Forrest Hills High School - Reaper Yearbook (Avondale Estates, GA)

 - Class of 1988

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Forrest Hills High School - Reaper Yearbook (Avondale Estates, GA) online yearbook collection, 1988 Edition, Cover

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4 A 4 1 l illlQllSS Tl-IE REAPER Forresi Hills Chrisiiom Soimool Avonolole Esioies, Georgie DV Miss Ivlelonie Dunohoo Miss Donrio Alexoncler TABLE OF CONTENTS Theme .....................,..... 2, 3 Deciiooiion .... ..... A , 5 Seniors ..... .,.. 6 -29 Closses . . . 30-All Foouliy . . . 42-A7 Aoiiviiies. . 48-6'l Sooris ...T 62-85 Elememiory ,,... .... 8 6- 'IO7 Slrrivirwg for The SWE? , an .A 'P Q 6 lVlasTerv a Q I X s 5 . gf 1: lv X "' Nj Running is noT always easy. IT Takes work! We have all seen Tne agony on Tne sTrainea ana svveaTy face of Tne runner as ne crosses Tne finisn line. We nave also seen Tne agony aisappear inTo a smile of vicTory. Tne vicTory was vvorTn Tne sTrugQle. As Paul Tells us in I CorinTni- ans 9:24, 25, we rnusT run Tne race TnaT is seT before us. if we are willing To sTrive now, in Tne ena we will re- ceive Tne rnasTery. Tne Tnerne of Tne 4988 IQEAPER is STRIVING FOR THE IVIASTERY. DedicoTion This yecrr The 4988 REAPER honors o lody ThoT hos puT Teocher, school librorion, lunch-room supervisor, ond in rnony hours To insure ThoT we will ochieve The mos- elemenTory secreTory. She is noT only o Teocher ond Tery for ChrisT. ln The posT Ten yeors of service To friend, buT olso o good exomple of Jesus ChrisT. We ForresT Hills ChrisTion School, she hos hoc! o vorieTy of love you ond Thonk you! 'The 4988 REAPER is dedicoT- responsibiliTies. She currenTly is our home economic ed To MRS. BECKY G-REER. skew sf SW mms ss r wwfffmfsrssssrmsb rr ri Q 2 ss, s iissgggsesesgsgs ssikil sgs Q , ss F W .: , A F si 2 wa Q, sy K 12552 "S"' 5.'5-'f,':': ':' q: 5ir5E:E5 ...... sr m7rf2-RTM, QM if - ,I-12 2 '-'- T' M ,ee-,ns 02 W 4' 55' S ---- - - - :E f V sf I 'f sw, A255 V :H: g::-..,-a-:y: ..... a .- Yi SW is AX? 2 rr f mm is M 33' 2, X P, 1 T : 555 ' as-::::. :- , NH Hg 2 f ,ssh X s W: 15 "5-'."' E.5:ifif-if:f I.,55f5'i 5:5 4, FT ri Milf 329532 ss Tres X3 sz ,sew W g1.:3i3,::,fi.fa 1 ways wg gk at SQQSERZQQ Q2 w r, ..... ,... iirfwigg is . ,W ..,., ,.... gf 5 Q., Q2 Q S 4 l by ss T fl Sym fi ai . ss ? 5 2,22 X Q 1 ef? 3,153 Q s my W M gig sig, .... "T 13? gi T ff ss TW , , ww ,,::K: 1 my T.: ,,,. ..... . -,v, .S.., , ,.,., gEf:E':5iQ.::g::.-:E::-':::2s::::g: QW Wei' 2. sg 'TT spfeggfwr -:--:----f-- -f--:-: -:--- ii We ' X W S' fix' .... , .. .. ---- . ...... . 1 Q E . ::-Q:-:gigs-5--: :S:,::,-,:,::,g.5 -M wggxggggw, Q rig N TE f ff 3325 NMMS7 vig 3 M Q NW wi Q S, T ff 4 , H sf ff ff ifws wif-S W -ffm-2:-.-:::-.'as,,-:-.- :rw-:-.-:1: :- sas my ..- 'P Wwlktg ' 12 Z Y' w s -2.2 RSE? if A fv X 5 V W 'A' s T' f' 2 SM r .sr -- iii' is 4 Wg W WW . , . . :sms-1-: -:-:-: w e-:K-51" 2 525: - : I-P -f-- an its -:iz'-E.::i::::-:..:"a2s:': HM- W" "" Q " . x.-52532 gag-:ggg5aga,g:5:5-3: -,1 :.a,. ,f 1 -g gg-:5?g: :,-:g -gg:-:-:'.:j:g:Q::'zg:." 2 ,:-'2g'f5:: ,:y.g ::::sE:1i::'2""' 5 M, -.-.v 'W " ""' '-I:-3E3--1:5'. - -14-::2:5Zf:I33I3ZE1i E. ..... f ....I'1If.f3I353.5Eil'5:3:- :52E?535:f- -2-2:':Z':Z'Z'Z-E?i.E5.2I-f'IQiiZIQIl.QI33I2:-:-.-'-l5:--:-- 'ffl f5E.5:25:Qf': :' f1A:1-vi- , "" 5:'I:x? 'k-E:'.:E EkE' 54:m"':fE55''.55:::?:g::""3:3:?'f5553555242:IQ5:f:Z::Z'5'5E"""'':":.EEI:':?2I,EI.EI:IE Ii - '-5.'II-55'-'51 MFA -A my "55v'f5:3v5' -'---- : f ,,,,,,, , ww mi :5 g r r:i2Er 5?E sm E:E.:: :: 'kwwwvwwlwiw' .-.. If -V "" W W '-"' M- """?'5'ffKfM .Lmwygfmf T .m ---- - mm -----' R 'A' f ah? E252 M 'N G N 1 fs 55.:.f.:E.3 ..,.... . , Q 5 X M, il My " 'Y .gy 1 .iffz,EzE:i:ii. P S X Q ' " my 2 ' 8 f W I' I' 225,21 MW.. M, -NM W W 'f 311-13 2 1 14,31 W W N4 3, :5,:.EQ,.,I:2 WM7 W N fr X- ' '31 WN. as , Q -, , 5 SENUQS ,mv 7 Fighl The Good Flghl Of Fdllh, Loy Hold Gm Elemdl Life, Whereunlo Thou Arl Also Colled And Hosl Professed A Good Profession Before lvldny Vllllnesses. W- iaw Z J 1 1"'Qf Thou Therefore ehdure hdrdhess os o good soldier of Jesus Chrisr. Ahd if d rhdh olso srrive for mosreries, yer is he hor orowhed exoeor he srrive Iowfully. 10 A I Hove FouQhT A Good FIghT I I-Ieve Fihished My Course, I I-love KepT The FeiTh: I-IehceforIh There Is Leid Up For IVIe A Crowh Of Righlreoushess. Q s ' ' 1 I . X yn V r 11,0 . v m , ::'?Y K 1 , , ,J V ,fl . if 4 z. g v y- f, , , I ,-Q . .blip ,f N- ,W sk' Y My ', 'df 1' r ,, ' A ff! "dh M as J . . ' 4' 'J 'L YH- , I wM .,.f I ,. I if . J Q , ,I A. ,cvk X, 4,1 ki' if E Jn' ,X Y 4 ' . I A A . , -'r . 'ff' " 1.1 1 ' X ,f ff a wr., .. V 1 I , fl, N ,, .. 1 ' ' U , A Q+z 771' J . Y A rw! f X H , A , , .Q . U A 1 ,X L 1 , 1 M 1, h ' 1, ji H 4 ' 1 W ' fn - 1 K fA X 4 5 4 I 4 Wfmk 1 i. f, I ' 1 'YQ 5 . if K' 3 ,W A 5 .E . . , ' f. fi -L I A Q1 f A X 1 , V A 'Y QE j . cl.. . . . . ' f . v -1 f-V' I , . J .V , A, ' Xl A I J A 1, ? f. fi L- ? " . M, 4, Q 5' Y Z F Q 4 9 ix an r rv -Aw OI' fl f I ,Q X H- '52 1 , f , of ' fl 5495 1 ' 4 ,, , K, 2 jf x". A I ,I U ' 4,4 YQ ,.wma-' W M - 92 fl! f rf 15 E .--1 1. 4 , P, 'S 'elif 44:1- 4-.f , I A 1 A J I Senior Closs Of 4988 iron snorpenein iron: so o rnon snorpeneih The oounienonoe of his friencl. Proverbs 27:47 CLASS OFFICERS Lee Toylor, Vice-Pres. Joon Dorsey, Treos. Rick Klimo, Pres. Corrnen lVliller, Sec. Poul Mullen, Cnopl. 16 The Senior Sorooloook STEVE BRCDWN I, Sfeve Brown, being of desTorTed mind ond leon body Ieove The following iTems To The following people. To Bryon BdxTer, I Ieove dll The ofTernoons we IifTed while everybody else wdTched The FIinTsTones5 ond my Thdnks for being my besT friend. To my senior closs I Ieove Ddrrell ond Dole: I know you dll miss Them. To Kevin Moseley, I Ieove The obiIiTy To geT up fdsT dfTer being Tdckled. To ScoTT ond Johnny, I Ieove The obiliTy To be somewhof Tough during fooTbdIl sedson. To A'Seem, I Ieove my bdskeTbdII ToIenTs, Hd, I-lo, I-lo. To The school sfoff, I Ieove dll The doys I wdnTed To go fishing, buf unforTundTely, I hod To be in school. To Ivlr. Hillildrd, I Ieove 40,000 corny pollock jokes. To Cormen lvliller, I Ieove dll The ddTes her pdrenTs will never IeT her go on, ond d good looking guy To hdve To Turn down. To Cindy ond Rick, Lee ond Ivlory, I Ieove Two wedding rings from my friend in The didmond business QTom Shdnej. To Mrs. Klimo, I Ieove lvIoTh, G-eogrophy, Alg. I, Alg. II. GeomeTry, ond Chem. To Ivlr. Kelnhofer, I Ieove my Thdnks for being d friend. To NoThon, I Ieove my dbiliTy To orgue wiTh dnyone dbouT dnyThing ond win. To The resT of The school, I Iedve d new building wiTh Two lunchrooms, Three "ww mi I ii V..,i,,n:- ,,,,. 0 weighTrooms, four fooTbdII fields ond zero boskeTboll courTs. I if JUAN DORSEY I, Joon Morie Dorsey, being of IiTTIe mind ond body, do hereby Ieove The following: To The girls in The fIuTe secTion, I Ieove my obiiiTy for ploying The fIuTe. Keep procficingl To o couple of nice guys, Rick ond Lee, I Ieove my Thonks for moking me feel welcome when I come To FHCS my junior yecir. Nexf, To Melonie, my Thonks for being There when I wonTed To Tolk ond for IisTening To dll my MANY problems. To Mory BeTh, one of The sweeTesT girls I know, I Ieove Chick, friendship, ond Ioughs. I olso Ieove good luck sTorTing Pensocolo. STudy hord. NexT To Mrs. Klimo, Thonk you for your supporT ond help Thru Algebro II, Chemisfry, ond Geomefry. I did noT Think I would ever moke iT. To Mr. I-Iilliord, you're The besT principol I've ever hod. I've been Thru o few in my life ond you're The besf. To Mrs. Johns, I Ieove The energy ond sTrengTh To run The office by herself. To The Senior cldss, I Ieove mony fond memories ond good Times. And finolly To Forresf Hills Chrisfion School, I Ieovellllll IVIELANIE DUNAI-ICG J . ' ' bod b of m.i5w,0 ,W ,WzgfmlEfM M150 'mat cu! .90 fb ?f',,5ll llflj JJKL 1 CJUYmOf-LU! .fhfyvf ml law if? SCP ' 6Ubcy8wf1f,!!.jgjZZg3fc U, J fm up 7 , , 1 ' UIQ y,44L,5,.,Jf5?7 me 1 C1300 mmf L7U1f1,QL!vofaf U10 0 ffffw '0zawL,J.m!,g504,ggWw f glouijyggjfoff 0-f"XiJ1bU5Ofi4f0L dfccffefffff ' Maw 032046 JOQVJ-Q7 ' 0p5ZJaiM dmv! CMM aww 'LO Lf 1 1 ' j CpwQU?Q117 -- UOUJ ze au qcffv ' lfjY7Of0jUX ,210 ,.. I Jufxqiaif X X iw. H - Q 1' H15 '25 7 3 WR: : , - ww 347' "fff,:"' 6554 " L Y Y' i xiii i 5 if -wi . 4. 1555 421 :. ?S,.'.f ,, , ' k 5 5 H 1 N' + 5 , L 5 4 FS 15 Z f gig-4.1 E ,fu , ' 2 .lf 2 Q5 , , ' 1 ' l X 49" ,,,, , . , Q , fig, Q ,fm ffzf25g:,g:f A J A mm - 2 551 s 2 - -' f my ' f fl ,,,, ' ' ' Q Q ,, K I A .,,, - q - P, , - , , , 'Q I f fri, W M N " ' W A ' 'Q f " ,V ""' , W 'V ' Qvw . . Hi' F ' 5 , " iittiwii ,:QL1i? ww f' .A flfwf' K ' ' ' Q MARY JCI-IN w ,. 'V+ f 5 I Mory John, being of hordly no mind ond M o body, do hereby bequeoTh The A following, FirsT of oll To The oheerleoding IGF squod of '88-'89, I leove on loT of good luck, M you'II need iT. To AniTo Morgon, I leove good luck wiTh ADD. ond "could iT be P.C.C. - no I don'T Think so" ond "we oll know whoT P.C.S. sTonds for don'T we?" To Julie Doon I leove "LITTLE JULIE DOAN" ond olso my seoT in The senior closs. Hope yo moke iT kiddol To Miss Johns I leove our lovely burTs, ond Those wonderful memories of cheerleoding comp! To CheriTh Boker I leove Joke ond The good 'ole snoke! To Sunil I leove my gorgeous eors. To Mrs. Klimo I leove The Senior closs Cplus The whole worldj Europe Trip. To onyone who hos found o friend, I hope you hove found one os good os mine. Thonk you Cindy, for 9 wonderful yeors of LoughTer. I love you! To The seniors who hove sTuck iT ouT wiTh me since 3rd grode - Thonks ond I'II never forgeT yo! To Cindy ond Rick, I give my Thonks for puTTing The 2 besT people TogeTher To moke The 'I besT couple. Moy FHCS remember "Lee ond Mory" for o long Time. To Lee Toylor, I give my love ond Thonks for I yeor ond 5 monThs Q Q. To Dovid LighT I leove "geT ouT of my Iife." To Sieve Brown I leove The obiIiTy To move in Miss Johns' closs wiThouT geTTing buTchered, To Mr. Hillord, I leove Cindy's ond my obiIiTy To decoroTe The school. To Bryon BoxTer I leove "whoT ci gorgeous bod!" Finolly I leove my Thonks To FHCS for IO yeors of long hord boring work. fMoybe one doy I'II be oble To soy iT wos worTh iT.j Bye! 122 I erase , ISAIAI-I 42:2 RICK KLIIVIA I, Rick Klimd, being of "dll mind ond no body," CrighT Cdrrie?Q do hereby bequeofh The following iTems To The following persons: Top MO BrenT Ivliller, I leove my TD posses cdfches he Tossed. To Kevin, I Iedve d big, hedrTy "YO, B-BAYBEE" ond my senior porking pldce is he con fiT his cor? inTo IT. To Tony Egerfon Cwherever you GFS? I Ieove The S40 he sTiII owes me. To Corrie, I Iedve porT of my mind since ThdT is dll I hdve. To lvlory Befh, Thdnks for being d gredT friend To me ever since I con remember when. To Pdul, I Iedve my obiIiTy To geT on A in T.oid wiThouT doing o Thing. To Jon Nichols, I Ieove my singing voice: since he is The only Tenor lefT in choir, he'lI need Lee's, mine, ond his. To lvliss Johns, Thonks for being o gredT Tedcher ond on even beTTer friend. To my besT buddy Lee, Thdnks for sTicking wiTh me for The posT 9 yedrs Qsince The 'lFishermdn"j. To Lee ond Ivldry, besT wishes for you. To Cindy, Thdnks for mdking This yedr wonderful. I'Il olwdys remember you. Finolly, if I sTill hdve dnyfhing IefT, you con dll jusT divide iT up equolly ond leve The remdins for IVIARTA To pick up on Their woy Through. I EOL I Elimoc NOT THAT I SPEAK IN RESPECT OF WANT: FOR I HAVE LEARNED, IN WHATSOEVER STATE I AIVI5 THEREWITH TO BE CONTENT. PHILIPPIANS 1I2'I'I JGANNA LIGHT VV.. 11 vi' CARIVIEN IVIILLER I Cormen Miller, being of reosonoble mind ond liTTle body, do hereby leove The following To These priviledged people: To my broTher BrenT, I leove my seoT in The senior cldss ond good luck nexT yeor. To my sisTer, Condido, I leove The obiliTy To moke o suggesTion wiThouT geTTing her heod biT off ond hong in There for Three more yeors, ond To my liTTIe sisTer, Rufh, hope you moke iT To The yeor 2,000 - GOOD LUCK KID!! To Julie Doon I leove "LiTTle Julie Doon" ond hopes ThoT you'll grow someddy. To CheriTh Boker I leove "Thdnk you for ThoT worm momenT." To The resT of The JV squod, I leove IoTs of luck nexT yeor. To Anifo Morgon, I leove "H-E-E- E-IE VVIPE OUT!" ond Thonks for being o good friend. To Poul Mullen, I leove my GORGEOUS red socks - They moy noT fiT Tough. To Cindy Porrish, I leove "Moongodess", 'iwhdT ore you weoring Tomorrow?", ond Thonks for being o GREAT friend. To The Vdrsify squod of '87-'88 I leove Thonks for dll The good Times. To Miss Johns I leove The hopes ThoT you hove d vorsiTy squdd nexT yeor, ond Thonks for moking This yeor o greoT yeor. To STeve Brown, I leove oil The curves I "supposedly bIew" in French closs ond Thdnks for The memories ond for being o friend. To Miss SluTz, I leove "bios me fposiTivelyj!" To Mrs. Klimo I leove Thonks for being d greoT Tedcher. To Mrs. Johns I leove oil The ofTernoons I soT in The office grdding pdpers. Finolly, I leove - by The woy, Thonks for '10 yeors of greoT memories. I , ,I , EA i And we know ThoT dll Things work TogeTher for good To As Xg.. Them ThoT love God, To Them who ore coiled dccording To His purpose. if R Romons 8:28 24 PAUL IVIULLEN Z I, Pdul The GredT, being of one AwesomoTed mind ond body do hereby Iedve The following To dll you Wonderful people. To IVlr. Hillldrd, I Iedve The burned-ouT lighTs in The gym. To IVIrs. Johns I Iedve my GreoT PersonoIiTy. To NdThon Dickson I Iedve dll my obvious fooTboll ToIenTs. To Gdmol my sedT in CompuTer Cldss since you will be There nexT yedr. To Rick, "who's up Buddy?" To Cindy I Iedve my gorgeous looks. To Lee, good luck oT The DenTisT's. To Regind B. I Iedve my cdr so you con geT To school nexT yedr. To lvlrs. Begley I Iedve oll my oced French TesTs. To lvlory BeTh, good luck dT PCC. To FHCS, Thonks ond Goodbye. mkxllllh JM grail x 25 zf. CINDY PARRISI-I I, Cindy Porrish, being of semi-sound mind ond mofure body, do hereby besTow my goods To These poor: To CherlTh Boker, I Iedve Joke ond The Snoke, ond The Thonks for mciking our Pensocolo Trip lnTeresTing. To AniTd, I Iedve "him, ond dll his friends." To Cdndido, The squod of 88-89, good luck, ond To Julie Doon, Thonks for being so sweeT, ond I Iedve The poTience To puT up vvlTh oil The ridicule you geT. To Miss Johns, I Iedve The Thonks for being o gredT sponsor, ond for IeTTing us Tolk you inTo dnyThlng. l dlso Iedve you my creoTiviTy. Thdnks for noT only being o good Tedcher, buT o gredT friend! To Pdul I Iedve The obiliTy To noT only wriTe o will buT To know vvhoT one is. To STeve ond Bryon I Iedve dll Their smorT remdrks They've kepT in, since Their "chonge." To Cormen, The dll-knowing, Thdnks for my home dwdy from home ond for being such d good friend. To Mrs. Johns I Iedve oil The demeriTs I never goT for being ldTe. To Lee, I Iedve loTs of money To pdy for The longdisTonce phone coils To my house. To Ricky, Thonks for being o wonderful friend, ond for helping mdke my yedrs in highschool unforgeTTobIel To The cldss of '88, Thonks for The good Times! And To lvldry, I Iedve The Thonks for moking me lough horder Thdn I ever loughed before, "l'll soy"l Don'T geT me cuf on The Jogged "Edge"l And finolly. To Forresi Hills, I Iedve my love ond Thonks for I2 gredT yeorsl I r I f-If dI'ICI4QfIllIfII L I I I f L" s- n if T ,,,. ..,, 1 ,. .... . mx wr Ts X 8-Mn' 3,5255 X 'I X X .1 :-:fm 5:5 1' 152 F' iss:k:iI:::E:5.:XZ 55- :'5'. ,, I -- X . - '- .S :xg . ell 1' I - - IW , - - I ' . mf f- - K, . . ssrfisvggsiigss-I a " -- - ' XV X. - H :,..-:.:fii5Pszs 3 ' . . 5 f ii? lf? 'TM' - . '-21 T . ri.-E25 g, Q eggs: -3. A.,-:--:sg X H s 'f112gX, f,. 'T H - Q.. "1':If.-grfnlil I . , .. . .X NWN my V " " Iswgaw sss .II X . 2 X. . . -." +ifEE:. f51.':E : ' X445 'R 'X 'I i WK! Y I . ..,. X. M, M...s---M X . A X X XX,-Xi 3 Qs? I ik N Ei X X T 52 X X R s viii N sf S 3251: 'x X sr 'S a If 'I Q' TEX? Hex' Q I if gd iw Qgf' ,X Q X 5, 5 5 NSN. 'K ,Sys if it X. Qi I X 1 ' Q X XI V 'Q gigs? Im , I-, 8 3 ,IX ss Il N 3 ' Nr N ,Q .X X .- M ss S T' is ya ,Xue Y 'T SW X 2 XYNEX W NM X X N XQXWXEKSKX I QN X T X wig is 'Miss ,Q M Nl T wigs skis x XX, Ryu is MW-sm X X X A 2 N Xw m MQ W X I J.-ff X-me , ..... . M ,N .... For The Lord shdll be my confidence: ond shdll keep Thy fooT from being Token. Proverbs 3:26 T6 ' ' 'J , fi if F' ,, ,E El LEE TAYLCDR T , M, f l L ' :V E gl k"" ' , : V l, Lee Taylor, being of a semi-sound mind, l Think, and a body do hereby bequeaTh The following iTems To The following people: To my younger brofher, STeve, l leave my seaT in The senior class in high hopes ThaT he gefs There, and The besT of luck in The fufure. To Rick, l leave Those wasTeful French ll classes we had and Thanks for being a greaT friend all Through The years. l also leave him The Hungry Fisherman. To Jon Nichols, l leave The song we would sing yesTerday, Today, Tomorrow, and every day afTer ThaT, and all The good Times we had in chorus. To Gamal I leave my CheveTTe so he won'T have To ask for anymore rides home, if he can find all The parfs fhinT: They're somewhere on Panola Rd.j To A'seem, K leave "geT ouT of The carl GET OUT OF THE CART!" and a pair of baskeTball shoes. To Brenf, l leave all Those Trips we Took and The hoTel room we've ruined over The years, no problem. To Bryan, l leave my awesome physique HA! HA! To Carrie, K leave all Those maTh Terms we never undersfood so she can Take Them To college. To Cindy, l leave Those counTless hours on The phone and all The money l spenT on calling her. Now you're rich! To Joanna Lighf, I leave a "quaTa" and a drink of "waTa." To Mrs. Klima, l jusT wanf To say Thanks for being pafienT wiTh my limiTed knowledge, so here iT goes - Thanks! To Miss Johns, l leave noun adjecTive, and adverb clauses, because l will never undersTand Them. You're sTill a good English Teacher, anyway. To Miss STulTz, l jusT LOVE your class!! To Mr. Hilliard, l leave, "Wheeerre are yaaa! and Thanks for all The guidance you've given me over The pasT years. Finally, To Forresf Hills, l leave The Thanks for '13 greaf years and for giving me Two Things ThaT are very imporTanT To me: my educaTlon and Mary. JAMES 'I 22-11 I cw MARY BETH WHETSEL I M Bwn www, by gf Qjvx MQQpfwUm 0 ,dGlrZifvwd0frxd.fl1LQ0.'bolLEd 5. M3120 filiow' Jo Jhose, LD ,hZfM P tb gf amd 0,0 LLCl,UYl1QfH : WW --gf suSiYl!l,Ejui5boJr1fncJ7J' fjwlm -Bomhib Qgoyzzan FWOQ Q12 , - n :rr 1 vvwdwgaw do lim xSUnV06XQjClQ 11Cf7lJ'0JShiM Z3 mm +6 wok luvili-124 'I EH GfppAS lE'?iL13QMflQi6fQf5wnf01f Jig MQ +JX5nmQQUI17,gbmuSaQFpQ,m'T W md,QE!2mOf - ' d0wEoVLwJd:Q1Lsc9Soo3. MUTE QM 4?0fWU1u'TVQ0Mm' M Hifi? 'Wiz MW kfiokocgd SUUULE X T5 Mnwuumwgtysligkm-Qkiibw WJLonf1m'.QouJLmnzHhw1DQoJNbfJv9'U0GxB0 T "Magis n,.wfd1wf 112 -MMM Wm www jj mciw scwmovuc '4vHuQ1Ho- ,M www a J02Q?'T6 Mmm ANESQME k EMBA, of 88,1 QQQJQALQ u amd Jmdmb fn m Jfm MQ. U- 'MJF XUNS919.DJ W w 1014 dom ,O wpqwwkm S34 OWN NYM mfwffllishm' Jfvmmgik M www D+ QWMMQM W9 hung Mg S. HQ Ljlxlllbj Om!! L6fgL,lfuVU.QQ,16f.qRb1: CS, 3 kh,-?m51p'.Q-ll .. -3?Lf1YMi+ ZEQKXCI. ' 'fvxia Wleda. Rf -Wankg WCM baxfwfluiuck QQQCJQX Nina. ds wnnnln CARRIE WILSON LeT The words of my mouTh, dnd The mediTdTion of my hedrT, be dccepTdbIe in Thy sighT, O Lord, my sTrengTh, ond my redeemer. Psdlms 49:44 I, Corrie Wilson, Being of oiry mind ond body do hereby bequedfh my very voluoble possessions To The following: my Top locker goes To Kim BooTh. I Ieove my seoT in The Senior closs To Tiffony Weck, "Hong in There 2 more yeors!" I Ieove Thonks To SToci TounTon for being such o sweeT friend. To "LiTTIe Julie Dodn" I Ieove The dbiliTy To sweoT, since you obviously don'T hove ThoT dbilify, ond I Ieove you Thcinks for helping me go To Europe. You're reolly o sweeT friend. To The cheerledding squodfsj of 4988-89, good luck! To Cherifh I Ieove The obiIiTy To noT geT ony demeriTs for o whole cheerleoding secison. To Lee I Ieove speciol Thonks To o speciol friend. To Miss Johns I Ieove everyThing we never goT done in cheerleoding ond Two Miss ForesT Hills PogeonTs. To Mrs. Klimo, I Ieove The besT Junior-Senior BonqueT ond Senior Trip ever, my love, ond my mind if you con find IT dfTer Physics, ChemisTry, ond 3 yeors of dlgebrol fl Think IT is in o TesTTube in The lobj To Mr. Kelnhofer I Ieove, "Miss Johns wonTs you, she reolly does This TimeI" To Dr. Doon I Ieove The dbiIiTy To Idugh, drink o Coke, ond sing oT The some Time wiThouT being coughT. To The fooTbdlI Teom I Ieove my dwesome obiIiTy To Tockle ond cheer oT The some Time. To Mory I Ieove my CopToin leTTer, since I know how much you like To weor iT. To Ricky I Ieove dll The fun we've hod. To BrenT, Thonks for puTTing up wiTh me for The posT Two yeors. To dll The Millers I Ieove my Thonks ond love for you for moking me 'IpdrT of The fomiIy." Findlly, To ForresT Hills, I Ieove my proyers ond Thonks for giving me my educoTion ond The besT Three yeors of my life. , OfL,fLLl.L l,,L1s,,r5si'siyg 29 CLASSES 4? L Z JUNIORS CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT Johnny Johns THINGS VICE PRESIDENT Bryon Boxier SECRETARY Reginci Busiord TREASURER Sunil Snon CHAPLAIN David Ligni SPONSOR Mrs. Kiirnci 32 .-A . gi? A V' Sb. . x 3' ' -- vw K fy srfmis. ' x WM M' f-- ,,,'-. W ':'Q isimffsx X Bryon Boxier Regina Busiord Scoii Greer John Johns David Light Breni Miller Sunil Shch Gomol Wrighi TENT!-I GRADE CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT A'Seem Evons VICE PRESIDENT Kevin Mosely SECRETARY AugusT Greenwood TREASURER Tiffony Weok CHAPLAIN Jon Nichols SPONSOR Dr. Doon uv 31 4,1-' .1 ,, 'Lua nn sun - if .1 f , 44 W ,Q - , A .H ,, , ff, :Mfffwffs 'V 'fiL'u,,wf Z f 7 like A E aut ,, u X ' " 'yff Q, I V 1 gyms Q 1 ' A AXZQTH 9 if if 4: , fl igfffffl, f r f :gan V gf f5'41,,z'?g , , , ,W 5322 f'ff,i'w'f'ffff wiv 'V ' 12 ,.-xi' 1 1 2. ' mea, ,ew ' ' , A V4 , f 2. W, , J, ,A V 5? ,,,., V : '- M 4 ..,,..,, fif 1.:,fsl,m . 4,424 1 gd? Z 4 . 2' Af " " Z dgfw, ,, M , W, M 1, W 2 2 7' 5 Wim I g Q , Gi M W, X 6, f gi 4 5 M I 0 XZ r A if , if Z . 4, f ,N fuuwfp .M , ,, +552 ,, M , Z 6' M, EZ? W A , , Wi, 2' M 4 ff ff 1 f fr j Q, auf f 2 I ,A., ,, of ,yy ,Q-G M if in Q af f M Y, f 9 4 l ,golf 94 gf 4 f A M We K ,,,,,g, 1 , ,,f. ,,': A ,wi ,r1m,,, f r 4 - gl: l . W f if 4 f 'Q , M f X X I P1 r 1 'l 4 1 A sr I , Vi D , l, Y. Volerie Begley A'Seem Evons Chuck Everelle Augusl Greenwood Andrew Lignl Anilo lvlorgon Kevin lVloseIy Jon Nichols Snoron Reed April Weover Tiffony Week NINETI-I GRADE CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT Vince Powell VICE PRESIDENT Huey Worley SECRETARY Acielie Nicholls TREASURER Julie Iviosely CHAPLAIN Choo Choffin SPONSOR Miss Johns 36 v 21 W '13 ' L ,- ., g- G fs :QQ . .ig :sb f-' i-1222.1 -555, A ,V . x ii. S HTS X155 , . W x x N 4 YQ We X X X X N my X X Yi? ,Q W M3 SX X NR' K wi E N . 2 XXX xx X N avi X X iifzwg, shgisnifyii , ,. -.i .f.f ' ,m m .., Tlx SS x for X vi x .ix i new , X ,gif AT' Q QNX X Q -l' if.fg5Ei" sie-551. ami 1...X, N ,gig . . ,ww me . 3' . W E s is .,:,:.:Xf - , . , f I ,, e e N 'f We EEL .W . eeeiee 5 ' L55 W rs Lonnie Boolh Cnod Choffin Andrew Dickson Regino Eocls Liso lvlosoori Conidiclo Miller Julie Mosely Adelle Nicholls Vincenl Powell Sloci Tounlon Ronolcl Terry Huey Worley EIGI-ITI-I GRADE CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT Bobby Hall VICE PRESIDENT Jamie Conn SECRETARY Keren Janes TREASURER Angela Kicklignier CHAPLAIN IVlaii Sullivan SPONSOR Miss Alexander .gi gggnnliw I 38 4 MJ ' 4 Jjviisfgr ,' ,- fsfif eiiff , x A Q f 1' fm ,"' E --WM- ., .NAM . 03 ,ww .Y 7 -.Q V, 1 Y ' G2 ff L J .1 ,f X, g,,, A W ' , 2 , R Vw' f- W ,Vg , 5: ...-M,4,,,fi,r."Gf -Q :az , -M-W ,Md ., , ,,,., M ,, ,, , J A4 - fmfwwv ,J , , :,, : 74,w,f:,V f we , . "" ,iw 2174? mvifim' -f ' wa. we I f :f,zWw'f V, f 5, f ff fr, ,fa gf f Q ' ' 'Z' X K 5' 1 2 ' 2 ' 1 f L 4 1 0 I Exim' nf " QW I 3 Q7 , e f 4 Q ,Q ,H Iiy., ,zz 'E ,, H ,,,,,,, , ,,,, I CneriTn Boker Jamie Conn Bobby Hall Keren Jones Angelo KicklighTer M011 Sullivon Jennifer Wofson SEVENT PRESIDENT: Julie Winclom VICE PRESIDENT: Melisso Sorrell SECRETARY: Liso Crumley TREASURER: Kevin Ecids CHAPLAIN: Jcison Gibson SPONSOR: Ivliss Slulz ig f 2 if f 2 rg Qi, ,MQ W 6 J ,gf VV ' ' W ir' 4 ll ff gf? f5?! .,r- f U f i s iar mm w' wffff, .gh i ,,, if l ff V. Z f , ' ,if g ' Q irsr , l Z A J r ',1! - Ep , ,, ,,J, J ,, J ,J vw' im, if v av' ful: ,,,' iy, 1 ' x Mfg, mu is jf J we 1 ' V 5 l 1 ' . f, 7 I f li .Xi V J ,, ,N 'fs,w,:fm,,p f -is Clorioe Corroll Jennifer Cnombers Liso Crumley Nolnon Dickson Julie Doon Kevin Eocls Joson Gibson Kim Greenwood Jeremy Greer Domon Honsord Morio Heredio Brion Hicks Bill Pennell Corrie Pinner Melisso Sorrell Troy Wosninglon Tomoro Weok Julie Winclom 41 ADIVIINISTRATICDN if FACULTY , ,., 1 1' EEE? V A All as fl 250953, if ,f' ?! www, ,,,, 4 The Powers Thor Be Are Grdoiheo Cf God. WHT Thou Theh Nor Be Afroio Qf The Power? For I-Ie ls The IVIihisTer Of God To Thee For Good Dr. Bill Pehnell - Superihrehclehf Mr. Doug Hilliord - Prihoipol -.....,v Mrs. Sandro Johns - Secrefory Mr. Dom Jones - Custodian 45 Miss Danna Alexander Hisiary, Accounling Mrs. Sandi Begley French, Spanish Dr. Dennis Daan Music, Bible Mrs. Becky Greer I-lorne Economics Miss Joy Johns English i 49' ,, - "EW:"'r:L:f:'fWr'!l,M 3' WN mn Maw 'f"'A'm'T HN ff' L , .-X. we s sm:-..:g H:-y..i :wif ' r K' ,. .. . . i , -is :-i- , 2 .ikii 5 in :.I A --" i 'f , fm A .W , M 'bw H Q tt mee K8 nn! GW? s be , 1- ' " mf! " 1 1 I , 4 fa sy . ' ,fu K , 'QAM L ,X ,,,, M.. .,,,, ,.. K, . 5 1 Q gg? ' as me A g . z.,, -:., V ff 5 fy 5 " 1- af' 5 iissiiv-M? -if Mr. Bruce Kelhhofer Physical Eclucolioh, Civics Mrs. Jockle Klimo Molhemcxlics l Miss Michelle Mikel Typing, Mcllhemolics Miss Down Sluiz Science, Physical Educolion Mr. Rich Szycllowski Bible ACTIVITIES ' ii QPR , 4594 CI-IAPEL Wnerewiinoi snoll o young mon Cieonse nis woy? By ioking need Tnereio According To Tny Word. Wiin my winole neori i-love I sougni Tnee. O lei me noi wonder From Tny oornmondmenis Psoirn 'I'i9:9,'iO 50 QV BAND AND CI-ICDIR O come, LeT us sing urfro The Lord LeT us moke o joyful noise To The rook of our solvofiorw. Psolm 95:4 52 ' +354 x iv '-,,:A.: a 'Qi' 2.??:?'QI' " il ee e R 4 mfg M2 SPIRIT WEEK Buhtons, Shddes 84 Socks Ddy Nerd Ddy ChrisTmds Ddy College Ddy Red, WhiTe 84 Blue Ddy Qgigtgv' 'mud' 54 gggwi' fx 1'f"'fx",4 K ew ? : 12 1 Efa i A 1 , - sw Q :VV QW? FJ .cz 4' 1 I X L., I-ICDIVIECGIVIING 'I98 7 The crowning of our Homecoming Queen, our boys vorsiiy onci girls vorsiiy ieoms ioking firsi in The iournorneni, ond our school winning The sporismonship Trophy rnode for on exciiing Chrisirnos iournomeni. Ii wos oiso o greoi woy To kick off Chrisimos vocoiion! 56 CARRIE ANN PINNER Sevenrh grade represenfarive s STACI TAUNTON Nirmrh grade represenrarive JENNIFER WATSON Eighrh grade represenrarive REGINA BUSTARD Junior represenrorive ANITA MORGAN Sophomore represenrorive MARY JOHN Senior represenrorive CINDY PARRISH Senior represenrorive JENNIFER PAYNE Crown beorer MARY BETH WHETSEL Senior represenrorive gf 59 I-ICDMECCDMING QUEEN for 4987: Miss Mary BeTh VVheTseI Miss Mory John Mass Candy P Senior Closs Repr Tive ' J ' V K 5 SPQRTS Y 'WM k , M J , a. H Y ,che P' HV, vfzwwgft, I 2 f nw 2 ff' f f I X 4, X ,, 17 Z , ,V . f i ' V i ,L J ff' .M 11 4. 5 Q X, Q, 1 , .2 -M1 ,, . 5, ,Examp- y,,. K, I 'WJ ,WW ,V CHEERLEADERS Corrie Wilson - Ccipioin Cindy Po Gur Sp iriT IS Junior-Varsity Squad Q2 arm? 3 E 253 FCDCDTBALL The I-lord Work Peys Gff W umm ,,.,, . , . ,4....Wm .,.,mW,.n...x---ansanuv0"ff" "" 1 , M, ,.,, Mun A 111 - ,yy Vff' 12- Riek Klimo Poul Milner SCOTT Greer Brem Miller Kevin Mosely 68 E K ' ' V, f ' ' If V , H Z V - f V , 2 V. I' ' V ' ' . I, vvvvv ,,,, - ' . .,,.hA '- ,,,. '- A ,..,. W' ,,," - AA'A i ' i H ' if 'I 'f " ffi'..:.i'. ,,, W V V Y wL,d.:',5-f,f nf, ,, . ,J ,Ayifi-'fi..3gi,, i A , fy ,H My-1-kiwi:-:gg 4988 STATE ' 1 ji!k,L7.w-M H ' . M41 , 4 ,HW 9 9333523333 HYEIBIS T5 Heod Coooh: Mr. Doug Hilliord Assisioni Cooch: Mr. Bruce Kelnhofer 70 BS Q 51122125 E Gomol Wright Joson Gibson Andrew Lighi Dovici Lighi CI-IAIVIPIGNS fn. ,, ee 'il' L i Lonnie BQQH1 Troy Woshingron Jeremy Greer Bill Pennell Huey Worely VCDLLEYBALL Angelo Kicklignrer Jennifer Chambers w wk" K ff J , , ff E. R 2 Q Smeg Tcumron - Coccpmin Jennifer Wczrson Julie Mosely A WINNING SEASCDN W , 1 , 7 H mp , H' me , .... V,,,, , ,V - W AM W 1 , 4, I ,, M , .. Q V f, f f- . .- 4 f H 5 'y d " f,fWfg,f2'H"?kg::2Zi5Zi15j35Lg,fff1'Mz'W Y Igffffiiyi'fW'fg!'fJ,jfj1, ff'w-1'f,,QQ fl??',.ffkk!-'Ef:j'f,i,fy gfiQjE?lll7Zf7 , .xi-,LI f f ii,f'I ,y,, Tiff' " Y M , 432LWyg'i:zfQ, fl - if?"ff- 'I ' 7 ' ' ' H ' L'-'2:H1"9Qzf3-f3f'fi?7 gffgidiff ' ' - ' N5 ' rv .A 1 ki,in:iifEE35,f57?ff',fjQ5Q-,,'ffg A - ' " "YJ 'Egg ' ' jp -rjggyfg ,g,,7',9,' ' 7,53 ,ff Vi WWVMV' 4UV5lWf"jf'ff: V " .Y'iL?:lv?!f'f 551 ' ' 4, , ,, FEE' fEE'ff,f?5y WW 1' F f H H f ' W, if . f' ,if JU ,f in 'W 5W.,,,Ug3Q55,f w , ,, -,555 MWWV' '4 ' ""' W ' wP95f14l5f ffff 4 "'1-MW' 'f' ":3iZi1i!fl". ' "-'iff 'Kruk QQ? :5H.f!':lfU' W. f w M, , fw , ' " ' HJ H, v',,,, ,,,, , Z "H , ,, M L,,,, , , ,, , I , I X , ,, ,W M- -f ? , V fm. 4 V ,rw--was Amanda TauTon, Julie WaTson Joanna UQIWT Julie Winaom 74 - Managers BASKETBALL Vcrsify Boys VM M: ,K ,,, .xy ,, 6 9 naw-aus. sq , Wag 4 J wx, 1 P my X gl l -qassdblilf' 'X 81 'I987-88 BASKETBALL TEAIVIS Vorsily Boys Couch: Mr. Hillicird Vorsily Girls Coach: Mr. Esles gmc, 4? Q i ,, -M J A H Junior-Varsity Boys Vorsily Cheerleaders Coach: Mr. Kelnhofer COCICNI IWSS Johns 82 w Junior-Vorsiiy Cheerleoders Cooch: Miss Johns s 1 'N W 5 . . H ..,....-,-.-J-XM, : 'sa ws . , 5 .... f N N X X X X '55 ....,..,..o fig i X Rs X XX! QS' W X is X sg X YS ix X Q XX X' J to - K " XX, l e I V ,,..... , , fi l W X ',. HM f 'WZ 7 rf ef , 54' 5 Bryon Boxrer Sieve Brown A'seern Evons Scoii Greer Johnny Johns Rick Klimo Brenl Miller Kevin Mosely Lee Toylor Kim Booih Jennifer Chombers Keren Jones Angelo Kioklighler Amy Moscori Liso Mosoori Julie Mosely Amonclo Tounion Sioci Tounion Jennifer Wolson Tomi Week Tiffony Weck Julie Winclom Mory Belh Wheisel Julie Doon i Melisso Sorrell Liso Crurnley Corrie Pinner Morio Heredio Cheriih Boker 83 SCFTBALLf BASEBALL VARSITY BCYS COACH: IVIR. SZYDLOVVSKI VARSITY GIRLS COACH: IVIISS SLUTZ I 1 L 84 ELEMENTARY ' Y, T.. .. Ti, fu 5 SIXTH GRADE Wherher Therefore ye eor, or drink, or whdrsoeyer ye do, do ell To The glory of God. I Corinrhiorws 'IO:3'I M 88 1: g , is NN Sm in 'xx my Sk in X Ns? QN ew' k',, ' ii? S ' 1 wi ' I - e , Hifi Gayle Beivilie Kim Baoin Mark Dunanoo Meloaie Gravirr Darwin Jennings Chris Lee Amy iviascari Malveria SCOTT David Smiin Amanda Taunion Sieve Taylor FIFTH GRADE Therefore, my beloved orerhreh, be ye sredfosr, uhmoyeoole, olwoys ooouhdihg iD The work of The Lorol. I Corihrhiohs 45:58 G N T y B Becky D .fY1?i3Sf'f .5 f -L r -:fl J is LXX,5gy,L LL 115, 1 Aish' 2131111 X W :- gr: ' .5 f' Fi ."'1 W grjyLLLLLL" - , X li.. L sal. 'X is -:a:..?sa2:Ees, L sFs:.:,.. .. Xf L.s,. 1" LLL 'assess s Ya":is?ffff5-'fififiU-1252-'1 1:11 LL ,L t S ::L , L L ' Qi 2 nk L .LL.L Q ,K X 2 If I :fl s s 5 X X Q S S 5 X? s 5? s Sf? ESE X rs as X E is if is " NX X- so X s51-qQg133f?--11"QgEE- -Q55 . is f,5:,:1LLLLL QQXQXX IL, ,A LLLL X ' Sasii my i L -Xi 1, L ,, ,igXs fLLLL s L ALL, LLLL L i sllsX F I XX i QM EX .X X V 'CN K XXX s is N SQ m ii D guy lyk xr ES? jsrxi X Q W if QM W X Nik i Ss X 1 A 31 X XX K N ss X ,XQFXQQ EN X s W 55 Xi Sa X 5 X 55 X ew i ly iim si X we XX X X395 sg' E ss K if Xax Q J fs is L X :Qs ,J K. X LLffaz,,,LLfT, LL LL i KK 5 QE? 3 Eileen Dickson Jonaihan Doan Meniscnia Gilson Wesley Gozon Nainan Jusi Tirnoihy Kiie Mary Ann LaVinka Chris Logan Patrick lVloKibben David Miller Jeffrey Payne Joy Smiin Shawn Srnilh Jonalnan Sievens Julie Walson Susannah Vllneisel noi piolurecl: Roger Morgan 91 FCDURTI-I GRADE LeT all Things be done decermrly Gnd in order. I Corirfrhions 44:40 Mrs. Joh 5? i -:zu . Q T K' 445551. Q y s s K s, s X 3, sf X K we Thx gl 515 ' 5 R my E3 53 . 3 RW sh N sl s s View Q X S 3 H s W A ig s 5 1 T5 Nw Q sg s s 5 N Q i Q X 11 in N SS? X W. si si ,W X 2 it i eggs Q N a :aa-ws Msg Q .xx Z sf i s g H 5 , , 1 .. .. N ss-fs sv This ' A S ' . K- sm " - .:.,, ..X,., gs ,- Q.. Q N if . , - esaigi .. Xie N X as f W S H Q xiii' 1 e ,s 5 Q x is 1 X gifs v fig Q ss gf W ,, A ses QM wx K K S30 X i abyss if K is X . XFN K X 'N' x is X , li A 7L,,. K V. i SQ? .. ss h 1 .i.W 5 April Chambers Shaun Davis Leisha Eskew Siarr Ivey Tonya Jackson Helen Kang Tiffany lvlacaffey David Nichols Angela Nolen Melissa Poulos Roxana Puche Naialie Smiih Joy Wachier Toya Willingham Clini Yuclell Bobby Zaal 93 Tl-HRD GRADE Siuay To show Thyseif approvea unio Goa, a Workman Thai neeaeih noi io pe ashamea. ii Timoihy 2: 'i5 Mrs. Doan Genesis Beasley Danneiie Bishop Kariion Bowens Chris Branch Tony Bryce Franklin Dixon . E V,,. ,V 7 f 4' ,Q 5' 'S ' ' mf- 'i ,,,, , ,. .9 , 3 fl! s , MM ' WEA Toni Dooior Benjamin Fleming B Hearher Gibson fr- Chris Greene ' ii Nj ri,, 6, ,, f' f 'sf A 2 ii.2 ' iS,,i? uj ,J 94 .,i , is B V. -"' f"-fwzr ..,,. i ,izfffs f 'AM M u W ,. W ,, ,,..,wf- Wt K "" 1 ,MAI I I I 3 ff 2165 2 ,9-5 J' we rfb X XI! fra i f Mi? , 2 W R wig 1 W W V53 will M ff 1 A , 4 P f-W' " K' B i i fi' '. -- , - -- iw wr-Wf--is ': .. , ,rs ,f fWk"fM22i i , rf Z , - ,. , 'WEE .Wi , NEI f 'f rf'-ff' z ff? ., B if 2 1.. i sis? A if sa is A Ag is Q x i fx ig Lgtfr-s fi: .4:2f"2'ff' X 1, A ' X Asus s M in bg 5 X X w X s Q S ' Q A - -- wx kkhh 1 Twrzifzw' NQiiH.:2s?f X XX W i I ix. ' N raw f ii T Vx i 'Aiiiilisi W . Sai sw.: -- .- "" Z .LL. , ,K Xf5i'2iS:1'e:'-' ' A ' "'- . si ,ls-f-.,.if"f:Q:3iL3Nf3:f ' 'Yi fWf"'f"ss ibfbfwbvjfigisffx Fernondo Griffin Joyce Gozon Dee Horrison April Ivey April Johnson Erico Johnson Bonnie Kire April Lowrence Benjomin Moore Uduok Gkon Joy Poiel Cory Soffo Anil Shoh Srephonie Smith Siephonie Thompson Jornes Wolion 95 SECCDND GRADE Lei This rnino be in you which is olso in Chrisi Jesus Philioioions 2:5 Syleihio Bryoni Joe Cho Jonoihon Deon Kevo Dixon Kevin Dixon Amy Doon Mourioe Durden Joshuo Ford 96 ,sn Miss Porks Erie Arnold . , , V X , , X ji, V ,. , W flea- ' :Mem ,f'i'5 W " ,Je-' Siwfifltl sfvwiissf , s, 5 Liv, ,E 2 ff, W 2 3, f f 4, I ' V . Y 4 F 4 , W9 HUG 1 ,, 'AM ' . r , , sii ,js ww ' n .f f ,, N , f X W X my Z M , 5 1 , 1 im , if WW 2 f f Z , ff M411 if ff 1 5 ,,,, 'Wfm-.W KWH 4 A ,..,.,. .,,..., ,,.,.. , ,,,, Z ,, 6 gf 'f Q i - if ' , 14 M E ,' fi ,f ' f K . W ,, ffm? K f' X ',ja', ' , -- ww iii V L ff' A 22 if , 7 ' . ,K M Z ' P1 H ? '2l N'1ii- if i ,, Z' ' ., I L , 4-'mia-0 nnn-.- ,gxfw ,Q - , ' -5 ss, D' fi ' i: f,?l F lff- ' 2 . 1. N. H MI'x'Wwf4h1: M: 1.5 ,Q . f A. 2 -, g,yi,,' MZ f fi 57 , im.-f wwf, sph Rebecca Gravill Philip Greenwood Andrea Harper Palrick Kang Nalalie Loper Lashunda lVlclVlillan Michael Mason Parag lvlehla Belhany lvlosely Paul Nichols Jason Payne Daniel Ricks Joy Ruby Teri Srnilh Phillip Smilh Slephen Spinks noi piclured: Adam Miller 97 FIRST GRADE Remember how Thy CreoTor ih The cloys of Thy youTh. Ecclesic:1sTes 'l2:'l T Spencer Ashby KoviTTc1 Bcxmoh Mrs. Powell J' K Charlene Bogle ChrysTc1l Brice Chc:1siTy BrighT Yolohcio Corroll Jim Choh Jeremy Crumley 98 QQ x Mi SK ya X JQQQ K M -fi :fr X ., , YW fo y J if x 9 'H 9 x 1 fi fy, 4 57" Amy Greene Veronica Hill Phillip lyey Michael Johnson Karmen Jusr Slephanie Lackey Rasheeaa McConnell Ron lvlobley Ricky Newman Chrisiy Olliff Amber Reed Jeff Scoii Angela Szycllowski Shekina Wilson Dayna Wrighi John Zaal 99 KINDERCSARTEN Sharon Ashby Becky Brewer Debbie Brewer Mary Cha Carrie Doan Leslie England Vicior Francis Nicole Giore Jimmy Greene Mason Harper Daniel Kim Rebecca LaVinka Omari Lewis Andrea Miller Ruih Miller Sarah Mosley Jennifer Payne Amy Pinner John Poulos Rachel Samuels 100 , if ' i ,Q . H 'I 5 lpn., ,iz--:sc si ,iyylifm MV -- ' A S -1 ii-s P -- x Qf zz, ffl ' - 5 , ou. 1: Q6 is-O - 'Qin sw ,sas ,xx .X r ,-, l J-,fs --eps:-www 1 li i 'R I Q59 Www Q y,, ..r il- . 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Proverbs 2O:'I'I Mrs. Smith Moses Arnold Scoii Brooks Cornelio Byrd Jenny Cho Kdrnesno Dovis Nikki Dovis Noinon Holmes Dovid McLoughlin Snonikio Newmon Jeffrey Ruby Kennein Wilson Noi piciured: Donny English ?"W'2 if v , 1 ,kv fl! 1 Wy 1 125, A 'M f H fs Z 1 r 2 f - 1 Q. - "'- 1 s i -ra,-2-' 1ru,, 5 ' "4-5 -ggf Y fr- 4' ff f -Q W ,A f f N K A 1 if 1 Q W fn 4 su f f it 1 If R 1 17? V W is 7 ,W 1 X 5 is 1, f W 1 , W W Q M W 1 2 N 4, 5 1 , F . rr., 5 , .1 ..'.-- f ,.iu,,,,.,-K ---' if 1 -, I ., ig 1 X 44W -5, W 12' i ff X A-M95 'Q 102 , SENIGR INDEX JV Football - 7, 8, 9g Varsity Football - 10, 11, 12, Basketball - 125 Senior Play - 12. JOAN DoRsEY Chorus - 125 GACS Fine Arts Festival - 12, Class Treasurer - 125 Senior Play - 12. MELANIE DUNAHOO Volleyball - 8, 9, 10, 11, Softball - 12, GACS Fine Arts fPhotography 3rd - 9, Photography - 12Jg Senior Play - 12, YEARBOOK EDITOR - 12. MARY JOHN Volleyball - 8, 9, Softball - 9, 123 JV Cheerleader - 93 Cheerleader - 11, 125 Chorus - 11, 125 GACS Fine Arts Festival QPhotography - 9, Vocal - 11, 12, Speech - 11, 12Jg Christian class representative - 11, Homecoming Class Representative - 123 Miss FHCS - 119 Miss Forrest Hills of 1988 - 12g Who's Who Among American High School Students - 113 Senior Play - 12. RICK KLIMA JV Football - 7, 8, 9, JV Basketball - 7, 8, 93 JV Baseball - 7, 8, 95 Varsity Football - 10, 11, 12 fBest Defense - lljg Varsity Basketball -- 11, 12 fMost Improved - lljg Varsity Baseball - 125 GACS Fine Arts fScience Fair - 9, 11, Photography 1st - 11, 125, Honor Society -- 10, Who's Who Among High School Students - 11, 12, Class President - 11, 12, YEARBOOK PHOTOGRAPHER - 11, 12, Senior Play - 12. JOANNA LIGHT Volleyball - 12, Softball - 12, Choir - 12, GACS Fine Arts fChoir - 12, Accounting 3rd - 121, Miss FHCS pageant - 123 Senior Play - 12. CARMEN MILLER Volleyball - 7, 95 Softball - 10, 11, 12, JV Cheerleader - 8, 9, Varsity Cheerleader - 10, 11, 12, Class Secretary - 12, Senior Play - 12. PAUL MULLEN Soccer - 7, 8, Basketball - 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, Baseball - 7, 8, 9, 115 Band - 7, 8, Newspaper - 11, Class Officer - 115 Class Chaplain - 12, Senior Play - 12. CINDY PARRISH Softball - 9, 12, .IV Cheerleader - 8, 95 Varsity Cheerleader - 10, 1-1, 12, Chorus - 12, GACS Fine Arts fPiano superior - 9, Photography 1st - 9, Chorus - 11, 12, Speech - 11, 12jg Yearbook - 11, Homecoming 1st Runner-up - 12, Miss FHCS pageant -- 11, 12, Senior Play - 12. LEE TAYLOR JV Football - 7, 9, JV Basketball - 8, 9, JV Baseball - 8, 9, Varsity Football - 10, 11, 12, Varsity Basketball - 10, 11, 12, Varsity Baseball - 10, 12, GACS Fine Arts - 9, 10, 11, 12, Chorus - 12, Yearbook - 11, Who's Who in America - 9, 10, 11, Most Outstanding Christian Male Student - 10, 11, Class Chaplain - 9, Class President - 10, Class Vice-President - 11, 12, Senior Play - 12. MARY BETH WHETSEL Volleyball - 10, Basketball - 10, 11, 12, fMost Improved - 11J, Softball - 12, JV Cheerleader fCo- Capt. - 8, Capt. - 95, Chorus - 12, GACS Fine Arts - 10, 11, 12, Class Secretary - 10, Class Treasurer - 11, Homecoming Court - 11, Homecoming Queen of 1987 - 12, Miss FHCS pageant - 11, Honor Society - 11, Senior Play - 12. CARRIE WILSON Softball - 10, 11, 12, Cheerleader - 8, Varsity Cheerleader - 11, 12 fMost Improved - 11, Captain - 12J, Pep Club - 8, Gwinnett Honor Chorus - 8, Girls Madrigal Chorus - 9, GACS Fine Arts fChorus - 11, 12, Speech - 121, GACS Honor Society - 10, Choir - 12, Yearbook - 11, Senior Play - 12. I never Think of The fuTure if comes CAIberT EinsTeinj CANDIDS I come, I sow, I conquered. QJuIius Ccxesory Genius is 496 inspircnion ond 106 9996 perspirofion. Uhomos Eclisonj I dreomT Tnof I dwelT in marble hells wiTn vossols and serfs QT my side. QAIfrecI Bunny ""ff"""9?'??'?'? Oh Brove new world Thof hos such creatures in iT! Une TempesTj Glhers live To eel while I eel To live. CSOCFOTGSD We musl all hong Togelher else we sholl Qll hong seporolely. QB. Fronklinp A Coke by ony olher ncnme QRomeo 84 JulleT'?j l Delesled sporl Thol owes ils pleosures lo onoTher's poih. CCowperj lf I should die Think only of me. CRuperl Brooky He H101 is down need fear no foll. QPiIgrims Progressp A closed momh ccdches no flys. QOICI Proverby ml' There can be no dispuhng oboui Tc1sTe. COICI Lc1Tin Proverby W I have nofhing To declare buT my genius. fOscor Wildey To be or nof To be, Thof is The quesfion. QHcmIe'ry STRIVING FUR TI-IE IVIASTERY . .xt xx 1, .QA - I : xl 1 I I have fauQhI a aaaa fight I have fihishea my course, I have kepT The faiIh: I-Iehc:efarIh There is L 'a f rme a an up a Cravvh af rIQhIeaushess 112 7 u i 'i . N , I x i 1 v ? s I r i i i . I . s i I 1 fi

Suggestions in the Forrest Hills High School - Reaper Yearbook (Avondale Estates, GA) collection:

Forrest Hills High School - Reaper Yearbook (Avondale Estates, GA) online yearbook collection, 1988 Edition, Page 11

1988, pg 11

Forrest Hills High School - Reaper Yearbook (Avondale Estates, GA) online yearbook collection, 1988 Edition, Page 84

1988, pg 84

Forrest Hills High School - Reaper Yearbook (Avondale Estates, GA) online yearbook collection, 1988 Edition, Page 24

1988, pg 24

Forrest Hills High School - Reaper Yearbook (Avondale Estates, GA) online yearbook collection, 1988 Edition, Page 14

1988, pg 14

Forrest Hills High School - Reaper Yearbook (Avondale Estates, GA) online yearbook collection, 1988 Edition, Page 109

1988, pg 109

Forrest Hills High School - Reaper Yearbook (Avondale Estates, GA) online yearbook collection, 1988 Edition, Page 63

1988, pg 63

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