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Forrest Strawn Wing High School - Tupek Yearbook (Forrest, IL) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Cover

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x M ' :rg.m1,. V v, .-L -' .gm X 4 , 7. fx gn Erv- p . x 1 n v Q J, .7 X . I V N ,, , 2 A, Q 4jg,, r N 1 Q W Lx v Jw 9 v -4 vf f . + 1- f f 'C w r R x 1 v 9 , f H 1 1 , Q 4. J qv X , 1. - s any., -1,..4,, 1 .- - f ,Q ,N ,p m iw , i,44 + ,W gn -.f ,S - 2 . , f 1X.,c5-,k4a iy, Q, 41 3 .K 4 .xi . .P N 'a r -, na, K -MYQY I-" p 1514: Q., a. ,j " 1 - .,g .4-A -er' ,psy 1. "Q 'ig ws, . ,fl 1 N Ln- ,f w 112 " , 'L . Q.. J -rug ' , H ' ' v"'. f' ,5!,,mm5g-.g!MA,L T'5?,:.,,. , :,,,,A-Q1-'gy ,Qi I'n1Qp,' .5 -r ". muy",-lei K.. - - 4, .fm-aw ,Ll -IA., V ' " 14 x . A V- -,?:,.1 k5g3g:5U f 1-'-'JP-4f5,!,?Rff:, " ,gf a, -.hx .4 3.-fig'-:,,:3,., ,",g., fvmt ,-7-W. :J 3 .-4 ,Sw ffl, as .4 fig a x 1 1 1 1 F1 1 QE i ag . L Tj K J? ' ' X52 Li :sl .rj 25? 3 VE fs . ,an 4 A A if . V .1 15 35 f.-ff The i966 Annuol Staff Presenfs Volume No. 17 of Th E Tu pek Forrest-Strawn-Wing Community Unit Schools ForresT, Illinois 53,135 , f f ' ,H ,L T ,N -" 15 ,55-cg f fl' ' " 'i ' .,,: ' 4 lf fi 2 ' - 7 M, 1 A A ll 'A WM M "":fV "' . ' ggi, -A W. 3' N, . . ,Z - K V L, 6615 . 1 -f 1 T f M A Q ' wg. Q T 'f V- 5 ff sg- T- si , A--r Q., ff' .- H ' 45,2 !' A. Li 3 I Z ii . 'ri ff 5 ' 03 '4 f f T 6 A :,I. V '-- 7 A . rf ' , .M rw T 'T' 9 'maui' My 1' gf if 43' 1 1 , T QM, di A , 1 ,S A x T Foreword The 1965-1966 school year is now iusT a memory for everyone who populaTeol FSW's classrooms, gossiped in The halls, and cheered aT The fooTball and baskeT- ball games. lT was The year for fun-in fashions, in music, and in The many oTher areas of sTudenT life. So wiTh These Things as The backdrop for The following pages of The 1966 TUPEK, we hope you will remember ThaT 'a go-go' year aT FSW, The place WHERE THE A-CTION IS . . . CLASSES . . . ADMINISTRATION ATHLETICS . . . ACTIVITIES .. GRADE SCHOOLS Contents Our Angels Anonymous-Jay Davis, Dennis Rieger, and Dick Vaughan strike an nocent pose. "You know I didn't mean To step on your foot," Julie Blauert seems to say. 4 Oh .AROUND SCHOC Therel" says Dave Schaffer as he learns to dance. Maiorette Janice Johnson waits for c signal. .AND DURING PLAY Q umm. K yqmvn "This is for The Junior Class!" reminds Tarry Stephens as she appli face of unbeiieving Mick Smith. "Where did I read that before?" Diana Lemon seems to question. A bit of gossip at the Homecoming Dance- if? es make-up to the "Did we score?" appears to be Kathie Godfrey's question as Judy Friese and the rest of the Pep Band play on. 5 ThC raarr J e las mix if www xi fx 2 Q 5' 5 ' Bm r WA i 5 . K 1 we ,Q 2 K ,fllid Wa, gk' fm wwf? ' ,F,lftssiwliffeigizeri Stephen Anderson Jerry Austmon David Bach fi me skins? www ilk 5 29291 N 95 We me .1 fat fl Q lj X riff 3 2 ,V If fl WW! , x 5 ,.,. is Deborah Hack James R. Head James Hoke Jon Beran Michael Cole Wilman Davis, Jr Robert Decker Susan Dozier Tom Dozier William Endres Rita Erickson John Fairley Sharon Flessner Judy Friese Kathie Godfrey Katherine Gordon Pauline Gordon Dale Greene Dale Gregerson f 967 Edward Kemp Jacqueline Kinafe Stephen Knauer Ronald Koehl Shirley Kuntz Michael Leeper Melinda McMinn Mary Masters Peggy Mueller Joyce Mydler Peggy Nance George Ringler Marge Ringler Patricia Roth Ronnie Ryan John Schaffer John Hoke Barbara Honegger Sharon Horine Kathleen Shaddle Michael Smith Tarry Stephens K K email' fel! Sain, 'N-' 'X dtfxii N df! fm if , a. ,bb , A ' Gary Babbs wf 42 X I1 e Diane Culkin Carol Davis Cheryl Davis Dennis Davis Jay Davis Marilee Davis Randall Dempsey James Emberion Patricia Fellers Victoria Fellers Gerald Freehill Mary Ann Gaston Andrew Greene Deborah Harms Harlan Harrell June Honegger Verna Honegger Marsha Koehl Gary Kupferschmid Rhoda Lehmann f 968 Jean Ricketts Dennis Rieger James Rieger Mary Beth Rieger Thomas Rieger Richard Sanders David Simmons Alfred Slagel Lloyd Stehle Melanie Stephens Gregory Stoller Pamela Thiel Keith Tyler Richard Vaughan Randolph Wait Beverly Walters Linda Weakman Sue Wenger Curtis Zimmerman Steven Zimmerman Diana Leman Charles Mueller Frank Mydler Eric Newman Deborah Newtson Linda Pratt Mary Ann Rich ABSENT WHEN PICTURES WERE MADE fi 43.1 fl 2 J C ' tt ,a. 1-fa M he-Q., -s S! 3 S , I . yi. " wi ""' ' -rf fi? X w, ,- H ,341- f . 1 if 1 H N , jg , ew X f . Paul Amslufz Linda Anderson Daryl Anliker Nancy Bose Joann Bounds Judith Brady Gary Brown Deborah Carmack William Clark William Cook Stephen Davis Michael Endres . V --5 Doris Fellers Terry Folwell Mary Friese Rosanna Gam Beverly Greene Dale Haab James Hack Donald Harms Mark Maurer Ronald McWhorter Arthur Mueller Wanda Mueller Rick Harms Dennis Ham Robert Hensley Deborah Honegger Jane Honegger Richard Knauer Barry Koehl Warren Koehl Rosemary Lehmann Steve Lutfrell Richard Malcom Teresa Mann James Maplethorpe Ida Jean Marlin Connie Maubaclu five 'Ki' 1 PD 1' THOWN .39-W C 4.9 x J Michael Mygatt Michael Porter Francine Postal Diane Rieger Matilda Rieger Michaeline Rieger Donald Ringler Robert Sanders Robert Schaffer 4 Mark Short Cynthia Steidinger John Stoller Freshmen Rebecca Terrell Mary Vaughan William Wince Jerry Witte John Yoder Randall Yoder Rodney Zimmerman Sharon Zimmerman :ding the Junior Class this year is Sharon Flessner. She is owed by Mick Smith, Vice-President, Peggy Nance, Secretary, iron Horine, Treasurer, Tarry Stephens and Jackie Kinate, Stu- nt Council Representatives, and George Ringler, Parliamentarian. axing in the Student Lounge are the Sophomore Class Officers. ey are, seated from left to right, Jamie Rieger, Student Council zresentative, Jay Davis, Secretary, Randy Dempsey, and Student Jncil Representative. Standing from left to right are Vicki Fel- s, Vice-President, Diana Leman, President, and Marilee Davis, asurer. ,pv- Leading the Senior Class through its last year of high school are Bill Masters, President, Gary Blauert, Vice-President, Beth Cole, Secretary, Connie Nance, Treasurer, and David Schaffer, Student Council Representative. -C3 The officers for the Freshman Class this year are, standing from left to right, Paul Amstutz, President, Connie Maubach, Student Council Representative, Judy Brady, Treasurer, Diane Rieger, Secretary, and Don Harms, Vice President. 13 SUSAN AMSTUTZ-Student Council 3,4, GAA l,2,3,4, Student Council Rep. 4, Tupek Staff 4, editor 4, Class Play 3,4, Girls' Chorus l,2,3,4, Mixed Chorus 2,3,4, Band l,2,3,4, secretary 3,4, Latin Club l,2,3,4, president 4, Library 2,3,4, AFS 2,3,4, French Club 3, Student Council Rep. 3, Photography 4, vice-president 4. GLORIA BABBS-FHA 1, Girls' Chorus 'l,2,4. LINDA BACHTOLD--FHA i,2,3,4, GAA 1,2,3,4, Class Play 3, Student Director 3, Girls' Chorus l,2,3,4, Li- brarian 4, French Club 3. JAMES BAILEY-National Honor Society 2,3,4, Class Plays 3,4, Latin Club 1,2,3,4, French Club 3, AFS Club 3,4, Photography Club 4, Proiectors Club 4. GARY BLAUERT-Student Council 3,4, Class Officer 2, 3,4, IAC l,2,3, Class Plays 3,4, Lettermans Club 2,3,4, French Club 3, Proiectors Club 4. CARL BRACKEN-IAC l,2, Boys' Chorus 1, Mixed Chorus l, Football I, Basketball l,2,3,4, Track l,2,3, Letter- mans Club 3,4, AFS 4. JEAN BRADY-FHA 'l,2,3,4, GAA 'l,2,3,4, Girls Chorus i,2,3,4, Mixed Chorus 2,3,4, 'Library Club 4, Photogra- phy Club 4. BETH COLE Class Secretary 4, FHA i,2,3,4, Recreation Leader 3, President 4, GAA l,2,3,4, Girls' Chorus l,2, 3,4, AFS 3,4, French Club 4. Senior Class of l966 RICHARD CUSTER-IAC l,2,3,4, President 4, Class Plays 3, Track 3. CYNTHIA DAVIS--Student Council 4, Sophomore Class secretary, Junior Class President, National Honor So- ciety 2,3,4, FHA 'I,2,3,4, Section President 4, Secretary 3,4, FTA 2,3, Student Council Rep. 4, GAA I,2,3,4, President 4, Class Plays 3,4, Girls' Chorus l,4, Mixed Chorus 4, Library Club 4, Cheerleader 2,3,4, Captain 4, AFS Club 3,4. GREGORY DEMPSEY-Freshmen Student Council Rep., FTA l,2, Topic Staff 4, Co-editor 4, Class Play 4, Boys' Chorus l,2,3,4, Mixed Chorus l,2,3,4, Latin Club l,2, 3,4, Football l,2,3,4, Co-captain 4, Basketball l,2,4, Captain 4, Track l,2,3,4, Letterman's Club I,2,3,4, Boys' State 3, AFS Club 4, French Club 3, Tupek 3,4. JERRY FAIRLEY-FFA 1,2,3. LINDA GREENE-FHA l,2,3, FTA 4, GAA 'l,2,3,4, Tupek Staff 4, Girls' Chorus l,2, Library Club 3,4. JACQUELYN GULLIFORD-FHA 1,2, GAA l,2,3,4, Pho- tography 4, Girls' Chorus I,2,3,4, Mixed Chorus 2,3,4, President 4, AFS Club 3,4. LINDA HARTMAN-Girls' Chorus l,2,3, Library Club 2, 3,4, Secretary 4. JANICE JOHNSON-FTA 2,3,4, reporter 4, GAA 1,2,3, 4, Vice-president 4, Tupek Staff 4, Topic Staff 4, Co- editor 4, Girls' Chorus I, Latin Club l,2,3,4, Library Club' 4, AFS Club 3,4, Photography Club 4, Malorette l,2, Drum Maiorette 3,4. Senior Class WILLIAM KEMNETZ--FFA 2,3,4, IAC I, Class Play 3,4, AFS Club 4. NEIL KNAUER-Student Council 4- FFA I234- Vice- President 4, Boys Chorus I,2, Mixed Chorus I, Band I,2, Football I,2,4. ALFRED KUPFERSCHMID IAC I24 Boys' Chorus I Mixed Chorusl Track2 DALE LEMAN FFA I 2 3 4 President 4 Treasurer 3 Boys Chorus I 2 3 4 Mixed Chorus I 2 3 4 Football 4 Track I 2 3 4 Lettermans Club 4 KAREN LEMAN Student Council 3 4 President 4 Junior class secretary DAR Award 4 National Honor Society 3 Betty Crocker Award 4 FHA I 2 34 Vice President 4 Public Relations 3 FTA I234 Secretary 2 Trea surer 3 GAA I2 34 Student Council Rep 3 Tupek Staff 3 Class Plays 34 Girls Chorus I 2 34 Mixed Chorus 34 AFS Club 3 4 French Club 3 President 3 LOREN LOOMIS-FTA I 2 3 4 President 4 Tupek Staff 4 Sports Editor 4 Boys Chorus I 2 34 Mixed Chorus I 3 Football 2 34 Basketball I 2 3 4 Tra k I 2 34 Lettermans Club 4 AFS Club 3 4 JOHN DAVID MALCOM-Student Council 2,4, Class presi- dent 2, SAR Award 4, National Honor Society 2,3,4, Tupek Staff 4, Class Editor 4, Class Plays 3,4, Boys' Chorus I,2,3, Mixed Chorus I,2,3,4, Band I,2,3,4, President 4, Latin Club l,2,3,4, Football I,2, Track I, AFS Club 2,3,4, Vice-President 4, Photography Club 4, President 4, French Club 3. WILLIAM MASTERS-Student Council 2,3,4, Vice-Presi- dent 4, Class President 4, Student Council 3, FTA I,2,3, 'iii tens' IAC I,2,3,4, President 3, Boys' Chorus I,2,3, Mixed Chorus I,2, Football I,2,3, Basketball I,2,3, Track I, 2,3, Lettermans Club I,2,3,4, AFS Club 3,4. EDWARD MAUBACH-Transfer from Saunemin 35 FFA 35 Football 3,4, Basketball 3, Track 3, Lettermans Club JACK MYDLER-Industrial Arts Club 15 Band l,2,35 Foot- ball l- Track 3- Letterman's Club l 2 3 4. ' CONNIE NANCE-Class T r e a s u r e r l,2,3,45 National Honor Society 3,45 FHA lg GAA 'l,2,3,45 Tupek 45 Class Play 45 Girls' Chorus 1,25 Latin Club 45 Library Club 4, President 45 AFS 4. BARBARA RICKETTS-FHA 'l,2,3,45 GAA 'l,2,35 Tupek 45 Topic 45 Co-editor 45 Library Club 45 Girls' Chorus i,2,3,45 AFS 3. MARY RIEGER-FHA l,2,3,4g GAA l,2,35 Girls' Chorus l,2,35 Band 15 AFS 4. RITA KAYE RIEGER-National Honor Society 45 GAA 1,2, 3,45 Tupek 3,45 Topic 4, Co-editor 45 Class Plays 3,45 Girls' Chorus l,2,3,45 Mixed Chorus 2,3,45 Eskimisses 25 Latin Club 1,2,3,45 Secretary 35 Homecoming Queen 45 Girls' State Alternate 35 AFS 2,3. DAVID SCHAFFER-Class Student Council Representative 45 FTA 2,45 FFA 1,25 Tupek 45 Business Manager 45 Class Plays 3,45 Boys' Chorus 15 Mixed Chorus 15 AFS 3,45 French Club 35 Photography Club 45 Proiector Club 4. ' CHARON T E R R E L L-FHA i,2,3,45 GAA 1,2,35 Girls' Chorus 1,2,3,45 AFS 4. .Seniors i966 RITA THIEL-Student Council 45 National Honor Society 3,45 F.H.A. 'l,2,3p G.A.A. i,2,3,45 Tupek Staff 25 Class Plays 3,45 Girls' Chorus l,2,3,45 Mixed Chorus 3,45 Latin Club 45 Library Club 4, Girls' State 3. SANDRA TREVENA-A.F.S. Student from Mere Cheshire, England5 Student Council 45 F.T.A. 45 G.A.A. 45 Tupek Staff 45 Senior Class Play Honorary Student Director5 Mixed Chorus 45 Band 45 Girls' Chorus 45 Library Club 45 Cheerleader Mascot 4. SHARON TYLER-G.A.A. i,2,3,45 Tupek 35 Girls' Chorus i,2,3,45 Mixed Chorus i,2,3,45 Eskimisses 25 Latin Club l,2,3,4y A.F.S. Club 3,4. MICK VAUGHAN-Industrial Arts Club 'l,2,3,4y Class Plays 35 Basketball i,2,3,45 Track l,2,35 Letterman's Club 'l,2,3,4. SCOTT WAIT--Student Council 45 industrial Arts Club I, 25 Football i,2,3,45 Co-captain 45 Track l,3,45 Letter- man's Club 'l,2,3,4g Homecoming King 4. S lt In Memoriam Sue Lynn Bryant ..-Class o f '66 Leland K. Manske, B,S., M.S. in Ed. Ad. Superintendent Administration Mabel Marlar, A.B., M.A. Wesley Bertram, B.S. Assistant Superintendent High School Administrative Assistant Guidance Counselor Industrial Arts list semesterl B BOARD OF EDUCATION: Seated: Wilman Davis, secretary, Leland Manske, superintendent, Keith Amstutz, president. Standing: Darrell Davis, Wilbur Haob, Donald Harms, Roland Hensley, and Bert Davis. Board of Education "A little help goes a long way" 3 . X f T if is s tv l Clhs.. EH fair v Mrs. Margaret Koehler, B.S., Ottawa University, Ottawa, Miss Rita Bubnick, B.S. Ed., ISU, English, Journalism Kansas, Algebra, Latin, Library Facu It 'tlliwk 'W wr Mr. Ethan Overmeyer, B.S., Murray State University, Murray, Kentucky, Assistant Coach, Physical Education, Driver Educa- tion, Sociology. . Faculty Mr. Gayle Wright, B.S., U of lg Vocational Agriculture Mrs. Cleta Kay Hanebuth, B.A., Beloit College, M.S., Univer- sity of Chicago, Mathematics, Science. A., Il, M' i ' ff . Q . ,y l f . A .rf V: ,,-If Mrs. Dora Sieving, B.Ed., ISUI E n g I is h , Civics-American Problems Mr. Richard Schlickman, B.S. in Ed., EIU, Industrial Arts I2nd Mr. Bradley DUClCW0fll1, B.5- FYI MUSIC EClUCC1Tl0fW, Taylor Semesterl University, Upland, Indiana, Instrumental Music Facult Mrs. Ruth Haab, B.S., U of I, Physical Education . Faculty Mrs. Sandro Schrof, B.S., ISU: Home Economics Mr. Donald Wills, B.S., ISU, M.A., West Virginia University, Mr. Lewis Reed, B.S., M.S., Western Illinois University, Physi- Speech, History cal Education, Head Athletic Coach, Mathematics Mr. James Hein, B.S., ISU, Biology, Science Mrs. Carol Thorp, B.S., ISU, Business Education J Swag- Af" 1 FJ Mrs. Carol Greer, B.S., EIU, Vocal Music Facult Miss Marlar and Mr. Bertram look on as Mr. Manske checks his mail. Mrs. Schrof discusses a clothing proiect with Julie Blauert. . . .WITH THE FACULTY AT WORK. . Mr. Hein adiusts a microscope for Melanie Stephens who appears skeptic. FSW's 'Music Man' Mr. Duckworth prepares to strike up the band. 27 sf "How about DITCH DIGGING for your future?" inquires Miss Marlar. Ml' 105 5' X,.,r K S aw? W W' rrrrr Faculty Casuals f Time out for COFFEE," Miss Bubnick and Mrs. Glenna Lober relax. 28 "How could you forget the ARMHOLES?" asks Mrs. Schrof Thelma Maier Dick Franklin SOMEBODY HELP! Af any moment Thelma Maier can expecf The office door To open and an anxious sfudenf or faculiy member will appear looking for anyfhing from losf books To scotch tape. Meanwhile, somewhere 'else in The building, Dick Franklin is busily fixing leaky wafer faucefs, check- ing The furnace, or cleaning up affer everybody. ,Carol Hornickle can be found in Mr. BerTram's office every affernoon answering The phone, Typing, or Trying To find her busy boss. ith the Staff to the Rescue Carol Hornickle 'Q 4. Tom Dozier and Peggy Nance Mrs. Lew Reed, Coach Reed, Mrs. Dick Schlickmcin, and Mr Schiickmon. 'oi i Moonlight -+N,,,'r' Mr. ond Mrs. Jim Hein i I I Theme: Moonlight and Roses Jim Froney and Jean Brady And Roses Art Lehmann and Jacque Gulliford J s Freshmen Waifresses Could they dance all night? 31 "Watch out S a u n e m i n-Dempsey comin' through!" Jackie Kinate: A study in contemplation. Statisticians, Ra ndy Wait and Mick Vaughan, check things over. "Take your hands out of your pocket, Dale Haabl And you, too, Mr. Dick Franklin! The Go-Go Group. 'f' Susan Amstutz helps out on College Night. Cole and Ed Maubach consult with Miss Marlar about future ,M-pm. . 'ov-ss. plans and problems. "Take that!" cries Shirley Kuntz. "Someday I'll be fomousl" Peace ond quiet reigns in the lounge. 'FS' 1 Debate is rough in Speech Class. Right Connie Nance? Athletics "Eskimo Football" The T965 Eskimos football team operated with an explosive offense that was exciting to watch and fun to play. The offense featured a play action passing game and a running game that employed power, deception, and quickness. The always stingy Monster Man defense was used to stay opponents. The offense and defense combined to successfully defend its championship of the Vermilion Valley Conference, and also produced the first undefeated team in the school's history. The offense averaged nearly 31 points a game while the defense limited the eight opponents to three touchdowns. The Eskimos were a "team" in the true sense of the word. The team was captained loy Scott Wait, Greg Dempsey, and Tom Dozier. All-Conference honors were bestowed upon Scott Wait, Dale Leman, Greg Dempsey, and J. R. Davis. Greg Dempsey was also selected to Little All-State for the second consecutive year. Scott Wait won the team tackle trophy. F-S-W FOOTBALL RECORD Fairbury-Cropsey - O F-S-W Chatsworth - O F-S-W Cullom -- 6 F-S-W Reddick - O F-S-W Piper City -6 F-S-W Saunemin - 6 F-S-W Kempton-Cabery - O F-S-W Gilman - O F-S-W Greg "Demps" Dempsey-HB Randy "Poo" Dempsey-QB Dale "Hess" Leman-T i Vwemyos, I . fd Tom "General" Dozier-HB Dick "Red" Vaughn-E J. R. "Hands" Davis-E Mick "5mUf" Smifh-QB Mike "Pig" Leeper-Flanker Bob "Wrecker" Decker-T 'T Scotf "Mon" Wait-G Co-Captains: T. Dozier, G. Dempsey, S. Woif The I96 Eskimos Ed ' 'Kobc1ch" Mouboch-G : xt 31 Steve Moose Knouer T Loren Lump Loomis T NeilKr1Cwer-C 5 2' .,s-as-SM Y, .1- l966 Football Squad First Row: Lloyd Stehle, Manager, Bill Wince, Greg Dempsey, Dale Leman, Steve Knauer, Loren Loomis, J. R. Davis, Neil Knauer, David Simmons, Jeff Overmeyer, Mascot. Second Row: Mick Smith, Scott Wait, Jim Hack, Steve Davis, Eddie Maubach, Jerry Freehill, Jim Maplethorpe, Dale Haab, Dale Greene, Dick Malcom, Third Row: Bob Decker, Gary Brown, Dennis Davis, Tom Dozier, Don Harms, Dick Vaughan, John Amstutz, Mike Leeper, Randy Dempsey, Paul Amstutz. Eskimos' Coaches Head Football Coach Mr. Lewis Reed ...,,,,,N ommwmqw M MM Assistant Football Coach Mr. Ethan Overmeyer .On the Gridiron "Fruit basket upset!" Boo! if 1, Our own Gemini flight "CIorox needed here! "Safe catch!" Sic 'eml Eskimo Basketball Eskimo cagers finished The year wiTh a l5-8 record and Tied for second in The Vermillion Valley Conference. This year's Team feaTured ci pressing Type defense and a paTTern offense. ln The firsT game of The season The Eskimos losT a Thriller To Flanagan 7l-70. Beginning conference play, The Eskimos knocked off Melvin-Sibley, The evenTual conference champs. ln The MonTicello Holiday Tourney The Eskimos won a Triple overTime game from Oakwood 56-55. Then The hosT and evenfual champion MonTicello Team defeaTed The Eskimos. The Eskimos won a double overTime game from KempTon-Cabery 64-62 ,in The Conference Tourney. Then They losT Their second round game To Reddick. The Eskimos enTered The final conference game Tied for The championship, buf a deTermined RoberTs-Thawville Team Turned The Tables on The Eskimos and de- feaTed Them 52-48. Thus The Eskimos finished Tied for second in The conference. Carl Bracken was chosen unanimous All-Conference player and he also won The Team free Throw and defensive Trophy. J. R. Davis won The rebounding Trophy. Go Go Eskimos "Basketball Record" -Vorsity- -Jr. Varsity- Opponents F-S-W Flclnogon 71 F-S-W 88 44 Melvin-Sibley 49 F-S-W 57 37 Chenoo 55 F-S-W 27 38 Buckley-Loolci 45 F-S-W 47 43 Oncxrgci Com. 87 F-S-W 38 23 St. Paul lOolelll 42 F-S-W 42 62 Onorgo Mil. 40 F-S-W 31 60 Cullom 59 F-S-W 38 54 Foirbury-Cropsey 39 F-S-W 57 58 Gibson City 64 F-S-W 45 32 Kempton-Coibery 49 F-S-W 31 56 Gilman 28 F-S-W 51 34 Reoldick 42 F-S-W 44 35 Piper City 56 F-S-W 52 82 Chatsworth 73 F-S-W 31 64 Saunernin 37 F-S-W 46 48 Roberts-Thowville 52 F-S-W 48 55 Foirbury-Cropsey 66 F-S-W 42 61 MONTICELLO HOLIDAY TOURNEY Oakwood 55 F-S-W Monticello 61 F-S-W V.V. CONFERENCE TOURNEY Kempton-Cctbery 62 F-S-W Reoldick 56 F-S-W REGIONAL TOURNEY Melvin-Sibley 74 F-S-W JUNIOR VARSITY TOURNEY Cornell 46 F-S-W Gibson City 67 F-S-W Lexington 51 F-S-W lthird plocel Jerry Austmon-Forward Carl Bracken-Forward J. R. Davis-Center Eskimos Greg Dempsey-Forward Randy Dempsey-Guard agers Steve Knouer-Center Loren I-OOmiS-Cenfer Mick Smith-Guard Dick' Vaughan-Guard Mick Vaughan-Guard "JUNIOR VARSITY ESKlMOS" Front Row: Randy Dempsey, Jay Davis, John Amstutz, Don Gary Babbs, Dale Haab, Bill Wince, Steve Davis, Dick Harms, Randy Wait, Mark Maurer, Rick Knauer, Gary Vaughan. Brown. Back Row: Andy Greene, Jerry Freehill, Keith Tyler, I966 Basketball Teams "VARSITY ESKlMOS" Loren Loomis, Steve Knauer, Carl Bracken, J. R. Davis, Varsity Coach, Lewis Reed, Jr. Varsity Coach, Ethan Jerry Austman, Greg Dempsey, Mick Smith, Dick Overmeyer, Vaughan, Mick Vaughan, Randy Dempsey. Coaches: Dance, Ballerina, Dance!" ls if a bird? or o plane? . .Action on the Court "Look, Mol No Floor!" Eskimo Time Ouf ,f f f x X 3 I966 Track Team Front Row: Mick Smith, Mike Leeper, Tom Dozier, Dale Leman, Steve KHGUSF, J0hf1 AYTWSTUTZ, GSOFQS RFHQISV, Jim Emberton Greg Dempsey, Dick Vaughan, Randy Dempsey, Dennis Rieger, Gary Babbs, Curtis Zimmerman, Jerry Freehill, Frank Mydler Back Row: Dick Malcom, Donald Harms, Dale Haab, Bob Decker, Steve Davis, POUI Amsfutz, Coach Reed. I 966 Golf Team Coach Reed, Randy Dempsey, Mick Smith, J. R. Davis, Steve Anderson, Dick Vaughan, Mick Vaughan, Mike Leeper. "LeT's Twisf Again" He flies through the air" "Bringing up the rear" "Thirsty" Up, up and away we go" Track Action 47 CHEERLEADERS Joyce Mydler Morilee Davis Verna Honegger Beve Wolters heerleaders Look at those LEGS!" "Gaddy.up ORE!" Cheerleaders. . .in Action "And C1 50 if LW' 3. ,X Q 43 Carl Bracken odds iwo more points foward a record breaking 46 total point output. LGYAL Eskimo Fans Activities . CLUB: First row: Miss Mabel Marlar, Sponsor, Dove Malcom, Dozier, Sandra Trevena, J. R. Davis, Vicki Fellers, Second row: Zoth, Sharon Tyler, Jacquie Gulliford, Connie Nance, Barb Hon- r, Sharon Flessner, Verna Honegger, Rhoda Lehmann, Susan Ben- Pat Fellers, Janice Johnson. Third row: J. R. Head, Jim Bailey, Schaffer, Loren Loomis, Greg Dempsey, Dale Leman, Art ler, Paul Amstutz, Mick Smith, Steve Anderson. Fourth row: .American Judy Brady, Jo Ann Bounds, Matilda Rieger, Diane Rieger, Nancy Bose, Rosemary Lehmann, Beth Cole, Jean Ricketts, Mary Ann Gaston, Debbie Newtson, Cyndi Davis, Susie Bailey, Diana Leman. Fifth row: Marilee Davis, Mary Ann Vaughan, Bernice Bachtold, Kathy Gordon, Rita Erickson, Becky Terrell, Karen Leman, Susan Amstutz Marsha Koehl, Beve Walters, and Linda Pratt. Field Service .. and this is my home town." A.F.S. OFFICERS: First row: Vicki Fellers, Secretary, J. R. Davis, Treasurer. Second row: Dave Malcom, Vice President, and Tom Dozier, President. 53 FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA: First row, Rita Erickson, Jean Brody, Linda Bachtold, Bev Greene, Mary Friese, Diana Lemon, Beth Cole, Tarry Stephens, June Honegger, Melanie Stephens, Cyndi Davis, Karen Leman, Verna Honegger, Mrs. Sandra Schrof, sponsor. Second row, Barb Honegger, Susie Boiley, Diane Culkin, Becky Terrell, Mary Rieger, Mary B. Rieger, Julie Blouert, Rhoda Lehmann, Cheryl Davis, Pot Roth, Pom Thiel, Mickie Rieger, Sharon Zimmerman, Linda Pratt. Third row, Barb Ricketts, Linda Weokmon, Carol Davis, Debbie Newtson, Charon Terrell, Vicki Fellers, Marilee Davis, Marsha Koehl, Beve Walters, Susan Benway, Mary Vaughan, Doris Fellers, Terry Mann, Cindy Steidinger, Jane Honegger. ,Fourth row, Jean Ricketts, Mary A. Gaston, Mary A. Rich, Sue Wenger, Bernice Bachtold, Judy Brady, Jo Ann Bounds, Diane Rieger, Nancy Bose, Rosemary Lehmann, Matilda Rieger, Roseonna Gant, Lindo Anderson, Jean Marlin, Connie Mou- bach. O F.H.A. OFFICERS: First row: June Honegger, Treasurer, Beth Cole, President, Melanie Stephens, Recreation Leader. Sec- ond row, Tarry Stephens, Vice President of Public Relations, Diana Lemon, Student Council Representative, Cyndi Davis, Secretary, Karen Lemon, First Vice President. Future Homemakers of America "F.H.A. Wiener Roast" "Installation of 1965-66 Officers" FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA: First row: Mrs. Sandra Schrof, sponsor, Loren Loomis, Sharon Fless- ner, Jim Hoke. Second row: Jackie Gulliford, San- dra Trevena, Bob Hensley, Dave Schaffer, Cyndi Davis, Karen Leman. Third row: Tarry Stephens, Rita Erickson, Mary Beth Rieger, Janice Johnson, Melanie Stephens, Linda Greene, Diane Culkin, Julie Blauerf. Future Teachers and Industrial Arts INDUSTRIAL ARTS CLUB: First row: J. R. Davis, Bill Masters, Mick Vaughan, Dick Custer, Dale Gregerson, Steve Ander- son, Mr. Wesley Bertram, sponsor. Second row: Jim Maple- thorpe, Lloyd Stehle, Rick Harms, Mike Mygatt, Jim Em- berton, Ric Newman, Daryl Anliker, John Hoke. Third row: Randy Wait, Frank Mydler, Steve Davis, Al Kupfer- schmid, Ron Greene, Bob Schaffer, Jim Hoke. Fourth row: Jerry Freehill, Gary Babbs, Dick Vaughan, Eddie Kemp, Jim Hack, Steve Luttrell. FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA: First row: Dave Bach, Jerry Austman, George Ringler, Dale Leman, Steve Knauer, Neil Knauer, sponsor: Mr. Gayle Wright. Second row: Decker, Dale Greene, Greg Jamie Rieger, J. R. Head. Koehl, John Schaffer, Rich- Steve Zimmerman, Harold Bill Kemnetz, John Fairley, Bob Stoller, Keith Tyler, Jay Davis, Third row: Eddie Maubach, Ron ard Sanders, Rod Zimmerman, Bach, Dennis Davis, Charles Mueller. Fourth row: Bill Wince, Mike Cole, Curtis Zimmerman, Steve Anderson, Bob Sanders, Don Harms, Art Mueller, Gary Brown, Mark Maurer, Tom Rieger. Fifth row: Donald Ringler, Barry Koehl, Randy Yoder, Jim Hoke, Jerry Witte, Ronald Mc- Whorter, Rick Knauer, Bill Cook, John Stoller. .Future Farmers of America Dale Leman was presented with an award for the outstanding Senior FFA member at the FFA banquet. 56 vpn' mwmevf . George Ringler was a member of the FFA band at the- National Convention and Dave Bach was a membe of the chorus. FFA MEMBERS who attended the national convention in Kansas City, Missouri, were Bob Decker, Jay Davis, Dennis Rieger, Dave Bach, front row. Back row: Jerry Austman, George Ringler, and James Rieger. These boys were chosen to represent the local chapter at the convention. The boys spent a week touring the city and attending convention sessions. They were accompanied by their advisor, Mr. Gayle Wright. The FSW-FFA Chapter's display won first prize at the Illinois FFA convention and which represented Illinois at the national FFA convention. . FFA Officers S Activities "FFA OFFlCERS" President: Dale Lemon Vice President: Neil Knauer Secretary: David Bach Treasurer: Jerry Austman Reporter: George Ringler Sentinel: Steve Knauer Harold Bach, Greg Stoller, Robert Sanders, Donald Ringler, and John Stoller were the members of Sectional Dairy iudging team which won third place. 57 Mrs. Ruth Hoab, sponsor Girls' Athletic Association GAA officers are Pat Roth, Point Choirmong Barb Honegger, Secretary, Jackie Kinate, Trecsurerg Janice Johnson, Vice Presi- dent, Cyndi Davis, Presidentg and Susan Amstutz, Student Council Representative. "Watch the Bocksl LATIN CLUB: First row: Mrs. Margaret Koehler, sponsor, Mick Smith, Tom Dozier, Peggy Nance. Second row: Debbie Carmack, Debbie Honegger, Janice Johnson, Connie Nance, Rita Kaye Rieger. Third row: Rita Thiel, Bill Clark, Jon Beran, Paul Amstutz, Dennis Harn, Jim Bailey, Dick Malcom, Sharon Tyler. Fourth row: Jackie Kinate, Dale Haab, Dale Gregerson, Bob Hensley, Steve Davis, Robert Schaffer, Dave Malcom, Susan Amstutz. .Latin and Librarians Clubs ,t -W . LIBRARIANS CLUB: Seated: Diane Culkin, Mrs. Margaret Weakman, Janice Johnson, Susan Dozier, Sandy Trevena Koehler sponsor, Linda Hartman, Connie Nance, Rita Thiel, Peggy Nance, Linda Green, Judy Friese, Cyndi Davis, Shir Jean Brady. Standing: Jackie Kinate, Julie Blouert, Sharon ley Kuntz, Marilee Davis, and Marsha Koehl. Flessner, Margie Ringler, Susan Anstutz, Linda Pratt, Linda STUDENT COUNCIL: Seated: Paul Amsfufz, Connie Maubach, Amswfz, Neil Krwuer, Sandro Trevend, Mick Smith, Gary Diana Leman, Randy Dempsey, Cyndi Davis, Dave Schaffer. Blauert, DGV6 MGICOVYL Jamie Riegeff Gnd M555 Mflbel MGflGI', Standing: Rita Thiel, Tom Dozier, Scott Wait, Karen Leman, SPOHSOV- J. R. Davis, Bill Masters, Jackie Kinate, Tarry Stephens, Susan .THE STLIDE T COUNCIL STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS: Tarry Stephens, Secretary, T Dozier, Treasurer, Karen Leman, President, and Bill Masters, V President. PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB: First row: Mr. James Third row: Lloyd Stehle, June Honegger, Ber- Hein, sponsor, Susan Amsfutz, Dave Malcolm. nice Bachtold, Shirley Kuntz, Jim Emberfon, Second row: Ric Newman, Jacquie Gulliford, Fourth row: Dave Schaffer, Verna Honegger, Sharon Tyler, Jean Brady, Jim Maplethorpe. Sandy Travena, Jim Bailey, Bill Clark. .Photography and Projection Clubs PROJECTION CLUB: First row: Mr. Donald Wills, Schaffer, Ron Koehl. Third row: John Fairley, Susan sponsor, Harold Bach, Gary Kupferschmid, David Sim- Benway, Cheryl Davis, Mary B. Rieger, Marsha Koehl, mons, Jim Hoke, John Hoke. Second row: Dale Gre- Jon Beran. gerson, Gary Babbs, Jim Bailey, Gary Blauert, Dave LETTERMANS CLUB: Firsf row: Dole Lemon, Ron- Third row: Mick Vaughn, Frank Mydler, Dick dy Dempsey, J. R. Davis, Mr. Lewis Reed, spon- Vaughn, Mick Smith, Tom Dozier, ond Gary sor. Second row: Eddie Moubcch, George Ring- Blquen, ler, Loren Loomis, Greg Dempsey, Scott Wait. Letterman's Club "As I was saying .... " "Rippin' it upl MAJORETTES Valerie Prather Linda Anderson Janice Johnson Majorettes One-Two-Three-Kick" "Hurry up, it is COLD out herel "Her heart's poundingI" Helpl Robbersl Thievesl Somebody stole my cake. l Coffee? tea? or milk? "Oh, Johnniel" .A Junior Class Play GREAT CAESAR'S GHOST CAST When Uncle Phineas brings his ghost to visit, The Maxwell house turns into a turmoil, but the ghost proves to be The hero! Jon Beran: Johnson Peggy Nance: Mrs. Maxwell Kathy Godfrey: Helen Maxwell Jerry Austman: Phineas Farthingaler Marge Ringler: Esther Mick Smith: Dick O'Donnell Tom Dozier: Tomrny Tucker Susan Dozier: Phoebe DeRoyster Barb Honegger: Aunt Polly Dave Bach: Mahiah The Mystic Sharon Horine: Debbie DeRoyster Shirley Kuntz: Hattie Sharon Flessner: Student Director Jackie Kinate: Assistant Director .A Senior Class Play "Smile Girls. lt's DASHING Sheriff Crandel" HDESPERATE AMBROSEH Dave Malcom: Ambrose Cyndi Davis: Beth Greg Dempsey: Sheriff Crandel Karen Leman: Nancy Dave Schaffer: Hoot Owl Rita K. Rieger: Anne Gary Blauert: Bert Rita Thiel: Posie Bill Kemnetz: Stinkweed Connie Nance: Mrs. Sproal Loren Loomis: Judge Susan Amstutz: Lena Jim Bailey: Dan'l Linda Bachtold 8K Sandy Trevenci: Student Directors Jean Brady: Assistant Director "P-P-Put your Guns Down" ssnenfiunafi WMRIIIIL Members of the Tupek staff pause in their selection of pictures. Nance, Janice Johnson, Loren Loomis, Dove Malcom, and Dave Seated are Peggy Nance, Jackie Kinate, Sharon Flessner, and Schaffer. Sharon Horine. Standing are Sandy Trevena, Rita Thiel, Connie Associate Editor Jackie Kinate, Advisor look over plans for the 1966 Tupek. Miss Bubnick, and Editor Susan Amstutz i l ith the TU PE Topic Staff: Rita Kaye Rieger and Barb Ri find something amusing in a Topic j Janice Johnson and Greg Dempsey checl i E 4 The entire Tupek staff poses for its picture. First row: Rita Malcom, Jean Brady, Pot Roth, Beve Walters, and Vickie Thiel and Peggy Nance. Second row: Connie Nance, Jackie Fellers. Fourth row: Janice Johnson, Susan Amstutz, Becky Kinate, Sharon Flessner, Sharon Horine, Sandy Trevena, and Terrell, Barb Ricketts, Paul Amstutz, Dick Malcom, and Loren Barb Honegger. Third row: J. R. Davis, Dave Schaffer, Dave Loomis. .nd TOPIC Staffs bulletin board as Miss Bub- looks on. Business Manager Dave Schaffer and Jackie Kinate read over Sports' Editor Loren Loomis' shoulder while Literary Editor Connie Nance prepares for dictation from Susan Amstutz and Photographer Dave Malcom. Bond Booster's float. s il -6 X K h gem 4 S? -unix "' 417' 4 .ii 1 ,. 1+ " '- 'i'?iET'211'Biii The Women's League entry. i ef- F 1- ? I S A f . X . ' 5 .ISP WTA Janice gets c light. Homecoming The Forrest Businessmen's float. w G Queen Candidafesz Beth Cole and Cyndi Davis. More Queen Candidates: Rita Kaye Rieger, Connie Nance, and Karen Lernan. . During the Festivities Runnin' Wild J. R. Davis, pass receiver. Sceptor Bearers were Julie Wait and Mike McGuire. Crown Bearers were Scott Rieger and Rita Leman. Connie Nance and Gary Blau- ert were members of the court. 70 Scott Wait and Rita Kaye Rieger were elected King and Queen. Beth Cole and Greg Dempsey. J. R. Davis as Master of Ceremonies. 1 A I The 1964 Homecoming Queen Torry Skinner and King Steve Metz relinquish their crowns to the 1966 royal couple Scott Wolf und Rilo Kaye Rieger. .And at the Dance Cyndi Davis ond her escort Ed Mczubcxch dance during Home- Karen Lemon and Dole Lemon dance offer coronotion coming. BOYS' CHORUS: Directed by Mrs. Carol Greer, accompanied by Diane Culkin. This chorus met every Thursday, seventh hour. Vocal Music MIXED CHORUS: Directed by Mrs. Carol Greer, accompanied by Sharon Horine and Diane Culkin. This chorus met every Friday, seventh hour. GIRLS' CHORUS: This chorus is under the direction of Mrs. Carol Greer, seated at the left end of the first row. The chorus met each Wednesday, seventh hour. Vocal Music "Now listen carefully," warns Mrs. Greer as she prepares to play a record for a grade school music class. "ls it a Coronet or a trumpet?" F-S-W High School Concert Band Mr. Brodley Duckworth, Director Instrumental Music F-S-W Marching Band Mr. Bradley Duckworth, Director GERMAN BAND: James Hoke, George Ringler, David Malcom, Dale Greger- son, and Mike Zimmerman. Ba nd Extras Presenfing our own RINGQQ' PEP BAND: "Who is the Polar Bear in Pigtails? 01-. A ry In D ,,,'y .rf,',, K y 151 HONOR STUDENT AWARDS "FIRST YEAR AWARDS" Paul Amstutz Susan Arnstutz Gary Blauert Dale Haab Deborah Honegger Sharon Horine Jacqueline Kinate Richard Malcom Rita K. Rieger Rita Thiel Sandra Trevena "SECON D YEAR AWARDS" Bernice Bachtold Sharon Flessner Harlan Harrell Connie Nance Alfred Slagel "THIRD YEAR AWARDS" Jon Beran Cynthia Davis Kathy Godfrey Dale Gregerson Karen Leman Peggy Nance' Kathleen Shaddle "FOURTH YEAR AWARDS" James Bailey David Malcom Z' r -yxflxp nl 'A Z' 5 i I Awards 4, . l O ' f v' v Z' ,C .6-P" NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY "CONTINUING MEMBERS Cyndi Davis Dale Gregerson Karen Leman David Malcom Connie Nance Peggy Nance Mick Smith Rita Thiel "NEW MEMBERS Bernice Bachtold Jon Beran Susan Dozier Sharon Flessner Diane Leman SALUTATORIAN Jim Bailey VALEDICTORIAN Dave Malcom DAR AWARD Karen Leman SAR AWARD Dave Malcom BOOKKEEPING AWARDS Rita Thiel Kathy Shaddle SHORTHAND THEORY AWARDS Sharon Tyler Sharon Horine SHORTHAND SPEED AWARDS Sharon Tyler Mary A. Rieger Sharon Horine Sharon Flessner Tarry Srephens HISTORY AWARD Cyndi Davis DRAMATICS AWARD 'N Cyndi Davis Dave Malcom Gary Blauerf Jim Bailey Awards OUTSTANDING MATHEMATICS AWARD Dave Malcom OUTSTANDING Sr. FHA AWARD Karen Lernan CRISCO AWARD Linda Hartman LION'S CLUB MATH 8. MUSIC AWARD Dave Malcom QUILL AND SCROLL AWARDS Rira Faye Rieger Sharon Flessner Jackie Kinafe Barb Honegger BIOLOGY AWARDS Q I' . I 0 r ' Bernice Bachtold fi.. . , J Harlan Harrell Q N vm Al Slagel a E f r SCIENCE AWARDS . ' Paul Amstufz Gary Brown fw- MAJORETTE AWARD Janice Johnson if SENIOR BAND AWARDS Dave Malcom Susan Amsfutz 'I' Sandy Trevena fr OUTSTANDING Sr. FFA AWARD ' ' Dale Lemon Q TACKLE TROPHY 7' Scot? Wait REBOUNDING TROPHY J. R. Davis T FREE THROW TROPHY 6 Carl Bracken - 4 77 Grade Schools Meadowbrook and ing :Tw 1 : wzfsggsa' 114215 fe Q: Q. ,.., A. ., fo ,M f M W 1' wwf ,U-ww-'hffffir U U , , ..,,. K, ,, iwffgw- -' f f fr-Sv -,,1W-if -WW'K""'mWmWW'f- ' 5 ,Moy ,,..,L L fgfkiixlif ' , , :fs ,1 ' ' ' -K gwglv, , Midwife A J-,.4,,.k K iw 'ff-ml SN, FV if -'L :'9P'M5ZEf1f2gg am Sfifmff K MORNING KINDERGARTEN CLASS, FORREST: First row: Donna Zimmerman, Tony Simmons, Eddy Good, Cindy Feller, Bruce Andrea, Dale Freeland, Kenneth Davis, Ricky Hardesty, Julie AFTERNOON KINDERGARTEN CLASS, FORREST: First row: Mar- tin Tatum, Rodney Yoder, Jeanette Harms, Marcus Maier, Tamra Moore, Ronald Steidinger, Lori Luttrell, Rodney An- licker, Gregory Nickrent, Timothy Fosdick, Keith Schalden- hautfen. Second row: Sharri Crane, Jeffery Bender, Diane Stephens, Ann Flessner, David Schmidgall, Kathy Steidinger, Wait. Second row: Kristan Knapp, Marc Meyer Randy Fear man, Kelli Steidinger, Scott Paddock, Kenny Hinds LaDonna Reed, Cheryl Lang. TEACHER: Mrs. Patricia Kafer Diane Gramowski, Kirk Forney, David Huette Wayne Brown Candy Lynch. Third row: Rodney Davis Pamela Wenger Jill Wenger, Jimmy Steidinger, Sally Maier John Weakman Mary Beth Bohanon, Ricky Martin, Michael McGuire TEACHER Mrs. Peggy Bertram. HELPER1 Mrs. Betty Steidinger idx. PRIMARY GRADE, WING: First row: Donna Harms, Kent Harms, Joy Blunier, Teresa Young, Jeanne Kamrath, Ricky Hinds, Tom Kilgus, Randy Luttrell, Paul Harms. Second row: Keith Davis, PRIMARY GRADE, WING: First row: Kathy Beach, Lisa Rieger, Judy Haab, Laurie Haag, Kevin Davis, Nancee Nickrent, Mike Dubree, Susan Paddock. Second row: Randy Butler, David Metz, Rita Siagel, Donna Goad, Cindy Kinate, Karen Hardesty, Tami Wenger, Ronnie Cloeman, Steven Tatum, Brian Gra- mowski, Douglas Stephens, Bobby Aupperle, John Schmidgall, Kay Haab, Ruth Duckworth. TEACHER: Miss Mariorie Young. Bobby Maurer, Marvin Wenger. Third row: Ann Trainor, Judy Huette, Denny Stephens, Michael Baker, James Schmid- gall, Danny McMinn, Becky Doran, Sue Brown. TEACHER: Miss Carolyn Metz, ABSENT: Linda Bryant. 5'HiEl' Nfl 'lim' PRIMARY GRADE, WING: First row: Joel Newtson, Julie Rieger, Mark Wright, Scott Blunier, Curtis Davis, Brenda Young, Ricky Emberton. Second row: Robby Haab, Ronnie Aupperle, Cindy Schmidt, Debbie Butler, Kevin Huette, Kevin Wenger, Greg PRIMARY GRADE, MEADOWBROOKf First row: Teresa Sue Starks, Thomas Slagel, Mark Kiefer, Susan Roth, Sandria Tay- lor, Gregory Schrof, Kenneth Goddard, Patricia McCarty. Sec- ond row: Teresa Baker, William Goad, Mary Beth Buckellew, Thiel, Debra Bowles, Ronnie Maubach. TEACHER: Mrs. Mar- iorie Shubert. ABSENT: Ron Harms, Connie Kaisner, Douglas Kirk, Mary Ellen Leeper, Lorie Rieger, .lim Shipman, Bob Trainor, Wayne Zimmerman. Randal Baker, Mark Manske, Dennis Edelman, Timothy Os- borne, Eileen Edelman, Robert Sinnett. TEACHER: Mrs. Ann Walker. CY? PRIMARY GRADE, MEADOWBROOK: First row: Mark Steid- inger, Douglas Hornickle, Toni Lynch, David Crocie, Brenda Flessner, Doris Taylor, Barbara Green, David McCarty. Second row: Pamela Schrof, Todd Beal, Betty Kemp, Karen Bryant, PRIMARY GRADE, MEADOWBROOK: First row: John Mauer, Jett Paddock, Dennis Monahan, Jay Bryant, Kathy Mueller, Debbie Edwards, Harry Fosdick. Second row: Gerald Flessner, Kimmie Ensign, Jimmy Folwell, Lyndal Houchens, David Wen- Donald Lang, Charles Freeland, Ricky Ensign, Samuel Carmack, Gary Fellers. TEACHER: Mrs. Cleo Newman. ABSENT: Connie McCarty. ger, Beth Overmyer, Bobby Kemp. TEACHER: Mrs. Sylvia Duckworth. ABSENT: Bobby Angell, Rosie McCarty, Theresa Sinnett, Carmen Lynch, Linda Bracken. i PRIMARY GRADE, MEADOWBROOK: First row: Mark Anderson, Pamela Rieger Charles Smith Teri Pratt Kim Rinkenberger Brian Short, Kenneth Roth, Scot Steidinger, Randall Stoller, Beverly Folwell John Lynch Fred Leman Carol Gentes Kristal Cal Zimmerman. Second row: Michael McWhorter, Debra Benway Ray Steidinger TEACHER Miss Fern West ABSENT Delaney, Bobby Benway, Elizabeth Palen, Beth Taylor, Kim- Gary McGaughy Sue Knauer berly Forney, Tami Steidinger, Laura Gregerson. Third row: FOURTH GRADE, MEADOWBROOAK: First row: Lawrence Stout, Timothy Slagel, Dennis Haab, Lisa Meyers, Dale Horine, Toby Newtson, Diane Maubach, Debra Bryant. Second row: Cheryl Butler, Pamela Cabbage, Julia Coleman, Lynn Trainor, Richard Wenger, Dean Gramowski, Deanne Kinate, Janet Mauer, Larry MJ, FOURTH GRADE, MEADOWBROOK: First row: Ginger Clark, Rodney Frechette, Joni Bailey, Mark Beal, John Bach, Karen Schladenhotten. Second row: John Baker, Jay Maplethorpe, Tim McGuire, Larry Frechette, Karen Trowbridge, Steve Os- FIFTH GRADE, MEADOWBROOK: First row: Mark McWhorter, Kim Young, Mark Rieger, Sue Maurer, Sandra Hensley, Anna May Gregerson, James Gregory Coleman, Jerry Pratt, Joseph Plattner, Brian Newtson. Second rowf Nancy Haab, Dale Schaffer, Pamela Manske, Samuel Stephans, Gary Farney, Randall Rich, Samuel Schmidgall, Suzanne Beach, Dawn Haab, borne, Warren Edelman. Third row: Robert Steidinger, Dawn Steidinger, Danny Ensign, Jon Hack, Ronnie Lang, Rita Fol- well, Katherine Babbs. TEACHER: Mrs. Doloris Dubets. Jill Zimmerman. Third row: Norman Pratt, Sharon Roth, Susan Leman, Edward Wenger, William Wilken, Charles Leman, Michael Metz, Debra Lenz, John Thomas Ringler, Raymond Tuley. TEACHER: Mrs. Mildred Mulligan. ABSENT: Thomas Culkin, Deeya Steidinger. FIFTH GRADE, MEADOWBROOK: First row: Mike Streitmatter, Tom Whitfill, Francis Lynch, Debra Koehl, Debbie Paddock, Patricia Taylor, Dennis Aupperle, Mark Davis. Second row: Jessie Mygatt, Randy Bauman, Joyce Kemp, Randy Maurer, Karen Waibel, Kristie Mann, Frank Dohman, Dennis Greene, Patricia Maurer, Lori Thiel, James Yoder. Third row: Bonnie SIXTH GRADE, MEADOWBROOK: First row: Neal Harms, Trever Mygatt, Charles Benway, Eric Rieger, Lynn Haab, Tom Vaughan, Kathleen Rieger, Michael Sinnett. Second row: Norma Slagel, Carol Brown, Peggy Zimmerman, Donna Babbs, Duane Stephens, Theresa Edwards, Joy Feller, Richard Horine, Harms, Richard Bryant, Nancy Bailey, Terry Roth, Joke Cloudt, Judy Freehill, Teresa Cook, Susan Davis, Pamela Davis, Trudy Zimmerman, Kim Young, Sylvia Rieger. TEACHER: Miss Janice Nussbaum. ABSENT: Joey Delaney, Jacquelyn Erickson, Pa- tricia Short. Paul Huette. Third row: Patricia Trainor, Rodney Maurer, Mary Wenger, Paul Beach, Karen Weakman, James Weak- man, James Weeks, Lynda Merritt, Pamela Stephens, Debra Gulliford, Mary Fellers, Sharon Fosdick. TEACHER: Mrs. Mary Reed. ABSENTQ Diane McCarty, Stanley Stoller. We SEVENTH GRADE, MEADOWBROOK: First row: Samuel Zimmer- Shive, Larry Friese, Douglas Benway, David Greene, and man, James Carmack, Jane Lynch, James Kachlemuss, Mark Lynn Harms. ABSENT: Otty Cloudt, Gregory Erickson, Jill Kinate, Charles Harrell, Peggy Stoller. Second row: Teacher: Lynch, Patricia Molton, Larry Gordon. Mrs. Elizabeth Hoke, Brian Wiegand, LuAnn Dempsey, Rebecca SEVENTH GRADE, MEADOWBROOK: First row: Cynthia Hensley, Stout, Deborah Shipman. Third row: Gary Lenz, Joanne Harms, John McWhorter, Gail Blunier, Barry Newtson, Kathy Koehl, Mark Honegger, Clark Dawson, Teacher, Mr. James Eccher, Steve Mann. Second row: Gary Thiel, Linda Meyer, Donna Deborah Terrell, Dorothy Wenger, Susan Haab, Dennis Smith. Brown, Jim Milstead, Karen Maubach, James Baker, Jennifer X. 5 I x 7 L w.. f S EIGHTH GRADE, MEADOWBROOK: First row: Phyllis Stehle, John Roth. Third row: Lucinda Harms, Brenda Fellers, Ed- Valerie Prather, Martha Slagel, Marilyn K. Emberton, Mary ward Walker, Michael Zimmerman, Alan Dawson, Keith Mc- Ross, Delores Mydler, John M. Trainor, Louis Yonker, Kathy Minn, Alan Nussbaum, Stephen Weeks, Earl Baker, Xen Kar- Schladenhauffan, Teresa Dohman. Second row: Peggy Rieger, cher, Stanley Metz, Janet Huette. TEACHER: Mrs. Rosemary Stanley Blunier, Roger Haab, Lynn Short, Kay Huette, Jill Corban. Nussbaum, Connie Steffen, Kathleen Rich, Thresia Fellers, "Fruit basket up setl" "Just think, tomorrow is Saturdayl" MEADOWBROOK PROJECTION CLUB: First row: Stanley Blunier, Louis Yonker, Stanley Metz, Michael Zimmerman, Edward MEADOWBROOK PATROL BOYS: First row: Steve Mann, James Kachelmuss, James Milstead, Gary Thiel, Barry Newtson, James Baker. Second row: Mark Kinate, Louis Yonker, David Greene, Michael Trainor, Mark Honegger, Stanley Blunier, Walker, Michael Trainor. Second row: Roger Haab, John Roth, Xen Karcher, and Cyril E. Allen, ADVISER. Douglas Benway, Gary Lenz. Third row: Cyril E. Allen, AD- VISER, John Roth, Xen Karcher, Earl Baker, Steve Weeks, Keith McMinn, Alan Nussbaum, Michael Zimmerman, Larry Friese, Stanley Metz, Edward Walker. MEADOWBROOK STUDENT COUNCIL: First row: Mark Rieger, Meyer, Peggy Rieger, Michael Trainor, Jill Nussbaum, Stanley Eric Rieger, James Kachelmuss, Jill Zimmerman, Mark Davis, Metz, Lynn Harms, Joy Feller, and James Milstead. Debra Koehl. Second row: Cyril E. Allen, ADVISER, Linda Student Council. .and. .Cheerleaders CHEERLEADERS linda Meyer Valerie Prather Delores Mydler Lynn Harms Peggy Rieger MEADOWBROOK LIGHTWEIGHT TEAM: First row: Gary Thiel, Eccher, Eric Rieger, Barry Newtson, Brian Wiegand, Thomas Louis Yonker, Gary Lenz, David Greene, Richard Horine, Den- Vaughan, John McWhorter, Edward Walker, manager. nis Smith, James Kachelmuss, manager. Second row: Coach MEADOWBROOK HEAVYWEIGHT TEAM: Standing: Douglas Ben- Michael Trainor, Jim Milsfead. Kneeling: James Kachelmuss, way, Stanley Blunier, Xen Karcher, Steve Weeks, Alan Nuss- Coach Eccher, Edward Walker. baum, Jim Weeks, Larry Friese, Stanley Metz, Mark Honegger, A Grade School uorps tgah Strawn PRIMARY GRADE, STRAWN: First row: Mary Ringler, Douglas Wessels, Bobby Smith, Rollin Nussbaum, Kevin Kuntz, Richard Gentes, Beth Leman. Second row: Rodney Rieger, David Waibel, Karen Kupferschmid, Julie Huette, Cynthia Coyne, PRIMARY GRADE, STRAWN: First row: Susan Kuntz, Dennis Zimmerman, Tony Rieger, Joellen Honegger, Keith Rinkenber- ger, Martha Fry, David Roth, Michael Monahan, Robert Righter. Second row: Kathy Knauer, Julie Gender, Deborah Taylor, Sandra Benway, Bryan Steidinger, Paul Manske, James Joey Mauer, David Pratt. Third row: Joe Palen, Dean Greene Scott Rieger, Lorri Wells, Barbara Huisman, Sherri Anliker Penny Cabbage, TEACHER: Mrs. Cdette Singer. Marlin, Lenore Hoppes, Jerry Koehl, Rick Farney. Third row: Ronald Yoder, Marie Yoder, Phyllis Waibel, Paul Honegger, Vicki Hornickle, Daryle Waechter, Marie Palen, Julie Davis, Sharon Huette, Paula Cabbage, TEACHER: Mrs. Wanda Jacobs. ABSENT: Teresa Delaney. FOURTH GRADE: STRAWN: First row: Wayne Blauert, Mark Yoder, Marvin Bachtold, Vera Kemnetz, Jan Nussbaum, Rich- ard Kuntz, Elaine Leman, Michael Dubets. Second row: Becky Huisman, Carl Ringler, Nora Hartman, Kathy Davis, Linda Wessels, James Koehl, Edward Palen, Pamela Roth. Third SIXTH GRADE: STRAWN: First row: Janice Maplethorpe, Terri Freehill, Barbara Wiegand, Steve Yoder, Jeff Overmyer, Darl Leman, David Wessels, Rita Flessner, Teresa Culkin. Second row: John Taylor, Doug Dozier, Mariorie Read, Debbie Greer, Doris Bachtold, Nancy Streitmatter, David Fry, Larry Pratt, Jill row: Douglas Greene, Susan McWhorter, Melodee Moore, Gary Bender, Robert Mishler, Kenneth Sinnett, Steven Lenz, Deborah Benway. TEACHER: Mrs. Mildred Knauer. ABSENT: LaRae Steffen, Ricky Adams, Wendy Erickson. Nussbaum. Third row: Danny Rieger, Mark Franklin, Jerry Adams, Bill Harn, Robin Shive, Kandis Karcher, Robbie Prather, Bob Brady, Jana Hack, and TEACHER: Mr. Joseph R. Delaney. ABSENT: Mary Maurer, Jerry McGaughey. iff WX. iliilg, 51 g,.M,,4 ll SEVENTH GRADE, STRAWN: First row: Barry Kaisner, Suzanne Davis, Jean Honegger, Mary Jean Koehl, Ann Hartman, Vicki Huette, Jerry Friese. Second row: Mike Maurer, Wanda Schaf- fer, Beth Huisman, Jim Shaddle, Ellen Mietzner, Marlene EIGHTH GRADE, STRAWN: First row: Paula Hack, Scott Zim- merman, Karen Davis, Mattie Wenger, Rex Newman, Peggy Goembel, Brenda Pratt, Carla Kuntz, Richard Purkey. Second row: Danny Osborne, Walter Honegger, Bill Shaddle, Carey Hensley, Jerry Leman, Dennis Freehill, Ronald Hartman, Clar- '71 ' I ' RSL. - i . i 11 , . W . . . .. J. Koehl, Rebecca Farney, Mary Gail Davis. Third row: David Rieger, Bob Grant, Dorothy Taylor, Tom Wait, Kay Honegger, TEACHER: Mr. Walker Belcher. ence Kemnetz, Garry Knauer, John Davis. Third row: Ken- neth Lehmann, Roger Mishler, Dawn Feller, Karen Milstead, Ricky McWhorter, Charlee Lawrence, Kay Metz, Peggy Adams, Tonny Cloudt, Jay Zimmerman, Tommy Lynch. TEACHER: Catherine Kurtenbach. ABSENT: Diane Benway. STRAWN E.M.H. ROOM: First row: Dennis Trowbridge, Joe Mrs. Jean Sancken, Phillip Murray, William Curtis, Julie Sechrest, Deborah Hockenberry, Dan ny Garrels, Clarence Hornickle, Sherry Roth, Terry Baker, Robert Wotton. ABSENT: Brown, Carol Gercles, Robert Decker. Second row: TEACHER: Larry Corban, Clara Daily, and HELPER: Mrs. Joanna Delaney. "May I leave the room?" "Watch the BlRDlE." STRAWN STUDENT COUNCIL: Firsf row: Peggy Adams, Trea- Kaisner, Dari Lernan, Jill Nussbaum, Terri Freehill, and Mr surer, Rex Newman, President, Dawn Feller, Vice-President, Joseph R. Delaney, SPONSOR. Ann Hartman, Secretary. Second row: David Rieger, Barry CHEERLEADERS Kay Metz Karen Miisiead Peggy Adams Suzanne Davis Diane Benway Iabsenfl STRAWN LIGHTWEIGHT TEAM: First row: Larry Pratt, Mike Maurer, Steve Yoder, Jeff Overmeyer, David Wessels, Roger Mishler, Kenny Lehmann, Tom Wait. Second row: Coach STRAWN HEAVYWEIGHT TEAM: Dennis Freehill, Carey Hensley, Garry Knauer, Walt Honegger, Rex Newman, Scott Zimmer- man, John Davis, Darl Lemon, Barry Kaisner, Jerry Friese, Walker Belcher, Tom Lynch, Danny Rieger, Jerry Adams, Doug Dozier, Bill Ham, David Rieger, Robbie Prather. Rick McWhorter, Ronnie Hartman, manager. Coach Walker Belcher. -Z2 lf ZNIUQQZ Senior Class Prophecy-- I 966 CARL BRACKEN became the first non-Negro to ioin the Globe Trotters. SUSAN AMSTUTZ has recently won the Olympic Pool Shooting Contest. DICK CUSTER is still trying to coach Forrest-Strawn-Wing basketball team. LINDA BACHTOLD is still bragging about her first GTO. GREG DEMPSEY still has trouble telling the difference between a football and a basketball. JEAN BRADY has iust celebrated her fifteenth anniversary as a Nun. JERRY FAIRLEY is now the Junior English Teacher at Forrest-Strawn-Wing. BETH COLE is now the Beatles' favorite hair dresser. BILL KEMNETZ is known as Strawn's Number I farmer. CYNDI DAVIS is the new 1986 Annie Oakley. NEIL KNAUER has iust moved into the Strawn parish. LINDA GREEN is the Go-Go girl at the Crossroads. AL KUPFERSCHMID is the manager of the new IGA Store in Forrest. JACQUE GULLIFORD is a receptionist of the Forrest Hotel. DALE LEMAN retired this year from the Chicago Bears' football team. LINDA HARTMAN is now the full time librarian at the Forrest Library. DAVE MALCOM is President of Illinois State University carrying a black umbrella. JANICE JOHNSON is in the hospital with third-degree burns after her dress caught on fire while twirling her fire-baton. BILL MASTERS has moved up to the position of town cop. KAREN LEMAN has replaced Mrs. Schrof as Home-Economics Teacher at Forrest- Strawn-Wing High School. ED MAUBACH is a retired Navy Chief and is somewhere in the South Seas. CONNIE NANCE has acquired the position of head Lab Technician at Fairbury Hospital. JACK MYDLER is now the drummer in an all girl orchestra. BARB RICKETTS recently received the position as Go-Go Girl at'the Igloo. DAVE SCHAFFER is displaying red paicimas in the front window of Postal's De- partment Store. MARY RIEGER is the Number I hamburger slinger at the Igloo. MICK VAUGHAN has been elected President of the Six Foot Club. RITA KAYE RIEGER still finds moon-light farming the best. SCOTT WAIT is now John Nance's hired man. CHARON TERRELL is farming south of Chatsworth raising banty roosters. GARY BLAUERT is still waiting for Nancy Bose. RITA THIEL is now Superintendent of Nurses at Fairbury Hospital. JIM BAILEY has lust beaten Clay with his mouth and his fist. SANDY TREVENA is making her first return trip to Forrest. LOREN LOOMIS is still looking for the Number I chick. SHARON TYLER finally discovered blondes clo not have more fun. PF ,. , Q , --ss 6 . 4 ? ..,fNiy "Who said 'Pass the grapes'?" Barb Honegger eyes the Prom decorations Mr. Wills, Mr. Bertram, Mr. Hanebuth, Mrs. Hanebuth, and Mrs. Koehler at the Latin Club banquet. A Merry-go-round? Friends of Compliments ot Forrest's Bowling Lanes Forrest, Illinois Burch Willis Men's Store Home ofthe "Tepee" Pontiac, Illinois Compliments of Clevenger's Mens Wear Pontiac, Illinois John P. Cook Funeral Home Funeral and Ambulance Service Fairbury, Illinois Conibear's Drug Store Chatsworth, Illinois Cope's Flowers Phone: 692-3024 Fairbury, Illinois Compliments of Crouch's Ladies Ready-to-Wear Pontiac, Illinois Dave's Supermarket "Variety, Economy, Quality" Fairbury, Illinois Unzicker's Jewelry and Village Art Shop Guarantee Watch Repairs Forrest, Illinois Walton's Your Department Store Since I868 Fairbury, Illinois Zimmerman's Hardware and Furniture Phone: 692-2616 Fairbury, Illinois J. N. Bach 8. Sons Building Materials Forrest, Illinois Wolf-Jacobson, Inc. Chevrolet Sales and Service Pontiac, Illinois Drs. L. G. and C. G. Shaddle Dentists Forrest, Illinois Forrest Grain Co. Grain and Ready Mix Forrest, Illinois Forrest Locker Inc. Rent one ot our Lockers Forrest, Illinois Moulton Barber Shop Get a Quick Clip, U R Next Forrest, Illinois Follmer and Culkin Agency Insurance Forrest, Illinois Bachtold Bros. Mower 81 Attachments-6578105 Forrest, Illinois Jost's Grocery and Texaco Service Station Forrest, Illinois the Eskimos First State Bank ot Forrest Member ofthe F.D.l.C. Forrest, Illinois Maurer and Roth Hotpoint Appliances Fairbury, Illinois Forrest Milk Products Milton Kinate - Proprietor Forrest, Illinois Fairbury-Forrest Clinic I I5 East Walnut Fairbury, Illinois Haab and Austman Standard Service Station Forrest, Illinois Huber's Clothing For Men and Boys Fairbury, lllihois Harold Jacobs Standard Oil Man for 27 Years Forrest, Illinois Schlipf's Plumbing and Heating Forrest, Illinois Stewart's Supermarket The Store with the Community Spirit Look for Eisner Ads Weekly in Newspapers and on TV Maxine's Beauty Spot "Complete Hair Service" Forrest, Illinois Ray's Barber Shop Rieger Motors Sales GMC Trucks-Ca rs Forrest, Illinois Turnipseed's 51 to 51.00 Store "Where You Will Always Find Something New Forrest-Lexington, Illinois Trainor Grain and Supply Company Critic Feed, Grain Coal, Fertilizer, and Lumber Compliments ot Lehman's Men s Store Phone: 844-3188 Pontiac, Illinois Steidinger Inc. "Tires" Fairbury, Illinois Honegger Farms Co., Inc. Forrest, Illinois Sch rof's Servicenter Citgo Products U.S. Royal Tires Route 24 81 47, Forrest, Illinois Vaughan Trucking Freeman Vaughan Forrest, Illinois Compliments of Crane's Igloo Restaurant Forrest, Illinois King Electrical Service Electrical Contracting, Phone 6578143 Forrest, Illinois Open Daily 8 to 5:30, Thursday 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Closed Monday-Forrest, Illinois The End . . 1966 Tupek Staff . . Editor: Susan Amstutz Associate Editor: Jackie Kinate Business Manager: Dave' Schaffer: Assistant: Barb Honegger Staff: Sharon Flessner, Pat Roth, Sharon Horine, Rita Kaye Rieger, and everyone else who did what he could to help out. Typists: Jacque Gulliford and Sharon Tyler Advisor: Miss Rita Bubnick . . and extra photography by the Photography Club . . . Autographs N E W S F O T O Your Yearbook Publisher 4 " V f' A fm R X x Q 1.-x mg. .- ,,,. .. .' ., ,,, -,P 4 , ,. W., -JW- , -v-f.,,,,,,...,,,w fp-,.,-3 , W M ,. . .-.- .Q .. -V . -,v -1- , ' my :.w,,. A , ,wig--mf ' 0 Q, , , , H ' ,.,,.g,f,-nw 'Q

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