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'K " ! 'P ,Mg i ? :fi - 5 EV i iv 'E 5 , : 6 P ?r 2 Si-L ' In 4 Q, ,I I 'V :T FI c U f ,L ,K If 2 ? g : T 4 w, I V i 1 5 f 2 L 5 . 'L 'i g 7 2,5 Q11 if I-P -A 'ii . gpm' -'Fl V V1 I1!' . fi .f rl , 1 i. . Yi -, 55 "Kg: .Lg 'il 5? E., . ME 'Il 'mi , ':'5: 1+ , if sg i it gm! ,ar , '-1' FQ , :ilk ! i s l .' Y " V:--f L: . .- . f x x 1 E' fi if . ,li , Ni E :A Agn , 'E l I 2' , i4 'a 1 - I a r 7 1 1: S! 5-1 Q. 6 S L 5 -, g I r I- A Z. i. r--. P 'S gr .ui ' , -LL..-im 5' :' F5 K. 295' Q H .. .f-..., , . A 'This bodkf attempt tcjutake. ' , , 80 blank white' P83555 t 4t ti' .,,,,W,'W,L I M A Who' we areg What. welidid to dofgft I ,some hir-usual things wedidfitfthf-fffitiwlfb1fQSiYtl'iit11 t i f iii F t ttt ttt t l , 5 'Q VWF5? YYeFf5 '.5'?D'f Q-f5,ff'd'i5 6f 'V.'i, P ulrafiii 5 Wi? WE f Q 5 t P?0Pl?f'QFiF.5 5 a51Y2 't" t5 'ii5'Q"-if 'A1-t 'bt' - j f t Q ,,' t4 ' 5hfQ515?f5 - ff'2'fifl5Q t .P gf f U, ,Z ,.,,-, I, J, ,- www wwnwf , N X f 'Wm IDD- 93l l The lust of the Great Gunships A frontrunner from out of the past, FORREST SHERMAN was considered to be the introduction to a new era in destroyer design and construction when she was commissioned on November 9th, l955.. Lead ship of her class and the first of the post- World War ll destroyers, she was named after Admiral Forrest Percival Sherman, a distinguished World War Il flag officer and former 'Chief -of Naval Oper- ations.She was built by Bath lron Works Corporation, Bath, Maine, commissioned at the Boston Naval Shipyard, and joined the fleet at flagship of De- stroyer Squadron Ten in Newport, Rhode Island. FORREST SHERMAN had gone through a wide variety of assignments and accomplishments by I979, including the l957 Inauguration of President Eisenhower, circumnavigation of the globe in l958, participation. in the opening ceremonies for the Saint Lawrence Seaway in l959, as well as more business-like operationsduring crises in Lebanon, Venezuela, and Taiwan.After a long upward struggle to bring her back up to her full capabilities, she completed her l8th major overseas deployment in the early months of I979, earning the respect of far newer ships with her reliability and competitive spirit. I She, was an old ship, the "Last of the Great Gunships," but she wasn't through yet, not by a long shot . . . And on March l2th, I979 came a new Captain, to add a few new chapters to her life story. V nf,-..g Huw' , .J CAPTAIN A.. o H 3 "I had already heard how good the ship was," noted Comnander A. james Booth when speaking of his initial impressions Of FORREST SHERMAN, "and I was lust happy to be onboard." I It was the latest, and perhaps biggest step for Captain Booth in. his long association with the destroyer navy. HIS career began with a tour of duty on the destroyer tender YOSEl"1lTE CAD-l9j, and subsequent tours included I-IARLAN DICKSON CDD-7085, ENGLAND CDLG-225, and as Executive Officer of JOSEPH HEWES CFF-l078J. His shore and staff duty include an assignment as Weapons Instructor at the U,S, Naval Destroyer School in Newport, Rhode Island, a tour as Chief Staff Officer of Destroyer Squadron FOUR, and just prior to taking command of FORREST SHERMAN he was the Ordnance Officer at the Naval Weapons Station, Yorktown, Val "I wouldn't have any other" Captain Booth said of the SHERMAN. "She has an extremely military, extremely professional crew, with superb morale and camaraderie. She's the best ship in the Navy." - Captain Booth's aspirations for the FORREST SHERMAN? "I wanted to contribute to enhancing the fine reputation she already had." . . I. . . . Captain Booth went on to do just that. I p x V X .. '- X Wm '-Wmf MQW! - , ,X ff XXUWVFN fm - " , M, -Q W pw 14-5 -gwgg XX- gw 4 .X ww 1 , ' 1 .Wf yf Ww7,fWwWgWzmf 5-7 A . . f . .gfwfqgggffygmi W J jk AWZW , W ,N UM, 3- Q ww X 5, x. -,X Que ,-,uwwyx - W WWM3 -xwwf , -x ff s W ff - X i.Wf,-Xfwmn Afffwm f ...WWF Xmf JMU: fm f , , - .XM -- vm V -f wwf ww, fwfwwv ff . ff .ffm--X mx xv? ff - .WM-""' ww WW w f ff V- W - ff fmff, ff , f- Jwfp JM, MW fm f - HWS, V f ?f 4,7 -7 4 W CM , ff X ff ,, .7ff,mffw,,,7wW5. f , Vw 2 Z3-Sz, V' -ff,X' -fff-fwfzwwm, Jw,-sfwm f 4 Z3 y,,,7!!.. QMLXJQ Xfg4,!. Mfg ,..yf,x,whi. ff,,,?,mW-xfxfgff x x Jw- 'PW ,O W :wf -Wff4-,-fwwi--fffw Jf ff mi Ln, W, V 42, Wg w 1, - 44,7-ffffw W nf ww - f V ' f , f43w:fW,,-fm X13 - .ff , f - f 'wr-ffw, xfcffxxfnf 'O ff, ,V Www: 'w,,y,ZfG fvfux ' R X f , U'VI-fvwix-ffffngzw Jig-,JM , fl x 1,1 - L f QXvv4,XX ry XQQWW yfgx QQUQX-fkkyf f f' Jn, ff ,f W xffmf N W1 -X4 X W ffv W f 'f ffvwfy -Cfff'WfwmQ4fw5WW-m,,-,iw 'Q f -X , MAN X KW , f U fy , 4,q,,W,qy Q, . ' 'f I 'f 4 f 0 V M - EW 5 ' M, ff" y W Z 4 4 , 5 i 2 4 I 4 'XM T f ,f x W 5 WW my Q 'I , f ? 4' , 2 I ! ff . ' I IR. com MA Nom r G. wrs "The last time l'd seen FORREST SHERMAN was in l969," said Commander Franklin G, West about his arrival for duties as Executive Officer on june 24th, I979. "The thing I remembered about her then was how clean and sharp she'd looked. Now I report on board ten years later, and she looks just as good!" Besides extensive experience in mine war- fare, XO West's previous destroyer tours included Gunnery Officer on HUGH PURVIS CDD-7093 and Chief Engineer On SAMUEL B. ROBERTS CDD-8231. What ingredients did he hope to add to FORREST SHERMAN? "A little imagination, a sense of humor, and a visionary trust." A f 1 4 M ' s AQ 2 f W, 1 i E "EEK 50" fV"9li9WR'T wweufwwm .MMIII S lllllllllllllllllllllllllliIII'""""""""""-"R . ! FORREST SHERMAN... , I A I I I I I 9 PROGRAM Q OFFICIAL PARTY ARRIVES THE NATIONAL ANTHEM Navy Band ChaaKeAi0n INVOCATION I Commandea Conali R. Coaghiin, CHC, U.S. Navy I Maaine Coapb Ain Siaiion A Beaagoai, Soaih Caaoiina COM ODORE'S REMARKS Capiain Richaad A. Dalia Mana, U.S. Navy Commanaea DeAIaoyea Sqaadaon Foam REMARKS AND READING OF ORDERS Commandea John S. Lacey, Ja,, U.S. Navy READING OF ORDERS AND REMARKS Commandea Aibeni J. Booth, U.S. Navy PRESENTATION OP COM ISSIONING PENNANT BTCS D0agZaA M. Thomab, U.S. Navy Samoa Chfieg Patty 05542211 05 fha COYNVVl5U'ld NAVY HYMNS Navy Band Chaniebion BENEDICTION Commandea Conaii R. Coaghiin, CHC, U.S. NavUI OFFICIAL PARTY DEPARTS RECEPTION Cochaane Hali, Naval Siafion Chaaiebion, Soaih Caaofina I 1 1 5' ff is ....,,, -xx f f .. .A RRIVING lt waSn't every Naval vessel that got to spend the summer of '79 in the beautiful, sun-drenched Caribbean . . . sliding gracefully through the clear blue waters . . . checking out the clean, friendly beaches of Vieques lsland, and playfully sending the FORREST SHERMAN calling card onto the Shores of what Geraldo Rivera called "Paradise Island" . . . swinging in the glamorous and exciting night clubs of that fabulous resort area known as Roosevelt Roads . . . playing tag with other U,S, Navy pleasure craft in our clever "Boris Czerman" disguise . . . lazily winding our way across the entire breadth of that playboy's dream of a sea to find new venues of fun and escape off that unspoiled jet-set utopia, Nicaragua . . . making whoopie with the natives in fun-filled Cristobal Colon, Panama . . . . . cruising joyfully down south again after a brief stop for fuel in the dreary old U,S, of A, to find new and ever more titillating games to play with those wild and crazy Soviet tourists in their Kresta II and Krivak luxury liners . . . and knocking about off the Virgin Islands with that granddaddy of all ,pleasure craft, U.S.S. NIMITZ, And how about those cookouts! Seriously, FORREST SHERMAN's hard work in the Caribbean during the summer of '79, from Readex l-79 to the Soviet Surveillance Ops, from Readex 2-79 to the Nicaraguan Contingency Ops, and every- thing in between Qwith a special bow to the Gunnery Team and their performance off Vieques in Mayj showed the rest of the fleet 'that we could handle anything and everything that came our way, and do it with style. Still, next time you ask a FORREST SHERMAN Sailor if he wants to take a summer cruise down to the Caribbean . . . Summertime in the CARIBBEA "All right, whoever took the X.O.'s uniforms, bring them back here NOWI " E "just hit it with a hammer, it'Il work." "lf SHYS something here about a place called Nicaragua - Anybody ever heard of it?" 7 7 9 4 lO 9 MAY: SEA TRIALS oEE CHARLESTON - S MAY: SEA TRIALS OFF CHARLESTON - 22 MAY: READEX I-79 AND NGFS OFF VIEQUES ISLAND - 8 JUNE: INSuRv INSPECTION - I8 JULY: READEX 2-79 AND BORIS CZERMAN OPS JULY - 2 AUG: NICARAGUAN CONTINGENCY oPS AND VISIT TO cRISToDAL COLON, PANAMA I' 28 AUG! SuRvEILLANcE OF HSOVCARIB l-79" AND OPS WITH USS NIMITZ, WITH ADDITIONAL STOPS IN ROOSEVELT ROADS, ROOSEVELT ROADS, AND ROOSEVELT ROADS! Night light , ya 3 , tw, , 4 WM. , "You're right, Senior Chief- A little bilge cleaner helps the flavor!" "We should eat out more often!" If we keep eating like this, we're going to end up looking like Chiefs!" -x Q'Zgf.f ivy ,- ...,...-- ,...- ,ss tv, ... ...- f'5"'! ,-2" fits my "......Z -.4-Q-2 hi" sf""i37Ss "'f7 ir 4"11-f- vi 'fan-55 x x NA MAN ovERBoARo! MAN OVERBOARD! cooling it K I g WW, .. whiff, '1:.ff?- 1 f - . thaw, .- ,..-.GWTY ,W , .1 2 S ii 3 N Q 3 'S S 3 1 y SX, KW H122 !2W1.,.2LnT, ..-Z- ff GyA as avril , g M i Gunfire , 2 SUPPDFI I I '1Y i af' , : 'M "I K i - 3. "Ml ' I gl ' L i i if-ff' , i 4WX "See Bryson, what we're trying to do here is DESTROY the enemy on the I don't wanna hear any more cracks about beach, not give him a few laughts." short Charges!! i 4 Xww I ,r,,r to Working out a firing solution. .MKQM I ,,.-ull' 8-ball in the side pocket! QNGFS School, Little Creek, Va.J Doctor Mudd destroys the world! Here's looking at you! Alright, you win! We'll have our beach party somewhere elsel Ready to shoot! Well, if we can't shoot at Puerto Rico . . . I A UE: ta mb a 'S l. xv A 'A ..... xg ks YW X .4 Haw Ill! The Adventures of the 0165 ZBPIIZHR f'e'?'e , wr Q if y LVQF. ED ff! Q Ai Q V Ky' i ,f",f'l Il' R -32. r w Here is Clever Boris Czerman boat drivers figurink out how to be destroyink whole Amerikan Task Force and makink it to be lookink like accident! V , 217,31 , ' .-...1, . . 1 . 2 Z if 1 l , 1 -.J ZW. 65519 f I.. 'E' ' 4 ,., , mag'-, ' -yi ? " 'Ia-"l"+'f 1' ,P 'M f ' -i fmfif' f A v " i mein' " ' 1 -.5 5 ,ls 0, I I 3. ,W 1 is 4 1 ,y L N 5 ' j " S IE 9 I 1 If 3, J rf, af' ,bw 3152553 Z no n 15 Brave people's destroyer prepares to use advanced close-range , ff . l snemzg .. I wg ff , 'QV it -Vs' ,Q - .e ' , r, gr 5. -- ws- er, , . qr.,'..a ,ee .,- ,.- . . 4, g . torpedoes against oversized capitalist Bird Farm! g WIRED! W 0 . 7 O.K.-, Well now we know where e re gomg WHERE' Nicaragua is! ..,,-,4.-..-.....,-,1a....y-v,4-..,. .. -.,. ,., -- up-,L H, N,-40 q l l l 1 i 1 l 1 l l l l l l i l l l l i l Fear of flying i i l l l 1 l 1 i liberty Call... Charleston is the home of Destroyer Squadron Four, under whose command FORREST SHERMAN operated while deployed to the Caribbean. The Great C-unship made a few port calls here- as well in late I979 and early l98O, enjoying some great liberty! Charleston by night: Note the quaint gaslights and cobblestone streets, not to mention the charming The Siege of the FLY ING DUTCHMAN Chal'l6Sf0F1 Parking meters- The horse and buggy is still a primary means of transportation - -for SOITIC Navy Housing '1' Charleston, South urolinu, Native basketweavers display their wares in open stalls Rustic cabins still stand amidst majestic moss-covered oaks along the streets. These fine baskets were popular as XO West is rumored to have lived here as a child. souvenirs for tourists from Mombasa. A i . tt.. M..s........-Q.-awa ,s g ks A 2 The city is filled with historic landmarks, such as this old We were visited by local civic Church' organizations, who got a first-hand look at our proud, hard-working crew Trl '51 -n.,,,,,m ii it .s I d0f1'f CARE if it reveals our sec t 'd f Dock Street Theatre noizrzizts y re i entity - l need to see your l.D. card! LTJG Cox had a chance to display his acting talent in this play! -- f Soviet Surveillance ?,wf+9P'U T5 Eyfem ea 7,-1111 gui:-"Qi -W ' ,, if ,, ,f.- V i i f' f' 'X f- r ipsafeeegese ee Do you know "Back in the U.S.S.R.? . . . and you're going to stay righ there until you find a 11569883 submarine! OK - here's your orders to a Krivak ll . . . NOW will you re-enlist? E' w The Flasher .S Checking it out 1' W Zia 1 ff W , xv sax I The dynamic duo COOKlN'! " . . . And the Reds are leading the Yankees 2 - I. Now for a look at baseball. . ." Q X ' f is -X M if .Q ,s , -E EK X ,Wm 1 X mxQ's.sS EEN ,i 25391 1 , ' i 1 1 ii 9 l ii, 1 , ' 1 , ' "This is OK. but babies taste bettef Z.-Ev' DAIRY QUEEN! Hail to the Chieffsj ,his -Q f' Egg "GO FISH!" . "This is a drill, this'is a drill!" 1 Zxfffffgl' 'Q f V?" W' iv 'fwF,'Vf,' iq V if H, M5224 ffmwwg , + Steamin' Demons Twidgets of the world, UNITE! Knot literally, guys!J -V - .---.-...fy ,, .. i-,- f to no Picnic Time A strong team! , ,Z Z at Who took my beer? , W ,J K. f x,, YNQ x 1 D '1 5 r I N x w Y 1 F n Y W X 490 v 7, J A 7 ... ,,, 'x sa Q 4. We' re xf...J ' w ,' MACM X N NNXww.L-Q , X ,' 2' V il s ' ff f Wm. - not tourists' M. XX x wx XWX Nxhi NXQXN ix X ix ,MW M S' ?f4NllR'xw, l,,,,4,Ak X X W .x X N0 X X X X X fsx X X x M., X x",., QMXV X 2 mf V1 f W W W ' NO. I'm NOT a Boy'Scout. m X 4 I Z.. if Z Q? 9 f ,ln ef' ,W . J U , ,,, 7, f :V I f, My . if 2 2, 'AV --V J Z .w Q 1 ,1,, ff Ah, ff' kiwi 'W W SQL view? C WA "lik , Q 4 its f K Qyf, ff f 2 ww ,f, XX 1, F . 7 f f 7 Qwrfizy 'Q yfkyf f y fvyjwf WH, -f f bf ' my i xy LM "" f J 1 f Ri f f ,,,, -b .-.- A-. .J , , ,JW .,.,,,fA. - Hurricane David THIS is the list you gave Mr. O'Brien this morning?? ETSS ETSS -- lt means Engineering Training School Ship. ln October, I979 FORREST SHERMAN was ETSS fOr engineers from all over the Atlantic Fleet. They were taught how to run an engineering plant the RIGHT Way - - . . . and it soon became obvious to these engineering students that the right way was the FORREST ' SHERMAN way as well. Our own engineers trained as well,' but it was the engineers, from other ships who came away most 'impressed by our professionalism and expertise fafter all, our guys already knew about all that.J It was,n't long before word of FORREST SHERl"lAN's excellence in engineering spread across the fleet at the grassroots level. The "Boi lermakers" Q F1-, Mi' 1,1 f-73-515 j i i ,,,,,,- I-M in-7 ? 0 , E' nl T --51 UD- -" -s- 'T . -' IJ ' '- 5 aging? 2 O ,A - o r Fill up the bottle! The Evil Oil King Al" . . . And THIS valve cuts off the hot water to the Captain's The Main Control hole Cabin?!l The After Engine Room Who is that masked snipe? -a...,,,w , 3 Q 'li K 'if fW P, "Actually, all it does is blow up balloons." "N0. Mr. Barclay, this lSN'T the award for last night's beer drinking contest!" n , ,,,, i i There's a cockroach on this compass. Operating with other navies is an established method forthe United States to strengthen ties with other nations, and in November of I979 FORREST SHERMAN found herself 'involved in just such an exercise with Canadian naval units off the coast of Nova Scotia. The exercises themselves were breathtaking--in more ways than one-- but FORREST SHERMAN found time to celebrate her 24th birthday, participate in a pass-and-review with the Canadian Navy where she showed a little razzle-dazzle of her own, and spend several delightful days in Halifax, Nova Scotia. l l I Be on the lookout for a large flock of Canadian Geese!! From Canada you are? , Christmas Wrong one, Chief! ff15 w Christenmgs In early I98O FORREST SHERMAN was host for the first time in its long history for the christening of two of its crewmembers infant sons First on january I3 came the christening of the son of HTI Frederick Reynolds and Treva Reynolds, jeremy David. Then on February 28th came the christening of the son of Ensign Bob Diamond and his wife Gwen, jeffrey james Qbeftter known as "Studs"j. Both ceremonies were attended by Captain Booth and his family as well as various crewmembers. Along with FORREST SHERMAN they wished both youngsters and parents the best of luck and a long and happy future. A VISIT FROM VICE ADMIRAL STOCKDALE l DC r ln late I979 COMNAVSURFLANT CCommander Naval Surface Forces, Atlanticj came out with his annual list of awards for excellence. Once again FORREST SHERMAN's name appeared several times on the list, winning awards in Engineering, Damage Control and Anti-Submarine Warfare. The competition for these awards was, as always, fierce, and FORREST SHERMAN made its mark among all surface ships on the East Coast, again as always. ' 1 THE WlNNERS! E l It was a very good year, iif READEX 2-80 After an unusually long two month stay in Charleston, this exercise provided FORREST SHERMAN with a chance to get back to the joys of being underway, and to visit such Caribbean hot spots as Roosevelt Roads, Puerto Rico, Roosevelt Roads, Puerto Rico, Roosevelt Roads, Puerto Rico, andqNassau, Bahamas. We also found time to qualify as the world's finest fast frigate tow-er '. . . ' - Nucl b- I ,i,:,,. ,,.- ',.--1,-1--V . ,yg----:---v- ,c--.-- - -4----. , Y - f' 7-1 , 'TZ'-"" - ' 'ef-" "7'i!"' TYTL Y "Q" 7 "' 'T ' 7 Y '- 'li 7 sf I MW-f'3!-GJ wxxx ,, Iii! ,X fx 'MAMA 'X vkwxf-fi wr AX' 'T W b ' 9 J ix N ., ,Q.X fxQ-f x "' RY W A ' SZQKXTLZ ..A., ..,. A " E l y,.w" A - .9 l , - f xg, Sf: M',,f-sf" hx Q . vx,x ,Q X K N , K Y Kg! J ,:., V W Q49 Wwepqg, ,,.V. ...Q., M. X Qmggmgwxiagm The Dark Side of' the 'Moon ,,,,.: x," W f f , ,,,, ,f flew Am Don't shoot! We give up!! UHQH ,ng N 1 l If ix ,ff W They need some feed water? d K Q i r 1 x 5 I 1 n 4 1 n I I J We hooked a big one! Q d dll I , i : V , -0, , ,,1....,, - .., ,f.,..... -.-.- v.- -. - ..,..........n-r"c"-f"'-"- , 3 M K Ammunition must be handled with care to avoid accidental detonation . . . 2 tw av T , 3 . Wrist action is an important factor! Steady nerves are required on the receiving end, too. Powder C3565 are light in Weight, ea5"Y Stackable FORREST SHERMAN's arma t I Wf- in the Mideast, with the addition of mount 54. U f left Charleston. men was a so updated to provide greater firepower . . . And they float! n ortunately, it melted before we W .-..-..7- ' Deployment Day II May i980 "El Rota" Rota was our first stop on our way to our "final destination." While there, we .received the "MAGELLAN" award for Navi- gation excellence and the "GOLDEN DROP" award for engi- neering excellence in fuel conservation from RADM Metcalf, our task group commander.'But all too soon we had to leave our gateway to the Med and beyondg ahead of us Wwere events and sights that we could only guess at. Our deployment had really begun, and the Middle East was ready and waiting for us. ' I What sombrero? r , "Congratulations you re re enlisted Now 76 lf ' where were we . . . ? Oh yes, Abandon 2 ,dw ggfjg jf! , , 'Q 'f' , A ll Sh1P!!!" A 'f '- ff. , ,,4'f-- ff C . f LL ' jg - X Y i , rom we Witt Dfmoivs rms our Arun-Aire CAPABILITIES or 2 A , - 1 "fri ' ei, fn iff 'f t bfi? Q 'X , ?,f ' ,V PUL' ED BY THAT PLANf r ' s O ' I "f 1 effs ffaff 5' lf l 126 fl-i 2'fWzei'7f-',0 Q W 59- V5 it fvfm f -f-fA- il af gmgrii, .,zMffi5?ft?2??ifZf f ' X -- l . -. yi W' 'f X 2 " . .. V . if ir 2 ' - W r l to t ff . fi ,f MK ff Xffivf ,, I W 1N6r'X,f'sw4wZ - .r " G, Aff .Aw 'AG ,Af .cf my A .Y :gf L.: M.fmm:,4,M':W,,:s,,,2:fss, - W - The VA-I05 "Gunslingers" 'D' ia Rota in the Spring The Battlestar GAGARI N fha SUEZ XS! M441 1 From the sublime i .. . s i A lot of ibulrl Djibouti i i . . . to the ridiculous! Beer on the pier Fireworks I guess you guys don't know "Sam", do you? Welcome aboard! Barefoot Boy I quit! LHWHF ! On the morning of 6 April l98O FORREST SHERMAN came out of the Red Sea at its southern end and entered the nearby port of Djibouti This was the crew's first good look at a Middle Eastern port, and a hini of things to come on the deployment, ln the next few months Djibouti would virtually become our "homeport" in the Middle East, and while there the crew would not only meet the natives but also sailors of the French Navy--as well as a priceless opportunity to meet with soldiers of the Foreign Legion, with whom FORREST SHERMAN becamefast friends. From Djibouti FORREST SHERMAN Set forth on the patrols and surveillance operations of its deployment, visiting a number of other ports. In Bahrain the -Suqq provided the best opportunity to buy Arab' souvenirs. In Muscat the ship had a great view of a lot of big rocksfln Port Sudan the crew visited the century-old ruins of Suakin and became friendly with the camels. In Mombasa the crew visited the animal pre- serve and had the time of their lives. And- on 7 july FORREST SHERMAN vlsited Djibouti yet again, taking on fuel and stores before entering the southern end of the Red Sea, heading out. felled-l gel Let's see . . . you say you'lI give me a dozen T-shirts, 3 tapestries, and 3 goat for my gig? Wine, women, and song! x f ,- Q 2 Sunny ' beaches! So what else is there to do-In Djibouti?" Y0u're busted, Chief! Zis is like driving ze Renault, oui?" This ain't no Boy Scout troop! "They won't kill him this time, commandeg. but the troops really don't LIKE to be called jarheads!" Foreign Legion, arriving! ls anything good on? . . . and when was the last time you shined those shoes, bootcamo? We wanna be Legjonairres!!! IIHEQ 'IIIIIIIIITYZ 'ff 11,11-qi 3,.,. L uqx wx il' -A Ui. Alladin and Co. in-1-1 9' ,V-f' M. . y-el, n 'fd' " Y' -or .. F as 1 f ww-f--ff-qu-1.-f.,..1..,,, v . - wp ,V JM- 1-my-1 gk KU f I 5 R 15,4 Q, 'gf""'f4je f, ,L ,,.,,..., ...E ,Wu 0:1 h"+f....' 2 ' ' A " Nh, V W ,ay X 1, ,Q Ak-... , ,wx X , ,gm Pd gm ,, ,WSW , -Q N-nw K F 1 315 1. eg , ,AZ QM X , 5 A 9 wi"-x ' N ,.k,p K1 ' 'N7'fT,i,gff 4 ""f Q. I The Suq ar! gl ,, MJ -an z...Ylw M uscut, Uman p - 0 P W E I 5 R I f . i E r I 1 5 U D A N' v S U D A N i i 1 1: ' , "Escape!" y y H Nwwmumw ww-wWM..Wwm-Wqxm ff' The Arab Gulf wasn't a comfortable place to be the day of the hostage rescue attempt, but that's where we were. Before we even heard what had happened, we were on our way through the Straits of Hormuz. In the tense day and night that followed, the key word was "Stand by . . ." Our visit to Muscat, Oman wasn't much of a social call. All we saw of the country was its craggy coastline and the remnants of ancient castles nestled among jagged peaks . . . it was strictly "gas n' go!" W wWZZ Muscat, Umun l ae lne OIG anCl tne neW W"-N Yifff N lm - f A castle on a hill l I l E Y xt 'KX " 2,3 xx uw ii 7 ,Q ,,,U ff ,f qt 3 ,Z , ,t maxi i . .--.4 ' .4 A ,idilw-24'-vi' -fifx., QEZ' M 'met Wi f' are ff 'xg K K ,W t W" 5' - f .t . Sllakln ' thaf'S MY kind of town! V "K" and his friend The WOl'ld'S flrSt all' conditioned Com on guys, We have a bus on Port Sudan, Sudan T"f.f.EEFliZ'ZZ'l1T'3,iFii2.2-TT' " One of the most truly unforgettable places in the Middle East, Port Sudan helped us to truly appreci- ate Djibouti and Bahrain! While the XO did have to twist a few arms to get people to go on liberty, there were interesting things to be seen ashore. Most preferred the relatively civilized atmosphere of the Red FGRREST SHERMAN crew, Otherwise, it was Goat City! Sea Club, which graciously hosted a party for the ' Cff K V X l l X t XJW X fl -1-1 's Ma ' , s ' f' km. ,.. Z" ' 'if ff if 1 te ,rm - Je?-tt' ,nga i- K' sw. i j f V I ,WW , ,fffzp 55 iff "H-X it ' 'RNQ stay sv psi. 5am--W ww ffff ft ,ffsx 'HY 21,93 if -wg We ,, ff, ,, Riff? Qfirfgt -fm i,Y,Z'f ,if 4 ti ssl,-.ffdlxggf ww 1 ff .p,,M,if, as sfinizkkc we .gist-. X sf, , Q, 5,6 , ss.: 'gawk -K -x--Ng, ,Ayn tw ,. li atm, 1' .- ,A f xx ,,.wt fear, 22575 A iw ,Q w' 4 'fffifff ' 'T"f iicwf' fiff i. X- X Wyatt Mfevfa 'f .n 'Q f 4' L it " r f"XW'- Tiiiis, N3-sg QM, ti, wwf, '- Y-.sly xg Hx- J ,- , wt- N-.X or fr ..1 r , .gg av: flu X ' -, 24 ,ftp "M ' .S f' ' gf'Ltz'.. J ' p R ' L N" ,js N :N lligyjvglt 3'l,' fy' 4- fa gs V , , 'Q IW' ' wt W-N' gg., ' , ' " ' ' f i i .f 'ff "QV Vs' 1 ff' fllk ' l ' I ,fs 1 R' 35135 Ilffixi- ff Ww w: . M' ' -- f N Q:,.m. Q ,ew w tm 1 A tgp . , , X x Y 1 Q sg - ., -S: rg kg , . -text, tn ,Vu . rims-,yi . . - - 2- x i . -"' ,. fetingyt , xxx. 1, . V- ig- 5 - ,gwjry gg. r X , .t.,t s Q .... 'wwe at Ngswv X 'Q-3 ffl, - s T x.g-K , l M X ' H + . .' , uf P Y Q - V f f 4 ' "' EXE a t fw , 93.15 ' Z , , A c ,.g-,.x gas Q' v5.,,gt tr . , x - A .fi 5 ,7 fi gr, I N NFK--1-Lt vgsyf?-1 X ffm . r5.".?f'Y-w'Z"'5 -, , :X -Jw if 'N " is ' ., ff- Situ sfstgbf. ' X i, -N ,G -i 'ff A gist f,,fSMW'- " X .xi 3 "F vim .- fee '52 Qwest fs: 1' f. T .,. .+-sv Rwagiwgw NN 'SQ 5k:-'hem X A . W , .. ,- ,vgkw QQTQQYQ -- . . - -My X New -g ff, X. Ms, " ff-2' N if ' W' S f so ri 'few exft: N1 t ' ' -V , XX . M, ,gm ec.t:15.SN, S t SXtM QXw,:-xxx . ii,,,.2,g35,XYgt .NJ PM . . wx-.J ,,, XRM r f - --. ,- -- ' V- :1,DWi:t,Z..'Emsw 5 "Here's looking at ya!" The Suakin Municipal Parking Lot Pri umbasa, Kenya -......1 rh Safari! ' Sorrento Pompeii i pure, - f o I Three coms ln a fountain Q Rome , - ,,,..,.,gM,,,,.,,..A.,,j,,q,.,,:...,....,,,-T,,,f,w:a,...:,.,..,,.,.,?.---.,M,vQ,f,..,X..,,1,,...,.,T.,,-,,n,r.:-,--,9f-,...,....?-:f-1-.,--3n-.-,- H.-.-. The Red Sea Club Round eyes, and no veils! '0 ff 'U H ' ,.f ' , N! 02 ,,,, ' " mf had 4 ' ' 141411, - ' .."Z' 'ffl' 2-"7 'MH- ' 4. ,Z ,J f W. , M K ' ,, -W f wg Swim Call Sea Stories , P W Who broke the divirig boarcis? A bunch of flamersl Bath time! Boat People "light the Fishing lamp!" mx I JAWS i Another one bites the dust Getting off -the hook! Prize catch A Master ----- - Chief! A big one that got away ' ' ' ' t A t ts at f 4 A 'f 11 J. WA! N h Q X, ,-QQ., Q ..+,,...... i Lift and separate s. 'fa' ' vt Cl IO!! One o' my girls! . . . feed 'em hot dogs!! 1 fl Eatefsl Little Tex Ops weenies POW'- lf, v' X Q X109 S Gv, Q ZAP! ZACKH BATMAN! Jaws "Coming up next . . . janitor in a drum!" ' ' A AA 1 Two wild and crazy guys! l l Birth of a rock Star "Where's the other two I threw UP?" Talent Show "All the humanoids on this large gray metallic object are weird." "Aus" Heavy metal ..f..f7.,,,,...,y-1 1-5.-wg .-T.,-... ,.Y..7,,-ff.-ff-frr. ,,T... ,.-,.v.r.-.-. -..H.....-.,.,-. ..,,.:....,n.:.,...,,,,,,,,,.T--f..-.L 7.-. ,.--N-71-Q-,ff-.,,,3...-... -..-. -. -1 . I -Q Pickin' and Grinnin' . A captive audience If X , i 1 X x "And now, performing without a net .41 w i - A YY sz hi !e!5j r NX I 'X F fi ii if if 4 EY' " "9 'i-W 'JP F" t 3 x--1 x ,ff ' Sub rx i , . 1., lc ff GN ? X ir: 1 4 X zg t . ' 1 "Ver-r-ry Interesting . . . but you're on report anyway!" "Swing low, sweet chariot . . ." Rolling dice, of course i A Equator IINEXTVI lt's all really very simple: There's these guys called Shellbacks, see, who have already crossed the equator, and when the time draws near for the ship to reach the equator they round up all the guys who haven't crossed the equator yet Cthese guys are called Pollywogsj, and boy, do THEY'get it!! I mean, the Shellbacks dress up like refugees from an Errol Flynn pirate movie, and they drag out the poor Pollywogs and make them do all sorts of silly things that give the Iaundrymen fits afterwards. Don't ask exactly what those things are, you really don't want to know. Anyway, after they've done these things to the Polly- wogs that I don't want to mention, they haul the bedraggled Pollywog before King Neptune's Court, where some particularly nasty Shellback comes out with this charge sheet against the Pollywog, and before you know it . . . Actually, l'm not supposed to tell you what comes next. lt's a secret. But don't get too upset about itg I'm sure you'll find out someday what goes on at one of these things. Like, for instance, the next time the naval ship you're on happens to cross the equator . . . ' BAT-WOG ' Why can't l be the Queen? "This should confuse the hell out of the Russians!" ,2?,,.,,..,,.,.-.,,-T,.,.,.,:,,...:.....,....,.,.-.-.,,.7....,..T.:,,T...,-,-,.,.,1e.,-.,,f:,,r-.-:-.:, 5 A,,....Q:,f1,.,,-,,.,.,L.. ,sw-.1 .. W- ---me "SHELLBACKS" W-fy """'-N-..- ALL HAIL KING NEPTUNE! Or I'll break your necks! HeY! Let's knock off all of this Mickey' Mouse' X es frfyr ' -Q 2 4 gr-1? snap on sTATuoN ' V v X fb 'D ,, I ,nw 'WW' f 'L " X 0 l ' V g 'V xx . . ' X iv E45 I 'sew sa WE? a:-if-5 and 150 all MERMAIUS, WHALES, SEA SERPENTS, PORPOISES, SHARKS, DOLPHINS, EELS, SKATES, SUCKERS, CRABS LOBSTERS AND ALL OTHER LIVING EQUATOR WATCH 'FPE51 Shtvmnn ,E 2931 J E I N 1 ws TX Jiglwlm X ya 5'-N-3 Coffee, tea, or bilge water? "Breakfast must not have been very appetuzung' A MOT'-EY CREW Say Grace before eating, Wog!! fn We X Ml If X , ff' f "Shake it like a dog!" Come to Baby!! A little lower, Wog! k 5 What can I say? 6 This is NASTY!!! 1 5 "Get, out, Seymour, you g:an't stay in there all day! Mombasa, Kenya... M I i ., w I I if . A . . a Y Y 1 . E1 V H5 T3 yz V Jungle Bob 5 i e, "Wanna neck?" . . . Likewise! One step closer, and l'lI eat your camera A Great Place for Wildlife! "Hey joe, why you try to . . .??" I don't know what it says, but this is the place! "C'mon - you mean those aren't REAL elephant ruSkS?" sou. mn IN MoMsAsA N:cHTs ENTGEHEN so MussT ou uNsEREN NACHTCLUB-SEHEN HEISSE msco - susse Mziuscurzm KALTE DRINKS uND DANN Em PKUSCHEN IN JEDER NACHT voN ZEHN Bus zwsn BEKOMMST ou men so ALLERLEI .f NACHTCLUB 1? COPS! just like Navy Coffee ln Loading stores Are those "hey, Joes" still out there? 1 5 1, A trophy for the winners X i W fi f ' i i ,, VW ' 4 , " ' V f f ,A ,Q 2iVgs7iff6- IQ ,, M , ff, , V 4 ,ysfiygy wif QW my f 5 V 4 rv ,V 4 N N ' X V J! V. ' 1 'wi x fwfr? 1 f WV ,g zf - ' 'Ai' 14 5: 1 - I W ' , Nw x I ,., ,,, ,. V 4 f In , ,LV ,V,. , , . ,Q , X we f Q ,M 'f Z i 1 1 1 r Qs! A ff M. , -Vw ,f V WM ff Q , ,fly . , i ' ' f ' A if V , V :iw f if f :iff Wa? 1 ' , " . 2 Hi 'az ,V ZVEWZV . f -V , 5 iii, 415- 1 'S .M ' -1:V 1 V' ' f y i - f' V V , V f , I , A typical fa v. o Weirdroom 'Wetti ,,, ng Do wn' paty! The Arab Section in 1 , ,VV EV I , sw, ,yu J lfllilduvi N og 5 U.. v 3 X ggqw, ,Wil 5 L1 new Au on ax Q Ines- ' ' '-' 'nm' -' The Equator, Again! Have you beaten your Wog today? Queen of all the acrobats! What do you mean, "Where's my parrot?' Normally, a ship doesn't have to go through this foolish- ness every time it crosses the equator, but we just happened to pick up a few new people in Mombasa, and they just happened to be yellow-bellied, slimy, no-account Pollywogs. Well, with 247 newly initiated Shellbacks onboard looking for revenge, we just couldn't let a good opportunity pass us by, could we? The jolly Roger is flying . . . ABANDON ALL HOPE! nl kinda lt in h8l'e!u Same ojd i 3 last Stop, Bahrain X f ' 4 just like Miami Beach! ,, ,,,, ,,,,., I ,Q ,,z:,,,X.-- "You can't buSC ME, I'm TALLEY!!" -- ,ww F D r Z Go for the gold Y Looking for a Sl I ,-,-. .., ...N-. M.. - M W ' 2' if 1 QQ Sei 'V f f - f 1 " -xg ZS ' ' X f X X A v uv' 4 X ,, X f X - f ff ' ff,-f 2f'.1 nf 7 : , - ,Af f I f CCW x X IQ! ef 'W f ' ff 31921,-'SQL 'IW I N X ' "'f y sa ew -Q If V f'WQ'1? 'i'-WBQ ' f I M A Q W "Q Nj? f ul , f f llly Z Q R ,, ,. , y f t 1-g,,a ' fy fee WMM My wwf My e Vw. , ,,,,,A. 1, . g X- -- 3 Q ' ,,,, , QW Q, ,xggiggiug Lf: , I fy , V W, Vili If W' ,if V I f ,aw n 2,2557 y pi, ,M V, W.: 1.M,,. H I ""' .- " W " Vw 3 Y,,f X 2 X ' . f 71, mimgf we ,J -QW' fw+f1 , f.w ,5y1f,.,p,,.,:fW .4 'WZWWZW ' "TW 1 x X V f iff? ix "fi "I" f"f"' 'W wflfflv '-'iw' """' ff',..Wf ' 1w"'3f ,ffeggq rf W 3 - ",f L g,,, :...5, ' ' ' Zfw xfg., " N1 fel' 'M' MEA KZAM A 4 Q , ff 25,,w 5, ::i,,,e , f y X , ff Alif " 'A " 'ff " -,f Mwwm. HN: . 4.-A .-f n T' , QW f f W ?, .,,,,,,,fx f-ww x ff was. ' ff: Wf'f'N"'L,f , ,- , .. 2 f , ' ff M 1 -N ' ,. ff "'f N fQ,p,,,f M' M .M N, MW! ,-f M M, ., + vf The last of the,great Squirt-Gunshi Godzilla meets Bambi! The Eagle has landed 1 . i i F' i i i i i i 5 5 4' 22 V 3 1.. The greatpie-eating contest O.K. Captain - think we can get theshot lines over now . . . Hotel Suez MCPON Crow, arriving! lt's either me, or Cairo jimmy! Last chance 'to trade off your watch! ' nv' ,- If you come any closer, I'II jump! Have 21 Coke and H Smile! ,gzgvr A :,,,,,-,Q4Y,,,,j,K,,,:,fK,:,,,, ,Y.,,,,,,,,,,V,5T-Y,,,,,:t.::s,,r,,,!,,rT,,Yl:,1,,,,.xvQ?2!,,,1.?:-::V5,:.-,.,,..,..7 .,,,.,.,,?,.,.,,2.V,,.,,,.A, ..:n-.-a.s..,.-VFW..-.,.,..-.,., W...--....,.... -.. ..-s ,., ....- -, - ,T , ,. ...,,...f,,Y-.... g-Time!! "And now, a word from our sponsor." ff! M115 f f f. .Nw MOHAMMAD, Messenger of the Watch ...v WWW MMM W J may Nh X X X , Af x x W , ' ' :Q x X . ,, , . ,, iw, 4 sf any ' f' L W, Z A 4 - f X I ' .i 2, M2-W 3 ,Z . ff ' ' 5,07 f -, M -f E5 i , f . A V . , ,ff as X. Q ,, 4 'Q ' V I " X , 1 ' , . -K xv - f W1 ff 1 4 . w , Kei!! 5' ,WW ' f QSM, Q , as X f x f - V N We S :5 S X542 A JN ff ff ,. NE A y - 705-gm K, , f 1 iv Q a as . X T X , ,' f x . - f ss V, , f ff . A M ' R E M4 "' fcwfigi 5,7 ,, SMILE! You're on Candid Camera! if 3 Naples, Italy +" 'A' T "Y 2 Z The red devil BLOWER rf o v Ax X W W Fishing for brown trout Back to school! uples Picnic g Y V A ff , ,v . X i , i Mr. Hoist, picking his next pitch V Light fires in I A grill! Mr' Melon Head Nice swimming POOH wheres the football? 5 , --.--,-..-. .,...-- , . . . t.,W,,,V..--..N,,.- ,... .e.W,.,-,.,,,-.....e....,,...,,,.q.,. f, ffff f, ,sv , " W4 '56, Nl, ' " 5 W K X I, 4 o .V f f ,yfgtfg ffm: ff ,of R fp sv f Q hwy 4 ,,, Mfj If ww QW, ,X ,dim ff f6ff4q.,, , , fl ,V Vw 3, -, fvfhhw ,4 , 744 .-fwf Q so 0 I W .fg.'qv,,,f,yew'.g,iIi lqfwg Q ffgg xi' 2, nge, Nfj-y,Wf,j 1 gt. wyfy',.s's f ' '. ff,tf,.'A X1f'j,f7.w:,!f4fWf3 4 ,f 7, 1 xsv ,ff 1 , -X Q ff... 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Settle down, Mr. Yerger.-"Kill the umpire" is just a figure of speech! 1 " Low flyer! Grassi cuts the cheese Rota, Spain The Rota. of August, l98O seemed somehow different from the Rota of March, I98O. Maybe it was because there weren't nearly as many ships in port this time, resulting in far more of the crew being allowed to go ashore. Or maybe it was because FORREST SHERMAN was only in port for two days this time, leaving on the evening of the second day. Or maybe it was because the climate in Spain in August is different from the climate in March. v Or could it possibly have been that this time, instead of having the whole deployment to look forward to, we were GOING HOME? Maybe. l , , , To defend the United States against all enemies I. A0890 C-Olablaflchl - - - D0 hefe-bY Solemnlb' SWEGF - foreign and domestic, and to fight crime! . gwto n ever again use a rusty needle on an O-5 . . . Get that pigeon off the mast! my friends told me I d have to be high to re enlist' l 1, gl'-A 'QQQQC Precision surgery - or the Texas Chainsaw Massacre? Fighting crime and evil HOME., A 1 I T Q fp if I r r I li vt .i 'I 21 2 : r .O rf V1 li w ,T li l 1 A Funny Thing Happened on the Way Home. .. AbduI's Pizzaria Check THIS out! Who ordered this?!! T "It's Howdy Doody Time!" I've had it! A The CCTV Weenies! OH, THE OF THE AL L1 .f 5 I dl.. 'fdjtl' ia , 4 Qs ' ,. .l il ,V 4 -,D ,Q-Q xb x. 1 . N I K ' A lina 6 I i S e'A-' 6 " - - Q -Q-. 1: A FEW 'ruweg -- , T'-4 "f ' wxrw? ' ! M ' ' THE WEIRDROOM WARRIORS Mombasa memories X Division --CORPSMEN: HMI ANGELO coLABuANcHu I-:Ma MAURICE FEREBEE ,,, NW x f -4 Doc CoIa's amateur Doc Shop X.. POSTAL CLERK: PC3 ABRAHAM MC LAUGHLIN V,-7,..f..:,WW,M Vvrv H K If , . ,,,f,,.,,,fm Dead Reckoning NAVIGATOR: LTJG PAUL TEEHAN ffhrough June 19801 LTJG JIM STIRLING QUARTERMASTERS: QM1 TOM MOFFAT QM2 CHARLES CLAUNCH QM2 ART FREDERICKSON QM3 LARRY CAPPS QM3 GEORGE GERMAN QMSN JOHN ANDERSON PERSONNELMEN: PNI RONALD MOSHER PNSA CHARLES GOULD PNSN WILLIAM HOWELL YEOMEN: YNI ANTHONY JOHNSON YN3 ARTURO MEDINA YN3 JIMMY SHULER Mo Fat Spraying for roaches ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT: LTJG DARRYL COX MASTER CHIEF PETTY OFFICER OF THE COMMAND: BTCM ROBERT A. GARNER CHIEF MASTER-AT-ARMS: MAC ROBERT ALLEN - SUPPLY OFFICERI I-TIG GEORGE HOLST DISBURSING OFFICER: LTJG Bos SNYDER Ithrough August' I990D U Qthrough August I'-3805 ENS CHUCK Go'rHARD Conty's money shop! lx DIVISION CHIEFS: SKC HARDIN MSC ROMEO LABORETTE STORE KEEPERS: SKI ARMER KING SK2 EDWIN BUSHAW SK3 ROSS CLARICO SK3 LOWELL JOHANNSEN SK3 RODNEY LOTT SK3 ROBERT MINOR SK3 -IOHN RYBERG DISBURSING CLERKS: DK2 ARTURO CONTY DK3 LOUIS MC GOVERN MESS SPECIALISTS: MSI TERRY AUSTIN MSI NAPOLEON CASTRO MSI ROLANDO ENRIQUEZ MSI LARRY FARRIS MS2 CALVIN AVERY MS2 BILLY WAGNER MS3 BOBBY BURNS MS3 DARRYL COOPER MS3 RICHARD FRANK MS3 JOHN KEELER MS3 THOMAS LABRECQUE MS3 DANNY MAPLES MS3 -IOHN PETERSON MSSN CLYDE KIMBLE MSSN PETER ROBILLARD SHIP'S SERVICE: SHI DONALD VESTAL SH2 HENRY WILLIAMS SH3 MICHAEL BELL SH3 DARRICK SHAW Would you buy a used destroyer -from these men? Beverage department D,,j,'s clip joint SH3 JOHNNY WILLIAMS SHSN RUSSELL CORNWALL SHSN LARRY SHAW Mr. Clean and Company f-W - eu on Department moss -IN Am: LON RAN69 wefwows. You WILL Nm-ICE TM-1 1-HE SHERMAN ms EQUIP ED WITLQED VAST AYLSENAL oF 50PI"'S-I WEAPONS OFFICER: P LT ARTHUR KALINSKI ffhrough July I980I CHIEF PETTY OFFICERS: GMGC ROBERT JOHNSON GMGC GEORGE JENNINGS FTGC JOHN POTTER STGC ED MC RAE GUNNERY OFFICER: LCDR NATE HESS LTJG MILES DEAN Uhrough June I980I LTJG BARTON D. BUECHNER FIRST LIEUTENANT: LTJG DARRYL COX Kfhrough Noyember 19791 ENS KEN HAYDEN ANTI-SUBMARINE WARFARE OFFICER: LTJG BARTON D. BUECHNER ENS ROBERT BRALLIER ENS STEVE NOLIN H4511 'F"F f inf xml' 'I A iaii - I p . I-4' g A - f f , M2,w57fI-1 ' I ' I 3 ff N, gg ,, " :f Q5 , ' 2 - im- 5 gs. WWTF? I M BMC DON CLOUD BMC PHILIP GUILLORY BMC CHARLES MICHA ,Q ' .. I A ,f I ,xfjkxyifgxk I .K QM? ,H if 1 ' " ' f A W ,. , ,Q fy ,,,,, , f f ASQ-ef' , - f X IJ .. I 90 fgj if f. X X , I X , f, W ff f ff X I X 1 ,qlmv I ' X 7 mi 7 f 1 f f 5 fx . I aff, ff 2 fx Q, A NLR. if W I I W I W 1 S X I , ff I f fy 4 1 " f X X J W I f 700 "" N if X X n f , X f 1 f , ff fwqf J! , X X f f W W I f 4- f My f .. S f 4' I f md' K 7 , , X f Z f f iv-IIXQBLQI - 'llfww ff-I R 97' 'f 2 M f , mmmfmE4zm,,x,A-Q,,N,:N ALTA 51, 01 , -R. fyhnm F- ,Q GUNNERS MATES: A GMGI BERNARD LEWIS GMG2 DAVID MC MILLEN GMG2 CLAUDE MUDD GMG2 JIMMIE RISHER GMG2 THOMAS ROSEBERRY GMG2 MIKE ZORDEL GMG3 STEVE CORBIEL GMG3 JEROME DAVIS GMG3 SCOTT SAFFELDER GMG3 KEVIN THRESS , ., ff.-3 f I V! ,fJl,Qj IM 1 Q s . ,4li,,i,,.- , 1 X - J t II! ff " xg , FIRE CONTROL TECHNICIANS: FTGI RONALD MITCHELL FTG2 JOHN DEAL FTG2 ALDO GIOVANINNI FTG2 KEN LEWIS FTG2 BOB LIECHTY ETG2 GEORGE LUCE FTG2 THOMAS OLMSTED FTG2 RICHARD REEVES FTG2 PHIL SCHALLHORN FTG3 ORVILLE BREWER FTG3 WILLIAM D. COHRN FTG3 RON DAVIS FTG3 BRIAN JOHNSON FTG3 TOM MANCHEGO FTG3 CHARLES RUSSELL -,NA,,A.f-A-N'-f ' I N-1,,.,,-,...- .P--2 -AJCAJLIV-..g,.., H EAVY WEATHE R! A Ali SONAR TECHNICIANS: STGI JOHN BRIGHAM STG2 PAUL BARRIEAULT STG2 STUART HUBBARD STG2 GEORGE MORRISON STG2 GREG PETERMAN STG2 EARL ROEDER STG2 RICK SHORT STG3 MIKE DOWNS STG3 RON O'DONNELL STG3 DAVID DEAL STGSN JOE GRASSI STGSN CALVIN NELSON STGSN RICKY ROBINSON STGSN MIKE WATERSON TORPEDOMEN: TM3 RAMON GRADALUPE TMSN JOHN EASTERLING BMI DAVID GAINES BM3 DARRYL SMITH SN DAVID AYALA SN RUSSELL CORNWALL SN DOUG DORNEY SN ARTHUR HARRIS SN MICHAEL JOHNSON SN CHARLES MOUSSEAUX SN GREGORY TIPTON SN BILLY WOLFE EI? Q 51452 5 X , , I . . 3 ,. f , , f , 1 za. . - :" A IX Y X W ,- -L X f " - . 'M I m im 5 3? f - 'V ' S IA I in S I1 2 ml XX 'Nxxijwff 1 Y ' ff Q1 A ' i '2-sew II af I 2 f ,4 Q 'VSV' I QL . Xi f " Q yfafgaz wffz wwvQ5,3g:y.4.,. I I1 i 2 is fiY3f4'f5If2"4'NfXi I If lx . 'M ' s, wf if s 'IQAIQJMSW WMM NW, ,,,,X, ML. 'Q N. I f A I M , , ,NX Y . is ,Sify xr ff. X : I E 'I , 5 Q ,ki 41h A S H J ..,, I -jg f 'w g . 3 I ggxi k . is I fl ff N Si S, C S fry ' . a-Szm..w I fi S ' BM2 TOM GRAVES BMSN DEREK STEWART SN JOHN BURLETTE SN JAMES DAMON SN MIKE GATHERCOLE SN JOE HAUSER SN JAMES KENNY SN DAVID SIVILS SN TERRY VITAN BM2 LAWRENCE KELLEY SN JEROLD ARTHUR SN JOHNNY CARTER SN PAUL DISHNER SN JEFFERY HAMMONS SN LARRY HRABAL SN STANLEY M-ARTIN SN DENNIS TALLEY SN CRAIG WILLIAMS I I CHIEF ENGINEER: LCDR STEVE COLEMAN ' ' DCA: I?I'frJoEgI,'Ij'Ufl'I?9'5'SG I Qfhrough November 19791 n LTJG KEITH WRAY I MPA' LTJG DAVID BlACRI2:lI.A:II'IFF OLSEEN BOILER DIVISION: LLJG ILEITH IIIRAY X I Ifhrough December 1979, Q 3-IFJOEQMIEI-ug? CIg027'10B3BI 'QQIAAN MACHINERY DIVISION: CwO2 BOBBY HYMAN I ec ' U Y Ifhfough April I9aoI LTJG EARLE YERGER II II II II I ' I II fl II II II I I I III II I II -I CHIEF PETTY OFFICERS: ENS KEVIN BECKERA I II MMC ROBERT BURGESS II MMC ROBERT ARNOLD I' I BTC THEODORE PEAY I BTC ROBERT THOMPKINS I EMC BOBBY ELEAZER I I MMC HAMM II EMC DANNY ABADV I' HTC LARRY EVANS I II I I ,,f,,, V I s I I R: ENS TOM O BRIEN I ELECTRICAL OFF CE Um - My 1979, ENG. MAINT. OFFICER: CwO2 BOBBY HYMAN M DIVISION: MMI MICHAEL REYNOLDS MMI GARY wURTS MM2 MICHAEL BOTT MM2 CHRIS COMPEL MM2 ROBERT HOLBERG MM2 DAVID JOHNSON MM2 DAN KARCzEwSKI MM2 WILLIAM LONG MM2 JIMMY REYNOLDS MM2 wILLIAM SPARROw ' MMS GREG BROwN MM3 RON DESANTIS MM3 DAVID HAMM MM3 DERRY HARRISON MMS DAVID HOLT MM3 EDDIE LABOR MM3 JOHN LEMOINE MM3 LOU WHITECOTTON MMFN DENNIS BRECKENRIDGE MMFN JEFFREY BUNTROCK MMFN KEVIN ERICKSON MMFN LEWIS GABLE MMFN GARY GABRIEL MMFN RAY GORE MMFN TIM GRISHAM MMFN JAMES HARRINGTON MMFN KENDALL NYE MMFN -BRIAN PERRY I MMFN WILLIAM RAIKE MMFN CLIFF ROBERTS MMFN RICH UMSTED MMFN RICHY WALTON II FN JOE BEAVER FN HOWARD GRAHAM H FN GERALD LITSINBERGER FN TODD ROAT II I 'I A GANG: ELECTRICIANS: HULL TECHNICIANS: I MMI ROBERT RICHARDS EMI RALPH NOBLE HTI FRED REYNOLDS MM2 TONY PALMER EMI MIKE FERGUSON HTI STEVE AUGUST EN2 TERRY FARR EM2 ISADRAO CALIMLIM HT2 MAC BEVANS EN2 ROGER MORTON EM3 ALEX ALVERADO HT2 WILLIAM CRAwFORD EN2 ROGER ODLE EM3 RAYMOND CURRY HT3 PETER ANDERSON EN3 RANDY I-IIPMAN EMS ROGER HAwES HT3 TOM DOTSON I IENFN DARRELL LAWSON EM3 DILLARO WILLIAMS HT3 DAVID RESSLER I FN RAY GONZALES EMFN TOM DEMARINO HT3 RICHARD TAMEZ FN JAMES RILEY EMFN BARRY SMITH HT3 MIKE WARLICK FN BRAD VELEK EMFN MIKE YOHEY HTFN TOM ABRAHAMSON I FN JOHN PEACOCK HTFN DALE CONKLIN HTFN GREG CUTSCHALL 4 HTFN ELBERT MATHIS MACHINERY REPAIRMAN . MR2 RAY DUKE I II I 'I I I I I MRM " E ii Q.. ,S . is J' fu- .Qn-mw wfvvwx X !.! X fi W 2 Z1 ,WW""'., ,Zf.... ,f'f,7 If Q, ' Z' I Q - ' Q Q," f ' 3: f 4 ,J , f , ff,,' A I 3 W , 5 0 4 .C"c1':L. 1 R 5 ' f 'uri , LLW4 19' - V QL, 5 -' ,f ' 3 Z 4 1 .- ,Q 1, L 1 Z ff Q HW ., WV, f .5 1 jg ,, ,fu ' f rx! . , , , V , I 4, Q f I ff yy- ---W Q , fy, I. g - Xb gf 'X , ,ff f Z A . MW Z if ,,,,, 3-1 A 4. I4 I f I ff 'I i f nw, ,f A BOILER TECHNICIANS: BTI .GERALD ARNOLD BTI-JOHN MANLEY BTI MIKE MANNING BTI CLARENCE TRENT BT2 TERRY ALBRIGHT BT2 MIKE BRIGHT BT2 BRADLEY BECKER BT2 DAVID BONER BT2 HENRY BRUEGGING BT2 ROBERT BURNS BT2 TERRY KERN BT2 LOUIS SEYMOUR BT2 GLENN WATSON BT3 MARK BROWN BT3 DENVER BROWNLEE BTFN BERNARD CULLINGSWORTH BT3 NORBERT DARMOFAL BT3 ALAN DEE HUNT BT3 PAT JOHNSON BT3 MATT KENDRICK BT3 DAVID LANZA BT3 THOMAS MC BRAYER BT3 MIKE MILLER BT3 PAUL OGONOWSKI BT3 PAUL RIEFSNYDER BTFN DAN AMERSON BTFN DON BERQUIST BTFN TONY BROWER BTFN MARTIN COMLEY BTFN RANDALL FARMER BTFN MARSHALL HOBBS BTFN DAVID IVERSON BTFA PAUL JACKSON BTFA ALAN JOYNER BTFR REX KING . BTFN DREW LAJOIE BTFN STEVE MANRY BTFN TONY MANZELLA BTFN JAY MILAND BTFN JOHN SALABURY BTFN MARK STEVENS BTFN TERRY VINSON BTFN BRIAN WADLIEGH BTFN DANNY WATSON BTFN CHARLES WELCH BTFN JOHN ZIMMERMAN FN MIKE SPELLMAN INTERIOR COMMUNICATION IC2 GREG COUTURE IC2 DAVE PEEK IC3 JAMES HUBBARD ICFN DAVE GRIFFIN ICFN CALVIN SEARS ICFN HARRY J. SWEET, Ill Uperutions Department OPERATIONS OFFICER: LT PEL BOYER EMO: L1-JG JOE MURPHY Cthrough October I979J ct'-,rough June I979y I-T DICK ST- AMANO ENS BOB DIAMOND CIC OFFICER: LTJG GARY MORRIS COMMUNICATIONS OEEICER: I.TJG EARI.E YERGER OPERATIONS CHIEFS: OSC TOM CHILTON EWC VOY RUSSELL ELECTRONIC WARFARE SPECIALISTS: EW2 RALPH COUCH EW2 DAVID SHUMAN EW3 DAN ADAMS EW3 MICHAEL MOCILENKO ELECTRONICS TECHNICIANS: ETI CLAUDE MAGEE ETI RICKY SHIVELY ET2 JAMES HUTCHERSON ET2 BENNY JACKSON ET3 ED FOWLER ET3 WILLIAM KEITH ET3 SHANE NELSON ET3 GARY POST RADIOMEN: RMI ROBERT GOODRICH RMI JOEL OSTERBERG RMI DAVID TANGUAY RM2 DAVID THORPE RM2 CHARLES RICHARDSON RM3 TERRY JOE KING RM3 WILLIAM MEYER RM3 PAT MEYER RM3 ROBERT SCHNEIDER RM3 WILLIAM TAYLOR RM3 KENNETH TERRY RMSN HUBERT DUNCAN RMSN GEORGE WORK fthrough October I979J ENS ERIC MHYRE X, Feeding time for OGRE' E S mf Sa T 5, OPERATIONS SPECIALISTS: OSI STAN MONUSKO OS2 MITCH BRYSON OS2 MIKE COLLINS OS2 ANDREW CRABTREE OS2 ROBERT WOOD OS3 DAVID HATCHER OS3 MARK NEWMAN OS3 R. D. THOMPSON OS3 JOHN WHITEHURST OSSN STEPHEN BLAKE OSSN JAMES GARLIN OSSN JERRY HERMAN OSSN FRED REESE OSSN RONALD ROACH OSSN MICHAEL TINSLEY OSSN DAVID WOODFIN ZERO SIGNALMEN: SM2 CHARLES AYTES SM2 BRIAN WORTH SM2 RAND SOBERT SMSN CHRIS CAVANAUGH SMSN KARL DAVIS SMSN DONALD WINDHAM ' WED? WN MORRIS! Time for din-din! Doctor Haze and the boys! c -,X eH no fl O 'f .1 X Last one hom'e's a frigate! We'r6 on our way:!! Mission accomplished 7 f 47 f , 'M ' '07 f , , 1 1 MGA. I TOLD you guys that this was going to'be a piece of cake! ffl X X55-if X f fm fn X.7""Xf "'- 1 X XXXX xv' X Q tif sa-QXX XIXX -X X X K i X" s"xYQ Off-Q51 1:0 X' i X xi? ff g- X511 X: TX NW Y: X' 1 xX-k X ssxs X X ' is s X5 XA Q xv so Vg 'ff QFFXXXQX- 4 X siii, , M XXXX X ssh A XX X 'kg,,g.1QXX.XXXX,. X S3 , ' " Wu" +i ' .h -,x , X K 55 ff if .N XxgX:sQ.f,-ss'mxxf 1 syvc1XX1Eiifgmvs-'LQg,,m Ncvskvi Xxxsxxs ' 'QNX 1 X., f Q Q ijac s ix -fc: ss ss X X i Q ' "ff XXXX F Y yn, X X L X3 QQXQAQ " -Q : X' XX if-fbfNFwxiiiNXijNY,iiy X X X' - X'-1 X-sssfq-X, Q gs. f s o Mmspuzlgir?-' gf,-he X +A-hwx:ssw:Xs1X.' Xw- N R 333,53 QE 'kjggw 1, 7 ,X,. Ns x iisqjzgg js "" if X-sip: Tw-Xi N X X Y X. .. 1 - 1 ' X XXXX x X X XXX.X X so X, x. wSS?iXgm:sXXXX is N' ----' A sggxgms .X sf, n X . .X NX -sss ' af' ,. K K X s. "Why isn't everybody wearing their Arab headdress?" A big heart on the bow! J 1 A little ray of sunshine! "My God! He DID shave his beard off!" f f My X IW I f, , X JW, , ,ki 9 7' f f M 5 f,f, DADDY'S HOME!! -T ee 'Y + "All hands sta clear ,of the fantail while Mr. Buechner is training and elevating his camera." f , I WW' A , g -so f ' f, pf X , I -N 4, ' ,, W. ' , f my - f' A. . I I ' ' I asl 4: ff' ' ' , so , fs we K f ,S ,V 'pi -, M ' I J my I f Q ,- .... 4,2 ., wt,-QM f WA ' ,sig gpg Qs 'i" 'Wi f... "YZ-VAN-4 N. , If X 5 f xx ' 511 ku, uv WAS CREATED BY: LTJG BARTON BUECHNER HTI FRED REYNOLDS FTG2 JOHN DEAL EDITOR: BUSINESS MANAGER: ART EDITOR: LAYOUT: LTJG BARTON BUECHNER HTI FRED REYNOLDS PHOTOGRAPHY: SMI CHARLIE AYTES 'BTFN TERRY VINSON HT2 "PAPPY" CRAWFORD LTJG BARTON BUECHNER COPY: LTJG DARRYL COX LTJG BARTON BUECHNER SPECIAL THANKS: SN Doug Dorney: TiTle page photograph,Mr. Dick Anderson: Change of Command photographs, ISI Arthur Vile 'X and PH3 William Sims: Soviet Operations photographs, PHC William Hayes, PHC Tom Fought, and the Charleston Detachment of the Atlantic Fleet Audio-Visual Command: outstanding photo processing support and 3: 3 technical advIce. " E S ss C kxlgkglkfl g Pls. 'I' I ,Q :- .ib Q 'Y TIFFANY PUBLISHING COMPANY f Norfolk, Virginia . of , XX X A I ws We 0969 111,80 Gab Se 63 PORT SAID SUEZ CANAL wx 499 O3 U7 CE-'3 Em Z-I DMB 'oe BAHRAIN 4,57 Aw QQA SOCOTRA GULF op ADE 3 N QUTX ll. GULF OF OMAN MUSCAT MUZ Arabian Sea

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