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kv -x g st' xww '- if --. R-.A Q X -..H+ .ua- Aw- r -5 -aga- Y. Q f F , 4' Y- J 'asv - ' 79 ,T L' ei? r ' f:.-g, .' 'M ,- fm 3- ig ' A L. -Li il ur , -Q L --1 x -. S. -1-x.,,-, YYY ,MY-U E hi., 1 9 ' sr -L 'SSRI .,- r 4 1 1 4 4 X I 1 . J i ., A 1 E 1 I U.S.S. FORRESTAL 1969-1970 MED CRUISE , Mf V, 1 gf!! ,N 9- ' L Wd 'I NX, , f 1 xg "" x,,E , ,451 ix Z, 'X '55 ,xg if QW J 'J ,5 f 25 W , 'A 5 v Li 2 P2 ' ' 1 1 I 3 ,X , 1 --- --.---ff, -'--' -f-"--:iw . . N-- ....-,4-...,-...,,., ..,,..,,... ,, ,ff-:fel-1.--,..uv:-w.v 'writ ' 1'- "1 . 'Fi:'2'S'5"f"'?:::2rc - "E -353 : 5dFf'?'? 'G-5"'?2"'5'fT?-FF"?f' If5f9"1" The FORRESTAL story began long before the ship her- self was laid down. In the closing months of World War II, Admiral Mark Mitscher, at the time the commander of the fast Carrier Task Force in the South Pacific, made the first recorded suggestion for a carrier with the general characteristics of the FORRESTAL class. Other military and civilian leaders agreed with him. In the years following the war, the need for aircraft carriers larger than the MIDWAY class became in- creasingly apparent. Advances in aviation, particularly the advent of heavier, faster jet aircraft. could be ex- ploited fully only by construction of a large modern carrier, designed specifically for compatibility with these high-performance aircraft. On July l2. l95l, the Navy announced that the Newport News Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Company had been twarded 1 contract to build CVA 59 The keel for the new ship was laid luly l-l l917 Less thin 30 months litcr thc lirst ol thc postwtr ctrriers was ltunchcd Mrs James V l-orrestal widow ol the first Secrettry of Defense, christened her USS FORRESTAL. Commissioning ceremonies were held October l, l955 at the Norfolk Naval Shipyard. On the same day, Cap- tain Roy L. Johnson became the first commanding offi- cer of the FORRESTAL. Commander Ralph L. Wer- ner, commander of the air group, recorded the first arrested landing on January 3, l956. Since then, FOR- RESTAL has had more than l48,000 landings. After a ten-week shakedown cruise to Guantanamo Bay. Cuba, and summer operations off the Atlantic coast with the SECOND FLEET, FORRESTAL was called to bolster U. S. forces in the Mediterranean during the Suez crisis in the fall of l956. The new carrier returned to Norfolk for Christmas, but on ltnuary 73 l9w7 she stiled for her first rc u larly scheduled dcploymcnt ts a unit of the SIXTH FLEET in the Meditcrrinein 2' L' " - . ,L ' -, f i Ja' 'g- ' l . .J ' , ' n f D 2 ' .W .--Q ,I Y""""Q'b pf OW 14' ff' ..-:v- "' 1' 5""' 'qw' 5" 'nd L v , '- ....,,u. .... uwwq'-Q rv. mmmih-.6iy' .,.,,. H, ,uv ,Nu ,A W hu-mv s,4,,i34.r, 0. 1... Jn. , -r f-'-vb. .N ..- -fwfr' bv Km ,L""" ,. . . -. , , ff ' " "' ' ' "7 'V 1" 1-:ffl-'-'NF-'"1,,f'.'f. .UV V 1, 1' -, Q , Ag., -- 1, L, '- -L l 4, -- -, -,X A I-,jj .4 L.:-1.x Q, .:'j.g., 'I ., .,1-- -"ii ' 'fiffii' V ..L '. 'i - ks'--',Hg.,,,.f'Q,f'-2 ar.1:'1,.?4. .iZf.ig,.',,'ip-A.'fu: - . Qui f,,EfLf1.L:'f ' if 'Z' J- T-"tg,:'-5.31 ,, ,' . 'f - :SQ ', I Xf'Q99liL2' ' LY' -4. -11. L' , .: ,ZA-, ..- , ' ' n - . " ' ' 8' 5 1 Z-W' ' -., " , '- ' f .- :fn - fp, -1. ,x-.1 Q "1',',.J ,e'f4' F,-1: ' '..:k:.f5y ,.- , 9, ,, Q1 ' -, , - . ' ...,.w., 1 ,,.:-f - ' ' '--"- Gu' -fr, .v-- 3" --11" M, ' f Q "' -'--'-: U' Zz". .v-1""45f f.---1 N - ' , .... - " -'r f " f K ln ' f- -- ,W ., 3.1 if'T--"-'L ' -' f P .f ,,11fi+Li--:'1::"v1?m1 , f v, V' W I ,, . ',, -.- .' - - I " 7Q:'i'L"Y+-W -,. .,. ,:,a.J-4, .b Y. ,L-, .1 ,- M - ,. ., .- ..Q Vw '.+v,w :'1'.. ,,',',-.. X, I, .,vL,,I4 1-vt Xu. Mi, Av- 7, biz., ,:f,..,.,:: ,,..3, yxn,,.:-,,,L7,,1-+ - Gif , '5,,,"g :F ,, ' 1.11 1-"rr min 12 . ' ' ff" Q i V. W-,rx gb' ,IH 4: ',J.,'g3 ', .- -5 -jf! , '-wJ.A.L:..'.i ' ,,, ,V-V .4-4-4-gf. - h - .V ' M , .-.T-. 2, ,,,,i,,. ..'- V.--.tdxxf V It , I , ,. . 1 .A 'W li' M 'J' 1. K .. .f A El-fe 4... -9- .f JA ,, 'L "' 'G -Z. "J , ..u'L"!Zww-UM, ,gk ,Q wwf 'MZDQI 'if-1"kfg, .-f..-. ,A Ei: v"- Ta. fy., wffovig, . :awk 'r11z:3,f'f -Lf " ,gs -5-g,,,"' 'J -4j""'f,.nao- aw- v J gpxmzd 1 M 'V' ... ,Jw . ' , ., -'- M . ' H' , - b. H4.-63573:iffa.-.-1'Q5,.Jf,5,,J:,f53f'w - 1- .,-.., . - A """"!S- -. - - . -1 -. , .1-rw' '1 ,,- 1'-1'I""'F -H2--rn '. Q' -- 1 -- -T' f,21."?5!Sl'Nn ff-vii!-K::.".-ig,f:'.1ix22,..g'., 3--.9'f?f"'15"-7-'-tf:2,j.:',1i" , f H M- L. V ,.--- 'zA,':..-ag,-.,.,g-m1 . I I 4' 1" Sf--J ,. J fg. V ., . g37j'I"ff'2'-,.",1'Q!mlf'1-g.f241f,g,f'- f.:,.':agg---:.g:i.g.f-. f, --. g '?'.i'.4..-lv'-ff. 1, ' 7113- f M ,' 1 ff--L.'j1?pq,. gZLa:': LT". 51:33 JIS.-if1--7v:,:..',":'gg:, 1' NA . .L. ' ' ..,..' , , 11.531 ..,.. .f'f-W.,-.',.... 3-11. -:.,-.,'-f-,..:- .M-:V 1 ,. p-W - ., . , , -.,.-.4-1-3f',g,,1u--.k-3 3'g+9q,.i,-.-V 31,-,.,-.... ,.....-ag..-fri" ,. ,, E-W: 'Q ,,V., , -3 A '7-'i Amr-:IL---WL ,vp ,ffrjj 'A -.1 ,4--+""Tgr:fT'Z. 1.1.5 ' - I A 4 , -----4--y :-' pg- gf' ----1,.,.ff,...1.1 .'.., 7 , . ,, - g , 3"'-ii-l"n7'i,1"f:f' 1':.I?-f' 'A Lff- 171: "'3T-TF'-"f' ' f3---- . A W- ,' 'Q f"1 .f M ,,-Q.,......-..,,. .,.. ,,.,., 5, ,Z - . limi, 'f nl.. -1g,-f-- f,J:.1,,q-,, W,--,5 . ' ' Z! --Q-' , ,"'-f--7-A -'13 " r?:.::'..:'.f':'.:: - - .' LQ-" V , - ' f 4 ' A- "I'f"'f'f-4--vi-J:-f'ff"2" '-fi-Li :fri '---' f-ff , .7" . 3 ,E r.LTk -V A 5' 1 -...,g:g3.. I 'Zi ,!, if-f ' Vw I , L 'J 1.17 iz? -7 '1' 'Qi-' 'A Q ' "' - :L 'ff' gpg" 7, 1 U' V',...,. I MVA ' Q J- ?:.Qp,.. 'Ig fi I' ' Y w ' 7' " 1 5 ..,. nm ..,, . W. -rw! wwum' COMMA DING OFFICER C. F. EMMLFR CAPTAIN CHARLES FREDRICK DEMMLER was born in Hastings-on-Hudson, New York on August 28, 1923. He is a graduate of San Diego State Col- lege. He was commissioned as an Ensign and was designated a Naval Aviator in January of 1945. His initial tour of duty was with Experimental Fighter Squadron TWO HUNDRED, where he re- mained until January of 1947. Following this tour, he served with Fighter Squadron ONE HUNDRED NINETYTTWO aboard USS BOXER and aboard USS PRINCETON. In 1949 he was assigned to the Fleet All Weather Training Unit Atlantic. From 1951 until 1955 he completed tours of duty with Jet Photo Reconnaissance Squadron SIXTY-TWO aboard USS BENNINGTON and with the staff of Commander Naval Air Force Atlantic Fleet. In August of 1955 he began Test Pilot training at the Naval Air Test Center, Patuxent River, Mary- land. Upon completion of Test Pilot School he was a Test Pilot at the Service Test Division of the Naval Air Test Center. During this period he par- ticipated in the early developmental tests of the Navy's first Supersonic aircraft such as the F-8, F- 4D, and F-11. DRED NINETY-THREE aboard USS BON HOMME RICHARD. After attending the Air War College, Maxwell AFB, he commanded Attack Carrier Air Wing TWO aboard USS MIDWAY. After returning to the east coast, Captain Demmler became the Executive Officer of USS FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT in January 1964. n Upon completing this tour, he was assigned to the Atlantic Fleet Amphibious Force as Commanding Officer of USS YANCEY, an Amphibious Assault Cargo Ship. His most recent tour of duty has been as Assistant Chief of Staff for Operation with Com- mander SEVENTH Fleet in the Western Pacific theater. Captain Demmler is entitled to wear the Legion of Merit with Combat Vg the Navy Unit Commendationg the American Campaign Medal, the China Service Medalg National Defense Service Medal with star, the Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal with star, the Order of Vietnam Medalg the Vietnam Service Medal with five stars, and the Vietnam Campaign Medal with device. He is married to the former Miss Clare O'Connor Nfgl I 'fi ri-W9 K CO MA DI G OFFICER JAMES' W. NCE CAPTAIN JAMES WILSON NANCE was born in Monroe, North Carolina, on August 20, 1921. He attended North Carolina State College before enter- ing the U.S. Naval Academy, Annapolis, Maryland, wheremhe was graduated and commissioned Ensign in19 . He served in the Pacific during the last year of World War II on board the battleship USS NORTH CAROLINA and began his flight training in 1945. He continued flight training in 1945. He continued flight training until July 1947, having been designated a Naval Aviator on December 17, 1946. He served with Fighter Squadron NINETY-TWO until December 1949, and then served as a flight instructor for two years. In February 1952 he was assigned to Fighter Squadron THIRTY-FOUR, and three months later to the staff of Commander Car- rier Division Two. In June 1953 he became Opera- tions Officer of Fighter Squadron SIXTY-ONE. From April 1954 to July 1955, on an exchange pro- gram with the Royal Navy, he flew test flights and qualified on all operational aircraft in the British Navy, as well as made the first carrier landing on H.M.S. BULWARK. Back in the United States, he served until July 1957 as a Project Pilot, and made the first carrier land- ing tests of the A3 "Skywarrior" on USS FOR- RESTAL. After graduation from the Naval War College, Newport, Rhode Island, in June 1958, he rennrted as Light Attack Officer with Air Develop- by all Navy light attack aircraft. In July 1960, he assumed command of Attack Squad- ron EIGHTY-THREE, attached to USS FORRES- TAL. In January 1962, he became Air Operations Officer on the USS FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT. From July to September 1963, he had instruction with Attack Carrier Air Wing EIGHT based on board USS FORRESTAL. In December 1964, he was as- signed to the Strategic Plans Division in the Office of the Chief of Naval Operations. He graduated from the National War College, Wash- ington, D. C., in July 1967, with a Master of Arts degree in International Affairs from the George Washington University. The next month, he assumed command of the USS RALEIGH, to the USS FOR- RESTAL to assume command in December 1968. After being relieved by Captain Demmler in Novem- ber 1969, he was assigned to the Strike Warfare Division of the Office of the Chief of Naval Opera- tions and promoted to Rear Admiral. He is entitled to the American Campaign Medal, Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal with silver star, World War II Victory Medal, Navy Occupation Serv- ice Medal with bronze star, and the Philippine Lib- eration Ribbon with star. He is married to the former Miss Mary Lyda Faulk of Cocoa, Florida, and they have four children. His mother is Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Nance, who resides .. -- .... 1 1 1- Ann F ll,...,.+A... C+.-Dar Commander E. T. Wooldridge Jr., was born in Annap- olis, Maryland on October 16, 1928. A graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy, he was commissioned an Ensign in June 1950 and was designated a Naval Aviator in 1952. Following night fighter training in Key West, Florida in January 1953, Ltjg Wooldridge reported for duty to Composite Squadron Four based at the Naval Air Station, Atlantic City, New Jersey. He deployed aboard the USS LAKE CHAMPLAIN, flying the F2H-4 Banshee with the U.S. Sixth Fleet in the Mediterranean. In January 1956, Lt Wooldridge was assigned to the U.S. Navy Test Pilot School at Patu- xent River, Maryland. Upon completion of the course, Lt Wooldridge was assigned to the Radar Branch EXECUTIVE UEEICER E. T. WOOLDRIDGE JR. first F4H-l squadron to join the Atlantic Fleet. Following a tour as Maintenance Officer, and later Operations Officer, of Fighter Squadron 102 deployed aboard the USS ENTERPRISE with the U.S. Sixth Fleet, Lcdr Wooldridge reported to the Staff Com- mander in Chief, U.S. Naval Forces, Europe located in London, England. After a two-year tour as Flag Secretary, Lcdr Wooldridge reported to Fighter Squadron 101 at NAS Key West for refresher train- ing in the F4B Phantom prior to reporting to Fighter Squadron 41 at NAS Oceana for duty as Executive Officer. During a Mediterranean deployment with Fighter Squadron 41 aboard the USS INDEPENDENCE in August 1966, Cdr Wooldridge was ordered to com- rr7o1Egthei5l31ectrt5niesf'TestfDivrisWn'at'.'th'e'sTNava1'Ai'r""rf'Wm'aT1dv1i'glWer'Squadroln f84f-,aboard -the same. ship... jllieit'fGenter..wheref-hefparticipatedi in' test and evalua- Subsequentto isquadrontransitionr'.toithe'i'F4J,,.IPhan-5 EtQit5gj:? ,of"a1l',weatheri fighters prior to their tofnhaircraft, Cdr'Wool, QtheyStaff-f fintr'oQductiQn,tQ'theEleetg.f- TT-,Q.,Q-gf.-A.. . . -.gQa--L-.Q.....gQbi11Q12HdQQf,- t"i Nava.l..LAirgfFQ.r.ce2,U..S.4Atla.ntic,,E1ee111 in November 1967 as Flight Training Officer. A .Jn,-Januaryg.19.59, -Lt,.Wooldridge,re.ported.,to. Fighter year. moi.. staffmdutygwas.e.,f.ol1.o.w.ed2.,by,-Leassignm,ent,. Squadron W101:at'.NAS Key gWestwhere heserved. as in,February USSQYFORRESTAZL 1as., anfuallj .weather flight instructor. and as Training Of- OpeFrations'Officer. during a SixthlgFleetL,dQQl,oyment.?'i ficer for th'e....F3'HtiDemon replacement pilot training He subsequently- became Executive Qfficerf1o'ffUSS5 ipiFogrFaPitilT"TPTT ' it F' ' "MW P T' TT" FOTRRESTAL icnt"Dec'emberf''l'9'69"'cduri'ntg"'fat"1atErc" deployment to the Mediterranean. Fighter Squadron 101. -Detachment AlfaT'w'as Jformekil 'TT' ititt "T " """T "T""'A' '5""A"'c't'tt' at'NAS 'Oceana.'Virginia Beach, Virginia in July 1960 .withfthe assigned tasks of introducing the new F4Hf11 Phantom aircraft to the Fleet. Lcdr Wool- dridge reported aboard as Operations Officer of the detachment and participated in the training of the Cdr' Wooldridge- is married toil theyforme'rMisgsi.Mary 'S Rule of Annapo1is,j Maryland. Mrs.'Woo1dridgeQ pres- ently residesin. Virginia. .Beach with their fourachil-A-1 dren. Cdr Wooldridge's father was Admiral E. T. Wooldridge tRetj of Annapolis, Maryland. f'U"-+ Commander Darrell Francis Kirkpatrick was born in Stinett, Texas, March 4, 1929. He attended Ceda- redge High School, Cedaredge, Colorado and Mesa Junior College, Grand Junction, Colorado. Entering flight training as an Aviation Midshipman in July 1948, he was designated a naval aviator on May 9, 1950. He was commissioned an Ensign in July 1950 while serving with Attack Squadron FIFTEEN. He served theinext three years with Attack Squadron THIRTY-FIVE, including a combat deployment in Korea aboard the USS LEYTE. From July 1953 until December 1955 he was a flight instructor at NAAS Cabiness Field, Texas. He attended General Line School at Monterey, California in 1956, followed I ,wal Air Station. Glenview. EXECUTIVE OFFICER Science degree in International Affairs from George Washington University. Following a short tour in Reconnaissance Attack Squadron THREE he became Executive Officer of Fleet Air Reconnaissance Squadron ONE, Atsugi, Japan until January 1968. He became the first Commanding Officer of Re- connaissance Attack Squadron FOURTEEN during commissioning ceremonies at Sanford, Florida on February 1, 1968. He took command of Recon- naissance Attack Squadron ELEVEN in July 1968 and served aboard the USS KITTY HAWK in South- east Asia until June 1968. Commander Kirkpatrick was Executive Officer of the USS FORRESTAL CCVA-591 from July 1969 to KIRKPA TRICK by CIC School at the N' ' ' -' 1366- . ,ri iii 3 .-tl M rfrr lfl H ealfqrv .JL 72, - .l-'QQ -'E then reported to Heavy Attack Squauion 1 ll1XL,L. io, ' ' ' - B..Slsxw.412rJ,Qr. .an.t1aQvrvQd .samcqvsllt 11 i' .1 1 'rz nuff - 'Q' :wr 'wg' E 5 .M y 1 . ff' W' ' t ,. . . 1 1 .1 N .3 it wp ,.. c-,fiSqua ronsf, EVEN.,and.,-NI, E. g,,.:r'.:4-s. ,QA , , I' gm 'l w.g..firvn.x.:':r,.ff---M ,1,-1---,fmfu z.. -F 4,-...14,. --r . 15. -r..u.u..i-,',,.-:-'--- 1 , f I ,rr-:gag-15'-fryt4,..w---wr..., -.1-...M,,,a.....-f-',.r:',.. 7- , -., 7""k'E"5"" 1' ' ' If M1 ' WIT "rf f 'S' . ' 'J ' ' 1?'i '11 ary-1: 'lJ1'w1"1v-v - f 1' ,' 1-J, , 4 ,YZ ' , r ' f w,s1,J3.4J-if, 1 ,., J ,J August'196'l and was graduated with a Bachelorftof Science degree in August 1963. He was then assigned ell ,ifztuf 'Z,lfii??L?!?3?Zi22Ql3f95El5?S?iifl?2?Gffl?QHiDfiifd5fFR'559i'55l55515E"fPfff55k ,,.,LE'ff'g?ey2EiIf2ifgi jNLEiJii,SlfReadjln'essg,tOf f iceri until I August 1965, to the ,rank of , Commander on Feb- v.,,,..f t .15 iQQ5fy121E32.12g65giici.,12 1a.,...g.1-Q.. ......, - gl..- .1 it .--.1.---. He was a student at the Naval War College at New- port, Rhode Island, from August 1965 to June 1966. While in that assignment he earned a Masters of Luv vvulnu vvvu A- ---f-V.-I . ---.-.c, .W , EQrQr1Qan,,..Qss.u.par.1.O H- lilbbff 952- and .1 he ..,. . . . Y lst .,....,...- ' .lv Z, 3. ,. ,,,.,,,, .vig ..- ,,,. 73,33 ,,fn,,.w-, ...M ., V N.-at 713775 v'-gal A sw. gL31.'Z..ff5"t'7,t ,. .1-..,...u,.....,..,,., .. ,. D,e6o'rati on sf' arefs even, 1QA1i,r.l .'Mfeda,lSlQ-J ?tW0F5Pfil5ljaVyg fav- -,-. Aw- :--,mr ilil Com m'end'ati'o'ns'f th'e"cl6o'r'ecacn'rPireisidentiali iiis U ifit4CTit'a?'Mt ""t""t' tion, and three Navy Commendation Medals, with rConibatif"'Vc' j""f'fififf i ff - -,.- 6 5. , jf' Commandler'-1Kirkpatrickiisfimarriedf to -the I forriieri' I FF Miss -Patricia - McCormick- of-'Provide-nee,--iRho1deed 344-144146-A Island, and they have three children: William, Lee, and Kevin. His official home address is 301 East Crystal Drive, Sanford, Florida. 9 rf- -.Q-x an COM DER CARRIER DIVISIO FOUR GEORGE C. TALLEY JR. Rear Admiral George Clyde Talley Jr., was born in Eastland, Texas, on March 26, 1922, son of George C. and Pearl QAlfordJ Talley. He attended Lawton COkla- homaj,High School and the University of Oklahoma at Norman, prior to entering the U. S. Naval Academy, Annapolis, Maryland, on appointment from the State of Oklahoma in 1940. Graduated "with distinction" with the Class of 1944 on June 9, 1942 taccelerated course due to World War ID, and commissioned Ensign, he subsequently advanced in rank to that of Rear Admiral, to date from August 1, 1968. Following graduation from the Naval Academy in 1943, he was assigned briefly to the Naval Air Opera- tional Training Command, Naval Air Station, Jack- sonville, Florida, and in August joined the USS ARKANSAS CBB-335. He was on board that battle- ship during the invasions of Normandy and Southern France. Detached from the ARKANSAS in October 1944, he had flight training at the Naval Air Station, Ottumwa, Iowa, and in March 1945 reported for further training at, the Naval Air Training Bases, Corpus Christi, Texas. Designated Naval Aviator on October 17, 1945, he had additional instruction at the Naval Air Station, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and from March to May 1946 continued training at the Naval Auxiliary Air Station, Cecil Field, Jack- sonville, Florida. In May 1946 he joined Torpedo Squadron SEVENTY- FIVE and in October that year transferred to Attack Squadron FOUR B. Ordered to the Naval Air Station, FORTY-FOUR. He assumed command- of Attack Squadron THIRTY-FOUR in October 1958 and in March 1960 was detached to serve as Light Jet Attack Standardization Officer on the Staff of Com- mander Carrier Air Group FOUR. From July to September 1960 he attended the Naval Warfare Course at the Naval War College, but did not complete the course because of orders to duty as Operational Planner and L. Attack Specialist on the Joint Strategic Target Planning Staff, headquarters, Offutt Air Force Base, Omaha, Nebraska. He remained there until July 1961, and after refresher training on the Staff of Commander Carrier Air Group FOUR, as- sumed command in October 1961, of Carrier Air Group ONE. During the period January 1963 to June 1965 he headed the Air' Warfare Division and was Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations to Commander Operational Test and Evaluation Force, and the next month as- sumed command of the USS CHILTON QAPA-385. In August 1966 he became Commanding Officer of the USS FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT QCVA-425 and for outstanding services during combat operations in Southeast Asia from August 28 to December 27, 1966, was awarded the Legion of Merit. He headed the Aviation Plans Branch, Office of the Deputy Chief of Naval Operations tAirj, Navy Department, from January 1967 to February 1968, when he re- ported as Assistant Director of the Strategic Plans Division, Office of the Chief of Naval Operations. He assumed duties as er, Carrier Division Command Squadron ELEVEN, based on the USS paign Medal, European-African-Middle Eastern W V' M QC i a combat mis- Campaign Medal, World ar II ict edal h n In that assignment, he completed ' , ff qv as X ,xx COMMANDER CARRIER DIVISIO F0 UR WILLIA REAR ADMIRAL WILLIAM HIRAM HOUSE was born in Paris, Texas, July 9, 1916. He was grad- uated from the Naval Academy and commissioned Ensign on June 6, 1940. Upon graduation, he was assigned to the heavy cruiser USS NORTHHAMPTON until October 1942, then reported to the Naval Air Training Command for flight training. From January 1944 to January 1945, he was Executive Officer of Torpedo Squadron FOURTEEN in USS WASP QCVA-181. He was there- after assigned to the staff of Commander Carrier Division TWO. In June 1946 he returned to the U.S. Naval Academy as an instructor in the Department of Electrical Engineering, with additional duty in the Department of Aviation. From September 1948 to January 1950 he was Commanding Officer of Attack Squadron 115. Upon leaving that command, he re- ported to Commander Air Force, Pacific Fleet for duty as Aide and Flag Lieutenant. In 1953 and 1954 he was on duty in the Office of the Chief of Naval Operations, serving in the Fleet Readiness Division. In 1955 he assumed command of Carrier Air Group ELEVEN in USS ESSEX fCVS-95, leaving that com- mand in 1957 to report for duty as Executive Cxficfebwg mg-gg 55, ,4e, .g V, P JITCHARD QCVAT-3DTIn Sep- HOUSE tember 1958 he reported again to the Office of the Chief of Naval Operations for duty in the Air War- fare Division and subsequently in the Aviation Plans Division, where he remained until August 1960 at which time he reported to the National War College for duty under instruction. Upon leaving the War College he reported to the staff of Commander Carrier Division THREE as Operations Officer. In December 1962 he assumed command of the USS KENNEBEC CAO-365 of the Service Force, Pacific Fleet. InwMwarch41964 he took command of the USS ORISKANY QCVA-341, and up- on leaving that attack carrier in March 1965, he re- ported to the staff of Commander Carrier Divisiof NINE as Chief of Staff. InAugust 1966, he reported to the staff of Commander First Fleet as Chief of Staff and remained in that assignment until Novem- ber 1967. On detachment he was promoted to the rank of Rear Admiral and reported as Deputy Com- mander, U.S. Naval Forces Vietnam. He departed Vietnam in February, 1969 and assumed command ofCarrier Division FOUR in March 1969. Rear Admiral House is married to the former Miss .BQtty.-.LQL1.-..ISQh6y.-QL.Mf1rn2n.,--.ArtzQL..H.e,has.LmurL children-three sons and one daughter. Xl -A- Hut CHIEF 014' STAFF A. ACKEY CAPTAIN WILLIAM A. MACKEY, Chief of Staff, reported to COMCARDIV FOUR on 30 May 1969 onboard the USS INDEPENDENCE QCVA-621. His pre- vious assignment was as Commanding Officer of USS OKINAWA CLPH-35. Captain Mackey was born on 21 February 1924 in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, where his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Parker Mackey still reside. He graduated from Tus- caloosa High School and attended the Citadel, in Charleston, S.C. prior to World War II. Subsequently, while still on active duty, he attended Georgia Tech, in Atlanta, Georgia, and Washington University, in St. Louis, Missouri, graduating from the latter with a B.S. Degree. Entering the Navy in May 1942 as an Aviation Cadet, Captain Mackey re- ceived his Naval Aviator's Wings and was commissioned an Ensign in Corpus Christi, Texas in June 1943. He joined USS WAKE ISLAND in September 1943 as a fighter pilot with Squadron VC-69, remaining with this squadron until March 1945, serving also aboard the carriers USS BOGUE, USS MISSION BAY, and USS GUADALCANAL. From April 1945 until March 1948, he was attached to USS MIDWAY as a pilot with Fighter Squadrons VF-74 and VF-18. From April 1948 until July 1950, Captain Mackey served as a flight instructor at Pensacola, Florida. He next was assigned as a pilot in Squadron VF-51 aboard USS ESSEX from December 1950 until May 1952. During this period, he was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for extraordinary achievement in aerial flight as a Flight Leader of Jet Fighters, flying the F9F Panther, during operations against enemy aggressor forces in Korea. From August 1952 until December 1953, Captain Mackey attended Georgia Tech under a Navy College Training Program and then the Navy Line School at Monterey, California, from March until September 1954. He was next assigned as Communications Officer aboard USS MEDWAY and USS LEXINGTON from December 1954, until September 1956. In February 1957, Captain Mackey as- sumed command of Squadron VF-114, aboard USS SHANGRI-LA, where he re- mained until November 1958. Next he reported to the Bureau of Naval Weapons Representatives Office at McDonnell Aircraft Corporation in St. Louis as F4H Weapon System Project Officer. Here he became one of the Navy's first pilots to fly the Phantom II Aircraft. Following this, Captain Mackey under- went training with Air Group TWELVE in the A4D and F4H before assuming command of Carrier Air Group NINE. While serving as Commander Carrier fhC'i'd6PTQY5d,f1O1i. the 1WVCSfC,rI1 P21CifiC ab02lf5f USS R7-TNG ft6QUSSe LEXINGTON in April 1963, as Executive 1l'l ..'.l "l. 'S V I I 2 I . " -6111... - U , 1' .' .' -' ,- ,, J- ' ' . V .... In 1964 Captain Macke became the Nav Pro rams Officer, F-111B Aircraft Y Y S 1 up ,G.e.negal7Dy43amwicsfi,n,Eo.r1TWo.rth,-Texas,vwherewhe-remgainedguntil .Septemb er ll.959L,.g2.g1QQi?j'iig'lfgth'iS'ipieriod.Ihegjbecamefone-'of the first ten pilots to fly the F-111. l7IQ?T2isstuinFed1frcommand-o'f,USS- SKAGIT in December 1966 and was deployed to iliiiiilifllllf-E2s,t1erl1lEjPacif'ic.gaboardfherr.from June-November. 1967. From 23 February il'968T'tO i2'T5Fcbruary l'969'l'ie was C0mma1Tdi17g'O'fTiU':T6 f'USS'O'KI'NAWAMfAEPH1 39. 7CaptainMackey has the Legion Of Merit, Distinguished Flying Cross, five Air .lVICClal'S,f Presidential Unit Citation, Navy Unit Commendation and Navy Letter Af-Gommendation-Ceombaty.-iw..--A 1--4+-M Aggg -AA-4-was 4--1-444-4 -4 -Hefis-emarriedrtofthe eformereeSueWWarrenPeJemison,ealso of Tusca1oosarThey have 'two sons, EnsigniWilliam A., Jr., USN, C22J, Midshipman Robert Jemison C201 now attending the United States Naval Academy, -and .one daughter, Sue -.Vll3IIS11.Ql.Wh9EIlEH9.5..GI.Q1?.bY H1gh.SQ11QO1.1nNQff0lk..V1rs1H1a- - L. fmmfsm ans READY Flight deck crew readies F4 Phantom. A A LOT CAN HA PPE is-rewif Yard workers work on No. 1 CaTapulT Track. BEFORE i i i Cargo is onloaded ai Pier 12 a few days before The cruise begins. APR 30 - DEC I, 1969 THE WH I TE GLOVE COMFAIRJAX inspects Firsi Adrnin. Division during 17 - 1: 5 ll IJ A- 4 I 4 5 2 i milf 14 ,2'2.:QL21'L?5KiHL!'.!i Quill ,J .K 1 5 I 5 5 ! , 5 Portsmouth "One to do The work, one 'ro hold the 'rooIs, one 'raking a short break, and one To supervise." BEA UCOUP WURK. BEA UCOUP SWEAT. gy, My .X -t , VTf,S'Sa?1f.?,. 'XWQN . K i 455-' 9 5+ i , Xl rv: I ri A R fl FIRE! FIRE! FIRE IN COMPARTMENT . . .! And on the night of 13 July we had a fire in the aircraft tire locker. We all realized that this was seri- ous, and when it was over we were sorry - yet thankful - that only eight FORRESTAL men were in- jured. It might have been worse... As we raced into action, our thoughts raced back to July 1967, but we didn't falter in our efforts and we were well directed. We worked all night, but the fire had to be put out and we did everything to keep it contained. Twelve hours after it was first reported, it was over. Now we faced yard work for the ship to recover...but not until after we had recovered ourselves. BELIEVERS if f Vi "WOW! ! !" "W . ho ever heard of a swinging Truck? ll ,..,, , M. ,,,,.N... Wk X , - ' ' ,Li 'A' 5- ' -- ,, fm ,M Wu, nil! gnu!! null! gun! ,pail mason man-nl! ,,-ng gall guns!! gun! quill :null w ff 'fee we "-Xe' -A 31 dw! ,mlm 1-unllnmnunpssuvpupnlqgmnnm ya, - HFORR mn, 33 unuwgpnngualguungusw: I .wiv E A I- I U I I a e 1 1 num' -'f..,,.,"'-,.,,. ,,',',,...",," ,,,' ,, ' f',,'h..,X.,F, ,.,. '.. i' ,, ,, a ,., 6 . 1 ,,,,,, ' H.. V , I A , ,eee fe M MWMWM, M, eee,I I , e I W, MM, E ML-1 QUIT' FQRRESTAI. left Norfolk Naval Ship- yard in Portsmouth July 31st after a S4 million overhaul. A new fresh water system was installed . . . half the air-con- ditioning units were re-worked . . . four new fiberglas boats were brought aboard to replace some old wooden ones, and the five old ones were overhauled . . . new blades were in- stalled in turbines . . . brickwork in boilers was renewed . . . number one cat- apult track over- hauled . . . gyroes and a generator worked on . . . a new low - pressure air compressor was obtained. Weather decks were chipped and painted, chipped and painted, chipped and painted . . . the hang- ar deck and flight deck were re-sur- faced with non- skid . . . new railings were added . . . new cleats welded on. The clinking, clang- ing, screeching noises of industry sur- rounded us . . . we were not sorry to leave, but much had been accomplished. Now the ship is ready. But the men must be ready too . . . ,.,..-..... ff.-..,,.,,..V..g,-AV. V., V . X r h 1 vw. Aw mv nr- in 5 A REFRESHER TRAINING GUANTANAMO, CUBA Under the operational control of Fleet Training Group, FOR- RESTAL operated in the vicinity of Guantanamo Naval Base, Cuba - known familiarly as "Gitmo," - for several weeks of extensive training. Sweat was the order of the day. Except for an occasional holiday routine, the fare was generally un- derway in the morning, operate- all-day, back-at-night. The above picture, of the Fleet Training Group arriving one morn- ing is deceptive . . . While the FTG rode us in an informal tropical khaki uniform, we donned battle dress for one general quarters af- ter another . . . heads and hands were the only exposed areas of our bodies . . . The ship's laundry did a lot of business . . .v We were refreshed on how to make the ship as watertight as possible, how to cope with torpedo and rocket hits, what to do in case of various mechanical and electrical failures, how to make precision anchorages, how expeditiously to launch, fight and recover aircraft, and how to defend ourselves against a nuclear burst. The ship's Damage Control As- sistant, Lt PATRICK, was the locus of all the sweat . . . and he made us trim the fat . . . repair lockers went from poor to fair to good to excellent to outstanding . . . Ashore there was tennis and golf and swimming and bowling and div- ing and horse-back riding and drinking . . . Just about everything you could ask for. Just about. There were not too many single girls. Dependents came aboard To wafch us do our Thing Nwx. xxx xx X V.l55W.K'fWYW..i1wY4fw,1f:U nz Zi: It was either him or me.. " "I got to thinkin' about who was bigge " The whale. Man, with these Things you can see all the way to Norfolkl' 1 Eflf 71,14 - A '7'Q. - W . ,.- ,.-ff SFT. bl, , f.a,"j?, iflfri . V Mvyk . ff' -fxmgf , mm, rx , . - x X ...X - - On the way back from Gitmo, we passed Through the Roosevelt Roads tiring range oft Puerto Rico to test the ship's missile battery. For Point Defense it was the mo- ment of the year. Would the sys- tem tire? Would the missile hit target? lttired. Ithit. . . , .,..Y...,.,,,U,... , .,-,q--X--'V'-ef .4 r--.rmv-"-'N Back in U.S. waters We are found to he Uperationally . f J 5 . v in 1 I v v U F 9 Af 'mkwfwf' .pencil I Q Q' V- Xin The basic question was, Could we do what we were supposed to be able to do - what we had sweated so hard in Gitmo for? Could we fight the ship and its aircraft? For FORRESTAL, the Operational Readiness Inspection, or ORI, was put up or shut up. So we put up. Again, we went to general quarters at all hours of the day and night, we stood watches four-hours-on-eight-off, we launched, flew, intercepted, fought, re- fueled, recovered and re-spotted air- planes. We evaded simulated torpedoes, fought simulated fires, and simulated surviving a simulated nuclear attack. We refueled and replenished, and re- covered a simulated man overboard. We checked our communications capa- bilities. answer - yes. A.. , ,I f 'I '1 , v 1 I r f E i .U l up ' !m.,.iA- V Dz'vz'sz'0n Memoranda T iekler files Personnel z es Yeonfzan where are you? PM SPM I nslrucl r I2 1 ' Zi V F r 54. I4 in 1 il . H 55 ll il! W1 I . 3 W I , n J 2 r .if I I I Admlnlstratwely SPMS Watch, Quarter and Station Bi!! 5? ions Training Report i ' tg " L 1 61-:win 1' t X t 2 wmv, -n my 5 A 2 ,4.h,..-1...f, 6 - .W:,,,.,, rx x 'f"tft':,:fMt 1 12 I t 3 E if I 4 Notices File 13 39 maiZL L -lr 4. L and Sarturially Dz'vz'sz'0n, Ten-hut! H and salute! Ready, Iwo! N0 unauthorized abserzlees, Sir! KI h0pe!Q 'fReady for your inspee- hon, slr. 'Tc I I Q Z-, , Z A W f Q Seeing a face reflected in The spitshined shoes 'l--I Ready te ge. Se after we eelehrate I the Holidays . . X X X X X X X f X f f 7 ff' W "J f qw U V, f V, , ,f f X 0ff,f!,w f f f N N f 'fm 2126 ff Y -- ---V .--- .,.,x-..., .,,,- :M V,..,.. ..,,,:.,. Y - L "'jfQC:'1:,- 4- " 'rr' I 'l .X K -kyuk-1- -.J l ? I S .!.ha, . The turkeys were in platoon formation and were dressed Q right - what else would you expect to find? l ll "lt sure looks pretty good!" ,...., ,. ..,...-,- . ,u, W v ' -'-'-- -f-- i ,...,....h.-.-,...,,i......,......--.,,x ijt 5 1 I , We pack up 1 'Ns 0'-Lg:-.1- -snr-y-Htl , 1 E i 1 1 ,, ,. ..., . ...,-i..fW,.WM.,ff M.,f,,,...TT7 1-l-1-'-+1 522' "DAidn'l Think we would get all that stuff on board in lime 'ro leave . . . but il looks likewewillmakeilaflerallf' Food. . . Fuel. . Weapons. Bill farewell ,. D J I ,. 3,0-1 rrvrvvrff J ' I M ,, - P' Who said that parting was sweet sorrow? " ust keep those letters coming! - Beard FURRE T L For the 1969-70 Mediterranean Cruise . I M , FURRESTAL is not just an80,000-ton floating hunk of steel lt's. .. P W ass go, collecl Two hundred dollars, do whatever you want. Here, lake Board alk. Havea ball! f All 543 1 5521 r ,fy ' " 'BT' 'H'- "'i""-- . , -Y U- -, f -' - ---"---.Lf J W ,X 4-fx "'We fake fhe information from fhe DWS and feed if fo fhe UAC. Then if goes fhrough fhe collafor and is finally reflecfed in fhe Sfereo comparison viewer, which we call fhe O88 for shorf. Are fhere any ofher quesfions, sir?" Time off is valuable. W W WWW. W Q-if 14' ,, fri " W' W ff ,pw ff MDL Ly.. , 4 W .J 1 ff V, fn A Khin av ly W I I 2'--:V--1--A M --I. .,-5 .-rw-17-1-1 g--f-.-5,1 ,:.34--f.,g:.-5a:- - - I A- V M. I I , I I I, I I 'I I I ,. 'I I I I. X, I I I 4 I I II I Il I I MI i , I I II , I I ......,......-.4.. ., ,.,,, Y - , -kv-,...:,.. ....,,......,..-- T..-I '-4.,. '..g. ....,.. ' 4,-J .U - -..... xx N F X' X L Nm Q ix . .y-1 ,..- ,, 12-"' V..--it If-,. .4-mug.. Q I I E T' I V W V s I I" '5I : ' I I T ESTPSIG I I 50 PSIG ' O . MTF' ,NTMT A 'SMDESUPERHEATER - BILGE STEAM I . ' STEAM SMOTHERING I, so PSIG coNsT. STM. ST EAM ld X l . ---- 'E LUEE OIL I P4 TO BURNER 50P5'G'NTMT- PURIFIE .HOSE CONN.. -N. P1 CLEANING BENCH STEAM HEATER I T0 MAIN r , 7 ,Q 7 A I? 7154 - x iff?" ,I "' 'f 4 -. .. - , Al R - . .4-Qin 'N I I ..i 4 4 - 1 .N F. O. TANK I EJ ECTOR . " , 5:1 NA' HTG. COILS A T W "" SUPHTR. . Baia ' . ri v 600' 150 l5SlG Boll-QR ZERIT' i f V . - 1 4 - F A ' 1 - sol LER - . , A, N , ,vim N A 150'100 P5' F P1 P1 RI,Q?a- n:- ' f V. .',,"N"5 E TO AUX. Q E m rs:-QA L I , H Fi?ff'1 'i I EXHAUST. I v TO DISTILWEINZS A - R' ,-, , , - ' v I ,L W I Eg A N PLANT PU T ' I A BLR. CASING STM.SMOTH.- II N 4 AIR EAJECTCR R T' STM' I .-1. - 156-70 RICE I- r III V V :4 ' ' I I - ' - A - ------A -- I E A ' - Abd v'b4pb1 51 SHORESU I F - v . ' , A . CROSSOVE II ' I' "' I' A . " TO FOR v A 'T A F 4 I Z !- ,WA A 1 E 1 N, P4 pv4 P1 PLANT' I A ' - I 3 130 150 P516 5 r 4 D- I? ' I TO TURBO- -QE V4 " . GENERATOR Q ',, Q.-. -. , -.I-"'-" ni . I EJECTORS 0 F 0 A "Q AIA.-If :I A ST EAM. . 020 4 I' 5' N W 'DIESUP ER EATEP1 ' - P TO FUEL OIL TANK . '. . -..A 0,00 PNG so Pslo INTMT. STEAM JDAELCVKE FSRTOgV'Au-PiFfi:g'- HEATING COILS v, ,im I I LAUNDRY 50'PSIG CONSTANT STEAM , FUEL 0 , I I 51-EAM BILGE AND F.0. STRIPPING PUMP I LIEA-I-ED "N f N . 2 R 9 w m I ... '-"" - PRF -zoo nEEM5mIIzI ' -- J2 gin e.avL N I ' . " DCLEVEQ. i5-0V ""'-OVW RB I - PEA. 1 K? Havoc NN- fREPEATS 820 I -L "' Ol -L uz ua I 5.8V, I'-I-4V F I CBT 02 93 OSCILLATOR C4 AMPLIFIER cs AMPLIFIER I "' ' STO I5T0 Igopf J, C6 CIS. I A sm 'WF SOPF 'OW C9 l .OEJF .05UF ggn Isoo' I I RI A .05UF I 1: R3 1: R4 1: R5 RIZ gzso ,- I I20II ' cs R5 RI2 PRF-200nSEC -'ISK -'2.2K .-aan IOK I I ' I A 9' 'cm R2 ZZOPF ISK 'IG 210 ' I Rav --Ir 05 N91 I GSW 82 PF 5' 4' , lic uv .ooI UF Q2 580 I O ' -.L OI 9-o IMc I . RII CM I Rl OSIUP AMPLIFIER OSCILLATOR T- -- 2a.5v I hoov 'OK IIEIIII ' 'K ' I ZLL . WP cz . ' . +zsvIIc ' soo RRF-luSECIImHzI I ' + IOVDO ll ' ' 1: SK I I 06 , " I RIO CIO I - RI? III8 ZN2907 :I ' 4.III W .00IUF , I2K Ian AMPLIFIER I .:R24 . A.-.. , 5,9K ' PM I 5Mc INPUT PRS 9' ' ,, : C4 PR9 RIM 'X -1-?"ov I ,----o----1 ,TMUF E:I,5II 'HI' I.ov I I RN . I A5 ASSEMBLY I ' -L I I RB 4.1K Rm E NOTE 4 RBI? I I PRF '- I USED 4 5 I gg 'FW I.zMEc I i20HMS : ' ' I . CI2 - I I uur AGXN I I I , , . , 4 fNOTE4 xx 01 WW? OI I I 3 Raw 5 wx 04 0 zggsv 0-+92 I nc AMPLIFIER I I A 'OMC OUTPUT 4XPl0J2 fwvf ESA DIFFERENTIAL R 5 R20 ,AMPLlFIER,R2I I MH'550'I --1" A X AMPLIFIER '9 - Kzg :E K I-----EL----I I I X RR IOK I0 A -2-2 I V s o I fl, . I -- ..- -- -- -- A I ' -L I - - wang ' I,55vfbI I 0-----, -1 I -- -- -- -- -- - , I P10 IL- I T I' ! f'1 8 5 -I I PRF'200nSf I ,403 ZUI I N ---Ir - QAT-- -I 5 +2OVDG 0--- 0,lV I I I . - PRF-zoonsEc --5--I.5V PRF-wo 555'- I rzavnc --A-6.BV R35 HL My Q-I-My Im Z-2IJmV R42 0 I ' 3 -QLPRF-2oonsEc A 690 4.Iv'Ii REPEITS f'2.2K Pnglloonsm R20 I - I - 1 " ' 5 - I, N N N Eh , --I - T L , L Q' css - XX X X X.. fx Q ,, ' W wX X 5' fi X Q S WS ,X Q N iw 1 W YV Q?'x x7 X X XE: I V! H12 VX A f X' - J , 7 f W M f :IC ,.,..f-:lZ..,, ,,,, :IT ii-1 1- HSTI F ,TC Th i 1 I I , 1 2+ 1: , I I L I L. . 2 - L 'E 1: !wJ2 Q. P 3- 1, , I, E 1 Q V I E ,. , X X ,M Qs - N 1 PHT "'A ' ,, Mfg A ' Q f fgx, ' 1 wc, X' 'M . X ff 1 f, M , X , Q .f 7, V, ,, , If w fm-551 H ' , 01,425 fl WW , gyvwpf X f I ,M V M ff I , W, , ,, 1 -1 x. 'M , if 9 v X-A-X - 4 E S-iif X' S x Q M5 . : if - f s ,X . X A fx is - 1 K W' . Y XLY 'X Q. T i ,gjq x 1 QQXQXRERQN 1 bf A Ng? 5 ww . X -,-Rig wx - Q X45 ,ni 0, 4 Q k -- , X fgvi -hXuX4T,xQ. xx W A X -XQwsf:Twki Sky -kfxf wgwr Q X ,gNi X Q f X.fx3X11s1iX - . fx Ymgigx -ixx X Sw x-X 1 . ,Nw Wwgm K-XXL - 'X X X x XX.-A xkigx f R x WFOR .. , Q -,, , f s' ' ' .....-......,,L.u....,..-f-.-....,3,.,...........,g ..,v:.........,..,.......1,Y,.,.,.,im..:.,,.1..M fr We W 4 Q! f f , l i lg 'r V 12 -mr " " , fl 2 III a ff 345 A ,, 4' , w J S x-, , Qi 1 I, ,I x IS fu Z, V N ,, 1 U 'N 1 li , '5 Q1 i Q 2 il 1 J 1 I , 1 I 5 il M' w Y. is sz 3' A3 '52 :Ex W I , a s N r E 1 , 1 12 I I :5 I, u f, 5: 1 ga 1 o V Y I E 1 I .. . In joint efforts Major Evolutions nre s .Jw Just as a man, in order to survive, must have food, water, air and protection, a ship, in order to carry out its mission, requires fuel, weapons and hardware reserves in addition to what its personnel need as human requirements. The food, fuel, weapons and hardware supplies must be constantly renewed from outside. So every few days FORRESTAL finds itself alongside e less than two hundred feet away from - an oiler QAGJ, an ammunition ship CAEJ, a stores-carrying ship CAF or AFSJ, or a cargo ship QAKJ. The evolution of underway replenishment may last anywhere from one to five or six hours. The Deck Department sets up all the rigs and ensures they are sound for transfer through- out, with each division usually manning one replenishment station. Engineering and aviation fuels personnel also man up during refuelings, when jet fuel UPSJ is always taken on as well as black oil, or Navy Standard Fuel Oil QNSFOJ at a rate of 2,000 gallons per min- ute at each station. When ammunition is transferred, Weapons Department mans trolleys and bomb carts to handle the ammo from when it -comes on deck until it is stored safely in the magazines. When general stores come aboard, Supply Department checks on what and how much is com- ing over, and then transfers the cargo by forklift and conveyor to storerooms. FORRESTAL is also itself an oiler and must re-fuel destroyers in company twhen there is no AO availablej when their fuel reserve hits a specified minimum. ,,.,,w - gw rs 3 Brmgnng over a le'r engine 1 1 . . ... ..,. .... ......-4-.. -.-- ....x..:.......,..4...........1l-..-4-.:...-.l.......... Www -f"""'n 'UM A FRYEE?SMfM 2-- -"lUsnm...,,,w, iii. 'FAT ff nu-gf, Mc' GENERA L Q AR TERS irz order to be ready w W r 1 Y 75 M "E 55 w W5 1. xl i Va 5 15. i A il r Wy 1' r H1 -'I ,M 5 gr L Ii ? V915 i Ty I 7 6 war----rv-gag:-zgf.. .... , ww- - -V" f -- ' :T"'7 - ' 'N -"T "X" ' 3-7:"'H'FYi:f'l'5QD4'!'ff'-fiS4'n'5f'!f-,f"'1'if-f4Wf'2'Kl1'1'!E1!'?'1'f-2:!'L'!!f'i!a ' F-1 .QQ-7. THE WATCH 5 M ,ga,,m40nu1,,f the eternal evolution Like the constant sweep of hands on a clock, from min- ute to minute, adding hour to hour, the watch continues unceasingly. At sea or in port, at home or on deploy- ment, someone must always be there to answer any situation that arises, to insure that all will be well, and that the ship remains the safe haven of the men who sail in her. The ocean is alien, often cruel, and seem- ingly infinite in distance and depth. For the sailor on the sea the final security is his mothership, and ulti- mately the ship can only be as secure as the sailor is vigilant. 1- Mg F. 1. rm D-. -.,, -1,44 -ps: -+-z1gw,X,-9,497 5. X V 13 ' :M 5,3 INSPECTIONS .1 -. Ye A I K - S , 1-fi, 5 in Q E, L NX , E A V3.1 fm , 7 - , ' ,115 ew ,, ,M ........ -1 f' L y ,..,. ..,, f i ,fi T 'F 5? f7Xf!f YH' M fm!! ffl! jg!! jflrf Q f L wx A ,LA 5 U4 4 gg 4 pg? -Y FLIGHT oPs IS MANY DIFFERENT FACES DOING THE MANY DIFFERENT Joss INVOLVED IN FLIGHT QUARTERS L. f 983 ,k ,gm ,M -ET-, ,Wi YV H W' W ...,-.f-. - .,f:::-- ,,,U.4.,.,,, ir. ..4....-,....Y.,. --V- ' ' T W' ' ' JMD' , MW... , -Y - ,5,l,,. I 1 FLIGHT OPS IS THE HUSTLE TO BE READY ON TIME I I Q W X l FLIGHT OPS IS LINING UP BIRDS ON 'ITHECAT AND SENDING THEM OFF 1 fwfr ff! , f I , 14, ,,, 'fn 4 z 99 .., ..,. ,... V X f-- V :fm .- lf , , yy, M pf asffwg? 0,10 W 1V1VV:,'-:Vw-31-3' ap'-of-'Vf4Vz?9 N iw--fffzfsfif' ,f, f'?wQ QWHQQM' 32wfB96?w 4 f -V ,iff fini? f" Vjryn, 4, f uf ,-gf,-4 ffJ,,f.fgP?1,N f ff Q2 V gaf f ' 7 5 f J ,wwf N-, i .,.. T. .,...,..,,, 'Vwsiwgffa Aa rffs.. gif, 6 U A W A V I V W l 4 x W F A A gQ?1r ,9: ,,y 4 fm z A4 24 'if 'W f- 'M 1 ww f, W5 1 wggefjg Amy 541,565 V., A gg 14581, W V new 4.,.-1. -Q -A VV , - .14 -V A , ,. ., . 1341.-.,f,-,gfVmmqat-1-.-V'.fi,,Vf,V:1Vq,.-wg, 52951729 315551, 95? .,,,. . 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I I III I II I' I 94 SIIQ I VIPS ARRIVING lui Ill", lflll' , fllllllf 101011100 fllllllllf 1110101 1 flllllll:::l wax PCNO Admiral E.R. Zumwalt, Jr., USN ! l ,111-.1 While on board Admiral Zumwalt talked to the men and heard their opinions of the Navy. Above, Admiral Zumwalt is interviewed by JOSN J.D. Wingard and LTQgj P.C. Bishop during a special interview on WFOR Television. Below, Admiral Zumwalt discusses retention problems with BTC Nordrnm of Career Counselling. , Mwri i , A ,,.,V I ,, Y, fr X . , ZZ' hzuzw ft, ' 'v I .L -.sw 1, ,aff L , ,, , W, , 7 ,V , . "f, Vw, K,-,, f- -3 " ' J 1'25Z:f:VfQXW' - N, ,.f"' f ' if-f V'n,"3' ,S 9 xnxx X.. w A 1 5 .f i, lx f ' f 'mfg f l . D 'Q fy? Z1 . f .V Uv' I ' ' kyfko EES? f,! , f 4 N' .NN wx .5 f -. Q G ' X 'A ' P ,Jn 0 , jfz ax? 1 H4 .4 f ,. , fum , Wqymw ' WMM, . ,,,.,..,,,,,M. 7 f' v7'Z21?p4yiL11 5 gi . . , ,K hifi ' 'we , ,M f: QM' S' 5. xmgif . A f-ws. A 7 .QQw,MJz ..., iwvmlf ,y N Y 25 . '-'Y f -3 L 9 0 0 0 9 Q , Q 9 . 1 nan.. f xx 9 Q V N ' X . . , 'X Q A Y S f 'I Z sz?-M .. 5 Xw- X1 - f af MQ, 5.9329 F 3 .. . W, Af ,X , 4- .. ,,,,.f-f' A W, fypdiw-iff? "fi sg? 1k?h5 yvwi- 'EQE35 l 1 1 ..- .41 A. .-. ..,, 1 Ln Eva Lili' Fl 'H I I ' l l l l l 4 3 Easter Sunday, 16 senators and con- gressmen and their families visited FORRESTAL. Their visit consisted of Easter services in Hangar Bay 541, brunch in the wardroom, a televised question and answer session, and a tour of the ship. Top right, Sen. and Mrs. Birch Bahy QD-Ind.j3 bottom, CL to RJ Capt. William A. Mackey, Chief of Staff, COMCARDIVFOUR, Sen. Strom Thurmond CR-S.C.j and Lcdr. John Taylor on a tour of the ship. Op- posite page, Adm. House and Capt. Demmler greet Sen. Charles Percy CR-Ill.j, top, and Sen. B. Everett Jor- dan CD-N.C.j, bottom. -..,-.3 wwf 11:-Q. ya f:.n-11:55. 5, :rf-3-. ,e-1 f Q- 1 4 asf QM ,, v W , 1"""'1""' --'f'-f- -'--N:-A " ' - a ' : -1 ,.fxa:f-,-.-.Uuf-if W Q-r-ffV1-'f'z':'u-5-yrs-5:gn,-es:-P-:'f5-ivflrfefa-Q-4--Q.: Q:1.:..,v,.,1s.,,-....,t1:fi-.:..........m--x. -- 100 While FORRESTAL was in Athens, motion picture star Telly Savalas and his wife, col. left, were among the visitors who came aboard for a tour of the ship. The comely lass you see in the above pic- ture is Rosemary Joyce, Miss New York, and her state's entry in the Miss America Contest who came by to visit while we were in Cannes. -- '-- '--'- - ---'-1--W '- --a n--1------M '-..-41 ' , . , ,N 4-.....-P ' '- . , ....... , . ---..:..:.2.f.r2-,L 1.2.1 i., fC-..L..N:-,...-,....--,-... .no,4:,:x.,,:,w.--f-. PRoJECT HANDCLASP Project Handclasp is a Navy sponsored program aimed at extending the hand of friendship to needy peo- ple and institutions throughout the Mediterranean. Prior to deployment, FGRRESTAL took on several tons of "Handclasp" material donated by American firms for distribution in our many ports of call. The variety of donated items reads like a shopping list: toys, games, clothing and shoes, sporting goods, candy, books, dolls, vitamins, and medical supplies. On arrival in a new port Project Handclasp per- sonnel make contact with the local Defense Attache or U.S. Information Service Office and determine what organizations are most in need of assistance. There is never a shortage of hospitals, orphanages, homes for the aged, or schools than can use a helping hand. Nor is there a shortage of sailors and ma- rines volunteering to serve on their liberty days to make the program a success."The smiling faces of Spanish, Italian, Greek, or Maltese young and old are the best expression we have that while we entered port as strangers we would be leaving as friends, and the most eloquent expression of our success. 101 . -,. ,- . ,. -...,.,.,.,. ..-iff.,-f.: fu... ff, ' - -N, - ':f'1-:'-v'- ..-2-R---V----1-'-----M Y - 1.1z+-gf.:-..r,. aw , W , ,- , I BOXING SMOKER l I 1 S ,Mm f f- ' , W .iff 1. ff ,mm by 'ZS ,W 102 103 104 liberty Call l' EIIIIIBS 1 N 106 !.es Maiorettes de la Joyeuse Un lon entertained the Troops . . X 3 , f .-ff . J W. 'ff I V I. f ' X K7 W ,fagmw . f W A V fjvwyeshff-few' ,je f r M fx 'yf ,V W' sew! A f fi! ff ff . 7 7f!,M xW f, 4 , ewayns, , V 'W A f , Q 14' ff Ma ' V-iff ,Z Fun in the December Sun 107 108 4-".'--f-1-'1:":r 5,-r--w nf'-ggxvqg-5- -ww-rg -,gvgw rggzgng-tnfr.,-q-Q ,J rag.-.-v-:-Y.fN..,-fx,--..x-A-F. 1 . .. . .. . . 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Under British dominion in the nineteenth century, it developed as an important naval base. During World War II, it was the target of 1200 air raids - more than any other area its size., Since l964, Malta has been an independent nation within the British Commonwealth. Its predominantly Roman Catholic population is 330,000, and a lot of them -like to remind you of the time the Maltese withstood the great Turkish siege in 1565. The native language is Maltese, but it's almost im- possible to find somebody who cannot speak English. And if Manhattan looks forbiddingly metallic to you, better stay away from Malta. It,s made of limestone. l 114 ' 115 116 VF-74 Throws a beIaTed Christmas party for Maliese orphans 118 wr v"VVV-VV .V12 'HM gfinwm fi V5 'PSV V V 1 4 .,V,,f V em, V F jwrgf V V553 uma .13 V M, V V VV, J Qqxa j" V2 7 !,V,?fjf-'vV V34 I IV M V as mln, an 1 V JJ-11 ' -VVZPVVV Vw, V, 1115 1 'VV m Y V Y V M VV 84 V V Y V 117 Vu V 7 VV' V NU, V VV, VVV V an V VV, V V ,V Z' V V Sm MVK 'V V V ,V V ,qv S lv" KV VW' VV 1 V VV N ,V,,,VV , 1 VMW -an f VJ V7 ,nw 'J ' V V 'V V wqgnfgv V ffl A Vw F' .Ar LZ at ifkgiwg Vw? A 75351, wifi? V1 igklag M V V M VV, 65" Jap V V D V LV V VV WV V Vo, E 4 V VV wa QVZLVUI ,Vg V4 lg 'J V2 M J'- if .wg I 1 V V ,MV PM my ' V525 . iw V V f QVV '1 af ..-IL-N1-V,Y., M... r.:-- F' ':- jjViwj?VVjVVs5V'fg'wfV QV' VV Vz"'VV' VV7 'P ,V Q V' -. W ' V V V fi-V'TfViV5" '5"l"?V' V'TV"f'VV- "1 'V V ' V' V V V V ' . . 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' W:z.w:f:x:.1.Ux1z4.w,,w:p,. ff- , xx m ' . f- f .W 139 SUNNYBEACHES ?", , R W 3 142 4 ,Y- rf ,lf Qu .f :fjvif N W ,742 ff 'ff f , 0 2 V f:K5S?2w r 1 f f 3 ' f we, 4' K x c , 2 W' Q ,f ZW f M if X' 'C Y ',.'- :-k 3 ., , I W' f w , if - , f f W , , fa . N 1 X ,n f w.,vf,, , , if , .1 f 4 1. f M WK: f, 1 ' , W L Li 1"'Qff33-i.i""A 7Q3-A.l.L+g-GQiL1-E1-59fi:k.+:a:1E:-fffef4- -9 ff M Z 143 144 E ' - Jfv-f..,f-v.,.5-....... K r 145 rf'- 1 I I I I I I , , I I I I I I ' I I I I I I I I I I , I I II I II I I I I I I I I I . r I I I 4 ui.. 146 Q I 1 , 1 . , -I f 5? If-,Ig . M! ii. CDR. E. R. Weidler' LCDR R, T, McCue Chaplain AssisianiChaplain X Division LT W. Barker, LT C. Traeger, LTJG W. Cummings, LTJG M. Rosenhouse LTJG R. Sprague, ENS D. Sonnino, CWO2 V. Marseglia, WOI G. Pearman 147 I I I I I I I I If In .I 'I I I I I. I II I II a-I Il. 'I I I I I I I I I I I I IJ I I It if II it .lII Iiil Ip I II .N I? I. I I I I I .I my I 148 The Executive Department is the ship's'administrat1ve. arm. Work- ing for the Executive Officer through his Administrative -Assistant, the men of the Executive Department perform the majority of the ship's clerical work. ' The Administrative office does correspondence for the Executive Officer, compiles the Plan of the Day, and is responsible for the promulgation of directives from the Executive Officer. The print shop handles the vast printing requirements 'of FORRES- TAL. Equipped with several different kinds of printing machines, the print shop is capable of meeting the many printing needs of a ship the size of FORRESTAL. Personnel is the largest office in the Executive department. Here service records are worked up,' leave papers are processed, and tabs are kept on the entire crew. The Public Affairs. Office is part of the voice of FORRESTAL. Turning out news releases, handling guests and visitors, and writ- ing news for the ship's closed-circuit television system are among its tasks. PAO works closely with the staff of WFOR-TV to pro- vide pleasant diversion for the men of FORRESTAL through regu- lar television programming. f 1 'F' fy 44+ ' ' G. ' f,ff 4 7 .K X I . I ,f ft . v 'S' . ffl Q- , xx. K... J. coins, PNC5 D- Dapra, ABEC J. Martin, PNC J. Nordrum, BTC H. Rhodes, YNC The Chaplain's office handles much of the work concerned with building and maintaining the morale of FORRESTAI.'s men Whether arranging tours or coordinating Project Handclasp visits' the business of the Chaplain's office is people. ' Advice concerning personal legal and financial problems is the specialty of the Legal Office. Here, FORRESTAL sailors can find knowledgeable ears for their legal questions. Legal also performs the important tasks of processing the paper work for Captain's Mast and Courts-Martial. Special Services provides the ways and means of relaxation to the crew and air wing. Whether promoting boxing smokers or arrang- ing basketball games or tours, the men of Special Services have their fingers on the entertainment pulse of FORRESTAL. Career Counseling provides a staff of well-trained men to answer questions about a Navy career and to advise Navy men about their right and benefits. The Educational Services Office provides the important service of making available training and self-improvement courses. Through the ESO, the men of FORRESTAL have the opportunity of gaining those all-important college credits. W. Casteen, BTI C. Crispin, MMI H. Lynn, BMI R. Thompson, PNI E. Wade, ADJI V. Chapin, ASE2 G. Collen, EM2 Z. Deveiian, SK2 L. Irby, BM2 L. Johnson, PN2 C. Longoria, PC2 F. Pendleton, ADJ2 T. Ryan, JO2 A. Silva, SD2 T. Stetfington, ASE2 C. Smith, BM2 J. Smith PC2 L. Walton, PC2 R. Ballance, YN3 R Catherwood SFM3 E. Pollock, BMC5 The Post Office provides all the important services of a regular U.S. Post Office: sorting mail and sending it on its way, selling money orders and stamps. The Master-At-Arms force is the ship's police force, except they don't give traffic tickets. The 3-M Office, in addition to being the X Division Office, handles all the ship's work requests, processing them to ensure speedy response to FORRESTAL's material maintenance requirements. FORRESTAL's band is a detachment of COMNAVAIRLANT Unit Band 147. The band operates on FORRESTAL as a 14-piece combo, playing underway on the mess decks and during refueling opera- tions and in port at ceremonies aboard the ship and at various functions ashore. Whatever the occasion, the ship's band is ready to supply their dulcet harmonies and subtle rhythms. D. Cerlian, YN3 R. David, RD3 W. Easthon, PN3 R. Fortune, DS3 M. Gillow, PN3 E. Hagan, AO3 G. Harris, YN3 M. Hess, PC3 A. Jamison, YN3 R. Kyle, PN3 J. McElmurry, AQF3 J. Paholski, PN3 R. Patterson, PN3 R. Reece, YN3 E. Schempp, PN3 S.SchilIing, PN3 J. Schorzman, YN3 J. Singleton, PN3 P. Swart, PN3 J.Taylor, YN3 :X V A. Torres, AK3, T. Anklam, PNSN, J. Decker, LISN, R. Hartung, JOSN, G. Karr, PNSN, J. Littman, PNSN l f 149 5 f 'gawk M. Michaud, PNSN, S. Minis, PNSN, M. Polk, YNSN, M. RecTor, PNSN, J. Sampson, PCSN, K. Washwell, PNSN, J. Wingard, JOSN, R. Barbee, SN, R. Bayot, TN J. CanaIe,iSN, J. Dill, SN, D. Ditalo, TN, D. DupaT, SN, C. Fusko, SN, A. Gisondi Jr., AN, L. Hampton, SN, K. Jenkins, AN, O. Lacmin, TN ' D. Laplante, SN, R. Lavelle, SN, L. Lukas, AN, A. Mays, SN, G. Miller, AN, L. Morales, SN, S. Piazza, SN, J. Prall, SN, W. Ross, SN A. Roten, SN, R. Sharp, SN, J. Siddle, SN, T. Thompson, SN, G. Wright, SN, C. Abbey, SA, B. Brne, SA, C. Corley, SA, L. Elsbury, SA DX! CMH' T R.Lacomfora SA D. Langley SA' R Morrow SA' J Phillips SA' L Reimann SA' R. Rollins SA' S.Telesco Jr. SA EITEXWWS 151 w I ' 1 , 1" 41 X , ,P 'wa A N Mfffj , 2 1 M. 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Moore CCA Officer ACCS E. R. Thomen l ENS J. W. Powers ATO Officer Q ACl l.. McCown A if ACl R. Carte Q ACl R. White AC2 G. Mixson I , , it ,M , " . , a f.. 7 eff., N 1 a Q 2 I 158 LCDR P. K. McKimens EMO LTJG C. R. Schaefer LTJG J. A. Hammar CWO2 T. S. Johnson Assistant EMO Assistant EMO Assistant EMO ETCS G. vv. Lindsay ETC E. P. Suter ETl R. Barwick, ETI A. Knapp, DSI R. Patterson, ETR2 F. Alexander, ETR2 R. Asby. ETR2 K. Brooks, ETR2 R. Ellis, DS2 J. Frazier, DS2 L. Halihan, ETR2 M. Hetrick. ETN2 B. Marcoe, DS2 R. McCormick, DS2 M. Men- endez,ETN2 C. Nunzio, DS2 L. Price. lC2 J. Semple Jr., ETN2 L. Shearin, DS2 H. Rushing, DS2 R. Wilson, ETR3 D. Barkelew. ETR3 G. Branzell, DS3 M. Clements, ETR3 L. Dietz, GM3J. Eggett, DS3 C. Faurot. DS3 J. Fields, DS3 R. Fortune, ETR3 P. Harris, ETR3 D. Henkel, ETR3 B. Imel. l 159 160 si l ETN3 C. Keller, DS3 J. Kokoll, ETR3 K. Miezeiewski, DS3 A. Miller, DS3 R. M0Ore, ETR3 M. Mrazek. ETN3 R. Norlon, ETR3 T. Roske, DS3 E. Ruiz, ETN3 D. Sal- mon, DS3 J. Self, ETR3 S. Veller. ETR3 G. Wagner, DS3 W. Williams, ETR3 W. Wiseman, ETR3 E. Zimmerman, 'ETR3 D. Zuckerman, ETNSN R. Hanahan. ETNSN R. Hutchinson, ETRSN J. Jackson, ETNSN M. Wallace, AN J. BeiTChlTlBfl- SN A. Gross, SN K. Russo, SN H- Smit SA S. Coker. hf ,A Q . - - ,---- -w:..g.'-- -w' LCDRW.J.MitcheII LCDR G. L. Cole LCDR T. W.Grirnes Lieutenant R.M. Campbell X I CIC Assist,antCIC AssistantCIC AssistantCIC Lieutenant W. C. Cathcart EWO Assistant CIC LTJG R.G. Naedel CIC WO LTJG J. T. Jernigan CIC WO LTJG D. N. Frederick I CIC WO I I i ENS W.J.ArCher CICWO I ENS R. A. Weng Assistant EWO ENS P. R. Welch CIC WO RDCM E. Grant, RDC L. Anderson, RDC C. 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The permanent division consists of one Officer, one Petty Officer, two First Class, one Second Class and two Third Class Petty Officers all of whom are Communications Technicians. The division is augmented with approximately seven additional Communications Technicians when the FORRESTAL is operating in the Mediterranean Sea. The additional personnel are sent to the FORRESTAL from various commands in the European area on a temporary basis. The primary function of OS Division is to provide direct support information to the Commanding Officer and the embarked Flag. In accomplishing its functions OS Division works closely with the Integrated Operational Intelligence Officer, the Flag Intelligence Officer and the Communications Department. CTl C. Snyder, CTl W. Somerindyke, CTI R. Harris, CT2 R. Samson, CT2 R. Winter. 167 Lieutenant A. L. Bartley Lieutenant J. A. Fitzgerald LTJG J. J. Cortis afaai i'a1 eiif 4 fx? iiiiii i RUC R- E- ST- AFHOUF '-'i 1 ' ,i.' if1,fQfV'i f.'1 g 53' Ev "'i 4 '-f' 1 f'-.Q tiff f-i1 eiiy J 7? f". Q -'.i iiiv afiii 1 .,.i iiii iii aii. J f iiia i...i 4 ..i' f.JJ'- 4 iihif i'-i f'i,i . ..Vr ,,Vr., V1 kr,L 1, ! kiyw ,,,kr, f ry fc, hi? ,L.,if.,Sj.ffJ,! ff.0 3 rV,kL Sf 2.lii?fr?ifiiH2.f1iif0f , ,VVJ V. .,,.. .i.'.' ' .",'-..,. f,,. ' 3 ".a.. Q g -'f,. xpgj ,,', '.-f . - f - '- . 'V f f V if -' f .r.0-,ff-W..-Q, fg,,.4.,f.gif-...wi-1, -0.-7. . f , V.. , . . .. , f, f. 1. if-f - I f,+.,.f,-at fm-'fi-ff-,.f'4i-,J-,Q fw.V-fvf.fs' W-ff: -f . H .V . ' I n ' X ,f 'Q Y' .7 2 U 4-rf ai-f-f..2'!f K-.-QQW-4,'f:x4f-fi!-'A-ifeff-ffff .,.. . .- , ,f f U ,0,,- ,U ,.,,.y v,if,., ,W 1-my .If iii. YOU qshouldr Dassrpihielf. ii.ii if! iia ShhhhrW?Zafd5 8fiW9fK ii i.'i . ,, , f, ,... , ,-,, . ,, , M, 0, M, 1, , f , , . , f f f f , f . ,- ,- ff f f f f f ff fi .f f- . . . -. , , ff I ,U fff- 4- f-ff .,..-.fzff if-ff DSI R. Adcock, DS 1 A. Chambers, DSI T. Lockhart, DSI C. Miller, YNi D. Watt. J '-S. Z515,1:efff'.fEi f ' , N 4411 f f X -'ZW 1.12.-f -fff.-if ' exif-f.-wffz. My "way: Z- 1-f,,4fqM-.M,,-Q,nf MWA .ar crew- , 'X' ' I , xr 'lst -' ' ' . ,,. .f A O2 f 'J ' farr 4. .. , if Y , , ff kf,7..-ye .7 f J l, - , fmwfff ,g:fg,?Zm,V,,, A q fl 'f 4 ' if I W W 'f I 1. fl- f 'f f ,, ,,,, .b N , , f ,, , Q.1g,',,f-,5., 1 7 sf Y V ' w rw' V " ' 52 , 43 , f 'M f , f A fgizffi m ff.: Mi :YT . V---um, HUmm,,,.,M..,,,..,, We -L Lal if "F-fffwfiil.-A -Lili, '- , W" 15Z:r4:f.i1:2fe':1a1:'f:."::f1': 168 3 ---- , ,,.e.:..f .. if if ri: 1. f f -'faegvrfl 5515 353 F1 91244 1 V.-QQ.-f'L3g:g',f4Li i2'fei:i:L1:fi5' ' 42.1157-Lg... gjilgfififi' DP2 G. Bloom, DS2 D. Dixon, RD2 M. Dunham, DS2 A. Hogan, YN2 B. Jennings Ill. DS2 W. Nelson, RD2 C. Saraceno, DP2 R. Shafer, RD2 J. Upham, PT3 G. Beck. DS3 J. Blanchard, DS3 D. Clause, PT3 D. Culp, DS3 J. Ellis, DM3 R. Harlzog. I 7, 4 lvl C: 'MW DS3 R. Horan, PT3 P. Kuehn, DS3 C. Marzahn, DS3 D. Mathews, PTAN R. Bond, DPSN W. Erwin. PTAN R. Herman, DPSN D. Kern, SN V. Anloline, SN S. Bosl, SN J. Cunningham, SN W. Lynch. l SN B. Mall, SN B. Rubino. 169 170 Without the Air Department, FORRESTAUS planes would stay on the hangar deck and flight deck all day. They would be in working order and would have pilots - they just wouldn't fly. For it is the Air Department's responsibility to launch, recover, fuel and re-spot all the ship's aircraft. Everything that controls aircraft movement outside of the plane itself A and this includes four catapults, four arresting wires, tie-downs, many, many tractors, and jet and normal aviation fuel, in ad- dition to the men who supervise - all this belongs to the Air Department. .f Hrfiwv., A lkl, ,. ,,,r, ,,..,, , .f,,.,55gf2,:,,4 N,.ffZ,f:wfi2"'f'f ff 4fff,,,'fnf f,ff,f2'f', Qlfoy X V, ,fo ,,wfff,ffwf.-Qfffffff f ,, wfaw ,, rfwwf-ff 7,ff,ffm,ff ,X ., , !.,.f.4. 4ff,,,,f, 46fQZ4-f-CrfjiiyfIX!-fZff935644 ,QM-f.f '.,g4zf,.pff.fWmm QM Q,,.,5.V7.f..Wfff,-ffm ffzfwf f , fw., , 4 A., , MU , ,M Z ,X The men of V-O Division provide support to the Department in Primary Flight Control and the Air Department Office. YN1 P. Pfofehhauer, ABH3o. Reedy ABE3M Sobrle ski, AZAN G. oorren, AB:-IAN o. Haff AN R. Bonnen, AN T. Dalton, AN K. Henrichsen. AN R. Moore, SA B. Cogswell, SA J. Henry. ra. LCDR J. E. Fannon Jr. CWO2 R. G. Amoss CWO2 P. Havrilesky Flight Deck Officer Air Boatswain Assistant FDO In 5 1 . Q -3 ',- , f 5. f, .. s mg, J z -, .vm :,V:,,y.. 2 , -pi-ag , -,s 454-2,1-yf, f, sf 'Q-,fy g, 1,4 , 45,3 ,533 :V 1rg,s,i1-w.g,2w5,fs4v, f,smg,Qwg,,f ff, if.-05,134 1,54 Q ,.f . if ,.- 1,-, e',.,f ..W,s,wf,,-ww:f.,:,- .ft-,:-wascw-,sw-,..1 My .0-W:'v' 4051-fe 4,-,-f w-,.-f.f,:'wf,..- LH-MF, welWim:f-mNf-mf-Mm-M? 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What with giant tiger models and stickers all over, therels no escaping the fact that "Flight Deck 59" isjustly proud of its work. These men, in blue, red and yellow shirts, take care of the flight deck and a good part of the motion thereon. After every recovery, aircraft are spotted for fueling, then moved out of the way for the next launch. The ones to be launched must also be spotted in the most expeditious man- ner. . It all adds up to a tiring, grueling-growling-day. l ABHC R. J. Flanagan ABHC F. M. Taylor ABHI N. Brown, ABHI A. Deshazo, ABHT D. Lanier, ABHl J. Rostron. ABH2 R. Rigg, ABH2 R. Shelton, ABH2 D. Meyer, ABH3 B. Cooley. ABH3 J. Durham, ABH3 W. Hatchel, ABH3 J. Hatfield, ABH3 L. Kerr. ABH3 E. Samples, ABH3 J. Winfrey, ABHAN R Bartholomew, ASEAN W. Devey, ADJAN G. Eckles. ABHAN R. Goodman, ABHAN T. Henley, ABHAN G Juedes, ABHAN J. Massey, AMSAN D. Paulus. ABHAN N. Psoinos, ABHAN W. Shuback, ABHAN B Talon, ABHAN J. Williams, AN J. Adams. AN L. Ashley, AN M. Aughe, AN D.- Bishop, AN G Bradford, AN L. Cichanski. 1 Q l ll l AN c. slougmong AN D. strein, AN J. Thierry, AN v. Vance, AN J. wade. AN D. Walker, AN R. Wall, AN C. While, AN G. Woli- ung, AA N. Brooks. . AA L. Cannala, AA B. Coalney, AA J. Gasciogne, AA ' R. Harms, AA R. Hawkins. AA D. Holman, AA D. Jones, AA S. Jones, AA W. l Kaler, AA E.Mils1ead. l l 4 ' v. 4 l l , R l l lr. . l l 1 l l l l l 174 2 AN G. Dorreman, AN T. Fichera, AN L. Frakes, AN W. Gladwell, AN B. Hampson. AN R. Harris, AN G. Howard, AN R. Huber, AN J. Hudson, AN F. Jarrell. AN D. Jones, SN L. Jones, AN C. Marlin, AN T. Mar- Tinez, AN A. McGillivray. AN D. Nicholson, AN G. Riddle, AN E. Riehl, AN J. Schneider, AN J. Stokes. 175 7. l l l I l ll lf 1. l l l l l 1 v ,l ll 4, 1 4 l r l l l 1 l . E 1 li ll LCDR P. E. Pedisicn LCDR R. I.. Mendenhall LCDR R. B. Mills CWO2 T. L- McKinney ABEC C. F. Campbell ABEC W. R. Wall Jr. ww ww l.l ll il l hi VU KZWW 652 fa 'L mf. mf-.aw1a.QX:wwa4.41 W:fv??21ff2"4f2ki4f ,aw-fy f MSI: - ., fQ4X,5fMw.w.f-, ffm.:Mwfwwfgqw.ffm W f 'X Q , fw.,X,wfw1w4fff-fmw-Ma.V.MwMf:f.wig.f'.Mg.e- . , , f Ziiiziw l?iw!7.WVQ7'.7 71.7 wimw!wrM f fmfm My-www www Q, Q j jf - 7' MW 4.,,W, W.W4.7.g-,ggpQp,y101244607-31.5Mrwzfaf',M vff-f ff'Qff2""f -MQW-wzW.My,. wwwggsg-,f,,,ygfgM.wg1,pf,.r.awwz0fxMJ.17.vxgffvffwwze-N f 'f W xi. ., . . ,.,., - V, W '-f' M fgw fywwwww, wi .ff!js,f.,wyiwwwfvff, fa.-Vsmw ffww . ww 0 W. , . V,W..,,,. , .,,,,. mwlwm: ff f . ,mfvwwfmsmffqgvwwwvfi-ffZ .fvfl mn- iw.: wv!fZ17fZ1f! 5f'f2iei'42f'fiffff ff'fa2FLf0f2?f1A-W vffwnffaff: fzrr..--.fgsfsywfk .H r.f.y.M.M,4.4.MM ,ahwyw w lf. X 1 5 - - f-wwf... X . A .. f f f - X f My em , 0 M-M20 .lzwfffmwww14M.f'-?5rQXLQ,vf.,3.ff?if'k43547 -'Ziffi2vF'MU??f2f?jE02"?"?7fZX' Q55 Ysfandmll in little more than thai? f A .". 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Green. AN V. Greene, AN R. Hopkins, AN T. Hobser, AN R. Lippert. 179 ffm Am W.. ,4f,fy,,. f 4, X ,, ,MM wffwf 'f W, L..,,,,., W-ww , WU AN W. Lordan, AN M. Ludwig, AN B. Matthews, AN C.MilIer, AN K. Nelson. AN C. Nightengale, AN J. Oakley, AN D. Parsons, AN C. Read, AN R. Ruppel. AN T. Rush, AN D. Sheridan, AN E. Stegner, AN D. Sweeney, AN F. Thibault. fF..!i ii 112 H5 d X5 C3 3 Vw H., 1 -M31 E1 31 VS 2 31 59.-EQ? 1 351557 25515 , 52511. X. .E .f iii? XS1' w fiwgsgii 4' .V . xg Xt: is ' l .M Q, 'Z is s xy. . S . 1 X X X . "ffiffTA'f"'Wffgi X. ' """"""'s 1 'sfvwwwfvv-f-fr:X:rff ses as-mme ..,, W, XXX,-Jmgsg . jsgyfmf- Xw gi: ' X .. . Q sm.. N sX,XgXX5u-XLXXXXi,ji Q ips SXXXN .gsgsbff-X-stfsviixwsgs-XAXQX1 svxiggggxzsgggs:g3fxss5wsNXWeX-ef-,N, .A .., , K M ,N ff? .-fi .Z A Lx Q..j.Q.'vQz:13.j. 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Turner, ABH3 R Williams Hot A4 down One ABHAN A. Dickens, ABHAN F. Ganl Jr. ABHAN W. Krause, ABHAN G. Krofssik. ABHAN M. Schmidl, AEAN W. Tomlinson ABHAN A. Weis, AN T. Applewhile. AN T. Banla, AN R. Beruck, AN S. Busey AN J. Campbell. AN J. Doly, AN R. Duggan, AN M. Fulmer, AN R. Gales. AN R. Geary, AN R. Harvey, AN J. Helzel, AN S. Hill Ill, AN R. Hyat AN J. Manuel, AN W. Mathews. T, l l 184 l 2 Hangar Deck Hackers AN W. Malzen, AN A. MorTensen, AN T. McDonough, AN B, Peavyl AN G plaim AN J, Sanderson, AN M. Valk, AA vv. Chalkley. ' ' ,l AA C. Clark, AA R. Corn, AA R. Fisher, AA S. Gordon, AA F. Gosselin, AA R. Hirnes, AA D. lon. AA K. Johnson, AA M. Jones, AA J. Martin, AA R. Piper, AA R. Sherbs, AA W. Siine, AA W. Weafherholiz. 185 ,P K , 1 fi 4,1 ,, i i it i, I al i , ! 1 i 15 i . 1 1 i i i i L 1 in fi I X i ii l Q, . ii ' i I i i i 1 1 i f t W 5 Q i 3 135 2+ u ii 186 U ii if Lieutenant C. G. Patterson Division Officer LTJG D. M. Betz Assistant Division Officer ABFC W. T. Burdette t ABFC J. McKean 59" ABF1 W. Duff ABF2 P. Ackley Jr ABF2 R. Ellis Jr. ABF2 R. Gwaltney J. Haney Jr. ABF2 R. Hatfield ABF2 A. Weber ABF2 H. HampTon ABF3J. Huber ABF3 D. Krupka ABF3 C. Mesker ABF3 L. Moore ABF3 T. Novak ABF3 A. Pakes ABF3 D. Welcher ABFAN P. Barry ABFAN R. Beguin ABFAN T. Bowers ABFAN G. Carnahan ABFAN T. HOUIe - ABFAN J. Loblanco ABFAN R. Polignano ABFAN W. Rousseau ABFAN S. Scoll ABFAN S. Senia ABFAN K. Sinclair ABFAN B. Verkaik AN G. Bell Jr. 4 AN E. Boone AN C. Cuda AN R. Haverda AN R. Klrkpalrick AN R. Malarozzo AN G. Mead AN L. Myers AN K. Nelson Jr. AN J. Paulek AN J. Pizzulillo AN J. Reed AN J. Roman AN P Setteducato AN R Shaw AN D VanOchten AA D Altler AA P Bearden AAJ Camacho AAW Glggetts AA R Goss AAD Gravltt AAD Hunter AAG LopezJr AAG Maham AAW Mathels AAJ Palva AAH Ratner AAG Sanchez AA D Schwartz AA D Stonebraker AA D Wilson ABF1 H Dalton 189 i VI d Claire 90 mmf ,.,....5.a- CDR C. R. Compton AIMD Officer The Navy Aircraft Maintenance Program is organized in three levels of capability. Organizational Level - On - aircraft line maintenance done by the Squadrons. Inter- mediate Level - Maintenance and repair of engine, structural and avionicfarmament components, which are beyond the capability of the O-level activities. I-level maintenance is done by AIMD's ashore and afloat..De- pot Level - Overhaulfrework of aircraft and Mainte- nancefrepair of components which are beyond the capa' bility of either the "O" or "I" level activities. Dep0T level maintenance is done at Naval Aircraft Rework Facilities and at selected contractor facilities. The mission of the AIMD is to manage the intermediate maintenance effort performed in support of embarked aircraft including custody and upkeep of associated maintenance facilities and support equipment and Of' ganizational level maintenance of the ship'S 21SS1gUed QCI-AJ aircraft. Q " .h J' I-CDR H- HeCKaf'f cvvoz R. A. Dudley Material Control Maintenance Adrninisfrafive Assisfanf AF EM J. Mullenix, AZCS R.. Browne, AZC S. Hornback, AZC E. Sandrowicz. 1 1 i ........ 191 192 AK2 R. Brown ATN2 T. Greene AZ2 T. Turner AZ2 G. Wynn AZ3 B. Benson AZ3 J. Devorss YN3 L. Donovan AZ3 W. Rouse AK3 D. Thornton AK3 D. Washam AZAN F. Leogrande AZAN S. Sipple AN C. Ackerman AN J. Farkas AN E. Gavlik AN J. MarTin AN L. Rosekrans AA J. Carley AA A. Conradf AA P. Jones LCDR W. K. Creeed Division Officer The IM-2 Division is responsible for the inter- mediate maintenance, test and repair of aircraft engines, structural components, safety and sur- ff1ui'iZ4:l's::i 'i!f'fifif9ii!fri 50 - - - i njfit trrt tiit vlval equipment ground support equipment and both MOM and MIN level maimenanee ef the X 'fsf' fi ,,:,,,f" wwf -f-f MU fs0t"',fl if f'0- t'f. MW -f"f- W "f' 7 AMCS E. KIOSS, PRC E. Siiehl, ADCS R. Dobbels. AMSI T. Ferguson, ADJl W. Gray, A51 Lovin, ASI W. Lewis, ASI A. Stevens. R. Kelch, AMSl R ASH2 D. Armstrong, ASE2 D. Culpepper, ASH2 C. Ellis, ADR2 C. Gauch, ADJ2 E. Goodner, ASH2 H. Madmger. AMH2 A. Miner, ADJ2 D. Moore, AME2 G. Parsons, ASH2 L Pugh, AMH2 W. Ruslyak, ASE2 P. Skeffinglon. PR2 W. Smifh, ASM2 E. Wrighl, ASE2 R. Wrighl, ASM3 R Alberlson, ASH3 R. Arms, ASE3 J. Bell Jr. ASM3 R. Chandler, ASH3 J. DePalma, ADR3 B. Elambaugh ASM3 W- Possum, PR3 W. Gerlinger Jr., ASM3 D. Johns, AMH3 G. Jones, ASE3 C. Larkin, ASM3 Phillips, AMS3 G. Theobaid, A23 A. Thomas. 194 E. Marsh, ASM3 J ASH3 D. Worley, ADJAN S. Demby, AMSAN G. Hensley ADJAN M Marhnez AMSAN G. Owen, AMSAN W. Rawlins, AN J. Bryant, AN B. Callahan AN T. Foster Jr., AN E. Lempa, AN M. Newbrough oski, AN M. Siberl, AN S. Tarlal, AN W. Tholander. i Lieutenant R. D. Lowman f Division Officer X N .X X W fd, ff,A, f.f,,. an ,Www all Fx Qs - xg N. Nl X N was N sg' .M NRC Xw N YR N Xx w we NX w -X X N ss N sQ W ss. Nb is iii X s f ,, , f f ffZffffffffffffawwww'ywwf. f f f W L7 7 f 7a fm! Q' Z ff f fff!fffffff!fffWfffZ4?4!ff'ffQ2fi., f .1 1 4 f 4 7 4 Z www ffWfWWWW-fwwfwww ,,, f faf fz,e,.,,Wff,,f,,f,f f f f ,, ff, . ,,,f,fmw,,at4f , , X , , V Myg7M2ZWMWW,WW?zMgyg,ggf,,5gW,, wtf! ffl My f ff 'ff ff, fm f, ,.. f , ,. , f,,f Mi I Q f wwf ff y 745,221 f wwf ,f, fp!! f f X f f A, . njffv ,,7wjyffkgff5?Z7?ZWM?ZyZW7fj aa: ff ff ff, f ff, ff , fffffff fn ff , f f f qw www! , MW fpffffffffk f?f7ffWZf???fffWff fff 4ff fffffffff Zfff? ffwffffffffff f A ff ff f ff W ff f ff f f f mf Mfff,W,.ffa x Q Q Mx 2 f fm :ff ,mf f ' MW ff , gm, ,,jWaffWMfZf5j??Q ffm ff f f fa ff Nz MZ! fijfbffgf f ,G uf ff f f ff f www f , W f f ' f- -, f f ?2pff7,wi,i54zZ4iHal K . ,,,,Wf, ,,,,, f Zff ?fWf??W!W?WfWWWff ff ,f , fp' ,Q if if f yy 1 7 aff , ffff-f f ffffffffffffwf yup.fw,azfwzg.:y.. f f f 1' f, ,f fp f f if , i , ,f. , , . . f fQM,.wW,f:yf:f'3-f,. , . , ,Mahaf,f4f.4mZ2z5f5i2fj,, The IM-3 Division is responsible for intermediate level maintenance, test and repalr of avionic armament components of embarked aircraft and maintenance of Sho stalled and portable avionicfarmament test equipment. AVCM H. Wooten, ATCS E. McAndrews, AEC B. Zachary Jr AQC A. Giebeault, AOC G. Hart, ATC L. Granahan. pin aft! H 1 U. . . W' . - M' X W i' was ,fMzWCf+ fi .Ik 1 ,pf ef , af :w'35",, i 'fl f ' R ZSMM wi I .,,.-4-Qplx-v" AQ ' . 'f-KN ,'-,' W, f 1 ' ,r794fzf:f?nwmm A , ,N iiiiii M! r AEI E. Arrington, ATl R. Fockler, AQl W. Goddard, AOl D. Jessup, ATl C. Larson, AEI J. Scott, ATl L. Thibodeau, AE2 R. Barfield, AQF2 W. Decker, ATR2 D. Duty. AO2 S. Goodlet, AE2 R. Graham, ATR2 D. Green, AE2 R. Hudson, AQF2 W. Hughes, AE2 J. Washington, ATN2 T. West, ATN2 D. Whitaker, ATN3 D. Archibald, AQF3 J. Bossard. AQB3 Brower, ATN3 W. Buryk, AQF3 G. Cain, AO3 T. Davis, ATN3 E. Ford, AE2 R. Bartield, AE3 J. Hackworth, ATR3 R. Harrell, ATN3 J. Hundley, AQF3 C. Marks. ATN3 R. Pavek, AQB3 E. Rose, ATN3 J. Thompson, AQB3 R. Tucker, AN C. Fishback, AN D. Hedden, AN W. Stack, AN R. Tooley, AA T. Clement. it Z 'l E l 4 ,Q i E E., ll'2 ll Q l 1 5 X it 3, ti' ,t t t l t ? K l .4 , l 1 . l ,l 1. 198 The Weapons Department under the direction of CDR G P. BRUNICK is made up of approximately 300 enlisted men and l7 officers. It contains four divisions and a de. tachment of United States Marines. The department is responsible for the storage, build-up, and movement of all explosives aboard FORRESTAL from .22 caliber car. tridges up to 2,000 pound bombs and sophisticated guided missiles. The department maintains the internal and ex. ternal security of the ship and defends .FORRESTAL against air attack through its operation of the ship's Point Defense System. This cruise the department's dedication and hard work was rewarded with the receipt of the COM. NAVAIRLANT Battle Efficiency "W" for performance in weaponry superior to that of all other Atlantic Fleet At. tack Carriers. l l CDR P. Brunick TayIOI' Weapons Officer Ordnance OffiC9F 4.-A DIVISIO LT I. A. Signorelli G Division Officer . LTJG B. L. Skaggs Ensign L. C. Canova WOI W. J. Hendrix G Division JO Air Gunner O. Watier, GMCS, A. Berninger, AOC, J. Fischer, AOC, D. Greeson, AOC, R. HGUIGY, AOC, C. Wilburn, Jr., AOC I 200 AOl, R. Culpepper, GMG2 G. Rudy, AO2, G. Wright, AO2, D. Adams, AO3, G. Blaszczyk, AO3, M. Carlton, AO3 J. Delbert, AO3, D. Dickmann, AO3, O. Facer, AO3: J. Gentry, Jr., GMG3, J. Gerring, AO3 M. Gorman, Aos, R. Handley, Aosf D. Hammersley, A03 S. Hammersley, AO3, D. Haner, AO3 l l USS FORRESTAL's Poet Laureate, G. Washington Wright, Aviation Ordnanceman Second Class busy writing his free time to complete his next book. Wright, the author of one book "In Search of Escape" and also selected to the 1969 "Anthology of Modern American Poetry" is assigned to the Weapons Departments "G" Divison is including parts of our USS FORRESTAL Med Cruise in his present hook. C. Ball, AOl, J. Fant, AOI, D. Montford, AOl, J. Swecker, E. McCleary, AO3 G. Menz, A03 L. Menz, AO3 J. Miller, AO3 M. Mills, GMG3 E. M. H. R. . Slalon .Waller Winner .WiTTler J. Murphy, AO3 Paris, AO3 Phillips, Jr., AO3 Railing, AO3 T. Rivera, A03 AO3 AO3 AO3 GMG3 .Bowman AOAN .Brennan AOAN .Crowe AOAN .DeSanlis AOAN S.Fields AOAN .Hubbard AO-AN Hudgins AOAN S Hughes AOAN . Kanlhak AOAN .Singer AOAN A. Smedley, YNSN, W. Soule lll, AOAN, W. Alford, AN, V. Berger ll, SN, W. Biorken, SN, T. Chassar, AN R. Craig, AN, D. Crihfield, SN, R. Daley, AN, P. Dunn, AN, J. Fenslermaker, AN, C. Hile, AN G. Kalil, SN, J. Kasmari, AN, J. Kroegel, SN, M. Loftus, AN, M. Malone, AN, J. Barnes, SA J. Duncan nu, SA, B. Fairclom, SA, T. oolob, AA, P. Hesfer, SA, J. Kafer, AA, D. Leer, AA l l 1 l f we 1 4.4 . 1 5 ,, 0, ' -2 , , f f .is ,' ' E. Keck, SA, H. Keys, SA, O. Lewis, SA, M. Livingston, SA ' W. Lofius, AA, J. Lopez, SA, D. Marshalek, SA, A. Mariin, SA . i if F G. Neal, SA, B. Peck, SA, J. Peeling, SA, T. Pipkin, SA M. Seiberi, SA, P. Tomney, SA, E. White, SA, R. Ziobro, AA 203 l l ill i ,iz il' l l i Il' i l 1- pi 'ul is fl AOC F. E. Koenig Lieutenant D. W. Dobbie Division Officer GM DIVISIO if . 2 J K. Lupton, AOl, B. Beers, AO3, S. Fuquay, AO3, L. Hamlet, AO3, L. Hopkins, AO3 S. Lomax, AO3, W. MacLeod, AO3, S. Miller, AO3, R. Mills, AO3, M. Saunders, AO3 T. Schranz, AO3, B. Thornton, AO3, M. Bredow, TM2i J. Cornelison, AO2, J. Pratt, AO2 H. Richardson, AO2, P. Schrieber, AO2, D. Weaver, AO2 J. Bowman, AOAN, P. Clifford, AOAN ..rl.W 13 " J .sill ,V , . .2 1 ., , Y ,ff KM... X .. ' f f f ff . - X, . ,J 1 .f R. Howell, AOAN P. Kalasnik, AOAN J. Kilroy, AOAN F. Oalridge, AOAN F. Seher, AOAN P. Collura, AN J. Demarco, SN M. Hodson, AN J. Lillleiohn, AN W. Robinson, SN R. Simpson, SN A. Shavver, AN T. Hanlzis, AA, T. Holslein, AA C. Jackson, AA D. Johnson, AA T. Junsch, SA D. Kendrick, SA J. Lanfranchi, AA D. Coleman, AR Nik: ' cv Xafz' 'jQx, is ,X . .X R 6, Y , N QWSAME 205 206 Maior N. H. Gremmels Commanding Officer Captain C. M. Smith Executive Officer .. -. The Marine Corps dates back to when the Continental Congress resolved "that two battalions of Marines be raised . . . that particular care to be taken that no person be appointed to offi- cer or enlisted into said battalion but such as are good seamen and so acquainted with maritime affairs as to be able to serve to advantage by sea when required". Today the 1970 Marine continues in the same tradition of service to the Navy that marked his 1775 counterpart. The function of Marines on ships is still the maintenance of order, safety, and internal security. In port and at sea FORRESTAIJS Marine sentries station themselves in ordinance storage and assembly areas to insure that the explosives on board are never tampered with and that they can be handled with safety. Through the operation of the ship's Brig they are charged with keeping peace and discipline. As much for convenience as for tradition FORRESTAIJS Marines act as orderlies for the Captainand the Executive Of- ficer. In every port where FORRESTAL shows the flag Ma- rines array in spit and polish fashion to escort visiting digni- taries to lend' pomp and style to honors and ceremonies, and to help the Navy put its best foot forward. FORRESTAL is proud of its Marines. l .l f J i ist set H. Acree, cvscr R. crocken, SSGT W. Naeole rg ti t Osbourne Jr. SGT Rizzo SGT Q Robinson, SGT Wesfrnore, SGT BenneT'r, CPL Bennis, CPL ,L-W Bieselin, CPL Brown, CPL Castro, CPL Hahn, CPL Halstead, CPL Hill, CPL Howard, CPL Jackson, CPL Jobes, CPL Johnson, CPL I Jordan, Jr., CPL Land, CPL Mihalo, CPL Moore, CPL Myer, CPL Norman, CPL Sweeney, CPL Webb, Jr., CPL 207 B.WrighT, CPL R.Alnorasi, LCPL B. Chaffee, LCPL M. Cooper, LCPL S. Fall, LCPL J. Flanagan, LCPL J. Furr, LCPL J. Gochenaur, LCPL W. Gullalle, LCPL B. Johnson, LCPL C. Morlus, LCPL L. Newby, LCPL J. Rhodes, LCPL R. Rice, LCPL D. Sidders, LCPL P. Baire, PFC F. Bower, PFC R. Bridges, PFC C. Bullock, PFC L. Bumgarner, PFC W. Burdelle, PFC M. Burrows, PFC P. Davis, PFC E. Donohue, PFC L. Evans, PFC J.Jones, PFC ' G. Passmore, PFC J. Rogers, PFC T. Shaw, PFC R. Baldridge, PVT PD DIVISIUN The Basic Point Defense Surface Missile System CBPDSMSJ is designed to provide a simple and relia- able, surface-to-air, shipboard missile system cap- able of defense against any air targets. BPDSMS consists of a Director, Launcher with Sparrow III missile, and Target Designation System. One of the many capabilities of the system it to ac- quire, track, and destroy an aerial target having a land mass background or with a friendly ship in the firing zone. , The men of PD Division perform corrective and pre- ventive maintenance on the system as a daily routine to maintain a condition of readiness to fire at any time. With its outstanding record of hitting both tow tar- gets and jet drones, the best BPDSMS in any US Ri. Bowen, FTG21 K. FTGZQ J. Broidrick, L. Brown, FTM3f R. Hutchins, FTM3, B Skeen FTM2, R. Thurston YN3 Hoshaw, FTM3, J. Joslin, FTG3 FLEET, and continuous operational training per- formed at sea, PD Division has proven to be a very reliable part of the USS FORRESTAL, and contributed significantly to the winning of Weapons' MW" award. W. Kay, FTG3, C. Turner, FTM3i J. Clark, SN P.Griffin, SN, A. Holt, SN, T. Louzon, SA ...lf1m1-1.1---fd-.nd,...1-1. . haf, WO1 R. M. Fitzpatrick WOT L- W. Amber Assembly Officer Aft Assembly Officer Forward LCDR c. w. Addison woi R. T. Alexander NWTS W DiViSi0h Officer WDIVISIO J. Aragay, GMTIQ J. Dugger, GMTIQ J. Rhodes, GMTi, G. Adams, GMT2 M. KOCSiS, GMT2, R. Liechty, GMT2 T. Grantham, M. Presseau, J. Beauchene, GMT2, W. Gabbard, GMT2i A i i W ff nz A it M W Q' A A A A 'I y ,..,A,' 3 ,Qt '.VV EEZ? i N, Y ly B. MacDonald, GMT2, G. Buiierfield, GMT3, J. CoTTOn, GMT3, D. Darlz, GMT3V R R. A. Dziedzicki, GMT3, J. Farella, GMT3, R. O'DonneII, SN Haynes, GMT3, R. Logue, GMT3, E. Loskoski, GMT3, R. Tucker, GMT3, Twist, GMT3, F. Grunwald, SKSN, R. Reynolds, GMTSN S. Terhune, GMTSN, R. Kiley, SN, H. Robinson, SN, W. Washington, SN, L. Zwleback, SN, R. Clark, SA, J. 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The organization consists of the Engineer Officer and his prin- cipal assistants - the Administrative Assistant Main Propulsion As- sistant Electrical Officer Damage Control Assistant Assistant Damage Control Assistant and the PMSXMDCS Coordinator. All are experts in their fields. Of course the Engineering Department just wouldnt be properly co- ordinated without the valuable aid and assistance given by the Log Room Yeomen Staff. They are responsible for the preparation and filing of instructions, reports, correspondence, logs, and the drafting f messages. Lieutenant C. A. Patrick LTJG P. L. Swanson I U , I 9 a 9 9 , 1 O o . Damage Control Assistant Assistant DCA LCDR E. Lucas Electrical Officer Lieuienanw. E. Thomas i cvvoz G. F. Floyd PMSXMDCS Coordinator Engineering Administrative Asst EMC W. T. Cahail D. W. Martenson, YN21 C. E. Fox, SN YNSAQ D. E. Roberts, FN P. J. Graniello, SN7 R. P. Johnson, 213 Ei i ' A Divisioffofficer A Division OfficQr L N i I N. J. FriTZ, ENCQ J. R. Price, MRC ,..l', X ' 7.- iw! in K maj' E:-:iii , V. 1 214 F i H I I E J 3 i ,. H. Frese, MMI W. Pittman, MMI M. San Miguel, MMI J. Sharp Jr., MMI J. Tilton, MMI H. Zohoer, ENI E. Evans, EN2 H. Marshal.l, MM2 A. Palmer, MM2 G. Rollins, EN2 R. Schafer, MM2 N. Seymour, MM2 R. Shalton, MM2 E. Weed, MM2 P. Wills, EN2 T. Wilson, MM2 J. Allder, MM3 J. Bell, MR3 R. Castell, MR3 S. Corder, MM3 215 -N R. Didonato, MR3, A. Frazier, MM3, R. HarTman, MM3, J. Hughson Jr., EN3, K. LaValle, MM3 W. Loynes, MM3, C. Milman, EN3, L. Lankford, EN3, M. Plocher, EN3, G. Seims, MR3 R. Smith, MM3, J. STorey, MM3, J. Wadsworfh, MM3, D. Lane, ENFN, C. Morgan, ENFN A. Aubut, FN, R. BesseTTe, FN, E. Biaselli, FN, J. Bowman, FN, R. Bressers, FN ,I AX K- Chandler FN J Cllchkus FN D Eslep FN Ferranh FN N Flgard FN Healon FN M Hlrschhorn FN R Holder FN .KahIer, FN1 E. Kennedy, FN 1 1 . XA! L. , 1 . ' , 1 . , 1 E. ', 1 . ' , A. , 1 . ' , 1 . , I R L. Chandler, FN1 J. Dilchkus, FN1 D. Eslep, FN1 E. Ferranli, FN1 N. Figard, FN J. Nuss, FN1 C. Poll1 FN1 P. Reinerl, FN1 M. Rowland FN1 D. Slanley, FN Steckowski, FN L. Tanksley, FN T. VanOoyen, FN T. Yearicks, F'N D. Gladfelter, MRFA D. Scott, MRFA T. Cosgrove, FA C. Hamontree, FA R. Knoblavch, FA O. Lindstrand, FA R.MicheI, FA D. Murphy, FA E. Patteron, FA J. Rilling, FA F. Ramos, FA D. Reeves, FA P. Schwoerer, FA M. Sharpe, FA T. Towslee, FA Y 218 T r V .:. LTJG S. R. Wysk Division Officer MMC G. A. Eckenroth MMC E. R. Simonin BTCS J. P. Lyons Jr During this recent Mediterranean Deployment, the once, Boiler Division and Machinery Division were combined into one single division. Since Boiler and Machinery Divisions are responsible for supplying the power to move USS FORRESTAL across these great waters we travel and supplying steam to all of FORRESTAUS four catapults, which launch our great l'Birds", these Divisions were named quite appropriately, Propulsion Division. Amid all the great rivalries within the Navy, "B" and "Mn Division,s was one of the greatest! But, since being brought under one roof,t Boilermen and Machinist's Mates are determined to make Propulsion Division "the best damn outfit on FORRESTALH. Pffffffffff ff ff!! fffaw f f 1 14 , f , in 45 as Q is as W S 1 ausnsfmm as as-,M--nm www -V ,at 7 fy' as . f vs-we Q rw-ww.-Q.:W..-as y.sWs-ffi.-A y Q- ' s af f H4 f f f f f f 4,3 3 v ff f ,mf H4 , 1 f, 4 , Z M H 5 f f f ,fg f f 220 ,.. . .135 I .52 'TX ff: asm ., ...E -1-'..fg ,Sr- I ..sxg, A 5,-X, ,A 1 1 9 5 1 1 i. All y! 1 U is ,Q K , Q I L x f I E f 3 R I 1 I 5 I 'X w l . i E I i 1 1, wi , , N W W w w 'J 4. 1 2 MM3 R. Sigmund, MM3 J. Snoddy, BT3 R. Williamson, MM3 C. Wilson, MMFN B. Cofield, MMFN R. Covington. MMFN R. Edwards, MMFN B. Lawlor, B'lLFN M. Levalino, BTFN S. McCaman, MMFN R. McPherson, MMFA D. Clemenls. MMFA J. Dombroski, MMFA C. Welker, Jr., FN C. Aucker- man, FN R. Birdsong, FN W. Carler, FN P. Dunkling. f ,fgfif , ,,mf,,f ,fw,7,,7 -f 0,4 .2 ,yf f, X , ,MX f ff MX' , X ,N ,4 , , . We W, f ., ,.. fi, , Q 1 4 5' -2 'ff' as 46? W 2 :Q M . ik L V 2 Q , 4 fi, Q. S 4 Q . . raw? Wwrawwmm-mw:WmW Mziimmmw-fmwwvwwwzw W M-W-mmm4w-,afw 1 M- W Wf-mil-4,711 We W -WZ? 57217 miami mlxmpzii 'Q LLQQQL 14- 3 ' 1:17, az: .Q QQ saw QM Q 'v ' , , , 7 ,W , 4,5 -,- .-A,,N,-,,...ff--4--1-1-,ff-f-:nfLiar v i Z u il E V i 1, .C.........,,,,, .,-, M Q, V I 4, FA R. Bova, FA A. Boyk, FA J. Campbell, FA M. Charles, FA P. Clark, FAJ. Dugan. FA W. Foster, FA D. Goode, FA M. Graham, FA J. Newton, FA M. Pennington, FA D. Risenhoover. ' H ,-4..V LTJG E. P. HARMAN Division Officer 1 MMC G. M. Eanes ,T ... i 1 ff van 43- 4 f 4: Af sw ,rw ,rw Akvfmf iw! wwy fm fkw M Min wwwxyf Swifwff Q- Mn-fm mfs ww mwffqwmif wa wwf-W4-1 ff fy 4, f 1 ., X-wily 4-, fwffywg 64:4-wwf MM' if-wWV P4.,fw4f www aw- 4-Wm W. 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Hassell, BT3 R. Holl, BT3 L. Hooks, BT3 J. Hoss, BT3 L. Martin, BT3 V. Newcomer. MM3 L. Ronk, BT3 R. Severs, BT3 A. Sharp, BT3 J. Smock, BT3 C. Taylor, BT3 N. Wagnitz, BT3 H. West, BT3 R. Williams, BT3 C. Wright. BTFN R. Hespeller, MMFN W. Hickenbottom, BTFN G. Kimray, BTFN G. Pruitt, BTFN R. Kolostow, MMFN T. Vaughn, FN G. Bassett, FN C. Below, FN T. Bishop. mmmmmy,.mmWmw,,w:h.,mM...,L,.M,,,...,..m-w...,,...,,.,W,.,f,,,.,,..W.,,,.,sM.,,,M...,,,.m.,,-,,..W,.,W,,.,.,,,,.M,,..W.,,W,,WWWe-mwww,-Wfw,W-WW..f,,,fM.,,,m.wwwz..-...iogw.,u,,,,e,4,5.,,,,m.ML,,,,,.gq. L... pg , s Q. C- s Q' '- V,,.5 , Q , ,ggi-1---w-YT,,.., W V Y 'YYY V Y.W.- . ..., .., . ., FN R. Davis, FN S.. Evans, FN H. Gibson, FN K. Golden, FN F. Hagedorn, FN R. Hilton, FN J. Javins, FN M. Jonas, FN FD. Lawson, FN H. Leslie Jr. FN L. Martin, FN R. Martin, FN K. Matthews, FN D. McCarty, FN T. Neiswonger, FN J. Onsgaard, FN C. Piaquadio, FN N. Proulx, FN G. Rucker, FN D. Sappington. l 1 f1 W ..::!1Y5'zv1::,2". ....,,.,.. . ..,,,,..- y,-V... M V Y V -A A qv -." y ,ww 0-.iw Z7 I M FN R. Snider, MMFA A. Freeman, BTFA R. Haimerl, BTFA D. MacDonald, BTFA H. Mullinax. FA C.FBobier, FA D. Buehrle, FA B. Grabill, FA T. Hoffman, FA A. Poborski. FA T. Puckeii, FA J. Queen, FA G. Rice, FA S. Ring, FA I. Robinson. FA P. Rolf, FA C. Ross, FA R. Rubino, FA G. Rusch, FAJ. Sacco. FA G. Sarich, FA D. Saiierwhiie, FA M. Sheppard, FA M. Springer, FA D. Stacey. FA R. Thompson, FA C. Thornion, FA C. Tourigny, FA B. Tschirhari, FA F. Turk. 229 230 FA H. Wallace FAT. Whitlock FA M. Williams FA D. Woodard W -42+L,f,,1fQ .L:-f.4....,..n..f.r-:..1f.-1zz.l,.ii...m,w.f....f.M4f11.1k.,w, i i i - T BTI A. L. James i BRCJ. P. Ryan ENS. R. S. NOWAK i Division Officer q 232 BT2 J. Henderson, BT2 J. Schwanger, BT2 R. Swan- son, BT3 C. Roberson, BT3 W. Rogers lll. BT3 H. Edinger, BT3 R. Emerick, BT3 M. Esposito, BT3 E. Mauldin, BT3 R. Westman. BTFN J. Harris, BTFN R. McCreight, BTFN D. Spen- cer, FN R. Chenworth, FN G. Dulkis. FN T. Orelik, FN T. Tooley, BTFA S. Foltz, BTFA R. Hensley, BTFAM. Ward. FA A. Casselman, FA H. Gonzales, FA J. Greene, FA T. McCue, FA A. Roth. FA F. Sayers, FA K. Smith, FA J. Weed, FA L. Williams, FA M. Williams, FA J. Woodley. W ywzgpjzyaf 'Eff if Y ffw affff f' 1 4 My n fig? A X in eff? 6 'Jw' W wr' M, 9,42-'44 ff, 4. 1 fiwk ,wg wff IP U5 'Q 'AE So QQ-and TE CD go -O fl? 23 5 CD 'K 4 Zffyf fy, ff ff fffffff! ff fffwf fry X X f f fffffzff Off, ff , ,fff ffffyi ff fff!!!,f f ,f ,f ff!! ff, x X if ff! f f X f ffffff XXX!! ff ff f ,iff f f X!! X ffff f ,iffy fffff X y ff fff 4 f f f X7 X ff f ff ff f r-"f""'!,,WM' EMC G Br0wn, EMC J. Lundberg 233 1' 1 4 l K. Anderson, EMI P. Tankersley, EMl W. Walson, EMl D. Black, EM2 J. Cassel, EM2 D. Crouse, IC2 W. Freymulh, EM2 J. Hill, EM2 J. Holland, lC2 C. Hughes Jr., EM2 E. Kearney, lCl N. Kozich, EM2 D. Kuper, EM2 D. Rosenbaum, EM2 J. Scolaro, lC2 G. Slringer, lC2 5 1 l S Aguirre EM3 D Ballard IC3 M Berkowitz EM3 R..AIdao, jr., EM3 I L. Cheever, EM3 P. Condon, EM3 D. Corder, EM3 W. Dodge, EM3 D. Davis, EM3 J. Gruber, EM3 R. Hewson, IC3 E. Hosfeld, Jr., EM3 D. Hugo, EM3 R. Kattas, EM3 B. Knott, EM3 R. Laurea no, EM3 C X, f 2 T 236 1,79 f: 41 'wllllgf , I A1-,E QEEI17. 1. 1 .-uf ., K Lewis EM3 M Murphey EM3 S New EM3 L Parhn IC3 J Pentland EM3 R Ponndexter EM3 F Robinson EM3 J.SahagianV Jr. EM3 R.ScoH, Jr. EM3 W.SkrenT EM3 D Skwarlo EM3 T. Speiser EM3 D.SuiTer EM3 R.SundeIin EM3 C.WinTerhaITer EM3 M.CoIeIIo ICFN K.Grossmann ICFN T. Hager ICFN 4.4 R. Matos, EMFN P.O'Day, ICFN R. Perales, ICFN J. Rudi, ICFN R.SrT1iTh, ICFN J.AShe, FN R. Belisle, FN M. Davis, FN D. Giese, FN B. Makepeace, FN R.Maurey, FN D.MilIer, FN J.Osborn, FN M. Dragon, EMFA D.GranT, EMFA K. Hall, EMFA A. Mack, FA R.WaIker, FA 237 238 ENS E. W. Feierabend Division Officer SFC L. H. Noud The Repair Division is responsible for the prevention and control of damage including control of stability, water tight integrity, list, and trim. During em. ergencies or drills, its personnel are directly involved in damage control, fire fighting, gas defense, nuclear, biological, and chemical warfare. Both the Damage Controlman and Shipfitter ratings are present in R-Division. The Shipfitter P lays out, assembles, installs, and maintains Plumbing and other Sanitary Systems, lags piping, and performs other Pipefitting jobs on High Pressure Piping Systems. The Shipfitter M lays out, fabricates, installs, and maintains metal and sheet metal structures. The Damage Controlman is quali- fied in all techniques and skills of damage control equipment, carpentry, and coordination and instruction in repair lockers. R-Division also maintains the ventilation system with the aid of TAD Personnel. DCC R. E. Reaser -' Zfwlgi V i- SFI R. Belcher, SFI G. Brett, SFI D. Butler, DCI D. Dorsey, DCI J. Mitchell Jr. DCI C. Saunders, DCI L. Wright, DC2 D. Blackburn, SFM2 D. Briscoe, SFM2 J. Carter. DC2 P. Caulfield, SFP2 W. Degnan, DC2 D. Green, DC2 J. Hutchings, SFM2 M. Scheadler. SFP2 M. Zucker, SFP3 D. Atwell, SFP3 R. Branham, SFM3 F. Bryant, DC3 T. Buczynski. ,. SFM3 R. Calherwood, SFP3 M. Colleran, DC3 A. Davis, DC3 R. Dodson, SFM3 G. Duncan, SFM3 A. Dunn, DC3 J. Grabek, SFM3 W. Healh, SFM3 C. Krebs, SFM3 D. Laborde. ' DC3 J. Lagonegro, SFP3 D. Maeslranzi, DC3 D. Mann, SFM3 D. Newby, DC3 R. Ouelelle, DC3 C. Peebles, SFM3 S. Phelps, SFM3 D. Raynor, DCFN R. Brock, DCFN D. Fellon. l DCFN J. Filzwaler, SFMFN G. Lager, DCFN J. Morris, DCFN P. Toms, FN R. Arganbrighl, SN B. Blankenship, FN R. Collins, FN R. Dewberry Jr., FN J. Dines, FN C. Freeman. l FN D. Houseman FN G La- sheue FN T. Leroy FN J. LouTh, FN W. McCullough, FN C. Skinner. 'BWW FNJ Woods DCFAM Collnn DCFA R Givens DCFAC Jeltema DCFAB Jensen DCFA D Krook DCFA B Morruson DCFA D Seme FA D Smlth FA F Steiner FA R Thompson FAL Wallis FAC Whne FAC Wnlluams FAJ Wnllnams FAA Young 241 V E X 5 f I b . LCDR J. J. Caciola First Lieutenant ENS. K. H. Forney Fourth Division Officer CWO2 C. D. Johnson, Jr. Ship's Boatswain 1 1 5 i Ensign M. B. Crouch First Division Officer Ensign B. L. Firestone Second Division Officer Ensign M. L. Klugrnan First Division Officer Ensign J. L. Ward Third Division Officer g if wr N""""' ap? 1 I ll ll ,. li ll 'll ,Ei gl F l l ll l l T l l ll 2114 l 1. R. Johnson, YNl, C..lALood, BMl, W. Helmick, BM2, J. Branson, BM3, W. Bryant, BM3 V. Callahan, BM3, R. Holmes,BM3, P. Langue, BM3, L. Linde, BM3 J. Stanul, BM3, T. Atkisson, BMSN, W. Anderson, SN, T. Aubry, SN, D. Baker, SN, R. Brosonski SN, L. Champion, SN, A. Clowers, SN, R. Constant, SN R. Cormier, SN, J. Davis, SN, C. Degarmo, SN, G. Eatmon, SN, R. Eck, SN, J. Finley, SN J. Hanson, SN, C. Haskins, SN, T. Jackson, SN J. Kermavner, SN, L. Lowe, SN, W. McClenton, SN, D. Palmer, SN, G. Prather, SN, R. Pruitt, SN, J. Roten, SN, M. Schirripa, SN, R. Alston, SA . W. Baker, SA A. Bishop, SA L. Basara, SA R. Bramlett, SA V. Buneta, SA W. Davis, SA D. Kratzer, SA A. Letfs, SA H. Martin, SA W. McShepard, SA C. Meadows, SA D. Ottum, SA D. Parker, SA M. Prevost, SA N. Redinger, SA R. Seaton, SA B. Snipe, SN T. Sullivan, SA W. Turner, SA ll J Hngglnbotham BM1 W Sampson BM2 D Roch SN D Sirelght SN BOS NLOCKER - I I - 1 . 1 1 I I ' I 245 ,11 1 . F ,Q ff Q3 ffl? Nfbjfl U ? 'X H. Houlemard, BMI R. Ramey, BM2 K. Alkio, BM3 S. Dicenso Jr., BM3 E. Hackney, BM3 C. McCreary, BM3 C. Toland, BM3 P. Towers, BM3 D. Alden, SN G. Carruih, SN R. Clark, SN L. Davis, SN R. Desmarais, SN D. Doll, SN E. Drapcho Jr., SN G. Finley, SN L. Gaeiano, SN T. Hammond, SN J. Headley, SN D. Jones, SN L. Keenan, SN E. McGrew, AN F. Noel, SN O. Poiiras, SN R. Rider, SN E. Shovlin, SN M. Shovlin, SN R. Syarlo, SN D. Wenzllck, SN R. Williamson, SA J. Eddy, SA T. Kennedy, SA R. Kennedy, SA J. Shomin, SA G. Lanning, SA M. Bivens, SA L. Caracciolo, SA. S. Murphy, SA P. Mayle, SA A. Vinuleg, SA C. FaQ9, SA K. Murphy, SA E. O'NeaI, SA E. Gill, SA S. Giordano, SA R. Arnold, SA B. Smith, SA J. Shaughnessy, SA .1 ? W ! J Hebrock BMl McCoy BMl Oliver BM2 Osmun BM2 Smith BM2 Terrell BM2 Manalio BM3 Adam SN Brown SN Calta SN Dorraugh SN Fuller SN Hayne SN Mendez SN Reid SN Schmidt, SN W. Simpson, SN G. Suggs, SN R. Stortz, SN R. Amos, SA R. Badali, SA R. Breasbois, SA B. Chudzik, SA W. Coomer, SA M. Edwards, SA R. Elliott Jr., SA M. Epps, SA P. Gram, SA L. Harris, SA M. Herleman, SA J. Husen Jr., SA R. Jackson, SA H. Leduc, SA C. Littlepage, SA M. Marchand, SA C. Murdick, SA J. Oboryshko, SA A. Peek, SA M. Ray, SA J. Riley, SA W. Roberts, SA C. Smith, SA L. Soraino, SA D. Ulzinow, SA J. Wilson, SA L. , H. ' , T. , J. ' , T. , E. ' , R. , A. Birdsong, SN C. , T. , K. , R. , G. , H. , T. ' , W. ' J.Woodruff Jr., SA ........,.....m....,-.. I The men of Fourth Divisiorrhwlork arouhd the oclockq at sea and inporti AshCoXswaina, Bow- hooks, Sternho0aks,.gand1main tenan'cecrews,'Fourth Divoisionu-Rersohhelebring1 othe mail from the ibeach, haul ea.rg4o.1offallf olklirldsl. fahH4,m'o st'elirnphorraht. ,to all ooffus, safelyo carryioliberty partres ashore fir! ,fair'V"iWeatherf.,oarrdQ.l3fou I. i ..e. ithf-.additiorral ?7responS.ibilitifeS 'such gas. life fboat Watches iand?fifueliigngeaihaniiif"fCPlb!1iS'5?U5 f!1e5525 'a ' 1!.?f.fE3?U.Q?lOfQ' F0qu,rthfP,i3l.i5iO?1703111, .bei 95U5i dCfCd among We h2fdCSffiWQE'SiHh2i4f1C1ff5f1'6SI:rQSPG91Qd?i.m.Q.vzgDf1fE0.RfR r of f . 1 . , --'Vg-51 ,'LG,f'-.:dg.5...,1,j.-..-yggf:-115.-5- VL: ,.:A-,W NL , 1 x ,- . L- ,Lam ,, . QA, . .... Y . K. 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Drumm, SN R. Eckler, SN M. Ellis, SN W. Lange, SN W. Nelson, SN G. Olson, SN M. Rivich, SN J. Srnilh, SN G. Anderson, SA G. Bell, SA C. Berry, SA M. Brownlee, SA N. Burns, SA C. Caslellelli, SA J. Chaney, SA M. Davis, SA . V I l in l l l i -I fl? . ,G ,- l C Demby SA L Facklln SA J Forrest SA D Frantz SA B Goss SA D Greene SA L Greene SA R Hall SA J Hewlett SA T Howell SA K Kahle SA J Kast SA C Kemppel SA R Koury SA T LaHuls SA C McBride SA T Manna SA J Nielsen SA Nl Nuss SA J Oulst SA R Paulos SA J Plerrlnger SA E Presley SA R Relyea SA C Smith SA D Vodarlck SA G Worrell SA L Zorrnlla SA 253 - , 1 . ' ', 1 . , p . , 2 . , - , 2 . , 1 . , 2. , 2 . , . , 1. , I . , 2 . , 2 . , J. Lawrence, SA, S. Laycock, SA, L. Love, SA, . ' , 1 . , 2 . ', z . , i . ' ' , . , 2 . , 1 . ', - , I i ' I I ' U I f , .- Z i ff 7'fW5'WW'771 W?6fff4:"7f3W'KE7Yv'fzmwa f X f f f-f-' -f ,yffff W-fff-1 f ff! f' fflf' ff-5, gn 5- V gf 5 2, - fy Q: .. 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Kinsell, RM3 S- Nordstrom, RM3 R. Odabashlan. 255 . 1 CYN3 D. Paquette, RM3 R. Smith, RM3 W. Smith, CYN3 D. Wickham, RM3 Wilson. CYNSN S. Chaney, CYNSN S. Frankenteld, RMSN J Hunderkoch, RMSN W. Jablonsky, CYNSN D. Jones. CYNSN L. Jowers, RMSN D. Klein, SN G. Landers, RMSN J. Spencer, CYNSN K. Ray. CYNSN M. Walsh, CYNSN E. White, SN G. Brownell, SN G. DiGiacomo, SN L. Erb. SN D. Gribble, SN M. Jessup, SN R. Jones, SN J. NuneS SN L. Odom. SN E. Session, SN F. Smith, RMSA G. Anderson, RMSA R. Austin, CYNSA T. Cannon. RMSA J. Falcone, Jr., RMSA M. Gentry, RMSA R- McLeish, RMSA C. Tallent, SA T. Carr. SA E. Haney, SA R. Hardin, SA G. Negl6Y, SA R- Shreder, SA S. Whittaker. LTJG R. W. Vincent Division Officer SMC J. B. Mayton SMI R Coursen SMI R Schweizer SM2 SM2 E Grubb SM2 M Zwleback SM3 P Eaton SM3D Fernandez SM3 J Lonholm SM3 R Lucas SM3 A Shoemaker SMSN R Patterson SMSN D Peterson SMSN R Smith SMSN L Wallin SNT Angelone SN F Wilson, SMSA J Dillon, SMSA W Kinsella, SAJ Nichols 257 ff' J ff 1 1 1 f ff . f if ' ' ' ' lsl 5 ff M. Bridges, SM2 J. Dillard. f ff f . ' I ' I ' l , . . . , . , . , . . n I u . I . ' I . u 258 CDR C. F. Carpenfer CDR G. F. Goeres K LCDR B. W. Cox Supply Officer Supply Officer Assf. Supply OffiCGV lu l l l l ll . .- 4 ...f ....... . T- -.f,.p,--f-a- -rf-V -'- .-2'-'f ' A-:--4Tf!"":2"""' fT"""'f":'?"Y'-"7 ' "M ':'7'5:":-'Li ' ' JT' ' ' :' ' S-I DIVISIO N LTJGJ P Dmga CWOZE P Woodward lT L Brown SKCS R D Brumbelow AKCS Duvusnon Officer D E Frlece FSR They say the best place to start IS at the bearnmng In thrs case lt s the top That post IS frlled by Cdr tChuckJ Carpenter who rs the head hauncho Followed next by Lcdr CWayneJ Cox actlng as V1ce Presldent As we move on agarn we fmd Lt CShortt1merj Schumann srttmg rn hrs corner rf you can see htm behmd all hrs paperwork He acts as cash1er of the shrp supplyrng all the actrvrtres aboard Next we have WO l Jlm Emberton our new DIVISIOH Offxcer He fmally returns to the SK rattng In the same lrttle offtce we have AK3 Dan Harkms Lt Schumann s helper Dan rs also boss of the mght crew But then on one works nrghts Our attentron now turns to SN Gar Blough known as the hfe of the party ln that part of the offrce wrth hrs records and beads Late Note LT3g John Dmga IS the new Supply Support Assrstant Now we go rnto the workmg force of the offrce There we start at the top wrth SKCS Thomas Brown rn charge and AKCS Roy Brumbelow runnmg a close second Then we have AKC Bob Taylor whrch at the trme of thrs wrrtmg is sttll as P 1 He wlll be handling all ftnanctal accountxng for the shrp For POI s we have enough In one cor ner AKI .latme Layman lS a new man takrng over a short tlmer s job rn Special Projects AK3 Roy Seamans has hts bags packed Then SKI Lawrence Cox no relatxon to the V P has hrs own httle corner makmg surveys and taktng care of casreps As an extra job he makes sure we re on trme for work Lookmg around agam rn the S 84 E Optar part of fxnanclal SKl Leo Gulnto has the ball Hrs brg problem IS the Imprest Fund It takes h1m awhrle to open the safe A face we seldom see IS SKl Al Moore who counts all the parts and makes sure we have enough AK1 Prerce IS presently with the MAA force and SA Dan Lopez rs mess cooking Gomg down the line we have AK3 Frank McDonald rn charge of stock control wtth AA Dennrs Uulyj Johnson SN Larry Shellnut and AN .hm Holtz They re stockrng lt all the time Requxsrtron Control has SKSN Dog Inman ordering what IS not available Receipt Control shows us AKAN RICO Onorato and SN Larry Boxsvert hacking all those recerpt papers They strll wonder where they all come from Next AKAN Ron Ellxson IS keeprng up what SKI Gumto mrsses Some faces we seldom see are the inventory team comprised of AN Vrsser AN Prrochta SA Rrtzman and SA Renner Last but not least we have those faithful men sent TAD from the Squadrons on board Nors sectlon sees AK3 s Al Mowry Don Dekeyser B111 Clahoun AKAN Bob Newman and AN Dave Beckley keeprng all the squad rons honest people One man forgotten is IM3 Brll Perry the frx 1t all man for the drvlsron By Davrd Buckley AK3 and Rov Seamans AK3 2607 L. Cox, SKl, L. Guinlo, SKl, J. Layman, AKI, P. Pierce, SKl, R. Taylor, AKl, D. Harkins, AKS F. McDonald, AK3, W. Perry, lM3, R. Seamans, AK3, R. Vanscoy, AK3, D. Inman, SKSN, R. Ellison, AKAN R-Of10ra'f0, AKAN, G. Blough, SN, L. Boisverl, SN, J. Hollz, AN D- Plnochla, AN, L. shelmm, SN 5- V555-eff AN, D. Johnson, AA, D. Lopez, SA, R. Renner, SA: W. Rilzman, SA s i w 1 I 5 3 L W W I i p . X 1 1 1 W 1 Y 1 w Y ' ' 1 N I w N 1 , "-Qu' LT R. C. James Division Office' J. A. Welch, csclvx, E. vv. Ayers, cscf J. A. Rem- some Jr., CSC G. Hunt, C515 G. Kelley, C515 R. Mosman, C515 P. Pellelier, C515 W. Rush, , C515 5. Wilson, C5l, R. Brancow, C52 X W. Chouinard, C525 J. Craft, C525 R. Gordish, C525 R. Holm, SK25 5. Norlhroup, C525 G. Runion, C525 J. Schipke, C52 A. Teslul, C525 D. Black, C535 R. Brown, C535 J. Ganz, C535 L. Granai, C535 5. Rau, C535 A. Rowley, C53 5 - ,Q W5 W A 5 .,,,,f,. yi.. 5' I. 1 '-Aff' . . fm? ASMW4- 262 . vlffifffid U., f fm" "LE w'F'.?tvf Qs., fm. 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Houlihan, SH3 W. Robinson, SH3 M. Schember, SHB3 T. Wagner, SH3 V. Walihes, SH3 265 I ,.f 1' J .M 'I 7. ,. 'jf 992 VS 'ssog '3 IVS 'x1:JeqJe9 IVS 'sau.1eg T fVS?lS 'Aal-1971 T 5NV '9!l09Z "I 5NS 'A9I9UMf'f' fNS 'J9U059M 'EI , NS '5i3!JD0E1'dfNS '93!JcI 'EI fNS 'U!9l33W'O 'NS 'zeugpew 'r INS 'plsomuoznyl '3 INS 'uouueg-I 'H INS Izalezuog 'gl NS 'Ll99I:I 'S fNS 'AI-19El'I'fN.I. 'SSUOCI 'Q INS 'odse.13 'N INS Iualvxog 'H INS 'uoJa6.lag 'd INS '151SMO5lZ3EQ'd T. Holt, SA, W. llngram, SA, W. Jorgensen, SA, W. Kelleher, AA D. Kennedy, SA, D. Lashbrook, SA, R. Lee, SA, R. Lenarl, SA E. McKinley, AA, D. Mclniosh, SA, G. Pizer SA, L. Sidoli, AA T. Washington, SA, D. Williams, SA, W. Wilson, SA, J. 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P. Krueger D Division Officer KC F. H. Dawson J. Lefeure, SN, W. Topping, SN 268 .-A l fr R. Esleller, DKl, R. Darrell, DK2, A. X Llorenle, DK2, O. Alban'O, DK3 l J. Baldwin, DK3, R. Brown, DK3, R. Li-' barnes, DK3, R. Arrueio, DKSN G. May, DKSN, J. Nichols, DKSN, B. Buenviaie, SN, A. Krebs, SN RP. Ignacio, SN E. Madison, SDCS, E. Tyson, SDCS LTJG G. R. Buniing Jr. Division Officer G. Fories, SDI, F. Manugo, SD, W. Valderama, SDI: R. Wright SDI P. Arcolas, SD2, D. Bael, SD2, J. Biag, SD2: A. Cadondon, SD2 S. Lazo, SD2,H.1OCamp0, SD2, A. Ramos, SD2, E. Vidamo, SD2 D. Aledia, SD3, J. Campos, SD3, H. Cordero, SD3: C. Corpuz, SD3 269 R. Ganaden, SD3Q L. Macaraeg, SD3Q R. Abofin, TNQ P. Acierfo, -I-Nj R. Bondoc, TNI D. Boniog, TN V. Capili, TNQ R. Capuia, TNI M. CorTez, -I-Nj A. Corfisfa, TN: T. CosTaIes, TNI V. Cruz, TN J. Cuello. Jr.,TNQ A. Cuenta, -I-Nj J. Custodio, TNI R. DeJesus TNQ R. DeIaCruz, TNI A. Diaz, TN C. EdnacoT, TNQ E. Esperanza, TNQ A. Guevarra, TNQ L. Gudran, TNQ H. Ilagan, TNQ D. Ilog, TN -Q Z lf' A. lson, TN M. Lababit, TN R. Legaspi, TN B. Lomeda, TN T. Mattus, TN M. Mendoza, TN S. Morales Jr., TN G. Nalos, AN A. Pinon, TN A. Prado, TN R. Queiada, TN R. Querido, TN R. Quiambao, TN A. Udan, TN J. Roxas, TN F. Aniversario, TA D. Aragon, TA G. Bautista, TA E. Beio, TA J. Escobedo, TA J. Master, TA T. Mendoza, TA - R. Victorino, TA C. Viloria, Jr., TA 271 T LTJG R. R. Bidwell Division Officer f i SKC E. Ball 5 272 D. Chauncey, AKI, F. DelCasfillo, AKI, R. Schiferl, SKI, D. Cassidy, SK2, D. Holfon, AK2, E. Kayga, AK2 J. Millikin, AK2, R. Belfz, SK3, R. Gapske, AK3, G. Rogers, AK3, K. Clarke, SKSN, R. Griffin, AKAN R. Hulvey, AKAN, M. Lund, SKSN, S. Holden, SKSN, D. Henderson, SN, G. Johnson, AN, R. Lunsford, SN ,-fl . . M. Mercer Jr., SN L. Pesiana, AN R. Schulte Jr., SN C. Trowbridge, AN J. Vanderslice, SN G. Yeremian, AN W. Moore, SKSA J. Owens, SKSA R. Parker, SKSA R. Winkler, SKSA W. K. Clark, AA S. Davis, SA R. Driver, SA J. Harris, SA J. Hill, AA P. Jacob, AA A. Jones, AA 273 W" ,nw ' E Kino-me 1 S k not cm cam E 2 I MTM: Q WASTE ww X 6 WX' 31 LIQUID-WNGTCUTCA m T W'Wx'ifwmN ix Xxx x RTON ni .v.x' ar 4 'rf RY 13535135 UAL N I u I W 1 4 J ? 5 1 DPC J. Dean K 1 L. Hain, CTI, R. Meese, MU1, W. Siammer, DP1, K. Leonard, DP2 H. Eure, DP3, J. Oafes, DP3, W. ClifTon, DPSN, J. Ryder, DPSN N. ScoH, DPSN, A. D'Angelo, SN, E. Jensen SN, J. McHaIe, AN D. Powell, SN, J. Roman, SN, B. Vibbert, SN, R. Johnson, SA S 7 DIVISIO WOI J. M. Emberfon S-7 Division Officer uusunviil T ix. +5 3- ' at l l i i , i , l i . i i fi! iii . 4, 4. ,im illill ,lx ,i, V: i ii ,i it iwil i l i i ii i, ,i ii ii i, il i i 1 CDR H. Muller Denial Officer wg ,V ,V 51, , ,ff ,V pf fmfi !fW,l, ' . X 0 , , 4 X, I , H If fiffjyr Mi, Aitiioughi one of the iisnialler departments in FORRESTALQ- and twelve, technicians of the dental department are engaged tf dgjly daring deeds dim inishingdental disease. Allittlelsurgeryl heregiiafti igg15filQghf5fblf iheregi here ta xfiiiinghhefe gt filling, everywhere a f1i1mgffiiimgYl lwopuidz'Qtf5a5l5i555, aPl5f0iP19iatei themefsong, f orithe varied activities being PHl2l9e77iti7 T it 5 t i f t ii 7 1 t 1 is staffed and otu'tfifit,gqilipgQ rifidif1e131ifi2fi'idtfilIii5l??5S6rfViCff- The if0PCTaU'ig'F00mS me ClUCli118f? fullawriiyff!9ap2b11mCS1f I Pefliodonuciy 1FCSf0laft1gVC T?Qf19l5iQf?fl919lF19llffl9'?fdel?fiamollgstli the l5e?Vl9e5i WU Wefye wif21fifiiliifiasf-:KillianGenerali a1ab0faf0rY4S1affs2f1a1tbv ffwo t i iechhifliifhSi41fitei2lbiQS t t t he in n l t devaffmentiitoi ivrovideitvifweilyii ni einii!f ii i gthe itiii , field of Qprosthod ontics . l AndT when i fdayifiSitfiifiliitiilsitesliifllislxbU22 iofiillatctivify COHUUHCS 'ifil ifhei?i,dle9fffirfrefii?5 stake over and catry outdone titi dentistry tii1 fprogfam, l scaling, polishing and applying infafConitinui ngQefforttofreduee tooth decay. l i t tt l j tlt tliit ftll t goesiff 'froinlthe opening, hectic hour of sick eallg g t ine?7 fappointmentsf ofthe day and endings in theearlyi momentsoff l Jdgy4l lthetidentalt department endeavors to do its bit by 'reetiiie and preventivefdentalleare to all aboard FORRESTALQZ i ltip' ,, ,,,, ,,,, ,,,,, , , A, W M4 ,, ,,,f,f,, A, M M ,WM M, ,, ,, ,, ,, , ,, ,, , ,, , , Q , ,, ,, , ,., 4.,Q,,l,.f,,,,Aif. li i, is i i, i i i i f if li! l l l i i l l li I 1 4, ii l ill ill ,V iii li' l l i I I l i li 5. in l 3 l 278 'il lm N' if-'L .ff M., , N3 s LQDR A. G. Sirmans Lieutenant C. E. Ehie 1 ASSISTBTIT Denial Officer Aggigiam' Den1'al Qfficer If f latestfftfqfnfivnffiitilaihidalinstfvmwtsi CH-eblmg the fifffwl Of SPCQfiFUm7l0ff it i 1 reernwntlfwhlilefparienrsf relax 111 ifevlined Lieuienani J. J. Zukoski Division Officer DTT J. Kester, DTP2 J. McEachern, DT2 J. Roihrock, DT3 A. Fiitipaldi. DT3 A. Twible, DN J. Davison, SN W. Delaune, SN B. Jiles. DN C. Roberts, DN D. Spalty, SA J. AT- kins, SA C. Ballou. iiii-7 280 Gall Bladder Operafion 1 nr' vfwfr Q ll- ' ' H s, 4 -1.. . --- fvffi-' 'ii - f if Q -5l'YUilfT'f14: W' 'll-"l,Rl'..Q' -. I.. flfl',i.v l- ' ,- ' 'li , ss,,....4, LCDRC.G.Jeffrey LCDRV.J. Russo LTJG J. D.Solmer1 Senior Medical Officer Assf. Medical Officer Division Officer VISIO HMCS E.fL. Corbett HMC E. E. Hammonds T. Cline, HMl, A. Foresta, HMl, P. Holbert, HMl, R. Winfield, HMI, R. Bruns, HM2, L. Handeland, HM2, T. Mangan, HM2, L. Mooney, HM2, C. Watson, HM2 H. Argo, HM3, J. Fitzgerald, HM3, J. Fowler, HM3, W. Gann, HM3, T. Kepler, HM3, D. Mahler, HM3, G. Mayer, HM3, J. Morton, HM3, G. Mossel, HM3 Wherever there are units of the U. S. Navy or Marine Corps on duty, members of the Medical De- partment will also be present. Although often per- forming routine and monotonous duties they are ever ready to render service to their companions in uniform. Their devotion to the demands of the mili- tary service, their courage in the face of danger, and their high morale reflect the quality of the personnel of their corps. Be it on the battlefields of Vietnam, a large modern hospital in the suburbs of our nations capitol, or on a carrier at sea, their job remains the same, the preservation of the health and vitality of the members of the Naval Service. D. Reilly, HM3, K. Roderigues, HM3, T. Anklam, HN, T. Burdett, HN, J. Emnett, HN A. Jones, HN, R. Long, HN, J. Orton, HN, M. Grogan, . SA, S. Hansen, HA 281 -Y ATTACK CARRIER AIR WING I7 HISTORY OF CVW-17 Air Group SEVENTEEN came into existence during World War II at Atlantic City, N.J., under the numerical designation of EIGHTY-TWO. It completed one combat tour aboard USS BENNINGTON CCV-201, and was the first air group to operate from her flight deck. In the process of reforming when the war came to an end, the Air Group was designated a postwar group and was reassigned to the East Coast early in 1946. From that time until it was deactivated in September 1958, Air Group SEVENTEEN operated continuously with the At- lantic Fleet, although one of its squadrons was temporarily transferred to the Pacific for participation in combat action in Korea. Several significant marks in the history of Naval Aviation were scored by units of Air Group SEVENTEEN. Fighter Squadron ONE SEVEN ONE, then SEVEN- TEEN ABLE, was first in the Navy to be fully equipped with jet aircraft and May 1948 that unit became the first squadron to qualify for carrier opera- tions in jets. Another squadron, Attack Squadron SEVENTEEN ABLE, took AM-l MAULERS through carrier qualifications for the first time, and yet another, Fighter Squadron ONE SEVEN TWO was the first to be equipped with FZH-1 BANSHEES and to take them into combat in Korea. Units of the Air Group were also the first to complete night carrier qualifications with jet aircraft. 1949-1953 1953- 1954 1955 1956 1957 9 966 967 96 1969 Pres The present composition of the A Operated in Mediterranean with SIXTH Fleet aboard FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT Round the World Cruise aboard WASP MED Cruise aboard CORAL SEA Aboard FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT in the Atlantic during the Suez Crisis Aboard FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT as a unit of the SIXTH Fleet in the Mediterranean Deactivated 15 September Reactivated 1 November WESTPAC Cruise aboard USS FORRESTAL Operated in Mediterranean with SIXTH Fleet aboard USS FORRESTAL Operating in Mediterranean with SIXTH Fleet aboard USS FOR RESTAL ir Win SEVENTEEN IS VF ll VF 74 VA 36 VA 66 VA 716 RVAH 13 VAH 10 DET 59 VAW 176 and HS ll 158 - 1 - " 1 - . 18 - . . . . 1 2233! CAPT C. A. L. CDR T. H. Repogle Swanson Commander CVW-17 Commander CVW-17 CVW-17 AOCS J. J. Kubacki, ADCS J. H. McAllister, XNCM. D.. Cgx Q LCDR J. LCDRA.C. LCDRE.O.Q Burrows Oker Rheinhart Operations First Maintenance Officer Lieutenant Officer LCDR R. W. Hamon LieutenantJ. F. Lieutenant T. H LSO, Sandstrom LSO, Russell Administrative Asst. Administrative Flight Surgeon Officer Officer LieutenantG. A. Lieutenant S. J. H. T. West Lapes ParrottJr. Tech Rep Flight Surgeon AIO g 284 ACTUBI landing of LCDR R. W. PN1C.Brewer,YN2F.Lindamood,YN3 Hamon, CVW-17 LSO, on the oc- A.MalI0uf,YNSNM.Mann casion of his 500th carrier landing. SN J. Bove, DKI D. Maddix, HMI A. Wusiewski, DKSN W. Boyles . VAW - 126 Carrier Airborne Early Warning Squadron ONE HUNDRED TWEN- TY-SIX is a major element of the airborne early warning QAEWQ forces of the U.S. Navy. Even though the capabilities of the aircraft have been demonstrated as being excep- tionally versatile, thef primary "classical" mission of the squad- ron is to provide the Task Force Commander with early warning of impending enemy attack. The airborne early warning capabil- 'ty of the highly sophisticated E-ZA HHHWkCye" represents an amazing evolution from the modest begin- mugs of AEW during World War II. Aircraft which pioneered the devel- Opment of carrier based AEW were the TBM-3W 'fAvenger" and the AD-5W "Skyraider". Still opera- tional and effective, in addition to the E-ZA, is the E-IB "Tracer" aircraft. Although a deficiency in early warn- ing VYHS apparent during World War Il, little could be done until the completion of hostilities. A develop- ment and training program produced VAW-2 on 6 July l948 at NAS Quonset Point, Rhode Island. Growing in scope and capability through the years, the AEW mission has continued to reach greater heights of achievement, size and importance as weaponry has in- creased in speed, range and destruc- tiveness. With this growth of AEW came the expansion of VAW-2 into VAW-12, the largest carrier based squadron on the East Coast. Flight crews expanded from three to four and, with the E-ZA, to five mem- bers. With the appearance of the E-ZA and its larger crews and support complement, it was decided to com- mission several smaller units to carry out the AEW mission on each attack carrier. VAW-12 became the present Carrier Airborne Early Warning Wing TWELVE, which directs the AEW capability of the Commander Naval Air Force, U.S. Atlantic Fleet, from Norfolk. Virginia. Carrier Airborne Early Warning Squadron ONE HUNDRED TWEN- TY-SIX QVAW-1265 was commis- sioned on l April l969, at which time Commander Albert W. OLDHAM assumed command as the first Com- manding Officer. VAW-l26 was the last East Coast E-2A squadron to be formed. Shortly after com- missioning, VAW-126 assigned to Attack Carrier Airwing SEVEN- TEEN aboard USS FORRESTAL QCVA-595. In early August 1969, VAW-l26 began seven weeks of intensive refresher training aboard FORRESTAL with CVW-17. On 24 October 1969, VAW-126 departed aboard FORRESTAL for its first Operational Readiness Inspection and achieved the highest score of any East Coast E-ZA squadron on its initial readiness inspection. On 2 December the squadron departed on its present seven month Med- iterranean deployment. Commander OLDHAM was relieved by Com- mander Robert M. HARP aboard FORRESTAL on I5 January, l970. ff li , l i l 1 l l l 9 tl E l T l' 1 ll l i 1 tl . li 7 lt 5 ! l . I l E 1 l l il l' Q all ' I 285 rl l l .. .1 lg 1 if 5i9I9MH 'D 'CI J.'I 'Il9P09 'Ei 'S J.'I '5-19q9DI 'W 'H J.'I 'J9l450W "I 'EI .LT I9P9!'I 'V '9 .L"l U95l9!J. 'V 'D EICID '9U50U5!W 'CI 'H l.'l '5-1nC1U9Zl!M 'W '9 J.'I '9'599W 'EI 'H HCIDT A,1Mo'4 '14 'g EIGZTI 'JGHSDI 'W 'CJ EiCI3'l 'GSW 'W 'EI EICIDW 'UGSU-'SEI 'F 'H H031 1934440 eA14n3ax3 U959!-':l 'V ':l HOD 1934440 6u4pueLuLuo3 dJeH 'W 'EI EICID 982 LT R. E. Burrell LT R. L. Berry LT W. T. Broadhursl LT R. H. Purnell LT K. L. Roberts LTJG J. Robinson, LTJG G. Blume AVCM C. Sarvis, ADCS J. Leonard, AMCS W. Nichols AMEC W. Campbell Jr., ADJC R. Huffman, ADJC C. Spilz AMSC G. McCormick, AMHC O. Slricklin, ATC J. Dillingham, Nl. WilliamS, AEC C. Haskins ATC B. Jones, ATC McDonald, ATC 287 1 VW, ,:x,, , fr, -5, X X, 3, .f..,.,, zz.-. ,. , F V, .Aww ,.yW.,,,.. 35344 W XM... r if . L 2923 AMSI D. Booth, ADJl E. Driggers, ADJl C. Edge, AMSl D. Hardin, AMHl J. Keener, ATl F. McKeown, ATl R. McLeroy, AEl T. Miller Jr. ATl E. Nickles, ATl R. Palmer, ADRl A. Richau, AMHl O. Roach, ADJi R. Sparks, AMEI C. Tipton Jr., ADJl H. Welsh, AE2 D. Barg ATN2 A. Brodeur, ATN2 C. Brown, AE2 R. Campbell, ATN2 R. Clark, AD R2 E. Cure, ADJ2 E. Daniels, AMH2 P. Diersen, AZ2 R. Dooley AMH2 G. Driver, ATN2 J. Dunnivanl, ATN2 L. Gaddis, Yn2 P. Gergely, ADJ2 R. Grimes, AE2 R. Hallman, ATR2 C. Holland, ATR2 D. Howard :W el . 1 l g El AE2 H. Jolley, AK2 D. Lambert, AME2 L. Maple, AMH2 Q. Marlin, ATR2 J. MCG-arry, ATR2 J. Mills, ADR2 C. Minor, AK2 C. Owens ATN2 D. Palmer, ATR2 S. Parent, AZ2 T. Paslorius, ATN2 J. Pyne, SD2 J. Reyes ATR2 J. Rivera, AMS2 W. Rolh, ADJ2 W. Roudabush ADJ2 K. Sewell, ATN2 G. Siles, ATN2 S. Taylor, AZ2 V. Van Coulren, ADJ3 J. Baird, ATN3 R. Bedingfield, AE3 J. Boren, PR3 R. Boiar AE3 L. Connell, ADJ3 R. DeMarino, AE3 D. Duggan, ADJ3 M. Fields, AMH3 R. Freeman, AMH3 M. Friedenlag, ATN3 R. Gehrke, AT R3 T. Grimm 290 AMS3 N. Harding, AE3 F. Harley, PR3 G. Herbig Jr., CS3 D. Jean, AMS3 R. Lessler, ATN3 M. Krier, AMH3 J. Madden, AE3 D. McCray PN3 R. McMillan, AE3 R. McMurray, ADJ3 B. Miller, ADJ3 E. Nummelin, AME3 P Oliver, AMS3 R. Rogers, AMS3 J. Sarlain, ADJ3 R. Schubert ADJ3 J. Sedlacek, ATN3 D. Shaddak, ATR3 C. Smiih, AMH3 R. Stein, ATN3 D. Slrawn, AME3 J. Sullivan, ADJ3 H. Warren, ATN3 D. While ATN3 C. Wicksirom, ATR3 J. Wrighl, ADJ3 W. Young, PNSN L. Casserl, AKAN D- Rode, AMSAN J. Searle, AN F. Cali, AN B. Chapul SN B. CIBQQ, AN W. Eddins, AN J. Ewing III, AN R. FiaT0, SN D. Folks AN R. Gaston, AN B. Homm, AN M. Leisring, AN G Mendicina, AN S. Profera TN S. Regala, SA D. Fisher, SA G. Mosier, AA R. Persall, AA F. STrange FIGHTER SQUADRQ 292 Fighter Squadron SEVENTY-FOUR came into being during World War II and was designated Fighter Bomber Squadron 20 under COMA- IRPAC. The squadron saw action against the Japanese in the late stages of the war, flying the Navy's famed F4U Corsair. It was during this time that the squadron nick- name HBE-DEVILERSM evolved. Fighter Squadron SEVENTY-FOUR is an all-weather squadron whose primary mission is to intercept and destroy enemy aircraft in order to establish and maintain local air superiority. Presently, VF-74 flies the F4B aircraft. The F4B Phantom is a supersonic, two-place, twin- engine, all-weather fighter designed for intermediate and long-range in- terception using missile armament at all altitudes. Since 1948, the Be-Devilers have flown the following aircraft: F8F Bearcat, F4U Corsair, FZH-2A Ban- shee, and the F4D Skyray. On 26 April 1961, VF-74 began official transition from the single-seat, transonic F4D Skyray to the twin- engine F4H-1 supersonic all-weath- er fighter-interceptor. Delivery of the first VF-74 F4H was ac- complished on 8 July 1961. Under the new designation system, the F4H was redesignated the F4B. VF-74 became the first squadron to operate the Phantom on an ex- tended deployment, when as a part of Air Group EIGHT aboard USS FORRESTAL QCVA-591, the squad- ron logged its sixth Med cruise from 3 August 1962 to 2 March 1963. From March 1963 to July 1964, VF-74 deployed to various to NAS Key West, the Carribean for Opera- tion Springboard '64, and to ports such as Boston, New York City, St. Thomas, and Roosevelt Roads. Two more highly successful Med cruises from July 1964 to March 1965 and from August 1965 to April 1966, allowed VF-74 to increase its fleet-wide lead in F4B expe- rience. During FORRESTAL's ten month overhaul period, VF-74 deployed several detachments to Key West, Roosevelt Roads and Hamilton AFB, Bermuda. The entire squadron con- ducted conventional weapons train- ing at MCAS Yuma, Arizona, from mid-October through early Novem- ber 1966. Back aboard their newly-refur- bished parent ship as a member of Attack Carrier Air Wing SEV- ENTEEN, VF-74 participated in FORRESTAL's shakedown cruise in the Guantanamo Bay area from 14 February to 27 March 1967. Two weeks later, FORRESTAL and VF-74 returned to the Caribbean for Air Wing training in the Atlan- tic Fleet Weapons Range areas, returning home on 6 May 1967. On 6 June 1967, the Be-Devilers embarked aboard USS FORRESTAL with CVW-17 for an ORI in the Caribbean followed by deployment to Southeast Asia. The fire aboard the ship resulted in an early return to NAS Oceana in September 1967. During the last quarter of 1967 and early 1968, the squadron sent several detachments to Key West on alert duty. In late February and early March 1968, the squadron deployed with CVW-17 to NAS Fallon for two weeks of weapons training. From 23 April to 22 May 1968, the squadron was aboard FOR- RESTAL with CVW-17 for refresher training in the Guantanamo Bay area. During June 1968 VF-74 participated in a three week cruise aboard FOR- RESTAL. 22 July 1968, the Be- Devilers departed Norfolk for a Mediterranean cruise aboard FOR- RESTAI. that lasted until 29 April 1969. During this cruise they visited many foreign ports, and while at sea, they logged 1895 arrested land- ings and flew 1958 sorties for over 3000 hours. Following a short down period, the Be-Devilers again began their training schedule. This in- cluded a two-week commitment in Key West in July, a six-week re- fresher cruise to the Roosevelt Roads and Guantanamo Bay area, and an ORI from 24 October to 7 November. All of this training was in preparation for this 1969-1970 Mediterranean cruise, VF-74's tenth. 1 1 1 1 1 p 1 1 1 in 11 111 1,1 1 1 'fit 293 I JE 294 CDR D. L. Varner CDR J. Larnore Commanding Officer Execuhve Officer LCDR D. S. Sirole, LCDR D. V. Hanna, LCDR R. Edwards, LCDR S. Phimister, LT W. J. Denning LT T. S. Slater, LT G. C. Smith, LT A. L. Wise, LT C. J. Evans, LT R. M. Slaasied Kofsffnby' ' 7'9- ggzq 23515 ,X af. .- flmsfmqt . .- ..:. Se ,. Q f - -,ggi . ,sy '-iw-sa i . at LT J. Maher, LT S. Weber, LT R. McCoy, LT N. Cannella, LT B. Doyle LT W. Rieke, LTJG F. Lloyd, LTJG C. Dickinson, LTJG M. Stuart, LTJG J. Hensley LTJG W. Wilson, LTJG J. Burch, LTJG R. Rozycki, LTJG D. Urquhart, LTJG C. St. Dizier XX - ,,,..f---v' Jr .F f f f ,A LTJG M. Ryan D LTJG M. Robinson LTJG R. Barker - LTJG G. Pickering 'I Checking out enlisted m n tor a ride in he backseat ,,,- E . 295 e T V 5 296 AEI D. Boyd Jr. ADJl D. Brown AEl R. Carey 'AMHi H. Hansen AMHl L. Hickman PNl M. Krueger ADJl R. Norris AOl M. Peck ADJi D. Perlakowski AMHl D. Ream RAM:-H B. shockley AOi C. Shoemaker ADJi J. Toombs AQFQJ. Addie A02 R. Alldaffer AQF2 T. Alley AMS2 H. Blackman ADJ2 D. Breechbill AO2 D. Calanora AQF2 M. Gauf ADCS J. Bralina AECS J. Dorough AMCS R. Mobley AQCS J. Pallerson ADJC M. Haslip AMSCJ. Rommelman AMSC M. Taylor AMHC R. Ulnik AQC J. Conyers AOC K. Lyle PRC P. Murray AOC L. Powell ff-"-' 1 AQF2 J. Glover, AMS2 P. Grzywinski, AMH2 E. Ingrarn, AQF2 P. Jernigan Jr., AQF2 A. Kleeger, AQF2 K. Knighf, AO2 P. Kuehn, AM2 M. Lagle, ABF2 H. Landry AME2 C. Lindauer, AZ2 D. McQuisfon, AMS2 R. Paqueffe AE2 G. Peck, AMH2 W. Peraino, ' A02 R. Perkins, AO2 T. Piepho, AMH2 S. Shelfon, AMH2 R. Sfyron 'if M I ...,....-,..., -,...,b..M....,..,., V I VF-74 Flighf Crew being briefed by Ordnance Officer. E97 298 AQFZR Sylvls AEZE Taylor ADJ2 D Tuttle AQFZB Victor AQFZC Wulson ATRZP Wnttfneld ADJ2 R Zeranskn AO3C Alvare AQF3M Arnes AMH3 K Babmeaux AZ3D Baer AO3l Barber Ill AZ3F Barker ADJ3D Baxter PR3 R Buck PN3C Calzada V 74 "Zeros" play a French team in Antibes. f , 4 B' " 'ZH' . ' I ' I . . . I . . 1 . I . . 1 0 . I . I . . I . . I . I . I . 555 SPORTIFS ',', fl fitfw' W '.'Zeros" at half-time in game with French Team. AE3T Caparro AE3 R. Coy AMS3 J. Dennis AQB3 D. Elwell AMH3 Q. Hancock AO3A Hensch AMS3T Hunt AQF3 M. Innerarify PN3J Jackson AMH3 L.Jones AE3J.Jurcin ADJ3J. Kelly ADJ3O Kennedy PRZR Kirk 299 - 1 1 I 1 - 1 - 1 . , , 1 1 33. . I . . 300 AE3 G. Kirkuff AMH3 C. Kuhn PR3 C. Langslon ADJ3 K. Lawrason ADJ3 F. Longerbeam AO3 W. Marrie AE3 T. Marvin AME3 E. McGrath AO3 R. Mcliibben AMH3 C. Morgan PR3 J. Mullins AMH3 J. Porler AZ3 R. Reeves ADJ3 D. Robinson CS3 D. Sheldon ADJ3 D. Sloan AQF3 A. Swilzer AMS3 V. Torres AME3 R. Turner x Wwzrif 5k Squadron birlhday party for month of February. AQF3 J. Viglucci ADJ3 M. Walker AMS3 J. Ward AMH3 L. Weller AE3 W. Welly AME3 W. Wiberl AO3 T. Wurlderlich AQF3 J. Young AZAN L. BreChbiII AQFAN A. Broglia ' AMSAN J. Everelle AQFAN J. Feik AQFAN F. Folger AQFAN J. Goodchild AOAN W. McKenna Ill AEAN J Shirley ADJAN A Sllger ADJAN D Troppmann AEAN D Waddell ADJAN K Weber 301 302 VF-74 receive Valen1ine's gifls from wives D.WilIiams, AMSAN W. Child, AN R. Cloninger, AN T. Connolly, AN D. Dunn, AN C. Greenwen, AN J. Hurl, AN L. Knowlton, AN G. Murrell, AN W. Myers, AN A. Sanvidge, AN L. Schaad, AN J. Shaw, SN D. Walker, AN J. Winburn, AN L. Heill, SA A TTA CK SQ UA DR0 SIXTYM-SIX 303 -.ia 304 - A Waldo-bird and its friends. CDR- B- A- WNTG CDR E. vv. oembeck Commanding Officer Executive Officer LCDR P. S. Johnson, LCDR J. E. Morrison, LCDR J. M. Donaworth, LT K. A. McCIuskey, LT F. S. Prendergast, LT J. L. Stringer LTJ. G. Stuckey, LT E. T. Moore, LT J. W. Curland, LT R. A. Pergler, LT J. L. Tinsley, LT. P. B. Weise LT E. L. Young, LT G. P. Kosloski, LTJ. T. Revenaugh, LTJG P. L. Fontaine, LTJG J. R. Wilson LTJG R. C. Jackson CWO2 D. M. Roby, CWO2 T. F. Day, WO1 L. Kaufman There's a wealth of information in the pubs. 306 C. Crum, AMS3, W. Curran, ADJ3, D. Dangler, AMH3, D. DeCharlT, AME3 T. Des Jean, ATR3, R. Dillon, AO3, G. Dosh Jr., ADJ3, L. Elmore, ADJ3 W. Fadley, ADJ3, L. Flynn, ATR3, W. Johnson Jr., PN3, R. Jones, ATN3 G. Kincade, AE3, T. Lanza, AMS3, M. Ledgerwood, AO3, K. Maac, AMS3 M. McClure, PN3, J. Middlelon, AO3, A. Moore Jr., ATN3, D. Morris, AZ3 W. Nickless, AO3, E. Porler, AME3, J. Pybas, AMS3, C. Reed, AE3 F' Saddling Up l l R.Sac:kel'r AQB3 K.Scribner AME3 T. Seal AQF3 .Shadburn YN3 M. Sherwood AO3 .Sinealh YN3 G. Slales AO3 J. .Slinnler ATR3 Slodgell ADJ3 .Thompson YN3 Valentine ADR3 Walker ADR3 .WhiTener ADJ3 Wolverton ADJ3 Lehmkuhler ADJAN J. .Allikas AN Bowling AN Campbell AN Cepluch AN J. Cross AN Fruci AN Gruening, SN .Hansen, SN Horne, AN Jones Jr., AN Kline, AN D. KIOTZ, AN M. Leadman, AN S. Markley, AN R R K M. P. R .MarTin, AN . McCoy, AN Penn, AN Pelrilsch, AN Pyles, SN . Rowek, AN I. Thomas, AN VA-66 Silver Eagle "I don'1 know how il works either-must be magic." 'N-Q.. 308 G. Ferreira, ADCS, A. Reynolds, AMCS, W. Tyler, ADJC J. Bolick, AOC, P. May, ATC, J. McDaniel, AEC B K J. T. O J. J. R H J. J. J. H E R D. E J. Barron, AMSI Bliss, AZT Brumbley, ATT Eaton, AMSI Floyd, AEl Grasmeyer, A01 Love, A01 Mason, ADJl Mauldin, AMHT Patton, AOl Price, ATI Vareene, ADJl Williams Jr., ADJl Zimmerman Jr., AEl Abernathy, ATN2 Barnett, AT R2 Beattie, ADJ2 Bishop, Jr., AME2 J. Bode, AE2 D. J. Brown, ATN2 Cadwallader, AQB2 T. Campbell Jr., PN2 G C. E Cannell, AO2 Clark, AO2 Connal, ATR2 Another Night G0!??' D G A B R R D E E J. R Cowel, ATR2 Dodge, PR2 Duncan, AQF2 English, ADJ2 Fritch, AZ2 .Gray, AMH2 Howard, CS2 Kaletch, ADJ2 Knight, AMS2 Larson, AQB2 .Matheny, AE2 W. McGinnis, AO2 V A P .McLeod, AMS2 .PaItrineri, ADJ2 .PaoIiIlo, AO2 Plane Captain for 3129? F Payne ATR2 J Plummer YN2 L Shondel AME2 J Walton AMH2 K Beckwith ADJ3 G Buttman ADJ3 J Blythe AMH3 D Bush ATR3 H Christiansen ATR3 S Conwell AZ3 1 e 0 . . I I ' l I I ' I I f 1 1 THE BEST IN THE FLEET VA-36 GFFICERS Cdr H N Rose Cdr W C NIX Lcdr Lcdr Lcdr Lcdr Lcdr Lt. F. Lt. MJ. Wilkes D5 'R Lt Q Conyers Lt 9 Llshtner McGeor2e Payne g. . . Peterson g. J.G. Hartman CWO-2 L.H. Strickland WO-l TA. Brown Lcdr. R.W. Hamon 312 T 2 lu ,.,-51 v- 1-.1 ' .' . ., 1aii1f'?S Amillhx 'f :W . V wp' X . ,E Cdr H N Rose Cdr W C Nlx Commandmg Ofhcer Commandmg Offucer May 1969 March 1970 March 1970 Present THE PRIDE OF THE NAVY ROADRUNNERS ONE AND ALL W, , .. f ,,ff. LCDR B. Hall, LCDR M. McKay, LCDR R. Meinhold, LCDR P. Pirotalo, LCDR C. Williams, LT R. Beacham LT J. Condit, LT W. Difilippo, LT H. Kelly, LT M. McMichael, LT T. Mitchell, LT D. Moylan LT F. Taylor, LT M. Wilkes, LTJG J. Conyers Jr., LTJG L. Lightner, LTJG J. McGeorge, LTJG J. Payne LTJG J. Peterson, WOT T. Brown, CWO2 L. Strickland Roadrunners change command! 313 314 AFCM R. Decker, AOCS V. Johnson, AMCS C. Mathews, ADJC E. Hancock, AEC H. Jones, AOC V. Weaver AZl G. Castle, A01 T. Cleghorn, ADJl W. Clendenning, ATI R. Elliott, ADJI R.Galerltir1e Jr. AEl G. Garner, ADJl J. Harrison, AMEI D. Hoffman, ADJl R. Hughes, AMHI L. Johnston AKl D. Lee, ATl J. Morgan, A01 W. Sewell, AMSI J. Shelton, YNl J. Shofner AEl O. Turner, AMSl R. Walker, AMS2 D. Bolin, HM2 R. Bruns, AMS2 R. Carleton AQF2 G. Cooper, AME2 R. Finley, AQF2 R. Greer, AMH2 W. Helzer, ATN2 V. Jessee AME2 W. Kaukola, ADJ2 R. Keleher, AZ2 K. Kelsey, AE2 G. King, AO2 P. Mayer It states right here in black and white Gunners are not allowed in the ready room! . CSZT Nlunger ADJZJ Murphy AMHQC O Halloran ADJQA Schrock AMS2 L Ward AMHZW Vmson ADJ3G Balley AO3 B Bechlold ADJ3 E Brown AMS3J Bryant AK3W Calhoun SD3E Canlas AE3J Canonlco AO3J Deardorff AMH3G Fuller AME3J Gallo ADJ3 H. Gooch AO3 C Guillar ADR3 L Hagewood AO3 D Hammonds PR3 A. Hermanni AZ3 P. Hinkson AMS3J. Kay ADJ3 W. Korner AD3 S. Kubelka ,, AE3 J. Lacerra I AE3J. Leile ly gl AE3 W. Leslie l ADR3 D. McAllister A There's one in every crowd! ly ly r N f 4' Y A g, V P. Pelers Ill, AMS3 W. Pierce, ADJ3 J. Pyles, ATN3 T. Ralliff, YN3 D. PNSN M. Groff, AZAN R. Lucas, AKAN R. Newman lll, PNSN R. Pele l l Anderson, AN J. Aquino, AN D. Beckley, AN T. Bennell, AN R. Beriino l J Beep! Beep! Il J 1 l in I 316 AZ3 A. McLaughlin, YN3 H. Michaels, AMH3 C. Morrison, AE3 F. Newhall, HM3 D. Penlecosl, AMH3 Reed ADJ3 M. Riley, ATR3 A. Roberson, AQF3 S. Ruperl, AME3 J. Salinsky, AQF3 D. San Romani, AQF3 l D. Slanley, ATR3 J. Talbol, AMH3 D. Terrio, AK3 R. Tinkham, AO3 T. Turanl rs, AMSAN J. Sumner, AN M Beau'riful--- AN R. Blake, AN D. Brewer, TN A. Buning, TN F. Carbonell, AN W. Donovan, AN F. Ellis, AN J. Gocek, AN J. Goold, AN S. Hardemon, AN J. Harvey AN W. Havard, AN E.'Hughes, AOAN G. Keck, AN J. Kolf, AN M. Lucas, AN K. Malsbury, AN J. Moy, AN G. McManus, SN J. Moore, SN A. Ross ll AN R. Sorensen, AN R. Selman, AN R. Toney, AN M. Vasquez, AA W. Caniara, AA G. Carter, AA Crawford, AA W. Loveless, AA L. Pickford, AA M. Poiier Are,n"r They? .,,,h-N This is so easy I can do it with my eyes closed! 318 HS-11 Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron Eleven QHS-111 is a unique part of CVW-17, not only is it the only rotary wing aircraft, but also the only unit from Quonset Point, Rhode Island. The squadron was commissioned in June 1957 as an anti-submarine warfare outfit. In the following five years, HS-11 made numerous deployments aboard the USS WASP QCVS-185 as an ASW unit in Task Group Bravo. Between June 1962 and November 1966, the squadron not only continued exercises aboard the USS WASP and the USS LAKE CHAM- PLAIN, but participated in Gemini recoveries. In January 1962, HS-11 stood by for Colonel Glenn's space shot, but the attempt was cancelled. Then again in April 1963 the squadron was used in the alternate recovery area for Major Cooperls Faith 7 flight, but the success of his mission did not uti-' lize our helicopters. On June 7, 1965, we got in on the act and helo 79164 recovered Major Edward White 'and Major James McDivitt II. December 1965 saw us on the scene again when we recovered Gemini VII's astronauts, Lt. Col. Frank Borman and Cdr. James Lovell, Jr., plus were instrumental in GT VI's recovery. It was only appropriate that the squadron was chosen to assist in closing out the Gemini recovery program, and on 15 November 1966, while the nation watched on live television HS-ll picked up Gemini XII,s James Lovell Jr. and Edwin E. Aldrin. The squadron began extensive training in anti- submarine warfare tactics in the ensuing years, and continued to make short cruises aboard the USS WASP. It also played a minor role in the Apollo recovery program. At present the squadron in being utilized as an ex- perimental ASW helicopter unit attached to CVW- 17 on board the FORRESTAL. Upon return to Nor- folk, Va., the "Sub Seekers" will anxiously be anticipating returning to Quonset Point and their families. -f- .,- .-...N - ,:...A . ., . --...., A -.. l,..,V..,,x.V,.,., .. , ,- , 1. l 1 I Yi . W x fi xi .. 2 5 ! ! af , f We 319 1 l . W I K, af A ff rw CDR F. R. Spiegler Commanding Officer 320 LCDR J. Hensley, LCDR G. Grant, LCDR L. Luhrs, LCDR R. Williams, LCDR H. McDaris, LCDR J. Meiling LT H. Wolfe, LT J. Baker, LT D. Raffello, LT J. Mallhews, LT J. Melro, LT J. McGill LT E. Dinsmore, LT P. Hailer, LT J. Fielder, LTJG F. Roberls, LTJG T. McGee, LTJG R. Casci 'WWW K LTJG L. Hutchison, LTJG E. Carfer, LTJG B. Harris, LTJG E. Slomba, CWO3 W. Salamon AXCS B. Barbour AMCS J. Federice ADCS P. Giambalvo ADJC H. James ADJC F. Vandeymark AMSC J. Welkenbach AWC J. Marsh ATC H. Schertell AEC D. Schlegel AZC G. Vaughn J . 322 AOl L. Brinley AWHl W. Callaway ADJl T. Davis ATl J. Kistner AMHl J. McCain ABl T. Moran AEl V. Nolan ATl R. Riemenschneiner AEl W. Stevens ATT R. Strickler AME2 W. Atkinson ATR2 R. Baysinger ADJ2 A. Caminiti AMS2 R. Daigle AWH2J. Deen ATN2 D. Demian AMS2 R. Deming AMH2 S. DiLorenzo AMS2 W. Dykstra AW2 J. English AW2 T. Field ADJ2 R. Fisher ADJ2 J. Foote AWH2 D. Fry PR2 T. Garman ADJQG. Hartter AMH2 B. Hill AO2 B. Hock ADJ2J. Piantedosi CS2 D. Pickett HM2 A. Remieres AMH2 P. Solaqua AWH2 C. Wareham ADJ2 R. Woicik AMH3 S. Aldrich AWH3 R. Armbrust AWH2 W. Holitield AW2 D. Householder AZ2 J. Hunt AK2 W. Johnson AWH2 R. Kerr AWH2 D. Landis SD2 J. Mateo AW2 T. Murvine AWH3 A. Besl AMH3 R. Bouley AE3J. Bowker AO3 A. Budds AWH3 L. Burl ADJ3 M. Bush Jr. PN3J.lCordeiro AE3 R. Epps AE3 C. Evans STN3 G. Exley ADJ3J. Federice ADJ3T. Field AME3 L. Fields AMH3 G. Grill AO3 J. Holmes AE3 V. Hornick ADJ3 D. Jackson YN3 G. Leckonby AE3 S. Maronlo ATN3 D. Mohr AW3 D. O'NeiII AMH3 G. Poeckerl ADJ3 E. Pope AZ3 C. Rease YN3 J. Robey AWH3 K. Robison ATR3 D. Schwarlze AWH3S. Sewell AMS3 D Sheppard ADJ3 R Smllh ADJ3C Sumner ATN3D Sward ADJ3J Taverna ASM3A Thomas AWH3J Walker AX3 Winslow l , l lil l 1 l l il ill il' ll i all . ll 324 ATN3 R Wolf ADJAN A Ahrens ADJAN N. Babb AWAN A. Bonanno AMSAN E. Fields ADJAN F Fowler AXAN E lcard AMSAN R. Kuban AMSAN J. Loll ANHAM M. Miklos ADJAN J Miller AWAN C. Ruffner ADJAN D. Van Ellen ATNAN R. Wilcox AN L. Bell AN J. Carpenter AN L Cella AN R. Friend AN E Holmes AN J.Judah SNM Kogod SN L Lacman AN B.Marlin AN R McClure TNC Medina AN R Mickens AN C. Pagano AN D Savaria SAA Cerabino J, ,, . . . . V ix i l' 13 - . , 5 , W .f 1 K 1 ' I f 9- 7 1 A ff' . if .. A 25 A i 1 , "f I f lf T .Q , I ,,' .,. I. l' : . ' I !. x .5 I ,. 2. ll X' N -A - ilzi Q 1 l li l l l if A . ii I l xl i f. f 'll , l ,l. l li i i 'l vt' , ' il . ' l i 1 iz , I .i . A l i 1 If L 1, I U 'i l li i - 1 - I I I 1 1 - 1 3 I I i ll l ' . ' l 31 ' I I I I I i JN X ll 1 - I 1 - 1 i fl l l - 1 - 1 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 . X I ' I ' l i I l . l i l N 1 N I , l J i l i l l li ll ll , l l 1 1 ' 1 2 ll 4 lv . .1 . ll . ill l -ll The Red Rlippers were commissioned on February l, l927 in Hampton Roads, Virginia. They were the second fighter squadron created by the Navy, and the first to remain a fighter 'squadron since com- missioning. The squadron has flown twenty-one dif- ferent types of aircraft and eleven different utility planes. Though it has been redesignated eight times, it has carried the Red Ripper insignia continuously since its adoption in l927. The Rippers can boast that over thirty-five admirals have once worn their insignia. History has seen the Rippers home based on both coasts of the United States and aboard seventeen different aircraft carriers. With the advent of World War II the Rippers supported the allied in- vasion of North Africa, downing sixteen enemy aircraft in four days. ln September l943 they par- ticipated in the first American naval air strikes on Q39 Rip German forces in Norway. In I944 the squadron transferred to the Pacific Fleet and went into ac- tion in support of the Leyte Campaign. Later. they launched raids on Luzon 'that brought the squadron its first Presidential Unit Citation. The Rippers won additional Unit Citations for attacks on Luzon. the Philippines, Formosa and the Bonins, and par- ticipated in the first American air raids on Tokyo. In the Korean and Viet Nam Conflicts the Rippers flew in support of ground troops, and during the Suez and Lebanon Crises of l958 and the dispute over Quemoy and Matsu provided protective air cover. Today the Boar's Head insignia of Fighter Squadron Eleven hangs on the Ready Room wall where the squadron has its headquarters but small replicas have been left all over the world since the Boar's Head was first adopted in 1927. 325 326 CDRW E Greerlll CDRR C Mlllef Commanding Offncer Execuhve Officer LCDR R Leeds LCDRM Scott LCDRD Marhn LTA Magann LTA Johnson LTW Auken LTG Cook LTJ Best LTS Husak LTR Welch LTJ Surnnlck LTF Espy LTJ Newhouse LTJG R Gvulbert LTJGM PeIlegr1nJr LTJGJ Earle LTJG D Keperlnng LTJG R Suryan LTJGW Johnson LTJGT Flynn LTJG R Holt LTJGJ Walters LTJG J. Hutchins LTJG C. Burns LTJG D. Bardal LTJG R. Zwiebel W. . 1 +,v..'.'- , .1 ,, or ff 2,6 ,UM ADCS J. Hunt AMCS O. Richards AQC R. Emerick AOC F. Hochmuth PNC W. Jackson ATC J. Rust 328 Q11 kr! Jr HMI H. Barnes, AT1 E. Bagdonas, AE1 J. Cowan, AMS1 D. Damson, A01 J. Eason , AMH1 P. Herring, ADJ1 R. Lamberson, AMH1 C. A McCIeary, YN1 C. Peterson, SDI J. Piones ' AK1 A. Pulley, AME1 G. Roberts, AMH1 E. Rouse, AEI P. Sherwood, AZ1 R. Sink ADJ1T.SIaTon,ADJ1 D.STory,AO1C.Walker,ADJ2 C. Aon, D142 M. Blakely ATN2 J. Boyle, AMH2 R. Carr, AMS2 R. Chandler, H AMH2 C. Coning, ATR2 J. Conroy 574143 I 'ffffff During the middle and late thirties the Rippers flew the Boeing FAB then the precision fighter ot the Navy ADJ2 R. Davis AO2 D Ellis AQF2 L. Emswiler AME2 E. Gilliland AMS2 D Marlin ADJ2 M. Nichols AO2 L. Numa D AE2 J. Patterson AO2 B. Persinger AMS2 C. Pittman AQF2 D. Riozzi ADJ2 C. Sanford AE2 D. Smith ATR2 F. Strickler ADJ2 S Sukovaty AMH2 E. Wagener AME2 E. Warren AQF3 G. Adams AMS3 J. Alexander Jr. AMH3T Baker 329 330 In 1944 the Red Ruppers Took These HellcaTs" into-The Pacifuc Campaign of World Warll AMS3J. Becker PN3 R. Bell ADJ3 L. Bonham AZ3 J. Braun AE3 J. Bridges AE3J. Burke ADJ3J. Callahan ADJ3 J. Calso ASM3 L. Campbell AO3 C. Canterbury AME3 C. Casady ADJ3 O. Caslillo Jr ADJ3 K. Cox PN3 D. Crookslon AO3 J. Curelon AQF3 D. Currie A03 D. Curtis AZ3 J. Draper PN3 G. Eory AMS3 R. Falkin ADJ3 R. Fennes, SD3 E. Flores, AO3 P. Furman, A03 S. Griggs, AQF3J. Haynes, AE3J. Horton, PN3 R. Kaiser, AE3 J. Keiih ADJ3 P. Kran'rz, AE3 M. Limanii, ATN3 R. Lindberg, AQF3 F. Lutkefedder, AMS3 E. Martin, AK3 J. Mason, ADJ3 A. McGinnis, AMS3 K. Morehouse 332 ln May 1950 the Red Rippers stepped from The propeller driven era into the iel age with The McDonnell F2H-l "Banshee" which They flew all during Korea. lg ' A A 1 1 AMS3 P. Morey, AMH3 J. Nye, AO3 J. Owens, ATR3 J. Pollak, ADJ3 B. Razey AMH3 L. Riddle, ATN3 N. Schug, A03 P. Schultz, AMH3 P. Sheaffer, ADJ3 W. Skosky AQF3 C. Smarup, AE3 W. Sloffreger, AO3 R. Swan, AMN3 R. Thompson, AE3 A. Vann ADJ3 I. Wilkins, ATN3 C. Woodard, AE3 M. Wright, ADJ3 B. Wunder, AEAN W. Adkins - ATRAN J. Baker, AMHAN R. Brighlhaupl, AQFAN E. Burns, ATAN R. Carfer, AEAN J. Elmore 334 ATAN R Galllvan ADJAN D Morrison PRANT Peeples AQFANS Prenhce AEAN D Rudser AMSANG SproH AN R Ardoluno TN E Bngalbal ANO Blurback ANJ LaVlola SN R Mowry ANS Parish AN R Perez, AN D PeTers ANJ Petrlk ANJ Prmcnpe ANJ Rlch ANJ Rodrigues ANJ Russell TNM Somera AN L Sulluvan AN M. Sullivan AN M. Walters SA T. Egan AAT Kitchen ATKRO Our squadron crest represents the innate concept of the attack squadronfs performance of duty through teamwork. The central factor is weaponry. The axe stresses our offensive capabilities and the mace our defensive capabil- ities. The shield further connotes the defensive role of the modern attack squadron as an important by-product of the offensive role. Together these weapons symbolize our readiness to perform our assigned missions. The four black diamonds represent the basic tactical unit of our aircraft in a diamond formation. Finally, the black and white colors express our day and night capabilities. 335 336 ill ll Ll lg. l l 3 l l l l : l l i A l l l l l 1 i l l 1 l l l l l I 1 1 ' l l l 2 1 l l l l -l W I s l .2 ,ll 2. ll ill ll xl 1'- CDR R. A. Massey Jr. Commanding Officer LCDR E. Arnold LCDR D. Chesfon LCDR D. McKinney LCDR T. McGraw LT G. Russell LT F. Bowers LT G. Dillon LTJG M. Herr LTJG A. Chesferman LTJG J. Frazier LTJG W. Harrison LTJG M. Freedman WOl W. Roberson CDR P. G. Frederick Execufive Officer AOCS R. Ford ADCS L. Kellch AMCS F. Niewiadomski YNC E. Lewis AMSI A. Adams ADJI R. Barron AOI D. Brooks AOI A. Dunn AKI F. Gayalin ATI V. Gibbs AMSI D. Lyon AEI A. McDaniel ATI G. Rains ATI J. Reece HMI K. Salyer ATR2 T. Allison AO2 R. Bleeker ADJ2 H. Claylon AE2 K. Daley AO2 R. Dunn ADJ2 R. Eller ATN2 T. Gardner AE2 T. Gilmore AZ2 M. Gessaro AMS2 B. Gliddon AO2 R. Griffin YN2 D. Kisperl ATR2J. Lillie ' 'FHL Vw 3 xl 43: '! R. .L ik.. ' v 337 AME2 O. Loyd AMH2 T. McPhetrigeJr AZ2 L. Mitchell ADJ2 M. Nelms ADJ2 L. Patterson ATN2 W. Pinson BM2 A. Reyes AMH2 D. Richey ADJ2 M. Robinson CS2 S. Skipchak AE2 M. Skow AE2 R. Unfried ADJ3J. Allsbrook AMS3 G. Barton ADJ3 M. Bass AQF3 J. Broderick AME3J. Bucko AMH3 K. Butler AMH3 G. Buttke AQB3 J. CudoJr. ADJ3 D. Duggins A03 W. Emmons PR3 B. Evans AK3 G. Freudenthal AME3 D. Gerlach ASH3 G. Haltner AO3 W. Hamlin AQF3 R. Hansen AE3J. Hart ASH3 D. Hawkins AZ3 D Hess AE3 B Hudgens AO3T Husbands AME3 P Johnson ATR3 C Jorgensen AZ3M Kelly AQF3 R Knechl AO3J Lass ADJ3N'l Lawrence AE3D Mader AO3 D McAfee AQB3 R McGulre AMH3 R Middleton AMH3 R Ogan AE3 B Rapp AMH3W Robb ADJ3H Roberlson ABH3R Robinson PR3A Roof AQF3J Sasek ATN3F Skidmore ABH3C Smllh Jr AMESJ Slanfon AE3C Siem AO3A Truscelll AZ3M Walls AQF3W Wlllmulh AMH3 L Wokson AOAN J Benefuel YNSN D Comiskey mia? M' 1" H9-O 'W NV SIS!!-193 'CI NV oaAeJe3 'V NV 1951009 'EI NV NUQQLUUEQ 'M NV 9l50!V 'El Ni P-1044948 'W NVN.LV J9H9S 'El NSNd 519-'q9S'G NVOV Sdlllllld 'I' NVFCIV '50-'O 'I' NVHWV S!l95J9W '0 NVSWV U9P5U0'I '.L NVSWV H955!1 'EI NSNd UOUVXQT T NVHWV U9l'U513n-OI 'Cl NSNd -'al-l949bI 'i NVELLV UAQH 'Cl NVN.l.V SSAQH 'W NVFCIV l9!HJ9H 'H NVFGV 5U!09 'O NVHWV UHJ99 ':l NVZV J95U!-ll-l9:l 'I' NVbl.LV 03093 ':l NVN.LV 2 2 X , WA- .,---'-"" 3 - i Q f 913 EIEX 1 AN R. Davey AN J. Elmore AN S. Evans SN C. Haynes AN L. Lawver AN J. Lopinlo AN T. Macklin AN T. Mallhew AN R. Mudrak TN J. Oliveros AN D. Plummer TN S. Quila AN C. Rausch AN J. Schymick AN D. Stebbins AN B. Thornton AN J. Zolli AA J. Barcena AA L. Deeds AA M. Earl AAG. Froning AA F. Lomonacc AA J. Maurer AA R. Paige . . f l gf ' 'H' 341 RECONNAISSANCE ATTACK SQUADRON THIRTEEN Q 343 344 CDR J. D. Taylor CDR D- Coleman Commanding Officer Execufive Officer LCDR P. Criswell, LCDR G. Coulfer, LCDR R. Kublke, LT K. Dunn, LT A. Jenkins LT E. Peavy, LT A. Sfandridge, LTJG J. Ashford, LTJF R. Burnes, LTJG A. Erickson LTJG M. Jacobs, LTJG R. Keefe, LTJG S. McCray, LTJG E. Till, CWO H. Warren Q '26 Af Ju '60 H. D. LGQQ, J. L. Lewis, S. L5 'i W. Law AVCM L. King, AMCS C. CIayT0n, AECS A. AE CS E. Pelroski Fitzgerald, ATCS L. Willis, AZC L. Carter, PHC W. Newby, AEC H. Race . I AOC W. Seawrighl, AQC J. Widmann f CHR MJ 345 346 1 ADJI C. Beaulieu ATI F. Brown AMHI C. Burdick ATI K. Carlson PHI N. D'Addario AMSI W. Davis PHI A. Ellison ADJI T. Fulton PHI U. Harris ' ABHI E. Haye AMHI E. Haye AMHI J. Jackson ADJI L. McKay PHI H. NlcLead AKI W. Norris AMSI A. Ryan ADJI M. Scoville AMHI M. Wagnon ADJ2 R. Barnes Jr AMS2 D. Blackburn ATR2 J. Clark AMH2 E. Diellin ATR2 G. Forster AMH2 E. Gnas AEZJ. Gough PH2 R. Gross RD2 M. Guarino AE2 F. Harbaugh YN2 R. Hauck ADJ2 R. Hilgenfeld ATNZJ. Hurihan AQBZJ. Imerzel AMS2 D. Jaeger AME2 D. Kindsfafer AZ2 C. LuTrick CS2 J. MarTin ADJ2 W. McCloskey PH2 I. McQueen ATN2 A. Misfler ATN2 M. Mudryk AQB2 W. Naman PH2 J. Neumayer ATN2 H. Porter ATR2 J. Rhodes PH2 P. Rice PR2 J. Schreiber AE2 L. Scollan AQB2 D. Shaffer AMS2 M. Sielaff 347 348 il AE2 G Slmpson AQBZJ Sparks PH2 H Stacey PH2J Stewart PN2 R Thomas ADJ2 D Thompson AQBZJ Taller AMS2J Townsend AME2 B Walker AE2 D Wrught AIVlH2J Youn AEZM Zygmunt ATN3D Abbott ATR3A Adkins AME3J Beaulleu AQB3 R Bellett AQB3E Bowser PH3 R Brlnk AMH3 P. Brooke AK3 R Brown AE3 R. Bush AQB3W Bush AQB3T Cantwell AMS3 D Carpenter Q T f ADJ3 M. Culligan AMH3 W. Denning AQB3 D. Dunlevy ADJ3 R. Flake AQB3 R. Folland ATR3 S. Gazdik AQB3J. Gibson Jr. ATN3 M. Giddings AMH3J. Gilchrisi PH3J. Gravely Jr. AMH3 N. Haldeman AQB3 M. Herskowiiz ADJ3 H. Hobson PH3 J. Jenkins ATN3 P. Kahlmeyer ATR3 L. Kelley PN3 G. Keup PH3 J. Larimer AMS3 S. Lile AME3 A. Martinez AQB3 T. Mayfield PH3 S. McCoy ADJ3J. McFarland ADJ3 W. McMuIlan 350 , 1 ' 452 - 12 4 My fd if f V f f - AQB3 P. Miller AMH3 J. Moon ADR3 J. Morris PH3 T. Mulligan AQF3 P. Noll AMS3 S. Nuberg AMS3 R. Pattison SD3 F. Pascua ATN3 R. Russell ADJ3 L. Sayles DK3 M. Segala AME3 H. Selwitz PN3 P. Sierra PH3 E. Smith ATR3 D. Spurgeon PH3 S. Swain PH3 M. Stumpf A03 J. Taglia AQB3 L. Thompson YN3 K. Vanden Dooren PR3 R. Vandergrift AMS3 D. Walker ADJ3 M. Webb AE3 D. Wilson l433ll AZ3 M. Zipperer ADJAN R. Bonner ' ATRAN H. DavisJr. AMSAN J. Gordon ATRAN J. Guest AMSAN T. Hawkins AQBAN M. Honegger AEAN D. Hooker YNSN F. Johnson AQBAN D. Kaac AZAN G. Iverson YNSN D. Longley ATRAN P. Lopez PRAN J. Middleton ADJAN B. Williams TN A. Abuan AN W. Armstrong AN S. Basner AN R. Bateman AN D. Black AN J. Bonanno AN L. Bryant AN J. Caulder SN J. Doemei 351 352 AN J. Fisher AN E. Holi SN W. Hulson AN J. John AN J. Ladabouche AN J. Lombardi AN J. Meisenhelder AN A. Merrill SN J. Neison AN D. Norris AN W. Perrille AN D. Polk AD D. Roddy AN D. Rollyson AN D. Salisbury AN D. Simmons AN H. Torres SN N. Rulio AN W. Wilcoll SA J. Anderson TA M. Balagias AA T. Farmer AA J. Lloyd AAG. Porter AA R. sau HEAVY ATTACK SQUADRGN TEN 54 LCDR L. Guisinger LCDR A- W- Karsf LT M. D. Beck ENS R. W. Neel i ADCS J.'Johnson, ADJC B. Brown,iAEC H. Frank, ATC R. Turner, AMSC vv. Youni AMSi G. Ahmer, ADJ'I W. Biown, AEi G. Davis, AMEii A. Dickinson, ADJI L. FOFTUDB, Guidry, AEI L. Irvin AMSI A I is I" yy r Sul J' AEI J. McLeroy, ADJl A. Mutchler, AZI D. Wilson, ADJ2 L. Bruns, AMS2 M. Bayly, ATR2 P. Cohen ATN2 D. Corcoran, AMS2 G. Garza, ADJ2 W. Goodwin, ATN2 C. Montgomery, AMH2 H. Rodgers, AE2 C. Shiner ATN3 R. Busquet ADJ3J. Buswell PR3 D. Carmichael AO3 C. Cooper ADJ3 J. Demarest AE3 B. DiRocco AZ3 G. Dragon ADJ3 M. Engels AQF3 M. Fredericksen AE3 D. Green ATR3 M. Huche ATR3 C. Ingram - AE3 A. Krenkel AK3 W. Lewis ATR3 D. McDonald AT R3 T. Mosser PR3, P. Nolan ADJ3 J. Plunkett AMS3 R. Rogers AMH3 R. Romero AE3 R. Schnall AK3 K. Sheets AE3 N. Swift AMS3 L. Thurston ATAN L. Cleveland AMS3 E. Wagganer AOAN E. Leonard AMS3 W. Wenger ATR3 L Winn AN W. Anderson, AN S. Hartman, SN P. Henson, AN M. Honeycutt, AN W. Jacobson, SA P. Heintzelman, AAJ. Hendrickson, AA J. Pipkin, AA T. Veigel 355 356 RADMW H House CCD 4 CAPTC 5 Mackey CAPTP T Corrlgan Chlef of Staff Operallons Officer RADM G C Talley Jr CCD 4 CDR R W Duggan CDR F L Loflon CDRE L Ebberl CDR E F Wenshar CDRG E Mall LCDRJ A Moore LCDRO F Baldwin LCDRA W Murphy Jr LTG R Premeaux LTJGJ T Jackson LTJG F.D Ganllard LTJG R D Jacobs G. Harkins, RMCM, D. Tidwell, YNCS, C. Urbi, SDC L. Alambra, SDI, J. Culbertson, PTl, J. MacDonald, RMI, H. Sowers, BMI, J. Taaffe, YNI, K. Brooks, EN2, R. Parks, YN2, F. Saliba, SD2, J. Shumate, YN2 B. Thigpen, QM2, G. Laczi, YN3, D. Levine, QM3, R. Laczi, YN3, P. McCarthy, QM3, C. Mellies, CYN3, O. Suerte Felipe, SD3, G. Walker, CYN3, D. Beasley, DMSN R. Descoteaux, QMSN, D. Lemmon, CYNSN, L. Martin, CYNSN, F. Abellar, TN, E. Ayer, SN, J. Butler, SN, A. Dumaoal, TN, L. Duncan, SN, W. Morada, TN E. Rivera, TN, R. Rosario, TN, S. Rosario, TN, T. Rosenheim, SN, G. Pegram, CYNSA, E. Porter, QMSA, K. Carpenter, TA, A. Cerabino, SA, P. Rikard, SA R. Chapman, CPL, K. McNees, CPL, W. Davis, LCPL, R. Lowe, LCPL, J. Pierson, LCPL 357 358 Cruisebook Committee Members LTJG M. Rosenhouse , ENS D. Sonnino CDR E. R.WeidIer Chaplain CDR.J. C. Haney CDR C. F. Carpenfer Supply Officer CDR G. F. Goeres Supply Officer EDITOR: LTJG M.A. Rosenhouseg ENS D.F.Sor1nino GENERAL CHAIRMAN: CDR E.R. Weidlerg CDR J.C. Haney BUSINESS MANAGER: CDR C.F. Carpenterg CDR G.F. Geores PHOTOGRAPHIC MANAGER: PHl G. Hedges PUBLISHER'S REPRESENTATIVE: Barry Brown A hearty thanks goes to all those who helped make the Cruisebook possible through the contribution of their time and efforts, to the various divisionf squadron Cruisebook representatives, and the men of OP Division whose dili- gent work and professional skill produced the majority of photographs used in this book. The Cruisebook Committee has made every effort to tell the story of FORRESTAL's 1969-1970 cruise in the most vivid and comprehensive man- ner possible. We hope 'that now and in the future your Cruisebook brings you fond memories of your Mediterranean adventures. 359 Cdr J D Barnes, RVAH I3 Lhg C F Wolfe, RVAH 13 Lt R E Kuehn, VA 36 f f,-,472 fi I U fna, , f Wi., ,f W: nm u ' Q , f WALSWORTH Cruise Book Office PUBLISHING 915 West 21st Street COMPANY Norfolk, Virginia 23517 Marceline, Mo., L'.S,A. 92 fL1l.WA4.'fL- E1,Lw.'u .1 W1 1-:4..v.,-'-1-- fs v-4-Pu--Jxw.- an 1... 815-iH'i'M-z".-.N +,,,.'-w+.--w--1--4-.G,1..a.-we--ff-rw,15.fe,-w.w,:,f-.p .n an-...f.-5.-.'e-1. :ge-.'.:m.x-'. -,. A-was--y. -uv,-.1--5 1'-1-ff-..-g.-wp..-:Q-..1 rf---1:1 1-. ,,.-511.15--, , asm, 1, ,ff .-1 44 . 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Suggestions in the Forrestal (CVA 59) - Naval Cruise Book collection:

Forrestal (CVA 59) - Naval Cruise Book online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 1


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Forrestal (CVA 59) - Naval Cruise Book online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 1


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Forrestal (CVA 59) - Naval Cruise Book online yearbook collection, 1973 Edition, Page 1


Forrestal (CVA 59) - Naval Cruise Book online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Page 1


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