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 - Class of 1949

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,v'V i Q 'CLK' hd-iff! ,rf . ff .1 ' ' if A 1. 2, A A w ' . I . 1 ' v Q -. Q,.:1i33L?..ET'5' .:.inaiE.Z M X ,ll I I I I2 R P E 5 E9 9 umm 0, BIQIJIIIKIYN !il!i5lI3l3I YU OU SHOULD SEE IT IN THE MOONLIGHT1 wg? SEN KET Egg S OH ww! O51- QMS Y . ? 4581? GLOSE v1EW OF THE 2 anim Fgcmoaim wma HOUSE OR B 4. ?' FA ., WEL , . .. , ' YW , 4' 50,529 I 'Y LX EQ wo, eww WE , Vg I I FROM IPANA. 0? OLD WA W yu. M, 54+ yay -W- O,EDS' G ND I mai. UBS P- L L Lx ,, , ,Q I qi A. A . THE IR HOME AWAY FRG THE LIGHT I LOVE TO BEH OLD! DEDiE 'li II O5 4 Q 3 ' In appreciation for' her' unceasing labors so that the student body can enjoy their' annuals year' after year, and for her' efforts to help the students receive a higher' education, we humbly dedicate the Sth., volume of this book, 2-I-ig FORRESTER, to Mrs. Jewell Ball Hardin LW 5 S s san X ,,,,,, X 2 Q M ff? .01 L i' Reg ' 4 J 'i 1' S Q f 4 as XX' 14 81 f Q M sg George W, Currie Pat Rogers Paul Patrick D.O. Davis President Vice President Route 6 Secretary Hattiesburg Petal HattiGSbuFg Hattiesburg J VA,A n VA,V V Ang, ., ' f it Y A.B. Simmons A. C. Webb S.O. Trest Brooklyn Superintendent Rt. 6 Brooklyn, Hattiesburg SUPERI TENDENT AND CLASS PRESIDE TS Senior, Ernest Arringtong Freshman, Ellen Pearceg Mr. Webbg Sophomore, Clyde Walkerg Junior, Lew Brown. The class leaders have a mutual friend in our Superintendent. Together they solve their problems. 6 AIZLILTY TAF F 'sf 1.. 'fu - .- :src 'wigs Wwfi' M-ea,ek ,f an 'M 'DQ 3 1 , i 0 3 R- Billingsley Mrs. H. Billingsley-Ernest Bishop H.D. Bounds Math. and ClVlCS Music Vocational Agri, Non Voc. Agri. 5 4. 'a af l--ff ff' like W If UL lg im Miss Lonette Bryant J.W. Cliburn Miss Mable Gaston Mrs. J.M, Guess Homemaking Science Librarian Commerce ci -Q X M .la , D6 . 4,9 R, ,e Q S51 -GGY 1 UF I 'I ' J' A .f l 1 Q Mrs. N.B. Hardin R.H. Loper M133 B,J, Martin David Sanderson English Coach and History English Mathematic 325, -,taszw was W.H. Daniels Miss E. FarnedMrs. L. Herring E.O.Spence Mrs. E. Williams Campus EngineerSecretary Matren-dietitiapFarm Engineer Matron-dietitian 7 FC.A.H.S. Homecoming was celebrated on October 22nd, with an old fashioned barbeque on the campus. In the busi- ness session that followed these offi- cers were elected: Pres. Arso James V. Pres. 'ly Pearce Sect. Treas. H. D. Bounds. After which they boosted the Aggies to a victory over Seminary HOM COMING QUEEN Mrs. Erline Risher Arrington fl One of the social events honoring the members of the Senior class of '48 was a lovely tea given by the members of the faculty in the home of Supt. and Mrs. A. C. Webb Sunday afternoon, May the Qth. Remi- nisoing good ole school days? Proba- bly. Left to right: Johnnie Lou Scarborough, Bessie Lea Johnson, Richard Thames, Bettye Rayburn, Caralyn Davis, Bettye Re- gister ang William.Prentiss Garraway. 'Have some punch?' as Mi ss Bryant serves'at the Sen' ior Reception. Left to right: William Prentiss Garraway, Miss Lonette Bryant, Carolyn Davis, Betty Register and Bettye Rayburne. rfxn w My The receiving line Mrs. Arzo James, Wallace Gordon, Roy Pitts, Mary Elizabeth Carter, and 'Pete' Dent 9 included! Mrs. Webb, MTo,w6bb, O11 X Y EENIIIIR Ill-'FIEER5 ,QQ EE! il-ls N Y fFor personal date refer' to bO1JtC1I1VpBgS 114.1 Opal Bond Lumberton 'Wise to resolve, Patient to perform." A.H.S. 1-43 F.H.A. 1,33 4-H 1-43 Y-teens 1-4. Jack cameron Hattiesburg 'Better to give than to take.' A.H.S. 5-43 4-H 3-43 Football 3-43 Basketball 3-43 'F' Club 3-4 Joseph Delia Hattiesburg 'Gentle of speech, beneficient of mind.' I AOHCBO FQFQAQ ' netball 2,s,-13 cms! Reporter 43 'F' Club Q 5-4. Ruth Bounds McLaurin 'Everything comes if only man will wait." AeHeSe1'4: 4-H: 1-43 Y-teen 1-43 F.H.A.1-4,'I'reas. 4 11- n A Hershel Ghambliss Purvis 'Let every man be occupied-but me.' A.H.S. 1-43 F.F.A. 1-43 4-H 1-4. Doris Brown Hattiesburg 'Better late than never." AeHeBe FOHqAg1: 1-4: Y-teens 1-4. Lillian Byrd Hattiesburg "I'he only reward of virtue is virtue." Y-teens 1-43 F.H.A. 1-3. - Frances Davis Lumberton 'A penny for your thoughts.' MESS. 1-43 F.H.A. 1,3343 4-H 1-4 Y-teens 1-4. l Rene Dey Hattiesburg 'A rolling stone gathers no moss." 1-43 Judging Team 1-2: 4-H 1-43 Basketball 5-4. Betty lasterling Dmberton 'Her friendship is a breathing nose." L.H.8. 1-43 4-H 1-43 F.H.A. 1-53 Y-teena 1-4- Shirley Edwards Bond 'All great men are dying, I d0n't feel well myself." AQHQSQ 1-4. Raymond Hendrix Eatonville 'We are unfit for any trust till we can and do obey." A.H.S. 43 Boxing 43 Basketball 4. Bobbie Jdyce Lee Purvis Well timed silence has more eloquence than speech." A.H.s. 1-43 4-H 1-43 Y-teens 2,5,4. Christina Guatemala 'If worry cause for Folgr CQAQ were the death, she would live forever." A.H.S. 5'4g 4-H 5-43 F.-.H.A. 5-43 Y-teens 5-43 Annual Staff 4. William Kahl Brooklyn 'Don't squander time.' AQHQSQ F.F.A. 1-43 Judging Team lg Live Stock 2,53 state F.F.A. Convent ion 53 4-H State Convention 5. r Warren Fortenberry Hattiesburg 'God made him a man." AeHaS0 FeFe-Ae Xmas Pgt. 23 Foot B. 5-43 Annual 5-43 Most R Hilda Keith Purvis 'Her ways are the way of pleasantness and all her paths are peace." A.H.S. 1-43 4-H 1-'45 F.H.A. 1-55 Y-1760119 1-4. 12 Courteous 53 Cheerldr. 23 Cl. Photo 53 F.F.A. epe 4s Roger Harvison Hattiesburg 'Children and fools cannot lie he's neither. A.H.S. 1-43 4-H 1-43 F.F.A. 1-43 "F" 2-45 Football 1-43 Play 1,53 Basketball 5-4. Clara Knight Hattiesburg 5 "My eyes make pictures when they are shut." A.H.S, 1-43 F.H.A. 1-2g 4-H 1-43 Treas- of Y-teens 43 Y-teens 1-4. Joyce Lee Purvis 'Bhe helps to nnke earth happy like heaven above." AQHQSQ 4-H Y-teens 1-4. Julio Ligorr1a'G. G atemala City,C.A. 'Men have died from time to time, and worms have eaten them, but not for love.' A.H.s. 43 4-H 4. Charles McMicheal Hattiesburg 'Cursed be the man that invented work.' AQHQSQ C18-BB play 33 Basketball 2-4Q Football 43 'Fu 40 Bonnie Pearce B ooklyn 'He that dies pays all debts.' A.H.S. 1-4: 4-H 1-33 Y-teens 1-4: F.H.A. 1,4. Danilo Lopez A! Guatemala City,C.A. 'Man proposes, but God disposes." A.H.S. 5-43 4-H 5-43 Annual Staff 5-43 Book Week: lst. pri- ze poster 53 lst., 3rd, Prize poster 43 Boxing 4. Bernice MeSwain Hattiesburg 'A friend in need is a friend indeed.' A.H.B. 1-43 4-H 1-43 Y'-1299113 .FQHQ-Ao 1-33 Music 4. James McCardle B ooklyn 'It matters not how long you live but hOW Wellon A.H.S. 1-43 4-H 1-4: Basketball 2-43 Foot- ball 49 Helen Faye Moore Hattiesburg 'In her tongue is the law of kindness' ASHSS. 1-4: F.H.A. 115343 Pres. 43 4-H l,5,4Q Y-teens 1,534 V. Pres. of Dixie club 43 Xmas Pgent. 5. Wilmer McCardle Lumberton 'Behind a frowning providence he hides a shining face.' AQHQSQ F.F.A, 4-H 4. Frenchy Morrow Hattiesburg 'Look before you 1eap." AJHJB. 1-43 4-H 1,2,33 Y-teens 1-43 Cheerleader 4. Gene Probst B ooklyn 'The more the nmrrier.' A.H.B. 1-43 Class play 53 4-H 1-4: Football 4. Vivian Rouse Hattiesburg "Good to'be merry and wise." A.H.S, 1-45 F.H.A. 2-45 Y-teens 1-45 Y-teens Reporter 45 4-H 1-45 Library Staff 4. lalters BPOOKJFI1 "A'lJ.'s well that ends we11." A.H.B. 1-45 Yiteens 1-45 F.H.A. 1,5,45 4-H 1-42 Library Staff 4. Iamdel Stancel Hattiesburg 'A good reputation is better than money." A.H.S. 1-45 4-H 1-45 Y-teens 1-4. 'Jessie Iee Iatson Hattiesburg "Many small nnke 8 on 1,5,45 Y-teens 1-45 Vice-pres. 5-45 Class play 55 Class Charles Sunnrall Hattiesburg 'Time wi11'd.evelop everything, why worry?" A.H.S. 1-45 F.F.A. 1-45 J'udging'Team 1-25 4-H 1-4. Antonio Yurrita Guatemala City,C.A. 'How poor are they that have no patiencei' A.H.S. 45 4-H 4. Utis Mae Sumrall Hattiesburg "Her smile is the sweetest that ever was seen." A-QHOSQ FeHoAe 1-55 Y-teens 1-45 Trees. 55 4-H 1-45 Secretary 1,2,45 Libiag Staff 4. ,omrczas Ernest Arrington Hattiesburg 'Every man for him- self and God for usf allen A.H.S. 1-45 Class Pres. 5-45 play 55 'P'hoto. 25 Xmas Pgt. 25 FLF.A. 1-45 Sect. 55 V.Pres. 45 Qmr.. tette 5 Kwon lst. in Counci1.J H11 Anderson Brooklyn 'In one ear, out the other." A.H.B. 1-45 Football 1-45 FQFQAQ 4-H reporter 2, VV A V 'rn Class Bonnie Malay 5 H play 1,55 Pressideni Imnberton Katherlene Mims 1:23 Vice Pres' 3a40 "She smiled and the Hattiesburg J-oe Pro-Det shadows departed." mules Hemby 'Nothing is imposible Brooklyn AQHQSQ Y-teens h to 8 hgnten Work fascina-tes me, 1-45 4-H 1-45 F.H.A. I 310' 911 0 S on A.H.s. 1-45 01. Vice I like to Watch it... 2.-45 G1. Photo. 4. W bread 19 bu'G'G"1"d- Pres. 15 T1-ooo. 55 A H A . .. . LHS 1 3 4, 'Il' 5. , I I I 14, 'T 1-4, M1 mtg' 1'ootbQ11'5f Room ' Sec' 4? 4'H 1"49 Pres? F00'GbH1l 1-4: 4-H ' Pensacola Fla. , . 2,59 V' Pres' 15 Y'teen 1-45 Pl'0So 43 F.1f'.A. 'Thy shouid nf. 411 staff 41 Cl' Treasg 4' 1-42 V-Prem 2.5sPr0B- 2-45 Sec. 45 c1. 1-op, labor 'belfll Most Intellectual ' FeHl-Ae sec! 50 vo Pres. me A.H.S. 5-4501. moto. Mg: Ste-ff 45C1- Play Pageant 2. 45 Concession Stand 1' ' Music 1'4'Cho1'u5 5-4. I4 PROBST POST-VIEWS '49ers Joe Probst Brooklyn, F.C.A.I-T.B., May 12, 1964.-Can there be any pleasure in a vacation spent alone, when ny wife, the former Clara Ann Knight, was so busy helping our young son with his scene for book week at F.C.A.H.S. that she couldn't even kiss me goodbye? I was so sad and downcast when I began boarding the plane at the Hattiesburg airport that I suppose nothing could have cheered me as the recognition of the protesting voice of the same ole Roger Harvison, county agent of Forrest County: 'But if you don't let me carry this wheelbarrow load of-er-ah-uh- 'specimen' to Chicago for laboratory test, Forrest County may lose all its cattlet' As the argument became more violent 8: Roger could well be heard distinctly in the hangar, two exceedingly greasy grease-monkeys rushed madly out. I was nearly knocked for a loop by the recognition of a very grimy Hix Anderson and William Kahl. We finally persuaded old Roger to 'condense' his cargo to a mere pint and were about to board the plane, when two excited couples dashed into the field and climbed into a waiting heliocopter. We recognized Ernest Arrington and the former Frenchye Morrow and Charles Sumrall and Bonnie Pearce. A moment later Ernest jumped out and retrieved the train of the little woman's bridal gown which had caught under the tail light. As the noble husband was about to get in once more, the very much agitated Reverend Rene Day dashed into view, waving his arms and shouting, Wait! Wait! you forgot the ringl' Sure enough, scatterbrain Frenchye had left the ring on the altar. As our plane rolled aown the runway, we could see Ernest and Frenchye gesturing wildly as though they were having a heart-to-heart chat. I In Memphis, a distinguished looking city slicker boarded the craft, followed by ashifty- eyed character whom I instantly recognized as Jackie Cameron. When I noted the yellow bow tie worn by the gentleman of distinction, I realized'that he was ny old friend, Warren Fortenberry. It seemed that Wa.rren had invented a wrenchproof, monkey-proof monkey wrench and was now an important figure in the hardware world. Jackie was the general unhandy nan and chief janitor in Mr. Fortenberz-'y's store. As the plane set down at louisville we were stopped by this sign: 'Joe Delia-Monmnents- Rock-bottom prices Kcement blocks a specialtyh' Roger lstill clutching his specimenl and I Cwith clothespin on my nose! decided to call on Joe, who was not at hone, however the Missus lDoris Brownl chased their nine Kids into a pile of tombstones and greeted us. She told us that one of Joe's best customers was Hershel Chambliss who had found security in growing cab- bages and needed a monument for every dead-head. We had to hurry to catch the plane 8a did not get to see Joe. In Chicago Roger and I stopped for nothing until we reached the largest testing laboratory in the Wor1d..1 Ie rushed :Ln and there .stood my brother Gene. I grabbed him! We hadn't seen Gene since he married Dorothy Walters and both of their minds snapped during the honeymoon 8a they never came back-I mean Gene 8c Dorothyl. His face was blank with not the faintest recognition of either Roger 8c me. Roger 81: I looked at each other and he breathed, "Amnesia." In a very confused state, Gene carr1ed'us to dinner and we were served by Bonnie Maloy. She insisted that we see her husband, Herbert Jackson. I bought a paper an in the sport section discovered that Charles 'Mule' McMichael and 'Buck' McCardle lknown as the Mighty Macs from Missd were the stars of the Chicago Bears football squad. I met msign 0. Lott an Seaman Shirley llwerds escorting four Wave recruits-Ruth Bounds, Frances Davis, 'Toby' Stancil, and Joyce Lee. They were followed at a safe distance by G-Man Wilmer McCardle, who was representing a Senate Investiga- ting Committee. I grabbed a quick snack just before we left an ran into,Helen Faye Moore, a nurse in a hospital for the feeble minded, who told me that Katherlene Mims and Jessie Lee Watson were presiding over the 4-H Convention in Washington. Two new hostesses boarded our plane as we took off for New York- Opal Bond and Hilda Kieth had realized their high-school ambition! On arriving in New York, we saw Julio Ligorria and Antonio Yurrita painting a sign for Danilo Lopez's Modeling Agency. It advertises Christina Folgar do Lillian Byrd as his outstan- ding models. Raymond Hendrix is now governor of New York an has Bobbye Lee, and Betty Jean hsterling in his personal cabinet. F We visited the police court and saw Vivian Rouse who holds the record for the biggest family in the United States. She told us that Charles Hemby was standing trial for bigamy. It seems as if he has two wives too BBW. Utis Mae Sumrall holds the edge over Bernice Mc- Swain because she married him first. Yee, we found them here, there, and everywhere. I hope the next fifteen years brings even more success and fame to the class of '49 than the past fifteen have. IDR CLFISS Lew Brown President Charles Walker Vice-President Mrs SS J,W, Cliburn Howard Lavon Roberts Secretary Treasurer Hattiesburg Hattiesburg Alfred Cross Ann Pellegrene R9P0Pt9T Photographer Fruitland Park Gulfport LILINIUHE THTY R- Archer Dot J. Buchanan Vernon Bunnell Doris Chambliss Peggy Ch8Stain Srovklyn Hattiesburg Purvis Purvis Purvis Robert Glo-mtg Mildred Davis Juanita Doaso Henry Fernandez 2911 F0163 iattiesburg Brooklyn Gulfport G11HtGma1H: C-A- MUGS Doyle Ford Evelyn Garraway Ida L. GarrawayCharles Guidroz B. Grantham Hattiesburg Janice Brooklyn MCL8UPin lNeW Orleans , VVAA,IV H 1 1 Fkiiyiwinitff :-f: "1" YfWS2!E2E. g1 t iliitfillfffiti ... E:'i-. 2Qig3li:gQtl3fFF AIV, Paul H. Hawks Myrtle H311 Bentgn Hglcgmb Hector Imeri Pat lngram 3rOOk1yn Hattiesburg Rook H111 Guatemala, C.A. Hattlesburg I8 19531 -"is JE C1480 Mildred Jacobs Arlene Johnson E ohnson Jifflmie KET' Hattiesburg Lumberton Bond Meridian Vw . w A rg., .W , '12 ww E' ' Wim R. gg! E 3890 Q: ww- sal DPHUMDRBI lilir. Tx gv A K .QQKQEFIH Clyde Walker Allen Shattlef Mr Billin sle J B . . , g y amen ounds Billy Palmer Pres. LumbertonV,Pres. BrooklynSponsor Sect.Broo , Tres. 'TMNT ""' ' N' klvn Brooklvr Q15 ' -Q. U ,, , L 3 12? , 'I Charles Hill Robert Mena Charles McVay B- J- Anderson CJ-HPS. A1"Ch6I' Photog. Gulport Photog. Guatemala Rep. Lumberton, McLaurin Lumberton A i fr L ggn 'A manga are 1:'T:: , iilp 1 Gigi 'fr 'lt pe ' x 5 9 qv--y V: . .Li " xv j L B L ,A., Q f,"',p I L Hn. ' X '. A " .J , sq ,Rf . .. e ,..- JOB B9-Trios M9-I'J0T'i9 B9-YTIS Colin Berry B.R. Blankinship Millard Bounds Guatemala,C.A. Petal Lumberton Hattiesburg Lumberton Q L9 I5 H W. R 53 Q33 4 1131 L Ev? ,155 Q. eil? Ona Faye Brown M.L. Buchanan Shirley Cain Mary Camp Roger Carter Hattiesburg Hattiesburg Brooklyn Rock Hill McLaurin INr 3 , n - , Q F. - .1 .4 V- -Q gf ,QA N AL -Qi I N - ' G? MA.:-EKNLMBX . ff . ROSS Carter Lavon Cooley Esther Crum Voncil Davis Betty Deakle McLaurin Brooklyn Hattiesburg 21 McLaurin Brooklyn . -is 3, il V, fit. 1 DPHUMOR ya SRQWIV 3 " Milf Charlie Devrow Van B, Edwards Bill Fuldbright Avis Gamble Bud HGTP1Ug L lidizinf g ' "'f"'g'zii mtl. W L qigd Saw We Kemp Hill Gulfport We ,li A ai, 5 -5- Lumberton ,5Qlk A .,14 1 Dixie lib- an Martha Holcomb Paul Holder Thelma Jarava Roberta Jones Rock Hill McLaurin Lumberton J wfoa -' was 724.1 . 5 :V- ... V1 ,, , . igtiwa is i, 557 " E LI5' wwwmy as,w-are n mea Ni. M1 7iv21:a'g -ie-, fa- H 1 f , I .Nagin-' , , .13 " :.TSLffg 'K Q, . 1 M W 7? sr ggi gp , K 2 ' v 1 in J ii Q :ww . , ' fd w, ' : fs Lii,, ' f 'f'l5iie:a3d'?. all 652' Bob Lancaster Vondell Landrum Carolyn Lee Dasy Lee Hattiesburg o umberton Purvis Lumberton atanton H. Lee Luis Ligorria Helen Lumpkin Douglas Map? Lumberton Guatemala,C.A. Brooklyn MCLauriH Sammie Lee Lumberton ifgQ!L! Q f Qiilifli 1 ii iihl R N '.' : Harry G. Mapp McLaurin eifiiji .apQ5fionf ai.a f f I, -4 1 'W,i Y -Lrg ,,., gf -L Q ene Martinez G. M0nt6PPOS0 Carol MOPS6 N Barbara Odom Marie Perkins uatemala,C.A. Guatemala,C.A Hattiesburg Brooklyn Brooklyn 22 IOPHOMOREI . up 'I ,I , , . 1 W , Q J X , Geraldine Peel Bonnie Raveseis Billy Joe Riley Virginia Ryan S. Scarbrough Brooklyn Biloxi Brooklyn Hattiesburg Lumberton qu: , , -,-W . , an -we to Q 6 B TT' ' 'Q , ,J r my B F Y, - 'fl in we ' f j 4 " fx -' ' M h 'J ' K Tommie Seal James Shattles Mary Shattles Billy Shimp Lou Jo Swilley Lumbeytgn Brooklyn Brooklyn Brooklyn Hattiesburg 'Y' 'smokes' ' 5 H- 5 'E .N . ,,,. ' -nl wi , ef, Q V ah CWA W. G. Swilley Judith Triggs D. Van Cleave Bobbie Walley Lumberton Hattiesburg New Orleans Brooklyn 23 FHEEHNEN 'Q' gp F fi iz: Miss Martin Sponsor E. Pearce Pres. J. Taylor V. Pres. Brooklyn Dixie XF Q sl' ' 45' N J G, M, Duygan SeCV.Shimp Tre Brooklyn Brooklyn 26,- ,.. S I' 0 M. Datson Rep. Jervis Mims Photo F. Cornell Photo T. Mixon Photo Charles Bekke Lumberton Dixie Gulfport Dixie Guatemala,C.A .lE'b r l.'l'5 ji -iff 5 Y i :'4ii ,v4e ' . - i if M .:1.EN V+ -,Q ' Q fk , V '- Q , 0 I I 'I U-rt, 'A C' . 1 y Juan Bermudez D. Billingsley E. Billingsley Joan Bounds Ilda R. Breland Purvis Guatemala,C.A. Dormitory Dormitory Lumbcyton D473 3.3 351 -Z6 6' .-,,. -ff! i 4 rf Vera J. Vrooks D. Ann Burnnell Martha Cameron Hattiesburg Purvin Lumberton Pe gy Carter Alia Ckastain Hattiesburg Q -'P .' - - , X John Clark Robert Clark George Clemts June Collier Dixie Hattiesburg Hattiesburg Hattiesburg Purvin 4s 1sq,:g'lF Q ' ci -'il 1 il ' 1 1 l - Albert Cooley Hattiesburg FHEEHNEN UG' .452 flfiflz, fav 115k det? .4 ' was L Xmypf Totty M. CooleyRodolfor Dardon G. Doughdrill James Davis Frances Uearwan jrooklyn Guatemala,C.A. Lumberton Purvis Hattiesburj H Q1 :T aw f 3 . . gr.. 'Q x f tt? N' 'H' Ki.- MMM Fr' .1-" . my , .1 x, 45 .i Wallace Delia Marion Erambert Joseph Fernandez L. Fitz5erald L. Mae Ford Dixie Brooklyn Guatemala,C.A. Lumberton Hattiesburg ? N L , a 'Q' 41001 Mildred Gibson Mary F. Gunter Rex Herring Billy Holcomb Ruth Howards Lumberton Bond Hattiesburg Lumberton Brooklyn gage 'Eif grwrggg .Ast Juanita Humphries Rodolfo Ibarra G. Jackson Irma Javara Betty L. Johnson Hattieskurg Guatemala,C.A. Hattiesburg Guatemala C.A Carnes J, tfil, 'fi 3 y t3 gif Q ' QV5 iii sax i 5 if ft 1 't J Hilda Kahl James Keith Robert Knight Hershel Knight Bertie Landrum Brooklyn Purvis Lumberton Hattiesburg Lumberton ze FRE5Hl1E 'F J. Lundrum Lumberton 4:6- X J Lobelio F. Lee Lumberton 'ZS rf: A2 6 -i- NNQ , A 1 ' - s . ,WA Alice Leraxoy Jobn Lathon Honduras C.A. Lugbcrton e as, "fx fag, 'il ,,e -,f Mgr Buddy Lott John Lumpkin Hattie bug? 'rooklyn I ul -R ,x2RfGQ. .3 1 s-X -'S 'Q '49 'av X X? Q' , a :E I f Doupsy Luuler Funny Leo Lumberton Carnes 0 C' 7- '52 1 -S3 .1-f-K K K ,X Qaii la A5 Sarah Maloy Lumberton Mo. MoCardle Carnes 4' , A 13 nr 12 , 4, . 3, II., X fu- 1 + 41 H L Uk' 'fr ff S ,Xi u T" Hazel MoCmrdle Bessie MoClendon A. MoDonold Betty McDonald Alex HcFarlo Lumberton Brooklyn Biloxi Biloxi Hattiesburg E 'J 6,1 , 4,1 it '8 K Y' o-4, L 0 X K 'X f L L f' fl L' 'X u.' H W ,H - dl X l,f f L'? ffl K. McFarland Ruth neSwoin Phillip Minter Richard Moore .A. Hor,les Hnttiesburg Hattiesburg Hattiesburg Hattiesburg Guatemala C.A .1,w, 'F' 9 Q 'I-F ' -15' l w af N6 F ' 1,5-' P A 1-:fx 1 H ,. ' 'L G if 'ge k - wt V 5 Y , 'A -X Q. i' if w A ' f Luis Morales Dounrt D. Kor5an Lesley MorJan Samuie Morrow'Thomas Morse Guutouala,C.A. Huttiesbur4 Hattiesburg Hattiesburg Hattiesburg 27 nd FHEEHHEN 5?W.i?Q I V if M ' . ffl fa' by 'i1'.'a'f?tV var . I yy ytby yr J- B' M1-ULTY Dorothy Odom Mary A. Pearce Mauricio Perez Martha Reinhart H2ttiCSVUFQ Brooklyn Brooklyn Guatemala,C.A. Guatemala, C.A. O. B. Roberts James Roby Dixie El P530 1 Yvonne Shattles Bobbie Simmons Brooklyn Purvis q .,. df , K . 4 ,,f , A Sarah Shattles Brooklyn Virginia Saxon Don Shattles Raleigh Brooklyn 1, . .. ,- ' M-..4-f' i 'lv 6 K 2, VJ- v ' . Cecil Slade Mickie Smith Zereda Smith Brooklyn Lyman 'Maxie .S , 313 53 .. ck X 'gt M fe Q' r rf w.!Zff'fg., I 2. B, J. Snowden Irvin Spatz T. R. Spinks Raymond StanoelChristine Stanley Dixie Guatemala,C.A Lumberton Hattiesburg Dixie Pa a Q Eg if 4 rl c ,H M :Li ff, S ' L if I VL ntiffrf. Sgt? vlfffbf ' af, 3 1Wi?"Zx'5??r Lois M. Steele Prentice Steele M. Sterling Harold TiSdale David Wallace Hattiesburg Hattiesburg Hattiesburg Hattiesburg Brooklyn 28 Wayne Walley FHEEHNEN -. fa 45 2 xl'-53 " QA f 0 I Ld James Warden Harold Watson UNPHOTOGRAPHED Jim Anderson D.C. Chambliss William Deakles William Dubose Malcolm Johnson Charles Lee Lucille Martin Mahlon Martin Peggy Soloman John Wilder .1 lf1f" gf.MISCELLANE0US S AP Cheer Cheer for old Brooklyn High Qhl Where 13 he?? H? 1' Oh! you snoop i S - - - Whoopsl Catch him! h Sh Sh DOn't tell! t Where is the rest?? ...Yf le for the birdie 29 'H Love that Manu -an-5 fi Q F ,w'w1fi SIAFI swf 5:-rams ,r' I E ja, 5 , yr gw F lt.. Q- E rri F rli ' 1 1 Y girly ? Charles Hemby ----------- Editor ,i...,1f F Christine Perkins--Assmaditor F1 F gkgl Ida L. Garraway ---- Asso.Editor dag? '12' its - 553 L Evelyn Garraway ---- Bus.Manager V' in , ' yew M ---- Bus.Manager ffwarren Fortenberry--Sports Ed. 23Patsy lngram--- 2Maurioe Batson- June Collier--- Billy Palmer--- Ann Pellegrene- Lou Jo Swilley- --Sports Editor -Feature Editor -Feature Editor ---Photographer -----Bookkeeper Danilo Lopez -------- Art Editor ctor Imeri -------- Art Editor istina Folgar -------- Typist Hardin ---- Faculty adviser Q! .55 gif'-J.fq?.1g, i., 1 ,,,t . K .:,k7 I "hi, J ar so 'x "Eff A' 1 il ER '1-an in I was 'Q af 7? il IR 45? 30 'QF' 4 46154, 5 O O Points considerei in eleotinm Mr. and Miss F.C.A.H.S. 1. Cooperation 9 2. Dependability 5. Initiative MISS F. II. A. H. S. V AF' Ovzxafu,-,Q 4. Leadership M R . 5. Promptness 6. Honesty 8. F. C. A. H. S. xErnest Arrington X fo! ,Q Missa Fu Cs Al HI U9 Jessie Lee Watson 7. Courtesy Clean Habits 9. Stability 10. Scholarship Y -4 ," K l' 6 fr ' Q o'Qa4?iNQ,.Q-.. 75? f W mi meh' L y X . Q, f ig xl.. M H x M x A W W M 3+ swf 1 N9 fi5mM-ggyyy -vf ,.Jw Mf5fz':sl1t:." f Q5fg??s9E3wf' fi V ..,. " " i if o o iQ 1ff, 5L' E 3 i n?l ig 5 owl' 9 O Y 0 om 0 Q 'JU MOST POPULAR 'Mae Sumrali Gene Pr'og7J2D LOOKING 0' Gia:-les McMichael and Utis 0-3p'o:i'SQ,o S and Bonnie Maloy Y T o o of . ' :N Q anime om-- Y CUTEST COUPLE , Jim ie Karr and Mildred Jacobs o fo oxpnrixqho O A IA rim A ,, 'VAJEGAQ 9 , O U pf-afffgxo 0 4 ' - OURTE .. ' ' 9 MOST ATEFEgiistine Perkins Warren Fortenggf CHARMING fR0g6T Harvi son an 32 fy Ma1'.1fO1"ie Baynei 1 O- O 0 A 6 cr 4 In Q . . ' Q :If U W i J E t fi, ,QIKLZ ffEffQLW, ' E . ,Q X1 , 0'AJUpIf4L4o , - Q i OJOLLY JR - DIGNIFIEacZigin W??EgrM5ST LIKELY TO SUCCEED o 1 CC Lavon Roberts Bgrn c2 0 7 - a Q ardle-Katherlene Mime ' o 4- 'S' 0 0 Alma j - ' 0 'NI-,ig-'22 O , V MOST INTELLECTUAL , Qharles Hemby and Ann Pellegrene - -lf-GLFTQ' 'P 0 0 'A-gffjtalf-0 Y 6 F :' it Q -. if--A ""-- '1:r "' Y. Jw- o o i " Q o..tffBg,,o 0 - 6 f 7 0 1 ' - ILLIEST SOPH. Ch MOST DEPENDABLE GREENEST FROSH S arles sum 11 - n111Y Holcomb Lou JO Swilley 33 ra and Betty J. Easterlins ffl A Qnlllllli we 'Q' 'Y' Qw iifiwwwgmw w -. ,r,,. k z,,k . V Q ,L - -dlgsk 'B' December 6, 1948 1 QM , I didn't quite know how to indicate the winners as the pictures were not numbered,but my husband suggested that I put two stars on the back of the photograph of the winner and one star on the back of the winner of each class. It is always difficult to judge by photographs as it depends on whether or not the girl photographs well. I hope that my decision will meet with the approval of the students. It was not an easy decision as several of the girls were very pretty, however I enjoyed look- ing at the photographs and thank you for asking me, ' Very sincerly yours, 34 , A ,fig 'fix K 555, V- 1 f y 5, J A A JESSIE LEE WHATSON M031 BlAllIIHll lillll 35 KATHERLENE MIMS SENIOR BEAU TY DOTI WEAVER IUNIOR QEAUTY , -,-,u.w.,'. .VW gf 5Q5if5E?fi'3f6?5I SAMMIE LEE SOPHOMORE BEAUTY .111 2'-s-ge-, ,V ' W, v- -'. A - VIRGINIA SAXON FRESHMAN BEAUTY 5- Q 1e1s Elizabeth Daniels , , 5 fLH ' 1 W. 5 ' ' Katherlene Mims has done outstanding 4-H work for 8 consecutive years. She has completed 57 projects, and has won 5 County hon- ors, 1 District, 2 State, and l National, Her two best projects are poultry and leadership. In 1946 Katherlene won National honors and was awarded a ?,q'S200.00 scholar- ship. In 1948 she rep- resented Mississippi at the National 4-H Camp in Washington, D. Co A-6 Very truly yours QQ 2 . ' 52135 . as Elsie H. Butler 'K is Home Dem. Agent ,L OUR YOUNGER CAMPUS FAVORITES Joyce Warden pnllg msg Illia 2-,,',,-., ws.. ., .A 7s . ' ' f Mrs. Robert Billingsley: f I M L- de artment under the dlrectlon o. D Q22 eEiglledp48 students. It has been a deflnlte asset to our chapel programs and to all other school eHtGPtalHm9UtS' DEB TI TEAM S-x Sri '4Hkh Geraldine Peel, Ann Pellegrene, Mr. LOPGP, GSOTSG Walker, Mary Rose Archer. The debatinv team was composed of students who volunteered to speak on Hworld Peace.H Charles Guidroz won the medal offered lbw lllE? ff L1 ' I IJ , , rH',19SlUFH notary Club. The activity was sponsored by the University of North Carolina. Unphotograbhed members were Alice Lee Larraway and Charles Guidroz. Coach Loner was the faculfv adviser. 39 L.. QQ: It zfng.. t ' 4' tfygti. - '."fi'tt.,i:,-,If 505.3 ,,'Q ,f Q ' ffl s serve voluntarily without compensation. They are selected by their desire to serve others, love and appreciation of books, Library staff efficiency, and pleasing personality. The members of the staff are: Vivian Rouse, Katherlene Mims, Utis Mae Sumrall, Esther Crum, Dorothy Walters, Bobbie Blakenchip, Daisy Lee, Thelma Jarava, Ona Faye Brown, Virginia Ryan, Judith Trigg, Dorothy Weaver, Pat ' ' ' Buchanan Bonnie Ravesies, Ingram, Juanita Dease, Ernestine Johnson, Minnie , Mary Rose Archer. 40 BIJIIIK WEEK 1tIn!!QZa Z ' ' 1 fH55lSsl ppj SFHTE Book Week, Nobember l4-20, was sponsored by the Library and English Department. Booklets, Posters, and Scenes carried out the theme "Books Tell The Story." In chapel the Book Week prezes and ribbons were awarded. First prize winners: Poster, Danilo Lopes, Booklet, George Walker, Scene, Clara Ann Knight, Reading Contest, Ona Faye Brown Group Scene, Bob Lancaster, James Robey, and Raymond Stancel. , . Second Prize Poster, Charles Guidrozg Booklet, Judith Trigg, Scene, Ann Pellegreneg Reading contest, Mary Rose Archerg Group display, Fifth period Junior English class. Third Prize Poster, Uanilo Lopez, Booklet, Ona Faye Brown, Scene, Judith Trigg, Reading contest, Yvonne Shattlesg Group Scene, Esther Crum, Virginia Ryan, Ona Faye Brown, Judith Trigg, gg i The Fifth Period Junior English Class were Winners of Second Prize group display. 41 JU ICR PL Y 7 Hobgoblin House, a romantic comedy by Jay Tobias presented by the Juniors, directed by Mrs. Guess and Mr. Cliburn, assisted by Mildred Jacobs. Characters portrayed by the following: Ernestine Johnson, Jimmie Karr, Doyle Ford, Paul Hawks, Lavon Roberts, Barbara Grantham, ,Lewis Lott, Mary Rose Archer, Ann Pellegrene, Christine Perkins, Patsy Nell Weldy and Charles Guidroz. Other assistants: Hector lmeri, Richard Samperio and Naurice Gene Weldy. Ushers: Patsy Ingram, Jean Lee, La Verne Slade, Dot Weaver, Evelyn Garraway, Juanita Dease, and Arlene Johnson. The Beta Club is composed of sophomores, juniors, and seniors who have a HBH average and whose character and industry have been passed upon by a faculty committee. Motto: "Let us lead by serving others." President, Charles'Hemby Secretary, Jessie Lee Watson Vice-President, Shirley Scarbrough Program Chairman, Ann Pellegrene Adviser, Miss Martin 42 . o-ilk'-I 111151, 111011 X 1:4111-gui . id-LQ41 --last:-13' Ravesies Bonnie Pianist: S im rlene M 6 Kath dent: si Pre Us me CD Qfr-4 MS-4 G55 CDG! bil nO WE 'r-I Z6 QQ! .Ci UJ-D CDC ood gn. CD Pe I3-4-:xi F-1 saw ,Q Ea?-4 F455 ,MID O OU: F-4!Pa LDS-z O vu-D Ulu-I M E CDM -DO r-IQ if an CD 'Fam ,CIC-U -I-JGJ OD F-a O65 Q4-V -v-I :UQ 333 GSH UI" S'-3 Sli MQ IDU: .GCI -DCU Ci 9-QCU oil O B5 Sp, U,G -4-I4-7 UJO CDF-1 no I-MQ r-I .-4 --4 U1 .M O O II rn G5 ,CZ CD ID Z3 U3 E 5 2? 'I L1 -f-1 ai 42 U1 rn 'r-I E 'W U1 cu SZ! L1 QS U 'I rn rn GJ Z3 CD S-4 Z3 ai LJ OO VIE S-1 E ff ia 0-sCD CIC. iso r-HJ .31 O 0 OUJ Sale KDE rn rn 'r-I E GJ S-4 Qi U1 C4 53 0 in uJ QD ,G +3 G-4 O rn L4 O cn -.-1 P 'U on 'U ci 5 O LD n 'U QD C3 L Gi F14 E 'r-I 1-4 I-I an -.-4 N C2 -.-4 42 A I U1 Le E On C 'H ls 53: M O 4-7 -.-4 E Y-4 o Q 'I -.-I 3 0 CU L4 E In -.-4 Q vs F-4 IIS 0-441251 O O O gAkE A " 'Q 41'-S ll nl 00 Nfw B9 oe he 3 t .. f as 'S Eiga 'A Y S' 9 est Q The Future Homemakers of America have 84 members. The officers are: President, Helen Faye Mooreg Vice-President, Christine Perkinsg Sec- retary, Bonnie Maloyg Treasurer, Ruth Bounds and Sponser, Miss Lonette Bryant. The aim of the F.H.A. is to improve the personal appearance, to ppomgte the joys of home life, to develop creative leadership, and to further an interestin Hom Economics. 44 ' arte ISL , lst Place ' Local FFA Officers Hub Council Winner 2nd Place 'Hub Council Winne Ford's Project: Hice fig Qu '--'Ulllll5e3 pro .knl popdlg nDixie l8n c 5 t x ect 1' 5 . v WAdult farmerh Mr. Hobinson's cane grown withou cultivation. Mulch practice used. X .1 , f n Hand lnitiatioWQ Pres. Joe Probst be .5 Hub Council Officers Pres, Roger Harvison Lavon Roberts , TE1 Sentinel, .a lst Pla ce Hub Council Winner Parliamentary Procedure Team Organization aim: development of leadership, cooperation, and citizen- ship among Future Farmers. Membership of 54 Chapter Farmers, and 28 Green Hands. articipated in farm projects, contests, judging teams, state camp, and sta e convention. Donated 3125.00 to state FFA Camp. At the Hub Council Judging Contest in General Live Stock, the local team won lst. place. Team composed of: Benton Holcomb, Billy Holcomb, and Naurice Gene Weldy. The local team won lst. place in Poultry judging. Team consisted of: Ross Carter, Roger Carter, and Wallace Delia. Officers PTUS-f R0Eer Harvison Treas., Hix Anderson V. Pres., Ernest Arrington Reporter, Warren Fortenberry S995-, JOB PFObSt Sentinel, Lavon Roberts Adviser, Mr. E. N. Bishop A5 BV? 1 i P11 .Q W Zz, 5 2535 his m HJ I-I E L Q 5 O C0 Q -H .O 5 r o I I sf' u U1 m DO Q o S-4 4 UI m ,C .Q m ,O O -I-J 'U -A cd UJ U1 vu-'I -I-V P1 l F-1 03 m Pb U1 -H ,E Q ID 4-7 O 1D qw O La Q-4 OCD V191 iD H 3 9+ ,CSUJ O-D L40 DOCD 'fa OO .,-gg, 4-'Q-1 GJ DDU MW' CD1-I G qp. +2 m m -4-4 ,Q +1 Q4 o +J SSI m E m P m -H .Q O m m ,G 43 I 9-1 O m M E5 EDD Q -4 .C 43 m r4 ,O m w E Q o m WO m w 0.5 p.u w O Fw .,-QFQ 'U G13 -H,0 U1 pfd M b M M E 0 Q1 5 5 m m W P: EE' eau C0 ci CD ,iii O C O -r-1 4-3 :PDO 9453 CU"Ci :IO F-af-4 ,QQ-1 CD E!.,n Q3 D Q GJ E IM F4115 GJDD -I-5 r-ILO ,TSCN1 1101 5 r-i o C e4 .E o YS. 3 Q -H ,G o 0 O1 LO n-I fv-4 O Q-4 O bD ci -r-1 .31 m E 'U ID 'Ci vu 'U CD +3 CD r'4 C11 E o o -r-1 O1 if' 2 9-40 O-r-i -I-7 GOO CIGJ 'v-QP: PS-4 MO KDCJ m.G Q4-1 O:-4 Ld -I-TID NIE F-1 GSCD Flfr-I GJ F-Nd QCD 4-7 0-F-1 UJO E in OCD on P1 U1 r-4 'ala 'ri b0bO CI IPQD OE4 M D-4 E 0 -HID ,O -Z3 Ulla 2.2 GJUJ 'CF PLO 11101 DD'-4 5119-1 'r-IO OOD ft C r-4 Y!"-I-3 XxG YOU r-1 CVD' r-4 'U Q4 C O15 m r-1 ai GJ E Q O e4 U1 -f-l P S-1 CDW. DAD 3 m LO LO 8.1662 ficers of G Th 48. l9 in made Sumrall Mae tary Utis F9 Sec Perkins ristine Ch Pres. bw 6D r-4 O O O CD CU EZ 4-7 GJ FD UJ G5 YD M E1 P., -D V ui 3 Qi S-4 F-4 GS CJ 0.1 S-4 3 Cd 1-3 cd 'U I-I 0 U1 m S-4 FJ-e I be Reporter Nell Foles Sponsor Mrs, Elsie Butler, cihllll .ll I 'S P-.1 vestock i L General 6 Th SY , bu ve been ha b clu 4 boys Dis 6 th -H trict 68 members of The SU.1T1IT16I'o this at Mississlppi State club Congress in 4-H them to nartioipate itle ent G o M m o S m m o T o u U3 W CU Q o o E w o E+ 6 O si' m r-I .D T1 KD U1 o CL ui G-I o +2 3 o ED 43 Q v4 o Q4 r-I b- ND 'U CD L4 O o m Q O m R4 b L ai D3 M CD UD O O1 's UJ no,-I 3 M o-H Q w m m 5 x.Q 0 A Sp 'QS M L Q 5 m o Q o CDG-4 P11414 IP -H o 'QE 43 ' UJ 'g.4 2-Q +98 QI-4 u-u Q CGCD JE wg 54-1 m m o m o o cpr4 m rlC Q40 -4 C.u o m a E 4 FDO' 5 UJQ-44D H o Q un Q4 .Q-H M E Hmm cd 'HII'.!D.D -,Q I 5 w r4E1v' A fin-' ZIE4 M 'J ai 51? U .,-42 Q-4 Spwwm .,-QQOOCD gmmmm E45 aiu1'U'U'U H4 M Q M ECQNDOJM O? 3 u Pgopo S o Q w M m CDO1r4W is 0 1:0 r-4 S-4 o m o D1 is E C7 kd-12 5 Ego S-4 IDM o -A-H m f-Inf-fbi! r1Ef4 Q o o m-H o-H CO E5 Ei FU O3 M F-4 4-7 1-4 25 O D-e 'U Q Ol 'U G 01 w P4 o O E2 0 Pu cd Er-4 G m r-I m K1 Fw 5'-4 43 -1 3 O D-e 'CS C cv -D ID r-I r4 0 0 -D UJ m m v4 43 C KD L Q4 Sm r-4 W d O o w4m KDCD IPuCD4D sfmrn 4-7 -fvfw D,o,o o w m n.m:m T Q O2 +211 Ulhl fam ofofu Q Q M CXICXIFJ U2 Q S fu-I U3 O 'S Q4 olw 43 5 UICDCJ Or-I W.O ?v -49 M OO!! LJUIE now OO zxm ofa M G NDN fu.p 583m A ID GJ S4 O iD,.O-H H ees 1-409-4 OOO Cllr-I Om Shit: O O L bam m.- m r4DG Q-Hn unanv kw M -D r4 D O C1-4 I 'U ie ND .- 4-5 rn .O O S-4 D+ CD O P1 C m GJ S-4 D-4 Anderson ix H SS. V-Pr Roger Harvison Treas. d 8.11 Sec. -P U2 ,O O F-4 D-1 0 Q O tb C F-4 09 +5 F-4 O FL QD D1 Q Knight 1 cis' 2 2 so W 5 drbq yqr 6 ,Q,Qg,,,4r,:'P'9Qdg od' t ,Q , X' ' fir. ' f 5,3348 , S541 H' 9 7 , . ,il 1 . 4 ,- 1 sub .X X Q.. fb - J lo M, gg 3 0 5 . ,M gg? ,., Ji , ,fvefqq ' . QYQB Q' F0'qHw QEQZQH Q55 WM n L .Q 143 3.14.1955 Captain .ff is so :figs -Cameron H . rfuituam andflx fl- OS ,eM.g6aq,9i-. .UQ Slade G. Mdnterroso 90 pound c1ass, won 5 decis ons.llP' Bbw C. Walker 100 pound class, 1ost 5 decisions. 1 L 1, M. Bounds 106 pound c1ass, won 1 1ost 2 decisions. 'Q322 J. Fernandez 112 pound class, 1ost 1 decision. 2p5"'as,:ggo9g0q R. Ibumod 112 pound oidoo, 1ost 1 decision. Moy 1.425 E, Fernandez 118 pound class, won 1 decision and 1 TKO,+i'5,,x55 13 1ost 1 decision. x --M L. Morales 118 pound class, lost 1 TKO. vi., -,ff V D. Lopez A. 118 pound class, won 2 TKO, 1ost 2 c1ose decision. P H. Watson 118 pound class, ioop 1 decision. if 4 nw ,U, R. Carter 126 pound class, won 1 decision. 7i'4o"9j11 J. Bzarrios 145 pound class, won 1 TKO, 1 d9CiSiOH, '-ss., jiri 1 mf QQ 12 B.HOlC0mb 155 pound class, won 1 decision. 21' Q 15 R. Knight 155 pound class, 1ost 1 decision. T 14 C. Slade 155 pound c1ass, 1ost 1 decision. 15 Captain of the team Jack Cameron 145 pound c1ass Won state championship 1949 with a fine record. A T 16 P. Hawks 155 pound c1ass, won 1 decision, 1ost 2 N 2. QQ. c1ose decision. M ' ww-f 17 R. Hendrix 165 pound oiuoo, ioot 2 decisions. wales Unphotographed B. Holcomb, Ah upp. 595 V. R. Carter and R. Ibarra ,gsyi ,1 xv R' Tri' was' Qi K . ! wa 'V A at 'SNXQQ 5 114, Qt FQWM? S115 9. 5'-N358 saw' o 'Bit' W F s .9 . atson Srnandez 1 .I O Q is 'W' msn '-' Und 48 Fernandez 3 ik A155 Ln, , - Sarbgund ,Q opez i .4 nu1'unl.l. "2"-s Hixie Anderson Joe Prob Captain Co-Capta .QF-. fe! ' pw. ,, ..-K f 1 ' 'ir' A , We ' H QM- r 1 Allen Sbattles Roland LOPGP Manager Coach September September Seotember October October October October November November November Aggies Aggies Aggies Aggies Aggies Aggies Aggies Aggies Aggies Aggies Picayune Lumberton Richton Purvis Magee Seminary Mt Olive Ellisville Petal Picayune J.. 4 Q Q I 1 - '. "f'.ff ,5f'kyf.x.t.'Qf,:: ft . fag 1 .-,qif 4 ., ,x N, ,wax-3 M J. F, an .:o,:w. , 0 nh 0 0 005.0305 j'3. s:r:::tzz.fu5'0Q'31fS 0 ug .0 , l st in -33 'Q if James Bound Manager 2692 n'- 10.00 sl, OCUQ ......2O0:.,i- ,-D 17000 O000 0000019 K .-' :.--.""1-- - 24000 14000 000000012 ..':" 1.0, 6000 0000 000 7 8... OI.. a.. ... 8 OCtObeI' 15...Aggies 7o00Peta10000o 000 6 22... 52... 6, .I-,-h""..:-31: 29000 47000 0 00090 OKLXI b-:":::.'.1, 'H 5000 15000 0000 O J: 12000 15000 000000000 6's1:i f :l 19'O. 6000 IIUIQ. 1- xv..-. 91'-qf'f"22"' 1 1 4 I '0 8 J- . 49 0 O H 1, Ernest ckson, Ja Pr Herbert Anderson, m M S o H E o E U2 0 H L M S U O Q O Q T C M r O HI Hlx L o M O C ! POH Came 43 .C dl 'I-I P O.N -I-JO M +3PD 94 O A P4+3 UI E,D O O P P 5404 dl 5 O Cl -H b M M S1 A m U2 O U1 A M fr-I r-4 CD C1 CD O PD -H ,S U1 Vu H4 r4 vi E! -H M M ft 5 Q4 M EE n Q O VJ n Q1 E S O 43 UC Q Ty, M 0 ,Q Q Q 0 O-P P M U O P154 A Q E2 3 M Q N H13 F4 A 5 0 U U D+PJ n 0 0 O mln P O A E M 0 r431 O O M 5 MEA ll 'U U Q 3 M O 3 H O E1 'C C n O M O P 0 U V381 '-4D g'H HIE Q-H vie ,D O n I W +3 Q L O 0 5.0 M O P131 f4 M M .Q CJ 'C M -H .Q E4 A 0 r4 'C M G CJ o EE m E PD A 43 -F O FJ V T T 5 m 5 o M b m Cl m -H A -5-5 m ,D O L 0+ w E m lb Sellers, SETON Sh Delia, Wallace Mananer, James Bounds, er Allen Shattles . Manag row: and CHEERLE DERS Locomotive, Locomotive, Steam, steam. Pull together, pull together Team! Team! B-r-o-o-k-l-y-n B-r-o-o-k-l-y-n Yea Brooklyn!!! Graceline Jackson, Dot Weaver, Charles Guidroz, Bonnie Ann Ravesies, Mildred Jacobs, James nTexasuRobey, Virginia Shimp, Frenchye Morrow. ,Q ,, v J 3 Qc, -,O 6 ACP, Y,-,nm-if its-upfg-. fkggx DOT WEAVER Sweetheart fp 99556 Atttba .4 QY5' 5 bdaq WW P5 500 53 5 Q H4 S3009 QSIES BASKET B LLM gg--1.-nu-nu-use James Warden-F James Warden, Douglas Mapp, Roger Harvison, Charlie Devrow, James McCardle, Charles McMichael, Coach Loper. Charles McMichael-G Charlie Devrow-F Charles McMichael and Douglas oger Harvison-G Oak Grove umberton Lumberton Home Voc. ome Voc. Wiggins Petal Purvis Purvis Petal tonville Mapp made Sub-Re i 1 11 James McCard1e-C tournament team.g Ona a Doug Mapp'F 54 5357-7-i -', J"l'1',.. :K . 'J ,:., jx.. '. D 0 5 . ,..-1 DQ . ' 5sJ , . EQATIONAL ice gina cinston red Heart Grove -REGIONAL e Voc. al gina IONAL TOURNEY 58 4' Fporj - 1 , .pf - .n ...., e ',. . ...I ., . .l --,vw -" I '- -.1 ' r-" ,'.-g,'!:"' .1 :jkljia ' :sr-"GFI" .. .- -. Un. 1 Wallace Delia-F TOURNEY 55 28 17 28 27 28 28 22 15 27 TOUFNEY 28 20 44 27 25 27 Jack Cameron-G G.W. Clemts-G Don Shattles-F 'V ,-Q P' Standing: Coach Loper, Wallace Delia, Jack Cameron, Roger Carter, Raymond Hendrix. Kneeling: G.W. Clemts, Charles McVay, Burnley Lee, Don Shattres. 7 55 BASKET B LL Mgr. Dorothy Odom, Ann Maloy, Ellen Pearce,Myrtle Hall Christine Perkins, Marie Perkins, This year the girls team won first trophy. Christine Perkins, Ellen Pearce made all Sub-Regional tournament team. le Hallict Ann Maloy-F Ellen Pearce-F We-T ak Grove 34 Lumberton 56 Coach Loper Lumberton 29 ome Vocation 47 its Home Vocation 51 and Wiggins 50 Petal 22 Purvis 48 Purvis 50 ' Petal 41 - tonville 58 Marie Perkins-G ugfumu-A---1 3 Christine Perkins-F Nell Foles-G se I 'ah Shattles-G Q :T '. 1 QQQLLK .:..Tz -' VJ.Iwe We-They kinston 59 19 red Heart Grove B REGIONAL TO Ped Heart 59 24 ' .5 ..--'1, . - etty Johnson- Betty Cooley-F Sammie Lee-F 28 21 e Voc. 44 25 H1 49 42 Hilda K8111-G " F H 1 Shi -G E 1 GarrawaY' GIONAL TOURNAMENT Vinin 8 mp Ve yn ustrial Samrnie Lee, Hilda Kahl, Virginia Shimp, Evelyn Gar-I-away, Betty Johnson, Sarah Shattles, Coach Roland Loper. 57 QW? -nf -,A , , ...7 ii-f cmzwon B'b nu. 3. Bovine lp FooTbAll Jn,44. Q Q. I CTA . - A V. Shi:-1p BRSlrsT bllu. I. Chnsnmrnosn l- 36 QV' 9 X"f JZDEUR FooTbRll 5, 41 , .N rm fc jk If I ouidfloz Chillilfldlfl 55 Knhl 5nsksTI-RLL l. Mnxmoy Bnsrironu. I. .Qc .L 6' Piobfl' FnTbnLL N, I NJ. .1 S.SHl'lTL!S BRSYETHRLL I. .- '5- fl. , Ns I I Fonfu. nbsnay Fouvbml -q . cheevleaaer gh :M N6 1 nudzasou Papuan I,z, 5 , an x.. . W. Dzlin Bmxsrbnn I. HILL BlSkETbFllL 2, 5. . ' - 5-513.152 7167! . 7 I. .I I kann FooTbFILL 5, -nr 'g HGCRRULF Bnskivbnnl 44 . 118' ...- 5..- V: A A J- PRobsT rranbnu. l,2,5,4I. gms. ','f, 11'-r ff, N . B- Shing rooTL.m.I. I, 2. F-Club .PQ F. . .wif Rig . . VF? , I-mnv-Sow HRWI5 p,o1l,gLL gjq, Foofrbdu. B . snsxerbnu. 1, 5"""'G 5. 1, - .. mwxz-N . ,A,: 'W , w -- i 2. Qkxm . 2 4-1 Hwworaw emma: Foofbnn ,+I bonus 2,. 2 ,S 4 5 X... N' 1 .. Dlvnow J'. FIRNIINGIGL BRSKIYDHU 2. Doliwt I. rx .A A Q v G.J'6ckioN I-Ljncksou ehunlendrn I. Fonrbnn. 5. I - , fs? K1ni9hT Tas Les Box:-unc I. Foo-Tbill. 2. I- I od"" PEIIRCE. nmwncea I- BHSKETINLL I- Y I .J Rqvlsils Robey chssnlzndeg 2. chesnlenaeg I, ff' '.,, 22 1. 15 3,5 ,I x In . X N! .. .5 TuC.kER vvnndtw P00TbH'-'- 5- Bnsxsuamn I. ,ang M rogetnu. I, Z . ansxsruau. I,2.- ','Q!'F, .f'vN CRRTER h Bll3lE1'b9ll 2. Fong ann-nb nu 2 ,5. , "II X . x ""!W5'f l I ! T5 J'M:ob5 chisnlenden I, S- LEE ensugrbnu. I, 9. C. PERKINI Bnikubnll. l,1,!. fn nm, IR" Robinson FouTbRLL 2, 5. wnrsow Boxuvs I, at nv ,I I C df H'MichfIiI. Foovuqu. 14. ansrrsrblm 41. sr. -lb . , CIrraTs Uiskifbnll 1, GRRRQHIRY BHSK'ETblhL 5. www.. , QF 'Q Juhwsou BRSKETEDFILL I. ""9F,' v"', N. Y. LoTT Mnunaen I. wif 'I-t 1' , M.PenKIn5 IWSKETDWIL I, 2, D 4 'i 1 K- 'fax H SMITVIES MRNRGER I. Q. rf mil V - wEnveR Chsmlendrq 2,-5, N Q 69 ix Q ff",- if via 1, QF ,M f 1 '1 Ernest Wall L Lenward Lee C, Williams 1949 Seniors with HUncle Sam.H r Marvin Green Marvin get his diploma in February. - ll- 59 HALLOWEEN QUEEN Maria Christina Folgar Guatemala City, C. A. L T lPL:,' UF cu VIS BRO-X OPEL. S 114 HND 4 LUV ' IN 'EE' .v aim, N 'JKS7-uf, 'UQINN OUR CENTRAL AMERICAN FRIENDS First Row, sitting: Irving Spatz, Rodolfo Ibarra, Gustavo Monterroso, Thelma Jarava, Christina Folgar, Alice Larraway, Irma Jarava, Luis Ligorria, Robert Mena. Second Row, kneeling: Rene Martinez, Ronny Morales, Rodolfo Dardon, Abelardo Morales, Joe Barrios, Juanito Bermudez, Danilo Lopez Arankowsky Third Row, standing: Charles Dekker, Richard Samperio, Edward Palomo, Julio Ligorria, Joe Fernandez, Antonio Yurrita, Hector Imeri, Henry Fernandez. so x. - .13 FARM SNAPS li Il- f A . f,,.f GI X , if x if 'T' 5 is . Q 5 lficifgg gl' ' ,. F 1 -I 'ds - .g 'J r'-7' TH Sci-loom Cm: R ffl. E344 INSURED 'T A K a ic. September 6 ,, ,7,,, .Thirty-sevenih Session Begins September G , Mairiculation Nov. 24-Wednesday, l2 P. M. . Thanksgiving Holidays Begin November 29-Monday, 8 A. M. ,,,,, , School Session Besumed December 24-Friday, 12 P. M. . .,,,,e Christmas Holidays Begin Ianuary 3-Monday, 8 A. M .,., . .. School Session Resumed Ianuary l7-Monday, 8 A. M.. Second Semester Begins March ll , , . ,,... . .. lunior Play April l5 1 . ,,., , Senior Play May 15 .... ,.... .... C o rnmencement Sermon May 20 .,... ................ , , ...,,..... Commencement Exercises F1rst Federal Savlngs no . . L M And Loan Association 31" 'fo 7 or HA'r'rna:snUnG, Mrssrssnvpr Q f 0 If You Want . . . . We SY516 " ACTION "' CONVENIENCE 4' ECONOMY In Your Home Loan NEW SAVINGS AND INVESTMENT ACCOUNTS INVITED Let Us Finance or Refinance Your Home 42 Dividends Paid Since Organization Organized Under' Federal Charter' No. 100 dated October' 51, 1934 62 A fascinating job with voice-contacts with faraway places may be yours when you become a telephone operator. Distance across continents, even oceans, quicklymelts before the speed of the telephone network at your command. For high school graduates who qualify, here's interesting important work with good pay and opportunities for advancement, in a company Known all over the South as a good place to work. IELL TELEPHONE SYSTEM KJ 6 3 i D.-wk nnetteStemme DRINK 5805425 lO5 East Front St. ann 'fs ggoql Greenhouse 8l2 Hall Ave. Phone 885 Night 5 Sunday 518 DMDXLMUUSHWI Oikif 065, 0516, Supplyng the schools of this area with the finest in athletic equipment. UIIERIDIA N, UMIS s. SIA IIAHII UAH W. H. Cameron, owner SERVICE, COURTESY AND GOOD FOOD Brooklyn, MlSSiSSippi adm? CREAM Thank You THE STAFF FACULTY AND STUDENT BODY. dedioates this Space to those Friends Brooklyn, Mississippi whose ads are not found in this book. 64 LYON'S' CAFE CITY AlN!-IIEATER A 96 AUNDRV Brooklyn, Mississippi IAMES THEATER Palmer's Crossing, Mississippi Edd Davis, OWDSI' W. Laurel Avenue Phone 755 Laundry and Dry Cleaners 3 P, A. James FY:nS?K,H,S. Alumni president 1949 Hattiesburg, Mississippi b. Jfalaf ' A, V. ."k ' 'Z' iff ll r f , ' 1 1 "Wiping RIT-Y COUNT" P oeox nes SMITH'S HOL?-UM BREAD g BAKED IN HATTIESPURG, MISS. lWWlBBB Q allcnjs rug arte g tore Where friends meet to select their needs in Drugs- Dry Goods Gifts- Greeting Cards-Paint-Ice Cream- and many other Items. Brooklyn, Mis s iss ipp 1 PH S MEANS llss womr- - HMI Incer! pm nun MINCHER TRACT C . 1500 N. MAIIQIRST? Hattiesburg, Kiss . Philip Capuano, Owner 1731. 3737, 215 West' Howard Avenue : otnuint 85 Y --as LOWRY'S V DRIVE IN RESTAURANT -I H e fry!! I 561 Hardy Str-eet . Hattiesburg Mississippi. Hattiesburg, Miss, Phone 2777 H ELTO D S O a W.'2lgi'IE TEIJ2727 GENERAL MERCHANDISE HAT-HESBURGS QUALITY FURNITURE STORf BRQOKLYN, MISSISSIPPI C' OMPL mfffvrs Ur COMPLIMENTS OF MAXWELIQS MARKET Msncmvvrs Co BI'00klYn, Mississippi furrffsawvc-9, 147155. Forresl Supply Company , I R. R. Herrington, Owner -" ' ' Lhe,M'II k,Hd ,P' um f 'wof "' ""'e f""'s BLACK CAT OORPORATION Plumbmg Supplies, Floor Covermgs p Mnumamnu at Hertric-Fixtures and supplies ... Appliance, hues: cn' nnor coxrmn, nnorma c:M:N'r, aunuzn srrrunnn cnmwnuuo, z IN 1 wnnn Pnzaznvzn, Hur IURFADE PAINT Ann r-Am-ra run wcmo, Mznu.. rl:n.1' 1002 Bouie St Telephone 3412 Ann Au. muon ur zxvzmnn lunrAu:: H.mesb...,, ws. HATTIESBURG, MISSISSIPPI 1 66 ' .I Compliments --ar fgiallik IBIKFIFICJPH-nlCJPlEH3 of FURNITURE Co . , . K I I' ' f Friend a I-IESS GROCIERY "ONE BLOCK OFF MAIN STREET" HATTIESBURG, MISSISSIPPI 202 EAs'r PINE STREET PHONE 1555 P. O. Box 761 U D ' si v I Th ' IIC! s H WS J I ' f sans Jixffl-RY BOOKS EVERYTHING FOR THE ATHLETE 5 S 'O Sporting Goods Store Ig-J f S th Mi 1 si ' Phone Qils Ou SS S Hgggway ll l2l East Front Street Phone 284 Hattiesburg, Mississippi Hattiesburg, Mississippi Qi JL .5T4s6'lhaney dz Sons l!FFiFE5E!E5555! .. is I ...,I:.:::: 4 -i Us I PLUMBINGANDHEATING H dl T lr 0 Il SOTl 0 0 Hot Water Heaters Pumps All Material For Installation 503 W. Laurel Avenue HUDSON MOTOR CARS EAST PINE G- GORDON ST. HATTIESBURG, MISSISSIPPI TTIE sm, MI SSISSIPPI M. 'Wim GEIGER DUGGAN'S PRINTING CO. RESTAURANT Hattiesburg, Mississippi Wiggins, Mississippi M UTBERN rn. o 1s1t Relauves It costs so lxttle to travel Trallwnys that you can afford to make lots of trips back home Why not take the whole family on a vxant Remember you can go bv Traxl ways bun even cheaper than drwmg your own car For Emergency TIPS You ran get there m a hurry on a Southern Trallways bus Let a safety tlamed driver relieve you of added worry lh a time of stress Next time you get n ,-f" emergency call check your Southern Trallways con venlent dally schedules o Go o own You can always take a Southern Trallways bus for a I quxck trxp to town to go shoppmg to go to the Q movies to see friends Southern Trmlwaya has Bu I many convenient dally schedules that you can go and return ln no time at al' , For BUSIDBSS Or Pleasure Whether you are gomg to Just the next town on n busmeaa trlp to a nearby vacatxon resort or all IV 'l'!t the way across Amerxca your travel dollar buys vou most and takes you farther when you 80 by xv Southern Traxlways bus I - 41 Hattiesburg, Miss. GO BY SOUTHERN TRAILWAYS BUS ST0 168 48 v a.l.. H yn 2 'f l l 'u h ' ' .D U A' . - l - W-I' Z 5 y o I.A.GARRAWAY FEEDS AND FERTILIZERS Janice, Mississippi -Z Q 'L 7' I , X 'I P eil S DEMAND TTE ORIGINAL J ":'5ff'5f'f3 'D GA . A yzsgsq ' , Y SAY, "A GRAPHITE PLEASE" ,5 5 tc .0:'vf"f - I f ' ' I A 3 use 1 u 1 , HAIIIITSBURG, MISS. f f HIGHWAY 49- S. Hattiesburg, Miss wr - X i Qoflf and nznlofemefzf eo. V U PAINTS AND WALL PAPER DRUMMOND PHILCO RADIOS HEATERS WASHING MACHINES FITTINGS BRINLY FLOWS PHILCO REFRIGERATORS IUMINALL I :roms D R u G S R E FRANK K MATTHEWS. OWN J R. MATTHEWS. IIC I IIO EAST PINE STREET PHONE BOS Hattiesburg, M158- HATTIESBURG, MISS. YE BER DNS BIQOOKLYNBQND - C1ClF2NES,XY!IGGINS QULf DQR AAD 5,qUQH5 Q, 9, I QGH1' HOUSE - --i ,, , CAFE do ...- -" Earl Strange, owner My P f Highway 49, South p - - L ,, hw -, S Telephone 9490 ' Hattiesburg, Miss. "We Welcome all Students" MORRIS SANDWICH SHOP Air Conditioned 902 Hardy Street Hattiesburg, "SFU DS"PAN-AM J. FRANK BROWN p 5 -. . X un 'f' o REALTORS Realtor ESTATY' Phone 5786 R' W' Lemme Manager 508 d t t Har Y S ree llli- E. Front Street Hattiesburg, Mississippi HATTIESBURG, Miss. IIHEH EFIRRY DRY ELERFIERS New wAa.NuT sT. Mr. and. Mrs. W. L. Curtis HATTIESBURG, MISSISSIPPI 7 RADIO COMPANY Jlatlawmqi Batman Raza Jlauu 308 SECOND STREET TELEPHONE 2603 FARMERS FEED 8: GROCERY C0 215 E. Second St. Phone 1351 RP:-1 Mmssnlf HAWIESBURG. MISS. "Visit Us - Our Seieclions Ave Conolne' Phone 207 509 Main ffstabllsfned 18.96, 70 +lH1Tit5BllRE C2625 BDI. LU. THROUGH THE COURTESY 0 f ANDERSDN'S REPAIR SHDP GENERAL AUTOMOBILE REPAIR Brooklyn, Mississippi CHICAGO SHOE REPAIRS Expert Shoe Repair 5115 West Pine Street Hattiesburg, Mississippi "I-Iar-Us For Parts" III HART SUPPLY COMPANY i AUTOMOTIVE PARTS 'H EQUIPMENT i Hattiesburg, Miss. SACKLER FUR ITURE COMPA Y Your exclusive Kroehler Dealer For 25 years HATTIFSRURG5 MISS. CQLUMBIA, MISS. 207 W-Pine Phone S46 256 MCLGOC1 12- 550 Broad st. , , A Phones 2soo-2sQ1 Phones 161-191 SATTIESSURS' MISSISSIPPI SEAM .LAHS SEARS SEARS snub :EADS ssARs SEARS SEAR EADS sEARs 35233 SEAR- EARS sEARs V SEARS BARS SEARS sEARs sEARs RUfBUlh HND IU. 5EARs sEARs 614 Main st. SE- -5 215 Market st. SEA1. .IRS SEARS sEARs sEARs HATTIESBURG. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED OR YOUR MONEY BACK J. R. SHIRLEY, JR. REALTOR RIHL HTQTE SQL-E5 RINTQL9 110.4 U, ' mm RQIQCH, mmm 118 E. From St. Phone 2673 HATTIESBURG MISS L0 Q N 9 REALTOPS nf:fn1f'Jr CONW1'l'KU'lZl4! DIXIE TIRE Veeaclemf 'TATTIESBURG MISS GENERAL DIST. CO. sos Em Pine HATIIESBURG, Mlssxssxpm QN yn DIANA l22-l28 E. PINE ST. HATTIESBURC SAN DE RSON BROS. "PU'RINA FEEDS, SEEDS AND FARM SUPPLIES" "SERVICE WITH A SMILE" 501 MOBILE STREET PHONE 58 HATTIESBURG, MISSISSIPPI .uycaglztseg ef GO B kly M1 1 ippi DONAV-AN My 3107116 IE, 'Wifiu 518 Main Street Phon 117 H mi b 5 M1 FIRST NATICNAL BANK Mnnhruff Zlfaahinn Shop nr I ' sum-1 swan Mnuinarrl B ahh Qbaldg HATTIESBURG Mm. fatlinhurg, ltlutlltnpt. Member Federal Deposlt Insurance CorP0"lWm A' T' woonun' "um," 'Hz mm 'mln Y COBUKDM NTS OF Compliment: of HILL INSURANCE AGENCY MUTUAL INSURANCE rm: AND cAauAl.1'Y Brelon Hill Phone 5452 or 551 ll8 East Front St. Hattiesburg, Miss. FORREST COU TY OFFICIALS D.O. Davis, Supt. of Education L.M. Cox, Circuit Clerk George W. Causey, Chancery Clerk Bomlwc COMPANY or 1-1A1T1EsauRG1 IOSO Bouie St. Telephone 4015 Hattiesburg, Miss. FITZGERALD BRO S. MISSISSIPPI'S LARGEST PRODUCERS OF EXPORT CROSS TIES Wiggins, Miss. Ilelk SHOP AT HATTIESBURG'S NEWEST DEPARTMENT STORE FOR COMPLETE SELECTIONS OF QUALITY CLOTHING, FABRICS, GIFTS, AND HOUSEHOLD NEEDS FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY. 4 Use our Layaway. 4 Free Gift Wrapping. 109 Pine Hattiesburg, Miss. 73 CC3FNPzGg1EPffS BROOKLYN MOTOR CO. G.. R. Garraway, owner I. Old reliable in Parts and Service HATTIESBUR. mlSS., Brooklyn, Misissippi FURREST MUIFOR WMI? DODGE Job Rated TRUCKS I - DODGE PASSENGER CARS 7 vig? 3-if PLYMOUTH PASSENGER CARS . I vsxxc 'ugffy -,, . ggggbp 1 ll N . 410 West Pine Street Telephone 5227 Hattiesburg, Mississippi THE " OAKS" A J.L.SPesKPS faos Hnczov ST. 'H-QTTiEfQUPG M iff 1 I Hon: 'Hppunncc C Q. 1' Mc MU'-LAN Fnwmmas Dmuns 5 nun, EQUIPMENT COP HOUSEHOLD R COMMERCIAL APPLIANCES R. L. Anderson Your International Harvester Dealezf 503 2nd Street Phone 2122 Highway ll South Phone 3500 HATTIESBURG, MISSISSIPPI HATTIESBURG MISS. I mv stops AVENEL'S SHOP FORREST HOTEL FTTILDIWTG PFOIE 1515 M Cm! PHONE A' ST' 1.3 HATLIESBURG, RISSISSIPPI HATTIIEBURG, MISSISSIPPI H AT TIESB U RG HARDWAR E STORES HHOLPSALE AND REIAIL HARDWARE BUTANE GAS APPLIANCES YOUR 36 DEALER Phone 1566-567 BOO Vobile Street HATTIESBURG, MISSISSIPPI D.G.CHAVERS GENERAL MERCHANDISE BOND, IIIISS . X55 ff I I IWW? I EH EB HB Nw vm 1'I'Z4?Z'fi IQYQYOFZOTM NBCAFFILIATE MOU HC. HATTIESBLJRQMISS. FORREST BROADCASTING CO . COMPLIMENTS OF WA. LUVETT Real Estate. Rentals Establish:-I In-1907 316 Fovrtsf Sh-Q11 HB'U-I'9l""'8vMl"" If f If! Q 9 D f X R f H g 114 IIESI mm swan MENS NEAR IARNAN SHOES - STETSON I-RTS HATFIESBURG BOTTLING COMPANY MANUFACTURERS OF DR. PEPPER : 7-UP : ORANGE CRUSH HATTIESBURG, MISSISSIPPI 516-18 Foamasr smsm TELEPHONE 426 75 HATTIESBLIRG TYPEWRITER COMPANY 125 W. Front Street Phone 16 HATTIESBURG, MISSISSIPPI raljs Ice Cream and estaurant ALBERT A. SPEED WHERE GOOD FRIENDS MEET FOR GOOD THINGS TO EAT 115 Walnut St ' LAU N D RY gen! 3 -Dvenswd Pmffgf 21,7 CLEANERS Serving You Since 1898 gyzckwzck Cafe 215 West Pine Phone 2454 Hattiesburg, Mississippi McArth ur Chevrolet Go. pox x1 FIRST jN 5 -K0 A ' ri Q 4142? ,QQEVROLETK Hz k" 11:1sf":l Nye 66" IT 1 W A HRS 306-14 East Pine Street Phone 2001 HATIIESBURG TRENTON SUPPLY CO. W1g?lUS Mississippi BEST WISHES FROAI J. E. BETHEA SHERIFF OF FORREST COUNTY HATTIESBURG, MISSISSIPPI I , , 'Did'--lM5M-' " qunarv rooms in cowffcvvffi RIcE's POTATO CHIPS Phone 1178 501 Gordon Street Hattiesburg Mississippi 76 B A R N E S WHEN IN HATTIESBURG VISIT SEED 81 FEED COMPANY THE NW I GREATER "The Seediest Place in Town" 215 MARKET ST. PHUNE 840 HATTIEETBURG, MISSISSIPPI BEN SHEMPER co. 405 JACKSON STREET 126 HATTIESBURG, MISSISSIPPI kiit Pine St H tt b H D NELSON Prop. PHONE 188 3 les mpg Mlsslsslppi BURGES STQP KND EAT B.fZ1'i'.f2.N CLARENCE BURGE Hardy Street m 169' gauge Hattiesburg, I1sSiSSiPPi -Wg!! 5 5' HUB PRINTING CO. MURRAY ENVELO PE H.........,.,.,.I Hattiesburg, Mississippi I 77 COMPUNENTS - H.E.ALLEN run hun - OF 'QI , an E 3 BILL PuL.LEN, Rm-. V j II -I ' i 303 f'1EDlcAl.. Bunuluo, JACKSON, r'1'95- Po-www 4-7200 - 4:5 870 '-'q 3'29'9 w'Q1.'fZ2Zl me I "MlSSlSSlPPI'S LARGE ST DIAMOND MERCHANTS" Forrest Hotel Building - Phone 2455 HATTIE-SBU RG "' LAUREL- HERIDIAN -COLUNBUS- "WE APPRECIATE YOUR PATRONAGEU lm LWIYJUQQN "H.A'I'TIESBURG'S QUALITY STORE" HATTIESBURG, MISSISSIPPI R. M. I-IENDRICK HERFF JONES COMPANY Class Rings - Invitations 0 Diplomas JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI p XX BEST Wzsmss 1 Q X N' QUIGLEYJ fzgdv-Vg I folio 'I fm'-1 HW FU ERAI. HOME X mvrrnosaune f Phone 2141 . ig '- 11 Q E 'X- f T?" 'wma BW 5""t Hattiesburg, Mississippi Friendlg-competition CI :zoos BANK , HATTIESBURG -. .4l! IiF 4' g54! i!ti-dI PUGH's BARBER SHOP Homer Pugh Q ozposrrs msunso Q IV MARTITWS BAR'-RFE SHOT Tha fodoral Ilooosit lnsuranoo Corporation L - L- Mm in Brooklyn, Mississippi COMPLIMENTS Or QMQDDNIQ L I-IQTTIEIDURG, Muff 79 .9:::::.v.::. I' Q2 ' v I J' ,VN I .. 533 fr., I . nip, SOUTHERN MOTOR SAL 318 East Pino Street Phone I700 and 9 9 HATTIESBURG, MISSISSIPPI IIEQISMANQS WHITE SYSTEM OF HKTTIESBURG .The- 519 MAIN STREET E E EXCLUSIVE s'rYLEs MEET PoP.ul..An . 'PERSONAL LOANS MONTHLY 'REPAYNBNT HATFIESBURG. MIS5- .Intons Erug Store EURE MAYTAG COMPANY 1001 Edwards St. ' HATTIESBURG, MISSISSIPPI ' PHONE 148-J V I WIGGINS, MISS. 1! THANKS TO YVIZTIIZ ITGUINTIINI YEARBOOK PHOT OGRAPHER 1: Hattiesburg - Phone 297-W 'IKPWJI ,Zffwf-z,z,a.otlv-wAiQnwlaiiJ 't!uJo5'0-v-'la5"1a'l'9'40l'Z7""""5 f"4lf-lad'-1d"'MfG aaa.Z.Q,,,,Q iafmwzwwignfmawhuu r CTORIAL YE BOOKS V -lv r'uf,mM U :ns H. MYERS-Cb iff xx

Suggestions in the Forrest County High School - Forrester Yearbook (Brooklyn, MS) collection:

Forrest County High School - Forrester Yearbook (Brooklyn, MS) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 6

1949, pg 6

Forrest County High School - Forrester Yearbook (Brooklyn, MS) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 53

1949, pg 53

Forrest County High School - Forrester Yearbook (Brooklyn, MS) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 49

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Forrest County High School - Forrester Yearbook (Brooklyn, MS) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 39

1949, pg 39

Forrest County High School - Forrester Yearbook (Brooklyn, MS) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 24

1949, pg 24

Forrest County High School - Forrester Yearbook (Brooklyn, MS) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 55

1949, pg 55

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