Forrest Strawn Wing High School - Tupek Yearbook (Forrest, IL)

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Forrest Strawn Wing High School - Tupek Yearbook (Forrest, IL) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Cover

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Youer' , Joyce uh., 8 4 PHE 'll G Th uuhout the autumn wrnter and sprrng ot every year students rn h1gh al v r he Umted S a es ao tnrouah the rnotrons ot actrvltres that go to r ra e ur a year tn mah Chool ln thrs year FQRRESTER weve trred to put do ml rn tl order ol theu happenmna the thrnas that you Forrest l-hgh School stu rave lone ClllT1l'tCITl'1P sohool vear that rs mst flo rna thrnas that von mmht al rn the ,fears to come when you wrll try lor an lrou to ref apture some o they , Jou new whrle at school Wt t a n mnd we ol the staff pre ent the l947 FCRHESTER to you as a retord a year at F T H 5 Its all here the game the plays the Class DIC d Tp hftfver 1 'rf on very paaf are all o he a soC1at1ons that are ,mu C, r n whlch we mould not put down ln prrnt but .vhrch wrll be even more harte ll ra'ac tllthepa 5. 11 or a l you row Wrth the hope that rt wrll ln me vvords ol an old a rvf to nake rt all Comes hacrq to me now we place rn your hands the r a u ayear worl' th l947 FQRRESTER :schools rl o e 1' 1 Q ' I 1 S if l . ' - U rr' Q1 o . ' . s A . 's ' A a ' 1 re Y 5 ' A . r Y ' 1 dentsr "tr 2' J ,., 4, . . ' wish te ref: l ' ' . r 3 f ,. Y li ' ' . nh h ti r .' Q 5 1 LT 92 . . . i. '. u V ' ,Sl , V r tures the prctures ol those who have been around the school year just ending. An ' wr1ty1:r 4' -ir tl El1Ilf3S t L3 , 3 , ft o s 'ers 'ide' 3 'J rg ' ' J " 3. v1v1d fo you tr. rt h ihgr L23 th r 'J x . aes, .YflS,l'S l"::s1v ' . ',.'l ' sony ser 2 r. e " 5 . ' " ' ,ro 'uot of fs o ,W e ..,. DEDICATION For your sense of humor your cheery smile For teaching and making school worthwhile For your laughing way and yoking lest For encouraging and inspiring us to do our best F or being friendly and dependable Gracious sincere and likeable For coaching our plays and speech And all the other things you teach Forlending us a pencil a book or pin For giving us comfort when we fail to win Correcting Us when we slide the banister rail For spending time to grade our papers And Joinina our parties and wildest capers For your willingness to cooperate And giving us your time early or late For things we are unable to see And rnany things unexpressible in poetry For backina the team and Joining the crowd We cannot help but feel proud To dedicate to you Mrs Hostettler this issue Along with the very best we can wish youl For responsibility to the last detail, Teachmq Enqhsh and La m Ready to dxrect our plays and coach our speakers Mrs Dorothy Hostettler CQNTLNT3 AUTUMN ESWSPRING WINTER X. X x ,l Q i X l v 3 X - 1 , A Q 4 7 'N K 'x ' 1 I N-Jsri 1 f iw 4 BO0K 0NE N N oe ou umrl Hudder In be r root For o d ff de the loader Loon omormq the irur Now the outu rm Clombers And the ro e remembers The dust from Wbrcb rt come Brrgbter 'bcm the blossom On th rose s bougb Sus the wrzerred ororrge Brtter berry rmow Beoury reve slumbers All rs m her Home But the rose remembers The dust from whrch rt come Edna S1 Vmcem Mrlloy BOARD OF EDUCATION FACULTY FRESHMEN SOPHOMORES FOOTBALL HOMECOMING IUNIOR PLAY INITIATION DAY o' flr, t . Sr 'f ,s fr., oses , f Y ' 1 ., ' , s 1 . . T. , r Up the trelhsed frome . , , K3 U ' 1 - 1 - ' 1 f Q ' f BO RD GF EDUCATIO A school must have a board of directors and we have ours These men represent all walks ot life-farmers, professional men and bust' ness men They all take time from these jobs to make our school education possible They do- nate their time to discuss and decide the many policies of the school To these men come all our problems and too seldom the sincere thanks they so deserve They are doing a grand job in running our educational system, in bringing us our teachers, the best of books the pleasure and fun of learning. To these men we give our sincerest and heartfelt thanks Dr. C. G. Shaddle, President Pxcturod below Clark Stanford Secretary Ruebon Metz A P Loomis Burdell Gaxdner I N Bach GuyK Goo 4f K 3' f FACU LTY 1:1195 oN PM 'K r Ybuimess 5 X OMLXNS ammfl UQXVS K- M ,wk DOROTHY HOSTETTLER Eng 15h II III IV Latm E M McWHERTER Chemmstry Bmoloqy General Sc1ence Algebra Geometry HATTIE HEINHORST Typlrcl II B00 ke Omg Qhortiand I Ne M OS met XC 50 X 0 J I O xiiotv YSXCD Qixd gee f' ,rd R TW Hxgw x 502 Q SOOO C0555 M09 J,.wffA, H G SAMARAS Band Orchestra Chorus JEAN SIBLEY Home Economxcsl II Home Problems PhyS1CalBduCat1on 4 I E INITIATION DAY FROLIC Puudont Dolores Dospun Socnhry Dohoria Maura, Vice-pnnidoni Ianni Elbert. Advisor Mn. Sibley U Q LEFT TO RIGHT FRONT ROW Ioanne Helds Ieanette Bargman. DeLons Maurer Delores DeSpam lanet Elbert Wnlma Pansh Helen Rosenberger SECOND ROW Bonrue Roth Leila Tammen Icmxce Nussbaum Ollie Croxvllle Lorame Loomis Laura Womack Dorothy Fellers Betty Koehl BACK ROW Ethel Baker LaVonne Kmsner Dale Famey Donald Zom Tom Keeley Eugene Hanshew Carlos Maller Iune Wallace Patty Behms On September 3 thtrty three green freshmen entered Forrest Townshlp l-hgh School tn hopes of getttng a further educatton The sentor class sta ted the ttrst week off wtth a bang On Frtday morn tng the gtrls came to school tn pcnamas and the boys wore gtrls shorts These outltts were worn all day at school and uptown alter school In1t1at1on was completed at ttve o clock on Ma1n Street Then G , N the whole class walked backwards down to McFarland s grove for a wtener roast X Delores DeSpa1n served as pres1dent of the class wtth the able ass1stance ot Ianet Elbert v1ce presldent DeLor1s Maurer secretary and 53111 Strckles treasurer Mrs Slbley was the sponsor for the class ,VI of 5 .5uA .a Tx Lora1ne Ollte Laura Sue LaVonne and Donald played rn both 'Taz' 1 band and orchestra Bonnte played 1n the band Twelve of the glrls "ml and two ol the boys sang tn the choruses Donald Delbert Dale and Glen represented the class on the gr1d1ron for F T H S Donald dtsttngulshea htmselt by gatntng berth on the ttrst eleven Donald Delbert and Glen also saw actxon on the basketball floor ff The class selected Betty and Donald to represent them on the nfitllludoo Student Counctl Ftve ot the gtrls tned the1r luck tn the speech de partment Bonnte Oll1e Laura Sue and Loratne gave humorous readtngs and Ioanne gave an oratton Iune was the only freshman on the llbrary staff To make some much needed money the class sold hotdogs potato chtps caramel popcorn and pop at several ol the basketball games I . . . I . , . Q ! . P I . - . I , I -I V 5 I . I 1 - A 1.95 SUPHO ORES Advxsox Mus Hemhorsi Secretary Evelyn Kyburz,-President Iohn Huetio. Vice-prelidoni Inman Hallam, LEFT TO RIGHT FRONT ROW Mary Huddleston Slurley Whately Iames Hallam Iohn Huette Evelyn Kyburz Alene Zlmmerman Donna Stlckles SECOND ROW Marlone Whlthll Ruth Wlnte Donna Croxvxlle Patsy Metz Anna Maurer Loxs Crump Arlene Zimmerman Mar lone Honegger BACK ROW Glenn Metz Robert Haab Blll Hoffman George Gee Clxve Foll mer Bertxce Moulton Wayne Famey Paul Purkey Dale Parsons The proud class of 49 elected out of 24 loyal classmates lohn H ette as DVGSI eh hm Hallam as v1ce pres1aent and Evelyn Kybu Z as secretary t easure Mlss Hemhors nelpea them out as class sponsor hm Hallam and lohn Huette managed o NO lc 1nto the speech DIC ure plus tne Ton1c Staff Those blo rung ctf ll' band .were Mary lc Huddleston Shnley Whately Evelyn Kyburz Donna Croxv1lle Patty Metz Glenn Met Chve Follmer ana Da rarsc s Sh le! Wha e y Glenn Metz A Z1mmerman Donna Croxvllle A Zmme mar' Cl1ve Follmer and Dale Parsons were 1n orches a Donna stretched 1 a l1ttle further by tootmg a mean sax W1th a double on clar1net 1n the local yokel s swmg band There NS e e1g1" b ,s a cl 'Nelve gn' s 1 the choruses Sh1rley Whately and Donna C oxv1lle sang solos ana Donna sang 1n the g1rls sextet The rest ot that smooth and groovy IHUSIC you hea s he gl ls tr1o wh1cl'1 we see a a close loolq a sc cnta1Ps Donna lonr Huet e Jun Hallar lx C110 e Ho egae Dc ra Croxv1lle and Ruth Wh1te represen ea m the speech department B11 Hotlrnan kept the balls pumped up and the equ1pment 1n COl"dlllOP 1n the role of manager for football and basxetball squads Bnngma home a few more hono s for the class Nas Cl1ve who made the va s1ty cppmg and was also second h1ghest scorer on the Eslarnos l1 st l1ve Th1s class has really made progress and lS .vell on 1ts way to the top -9 I . : . ' . . . ,, A Q ' " r 11 1 d 11 - , 1 . fr r ' 1st ' ' ' , 5 Y Y , , t , . v , vy Y X , , I . M. 1 l - , , lr " , Z, ' , Y le rl n Lr 'A 11 t l" 5 V '1 1 r 1 X Y 1 AY Q 6.5, , .1 1 1 X ' ' ' - ,- '4 nw Y, ' . V- ,- 1 A. C 11 1 1 1 1. r , li - N 1 Tl t r . " 1 " - - t . r l' ,- ' V o " v, W, rf V- r' v- v- l c 1 1 1 1 , 1 11 1 1 11 11 J 1, ., 5 , , .. , , 1 1 1 1 .12 - . Y r' Y Y. r O l T A . ., , 'a41am,4 f, ag:-1 X 4 FOOTBALL Co captam Don Fortna Coach Roy L Hostettler Co captam Kexth Coleman fn., we Knew? KM Everyone gettxng last rnmute looks over the sxtuahon LEFT TO RIGHT FRONT ROW Delbert Roy Derwood Bam mann Glen Honegger Albert Altstadt Donald Fortna Ioe Hallam Rmchard Zorn Clxve Follmer Iames Hallam BACK ROW Bill Hoffman manager Glen Walbel Dale Famey Warren Behrns B111 Bennett Donald Zom Kexth Coleman Mack Follmer Bob Coxt Bob Wenger Iohn Huette Paul Purkey Glen Metz Roy I.. Hostettler coach 1 , - . Cx' f . J ag Q fix f A I5 if ,f 'XX A , ei instructions while Bob Coit 4'g""' 5 I I I I 18 Ona: c 25 Chonoa 7 Herscixer 19 Cullom 8 Lexmgton 13 Gndley 14 Saunemm 0 Chatsworth The Forrest gr1d ron rtares 'cox turn to tne oet er t rs wear when Coach Fl stetler rnolded get e a el 1an squad f '11cr pr yea tosrah eve encounter they had w'1tn tne opposrtron They trnxshed the r trne season w1th a record ol srx wrns rn erght starts were held scoreless IH only one game capped second place rn the conference placed two 'nen on the all state 1 norable rnent on a a n 1e l1ttle all sto e eexe Tle Esrant s openedt e s as Il 1' Onarga wttl For ra oo1t Donald Zorn and Mack Follmer rn the oacktreld Thrs quartet wrth tune lxne play to pave the way capped therr lDll1Gl start l8 6 Therr scores canoe on passes from all angles of the held Fortna passed to Cllve Follrner lor tne l1fSl score Donald Zorn heaved a lateral to M tck Foll er lor the second and Cott h1t Follrner aga1n for the thrrd courtte Herscher proved to oe the next vtctrm on the Esta os calendar The Red and Black h1t rn the f1rst ttve plays on a pass from Cort to M Follmer tor therr lone score and the sarne play worked for the extra polnt Thls was enough to wln a 7 6 game and tne Eskrrnos tourneyed home stop tne loop standrngs The tollowmg week Forrest played at Leyrngton and after leadrng the Mm utemen 0 0 at halt! me tne root tell IH on th local lads and they dropped the ball game 8 30 Showrng complete recovery from the1r loss of the prevrous week the Esktmos made 1200 Homecorntng tans happy wrth a thrlllrng l4 0 vrctory over Saune 11n Cort h1t Earnrnarn for one tally and then Fortna rtercepted an Eagle In therr next garne t'1e H stettler ladylucks completely pset tne dope sheets mth a stunntng 25 0 Nth over a hrghly touted Chenoa eleven Coleman ran the Redbrrds heads oft ' r two score Fortna ran f' 53 yard rnterceptron tor another and Co1t h1t t nky Mack Forlmer for the f1nal score Th1s N AS the best ,awe of the year 'or t e Esmrnos Cullon' was tre next 1. ct rn o the Red and Btacx grrdaers and they suc d Nll'l F r r ntercepte J ran 1' 8 var s for 51X pornts Cott recovered a mocked lack n tne erd zone tor a second tally and then llll Fotlrne for a tl 1rd score r ley led all tle way nt1l P mate r t a e ' te vea l"1Ql one mmute produced a Forrest touc down ana er a pOlI"l Nl11Cl" gave vvctory to the Cnppled Rea and Black Colennan F 'ra and Bar rrrann tg ured rn the sconng wttn Barnrnann gettng the 1'l1mpor1art extra pornt for the mn Chatsworth proved too tough tor the Fsklmos rn the l1nal ard charnpronshrp game The brggest crowd ot the year on one o the w rs' days ot the year watched the Eskrrros gnt the1 hearts o11t to w n c aw t hrally ose tc the great Bluebxrd eleven 0 13 . K -------- 6 ,-----..- 6 . ,,... -. 5 1, ,...,. . 0 ' ....,,, 30 ' ...,,, -.,l2 ' ,,,,, , 6 .,,., 13 1 to ' 1 . ' a 1r l ' t n' j ' . o t ,1 to E: r n even-rr '1n o L' 1 t zn ' ry rc 11 1 n' one :nan e tr 1 1 12 l ' on 1 loo lflf06'.LQ'f. .E t1,n', 1 1 ETX ' , , lk I i V 9 A F n 11 pass and ran 37 yards for the ltnal score l o . up ' V 'A Y A Y Q I V . . ' , s 1o -s, 1 - F' , . 'a T r ' 1 1. .1 1 h ' ., 1 11' '1 '1 111. f ' ' ' ' - cirrnce ' 1 l1ttle irghi l9-0 'o tn11 d r pass and ,1 .S I d 1 ' 11 r 1 ' G 1d ' .1 " u tne ?11al rin " 11 darn o1tl1 I r, but 1 ' 7 n ' ' .tr 1 '1 . ' ' 11 or1. tx 1 1 - ' 1 1. f 1 1. - 1 A 1 i '1 "o 1 1 ' 1t1' r 1 ":,'u!s"hern1'l 1 hne punter RIGHT HALFBACK MACK FOLLMER A yuruor wrth three years servrce a ternfxc end on defense scored 31 polnts half of Cont to M Follmer combme made httle all state team honorable mentron all state end QUARTERBACK BOB COIT A seruor and retumed veteran passed Eslumos to vrctory place kicked extra poxnts dead ly wxth strong nght arm ha of Cort to M. Follmer combme LEFT HALFBACK DONALD ZORN Fastest Eslamo on the squad only a freshman notable game rn f1rst appearance agamst Onar RIGHT TACKLE GLEN HONEGGER A rumor playmg thxrd year of football tough as they come at tackle notable games against Herscher and Chenoa always ver bally quxet exploswely loud at the tackle posrtxon A semor and as tough an end as seen rn thas sector ot the state always hard as nazls had notable games all year long honorable menhon all state they tned hrs end once each game and then went elsewhere wxll be most sorely mxssed graduate carned ball regularly at Gndley RIGHT GUARD ALBERT ALTSTADT A tumor wtth no football expenence worked to a regular spot always tough to get by 135 pounds ot dynamxte filled gapmg whole nn lxne played almost every mxnute of every game l ' Q lf , . . - ' ga . . . potentially fine passer. ' ' ' I ' l . . . as . ' U I . . . R.. -Nl I I wh ' y e-hj,""',l f' q-, Var-ef-P lk iifyk Q W' MACK FOLLMER Caught agamn puntmg out of danger for Eslamos LEFT END CLIVE FOLLMER Sophomore brother of Mack always worked hard bothered vnnth bad lmees all year op defensxve safety man e games agcnnst Saunemm and Cul om should xmprove enough to be hne end rn next two years DONALD FORTNA semor and fme football player loved the game elected honorary co captam always a ternhc hue backer mtercepted three passes for touch downs 88 yard mtercephon against Cullom most notable seldom a bad pass from center another boy who will be hard to replace LEFT GUARD. IOE Played all of every game except one rmnute a semor 1-En' who loved to hxt em hard took a lot of punishment gettmg ball camers rn thexr own backfxeld wxll never be forgotten after the Chenoa battle. rn whxch he made more tackles than we can count will leave gaping FULLBACK. KEITH COLEMAN A semor transformed from center to fullback most consistent ball carner for Fslamos elected honorary co captam fast cmd explosive ln the bacldleld called the sxgnals played ou standnng games agmnst Herscher Chenoa and Gndley wxll be hard to replace A mmor and converted from backiield man to top notch lmeman. always bothenng opposmg ball camers retummg punts wrth amaung speed wzll hgure greatly rn future Bslnmo plan: hcl, In the lm, played every nunute of every game. xy A t X 1 . . I A at -'g 0 .QM X -t a.. xv V. V Q. - Y, . .fs l ,. 3, I' .ff . . A V 4 ' ' 5 1 8 A . 1 , I - a V fe., VA- - -2 .. 1 , If Q M' vii .4 'fssilqifla .,,,.'f gy-5 ,p k . 4-e v .qw Q H ' . . . fin I I ' - -: 1 , , , ' h . ' ' 'gf f , X ' l . .3 . s -Q A BW- HO One of he rnost successful and best attended homecornings ever held in Forrest started off with a blazing bonfi e at the pep rneet ing on Thursday evening Cctober ll Sponsored by the Senior Class and their advisor Mr Hostettler it took place in the Forrest Park with a'nost everyone there including the faculty the students and the townspeople. After a snake dance around the fire, the group sang the school song, heard pieces played by the band rnade up of about 25 volunteers and under the direction of A G Saniaras, and yelled with the cheerleaders The football team and Coach l-lostettler were the honored. On Friday, October l2, at l2:45 p rn , hund eds iarnrned the streets to witness the opening of the day s festivities, which began with lay Carter and Reuben Metz leading the parade, with the Forrest band of 50 pieces following Behind this carne 20 beautifully decorated floo s ana bicycles The Iunior Class .von first prize and the Soph- omore Class won second prize The Senior girls won first prize in the independents group. CGMING Eight hundred of the onlookers then moved on to the football field to become wild rooters for the suuggk behueen Coach Homeu lers Eskimos and the Saunernin Eagles Forrest was victorious with as0xeofMtoSaumNmns6 in ine evening several hundred auended a dance honi9 p nito 12 with Syl Legner and his l4 piece orchestra supplying the rnu- sic. At lU o'clock Principal A, H. Tomlinson crowned the king and queen wnh appropnam cemnno nes The Mng and quemi who were chosen by an allfschool elec- tion, were Derwood Barrirnann and HazelKoehl The gueens amend- ants were Royalene Metz, loyce Yoder and Los lhnmnan The hngs escons were BM Bennem Kenh Cokmnan and Bob VVenger Capxnn Donaklhomna pmmenmd the queen wuh a beauuhn bou- gurtclroses The gueens aucnd- ants were presented with core sages Thm B one eventdwn wul long he Yernernbered by those who attended JUNIOR PLAY fff' LEFT TO RIGHT SEATED Iollnn Mclntxre Rxchard Zom Betty McFarland STAND Follmer Phyllxs Shambrook Lois Elbert Ioy Rae Karcher ING: Evelyn tienegger, ianet Dweiherrniiler. Albert Altgtadt, Patty Hatfield, Maclt BROTHER GOOSE leff Cbrother goosel Mock Follmer Carol Evelyn Honegger Wes 'lns flockl Rlchorcl Zorn Hycxclntln Belly lvlcl7c1rlcrnd Helen Cwho qU1lSl loy Rae Karcher Peggy Cwho comes to the rescuel Pcxtnclcx Hctfleld Eve Cc Southern charmerl loknn Mclntlre Sarah Co colored rncudl Icnet We1herm1ller Lenore fwho has plans J Phyllls Shcxmbrook Mrs Trlrnmer Col the Wee Blue lnnsl l,o1s Elbert Kcxtlflenne Young Truck Dr1ver Lavho lS plen'y mcrcll Albert Altsladi ITIATIO lnttta ton Day for the class of l95U was held on September 6th The gtrls came to school dressed ID patamas straw hats no shoes and DlQlG1lS 1U the1r hatr The boys Nore at ts s'1o s bandanas make up and no shoes The gtrls carrted a bag ot rags at da and the boys carr1ed dolls 1n thetr arms Both of the new teach ers were mtttated along wtth the freshmen Mrs Srbley dtdnt get to wear any 'wake up o bby ptns tn he hatr all day She wo e an old dress wtth htgh heeled s es a a anxlets Mr Samaras came to school the same day tn old clothes v ttn ms pantlegs rolled up dtsplaytng a brtaht red patr of socks For one whole day these students and teachers were the obtect of the taunts cf other s uaerts They acted as all newcomers do and were very cooperattve IU al' they were asked to do dunng the hecttc day After spendtng the day tn school wtth the dress of the day and walktng backwards all the wh1le as was the rule for the day tne enttre student body and faculty started the1r hnal 1n1t1at1on pro ceedtngs A ftve o clock they al walked to the busrness d1str1ct of the town and helped tn the esttvtttes there Freshmen were requtred to push peanuts down the street 1th thetr noses sweep the street w1th brooms and parttctpate tn pope f rt s fhtle bhndfolded Af er thts Nas over the party moved to the lVfcFarlard .voods for a well needed ptcntc supper of wteners salads and cokes Thus ended another ln1t1at1on Day and the freshmen tn parttcular were especlally happy the aay had ended IHHIK TWO WI TER Prle htgh the hrckory and the lrght Log ot chestnut struck by the blrght Welcome IH the wrnter n1ght The day hos gone In hewrng ond lelhng Sdwrng ond drctwtng wood to the dwelllng For the nlght ot talk ond story telhng These ore the hours thot grve the edge To the blunted oxe and the bent wedge Strorghten the sow crnd lrghten the Sledge Here are questlon and reply And the f1re reflected 1n the th1nk1ng eye So peace and let the bob cot cry Edna St Vrncent M1lloy STUDENT COUNCIL. . . PUBLICATIONS . . . LIBRARY . . . F H A BAND ORCHESTRA . . . CHORUSES . . , BASKETBALL STUDE COUNCIL "sk I-BTTO mam "mln A H Donald Tomlinson Zen' Ben 3 Y K 1, enuce Maursfe fag' Hltstadr Kam es Hallam Chvefg'f:HMau,-8, Dem mer Ood Bam it if ees? The student counctl whtch was revttaltzed thts year after a lapse ot several years has brough Forrest l-hgh another b1t of glory and success Although tt was not organ tzed untrl the second semester the chosen group has qutte a lxst of achtevements whtch they can well be proud ot The restoratton of the student councrl began tn Ian uary by sendtng Eleanor Dettley Lots Elbert and Berntce Maurer to the Sect1onal Student Counctl Conventton to get tntormatton on the organtzatton and work ot a student counctl Class electrons were then held and resulted 1n the freshmen elect rng Donald Zorn and Betty Koehl to represent them The sophomores chose lames Hallam and Cltve rollmer wh1le the tumors elected Kathryn Maurer and Albert Altstadt The sentors selected Derwood Bammann and Bernzce Maurer who were 1r1 tctrn elected by the counctl members as prestdent and secretary respecttvely One of the l rst undertaktngs of thts ne Nlv elected group .vas dra zvtng up an elft ctent ttre dr1ll plan whtch was put rnto use rn tne monthly drrlls Alter several prctc ttces the enttre butldtng could be cleared tn thtrty seconds Next the student counctl bought new records and supervtsed noon hour danctng They took an act1ve part tn collecttng money to the Ma ch ot Dtmes ln March the student counctl sent two dele gates Kath yn Maurer and Betty Koehl to the State Convent1on at the Sherman Hotel at Chtcago Stnce there were many requests for a prom and no actton on the part of the classes the student counctl sponsored a semt formal tnvrtattonal dance rn May Another tn eresttng event was Sentor Control Day whtch brought forth leadershtp abtltttes tn the sentors who acted as teachers Wtth Mr Tomltnson as a gu1de thts group has cnmped from foothtlls to mountatns Thetr work has butlt a toundatxon for future members to butld upon Although thetr record seems but a pebble dropped tn a lake tts npples wtll spread unttl every student counctl purpose tncludmg better student and teacher relattonshrps has been served s --+-err-A-A-gl . ' . 1 . A '., f -- frm, ,- , 1 -w-. ,f...g 'vi T u"' ' , " , ' ,1 g . I : x ls . -7 A7 214 - ,tl : b . , K - L t v ' , K ,. t . . . t . , . V . . X i i . Y v- . L A V . . . . . r .. F . ,, 1 . - , . t . , T . . . . . . . L , 1 1 ' I EWSPAPER ST FF TONIC The Forrest I-hgh School newspaper the FOR RESTER was publtshed every two weeks thts year as usual wtth a stall of workers from every class Not unttl lanuary was the hrst rssue publrshed due to ctrcumstances wh1ch could not be controlled Berntce Maurer fvtth three years expertence on the paper was named edrtor tn chret of the paper and Lots Hursman and Royalene Metz acted as assoct ate edttors Vonrue Strauch was the busrness man ager Supervtston ol the paper was under the dtrec tlon of Mtss H61I'll'lOTSl and Mr Hostettler The staff vvrttes the news a sembles tt makes out aumml sheets and dtstrlbutes the paper under the guld ance of Mr Hostettle Actual publrcatton IS done under the alrectton of Mtss l-lernhorst Other staff members and thetr posrttons are lzsted below Sports Iohn Huette Derwood Bam mann Dtck Zorn Albert Altstadt Mus1c Thelma Metz Lots Elbert Velma l-lonegger Donald Zorn Home Ec Student Councrl Speech Reporters and TYp1SlS hm Hallam Marle Whltflll Ioan Mclntrre Ioyce Yo der Patty I-latheld Elleen Honegger Katheryn Mau rer Evelyn I-lonegger lanet Wethermlller Eleanor Dettley 9 . F-le trftzfm Loxs -Lam L, Hosleulfg ' zglbgrs gow R yovce O pgmsldd' Dfrltigd Bc,,at::::'ge,, Alben Mcufef K Velma vonm hx' DeXoYl5 axene M9 'L Beiw Koe Demelf ROY Mauref' apo! Q , , ff 1 ' ' s if Q? lokes ..,,,,..,, Betty Koehl, Deloris Maurer V X Z5 hu'-'HA Q , I, e Q Y P- x qdj fm v fx vw no Y G N 'Id 'ACVI Q13 nfl fw-1 JL, I'1,1S1L CIAO f"1d ATS 'YF Fd 'Y 1 fl G In 91 ufdfl H91 h,pa G1 fl D 'IRG Z Ciw 'VRIP1 C1 DSI f no 5 on Inn! FD 'W lb l O O D DELAY 1 Q 'vc- ,1 X 1 1 Q 1 V IIC C1 1 Q OxC'l j 'X ' R fl H11 5 11 1 10 Cdfpccf' D S. pub 1 P rx If rw , V' CII L A A 1 I 1 ng mr , 1 O 1' fx rwvw HNHOQ O Y Of' H V Off YYY YW VPU! DQ no Q Q M w P5 TU 1 n S "ln Q f-X W, C1 V P-' V1 12 LU1f1"'O1pO'1' 11141149 W1 G OQ11 N1 U swr fx 'ne stuff 31"1f'G'G y hopes 113 TCfId01'5 gum some sf111:,fc1c11cf1 1.0111 The f1I'11S 12 r F0516- s G hed volume EARBOGK STAFF 'NN -1l1J :- IIIIIII FOR RE ST ER W 6' son Elecmo, D H C anne n Bundy Mm, 'Nw ha.-up in -- 'effler B loyce Y ACK Howe 95" V Ode: Lol Came Sp Mane Vvhjhgfugmqn 52:31 Thelma Mlou Cu leeh H Ce Maurer pew V9l!:gmghCm am 10 MQ one? a Hud ple Ro 991 R H 1 OS O ne99er Al Ahmad! YQ ene Mer z LIBRARY I 'ANY' 1'4" mm not now 'TSB-49'Q 3:01 lo I oi ' UGC GY hr an e WG ,, H un nqhum n 99 mefmu cunt!! yes ne 'Lxm B 594' ,tow H11 jute C. Maw.: dL'Nuu',slo1:: wgntxgormrugi c es 3,116 Leon , 5 ue N1 ROW own, Mah. Hum Wsggnu Cxcxv TO NGK' geqqet safgnc' evuiymgftleft Vehllo gulf' D SN' e Lo s guief no M Xeno Hueile tunes M411 loKYQxur1. ohh Ma? Eqewn Fumetl l W hen forty tuo students were found t b o c mterested tn the ltbrary and 1ts work tt was necessary to devtse a plan whtch would enabl me unng the y a system was devtsed where a ltbrartan was tn charge of the stacks for a school hour durtng a specttted month The ltbranans are responstble I ll or a owtng no one to take books from the stacks unless the book ts charged to h1m The stacks must be kept tn neat order and correct posttron at all ttmes The magazine rack and room are also thetr responstbtltty dtscardlng back 1ssues of magaztnes newspapers and pertodtcals Not only durtng school h ree t1me ltbranans gtve the entlre group of books a thorough checktng at the begtnnmg of the school year and at the close Each book must be checked for cover repatr new s1gn out card date due blank torn pages call number on the cover and four ltbrary cards deahng wtth the book s author tttle stack num ber and content Each day the last hour ltbrarlans check the card flle ot books that are due All overdue cards are removed and turned over to the ltbrary staff sponsors who collect a two cent a day fme from the negltgent student Th 1946 47 collectton of new books was ordered early from the llltnots Readmg Cxrcle of Lincoln Thts method ot purchasmg books approved by the State ot llltnots has met wtth great approval The nme books recetved as awards gtven by the Forrest P T A are presented m the spr1ng Money not spent for current year IS used to order books tn the summer for next year s term Ltbr ln e ucatton and fmds tts place tn the hlgh school puptl s ltst ol duttes ours but also from thetr own f ary servlce ts an lmportant lunctlon d I . .i - W ne oi . -M , t . ' .inf dd lo 4 9 ' M -1. I Cl aut - 2 I . I 3 . k O l X Ui ' 1. L91 ' 'M ' V 'l I a iii' ' ,. M , An H dd 1 . B I ' .l . ' ' e each student to serve at some ti d ' year Conseguentl , ' ' ' ' Q - A . , , . I A rather active group around school is the girls' Future Homemakers of America, more commonly lcnown as the F H A, This chapter is made up of sixty-one girls and their sponsor, Mrs Sibley Last May the officers for this year were elected' Lois Elbert, president, Lois Huisman, vice-president and Leona Nussbaum, secretary-treasurer. There was a program committee appointed who planned the activities for this year. The first on this list was the installation services to admit the new members into the chapter This was a formal affair with games and refreshments afterwards. Then came a chili supper 'strictly for girls, This was held before a basketball game, which everyone attended. They served chili, crackers, an assorted dish of vegetables, milk or coffee, and ice cream and cookies for dessert The annual boy-girl party, where the girls invite the boys, followed this Usually this is another formal party, but this year it was reversed and was turned into a hobo party There was a movie the first part of the evening, which was shown in what was called the barn, The gym had been divided in half, one half was the barn and the other half was the barnyard. Everyone wore old clothes to fit in with this scene There was both modern and square dancing and refreshments, sandwiches, pop, cookies, potato chips, and apples, were plenti- ful, After this, a senior tea was held to bid farewell to friends. A roller skating party was the next thing planned with a slumber or pajama party as the last chapter activity of the year The slumber party consisted of having a good time till the wee hours of the morning only to be wakened bright and early This concludes the pro gram for the year 47 but it will be going again as faithful as ever in 48 one ""' Inu., 'un aug., L. ull I n L I E' Img gut-:qg:::I':0:'nTf:exz'lh'Weisz :naman 0:14:12 DTJJY Arloneggx, Rmb ,, rg!":ld Mn, h Inn Hon. Ow gm " Inn. you ' Gnu 0 H ' roghy 5-""'1l1an M, ' Bak., y 9 tr Lo Y r: '19 ll V G0 'Hof U' Zim 'mea urx Carmen glut: Crumh Dug.. ally B.p::n.C':'1'1la :IZ-q'gu.anq .hnlxll Layaowmgzgn Mu: 1 z Y Edn n a Huddlellon 5:9-1nPhYnIl Sho:mi::":n9 am Tzgcfv Hoyahgz Loomu Ann, I Maurer Mary? Ifhulay W minus: Lqyo ".Vonm, 9 uddlugon 'Y Bun ' dllncr Donna sh! Koch! Ev H013 'IYB Xxxi i 111 uqx l XJ' f -3.1 In h 1 .7 ,I ...7., -1,1 T----.-.., I v- -I1 H ---.I -'-. M . ff ,ghl-Prrlylllp-'.fDo Z' Wh.r.g' 9. . hfplndlp 'OI' ,llf h,M.wAT1funDn . ,Ma- . D.s .I ig ' V h w , . ' - I , . I., ' M' . I . ' h I . an ' 4 H11 eyes are on Drrector Samaras and his hands A N 1-. 1 l 1' , Ml Full band looklng quxte alert for the photographer Lou smxlea as she boat: that drum M Prnndent Vlce Presxdent Secretary Flutes lohnn Mclntxre Yvonne Hxppsn Clannets loy Rae Karcher Laura Sue Womack Carmen Blundy Phyllrs Shambrook Shxrley Whately Phyllis Lxndsey Kay Ltndenbaum Edna Huddleston Alma Lou Croxvrlle Shxrley DeSpaxn Bass Clannet Velma Honegger Alto Saxophone! Pattx lo Maple Derwood Bammann Betty McFarland Carol Sus Rxeger Tenor Saxophone Donna Croxvxlle Manlou Cunnmgham Bantone Saxophone Royalene Metz Evelyn Kyburx Hoyalena Met: Lots Hulsman Katharine Young Comets Lorcnne Loomxs Dale Parsons Dick Zorn luanrta Follmer Paul Everett llmmy Vlrkler lanet Welhermlller Horns Glenn Metz l..aVonne Kcusner Baritone: Thelma Metz Nexl McLoughlm Clive Follmer Patncxa Shelby Trombone: Don Zom Mack Follmer Nancy Parsons Velma Yoder Kathryn Maurer Ronnie Bean Ban Eleanor Dellley Bernice Maurer Patty Mot: Drums Lon Huxlman Perry Vlrlrler Phyllxl Tracy Bonnie Roth Katharina Young Bells Manmba Olho Croxvxllu Mary lo Huddlolton N A .Ili A -f gidfigi , fi 93 y yy I' I' b ' Y , , Y, , . ., CRCHESTR Q., 1 1 rf l,K ar Those trombones shde as Velma watches and Clxve hesxtatea Prelxdent Vxca Prenden! Secretary Vxolxnl Eleanor Deliley Thelma Metz Nancy Parson: Ollie Croxvxlle Ruthelle Nussbaum Delorel DeSpcun Alene Zimmerman Barbara Kxng lan Bach Danny Follmer Vxola Arlene Znmmorman Cello Iuanxla Follmer Donna Croxvxlle Stnng Ban lay Rae Karcher Manmba Loraxne Loomm Plano lolnn Mclnhre Flute Yvonne Hrppen Lou Hulsman Dxclr Zorn Thelma Met: Clanneta Laura Sue Womack Carmen Blundy Shirley Wlmately Saxonhone Pam Io Maple Derwood Bammann Manlou Cunningham Boyalene Met: French Horn Glenn Metz LaVoune Kanner Comet: Duck Zorn Dale Parsons Bantone Chve Follmer Patncra Shelby Trombone: Mack Follmer Don Zora Ban Tuba Bemlce Maurer Drum! Phyllu Tracy Lou Huuman Perry Vukler Full orchestra on dress parade with thexr conductor What are you doxnq that LB wrong? Someone as off key I presume C .13 x- ,' Lmf 'lla '-N. 1.. .,, : ,rj V E1 ,5j'A,' w sn' fy ' Ai the M xo Mgph Sunil! Ioan Mclnm. Pa Rae Kafchu x mo mm Thelma MW 9 c wil' 10" D .na I0 SXTET Eno? Edna Huddlaston n E-lelnox D. pmno Thelma Moi: GLEE CLUBS The vocal muslc department of the Forrest Htgh School was brtlltant agam thts year IH every department Ind1 v1dually and by groups they were supertor on almost every outtng ln the btggest event ot the year for the choruses the annual Vermllron Valley contests both cho ruses alded greatly tn the w1nn1ng of the cham The glrls cl'or l e boys chorus ss tn the contest Other appearances ot these two groups occurred when they sang at Parent Teach ers meettngs the local contest the Trl School Festlval and agam on the Chr1stmas program ln the solo con tests Ioan Mclntlre placed tn Class B tn the soprano d1v1s1on Derwood Bammann placed tn Class B tn the tenor d1v1s1on Ketth Coleman placed tn the Class C f the barttone d1v1s1on o and Donna Croxvtlle placed tn Class B 1n the alto d1v1s1on All of thes pated 1 e people partxct n the local contest agatnst further opposttton Other people who d1d solo work were Pattl Io Maple Leona Nussbaum Shtrley Whately Btll Bennett Oll Croxvtlle and Delore D te s eSpa1n Many of these people appeared throughout the year befo PTA h re such groups as c urch organlzatlons and c1v1c clubs The sextet also made several appearances as d1d the later formed tr1o Thelma Metz dtd much of the prano pla school funct1ons ymg for as well as for sololsts and the gtrls chorus i N-T ea, : I l o l I 1 S ' , . ' I ' ' ' I pionship- ' ' r us p aced in Class A and th ' in Cla B ' . 72 1-EFI' TO HlGHT FRONT HOW A G Samaras Thelma ez px loyce Yoder Velma Honegger uh W e E vx e Iofm Mclnhre Ele Crust Exleen Hone thel a er lanxce N anor ley a an Velma Yoder M g er ussbaum Donna rox uddleston rene mmerrnan AleneZ11nmer w arlone one get O Patty Mefz ane fhll lane! ez emuller Path Io Maple oy ae arc er ane W lf ormne Loorms aurer Berruce aurer Leona u baum ul elle Nu b omaclc Royalene Metz Vonme S anlou Cufllun h nna a Q: aum Ol e roxvzlle Laura ue much ACK HOW Betfy c arlan atncza Be ms g am lune arol a ace vonne rnsner Evelyn one C elores DeSpQ1n hy lzs Sham roolc S tley Wh armen Blundy Delons Maur gger Lois crfe etty Koehl Evelyn er Donna Shclcles IUUIP X A vena m- fR'3B"me'Sc'2,i'3-Gzxiw' To Rl? chvl G Eugene Ge fm am 'Sin-Nfifg Tlx-iw ef ,ye h o ul P' nw' dl AWN' wha mia' u .W Rzxffw 3131. a Bamlinch A b Glenn Nba rwoo U 1 and :agus D2 ywe ber! hh pxdhmlu Bobsiixs RFQYYWY o Demglxl Bemixe Payvdwe of rn. 1-11""'.,x11-16' now W' ROW KF 1 mu, NM :.. . Mf, ' ',' , , .Rr hit. Bk. ' , cg- 9-' 'll, '. Def! .EdnH .Al zf , ' - f' S: fn. . "H g .szscorvnn w: if 0 N4 wh '. ' .1 R K h.M' h'iill.L' UA My 9 ' M , ' M , Nas ,Rh ss .UC '. S -+- w , , 'l .B : MF d,P " h, M' ' , c W1I.Lq K' . H .' . D '.Pl' b .zu ly,B , c , ' . ' . .ai .' . ' .S .ll in 1 CK . xx ' . A., LEFT ' ' gl . pu . BASKETBALL Honorary Captaxn Donald Fortna Coach Hostettler and the Regional trophy J bf! Rv ff Oh whai do they say ln the huddle'? FRONT ROW I.E'l"l' TO RIGHT Bob C011 Derwood Bammann Clxve Follmer Mack Follmer Dxck Zom Donald Fortna Keith Coleman BACK ROW Loxs Elbert Katheryn Young Patty Hatheld cheerleaders Glenn Metz B1llBenne!! hm Hallam Donald Zom Iohn Huette Albert Altstcxdt Paul Purkey Tom Kessler B111 Hoffman manager A H Tomhnson pnncxpal R I.. Hosleiiler coach f"""'5 31 W' F566 Saunemm Chatsworth Dwlghi Plper CITY Strawn Fcurbury Onargcx Sczunemm Cullom Chenoa Cullom Paper Cxty Faxrbury Kempton Herscher Chaisworth Chenoa Forrest Hohday Tourney Fcnrbury Dwlght Gxbson CITY Vermlhon Valley Tourney Kempton Reglonal Tourney Mazen Ponhcxc Coal Cxiy Sectlonal Tourney Marsexlles Alumm Cornell ' ,,,,.v, 41 ------32 ' ,,,,,,u,,, 31 . ' ' ,,.,., .25 ----------42 52 , ' --------33 ' v,.,,... 29 49 ' ,,,,. --,--30 ---------26 32 ' ' -------35 ' - ....,A 38 .. ----------51 ---------37 42 --------37 Shawn ,,..,,,,.. 17 34 Piper City - ,-- --35 ----------46 . 'Y ' H e--f' 27 70 --------36 43 . xfHfYfVfv4l ------H437 67 ' -------50 --------29 -----so ' Anffvf--WS8 48 ' -------67 ' -...----- 31 ----------57 I The Forrest Eskrmos basketball ed1t1on ol the year 1946 47 en loved a ban'1er season as they won 19 games and lost 9 hmshed second rn the1r owr hohday tourney and copped the regtonal tourney at Dwtght to advance to ecttonal play for the ftrst t1me rn 25 years Coach Hostettler molded a qutntet of players made up of two sentors two 1un1ors and a sophomore whlch proved a real threat tn every ball game ot the season Bob Cort and Clxve Follmer pa red at the forwards Mack Pollmer played the center spot and Donald Fortna and Drck Zorn played the guard pos1t1ons The Eslamos opened the1r season at Saunemrn and dropped a 34 41 game to the1r arch r1vals as well as losrng the1r ace guard Donald Fortna who sustatned a broken arm late rn the ball game Returnmg to the1r home court the Eslamos tallred three wms 1n as many starts when they beat Chatsworth 50 32 dumped Dwtght 51 31 and then pasted Ptper Ctty IH a slow ball game 48 25 ln these three ball games the two Follmers Mack and Chve and Dlck Zorn showed a lot of cormg power that had been expected ot them rn pre season planntng Playmg wtthout the servtces ol Mack 1-'ollmer the Red ana Black traveled to Strawn and pasted them 59 42 wrth Cltve Follmer and DlCk and Don Zorn lead1ng the sco ers Next stop for the travehng Esktmos was Farrbury Th1s nlght found the local boys as cold as the1r name and they dropped the1r second loss ot the year to the Tarters 27 29 Returntng home agatn the boy proved the1r worth wrththree great wtns over some very stubborn opposrtlon Mack Follmer made 26 po1nts brotner Cltve talhed 18 and Dtck Zorn aropped tn 11 to lead the1r mates 1n a 69 26 w1n over the Gnarga lndtans The Eagles ot Saunemtn called for the next game and the Lsktmos proved the1r ttrst game loss to th1s team was stnctly a m1stake as they handed the tnvaders a 57 38 shellacktng Mack and Chve Follmer both had btg n1ghts w1th 45 po1nts between them ln the1r best game of the year up to that t1me the Eskrmos took on the Cullom Ramblers and edged thrs team tn the fmal m1nutes ot the game 53 51 The enttre hve Forrest boys showed the1r best form and stamped themselves as a real contender 1n th1s sector Th1s brought the1r record to 7 wrns and 2 losses prtor to the openmg ol the Chrtstmas hol1days The Forresters opened the1r own hohday tourney wtth a re soundtng 52 33 w1n over the same ljarrbury frve that had pre vtously beaten them won the1r way to the flnals wlth a hard earned 49 30 wln over the Trolans of Dwrght and then ftmshecl a close second rn the tourney when they were beaten by the Gtbson Ctty Greyhounds 32 35 A 1 I 1 1 f . C . . . Q 1 I I A . i . . , f f 4 1 f'A- I P . , .1 - 1 f 'I ' v- 1 . , -, Q , ., . . . . . 1 - f 1 1 ,-. . 1 , A . I - ' 1 Traveltng agam to forergn floors the Eskrmos dropped therr fourth game of the year to a sharpshootmg Chenoa team 29 37 Thls was a bad ntght for the Esktmos as they had therr worst nrght at the hoop of the season Forrest surpnsed many fans ln the Vermtllon Valley Tourney when they whtpped the Kempton Red Devtls 42 37 tn thetr open 1ng game and then dropped a close 34 35 game to Ptper Ctty tn the semr ftnals of the meet Herscher a dark horse of the tourney copped the tttle wtth Ptper Clty ftntshtng second W1th the tourney exploston over wtth the Esktmos returned home to tr1m the Strawn ftve runntng up thetr season s htgh total score 72 l7 Drck Zorn tallled 23 polnts for h1gh scortng honors l'l1tt1ng the road for two games the Esktmos spltt thetr two games when they dropped a thrtlltng overttme battle to Cuttom 45 40 and then spanked Prper Ctty the followtng ntght 67 27 ahve Follmer had hrs blggest ntght at the hoop wtth Zo markers for h1gh scortng honors Returnmg home for three more contests the Flskunos showed 'hetr ltlang for home terrttory as they ground out three more tm DYGSSIVG wtns a 62 36 VIC ory over Fatrbury a sweet 57 37 tromptng of Kempton and a narrow' 37 29 wm over the powerful Herscher Ttgers Measles and the flu caught up wtth the locals tn thetr next two encounters and they droppeo a 37 50 game to Chatsworth and then were handed another beattrrg by an alert Chenoa frve SU 58 W1th the tourney patrmgs hsttng Forrest as gotng dtrect to the regtonal the Red and Black took on two more opponents and dropped thetr f1nal game to Cornell 44 57 The Esktmos then journeyed to Dwlght for the regtonal tour ney where they eastly won the1r way to the semt frnals wrth a 70 43 wtn over Mazon The next rught they met up wtth a determtned Pontlac qutntet but outlasted the lndtans wtth thetr hardest fought game of the year and came out on the long end of a 43 4l score ln the ftnal game the Eskrmos htt the hoop from every angle and after tratltna at the ftrst quarter rebounded to wrn ,J 'C ' fx fl y we 61 50 tvtarse-tues was ne ftrst opponent tn the Ottawa Secttonal and they proved too rough for Coach Hostettlers team as they won a 67 48 vtctory Thus ended one of Forrest s most successful seasons but there ts h1gh hope mdeed for next years chances Several under classmen wrth a great deal of expertence should make the vea l947 48 another btg year for Forrest basketball fortunes 4 Y , - V I - 1 v , U A- A . . . . 7 I K5 . V , Y U . split in their games, They walloped the Alumni, 57-Sl, and then easily from a novnt ooal oft" fi' 1 7- . "-'--1"'r t' . . I r IC -1 I I1 I B ,ll I, I , I ,, F , deff' me Sala AN V909 WL Hofyrtvef Comp MP' AGEEO? reg Yea n had ttme 009 ,gall 'fl he X1 U KP' Eqngek 596o"m he X XD qexx tg mo p, .4 an xwogese gli Q gui Q 100' m ako-:cttw wc milfs A G SAMARAS hrs work w1th the bands made ever y game so much the mor enloyuble VIC KING AND E M. MCWHERTEH couple of mvaluuble men who were always nght when scores were to b lh e checked or e clock went on the bhnk Behmd the scenes 1n every act1v1ty there must be some people who seldom step 1nto the spotltght Yet wtth out these helplng nands the actrvtty would fmd 1t hard to exlst So tt ts tn athlettc programs of every h1gh school At Forre t s Htgh thts year there were many such people who hel make such a r P p ogram of athletrcs posstble Btll Hoffman managed both d the football an basketball teams and he was always there when help of any sort was needed carrytng water tapmg ankles handmg o t tor e s poll hmg ball h s angtng up Net sutts and all the other Jobs so numerous 1n the dresstng roo seemed ready to g1ve hrs ttme and effort to make the games a llttle more l1ve1y I-lts v l,f rnustc was always an tnspt at1on to players and fans al1ke At the scorers bench Mr McWherter and V1 Ktng were ever present at the home games They seldom made mtstakes and were always there to g1ve an extra helprng hand Three tumors led all the cheers and they alwa gave hope whe h ys n ope was needed Thetr Job Nas a ftne one B N, ' . . . . Cl V Q . . ,U . , , . ,. . , 1 .. ' ' , ' m, Mr. Samaras always ' I ' ' I V A lf e' ' ' A 'r 'A K X5 . . .. 'c ' if ,nz G'X' ' A ff rf W kpx K - - A ' A2 - -4 A f' . 1 f 169 '- . S ' ' Jos X ' I Y, 6 - om - BO0K THREE So1t1y at dawn a whlsper stole Down from the Green House on the 11111 Enchanttng many a ghost1y bole And Wood song wtth the anclent t11r111 Gosstptng on the Countrystde Spnng and the Wandertng breezes say God has thrown heaven open Wlde And 1et the blueblrds out today W1111am Gntttth SPEECH IUNIORS SENIORS TRACK BASEBALL SENIOR PLAY CALENDAR I-E57 uwsmllo RIGHT th 'Bermce :?0NT Ro I e H Qu een ROSZIOHG TI: PQHY o ut e q e ge 1-o ff X au E Hoszemer Maura li ' SPEECH Izberg I er B ed 111 Benngm Hal?-25159, 1 01,6 gm BACE Q em XV111e L larsl' qtheryn In B Lo ack Doigzmegiofgs fgx Hd C1 CIIHOTICS l'1CIV9 GllCI11'1Ed As four years have prog essed publtc speatctng a new hetghts and heretofore unheard of honors tn Forrest l-hgh School In thxs fourth successful year one addtttonal fteld has been entered that of ortgtnal oratory Donna tton on beve age alcohol Her effort and success car Croxvtlle wrote an ortgtnal ora h local and dtstrtct lvfethodtst contests Fo res' entered s1x dtvtstons ll rted her through t e The lf-lS A Dtst xct contest Nas hel at Gtbson o est had never placed tn Class B as a scftoo out had wo tbbons mdtvtdua y Seven schools were defeated as the Forrest speech department recetved the Class Bbanne One 1un1or two sophomores and three sentors effected the wm Iohn Huette ftrst orator1cal declamatton Donna Croxvtlle thtrd ortgtnal oratton Kath e yn Maure second poetry Eleanor Deffley second SQTIOJS declamatton Berntce Maurer sxth humorous declamatton Blll Bennett second ex1empore speaklng The speech department presentea a play for W S C S emptoytrg the talents of t1enty one atrs and two boys The pagear o e hurd ea years of mtsstons Cnlna was presented The Verrntlton Valley at Ftper Ctty was the last contest for Lots l-lutsman IF humo ous declamatxon E eano Deftley tn sertous declartat on and Berruce Mau er tn extempore speaktng Iohn Huette tn oratton carrted the burder' for the other three htgh school classes Because the Ve1m1l1on Valley Assoctatton changed tts place ment system thts year contes ants were put tnto classes Accordtng to tlus Eleanor L IS tn ftrst john tr' ftrst and Berntce tn second Thts the tropny back to was placed tn ftrst dtvtston o a wt h the rnustc team and choruses to brtng es o stbtlt ,f for such f1ne showtng tme team couple F rrest for the second stra1ght year Much of the r p t d worktng at ou school when the present sentors o goes to lvfrs l-lostettler who star e were freshmen it C1 1,1w..H' vw,hn H .H el 9g,4fb1'., . , . 'El 1 t 36,0 ,ff X ' 'K 1 rqsu. Wo - ,, . 4 ' ' a 4 f . , Y ., ,T . . . - b . r , - 1 .. 'r ' d ' r 1 ' ' Frr. 1 1ll nr' Y' 4 I I D' r'1 r, A ' 1 ', ', ' A g ' ,i , 1 l 5 1, 1, ' ' , I ' ' 1 1 ' ' '1 uf' - 1 gl Q .i, n ' in ,, r ,lt r ' '1 ' 1: t , u ,jo rl 1 V 1. ly . . A Q. . V Q . 1 . -, 1 . , 1 . , I ., . V, A,l. I . 1 , , ,.H.Y Q 1 , . ' r ' r ' H constant twosome among the juniors Preexdent Velma Yoder Vxce preexdent Glenn Honegqer Sponsor E M Mcwhertex Secreiazy treasurer Tom Kessler LEFT TO RIGHT FRONT ROW Albert Altstadt Evelyn Honeqger Glenn Honeqger Velma Yoder Tom Kessler Patty Hatfxeld Kenneth Fortna SECOND ROW Ioan Mclntxre Loxs Kessler Warren Behrns Mack Follmer Rxchard Zorn Maunce Pokarney Loxs Elbert Betty McFarland BECK ROW Janet Wexhermxller Ioy Rae Karcher Leona Nussbaum Kathryn Maurer Ruthelle Nussbaum Kathryn Young Phyllxs Shambrook The cla s ot 47 had an enrollment ot twenty two fourteen grrls and etght boys Velma Yoder was prestdent Glenn Horegger was VICC presrderrt and Tom Kessler was secretary treasurer Ten out of thrs number p ayed rn band and tour were rn orchestra I Wethermtl ler I Karcher K Maurer P Qharnbroolc I Mclntlre M Eollmer R Zorn B McFarland V Yo ler and K Young were tn band The latter served as secretary of the band I Karche I Mclnttre M Eollmer and R Zorn were 1n orchestra R Zorn was vrce prestdent ot orches tra Twelve gtrls and three boys were m the glee clubs M Eollmer R Zorn A Altstadt and T Kessler represented the class rn basketball The football players were M Eollmer R Zorn A V Altstad' G Honegger and W Behrns K Maure and A Altstadt were elected by the class to serxe on he Student Counc1l K Maurer A Altstadt and L Elbert served on the Tome Staff ana A Al stadt was On the Forres r Staff The tumor play Brother Goose had cast ot eleven people M Eollme Ft Z' A Alts adt I Mclratlr E l-lonegfger I Karcher gk f male up the cast Hatteld I lVlCl!1l1TQ L Elbert K Maurer and R Zorn repre AVTWV ente us rr tne speech depa ment whrle I lfclnttre and L Nuss raum rer 6 ented u rn trre ve al department The ltbrarf tatl has I b um K Maurer andl Elbe t a It ro rer resentatrfes har a K Youna and I Ellre t wfrf th cheerleade tht past fear L fllef t wa E H A rresrd rtantl Nussbaum was ec-retary 5 e Jamattcn . 1 . . . T I . I I l . I . 5' ' - - ' . f ' I A I I ' J , Q A - ' , ,Q 1 . , , r , . , - , ' , 4 . . r , ' . I , . Qs 'll , . , I f 5 , . I f, , . Q Y . w . v . A K . .,A Y 1 .A 7 7. ' L . ' t ' -.te ' ' 1, " ef' fx L ,. , . or ,ern 1 , r ' 7 , , P Hatfield, P Shambroolc,I Werhermtller, L Elbert and B Mclqarland V , , B I P t , . ' , , . - fs, .fl . ,' - rt . ' . -to - r gr , . s I fc, 4 r . . ' ' S . L fuss fl - , , r 'rn r ,Q -. ' . E ' tel ', ' X . . ,. . 3 1 r ' f I e e , , ,rs C, ' , ffr ' s J , ' et f , 5 ' is , o. th cr' Azz fr ! . The senior gals at work on o float J Presxdent Derwood Bammarm Vxce prasxdon! Donald Fortna Secretary treasurer John Kxlgus SponsorR L Hostettler LEF1' TO RIGHT FRONT ROW Velma Honegger Ioyce Yoder Donald Fortna Derwood Bam mann Iohn Kxlgus Thelma Metz Exleen Honegger SECOND ROW Eleanor Dellley Ioe Hal lam Bob Wenger Ray Wmlerland Bob Folwell B1ll Bennett Kelth Coleman Bob Coll Manlou Cunnmgham BACK ROW Carmen Blundy Pattx lo Maple Mane Wluthll Bemxce Maurer Lols Huxsman Royalene Metz Ruth Luttrell Esther Baxley Vonnxe Strauch Edna Huddleston The ernors started ll'191f scl'1ool1ng tour ,Oar ago w1th the largest Cla Q 1n the l'll tory ot Forrest H1ql1 School Nllll an onrollme 1t of torty No ff we a O t1n1sl'11ng tnqh Qchool f lllfl ovortoen a1rls ant 1fn boy Qt tae Cla Q D Bamrnann IS premdont D Portna 1 VICO p O 1dent and I K1lg1,1S lS secretary trea urer B Maurer ana D Barnrnann erved ecretary and premdont ot the tudent counc1l Tl11 'een ot the g1rl and QlQlf1l ot the b ,,I were repro entod 1n the Cnor11 Is Al o twelve q rls Nero or' the l1r1'a ,I att Tne p p10 who w0rf11n 'no band ffrro C Bmnflf P lt ple B xr' O 1!Ia11 l H111Qman R Metz E' Huflalo ton IV' Cl1llllll1QUGIIl T D t tlf ,I V Honoqger T Metz and D BCIIIIHIVIVIYI Qt llll orgqm 1t1Jn B fotz N35 P 1dent and L H111 man Vlff 1 M1 en1 J' 111 lflllfilll X-I ap C to 1 '1 l1Ql1 1ar :Ia arf ldCI'l ar J T Metz VICC pro wlort P lv' no o E Detlle,I anl1 Hua l lf Dettef z 1,llH1fl'l B Ma1 e l,I ar D Bavnrnann were 1n the orcnost a dle ton a1so were l"1 the sex et Nllfl T lf 1 Barnr 1anr1 B Bennett ind K Coleman cornpetod lll the contot bf 1 5 f.Il111e E Dett ,I played a r1af1o so o ln the spfeeh department the Se'11or as Nas opre ontod by l l1111sman ITUIWOTOUS rfadmq F Detflgj onou roadmq B Bennett mItf11roranffu's speaxlng and B lvtaurfr ver e rfalfmg uno J1 Il and of ern ord CD1 er-f1 l al ar1 B Wenqo nnot Haan ,lt ffm, an J 1 nr11af1n roy ro fatfj 1 11a l1 fl C fJ1tl1K Colon rn ar fo tna co oartmns of the football am and D Fortna al o Qaptaln of loafslfetball e a 1v111oS of the fear lflflllflftd the play M1 S llI'1I"l, aol 1' t G on b0rz'f1r1tof1 rm 'I 1 ,'1V'1lOVf"ll1 or Hfrn-'H om 1nf ll Ont rf o eae a,I 1n Apn 1 vonlor Slap a Lfbtlff 45 fs. ' ' '1 1 1 ,r 1 1 r, ' ' . 1: 111. 1 1 ' 111 1 TS 1 . 1 1 1 - S , . ' sz. . as ss - , ss , f I 'r1 ' ss. ' - C1 S 11- V - , S . K k fs , 1 , 1 . 1 1 . 3 r1 fat Q ' oo' 1 . 1 , ,. 1 1 ,- 1 ' 1 Aa f- 'll l- 1 ror, . 1, , , , , ' is , 1 ' I . I e TK QS. l 22 , , . , .J ' .1 fi f Zf f 4 lt, 1 :1 gtr -5: - ss ge 'ar .1 de ', F1 C r n1r 11 Y K X ly , H Met , L lvl' 'S 1 , 1 1r1,r P lf qlo, T Moi? C '11 1, V K f1 rj 1 K , r , ot W 11 l, Huisry 1 1 .53 g' vs 1 :I .-J ,fs 51 M ,rl , ,1 I' 'I - fs. , '.1 , 1 , '1 , 11 1 ff-iz as panxfst P lffrglo D Q N 1 1 1, 1 11 I J ., , ' o 1 l nf lllg solos, 1 " 1 .. Q no ol 1 1 1,21 f , 1 , ol 1 1 r, - . ,111 ,' 1 1: ' ,. , 11,S, S. 1, . X f,':, fo, " , 1 Q, .3211 .1 hue 1rfgf: , ref ing, !..' -111 p I n ox fsp,,fljr1g , H 1 : , er, B Bo ,f K Col 111 ., B Cf' ., D To 1 .f "1 l B'z 1 1. ,Q 5511! nf: r' t1l..t1 31 11z.r1f ,1dD T r ' -1 4' ' , for Y S 1 Th cf' ".,. , 1 o '1 , , , , 1 A' S. '1 11' "I .d- mg of ln ,1a1on D ,I f'.-,1, r'1 r A pfrt1 1 'II . b, .J ,C 7 41 ,o,2r,Cll, ,D1. l'1r:Il' YT. 1D1,I EDNA HUDDLESTON Choms 44 45 46 47 F H A 44 45 46 47 Library 46 47 Operetta 44 45 Sextet 47 DERWOOD BAMMANN Ope e ta 45 Speech 45 46 Chorcxs 44 45 46 47 Football 44 45 46 47 Basketball 44 45 46 47 1 Cx 41 45 4 saseoall 45 46 47 Class Presldent 44 47 Student Councnl Preslden 47 Student Councll Band 45 46 47 Orchestra 45 46 47 TOMC 47 Soto 47 Iunxor Pla: Sent r Pla! dc, tat PKITI IO MAPLE Band 44 45 46 47 Orchestra 44 45 46 47 Chorus 44, 45, 46, 47 Drum rnayor, 44, 45 Vocal solo 44, 45, 4', 47 Sextet 45, 47 Trio 47 . . A. 4, 4 , 4 , Operetta 44, 45 Melody Girls 44 MARIE WHITFIL1. Chorus 45 46 A 4 4 Llbrary 45 46 47 TONIC 45 46 47 FORRESTER 47 ELEANOR DEFFLEY Band 44 45 46 47 Orchestrt 44 45 46 47 Concert mlstres orcnlestra 45, 46, 47, Quarterrnaste. band 44, 45, Chorus 44, 5, 46, 47 Sexte 46, ...Sl -:,, . , 45, , solos, choruses, Operetta 44, 45, F, , A, 44, 45, 47,' TONIC 45, 40, 5 FORRESTER 44, 47, Library 44 45, Prestdent 46, Speech 45, 47, Class . , 5, 46, V , tlonal 46, 2nd Senlor Play. Serlous readlng 2nd Dlstrlct 46, 2nd Sec- V V 4f,lun1or ay, BOB WENGEB Class treasurer 44 Track 44 45 46 Baseball 44 45 46 Chorus 44 45 46 47 lunmor Play Football 46 47 RUTH LU'I'l'REI.I. Chorus 44 45 46 Band 44 45 46 .' A. ,45,4, JI! 1 it BERNICE MAUHER Band 44 45 46 47 Orchestra 45 46 47 Chorus 44 45 46 47 F H A 44 45 46 47 TONIC 45 46 47 FORRESTER 47 Soeech 44 45 46 47 V V lst 46 Operetta 45 I. orary 45 46 47 Class Pres alert 45 Student Counctl 7 lurucr Play TONIC Edrtor 47 F H A Presrdent 46 F H A Reporter 47 Secretary Student Courtcrl 47 Semo Play Grrls State Delegate 46 F H A Sectlormal oltrcer 46 State ottrcer 47 'l'HH.MAML'IZ CARMEN BLUNDY Orchestra 44 45 46 47 Bartd Treasurer Orchestra 47 Band 44 45 46 47 lams 45 os chorus sextet Operetta A 4 5 4 Iumor Play Semor Play Melody Gtrls 44 FORPESTVP 47 TONIC 47 RAY WINTERLAND Chorus 44 45 46 47 Track 44 Sen cr Play BILL BENNEIT Transfer 46 Chorus 47 Speech 47 Solo Fcctoall 47 Basketball 47 Orca st a 7 F H A 4a 47 Cho us 4 TONIC 4 Luc arf Operetta Iumor Pla, MARILOU CUNNINGHAM BOB COIT a 43 ee e ae D se 47' 4 DONALD FORTNA ESTHER M BAILEY BOB FOLWELI. ONNIB STRAUCH F Oibcl H 45 H5 7 A Chorus f f'6 7 Transfer a Washbu '1 Hxgh 45 v0 CGDIO F fOOlDGl 7 FORRESTER f7 lraclc 45 f Caaru Basketb ull 4 46 7 DG eball A1 A CWOTUS band 4 TONIC-4 lUmO1' PlGY l.1brary 4v FORREQ F Baseball 15 45 47 Track 44 45 Caplan Basxetball JOYCE YODER H A 44 45 46 Chorus 44 45 46 47 TONIC 46 47 FORRESTER 47 Lrbrary 45 46 47 Operetta 44 Class secretary 46 Iumor Play Semor Pl ry ROYALENE MEl'Z Band 44 45 46 47 Orchestra 46 47 Presldenl band 47 Chorus 44 45 46 Class treasurer 46 A 44 5 Lmrary 47 TONVC 46 47 FORRESTER 47 F H A Club Vrc Operetta 45 presxdent 4 LOIS MAE HUISMAN Band 44 45 46 47 Vrce pre rdent band 7 Qrchestra 45 HO 47 Presraem arches! a 7 A 44 4 4 Vlce es dent F H A 47 TONIC 45 46 47 FORRESTVR 47 Lrlara 5 Ope etta 45 peecr lumcr Pl I Semcr Play S.. 5 , 2' 1 15'-1 15' . I I 1 , Hg: f I 'I 1 ll zll X cg Y, 'fi' '5 1:25, - ff' E , :,' w al . V no 11. 734 FH 44 45 46 4,445,464 . frm ' 14 1 if ' 1 545,45 b 2 41, 5, ,4 S .1 F. H. . 45, 46 47 . 44 45, 46, 47 ' 4' ' 7 5 F - ' f -rm 47 . 1 ' 47 F. . . , , ,47 A , , , , , , , I 4 - , , f 47 A' Q lf 4 f , F. H. . , 5, 6 47 FH. . ,4,46,47 -pr 1 . . . " l Charms 44, 45, 46 . , . 'e- ' fe :V if 45 47 S A l 44, 45, 47 ,Q ,, 'ig ' "ax X h f Q 'N ' 4 ff Wh ' 4' . ya , I VELMA IEANNE I-IONEGGER Band 44 45 46 47 Chorus 44 45 46 47 H A 44 45 4 TONIC 45 46 47 FORRESTER 47 Iuruor Play Lmbrary 47 Sen1or Play IOHN KILGUS Chorus 44 45 46 47 Baseball 44 45 46 Track 45 46 KEITH COLEMAN Football 44 45 46 47 Co-caotam football 47 Basketball 45 46 47 Track 44 45 46 Baseball 45 46 47 Chorus 44 45 46 47 Speech 44 Class Vxce presxdent 46 Iumor Play MARGARET Chorus 43 44 45 46 A 43 44 45 4 Operetta 45 Semor Play 46 Lxbrary 44 'Nff EILEEN HONEGGER Chorus 44 45 46 47 H A 44 45 Lubrary 45 46 47 TONIC 47 FORRESTER 47 Iumor Play ICE HALLAM Transfer 45 Football 45 46 47 Chorus 45 46 47 Baseball 47 Semor Play kg- y" " F. . ,,46,47 F. . . , , 6,47 , , A , , NN F.l-l. . '. ', '.6,47 , . Class seeretary 47 Iunior Play 45 Track 45. 47 I I k , - . hu Q Q '- f' " In fK X J land Lois Huzsman, Derwood Bammann Velma Honegger Bernice Maurer Ioyce Yoder Ioe Hallam S . 1 E . , nog LEFI' TQ RIGI:IT, SEATED: Thelma Metz, Eleanor Defiley. STANQING: Ray Winter- MISS JIMMY Loutse a sophomore at Brler Mountam College for Lots Hutsman Women Florence her roommate Eleanor Deltley Catherlne a lunror l1v1ng across the hall Ioyce Yoder Dorls her freshman roommate Thelma Metz Harr1et a senlor who llves next door Bermce Maurer Droopy the colored man of all work Ray Wmterland Mlss Watkxns dean of Br1er Mountam College Velma Honegger Ixmmy a stray 1un1or from the State Ul"l1V9I'S1lY Derwood Bammann Prof Frazter Rhodes scholar and xnstructor tn Engllsh Ioe Hallam X l ASEE LL I-lavtng put away the basketball unrtorms the ftrst stgns of sprtng tound Coach I-lostettler maktng hrs tnrttal call for baseball and track asprrants for the year The response was over whelmtngly tor baseball so tt was dectded that baseball would get ttrst call Wlth such a large number reportmg tor sprtng drtlls the squad was dtvrded tor some ttme and each squad played agatnst the other Cn Aprrl ll the dta mond team traveled to Fatrbury where they dropped thetr opener to the Tarters 6 5 Cltve Follmer twtrled the enttre game allowtng only ttve scattered htts but errors let htm down tn the stxth rnntng and he was charged wlth the loss The startrng ltneup found Iohn Huette at short Bammann at thrrd C Follmer prtchtng Cort a catch M Follmer tn center Bennett 1n lett Fortna at second Altstadt rn rrght and Don Zorn at trrst Later games were to be played wxth Saunemrn Strawn and another game wtth Fatrbury Cther scheduled games were sought by Coach Hostettler for the last part of May The Vermthon Valley track meet was held at Cullom agatn thts year and Forrest entered thts one meet Every student tn school trred out for places on the track team and through eltmtna ttons wrnners were selected to make the trtp to Cullom Followtng the track meet at Cullom further work was spent on baseball and addtttonal games were to be played rt opponents could be found Many of those men not reporttng for base ball spent thetr ttme playtng softball and touch football Phystcal educatton classes took part rn these games every day the weather would per m1t Thrs concluded the sports program for the year 1946 1947 wh1ch found Forrest I-hgh School entoytng one of tts banner years tn every sport ST 3 t Nw V . . , D ' 1 , - . f t , , . , l I ' I I t , , , le - f A , . . D , I I ' 1 - 'Qt . , V ll . . - - I ' .M swf..- 4,,- -AQ. A-Q-0 ii i .'., ' 51+ . M . x if Q f fi , . k LJ a. 'Nui q owdoif- . Fw ' Iii'-f Ttxuv 'x. X ' in X 5 , 5 . 3 Q X, ff? A Q ,.,. 5 : iw , . ,qi 4 15' Z' Z 5 5 6 6 Q If ,, "f'f 6 i ' 3 i as 3 ' 54 MMT' Umm P , Q M, 9. , f' 1 , ff 'F rl A . 54 Q 1-'QGQQ V gt ,R -D 5 - H N sr ' .Lux s 5 I 5 Xa-A fx- an i G M 33-f 4' D X VJ "Y 1 i , n X, Y 5 63 E, .-15?-Y, I W my gy ' o ,K ' at ,OA ki r ex.. ' . 4, - ,v. Q 3 ,xiii a . TQ ,aff I I 9 I , ! s, 4, ,,- s" 0 I TSMG I rg " r ol L. FIN 'Q X ig THEGAME 'H " '?i" ? 5 S'I'EWART'S SUPER MARKET Virq11 Stewart, Proprie1or Free Delivery Phone 1 The Store Wrth The Schoo1 Sp rn Rozell s he Cream Frozen Foods Quahty Meots Monorcn Fmner Foocq rresh Veqeto.c1 s SWING TRANSFER Fhore oy ru Iwo n ng too Large or too Sma 1 CI L Y F Q NJ Qehau as1 er Beet 1N1s1n S Ire be ror Llass of 1947 MACS IGA FOOD STORE Cornphments Ph111pRreqer 1 O Leotkers LIVINGSTON SERVICE COMPANY D15 LLOYD G Q1-IADDLE and DR C G SHADDLE Conqrotulohons rom SXNITXRN 11XR1x1'T NND R01 K1 Blllr STUR1' Comphments .1 W BROWN VITQ11 FGTUQY and M111 FUFUQY Phore 111 Res Phohe Q2 C5041 Conqratuhat ons BOHANON S SHNDWICH SHOP NELSONS 5c S100 STORE IM 5 rrp me THE CROSSROHDS YANDELLS BARBER SHOP .H oor e ter 1 a e res for plrrren S FORREST HARDWARE x A Hp U1 SCHROFS CITIES SERVICE STATION me 'W - ' I . lr V A I , v I 'D ' ,3 .. 41 G 'E W, . T fo STILL 1 Cx--f "Yr I In Aj' "Sn 'V 1x1C1.QrT1 Nusskxiurnd-M .na Ngssf-cum Pro" rx More 1 Hargorw . ui rn, CT 11 I fx ,rt1j11r..'Ar.,w C4 of ' . , 14 . F1 4 5,1 O1 . . . g . . . . . g . . , . . , , 1 F 1 . . - 'AN ff: :r1p11rnf-5.5 . 1 . Cf - A M 1 Class of 11341 Dw' 111' 1111155 F:'f,g::,ff?,I' ' . ' 5,51 Lf'lCf19S 11.12512 "alley he Crearnr-'Fren':r. Fres Qo..11. nts - 4, 'rs cg ,1 as 11, best-H , Bef r fl n i1. it" , T1 ' 1,11 i fx lx ents 01 Cf , Comphments HONEGGER AND COMPANY Forrest Faxrbury Comphments FORREST MILK PRODUCTS Conqrotulomons rom BACH HN D SONS Faxrbury Forrest Comphments BEAN S GROCERY AND LUNCH Comphments KING ELECTRIC SERVICE Comphments BACHTOLD BROS Lawn and Weed Mowxng Machmes Rehable Dependable Drug Store At Your SGTVICG W S MAYHEW Complxments FIRST STATE BANK Forrest IIIIHOIS Conqrdtulotlons from Comphments THE FORREST NEWS Comphments HAROLD JACOBS Standard O11 Agent Conqrotulotxons rom DR G G SEITMAN Comphments CROXVILLE S SHOE SERVICE Comphments FORREST BOWLING ALLEYS Comphments MARYS BEAUTY SHOP Congratulatlons May Your Future Be Secure It Wlth COUNTRY LIFE You Insure Reuben Metz Agent Of of I I. N. 123 35 of of of A A ' ' of h t A WALLACE AND AUSTNIAN SUPER SERVICE gf of f of of of REGIS HIPPEN G a n C Feeds Seed Sai Ph ne 48 TOGRAPHS '.'.'1I.f,QAl..-. ff ff'fIf.fwTffP.. i'lXI'I'A5f il.L:1'H: .3.,1v:1i r i cal 1 0 AUTOGRAPHS 1 A

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