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... (, AA : ■ " ' . ' ' vv ■ T s- ' " S ' , -,M- -Pvi " r S-f?. i.. ' irN ' r, fc??-m ■J-f-S ■v ► " ' JW ? " ! ' iJtJJ " , - " ■c " i « ¥ ■.:. .«; -1 .- - ' " X . »v»J « ' m ' Z i - =« » V S ¥. FORRESTAL 1892-1949 v - THE CAPTAIN ' S PRAYER Our heavenly Father, we see this day as one minute and yet o hfefime for all of us. We thank You for the courage of those who gave their lives in soving their shipmates today. We humbly ask You to grant them peoce and to their loved ones the consolation and strength to bear their loss. Help us to renew the faith we have in You. We thank You for our own lives. May we remember You as You have remembered us today. From our hearts we turn to You now. knowing that You have been at our side in every minute of this day. Heavenly Father, help us to rebuild and to reman our ship, so that our brothers who died today may not have made a fruitless sacrifice. OFFERED BY CAPTAIN JOHN K. BELING, USN, USS FORRESTAL iCVA- 59) 29 JULY 1967 " 9!f -- -.-Tir- ' it; - ' KlL.- r .4 " .:.j j» - i»v « - iamLEE 6t»rt C. tEONBESC- AN AME3 SN AftEAN EM2 AN ' ' - ' P " ttttji CVA-59 VF-74 VF-74 Vf-.11 VF-n VFOI CyA-S9. CVA-S9 VF-U , ; WTO|2 w ork, New.Yo. 3v ..nSylvOI Pleasenf aBvev-FlorrcIa ' issachusetts ' ' ' . .Aouis, Mis ; fin iurgh.P yj ' ■ Evahston, lllin |! ' ■ Co|i»mbo$, Ohio jr y« Omcrfia, Nebraska ., Ametbury, Mossachii Chicago, Illinois Orlando, Florida Bethlehem, Pennsylvania Brooklyn, New York Oakland, California Valparaiso, Indiana Ellwood City, Pennsylvania Geneva, New York m 45 40 1947 mber 1924 ;i guxt 1945 JuHe-1948 November .1947 5 Dece mber 1945 4 |pcto l943 l)» Augud 1946 ' ' .March .1946 ' I ' Februory 1933 ■ " ' Jgly, 1945 14 Occembec,1946 ' 30 October 1946 15 January 1947 27 October 1946 29 January 1947 12 January 1947 18 July 1946 21 September 1947 12 August 1944 19 March 1946 ' 1 f ' SER ?5 E. NEWitlRK AN-.: Utica, New York New York, New York Johnston, PennsylYanio Suringer, Alabama Mobrit(g.e,4 Glade ' !5 ! oisiQi[3r ' AMH2 _-i -: VF-n Douglas k. POST AN » VF-7 Robert M. PRIVIECH AE3 ■VF- 1 .., JohnMt RUNER ' ATN3 VF-11 Robert A. RHUDA ABH3 •v l ChmTes R. RICH AOAN . H L o7J: Ki ' pSHf - J OSCD g Ktf i g icb nllelETZ A mRMffiVsfw. SMITH A i,V _ Richard T. SMITH it r John SNQW H I John SPIEj Hj H Nelsori e ITlER I I _. Johnny W.SPIVEY | ,_,. ' ,..-, K Gerry I. STARK ,. 1 m ' " VA-4t Kwalter STEElE d| H K AN CVA-59 IP Wendell W. S EM B ADJ2 VA-106 Robert A. STJCKB AA VF-74 Kenneth D. STRAIN ABHAN v- CVA-59 Robert H. SWAIN ABH2 CVA-59 Delton E. TERRY AN VF-1 1 A. THOM - - Williom F. THOMPSON, ' tichord J. VA NE YN3 AMH1 AE3 VF.74 VF-74 VF-n »bert J, VEIASCMJEZ N AN CVA-59 VA-106 George E.WAU ' ATNAN VA-106 Harold D. WATKINS AN VAr46 Gregory L. WEBB AA VF-74 Ggt A. WEHDE I JudSn A. WELIS, Jr. AME3 AQF3 VA-65 VF-11 0 Richard L. WESCOTT ADJ3 VF-11 ' Edward J. WESSEIS AA VF-74 Fred D. WHITE Kerry DjyiS W ICDR VA-46 AMHAN VF.74 I " SoBf mSERUN AN VA-46 Jher, _Green , Hazelton, . i rfee Itoncaster Carolina. Virgin lylvaniw GuHporf, Mississi Au Sable Forks, New X El Peso, Texas Bucyrus, Ohio Willocoechee, Georgia Elmwood, Nebratko Chickashp, Oklahoma Wogner, South Dakoto Anderson, Indiana ' Detroit, Michigah TaJtoma Park, Maryland Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Cooksfolls, New York Wolhalla, SawHi Carotino So nervill«, New Jersey Detroit, Michigan Camuy, Puerto Rico Amhurst, Texas Etklen, Kentucky ' Chicago, Illinois , Old Monroe, Missouri . ' Pcnnjm,, Texas Scranton, Pennsyfvania . - tfrarid Roptds, Michigan Oflonde, Florida Princeton, Kentucky Freepert, New York t; Marc;. ' •pril 1945 -..j ugtfst 1945 L8 u«e 1944 ctober 1945 -. " M iy -1 29 ' rfin Dvember 1945 : June 1945 • December 1942 .. March 1 36 27 December " larch 191 .K Augus, ■jWafcujty 1948 3. ■ ' il pril l944 , ,23 April 1947 ■. 7.4«4y __ -L-Seplember 1945 „ " ;V946 w 25 i yst V; 2. July 194« December ' . -: ; ,23 Oecembei " 29 Apfi 1946 . , 4. May 1 945 J 25. Juiy 1948 — 5 June 1943 9 July 1945 12 Morch 1945 6 August 15m 28 .Ndv mj»r ,r929 2? De Mil er.l945; 6 Matth 1946 22 Match 1946 ■ 1.7 l bruoiy 1945 16 JMy;;i94S ' V 2r ptvnb r V947; 24 )eMmbef 19 3; 4 Oecettibejr 1945 23 3tinuo y.1947 22 Fehroary i9i7 :aV f»brUo?V t9 ; V 10 jujy i:947 ;• V ; 15 APRIL 1986-10 JAN. 1967 In April 1966, FORRESTAL entered Norfolk Naval Ship- yard wilT ' l 4Biidin»fvciiVia9cvmMMM f mm .for extensive overhaul and modernization. CAPTAIN BELING conferred frequently with Ship ' s Superintendent UNDERWOOD. ADMIRAL LANHAM was vitally inter- ested in the progress of the A ork. 10 By December 1 966, the job was almost done. - . rl -is jk. 11 w liiH ' W Hmual 1967, FORREST Al departed PorKm •• the Atlantic Fleet. f TRAIN -rom Cecil Fiel Florida . diid Sdhford, In JL 1 . . . . from Oceana and Norfolk, Virginia from Whidbey Island, Washington, and Lakehurst, New Jersey iH-iS hi! -oJMK slfMMKe ii fKr « i ft " 16 «iNiiieiii wiasf,iiHiiMgs;iiHa AIRWING SEVENTEEN came aboard, A MXk%iiS iS t u NkUH HQ fV ■.VK. m .and began to train together. 19 FLEET TRAINING GROUP 20 21 ■ T • Long, arduous hours were spent in training--at GQ, Man Overboard, Weapons Handling and precision Navigation. 22 Military training, on-the-job training, training in Damage Control 24 This, too, is Training. .and its result. 25 nw mm ngwia PM FLIGHT QUARTERS xj ' i a, MMfe 1 ? ® 26 Prepare to launch aircraft. ■«» 27 Launch! ?a ■ ' ' ' ' %i; : jsi|. " -teJ M ' % MMk M ' . I • ' ' ■■ " " ■ " " " nttmapttmmm 31 3 32 Jia LMJIitJ«lia»»imj..finM«., i.- . . ,.. .... „,,.w „„„, „„„ 4 M 0127 ' ft ' T 33 Training in air refueling may someday save planes — and lives. 34 Paramount in Airwing training is the carrier landing. An A-6 and an F-4 demonstrate CVW-17 precision. 35 Last but not least. 36 B , ANGEL comes aboard. 37 The days v ere long and the work was hard, but finally Smijf% " i Gitmo beaches and recreation faciflties were outstanding— — as was the All-Hands Party, VA-65 ' s Garringer provides music. .whilcCdr. Taft enjeys som« wel{-«arn(td ' ' R R ' 41 COUNTRY msrm SHOW While FORRESTAL was undergoing Refresher Train- ing from the Fleet Training Group in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, Miss Jan ARQUELLES, the Fleet Training Group ' s representative in the Gitmo Mardi Gras Queen contest, came aboard to inspire contributions for the United Charities drive at the Naval Base, Guantanamo. The money raised went to Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, churches and other charitable organ- izations on the base. Half of the money contributed by the men of FORRESTAL was donated to the ship ' s charity fund. The total amount collected exceeded $1,400. 42 J3 It was a nice place to visit, jc Av. MU W ' but i wouldn ' t want te live there On 12 MAY 1967, pilots of VX-4 made the Navy ' s first fully automatic carrier landings aboard FORRESTAL. 46 FAMILY DAY 22 MAY 22 MAY was Family Day. FORRESTAL put fo sea with 3,000 ship ' s com- pany and Airwing SEVENTEEN dependents and guests. 47 48 VX r V Vi Airwing SEVENTEEN performed. A9 .the kids had a thousand questions. to »» ' J» y Lunchtime was a welcome event. 51 The Charity Fund raffled two sports cars— and these were the lucky winners. ■li 52 TRANSIT Andersen paints WESTPAC on the Hangar Bay door vtv . Arhile the Air ' wing moves back aboard for a long stay. Essential supplies were loaded. 36 i ' « .like these 57 6 JUNE 1967 60 " CROSSING THE LINE y? 62 Midnight on the Flight Deck-the Pollywogs held their own initiation. 64 But was it for real? 65 FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY DO NOT REMOVE FROM SHIP H PLAN OF 1(11)1 THE DAY The Plan of the Day contains both I L- df official and unofficial matter. All personnel are charged with the knowledge of its contents. All orders shall be considered as issued by the Commanding Officer. 19 JUNE 1967 0430 hours to 0600 hours BREAKFAST FOR ALL POLLYWOGS IN THE GENERAL MESS (CAPTAIN BELING TO OPEN THE LINE) 0600 hours 0615 hours BREAKFAST FOR ALL SHELLBACKS (AFTER MESS DECK CPO MESS WARDROOM 2 and 3) ALL POLLYWOGS RETURN TO THEIR BERTHING AREAS TO AWAIT FURTHER INSTRUCTIONS 0700 hours INITIATION AS ANNOUNCED OVER I -MC 66 Royale Scribe The 19 JUNE Plan of the Day told another story. —-then made his appearance at court Followed in short order by the rest of the POLLYWOGS-- . including the " new " EXEC They found this wait- ing for them .and this. -— and this " . It was a long hard day but when it ended— —-all the men of FORRESTAL could say vith pride, I am a SHELLBACK. ' Yes, sir! . . " • I RIO DE JANEIRO mill hi ' - ij •t3fc ..:- ' 9?sf- - Prior to entering port, USS FORRESTAL hosted officials of the Brazilian Gov- ernment. Admiral SHEAR, Chief of the U.S. Naval Mis- sion, Brazil, and Admiral LANHAM, welcome Brazilian officers. High-ranking guests converse in Admiral LANHAM ' s cabin. An airshow by Airwing SEV- ENTEEN was the high point of the visit. 74 The Brazilian Navy provided boots for liberty ar d General Visiting. ♦, • 75 • %• " LIBERTY WAS SIGHTSEEING " CAFES- fe " " s r V ' " I " Wkwi f ac j IT WAS THE FAMOUS BEACHES AT COPACABANA, —AND IPANEMA It was shopping for souvenirs. ■asu 79 No visit would be complete with- out seeing the renowned Christ of the Andes, on Concordova Peak. i ..1 ' " ' f ■mi or a trip to Sugarloaf. 81 Or sharing with others, through Project HANDCLASP— 82 mmuiMtimiittmmmmmmamim iillll i 5f « rV -■ 1 • »- ' fjim- K ar ' E SCO -and having them share with us. 83 ALL IN ALL FROM AMEBASSY RIO DE JANEIRO TO COMCARDIV TW O USS FORREST AL FOR REAR ADMIRAL LANHAM AND CAPTAIN BELING 1. THE RIO DE JANEIRO VISIT OF USS FORRESTAL FROM 22-26 JUNE WAS MOST IM- PRESSIVE AS A VISIBLE DEMONSTRATION OF THE ARMED MIGHT OF THE UNITED STATES. I ENJOYED THE FLIGHT OPERATIONS YOU ARRANGED FOR ME AND HIGH BRA- ZILIAN AUTHORITIES TO WITNESS AT SEA. AM SURE YOUR BRAZILIAN GUESTS WERE AS FASCINATED AS I WAS WITH THE PRECISION WITH WHICH THESE OPERATIONS WERE CARRIED OUT. COUPLED WITH YOUR WARM HOSPITALITY AND FRIENDLINESS THROUGH- OUT YOUR STAY THEY PROVIDED A TANGIBLE METHOD OF REITERATING THE SPIRIT OF PARTNERSHIP AND COOPERATION WHICH HAS ALWAYS EXISTED BETWEEN THE U.S. AND BRAZIL. 2. AS WE HAVE COME TO EXPECT FROM PREVIOUS U. S. NAVY VISITS THE CREW OF FORRESTAL, DESPITE THE LARGE NUMBER, CONDUCTED THEMSELVES IN AN EXEM- PLARY MANNER. YOU ARE TO BE CONGRATULATED ON THE HIGH LEVEL OF CONDUCT WHICH YOU HAVE INSTILLED IN YOUR MEN. THE NUMEROUS PRESS ARTICLES AND PHOTOGRAPHS WERE WITHOUT EXCEPTION FAVORABLE AND WILL GO FAR IN GIVING BRAZILIANS A HIGH OPINION OF THE U. S. NAVY SERVICEMAN. SMOOTH SAILING, AMBASSADOR TUTHILL. FROM CGLNAVMRE BRAZIL TO COMCARDIV TWO USS FORRESTAL FORRESTAL RIO VISIT 1. ALL ASPECTS OF THE RIO VISIT OUTSTANDING. PARTICULARLY NOTEWORTHY HAVE BEEN THE DEMONSTRATION OF CLOSE NAVY TO NAVY TIES; THE TONE OF EXTENSIVE PRESS COVERAGE; THE EXCELLENT PUBLIC RELATIONS; AND THE SUPERB CONDUCT OF ALL HANDS WHEN ASHORE. 2. YOU HAVE DONE MUCH FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF THE U. S. IMAGE IN BRAZIL. IT WAS A GREAT SUCCESS 84 26 JUNE 1967 Back to work 85 " Now set the Mail Bouy Wafch " ii)llllli|lll «,M,M«Hrw »|jJ|,p„|||,||„ ,h ' :: «: ' ' jii ' ' ' mi iiif ,,ii» ' ::ii«i ' ;:i;iim ' !iii» Ti r m.r ;, ' ■■ III III iiiiiMltil i Captain SNOWDEN and his Marines instruct ship and squadron officers in the handling and firing of small arms. 87 5 JULY 1967 Abe won the beard-growing contest. One of the judges. VA-106 s MAIO placed second. 88 wanttmuiataati UNREP 89 % ...for fuel.. 90 .for stores. .J« 5¥« - i ' - ■-. T. IVr • md¥m % ' %-■ W m XK l 92 mmmnmuMmmmaa 93 ■WWi ■ ■ ' ;i, l " " " " -. -»!T¥ ' S ' W ' 1i i(lil " « » If !iV lfi% ' lj ' rt , i ■ ' ,r MM sf l llfippl ' mm " ' ' I J 4 llll 1 1 ' nil ' " 11 " I ' I I I I II ilNllilPiPi ill I lliMllllH I mil 1 1 mil I mil iiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii m!F ' im ' ' -mmiMK WM mm for flrnmuR ' .tion, aliili " ..and Destroyer refueling. 96 m. 98. HM A SMOKER.... 8 JULY 1967 99 SIMONDS AND LEMASTER ' THE ADMIRATIONS ' pjt r ' . !S» Ifi ' ? -. ' 3 3 .f- ' ij;. Sy ' i 3{iTvi»a ' ■f J. r ■ «■ jT LKVms " jr •7- " ' •«? Ai?® L SJ ■ " - - tttUMMUUMili i v ' % s- rr WESTPAC 14 JULY - 11 AUGUST HANOI lOf ' m uivfi HAIPHONG -♦ NAM DINH i« U« ■- • THANH HOA P ¥©[M1[)CD[M] ML p 9 } ja. VINH .- 77 VM R-2 YANKEE STATION ' ( NORTH VIETNAM 1 ARRIVAL SUBIC 18 JULY 1967 jfuttrnttrnt- If iiimniw Another installment of the Navy ' s Project HAND- CLASP is delivered by Chaplain GAUGHAN and FORRESTAL crewmen. oL MtkitMMmr ' iVf iW ce ifilidi Admiral MEHLE, Yankee Station Commander, addresses the men of FORRESTAL Admiral GILKESON visits the ship. 106 »mv ' y ■■,v. ' (tifi!CTV--. ' 25 JULY 1967 FIRST STRIKES AGAINST NORTH VIETNAM m iW ' fft ».,« ««iw i s s i s ' For the next five days— —operations increased in in- tensity as FORRESTAL became a working member of the YAN- KEE STATION team. m : r w ' V. ' f ■ a)e8V!b» ■ ' The first night strikes v ere scheduled. •»» j- ■ ' i«t- 58 USS FORRtSTKV. On 29 JULY, Alr ing SEVENTEEN fle w a highly successful morning strike against a strotegic storage area in North Vietnam. A similar mission was schecJuled to launch at 1100. The planes Arere refueled and rearmed, pilots manned aircraft at 1030. All was in readiness for the launch 29 lULY 1967 1052H r0:i w 117 To crewmen on bodrd USS ORISKANY, s Tonkin Gulf, there appeared a column o M t Photo by W. K. MASON PH2 ar s h- i««k (i.¥ - t f% ■ i f ' ■i ' -A - ivS M •r !,;. M m In the face of intense heat and expolding bombs, FORRESTAL firefighting teams rushed in to contain the fire and save the ship. Photo by W. K. MASON, PH2 .««»» »- . 3Q Q Photo by MASON, PH2 " Kaffiawa The destroyer USS RUPERTUS, steaming in company with FORRESTAL, quickly pulled alongside to render assistance, followed by USS TUCKER and USS MACKENZIE. " •ra uWIgjSIf ' 127 On board FORRESTAL, hundreds of men pitched in to jettison bombs, rockets and aircraft fuel tanks to reduce the danger to the ship. i MJ . Additional firefighting equipment, vital to FORRESTAL, was provided by helo from ORJSKANY, BON HOMME RICHARD, and other Yankee Station ships. Within an hour, the fire on the flight deck was under control, but many hours more of hard, heart-breaking K ork remained •» 1 ' fi ' V- • ' - ' ' ■ ' yW r -r- View from the shattered PLAT room -- USS RUPERTUS alongside, ORISKANY in the distance, " JOLLY GREEN ' helo overhead. Below decks, the fire still burns. V..jt.jfi, ■I jf . .«1W««» . i i 1-1: I ' ig - - .- :.. 138 i ' M ' Ln I 139 The heaviest toll of casualties struck the berthing spaces below the flight deck. This man escaped. Others did not. «; ' ' Almost immediately, the task of treating and evacuating the wounded Isegon. % Vf Some were taken by helo to ORiSKANY. 143 i.-iF ' 0MHV »UaM(«»MiiMNh -■ " • " rMdr ,, S»fw,,..-- ,i1,jV ;8»1« These, and many others, were later transferred to USS REPOSE. J - .. ! 1 .Vrt fcti ' " -- ' - By late afternoon, some men of FORRESTAL were able to rest for a few minutes. .while others paused for their first food since breakfast, I ,-7 iiui. ' r is f J I V i I, • (,yr ' - h t s -i i FROM JOINT CHIEFS OF STAFF TO USS FORRESTAL 1. THE FOLLOWING IS A PERSONAL MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT TO CAPTAIN JOHN K. BELING, COMMANDING OFFICER, USS FORRESTAL: I WANT YOU AND THE MEN OF YOUR COMMAND TO KNOW THAT THE THOUGHTS OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE ARE WITH YOU AT THIS TRAGIC TIME. WE ALL FEEL A GREAT SENSE OF PERSONAL LOSS. THE DEVOTION TO DUTY AND COURAGE OF YOUR MEN HAVE NOT GONE UNNOTICED. THE SACRI- FICES THEY HAVE MADE SHALL NOT BE IN VAIN. FROM CHAIRMAN JOINT CHIEFS OF STAFF TO USS FORRESTAL ON BEHALF OF THE JOINT CHIEFS OF STAFF, I EXTEND DEEPEST SYMPATHY TO YOU THE FAMI- LIES AND SHIPMATES OF THOSE WHO WERE KILLED OR INJURED IN THE RECENT UNFORTUNATE ACCIDENT ABOARD THE USS FORRESTAL. WE HAVE FOLLOWED SUBSEQUENT EVENTS CLOSELY AND WISH YOU TO KNOW OF OUR ADMIRATION FOR THE MANNER IN WHICH ALL PERSONNEL RE- ACTED IN THE TIME OF THIS EMERGENCY. SIGNED EARLE G. WHEELER, CHAIRMAN, JOINT CHIEFS OF STAFF. FROM CHIEF OF NAVAL MISSION BRAZIL TO USS FORRESTAL 1. FOLLOWING MESSAGE RECEIVED FROM ADMIRAL MOREIRA MAIA, BRAZILIAN NAVY: I HAVE LEARNED WITH DEEP SORROW OF THE REGRETFUL ACCIDENT ON BOARD THE FORRESTAL WHERE MANY BRAVE SAILORS LOST THEIR LIVES. I SEND SINCERE CONDOLENCES IN THE NAME OF THE BRAZILIAN NAVY. FROM SECRETARY OF THE NAVY TO USS FORRESTAL 1. YOUR TRAGIC LOSS EVOKES THE DEEP SORROW OF OUR NATION AND THE FREE WORLD. THE CHIEF OF NAVAL OPERATIONS JOINS ME IN EXTENDING HEARTFELT SYMPATHY ON BEHALF OF THE ENTIRE NAVY IN THE LOSS OF YOUR PERSONNEL. FIRST REPORTS HERE ARE THREADED WITH STORIES OF GENERAL HEROISM IN THE FACE OF GREAT DANGER AS MIGHT BE EXPECTED IN LIGHT OF THE ENVIABLE REPUTATION OF FORRESTAL. 2. THE MAGNIFICENT EFFORTS OF ALL HANDS TO PREVENT EVEN GREATER LOSS OF LIFE AND DAMAGE IS A TRIBUTE TO THEIR COURAGE AND READINESS AND SHOULD BE SOURCE OF EFFORT IN THE WAKE OF THIS TRAGEDY. OUR THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS ARE WITH THE BEREAVED FAMI- LIES OF YOUR SHIPMATES. BE ASSURED THAT THE NAVY WILL ASSIST IN EVERY WAY POSSIBLE. CHARLES F. BAIRO ACTING SECRETARY OF THE NAVY. FROM CINCPACFLT TO USS FORRESTAL THE NAVAL BOARD AND THE ROYAL AUSTRALIAN NAVY OFFER DEEPEST SYMPATHY ON THE TRAGIC LOSS OF SO MANY BRAVE MEN OF USS FORRESTAL IN THE SERVICE OF OUR JOINT CAUSE. FROM USS CONSTELLATION TO USS FORRESTAL }. THE GRIEF AND DEEP SENSE OF PERSONAL LOSS THAT YOU MEMBERS OF SHIPS COMPANY AND AIRWING HAVE EXPERIENCED IS SHARED BY ALL ON CONSTELLATION. 2. WE KNOW THAT FORRESTAL WILL BE BACK TO FIGHT AGAIN. FROM BON HOMME RICHARD TO USS FORRESTAL PLEASE ACCEPT OUR DEEPEST SYMPATHY FOR YOUR TRAGIC ACCIDENT. IT MAKES IT THE CLOSER TO REALIZE THAT IT COULD EASILY HAVE BEEN BHR. OUR CONSOLENCES TO THE FAMILIES OF THE BEREAVED AND SINCERELY WISH FOR A FAST COMEBACK OF FORRESTAL. FROM COMDESDIV THREE TWO TO USS FORRESTAL THE TRAGEDY THAT YOU SUFFERED 29 JULY WILL BE LONG LIVED IN THE MINDS AND HEARTS OF OTHER SEAMAN. THE IMPACT IS ESPECIALLY HEAVY FOR THE OFFICERS AND MEN OF RUPERTUS, TUCKER, AND MY STAFF WHO HAD ALL DEVELOPED A SINCERE RESPECT AND ADMIRATION FOR FORRESTAL AND HER AIR GROUP. WE SHARE WITH YOU THE BURDEN AND LOSS AND EXTEND OUR DEEPEST SYMPATHY TO SHIPMATES AND OTHER LOVED ONES OF THE GALLENT MEN LOST IN THE TRAGEDY. CAPTAIN SCHWITTERS FROM COMMANDER NAVAL BASE SUBIC BAY TO USS FORRESTAL THE HEARTFELT SYMPATHY THAT WE AT SUBIC BAY NAVAL BASE FEEL FOR THE OFFICERS AND MEN OF THE USS FORRESTAL CANNOT BE ADEQUATELY EXPRESSED TO CONVEY OUR SORROW FOR THOSE OF YOUR FRIENDS AND SHIPMATES WHO LOST THEIR LIVES AND SUFFERED SERIOUS INJURY IN THIS TRAGIC ACCIDENT. FROM HMS HERMES TO USS FORRESTAL PLEASE ACCEPT SINCERE SYMPATHY FROM ALL IN HMS HERMES ON THE TRAGIC LOSS OF SO MANY OF YOUR SHIPMATES. FROM USS BOSTON TO USS FORRESTAL OUR MEDICAL AND ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT ARE AVAILABLE AND READY TO PROVIDE ASSIST- ANCE WITH EITHER PERSONNEL OR MATERIALS, THE HEROIC ACTIONS TO YOUR CREW ARE AN IN- SPIRATION TO ALL AS ONE OF YOUR SIXTH FLEET PARTNERS WE JOIN IN PRAYERS FOR LOST SHIP- MATES. FROM CHNAVMAT TO USS FORRESTAL OUR DEEPEST SYMPATHY TO ALL THE WONDERFUL MEN OF FORRESTAL. WE WANT TO HEIP IN ANY WAY POSSIBLE. 153 Admiral COMBS and Admiral CURTIS join Admiral LANHAM for a tour of the damaged area. A gaping hole in the flight deck bears mute testimony to the awesome destructive force of o 1,000 pound bomb. In SUBIC BAY, Admiral MEHLE, Yankee Station Commander, came aboard for a first-hand look at the ravaged flight deck. Ships ' Repair Facility, SUBIC made temporary repairs in preparation for FORRESTAL ' S trip home. 155 Men of FORRESTAL: The events recorded in this book are history. They are major and important events -- but they are not so important as the ideas and associations of people in and around FORRESTAL during the year and a half that the book commemorates. In the years ahead our cruise book will help keep fresh our memories of the heroism o f our departed shipmates and the comradship that forms the spirit of FORRESTAL. When we leave our ship — as each of us must do in his turn — let us carry with us the attitude that we have shared on board. Such an export will do much good for the Navy and for the civilian community. Furthermore, it will not deprive FORRESTAL in the least since we know well that FORRESTAL will never run short of spirit! My best wishes for the future to each of you. Smooth sailing! J. K. BEUNG CAPTAIN, U.S. NAVY COMMANDING OFFICER y. ¥.. BEL BELING CAPTAIN, U.S. NA COMMANDING 15G THE LONG VOYAGE HOME . V ' ■ •--.-. .:- 11 AUG - 14 SEPT 157 despite high winds and heavy seas. i 158 i »»M I U t i . i .U ' l i HllBB A Smoker provided an evening of entertainment. 159 The talent sho v v a% emceed by cruise book editor DAVISON. The spirit of competition was keen at the FORBESTAL - Airwing SEVENTEEN cham- pionship basketball game. 160 Crossing the line revealed the presence of several Pollywogs aboard. ..including Cruise Book Photo Editor CLARK... and others. Several unexpected mail calls while enroute helped keep spirits high. A significant contribution to morale was made by the men in the Ham Shock. As FORRESTAL drew nearer and nearer home, these men work- ed long hours to arrange hundreds of ' phone patch ' calls to families in the States. 163 164 165 ' ••; On 19 September 1967, FORREST AL entered Norfolk Naval Shipyard, Portsmouth, Virginia, for the repairs necessary to fight again. . . . ' " " Zt 168 Arlington, Virginia - 2 October 1967. The people of America join the men of FORRESTAL in tribute to those who gave their lives. 169 TO FIGHT AGAIN v«p M ' - S«» " ' ra v .3 :-y F ,- ,fj. .j , 2f}:--:. . . . , ; :=- V: P : . - f x ' » ' i: - CAPTAIN JOHN K. BELING, COMMANDING OFFICER Originally a native of Harrington Park, Ne Ar Jersey, Captain BELING now regards Zephyrhills, Florida as his hometown. He entered naval service as an ensign in the Naval Reserve on graduation from Stevens Institute of Technology in 1941. Captain BELING received his wings in Pensocola, Florida in Januory, 1943. During World War II, he served in Bombing Squadron ONE and Bomber Fighter Squadron FIVE in the Pacific. After the war, he studied aeronautical engineering at the Naval Postgraduate School and nuclear physics at Massa- chusetts Institute of Technology. Captain BELING completed the senior course at the Naval War College, Newport, Rhode Island, and has served as Operations Officer of USS INTREPID (CVS- 11). He has been Commanding Officer of Attack Squad- rons SEVENTY-TWO and FORTY-THREE, Commanding Officer of USS ALSTEDE (AF-48), and has served on the staff of Commander, Naval Air Forces, U. S. Atlantic Fleet. Captain BELING assumed command of USS FORRESTAL (CVA-59) on 7 May 1966. 171 COMMANDER RALPH F. SMITH COMMANDER RALPH F. SMITH Executive Officer Commander SMITH was born March 8, 1924, in Windsor, Illinois. He graduated from Windsor High School end attended Eastern Illinois State College before entering the Navy 12 May 1943. He was commissioned Ensign and designated a Naval Aviator 1 November 1944. During World War II, he served with VC-82 and Air Group NINETEEN where he received the Presidential Unit Citation and the Navy Unit Commendation. In April 1946, Commander SMITH left the Navy until May 194 8, when he joined the Organized Reserve and served with Fighting Squadron 901. He returned to active duty in October 1952 and was assigned to VC-35 in San Diego as Officer-in-Charge of a night attack unit. His next tour of duty was at Barbers Point, Hawaii with the Fleet All Weather Training Unit. In September 1958, Commander SMITH reported to Commanding Officer, Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps at the University of Michigan for two years duty under instruction. He graduated in June 1960 with a Bachelor ' s Degree in Business Administration. A tour of duty with Attack Squadron 145 as Executive Officer was followed by orders to Armed Forces Staff College. In October 1963, he assumed command of Attack Squadron 25, stationed at Lemoore, California. It was during this period that the squadron was among the first to be deployed to Vietnam, where Commander SMITH earned the Distinguished Flying Cross, three awards of the Air Medal, and the Navy Commendation Medal for combat flying. In June 1965, he reported to the Joint Strategic Target Planning Staff at Offutt Air Force Base, Nebraska. He served in this capacity until receiving orders to report to FORREST AL where, in June 1967, he relieved Captain Jess TAFT as Executive Officer. .- . ; ;i! s-;-tKt;s s5, 172 REAR ADMIRAL HARVEY PETER LANHAAA UNITED STATES NAVY Harvey Peter Lanham was born in Chicago, Illinois on 17 July 1913 and was graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy on 3 June 1937. Rear Admiral Lanham was designated as naval aviator on 15 November 1940 and joined Bombing Squadron SIX in USS ENTERPRISE during the early months of World War II. He served in a variety of aviation units until May 1949, at which time Rear Admiral Lanham took command of Carrier Air Group FIVE, the Navy ' s first jet Air Group. While serving in this assignment, then-Commander Lanham led the Navy ' s first air strikes against North Korea and participated in the debut of Navy jet aircraft into combat. Rear Admiral Lanham has commanded the USS PINE ISUND (AV-12) and USS INDEPENDENCE (CVA-62) in ad- dition to having served as Chief of Staff and Aide to Commander, Naval Air Forces, U.S. Atlantic Fleet. Rear Admiral Lanham has been awarded the Silver Star Medal, Bronze Star Medal, Distinguished Flying Cross with Gold Star, the Air Medal with three Gold Stars, the Commendation Medal with Ribbons for the Presidential Unit Citation to the USS ENTERPRISE and Navy Unit Commendation to the USS WASP. CAPTAIN WILLIAM B. MORTON, U.S. NAVY Captain William B. Morton, U.S. Navy, was bofn in Chorleston, West Virginia. He received an appointment to the U.S. Naval Academy and vi as graduated and commissioned an Ensign in the U.S. Navy on 6 June 1940. Following graduation. Captain Morton served in USS MILWAUKEE (CL-5) prior to reporting to Pensacola, Florida for flight training. He was designated a Naval Aviator in May 1943 and served in a variety of assignments, including com- mand of VF-41, until the end of World War II. Captain Morton next served at the Naval Air Station, Miami, Florida followed by such varied ossignments as Training Of- ficer, Saufley Field and command of VA- 74. Other tours include Commander Car- rier Air Group ONE, Executive Officer, USS RANDOLPH (CVA-15), and subse- quently, Commanding Officer, USS ALTAIR (AKS-32). Captain Morton then returned to USS RANDOLPH (CVS-15), this time as Commanding Officer, where he served until relieved on 1 October 1966. On 23 November 1966 Captain Morton was assigned as Chief of Staff, Commander, Carrier Division TWO. Captain Morton has been awarded the Navy Cross, Distinguished Flying Cross, Bronze Star, Air Medal, and Purple Heart. i i i 1 I " " T " " ' " ) ' ' " l-W ' W JwtWW. V . " " ' Vii »WW«WfBSBBWWW 1 J X Cordiv TWO Staff Officers Front Row; IT P, P. KELLER, LT J T. NORTON, JR, LT R. B. RENTSCH, CDR H, W. KIKER, JR. CDR R. E. WEEKS, CART F. B. KOCH, CDR R CARIQUIST, ITJG C. W, WEBSTER, ENS R, M SNIBBE Bock Row: LTJG B, J. CASPAR, IT D, F, GADSBY, IT G. E. VAUGHAN, ENS W. G. NEVIN, ENS B. A. JACOBS, IT W. M. LOGAN, LCDR L. C. SHOWMAN, JR, IT E. I. SCHIPPEl, LT F. GORECKI Cardiv TWO Stoff Enlisted Front Row: C A. SENESAC P. R HERRERIA, R. E. CORBETT, P, O. AMBAT, JR, G. G. EIROD, P. SANCHEZ. JR K. CRUMP, R. A. CARR, C, SOTEIO. j M. MO?E3 E. D. DAYLO, A. C. KIRKMAN, A L. BREWSTER, JR, Bock Row: S. S. HACKMAN, E D. MORIAN. I. R. KEllER, R. G HAtfORD, W. B. HOMiuER, T S. AYERS. E. R. WILSON D R. NORRIS, F. B. BENITEZ, T, D. WAGNER, A. W. THOMPSON, D C. BLANKS. 175 ■Mammw i uSk ' v ComCorDiv TWO Bond Kneeling: T. B DAVIS, W. L llOYD, B. J PARtCHOUSE, R N FlINTJER, C CONE, B. L REINHOLD, R. P. MAGNESS, C R WIICOX, C L ClAYTON, R. B. MAASER, F. C BLESSING, D I GARRETT, R F. HOWARD Standing, H C MCDOLE, B G GRIMES, G D JONES, A, G. NIDES, D, L TRAXIER, M, R. DEATON, M, F, HARREISON, J, A HATH, M, L HUSKEY, S, M. POTTS, D A. EISENHOWER, R, P, DUMAS, W. D. CRAWFORD, R, H. PARKER, JR. A, B. NOE (leoderl 176 CARRIER AIR WING SEVENTEEN COMMANDER JACK DEWENTER COMMANDER CARRIER AIR WING SEVENTEEN CVW.17 Stoff CTDLCT.,.K, n „ ,..,„„.■ ' " - ' U ' lt. J. W, CHIIDRESS, J, T CARR, D A MADDIX, M G, SPAIN R M OFVOF M P TPAnr.OTT k, , cl., STREE7MAN, F. R, WESTON IGHT D G G, SPAIN, R M DEVOE, M. R. TRAUGOTT. M J SHEIDON. P. K. 178 ' The nerve center of Air ving SEVENTEEN - no decision too large or too smalt ' 179 I -• ' V • ' ' •■ " . ' tad Standing ll-RI ITJG W H REIDEIBERGER, LTJG J. I. HERSHEY. ICDR J. D BENTON, ITJG R O- SANDlir.1, LUG W C BRETZ, ITJG R S SEtl. ITJG J. A, ROGERS, IT C F, lOGAN. LTJG W, V, ROWAN. ITJG H. M. CARTER. IT W I WEST. IT J. H, KAHRS, LTJG D. I. SWENSEN, LT F J, DOUGHERTY. ICDR D R, PATTERSON, LT E T SMITH. ENS R. A COVEN, LCDR B, J. SMITH, LTJG R M. BRADNER. LTJG E, W. BROWN. ITJG J, J CAMPBELL, LTJG H. S. CONRAD. WO 1 R, E, SMITH. ITJG L, V TWYFORD Kneeling IL-Rl LCDR F, B, WINTON. LCDR J. D. DAVIS. LTJG L. E, McKAY, CDR D. D, DAVISON. CDR A. C DERRICK, CDR J S CLARE. LTJG C M RUBEl, LTJG H W SCHLEIF. LTJG M A, KOCH. LTJG C F lOVINO, LCDR J, E. FLORANCE ' , 11) ». i ife • m - Fighter Squadron ELEVEN j Front Row; J D BEU, W E ADDISON, G J MILLER L C COVEY Bock Row W H GREEN, R A GRAZIANO. F G NEATHERLY. A V VAN NOSTRAND, E. ' L, TESTER, W, F WEIMER, R G STEINHAUSER, S W BARNES J E CARTER, J A McCOLLUM J I MASON, P E CLEAR, E J. CARROLL, J E WARDER Number Four Catapult, 36,000th faunch. 1B2 .► ■ 6 ' t ' ? r T V Fighter Squadron ElEVEN Front Row; N. J. CARRICO, W H GREEN, C. M RUBEl, C J SEWELl. Back Row: C N. HUMPHRIES. J A BURY, J, A MOORE III. S. G. QUICK. M. W. EAGIESON. B. C HENSON, S. C BUSER. D I WICKERSHAM, D R SEWEll. J D, BOARTS Fighter Squadron ELEVEN Front Row: T R. CARUSO. J. F. SCOTT. R. G. STEINHAUSER. J, N. AUSEC. J. A. HABERIE Back Row: A W. GIBBONS, C M. VASKO, W. M. DUNCAN, r. ?. BOUTIN. Norman BRUNETTE IMc DONNELl Representative). C G. Mc IAIN. K. E. STORMS. R. L. REIFIER 183 Change of Command: CDR CLARE takes the helm. 134 Fighter Squadron ELEVEN Front Row: R L, ROEIKER T A CREEDON, D O SMITH J D BEU, J I Mc MUUEN. W I, SCHOEN, S, R NOTSON Back Row: R I ROTHZEN. J. CADENA. J. R, SMITH, R, L GATHMAN. J M. WIISON. R A WYMAN M P KIEIN J I TAYLOR. ' ' iSa .J ' BfSCUt m »■ ' - ' " Fighter Squadron ELEVEN Front Row; P O. JONES. L. C. COVEY, J I. MASON, J. V, GAILA Back Row: R F AUER, , R, PIERCY, G. E. ELMER, D, L. GILBERT, J, W. LUCUS. P. I, TOPIANSKY, D. A. HAWKINS, B, G GRAY, L, J MRKVICKA. ! P 4 Fighter Squadron ELEVEN Front Row: J, B. NAVALES, R. P IGNACIO Back Row: E. G. FLORES, J. E. PIONES, J P CALSO. 185 • I ■« fighter Squadron ELEVEN Front Row: E. H. HOlllS, E. G, FIORES. T. R. ODER. J. F, PERROTT, S, W, BARNES, J A. Mc COUUM, D. E. GRACE, R. E. HOPKINS, J. B. NAVALES Back Row; E R. BRYANT, W. WHITE, J, E. PIONES, J, J, KIEIN, I. S. DAVIS, J. DURAN, S. R. ROBB, R. D. KNOX, E. I. TESTER, J. R. ROSTRON, G. D. SMALL- WOOD, KVICKA, L. J.OWOOD, KVICKA, L. J., M. P, KLEIN, J. P, CAISO, J. I, TAYLOR, R. P. IGNACIO. [ mmmm gggg j gfiH g gggjl B iggi m mmm 186 Fighter Squadron ELEVEN Front Row: G, W. WHETHAM, K B. DEERING, F P, BOUTIN, A, V. VAN NOSTRAND, G. K. POTTS. D G STENLUND, M. W. THURSTON. Back Row: R. F. PAIJl, G, E. PARKS, L H. REYNOLDS. J, M. PATANE, R. E JONES, N. D. SINGIETARY, J. W. LAMB. C. BRIIfY, J, A. THOMAS. P. N. MITTLER. Fighter Squadron ElEVEN Front Row: J. A. WILSON, F. A, IIGHTSEY. E W ORR. J E. WARDER, A, W. RODGERS. D, L. SHARP. D. E. ElllS Bock Row: J, " f. SUITON G. P, HfDi ;CK, J. R. JAGO, R, E JONES, D V COVEY, A, J SAPPE I B HOWARD,!. S. RICHARDSON. i f- • " hghtef Squadion ELEVEN Front Row: R J DEEMER J E CARTER W E ADDISON, P E CLEAR f G NEATHERY, G J MILLER R B LAMONTAGNE Back Row: J A SMITH,] I CARTER. DG CARIIN, D W ROBINSON, J W lUCUS. G F GABRIEL, D A, LENZA, F, W, ' lyNN J ' Fighter Squadron ELEVEN [T T.i. . °°° " TAFF. L C HODGES, E J CARROLL J, R E OZLEY D A LEWIS G D OLEYNCH Back Row- n . hAI ' k " WESTERKOM, L, E, ANDERSON J,., W L LEWIS. C E LOFTON, Larry DOYLE , MCDONNELL Represen a- veT D. E. DAMRON. H H DAVIS, G A, NAULT, K. M. GUSTAFSON w n ncii representotivel, i f 0 ' ' I.. AvI fi. ' 188 Fighter Squadron ELEVEN F.ont Row: R W, FRALEY. E J GILLIS, D E MORRISON, W F WEIMFR, J f WILHORN B J LAWYER G L KASSIRIS J. G AUGUSTA, D, W. SPAIDE, W E DAVIS. L. R, HUXOLL. L M SHIELDS, M I, NEWSON. P A. DILL Bark Row: CDR H. N. WELLMAN . J -v I " i- t-t- ' ' .iJ A :JJti ' ifi 1 i . ' r V i t«i . iir ' i ._ rrr a — VF-74 Officers Front Row; J M WALSH W. J. CAllNIN. W F BANKOW5KI, H N WEILMAN ICommonding Officer), T C WIMBERLY lExecutive Officerl, R. J KOCH. H. J. THIEMANN. M A FOWIKES Middle Row: A, W. PINKSTON. J. D. ORSBURN I A MOORE, R, J. lAMBERT. J, W, RIVERS, H. T WOOD. JR. T. S TREANOR. PlWl BEAIRD, T. W. BROWN III, G. L DRUMMOND, J. C HARRIS, W, H, HOLT Back Row: N. BRUNETTE IMacDonnell Rep). J, M. PAUST, D. E. DORSEY, G. C. SMITH. F. I. LEWIS, J. D, SAWATZKY. G. M, POCHUREK. W. H, REYNOLDS A. R PAGE, J. W. COX, M L MILLER. J. H, MARTIN, J. H, BRYAN, L. DOYLE IMacDonnel Rep) Not Pictured: P B. BOOTHE, G. H FREEMAN, J, J NEWIIN C E SPITZNER, W KNEEB Fighter Squadron SEVENTY FOUR From Row: M K DAY, R I. AUDAFFER. T J lAWlER, H T WOOD, M G OAKES, F, B LEWIS, T, A. SEIIGI Middle Row: T. A TUTEN, G I POMAYBO, L O, POWEU K W MACKENZIE, I A MANTTA, J, B.f WAUGH, R A PERKINS Bock Row: W P WILKINSON, D D CALANDRA, L J ADAMS, R P Mc KIBBEN, T. jj PETERS, T A, PIEPHO, P. M. KARANDJEFF 41 r ' |p- % ' W ij V? i ' W ' J T t , 192 Fighter Squodron SEVENTY-FOUR Front Row: R, N STEWART, E, E, ARRINGTON, J 8. GILBERT, R J LAMBERT, A, W. PINKSTON. G W CASH- WELL, L M. lEWARK Middle Row: T. G, PRICE, C M, BECK, B. J BREWSTER, A D, LONGO, J, E ORR, W, R. HOLMES, J, L, CONKLIN. E, S, PAOUNCIC, W, C OLDS. E, W. TAYLOR, R, J, JEDLI CKA Back Row: H, A. SIMONS, J. J. GORHAM, R, J. CUCURA, B. G. MATYSIK. J D. PETERSON J. F. BROWER P F WINKLER D C SWINGLER, J. B. FLANAGAN ► ' •«:lv. mSUim w ' t v%r. S% M)4. iM i .- Fighter Squodron SEVENTY. FOUR Front Row: A. W TRYTHAU, M. P. YATSKO, J H. BRYAN, J. W. RIVERS, G. L. DRUMMOND, G. W. lEWIS, C, R, HUGHES Middle Row, C 1. CAIZADA, S. M. TANGIAO, W C. MYERS. R. A. HACKETT. J. G. ADAMS, J, H. BOATRIGHT, G. SIMMONS. S. P. CLISH. M. R. STRAH Bock Row, W. 1 SHAEFFER P. R. DEIGADO. J. S. DUNN. D. A, YACOVELU, M. B. TAYIOR. J. S. OWENS, A. G. WASHINGTON, R. CURRY, B, MIllER, D M. Mc ATEE 193 ' J- - 1 VI . . 4 V flonrJwlT ?ZlTlTZlK iV CZ W. W, OUVEY, G. E. YERDON. C. E. SPITZNER Middle Row: I. G. DAIIY, R, G. TOWNSEND. P. B. TOWNSEND, J. V. SUIUVAN, E. J. COGGINS, J. F. COLE, L. A. RERUN Back Row: G. W. HARDIN, J. T. COLLINS, R, J. DOWNEY, J. E RIDDLE , Squodron EVENTY-FOUR WILLIAMSON LTJG REYNOLDS. LTJG FOWLKES, AQC EMERICK, PRl fOGARTY. AME2 KUHN Middle Row: m HO . mT PrTkI K AQFAN B EAUX AME3 C AQF2 SEXTON, AME2 VERMILLION, AQF2 POIESKI, AN L.NOAUER. AME3 RANDCiPH. aSf3 dan " S Bock Row: QFAN ROSENTHAL AQFAnIdENTON, AQFAN HENSON, AQFAN MILLER, AQFAN FREEMAN, AOFAN AQFAN lAGINTA, AV.B YOUNG, AQF3 CARR, PR3 ROBBINS, AQF2 ALLEN JL95 1 f mm Fighter Squodron SEVENTY-FOUR Front Row: KRAUSS, HOM, ROBINSON, BRUSCATO, LT SMITH, ITJG MOORE, BROOKS, ClINGERMAN, PRIESS, STARK, TORRES. Middle Row, PEET, JOHNSON, GENCO, BARNES, FLEMING, MILLS. TUTHILl, GUETERMAN, INGRAM. Back Row: KUEHN, LAYER, DEKEYSER, CEISNER, TROSETH, EDGINGTON, SAWYER, SAWYER, D P, ROUNDS, SIBURN. ... I T -f ' J . 1 V ' »7 iSf r ' w TW. Fighter Squadron SEVENTYFOUR Front Row: P L GIANNANGELI, J E. ERICKSON, VANDENBURG, J. D. ORSBURN, F. I. LEWIS, J. C. HARRIS, J. WRIGHT, M. E. TAYLOR, L. M. LEWARK Middle Row: W. T. DIEHL, A. H. DOWNER, L, E, lAHUE, D, E. ClARK, K. W. KEVILLE, D. D. THOMAS, G. W. CARPENTER, R. J. SAKMAR, W. J. DONALDSON, C. R. THOMAS. Back Row: L. R. lUNAU, P BUGERT, J. THURMAHLEN, A. J. BURROWS J. L. WILSON, J. F. CORZETTE, J. H. KUHNS, T J COTE, A. G, GOODFIELD, W. E. DONER 196 BACKWASH Fighter Squadron SEVENTY-FOUR Front Row: B. C MIXON. J. W. COX, MEIKIE, D, P, BROWN Middle Row: R. D, Mc LEOD, R. I CHASTAIN, R, I. WIN- BURN, F, HERNANDEZ, P. E. PERKOIUP Back Row: D. R. BRECHBIU, H. C MAPES, J. M, BARNEY, W. J. Mc KENNA, W, DEMPSEY 197 CDR Fred S. DUNNING, Jr. 198 pv H p ' , : » •• ' « A-.ack Squadron O f " Q ' ' " ;; 3 R R BOYLE F S. DUNNING (Co..anding Ofdcerl. G. A. APPEIHOF. R. I. HOWSON, J. I. HAISMER, E. A. SA°NBORN ' oouis Repi Bcc ' Row Tw ' sAUL; J A. KUKLER, R. i VENABIE. M. J. WILSON. M. A. WIKE, A. L. MALCOLM, R. M. BRINER. W. R. DEANS — r i3f :. -tr -e? mcsiffi- Mtock Squadron K3RTY-SIX ' -onl Row: S A. LECIAIR, H FORD, S T WOODS SMITH, C. D, LEONARD, A. W, HAUER, E. J. HARTMAN. D .T, CAIN, D, l. CREVISTON, D, A WAITERS, 0. W. WIGGINS, Back Row: M. J WILSON, A. L ARNOLD A, L, HATHCOCK. R, D. HESSON, B. D, S. SMYTHE, J C CUNNINGHAM, R J PACETTI M A GAILE GOS. R. J, KRAFT, C W. SAUL — " " " 055F08fi SUL if f it.i; iV V t r f i ril yI = ' «»» Attock Squadron FORTY-SIX Front Row: R. A. MUlllS. D. O. lERESCHE, J. A. KlUVER. S. J. CATALANO, S. CAMPBELL, I. M. SHERRILL, P. CEDIllO. « L ICE, M. A. WIRE Middle ROW: T. A. BROWNSEY. J. KIEVERNAGEL, A. J PANELLI, P. M. MURCURY, D. M, WENNER, R. W. HARMON. H. L. ITURRIAGA, R. R, BOYIE, T. £. BECKER, W. R. DEANS. Bock Row: J. E. LEFTWICH. T. J. BROERING, A. B. McGEE. R. D. ALLEN, J. J. KUHN, J. C NEWTON, A. A. WHITFIELD. M. J. STELLA. R. I. HOWSON. G. A. APPELHOF. 40 %°Tlt ' V|-.5 ' ' M V « l ll • if ■ I Attack Squadron FORTY-SIX From Row; R. E. KOSS, R. W. CAIVIN, C. B. BROOK SHIRE C B SANDERSON, J N RHEA R DEAN R B FUIKERSON, D T WRIGHT, G E lESAGE, E T VIVIEN, D, A, FITIOW R. A. BARTON Middle Row., I A, STARBIRD, D M MILLER, J L HUNT, T J DUNN, G A CAMPBELL, D G ANDERSON R N BUZZARD, M, J. BARTHOLOMEW, R O. TURNER B. W JOHNSON, J E LEWIS, W E. BOOTE. R, R QUICKSELL Back Row: H R ROOSEVELT, E D WHITE, L. A, SHORT, R, S, MCCAMBRIDGE, T. A, CAMPBELL, D, E. NAPLIN, V. R, MCDONALD, I M, MULLINS, D, IBANEZ, JR. C M VICKERS. W A LOTT, D. R. FROST sfomsrAL : P ' I i Attack Squadron FORTY-SIX Front Row: J. V, STRZALKOWSKI, S, L ANKENY, D A PEARL, P H WEST, U J TUROSKY, G, W, GOREN. W, B ROACH, R A SMITH, R E MERRICK, J A, BURDITT, M K, HANNAH, M, D WHISNANT BocL Row P C PARKER, W J, HENSON, T L, KEMBLE, J F MAIN, T L POPE, H ROLLINS, J J CHAMP- MAN. L. E. HUBERT, W. L- TESMER, G, A. CAMPEAU, A W EISMAN, C W SAUL Attack Squadron FORTY-SIX Front Row: R. C NARDELL. J. L, HOWARD, G R SYLVESTER S A LANE, J A STRUESING, P J MCQUATE, D R BULIARD T D WATKINS 202 INDIAN CHIEF! VA-106 CDR S. R. FOLEY, JR. CDR S. E. LATIMER GLADIATORS " Plane Captain, what are these things hanging on my airplane? " 207 f ' ' - i ' ft W -£ 1 " " «lr--i» " -v. 4 - s. - -- ,r ' »- " " ' " ' lit.. tf f t i$f t t% i«ia ;, ' „ -J ' Z « , f Attack Squaaron FORTY-SIX Front Row: N W MCIEUAND, C. D. SANFORD, G- E, CONNOUY, R. M. WILSON, R. W, PAIMER, I. P 8EU. E W, ROGENSKI Second Row: W. W. WIIKINS, J. A. EIHOLZ. R. J. TORREZ, S. E. DENNEY, D. E. GAGE. F. R. HARDY. D. D. HETER, R. D FREGIN. D. I. SMITH Third Row: R. D. BYRNES, V. K. CRANE, J. G. KEICO, W. C ZONDERVAN, R. M. KNAPP. G. QIDHAM, E. W. HANDKE, T. C. SOEHIMAN, W. E HUISE Back Row: C. GOUID, R- C. GASTON. A. E. MICHEEl, H. D, THOMPSON, I. E, D. VESSEU, C P, DOOIEY, R. E. STALEY, P. B. TOWNES, R, I. NETHERTON ■f f ' If " ■■ ' ■ t .3 " Atlock Squadron ONE HUNDRED SIX From Row; J. GANDY, W. H, Dill, C G ROOF, LTJG WILSON, LT WILLIAMS, R L ROWE, R C LOEWEN, A E HUUKI Middle Row: B A CAMPBELL, R. C HOILOWAY, W STINNER, M J MAIO, G. J JANSHES I W E HEILIG, D J WOODALL, T L DUVERNEY, F LOPEZ, J J. CARLSON Back Row: F BOWRIE, J. L WOOD, S. J. HEINRiCH. E, S. TASKER, T, D LEWIS, B. C BAKER, A L. BOGGESS. D. D. SPOHN, J. R, EDWARDS, G. S. SILVERSTEIN. J M. PRICE It ' - " 5 t-ri f t f- . .f ' t ' -. t Attack Squadron ONE HUNDRED SIX KneeNng: B. B, BUNNEL B C HAGELGANS, J. L EFFINGER, G A SHUMWAY, J L BELL, K D WILLIAMS, J N NAPPIER, C L HETRICK, A P HENDER- SON, LTJG DAVIS, F. T, JOHNSON, C- G MUNDLING, J F EZELLE Jr C H HENDERSON P E CARNEAL, J D JACKSON, R L. SiCILIANO, J. FITZ- PATRICK, T. L, SMITH Standing: E T ALLEN, E E BEATTIE, E MORALES, W I RAWLINS, J I ROMARINE, A. D SANDERS, M J HAKE, J D, COOK, J. R Mc INTYRE, L J WAGGONER, LCDR FERAN, A L BUFFINGTON, T L CRAMER. J D Mc CULLOUGH, S R ARBLASTER, A LAPIETRA, B I HOLTZ- MAN, J A. PHILLIPS. L. E. EARWOOD, H. R. PHILLIPS, L. T BURNS, R. G Mc CLURE, W, C, RUDDER t ' t-f " t ' -f Jte. l M dSi M 1 t f lt.|| t% Atlock Squodron ONE HUNDRLU SIX Kneeling: LTJG J. E, GAUSE, LCDR S. L, ZWICK, A M ANDERSON, CDR W L CLARK Jr (Executive Officetl, LCDR J S WARNER, N B BENFIELD Standing: H, J, KARDYS Jr. E. J. OSBORNE R F BELL, J. I. ROBERTS, R B PITTMAN, B W NOWLIN, E, A, AGNELLO, J D lEWEIN, CDR S, E LATIMER Jr ICom- 2JQ trending Officerl, J W HUNTER J B Mc GEEVER, J. E, CLARKSON, E, C MARCIAL, R J. BILES, C S- GREEN, A W DE LENA, L W JEWELL Jr S. J. GRODZKE Jr, M. A NICHOLSON. R J MANKIEWICZ, D RIVERA F CONSTANTINO, L D lUCISANO ■HBDh CHANGE OF COMMAND CDR. Frank CRAMBLET 212 Aiiack Squadfon SIXTY-FIVE Officers Front Row: Cece ANDERSON Dicl SCHRAM, Ron MARATEA Frank ' Rfid Dog ' CRAMBIET. Bob MANDEVlllE, Don HAHN, Mile REIllY. Ci.ariie BOIINGER. Tom JONES Middle Row; Dick FELLOWS. Wes STARR. Wall BELL. Bob McFERRAN. John DISEIROD. Zap ZlATOPER. Bob WILLIAMS. Danyl TROUTMAN. Harlon HIGDON. Frank RICHARDSON Back Row: Bob WRIGHT. Buck GtlLER. Dick MAGEVNEY, Frank. GLOECKNER. Jim JOYNER. Jim SCHO ' J. ?cK- lARSEN. Bill DENSLOW. Si, Cloir SMITH Rupe OWENS Bill PEERY ■w .:«- ' y .- rr. ' % ' . ■S ii mm (=;i-Ji SM3. Front Row: G. W. MOZIER, J. F, NEtEN. S, R. SOBEN, R, P. MC GRATH A, M. MICHAEL, T. L. HOFFMAN 0, G, KRUGIAK M D SIGGERS R W PHILLIPS nuTr !: c ' ' ° ' ' ' f ' - S ' ' " " " ° " - W EYER, B. I, lEMARY, T, D CALLENS, C A. RICHEY. JR.. A, H. PRICE, J. W. COURMIER S. E DENTINGEr ' D, G. BROW, E J, PRZYBYSZEWSKI, M. T. WILKES, T. G. WEIR, G. A. SEPIC, Jr., D. M, VIC . Ailock Squadron SIXTY-FIVE CHIEFS r ' T T . p n- ™ ' f ' .T. ' o ' . ' ' ' ' °- ' ■ ' " " ' " ' ' ' ' ° ' ' " ' O ' ' ' ' " E ' W- f GREGORY, Second Row. G. W MOZIER, S. D. SHERK. P. J. Dt RITTER, J. D. STEMPEL, S. R. SOBEN D. M, VICK, F:onl Row: W. B. STUENRENBhRG, " J " " B " HAIRREU, W, E. CARIEY, R P. KEUY, R. H. ROMANO, N M. HOPKINS, W. G HEIMBUCH, M. R, SNOCK, R, E, SEABORNE, B. A. WIISON, C. E. MCKOY, A I NEISON Second Row. J, G, SCHOU, T, BENGE, J, K JONES, D, E. EVANS, V, E, MINOR III, B, T, MAXWELL, M M, BACHMAN, W CASHON, R. D. KIRBY, G. M. TANNER, G. B HART ««( ' 4i " 4(Bt From Cow. R I. PHIUPPS, M. D, SAVAGE, R. F, COLEMAN. L lUMPKIN, T BENGER, Jr., M, J. SOBEL, P. T, SOBEL, J B. MELTON. J. T .VAMES. A, S. VINCENT. Second Row: D. W. HERRING, T, R. BOYER, G H. FOX, J. N. THOMPSON, U.. K. L. CROSBY, L. L. ABLE, D. M. JOHNSON, M. J. HELMER, I. E, STONE. R. V MCLAURIN. B I BUTLER. R. L, MITCHELL. ' • ' ►|: 7nMRPr. ' ' °. ' V- " ■ ' " ' ' ■ " • STECHSCHULTE, D. M. STOll, B. H. O ' HERN, D. M. BRODY f W lOHNES J T JAMES J T CHAMBERS F C ' ' 0. ' r A. . T :. f OREOOR. Se.. R.. C. %--i M(iiJfc.-:-., Front Row: W. B, SMITH III T, FORD, Jr., J, E. GARDNER, A, T KENNEDY, J, E, SIGIEY, J. T. CHAMBERS, R. FLEMING, Jr., R. E. ONGER, B. W KNIGHL K, J. PADGETT. Second Row: E. W. SHOUP. M. A, WHITWORTH, R. J. lENERTZ, S. J. BRINKER, R, I. HOCK, Jr., F. H. RICHARDSON. H. K. SOLES. K. W. CARIE TON, R. G. JOHNSON. D. W. GARRINGER. Front Row: R. A. LAWSON. C. R. STRAMPE Jr.. E. J. LA GRANDEUR, W. J. DONOVAN, J. L. fISHER, J. R. MC CONNEll, W. U. PARADcRO. A. A AR An Second Row: H. E, MINTZ, Jr„ C. L. SMITH, C, I. FRANKS, Jr , P. N. COCUZZA, W. EllZONDO, E, E. LESLEY, W. J. BELL CAKE CDR T. J. KILCLINE RVAH-11 CDR C. V. CHOYCE A HL»««MC i RVAH 11 OFFICERS ,„ Front Row S A MUllET D C GRYNAVISKI T. HAWKINS. D. G. HERSHEY, W. H. DARTNELL. R. B. EVANS, V. D. MONROE, A. J. FRANK, C. W, DAVIS, J B HOFFMAN G FRICKE, R, W. REPP. Back Row: H. W. BOYCE. J. E. PELTON, R.. M. FORSTER. R. M. CURRIE. A J. PERRELLA. C V. CHOYCE. T. J. KIlCLINE H. F lENHARDT. R I REAM, A. G. KLEIN. R. E STEWART, R. G. GROWE, N, C. DAVIS. ' t Reconnaissonce Heavy Attack Squadron ELEVEN iTl " T ' , ' - " " ' " ' ' ' " f MIDDAUGH, C I BRADSHAW R I MARSHALL G L DANIELS R T Mc CLAIN M,ddle Row: J C HUGHES, N SIMONE. D M FARRAGE, R. R. HUDSON, O WILLIAMS D D HATTON R EROVOLINA A A JO N S Lrl Rn W WAGNER M SMITH, G, W MITCHELL, J L, WHITE, I. Mc GEE, T L HOWER, L A, TAYLOR, G, ' R sSuf SR. E STEWART, ED HODG ; ' ' iMS ' i ' -i -: Reconnaissance Heavy Atfock Squadron ELEVEN From Row: A. W. TURNER, J, V. lEACH, J. BARNIAK. Jr. R. P. WOOIERY, B. O. FERRI. M, A. ROBINSON. W. C CHURCH, L G. INiki KONTOS. P. .1- SiCiZINSKi Middle Row: E N. O ' HARE, R. M. HENIEY, D. M. TRUMAN. D. L. lANNING, W. T. 5TRISH Jr. K W. MARTEUO. J. B JONES. ITJG .= - 7 ' T . BROOKS. Back Row: ITJG J. B. HOFFMAN. J. I. CHASEN. B. A. FISHER, P. J. YASEWAK, J. W. LOWERY. J. E. BlUME. C F. ATTEBERSY. 223 ' ■ . _ ! ' iji5sance Heavy Attock Squadron ElEVErj From Row: B J FURRH, W R. AlAIMO K. P KAMPKE, G M POINT, t. W. HAU. E R GRIFFIN R, E WILSON J P MURPHY Middle Row- ICDR A J PERRELLA, D. E ENDRES, D. t. ElllS, D F lAWHORNE, J W. BROWNIEE, F. D. RISE, D W WRIGHT, M F SOIMON D L WARNER I A REYNOLDS Back Row: J A. FORS, F. C, JOHNSTON, A F OMAUEY, J, J KIEBERO, C I, WIGGINS, J T Mc CANN L A PIAZZA T A KARCHER G E SPRAGUE W R GOllEHON M »t V 1 f 1 Reconnaissance Heavy Altact Squadron ELEVEN front Row: G B HOSTETTLER, E. I. LOPEZ, I A ABDON. M, G, ESTREILA, D W, GOKEY, K. J MAY, P A EZEllE, E. L, MILLER, W. J, NEDOSTUP. M, K. CLARK, F, J 5ERCIA, B J, ROBERTS, F. R WESTON Middle Row: W S BEVERIIN, A S HART, H, O HARPER, M. A. MAKI, D, l. DEABL, D. E, JAY- LOR, J I SLAUGHTER, J R SEATON, J T DELANEY, K, M COLAGE G R MORRE T W SHOWN Back Row: C W. BARLEY, F. C SAMPLES, G, B. CRIDER Jr. O O DEROY, M G EOMONDSON, R. E. HICKMAN, E, W BOLIN, R. O. JOHNSON, W. I TSCHIRIEY, J, D, HEACOCK, W, P. GRIFFITH K r- » - WJ - m v rf -» rar ■ % X J .$ -i - ' r Reconnaissance Heavy Attack Squadron ELEVEN From Row: R. B. EVERLY, G. E. KRAUS, A P. FELASCO, C E WIUMAN, I, A, CUETO, L. W. GRACE, 0. H. MELNICK. J. W. BONDS, J. E, uANZ, 0. W, PETER- SON Middle Row: J, A. ZEITLER, R. M. URBIN III, B I RATZEL, J. BREEZE, K, E. GRAY, C R. HALL, S. R BERKOVITZ, J. D STRAWN, V. C SCAMMEL Back Row: LT D, E. HERSHEY, M, S, QUINN, J. E. BAKER, J. W TAGUE, G, L. SUSZEK, E, R, HOMAN, M. f. HUNT, Z, E. HARREISON, R, C. TATTERSAl, P, G WETMORE 225 x. Reconnaissance Heavy Attocl Squodron ElEVEN Front Row: D. E. ARMSTRONG, J. H. Mc CABE, B E BISHOP, R. E. ROSENTHAL L. E. WAIKER, R. W. BROWN. J. DEMENT R F SWEET Middle Row- LT R G GROWE, C L CRAWFORD, D. M. ABiTBOL, J. T. SMITH, J. H, COOPER, J. MEIEWSKI Jr. V. VAITER, R. F. TEDROW, C C HARROD D H RAY Bock Row- ILfcJ ' ' ' " ' J " " J ' ' I ' OVERSHINER, R. L. HOPKINS, S. C TOSCHIOG, R. HARRIS, K. WILLIAMSON j ' C SCHULTZ Jr E h ' tEfllES I Reconna.ssance Heavy Atlack Squadron ElEVEN Front Row: S. J. CONOVER, M, W. WATSON, P, M. BOLLINGER, F, BURKHART, F. NENSTIEl, G, T. ROGERS, R. J. JEAN, E. A. SMOLAR M.ddle Row- G WATSON J, W, HcNSON, I. W. WRIGHT, J. D, BREWER, R, F, BROWN. R, J, KENNY, L. K. BISHOP. M. W. LAMB. D. T. DAIENA Back Row E A FLEMING G YOUNG j ' 22g G. SMITH. P. F. WASHINGTON. C P, SENGER, G. T. WILLIAMS. R. G, YOUNG, J. W. HARTT J M Mc LAGAN The fVofiJH A Mh ;i nN VofXtT C Q j} }Ai THINK OF IT! YOU CAN BE THE FIRST ON YOUR BLOCK TO OWN A VIGILANTOY The NORTH AMERICAN NOVELTY COMPANY has spared no expense fo provide this toy with all the AMAZING char- acteristics of the REAL THING! When you purchase your VIGILANTOY these STUPENDOUS capabilities are yours--- 1 . The ability to fly your VIGILANTOY for almost an hour before you must declare an emergency. 2. The ability to make improperly exposed, out of focus photographs of your whole neighborhood (providing it is a small one.) 3. The ability to operate your VIGILANTOY ' s radio almost continuously without wea ring it out. 4. No more worries about maximum landing fuel— your VIGILANTOY has such a large landing pattern that one land- ing attempt will bring it down to a safe weight. Every VIGILANTOY is pre-set to fly any of the following missions: A. 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HILL VAW-123 228 Mtt:j;;«iMiHiMMMMiiMiiiiiil MrtiMittiiiiliiMi Carrier Airborne Early Warning Squadron ONE TWENTY THREE Officers Front Row- IT D. R. TUNSTALl, ICDR S. D. BROWN III, ICDR R. G, LAMBERT lExecuhve Officer!, CDR I. W. HIU ICommanding Officerl, ICDR B. L. FISH ICDR P. M. WRIGHT, ITJG R, D. SMITH. Middle Row: WO G, A, MULLEN, LTJG J, M, PRENDERGAST. ITJG R. D. HEAMES. LTJG T. J. MYRON, LT. j, W. DILLON, IT. R. f BONEWITZ, LTJG F, J. GLAESER. Back Row. LTJG G. E. HUXHOLD, LTJG J. W. BOOKHULTZ. ITJGVV. J. SCHNELLMAN, LTJG D. J. WATT, LTJG L. R. BELL, LTJG W. C BAXLEY Jr, LTJG T. V. BECK. Not Pictured: LCDR J. D. LARISON Jr, LCDR J. L. DELANEY, LTJG W. D. ACHUFF, LT R. E. SPENCER Jr, LTJG W. R, BRENNER, LTJG R, L, CHENERY, m. 1 V ■ , .v. ■ -i-• . - :iK» ' - 1S ' ' ;!K? !; ' flM!.T.fc ' .». -•■.•:: iiJB .V ?% yr W ' ' h ' : IT t,.M - „f Carrier Airborne Early Warning Squadron ONE TWENTY THREE From Row: T. S. CARTER Jr. A. CORDOVA Jr. T. W. HAIRSINE. C. M. O ' BRYAN. C A, DIKUN. J. G. CLINTON. W. L. KIDDER, W. A. PARKER Jr. W. J. ALEXANDER, B. D. CROWSON. M. P. KELSAY. K. R. MEYER. M. W. BLACKMER, E. W, LOGAN Second Row: L. J. TATUM, J. l. BEHNKE, R, L. CRAIG. J. G. SMITH, R. C DOW- DALL. D. C. EPPS, T. J. BUSCHER. L. D MILLS, M. L. ABRAMS Jr, M, E. GRADISAR. S A, MICSION. R. L. JENKINS. F. J. SEITZ Third Row; J. J. WERBIS- KIS, D. W. SHELLEY, J, A. BRISTOW, J, R. FARRIS, W, J. CLAPP, R. B. BECKNELl, C D. MANNING, P. K. SAVEIYEV, C P. WHITTINGTON, J. L. HANN, B. H. DAVIDSON. R. D. BULLOCK. B. A. JARRETT Back Row: B. STEPHENSON. J, A. GLOSSON. B. W. TAIT. B. I, SMITH, R. J. WETZEL, W. W. HARPER Corner Airborne Eorly Warning SquaOron ONt TWENTY TMRtt From Row: H. L, MILLER. W. L. GAY. D E. CARPENTER. L, T. NERBONNE. J. R. Mc GALIUM, R. W. SETZER Second Row: C ROMISKI, A, W. GEARY. D, E, SMITH. S. STREET Jr, D. N. HILAND, W J. BEZDEK, D. J. SKUBE, R, J. CHRISTENSON, P. DAWIDZIAK Third Row: G. C ADAMS, D E. BLOEMENDAAL, R, W. JONES, A. L. DRWAL, M. D. FRICK, N. TERRY, R. J, YEZOMBEK, G. J. KEITH Back Row: M. B, FRENCH, J, A, GLOSSON Jr, J, J, WERBISKIS, J L. WAGNER, 230 F, J, KORANY, B, E BURNETT Jr. W H YETTER Carrier Airborne Eorlv Squjoron ONE TWENTY THREE Front Row: J. R SOMERA, A C COIORADO. I W. ERGOVICH, J. P. ERGOVICH, P. W. MEYN (leading Chieii, J. D CRAMER. J W. POTTS, R- M. ADAIR Bocfc Row: A. D. UORENTE, W H MORGAN. P. B HECK. F D ANDERSON. T, C SMITH. R. E. SEEIYE, M. I, WHEELER VAW-123 from Row: R, E. SEEIYE. J J, MORASKI JR. A B. STEWART, J. M. CURRY, G. C. JORGE, S. J. CHAIKIN, J. C CANTWEU, B, C MARCUM, G C CLARK JR. Second Row; MR, B. REMBACZ, J. E. COOPER. J, F, AMEN D. lEPORE, J, L. lENOX, R. S. MORTON. M, WEINGART, MR, J. ESFOCK Thrrd Row: T I. BROOM- All, R. K. GREEIY. C HUDSON. H. R EVANS, J, C MARCHMAR, W, J CONWAY, R. E. SOWERS HELICOPTER COMPOSITE SQUADRON TWO Helicopter Composite Squadron TWO From Row: ENS C. G, TOURIGNY ITJG P F ADAMS, ITJG W W LINSCHEID, ITJGF D WIGGINS, IT W, H, GReGORY, ICDR R R, CARON lOfficer-m-Chorgel, IT J, H HITCH, ITJG G. G HOUSER Jr. ITJG H, I, CLAY, ITJG G B ZEAIEY Middle Row: R, L PERKINS. D. C HARRIS. O. N, JAREMA. 1. L. ANDERSON. P. R. SOIT. S ECHOLS, G P SHAFER. D R BEllEMARE Back Row B R YOUNGBIOOD. R T. GIVEN. D W SPARKS, H B DAVIS. R, W TODD, D, G WAIN WRIGHT C J lEE 234 Helicopter Composite Squodron TWO Support Personnel Front Row: T. J. PROVENZANO, G, M, DURHAM R. J. BURCH. A. R. BAILEY, B, A STEHMAN, f. E. RICHARDS Mddle Row: W. P. 8RERETON, J. f. DEPOIITO, R, J. HALIOCK, R. E WAY. J, J. PERRY, I. D. HASlEY, C, F VIRGIN Bock Row: R MAIANGA, V, W. COOtEY, Z. W, JAREMA. D. J, TOBiN. C E. COLEMAN. J. L. STANFORD, B L WIECZOREK ANGEL 235 VAH-10 . c ' I Since the beginning of the Vietnam conflict tankers, mostly A-3D ' s, have been credited with saving some 200 aircraft which because of battle damage or the requirements of combat have lacked sufficient fuel to return to the carrier. How many of these saves ' also saved lives or prevented serious injuries cannot be calculated, but it is the unanimous feeling of numerous Yankee Station pilots that the Heavies more than earn their flight pay, just by being there. The importance of Heavy TEN to the war effort is manifest in the fact that they did not make the voyage home with RDRRESTAL, but remained behind in WESTPAC to provide their valuable services to other members of the YANKEE STATION team. Due to their hasty departure pic- tures were not obtainable. The staff regrets their absence from this book; they wer«, on still are, worthy shipmates and valuable members of the Air Wing and FORREST AL %. -t i A ta N W f - " v S , COD k -J m iH . jjMHHK i OPERATIONS DEPARTMENT 244 CDR. J. 0. AOKINS OP DIVISION OP Division Front Row: S. R- COWIE, IT W. I. CLARK, J. L. SHERWOOD, W. K. MASON. Middle Row: T. P. MARTINEILI. A, D. DOOIEY, I. M. JONES, J. R. GUERIN, L. W. DEHAVEN, K. C. KNIGHT Bock Row: J, R, HERNDON, E. f, CSIZMADIA, C V KREKIAU. D A. STANBROUGH OP Division Front Row: T. J. KEILEY, P. C. ADAM, W. C. CORDY, P.. R. lEMAY 3oc . Row. C. N. ?MUit. n :. •;C■Mil JSO■V, A ' . . SMITH, W. A. BIACIC, i. J. MATHI50N OP Division Ironi Row. R W WORTHINGTON. H, L MURPHY, M. SARATEUA Second Row: H PERKINS R M SANDUSKY D K MEYERS D, I. SINGLETON Third Row: M. A. CARTER, V C NAGEl, W G, STEWART Back Row J M HEFFNER G J ClARK, B J. McClAIN ir-- 246 ..■sN;- t • ' v :?M OA Division Front Row: G P. CARNS. J R. SPINEllA, E C FORD, W J BIANKENSHIP, H. F GROVES, IT R. C CORBEIllE, F. O. BAIlllE, M tABATOS. D. G. STHIER. R. M. FLEMING, C H. WRIGHT, H. A. KEILEY Bock Row: M. J. SMITH, D. P. DUNIAP, W, K. HUDSON. G, I Mc MUUIN, D D, CHRISTENSON, J. I. DAVIS, 247 J, M WINCHELL, P, M. AIMASY, 8. D HENRICH, W. E, RANFT ' . " SX- ' .C OC Division Front Row: M. J BREEDLOVE, F J. RINALDI Jr, C. J. KIRBY, LTJG J, E PERAIA, [T J A DOUGHERTY, ICDR W J M, O ' CONNOR ICDR J E MIDDIETON LCDR W. P, MORTENSON, O S TITUS, M. R SIMON, C M BIILET Middle Row: R D HOLMES, f A ROSS, W D. Mc GOVERN R A WENTWORTH G ROD- RIGUEZ, C I ZITTEROW, P A, SALANCY Jr, L A VAN WAY, D G WERIINE Bacl Row: D, A. CHURCH, E J, SCHIMPF R D FRENCH B L SMITH J B GORMAN. R, I, BELL Jr. J. W KEYS. I W PRINGLE, J H TETER Not Pictured: D G. LATVALA. M. R, DENNY C L ZARTMAN B J DANDENEAU Tve checked it four limes, and it still comes out the same — sunset is at 1530 tomorrow. " ■-■-- ' i ' .-mvvi ' Personal not present for pictures: W B. CHERRY, ETN3 J. G HARSEY. ETR3 J O, HOUIDER, ETR2 R. D. HUMBERT, ETN3 R. H, KIRWIN. ETR3 R. D. N lcKENDRY, ETN2 L. B MOYER, ETNSN H, D. RUSHING. DS3 1 C SAGER, ETN3 J I WIUIAMS, ETN2 J. R. WINSIOW, ETN2 OE DIVISION fW f ir I ) - s .v k r ¥■ ' t " ? ■JSg v ■» vv N OE Division Front Row: T V MAIER, K P. GUVER, R J MIDDIETON. WO T S, JOHNSON, ICDR R M ZURFIUH, C W. UHl, D. J, CUMBERTON, R. BERRY, K, SMITH Mid- dle Row: O H KNAPP, J P SEMPLE. D. E. OtSON, J W HIUARD, W D. CHAMBERS, J C- ClARK, J. O. MARTIN, I. A, SHEARIN, H. W. DEEG, D. R. COOKE Back Row: D J BRUNETTE J P HASSINGER, D I MOSSER, W, E, ANDERSON ' W f % OE Division Front Row: J. W. JAMISON, J. D. COSSABOOM, R J DAVIDSON, R 1 TAYIOR, F, L, WARD, M. lENAHAN. G. M. SCHWARTZ, P, H. HUBBARD, R. K ENGLAND Middle Row: D. J. BENNETT, C E. DONNELLY, S, R- JOURNEY, C F, HURST, J. J. WILSON, J. M, BLOOMER. J. I. WALLS, P. J. LUCAS Bqck Row; I. W. HA:.- IHAN, G S. BURR, S O BROWN, J. E. SMITH, J. T MANGAN, T. L. DEISS, J A FIELDS 249 250 OE Division Front Row: IT R. E FULLER, B. L. RUSSEll. E F Mac CASLIN. B L. BREIDIGAN, D, L SMITH R F Mc DONALD G L MORRIIL D J KOSTELECKY C O SAYLORS, J. W. NOSER, E, MOSLEY, R WEIDINGER Bock Row: K J BROOKS, J. E, KRACEN, K A, SPENCER J L WILLIAMS J WALL R SIMON R P RAYMOND, A 1 PRIDE, D W, CADDICI-;, R W LUNCEFORD L G BICKEl t i f t t f « f « t « Nndf Ol Division Front fow M T KING D A. SHORT T L SMITH, D C STENDAHl, K P SCHINNEN, ENS R P MOREU, CDR C W BUZZEU, ITJG I, S HEIGEMO, J, A. HOFFERBER D E BROCK, D I. BONIFIEID. J H. FOLEY, B, F, lUCERO Back Row R D BRANT, E P. HURIBURT, C G Mc SPADDEN, G, A, KIRBY, J, K. TORTZ J I SIMS C G ClANCY, T T QUICK, O O SHOILER G M SIMMONS R A DIEDERICH .aSllaMafei ;j; fe;fefa-fe 4 ' ! f;7 ' ' Ol Division From Row, A. F POETTER. W. I. JACKSON, LTJG W, R, HUNT, ENS J A, JONESLTJG J E MAJOR, ITJG J P FEDOR R J HARVEY J O HAWIEY Middle Row: R. I HOUAND, S. N, MENZING, G L KAIAPINSKI, M. J. PIANTS, R, F GRUBER, J N MORGAN, C F CHAVEZ D E BLEVINS D T BURNETT R J OlINGER, A A BOUCHER Bocl Row. J A FAIRGPIEVE, J A BOHNY, W E POWEll, C E COIYER R. 5 CONNEIL C W AUSTIN R R JOHNSOn ' T F GANGEMI, F R HURST, R A MOORE U55 FORREST M f -ti f f f Vff J f : ' ' yi Mt)tv ' Mi Ol Division lT ' lA«.nM R r ' rM. M ' . ' ' u ' ' . ' ' ' t " ' " WiSEHART ICOR R, T ISHERWOOD, ITJG F A PINENO, R E S. AMOUR Middle Row: I. I, ROCKWELL ■ M ruRR Y r r .wSm n i ' ' ?? " ' ' ■ ' ' ' ' ' ' WADLEIGH, C. L. WILCOX, K, G SEAVEY Bock Row: J, I, CAUAN. R, O. MEYER, R. S. COVEY. F. M. CURREY, G. C SWENSON, D. J ADDAIR, B I ZERANGUE W f POWELL 252 -- K- y " Sir, th« distance from lh« pier to the club i exactly 1900 yards. ' f t t «» t f f t tyf ftfir v , ' ' fi, ,JW JW f ; ■: Front Row A W MITCHeil F D ClAYTER ITJG S T. PERIN. ICDR D. V. CAIVIN, ITJG C R. OlSEN. ITJG L. R. HESElTON. M. l. CONWAY, J. M HER- SHEY S F WESIEY Middle Row R W, LUCAS G I. BURTON, D. A. MAHONEY J. E, BERKINSTOCK. J. I. SUVA, F. G. INGRAM, R. H. GREYSiAK, W. C. TUCKER, R. M. GIBSON Bock Row: A. A. BOWIE, B J. STEllA, T. D. lANGDON, R. t. CROWDER, D. O. CAMPBEU, R, P. DAVID, S. K. CHRONIC, J. D. HAcS, E. J. CREPAGE, T, F FANSHER 253 E(S)E(B FORRE« T AvU OZ DIVISION r-.1 TAIENT INCORPORATED - Alex HILLIARD, Ron TARKOWSKI, Rocky ORE Jim RALEIGH Ray DORMAN Atch BARTLEY i. " J?»J: ' -i-_ ' ? ' i ' i 254 OZ DIVISION front Row; W T HYNES, J R GIIBERT J I CUNNINGHAM, P L DUOUESNAY, J W. NEWMAN G R BROOKS, S M ANDERSEN, W D ZENCAK Middle Row: J I. DIEKEMA J J RALEIGH W E ORE W J PFISTER, A L BARTIEY, M J DEANGFIO, D I DAY, J E CAVINESS Bock Row D J ClARK A D BROWN J E KING, R. I YOUNG, M J BERRY, S R BERARDO J P SMITH A i GRAVES r . Vf f »£ V f f OZ DIVISION Front Row: E. E. MCKINNEY. G. L. BURRIS, T. M. lOCKHART, R. L. ADCOCK Middle Row: G, A, PtCK, A. H. HIlllARD. R. i. ROMERO. R E. PATTERSON Back Row: D. W. HUSTON. D. H. DIXON. J. E. DAUGHERTY. C G. MIllER, A. I, CHAMBERS 255 f " ' ■ " ( .t 4 OZ Division from Row: R J DRESSEN, W F Mc CLOSKEY, D. I, CUIP, D. F. CISKAL, R W JAMES Middle Row P R KUEHN 5 M lYNCH Jr IT R E DORMAN ICDR R 256 c FARKOWSKI, L. P. BRUNETTE, I W. REDMAN Bock Row; A. D, DUNNEGAN, R,l. BAIUIO, A J KEMP, J E HELTON ' ..then turn right on Highw oy 64... " 7 TMENT « WEAPONS OFFICE The Thinkers .; -1 ri FIRST DIVISION Front Row: G, W. PHIPPS, H R. JOHNS, A. L. CORTES, J. C PATTERSON, T E. JOHNSON, J. R. GREENWEll Middle Row: C H. COX, B. R. WALKER, L. MULES, D. E. MCDANIEL, N. H. SEAWTHORN, L. J. JENNINGS Back Row: G. E.KIING, M. J. UCHNIAT K. E KURETT B W ANDERSON D D STEWART I. TOPEL, D. E. CHRISTIIEB 1ST DIVISION ■ i i v w ff- ' FIRST DIVISION Front Row E E HARGETT I D COCHRAN W. L. HELMICK, J. F. ELSHEIMER, D. D. WESTON, I. C COlllNS. S. J. CHANDIER, T. J. ACKERMAN Middle Row: R I. ROGSTAD, P. A GARCIA, R. I. HARPER, F. R. THOMAS, R. 0. MCCAIE, G. J, YACCONI, G. D. PATERSON, V, R. BECKER. Bock Row: D. W MURPHY, A. H BARTON, J. P. MORGAN, J. P. SNODGRASS, J. D. FREEMAN, E. l. BRADIEY, T. G. BEll, L. O. FORD, B. R. GRASHAN SECOND DIVISION Front Row: R, C. HOLMES. I, E. KlIMEK, T. E. SAHOTSKY, W. T. BURGESS, R. V. NOSAN, R. V. DESMARAIS C I. MOTSINGER G E TUTEW Middle Row E ZAMIELA, C. E. HUDSON, J. l. SIZEMORE. C W. 3REWER, J. D. lAFRINIERE, R. J. WIISON, H. L MURDICK, J. HARPER Bock Row t I COMBS H R tUKEN, P. B. CASOLARI, D. A. ANTONUCCI, J. T. ADAMS, R. F. RAINEY D G GARDNER SECOND DIVISION Front Row: K, N. WATKINS, J. F. OWENS, I, G, WIIKINS, 0. I. MORGAN, K. F. DOUGHERTY, R. R. ROBLES T. W. INZERIllI Middle Row: G. SQUIRES E W oc-, ' ' ' ■ ■ " ' " " l. f C. COIYER, E. I, HUGHES, A, GARZA, W. D. MITCHEU Back Row: R, R. JETT J. P. HINTON, K. V. ICIILMEYER. K. A. SAUVOIA, 262 M. D. PERRY, J. J, BORNOWSKI 2ND DIVISION 3RD DIVISION THIRD DIVISION 1 ? ° " ; X f°° ' ' T ° ClARK, D, E. QUINTANA, T, I SMITH, K. R. GIRARD, R. J GRIMM, R, F. WOODSON M.ddle Row: B M RINEHARDT P FEL- ICIANO, J. T. DESTEFANO, E. C JOSEPH, B. J. DEIGIUDICE, A. J. ORTEGA, D, I. ADAMS. J. K. RANEY Bock Row: C D. JOHNSON G A DUECKER J I HOOD T. J. FIANGAN, E. ROBINSON, H. A. GIADYSZ, P. J. MEIKLE C. DISHMAN I 1 V- 264 THIRD DIVISION r ' °Mr °wlM.v ■ ,° ' ,! To - " " CARMEAN, S, I. KIMBROUGH, D. P. lESTORTI, H, W HUMPHRIES, J, A, ROSSO, I, MCCOY Middle Row: C l. HAMBIIN R. C sSimNGER J H KEIP d " ' " ' ' ' ' ' ' ° ° - - - CAIDWEU, P. R. ZWICKEl Back Row: H. E. Hilt, E. L. SWEETING, J. L. CAVES, C. i 4TH DIVISION fOURTH DIVISION front Row; L. R. MOONEY. I. A. SMITH, J. J SIEBERT, J. J. STAFFORD, R. C. WHITMAN, I, A. ROSE, R. F. SISSON, M. D. ANGEU, G. I. HIIDEBRAND Mid- dle Row: J. I. STEPHENS, J- M. CORMICIE, H. R, MITCHEU, R. W. VAUGHAN, R. BARRETT, R. W. BAENEUA, J, I. DEIANEY, J. J. VAUGHN, R. ESPARZA Back Row W. M. HAPGOOD, R. T. AIKEN, D. L. MORIEY, H. L. WILLIAMS, J. R. BREAZEALE, f. G. BAILEY, L. J. f EKOLITC. G. G. SElllTTO ' A - ' ' ' • 265 FOURTH DIVISION Front Row: R. I, PETERSON. T, t, MORRIS, J, D, SEWIS. A. I. SMITH, M, I, EVANS, J, E, GUIDO, H. I. IRBY, B. A, MATTSON, R. H. BELL, S. J. STEELE, M. W. SALE Back Row, G. C, PATERSON, C. D, MCADAMS, C P, BORELLA, T, J. CARPENTER, J, W, BRYAN, B. L MCCIEIIAN J, M. ROSHIA D, E. PFLUEGER W. R HENLEY, D. R, CAMPBELL, W. E, DAVIS " One mora coat of point ought to stop thot« Seokt. ' ' JT - Wtyn painting ttw everhocxt, don ' t Io«kI your bruih " ,. -v FIFTH DIVISION Front Row: E. R. HOOVER, D. J. FRESCHI, R. C. COOK, E. J. CASSIDY, H. J. COGAR, F. W. CHERRY, I. GRIZZLE, I. R. TORR€S, Middle Row: J, J- SlIPY, A. DlCE- SARE. R, PEREZ, J. GORSHE, B. F. BARFIEID, E. F. lOWE, F. A. BURI, W. F. GARRITY, R. C BISH, G. S. PENNISI Bock Row: j. D. WAGNER, G. I. FRIEl, J. W. MCCLINTIC, J. BEIANGER R G BilSKE. D, T MCCIUSKEY C F lUND C GAROFAlO, R. F BRISCOE E GASSER J. C CLARK, R. W. YAUSM 267 FDI .., i ??SSfc, ■IfA 1 l .rV i% ' ' ■ " ' ' ' " " ■ FOX Division Front Row: R. W. BOWEN, C R. WIUIAMS, K. M. HIGDON, A. G. ORNELAS, ITJG F. J. LYNCH, D. F, MINADEO. M. C CRUTCHIEY D. J KRIENKE W J Mc WEENEY Middle Row, G. N. KENDRICK, J. J. MAKEIA, M. J CAFIERO, R. F. KORSEN, M, A. WAITE, R. M. tlUHA. R. A. SPECHT. C. B. BAKER I. D. TURN- AGE, E M, CHUTE, W. P, HARRIS Bocii Row: R. GRASON, J, S. Moc DONALD, D. CLADDOCK, J, W. KILPATRICK R. D. NAV J H FISCHER D R HARDY C L BROWN, J, C BRYANT, M. P. NEEDLE, J J LABAN, V, R. LONG " ' ■ ' 4- - iw 1 J j j • ■ ' ' ■ ' W Division F-om Row: G. O. MINCEY. D. V. ' , HUGHES, D. E, GREEN, R, F LEBLANC, G D. CLOTHIER, R. G, IIEDHECKER, R. E. HARRIS J. D. MILLER M. G. HEAGY D. . KOTGWIC; Middle Row: G. J, PERRING, J. R, BENNETT, L, M. WILLIAMS, G. F. DONNEY J, D HINES M O J T PILLOW LCDR G I CANFIELD LT G T -V.-i SiDDICK, ENS I, T. JOHNSON, R, D, PRUETT, R. A. TRHLIK, R. L CAPLINGER Back Row: C. C WARVIE, R. H. EISENHAUR J, H. CLARK D E Mc PHERSON M. V COURTNEY, J A. KNUDSEN, J. H, ROWCIIFFE, R G. FLEFCHER, B, C HILL, J. L. SANDERS, W, E, ASTIN, R. P. HOSIER Not Pictured: WO E E IRBY MARINE DETAC T. H. Front Row- J P IRELAND III F WIIUAMS M I. RICHARDSON. M DIRLE. CAPT R J SNOWDEN Olf.cerl, J. ALIEN. G. S. lAWSON Jr. OPDYKE L J BURGESS J- A L METCAIF M.ddle Row: T. E. DOUGLAS. J. L. MURPHY. J. T. WIDNER. M. R HAY. R. G. SICKEY. J. W. GLENN, D. F. HILL. S. J. CHAMBERLAIN. C HUNTER Jr T. M COBUCCIO Back Row: R. J. JACKSON, C. E, YORK. L. R. WALKER. M. A. BUTLER. L. O. CAGLE, T. J. Mc GOVERN, O. DIALS. E, L, PICKENS. C E. ANKIEWICZ. J. M. COOPER Morine Detachment d t dk.p ic • Front Row W R COSTELLO P. F, STURTEVANT. R. L. PUGH, C N BURKHART, hi LT M, G. DANE (Executive Officer). W. F. De MUTH. G. B SARMU. Jr, G F THOMAS J. L. GORDON. O. I OWEN Jr Middle Row: S. R. SMITH. E. D. BOBROWSKI. A. L. HOLSTON Jr. A. J. WILKINS. E, W. YOUNG, D. N. SCOTT, P. 269 E. STINNETT. T. KEITH, H. J. MILLER Jr Back Row: H. T. ELLIS, S. E. HAMILTON, J. A. URBAN, W. C fORSYTHE, W. A. DALEY. I WYATT, H. W. HALL. O. SMITH. S. J. MAZZAFERRl Jr. L. M. NANCE % gT 4 t tr ' V- - ' ' ' t j[ " f " G Division Front Row: L. D. SMITH, R, V TONEY LCDR I W WEIR J. B CASEY, L, R. MUELLER Middle Row: P L Mc DONALD K R NANKERVIS V E NELSON W BRANDON, A. W, KNORR, P, R. TOUAR, M, F CRAWFORD, C R, HAWKINS Bock Row: D A KEEN R, M LUSCINSKI R J MEYER H W FRISBIE M S PER DUE, A. R. SANDOVAL, J. D. TORGERSEN, T, PFANENSTIEl. J. W. HOLIOWAY W. L, Mc VAY ' t P ' K ' »♦ M litrrTiminMirniinrrTr- - ' ' G. Division Fror.t Row: R, J. VALIS, J. R, MASSEY, LT C. VEDRAL, H, A. SPENCE, D. J. KLARICH. W. R. EDGE Middle Row: T, R. RIVERA M J PARIS J L PROCTOR L F BIALKE, T. D. SMITH, C. E, tOWE, J, M, GENTRY, D M. MURRAY Bock Row: R, L. REESE, D. E. HUXHOID, G. W. FRIETAG F D BROWNING C J DEVITO R. E. SlY, K. MABRY, R. I. STAPLES, C. W. HUFFMAN ' ' 1 ' ft. t-mfr .% « if f l tt f W G Division Front Row: C. I, Mc DOVVELl, D D, KEELING, G, G JOHNSON, WO C O RICE, LTJG R, P, GATES, F. P EARGLE, G G RUDY A N WALLER G J MENZ 270 " no °7.M ,. " l V ' " " " - ° ' SCHMALTZ, R, J RAILING, O. J, ZOCCO, T J YOUNG, B A GRIMM, L W MENZ R E CLARK ■ f , £?cf n n cJ ANTHONY, J 8 SWECKER, H, J BRAID R M. WILSON, R. D STRIETER, W J KNOTTS, T S TANNES T J HAHNE R G REEd ' J, W WEST, D, D. nelson m •?■ r V ' v V, -i ? - ■ a4 - % i3.:a4«.ija5i - G Division Front Row: F. M. POtAK, T. K. RAKES, O W. FACER, E. I, LEONARD, IT C M. JONES, F. J. COLE, S. P. Mc DANIEL. D. M. HAMMERSIEY, C. R. KASER, S. A, HAMMERSLEY Middle Row: F. L. WEST, D. M. Di FABRIZIO, H. V. GOODWIN, W. E. MUELLER, 0. F. NARDOZZIE, D. C EDENHART, E. H, MEADOWS, A J. ADAMS. R. R. ANTICO, T. P. WUNDERLICH Bock Row: M. T. SETTLEMYRE. S. W. CARSON, M. J. RIVENBURGH, W. M SHINDLEDECKER, R. G. BAllARD. N. A. GIROUX. R. P. PENZO. H. J. MILLER, R. J. HANDLEY, J, DOUGLAS i y .» 4r ik»v TM v; rji G DIVISION 271 m DIVISION GM Division From Row, D. E HUGHES, N. G, CORIEY, tCDR J, D. BASHAM, G. W. POWELL, B, T, MONSON Middle Row: W. G. MAYE, F. B. ESTERBY, T, J, DAIRE K. D. BELL, H. J. ROOT, R. I, MAYE. D. L. WEAVER, D. J. NOWINSKY Back Row: T. L, SCOTT, H, J. WILLIAMS D. S, BENNETT H K RICHARDSON D B HEDGE- PETH, C A. MANTHEY, D. J. JOINT, G, W, GROVES, F, A. NELSON GM Division Front Row: K. A. MILSTEIN, C L, ALLEN. C J. ADKINS, F. E, KOENIG Middle Row: P. D. JOHNSON, R, R. RANDOLPH, P, B. MORAN R. G. NEWTON R. D. A, ' iHTON. A. J DERFLINGER, L. J. WARREN Back Row: M, P. MEGISON, D, W. BONO. R. A, WENZEL R. B. VENTURA R. V. WOOIERY D. A GURSKI F - ' ■ ' • DIXON, F. J. VALENTINE, D. P. BOIAND mm mf f ' f ' ' ' Mr ' ' ' y :- T ' " 0;Cv " ' , ' : : ' ' - .r Pic " YC ' ; ' a 7 ' 4 CDR M. ROWLAND LOG ROOM THE OFFICE FORCE Front Row: JONES DAWSON, HAMIITON, RECHSTEINER, lABARGE Bock Row; LT STIlllNGS. LT lEE, ICDR OlIVER, CDR ROWLAND, ICDR FUESTON, IT MCDOWEU, WOl FLOYD. ITJG ROSSI 275 A DIVISION Front Row. A. TORRES, R. T SIBLEY, J. E. KENT, W. R PEACOCK, B. C FULLER, J, L COUCH, T, F, JOHNSON, M. H, LUCASSEN Back Row: K, A, WRIGHT, S. A. MILLER, T, A. BRADSHAW, B. L. WEGMAN, J. A, BONIN, F. BOWER. J. P. DICKERSON, J. P. MUSSELMAN, B. J. HARTWICK, M. D. BARNARD A DIVISION From Row: R A HOFMANN A C BOTTITA, D A CHAUDIER, I R BACHMAN, J. J, SMOIEZYNSKI, G BARNES H S. NICHOLS, C C LAMB, B W lOWERY. 276 J, R, HATTAWAY. R. A. JACOBSON Back Row K. A. WRIGHT. R. J. MESSIER, T. F STUCHELL E G HARDY, A PALMER D BARRETT, T, S WALTON R, J, MCWIIIIAMS, G J PICKEL. E. W BRATHWAIT, S. A. POWELL, E. H. MYERS, E. L. PEREMENTER A DIVISION Front Row: R. C. ABRAMSON, J. F. ACER, R. O, ROWAID, R. R. SCHMIDT. T. D. MERTEN, R. W. HARTMAN. W. I. SUGGS Bock Row: J, E. MCNUtTY. G. W. MEC- HAM. R B- SMITH, D. M. BOIES, W. P. HAREMAKER. D. J. RYZENCA. J G, WADSWORTH. T. P. SEABROOK 277 .A A DIVISION W. I. JETER, E, W. HOWARD, D A. MEYERS, K A. WRIGHT, G. R. DEPNER, E. N, DRAUGHON, J. C BROBJORG A DIVISION Front Row: R G. SNODERLY, F. J. ONDREY, R. C CRUMP, M. W SNYDER, R. W. SZKOTA Back Row: B. H. REIYEA, f. B. WIISON, T. W. WAISH, J. M. CA«- ROLl, D. 0. PETERSON A DIVISION Front Row: KOTALIS, CAll, STANLEY, VANEPPS, GOIEN, SUMMER, FORISH, PITTENGER Bock Row: ITJG WRIGHT NAVARRO BARRETT YARMOSH BUT- TERWORTH. POWEIL. TINGLE, IMBAl, lONGWORTH, SMITH 278 B B DIVISION Front Row: I A SHURGALA, O. S. SYESTER. B. T. WIUIS. D. E KRAUSE, J. EPIEY, R. F. C RISK, M A COX I YEAGER, J. E. GOURIEY, M. J CHICOTA, A. S MOTTIE FAY, C E TROTTIER Bock Row: J. E. SCHWANGER, J H, IMHOfF, D. B DIVISION Front Row: J F BOWMAN, M. A. KNIGHT, R. i. NiCHOlSON, R. B. FITTING, W. W. HARGIS, S. I CARTER, I. D PIMM, L. M. MARTIN, D. A. tiTilE Bock Row: B. D. RICHARDS, T. W. WOLFRAM, R. L. WILLIAMS, W. B. SMITH, K. SHANNON, 1. K. COX, J. W. MARTIN 279 B DIVISION Front Cow. M. A ESPOSITO, S. GENARO. S E, WIUIAMS, P. J HOULIHAN, R. B. MIllER, I B ROOK A. E KEUNER C I SIMS Back Row W J HICKS R D HEFNER, C R, ElllSON, R. A, CUSSIMAMIO, K A JOHNSON, A W FARKAS, R, I. READY E DIVISION Front Row: R. D. OSBORNE, M. P, TREGIIO, J, W. HOSS, M. S, GREEN. J. D, TURNER, J. N. SMITH, F, K. POtK, R. D. FITZHERBERT, E, T. NANCE. R. V. OR- lANOO, S. I BROOKER, R. A. BOHJANEN Back Row: D T, ANDREWS, I K. THOMAS, I, T. GUICZEWSKI R W COOPER A. J. CAREY. T. W. CREWS, W. A, bPRUIlt, W. R, ROGERS, R. S. POUISEN, G. C. BARBO. J. E. WAIDROP : 0tnt. B DIVISION From Row: J, I, BECKER, D. t. BUSBY, R. J. DUPIS, K. J, MCKAY, D. J. WERTH, B. R. BRANNON, J. 1. FLOYD, W. A. JENNINGS, G. GARCIA, D. C CUSANO Back Row: F, P. DAVIS, K J. ANDERSON, W. A. BARFIELD, D. A. SMITH, M. P. KINNEY, D. G. COUCH. J. ROLAND, K. A. STILES, T. M. VICKNAIR, J. I. GREEN, J, A. TEMPIETON, S W PAGEl B DIVISION From Row: D. A. SMITH, J. D. STEPHAN. R. M. KEEPER, R. L. IMHOFF, J, W. HENDRICKSON, BTC EDDLEMAN, D, E. KELLEY, D. B. RIDGIEY, P. D. REIIEY. E. W COLE Back Row: P. R. KENDALL, J. W. SMOCK, A. C WESTFAIL, E. G. ROMERO, B. H. THACKER, R. E. BEECHAM, J. R. HASSELL, W. O ' QUINN, R. A. SCHWEDER, C R. WRIGHT, N. J. MCDONALD B DIVISION from Row: D. C. HUDSON, C. E. SORG, D. J. DRAGAN, N. H. HINTZ, A. MOORE, T. J. CAMP, G. A. STEPHENSON. A. D. TAlSTEIN, C. D. KRAUS, J. E HICKMAN, A, C. ALEMAN. E. 0. MOORE Bock Row: R. A. VALENTI, L. R. MARRON, D. E. HACKER, R. J. MAREK, B. J, BEU, J. T. PARKER, G. I KINNEY. R. C rRVAY, 0. I. PARKHURST, J. P. EKSTEN, J. H. SCHERRER. R. C EMERICK. E DIVISION Front Row: IKneelingI R. J, WHITEHEAD, R. R. NESBITT, A. J. FAFORD, M. K. MCMICHAEl. Second Row: (Seotedl D. R. MEADOWS, D. E- LONG, G. R. GERBER, S. M, RICHARDSON. Third Row: L. C MORGAN, A. X. FAFORD, J. P, FLEMING, M, E. ADAMS, J. W. MCDONALD, R. A, MERRILL, P. J. CRA- MER. Back Row: J. W. BARRETT, J. A. SHUBERDA, M. E. DYER. G. C. LEPLEY, H. A. DODGE, D. W. STARK. E DIVISION Front Row: (Sealed! R. A. SELLERS, K. RINGER, CC. PORTER, T, HENTON. Middle Row; B. A. MORGAN, V. D. JOHNSON, J. A. NISSEIIUS, R. F. SOREN- ZEN. Back Row: W. J STREETER, R. F. HENGSTERMAN, B. D. BERTHLETT. E DIVISION Front Row; E. f. BEIOT, D. I. GEHR, A. WENTZ, G. T. NETHERY. Second Row: K. BADIAK, R. R. GARIC, J. C. SCOIARO, R. M. LUMMUS. A, S. BEll. Back Row: J. R. PICKETT, D. J. CLIFFORD. D. W. SMITH, R. l. WEBB. CAMP f ' . E DIVISION From Row; C- W. FREEMAN, D E lONG, G R GERBER Middle Row: A C COTE, A R HARVEY, M I, BAGENT. M L SMITH, J I, PARKER, L, I CAIE, J. D. STEELE, R. F BACHI Back Row: D T EMORY, E. P LEPIEY, S G, ANDREWS, R D, REISSER, D W BROWN, C E. HUGHES, J. H PRILLER. dW E DIVISION Front Row: C, M. BRAUDA, G, R, GERBER, DE, E. tONG, J. R. GUESY. Bocl Row: D. W, MORGAN, V. T. CRISCUOIO, K, W. ADAMS, L. K. DEESE, D. R. BAYIE. E DIVISION front Row: R, T. MCNAMEE, J. E. POWEU, S. M. RICHARDSON, D E. LONG, G. R. GERBER, B. I. PRUITT, J. C HALLMAN. Back Row: E, J MAY, W. A, DODGE, E, S. MARTIN, J. T. HURLEY, R. A. BARNETT, W. A. P. BEROW, W, J. GAFFNEY. I E DIVISION Kneeling: CHIEF FERRAN, ITJG lONG. Slonding: R. E. WHITNEY. G. S. SEMON, H, E. CONDER, J. F. MULHALl. G. G. BREHONY, K. W. BROWN, K. J. HARRIS, J. W. HIU, T. C DOVEl, G. R. GERBER. E DIVISION Front Row; S. D. MEHAS, S. I. DRUM, J. J DARMODY, G- A. HOFFMAN, G. R. GERBER, D E. lONG- Bock Row; I. S. WIUIAMS, T. C. HOWARD, J. M. LYNN, D. E. DREISCHER, R, I. GORDON. 28£ E DIVISION Front Row: C. R, EDWARDS. C W. fREEMAN, 0, E. lONG, G. R. GERBER Middle Row: K, E. WHITEHEAD, W. G. NEWCOMER, W. J. STARCHER, D. f. RARRcT, M. E, STONE, Back Row: G. M. lUDESCHER, J J. PETROSINO, C E, AUBIN, J. P. DUNIAP, C OFRIA, E DIVISION from Row: L I, BROWN, D. E. lONG, G. R. GERBER, W. M. WOOD. Back Row: D. M BARNARD, J. A, SIMONDS, M. T. MURPHY, G. E, RAUNG, M. R. ZUMfiRO, R, J. AIDAO. G. N.CHILDRESS, D W 81 ACK J P MITCHEK. E DIVISION from Row: W. W. ANDREWS, J, J. MCCIEARY, E. L COOPER. R. E. L WACHIIN Bock Row: C D. WILSON, J. R. WILIIAMS, D. E. LONG. A. T. WILSON. E. L. FERREN. G. R, GERBER, H. I, BLACKBURN, T. E. WRIGHT. E DIVISION Front Row: L. W. EVERMAN. L. J. MILLER, G, R. GERBER, I. T. BOWMAN, Middle Row: G. B. CASEY. T. H. SCHRADER, C O. PRESNEIL. J. W. YAN- DELl, M. T. HEACOCK. O. R. PARKER. Bock Row: R. N. KING. E. F. YOTT. D. SCHWARTZ. j«f ' 4- , Si ' I ' ' y W¥iSHn BK s M ,j i Mi .i , ' : " ;fy ' ' .v " " ' n E DIVISION Ffoni Row: G R GERBER, R. I STOKES, D I GROVE, R M STREIGHT, R KING Back Row: D, E LONG J P BIAIO W J lAUY H J BOWMAN W D, REYNOLDS, R. B. STRAYVES. f I . r -if E DIVISION From Row: R L. DOWNEY, F P, EARIEY, K, J, KIETHCART, H L EATON. Middle Row: J. N. CAPAIDO. B J- DAHIGREN, K O KUEHNE, M J El- IIOTT, B POTTER, Back Row: D, E lYON, G, F. STRINGER, D, G, WAIGHT, D. W, MUllER. J, E, HART. M DIVISION Front Row: J. J. CHEMEIICEK. R. U. 8ACKENSTO, D E. NEWMAN, R. A. HUDSON, I. I. GUMP, B, H. COURIER C R WESSNER J HOUSTON Back Row G. E. YORK, D BLEDSOE, G. A. MARTIN, G. W. THOMPSON, E W, STANLEY, F. I, ROMERO J. L. HAMILTON J E MONAGHAN J E HENDERSON R E. FULLER. M DIVISION Front Row: K N SASSE, W E ALDRIDGE V E PHELPS H W ROSSI R B BRANNON J L HEELS Back Row E D TESAR F J MATHEWS N W HOGUE, J. H. SLATER, T. E HENSLEY, N I GESSINGER, R N MARTIN i -. -jii . W J- M DlV ' i ' I ' jrj Front Row: R, S. MCKAY, R F WEHMEYER, D E SEAGER, E R DONNELLY, J J MCMINDS, D D. FREEMAN J I STANLEY W O RANDALL G L 290 LAVENDER. T D MAY Bock Row: A C. MELLON, E. F LAYTON. W C GRAYSON. R M ADAMS E HELBIG D D KAEMPF C A SABO F VINEIS R L.DENNIS. D R LANG, C E lEDO, H. C. HOLST. y DIVISION oni Row: R. E. MORE, C. F- CORBIN, R. J. CONIEY. R. B. SHIMP, K. W. PATTERSON, J. M. REZENDES. S. R. BRODERSON. D. B. AILSUP, M. A. NICH IS. Back Row: R. DOWEY, I. W. KENNEDY. W. P. THOMAS, R. D, PLANK, E. B. ACKART, G. A. BROWN, R. l. WINDSOR, J. R. WATERS. W. H. STRINGER r 4,- 1 M DIVISION from Row: E J KUMPf G J HEMROTH, J F HENDRIE, I W WOODS, S W KIRTON. F I FORD, I W, SIIVIA, C. C CAMPBELL, D. M. MARKIE, Bock Row: I. M. HUNTER D O MOORE W J MIfCH T I OlINGfR K W CIEMFNT D J RINGER E H. DELOTTINVILLE, J, M. KOCH. M DIVISION Front Row: M P MALKIEWICZ, D, T MOSLEY, W D, AMES, W. E. CAULDER, W. F. GERNEY, D. R. FRENCH, J. H. fITZ, D, A. MIUER, Bock Row: W. HARRISON, W C THOMAS, D. E WEBER, R G MARINI. J, E. TALHEIM, R, J. EDMUNDSON, E. J. BOYD, W. E. METZGER, R. L. BEDARD, A C BOY- ETTE, F. J, EURICE, A. C. MCPHERON. R. ZILO, P R. CYMBALIST, M. MORA, J. R. MONATT. t6 s j ' f ' " ' wWnfl|iii«Lifcj_ ?, " ! R DIVISION C. E WHITE D E STEAD, M L BRAY, G A, ElllOTT, M A lUZUNARIS, W T IINKOUS. E. J, CEIECIA, R. J. HARRISON. ICDR J. J. BIOEDORN, W. 292 T lAYTON, I A. MCIEOD, M, E, 810RE, D. S, GREEN, F F WIlliAMS, R E BREEN, D R DORSEY, C E RAINES, R DIVISION S. A. BIOCHER, A D. NEAVES, J R PATTERSON, M. E. DISMORE, J. W. ELM, H. R. STEMER, J, D PHItllPS. R. NOILE, R. F. INNERS R. I. FAVATA, T. D. GUSTIN, W. L, WATKINS, W M MONROE, J, A. LAGONEGRO 293 R DIVISION K R MAMMONS, J, MEYERS, O. D. BAKER. G. G. BERGERON, R. E BERNER, R. J. MCCASH E R. CAMPBEll D H RINGER R G ROYER J R Etll SON. L, D. ANDERSON, H. J. PETOIS, E. M. DUFFY, R. F VAIDEZ m: ' i ' ,,tf ii : " i:t )i ' r) ' - -™« l lA»W-« ' - .■ , |l V ' .f,™ ! ' ••■■I ' tiijif,;! ' ' ; ' ' ' • ' ' ••iwr ' - ' i .,_ ■1 V R DIVISION From Row; P F REEDENAUER, H. J. ROKOWSICI, R. J. NIZNIK, C D. CREEl, R. A. OUEUETTE. P. M. CAUIHEID, J. W. HUTCHINGS. Bock Row: C. B. SESSIONS, W I, BOWIES. J. K. CONWAY. J. R. JAGODZINSKI. H. M. FORD. D. M. BARRINGER. LJLJ R DIVISION J, T. TIMAR. T M STRZELCZYK, R. A PERL, J L HAYES, G G DUNCAN, S. W, PHELPS, D, M. AMO. C D CREEL, C R. LENKEY, R. J. ARMINIO, G. R BRUENN, W P, GARRISON, E N. REITER, C C FOSTER, R. C CROY. - ' mi .M . ' h ' ,: r i ' m i i R DIVISION T C MICHELS, T. A. PARK, J. A COOPER, R, L, RECK, J, A, PRANKING E W ACKERMAN, R B LITTLE. C D, CREEL, D, S, HIMES, C F, SCHAUF, 2 -X E J, GREEN L, E, BETTERTON, L, E, NEAL. G, R, RHINE, M R, AIROLA : ' }V ' it; ' i: !v ' .y-N- ' v; c. ' • «s. m. 1 CDR D. B. LEMBER AIR DEPARTMENT - ' • n: ' ' i. ' - ' ;: iM • tf ity a gi iM ' . ' ' " 1 :i- w .%i i _ rr- IP JflB:: BKBtf j-- ■ r ' ;-v 5359iE ' - HV K r ■ ' ' r- ' 7VuEadKBi jWnii. ■nKs« , r i i. Lr i?i!i »to ijSP - B B ■■ii ■■■.■ -:.: " " :-iA. jlpBaie Wjp tyJg HMMBB Ij ff ? g!j »»._ " w., j ; 5yiyfeSflyttt 3a rH| r _i jp ysiKS ?!?s Pp ' j aiS iB .f « sgg; E ji g i. iiiS l i g SHBi BEVlB c n S SQMi ; r- --i l jgB ' JBlMgBle! _iM jr ' ' j HJII " H ' s ip IUd L-E-M-ft-E-l, not L-l-M-B-E-R. " V-0 DIVISION V-O DIVISION Front Row: D. B. lEMBER. H. H ADAMS. Middle Row: G W. TAYIOR, J. F. HANSCOM, 0. E. ARMSTRONG. Bock Row: J. E. ACKART, 1. lUKER. A. W. KINSER, O. I. HEIMERS. V-O DIVISION From Row: e. S CARVER, T, KEYS, JR Middle Row: R. G. LINCOLN, T L, BIIYEU C M. BANKS. Bock Row D L WHITLEY G W REEDY J W PIKE C V VISCHER, " We ' ve got yellow shirts, green shirts, purple shirts, orange ORANGE? " e D 5 V-l DIVISION From Row: L J IINGUEST, W J CHEW, F I. ARMSTRONG, l, W COPE E R SPARROW. E. T. STASKIEWICZ. J, H. HITCHINGS, J, T. SAIT. Middle Row: R. W, STEMERICK. B, E, DODSON, B C DANCE, N, G, MCILWEE, C, K RAMIG, T, L, KlINE. D, lETH, R. R, CARABAUO. Back Row: R, D. NlCK- OlS, F. E, FETTER, I, D, BARGO. R, BOBROWNICK. M, R, FURROW. H, A. HAll. M. J. BUDZINSKI, A. CRAYON. If " Let ' s crunch an A-6 today; we got an F-4 yesterday. " V.| DIVISION Front Row: M L BAGGETT R M STRINGER, 0. G. DICKSON, A. RIGSBY, W. P SYKES, C D. HUESCHEN. G. I REYNOIDS M R COLE Middle Row D DEEl, H. I. MATHEWS. V VANCE, C- BARNETT, I, N, CICHANSKI. l. T, ASHIEY, T. L. NORV OOD J N LONGVAl Bock Row G E NAY R A CCS TEllO, E. I. SAMPLE, D. J. FRANCEK, J. D. MACK. A, J. MCGItllVARY. R. COOK, D. E, HART V-I DIVISION front Row. C M, MOORE, G. D. tONGHOFER, G. H. PARENTEAU. L E, MCNULTY, J. L. SHARP W. I, WOOIF Middle Row- P L OTTO J C FERRELL C W. BRASWEIL. G. E. JUEDES, F M, BARRETTA. B. E. MEADOWS. T. W. BRISSON. A. B. GARDEN D. R WEAST W H MYIES Bock Row- R E ROUSE E, CARR. M. L. PHIUIPS, H. A. MOORE. R. R WINTERS, B. W. TAION, J. D. BARTIETT, G, DORREMAN, D. T JONES P A STEELE R a ' GOODMAn ' L. H. VANIIEW 302 V.l DIVISION front Row: D. L, LYONS, I 1. SHUMATE, D. A, PEDERSON, J, B. MCGOWAN, J. KIRTEN R A BENTLEY L F TYSON G W PIRTLE J. J. MOYNTHAN. Middle Row: J. C PATTERSON, W, T. WAPLE, T. J. FICHERA, R, E. STILL J. A. SMITH K M MAINORD J m ' WELCH. T, VALENCIA. Back Row: C G, WALKER. J. R, STARK. M. M. MATTIE. R. K. PEARSON. R. O. KRAUSE G E ROBERTS R WIEMCLT. E. L. JOHNSON. HATFIELD, 0. M H. GRAY. M. K. V-2 DIVISION V-2 DIVISION Front Row: D. J. DAPRA. C C ROY, J. P. PRITCHETT. Middle Row: W. C DUGGAN. D. I. DIROMUAtDO, T. L. SPIUE, R. E. WIISON, R. E. TRASK. Bock Row: D. M_ DROLIETTE, G. R. BLOCK. M. P. WllSON, S. 0. BUNDY. V-2 DIVISION Front Row: S. W. SltllN, G. F. BUNNEU. Bock Row: S. H. HOFFROGGE, W. A. ADAMS. W. A. MAHIBACKER. For Right, All Alone; LT. WILIIE WILLIAMS. 303 V-2 DIVISION From Row: T J. COUNTER. I. L. REITER J J BRESLIN J G KOUARIK L. A FORDERHASE. Second Row: R P. RICARD. D W WEST A. T. lEUES- QUE, C L SPAULDING, C. P. SEVIN. A. W PASTORE, D F. PASWAID, J. W SCOTT, A. J. GEORGE. Third Row: G. E, MARETTE. E, K. HANSEN. W. C BOWE R T MURRAY, W, I. ORVIS, C W, OPPIE. J A, FARNSWORTH R C TAYLOR, S. R. HYDER. Back Row: G. C MCMUtlEN. R B lEE, L S. BORLIE D. F FIORE. J W. CASKEY. J. R. MITCHELL. E. J.STOKES. W. A FORMAN J. R. CLEVENGER. V-2 DIVISION From Row: J. M BREHMER. W R. MATHERS. D. J. DAPRA. W J. BEAL. D F SAVAGE. Second Row: R A HICKS R W MENERY B R HILL M D MCELHERAN. D F NEAL. P. R. BLACK. C. W. MOYER. J B. NEWTON. M E THOMAS. J K. KITCHENS- Third Row C E SLACK A MARTINEZ W E SMITH. I E, BUCHTER. H B MAPLES. J. D WATKINS. W L, BROAONAX, M. P FREEDMAN, R. R. RUTHENBERG F J LABRUTTE Bock Row B G WALTERS, J. M. VINSON, D. L. OWEN. R. E, PARNELL. M. W. KAMMINS. D W MAXWELL R I SAVER 304 V-2 DIVISION Front Row: W E. HIGGINS, D. I. CHAPPEU, D. S. HOOKER. R, J. BtONIARZ, D E HAMPTON, R. L. HUNTER, R. R, STARTZELl, P. M. REYNOLDS. R. WILIIAMS. Middle Row: J. E. TIDWEU, A. D. WOODS, J. l. WILSON, A, T BASS, J S WESSEtINK, B. E DAVENPORT, H M POPWELl, K. A. FABIANI. Back Row: R. J. STIBAL, R. L STEPHENS, D. D. GRUBBS, J S HENAMAN, S. I PETERSEN, H. D. HIU, J. D. COLE, J. P. BROWKA, A. R. ANDERSON. " I don ' t know what it is; se« if it works without it. " V-3 DIVISION V-3 DIVISION From Row: IKneelingI A D lAFAYETTE, R PHEFFEN, J R BUSS From Row: IStandrngI M J CROUSE, J. E BORDWELl I A 5TICKNEY L W Al- BRIGHT, D B ORMAN, D W WEBB H P HOLtOWAY, D L WEISHANS Bacl. Row: J. E. LOCKE, D. L ATKINS R E PIECKER J D SCHAFSTAll W F BARNES, H A BARFORD J D HUMMEIL, L RIZZUTO, G M SANDLIN V-3 DIVISION Front Row: IKr.eelrngI J E BORDWEll, J D, SCHAFSTAll, R PHEFFEN, M J CROUSE. R E FLECKER Front Row iSlandmgl D W WEBB H A BARFORD, R I OSBORNE, G. Q, HARVEY, A, A, REID, R P GEARY, T G SANDERS, W F BARNES D B ORMAN Bock Row R P WHEELER W F HUTCHINGS, R, E, NEVE, J. J, MOORE. P R, WILSON, J, F DEFIAVIS, R. E, AlESSANDRO. R. C IINNEBORN 306 V-3 DIVISION Front Row: IKneelingI H P HOLIOWAY, B, P. lOEFFElHOlZ, J. M. BARRY. Front Row: iStondingI J. R. BUSS, K. ROGERS, J. D. KIRBY, B, NICHOLSON, J, B. YOUNG, R. HESTER, R. A. MOSIEY, J, A, BRUSSELl, D t. QUINN, R. PHEFFEN. Bock Row: L. D. BARQ, K, BROWN. E, F. BEER, D. A. WESEMAN, K, F, MONETTE, P. X, VACHON, A. SUMMERS, R, E, RUSCHMAN, B. C. V.3 DIVISION Front Row: IKneelingI I. RIZZUTO, A. D LAFAYETTE, L A STICKNEY Front Row: (Stondmgl D, I. WELSHANS, C L. SCOTT, C E. ROGERS, R. L, LUND, T, R, BURNS, D. M. RIOUX, C I. WIlllAMSON, H. D, CARTER, G. M, SANDLIN. Back Row: J. E, LOCKE, M. SCHMIDT, D. V . WILLIAMS, J. J, SMARR, W. C. BOULTER, R, D. WILLIAMS, R, H, GATES, D. L. ATKINS, L. W, ALBRIGHT " No! No! Turn it off! Turn it o«! " 307 V-4 DIVISION V-4 DIVISION Front Row: G L. KASTEN, R S SHAW. W N COWENS. I W MOORE, JA A DARBY J R AtlFF Middle Row: A. L, Wll- 308 HAMS. J G. BOOTHBY, J W HANEY, E t HAU, O STEPHENSON, W, I STARDDARD, E, I MOORE, W. I, EGGIESTON. Bocl Row: R, D, RAINWATER, D R CARTER, D P GARDNER, D O PEDEN. K. E, REINHART J A RITCHIE M C VER- MEUIEN, R B, HUGHES V 4 Division Front Row: R. D. GOODMAN, J. F. WAIKER, A. J. BROWN, L A, MARTINEZ, I. O. RATHSACK, R. A. GRANTHAM.. Middle Row: A. I. WIMIAMS. I. GOl- LIDAY, R. T. WILCOX, W M, SUDAK, J, D, GAINER, R, CHRISTAINO, M, D BICKFORD, W. W. EGGIESTON. Bock Row: E. S. EENE, W. L. STYLES, T. R, HAUF, R E. ROOK, R. C HANNON, E M, CABANO, D. W, STALTER, J, C BARR, 3oe V-4 DIVISION Front Row: J, R. JONES, W. MEIENDEZ, D. W. HUGGINS, P, L CROMAN, K. M_ SINCLAIR, B, L. WEBB, R. D. FRENCH, J, D, KELtY. Middle Row- A I WILLIAMS, R, J. MATAROZZO, T C, HOULE, G. E. PRITCHARD, D A. PARKER, W, R. MORNINGSTAR, I, E CIS5ICK, A. T. LURRY. W, A. MCCUBBIN W, W. EGGLESTON. Bock Row: J. K. CILSON, J. SMITH, J 0. BECK, J. H. RAY, H. O. ZAHRAN, T. E. ROBINSON A. A AMUNDSON W C HARTLEY J f PHIIPOT V-4 DIVISION From Row: T, LINDSAY, R, H. HAVERDA, D. W, ABBOTT, R D, LITTLE, K. B, KRAUEL, J. FIORAVANTI, J. V, STINSON, Middle Row: A, L, WILLIAMS, D, V. YARBROUGH, M. T. MARTINEZ, W. A. SMITH, J, V, POLJLOS, D A. MARKLEY, D, E, MONMIRTH, W W. EGGLESTON. Bock Row: J. H. COE D. M. THIEL. W, W. SMITH, S, M, ARNOULD, T. P. EUBANKS. R. W, HANSEL. J, E. BAREFOOT, A, £. CARLSON. 310 !f ' " ? ' ¥; ' - ■t - ' I EXECUTIVE DEPARTMENT IT R. W. KOHLER EXECUTIVE DEPARTMENT Front Row: W, D. COOPER G E GAUGHAN W R O ' KELIEY P. CROOKS Bock Row: K. P. KUHN. L. D CRAINSHAW. C H. MATTHEWS, M I. GASS, NER, T. FRODGE, A. A. MURRAY, D. D. UHIENBRAUCK. EXECUTIVE DEPARTMENT From Row: M. I. WILSON, W, R, GREER, F H, MCCAFFERTY F, H, DAIGRE, D, C MARSHAll, E GOODRICH. J. M. JOHNSON. D. I. DEAHl. Middle Row: E. I. BRYSON, C P CARPENTER, M, W, BONAPHFEl, J, L, SHERWOOD. E. C PERKINS. J E KNEIER. G. H. LYTER, M. B. SMITH. D. W. TYRIE. W B. CHERRY, R, F lORENZEN, Bock Row: G B, CRIDER, H, R, AMO. R, E. RIVERA. D. R. OGIE, W, J. HEINTZ. C M. WESTFAtl. R. G, LAVY. DM. 313 BARNARD, EXECUTIVE DEPARTMENT Fron: Row: D T BLACK, A S TRANSEAU, D A ROSOW Middle Row: T DORNAN, T J KWAPIEN G N PROULX Back Row C R HAWKINS T BEITCH 314 MAN, R G CASKEY, A V, EIGENMANN, J E, TOBIER. EXECUTIVE DEPARTMENT from Row: K. D. WOODDEU, C, S FISHER, R. B. HAWKINSON. L. J. SINAGIE, W, W. COOK. P. R. TADDEUCCI, J. H, lEWlS. Bock Row: J. C. ARNOID, E. A, HICKLE, M. I. MOZIEK, L, F, MCVEY. D. B. BURROUGHS, H. R. MANGANARO. J. D. HODGE. 315 EXECUTIVE DEPARTMENT Front: (KneelingI A. SCHMIDT, C E. ROBINSON. Front Row: (Stonding) B. A. DIUARD, R. E. HAll, H. O. CURTIS, A. JASON, R. J MATHIS R S HART R. TUM.SUDEN. Back Row; J. B. HOTCHKISS, G. S, CRAIN, G. A, CHILDS, J. M. MANION, K. D. WILDER, R, W. POSTON. T E. ADAMS, L. L. GEOFFROy! IMCUMVF DEPARTMENT Front: l neehng) K. R, WIEDER, B. C SCHROEDER, R. W. KOHIER, W. L. CORE. Front Row: (Standing) R D. O ' MARA J T KEETON G BEVIIACQUA rCHOOICRAFT ' nr- Trll ' . ' rn.l ' - °- °°°C°« «- °- H- MADDEN, R. t ' THOMPSON, D. ' l. HOUDAY R. ' M. MOORE d1 ' SCHOOICRAFT, D. G. lANCASTER, J, F, SCOTT, R. M. CARRETRA, R, A. BISBING. «! t t EXECUTIVE DEPARTMENT Front Row: G, G. DUNBAR, W, F MASYADA. A, A, SCHMIDT. J. M. COILING, B. E. JOSWICtC. Bock Row: T. R. BASSETT, W. DfJAGER, H, K. PRIDGEN, M, S. CROWOER. P. A. GARDNER. 317 :hmi CR DIVISION front Row; M. SEDIllO, G C. SWARTHOUT, D. W. CURTISS, W. K. KERR. W G. MCKINIEY, R. M. lEMOlNE, J. E. DEIAUNE, H I If.iTER, f ' A UC- CEUINl. Middle Row: G. R. SUTHERLAND, J. M. LAWLESS. R. H. SHEPHARD. M F. BURS. 8, W KEILEY, I. E. CHURCH. H. W. DAVIDSON. 0. .1. BANKE. J. C. ELLIOTT, J. E. LONG, J. B. ATTEBERRY. W. K. ABAOIE. Back Row: G. D. WILSON, f. E WlLll.VvlS, S. R. WHITEHEAD, A. i. BAZ20. M. G. MCCAFFERTY. W J. NARKE, W R. RIPLEY. 319 ' p 1] ' ' w - • ..... ■Hi cxa Jf Mf rvi , - ik a Ml ' X K C» DIVISION 320 m f ' °A F n. ' f M ' m. ' p .k « " t o ' ' ' " " : ° CHAPMAN, M R WIILIS, G F GREEN, D A GAMBLE, R. J KEUER, R. C. DUBERT. R. J, 320 fREE5E, A F. ORR, K. M HARRIS. Bock Row: J. P FRAME, I. J. MCDONAID, F ARMIJO W F DIMMER I D DECREDICO J S MORGAN J J PO KORNY. P. A. KASPEP, C. J GIADY, E A lUNDERVIllE, H R WOUUMS T N BISSEN J E SIRES DtLRbUICU, J. S. MORGAN, J. J. PO- ■m CR DIVISION Fronr Row: D, W. DONALDSON, D. R THURMOND D a ROBINSON, T, I. THAYER, C S, ClARK, W. A MESCHER, J, R, DENGATE, T. J. SOBOIESKI, R. A, WHITE. Miadle Row: J. G. KIIGORE, C H. PARSON. K. E, PAUGH, E. P. lACOMBE, M. G. CHAPMAN. J, M. RICKS. R. A. DIRIING, R. T. BORGHOff, Bock Row: G, I. WItSON, W. J. CORMIER, J, G. MAHANEY, B. L. GREAVES. R. G. WILBUR. C. H. HIIDEBRANDT. D. J. STEWART, B. P. KIMMEL, CSDIVIStON CS DIVIStON Frant Row: R. B. MARPEt, R. D. SHUMAN, D. MARTINEZ, C B. SCHIEIE, D. G, KENT, Bock Row: W. J. NORTON, M. A. TAYIOR F. G. BILUCK R. P. MAGIIOCCO, 1. H NICHOLS CS DIVISION Front Row: IKoeoiingl D. W. DEHART, B. R. Yf. ROUT. ft. J. KEUHIMAN, E. C. HARRISON, Middle Row: J, C, EIDER, W. A. SCHMEITZ D. C FERNAN- DEZ. Bock Row: I, K. GREEN, R, l. COARSEY. i). F, OElSCHLAGtS, W. I eAlACKI, 1 ) .. A b %r NAVIGATI N DEPARTMENT 324 CDR A. M. HOWARD NAVIGATION From Row: O A FAVERIO T R WAISH D T TIPPETT, F O CRAMER, Middle Row: E Z. HANNA. B. THIGPEN, B. W COIEMAN, M, ADAMS, A. C GROSS. Bock Row: B CATHEY, B J COOPER J W ERB, G T RUSH W E MCKNIGHT 1 )F - S«a«P-« a i KigJ NAVIGATION Front Row. R. M. KIRK, K. I. THOMPSON, G- t. COMPTON, E. E. WARDEN. Middle Row: ENS DAVE SMITH, R. B. SHELTON, S. I. HUSTON. P. M. MEYER, R. P. GRAHAM. Bock Row: M, J. LABI5SONIERE, J. B. TAUEY, E. F. HEGE, I. S. GREENING. ■ fi • ' " T ' ;;Pir- ' - C -3 " .•m KS«,;. -77 CDR B. R. LINDSEY S-1 CONTROL DIVISION FORRESTAL ' s fully automated supply system makes material control expeditious and simple. It is necessary merely to submit a Form 1348, and action is instantaneous. The system M orks like this: ' • I ., (Thanks to LT R. VARNER for the inside story) S-l DIVISION Front Row: T, E, STACK. LT R. N, VARNER, WOl J. KWASNY, K. A. BUCHER Back Row: A. A, SIMBALLA, R. WALKER, D, M THOMAS S. F. GUERNSEY. 330 S-l DIVISION Front Row: D J MIDDIETON, J W. SISIO, E J DAIE, B. E CANNON, O. L. MORGAN. Bock Row: F. I, FLETCHER A. A, CIRINELLI D H. COE 8. R. FREDRICKSON, J B SULLIVAN, G. W SIMPSON r n ni ' S-i DIVISION From Row: V D. FANNON, E. M MIDDIETON, J. L AVERY, M. P MATTSON, G, A. PEABODY Bocic Row, P W. BURNS R- E. BURTON, R, W. VOEGEIE. K, I. GEORGE, R. J, KIRK, D. G, NOVAK, D. I. FHAMMER, C. E. FRY, H. D, SMITH. S-1 " . . . and I want it all in the smooth by noon. " Whaddya mean, ' that ' s all there is left ' ? " 331 S-2 5-2 DIVISION Seoted: R. C. DAVIS, R D. NEfF. A, W. TAYIOR Front Row: (Slondingl R. R. BEATTY, E S, lONG, T C, INSKEEP, T. I, HUTTER, A FREGOSO Back Row: I C PARTOUT J V KOWAIEWICZ K R FORD T R. ClARK S-2 DIVISION Front Row: J. L. HOIUB, P, PAR- ISe, A. L. BRINGSPIENTY, S. FEIICANO, R. MORRIS. Middle Row: J. V. KOWAIEWICZ, W. lEW, E. F. HUGKEY, C. D. WHITAKER. C. F. SMITH, T, C INSKEEP. Bock Row: J. S. MONNIGER. I. L. SMITH, G. G. HUNT, R. S. SMITH, I. G. PARTOUT. I W V V ¥ S-2 DIVISION Front Row: E. D. OZMON, E. E. LESLIE, A S, CANTYMAGll, W, H. BRUNSON, R. C, GIBSON, S. 1. CRANDAU. Middle Row: D, I. EN- TROTT, J. P. lANGE, C. S. CA- BRAL, C A. HUDNALl, R. S. SMITH, T. E. DOSTER, J, R, POT- TER. J. R. STEWART. Bact Row: A. A. WHITFIELD, O, W. GREASER. O. W. GREASER, E. C RIOS, W. R. SUPERNAVAGE, H. J, HOGAN, R. J. GOSSMAN, D. M. BOWLRY, R. L. ROUNDY, G, J. COOK, P A, GREGG S-2 DIVISION Front Row: E. F. IIIIY, R. D. PENCE, L. SIEMEN, M. JOHNSON. Middle Row: J. R. LINDSAY, A. W. TAYLOR, J. R. POTTER, J. E. DILIION, K. A. HOPKIN. Back Row: R. COURTNEY, W. J. ZELIER, E. S. LONG. T, t. HOTTER, R. J. TAVERN. S2M S-2M DIVISION Front Row: EASTBOURNE, CURRY, lENEAVE, ROCHA, JONES, BARNES. MCDANIEl. Bock Row: BORYSiAK, KING, DOWNER, JOHNSON, TARVER BELL, WHITIEY 5 2M DIVISION Front Row: POIK, lADINER, SORENSON, KIRBY, SARATELLA. Middle Row: SMITH, BARFIELD GRUBBS STARDDARD BRUTON GUNDRUM SIEVERl. Back Row: NOETH, MILLER, KERBY, lENTZ, EZELLE. S2M DIVISION Front Row: WATSON, HARSKY, HUMPHRIES, BEU MISCHON. HAMMERSIY, WOODSON. Middle Row: BAKER, SANSON, GENCO, COOK DAVID. Bock Row: POSTON, WRIGHT. lEE, AUBIN. KABIAC, KENEY. HAMMERSLY. r t.- " r; ' - t S2M DIVISION Front Row: BRUTON, HOITS, WADtlNGTON, MCIEOD, PAWIECK, FISHER. Middle Row: flANIGAN, PARKHURST. KREISHER. ROBERTS, MAYSTrK NOETH. Back Row: GENCO. FAIRCHIID, BORTON, EKSTEN. SHEA. S2M DIVISION Kneeling: HARMON. MASTERSON, GIADYSZ, PATINO, BRODGEN. Standing: SHERMAN, LANDRUM lUNA DOSS GRAVES CHRISTENSON FRY, THEOPHIl, SWARTHOUT, SIEVERT, IINT, MARTIN. ... S-3 S-3 DIVISION Kneeling; J. J. HUDSON, A E BRYAN. G M, KOEPPEl. Stonding: C, R. BROWN, M, V MCGURRIN, J M, HAIUDAY. F. R, GUINAN. J. E, HOPSON, CLOUSE, E. B, HEAIEY, D, N, 337 S3 DIVISION Seated: D. J. SCHARF, R. NYBORG, R. D. TRASK. J. R. CROMER, Standing: F A. BAIEY, D. I, ADAMS, P. H. DICKER- SON, R. D MAHER, D, F, IINDSEY, M. J. MCAFfEE, R W, SHEIOR, T. B. COX, D. H. VALDEZ. S-3 DIVISION Front Row: R. M. DAWSON, R. NYBORG, E. MONTERIO, H. WOZNIAK, Middle Row: R. R. FARGOSA, M. J, NORRIS, J. S. HE- WITT, R. C. WEBB, R, I. GILBERT, Back Row: R. P. KULESA, J. L DIUY, P. H, PEEL, C M, BARTTRUM, K. R, HOLMES, R- J, PERINI. S-3 DIVISION Front Row: L, F. MARTIN, M. D. MIN- tolONE, R. F, DEVICE, C. A. YOUNT. Bock Row: E. BANKS, D, M, FREER, B. I, WRIGHT, R. NYBORG, J. A. LEHMAN J J. BROWN, J T, GARCIES. 338 S-3 DIVISION Front Row: G, E. CHENFRVtRT, R. NY BORG, R. J. WAUACE, W. H. ROBIN SON. M.ddlf. Row: B. J. IMDAHL, C. B RUSSEU, I. B. ROBERTS. T. C. WAHl Bock Row: M. F. SPADA, L. P SULLI VAN, M. D. SHEirON. M. D. THOWAS S-3 DIVISION From Row: W. R. COX, R. NYBORG, D. W. SAUl, J. W. HUFF. Middle Row: R. D. DOUSAY, C. S. POPE, P. R DAVIES, R. T. ORIANDO. J. M. ORTIz ' Bock Row: K. W. GRANRUTH, L R HOPPES, L. F. CHESTNUT, R, MILANAK, R. HALEY. S-3 DIVISIv ' JJN Sealed. E. R DAVIES, if. NYBOSG, C R. WATSON, T. E. HENSLEY. Stofidiog: M. D. SUlllVAN, 0. B. MCNEElY, J, I WUNDES, R. E. CAMERON, 8 K. SASSE, R. W MC NEAL, P. A, PETROVICH, R. M HEOER, S.I.CURRY. 339 (File or strike number) NAVCOMPT Form 57 (Rev 10-57) Form prescribed by Comp. Gen.. U. S. November 3, l ' 43 Stock No. I A-U 10 1-700-090 1 (Surname ) (Finl name) (Initial) NAVY PAY RECEIPT (Ship or station) I acknowledge having received from the Disbursing Officer, in person and IN CASH, on account of pay, the sum of: (Amount in words) (Dale) (Amount in figures) Dollars (Payee ' s signature ) ., U. S. N. (Rank or rate) (This receipt must be hlled out without inter ineations or erasures) S-4 DIVISION Seated: T, M. BUtlNGAME. I. N. LOVEDAY, A. D. MERCADO, D. A, MADDIX. Front Row: IStandingI J. C BIAIOCK B. A PORTER J. T. BRIGHT, R. i. URIBE, I. C REYNOLDS. Middle Row: J. F. CHIEBOWSKI, C. A. HECKMAN M F ZANE S B NOEl K MAY Bock Row: G. S. GAREY, M. J. FISHER, T. N. TESSER. R. C. KENNEDY. S-5 S-5 DIVISION from Row: R CRAWFORD, J. O IAMB, P MCINTOSH, J S. DUNN, B, C BROWN, C. W. WILLIAMS, Bock Row A G WASHINGTON J L LANGAMAN A. S. LLORENTE, M P DEVERA, J. C. AlEGRE, J. E PIONES, ' ' ' Si DIVISION FronI Row; A. A. CABEILON, R. C LEGASPI. PAW ln S. BONDOC, B. R. BARTOLOME, D, JOYNER, D. V. BAEl, C E. COLEMAN. P. G. PAGUNSAN. Middle Row D R DAVID H G R. E. BADIANG, D. R. MAGADIA, O, M. MONTANO, P. C GARCIA, E. V. ELGAR, E, E. EBALOBO F, JACINTO, Bock Row: J, I. A. MUNAR, M, M. ANTONIO, B. D LOMEDA, R. O, GAMBOA, B, C PAlOMA, L, CARPENTER. D. WHITTLE. IIAGAN, G. BIAG, . 4 atv ' tA« Jin j!sy K!»»w V. «fitR»?,(wa»«iasK!e«p4r, -. ' v. ' ;»r».r-, ' « iW Ift S-5 DIVISION From Row: G E. SYIVANIA, O C. SADIARIN. P. P. VALERIO. R R CONSTANTINO, L. I. ABDON, B, STAIEY, C. S, GREEN. Bock Row A R ARMADA El LOPEZ, f A QUISAY, G. R FORTES, C V. RAMOS, R, P IGNACIO, D, C ABADAM, A. C, COLORADO, S, E, PAMOLERAS E G SARDIDO G G GOVAN, C R EDNACOT, A I ISON. ' . 342 S 5 UIVIMON MARQAlV v ' rrn nV n,n. ' T " " ' ' " " ° ' ' ' - ' ' ' ' " VIUANVEVA, E. G, FLORES, S R. MORALES, V A MAGADIA, roT ' G PAUAR LO. J R° ' ?JrIf ' ;::ATO ' ' ' " " ' ' " ' ' ° ' ° ' ° ' ' ° " °° ' ' = ° - °- ' ' E. C GAV S-6 S-6 DIVISION Fronr Row; M, J, WISNIEWSKI, J. R DOTT, J. L. COOK, J. R. KAATZ. Middle Row: V, R, THOMPSON, I P HAYNIE. D. W. WIISON, G H, PALM, W. C. WALTHER, I V lEE, E R, SCHWERDT, H, L. JENKINS, F. R. FISHER, J. J. BINKEIE. Bock Row; E. V. BROWN, R, E. MIUIGAN, C B. WEUS, G. A MITCHEU, I J. BARACAIA, M. E. CIEARWATER S-6 DIVISION Ffont Row; F. A. lEE, H. O. SIGNETT, C. F. ORENS, R. E. NELSON, J- A. MAXWEiL, H, £. HARRIS, M. J. ZERANGUE. Back Row: R. fi. BOIAND, ?. D. LEHMAN, K. PERRY, R. F. SMITH, R. G. LENEAVE, J. L WRIGHT, R. J. COAKLEY. S-6 DIVISION Front Row; J. M. JETER, J. T. CHENWORTH L. S. VONBANK, J, E. DECK. Second Row: I R. JUDY, J. A. SHOEMAKE, J. BUTLER, S WATSON, H, E, SOLOMAN, C A. BERTHELOT Third Row: M, W. EDDINGTON, R, J. WIRKUS A. I. BANKS, G. R. THURSTON, H. M. WADE Bock Row: M. E. MARCUM, M. W. GRAVES. S-6 DIVISION Front Row: J, V. BANAAG, J. C. RINTOUL, J. A. HUFFMAN, D T, KINGSTON. Middle Row- R. F, lAUGHlIN, E. D. MCGEE, R. E. PALMER, J. T, RICHARD. Back Row: G. B, MARSHALL, W. H. SAUL, I. SIMANSKY, P. S. MCMILIIN. S-6 DIVISION Front Row: E. H, JANKASKI, L. D. LAUGH- LIN, R. T. MAYES, D. J. BIDWEIL, J. B. SEWEll. Middle Row: R. L. WHELPLEY, J. D. BONET, A. W. ROGERS, S. T. GASCH, L J. NOONAN, K. B. COSTA, G. C OCHEK. Back Row: G. H. SCHMIDT, J. P. ALBERT, I. A. lARDEllA, G. H. SMITH, M. E. HAR- lEY, B. M. WINKLER, L. C GASCOIGNE. S-7 DIVISION Front Row: G. G. EDWARDS. E W. KAIITAN, R R MCCORMICK, J. KWASNY, L. B. CONNER. Middle Row: G. D. WIlllAMS. C. E. lYlES, M. V. KEll-E ' |. W. J. KUCHARSKI, J. K. HENNASEY, J. L. BAILEY, W. J. BURKE. Bock Row: J. T. SPRINGER, C. J. GRIDDINE, R. W. HABERKORN, W. C. EMERY, C J. MCPHERSON. D. P. REILLY, L. G MARRA, C J, KOPIN. 345 % CDR. D.H. ROBERTS i .iudii JL-k. CJL JH k. AR DIVISION Front Row: T E HANNIGAN, R. T, GRIFFIN. J F AMARAl. B. W DARST, R. J. CHAFFEE, W. C- lUSINGER Middle Row, IT G. E. PAUl, J. S Kll- ANSKI, W. T BOUTON, M. PUCKETT, B F MADDOX, J W BIIES, A R. STOVALl, C R- EDDINGTON. Bock Row: R. I GRAFTON, F, R, KENT, D. R BROWN G E HAIBROOK, G A WREN, R. M. BARFIEID, R W SHRUM AR DIVISION From Row: K. W. ROLAND, S, W JORDAN, D I Mc CLEARY, H. MIllER. I. K HARTT, J. M SAIAZAR, A, R. JONES, W W. BURRELl. Middle Row: IT G. E, PAUl, S WAIKER, E N. OGIESBY, T A PETERS, F. M, HODGE, R, E. FRANCISCO, P, J, BROWN, E. I. HAMIITON, D, BRONSON. Bock Row; R, T BILES, J L PHILLIPS, R. L. NOWlCKI, R W KIDWEll, G. D, EDWARDS, D. L, BARTZ, H, E. MERCER, C J. BRITT, AR DIVISION Front Row: F. N iONES, V, J, RASMUSSEN, G. J. PROUD, G. D. Mc VEY, J. H. FRAZIER, K, E BEAIR, W, M, HANKERSON. C G. SMITH, Middle Row: IT, G E. PAUL, K. A HENDRICKS, L. BRAASCH, J, SIMPSON, M, C WILLIAMS. J. A, SATTERFIELD, T M. SULLIVAN. R. MITCHELL, L. W. GERLINGER, J A, MORA, Bock Row: A. W, HARDY, J, GRANDJEAN, B. J, WHISMAN, J. C, HOLDER, O. B. WEGNER, V. T. ENLOE, W. K. WOODS. B, C. EYE, E. K. THOMPSON AR DIViSION BAA ' XtMMJUUjaU A L ' MVIJC rj AIMD) Kneehng. I B, SHARP, W, FRIES, P. E. CAVANAUGH, W I. HAMRO. Front Row: iSlondmg: G. R, THEOBAID A B WHITE R J lUTZ D A GOODE J. K MARTIN. Bock Row: B J. JURGIEL, J. W. RICHARDSON, M. L. MENSER, R, R. DICECCA, A. J. FIlllS. A DIVISION ifSsfP r. ' r:: i. -j M -Mi AW DIVISION AW DIVISION Front Row: F. E. CROZIER, A. N. BUCHMANN, W P WRIGHT, Middle Row: A. E. MORGAN, H, I, JONES. M, CHIMARYS, M, 8, JONAS. C E HERRMANN, I, J CHILDEARS. G. GIBBLE, R. W. BRAWNER. Back Row: M. G. SCHISSEl, R. E BEYER, R, I. DICKINSON. R, J, GREENE. R, A. STEIN, AW DIVISION Front Row: R. A, ZAUNER, T. W, WEST, A. J. EUIER. Middle Row: R. W. SIOVACEK. W. S. COFFMAN, J. J. YOHE, R. G, BRIAN, W. DAVIS, Back Row: R, M. OTTAVIANO, R. R. PADGETT. J. T. CHASTAIN D, W. FUllER, J. C, GAMMONS, E, KINCHL-IOF. i!. 349 I I ' tS ! S ' i . ?: •i t ■ ' : . :s. MEDICAL DEPARTMENT Front Row: C R. CASH, I. A HERRMANN, I B. FUUER, R, D. CARRIGIITTO. Middle Row: P. K. STREEMMAN. R. F. lATRD, C. H. W W, COMPTON. Back Row: J D SHOOK, I. I. HATCHER, T P. LYONS, BIUINGS, 351 MEDICAL DEPARTMENT front Row: R. C. EWING, G. G. KIRCHNER, W. C lANGtOIS. W, EUZONDO. Middle Row: R M. ADAIR. J. I. lAYTON, T D. WHEAT, T H. SCHNEIDER. Bock Row: H. R. DIAMOND. W. I. REED. M. f. STEVERMER. AW?-- T ' S ' M ::; ■:;:. ' IV ., V; •o r rv MEDICAL DEPARTMENT Front Row: J J KtEIN, R W BARNHILl, S M WALKER J D LEWEIN Middle Row M W AMBROSE, C. B ROBERTSON, C G. CANGELOSI, W, H. TIMMERMAN. Bock Row; A, W CONNORS, J P STEWART, L, F RICHARDSON. " W " " We Bibli Doc, but what are those TWO _ L MEDICAL DEPARTMENT Front Row: D P STUMM, N D SORENSON, J TELAN, C G CANGELOSI Back Row: K B. PIERCE, D C MCCANN, M, W AMBROSE. I K ■jjT ' -■■ m CDR C.J. SCHULTZ, JR. DENTAL DEPARTMENT DENTAl DEPARTMENT Sealed: M G MOWAD, C J, SCHUITZ J R SCONYERS, J R CWKIA F-oni Row (Stand, ngl G M MAISON, F E. BROWN, J P ElURtAKOS, W. N. MC- UNTUCK, Back Row: J. C, KACZMAREK, R, W, KERN, J. FOSTER, E R FISHER, S I ZORBAUGH Now we ' ll jus He this string t» the doorlcneb EDITOR — Dog ' DAVISON ASST. EDITOR— Steve STEVENSON LAYOUT — Lou BRUNETTE Steve ANDERSEN PHOTO EDITOR — Willie CLARK BUSINESS MANAGERS — Mike DANE Larry NUTTING EDITORIAL ASSISTANTS — Jerry GAUSE Raymond KRAFT William JEFFRIES R.A. MULLIS Dale BROWN Jack DAVIS •3 ;, ( r During the mishap of 29 July, almost all of the effort that had previously gone into the Cruise Book was destroyed. Scores of photographs that had been carefully screened, selected and set aside, were lost. The staff wishes to thank all those who generously contributed their personal photographs to fill the gops and make this book possible. Their names appear below, along with those of LT W. CLARK ' s OP Division, whose efforts, at a time when their talents were much in demand for other projects, should be recognized. Finally, to all those who lent their support in preparing, promoting and selling this book especially the Officers end men of lOIC, who gave us a home, our appreciation. PHOTO LAB K.G. KNIGHT P.J. .ADAM W.L. CLARK E.R. LEMAY H.l. MUBPKY W.A. BLACK T.P. MARTINELLI J.M. PAUST, VF-74 M.A. CARTER W.K. MASON T.L. FAY, OZ DIVISION G.J. CLARK D.K. MYERS J.l. DtKEMA, OZ DIViSION W.C. CORDY V.C. NAGEL R.6. PATT£RS0 5, 07. riiWi tON S.R. COWIE R.M. SANDUSKY D.W. HUSTOM, 07 DSViStOM E.J.CSIZMADIA,Jr. M. SAKATELU E. CKEPAGJ;, Oi DJV!5iOW LW. DEHAVEN, Jr. R.W. SAXMAN G. iiticom, vo mv ' jiOfi AD. DOOLEY J. N. SHEPHERD LCPISTJ?4W£7, MA ' -eC-r? J.R.GUERIN D. L SINGLETOi G.M, POCMURSK, VF-?-? J.H. HEFFNER W.R. SMITH J. SCHOW, VA-C-S J.R. HERNDON D.A. STANBROUGM C.C. AWDIEBSCIN, VAii V.T. IGNIZiO W.G. STEWART LM. JONES A.L. TOMUNSON T.J. KELLEY R.W. WORTHINGTON T.L. KIRBY B.J. MCCUIN WALSWORTH Mitcel ' nc. Mo.. U.Si. mA " 5 W. 31«1 Strwt UUL Norfolk. V(.-9 nla ■}S9 ■ atwiB ir-- iiffli,. vWW x- F}«?« fl

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