SN M. BATUL SD2 F. BOTARDO TN R. BUROG SD3 A. CAMPOS TN J. CUELLO TN C. DEGUZMAN TN B. DEL TOSARIO SD2 R. ESTEBAN TN C. FERNANDEZ SD1 E. GRAUD TN S. INGAL TN R. JAMISON TN M. LUBAG SD3 L. MACARAEG SD2 C. MATANGA SD3 A. MENDOZA TN K. MICKELSON TN L. PEREY TN T. SAYO TN M. TANGOHAN TN P. VALDEZ 'W xg 61 "M 9 LTJG L. FLOHR AKC A. LICUD AKC J. HOOBLER S-6 DIVISION N 'X 1. , lx .i 1'Ya?,3h,, X f , -ff . S-6 is one of seven divisions com- prising the FORRESTAL Supply Department. The division is tasked primarily with providing Aviation Supply Support to the embarked At- tack Carrier Air Wing and the Aircraft Intermediate Maintenance Depart- ment. They ship and receive all materials Qexcept ammol required to support FORRESTAL. Air Terminal service is provided by S-6 Division for FORRESTAL and ships in company. Passenger and cargo coordination is accomplished by ALTO lAir Logistics Transportation Officerl. 271 QM 471' ff! .as M! E qi I "9 1 1 X I 4 if v 4-4-40' I-.. VA -ff if ' 'f 'S' , ? W5 f I ."13lL'- Q- . L FV ., . pf f. X . A. ' . 1 ' ftaai?-M x 21. , sf . X .. ,X Q Q x -'cf Qi' k Q Q .M x x - - -Vfx - .. . - .- l V K N . f- Q., ':. vi- ' A' ' "' 1 -is' 5 " ' Xibiili. Mel-L, 5 k SR ,Q !i1!:Xx , .. x X xfvx ii X 4 1- vim ? x A f f 57 6 , UL 7 01 7 ' ' ' f L , ' , .P ,I . - 'f irs5A1xspxsvw7-Mwefsxfuy, -, fr ' , gggqgm !'I?Jlfw-W' . V Hg, 9, ff if Q Y' 7 , it ,,. ,ww , " 5 M' ng' Q , , ' '. Q ZZWYW-Z V. . , AW' in I Z A . I 2 'YW 7, f 4 H-at , A f 4 g.,:'f5 um Q, . WRX .fd ' 'TV X55 I 1 N 273 AK3 J. AHEARN AK2 B. ANDERSON AK3 B. AQUINO AK3 D. ARNEY MR. W. BAUMANN AN D. DALE AK3 J. DELUNA AN R. DILL SN R. FENSTERMAKER SGT J. FLOURNOY AN R. FREDETTE AN C. GREGG AK3 E. GUADIZ YNSN C. HARTLINE SK3 D. HENDERSON AK2 R. HETZER SN D. HUVER AN R. JOHNSON AN R. JOHNSON AN R. JULIAN CPL D. LOPEZ AN K. MADDOX CPL D. MELANSON AKAN E. MILLER AK3 G. MOSS AN W. PEALE AK1 C. REICHA AN M. SIMMONS AK3 R. SORIANO AK3 R. SUAREZ AK2 V. SWEETING AK3 F. TANJA AK2 T. VERGONIO AN C. WILLIAMS AK3 W. ZAKRZEWSKI AK2 D. ABELLERA SN S. ADDISON -a .4 E. ' 1 Pl ,,. A if I , , , .2 fx' , VOD ' 'f Nmfi-Q 3- . H71 5 C3 '92-Q i u- 7' . in 2 z ' f 'fi f iz. Q' , 274 , Q' ""'e'. . X 1,1 A ENS 0. HERMAN L....,,,W qi S-7 D VISION S-7 Division is the Data Processing unit aboard FORRESTAL. Their equipment in- cludes a Univac 1218 central processing unit, four Univac 1240 tape transports, a Univac 1549 card readerlpunch unit, a Univac 1569 high-speed printer and four Univac 1410 keypunchlvarifiers. The division processes all 3M aviation and 3M surface reports. Aviation reports con- sist of pilots' flight time, aircraft flight time and aircraft down-time. The majority of aviation reports concern maintenance data such as which aircraft part failed, why it failed and how many man-hours it took to fix it. 3M surface reports consist of reports of shipboard equipment failures and repair work done by shipboard personnel. In addition to aviation and surface 3M reports S-7 also processes all supply documents and prints a supply missile of about 2000 pages, containing over 100,000 items. 1 W X s X f i f HW 2 ,M W Zyqyffi wwwgf N wif! fi f 7MffWZf 17' , , fggzfgw J 2'n f ZW? 2 f , 7, fa ff ff? 4 X 6 M Z 7? ,Q X' 5 ye .ff - f 'fi' I ,W W4 "U -f Q jZZ!Zlf GA -Q, ' Z 5 --pv- mf? Z4 , , SN B. BAXTER DS2 G. CAPITO SN J. DIXON DS1 C. FAUROT DPSN R. HUBER DPSN T. HUCK DPSN W. HYDE DPSN M. JENNINGS DPSN R. LAWRENCE SN L. LEWIS DP3 S. MORGAN DP3 E. RIPPON DP2 J. SIMS SN R. SPEARS DP3 B. SPURLOCK DPSN D. VONTZ SN S. WATSON DP3 T. WERNET 277 ' a s 1 gm N I ,. ...QQ 5 u .J it T is xx ' . lx n ff 7 Under the jurisdiction of the Weapons Of- ficer, or the "Gun Boss," the Weapons Department is composed of five divisions and approximately 275 personnel. These men are well acquainted with the various types and aspects of weaponry known today. The wide range of weapons in use dictates a need for constant training and uncompromising respect for safety. From bombs to missiles, the Weapons Department must provide for stowage, maintenance, testing, and ultimate delivery to pilots and crew. WEAPONS OFFICER CDR. C. WOOD you ... , , , ' f f Q .aff-"fr -XY' l, 279 LCDR T. ALLEN LCDR D. CHESTON WO D. APPOLONIO CWO2 D. BROWN G Division is responsible for the stowage, accountability, assembly and issue of aviation ordnance and is charged with the operation and maintenance of FORRESTAL'S ordnance assembly areas and associated handling gear. The ship's armory, being part of G Divi- sion, stows, maintains and issues small arms and landing party equipment. 24 'f ' ,f Z 1 , 0. 1, , , 1, , 4 ff ,ff f ,QQ ,ff f if f , ,ig f I x 4, 1 I f, f 4 x Q V as a , . 7 , , f 'F Sa 12,45 AoAN M. ALVAREZ SN J. ARB AN J. BERKLEV SA D. BLAKE AA M. BOUDREAUX Aoa R. aozARo A03 T. CANTRELL AOAN G. CLABORN AA L. COLEMAN SN M. COLLINS MNSN D. COOKE AN J. CRUSE A03 R. EDDY AOAA A. FARMER SN W. FAUST A02 E. FREEMAN SN R. CLEIM AN R. GOAD AOAN C. GOHN AN R. HELLER A02 D. HESS AA R. JAMES AOAN D. JOHNSON AOAN T. JOLLY A01 R. JONES AN L. KAHN SN P. KRUSHESKI A03 D. MARSHALEK ',"90UQ 0.94. O ins:-A . - Q0 f ' ... , ,, v ' 'lvr--2241.5 '42 I lk Qi. A SN K. WILLIAMS SN. R. WILLIAMS W SN A. MATHEWS A03 E. MENCHACA GMG3 D. MILLER SN R. MILLS SN M. OWENS AN A. PATTERSON AOAN G. PERRY GMG3 R. PERRY SN E. PISACANE A03 D. PONTON A03 R. RISNER AOAN J. ROBOSKY AN S. RUSSELL A03 R. SAUNDERS AN G. SHALLER A03 D. SCOGGINS A01 R. SEABORNE SN J. SEARLES A02 C. SHIREY MN1 H. SPANGLER A01 N. STANGARONE SN H. STEWART AOAN P. STOCHER A03 R. THOMPSON AN J. WELSH kv 283 GM DIVISION The Guided Missile Division, designated GM Division, is responsible for control of all aviation guided missiles on board FORRESTAL. This includes: assembly, dis- assembly, stowage and handling of all the various types of missile components plus working with handling equipment almost every day. It is their job to supply the air groups along with PD lPoint Defensel Divi- sion with FORRESTAUS "punch". To accomplish this mission GM Division has approximately 29 men to ready the missiles for their mission. The men are divided up into a forward, after and flight deck crew which are responsible for the maintenance of the missiles. ' 0 W, , ,r"'1'4F4 can V t,,,, 1 ml W iff fi gf: ff! . .M W if 4z..ex -KT! se. no 285 286 AOAN E. BEHNKE AOAN D. BISHOP AN R. CARROLL AN W. CHAMBERS AN J. CHAVARRIA TM1 E. CLINTON A03 B. DUNLAP AOAN H. FRISBIE A03 P. HANDAKAS AN G. HASLAM A03 D. HART A03 P. HICKEY A02 R. HOWELL A03 D. HUTCH A03 T. JUNSCH AO3 J. KELLIS A03 S. LYNCH SN J. LANFRANCHI A01 K. LUPTON A03 R. LYYJOKI A03 J. MYERS ,f um. X .45 AQ2 P. MOORE AOAN G. BROWN AOAN J. NORRIS AN W. OLESEN AA E. RODRIGEZ A03 F. SEHER AN G. STANALAND AQFAN W. THEROUX ,-8 MARINE DET CHNIENT 7 CAPT. M. COE 62 , . ff? Gvscr w. suvls ' 'W . , 1, 5' 2121 0 0 255' , I Q. y 1!LT w. .1osLvN , if a ' 2fLT M. conusv I . U , A , l i ...W - I The two officers and 55 enlisted men of the Marine Detachment perform several impor- tant functions in support of FORFlESTAL'S mission. They are responsible for 24 hour internal security of the ship and the proper func- tioning of the ship's brig. They constitutethe ship's Landing Force and must always be prepared to operate as a Marine infantry unit ashore. ln addition the Marine Detachment provides honors and ceremonies whenever required. Z 288 ,,f,, ff xf W Z , M! KW W1 1 www, wwf f, f 7 fm .ZA 3 f 2 E Q, 2 4 ' H174 , . in ,vi w fx K I , 1 , ,, A W. I . 4 V 3 fi' ,". 'ii -zb 'A ' I wg E A, I 'ur u, QT? -v'., - . N ' I . 1 B f ' ' .9 U ' ' A 1 Q ' ',',Vl X 34 - I5 N ,w I. -' ' Q I ,- 1' ' 1' A n ' , .fi , 35 ,Z 53 I , . .bw 0 : 6 . LW 35 . ... , 5, I If .fx f I A Q9 Aw ZL, V. .Q A V I I .' 4 . , A '32, ,iw J. . J . Q X 5 'I 3-f . A '7' ,I O 9 Ml A 0 f, 5 5 .ja f I 15 O TA ..,,, Q?-if ...VE i I 1 A SGT D. ADAMS PFC D. ALLEN PFC W. BASS PFC O. BISHOP PFC J. BOYLE SGT. J. BRADY PFC C. BRINLEY CPL J. BROWN LCPL R. BRYANT PFC J. CALHOUN PFC K. CARSON PFC J. CLEMENS CPL E. CONNELL CPL V. COWAN SGT J. DAHLING CPL A. DELAGARZA PFC M. DIMON CPL L. EDWARDS SGT M. GAPINSKI PFC M. GAVIN PFC H. GRIFFITH PFC L. HADRICK PFC R. HARGROVE PFC P. HEALEY CPL D. INKS CPL B. JOHNSON PFC M. KING PFC L. McDOWELL PFC O. MADSEN CPL W. PARIS PFC G. PARKS PFC M. REKTON CPL M. REYNOLDS SGT A. ROBINSON PFC W. ROBINSON LCPL A. RODRIGUEZ PFC E. SAVAGE CPL C. SCHANZENBAKER PFC R. SHELLY PFC N. SLIWINSKI PFC B. SMITH LCPL E. SMITH CPL K. SMITH LCPL K. SOWELL LCPL G. STODDARD PFC E. SWANFELD PFC C. TURNER CPL F. TURNER PFC T. UPCHURCH PFC L. VCALE PFC W. WEATHERLY PFC W. WENTWORTH PFC G. WHITECRAFT LCPL J. WHITEHEAD PFC M. WIGLEY PFC R. WILLIAMS FIRST SERGEANT R. LARSEN 289 PD DIVISICN LTJG R. MURRAY ENS D. WALSH The Basic Point Defence Surface Missile System on board FORRESTAL is the secondary line of defence against possi- ble air strikes. The responsibilities of the PD Division are varied including such items as maintenance, testing, inspec- ting and general upkeep of the ship's PD Battery- and Chaffroc Launchers. The Divisions technicians are also responsi- ble for the Fire Control System which is integrated into the Point Defence System. 290 4.l 291 292 vu. a,a, r . XY! , 'V M77 y , ,Q 61 WZ! fr W I "if Q . l,1j,4f , tt! ff f ' W4 , -fff I ' .v , Q , , 6 g g 1 3 1 b 1 'Q Y WW+,,,!1,,, WJ ,,,.fwffw'M'K"M'f"' f f I , ,W fW"'f", , - ' f ' ww , Wy 'W . ,,,, ,.....ff1f" SN D. APPLE ' GMG2 V. BENNS SN M. BROWN GMGSN J. CARY FTM3 J. COBB FTM1 W. COLBY YNSN N. CROCKETT SN F. FRIEDEL FTG 3 J. FRITZMAN FTGSN S. GAPINSKI GMG2 R. KOLAR GMGSN C. KREBS FTG3 R. LITTLE FTM2 M. MURPHY FTGSN J. o'anlEN sn L. nocnemeu FTG2 D. nosams sn o. scANl.oN sn J. SCOTT clvlea M. slMoNs su n. swenzrsn SN L. TEMPLE FTM3 C. TURNER GMGSN C. GMG3 VULGAMOTT SN W. WEISS SN F. WHITE C. WILLIAMS ll ,... ... 1. I I I Q I C LCDR W. ARNER CWO R. CLICK CWO J. SOFIENSEN WO D. BEYER 4 GMTCS R. BAFINETT W DIVISION is responsible forthe assembly, maintenance, preservation, inspection, testing, performing retrofits when authorized and handling ot ordnance not assigned to other divisions within the Weapons Depart- ment. Il" W DIVISIQN 293 294 GMT3 D. CLAUS SN J. COOK SN H. FANROX GMT1 F. FRANKENFIELD GMT2 S. GOSSELIN GMT3 T. GROTE SK3 F. GRUNWALD GMT3 R. HURST GMT2 A. JACKSON GMT1 B. KEY GMTSM S. KILBARGER GMT3 L. LEMLEY GMTSN P. MCTAMANY GMTSN R. MECK GMT2 G. MOORE GMT1 O. MOORE GMT2 D. NICHOLS SN D. PATTERSON GMT2 L. POLAND SN R. PITTS GMT2 C. PORROVICCHIO GMT1 O. REIL GMT3 A. RIECK GMTSN J. STANSBERRY GMTSN D. SCHAUB GMT3 E. VISCOMI GMT3 C. WILSON IW W Ni QQITNHQ Qk gi-9:12 7-is , -xmv VIIQ LTJG H. ALLEN GMGC K. GRENARD A02 S. RACICH QZM.: I EXPLCSIVE ORDNANCE ..... 0. DISPOSAL The EOD team is deployed on board FORRESTAL from Commander Explosive Ord- nance Disposal Group Two, Fort Story, Va. Their services consist of the detection, iden- - tification and disposal of all unexploded ord- nance. These duties include flight deck ord- nance emergencies, underwater and internal sabotage and routine disposal of unservicable ammunition. 295 i 1 I 1 r In 'W wx iw 'fl in I , ' ' , ' EU , ' 36,3 FN' , 1 if W.: W L YM CDR L. MYERS COMMANDER ATTACK CARRIER AIR WING SEVENTEEN CDR W. QUIRK COMMANDER CVW-17 7 April 1972-24 March 1973 The mission of Attack Carrier Air Wing Seventeen is to conduct and coordinate offensive air operations engaging in attacks on air, surface and subsurface targets afloat and ashore which threaten control of the sea. This mission includes the requirement to conduct sustained air operations in support of other forces as directed by higher authority. LCDR M. HOWARD LCDR J. MOORE LCDR W. CHRISTIE LT. M. MILLER LT. C. RICE r YN3 J. GOODRUM YN3 S. NABORS DK3 R. SANTOS AOCM G. FIELD ADCS E. FISCHL YNC A. McFADDEN ADRC R. JURJENS 297 lull ni 298 9 'J-eff-:.-:' ,,,....- 1? if Y, We f X y x X A 1-,415-.. M f , ,,.. , Ty -Q 1 3 x Qfuf. ix ' ,.,x,...,M-nj ,,Kl,1,p-,,,,.-31 I .X 4px N r,jyfra,f,i-4 'x 1 - f x:4i,,, X, '. ,- If , ,, - X xx - XJ?,ff'f f K x k ,A .hw- X. ,, ,.,. 4, Q A ' 1. -- f '94Q,Ei,g', 5 '- ,iw ,..., . 1 r V X 3 Wi AQ A 14-vw! Q , :Ng :Qi . ,. V QL 'gli' 1 - , my 299 DE THE MEN WHO FLY THE GREAT SPACES OF THE SKY, THEM ALWAYS IN THE AIR, DARKENING STORMS OR SUNLIGHT FAIR. TROL' THEIR SMINDS WITH INSTINCT FIT, TTIME, ADVENTURING, THEY QUIT FIRM SECURITY OF LAND, ANT S AST EYE AND ISKILLFUL HAND L 1 ron 1915 A . 434.8 mo- ' VA-81 CDR K. DICKERSON COMMANDING OFFICER LCDR R. WHITBY EXECUTIVE OFFICER J? CDR J. TUTTLE COMMANDING OFFICER 18 Feb 72-18 Feb 73 Attack Squadron 81 was originally commissioned as VF-815 an all-weather fighter interceptor squadron, in July 1955 and flew the F9F-8 Cougar. In the spring of 1959, after two Mediterranean deployments, the squadron's mission, designation and aircraft were changed. The "Sunliners" became Attack Squadron 81, and transitioned to the A4D-2 Skyhawk. ln December 1969, the squadron was selected to become the first East Coast recipient of the Navy's newest attack aircraft, the A-7E Corsair ll. This distinction was closely paralleled by an even greater honor-the awarding of the coveted Battle "E". Later in 1970, Attack Squadron 81 joined CVW- 17. The Sunliners and their versatile A-7E Corsair II have performed every possible mission required of the "tailhook" Navy. These missions include daylnight, all-weather carrier operations with automatic "hands-off" approaches to touchdown, nuclear and conventional weapons deliveryg Com- bat Air Patrol using the highly effective M61 gun in its air-to-air roleg aerial refueling and photographic reconnaissance using the self-contained KB-18 camera. 30, 302 LT J. FITZPATRICK LCDR J. FRENZEL WO J. GADDY LT B. GILDBEFIG LCDFI S. HASTINGS LT W. HEFFERMAN LT W. KELLY LT J. KOMENDA LT P. LEUM ENS D. LIARDON LT M. 0'BRIEN W0 D. PHILLIPS LT E. SCANLON LT N. SCHOLES LT A. SEWALL LTJG R. SMITH ENS R. WHITTLE LCDFI H. WILLIAMS LT M. AWOOD LT R. BALLINGEFI LT D. BELEW LT O. FELSEFI 4 if-fI"s wwf? fi 1,3 'Wink amiga ,N V f fm.: uv-wt 1 es wk Q' I' I I . I I I L, 3. my 4 va. ,,,..M:f ,vfa A "f1Qw I I of .,.., A-19.85. f TN R. ABENOJAR AZ3 J. ALLEN ADJ2 R. ASKELSON AT2 W. BAILEY AMSAN F. BALL ADJAN E. BALLESTAMON AQ3 T. BARGER AN D. BALS AN R. BATTON AT3 E. BECKENDORF ADJAN C. BLANKIN AMEAN R. BERRY ATAN K. BOYD PR1 G. BRATLIE AMSAN P. CAMPBELL AEAN D. CARTER AEAN M. CARTER A03 T. CLARK AN G. COMMANDER AN J. COX ADJ1 J. COX AQ3 E. CUMMINGS AME2 D. DANIELS AMS2 D. DAVIS AN R. DeCAUSEMAKER SD2 L. DELA CRUZ AT3 M. DUDLEY ADJ3 P. DURDEN ADJC W. SWAFFORD ADJC J. BELEY AOC L. CROSBY ' AMCS R. DREWS AFCM M. JONES ATC D. LEWIS AMEC J. MAXWE LL ADCS T. MULLIGAN ADJC F. MURRAY AMCS H. NETTLES AEC E. RANDOLPH 305 ff la AMH2 J DYKEMA ATAN G EBENSBERGER A02 S EDDINGFIELD BM2 R ERICKSEN AT3 S FAHNESTOCK AMS1 R FOX PNSN G FREEMAN AMH3 D FULLER AMS2 E FURIO AZ1 C GERMAN ADJ3 J GILBERT PN1 L GRIMES ADJAN M. GUGINO AN J. HAMPTON AT1 H. HARTWELL A03 D. HARVEY AME3 S. HATFIELD A03 M. HELLER YN3 W. HENRY AME2 C. HERRON ADJAN J. HIGGINS AMHAN C. HLEBAIN AT2 E. HYDE AR B. KAEGI AMH2 P. KEIPER AA D. KELLEY A01 F. KIRKSEY A03 C. KLASSEN ADJAN D. KUWMAN AMSAN M. LACROSS ADJ3 G. LAFARY AT3 T. LALONDE AN J. LANE AN R. LANOUE AMSAN C. LAWHEAD AT3 A. LEO YN3 H. LEONARD SN D. LOGALL AR C. MACE ADJ3 J. MACKO AO1 N. MCCLURG AE3 R. MCMEEKIN ATAN C. MICLAUD ADJ2 G. MILLER AMH3 J. MINGAY AT2 J. MIROD AMHAN D. MOLES AE1 R. MONDS AQ2 R. MOORE ADJAN R. MURPHY AQ3 D. NEWTON AKAN W. ODETTE AO3 D. OWENS AA R. OWENS AMH2,W. PEREZ AN C. PETTIS AQ2 R. PHILIPS A03 S. PLANT AE1 J. POWERS AMH2 K. PUEHLER AT2 D. RICHARDSON AMH2 J. RIKEMA YN1 T. ROBBINS AMEAA I. RODRIGUEZ ADJ3 D. SAMPSON AOAN R. SCHER ADJ2 I. SENIOR AT3 E. SERDINAK AMH3 D. SHALL PN2 J. SHERLOCK AE2 C. SIMS ATAN R. SLATER CS3 T. SOLT AOAN J. SOSEBEE AMS3 M. STEPPING SR T. STRANICK ADJ2 F. SUGGS AMH2 F. TAYLOR AT2 C. THOMPSON AME3 D. THOMPSON AO3 M. TREYARTHAN YNSA D. TUCKER AE1 S. WALTER AO3 C. WARNER AK1 W. WATSON AMS2 D. WILSON AO2 W. WILSON AMS1 W. ZELK 307 con G. APPLEHOF V A I 8 3 EXECUTIVE OFFICER cons. camo ff coMMANmNc OFFICER 2 con. D. GILBERT coMMANolNc OFFICER 22 SEPT 1972-4 JAN 1973 Attack Squadron Eighty Three, originally Naval Reserve Fighter Squadron 916, was called to active duty at NAS Squantum, Mass., in April 1950. In 1955, the squadron's mission was changed to that of attack, and Fighter Squadron Eighty Three was redesignated Light Attack Squadron Eighty Three. From 1957 to 1970, the squadron flew the A-4 Skyhawk and deployed to the Mediterranean eleven times. In the Spring of 1970, the Rampagers transitioned into the new A7E Corsair Il, and that winter became one of the first two squadrons to deploy to the Mediterranean with it. A modern VA E3 X . Qvsqdpn-W high-performance attack aircraft, the A7E haS been described as "The finest light attack Elf' craft in the world." Throughout this crUlS9, Flampager pilots stood ready to deliver 8 tremendous variety of weapons in literalll! 3 moment's notice. Yet, people make or break any squadron. VA-83 is highly successful because of teamwork and the desire to "101"k all the time. Matchless performance, 0'-ltstan' ding availability, and doing the job safely - these remain the hallmarks of the RamP399'9 of Attack Squadron Eighty Three. LT D. AGEE LT K. BATEY LT P. BRAYTON LTJG D. CHRISTIANSON WO1 E. CLAYBORNE LCDR F. ESCOBAR WO1 K. GARVIN LT R. Jones LT D. KNAPPE A, LTJG D. LAWSON LT A. LEONARD ' LT. .L LYON 4 N LCDR R. MAIER LT D. MCLINTOCK LT PADDENBURG LTJG C. RAGGHIANTI LTJG J. REBESKE LT B. RITZERT LT J. SCHNEIDER ENS W. STAHLER LCDR M. SULLIVAN ,, 'N . b , TTTL, f L f ,A VJ , V X,A,V.,vg,4c,.,I, . , nu! Wh ,nf vu B3 NAVY NQVY .. f V g:zwi2Q!ZQl'v5 X ja fm:-jf. 1 .. . af . 4- :' wf- .' V , ' ,K , ,. vyfp, f " , ' ,, ,, -MHZ' ,f X, 309 wfflf W Ti f 0 f f ff ff X ff! fgf f AWQWWX W f 1 K f f 4 ff fff Q1 Z! xg? X94 '77 ff !!! ff X y 362 , L' -Q .,-L if hfwf f , .., Q .f -75' ff ffff fv ,NA . .. A.: My! X .VM Lg, If Y u , L-sox Ill dv MW? ,f ff X fy! 6 1 fwf r ff "2 K 1 1 W f . ' U? '. ff.f . be - QQ " .ff -4- QI 3 nw--n f ww, -1 -V al' si 1, A A 4,- 310 'M 4, wwf KWH w , f Www x.. f 5 'lf' .-...,,', ' '- .ff ' 'ILTS A .-X . ,.,.. f- ' X- W. Q -..S 3. . ., " .SXTVH . .., MQ., M I .v... ... . .. tw, .. , .+ . .N - M . . Qgghsufiiiwig .JN '11 , N an-....,. x h fi vi' 4.4 wwk .W . M.. 7 -A .1 ' ., 7 4 Nw... ' ',., .-. A -fvwfw A. ,,,, H f W-no 'ijf"' zff.p!"'-44.,..g.."""95'-'Z ' W' ' L, .wa ' ' ' f "if ?f4L..",'Q,Q,fji':'jf51nL1-...f-' "' ga N H fvlia! ff. Q9 M V ff' Nu. -'f,...JTfx3Sg., 71, X xaf I -ff Cm.,g2,- . x ,M ,N-...:.! ,- 0 H-My - .I , 4 H5 ' ' L 'W - ., . f 3 ' -....:..... 1-4.-Q..--..q.44. , V,f...w-an A fm" 'mfww . ,, , M Mfgff? . " 4.11.11 w-'ff --:W ,M ' iz. fp' , Acfcxw. 1 1. ..-- . 'M---'Q' ' M ,, 4 29?a++fff?' 4u A. .. Q,--F .4 1. .- ' " ' .. ffl'-.,. w , . ,,::,... ,gf "iii:-4' 4""- ..,, . 1' 'J-an Daz" 1 . .4 ' ' '1N'T-1 TZ .,c,'f:f'?G,W.21'53fvFilP2g4g4 . -f -LM". JI' ..jf'Z. 3' 1lr'SQ..q'V'?fzm , ,Qi 'D' ., 112.1 gf, 5 jf Af f WMM. I Q, L:,3,y37ffgi!-7!,2.7.g4,.Z' M M X f M - I A . A 'lg "lf t-1,,, M..-g,ff'f. 4 ry f- f M yQ!,AQf:7.4Z23f7Q,7,,.4+ef , . . f uf Q-..,...1,.-V 'Wg 13, ...vw f ,.M.!?fzf7ffg:f 2' f'f1fW'M " ,. ' ,,., ' - , ' ' 4u.,..M ' V .--4. ,mffmw ..,,,m-0 f f, 1J4jf,f,f.w,.,fmega. N M 4 1 5 ' ?". Q.,--. 1,155 'Wif'Wf9? 7"'kL?. J J -.W 1-...AM 7777" ' ""' A f:f,f,m.:fecfwf , 7 3. I -V , ,- V , 1: . 7, 0, if - 1 A,-j ."r-- ', :: ffm, Af-Sf .. A A E 'X Y ,,. :vu,1, I , T M f f ibfl A f .3.,L.iif- ,Q if QTLLT 7 ' fT',L5f9" f , AMCS B. BOWEN AMCS W. BUCKNER AMSC H. CASTILE AOC C. COLBERT ADJC W. DOMBROWSKI AOC D. FUTSCHER ADCS J. HEFFNER AMSC R. MATUS AOCM K. REEVES ATC K. SMITH ADJC F. SUTTON ATC W. TODD AQCS E. TRITTSCHUH AEC A. WAGEMAN 311 312 -Fx fu I V' " ' YN1 M ADAMS ADJAN L BADER AN C BAILEY AE1 G BAILEY AN S BELCH AMH2 J. BENNETT AN L BENNETT AMEAN S. BICKETT AZ1 M BIGGS AMH2 G. BILLINGS AN C BLAKLEY ADJ3I BOMBA ADJ2 W BROOKS AMH2 R BROWN AA W BROWN ADJ3 W. BRUNSON AA M BURKETT PN1 T. BURNETTE ADJ1 T CAIN ATAN K. CAMPBELL AMS3 W. CARNISH AE2 P CARTER AN D CLARK PR3 C COBB AT3 J DEITRICK BM2 W. DEMERITT ADJAN D DENNO AZAN D. DICKINSON AT3 S DUNLAP YN3 A. DUPONT A03 V. ECHOLS AMHAA J EIBEN AMS2 F. EMMONS AZ1 W. ENOLD A02 D. ERNST ll X ff X X77 r I 1 AN E. ESCOBEDO PR1 J. FAFINELL AE1 R. FAULAND AOAN G. FISHER AT3 T. FRANKLIN AE2 J. GARBAK AE3 J. GARRETT ADJ3 D. GILBERT AZAN G. GONZALEZ AMH3 A. GOSDA AA W. GREHAM AE3 K. GREQUREK AOAN T. HAASE SN M. HANEY AE1 C. HARDY AOAN W. HARPER ADJ2 D. HARWOOD - AT3 W. HENDERSON AN F. HERNANDEZ ADJAN S. HESTER A03 N. HICKS ADJ2 R. HIGGINBOTHAM A03 N. HINDEMITH AOT1 K. HOLLOWAY AE3 C. HUDSON AMS3 J. HUNT AA J. HUNT AMS1 J. HUNTER AMS2 A. HURLEY AT3 G. JONES AA A. JORDAN AMH3 D. KARLSBROTEN AMS3 G. KERRY ADJ2 S. KILIJANEK BM2 A. KLEINE A03 R. KRISCHE AQ1 K. LARSON AN R. LOTT AMS1 A. MAESTAS ATAN S. MARINI ADR1 W. MATTHEWS SA M. MCCONNELL AA G. MENDOZA ATAN G. MESSER AMHAN D. MEYER AEAN B. MIMS . AT2 K. MCCUTCHEON SD2 E. MODESTO X. 313 X 2 'msn ,W 314 AOAN G. MONEY ATAN P. NOEL AMEAN T. NELSON AMS3 S. NEWELL AMH2 D. OAKES AA K. ORICK AA P. OVERSCHMIDT ATAN W. PARK AOAA F. PARTEE PRAN M. PAULSON ADJ1 D. PEARSON AA M. PEARSON SR M. PERRY AT3 G. PRYOR SA S. PUCKETT AN D. QUIBELL AQ3 G. OUINN A01 J. RAY AME3 A. RICHARDSON AT2 J. ROARK ASE2 G. ROSEBOOM AMH1 K. ROWAN AA R. SAMUEL AE2 D. SCHNEIDER AN M. SHANAHAN ADJ2 G. SHERWIN AK1 F. SHOCKLEY A02 J. SIFFORD AO3 T. SIRAK AMS2 G. SPEAKER ASM2 R. SPELLER SN G. STANLEY AQAN R. STEPHENS AQ3 S. SWANSON AT1 D. TEETZ ADJAA W. TERRIO AEAN W. THEILACKER AR R. THIEME AE3 S. VANCAMP AME1 G. VETTER AN E. WAKEFIELD AT3 J. WARFOFID AT3 R. WARNAT AMH1 T. WARNER PN2 R. WATKINS AMEAN J. WATTERSON AMH3 J. WAY AE3 D. WESCOTT AMS3 A. WHEEDLETON ADJ3 R. WIGHAM ADJ3 J. WILLIAMS AA R. YARBROUGH AA J. YARBROUGH PR2 R. YASUREK AM3 P. ZIEGLER AA2f,,.,.., A I CDR U. KING COMMANDING OFFICER 18 May 1972-20 April 1973 CDR. W. PHARIS COMMANDING OFFICER - LCDR K. WARMBIR EXECUTIVE OFFICER Helicopter Antisubmaring Squadron Three was commissioned on 16 June 1952, at the Naval Air Facility, Elizabeth City, North Carolina. The Aircraft flown is the SH-3D helicopter, of which the squadron has eight, and each carries a crew of four: Aircraft Commander, copilot, Sonar Operator and Assistant. This type of helicopter is one of the most advanced in the fleet in the field of Antisubmarine Warfare. The squadron's mission is to conduct all-weather operations. The task is to detect, locate and track of destroy enemy submarines. ln addition, the SH-3D provides rescue operations for aircraft carriers and utility missions. During this cruise HS-3 has assisted in several rescue operations. The squadron participated in the search for survivors of a greek Olympic Airlines crash, and many medical evacations for the Greek people. HS-3 also played a major role in the rescue operation during the Tunisian Flood in March. 315 LCDR A. DYER LCDR J. HEALEY LCDR A. HILL LCDR B. SPOFFORD LCDR R. STODDARD LCDR L. VAN AUSDLE LT R. HAWLEY LT C. HUGHES LT R. JADLOCKI LT R. MEADOWS LT. M. PANCHURA LT. J. PETERSON LT. D. TIERNEY LTJG A. BIVINGS LTJG P. BOUCHER LTJG J. HUNZIKER LTJG R. LTJG H. LTJG R. LTJG S. LTJG S. LTJG J. LTJG R. LTJG S. ENS. R. ENS. R. LENTNER LINNE LITTKE MADEY MOTOLENICH POHL PUMAS SMYTHE GRANT MAGGI in pn "J: rsmrv. U32 NIH S ATC R. BAKER AMC G. BECKMAN AWC A. CAHILL AEC R. CZECK AWC H. GALLUP AKC R. GREEN AFCM T. MAGNETTE ADJC D. O'CONNOR ADJC J. POWERS AEC L. SCHARFENSTINE ADJC R. WILLIAMSON 317 3-W-, ,- 4...-...,. Y.V..-.... --J ---, -I--W - AX3 J. BEATIE AMS1 R. BEERS AE2 C. BLAIR SA M. BOARD PN2 C. BRANCO ADJAN H. BREEN ADJ1 W. BULLIS AW2 R. CAUBLE ADJ1 J. CHRISTY AE3 W. CLARK ADJ1 W. COLEMAN AE3 A. COOPER AW3 J. DUTTON AMHAN R EICHENBERGER AW3 J. ERVIN AS1 J. FILLMAN AW3 P. FLAKES ADJAN S. FRANCIS AWAN W. GALLINGER AN J. GIBSON ADJ3 N. GALLO AN G. ALLEN AW3 W. ARTHUR AMH2 D. BAILEY ABH2 C. BARNES AN L. BARRIENTES ! W AE1 M. GARDNER AMSAN B. GARY AK2 E. GONZAGA ADJAN D. GOODELL AKAN A. GORE YN3 R. GROSSKOPF AT3 G. HANSON AW3 D. HARRINGTON ADJ3 C. HAUSEN AE1 W. HAVENS AEAN R. HEIDISH AWAN M. HOLIEN AA E. HOLLEY AA R. HONKANEN A02 J. HORTON AA E. HUGHLEY AMH3 J. JAMES AZ3 M. KANE AMH1 F. KING AT1 L. LAMBERT YN3 L. MANCINO AMS3 C. MCCABE AN C. MILTON ADJAN M. MOSCA ADJ2 J. NEDLEY A02 G. NELSON ADJ3 G. NORUM AE3 R. ODOM AZ2 W. ORDENCAUY AN L. OLSON AW3 B. OTOOL AZ2 A. PASTORI Wu.. 320 ADJ2 J. PLATT PR2 C. PRATER AN M. PRATT AWAN D. QUERING AW3 R. RAMSEY AN B. REAGAN AA L. ROBINSON AME3 T. RINGGOLD DK3 J. RYAN ADJAN E. SAKS AMS3 R. SANDERS ADJ3 C. SAWYER AT2 D. SCHNAKENBERG PN1 G. SEDLEUICIUS AXAN J. SHANE ADJAN S. SLEMPA YN2 R. SMITH AMSAN J. SPICHER AW2 R. ST. JACQUES AT3 C. STONE AW2 J. STUTHERS PNSN D. THOMPSON AMH2 J. TREMBLE AW2 F. VANLEEVWEN AW2 F. VOGL AMH3 T. WESTON AWAN E. WILKERSON AW2 M. WILLIAMS AW3 L. WILLIAMSON AZ3 K. WINHOLD AZ1 R. WOLFE ATAN M. WOOD fn in ,. ,fa 4 lvl I W .ffm .,-it L W At WJ ' 14 IMv'lu--ffwwwrvf. .... .N . . N uv x-sax nag, ve.. him ..,w"""' RVAH-9 COMMANDING OFFICER CDR M E HUSTED EXECUTIVE OFFICER CDR A J PERRELLA Reconnaissance Attack Squadron Nine was commissioned as Composit Squadron Nine QVC-91 in January 1953. Utilizing AJ2 aircraft VC-9 pioneered inflight refueling. Composit Squadron Nine was redesignated Heavy Atttack Squadron Nine QVAH-91 and in 1957 the "Hoot Owls" flew the first A3D across the Atlantic. Another "first" was logged in June 1957 when a VAH-9 A3D launched from the USS Bon Homme Richard in the Pacific for a non-stop flight to the USS Saratoga off the Florida coast where the crew was greeted by President Eisenhower. With the switch from the A3D to the RA5C Vigilante in 1963 the squadron designation became RVAH-9. The "Hooters" took this aircraft aboard the Saratoga for three Med cruises and onboard the Ranger for two WestPac cruises before joining the FORRESTAL for its present 11th Med deployment. During the 1972173 cruise RVAH-9 flew 1062 sorties for a total of 2210 flight hours, which resulted in an average utilization figure of 80.4 hours per aircraft per month. 321 322 wr FORMER COMMANDING OFFICER CDR J. HOOD LTJG R. HANTLA LTJG W. HAWKINS LT. J. MIXON LCDR J. OSBORNE LCDR C. RAMSKILL LTJG M. ROSSELLE LCDR A. SHOWER LTJG W. SITZ LCDR C. STOREY LT. J. ZUNCICH LCDR J. ENRIQUEZ LT. R. GROWE 04 lf.- ,w f -F -,.- P5---, e I ' ' '?"XX', M' 1... ,:bj..,-.1 , . " f , v, 1 -.7 ,- g '---'TT A .- . . , , Y., -. , . 1 4 If ,-x-9gf,4. I 'ij X , 45 5 3 7 75? "Q-1 J f E ws- AMSC D. BANKS AECS G. BRAYANT PRC C. CURRAN AOC R. FEFIRARA AMHC D. MCGUFFIN PHC R. MCLAUGNLIN ADCS W O NEAL AY 323 AN K. AARON AN C. AGNEW AMH1 W. BELANGER AMS3 S. BOKROS AN A. BOYD ADJ3 R. BROWN ADJ2 P. CAGUIOA A03 R. CHANEY AMH2 K. COOPER ADJ3 J. COUTURE AMSAN F. COWAN AN C. COYLE AE2 D. DAVIS ADJ1 C. DOTY AMS1 J. ELLIOTT A03 R. GOLLING ADJ2 C. HANCOCK A03 P. HARPER AQAN R. HOBGOOD ADJ3 D. HUDSON AE3 C. HUNSUCKER AMS3 R. KENNA PH3 R. LEE ADJ3 W. MADSEN ADJ2 C. MENDOZA 325 326 z -' ilk f 2:3 ,jr V AZ1 J. MEYER AQ1 C. MILLER AE2 R. MITCHEM AMH3 L. O'DRlSCOLL AQ3 S. PARENT ASHAN J. PARVIN AMS1 E. PORTER AME2 J. POTTRATZ AE2 R. RETTING AQAN R. RICHEY PH3 J. ROBERTSON AME1 B. ROGERS AMS3 J. SAXTON AQAN W. SCHELL AE3 G. SCOFIELD AMH3 R. SHOOKA AMH1 E. SILBERNAGLE AN R. SPENCER AQAN G. STATOM AMSAN C. STEPHENS ADJ2 E. STOY AQ2 V. THOMPSON AE3 M. TRUELOVE ADJAN F. VAN PAY AE3 E. WALTER ADJ1 C. WHITE AMH2 T. WILLIAMS ADJ3 J. WITCRAFT AA D. WOOD AN J. WRAY vi LW , ,E Commissioned in 1927 as Fighter Squadron Five, the World Famous Red Rippers are the oldest fighter squadron in the U. S. Navy. Dur- ing their long, proud history the Rippers have flown 21 different types of aircraft from the decks of seventeen different carriers in their designated air defense role. Operating from the USS Ranger as VF-5, the Ripper's first wartime experience came during the American Invasion of North Africa, and they conducted the first American Naval Air strikes on German forces in Norway in September 1943. In 1944, the squadron deployed to the Pacific, earning three Presidential Unit COMMANDING OFFICER . VF -1 1 EXECUTIVE OFFICER CDR R. KNAPP FORMER COMMANDING OFFICER CDR P. BOOTH 20 MAY 72 - 12 MAY 73 1 Citations for strikes upon the Philippines, For- mosa and the Bonins. The first air raids con- ducted on Tokyo were escorted by Red Ripper aircraft. After being designated VF-11 in 1948, the Rippers flew air cover from the decks of USS Keasarge, and in the late 1950's and 60's, the Rippers defensive air cover during the crisis in Lebanon, Suez, the Dominican Republic and the Formosa Straits. In 1967 VF-11, on board the USS FORRESTAL, went to Vietnam. After renevations following a fire which put FORRESTAL out of action, VF-11 re-embarked for cruises to the Caribbean and Mediterra- nean, presenting a challenge to any hostile threat to the ship or her mission. Q fyfsvnfh . 5 . ,s-. I of:..s4. .1 ,, 4 W f V I I ' ff 72' 1 :N H Q1 H ' 1 1 li H1 w N H .H 112 N IJ N L J tl! , 1 v if U V T I 1 1 328 LCDR D. ANDERSON LT. C. BEYER LCDR C. BRUN LT. P. BURGGREN LTJG R. CAMERON LT. H. CARTER LTJG T. CONNOR LT. J. COLE LTJG K. DEAN LT. R. EAST LTJG R. EDINGTON LTJG M. FITCH LCDR J. HALL LTJG R. KAFKA LT. F. KOCH LT. J. LAUGHTER LT. C. LEE LTJG M. MANNING LTJG J. MCALLISTER LT. K. MCCRORY ENS. T. MCFARLAND GWO2 J. MORIN LTJG W. OLSON LT. W. PFEIFFER LTJG C. STRAIT LT. D. SMITH LTJG J. TAYLOR LT. D. VERMILYEA LT. R. ZWIEBEL ,A-,K 3 pgs- Vi, AVCM E. ADAMS ADCS B. BLACKFORD ADJC J. COPELAND AMSC M. DAVIS AEC C. EVERETT YNC J. CLEMING AQCS G. ENTRY ATC R. HENSON AOC W. MCGAHA AOC C. MITCHELL PRC T. SCOTT ADJC R. SKETOE AKC R. SORIANO f lg XIV U , QQ, fi? ' I I 9 jf-I IQ 'K AE3 T. ADAIR AE3 R. ALLEN AMS2 D. AMOS AE3 K. ANDERSON AN M. ARTHUR AE1 C. BARNETT AE1 G. BASDEN ATAN H. BELCHER AA K. BLEMKE PR2 J. BLOODWORTH AN C. BOSTIE ADJAN D. BOLLMAN AEAN T. BRIDGES AT3 F. BROOKS AO1 J. BLOOMFIELD CSSA A. BROWNING AEAN J. BROWN ADJ1 J. BROWN AMSAN A. BRUBAKER ADJ3 R. BRUMLEY DK3 G. BURKE A03 J. CANTU A03 J. CARRINGTON ADJ3 D. CARLISLE AT3 S. CARLSON A02 L. CHAPMAN CS2 R. CLARK AT2 H. CLARK AO1 R. CLARK A01 K. COCHRAM SN D. COLLINS ADR2 J. COLLINS AMSAN R. COOK 7' I J E i I J I I I I ? xy, ..N., v' if. Q 4 5 ' f W , ag-L s.N xx S+ , X -,w-,-.xfx ,,. . r3A,9'i.s,,s. 'Q N x. IX ' A W ,,...,,.., . N9-,S I , '. . ,Q l X km. .Hawk I QQQQ-,,, ,XF L5- 7-4 xwuz' f J X, , ..,. ,Q f .-. . Nha' I-T ,t..A:,.,.A ADJ2 R. CRAWFORD PN3 W. CRIBART ADJAN M. CURRY AMH3 M. CURTIS YN3 D. DAWSON AT1 W. DAVIDSON AMH3 B. DEHART AN G. DEMING AMS1 S. DUDRA A02 P. DUTTON AMS1 B. EATON AMS3 J. EDWARDS ADJ2 L. EDWARDS AMHAN K. ELLIOTT AE2 J. ELMORE PN3 S. ELSFELPER AE1 A. ENGLE SA W. EVANIAK AA J. FARRAR AT3 B. FITCH A02 J. FIDDLER ADJ1 J. FOWLER A02 L. GAY AE3 A. GANZ ADJ3 G. GOMMER AMS1 W. HAMPTON AN D. HARRISON AZAN T. HARYDZAK AMH3 T. HAYES PNSN R. HILL SN D. HOWELL AN W. JORDAN ADJ3 S. KERN YN3 S. KIGER AMH3 C. KIZLER AMSAN H. KNUDSON AOAN R. KOONCE ADJ2 F. KRAKOSH A03 F. KRIEG AT3 K. KRIEGER AEAN G. LANIER AK3 D. LARSON A02 G. LEFFEL PR1 E. LEWALLEN AE2 W. LEWIS A01 J. LEWIS PN1 R. LINDER AZ2 M. LILLY r---fix? " ADJ1 M. LONG A03 G. LYNCH AMHAN H. MATHEIS AME2 R. MATTHEWS AMSAN M. MCCORMICK AMS3 A. McDOWELL ASM3 A. MCGHEE 331 332 ADJ3 B. McLEOD AA E. MCMICHAEL AN W. MCMURRAY AMH2 R. MICHAELSON AT2 G. MOELLER 'AN P. MONTGOMERY AMEAN R. MOORE AMS3 D. MORGAN AE3 R. MOSES PR3 D. MYHER AT2 K. MULNERN AO2 J. NOLL AZ2 R. PATEK AMEAA W. PEACOCK AN R. PENN AEAA A. PFOST AE2 W. PHILLIPS AMH3 R. POWELL AQ2 J. PROKUP AMS3 S. REP ADJAN C. RIDGEWAY AMH1 C. RILEY AA R. ROBINSON AE3 D. RUDSER AMH1 M. SALVARORE AMH3 D. SCOTT AMS3 E. SCHNATKA A01 W. SHAW AN D. SHELTON AE3 W. SHIPES AOAN M. SHUYLER ADJ2 T. SIGMAN AN H. SMITH SN R. SMITH AMEAA S. SPARROW AN A. SPEELMAN AZ1 L. STEPHENS AK3 S. STEWART AMEAN P. STODDARD AMSAN J. TAYLOR A03 D. THOMAS AMH2 J. THOMAS AMHAN L. VAN WINKLE AEAN K. VIBBERT AO3 A. WADE AME2 W. WEINGAND SA J. WHALEY ADJ3 B. WHITE AZAN C. WHITE ATAN D. WHITE AE1 A. WILKES AA E. WILLIAMS AEAN D. WILLIAMS AN S. WILLIAMS ADJAN R. WINDHAM AME2 H. WOODS NV fi 'YH' 3 I .-l Attack Squadron Eighty-Five is composed of more than 300 highly trained, dedicated in- dividuals, and is equipped with 9 complex but extremely versatile A6E Intruder aircraft and 4 KA6D tankers. With its inertial navigation system, new solid state computer and precision radar, the long range Intruder is able to deliver over 15,000 lbs. of ordnance accurately, at targets over 700 nautical- miles, away. With its CDR A. PAGE COMMANDING OFFICER CDR D. BOECKER EXECUTIVE OFFICER CDR M. HALL COMMANDING OFFICER MAY 1972 - MAY 1973 highly trained crew of two the "Intruder" has the unique ability to carry out its mission under any weather conditions. The squadron's tanker air- craft are essential in extending the striking arm of the FORRESTAL by providing additional fuel to air-borne tactical aircraft. As the initial A6E squadron, the "Black Falcons" of VA-85 are the first to bring the Navy's newest tactical aircraft to the Sixth Fleet. ,, ,, ,, -WMV LCDR R. BRODT LT. J. BUCELATO LTJG J. CALLAHAN LT. D. DAVIS LTJG L. EADIE LCDR D. EATON LTJG G. ENDERS LTJG J. ERLANDSON LT. R. FELLOWS LTJG C. GIGER LCDR J. HARDEN LT. H. HEWLETT ENS. J. HITE LT. D. JERONIMUS LTJG S. JOHNSON LT. J. KERN CWO3 O. KING LTJG T. MCFALLS LT. S. MUELLER LTJG C. NOLAND LT. J. OYLER LCDR J. PEIGUSS LT. J. PELLICCI LT. E. RICKARDS LT. T. ROBINSON LTJG J. ROWE LT. H. SCHMIDT LT. J. SOLIN LT. R. SPARLING LT. W. STEVENS vim WIYWZ xii. sg, 'x I I 1 X' M, I I, ATC W. ALLEN ATC D. AMOS AMSC B. BOOHER AMSC C. CASEY AMSC F. COGGIN AQC C. CRAVEN ADJC L. CRISCI AZC C. CUMMING AOC F. GRAY AOC C. GRIFFITH AMSC A. GUM AQCS L. INGALLS PNC G. LOWE ADCS G. LUCAS AMHC R. MAXWELL AEC R. MORGAN AECS J. NELSON AEC H. STACY ATC D. STORY AFCM T. WADDELL ATCS R. WERKMEISTER -il, ww: L I slam, AE3 P. EDWARDS PN1 C. ELMORE A01 R. FENNER AA E. FOLSOM AOAN C. FOX ADJAN T. ALEXANDER AE2 W. ALSTON AA L. ALVAREZ AE3 T. ANDERSON ADJ3 R. ANKROM A02 J. ARNETT AT3 R. BASHAM AT3 W. BASHAW AE3 J. BATH AN W. BAKER . ADJAN L. BAXTER A03 D. BELLAMY AZ2 J. BLACK AN R. BLACKWELL AN R. BLANKENSHIP ATAN M. BLAUCH AT3 P. BOLAND AN M. BOYKIN AMH3 J. BURNETT AA S. CABB SD3 G. CARRERAS AEAN A. GEISENDORFF AA W. CHARLIE AA D. CHYTKA AT1 G. CLARK AE3 D. COLLINS ADJ2 W. CONKLIN AN J. COX AMS2 R. CRAFT AKAN J. CRAMER AN W. CRIBBS PN2 T. CROFT AMH3 J. CRONE AN R. CULBER AMS2 H. DAVIS AT2 L. DAWSON A03 J. DEAR AN J. DEBERNARDI AE3 M. DELANEY AT3 J. DEMARS AE3 S. DIDOW A03 R. DIETZ AO3 R. DIXON AT1 E. DRAUCKER AN J. DRIVER AMS3 J. DUNHAM AN J. DURHAM PT2 J. EDEN FSVMILDU , UPXDOWN SIITCII3 338 AMS1 D. FOX AN D. GALAVIS AT1 W. GARDNER AA M. GARVIN A01 J. GEORGE ADJ1 J. GODFREY ADJ3 A. GRAHOVOC ADJ1 D. GRINDER AE3 S. GULLION AE3 J. GROSSMAN AT3 F. HAAGENSON A03 L. HADSELL AE3 R. HAGER AE3 S. HARPER A02 J. HARRIS AE3 J. HARRIS AZAN K. HEISER AMS3 L. HENEXSON A03 D. HICKMAN AA J. HIRATA AME1 R. HOGGE ADJ2 W. HOWE AN W. HOY ADJ3 R. HUGHES AMSAN K. HUNTER ADJ2 J. JENKINS AN R. JENKINS AME2 C. JOHNSON AE1 G. JOHNSON ADJ3 R. JOHNSTON AO2 R. JOLLIFF AMH3 C. JONES CS2 E. JONES AA L. JONES AO3 J. KEY AMS3 J. KELTON AA W. KESSLER ADJ2 D. KING ADJAN T. KIRCLICH A03 F. KIRST AO2 D. KLINE ADJ3 L. KNAPP PNSA R. KNAPP AME3 R. KOHL AN D. KRIENKE AN L. LEDFORD ADJ2 D. LANNING AE1 K. LATHAM AO3 R. LAMNARDI AN S. LONG ADJAN S. LUCIUS AO3 W. LUDWIG AOAN R. MADISON AT3 H. MARKHAM SD1 D. MASIP ADJ3 J. MCDANIELS AMHAN A. MCGINNIS AZAN J. MCILVAIN SA D. McKEOWN AN S. MCKNIGHT ADJ1 MCMILLEN AOAN J. MCOUEEN AO2 J. MEACHOM AT1 L. MEEK ir . I 'Ll F75 AI AA T. WOOD AE3 R. WYMAN AMHAA R. YOCK AQAN R. YOUNG ADJAN M. MEERSMAN AMS1 J. MELTON YN3 J. MESSER AO1 E. MILLER ADJ3 D. NELSON AK1 J. NOVICK AME3 M. OHARA AT2 J. O'SHEA AE2 H. PARRY AMH3 L. PAYNE AT3 C. PICKETT AEAN M. PITTMAN AT2 C. PLETZKE AZAN J. POLLIO AE1 R. PRZYBOROWSKI ADJ3 G. RABUN AE2 A. RAYMOND AMH3 F. REIN AA R. RENTERIA AME3 T. RODGERS AMH2 H. ROLAND ADJ1 L. ROSBOROUGH AQAN C. ROSS AE2 S. RUTHERFORD AMSAN C. SANDERS AZ3 R. SANFORD AN R. SAPELINO AO2 P. SCHMIDT ATAN M. SEVEY AMH3 K. SEVIER AQ2 L. SHEBLOSKI PR3 W. SHULTZ AO3 D. SIDES AMS1 W. SLATON AE1 D. SLEEZER AT3 D. SMITH AZAN L. SMITH AO2 M. SMITH AN B. SOUZA AN W. STEFANOWICH AMEAN J. STEWART YNSN J. STOLLBERG AMHAN K. SUGGS AE1 B. TEMPLETON AQ2 M. THANGHE A03 R. THOMAS AMS3 R. TRIBKE AMSAN W. VONFELDT AQ3 M. WAGNER AMH1 D. WALLACE PN3 W. WARDLAW AN S. WATTS ADJ2 J. WILLIAMS AT2 M. WILLIAMS AT2 J. WILLIS PR2 R. WILLIS vlvl FA-531 " LTCOL. J. ZYCH COMMANDING OFFICER MAJ. D. VEST EXECUTIVE OFFICER Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 531 was formed during the second World War, and was first designated VMF fNl-531. The squadron saw ac- tion in the Pacific Theatre during WWII and again during the Korean conflict. In the fall of 1962 VMFA-531 was the first East Coast Marine squadron to receive the F-4B Phantom. The Phantom contains the latest in electronic weaponry for all-weather missile deliveries. In the summer of 1965, 531 received orders- to deploy to Viet Nam. Two hours after receiving the orders the first divisions of "Gray-Ghosts" departed Atsugi for Da Nang. Early in 1972 VMFA-531's assignment to CVW' 17 was announced and the squadron m0YQd from El Toro, California to NAS Oceana, Vlf9'n'a to begin training for a Mediterranean dePI0Y' ment. This cruise 531 has logged over 4700 flight hours and flew over 3200 sorties. ' i Y W v... , I f A I I I I I I CWO3 J. BARDON CAPT. R. BENSON CAPT. J. CANNAVA 1ST. LT. D. CORRIGAN 1ST. LT. S. DAVIS MAJ. H. DE CASTRO CAPT. W. DEINES MAJ. D. DENTON 151. LT. A. EARWOOD 2ND LT. R. ELLIS 1ST. LT. R. FOREMAN 1ST. LT. J. FORNEY CAPT. G. FOX MAJ. T. KEEMAN CAPT. J. KOTTE CAPT. L. KRAUS 1ST. LT. M. MAHER 1ST. LT. T. MOORE 1 I 341 1lLT R. MORROW CAPT R. PAWLOSKI 1lLT B. CAMPBELL 1lLT F. PERKINS CAPT D. POWERS CWO W. RIDDLE CAPT D. ROEDER CAPT R. ROLAND CAPT D. SCHNACK CAPT R. SCIVICONE CAPT L SERGEANT CAPT W AMBERSON xx Wifamim GYSGT L. ARIAS GYSGT C. BRANCH GYSGT B. BRENDLE MSGT P. CORREIA GYSGT S. CORVO GYSGT J. GRAVEN GYSGT P. JOHNSON I MSGT R. KINNEL user P. O'DONNELL J GYSGT A. SALT GYSGT G. GYSGT D. TURK GYSGT A. vlEnNEs . ,iv If MSGT J. wlLKlNsoN GYSGT c. wol.FE ' 1 .K SGT M. ACKLIN CPL J. ADRIANO CPL S. ALLEN SGT B. ANDERSON CPL C. ARMSTRONG SGT' T. ARROWSMITH CPL B. BAKER CPL J. BAKER CPL R. BAKER CPL R. BAKER CPL D. BARD LICPL K. BELL SGT D. BENDER SGT R. BENNETT LICPL J. BIANCO SGT R. BIGGERSTAFF LICPL W. BIXLER CPL J. BLACKSTOCK SGT R. BONILLA CPL R. BONJOUR CPL 0. BOREN 343 CPL S. BRADLEY SGT B. BRINER CPL D. BRUNO SGT G. BUCHANAN CPL D. BUCKLES SISGT G. BUSH CPL T. BYRNE CPL J. CARLILE SGT P. CARRIER SGT A. CARTER SGT O. CARTER CPL M. CHAVEZ CPL L. CLAWSON CPL D. COBB SGT D. COLSTON LICPL R. CONNER CPL G. CORDON SGT T. COX SGT C. CVNEO CPL R. CUNNINGHAM SGT E. DAVIS CPL J. DAVIS SISGT E. DEANGELIS CPL J. DeGERALOMO CPL S. DEMARAY CPL G. DICKENS SGT B. DICKINSON SISGT W. DOBSON SISGT J. DRAZKOWSKI CPL J. DUNCAN SGT R. DWYER CPL D. ECHLIN PVT G. EDWARD CPL B. EDWARDS SGT T. EHLERS SGT J. ESPESITO PVT S. EVANS CPL R. FAGAN SGT D. FAUCHER SISGT T. FAZ CPL S. FIKE SISGT S. FITZPATRICK SISGT M. FONTE LICPL D. FORD CPL B. FORSYTH SISGT G. FRANZ SGT M. FULLER CPL W. FUTTERER CPL L. GALBRAITH CPL M. GARDNER SGT S. GARDNER CPL W. GASSERT SISGT R. GEIGLE SISGT E. GONZALEZ SGT M. GOVE SGT L. GREEN SGT R. GRIPPIN SISGT D. GUIRE SGT D. HALVERSON CPL D. HANSEN SGT W. HARRIS CPL L. HARVIN LICPL R. HAVAY LICPL R. HAZEN 'UZWI7' 1 us, I 14. . I , w jf 1 f 1 ,,, I f 1 f , Zffff, Qyfhl' ,M ,ff A , , ' ':'If X ff. zff? 1, EE. ,I I LICPL P. HELMS CPL F. HERZMAN SGT W. HIGHTOWER LICPL F. HILL CPL R. HOLDEN SISGT B. HOLT SISGT K. HOWARD CPL W. HUGHES E cpl. D. FLEMING I LICPL c. IMHOF cm. R. INGRAM PFC G. .1AcoBsoN ser J. JIMMERSON sfser D. .lol-lNsoN Lfcpl. R. JOHNSON ser v. .1oHNsoN SGT W. JOHNSON SGT R. KEMPER CPL M. KENNELL LICPL V. KEREKES CPL M. KERICK SGT F. KING CPL M. KITCHEN SGT G. KLAUS CPL K. KLAUS SISGT E. KNOLLE CPL G. KNOUSE LICPL D. KRAMER SGT R. LALIK SGT J. LANDON CPL C. LANIGAN SGT '-M. LEITNER SISGT R. LEVALLEY CPL F. LEWIS SISGT R. LOETHER SGT D. LOEWEN SISGT R. LUDWIG SGT F. MALY PVT L. MANJANG SGT P. MARTIN SGT R. MARTIN CPL P. MAYFIELD CPL J. MCCABE CPL G. MCCULLOUGH CPL R. MCGACHEY CPL M. MCKINNEY CPL R. MCKINNEY SISGT J. MELANCON LlCPL S. MENDEZ SGT K. MICKELSON CPL W. MILES PFC W. MILLARD SGT E. MILLIGAN SGT R. MITCHELL PVT L. MONETTE PFC M. MOSLEY LQ ,wfiff ,WWW if f f if f KW? f!Z?Wfj If ' 'Q ,, CPL G. OLSEN SGT J. OLSON SGT E. ORIVE SISGT F. PALMER LICPL S. PARKE LICPL D. PAVISON LICPL B. PAULUS SGT G. PETERSON LICPL B. REYES CPL R. RICE CPL R. RICHARDS SGT G. ROBINSON CPL S. RODRIGUEZ SISGT D. ROLFE CPL C. ROLLINS CPL J. RUNYON SGT J. SALSER SGT J. SAMUELSON LICPL A. SANCHEZ PFC J. SCHMIDTKE CPL R. SCOLES SGT B. SCOTT CPL M. SEGLEY SGT D. SHAHAN CPL J. SHORT SGT G. SLAY CPL G. SLOWINSKI CPL W. SNYDER LICPL C. SPENCE LICPL A. SPIVERY CPL M. STREHLAU SGT S. STRICKLAND CPL K. STROUD SGT A. STONE CPL D. STUFFLEBEAM LICPL J. SZOPINSKI CPL M. TARRANTS SGT M. TATE SISGT J. TAYLOR SGT R. TAYLOR CPL E. TEBO LICPL D. TEEL CPL R. THEBODEAU CPL D. THOMAS SGT W. THOMPSON CPL D. TIPPETT PFC E. TORRES SGT R. TOWNSEND CPL P. TURNER SGT S. UTZ CPL B. VANNATTER LICPL D. VENNIE LICPL S. VIGIL SGT B. WALKER SGT G. WALSH SGT D. WELCH CPL D. WELCH CPL N. WHEELER CPL R. WILLIAMS CPL S. WISE SGT R. YOUNKIN CPL R. YOUNG CPL R. YURGO SISGT J. ZBORAY fu J .QQ .1-sl CDR H. BERNSEN COMMANDING OFFICER CDR D. KLETTER EXECUTIVE OFFICER CDR G. ORMOND COMMANDING OFFICER Carrier Airborne Early Warning Squadron 126 was commissioned 1 April 19695 making it the youngest VAW squadron in the Navy. When not deployed with CVW-17 VAW-126 is homebased at NAS Norfolk, Virginia. The Squadron employs the E-2B Hawkeye air- craft in its mission of long-range radar detec- tion of enemy aircraft. The E-2B, more affec- tionatelycalled the "Hummer", is the latest in the line of carrier-based Airborne Early War- ning fAEW weapon- systems. The E-2B is more A than an airborne radar platform. With a crew of 5, its multi-mission capability is enhanced by an onboard general purpose digital computer that allows operators to automatically detect, track and evaluate radar targets. Information derived is relayed to the Task Force Com- mander and provides a long-range computer picture of the surrounding environment. The squadron has safely upheld its mission as the "Eyes of the Fleet" by flying over 1150 accident-free hours this cruise. 347 VAW-1 26 LT. C. BURBAGE LTJG D. CARBONE CW02 A. DEAN LCDR A. DRIVER LT. J. EVANS LT. J. GOTT LCDR R. KORDALSKI LT. W. MARTIN LTJG W. REID LT. L. RYAN LTJG W. SATTERLEE LCDR C. SMITH LT. W. STONE LTJG V. STUBBS LT. S. THOMAS LCDR L. TILGHMAN LTJG W. TRACEY LT. R. WELLER LTJG D. WILLIAMS LT. W. WOLVEN 3 . 1, I. NWA, PNC R. HENRY AMHC L. LINDEMAN ADJC C. OSBORN ATC M. SHAFFER ATC R. SNEAD ADOC C. SPITZ AMCS J. TUREK ATC J. VENTU RI 350 +A--an-ul . A - ikwxksx.. iw N X XRNX AWN-, .5 QW ,ff I AT1 M. ACKLEY AZ3 M. ADCOCK AR W. AILSTRAP AT T. ANDERSON AMS3 W. ANDREWS SA J. BAILEY ADJAN J. BARAN AE3 H. BATTS AME3 D. BEACHLER AMEAN R. BERUBE ATAN R. BIRMINGHAM AE3 D. BLACK AME2 R. BLACKWELL AT3 J. BOAZ AT2 J. BRADLEY AT3 B. BROWN PR3 D. BROWN AMS1 E. BURKEY AT3 G. CHASE AZ3 R. CHOLLINARD AT3 E. COLLEY AT2 D. CURTIS ADJ2 F. DELAROSA AZ1 J. DURHAM SN R. EDELEN AA A. EDMONDS AMHS P. EDMONDSON TN W. ESCOBAR PR3 W. FELTS PN3 R. FELTZ AN R. FISCHER AT2 W. FISCHER AE1 R. GEERTS AR R. GIBBONS AT2 K. GOLUBSKI AN G. GOOLSBY TN R. GUANZON AT3 J. GUERRERO AE2 A. HOFFMAN AE2 J. HOGG AT3 J. HUTCHINGS ADJ3 D. HUNT ADJ3 J. ISIDERIO AN H. KEEL AT3 T. KELKENBERG AT3 L. KELLING ADJ1 F. KILMER ADJ1 J. KRINGLEN AMHAN L. LAFAUE AMH3 J. LAMANNA ADJAN S. LANE AMSAN T. LEGENDYE AMS1 F. LEINTE YN2 E. MATTEO AMH2 R. MEYERS YN3 J. NICKLE ADJAN J. NORMAN AT1 M. NORMAN AK2 C. POPE AN A. PORTEE AT3 P. POWER AMS3 D. REDDEN AZ2 J. RHEA YNSN C. RICHARDS AZ1 G. SHOEPE AT3 J. SHORT AN M. SLIDER AN E. STANLEY AN G. STILLWELL AKAN J. STOKES AT3 G. STONE AE2 C. TAYLOR AN W. TAYLOR ADJAN D. TORELL AMS3 D. TREVARROW AA R. VECCIA ADJ2 P. VOSBURY AT3 R. WEISKEL AE3 H. WHITE SA W. WILSON AT1 J. WILLIAMS AT1 J. YOUNG LCDR P. ANDERSON OFFICER IN CHANGE Z Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadron One Thirty Five is home based at the Naval Air Station, Alameda, California. The mission of VAQ-135 DET-2 is to provide active electronic countermeasures support to carrier based strike forces, en- vironmental surveillance during strike operations, and to provide air to air refueling capability during the prestrike, postsfrike and recovery operations. The squadron employs the EKA-3B aircraft. LTJG F. ADCOCK CWO S. FREEGARD LTJG E. GORDON LTJG D. JONES LT J. LAMBERT LTJG F. OGDEN LTJG R. SMITH LT T. WATRUD . LT R. WILLIS LT D. WEBSTER LT J. GRIFFIN AMSC J WEIGANT AFCM W HINKLE I-v-gf-uf q-.l-1 ..---'1T ,,-1---2 ww.. vsmwxxwxmww X 1X X' I' 5 " , pwwwwwfjwiwa ' ,mwmw-SWW A , ,571 - A ill 355 Zz! 155' Coz AEAN J. LESTER TN O. MAGNO ADJ3 E. MAHAFFEE AQ2 R. MCCOY ADJ2 D. MCCULLOUGH AA L. MCLADDER YN3 T. MEEHAN AMSAN W. MOONEY AT3 K. MOSES AME2 M. OWEN SD3 R. PATIAC AQAN D. PEARSON PNSA D. PECK PR3 R. PELLETIER ADJ1 J. PLANK AZ1 J. REDDY AN-C. ROBERTS AMSAN G. SANOUIST ATAN R. SCHMITZ AMEAN D. SKELTON A03 D. STEVENS AT3 R. STARWALT AO2 R. VERCAWT AA J. VILLAFLOR A03 M. VOGT ATAN B. WALL AT1 D. WEST AT3 J. WHITTAKER AA E. WILLIAMS AZ3 T. WRIGHT 357 IVIEIVIORIAIVI Yes, they shall find rest from their labors, for their good works accompany them REV. 14:13 1 HM1 R. W. NADEAU AA C.R. RODGERS f , Z ,f 4' , if aia, is , r THE STAFF EDITORSISTAFF LCDR W. ARNER CRUISE BOOK MANAGER PH1 G. RANDLE EDITOR AZ2 D. DE CUIR ASSISTANT EDITOR SPECIAL ASSISTANCE CAPTAIN W. DEINES CWO2 J. SORENSON WO D. BEYER PHAN M. GRAILEY ART SN E. SWEENEY AA T. LEE OVERALL CONTEST WINNERS LYN SPENCER PHOTO 1 PAGE 32 DAVID COLSTON PHOTO 4 PAGE 33 LT. AWOOD PHOTO 1 PAGE 33 360 Now, as always every editor and staff tries to improve from the previous cruise book. Striving to tell the story in pictures and words, with design to keep the eyes moving and, if desired, to pause and reflect on the memories of a special event. The 72-73 cruise has come and gone. The book, hopefully, at your will, will let you return to its many high points and ports of call. The many hours required to assemble this book have proved to be challenging and a rewarding ex- perience. But when in our first encounters with those with whom we would be dealing most, we received immediate and all inclusive coopera- tion, the mountain of work did not seem so in- surmountable. To CWO Waller and the photo lab crew, who must have thought that printing cruise book job orders would never end, and the photo shooting crew who were always ready with cameras and film-our sincere thanks. Without the crew, however, the entire crew, this book, this ship called FORRESTAL, would never happen. WALSWORTH Cruise Book Office PUBLISHING 915 Wes! 21st Street COMPANY Norfolk, Virginia 23517 Marceline, Mo., U.S.A. N3 ' X .A 1 ? I ' 1 Q - -Qgr Q N rg Q E S Y xr ,.. ..ggA'... ,.5NN.ixx:w9 ' X A N - A . X X lg: 3, ! ' w , 1 .. . wwf ' f' S X ..x X 'QM , -1 N X: ..,, Q . . X: ,Q ' U.. ,, A 'P Q09 ,lv 'S hw . . ,..-.- Lwgw I f Cs 2154! H "' ' .T Ai"..1-in 4-A 4, rw, ,,... Tm, V-,WM 15. ...:.....,-f -- - 1 xx + E QQ ku...-3 ,L ,gl uf' ,EX'-iffy . n-' 1 rx, M f ..s- N' -,Q-J sf Qi.,-uf, --AGN-j " .,... A hx" idx. xx yt ' ' X- .Hg b R sQk"Q.,i '- 'I' wvgx-' .-'-3+3 's-.. , ...g , -' N" "'w..f. -, g - ,,. -, 1 - 1 ' Q. , ..- W 'X-N-',,.g If ff " 'Q ' - . 'gs ' I is ggi " Q' ' - --I T!--it X . , ' ".4'. -tb. xy ,,. - x'v'Z1yk " ' iv . .J , f' - -N-,y - 1 X N - . 5 x .. --: -. .x s., sq :rH:E.luv'??,' fuk 'lvvx an E. X 4 v 1 'ww Th Q iss-,337 1 .A A NN , W , ' fx" ' wk' 1,. 'X X 4f.XV 'A ,' ' ' ' 'XX f. "' A J' 3.,, xx "M A ' ,, -" b ' V ' f s L ,fx .f .N,,,. .. qw . uf -. ' 'V' ' .. fx 6.1-fv ' I' , ,st-N : V N Q ' . N - iyi , ' It . ,,1.-1f'1M'f'vff' 'Y MY' W 'X K 1 6 'fix' 7' Ax. Mx . -5.2 '-K-Y. x- .51 ww- .. an -JB., ',.w.Q"f4,.4fL K , yi, .U-3. ' .' Q Y A WJ, ,N L N f .Q x 1 ':. V, f, ,xg my .. rw' -.... ,X ' 339 -J N xv' ,-5, " - -. ' "W 'N' " N, ' N. ff. 'g - X L 13's-vxww wfvgxs max 5, , " 'A ' A - - -Xi ..-."k.x . f"?5"y'1 Q X 'A -uf' 'Vx' "W fspv' -- " ,wtf . p .- 'S nb 'J wif' " ' Nu -H U- ASU' Yrlw-. X wii. 1, N-' ,. .1 x Q K ' xg A 443451 w 'xxx X 'sit' is SMA ks XX X x, Q, 4. M, Q x ' S. 45-4 x .wi ,'S.t: n vqx 'X x ,- N X l X X xx Ki, . b N . x lk Y 'B mfs A X Q ...g P ' v -

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