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Forrest Strawn Wing High School - Tupek Yearbook (Forrest, IL) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Cover

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are ' 44 gr J if Mm 4 nv-1 , , b- 6,-. fa. ,R v fiom- if .ak Ps x ,. f , .-,.,,.gg,-. gnixfgiii f ' v K 'M ,v x ji! . Q " ' , ""-Wmtunnto 'Q Q Q 4 1 , , hngpf A I U S -Q-01" 3 ' , 5-Q 'Li . ni WWW' 5 I-2 . L W , ...V f W , A- 1 ,. x -A, crm A , ,fa l M g V A ' ' k H ,aw LW' :wg + ' I ,. lf, k " '45 f 4 f tk ., . ff. m .,.. v ,. 59','w X v ,. -M hx., Y ' Y' . "if 'Milf 1 , ' " "" , A ,, W' My f 3 L '36 ' - ' """ a Q 436,11 If x,- V' , A L. kiss. , ' Az: 0 .S 2-P, ' , u THE TUPEK 1953 Forrest-Strawn-Wing Communit' U lt Sdwols' Forrest, Illinois A , f' .V 1 v, 'MSW lume IX 1 ,,mff"' f' W, N , ' s,' A 1 qw tw 4 0 ' f . A xl V 2, V. ' f'- ' . ,L . . , . . ,six ,I , ,, , I ff .f I . I, 9 .- I I I 1 , ff if K - N , . X ' Q ,, x , T "VK , ,U w' f X1 N XX x X. Qx Eg. 4 A H.. s wi' X1 , ' ' , . i . N , - P x X' , 1 X . . s ' ' u X X X -'X x x x ' 'iN Q, 'f NWO? ' X x W N , . . x " K , ' u .x . . X . 5 NX K x fy' ul ' ? 4 'sf' K3 sy, xx , s ' X tx . . Xxv x' K! F L r' T Q QI N s l A x xx ' X :QA K . x ,W A X ' 's, x x 5 xx Qx Q' K , X'x X ' s' A , Q X 1 I -5' -1 s . +4 n 5, - i s a -A R xx X X s A ' i 5 g x A 'u' mx' ws 1 ' if-L , Q1 5 N 5 QXK a ti, X, lisa X B HR a---W A A ll: ,,,,,,4I-v- ,Q vu nu -M- !"'?"' r' 1 52' 30? fi as A f??,',pQ f 1 ' IA X l4,f ff' 'Q,R"X 4:21. :MSR ,fm I fm., - 1 ifffhf-li b-4' The frlgonomeiry duff met-for two periods every day---the regular floss period as well os this special "Trig Study Hall." "Time goes. you say? Ab no! Alas, time stays, we go." L., lf. '4p ff - -fl 9 - W .ww .-.+ ggti.-.,qp ,Y QQ ' .xiy A 'v-ya' Q, ff , 4w.M, C Ti' , ADMINISTRAT The new office and the new superin- tendent were two of the maior changes of 1957-1958. "Great economic and social forces flow with a tidal sweep over communities that are only half concious of that which is befalling them. Wise statesmen are those who foresee what time is thus bringing, and endeavor to shape institutions and to mold rnen's thought and purpose in accordance with the change that is silently surrounding them." John Viscount Morley 6 llw' ---noon. flllllllll J +4 i' 0 ' . i 1 ,. A953 F' . ,f f A f' lik T ii t , 'X if ' " A ' N fry ? p 'ny N g g , , h in J -H 'ALJ' M , --,,, , A J K Vkfdv . X NN I Aka' A R " .L Keith Amstutz 'i:,,,i.. ' V' V ,L.L President, Board of Education i i .A g M 'dw 7" -,Q 4 Harry Roth, Joe Broquard, Guy Moore. Absent-Frank Ringler. For 1957-1958 R. W. Cummins Assistant High School Principal Richard Hanna Wing Grade School Principal Determining school policy is the duty of the Board of Education, administering it is the task of the superintendent, the principals, and individual teachers. New this year is Supt. D. H. Van Ormer, who came to FSW from Leland. From the moment of his first arrival in Forrest he became enmeshed in the intricacies of finishing the new building and transfer- ing the grade school to it and, at the same time, expanding the high school into the vacated grade rooms. Another newcomer, Robert C. Cummins, is assist- ant high school principal. Mr. Cummins, who came to FSW from Honeggers', has charge of attendance and teaches English and history. The sole remaining member of the original unit high school faculty is the assistant superintendent of the unit, Miss Mabel Marlar, who has charge of guid- ance and counseling, and sponsors many of the activ- ities. Miss Vera Gullberg, Strawn principal, and Cyril Allen, principal of the new Meadowbrook School, are also original members of the unit administration. At the Wing Grade School, Richard Hanna, now in his second year of administration, serves as principal and teacher of the upper grades. Among the seven members of the Board of Educa- tion only Vaughan Horine remains as one who helped start the newly-formed FSW Unit back in l949. Other members of the Board are Keith Amstutz, president, Harry Roth, secretary, Joe Broquard, Frank Ringler, Guy Moore, and Leroy Kamrath. To these men falls the difficult and timeconsuming task of meeting twice monthly to work out policies in regard to transportation, finance, teacher selection, and a myriad of other school problems. 9 ,wriih HQ Q J ""' .ffl ir 6 pw A F if 1 Qi? Y A N .-,' Q 5 , 0 1 if i fx b l X . 1. 57"-. - 1 will ,ns As a regular part of their class, American history students are required to give reports. Here Art Metz makes the class laugh with his description ofthe Russian Sputnik. "They're clean," gloats Bob Roth as Coach Stahl checks his locker. Jerry Bachtold, next in line, is not too confident of passing inspection. ,AL , , Like other American schools, F.S.W. had its bout with the "flu bug." Here Mr. Aleshire helps Larry Luttrell, James Crump, Roger Reed, and Mariorie Brown make up missed work. il Robert Cummins, A. B., B.M. M.Ed. Assistant Principal English and American History Amold Stahl, B.S. Social Studies Physical Education Athletic Coach Sponsor: Sophomore Class Rollin Aleshire, B.S. English, Librarian World History, Play Coach Sponsor: Junior Class fig gf -1 a-u- ...- All u .1.-us:-1:,.:- 5 , ' , V , J -,1 , 1 if V V ' ' Wg u ,R .9- xx L,.,vL.,, .Q , , 1 515. ,4 4 ,.- Sa. .1-f. sv ,- 3 ' Q n. 5 lv: l , L. ai? Q' ,ff J' J2' ., ff ff? 'Gr sv 'FTS .1 .K .. i 4 L.:-' ,ws Q-..,,, uv -.1 .----H 5.1 if Q I gbf7,s QQ wx 'f - O 1 ,V :M if E -a "' X131 if ff" H M Ella Fahey, Audrey Zorn, Marie Schrof, Edna Somers, and Agnes Somers, the unit cooks, plan the menus Ruth Hippen was absent from the meeting. 8 9 IU n I5 :6 I7 I8 232425 Bus drivers Warren Crane, Andrew Lehman, Reuben Metz, John Metz, and Frank Huette map out the bus routes throughout the entire unit. 2 Y Z . 5 5 I 2 i 1 1 4 4 , Janitors John Metz, Dale Skinner, and Art Shambrook discuss problems of their respective iobs. I5 CLASS DIVIS Thus year the class actlvutles were as usual bake sales ball game concessuons sock hops and barn dances To this llst the lunlors added another dance The Sweetheart Ball The beautiful decorations and the muslc of a good combo made the evemng oneto remem A Car Wash was sponsored by the sophomores Two Saturdays un the sprung were set aside for the bug operatlon On the flrst day they were plagued by ram but the second day turned out such a great number of cars that the class busily scheduled another day of car washung The lumors and seniors worked together for equal profrt by selllng candy The flrst order of candy was ordered more With both classes cooperating the work was less for each student and the profut was more for both classes To end the year the lunrors sand good bye to the seniors with the annual .lunror Senior Prom and Ban quet Sayonara the theme chosen brought many happy thoughts and nostalgic memones to the sensors who then realized that they would soon be graduated Tbere s a time or some things and a tame or all th: gs A tune or great tbzngs and a tune or small :bangs Mnguel de Cervantes I6 ber. sold so quickly that the officers of the two classes cr 1 ' I ' I ' f I , ffl , f . D . lf ., ION .- A 4 I. 59 'Q Resting on the way home from the semor trip to New Head to toe measuring done by Miss Mabel Marlar, will deter York, Miss Mabel Marlar and Mrs Margaret Koehler mine the length of Robert Caughey s commencement gown put their feet up and relax while Carol Hodgson measures Keith Rneger s head for his cap size C oss ol V958 LYNN ANDERSON-FHA l,2,3,4, Historian 3, Camp Dele- gate 45 GAA 1,2,35 Tonic 45 Topic 4, Editor 45 Tupek 3,45 Chorus 'l,2,35 Freshman Ensemble l5 Latin Club 25 Nation- al Honor Society 2,3,45 Scholastic Awards 'l,25 Quill and Scroll 4. GAYLON BACH - FHA 'l,2,3, Treasurer 25 GAA 'l,2,45 Tupek Staff 3,4, Editor 45 Junior Play5 Senior Play5 Chorus l,2,3, 4, Egyptian Music Camp Delegate 3,45 County Chorus 3, Southern Belles 2,35 Freshmen Ensemble 'l5 Eskimisses 45 Librarian 3,45 National Honor Society 2,3,45 Scholastic Awards 1,25 Band l,2,3,45 Quill and Scroll 4. EUGENE BACHTOLD-Student Council l5 FFA 'l,25 Chorus l,2,3,45 Basketball l,2,3,45 National Honor Society 2,3,45 Scholastic Awards l,2,3. sHARoN BAcHToLo-FHA I,2,3,45 GAA 1,2,3,4, Junior Play5 Chorus 'l,2,3,45 Class Secretary 45 Librarian 35 Band l,2,3,45 Tonic 4. if I8 A day for toil an hour for sport But or a nend zs life too short Emerson JOHN BEAL Student Council 3 FFA 1 2 3 4 Treasurer 3 4 Band 1 2 3 4, Pep Band 3 4 Chorus 4 Basketball 1 GEORGE BOWEN Band 1 2 3 4 Chorus 1 2 Industrial Arts 1 2 4 Vice President 2 GARY BRAUMAN FFA 1 2 3 4 Football 1 2 3 4 ROBERT CAUGHEY Student Council 2 3 4, President 4, District Secretary Treasurer 3 FFA l 2, President 2 Tonic 4 Topic 4, Editor 4 Tupek 3 Junior Play Senior Play Band 'I 2 3, Pep Band 1 2 3 Chorus 1 2 3 4 County Chorus 2 3 Basketball I 2 National Honor Society 2 3 4 Scholastic Awards 1 2 3 4 Valedictonan Quill and Scroll 4 JANETTE CRAIG GAA 1 2 3 4 Tonic 4 Junior Play Senior Play Malorette 1 Chorus 1 2 3 4 Freshman Ensemble 1 Cheerleader 2 3 4 Latin Club 2 DAVID CROUCH -Tupek 2,4 Sports Editor 45 Junior Play5 Senior Play' Chorus 1,2,3,4, County Chorus 35 Football 1 3,45 Basketball 1 2' Industrial Arts Club 2 4, President 4 DAVID FARNEY-Tonic 45 Topic 45 Chorus 1 2 3 4 County Chorus 3' Football 1,2 3,45 Basketball 1 2 45 Track 1, 3,45 Industrial Arts Club 2,3,4, Reporter 4 ROGER FARNEY -Student Council 45 FFA 1 23 4 Sentinal 2, Reporter 4' Tonic 4' Topic 45 Junior PIay5 Vice-Presi dent 4 CAROL GOEMBEL -GAA 15 Tonic 4 Editor 4' Topic 45 Senior Play, Student Director' Chorus 2 3,4 Freshman Ensem- ble 1' Latin Club 2' Library Staff 45 Scholastic Awards 1,4' Quill and Scroll 4 CAROL HODGSON-Student Council 3, Historian 35 FHA 1,2,3,4 Historian 2 Treasurer 3, President 45 GAA 1,2,3, Point Chairman 35 Tonic 4, Editor 45 Tupel: 3,45 Topic 45 Junior Play, Student Director5 Band 1,2,3 Swing Band 2, Pep Band 2,35 Chorus 1,2,35 Freshman Ensemble 15 Class Secretary 15 Latin Club 2 Vice-President 25 National Honor Society 253,45 Scholastic Awards 1,2,35 Quill and Scroll 45 Salutatorian. I9 -if 'Qi x , . N 1 5 "He who bas a thousand friends Has not a friend to spare." LOREN HODGSON -FFA 1,2,3,4, Sentinel 45 Track 3. GORDON HONEGGER -Tonic 4, Editor 45 Topic 45 Senior Play5 Band l,2,3,4, Pep Band 3,45 Chorus 2,3, County Chorus 35 Football l,2,3,45 Basketball 'l,25 lndustrial Arts Club l5 Class President 35 National Honor Society l,45 Scholastic Awards l. NANCY HONEGGER - FHA l,2,3, Vice-President 35 GAA 'l,2,35 Tonic 4, Editor 45 Topic 45 Tupek 2,3,45 Senior Play5 Chorus 'l,2,35 Library Staff 45 National Honor Society 2,3,45 Scholastic Awards 'l,2,3,4. JANET KAISNER - FHA 'l,2,3,4, Historian 45 GAA l,2,3,4, Vice-President 35 Tonic 45 Tupek 2,3,45Junior Play5 Chorus l,2,3,4, Secretary 2. ROBERT KNAPP -Transfer Student 25 Tonic 45 Topic 45 Junior Play5 Senior Play5 Chorus 25 Football 2,3,45 Basket- ball 25 Track 35 Industrial Arts Club 4, Vice-President 4. CELIA KUNTZ -GAA l,2,35 Tonic 45 Topic 45 Junior Play5 Chorus 2,3,45 Freshman Ensemble 'l5 Latin Club 25 Class Secretary-Treasurer 2,35 National Honor Society l,25 Scholastic Awards 1,25 Salutatorian. MARY KUNTZ - Transfer Student 25 FHA 45 GAA l,2,35 Tonic 45 Topic 45 Chorus 2,3,45 Latin Club 2. MARILYN KYBURZ- FHA l,2,3,4, Historian 35 Tonic 45 Topic 45 Band l,2,3,4, Librarian 25 Pep Band 2,3,45 Chorus 1,2,3,4. JANE LINDENBAUM-GAA l,2,3,45 Junior Play5 Senior Play5 Band l,2,3,4, Pep Band 2,3,4, Swing Band 2,35 Chorus l,2,3,4, County Chorus 2,35 Southern Belles 2,35 Freshman Ensemble l5 Eskimisses 45 Latin Club 2. CHA RL ES MERRITT - Tonic 45 Topic 45 Tupek 2,45 Junior Play5 Senior Play5 Chorus 'l,2,3,45 Librarian 4, County Chor- us 35 Basketball 'l,2,3,45 Track 'l,2,3,45 Class Vice-President 2. 20 HA "Friendship that flows from the heart Cannot be frozen by adversity." SHIRLEY PETERSON -FHA 2,35 GAA 'l,2,3,45 Tonic 45 Band 1,2,3,4, Pep Band 2,3,45 Chorus 1,2,3,45 Southern Belles 2,35 Eskimisses 4. KEITH RIEGER-Student Council 3,45 Tonic 45 Topic 45 Tupek 2,3,4, Sports Editor 35 Junior PIay5 Senior Play5 Home- coming King5 Band l,2,3,4, German Band 1,2,3, Swing Band 1,25 Chorus l,2,3,4, Secretary-Treasurer 4, County Chorus 1,35 Football l,2,3,4, Captain 45 Basketball l,2,3,4, Captain 45 Track l,2,3,45 Boys State 35 Class Vice-President l,3, President 45 National Honor Society 2,35 Scholastic Awards 15 Quill and Scroll 4. DANIEL RINGLER -Student Council l,2,4, Vice-President 45 Tonic 45 Topic 45 Tupek 3,45 Junior Play5 Senior Play5 Band 1 2,3,4, German Band 2,35 Chorus 2,45 Football 1,2,3,45 Basketball 1,2,3,45 Track 1,2,3,45 Class President 1,25 Latin Club 25 National Honor Society 3,45 Scholastic Awards 2,35 Quill and Scroll 4. JACK RINKENBERGER-FFA 1,2,3,4, Vice-President 2, Reporter 35 Band l,2. ALBERT SANDERS-Tonic 45 Topic 45 Chorus 15 Industrial Arts Club l,2,4, Secretary 2. BARBARA SCHMIDT -FHA 1,2,3,45 GAA l,2,3,45 Tonic 45 Junior Play5 Chorus 1,2,3,4, Librarian 45 Cheerleader 3. BEVERLY SHIVE -FHA 1,2,3,45 GAA I,2,3,4, Secretary 45 Tonic 45 Junior Play5 Senior Play5 Band 2, Pep Band 25 Chorus 1,2,3,4, Secretary 45 Eskimisses 4. DONNA STARKS-FHA 15 GAA 'I5 Tonic 45 Chorus l,2,3,4. NANCY WALLACE-FHA 'I,2,3,4, Recreation Chairman 35 GAA 1,2,3,4, President 45 Tonic 45 Tupek 35 Jpnior Play5 Senior Play5 Band 'l,2,3,4, Parliamentarian 3, President 4, Pep Band 45 Homecoming Queen 45 Chorus l,2,3,4, Presi- dent 3, County Chorus 45 Southern Belles 35 Eskimisses 45 Cheerleader 2,3,4, Captain 45 Girls State 35 Class Treasurer 354. 22 Class ol V259 Beverly Anllker Della Baker Dowd Befqn -,Une B"'lfnef Jerry Bracken Donald Brewer Shirley Bryant Margaret Clause Clarene Coyne William Decker Beverly Ellis 23 K4 'rr-v Leon Follmer Magdalene Goembel Mary Befh Head Andrea Hlavas Lloyd Honegger Gordon Johnson Karla Johnson Larry Kois,-,er Roseunn Keeley Elmer Lanz Hindu Lindsey Janice McNut1 Alan Metz Arthur Metz Anne Miller Frank Peterson Junior C oss Jerry Bachtold Lynne Brauman Jerry Broquard Julia Brown .lcrnes Crump Toby Day Marlbeth Eboch Mary Edwards PGYYICIG Farney wwf David Franklin 5 it ,ffl A , ,J ,L Y ur- -.F - , V ' A.',bwJ of l96O Denms Franklin Tom Gardner Mary Hnrsteun Brenda Honegger Janes Honegger Jeanne Hurt Kenneth Kalsner Clsfford Klncte Ramona Knapp Joy Knauer Helen Kuntz Betty Jo Lindsey Larry Luttrell .lean Ann Martin Bonnie Metz Jcne Muller Roger Read Janes Rlcketts Wayne Ricketts Linda Rieger Robert Roth Carol Waibel Larry Whitfill Absent- Rodger Dozier Robert Gillespie Class ol Wal Earlene Anllker Davld Bachfolcl Mildred Bachtold Donna Benway Sandra Edwards Roger Falrley Douglas Forney James Farney Shirley Fellers James Gulllford Janice Honegger Jack Honegger Beverly Honne Mary Alice Horlne Wayne lflt JoAnn Jupln Carol Kachelmuss Lou Ida Karsner Joe Keeley Duane Kung Dennis Koehl Joyce Kunfz Joy Masters Larry Maurer Mae Meenen Marlene Merllleld Jon Merrltt Larry Oyer Sally Peterson Steve Rleger Barbara Ru nken berger Marilyn Schmndt David Thorp Jerry Tooley Donald Tornowsku Ronald Walker Absent Sam Honegger arte vt-I ii VM I' .ev-4 49412 Conn: e Anderson up 35 5 in .4l ACT For the first time in its history, FSW High School has a school flag. After holding a contest in which students, teachers, and ianitors drew and solicited flag ideas, the Student Council asked iudges to find a winner. The iudges chose two flags which were equally appropriate. This tie was broken when they asked an authority which flag would be easier to make. This year, the Tupek and the Tonic were presented with a new baby brother, the Topic. This publication is printed in the Fairbury Blade every other week. Under the editorship of Lynn Anderson and Robert Caughey, the Topic provides school news to the entire community. It also allows the Tonic staff to have a better school paper for the students. Under the direction of Mrs. Robert Cummins, the FSW Girls' Chorus presented an operetta. The cast was made up entirely of girls, with girls working on the scenery and girls in charge of prop- erties. The production was so well received that Mrs. Cummins and the girls hope to have another next year. "Some reckon time by stars, And some by hours,- Some measure days by dreams, And some by flowers: My beart alone records My days and bours ..... " Cawein IVITIES DIVIS nr Iwi.-ff-. M . 'x"'k, a ' 4 0, ff as 'Yi Q x 3 Mm. af I iw 'Q ,L I' 1 gy X, 1-X ' v ,Q iff- av T Al i' ,ff s -A ' 4' 'T' r., , s -' 'lg AV' A, I M I 1 'N 5 V 1,1 ' I , , X 'iq , ' 141' fig? 1 f t I , r I K X s ,T V , , L4 9- ' Q W . A' M Yi' V .- G' Q, Before giving her speech at the district convention, Mary Beth Head gets reassurance from Robert Caughey. Student Council Service Keynoies Avery successful year has been turned in by the Forrest-Strawn-Wing Student Council as they sponsored many school activities, held a flag contest, and won an office in the Kankakee Dis- trict Student Council Convention. Robert Caughey was the FSW council presi- dent, Dan Ringler was the vice-president, and Janice McNutt was the secretary-treasurer. These officers were elected at the end of the i956-57 school year. During the i957-58 year, the first proiect the council undertook was to prepare the school against fire in case of any emergency that might arise. To do this, they cleaned the fire escapes and held several fire drills. ln the next few weeks the council nominated Mary Beth Head to run for vice-president of the Kankakee District. Mary Beth delivered a fine speech and was elected by the schools repre- sented. Robert Caughey fulfilled his duties as secretary and did a very fine iob also. While at the district convention, the council heard reports that many schools had student centers. The council members thought this was a good idea and wondered if it would work in the FSW district. However, due to the lack of interest in the school, the proiect was abandoned. Shown at a student council meeting are: Harry Sohn, Roger Forney, James Gulliford, Miss Mabel Marlar, Keith Rieger, Janice McNutt, Robert Caughey D R' l Mar B th Head Llo d Honeg er Gordon Johnson and Betty Jo Lindsey 1 an 'ng er: Y 9 I Y 9 I 1 Council Activities By this time Homecoming was here and the Student Council held their annual Homecoming events. Everything went off successfully as a colorful dance and some very interesting floats in the parade highlighted the festivities. ln December the council held their Christmas party and chose for a movie "The Frog Men." Hot dogs, chocolate or orange drink were served after the movie was shown. The council didn't meet much during the first six weeks. They got started by holding a flag contest. A five dollar first prize was given to the winner. Teachers, janitors, and students were able to enter the contest. Rounding out the year, the council revised the old constitution and drew up a code of ethics which was given to the high school students and will be given to all incoming freshmen. Keith Rieger and Mary Beth Head attended the State Student Council Convention in April. Keith was on the resolutions committee and Mary Beth at- tended special meetings for district officers who will serve this district next year. The last day before Christmas vacation the student council always spreads the holiday spirit with an all school party. l Each year, in order to interest seniors in the teaching profession, the FSW Student Council sponsors a Student Control Day. Here Donna Starks and Nancy Honegger try their hand at teaching eager first graders. After counting votes for next year's officers at the District Student Council Convention, Robert Caughey, Keith Rieger, and two state officers look ot the district scrap book. U fi' --' 51 "6-4' was M-an-Luv' Fine music and beautiful decorations made the evening very enjoyable for the students and the alums at the annual Homecoming Dance. A Dey Te Remember Following the parade, Eskimo fans gathered at the football field for a pep session. The fresh- man class and Mr. Paul Cary, their sponsor, enter- tained the spectators with their interpretation of "Stahlwhite'and the Eleven Dwarfs." They must have frightened the evil spirits away because the FSW Eskimos defeated Cullom's Bluebirds l2-O, winning the first homecoming game in several years. Ramona Knapp, Hinda and Betty Jo Lindsey settle down to the hard task of making ivy for the dance. A regular occurence is the big pep rally led by the Eskimos' cheerleaders before the Homecoming Game. 2, 5 5. 4 2 .Yi 5, T ' A -'rf' ' ' ,Y-sw, If ,uv V ig A . 5,3 LV , ' T7 V ' ' , ., 1 , 1 . M, ,M. QQ 'fQsg.g Q PV Q5 S,49g'1iCA I ' I 1, , 1, if I ' .f . - X I ' Q ,A :Q 5 M Q 7 Ty. . , ,,,fS,?i,g in -- J in 54, fi ' ww 2 - w , an Q -'ff ' vi ..... . .fV' ,-ggfqn' new Y: b , ' A Y' 1 ' " Q .Q . ,' I A' T -X -ar. ' fi? Q "' - 'F Y 1 ' 1.- ' "' X - X ' . . ' , L.4.,5f f ,gh Ax rg-"gtg, XA X ' Ar' M 'Q .Y k Ni, , ' 1 Q X V, . ix Ax ., K up - , rvs' X my ' ' ' , ' F' x s Al ' . 'MW H ,. ,U K a.. 'bv , ' -r "heh ' js-qhrxv Hb ,v ,, Wh 4' Q65 if 1 0 A MI' XM,..,,.. ,.,M N 1,5 A . 'QSM ,Lk I va I ' Q yf an W . 1 rg. ds . . , L K I' it '53 5.-. ,yu-7 . I N -v My-94 ., . v , I 'gsfpc--1, I' A rf, . f -4 g I it ' V I f f ' f gb, A 1 PWM? iw' , - S 4 ta" 4 it A Q P Q nm. ,nf , s , ,,A.,,,, ww , I I M xg ,fs , 1 ! an Q Q f,1 5 .9 Q 1 'Q Nu' ii. ? ,,-,,,,, , , ' n . , , L Y .i ' I 5 g 5 Mft., 4 g p 0 I L 1. sg ,gf A GIRLS' CHORUS-FRONT ROW: Mrs. Cummins, Janice Honegger, Lou lda Kaisner, Donna Benway, Jan Craig, Mary Kuntz, Mary Hirstein, Marlene Merifield, Maribeth Ebach, Shirley Bryant. SECOND ROW: Mariorie Brown, Janice McNutt, JoAnn Jupin, Kay Masters, Beverly Ellis, Carol Kachelmuss, Diane King, Joy Masters, Jeanne Hurt. THIRD ROW: Betty Jo Lindsey, Bonnie Metz, Suellen Cunningham, Sally Peterson, Connie Anderson, Donna Starks, Sharon Bachtold, Janet Kaisner, Clarene Coyne, Hinda Lindsey. FOURTH ROW: Jane Miller, Brenda Honegger, Beverly Horine, Beverly Shive, Della Baker, Celia Kuntz, Joyce Kuntz, Doris Ringler, Marilyn Schmidt, Sandra Edwards. BACK ROW: Mae Meenen, Shirley Peterson, Roseann Keeley, Mary Kay Monahan, Joy Knauer, Lynne Brauman, Helen Kuntz, Carol Goembel, Earlene Anliker, Marilyn Kyburz. Eslcirnisses, Ensemble With wide smiles, the FSW choruses per- formed their tasks under the direction of Mr. John Griesemer and Mrs. Luetta Cummins. During the i957-58 school year they all sang at the P.T.A. Christmas program. "Christmas ln Other Lands," the theme of the Christmas program, was inter- preted by singing carols from France, Germany, and Poland. The following spring the girls' chorus pre- sented an operetta. lt featured Gaylon Bach in the starring rolewith a supporting cast of singers and dancers. The Eskimisses and the Freshman-Sopho- more Ensemble, two special singing groups, were formed this year to provide music for the local organizations in the community such as the Women's League, Women's Club, and the churches. Besides these places the Eskimisses mode a special tape recording which was played over the Streater radio station. To prepare for these engagements they practiced one free period a week. ii, i f ff i l I L l FRONT ROW: Ramona Knapp, Magdalene Goem- Here is the newly-formed Freshman-Sophomore Ensemble. bel, Margaret Clouse, Mary Beth Head. SECOND FRONT ROW: Mrs. Luetta Cummins, Lou lda Kaisner, Jane ROW: Pauline Tooley, Jean Ann Martin, Jane Miller, Brenda Honegger, Marlene Merifield, Janice Honegger. Lindenbaum. THIRD ROW: Barbara Schmidt, SECOND ROW: Beverly Horine, Mae Meenen, Jean Ann Mildred Bachtold, June Birkner, Eunice Fehr. Martin, Linda Rieger, Earlene Anliker, Betty Jo Lindsey. FOURTH ROW: Sandra Edwards, Barbara Rink- enberger, Patricia Farney, Anne Miller, Andrea Hlavas. FIFTH ROW: Gaylon Bach, Nancy Wallace, Linda Rieger, Carol Waibel. Added To Choral Groups BOYS' CHORUS - FRONT ROW: Mr. John Griesemer, Jerry Tooley, Toby Day, Wayne lfft, Rodger Dozier, Larry Maurer, James Starks, Robert Roth, Douglas Farney, Robert Gillespie, Raymond Bryant, Larry Oyer. SECOND ROW: Lloyd Honegger, Wayne Ricketts, Robert Caughey, Daniel Ringler, Jerry Bachtold, David Beron, Thomas Gardner, Ronald Walker, Jack Moore, David Crouch, Jon Merritt. THIRD ROW: David Farney, James Gulliford, Larry Whitfill, Jack Honegger, Charles Merritt, Ronald Moore, Eugene Bochtold, John Beal, Gene Metz, Keith Rieger, Joe Keeley, Gordon Johnson. 37 FRONT ROW: Ronald Moore, Gene Metz, John Beal. SECOND ROW: Roger Forney, Loren Hodgson, Harry Sohn, Mr. Patrick Gallivan. THIRD ROW: Bill Decker, Bob Roth, Wayne Ricketts, Elmer Lanz, Don Brewer. FOURTH ROW: Dennis Koehl, David Bachtolcl, Gary Brauman, Jack Rinkenberger. FIFTH ROW: Ray Lanning, Wayne lfft, Larry Maurer, Jerry Tooley, Steve Rieger. F.F.A. E:1'h5fgf:.::3,,E,L21: FE1',,Y.f'iTCfi'lg'n"Y G I d 'I' ri ps Prove I.I S I DIU I The iunior and senior boys in FFA visited the Farm Progress Show held at Farmer City, lllinois, in September of l957. The groups saw all of the latest farm machinery and buildings at the event. The next trip was a day at the lnternational Livestock Exhibition which all FFA members attended. ln March the chapter officers, consisting of Gene Metz, President, Ronald Moore, Vice-President, Harry Sohn, Secretary, Roger Forney, Reporter, and Loren Hodg- son, Sentinal, accompanied by their advisor, Patrick Gallivan, attended a meeting at Honeggers' and Company during which Honeggers' was presented a certificate for being a sponsor of the State Future Farmers of America. Many state officers were on hand for the event. Gene Metz was chosen by the club as the outstand- ing FFA senior boy of the local chapter, thereby winning the DeKalb Award. The club also had a "Kill the Var- mint" contest which Gary Brauman won with 8,000 points. Donald Brewer won second with 7,800 points. 38 The lndustrial Arts Club examines one of their proiects which has been constructed in class. Shown here, starting from the left, are Raymond Bryant, Mr. Roland Swenson, Toby Day, Jerry Bachtold, Robert Gellespie, Dennis Franklin, Roger Dozier, Kenneth Kaisner, Thomas Gardner, Ronald Walker, David Franklin, James Gullilord, Jerry Broquard, Larry Whitfield, Robert Knapp, David Crouch, David Forney, David Thorp, and Joseph Keeley. Industrial Arts Club Ari plus Inclusiry equals Proiecis Because they needed more time to work on club proiects, the lndustrial Arts Club for the first time this year began to have evening meet- ings. The club as a group sold a liquid spray anti- septic which was supposed to take the place of band-aids. lndividual members made special pro- iects which they sold for their own profit. The juniors and seniors in the club attended "Project Fair" at the ISNU campus April 18 and l9 where they competed against Industrial Arts Clubs all over the state. On May 2 and 3 the officers went to Rockford for a state convention. This yeor's leaders were David Crouch, pres- identg Robert Knapp, vice-president, and Joseph Keeley, secretary-treasurer. David Forney and Robert Knapp assist David Crouch in measuring the shelves of his proiect. qi This year's F.H.A. Style Show featured the latest styles. Here Julia Brown models a nautical blouse. F.H.A.'ers make season's cheer by spreading ioy with decorations of Noel. r.H.A. Fun And Service Chorcicierize FHA. With the theme "FHA On Record" many new and different activities spun themselves into the year for the FSW Future Homemakers of America. A watermelon feast started the year off, giving the new members a chance to get acquainted with the organization. ln October the FHA girls assisted the community with UNESCO, one of the year's FHA projects. A short trip was taken by the organization via Miss Mabel Marlar's films on the Scandinavian countries which she had toured that summer. Caroling at Christmas time was called oft after going to one house because of the cold, rainy weather. At the FHA Christmas party, gifts were exchanged by the "grab bag" method. During the observation of FHA Week, the FHA girls participated in "dress- up" day, surprise day, and courtesy day. The girls also attended church on Sunday and wore their pins on a specified day. The club was under the leadership of Carol Hodgson and under the direction ofthe advisor, Miss Joyce Wuehle. Mrs. Hodgson and Mrs. Head were chapter mothers. FRONT ROW: Janet Kaisner, Nancy Honegger, Shirley Bryant, Carol Hodgson, Mary Beth Head, Bonnie Metz, Jean Ann Martin, Miss Joyce Wuehle. SECOND ROW: Julia Brown, Maribeth Ebach, Jeanne Hurt, Janice McNutt, Anne Miller, Marilyn Kyburz, Mariorie Brown, Donna Benway, Lou lda Kaisner. THIRD ROW: Mary Kuntz, Hinda Lindsey, Betty Jo Lindsey, Joy Masters, Connie Anderson, Mary Edwards, Diane King, Carol Kachelmuss, Mary Carol Hirstein, Beverly Ellis. FOURTH ROW: Mary Alice Horine, Suellen Cunningham, Brenda Honegger, Joyce Kuntz, Doris Ringler, Beverly Shive, Beverly Horine, Ramona Knapp, Sharon Bachtold, Marilyn Schmidt, Jane Miller. FlFTH ROW: Mildred Bachtold, Lynn Anderson, Pauline Tooley, Barbara Schmidt, Sandra Edwards, Mae Meenen, June Birkner, Della Baker, Magdalene Goembel, Celia Kuntz. SIXTH ROW: Earline Anliker, Roseanne Keeley, Helen Kuntz, Nancy Wallace, Joy Knauer, Linda Rieger, Lynne Brauman, Carol Waibel, Mary Kay Monahan, Barbara Rinkenberger, Patricia Farney. 'F Y N G M ia ' I f J fr M w 5. 'if Sw 9 'a Sui' "Bl'5"M" . . VJ' Y, 'iw ' ,lit x.: 1 Q f 4 ' 'f Q '- Xl ,,,. ' Q. " J N Q 7 4 A - ,A Q IH!! ' fx, I .fa .W if ' 5 'M x, ,, 2 . 1 ff, xv -EW X XA - 4 Y , 1 p I .zlff ,, Play Time The Perfect Idiot Dan Tennyson, a conceited, egotistical, young genius, suddenly became the most popular boy in school after his parents insisted that he became more sociable. He promised to use hyp- nosis to help the schola's star athlete remain eligible for the conference track meet if his brother, Jackie, and his friends including Linda Barnard, the principal's daughter and the most popular girl in school, would help him become a social success. After intentionally scoring a per- fect zero on a college entrance examination so that he would be able to stay home with Linda, he was considered a "Perfect Idiot." Dan and the gang finally convinced Dr. Von Barf, a noted psychiatrist who had been called in on the case, that he really was a genius rather than an idiot. Having cleared the air of confusion, Linda and Dan prepared to leave for college together. The play, held on November 21, was under the direction of Mrs. Luetta Cummins with the assistance of Carol Goembel, student director. TOP LEFT - "Don't point that thing at me--they stole my car- rats!" MIDDLE - David Crouch sinks into the dark realms of hypnosis under the influence of Charles Merritt's "combin- ation wire recorder and tone generator." STANDING Mrs Cummins, Carol Geombel, Beverly Shave, Dan Ringler, Jane Lindenbaum, Gordon Honegger, Nancy Hon- egger, Jack Moo , and Nancy Wallace SEATED Robert Knapp Charles Merritt, Mary Kay Monahan, Keith Rieger, David t Qlgx.l.'l . 'fu' X-1. ,LQ A 1 x 4 V, . eq If V' r if. s Admiring the "magic-wishing" ring are Lloyd Honeg- ger, James Starks, David Beran, Pauline Tooley, Anne Miller, Janice McNutt, Alan Metz, Mary Beth Head, Gordon Honegger, Hindu Lindsey, Mr. Roland Aleshire, Roseanne Keeley, and Leon Follmer. The Nervous Wrecl4Etifd "The Nervous Wreck" was presented by the Junior Class on April ll. The play was directed by Mr. Roland Aleshire, Shirley Bryant acted as student director. The play was centered around a family who owned CI small hotel which had suffered loss of business because of a hotel on the other side of town. Madame X, who roomed at the hotel, tricked several persons who were superstitious into buy- ing a "magic-wishing" ring. Anyone who bought the ring was to wish three wishes, which were supposed to come true. Gordon Johnson, who was the "nervous wreck," came to stay at this supposed-to-be-quiet hotel to find it nothing but a realistic bedlam. TOP RIGHT - David Beran lays down the law to his daughter, Hin- da Lindsey, in front of her friends, Janice McNutt, Lloyd Honegger, and Pauline Tooley. LOWER RIGHT - Arther Metz and William Decker put up curtain rods while Barry Rcsmussin does some last minute paint- ing. , 'MY A lk . Q'xv Mtn Q 5-"mi M ,,. .vf -41 ., 4. lg-f V' 7,,,,.- J' Night School was introduced for the students, parents, and faculty member Until the students got accus- tomed to the idea, the thought of evening classes with parents visit- ing didn't appeal to them. ln spite of this, "Night School" became a huge success as parents flocked in by the hundreds. Although the parents goto gen- eral idea of what goes on in the class room, they didn't see the little incidents that happen every day. They didn't see the fun, the work, the joy, and the sorrow of the student throughout the school year. The juniors were still delighted with their class rings, the study hall had the Christmas tree, the Tonic came out, and students still wondered what to do about report cards. We like to call the next few pages of our book "School Life" because they show just these things. Although students take these every- day occurrences for granted now, they will cherish them as school memories always. first time at F.S.W. this year. After attending classes in all three schools, s met in the F.S.W. gym for refreshments. School Life at FSW "Girls Will Be Girls," was presented this year by the F.S.W. Girls' Chorus in their first attempt at an operetta. Here Nancy Wallace sings about romance while the dancing chorus adds extra beauty. A 4 fx fs 47 QW!-ll . Ti! f I fi Q .:.xXa "3 549-me TOP LEFT - Jaclc Moore, Robert Knapp, Dan Ringler, Gordon Honeg- get, and Keith Rieger discuss split-T formations with Coach Arnold Stahl in a pre-game chalk talk. TOP RIGHT - "Then promenade home!" hollers freshman advisor Paul Cary to Marlene Merifield, Ronald Walker, Barbara Rinkenberger, Joe Keeley, and Marilyn Schmidt at the class party. CENTER - "You can knock me down, step on my face, slander my name all over the place," says Freshman Connie An- derson to Senior Gordon Honegger at initiation. BOTTOM LEFT - Nancy Wallace, Miss Barbara Loveless, Beverly Ellis, and Mary Hirstein read up on the latest news before study hall starts. BOTTOM RIGHT - Browsing in the FSW library can turn up a lot of inter- esting reading material. Junice McNutt checks a book out of the library with the help of Nancy Honegger, one of the student librarians. 1 RTS DIVISION Wmnlng trophles IS no change for FSW for, as In the many years gone by, the sports department at FSW was strong The football team won second nn the conference for the second consecutive year, and the basIcetbaII team won three trophies first pIace un the conference, first place In the conference tournament, and second place In the Dwight Holiday Tournament which the team entered this year for the tlrst tlme The track team turned an a successful season by wlnnmg second In the conference meet The lunlors admlnng the trophies have hopes of A lzme lzke this demands Strong mtnde great bearts true faxtb and ready bands Men who have honor men wbo wzll not Ile Tull men sun crowned who live above the og In publzc duty and ln pfzvate tbxnkzng Josnah Gulbert Holland 52 equaling this record next year. . I . .D ' . I . . ,, I I JN fff V X' 3wsXHff1 'nj . ff' I Rf- Cfkjflj X 192 ' ' i 445' , ,aww , ' 'fx ' Z A , fn' 'f Capiain Keith Rieger Quarterback Gene Metz Tackle F.-ef' Dan Ringler Halfbock Jack Honegger End Gordon Honegger Guard 54 Cheerleaders. Carol Waubel, Nancy Wallace, David Crouch Guard . Varsity Clifford K inate Tackle Alan Metz Quarterback Z Bill Decker 'W' Guard .lack Moore Tackle 2 .Q it i Seuson's Record FSW 19 -- Saunemin 7 FSW I2 -- Cullom 0 FSW O -- Onarga 26 FSW 27 -- Piper City 0 FSW 0 -- Chenoa l2 FSW 19 -- Fairbury 26 FSW 31 -- Kempton 0 FSW 34 -- OMS 13 FSW 0 -- Chatsworth 7 Won 5 -- Lost 4 Halfback Joe Steidinger slices off tackle for a first down against Fairbury in the waning minutes ofthe last quarter , , I 3 Jerry Bracken Gary Brauman NIClK RlClC0NS End Tackle Tackle 1 Men, Coach Arnold Stahl says during half time of a S crucial Vermillion Valley Conference game, We ve lust got to win this game' The Forrest-Strawn-Wing Eskimos completed successfully their 1957 football campaign, win- ning five of nine games and tying for second place in the Vermillion Valley Conference race. The Eskimos opened their campaign against Saunemin, a highly rated club. With the touch- downs of David Forney, Joe Steidinger, and Dan Ringler, the Eskimos downed the Eagles l9-7. Piper City proved to be an easy victim as the Es- kimos downed them 27-6. Dan Ringler scored two touchdowns and one extra point, while Keith Rie- ger made a kick of 80 yards. Kempton also was overwhelmed by the Eskimos 31-0 as Gordon Hon- egger, senior guard, played a good defensive game and scored on a beautiful 67-yard run. ln the home- coming game FSW blanked Cullom l2-0. An attack of Asian Flu almost stopped the Eskimos cold as they went down to their first de- feat l2-0 against their old rivals from Chenoa. The Eskimos had several good chances to score but just couldn't get clicking. Onarga Military School, a formidable foe, was behind l4-l3 at half time but couldn't stay in the game as the Eskimos scored three touch- downs in the final half. Keith Rieger, keeping to a ground game, scored 20 points to lead the Es- kimos in that department. Onarga Community downed the Eskimos in Onarga's homecoming 27-0. The Eskimos, playing a poor first halt, held the Indians to iust six points the second half. Undefeated Fairbury came to Forrest and led 26-7 at one time in the game, but the fighting Eskimos made a great comeback by scoring two quick touchdowns. However the gun ended the game 26-l9 in favor of Fairbury. FSW wound up their season at Chatsworth, where a blocked punt broke a tight game and pro- vided Chatsworth's winning touchdown, 7-0. Nine seniors line up before their last home game with Fairbury. They are: Gordon Honegger, guard, Robert Knapp, center, David Crouch, guard, Coach Arnold Stahl, Dan Ringler, haltback, Jack Moore, tackle, " David Farney,end, Gene Metz, tackle, Gary Brauman, tackle, and Captain Keith Rieger, 7 3 X quarterback. X Gordon Honegger, Keith Rieger, and Dan Ringler each received a berth on the Vermilion Valley Conference All Star Team and received honorable mention on the all- state team. All of the seniors held starting posi- tions and six of the nine have lettered for three years or more. They are Keith Rieger, Gordon Honegger, Robert Knapp, David Crouch, Dan Ringler, and Jack Moore. Dan Ringler starts out on a 30-yard touchdown against Cullom stops Dan Ringler after a long gain. OMS. :QAM FRONT ROW Coach Arnold Stahl, Leon Follmer, David Crouch, Bob Knapp, Gordon Honegger, Gene Metz, Manager Ken Kausner SECOND ROW Jr m Starks, David Farney, Dan Ringler, Keith Rieger, Sam Terrell, Joe Steidinger, Jack Honeg ger THIRD ROW Don Brewer, Gordon Johnson, Gary Brauman, Jack Moore, Alan Metz, Bill Decker, Jerry Bracken C l ford Kmate, Nick Ricketts, Rodger Dozier FOURTH ROW Don Tornowskr, Larry Maurer, Doug Forney, Bob Gillespie, Harry Sohn, Tom Gardner, John Spencer, Bob Roth, Wayne Ricketts, Jon Merritt, Jerry Bvchtold, and James Honegger. 58 HB5 , fx 1" K j ' gr Q 1x::':'lr 'Bl x f ' f Z-V its Fl - x' A ' j I Q N BQ " N ww . A f f, . - H . , ' nf' ,Y ' QQFI- 'Q' - 'KM A 'ET ' 'ff . Q ru' b imp vi.. David Thorp Manager Ch uck Merritt Forward Leon Follmer Center Danny Ringler Guard With high hopes, the fourth ranked Eskimos entered the Fairbury regional supporting a 22 and 5 record. ln order to gain the championship, the Eskimos had to down a strong Lexington team and defeat the top ranked team, Normal Community. Lexington played a good floor game but couldn't keep up with the Eskimos as the game ended 73 to 56 in favor of FSW. The semi-final game with Normal proved to be interesting in more ways than one. Normal's scor- ing ace Bill Kirby was matched against FSW's counterpart, Keith Rieger. After an exciting and hard fought game, the scoreboard showed FSW in the lead by 9 Captain Keith Rieger Guard Eslcimos Advance To Jack Honegger Center 60 Eugene Bachtold Center Finals In Regional David Farney Forward Coach Arnold Stahl Alan Metz Guard Joe Steidinger Forward Gene Metz Forward a score of66 to 6l, and the scorebooks showed that Keith Rieger had 25 points to Bill Kirby's l2. Tension was at fever pitch as the referee's whistle sounded starting the championship game with FSW's next door neighbor, Fairbury. The game remained close all the way, and after o hard fought first half, the Eskimos led 35 to 34 at halftime, however, as the paints for both teams kept rolling up in the second half, Foirbury cap- italized on o few bad breaks by the Eskimos andthe game ended with Fair- bury the regional champs bya score of 69 to 66. ai Joe Steidinger rebounds against terrific odds in Normal Regional game. 62 ESKIMOS ACHIEVE BEST Despite pre-season As usual the Forrest-Strawn-Wing Eskimos started the season with ability but a definite lack of height. Despite this lack, the Eskimos posted a 24 to 6 season record, won the con- ference and the conference tournament, gained second in the Dwight Holiday Tournament and were runners-up in the Regional. This gives evidence ofa highly successful season. ln the first game of the season the Eskimos ran into the height problem and lost to Gibson City in the final seconds, 57 to 55. The FSW quintet then finished their remaining games in i957 with six straight victories. They subdued Chenoa easily 73 to 37 and then stepped past Onarga, a tough conference foe, 48 to 42. Chatsworth proved easy to a hot-shooting Eskimo band as the Bluebirds lost 79 to 44. Piper City fell in the next game 62 to 4l. l.exington's always tough Minutemen were defeated 63 to 61 and Cullom, another con- ference standout, lost 67 to 60. After the holidays the Eskimos tuned up for the V.V. Conference Tournament with a 58 to 40 win over EI Paso and then were sent to their third defeat at the hands of Fairbury 84 to 76. The Tartars had previously defeated FSW in the holiday tournament championship game. Eskimos' cheerleaders Carol Waibel, June Birkner, Jan Craig, and Linda Rieger share credit fora winning season. SEASON IN RECENT YEARS predictions, post 24-6 record After winning the conference tournament, the Eskimos tackled the task of winning the conference. Roberts-Thawville fell 62 to 54 and was followed by Kempton 72 to 50 and Melvin-Sibley 71 to 53. A never-say-die Eskimo band came from behind to defeat Morris 65 to 58 in the next game. Then four straight foes were easy vic- tims. Octavia lost 79 to 6l, Saunemin suc- cumbed 79 to 49, Chenoa was snowed under 71 to 46, and Onarga Military School fell 64 to 46. Finishing the season with three of the toughest teams in the area, the Eskimos won only one but gained valuable experience. Pontiac caught them on one of their few bad nights but had to hold on for dear life as the FSW five came from 13 points behind only to lose 63 to 60. A tall, talented Rantoul team squeezed by the Eskimos 65 to 64 on a last second shot. FSW then gained revenge for two earlier defeats at the hands of Fairbury by defeating the Tartars 63 to 62. This completed one of the best regular seasons in FSW's history. Six seniors bade farewell to high school basketball. They were Keith Rieger, Eugene Bachtold, Chuck Merritt, Danny Ringler, Gene Metz, and David Forney. 'E bl Keith Rieger attempts shot against Fairbury in champion ship game ofthe Regional tournament. "B" Team posts I4 - 7 record despite tough schedule The Forrest-Strawn-Wing High School "B" team scored an impressive l4-7 record this sea- son while playing one of the toughest schedules in the area. ln the seven games played before the holi- days, the "Juniors" won four and lost three while gaining much needed experience. They lost to Gibson 49,l8, won from Chenoa 37-28, lost to Onarga 35-34, defeated Chatsworth 3l-22, plas- tered Piper 46-27, were defeated by Lexington 46-35, and subdued Cullom 44-3l. After the holidays the "B" team started right by winning three straight games. They de- feated EI Paso 32-30, Fairbury 40-35,and Roberts 3l-29. They then lost two of the next three games. Kempton defeated them 36-34, but Melvin was downed 47-45. Morris then defeated the "B's" 50-4l. They then showed good talent by winning four straight. Octavia fell 52-50, Saunemin 55-34, Chenoa 3l-26, and OMS 55-23. Eskimo defense proves to be strong as Joe Keeley ties up ball with Chenoa. ln the last three games of the regular season the second team lost to Pontiac 5l-40, won from Rantoul 46-38, and defeated Fairbury 46-37. The Freshmen-Sophomore team competed in the Paxton Frosh-Soph Tournament but were de- feated in the first game by Rantoul 52-49. This was an highly successful season and raises the hopes of FSW followers for futureyears. FRONT ROW: Coach Arnold Stahl, John Merritt, Joe Keeley, Clifford Kinate, James Gulliford, and Robert Roth. SEC OND ROW: Robert Gillespie, Wayne Ricketts, Jerry Bachtold, Douglas Forney, Steve Rieger, and Manager David Thorpe ,-""'S- - if A . T .-A 1 , 5" .3 2,2 Dan Ringler, FSW's top point getter, reaCl'lBS 0 9005 Keith Rieger demonstrates the form that made him one of distance in the broad iump. the conference's top pole vuulters. The Five Point-Producers This year the Forrest-Strawm Wing track team was "always a bridesmaid and never a bride." ln seven track meets, the Eskimos gained six second place finishes. Among these seconds was a second place finish in the Vermillion Valle Conference Meet at Onarga. 'Fo start the season, theteam scored 48W points and placed second in a triangular meet with Cullom and Piper City, Cullom won first with 68 points, while Piper was third with 33 314. At their next track meet the FSW thinlies had an off day and placed third behind Chatsworth and Onarga Military. Chatsworth won with 66M points, OMS had 42 3f4, and FSW finished with 38 314. The Eskimos got back into their bridesmaid role by gaining another second in a triangular meet with Chatsworth and Saunemin. The score was Chatsworth 65, FSW 52, and Saunemin 3'l. The team then traveled to Watseka for a night track meet with Watseka and Gibson City, Watseka wasfirstwith 81 'lf3points, FSW was again second with 40 V3, and Gibson had 18 V3. The FSW track squad then iourneyed to Colfax for a triangular meet with Sangamon Valley powers Leon Follmerthrillsthe Eskimos fans as he breaks the V.V. Conference 880 record. Octavia and Heyworth, where FSW squeaked offwith another second by nudging Octavia 36 to 35W. However, Heyworth won with 76M points. ln the final triangular meet of the season, the Eskimos gained another second with 542 points. Chatsworth won with 642 and Roberts-Thawville had 29. At the Vermillion Valley Con- ference Meet, the track squad ex- ceeded all expectations and finished a strong second to Chatsworth. The Eskimos scored 44 points to Chats- worth's 60. Leon Follmer, winner of one of the two FSW firsts, set a new conference record in the 880 yard run. Danny Ringler gained the other first by copping the broad iump. FSW's chief point producers were Danny Ringl er with 53 3f4, Joe Steidinger 53 lfl2, Keith Rieger 49M, Leon Follmer 49, and Chuck Merritt 23M. With no individual stars, the Eskimos showed good depth by plac- ing second, third, and fourth in many events. The season was highly suc- cessful and marked the end of the high school athletic careersof Keith Rieger, Danny Ringler, Chuck Mer- ritt, and Gordon Honegger. Chuck Merritt runs the high hurdles, during practice, to Joe Steidinger clears 5'5" easily in practice. sharpen up for the V.V. Conference Meet. Sophomore Wayne Ricketts completes last lap of the mile with 8058. Underclassmen show promise With the outstanding ability demonstrated by many of the freshmen and sophomores during the '58 track season, FSW can look forward to a prom- ising track future. The freshmen showed speed and balance in the Vermillion Valley Conference meet when they placed second in the 440 yard relay, moreover, Jack Honegger, a freshman, also made a fine show- ing by winning fourth place in the discus. Although no sophomores places in the regular conference meet, dashmen Rodger Dozier, Jerry Bachtold, and Bobby Gillespie, along with miler Wayne Ricketts and weight man Clifford Kinate, helped the Eskimos'cause in the triangular meets. Ending the '57-'58 sports season, the fresh- men-sophomores gained a creditable third in the Freshman-Sophomore Conference meet. Practice proves an asset to Jack Honegger before the F-S Meet. 5 v Joe Keeley and Jon Merritt have a fast exchange while practicing the 440 relay. FRONT ROW: David Thorp, Dan Ringler, Jon Merritt, Gordon Honegger, Bob Gillespie, Rodger Dozier, John Spencer, and Alan Metz. SECOND ROW: Joe Keeley, Keith Rieger, Jim Gulliford, Jack Honegger, Joe Steidinger, Leon Follmer, Chuck Merritt, Frank Peterson, Wayne Ricketts, Jerry Bachtold, and Coach Arnold Stahl. '-sn 5 fsfl -we 'vc 'Qui A lllggrlt 1 L... 1!5EQI2l!H' GRADE SCHOOL Time brought no change so needed nor so important as the one suggested by this picture. Moving day, when the ele- mentary grades were transferred from the old building, which they shared with the high school, to their tine new modern "Meadowbrook" school, meant many changes, not only to the grades but to the high school which was then given room to expand. The Forrest Grade School not only had the new school, but also some new students as the Wing seventh and eighth grades were moved into Forrest. Wing had a new multi-purpose room which gave the students a place to play when the weather was bad and also provided a place to have P.E. and their Christmas play. But times do change and more continually." Edmund Spenser . ,egg-n 1 ,. A049 VIS 1--4 69 ,f f , , , if-w X ,J-fx 70 Grade Faculty Cyril Allen, A.B. Meadowbrook Grade School Principal Vera Gullberg Strawn Grade School Prlnclpal Richard Hanna A B Wing Grade School Prlncupal Audrey Honegger Forrest Farst Grade Wanda Jacobs Forrest Second Grade Fern West Forrest Third Grade Bernice Metz Forrest Fourth Grade Erma Veatch Forrest Fufth Grade Mlldred Knauer Forrest Fnfth Grade Elizabeth Leenerman Forrest Suxth Grade Ellzabeth Hoke Forrest Seventh Grade Harry Sabin Forrest Elghth Grade Hornet Meenen Wang Fnrst, Second Grades Helen Brown Wang Third, Fourth, Fufth Grades Odette Singer Strawn First, Second Grades Mabyl Mehrkens Strawn Thnrd, Fourth Grades Helena Franey Strawn Fufth, Suxth Grades Catherlne Kurtenbach Strawn Seventh, Enghth Grades 'U ..:-f. , . . .. of 4 ,M T"TA" 'LS' -, T T A ,Suv-vs-.. "TQ T., - '. . , I., .li .... A 4 I 'X , s-il.. Z 'IK .A ,,,,, . ..,, , , K fry,-K . I,-fnflv 'i?'f?ff"'T1Z'P'q-' rfjfiff' -' ' - ,.'Qf-fgYfW3'f"'.' ' '--- V , A M, ' - ' . ' ' - ' . ga-a'i..'t.?f. 5' '-"JH "s - ' - Forresfs New Meadowbrook Grade School Clossroom Scenes From The Three Elementory Schools FIRST GRADE Forresf Furs? Row Bully Clark, Mary Ann Vaughn, Johnny Stoller, Lunda Anderson, Jane Honegger, Duane Rleger, Kay Emberton, Wlnce, Becky Terrell Jnmmue Maplefhorpe, Sieve Luffrell, Terry Falwell, Mulxe Endres Tlurd Row Miss Carolyn Metz, Terry Kammermon, Wally Mowery, Eddne Walker, Barry Koehl, Rodney Znmmerman, Barry Smoclz, Debby Jo Honeg ger, Johnny Davus, Mary Zorn 7l John Yoder, Ronald McWhorter, Danny Garrels. Second Row: Paul Amsfutz, Cindy Stiedinger, Earl Baker, Billy Joe I ' : . N SECOND GRADE, Forrest First Row: Gregory Stoller, John Ambrose, John Amstutz, Lloyd Stehle, Suzanne Bailey, Diane Culkin. Second Row: Mrs. Wanda Jacobs, Mary Ann Gaston, James Emberton, Bernice Bachtold, Curtis Zimmerman, Thomas Sims, Pamela Thiel. Third Row: Dennis Vaughn, Victoria Fellers, Linda Weakman, Mary Beth Rieger, Randy Wait, Frank Mydler, Richard Vaughn, Randall Dempsey. Absent: Kathleen Jackson, Deborah Newtson, Roger Haab, Jean Ricketts, Sandra Bachman, Valery Sanders. ln the spring art work has an especial appeal for Miss West's third graders. THIRD GRADE, Forrest First Row' Joyce Mydler, Katherine Gordon, Pauline Gordon, Roderick Kammermon, Diana Stewart, Michael Leeper, John Schaffer, Carl Arkema Second Row Darlene Gurrels, Jacquelyn Kinate, Lynn Schmidt, Kathleen Shaddle, Linda Jones, Susan Popegoy, Sharon Flessner, Kathy Ann Godfrey Third Row Miss Fern West, Marsha Seegmuller, Stephn Anderson, Michael Smith Gary Martin, Jon Beran, Ronald Ryan, Donna Smack, Patricia Roth, Eric King Fourth Row Barbara Honegger David Baker, Melinda McMinn, William Endres, Jerry Austman, Kent Kammermon Absent Tommy Dozier, Deborah ack, Ella Mae Sanders i"""x. . Z - : MQW, .W ,.W.....,,,W, Q .,...A.., 9' E , ' x 1,4 1..............r 'Ni' A0 ,Q mx 1521 A' ..., 'ff al- f 5223? , . ., 5- Ev-Y -I x Yaqz. lf: 'QR ...N T tl 444,13 Q-. 1 1 A" by 12 we 1 l fxA . f liqgaf yxg, ,. xii- ,uhhh nfulul' 1 ' x 5 . . Z , Q ggnfu--' mix,-CM M A I ,E . IWWWM , it Q ' W b ., N39 , P f xg: ,ff - if " Q -N ,. QL- E I 'B-,,.,' .-. fn y 4 o . 1 -t A 4.4 5 ' -4 iQ4gp lL 'Q ' Q-fv .W w I f 1 hs., of "W: ,N vw , A vf., '33 3 X, Q ,QQ-Pg , I Www? U" 'fjf"f,,agp-U" I ,M fx? 17 1' FIFTH GRADE Forrest Fnrst Row Mlc ael Brady, Patrucna Huston, Jdnet Thorp, Tom Folwell John Kommerman, Jackne Ann Rnghter Duane Luttrell Second Row Mrs Knauer, Dale Zn mmerman, Judy Davud Sylvua Schmudtgall, Deborah Waters, Donna mnett Ann Endres, Davnd Merrntt Third Row Shirley Kachelmuss, Jon Kmote, Darlene Gordon, Nelson Nussbaum, Eruc Bach, Drone Honegger, Gall Sue Barber ln the fnfth and sixth grades, as theur sub lect matter broadens, students began to use reference books At the left Tommy Crouch and David White are lookmg for mformatuon on the ln dnans of South America Judy Smnth and Mar lene Rlcketts are pleased by the nnformatlon they have found on the Aztecs SIXTH GRADE Forrest First Row Cheryl Masters, Marlene Ricketts, Tom Crouch, Larry Want, Judy Smuth, Jnmmy Vaughn, Larry Whnte Duck kung Sedond Row Mrs Eluzabeth Leenerman, Douglas Stewart, Alrce Hodgson, Teresa Austman, Gordon Kmate, James Traub, Jull McLoughlin, Diana Van Ormer Thnrd Row Bonme Beckhoff, Patsy Popegoy, June Rneger, Jane Rleger, Curtis Huette, Donna Fellers Patncna Weakman Absent Rachel Bryant, Conme Hack 74 4,1321 ' ft 1 N 1' A U, 'l TV 3 K x . x , A M ,TW VR 6-sf - el ' f - J . W W, 'J 1. 7' fl N .. l xSP' f X ,D . : . ' ' " ' 5' , I . ' Q . . ' ': . . if SEVENTH GRADE Forrest Fvrst Row Jlmmy Stephens John Platner Davnd Muller, Shrrley Koehl, Ruth Jupun, Ruby Schmldtgal, Gayle Martin, Joan Brady Helen Schaffer, Richard Brown Second Row Mrs Elizabeth Hake, Helen Stork, Tom Snyder, Duane Kam merman, La Beth Metz Mary Nagel Larry Garrels, Barbara Tyler, Sherry Mar tm, Ricky Wmce, Gary Haab Thnrd Row Marlene Bach, Kathy Haab, Joyce Barber Peggy Metz, Wayne Metz, Donald Fehr, Ricky Synder, Vickie Sue Metz, Floyd Lanmng Fourth Row Robert Rlcketts, Larry Ryan, Wllllam Clause, Yvonne Folwell, Jamce Bachtold, Vuckle Tornow sky Absent Shurley Goad, Betty Dozuer Bonme Knott During the seventh and eughth grades at Forrest, students begun their study of world hrstory, which wlll prepare them for a good start ln hugh school ln the picture at the left Bobby Peterson, Bobby Hoke, and Janet Brown poant out caprtals of our foreign neighbors while Lynn Kmate and Jerry Endres check them for accuracy The new school classrooms at Mead owbrook are well equipped wuth maps, globes, and other equipment oddnng to the convenience of teaching world hlstory and the economlc condutlons ofthe world EIGHTH GRADE Forrest Fnrst Row Emma Schmndtgal, Susan Gardner, Mary Clause, Dianne Waters, Janet Brown, John Vaughn, Gary Luttrell Duane Nussbaum Second Row Robert Peterson, Connue Day, Harold Stoller, Jerry Endres, Robert Hake, Bully Haab, Janlce Fellers Verna Bachtold Third Row Gene Mussleman, Elrzabeth Coyne, Allce Steldmger, Lynn Kmate Nancy K0Cl"elm'-155: WY Rmkelfsr Phyllns Sharp, Lmda Davis Absent Mr Harry W Sabm, Leng Bracken 75 Swjg-' f ' 'We ip f- c 1 4, L .4 w L J 1 A, , I : I I , . : . - ' I r . . I : ' . . : - . I . . I . 0 . . . ,4 I , In . . . . . 1 An: V . -- :ai . W . . - lx ' 'f . . X . , f 1 I ff-Tiff., I.. rr' ,ff 2, if lK?'l I ' I ' . : ' ' N, I . 1 : g A I . : , , ' . .-. 4..- Hb fm., -24, 9,4 Q N K X I ,..-4-o ............--f- IIIITITS' lllfllll St rawn Grade School FIRST GRADE Strawn Front Row Jay Zimmerman, Mark Maurer, Peggy Goembel, Randy Yoder, Bobby Blau, Rosemary Lehmann Second Row Mrs Odette Singer, Steven Lunde, Dennis Freehlll Rocky Rlnkenberger, Jean Marlm, Bobby Schaffer, Warren Koehl TmrdRRow Stephen Davis, Arthur Mueller, Donald Rmgler, Dale Bittner, Ricky Knauer, Davnd Ferguson Absent M tl Cl leger. Q7 'un' 76 ' ', Q V . ' " W -h - , ., . . -V . I . , ,r - ..-' -' ' -' - L1 ., .N J, T W A Q R ,, 7,4 . ,I :D A. A S f ' ' ..--f s - , .' , ' ' .., M - ,, , .. ' , A b . , -..,-. , , . A ,- X , .-I Y , -r , - E 'I ry., 1 . J' E.-.F ...NN V y ' .. . ,' ,.,, , . I I v t. . N . , , -. . -4 My we - Q.: lk ' ' ' I gf .X , ," R 'ts'- N. iq ex. '-tfi .-'xq . 0 mx '.- 3" 1 '. 4. fx. N' 'y'f f"4,g-.. Q g. .-st. Q K .,,.. . A 1' 'Alu-,.--v '. J... 4-. Z . rv l - 1-.. r Q. ins, f, .1 1 . - A . M .. . A.. , . . J-',,n , U . X ., . ' s , .' ' A .Q -I ly.. j . .- 1 -f ' - A- - , . ' - 5" , 1 . ' 1 X - I ,xl ' n F . . 'in 1' ' ,,. ll ff O. 4 , ff , 7-,,,..... I : ' ' . I . . . . I . . . : ' . : a- Q1 Q- SECOND GRADE, Strawn Front Row: Linda Pratt, Jay Davis, William Roth, Dennis Davis, Dennis Rieger, Charles Mueller, Steve Zimmerman. Second Row: Marilee Davis, Diana Leman, Cheryl Davis, Jerry Freehill, Marsha Koehl, Beverly Walters Verna Honeg- ger. Third Row: Rhoda Lehmann, Susan Benway, Helen Convis, Mrs. Mehrlcens, Terry Bittner, Carol Davis, Patricia Starks. S - ' '4 , . A A second grade reading class recites under the observa- Miss Gullberg's pupils love to read and really enioy the tion of Mrs. Mehrkens, the teacher. use of the library. THIRD ancl FOURTH GRADES, Strawn Front Row! Susan Dozier, Donald Ferguson, Nancy Mueller, Allen Roth, Bobby Decker, Ronald Koehl, John Fairly, Margie Ringler. Second Row: Linda Hartman, Eddie Kemp, Betty Wier, Cynthia Davis, Shirley Kuntz, George Ringler, Carol Forney. Third Row: Wilman Davis, Stephen Knauer, Dale Leman, Billy Kemnetz, Karen Leman, Neil Knauer, Jerry Fairley. Absent: Mary Rieger. Wung Grade Bulldlng FIRST and SECOND GRADES Wnng Front Row Allan Kamrath, Harold Bach, Don Harms Terry Mann Pam Crews, Daryl Anlulcer, Rnchard Malcom Second Row Deborah Harms, Gary Brown, Mary Ann Rach, Keith Tyler Dale Haab Elsa Stoller, Rack Harms Thnrd Row Mrs Meenen, Gary Babbs, Robert Sanders, Sue Wenger Richard Sanders, Melanie Stephens, Betty Jean Engelbrecht, Harlan Harrell Not Puctured, Llndc Meredith 79 , . I . : , , ' ' . : ' ' , , ' . ' : . . - 1 I ' ' . . ,..-4-" Watt Nakamaru of Honeggers demonstrates some ol the work of the hatchery to Mrs Honegger s flrst graders Leading actlvltles of the grade school center around the Christmas season, but unaddntuon grade schoolers take part In numerous class actlvltues When they enter first grade their prog ects most frequently Involve handlwork but may also Include field trlps and musuccl programs As they progress through the grades the held of their actlvutaes expands brungmg In sports, cheerleading art band and chorus All of these are educatnonal unthenrways, either addung to the knowledge or to the social pol se ot those lnvolved Another actnvuty not entnrely edu catlonal but nevertheless very useful and necessary IS helping wlth the hot lunch program St ll another IS he vltal work of the school patrol boys Actlvltles supplement studies In the three grade schools Susan Gardner, Connie Day, Mary Ricketts, and Janet Brown work regularly at the Meadowbrook hot lunch room JM 81 From pue plates to Chrvstmas decorations not hard forthese prlmary students to vlsualnze R I . ' s ' . . . . -- . , lu Q . - K , 1 fo, 1 I , , - I ' Q ' ' . . . . . , , Q 0 - - 0 - M. , - V -. 0 ,... e-' , 0 f'-' e ' . ,Y 1 ,,, - Q . . . - 3 ' s . a 'X ., - 1 A A 4' . . . I x . l l ... l ' I . n , . . . 0 l n g g ' ' is 7 t ci lk ab ggi? 1 fi? f Q Q2 4 S -3 - ?,f1..-,- -Qf FORREST GIRLS CHORUS FRONT ROW Shrrley Koehl, Mary Clouse Susan Gardner, Ellsvbeth Coyne. Duane mann, Wllma Emma Bach, Waters, Llnda Davls, Alrce Hodgson, Ruth Jupnn Joan Brady SECOND ROW Ruby Schmldtgall Duane Kammer Tom Snyder, Allce Steudmger, Barbara Tyler, T eresa Austman, Phyllis Sharp, Mary Lou Nagle, Sherry Martnn, Stork THIRD ROW Janet Brown, Peggy Metz, Jane Rleger, Dianna Van Ormer Gayle Martin, .lull McLoughlin, Schmldtgall, June Rleger, Helen Shaffer, Joyce Barber FOURTH ROW Mrs Cummnns, Cheryl Masters, Marlene Judy Smith Patrlcla Weakman, Patsy Popeloy, Donna Fellers, Kathy Haab, Vnckn Metz, Bonnue Beckoff, Marlene Ricketts FIFTH ROW Mary Ricketts, LaBeth Metz, Vncky Tornoskl, Yvonne Falwell, VCYHG B0Cl'1fOld Connie Day, Janlce Fellers, Janice Bachtold Nancy Kachlemuss, Lynne Kunate Mrs Gnesemer gnves the kindergarten pupils a lesson ln palntlng pictures 83 ' -ff .X . . r H l Y 1 I Junior Eskimos demonstrate zone defense. Forrest Junior Eskimos Seuson's Summary Forrest's lightweight basketball team ended the cage season with a very fine l5-3 record and second place in the State Lightweight Tourn- ament. The Junior Eskimos defeated Chenoa, Newman, and Belleview to reach the finals. ln the championship gflme, an aggressive Forrest team battled hard but was defeated, 29-27. The Junior Eskimos, who were trailing Carmi by 8 points with less than a minute re- maining, battled back but fell shy by 2 points. The first game was also a thril- ler with Forrest beating Newman 36- 34 in an overtime. The Junior Eski- mos got a break in the second game by easily defeating Chenoa' 38-20. Belleview became the third victim 43-30. The Heavyweights ended with only a 3-9 record as the team actually was composed chietlyofLightweights. Winners and FRONT ROW Gene Musselman, Jimmy Stevens, Bobby Ricketts, Bobby Leterson, Gordon Kinate, Larry Ryan, Ricky Wince, Johnny Plattner. SECOND ROW: Gary Luttrel, manager, Bill Haab, manager, Jim Traub, Duane Nussbaum, Wayne Metz, Douglas Stewart, Rickie Snyder, David Miller, manager, Richard Brown, manager. THIRD ROW: James Vaughan, Jerry Wince, Roger Huette, Gary Haab, Curtis Huette, Roger Bohanan, Ricky Bach, Larry Wait, Tommy Crouch. CHEER- LEADERS Vickie Metz, Connie Day, Sherry Martin. uv rv " FRONT ROW: Steve Hallam, James Ringler, Maurice Ringler, Duane Martin, Charles Goembel, Richard Bachtold. SECOND ROW: Marsha Davis, Bonnie Ellis, Ray Pondel, Irvin Higginson, manager, Paul Lanz, Karen Lehmann, Joan Honegger. THIRD ROW: Terry Kuntz, Gerald Farney, Charles Forney, John Moore, Billy Martin. Champions I 0 Season s Summary Strawn Blueblrds The Strawn Bluebirdg, qggin bleg- Bluebirds' rebounding practice paid off by helping to get them to the finals sed with height, romped through 0 of 'wo loumomems' ten-game winning streak before being defeated in the Livingston County Tournament finals by a taller Pontiac Central team, 44-40. Strawn then went on undefeated until the championship game of the sectional where they were downed by a hot shooting Paxton quintet 43-38. The X Bluebirds advanced in the sectional Rl Cl by defeating Gibson City, Fairbury, and tourney-favorite, Mahomet. The lightweights had a mediocre season winning 6 out of 14 games. However, they did win a game in the sectional enabling them to gain fourth place. Strawn will be hurt next year be- cause the starting five Maurice Ring- ler, Duane Martin, Charles Goembel, and Richard Bachtold will all graduate. 3' fi if 452, x QL IH 'M 3' 1 X' ?'?' E55?!f W 1 M UQ' if i 5: A! ' x 7 5 2 g kgefm g Hgjktf F A 41 ng, A I X 4 J, I ' ai Q Sf Ki' :M -Ja ai EF? 5 ,M 1 m 1 44' 4- W. kh- ld K Sr ,,., '41 'E 51' Q' All naw' - -ww.. ,W M.. f-- :-- - i "v App-4 , A. . X 1 1 Q, ,. . 'fiwfff Ml ., Q RW ,DMZ v 1 9 SX' ., 7 A - 1 i ' 1' x if -if .Z .V .1 f 1 f Nl' A -A ' V 2? 5 1:- f ? 4, 34 I, Johnny Moore completes brood jump as fellow trackmen look on. Rieger, Bcchtold, Moore, and Martin line up for 50-yard dash. Duane Martin, who placed in three events in both the county and the district, prepares to heave the discus. Spring sports at Strawn include truck and softball Softball ns always Important on the sprung scene at Strawn 1? 88 Anderson, Connie Anderson, Lynn 43 Anliker Beverly Anliker Earlene Bach Gaylon 18 Bachtold David Bachtold Eugene Bochtold, Jerry Bachtolcl Mildred Bachtold, Sharon Boker Della Baylous, Marsha 27 36 40 18 32 40 42 46 48 50 92 23 46 27 36 40 57 32 35 36 37 42 44 46 92 18 32 37 6 49 6164 6 37 39 67 27 34 37 40 41 1832 34 36 4041 3 36 40 41 34 49 Goernbel, Magdalene 24 37 Gullltord James Head Mary Beth Hirstem, Mary Hlavas, Andrea Hodgson, Carol Hodgson, Loren Honegger, Brenda Honegger, Gordon 27 30 37 39 24 30 37 40 41 42 45 26 36 40 41 48 51 24 35 36 37 19 32 40 42 43 46 92 10 20 32 38 26 36 37 40 41 20 32 35 43 44 46 51 67 Masters Kay Maurer, Larry 27 37 38 49 McNutt, Janice 24 30 36 40 41 45 51 Meenen, Mae 27 35 36 37 41 Mbflflbld, Marlene 27 35 36 37 41 Merritt Charles 20 32 37 43 44 50 60 64 66 67 92 Merritt, Jon 27 37 67 Metz, Alla 24 45 46 61 64 Metz, Arthur 24 34 42 46 48 Metz, Bonnie 26 36 40 41 42 46 92 32 37 43 61 64 38 Metz G ne Bryant Raymond 27 37 39 Johnson, Gordon 24 30 37 45 Kaisner Kenneth 26 35 39 Coyne Clarene 23 36 Rieger Steve Beal John 19 32 35 37 38 Benway, Donna 2 37 40 Beran David 13 23 34 37 45 46 49 Bvrkner, June 23 34 37 40 41 Bowen, George 19 32 34 Bracken, Jerr 23 64 Brauman Gary 19 32 38 Brauman Lynne 26 35 36 40 41 46 Brewer, Donald 23 38 Brown Julia 13 26 34 40 41 Brown Marlorie 26 34 36 40 Bryant, Shirley 23 36 40 Caughey, Robert 19 30 31 32 37 43 44 46 49 50 Clause Margaret 23 35 37 Craig, Jan 19 32 36 41 44 Crouch David - 19 32 37 39 42 44 50 Crump James - Cunningham Suellen - 36 35 Honegger Jack 27 37 60 64 Honegger, James 26 35 46 50 Honegger, Janice 13 27 34 36 37 41 Honegger Lloyd 24 30 34 37 42 45 46 50 Honegger Nancy 20 31 32 40 43 44 46 48 51 92 Honegger, Sam Horlne, Beverly 27 36 37 40 Horine, Mary Alice 27 34 36 Hurt, Jeanne 26 36 40 41 lfft Wayne 27 37 38 46 50 Johnson, Karla Jupin, JoAnn 27 36 Kacheimuss, Carol 27 36 40 Kaisner, Janet 20 32 36 40 41 42 92 Kaisner, Larry - Kaisner, Lou Ida - 27 36 37 40 41 27 37 51 67 Keeley, Roseann - 24 36 40 41 45 Keeley Joe - Miller Anne 35 37 40 41 Miller ane 13 26 34 36 37 Monahan Mary 40 41 2132 34 36 40 41 42 44 92 Moore Jack Moore Ronald Oyer Larry Peterson Frank Peterson, Shirley Rasmussen Barry Reed, Roger 32 35 37 42 44 51 92 32 37 38 27 37 48 24 67 13 22 32 34 36 26 34 Ricketts James 26 34 39 Ricketts Wayne 26 37 38 67 Rieger, Keith 42 43 44 46 51 Rueger, Linda 22 30 3132 37 6063 64666792 26 37 40 41 27 38 L"""i"9' ROY ' Terrell 56111 , - Fehr, Eunice - Day, Toby - Decker, William - Dozier Rodger - Ebach, Maribeth - Edwards Mary - 26 37 39 10 23 38 37 39 67 26 36 40 41 26 40 Edwards, Sandra -27 37 40 41 Ellis Beverly - Fairley Roger - Farney, David - Forney Dianna - Forney, Dougla Forney, James - Forney Patricia Farney Roger - Fellers Shirley - Follmer, Leon - Franklin David - Franklin, Dennis - 23 35 36 40 4148 51 27 48 19 32 37 39 43 61 27 34 27 35 37 26,37 4 19,30,32,4 1 1 24 45,60 6 ,3 26,34,39,50 Gardner, Thomas - 26,37, Gillespie, Robert Goembel, Carol - - 37,39,67 19,32, 36,44 46 King, Diana - Kinate, Clifford - Knapp, Ramona - 27 36 40 41 10 26 35 26 36 37 40 Ringler, Daniel 22 32 34 37 43 44 5160 64 66 67 92 Ringler, Doris - 25 35 36 40 Rinkenburger Barbara -27 37 40 51 Rinkenburger, Jack 22 32 38 Roth Robert - 26 30 38 48 69 Sanders, Albert - 22 43 41 42 46 92 Knapp Robert - 20 32 39 43 44 50 Knauer, Joy - 13 26 34 3 0 Koehl, Dennis - 27 38 49 Kuntz, Celia - 20 32 36 40 43 Kuntz, Helen -26 35 36 40 46 50 Kuntz, Joyce - 27 36 40 Kuntz, Mary - 20 32 36 40 43 Kyburz Marilyn - 20 32 35 36 40 43 Schmidt, Barbara Schmidt, Marilyn Schrof Vernon - Shive, Beverly - Sohn Harry - Spencer, John - Starks, Donna - - 22 32 37 40 41 27 36 40 51 27 48 22 32 36 40 41 44 26 30 38 64 25 67 22 31 32 Starks, James - 25 34 37 45 Steidinger Joseph - 25 61 62 Stark Wayne - 64 66 67 Lanz, Elmer - 24,38 Lindenbaum Jane - 20,32,35 36,37 41,44 Lindsey, Betty Jo - 26,30,34 36 37,40,42,92 Lindsey, Hinda - 24 34 36,40 41,42,45 Luttrell, Larry - Martin Jean Ann - 26,35,37 40,41,46,92 Masters, Joy - 27,36,40,41 89 Thorp David - 27,39,60,67 Taoley, Jerry -27,37,38,48,49 Tooley, Pauline Waibel Carol - Walker, Ronald - Wallace, Nancy - 40,41, White, Marlene - Whitfill, Larry - 25,37,4O 41 26,37 40,62 27,37,39,51 22,32,36,37 44,47,48,51 26,37,39 I ' 1 1 'I ' ' - - 1 1 1 40 - ' I I I . 1 1 1 1 I 1 ' 1 1 167 - I I I 1 ' 1 ' ' I , - , , , I ' ' 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 - ' ' , ' - I ' I21 ' - - , f f ' 1 - 1 1 1 , - , I , ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 4 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 ' ' ' .. 2 I I I ' 1 1 1 n " 1 1 1 1 1 I ' 1 1 ' I , ' 1 1 1 I ' 1 1 1 1 - I I - , , ' 1 1 1 1 , - 2 I I I , , , 1 '3 - 211 1 1 1 - , 1 1 1 I I , - 10,13, , , 1 " 1 1 1 - 241 1 1 1 , 67 45 - -1, , - , , , ' 1 J - 1 1 1 1 1 I ' 1 1 1 1 - ' ' ' , 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 I - I I I I I - I I I 1 I I 4 62 1 1 1 1 - 211 1 1 1 ' 1 1 ' 1 1 I I Y " , I 1 1 1 1 1 1 I - 21' I I 1 - 1 1 - 11 1 ' 1 1 1 I ' 1 1 141 I - I ' - I I - , 1 ' 1 Broquard, Jerry-26,39,48,42I92 I40 pe7'5"50"1 S9llY ' 27136 1 I ' 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 - ' ' 48 I r ' 1 1 141 1 ' 1 1 I - 1 I ' 1 1 1 1 1 D - ' .. , , , l 1 ' 1 1 - 1 ' 1 1 1 - , I I - 1 ' 1 1 1 1 , I , , I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 ' - - 1 - 1 141 . 41 ' '62 1 ' 1 1 . . ' - ' I ' 1 1 1 . 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Sons Say lt with flowers Falrbury, llllnols Dr J L Novak Physncuan and surgeon Forrest, llllnols Nussbaum Brothers Plumbing heating, our candltlonlng Faurbury lllunous Osborne s Radlo and TV Phone 'I6 Parmele Palnt Store 212 E Locust Street Favrbury, llllnols Paternoster Motor Co Your Ford dealer Fanrbury, llllnous Pontuac National Bank Complete banlung servlce Pontiac, lllmons Quaker Oats Co Gram, lumber, coal, seeds Strawn lllmous W B Read 8- Co School supplies Bloomington, llllnols Rels Cleaners Excellent cleannng servlce Falrbury, llllnols Roberts Hacksgas lnc Sauer Marshall and Novak Cllnuc Fanrbury and Forrest, lllmols Schrof s Cntles Service Gas and oul Forrest llllnols Sears Roebuck 81 Company Quallty merchandlse Chatsworth, lllunols Drs L G andC G Shaddle Dentusts Forrest, lllmons Smlth Jewelry G E Durham, leweler Pontiac, lllnnols Stewart s Super Market The store with the school splrlt Forrest llllnols Strawn Independent Onl Co Margaretha Meyer Taylor Insurance and Real Estate Agency of service Faurbury, llllnols Tollendort s Paint Store Wallpaper, palnts, and varnlshes Faurbury, llllnols Turnlpseed s 5 to S1 Stores Where you wall always fund something ne Forrest and Lexington, lllmols Unzlcker Jewelry Watch repanr Forrest, lllvnols Walton s Department Store T e store with the needs for the famuly Fasrbury, lllnnols Wolf Jacobson lnc Your Chevrolet dealer Pontiac lllnnols Zummerman Hardware and Furmture We are here to serve you Hucksgas, the great name nn propane Falrbury mmols Roberts, lllnnoas Zorn lnc Ross Studuos Trucking Ready Mux weddmg ponmlls Forrest lllmons Faurbury lllanols W O 0 I ' ' n u 1 I " . . . . . . . . . I . . I I ll .u u I' . F . ' F . I ' I . Q I . I Strawn, lllinois Strawn, lllinois f u I 4 I D I . . I . . ' . h , ' l Q " , s . . . . , I ' . ll 1 . I . . , . , . 1 . I - . . . . , . I I 91 Behind The Scenes This is not a change, but an every-Monday- night occurence--Tupelc Staff meeting. Here you see the engrossed faces of staff members who are struggling, always struggling, to choose lust the right word for you to read, the right picture for you to see, and the right space in which to place it! The Tupek Stuff As they finish this portrayal of FSW--with its recent changes and its old traditions, its academic work and its extra-curricular activi ties --the school year, too, comes to an end and 1957-1958 with its changes becomes the past year--iusta starting point for still more changes to come. Members: Gaylon Bach, Editor Carol Hodgson Daniel Ringler Nancy Honegger Jack Moore Janet Kaisner Hinda Lindsey Janice McNutt Lloyd Honegger James Starks Betty Jo Lindsey Bonnie Metz Jerry Broquard Lynn Anderson Keith Rieger Mary Monahan David Crouch Charles Merritt Mary Beth Head Arthur Metz Andrea Hlavas Gordon Johnson Jean Ann Martin Ramona Knapp Miss Mabel Marlar, Advisor "These are the limes that try men's souls." Thomas Paine v-W.-sn, ef APL Q., 5 fa . , Y C 1 5 W , ' AY 4 - ' ' ' s uf 5 ,H ' ff-X"9g't: bfi -mfg? 355' 1 -sk .Nalf 435 X W wg,- f 'i' QW'- L.,p.n-5 uf: ,ai gg? .51 -A 4.1 Q my-. fri 'A 4' xjlf, , sf fa .f if 1 1+r ,g5f li MA, f- N1-,.:f' I M A Q, M, if Q ff gg ' ff"'ff W ' ,A ' S ' ., 35,4 hui L .- 6,5 ,M - , ,l 5 ,wif 6 Q , Y 75,53 4 ,. A,- 1 .965 ,,,. vii, ' ' 1' fl L.. 234' , If gi tg! Q, s, . -+A f' 3' pi A A 1 wwf, . 1 A , , 1 1. ' x 4' V F if ' 2' 'fr ' ff " ii 'gi ,S - ki .9 fi W ' Y , hal' .Qi

Suggestions in the Forrest Strawn Wing High School - Tupek Yearbook (Forrest, IL) collection:

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