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Forrest Strawn Wing High School - Tupek Yearbook (Forrest, IL) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Cover

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, , I ' P 1 i Q o w I P K l w p " ,, ffwrr'-rv 1 , yi 'L . 'fi ,, ' -- 1,g.- .A 5' 3 4 if i 1 ,- -'-- -- N-w1'xvnggy.'wg3-m'-:--r-rga.."'- e-:A -,-- H ---'-f '--- K , A . ,A . 1 I "" ff'm . '39 . ' ' ,,, Q QM . 1 K ' 4... ' ix 4 WL f.:'. . ,lf mi ,u ,Y Ei 14 5' 4 ri I x f' i 5 I 1 ivy. -rj 3' Q - ,. K fa HQ 1 --'Yi jx H ii u , , , X- I , . ix, A A , ? : 3. ,Q :W 2 +wS?2 ' " f ,V x , m"j',?'Q f as AL 5 K ,il HH ue If'Q.'.y, ' ff? . C ' 'iid' P1 437' 1 Q0 ' - . X ,+f',,,-f'h' Sf' W 4 fA' 34' -- ,.,, . ' 'X Q " 535' 'W "1Ll?fNv' "' 1' ' , 1l'fi'L'T7 . ' ' fl' W 'A -f fum in -- L- mf- ff' . W. -,M ' ' ., Q94 0 Lim!! 155+-JT, .Sm ixgg,-'5 35 ' .- V, 1' 4 1.1 1 lr . . ,g, . M i, M. -3, 4, ,i W, Mai W ff,,g w--g,Q-+1 -f-I9 11-4 'fx i ' ' 'hm 1 K "' 'f ' 145 ' qi' 11? hfjjif 531 K Lf' 'f'f" Wu f f M I YW .- 5, N4 -mm V kt A ,:..4v,: '.-I-'gi W' 5 nv M yy ju A-5, ,Q W ' f fy f 1 bf' gf "TS -' Nw 1 " ' ' u '. 2 '4 'I ,, . , .M ., W' . IL A , 4 N X , V ' fc, ,1,?,-B- ,',r,f15'u Lv " ,wird-.f33'+'f ,f Q f., r N ' 2-1 ld '. 'SHA 4- M, fy -1 'f f. . fs M if Avg, ,.,,. I agMr5. ,v!i-, 4 o I 19. .N Q -4- qi, A a A 'Q 4 A Q - ,f 725 Hi ' Effigif e " f ' , gf' . 4,414 O I f si 5 I 5 1 U, .glue jupelf 1952 FORREST-STRAWN-WING COMMUNITY UNIT SCHOOLS Forrest, Illinois Volume III x 9 4 I ,1 J. V4 1 T f 1 , x I I 'fsuxf Sa,.', ,. - ,fb-. :if x -uu- J ,1- l, 5. 2'-7? ly ,,. 1 11" -Q a -1... e,- 'Q ,f u .hx L-ms V. r' ,I W 'wb Q 44 I Q1 wmv ,N 1 I , s- , f', Af. K -' ,QI scsi w, - ,Fw s FS ,. gl F .QL .lv f. I iv'- If x vw If u V Z g was Y 1: M14 "fa F6153 , Q. ig, -, A- Ising .Lux "l4I 'm,s'.sgL N 21:4 Tl," 'rf ' "him-f:' n.,.1v-,lfiw ,setu- .., 5 JILL of Cfmfmfd S BOOK I ADMINISTRATION BOOK II CLASSES BOOKIII ACTIVITIES BOOK IV SPORTS BOOK V GRADE SCHOOL C r . I4 gf w- In Isa- ff .54 1 fy 421' wg uni Q4 - n 32' : . Ma vi .Q ' 0l'2lll0l' This high school, like others throughout the country, has as its purpose the preparation of today's students for tomorrow's work. How this is done is portrayedthroughout this book as we see students studying world events, ex- perimenting, making speeches, conducting meetings, writing news, and taking part in athletics and musical activities--in short, doing the very things that our com- munity will want them to do a few years from now. You will see them here exemplifying the fine school-com- munity relationship that is the foundation of our school . l,.- X ibeckca firm The work of the school is accomplished not iust by students and teachers alone--but with the help of the parents and Friends within the community. They are the loyal supporters of our school in all of its activities. Without their help many of the school proiects would never succeed. To show our appreciation for the help- fulness of our parents in supporting our school activities, we dedicate the 1952 TUPEK to them. S 4I'7 3 42 ll Af 0016? .X4CLfl5QJ Oil Juiufe pfblflff By recenvmg odvuce whale an hugh school students learn to solve problems and wnll be able ID the future to help gave odvuce to others Thus might be occomplnshed by leodmg vornous orgomzotuons ond clubs of the community 1 ,V ng .I 9. -fff -vi It Tx ff' i M-QQ, .JI 'a 4 I . 4 W 'r 3 -, ..-p, 1. jg-gf? 1 ' -re .ni-' wg px, Y 4 1,3 ti, . -'il :,: 'ga v 47,1 'Q' S-4' sQ,.r .MZ ..J . .-1-,.f. - -,- .,. .,.,, . f-ga.. lux is youWe in hhh - -44 I . -. gf' - -. -N Nu,-f-,:. I-.... - 'T P! s Mali! Ql'I'l6Ql"5 LJCUJJ Milli C oof p I"0 elfld 'ff' tary S mw Sade H une EmestBrauYY13n Al O Vaughn O deflbaum dem N Rosefm me Prev EXCATYO P Loo LDE!dl1ne1hE Roscoe Read A re The the Forrest Strawn Wrng Umt School Board vol untarnly offer thenr services to their community and school The present board has served for the past three years and have held a total of enghty one meetungs during that hrne Since meetmgs last an average of three hours and are sometlmes prolonged to five hours, over 243 hours of voluntary service were offered by these men. members of 10 Mnif ragga em med 'sn IJCM55 rogkmfi -.f-X, Ofysw A H TOMLINSON B S M S Superrntendent of Schools and Hrgh School Pnncrpal 5,11--5 ,a ,,-nl' 'kd-'W 'Ls LEFT T0 RIGHT Supenntendent Tomlmson Cynl Allen Forrest Grade School Princrpal Mabel Marlar Assrstant Supenntendent Lrla Ferguson Wmg Grade School Pnncrpal E M Assrstant High School Pnncrpal Vera Gullberg Strawn Grade School Pnncrpal 11 ' 9 A Ns1f f, 0 S rtx ff' , I-' 6.48 'Q'- N., E. M. Mcwherter, B.S. Mabel Marlar, B.A.,M.A. Guy Gardner, B.S. Shirlee Wilsrn, B.S. Ed. .fdcacfemic .gucbed guifj .l7Le ounclafion An important part of education in this scientific age are the courses offered in the fields of science and mathematics. Physics and chemistry, taught by Mr. E. M. McWherter,are offeredin alternate years. Miss Mabel Marlar teaches a biology course to all sophomores. General science, which is a required subiect for freshmen, is taught by Mr. McWherter. The math courses, geometry and algebra, both plain and advanced, are also taught by Mr. McWherter. To learn the founding and function of our gov- ernment, social studies are offered. Civics and eco- nomics are each offered for a semester Clndflre taught by Mr. Guy Gardner, who also is physical education instructor and head coach. Miss Shirlee Wilson combines teaching American and world his- tory with her regular physical education duties. r"l' 1 gukuraf Sudfecfd give ears ure Jane! lalarecia f ion Cultural subiects include English, French, iour- nalism, speech, and music. Miss Mariorie Wilson teaches iunior and senior English classes and French. Freshman and sophomore English classes are taught by Mr. Calvin Penfield, who also has charge of the library. Students interested in newspaper may take the journalism course which is taught by Miss Mabel Marlar. A new course in the language field was in- troduced this year inthe form ofa speech class taught by Mr. Alvin Kennedy. Music plays an important partin FSW school life. In addition to teaching grade school beginning band students, Mr. Ramon l.aCoste directs the high school Concert Band. Choruses are directed by Mrs. Luetta Cummins. She also teaches grade vocal work. . Q 3 -'fr F Marjorie Wilson, B.S. Ed. Ramon LaCoste, B.Mus. Ed. , M. Mus. Ed. . ix 3 I Calvin Penfield, M.A. Luetta Cummins, B. M. aff' +1-1 fu wx Alvin Kennedy, B, S, Dorothy Zimmerman, B. S, Ed, fri x ' 1' mf 'IN if l , X: x'-Xnzr' Cyril Allen, A, B, Robert McGee, B. S, ucafionaf Counted sw. ir. wa, 3, ikii mr Although vocational subjects are not required, they round out a student's curriculum, and give a glimpse of future vocations. The commercial subjects of typing, shorthand and bookkeeping are taught by Mr. Alvin Kennedy. Mr. Cyril Allenteaches business training to freshmen. This is a preparatory course for all commercial subjects. To train future housewives, two years of home economics and a year of home problems are taught by Miss Dorothy Zimmerman. Under Mr. Robert McGee's guidance, practical and scientific farming is being taught to future community farmers. 'I' , ---..e"' l....4 in 1 5 fl g A ik..- BUS DRIVERS: Kuntz, Crane, Briedeng R. Metz, Martin, I. Metz. r J " X lx I ir. rx rf---,xy in , MOU! 67l'i'll0!0yeQ:5 ! .Q UNIT IANITORS: John 4-ff FORREST COOKS AND HELP- ERS: Ruth Hippen, Audrey Zorn, Barbara Roy, Marlene Shive Ella Fahey, Eileen Pope. Metz , Frank Huette, Dale Skinner, Arthur Shambrook. SECRETARY Thelma Maier :vi ,, L. .u Q1 Q ul 'Q WING COOKS: l.aVonne Huisrnan, Marie Schrof. i y -1 J! STRAWN COOKS: Agnes Somers, Mildred Read. CLJJQJ ol., L cl 3 gl'CL6llfLafLOI'l And fl jufure Just as high school students work toward the goal of becoming seniors and be literature science music orbusmess there is always a goal to be reached School is only a preparation for successful community living C 00 ea 0 e graduating, adults work toward similar goals. Whatever the field, whether it X I I ! .I arid Q CAROL SUE RIEGER DAVID MCLOUGHLIN Ban I 2 3 4 Orch I 2 Chorusl 2 3 4 AnnualStaff2 JunrorPlay Sen1orP1ay Foot Annual Staff 2 3 4 Co Edrtor 3 4 Tonrc ball I 2 3 4 Basketball I 2 3 4 Co Capt Staff I 3 FHA I 2,3 4 H1stor1an 2 Vrce 3 Capt 4 Baseball I 3 4 Track I 2 3 4 Pres 3 Jumor Play Semor Play Lrbrary3 Student Councrl 4 Class Vtce Pres I Pres 4 Nat1onalHonorSoc1ety2 3 4 Homecom Ing Attendant Qurll and Scroll 3 4 Sch Awards I 2 3 4 Cheerleader I 4 GAA 4 Capt 4 Student Councrl 3 4 Pres 4 Class Pres I Vrce Pres 4 Natxonal Honor Soc1ety 2 3 4 Homecom1ngK1ng Sch Awards I 2 QHLOPJ QGCA -well' G Cl! RICHARD DORAN Tomc Staff 3 Juntor Play Senror Play Foot RONALD CRANE ball I 2 3 4 Basketball I 2 3 Baseball I Chorus I 2,3 Tonrc Staff 3 Senror Play 2 3 Tfackl 2 Homecoming Attendant Jumor Play Football I 2 3 4 Basketball I DOROTHY LANZ Chorus I 2 FHA 2 3 4 Parlramentanan 3 Class Sec 1 3 Vlce Pres 2 National Honor Socrety 2 3 4 Sch Awards 1 2 3 4 GAA 4 Treasurer 4 2 15 2 3 4 Baseball I 2 3 4 Track I 23 Student Councxl I Homecommg Attendant 18 'Sv 'YS C7 4 0 , 15 d ,,,g . "I ., IS - I.. 5 :S . I 'gg I.. - Ii' . 1 61:56 DONNA LOU FARNEY IUANITA FOLLMER Band 1 2 3 4 Annual Staff4 Tomc Slaffg Ban 1 2 3 4 All State 4 Orch 2 All FHA I 2 3 4 Jumor Play Senror Play Stu State 2 Chorusl 2 3 4 All State 3 Annual dent Councrl 4 Homecomxng Queen GAA Staff4 Jumor Play Semor Play Lrbrary 3 4 Pres 4 Cheerleader I 4 Student Counc11 2 3 4 Class Pres 2 FHA YVONNE HIPPEN A11 State 4 Annual Staff 2 3 4 Co Edrtor 3 4 Tomc Staffl 3 FHA 1 2 3 4 Pres 4 Iumor Play Semor Play Class Sec Treas I 4 Natronal Honor Socrety 2 3 4 Home comrng Attendant Qurll and Scroll3 4 Sch Awardsl 2 3 4 GAA4 2 3 4 Songleader 3 LYLE HONEGGER Chorusl Jumor Play Semor Play Football 2 3 4 Capt 4, Basketballl 2 3 4 Co Capt tam 3 Baseball 2 3 4 Track 1 2 3 4 Na txonal Honor Socrety 2 Homecommg At tendant E- 19 CLYDE KOEHL Chorus I 2 3 4 FFA 2 3 4 Sent1nel3 Re porter 4 Semor Play Footballl 2 3 4 Bas ketball 2 3 Baseball! 2 3 4 Track 1 2 3 Homecommg Attendant l 0 l 15 . . .s : ' s d . . . - p . I, - Band l,2,3,4: Orch. 1,2g Chorus 1,2,3,4- 8 . .2 2 :""' z.. ...: - cv ' l . . . . 6 . 4 E 'K' PHYLLIS LINDSEY Bandr 2 3 4 All State4 Orch I 2 Chorus I 2 4 Annual staff3 4 Tonic Staff 3 FHA I 2 3 4 Treas 3 Sectional Treas 3 Junior Play Senror Play Student Council I Na tendant Qurll and Scroll 3 4 Sch Awards I 2 3 4 Cheerleaderl 2 3 LOUISE MAURER WAYNE MERIFIELD Chorusl 3 4 Annual snaffg 4 FHA I 2 3 Transfer from Homer Illmo1s3 Chorus 3 4 4,IunrorPlay Senror Play GAA4 Vice Pres 4 Natronal Honor Society 2 3 4 Qurll and Scroll 3 4 Sch Awards I 2 3 4 Majorette ad 0 5 LEATRICE MOORE HARRY POKARNEY Transfer from Gibson City Illinois 3 FHA 3 4 Camp Delegate 3 Vice Pres 4 Class Vice Pres 3 Junior Play Homecoming At Chorus I 2 4 FFA 2 3 4 Secretary 3 Stu dent Council 3 Class President 3 BERNETA MOORE Transfer from Gibson City lllrnols 3 FHA 3 4 GAA 4 tendant GAA 4 Sec 4 National Honor So crety 4 1 E , Q tional Honor Society 2, 3, 4g Homecoming At- I. : ' . s - U A ' 4 as is A' 1 A K' ? MARVIN ROTH CARL SHORT ETHEL WAIBEL Chorus I 2 3 FFA 2 3 4 Senror Play Jumor Play Football I 2 Bas Band 4 Chorus I 3 Annual Staff 3 4 FHA PEGGY WENGER Ch0l'llSI 2 3 4 FFA2 3 4 Sent1nel4 Junxor Play Semor Play Basketball 3 ketball X 2 3 Baseball I 2 3 Track 1 2 I 2,3 4 StudentD1rectorofJun1orandSemor Class Sec Treas 2 Plays Lrbrary 2 Natronal Honor Socrery 2 3 4 Quxll and Scroll 3 4 Sch Awards 1 2 ado 5 IOLA YODER Band I 2,3 4 Choms 3 FHA 4 GAA 4 DONALD GRACE Transfer from Homer I111no1s 3 FFA 4 U S Navy 4 x N. ' 'Q' I Xe: . f- ff ' 2 3:4lGAA4. ' ' 0 ' ' 7 Cf 4 K f V ' Avy' X f A , 4 UREATE cor BACCALA .....8:00p.t'i'i., Sunday, May '25, V752 . -Strawn-Wing Gymnasium F-S-NN Concert Band itieid Forrest . Wayne Mer ita F oiimer Processionai ...................... ocation ..,............................. ...,... This House" ..... ................ 5 uan' Rey. Lyman R. Moore 5' iny io, "Ness Keep Y ou" Nlocai So Sermon ................,................. Senior Mixed Quartet ........................"May the Good Lord Biess and Yvonne Hippen, Juanita Foitrner Ctyde Koehi, Harry Pokarney 'Wbenediction ..........................................,. Donna Lou Forney 'kilecessionai ....., ....... .............. F - S-NN Concert Band E M E N T CDT COMMENC ......8:0Op.n'i., Thursday, May 29, i952 Forrest-Strawn-Wing Gymnasium Processionai .,.......... ....,. F -S-NN Concert Band 'invocation ......,... ............. ........... P e y. Pr. S. F. Kubiaic "Aima Mater" ..................................,................. Ciass ot i952 Presentation ot Schoiarship and American Legion Awards "Carnivai ot Poses" ..........................,... F-S-NN Concert Band Commencement Address .... Rev. Charies B. Wagner, Pontiac resentation ot Grade Schooi Dipiomas and High Schooi Dipiomas ,......,................ A. P. Loomis President, Board oi Education, Unit Dist. No. 2 tdahs ot ivy" ....................... ......,........... C iass ot i952 Rev. Ni. E. Schroeder P-S-NN Concert Band "T he Benediction ............. X ....... Wsecessiona .....,,......... 'Audience Piease Stand Pieasc keep programs tor Coynrncnccmcnt Night QS T' John Honegger Vernon Maier Lucy Hlavas res Vace Pres Sec Treas uncora .fdnfzczlaafe LITLGX 35 Tom Aaron Loulse Baker Q 11 Duane Beal i Rncharcl Blundy Shirley Crump Glenn DGVIS Duane Elbert Jerry Gulllforcl MCYY H0f1e99ef an I - ' xv, l 1 a le P . ' - . . . Cf, it K at u 5. V 2, "? ws V fl . Vx I Z3 arf Ruta Keeley Bob Klrk Nell McLoughlln 1 Maura ce Huetfe Donald Kemp Kay Lmdenbaum Maru Iyn Metz Jean Johanson Bull Kirk Joan Marlm Q-Q Euleen Pope Cf A e b sf 0 , e, gh. - J I . XX ws-P' . Q' ' 1 24 Uma Barbara Roy Edward Schrof f Marlene Shlve LeRoy Sfeldlnger Beth Tomlmson K James Vnrkler Penny Walker Helen Whutfueld Donna Lou Womack Roy Wayne Young Marilyn Zlmmerman 25 5. 1:- o 53 .S in 0- ll, G . ' 5' X ' ' ' . XV' r f 1 sw if ar y ,X . 1 -n ,1 y l 4 if x 1 X, J Q 'jf-N fy qw ,J -'s A 111111 4 :E ' Iv ,.'.L. , - FRONT ROX BL ijaniin Xluz, Margaret Honcggcr, Lena Brown, Jane Ebach, George lxunu SECOND ROM lim Forma, Roger lloiiugger, Jimmy lacobs, Ralph Gee-Pres., Robert Rir kuihergu Eldoi Waibcl-Vice -Pres. THIRD ROM: lacqiii Barber, Lila Srcid- inger Bmerlx Fellgrs Ida Lee Bryant, Harrier Schrof. 0 ITLQFL FRONT ROW: Ronald Mueller-Vice-Pres., Helen Kaisncr, Gloria Crurnp, Marilyn En nan, Carol Kochl, Carolyn Shelby, Merle Yoder. SECOND ROW: Wayne Anlilfcer Donald Nutz, lan Bach-Pres. , Charles Karnmerrnan, Kenna-th Hanshuw, Micky Doran THIRD ROW: Wilma Maurer, Sharon Kinate, Nancy Goodpasture, Mary Walters, Mar ilyn Honcggcr, Barbara King. X, J X ': ,, r K - Q , 4115 'Y t T' - ...-.-.--.,--... 333' Hit 2'-l""'l .xdcfiuifieo 6nricA Slave! urricu um Activities--both planned and informal--develop poise and social ease which are greatly needed in later years. FRONT ROW Ronme Coyne Jlmmre Jacobs Ne11McLoughI1n Phylhs Lrndsey Kay Lrndenbaum MISS Marlar adusor Lourse Maurer Carol Sue Rreger Yvonne Hrppen SECOND ROW John Honegger Roy Young Ethel Warbel Donna Farney juanrta Foll mer BACK ROW Mary Honegger Marrlyn Zrmmerman Beth Tomlrnson Ioan Marlrn ABSENT Jan Bach Iiflbtftfxg? QP5 CLPLQ l0l90l'tlfU'lL fled Members ofthe yearbook staff have numerous dutues Shown below are the edutors planmng the yearbook Layouts and wrnte ups are done by the sports and staff writers whale the business staff secures subscruptlons and ads The pbo tographers take many actlon puctures 'WWW X,- 'Olin'-.. SEATED Joan Marlln Penny Walker MIDDLE Mary Honegger Beth Tomlmson Kay Llndenbaum BACK Mar1lyn Metz 51155 Marlar Advlser Donna Womack Lucy l-llavas Marllyn Zxmmerman Helen Wh1tf1ll Ne1lMcLoughlxn Roy Young Jerry Gulhford 8l,U5l96ll92I' 5? M CBZZCLPIQ5 .7AI"0ll,gA g7X,90I"L2I'lC0 The Tonic us produced entirely by students The edutors give cssngnments and plon the pages The stoftgothers wrstes and types the news It IS col umnlzed stenculedandrmmeogrcphed by the typing classes The stoffthen Issues O free copy to eoch student L v'Vt .van -, A ' 1-91- 50334 I Royal Court Carol Sue and Ronny omecoming Donna Lou and Davlcl Coronation Yvonne and Lyle Leafrnce ancl Clyde Phyllis and Dick Dance Scene 3 HJ V Angel, come to my armsl " I l "You won't have any trouble with your home work U - unwrd donde Onle y .Aff S, 3-I A S 12' . .24 iii. , 32.3" X-Q , or :rdf ffemlof g ' ' 'sr " 'imflj fi ' ,I A "Mother ls a Freshman," a three act comedy, was presented by the Q' i I ' .- m g.. iunior class on April 3 cmd 4 in the Forrest gym. X' ' . The story involved a mother, who with the aid ofa scholarship " fi A in P attended college with her daughter. Her presence not only provoked x CEQA: Q-, - 4- '3 'xy ff' Q, 1 ,-,--1 .,...fAf-Y , .,-f ,-,.--v- ...K-8 the Dean's indignation, but caused a stag-line stampede as well A rivalry between mother and daughter for the zoology professor's affec tions brought about many complications which took some explaining to untangle. Duane Beal were the stage managers. ll ll! "The dance has already started." puny , '01, Curtain Time. The cast of T3 included: John Honegger, Edward Schrof, Glen Davis, Richard Blundy, Kay Lindenbaum, Neil McLoughlin, Lucy Hlavas, Marilyn Metz, Mary Honegger, Jean Johansen, Marlene Shnve, Penny Walker, Barbara Roy, and Beth Tomlinson. Mr. Kennedy di rected the play and Shirley Crump assisted him. Jimmy Virkler and "This 'Il make you . hx 1' H YQ -in T L 'W ' .12 s ' iff. 9 5' , , ' ' ' 4 . - A 7 " .JP g . , sq i ff X ' ' ,'. i J WI.. .fe ,A,- L ' - 49:1 ' H "'l"s"":"'iE,:g ':' .. -. '-T l Q 'L-gi-if. Q 1' "Who 's that?" l "Can I come out now?" eniom ry Weir .Af md fer? "Ramshackle lnn," a three-act mystery, was presented bythe senior class on November 29 and 30 in both the Strawn and Forrest gyms. The castof T3 included Louise Maurer, Juanita Follmer, Ronny Crane, Carol Sue Rieger, Dick Doran, Clyde Koehl, Lyle Honegger, Phyllis Lindsey, Yvonne Hippen, Carl Short, Donna Farney, David McLoughlin, and Wayne Merifield. The play was directed by Mr. Kennedy and Ethel Waibel served as his student assistant. Dorothy Lanz was stage manager. The story of the play centered around the use of Ramshackle Inn as the headquarters ofa counterfeiting gang. Due to the clever antics of the old maid who had just purchased the hotel fLouise Maurerl the gang was captured. "Take that line again." l tell you, l m not crazyl , , 7,4 .V I 1 ,,..,-4' 14 l ,,,.4-ir" "l think you 1 need more gl powder . " Hina-4-. 19, 1, ,H ' fl I Y. ' ' 2- if - 3 FSW's School Band was well represented at G'- . . S4- .,, 'S - - F the District Music Contest at Gibson City this - year. Superior ratings were received by the flute quartet, Yvonne Hippen, Sue McLough- lin, Joan Honegger and Gwen Hippenp flute solo, Lucy Hlavasg and brass sextet, Juanita Follmer, Jan Bach, lola Yoder, Donald Metz, Margaret Honegger and Ronald Metz. Superior rating winners entered the State Contest at Peoria . Also entered were the cornet trio, drum ensemble, saxophone quartet, clarinet quartet and woodwind ensemble. Jan Bach,Margaret Honegger, Charles Kammerman,Penny Walker and Jacqui Barber played solos and received Excellent ratings. During the year, exchange concerts were held with Fairbury and Minonk. Newly or- A ganized this year was the Dance Band, which made its first appearance at the Spring Concert. Among the other activities of the band was the Annual Tri-School Festival heldat Chatsworth. -A ..l' Cv- .a4N'f R. -1+ 1714. I Q-C DRUM MAJORETTE: Beth Tomlinson. BATON TWIRLERS: Leneita Tammen, Rita Keel- ey, Norma Spence. FIRST ROW: lola Yoder, Phyllis Rosendahl, lane Ebach, Margaret Honegger, Sharon Moore, Donald Metz. SECOND ROW: Jan Bach, Sharon Kammerman, Shirley Kammerman, Gordon Honegger, Barbara King. THIRD ROW: Carol Sue Rieger, Jacqui Barber. FOURTH ROW: Yvonne Hippen, Lucy Hlavas, Ethel Waibel, Wilma Maurer, Lila Steidinger. FIFTH ROW: Phyllis Lindsey, Kay Lindenbaum, Donna Lou Farney, Sue McLoughlin, Joan Honegger. SIXTH ROW: Gaylon Bach, Penny Walker, SEVENTH ROW: Charles Kammerman, Bonnie Stein. EIGHTH ROW: Rita Stephen, Donna Lou Womack, Larry Wenger, Marilyn Metz, Rozanne Jacobs, Mary Honegger. NINTH ROW: Juanita Follmer, Donald Metz, Ronald Metz, Bill Skinner, Carolyn Shelby, Marjorie Wenger . an rganiza fiond ormcfcl .fancl Wem6er5 Mr . LaCoste directs Spring Concert. Dance band gives first performance. 'N - v f-'f"ff1f'l ' N ff-9 ' . ,tiff l ' ' 435' , fi?- ll ,gh ' FRONT ROW NancyBryant Marilyn King CarolynShe1by MaryWalters Shirley Crump Beverly Crouch Beth Tomlinson Mary Honegger Jane Ebach Manlyn Zimmerman Helen Whrtfill Jacqui Barber Lucy Hlavas Louise Maurer Phyllis Lindsey Margaret Honegger Helen Karsner Frances Moore Fern Davis Norma Spence Georgia Harris Wanda Coyne Lena Brown Carol Koehl BACK ROW Mrs Cummins Marilyn Ennen Joan Martin Nancy Pitcock Marilyn Honegger Phyllis Rosendahl Bonnie Stern Sharon Moore Donna Lou Womack Donna Lou Farney Yvonne Hippen Rita Stephen Rrta Keeley Kay Linden baum Joan Marlin Carol Sue Rxeger Juanita Follmer MarJor1e Wenger Jean Johansen Marilyn Metz L1laSte1d1nger Betty Hartman Jean Fortna Barbara King Sharon Krnate Leneita Tammen Wilma Maurer Penny Walker ABSENT Harriet Schrof Barbara Roy Alice Lanz Kay Schmidt Idalee Br ant Y Beverly Fellers Shirley Putnam Nancy Goodpasture Gloria Crump oruded OLU fed y l'l'll9I"0 UQITL ell! FSW choruses sent four representatives to the district contest in Gibson City. Juanita Follmer received a Superior rating and the right to enter the state contest at Bradley University with her vocal solo. Jean Johansen, Penny Walker and Clyde Koehl were awarded Excellent ratings on their solos. The boys' chorus, girls' chorus and mixed chorus also appeared at the Christmas program and the girls' and boys' choruses entered the V . V. contest. FRONT ROW: Joan Marlin, Kay Lindenbaum, Juanita Follmer, Carol Sue Rieger, Yvonne Hrppen Donna Lou Farney Sharon Moore Lila Sterdmger Barbara King Pennywalker CarolynShelby JacqurBarber Maryl-lonegger JaneEbach Carol Koehl BACK ROW Perry Wenger Jimmie Jacobs Harry Pokarney John Honegger Charles Kammerman Vernon Maier Clyde Koehl Wayne Merrfield Duane Elbert James Somers Edward Schrof Kenneth Hanshew Mickey Doran Jan Bach Jumor Hardesty Carl Schrof Jlmmy Stickels 2 f"5"" . x , LEFT, FRONT TO BACK: Jimmy Stickels, Mickey Doran, Junior Hardesty, Kenneth Hanshew, John Honegger. CENTER: Carl Schrof Charles Kammerman, Jan Bach, James Somers, Clyde Koehl, Duane Elbert. RIGHT: Peny Wenger, Wayne Merifield, Harry Pokarney, Edward Schrof, Vernon Maier Jimmie Jacobs. eng .r..n.f 73 5 'sf F. l-l. A. entertains boys -vs 5- FRONT ROW: John Honegger, Ralph Gee, Clyde Koehl, Vernon Maier, Benjamin Metz, Leon- ard Roth, Mr. McGee, Advisor. SECOND ROW: John Homickle, Perry Wenger, Larry Wenger, Roger Honegger, Ronald Mueller, Raymond Andrea, Robert Rinkenberger, Merle Yoder, Jim- my Virkler, LeRoy Steidinger, Duane Beal. THIRD ROW: James Somers, James Keeley, Tom Aaron. FOURTH ROW: Eldon Waibel, Jerry Honegger, Marvin Roth, Bill Skinner, Harry Po- karney, Tom Stephens, Edward Schrof, Richard Steidinger, George Kuntz, Glenn Davis, Maurice I-luette. ABSENT: Wayne Anliker, Nelson Haas, John Keeley, Tom Aaron and Mel- vin Beal, J. C. Ebach, graduate members. Boys Learn Welding Techniques The Future Farmers of America parliamentary team composed of John Honegger, Vernon Maier, Ralph Gee, Eldon Waibel and Beniamin Metz tied for the first place in the sectional meet. On a draw tosee who would con- tinue to the state meet, they lost to Flanagan. At the beginning of the year they held a party with the FHA girls as their guests. Leatrice Moore was selected by the boys as the FHA Sweetheart for 1951-52. Christmas baskets were given to needy families during the holidays. Q -r Z 1 , 1 --1' earnd ew arming 7fWefA0CA Shown presiding over a meeting are Vernon Maier, Benjamin Metz, Perry Wenger, John Honegger, Ralph Gee and Advisor Robert Mc- Gee. 'Ar I l'0l'l'l ofea Jil fel' -' 30150 l'iQI'lJJAq95 Miss Zimmerman, Officers Yvonne Hippen, Leatrice Moore, and Mary and Margaret Honegger extend Christmas greetings. B , JF! sfkQQJ1-0 F Q Q- nu v- TQ AT THE TABLE: Margaret Honegger, Miss Zimmerman--advisor, Yvonne Hippen, President, Mary Honegger. FRONT ROW: Donna Lou Womack, Kay Lindenbaum, Betty Hartman, Sharon Moore, Bonnie Stein, Beverly Crouch, Lila Steidinger, Helen Kaisner, Rita Stephen, Jean Fortna, Frances Moore. SECOND ROW: Marilyn Ennen, Marilyn Honegger, Joan Martin, Mar- ilyn King, Nancy Pitcock, Penny Walker, Rita Keeley, Joan Marlin, Marlene Shive, Eileen Pope, Marjorie Wenger, Jane Ebach, Lena Brown, Leatrice Moore, Dorothy Lanz, Ethel Waibel. THIRD ROW: Leneita Tammen, Nancy Bryant, Norma Spence, Georgia Harris, Phyllis Rosen- dahl, Wanda Coyne, Jacqui Barber, Wilma Maurer, Mary Walters, Carolyn Shelby, Phyllis Lindsey, Donna Farney, Carolsue Rieger. FOURTH ROW: Gloria Crump, Marilyn Zimmerman, Helen Whitfill, Beth Tomlinson, Sharon Kinate, Carol Koehl, Barbara King, Shirley Crump, Jean Johansen, Marilyn Metz, Fern Davis, Louise Maurer, Juanita Follmer. ABSENT: Louise Baker, Idalee Bryant, Bevfrly Fellers, Nancy Goodpasture, Alice Lanz, Berneta Moore, Bar- bara Roy, Kay Schmidt, Harriet Schrof, Iola Yoder. .Lrvvg 3 .A ,... Jacqui Barber and Louise Maurer model their dresses made in class. With their new advisor, Miss Dorothy Zimmerman, the Future Homemakers of America not only participated in their tradtionol activities, but added some different ones to their program. Included in their usual activities were the Installation service, Boy-Girl Party-when the girls treated the boys to dinner and a show, the Style Show and National F.H.A. Week, Daddy-Date Night, which was sponsored in connection with the G.A.A., was probably the biggest new event. The entertainment consisted of games planned by the G.A.A. The F.H.A. provided the refreshments. N 'QT' r ,ff1"Q, The Glrls Athletnc Assocnatnon he newest of the school sactnvutues has greatly enlarged the gurls recreatuoncl opportu mtaes ln addltlon to the sports shown here swlmmlng tenms badminton darts deck tenms table tenms and dancmg have been offered 2424 pI"0UL 0:5 Saorfa l9l90l"tlll'lLfl06 U' if h 1. fs it .. 1 of Ci' 1' s s 4 1, The Junior-Senior banquet held May 23 at the Honegger House, andthe Sea Shell Capers which followed inthe school gym, both carried out the "Realms of the Deep" theme. Highlight of the evening was the crowning of Eileen Martin as Queen. She was attended by Berneta Moore and Wilma Mauer. Qui - lv 1 K 5 ' -4 ., ff! 2 . ' 5 " ,X "- .i S -..- -- . A lit' BACK ROW: Barbara King, Betty Hartman, Ralph Gee. SECOND ROW: Donna Lou Farney, Carol Sue Rieger, Juanita Fo11mer,John Honegger, John, Lucy and Neil leave for State Convention. Roy Young, Ian Bach. FRONT ROW: Neil McLoughlin, Lucy Hlavas, David McLoughlin. .S?uJenf Counci CSZHAJ f9 110641115 Each year, aside from its regular duties, the Student Council settles many problems which arise in the school and plans all-school activities. Among these were a system of checking hot lunches, a new plan for senior finals, a reduced rate for season basketball tickets for students, and an honor roll for alumni in service. ln addition, the Council planned Senior Control Day, 8th grade visiting day, and Homecoming. David McLoughlin served as president of the group of twelve chosen by the students and faculty. Vice-president was Neil McLoughlin'and Lucy Hlavas acted as secretory. , I ' Ralph, Neil, Betty, and Lucy planning 8th grade Juanita and Carol Sue checkmg lunch sign-ups. vismng day- 77 I , -Nasa: Neil McLoughlin, Yvonne Hippen, Lucy Hlavas, Carol Sue Rieger, Ethel Waibel, Mary Honegger, Phyllis Lindsey, Louise Studentsl ar t d t' t ' , . 6 N O con uc In ervlews Maurer, Kay Lindenbaum. QUILL AND SCROLL To be a member of the Quill and Scroll a student must do outstanding work in some phase of iournalism. At FSW, on the yearbook staff, this means writing articles and planningand assembling pages. For the newspaper work a student usually writes a variety of items including feature stories, editorials, sports news, and regular news articles for the school paper. ln addi- tion, they write all school news for the Pantagraph, Fairbury Blade, and the Forrest News. Uufzifanoling .gzcclenfd pafe onor ociefieo NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Many people believe that some students just naturally have the ability to make good grades. To earn membership on the National Honor Society, however, it takes more than iust mental ability. lt requires hours of study, planning and extra work. A student must keep his B average to remain in the organization throughout his entire high school years. BACK ROW: Benjamin Metz,E1don Waibel, Ralph Gee, Yvonne Hippen, Dorothy Lanz, Leatrice Moore, Ethel Waibel, Joan Marlin, Jimmie Jacobs, Neil McLoughlin, Vernon Maier. FRONT ROW: Lila Steidinger, Betty Hartman, Rita Keeley, Margaret I-lonegger, Marjorie Wenger, Mary Honegger, Carol Sue Rieger, Kay Lindenbaum, Lucy Hlavas, Louise Maurer, Phyllis Lindsey, Mr. Tomlinson, Advisor. Student earns position on Honor Society. A -4 , FJLQ f 1 ie vw' Girl-Boy Supper The 5 Endrilc Anvelt -- Astonion speaker . ga - , ,D"'l!', Q, A lx ,J I f 1 Q tq Co-Recreation includes dodge boll Q m 7 F 1 A J 4 7 ' ,T 1.35 I 'Q l 1 'A 5- ,' ' 1 .5 Above: Corn pick-up. Left: Cheering For Girl's bull gcme. Below: Jour- nolism trip to Ploindeoler egg 524001 lain PQIQLIPQ6 Sl AJM lam 'MJ ll -E", 7 ef"'s' , , S When students participate In school sports they learn to get along with others and to show sportsmanshnp Thus tranmng nn school life IS valuable an later years when they must co operate un com munlty actnvntaes i Ol' Ol' F I XX, K X! I Q A xf X r 1 'Q X Xt 'X we s HX so 5 X Y tl lll,1 I NK M x s r 1" ax Q 4, X I 'N ,333 il in Coaches confer with Captain Honegger ,- Ralph Gee End David McLoughlin Back Maurice Huerfe Tackle t. Coach Gardner A! Richard Blundy Back f Roy Young Back Coach gives final instructions es Q, 4' FRONT ROW: Coach Raley, Ralph Gee, Duane Beal, Clyde Koehl, Ron Crane, John Honegger, Don Kemp, Coach Gardner, Maurice Huette, Don Kemp Guard Q.. Captain Lyle Honegger Back A5 Q.. Manager Jacobs tends to duties 'Y ' Neil McLoughlin End H, ? x ' Duane Beal Tackle Ron Crane Center Coach Raley Clyde Koehl Guard Neil McLoughlin. BACK ROW: Buzz Davis, Jerry Gulliford, Roy Young, David McLoughlin, Lyle Honegger, Richard Blundy, Dick Doran. Buzz Davis Back Time for acflon ?l'E""""5?5?l gal n IM llllilill LeRoy Steidinger Tackle Coach Gardner Dan Fol lmer n Backfield in practice 'v- Jerry Gulliford Tackle John Honegger Guard Edward Sclwrof Guard Lmernen demonstrate blocking Game nnglraf Jerry Honegger Ba ck 11'-. Dick Doran Back Jimmie Jacobs Team fakes cailistlnenics Tom Stephens Back Manager Don Spence Back fl' Eskimos strike pay 'fi 5 dirf X' I Q ., 'ig' . .- . ,. ,ga- 05 4' 6 M' 5 'Li A ' ' . .1 L ,gi 1' A John Hornickle Guard Coach Raley Ronny Coyne Guard 1 2 w - Q - , .-1-1-19:05 Q: 2:33-r L-Q i fi-,,,. , I . e . 51 ' , 3 el I A-:3:.n.-- J V - --,L--3--0' i""",, F llif-. ff' , 'V' ,-'f 'F fp-srf.f.',, .,,.,,:. wk., - s : .1. V V , .. 1,133-niigfflrvk s.3,?'5vz5-sig., ,.- gp. , , ff F ' Q0 ,:w.g'17L.5,2 , ,luv-f'.:Am.2 50" Z.. li' f" s' Uninlafg A small but determined Eskimo team got off to a successful start in the l95l football season and were victorious in their first three games, but hit a setback in the latter part of the season when they were able to squeeze out but one victory in the last six games. They ended the season with a 4-5 record. Probably one reason for these losses was the fact that an early injury to fullback David McLoughlin weakened the team's backfield, although Roy Young, a tackle, moved to the fullback spot and carried out the task nicely the remainder of the season. ln the Chenoa and Gridley games the Eskimos played much better ball games than the score indicates and the Eskimos were very much in both games until breaks in their op- ponents' favor enabled them to score the decisive touchdowns. Senior Members of the squad who will be greatly missed next year are Captain Lyle Honegger, David McLoughlin, Ron Crane, Clyde Koehl, and Dick Doran. Don Kemp, who moved at mid-term, and Rich Blundy were among the players selected on the V. V. Conference all-star team. 7 eaaon if MCU? Forrest Onarga Forrest Piper City Forrest Heyworth Forrest Saunemin Forrest Herscher Forrest Chenoa Forrest 27 Cullom O Forrest 20 Gridley 40 Forrest 0 Fairbury 26 Forrest l Chatsworth- postponed, weather 52 'U 'NB X-kg ol! 'X Wi' 5.- 'W i--' Q. Lyle Honegger--guard Buzz Davis--guard WI' ',32 if! i is David McLoughlin--center 54 Jerry Gul I iford--forward .5953 Cow LQ ,S 'N f wx 25 1:1 ,.. T , L.. Rach Blundy guard 9 'ry 9- wg W ,. 'Q ' I aaa F 25 ' -, 1,5 - l - ' - A K 11 x Az' x ggi- P J Y A .nv , - X V! X 1 V, JN1 nk 6fB5ALC5 M G D 5 f X3 f I 'L J . f , .J 7.4 Nui 9 XX!! a 'PS ..- -.1 n fivllih' 'I 1' 'qi w-d - b -- --,-- --V-Q -- az-v --nm-gzwl '4- F' 'lf' .KW 3 I I , QRREQK IA 1951 Nov. Dec. 1952 Jan. Feb. 1,14 iv' lfgazzzg, A "1 6 v I FRONT ROW: Bill Skinner, Donald Spence, Jerry Honegger, Ronnie Metz. SECOND ROW: Danny Follmer, Ralph Gee Jerry Gulliford, Roy Young, Eldon Waibel, Buzz Davis, John Homickle--Manager. THIRD ROW: Wayne Raley--Assist ant Coach, Tommy Stephens, Duane Beal, Ronnie Coyne, Jimmy Jacobs, Larry Wenger, Guy Gardner--Coach. Piper City-H Pontiac-T Onarga-T Chenoa -H Cullom-T Kempton-H Pana-H Chatsworth-T Saunemin-H Cullom -H Piper City - T Fairbury-T Kempton-'I' Fairbury-H Herscher-T Lakeview-H CChlcagoJ Chenoa-'I' Onarga-H Saunemin-T Chansworth-H 'Victories Varsity FSW SEASON Varsity Opp. FSW 35 77' 49 59' 32 59' 31 56' 43 45' 35 59' 55 41 23 56' 49 70' 35 34 31 74' 32 69' 21 77' 40 68' 41 67' 48 54' 43 46' 54 67' 39 65' 48 63 Won 18 Won 19 Reserves V. V. Conference Standing--First. 0591112 Ban! Reserves Opp. FSW 22 45' 25 40' 2I 40' 27 44' I7 41' 1 3 67' 42 43' 16 45' 30 56' 26 56' 45 47' 17 44' 16 56' 37 68' 24 45' 43 52' 42 45' I5 44' 3' 53' Lost 2 Lost 157 TOURNAMENTS Forrest 6th Annual Holiday 1951 opp.Fsw Dec. 27 Fairbury 38 68' 28 Gibson City 45 66' 29 Octavia 52 79' fChampionshipJ Vermillion Valley 1952 Onarga Jan. 8 Chatsworth I8 80' IO Onarga 39 64' II Cullom 44 60' fChampionshipj Illinois High School Regional Gardner Mar. 4 Dwight 37 65' 6 Wilmington 28 65' 7 Braidwood 49 53' fChampionshipJ Illinois High School Sectional Kankakee Mar. I3 Rantoul 53 62' I4 Kankakee 67 54 'Victories 'B-'N 0615011 5 With the return of all of last year's letter- men, the experienced Eskimo cagers were determined to make another state bid this year . The Eskimos entered the regional tournament at Gardner and won their fourth regional title in six years. They defeated Dwight, Wilming- ton, and Braidwood by scores of 65-37, 65-28, and 53-49 respectively. The team then advanced to the sectional tournament and dealt Rantoul a 62-53 licking in the first game, buttheir bid fell short inthe finals ofthe sectional when they were defeated by Kankakee 67-54. The Eskimos just didn't have the height to cope with the taller Kankakee five. The Gardnermen were defeated only twice in regular season play--by Pana 55-41, and by Cullom 35-34. ' .Sfwffgkf The team won the Vermillion Valley Con- ference and took championship honors in both the V. V. Conference tournament and their own Holiday tournament. One of the top victories of the season was the trimming of Lakeview high school of Chi- cago by a score of 54-48. Lakeviewhadan enrollment of 2300 compared to FSW's I32. Rich Blundy, Lyle Honegger, Ronny Crane,' David McLoughlin and brother NeilMcLoughlin rounded out the first five and Jerry Gulliford and Buzz Davis were the first line substitutes. The Eskimo reserves had an even better record as they were undefeated in l9 games. Eldon Waibel, Ralph Gee, Jerry Honegger, Dan Follmer, and Ronny Coyne featured the reserve attack . 58 ?i ' KJV 4f f? x il . lx 1' If '. ...Y f'1 O l 1 U for xv ,,L,f' QE. V 1 5 V.-L ,5't . ,gd I 1 D x. E-- .kw - ' QV " . 'Am,,:..-xJ' .X ,Q ' Li" V' :V v 1 - I ,-,ill Ja 19 K sk. Qs I 1 1 0 ' 1 i' Q X . -I-!f,'IlTb"TQ 4 -'.., . L 5s 5 " ' .., Q3 Q su! F J, O gn 5: 4 -4.- I 'Q I " ' Q 1 Af' i.' rt .A . ' kj -.line W, 3, ' , -' 1 We 9 i l 5 4- 9.g,,,3: , , O"-imc , I -1 . - ls, w 1' fs- f 1, If-A 1 " i -- ll' .I ,01p,'f-ff25f"'- ,Jef-"71alg Roy Young--Mile Run Ronny Crane--high hurdles Morris Huette--Discus J 5-"ac 15 I Q9 " . , -4 I A- David McLoughlin--l00, . 4 220 yard dashes TRACK RECORD .0 y April 24 Af Saunemin 4 Saunemin 64--Forrest 47--Chatsworth 37 L Honegger lst, Low H. 5 lst, Broad J. 5 Tie lst, Pole V. 4 Tie 4th, High J. lf2 14112 R Clundy 3rd, 100 2 2nd, ll0 LowH. 4 'lst High J 5 ll L TO R BOTTOM ROW Ixmmle Jacobs R Gee 3rd, 220 ' 2 Eldon Wa1bel Dona1dSpence Ronald Metz 4fh' 440 I 3 Dan Follmer Larrywenger Charles Kamm R Crane lst ' 70 High H 5 erman TOP ROW Ronny Crane David Mc , . Tie 2nd, High H. 2 lf2 4th, Discus l 8 IX2 D Follmer Tie lst, Pole V. 4 2nd, Relay 3X4 4 3X4 R Young 2nd, Mile 3 3 L Wenger 2nd, Relay 3f4 J Honegger 2nd, Relay 3X4 R Metz 2nd, Relay 3X4 -2X4 47 1' x :li at Rich Blundy--High Jump H .Jqt ,UL FRESHMAN RELAY TEAM--FRONT ROW: Jerry Honegger, Ronny Metz. BACK ROW: Charles Kammerman, Dan Follmer. 2 f f Eldon washes-- .. 3' gb High Jump X li 7 Lf, :xg g y A ,xg 9.1M Y 1, 4' 1 gg 7 R Lyle Honegger - - Pole Vault C 4 Loughlin, Morris Huette, Roy Young, Richard Blundy, Lyle Honegger, Ralph Gee, Jerry Honegger. Q Z Cul lom Herscher 62 Forresf 45 Saunemin 30 Cul lom 27 D . McLoughl in L . Honegger Crane Huette . Blundy R. M. R . Waibel . Young Kammermann . Metz . Follmer 63 - E R C . R D J Honegger We vv' 'K I ,QA ... 1, I if In 'u ...A TRACK RECORD V. V. Conference Track Meet April 28, 29 Piper City 25 IX2 Onarga I2 lf2 Chafswoth 7 Kempton l 151, loo 5 lst, 220 5 I0 lst, Pole V. 5 lst, Low H. 5 2nd, B. Jump 4 I4 2nd, High H. 4 4 4th, Discus 2 2 lst, High J. 5 4th, Low H. 2 7 4th, High J. 2 2 4th, Mile 2 2 2nd, Fresh Relay l 2nd, Fresh Relay l 2nd, Fresh Relay l 2nd Fresh Relay I 4 I 45 .1 1 ! If f . li I Qx gi uf x' X f- x 3 , 3, 1 .5 x53 "rl-3 'j f , Q fe-. ' A I R C J' , Richard Blundy David McLoughlin ogg Baglne , f' Shorfstop lst Bose Dick Doran 1 Pitcher df 44 Ewega K A, XX QURREQ X 1 17' , 3 wi Dan Follmer A A 2nd Base .,i 'J Lyle Honegger 2nd Bose-Catcher Ji K9 L' Duane Beal Outfielder b4 Z , afar Jerry Honegger 2nd Bose X Bk' 'J Yi R' nz .fs 6 ' 'ba' L:-Nl 5, . V -C Jerry Guliford Carl Short Clyde Koehl Outfielder Outfielder Outfielder qua L. TO R., BOTTOM ROW: Duane Beal, Carl Short, Dick Doran, David McLoughlin, Richard Blundy, Ronny Crane. TOP ROW: Tommy Stephens, Clyde Koehl, Ronnie Coyne, Coach Gardner, Lyle Honegger, Dan Follmer, Jerry Honegger, Jerry Gulliford. .2 Ronnie Coyne Outfi elder 65 .fl V X 'se 9' .1 Tommy Stephens Outfielder John Honegger Outfielder I Buzz Davis Catcher Foirbury Onorgo Melvin-Sibley Piper City Pontiac Lodo Onorgo Melvin-Sibley 50526641 .Sudan Aprl116 1952 There Moyi 1952 There Moy 6 1952 There Moy 9 1952 Here Dlstrlct at Mel May 13, 1952 There May 14, 1952 There Moy 20, 1952 Here Postponed May 22, 1952 Here Postponed 66 FSW FSW FSW FSW FSW FSW FSW FSW Pflllg CSZQOPL5 Nuneteen boys whuch uncluded sux uunuors fuve sophomores fuve freshmen and three senuors reported for track for the l952 season Due to bad weather condutuons the trackmen were able to partucupate un only two meets The furst was a truangular meet whuch uncluded Saunemun Forrest and Chatsworth on Thursday Aprul 24 at Saunemun The Eskumos paced by Lyle Honegger who captured three events the ll0 yard low hurdles the broad lump and the pole vault racked up 47 pounts for second place un the meet Ronny Crane copped the 70 yd hugh hurdles event and took second un the hugh lump Ruch Blundy placed furst un the hugh lump took second un the ll0 yd low hurdles and placed thurd un the I00 yd dash Ralph Geeplaced thurd un the 220 yd dash Roy Young took second un the mule run Danny Follmer copped second un the pole vault and the freshman sophomore relay team placed second Saunemun won the meet wuth 64 pounts and Chatsworth placed thurd wuth 37 ln the V V Conference meet at Cullom on Aprul 29 the Eskumos racked up 45 pounts to take second place honors Davud McLoughlun and Lyle Honegger led the Eskumos each wuth a paur of fusts Davud took the T00 yd dash and the 220 yd dash and Lyle copped the T10 yd low hurdles event and the pole vault Ronny Crane took second un the 70 yd hugh hurdles and Lyle Honegger placed second un the broad lump Other places receuved by the Eskumos were fourth places by Roy Young un the mule run Ruch Blundy un the ll0 yd low hurdles Eldon Waubel un the hugh lump and Mauruce Huette un the duscus Herscher won the meet wuth 62 pounts BASEBALL Fufteen boys responded to the call for the furst baseball practuce on Aprul T5 The Eskumos were scheduled to play un sux games However theur last two games were Canceled and the team wound up wuth a 3 3 record un both scheduled and tournament games ln the openung game of the season on Aprul 26 the Faurbury Tartars edged the Eskumos 2 l un a tught pucthers duel Thomas from Faurbury putched aone hutter whule Duck Doran Eskumo putcher gave up only two huts ln the second game at Onarga the Eskumos fell 6 4 when raun broke up the game un the fufth unnung The Eskumos got two runs un the second unnung and mauntauned a 2 0 lead untul the fourth unnung when the lnduans poured across fuve runs to take a 5 2 lead In the fufth unnung the Eskumos got two more runs but Onarga un theur half of the unnung tallued one more before the game was called After losung theur furst two games the Eskumos got un strude and hut a wunnung streak wuth three straught vuctorues Theur furst vuctory was a 9 5whuppung of Melvun Subley on May 6 and on May 9 the Eskumos nupped Puper Cuty 2 l Next came the dustruct tournament at Melvun Subley on May I3 and the Eskumos dealt Pontuac a 4 l setback untheur furst game They then lost to Loda un theur second game of the tournament and theur funal game of the season 9 7 Return games wuth both Onarga and Melvun Subley were canceled 67 I I . I I . . . . I I I I ' I I - I I - . . I . D I . . . . 5 I F ' . . , . I . . . , . ' I . . . . I ' I I The Eskimo freshman-sophomore 440 yd. relay team annexed second place. ' I . . I . - ' ' I I , . I - I . I . . ' ' ' I I 1 C " I X WX 51,5 M W 5151124562 SLQW X wt gl'6l6l0 olledfn 3 CCQl0t ealaonar L mfg l a e to learn to help others Grade pupils begin at an ear y g and to promote safety. ln later life this will be an asset to their community, as the young adults promote the more important phases of public safety. m ,H ' 1 f-, A s ' 5 I .A S uf 'nk f . .-... . i , .Ass 1 . of I .. -. sr, .-.-044m wahnngy Mjg. ,Pyro M U 3 1.06, ' , 4"F-N., 'Q . 5 .- .. , A '- . ,aka gf'-Q. ,x x. ' ' Y fr' - ' -324 ,, . Q , . , X-, -. "'.,. 1. .- V VM qqf' .- 4 any Ng if uv-Lv -sg " 'Ka 1 . x 42: f 's ,. 'K 19 ,.,- f .cg .Q 'YU' -535- -at S- 70 E. f"'- 'Ui s.,.-ve' git, e51f,,,,,f Vera Gullberg Strawn prlncupal 3 and 4 Ruta Kurtenbach Forrest 4 Cathernne Kurtenbach Strawn 7 and 8 Odette Sanger Strawn I and 2 Helena Franey Strawn 5 and 6 Evelyn Saathoff Forrest 1 Ruth Kennedy Wang 4 and 5 Erma Veatch Forrest 5 1755 - 4. .1 4 ' f Q K5 C ' fn , fv- D f Q u ,ew W ,S 7 Q- 'Tx 0. gk ' -S M 1 .. 'X . "s. ,ll af. .4 -. if ' ' -- 'G I acuhy memgerd Marguernte Osland ng I 2 Wayne Raley Forrest 8 Wanda Jacobs Forrest 2 Lula Ferguson Wing prlnclpal 6 7 Cyrll Allen Forrest prnncupal and Physncal Education Ellzabeth Hoke Forrest 7 Fern West Forrest 3 Hazel Barclay Forrest 6 iQ V515 'T h-Q 2 K3-r' fvwb ..... V ., - 1, ,.f-,rv-' K . 's .,, "3-S Sryggf- Y. , 4 X . 2 4' ii ' Q:-Q4 a uf Tif , 21, L4 - N n 4. 1 1 ' f if FRONT ROW: Peggy Metz, Ann Bowen, Ruth Jupin, Sherry Martin, Shirley Koehl, David Leenerman, Donald Fehr. SECOND ROW: John Plattner, Diane Kammer- mann, Dean Rosendahl, Yvonne Folwell, Larry Ryan, Janice Bachtold, Ricky Wince. THIRD ROW: David Leath- FORREST PCL Q jiraf Q2 WING FRONT ROW: Marlene Bach, Richard Brown, Linda Babbs. SECOND ROW: Jim- my Stephens, Mrs. Marguerite Osland, David Miller. THIRD ROW: Helen Stork, LaBeth Metz. ers, Judy Davis, Wayne Metz, Gayle Martin, Kathy Haab Helen Schaffer, Edith Gooch. Mrs. Evelyn Saathoff. ABSENT: Joyce Barber, Vicky Sue Metz, Vicky Tornow- ski, Barbara Tyler, Barbara Haas, Marie Warder. STRAWN HIONT ROW: Richard Rieger, Wayne Ifft, Mary Wilborn, Karen Lehmann, Mary Aellig, Robert Mueller, Bobby Martin. SECOND ROW: Robert Manahan, Marta King, Maxine Marlin, Eldon Haab, Linda Goembel, Joan Honegger, Jean Andreae. F51 3'-if is Ning: Fx S t.4,44g'q1vg"3,9Q C n Q 4 rl? . sg-if + -M-'J V gf, l Y FORREST FRONT ROW: Barbara llildreth, Duane Nussbaum, Gary Luttrell, Robert Beckhoff, Linda Davis, Betty Gooch, Eliz- abeth Coyne, Rita Leenerman, Jwhnnie Vaughan. SECOND ROW: Darrell Embry, Lena Bracken, Earl Steffen, Billy Haab, Verna Bachtold, Paula Lu Kaisner, Danny Craig, Connie Day. THIRD ROW: Evelyn Seegmiller, Gene Mus- Qu xl' STRAWN FRONT ROW: Marcia Davis, Johniy Moore, Ronald Rieger, Charles Farney, Richard Bachtold, Gerald Farney, Carol Baker. SECOND ROW: Steven Hallam, Sharen Ben- way, Larry Manahan, Bonita Ellis, Nancy Pretorious, Karen Benway. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Odette Singer, Richard Ausili, Charles Goembel, Paul Lanz, Marcia Stein, Duane Martin. QCOII 4 Q4 49 selman, Larry Garrels, Robertlrlacker. Alice Bowen, Alice Steidinger, Lynne Kinate, Gary Lee l-laab, Mrs. Wanda Jacobs. ABSENT: Mary Ricketts, Carlous Turner, Kenneth Trombley, Jerry Endres, Janice Goodpasture, Benny Wat- son. I ,rm ' I 8 wg y . WING fW"g rj .9- N r' l tv D 5 fi . 4 FRONT ROW: Janet Brown, Charles Cole Susan Gardner. SECOND ROW: Lois Reed Janice Fellers, l-laroldStoller.THIRD ROW Mrs. Marguerite Osland, Robert l-loke FORREST FRONT ROW:Susan McWheieter, Mildred Bachtold, Ron- dra Edwards, Miss Fern West. THIRD ROW: Diane King, ald Walker, Connie Anderson, Jon Merritt, Earlin Anliker. Donald Tornowski, Roberta Bachtold, Joy Masters, Joann SECOND ROW: Douglas Farney, Sammie Honegger, James Jupin, Otis Leathers. ABSENT: Mae Meenen, Eunice Fehr, Gulliford, Curtis Kammermann, Marlene Merrifield, San- Ronald Haas. . ' f ' S .... J , 1 , ,,, , A' J f ' L11 ,,., 5 2- -wa .- . , , 3 . I. QV l ' y , 1 ' lwcli Q? '5::j9?f4sSw fs fiifi' la"'ivxfiQ. - , ' f ' 7 ' ' " Ls- 'J .,-N,-'g"fi,,24 ' . ,fa-S: : 'gg 4 W ,. 5, I . -1 '+ Q ' 1 , f "1 R A It 13 ' "" T f1llllI -I l STRAWN FRONT ROW: Raymond Bryant, Carolyn Moore, Barbara King, Steven Rieger, John Houck, Jerry Wilborn, SECOND ROW: Wayne Ifft, Fred Aellig, Donna Benway, Joyce Kuntz, Robert Stevens. THIRD ROW: Miss Vera Gullberg, James Farney, Arthur Ausili, Barbara Rinkenberger, Dianna Far- ney, Jackie Honegger, Joseph Keeley. WDXIG FRONT ROW: Janice Honegger, Beverly Horine, Lou Ida Kaisner. SECOND ROW: Vernon Schrof, Virginia Moore, Marilyn Schmidt, Wayne Stork. THIRD ROW: Ted- dy Reed, Mrs. Marguerite Osland, Mary Alice Horine, libs? iff. , 1 . 5.2 'fn ' 'F 1 'V ii' fu fl All 1' 1 1 -, ov ,xf fl, fri! Vg ., - I .- 'Q 4 . . Q , 1 I , I m I I . C Ig, x- Y,,,i 1 I - Vi' .wi ul Ie: 1 1 . 5 w L, , . , , 1 M lr , , . ' "" , 's li X , V s an if 1 K I , , FRONT ROW: Herbert Bachtold, Clifford Kinate, Larry Whitfill, Shirley Fellers, Dennis Koehl, Richard Todd, David Bachtold, William Craig. SECOND ROW: James Crump, Linda Rieger, Carol Waibel, Kenneth Kaisner, Joseph Steidinger, Jean Ann Martin, Peggy Monahan, Miss FORRES T Rita Kurtenbach. THIRD ROW: Judy Edwards, James Hon- egger, Mary Lou Hall, David Franklin, Geneva Warder, Wilda Leathers, Toby Day. ABSENT: Jerry Bachrold, Lynn Todd, Mary Edwards, Dennis Franklin, Robert Gillespie, Betty Jo Lindsey, Nicky Ricketts, George Trombley. ourf J Pa 2 1 STRAWN FRONT ROW4 Roger Read, George Bradley, 'i X WIN G Helen Aaron, Brenda Honegger, Robert FRONT ROW: Jane Miller, Julia Brown, Roth, Jerry Broquard. SECOND ROW: Harry SECOND ROW: Marjorie Brown, Thomas Sohn, Annette Sutter, Joy Knauer, Patricia Gardner, Maribeth Ebach. THIRD ROW: Farney, Russell Schneider, William Mana- Lynne Brauman, Mrs. Ruth Kennedy, Bon- han. nie Metz. ABSENT: Julia Brown. :AN -A 2 I ,Q 'Q N - Y . , , ' ' N ' ' ' V N- fra- " d l ' ' ' ' - 'ff Q Q. 4.x 1 h yn., A A I , L ' fx I N , v ,tvs I TH args if FORREST FRONT ROW: Joe Steidinger, Andrea Hlavas, Glenn Todd, Mary Faye Hanshew, Kay Masters, Alan Metz, Charlene Jerry Nussbaum, Leon Follmer. SECOND ROW:Joyce Davis, Kammermann, Larry Luttrell. ABSENT: Hinda Lindsey, Clarene Coyne, Jerry Bracken, Sammy Terrell, Gene Josephine Warder. Hardesty, Gerald Ambry, Mrs. Erma Veatch. THIRD ROWr ..., A . -Q' STRAWN FRONT ROW:Arthur Metz, Donna Mueller, Della Marie Baker, Elmer Lanz, Beverly Ellis, Magdalene Goembel, James Aellig. SECOND ROW:Shirley Bryant, Billy Deck- er, June Brikner, Rosanne Keeley, Beverly Anliker, Doris Ringler, Eddy Stevens, Nancy King. ABSENT: Janice McNutt. Ol Q msg. SMA Qu Q 'W-'I l . I ,U 'fx I 1 ' 4 5,0-' 9 ' W .. .--f 1,1-K' -gg-A , V , -fs, A F 4 I-I ' 1 R , R- p WING !- l. 'ef in 2, ' , Q FRONT ROW: Ann Miller, Larry Kaisner. - as SECOND ROW: Mary Carlo Hirsnein, Lloyd f s Q Honegger, Mary Beth Head. THIRD ROW: 'fd "fi ' Paul Blackburn, Mrs. Ruth Kennedy. ff., ,ss Om: 3 v 1' f X f 1 , -rs -- :"' ' - v" Q, ' wikis Ill 484 X FORREST FRONT ROW: Jane Lindenbaum, Larry Jupin, David Crouch, Robert Hammer, George Bowen, Edna Steidinger, Gordon Honegger, Jan Craig, Roger Farney. SECOND ROW: John Schrof, Keith Rieger, Gaylon Bach, Carol Hodgson, Loren Hodgson, Miriam Bachtold, Nancy Wallace, Sharon Bach- told, Louise Gooch, Mrs. Hazel Barclay. THIRD ROW: Charles Merritt, Francis Hanshew, Edward Fincham, Don Goodpasture, John Beal, Nancy Honegger, Lynn Anderson, Jack Moore, David Farney. ABSENT:Suel1en Cunningham, Marilyn Kyburz. - IQ Sxf , -u , Mllllg' . ,,,,,yA x, YNY STRAWN ROW: Randell Moore, Wanda Kief- , Ronald Moore. SECOND ROW: Jackie nkenberger, Beverly Shive, Celia Kuntz, y Kuntz. THIRD ROW: Miss Helena ey, Eugene Bachtold, Carol Goembel. J A rail 1 I s. ., 1 . z i ga e M. ., 9 u WING FRONT ROW: Janet Kaisner, Henry Stork, Barbara Schmidt. SECOND ROW: Edward Reed, Phyllis Caughey, Mary Kay Mona- han, Robert Caughey. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Lila Ferguson, Albert Sanders, Gary Brau- man, Gene Metz. H ' 17 Ml llll l'1"! l ! I " fwls X f . 15 - .IK 1 I 'QD tl: Z, V 'n Vf' 325 I 1 L1 FORREST FRONT ROW: Roger Bachtold, George Stephens, Karel enbaum, Robert Righter, Marilyn Barber, Mrs. Elizabeth Anliker, Gwendolyn Hippen, Jo Ann Lindenbaum, John Hoke. THIRD ROW: Wilda Huddleston, Dean Parsons, Bachtold, Ray Edward Meenen. SECOND ROW: Marlene Jerry Purkey, Doris Dubree, Donald Custer, Evelyn Stick- White, Marilyn Doran, Shirley Bachtold, Jeanette Lind- els. ABSENT: Junior Warder, Donald Baker, Paul Fortna. - "iQ QUQI1 PCL? vi? 3 . STRAWN FRONT ROW: David Metz, Lucille Sohn, John Kuntz, Doris Bryant, Jerry Roth, SEC- OND ROW: Kenneth Schneider, Jane Mana- han, Wilma Bradley, Maxine Martin, Ken neth Baker. THIRD ROW: Miss Catherine Kurtenbach, Albert Bryant, Mary Ringler, Judith Traub, Joanne Keeley, John Geiger. "'ibQv Nm 7 51,1 WING FRONT ROW: Terry Pitcock, Carol Brown, man, Carol Schrof, Carolyn Metz, Lyle Ebach. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Lila Ferguson, Jimmy Haab, Howard Maurer, Janet Haas. ' C ':,f i' 1 Q.. .'uxp5', -. o. 0 . QIOQ K4 Edwin Stork. SECOND ROW: Ivan Zimmer- ! , f I J I st l :J - 1 55 - 1 N ,I - x N F . f 'lx J F' - lx x X ' ' 5 ' , 7 Q fr 32 .I Y l lf , 'ygxll 'i ' Q, A Qi , Q 4 o ' 1'-as 1 , , -as L. W3 s, lx I ll 9 FORREST FRONT ROW: Junior Davis, Marlene Stickels, Jerry Day, Margaret Fehr, Joan Honegger, Clair Custer, James Har- desty, SECOND ROW: Larry Sohn, Dale Lindenbaum, Glenn Beal, Rozanne Jacobs, Betty Lou Sinnett, Max Moore, Donald Metz, Mr. Wayne Raley. THIRD ROW: N .v X3 A, Sr Q Shirley Kammermann, Rolly Kinate, Charles Baysinger, Sharon Kammermann, Gayland Young, Sue McLoughlon Gene Waibel, Harry Trimmer. ABSENT: Doris Steidinger, Betsy Ann Todd, Richard Steffen, Gary Honegger, Jim' my Garrels, Dayle Cottingham, Clyde Trombley. ag: Q7 fA if STRAWN FRONT ROW: Roberta Kemnetz, Martha Moore, Carol Elliott. SECOND ROW: Wil- liam Goembel, Ronald Steidinger, Duane Schneider. THIRD ROW: Miss Catherine Kurtenbach, John Rath, William Metz. ABSENT: Harvard Bargmann, Ruth Kiefer. 5 if ml WING FRONT ROW: Lena Stork, Robert Honegger, Delores Brown. SECOND ROW: Betty Ross, Glen Schrof, Carol Schmidt. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Lila Ferguson, Donald Stork, James Reed, John Stork. v n K 6' . X , Y h K 43:4 1 Cider Hand FRONT ROW: Marilyn Barber, Karel Anliker, Miriam Bachtold, Nancy Wallace, Mary Kay Monahan, Max Moore, David Farney, George Bowen, Carol Schrof, Gaylon Bach, Gwendolyn I-lippen. SECOND ROW: Lar- ry Sohn, Judy Traub, Jackie Rinkenberger, Maxine Martin, John Beal, Gordon Honegger, Jack Moore, CarolHodgson, Jane Lindenbaum. THIRD ROW: Robert Righter, Roger Bachtold, Lyle Ebach, Dean Parsons, Jack Kuntz, Glenn Beal, Roland Kinate, Jimmy Haab, Betty Sinnett, Marilyn Doran, Evelyn Stickels, Mr. La Coste, Andrea Hlavas, John Rath, Glen Schrof, Don Goodpasture, Keith Rieger, Ray Meenen. If 3 raw' eginnerd , guna! FRONT ROW: Shirley Bachtold, Sharon Bachtold, John Bachtold, David Bachtold, John Schrof, June Birkner, Jean Martin, Ann Miller. SECOND ROW: Thomas Gardner, Lloyd Honegger, Bill Decker, Kenneth Kaisner, Carol Waibel, John Lindenbaum, Evelyn Stickels, Wilda Hud- dleston, Donald Baker, Mr. La Coste, Sharlene Kammer- mann, Alan Metz. orredf WXQJ Clwma FRONT ROW: Sharon Bachtold, Gaylon Bach, Nancy Wal- lace, Jan Craig, Edna Steidinger, Lucy Hlavas, pianist, Louise Gooch, Marlene Stickels, Evelyn Stickels, Wilda Huddleston, Jane Lindenbaum. SECOND ROW: Clair Cust- er, Roger Bachtold, Miriam Bachtold, Marilyn Barber, Doris Dubree, Joan Lindenbaum, Margaret Fehr, Joan I-lonegger, Marlene White, Nancy Honegger, Lynn Ander- son, Carol Hodgson, Donald Metz, Dean Parsons. THIRD ROW: Max Moore, Karel Anliker, Rozanne Jacobs, Jeanette Lindenbaum, Gwendolyn Hippen, Sharon Kammermann, Sue McLoughlin, Shirley Bachtold, Shirley Kammermann, Betty Sinnett, Marilyn Doran, Ray Meenen, George Ste- phen, Mrs. Luetta Cummins, Director. The operetta ln Quest of Santa was presented by the Strawn grades on December 17 Jamce McNutt and Beverly Anlnker two selfish gurls hunt for Santa In vam and are caught by goblms "Bells of Christmas" was presented by F-S-W schools on December lO in the Forrest gym. 82 l'6l Q I'aI'l'l6lflC5 'N Rabbits sung as they hunt Santa In the operetta presented by Wnng CAPTAINS OF EACH TEAM AND COACH Robert Honegger captarn of Wlng Coach Cynl Allen Wrlham Metz captarn of Strawn Gene Warbel captam of Forrest CHEERLEADERS OF STRAWN Maxxne Martln Martha Moore Roberta Kemmetz Iudrth Traub CHEERLEADERS OF FORREST Marilyn Do ran Sue McLough11n Rozanne Jacobs CHEERLEADERS OF WING Carol Schmrdt Janet Hass Delores Brown 83 5520 nh ,-0' FORREST GRADE SQUAD FIRST ROW Jamesblardesty John Beal Roger Bachtold Roland Krnate Gayland Young Gene Warbel Donny Metz Donny Goodpasture Dale Lrndenbaum Ke1thR1eger SECOND ROW Max Moore Junror Davrs Gordon Honegger Dean Parsons Glenn Beal Ray Meenen George Stephen Francrsl-Ianshew Donny Custer Davrd Crouch Roger Famey Coach Allen THIRD ROW John Schrof Jerry Day Charles Memtt Robert Rrghter John Bachtold Charles Bayslnger Larry Sohn Davrd Farney Jack Moore Loren Hodgson Jerry Purkey HEAVYWEIGHT REGULARS Max Moore James Hardesty Roger Bachtold Donny Metz Gayland Young Gene Warbel Ke1thR1eger Mr Allen 84 Max Ivoore James Hardesty Roger Bachtold Donny Metz Donny Goodpasture Dale Lrndenbaum Ke1thR1eger Cynl Allen FORREST TRACK RECORD gppggf Forrest lst Forrest lst Forrest lst Forrest 6th Forrest 3rd Piper Cnty Chatsworth Lnghtwelght Uionkckeel Heovywelght Uionkclkeej County CPontuacD j'ClC ian! Qahtsq fl 5 '-a RW' ,fav ilk? FORREST TRACK TEAM Coach Cryxl Allen KNEELING FIRST ROW L TO R Dean Par sons Jerry Day Davld Crouch James I-Iardesty Jumor Davls Charles Memt Ke1thRxeger Max Moore SECOND ROW Donald Metz Gary Honegger James Garrels Ronald Krnate Gene Warbel Roger Bach told Donald Goodpasture Gordon Honegger 85 STRAWN GRADE BASEBALL TEAM FIRST ROW, L. TO R.: Jerry Roth, Jackie Rinken- berger, Jackie Kuntz. SECOND ROW: Eugene Bactold, Kenneth Baker, Albert Bryant. THIRD ROW: Ronald Steidinger, John Rath, Duane Schneider. STRAWN GRADE BASKETBALL TEAM FIRST ROW, L. TO R.: Harvard Bargmann, Jackie Kuntz, William Metz, Kenneth Baker, Jackie Rinken- berger, James Aellig. SECOND ROW: Bobby Moore, Duane Schneider, John Rath, Ronald Steidinger, Eu- gene Bactold, Jerry Roth. Sffawn l00l'i.'.f sq, Strawn vs. Sibley-26 to I8 in Qu e porla WING GRADE BASEBALL TEAM FIRST ROW L TO R 'Larry Kaisner Terry Pitcock Albert Sanders Lloyd Honegger Robert Caughey Paul Blackburn SECOND ROW Gary Brauman Lyle Ebach Ivan Zrmmerman Robert Honegger Edwln Stork Henry Stork THIRD ROW Coach Cyrrl Allen Donald Stork Glen Schrof James Haab Howard Maurer Gene Metz 'His-I ll! cj 00 QQQIQ The Wnng Grade Basketball team progressed greatly and showed much Improvement over their prevlous years l though they lacked both experience and height Probably the school s greatest achievement In athletics was the wrnnmg of the Unrt Champronshlp rn softball The Blueburds defeated both Forrest and Strawn to take undrsputed frrst place HP x.: I0 WIN WING GRADE BASKETBALL TEAM FIRST ROW L TO R Robert Caughey Terry Pu cock Robert Honegger Edwrn Stork SECOND ROW Maurer James Haab THIRD ROW Coach Cyrrl Al len Albert Sanders Henry Stork Gene Metz Lyle Ebach Gary Brauman If . . . I G - 'fl U Q3 , . .: , '- -.g, 4-Q -li! L.- Inn A Ivan Limmerman, Glen'Schrof, DonaldStork, Howard N I .Q - f ' ' ' ' - 2 ,-1rlci,3C.ll1 if ' ' L WI L ' M '.fy Nc.,l4 . Qs x . er sb Nov Dec Den., Dec an an an an an an Cin 8 8 6 Nov Dec Dec an an e e an 6 6 6 Dec Dec e an Ml JLQEAG K QCOI' FORREST GRADES Heavywenght CPP Fanrbury Chatsworth Gnbson Cnty Fanrbury Gibson Cnty Chatsworth Chenoa Lnvnngston County Tournament Chatsworth Cullom Pontnac Lnncoln Pontnac Central Lnghtwenght Sectnonal Cul lom Heavywenght Sectnonal Gnbson Cnty Cropsey STRAWN GRADES OPP Snbley Snbley Chatsworth Cropsey Ell ot Cropsey Wnng Lnvnngston County Tournament Pontnac Central Lnghtwenght Sectnonal Pnper Cnty Snbley Heavywenght Sectnonal Fanrbury WING OPP Saunemnn Cul lom Strawn Lnvnngston County Tournament Flanagan 88 Lnghtwenght OPP OPP . F. . . 19 ' 11 37 25 . 5 25 35 11 '. 7 ' ' 20 23 29 . 13 ' 15 29 23 J . 4 ' ' 32 31 36 J . 8 27 18 7 J . 17 25 23 33 J . 19 21 33 J . 21 22 33 J . 23 ' ' 20 26 J . 24 ' 36 42 F b. 9 29 F b. 16 ' ' 27 33 F b. 20 20 27 Feb. 21 Roberts-Thawvllle 20 18 . 5. . . 26 ' 18 20 . 4 ' 13 20 . 19 31 10 J . 9 16 17 22 J . 18 1 17 19 9 F b. 7 28 23 7 F b. 26 ' 9 23 J . 19 ' 45 22 F b. 9 ' ' 15 F b. 11 ' 21 F b. 16 ' 29 25 . W. . 10 ' 17 25 . 17 44 19 F b. 26 23 9 J . 19 23 20 if -r 3 Lune Forms Herel Mrs Esther Jessup Larry Garrels and Roger Baker alll! Lal' QPGCIQ 38085 Watch Out Below X 6 F of Soma Working Toward That Pepsodenf Smale Adset Thompson and Herr Attorneys at Law Amerucon Legnon Auxllary J A Folwell Unnt 'I74 For God and Country J N Boch Sons Bunldlng Maternols Quality Plus Servuce Beatrlce Foods Company Meadow Gold Products Bloomington Stock Yards Kennett Murray and Company Buck s Body Shop Repalrung ond Refmlshmg Camera Craft Studuo Offlcual sensor and annual photographers John P Cook Funeral Home Carlos C Thompson Manager Cottnnghom s Cafe Quollty Food and Courteous Servnce Crossroads Cafe A Good Place to Eat Culkm s Funeral Home Ambulance Service Duller Tnle Company Educatnonol Ands Servlce De Vry Teaching Equipment Folrbury Constructnon Company Bunldnngs of Permanence Farmers Natuonol Bank of Falrbury Copntol Structure over S200 O00 O0 Forney s Royal Blue Vlrgnl Forney Mnlt Forney Prop Fred Feldman and Sons Shoes and Clothung Fnrst Notnonol Bank of Fonrbury Serves the Commumty Walllam G Follmer Insure to be Sure Forney Chevrolet Sales Dependable Servnce Forrest Flrst State Bank Your Commumty Banklng Center Forrest Locker Plant Phllup Popeloy Prop Forrest Mnlk Products Milton Kmate Grunert s Service Statlon Mobnle Gas and Grocerles Sidney Harrlson Cafeteria Equnpment Pontuac Forrest Forrest Kankakee B l oom 1 ngton Forrest B l oom I ngton Fat rbury Forrest Forrest Forrest Chatsworth Evanston For rbury Fo n rbury Forrest Fan rbury Fa I rbury Forrest Chatsworth Forrest Forrest Forrest Forrest Peona I I , . . ll Il . D . . . . H 0 0 H I ' I ' l IO Il ' I Manufacturers of Drain Tile , . I . I I ' , ll ' ll ll ' Il , . . . . -I-swarm' N .-ani'-iv' :bf ,Sig oo! guncfrond Honeggers and Company Forrest 4 H Feeds U S Registered Chucks Eggs W E Hughes Pontiac Auctioneer lnternatlon Chemical Company Chicago Dura Seal and I C Finish Harold Jacobs Forrest Your Standard Oil Man since I944 Phone I9W2 Josten s Owatonna Munn Jewelers for Junior and Senior Classes Kankakee Coca Cola Bottling Company Kankakee The Pause That Refreshes Keck s Agency Falrbury Insurance since I893 Kemnetz Chrysler Plymouth King Electric Shop Hot Point Electrical Appliances Ralph Kuntz Garage Sinclair Gas and Oil Lindsey s Sinclair Service Phone 90 Livingston Grain Dean Koehl Mg Livingston Service Company Phil Rleger and William Schmidt Salesman Mac s IGA Store Groceries, Fresh fruits and vegetables Martin's 5 and I0c Store and "Grant Custard Stand" "The Biggest Little Store in Town" Mrs. Louis Meyer Strawn Independent Oil Co. Midway Service Station Wallace and Austman M. Miline and Sons Faarbury "Say it with Flowers" J. C. Murdock Huntington, Indiana "Seal o San" Gym Finish Paxton Typewriter Company Bloomington Office and School Equipment Quaker Oats Co. Strawn and Wing Grain, Lumber, Coal, Feed, Seed Reis Cleaners Fairbury Excellent Cleaning Service Rigsby's Rexall Drug Store Forrest G. G. Rigsby, Local Pharmacist Sauer, Marshall, Seitman Clinic Farrbury School Music Service Champaign Musical Instruction, instruments, and repairs Strawn Forrest Strawn Forrest Forrest Forrest Forrest Forrest Strawn Forrest , .. --J I Fwdijilgyiliil' V L 1 1 6 -A '-7' 1, ,F A: " -lu ll U Q A. - -L . -il' f b l . 1 " ' . ' .j , . .1 . .. , l I fill. ff 5,1 'S' ft U I ' "'A . , ll ,Y 4, I ' 1 ' ' . I r . , . , . II - Il , . I . . . . , . . . , . 1 I ,,....---X -pu-v""""' X Fil r""" J-L, H 5 1 4 'S' ind-if .abd S W SIAOOK Eiffel? Sears Roebuck Company Chatsworth Quality Merchandise Forrest Dr Sentman Falrbury Physician and Surgeon L G Shaddle andC G Shaddle Dentists Stewart s Super Market The Store with the School Spirit Swing Transfer Dependable Service Forrest Forrest Forrest Walker s Egg Grading Station Gilman ll4 ll6 Front Street Whitman Angus MOYVIS Wolf Jacobson lnc Your Chevrolet Dealer Paul Zorn and Son Limestone Phosphate and Gravel Co Editors Classes Carol Sue Rieger Louise Maurer Ethel Mae Walbel S Yvonne Happen ports Nell McLoughlin, Ed. Pontiac Forrest Activities Phyllis Lindsey Kay Llndenbaum Photographers An Editor John Honegger, Assist. Jan Bach Grade School Ed. Mary Honegger Marilyn Zimmerman Circulation Donna Lou Farney Juanita Follmer Adviser Mabel Marlar Beth Tomlinson Joan Marl nn Grade Sports Ronnie Coyne James Jacobs Advertising Roy Wayne Young ,. 1 -3 l ,W Q Hi r' X l - W. ' U , 1 " Q E- Er" -" 1- , ,fx . , , 4 F I 4' , Q 1 .21 -4 4 K 'M""r ' ' 5-fi? 42' -r "2 .. ,. .. V W an li, l . 1 fx A H Q .e.V ki, 1 -' N' I - s A I - -A it ,,.. 'zqatlgwri Tri- Q H l . . . I I ll ' ' ' II , . . - I 'ff xu 14 RSL? IFEX I+ARBOOkS ' MYERS AND CO INC TOPEKA KANSAS o".. :.,:.-: ..o,:0 ,: 9 v 1 N f -X f N I," :. 4 A 4 .f.l .l..'. . ' -2' rm Pa: Mis Cl :U-mm ' O . 'o.9Q 'n I .r . . , , , ,ga W, Wa r 'T - , 'TQ' ww'-'. ' . udihin , I ,., ff , f , " ', . 1 ' K f 1 H' J 2411: A ,Q V ,'f,,,, , Q 1 A' V A - :Ti if 1' ' 7 1 . , I ' ,, , '4 ,':,",,- rg ' , - f I 9 .sl s 1 - ', , ' , 'z"'-:N 5 r I I , 5' l' " 1 -I Q - Adm - A Qi ,, J ' ' ' K., A 4 A ' ' ' L Q " 1 0' 1 ,- V K S k 5' I N" 1 .'- " v 5, 4' 4 In -- ,. I 4, J , , 5 I , ' 5' 1 E -mr, x . ,Et rf 1 35 ' '- T ! x 'f 5 ' '-VV' ' I gelffffd 1- Y A D ' V ., ... ' ,, A U I X ' Q if ii t ' . PM ' ,. , . 1 A . -Q - .Vx ,..- A lc V U- J V ,, 4 . '.L,f 'J"'Q. . 0:4 . A -'X i F 1 - 4 y . ,. . 5,4 3' X. I I 1 , 1 -1 f l , ,-ri1'3'Qf4,--ls? ., ul f ul: I .r" ,Al OC z A ,,-..a-- ,. MM gy: gl A - . ,qs ,i , 5 '9 sq " A G 44 . 'mm 5 I . - O I ., . Hag M- U' 1' V rm VPU' 3 SE . 4 5 . K ,M ,- dvi ' ' fi K sl 1 Q K x , A ,Q V, . 6 5- - -f l 9951-M, 5 . , W ,"'f'F"Y5f' 9- 'mm' 1 5 . "' H Q JPN Q. 5 ' '5 f ,K fix, ., W- 1 , l ,, . 5 I 5 if T4 If Q , Ji' J if +4 A., K ' -T,p. f, A , fn 6 ,, h ii , ff L ki , 'flriff 222.5 8 '?.:ikie',w -- "" ' . f , ' x . f h Q f M, 5 V U f 3 Q K5-,.., -11, .W .1 lm., ' 7,'v'm 9 .- 'K ., I 1. fg f'Y' 1' f Q X 45 v ,W I V .lf X Ab-'Q'?'x--K - K , Qwyiff .' ' x f 4.4 s .,,,ng,1 igqrffn-52 K F , 1. 'fx W 1 k ,W ,,hs

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