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4 V' W-, -Mfr ,, uf W ff, '52 ' Q ,Y---Aww' M' ,K ff, wwf ' L sf L M W' mf W, 'I TNNWW f. -WN ,,,,M3 MQ my ,ff .5 ff!! 1 ,, 'NW wn-3 xw . na , 3, -11 ' 1 f A Hi A., ,.v:,f4M""L 4..,+f."',, fy Wim- , 1 ' ' Maw' - ,, W- Jw W--1, .ff suffix.: -:V 'NX Q.,- -.-MQ. -3- -nf -v.4nrf i 1 f :pf fM.,Uur3'W M' """""- www -wmvyn nw 9 Ida' .f.,, 'item I.,.'ij'v4 ' ,My '- f,1""'-asm. H gfilrzt h ' if -33" 2' IF' ,qw 'f' f ,4m.f' ' -. A Q w w , W., ww ' ' .M f ' i ,jg V 'K ' ,M 7 f QQ- W1 ,, f 'f4i:...ffM4!?""W ,, . 4,,? I h "' 'nf' f, , . 4, V I X .I , My I W ,' ,' i','f, , , 1 V, , . 'eff f"' ' . -'fx -W. f L, 24 I ff q',.l'e!, , f 'f Q WX fi.. ng, K.. .qi w P , P 1 1 I I . l 1 Q v .J x' 6th FLEET 2337 ml. NURFULK 1188 mi. YOU ARE IN USS FORRESTAL CVA-59 POPULATION 4,157 ELEVATION 235 FT. ul' rv'--v49g,..., ,, ,, ,Jpqf ' , W, "-'FM M ' , 44-W if If f' , , iff Q A, ,r - Q WUI' 'Ja'-,P , -'bvl' f ' f ww on Hue x'fbYJQ 4 ,. .,..,..,,., .,.,,..... ...........,, fag 2 WY 4 X 2 ' ,wg Q-4 x x xi' f fm M This is FORRESTA L- hometown of mofre than foam thoitsancl men .... ' big city, small town, mwal village a composite of noictheicn customs, soiltheocn tfraclition, eastern excitement, western size. DEPART viii M64 - -e P, OCT 1 6 1961 ' LIBRARY This is FORRESTA L- for a while, oiw home far from home in which each o f its cliscofoer e those familiar things that icemincl its of what we left behinol .... fincling in this ship, something o f oiw town .... HOME TO WM U NWNW- Amp.. , 'g" ' ' ' "f o edeh of ns hoone is soonething different ........ To onost of ns fit is simply d sondll town sovnewhevee in the flnfiddle of nowhere ...... .'. e fs fa..-1.--1-.........b-.Q,,,, , WDM, ,. . V -355.4-5 a sflgr, by the road that welcomes the traveler home arwl the stranger 'lrl ..... tt ls la walk clowrl M aflrl Street, always rlew, always a qwlet aelyerttare .... qniet, dark evenings ..... roitsing concerts on the weathered band stotnot, the bitrnisheol gold bitttons otnot colorfitt itniforins, lending their enchctntinent to the oigoroits initsic :Q-I -A , ,5T'ff'- :--5115-b the Sunday stillness solemn cmd serene, simple yet profound we remember the profnsron of tlnngs to look dt dnd soonetmnes ony on the oonnters of the generdl store d sodo, at the drngstore, shdrgolg sweet the neighbors droioyoed in to sdg hello ..... ,,.,,,,,,..,,,,,..,, , - g of r r g do g e or i l Q -. Y ' Q M A nu, 'ii if lf' ,W Zfipgfa Y f ,Ea 1 K7 x Q 51 4? 7 KQXC A ay ,, 9313885 U 7 wwf- K X Qirywg X 'f W ,Af wf QW Z ' ,ffl X, fvf, 2 Mfg, Q ' 5411.15 l " WW z l, - 'gf 4, ,, ff , XO f'z f ffff Qyfff VAQ. X X .yy we! ' ww 7 Zfffifl' . my ,ff f, f,,f!,, -f W Z! yfkf ,fr 5,1 ff I6 Q 5145! 7' f " ' W ,,w7,f,ff2 ,r ww ,fn 5' ff-1 Iliff f ' KW X M fb ,ff m 1. ,W ,,., X LIV, X H , A :ff ,W yy CM X , I 'milf X I f f fy V- f f f f f f 'V ,ffl f' f f f f ,whiff my nf f fQmxj Cf f Mg, , . f WS' l -A-fm A -f 1 . Z, Spf TA M- ,x-- f ,,Xf- fx ,. ,ww gf 7, Q- Nw' W X K . 1, p 4 ' 1 j Mostly, we remember the eloserless, the smclllrless, the sholrflrog of eoorlrrlurlflly projects, - the frlerlclly clrlcl fomrwllfmr faces everywhere that clclcl up to our loflorl ...... 10 .--s-.1.,...,., Q 1 ,l ... 2-. iii! I I 1 I I W 4-fx. -uf l small town, ct qwtet town the wofrtol few otwoty ,,,,.,.,7, .. .,- ,.,... .. A . - P,-... P, ,- , 1vf,f,,, qf-pygv+-7,-5 -- , . .n.ia 0 others of us home zs the zmmenszty of LL bzg czty cz mght szllzouette pofofzled m lzghts the nozse of tmffw on the czty streets creating ,-...,.,vh. ,'.' ".'."4 '. '- - '- 4 'n 'Q 'u ' A ' ,,r' . '- '. K 'I '- ' M .- - -.'- 2 '. '. - Ll e onustc otccented by strftdent horns dnd underscored by the rnuted percussion of countless footsteps 13 :W I . . Pg 555' , H52 x"- ,'-315. . fvff ,, X..-11 fit is cows cmd busses cmd trucks cmd zfmotooos frocwfmg 9:72, competition cmd yoooyolo 1 4 g ' 'ilifiax -59. Y " K ' -H Y . V-:,p.V-. , .. - A241-E5-TT' -ff ' ff' 'ffff w? f RP,, Y2" 1 ' w '1 Y H' " A 'A ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' - - -V ,f - -1 1 is ,,,',- .. , A1f.1-z,-.ffl,-- ,,-..:-,- .,. me . i ,. . . , if-pf ' it is size ioitliont spoiee . . . loneliness in ci efroiod . . . the nn-inet neighbor Mostly, thongh within tho fabled skyline, ioithin tho i to echoing innoif ootnyons, ioithin i the lining noise of the city . . . .iii it is 01, lzfe creating omnong other Zvlresg ea sense of nrgeneg and eoeeiteonent perwding efven rontvlne . . 17 -.. Y,,Y ' ,.,. . ,, ,,,-,n W sg.m...-sun... a name of a somewhere that means something . . . . that makes headlines .... that draws tonmsts .... That ts, nndenneath it all onm town .... a big town a noisy town. I I t Y O if QQ fff 1 f, A. ,,,. Zh . '. 2,235 ' u o o o ,Y 1 A ,,.. 5 , 4' 1 , , 72 75 " 'I' A X 1 9 but home In FORRESTAL we find all things L 20 A ,, I ,Ml I ,, , -- A f T Y- . -"-1. f . .V , Y Y - --SL l- ,,--f 196 familiar as part of the life of tliisenew town we call liome . . . an american city afloat, a town on a sliiyo, a small town within a great metropolis a neighbor ana a crowd, a cnrions mioctnre of tlie big anol tlie small, tlie friendly anol lonely, tlie clramatic eacitement and qniet ref lection, clrawn from all corners of onr conntry " "Q!E1?T'7T'?I 'lZ'W""'TYi'1""?V'1'? i'39'f3"7?f7'11""'Q-"A Yf'f"'-1 T"""'fff'jf"- f""4' " ' WWW, Y, WW, I ..,v.:,i,, .,lWY , - - 22 .:E?!l3m' - 4 :zhu -Z ,.,.,-wx, this ts oar l H OMETOWN, U. S.A. America Afloat Amerfloa Abroad uss FQRRESTAI. cvA-59 DEPLoYs with the SIXTH FLEET 1961 a representative 'American 7fOllJ'I'l, j a l o set tp, European waters as l l 1 alflmlrlg examples of 1 a ' oar incomparable way of ltfe s o ,.t-,....-,- ,.. .... ..,. , , --W-1'----HF-rw V V v- -s nags-gf-q-5-y-og v- Ye-v-3--Y--vw ---,, --------. - -.. ,. ,, ,V REAR ADMIRAL FORSYTH MASSEY Forsyth Massey was born in Wichita, Kansas, June 5, 1907, son of John and Mary Lina Massey. He attended Wichita High School and entered the U. S. Naval Academy on June 15, 1927. After graduation from the Naval Academy in June 1931, he was assigned to the USS CALI- FORNIA, where he served until April 1933. He then reported to the Naval Air Station, Pensacola, Florida, for flight training and when designated a Naval Aviator in 1934, he was assigned to Scouting Squad- ron NINE aboard the cruiser PENSACOLA. From March 1936 until March 1937, he was attached to Scouting Squadron THREE, based on USS LEX- INGTON, and for two years thereafter, served with Patrol Squadron THREE based on Canal Zone. From 1939 through 1940, he had duty with Cruiser Scouting Squadron SEVEN based on the USS VINCENNES, and for the next tw-o years had shore duty at the Naval Air Station, Anacostia. In 1942, he assumed command of Scou'-ing Squadron TWENTY-FOUR, which he commanded until Sep- tember, 1943. He then served until December 1944, on the staff of Commander Carrier Division THREE, and as an Air Group Commander and Task Group Commander. For outstanding service during that period, he was awarded the Air Medal and the Legion of Merit with Combat UV." During the latter months of war, Commander Massey was assigned as Superintendent of Aviation Training at Pensacola, Florida. From March 1946 to June 1948 he served as Executive Officer of the USS MIDWAY. He was then ordered to the Naval Academy for a tour of duty as Executive Officer in the Department of Aviation, and thereafter from July 1950 until June 1951, he attended the Naval War College, Newport, Rhode Island. He attended the Canadian National Defense Col- lege in Ontario, and from August 1952 until July 1953 commanded the USS TRIPOLI. Two years' service as Chief of Staff to Commander Naval Strik- ing and Support Force, Southern Europe, was fol- lowed by a tour of duty in the oifice of the Chief of Naval Operations as Head, Air Weapons Anal- ysis staif. i InVAugust 1956, he assumed command of the USS INTREPID, and upon his detachment in October 1957, was assigned to the Bureau of Naval Personnel. In December 1958, he reported as director of the Aviation Plans Division, and in June 1960, he re- ceived orders to duty as Commander Carrier Divi- sion FOUR. ' .--. fr, , g , 4 , , X, 1 I I ws 5-f --.1 ---4- -.,,z.A-.- I l' I - i ,,x I l , ,. , lx ll I 1 ' I I I J, ml' ll 5 W CAPTAIN JAMES SETON GRAY, JR. Captain James S. Gray, Jr., is the son of,kMr. and Mrs. James Seton Gray, Sr. of Kalamazoo, Michigan, and Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He was born in Mil- waukee on February 1, 1914. He was graduated from Wauwatosa High School in Wisconsin, and was ap- pointed to the U. S. Naval Academy graduating in 1936. He was designated a Naval Aviator in 1939. Prior to his assignment as Chief of Staff, Com- mander Carrier Division FOUR, Captain Gray was commanding officer of two fighter squadrons and a night fighter squadron aboard the carrier ENTER- PRISE. He was a member of Fighting Squadron SIX at the Battle of Midway and participated also in the major actions of 1944. During 1942 and 1943, he commanded the Fighter Training Squadron at Pensacola. At the war's end he was Commander Car- rier Air Group THREE. In 1947, upon completing a tour of duty as Aide to the Superintendent of the U. S. Naval Academy, he attended the Armed Forces Staf College as a member of that institution's first class. He then commanded Patrol Squadron TWENTY-TWO, "The Pacific Typhoon Chasers." In 1949, he became the first All Weather Flying Coordinator for the Deputy Chief of Naval Opera- tions for Air. In 1951, he served as Executive Ofi- cer of the USS CORAL SEA through 1952. He graduated in 1955, from the Industrial College of the Armed Forces. For the next three years he served on the staffs of the Commander in Chief Atlantic Fleet and the Joint Chiefs of Staff. He then became Commanding Officer of the ammunition ship USS MAUNA LOA and later the USS SURIBACHI. His most recent command before reporting to COM- CARDIV FOUR was as Commanding Officer of the USS CORAL SEA. For distinguished service to his country, Captain Gray holds five Distinguished Flying Crosses, five Air Medals, the Treasury Department Gold Life Saving Medal, two Presidential Unit Citations, and two Navy Unit Citations. 1 1 -4--tn,-..w '1- ...vmf-f.--.-.--'rr i I ---.g....Y. . .4 -.-- ' - ...X li J W .1 'Q X, .Q ...L X 4g,.i - -- V xx- 1 XJMI-,V Captain Robert E. Riera was born in Pensacola, Florida, November 30, 1912. He was graduated from the Naval Academy in 1935, and has been a naval aviator since January 1940. At the outbreak of World War II, Captain Riera was a student at the :Naval Postgraduate School. He has served as Executive Officer of VB-23 and VB-16, both aboard USS LEXINGTON, Commanding Offi- cer of VB-20 aboard USS ENTERPRISE, Com- manding Officer, CAG-11 aboard USS I-IORNETQ Operations Officer, COMCARDIV FOUR, Executive Officer, USS CORAL SEA and Commanding Officer, USS GREENWICH BAY. For action in the Pacific during World War II, Captain Riera was awarded the Navy Cross, Dis- tinguished Flying Cross, Air Medal, Legion of Merit with Combat "V," Presidential Unit Citation CHORNETJ and Navy Unit Citation QENTER- PRISEJ. I ' CAPTAIN I ROBERT' E. RIERA A 28 April 1960 to 15 June 1961 . C O M M A N D I lx C Captain Donald M. White was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota on August 19, 1915. He graduated from the U. S. Naval Academy in 1937 and served aboard USS MILWAUKEE until his assignment for flight training. He received his aviator's wings in Novem- ber, 1940. He was assigned to Torpedo Squadgron SIX aboard USS ENTERPRISE in the Pacific area. He assisted in forming and training Torpedo Squadron NINE and was its Executive Oficer and Command- ing Officer. He has also served on the staff of COMCARDIV SIX, later Carrier Division Fourg Commander Carrier Air Group Two USS BOXER and USS VALLEY FORGEDQ Operations Officer, Naval Air Station, San Diego, Executive Officer, USS BENNINGTONQ and Commanding Officer, USS SHASTA. For action at Rabaul during World War II, Cap- tain White was awarded the Navy Cross. Also he holds the Distinguished Flying Cross, three Air Medals, three Presidential Unit Citations QENTER- PRISE, ESSEX and BELLEAU WOODJ. For ac- tion in Korea he was awarded the Legion of Merit and Combat "V" and an additional Air Medal. CAPTAIN DONALD M. WHITE 15 June 1961 iw , 1 1 1'f?::XQx, ,, Q A ff f 443 14, 7 if y f :- ' My ZZ am, f- f ,. . .. A ff 2 fvgfx V ' 29 fy , f,, ,V I NA , , 15,0 V, , ,.,,. V V' V, mu? If , , I ,.6,nl,M,V,,,,,H.Z ,K M,.M,V:.f0 ,fr 1.,V,,u ,ISM , . il . Q-,fl . - 4 ,, A . - ,,,,, Y., 3+ 1 Cu, "M-f ,r,':5f-Xwffxg , 1, ft .Y if " f f, m fn, -'.f N ,-Y ,, .f, ,ew 1-.Jw ffm f -w ,, 0, A ,ag!5gJv,t,,-.,.,,, V, I 9,5 ., Q," ,'.?eH5Bwg,m,,, , 'H I 4, f jk. I !5M?,,fg,,b.,e. ,. , ,lwcgagygh Y P ff -'AQ 9+ AW : ff 4 . M ' ,L vw ,wax " 4' f 1 mv 's Iv- wt if 1 if - A- ff ha, fx 1' li -N' as 4 I ey .1 ., M19 Q , ,, V, ,.,v ,, . ..,, '14 5. , fu. ,,,2',.,N'i , ,diff "Q, ' 'ug -. e q 'il' , , ' ', H WZ ' ig 1'-,sw .' H5 . . Q ami? .,. - w135zf'7fr-'swwf' 'f'--419' I . , . .Q A.. , ,Q . 7 a 1 'v 'f 'R W 2 X W' QW M wwf'-v lf 4 w f 1 A x 5 63 1 'WW' W -me ff .aff L3 I ' "l2"f"'l .QL get QW' "5 A f f, -iffff 'rx H . 3, 5,,,,gfYff f'7":4, N. ,A ,Q ,M W, , , Y ,MK f-ff , K nam , ,W s .:w1a,w, , , ro 2 ,N M f I , ,, ,, f ,-. 1 .Mm-NM ff -.w.,4,, ,w i wvfpw :ff ggs.qu,,.,:3n., ,, s, r ., , , b ,,:m ,,.,,H , A. .r .4 , .8 . , N -, , . . JA . l 1 ns, mnwsw.: .-'L'!"'v'4?W1'zmum-sei' 'TW M4 ,pm WN .M v 1 M5 ,A , N , Q31 we A I 'M' .... ,QV - "f, f,ff rA.W.".1-QQ" X '.,,. 'W , ' arf? Effifyl' , Q my ' 1' " , ,f" f ., a rf. we " Jwbzm-,'T'w1r'.a,4wv"""" 'aw' -f ,i . N A , , x ,,,w-'-"N MA., '- V f rf, ffft , '3 ',: . Rag -1 f - , , , f '. ' f,5fg,., ' P 'Y Q ' ' Q - ' A ' 1 Y' X-rx 4 Q0 as 4' qw, ft 5 Q Q if " ,, H f WMS' ' 4 'wk 13,75-4' ,Aw , w A - . ily, f. V. . mm we z--' urn." 4. ',:,, ,f,.v,,q' , f,,. V. ...mhwr ,. Q. . ,snappy .- , . Commander Joseph M. Tully, Jr., born: of a military family in San Antonio, Texas, was graduated from the U. S. Naval Academy in June 1941. Upon leaving the Academy, he served a tour at sea aboard USS CLARK and USS TAYLOR, be- fore assignment to Pensacola for flight training. He was designated a Naval Aviator in April 1942, and was ordered to VF-98. He then served with VFF-19, OPNAV, Air Command, Air School, and as As- sistant Naval Attache, Mexico City. He took advanced flight training at NAS Corpus Christi and joined VAH-5, as Executive Officer and Commanding Officer. After leaving FORRESTAL, CDR Tully was assigned as Com- manding Oificer, HAT WING ONE, Sanford, Florida. COMMANDER JOSEPH M. TULLY, JR. 29 May to 23 May 1961 ffl'-v73c53:Q155.Z?4 Qi -i-ilii jfliffi-35 ::,:Y-22:11 74, -15 2411. ' 1-,Q ix -f-If ' K- fx S X. Rsswisf' Q. . isis Y X X Nxsx 1 Q .. ' . X sxwbw ff ' COMMANDER LAWRENCE HEYWORTH, JR. 23 May 1961 EXEC TIVE OFFICER Commander Lawrence Heyworth, Jr. was born in Chicago, Illinois, and graduated from the U. S. Naval Academy in 1942. During World War II, CDR Hey- worth served in submarines in the Pacific, and on Staff, Submarine Pacific. During these tours of duty, CDR I-Ieyworth qualified for sub- marine command. In 1948, he became a Naval Aviator, and reported to VS-22. He finished first in his class of Test Pilot Training at Patuxent' River, and conducted initial shipboard trials of F3D and F9F-6. ,He was Flag Secretary of COMCARDIV FOUR, Executive Officer, VF-61, and became the first Naval Aviator to fly the U. S. Air Force F-104A making him the first Navy pilot to fly the double supersonic CM-25 aircraft. He was Commanding Officer, VA-81, Air Group Commander CVG-8, and was Operations Officer, USS FORRESTAL before becom- ing Executive Officer. , A-.,,..4.-- 2-.?...,.-..,... -. - V wrnvwrswl .,- ,- -..-- .--V CDR T. J. Taylor CDR R. F. Schumaker Engineering Officer Air Officer CDR J. L. Wright Supply Oificer CDR J. Ferris Commander Carrier Air Group EIGHT CDR John C. Hook Navigator 32 'fb CDR G. H. Robertson Operations Officer I CDR W. E. Leonard Gunnery Officer CAPT R. H. Bradshaw, MC CAPT S. W. J edlow LCDR R. M. Laske Medical Officer Dental Officer Communications Oificer ME T HEAD ' , , - 1.i .,A-......-Y,,,- .,....- ,.,. 7.5.-.,....w..,.,.,,,.,.,Y if ,W L1 Q OCGYQ.. .lif- xjm O METOWN USA if rv ms, I z .4..f...f f f ff f fr wr 'Q-.ff 11-' -V 1 ,+, H ,.f2-452, 1' my M..-.2 - my ,S Ailgfgj ' 1. 'f 1: xhf' f-2 fa N ,Mm L 1 vw A f Q 'eg f 5 X . , -.,--D 1- -.-,.,1-.- - -,,,-v----.,...-- iw- ' ' '-' ss..--.. .,- -. . USS FORRESTAL . . . America afloat, America abroad. We were to take this con- cept and live it for seven months. Anchored in the harbors of Italy, France, Greece, Lebanon, we would live in our small town, and in our big city, and make a home for ourselves, away from home. On this great steel super-carrier, we would create a small and enduring piece of America . . . to which would come many strangers, each greeted with the respect and courtesy accorded to all our visitors. To these people and to the friends we would make in towns and cities along the Mediterranean shores, we would bring our concept of our country and our understanding of the American way of life. Steaming in European waters, or wandering the streets of European towns, we would represent all of the millions of Americans working and living at home. And we were conscious of our role as ambassadors of good will as we proudly took our place with other members of the Sixth Fleet during our Med- iterranean deployment, 1961. FU "VYt"'1Y' .-, 1.-. 36 F -1-'hh 1 -- V . 0 ' s , e V ' f.. u . ry A J o ...,. 4. , wa N. ., . A . 1. k J -fs ,..4.i. m,,....r..,..r,,...,,.-.. - . iam - -- -:-nv-gy, , , . . .-1-fn..,q-.I-rzr-- V , . . 'A - '- W YARD PERIOD To place a representative American town 1n European waters it was necessary to completely refurbish that town and provision it for its stay away from home That Job began in the Ports mouth Naval Yard and ended when the mighty supercarrier edged away from the Norfolk piers to begin its Mediterranean deployment In between lay weeks of vsork of hard hats and acetylene torches of sw rms of yard workers who literally took over the ship in an effort to bring to its highest point of physical readiness for the months ahead V ,. ,r..,, , . , i - . . . V V , ' , - - 9 . .. 1 I I I r ' a 1 1 7 i A ,r,y ' N 7 7 , 3. l - A , , Y 5 li U i l 1 , l I l r i M l 1 ! l I w With the aid of tonpudent tugs and the close observa- tion of the watchful crew, FORRESTAL prepares to enter the Portsvnonth Naf val Yard for an intensive period of repair. 38 in between lay gallons by the hundreds of fresh grey paint, tons of potatoes and great slabs of meat to be packed into the reefers to feed a potentially hungry crewg in between lay miles of paper work, and a myriad of intricate plans and programs. Be- tween the arrival at the Portsmouth Yard, and the departure from Norfolk, lay the million and one details, the hours of round-the-clock labor, the aid of tugs and crew and yard workers, an assortment of railroad cars and trucks and trailers loaded with food, spare parts, equipment and other needs. All worked with- a common purpose-to prepare FORRESTAL for her long Mediterranean stay, and all working together, achieved that aim . . . a ready ship. ' ll -g A hangar bay view of the moth-bailed fleet at Portsmouth. ,. , x ffg Q E w e V2 f ff -'f' ' - 4 I 2 V., Wm 5 The lines are made fast From the vantage poznt of a gzant pvopeller, yard wovkeos watch the actwzty on the FORRESTAL The Island and the Crane . . an awesome dno. X X DEPARTURE And then, early in February, came the day for which all preparation had been made. The day came for FORRESTAL to say goodbye to home -. . . to exchange a last and tender kiss with wives and families, to become detached from the familiar routine of life in Norfolk, to turn away from our shores, towards the east . . . and the Med. The moments on the pier, the private, personal farewells, the mournful blast of the ship's whistle and the noise of the pushing and pulling tugs, the handclasps, and hugs, the solemn, loving recitation of goodbye . . . good luck . . . good journey, echoed across the water, as FGRRESTAL turned towards her job and disappeared into the Atlantic mists. f ' MX , 1 l if 1 3 r 3 r I I 9 , V V . k ' ,,1i-,..,M.i,wwwQ.Q,.,,,Qg A- A A, -,. , -i-'. Y' 17-,px ! Q 3 I i 1 :ff V 1 I ,gn F x I W W 1 X W i w w ,. W. 1 1 1 H s ,L 5 3 Y. In the faces and the gestures of the families on the pier were all of memory and all of longing and all of the pain of separation. And they could only wave . . . or perhaps weep . or trylto smile. l 43 V A shoving tug, a shivering crowd . . . the ship moves away, amidst waves and whistles . . . and wishes. 44 , ,A.-- ,,:s-ri'-'W1F""""L fe D P-,gras Y www H--I ,fur , Y f...f.-Y uw. 5' H R . 1, . ls.. ,A A.-Law-' "' V l v ,-..LL....., X5 H, .L sk .V V ,..,'f. S Flow. uv' 45' b -, 1 1 -o 'T' sf, 1 re-A 4, Q!-'M , , -, 4 . ... .. ,nur , 'W'f",v' f M... ... ....,.. - 1 'I--L 11 ff-- -v 5...-4-N ,f-.5 L .,-iv.-V , V, -,QM Q., M 'v:-.. ,- 1. ,Q .--, iv- - Tv? 'Z' 'CLQAT ,ML f f '. , ,,, --.-. , ..,'- -,.f,, ' " ' 1'-L.. -- ,,,,--, --.., ,. ,M-.. ,, ,, A ""f4',. --.1 x 4!n..,,f"' ,f CANNES Ask anyone what they remember most in France and you'll get a variety of answers . . . the people, the food, the intimate cafes, the 'Folies Bergere, the countryside, the Riviera. None of them will be wrong, for France has many sides and many attractions, and all of them are memorable. During our stay in France, many concentrated on exploring the glittering and sophisticated play ground that is the Cote D'Azure . . . Nice, Villa- franche, Monte Carlo, Cannes, Golfe Juan, Toulon. The Riviera stretches for fifty luxurious miles along the Mediterranean, under the awesome protective barrier of the lower ranges of the French Alps, to which the area owes much of its spectacular scen- ery. From snow-laden mountains to sun-drenched rocky beaches, truly the Riviera, like all of France, has something for everyone. It was in France that we were introduced to the bikini on a large scale, for it is practically the native costume of the Riviera . . . to ski trails and snow at Auron . . . to the casino at Monte Carlo, and the Monaco palace with its stern and photogenic guards and its lovely and photogenic princess . . . to frog's legs and bouillabaisse, to wines and per- fumes with tongue twisting names . . . to lazy afternoons in an outdoor cafe . . . to elaborate villas and quaint fishing villages . . . to Paris, grey and lovely by day, exciting and glamorous by night . . . to a little of everything to tempt the senses and charm the eye . . . this was France. -.1 1.1:--av'-Q-.--"'wrf:z'g. .,. .3--f .. '.,,f.-1. -V ' . ...- -., ..,,1-:LA ff xx. 1 ., W . fs-J: 1-. 1:---1 - -1-1-r, 11- - ei ,-,,. -' -ff- F, . - :J:gi.+Qz.t3d1.,. ie.:2if554,:3,1Lf-ef f:,52:vrie5,g35:Zg:.g::3g41f:r,:,gfimay-fi: a-:-41193: 1-fe: : 1 N-., .51-A. ::1-r,,..y- -A , .gee--rpg' 'ww hx- -na., r. .LA-S':9,f .ve 1 ,",-.:2,1v..g,,,. .cgyi--.-3:5-.,1f:.-,v,,.-Y .V , -fra'-:. .nz-,.,u-1-15.2ep:.gem-if-if::gn::143+-gp55151:ee-:ga-F221-:?g9::5r':1fas41::eg5.5:G-924557:51,ani H f --- f---- ---- f Perrenoud And, of course, we hunted souvenirs. .' . . Between the devil . . . and the deep blue sea. The bay at Monte Carlo, ringed with beauty T'--is i ,Sf -1 1. -ut"- w. . I , I frjgrzggj FQ'-T' , --T 1 ,H ,f , ,'fiT',T,'f,,Q'Q..L,,.- ..W . A, -V L..-i-ii-0 - - v 1- - ' X f . ffl ' aff,- , , Liu Q . X A L W , A , I 2 4 A 1 ' i 12 I 'K X , , ll' I' 7' W 'N K vi. -. . w 1 if M , , M at - Pi iw ' im L 1, J. I, ',f 51 , , 1. N? V 32 . Q55 1 'K 4 , .: , I 'M' K1 ,Q , V qi., - kv K igg lf-aff ,- 4' N40 A f . A ,f'N lx ,w K' ' M 1, V , ' n rf. , ff' ' ' nf it qui-fi-v I . f V ' f f ' A' .+N ny: 9-fp' ff' x ,Lf ff TQ 0 4af,wf,,,!,, M 'f f MVT ww f,f,f , ,,f mu, f HOU bi-ki-nb n.-an atoll in the North Paciflc, in the Marshall Islands: atomic bomb tests, 1946. ! i 4 , 1. ,H rn-is--v-rv :- TAKV-My AHQVP-A 'T 1-vg'T"qv?" I I V ,,,,.--r-..,..,,pz-.-...A-.- r 'g.r . ,ix f , - I 3 E i I A 4 1 dl :M iw W l x W 2 ii I2 1 ,e 1. W 1 gl 1-4 Q". 1 ! iz e If N -J I li " , , -5 .Ig ,lwii .Je 4 I 12 I H I A li. il I .1 fx r, W -. lun .iii-' . :,i w gf ,A L5 Iwi i' '?r H N15 I W 3 X QI Ll! HHH Ez! 22' 'x ,M 3 Al II 1 1 1 , ,! 'H1 P1 ml I I ii , Mx. LM, ' L, S f ,Ui fm- M, iw ' , In 'fu N , , , 31' , -K H l ff . 1, . 3- 'I-S' x. x , - QQ , 3, "'.. A f K X "Xp" ' ,q '1' . f I Ag, y f X , ,AV ,, ,Q . . . . L Mjw.. ,j1,.kf'?k RV , m ' 3 -4.-"1.,f?6w V c 4 V' 775 5 SX x f 'X R fx r -- m..u ..........-.l.,. . Y...-,-...-....,. A ' Q 5 v f. .ii YE P51 W EE 1 E if? 1 . , M Fla 2 ' , Q Another view of Cannes . . . the smil- ing faces of its people, a patisserieg the netted boats in the harbor V www? ""'-""""""' For France is colorful, from her flower markets, rich with tantal- izing sights anol smells, to her beaches and their self-evident charm, to the modern buildings and bonlevards that grace her cities. ' 52 Dolwick I P R I Perrenoud tr! w 'J 'E Ti , .1 -.-.. ,--..Y YYY ,-- -- Y- ---- -ff.--in . ,.... m.e',,..Umw M I i V W W 4 , , ,, .., ., 7'!"+""""' M" M Y l 4 !'4 :L u E I1 is . ls 'i el, E Ni l l 1 c .i it FE 4 YE I A 1 ui l II lr! 'U FRENCH ALPS V P Q: X W , at e g A fs. ll , ' ,, , iw.. At Auron, co chilled wine and the snow-packed ski slopes K A QA Z 4 c Q provided dn flced contrast to the beaches few below .... Z 353. ' , xg - , f , ' 2 . ,f it ,,,,, Nz - N. .lx fp.-v r E L 4, W, , Q 54 dz, fig, ....""' l :Y x V in .MA ,NQJFSQ-3 an . ,, Q? -....,..-- bw.. 3 aw Q A 552 ,. ,-,4- - -?Y.....,- ..-...., . . . - -N-H.,---,H--,qv ff- 7...::,...,T. ve ,e . ....- ,e - N i The landscape of Awroh . . . 2 three cheers for the red, white l and blue . . . 1 - 1 I1 .v 51 i fl t A Q! E! b, i li H Grisby Franck I L . K "x1X7 --L f , - V W' 4' -.. .r ' ' ..' ' -' f' - V W I The landscape of Paris . . . grey and solemn stone, Notre Darne and the "little" Arch . . . and the fained rose window. PARIS A landscape lit by flowers and flame . . . the gardens at Versailles, the wreaths at the Toinb of the Unknown Soldier, the never-dying torch . . . ...W- NAPLES Here we met the Neapolitans . . . who live in the musical city of broken hearts, who begin by taking your money but Wind up stealing your heart. You must listen to their songs as they were meant to be listened to, for the Neapolitans understand sorrow. A happy, contented and busy people don't sing much, but Pasqualino, the Neapolitan per- sonified, like as not, will burst out into song on his Way to the shop. Naples has always been Italy's city of departure. Many of us hated to say "Ciao, ciao." A Neapolitan park, shacleol with palms . . . a romantic setting for a capecl stroll. knows? Napoli is a crowd, jostling, hanging, pushing in Italian. One uniform appraises an- other appraises . . . who -Yi i,,.,.,.,.,v-.--Y - - Y V - 4. w.f4.vvumy---,arf ""'-T"""""'f""""""""""""'3' "' e - - ..--.. W - r .- A touch of home . . . the I I KY'e taste of a hot-hot dog! 1 J i K r 1 ' is v S I - Qv :J ., X 'Mi LG ' t' 'QV .. ,.. fid0x :LAM 'r -"Q f"'-lar .. We. i , 3-19, Ss' The beach at Positano . . . a composition of blue sky and blue boats. 60 Kylqe x Naples, we are here. Perrenoud The Bay of Naples, eter- nally lovely and serene, yet riiigecl with incredible hil- rnariity aml vitality. Synonymous with guidebook Naples . . . Umberto Galleria, a skylit arcade of ex- pensive shops WWW W-W-U-,yy A , Bat. Naples has two sides . . . One, its heart, magical, mysticdlg. dirt stairledlalleys, rimniiig with people . . the other, its surface, decorated in baroque splendor - ,,.... -,V.,--- V - -. V . ,YW -,,-.--sv.--U 1-nz. , ww r V-'sq ...-V 'L W"'YF"' 411-:mamma 1 The restored ruins oyjfer endless toilrist fascination Ont of the ashes, the remains of a beautiful city POMPEI Pompeii 1S near a breathless moment 1n time arrested by a death of ashes the town still gropes 1tS Way to sunlight from beneath the remains of the vol- canos fearful onslaught The houses the crumbling Walls and pillars the streets . and the people preserved as they lived caught at the moment of their horrible incomprehensible death they live still frozen in stone a parody of life Where death exploded to- day the gardens bloom again in the Venti villa . . . . . . y . . ! . , . ' 7 . 4 7 ' ' 7 , . 9 7 . . . Y 7 7 . Y L . l. l . . I 64 E i the i an W m-i-pu If -W , T i f ,. -w V. ,fi ,.,f,:,, . -q - - -- f, -p,7r'- . f-- . , . 9-, - W-, f ... , W .. i M in V - s . Y.. W gi, X The imposing monument to Victor Emmanxael II at its foot, a parking lot for Ftats. ROME Rome, the Eternal City, eternally wonderful, eternally changing, eternally permanent. Rome, today, is the contrast of its silent and still glorious past, the promise of its bustling and industrialized present, the mystery of its burgeoning future . . . a composite of both the relics of its past and the changing patterns of its contemporary life. There was to see in Rome, monument upon monument, dazzling the eye, and Wearying the feet . . . the magnificence of St. Peter's Cathedral, the Michael- angelo paintings in the Sistine Chapel . . . the damp and echoing ruins of the silent Forum . . . the drip- ping Catacombs, the crowds surging through the streets, cosmopolitan and stylish, the fountains into which we cast our Wishes to return to this fascinat- ing city. Sainted statues took down on M odern Rome . . . - .. ..Y-...,-v-f V., uv, Y . - v V ---- -f--qs'-A--Q-um-qrug. '-"' ' il-ll , , me Y--Y. V.. - V---0--'YW V --f'-'---A- --- --'-- ----v-Q e-V - ---Y-F-Y - Y -' -- ' i i f Grigsby Ro1ne's formal gardens, a beautiful foreground to the great city There was always something to photograph l I i and ,remembeyl The harbor at Fiuinioino . . . a myriad of rainbow boats. 66 ,. .v-vfgw, em. f".:.:f-fm:-fwmvwffew-fmf'wwrS-ar ---- - ,,.g,,-.,g.- .4..A,, Y g-:pw-, . W... -, , H, , - H , .,. L' ' f ,. X -,Q , 1145- fiifffz- 5111 r' : . -. f ' 1 -I E- ,Yr - -, ' -5 ':A , -.-5:-1 Mfg, jf:V,:f,i-1.5233-pg::gi::5gf-1:1311-15,f5::::g3,i,Q',97? 11"':ggE'-13,'iQ'D,ffg'L:-.1-gg, gf -5 1,31iw-.f:ys,1'j3,g-..:Q1g'5L1L3335,-Q.','?,::, Lg' g- 25 5' 5 ' Y 1 1 , ' 4 1' Q, - -, , " ,, - ,Q H 1 ' -':. 1---:-, ,--1--. -r-1:-L..4.,f.g,ff, :f-.1-rf-1 -. 1-'1-: ',.22x-ifgtzia g' :gggxj 4En'?3'z? r' ,z-gg. -,f,:1,13:L.,g:-,1-' .gf :1ig,f151, - e -, ' , i ' ' St. Peter's Square, for shatterbfags and sailors The contrast of little cars and great, domed buildings. 7.+.- . fry- 'rw 5 . P 'Tit' ,N""''4'2,..?,M..fzf':G.Qf.-wx.-3a1."7'' J f 'x fl I 1 ,js The great Arch of Constantine S Q 'x 1 Li d M! l V ,al x F! 1 Citizens of Rome 68 The gently beautiful Trevi Fountain into whose spray we tossed our lira and our dreams. The Roman forum, among whose stern columns we captured something of the past ,.,. or ,. M., 4 f 'W3Z Il ,.,s1'+f fo EF -AMS-'WWMTW-f -g J T 2 ...1: , A Q N U ,M , ., , ..., . A - A A cold beer on the wate1"s edge 1 , , U 'LM mlb, . The horse's navne was Giovanni- CAPRI Capri, misty and blue, miniature paradise, a breathtaking centerpiece in the middle of the cres- cent shaped bay . . . Capri of song and story, a , picture of romance set in stone. Underneath, the 1 mysterious Blue Grotto, Weird, cold, cavernous, eerie 2 lights, a boat slipping softly through the water .. , . 'twas on the Isle of Capri. I The ever-present bars and boats on the waterfront e ff '. f,, Y K X On the hill, white buildings con- trasted pleasantly against the A horse and buggy place rich blue shy The peace of a languid bay, softened by small boats and quiet fisherrnen 70 ' ' ' ' '1-"ff:'Q-iivirr-,jfizf' "'r':::5f:2f":' ' 5'Y2'1?f-Q'Q?l17"i32E?'f2Z''-31'1'5f5'7i?f7?'ff2'V553 1- '?- ' Through an ancient scrolled Thea? below, my an enchanted door, a szmlit 'vista captured, as wor ' A' zf m a frame. W I A l .X I 7 A Cypr1lot's-eye 'view of the FORRESTAL Only the bent figures of anlmals and women cllstnrb the mono tony of the endless tzlled fields LIIVIASSOL Located on the southern coast of Cyprus at AkFOt111 Bay Llmassol was an mterestlng and d1fferent port for the men of FORRESTAL Somewhat off the beaten track of tourlst meccas the Clty and the lsland 1tself offered the1r own attract1ons to the s1ghtsee1ng sa1lors As a sea port servlng as sh1pp1ng center for the agr1cultural produce of the ent1re surroundlng area L1massol was small but busy Ixearby two anc1ent Greek C1t16S are bemg excavated by an Amerlcan un1vers1ty exped1t1on for the past 1S every where 1n thls 1sland But the Greek and Turkxsh Cyprlots offered thelr warm and s1mple welcome and made of our brlef stay 1n thls place a memorable t1me A local mhabltant ls charmed by a sazlors smile and hrs glltter zng camera l - . . . . . . . 7 . . . . . 9 7 J . . . - . . - . . . . . . . Q 1 . . . . ' r . . . . . . 2 . . . . . . . . , . . . . 1 . E Z l 1: . , V Ve- ,., ' , ,T " ,,f n I' 1 t f Is-,t Q 4 . I . . . ' X I ' pics' 4 K ' -emu y - - , .Y '11 ---+0---1-H -- - ---- - f vu TT? ':z':'T " f-- , , - . , A flock of mountam goats graze on the rocky slopes of the lmllb that mm down to the sea I X l Portrait of a Cypriot Q. ., as time ioorn as his island Two. members of the native population seemingly discuss the onslaught of FORRESTAL tourists A deserted world . . . as far as the eye can see 1 Q, kf ., R w w fsilsmtr' " ""1""" " The Castle of Kolossi . . . local point of interest ! , K They havepushcaoets, too . . . While ' anchored 0 jf Lifrnassol, FORRES TAL staged a helo demonstration. W! ,IA X'1'u.,,, A Vlgzallxf fc M- ' -riif faq? gl- I ' i"ff3a,,:,tl F1 V fx u V f ,NN AL' Vg - ' 151329924 if-5f'e7,'W,!,, ' ' ' -' f H V, L FORRESTAL anchors in Beirut, welcomed by or, crowd of Lebanese BEIRUT Beirut, commercial center, chief port, largest city, capital, educational center . . . all of these phrases actually describe the most colorful and exotic city of Lebanon. Set below the vast Lebanese Range, a stretch of great, richly purple mountains where the famed Cedars of Lebanon grow, Beirut is a fascinat- ing mixture of the Orient and the more familiar cultures and ideas of Europe. The sand colored city rises above a deep blue bay, marked by huge rock formations, and distin- guished by a wide variety of new and modern build- ings rising along the shore. The city is set in a beautiful country of seashores, high mountains, fer- tile plains, barren deserts, olive groves and bright fiowers . . . a country where skiing and swimming exist nearly the year long side by side . . . a country both modern and ancient, a country of contrasts, and nowhere in the country is this more evident than in Beirut. In the city, where Arabic is the principal tongue, crowds in European dress mix strangely with men in Moslem trousers, the bazaars teem with people, an- tique coins, Oriental rugs, Persian copperware, East Indian goods, and a thousand exotic sights, sounds and smells designed to lure the tourist and the shopper. Nearby are the Temples at Baalbeck, deemed by the ancients as one of the Seven Wonders of the World . . . but Beirut itself is a wonder, of change, of con- trast, of interest, in the World today. t 76 -I A wmzxr, "" N ii f 'A F qi, fm. ww. ,. Wm ,af .K ,..- W - Giant rocks, like teeth, parade the water- front, overlooked by new and iiltinaniodern buildings. -Mi' g I Ill H I Q' Civilian "fleet landing." A The modern and lnxnrions St. George Swimming Club w""'? r K S 39 x ,iff ieiff+"""'e 454 4,5444 4344 ,- ,' Q 1 ,V .W-fzafwfcs-P132311535-.f. 5:.11z-123'-' ' Sideiooillc emporium . . . ol million and one things to see "Skid rowf'-Moslem style 5 79 I ga . .. A .ax "'- if '15:fll2!:, A Net mending is only my hgb- by, actually, I'm a chemical engineer . . . Beached Beimlt Boats. ff 80 A further study in contrasts . . . two cities . . . FORRESTAL and Beirut The famed columns of Jupiter ' at Baalbek, dominate the Stern Baalbek . . . the Exedra and the Court of the Altar landscape. The six massive columns, framed in stone, rise against the Mediterranean sky. Q l , 1, fn s X The ruins of ple columns . have fallen. i, an the Bacchus Tem- thus, the mighty 51 f. ha - i W1 TI J v-1-www -- rf ,.,.4-,.,,.1..l-..M4..4,,,4.....nw...........-A... , --.A Ag-.-.Y 4 , 5 4 f l J W? T 2 1 2 li fl! 52 e 1 5 4, f 11 ' ml El ga Av 2 il x I i 5 1 . X I I . Elf!! .IE 3- Q.: 'F-21 This ancient marble staircase winds upward into the main en- trance of the Bacchus temple. A newly constructed stone stair- way handles the heavy flow of tourists at Baalbelc. A grinning lion's head seeins to mock the ages as it guards the great Jupiter Columns from ad- vancing tiine. ATHENS Dominated by the Acropolis, "the glory that was , Greece" is glory still in Athens. Here, where centuries ago, western civilization was born as our ideals, art and philosophies were conceived and nurtured, here where democracy and genius flourished . . . here, today, thequiet city rests, seemingly in the shadow of its great achievement. Today, as in ancient times, the city is virtually . . . the Acropolis, for from all parts of the city it is visible, a bare and lonely rock, swept by the ruins of time, ruined by the advance of centuries and the ravages of changing politics. The rock is crowned with the magnificent marble remains of the Parthenon, built originally to house the great onyx statue of Athena Parthenos, and the Erychtheon, temples to the past. The rock itself rises two hundred thirty feet above the city, covered with great temples . . . nearby the history laden Phyz and Areopagus. At the base of the Acropolis, the ancient Stone Theatre, the Odeon, the Theatre of Dionysius, Hadrian's Arch, the Temple of Zeus . . . all monuments to the fabulous past. Today, it is a quiet city . . . like most, caught in the contrasts of East and West, between old and new, between its ancient heritage and its new and modern USO Cl b . . . u Athens, -paradoxical, quixotic, a fascinating place to visit. 86 . 4 A roof-top view of Piraeus, Athenian seaport, until the establislwnent of modern Greece, a, small fishing ml- lage known as Porto Leonoa. The Acropolis, crowning achievement of the Gololen Age . . . a city in itself, mythical stronghold of the Gocls, the actual stronghold of the earliest Athenian kings. And on tlie rock, the magnificent Parthenon stands . . . .- gsn sfagjekg s-Wy! -pnXsM.w,,ff X:e,5j,s:fQWgsf,g',y-- Q- gf-5. , ..,.,.,X , N WX. e ,I X 5-Q,-,eLXf,f,.X Q - f f W f f en f Af f 1 4, Q ef VX-fX-nge:-W-ny., f f f ffnewfsf fwf f ff if 4 'ij ,QTLQWQX :ff W f W Wir? 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A -. -V , , - ' WA :- , , rs ff K r 4o,X y 1 .MX . f, - ff ' ' 1 f, .ff.Xs7XX-W., -f f 1 ,w z--rffw' 0, 5 K. my ,H , L, I .. 1, in K .- V N 3' 3 ' 'y i fiX',,.X,c,-,age-i,..,f fr .-4 f f- gfgff S, ,V .,, '13, XV, X , , .AW , . L.-. .X X f ,V f 5 Q asff,571Wg,4,X- xr . ,if , . f i iff :v 1 Q X X - Wi. t.Xn.Xf.XiX -f -M , , 1 ,-MX-we fi-f 4-f-X1,X,.,.f I ,f,,, . XV 1, A, X ff ,sf-me ,. .1 . ' if 1 3 f "VI ' ' 5:-L l. 4 X -f M f M -1 ' f Xyizi f 1 jjjfhf ht IE.-' X 3,5 ?- fjf1,7z- '- O X , , , ' N . ,QS rl kg K gi- I I as. 5 E Q. 2Xi,XL5?!42jg,, ., I X m. 1 .us X1 , . ,X hgh K I 5 X' Ev, , X., . 1 ! ,.!, ,V 2,5f,f ., V 1 3 2 ,':,5 ,, ' .,.,'j.,3 5: wh? lf X ' V 4, ,521 V Qi ' 2 fit! ' 'f fri-MVT' 4-if " -o5,g- - ,XV . . .Xi.Xf f -,-r f,,., 1 .N QL, ""f ff' A , xg I , V 1 f? gfj x I V1 ! E f I Q 1 V 9 f W 1 J 1 2 A ,Q ,ff J I X Q, K 6 i 3' I z f se My , 2 f 4 fu 2' 4, ' , f f--QL, I , 1 tiff: ,f X ,, X I I X X X X I X f ll V, J Q K- an VX, A,j?X,XV,.,, ,f 4 . , Q 1 1? 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H4 . , W ? - f ' f '- PW" W' -453' ff, 'fs'-rfai:.:1fHm2z1,wife 7.4 1-pf",-11-'141'.'.g-:X-- g X .w , V M if ,l-" ' G ' JH L ' 1? X " " ' ?'- 2" LXE.4'4f2!fif IFN'-'wflsirf-mr-":'L IDL.-39h - 1- . , fx 'ie . A f J fr -' Q -fw5, ,. . . . ff-,. fr 'M ,gr V ,V .,- ' WWW 'Sf Q,-. nw . , MWC z" X ff'-C X- if N' wikis w w" The past in the midst of the present A poliible guide provides detail for a touring group of sailors A fainiliar landinark of Athens . . . pleated skirts on the palace guard. 1 03 , e.,f'v "'fy,'X 'E ,lf Q Q ff Tliere's one in every crowd and every crilisebook! 4. . , V -'., uvfhfgwap' - ...f'f-frmfffigjbdl-V " .. A FORRESTAL souvenir shop- per gets talked into a real bargain. L l ,gm ess, s ,Wes dede eeeehs -. eees tw- -A W- -.. Burgh , 4 H., 'W":w' Y 'N W D . , mf M' : ,W v uf '51 " vwwm- . EE U' Mwy f Af' . 5 6.1 5 K ff' 5 A 5 ww rw 4 X M 4,4 if!! I K 72 iff ff X ,G ff f . 04. E. 9"V " f , Z' y ffm ,, 4 H " ,,,, :ff 2 2 f, V f , U Lv. , ,ww f4'ff'!4l1JWena2wwwsuMy..wWm7W 0 fy, M f ,f ,Q X 4 rv ff!! ,W 'ff mb f Gfkffff' 4: rg X v ,if X fm , ,f, ff 4,011 f ff if fy ww is' yn 3 MSX? 5 fm 14 ,x- if www ff J? .,-Z, ,-,, WW M' 3 7 A A 23 2 -4 .X ft w,,zik ,W gm-i V Z f aw V ,,,4,,W The Temple at Delphi . . . here the Oracle foretold the future, , 5- 'fi f Easter snnrise services, as dawn lit up the silhouettes of the Acropolis. Ana there was always a friendly smile and Chinese checkers at the USO Club. . W- -, mf A o., Sightseers pick their 'toay among the rock-strewn stretches sur- rounding the Parthenon. -3" 'tin'-ff' 21' -.A 'Qin J? A, fu- --Y .xy-.-wr f 'W'-fzuzal'--N -- - -- Y Sentinels of tiine, ancient col- imnns stand against the sky, elo- quent bitt silent reminders of destruction and creation. ,JY Once circular splendor . . . I'he Byzantine Church at Daphni Between two seas, only a narrow channel ' R Q L, . , 'TB 1-' 7:1 1 V, 7 Classic Greek beauty, only muted, not destroyed, byttme At Old Corinth, we stop to chat as best we could V k E M 1 I r rg P: eq f . I A l I RHODES Rhodes, bleak, wind swept, shaped like a fish with irregular fins, with its town placed like an eye on the tip of the head. In antiquity, the center of great maritime routes, Rhodes was an ideal stopping place between Europe and Asia. Here is fate . . . The Rhodian sculptors, in twelve years,'made the Colossus of Rhodes, a sun god 105 feet high. It was paid for by the sale of captured war machines, and an earthquake toppled it over fifty years later. The broken pieces were left as they fell for nine hundred years, and then were sold to a Syrian merchant., He took them away on a caravan of camels, and they were finally molded into cannon balls with which the Turks cap- tured the island in 1523. i Old Rhodes is the most completely preserved medieval walled city in the world,-. and it is typical of the contrariness of Rhodes that the Old Town is sasbrimful with business and bustle as the New Town is languid and deserted. 1 ' A ' Rhodes . . . sand-colored snnlit city, punctuated with shady al- leys, and apthrnst minarets and domes against the brilliant sky lr Faulkner ff-21. -f-- ff-rw H:-fmt,-.zu rv' -saws . 'f f , :Q--. -f- , 4-,M 5-,-1:1512-::::r1'-sief-C-Afcf:rff:'Lff ' .1-'1 -- 7- .., fu ,..f.,, , . , .1- A., a...,,-. V, J.-fA,. .J V.,-Q.,,.fV.-f.1:1.-,ge-Jw..J.. ,,,. 4.:J.1,-.f,s.,4v. , - :f-, -DL-1. f-AL-. Faulkner Waterfront Zoolcottts seem to guard the city . . . A fortress, softened by foliage and flowers Artctertt by the sea, X Faulkner Faulkner 99 Mirrored in feline eyes, the mystery of this ancient city . . . Intricdtely cdryed bronze sea horses in the old walled city. Lindos . . . set against the old Acropolis N5- , 3113- -Q., ,, J f J.Jff'f"'-ei-fs N' , wr, ,..,.,..,.,f"',,Zfmftexg-hug.:-.gig-ix:12S':'ix xigqzfzxf-5EeE,"25ff2-.-r' N- 1 - .--,f,.w., Lg ,gflmfmfz-.- . -.-'.,.,.f., 545,--3, ' 2 'QL 1 r ff' 'M -1.4 The turkish section of the old walled city lfiz... St. J0lm's Gate attracts many Rhodian sightseers W-W I , , w , A touch of home . . . pffetty girl, bathing suit, sailboat I . . . auol a touch of foreign glamour Rhodes Kyle if What so proudly we hall . . . " Kyle A leisurely liberty Kyle . . Or perhaps, the beach, eueu here polka dotted wzth gay umbrellas Rhodian Siesta . . . with all proper amenities observed. 4 A quiet courtyard patterned in black and white stone. , A ,,, f,g,s,. . Y, , .. -.1..A-Y ,.-f -. .l-lL,1,1,1, .........?- Y Ice cream . . . froin a wagon built like a boat! What will they t think of next?" i 1 5 ,. ,3,,,,,,,,,,,,,.i ,im v YV hw 1 . A - Y -- ,. .-.....1-' 51 rl 'l ,, il sl ei W.- Actually, I m a, scml mend and I don t smoke Vzceroys ll J ?-it-g S--..,.1.,.......-,,.,.--H. 1 .4-I-4,1 As 'in a mirror . . . a repeating pattern of arches and emptzness The Church of the Annnnciation marks Fleet Landing The imposing entrance to the Palace of the Grand Master 1, F T. u 1, ,. v 1 I ., . Q ,. ' z ,, IZ 3 " j' ff , 1 ' , X ,. A ,X 11 n 1, :Aj ,l , 1-I , . V 1 '1 - . h Y , , I Q 4 I ' I 71 ff fm . , V v Q f ,," , ' A' f "" , ,, " . V ,, " V t ' 31 4, get t fflffjg fp errc c M N 'gf M J ' ' i ,W ,I I , , ,"'3:?'jf5, flfu vie D - L ,ts, M. s i I P - 1 LIVORNO Leghorn, Livorno . . . however you said it, this turned out to be a large and busy seaport of Northern Italy, which provided, in its many sights and streets, interesting glimpses into the history of this part of the country. Mainly distinguished by Camp Darby, the large American Army base, and its Well-known and well- stocked Post Exchange, Leghorn was not the gay, light-hearted and romantic city of the Mediter- ranean we had come to expect. Nor, did it hold the flavor of the East, in exotic bazaars and in- triguing foods. But it was Italy . . . complete with canals, statuary and delicious risotto. Among shattered buildings, a new Jewish synagogue takes a severely 'modern form. A canal populated by barge-type boats . . . less romantic than ' Venice, bntfeqnally as busy. 'F fig'-, The cliaiii that binds . . . om that time comiiot sever. Livorn0'slfislztng fleet fills the harbor with colorful craft J' Hey,Joe . . . youwwomt feesh? H Bridges, boats, beautiful canals . . . the landscape of Livomo Ill Florence . . . focal point of the Renaissance . . . today each street coinner unveils an ancient masterpiece. -,hx N.. FLGRENCE Florence, a city whose wealth of architectural and artistic masterpieces make it a museum unto itself, is second only to Rome as a magnet for tourists in Italy. Set in Tuscany, it is only a small city, but it has undeniable charms. The Tuscans, or Northern Italians, who inhabit it are among the most genial people in Italy, and their smiling faces, walking the crowded streets that are Florence today seem as one with the dimmed faces that stare loftily from Renaissance works on display everywhere here. Florence was fascinating . . . and foot wearying, with a profusion of things to see . . . the incredible Pitti Palace, the Uffizzii Gallery, great soaring medieval cathedrals, the Arno River, washing against high old buildings, the many bridges which seem to hold the city together, and of course, the Ponte Vecchio where gold, silver and antique shops conduct their business suspended over the sun- sparkled water below. Perhaps more in Florence than anywhere else, an understanding of the genius and flowering of Italy during Renaissance times becomes apparent. And this emphasis on the past is made more exciting by the Tuscan renaissance of industry which is today making Florence and the other great cities of the North once again the focal points of the Italian world. Like 7710815 Italian Cilf7f8S, F1072 Hgfreg Q, tongue twister' ence, 500, Seemed built fwelmd sharply lit view of the Pwzzale water. Deglz Ujjfzzzf The incredible stained glass windows of St. M arlds 1 e Grigsby b 1. e ' 5 . f- v, i i e - ,n g 2 ' . 5 f' I V 4 '5 I ' ' . e - A A 'A I- 1 LJ? 4 . , e 7 - , ' R 'bs . , ' . ' ' 122 "M,.,..1 i S M,m,,.... Dolwlck Gngsby 4 Y 1:1 X- - an L-ii? - , ,:,1'. "' ',,..fW,'fv' 'K 1 --':,, 5 - Q.,g'2 Ji, w X- ,? 7,. ' J 1 I I E I 1 , 1 1 4 , 1 i Q Q 1 I X I N ' , . , ., N.--W, K ,-.. . -V --f - :H ' A 'f" """ '- W -., '- - K H- fx -- --- - v - ,,,, 1 Y iii fl5'jgjf:1::15iC'fI ST'':'i1jQ?E5'Ef'j?1TT1T?i1 Tffiii , :T1'I'TTi "T'i"' "M" if T7'7"7TfTEf A"-' f-:. T 'i-'1'.-:-'l3'-:'-7r-'fZ'- 'fi 5 '-2'11:1"' 'dffyi'-1' '"":"""""""'v"Q:f'5:ix'q?"'g':5f:1yn'?:":""yc"""1'farm'"7Fu""'W'm'in- I ' ' i fl--' ' " "L" -2?'-PL?-5a'F15f.?f9-fF'f+l'5"3"1"' ' "MF-4 ff',5!E5"5:?l:2-3:2 -1 f-.0233 its "if Ti L' T3 5,1 " -f 11:5 ,4-liz,-:sf-ai?-2'rfffliii?-3" ,.4z4.,-agp-2,- 3-g ' ':?7Ey"?i2:z??jjfgpj-,:'1ji-gg-:rgLA ,ggi fig, if ff 1 ' ' ' 3. 1-F ' ' ' ' 5.--X' 2 1 And all of Florence is a paradise for sightseers X ' N , 1, ,f I ffm? f fl, 7-,2f7f'VZ9?' Q X 1 ,laf5'ifHw-wg-xl.-f X KVQWZ W W f X, f f f f w ,424-5K,-,f.f,,Za,-fl Af 1 fy, ff Mia W ' 'f f 4 "1 if -'? .ff Zfffwlfffilf K ,ff W' I , f - f..-,Eff-Qf,.,-'ffl , , by-, , X 'nf' W f X X ,QQ f X , f W, V V V . D X X X f fl' 1 f X X mf Florence skyline The Ponte Vecchio . . . suspended shopping. ,vm Study in circles and squares, Suu and shadow Highly decorative architecture, seen eueryiuliere in Florence. i Sunlight gilds the city at the end of the day. VENICE Although we went to Venice knowing that it is a city built on water instead of streets, it still came as a delightful surprise to meet the city on a sunny afternoon, with the light glancing off the water in a brilliant profusion of spray and sparkles . . . to see graceful gondolas on the Grand Canal, instead of the usual, imperiously noisy busses and taxiswinding their way through torturous traffic . . . to see captivating mooniight steal along the narrow, twisting canals and the dark gliding shapes of Venice's main form of transportation silhouetted against ancient stone walls. Everything travels by boat in Venice . . . gmc- eries, flowers, building materials, people. But the city has a timeless quality, too . . . an unmoving sense of 'history captured in its gracious buildings. There were the intricate mosaics of the St. Mark's Cathedral and its onion-shaped domes, the Doge's Palace, home of the ancient Venetian ruling families, snatches of lyric opera heard from small bars and picturesque restaurants . . . all reminders of a past gone by as today floats beneath the 'prow of your boat, and the boatman sings of tomorrow. i i 1 1 l ll8 A motofrboat cmdu gondola, . . . the present and the past r I "" V E5 r si 1 3 M, 1 ' -f - ' ' . Av 1, l fb f - 5 , 'I' 4 ff xx 'Sa 7. -"E"4 iii St. M apk's Square . . . filled with people, pigeons The Grand Canal and sometimes water. The 1.-'mage of sighs E I a I v l E 5 A I I E. - . . . 1 . , - - K , , ,f St. Mowlfs Church . . . and the Ducal Square. Gohdolas, too, go only oh green. x X K Ag MQ The Ducal Palace and the Church surround the great square 121 if M W O 4: , i , 'LJ 5 fq af gif ,,, uf Y H A fi? ,Iggy ? 3 ,, 5, , f., m "2 is 45 1 f z N - ai v l 1 5 si 'Q 5 N L iN If v L I s- LN z 1 l Q i 1 1 1 1 , ml i mmymmwnwunmr X The Canale Cannaregio . . . one of the typical small canals that ' fill the city. The elaborately carved facade of the great Ducal Palace presents, an infinite series of arches. The square . . . a place for pigeons and people to promenade and enjoy the sight of each other. 123 1 W R 1 1 4 I I 3 i fi H rc J +2 I I . Z i i 1',El we aI', 21 Ma qw Q5 , 5, i 5 I 1 i ii? QE: JH 155 wi 4 'i y EZ fl. J! 51 W I, I P H if 1123 M' V! Quik p---F fl? 4 , . x .Xl I 5, , l A fammma Sight of Vemce ' ' ' W A . . . but on Lido Beach, the most memorable 1 1 The lovely Bridge of Sighs 1 ,--xf , H ':,'9F:'1 .- if is 1 3' 'a'ffl',':x'5 N V W Y ,, n X gn, ' ' fi.. y., 1 I , , e 1 V' Z f E r 3 Q, 1 1 v M f i ii ie ,-sq , .-1 asm sezanme -Q'-Tr.: , , , , .,, .- .9 .... : - - . . 4 ,,, ,A ' 'I' ,, - ' ' - ' , '-- , - , . ' ' f ,, X , ' f.. ' 1 , 44' 1 ' ' - -- f 1. ,V , ,, , -- ,. e. ' -. .-,f --um, . f' .11 -f - 5. 1- N X ..-gf A ..., ,. , , x ..... W , N., , .. , ,. ' -- W, f.,,,- f,..-.f- , 4.1.1, K, , Y J ,Xe ' . , -,M I 1 We , ...J -H V , A-'X --- ' -. , f v ,,,..., I-di, 'U I -11 -V I K, ,K.,A -...elf X.- ff,--Q ., x. V. -. .,- ,, -, ll..-. . ,, . ...R , , I, 7, I- , V -X M I -1 f --- -1?-'if vf --.Q ..4 ..: ' ,. M " ' N , ., ,. .. '.., '.-',,f,,, '1-".:,-if-'+',.- - ana. N --.rf-' . A .--.,. A N ' -.f- --R.- NA H ,, V, ., , .. A-, , 4, .... V . - , . - .4 e .-.. ,F K .ff ,,, -. f- --f 'Y .. f f. 4 . .x . ' ,.' w M., ,.- -5 '..n-wkjar , , . , ,, ..- ,. - - .,.f ... .,-. . , , -. , , , . ,- .. 3 ...... , .- - N., K, V , R. , ., - ..-Y v- - , -,,.., M. , , K ,, ,. v A I .. ,A ., . . ,xx K .. -- Q .dgw ....T.4-.,.-.,.Q-,......,,.....,.- ...L . .. , .A - , Y . W H 5 t V. W r . ., - -'W - 4: -- ,..- 1 , , ---M - .-,,,N.,., ,, H, - , . I A ., k 4 .N ., . .- , - - , . -f I .....,. fl:-wwf - X - I---L35.,, ff..- ,-, ,433-V, xg-, N A , 'T .:"'f"' -"W" A fleet of swift black gonololas await tlie crowols that walk the Dilcal Square, like lines of taxi- cabs competing for attention . 1 . Everything in Venice rates second look . . , E 3 ARM , H- xt T28 ,WCW yy, - w--"-.::g.,...:mz::'.:giL:4.:1 .. ..: wwf , ,Q w-,,,f-,.... W., .nc ,4,,,,....4..................,,.. ep I it r-A Sailors ancl sightseers of all kinds throng daily to the magni- ficent St. Marks, crowned with clonies and saints. MUM75, , Maur-fqlzmflqgv-5,1-c.E....-'W:c,q.4f,, "" A'--. f-453-f3'1,ff::L1,.fv:Nwf-0-i--' "Y " 7 c 'ga fm' g oi? g N M , f Mwx. li I. K .l u 3 . 4 9, 9 r- we PISA Pisa gave us a chance not only to use our 'feet and our eyes . . . and our cameras, all traditional companions ofthe tourist, but our minds as well. But try as we might, the puzzle that has provoked the ages was not solved even by FORRESTAL's most imaginative engineering brains . . . the tower simply leaned and while our eyes verified it, our feet car- ried us to new angles of observance, and our cameras recorded it, our minds refused to comprehend. There it stood, defiant, and slightly tipsy, and to our amuse- ment, it .leans in two directions, depending, of course on which side you are standing at the time. The only other landmark of this place, the Baptistry, received some attention, too, but We who like mysteries will remember Pisa most for the Tower that Leans . . . unless you do, too. V VV V ,zwgfzy ,. 4 , ,,.,,, , ,, ,..,, V : "" ,, VV, 1, 1 ,V , friuiilil AQff6ffil'fff 'fl'35'7fI3f'VVVZZETQQ , ,. V, .. V .,f ,MW , V, ..,,,,,,.,,..Vt,,,.,.f,,, ,wry , ,.,!, .,,., wtf, M.. L44 V. XQ F W V ff fl WV- LV ' , 7j,Vf-V247 . '9 ya' rf9?f9'fVf'Vf5375 gy , f f-in J'-V51 ,g,,fyf!,f.:i'5gQi,jrf9ff?QIgEe'-qgwy 1 ,V 07 5 W 'fl.r11-ff--,p'45v.-Q -ei-ff-1133.5 "vit f--- ew, -lc! 2f'PV- g -Q61 ,'s,J2', 1f.i?fgVV-,r,, .tif TV, 4233 4-"Jj'VS"4-m"ef112 7 EV-rffl,f7,.f4V17',,??T'VL'VfT'f,'72 H' 4 .U i VLfW'?VffZC5 f f'-i V V UV .ef W-ff-:VV ,..-V f,.- VV,-ff V- V-v-V-VVc ,,.- V, f V, V V, -, w.,V,Q.,,,VVV.4cffw V.V,..,,..V,. rsVV-MVGQ5Vf,.-is-V,fpV...V,.Viygmf 7 ,. V ff, , ,f3VV,e,S,V,t, ,.,4VVV .. Qfgqgnff.,.pr-WM-ef.-, V 1- fred V-:War-fffV-Xri4V,-'mw-'rfVf,-wwf VV,:frf,V' ' +,. V 'V MVV-ffaeyfsf, r-of w ff- , ,VV V- JVM- WfVf'.V-V7M,fvVfV,V.fffm,Vll..l.fV of-,VK 7'fZQfrQZVPJWYVWV-2,-Iiffy?-wewe V f-ff . 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V Jim gin: 2 V 1 Q3 W.-rf--Ver V V-Q 124 . f' ' ' X ' - -? IVV-Q,VV'fV-','fr.-1-wif fa' + ' , V V- ' - 1 .V ' v " r V 1,4-:f1Vf when-fV.f f , V,.. w , ,es Vw: V- M ,. . ff Vv me V 5' ff.--Q-f,44sf,yv,e Vw -,tw :W--i f V ff fr V KSA f- 'VV VV , , 5-Vryfn-sZg4,..,,tyt Vw? .z -, 43 ,iz .. X V c, 6 ' 5 3 N, "Vi al f , ' - . 4 A ff 2 4 M m y Ze? 2' fi f' 3 . f, ,' fgf V 'T 54, ,, 4 fi f, ,V VV: 5 ffV'QV '-fz, f ,Q " V xi-i..,g.fW-2,..V 777 Q'-Lf ,T 7 f ' V1 V V . . -.- X I I , V V L" -1' V 4 QV.s,,.sf,fV,.sfVe'Vf-Wif fwtr' f ,, , .V 1 sV - . , 1 .f V M, V, M' .V,.VVf' , , V sp V V--X V' '35 f 4 SZ e ff' V , 4- 'ZWEA ,gif s W, fg55V,ev, V I 411 M w Q62 ' - 'UV 'V i 'KV ,E V3-V vglff, 'M 'is 1 VV5 ' ft pe, , , V, 1,, Vx.-45.424-h '1 fu, ,gV as ., , , ' . Gigi 'L-wei3i,'gg-'mf,qw-zef iiiawf N ' tz,gV 11 'AV gi ,V V" ' NVQ 1 :XV 3773 ' , V4 V W'-if ff ',.....4,,,V4l' -iw r .Vw ff. 4:'4,.-554 f 455 ' . Sr V,fV i 2 V- , 'V V S" - ' ,A se'f:.VSw'4 29 3' , ,V r!'V'V2f,Qv -2aVf,4VV1i :K",'2i'g"'f: :fn "" 'fini' ' V P, Lf, -V rf V,V.5msVfsV:VVsVxVf if JV V Navi ' , 12" " 4 ' Ek" ' wr-1' '3f+W"44 Z 532741 ' , V , . . V . ,V Q V ,A ,W V. I, V, , -,,,g1y625,qf' .4, Hsfggigggg V .V V VV .1 , V ,',, , V 5. V. Vc gy,g.,,4f,V 1 -' fi, 4 5V , ,,,'.,,'.,,..W,..,:., A ,.t,.t,t,,.. V - .,,,,,,Vt,,.M, - , 8 , My A 7.5577 gf , ,Z , ,L 2 'ff - g f .. Q V p , ,,, L 4 , ,Qu ,'V, V Q zz 4 ' VH., g.,,Q ,AVi,,i..Wm ,wt T, , ,, gVtV,vm,,,.VV,,V VV.tyA2c.fV I 2, nge- 9,1 V - V4 V Va ,f, V ,.,. T - V - V ' A ,Vf ,Q - rr' , fu Q 4 S X' 'ff if ,f f , 1 X f W yn , JAWMQA A 4 wa 4. f ,,, f 5 1 'J wp- A fig! ,W f'f4 if W1 ,Eli Q. V, According to this photo, the Baptistrg leans, too, but it doesn't . . . The Cathedral of Pisa, its many little arches echoing the decora- tive aspects of the Tower, if not its angle. l3l PALERMO "Quanta costo to USO, Joe?" 132 Palermo views the FORRESTAL at anchor A pause to refresh Located off the toe of the Itahan boot and separated from the mamland by the na row Stralts of Messlna S1c1ly stretches 1nto the Med1terranean toward the coast of Afr1ca Palermo the capltal 15 sltuated 1n a fert1le pla1n surrounded by lofty h1llS a unlque blend of Norman and Arab cultures S1ghtseers go to Palermo for the Byzantme mosa1cs, Moorlsh palaces, and baroque churches, pleasure seekers concentrate on the Greek towns of Taormlna and Syracuse, at the eastern end of the 1sland. Taormlna, suspended 1n between the sea and volcan1c Mt Etna, has often been called the most beautiful place 1n the World, and th1S We found, may Well be true. Horse cmd buggy town Y V 331 jim- . Family portrait with jisli i I 31 il Y , la X, r ex I If '?'i12fESW 5 ?..'Qai'f15 ,fp ' will ffm -5 . ' ' 03 is ' L . , 1 Q' f r ' Y' A laimdyfywtrung alley reminiscent of Naples 1 .gig Sis NX .If -'SRS . -Ag if A 'ea A - if , 4, .fl . ek- ,gfg A quiet afternoon at Mondello Beach One of Paler9no's many famous baroque churches CHANGE OF COMMAND RADM F. Massey, COMCARDIV FOUR, CAPT D. M. White, VADM G. W. Anderson, COMSXTHFLT, and CAPT R. E. Riera greet each other at Change of Command ceremonies. Honors are rendered to Mr. P. D. Fay, Undersecretary of the Navy. l . f -Alflf-PP' Captain Donald M. White relieved Captain Robert E. Riera as commanding oiicer of the FORRESTAL, June 19, 1961, in the Palermo harbor, at Sicily. 1 The formal ceremony took place in the immense enclosure of Hanger Bay One, where polished fixtures and multicolored flags added to the festivity Of the occasion. Mr. Paul D. Fay, Undersecretary of the Navy 3 Vice Admiral George W. Anderson, Commander Sixth Fleet, and Rear Admiral Forsyth Massey, COMCAR- DIV FOUR, participated in the ceremonies. Captain Riera turned over the demanding task of command of the great supercarrier, to assume duties in the Office of the Chief of Naval Operations 111 Washington, D.C. In his honor the COMCARDIV FOUR band struck up "DIXIE" for the departing commanding officer, and the entire ,ship's company wished him well in his new assignment 7 o i- --:lug-N-f W -V -F-V 1 - ' Captain R. E. Riera bids farewell to FORRESTAL . . . . . . as Captain Donald M. White assumes command, by reading his orders. 137 Durmg our Mediterranean Cruise, we had Visitors . . lots and . . . we had all kinds of visitors, whom we welcomed to our ship as we would guests to our home. Among our visi- tors was Santa Claus, on board for a pre-cruise Christmas party we threw for our families . . . wives and children of our crew who came aboard to find out all about this strange and awe- some thing called a carrier where "Daddy works." We greeted boy scouts and girl scouts and sea scouts and air cadets, teachers and nuns and the just-plain-curious . . . we enter- tained clowns and musicians and magicians and orphans . . . we doled out ice cream, milk and cookies and hosted huge-receptions . . . we taught the people who came to us about our lots of Visitors . . ship and about our aircraft and about our job at home and in the Med. We brought to them some understanding of the role of the super carrier and its capabilities, and an impression of the men who man her. And our visitors, among them many children, brought to us their interest and their hearts . . . and each orphan held on a lap, each eye that lit with pleasure at the in- tricacies of an A3D or the immensity of the hangar deck, each childish laugh overheard, was an intense re- minder of home and those left behind. So our visitors were more than sight- seers. They joined the FORRESTAL Family on this little American town far from home. . . and some of our While We Worked in the Med., and Worked hard at our jobs, We also had time for relaxation. Some of this came liberty, when We toured Europe to the extent that time and budget would permit. But sometimes, our entertain- ment came to us . . . in form of USO shows, produced by Buddy Rodgers . . . or other professional entertainers or troupes who brought their smiles, their talents, their pretty girls and a host of musical instruments aboard. Generally, their abilities received an extremely enthusiastic reception . . . always their antics, their music, their jokes, brightened our evenings and our routine. f s visitors were Variety Shows W f' I l ! S I f L I4 I I I I 1 3 i 1 X I I ,. ,gm for further Variety . . we entertained ourselves. When the singers and the acrobats andthe tumblers, when the jugglers and the musicians and the exotically costumed dancers, when the pretty girls and tuxedoed men and bright eyed and talented youngsters were not available to come and entertain tus, we often had to rely on our own resources . . . and they were many. Among F'ORRESTAL's citizens we found the talent to put on our own shows which were somehow doubly enjoyable when the man behind the microphone might be with you on a working party or a member of the same division. But be it amateur, or be it professional, we found the entertainment, the laughs and the moments of relaxation that we sought. W 1 f 1 s L Il N ll all r 12 be E ii .f .1 l Often, too, our Visitors were Olivia cle Haviland Rear Admiral Sperry Clarke Vice Admiral Gilriate, Italian Navy V109 Adqmy-all and MTS Gemge W Andwson 144 ' gr r i A 'asm-3: , 4 V. I. P. s . . . . those Very important Peopie . . Lieutenant Colonel R. B. Goode, USAF VADM Deutermari and VADM Ricketts fx' f , Ambassador M cCliritock Undersecretary Of the N OWU FW Vice Admiral Dfargirt and Admiral Oldeiidorf Y 7 v fi i ,ir 'T 2 B L Vice Admiral Andersen and Karl Gnmbel, German Defense Minis- ter I lu V. z Y I ,I , 1 5 2 i X L General Slro B ernobo, I lalian Army Vice Admiral Gariate, I tallan N any 146 Vice Admiral Anderson and German officers Rear Admiral Sperry Clarke Glafkos Clerides, Acting President of Cyprus A 14,4 ' use FUHHEETAL L7 Colonel R. C. Ball, AUS, Army Attache, Cyprus with British officers 147 M, f4?XfAAgf ff , f ' f My ff f f to t A f f t ,ftyt . A t C A A 41 4 me Xl t 1. i 4 ml J.. .fi i i -2 2 5, 1 Ai L 4.. ii E l 'if :QV EE E it if.: 'Q 5 if if ke is !4? I r, I Ii E if as I 1 i lin ai? iii I. QM 1 Our floating AmeriGa turns toward home . And so, seven months later, as summer drew to a close, our time in the Mediterranean was over. Home was days beyond the horizon, but our bow pointed steadily towards it, and our hearts and spirits had already crossed the miles. We had visited many countries and in turn, been visited by many thousands of curious Europeans. We had stared and photographed, much as the groups of visitors touring our ship had peered with wonder at our own familiar landmarks here on the FORRESTAL. As the time to leave approached, we re- membered briefly the strange wines in picturesque cafes, sun on the Riviera and a certain black bikini, the Acropolis, redolent with the ruined majesty of aniin- comprehensible past, the sparkling fountains of Rome and the pigeons, the Water slipping past our gondola or the spaghetti twirled hotly around a fork . . . we remem- bered statues and bicycles and endless dusty towns, souvenirs and strange money and all the enchantment of this world so different from our own. But we were more than tourists and in our job as Ambassadors of Good Will, we now had a greater re- sponsibility than memory. As much as we had represent- ed all of America to Europe, we, in turn, must now re- turn to our homes and bring to our families and friends a greater understanding of the world beyond the Atlantic, something deeper than the colored slides, or souvenir dolls or snapshots. e To this job we turned, as months before we had turned our minds to bringing America to' Mediterranean shores . . . with pride, with responsibility, with under- standing. , e l48 3.1.41 f - J:.1-fjff: ' . L ,Z'f'x"i --,:..w.f-.'::i:,,,., V fblfiizilzif -11f,- -S 'L f ff 5 ' 5-' if, fi., 'r 1,1 .wvyg-,f .-':":' L.:- ' --51" '1- iff: ' 5f:':-3-.L 15" . n J-es. Some of the natural attractions of Norfolk . . . the farnecl azaleas ancl some southern belles. l An aerial view Granby Street . . . the fleet's in! v K I K 1 4 -.4 'W """"'-Wm, 5-7 i 3 H-J x' VW 0 , '21, W W www-'W "' ' Y' A. ,M ' wwf ---aw - A Q wx f v.,,x-4 W. . W kv. W, ,, , 1 .x.'!yk xv KN' X- Wf' - ,Q . ' , Sf... I 1- ' , ,. K X 1, x.,, Y , f 3' X f 'VZ f ,7,,4-f ' '46 ffw f MH , I , ,W-. X. ,NN . R 4 1 5 z I 5 Q1 a F 9 I ! ii . n 4 A T.. x 1 I ln every small town across America, life centers around Main Street. There are found the gas station, corner drugstore, the doctor and dentist, indeed the proverbial butcher, baker and candlestick maker. There, under awnings worn with the years, behind glass- fronted stores, along familiar sunny pave- ments, are the faces we have lived with day to day, throughout our lives. And each walk down Main Street spreads before us, not only the array of services oHered by our town, but also the smiles and friendly greetings without which our day would not be complete. l ' On FORRESTAL, too, we have a "Main Street" . . . a narrow steel passageway sunken into the heart of the great ship, and running its length through a series of end- less grey hatches. It may not look like the.Main Street at home, but on it, we again find everything . . . from a doctor to a dinner, from a soda to a bandaid, from urgently needed supplies to a present for someone waiting at homey Here on this Main Street, too, we meet the people we know and each greeting, each casual. "hi" confirms our feel- ing that for a short time, anyway, this-ship is home. ' X " A'ii' ,..faf?e'5f'-f -. f'--7'flf1iff'1"" ' if 1' -Q? ' .1 5 'dr " .1 .1 'P My I Z, ,Q1 ' ' 4Q'f4x????:?Z1- f x fM'fr,f,,,""'A .af ,f gf A 'ff' .-K.. , 5 x h 'W f4x,, " - :fx ff Q. --M A ' -tagxigygaf 3, A 'Sw A diff ,YS NH UU Nil mx -su nu ng 1 Q W .4 :ER ll!! llli ll!! lllf xltl lift Ili! ,N Xi 4 U fluff nw I mr .X Oh FORRESTAL, though, Math Street is more than a place, more than one passage- way with a sigh. Main Street is an idea . . . representing the whole of all the work necessary to keep the ship afloat and ready for action. Much as the services oiered by small town shopkeepers along the thou- sands of Main Streets that form America keep their town going, so does FORRESTAL's Main Street sustain her. Main Street, to this carrier, is every man who makes a sandwich to feed a hungry crew, every man who handles a hose that brings fuel to the ship, or the lines that bring food for its men, every machine that polishes a floor, or the seaman who chips paint, every tube of toothpaste, or cup of coffee, every APC tablet cheerfully dispensed from the pharmacy. Main Steet is each of us . . . so it is more than a place and more than an idea. It is people. Many of the activities of different people and divisions on this ship do parallel in their special way, the businesses and services that exist in a small town, and these rightfully, belong in this section of our cruisebook. Theoretically, a walk down "our Main Street," be it place, idea, or individual, will bring you to the heart of our hometown, the heart that keeps us going, keeps us alive, and well and strong. This is the heart of our small town, USS FORRESTAL. l . I Va Y ,Q 9725 env ,sei - if-3291 526,74 i s 5 F W 51 1, !, ll' L 1 1 t A iocille cloion FORRESTALCS Main Street, will bring yon to - i R The City ,Council-Captain R. E. Riera, and 3 CDR J. M. Tnllyoyjficiating at ceremonies opening WFOR Radio and TV station. The Aclinin Office . CITY HALL . The Personnel Office Personnel files are kept on every man on the ship . . . i.-n....,if 1 ,t , Letters . . . we get letters . . . . . THE POST OFFICE X DIVISION '-K W, N K M t to A so Looks like tt's for Second Division 159 lung: I I 1, mf' wi- Ml: ilu ww. iii 'n qt ' 112 iii 5. li , I K. .1 1 l 1 1 I s H W rf a! 'Q gil 'i M r, .u mg ...OURTO ARY Here you can find Literature, arts and science . . . popular mechan- ics . . . and Lady Chatterlgfs Lover . . AND SCHOOL . . . The Information and Education Ojjfice-anything you need to know! 160 , XX A ix 'm 4-M.. Q. ...- ll, Father Richardson will say the evening prayer . . . " . . AND THE LAWYER'S OFFICE 161 Protestant services are helcl regularly. OUR HOUSES OF WORSHIP S The answer to your legal prob lem is 'in Volume Five. The Chief studies a legal prob- lem. . . THE RADIO AND TVSTATION and for my next selection . . . " "Yon're on! Sir! . . THE PUBLIC STENO . . "I transcribe court martial pro- ceedings . . . and I got my job through the New York Times." 162' ...,-. i, - ' fi Alphabet Soup THE LOCAL PRINT SHOP , . . POD in the rough Watch your fing67'S - 163 ll E I Extra . . . extra . . reacl all about it .... ' I 1 I l I w l l . . . GUR TWG l NEWSPAPER GFFICES . . . 1 1 164 The Fifty Nlnev' gets a layout, l l 1 .- 465 Toniglit's TV Movie . . . every- tliing but a girl to with. .Q . THE LGCAL MOVIE . ". . . and Marilyn Monroe, Brig- itte Bard Riera?" A rneinber of the MAA awaits the in- spection party hold hands ott . . . and Captain . . . AND THE PGLICE DEPARTMENT I II I I I I I I , i I i I l I I -I IRQ Ii ,R THE DOOTOR'S OFFICE, THE HOSPITAL "UI H DIVISION -565-W 'NN ,ff This looks like "Medlc.? ". . . and then she broke out in Cl, wash . . . all over!" X ! I iz, ,Ir 3 t xxx ' 1 : xx I 5- A I I F , , it ff iff Z 1f2'X?ef1 f',5,. , 'Q X L',L ' Wfff 2 f .4 I, X V4 Super treatment for cm trtgrowrt toenail. In the latest Paris style . . 'fltfs my stomaeh that hurts . . . not my ear. . THE CORNER DRUG TORE . The APC Maker ,JI 167 THE DENT1ST's OFFICE . . . -R "What do you mean, smile! D DlvlsloN The Plate-Malcefrs "I may not be Superman . . . but we've got X-ray eyes."' ,,-ff1?Y,' ? ff", X KK J! Your guess is as good as vu 169 70 lt's for you DIVISION . . THE GENERAL STORE, . Q The Fuller Brush Man "oI6'o:o:o1ojQ V 7 f , .,-,, H4 M11 fs. . f . ,. ,,, ,- ' .gy f' ,fy P . s K I, E P E 4 V E "We've got a special on 1nops!", and we keep files on over 75,000 'lncllviclual items . . . A 40 "Ave you sure these are toothbrushes ?" + 3' "We have exactly 2,434 boxes of paper clips . . ." We even vnalce stencils . . . li 'M lf, J. ,L Y ye K I , , i - Looking for the "broken" crate. But all yon'lZ get is one vneatball . . . S-2 DEVIS ON . . THE RESTAURANT AND THE DINER . The Onan with the dough . . . 0 X Hey there .9 steak for dmnev Good evenmg, Mr Mm row "10,J,32 " The steak-Slicer. Coffee thafs ahfiofst class mess!" F ..,,,.A..-- , 1 I I o a ig T DIVISION The biggest problem is threading the needle. Individual spots get individual dttentio . . . THE TAILOR AND THE DRYCLEANER . . . THE BARBER SHOP . . . Trim-tinie. Qu ffl!!! f Wzth clouds of steown A butterseotch sundde, gooey but good T . . . THE SODA FOUNTAIN AND THE SPECIALTY SHOP . . I 'll take the one that fills up cavities." "Yon got change fofr d hundred?" "Yon think th1ls'll hold a full can of beer?" I! I F I K I Q I A we '16-2 E I . f E WMI K 1 . . THE COBBLER, THE RECORD SHOP, THE LAUNDRO MAT . .I S-3 DIVISION This is known as white-washing. s I i "Do yon have the feeling that somethings ticking." - I The "sole" support of the ship. 5 ,J ' TKT ,M f f -' i-XAl . ,IN ,Is N The next step is drying . . . DEPARTMENT STORE TOBACCO STORE . . . All you do is press this button "TU take that one? "What do you mean, it was broke when I sold it to yon?" Service with a Smile- S-4 DIVISION is i The money machine. "What's all this about taxes ?" I I A K' "That means we owe him 35000.00 ?" THE BA K . 179 You sure that trip was necessary? "What's the cup for, t-ips ?" Yf A 2: THE COUNTRY CLUB Betty Crocker says . . . Vinegar and sugar add spice to a zoardroom meal. "Now place the soup bowl 'Last month we served. . ." S-5 mvlslou if I7 he fork and lm e... l nm Q m1 an-in ,uvmfzm-swmmn-w-fwvwqfi -, mqgvv ,mf""' 7' 'N What do you need for the tour Father? Coming for a four point landing And leave the drwzng 60 US . . AND TAXI STAND . . T mvlsloN 181 Time to We-tire. E THE HARDWARE STORE AND THE WAREHOUSE . . . S-6 DIVISION And they want three F-105's?" "F-1 0529? Wh0'S that The new wide-t'raek look. Big or small, little or tail, we liowiclle it. Teamwork. 7.5-fa Aeifnhffffxffg-if 77 '? -5'01'?Z Fl, "This one says' clan? open T till Christmas. " I E I HL I I T I I 3 I L l I ,Ie I e. ,af We generate oxygen . . . Il'- ht . . THE FIX-IT SHOP . . A DIVISION I m . I 5 I I I ' 1 :I I I I If f'l I The expert valve-tnrners and button Qonshefrs lv 184 Machine shop mechanic. 2 V x ? re Z, V i , A , . riff Y! W7 iw.-J W-R-E-N-C-H A is for effort '. . . and ability. I Locked on. Repairs for water foimtai-ns, air coiiditioners . . . and diesel engines. 185 54 ,V-gr' N P 5 r I F 1 L I xy ri ' 4. 'f 2 V I ., g 3 P. I. ,. F N. ll wi Y, -1 I ,, Yessir, we'll turn the heat up right away!" We roast marshmallows, too. As easy as driving a truck. B DIVISION . . THE STEAM COMPANY - "--' -v -fwam--M-f-w-ff--'-'f-'-v-f-m-- ww Av w I-1'fam:-I-vwA.ywm-wymm-LL- sn Prepare to blow tubes. A helping hand. . . . THE WATERWORKS . . . I I , Temperature normal. l l lf' 1 ' .5 Iwm :hu V n gaggey Bgaqrd Watch, . . . Anol for your years of research M And we'll1mt the Santa Claus right up there." TMS mvtof needs 'f6wiW3l'5W9-- THE ELECTRIC AND TELEPHONE COMPANIES . . M eter Teaders This thing? alive! E DlvlsloN Come in, Captain Video - 7,7 Y - - f F - Y - - - f -A . 4 - 7-W W mmw1m- -ag.w4Q.:Ugmn , , K r , e A.,-.-,k .:1f.gLy17y,,f 5,',,,f,A-5,411ye,:,5a.5,1f,f.-J.:-.,f,,1..,:,n.:4,f,-1 211:11-Y-1-:,,z'.,'.f..g: ,fgiwe . - in - , L r ---y . , Y V . . 3 - 7 .3,.-., , Ag , ..-- , , I K A . , -K Ay:--,-W1,L-.-..:.,,.-x-,,:reg.,-5,3,3..,-:nj-,..-.73 -,JA.,.....,-,-,g:g:1f.Lo:,,.4,uvgqz--:,.fA:.ff,5:,A wgg.',.,y,,:-5-,-L.-,.z..1:l.:Wgg1+': ..,. T, , 'A i v, . , J fy, A -1, -if 35,5 ,. - -- S. , 4, f , . r 4. -, . fp-,: H: .w-1,--.y f-1.----:-1-A., 1.5 .'-.f.,1-:r2,,LI1-.Q,14--"-:q.g-g--,':,'vf:1f.-,:r.q,:x:::Sash-':L:,f..f gf4f.:f,-Y-,:.'L.--4. , .zaaf -1'-.. .- f ., V . ' - - J-f b. :-ff 4 ,. .. - ' - ' ' ' 'M f- ---- -vw 1. f:-'x-.111 :Q--4..-73-1gnu-11:1-,-.-g,:g: 11.155, 7-bg,-4-i::-: 11.ff,--'-fp,-.111-gig:'..,f- - V- , A ' ,, 1,-V, .-pg' - L-, 5-5 .- 51. ... .- ..,..,M.,...,C.g:f.s-:.V,:.:.c:-,,1.., it, . -- ..1 4 -,.- . .. ,A V , , , - 7 Q , , ., , -, --,, , ,.,. g , , ,- I ca,n't1ind the end of tlie wire. Battle lanterns with d problem. The vnovie projector gets some needed repairs I 89 E 5 i J vw ISYIEZXA N 22 be ffl if ? S , x , 190 i F! ' 1 1 A Y f Y M DlvlsloN Shaft bearings are checked. 4 THE POWER PLANT . . Throttle watch. ,f-fx, :gd I .5-,girl . ga , fi 5, , bg., L5 Q aa 5 .Q sn 4 cf el f SL-,I 3-'57 'if 4 r and POWER is electricity - Pump overhaul. WU X x P220 If ' asf 35 Q S 31 bww ,, ', fi W , . Y, U :F If ' 1 I 1 1 X 3, A " il eh 'z ' nfjf . if I 1 M is for moving the ship by means of POWER 191 R mvlsloN I I, ooou MAIN MACHRNFDY' X "You say the M aiu Dmiu's stopped up ?" . . . THE FIRE DEPARTIVIENT,5 CIVIL DEFENSE . . I I "And if you do your job, you'll get your red Suspenders." , In our spare time, we make firewovnlcs. Lathe operator. The nuts and bolts lczng. CARPENTER AND PLUMBER We've only got a hundred more plaques to make M etalsmzths measure metal. 193 I fx 5 ,N f I, QI 34 PI I I SEI , I 2 I A 5, ,W Va if i .1 Q ISI I J II, Q II I I Z I 3 I I iz I 94 I L13 V-3 DIVISION "Do you think it'Zl hold? I ..THEP RKI GLOT. "Now where do we put 91 9? f! -fffvfwi I Z T 1 "You canft find 409?" I ,,f f i,,,f1f Q, , -Aff y J:':,,Yj2'ffZffQ X, I-4, ff Uvzvw fw f ' 'mfffw-'f74f,vX', 4 yr f "Hey, buddy, you got your brake on ? I! No white gloves on this elevator man. wwzw What's he so happy about? The mule team takes a break. 195 LT in! if The men in the red jerseys . . . W pfzhffpwmi A i f N i 1 1 i l 1 W l v Q l s V gt . . . feed our thirsty aircraft with :V high performance fuel. i 1 I i 3 I i W 1 1 i t L 4 196 H "The darn thing ain't even dead yet." It takes miles of hoses and many h0mdS Y 3 1 x F 1 l . . THE GAS STATIGN "D0n't forget to bury it." Hey, you guys clown there, wake up! V-4 DIVISION "Twenty nine cents a gallon ?" g11 For greasy engines, use A jar . . . Pri-Fly records a launching time V-6 mvlsloN I've got the battery blues. ! X ,fn S k :Q , ' xiii t -Q . g i X :M . X .1 K .. Q I .452 I J V 1 H oliday for Strings. Hands across the grease Take a deep breath Going np! 199 v S 3 E L Z a 2 2 ,Y 4 Q 1 N I 5 I H S X WL I 1 Oh, yeah! Well my bear was this big." Y Brush,-down for a fuel hose H ecwe-H O ! Ml. .L - 2nd mvlslon . THE FUEL COMPANY The hatch hatches a hatch cleaner. USS MITSCHER comes alongside for fueling. "Ooooh . .A.'1Qh'alls cold!" For polishing biass, I use THE FUEL COMPANY . . . AND THE INCINERATOR . . . Ano h 202 We drove the golden spike! Rigging an accommodation ladder. X E Li gb Eg I 1,-.M f f f- -in f V i W E .. i f 4,..,-M-,4.,4,,Aw ,I . . . . L k' thft t' T ' t th h. We specialzze m playmg Dunk-the-Admwal. 00 mg 6 In ua Mm Over hat S one way 0 ca C as 1 9 E 203 4th DIVISION -.L I' ! l I I 1 I I ,I 'I I Al 'N0w, sailor, listen H ey, that thfingis moving!" . .I THE MARINA !! 4. Double-decker boat. hvvv Even the small boats need paint! The Ad1niral's 'Barge . . . a wheel driven boat. "I must go down to the seas again . . ." "Yon know, Chock-fall-0-Nuts is heavenly coffee 205 a The choruswline. "Now this here is a gun . . ." THE SHERIFFVS GFFICE Inspection jluu11- This is definitely the "spit owid polish" corps. W . Q, 4,4 The Black Bishop rides again. e Nl A R I N E S Be CGXI'6f'LLl, Sonny-thdl's loadedf' 207 xg. Z I QI 5 e 5 I 'ff g 34 X I 5 f I fe! I-I In M.. I IQ. 4 , 721 'ii 5' 'fy 5, I Q fi! f ., 2 208 OA DIVISION And here we have . . . And right there is uranium? Laimching the weather balloon THE WEATHER BUREAU . The big moment is coming. The wheel of fortune "So tha,t's where Athens is!" 1 E h E UA blizzard? In July?" 209 V L Z 2 "Look just 11, Lime to me Left" "I eenft quite get enough depth ef field . . 210 The Celluloid Jungle THE PHOTOGRAPHY STUDIO QP mvlslom O The Air Intelligence Offiee H, P 1, V. I Q MGM ity' "Here's a good one And add just a pinch of sugar. . . a i w 1 3 9 ,. U rt" W H 1 ,H Y L 5 E. s 211 7' X . NNQ ' :LX l, ' s ox, ,. "TTI X Waiisi 1 i , 3 A-QQ, X N r The long desk. What fl 771633- CR nlvlsloN Xxx This is what is known as a Key Man. 212 59 gf '-. ".'z,1'1v:1 rg igmiqyiiys-2vWifgs e " ' ' S5MJ5x.QIw'fiff' ' - f-1Es,n:g,f5,l,:yy MYEK5-:1fG.xl 'f-Lrs'zf:- l N ly' e if f , fl' ff, jr ,ff W H i i E W Q e 4. ,e z Q I My N., X . ' . , N Q xv . . ' Q - --f X1 X 'Q -f'T'.'. 1.F" - 'L f - -xv A xi K L . . - ,,:T"Sf,g': T '-: X x V . K . vi ,,,., -., .. X A , K xx . A XMX,5g s si lk 1, 0, Qs 3 s x 'X X VJ. x 'gf SSX Q. x . .1131 4337: Q Ns-1'-:KETSXL N X- -NXSF3X Q' - 'Q 5 -S 1 x ri- AQ? 5 , R:-T R if . E f N: 1 . ,f .5 'P' rssmss-W v V I Y ,Mw,:'1'3,.,,.-qt img sg-,L ,,. , 'll fkifl V l A' SEBI V: 5. -W-u a:s3.,J.jlj , 4 1'jj' V V l Mamas we e ififdleam ff Lf J, 9211 mam e 41 mama We ,, e -- f f...v 3 .5 A 51 : , 3. N27 0 ., iw Mraif i l A N l JIU i a 4? w w e i.-is i M 4 Qiiimlfibass ar fhv ff 1' l ll Mme 1 l FDDI 19592952365 Z ee ,,iT V , sl l 2 l --1 l , Q e ,N l l X FW?45414?l,!9YQlQ2f wf M l, l amarami al n f i s l fgggggggg ' all li2,Pil5i25i231iQ2' l 33332' l is l sl N QNNJQH1 l ' mn G3 41 f l f i f 2 ' 5153 mmamz Wi l V , I, L. ,1 gfA , ?m' ,, q4,,l,,2Lig:gf ,,,, IVAV .1 f- - ' - fzllf S V f 222' 4 MT N A "Ha, this is easy. Jul pull this lever and lt's all taken cafe of." The Maze. . WESTERN UNION Message traffic. King size Tecorclihgs. "Wow !" 214 M cm with It plan Up she goes. The ups and downs of the flag business, who communicate the story of this, our Main Street, to other towns and other cities. THE CHAMBER CF COMMERCE CS DIVISION ,4f""' I 0 0 In our spare time, we Qcwactice bullfightfing. This ought '50 do line' "Give me your tzred, your poor ,I 215 g V M1 X ff , ,WX N X X If V 4 f 4 Z fx AW ze il ii gl ii 1 l 1 F S l l I I 21'- if . ll Sl' l Fi l l l N-ss 'NN ' EN ,H 'Wk al' if li ll i l l lu To many of us, home is, indeed, a big city . . . where we know excitement, drama, color, immensity, urgency. All of this we find aboard FORRESTAL, as she operates as a part of the Navy's great Carrier Task Force. Here is drama, the second-by-second "sweat" of bringing a great, thundering steel jet onto the deck at top speed, here is excitement, the exultant roar of the engines as a "bird" finds its way into the blue, on clouds of steam, here is color, the rainbow ballet of the fiight deck crew in their in- tricate pattern of cooperative effort, here is immensity and urgency, as the super- carrier moves into the wind, her enormous tonnage skillfully maneuvered into a delicate balance, each man tensed at his assigned station. Here is everything of the big city, and more. Here is a working force around the clock, and aircraft in the sky . . . here are endless hours of flight quarters and a mission accomplished. Here is FORRESTAL's Sky- line . . . more than a silhouette and more than a landmark, her skyline outlines her purpose in defense of hercountry. lid USS FORRESTAL KYLI E USA -.5-' :'w--,f:,'.i- . 1j.y.,f., A .1 51.7 4,75-.1 55, 4...---.5 ' , iih-iiw'-.l3'i'f.-'C.f""1"4,fQ1vEL,2?,"I.-'J-wifi '-77650 'gk' f l kr ' ' - .-'-- '11, -. - ,. . " : -ff 5:51521-I5'F"al5:3:54-E.'Iffw:iZ.' ' " Y'-141 . ,H - -...QQ ,.: -. 1 ""g'.""" , f """" 'T' , ' 3'Y7g1'y-,-5.1-: - - V5.1-a,4'4,-i-g-If 4 . 4 1 ff' -, f3,g"f' aff-f,1::,1,.Z,F'7'-fi' qgg-vzlzgi. Q- :'fF,'g, . iff. 4,.g,T4:f "iff ..i".,-., . .H N, , K ',v2"::.-'f:iz1ffg'c91,15f::g,g4-x'a2"f?Lgl'f - Q, .117-13:13 - . Lflillfiif-'4"5'1f'f1-E'Z? 5 , 1 13235312-ii?:'5'Z?45 f'?5'f'?7QTil3ir:r2Z'Q?fQ?f1f 'L11,'iTL'M 5'-,4 - V H -w. 'z-Jftf' ' . .:fQ'f"1T""" 1'l,' Jszzvfffaif-.-LWSI,,w,,1-1-ffiiffsm-F, -f -if"f ,"5'?1ff": 2-..-.1 'f'L:f1piL?::W'F'. f2:'fg.-1x1-gm, .n.:,:1:i,91-X,f.f'.i:. 1 ,,:zLZ"L'v' - '41-'f'?PTiJ' ff1i'?'fv'f.ff.1-,X , , , .. . ,,g,,:,, iffy,1f5WffV"7-j-541 Q., lv. 'r1,-.'i"ziyf7f'5" 3 4- 31 ,,.QL.,':aQ.i4f- :,1jri1.g qs- g 75,51 mr, ,,.,L-, v.,,,,,,,,f,,L:, Lf ,,,. ,, ,, ,.. . -. ,K . M , ,,, . WM .., Q, .,,,, .:A,., v 4 , ,, r ,., ,., , . ,,. 1.-fff,n'1f ,.:M,ff,M-6 ,:N.:g.--.1 -,114 ,mu f VY .4 iyfnh X74-f 1, ,fLZyLL.:rf'1-3x ,,4,,,W,:gg,j,-11 fx 55, ,1-' j, L35 ,j f ,f 44 , .,,. ,, . ,. -.,,-W., sf, 4 V h., .V . ,4.-,.. - - -, -' -,,y4fy:,'aL:- -b Z--4:3 - 2131! 5 Lf- -, ,423 Fifi' 7- W. , fri . -9 , , V . L. - ..,,. 1 ,W -A,,.,,,:,,,,'Q,iK1:,.V.A --- .Z f' ' " ,,lwfy,, cw 3 g ef. g f3P1'zg-11't11-4: f .,. V. ' -5 ' A ,n-,dk . , . ,w Q-x1.vff.- fix I' ' 'Iwrc-1,-pvt-, 53" M.-V5 -4 . .. . , ..., . y-114,41 '-: ' 'Q ug, 5,1 1 A , 4, , .Q .::4?w., JL 1 V, ' X"fhl,Qff., fn A N- ' . 'wg I i Wy,-2393 W , - .,, . 4 1 , W wfzkqff n . ,Q mmm-1 m..,-f..fN.'.w..rr11v Q f 1 7 f Q f f, 6,3 Umfwggw, ,,, f fww Wdiv M X ,Wg ggi www f MW .M-'fy ffff fz ' ' ,V f Xml J f Q1 U' I B X W, Y K! 3 . , f . un, . ' A gf XR, .,,, 0 ' un www- V , 4 Skyline, then, is more than the superstructure of the ship, as fomnons 0. projile as ct cityls buildings lit at night. It is more than the seventeen levels that form this great Skyscraper, and more, too, than the colorful excitement of its life . . . more than the traiic and the steam and the noise. Skyline is, simply, the city of FORRESTAL, in which live and work more than four thousand men. To translate the purpose of FORRESTAL into definitive action, takes the unified efforts of 'these thousands of men. The realization of these efforts is the ship in operation, be it on a routine exercise, in a demonstration or on an urgent mission. Each of these men has a job. Some jobs sustain other men, through food, spiritual guidance, or clean laundry. Other men, dependent upon this sustenance, perform the routines of the ship that together add up to power, speed, mobility, defense and attack capabilities. It is for these men that this section of the book, the section called Skyline, is reserved. In a sense, they, like the city, never sleep. Their hours are the hours of duty, unnumbered. Their work from day to day may be commonplace, or it may be heroic, but whichever it is, it is performed in the spirit of the purpose to which it is dedicated . . . defense of our country. Among these men are members of the Air Group, and members of the Ship's Company. Their activities range from the skies to the inner depths of the ship, from the brilliantly colorful flight deck, to the dark confines of CIC far below, from the bridge to the very bowels of the ship. Together, their diverse efforts put our aircraft into the air, and return them home again. They are our line to the sky, and our ultimate weapon. They are the men of our big city, USS FORRESTAL. , , f CDR James Ferris Commanding Officer Carrier Air Group EIGHT Rl 22l pw' VAH-5 is The story of Heavy Attack Squadron FIVE is the story of an airplane. Our airplane, the lethal A3D "Skywarrior,,' presented many faces to the peoples of Eurasia and America. To the personnel of the ship, the giant aircraft was a graceful sight as it Hew overhead, but up close it, was an ear- irritating jetwhose power demanded both awe and distance., Tothe many Eurasian people who visited the carrier -it was the BIG airplane that somehow seemed too huge to ever land on a ship, it was also the plane with the eye catching insignia-an insignia which invariably produced a "Qu'est-ce que dest?" or "Was isst dass?" To-members of the Defense Department, NATO and Commander Sixth Fleet it was a weapons system, the greatest power of the mobile and powerful Navy Striking Force-the reason for the carriers' strategic existence. To its crews it was the realization' of a mission. It was a long range bomber capable of high, and low level missions at near sonic speeds. It was an all Weather aircraft whose delivery methods included radar and optical bombing at high, medium and low altitude and an extremely effective loft delivery. To its aviators whose educated hands nursed its con- 22 trols through copious flight hours, catapult shots, arrested landings and even bolters it was a power- ful machine they flew with joy and pride. To its bombardierfnavigators and third crewmen it was a plane with equipment that produced frustrations as well as "bullseyes" and pin point celestial naviga- tion fixes. To its maintenance and support person- nel it was the big bird that never seemed to rest or remain perfectly healed. It was on the move and required endless devotion and meticulous care. It had radar which needed repair, tacan and hydraulic lines demanding attention. It was worked upon by stalwarts day or night--rain or shine. It was al- most human and its moods sometimes became the moods of its flight and maintenance crews. It did not control the lives of the squadron by any means. Rather its men controlled it, as is evidenced by the fact that during a three day period it flew 63 con- secutive sorties for a total of 225 flight hours. It produced 5 "bullseyes" in a space of three days. ' It was not just another airplane. It was the "Skywarrior" manned and maintained by the At- lantic Fleet's finest Heavy Attack Squadron, the "Savage Sons" of Heavy Attack Squadron FIVE. HEAVY ATTACK SQUADRCN FIVE f C C 223 VA-81 Whether seen streaking across the fantail at flight deck level during a practice bombing session or roaring thunderously against the strain of the catapults during a launch, the orange-tailed Sky Hawks of Attack Squadron EIGHTY ONE are one of the FORRESTAL's most imposing participants in the day-to-day drama of carrier operations. But most of the work done by the bantam bombers of VA-81 is enacted far from the searching gaze of its shipboard audience. Often the jagged mountains of ancient Greece or the desolate and dry plateaus of' parched Spain set the stage for a day's flight operations. Or perhaps the gray shadow of an orange tailed A4D can be seen sliding across the barren desert stretches of Africa or in and out of Italy's green valleys. Although the primary mission assigned to VA- 81 is the delivery of special weapons, the scope of its capability encompasses a far greater area. Close 224 air support of ground troops and the many applica- tions of conventional weapons, such as bombs, rockets, and napalm, fall within that area. But the tale of VA-81 is not played entirely in the air. Long hours of planning and mission briefS precede each flight and the gaping hangar bays be' low the flight deck unfold the underlying theme behind the squadron's operations-aircraft mainten- ance, which keeps 81's jets ready and willing t0 fly day and night, rain or shine. EIGHTY ONE holds the coveted CNO Safety Award for 1960, and early in this year's cruise, One of its Sky Hawks made the 50,000th arrested landing aboard the FORRESTAL. CDR R. E. RUMBLE is the skipper of ATKRON 81. This is his second, and the Squadron's fifth trip into Mediterranean waters since its commission- mg in 1955. LLL ATTACK SQUADRON EIGHTY ONE A L A- 52 ' 75 , fi' W , C7 s if-ii . ' H5 1 'Un , iz , up -9 f' Vg 5' 1 H. 9 ' 1 -, in ,yifrf H in Q 4 Mla- - 0 4 iQ' ""' 'XT 1-K ".2',,o-4 "W 11555,-A V Q'-5fQy...,,x ffrtxx-s..... .yuwkr M-, ...f '- . .Ab f'f2"' V -ump- f ,fx X -:4 - .... -...5. 3 , Qj-. -4 I ,Lg A 4 , V , Qx.f , f b -.J x T 1 1 I ATTACK SQUADRON EIGHTY THREE ATTACK sQuADRoN EIGHTY rlvt f f f My ,,,,,,,f,:V, , f, Jw , f,fZ,,,ff5!,,,0 fluff, I I X77 I I f af X X f,,, , ff , ffwf f W , f I K 1 w I , . , X ' r" X: K' X X-4. K. X 4xX'X X X X - ,"'x "" X.: -X 'X XX5X!X,X,XXXX. X1h - .X X55 XQXXQXXXXXX :XQXXXAX-,5.XX,. X 1 4 if XX xi QW FTNX BTW , N 'F X F X Q, ,K X .X X X X. A r ig. - X, -w A f,.-LXQ,,XX-X,, Xxgx 51A-fx X Ag s f 5 Xxx XX .X X x XM . f. FX , X X X 5 XZ' I xy AX' Xl -X Xp? X X--X 11 . X XX Xf -QXX Xf'ff'? X ,X X XX-i' 3X f 'SX f-XXX fl f - X 1 5 Xa' X X X E X . N I X XX 'X 2-11-3352 i P31 X X Xa X f X X ' i X' ! A X 1 X ,RFE 2 Q , K S353 A Q? "H12:gj 'X' , X X g g X -X 'lf' X X , X X REM, 'X X X Y 5'X'-'iv-fXf5? '2 I X. ' ' fx, ' X' f, 'X X ' ywix X .QX gdysr' 3,2 X X ' Q X.,,V9.5k-f,1:5z'.,.Q Xlf X X U , 5,55 X X X X V wb, -3X .Xi A my.. E X X X m.... .X X XXX' K 1 ff 1 . ,.'X x X , 'X ' X.. X X Q 9 X X X2 f' 'W f , N 4' X, X X , X19 X' -----" X " X X- . ' ff ' . X X,-413 X, , - .. XX XX X X X-av Xf'X-X X. , H Aff X 4' - f A .. - X X.. X X XXX N X -X X ,ff - X, I - ,' 2, ,X- XX: X 2 XX X XX 1 . -X X.-. -X XX XX X ,X , f-,X 04 X.Xf , ' f N X X XX-X Xg X r . R2 N 1- ., .X X. ZA A ., XX 'X - Xfz. XXX X .- XXXX X KX 1 XR X Xj X X -X X' X X. X A X. 'nf-' XXX AY' -XXX X-X XXXX X Xa -4 51 1- , X x X ' "rf XX 51 5 - N . K ' 'iw-P' V 'il VX -X ,g1?X9XfXXXfX XXX Q zzffwffw--.X ,af ' 'H' f X ,V gp 'df 5 'X KX X, ,XXX xx. RX Xwjgf Q I XX "'X XV' ' ' X ' ". X X :'-.Xi'X' ' X .X:1X XX XX Y XXXXX X 1X rf' ' X ,K 4, V A, X X ,V X A X- N, 5 W S X3vX'N N Q ! X f ' ' ' xi-X4 "Vi X, XB- X559 J 'X 3 5 'Q ' ,X X X PX ' -Q 'N , , - ,I . I 'X fr jg X " x b g .jr XXXQXN X ' XX Xx 'X XXX Xx 6. j j 1 X .,X, X F X ff: X. 12 XX .X ve: -YR X ' 1'XX' xf X X V 5- 'xl -X -sit ! X xx, X- :gf X N-Ng? f. 1 X, i"2L:Xi 1?'331?"55'X:5'?'Fi Vg XXX- XX -X X X, " "" ,X .f'g,4ftN ' ?Qg.X,. XX eg , f 'X W N , 228 X A41 VA 85 . Flying the Douglas AD 6, Attack Squadron 85 IS the only prop driven aircraft squardon aboard USS FORRESTAL which has an offensive capa bility. Its mission IS not only to effect delivery against both land and sea targets using conventional weapons but emphasis is also placed on the delivery of nuclear weapons by low level attack. The AD, known also as the SPAD CSpeedy ADJ by its Jet contemporaries, 1S also the only combat proven aircraft aboard Forrestal. It was first used 1n the Korean Conflict, and from the beglnning proved an outstanding success. Its ability to lift its own we1ght in useful ordnance, plus remain on station for many hours has made it an invaluable aircraft for the support of ground troops. Morale and cooperation are very high among the pilots and ground support personnel of VA 85 as 1S evidenced by the fact that the squadron appears regularly on the honor list of divisions aboard FORRESTAL VA 85 is well known for its ability to accomplish its assigned tasks, and perhaps from this emanates the motto proudly given it during FORRESTAL's Fire Power Demonstrations: "We'll dellver anything, anywhere, anytime." """' V - 1- ., -- ff - - Y -7 A -,,, -W Y .LY , Y 3- 1 W Y f If 1 Y U55 fmzwcsnu. 4 VF-102 "Milkvine 101 airborne!" Another "FORD" is launched on a night in- tercept mission. He could just as easily be launch- ing into a cloud filled sky during daylight or dark- ness. The DIAMONDBACKS are responsible for protecting the fleet against attack by enemy aircraft under all weather conditions. The SKYRAY, with its very high rate of climb, high altitude characteristics, and airborne intercept radar, enables the DIAMONDBACKS to claim any- thing from sea level to an altitude in excess of 50,000 feet as their "hunting ground." An intercept controller onboard ship maintains radar contact With the "FORD" and directs its pilot tovvard his target. When the pilot establishes radar contact with the target he is able to complete the intercept. "Milkvine 101 meatball, state 23." With an "O. K." pass, Number 4 Wire" the "FORD" has 2 found its darkened roost steaming on the lonely, black sea. Mission complete! Carrier aviation is nothing nevv to the DIAMONDBACKS. During the last three years they have been onboard the FORRESTAL for three Med cruises in addition to several smaller deploy- ments. By the middle of this cruise they had logged over 5,000 arrested landings aboard the FOR- RESTAL. Eight of their 15 pilots are double centurions aboard the FORRESTAL. Under the able leadership of CDR Emmett M. COOKE, Jr. and CDR Paul MILLER, Jr., who re- lieved CDR COOKE on 24 April 1961, Fighter Squadron ONE HUNDRED TWO has maintained an impressive "CAN DO" attitude. During those 101125 air defense exercises, the maintenance crew never seemed to run out of the power to "keep 'em flying." zxsi- SSX Xj .94 N 'S X X 1 X ' 6 X , . ,. XX.,?XzXvXrQXX Nw X X 1 W XXXXX X X X X lr, X X ' I Y 1 1 1 i 1 1 r X n F I FIGHTER SQUADRON ONE HUNDRED TWQ f f , E s ,f I 7: f 1, ff ..-, M ,," - ' if 1 QV 51-,L ,XV N 'f 7 f' if:-7 , wi ',fh'k' - Mg: W ,. I A - gf k HR ' 1- giyf' ' X .,,' f ' ' '--' - f 1. iff: Vk.' 1 ' WM f . -. Y -5 m ilf? - I:"-- ...Ni 1,1 VIA"- A n 4L473?'-'-M 7 ' '-X f 1 ' 'f 4 1X dl' 231 FIGHTER SQUADRON ONE HUNDRED THREE 232 VF-103 Fighter Squadron 103 has as its primary mis- sion air defense of the ileet. To accomplish this mission, most of the squadron's flight time is de- voted to perfecting intercept techniques. VF-103 flies the FSU-2 CRUSADER armed With two side- Winder missiles and four twenty mm cannons. Cap- able of speeds near "Mach 2" and altitudes in excess of fifty thousand feet, the F8U-2 is still the most deadly interceptor in the Navy's arsenal. Although the primary mission is intercepts, the squadron can be 'used as fighter cover for photo reconnaissance and attack aircraft and for close air support missions. KM, gl X233 yr ggww xbiixl ' f MZ.,-w-Ji . I ' I.,!f1ff:1,2g.,ii' A -- W 7 ' '!,:,.,Lg. . 0 -aj., , 11, 2 1,2 y ws uf' ' .'-1,1 V2fin K' pl I f --1,-,xijlf ' N nf" 5'1" , , ,1! A 5- 4 f-Q: f I' 'Q 1 5-4,-, Q x-ff I -psf, A b 4 Mft' 1 ,',.ll" . 5 K 1"' A ' "" " vii . X 952 ' .Li A , .i q M, f , 3LS+ 2 M-wsm-zs'5f 'f2 X 'Mvf k-W ' f - ' K ' Q . ' W f ., 1 3:1595 .-fa ' f . ,Q , 1' f m,Q.,,g:'f'N.f., ., , 4, 5 X. ki V, , X, W , f.x,,a.,-,,.,,Q. hz., G 6, ,.ff,e,,,7 ff .wg ,. V, , wqfvf.. , - f if s vif ,,AL. V, ' if ? ' ' , M f f Q 5, LIGHT PHOTOGRAPHIC SQUADRON SIXTY-TWO Detachment 42 234 N f-M. V412 . W 'mx kk- N q ' V W5?vi"""'Q? in 4 ff f i 1-'fr -f 'nu-., ig 3-K , ff af X Y xv 4i' A.f:x NW .ASUS fe R7 . f' N94 CARRIER AIRBORNE EARLY WARNING SQUADRON TWELVE Detachment 42 236 VAVV-12 Detachment FORTY-TWO of Carrier Airborne Early Warning Squadron TWELVE reported aboard the FORRESTAL this cruise sporting the Navy's latest operational radar aircraft, the Grumman-built WF-2 "Tracer," alias "Willie Fudd" to FORRESTAL personnel. The radar-equipped WF replaced the veteran AD-5W "Guppy" of former FORRESTAL cruises. The VAW-12 U42 Crew," LCDR William H. Kmetz, officer-in-charge, consists of twenty-two of- ficers, fifty-one men and five of the "Fudds." As a member of the Air Group Eight team, VAW-12's primary mission is to provide radar early warning to the task force, to inform the force of approaching ships and aircraft, with special emphasis on the de- tection of low level attacking aircraft, far beyond the ships' radar horizon. The airborne CIC teams also assist picket destroyers in the control of CAP in the defense of the task force against air attack. The parent squadron, home-based at NAS Quonset Point, R. I. is presently the largest carrier squadron on the east coast and normally provides detachments to all attack and anti-submarine car- riers operating in the Atlantic and Mediterranean. Detachment FORTY-TWO on the FORRESTAL is just one of the many arms that stretch out to pro- vide airborne radar to the fleet. As a result of the fine safety record compiled early in the cruise, the detachment, in competition with other squadrons and detachments of Air Group Eight, was the first aviation unit on board to be awarded the "Safety Eight Bell." Another significant event for the detachment was the record 501.9 hours flown during the month of May. The 509.1 hours was a record for hours flown by a VAW-12'carrier based detachment. V, 11' 'a S S! Av. , li il' I, "H i 1 ,E ,. li ill V il 42 ., I, tl f ,xl . U, VA :z M, i, 1 l 1 if 1 1 . lvl, l 'lf g ill' .i' G li ll 5 all 4 ll 1 iw In lt? Val fi ,. in S. 443. li V ul ,L ' fu ll ll! F lx I I .V ! I 4 fi-I S 'i 5 i. Hi Ei si lx, IH F HU- Huddled together on number two elevator in seeming self-protection from the fire spitting war birds of CAG-8, we find the helicopters from Heli- copter Utility Squadron TWO, Detachment FORTY- TWO. Small in size but large in importance, Det-42 with its four pilots and crew of twelve stands ever- ready to pluck a downed pilot from the grips of Davy Jones, deliver mail from home to the de- stroyers, or a hundred other odd jobs where a sea going windmill is a needed assist. In port, as well as at sea, Det-42 helos can be seen traversing between ships at anchor and local airports, where the cargo may be anything from a spare oil pump for an FSU to the Secretary of Navy. With VIP seat covers in one hand and a mechanic's wrench in the other, life never gets dull with this group. , 238 2 This accomplishment , can only be attained through the utmost in aircraft maintenance and 3 sincere desire on the part of all hands to keep the helicopters up and on the job. Each man, whether he be mechanic, electrician, metalsmith, chief or alr- man, must not only be an accomplished aircrewman in the art of rescue, but a master of his particular aircraft maintenance skill. The most rewarding and exacting duty of HU-2 whirlybirds is that of rescue. Many monotonous hours are spent flying plane guard and maintaining a ready condition on FORRESTAL's flight deck awaiting the call that some unlucky aviator haS ditched his aircraft and needs our assistance, But all those hours of boredom are wiped away When that pilot is hoisted into the helicopter and with a grin on his face and says, "am I glad to see YOU guys." .lil . ' "'N"+.,,,m, A ' Q l X574 ' T 7 Mpg1f3"g .,, gi-, V IL! ' 5113 A 7' ' I l + -. " 1' f Y,,.w,.-V ' , I -' V ' : fK-L ,. , ' f ' Q A, - l-5-,-51, qv 4 I. ,,,',,f? ,': ' ff' Q- ".- 4' ' ffl, "ff ' V-f..,I 'Sf " ' - V . ' fill. I "1 H 1-,f-,iii , I ' H' - p -.ALA .zgif .- .-.I . t ,N -D, HELICOPTER UTILITY SQUADRON TWO Detachment 42 V.,-1 :W V Q gm. Wa.-,f.: .. gf . ' 1' 27 ' .V ' v ' , W., , fi V I ,,- , 11, V, Q , My. , - f. s wa, f ,Q ' ' f V .' .- -'fin ff - :V ' Z f ' - Q31 j 'ffi'i.2,.:.0 A2, fi --ff 'Aff' 2 jf ,f " , my, I I kwin. fy!! M? I 1 . I . QQ 2, f , J f f w fx S ef. If , iw -' if X ' 4, - , ff-Vg., . xg .1 14 , ' f, . I "MK:Jl2'.: ,' "' 1" .QQ x, 'f 5 3 v --Maw aww-,--.. ,f I ,MJ VL Lv .K 7 5.51: , 1 Q 1 yi , 3: fm ' ., ' I' I ' 'K ' d v-1 4, bfi. 1 ' ,, 5 Q, - 481. ,K zu, -6 fy I f, , 45'f9f1gif in 5- -, 5: 5 K - ,4 .,,. I , fat f i-- f. V' X f I , I I f + I F '--"tm ?-ww - , f ' ' I P ,- 1 MN 741, Q I - - ' :mm-2391-x :I ,ff I H Q I - I I Nw-I ' ,ag I f f f- 'k" Alffff ff'?"'ff , , - -, I -. if 55,-.f:,,fgf-1,11 11 ,V .,,, .-5V5,,H V , I A ,., I ,N.v, -A,- - I 239 5 1 I af l Hg I if 1 N DlvlsloN "Now it says, turn the knob on the right This is what is lcnown as sleeping on the job. 4 Men of distinction smoke Prince Albert "Looks tilce we're right about . . . where ?" y , 5 ?l1-1 All they needs ct owlja, hoard 255 Q All together 'how . . . one . . . two ... three . . . KICK! The Chief figures it out . . . 4' ff' y WAT I w . J I 4 T 5 1 r I 3 li i A 1 i r 5 T 3 c ! i I 1 KI J J J ,ff Ahh . . . you ve seen one landing, you ve seen em all. Willie Ffaolcl awaits the word A gruesome twosome V-1 DlvlsloN ?.,,.,, E5 'K A iq l t Q: W' 7 7 7 al I Somelwdy wake 'LW the pilot-"' Mickey Mouse and the 'monster . . . 'And for relaxation, we do jigsaw puzzles Muscle man 1 n 243 'JI 2 25 5':w'w Z.,-,'gI ff " V-2 DIVISION I W "Who you callin' Mickey Mouse ?" I T Low bridge! ,, 4 .,.. M lf' , 1 9'f5yM 1, gif' ,lilf 2 . ,: ,f 7 ' wg, G. gf,-X -I y ' X V f ffkc f' xv KT' ' f ' Z1 f' f JIM" 4 , 'H' Q . K 'f ff' M" . . i f if ' V' ' 7 'V .. I f K ' ' ' "' " "" x'f my ' ,ff ff 2 wx-.yX.wffNlvx,,ig f,y,X-,x ,f ,, fff I , W . 1- X sxgyg,w,QQ4,?f4.VX g.. f ,, Q ,, 6 1314, Q..-wg , My ., ,. 3 wB, V, W , 'I I 'f 7 I 'iff if- N,:f2ff14f':P74fzf? :Wi I '-M554 115' f,wXf,gm-z,QvX -wx, ,W I f - ' '- I , f. f -ff vf. f W -f x X W.4,?w-r wwfx r- , mfffX..,,,y.1fi N .arQ"+:-'- em-wi. , -f , f, ,lf , If , ,V ,Mf..-W5fVg5.X,f V. , XY. f,,,gX,,Xgw g,3.,gl5.-. X -XMQ 'M f 'K f li V' , 379' "W M 0 'VW' Wizffmri r ? 1 'TMA I ll ff-iff! . I ' ' fit?v72fffy,aff,Qw f' - I-551' 'I COW Stand 0771 my head, 1500-'M "Anybody got am, aspirin my hecod's killin' me 5. 2 42- 4: el i There she goes . . . m Hey: wait 7607 m ,1 U 2 N 1 1 w 4 I 1 Q 5 G 1 I Y I ..--fn l fl l I . H F . I L' v V L I e I. 11 2: N I 5 i ! I i 5 E le lil I w 'I I 1 f i Y F 21' 11 2 I 1 Q 1. Mu f'l i I The Chief . . . qfwl his right and left hand mem OC DlvlsloN That fam aww Zoflk' Dear Mom . . Qawrrxn sew' f ff x -xlXLi we sgfwkf xi S X X Xfliixixi f ,K xi x 'T-xxx -Qigjg se 5 Q N ji 4 Q! L !E I 21,5 '22 0 r Q M9 - The 'Big Thbfee The old teaching the new. ff 1 -'Ma A1 21,5 Wired for sound. 247 I'Wo'w that Looks. like a'g00dief?' 248 DIVISION ,, Tube-testing. f 'My "I heard 0, mouse in here somewhere " it "Just one more and Pm all set." Two seconds to short circuit. Taking a freadivig. A L 249 - 4 iQ "Hello . . . operator . . . hello!" DIVISION 54 71 Mirror, mirror. . After school they let us wash the blaclcboardsl ft. , Aww z 31:1 'ff I 4 111, pun 1 I 1 70 6 JW -W . If . N X fr 53 A I f 11 H -,,.44L7L, ,-::, ,' -Iez? Lv Hey, Joe . . . take a look at this!" "Looks like ' of sr .f 5 My ,m., w,e're right about theref' eh This is what is known as going around in circles. 251 nw- YA W , --,.4.-.. 252 I 1st DIVISION Link painters. Securing the pclicaraq hook Even aircraft carriers have sail lockers . . , if 4 My grandma taught me this . . . "You said you wanted a yard and a half? Anchor angle. J! xiifj a w Ig A l f 1 a' a fl X .xfxf V 4 ,..ikZ25ffLffW pr Zin, 4 I I And she had eyelashes this long .... Push-pull-click-click ! P P h F.1-R-E! v,fmW1 an-mmm-funn - , "Remir1,cZs me of my little girl . . ." I IH, art. ix sp Q C ,Y ! I, I f I .SEL Q the turret. 5th DIVISION "Careful raow, it's loaded. 25 F OX DIVISION 4' 'Up pewlseoyoef' Get a, chest X-my once a, year ! 'if , ,uv , - 1 '1 I L9 'And for my next song lx. s I f that turns orange get set to ran"' -I-"u One step ahead of the book 7 M t Q s ? Lit if I Cl I , . t t zj R ' 'f .2 -L fil i E I t r it 5 , ,- If , f I in W I o i 25 t b 1 gli' I Small arms repair 258 DIVISION M -1 inspection "Arla that's how I lost my right leg XJ fi wvffrz.. ., I , I E I 55,5 I ,I ' , S r' "Let"s play darts." 1 P aw E, I i l Y lp If 1. W w lr 1 a g Locker lacquer-ers. Sidewinder gets 0, working over f,, 259 F1 M? we Last minute tech 'monitor Qriefing. - ' Traintng session on calibration of test equipment. lx 1 Q 2 ZQV' V fx 262 In the city called FORRESTAL, night settles Onto the ship. The ship is dark against the sea and Sky , , , only an occasional running light punctuateg the vast ocean landscape. Inside, the routine slows, and the cameraderie of the dinner hour, the movie, the Card game or the chess match merges into the quiet hours, when men are alone with their thoughts or their jobs . . . when letters are written home and letters read or re-read . . . the time for a late night sandwich, a hi-fi session, another in an endless series of cigarettes or cups of coffee . . . this is night on the city called FORRESTAL . . . a quiet time, as night is, but as in all great cities, a time of intense activity for those who must maintain the watch over the darkened ship and prepare it for the next day's activities. In the darkened passageways, silhouetted against the glow of red lights, men move quietly about their jobs . . . a sentry patrols . . . an oiice blazes with light as a hatch is quickly opened and then shut . . . the bridge is alert . . . deep within the ship radar keeps up the watch . . . a sudden fire drill breaks the silence as the 1lVIC crackles with orders and the running feet of damage control parties echo through the ship until the mock blaze is extinguished and silence returns. Tomorrow, the ship will be at Hight quarters and tonight the preparations must begin for this, the most demanding of all activities of the carrier, the reason for its being. I In the Air Operations Office, the Op Order is received from Flag and from this, the flight schedule must .be puzzled out to fulfill the requirements . . . hands clasped to tired head, a cigarette burning in a near-by ashtray, the figures added and subtracted and juggled and changed and erased until the schedule is complete and the "green sheet" is ready for distribution to ready rooms, squadron per- sonnel, the bridge . . . to everyone who will be in- volved in flight operations tomorrow. On the hangar deck, squadron and ship's company maintenance crews pore over engines and tires, peering with flash- lights and probing hands deep into the bowels of each plane, checking and rechecking and greasing and adjusting the intricate mechanisms of the engines that will tomorrow propel the great steel aircraft off the deck at incredible speeds and sustain them on their missions. - l l 1 , 4 H . ,I l l 'I l ng rl l 3 f M 5 0300 Within the echoing canyon of the hangar deck, the city is alive with movement and with sound and activity as crews Work late into the night to ready their fleet of birds . . . planes are pL1Shed and moved into position, spotted for the early launflh that will greet the day. In the parachute loft, the great, billowing Whlte folds are packed into position . . . in the pump foomf figures and valves are checked to assure the sm0fJth transition of high potency fuels from their storing 441i , ji 'wi B 1:-1' .1 A .ff-,. 0500 places below to the waiting aircraft on the deck, . . . H1 the galleys, sandwiches and hot meals are readied for the weary crews who will work through this Hlght and the men who will work through the long hours of iiight operations tomorrow. In the Aerology office, weather maps are pre- Palfed and studied, and weather briefings are held, which in the morning, will acquaint the aircraft crews of the conditions under which they must per- f0I'H1 their missions. 26 As early dawn light breaks over the sea, and the silhouette of FORRESTAL emerges once more as a black-on-grey structure, the activity intensifies . . . yellow-shirted plane directors receive their briefings and go into action as the Hight deck is spotted for the first launch . . . operating on instructions from Flight Deck Control, where the miniature aircraft are juggled into position, the crews push and tug the aircraft onto the elevator . . . to be carried high to the flight deck. lim' ,C I if . i f - ...TIIS7fY?!' ...- 'li i 1 n H 1 li li 'i r li I l l if I 5 I I. , I 266 0600 S S mm1 .num-B-,vm-, . W -1-.-wwmnw-in- - --n-1 It is now early morning, and the city stirs into daytime activity. On the bridge, the bos'n calls the order over the IMC to activate the day's operations . . . "All hands man your flight quarter stations . . . " and man them, they do, on the run, as the day swings into high gear- The catapult crews check the mechanisms of the heavy steel cables that will fling the aircraft into the sky . . . crews in Flight Deck Control continue to direct the deck spot for the first launch and plan for the next launch . . . teletype operators are busy transmitting and receiving information from other units operating with FORRESTAL, to ensure the smooth carrying out of the operation order. The squadron pilots arrive in their ready rooms for briefing, study weather maps and discuss the objectives for the day . . . awaiting the word that will soon come to them over the squawk boxes to man their aircraft . . . the squadrons choose pilots and planes to fly the assigned missions and give the side numbers to Air Ops, which transmits the informa- tion to Pri-fly. The pilots wait as above, on the flight deck, activity increases, and the myriad of colored shirts that signify the various crews-blue, red, green, brown, yellow-proceed quickly about their assigned tasks. t. 77, -.l "Pilots man your aircraft . . . " The word is passed to the ready rooms over the crackling squawk boxes and the pilots spill from their briefing meetings up the escalator, and on across the flight deck towards their waiting planes. On the flight deck, planes are armed, as weapons are brought from their storing places far below . . . and the deadly streamlined missiles and bombs are affixed into place. The helos are launched to carry to the destroyers soon to stand plane guard duty, the "green sheet," the flight schedule and instructions, the weather maps, prepared on the carrier during the long night of work just ended. Brown-shirted plane captains assist the pilots into their aircraft . . . the catapults are manned, the arresting cable crews are in position, the landing mirror is adjusted to the proper angle, the Landing Signal Officer takes up his post, and instructions fly from the bridge to spaces below which will enable the ship to shortly build up the necessary speed for launching. fn 'E , Y Y V V ' "' 44--' 'V -'lf - L 1 , 'V : Qlkxw, ..4L191f'?g1'5L-ZQz.i714:" I 'U'i:'L.x.' . 0630 1.4'vf: :- 1 1 4:1,.,.w" ' i .,,:.Q.:1:: ,.1 .ffvfmsxgunrsx :X xmas:Wsemrs+2111:::1,.ff::L:w- H - 1 557' V L- f,'+ffffz:-.frm-' -- cxfgyq.. . - M f f' W1,g1m4xz'f ,, -gf. 3 'www . " :wx-,,1...','1,-V-14:241ff,Waw1,:1::L1,1-".g1"v.1.,'- fgrffrr- q-vf'v.::-.1-,r :vw ..1-., -A , 721 .1 glmm.-1... f-mfg'+..,g-5.-rw-1,-n5.v-nw ., my-,g,.,1,N :-ez" , , . if -f , , , ,,,,,1v. z ,M..v:-:4k5h.,f,:,,grg,--2-1.1.0, 'f ,Ju-f-.g'.,,,':fi.. 153-57111 fy' .,,.1,,,fq,c-1--,-1, .- -f.-, ,,--Ivy, 1-1.f.,,1q...1--.1,'v.1..4,.,. ..-,,.. ,,,, .,,,...,e, -, - 45 N 2 z'f' -'12- ?:"f'fQw ' w-,ffl-A-.v w-m,,,, .,,,-ff.:M,::: ,. ': sw"-'13, .,,-. . . ---V, l .aug 1 v- S- . . V' V, - ,y --,Ja ,rw QW---V-hfzxvfw - WlQH",,'6'ffZf:f1'fw:m-,mzfhf-Jfwmzrwya'ff':Hsw'1.:'::12-21"'fwcrfnvfww ,g.-way-fc,, . ,fywfil-if-Sw:-1'w3d.1w,. 5.q5'b-ffv1.LfQ"K'f3f?-R2':Is9r"'ffW'i'1fW 4244" :t?'4f"H-' w"r'ff-w-..w'f2L. A W 4 , 11'www1'.,:N ,a f rffzw mf- :fb .w.,.1?4,m-Y ff: f'1"'1e"f-Q., vffigg, q ,fy ,w.,'f,?S,, , 1 1' .f-w Af f ' , 1, A f M 121' ct. f '..v,w3-if 3: -- A.-.,. "- '1-1-, My ,,1..,,.,,, ,.,,.. m5f,,.,.,,.,4, .,grM,,- 1.,. .,,-.z4.,- -- .W , p.,,. ,.. - . Q 4. N .. W., My .. .. , , . -.M M., 5. .wg,,:g5,,ff,.v,,,.,,1,g3 aw.,-,AMQ4 g',5g,,1-1,,,,w,,4,.1.y.,,f1-.1,Q,,-:zdaggfw-.,.z in 1.21 Ma w , l,15ygy.,,,,x7. , 1,1 ,Aw 2 mf ,- , ,,, , tg f., , - 3, - y -M T y1y.,.-.,f . V N, . ,Vw2w5ji53fz'5ff'iLL'3p1ff4-QEV' xf - ' ' '-if H". - , 25 .g11eW:241g47fA-ipfqgeav,g f v2y,.',.-f'- . , 7 3151 1 f 1 1 1" . N ,,,, ,,,, ,. W 7M,,,,.,, vm, 7, L, .5 , ., '45, Q- ff 1,,. mug, f .ZA MN5.?,.f ,gffhdlg 1 wif, X I 41.4.-,.,,.xQfQ Q,-Mr.-121 -,geefny -1: f I " P35 'V1.35Z5:fc 17,1 f 1,111 1 1 ,M"3fw fi, MX '-w:-gqrfg-1 :g:,- , 4. 4 111,13 .' 1 Wy ,,m.,,,,,,,W,, 0 , H., wife' M 1 3 Af X1 f KZ'-' V J Q f ,QfM'1?w xy 1 - dyyb: ., 111440 25,2 j.,i',,v 1 415' M -- 1 1.-11, ,1-11-,QX 1.1 f- Xu- yi! ' 5 11 af 1 f if 7 1- My wx x 1 511 tg? if wfgw214fw.:ga. 1: 2- I 1.1-:fxrf-' Qi f-hi, , 1 1 1 M., ,- . 1 1 1 1 1 xi ' 1, ' x ' k X I 1 ' -X , .V -' fig? X .. f J f f ' 1 13? 1:- ' 1 1 Q! f 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 f 1 X . f 1 f 1 X 1 f. , f I 1 1 I ,fl f 155 .-'f 11. Ze , f f 1 1 X M . X ,U K X 1 1 I f 1 1 , A59 1 ' X j I f 9 'iv ff 1 1 ll x 269 5. E V H 11 w 5. ii iz w w. ,I rf w L lg 'ii ge WP is 1 'i V! 5 2 K x 4 N 1 1 il i I X, w, .L lx if 3. ,,. y , ,. li 6 i , 1 If , vi u 1 E. iff -4 I K i . 1+ 1, 2 1. N1 Ma , Nfl S W E fs L5 I3 ,A my W Q i r ,Q 270 0650-0700 0 " M ffm, K 5 K SXi:.,-XXixigy-qXi....5 ' 1 X A ax XSQBXQFA X 1 X xx X 1 -Qi ix x xx g KN. 0 XXQ 55 Orders are quickly passed to accelerate the ship to ia speed at which thirty-five knots of Wind Will pour across the flight deck. The Navigator and the Engine Room together Work out b 'ld ' a ui up IH speed and change in course that will turn the great carrier into the Wind and permit launching to begin. The Air Boss puts out the signal board and the flag goes up . . . air operations are about to begin. The Air Boss talks to the Flight Deck Officer over the sound-powered phones, and instructions are transmitted to aircraft directors and catapult officers. Everything is in readiness . . . the hours of preparation and planning are over, and a instantaneous moment of Waiting tension settles over the ship . . . as FORRESTAL turns into the wind, ready for the first launch. E A ,Y W, W ,, ......,..'-Q-vv..rY r L 3 I 5 I Q' ,EJ 1 , l 3 .-,f 2 +53 1 4 ,461 5P"i 4"'f'S7l ":V L y '2-xr L' f ' I an I.. x i tions the radar-domed Willie Fudds are sent Destroyers are on guard on their assigned sta 66 ' Y 77 aloft to their barrier stations to take their part in the defense of the carrier from low fiying aircraft, helicopters hover over the carrier, on alert for the emergency that may call them into rescue action. A yellow-suited plane director motions an air- craft forward . . . and a giant A3D, heavy attack ship Of FORRESTAL's Air Group, is spotted on fl cata- DUNS, and begins to spread its folded wings like a huge bird about to fly. Great clouds of steam from the catapult envelop the A3D, moving it forward, sending it racing down the deck, toward the sky. Gne after another the planes are flung from the 27 0 ship, and the air is filled with indescribable noise as the engines are turned up amidst the thundering roar. The sun catches the fleet, swift-winged silver birds as they turn into the sky, to rendezvous at an assigned point beyond the ship. While the planes are in flight, careful watch is kept . . . as the planes proceed beyond the range of the carrier, CIC passes control to the cruiser and destroyers of the group and pilots are instructed to shift to new frequencies for control. The planes are in flight . . . the ighter aircraft are out on station, patrolling . . . the bombers pro- ceed to their mission for the strike . . . the first launch is gone . . . and it's time for a cup of coiee. ' 11 ' . 0830 While the planes are in fiight, activity continues on the ship, for another launch will follow the first, and the carrier must be in readiness to send off another strike as quickly as possible. Once again, planes are gassed . . . asbestos-suited rescue crews relax briefly, awaiting the return of the first strike and the possible emergency landing that may require their services . . . aircraft are spotted and respotted on both the hangar deck and the flight deck. The iiight deck crew takes a few moments for rest or even sleep, as the day will be a long one, with flight opera- tions continuing into the night, and perhaps the next day, and there will be no time later for sleep. 274 V A I I 1 - 1 2 ' vrf ' -Vf High in the clouds, the planes have completed their missions and turn again, towards the carrier, far at sea. It is a time of waiting . . . as the fighter planes continue on their combat patrol and FORRESTAL awaits the attack aircraft's return home. Ac- tivity goes on . . . in the Air Intelligence Oiice, in the "tower," in the communications centers, in the darkened spaces of CIC, on the sun-lit flight deck where, among tractors andaircraft, the crews wait it out. Before the first flight can be recovered, a second flight must be launched . . . this can continue for between eight to twelve launches a day, and into the night hours . . . and the ship can con- tinue for three to four days at air operations. With the second launch gone, the ship is ready for recovery. -ta!-1 N 3 f ' 773 f Y O ff' W , f , ,Q ffyfffy-Zflyf ,. , , , , V V',, H ' 7 4 if 'L"- M? folfrff fz ' if ' YYWQJT 1' ' :1yiW,fQjQf ,f pyfyff I KMA, N fzf,f-,f f y4 7 wp f, ,, ,.. 4 , 1 f- VM ry xfA,,,y 1 w wx fyff fff ,fm nk f 4 ,f X W .NX A,,x A ix . If Y-f,A'L 4 s -2 'A NA -- 27 Q? .f 277 ff"N f - 4... 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QA 4 ,W CIC directs the aircraft home to the carrier from a long distance, and as the plane nears the ship, the pilot calls in for visual control, signalling to the tower, "See you!" The LSO will direct the landing . . . if the weather is good, or in poor weather or during night opera- tions, the control of the aircraft may be switch- ed to CCA. With CCA directing, planes are placed in a holding pattern for landing, where they are held at a series of marshal points, under the supervision of one of four controllers in CCA who mark aircraft movements on their radar Scopes deep within the ship. The pilot is di- rected from one point to another in the pattern, and moves under the direction of the diferent operators in CCA, until the final controller, who issues the instructions which will bring the air- craft's wheels safely onto the deck. The plane approaches closer and closer- watched by knots of anxious crewmen, clustered at vantage points around the island and on the bridge . . . "sweating" each plane down in its turn, living with the pilot the continuous mir- acle of landing a hurtling steel projectile racing at top speed onto the pitching, often darkened carrier deck. Most land safely . . . some must take a waveoff from the LSO and make the approach again . . some land requiring emer- gency attention from fire hoses and medical men. As the planes snag the wire, they are quickly moved out of the way and returned to the Hangar Bay below for re-gassing and re- pairs. One after another, the FORRESTAL's birds return, missions completed, ready for an- other launch within minutes or hours. ,H n.l if t 279 .Qt 1700 Again, night settles on the city called FOR- RESTAL, but her planes must fly, day or night, in all kinds of Weather, and they must be launched, flown and recovered with the kind of precision achieved only by continuous practice and endless, grueling hours of launch and recovery. The planes must Hy, While the city sleeps. p ,M-,U V , f , ,Q f ,ff yy , x ff , , - N A ., ,K .. . . f . -"' . fe I . ' ., 1 , f - " "- . ff f ,,, 373 , 0 I 77 kv . W, u ,Z Sq? K V... QI, in , W I 3 A' 7 f ft- Z S . .' ' ' ' H f ' 97 5 ' f -Q., of wr.. fe ""'if L' W . ., r LM 281 CUMCARDIVFOUR L to R, lst row, CDR R. Ricks, CDR T. H. Stearns, CAPT J. S. Gray Jr., RADM F. Mas- sey, CAPT S. D. Wright, CDR J. McLaughlin, CDR V. J. Hatheway, 2nd row, LT P. D. Berg- gren, LT R. O. Louden, LCDR P. F. Plummer, LT T. W. Schaaf, CDR H. L. Fremd, LT J. R. Tappen, 3rd row, LTJG J, McCaa, LT R. G. Daly, LTJG J. F. Boufford, LT R. D. Carter, ENS C. C. Dimolios, LCDR F. S. Haecherl CUMCARDIVFDUR L to R, 1st row, D. A. Masse Jr. J. D. Lebo S. Barney, H. M. Johnson, RADM F. Massey, S. H. Libby, E. N. Nicholson, 2nd row, R. . Dietzen, H. D. Swoers, D. J. Fortin, J. L. Grimsley, D. R. Depew, R. J. Littles, J. E. Grimsley, T. E. Chabot, R. H. Hannan, K. L. Elsing, 3rd row, J. T. Vanderwest, J. P. Langan Jr., L. A. Heid, M. L. Lolies, R. L. Johnson, J. E. Ellis, A. Gonnella, P. G. lm- L. R. Bowen, W. B. Hume, L. J. Freeman J pellizzeri, W. L. Snyder, P. N. McLean CUMCARDIVFUUR L to R, lst row, W. T. England, R. J. Cox- well, L. E. Byars, S. G. Wilkison, l. T. Peters, RADM F. Massey R. D. Witham, J. F. Wiggins T. G. Reighart, JI. P. Langan Jr., E. H. Black: stone, 2nd row, J. E. Bell, R. A. Hammitt, P. M. Letcher, J. M. Zulfa, F. J. Kondroski H. J. Stennes, J. L. Lynch, D. L. Bragg, G. C Crossman,.R. W. Weaver, H. J. Britton, L. W Blalock, F. H. Weatherford, 3rd row, R. H Flanders, T. P. Toner, R. E. Gauthier, R. W Dennard, W. W. Gann, J. M. Logan, L. F Cook, A. Bruno, F. D. Whipkey X DIVISION L to R, lst row, F. P. Salvato, J. A. Boots, LTJG Davis, P. F. Van Hooser, H. C. Nash 2nd row, S. L. Fulton, lr., H. B. Evans, R. LI Drach, W. G. DiPasquale, lVl. L. Roy, W. R. Rudder X DIVISION L to R, lst rowg G. L. Stanger, H. W. Hy- singer, A. L. Wright, E. D. loli, LTGJ Davis ENS JACOBS, Chief Dolan, B. A. Singstock, W. A. Simms, R. J. Rovan, 2nd row, J. Ramos, T. R. Dixon, lp D. Whitehead, L. A: Batten, D. L. Baumhover, A. J. Weber, B. L. Turner, A. R. Hatcher, P. 1. Cirrotti, lVl. P. Supnet, 3rd row, lVl. Kovach, L. L. Flax, S. J. Botti- neau, W. J. Voegele, W. R. Fossett, R. H. Thies, C. E. Shelton, D. N. Wigton, K. R. Gairing, L. G. Roschella. 1 X DIVISION L to R, lst row, Robert lVl. Breen, Thomas L. Brake, Robert C. Appel, Kenneth Murphy, ENS Henry F. Harris, Carl K. Waters, lVlorey lVl. Fisher, Thurman W. lVlcDaniel, lr., Ron- ald L. Freeman, 2nd row, James D. Saunders, Ralph E. Labarck, Gerald E. Schaffer, Robert C. Flournoy, Thomas A. Gracious, Charles W. llllahon, Thaedius G. Boman, Billy L. Goodwin, lon lVl. Sadowski, Michael J. Bensinger, 3rd row, David N. lVlagazine, Charles F. Stanley, John N. Gioia, Larry D. Gooden, Marshall L. Bates, Daniel E. Fuestel, lVlere- dith K. Carrigan, Scott E. Ladner, Charley F. Kincaid, Anthony B. Sterner, Lyndal Beg- GY 282 Q .J ey., . Ag . . , ra, 1 Y 3 it li Y ' W .. ,..x .J Y ' f . ii. 1. Us 4 Q4 j JXI J .Qi M 'g' Y Y V Cf Y W I I x Y YT Z 4 v G Sf, 1 ., Q 9 QQ, F 4,41 A if Zi? . f 1 it '. I A A ' . I L f '...jaf,L. 'W MAA L to R, 1st row, Curtis L. Coman, Gary P. Ledbetter, Jacob A. Saunders, John C. Travis, Clinton W. Griffith, Howard E. Rolan, Eugene C. Clark, Milan L. Macejak, Emory D. Wil- liams, Robert E. Lawson, 2nd row, Harold R. Jordan, Arthur G. Frymyer, Peter M. Dun- savage, Gregory D. Fassett, Charles R. Hooker, Jack N. Morgan, David H. Frech, James R. Biffle, Herman Howard, 3rd row, James P. Milford, Avron S. Finkel, Freddie W. Johnson, James C. Blair, Ward W. Garner, Elbert L. Britt, Gene W. Reamey, Loyd E. Kraft, John W. Schassar H DIVISION Lto R, lst rnwg H. Steel, LT J.,J. Bransfield, LT E. J. Morrissey, LT J. K. Drennen, CAPT R. H. Bradshaw, LT W. C. Tabb, LT C. B. Simmons, E. F. Rogers, L. E. Waggoner, 2nd row, R. L. Marshall, L. M. Wilhelm, R. K. Beaty, J. S. Young, R. J. French, A. E. Wick- ens, R. 0. De Cuir, 3rd row, R. S. Rucker, J. A. Williams, M. L. Hanson, B. J. Hardin, E. M. Reese, R. B. Smith, J. R. Jackson H DIVISION L to R, lst row, R. L. Ellis, R. E. Reynolds, M. E. Parham, D. H. Toneges, T. C. Fleming, R. D. Rose, A. L. Walker, F. B. Gruta, G. F. Shelhorse, 2nd row, J. H. Peck, D. T. Suttle, T. W. Jones, A. P. Calloway, J. D. Parrish, E. J. Jones, J. A. Shaffrarr, H. V. Bonner, J. L. Justice 283 I D DIVISION L to R, 1st row, L. J. Thigpen, H, I. Bacon, LT V. I. Cozza, CAPT S. W. Iedlow, LT H. I. Keene, E. C. Beck, H. L. Ritter, 2nd row, A. A. Bird,,IVI. 0'ConneII, P. H. Augard, G. D. Lyons, J. E. Tomko, I. L. Ramsey .. S-1 DIVISION L to R, 1st row, C. H. Roembke, T. H. iVIad- dox, I. F .Wehry, D. P. Gagne, S. A. Fasciano, D. I. Bowden, D. G. Spurgeon, 2nd row, V. J. Stine, G. S. IVIyers, I. D. Smith, R. W. Craven, C. 0. Quinn, L. C. Navarro, J. J. Galang, 3rd row, I. R. Yeary, W. R. Leake, H. W. Asche, IVI. T. Garraghan, I. L. Smallwood, G. Wright, C. E. Sumner, R. R. Kelly S-1 DIVISION Lto R Ist row- IVI. Dudek R. Lamar 0. D Ferguson, B. IVII IVIeyer, P.ID. Martini B. AI Allen, W. C. Packard, 2nd row, C. G. Harper, C. E. Keiser, H. E. Keligan, W. R. Potter D. A. T. Campbell, I. G. Colucio, R. D. Bjerke 3rd row, L. D. Dieryck, D. P. Sapinoso, D. AI Pfannensteier, A. F. Hornbeak, W. E. Racine, F. IVI. Reno, L. Harris 284 , I 6 . , x U A . D' j . l f , of in , V r , 5. 3 'lfk ' ' ' , Y ' 'X ga 0 5 af 'I ' 1 -.u Q- Vfdfs M svn.. as . . P el G 6 Q W 4 X i :-, 'T in sf ' 4 . I , . if-4 . , 7 . - 't v , 4 W, . f S, . , V. - . -,S 285 - . .-.fn HJ., mu .-.-,...-., .1 4 1 S-2 DIVISION L to R, 1st row, F. Allinson, W. J. Callahan, P. W. Koose, W. E. Taylor, A. Camelio, M. F. Crow, R. J. Downs, C. J. Wood, 2nd row, R. L. Gfell, R. N. Roberts, C. B. Farley, S. Wendolowski, P. P. Mancuso, C. H. Dubois, R. A. McKeeman, 3rd row, E. Rinonos, F. Addison, R. H. Clark, R. H. Ford, R. Ostrander, C. Stewart, G. F. Stinson S-2 DIVISION L to R, 1st row, J. W. Hobbs, L. F. Hammonds A. L. Burr, E. Rinonos, R. A. Mason, N. C Grayson, W. R. Kitchens, J. Morrison, T. W Baker, 2nd row, C. Stewart, R. E. Luce, A. D Windom, R. E. Gehret, R. H. Ford, F. Morris D. E. McElreath, 3rd row, C. H. Myers, L Shores, W. H. Meath, C. N. Bell, R. G. Scholl A. Lavallee S-2-M DIVISION Lto R, lst row, J. A. Stanhouse, R. F. Howell, W. E. Taylor, C. L. Decker, J. A. Jennings, 2nd row, N. E. Lewis, W. S. Miller, H. F. Parrott, T. X. Michalec, R C.. DeLcuerioo, 3rd row, L. E. Meyer, J. G. Cook, M. L. Good- son, E. J. Meador, R. Wallace, D. J. Snow I S-2 M1 DIVISION L to R, lst row: W. G. Quirk, R. E. Peters, L. M. Cannon, I. A. Berard, P. R. Mayo, R. W. Salau, I. P. McGonigaI, D. W. White, I. A. Alrerio, D. E. Parsons, 2nd rowg M. H. Haga man, P. D. Holland, C. R. Simonin, R. C Moro, IE. C.iScheffner, H. I. Irwin, A. T Distefano, R. L. Moan, I. E. Palf, L. M Barber, I. N. Klaassen, 3rd row, S. E. Wilbe- kin, H. M. Shelley, IVI. B. Fisher, G. EL Cherry V. D. Eishens, K. W. Miller, D. R. Anderson,, R. F. Hallbouer, F. I. Pierce,L. B. Gordon S-2M DIVISION L to R lst row' R D' Hener P I Dale . 9 - . Y, - - , D. E. Kapka, R. .H. Weatherby, S. E. Gray, R. W. Rhoads, I. D. 0'Brien, P. I. Bodie R. W. Pitts, F. S. Naab, 2nd row, L. I. Hall I. P. Gibbons, I. G. Case, T. E. Bobino, R. P Proveaux, S. Tharpe, D. E. Gibson, D. L Jenkins, P. I. Moran, B. A.LGulIikson, D. L Bennett, 3rd row, I. A. Knotts, A. G. Kline- smith, D. R. Wilt, R. I. Summers, W. R Baldwin, R. A. Lindberg, W. C. McLaughlin, I. P. Kaiser, R. A. Baker, F. C. Hunt, D. B. Pasbrig " S-2-M DIVISION L to R, lst row, I. K. Chesser, C. Calloway R. L. Baldwin, P. E. Pelton, E. I. Bissonnette l. D. Garza, T. H. James, R. K. Myers, H. A Jackson, I. P. Conover, V. L. DePaul, L. B Williams, 2nd row, K W. Coon, G. I. Haupert F. W. Cacopardo, F. Wilhelm, P. L. Reiher R. L. Bailey, R. L. Bockus, D. E. Yoakum I. G. Stuart, C. B. Landers, W. E. Swanson C. V. King, 3rd row, D. L. Seaton, I. S Finley, I. C. Ballew, W. K. May, I. S. Gold berg, I. R. Wadle, K. T. Roberts, C. R. Holds- worth, B. Carroll, F. E. Grant, F. P. Bach mann, S. I. Torres, E. Tranosky I IW.. L , 1 hw- ' , fx' ' . ,, Q . , f ' . .4 H ...A I AA.. . 77, ff. 1 VV , 1 . ix 1 f f, 'L' 'zhjl I : If 0 X V I , of 4 Q. My I I I I H 2' f Y ' ' .4 , A If , 3 K 9 I A I. I, , ' 1 'W 4 ,vid V. 1 4 , I , 1 'ff 1 ,E Q I ,nf K . X I X 4, 3 . f.-fy I r ' ,tu K W!! I 4 I Il , -TIE I 9.4 ' if . L . ,.,. . W 1 Y Y, ' y V1 1 35,9 ,E X I, - 2 Yo. I s Q E' A ra -5 . sr IK IIM N EFI Q 'tl' S .ll .. . is ,Wy ff Mins . . If 286 is I . . I wr - A M1 . .. , - .. .... ..-JF! -.:-..v.--------- -H---f- A . . ...,.. --...J , 4 . .v- '- . -...u.,... . AMY- . L4. .4 .-.,Y.., ,, 4 A 1 Q2 4 aff' A Q fl' an T., F- F A. , , , f . . v . , V . , ., 7, f A ' fav I It L.. T' 1 - and 'iff 4795? 'lxfj 1 , , X ,Q f ff ,C Q I x ' Q X f , ' -3 1. kiss! ra .4 'L 'Q M If ml I I 1 ,Q ffm I :if law '- , . ,.', I Nm K, -fe-if if X . V ' ,S Q , ' H ,X f f ' I f 1 ' H 2 f , f N a W ' if 5 ., I I g viz ' . . , Q. A., 4 3' Y N7 Q -. 2 ,fs 5 . ,L afwfq 1 , ' ,.,, I... is-fy ' 4 I J 1 1' , KM. 2' I A . W, ,X ., .. 5 f' M , f. f , . Wag. J r 4 Q ,, ,,. Z' 'f YN , h F 'fit 1 W L Y I 17, 1-Vi E Vex, l ,gyy EE r F5910 ' sf V "" a ef f 1 ,fl - s 'J I i 2 ,M-Wei 9 'Y-f - ' f F as . I 5 . Til."f-'f':f'i'1ifi19 I I . i I fl ' sr? ii ' :,1.1p.g.-.11 sf MLM It . . 'S f'L' X." I I' 951' ",' I I ,. V C , .f I , 'H j ' Y. .E , n bf ' , .., A . .. gl I ' . 5 ' ,fi 3 - B 287 .I ll S2M Ltu R, 1st Row, M. L. Adams, J. V. Sasse, W L. Rafferty, W. J. Brady, D. T. Graham, V. N Sears, T. E. Jones, R. L. Thornton, H. L. Turn- er, D. A. Farkas, IVI. A. Mizell, C. H. Manis, 2nd Row, F. A..Drake, L. G. Edens, R. B. Hen- shaw, W. L. Smith, T. Roundtree, J. R. Wal- lace, R. E. Johnson W. L. Waterhouse, R. L. Gardner, D. E. Bayse, R. S. Cramer, 3rd Row, W. J. Agnew, R. L. Nixon, M. W. Arrowood, G. E. Nostrant, J. R. Bowman, C. B. Wilson, W. E. Jacobs, L. E. Parsons, P. A. Kummet, A. Z. Racz, B. G. Vanderhoff., . 'S-3 DIVISION L-to R, 1st Row, J. F. Cason, B. E. Creel, J. B. Hudson, R. S. Greene, -P. O. Thomas, E. Pietraszik, J. Lamb, V. J. Barone, E. llllonteiro, J. T. Gorman, Zhd row, J. D. lVlichael, J. T. NlcGrath, J. L. Brooks, J. A. Haber, G. L. Clark, J. E. Dodson, EE. S. Allen, V. R. Lindquist, H. E. Brown, 3rd Row, R. Johnson, J. E. Best, C. J. Schroeder, P. R. Brown, J. B. Tonkovich, F. lVl. Wisnacht, W. J. McNamara, R. W. Taylor, C. Nl. Minton, S. P. Ciprian. l S-3 DIVISION L to R, 1st Row, W. F. Falls, J. R. Nicholson, E. N. Pietraszik, LTJG Horner, R. D. Dunshee, 2nd Row, R. L. Rosenberger, W. Coffee, J. J. lVlcLaughlin, H. E. Brown, P. A. Brill, J. Williams, 3rd Row, J. F. Grueser, V. C. lVlor- gan, L. A. Lozier, M. D. Arnold, T. A. Le- bold, J. J. Bushee. ' ".f,aiviie.1.. Q' . --" fl 'Q S-4 DIVISION L to R, 1st Row, F. J. Basile, R. C. Hodson, J. H. Welch, Jr., ENS R. N. Nelson, S. NI. Dickens, G. E. Nlachingo, 2nd Row: 0. R. Torres, V. Stella, C. D. Layne, J. lVI. Waldron, J. A. Pultz, W. G. Pinnel, 3rd Row, R. W. Snyder, R. C. Rocha, D. J. lVlallon, lVl. B. Fabinski, E. Tranosky, K. A. Brown S-5 DIVISION L to R, 1st Row, H. Johnson, B. Bantigue, P. Dulay, D. David, D. Dial, W. W. George, ENS J. Chaves, L. Poe, J. Farmer, Jr., C. B. .Dabu, R. T. Stevens, J. R. Burts, 2nd Row C. H. Arguilla, G. V. Domingo, J. W. Penn, Jr. N. N. Burgess, J. N. Robertson, W. A. Nlosei ley, R. Gibson, J. Smith, V. Thomas, J. J Simpkins, R. C. Harris, 3rd Row, F. S. Andres, J. Street,.Jr., E. E. Cruz, Jr., H. Williams, F Brown, J. Bailey, J. J. Dismuke, H. L. Pratt, C. Sherman, W. T. Jackson, L. Hough, Jr., P Farrish, Jr. S-6 DIVISION L to R, 1st Row, B. W. Tonini, 0. D. Alsup, A. C. Fullshire, D. B. Stratton, K. R. Wilkins, J. A. Kersey, lVl. IVI. Ackerman, 2nd Row D. K. Gooley, D. L. Yates, C. K. llllurphy, V. J Palmeri, J. Hughes, R. Wiles, 3rd Row, B. C Ludwig, R. W. Johnson, J. W. Parker, L. R Stevens, S. A. Abbott, W. J. Williams E453 1 f It r ff a . Y 4' I J fwwf f i "" .Vi V ,Mya M E ,A f f Q1 'II S :Iliff yy?-K I3 qw Vim. if AM. 288 i l i .A 1 7 551. S-B DIVISION L to R, 1st Row, R. E. Morris, D. C. Chappell, P. F. Halloran, C. S. Blantz, B. J. Fairchild, G. R. Karr, R. Pekearo, 2nd Rowg R. Butler, R. A. Pyle, I. D. Nlorgan, Ir., T. F. Kelley, lll, W. H. Lewis, E. W. Davis, W. E. Tarry, 3rd Row, P. Bielawsk, R. E. Howard, lVl. W. Har- gett, A. G. Lynn, R. J. Verker, L. Salvi N DIVISION L to R, lst Row, I. 0. Crowley, G. R. Brown, D. B. Wiles, P. C. Schuhl, ENS W. E. Blod- gett, CDR I. C. Hook, LCDR W. P. Danner, B. D. Brown, R. J. Ventgen, F. C. McEIravy, J. E. Larrabee, 2nd Row, T. J. Stuard, P. R. Holmes, I. L. Wilbur, J. Brunton, C. Carpen- ter, R. R. Clifton, R. T. Dunne, S. Toboz, R. E. Hill, L. Rumpff, 3rd Row, J. A. Nliller, C. W. Spath, C. F. Nlansfield, R. W. Hines, G. R. Pascoe, L. I. Nlichalets, R. I. Dively ' v-1 nivismu L to R, 1st Row, R. H. Engbretson, R. T. Nlor- als, N. E. Shaw, F. T. Witt, LTJG K. E. Rogers, W. E. Smith, J. C. Nlarion, J. D. Wood, 2nd Row, D. L. Culfee, G. A. Gibbs, .l. S. Law- rence, D. J. Normand, I. D. Paternostro, F. P. Slate, K. P. Breig, J. C. Heller, 3rd Row, G. B. lVlcDonald, L. E. Drosche, T. H. Hughes, N. C. Nlartin, T. E. Nlartin, B. H. Anderson, I. B. Penrose, D. E. Bruckshaw 289 I - .. - .. . A I-I V-1 DIVISION L to R, 1st Row, D. C. Coughlin, D. W. Dia mond, I. Burch, W.,E. Woodman, LTJG K. E. Rogers, W. E. Smith, R. S. Zamora, R. L llllcClelland, H. F. Gourd, D. I. Passarella znu Row, s. werss, o. L. Killion, w. A. Pavi lo, I. R. Becker, P. D. Bentley, R. A. Rider, R B. Frink, F. I. DeAngeIis, I. E. Husic, R. F Nlalick, 3rd Row, T. B. Knowles, I. L. Hol comb, I. Nl. Hubbard, H. T. Francis, I. L Fults, R. C. Strand, Nl. F. Sullivan, C. Covino, I. C. Turner, W. E. Ulvenes. V-1 DIVISION Lto R, 1st Row, I. R. Burwell, R. I. Bvkowicz I. R. Shadday, A. W. Ellington, LTJG K. E Rogers, W. E. Smith, W. L. Peart, A. lVlosko witz, L. Coker, W. A. lllloore, 2nd Row, E. L Schuette, P. E. Durbin, F. E. Dow, R. T Braithwaite, L. D. Lathrop, O. G. Padgett, I. C. lVliller, E. C. Hoffman, G. W. Jenkinson I. R. Shadday, A. W. Ellington, LTIG K. E K. H. Gifford, 3rd Row, H. Barry, C. K. Dew berry, I. C. LeBlanc, D. R. Poreda, I. B Hampton, W. 0. Grushey, R. H. NlcLaren I. E. lVlcNally, I. B. Reeves, D. I. Kindt V-2 DIVISION L to R, lst Row, B. W. Teems, D. B. Tomp- kins, L. L. Long, L. E. Bowman, R. H. Behney, LT I. K. Verser, LT D. L. Sutherland, LTIG C. H.'Blank, I. J. Garten, W. H. Snell, J. A. Katz, A. E. Antonelli, 2nd Row W. H. Chandler, G. C. Belford,, R. E. Snodgrass, R. L. Swim, A. C. Champagne, IVI. H. Gunn, R. R. Jefferson, A. lvlontemayor, R. G. Tribble, 3rd Row, I. S. Quadgrello, J. C. Fabry, G. W. Hove, C. E. lVlcCormick, W. A. Bovin, F. E. Lamca, R. L. Schanie, J. E. Smart. 290 Q4 7 f I V .V ' I I 5 . . , T 'af I lv- , T .... gf f V 'ff Ai. 6 2 1474 . ral I ' Q: 1' 1 X ' 4 , . a 7.2, ' f . I at Ig U Y, XIX, 4 ,V ., ,cy VV H ,E A V 1 '- A f . , , H 'P . 1 - ia . V 1 . , X 1 ,F ,II WW Y. ., S. 3, ,QV J Mg. E z ,. . ' ,Q I I fs .. J' f-' 4 , fr' Wg e f Vx V Rf , 'f X tg' . Cf F777 if 3 I '. 'X S ' gzye. FM' a Q' 5 .sr ws x ' g Vi. .. - S FE ,M Vg, .1 ,gl so K x, ?l.fl..lf 1 fb PK? Y 4 . gferg. Wit"-TVA.-'-P-fir.-. Q .- . .Y -.iffy ' - .-..4f,.f.:ft:144...ggl'4.g-4.-- 1 v-2 nivisioiv L to R, 1st Rowg J. K. Chandler, J. A. Gibson D. c. smith, R. ivi. iviyiiiek, tr o. ivi. iviassef C. B. Matthews, J. R. Blevins, R. T. Littleton J. P. Pritchett, c. P. Harris, ziitt Row, P. if Monaghan, H. Williams, D. P. Suiter, l. N. Kokotovich, L. J. Cooper, W. W. Fay, K. W. Calloway, S. J. Hutchens, S. A. Keith, 3rd Rowg J. Nl. Bryson, R, V. Alther, D. M. Pren- tice, M. A. McClelland, D. W. Roberts J. J. Stanwix, G. B. Testerman, H. J. Steviok, R. R. Robinson V-2 DIVISION L to R, 1st Row: H. H. Wilson, C. D. Lambert L. H. Arnold, LT J. K. Verser, R. H. Behney G. R. Haught, E. W. Hooker, K. E. Kilelee J. E. Weprowski, 2nd Row, G. W. Chambers S. J. Workman, D. J. Dumas, A. A. Davis, T W. Moon, R. F. Johnson, J. C. Barker, R Sticklus, G. E. Taylor, 3rd Row, D. L. Webb H. L. Dlcus, C. W. Detrich, M. D. Herring P. P. Higgenbotham, D. L. Pierson, A. v. Roni bins, R. W. Baggette, F. L. Pisseri Pierre. I V-3 DIVISION L to R, 1st Row, 0. G. Hall, 0. L. Seivers, J. E .LaLonde, W. 0. Javnes, R. L. Johnson, H. E. Devin, J. E. Millikin, R. E. Webb, E. L. Moore, J. W. Shaffer, G. l. Higbee, 2nd Row, L. W. Smith, R. E. Mattson, C. E. Harris, K. E. Jones, R. L. McDowell, J. M. Davis, F. A. Nolta, J. J. Brown, M. A. Ferruglo, J. E. Phil- lips, 3rd Rowg S. Bonito, G. F. Feldler, W. L. McOsker, F. T. Glll, J. W. Nanny,.W. L. Harbauer, D. R. Cox, E.J. Cahill, P. R. Rouw, A. Krites. ' 29I ,J.D. V-3 DIVISION Lto R, 1st Rowg A. Ussin, R. W. Turley, J. R. Potter, A. L. Baker, G. J. Alongi, L. B. Young, A. L. Pence, H. F. Eisenhart, R. E. Hobbs D. W. Hertz, F. lVl. Key, 2nd Row, G. A. Jer- don, .A. lVlartino, C. Ringston, R. P. Stahl, I. H. Bailey, R. H. Wolfe, L. H. lVlcCauley, E. L. Raymond, R. S. Frazier, B. K. Powell, 3rd Row, lVl. D. Allen, A. W. lVliller, G. B. lVlac- Cowan, K. W. Lawrence, I. T. Nlarshall, P. S. Lee, B. J. Zelinski, E. E. Oberhelman, I. V. Waters, D. E. Lanese. V-4 DIVISION L to R, lst Rowg R. D. Tuttle, I. D. Hargett, J. 0. Drum, G. F. Harrison, J. E. Eubanks, Blaylock, Butterworth, J. W. Bedsaul, Car- bone, K. E. Kehler, P. R. Chaoman, 2nd Row, K. J. Stein, J. A. Lilly, J. IVI. Rial, B. N. Hirsch, V. B. HamiIton,iA. Wright, L. D. Rich, I. L. Allison, Rine, R. L. Barnett, 3rd Row, C. 0. Chambliss, J. F. DeLapp, J. 1. Nlagnone, I. A. Schaeck, J. Pasoualine, J. P. Armstrong, F. Ramella, R. E. Sheldon, W. B. Gibson, W. lVliller. V-4 DIVISION L to R, 1st Row: D. R. Betterlv, J. J. 0'Keefe, I. A. Boyle, C. R. lVlarsh, K. G. Bradley, 2nd Row, W. B. Shines, D. Hay, R. F.. Johnson, J. P. Bourne, 3rd Row, R. E. Wolf, S. I. Nlshar, D. R. Barrancotta, B. F..Steagall. 292 J' .rr Zz 9 21,53 . A -':3""'21tif''T'-rL":fT5f7157'?'TE.1J?e?-Vw' " -.175-f i Yi . .1.-5... , .Az.-.......1..Bf. '-I' ll ll 7 ii J l. 3 I- fa l 2. i .3 I T ff il E' l 5 v-s nivision , V, ' L to R, lst row, C. M. Daris, J. P. Small, f W. J. Whitcomb, C. J. Evans, P. W. Bailey, 1 2nd row: J. Ross, J. R. Hules, A. F. Collins, V D. L. Pelkey, J. L. Parris, R. Jones, H. L. fr Boner, 3rd row, H. F. Liebman, A. C. Perrin, , J D. J. Tomlinson, R. W. Tatum, A. Garma, F. J , f D. Marran A ji l fi 1 l ri . ,E J l S L l l ? l it I l l. l -' ' l l 2 v-s Division lu V L to R. 1st rnw: J. F. Peace, J. C. Cutts, J. B. Little, M. G. lVletternick. J. E. Tharp, , 3 G. W. Clark, W. H. Jacobs, C. E. Meyerhofer, , f M. H. Danforth, J. J. Morrison, J. L. White, l i 2nd row, J. R. Hules, E. L. Ketch, C. C. , l Hunter. R. H. McChrvstal, J. D. Lindsav, l it W. 0. Pinkston, J. F. Swain, B. E. Tucker, B. if r M. Atkins, B. G. Bottoms, J. G. Brill, F. C. Wilson, 3rd row, J. F. Winslow, J. H. Cope- f land, L. T. Sizemore, R. Mutsaarts, C. Jen- , nings, J. T. Figlar, W. A. Cook, R. Rizzo, R. l , L. Houseknecht, T. C. Thompson, A. N. , Tennison V A I . I ij il I i ll 1 Z l Q i in i l 1 l HU-2, DETAGHMENT 42 . Lto R, lst row, LT T. J. Anderson, G. H. Dill, . C. A. Ashley, iVl. Butts, B. R.rLanier, C. D. Tritch, W. E. iVlcNew, LTJG H. P. Dews, 2nd T. row, LTJG lVl. G. Lovas, R. C. Gormley, J. W. ,, Shannon, J. B. lVlcGinnis, J. J. Hardy, D. A. il Pope, C.J. Lee, ENS R. Frontz 293 l l i .af ll 0A DIVISION L to R, lst row, W. W. Wiltshire, J. G. Cook, C. R. Middleton, LCDR R. M. Roland, L. H. Harger, R. H. Jessup, L. H. Farmer, J. E. Alexander, 2nd row, H. P. Fuller, E. R. Rigsby, J. W. Duke, C. Smith, J. E. Hosmer, D. W. Barton, J. R. Fagan, G. B. Gordon, W. G. Harter, J. J. Gorney, OC DIVISION Lto R, lst row, J. H. Boggs, J. H. Sensbaoh, J. Moore, LCDR C. M. Lake, LT E. N. Stout, CDR E. M. Cooke, LT W. N. Kelt, LT A. L. Jones, Jr., P. R. Burgeson, J. E. Milligan, M. D. Cahoone, 2nd row, D. H. Nesbit, J. W. Buzek, J. Barron, A. M. Moze, C. E. Short, B. C. Carrol, D. M. Surrell, R. L.. Luedke, J. C. Martin, J. M. Parks, F. Dickinson, O. K. Wally, J. M. Barnes, R. H. Osmer, C. Kershaw, 3rcl row, W. E. Dawson, T. J. Curry, R. E. Johnson, T. J. Groesen, D. L. Kerr, A. D. Boileau, lll, R. W. Marth, J. A. Sizemore, D. W. Hosterman, C. R. Evans, G. W. Hopkins 0E DIVISION Lto R, lst row, L. D. Klnnison, H. R. Holden, E. A. Johnson, D. F. Koch, W. B. Moore, G. G. Melonson, A. E. Prinner, R. O. Burke, C. T. Netkowicz, A. J. Lunn, 2nd row, A. H. Bein- IICIL J. E. Weaver, J. B. C. Pollock, S. M. Duke, J. Quinn, H. D. Campbell, W. M. Davies, D. C. Sherck, R. B. Maze, D. F. Lucarotti, 0. K. Stapleton, H. A. Haut, J. M. Babulka, L. P. Ackers. 3rrl row: L. A. Norman, C. D. Carner, C. W. Mahon, Z. H. Brewer, A. Flad, V. C. Waryas, RPL. Johnson, R. W. Bligh, F. H. Oliver, W. B. Griggs, E. A. Shilko, A. S. Yanik 294 fl . J . , , f . 3 f V , if 4 X 1 ,Q J ' ,, A' X. ? I3 ir, ll' ' II if V A V s .- ' Q. ha :J .. , f,Iv A , f' 'ng JS gk AQXQI I - 'S tm" X ., - - . '- Q vf ,'- ' .-. . ..,, -Y.. - A .Q "A -1. vfL' . ' 's'- Lsgieds V-mb!31:s'ifL..L.'.'.'12FL-'7 11:57 ITT- pyff.. .J --''-d' - +V. '-"5'1:'iL-4-1-I-4 'fill' 5' A .Z 2 fr .pf ff? . .J rv, 5 '7 ,wi 7,7 .Rf Wifi Y ' , ,ff X . UI DIVISION L to R, lst row, C. N. McFayden, ENS R. M Reed, LT B. R. Warren, LT H. Brown, J. F Champagne, 2nd rowq G. E. Reynolds, W. H Cunningham, R. B.. Ashby, C. T. Gibson, A Weston, 3rd row, J. E. Dougherty, G. A Fisher, J. W. Greenlese, R. C. Hicks, H. L. Bjork DI DIVISIDN L to R, 1st row, R. T. Fort, ENS Hardy, ENS Broadwell. CDR Jones, LCDR Southall, LT Smith, ENS Bartels, 2nd row, lVl. U. Thomas, G. L. Berish, J. L. Creameer, D. Berry, J. D. Baker, J. A. Berard, B. C. Abel, 3rd row, A. Distefano, R. E. lVlcCrearv, J. E.. Berg, R. E. Brown, P. A. Hackl. W. F. Hayes, Jr., R. E. Schulte, J. J. Gerenda UI DIVISION Ltn R. 1st rnw: D. A. Seager. R. N. Mitchell, C. Keating, Nl. L. Carter, R. E. Figqins, J. D. Hofbauer, 2nd row, R. E. Ward, W. R. lVlos- tad, K. Nl. Labarre, S. P. Conway, F. Tokar, J. A. Briggs, 3rd row, J. E. Komornik. J. P. Pittman, P. G. Mankin, 0. Price, J. B, Knott, W. R. Reynolds ,F 295 OI DIVISION Lto R, Ist row, I. P.. Ormond, IVI. W. Spanier, F. W. Schneider, LTIG I. I. DeGanQe, .LTJG H. Davis. E. A. Ccarlett, H. A. Grimslev, W. P. Tilley, N. T. Stites, 2nd row, E. I. Creighton, J. I. Babvak, W. L. Rine- hart, V. M. Stevens, R. L. Solomon, G. E. Burnsed, P. P. Schechter, J. E.. Dougherty, C. A. Romanelli, 3rd rnw: D. B. Kankanna, R. C. Newman, R. A. Knutson, I. E. Heller, W. L. Sherman, G. W. lllliller, F. L. Glass, 1.1. Aniunas, K. E. Drew, W. L. Weed UP DIVISION L to R, Ist row, W. B. Davis, T. A. llllartin, R. F. Dolwick, R. F. Seghers, P. H. Faulkner, LT J. S. Bush, W. I. Rice, I. A. Perrenoud, J. D. lVlartin, lVl. W. Day, 2nd row: D. R. Giesen, R. W. Acker, T. S. Helm, P. lVl. Gur- nari, R. T. Bielecki, H. D. Cornett. R. J. Gard- ner, R. E. Anderson, I. F. Kirby, T. D. Erken- brack, 3rd row: G. R. Rietsel T. H. Bowne, L. IVI. lVlacchia, P. D. Woodroffe, R. C. Brickey, I. G. Wilson, B. A. Davidson, T. W. Tack, D. L. Lynch, T. I. Haptonstall OP DIVISION L to R, Ist row, T. T. Ferrier lll, J. D. Ewing, LCDR H. IVI .Browne, ENS H. E. Thomas, l. I. Pascoe, C. R. Hughs, P. E. Walthers, 2nd row, N. P. Kelley, H. L. Foskett, R. l. Lender, B. V. Sammons, B. R. Fuller, D. W. Smith, 3rd row: L. R. Feldhaus, R. L. lVlclVlullen, B. J. lVlcDole, K. F. Stieren, R. B. Erlich, I. l. 0'Rourke, R. Shourds 296 - - '- - .Q-",fQfV -CVT ' "?"ZT. .,-ff? , ..'L-- . '-I--1411 17 . 1 f. ' A DIVISION - L to R, lst row, T. Nlarten, R. Dabney, I Ferrell, I. Houston, Nlr. Kershaw, W. Caulder, R. Slayton, R. Rice, R. Hofmann, 2nd row, D. Veenstra, R. Fleschner, G. Reisbig, W. Townsend, D. Sohlott, B. lVIorrow, E. Primett, J. Peper, R. Arndt, C. Barnes, 3rd row, R. Frank, D. Roberson, H. Hallett, G. Suderman IVI. Cooper, H. Hairston, I. Fitzgerald, G. Johnson, G. Cornell, A. Hawke D A nlvlslon L to R, 1st row,.A. Robision, F. Bedford, E Furhman, NI. Hardenburgh, I. Baughan, Mr G. I. Fritz, W. H. Wood, R. Caternia, D Learn, 2nd row, C. White, I. Fatzinger, G Brock, G. Kenworth, R. Lemelin, D. Giddens R. Fannin, R. Brown, A. Brown, S. Hooper 3rd row: L. Keeton, J. Erb, D. IVIuIvey, D Wixon, R. Herbert, D. Hannum, W. Sorvelli W. Woods A DIVISION L to R, Ist row, I. Mutphy, A. Cappello, I. Schultz, G. Cornell, lVlr. C. J. Fritz, K. Glass, A. C. Jones, T. Michalec, R. Souders, W. Hamilton, 2nd row, G. Suderman, G. Hupp, D. Roberson, T. Dougherty, T. Nlurphy, R. Duke, W. Woods, M. Haught, 3rd row, R. Hick, D. Ausen, R. RinaId,,D. 0. Jones, G. Kohr, W. Vanderlinde, R. Greco, L. Winther, T. Hardenburgh ,297 1 B DIVISION L to R, 1st row, R. W. Maxfield, K. M. Hol- land, F. G. Hutton, Mr. Soule, B. M. Smith, G'..R. Privot, 2nd row, L. L. Geldein, W. H. Bowman, W. P. Krause, C. T. Little, F. J. Severino, C. Kereczman, 3rd row, D. D. How- ard, J. B. Quates, C. O. Karhu, J. D. Moore, P. E. Shinn, D. H. Hertzberg, T. J. Smith B DIVISIDN A L to R, 1st ruwg R. L. Crawley, D. J. Lapola, L. R. Chacon, Mr. Soule, B. M. Smith, F. T. Spigener, W. R. Moore, 2nd rowg F. R. lerdon, L. G. Subriar, S. Sine, E. R. Bovee, J. W. Shelton, H. F. Lehtonen, D. T. Leonard, 3rd row, D. Alverez, B. W. Simpson, M. A. Kan- onik, D. N. Wilcox, D. L. Wood, W. D. Lawler B DIVISION Lto R, 1st row, W. H. Stinson, W. E. Mumley, J. A. Williamson, W. C. Paine, Mr. Soule, E. H. Davis, C. R. Craig, M. W. Walters, 2nd row, C. L. Spell, H. F. Reid, H. M. Neil, R. R. Holderried, L. Peede, F. M. Brown, R. C. Felger, J. E. Dove, E. B. Jones, 3rd row, D. R. Chaussee, L. C. Athey, D. E. Robbins, W. Webb, N. L. Fisher, J. G. Mangaracina, R. C. H. Kirchner, K. D. Pierce, J. W. Marble 298 I f-W V -ff 4. ., 0 .... ,E W gf. .1 ,X . 4 . X. 1 V , V , , .XT , gif .V Z I , f, .,,. , . .f f ..f f , Q .,f, ,,4.ff " -A f,,f , , . . khrk X, 27 3. A . I S ,L U ht:-,x l 4 - 7, I If . . . VV ..fg f.i,3 ,V-. ' V! ,ff 1. ', A X L I , : frse, S if , ' ' 2 ,pfyff 1 w H , ,V f . A me xr I X C I. I . I ' IV . 4, ' L ,, I , 'X .1 f f 5, 1 . ' if I "W f , M if T' I 1 I. M Q 1' Q Q f. . , I ! l f ,f 1 . ' ' -' .Lv , Q af. , , . f., . ...,, V, , I .. ., . . .1 I M Z , Y 1 J Hn: -. f r o . .f f Q ' , M ee ,A 0" X , , , . V , 5 . g I V524 I , X . I E so . ..Y 1 . , ' . . I ' I , I 2 I 5, I A jj ' fwf x ' 5 I 5 . I , -1 l' , 1 ,. 1 If . f i I f ' I I , I 2 4, Q f . j i . ,f I VY, J X' X ' ' I .F '.,, . V2 ff F- I 7 " F f ' ' ' Z -2 ' " L., . .4 . .. I . -I T .. ' f 1: .Q Av, Zf W., V " f. ff P . .. . --r' , ' , . f ' ' "M f K' M. -A , J , Q .4 I - . 4. " -Q.. .2'Zilf.i,?jIf ' I I, 'L .I I " . Liga .1 1.1 X .J V .. ,., .nfl I. ' Q Y H4 . t S... . Mr? 40 f .' S. ' wwf. 2 7 Q . 84. f . i IVZQW 'Q Q ' .A M . f I Q Cf ,.17'f :. ?l 'Q eweff if A 'Pig ' l"f' F V . I I 7 4, .. I ' a. ' 1. T . . M 'Li' I tk x ! V y X Q ' 7 :nw . Y QS' 411 3 '1 vw. X ma: L. Q T Q! S W . 'P X. tp X , N' . . . . LQ. 1 , vi. . is . ., vis 1-it fa, s. Q," Y v V1 R . . I . ks - R- i A x N. if 'HRC t S-is X' . - Tn . , -.. we Nj . Q . f, 41li F A - jg, f ,IL J ,V fl- V5 U: . , , Im'-If ,4 . K if fi 1, 1, . 1 4 Wffff' ' 3 1 . lag A ,.. Vf KV D, 'mx ,K Q 5... nge z it I ,, Q,X , If , 4 , :I , .Q -ff r "W A W, fem.. 1 reef ng WI U W XM it u ' , ' .y -, f y :.- , , X , - X G f I . V V , I ff? of ,V I+ wig Z2 V ' 5 ' as If ' W, V f ' ,WV -' A ' L ,Mk , ,, 05. TMDI if I'?TIVilef.Y W' 'Q I, -Q' ef f ff f Int ' f , rt ,ff ' g ., 'V f 'Q' .4 V 4, ff 4 ,, k Qi ' , f -7 , , Z , Q51 V ,r '--. o . f f qi ,' f 4 , vi, ff ,, ff' K , ,, ,W V y Z v If Y N K 1 ' ' 9 f ., my f , ry ' 1 sh- fer., y Q.. . , K , an , If ,liz 4, Q , f- . A., .f L ,M V' filo' 5 ,af of 00,3 ,' fa ' few , .V ff sr ,A . - I ,mf V A , f- V V , ,Q . ,f ,, he fy 3, I Q . . kd 1 fw yew S 1: M kg Q Iii I I 2 Ei f x V!! H I 1 :X 5 . ,' , Q.,- f x, . -1 sf 2-S - 5,1- 'f ,M-gy 3 ,.w,,a.' , ,Q I ,,-gg, Zin? A' ' ' '-" f M ' 7 .XZ 2. 52 E., .,,, 5 M I . h . I rf f r X ,, f. i gr-1' f' , ' , I' - 4'-4 441 I . fr r . df 3 M Ig Q , If Elsa ry' I' IT , . 5' if f W, I Y 0 w ' T.: I f,,f.-I ffniif 1 wr 'w Tw... L..-......- .-- Q... ----.L...,.gif1.g...g.e.Q.L..f:.f11"".LQ 1-au B DIVISION L to R, lst row, E. T. Pures, F. D. R. Mayes T. R. McKnight, T. D. Kimbler, C. E. Wheeler ENS L. C. Soule, J. H. Hershberger, B. H Mullins, R. N. Neil, 2nd row, M. S. Oliver D. L. Kriner, W. F. Farnsworth, J. T. Setko H. Peiczynski, P. L. Curtis, B. H. Caswell G. L. Magley, T. W. Flammia, 3rd row, G. B Thomas, P. D. Thomas, L. D. Floyd, I. M Balk, R. D .Flores, M. A. Kanonik, H. T. lobe F. E. Rapier, P. J. Reynolds, R. Straub E DIVISION L to R, lst row, P. H. Kepner ll, T. R. Lynch H. L. Werling, M. L. Leech, G, W. Dowell Ill L. F. Mayer, C. 0. Staley, A. A. Diebel, S. L Buck, L. P. Goddard, 2nd row, H. A. Randles N. Teller, W. C. Blumberg, R. E. Gold, G. A Morrison, D. P. Dixon, C. A. Aase, E. Muniz C. E. Hursey, 3rd row, G. R. Miller, J. W Bjerk, J. T. Flasinski, C. A. Weber, L. A Talbot, I. R. Holton, A. D. Walter, R. E. Shep ard, R. E. Burke E DIVISION Ltn R,1strnw, R. W. Langan, R. G. Martinek J. C. Ballard, E. P. Burns, M. L. Leech, R Galkiewicz, R. B. Richardson Ir., L. B. Brown J. G. Drobney, 2nd row, H. L. Pierson, C. R Hackle, E. H. Moody, L. W. Loader, H. E Walker, V. D. Shaffer, R. L. Moody, P. F Adkins, E. E. Yount, M. L. Krump Jr., L. M Peterson, 3rd row, W. L. Rafferty, R. I Foster, A. C. Giesecke, J. F. Kiernan, D. F Glosenger, R. L. Hardiman, I. C. Griffith, J. R Calderone, V. E. White 299 E DIVISION L to R, lst row, l. L. Stewart, S. J. Torres, J. D. Cambrell, B. W. Keels, C. R. Fiscus, G. J. Bartels, L. S. Roberts, F. J. Madigan, J. B. McKinney, W. A. Johnson, T. R. Lynch, 2nd rowg M. L. Leech, R. S. Cox, J. D. Gracey, W. S. Rogalskl, lr., C. Sullivan lr., P. A. McDonnell, M. D. Cassens, R. L. Avis, E. E. Ferguson, R. L. Fegley, G. W. Dowell lll, 3rd row, D. P. Dxon,4l. T. Flasinski, l. W. Bjerk, C. G. Smith, J. R. Holton, H. Walker, J. A. Figarra, G. A. Morrison, A. A. Diebel, C. E. Hursey E DIVISION L tn R, 1st row, I. H. Kellogg, R. E. Eyre, A. R. Taggart, G. L. Johnson, D. C. Griffey, G. L. Funke, T. O. Young, C. W. Jones, R. A. Burwood, C. L. Wilson, S. E. Hanger, R. W. Motes, A. M. Vollmer, M. L. Leech, 2nd row, R. A. Luomala, T. A. Kovarik, J. G. Hess, E. H. Wray, J. N. Davis, G. W. Nixon, R. K. Dilley, D. J. Wells, G. E. Sell -lr., J. G. Gil- strap, W. L., 3rd rowg C. A. Skinner, l. L. Duncan, F. L. Cairelli, W. D. Helm, R. A. Elm, W. l. Lockerman Jr., R.-E. Wiltrout, R. P. Hines, L. E. Smrekar, D. R. Denney, H. J. Hutt f M DIVISION L to R, lst row, D. St. Don, l. l. Wilk, E. J. Rosell, T. Simmons, W. Johnson, R. leskis, 2nd row, T. Wells, C. Heft, D. Schade, L. Podunacac, R. Torrence, F. Wisnewski, 3rd row, C. Bolton, V. Mittler, R. West, P. Ris- bon, K. Minisian, A. Metzger 300 K . . I ,K !.,, . iilr fI . In , 4 'ef I rr n 5 I' 31 V fa ff 4' . Xl .. rrrl an . I . 1 , 1 '." 5. ,,q 7 Wx' 5 sffw L- .V ' . ,, 4 I. Vf . .X .wfi ,- ' gy he V. -he , I' N! 'Y W N N 'I g L :A 3 I f III' . -- .5 f NNE- ,Eg.aHg E! IE! IEg'Ig ' E?I,, fgx 2 I f 5' if 'WSJ ml ' 4 3, 11, Ii R I Ir. .. Inf. I II I Nfl Kg. .... xv II .x . . I 1 .I it cf-515 .4 AV' It 'VY A - I ' " ..-ff I. '55 A . IQ . A ss V? fs .S - ' .W . XM Y i f .ig I' 5 . 5' 7 D A X Xt. .M , . V X Ny XXX Q 'M f I ' Nfl f . " f X f -. .. , . ,R ' D SX?-mlb? . 3 - ' F-awe. 1 '-X Q I ' lfzsir . W HM i we 'K X .f --.. . sua . f I Y '53, A i , Q9 ,xg . ' I I.. ' 1 .... j wmwe. ,' ge e ..... , w?sQp. wget. fest s .Qs S .s,.g 4 f f . ' X e- . S I . K A . ' ' ' 1 ' as . gag. 9 Q S SX? Xa I ' NNT' .N g. ,X 5 . X S - NXT R' Rx-1. .. '- grsix DI.. f: 7XQz xi .W x wr. A V -U 5 1.01, 4 J X Q y . EJ H U A a ' , .. , , 1.3, . A ,L krrk. kk Q, Alvr 'Q V, j 3 5 ' S A ' . ' , .g,' f ' A S' I i V 'rf fa, f 1 . J 4 , , if 4 r A-1 ' af ...f I, . , , If - X' 1 4 I "L rw f 7'?'I7f! I 2 , f 5.1. F 'Jes .' I l 44 SYM? " I V I I Im za fad iffy' 5 we V kj .W ri, 4, as V' f V fi H X Q, 71 ,f yy. ? " . - ' . , - ,, 1 . A, ' " - c' . ., ,., it-1 .QSVEF 1 '-142' .N -.. ,MQJ 4 Y, Q-r.',,,,. L . ,Lg 534 1-H1 YI yy, fl: f M DIVISION L to R, lst row, E. Vittorio, J. Blanchard, D. Anderson, R. Malone, L. A. Clemento, G. Crabtree, E. Cole, E. Riley, W. Patton, W. Michel, 2nd row, R. Brauch, C. Harting, W. Everly, R. Petit, A. Temme, F. Sine, R. Friedman, N. Greene, W. Ledger, D. Blum, 3rd row, W. Warden, R. Rowland, D. Webster, S. Norrod, R. Bridges, C. Hernandez, J. Bozick, G. Sirois, G. Campbell, Y. Dennison M Division - I Lto R, lst row, K. Rockwell, D. Mikolakjczyk, R. Henderick, H. Tauson, H. Brown, T. Roun- gou, H. Christiansen, 2nd row, F. Connors, V. Hodkinson, R. Walker, R. Meinhardt, L. Slonaker, R. Donze, J. Cozier, 0. Jackson, B. B. Blackstone, 3rd row, F. Chetto, J. Morin, W. Kuenle, A. Sabino, E. Reis, P. M. Mitchell, L. O'Quinn, R. Howard, J. Simpson M DIVISIDN L to R, 1st row, R. Kelley, D. Gerzeski, T. King, J. Yeick, J. W. Davis, T. Schaffer, E. Talent, L. Harrell, J. J. Bach, 2nd row, Power, R. Johannson, R. Axson, D. Pew, . Crowell, R. Benkoski, R. Demierre, J. Brewer, N.1Peddle, 3rd row, A. Barrell, B. Brown, C. Ross, G. Nieder, D. Murphy, H. Teetz, R. Hal- brock, R. Sorenson 3Ol ,L R mvislon . R Lto JR, 1st rnwg L. H. Woodcock, V. lVl. Sales, J. R. Plant, S. R. Curtis, T. V. Popiwny, J. L. Nestor, J. Strahan, H.. 'D. Philabaun, R. S. lVleikle, B. E. Wightmann, A. R. Bliss, 2nd row, J. D. South, C. R. Porubek, D. R. Yesai- tis, W. R. Scroggins, C. H. Evans, G. H. Truelove, K. R. Hegarty, K. J. Faust, J. A. Bishop, R. A.'Clarke, R. R. lVlcCall,-3rd row, P. J. Amorella, T. N. Endersbe, L. C. Click, F. N. Ravit, A. G. Gaydos, K. L. Reynolds, D. S. Johnson, J. A. Goodman, F. Glasby R DIVISION L to R, 1st row, H. P. VanScoter, E. C. Coop- er, L. A. Miller, W. H. Peace, B. F. Morgan, ENS E. J. White, C. E. Shellenberger, W. T. Collins, 'J. Robinson, J. N. Bediaon, 2nd row, G. l. Smith, W. H. Kirschbaun, R. Wal- lace, H. S. Melton, C. W. Wyatt, R.rH. Whelan, W. R. Hazelton, E. L. Porter, R. Giroux, L. C. Justice, 3rd row, R. C. Reder, B. D. Pruitt, G. C. Hershey, W. B. Nlorrissey, D. A. Lund, J. L. lVlurphy, R. D. Montwheler, F. L. Tapia, G. J. Alteno, A. Mejias R DIVISION L to R, lst row, K. D. Smith, P. J. Amorella J. W. Lambert, lVl. lVl. Schue, W. G. Kaulbauk I I 2nd row, R. E. Bynum, W. E. Bushee, W. H. Roberson, E. K. Baron, C. E. Bice, 3rd row, I R. E. Schwartz, J. H. Kimball, J. D. Stanley, J. S. Taubert 302 4 Q 4 ul ' A r , r X L I 9 X f Q 69 I f f qbnyj 1 . Z. I ff f M ff, Z, .4 f .r rg? r . nf ,,. I I I I I I- I I T ll' Y I f ' f , f" "7 j 1 It ' rf 1 , ' T 1 . I I U I I I Q X .5 J ul .JH . :rt I , I . f ,. If I if rx I KIII I, xl fr' I ' "2- . -1 '-. . We rglii L A s..r J wr -t if . I he . j f Q K A Vi, -, X . Y I A I Aan' sw J' lf ' r Q . -f -1, I .L A K K -Q M-5, 71 5 ' M" I I I f ll ' ,V A -. V., l 4' ik . . X, Y, 9, s'E92e',Qf9:2?'02-33.625 , I , 4, - 0 is 5-ff..s24-374 . J 5 5, f-'f exft" 4 v,6WsWfs' - ,. on J: 3? 1: il qi? N- - ual? I I . f , fy-WLMEKW .. My-n..f', ' 5f ..-- - , r -4' f-. l - my , Mg ' 7 5 V. 4 z J I v t sv ., . , ' ' ,A - y I I x i I ' ' ' f sv 5 X sf fr f . X t isr- N '7 . .ad 7 x , .gf X K IQ!! ,f All . . f, K, ' 1 xx X- ,M A! It X figs! F if fx if X 6 F7 H ' is 1 Qi A A . A It I I I Q F Ss . X A s A ' - sf A s , -. ..-LLev,!!,.. ...Y . .. .hx xr e ' I I 5.1. A . "7"-ur l c. n a ' I 7575? A g 4 g ' -fury A I g .1 " f -..:':'.' 5 . - .1.,.j:.g I:.i..'1,i i..",,- , Ist DIVISION Ltn R, 1st row, W. E. Eubanks, S. Hudson Jr. W. J. Campbell, G. L. Donigan, l. C. Brown H. J. Clancy, G. 0. Kimbler, J. T. Robert son, E. Russell Ir., W. H. Umstead, 2nd row E. R. Huling, M. F. Kerin, R. T. Conklin, R. I Avery, LE. Garber, H. E. Boggs, P.M. Laskow ski, J. A. Morgan, D. J. Curtin,'J. T. Queen W. J. Burnett, H. E. Fyffe, I. S. Czaplewski M. T. lehl, 3rd row, B. T. MurreIl,. K. R Wyatt, I. F. Dober, T. N. Mulcahy, 'E. W. Bur- ton, D. N. Evrlsizor, S. J. Rodier, B. L Powers, R. L. Rundenza, J. F. Jones, L. M Kottler, B. W. Drashman I znumvision n L to R, 1st row: H. Nash, D. D. Walden, E. B. Sams, S. L. Johnson, I. A. D. Smith, D. F. Bar- rett, R. N. Evans, J. E. Hall, I. F. Kuder, I. P. Kubant, 2nd row, C. G. Beaver, R. P. Luedtke, A. F. Lewandoski, I. H. Long, D. B. Salyer, C. G. Nickens, D. E. Weigold, F. E. Marsh- man, 3rd row, R. G. Middleton, J. F. Michie, R. W. Watterton, J. I. Moore, N. L. Fisher, R. L. Lowe, R. D. Noles 2nd DIVISION L to R, lst row, J. F. Allen, E. L. Johnson, D. A. Kuerbitz, J. T. Kelly, J. B. Iuhasz, I. 0. Wilson, D. B. McDowell, R. D, McKinney, E. W. McGrew, 2nd row, J. J. Treacy, R. A. Gross, T. E. Hursey, R. C. Borror, C. R. Murray, W. E. Finklang, E. L. Bailey, R. .M. Williams, D. B. King, R. E. Grace, 3rd row, A. H. Skirvin, W. R. Gross, C. M. Gunther, R. G. Stoffle, P. C. Wassel, B. L. Moore, 1. G. Irving, T. H. Martinez, R. R. Hicks, C. E. Lewsader 303 3rd DIVISION L to R, lst row, D. E. Carter, W. R. Wright J. T. Richardson, R. Weaver, E. E. Mills J. F. Hetzel, C. E. Kirkendall, F. De Leon 2nd row, R. J. Shumate, G. Fiore, R. G. Lutz L. L. Doudrick, C. R. Pennington, P. F. Hum mel, P. K. Holcomb, W. W. Soullire, L. G Roach 3rd row- C. L. Hicks D. L. Olson N. c. 'Rocheford, c. A. waikei, s. A. craigf R. A. Pfeifer 4th DIVISION L to R, Ist row, G. L. Dowda, E. G. Rehl R. J. Gadde, D. E. Hartman, J. S. Hull, J. l Harper, R. C. Edmiston, A. J. McCarter, J. L. Lo an 2nd row D C Woods J P lVlurh 8 ., s - . , - - D Y, A. J. Bianco, I. E. Frazer, B. H. Stackhouse, A. L. Wallace, H. A. Leftridge, G. A. Fronius D. Nl. Harris, 3rd row, C. J. Phillips, D. A Harvey, W. H. Winmill, A. lVl. Tuchek, R. D Chretien, J. A. Grady, S. A. Nlanning, D. A Snyder 4th DIVISION L to R, lst row, W. B. Kohuth, J. R. Power, C. I. Dale, H. G. Hobby, W. C. Chadwick, L. D lgo, 2nd row, 1. J. Campbell, R. C. Ubaldini A. D. Seibert P. F. Weeks E. Artis A. R Lewis, ara row, T. w. Figaro, D. c.' Hyde, W. T. Hartz, T. I. lVlayer, C. A. Edmisten 304 r Y ,V Q , f ' rig 'fi . if ,V 1+ . X xr , i, m z Q i ' f f' it . 4' , - 'Vg . A y I , ' . ' ' I I 'f fy.. f-QW X' , ,f a . , , . , . .. , K I Q 1 ew . l . .r - . V Q7 ' I 7 I I' A ' Vg? ' ' X I Va I 'W wwwer ,f 61-'M-A My W- M is 14 1 A V f .. My ., M W 'www 3 A , V a M4 4 :I 'r an '-, 5 f " ' ry 4 LK x . ,pg S.: 1 I Q I v 5 , 'ag .3-.ii f 'Z-s I' I 5 r' I l X: hy fha' r-v gf .es I '-1 l 51, . ' 3 A 5, I I I tilt - . lvl, vial , 'F f X is ft fx 'Nl .I x ' l 7 IV I .K t I 4 l X f affix 25 -I .. x " - f H as .R I. ew 43 PM I tr ' 54 XS' .Q-. . Q . Q N . !'k. 5. K , N. , E .x 1 A A ' tfoe . f . , 6 , Q f 5 X357 J 2 R " .E :SN .. ix 1' . gl ' Q Q, . V V v -. X., ' t-Ps ' 'KRW ' yr' . 5 ig 1 ,XXXEN g 'U-.E KV., - -. p ,,,',..,.:....L.' - n ': 4 1. f 'A-Q4-AA ,,,.L-,L .-- . ,'. . if r, 0 Q L 5. it - ff 1 , 305 - . ,A qff5"Kr', '-hc" . " "'R" ' Y" -- FHL - . f --.ix " -' 'L .. 1' 4'f- L-. r- 4th DIVISION L to R, lst row, E. A. Dahlgaard, R. M. Patterson, R. G. Przybyszewski, R. A. Bogus, E. 0. Bierman, I. G. Collier, D. H. Guy, R. C. Shutica, H. W. Degroft, C. L. Seay, 2nd row,l R. Krasinsky, R. S. Amorski, I. C. Bradford, J. P. Fogg, S. A. Smith Ir., K. P. Williams, R. L. Wicker, R. E. Gaines, J. A. Padgett, J. LfMcNerney, J. W. Henderson 5th DIVISION L to R, lst row, Wiseman, B. L. Meynardie, J. M. Kruse, W. I. Powell, F. L. Knight, G. A. Ridge, I. N. Stone, R. I. Mayhew, D. G. Holton, R. A. Hoke, M. Sessoms, W. Partin, 2nd row, J. M. lomedico, C. C. Dawson, A. J. Giacomaro, R. B. Ulrich, N. Palermo, J. W. Partin, H. M. Kelley, C. F. Piotrasch, M. D. Stone, H. C. Baker, R. L. Smoak, I. F. Morris, 3rd row, A. W. Behan, G. T. Watts, I. H. Francisco, B. E. Francisco, S. L. Marsh, A. L. McKinley, N. R. Fitzhugh, R. E. Shutt, E. B. Stewart, E. Worrell, D. R. Book- walter MARINES L to R, lst row, T. AQ Mranio, W. L. Lloyd E. F. Zycha, A. H. Turner, C. W. Cromwell I. L. Wilson, F. P. Klemm, S. E. Marcum, wi C. Krisalyn, 2nd row, W. P. Massie, J. G Andrews, B. G. Persson, I. E. Aloi, W. J Cook, R. D. Bledsoe, P. A. Thommes, I. A Albert, 3rd row, W. D. Rossman, T. A. Mc Namara, K. V. Stolberg, B. H. Haslett, W. H Anderson, L. I. Albert -,mx S I li I II' Ii lf' ll ll lr ll ,. ll Il 1. 1 vi all ll, I ,v 1 lll ll ll 1. ,. ij Q ,A I. ll gl I V ,. , . I I i 4 1 I I . 1 i I I l ' I ,I I ' mi i lr ,154 3 Fifi in E. Iw i Il' 'll IA .yd j' ,.AI 'fl ll I fl lr' ,N 1" ., ,y V MARINES L to R, lst row, R. G. Branscome, L. C. Far- ley, R. T. Usko, F. G. Cooper, C. E. Crawford P. D. Andrews, Nl. D. Johnston, R. J. Slugaski F. A. Kirk, J. R. Bell, T. R. Strunk, 2nd row J. E. Howell, W. W. Crowe, J. J. Hulak Jr., D Traynor, J. E. Nlegela, J. P. Bonosky, I. S Rockhill, R. S. Hunter, W. D. Jorgensen, F. T. Jackson, J. Johnston Jr., 3rd row, W. H. Ma ginnis, B. G. Lorange, L. D. Kitts, L. H. Crad dock Jr., P. E. Lindau Jr., G. H. lVlurdock D. W. Shoenfelt, 0. Penic, F. R. Jacobs, J J. Newman, lVl. B. Johnson FOX DIVISION L to R, 1st row, W. R. Johnston, R. G. Smith W. D. Donoghue, C. A. Sherman, W. J. Pugh J. V. Blake, V.,P. lvlarchese, 2nd row, T. W. Reed, G. S. Fredickson, P. D. O'Neill, L. R. Fitch, R. A. Williams, N. W. Fisher, 3rd row, lVl. Gallia, F. C. Safara, C. V. D. Wallace, R. Torrence, R. lVlayer, J. K. O'Keefe FOX DIVISION L to R, lst row, G. A. lVIims, C. E. Huhndorf J. B. Bennett, H. A. Lantelme, C. G. Dimes row J J Dick W E Wilbanks Brown, D. E. Schroll, J. D. Stewart, P. F. , .rlr 2' Yr' 5 Windle 3rd row- D. D. Creig R. V. Harter I I " t' INS J. w. Noyes, c. iaarker, E. D.'Howden, R. s Ouam, D.A. Phillips I I We . A is W M - T , yr Q5 F5 I N3 .,.. X. l In ' .Aa .. . Q, V A K .... 5 A . ., F . V . 1' It x S' T. 5. ,,.-fs 312, A ' fp ' A L, . . A . W . ,...,x. .. , E X , 1, 4. - i . A .X ,A . , . ...XJ use XX , . J ..,. V. f 'U I N, IN I I V' I X X f -. x sf ' I Y- IT- S I X11 Q55 ' al T gs, 5 A -1 s 9 "QLTfT ,, .... . T .- 5' 7' G DIVISIDN o R Bord Murphy I E Shuttleworth C H McRaney L Wad C D Truett T R lVlara A N Stewart 2nd row R A Howell lVl Cox G W llllayhugh E J Gross R I Ra y A N Williams W C Graves C F Speiden 3rd row J C Young L T lVlann J R Sullr v IVI Strrngham J A Southwlck R Singleton T L Grayson G DIVISION L to R, 1st row, J. W. Rushlow, J. P. Schroe- der, R. K. Sampson, R. A. Smith, ENS L. W. Bashaw, E. C. lVlatzek, J. E. Luckey, 2nd row, E. D. Osborn, K. l. Lacinski, E. V. Rial, S. G. Pfalt, G. V. Nordstrom, J. P. Jones, W. F. lVlull, C. J. Sherba, 3rd row, J. W. Lange, C. R. Sellers, T. L. Grayson, J. J. Ross, W. L. Nlontgomery, C. Wright, lVl. Cox G DIVISIDN L to R, lst row, L. l. Gunter, K. Dugger, lVl. J. Fussner, J. L. Galica, T. G. Beatty, A. J. Hughes, J. R. Gill, B. W. Elliott, R. C. Glad, lVl. E. Bell, I. R. Williams, 2nd row, J. E. Flowers, C. E. Bray, D. 0. Hall, J. L. Hoyt, E. Nl. Hensley, R. D. Fantaroni, H. P. Cheek, L. A. Dodson, C. R. Burton, J. D. Cruce, l. S. Anzur, 3rd row, l. D. Clifford, C. C. Blasin- game, W. E. Dehn, W. P. Cox, A. T. Dahn, J. D. Bedinger, J. G. Blankinchip, G. Barnes, J. W. Brooks, J. T. Lockridge, 1. W. Goodson 5,1- G DIVISION L to R, 1st row, T. W. Cameron, C. D. Deal C. B. Kahn, J .T. Cosby, C. W. Newton, N. 0 Hanson, W. J. Hand, D. A. Dean, J. E. Baker, G. E. Ashley, 2nd row, F. F. Knuchel, R. E. Hussey, R. J. Sitek, J. P. Holmes, K. L. Hal- pern, C. D. Luckett, R. E. Hafner, A. A Dixon, J. D. Bergen, 3rd row, Z. G. Ward, F. E. Goodridge, D. C. Barr, H. Johnson, D. C. Reed, C. N. Caouette, W. J. Crowell, H. G. Sees, T. E. Smithey W DIVISION L to R, 1st row, R. T. Warner, IVI. F. Sher- man, E. E. Crump, W. F. Anderson, J. W. Hoff- man, W. F. Roberts, J. T. Griggs, R. C. Olsey, IVI. R. Hoenie, D. L. Bullaboy, 2nd row, J. J. Green, IVI. E. Niell, J. W. Buxton, F. lVl. Sabens, H. H. Selby, G. D. IVIarkham, K. E. Cook, R. A. Jones, R. L. Embree W DIVISION L to R, 1st row, R. E. Parker, LTJG 0. E. lVliller, LCDR R. T. Bagg, Jr., L. IVI. lVliller, R. L. Schuler, 2nd row, LTJG K. B. Delozler, ENS L. L. Parker, J. E. Stroberg, C. S. Sluss, LTJG lVl. G. Peters, LTJG E. R. Sears 5 S 53 i . r ,A Eu. ' - I WWW' sz, e B' 4 Sm-Q, 1 . I L I 308 . ,,Y - .UK 5- 475-1 .,.- 7. ff -M . 'I !1. ., .. .,., . . -., . S . ,anti iw.. ""' ' ' ' ' ---'14-W Afbf--A-f"fA -A- 4,g -,il.J'1g' -qlm..A A+4.mY'.. + ' ' I :ff is nu ...... .......... 46-1 Q. XC :VV C X I gf M V 1, . , . .. Y. ,. V, A , . 'r r V . - v f 7' f , , I . 5nr.,f r A, Aw, .. ff' " f a ' Lf 7" 4 . ff',1L::' I . ef f?'f it . I if , -I . f -ef M -41 .17 5' , y - I 'Q f 7 A ' A 1 I 54-L-fs! f Y 1 W 309 Affgx ac ff? ,, fy , .. 'Q fg CR DIVISION L to R, lst row, M. L. Neal, M. E. Lowder, R. D. Kaye, R. Yetman, R. C. Mitchell, LTJG I. F. Lyons, lr., D. G. Sellers, A. Davenport, W. L. James, D. L. Hyde, 2nd rowg W. I. Peters, D. L. Briggs, R. S. Caldwell, G. W. Gulnn, K. E. Purlee, C. L. Ferguson, R. J. Cremeans, I. F. Earley, R. H. Glenzer, R. T. Swatek, G. I. Safron, 3rd row, R. G. Norton, R. E. Smith, P. C. Muzzioli, G. D. Meadors, C. S. Fuller, D. A. Baker, T. C. Barber, D. E. Summerlin CR DIVISION L to R, lst rowg R. H. Richardson, B. I. Turner, E. E. Witt, L. T. McKinney, ENS D. R. Moates, LTIG R. P. Wardell, ENS S. M, Hal- loran, ENS G. Seymour, ENS D. L. Moonan, T. C. Stratton, R. T. Ingram, M. J. Ferero, LCDR R. M. Laske, 2nd row, D. R. Davis, E. W. Gilman, R. Pryor, P. M. Van Driak, I. V. Longi, C. B. Goodall, D. L. Davsi, G. T. Gill, R. G. Daniel, I. H. Truskowski, P. S. Cibor- owski, A. C. V. Compher ll, C. N. Tyree, R. R. Palmeri, P. D. Bailey, 3rd rowg R. J. Baloga, I. R. Lee, D. P. Giszack, E. A. Sadowsky, V. L. Smith, R. L. Morlan, S. R. Lawson, L. l. Pollins, T. L. Hall, M. C. Domer, T. F. Conk- lin, I. E. Riley, C. R. Brent, W. R. Wildin, J. L. Miller CS DIVISIDN L to R, lst row, T. L. Crutchfield, 0. L. Lynn, R. C. Coughlin, ENS G. Seymour, M. L. Daughtery, H. J. Maner, 1. P. Smith, 2nd rowg H. A. Lyman, R. W. Hausman, M. E. Smith, Z. D. Leroy, E. L. McDowell, D. 0. Perry, C. L. Ham, W. H. Brown, M. I. Fulker- son, 3rd rowg R. L. Haney, N. G. Shaw, M. P. Shepler, L. H. Nichols, L. M. Johnson, R. L. Bennett, P. l. Stanton, I. A. West CAG STAFF L to R, 1st row, LT J. A. Pursch, LCDR J. IVI. Tierney, CDR J. Ferris, LCDR E. E. Tissot, LCDR F. E. Whittemore, 2nd row, NI. G. Shook, LTJG W. J. Jackson, LT V. J. Lemmon, LT G. R. Stradley, D. L. Hawes, 3rd row, B. F. Osborne, E. W. Pardon, R. J. Miller, IVI. Fabinski, S. IVI. Diekens ATTACK SQUADRUN EIGHTY UNE L to R, 1st row, LT J. A. Pursch, LT IVI. C. Wood, LT H. B. Chase, LT E. C. Adamson, LT P. B. Tuzo, LTJG B. F. Hodge, LTJG R. Gray, LT R. T. Buono, LT J. J. Bransfield, 2nd row, LTJG A. J. Tenefrancia, LCDR E. D. Herbert, LT C. W. IVIuIIen, LTJG D. R. Palomake, LTJG J. D.. Rutz, CDR R. E. Rumble, LCDR J. E. Kneale, LTJG R. K. Niiklas, LT J. B. Walsh, LCDR, G. F. Brummitt, LTJG, R. L. Tonn ATTACK SQUADRON EIGHTY UNE L to R, 1st row, E. W. Goodin, D. R. Sec- combe, J. L. Clark, A. T. Brown, J. Senappe, IVI. L. Brown, IVI. W. Billig, G. H. Norum, J. Berry, E. W. Weidenbeck,.T. A. Lemmond, 2nd row, J. A. Svihel, D. Poirier, W. E. Rose, J. P. Bounviri, G. IVI. Hinson, R. A. Klopf, J. P. Harrison, E. A. Little, H. Nleeks, P. F. Ray, 3rd row, W. D. Coons, G. D. Smith, R. Kubis- tek, P. A. Olivier, J. E. Baker, J. W. Leach, R. E. Smith, C. E. Newkirk, F. A. Banach, J. T. Waldrop ,....-......1 -f-'- Q----1' W' 53-05N-,I3 'ln ,Jw il' 1 - - .-'- , ft ' - r " . X . , gf! Q . ii L' y L i 2 3 MW 'A , . U r . f i f . wr l ' L ff' 47' 'ZNQQQWT ' fx .2 L 2 ,P . 4 5 ..f,.f . . J , .aw J 16.34 3lT V . . ' ' HLA, .j F .-1 .A T 'T U1 iff 4515? I 5 ' f '-. - 45'-1'-1' .- ' 2 ' ,Y ' -'P ...- 4- ...lf .af .5f+-im 'fJg.Z'.f,. 4. .L ' ATTACK SQUADRON EIGHTY ONE L to R, lst row, L. E. Graffius, S. H. Slater, W. A. lVliller, H. R. Eskridge, P. T. Andreas, C. B. Bahr, J. E. Elick, C. B. Hill, 2nd row, D. L. NlclVlichaeI, J. H. Burton, T. L. Shirhall lVl. G. Zipperer, R. W. Houser, W. L. Hoffman D. M. Bruder W. l. Small 3rd row- D. W scnmidi, G. ri. Gamblll, o.'R. Stewart, F. EQ Weinberg, D. E. Garner, F. B. Ennis, J. P. Strange, K. B. Carroll ATTACK SIIUADRIJN EIGHTY UNE L to R, lst row, R. H. Bailey, J. K. Briggs, A. E. lVlorgan, R. L. Haynes, C. B. Erwin, R. W. Lingo, lVl. P. Ashwell, F. H. Smyrchyn- ski, J. W. Eyler, G. E. Ovist, 2nd row, C. F. Fee, A. E. Darr, K. E. Glass, A. C. Kersey, R. C. Ozmum, L. W. Fredricks, J. R. Goss, W R. Hoffman E. C. Hancock 3rd row- A. D candeiaria,'c. F. Hartley, 6. L. Fritts, s. Ff Free, R. W. Burgess, W. H. Boley, J. R. lVlan- ners, B. H. Thornhill, E. A. Gerhard ATTACK SQUADRON EIGHTY THREE L to R, 1st row, LCDR K. C. Spayde, LTJG J. Parks, LTJG W. Westerman, LTJG J. lVlartin, LT H. Albritton, LTJG IVI. Knapp, LTJG S. Caldwell, LT R. Nliles, CAPT D. Aiken lUSAFl, 2nd row, D. Specht, D. Hummer, ENS C. Bolton-Smith, LT N. Smallidge, LCDR B. Mandeville, LCDR F. Dunning, CDR B. Nance, LCDR D. Ross, LCDR, J. 0'Hara, LT G. Wilkins, LTJG C. Bissell, J. Crumlish I, isa 1 1 l .V LL .cw . wg? il 5 .ill .ig ul T r l 6 L.. I s. I i I 2 inul i . -i 4 vl .ggi Lag 'il ' i 1 2 rl fl 1 J i --A l J . L P i ' . l. .. 1. . l- 1-w l. .3 l l l . l i F . 6 i i L 4 I l l . I . 1 sl ill l ' i l 1 l i 4 1 -i .i 1 . , - iff A, T 13, .ffl 5' l .ii T T l .1 T I i' 'i T" .l l 31, 'i l l .lg l' vu i, ,ff J .bf 3 . B.,- ATTACK SGUADRON EIGHTY THREE Lto R, lst row, W. Longstreet, L. Nl. Phelps, F. A. Laue, R. N. Wilson, R. P. Golbinec H. R. Lindstrom, J. C. Poston, S. J. Griffith W. lVl Grantham H. H Ha es' L. H Hennes - , - Y , . Y, Jr., 2nd row, R. C. Sweet, R. C. lVliller, G. W. lVlonnin, J. D. Bonney, L. J. Spencer, C. A. lVlcGraw, R. R. De Vito, K.-R. Elkie, lVl. E Steele, 3rd row, J. J. Sharp, R. J. Kodlick, C. A. White, K. A. Johnston, S. J. IVlanzo,'Jr. L. N. Goodrich, F. L. Estes, N. L. Roche ATTACK SGUADRON EIGHTYQ THREE ' L to R, lst row, G. C. Jennings, G. T. Buck- ley, R. D. Bell, P. D. Bratcher, A. P. Carring- ton, A. lVl. Anderson, Jr., R. L. Elliot, 2nd row, G. E. Ulery, F. D. Trimble, G. H Stephenson, B. lVl. Harris, H. Artis, I. W. Cowart, B. J. Krauss, Jr., 3rd row, L. W. Bock, D. K. Durham, R. Weihrough, C. G. Chewning, L. F. Depew ' ATTACK SQUADRUN EIGHTY THREE L to R, lst row, D. A. Rouleau, P. A. Clark, D. F. NlcKeon, J. A. Kaneer, L. G. Sammons, R. E. Dittmar, C. R. Johnson, R.. G. Love, W. G. Stout, J. F. Hall, Jr., 2nd row, D. R Anderson, J. A. Diaz, C. P. Oehler, Jr., F Jones, R. L. Clay, L. L. lVlighell, R. Bunn, Jr. W. lVl. Sexton, G. F. Lemley, J. P. Riley ara row, H. o. swean, P. R. iueiser, c. vvf Andersun, R. G. Constantine, J. lVl. Surgner, J. G. Dawson, J. J. Plaisted, Jr., G. F. lVlc- Dermid, R. E. Nlyles, G. A. Rouleau I K 2 If Z if , L L of 5,4 ff- , . W ,, W ff 11 W ff I 8 V1 313 xt XVI ATTACK SOUADRON EIGHTY THREE L to R, lst row, J. E. Thompson, W. E Turner, R. D. Thompson, L. S. Carter, B. G Garrison, R. J. Turoft, 2nd rowg J. E. Skaggs T. Gray, K. J. Sweeney, H. W. Beisner, V. J Miller, 3rd row, P. J. Minard, R. A. Craw ford, J. T. Miller, G. D. Circle, L. D. P Gigante ATTACK SOUADRON EIGHTY FIVE PILOTS L to R, Ist row, LTJG E. W. Slelght, LT J. L. Bingham, LTJG J. S. Buzby, LTJG D. A. Peter- son, LTJG J. C. Clinton, CDR W. Carrier, Jr., LT J. A. McNally, LT J. R. Reid lll, LTJG W. F. Hicks, LCDR G. A. Carlton, 2nd row, LT J. H. Fellowes, LT K. C. Sanders, LTJG R. M. Rausa, LTJG A. P. Blake, LTJG S. J. Wegert, LCDR N. O. Scott, Jr., LT D. L. Dudrow, LT R. B. Hartlgan, ENS W. B. Tull, LCDR C. E. Church, Jr., LTJG C. C. Watson ATTACK SOUADRON EIGHTY FIVE ADIVIIN, PERSONNEL, LOGS 81 PUBS, SUPPLY AND X DIVISION L to R, 1st row, B. J. Leary, W. F. Berkley, R. F. Wall, R. D. Johnson, J. L. Yokley, R. E. Rickles, l. J. Thompson Ill, 2nd rowg G. R. Prothro, B. A. Schraeder, D. D'Arlon, F. E. Smith, R. L. Meyer, L. D. Arthur, G. J. Pade, 3rd row, W. J. Richmond, R. D. Copier, J. M. Davis, J. J. Scheimreif, R. L. Wood, P. L. McClellan, Jr., D. F. Levasseur, not pictured, R. L. Mobley, Jr., G. E. Maravetz, R. P. Edges, F. Cowan, B. E. Hardin, H. R. Hogans, D. E. Morris, W. H. Roberts, F. Waller ATTACK SIIUADRON EIGHTY FIVE L to R, 1st row, J. R. Taylor, K. W. Ferrell, D. T. Krupski, J. A. lVlcHugh, J. F. Witten- berger, S. Goodstadt, 2nd row, J. W. Pitch- ford, C. E. Malone, J. E. Foote, C. B. Landers, lVl. L. Rodger, C. F. Eubanks, 3rd row, R. D. Cragg, G. R. Raushenberg, T. D. Hicks, C. Cruz, E. L. Buchanan, not pictured, B. T. lVlcKinstry, L. E. Sentelle, W. T. Lawson, G. A. Carter, Jr., C. O. Jacobs, W. A. Allen, D. L. Coffman, W. J. D. Odom, C. D. Culbert- son, P. K. Lefelr, Jr., F. J. Naab, R. P. Pro- veaux, J. W. Schassar, H. lVl. Shelley, R. Wolfe ATTACK SIIUADRON EIGHTY FIVE CRDNANCE, ELECTRIC, ELECTRONICS L to R, 1st row, R. E. Altenburger, D. Jack- son, F. J. Schumacher, T. R. Brown, D. D. Hill, J. W. Bonner, J. E. Everhart, 2nd row, R. L. Otto, F. G. Kinzel, W.'B. Redding, 0. W. Bufe, R. N. Crane, E. T. Spytek, A. L. Bay, 3rd row, R. L. Golden, J. A. Delpino, A. L. Casebolt, B. M. Alsup, D. S. llllummert, I. J. Thompson lll, J. R. Eason, not pictured, J. D. Kirby, L. I. Midkiff, S. F. Bollinger, J. lVl. Edwards ATTACK SIIUADRON EIGHTY FIVE AIRFRAMES, PUWER PLANTS, RIGGERS L to R, lst row, A. E. Spurgeon, D. L. Riner, J. A. Dunn, J. W.iStrickland, E. lVl. Poland, J. T. White, V. A. Hughes, C.'J. Griffin, 2nd row: C. E. Stiles, C. A. Grafton, G. L. Vaughn, E. G. West, Jr., J. H. Barbare, A. D. Baldwin, R. W. Coble, 3rd row, C. lVl. Sullivan, R. L. Rowland, F. L. lVloxness, T. D. Arterbury, E. L. Gill, R. G. lVluck, L. R. Jaworski, not pictured, J. R. Kline. F. J. Naab im "f, -,fy ,ff , ...f ff- 7 , aww . it 9: f F7 4, xi X ' 1 , P , f df R Y 9 ff I' f Ur 4 f 1? r I , +V r 3 at A ii We I V ,5 I.'I .- rf ' U.- I,.,Z,, ..,. . ,Z ,V .S I V7 V is df 5 f ' sf X I Q I r--F , if J . . , - , if X1 35 9 ag , I , ,fy g A Y . C x X s f 2551, sg Q sb t' . a re t V sa Rl- llfl Y, S2 Q L." . L, ,. rw 'F' ,M W 3I4 f 5 l FIGHTER SIIUADRUN ONE HUNDRED TWO L to R, lst row, B. McCandless, ll, F. G. Schenkel, E. A. Rawsthorne, P. Miller, Jr. C. A. Rank, D. J. Lisa, R. M. Byrne, 2nd row, Rademaker, J. N., R. E. Loux, B. D. Williard, H. A. Houghton, J. R. Wright, N. H. Lowery, J. W. Meadows FIGHTER SIIUADRDN DNE HUNDRED TWD L to R, 1st rowg C. J. Uda, D. A. Ostman, H. G. Clark, F. R. Dipretore, Q. M. Redden, 2nd row, J. P. Farrell, F. B. Stewart, F. G. Ernest, V. S. Conley, H. A. Leedom, W. Grant FIGHTER SIIUADRUN ONE HUNDRED TWD L to R, lst row, C. D. Egeland, L. B. Rhodes, R. J. Gagan, D. E. Cooper, J. P. Farrell, W. Grant, V. S. Conley, C. J. Uda, L. R. Smith, R. F. Krause, L. H. Mayne, I. L. Mitchell, 2nd row, A. H. Spann, 1. G. Farley, P. M. Mclnnes, P. E. Monaghan, G. D. Krahmer, E. H. Lormor, F. Mauney, G. A. Pitman, D. H. Strickland, J. R. Lynch, E. E. Churchill, P. M. Benizzi, R. D. Williams, 3rd row, L. N. Black- mon, W. L. Donovan, E. E. Martin, K. Shrop- shire, J. W. Jolly, E. E. Arrington, K. G. McKillip, LTJG 1. S. Brickner, S. W. Winner, R. L. Baker, D. E. Parrotte, A. L. Risley, C. P. Willimon, E. J. Jarosz FIGHTER SGUADRDN ONE HUNDRED TWD Lto R, lst row, R. L. Graley, E. E. Cavanagh, C. B. Turner, F. B. Stewart, Q. M. Redden, F. G. Ernest, D. A. Ostman, H. A. Leedom, W. W. Stimmell, B. J. Hinman, E. H. Herman, 2nd row, R. E. Caldwell, H. E. Miller, J. E. Fenn, J. A. Heaton, F. L. Trotter,. C. B. Simp- son, H. L. Darby, B. D. Brickey, H. L. Eppler, J. B. lsrael, M. C. Friend, 3rd row, R. E. Giddens, R. L. Holland, D. L. Barber, F. C. Keuthan, E. L. MacDaniel, D. E. Cron, ENS J. W. Meadows, S. T. Crum, H. C. Palmer, V. E. Courter, E. E. Joseph, A. R. Hinton, J. E. Moore FIGHTER SGUADRDN UNE HUNDRED TWD L to R, lst row, J. F. Daugherty, K. D. Smith H. G. Clark, F. R. Dipretore, L. E. Frierson Jr., J. W. Hallford, 2nd row, C. L. Riggins M. D. Turner, E. G. Koenig, L. P. Neidhart M. E. Simanton, 3rd row, C. Marmagin, W L. Williams, T. J. lngold, M. B. Gillis, D. J Baldwin, D. D. Farrar , FIGHTER SGUADRON ONE HUNDRED TWD L to R, 1st row, P. P. Plecinoga, B. P. Drake, R. Del Guercio, G. L. Kelly, S. P. Lukity, B. F. Woodard, R. E. Bennett, F. C. Hoopes, E. Smith, 2nd row, C. E. Sumner, R. W. Carle, D. J. Tracey, D. M. Shelton, K. E. McKenzie, G. H. Britter, G. N. Hurley, W. H. Young, J. W. La Prade, R. K. Tedrick, 3rd row, J. A. Soukup, L. W. Boeser, J. M. Trippe, D. E. Cole, J. L. McGeechie, LTJG H. A. Houghton, K. H. Johns, C. E. Carpenter, R. A. Meltebeke, R. L. Tobiassen, W. D. Evans Nl .1 W 1- ? -P..-. as 71 ' E -Sl. t no-"' f r X? 47. I W .I S 4 gf QF.-X - ' ts f Y 5 4 . . . - 1 R R X Q7 , r t, A I Y Y . X A XX se 'S N A t L .. I ..xs , 1' as X si Q - 1 X . . sl . X t t 3I6 it SQA ,Y Q, Iiikjgw s .la ' 5 ..L--.-.i:Le"!'...5..f' f.,,,,, f"3E'2' - in "tif .,,,.,,, My WI. ..- ,1.. - nr , ,nf TYPE? A ' I . W Q' is r " I l . . ,,.. ---1---fr.-. -l-. .qs I I . ,,,, 4 ' f .1 ...- -... L.. xr! e A l . - .. . ..,.,,,.,,. s-tx.,-2 Xv,""'f la fm! Zi, vamfazzszg 317 FIGHTER SGUADRDN DNE HUNDRED THREE Lto R, ist row, LCDR J. W. Buffkin, ENS G. F. Talken, LCDR C. E. Easterling, LT E. D. Con- ner, LT R. A. Miller, LCDR A. E. Westmore- land, LT J. F. Ruchala, ENS E. L. Perry, 2nd row, ENS M. C. Stephens, LT W. G. Up- dike, LCDR H. J. Post, LCDR J. T. Simons, LTJG J. J. Harmon, CDR E. Iglesias, LTJG R. N. McDonough, LT D. M. Brooks, LCDR R. B. Rutherford, LT P. J. Brown, LTJG E. A. Miller, LTJG A. C. Oker FIGHTER SDUADRUN ONE HUNDRED THREE L to R, ist row, J. L. Kimberlin, C. W. Hyl- ton, J. F. Nelen, LTJG E. A. Miller, E. D. White, R. G. Byers, R. O. Ortega, 2nd row, J. J. Mul- lin, C. C. Moore, R. E. McAdams, E. E. Mc- Neil, W. E. Thurmond, J. C. Hartman FIGHTER SDUADRON ONE HUNDRED THREE L to R, lst row, A. M. Modglin, R. A. Soren- son, D. Mackenzie, D. C. Deal, E. J. Cekala, N. S. Faye, E. W. Wood, A. B. Blache, ENS Talken, R. M. Foster, W. L. Sherman, P. M. Harvey, D. L. Bunner, 2nd row, R. L. Harmon, J. L. Peters, R. G. Hagadorn, B. W. Johnson, T. F. Shea, D. P. Titus, E. F. Williams, G. E. Hoyt, R. H. Sessler, R. E. McCauley, R. C. Petrovich, G. G. Hoffman, K. D. Stewart, 3rd row, R. J. Laporte, W. H. Modglin, R. P. Jerge, R. G. Peters, R. L. Rounds, E. A. Hyldburg, R. M. Stampone, A. W. Thom, D. W. Hultgreen, J. M. Scott, T. L. Shettles Us-' ' A -"aivjf"5T'-?H. AI 3- -D -- X 4 -M L-.. M.- --..S -.- .K- I i I . I I I 5. "I I? I I , I I I Sl L. -l il il ll I! rl .Ii ll ,lit .I li l l rl ll ii I il ll M .Ill I Ii' I I1 I I I. I r rl ri I ,il ii' Ii in 1 I I . FIGHTER SGUADRDN DNE HUNDRED THREE L tu R, 1st row, E. M. Gilgenast, J. M. Scott, W. H. Coker, J. O. Williams, W. K. Kaminski, LTJG M. C. Stephens, R. L. Singelton, R. S. Carson, J. F. Trinca, H. R. Wilhelm, 2nd row, J. .I. Miele, G. J. Riehs, C. A. Bosarge, F. L. Mullin, T. B. Brunner, J. R. Ward, J. P. Don- nelly, 3rd rowg R. N. Pare, F. Brown, J. R. Cooper, R. L. Dickinson, P. R. Bowyer, D. B. Straight, R. T. Joyner, M. R. McCart FIGHTER SDUADRDN DNE HUNDRED THREE L to R, 1st row, R. H. Thornhill, R. Noldon, W. R. Walker, J. J. Rohr, A.-'P. Chandler, 2nd row, R. W. Werder, M. L. Titus, C. H. Rodgers, M. Kinsey,- J. C. Weidner, 3rd row, R. I. Cidlik, R. W. Carlson, M. A. Rude, R. J. Hartman FIGHTER SGUADRDN DNE HUNDRED THREE L to R, ist row, R. K. Seeley, G. B. Barbay, W. J. Smith, R. J. Cunningham, C. S. Morri- son, W. A. Belhmer, 2nd row, S. J. Fundak, T. Ward, R. J. Geide, D. R. Thorson, W. L. King, W. E. Willis, W. L. Jones, 3rd row, R. W. Shanholtz, B. A. Barton, C. E. Hirth, G. R. Morrison, F. F. Searcey Sa 2 E ,QQ gf Mtg Y ,wr 'Na "-" v I If.: f SN D ,X F F f , 2 k ,VV i S' , ,I 7 x g M Q , F... .. A x x X . .1 . Za -'LSL - f' 55.555 , X 6 T r V. O... .iff .Z xi, t I , -lm . I I A .iff . X , ' H x if S T 3 I 8 I ' 1 .4....lg,.. M'-s .,.. .vnu . f f S. -. 'W' -. . . 1'-'-----,.,,, e f X Jia A C4 6 Ja- 1, ,W . S "1,25.I.i.. r H . Y, , V . V, V. VLVV- , 1 V , 1 .V I ' I U Y . f 5 -4. - 2 I fr,..i,'.-32+ sf ' , . Et L . as ' is i f f issi ..r. l ,f,,3 X A ,- i K 4 E V , V , L.,,... , ,A vp F J if ' 1 of . Q V, f I f . f V . ? ,A Ci, .Aff 3 F t us' Q 0 .3 wllboxxy ba, 5 .fr 5 , x Us x K v1 N I I' 2 -4 M r Q, L sa Q Q, 2 I 319 LIGHT PHOTOGRAPHIC SGUADRON SIXTY TWU L to R, R. F. Mohrhardt, H. 0. Wetmore, W. S. Norton, R. L. Ream LIGHT PHOTUGRAPHIC SQUADRON SIXTY TWO L to R, 1st row, T. J. French, R. L. Ream, R. F. Mohrhardt, H. O. Wetmore, W. S. Nor- ton, M. W. Gilbert, 2nd row, A. W. McCreary, L. F. Larson, W. C. Moree, R. Spiers, P. C. Johnson, F. G. Schwartz, J. A. Ragsdale, G. R. Foster, J. W. Powers, Jr., J. J. Wilson, D. E. Mark, 3rd row, L. L. Smith, R. A. Lafleur, C. A. Gay, J. Sasser, R. W. Young, N. F. Han- ner, A. T. Allick, J. E. Horton, R. W. Miller, T. P. Rankin, R. P. Crowe, 4th row, J. E. Yochelson, R. Haines, D. E. Hatcher, J. A. Damschroder, H. L.,Lejeune, R. L. Lutton, R. Patterson, W. E. Jeter, L. E. Braddy, J. Q. Mark LIGHT PHDTOGRAPHIC SGUADRON SIXTY TWO L to R, lst row, G. R. Foster, D. E. Mark, R. W. Haines, H. O. Wetmore, R. L. Ream, W. S. Norton, M. W. Gilbert, R. Spiers, A. W. Mc- Creary, L. L. Smith, 2nd row, L. E. Larson, C. A. Gay, J. E. Horton, T. P. Rankin, J. Sasser, R. P. Crowe, R. W. Young, P. C. Johnson, J. J. Wilson, J. W. Powers, Jr., W. C. Moree, 3rd raw, R. W. Lutton, H. L. Lejeune, J. A. Dam- schroder, J. A. Ragsdale, J. E. Yochelson, M. Carlson, R. A. Lafleur, J. Q. Mark, D. W. Hatcher, L. E. Braddy, R. Patterson CARRIER AIRBURNE EARLY WARNING SGUADRUN TWELVE L to R, 1st row, LT Robert T. Keys, ENS Rus- sell L.' Northrup, ENS Leonard K. Blalock, LTJG John E. Fox, ENS Richard F. Goubeaux, LTJG Rodney E. Neibauer, LT James E. Schneider, LT Robert E. Campbell, 2nd row, LTJG John A. Flinchum, LTJG Raymond P. Reedy, ENS Joel T. Strawn, LCDR Donald J. Debaets, LTJG Joe St. John Macey, LTJG Kenneth C. Petroske, ENS John M. Sorenson, LCDR William H. Kmetx, LTJG L. C. Cotham, Jr., LTJG William R. Solms, ENS Philip E. Teeling, Jr., LTJG John P. Colton, LT Frank S. Hall, ENS Glen C. Aulenbach CARRIER AIRBURNE EARLY WARNING SGUADRUN TWELVE l Lto R, 1st row, R. P. Reedy, R. B. Campbell, J. T. Strawn, W. H. Kmetz, P. E. Teeling, J. E. Fox, J. S. Nlacey, V. E. Maxwell, 2nd row, D. H. Pouliot, C. R. Hicks, lVl. E. Berrie, W. E. Davidson, R. A. Saganey, lQ.- A. Brylewski, K. L. Styer, F. R. Turner, 3rd row, W. T. lVlcCollister, C. W. Haigh, M. J. Lee, H. T. Williams, D. Deritter, N. J. Giandomenico, R. lVl. lVlackey, J. W. Salzmann CARRIER AIRBORNE EARLY WARNING SGUADRUN TWELVE L to R, 1st row, T. F. Gibbons, G. L. Aulen- bach, R. F. Goubeaux, R. L. Northrup, F. S. Hall, W. H. Kmetz, L. K. Blalock, W. R. Solms, J. P. Colton, J. lVl. Sorenson, 2nd row, R. A. lVlcLeod, R. L. lVlcCall, A. R. Woods, R. D. Whitaker, T. 0. Dorris, B. T. Ripley, J. L. Rodgers, H. A. Grams, G. C. Roberts, J. D. Beatty, N. L. Armondino, 3rd row, R. J. Fox, W. A. Robinson, D. R. DeChamps, D. De- ritter, A. J. Gibson, T. W. Faulkner, C. F. Flaherty, R. W. Pierce, D. L. Winter, R. Camp- bell, J. L. Heveron in X, fy -fr , , yi J ,rw -ef? if If Q ' Q gf T I of KZ? W? ,MV LQ" NS' vii?- . x Lf ' "1 s... -,,.-- '--.. W J. j VVXN37 A 320 T I -1 J JJ Q I 1, .ings FV View AV. 36' EJB . s si J emi.. . ,. 'E N! . . QW,-., A L E HEAVY ATTACK SQUADRON FlVE PILOTS L to R, lst row, LT R. D. Cook, LT L. DiLoreto LT C. D. Schoonover, LT B. H. Graham, LT C N. James, LT W. J. Belay, LTJG W. D. Shat- tuck, LT E. W. Foote, 2nd row, LCDR A..S Thompson, LCDR P. J. Ryan, LCDR G. E. Jes- sen, CDR A. W. Smith, CDR R. E. Farmer LCDR L. E. Pinzel, LCDR W. S. Thompson LT R. D. Murphy HEAVY ATTACK SQUADRON FIVE BUMBARDIERSXNAVIGATORS L to R, lst row, LTJG J. A. Dietze, LTJG L. E Wolfe, LTJG W. lVl. Hardman, J. A. Greenwood J. E. Diselrod, E. A. Baron, LTJG D. E. Boose LTJG J. L. lVlcEachen, 2nd row, LTJG J. T Osborne, ENS G. L. Kaufman, LTJG R. F. lVlc Entyrey LTJG G. H.. Howley, LT C. L. Fitz- patrick, D. W. Pierce, LTJG J. L. Morgan LT D. J. Brough, LTJG H. E. S. Rhett HEAVY ATTACK SIIUADRON FIVE GUNNERXNAVIGATORS L to R, lst row, J. P. Dunn, D. D. Dowell, J. Rusnak, J. R. Conover, J. L. Temple, H. H. lVlorrill, R. L. Hall, E. R. Gilley, 2nd row, C. L. Baehler, N. Stangarone, A. L. Leonard, D. W. Tallon, H. E. Browne, G. P. Kaplan, L. B. Swanigan, E. D. Easter, J. A. Gaskins 321 1 1 HEAVY ATTACK SGUADRUN FIVE L to R, 1st row, E. J. Lacey, J. S. Barlow, W. lVl. Stith, LT R. W. Repp, T. J. Askew, lVl. S. Hastings, R. C. Hodson, J. J. Kelley, 2nd row, J. H. lVlcCabe, J. R. Champagne, S. L. Webster, D. C. lVlullens, W. L. Law- rence, D. W. Richards, F. G. Noel, R. E. Southwell, 3rd row, J. C. Bruscato, J. S. Soldan, D. D. Boutcher, F. D. Phillips, C. R. Parker, J. L. Dress HEAVY ATTACK SGUADRUN FIVE L to R, 1st row, J. C. Stanley, D. R. Wiley, J. K. Phillips, W. T. Brown, LT B. H. Graham, R. W. Land, D. R. Benvie, D. W. Conner, 2nd row, S. P. Diamond, W. Butler, I. H. Cooper, P. W. Bryant, G. P. NloDonald, Jack A. Smith, J. D. Ledford, 3rd row, J. lVl. llllarcely- nas, B. G. Wasik, W. J. Whitmire, W. C. lVlc- Coy, D. E. Rongholt, F. lVlorris HEAVY ATTACK SQUADRUN FIVE L to R, lst row, B. G. Hiler, C. L. Baehler, J. R. Conover, E. A. Baron, LTJG R. F. lVlcEntyre, W. J. Graham, E. P. Denlea, C. R. lVlartin, R. L. Hall, 2nd row, H. H. llllorrill, E. D. Easter, J. L. Temple, J. E. Diselrod, H. E. Browne, N. Stangarone, J. T. Waldron, F. S. Lewallen, D. W. Pierce, 3rd row, W. R. Smith, A. L. Leonard, R. V. Long, W. R. Dean, H. E. Nledero, D. D. Dowell, E. R. Gilley 322 1 , dh I 5 1 xg 1 .i JJ' A T9 rt fl U, LK Q5 . .gt 44 li W.-- -,,.. nf-:wv'f4'n714v71f'3'a"'-1 ' " V, Q , ,,., v . , J .L-.f.--'vp'-:f--1-antigens . -if, r ,fl-.", , i.L-u,.:l,.a1.- -1-f -- - ew-- . 2:4 - - , W' 5 ,L ,J -4f.......L..L.J:...L.,.... 4.1.-4 --J, MA-H' VAW-12 DE Double LT F.S. Hall LTJG R.B. Campbell LTJG L.C. Cotham Single LCDR W.H. Kmetz LCDR D.J. Debaets VA-83 ' Double LCDR Mandeville LCDR Spayde LT Smallidge LT Miles LT Wilkins LTJ G Westerman LTJG Owen LTJG Parks Single CDR Nance LCDR Ross LCDR Dunning LCDR O'Hara LT Albritton LTJG Knapp LTJG Martin LTJG Caldwell VF- 'I 02 Triple LT Schenkel LTJG Brickner T CENTURIONS Double LCDR Rank LT Mills LT Sitfek LTJG Wright LTJG Lowery LTJG Lisa Single CDR Miller LCDR Loux LT Williard . LTJ G McCandless VAH-5 Double CDR Farmer Single CDR Smith LCDR Ryan LCDR Thompson LT James LT Schoonover ' LT Belay LT Foote A LCDR DeGanahl CDR Fries VF-I 03 Double LCDR Rutherford LT Ruchala LT Conner LT Brooks LTJG McDonough LTJG Harmon 323 HEAVY ATTACK SUUAIJRUN FIVE L to R, lst rowg E. L. Ott, M. R. Cannavino J. Rusnak, Jr., ENS J. A, Dietze, J. L. Fer- guson H. L. Ha J. D. H ll 1 1 , ys, a , A. R. Freeman 2nd rowp J. Gibson, J. D. Mitchell, R. J Bombard, P. R. Wilson, D. W. Merwarth G. G. Hoyt, Jesse E. Noel, J. S. Moore r VA-85 A Double LT Fellowes LTJG Buzby Single CDR Carrier LCDR Scott LCDR Carlton LT Hartigan LT Bingham LT McNally LT Sanders . LT Reid LTJG Wegert LTJG Rausa LTJG Blake VA-81 Double CDR Rumble. LT Chase LT Mullen LT Wood LT Walsh LTJG Miklas LTJ G Palomaki Single LCDR Herbert LCDR Brummitt LT Tuzo . LT Adamson LTJG Gray LTJG Rutz COMCARDIVFOUR Staff F. Massey, RADM, RD -1143, Newton, New Jersey J.S. Gray, Jr., CAPT, Kalamazoo, Michigan S.D. Wright, CAPT, Crystal River, Fla. J. McLaughlin, CDR, 2501 Murray Ave., Norfolk, Va. V.J. Hatheway, CDR, 6452 Sunrise Drive, Norfolk, Va. M.A. Eaton, CDR, 61 School St., Dedham, Mass. T.H. Stearns, CDR, 45th St., Virginia Beach, Va. Ricks, CDR, 178 Bruton Lane, Virginia Beach, Va. .F. Plummer, LCDR, Bloomsburg, Penna. .S. Haecherl, LCDR, Lisbon, North Dakota A.P. Ismay, LCDR, Tuckahoe, New York H,L. Fremd, LCDR, Box 447, Canal Point, Fla. C.T. Pearson, LT, Fayetteville, Arkansas RD. Carter, LT, Severn Park, Maryland T.W. Schaaf, LT, 314 Sixth St., W. Virginia Beach, Va. J .R. Tappan, LT, Chicago, Illinois R.G. Daly, LT, Lafayette, Louisiana . P.D. Berggren, LT, 2202 Parrish St., Cedar Fall, Iowan 1 McCaa, LTJG, 1424 Christine Ave., Anniston, Ala. J.F. Boufford, LTJG, 17135 Amber, Cleveland, Ohio C.C. Dimolios, ENS, Youngstown, Ohio H.M. Johnson, YNC, 909 Aragona, Norfolk, 2, Va. S. Barney, YNC, 33 High Street, Edwardsville, Pa. Bowen, L. R. , RMC, 5655 East Genesee St. , Saginaw, Mich. Hume, W.B. , PTC, Philadelphia, Penna. Reitzel, Q,H., MUC, 421 North Pine Street, Lancaster, uivopu Pa. Alabaso, A.A., TN, Santa Lucia, Ilocis Sur, Philippine Islands Bell,-J.E., CPL, Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Benedict,R.C. , RM3, PO Box 264, Bethel, Vermont. Bouton, A.J., MU2, Box 311, Toulon, I11. Box, L.W., BM1, Pacomia, Calf. Bragg, D.L,, QMSN, 213 Grove Ave., Beckly, W. Vir. Brittingham, W.C., CPL, Columbus, Georgia Bruno, A. ful, JOSN, 432 Bergen Street, South Plainfield, New Jersey. I ' Byars, L.E., YN2, Rt. ffl, Box 274, Blacksburg, South Carolina . Caymol, M.E. , TN, 375 M. Gregoria St. , Cauite City, Philippines Is. V Chabot, T.E., SN, 305 31st Street, Charleston 2, West Virginia. Cook, L.F. , YNSN, 111 Stonewall Road, Vicksburg, Mississippi Coxwell, R.J. Jr., MU3, 1317 Morningside Drive, Charlotte, N.C. Crossman, G.C., MU3, 1559 Stanley Ave., Pontiac, Mich. Cruzada, C.W., SDI, Silago, Leyte, Philippine Is. -1 Dennard, R.W., MU3, 3219 Buckingham Ave., Ladeland, Fla. Dietzen, R.J., EN3, Fremont, Outagamie, Wisconsin Dorough, J.D., PFC, PO Box 11636, Tampa, Fla. Elegino, A.S., TN, 3 Madiac, Quezon City, Philippine Islands. Ellis, J.E. , SN, 1031 Hedgerow Circle, Wayne, Penna. England, W.T., MU2, 8 Branford Lane, Dearborn, Mich. Flanders, R.H., PFC, 21 Willow Street, Sidney, New York Fortin, D.J., SN, 60 East Hoosac Street, Adams, Mass. Gordon, W.C., PN3, 823 Boreman Ave., Kalamazoo, Mich. Gonnella, A. fnl, SN, 28 W. Cleveland Ave., Morrisville, Pa. Grimsley, J.E. , QM2, 3137 East 3rd Street, Springfield Station, Panama City, Fla. 1 Grimsley, J.L., SN, P0 Box 231 Cottondale Fla. Hammitt, R.A., CPL, 'Acre Plade, RLHF6, Binghanton, N.Y. Hannan, R.H., PN3, 1013 Merchant Street, Alpena, Mich. Heid, L.A.-, YN3, Browerville, Minnesota Ignacio, B.B., TN, 2552 Zamora Street, Pasay City, Philippine IS. Impellizzeri, P.G., SN, 712 Bella Villa Dr., St. Louis, M Johnson, R.L., SN, Rt. 42, Princeton, I11. Kondroski, F.J., RM3, 8 Lenape Road, Springfield, N.J, Langan, J.P. Jr., MU3, 15 West Sylvania Ave., Neptune City, N.J . Leer, H.J., MU3, 1229 Houser Ave., Land Modesto, Calf. Lebo, J.D., RM1, 577 McFarland Road, Norfolk, Va. Letchefl P. M. , MU3, 1230 West 29th Street, Indianapolis Indiana ' O. Littles, R,L,, RM2, 517 Chauncey Street, Brooklyn 33, N,Y, Logan, J,M,, YN3, 1412 North State Street, Syracuse, N.Y, Lolies, M.L., YN3, Rt. 4192, Gadsden, Ala. Lynch, J,L,, SN, Box 392, Conover, N.C. I l Masse, D.A. Jr. , MU1, 219-11144th Ave., Springfield Gardens, 13, Long Island, New York Nicholas, M.S., TN, 837 Dra Salamanca, San Roque, Cavite City, Philippines Islands. I Peters, I.T. , QM2, Port Washington, WIS. . , pina, A,A, , MU3, 35 Kearney Ave. , New Britain, Conn. Reighart, T, G, , MU3, 545 Poplar Street, Canal Fulton, Ohio Rosete, F.F., SD2, San Filipe, Zambales, Philippines Islands. , ROSS, R,E, , MU3, 376 West Eucled Ave. , Lewistovm, Ill, Smith, G.C. , MU2, 702 North Roland St. , Harrison, Ark. Synder, W,L,, SN, 4236 Pimlico Roald, Baltimore, 15, Md. Sowers, H.D., BMSN, Rt. itl, Riner, Va. Stennes, I-I.S., QMSN, 732 60th Street, Brooklyn, N.Y. Suico, Q.P., TN, Mandaue, Cebu, Philippine Islands Terpatsi, P.J., MU3, 25 Whitney Street, Roxburg, Mass. Toner, T.P., PFC, 3 Bryant Crescent, White Plains, N.Y. Vanderwest, J.T. , MU2, 2142 Fifth Street, Muskegon Heights, Michigan Weatherford, F.H., PFC, Rt. 43, Box I48 North Augusta, S.C. Weaver, R.W., MU3, 919 Mesa Ave. , Grand Jct. , Colo. White, R,A. , SN, Main Street, Milton Mills, N.H. Wilksion, S. G. , QM2, 1310 Grand Ave. , 4tPauline Griffith, Des Moines, Iowa. Wiggins, J.F., RM3, Box 337, Camp Hill, Ala. Witham, R,D, , JOZ, 7042 l03rd. St. , Jacksonville, Fla.. Zelio, T.W., MU3, Harvard Ave., Butte, Montana. COMMANDING OFFIC ER Executive Staff Officers White, Donald M. , CAPT, 219 81st Street, Virginia Beach, Virginia. Heyworth, Lawrence Cnl, Jr., CDR, 308 55th Street, Virginia Beach, Va. Oliver, Algernon M. , CDR, 5450 Barnhollow Rd. , Norfolk, Virginia Richardson, Edward L. , LCDR, 2118 E. Cheltanham Ave. , Philadelphia, Pa. Pigg, Bobby J. , LT, 1723 Glendon Ave. , Norfolk, Virginia Olmstead, John P., LTJG, 46 Highland Street, Plymouth, N.H. Davis, Leonard G. , ENS, 6921 Aurora Drive, Norfilk, Va. Harris, Henry F., Jr., ENS, 25 Park Place, Alexandria, Va. Swavely, David L. , ENS, 141 N. Binganham St. , Reading, Pennsylvania Jacobs, Lawrence R. , ENS, 1104 Aragona Blvd., Norfolk, Virginia Dimitry, Theodore G. , ENS, 933 Rockbridge Ave. , Norfolk, Virginia Murphy, Kenneth Qnj, PCC, 671 Louisana St. , Gary, Indiana Briggs, James P., YNC, 2232 Jeffery Drive, Norfolk, Va. Dolan, Harold A. , PNC, 8104 Mason St. , Washington 28, D. C. Hargrave, Elton W., MMC, E. Station St. Ext. Mount Olive, North Carolina Waters, Carl K. , PNC, 1220 Westlawn Drive, Falls Church, Virginia Lamb, Hubert G. , ABHC, 732 Empire Ave. , Joplin, Mo. Rolan, Howard E. , AOC, 1694 N. Oriole Drive, Norfolk, Va. "X" Division Appel, Robert C., PN1, 170 Fuller sr., W. Newton 65, Mess. Bates, MarSha11L-, SN, 1011 5th, st. s.w. winterheven, Florida ' ' Batten. Leonard A., PN3, 15-1f2'West ivrein st., Northeast, Pa Baumhover, Dennis L. , SN, 2403 Stafford, Dubuque, Iowa Begleyi L1nde11, SN, RR l, Box 73, Hazard, Kentucky Belgsgllgef, Michael J . , SN, 133 Clinton Court St. , Findlay, 10. Bottineaui Stanley J. , PN3, Box 70, Pine Lane Drive, Outing, Minn. Boots, 599.11 A., LI1, lDebra Lane, Portsmouth, Va. Brfgrlen, Thomas L. , PC3, 664 Elizabeth Ave., Columbus 13, io B1'eengRObe1'f M., SN, 330 East 22nd st., Brooklyn, N.Y. BuS10V1Ch, Joseph M. , YN2, 87 Wakefield St. , Rochester, N.H. 24 ...pas .,..,- .. . ,.... .....- .,,,..fvw-r-, ' 'A " ' mm -1-7Z5T"5T"""' ' - 4 J - 4 A ' N if ' I ..f:1::'--.i -jd-iii' 'V -5.24:-ifI'-i1J'P:..r 1-'H 1-41 -gd Wx . .. .im--4, Charlnoes, William B. , YN2, 11762 John Ave. , Garden Grove, Calif. Cirrotti, Peter J., SA, 1505-86th Street, North Bergen, New Jersey Dipasquale, Thomas Cnj, LISN, 11 Broad St. Meriden, Conn. Dixon, Thomas R. , Jr. , PN3, cfo Tar-Heel Court US ffl N. Rockingham, North Carolina Drach, Robert L., LISN, 312 Byron St., Camden, N. J. Eisweirth, Joseph E., SN, 342 West 29th Street, Erie, Pa. Evans, Hugh B., YNSA, 3306 Colonial Ave. Norfolk 8, Va. Farmer, John J. , PC1, 266 Bowen St. , South Boston 27, Mass. Feathers, Thomas E., Jr., YN3, Box 404, RFD 4t1, Roar- ing Spring, Pa. Feustel, Daniel E. , PC3, 219 Cooper Street, Brooklyn, N.Y. Fisher, Morey M., SR, 1354 N. 75th St., Philadelphia, Pa. Flax, Lawrence L. , YN3, 7220 Burton St. , Silver Spring, Maryland Flournoy, Clyde R. , SN, Idle Wilde Fishing Lodge, Rt. 3, Quincy, Fla. Fossett, William R. , SN, 53 De Witt St. , Valley Stream, Long Island, N. Y. Fulton, Samuel L., Jr., SN, Rt. 13, Hogue Rd. Evansville, Ind. Gairing, Kurt R., SN, 5354-27th Ave. NO., St. Petersburg, Fla. Gebott, Jack D., Jr., YNSN, 704 North James St., Luding- ton, Michigan Gioia, John, SN, 6 Christmas Ave., Penns Grove, N. J. Gooden, Larry D., SN, 440 South 5th St. , Caseyville, Ill. Gracious, Thomas A., SN, 5822 W. 89th Place, Oaklawn, Ill. Grady, Dennis R., YN3, 1878 Forest Hills Blvd., E. Cleve- land, Ohio Griffith, Clinton W. PT1, 500 Donax St. , Imperial Beach, Calif. Halterman, James R., SN, Loco Hills, New Mexico Harmel, Robert J. , PN2, 6910 "40J" Gregory Estates, Seat Pleasant, Maryland Hatcher, Albert R., PN3, 2723 Reynolds, Brunswick, Ga, Hopkins, Calvin M. , SN, 27127 Toumley St. , Madison Heights, Michigan Hysinger, Rodney W., SN, 235-12th St., N. E., Cleveland, Tenn. ' Ioli, Edward D. , YN3, 91 Turn-Of-River Rd., Stamford, Conn. Jenkens, Eber F., Jr., SN, Box 213, Webb, Mississippi Kea, John W., PN3, Reidsville, Georgia Kerr, Richard H., JOSA, 15 Locke St., Andover, Mass. Kincaid, Charley P., YN3, P. O. Box 102, Bargersville, Ind. Kovach, Michael ini, PN3, 7 Hill St., Wilkes Barre, Pa. Labarck, Ralph E., SN, 164-3rd Ave., Patterson, N. J. Ladner, Scott E., YN2, Rt. 1, Conneaut Lake, Pa. Lee, Robert E., SN, 311 East Smith St., Winter Garden, Fla. Magazine, David N. , SA, 1024 Montgomery St. , New York City, New York Maston, Phillip A., SN, 106 Putnam, East Peoria, Illinois Nash, Howard, LI3, 438 S. Pulaski St., Baltimore 23, Md. Ramos, Jerry fnl, YN3, 1556 Lopez Landron, Santurce, Puerto Rico Reamy, Gene W., YNSN, N. E. 195th St., Sunhaven Trailer Pk., Ojus, Florida Reed, Walter G., SA, 3050 Foxhall Rd., N. W. Washington, D. C. Reed, Ralph G., PN2, Sumner, Mississippi Roschella, Larry G., PNSN, RD 41, Clarksburg, Pa. Roy, Milton, LI3, 634 New York Ave., Martinsburg, W. Va. Rovan, Robert J. , SA, 114 Wildcat Rd., Johnstown, Pa. Rubrigi, Aldo A., PN2, 37 Hollis St. Woonsocket, R. I. Rudder, William R., Jr., YNSN, 1410 West 26th., Pine Bluff, Ark. Sadowski, Jon M., SN , 127 Maple, Vacaville, Calif. Salvato, Francis P., LI3, 2129 W. Iambria St., Philadelphia 32 Pa. Saunders, James D., SA, 4218A Shenandoah Ave., St. LOUiS 10, Mo. Schaffer, Gerald E., SN, 407 First Ave., Bethlehem, Pa. Shaffer, Jerry E., SN, R. R., 46, Box 294, Terre Haute, Ind. Shel ton, Curtis L., PN3, Rt. 4152, Reidsville, N., C. Simms, William A., Jr., SN, 3212 Winding Way, Kettering 19, Ohio 2 Singstock, Bruce A., SN, Oshkosh, Wisconson Stanger, George L., SA, 1109 N. Holmes Ave., Indianap- olis, Ind, Stanley, Charles F., PN3, Box 146, Washburn, North Dakota Sternler, Anthony B. , PN3, 2653 itlkhart St. , Philadelphia 3 , Pa. Supnet, Manuel Pe Benito, JO2, USS FORRESTAL KCVA-591 Tamblyn, Ross R., SN, 2135 Manchester Rd., Birming- ham, Michigan Thies, Richard H. , SN, 418 Cortelyou Rd. , Brooklyn 18, N. Y. Turner, Boyd L. , PN2, 636-A Chester St. , Norfolk 3, Va. Turner, Thomas S. , JO3, 51 Van Duyn Dr. , Trenton 8, N. J. Van Hooser, Perry F. , Jr., YN1, 1468 Fishermans Rd. , Norfolk, Va. Voegele, Walter G. , PN3, 134 Goldsborough Housing, Bayonne, N. J. - Weber, Albert J. , PN3, 987 Industry St., Pittsburg 10, Pa Whitehead, James C. , SN, 2704 Northland Dr., Cayce, S. C. Wigton, David H., SN, 69 Esley Lane, Mansfield, Ohio Wright, Arthur L., SN, Grafdon, Vermont Zugan, Frank G., PC3, High Street, Box 204, Chagrin Falls, Ohio MEDICAL DEPART MENT Officers Bradshaw, Robert H. , CAPT MC, Senior Medical Officer, Flemingsburg, Kentucky Drennen, James K. , LT MC, Asst. Medical Officer Surgeon, 512 Spring St. , Grove City, Penna. A Bransfield, James J., LT MC, Flight Surgeon, Carrier Air Group EIGHT, 2145 West Farrell Ave., Chicago, Illinois Pursch, Joseph A. , LT MC, Flight Surgeon, Carrier Air Group EIGHT, 181 Brook Road, London Bridge, Virginia Tabb, Waller C., LT MC, Asst. Medical Officer, 590 Brandon Road, Virginia Beach, Virginia Morrissey, Eugene J., Jr., LT MC, Asst. Medical Officer fMidshipmenj, Apt. B-5, Annapolis, Maryland Simmons, Carl B., LT MC, Medical Administrative Officer, "H"-Division Offiver, 888 Norview Ave. , Norfolk, Vir- ginia "H" Division V Rogers, Eugene F., HMCM, Junior Division Officer, Pres- ident CPO Mess, 17 Powell Circle, Portsmouth, Virginia Steele, Howard, HMCA, Division Training PO, 50 River-l . crest Drive, Portsmouth, Virginia Waggoner, Lloyd E. , HMCA, 923 South Stone St., Decatur, Illinois Beaty, Robert K. , HN, 306 Golf Course Road, Grand Rapids,, Minn. ' Bonner, Hoyt V. , HM1, 1446 Gittings Ave. , Baltimore, Maryland Bullock, Robert A. , HM2, 5144 Locus St. , Philadelphia, Penna. Calloway, Alvah P. , HM2, 204A North East Ave. , Swannanoa, North Carolina De Cuir, Robert O., HM2, Rt. 3, Box 3, Woonsocket, South. Dakota , Ellis, Robert L. , HM3, 27A Harry Smith Apts. , Owensboro, Kentucky 1 Fleming, Thomas C. , HN, 691 Penning St. , Wood River, Illinois French, Robert J., HM3, 203 Kentucky St., Jacksonville, Illinois Gruta, Fernando B. , TN, 567A Del Rosario St. , Cavite City, Philippines Hanson, Merlin H. , HM1, 45 Morris Ave. , Portsmouth, Virginia Hardin, Billy E. , HM2, 4007A Paul Jones Circle, Virginia Beach, Virginia A Jackson, James R. , HM3, 196 Franklin Ave. , Midland Park, New Jersey Jones, Earl J., HM1, 4021B Farragut Circle, Virginia Beach, Virginia Jones, Thurmond W., SN, 37 Adams St. , Boston Mass. N --....1..,..... .-......,.-...r -- - - - - fA. - ---' A""" Justloe, Jackie L., HM3, 5800 McCorkie Ave. , Saint Albans, West Virginia Keathley, William O., HM2, Box 419, Pikeville, Kentucky Kennedy, Bobby E., HM2, Route 4195, Lenoir City, T6I11'1- Marshall, Ronald L., HM3, 1126 Trowbridge, Indianapolis: Indiana O'Donnell, George, HM1, RRff1 Box 360 Montrose Road, Colts Neck, New Jersey Parham, Melvin E., HM1, Corona, New York Parrish, "J" "D", HM2, 6659 Virginia Beach Blvd., Norfolk, Virginia Peck, John H., HM1, 2219 Abbey Road, Norfolk, Virginia Reese, Edward lVL , HM1, 21 Flood Street, Montgomery, Alabama V Reynolds, Robert E., HM1, East Liverpool, Ohio Rose, Robert D., HN, 4640 Korner Drive, Dayton 24, Ohio Rucker, Robert S., HN, 9326 Martindale N. Detroit, Mtch. Shaffran, Gerald A., HM3, 419 North Cedar St., Traverse City, Michigan Shelhorse, George F, , HN, 735 West 38th St., Norfolk, Va. Smith, Richard B., HM3, Les Cheneaux Club, Michigan Suttle, Philip T., SN, Route 4+3, Lancaster, South Carolina Toneges, Daniel H., HN, 347 N. Michigan Ave., Greensburg, Indiana Walker, Archie L., SN, 1775 York Ave., St. Paul, Minnesota Wickens, Albert E. Jr. , HM3, 4301 Dozier Corner Road, Norfolk, Virginia Wilhelm, Larry G., HN, Route 4193 Box 644, Lenoir, N. C. Williams, Jerry A., HM2, Grace Hospital, Morganton, North Carolina Young, James S., SA, 1229 Grant Drive., Edwardsville, Ill. DENTAL DEPARTMENT Officers J edlow, Solvester W., CAPT, 3740 So. Wolcott Ave., Chicage 9, Ill. Keene, Harris J . , LT, 542 Briar Hill Road, Norfolk, Va. Norvark, Bruce W., LT, 6409 Fairfield Ave., Berwyn, Ill. Cozza, Vincent J. , LT, 1068 Coney Island Ave., Brooklyn 30, New York 1 ' "D" Division Bacon, Harvey J. , DTCM Beck, Earl C., DTC, 322 Grandin Ave., Rockville, Maryland Augard, Peter H. , DT3, 223 West Locust St. , Cherokee, Iowa Bird, Alexander A., DN, 2228 Emily Drive, Lakewood 7, Ohio Lyons, George D., DT3, 937 Madison St., Midland, Mich. O'Connell, Mlchael fnl, SN, 1004 West Nebraska St., Peoria, Illinois Ramsey, Jay L. , DT3, 914 Pisgah Church Rd. , Greensboro, N. C. Ritter, Huggins L. , DT3, 1622 Thorndike Drive., Columbia, S.C. Rock, David M. , DT3, 166 Union Ave., West Haven, Conn. Thigpen, Lonnie J. , DT2, Route ffl Ruby, South Carolina Tomko, John E., SN, 50 Frank St., Struthers, Ohio Wines, Charles W. , SA, 1522 Third Ave., Asbury Park, N. J. SUPPLY DEPARTMENT Officers Wright, Jack L., CDR, 8825 Commodore Drive, Norfolk, Va. Duessel, Harold C., LCDR, 1541 W. 51st St., Norfolk, Va. "S-1" Division Gagne, Donald P., SKCS, 27-13 Dunway, Norfolk, Virginia Wehry, James F., SKC, Llewellyn Road., Minersville, Penn Allen, David R., SK3, 312 Barbara Ave., Beckley, West Va Asche, Howard W., SA, Route 4192, Franklin Furnace, Ohio Bjerke, Robert D., SN, 632 Monroe St., Sparta, Wlsconson Koller, Bertil R., LCDR, 1208 Winston St., Norfolk 3, Va. Bowden, Donald J., SN, 502 Anderson St., Curwensville Penn. Campbell, Donald At., SK2, 2724 North Second Ave. , Lajkeworth, Florida Coluccio, Joseph C. , SKSN, 314 South First Street, Ishpeming, Michigan Craven, Robert W. , SK3, 4301 Dozlers Corner Rd. , Norfolk, Va, D131-yck, Louis D., SKB, Route 413, Box 659-T, Duluth, Minn- Dudek Michael Qnj, SK2, 107 South Ave., Poughkeepsie, N.Y, Fasciano, sento A., SK1, 157 Saratoga st., East Boston, Fefgfiin, orlen D., SN, 220 East 7th Street, Rector, Ark., Galang, Jesus D. , SK2, 4 Munsayac St., Cabiao Nueva Ecija, Philippines Garraghan, Michael T., SKSN, Wlngham, New York Goodwin, Billie L., SN, 91B Baer Blvd., Bremerton, Washington Haines, Carl E., SK2, 174 Morris Ave., Portsmouth, Va. Harper, Calvin G., SK1, 619 Kenksha Ave., Norfolk 9, Va. Harris, Louis fnj, SK3, 2738 Pardwood Ave., Toledo, Ohio Hornbeak, Aaron F., SN, 3006 West 47th Ave., Gary, Indiana Jones, Hyman R., SN, 1430 Duncan St., N.E., Washington D. C. Keiser, Charles E., SKSN, Jacobus, Pennsylvania Kelican, Howard E., SK3, Middle Way, West Virginia Kelly, Robert R., SK3, Star Route, 41 Kinder, Louisiana Kircheval, Francis W., SKB, Box 342, Armour, South Dakota Lamar, Robert Cnj, SKB, 533 48th St., Brooklyn, New York Leake, Walter R., SN, 4926 Hawthorne, Philadelphia, Pa. Maddox, Theodore H. , SK1, 4301 Dozier Corner Rd. , Norfolk, Virginia Martin, Paul D., SA, 13 Umberto St., Johnston, Rhode Island Meyer, Bernard M., SN, 105 Lafayette St., Washington, Mis- souri Myers, Charles S., SKSN, 18 Church St., Lonaconing, Md. Navarro, Loreto C., SK3, 662 D. M. Earnshaw, Samp. Manila, Philippines Packard, Wayne C., SKB, P.O. Box 1203, Jacksonville, Fla. Pfannenstiel, Donald A., SK2, 1431 West 15th St. , Davenport, Iowa Potter, William R., SA, 17 Monmouth St., Lawrence, Mass. Quinn, Christopher O., Jr., SKSN, 649 Dumbarton Ave., Baltimore 18, Maryland Racine, Wayne E., SK1, 1808,Fenport St., Wilmington, Del. Roembke, Carl H., SK2, 3412 Schely Place, Fort Wayne, Ind. Sapinoso, Dioscoro P., SKB, Santiago, Nabua Camarines Sur, Philippines Simonin, Charles R., SN, P.O. Box 2, Stony, New York Smallwood, Jimmy L., SN, 817 Ball St., Perry, Georgia Smith, James D., SK3, 8 5th St., N. W. Oelwen, Iowa Spece, Richard D., SK2, 695 Moscow St., San Francisco, Calif. Spurgeon, Danny G., SN, 2201 Wessel Rd., Vincennes, Ind. Stine, Vincent J., SN, P.O., Zerbe, Pennsylvania Sumner, Charles E., SKSN, 132 West Main, Girard, Penn. Wright, Willard G., SK3, 4417 Midlawn Drive, Decatur, Ga. Yeary, James R., SK2, Post Office, Midway, Kentucky Reno, Frank M., SK2, 715 Emerson Ave., Newcastle, Pa. "S-2" Division Taylor, W. E., LT, Route 2, Box 371-A, wllusnlston, N.C. Camelio, A., CSCS, 143 Shore Drive, Somervillie, Mass. Kuuse, P.W., csc, 55513. Little Creek Road, Norfolk, va. Reeb. RE., CS3, 505 Washington st., Mertlns Ferry, ohio Addison, H.R., CS3, Rt. nl Box 37, Bay, Ark. Alcorn, A. C. CS2, 105713 Ploedluy St., Norfolk, ve. Baker, T. W., CS2, Jones Boro, Maine Bell. C.W., SKSN, 301 Arnold Ave., counoll Bluffs, Iowa Burr, Af- -L-3 CS2, 60 Quany Rd., Waterboro, Conn. B11S1GI', K.F., CS3, 8001 Va. Beach Blvd., Norfolk 2, Va. Callahan. W. J., CS1, 5817 srlnde Ave., Norfolk 2, ve. Chambless, C. D., CS3, 444 lst St., Toledo 5, Ohio Clark. R. H-, CS3, 1106 N.,4th St., Salina, Kansas Crow. Me Fu CS1, 16 Clark Rd., Stony Point, New York Dauberv D- For CSSN, P.O. Box 172 Birdsboro, Pa. Dubois. C. H., CS2, 133 lst st., Lexington Park, Md. Fadden. J. J., SN, 314 Ekeelslor St., West Pittston, Pe. Farley, C.B., SN, 1243 Grace st., Mansfield, onto Ford. R-H-, CS2, 2713 Donway St., Norfolk 2, vs. G3-f'V1U, C-. CS3, 207 'w, 85th st., New York, N.Y. gehret, R.E., CS3, 965 Liggett Ave., Reading, Pa. Gfolliger We C., CS1, 43 High Street, wekefleld, R., 1. H e 1 Re L., CSSN,62-1f2 Monroe St,,Monroevil1e, Ohio Hammonds. L. F., CS1, 6392 Dove st., Norfolk, vs. Hancock: Ru CS3, 2921 C01'Prew Ave., Norfolk, Va. Kiwlgins, J. H.. CS3, 913 N.. Lelthgow St., Pnun., Pa. C ensv We R., SKI, 6507 A Military Hwy., Norfolk, Va. Lavalleev Af-Ae. CS3, 650 Sellflsn, DC. Atlantic Boson, Fla. 326 ' f' ' 4--- . l 1 .L .,... ,.,,... ,-,..,. ,,-.,,,...---f,-P.-.-.,.., . Lee, W. W., SN, R. F. D. 2 Box 17, Kenbridge, Va. Luce, R. E., CSSN, 18 S. Jared St., Dubois, Pa. McE1reath, D. E., CS3, 5754 Mascot Ave., Sacarmento Calif. Mancuso, P. P., SN, 83 Benso St., West Hanerstraw, N. Y. Masterson, S. L.,CS2, 6503 B Military Hwy., Norfolk, Va, McCombs, D. L., CS3, Rt. 44 Sterling, Ill. McKeeman, R.A., CSSN, 8882 Vaugnan, Detroit, 28, Mich, Meath, W. A.,SN, 179 Westfield Ave., Bridgeport, Conn. Miller, E.H., CS2, 555E. Little Creek Rd., Norfolk, Va, Morris, F. R., CS2, 674 Dorsey St., S.-W. Gainesville, Ga. Myers, C. H., SN, R. F. D. 83, Dowdolnham, Maine Nix, B., Jr., CS3, Traingle Trailer Ct. Lot 5,1000 17th St. Virginia Beach, Va, Ostrander, R., SN, Mill St., Lee, Mass. Parker, T. R. ,, CS2, BOX 129, Calypso, N. C. Parsley, D. D., CS3,,555E. Little Creek Road, Norfolk, Va. Peluso, A. P., SN, 13 Vanada St., Neptune, N. J. Pope, J. S., CS3, 209 Wllllam, St., Winder, Ga. Rinonos, E., CS2, 13209 Cait.. R.I. Roberson, D., SA, 100 S. Elm St., Portsmouth, Va. Roberts, R. N., SN, 521 'Woodward Ave., North Tonawanda, New York Ruck, R. J., CS1, Round Pond, Maine School, R. G., CSSN, 2115 Chestnut St., Hatfield, Pa. Shores, L. fnl, CS3, Route 2, Pelham, Ga. Simon, J. F., CS3, 1926 Frowbrldge St., Detroit, Mich. ' Stewart, C., CS3, Route 4191, Cameron, N. C. Sutton, A., SN, 105 West 7th St., Washington, N. C. Stinson, G. F., CS3, USS FORRESTAL CCVA-591 cfo F. P. 0. N. Y., N. Y. Santesse, M. R., CSSA, 419 Lemonte Rox, Pa. I Wampler, H. F., CS2, 7901 Hampton Blvd., Lot 141, Norfolk, Virginia Wendolowski, S., SN, 32 Main Ave., Wallington, N. J. Whaley, J., CS1, 9630 4th Bay St. E. O. U. Norfolk, Va. Wlndom, A. R., CSSN, Route 2 Box 236 Plymouth, N. C. Williams, O., CSSN, 1846 11th St., Milwaukee, Wis. Woods, C. J.,,CS2, 25 Collage Ave., Annapolis, Md. "S-3" Division ' Horner, N. K., LTJG, 18 Spring Crest Blvd., Sinking Spring, Pa. Lamb, G. M., W-1, Rt. 1, Moreland, Ga. Ingle, C. E., SHC, Rt. 141, Rockmart, Ga. Pietraszek, E., SHC, 1Van Ave., Amsterdam, New York . Anderson, D. R., SN, 407 N. John St., Frankfurt, Ind. Arnold, M., SA, Ohio . Baldwin, P. R., SN, 609 E. Walnut St., Lebanon, Ind. Barone, V. J., SH1, CastertonTrai1or Park, 555 E. Little Creek Rd. ' Best, J. E., SHSN, 319 Myrthle Ave., Rocky Mount, N. C. Brennen, G. Y., SH3, 124 A. ,Baker St., Norfolk 5, Va. Briggs, G. R., SN, Gen. Del Pineville, Louisiana Brill, P. A., SH1, 1865 N. Oriole Dr., Norfolk, 3, Va. I Brooks, J. L., SH3, Rt. 1,' Hoschtow, Ga. , Brown, H. E., SA, 704-112 Evergreen Ave., Bradley Beach, N. J. Brown, P. R., SN, Box 431, Folstow, Ga. Burkhart, P., AN, 1606 South First St., Terre Havet, Ind. Bushee, J. J., SN, 65 Lee St., Athol, Mass. Cannon, B. B., SH1, 11613 Kinsman Rd., Cleveland 20, Ohio- Carter, J. D., SH3, 21 McGee St., Belton, S. C. Cason, J. F., SH2, 7206 13th Ave., Brooklyn 28, New York Charley, A. T., SN, 1906 Bedford Ave., Pittsburgh 19, Pa. Ciprlan, S. P., SA, 45 Pearl St., Bedford, Ohio Clark, G. L.,.SN, 213 Salem St., Elmer, N. J. Coffee, W. ful, SH3, 2113 Div. St., Baltimore 17, Maryland Creel, B. E., SH3, 1204 Robbins St., Dothor, Alabama Davis, J. C., SN, Box 94, Appomattox, Va. Dempsey, A. E., SN, 434 Broad St.,Carlstadt, N. J. Dodson, V. E., SH2, 2200 E. Grace St., Richmond, Va. Doyle, T. C., SH3, 107 E. Main St., Flemingsburg, Ky- . Dunshee, R. D., SN, 12 Foster St., Fetchburg, Mass. Dugan, J. D., SN, 8415 4th Ave., Brooklyn 9, New YOI'k. Fanshaw, W. B., SN, 3405 Westminster Ave., Norfolk: V9--2 Falls, W. F., SHSN, 2020 South Mal-ieus, Gastonia, N. C. Fowler, C. P., SHSN, RT 6, Box 313, Charleston, W. Va. Gorman, J. T., SN, Box 123, Leland, Miss. Grueser, J. E., SN, 506 6th St., Monessen, Penn. 2 . Greene, R. S., SH1, 8041 W. Grave Rd., Norfolk 2, Va. - 1 , 1 ' D ....f.A-g1"'ff-2-sae-:., 19.-'Z - - 1 -2119,-.' m-yi-4- -1- -441-:,1:'7:f3.p-F?-s,- iw 2 -4.1. Haber, J. A., SN, New York Hatchett, U. T., SH2, 3187 Pioneer Ave., Norfolk4, Va. Hudson, J. B., SH3, 423 North 6th St., Werner Robins Johnson, R., SN, 12 Long St., Neuinan, Ga. Kelly, A. G., SH3, 1324 W. 39th St., Norfolk, Va K111een,SH3, 139 A. Ingram st., Norfolk, Va Kolodzey, C. E., SKSN, Ellesworth, Wls Lebold, T., SA, Ind, Lesieur, R. G., SN, 222 Kally Ave., Manchester, N. H Lindquist, V. R., SN, South East 8th St. , College Place Washington L0ZieI', L. A., SN, South Portsmouth, Ky Lyons, S. A., SN, 4817 Dingesslng Ave., Rila 43, Penn. Mayo, P. R., SN, 17 Hasley St., Hudson, Mass. McMurtry, C. B., SN, 3221 Gilbert Ave., Cincinnati, 7 Ohio McNamara, W., SN, 205 Marion St., Nesta, New York Miclael, J. D., SN, 354 Broad St., Lexington, N. C McGrath, J. T., SN, 1400 Halsey Place, Pittsburgh, Pa Minton, C. M., SH3, 213 Dale Dr., Portsmouth,.Va Monterio, E., SN, 244 Kelly Ave., Akron., Ohio Morgan, V. C., SH3, RT 1 Penrose, N. C McLaughlin, SN Neese, J. M., SN, 530 Calhoun St., Columbia, S.C. Nicholson, J. R., SH2, 61 Glem-ont Ave., Columbia, Ohio Nicholson, D., SHSN, Rt. 1 Trenton, N. C Pleragostine, J., SN, 172 John St., Bedford, Ohio Reyna, F., SH2, Box 452 Dalljnger, Texas Rockwood, R. A., SN, 27 Pearl St., Middleboro, Mass Roinberger, R. L., SN, 8311 Westmoreland Parmo 29 hio Scholter, J. R., SN, 450 Airport Rd., Butler, Pa Schroeder, C. J., SK3, Route 4+2, Leigh, Nebraska Scott, A., SN, Wermer, Ohio Scott, W., SN, 121 W. Newcomer St., Alcoa, Tenn. Smith, L. W., SN, 605 12th Ave., North Jacksonville, Stefnack, W. L., SN, 612 Nesq St., Easton, Pa Stephenson, D. G., SH1, 2927 Elbyrne Dr., Norfolk 6 Sudol, L., SN,,72 Strong St., Wallington, N. J Sykes, J., SN, 900 N. Washington St., Sparta, Ill. . Tagllaferri, E., SHSN I Taylor, R. W., SN, Box 155, Jefferson, N. C. Tonkovich, J., SHSN, 13557 Main St., Detroit 12, lVIich. Werner, M., SH2, 555 East Little Creek Rd. , Norfolk 5, White, R.. C., SHSN, 1028 Honing St., Ponxsotaumey, Pa. Williams, J., SH2, 316 Poplar Ave., Norfolk 6, Va. , Wlshnacht, M., SHSN, 66 Whitney Place, Buffalo 1, N. Y. Wilson, T., SH2, 326 A. Allen St., Norfolk, Va. Thomas, P. D., SK1, 5308 G. Hennenan Dr., ,Norfolk 2, "S-4" Division q Chavez, Jose fnl, ENS., 4023 Clifton St., El Paso, Texas . Welch, James H, Jr., DKC, 1609B, Kingston Ave., Norfolk, Va. A Bastile, ,Frank J., DK1, 1025-40th St., Brooklyn 19, N. Y Brown, Kenith A., DKSN, 1819 Maple Ave., Portsmouth Layne, Charles D., DK3, Palmer, Tenn. Machjngo, George E., DKl, 3 DeKalb Ave., Portsmouth, Va. Mallon, Daniel J., DK3, 2842 "C" St., Philadelphia 34, P Pultz, James A., DK3, Box 428, Arkvllle, New York Rocha, Richard C. ,Q DKSN, 4860 Alum Rock Ave. , San Jose 27, Calif. Snyder, Russell W., SN, 1021 Elton Road, Baltimore 24 . Stella, Victor fnl, DK3, R.D. 82, Box 893, New Paltz, N. Y. Torres-Ortiz, Reinaldo ful, DKSN, 1463 Boston Rd., Bronx 60, New York Tranosky, Edward fnj, DKSN, 336 Front St., Dunellen, N. J. Waldron, James M., DK2, 515 West 7th St. , -Rector, Ark. Nelson, Robert N., ENS, Hancock, Mich "S-5" Division Jerr L LTJG 1416E Odneal, Sherman, Texm Taylor, y ., , - ' Pge, Lamar S., SDCM, 19 Spruce St., Pensacola, Fla. Monrido, Charles R., SDCS, 1552 41st st., SE 'Washington 20 D. C. Taylcgr, Everette E., SDC, 313 Poplar Hill Ave. , Salisbury, Maryland . Aguilar, Wilfredo T., TN, 736 San Diego, Sampaloc Mamla Philippines Alano, Nestor S.A. , TN, 2099 A. Batangas Line Paco, Manila, Philippine s 7 , Ga. 5 I ! Sebree, S. C., SN, 1817 Woodbourne Ave., Baltimore 14, Md. Fla. , Va. Va. Va. , Va. 3. , Mu 7 Alinsunurin, Allpio, TN, 154 Washington St., Cul1Culi, Makati, Rizal P. I. Alo, Bartolome A., TN, Balete, Batangas, Batangas, Phil- ippines Alvarez, Aquilino M., TN, 111-B, Gen. P. Alvarez St., Noveleta, Cavite, Philippines Andres, Florencio S., TN, Sagpatan, Dingras Ilocos Norte, Philippines Angcaya, Agaplto A., TN, Amadeo, Cavite, Philippines Ares, Pedro A., TN, Catmon, Cebu, Philippines Arguilla, Cresencio H., TN, Subic, Zambales, Philippines Arrington, Arch L., SD2, 802 Liberty St., Portsmouth, Va. Atienza, Renato O., TN, Gen P. Alvarez St., Noveleta, Cavite, Philippines Bailey, Joseph Qnj, SD3, 1907 Cypress Ave., Apt. 4, Vire- ginia Beach, Virginia -Aj, Bantigue, Bartolome C., TN, Sta. CrLiz?fPaombong Bulacan, Philippines ' Barbee, Robert H., SN, 2717 Cedar St., Louisville, Ky. Barinque, Alfonzo H., TN, 851 Kaslpagan, Plain View Mandaluvong, Rizal, Philippines Bayes, Lawrence D., SD3, 334 York St., Lyncburg, Va. Bloodworth, Isiah, SD3, 246 Allen St., Bemmorell, Norfolk, Virginia . Bolivar, Loreto R., TN, Jalas, New Washington Aklan, Philippines Broadnax, Ellis, SD3, 2185E. 106th St., Cleveland, Ohio Brown, Francis, TN, 1212 Effingham St., Portsmouth, Va. Burgess, Nelson, SD2, 906 Brooks Ave., Elizaberth City, N. C. ' Burts, James R., SD2, 1200 W. Brainard St., Pensacola, Fla. ' Carr, James W., SD2, 63 Grove St., Douglas Park, Ports- mouth, Va. Copeland, Benny, SD3, 2831 Calloway Cir, Jacksonville, Fla. Cortero, Uldarico D., TN, Nabua, Camarines Sur, Philippines Cruz, Crisanto T.,rTN, 143 Bo. Visaya St., Guadalupe, Makati, Rizal, Phillpines Cruz, Emelio E., TN, Dampol' 2nd, Pulilan, Bulacan, Philippines Cueno, Celso P., TN, Indang, Cavite, Philippines Dabu, Conrado B., TN, Del Carmen, Lubao, Pampanga, Philippines l Davis, James H., TN, Rte. 2, Box 130-B, Morganton, N. C. DeClaro, Dalmacio K., TN, 52 P. Alcantara St., San Pablo City, Philippines Delfin, Geronimo N., SD2, 1213 Wellsville R., Memphis 17, Tenn. DeLos Reyes, Ronald E., SD2 Dial, David Inj, SD2, 768 Deniso Ave., Norfolk 13, Virginia Dismuke, Jeffrey J., TN, 210 Woostock St., Portsmouth, Va. ' Domingo, Genaro V., TN, Tonton, Lingayen, Pangasinan, Philippines Dulay, Pedro, R., TN, Lupao, Nueva Ecija, Philippines Elegino, Angel S., TN, 1592 Madiac St, , Santol Sub., Quezon City, Philippines Ellis, Eujustive A., SD3, 41982 Ahuchs Crts., Pensacola, Fla. Escalona, Bienvenido C., TN, 314 P. Burgus St., Cavite City, Philippines Farmer, John, SD3, P. O. Box 564, Madison, Fla. Farrish, Paul, SD3, 401 Maplewood Lane, Beckley, West Va. Ferolino, Nolasco A., TN, Indang, Cavite, Philippines Fortineau, Arthur L., SD3, 5958 So. Morgan St., Chicago, Ill. ' Gallardo, Lusito C., TN, Mabatan, Abucay, Bataan, Philippines A Ganac, Jesus I., SD2, Lawton St., Naic, Cavite, Philippines George, Woodrow W., SD1, 230 Bradhurst Ave. , New York 39, Na Yo ' ' Gibson, Robert, SD3, 709 Windsor Ave., Norfolk, Va. Gonzales, Rolando C., TN, 1989 Dagupan Ext. Tondo, Manila, Philippines Guyton, Willie T., SD3, 1509 Lowe Ave., Chicago Heights, Ill. Hampton, David, SN, 120 N. Hermitage, Chicago 12, Ill. Harris, Freddie, SD2, 7004 University Dr., Norfolk, Va, Harris, Robert C., SD3, 2032 Wylie Ave., Pittsburg, Pa. Hawkins, Richard L., TN, 217 50th St. N. E., Apt. 21, Washington, D. C. Hough, Leslie, SN, 2014 Longwood St., Baltimore, Md. Hough, Marvin, SN, 2014 Longwood St., Baltimore, Md. Ibanez, Nestor B., SD3, Rosario, Salinas, Cavite, Philippines Jackson, William T., SD3, 1220 N- Stu N- W- Washington, Do Keh, Rolando I., TN, Banalo, Bacoor, Cavite, Philippines Johnson, Herman, TN, 214 E., 104 St., Los Angeles, Calif. Lacuesta, Nemeslo A., SD2, 1761 North Oriole Dr., Norfolk, Virginia Lee, James, SD3, 7249 S. Wabash Ave., Chicago, 111- Martinez, Eugenio P., Jr., SD1, 6221-A Military Highway Norfolk, Va. Melchor, Clifford, TN, 1300 D. Barbour Dr. Moseley, Willie A., SN, 1361 Napole Ave., Norfolk, Va. Neely, James L., TN, 303 Walker ST., Milton, Fla. Nixon, Lewis T,,, SD2, 155-B Allen St., Bemmorell, Norfolk, Va. 01-menita, M1gue1 B,, TN, 14 C. Cruz St., Highway 54, Pasay City, Philippines Palag, Edgardo Z., TN, 328 Moriones St. , Tondo Manila, Philippines Penn, James W., Jr., TN, 79 JeHry Wilson Homes, Portsmout Virginia Platt, William, SD3, 875 Dillon Ave., Norfolk, Va. Ponciano, Claro G., TN, 942 Visita St., Binakayan Kawit, Cavite, Philippines Pratt, Herman, TN, 140 W. 74th St., Los Angeles, Calif. Ragudo, Gerardo P., TN, 41951 Filemon Perez St., Tayabas, Quezon, Philippine Regino, Rolando F., TN, 5-A F. Carriedo St., Balara Filters, Q. C., Philippines Reyes, Abelardo L., TN, 1680 Lucio de Mendoza, Paco, Manila, Philippines Reyes, Gracielo M., TN, Panamitan, Kawit, Cavite, Philippines Reyes, Hemelen S., TN, Hd. Command Troops, Walter Reed Army Hospital, Washington D. C. Ricks, Joseph, SN, 917 County St., Portsmouth, Va. Rivera, Ernesto E., TN, Wakas, Kawit, Cavite, Philippines Robertson, Johnnie, SD3, 1220 W. 45 St., Norfolk, Va. Ronguillo, Ador S., TN, San Jose, San Fernando, Pampanga, Philippines Rualo, Guillermo G., TN, 130 Pulog Ext. Galas, Quezon City, Philippines Samonte, Ramon M., TN, 799 Burgus St., Cavite City, Philippines Santiago, Alexander H., TN, Caridad Cavite City, Philippines Scales, Luther D., SD1, 2832 Merrimac St., Norfolk, Va. Sherman, Claudest, TN, 230 Washington St., Hamilton, Ohio Simpklns, Joseph L., TN, 1611 Vernon Dr. , Norfolk 6, Va. Smith, Fred St., TN, 649 Locke St., Apt. Indianapolis 2, Ind. Smith, Jesse, SD1, 1277 W. 37th St., Norfolk, Va. Stancil, Charles O., SD2, 706 Ray Ave., Norfolk 6, Va. Stevens, RussellT., SD2, 4439 Elkhorn Ave., Norfolk, Va. Street, Joe, TA, 90 Warren Ave., White Plains, N. Y. Suico, Aquiles P., TN, 109-B F. Ramos St., Cebu City, Philippines Thomas, V., SD1, 100 N. Merritt St., Pensacola, Fla. Thomas, W. B., TN, 126 B. Haward Park, Portsmouth, Va. Villamayor, Rogelio S., TN, Angono, Rizal, Philippines Walker, Carlton R., SD3, Box 7, RFD 3, Canville, Va. Watson, John H., TN, 914 Sims St., Anderson, S. C. Williams, Harold, SD3, 3631 Giles Ave., Chicago, Ill. Ramos, Jose C., TN, 821-D Gov. Forbes, Manila, Philippines DeGuzman, Armando fnj, SD3, Kawit Cauite, Philippines "S-6" Division Stratton, Dene B. , LCDR, 7416 Patrlclan Rd. , Norfolk 3, Va. Sullivan, Edward D. , LTJG, 604 Olympia Rd., Pittsburgh 11, Pa. Fullllshgzre, Alfred C., AKC, -70 Westgate Road, Massaredva, Acliiirman, Morton M., AN, 1220 st. cien- Ave., st Paul, HIL Adrionv Richard Ho, AN, 1425 E. 94th St., Brooklyn 36, N.Y. A-15119, 0I'Vi-le D., AK3, Rt. 3, Box 214, West Plains, Missouri Bielawsld, Peter ini, AKAN, 1210 Lyndeie Ave., No. Minneapolis 11, Minn. Blantz, Cletes S. AKAN, 126 Lumber St., Mount Joy, Pa. Butler, Robert ini AK2, 827 Meade Road, Norfolk, virginia Chappell, Donald C., AKAN, 10 w. soul, Place N. Tulsa, Oklahoma Clygtlg Clyde C-, JIS, AKl, 4604 Alpha Ave., Jacksonville, Davis, Earnest W., AKAN, 413 Sussex St., Bluefield, W. Va. 328 C h - .,,. V... , -N -....,,,,,,,...,,f,vv4v,yg-F.,.,-v-... -:id Y ,A-V ' , I h H 1 --H A - .W H R... .5-.I ,Y 1- V , , A - F nu , I' P1 ' , A W ' " +4 "Hi-""!"-445' H-.YV " vl . f.."' I . L .-' -,L1.4,,:.. H L-Jax- -.- --L.gL:L j ' 4. if Derouen, Wilfred fnj, SN, 433 St. Micklas St., Jeanerette, La. Deshotel, Rhiney fnj, AK1, Box 30, Reddell, Louisiana Dlesi, James J., AKAN, 2916 Chestnut St. fApt,, 4941, Portsmouth, Virginia Doctor, Richard W., AA, Box 106 Newbury, Ohio Fairchild, Billy J., AN, General Delivery, Ravia, Oklahoma Gooley, Donald K., AN, 88 Corrfield Street, Mount Clemenes, Mich. Halloran, Peter F., AN, 1087 Admont Ave., Franklin Square, New York Hampton, Thomas E., AK2, 122 A E. Church St., Palmyra, Missouri Howard, Robert E., AN, Rt. 491, Box 448, Toccoa, Georgia Hughes, James Cnj, AKAN, 2230 Cass Ave., St. Louis, Missouri Johnson, Richard W., AKAN, 9505 Garnet Drive, Sandy, Utah Karr, George R., AN, Sulligent, Alabama Kelley, Thomas F., III, AN, 4813 Fitzhugh Avenue, Richmond, Virginia Kersey, John A., AK3, Rt. 4191, Box 139-K, West Palm Beach, Florida Lewis, William H., AK3, 68-187 Club Circle Dr., Desert Hot Springs, Calif. , Ludwig, Barton C., AN, RR 4:91, New Riegel, Ohio Lynn, Arthur G., AA, 2300 S. Broad St., P:-2, Trenton 10, New Jersey Mazzanti, David L., SA, 114 W. Boyd Ave., Butler, Pa. Medeiros, Ernest fnl, AK3, 6-WQC Houston Street, Aiea, Oahu, Hawaii Morgan, James D., Jr., AN, 2042 Parkway Drive, Laurel, Maryland Morris, Robert E., AK3, RR 492, Edinburg, Indiana Murphy, Charles K., AK3, Rt. 4192, Box 106, Stantonsburg, N. C. Palmeri, Vincent J., SA, 2611 Hawthorne Place, Niagara Falls, New York Parker, James W. , AA, Box 70, Tuckasegee, North Carolina Pyle, Robert A., AK3, Cherokee, Oklahoma Salvi, Lawrence fnl, AK3, 44 Sacramento Street, Cambridge 38, Mass. Sheffner, Edmund C., AA, 5502 W. Pleasant Valley Rd., Parma, Ohio Stevens, Leonard R., AN, 205 Dorset St. So. Burlington, Vermont Q Tonini, Basil W., AA, 211 Maple Ave., Butler, Penn. Verker, Robert J., AN, 83 Briaroot Lane, Levittown, Pa. Wiles, Ronald Cnj, SN, 3450 E. lVIillville Cr., Cincinnati 25, Ohio Williams, William J., SN, Route 4193, Box 261, Suffolk, Va. Yates, Donald L. , AK2, Route 492, Lincoln, Arkansas NAVIGATION DEPARTMENT Officers Hook, John C., CDR, 210 Martine Ave., Apt. 4K, White Plains, New York Danner, William P., LCDR, Box 410, Beaufort, S. C. Blodgett, WilliamE., ENS, 472 Prospect Ave., Hartford, Conn. ,"N" Division Brown, Bob D., QMC, Gen. Del Shidler, Okla. I Brown, Gilbert R., QM3, 1831 Fernon St., Phila. 45, Pa. Brunton, Jerome J., QMSN, 319 7th Street, Bowling Green, Kentucky 9 Carpenter, Ciscero, Jr., SN, 1200 W. New Hamp. Ave., Southern Pines, N. C. Clifton, Richard R., QMSN, Rt. 493, Box 372, Battle Creek, Mic ' h. Crowley, James O., QM3, 119 Madison St., Fitchburg, Mass. Dively, Ronald J., ,QMSN, Ant Hills, Hollidaysburg, Pa. Dunne, Richard T., QMSN, 1275 East 5th St., B1'00klYU, NQY- Hlll, Robert E., SN, 75 Downing St., New Haven, Conn. Hines, Robert, W., QMSN, 1172 Handon Ave., Camden, N. J. Holmes, Paul R., QMSN, 75 Railroad Ave., Middletown, N-Yo Larrabee, John E., QM3, RD 3, Vestal, New Y01'k Mansfield, Carl F., YNSN, 1944 McBaln Ave., San Jose 25, California Michalets, Lawrence, QMSN, 1800 Oak Street, South Milwaukee, Wisconson ,Miller Jene A. QM3 606 S. Broadway Plainvllle: Kansas 2 1 J 9 McElravy, -Fred C., QM3, RFD 492, So. Paris, Maine Pascoe, Gary R., SA, 438 Annin, Detroit 3, Michigan Rumpff, Larry F., SN, 223 Clinton Ave., Waverly, New York Schuhl, Peter C., QM2, 106 James St., Soctla 2, New York Spath, Charles W., QM3, 2536 West Wells St., Milwaukee 3, Wisconson Stuard, Thomas J., SN, 1228-:Sth Ave. N. E. Brainerd, Minn. Toboz, Stephen, QMSN, 139 N. 2nd St., Auquesne, Penn.. Ventgen, Robert J., QM2, 14 Eggleston Street, Cornith, N. Y. Wilbur, Jack L., QMSN, 47 Vine St., Huntington, Ind. Wiles, David B., QM3, 604 Murray Ave., Minerva, Ohio Midshipmen Liaison Officers Morrissey, E., James, LT, Apt. B-5, USNA, Annapolis, Md. Pecile, Jordan L., LT, BOQ, USNA, Annapolis, Maryland Midshipmen Anderssen, Arthur H., 2220 21st. So., St. Petersburg, Fla. Arbogast, William L., 2211 US301, South, Dade City, Florida Archer, David B., 1051 SW 72 CJ., Miami, Florida Bealle, William E., 1215 E. 35th St., Baltimore, Maryland Bell, Ronald I., 5 North Rd., Chelmsford, Mass. Blegstad, Gary C., 623 E. Summit Ave., Bergus Falls, Minn. Bowers, Hilton C., 258 Ellis Ave., Jackson, Mississippi Brockway, David M. , Scarsdale Manor Sq., Scarsdale, N.Y. Burch, Thomas E., 203 Walnut St. , Crystal City, Missouri Carter, Gordon H., 6270 E. Hawthorne, Tucson, Arizona Carter, William M., 209 Ridgemede Rd., Baltimore, Maryland Chambers, John A., 140 So. Adams St., Rockville, Maryland Chapla, Paul A., 4381 Winchester Dr., Allison Park, Pa. Dr,oste, James, 330 N. Chestnut St., Litchfield, Illinois Dubs, Theodore B., 4604 West Tusc., Canton, Ohio Epstein, Joseph L., 4759 Rosa Ave., St. Louis, Missouri Foyle, Robert C. , 6234 Ridge Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. Frizzell, George E., Rt. 4191, Foley, Alabama Fulton, William L., QTRS. "K", U.S. Naval Base, Philadelphia, Pa. Ginieczki, Richard F. , 2127 Solly Ave. , Philadelphia, Pa. Glasier, Peter K., 20 Dean St., Portland, Maine Griffin, Charles D, J r. , 18 Halsey Rd. , U. S. N. Station, Yokosuka, Japan Griggs, Stanley D. , 45 Martin Dr., Holland, Pa. Jones, Phil J., 49 So. Blvd., Oak Park, Illinois Kennedy, Robert S., Valley Farm, Peola Mills, Virginia Larabee, H., Wayne, 311 Fieldbrook Dr., Pittsburgn, Pa. Lison, Stanley A. , 4192 Terrace Dr. , Pittsburgh, Pa. Lugas, James D., Jr., 101 Kentway, Dlmdalk, Maryland Martin, Michael J ., 84:43 125 St., Kew Gardens, N.Y. Monroe, Harold III, 5137 Mass. Ave., Westmoreland Hills, Md. Pearce, James W., 1844 Jefferson Road, Otsego, Michigan Roll, William R., 138 Westfield Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. Smith, Leighton W., 13 N. Montery St., Mobile, Alabama Sramek, John S., Jr., Stirling Farm, Bradforowoods, Pa. Stratton, Craig A. , 19 W 631 Rockdale Cr. Lombard, Illinois Sullivan, John P., 4910 W. Gladys Ave., Chicago, Ill. Simpson, Stephen T. , 418 Pennington Ln. , Louisville, Ky. Thompson, Wayne E., Trails End, R.R. 494, White Cloud, Michigan Tovsmsend, James T., 703 Manor Rd. 49101, Alexandria, Va. AIR DEPARTMENT Officers Taylor, T. Jack, CDR, 1913 Maurice Dr., Norfolk, Virginia Lambert, Glerm E., CDR, 5505 Berry Hill Rd., Norfolk, Va. Garofalo, Paul C. , CDR, 1414 N. Spurgeon St. , Santa Ana, Calif. Boyd, Richard C., LCDR, 1315 Bailey St., Norfolk, Virginia Cone, Fred L., ENS, 1665 Rogers Avenue, Atlanta 10, Ga. "V-1" Division Markovits, George P., LCDR, 6941 Odessa Drive, Norfolk Buggies Lloyd E., LT, 5516 Sandpipiper Lane, Norfolk, Va. Rogers: Kenneth E., LTJG, 741 East Street Drive, Midwest City, Oklahoma 9 Smith, William E., Sr., ABFC, 6315A Merle Ave., Lakeland Apts., Norfolk, Va. Anderson, Bobby H., AN, 5935 West 8th Street, Tulso, Okla. Barry, Henry fnl, AN, 301 Franklin Blvd., Franklin Town- ship, New Brunswick, N.J. Bayse, David E., AA, RT 4f1, Box 17A, Bayside, Va. Becker, James R., AN, R 462, Steelville, Missouri Beckley, Lawrence fnj, AN, 183 Scholes Street, Bklyn. 6, N. Y. Bentley, Philip D., AN, 909 Johnny Cake Rd., Painesvllle, Ohio Biesen, Fred A., AN, 2396 Patricia Drive, Santa Clara, Calif. Bowling, Donald E., AN, 2334 Clifton Ave., Clnclrmati, Ohio Bradley, William R., AN, Detmold St., Lonaconing, Md. Bradshaw, Jesse D., AA, 2123:-1f2 4th Ave., Hlmtington, W. Va. Bralthwaite, charles W. , AN, 472 West Martin St. , Martinsburg, W. Va. 1 c Breig, Kenneth P., ABH2, 339 Smith St., Donmore, Penna. Bridges, Ronald R., AN, 123 S. Almansor St., Alhambra, Calif. ' Brovm, Kenneth H.,'AN, 69 Liberty ST., Deer Park, L. I., N. Y. , Burch, Jerome fnj, ABH3, 26123 Brush St., Madison Hgts., Mich. Bruckshaw, Donald W. , ABH3, 147 Gallup St., Providence 5, Rhode Island Burwell, James R., -ABH3, RT ffl, Box 484, Shelton, Washing- ton Bykowicz, Robert J., AN, 91 Franklin St. , Sloan 12, N. Y. Carr, Lyman L., AN, Route 43, Gainesville, Texas Coker, Leon fnj, AA, Route ffl, Demorest, Georgia Coughlln, Daniel C., ABH3, 303 N. Gilmer Park, Johnson City, Tenn. Covino, Claude Inj, AN, 8615 Flatlanes Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. Crittenden, Ray A., AN, 901 N. Birch St.,.Creston, Iowa Crouch, Earnest G., AMS3, 4826 Curtis Clark, Corpus Christi, Texas Cuffee, Douglas L., AN, 223 West Over Ave., Norfolk, Va. Culler, Tony L., AN, 615 Sprint St., Winston-:Salem, N.C. Darby, George fnl, ABH3, 307 Henderson St., Columbia, S.C. Dawson, Richard F., AN, 408 East 4th St., Sterling, Ill. DeAngelis, Felix J., AN, 829 W. 46th St., Norfolk, Va. Dewberry, Charles K., AN, 101 Ocean Parkway, Royalton, Fla. Diamond, Dallas W., ABH2, RT. 32, Delbarton, W. Va. Dogan, Robert J., AN, 107 N. Edward Ave., Northlake, Ill. Dow, Frank E., AN, 845:27 St., Rock Island, Ill. Drosche, Leroy E., ABH2, 145 Country Club Rd., Sanford, Durbin, Patrlc E., AN, 402 Bradley St., Clnclnnattl, Ohio Ellington, Arnold W. , ABH1,,160 Jones St., Concord, N. C. Engbretson, Richard H., ANY1108 4th Avenue, Greta Falls, Montana - l Fay, Michael Qnj, AA, 143 Palmetto St., Brooklyn, N.Y. Ferrell, Jodie C., AN, 224 Fristal Ave., Belmont, N.C. Fontenot, Otis J., AN, Box 305, Basile, Louisiana Francis, Harold T., AN, 302 South Main St. , Fredricktown, Missouri c Franklin, Glen T., AN, 218 Illinois Ave., Oakridge, Tenn. Frink, Richard B., AN, RT 3, Box 192, Tabor Clty, N.C. Fults, John.L., AA, Route 4+1, Box 28, Pineland, Texas Gibbs, Glen A., AN, Route 2, Carthage, Temu. Gifford, Kenneth H., AN, RR 4:42, Box 256, Logansport, Ind. Glory, Edgar L., AA, 514 Washington Ave., New Orleans, La, Gourd, Herman F., AN, 110 Wells Ave. West, North Syracuse, N.Y. . c. Grant, Franklin E., AN,.PO Box 4, Yermo, California Gray, Teddy C., AN, 156 Matadere St., San Carlos, Calif. Grushey, William O., AN, 35 Church St., Ware, Mass. Hampton, John B. , AN, Stamping Ground Route 453, Kentucky Heller, James C., ABH3, Big Lervllle, R.F.D. ffl, Pa. Hoffman, Eugene C., AN, Box 234, Cove, Oregon Holcomb, James L., ABH2, Route 1, Box 91, Marysville, Cal Howell, Gary C., AN, 2625 Glenarm Pl., Denver 5, Colorado Hubbard, Jerry M., AN, 221 Wahlut St., Slstersville, W. Va. Hughes, Howard A., AN, 82 Charles Field St, , Providence, Fla. o R. I. Hughes, Thomas H., ABH1, Route 44, Box 629, Sileston, Mo. Husic, James E., ABHAN, 256 Myers St., Steelton, Penn. J enkinson, Guy W., AN, 2429 Bratton Ave., Pontiac, Mich. Jones, James D., AN, 3630 Port Ave., Corpus Christi, Tex. Johnson, Robert E., AA, PO Box 145, Seffner, Florida Keller, Frederick G. , AN, 17 W 12 Road, Broad Channel, L. D. KS, N.Y. A I Killion, David L., AN, 1217 East Second St., Cellfralia, I11. Kuhn, David J., AN, 165 Bushklll st., Tammy, Pa. Knowles, Thomas B., AN, 385 G1lpinSt., Denver, Colo. Lacey Gary E., AN, 86 Mattingly Ave., Indian Herd, Md. Lathrop Larry D. AN, 212 E. Dela Ware Street, Decatur, Mich. Lawrence, James S., AN, 622 W- Main Stn Jefferson City: M0- LeBlanc, Jesse C., AN, 2117 Ayeeck St., Drobi, Lo. Lockwood, James M., AN, 2001 Ester St. , Kansas City 2, Kan. Malick, Ronald F., AA, 4 Price Blvd., W. Hartford, Conn. Marion, Jean C., ABH3, 824 7th St., West Bablon, N.Y. Martin, Nathan C., AN, 5413 Reeveena St., Cincinnati, Ohio Martin, Tex E., AN, R ffl, Harriman, Tenn. Mazzoleni, William Knj, 51 Linden St. , Talmton St. , Glouster, Oh McClelland, Robert L., AN, 15 Locust St., Glouster, Ohio McDonald, Harold Cnj, ABHAN, 626 Arcadio, Plantation George.: town, S. C. io McLaren, Richard H., AN, 36 Winslow St., Cambridge 38, Mass. McLaughlin, Michael J., AN, 261 W. Sullivan, Frankfort, Ind. McNally, John E., AN, 1513 Montclair, Detroit 14, Mich. Miller, Jeffery C. , SN, 9438 Butwell Rd., Livonia, Mich. Moore, William A., AR, 208 Passaic St., Trenton, N. J. Moskowitz, Allan Cnj, AN, 3940 Bronx Blvd. , Box 66, N.Y. Moss, Carl R., AN, Tamoroa, HL Normand, Dillard J., AN, 8427 Belfast St., New Orleans, La. Oldenquist, Paul W. , AN, 770 Glenwood St. , Warren, Ohio Padgett, Oda G., AN, Rt. 1 Box 695, Morenci, Ariz. Parker, Frank L., AN, 6002 84th Ave., Carrollton, Maryland Passarella, Donald J., AN, PO Box 192, Carrolltown, Pa. Paternostro, Joseph D., AN, New Orleans, La. Pavlo, Walter A. , AN, 14 A East 39th St. , Savannah, Ga. Peart, William L., ABH3, RR 41 Box 101, Saisbury, Missouri Penrose, Leonard J. , AN, RD 142 Box 52, New Florence, Pa. Perkins, James E., AN, 228 Kenmore Ave., Syraucse, N.Y. Poreda, Daniel R., AN, 2317 Greene Ave., Brooklyn, N.Y. Pritchett, Elmer F., AN, Rd 1 Pagetrailer Court, Dubois, Pa. Porter, William E., ABH3, 35 Lancaster Rd., Mobile, Alabama Reeves, John P., AN, 793 Crotona Pk., North Bronx, 60., N. Y. Rider, Robert A., AN, 321 Jefferson Ave., Vinton, Va. Rischar, Robert P., AN, 3704 Marvin Ave. , Cleveland 9, Ohio Schlager, Lawrence W. , AA, 1084 Clevemook Ave., Noth Cooll Edge Hill, Ohio Schuette, Edwln L., AN, 105 S. Dade St., Ferguson, Missouri Shadday, John R., AN, 1020 W. Marshal St., Tulsa, Oklahoma Shaw, Norman E., AN, 413 James St. , Falls Church, Va. Shipley, Tommy D., AN, Route 4192, Mosheim, Tennesee Slate, Frank P., AN, Route 8, Claksvllle, Texmessee Snider, Michael L., AN, 208 N. Washington St., Oblong, Ill. Synder, Roy D., AN, 1042 Oakwood, Louisville, KY. Stanhouse, Jimmie A., ABH3, 2340 Inosene St., Mephis, Term. Stepp, Richard E., ABH3, 111 Carnegie St., Butler, Pa. Strand, Robert C., AN, 415 South 8th St. , Livingston, Montana Sturm, Robin D., AN, RD ffl, Dauphin, Pa. Sullivan, lvlichael F. , AN, PO Box 1804, Point Pleasant, N. J. Thafpe, Sylveaiel' Chl, AN, 225 N. Cormecficut Ave., Atlantic City, N.J. Thornton, Rodney L. , AN, 1222 Vicoscia Dr. , Mephis, Tenn. Turner, Carl L., AN, 806 S. 12th St., Longview, Texas Turner, John C., AN, 144 Main St., Batavia, Ohio Ulvenes, Webb D. , AN, 803-112 West 5th St. , Red Wing, Minn. Warner, James E., AN, 1403 Dunham St., Albert Lea, Minn. White, DOl1glas w., AN, 44 S. Conestoga sf., Philadelphia, Pa. Witt, Frank T., ADR3, Route 82, Oliver Springs, Term. Weiss, Stuart fnj, AN, 147-32 Roosevelt Ave., Flushing, N.Y. Winders, Donald J., AN, Route 6, Marion Kentucky Woods, Jarvis D., ABH3, 171 N. Hlght sri, Covington, Ohio Woodman, William E., AA, San Antonia, Texas Zamora, Ramon S. , ABH3, -7220 Cuba Drive, "El Paso, Texas Zimmermann, Bruce E., AN, 5308 N. Washington St., Kansas Clty 18, Mo, ' "V- 2" Division Brown, B.W., LCDR, v-2 Officer, 120 16th sr., Port Huron, Michigan - Ve1'SeI', -LK., Lt, Division Officer, Box 2, Buena, Vista Colo Smlglilxlnuig 5:-l, Lt, Ass. cat Officer, 5427 Barnhcucw Rd.. Mails? D.M., Lt, A.G. Officer, 5617 16th Ave., Brooklyn 20, Ki,ddle,. Va. . B-:Du Ltr A.G. Officer, 9216 Virglnius Dr., Lynnhaven, 330 1 - -f W-A .- - V J. A . 2 -. A ...-aff.:.,:::.-Q.- . N .H-.-,,,..,..-. ,-,-,.,,Ww,.,-,,,,,,,:,.,,,,.,,,,.,,,,, V -fa--vs-1 - - --i-5 , A V. nl 1 ve Blank, C. H., LTJG, Cat Tech Officer, 81 Tennessee, Amirillo, Texas Behney, R. H., ABEC, Leading Chief, Reinerton, Pennsylvania Mathews, C.B., ABEC, A.G. Chief, RT. 1, Cash, Arkansas Spandel, J.J., ABEC, Cat Chief, Route 4, Brainerd, Minn. Alther, Robert V., AN, 88 So. Millpage Dr., Bethpage, N.Y. Antonelli, Anthoney, ABE3, 1618 Porter St., Phila. 45, Pa. Arnold, James E., AN, RT. 1, Austinville, Va. Arnold, Lovell H., ABE2, 917 West Arizona St., Phila. 33, Pa, Baggette, Robert W., AN, 306 Southlake Dr., Manassas, Va. Barber, Levi M. Jr., AN, RT. 10, Box 434, Old Kings Rd., Jacksonville, Fla. Barker, James C., AN, 459 W. 13 st., Reading, Pa, Belford, George C., AN, 415 Daisy St., Clearfield, Penna. Blevins, Jimmy R., AN, 1917 Woodlawn Ave., Salem, Va, Bovim, Warren A., AN, 41 Twilight Path, E. Weymouth, Mass. Bowman, Lester E., ABE2, Rd. 1, Hanover, Penna. Brown, Norman C., ABE3, 1719 40th St., Louisville, Ky. Brown, Richard M., AN, 2441 So. 3rd St., Louisville, Ky. Bryson, John M., ABE2, 5247 Fieldcrest Dr., Pittsburg, Pa. Byard, Edward A., ABE3, Indianapolis, Indiana Calloway, Carl Cnj Jr., AN, 134 Cassick St., Logan, W. Va. Calloway, KarenW. , AN, 541 N.E. 31Ave. ,Ft. Lauderadale,Fla. Calvin, Robert C., AN, 101 S. Silver, Paloia, Kansas Caracciolo, Joel F., AN, 245 Newkirk Ave., Brooklyn, N.Y. Chambers, Gary W., AN, 4411 Shalimar Dr., New Orleans, La. Champagne, Anthoney C., AN, 32 Manard Ave., Haverhill, Mass. Chandler, Jessie K. , AN, 105 Walker Dr. , Lenoir, N.C. Chandler, 'William H., AN, 105 Walker Drive., Lenoir, N.C. Cooper, Leroy J., AN, RD. 2, Sharpsville, Pa. Cooper, Paul E., AN, RD. 1, Salt Dale Rd., Wyoming, N.Y. Davis, Albert A. , AN, 3049 Muriel Ave. , Kettering,Ohio Davis, Ken R., AN, 542 S. Main St. , Huntington, W.Va. Dicus, Herman L., AN, 80 Glenside Ave., Sonnit, N. J. Detrich, Charles W., AN, 532 S. Mail St., Beaver Dam, Ky. Dumas, David J., AN, 2094 Oakdale, Drayton Plains, N.Y. Dumble, David J., AN, 3704 E. Ledge Dr., Austin, Texas Mitchell, William C., AN, Locust St. , Laueri, Deleware Dunmon, Lawrence D., AN, PO. 137, Andersonville, Ga. Fabry, Jules C. , AN, 2107 3rd Ave. , Spring Lake, N.J. Fay, Walter W. , AN, 7084 Ambou Rd. , StratonIsland,N. J ., Ferguson, Ronald, AN, 2290 Corbin Ave., New Britan, Conn. Findell, James W. , AN, 7445 12th Ave. ,South,Mpls 23,1Vlinn. Fogle, Jan D., ABE3, 3115 E. 16th St., Columbus, Ind. Gaffney, Peter Qnj, AN, 22 Millercircle, Hicksville, N.Y. Garton, John J. , ABE1, 1202 Roberts Ave. , Mays Landing,N. Y. Gelling, James R., AN, 7142 Arboy Rd., Staton Island, N.Y. Gibson, James A. , ABE3, 209 Gleghorn St. ,Rutherf0rdton,N. C. Gunn, Monty H., AN, Star Rt., Box 5, Myrtle Grove, Fla. Harris, Charles F., ABE3, Box 745, Moravis, N.Y. Haught,Gordon R. , ABE1, 1453 D. Irwin Ave. , Norfolk 13, Va. Herring, Milton D. , AN, 623 Adams Ave., Fayettville, N.C. Herrington, Albert J. , AN, 1512 Woodmount Ave. , Arnold, Pa. Higgenbotham, Francis P. ,AN, Route 2,Luling, Texas Hirdning, Carrol F. ,AN, 1305 W.Center St. ,Kalamazoo,Mich. Hooker, Charles R., ABE2, 1622 S. Oriole Drive,Norfolk, Va. Hooker, Earnest W. , ABE1, 1473 Irwin Ave. ,Norfolk 13,Va. Hoover, Fredrick E., AN, RD. 2, Williamsonport, Pa. Monaghan, P.J., ABE1, 223 N. Cathering St., Shenendoah,Pa. Montemayor,Armando,AN, 610 Edgewood R. ,Houston 23,Texas Moon, Teddy W. , AN, 49 Relsey Ave. , Trenton, N. Y. K Jefferson, Richard R. , AN, 299 Chifton Dr. , Brooklyn 16, N. Y. Johnson, Allen R., ABE1, 931 E. 237 St., Elcnino, Ohio - Johnson, Robert F. , AN, 75 Forest St. , Montclair, N. J. Kalhorn, Joseph M., ABE3, 3Ancient Oaks Dr. , Falls Church,Va. Kampman, Richard R. , ABE3, 1934 Elm Ave. , Sheboygan, Wis. Katz, John A., ABE2, 635 Allen St., Caro, Mich. Keener, Donald G., AN, Box 96, New London, Pa. Keith, Siona Jr., ABE1, PO. 120 WainrightDr., P0rtsmouth,Va. Kilelee, Kelvin E., ABE3, 88-26 78 St., Woodhaven 21, N.Y. Klassen, James N. , AN, 5023 Riverdale,RD 212,Riverdale, Md. Kokotovich, Iven N. , ABE3, 26700 Delton, MadisonHts, Mich. Lambert, Carlton D., ABE3, RFD 5, Box 192, Alcalvisa,Ala. Lamca, Fredrick E. , AN, 2806 4th Ave. , Altoona, Pa. Littleton, Raymond T. , AN, 1127 Market St. , McKeesport, Pa. Long, Lawrence L, ABE2,1127 East Indiana St., Evansville,Ind. McClelland, Nlichael A. , AN, 870 Sherwood Rd. , Charleston, West Virginia McCormick, ClarkE. , AN,595Donelson Pike, Nashville, Tenn. Snell, 'William R., ABE1, 106 Mummel Ave., Lemoyne, Pa- Snodgrass, Ronald E., AN, RT. 2, Orchard, Nebr. Sokorowoski, Paul J .,, AN, 8809 Houston Ave. , ChiC9f80, Ill- 331 -1 YYY -,T ,L Mylnek, Robert M. , ABE3, 117 Market St., Warren, R.I. Nixon, Ronnie L., AN, 403 Denby St., Wilson, N.C. Pierre, John D., AN, 4719 Glenville Ave. , Granite Lake, R.L Pierson, David L., AN, 2109 Granite City, Ill. Piserri, Francis L. , AN, 50 Herbert St., Brooklyn 22, N.Y. Prentice, W.D. , AN, 5356 Gilettes Lake Rd. , Jackson, Mich. Quagrello, Jolm S. , AN, 229 E. 26th St. , Brooklyn 26, N. Y. Robbins, Alvin V., AN, RT. 3, Box 400, Forest City, N.C. Roberts, Donal W. , AN, 1455 Wagon Wheels Terrace, Dallas 1 Texas Robinson, Robert W. , AN, 183 Remsen Ave. , New Brunswick, N. J . Ryals, Henry J. , AN, 412 Escambia St. ,Fernandina Beach, Fla 6 Salyard, Gerald B. , AN, 709 Jefferson St. , Clifton Forge, Va.. Schanie, Robert L., AN, 5501 Shorewood Dr., Louisville, Ky. Smart, John E., AN, 3 Choctaw St., Laruens, S.C. Smith, Dale C., AN, 911 N. Bownam St., North Platt, Neb. Smith, Franklin E., AN, RR2, Blue Springs, Mo. Pritchett, Jonny P., AN, RT. 2, Commerce, Ga. Hove, Gerald N., AN, 111 N.L., Sparta, Wisc. Hutchens, Shirley G., ABE2, RR2, Madkinville, N.C. Iliff, Robert E., ABE1, 4636 Iowlaeuc, Hammond, Ind Stanwix, John J. , AN, 406 South George St. , Rome, N. Y. Sticklus, Robert, AN, 34 Central Ave., Port Jefferson, N.Y., Suiter, David P. Jr., ABE3, 566 Anne St. , Hungindon Valley, Swim, Ronald L., AN, 59 Robert St., Portland, Maine Talley, Charles E., ABE3, 1510 N. 20 St., Richmond, Va. Taylor, George E., AN, 217 Herrison St., Bartonville, Ill Teems, Billy W., ABE2, 314 Austin Ave., Marietta, Ga Testerman, Gerald B., AN, 224 Emmerdton Rd., Bellair, Md Thompson, James L. Jr. , ABE3, 1078 Columbus Ave, Barberton, Ohio I Tompkins, David B., ABE3, Bracken Rd., Montgomry, N.Y. Tribble, Robert C., AN, 6839 E. Fork Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio Turner, James E., AN, 2511 Que St., Richmond, Va Vanderhoof, B.C., AN, 403 Wahiut St., Minneapolis, Minn. Webb, Donald L., AN, 113 Bingram St., Norfolk, Va Wejrowski, John E. , ABE2, 113 Bingram St. , Norfolk, Va, Williams, Haywood fnl, AN, 1440 Pacific St., Brooklyn, N Wilson, H.H., ABE3, 213 Broom St., Wilmington 5, Del Workman, Stanely J., AN, RT. 2, Spencerville, Ohio V 3 ' Division Olson, James W., LT, 5418 Bayberry Dr., Norfolk, Va Brodie, Donald G., ENS, 19 North Dr., Plandome, .L.I., Koepp, Carl F., ABHC, West Minister Ave., Norfolk, Va Allen, Melvin D. , AN, 507 East Pa - Hobbs, New Mexico Alongi, Gasper J., AA, 14 Varian ne, Rochester, N.Y Arity, Gray J., AA, RT. flfl, Toma Wisconsin Bailey, James H., AN, 2906 Cypres, Ave. , Dallas, Texas Baker, Allan L., AA, 470 N.W. Ave., Tallmadge, Ohio Broikou, Thomas C., AN, 132 Baycliff Dr., Rochester, N.,Y Carter, Harold W., AA, 2517 Taylor St., Mobile, Alabama Covey, Stewart L., ABE2, 302 2nd St., Oscoda, Mich Dill, Richard E., AA, 247 So. Blaine, Bradley, Ill Dycus, Clinton W., AAN, 615 West 30th, Austin, Texas Eisenhart, Howard G., AN, 1520 Jay St., Ypsilanti, Mich Frazier, Roy S., AN, RFD 4+4, Freemont, Ohio Fox, Wade E., AN, RT. 42, Box 940, Ashville, N.C Gaston, .Richard E., AN, 1010 Tener St. , Johnston, Pa Gallager, Richard J., AN, 342 Kenmand St., Johnston, Pa Gibson, Darrell E., AN, Route 4fl, Box 64, Dennison, Ohio Gorsky, Ronald BW. , AN, Cedar Grove, West Virginia Grandas, Frank A., AN, Box 274, Holsopple, Pa Greeno, Darrel P., AA, 1821 Caroline St., LaCrosse, Wisc Hallbauer, Robert F., AA, 1548 E. Wynsanerhurst, Phila Hendry, Jay M. , AN, 916 Tatro St., Miles City, Montana Hertz, David W., AA, 3810 S. Austin, Cicero 50, Ill Hitchcock, William C., AN,1922 BirchcrestDr., Charlotte Hobbs, Roy E., AN, 169 100St., Apt. 319, Atlanta, Ga Hopkins, Hubert H., AN Jennings, Robert A., AN, 5157 Telegraph, Dearborn, Mich. Key, Franklin M., AN, RT. 4192, Carthage, N.C Lanese, Dean E., ABHE, Stony Acres Bootjack, Ridgway, Pa Lawrence, Kenneth W., AN, 805 Bridge St. , Wallsaul, Wisc Lee, Patrick S. , AN, 14A Reeve Place, Brooklyn, N.,Y Lord, Richard B., AA, Easthampton R.F.D. 4+2, Conn Marxhall, Joseph T., AA, 1518 E. 35th Place, Gary, Ind Martin, Donald F., AN, 1233 Santa Monica, SanAntonio, Texas PS. SY. ' 0 N. Y. LQ? 'kg v Hagan, Patrick J., AN, Valleyfield R., Sandyhook, Conn. Pa ., . , N.C. Martino, Angelo Cnj, AN, 6812 61st Rd., Maspeth, N. Y. Miller, Arthur W., AA, 21 Goodman Dr., Fairborn, Ohio MacCowan, George B., AA, 123 Lewis St., St. Johns, Mich. Jerdon, George A., AN, 425 S. Cedar Lane, Upper Darby, Pa. McCarthy, Stephen N. , AN, 134 Van Cortlandt Park S. , Bronx 63, N. Y. McCauley, LeRoy H., AN, 6 East Hillside, Greenbelt, Md. McDevitt, James M., AN, 8 Peggoty Beach Rd., Scituate, Mass. Netherton, Richard A., AN, 716 W. Third St., Lansdale, Pa. Oberheiman, Earl E., AN, Riley, Kansas Pare, Ian H., AN, 3496 Greenview, Trenton, Mich. Parker, Edwin W. , AN, 19 Jackson St. , Mayville, N. Y. Pence, Arvey L., AN, 202 East Pearl St., Winchester, Ill. Potter, John R., AN, 4720 Dupont Ave., Minneapolis, Minn. Potts, K.E. Jr. ,i AN, 237 Maple Ave., North Hills, Pa. Powell, Brent K., AN, 748 Wooster Rd., N. Barberton, Ohio Raymond, Edward L. , AN, 205 Lincoln Ave., Bangor, Mich. Ringston, Christopher P. , AN, 1263 Herkimer St. , Brooklyn, N. Riordan, Frank M., AN, 8419 Euclid Ave., Chicago, Ill. Saunders, Jacob A., ABH1, 2235 N. Cleveland St., Phila., Pa. Shockley, George W., ABF1, 9536 Maverick St., Lynnhaven, Va. Spencer, Jerry L., AN, 516 College, Greenfield, Ill. Stahl, Rolph P. , AN, 2033 Gates Ave. , Ridgewood Queens, N. Y., N. Y. Totty, Philip D., AN, 1313 E. Willow St., Ducan, Okla. Turley, Ronald W., AN, 6904 Chelwynde Ave., Phila. Pa. Ussin, Alvin, AN, 1912 Labouly St., New Orleans, Miss. Van Hoose, Donald L., AE3, Route 4+23, Wittenville, Ky. Waters, John V., AN, 301 Spring St., Washington, Ga. Weeks, Gayle A., ADR3, Route ffl, Yenir, Ohio White, Gerald W. , AA 'Whitmer, Robert E., AN, 219 Bratton Ave., Lewistown, Pa. iWolfe, Ronald H., AN, 1705 N.W. 55th Court, Miami, Fla. Workman, Charles, AN, RFD. 4191, Irondale, Ohio Young, Lawrence B., AN, 2244 Chestnut Ave., Wilmette, Ill. Zelinski, Benjamin J., AN, 38 Somme St., Newark 5, N.J. "V-4" Division Bennett, Arthur T., LT., 510 Woodford St., Norfolk, Va. Devin, Harold E. , ABFC, 2724-C Ayliff Rd. , Norfolk 2, Va. Johnson, Royce L., ABEC, 7947 Thompson Rd., Norfolk, Va. Allison, Jimmy L., AN, RT. 1, Box 509, Pollok, Texas Armstrong, Phillips J., AA, 40 Glendale Rd., Brockport, N. Y. Barnett, Robert L., AN, RT. 1, Paola, Kansas Barrancotta, Donald R., AN, 437 Walnut St., Lockport, N. Y. Bedsaul, Joseph W., AN, RT. 2, Box 137, Galax, Va. Betterly, David R., ADR3, 104 Beach St., Bancroft, Mich. Blair, James C., ABF3, 3837 Lake St., Macon, Ga. Blaylock, James L., ADJ3, RT. 1, Box 80 F, Hughson, Calf. Bonito, Sam Qnj, AN, 13850 N.W. 24 Ave., Opa-Locka, Fla. Bourne, John P., AN, 515 Tennessee Ave, Bristol, Tenn. Boyle, Joseph A., ABF1, 2328 S. Bambrey Terrace,, Phildelphia, Pa. Q ' Bradley, Kenneth G., AN, 1 Buena Vista Ave., Cambridge, Md. Brown, James J., AN, 5507 S. 61st, Tacoma, Washington, Butterworth, Carl A., ABF3, 342 B. Eilers St., Norfolk, Va. Cahill, Edward J., AN, 533 Morris Ave., W. Conova, Calf. Carbone, George T., AN, 54 Oak Ave., Torrington, Conn. Carroll, Bruce' fnj, AN, 63 East Ninth St., N. Y. Cassell, Riley S., ABF2, 217 E. Market St., Cadoz, Ohio Chambliss, Clifford O., AN, 24203 Lincolnville Rd., Bedford, Ohio . Chapman, Paul R., ABFAN, 811 High St., Coal Grove, Ohio Cox, Donald R., SA, 18 Putman Circle, Springfield, Mass. Davis, Jon M., AN, 740 Trumen Ave., Apt. 1, Ind. Delapp, John F., AA, 809 Forrest St., Reidsville, N.C. . Drum, Jimmie O., AN, 1111-112 Sedgefield St., Durham, N.C. Eubanks, James E., ABF2, 3534 W. Washington Rd., East Point, Ga. I V 1 Ferrugio, Michial A., AN, 2213 W. lst St., Brooklyn, N.Y. Fiedler, George F., AN, 659 N.W. 29th St., Miami, Fla. Garling, Ronald K., AN, RT. 7, Box 253, Crown Point, Ind. Gibson, William B., AN, P.O. Box 5511, Raleigh, N.C. Gill, Frank T., AN, 4 Ive St., Hope, R.L Hall, Oscar G. , ABF3, 2227 Preasure St. , New Orleans, La. Hamilton, Virgil B., AA, 803 Iverness Lane, Phil. 28, Penn. Harbauer, Walter L., AN, RT. 2, Box 113, Springfield, Ill. Hargett, Joe D., SN, 2633 Elizabeth St., CorpusChristi, Texas Harris, Carroll E., AN, RT. 2, Box 84, Greenwood, Del. Harrison, George F., ABF3, 350 St. Arms Ave. , Bronx, N.Y. Hay, Douglas Qnj, AN, 219 Greenwood Ave., Brooklyn, N.Y. Hesford, John H., SN, 497 Benefit, Pawtucket, R.L Higbee, Glenn I., ABF3, 722 Western Ave., Waukesha, Wisc. Hirsch, Barry Cnl, AN, 417 Ave., Brooklyn, N.Y. Jackson, Herbert A., ATAA, 805 S., Vedna St., Anaheim, Calf. Jaynes, William O., ABF1, 420 9th Ave., Lindenwold, N. J. Johnson, Edward W. , AN, 237 West 31 St. , Norfolk, Va. Johnson, Robert F., AN, 35 Katherine St. , N. Y. Jones, Kenneth E. , AN, 601A Woodfin Rd. , NewPort News, Va. Kehler, Keith E. , AN, 7 North Bay St., Shamokin, Penn. Kirites, Albert fnl, AN, 72 Ross Ave., Port Carbon, Penn. Lalonde, Joseph E., ABF2, 8386 Kenwood St., Inkster, Mich. Lilly, James A., AA, Pemberton, W. Va. Magnone, Joseph J., AN, Box 24, Church St., Hinsdale, Mass. Marlowe, Donald C. , AN, 310 West Field Crest Rd., Draper, N. Marsh, Carl R., ABF3, P.O. Box 274, Barton, Md. Mattson, Ralph E., AN, 2423 North Charles St., St. Paul 9, Min McDowell, Richard L., AN, RT. 7,Lafayette, Ind. McOsker, Walter L. , AA, 1224 Grand Ave. , Arroyo Grande, Calf Miller, Wade fnl, AN, RT. 4, Box 271-A, Burnsville, N.C. Millikln, James E., ABF1, 606 Yorkshire Rd. , Portsmouth, Va. Monty, Alfred L., ABF2, 7920 Paine Lane, Norfolk, Va. Moore, 'Edward L. , ABF2, 202 Vermanda Rd. , N.W. Alberque, N. Y. Mshar, Stephen J. , AN, 229 East 7th St., N. Y. Nanny, James W., AA, 124 Anandale St. , North Carolina Nolta, Fredrick A. , AN, 12 North Canac St. , Phil. Penn. O'Keefe, James J., ADJ3, 6144 Delafield Ave., Bronx, N. Y. Palmer, Robert E., AA, 10 Academy St., Farmingdale, N. J. Parsons, David E. , AN, 841 Glade Court, Baltimore, Md. Parsons Loyd E., AN, 841 Glade Court, Baltimore, Md. Pasqualine, Joseph fnl, AN, 220 Broad St., Florance, N.J. Phillips, James E., AN, 1201 N. St., Greenfield, Ohio Ramella, F. fnb, AN, 628 Hazel Ave., Elwood City, Penn. Rial, Justin M., AA, 4578 Piper St., Freemont, Calf. Rich, Leslie D., AN, Star Route, Cholame, Calf. Rine, Jay C., AN, Lurgan, Penn. Ross, Jesse Jr., AN, 1221 Magazine St. , New Orleans, La. Rous, Roy B., AN, Colliersville, N.Y. Rouw, Pete R., AN, RT. 3, Box 83-R, Palatka, Fla. Schaeck, John A., AN, 4852 Arden Drive, Temple City, Calf. Schulter, James F., AN, 1609 Schnell D, Arab, La.' Shaffer, John W., ABF3, 1603 Russell St., Danville, Ill. Sheldon, Robert E., AN, 338 East Jackson, Conehaugh, Pa. Sievers, Olin L., ADR3, RD. 1, Dowington, Pa. Smith, Larry W., ABE3, 12368 Boston Rd., North Rovalton, Ohio Snipes, William B., AA, Box 211, Aberdeen, N.C. Snyder, Carl R., ABFAN, 307 Ridge Ave., Falls Creek, Penn. Steagall, Bengiman F., AA, Route 4, Box 129, Greenwood, Ind. Stegall, Bobby J., AA, Memphis, Tenn. Stein, Kenneth J., AN, Box 598, Reserve, Indiana Trowbridge, Geoffrey, ABFAN, 1122 Maple Hill Rd. , Westfield, N.J. Tuttle, Robert D., AN, Long St., Ave., S.W. Grand Rapids, Mich. Webb, Ralph E., ABF1, 1216 59th St., Ironston, Ohio Wolfe, Richard E. , AA, 1505 4th Ave. , Juniata Altona, Pa. Wright, Abraham fnj, AEAN, 1540 Marshall Ave. , Portsmouth, Va. Wynn, Bobby L., ABF3, 2934 N. Camac St., Ga. Young, Fred J., AN, RR 1, Catill Spring, Term. Zerr, Ronald K., AA, 2937 Irving St., Denver, Colorado "V-6" Division Williams, Peter A., LCDR, 1700 Rosewood, Odessa, Texas Whitcomb, Winfield J., W0l, 2637 Oriole St., Brunswick, Ga. Disher, John G., AMC, 822 Marvin Ave., Norfolk 3, Va. Anderson, Jimmie R. , ADC, 610 2nd St. , Edgewater Pensacola, Fla. Bailey, Paul W., PRC, 25 Leo Ave. Providence, R.I. Evans, Clyde J., ADC, 1428 Titian Ave. , Norfolk 2, Va. Small, James P., ATC, 15 Wilshire Dr., Phoenix, Ariz. Tibbets, Ira C., ADC, 4301 Doziers Cr. Rd., Norfolk, Va. Anderson, Billie J., AN, 2502 Custer, Dallas, Texas Anderson, Robert E., AMH3, R.R. ffl, Neosho, Missouri Atkins, Billie M., AT1, RT. ffl, Rising Fawn, Ga. Ayers, Waymon A., AN, 3135 Humphries Dr., SE. Atlanta, Ga. Bariton, George T. , ADR3, 1410 Pennsylvania Ave. , Monaca, enn. 332 H. -.,.....,,.,. ,,. ..-,.,,,5 u,,,,,-,,,,,:,,,,.,,,,..,,,-,, . . .. .. . . W , - V 1 V -' " ' ' - '- . ... ,.--vb' A N "Hn" ' A .K Y " :A g, JL,'.:g,31-..',u4 ir -P... A ' f, . ., 1 - ,. l . I. , ....f,, . .,,.- ..-Q L-'gy' mmm:-fl 1 Ll ,rn .15 ff lv.. .L-, 4-La ..1,.'.x:ETLg,Y:4,g'5'g..- - ng Bottoms, Bruce G. , AE3, 1318 Fayette Pl. , Plainfield, N.J. Breithaupt, Stanley C., AMH2, 2037 N. Jefferson, Springfield, Missouri Briggs, Grover fnl, AA, RT. +t4, Rutherfordton, N.C. Brill, John G., ATR3, 3420 Mercer St., Philadelphia, Penn. Carrigan, Meredith fnj, AA, 1921 E. Beno Rd., Burlington, Ky. Clark, Gilbert W., PR2, 77 Gorham St., Lowell, Mass. Cline, Freddie D., ADJ2, 224 Walnut St., Middleport, Ohio Clowser, Roy E., AA, 421 N. Atlantic Dr., Boise, Idaho Collins, Albert F., ADJ3, Route 451, Box 17, May Meadows, Va. Cook, William A., AN, Moorefield, W. Virginia Copeland, John H., AA, 1024 17th Pl., Bham. Ala. Cunningham, Charles P. , AT2, 59 Highland Ave., Burgettstown, Pa. Cutts, John C., ADR3, Route 43, Box 469, Sanford, N.C. Danforth, Mitchell H., AT2, 4903 Saratoga, Millington, Tenn. Daris, Charles M., AN, 1185 E. 80th St., Cleveland, Ohio Dawson, Calvin fnl, AM1, 1598 Prospect Pl., Brooklyn, N.Y, Eastham, Prentiss E., AQ2, 1722 Exeter Ave., Indianapolis 22, Ind. Faller, Guy W., AM3, 147 John St. , S. Stratford, Ontario, Canada Figlar, John T. , AA, 163 Columbia Ave., Nutley 10, N. J. Finkel, Avron S., AE3,,3865 Nicolet Ave. , Los Angeles 8, Calif. Flower, James E. , AN, 516 Ramsell St. , San Francisco, Calif. Fournier, John M., AN, 124 Faywood, E. Boston 28, Mass. Fuchs, Robert A., AN, 1176 Juneau Ave., Akron, Ohio Garma, Alfredo Cnj, AA, Box 414104, Eleele, Kauai, Hawaii Hall, Larry J., AA, 508 Rogers St., Bluefield, W. Va. Hester, Larry D., AN, Game St., Lowell, N.C. Houseknecht, Robert L., AT3, 308 State St., Camden, N.J. Hules, James R., AN, 525 Hermosa St., S. Pasadena, Calif. Hunter, Coy C., ADR3, RT. 4, Box 29, Minden, La. Jacobs, Walter H., AE1, Box 491, Coblesklll, N.Y, Jenkins, Richard H. , AM3, 341 Whitehall Rd., Morristown, Pa. Jennings, Cleveland fnj, AN, 4602 San Francisco, St. Louis, MO. Jonah, Harry H., AT3, 14 Landers Rd., Wollaston, 70, Mass. Jones, Ray ful, AM2, -RT. 2, Box 67, Ashville, N.C. Kellan, Robert M., AT3, 21 Penn Ave., Selemanca, N.Y. Ketch, Edward L., AM3, 203 W. Central, Bentonville, Arkansas Klinesmith, Albert G., AN, RT. 2, Box 1294, Ellwood City, Pa. Lawrence, Robert C., AN, 109 Emerald St., Bloom leld, Colo. Leonard, H.H., AM1, Box 315A, Baltimore, 21, MU' Liebman, Henry F., AN, 1801 S. Olive Ave., W. Palm Beach, Fla. Lindsay, James D. , AN, -1140 The Terrance, Haggers Town, Md. Little, Joel B., AC3, 1278 Poquoson Ave., Poquoson, Va. Maden, Ernest, AN, 27 Evergreen Pl., Gibbstown, N.J. Marran, Frank D., AE3, 116 Bradford Alley, Donora, Penn. McChrystal, Robert H. , AN, 4616 W. Erie, Chicago, Ill. McDade, J.D., AE2, RT. 2, Temescal Canyon, Corona, Calif. Meador, Earnest J., AM3, Raceland, Kentucky Metternick, Michael G., AD3, Box 132, Cresaptown, Md. Morgan, Francis R., AD3, 919 Ind St. , Lawrence, Kansas Morris, Mackey R., AD3, RT. 1, Hoschton, Ga. Mutsaarts, Rudy L., AA, 13277 Bes St., La Puente, Calif. Myerhofer, Carl E., AE2, Oakley, Mich. Morrison, J.J., AT3, 307 Wyona St., Brooklyn, N.Y. Parris, James L., AM3, 1114 Woodside Ave., Charlotte, N.C. Peace, John F. , AD3, 5004 Firnat St. , HOl1St011 16, TGXHS Pelkey, Donald L., AN, 273 Cornelia St., Plattsburg, N.Y. Perrin, Allen C., AQ2, Box 242, West Union, Ohio Plneno, Joseph A., AE2, 1659 Wyoming Ave., Forty Fort, Pac Pinkston, Wallace O., AM3, RT. 1, Rolla, Mo. Powell, Lorenza Cnl, AN, 123 Walter St., Waycross, Ga. Ralston, Bruce A., AD2, 506 5th Ave., Jllnifa-A1t00H9-, Pa' Reed, Eugene W., AN, 208 Parkway Dr., St. Marys, Ohi0 Rice, Kenneth M., AQ3, 108 Wacker Dr., Chicago, Ill. Richard, Gerard J., AT2, 36 Water St., Brunswick, Milne Rizzo, Raymond L., AN, 1145 Morrison Ave., Bronx 72, N.Y. Ruggiero, Augustine Cul, AT3, 3011 W. Federal St., Youngstown 10, Ohio Sasse, James V., AN, 703 Verde Vista, Pomona, Calif. Short, Bobby G., AD3, Ramsey St., Norton, Va. Smith, Fredrick H., AM3, RD. 1994, Auburon, N.Y. Stepp, E.C., AN, 1331 Grandstaif Ave., Lancaster, Ohio Swain, Joseph F., AM3, 2542 15th St., Detroit, Mich. Tatum, Ronald W., AN, RT. 2, Walnut Grove, Mississippi Tennlson, Alvin L., AN, RT. 1, Rolla, Mo. Tharp, Joel E., AD2, 220 Terrance Blvd., Lewistown, Pa. Thompson, Thomas C., AN, RT. 1, Box 176, Manistigue, Mich. Tomlinson, David J., AT3, 45 Linton St., Pawtucket, R. I. Toms, Melvin D., AN, RFD 3, Rosewell, Okla. Tucker, Bobbie E., AM3, Box 61242, Los Angeles 6, Calif. Ward, Douglas C., AA, 10008 28th St., Tampa, Fla. Watson, Ralph J., AT3, RT. 1, Box 222, Covington, Va. White, James L. , AD3, 1405 Chickasaw Ave., Metairie, La. Willis, Edward G., AD1, RFD 7, Russellville, Ala. Wilson, Frank C., AE3, 7008 Atlantic Ave., Va. Beach, Va. Winslow, John F., AD3, 52 Woodward St., Roslyn, N.Y. Zidek, Francis T., AN, Box 2A, New Salem, Pa. Zimmerly, Joseph L., AQ3, Box 266, Bernalillo, New Mexico Air Office KV-61 Costello, Joseph F., ABHC, 812 Almond St., Vineland, N.J. Dellape, Alfred A., AN, 2721 N. Fairhill St. , Philadelphia 33 Pa. Hackman, Charles J., AN, Nanton, Michigan McKinney, William N. YN2 105 Walnut Ave. Charlotte N.C. ! ! 7 Miller, Donald C., AN, 101 Altwood Rd., Clifton, N.J. , Myers, William F., AN, 24 Grove St., Natick, Mass. Ross, Joseph A. , SN, 182 Havemeyer St., Brooklyn 11, N.Y. Sizemore, Larry T., SN, 19 Delaware Ave., Greensburg, Pa. Stowe, Philip E. , YN3, 3480 Eastham Rd. , Dearborn 2, Mich. HU-2 Det-42 Anderson, Thomas J., LT., HU-2, NAS, Lakehurst Lovas, Michael J., LTJG, HU-2, NAS, Lakehurst Dews, Harry P., LTJG, HU-2, NAS,Lakehurst Frontz, Richard F., ENS, HU-2, NAS, Lakehurst Hardy, John J., ADC, RT.. 44, Colquitt, Ga. Ashley, Charles A., AD3, Scotland, Ga., Box 120 Butts, Morris Cnl, AD3, RT. 4192, Box 389, Pinson, Alabama Dill, George H., AD2, Trenton, Ky. Gormley, Robert C., AMS2, 1 Water St., Dracut, Mass. Lanier, Bramwel1R., MAH3, 3611 Shaker Rd., Franklin, Ohio Lee, Corbett J., AN, RT. 4+1, Hancock, N.Y. McGinnis, James B. Jr., AD3, Faith, South Dakota Mf:Knew, William E., AD2, Harriman, Tenn. Pope, Douglas A., AD3, 7020 Lakeshore Dr., Minneapolis 23, Minn. Shannon, James W., ADRAN, 317 Harrison, Piqua, Ohio Tritch, Clarence D., AT2, RFD. 4, Fremont, Ohio OPERATIONS DEPARTMENT Officers Robertson, Gordon H., CDR, 518 S. Water St. , Olathe, Kansas Wilhite, Alan S., LCDR, RFD 142, Sweetwater, Tenn. OA Division Roland, Raymond M., LCDR, 8 Seminole Dr. , Catonsville 28, MO. Harger, LeRoy R., AGCS, 1859 Dominion Ave., Norfolk 3, Va. Alexander, John E., AG3, 43 Morgan St., Westerly, R.I. Barton, Donald W. , AGAN, 4303 King Oaks Lane, Fort Worth, Texas Cook, James G., AG3, Ogden Rd., Wenonah, N. J. Duke, James W., AG3, 153 N. 52nd Pl., Birmingham, Ala. Dunsavage, Peter M., AG2, RD. ffl, Barnesville, Penn. Fagan, James R., , AG3, 4833 Swartz Rd., Kansas City 6, Kansas Farmer, Larry H. , AGAN, 245 Rhodes Ct. , Fillmore, Calif. Fuller, Howard P. , AN, 1503 Thompson Ave. , Glendale 1, Calif. George, Frank A., AN, 475 Kings Hy., Fairfield, Conn. Gordon, Gerald B. , AG3, 613 Monroe Dr. , Raleigh, N.C. Gorney, John J., AG3, 613 Clay St., Gary, Indiana Harter, William G., AG2, 2719 Concord Ave., Camden, N.J. Hosmer, Joe E., AG3, 722 Holmes Ave., NE. Huntsville, Ala. Jessup, Richard H., AG2, 1304 Coral Ct., Brownsville, Texas Middleton, Charles R., AG3, Pacific Ave., Minotola, N.J. 333 Rigsby, Elbert R., AG3, 2425 Peabody, Blytheville, Ark. Smith, Clyde Cnj, AG3, 252 S. 16th St., Richmond, Calif. Townsend, Allen W. , AG3, 2608 VanDyke Ave., Schenectady 6, N. Y. OC Division ' Cooke, Emmett M. , CDR, 154 Wythe Lane, Virginia Beach, Va. . e ' Stout, Edward N. , LT. , 409 E. Charles St. , Hammond, La. Kelt, William N. , LT. , 5446 Bayberry Dr. , Norfolk 2, Va. Jones Alfred L. Jr. LT. 1409 Meredith Rd., Bayside, Va. Parrott, Francis C-.,LT., EJGD, 2037 21st Ave. S. Birmingham, Ala. v Burgeson, Paul R. , ENS. , 4257 Oak Knoll Dr. , Youngstown 12, Ohio 4 1 Sensbach, James H., ACC, 105 NW 60th Ave., Miami, Fla. Moore, Joseph Cnj, ACC, 741.Hill St., Lebanon, Penn. Barnes, John M., 'AC2, 38912 Watson Ave., Ridgeville, Ohio Barron, Joseph fnl, AC3, 128 Brannon Ave., Americus, Ga. Boggs, Joseph H., AC2, 2 Orman Place,,Buffalo, N. Y. Boileau, Art D. 3rd, AN, 2506 Jackson St. 12D, S. Phila. 45, Pa. - Buczek, Joseph W., AN, 601 N. Wisconsin St., Port Washington, Wise. Cahoone, Max D., AC1, Box 186, Strong City, Kansas Carroll, Bobby C., AC2, 303 ADR Wilson, Pensacola, Fla. Curry, Thomas'J., AN, OC Division, Uss Forrestal, - KCVA-591 Dawson, Wilbur W., AN, 7835 S. Champlain, Chicago 19, Ill. Dickinson, Fredrick, AC3, 1667 Robinwood Dr., Ft. Worth 11, Texas . ' . Evans, Carl R., AC1, Longrun, Missouri Groesch, Thomas J., SA, 11 East St., Clair Freeburg, Ill.. Hopkins, Gregory W., AC2, 699 Park Ave., Rochester,'N. Y.- Hostfirman, David W., AC1, RT. 1, Box 331,,Pensacola,-Fla. Johnson, Robert F., AN, RT. 4192, Istani, Minn. ' Kerr, David L., AA, 647 Clark Ave., Indiana, Pa. y Kershaw, Charles, SN, 13 Smith Ave-, Haskel, N.J. . Luedke, Robert L. , AN, 204 West Lyon, Marshall, Minn. Marth, Ronald W., AC3, 2607 A.N. 4th St., Milwaukee, Wisc. Martin, James C., AN, Box 416, Boulder, Montana Milligan, John E., AC1, Leachville, Arkansas Moze, Aloysius M., SN, 207 Gowern St., Canonsburg, Pa. Nesbit, Donald H., AN, RT. 95, Owosso, Mich. Osmer, Robin H., SA, Box 4, Taftsville, Vt. . Parks, James M. , AN, 701 North M. St. , Lake Worth, Fla. Short, Clyde E., AC3, Box 413, Davidson, N.C. Sizemore, Joe A., AA, Box 44, Kiwanee, Missouri Sorrell, Donald M., AC2, 6561 Scanlan, St. Louis 39, Mo. Stuart, Jerry G., AN, Star, N. Carolina Walley, ,Orrin K. , SA, 570 Taft Place, Gary, Indiana OE Division Moore, Walter B., ENS, 1224 Weich Lane, Norfolk 2, Va. Melonson, George C. , LT. ,fJGJ, 8029 Sullivan Blvd. , Norfolk 2, Va. ' 7 Prinner, Andrew E., ETC, 105 S. Wolfsnare Dr., London Bridge, Va. Ackers, Leroy P., SN, 110 S. Fulton Ave., Baltimore 23, Md. Beinlich, Arthur H., ET2, 2249 Front St., Easton, Pa. Bligh, Richard W., ET3, 288 Main St., Worcester, N.Y. Brewer, Zeal H., SN, R.D. 4+2, Saltsburg, Pa. Bubulka, John M., ET1, 116 York Dr., Portsmouth, Va. Burke, Robert O., ET3, 1202 Broadway Ave., Parkersburg W. Va. Campbell, Howard D., ET2, RT. 2, Tomahawk, Wisconsin Carner, Clark D. , ET3, 4619 Colonial Ave., Erie, Pa. Chuney, Henry A. , AA, 1095 University Ave., Bronx 52, N.Y Davies, Woodward M., ET3, 26 S. Thomas Ave., Kingston, Pa. Duke, Stephen M., ET2, Fprt George, Star Rt. , Box 280-A, Jacksonville, Fla. Flad, Anton Cnl, ET3, 132-56 114th St., South Ozone Park, Queens, N. Y. Griggs, William B., ET3, 820 Belgiam Ave., Baltimore, Md. . Hauf, Herbert A., ET2, 4427 N. Seeley Ave., Chicago, Ill. Holden, Howard R., ET3, 274 West St. , Berea, Ohio ! Johnson,Edward A., SN, 5402 24th St., Kenosha, Wisconsin Johnson, Robert L., ET3, 3015 14th St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio Kinnison, Larry D,, SN, 1039 14th St. , Galena Park, Texas Koch, Donald F., ET3, 114-11 207th St., Queens, N.Y. Lucarotti, David F., ET3, 518 West 19th St. , Erie, Pa. Lunn, Alvin J. Jr., ET3, 5836 Orleans Ave., New Orleans, La. Maze, Rhett B,, ET3, 1706 Commerce St., Wellsville, Ohio Mahon, Charles W., AA, 3028 S. Franklin St., Decatur, Ill. Netkowicz, Charles T., ET3, 650 East 24th St. , Erie, Pa. Norman, Larry A., ETSN, 343 5th St., N.W. Atlanta, Ga. Pollock, John B.C., ETSN, 9 E. Willow Grove, Philadelphia 18 Pa. Oliver, Fernie H. Jr., ETSN, Route 41, Box 175, Plymouth, N.C. ' Quinn, John Qnj, ET3, 51 Harvard St., Quincy, Mass. Sherck, Dennis C., SN, Sherck Mobile Homes, Clyde, Ohio Shilko, Eugene A., SN, Kaska St., Middleport, Pa. Stapleton, Orville K., ET3, Wise, Va. Tout, Sheldon A., SN, 830 North Queen St-v Lancaster, Pa- Waryas, Victor C. Jr., ET3, 18 Mildred Ave., Poughkeepsie, N.Y. Weaver, Jay E., ET3, 2355 Sycamore Rd., York, Pa. Yanik, 'Anthony S., ETSN, 1258 Eureka, 42 Windber, Pa. OI Division Jones, Edward H., CDR, 3041 Lexington Rd., Louisville, Ky. Rose, Charles J., LCDR, 720 Bayberry Lane, Norfolk, Va. Southall, Walter E., LCDR, 2021 E. Bobe St., Pensacola, Fla. Warren, Billy R. , LT, 2734 Dominion Ave. , Norfolk, Va. Brown, Walter H.,Jr. LT, 5536 Deepdale Dr., Norfolk, Va. Johnson, Robert E., LT, 4743 Riverdale Rd., Jacksonville, Fla. Smith, Stewart C., LT, 6536 Hatteras Rd., Norfolk, Va. Davis, Hartwell Jr., Chl, LTJG, 2216 Allendale Pl., Montgomery, Ala. Degange, John J. Jr., LTJG, 95 Oneco Ave., New London, Conn Bartels, Albert L. , TENS, 1524 Robertson Pl. , Bronx, N.Y. Levi-y, Edwin Jr. , Qnl, ENS, 2319 Joseph St. , New Orleans a. 4 Reed, Ross M., ENS, 443 Arrowwood Dr., Columbia, S.C. Broadwell, Ronald L. , ENS, 636 Craig Woods Dr. , Kirkwood, Missouri Hardy, Richard M., ENS, 15 Parkwood Blvd, Hudson, N.Y. Fort, Rommie T. , RDC, 4411 Emporia Ave., Norfolk, Va. Chavmpagne, Joseph F., RDC, 9513 Raintree Rd., Lynnhaven, a. . . Carter, Major L., RDC, 1821 N. Lakeland Dr. , Norfolk, Va. Abel, Bobby C., RDSN, 600 Dewey St., Greenwood, Miss. Aniunas, Joseph Knl, RD3, 116 Delmore Ave., S. Plainfield, N.J. Ashby, Robert B., RD3, PO Box 17, Wide Mouth, W. Va. Babyak, John J., RDSN, 32-32 34th St., L. Island City, N.Y. Baker, Johnnie D., RD2, 8121 Shore Drive, Norfolk, Va. Baird, Larry T., SN, 1226 Lolly, Greensboro, N.C. ' Berard, Jerry A., SA, Box 6, Upper Elm St., Cobleskill, N.Y. Berish, George L., RD3, 124 Main St., Vintondale, Penna. Berg, John E., SN, 74 Chicago Ave., Massapequa, N.Y. Berry, David A., RD3, 309 W. 51st St., N. Littlerock, Ark. Biffle, James D., RD2, 309 North B, Duncan, Okl. Bjork, Howard L., RD3, 4188 lst St., Wayne, Michigan Brisas, James A., RDSN, E. State Rd. 42, Olean, N. Y. Brown, Reece Cnj, SA, 226 S. 9th St., Fernandina, Fla. Buckner, Jack Cnj, RD3, 206 Block Ave., Lafayette, La. Bufflqsedu GSOTQG E., RD3, Route 142, Box H257, Jacksonville, a. Callahan, -Jim A. , SN, 2147 Stanton Cir. , East Point, Ga. Conway, Stephen B., RD3, 1857 Sherwood Ave., st. Paul, Minn. Creamer, Joseph L., RD3, 202 S. Mein st., Hopeoeie, Mess. Creighton, Edward L., SN, 215 Breakspear Rd., Syracuse, N.Y. Cunningham, Walter H., RDSN, Mein st., W. Alexandria, Po. Distefano, Anthony ini, RDSN, 5 Chestnut St. , Lawrence, Mass. Dougherty, John E. Jr., RDSN, 616 Winder Dr., Bristol, Penn. Drew, Kemieth E. , RD2, 104 Bishop Court, St. Marys, Ga. Eflensv Larry G., RDSA, 705 N. 8th Ave., Dillon, S.C. Flgginsv -RODS-ld E. , SN, 11320 Orchard Rd. , Hickman Hills, Missouri Fisher, Gary A., RDSN, 632 Boston St., West Lynn, Mass. Gefenda, John J., RD3, 32 Tuscarora st., Potteviue, Penna. Glass, Franklin L., RDSN, Route 1, Box 172, Dernopoue, Ala. Gibson, Carl T., RD2, 6402 Merle Ave., Norfolk, ve. 4 o fvf--'f---ff ---"-nm fh-- - f ' '- ' I . 5 V A 1- .T V V .- .V A Jug- ,Qu , , ,gf F I - A fl N Q -D, .,.-,-he QA., .?,,:..- 1 K Greenlese, JohnW., RDSN, 1325 Ogomtz, Toledo, Ohio Grlmsley, Howard A., RD2, Box 231, Cottondale, Fla. Hackl, Paul A. , SN, 12349 S. Sanganon St., Chicago, Ill. Hayes, William F. Jr., SA, 202 Lockwood Ave., Buffalo, N.Y. Heller, Jack E. , SN, 1821 Coolidge St. , Hollywood, Fla, Hicks, Robert C., SA, 118-08 231st St., Cambria Hts, N.Y. Hoffbauer, James D., RD3, Route 1, Box 9B, Republic, Mich. Kankampa, Donald B. , SA, 29 Chandler St., Maynard, Mass. Keatin Charles fnj, RD3, 528 Roff Ave. Palisades Park N. J. g Knott, .iomoo B., sA, 917 Dinny Rd., Columbia, s.c. ' Knutson, Roger A. , RDSN, Route 4143, Thomas St. , Beloit, Wisc. Komornik, James F. , RDSN, 75 West Main St. , Wappingers Falls, N.Y. Labarre, Kenneth A. , RD3, 2594 6th St. , White Bear Lake, Minn. McLaughlin, William C. , SN, 20 Westerborgh Rd. , New Haven, Conn. Mankin, Phillip G., RDSN, Route 1, Box 631, Whltevllle,N.C. McCreary, Richard E., RD1, 7928 Redmon Rd., Norfolk, Va. M-:Fadyen, Clyde E. Jr., RD3, 2815 Stockton St., Winston Salem, N.C. Meyer, Herbert W., RD1, 847 D. West 24 St., Norfolk, Va. Miller, Gary W., RD3, 110 Maple St. , Princess Ann, Md. Mitchell, Robert N., RD3, Route 1, Box 718, Dover, Delaware Mostad, Warner R.,. RD2, 824 E. Calaveras, Altedena, Calif. Newman, Robert C., SA, 344 Plummer Ave., Pittsburg, Penn. Ormond, Jack Cnj, RD3, 131 Houghton St., Worchester, Mass. Pittman, Jay P., RD3, Route 18, Kenly, N.C. Price, Oscar Jr., ful, RDSN Route 4111, Parksville, Ky. Reynolds, George E. , RD2, Cecil Ave., North East, Md. Reynolds, William R. , SA, 25 Bangor Ave., Greenwlch, N.Y. Rinehart, Warren L. , RDSN, 3121 Illinois Ave. , Norfolk, Va. Romanelli, Carmen A. , SN, 211 Elizebeth Ave., New Brunswick, N.J. . Scarlett, Edwin A., RD1, 1685 N. Oriole Dr., Norfolk, Va. Schechter, Paul P., RD3, 160 B. Donnor Ave., E. Patterson, N.J. Schneider, Frank W. , RDSN, 192 Birch St., Philadelphia, Penn. ' , , Schulte, Robert E., RD3, 4049 Newstead, St.,Louls, Missouri Seager, David A., RDSN, 665 St. E, Grand Rapids, Mich. Sherman, William L., RD3, 210 S. Tyler St., Van Wert, Ohio Solomon, Ronald L., RDSN, 1033 W. 38thSt., Norfolk, Va. Spanier, Matthew W., RD3, 1016 Washington St., Hoboken, N.J. ' , ' Stevens, Varce M. , RDSN, 11 Shangrlla Dr. , Norfolk, Va. Stites, Norman T. , RDSN, 5748 Whitman Terr. , Pennsauken, N. J. Tilley, Walter P. , RD2, 3121 Vlmy Ridge Ave. , Norfolk, Va. Thomas, Marlin U., RD3, 3979 Blohm Rd., Monroe, Mich. Tokar, Frank Cnl, SN, 147-38 17th Ave., Whitestone, N.Y. Ward, Robert E., RD2, 8141 Shore Drive, Norfolk, Va. - Weed, 'Ward L. , RD2, Center Rd., Kendall, N. Y. Weston, Dallas A., RD3, Route 8A, Box 494 AA, Richmond, V White, Ronald D., SA, 27540 Novi Rd., Novi, Mich. OP Division Hower, Floyd E. J r. , LCDR, 1316 Myrtle St. , Scranton 10, Pa. Browne, Herschel M., LCDR, Norfolk, Va. Kyle, Kay L., LCDR, 2315 Carver Ave., St. Paul 19, Minn. Bush, James S. , LT, 7860 Ivanhoe St. ,', Calif. Thomas, Henry B., ENS, 162 Mercer St., Princeton, N.J. Faulkner, Paul H., PHC, 2134 Colonial Ave., S.W. Roanoke, 2. Va. Rico, wnbur J., PHC, 5402 Apt. "B", Buffln Rd., Norfolk, V2- Ewing, Joe D., PTC, 6424 Eason Circle, Norfolk, Va. Pascoe, James L , PTC, 43 West 71st St., New York, N.Y. Seghers, Ralph F., PHC, 8036 Peach Crook Lane, Norfolk, Va. Acker, Richard W., AN, PO Box 86, Pottsvllle, P61111- Albrlght, Clement J., AN, 1809 Randall Court, Clinton, Iowa Anderson, Roy E., AA, 172 Rossler Ave., Buffalo 6, N.Y. Bachman, Fred P. , AA, 104 Overbrook Ave. , Nixon 2, N.J. Bassano, John Qnj, YN3, 7142 Amboy Rd. , Tottenvllle 7, Staten Island, N. Y. Bieleckl, Richard J., AA, 68 First Ave., Lancaster, N.Y. Bowne, Theodore H., AN, Lakewood Court, Deans, N. J. Brickey, Richard C., PHAN, Newton Falls, N.Y. n Cornett, Harold D., PH3, Rural Route 4+1, Eldon, lVlJ.SS0l11'i Day, Milford W., PH3, 1705 East First St., Albany, Oregon Davis, William B., PH3, 420 South Independence, Cusllng Oklahoma Davidson, Bill A. , AN, 1123 Beacon Hill Dr. , Irving, Texas Dolwich, Raymond F., PH1, 161 Plaza Trail, RT. 42 Lynnhaven Va Dombroskl, Joseph P. , SA, 1827 23rd Ave. , North St. Petersburg, Fla. Erllch, Richard D., AA, 7550 Overbrook Ave. , Philadelphia Erkenbrack, Tony D., AN, Route 142, Wadena, Mixmesota Feldhaus, Leroy R., SN, RR 141, Box 9, West Point, Nebraska Ferrler, Thomas T. III, PT1, 805 Brian Ave., Norfolk 2, Foskett, Harold L. Jr., YN3, 5 Mendon St., Worcester, Mass Fuller, Bllly R., DM3, 130 Neal Ave. Dayton 5, Ohio Gallagher, Gerald P. , PT1, 7241 Grays Ave., Philadelphia Gardner, Ray J., AN, 567 Gelp Ave. New Orleans 21, La. Giesen, Daniel R., SN, 711 Spring Ave., Sheboygen, Wise. Grigsby, Paul H., PH3, 1203 N. W. 4th Ave., Gainesville, Fla Handy, Roy B., AN, Star City, Indiana I Hamel, Roger F., AN, 30 Crest Ave., Lonenburg, Mass. Haptonstall, Thomas J., SN, 430 8th Ave. , Huntington, W. Hughes, Charles R., PT1, 26 Spring St., Keyser, W. Va. Hagenau, Henry P., PH3, Apt. 2B 54 Sandra Circle, Westfield Helm, Thomas S., AN, 4650 South Oak Ave. , Witchita, Kansa Kelley, Marvin P., PT2, RR 41, Doniphan, Missouri Kirby, James F., AN, 2060 E. Lehigh Ave., Philadelphia, Pa Lender, Robert J. , PT3, 4032 Garfield Ave. , South Minneapolis, Minn. Lynch, Donald L., PH3, 423 Chelsea Rd., Fairless Hills, Pa Macchia, Lorenzo M. , PHAN, 104-29 Lefferts Blvd, , Richmond Hill, N.Y. Martin, Joe D. III, AN, 1935 Ingleside Dr., Baton Rouge, La Martin, Thomas A., PH2, 1608 Auble Rd., Muskegon, Mich McDaniel, Robert L., SN, RR 4146, Box 399, Terre Haute, Ind McDole, Barry J., YN3, Route 23, Box 433, Hamburg, N.J. McMullen, John H., SN, 1712 Middletown Rd., McKee's Rock O'Rottrke, James I., PT2, 8921 fAJ Chesepeake Blvd. , Norfolk, Perrenoud, James A. , PH1, ' 2720 E Leland Dr. , Norfolk 6, V Rietesel, Gerald R., AN, 825 South Park Dr., Chesterton, Ind Sammons, Billy V., SN, 2313 Adams Ave., E. Omaha, Neb. . Shourds, Raymond tnj, PTAN, 3513 West Ave. , Ocean City, ' Smith, David W., AN, 1345 Lynn St., Erie, Pa. Stieren, Kermeth F.,. SN, RR itl, Box 82, West Point, Neb. Tack, Donald W., SN, 187 Rumbold Ave., N. Tonawanda Walther, Paul .E., YN1, 4155 Hemphill St., Fort Worth, Texas Waterhouse, William L. , AN, 9521 Shepard Rd. North Field Ohio Wilson, John G., PH3, 2914 Arizona Ave. , Dallas, Texas Woodroffe, Phillip D. , PHAN, Box 4, State Home for Boys Jamesburg, N. J. ' A Czamlet, Henry J. Jr., FA, 206 Austin Ave., Glendora, N.J Gurnarl, Peter M., PHANQDVJ, 3671 Oxford St., Napa, Calif ' ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT Officers Schumaker, Richard F. , CDR, 1214 So. Jackson Ave. , Tacoma Wash. Caldwell, Warren L. , LCDR, 4427 Walsh St. , Chevy Chase-15 Holt, from J., LT, 129 s. Marlon sr., Covington, vo. McGlnty, Thomas J., LT, 15210 Edgecliff Dr., Cleveland 11 Ohio MacEwen, Richard A., LTJG, 4825 Montgomery Lane, Bethesda 14 Md. Fisher, Lawrence F., ENS, 4823 Columbia Ave., Hammond, Il . "A" Division Fritz, Charles J., LTfjgJ, Box 295, Lansing, Iowa Kershaw, John W., ENS, 7 Surrey Rd., Barrington, R.I. Pratt, Clinton E., MRC, 2428 Spruce St., Norfolk, Va. 335 , 3 D , . ! Pa. Va. 2 7 Pa. ? Va. 7 D N J Markley, Thomas L. , PH2, 217 South Roy Ave., Northlake, Ill. 7 Pa Va 21. N J , N.Y. 7 3 ! 7 7 Md 7 ? I d , , W. 1 . ff .-l1- -f 1' Y i -fr i n -. -f '-f ' ' ' F' H' ' - Q... .. .-...A f -- - - "' ,, V. -.-....-... --4-----4--W - ' ' 'A"""'- ' T """" Sandberg, Robert L., MMC, 623 George St., Hagerstown, Md. Vaughan, John P., MMC, 2511 Dunway St., Norfolk, Va. Arndt, Robert J., MM3, Route 4111, Broken Bow, Neb. Ausen, Donald M., FN, 249 W. 6th St., St. Paul, Mlrm., Apt. 202 Ayotte, Robert J., MM3, 90 Auburn Ave., Rochester, N.Y. Bailey, James V., FN, Route 4143, LaGrange, Ga. Banghart, Larue E., MM3, 129 Carpenter St., Muncy, Penn. Barnes, Charles J., MM3, Box 31, Ferguson, Ky. Barnholtz, Henry J., FA, Box 303 RR alfl, Hamlet, Indiana Bedford, Joe W., EN3, 1180 Alamo St., Austin, Texas Biffle, Griffith E., SFP3, 3643 S. 29th W. Ave. , Tulsa, Oklahoma Bissonnette, Eward J., FA, 174 River St., Moosup, Conn. Brafford, Kenneth R., FN, 517 E. Gordon St., Kinston, N.C. Brickey, James N., SN, South Portsmouth, Ky. Broadbent, George J. , MR3, 1518 Pemboke St. , Bridgeport, Conn. Brocki, Gerald A., FN, 224 Seventh St., Manistee, Mich. Browder, Willie M., FA, 136 N.E. 4th St. , Belle Glade, Fla. Brown, Albert R., EN3, 316 W. Blue Ridge St. , Pendleton, S.C. Brown, Raymond B., MM3, 517 E. Liberty, Pensacola, Fla. Carmon, Lawerence M., FA, 3361 N. 60th St., Kansas City, Kansas Cappello, Anthony J., MM3, 5623 W. Henrietta Rd., West Henrietta, N.Y. Caterina, Richard G., MM3, 1114 Fairfield Ave., Niagara Falls, N.Y. Caulder, William E. , MM1, 1830 Meadow Lake Dr., Norfolk, Va.. Cherry, Gerald E., FN, 835 Charles Ave., St. Paul, Minn. Chisholm, Alfred G., MR3, 32365 N. River Rd., Mt. Clemens, Mich. Clair, George F., FN, Isonville, Kentucky Colucci, Paul Cnj, MM3, 11 Omaha Dr., Cranford, N.J. Cooper, Michael T., FA, 2414 Elkhorn Ave., Louisville, Kentucky Cornell, Gerald F., lVIR3, 310 Park Ave. , N. W. Faribault, Mirm. Cotkin, Allan fnj, FN, 14038 Superior Rd., Cleveland, Ohio Couillard, Eugene B.M.A., MM2, Apt. 116A, Baker St., Norfolk, Va. I Croft, George C., FA, 1328 Wingfield St., Augusta, Ga. Curran, Clarence M., FN, 4947 Lisette Ave., St. Louis, Mo. Cust, William H. , MM3, 67 Carroll St. , Oldtown, Maine Dabney, Richard L., MR3, 437-1X2 N. 7th, Quincy, Ill. Dougherty, Thomas E. , FN, 972 Newell St. , Painesville, Ohio Duke, Russel L., FN, 31305 Marquette, Garden City, Mich. Eaves, James R., FA, 207 Branham Ave. , Rome, Georgia Eckels, Ronald D., MR3, 321 Gfii Ave., Ness City, Kansas Embretson, Joseph B., MM2, 1 10 W. Oceanview Ave., Norfolk, Va. Erb, John H., FA, RD. 441, Gloversville, N.Y. Fannin, Ray D., FN, Route 1, Box 253, Catlettsburg, Ky. Fassett, Gregory D., MM3, RD. 4+1, Phelps St., Gloversville, N.Y. Fatzinger, Russell G., FN, 4218 Cardwell Ave., Balto, Md. Fawley, Howard E., MM1, 27 Alabama Ave., Portsmouth, Va. Faxon, Robert G., FA, 5158 N. Elston, Chicago, Ill. Ferrell, James A. , MR2, 1728 Lochearn Rd. , Memphis, Tennessee b 8 Fitzgerald, Jessie J., FN, 580 Inez St., Natchez, Miss. Fleschner, Richard E., FA, 7804 Main St., Birch Run, Mich. Frank, Royce G., FN, Box 201J, San Antiono, Texas Furhman, Earl W., EN2, Annville Rd. 1, Annville, Penn. Giddens, David E., FN, Route 2, Millwood, Georgia Glass, Kenneth M. , MM1, 123 A. Ingram St. , Benmorrell, Norfolk, Va. Greco, Raymond G., FA, Box 122, Wayyingers Falls, N.Y. Grello, Angelo P., FN, 303 Alabama Rd., Norfolk, Va. Hairston, Henry V., FN, 1510 Elliote Ave., Columbus, Ohio Hallett, Harry E., FA, 723 Hustedt St., Seymour, Indiana Hamilton, William G. , MM3, 109-1X2 Aaron Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. Hannum, Charles D., MM3, Mt. Alto, West Virginia Hardenburgh, 'Michael L. , MM1, Route 42, Twin Lake, Lakewood, Mich. Hardenburgh, Thomas F. , FN, Route 4+2, Twin Lake, Lakewood, Mich. Haught, Martin J., FA, Route 491, Sanford, Mlch. Hawke, Anthony M. , FN, 4309 Westport Dr., Madison, 'Wisc Hedges, Cecil D. , FA, 150 Allnutt Dr., Frankfort, Kentucky Herbert, Richard J. , MM3, 17 2-X Shayler Rd. , Cincinnatti, Ohio Hicks, Ralph R., FN, 252 N. 7th, Laramie, Wyoming Hofmann, Roy A., MM1, RR. 446, Paris, Ill. Holland, David M., EN2, Route 1, Box 206 A, Maitland, Fla. Hooper, Stephen F. , EN3, Under Pass Rd. , Brewster, Mass. Hollis, James W., FA, RR. 4191, Chapin, S.C- Houston, James D., MM1, 1703 Hancock Ave., Norfolk, Va.. Hupp, George Cnl, MR3, 4:47 Adams Ave., Mount Ephraim, N. J. Inks, Edgar R. Jr., MM2, 1424 River Oaks Dr., Norfolk, Va. Jones, Alvin C., MM3, Box 48, South Heights, Pa. Jones, Daniel O., FN, 1131 K. St., Crescent City, Calif. Johnson, Eugene P., MM3, Box 72, Florence, Minn. Keeton, Larry D., FN, 306 E. 19th St., N. Newton, Iowa Kenworthy, George C., FN, 220 E. Elm St., Conshohocken, Pa. Kocher, Gary A., FN", RD. 42, Lincoln Way, W. Massellon, Ohio Kohr, Gordon W., EN3, Mounteo Route, Enola, Pa. Krettzberg, Larry Cnj, MM3, 184 W. M. St., Coqville, Oregon Learn, Donald C., MM3, RD+t1, Warrington, Columbia, N. J. Lemelin, Robert E., FN, 278 Jefferson Ave. Salem, Mass. Lockhart, Richard W., FN, 7 Garfield Ave., Danvers, Mass. May, William K. Jr., FN, 311 Jefferson St., Sanford, N.C. Merten, Terry D., MM3, 1214 Elberta, Houston, Texas Michalec, Tim X., MM3, 626 Merton Ave., Akron, Ohio Migues, Alton J., MM3, 124 Pine St., Biloxi, Miss. Moro, Robert L., FA, 27520 Larchment St., Clair Shore, Mich. Morris, Robert, EN3, 5819 Moores Ron St., Baltimore, Md. Morrow, Benedict Qnj, FN, Box Y-87, Huron, Ohio Mulvey, Daniel M., FN, RFD. ffl, Turle Point, Pa. Murphy, John A., MM3, 268-45 St., Brooklyn, N.Y. Murphy, Thomas F., FN, 93 Linder St., Winchender, Mass. Nero, John S., FA, 2903 Tampa Ave., Cleveland, Ohio Owens, Charles W. , MM1, 1406 E. Berkley Ave. , South Norfolk, Va. Pattee, Clifton E., FA, 27225 S.W. 166 Ave., Homestend, Fla. Pederson, Maymard H., MR3, 1915 J. St., Bellingham, Wash. Peper, John H., MM3, 2025 Newbold Ave., Bronx, N.Y. Perkins, James F., MM3, 422 King St., Portsmouth, Va. Primett, Edgar H., FA, RD. 4193, Box 46, Schermerhorn Rd., Schenectady, N.Y. Prody, Herbert L., FA, RD. 4152, Titusville, Pa. Ramirez, Francisco R., YN2, 811 Please Lane, West Islip, Long Island, N.Y. Randolph, James E., MM3, 152 Berard Rd., Jacksonville, Fla. Resbig, George L., FN, 219 E. Third St., Hermann, Mo. Rice, Ronald D., MM2, 11 S. Harper Ave., Evansville, Ind. Rinaldi, Robert C. , FN, 258 Mayock St., Wilkes Barre, Pa. Roberson, David C., 1VlR3, RR. 42, Hesperia, Mich. Robinson, Andrew A., EN1, P.O. Box 204, Tyrone, Pa. Rogers, James W., FN, Box 521, Alpine, Arizona Schlott, David L. , FN, 1126 Parkside Dr. , Wilmington, Dela. Schultz, Jolm L., MM3, RR. 4142, Peauot Lakes, Minn. Simoneau, Donald R., MM1, 6659 Vabeach Blvd., Norfolk, Va. Simons, Ronald E., MR2, 8070 Holton Rd., Holton, Mich. Slayton, Rodger R., BT2, 1034 Walker St., Jackson, Mich. Sorvelli, William L., MM3, 14 S. South St. , Warren, Pa. Souders, Robert L., MM3, 122 S. 6th St., Fowler, Calif. Stahle, Richard L. , MM3, 493 N. Ampton St., Buffalo, N.Y. Stankey, Michael A., YN3, 5134 18th Ave., Kenosna, Wisc. Stiles, Richard D., FN, 27 Cornwall St., Highlands, N.J. Suderman, Gilbert W., MR3, Route 1, Marion, Kansas Taucher, John, FA, 3319 Highview Ave., Cleveland, Ohio Terry, Jack K. Jr., FA, 101 Cummings, Laurens, S.C. Timan, Timothy J., FA, Point Driftwood, Danbury, Conn. Torok, James E., EN3, 60 E. Moreland Dr., Hampton, Va. TOWHSGHG, William c. Jr., FN, 821 E. Mulbery st., Lancaster, Ohio Underwood, Robert L., FN, 193 Mill St. , Winghendon, Mass. - -aw.. ,.:-.v..f-f'-vr:fsy'f1r-'-"-- ' 'rr ' ' - s -Q , , , J --f , .j,:',..: . x , iq, b W- 1-':,'-,Zh ,. -7- . 1 - ar:-+9!'.-r,f.L,L ,lfjif ' " N' LI, S241 lf, -,f,1.g3-- --.1 ,L -."'I-gf..- .-s..'i.f,L'5:f 9 3-'.r'5l L Vanderlinde, William E. , FN, 13307 Bellaire Rd. , Cleveland Ohio Veenstra, David R., MM3, 17855 School St., Lansing Ill, vvmte, com-ad fm, FN, 508-1f2 Kanawha Blvd., E, ' Charleston,W. Va. whnehni, Harvey G., MM2, 620 3rd st., Portsmouth, va, Wilbekin, Suend E. , FN, 2024 Little Ave. , Charleston Hgt. , S.C. Williams, Thomas G. , MM1, 1436 Winder Dr. , Norfolk, Va. Wind, Charles E., FA, Red Lake, Minn. Winter, Larry S., FA, Jackson, Minn. Wixson, Dale D. Jr., FN, 618 Joan Ave., Peoria, Ill, Woodall, Thomas C. Jr. , MM2, 1224 Ocean Park Blvd. , Santa Monica, Calif. Wood, Charlie E. Jr. , EN1, 504 Fox Ave., Lexington, N.C. Woods, 'William R. , FN, 190 East St. , Wadsworth, Ohio Zegler, Henery W. , FN, 1998 Allard Dr. , Clearwater, Fla. "B" Division McMichael, James G., LTJG, 208 Vine St., Biloxi, Miss. Soule, Lee C., ENS, 89 DeBaun Ave., Ramsey, N.J, Nolan, John T., ENS, 11 Upland Rd., New Rochelle, N.Y. Paine, William C., BRCM, 86 Ensign St., E. Hartford, Conn. Smith, Benjamin M. , BTCS, 323 Merrymount Dr., Orlando, Fla. Fizer, Earl fnj, BTC, 1100 S. Military Hwy., Norfolk 6, Va. Hunter, Joseph H., BTC, 827 Brooks Lane, Glen Arm, Md. Sallee, Harley L., BTC, USS Forrestal QCVA-591, cfo F.P.O., New York, N.Y. Engebretsen, Eugene E., BTC, 7901 Hampton Blvd., Norfolk 5, Va. Davis, Elmer H. Jr., BTC, 24R Boston Rd., Andover, Mass Williamson, James A., BTC, PO Box 494, Biscoe, N.C. Barnes, George L., BTCA, 131 W. St., New York City, N.Y Alvarez, Delfin, BT1, 863 Southern Blvd., Bronx 59, N.Y. Alverio, Joseph A., FA, 525 E. 149 St., Bronx, New York Athey, FN, RT. 2, Box 135, Cumberland, Md. Baldwin, John T., BT3, 5410 Hamilton St., Hyattsville, Md. Balk, James M., FA, 3301 Monrona Det. Bch., Monroe, Mich. Balser, James T., FA, 24 Garden St., Seymore, Conn.. Bauek, Darwin R. , FA, 4109 Independence Ave. , Kansas City, Mo. Belkowski, Louis S., FA, MTD RT. 16, Beaver Falls, Pa. Beu, Bertram J., FA, 28 Lawton Rd., Norristown, Penna. Bombace, Lawrence, FN, 2351 Tieman Ave., Bronx 69, New York, N.Y. Bonnet, Harold O. , BT3, PO Box 62, Leander, Texas Bovee, Edward F., FA, 23 Fayette St., Camden, N.Y. Bowman, 'William H. , BT1, 4236 Bemning Rd. , NE Washington, D.C. Boye, Charles P., BT2, 316 Evergreen Ave., Somerdale, N.J. Brammer, William J., BT2, PO Box 12, Peck's Mill, W. Va. Braun, Marcel A.D. , FA, 3416 Stathem Ave. , Cincinatti, Ohio Brown, Frank M. , BT2, 9807 Merwood Lane, Silver Springs, Md. Burt, Creed S., BT1, 1324 Picadilly St., Norfolk, Va. Caldwell, David J., FN, RFD 1, Pennville, Indiana Caswell, Bent H., FN, RR 5, Box 328A, Bloomington, Ind. Cavanaugh, M.J. III, FA, 469 Caroline Dr., Harahan, La. Chacon, Larry R., FN, 312 Ninth St., Alamosa, Colorado Chausse, Donald R., FA, Concord Rd., S. Lincoln, Mass. Covert, Robert L., BT3, 54 Cottage St., Groton, Conn. Craig, Carrol R., BT1, RT. 3, Vale, N.C. Crawley, Robert L., BT2, RT. 1, Nero, N.C. Crotwell, Bobby F., BT2, 132 Barber Ave., Jackson, Miss. Curtis, Phillip L., BT3, 17350 Oak Field, Detriot 35, Mich. Dangelo, Joseph A., FN, Box 84, Summitville, Ohio Daugherty, Tommy J., FN, Gen. Del., Lookeba, Okla. Deeg, Richard E., BT2, 29 Canton St., Stoughton, Mass. Delany, Kenneth H., FA, 717 S. Jackson St., Springfield, Ill. DeYoung, William J., FR, 214 S. Electric, Allambra, Calif. Dipietro, Ulysses, BT1, 35 Collidge Ave., Amityville, N.Y. Dove, James E., BT2, RT. 3, Box 408, Kingston, N.C. Edmister, Roy E., FN, 818 Lima Ave. , FindlaY, 01110 Esignosa, Richard, FN, 7019 Holmes Ave., L0SA11se1S, alif. Farnsworth, William F., FA, 4725 W. Curtice, RT. 3 Mason, Mich Felger, Richard C., BT3, 428 Schiller St. , Buffalo 12 N.Y Fisgler, Norman L. , BT3, 3752 Mead Ave. , Cincinnati 27 io Finley, James S., FA, 6609 Preston Hiway, Louisville Flammia, Thomas W., FA, 3024 Grayland Ave. , Richmond, Fleming, Overton M. , FN, 1510 Effingham St. , Portsmouth, Flores, Dale R., FN, 612 E. 10th St., Northampton, Pa Floyd, Lynn D., FA, 59 N. Main St., Manheim, Perma Fowler, Gary W., FN, 415 Pasadena Dr., McKeesport Frazier, Milton W., FN, 1006-A 13th St., SE., Washington Gardner, David P. , BT3, 3211 Oak Hill Dr. , Greensboro Gelden, Louis L., FA, RT. 1, Elmore, Ohio Giordano, Francis B., FA, 272 Claremont Ave., Mt. Vernon, Green, Clifford H. Jr., BT3, RT. 2, Box 98 Borton Guggino, John, BT3, 27 Greendale Lane, Levittown, Long Island Gullickson, Bruce A., FA, 829 2nd St., Neenasha, Wisconsin Haberly, Edward W., FN, DET 1, Woodbridge, Va Hackman, Alvin E., FA, 226 N. 9th St., Decatur, Ind Hahn, Robert H., FN, 139 Highland Ave., Pasoaic, N.J Herrin, Owen K. Jr., BT2, RR 2, Nahunta, Georgia Hershberger, James H., FN, RD 1, Beallsville, Ohio Hertzberg, Donald H., FN, RT. 1, Box 288, Omro, Wisc Holland, Archie E., BT2, Box 204, Maitland, Fla Halland, Kenneth M., FN, 1901 5th Ave., McKeesport, Pa Holderried, Richard R., FA, 617 Drake Ave., Roselle, N.J Horst, John L., BT2, 1885 South Ave., Niagara Falls Houchin, Gordon W. , BT2, 311 W. Morton St. , Oakland City, Howard, Doyle D., BT3, RT. 1, Crawford, Tenn Hutton, Franklin G. , FA, 177 Abbey St. , Massapequa Park Jerdon, James W., FN, 424 S. Cedar Lane, Upper Darbey, Jobe, Henry T., FN, RT. 3, Louisa, Ky. Jones, Evan B., BT3, Sedar Lake Rd., Sanquoit, N.Y. Jones, Leonard P., FA, 2708 South Ave., Marion, Ind. Karhu Charles 0. BT3, 436 Mill St., Conneaut, Ohio Kanonik, Michael A., FA, 332 E. 13th Ave., Homestead, Penna. Kereczman Charles, BT3, 1507 Englewood St., Bethleham Penna. Keys, Charles J., YN3, 300 Friendship St., Phila. 11, Penna. Kimbler, Taylor D., BT2, Credo, W. Va. Kipp, Richard, BT1, 719 Wood St., Phila. Penna. Kirchner, Charles H., FN, 4991 N. 2nd St., Phila, Penna. Kriner, Dale L., FA, RD 4+5, Wellsboro, Pa. Kuczmynda, Thomas A., FN, 2020 Drake Rd., Brockport Lapola, Dominick J., FN, 394 Lincoln Ave., Newark, N.J. Lasure Herman A., FN, RT. 2, Shimiston, Va. Lawler William K., FA, RT. 1, Lumberton, Miss. Lawson, James W., BT3, C-4, Box 990, Pikeville, Ky. Lehtonen, Henry E., FA, RID 2, Central Square, N.Y. Leonard, James B., FA, 2708 S. Adams St., Marion, Ind. Leonard, Thomas D., FR, 207 S. Clinton Ave., Lindenhurst, Long Island, N.Y. Magley, Gary L., FA, Box 1883, Bisbee, Arizona Mangraracina, John J., BT3, 4924 Mandeville St. , New Orleans, La. Manning, Edward M. , BT1, 25 Savin Hill Ave. , Boston 25, Mass. Marble, John W., FN, RT 1, Box 151, Elliot, Maine Martin, Nelson H., FN, RD 2, Titusville, Pa. Maxfield, Richard W., FA, 17 Gibbs Dr., Chalmette, La. Mayes, Franklin D.R., BT3, RT 1, Box 148, Albertville, Ala. McKnight, Thomas R. , BT3, 912 Coleman St. , Bossier City, La. Meyer, Leland E., BT3, 606 S. Wenona Ave., Bay City, Mich. Mierzijewski, Louis F., FA, 79 Gilbert Rd., Meriden, Conn. Minton, Larry J., BT3, RT 2, Box 148B, Oxford, Ala. Moore, John D., FA, Box 8, Cabin Creek, W. Va. Moore, William R. , BT2, 251 Himes St. , SE Grand Rapids, Mich. 4 Tfsf ' 'YS-' I 5 s Q. Ml V 3 L 'av jf v i -t 4 . 1 r 'I' Q 4, lu 1 A . U Tglvrt ag x My I-. at-l K5 is N l VI , ,-1 2 - . ! , Ky. I Va. Va. V , Pa. , , i D. C. I N. C. F31 N. Y. Y , , Ind. , N.Y. Ind. 7 N. Y. Pa 7 7 1 7 ! I , v N Y 3 7 lu -li. Y, L L1 V- .fe-W, , ,,Q ., . .v .-u-- -f . Y M ,- W .. f A " ' A " 'A'- L . ..,.x,-,,,, .....,,.i..f A---.-A .Y --,,L.-.....,.... A----M--0 - 4 ------'fd 'r A' H' is .5 Mullins , Booker H., FA, RD 1, Lemont Furnace, Penna. Mumley, 'William E. , BT1, 1030 Woodside Ave. , Upland, Pa. Neil, Herman M., FN, 202 Algonquin St., Battle Creek, Mich. Nell, Robert M. , BT3, 104 Roosevelt St. , American Fork, Utah Nostrant, Gary E., FA, RT 1, East Lansing, Mich. Oliver, Malcolm S., FN, Damariscotta Mills, Maine Peede, Lawrence M., FN, 108 NE St., Kingston, N.C. Peterson, John T. , FN, 3808 Princess Anne Rd. , Norfolk, Va. Pieczynski, Henry, BT3, 514 Elk St., Buffalo, N.Y. Pierce, Kenneth D., FN, 10 Coyle Ave., Rumford 16, R.I. Piotrowski, James F., BT2, Columbus, Montana Privott, Carlton R., FA, RT. 1 Box 179, Edenton, N.C. Pures, Edward J., FN, Irvington, New Jersey Quates, Joe V., BT3, RT. 1, Box 41, N. Sheridan Rd., Wankegon, Ill. Raines, Robert L., BT2, 937-1f2 Isleta Blvd., Albuquerque, N. M. Rapier, Franklin E., BT2, Box 65, New Haven, Ky. Reid, Fred H., FN, 614 Bohler Ave., Augusta, Ga. Rehborg, Dennis A., FA, 301 Roseellea Dr. , Crown Point, Pa. Rich, Melvin P., BT3, RT. 1, Trenton, N.C. Rinaldi, Fred L., FA, 254 Frost Rd., Waterbury, Conn. Robbins, David E., FA, RR 2, S. Charleston, Ohio Robertson, James A., FN, 1842 Washington St., S. Walpole, Mass. Rowan, John F. , BT3, 807 Summerville Ave., Lansing, Mich. Russell, James E., BT2, RT. 1, Dover, N.C. Seal, Clark M. Jr., BT3, 2833 4th St., Trenton, Mich. Sederstrom, Jerry L., FN, 22107 Meler, Torrance, Calif. Setko, John T., BT3, Box 178, Oliver, Penna. Severino, Francis J., BT2, 112 50th St., North Bergen, N. J. Seymore, Herbert P., BT1, RT. 2, Clinton, S.C. Shelton, John'W., FN, 5046 Kenmoore Dr., Concord, Calif. Shinn, Patrick, E., FA, RT. 1, Middlebournes, W. Va. Simpson, Barry 'W., FA, 43 Paugus St., Lakeport, N.H. Sine, Stanley M., FN, Olbeth Rd., Perkasie, Pa. Smith, Tommy J., FN, RR 3, Vandalia, Ill. 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Wellington, Henry G., BT3, Chapman Rd., Keene, N.H. Wheeler, Charles E., BT2, 502 N. Unfon St., St. Louis, Mich. Wilcox, Douglas, M., FA, 212 W. 25thxSt., Sioux City, Iowa Wissinger, Harold, BT3, RD 1, Penn Run, Penna. Witman, David L. , FN, 129 Wild Wood Ave. , East Landsdowne, Pa. Wright, Thomas A., BT2, Lovingston, Va. Wood, David L. , FA, 2000 E. Market St. , Charlottesville, Va. "E" Division McGinty, Thomas J., LT, 15210 Edgecliff Dr. , Cleveland 11, Ohio Dowell, George W. III, ENS, 2864 Revere St., Jackson, Miss. Drobney, James G., ENS, R.R. 4t1, Box 97, Gillespie, Ill. Leech, Max L. , CWO, 8219 Gygax Rd. , Norfolk 5, Va. Elfstrom, Robert C. , EMC, 1307 Algona Dr. , South Norfolk 6, Va. McDonald, William E., ICC, 31-16 46th St. , Astoria, Long Island, N.Y. Mayer, Lawrence F., EMC, 45 Martin St., West Roxbury, Mass. Lonegan, James M., EMCA, 27 Resivior Ave. , Jersey City, N. J. 338 Galkiewicz, Richard fnl, EMCA, Troy Rd., East Greenbush, N. Y. Kellogg, Joseph H., EMCA, 45 Yates St., Troy, N. Y. Aase, Clifford A., ICFN, Route 142, Lake Andes, S.D. Adkins, Paul F.,, FN, Bennett Rd., RT. 4195, Salisbury, Md. Alford, Peter F., IC3, Box 358, Southampton, Long Island, N. Y. Allen, Clell E., EMFN, R.D. Box 247, Long Beach, Miss. Avis, Richard L. , FN, 2020 East Kimberly Rd., D21V6npOI"f, Iowa Ballard, John C., EM3, Route 4192, Barbourville, Ky. Barnett, Claude G., ICFN, cfo Maple Grove, Carlshend, Mich. Barry, Edward A. Jr. , FN, 212 West 10th St. , Mishawaka, Ind. Bartels, George J., FN, 2909 Washington, Franklin Park, Ill. Bjerk, Jack W., IC3, 3406 First Ave.,S. Minneapolis, Minn. Blomberg, William C., FN, Route 4192, Box 349, Ellensburg, Washington Boatman, James F., EM3, 717 Second St. , Williamsport, Penna. Bockus, Ronald L., FN, 728-1X2 Hopkin St., Elmira, N. Y. Bogdanski, Robert P. , EM3, 12614 Harris Ave. , Compton, Calif. Boman, Thaddius G., EMFN, Route 4191, Box 42, Sulligent, Ala. Bonner, Robert D., IC3, Route 1193, Nauvoo, Alabama Brooks, Edgar C., IC3, 713 Marshall St., Mount Airy, N.C. Brown, Little B., EM1, 729 Rockwood, Dallas, Texas Buck, Sidney L., ICFN, R.D. 4142, Denver, Penna. Burke, Robert E., ICFN, 316 George St., Excelsior, lVIinn. Burns, Eugene P., FN, 14 Thayer St., New York 40, N. Y. Burwood, Roger A., EM3, P.O. Box 253, Oakland, Maine Cairelli, Franklin L., FA, 1145 East 25th Ave., Columbus 11, Ohio Calderone, Joe R., FN, 1109 White Horse Pike, Egg Harbor, N. J. Cassens, Nlichael D. , EMFN, 25 Summer St. , Battle Creek, Mich. Cox, Roy S., FN, 3507 Queen Ann Pt., Peoria, Illinois Cure, Robert E., EM3, 817 Essex Ave., Linden, N.J. Davis, Jerry N. , FA, 876 South 10th St. , Noblesville, Ind. Denney, Dennis R., EM3, 9530 Indiana St., Jacksonville, Fla. Dibesco, Anthony T., IC3, 47 James St., Tonawanda, N.Y. Diebel, Allan A. , IC2, 249 Johnson Ave. , Sauville, L. I. , N. Y. Dilley, Richard K., EMFN, 1626 N.E. Morgan, Portland, Oregon. Dixon, Daniel P., ICFN, 21 Dixon St. , Woodmont, Milford, Conn. Donaghy, Harold A. , EM2, 16 Utica St. , Poquonack Bridge, Conn. Duncan, James L., EM3, 2136 4th Ave., Huntington, W. Va. Emerson, Robert J. , IC3, 30030 West 8 Mile Rd. , Farmington Mich. Elm, Roger A., EMFN, 1600 Circle Dr. , Lincoln, Nebraska Eppley, Ronald W., ICFN, 2286 Church Rd., York, Penna. Evans, Warren J., EM3, Route 143, Box 384, Chesterfield, S.C. Eyre, Robert E., EMFN, 546 Lincoln Ave., Chillicothe, Ohio Fegley, Ronald L., EM3, P.O. Box 353, Ash Fork, Arizona Ferguson, Elden E., EM3, Route 141, Twisp, Washington Figarra, Joe A. , FA, 722 East Second St. , South Boston 27, Mass. Fiscus, Clayton R., EMFN, Newell, South Dakota Flasinski, Joseph T., ICFN, 71 Kalish Ave., Thompsonville, Conn. Ford, Richard M., ICFN, 217 Montgomery Rd., Norristoum, Pemma. Foster, Raymond J. , EMFN, 5815 E. Avon Lima Rd., Avon, N. Y. Frymyer, Arthur G., EM3, 205 Grove St., Lynchburg, Va. Funke, Gary L., EM3, 113 East 4th St., Washington, Kansas Furst, Joe A., FN, Route 1143, Unionville, Mich. Gambrell, Jimmy D., FN, Route 141, Soso, Mississippi Garza, Israel D., ICFN, 946 4th St., Mercedes, Texas Giesecke, Albert C., EM3, RD 112, Edon Valley, Penna. Gilstrap, Jerry G., EM3, Route 14191, Box 86, Marysville, Calif Glosenger, Donald F., EM3, 8 Maple Rd., Iselin, N.J. Goddard, Larry P., ICFN, 980 South Wolff, Denver, Colo. ' rs "" - . .1?fi'f.':ne2?ff. 1-egg J. 'Ji!f1Q'?A,:.' .-f..,1'. ."E?Ylia5I ' Gold, Robert E., ICFN, 228 North Hills Ave., North Hills, Penna. Gracey, James D., EM3, Box 162, Crosby, Texas, Griffey, Dennis C., EM3, River Falls, Wisconsin Griffith, John C., FA, 7050 Frankford Ave., Philadelphia, Penna. Hackle, Carlton R., FN, 103 Acosta St., Blackshear, Ga. Hanger, Stanley E., EM3, Onalaska, Washington Hardiman, Richard L., EM2, 2626 16th St., Bakersfield, Calif. Hayman, Richard E., EMFN, 1937 Meadow Rd., Walnut Creek, Calif. Helm, 'Wayne D., EM3, 1833 South Second Ave. , Arcadia, Calif. Hess, John G., EM2, Salt St., Saltsburg, Penna. Hines, Royce P., EM2, Hughes Springs, Texas Hofmann, Eric G. , ICFN, 140 Church Drive, Mastic Beach,N. Y Holton, Joe R. , IC2, 1304 Bowie Dr., Lamarque, Texas Hovis, Charles W. , EM2, 437 Walnut St. , Riedmont, Missouri Hunsucker, Rogell E. , EM2, 412 Watts St. , Albemarle, N.C. Hutt, Henry J., EM3, 83 Stoughton Ave., Massena, N.Y. Hursey, Charles E., IC3, 204 North Coffee St. , Douglas, Ga. Hunt, Francis C., EMFN, Star Route, Tellico, Tenn. Jankosky, Joseph R. , EM3, 1 Pine St., Natrona, Penna. Johnson, Gilbert L., EM3, Route 42, Box 62, Cornelius, Oregon Johnson, W.A., EM2, Route 42, Horton, Alabama Jones, 'William J. , ICFN, 107 West 21st St. , Huntington Station, N.Y. Keels, Bobby W., EM3, 9537 North Tioga, Portland 3, Ore. Kelly, Andrew L. , EM3, 611 Abe St. , Joliet, Ill. Kepner, Paul H. II, FN, 101 Stevenson St., Sayre, Penna. Kiernan, James F., FN, 9125 91st St. , Woodhaven 21, N.Y. Kovarik, Thomas A. , FN, 5131 East 113th St. , Cleveland 25, Ohio Kowatch, Julius S., EMFN, Route 4+1, Box 8, Starke, Fla. Krump, Michael L. Jr., EMFN, RR 441, Spring Hill, Kansas Langan, Robert W. , EM3, 3215 Glenmore Ave. , Cincinnati 11, Ohio Loader, Larry W. , EMFN, 120 Chestnut St. , Newcomerstovm, Ohio Lockerman, Waitus J. Jr. , EMFN, 6002 Burgoyne, Houston, Texas Luomala, Roy A. , FA, 101 Everton Rd. , Toronto Ontario, Canada Lynch, Thomas R., FN, 185 Clinton Ave., W. Bergenfield, N. J. Madigan, Francis J. , EMP3, 1500 West Ocean View, ' Norfolk, Va. Markey, Daniel L. , ICFN, 9055 Belfast St. , New Orleans, La. Martinek, Roy G. , EM3, 14 Roosevelt St. , Little Ferry, N.J. Mattila, Charles W., EM2, RR 4+1, Box 200 Republic, Mich. McCall, John W., EMFN, Box 4, Lovington, New Mexico McClelland, Lynn L., EM3, PO Box 242, Mendon, Ill. McDonnell, Patrick A., FN, 456 53rd St., Brooklyn, N.Y. McKinney, James B., EM1, Route 4192, Box 506, Clearwater, Fla. . Mileo, Anthony J., FN, 4820 Sargent Rd., N.E. Washington, D.C. Miller, George R. , FN, 2438 North Garnet St. , Philadelphia 32, Penna. Miller, Kenneth W., EMFN, 164 Allen Ave., Yosilanti, Mich. Moody, Ernest H., FN, Route 4:92, Box 307, Douglasville, Ga. Moody, Robert L., EM2, Route 42, Box 307, Douglasville, Ga. - Morrison, Gene A., IC3, 3971 Evelyn Rd., Ogden, Utah Morrissey, Philip E., FN, 4 Chestnut St., Yonkers, N.Y. Motes, Richard W., FN, Route 43, Steele, Missouri Muniz, Ernest fnl, IC3, Box 298, Sugar City, Colorado Nemoseck, Thomas E., ICFN, 622 Delaware St., Monessen, Perma. Nichols, James E. , EM2, 770 60th St. , Brooklyn 20, N.Y. Nixon, Granville W. , EMFN, 8734 St., Aubin, Hamtramck, Mich. Phillips, Howard C. Jr., EM3, 737 East 9th St. , Mishawaka, Ind. - Pierson, Harold L., FN, 2204 Alston Ave., Hamilton, 01110 Peterson, Larry M., FA, W. 191-S. 7474 Bayshore Dr Muskego, Wisconsin Racz, Andrew J., ICFN, 38 Dix St., New Brunswick, N. Rafferty, William L., FN, 153 Spring St., Frostburg, Randles, Harold A., ICFN, R.D. 4142, Twin Lakes, Mich. Richardson, Rodney B. Jr., EM2, 125 Cambridge St., Portsmouth, Va Roberts, Lester S., EMFN, Route 41, Box 573, Plant City Fla Rogalski, Walter S. Jr., FN, 320 Woodland Ave., Morrisville Penna Rogers, William F., ICFN, 3215 Brandon Rd., Huntington, W. Va. Rowland, James F. Jr., FN, Route 511, Kingsport, Tenn. Rutkofske, George R., EMFN, 5522 63rd St., Kenosha, Wisc Shaffer, Vernon D., EM3, 5386 Pershing, St. Louis 12 Shepard, Ralph E., IC3, 18656 Page Ave., Homewood, Ill. Skinner, Charles A. , FA, Corton Lake Rd., Mount Kisco Skinner, William L. Jr., EM3, 60 Litchfield Ave., Babylon Long Island, N.Y. Smrekar, Larry E., EMFN, 6604 Solon Blvd., Solon 39, Ohio Staley, Carl O., IC3, 3009 Seveir Ave., Knoxville 20, Tenn Stewart, Jimmie L., EM3, 1610 N.W. 15th St., Miami 35 F a Sullivan, Charles Jr. fnj, EM2, R.F.D. Box 50, Birmingham Alabama Taggart, Albert R., EM3, R.D. 41, Box 439, Hopwood, Penna Talbot, Lawrence A., FN, 168 Hampdew St., Indian Orchard Mass Teller, Norman Cnj, FN, 1240 Sutter Ave., Brooklyn 8, . Terry, Osal M. , FN, Route 41, Box 80, Ashland, Ky Torres, Stuart J., EMFN, Route 41, Box 1658, Reserve, Trbuza, Edward J., IC2, R. F.D. 1594, Bethlehem, Penna Tusa, George A., FN, 1392 Webb Rd., Lakewood, Ohio Veilleux, Richard J., FN, 1427 York Ave, , New York 21, N.Y Vollmer, Alfred M., EM2, 804 Maple Ave., Rockford, Ill. Walker, Harvey E., EMFN, 17,63 B Sheets Pl. , Fort Detrick Fredrick, Md. F Walker, Harold Cnj, FN, 202 McDonongh St., Brooklyn 16 Walter, Arnold D., IC3, 1238 North Pierce, Fremont, Neb Weber, Charles A., IC3, Grampian, Penna. Wells, Donald J., EM2, 2900 N.W. 24th St., Fort Worth, Texas West, Charles A., FN 3725 Cedar Lake Dr. Dallas, Texas West, Raymond S., FN, Box 106, Edgerton, Kansas West, Richard E., IC3, 3725 Cedar Lake Dr., Dallas, Texas White, Vernon E., EM2, 421 North 4th St., Oakdale, Calif. Williams, Louis B., FN, 109 Polk St., Raliegh, N.C. Wilson, Charles L. , FN, 2208 Riverside Dr. , Nashville Tenn. Wiltrout, Richard E., EM3, 121 E. Crawford Ave. Connellsville, Penna. Wray, Eugene H., FN, Route 4:42, Box 240 A, Conover, N.C. Young, Thomas O., EM1, 2440 S. Military Highway, Norfolk 6, Va. Yount, Eugene E., FA, 308 Daily Ave., Frankfort, Ky. "M" Division Healy, Robert E. , LT, 2872 Harrington Ave. , Bronx 61, N.Y. Ratliff, Stanley P., ENS, P.O. Box 157, Belzoni, Miss. King, Robert L., CWOf3, 2516 Dominion Ave., Norfolk 3, Va. Rosell, Earnest, MMC, 23.Plumlee Dr., Portsmouth, Va. Marcum, Russell S., MMC, 3711 Pomlico Dr., Norfolk, Va. Horne, Colon fnj, MMC, 555 East Little Creek Rd. , Norfolk, Va. Davis, Jack W., MMC, 2709 West Leland Dr., Norfolk, Va. Tauson, Harold R., MMC, Benson Rd., Northbridge, Mass. Anderson, Dennis C., FN, 5682 Culver St., Dearborn, Mich. Atwell, Fredick H.A., FA, 1123 McLean, Royal Oak, Mich. Avey, Norman A., FN, 54 Thomas St., Willimansett, Mass. Axson, Robert D. Jr., FN, Ruffin, South Carolina Back, James J. , MM3, 3548 East 105th St., Cleveland, Ohio Barrell, Alvin W., FA, 317 East Collage Ave., Salisbury, Md. Benkoski, Romanus S., FN, 233 High St., Phoenixville, Pa. Blackstone, Byran B. , MM2, 2225 lst Ave.,Apt. 5-B, N.Y., N.Y. Blanchard, John P. , FA, 644 South Woodlea Ave. , Clarksburg, W. Va. i - x I .Q ' I VY I. .n 'gh nv I I 4 , -I II , , , A l Iv , I . ,af I. I . W It , .N .9 1 . i 1 Y- I Q ' 3 1 it N9 :ii ., .5 J. Md. 1 L 1 ' ig. . ' 5 3 1 Sell, George E. Jr., EM2, 124 Fairfield St., Buffalo 14, N. , Mo. ' 1 N Y ' 1, it I I F . i . , A 9 l . 7 7 r N Y. ' La. lf 'I- 9 9 N.Y. I I ? I I 7 ! I I I 1 Af! W . - , - A lgwg, A.. - -... W ,.,., 4... --A Q----042 - ..,-..L..-...-.---- W- -'WA W Y VF ' ' Y' W YV W 7 Y .v if .t v t Blum, Donald E., MMFN, RR ifl, Fort Victory, Ohio Bobino, Thomas E., FN, 554 Euclid St., Beaumont, Texas Bolton, Curtis C., FA, 2210 Tippecanoe St., Terre Haute, Ind. Bowling, David L., MM2, RR 4146, Lafayette, Ind. Bozick, John Jr., MM2, 5119 29th Ave. North St., Petersburg, Fla. Brauch, Raymond M., FA, 321 Kuaus St., St. Louis, Missouri Brewer, James R., FA, Box 171 A, Frankford, Ohio Bridges, Robert L., MM3, Latimer, Iowa Brown, Bobby L., FA, 225 Nays St., Fostoris, Ohio Brown, Henry N., 1VlM1, 579 Oak St., Bridgewater, Mass. Brovsm, Edger, 1VIM3, 3169 Mason St., Ashland, Ky. Butler, John M., FN, 9 Pihlhan Pl., Chathan, N.J. Campbell, Gerald R. , FA, 3909 Woodlea Ave., Baltimore, Md. Chetto, Francis S., MM3, 609 Croix St., Negaunee, Mich. Chiles, Earle W. Jr., FN, 1818 Jane St., Flint, Mich. Christiansen, Herbert L. , FA, 502 East Marion St. , Princeton, Ill. Clemento, Louis A., MM1, 135 Morris Ave., Portsmouth, Va. ' Cole, Emerson M. Jr., MM3, Box 103, Hawthorne, Fla. Connors, Frank J., FN, P.O. Box 14, Odanah, Wis. Couch, 'William S., MM2, Star Route, Clayton, N.Y. Cozier, James H., FN, 909 Stong Rd., Copiague, N.Y. Crabtree, Gerald T., FA, 6600 Hickory Ridge, Holly, Mich. Crowell, Faye M., FN, RR 4191, Batesville, Ind. Dahlgren, Ray E., MM3, 5 Trombley St., Presque Isle, Maine Demastus, Thomas L., MM2, 24 Hasting Ave., Walths, Mass. Demierre, Ronald L., FN, 3956 French Courts, St. Louis, MO. Dennison, Yuhl R., FA, Box 364, Edgewater, Md. Donze, Richard P., FN, 908 14th St., N.W. Canton, Ohio Eischens,'Jerome D., FA, RR 4t2, Richmond, Minn. Erquhart, Richard C., MM3, RFD 442, Lubec, Maine Everly, William H., MM2, 5796 Risher Rd., Leavittsburg, Ohio Flores, Lemuel fnl, FA, URB Machiw, Apt. 4+9, Caguas, Puerto Rico Friedman, Robert J., MM3, 113 Heathmore Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. Gable, Gerald W. , MM3, 300 South 5th St., Columbia, Pa. Geno, Ford, FN, 117 Park Ave., Rutland, Vt. Gerzeski, David A. , FA, 2719 Ritchie Rd. , Pinconning, Mich. . Greene, Norman W., FN, 17 Mechanic St., Bellingham, Mass. Griffith, Ronald L., MM3, 1123 Penna. Ave., S.E. Washington 3, D.C. Halbrook, Ronald L., FN, Box 183, Smithfield, Pa. Harrell, Lee J., MM2, RR ffl, Marshville, N.C. Harting, Charles F. , FA, 3 South Dunton Ave. , Arlington Heights, Ill. Hedrick, Robert L., FA, 6822 Harford Rd., Baltimore, Md. Heft, Charles E., FN, 4 Randall St., Phil.,Pa. Hehl, Raymond H., MM3, 838 6 Den Ave., Toledo, Ohio Hernandez, Charles D., FA, 1117 Watts Dr., Bakersfield, Calif. Hodkinson, Vaughn P. , FA, 636 East Main St., Watertown, N.Y. Howard, Robert D., MM2, RR itl, Box 49, Crawford, Tenn. Howell, Robert F., MMC, Route 3, Box 26C, Camden, Arkansas Jackson, Oren C., MMFN Box 142, New Martinsville, W. Va. J eskis, Raymond D., MM2, 819 West Melin St. , Port Washington, Wis. Johansson, Ronald F., MM3, 16633 Marlowe Ave., Detroit 35, Mich. Johnson, 'William O. , MM2, 2623 Jessup St. , Wilmington, Del. Kelley, Reuben B., FA, Tacoma , Ga. Kelly, Michael, FA, 2322 Humboldt, Flint, Mich. Killian, Arnold W., MM2, 5402-C Carnavon St., Norfolk, Va. King, Thomas S., MM3, RFD 141, Box 302, Unicoi, Temi. Kingsbury, Robert N., MM1, 1515 B. Picadilly St., Norfolk, Va. Knight, Roger D., MM2, 214 Houston St., Hawkinsville, Ga. Koc, Patrick fnl, MM3, 706 Terry Lane, Lagrance Highland, Ill 4 Kuenle, Wilber E., FN, 1406 Lucia, Fairmont, Minn. Lawson, Robert E. , MM2, 2645 B Green St. , Harrisburg, Pa. Ledger, William D., FA, 108 North 9th St. , Martins Ferry, Ohio Lougee, David R., MM2, 19 Cook St., Lynn, Mass. Lawerence A., MM2, Gilmer Ave., Tallassee, Ala. Macon, , Malone, Raymond G., FN, 1713 Malone Dr., Burlington, N. C. Manis, Charles H., FN, 407 Main St., Huntington, W. Va. Meinhardt, Richard P., FA, 836 Nostrand Ave., Uniondale, Long Island, N. Y. Metzger, Authur S., MMFN, 750 Bridge St., Bethlehem, Pa. Michel, William A. , FN, 327 West McKibben St. , Lima, Ohio Mikoiakjczyk, David R., FN, 5905 315th st., Toledo, ohio Minasian, Kenneth C., FN, 57-1X2 Wyoming Ave., Malden, Mass. Mitchell, Frank N., MM2, 419 Redgate, Apt. 4196, Norfolk, Va. Mitchell, Paul M. , FA, 208 B Hockersville Rd. , Hershey, Pa. Mittler, Vernon A., FA, 10 McLaren St., Gleversville, N.Y Morin, Joseph E. , FN, 364 East Indiana Ave. , Phila. 34, Pa. Murphy, Dennis H. , FA, 2633 127th St., Toledo, Ohio Nieder, George W. , FN, 127 North Cherry St. , Galesburg, Ill. Noltemeyer, Wayne L., MM2, RR 42, Deforest, Wisc. Norrod, Samuel T., MM2, 321 Medlock Ave., Livingston, Tenn. O'Quinn, Lewis H., MM2, Route 4, Box 134, Walterboro, S.C. Patterson, John J. , MM2, 204 Wabash Ave., Lansdowne, Pa. Patton, William T. , FA, 313 South Main St., Bever Dam, Ky Peddle, Neville fnl, FA, 29 Railroad Row, Chicopee, Mass. Petit, Ralph F., FN, 127 Alfred St., Biddeford, Maine Pew, Douglas C., FA, Greensburg, Kansas Podunavac, Louis Cul, FN, Ethel, West Virginia Powers, John fnj, FA, 2348 Kaapp St., Brooklyn 29, N.Y. Puglis, Thomas E., MMFN, 20 West 8th Ave., Gloversville, N.Y. Reis, Edmond, FA, 2354 Prospect Ave., Bristol, Pa. Riley, Edward L., FN, 2186 Manistique, Detroit 15, Mich. Risbon, Pat G., FN, RFD tl, Box 5, Patton, Pa. Rizzo, Leonard fnj, FA, 320 Pleasant Ave., N.Y., N.Y. Rockwell, Kenneth W., MM2, Box 308, Hopwood, Pa. Ross, Carl G., MM3, Route 2, P.O. 47, Slayton, Texas Roundgou, Theodore G., FA, 960 Charles Ave., St. Paul 4, Minn. Rowland, Robert C., FN, 223 Western Ave., Connorsville, Ind. Sabino, Anthony, FN, 1009 East 2nd St., Plainfield, N.J. Shade, David L., FN, 12072 Sanford, Detroit, Mich. Seefeldt, David R., MM3, RR 4f2, Tigerton, Wisc. Shaffer, Thomas E., MM3, 1018 Giraord St., Harrisburg, Pa Simmons, Tommie E., MM2, 40 Park Circle, Newburyport, Mass. Simpson, James P., FA, 27 Fruit St. , Pawtucket, R.I. Simpson, Walter C., FA, Providence, Ky. Sine, Frank Qnh, FN, Old Bethleham Rd., Perasie, Pa. Sirois, Gerald fnj, FA, Convent St., Eagle Lake, Maine Slonaker, Larry R., FN, 1047 Groce Ave., Zanesville, Ohio Smiley, ROSGI' K.W., SN, RR 42, Lake Odessa, Mich. Sorenson, Richard, FN, Lynd, Minnesota St. Don, Donald C., FN, Clark St., New Bedford, Mass. Stoner, Robert W., MM2, 501 South Linden St., Aledo, Ill. Summers, Richard J. , FA, 2391 Jersey Dr. , Riviera Beach, Fla. 1 Talent, Earl C., MM1, 7845 Delavrala, Norfolk, Va. Tecglz, Harold W., MM3, 957 Edward Court, N.E. Warren, io Temme, Arthur fnl, FA, 25 Leather Stocking Lane, White Plains, N.Y. Thompson, Arthur o., MM2, 514 s, Division st., Apt. GE, Buffalo 4, N.Y. Torrence, Roy S., FA, 100 Evelyn Ave., Weirton, W. Va. Vittorio, Edward Cnj, FN, 2705 Foltz St., Indianapolis, Ind. Wagfsuf, Russell fnj, FN, 845 Douglas St., Lincoln Heights, io ....,.-. .,.. .,.,-.,,w.,W,WMm,,,,,,.,,,,5,7z:,,y,,,,,,,- . L.-- .. I . . , l . ' ,V 5.-I. V 'AJ-JV F -H, ,, . in . ' . , .:', A A.-H. 'R S, .tug -. , . -V.-., ' .'-- , '- ,Q-' ., gg - , ,, V. , .,. , .,.f.Qa,--., .,.,,,, -4.1 - k"" 'I-"E"'if is--Vf " -' A --!f- f ' 1 -- 1 ..i-,"I-ifu..,.,g,,,gf:g,ggllgtsJ'f5g..1 1- 'RL fr-8 Warden, Samuel H. , MM2, Eagle Bend Rd. , Clinton, Tenn. Webster, David K., FN, RR itl, Box 58, Lake City, Tenn. Weldon, John D. , MM2, 3244 Alpine Rd. , Troy, Mich, Wells, Larry W. , MM3, 68 East Orange St. , Chagrin Falls, Ohio West, Raymond E. Jr., FA, 638 West 27th St. , Lorain, Ohio Wetherby, Roland H., FN, 'West St., Middletoum Springs, Vt, Wilk, Joseph J. Jr., lVlM2, 28 Stevens St., Chicopee, Mass, Wisniewski, Frederick E. , MM2, 5 Clermont Ave. Hempstead Long Island, N.Y. , Womble, Joe W., MM2, RR +t5, Monk Rd., Durham, N.C. Wymer, Charles B. , MMFN, 654 East 'Wayne St., Kendallville, Ind Yeick, James R., MMS, RDF 42, Bioomsburg, Pa. "R" Division White, Edward J., ENS, 3100 Overlook Dr., Nashville, Tenn. Nestor, Joseph N., CWO, 1511 Crane Ave., Norfolk 3, Va. Knowles, 'William L., DCCS, 534 West 34th, Norfolk 8, Va. Felhofer, Richard, SFC, 6008 Lockamry Ave., Norfolk, Va. Morgan, Benjamin, SFC, 2206 W. Mallory Stupensacola, Fla. Daise, Joseph N., SFC, 914 Porter St., Savannah, Ga. Smith, L.R., DCC, 2 Sheridan Ave., Plattsburg, N.Y. Balla, John Cnj, SFC, 60 Sipp Ave., Jersey City, N.J. Alteno, G.J., FN, 59 W. Warren Ave., Youngtown, Ohio Amorella, Patrick J., DC1, 71 Spencer Ave., Chelsea 50, Mass. Augustine, Joseph A., SFM3, 2932 South Hayes Court, Chicago, Ill. Ausiello, Frank F., FN, 2128 3rd. Ave., 'Watervielt, N.Y. Barnett, Clifford L., SFM3, 211 N.E. 4th St., Andrews, Texas Baron, Eugene K., SFP3, 627 No. State St., Ansonia, Conn. Bazemore, 'William D., FN, R.F.D. 4292, Goldsboro, N.C. Bedioan, John N., DC1, 725 So. Mar. St., Phila., Pa. Beinkampen, Harley J., SFM2, 7842 Bank St., Balt. 25, Md. Bice, Carl E., FN, Box 220, Holidaysbury, Pa. Bishop, Joseph A., FN, cfo Valley Trailer Camp, RT. 8, Beacon Falls, Conn. Bliss, Arthur R., FA, RR 2, Korner Rd., Peoria, Ill. Boyle, Francis T., SF1, 89 Mechanic St., Westfield, Mass Brown, James E., FN, 402 Lake St., Salsbury, Md. Burgess, Richard A., FN, Route 1, Box 150, Ridgeway, Va. Bulau, Roger G. , FN, 24 Basket Rd., Webster, N.Y. - Bushee, 'William E. , FN, 102 Chime St. , Bennington, Vermont Bynum, Raymond E., SEP3, P.O. 323, Mukwanago, Wisc. Chuba, Carl J., FN, 729 Blanche Ave., Beaverdale, Pa. Clarke, Robert A., FA, 5706 Siminole Ave., Berwyn Hts. , Md. Click, Leamuel C., FN, 369 Virgil Ave., Kingsport, Tenn. Collins, William T., FN, 307 Porter St. , Wilmington, Del. Condray, Richard O., SFP3, 120 Beacon St., Grants Pass, Oregon Cooper, Everette C., DCFN, 3702 Tilden St. , Brentwood, Md. Curtis, Sanford R. , FA, 407 Saunto St., Florence, Ala. Davis, Harry F., FN, Route 1, Crimora, Va. Diekmann, Richard C. , FN, 4701 Kugler Mill Rd. , Cinncinnati, Ohio Eddington, Bruce L., DC3, Davenport, Iowa Endersbe, Thomas N., FN, Route 1, Owendale, Mich. Evans, Clifford H., SFPFN, 1007 24th St.s, Orlando, Fla. Faust, Kenneth K., DC3, 101 Starker Ave., Joliet, Ill. Gaydos, Albert G., FN, 2420 Ruth St., New Castle, Pa. Giroux, Robert fnl, DC2, Route 2, Berryville, Va. Glasby, Floyd Cul, DC2, 1410 W. 14th St., Chicago, Ill. Goff, Jackie L., SFM3, 215 23rd. St., Dunbar, W. Va. Goodman, James A. , DC2, 9630 4th Bay St., EOVE, Norfolk, Va. Hazelton, Wallace R., FA, 247 George St., Elyria, Ohio Hegarty, Kenneth R., FN, 47 Rossmore St. , Belleville 9, Md. Hershey, Glenn C., FA, RFD itl, Lancaster County, Pa. Henig, John E., FA, 13338 Firsh, Warren, Mich. Higgins, Thomas J., SFMFN, Route 1, Groveoak, Ala. Ippolito, Robert ful, FN, 202 Boyd Ave., Jersey City, N. J. Johnson, Denzil S., FA, Rotte 1, Tolu, Ky. Johnson, Richard E., SFM3, 325 Erlskin Ave., YOHIIEWWH, Ohio Justice, Lacy C., SFM2, 105 So. Alorcon, Prescott: Arizona Kaulback, Walter G., SFM3, 220 Waverly St., Shillingfon, Pa- Kennedy, Robert S., FN, Cyril Ave., Baton Rouge, La- Kimball, John H. , FA, RD 4t1,iCanastota, Ohio u Kirschbaun, William H., FA, 52 Saddle Rd., Curcie's Lodi, N.J. 341 Kuczkowski, Joseph F., FN, Box 132, Bullville, N.Y. Lambert, James W., SFP2, 1394 Noel Dr., Atlanta, Ga. Lamkin, Paul L., SFM3, Route 1, Batsto, Hammonton, N.J. Lund, Dennis A., SEP3, 3519 Oliver North, Minneapolis, Minn. Lindner, Thomas E., FA, 409 Fountain St., Ann Arbor, Mich. Lyden, James S., FA, Zhuse St., Bath, Maine Marshall, C.A., DCFN, 23 Christian Pl., Patterson, N.J. Martin, Douglas R., SFM3, Mounted Rd., Middleton, Pa. McCall, Donald E., FA, 104 Capitol Ave., Hazlehurst, Ga. McCall, Rufus R., DC2, 2233 Tarrallton Dr. , Norfolk 3, Va. McDaniel, Thurman W., FN, Lithia, Va. Meikle, Ronald S., SFM3, 6704 Glenwood Ave., Youngstown, Ohio Melton, Henry S., SFP3, Route 1,Etwoah, Tenn. Mejias, Alexander ini, FA, 271 E. 143rd St., Bronx, N.Y. Miller, Louis A., SFP3, 273 Conklin Ave., Binghamton, N.Y. Montwheler, Roger D., FA, 216-1X2 E. Walnut, North Vernon, Ind. Morgan, Jack N., DC2, Route 8, Box 303, Florence, lVIiss. Morrissey, William B. , SFP3, 3563 Van Buren St. , Gary, Ind. Murphy, Jolm L., FA, Box 419, Edgewood, Md. Oliver, Lloyd R., FA, Route 2, Garland, N.C. Peace, William H. SF1, Timbo Rt., Mountain View, Ark. Philabaun, Harry D., SFPFN, 3443 Erie Rd., Mich. Plant, Joseph R., SEP2, 8422 Old Ocean View Rd., Norfolk, Va. Popiwny, Thomas V., DC3, 132 Ellsinore, Rochester, N.Y. Porter, Everette L., FN, Route 1, Rosewell, Ga. Porubek, Charles R., FA, Bollville, N.Y. Pruitt, Bill D., FN, 573 College,St., S.E. Grand Rapids, Mich. Propst, Garth C., FN, 305-B Allen St., Norfolk, Va. Ravit, Franklin N., FA, 33 Glover Ave., Norwalk, Ohio Reder, Ronald C., FN, 406 WashingtonAve., Bay City, Mich. Reynolds, Kenneth L., FA, Box 355, Hebron, Ohio Rivet, Paul G., FN, 121 Ennell St., Lowell, Mass. Roberson, William H., DC3, RFD ilfl, Hoosick Falls, N.Y. Robinson, Josephfnj, SF1, PO Box 1211, Clearwater, Fla. Rokosky, Robert L. , FN, 41 Church Lanes, Falls Creek, Pa. Sales,Van M., DCFN, 3306 W. Glexm Ave., Peoria, Ill. Schue, Micheal M., FN, Red Lake Falls, Minn. Schwartz, Ronald E., SFM2, 209 N. Belvidere Ave., York, Pa. Scoggins, Willie R., SFPFN, Route 2, Box 241, Hope, Ark. Shellenberger, Charles E., SF1, 90 Magazine Rd., Portsmouth, Va. Slevin, Carl R., FN, Route 4, Quaker City, Ohio Smith, D.J., FA, 805 Delry St., Knoxville, Tenn. Smith, George I., FN, Box 353, Peterburg, Ind. - Smith, Jack M., FA, 109 E. Lemon, Duluth, Minn. Smith, King D., DC2, RT., Box 984, Jacksonville, Fla. Snyder, Charles L., FA, 1012 Magnolia, Croydon, Pa. South, James D., DC3, 109 Cumming Dr., Laurens, S.C. Sprankle, Micheal K., FN, N. Boston Rd., Hanburg, N.Y. Stanley, J.D., DC2, Monahans, Texas Stewart, Stanley D. , FN, PO Box 3538,North Las Vegas, Nev. Strahrn, Joseph Qui, SFP2, 126 Hight Ave., Louisville, Miss. Tapia, Frank L., FN, Rowe, New Mexico Taubert,1James S. , SFM3, 66 Rinewalt St. , Williamsville 21, N.Y. Thomas, John D., SFP3, Box 137, RT. 1, Dillonvale, Ohio Thompson, Kenneth E., SFM3, RT. itl, Box 78, Christianburg, Va. Tiemann, Anthony R., DC3, 484 Broadway, Newport, R., I. Truelove, George H., FN, Fayettesville, N.C. VanScoter, Hiram P., DC3, 66 Railroad St., Bolivar, N.Y. Wallace, Ronald ful, SFP3, 26 Odel Ave., White Plains, N.Y. Weis, Robert F., FN, 75 Farquhar Ave., Yonkers, N.Y. Whelan, Randolph H., FN, 1411 Hamilton St., Allentovm, Pa. Wightman, Benjamin E., DCFN, Star Route, Eaton, N.Y. Wilson, Bruce C., FA, Route 1, Stilson, Ga. Woodcock, Leo H., DC3, Eaton, N.Y. Wyatt, Christopher W., FA, The Plains, Va. Yesaitis, Donald R., FN, 65-50 78 St., New York, N.Y. Youmans, Wayne H., DC3, Fithian, Ill. GUNNERY DEPARTMENT Officers Leonard, Warren E. , CDR, 3717 East Avenue, Berwyn, Illinois Doles, Thomas K., CDR, Jones, Lousiana Cole, Russell W. , LCDR, Galena, Illinois Luesing, William H., LTJG, 52113th Avenue, Huntington, W. Va. Mc Dermott, Charles R. , ENS, 42-37 Hampton Street, New York 7 3, N. Y. Mc Millian, Ohan J. , CWO, 1834 Brookwood Road, Norfolk, Va. y "lst" Division Kee, Wll1iamD. Jr., ENS, 6034 N. Phillip St. Phila. 20, Pa. Phillips, Thomas E., BMC, 1631 S. Cyenne, Tulsa, Okla. Agnew, William J. , SA, 195 Florence Dr. Beloit Wis. Arnold, Denzil L., SN, Box 691 Herminston, Oregon Avery, Roger J. , SA, Graves Rd. Keene, New Hampshire Bochniak, Michael, SN, 2426 Fleet St. Baltimore 24, Md. Boggs, Harlan E., , SA, Bloomingrose, West Virginia Borror, Ralph E. , SN, 5028 S. Main Sylvania, Ohio Brown Irwin C. , BMI, 181 Morris Ave. Portsmouth, Va. Burnett, Walter J., SN, 209 E. Park St. Champaign, Ill. Burton, Earnest W., SN, 209 N. Main St. Edinburg, Ind. Campbell, William J. , BM2, 210 "B" Allen St. Norfolk Va. Case, James G., SA, 2599 W. McNicholsDetroit Michigan Clancy, Herbert J. , BM1, Bar "C" Ranch, R.R. 1991 Rolla, Missouri Coles, Phillip E. , SN, 1317 Franklin Ave. Columbus, Ohio Conklin, Robert T., SN, Wheeler Rid. Florida, New York Curtin, Daniel J. , SN, 24-28 92nd St. New York, Jackson Hts. 69 Czaplewski, James, S. , SA, R.R. 4192 Box 216 Chesterton, Ind. Decker, Clarence L. , BMI, 5408 EastwickPhilade1phia, Pa. Dickey, David R. , SN, 4881 Hammock Lake Dr. Miami, Florida Dober, James F. , SN, 5578 Cleveland Ave. Columbus Ohio Donigan, George L., BM2, Brich Run, Michigan Drashman, Bruce, W. , SN, 921 Nellie St. Mobile Ala. Dunham, Gary K., SN, 5217 Erving Ave. Minneapolis, Minn. Evbanks, Walter E., SN, Campobello, South Carolina Evilsizor, Daniel, SN, Urbana, R.R. 4591 Ohio Ferguson, Robert H., BMI, 8128 Bridgeman Pa. Norfolk, Va. Freeman, Jerry D., SN, 1224 S.W. 38th St. Okla. City, Okla. Fyife, Henry E. , SN, Flat Fork Kentucky Garber, Jacob E. , SN, Dauphin R. R., 1991 Pennsylvania Gibbons, John P. , SA, Cambridge, Mass. Gordon, Clifford A., SN, Star Route Dixfield, Maine Hudson, Sampson, QJr.D, BM3, 120 Depot St. Manning S.C. Huling, Eugene,.R. , SN, Hydesville Rd. Newark, N.Y. Jehl, Maurice T., SN, 1123 Howard St. Port Huron, Mich. Jones, Joseph J., SN, 243 Moss St. P.O. Box 339 Martinse- villelVa. Jones, William A., SN, 4364 W. 62nd St. Cleveland 9, Ohio Kerln, Nlichael F.,SN, 204 13th St. Wateruhiet, New York Kimbler, Guy O., BM2, 1139 N. High St. Columbus 1, Ohio Kirby, George F., SN, 52 Park Ave.Concord, N.C. Kottler, Lawrence M. , SN, 4133 Pechin St. Philadelphia Pa. Laskowskl, Paul M., SA, 1010 25th Bay City, Michigan McCarthy, Thomas F., SA, 3207 Main St. Monhall, Pa. McLafferty, William R., SA, 3242 Payne Ave. Cleveland 14, Ohio McLendon, William D. , SA, 304 Sumerel St. Clinton S. C. Miller, James L. SN, 925 E. lst N. Pleasent Grove, Utah Morgan, Jack A. , SXI, R.R., +93 Candler N. C., Mulcahyg Thomas N. SN, 215 W-8th Ave. Buffalo, 25 N. Y. Murell Bert T. , SN, 1807 Doulton Ave. Huntington W. Va. Nacey, Ronald D., SN, 474 W. County Rd. 3 St. Paul 12, Minn. Pelton, Phillip E. , SA, 2354 Chestnut St. Stuebenville, Ohio Powers, Ben L, SN, 605 N. Main St. Washington, 111. Queen, James T., , SN, 4431 Newlon Rd. Fort Smith, Ark. Riefle, Harold F. , SN, ,1818Eton Lane St. Louis, Missouri Rimmer, Charles A. , SN, 1201 Kenwood Ave, Nashville, Tenn. Rodier, Stephen J., SA, 129 Evesham Ave. Ashland, N.J. Rudnicki Stanley, BM3, 3322 Vista Ave. St. Louis Mo. Rundenza, Roger J . , SN, 5847 Kinmore St. Dearborn, Mich. Russell Edwin fJr.j, BM3, 931 Hampshire St. Quincy, .I1l. Schrimsher, Kenneth R. , SN, 616 Pine St. Michigan City, Ind. , Skaggs, Delano R., SN, R.R. 491 Bainbridge, Ohio Skillett, Wilson D. , SN, 408 Olympic Ave. Olympia, Wash, Smith, Robert S. , BM3, 1709 N, 23rd St. Richmond Va. Smith, Willard C. , SN, 1255 Lauderdale St. Memphis, Tenn. Spears, Clarence E. , SA, R.R. 4910 Bloomington, Ind. Sykes, Harry R. , SA, 3904 Falls Rd. Baltimore Md. Thomas, Edward P., SA, 147 Bellwood Dr. Homestead, Pa. Tye, Eddie J . , BM3, Box 691924 Barbersville Ky. Umstead, Walter H. , SN, 1702 Monocacy St. Bethlehem Pa. Vetor, James L., SN, R.R. 4191 Silver Lakes, Ind. Vitilio, Pasquale N, , SN, Mainfield Ave. Baltimore Md. Wadsworth, Richard A, , SN, P.O. Box 1424 Venice Fla. Wolf Ernest W. , SN, 6939 Parckell Ave. Philadelphia Pa. Wyatt, Kermeth R. , SN, Rt. 4195 Gaffney S- C- "2nd" Division Smith, J.,A,D, , ENS, 518 East 58th Street Savanna, Georgia Drawz, Kenneth E., ENS, 1870 Lee Lane,Beloit, Wis. Watson, "J" "D", BMC, 7124 Tidewater Dr. Norfolk, Va., Allen, James F., SN, R. D. 43 Alma, Mich. Bailey, Eddie L., SN, 2724 Robert St. New Orleans, La. Barrett, Delain F. , BM3, R,D, 419141946 Kerrmoor, Penna. Beaver, Charles C-. , SN, 1636 Eleanor Toledo, Ohio Borror, Roy C., SN, Winchester, Va. R,D, 4121 Britt, Elbert L., BM2, 136 9th Ave. E. Rockingham, N.C. Buchman, Charles F. , SN, 3608 W. 130th St. Cleve. Ohio Colangelo, Michael Cnj, SA, 826 New Field Ave. Stamford, Conn. Dorsey, Chester D. , SA, 1017 Dennison Ave. Dayton, Ohio Ellis, John E. , SN, 1031 Hedgerow Circle Wayne, Penn. Evans, Ralph n. , BM3, Box 122 Rt. 1 Princess Anne, Md. Felmey, Dennis W., SA, 2731 Tyler Ave. Camden N.J. Finkiang, winiam E., sA, uis Brigmnng st. Louis, 32, Mo. Fisher, Norman L., SN, RT. 491 Constadting, Mich. Garner, Ward. W. BM2, 1915 Kansas Ave. Great Bend, Kansas Grace, Richard E. , AN, 98 Maple Ave. Dunkirk, N. Y. Gross, Richard A. SN, RT. 492 Cadillac, Mich. Gross, William R., SN, RT. 1992 Cadillac, Mich. Gunther, Charles M., SA,,3007 Erdman Ave. Baltimore 13, Md. Hall, Jessie E. , BM3 Rt 4192 Bic 416 Philadelphia, Miss. Herrick, Larry O., SN, 209 E. Front St. Ovid, Mich. Hickey, Herbert H. , SN, 94 7th Ave. Newark, N.J. Hicks, Ronald R. , SN, 38 Exeem Johnson City, Tenn. Homick, John W. , BM2, 1813 Logan Ave. Superior, Wis. Hursey, Thomas E., SN, Rt. 19192 So. Whitly, Indiana Irving, James G. SA, 3452 Leroy Dr. Bay City, Mich. Isdore, Donald C. SA, 3739 Willow St. New Orleans, La. James, Thomas H. SN, 437 2nd Ave. So. Charleston, W, Va. . ' a.. Johnson, Edward'L , SN, 146 Floeido Ave. Portsmouth, V Johnson, Starling L., BM3, Rt. 1993 Union, Mississippi Jourdan, James A., SN, 147 Academy Road C1iftonHeights, Penna. Kelly, John T., SN, Rt. 1991 Plainsville, Ill. King, David B., SA, 84 Cherry Tree Farm Rd. Middleton, N.J. Kubant, Joseph P., SN, 117 Sheffield Ave. Buffalo, N., Y. Kuder, John P., SN, 2002 Wabash Ave. Schenectady, N.Y. Kuerbitz, David A. , SN, 1125 Pacific Lansing 10, Mich. Laifond, Roger D. , SA, Roger Ave. Orange, Mass. LanFpf1ar, Ronald L., SN, 809 North Blvd. Newport Richev, 2. Lepkowski, Robert A., SA, 177 Rhode Island St. Buffalo, N.Y Levgandoski, Anthony F. , SN, 24 Great Hill Rd. Seymour, O1'11'1. LeWS3d91', Cha-TISS E. SN, Walnut St. Perrysville, Indiana Long, 50591911 H., SN, 6026th St. Moundsville, W. Va. Lowe, Roderic L. , SN, RFD 4191 Gorham Rd. Scarboro, Maine Luegske, Ronald P. , SN, 2051 SO. 57th St. West Allisia 14, S. Marshman, Frederick C. , SN, BX 366 Panora, Iowa Martinez, Thomas H., SA, 875 Gilmer Rd. Portsmouth, Va. 342 "2" Division Mc Dowell, Duane B. , SN, RR 4141 North Cumberland Penn, Mc Grew, Earl W., SN, 514 E. 2nd si, 01.13, City Zgkla Mt Kinney, Rodney D., SN, RFD 411 Euan, Ohio ' ' Meabon, Gary E. , SN, 25 North Water Street Albion, Penn. Michie, James F. , SN, 1 Rush Place,Oyster Bay L,I, N, Y, Middleton, Robert G. , SN, 325 Pangborn Road Leavittsburg, Ohio Mizell, Michael A. , SA, RD itl Bx 253 Plymouth, N, C, Moore, James J., SN, 2512 So. 78th St,Phila. Penn, Moore, Billie L. SN, 932 W. Main St. Zanesville, Ohio Murray, Clarence R. SN, 1253 Taylor Chicago, Ill, Nash, Harold Inj, SN, 2229 Caffin Ave. New Orleans 17, La, Nickens, Charles G. Jr., SN, 718 Adelaide St. Pittsburgh, 19, Penn. Noles, Richard D. , SN, Maple Hill Rd. itil Salinville, Ohio Pheiffer, William H. SA, 4143 Houaton Cincinnati, Ohio Ploch, Daniel E., SN, 1940 So. 10th St. Milwaukee, 4 Wis. Roach, Edward A., SA, 617 E. Miller St. Phila. Penn, Roland, Robert E. SN, 61 Madison Ave. Lackawanna 18 N. Y. Salico, Vincent R.Z SN, 59 Pleasantview Ave. New Prowidence, N. J. Salyer, Donald B., BMSN, 1405 Miami, Corpus Christi, Tex. Sams, Ernest B., BM3, 70 Lincoln Dr. Portsmouth, Va. Schultz, Howard T., BM3, 438 E. 42nd St. Brooklyn, N,Y, Skirvin, Arthur' H. Jr., SN, RR4tl Madison, Indiana Snyder, Timothy F., BM2, 129 Bedford St. Hollidaysburg, Pao Snyder, Wayne L., SN, 4246 Pimlico Rd. Baltimore, 15, Md, Stoffle, Robert G., SN, 2615 Logan St. Wheeling, W, Va, Tillmans, Steven C. , SA, 6000 Mtk. Blvd. Minneapolis, 16, Minn. Treacy, John J., SN, 123-25 St. Watervliet, N. Y. Walden, Donald D., BM3, 326 Elm St. Crawford, Nebraska Wassel, Paul C., SN, 3302 Oakland Dr. McKeesport, Penn. Watterton, Ransone W. , SN, 1908 E. Pembroke Ave. Hampton, Va. Weigold, Daniel E., SN, Mr. Sz Mrs. Kenneth Otto Verdon, South Dakota Wilhelm, Thurman G., SA, Mrs. T.I. Wilhehn Iron Gate, Va. Williams, Robert L., SA, RT. 1Bx 229 Dalton, Georgia Williams, Robert M. , SA, 1426 David Hill Ave. Baltimore, Md. Wilson, James O., BM1, Forest City, N. C. "3rd" Division Wisner, P. , LTJG,.55 Park Terrace East, N.Y. N. Y., Agnew, R. P., ENS., 7414 Tracy Kansas City, Mo. Asper, G.P. , SA, 5507 Marcaretta St. Pittsburg, Pa. Banks, J. E. SN, 2407 S, Shine St. Orlando, Fla. Bartnick, W. L. BM2, 7612 15th Ave. Takoma Park, Mo. Bishop, R. W. , SA, Grant St. Sloatsburg, N, Y., Blay, J. fnj, BM2, 819 Wilson Road Norfolk 6, Va. Blackburn, J. M. , SA, Route 4144 Trenton, Tenn. Bradford, K. C., SN, 9263 Belding Road, Belding, Mich. Brown, C. A., SA, West End Avenue Shelbyville, Tenn. Carter, D. E. , SN, 1101 East Harrison St. Dillon, S. C. Casteel, B. E. , SN, 363 S. Main St. Thomaston, Ga. Churchill, W. I., BM3, Box 466 Eigln, Oregon Clark, R. E., SA, 719 Oittsburg Ave. Wooster, Ohio Cramer, R. S., SA, Perkasie Route 4+2 Pennsylvania Craig, S. A. SA, 149 Center Lane Levittown, N.Y. DeLeon, F. Cnl SN, 434 W. Wood St. Raymondville, Texas Dennis, A. T. BM2, 9647 Sturgis St. Norfolk, VS.. Disarro, J. fnj, SN., 131 North St. Minersville Pa. Doudrick, L. L. , SN, Carvers Hill EXt., Duncannon, Pa. Durstewitz, D. E. SA, 261 Hutton St. Jersey City, N. J. Feidak, R. D., SN, 237 Hillside Avenue, Pitcairn, Penn. Flire, G. Cnl, SN., 95-06 97th St. Ozone Park, N.Y. Galloway, V. L., SN, Box 54 Route itl Marga, lll. Gardner, R. L., SN, 2 Flora St. Rochester, N. Y. Goodolf, E. J., SN, 255 Berk St. Stowe, Pa.. Gorden, J. F., SA, 960 N, Nelson Road, Columbus 19, Ohio Griffin, G. L., SN, 1914 East 5th St. Pueblo, Colorado Hancock, J. D., SA, 312 H St. Bridgeton, N. C. Harris, J. D. SN, 915 Holiday St. Portsmouth, Va. Henderson, G. L., SN, 112 Bridge St. Shafton Irwin, Pa. Hetzel, J.J., SA, 807 18th St. Altoona, Penn. Hicks, C, L.,SN, 4005 Petersburg, Pk. Richmond 34, Va. HOga1'ty, D. Q., SN, 130-25 232 St. Laurelton 13, N.Y. Holcomb, P. K., SN, R. R. 2 Paw Paw, Mich. Hummel, P. F. , SN, 1-5-641 School Lombard, lllinois Jolm, F. D., SA, Box 6 Quakerbridge, N. Y. -+..,.,,,.,,- -...........-......: -4+ -V ,H-,i.., ,-, -- ,.--..B- - "W" 'W' H''ferr-ang,-,,-y-11--7-ef V - 4- -4 - -- I V A , V ' V ' , i ' - 4- - - - - n-:+!P1.:'i'.:. -I "l"."' ..., ,. V . -, - , ' - " 'su 11 ,. if ,, 1 'iq Jones, C. E. , SN,1016 N.12th St. Paducah, Ky, Jordan, H. F. , BM2, Route 43 Box 32 Ashland, Ky. Kriak, G. J., SN, 4430 Douse Ave. Cleveland, Ohio Kelley, J.B., ASN, 358-1f2 S. Harrison Frankfort, Ind. Kirkendall, C, E., SN, 514 E. Wash, Ave. South Bend, Ind. Lindberg, R. A. ,sA, 253 Mein si. Oxford, Meee. Lutz, R., G., SN, 407 East Beaver St. Zellen le, Pa. Mills, E. E. SA, Edward E. Mills, Route 443 zlgakomis, Ill. Olson, D. L., SA, 21 Virginia Rd. Natick, Mass. o'Nein, J. M., SN, 1214 s. Hamilton Ave. Elmhurst, 111. Pennington, C. R. , BM3, Route 444 McMinn Ville, Tenn. Pfeifer, R. A., SN, 3019 N. 26th st. Sheboygan, wie. Richardson, J. T., SN, 41 Riverview St. Dedham, Mass. Rittinger, T. W. SN, 316 Mary St. Pittsburgh 27, Pa. Roach, L. G. , SA, 3117 West Jeff. Louisville, Ky. Roacheford, N, C., SN, 48 Ludlow St., Worcester, Mass. Rubin, R. G., SA, 1405 St. Johns Pl. Brooklyn 13, N.Y. Ruff, E. W., SN, 11 Ba.yv'1eLAve. E., Lindenhurst, L,,I. N.Y. Schwartz, D. R., SA, 2228 Cedley, Sta Balte, Md. Seidel, H. tnj, BM3, 77 Veltman Ave. Staten Island, N. Y. Shumate, R, J. , SN, Route itl Box 228 Maitland, Fla. Simmons, D. Q., SA, 7006 N. 53rd St. Omaha, Nebraska Smolen, A. Qnj, SA, 737 Virginia Ave. Johnstown, Penn. Sneath, D. A., SN, 2012 Brunet St. Rockford, Ill. Soullire, W. W. , SN, 1200 St Clair River Drive Alaonac, Michigan Stancil, W. C. BM3, 2403 Poplar St. Hopewell, Va. Trombley, R. E. , SN, 8705 Rathbone Detroit 9, Mich. Thrasher, S. Cnj, SN, R.F.D. 4191 box 243 Frostburg, Md. Tuluicci, M. fnj, BM1, 53 Bowers St. Jersey City 7, N. J. Van Dalen, F. P. , SA, 1119 Haeberle Ave. Niagara Falls, N. Y. Waldron, T. H., SN, 16 Serviss Ave. North Brunswick, N.J. Walker, G. J. , SN, 1722 Woodward Terrace Huntington, W. Va. Worstenholm, C. L. , SN, 1629 Ohio Ave, Flint, Mich. Wilcox, D. V. , BM3, 458 6th Ave. Brooklyn 15, N.Y. Whitesel, K. M., SA, 7468 Dyke Road N. Ridgeville, Ohio Wright, W. R. , SN 7 Prospect Vil1age,Trenton 8, N. J. Wysocki, J. W. , SN, 18150 Patton,Detroit19, Mich. "4" Division Hull, J. S., ENS, 507 Chester, Norfolk, Va. Madden, J., M. ENS, 3208 Cottman St. Phila. 49, Pa. Albert, J. A., SN, 106 Bessemer St. Veronai, Penn. Albert, L.J. , SN, Rt.2 Box 151, Richmond, Va. Aloi, J. E. , SN, Box 130 Janvier, N.J. Anderson, W. H., SN, 5022 Ebersole Cinti. Ohio Andrews, J., G. BMSN, 31 Park, Columbus, Ga. Artis, E, lnj, BMSN, 485 S. Eminant Nashville, Tenn. Athey, C. A.,SN, Star Route Afton, Mich. Backes, F. R., SN, 3507 Brewerton N. Syracuse, N.Y. Baisden, B. C., SA, 245 Broadway Kingston, N. Y. Bianco, A. J., SN, 260 Remington,N.Y. N. Y, Bledsoe, R, D., SN, 424 Kine Ave. W. Islip, L.I. N. Y. Burkett, W. D., SN, 297 B., .Johnstown, Penn. Campbell, J. J., SN, 8000 Hamilton Ave. Cinti 3, Ohio Chadwick, W. C. BM3, 85 Lenok Ave. Dumont, N.J. Chretien, R. D, , SA, 68 Mascoma St. Lebanon Cook, W. J., SN, Box 355 Ashberry, Mich. Cromwell, C. W., BM2128 S. lst., Louieville, Ky. Dale, cg J., BM3, Rt in Elk Creek, Va. D'amata, J. Cnj, BM3, 240 Dekalb Ave. Portsmouth, VS.. Dowda, G. D., Sn, G. Delivery Landrun, S. C. Edmisten, R. C., SN,B1ewing Rock North, Carolina Edmiston, C. A., SN, Grantsville Maryland Figaro, T, W., SN, 117 37th st. Union City, N.J. Fortin, D., SN, 60 E. Hoosal St. Adam, Mass. Frazer, J. E., SN, 5841 Dave Rd. Port Huron, Mich. Freeman, R., L. , SN, Rd 42 Waynesboro Penn. Fronius, G. A., SN, 13701 E. 134th St. Cleveland, Ohio Gadde, R. J., SN, 187 City Island, Bronx, N. Y. Gifford, R, J., BM1, 299 W. 2nd St. Boston, Mass. Grady, J. A. SA, 48 D., Pioneer Home, Elizabeth, N. J. Harper, J. I., BM2, 511 Cornwall Rd. Portsmouth, Va. Harris, D. M. , 8726 Brunswick Phila. Penn Hartman, D. E. , BM3, 119 Wyne Wright, Portsmouth, Va. Hartz, W, T., SN, Box 28 Jerry City, Ohio Harvey, D. A., SN, 313 Mulberry,Montourville, Penn. Haslett, B. H., SN, 6282 N. W. 15th St. Court Margate, Fla. Henry, R, D. , SA, lLehigh Ave. Newark, N. J. "4" Division Hobby, H.G. , BM2, RFD 1'+2 Lonoke, ArkansaS Hyde, D. C., SA, 920 W. Washington Igo, L,D., BM3, Ashton, S. Dakota Klemm, F.P., BM3, Gulf Shores, Ala. Kohuth, W.B., SN, 4455 Fitzgerald Yoimgstown, Ohio Kramer, Jr. L.H. , SN, 102018 Claramont Ave. NO1'fO1-k, Va. Krisalyn, W.B. , SA, 1040 S. Miller Saginaw, Mich. Leleld, J.J. , SN, 2918 Lindale Dayton, Ohio Leftridge, H.A., Sa, 514 7th Ave. St. Albans, W. Va. Lewis, A.R., SN, Box 357 Beverly, W. Va. Lewis, N, E. , BM3, Falling Rock W. Va. Lloyd, W.L. , BMSN, Rt 42 Lancaster S. Carolina Logan, J.L. SN, 452 Milton Rd. Rye, N. Y. Manning, S. A. , SA, Po Box 385 Herculansum, Mo. Marcum, S.E., BM3, Walling, Tenn. 2833 W. Belmont Marino, T.A. , SN, 2833 W. Belmont Chicago, Ill. Massie, W.P., SN, RFD 1'f'1L3.WSbI'OOk S. Action, Mass. McCarter, A. J., BM3, 2nd Marion St. Leavenworth, Kansas McNamara, T.M., SN, S. Bailey St. Lawrence, Mass. Mayer, T.J., SA, 126 N. Chicago, St. New Buffalo, Mich. Moran, P.J.,, SA, 36 Baxter St. Boston, Mass. Murphy, J. A., SN, Point Drive Calendin, W. Va. Murphy, J.P. , SN, 706 Vanderver Wilington, Delaware Parrott, H.F. , BM3, 422 5th St. Etewah, Tenn. Perrson, B. G. , SN, Naiad Road Rocky Point, L.I. N. Y. Phillips, G.J., SN, Rt. 1Camp Nill, Ala. Power, J.R. , SN, 147 Granite St. Rockport, Mass. Rehl, E. G. , SN, RD 2 Box 231 A Flemington, N.J. Rossman, W. F., SN, River St. Chatham, N.Y. Rhoads, R.W. , SA, 254 Josephine Ave. W. Conshahocken, Penn. Seibert, A,D., SN, 3280 Warfield Cinti- 39, Ohio Snyder, D.A. , SN, 1234 Randolph New Castle, Penn. Sower, H.D,, SN, Rt 141 Renise, Va. Spaulding, W. C. ,BMSN, 4404 E. Oceanview Norfolk, Va. Stackhouse, B.H., SN, Linebrook Rd. Ipswich, Mass. Stamps, J.D. , BM2, Rt 1t5 Box 466 Harriman, Tenn. Stolberg, K.V., SN, Roosevelt, J.J. Swanson, W.E., SA, 204 S. Hemlock, Fionwood, Mich. Terdik, G., SN, 414 Linden Bethleham, Penn. Thommes, P.A., SN, 168-36 88th Ave. Jamica, N. Y. Tuchek, A.M. , SN, 104lf2 W. Kline St. Girard, Ohio Ubalcdline,R. C. , SN, 2120 Earr St. Scranton, Penn. Weeks, P.'F., SA, 4610 Irish Pl. Rockville, Maryland Wallace, A.L. , SN, Rt. 1191 Box 31 Albany, Ohio Wilson, J.L., BM3, 318 Jeffery, Wilson Ho. Portmouth, Va. Wilt, D.R., SN, 1530 5th Ave. Junita Altoona, Penn. Winmill, W.H. , BMSN, 15 Eastwood Circuit Boston, Mass. Woods, D.C., SN, 2235 N. Center Hickery, N.C. Zycha, E. F.,BM3, 7800 Essington Ave. Phila. Penn. t"5" Division Ridge, Gordon A. , GMC, 21 Loretta Street Latrobe Pa. Baker, Horard C., GM3, Route '32 Bruce, Miss. Behan, Anthony, SN, Rapid Road Champlain, N. Y. Bookwalter, Dale -R, , SA, 1521 Frinklin St. Lafayette, Ind. Dawson, Carroll C., SA, Jefferson St. Waldoboro, Maine Fitzhugh, Nolan R., SN, 207 Harrington Ave. Cambridge, Md ' Francisco, Billy E., SN, 159 40th St. Nitro, W. Va. Francisco, John H., SN, 159 40th St. Nitro, W. Va. Giacomaro, Anthony J . , SN, 11 Magenta Lane Long Island, N. Y. Hoke, Richard A., SN, 6113 N. 22th St. Arlington 5, Va. Holton, Dale G. , GM3, 128 Vincient St. Chillicothe, Ohio Kelley, Horton M. , GM3, Stevenson Ala, Knight, Fitzhugh L. GM1, Route 142 Wagner S. C. Kraft, Loyd E. , GM3, Clen Dein West 'Virginia Kruse, John M. , GM2, 207 E. 85th St. New York City Lomedico, Joseph M., SN, 348 Child St. Rochester, N.Y. Marsh, Stephen L., SN, Route 42 Philipp, W. Va. Mayhew, Robert J., GM2, 321 Allen St. Norfolk, Va. McKinley, Arthur L. , SN, 1319 W. Humboldt St. Peoria, Ill. Meynardie, Bennie L., GM3, 302 Ingram St. Norfolk, Va. Morris, Jimmy F. , GM3, 3 Seminary St. La Grange Ga. Palermo, Nicholas Cnl, GMSN, 320 Harrison St. Hoboken, N. Partin, Jerry W. , SN, Box 225 Jellico, Tenn. Partin, Willard Qnl, GM3,Box 225 J ellico, Tenn. Pierce, Fred J., SA, Route 4142 Box 62 Fairhope, Ala. 4 Piotrasch, Charles F. , SN, 1318 Merrill Ave. Lincohm Park Pov1y211?:'w1111om I., GM2 646 Raleigh Road Rocky Mount, N.C. Roberts, "K" "T", SN, 819 N. Monroe St. Clinton, Ill. Sessoms,MarshalJ, GM3, Route 1't1 Box 122 Sims, N.C. Shutt, Robert E., SN, 236 Chestnut St. York, Penn. Smoak, Rgy L, , SN, Eure North Caroline Stewart, Ernest B., GM3, 2025 Blackeye St. Terre H311t8,IIld, Stone,John N., GM2, 25 Goethe Detroit, Mich. Stone, Michael D., GM3, 25 Goethe, Detroit, Mich. Ulrich, Robert B. , GM3 1845 Deer Park Louisville, Ky. Watts, Gilbert T. , SN, B 278 Elk Garden West Virginia Wiseman, Dale D. , SN, Woodville Ohio Worrell, Edward Inj, GM3, 1311 Fitzwater St. Apt. 14-L Phila. 47, Pa. H717 Div. Collier, James G. , Capt. , Thousand Pines, Box 247 Crestline, Calif. Bierman, Edward O. , 2nd LT. , 4037 Kottler Dr. Lafayette Hill, Pa. Guy, Douglas H. , lst SGT, 514-A Chester St. Norfolk, Va. Bogus, Robert A, , SGT, 222 Oakland Drive Elkin, N. C. Amorski, Richard S. , LCPL, 564 Chapman Street Hillside , N. J . Andrews, Paul D. , PFC, 2804 Zwdaker Ave. Youngstown, Ohio Bell, John R. , PFC, 406A East Howell Ave. Alexandria, Va. Bonosky, James P., PFC, 1400 Fidelity Drive, Pittsburg, Pa. Bradford, James P. , LCPL,944 Galbraith Ave. Boothwyn, Pa. Branscome, Robert G. , PFC, General Delivery Crowder, Mississippi Brown, Richard W. , CPL,555 E. 4th Street Panama City, F19.. Cooper, Fred G., PFC, 6214 Kelly Rd. Tampa, Fla. Craddock, Leon H. Jr. , PVT, Route 4144 Chatham, Va. Crawford, Charles E., PFC, 818 East Ave. Elyria, Ohio Crowe, Walter W. , PFC, Box 107, Peck Michigan Dahlgaard, Erik A., CPL, 825 S. Osprey Ave. Sarasota, Fla. Degroft, Herbert W. , CPL, 10 LaFayette Street Hanover, Pa. Farley, Lloyd, C. , PFC, Route 47 Marvville, Tenn. Fogg, John P. , LCP1, RD. 41 Norway, Me. Gaines, Richard E. LCPL, Rtttl, Corydon, Ky. Henderson, James W. LCPL, 16 Summer St. Holbrook, Mass. Howell, James E., PFC, Route 4142 La Grange, N.C. Hulak, John J . Jr. PFC, 212 Old Road Sewaren, N.J. Hunter, Randolph S. , PFC, 217 E. Howard St. Live Oak, Fla. Jackson, Flex T., PFC, Rt ifl Gladys, Va. Jacobs, Frank R. , PFC, 117 Prospect St. Wilkes Barre, Pa. Johnson, Michael B. , PFC, 115 Kingwood, Dr. Newport, News Va Johnston, Joseph Jr. , PFC, Apt. L21 Rosemore Gardens, Glenside, Pa. Johnston, Michael D., PVT, 101 Waits Ave. Conege Park, Georgia JOTEBQSGH, Warren D. , PFC, 520 W. 122nd St. New York, Kirk, Franklin A. , PFC, Middleburg,Va. Kitts, Lantie D. , PVT, Virginia Beach,Va. Krosihsky, Robert, LCPL, 1260 Baldwin st. Waterbury, Conn. Lindau, Paul E. Jr., PFC, 1415 Palisade Ave. Union City, N. J. V Lorange, Bruce G. , PVT, 180 Parkside Drive, Warwick, R. I. Maginnis, Willard H., PVT, 1529 S. 12th Street,Harrisburg, a Mono-rhoy, Joseph L. Jr. , -LCPL, 122 stamhongh Ave. Sharon, Pa. Megela, Jack E. , PFC, 194 Homestead Dr. Youngstovxm, Ohio Mohtohos, Henry L. Jr., LCPL, 40 Colfax Ave, Grant City, Staten Island 6, N. Y, Murdock, Graham H. , PFC, 1104 Caldwell St. Statesville, N. C. Neigigmlhan, John Joseph J r. , PVT, 2 Ash Street Williamantic, Pofigotf, James A., LCPL, 3110 Hartiage Ave. Louisville, Y. Patterson, Robert M., CPL, 802 North Madison s. Athens, Alabama Penic, Otto, PFC, 665 West Ave. Sewaren N J Przybyszowskl, Ralph G., CPL, 29 Boulde,r Lane-,H1o1tsv111o, New York npr:-4'v"""2r'4m'?1"""" ' 'F f ' , I , Q. . - .' .3 3, .pw 1 , P W yu., ,,,,,, , V., A . "7" Div. qUsMcy Rockhill, Irvin S. , PFC, 37 Mary Street Bordentwon, N.J. Seay, Charles L. , CPL, Box 212 RT 4191, Pickens, S. C. Shoenfelt, Dennis W. , PFC, 1032 3rd Ave. Altoona, Pa. Shutica, Robert C. , CPL, Box 248 Clarence, Pa. Slugaski, Roger J. PFC, 324 Elizabeth Ave. Elizabeth, N.J. Smith, Seaborn A. Jr. , LCPL, Rt 4+2 Box l5'L Frisco City, Ala. Strunk, Thomas R. , PFC, 1008 3rd Ave., Altoona, Pa. Traynor, Dennis, PFC, 83 Lake Ave. Colonia, N.Y. Usko, Raymond T. , PFC, 700 15th Street,Oakmont, Pa. Viehmann, Ronald, CPL, 13 Main St. W. Glen Falls, N.Y. Wicker, Reid L. , LCPL, Rt 1193 Carthage, N.C. Williams, Kenneth P. , LCPL, l77 Carroll Rd. Riviera Beach, Md, "F" Division Hicks, John W. , LT, 3201 Woodrow Ave. Richmond, Va. Mitchell, Ellis G., ENS, 4909-16 Ave. Meridian, Miss. Lantelme, Henry A. CWO-4, 8118 Walters Court Norfolk, Va. Bennett, John B., FTC, Burnsville, N.C. . Barker, Coby C. , SN, 1304 Oak Hill Drive Lexington, Ky. Blake, John V., FT3, 701 Yale St. Archbald, Penn. Bredow, Eugene Cnj, FTSN, 636 South Second St. Roger City, Mich. Brown, Wesley E. , SN, 4665-62 St. North St. Petersburg, Fla. Callia, Michael fnl , SN, 5427 Elysion Fields Ave. New Orleans, La. Craig, Delwin D. , SN, 14636 Young St. Detroit 5, Mich., Dick, John J. , SN, 217 North Cherry St. Shamokin, Penn. Dimes, C.G., FT2, 3420 Jasper St. Phila. 34, Penn. Donoghue, William D. FT3, 610 E. Ellsworth St. Midland, Mich. Fisher, Norman W., FTSN, 1212 2nd, St. Snohomish, Wash. Fitch, Larry R., SN, 659 W. Nevada St. Ontario, Calif. Fredrickson, George S. , SN, 322 Harvard Rd. Garden City Harter, Richard V. , FT3, 909 Kentucky S. E. Albuquerque, N. M Howden, Ernest D. , SN, 200 Litchfield St. Bay City, Mich. Hundorf, Carl E. FT1, Route 1142, Waupon, Wis. Johnston, William R. , SN, 1131 Cedar St. Port Huron, Mich. Kerrigan, Gerald E. , FT3, Metuchen, N.J. Marchese, Vincent P. , SN, Smithtown, N. Y. Mayer, Rudolph fnj, SN, Nemacelin, Penn. Mims, Glen A., FT3, Clanton, Ala. Noyes, Jeffery W. , FTL3, 3924 Elia St. Bossier City, La. O'Keefe,John K, SN. , 512 Middlesex Rd. , Darien, Conn. O'Nei1, Paul D. , SN. , National St., RT. 44, Pittsfield, Mass. O'Neil, Paul D. , SN., 512Midd1esex Rid, Darien, Conn. Phillips, David A. , FTSN, 3450 Felton St.'South Salem, Ore. Pugh, Walter J. , FT3, 429 E. McLemore Ave. Memphis, Tenn. Quam, Robert S., FTSN, 1116 N. 17th St. Bismarck N. Dak. Reed, Terry W., SN, 20 E. Franklin St. Greencastle, Penn.. Safara, Francis C. , SN, 138-23rd St. Brooklyn 32, N.Y. Sherman, Cornelius A. ll, YN3, Somerdale Sz Ford Ave. RFD. ' Haddonfield, N.J. Schroll, Dale E., YNSN, 329 Locust St. Wrightsville, Pa. Smith, Ronald G. , YN3, 151 East Main Street Ramsey, N.J. Steward, John D. , SA, 205 Valley Rd.x Cos Cob, Conn. Torrence, Raymond fnl, SN, 1030 Dubhly St. Akron 5, Ohio Wallace, Charles V. D. , SN,23 Orange Ave. Goshen, N.Y. Wilbanks, William E., FT3, Walnut, Miss. Williams, Richard A. , Sn, P.O. Box 117 Ishpening, Mich. Windle, Paul F., SN, 144 E.Bisbee St. Marceline, Missouri "G" Division Armstrong, Stephen O. , LT, 413 Peppermill Lane Norfolk, Va. Funston, Walter H. , ENS, 5385 Hummel Drive Riveroaks, Norfolk, Va. Bashaw, Loyd W. , ENS, 2412 Juniper Street Norfolk, Va. Shay, John W.. , ENS, Box 541 Atlanta, Ill. Owen, Franklin B. , CWO-4, 7637 Restmere Road Norfolk, Va. Newton, Clyde W. , AOCA, Box 532 McColl, S. C. Hughes, Albert J. , AOCA, Slocomb Ala. McRaney, Cliford H. , ATCA, 4301 Doziers Corner Rd. Norfolk, Va. Beatty, Thomas G. , AOCA, 316 Washington St. Montoursville, Pa. .,.-, ..... -- - 1 . ... . .- -.'-.--1.ff'1i.g:,L'1 g will l.....A 4 ..L3ff11'Li, .'.1:2???ff?5iY"Q..Ia Smith, Ronald A. , ATCA, 8021 Diggs RD. Norfolk, Va. Anzur, Ivan S. , SN, RFD 4 Box 252 Chardon, Ohio Ashley George E. , AO2, 528 Capital Ave. Battle Creek, Mich. Bahringer, Douglas J. , SN, 3410 N. 98th St. Milwaukee, Wis. Baker Jack E. , AOl, 802 W. Okla. Blackwel1,0kla. Banta, Russel Qnl, SN, Discharged Barnes, Gordon Jr. Cnj, AA, 3776 Webb St. Detroit Mich. Barr, Darrell C. , AN, 1002 3rd St. Brilliant, Ohio Bedinger, John D., AN, 4829 McCasland Ave. E. St Louis, Ill. Bell Mansel E. , AOl, 518 Sandusty St. Shelbyville, Tenn. Bergen James D. , AN, 8550 Tidewater Dr. Norfolk,Va. Berger Carl M. , AN, 499 Clifford Ave. Rochester, lll. Blankinchip, Kermit G. , AN, Route 1 Box 224 Citronelle, Ala. Blasingame, Clitus C., GM3, Route 3, Meadville, Miss. Bordeaux Robert R. , AO2, 345A. Allen St. Norfolk,V2.. Bray, Clarence E. , AOl, Rt if l Floyd,Iowa Brooks, James W.. , A02 42 Elm St. Aragon, Ga. Burton, Charles R. , SN, RD if 1 Elwood City, Pa. Cameron, Thomas W. , SN, 912 Chumley RD. Portsmouth, Va. Caduette, Claude N. , AO3, 17 Fort Hill Ave. Old Orchard Beach, Maine Cartee, Gerald D., GM3, 218 Forrest St. Spartanburg, S.C Carlson, Jon J. , SN, 1308 W. "A" St. Iron Mountain,Mich. Cheek, Harvey P. , AN, Box 524 Urania,La. Clark, Eugene C., GMI, Personal Clifford, John D, , AO3, Newry, Maine Cosby James T. , AO3, 1217 Cherrywood P.O. Box 597 Richardson, Texas Cox, Milton Cnj, AN, 117 Rockwell Chicago, Ill. Cox, William P. , AO3, 423 5th St. S.W. Hickory N. C. Crabtree, James D., SA, 124 E. Livingston St. Highland Mich. Crowell, Willie J . , SN, 1701 La. Belle Detroit,Mich. Cruce, James D., SA, 250 Cumberland Ave. Paducah, Ky. Dahn, Allen T. , AO3, 373 Smith St. Buffalo, N.Y. Deal, Clarence D. , AN, 1500 Quincy Ave. Falls Church, Va. Dean, David A. , AO3, Rt,a1f4' Box 44 Charleston W. Va. Dehn, Warren E. , AO3, 418 Mill St. Sandusky,Ohio Depaul, Vincent L., AN, 1935 Berkshire St. Phila. Pa. Dixon Alfred A. , An, Englewood, Calif. Dodson Lee A. , AO2, 924 N. Danville St. Arlington,Va. Dugger Kennith N. , SN, Box 122 Alverton,Pa. Elliott, Boyce W., AO3, Townsend, Va. Fantaroni, Ronald D. , AOAN, 187 Everett St. Southbridge, Mass. Fielder, Bobby L. , AO2, -- Flowers, John E., AO3, P.O. Box 266 Millington,Tenn. Fussner, Melvin J. , AO2, RFD 1 Eaton,Ohio Galica, Jerome L., AO3, 1316 Minn. St. Oshkosh, Wis. Gill, John R. , AN, Batavia, N.Y. Glad, Richard C. , SN, Lancaster, Minn. Goforth,Robert L. Jr. , AO3, 990 Wheeler Ave. Cranston R.I. Goodridge, Francis E. , AA, 175 Carnation Ave. Floral Park L.I. N.Y. Goodson, Joseph W. , AO3, Box 664 Puducah, Texas Gordon, Lawrence B. , AN, 1024 Mich. Ave. Miami Beach Fla. Graves,Wi1liam C. , SA, Rt 451 Box 85 Salem, N.J. Grayson, Thomas L. , GS2, 9028 Forest Ave. Overland,Md. Gunter, Leonard I. , GM2, 338 "F" St. Thomaston Ga. Gross, Edward J. , SN, 3 Marian Place,Is1and Park ,L.I. N. Y. Hafner, Richard E. , AN, RT 4f2,Box 228 Severna Park,Md. Hall, Donald O. , AO2, UticaSt. Dervyter, N. Y. Hand, William J., AOl, 8227 Gygax Rd. Norfo1k,V2. Halpern Kenneth L. , SA, 664 Ralph Ave. Brooklyn N. Y. Hanson, Norris O., AOl, Lisbon,N. Dakota Hensley, Edward M, , SN, Rt 43 Box 724 A Erwin, Tenn. Howell, Raybert A. , AO3, 6 Hill St. Onanock,Va. Holmes, James P, , An, Rt 1193 Box 444 Mariana, Fla. Hoyt, John L., AO3, P.O. Box 37 Neshoba,Miss. Hussey, Ronald E, , AN, Rt ifl Box 113 Mariana, Fla. Huxhold, Donald E. , AO3, 427 Mt. Ave. S. W. Roanoke,Va. Jefferson Bill Cnj, GM3, 245 Jeffry Wilson Portsmouth,Va. Jennings, Joseph A. , AO2, 610 VirginiaAve, Wrginia Beach,Va. "'f5"' Lx . K "G" Division . Jenkinswilllam T. , SN, 122 Northmont Ave. Mt. Ephraim N.J. J ohnson,Freddie W., , AT2, P.O. Box 423 Moimt VernonWash. J ohnson,Howard Cnj, .AO3 Rt 142 Box 192 J Glade Spring Va. J ones John Paul III, SN, White Plains, N.Y. Kahn,Charles B. , AN, 222 Bird Ct. South Charleston W. Va. Knuchel, Fred F., AOAN, 107 Fernleaf St. Pittsburg, Pa. Kosman, William F. , SN, 4566 N. Palethorp St. Phila. Pa. Krajeski,Peter N., , ATN3, 152 Buena Vista Ave. Yonkers N. Y. Lacinski, Kenneth J . , GM3, 5943 Ku1ick.St. Detroit, Mich. Lance, James, W., AN, 9505 Rosemary Lane Berkelen, 34, Mo. ' 'A . Lasiter Elvie D., AT1, Rt. 142 Cawdell, Kansas . Lawrence, Raymond, E, , GM3, 1516 Elm Ave., Portsmouth, Va. A Lee, Delbert C. , AOl,-- Lockridge, Jack T., SN, 620 W. Main St. Manchester, Mich. Luckett, Charles D. , SN, 4437 Crawford Ave Pleasure Ridge Park, Ky. Luckey, James E., AO3, 1519 Laureld Dr. Concoro, Calif. Mann, Lang T., AO2, Box 25 Durham, N.H. Marasek, Thomas R. , SN, 8933 Africa Rd, Westerville, Ohio Matzek, Ernest C., ATl, 720 South 8th St. Alhambra, Calif. Mayhugh, Garry W., SA, Rt. itl St. Marys, Ohio Moan, Raymond cg , AN,Knottyoak Road Coventry, R. I. Montgomery, William L. , AO2, Apt. .l2, Victory Hights, Pratt, Kansas , Mull, Wayne F. , SN, 104 Mayfield St. Greer, S. C. Murphy, Paul J., AO2, 22 Claremont, Ave. Kenmore 23, N.Y. Nordstrom, Gary V., AO3, 125 E. 3rd St. Jacksonville, Fla. Paff, John E., SN, 1230 New Hampshire Ave. Apt. 71l,Wash. 6, D, C. Pearce, Jack D., AOl, 124 Seaview Ave. Norfolk, Va. Parsons, Larry E., AN, 626 Mac Carkle Ave. S. Charleston, W. Va. . Orsborn, Edgar D., AA, 4435 W. 67th Place Cleveland, Ohio Peyton, Paul D. , GMSN, Crab Orchard, W.' Va. Pfaff, Stanley G., AO3, 664 S. Richardson Ave. Columbus, Ohio . Pitts, Ronald W., AOAN, 313 N. Jefferson St. Bay City, Mich. Quirk, Warren G. , GMSN, 1709 Carrollton St. Indianapolis, ' Ind. 1 Rampy, Robert4J., GM3,' 662 Oakhil1,Jackson, Mich. Reed, Donald C. , SN, 1229 Hillside Ave. Norfolk 3, Va. Rial, Earl V., AO3, 1416 Pospect Ave. Fort Dodge, Iowa Ross, John J , , SN, 8120 Rutland Detroit, Mich. Rushlow, James W., AO3, Wyandotte, Mich. Sampson, Robert K., AO3, Cameron W, Va. Scalzott, Donald J., AO2, 310 Linden, St. Vandergrift, Pa. Schnell, Theodore Cnj, SN, 9642 Selby Place, Norfolk, Va. Schroeder, John P. ,'.SN, 5800 W. Main St. Belleville, Ill. Sellers, Clifford R. , AO2, 500 Mission Hill RD. Boynton Beach, Fla. A f Seaton, David L., AN, 301 Winona St. S. Charleston, W. Va. Sherba, Charles, J., AOl, 1858 S. Oriole Dr. Norfolk 3, Va. Sees, Harold G. , SN, N. 10th St. Lewisburg Pa. H Shuttleworth, James E. , SA, 4600 Cecil Place St. Louis, Mo. Simpson, James, L., AOAN, Rt 4141 Hebron, Ohio Singleton, Robert tnj, SN, 415 E. 94th St. Chicago, I11. Sitek, Ronald J., SN, 1941 W. 37th St. Erie, Penna. Smith, David M., AO3, Hamlet, N.C. Smithey, Tommy E., AO3, 9608 22nd St. Norfolk, Va. Southwick, James A. , AO3, 703 Trenton St. Alexandria, Ind. Spangler, Alfred E., AO2, Rt i+l,Box98,Peters Town, W. Va. Speiden, Creal F., , SN, 2119 Capers,Nashvil1e, Tenn. Stewart, Abraham N. , SN, 156 Highland Ave., Middletown, N.Y Stringham, McLloyd ini, AO2, P.O. Box 5 Emery, Utah Sullivan, James R., AOl, 808 Broadway Elmira, N.Y. Taylor, Ernest A., SN, Rt itl,Brandon, Vermont Truett, Clyde D. , AN, 701 Mill St, ,New Madrid, Mo. Turner, Harry L., AA, 120 Freeman Circ1e,Athens, Ga. Van Horn, Fredrick W. , AO3, Lee's Hill Rd ., RFD., Basking Ridge, N.J. Walli, Charles G. , AN, Box 202 Clidden, Wis. Ward, Robert L. Jr., AN, Rt 4191, Cantril, Iowa Ward, Zane C., AOl, 2719 Margaret Ct. Augusta, Ga. Williams, Andrew N. , AN, 913 Green St., Portsmouth, Va. Williams, Jack R. , AO1, 8826 Albemarle Dr., Norfolk, Va., Wilson, Donald A. , SN, -- Winston, Harry D. , AO3,-- Wright, Charles ini, AOAN, Barclay N.E,, Grand Rapids, Mic h. Young, James C. , AN, 1376 Iroquois Ave., Cleveland, Ohio "W" Division Bagg, Richard T. Jr. , LCDR, 6 South Valley Ave., Vineland, N.J. Delozier, Kirby B. , LTJG, 1315 West Capital St. Apt. K1 Jackson 3, Miss. Peters, Milton G., LTJG, 2601 Eltham Ave. Norfolk, Va, Miller, Owen E. , LTJG, 290 Abbott Rd. Buffalo 20, N. Y. Sears, Edward R. , LTJG, 637 Jersey Ave. Jersey City 2, N.J. Parker, Lloyd L., ENS, 515 Riverside Ave. Covington, Va. Miller, Lawrence M, , CWO4, 5538 Poplar Halls Dr. Norfolk, Va. Parker, Roy E. , CWO4, 512 East Greer St. Honea Path,S.C. Schuler, Russell L., CWO3, 7432 Jeannie St. Norfolk, Va. Stroberg, John E., CWO2, 1827 Brookwood Rd.. Norfolk, Va. Sluss, Charles S. , WOl, Warfield, Ky. Hoffman, James W. , ETC, 110 Winston Dr. Wil1ia.msburg,Va, Roberts, William F. , GMTC, Zook's Trailer Court Yorktovsm, Va. Chitwood, Jessie J., GMTCA, 425 Munden Ave. Norfolk, Va. Anderson, William F., EM1, 625 Anchor St. Phila. 20, Pa. Bullaboy, David L., GMT2, 509 E. Center St. Lexington, N.C. Buxton, Jerald W. , GMT3, 1100 South 12th St. Lamar, Col. Cook, Kenneth .E., GMT3, RR 44 Lancaster, Ohio Cornelius, Dennis A., GMT3, 706 N. 27th Street, Fargo, N. Dakota Creasser, William N. , GMT3, Star Route, Richfield, Kansas Crump, Edward E. , GMT1, 1437 Minefee St. Richmond, Va. Cummings, James H. , SN, 400 Trippe Ave. Easton, Md. Dubray, Charles P., GMT3, Mason Rd. Fredericksburg, TeX. Embree, Russell L. , GMTSN, Camp Point Ill. Fritzinger, Larry B. , GMT2, 107 North Clark Ave. Somerville, N.J. Fuller, Kenneth A., GMT3, Garden City, Missouri Giddings, Bruce .F., , GMT2, 'Route 452 Evart, Mich. Green, John J. , GMTSN, 4632 Salmon St. Phila. Perma. Griggs, Jimmy T. , GMT2, 2716 Iberia 'Street Baton Rouge, La. Hanson, David E., SKl, Merrill, Wis. ' Harris, Ralph B. Jr. , GMT1, 630 Olney Dr. San Antonio 9, Tex. Hoenie, Marvin R. , GMT2 RR 43 Box 251 Celina, Ohio Jones, Richard A. , GMT3, 2539 South 10th St. Fresno, Calif. Jones, Vernon W. , GMT2, 9532B llth Bay St. Norfolk, Va. King, Edmund W., GMT3, 512 Peden St. Winston-Salem, N.C. Markham, Gerald D., GMT3, P.O. Box 344 Canby, Oregon McClure, David R. , GMT2, Route 1 Ravenna, Texas Mickosawich, Michael W., GMT2, 69 Main St. Ogdensburg, N.J. Miller, William H. , G1VlT3, Star Route South Pittsburg, Tenn. Neill, Ronald D. , GMTSN, 402 Hunters Lane, Ontario, Oregon Neill, Melvin E. , AA, 402 Hunters Lane, Ontario, Oregon Nugent, Clyde D. , GMl, 132 Wainwright Dr. , Portsmouth,Va. Olsey, Robert C. , GMT2, 14022 Hazelmere Ave. Cleveland l1,0hio Phillips, Luther P. , GMT1, 45A Van Steuban Dr. Yorktown, Va. Pierce, William N., GMT3, 655 Buckingham Ave. Milford, Conn Provost, Normand P. , GMT2,92 Howard St. Irvington, N.J. Ross, Roger D, GMT2 205 F. St. Milford, Nebraska Rutherford, Jerry T., GMT2, Route1if'4, Albany, Georgia Ryan, Raymond L. , GMT2, Orchard Street, Marlboro, N.Y. Sabens, Fred M., GMTSN, RR4t2, Ladoga, Indiana Sartorius, Vernon C.R. , GMTSN, Box 191, Sardinia, Ohio Schwier, Barry W. , GMTSN, 585 Pioneer Trail Saginaw, Mich. Selby, Henderson H. , GMT3, 4112 Winchester Ave. Ashland, Ky. Sherman, Monroe F. , GMT2, PO Box 424 Thornton, Calif. Snydlei, David A, , GMTSN, 211 East Grant St. Detroit Lakes, inn. Warner, Robert T., YN3, 411 Price Ave. Harrodsburg, Ky. COMMUNICATIONS DEPARTMENT g Officers Laske, Robert M., LCDR, 5520 Brickell Rd, Norfolk, Va. LYOUIE, J0SePh F- Jr. , LTJG, 2812 Kenilworth St. Pittsburg 26, 3-. werdeu, Robert P., LTJG, 37 Miriam Ave. Biesdeu 19, N.Y. Nloates, Danny R., ENS, 3641 Northcote Dr. Birmingham, Ala. 0 Donnell, Martin F., ENS, 4037 Gilbert st. Dallas, Texas Hellefen, Stephen M., ENS, 38 Johnston Ave. Cohoes, N.Y. Seymeur, Geeffrey, ENS, Box 115 Gates Mills, Ohio Valania, Martin F., ENS, 419 Franklin St. Lansdale, Pa. 346 ' - A . ,, , A' " J . ' - . f I ' ' A ..5"'1- ' 7t'lt"'ff-f':"' ..- -. "CR" Division Richardson, Romaine H. , RMCS, 400 Anoka Ave. ,Norfolk 2, Va Mitchell, Robert C. , RMC, 3753 Mississippi Ave.,Norfolk 2, Va. Adams, Marshall L. , RMSN, 1027 Robberson, Springfield, Misouri Agard, Fredrick L. , RMSN, 12 Peninsula Dr. Binghamton, N Y o v Bailey, Paul D., RMSN, 112 W. Robinwood, Detroit 3, Mich. Baloga, Roger J., RMSN, Box 147 Slickville, Pa. Barber, Thomas C. , SN, 7413 E. Parkside Dr.,Youngstown 12, Ohio Brent, Charles R., SN, 2708 Greystone RD., Nashville, Tenn. Briggs, Dennis L. , SN, 1832 Norfolk Lane Falls Church, Va. Caldwell, Raym0ndS., PC2, Rt. 1BoX 5139 Choudrant, La. Ciborowski, Peter S., RM3, 16-17A 56 Rd. Maspeth 78, L. I., N.Y. Compher, Atlee C.V.H, RM3, RFD 4194, Frederick, Md. Conklin, Timothy F., YNSN, 946 Iowa,S.W.,Grand Rapids, Mich. Cremeans, Roma J., RM3, Route l,Rut1and, Ohio Daniel, Robert G., RM3, 166 Elyria Ave.,Amherst, Ohio Davenport, Arthur, RM2, 3008 S. Wallace St., Chicago 16, Ill. Davis, Donald L. , RMSN, 3209 Maury St.,Richmond 24, Va. Davis, David R. , SN, 1628 Doolittle Rd., Baltimore 21, Md. Domer, Morton C. , SN, 1520 Roosevelt Dr., Fort Wayne, Ind. Earley, James F. , RM3, 104 Bay Ave.,Atlantic Highlands, N. J. 1 Ferguson, Charles L. , RM3, Route 4tl,Twisp., Washington Ferero, Michael J. , RM3, 356A Helmick St.,Norfolk 5, Va. Fuller, Charles S. , RMSN, 610 Cape Fear Ave., Fayetteville, N. C. Galliman, Edwin H. , SN, 837 Winona Blvd., Rochester 17, N.Y. ' Giarrusso, John A., RMSN, 2220 W. llth St., Brooklyn, N.Y. Gill, Grady T. , SN, Route 4192, Box l89A, Camaron, Texas Giszak, Dennis P., RMSN, Schunnemunk St.,Monroe, N. Y. Glenzer, Ronald H., RM3, 3332 Taylor Ave., Racine, Wis. ' Gilman, Ernest W. Jr. , RM2, 149 Sachem St. , Apt. 4143, Norwich, Conn. , ' Goodall, Charles B. Jr., SN, 2819 Overhill Rd., Jackson, Mich. Guirm, George W. , RM3, 1205 Grand Ave., Beardstown, Hall, Timothy L., RMSN, Route 42, Box 794, Largo, Fla. Hyde, David L., RM2, P.O. Box 143, Naylor, Mo. Ingram, Reginald T., RM3, Box 183, Ellerbe, N. C. James, William L., RM2, 892 Norview Ave., Norfolk, Va. Kaye, Robert D. , RM2, 13 Gifford Court, Maplewood, N. J. Lawson, Stanley R., RMSN, 1713,Boas St., Harrisburg, Pa. Lee, James R., SN, 236 East 11th St., Erie, Pa. I Longi, James V. , RM2, 32 Fountain Place, Poughkeepsie, Ill. N.. Y. Lowder, Michael E. , RM2, 506 Plymouth St. ,Kannapolis, N.,C. McKim1ey, Louie T., RM2, 204 Bridgeview Rd., Baltimore, 25 Md. Meadors, Gary D., RMSN, 15101 Sumner, Detroit 39, Mich Mercer, Michael T., YN3, R.D. 2, Box 4218, New ' Cumberland, W. Va. Miller, John L. , RM3,- 308 Ridgeway St. , Coal Grove, Ohio Misner, Gerald E., RlVl3, R.R. 4192, Davenport, Iowa Morlan, Robert L. , RMSN, 3000 'Brighton St. , Kansas City, Mo. Muzzioli, Paul C. , RMSN, 15 Chandler St. , Somerville, Mass. Neal, Michael L., RM2, Rt. 4, Box 442, Piedmont, S.C. Norton, Robert G. , RMSN, 1691 Oneida Court, Louisville 15, Ky. Palmeri, Randall R., RMSN, 2622 S. 6th St., Rockford, Ill. Peters, William J., SN, RD ffl, Brownsville, Pa. Peterson, Gerald, RM3, 162 East l0th St., Chicago Heights, Ill. Pollins, Larry I, RMSN, 725 Asylum Ave., Hartford, Conn. Pryor, Ronald, SN, 105 Archer St., Pittsburgh, Pa. Purlee, Kenneth E., RM3, R.R. ffl, Cassopolis, Mich. Reiher, Peter L., RMSN, 707 West Spring St., St. Marys, Ohio Riley, James E., SN, 130 Marcy Lane, Greenwood, Ind. Sadowski Edward A., SN, 72 Shady Lane Dr., Lakewood, N.J. 347 Safron, Gaber J. , RMSN, 1989 W. Turkeyfoot Rd. , Barberton, Ohio Sellirs, Dan G., TERM1, 918 36th St. ,Des Moines 12, owa Smith, Ronald E. , RMSN, 1385 Metropolitan Ave. , Atlantic Georgia Smith, Vincent L., RMSN, Box 383, Convoy, Ohio Stratton, Thomas C. , RM3, 314 Keturah St. , Newport, Ky. Summerlin, Daniel E., SN, 488 Albertus Ave. , Toledo 2, Ohio , Swatek, Robert T. , RM3, 125 E. Dodge St. , Port Wash. , Wis. Wash. Truskowski, John H. , SN, 128 Fourth St. , Wyoming, Pa. Turner, Bobby J. , .RM1, 236-A Baker St. , Norfolk 5, Va. Tyree, Charles N., RMSN, RFD 4143, Box 530, Bluefield, W. Va. 3 Van Driak, Paul M. , SN, 154 Fifth Street, Rankin, Pa. Wildin, William R., RM3, 715 E. Davis, Sullivan, Ind. Witt, Eldon E., RM3, P.O., Box 66, Bijou, Calif. Yetman, Robert, RM1, 241 Eagle St., Bridgeport, Conn. Baker, David A., RMSN, 704 S. Olive, Bakersfield, Calif. "CS" Division Coughlin, Raymond C., SMC, None Bermett, Robert L., SM3, 113 Pittman Ave., Valdosta, Georgia Brown, William H., SM3, 136 Summer St. , Waltham, Mass. Carpenter, Richard L., SM1, 20 Sumner Ave. , W. Terre Haute, Ind. Crutchfield, Toostie L., SM2, 1101 Madison, S.W. Idabel, Okla. - Daughtery, Maxie L. , SM2, 601 Rosie Lane, Davenport, Iowa Fulkerson, Myrl'J., SN, 2256 West 91st St., Cleveland, Ohio A 1 Graham, Darr T., SN, 2851 Pioneer Dr., Ambridge, Pa. Haney, Reginald L., SN, 24-Amity St., Hartford, Conn. Hausman, Ronald W., SN, Route 4:51, Mertztown, Pa. Johnson, Larry M., SN, 408 Ada St., Boise, Idaho Lamontagne, Alfred R. , SM3, 7 Grand View Ave., Sanford, Maine Leroy, Zachery D., SMSN, 16 Railroad Ave., Stamford, N.Y. g Lyman, Herbert A., SN, 4131 E. Winslow Ave., Phoenix 40, Arizona 1 Lynn, Orval L., SM1, 22 Blue St., Portsmouth, Va. Maner, Howard J., SM2, 28701 Somerset, Inkster, Mich. McDowell, Earl L., SM3, 4208 S. Mich. Ave. , Chicago, Ill. A Nichols, Loyd H., SMSN, 374 Rosemont Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio - Perry, Donald O., SM3, 120 Medina St., Rittman, Ohio Shaw, Norman G., SN, 145 E. Channel St., Newark, Ohio Shepler, Monte P., SN, 313 McCready Way, Swickely, Pa. Smith, John P., SM2, 3105 Chestnut St., Oakland, Calif. Smith, Mervin E., SN, 13135 Indian Ave., Sunnymead, Calif. Stanton, Philip J., SN, 306 Arthur Ave., Endicott, N. Y. West, John A., SN, 304 Randolph St. , Jackson, Mich. Ham, Cleon A. Jr., SM3, 712 Kalarama St., Stauton, Va. CARRIER AIR GROUP EIGHT Staff Officers E Ferris James, CDR, 580 Abingdon Rd. , Virginia Beach, Va. Tierney John M. , LCDR, 154 Lake Shore Dr. , Virginia Beach, Va. Tissot, Ernest E., LCDR, 9249 Harton Rd., Lynnhaven, Va Whittemore Frederick H. , LCDR, 756 Harton Circle, Lynnhaven, Va. ' Lemmon, Virgil J., LT, 213 85th St. , Virginia Beach, Va. Stradley, George R., LT, Rt. 636, Box 9, Virginia Beach, Va. Bransfield, James J. , LT, 2145 West Farwell Ave. , Chicago 45, Ill. Pursch, Joseph A., LT, 181 Brook Rd., London Bridge, Va Jackson, William I. , LTJG, 9509 Raintree Rd. , Lynnhaven Va. 7 ,i,,.lY1Ilu-,,7-- 5' is , 'g r wj rl 'Sl ag Eli. . l u' 1 3 K ga s.: ii ' r 4 Pi :r o E 'U U1 o V: S 5 B FU E VIP CD C F-4 CD E fD sv Q. o E FU P' P-l sv 0 .52 E Q rw 1 rf r . lb. ,qs , ,. ,a gi' i , ,A ' CM N wig +1 ' ,E Ci 'K it li is 2, 5 'tl Q 51 11 .1 i ' 1 ,N G.. , la ,f 1 I . if if, I6 fl 1 E 4 1. w If 1151 'u 1, 4, s. ,, ' 4 . it V. 1 vv 1, -r . a 1 ,i V--L... .-...., v--- .U ---A-1"t"" -7- ' ' A I 1 6 Staff Officers Shook, Melvin G., AECS, 300 Mable Lane, Virginia Beach, Va. Lasalle, Rolphe "N", ADCA, 683 Sharp St., Lynnhaven, Va. Hawes, Daniel L., ATC, 40 Sylvan Dr. , E. Greenwich, R. I. Dickens, Shelah M., DK1, 1206 Manatee Dr. , Norfolk, Va. Fabinski, "P" Michael, DK3, 717 Milwaukee Ave., South Milwaukee, Wis. Miller, Richard J., SN, Route 4152, Galion, Ohio Osborne, Bernard F., YN1, 4958 Grayton, Cleveland 35, Ohio Pardon, Earl S., YN2, 1302 Negley Ave., Evansville, Ind. VA-81, Squadron Rumble, Richard E. , CDR, 589 Brandon Rd., Va. Beach, Va. Herbert, Edward D., LCDR, 930 16th Ave. , N. Jacksonville Beach, Va. Brummitt, Gerald F. , LCDR, 9213 Harton Rd. Lynnhaven, Va. Kneale, James E., LCDR, 20175 Chateau Dr., Saratoga, Calif. Tuzo, Paul B. III, LT, 110 Hollday Rid., Va. Beach, Va. Adamson, Edwin C. Jr., LT, 111 Bailey Lane, Va. Beach, Va. Chase, Henri B. IH, LT, 115 Karen Lane, Oceana, Va. Mullen, Cornelius W. , LT, 728 Caren Dr. , Birchwood Gardens, Lynnhaven, Va. Wood, Melvin C. , LT, 9109 Hopkins Rd., Lynnhaven, Va. Buono, Robert T., LT, 117 King St., Cover, N.J. Walsh, John B., LT, 31 Pallets Rd. , London Bridge, Va. Tenefrancia, Ambrose J. , LTJG, 205 Strawberry Lane, London Bridge, Va. Miklas, Ramutis K. , LTJG, 11 Potters Court, Great Neck, N. Y. Palomaki, Donald R., LTJG, R. I., Box 531, Ishpeming, Mich. Gray, Robert, LTJG, 9145 Anthony Lane, Lynnhaven, Va. Wendelen, Wilding E., LTJG, RD 4141, Sidney Center, N.Y., Hodge, Byron F. , LTJG, 4939 Ben Lomond Ave. , Ogden, Utah Tonn, Richard L. , LTJG, 1838 Becker St., Schenectady 4, N. Y. Rutz, Jerry D. , LTJG, 3871 Dry Creek Rd. , Healdsburg, Calif. Kishman, John Inj, ADCS, 110 Baillio Rd., London Bridge, Va. Senappe, John Chl Jr., AEC, 320 School St., No. Kingstown, R. I. Richards, Donald P. , ATCAQP1J,36 Pearl St., Hartford, Conn. Ashwell, Marshall P. , AMCA, 4047 D Decatur Dr. , Oceana, Va. Brown, Maynard L. , ACCA, 201 Venus St. , Rt. 4191, Lynnhaven, Va. Erwin, Charles B. , ADCA, 211 Greenwood Lane, Lynnhaven, Va. Lingo, Robert W., ACCA, 1808 Ara St., Norfolk, Va. Andreas, Peter T., ADJZQPIQ, 4022 E. Farragot Cir., Oceana, Va. Bahr, Charles B., AMHAN, 253-02 Memphis Ave., Rosedale, N.Y. Bailey, Richard N., ADJ2, 4044 E.Decator Dr., Oceana, Va. Baker, Jesse E. Jr., AE3, 3913 Millie Dr., Columbus, Ga. Ballew, Jackie C., AQFAN, 1146 Rhodes, Granite City, Ill. Banach, Frederick A. , AE3, 1308 Atlantic Ave. , Virginia Beach, Va. Berry, Joseph Cnj, AE1fP1j, 508 Waverley St. , Marion, S. C. Billig, Mark W. , ATIQPD, 907 Maryland Ave. , Virginia Beach, Va. Boley, William H., AN, 431 E. Walnut Street, Corydon, Ind. Briggs, John K., ADJ3, 304 W. State St., High Point, N.C. Brown, Arthur T., PN1, 4045 H Decatur Dr. , Oceana, Va. Bruder, Dean M., AN, Box 284, Augusta, Wis. Buonoviri, Joseph P., AE3, 21 Crest Dr., Landopines, Lakewood, N.J. Burgess, Robert W., AOZCPD, 4058 H. Leyte Court, Oceana, Va. Burton, Johnnie H., ATN3, 493 Holiday, Memphis, Tenn. Candelaria, Andrew D. , AO3, Rt itl, BOX 88, Hemet, Calif, 3 4 Carroll, Kim B., AOAN, Rt. 4191, Ridgely, Tenn. Clark, James L. , SN, 3655 Haas Rd. , Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio Coons, Wayne D. Jr., ATZCPD, 1447 lnian St., Mt. Pleasant, S. C. u I Darr, Arthur E. , ADICPIJ, Va. Beach Trailer Village, Va, Beach Deoamp, Richard L. Jr., AME3, 90 Hazelwood Ave., Bridgeport 5, Conn. Dunning, Godfrey W., AQF3, 45 E. Davant St., Memphis 9, Tenn. Elick, Joseph E., AN, 1717 E. Patton Dr., Phi1a.45, Penna. Ennis, Floyd B., AN, RT 1, Box 246 A, Atmore, Ala. Eskridge, Harold R., ADJ1fP1j, 108 Tuxedo Dr. , Covington, Tenn. Eyler, John W., AME1, 18214 Marygold Ave., Bloomington Calif. Fee, Charles F., AMS3, 30 Fairfield Ave, Fords, N,J. Fradejas, Ismael C., TN, OdienganRomb1on, P, I. Gambill, Gordon B. , ATNAN, 4010-F Paul Jones Circle, Oceana Apt., Va. Beach, Va. Garner, David E., ADJAN, 1005 Hannah, Traversecity, Mich. Garrett, Stanley F. , AN, 4700 Berfdolt Rd, Evansville, Ind. Frederick, Louis W. , AlVlH1, 4048 A RT. 419633 Oceana Apts. Va. Beach, Va. Free, Smith F., AK1, 634 Prairie Ave., Providence, R.I. Fritts, Calvin L. , AO3, Rt ifl Box 401, Lenoir City, Tenn. Gerhard, Ernest A. Jr., PR3, 201 N. 2nd St., Allentovsm, Penna. Glass, Keith E., ADJ2QP1j, 120 Beaty St., Canal Winchester, Ohio Goodin, Warren E. , PN3, 12305 Rosemary St. , Detroit 13, Mich. ' Goss, James R., AMH1, 22 Griffen St., Gardiner, Maine Graffuis, Leland E. Jr., ADJ3, 324 Clay Pike, Irwin, Penna. Gray, Stephen E., ATNAN, RD 4f4, Box 77, Coraopolis, Penna. Hancock, Earl C., ADJ2, 4048-H Rt. 633 Oceana Apts. Va. Beach Va. Harrison, James P. Jr., AQ2, North Ave. , Blue Anchor, N.,J. Hartley, Gary F., PRI, Box 405, Bath, Maine Haynes, Raymond L., ADJ3, 300 S. Clement, Lansing, Mich. Higgins, Eldon L. Jr., ADJ3, 4042 D Rt. 633 Oceana Apt. Va. Beach, Va. Hill, Charles B., AN, 1206 Anderson St., Bristol, Tenn. Hinson, Gayther M. Jr., YN2, Rt. 96, Waynesboro, Tenn. Hobbs, John W., CS1, 1748 N. Oriole Dr., Norva 5, Va. Hoffman, Walter L. Jr., AMH3, Belaire Rd., Jacksonville, Fla. Hoffman, Warren R. , AMS1, Green Valley, Mobile Manor, Lafeytte, N.Y., Hollis, George L., AN, 317 Mid Wood St., Brooklyn, N.Y. Houser, Robert W. Jr., ADJAN, 2304 San Fran, Dr. , Dallas, Texas Jenkins, Donald L., SA, 25 Lakeview, Lake Village, Ark. Jones., Earl J. , HM1, 4021-B Farragut Cir. , Oceana Apt. Va. Beach, Va. Katzenberger, Ronald J. , AN, 512 Bay Dr. , Baltimore 20, Md. Keener, Jerry L., AMH2, 348 E. 109th Place, Denver 29, Colorado Kersey, Autry C., AMS2, RFD 4192, Conyers, Ga. Klopf, Robert A. , AN, 229 Saginaw St. , Vassar, Mich. Kroushour, Joseph E. , AMS2, 100 Buford Ave. , Gettysburg, Penna. Kubistek, Robert Qnj, ATN3, Russell Rd., Oakdale, N. Y. Leach, James W., AE3, 1501 Tabor Ave., Apt. A, Dayton 20, Ohio Lemmond, Thomas A. , AEIQPD, 1471 A Irwin Ave. , Norfolk, Va. Little, Edriel A., AE3QP1J, 304 21st St., Va. Beach, Va. M3-C912-k, Milan L. , ADJI, 2138 Thorogood Rd. , Bayside, Va. Manners, James R., AO3, 47 Laurel Ave., Oil City, Pa. MC Gonieal, John P., SA, 33 Ferry st., S. River, N. J. Mc Michael, David L., AN, Rt 4, Box 142, Mobil, Ala. Mc Nair, William M. , TN, 112 Camden St., Raleigh, N. C- ' - .- f V , - ' . -. ,. 4- - 'I-"l" ' G-'11, ,uvlv-- f '- . .,, Y -- , , 4--f. -Q, -,.-A-- "- ., W ex. .. i, -....., , ,nw W,-3-qw.-Q..-... - . A V -W -- "-F' " M. 'FQ' f' .,'L"'5.f - I T-'fiff' ' r- 1 J. :.n1ff- -'.- t -S . 4. , , . , . .M 1- . . . ...,..,L.......-- VA-81, squadron Meeks, Howard fnj, AT2, Rt fl, Box 252 Greenville, N. C. Miller, Walter A., AN, Box 142, Salembury, N. C,' Morgan, Alvin E., ADR2, 311 S. Hill St. , Gastonia, N. C. Newkirk, Charles E., ATN3, Rt. 1, Box 245, Smithfield, N. C. Norum, Gene H., AT1fP2J, 134 Zabbar Rd., Pawla, Malta Olivier, Philippe A., AT2, 614 Mandalay Ave. , Clearwater Beach, Fla. Ovist, Gerald E., AN, 4431 N. Troy St., Chicago, Ill. Ozmun, Richard C., AN, 309 N. Linden, Northfield, Minn. Parker, William A. Jr. , ADJ3, 1505 A St. , N.E..,Washi.ngton, D.C. Pfadenhauer, Stephen F., AE1, 2025 Hopkins St., Orange Park, Fla. Poirier, David fnj, ATN3, 421 Winnebago St. , Park Forest, Ill. Prince, Freddie G., YNSN, 411 1X2 Broad St., Jacksonville, Fla. Pullen, David H. , AMH3, Big Creek, Miss. Ray, Paul F., AT2, 10024 Mark Twain, Detroit, Mich. Robinson, David C. , AMS3, 344 E. Hearon St., Paris Lamar, Texas Rooney, Robert A., ADJ3, 2307 Loyola St., New Orleans, La. Rose, William E., AE2, Box 146, Sinton, Texas Sawyer, Lawrence P. , SD3, 508 Beeche Dale Rd. , Portsmouth, Va. Schmidt, Dennis W., AN, Rt ffl, Waterloo, Ill. Seccombe, Donald R. , PN3, 1112 Prospect S.W. , Canton 6, Ohio Shaw, William G. Jr., SN, 116 11th St., Massillon, Ohio Shirhall, Terry L., ADJAN, RD ffl, Kirkwood, N. Y. Slater, Samuel H., ADR3, 1007 Cole Ave. , Akron, Ohio Small, William I. , AMSAN, 1358 E. Ocean View Ave. , Norfolk 3, Va. Smith, Gordon D. , SN, 103 Howemount Rd., Chesterfield County, Va. Smith, Ronald E., ATN3, 621 Cheryl, Wichita, Kansas Smith, William E., SD2, 2331 Tudor Ave., E. St ., Louis, Ill. Smyrychynski, Frank M. , AMS2, 105 N. Kinderkomack Rd., Montvale, N.J, Stewart, Denis R. , AMHAN, 454 Lafayette St. , Sharon, Pa.. Stokes, Edward Inj, AO3, 2553 Stanton Rd. , S.E. Washington, D.C. Strange, John P., AN, 786 East Brooks St., Galesburg, Ill. Sunday, John F., AN, 3238 13th St., S.E., Washington, D.C. Svihel, James A. , YN3, 217 18th Ave. North, Hopkins, Minn. Sweetman, Billy D., AO2, Gendel, Oceana, Va. Thornhill, Billy H., AK2, 603 E. 5th St., Yazoo City, Miss. Varm, James E., AMI-IAN, RR affl, Bushnell, Fla. Wadle, James R., AN, Rt 4294, Corsicans, Texas Waldrop, James T., AE2, 1692 Hartland St., Memphis, Tenn. Wallace, Charles R., ADJ1, 1324 Monroe St., N. W., Washington, D. C. Wei.nberg, Frederick E. , AN, 574 Norfolk St., Mattapan 26, Boston, Mass. Williams, Roy T., AO2, 10329 Wicklow St., Houston, Texas Zipperer, Murray G., AN,.805 19th St., E. Bradenton, Fla. Wiedenbeck, Elmer W., AT2, 209 W. 4th St., Kaukauna, Wis. VA-83, Squadron Nance, James W., CDR, 599 Brandon Rd., Va. Beach, Va. Ross, Donald S., LCDR, 6964 Doummar Dr., Norfolk 3, Va. Dunning, Frederick S. Jr., LCDR, 8352 Woody Court,Norfolk , 3, Va. Mandeville, Robert C.Jr. , LCDR, 8912 Edingburg Dr., Rt 2, Lynnhaven, Va. Spyade, Keith C. Jr., LCDR, Karen Drive, Lynnhaven, Va. O'Hara, Jack F., LCDR, 736 Crosby Road, Lylmhaven, Va. Smallidge, Robert L, LT, 214 Woodhurst Drive, London Bridge, Va. Aiken, Donald W., CAPTXUSAF, 745 Harton Circle, Lynnhaven, Va. Tracy, William K., LT, 102 Cousineau Rd., Warrington, Fla. Miles, Robert W., LT, 208 Wright Land, Va. Beach, Va. Wilkins, George H., LT, 111 Wright Land, Va. Beach, Va. Albritton, Hugh H. Jr., LT, 724 Jacquiline Ave., Norfolk2, Va. Knapp, Norman E., LTJG, 206 Woodhurst Dr., London Bridge, Va. V, 349 Westerman, William R., LTJG, 1600 Montclain St., Ann Arbor, Mich. Martin, Joseph H. , LTJG, 604 Delaware Ave., Norwood, Penna. Owen, Robert S., LTJG, 7118 Atlantic, Va Beach, Va. Parks, John H., LTJG, 515 Delaware Ave., Va. Beach, Va. Caldwell, William A. , LTJG, 9156 Anthony Land, Va. Beach, Va. Bissell, Chesney O., LTJG, 809 9th St., Va. Beach, Va. Bolton -Smith, Carlile Jr. , ENS, 3007 Que St., N.W. , Washington 7, D.C. Carter, Lloyd S. , AECS, 9321 Oyster Rd., Lynnhaven, Va. Thompson, Robert D., ADC, General Del., Stanford, Mich. Golbinec, Rudolph P., ATC, Rt. 2, Box 114B London Bridge, Va. Llndstrom, Harold R. , AQC, 47766 Myrtlewood Rd. , Jacksonville, Fla. Grantham, Wilbur M., ATC, 417D Painter St. , Norfolk, Va. Bratcher, Paul D., AMC, 508 Delaware Ave., Va. Beach, Va. Poston, James C., AECA, 8048 Lourdes Dr., N., Jacksonville, 5, Fla. Dittmar, Robert E., AMCA, 166 N. Walnut St., East Orange, N. J. Griffith, Stanwood J., AQCA, 4555 Manchester Rid., Jacksonville, Fla. Wilson, Robertlvi, ATC, 8001 Va. Beach Blvd., Lot 49, Norfolk, Va. Anderson, Allen M. , AO1, 4029C Decatur Dr. , Oceana, Va. Anderson, Charles W., AN, Box 437, Tullahoma, Tenn. Anderson, Donald R. , ADJ3, Route 1953, Goldsboro, N. C. Artis, Herbert fnj, AO2, 3144 Schooley Ave., Norfolk, Va. Beauregard, Richard M., SN, 8 Witt Place, Montpelier, Vt. . Beisner, Howard W., AN, 70 Sixth Ave. , Tiffin, Ohio Bell, Robert D. , ADR1, Colony Trailer Ct. , 920 17th St. , Va. Beach, Va. Bock, Lennis W., ADJ2, RFD 2, Box 235A, Uniontown, Pa. Bonney, Jerry D., AE3, Box 495, Clendenin, W. Va. Bradshaw, Hubert A. , AN, 16 Valley St. , Bellville, N. J. Brown, Robert G. , ATR3, 302 Connecticut St. , Detroit, Mich. Buckley, Gary T., ADJ2, 1626 Balla Way, Grandprairie, Texas Bufkin, Ray B., ADJ3, 1765 Crestridge Dr., Garland, Texas Bunn, George R. Jr., AN, Rt 3, Box 338, Rocky Mt., N.C. Campbell, Ernest M., AO1, 248 Ingran Rd., Lynnhaven, Va. Carrington, Alfred P. , ADJ1, 908 Brian Ave. , Norfolk, Va. Chesser, James K., AN, 739 W. Yale Ave., Orlando Orange, Fla. Chewning, Carl G. , AO2, 33 Trenton St. , Providence 6, R. I. Cieslewicz, Anthony Cul, ADJ3, 236 Ann St. , Mc Keesport, Pa. Circle, George D., PRAN, Rt. ffl, Ochelata, Okla. Clark, Paul A., AMS2, 14C Spartin St., County View Mobile Ct., Norfolk, Va. Clay, Robert L., AQFAN, Baudette, Minnesota Considine, Stephen F., AE2, 13 Boulder Brook Dr., Wilmington, 3, Del. Constantine, Richard G., ADJ3, 1707 W. 85th St., S. . Minneapolis, Minn. Cowart, Ira W., AK3, Rt. 4192, Berlin, Md. Crawford, Robert A., SN, General Del., Glen Rogers, W. Va. Dale, Paul J., AA, 924 S. 22nd St., Arlington, Va. Dawson, Jimmie G., ADJ3, Rt., 1, Box 87, Grove Hill, Ala. Deibler, Stanley L., AMH3, R. D. 1, Camp Hill, Pa. Depew, Larry F., ADJ3, Box 46, Lynnhaven, Va. De Vito, Robert R., AT2, 5 Rose St. , Long Branch, N.J. Diaz, Jose A., AN, 236 E. 123rd St., Apt. 3F, N.Y. 35, N.Y. Downs, Ralph J., CS1, Rt. 3, Fort Payne, Ala. Drake, Frederick A., ATRAN, 193 Danforth St., Framingham, Mass. Durham, Donald K., ADJ3, 1911 Mc Adams, Dallas 24, Texas VA-83, Squadron Elkie, Kenneth R. , AQ2, 31-1X2 Miller St. , Seneca Falls, N.Y. Elliott, Robert L., AO1, 109 Temple Dr., Sanford, Fla. Eubanks, Earl C., ATR3, Box 456, Haskell, Okla. Estes, Fletcher L., AE3, Rt. 4, Box 64, Milton, Fla. Farkas, Dane A. , AA, 327 E. 9th St. , Los Angeles, Calif. Farrell, Joseph E. , AN 161 W. Hansberry St., Phila. , Pa. Franklin, Jimmy R. , ATN3, Rt. 3, Box 342, Portsmouth, Va. Fry, Leroy D., AN, Rt. 2, Bellville, Ohio Garrison, Billy G. , YN2, 9536 6th Bay St., Norfolk, Va. Giarratano, George ini, AQF3, 15 W. Root St., Islip, N.Y. Gigante, Ludovico D. P. , TA, 1265 Maria Cristina, Manilan, P. I. Gliddon, Lee S. Jr. , AO , 2337 San Carlo Ave., San Bernadino, Calif. Goodrich, Louis N., AE3, 80 Carlson Dr., Cumberland, R. I. Gray, Talmadge fnj, SD3, 4060 J. Leyte Court, Va. Beach, Va. Green, Willis S., SD3, 15 King St., Port Chester, N.Y. Hall, John F. Jr., AMS2, 4015K Oceana Apts., Oceana, Va. Harris, Bennie M., ADJ3, Rt. 1, Pantego, N. C. Hayes, Harry H., AT1, 9516 Maverick St., Lynnhaven, Va. Hennesy, Lawrence H. Jr., AT2, 814 9th St., Va Beach, Va. Jennings, Garland C., ADJ2, Rt. 2, Box 63, Hartford, N.C. Johnson, Claxton R., AMH1, Rt 2, Box 213, Roanoke, Ala. Johnston, Kenneth A., AE3, 31 Ford Court, Bergenfield, N.J. Jones, Franklin Qnl, ADJ3, 717 Old Eagle School Rd. , Wayne, Pa. Kaneer, James A., AMH1, 4008D Paul Jones Circle, Oceana Apts., Va. Beach, Va. Kaiser, Richard L. Sr., AN, 142 W. 5th St., Ainsworth, Neb. Kleiser, Paul R., ADJAN, 933 E. Lehman St., Lebanon, Pa. Kodlick, Ronald J., ATN3, 36 Foster Ave., Coaldale, Pa. Kraus, Bernard J. Jr., AQFAN, 713 llth St., Box 51, Sta. A, Radford, Va. 1 Lemley, Gary F., AMEAN, RD ifl, Mt. Morris, Pa. Longstreet, Walter tnj, AE1, 7908 Olive Grove Lane, Norfolk, Va. 1 Love, 'Russell G., PR1, P.O., Box 69, Malvern, Ark. Laue, Frederick A., AE1, 409 E. Lane, Oceana, Va. Manzanares, Joe H. Jr., AMH2, 251 N.W. Temple, Salt Lake City, Utah Manzo, Salvatore J. Jr., AE3, 7 W. Spruce St., Norristown, Pa. Mc Dermid, Gary F., AMSAN, R.R. 4t2, Oconto Falls, Wis. Mc Graw, Cecil A., AE3, Rt. 1, Woodbury, Georgia Mc Keon, Donald F., ADJ2, 110 S. Main St., Topsfield, Mass. Mc Kissen, Welden L. , AK3, 540 Chulueta Ave., Grand Junction, Colo. Michalak, Robert J. , AQ2, 170 Castelton Ave. , Staten Island, N. Y. Mighell, Larry L., AEAN, RR 3, Vienna, Ill. Miller, JoelT., AN, Route 2, Jefferson City, Mo. A Miller, Raymond C., ATR3, Route 2, Attica, Ohio 1 Miller, Vincent J., SN, 578 E. Meadowlawn, Seven Hills, Ohio Minard, Phillip L., AEAN, 3669 Wings Way, N. Highlands, Calif. Monnin, Gerald W. , AE2, 2307 Smithville Rd., Dayton, Ohio Murphy, Henry A., ADJ1, P. O., Box 92, Waverly, Ohio Myles, Ronald E., AlVlH3, 791 Calle Tomal, Palm Springs, Calif. O'Connor, John J. Jr., AN, Rt. 2, Box 84B, Shakopee, Minn. Oehler, Charles P. Jr., ATN3, 32-36 Freemansburg Ave., Easton, Pa. Pedersen, Laurence W., ADJ3, P.O., Box 27, Pawleys Island, S.C. Phelps, Leo M., AE1, 15 Olmstead Place, E. Norwalk, Conn. Plaisted, John J. Jr., AMS2, Box 34, Connoquenessing, Pa. Plummer, Billy R., AMS3, 1512 Alpine Rd., Longview, Texas Reese, Edward M., HM1, 21 Flood Street, Montgomery, Ala. Riley, John P., AMS3, 79 Congress Street, Salem, Mass Rouleau,Dale A., AN, Ossineke, Mich. Rouleau, Gerald A., AMS3, Ossineke, Mich. Rundberg, Ronald G., AH2, 4046 Decatur Dr., Oceana Apts., Oceana, Va. Salanga, Dominador C., AK2, 1272 Sanchez Baclaran, Paranaque, Rizal, P.I. Sammons, Leon G., PR2, Rt 3, Box 798, Lutz, Fla. Schein, Del Roy C., ATN3, 1163 Mulberry St., Reading, Pa. Sexton, William M., AN, Box 236, Anawalt, W. Va. Sharp, John J. HI, AE2, 4005C Paul Jones Circle, Virginia Beach, Va. Simmons, James ini, SD2, 517 Eisenhower Circle, Victor Manor, Portsmouth, Va. 350 Skaggs, James E., YN3, Ansted, West Virginia Smith, Earl R., ADJ1, 4004E PaulJones Circle, Va. Beach, Va. Smith, John M., AMSAA, 927 High St., Grinnell, Iowa Spencer, Larry J., AE3, 300 E. Oklahoma St., Sweetwater, Texas Steele, Murl E., AT2, 1215 E. Sixth St., Sedalia, Mo. Stephenson, George H. , AO3, Box 69, L.I. , Hospital, Boston, Mass. Stout, William G., AMS1, Stephens City, Va. Surgner, James M., ADJ3, 2817 W. Allegheney Ave., Phila. Pa. Sweatt, Hartsell O. , ADJAN, 205 Ardross St., Bennettsville, S. C. Sweeney, Kenneth J . , SN, R.D. 4:51, Box 192, Gibsonia, Pa. Sweet, Richard C., AE3, 409 E. 135th St., Bronx 54, N.Y., Thibault, Charles E., AA, 88 Upper Welden St., St. Albans, Vt. Thomas, Lee S. Jr., AA, 410 Hickory St., Buffalo 4, N., Y. Thompson, Jessie E., PN3, RR ifl, Harrisburg, Ill. Trimble, Franklin D., AN, Box 5085, Star City, W. Va. Turner, William E., PN1, 1013 Kellam Rd., Norfolk, Va. Turoff, Robert J., YN3, 43 Dorchester Rd., Lake Ronkonkoma, N. Y. Tweedell, Harold W., ADR3, 900 Washington St., Quincy, Ill. Ulery, Gary E., AN, 114 W. High St., Hancock, Md. Webber, James C., AN, RFD 4192, Catskill, N. Y. Weihrouch, Raymond Qnj, ADJ3, 2104 W. 93rd St., Cleveland 2, Ohio White, Carl A., AT2, 70 Burly Street., Crooksville, Ohio Williams, Emory D. Jr., ADJ2, Box ffl, Lynnhaven, Va. VF-85, Squadron Carrier, William fnj Jr. , CDR, 8917 Rumford Lane, Lyrmhaven 2, Va. Scott, Norvell O. Jr., LCDR, 1624 Sajo Farm Rd., Norfolk 2, Va. Carlton, George A. , LCDR, 744 Crosby R. , Lynnhaven 2, Va. Church, Clifford E. Jr., LCDR, 1112 S. Cullom St. , Birmingham, Ala. Hartigan, Richard B., LT 192 N. Wolfsnare Dr., London Bridge, Va. Bingham, Joseph L. , LT, 8260 Bayside Rd., Norfolk 2, Va. Dudrow, Donald L., LT, 103 Linkhorn Rd., London Bridge, Va. Fellowes, John H., LT, 9240 Edinburgh Dr., Lynnhaven, Va. Mc Nally, James A. , LT,312 Conkley Ave., Rochester, N.Y. Sanders, Kit C., LT, 400 W. Park Ave., Hereford, Texas Reid, James R.I1I. , LT, Spring Mills, Fort Mill, S.C. Wegert, Sidney J., LTJG, Rt. ffl, DeWitt, Arkansas Rausa, Rosario M., LTJG, 41 Madison St., Hamilton, N.Y. Buzby, John S., LTJG, 1625 E. Johnson St., Phila. 38, Pa. Clinton, John C., LTJG, 457 Academy St., S. Orange, N. J. Blake, Albert P. , LTJG, 700 Forrest Place, Farmington, New Mexico 1 Peterson, David A., LTJG, Rt. flt19, Eau Claire, Wis. Watson, Charles C. , LTJG, 331 W. Whitlock Ave. , Winchester, Va. Hicks, William F., LTJG, 303 W. Lane, Oceana, Va. Sleight, Edward W., LTJG, 420 Clark Ave., Greensboro, N. C. Tull, William B. Jr., ENS, P.O., Box 8, Taylorsville, Miss. Johnson, Roy D., AMCS, 6428 Horton Circle, Norfolk, Va. Krupski, Dominick T., ADRC, 4052A Leyte Court, Oceana Apt., Va. Beach, Va. Mc Hugh, James A., AMSC, 314 Dune St., Norfolk 3, Va. Brown, Thomas R., AECA 5227 Helm Ave. Jacksonville 7 3 3 Fla. Wall, Roy F., ADRCA, 410 Lakewood Rd., Lynhaven, Va. Allen,OV:Il1iam "A", ADR3, 931 Paradome St., Cincinnati, 0 Alsup, Bobby M., AO3, 6526 E. 8th St., Tulsa, Okla. Altenburger, Raymond E., AE3, 206 7th St., Va. Beach, Va. Arterbury, Thomas D., ADR2, 4026A Leyte Court, Oceana Apts., Va. Beach, Va. Arthur, Lee D., PNSN, R.R. l,Box 740, Indianapolis, Ind. Baldwin,Arlow D., ADR2, 8137 W. Grove,Aragona Village, Norfolk, Va. Barbare, John H. , ADR2, Route 4, Travlers Rest, S. C. 1-.1 ith.-L!-1 - if ' V , - f, g Y , Y I H V V A V ---...,,.,........-.-A-ffm,-V.-H--M...-- -- - "' . '-.'- . I ' . I.!' Ii..1 " -H ' " , ' E f .. ' - ..-- .- ...A rf 1-1 ' ' " " - . - . , ...a-,A., , ' 3 . -.- ', , .L ,. -: -5-4.-M, , I , ' , . . . . ,.f' pf' ---,vf "n".., . r.. J.. " A.'..-a,,,,.'. ' ".-'.'-ALL. 'f!'f'?f'Pf.f"'fs..g,a..rf1f1.Z'f iii -J l'iL'1'f,. J ii A .,., 4451-3 -ef N ,.M45-Ji".-..g.xf:Lii:13fAQ?P':,f-. VF-85, Squadron Bay, Andre L., AO2, Box 79-B Swedesboro Ave. , Paulsboro, N.J. Berkley, William F., SA, 2309 University St., St. Louis, Mo. Bollinger, Stephen F., ATN3, 7114 Beulah, Jennings, Mo. Bonner, James W., AE1, Triangle Trailer Court Lot, 74 1000 17th St., Va. Beach Buchanan, Edgar L., AN, 269 S. Martin Ave., Columbus, Ohio Bufe, Otto W., ATR3, 473 Adams St., Plymouth, Mich. Carter, George A. Jr. , AMI-IAN, 301 Paris Mountain Ave. , Greenville, S. C. Casebolt, Avery L. Jr., AE3, 325 N. Church St., Sullivan, Mo Coble, Russell W., AMS3, 1025 Ladd Dr., Pensacola, Fla. Coffman, Donald L., AMH1, 302 W. Cervantes,Pensacola, Fla. Copler, Robert D. , AK1, 9242 Buckman Ave., Norfolk 8, Va. Cowan, Frank fnj, SD2, 905 Miller St., Wilmington, N.C. Crafton, Charles A., AMH2, Rt. 2, Box 2, Meherrin, Va.. Cragg, Richard D. , AN, Pratt and Oxford Ave. , Phila. , Penna. Crane, Ronald N., AE3, 128 Lake Ave., Ocean Grove, N.J. Cruz, Cresencio ini, AMH3, 721 Stewart, Manteca, Calif. Culbertson, Carl D., AN, Maysfield, Ohio D'Arlon, David fnj, ADR1, 4400 N. Pershing Dr., Arlington, Va. Davis, James M., AE1, 1112 Cunningham Rid. , Norfolk 2, Va. Delpino, John A., AT2, Decatur Dr., 4046-D, Oceana Apts., Va. Beach, Va. Dunn, James A., AME2, Rt. 1, Box 124A, Joiner, Ark. Eason, Jimmy R., AO3, 103 N. Va. St., Goldsboro, N.C. Edges, Ronald P., YNSN, 1215 Wirtz Ave., Green Bay, Wis. Edwards, Joseph M., AE2, Box 537, Vass, N.C. Eubanks, Charles F., AN, 2508 Oaks Rd., Newbern, N.C. Everhart, JoelE. , AO2, Rt. 6, Lexington, N. C. Ferrell, Kenneth W., AN, 2824 Hancock St., Roanoke, Va. Foote, James E. , ADR3, 619 29th St. , Lubbock, Texas Gill, Edward L. , ADR2, 833 W. Sheridan Rd., Apt. 310, Chicago 13, Ill. Golden, Ronald L., AO3, Rt. 1, Clinton, Tennessee Goodstadt, Stephen Qnj, AN, 488 Rockway Parkway, Brooklyn, N, Y. Griffin, Clifton J., AMH1, Lot 4, Trailer City, Va. Beach, Va. Hardin, Billy E., HM2, Rt. 1, Orrum, N. C. Hicks, Thomas D., ADR2, 633 Sheridan St. , Corpus Christi, Texas Hill, Don D., AT1, Mrs. D.A. Young, 303 Wood St., Gilmer, Texas Hogans, Hilton R., SD3, 4057C Leyte Court, Oceana Apt., Va. Beach, Va. Hughes, Virgis A., ADR2, 4051A Leyte Court, Oceana Apt. , Va. Beach, Va. Humphrey, Robert L. , AO1, 1037 Seba Street, Jacksonville, Fla. Jackson, David Cnj, AE1, Wolfsnare Rd., Rt., 1, Box 306, London Bridge, Va. Jacobs, Carlton O., AN, RFD 44, Box 280, Georgetown, S.C. Jaworski, Lawrence R., PR2, 221 Baldwin Ave., Charlotte 4, N.C. Kelly, William J., AE3, 507 19th St., Altoona,Penna. Kinzel, Frederick G., AE2, 240 Vineland St. , Pittsburg 34, Penna. Kirby, James D. , AO3, 5 Norman St., Chester, Perma. Kline, James R. , AMS2, 4047C Decatur Drive, Oceana Apt. , Va. Beach, Va. ' Landers, Charles B., ADRAN, 2415 Garfield St., Hollywood, Fla. Lawson, William T., AE3, 66 Fulton St., Wilmington, Ohio Leary, Bernard J. , PN1, 6928 Aragon Dr. , Norfolk 2, Va. Lefler, Peyton K. Jr., AN, Rt. 2, Wytheville, Va. Le Vasseur, David F., SN, 12 Elmwood Ave., Waterbury, Conn. Malone, Clarence E., ADR3, R. R. 1, Box 36 A, Meredithville, Va. Maravetz, Gabriel E. , YN2, 115 E. Hale St., New Hampton, Iowa Mc Clellan, Perry L. Jr., SN, 4302 N. Franklin Rd., Lawerence 26, Ind. Mc Kinstry, Booker T., ADR3, 314 Dune St., Norfolk 3, Va. Meyer, Ronald L., AA, 1311 Wolfangle Rd., Cincinnati, Ohio Midkiff, Lige L, AO3, 2713 Janice Lane, Forth Worth, Texas Mobley, Ralph L. Jr., AMS1, Davisville Mobile Homes, Lot 128, Va. Beach, Va. 1 351 Morris, David E., TN, 515 Prices Ave., Wilmington Morris, Lewis fnj, AN, 729 Pine St., Albany, Georgia Moxness, Franklin L., ADR2, Rt. 2, Frisco City, Ala. Muck, Ronald G., ADR2, 410 W. Daugherty St., Garlind, Texas Mummert, Darryl S., AO2, Rt. 5, Gettysburg, Pa. Naab, Frederick J . Jr. , AMEAN, 243 Walnut St., Pittsburg 29, Pa. Odom, William J.D., ADR3, Rt. 1, Red Level, Ala. Otto, Ronald L., ATN3, RFD 1, Walbridge, Ohio Pade, Gordon J., YN3, 5291 College Corner, Pike, Oxford, , N.C. Ohio Pitchford, Jerry W., ADR3, 3724 Vernon Ave., Memphis, Tenn. Poland, Earl M., ADR1, 1341.Aragona Blvd., Norfolk 2, Va. Prothro, Gary R., AN, 211 West Glenn, Mulvane, Kansas Proveaux, Rodney P., AN, Rt. 1, Aberdeen, N. C. Raushenberg, Gerald R. , AN, 29 Daniel Ave. , N.E. , Atlanta 17, Georgia Redding, William B., ATN3, P.O., Box 154, Mt. Ida, Ark. Richmond, William J., AK2, Apt. 181, Bldg. 143, Shangrila, Dr. Admiral, Rd. Apts, Norfolk, Va. Rickles, Robert E., AMH2, 719 South 3rd St., Attalla, Ala. Riner, Dorsey L., AlVlH2, 512 Hendrix Ave., E. Point, Ga. Roberts, William H. , CS2, 4045 Decatur Dr. , Oceana Apts. , Va. Beach, Va. Rodger, Merton L., AN, Catmousan Rd., Kennebunk, Maine Rowland, Robert L., ADR3, 1618 Grand Ave. Fort Worth, Texas Schassar, John W., AC3, 374 Bryant St., Buffalo, N. Y. Scheimreif, Joseph J. Jr., AN, 525 Center St., Beach Haven, N.J. Schraeder, Bobby A., ADR3, 114 St., James Blvd., Evansville, Ind. Schumacher, Francis J., AO1, 7105 Larry Ave., Norfolk, Va. Sentelle, Lloyd E., ADR3, Rt. 6, Greenville, Tenn. Shelley, Henry M., AN, 522 Ontario St. , Lima, Ohio Smith, Freddy E., AN, 722'Edwards St., Ottumwa, Iowa Spurgeon, Albert E., PR2, Lot 61, Trailer City, Va. Beach, Va. . Spytek, Earl T., AE3,! Box 57, Eric Rd., Lakewood, N. J. Stiles, Charles E., ADR2, 13 Arthur St., New Haven, Corm. Strickland, John W. , ADR1, 4024D Decatur Dr. , Oceana Apts., Va. Beach, Va. Sullivan, Collier M., AMS3, 2236 W. Walnut St., Louisville, Ky. Taylor, James R., ADRAN, Tall Timbers, Md. Thompson, Ira J. HI, AEAN, 205 7th St., Moultrie, Ga. Vaughn, Gary L., AlVlH3, 1334 E. 72nd St., Indianapolis, Ind. Waller, Fleming Qnj, TN, 631 County St., Portsmouth, Va. . West, Earl G., ADR3, Rt. 4, Laurel, Miss. White, James T., AMS2, 501 Pifer St., DuBois, Penna. Wittenburger, John F. , AMS3, 3053 N. 35th St. , Philadelphia, Perma. ' Wolfe, Robert Cnj, AC3, 34 W. Linwood Ave., Akron, Ohio Wood, Richmond L., AR, Rt. 4, Fort Payne, Ala. Yokley, Jackie L., YN2, 307 Franklin Ave., Franklin, Ky. VF- 102, Squadron Miller, Paul Qnj Jr., CDR, 7 N. Alanton Dr., London Bridge, Va. Rank, Cyrus A., LCDR, 9212 Beacon Lane, Lynnhaven, Va. Rawsthorne, Edgar A., LCDR, 712 Bryan Lane, Lynnhaven, Va. ' Loux, Raymond E., LCDR, 4 E. Park Rd., Havertown, Penn. Mills, Joseph E., LCDR, 140 N. 24th St., Quincy, Ill. Williard, Bobbie D., LT,A648 Cronin Rd., Lynnhaven, Va. Sitek, Thomas W., LT, 532 Delaware Ave., Va. Beach, Va. Schenkel, Frederick G., LT, 9225 Mantle Lane, Va. Beach, Va. Wright, Joseph R., LT, Box 602, Belle Glade, Fla. Lowery, Needham H., LT, Route l, Eastman, Georgia Lisa, Donald J., LT, White Horse, Pike8nGarfield, Chesilhurst, N. J. Briclmer, John S., LTJG, 1652 Charlton Heights Rd. ,Coraopolis, Penn. Burns, Gerald J., LTJG, 420 Lake Dr., Va. Beach, Va. Byrne, Robert M. , .LTJG, 101 E. 51st Terrace, Kansas City, MO. McCandless, Bruce Qnj, LTJG, RFD -if4, Pendennis Mount, Annapolis, Md. V in-,Ti YAY A ,Ze-:-:1- ,,.,,.,, A .,. -.N . . . -....a..... H- -A---4--L -M Y.- W .-,-----1 ee -- -Y - ' ,. A VF-102, Squadron Houghton, Harry A., LTJG, Daniel Dr., Clemson, S.C.. Rademaker, James N. , ENS, 3314 Chickadee Rd. ,Louisville 13 Ky. Meadows, Jackie W., ENS, 423 Peachwood Lane, Lynnhaven, Va. Dipretore, Frank R., AECS, 5078 Candle Ave., Jacksonville, Fla. Grant, Walter Qnl, AQC, 633 Hopkins Rd., Norfolk, Va. Clark, Howard G. , AMHC, 4034B Decatur Dr. , Oceana Apts., Va. Beach, Va. Farrel, Joseph P., AEC, 678 Cypress Rd., Warminister, Penn. Conley, Vincent S., ATCA, 141 S. Military Rd., Fond Du Lac, Wis. Ostman, Donald A., AMHC, Box 81, Hopkins, Minn. Nelson, James E., ADJCA, Rt. 4f1, Box 109, Trailer City Court, Va. Beach, Va. Stewart, Frank B., ADCA, 4301 Doziers Corner R. , Norfolk, Va. Ernest, Frederick G., AMHC, 192 Waverly Dr., Lymihaven, Va. Leedom, Homer A., ADRCA, 107 Stephen Lane, Va. Beach, Va. Uda, Chester J. , AQCA, 8060 Peach Creek Lane, Norfolk 2, Va. Redden, Quay M., ADJCA, 355 E. Popular St., Nanticoke, Penn. Aaron, Virgil M., AO1, 6749 Calvados Ave. , Jacksonville, Fla. Aden, Anthony A., AA, 1020 7th Ave., N.W., Minot, N.C. Allen, Claude E. , AN, 101 W. Westmoreland Rd., Falls Church, Va. Alligood, Jack H., AN,912 Meadows St., New Bern, N.C. Ambrosio, Jack A., AA, 128 Forbell St., Brooklyn 8, N. Y. Arrowood, Marcus W. Jr., AA, 5 Unaka Ave. , Norfolk, Va. Arrington, Ernest E., AE2, P.O., Box 237, Quitman, Miss. Baker, Richard L., AE3, 1549 Dickinson St., Fremont, Ohio Baldwin, Daniel J. , AK1, 4057 Leyte Court CApt. Dj, Oceana, Va. Barber, Darwin L., AO2, 103 Bob Lane, Oceana, Va. Beltran, Vincente C., TN, Omalijan, Dasmarinas, Cavite, Philippines Benizzi, Philip M. Jr., ATN3, 1606 E. 56th St., Brooklyn 34, N. Y. Blackmon, Larry N., AT2, Rt. 191, Carson, Miss. Boeser, Lawrence W., AN, 1521 Grand Ave., Minneapolis, Minn. Brady, John D. Jr., AO2, 2 Maitland Court, Newport, R.I. Brickey, Billy D., AMS2, Fort Blackmore, Va. Britter, George H. llI,AMSAN, 830 S. Azusa Ave., Azusa, Calif. Brown, Augustus Qnj Jr., CS1, Rt. 191, Box 116, Princess Anne, Va. Burnett, Raymond E., AMS3, 4688 Ash St., Rt. 19191, Doraville, Ga. Butler, Thomas L., AE1, 1805 Meadow Lake Dr. , Norfolk 13 Va. Caldwell, Russell E. Jr., ADJ2, Box 71, Camp Dennison, Ohio Carle, Roger W. , AN, 1982 E. Minnehaha, Saint Paul 19, Minn. Carpenter, Carl E., AN, Rt. 19196, Box 389, Indianapolis, Ind. Cavanagh, Earl E., AMH3, 315-21st Street, Va. Beach, Va. Cerami, John Cnj, AQF3, 22 Summit St., Hicksville, L., I.,,N. Y. Christiano, James A. Jr., ATR3, 76 High St., Orange, N.J. Churchill, Edgar E. Jr., ATN3, 1000 17th St., Lot 191932, Va. Beach, Va. Cole, Douglas E., AME3, RFD 1992, Poynette, Wis. Cooper, Donald E., AE1, 611 E. Second St., Chilicothe, Ohio Courter, Vaughn E. , AMH2, 310 Courter Ave. , Conemaugh, Penn., Cron, Donald E., ADJ2, Rt. 1191, Box 360, Buckeye, Arizona Crum, Sammie T., AO2, Box 67, Apalachicola, Fla. Daniel, John W., AE3, Rt. 1191, Randolph, Ala. Darby, Henry L. , AMS2, 715 Chauncey St., Brooklyn, N.Y. Daugherty, Jerry F., SN, 724 Kentwood Dr., Knoxville, Tenn. Del Guercio, Richard fnj, ADJ3, 66 Woodside Rd., Maplewood, N, J. Dickson, Plowden fn, Jr., SN, 1107 Duke St., Georgetown, S.C. Donovan, Williams L., AQFAN, 242 Preston, Shreveport, La. Dorn, Everett L., AME3, 6 "P" St., Uudsonj, Greenville, S. C. Drake, Ben P., AN, Rt. 493, Kenton, Tenn. Duncan, William G. , PN3, 347 Park Terrace S. E. , Cedar Rapids, Iowa Dunham, Ralph fnj, AO3, 26 Van Cortlandt Pl., Kearny, N.J. Elliot, Johnny D. , AO3, 421-1X2 University Blvd. S.E,, Alburquerque, New Mexico Egeland, Christian D. , AE2, 2611 Gulf Beach Hwy. Pensacola, Fla. Eppier, Harold L., AMH1, Rt. 191, Geneva, Neb. Evans, William D., AMS3, Rt. 1191, Box 435, Chrisfield, Md. Farley, James G. , AQF3, 2316 Macon St., Anrora, Colorado Farrar, Donald D.,ADJ2, 1000 17th St., Lot 11961, Va. Beach, Va. Fenn, James E.,AME3, P.O., Box 25, New Market, Ala. Flowers, Fred fnl, AMH1, Apt. 4006-H, Paul Jones Circle, Oceana Apts., Va. Beach, Va. Frech, David H., AMS3, 198 Dekalb St., Tonawanda, N. Y. Friend, Maurice C., AMS1, 711 10th St., Va. Beach, Va. Frierson, Louis E. Jr., ADJ1, 124 Holland Dr., Norfolk 2, Va. Gagan, Richard J., AE3, 9269 Pinehurst, Detroit 4, Mich. Gaillot, Alfred J . Jr. , ADJ 3,Box 94, Saxsonburg, Penn. Gillis, Milton B. , ADJ3, 104E. College St. , Mount Olive, N. C. Goldberg, Irwin S. , SA, 6973 N. Greenview Ave., Chicago 26, Ill. Graley, Robert L. , AMH2, 2266 Roxalana Rd., Dunbar, West Va. Giddens, Raymond E., AMS2, 2174 Apt. A., Ellsmore, Norfolk 2 Va. Hale, Noel H., PR3, 102 Spring St., Spray, N. C. Haling, Vernon A. , ADJ2, 500 Virginia Ave. , Oceana, Va. Hallford, James W., ATI, 1818 Pacific Ave., Va. Beach, Va. Hargis, Ronald A. , AOAN, Rt. 19193, Burlington, N. C. Hathcock, Ira E. Jr., ADR2, 2422 Apt. A., Alameda St., Norfolk, Va.. Heaton, Joseph A., ADJ3, 612 S.E, 12th Street, Oklahoma City, 9, Okla. Herman, Eugene H. , AMH1, Davisville Trailer Court, Va. Beach, Va. Hinman, Billy J., AMH3, 547 W. 28th St. , Jacksonville, Fla. Hinson, Evans Cnl, SD3, 1309 Cruces St., Wilmington, Calif. Hinton, Aaron R., AMH3, Rt. 19192, Poland, Ind. Hitzeman, Glenn A., AQF3, RR 1192, Roanoke, Ind. Holland, Richard L. , AO2, 24 Ridge St., Haverstraw, N. Y. Holton, Richard T. , AA, 85 Church St. , New Rochelle, N. Y. Hoopes, Francis C. , AN, 202 Brighton Ave. , Wilmington 5, Del. Houle, Joseph L. , AMSAN, 509 Chestnut St., Grand Forks, N. Dakota Howard, Herman ini, AO2, 953 Tazewell St., Portsmouth, Va. Hurley, Gary N. , AMSAN, 607 Howell St. , Minden, La. Ingold, Thomas J., AMSAN, 2705-81f2 St., Rock Island, Ill. Ingram, Jerry G., AMS2, Box 1494, Texas City, Texas Israel, James B. Jr., AMS2, 2129 30th PL W., Birmingham 8 Ala. Jacobs, William E., ATNAN, 6326 Malcolm St., Dallas, Texas Jarosz, Edward J., AE3, 140 N. Spring St., Bloomfield, N.J. Johns, Kenneth H. Jr., ADJ , 29 W. Beachwood Ave., Oaklyn, N. J. Jolly, James W. , AE3, 309 Longview Dr. , San Antonio, Texas Jones, Neville O., PN3, 922 Wilmington Terrace, Raleigh, N.C Joseph, Edward E., AMH2, 1424 North 65th Avenue, Pensacola, Fla. Kadel, John C. Jr., AN, 720 S. Glover St., Baltimore, Md. Kelly, Gary L., ADJ3, 321 Schuttz Ave., Waterloo, Iowa Keutlgag, Franklin C. , AOAN, 1922 Winona Dr., Middletown, o Koenig, Emil G., SN, 221 E. 7th St., Clifton, N. J. Kraus, Kenneth S., ADJ3, 120 Ideal St., Buffalo, N.Y. Krause, Richard F., AQF3, 539 Hudson Ave., Akron, Ohio Krohnberg, Marlin D., YN3, Rt. 1191, Owatonna, Minn. Kapka, Don E., AQFAN, 1042 Adams St., Kermit, Texas King, Charles V., AQFAN, 107 North Main, Andrews, Texas Krahmer, Gerald D., AT2, Rt. 1191, Fairmont, Minn. Laffey, Brian E., AMHAN, 2 Glenn Ave., Dunellen, N.J. LaPlante, Wayne R., ADR3, RT. 191, Edwards St., Lawrence, N.Y. LaPrade, John W., AE3, 1737 Arlington Rd. , Roanoke,Va. Lewis, Jerry L., ADJ3, 206 Walnut St., Campbellsville, Ky. Lewis, Noland T., AN, 1209 C ST., S.E, Washington, D.C. 3 '-' ' " f-'W'-W ,,...v-,-wwfrfw-r1-'--- -- ' A-A ' ' 'K ' A A ' , ' 'A ' ' ' 5 .- f ' A ' . , " ' ' ' ' . , , ,,f.f.. -1. V. , 11.11 .. 'K-1333.-.1 -1. I ' .-we --fr -.1 -- - ' 'A we :AJ .4 . .on-..i.-1 -...- f,:,,,.,,,, ::'1'g,, 'f 'yj . I-' ,v A 1 .L -A' ' A .1 . ' "V x """' 7 ..-.:,.-1. .-Q.,1.:5g.1h1l.1'1 f. - - . -- f VF-102, Squadron Lormor, Eugene H., AT1, Rt. 145, Box 422, Olympia, Wash. Lukity, Stanley P., ADJ3, 419 W. Liberty St., Ashland, Ohio Lynch, James R., ATN3, 118 Ridgedale Ave., Madison, N.J. Mac Daniel, Edgar L., AO2, 5 Railroad Ave., Hurley, N, Y. Marmagin, Clement Qnj, SA, 154 Anthony Wayne Terrace, Baden, Penn. Martin, Eric E., AQ2, 1806 Foraker, Anchorage , Alaska Mauney, Fleming Qnj, AQF3, 3600 Margrace Rd. , Kings Mt. , N.C. Maybank, Albert fnj, TN, 359 Jeffny Wilson, Portsmouth, Va. Mayne, Lowell H., AQ2, Rt. 43, Barbourville, Ky. Mc Geechie, James L. , AMI-I3, 728 Woodgate St. , Lancaster, Calif. Mc Innes, Peter M. , AQ2, 14441 Third, Highland Park, Mich. Mc Kenzie, Kenneth E. Jr., ADJ3, 3814 Aldrich Ave., North, Minneapolis 12, Minn. Mc Killip, Kenneth G., ATN3, Turtle Point, Penn. Meltebeke, Roger A. , AMS3, 443 E. Oak, Hillsboro, Oreg. Miller, Harvey E., AMS2, Bolair, W. Virginia Mitchell, Irby L. , AQF3, 1007 old Winston Rd., High Point, N. C. Monaghan, Paul E., ATRAN, 5333 Henderson R., S. E., Washington, D. C. Moore, James E., AMS2, Rt. 4141, Box 127, Newton, Ga. Morrison, James Qnj, CS2, 436 Lynndale St., Phillipsburg, N.J. Myers, Robert K., AN, 295 Albany Ave., Kingston, N. Y. Neidhart, Larry P., AK3, 4200 Levenworth Rd. , Kansas City 4, Kansas Nelson, Guy S., SD3, 2502 E. Princess Ann Rd., Norfolk, Va. O'Donnell, Patrick J., AN, 1151 W. Minnehaha Ave., Saint Paul, Minn. Palmer, Herbert C., PRI, 135 King St., Chadron, Neb. Parham, Melvin E., HM1, Corona, N.Y. Parrotte, Donald E., AE3, 73 Monty St., Plattsburgh, N. Y. Pitman, Glenn A., AT1, Lovelle, Maine Plecinoga, Peter P., AN, 2 Allen St., Salem, Mass. Preuit, Gerald E., AN, 1271 S. Ravenal, Marshall, Mo. Rhodes, Leroy B., AE2, 427 E. 102nd St., Apt. 46, N.Y. ND YU Rickey, James E., AO1, 116 S. Orange Blossom Ave., La Puente, Calif. Riggins, Charles L., AMSAN, 2615 Iowa Ave., Granit City, Ill. Risley, Aubrey L., AE2, 1606 Emerson St., Moberly, Mo. Rohrbacher, James P., AD2, VF-101, NAS, Key West, Fla. Roncone, Francis S., AT1, Naval Air Station, Sanford, Fla. Rupp, Francis J., AM1, 5363 Carnarvon Dr., Norfolk, Va. Sanner, Oscar J., ADJ2, 370 W. Main St., Rockwood, Penn. Shelton, Dennis M., AN, 524 S.W,,, Miller St., Des Moines, Iowa Shelton, Jack K., AN, 2207 Adams Ave. , Evansville 14, Ind. Shrospshire, Kenneth Cnj, ATN3, 229 Larch Lane, Smithtown, N. Y. Simanton, Max E., PN3, 1304 S. Main St., Auburn, Ind. Simpson, Carlton B., ADJ2, 1025 Danner St., S. E., Atlanta 16, Georgia Smith, Edward Qnl, ATN3 Rt. ilfl, Des Arc, Ark. Smith, Keith D., YN2, St. Thomas, North Dakota Smith, Leonard R. , ATR3, Rt. 4lf2, Box 205, E. Aboga, Ala. Solomon, Samuel J. , ADJ 1 , 702 Laurel Ave. , Lexington, N. C. Soukup, John A., AA,,1703-59th Ave. N., Minneapolis, Mi.nn. Spann, Andrew H., AT2, W. Pullam St., Samson, Ala. Stimmell, William W., PR2, 4002J,Paul Jones Circle, Oceana Apt., Va. Beach, Va. Strickland, Donnie H. , AE2, 106 Rhododendron Dr. , Brevard, N. C. Sumner, Charles E. 111, AN, 5185 Mary Starnes Dr. , Memphis 17, Tenn. . Swinford, Harold J. , AEAN, 402 E. Lane, Oceana, Va. Tedrick, Ronald K., AN, 948 N. Union St., Decatur, Ill. Tobiassen, Robert L., AMS3, 378-90th St. , Brooklyn 9, N., Y. Tracey, Donald J ,, AMS3, 67 Woodlawn Dr., Ravena, N. Y. Trippe, James M., ATRAN, 834 Gist Ave., Silver Spring, Md. h...........-. ..,....,,...-....x --1+ -,- .. -,.- -4- Trotter, Frederick L., AMH2, 3854 Delmar Blvd. St. Lewis 8, Mo. Turner, Cyril B., ADJ3, R. F.D. ifl, Box 314, Cottonport, La. Turner, Mayron D. , YN3, 5004 Schubert Dr. , Knoxville, Tenn. Wadsworth, Henry E., ADJ3, 1003 Comly St., Phila. 11, Penn. Walls, William A., AA, 616 S. 55th St. , Phila., Penn. Williams, Robert D., AE2, 204 McEwen St., Wauchula, Fla. Williams, Windell L. , AQFAA, 1721 N. 14th St., Milwaukee, Wis. Willimon, Clifton P. , AE 1, 1524 Ridgewood Ave., Nendersonville, N.C. Wilton, Donald J., AN, 5 Church St., Alva, Okla. Winemiller, Lester A. Jr., ADR2, VF-101, NAS, Key West, Fla. Winner, Sheldon W. , AE3, 455 West High Street, Ciecleville, Ohio Woodard, Basil F., AN, 454 Haroid St., Columbus, Ga. Young, William H. , AN, 32 Linnell St., Springfield, Mass. VF-103, Squadron Iglesias, Edward, CDR, 3175 Porter St., N.W. Wash., D.C. Westmoreland, Arthur E., LCDR, Rt. 1, Box 28, Merced, Calif. Simons, Joseph T., LCDR, Rt. 3, Box 330, Lynnhaven, Va. Post, Harry J., LCDR, 2 James St., Newport, R.I.. Rutherford, Ralph B., LCDR, Rt. 5, Andalusia, Ala. Buffkin, John W. Jr., LCDR, 309 Lynn Rid.,W. Va. Beach, Va. Updike, Walter G., LT, Rt. 3, Box 146, Edgerton, Wis. Brown, Peter J., LT, RD 1, Box 197 J, Greensburg, Pa. Ruchala, Joseph F., LT, 9048 Cloverly Rd., Phila. 36, Pa.. Conner, Eugene D. , LT, 13 Hamilton Rd., Waltham, Mass. Miller, Ralph A. , LT, Yule Farm RFD 2, Charlottesville, Va. Brooks, Dennis M., LT, 516 Pine Pl., Fairfield, Ala. Mc Donough, Robert N., LTJG, 1205 8th st., W. Billings, Montana Harmon, Jimmy J., LTJG, 615 Merriman Conway, Ark. Miller, Edward A., LTJG, Box 93, Rock Hill, N.Y. Oker, Albert C., LTJG, 30027 Roberts Rd., Wickliff, Ohio . Stephens, ManuelC., ENS, 9456 Wythe St., Lynnhaven, Va. I Perry, Elmer L. Jr. , ENS, 352 Poplar Lane Way, Decatur, Ga. Talken, George F., ENS, Rt 4 , Box 794, Chico, Calif. Lanning, M., 2009 Bergerac Dr., Jacksonville, Fla. White, Ernest D., ADCM, RFD. if 2, Dry Den, Va. Nelen, John F., ADC, 34 Hayward St., Providence, R.I. Walker, William R. , ATC, 7437 Tyndale St. , Norfolk, Va, Wilhelm, Henry R., AEC, 4339 195th St., Flushing 58, N.Y. Byers, Robert G., AEC, RFD 142, Union City, Mich. Chavis, David L., AEC, Appomattox Court, Apt. 10, Hopewell, Va. Hylton, Clyde W., AMCA, 221 Virginia Ave., Spray, N. C. Swoboda, Albert R., AMCA, 412 Norfolk Ave. Va. Beach, Va. . Blache, Albermarle B., ADCA, 4568 Werder Dr., New Orleans, La. Gilgenast, Eugene M., ATCA, 1524 Alsace Ave., Norfolk, Va. . Smith, William J., ADCA, 1034 3th St., Catasaugua, Pa. Addison, Walter C., SD2, 1106 N. 18th St., Palatka, Fla. Aguilar, Joaquin S., TN., Jaen, Nueva, Ecija, Philippines Arcusa, Cipriano H., TN, Arnaldo St., General Trias Cavite, Philippines Bangle, Richard M., ATN3, Colony Trailer Court, 41951, Va. Beach, Va. Barton, Bruce A., AO3, Box 53, Monticello, Utah Belhmer, William A. , AO2, 821 Meadow St., Columbia, S.C. VF-103, Squadron Bennett, Donald L., AMSAN, Rt. 2, Box 440, Greensboro, N.C. Betz, Leonard C., YN1, 2325 Chesapeake Ave., S. Norfolk, Va. . Bodie, Peter J. Jr. , ADJAN, 1396 Darryl Dr., San Jose, Calif. Booker, Robert R., AMH2, 174 W. 115 St., N.Y. 26, N.Y. Bosarge, Charles A., AT1, 3282 EU.S.N.A. B., Little Creek, Va. Bowyer, Patrick R., AE3, PO. ,Box 42, S. Bay, Fla. Boyle, Vincent M., AMH3, 131 Sterling St., Brooklyn, N. Y. Brady, William J., ADJAN, 3311 W. 155 St., Cleveland 11, Ohio A Brown, Frank ful, AQ2, 1120 N. 9th St., Niles, Mich. Brunner, Thomas B., AQF3, 369 Atkins Ave. , Lancaster, Penna. Bryant, Johnnie L., AMSl, Rt. 3, Box 177-A, Mt. Olive, Miss. , Bunner, Don L., AMS2, RR 2, Pennsboro, W. Va. Cacopardo, Frank W., AQFAN, 806 N. 17th St., Harrisburg, Pa. Caines, William E. , AM1, 16 Montgomery Ave. , Staten Island, N. Y. Caldwell, Richard R., AN, Oak Dr.,W. Alton, Ill. Carlson, Ronald W. , PRAN, 2618 Violet St. , Pasadena, Texas Carson, Robert S., AE2, Rt. 2, Americhs,Georgia Cekala, Edward J., AN, Box 67, Wyoming, R.I. I Chandler, Anthony P., PR1, 6 Front St., Haverhill, Mass. Cidlik, Raymond I., SN, Dwight, Nebraska Clark, Arthur F. , AMSAN, 39 Pilgrim Rd., Hyannis, Mass. Cline, Robert E., AM1, 4010 "A', Paul Jones Circle, Va. Beach, Va. Coker, William H. Jr., AE2, 8444 Benning Field Ct., Norfolk, Va. f 1 Cooper, Jerry R., AE2, PO., Box 264, Williston, Fla. Cordingly, Kirk D., AK3, 320 26th St., Va. Beach, Va. Cunningham, Raymond J., ADJ3, 125 Stockdale, Flint, Mich. Davenport, William V.,.AO1, 812 S. Sue St., Crane, Texas Davis, William H., PN1, Dixon, Mo. Deal, David C. , ADJ3, 343 Poplar St., Bellevue, Ky. Defronzo, Henry J. Jr., AN, 112 Oak St., Newark, N. J. Dickinson, Ralph L., AE2, 8317 197th St., S.W., Edmonds, Wash. Donnelly, John'P. Jr., AQF3, 80 Leavitt St., Hingham, Mass. Dorse, Louis A., AA, Hazelton, Penna. Drongeson, John W. , ATN3, 2440 Lyndale Sq. , Minneapolis, Minn. Dutton, Dewey D., AA, Rt. 4192, Fort Gay, W. Va. Earls, Charles A., AMH1, 808 Magnolia St. , Arlington, Texas Faye, Norman S. , AN, 1142 Sherbourne Dr., Los Angles 35, Calif. Felton, Bobby L., AMH3, 510 24th St., Va. Beach, Va. Fesniak, Stanley P. , SN, 62 Roundwood Lane, Levittown, Penna. Fitch, Edmund E., SN, 9816 BelAir, Montclair, Calif. Foster, Robert, M. , AMS2, Taylor City, Lot 60, Rt. 1, Box 109A, Va. Beach, Va. Fundak, Stephen J. Sr., AD2, Rt. 4f4, Box 100, Millington, Tenn. Geide, Robert J., ADJ3, 33 Walnut St., Binghamtom, N. Y. V George, Jerry D., AN, 4008-G, Paul Jones Circle, Oceana Apts., Va. Beach, Va. Gonzalez, Antonio L., ATN3, 698 E. 134th St.,Bronx, N.Y. Goodson, Marvin L., AO3, Rt. 1, Box 596, Palrico, Fla. Grace, Larry E. , AMEAN, 358 Central Ave. , Albany 6, N. Y. Graham, Larry L., AN, 208-1X2 20th St., Va: Beach, Va. Grayson, William C., CS2, 153 A. Eilers St., Norfolk 5, Va. Hagedorn, Roger G., ADJ3, RFD. 1, Blue Earth, Minn. Hargett, Marcus W., AN, 133 S. Highland, Sidney, Ohio Harman, Russell L., AN, Star Rt. 4f2, Keyser, W. Va. Hartman, Jesse C., AN, 111 Penna Ave., Mt. Union, Pa. Hartman, Raymond J., YN3, 1839 Gladstone St., Phila. 45, Pa. Harvey, Paul M., AMS3, 17 Murray Ave., Salananca, N. Y. Hess, Herbert V., AM1, RD 1, Quaker Town, Pa. Hirth, Clifford E., AO2, 5 N. Woming Ave., Ventnor, N. J. Hoffman, Garry G., ADJ3, 551 Commonwealth Ave.,Bronx 72, N.Y. Hoyt, Gary E., AMS3, 2290 Ostrum, Pontiac, Mich. Hultgreen, Dennis, AMSAA, Holy Rd., Kansas Hyldburg, Edward A., ACT3, 150 Wash. Circle, Woburn, Mass. Jerge, Roland P., AN, Rt. 1, Marion, La. Johnston, Bruce W. , AN, 704 S. First St. , Stillwater, Minn. Johnston, Jerry L., YN3, Apt. 8, Clifton Apts., Norfolk Ave., Va. Beach, Va. Jones, Willie L. Jr., ADJ2, 220 Ellis St., Augusta, Ga. Joyner, Ray T., AE2, Rt. 2, Box 83, Vidalia, Ga. Kaminski, Walter K. , AE3, '73 Abeles Ave. , Buffalo, N. Y. Kennedy, Bobby E., HM2, Rt. 4295, Lenior City, Tenn. Kimberlin, James L., AN, Rural Rt. 2, McLouth, Kansas Kinchen, Francis P., ADJ2, Iberville, La. King, Wilber L., ADJ3, North Jackson, Ohio Kinsey, Munro ini, SN, 1302 Genesee St., Utica, N. Y. Lancaster, James W., AM1, 2710 Ayliff Rd. , Norfolk 2 Va. Lapor,te, Raymond J. , AN, 510 First Ave., Duran, Wis. Lee, Willie S. Jr., AMH2, 1549 Sixth St., Wash, D.C. Locke, Bayse H., AO3, 390 Oklaoosa St., Milton, Fla. MacKenzie, Donald ini Jr., AN, Saratoga Ka Stage Rd. , Turnerville, N. J. McAdams, Raymond E., AN, Box 683, Ocean, Calif. McCart, McGregor R. Jr., ATN3, 6216 Devonshire Ter., Fort Worth, Texas McCauley, Robert E. , AN, 604 Greenwood Ave., Laurence Harbor, N.J. McKinney, Reed W., AT1, 112 Karan La., Va. Beach, Va. McNeil, Eddie E., AA, 3900 Wash. Ave., Kansas City, Kansas Miele, James J., AQF3, Hickory Dr., Bruster, N. Y. Milford, James P., AD2, 4051 "C" Letter Court, Va. Beach, Va. Miller, Herbert M., AN Rt 2, Box 18, Leon, W. Va. Modglin, Albert M. , ADR3,1809 S. Manhattan Ave.Muncie, Ind Modglin, William H. ,AN, 1809 S. Manhattan Ave., Muncie, Ind Mood, Robert L., AE1, 1405 Virginia Ave., Norfolk, Va. Moore, Charles C., ADJ3, Rt 4, Box 111M, Dickson, Tenn. Morris, Howard K. Jr., AO2, 3005 Pulaski Hwy. ,Balt., Md. Morrison, Charles S. , AOl, 4548 Millstead Rd. , Jacksonville 10, Fla. Morrison, Gary R. , AO2, 625 Central Ave. , Northwood, Iowa Moye, James L., AN, 700 Lee Circle, Forest Park, Ga. Mullin, Frederick L. , AT2, 488 Philip Ave., Detroit 15, Mich. Mullin, John J. , AD1, 425 Hamilton St. , Norristown, Pa. Noldon, Roscoe Cnj Jr. , PN3, 108 Artic St. , Buchanan, Mich. Ortega, Rufino O., AK1, 314 E. Columbus Dr., E. Chicago, Ind. Pare, Ronald N., AA, 17073 Clarann St. , Melvin Dale, Mich. Pasbrig, Darrell B., SN, 1215 Quaker Lane, Alexandria, Va. Peters, Jackie L., AD2, RR 3, London, Ohio Peters, Raymond G., ADJAN, Box 58, Callicoon Center, N.Y. Peterson, Frederick J., AQl, 1927 Ashland Ave. , Cederfalls, Iowa Pertovich, Richard, C., AMHAN, 700 E. Race St., Shomkin, Penna. Phillips, Everett Cnj Jr. , AlVlH2, 2309 Jenkins Court, Norfolk 6, Va. Pooley, Joseph L., ADJ3, Marine City, Mich. Proos, John A., AMS2, 405 Carrier St., N. E. Grand Rapids, Mich , Prouty, Richardw, SN, Breezy Hill Rd., Springfield, Vt. Rapee, Edward Qnj, AMS3, Pacific Motel, Box 157, Joseph City, Arizona Reecge,CHoward P. , AQF3, 1613 Kathwood Dr. , Columbia, Riehs, Gene L. , AE3, Rt 1, LaGrange,Texas Rodgers, Carlos L., AMS3, 505 W. Laffett Ave. , Pascagovia, Miss. Rodgers, Clyde H., ACT3, 2520 S. Ridgewood, S. Daytona Beach, Fla. Rohr, John J., AD1, 1023 Garfield, Topeka, Kansas Rounds, Robert L., AN, 3900 Conn. Ave., Wash. 8, D.C. Rude, Milo A., AN 1620 Banks Ave., Rockford, Ill. .--V -f'4-- 4-.-., ,mwu-, .370 - ' 'auf' f 'F ' ' ' l ' .' we . L 5- I. , . . . . ..- . .- - -.1 1 .au-..- .. -.ia -L .1'f'.sL..-. Q. JL' ' -,xy-r -"- f, ..: 1.3115 4 Y, V, .r-..L.g: 152,31 '-':. VF- 1 03 , Squadron Runnells, Duane L., AO3, 347 W. 23rd St., Jax, Fla. Russell, Clifford H., AMH3, Rt. 7, Box 181, Fairmont, W. Va. Scott, James M., AE3, 209 Greeves St., Kane, Penna. Scott,Walter L., AMH3, 904 Sixth St., Phila. 45, Pa, Searcey, Frank S., AO2, Jonesboro, Tenn. Seeley, Richard K., AD1, 1152 Taplin Ave., Akron 19, Ohio Sessler, Ronald H., AM1, 155 "D", View Ave., Apt. 3, Norfolk 3, Va. Shanholtz, Ronald W., AO 3, 1712 Homewood Rd., Hagerstown, Md. Shea, Thomas, F., ANISAN, 53 Grant Ave., Medford, Mass. Sherman, Walter L. , AMSAN 508 Pearl St. , Snohomish, Wash. Shettles, Tommy L., AMSAN, RR 1, Etta, Miss. Shingelton, Robert L. , AE1, 817 Jewetts St., St. Albans, W. Va. Simhiser, Wiley B., AN, 207 N. Judson, Fort Scott, Kansas Smith, Bennie Qnj, CS1, 889 Bagnall Rd., Norfolk, Va. Smith, James E. , AM1, 2553 Hunington Pike, Hunginton Valley, Perma. Sorenson, Ronald A., AMS3, 4321 40th Ave., S. Minn. 6, Minn. Stampone, Robert M. , AA, 636 Perma. Ave. , Pen Orgyl, Pa. Stewart, Kennard D., AN, 2424 N. Freemont, Springfield 2, Mo. 5 Stover, Luther H., AD2, Naval Hospital, Naples, Italy Straight, Donald B., ATN3, Rt. 1, Shinnston, W. Va. Thaxton, James E., AMS2, 1208 Watkins Ave., S. Boston, Va. Thom, Allen, W., AMH3, Box 21, Ashville, N, Y. Thorson, Donald R. , ADR2, 1812 Thrift St., Memphis 85, Tenn. Thornhill, Robert H. , PRAN, 1050 Beechmeadow La., Cincinnatti, Ohio Thurmond, Willie E., ADJ 1, 2144 Thlerdy Dr., Jacksonville 5, Fla. Titus, Donald P., ADJ3, Ruggals Ave., New Port, R. I. Titus, Malcom L., PR3, 533 W. 2nd St., Berwick, Penna.. Toth, David H., ATNAN, Box 539, Central Valley, Calif. Trinca, John F., AE1, 5 Wheeler St., Alburn, N. Y. Vancourt, Robert R., AMS2, 62 Fairview Homes, Kewanee, Ill. Ward, Joseph R., AT3, 3101 S. Edgewood Terrace, Fort Worth, Texas Ward, Theodore W. , AO3, 5029 E. 42nd St. , Kansas City, MO. Watson, Dennis C., AME2, Trailer 41915, 7630 Hwy. 6, Darby, Colo. Watson, Douglas Cnj, SD3, 607 27th St., Newport News, Va. Wedgeworth, Aubrey L., ATN3, 710 Caviler, Passedena, Texas Weidner, Jerome C. Jr., PR2, 102 N. Broadway, Pitman, N. J. Werder, Roger W., AN, 8642 Hume Ave., St. Louis 14, Mo. Williams, Ernest F., AN, 1418 S. Chestnut St., Spokane 44, Wash. Williams, Joseph O. , AE2, 1703 Woodring St. , Lake Charles, Ind. Willis, Wilber W., AO2, Rt. 1, Box 41, Gerber, Calif. Wood, Ernest W. , AE3, 3404 Barratt Pl. , Wichita Falls, Texas Zembricki, Michael fnj, AMH3, 5418 Ave., Brooklyn 34, N. Barbay, Glenn B., AD1, 411 Canal St., P.O. BOX 148 Plaquemme, La. Y. VEP-62, Det. 42 Jacksonville, Fla Wetmore, Horace O., LT, 5128 110th St, Jacksonville, Fa Norton, William S., LT, 901 N. 15th Ave., Jacksonville, F . Ream, Ronald L., LT, R. F.D., Box 344, Oakland, Md. Gilbert, Maynard W., ADJCA, P.O. Box 12, Dryden, Va. Allick, Adam T., AM2, 110 Guilforn St., Buffalo, N. Y. Bowman, James R., AN, 8168 Paul Jones Dr. , Jacksonville, Mom-hardt, Robair F., LCDR, 5044 oakside Dr., ' 1 . la Fla. Braddy, Lloyd E., AK3, Box 737, Soperton, Ga. Carlson, Melvin fnj, AN, P. O. Box 215, AP0Pk2-, F13- Crowe, Richard P., PH2, 2023 Caton Ave., Brooklyn, N.Y. Damschroder, John A.,AE3,R.R. it1,Attica, Ohio 355 Foster, Gordon R., AMH2, 324 S. National St., Howell, Mich. Friedman, Herbert, AN, Jacksonville, Fla. Gay, Claude A., AMH3, Rt. 2, Box 306, Malton, Fla. Haines, Robert M., PR1, Brownsville, Md. Hanner, Norman F., AE3, 404 W. Hickory Street, Bloomingston, Ill. Hatcher, Donald, AN, Rt. 1994, Box 256, Tallahassee, Fla. Horton, Jerry E., PHAN, 7564 Westfield, Rd., Baltimore 22, Md. Jeter, Wallace E. , AE1, 6841 Blanding Blvd., Jacksonville, Fla. Johnson, Paul C., AN, Rt. 2, Box 233, Fernandia Beach, Fla. LaFleur, Robert A., ADJ3, Jacksonville, Fla. Larson, Leroy, AMH3, Currie, Minn. LeJeune, Horace L., PH2, Box 71, Estherwood, La. Lutton, Robert L.III, AN, 161 Vernia St., East Liver Pool, Ohio Mark, Donald E., PH1, Box 245, Anthony, New Mexico Mark, James Q., PH3, 3151 Broadway, N.Y. N, Y. McCreary, Arthur W., AM1, Ringwood, Okla. Miller, Richard W. , AE3, 216 Cornwell St.,Williston Park, New York Moree, William C., AD2, 7441 Strato St., Jacksonville, Fla. 4 Patterson, Robert W., AM3, Gainsville, Fla. Powers, John W. Jr., AEAN, 210 Cantrell Ave., Fort Mill, S. C. Ragsdale, Jack A., AN, 722 Percy St., Greenville, Miss. Rankin, Thomas, AT2-Pl, 620 Orchard Ave., Lexington, Ky. Sasser, Joefhj, ATR3, 3014 University Rd., Louisville, Ky. Larry L. , AD2, 29 Oak St. , Freeport, Maine Smith, Spiers, Raliegh Qnj, AD1, McNeill, Miss. Schwartz, Fred G., ADJ3, 4023 Hilda Circle, Decatur, Ga. Wilson, James J., AN, Maple Shade, N.J. Yochelson, Jerome E., ATAN, 2306 E. W. Hiway, Silver Spring, Md. Young, Richard P., ATN3, 32 S. Terrace Ave., Maple Shade, N. J. VAW-12, Det. Kmetz, William H. , LCDR, 400 Diamond Hill' Rd. , Warwick, R.L Debaets, Donald J., LCDR, 49 Peach Tree Rd., N. Kingstown, R.I. Schneider, James E., LT, 32 St. Joseph St. , Lancaster, N.Y. Hall, Frank S., LT, Sergeant Bluff, Iowa Campbell, Robert E., LT, Rowland, N. C. Keys, Robert T., LTJG, Sardis, Miss. Reedy, Raymond P., LTJG, 115 Hornet Rd., N. Kingstown, R.I. comm, "L" 'CH Jr., LTJG, 410 s. w. 17th sr.,Par1s, Texas Petroske, Kenneth C. , LTJG, 5 Locust St. , Meriden, Conn. Flinchum, John A., LTJG, 1244 Niles, Atlanta 18, Ga. Colton, John P., LTJG, 145 East 74th St., N.Y.C. Macey, Joe, S., LTJG, 1116 N. 3rd St., Temple, Texas Solms, William R., LTJG, 47C Forrestal Ave., Hoskins Pk., Quonset Pt., R.I. Neibauer, Rodney D., LTJG, 205 S. 35th St., Billings, Montana Fox, John E., LTJG, 3000 N. 35th St., Kansas City, Kansas Northrup, Russel L., ENS, Grand Rapids, Mich. Goureaux, Richard F., ENS, Greenville, Ohio Strawn, Joel T., ENS, P.O. Box 1146, Deland, Fla. Teeling, Philip E. Jr., ENS, 3025 Austin, Waco, Texas Aulenbach, Glen C. , ENS, 213-1X2 E. Rowe St. , Tamagua, Penn. Sorenson, John M., ENS, 2510 Crosby Rd., Wayzata, Minn. Blalock, Leonard K., ENS, Box 109,,Union, Miss Maxwell, Vincent E., ADC, 10 Aldeberry Rd., Buzzards Bay, Mass. Gibbons, Thomas F. Jr., ATC, VAW 12, NAS, Quonset Pt., R.I. Arnondine, Norman L. , ATR3, RD 452, Helen St. , Library , Penn. VAW-12, Der. Beatty,John D., ARVAN, Rt. 1, Box 159A, Bayside, Va. Berry, Marion E., AD1, Rt. 1, Box 317, Orangeburg, S,C. Bradley, Carl Qnj, AN, 18 St. Mary's Place, Red Bank, N. J. Brylewski, Leonard A. , AM1, 215 W. Mahanoy St. , Mahanoy Cit Pa. Campbe511, Rodney fnj, ADR2, 323 Beaver St. , Leetsdale, Penn. Ciango, Dolph A. , AMS2, 180 E. First St. , Fond Du Lec,WiS. Cottingham, Ronald P. , AA, 1957 Bartran Curve, Mobile Davidson, William E. Jr., AT2, 629 W. Ridgewood, Gainsville, Ga. DeCamps, Daniel R., AT2, Bldg 43, Apt. 273, Success Park Bridgeport 10, Conn. DeRitter, Dennis Qnj, AMH3, 13-20 3rd St., Fairlavsm, N. Y. Dorris, Theodore O., AMS1, 9542 Midland Ave., Overland 21, Mo. Faulkner, Thomas W. Jr., AN, 202 Lincoln Ave., Saugus, Mass. Flaherty, Charles F. Jr., ADR3, 104 Edwin St., N. Quincy 71, Mass. Flanigan, Ronald W., SN, 1107 E. Gift Ave., Peoria, Ill. Fox, Robert J., AR, 70-34 35th Ave., Woodside, N.Y. Giandomenico, Nicholas J. Jr., ATS3, 515 E. St., Walpole, Mass. Gibson, Athur J. , AEAN, 688 Moody St. , Waltham, Mass. Grams, Henry A., AE1, 4 Aster St., Warwick, R. I. Haigh, Charles W. Jr., ADR3, 6506 Van Dike, Phila. 35, Pa. Haupert, Gerald J., AN, 1882' Putman Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. Hayes, James A. , AAN,PO Box 1121, Ft. Walton Beach, Fla. Heveron, John L., AN, Rt. 4192, Willmar, Minn. Hicks, Charles R., AEAN, 543 S. 6th St., Chipley, Fla. Holland, Paul O., ADRAN, RR 4192, Proctorville, Ohio Lee, Melvin J., AE3, 603 Ruggles Rd., Furguson, Mo. Lockhart, Samuel Cn, Jr., SD2, Rt. 2, Box 93, Yemmassee, S., C. Mackey, Raymond, ATN3, 574 Carew St., Springfield, Mass. McCall, Dawayne fnj, AA, 711 Franklin Ave., Caruthersville, Mo. McCann, Roger L., ADRAN, Rt 1, Glenwood, Minn. McCollister, William T., ATR3, 305 E. 2nd St., Pass , Christian, Miss. McLeod, Roger A., ATN3, Orowoc Landing, Islip, N. Y. Moore, Donald E., AN, 111 S. Pine St., Wash., Ill. Pierce, Ronald W., ATR3, RR ffl, Pawnee, Ill. Pouliot, Douglas H. , AMH3, 1308 Buchanan St., N.E. Minneapolis, Minn., Ripley, Boyde T., AE2, 12 Park Ave., P1ainville,Conn. Roberts, Grover, AD2, Box 1222 Tuckertovsm Rd. , Wakefield, R.I. Robinson, William A. , AMS3, 4220 Sherwood Ave. , Columbus, Ga ' Rogers, James L., AME3, 429 Pinecrest, Topeka, Kan. Saganey, Richard A., AD2, 119 Tonaward St., Boston, Mass. Salzmann, John W. Jr., ADRAN, 515 Bloomfield Ave., Drexel Hill, Pa. Styer, Kerwin L. , ATN3, Rd.4t3, Muncy, Pa. Turner, Floyd R., AMSAN, Box 292, Manuta, Utah Usry, Jerry G., AME2, 1630 Whitney St., Augusta, Ga. Whitaker, Roger D. , AN, 445 Davisville Rd.,RFD 2, R.,I. Wilcox, Jeffery H., AN, RD Glenmont, N.Y. Williams, Hays T., AN, 2121 Adam St., New Orleans, La. Winter, David L. , ATR3, 4091 Pine Grove Rd., Port Huron, Mich. Woods, Arnold R. Jr., AN, 1883 Freemont St., Atlanta, Ga. VAH-5, Squadron Smith, Augustine W. , CDR, 2013 Grandview Ave. , Sanford, Fla. Farmer, Roy E., CDR, 114 W. Woodland Ave., Sanford, Fla. Goben, Howard G., CDR, Rt. ffl, Box 198, Lake Markham, V Sanford, Fla. Jessen, George E., LCDR, 115 W. Coleman Cir., Sanford, Fla. l Pinzel, Lawrence E. , LCDR, 7318 Coral Sea Rd. , Ortega Hills, Jacksonville, Fla. Ryan, Philip J., LCDR, 3105 S. Park Ave., Sanford, Fla. Thompson, William S., LCDR, 3107 S. Park Ave., Sanford, Fla. Thompson, Archibald S., LCDR, 102 Coleman Cir., Sanford, Fla. Murphy, Ray D., LT, 113 E. Jenkens Cir., Sanford, Fla. James, Charlie N. , LT, , 2401 Melonville Ave. , Sanford, Fla. 356 Graham, Bruce H., LT, 108 N. Virginia Ave., Sanford, Fla. Schoonover, Charles D., LT, 111 Coleman Cir., Sanford, Fla. Belay, William J., LT, 704 Oneida St. , Joliet, Ill. DiLorento, Lucio tml, LT, 76 Santee St. , Rochester, N. Y. Cook, Richard D. , LT, 109 E. Coleman Cir., Sanford, Fla. Foote, Everett W. , LT, 128 W. Woodland Dr. , Sanford, Fla. Fitzpatrick, Chester L. , LT, 101 W. Woodland Dr. , Sanford, Fla. Brough, Donald J . , LT, 104 Onora Ave. , Sanford, Fla. Repp, Robert W., LT, 3306 Park Ave. , Sanford, Fla. Hardman, W.,M., LTJG, Box 470, Rt. 452, Lake Golden, Sanford, Fla. Osborne, James T. , LTJG, 2904 Park Ct., Sanford, Fla. Talmadge, James T. Jr., LTJG, 5 Beckley St., Saugereies, N.Y. Morgan, James L., LTJG, 809 Cherokee Cir., Sanford, Fla. Shattuck, William D., LTJG, PO Box 2, Bristol, Fla. Rhett, Haskell E.S. , LTJG, 2215 Lakeshore Dr. , Longbeach, Ind. Anglemoyer, William III, LTJG, 3534 Orchard Rd. , Huntington Valley, Penn. Wolf, Lee E., LTJG, Box 507, Bonduel, Wis. Isbell, Marion W. Jr., LTJG, 101 N. Central, Phoenix, Arizona Ferrucci, Peter P. Jr., LTJG, 63 Westmont Dr., Waterbury, Conn. Mc Eachen, Joel L. , LTJG, 218 Broad Ave. , Leonia, N, J. Ainsworth, William E. , LTJG, 3508 E. English St. , Wichita, Kansas Howley, Gerald H., LTJG, 429 N. Huron St. , Wheeling, W. Va. McEntyre, Richard F., LTJG, 604 N. Cordova, Alhambra, Calif. Dietze, John A. Jr., LTJG, Flied Point, Greenwich, Conn. Boose, Donald E., ENS, 3300 S. Park Ave., Sanford, Fla. Stillings, Thomas J., ENS, Millford Center, Ohio Kaufman, Gerry L., ENS, 346 N. Main St., Roanoke, Ind. Cooley, David B., ENS, 530 Crawford St. S.E., Grand Rapids, Mich. Graham, William J., PTCM, 8 Brown St., Peabody, Mass. Ayers, Maurice L., ATCS, 3372 Otona Ct., San Bernidino, Calif. Hern, Joseph D., ADCS, 114 Satsuma Dr., Sanford, Fla. Lowas, Emil P., AECS, 4818 Oletha Ave., St. Louis, Mo. Askew, Thomas J., ADJC, 2527 Hiawatha Ave., Sanford, Fla Baron, Edward A., Aoc, 100 W. sour st., Sanford, Fla. Caso, Aloysius D. , ADJC, 3971 Bowen Ave. , Memphis, Tenn. Clabaugh, Walter W., AEC, 2601 Grandview Ave., Sanford, Fla. Clark, Huey D., ADJC, 105 Parkview Dr., Sanford, Fla.. Conover, John R., ABEC, Rt. 130, Cranbury, N.,J. Denlea, Emil P. , AMC Donat, Warren H., AMSC, 96 Overbrook Ave., East Islip, N. Y. Ferguson, John L., AOC, 724 Cherokee Cir., Sanford, Fla. Franklin, Howard A., ATC,311N. Cleveland Ave., Joplin, Mo ' Garner, Hilma W., AQC, Rt. 42, Box 526A, Sanford, Fla. Hauge, Abner G., ATC, 1214 Cresent St., Sanford, Fla. Kuzia, Raymond F. , AQC, 6047 Wilson Blvd. , Jacksonville, Fla. Leesekamp, Carl L. , AMC, Scotch Grove, Iowa Romano, Anthony F., AMC, 401 S. Sunland Dr., Sanford, Fla. Rusnak, John fnj, PRC, Arona, Penn, Smith, Vester M., ADJC, 117 Shannon Dr., Sanford, Fla. Wil.kins, Kenneth R. , AKC, Park Ave. Trailer Ct. , Sanford, Fla. Yelverton, Pouncey C. Jr., ATC, 3384 Day Ave., Miami, Fla. Abbott, Stewart S.,'AK3, 2512 N, Cal 49, Tampa, Fla. Adams, John W. Jr., YN1, 614 Baywood Dr., Sanford, Fla. Allevato, David J. , PN2, 22411 Carolina Ct. , St. Clair Shores, Mich. Anderson, Gerald P., AQ3, 232 Lincoln Ave.,Crookston, Minn. -R-...,,,,,,.. -...,.---.av Y ,W l...-........- ...- - Q A Y ' ' - V My - P - - '- - . .f V z ,,....,.n,...,,..-., ,, - ,, .. n g U g V X . I, . -I 1 , . . . ' H , ,- . .-.-, W- .JV ,,L,.,,, .. Q- "' 1 ,az ...Ll . ..- .ik 't.1',.l. " :..i"'t,,--3. gpg. M 1-::'f'1gr-.3 .,,"'5 1" t - . A... " 1- 1 .-J.n'.L14:1 ,. 4"' . A,'1'1y. Yff' '.3f'1?5FI'7QE'..x?p VAH-5, Squadron Andrews, Thomas S., AQ3, Rt. ffl, Grover, N. C. Anthony, Billy W., AM3, Castalian Springs, Tenn. Baheler, Carl L., AE2, 3726 W. 42nd Place, Tulsa, Okla. Baldwin, Wayne R., AN, Uxbridge Rd., Sutton, Mass. Bare, Jerry D., AT2, Rt. 4111, Box 24, Jefferson, N.C. Barlow, Johnny S., AM3, 142 S. Keech St., Daytona Beach, Fla. Battle, Thomas M., AM3, College Park, Ga. Belken, Jerrly L., ATR3, 509 Dale Dr., Iowa Falls, Iowa Benner, Garry H., PN3, 6211 Tyne Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio Benvie, Donald R., AM2, 5601 Abbottsford Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio Billy, Howard D., AO2, 140 Trienty Ave., Chowiechula, Calif. Blackwell, John H., AN, 510 N. Magnolia St., Laurel, Miss. Blaga, John A., AO3, 3012 Werk Rd., Cincinnati, Ohio Bly, Claude L., AT2, RT ffl, Greenwood, Ark. Bly, John W., AE2, RT ffl, Greenwood, Ark. Bombard, Richard J., A02, Wilbur Ave., Lake Mary, Fla. Brown, Walter C., AQ1, RR 4992, Rosedalle, Ind. Brown, William T., AM1, 1224 S. River Ave., Toronto, Ohio Browne, Harold E., AT3, 731 Irby Lane, Irving, Texas Bruscato, John C., ADJ3, 7 Harting Ave., Riverside, R.I. Bryan, Carl J., AN, Rt. 1992, Box 182, Jay, Fla. Bryant, Phillip W., AM3, 135 Jefferson St., Spray, N.C. Buote, Edmund A., AQ2, 47 Tamara Dr., Roosevelt, N. J. Brumester, Randall H., AQ3, 11 Bredder Ct., E. Patterson, N.J. Butler, Walter Cnj, AM3, 407 N.A, St., Pensacola, Fla. Cannavino, Mario R.,AO2, 221 Fleming Dr., Sanford, Fla. Canmn, Dennis J., AM2, 3361 N. 60th St., Kansas City, Kansas Carmack, Walter R., AE3, 141 E. Wanola Ave., Kingsport, Tenn. Carrigan, Don E., AT2, 868 Maple St., Alcoa, Tenn. Carter, Billy M., AM3 RT 1f8, Greensboro, N.C. Carter, John F., ATN3, RFD 1521, Clayton, N. Y. Carter, Philip R., AT2, 442 W. Paul St., Lima, Ohio Cell, Thomas, AQ2, 9936 Bassett St., Livonia, Mich. Champagne, Joseph R., ADJ3, 777 Boysen Ave., San Luis Obispo, Calif. Chrissinger, Edson L., AQ3, 4929 Abbott, S. Minneapolis, Minn. Christoperson, Gary P., ADJ3, 3633 43rd Ave., Minneapolis, Minn. Choquet, Richard K., AN Clarkin, Francis E., AN, 526 Muffet St., Schenectady, N. Y. Clayton, James R., AQ3, Memphis, Tenn. Clover, Philip R., ADJ3, NAS Sanford, Fla. Cleveland, Jerry L., AT3, Box 123, Walnut Grove, Ala. Coman, Curtis L. , AO2 Conner, Dennis J., AM3, 902 Norman St., Danville, Ill. Conner, James P. III, SN, RT 4t3, Mobile, Ala. 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' Olson, Robert L., ADJ3, 4722 Kenmore Ave., Apt. 309, Alexandria, Va. . ' O'Neal, Del Cnl, AT2, 2818 Malvern Dr., Tucson, Arizona Ott, Ervin L. , PR3, 3014 Bailey St. , Philadelphia, Pa. Parsons, Robert H., AMH3, Rt. 2, Box 281, Charleston, W. Va. Parker, Charles R., AT2, 5914 Bernice Dr., Houston, Texas Parks, Ralph H. , AE1, 3064 Cleveland Ave. , Montgomery, Ala. Pekearo, Robert Cnl, AN, 700 E. l4lst St., Bronx 54, N.Y. Perkall, Clifford F., AEI3, 4716 W. Anita Blvd., Tampa, Fla. Peters, Dean C., AN, 2074 Shorewood Lane, Lima, Ohio Peters, Richard E., AA, 31600 Schwartz Rd. Avon, Ohio Peters, Tommy C., PN3, Kings Lane, Lot 22, Coca Beach, Fla. Peterson, Richard C. , ATR3, Rt. ffl, Gladstone, Mich. Phillips, Franklin D., AEIAN, P.O. Box 171, Eufaula, Okla. Phillips, James K., AME1, Box 1113, Lubbock, Texas Pierce, Donald W., ADJ1, 19627 Carrie, Detroit, Mich. Pierson, Robert M. , AQB3, 200 W. Main St., Port Jervis, N.Y. Pinnell, William G. , SN, 1179 Edgefield Dr. , S.W. Atlanta, Ga. Pitman, James K., AO3, Rt. 1944, Box 520, Salisbury, N.C. Pittman, Jack Cnl, ADJ1, 1911 Chase Ave., Sanford, Fla. Poole, Dennis C., AQ2, 1415 3rd Ave., S. Estherville, Iowa Rettig, Allan E., AQB3, Rt. ffl, Rawson, Ohio Richards, Dwight W., AO3, Rt. 1693, Box 361, Kenosha, Wis. Rock, Larry V. , SN, 511 233 Ave. , Bradenton, Fla. Roddey, Jackie B., AN, Rt 4:93, Lancaster, S.C, Rongholt, Darrell E., AME3, Rt. ifl, Box 1387, Woodinville, Wash. 358 Rountree, Thurston L. Jr. , AN, 1303 Lorenzo Dr., S.W. , Atlanta, Ga. ' Ryder, Gerald S., AMS3, 5015 Columbia, Box 126, Hammond Ind. Salau, Richard W., AN, Rt. 4191, Box 183D, Bakersfield, Calif. Sanchez, George I. , ATN3, 1051 Evergreen Ave. , Bronx, N- Y. Sanders, Robert L. , ADJ3, 4815 Palo Duro Ave., Dallas, Texas Satterfield, John G., AO2, 811 Park Ave., Sanford, Fla. Scales, Richard K., AQB3, 142 Oak St., Plattsburgh, N.Y. Scott, Leon G. , AMH3, 956 Spearing St. , Jacksonville, Fla. Sewell, Aleck P., AE3, Rt. 3, Box 198, Adairsville, Ga. Shelton, Parker Qnl, SD2, 1428 Hills Terrace, St. Louis, Mo. Sills, Roy T., AN, 625 N.E. 1stSt., Gainesville, Fla. Sirk, Charles R., AQBAN, Rt. 2, Mount Solon, Va. Skeens, Donald L. , PR3, 9015 Willard Dr., Cleveland 2, Ohio Smith, Curtis G. , ADJ2, 121 Oakwood Dr. , Daytona Beach, Fla. Smith, David L. , ADJ3, 4410 Brockton Rd. , Washington 21, D.C. Smith, Ezell B. , ATR3, 4413 Ave. D.,Austin, Texas Smith, Jack A. , AMH2, 1103 Pine St., Calistoga, Calif. Smith, Maxie R. , AE2, Kenmore Drive, Whitney, S.C, Smith, Ronald E., AQB3, 120 Garrison Dr., Sanford, Fla. Smith, Walter R. , SN, 100 Cover St. , Jamestown, Pa. Snow, Dennis J. , AMH2, 1509 Cottonwood St. , Richland, Wash. Snyder, George A. , AT2, Ghent, N. Y. - Soldan, John S. , ADJAN, 96 Beech Tree Rd., Columbus 13, Ohio 9 Southwell, Russell E., ADJAN, 704 W. 6th St., Beardstown, Ill. 4 A Spivey, Robert D., AQB3, Box 33, Brooksville, Fla. Stackhouse, Samual A. , ADJ2, 1214 W. 13th St. , Sanford, Fla. ' Stafford, Harry W., PN2, 1323 S. Greenwood Ave. , Clearwater, Fla. p Stangrone, Nicholas Qnj, AO2, 2728 27th Ave. N.,St. Petersburg, Fla. Stanley, James C. , AME3, 3828 Boston Ave. , Des Moines, Iowa Stearns, Robert K., AMS2, Rt. l, Box 200, Albany, Ky, ' Stephenson, Carl E., AQB3, Box 55, Jacksontown, Ohio Stinson, Raymond J., AQB3, RFD 1, Littleton, N.H Stith, William M. , ADJ1, 344 High Point Dr. , Gulf Breeze, Fla. Sumner, John W., AQB3, 500 Lamberton Dr., Silver Spring, Md. 6 Sutton, Walter J. , AQB3, 5 Montvale Rd., Wellesley, Mass. Tarry, William E. , AK3, Dunkirk, Md. Taylor, John W. , ATR3, 405 Jackson St. , Port Gibson, ' Miss. Temple, James L., AQ2, 1529 18th St., Corpus Christi, Texas Tillberg, Arthur R. , PH3, 200 S.W. 2nd, Mulberry, Fla. 9 Toth, Andrew J., AE1, 241 N. 6th St., Martins Ferry, Ohio Travis, John C., AT1, 126 Mayfair Circle, Sanford, Fla. Tucker, Thomas E., AE2, Rt. 2, Winfield, Marion, Ala. ' Vanoskey, Roy Qnl, SN, 2428 W. 46th St. , Chicago, Ill. Vican, Joseph P., AN, 4074 Bart, Warren, Mich. Waldron, Johnny T., AOAN, P.O. Box 275, Lake City, Fla. Wasik, Bobby G., AMH3, 1333 4th St., San Rafael, Calif. - Watson, Tommy D., AT2, 2719 Christine, Ft. Worth 5, Texas ' Webster, Samuel L. , ADJ2, 850 Maury Rd. , Box 32, Orlando, Fla. ' Welsh, James M. , ATR2, 3600 Stadium Dr. , Kalamazoo, Mich. Whitmire, William J. , AN, Box 263, Van Vieck, Texas Wiley, David R. , AMH2, 2262 Suffolk St. , Cincinnati 30, Ohio ' Wilkenson, Wayne F., AQ2, Woodston, Kansas Williams, Henry D., SD3, 182 Morris Court, Pensacola, Fla. Willis, James M., ADJ1, cfo Ribley, Rt. 1, Hudson, N.Y., Wilson, Phillip R., AO3, P.O., Box 927, Elma, Wash. Woods, Fredic J. , ADJ2, 2579 Adams St., Long Beach, Calif. Wyche, Lovic P., AE2, 204 Park Ave., LaGrange, Ga. Yoakum, Daniel E., AN, 361 S. Boeke, Kansas City, Kansas CRUISEBOCK STAFF L GENERAL CHAIRMAN Captain R.H. Bradshaw, MC, USN EDITOR' -I A LCDR K.L. Kyle t EDITORIAL ASSISTANT R Ralph F. Seghers PHC Who also provided the idea for the Cruisebook theme, UHOMETOWN, USA" ' A H , D PHOTOGRAPHY Faulkner, P.H. Seghers, R.F. Perrenoud, J.A. A I ' I Dolwick, R.F Grigsby, P.H. ' , ' I Brickey, R.C A Bowne, T.D. ' , p Who took' the majority 'of the pictures in this cruisebook . The Photo Lab personnel who processed printed and finished all of the photography l L used in the cruisebook., L SALES- AND PUBLICITY coMMiTTEE CDR W.E. Leonard, Head , ' CDR E. Iglesias 'R LCDR D..B. Stratton , LCDR A.S. Thompson . .LTJG E.R. Sears CUSTODIAN., RECREATION ' ' AND WELFARE FUND L Q ENS D.W. Swavely A Who kept all Sales and bookkeeping records PUBLISHER A Howard Wohl Associates Westbury, New York i ,,.i.....,,.--g-- .v .v -,,....,v, - -f-4--'-:lv cities and the small towiis j i that make up America, and to oiw loved oiies who have waited in them to welcome as liome, book.i t ffff fffyf ffff!! ff 'f f4'ff1 Z' ffjff ' f fZj V, , ,bww A ' , W'.,,ff, 'lm V. , W:-iff-11,419 hz? V5 IMA' f X ff 'f 1 I f' V, , i f ffff ff iff f f f f' f 'V ff ,, XX ff . X f 'V WJ wwf! ff Z ' 3: ff X5 f f ,f ,f ,ff X . , ,,, , ' , 7 f ff' fn! J I ,o 76',f' f W ff A A ,7 W, f 1 ,, X, , , X 97, ,ff A Ml , , 4 fi ,V 1 , 1 .....-. - .. , - , .1 .-c- -,Nw - 1- -1 , , , ,....,1f ,, ,, -- .-i-zzj,-Lnrvfs.-ni'?.L,,-- ,L-SQA? 'f- 'ffggzesm -"ig .J4..g,fr' 4: . -.g " 2f':T'1 '7f""'T' ' E' .,g' - ' f .. ..' xi ' 1 4 -T432 - ff 1 u, 11 EJ!! .X N 1 if 1 F1 1 12- 1 R :. 1 14 1 if .ge 'll E555 7 . J , , 1 .1 , I 1 1 l I 1 l 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 . F, .31 11. :W -Q ,1 ' ,yi ,1. :I ,. 1. uf, ,av ,Wu 5 gg 'lp I 1 , 1 1 f .A I 3 31 1,1 ,iii w 19 w .-uf 5' aw 1 J ,, ffx I, Wa... ij' 1-' , 1 11,5 , . W , V af ,fi'+fi.1. I ,gym F US: ,cms A-Ak N 'E' , t ,

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