Forrest City High School - Corral Yearbook (Forrest City, AR)

 - Class of 1947

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?9jq,gg'v,,ZgiM,z3.t,,,,,g,, ,V Q., ,tl , , , I, a. A x , K I Agway: lam Orczvvordt As a symbol of the spirit of our Institution, as a record of lasting friendship and joy and toil, and as a service to our school Whose future shall uphold the traditions' of its past, the 1947 CORRAL is publish- ed. May this book, which pictures "today", help to create in every heart greater loyalty to the Alma Mater of "tomorroW." I9 - Y V - ,K M: Kg, Vi vm wg:,25AX :H - ' S i ' 'S-lhfiif-1-.f2:sg::f:5sE -. fwvw - '1 2 vf mai'-H'w:'mX:. ,W V fri fngwr-X . X ' 'X "" A f -1 " 'awww 1 ,,Af,vjs5.g3 A:'ff7'T'5L'fZf,,x E'?"'f2?f":g4gkr if 5. XA . , 4'n,Q', kat ww Efwf-vvfzfn S Aa 1 ' M . . . XM ww H f Yf 2 f ' R b- f a ' AW' 1 S' x Q ,, if P W v 5 .Aff 3 ,, Eli, ' v zzlzvl 32' 3' ,Q N' k 2 - yi i R1 2 , . 3532? '51 - ? lvvzvmffxwrwwwwwf y I H MTTTTPM- , 'S ' ,x ww 'Z L V - X' X ' 3 113 1, ix., ss 6 -tal-: If ' " . ' ' H ' 5 - f"':.:,F"'f ,.:Q':' zy.'I115i',,,',.i2:,Q-:-.-fy: -'E-'25 ':' ' x x " t 'WX " V A Wm . 'WW nf ' g 1 1 X. Q . 1 x -"' M 1 fx A -. A M A . xx :Q pi Q,4g ,f x '2 ' . ww,NgQQ,gM?f T?- Q X sw 33? 'Egg X N., NA 1 is 'LYQSJ ig Q 39' W Q fi :N v , X xi X2 Xb x 3 Q , w, I Sf ' W 5 gg Ry 5 if jf' 2 X 1 G F + s 'gifs 5 : R is 5 5' fu- Af gf. ' 'F i iw X ,E Sf QR!! ,gg ff i, y F Xxx 'X Veg : '5 V 3 Q . Q E. :Q . Q 5 Q ,E Q, Q E ,Rfk . f :Q Wi -x 2 Q fi N 5153.6 K . 5 T33 w, ' X VY' lx Q S S' Q , :Q Q1 , i QQ 30 Hx N-il A W ' Q ' A-8334. XR .... , N- N A .1 Q x ' A 7 1K .wX.x0,.Q,+,x,LWA 23.95563 3 , S fmx A 'Y - " wx WM , 4, --......u. ' Q . N gg v...N,.....f.dv.J. ..,. , ,wmv .MM QMQM. M Q ,- ,-f FUFIFIEST IIITY HIEH SIIHUIJL FUHREST IIITY, FIFIKFIHSFIS .4-Qt' if M Some of the members of the Annual Staff at work. ANNUAL STAFF Standing, left to right: Marguerite Silaz QSponsorD, Ioe Davidson, Martha Ann Davis, Margaret Harris, Pat Gregory, Betty lean Smith, Martha lane McCollum, limmy Turner, lean Armstrong, Billie lean Whittenton, Martha Bee Belshe, Henry Thomas, Freddie Lou Lindauer, and Mrs. lohn Sikes QSponsorD. Seated, left to right: Leo Vaccaro, Bobby Gatten, Betty Gatten, Virginia Ann Curtis, Betty lane Peterson, Luella Lewis, Virginia Ridgeway Clfditorj, Mary Allison Tipton, Billie lean Austin, Margaret Ann Hawks, Linda Rauscher, Margaret Louise Bell, and Leo Fong. E edicafiolz . . To the Memory of those noble heroes of Forrest City High Schools Who have sacrificed their lives "to the last full meas- ure of devotion"-that we, as a nation and as individuals, may continue to have the "blessings of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." IAMES SULCER GARVIN WILFORD DERROUGH VARDAMAN No picture- GEORGE LEVITT WILLIAM POUNDERS FRANK POWERS IAMES HALL IAMES WILSON Claborn Anderson Leo Buchannon Ollie Crook Eugene Halbert Ralph Beazley I. W. Criqqer S. A. Deveraux Perry Hamilton Richard Holloway Donald Horton Iohn Andrew Key B. Frank King Virgil McCutchen Iames Pettus William O'Brien Wiley "Dub" Rowland Pledge Of Allegiance To Flag lpledge allegiance to the Flag ot the United States of America. And to the Republic tor which it stands. One nation indivisible, With Liberty and lustice tor all. S w 1 I 1 ' I HLIHH m HTER Fmfesf Cify High gehmmg, 1 V ero-u.s!y M F , b Vx: ,.AA ' 1A' gg. W 4 s.'0rs ihe. Q.iHty'5 new 'Pmefvm bovdqvqweaved against Une. sig-ig ,QM NEWER y0u.Y guiding Kawai we.. havergfive cms' lava 'fo 'bkegg 3. Th ms we Page 'Uwe ovmhiffo ofkevs as fhmyeavi U.YxfolS, z,Q'Qf:z.miQ GUY dmw old Alma.. Mmfavqas fhaygavg, mil by 2-.Be mu- even- inegimtian Seri mu' spiv we lf'B.Y,L'A '3.?V'lQyQu,r five 5 hm evmf wovth-yufov we .S-vzfi: Fug-gaed.. fQ5?5Ff :fQ12 i lJ ,i iQ L e,Fovwcu6 eww lr.-Q. ow' Watmhwwvixamuquav exvd pwavaii! -R.Lecz.v'r'm 410 ii'-fe, bwy-fi'r1a.ii'-fuk Lmhw may we ne:-mv fmilg 3.Ligbi: fkmwmy Sc.. Kava, amd sevviawmbeamwmwx xxevav 'fm L., 1 fQW 3iif5Qg,M, f,Hev6'S in fiiw s. mv: Mmm fS1'!3sckevf4F'ovvfas'h Cuijy High all Hari? 1 afhfe. fwfn 'fm 'iixfea -few Qmpivmiiam :Pwrve si Cgiiy Hvlgh all knit! 5 3.Heve"s 'ics 'Hmees wuvguidef and 'mcs1N'xiav.'?'avvEs'i Cyst Higixi Qlffyhsrxi , ' I un mlnssmunun OELVJ of Jucafiozz 3 Left to right: Mr. V. O. Turner, Mr. I. D. Heustess, Mr. E. I. Butler, Mr. Iomes DeRossett, Mr. Iornes Fussell, Superintendent of Schools, Mr. M. S. Smith, ond Assistant Superintendent Mr. Bill lrvinq. A QYO'-1 Mr. Ionies DeRossett Mr. V. O. Turner Mr. Iomes Fussell Mr. E. I. Butler Mr. I. D. Heustess Mr. Thomas McDaniel M. S. Smith, superintendent ot District No. 7, has been with us twenty-eight years. He has served as superintendent tor the past' twenty-six years, The first two years Mr. Smith was here he taught English and coached athletics. bliss-7 Bill lrvingeeAssistant Super- Ruby MealsfSecretary to A. T. Woodruttf-fSupervisor intendent, AB., Arkansas Mr. Smith, Memphis ot Transportation, B.A., College, M.S. University ot School ot Commerce. Mississippi College, M.A., Arkansas. University ot Mississippi. Colt School Caldwell School Round Pond School New Castle School an Madison School Forrest City Grammar School SCHOOL DAYS ln classes, at lockers, a jumble and din A "hurry, lim late!" or hello to a friend. All working together with one aim in mind, To make this the best school one ever could find. Come on get school spirit, join in the fun And you'll say it's the best school when school days are done -Mary Virginia Harrel. Home Economics Cottage: Built in 1941 F.F.A. Building: , Built in 1941 ewis gfa wfey, rlrzcipaf Lewis Chamberlain Hawley came to Forrest City High School as Principal in lune l938. He received his A.B. Degree from Hendrix College, and an M.A. Degree from the University of Arkansas. Mr. Hawley is a member of Kappa Delta Pi, National Educational Association, Ark- ansas Educational Association, and American Educational Research Association. ln March of this year he accepted an appointment by the North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools to serve upon a committee to review the reports of the committee on Schools to be Qualifiedly Approved. Since Mr, Hawley came to the Forrest City School he inaugurated the Student Council, Senior and lunior National Honor Society, and Handbook. He was instrumental in the building of the Home Economics Building and Bandroom. The faculty and students appreciate his untiring efforts in making the Forrest City School one of the best in the state. His willingness to cooperate with students and faculty and his ability to see both sides of any problem that arises is one of his outstanding qualities. "Mr. Hawley, thanks for what you have done for all of us." ggzcuffy VIRGINIA ANDERSON-B.S.E. Arkansas State-Vocational Home Economics MRS. WILLIAM BLAND-Arkansas State Teachers--Ir. High Science MRS. T. G. BRATTON-A. B. Hendrix, University of Colorado-Latin and His- tory MR. T. G. BRATTON-A. B. Hendrix, M.E.D. University of Missouri, University of Colorado, Georgia Tech.-Advanced Math and Science MRS. CHARLES BUFORD-A.B. Erskine, S. C.-Math N- vu f K 'I F1 ' 5" MRS. SAM DANEHOWER-B.S.E. Arkansas State Teachers-Physical Educa- tion MISS BERTHA DAVIDSON-B.S. Memphis State, M.A. University ot Arkan- sas-History, Ir. High Social Science sf0hi6R. MRS. G. B. EOGG-HBS. Arkansas State Teachers, Peabody State Teachers!- Ilth and 12th Enqiish f fgkdfaf lf tv? fi- 'S JJ at H MRS. I. M. FULKERTHfPlatteviIIe State Teachersv-History, Math, Cafeteria MR. L. C. HAWLEY-B.A. Hendrix, M.S.E. University ot Arkansas-Principal MR. IAMES A. HENRY--eM.A. University of Arkansas, B.A. Arkansas AGM.-N History, Sociology, Psychology, Economics MRS. HARRY HINSONfB.S. Central Missouri State Teachersflst year Home Economics MR. WILLIAM IRVINGffA.B. Arkansas College, M.S. University ot Arkansasf Assistant Superintendent MR. HARRY A. KNIGHTfB.S. Mississippi StatefAgriculture MIS SFANNY C. LEGG-f -AB. Hendrix, Masters PeaIoodyfScience, Biology MISS FRANCES MCELWEE-f'B.S.E. State Teachersflr. High English C-Zzcuffy Qzcuffy MRS. H. W. BATCHELOR-A.B. Ouachita College, University ot Arkansas- English MR. l. D. HENLEY-Hendrix, University ot Arkansas, Memphis College of Mu- sicfBand, Choral Department MISS CANA MCKEE-B.A., Mississippi CollegefCon'itnercial Department MR. I. C. PERRY-A.B. Ouachita, M.S. University of Arkansas--Coach, Physical Education, Math MISS MARGUERITE SILAZ-B. A. State Teachers, University of Arkansas-- lournalism, History, Speech MRS. IOHN SIKES-AB. Hendrix, Ouachita, Shorter-lr. High MR. DEWITT SMITH-A.B. Hendrix-T 51 I, V MRS. ARCHIE SMITH-Austin College, 3 This fleet of seventeen regularly scheduled buses and one relief bus travels about seven hundred miles daily, transporting almost eleven hundred students to and from our schools. Standing, left to right: A. T. Woodruff, I. B. Roberts, Robert Roberts, Fig-ge., Bd Stricklen, T. G. Bratton, Mrs. Iohn May, Harry Lawless, mechanic, Mrs. Bud Busby, R. L. Parrish. Seated, left to right: Henry Porter, Virgil Merrell, Earl Alford, Ierry Harris, Floyd Cowan, Thomas Chalk, Torn Brown, Robert Nold. g' ' S F IEANNIE ARMSTRONG: 10th Grade President5 Home Ec. Reporter-105 Cheerleader 10, ll, 125 Iunior Carni- val Oueen 125 Choir President 125 Annual Statt 125 Ouill ci Scroll ll5 Basketball Manager 10, 115 Emissary Staff ll. B1LL1E IEAN AUSTIN: Delta Beta Sig- ma 10, 11, 125 Glee Club 105 Emis- sary and Annual Staff 125 Iunior Car- nival Play ll5 Booster Club 11. MARGARET LOUISE BELL: Delta Beta Sigma 10, ll, 12, Pres. 125 Iunior Na- tional Honor Society-V-Pres. 95 Na- tional Honor Society 11, 12, Pres. 125 Booster Club 115 E.H.A. 10, ll, Emis- sary, Assistant Editor lst Sem., Edi- tor 2nd Sem. 125 Girls State Repre- sentative 115 Assistant Editor Annual 125 Sect. Teen Age Club5 Student Council 125 Iunior Play 115 Dramat- ics Play 10. 1. C. BORDEN: F.F.A. 9, 10, 115 Christ- mas Play 12. RHUE BLACKMORE: EEA. 9, 10, ll, 12. ELIZABETH BRITTON: LAWRENCE BRITTON: KENNETH BROWN: Sect. 9th Grade5 Sect.-Treas. 10 Grade, Sect. 125 lunior National Honor Society 95 Senior Na- tional Honor Society 125 Valedictor- ian. MACK BROWN: Student Council 125 Iunior National Honor Society 95 Senior National Honor Society 125 Chief Monitor 125 Salutatorian. NORMA IEAN BULLOCK: Booster Club lly Trade CS Industry Club ll, 125 F.H.A. 9, IO, ll5 President of Hobby Club 95 Choir 9. WILLIAM CO1-IN: Band 9. VIRGINIA ANN CURTIS: Editor of the Emissary lst Semester 125 Band 9, IO, ll, I25 Ouill 6: Scroll ll5 Booster Club 115 Home EC. Club 9, 10, ll5 Choir lO5 Manaqer of Girls Basket- ball Team 12. BETTY IOYCE CLARK: Pine Bluff: Spanish Club IU, ll5 Pl-I.A. 9. IOE DAVIDSON: Band 9, IU, ll, Pres. I25 Football ll, 125 Basketball ll, l25 Student Council ll, 125 Sigma Phi Omega Frat. 9, IO, ll, Pres. 125 V- Pres. 9th qrade Home Room5 Pres. lunior Class5 lunior Play5 Annual Staff l25 V.-Pres Teen Aqe Club 12. AUGUSTINE DUNN: Booster Club 115 F.H.A. 105 Trade CS Industry ll, 12. GERALDINE EDGE ,f 'SUM L BILLIE MAE EVANS: F.H.A. 9, 10, 11, 125 Booster Club 11. LEO FONG: Annual Staff, Ernissary Staff. RALPH GADBERRY: Trade 6: lndustry 117 President of Trade df lndustry 127 Emissary Staff 125 Dramatics Club 117 Football 12. IACK GATES: Football 127 President 9th Grade, Band 10, 115 Delta Sigma 11, 127 lunior Play 11. BETTY GATTEN: Choir 9, 10, 11, 12: Booster Club 11, E.H.A. 10, 11, Emis- sary Staff 127 Girls Trio 12. BOBBYE GATTEN: Choir 9, 10, 11, 12, Basketball 127 Booster Club 117 F.1-LA. 10, Emissary Staff 12. IO1-1N CLAUDE GILL: Sect. to Trade 6: lndustry Club 12. MARY PAT GREGORY: Band 11, 12, Assistant Editor of Ernissary 127 Booster Club 11. Y gl, i Aiwa V991 fm: ELIZABETH HAMILTON ANN HAWKS: Delta Beta Sigma 12, Business Manager of Annual. , ,. pq: fu 'lvl 12 fhg, gs... ,r 1-44 .12 ,,g,cs, If Pl A,,,'k l7,f,fb JERRY BOB 1-HGGS DALE HCRTCN: Cheerleader ll, 127 Vice-Pres. EEA. 12, member 9, l0, ll, Sigma Phi Omega 10, ll, 12, Boys State Representattive 12. CHARLES IONES: President of 9th Grade, V-Pres. 10th Grade, Student Council 107 Football 12. NELLIE KEY: F.H.A. 9, 10. BETTYE KESSINGER: Reporter 10, Booster Club 11, E.H.A. 9, 10, 11, Emissary Staff 117 Trade 5: lndustry 12. MURRAY LANCASTER: Band 9, 10, ll, 121 Business Manager ot Football 11, 125 Student Council ll, V-Pres. Sen- ior Class 12, lunior Play ll, Emissary ll, Iunior National Honor Society 9, Delta Sigma 10, 11, 12, Boys State Representative ll. ETTA MARIE LENTZ: 4-H Club 9: Mr. 1-lenley's Sect. 12. LUELLA LEWIS: Senior National Hon- or Society 127 Cheerleader 12, Boost- er Club ll, F.H.A. 9, 10, ll, Basket- ball 9, 10, ll, 12, Senior Council 10, 125 lunior Carnival Queen 9. OTIS LEWIS, IR.: F.F.A. 9, 10, 11. LA MONT LINDSEY: Sigma Phi Omega Frat. ll, 12. MARTHA 1ANE MCCOLLUM: Delta Beta Sigma 11, 12, Football Maid 115 Student Council 12, National Honor Society 12, Business Manager Emis- sary and Annual 12, Glee Club 107 Booster Club ll. SUE MILLER: E1-l.A. 10, 11: National Honor Society 127 Booster Club. RUSSELL MONTGOMERY ALMA IEAN MYERS: Basketball 10, ll. BILLY DON O'NE1LL: Football 10, ll, 12, Band 9, 10, Student Council 10, ll, 12, V-Pres. of Student Council ll, President of Student Council 12, Presi- dent of l0 Grade, Siqrna Phi Orneqa 9, 10, 11, 12, President of Young Life Club 12, Basketball 10, ll, 12. BOBBY lOE PEEPLES BETTY IANE PATTERSON: National Honor Society 12, Quill 6: Scroll ll, Basketball 9, 10, ll, 12, Cheerleader 10, ll, 12, Assistant Editor Ernissary ll, President Booster Club ll, F.H.A. 9, 10, ll, Beauty of Senior Class 12, Good Citizenship Girl 12. FRANCES PORTOR: Booster Club ll, Ouill :Sf Scroll ll, Football Maid 12, F.H.A. 9, 10, ll, Emissary Staff ll, Trade G lndustry 12, Choir ll. C. C. PRIVETTE: Football 12: Delta Sig- ma ll, 12. IUANITA RAWLS: Glee Club 9, 10, ll: Class Treas. 9, Trade 6: lndustry 12, F.H.A. 9, 10. I. C. RICE: Treas. 9th, Sect. 10th Grade: F.F.A. ll, 12, President of F.F.A. 12. VIRGINIA RIDGWAY: Editor of Annu- al l2, F.1-1.A. 10, ll, Booster Club ll, Drarnatics Club Play 10, Little The- atre 12. W VANCE SALES: President Senior Class 12, Treasurer Student Council 127 Delta Sigma President 125 V-Pres. of Band 9, 10, ll, 129 V-Pres. of lunior Class ll, Quill :S Scroll llp Football 10, ll, 12, Basketball ll: President Ir. Council 9. MAXINE SMITH BETTY SMITH: lr. National Honor So- ciety 9, Football Maid 10, Basketball 125 Sect.-Treas. lr. Class llp F.H.A. 10, ll, V-Pres. of Sr. National Honor Society llp President N.H.S. 125 Delta Beta Sigrna ll, 12, Treas. Sr. Class 125 Annual Staff, Girl State Representa- tive ll. FRANKIE SMITH: Booster Club, F.H.A. T 61 l. HENRY SURGINER PAT TODD: Football 10, ll, 127 Bas- ketball l0, ll, 12. HENRY THOMAS: lr. Carnival King 12, Sigma Phi Omega 9, 10, ll, 127 Eagle Scoutg Leland, Miss.-Football, Bas- ketball, and baseball 10, ll. MARTHA TULLEY: F.H.A.g Booster Club: Sect. of 10th grade: T ci 1. ROGER WALL TOMMY WILKINSON: Band 10, 11, 125 Delta Sigma 11, 125 Ir. Carnival King 11. BOBBY WALKER: Band 9, 10, 11, 121 Football ll, 125 Council ll, 12! Ir. National Honor Society 95 Delta Sig- ma 10, 11, 125 Basketball 11, 12: Iunior Play ll: Sr. N.H.S. ll, 127 Sect. N.H.S. 121 President of Teen-Age Club. KYLE WOODS: Football 11, 125 Ir. Carnival King 97 Delta Sigma 10, 11, 125 President of 9th Grade. ATHOL RAY REESE FREDDIE WALLACE BILLIE WHITTENTON: Treas. ot 9th Grade: F.H.A. 9, 107 Delta Beta Sig- map Ernissary Staff 125 Girls' Trio 127 Booster Club. MARY ALLlSON TIPTONZ Ernissary Staff 125 Delta Beta Sigma 10, 11, 125 Booster Club: Football Maid 10, llp Council 12. t9"ifweJ+ 21 fr L""diZ't"' 1: 'ff'iV'Zj , ww. ff! Look out, C. C., you're sorta over-loaded. Football players can play music, too. All aboard! Let's go! Freshmen busy at noon. Re-playing last mahfs football qame. Vfheres loe? Back to school. Vfant my autograph? Freshman lmllallon. Campus Cuties. Shoe shinen be ,bv- S HAKSS Ds Qgfxea JUHIUHS 415 414f ll? 5 Mfg ,.,, Q fffleff iw i MWA , B ' r l .l7lrCZ4Cf' 'Z' cv, , I f li? ,"" 0 Y ffl? Martha Bee Belshe Virqil Blackmor Richard Courtney Mildred Cole Jackie Cole Elmer Lee Clark Elizabeth Clark I. P. Chism Barbara Nell Busby Elizabeth Brown Tommie Bryant Ernest Borden Faye Crook Eugene Curtis Martha Arm Davis Rosie Mae DeVazier Leonard Dice Jeff Dickson Betty Sue Dill Lillian Downey Catherine Ellis George Eldridqe Leta Pearl Emmerson Dick Gatten Marie Gandy Eddie 'Grobmyer Eddie Groves Ierry Harris Mary Alice Harris Carl Harper Nina Harnrnons Ioan Hobbs lesse Hodges David Hodges Lawson Hughes Mary Ann Hunter Mildred Hughes Helen lackson Wayne Iones Iohn Iones O. D. Kennedy Sadie Faye Keer Betty Leornon Bob McDaniel Lula Belle McPhc1il Delores Mclfoll Virgil Merrell Billie leon Merriweother O. W. Myers Alvcxh Nichols Pot Perdzock Walter Nimocks Donny Peterson Richard Poe Carl Pettus Donald Price Lindsey Proctor Mm g Gene Ramsey Steve Shapkotf Forrest Smith Gene Smith A Eugene Stewart Derelys Tatum Ina Tipton Leo Vaccaro Mary Beth Van Blake I. W. Vandiver J ' gp - LaVada Voss y aifyhita Sue Whittenton Raiford Whittenton Barbara Wilenzick Mary Frances Wyles UHIIIHES Y 'x ,nvvmhs Top Bow: D. H. Anderson Bobbie Carol Arrington Bobby Gene Bannister Lamar Barker Billy Barry Charlotte Beazley Second Bow: Troy Bibbs Oscar Blake Guy Bodkins George Borden larnes Brooks Dorothy Brown Third Bow: Douglas Buford loan Burkhart Bobby Bynum Ierry Pat Christopher Allie Mae Clark Clyde Clark Bottorn Row: Annette Bridges Iimmy Cope Darie Dangeau Melba Deere Anna Collie l. E. Doane Top Row: Ann Dover William Easter Robert Evans LaVerne Fast Peggy lean Graves Felix Griffin Second Row: Agnes Hall Mary Virginia Harrell Mildred Harris V. P. Harmon Billy loe Hatfield Willene Heath Third Row: Iames Hodges Verna Hodges Ruby Mae Hubert Earl Iackson Frances lackson H. P. Kennedy Bottom Row: loy Latham Wilford Laws Laura Burton Lemmon Dora Alice Lentz Billy Lewis Freddie Lou Lindauer WL. mmf ,xx y '64 I 9 if ' V- 31' 0- J? - If' 1, - 1, lg ia S' dm Y ww, sg, . . Wg-2 ,A ,,.,.v EQ Q swirl? . Q is - :F 4' ' ' ,.:- . I V xg 'A-wo--f Ng 3 by ,M !h...t.. Top Row: Ioan Lindsey Tommye Lindsey Billie Lippman loyce Luallen Betty McCammon Patsy Montgomery Second Row: Marcilla Mullikin Clydene Neeley Freman Nichols Gene Otey Mary Bess Oschleger Rebecca Porter Third Row: Kenneth Pounders Sally Proctor Billy Ramaqe Margaret Rich Linda Rauscher Margaret Sattertielcl Bottom Row: Billy Scott Donnie Shapkoff Steve Shearin lean Smith Margaret Spear Albert Spivey Top Row: Alpheus Summers Evelyn Tucker Iimmy Turner Middle Row: Alideon Tyree Ruth Wall Imogene Webb Bottom Row: Anna lone Weddington Mollie Moe Wilson Max Worrcxl Let's dance at the "Corral" Look's like spring has arrived. The 9th grade lr. Car- nival Side-Show. Let's keep the campus clean. Somebody is fixing to get kicked. My! what handsome boys in lunior High. Betty and loe. Whose jacket you got, Martha Ree? What's the latest gos- sip, boys? ruesumsn .X - f M' x' I if M 2 1? X M ' t, ,I . m. Yi' ik , K Q if 5 I xg W9 Q 33 Y 6255 Mfg Q? 2 32" M3 V sg.: .:. QW 5 Q Q 0 K 95 5 55 Sv 2 I 5 V I IRQ 9 I -I I 4 I ,V ,:. , ...... ' if s ,s I "'A- lIEEg"2: 3 I E 'f 1 SQS WQWWS wwf' 'ii - -'1:1:s-:::::,E..'Z:3" IIMMY ADAMS BETTY AKERS IOHNNIE MAE BIBBS IANIE SUE BRITTON GLORIA I. BROWN WILLIAM BROWN :'V TERRY BURNS vi .... V X 'Q' Maxi SIQB9' . . QW ,m..5 , . fi.. wg , 'Ui .. .... ..,, , , .,...,. N 5 .Q ...... QQW 5 I II . . 'A 4 ' , -Q ,f -'--- gg.-Ia... g:3:5:5:--:.:.-11... .i5.5'f.-,:1:..:6:,.: z A I W W v. 2+ .. Z .x- My 1, ,HAM V Q :gg :,. , ,,. ,Q wg? .4 . ...,, .,. .. v -,, 5' YET? Q M W Qgw im 33 Q 'R 5553 ff W N - :I :-1,g:-:i-.-:.:.:g.,.,t . .. .... ..-.. .W-:ggi ..... , .. ..... ... ..... , . -'- . ,::iz::aaas,a f , - E . , X It LEROY BURTON ALLAN RUSBY IOY BELL BRYANT RALPH CHAUCKER MAXINE COTTON BETTY DAVIS DONALD DAVIS IANET DAVIS MAXINE DENTON IAMES DeVAZIER MARY LYNN DILLON LONNIE ECHOLS DONNA ENDICOTT IUNE EDMONSON IERRY ENGLAND THOMAS FISHER IACK FITZSIMMONS MARY ELLEN GATTEN CORINE GIBERT EUNICE GRIFFIN MILDRED GOLDSWORTHY VIRGINIA GREENE LOUISE HALL MARGARET HARRIS IEAN HAWKS CHARLES HILL TI-IEO HOLLAND ELWANDA HUBERT IOHN HUGHES CHARLES HUNTER LOIS HUTCHINSON V' , :', I znx MAXINE HUFPMAN '::-:: Q Q' ..,. , , ---- - if J , I , Alll - "V' I llq I IUANITA IACKSON IAMIE IAMES BUELA IOLLY DORIS IOLLY BETTY IOAN IOLLY BILIE IEAN IONES EDNA JONES CARROLL KLUTTS ANN LANCASTER ELIZABETH LANCASTER MARY DELL LENTZ LAUREN LIPPMAN MAUDE LUCIUS EDWARD MANN ALFRED MARTIN SAM MARTIN TOLISE MARTIN CI-IARLEEN MAY HELENE MCCARY PAYE MOORE FRANK MOORE EDITH MOORE SUZANNE MOORE IO ANN MORPHIS IAMES NICK BOBBIE NICHOLS BETTY O'FALLIN CECIL PEEVEY BOBBY IEAN PERRY NANCY POOLE HELEN PORTER MELVIN PRICE LANELL PREWITT MARY ELLA REESE WINSTON RICE CHARLES RICH IOAN RIDGWAY IIMMY ROBERTS ALBERTA RODEVIAN ANNA MAE ROSS H, ,, !X N S: I x L Ii i. T. I .... ,.,:. z 'W . I --zz sg .af R Q ' uv af s-2f:gQ.e,a:, :S ' Q-:::sQ.,,:si:ae:ss:s2:5' is fi. , ....... Q s:ff:E:SEsIsf'-" "1 - -1 - x X - 3 Q xxx X I :A V . ' -"'ss::..-sss:.s2s':: ,K I .,.,,.,,.. A5 .Q Q ix Q QS. I Q vs I 'Q W Y Q 2 , "N . I X, T1 I .,Y,YIIAT.: , ITI I YK, RALPH ROY IOYCE SCOTT MARVIN SMITH FREDDIE TAPLEY ROY TUCKER DORA WALL IANET WALKER GEORGE WILSON WILLINE SAMPLEY DICK SEATON ELIZ, STEVENS ELIZABETH STEVENS MARSHALL VANCE FRANK WALL CHARLES WHITE ELEANOR SANDERS TREVA LOU SMITH RUTH STOCKTON DONNA TRUSTIE FRANCIS VANDIVER FRED WALL MARGIE WILLIAMS HENRY WONG . X x ..,, Q M,...,.,,,.x - - W3 , ,, X,.,,,.W-1,.w...ffX,....,,,,A,...,.a.f..w.,M.,.u,,.,.W,M. ... W a...M,,,,...ff.-1. v, N smmwr-ff . ,, wwf , ,Cf ,..,f,f fx.wM.:. x.m,-,,,g .,,.W. MQW 2... ',,. .:.fW,,,q.W,1 .mm gm -f-- vQ,wf-fw.,,w-Q - - -- Mm -www.. J ,V 2 ,umm ,A I M r hc .' M N 4 FV , x M 'T1Jl4f'f"'ffff7'f 5 ' f"Y'ff'ffffw Af"-"fT2'Y"Q Qwlf X' xl W - 1 ,, . SAA., A X LV. M ., A ,. 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BRADFORD IOHN THOMAS BRATTON MORGAN BROWN HAROLD BROWN BILLY BRYAN ALTON BUSBY DORIS BUSBY GLORIA JEAN CLARK ELIZABETH CLARK MORGAN COLLINS ROBERT COSGROVES LOUISE CUNNINGHAM IIMMY CUNNINGHAM LE ROY DANGEAU BOBB YNELL DAVIS SARA IANE DILL BILLY DOOLEY PORTER ELLIS BILLY GUY EMMERSON LILLIAN EMMERSON IERRY FONDREN CARROL GADBERRY O. I. GANDY MARGARET ANN GREEN H. N. GREEN RUTH ANN GRAY IERALDINE GRAY MARTHA GUNN IAMES GROCEY BOBBY HARMON STELLA IANE HARRELL MARY HOLMES 3 .. 4. vs Aw , 21- Q .... 1 K :gas , A? , X gg? -EDWIN SALES MARY C. SEXTON ITT Y EEARL SMITH I' I 'TMI STEVENS ALYNE TODD MARTIN SNYDER ALBERT SULCER HARROLD VARNEH IVA DELL VINSON AUBREY WALLACE C WILLIE LEE WEBB WILLINE WHITTENTON ROSEMARY WILSON : f.T..A L, .Q n.,l:ZW,,.,i,w,,m..,,MMI i.. ,V ,w',,,4,,,,W,Xw,:,1 ,,,,,,wm,,,,mmw k2,,g,3 . 1 lf? fi. Ah: J 'A - Hzffyib 5 WAWWM 1 iffy. '1:::-aw ':f'fi..:f::u':- W ,,.,,m.,, ...x, 'f' x " "X .' , W ,., . 'f' ' 'x'.:.g 'f , . 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QW? xi W jg' ' Hz, fl . ,if . f -' if L 1 if i. AGNES ALDRIDGE IIMMY BARRY THOMAS BRIDGES PEGGY BROWN NELLIE BROWN MARTHA BROWN LAZELDA BRACKET WALTER BUSBY EVELYN BUSBY CLINTON BUTTS MADELYN CALVERT BILLY CAMPBELL BEVERLY CAUSEY ERNEST CLAYTON BARBARA CHRISTIAN MARGARET CLEGG WOODY CLARK RUTH CLARK IAMES CONNOWAY DOROTHY COOK MELREAM COOK IOY COLE MARY K. COURTNEY VERA MAE CROWE HENRY CUPPLES LOUISE CUPPLES CELESTE CURRIE BILLY IEAN DeVAZIER CATHRYN DAVIS MARY HELEN DILL MANTINE DOOLEY DONALD ECHOLS MARIE IEAN ELLIS DEAN ELLIS IERRY IEAN ENNIS IOE K. EVANS BENNIE ANN FAULK MENA FLEMMING GALE GILBERT IOHN GOWDY A JIMMY HARSLEYS Izzu n A THOMAS HAMMONS ,V w JAMES RAY HARRIS su MMIV 5 I V SUE HARRIS 2 41 MAX HUBBARD LJ I Lb . K Y' " ' if Q Y ':::" 'K 6- 5' w I 1 A J.. .I ,A ' f 3 " 2 if A ,f OUIDA HUPESTUTTLER zzvuvv '::V'::: 'IVA' BERT JAMES it 5 QA., 1 IUANITA JOHNSON ZIS S':. 5 if V 1-- -JJIJ JEAN JOHNSON nznznnbq A I wvgwg A gif? BILLIE JOLLY Q It Y ALICE IONES JIMMIE KIMRLE .. MONROE KIMBLE ' MARY HELEN LEWIS ADA LU LINDSEY BETTY LINDSEY LEWIS LIPMAN LOYD MARTIN SYLVIA MAY IOHN MAY MAURICE MATTHEWS PEARL MOORE W. I. MOOR IULIA ANN KYLE BILLY LAUGHRUN ROSEMARY MARTIN lk if' ,TAS Ya. 2? V , . .,. 1 6 5 ,I S V S Q A A ., 5? . V I A W ,ig , 1 5 :.. N VS. ' -5 . N Mirza f '7":"i, -:-: V E 1:-r:5,v:f S :', I 'E 3i'5,"f ix , . . ...,,,. .,....,..g. 5 . J v 'E S1 7 we .',: - ....,. I ' 4 L EM BILLIE MCCAMMON E .Q ' 125155 RUBY JEAN MORRIS STANLEY MYERS ,,.,' KENNETH MYERS 5 ., 22,-.411-1 I wif' 'Y ff X ,Ak A .ygrzqwe -f:- A A: ,....: 2 ::.f-Q: z.:.. ' "EJ JJ' ' " if Lv: IQQRSEEQE12E5sz1.z5:f - ,---., ::' f if - I f. ..V, an 12: I ' A fri . N .' . 3 E:- 1- WY . . J' if A ff I Ala: 5 .Al 3 ,L f v JJ J JJJ j , w,',Zf5,'i' fr LOUIS NEIL : ' ' ZJ' MARGJE NEISLER ,J,.,J,, TOMMY NORSWORTHY M MAX PAINE gg ' A A s p? NELL DEAN PARKER 1" J.J ::"' 5 1 1 JERRY PATTERSON jlizziih T"T "":::' 'lzzz I H. A. PERRY BETTY POSEY EUNITA REED 6 , 5 , . 3 A .,,.:., J, iw 9 , , ' ' . ,,J.JJ,1 .:.J Q ,A T IJ AJ JYYAA ,.J: A , ELIZABETH RICH I A "1'L -g g ll' ,Q - . :' ani. V uf 'U' v l X' DELTON ROBBINS D. L. ROBBINS PATRICIA ROCK RUTH HELEN ROBERTS TEDDY ROBERTS GENE SATTEREIELD ' LOUIS SOI-IMITZ MONICA SOHMITZ STANLEY SEXTON ARCHIE SMITH BEZSIE SPEAR ' FRANCES SPEER RICHARD SAWYER ROSE LEE TAPLEY WEABOR TAYLOR WILLIAM TURNER DORIS WATLINGTON ELUISE WEBB ' I. E. WEBB CHARLES WEIR BARBARA WILKINS LARRY VVILSON JERRY VVI-IITTENTON MARY FRANCES WISE GENE YOUNG Senior .Beaufq Betty Jane Peterson MARTHA REE BELSHE junior Beauty MARCILLE MULLIKIN Sophomore Beauty Junior gfiqk .Beaufy June Edmonson GERRY GEAN ENNIS 7th Grade Beauty MARGARET ANN GREEN Sth Grade Beauty campus ersolzafifies 1-.SN NANCY POOLE MARY ELIZABETH PREWITT RUTH STOCKTON Freshman Eighth Grade Freshman IVA DELL VINSON IANET WALKER HENRY WCNG Eighth Grade Freshman Freshman JUIZPLLS MARGARET LOUISE BELL MACK BROWN MARTHA REE BELSHE Senior Senior Iunior IOE DAVIDSON LUELLA LEWIS FREDDIE LOU LINDAUER Senior Senior Sophomore ersonafifies VIRGIL MERRELL BILLY DON O'NEAL BETTY PETERSON junior Senior Senior VIRGINIA RIDGWAY BETTY IEAN SMITH -BOBBY WALKER Senior Senior Senior "Buddies H Restiui Noon hour. Who ore you looking for, Iirnrny? Close friends. You're sioriing out young! Mutt ond Ieif of F.C.H.S. Iunior High "cuties" How oloout or ride? Digniiied Seniors Cornpus Beouiies, "TinnY." The gong's oil here. Tirne out. P E l Senior Council Standing- --left to right: Virginia Curtis QHonorary Memherj Ruth Stockton Qliepresentative from lr, Councill, Luella Lewis, Mary A, Tipton, Billy Baskin, Mack Brown Qlionorary rnemloerj, George Eldridge, Becky Porter, Billy Lippman, Steve Sherran. Seated-left to right: loe Daviclson, Martha lanmllum LSecre-taryj, Don O'Neal Qpresiclentj, Lewis Haw- ley QSponsorD, Virgil Merrell CVice-Presidentj, Martha Rae Belshe CReporterD, Bohhy Walker, Vance Sales QTreasurerD tAbsentD. 'tl' ! ' "W Junior Council Standing-left to right: lerry Patterson, Ierry lean Ennis, Dorothy Cook, loe Davidson CRepresentative from Sr. Councill Miss Bertha Davidson CSponsorD, Elizabeth Lancaster, Stanley Sexton. Seated-left to right: Ruth Stockton, O. I. Gandy CVice-Presidentj, Helen Porter Cpresiclentj, Charles l-lun ter CSecretaryj, Ester Leslie, Iva Dell Vinson, Albert Sul-cer Qabsentl F. F. A. Standing, Buck Row-left to right: Dondld Price, Roger Wcrll, Ccrrl Fettus, George Borden, Leo Fong, Fhrlrdrd Courtney, I. P. Chism, Bobby Kelso, Lgwson Hughes, Eddie Grobmyer, Guy Bodkins, D. H. Anderson, lesser Hodges, limrny Turner, Ieif Dickson. q.9wf Qh"7' Stcmdinq, Second Boweleft to right: Richard Po , ilford Lows, Enrl Alford, I. C. Borden, lerry Hczrris, Btiiford Wltittenton, Elmer Clorlc, ole to , . C. Bi lohn Iones, Eugene Curtis, lVlr. Coy Tommye, Sponsor. Kneeling, Third Bow-left to right: Lgmont Lindsey, lerry England, Chdrles Hill, Allen Busby, Charles lluntor, Kenneth Pounders, Winston Bice, Bobby loe Pe-eples, Fronk Wfrll, Fred Thomas Wdll, Troy Bibhs, Clyde Cldrlc. Secrted--left to right: lgmes Hicks, lomie lomes, Bobbie Bynum, Bglph Boy, Billy Thomds, H. P, Kennedy, Folix Griffin, Cecil Peevey, Rolph Chulker, Freemrin Nichols. Future Forrners Boys prepore for future by Work in shop. 4-H Club The purpose of 4-H Club work is in its essence, the education of rural youth for Great Living. Satisfaction comes to a man or woman when he or she has superior knowledge, and superior knowledge comes from experience and Contact with things and operations-4-H club work offers these things to make a better man or woman. The Club was reorganized in September with a membership of 94 members, 48 boys and 46 girls were enrolled. Officers were elected as follows: Wanda Lee Payne, President, Charles Rich, Vice-President: Max Payne, Secretary, Willene Sampley, Reporter, Virginia Green, Pianist, and song leader Stanley Myers. Three members of the Club won first place county prizes last year in their demonstrations. They were: Gene Satterfieldfbeef animal, Ralph Chalk- erfPoultryg and Billy BryanfGardening. The Club is under the supervision of the County Extension Service Mr. G. l. Greene, County Agent, R. E. Hunter, Assistant County Agent, and Miss Esther Tennyson, Home Dem- onstration Agent. The Sewing Room at the Home Ec. Building F. H. A. Standing, Back Row-left to right: Louise Hall, Mrs. Henson Csponsorl, Ina Tipton, Catherine Ellis Iohnnie Bibbs, Maxine Cotton, Bobby Gatten, Betty Iolly, Bobby Perry, Charlene May, Betty Akers, Iuanita Iackson, Eunice Griliin, Ianie Britton, Maxine Huffman, Donnie Trusty, Ioy Latham, Melba Deere, Betty O'Fallin, Bobby Arrington, Laverne Fast, Billie lanes. Standing, Second Row-left to right: Lanell Prewitt, Suzanne Moore, Wanda Payne, Arleta Rodrian, Margaret Harris, Beulah Iolly, Bobbie Nicholas, Virginia Greene, Barbara Busby, Mary Bess Oeschlager, Anna Weddington, Frances Iackson, Betty McCammon, lean Smith, Sally Proctor, Ioan Lindsey, Becky Porter, Verna Hodges, Alidean Tyres, Ann Dover, Charolett Beazley, Billy Lippman, Ioan Burkhart, Evelyn Tucker, Tommie Lindsey, Ioan Morphis, Mildred Harris, Betty Gatten, Miss Virginia Anderson Csponsorl Sitting and Kneeling--left to right: Ruth Stockton, Mary Ella Reese, Ioan Ridgway, Doris lolly, Lois Hutchson, Peggy Graves, Ieannette Davis, Io Ann Hobbs, Edith Moore, Betty Davis, Betty Leamon, Ann Ross, Lorene Sharp, Gloria Brown, Elizabeth Brown, Pearl Hubert, Mildred Goldsworthy, lanie Britton, Margaret Sattertield, Patsy Montgomery, Elwanda Hubert, Treva Lou Smith, Helene McCrary, Sadie Faye Kerr, Mary Hunter, Elizabeth Lan- caster, Margaret Speer, Wilene Samply, Faye McCollum, loy Bell Bryant, Barbara Wilenzick, Marie Dangeau, Pat Perdzock, Mary Ellen Gatten, Billie Evans, Maxine Denton, Helen Porter, Willene Heath, Mary Lentz. Home Projects Learning to Cook Senior Notionol Honor Society Standing, Back Row-lett to right: Betty lane Peterson, Fannie Carrol Legg CSponsorD, Kenneth Brown, Martha lane McCollum, Bobby Walker. Standing, Front Row-Lett to Bight: Luella Lewis, Betty lean Smith, Mack Brown, Sue Miller, Margaret Lou- ise Bell. Junior National Honor Society Standing, Bock Row-left to right Fannie Carrol Legg CSponsorD, Eleanor Sanders, terry England, Beulah Iolly, Nancy Poole, Henry Wong. Standing, Front Row-left to right: Charles Hunter, Suzanne Moore, Ruth Stockton, Betty Davis, lanet Walker, Walter Buford Qabsent D. 4 1 Emissory Staff Standing ---left to right: Leo Fong, Ralph Gaclberry, Margaret Harris, Geraldine Edge, Marguerite Silagt QSpon soil, Mary Allison Tipton, Martha lane McCollum, Bobby Gatten, Danny Peterson, Leo Vaccaro. Sotitofi----loft to riglit: Billie Gene Austin, Betty Gatten, Billie lean Wliittenton, Freddie Lou Lincluuer, Pat Greg ary, Virginia Ann Curtis, Margaret Louise Bell, Mary Ann Hunter, Luella Lewis, Betty lane Peterson. Putting Emissary Together Typists at work on Emissary Bond The Forrest City High School Bond in full dress ofter ct splendid performance in the gymnasium. IOHN HENLEY IOE DAVIDSON VANCE SALES Director President Vice-President BOB MCDANIEL MURRAY LANCASTER TOMMY WILKINSON Sect. cmd Treas Band Captain Student Director Mojorettes Charlotte Beazley, Faye Moore, Linda Boucher, Marie Gandy, Marcille Mullikin, Ann Lancaster. I A t l Q t t t 4 . -,iw - -. Q , - 5. - - 3 - i M W my ff -MMM 4 -e Y' M A A V . . W ...Q..,...,.,M....,,., ,.M,, -.Q Q A maui, ,,-,, , Q Q H . . ,-::.:?,,,m3,3:x ' P , 3 v M1 I ,M , . .... .,. ...., I :iv-:::-M '2:1:- me A 'Mt1:sn,w,,,J, mf. 1 Ki, ..., .- .. www-1 x , c V g h g 4, MM h My ,, y A x , V , ,. M .. B, W T ,. K W , M, We Q ,134 - M ., . ,... . ...,. , Glee Club Standing-lett to right-Back Row: Elizabeth Brown, Clydene Neeley, Mildred Hughes, Mary Beth Van Blake, Delores McFall, Frances Iackson, Dorothy Brown, Sally Proctor, Bobby Carrol Arrington, Pat Perclzoclc, Faye Crooke, Nina Hammons, Marie Dangeau, Lilly White, Olive White, I. D. Henley CDirectorD. Front Row: Iean Armstrong, Jackie Cole, Barbara Willenzick, Billie Whittenton, Bobbie Gatten, Betty Gatten, Billie Gene Merriweather, Ioyce Luellen, Mary Beth Oeschlager, Verna Hodges, Margaret Sphere, Ioy Lathum, Pianist, Mary Virginia Harrell. Substitute teacher: Mrs. Charles Shiviey Can you imagine? She's a teacher! Everybody's pal Sitting down on the job. A hen party Where's Arm? Oh! you lucky worn en Backs together Boys! I ! Lookcut Henry armwsawwse zffzvmfwvmwmwwpwamw- 1, 1 I ,igyg V' S 1. in nu an 1 9 'if' ' W "X 25 f ' ' " 425 iw EX fF,gQ, 'Q 2 5, X A wg? f g.. J nj, 5 'W,,.., ,, 45W , f AQ I - A M ,Es , " "V nz 5 ""f: - Y - X . 32 ,, zz. , o N A g f 'A i A ,Q ., , T K ,S ' . S 5" H AElrx ,Q xx 4 mi 1 W iw 3' Jr. Gcmziva King ond Queen Aren't they cute? In case you don't know them, these two eighth graders were crowned King and Queen of the Iunior Carnival. They Won by having more votes than any of the oth- er ten contenstants. They are O. I. Gandy and Mary Ann Parnell. The Iunior Carnival play, "Stoney's Brides" was wonderful. After a lot of fun in the side- shows everybody enjoyed the hilarious comedy. Maybe you don't know it, but there's tal- ent wrapped up in these "characters" mecomilzq Who could need a dictionary to explain anticipation when our quarterback makes it so absolutely clear. As the band strikes up a march and the rnajoretes fall in step, the queen and gridiron captains leave the field. The smiling queen is escorted to her place of honor on the sideline where she will root for the team. - omecomilzq Oh Boy! What thrills. Victory's riding high and does the stand know it. ln this pic- ture the Mustangs were in the game again, and the cheering section was doing its best to urge the boys on to a touchdown. i K Q., A .U fx, ,wr fat' , ,nt Q 1 ' X i 9' 5 P Q 1 ' fit., ' . H , X f x rw' . Yea, Mustangs, here one of our star backs breaks through again due to the excellent blocking of the whole team. It wasn't long before another touchdown was reached. ssembfies r 1 Character, Scholarship, Leadership, and Service are the makings of a good citizen. This was taken immediately following an induction ceremony and shows both old and new mem- bers ot the National Honor Society. t Q X in Everyone was in his seat breathlessly awciting the important event of the program. Fin- ally came the moment when as the camera flashed, the old queen surrendered her crown to the 1946-47 gridiron sweetheart. ssembfies These three cute songloirols are none other than the senior high trio with their talented accompanist. This foursome is always Willing to entertain the school. Pianist, Mary Virginia Harrel. Songloircls are -Verna Hodges, Billie I. Whittenton, Betty Gatten. - This photo shows one of our assemblies. Forrest City High School was fortunate in hav- ing the famous Rubinott and his violin to play for us. HUHFUES girfs I gym Gfa volley Boll Exercises ghofhall ueerz cm .Maids MISS MARTHA REE BELSHE Football Queen MISS VERNA I-IODGES MISS MARY ALLISON TIPTON MISS FRANCES PORTER Tenth Grade Maid Eleventh Grade Maid Twelfth Grade Maid coach Left End 4 Left Tackle IAMES "ZEBE" PERRY IOE DAVIDSON LAWSON HUGHES 4th Year C3 yrs. outl lettered 2 C3 yrs. outl lettered 2 Senior Iunior Right Tackle Right End Ouarterback BOBBY WALKER CHARLES IONES VANCE SALES C3 yrs. outD lettered 2 C1 yr. outD lettered 1 C4 yrs. outD lettered 3 Senior Y Senior 1 Senior 'X l 1 Lett Guard Center Right Guard VIRGIL MERRELL DON O'NEAL KYLE WOODS C2 yrs. outb lettered 1 ' C4 yrs. outD lettered 3 C3 yrs. outl lettered ZD Iunior Senior Senior 5 " X ' Vql' ' is "'l' ',-l 1 V "'l 3 ...,. Itzs "-" ".' ,,... P , P J . , . ka A Lett Halfbcrck Fullback Right Hcrlfbcrck RAIFORD WHITENTON DAVID I-IODGES PAT TODD C3 yrs outD lettered 2D C2 yrs. outl lettered 1 C4 yrs. outD lettered 3 C All-District '46D Iunior Iunior Senior Lett End Fullbaclc Center IACK GATES RCY BAILEY O. W. MYERS Q2 yrs. outD lettered l Q2 yrs. outj lettered 1 Cl yr. outb lettered lD Senior Iuntor Iuntor ' 9 :Q 1- Sfgli Guard Guard Tackle End RICHARD COURTNEY C. C. PRIVETTE VIRGIL BLACKMOR BOB MCDANIEL Q2 yrs. outD lettered l Cl yr. outj lettered l C3 yrs. outb lettered l C2 yrs. outj Reserve luntor Senior lunior letterflunior 1 Tackle Tackle Guard Guard GUY BODKINS IOHN IONES ERNEST BORDEN BILLIE LEWIS C2 yrs. ou'O lettered 1 C2 yrs. outD lettered 1 Cl yr. outD Reserve C2 yrs. outl Reserve Sophomore Iunior letter-Iunior letter-Sophomore Y Y. 2 ,,. 1: l . V Back Left Halfback Right End DICK GATTEN LEO VACCARO RALPH GADBERRY C 3 yrs. outl lettered 1 Cl yr. outD lettered l C4 yrs. outD lettered 1 Iunior Iunior Senior Back Back IKE SPIVEY GEORGE ELDRIDGE C2 yrs. outj Reserve letter C2 yrs. outD , Sophomore Iunior They 0 12 20 6 U 36 6 7 6 21 Schedule Opponents Parkin C Helena C Brinkley C Paraqould Elaine C Ionesboro Marianna C Stutqart C Wynne C Blytheville -- N' EMI Main Football Team Back Row, standing-left to right: Coach Perry-head coach, Coach Henry, "DoDo" Vaccaro, Roy Bailey, David Hodges, Pat Todd, Raitord Whittenton, Dick Gatten, lack Gates, Coach Smith, Coach Irving. Middle Row, seated-left to right: C. C. Privette, Guy Bodkins, Charles lones, Bobby Walker, Kyle Woods, Billy Don O'Neal, Virgil Merrell, Lawson Hughes, Ioe Davidson, Richard Courtney, Iohn Iones, Bobby McDaniel. First Row, kneeling-left to right: Lindsey Proctor-manager, Gene Smith-trainer, George Eldridge, Billy Lew- is, "Ike" Spivey, Ernest Borden, O. W. Myers, "Willie" Lancaster-business manager, I. W. Vandiver-trainer, limmy Cope-manager. . -.. .... lished - '1 Jr. Football Team Back Row, standing--left to right: Coach Irving-head Coach, Sam Martin, limmy Roberts, O. W. Myers, Billy Lewis, Eddie Grobmyer, George Eldridge, "Ike" Spivey, Charles Hill, Dick Gatten, Coach Henry-assistant coach. Middle Row, seated-left to right: "Boogie" Smith-trainer, Billy Merrell, BQnQ..lNEC2llum, lerry Fondren, Terry Burns, Billy Kessinger, Edwin Sales, Woody Clark, Ierry Pat Whittenton, Billy Scott. l M First Row, seated-left to right: LeRoy Dangeau, Charles Hunter, "Budder" Vandiver, Billy Ramage, Charles Rich, Robert Evans, Ralph Chalker, Billy Bryan, Bobby Gene Banister. Walter Buford Cabsentl Girls Basketball Standing-left to riqht: Virginia Ann Curtis-manager, Ina Tipton, Luella Lewis, Betty Peterson, Linda Rauscher, Bobby Nicholas, Donna Endicott, Beulah Iolly, Martha Ann Davis, Catherine Ellis, Lavada Voss, Bobby Gatten, lim Henry-coach. Kneeling-left to right: Betty McCammor1, Patsy Montgomery, Marcille Mullikin, Billy Lippman, Betty Iean Smith, Nina l-lammons, Faye Moore, Betty Gatten. t 1 ,Boys Basketball Standing-left to right: Dan O'Neal, left Dickson, Bobby Walker, Pat Todd, David Hodges. Kneelinq-left to right: Lawson Hughes, Albert Spivey, loe Davidson, Raiford Whittenton, O. W. Myers. wee fx DAVID I-IGDGES BOBBY WALKER Coach Iuniar 2 yrsf-flettered 2 Senior-A2 yrsf- Ietiered 2 IAIVIES HZEBEH PERRY Assistant Coach DQWITT SMITH IOE DAVIDSON ALBERT SPIVEY IIM HENRY Senior-3 yrsglettered 2 Sophomore-1 YI'.fl9h9f9d I Girls' Coach Forward Forward Forward BETTY IEAN SMITH LINDA BAUSCHEB NINA I-IAMMONS 12th qradeg3 yrs.+Ie-tiered I IUth grade-2 yrs.-lettered I I Ith grade-2 yrs.-lettered I Forward Guard G uard INA TIPTON BOBBY GATTEN LAVADA VOSS Ilth qradew3 yrs.--lettered I 12th qradek2 yrs.-Iette-red I I Ith grade-f3 yrs.-lettered 2 Guard Guard Guard BETTY PETERSON LUELLA LEWIS CATHERINE ELLIS l2th qracleef 4 yrsfflettered 4 l2tl'1 qradefll yrs. --v-' lettered 4 llth qrade- 3 yrs. lettered l Cheerleaders 703 a5tQ,.- 5 Betty Peterson, Billy Baskin, Luella Lewis, Dale Horton, lean Armstroriq Bays Basketball Mustangs defeat Des Arc after hard battle. Girls Basketball Fillies trample Des Arc. MR. HOBBS CAP ETHEL MAE Gflufoqraphs .... I I . ,, aff WWW iw Qffff 41? at 6294151 W Wfwdfwwfl N' 6 if mf M-2f dfM MWf 3 A .P ugytisfyi V 3 W wb' 5495259 if fc-Q ioiwWiL,jbyIJ gk! WWW 9-53-QKLEE S as 51.5, "N '12, Vigx 3. X f PWM- Gfufoqrapks .... ,jg 7,1 ,Z 16,43 it iw. Wm, uw 2 Q, N Qc, Q ,5 ' I A253 V' 3 ' 9g - lay, I X2 q . Pei! Pd . if vm W PM 1, K M MWQY M455 , MQ W figmgiyltfx 6if??i2if55f' fwf97'XN ?9gif3'j,f ' ire Wgvj 9 3 ' Y Jffqfjff viii? fs we M J . ffwyr Q NAV ' nnvz uns I nfs Friends of 'Forrest City High School Dr. C. N. Bogart Dr. J. M. Roy Dr. B. H. Bradley Dr. J. O. Rush Dr. Jack Moore Mann 8: McCullough Dr. Gus Laughrun Dr. W. H. Parker Dr. G. T. McPhail Dr. J. S. Davidson Dr. J. E. Burke Long Fletcher Harrelson - Harrelson 8: Cannon Olmon Hargraves W. J. Sherman E. J. Butler Kroger's ALL FORMS OF INSURANCE R. J. lzord Insurance Company F. Laughinghouse - Zeel R. Izard Res. Phones 56 and 496-W Office Phone 39 ARE YOU FULLY PROTECTED? GEORGE P. WALKER, JR. IDEAL LAUNDRY PHONE 136 W. R. CARWILSLE. Jn., MGR. QUALITY CLEANERS PHONE 336 W. H. AUSTIN, MGR. George P. Walker, Jr., Ins. Agency PHONE 898 PAT MERRIT. MGR. Friendly pause The Coco-Colo Bottling Company FORREST CITY, ARKANSAS GATES BROS. LUMBER COMPANY BUILDING MATERIALS FORREST CITY. ARKANSAS PHONE 38 AND 138 LASER'S BEN FRANKLIN TRY LASER'S FOR MOST ALL YOUR NEEDS Locally Owned I Nationally Known Jim Edgor's Drug Store ON THE BROADWAY. OF AMERICA 'THE LEADING DRUG STORE PHONE 73 FORREST CITY, ARK. TRADE AT - - - Cohen's Department Store "SHOP WITH CONFIDENCE" FORREST CITY. ARKANSAS F. M. Cousey Printing Co. STATIONERS - PUBLISHERS - JOB PRINTING LITHOGRAPHING - ENGRAVING FINE PERSONALIZED STATIONERY PHONE 217 Gowdy's Florists ond Greenhouses PERSONAL ATTENTION TO ALL ORDERS PHONE 485 Davidson's Worthmore-Store Ladies Ready to Wear Forrest City, Arkansas Oursler Parts 120 W. Broadway Phone 9 and 80 Gross Steam Laundry "WE DO IT BETTER" PHONE 69 and 55 Forrest City Cleaners KLEENERS THAT KLEEN PHONE 121 M. L. GROSS. Prop. Ash Furniture Company "FURNITURE OF QUALITY Phone 545 A L. B. JONES and SONS MADISON ARK FORREST CITY COTTON OIL MILL FORREST CITY ARKANSAS The Service Company APPRECIATES YOUR PATRONAGE PHONE 500 John's Kitchen A GOOD PLACE TO EAT DRINKS - PLATE LUNCHES - SANDWICHES Patterson Insurance Agency FIRE - AUTOMOBILE - LIABILITY - LIFE GENERAL INSURANCE WE APPRECIATE YOUR BUSINESS Forrest City Motor Company SALES L!-jilllijllv-fi-Qilffflf SERVICE I I Z7El7fLcIl'iPi' TELEPHONES 49 and 267 Grower's BELSCHE Equipment GI N Company Price cmd Mullikin R. C. Berry COTTON General Merchandise SEEDS and MADISON , ARK. FERTILIZERS Zero Butone Gos Compony GAS - APPLIANCES - SERVICE PHONE 999 Q SURETY BONDS Toylor - Knight - King Co. GENERAL INSURANCE - REAL ESTATE SINCE 1876 Phone 166 Ash Building Tucker - Few Motor Compony "For Sales or Service Call" - PHONE 600 KAISER - FRAISER CARS - W. BROADWAY Forrest City Gorment Compony Collins Deportment Store IN DEEP APPRECIATION OF OUR HONORED BOYS WHO GAVE THEIR ALL . Vondiver's Morket 84 Grocery 116 W. HILL STREET FORREST CITY, ARKANSAS TO THE FUTURE OF THE FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA AND MAY IT EVEN EXCEED THEIR BRILLIANT PAST PENGUIN FROZEN FOOD Notestine Produce Compony Former's Gin Cornpony ROUND POND. ARKANSAS OUR GINNING ADDS TO THE VALUE OF YOUR COTTON 'lpvcb wh Go6's Q,ouNYbY W Plc1nter's Bank 81 Trust Co. COMPLETE BANKING FACILITIES Member Federal Deposit Insurance Co. Washington and East Broadway Cit Woter84Li ht Co CONGRATULATIONS Y 9 ' TO SENIOR CLASS FORREST CITY ARKANSAS OF 1947 Joe Bradshaw Moseley H CT rdwo re EXCLUSIVE on Furniture Cornpo ny LADIES and MISSES READY-TO-WEAR Everything for Farm and Home GOLDSTEI N'S Fred G. Moseley G. W. Moseley CRUTCHFIELD'S READY-TO-WEAR SEA-l'0N'S FLORIST AND TAILORING PHONE 314 Ph 269 GREGORY THE NEWS STAND Furniture Store I. M. FULKERTH CITY DRUG STORE Phone 31 K I N Z E R Motor Compony BUICK AUTHORIZED S 1 d S Eastern Arkansas Oil Company Imperial and Rosemary Theatres BRINKLEY - FORREST CITY - WYNNE TIRES AND TUBES GASOLINE AND OILS ACCESSORIES PARTS PHONE 303 St. Francis Motor Company SALES FORD SERVICE THE CORRAL Qgvzmzffiiw sANDw1cHEs -. PLATE LUNc1-ms 1 DRINKS Q7 ' 5 f, . 5 M0 P A L A C E -Drug Store PHONE 40 I-lOY'S MARKET PHONE 134 Toylor - Cosbeer "'Exclusive Men's Wear" MEET THE GANG AT LOUlE'S Service Cleoners WE CALL FOR AND DELIVER PHONE 45 Catherine Fike, Prop. Ferguson Drug Store PHONE 6 Forrest Overton Representing HOUGHTON MIFFLIN CO. ESSO Service Stotion THOMAS H. WHITTINGTON PHONE 405 CONGRATULATIONS VACCARO - GROBMYER COMPANY LUMBER BUILDING ' MATERIALS WESTINGHOUSE APPLIANCES PHONE 1 AND 75 SINCE 1876 FUSSELL - GRAHAM ALDERSON CO. "WHERE EVERYBODY TRADES WILLIAMS Burke and Green Beauty Shoppe Grocery 81 Market pl-IONE 25 PHONE 460 L A V O G U E OSWALT aRocERY Beauty Shoppe PHONE 241 W U R L I T Z E R CONGRATULATIONS "America's Favorite N icke1's Worth of Fun" Phone 373 or 181 SENIORS OF 1947 J. M. Hawks SattertieId's Grocery TRACTORS -- HARVESTERS Shearin Implement Co. CANDY DRINKS ALLIS-CHAMBERS DEALERS SANDWICHES Phone 607 105 Davis St. STAPLE GROCERIES EIdon's Place AND FANCY MEATS Famous For Pit Barbecue and, SAMPLEY'S Tasty Sandwiches Grocery 81 Market PROMPT CURB SERVICE N. Division Phone 895 Grobmyer's Market 84 Grocery GROCERIES MEATS AND VEGETABLES PHONE 78 Broadway Drug Store PHONE 16 Q I Dal ly 5 r rl I 'VJ "First 1 A11 The News ' . Charles McDaniel PLUMBER STEAM FITTER ff' 41 SHARPE'S Broadway Shoe Shop FOR BEST VALUE IN F. W. MATHENEY SUITS THAT SUIT The Firestone Store 117 Washington St. PHONE 88 JOIN THE GANG AT BUTLER'S MAYE BAKER'S FASHION SHOP ELEGANCE AND ORIGINALITY IN FEMININE ATTIRE Dixie Gotlmg Motor Co. Boking Compony BAKERS OF PHONE 679-779 DIXIE MAID BREAD AND CAKES CHRYSLER -- PLYMOUTH SALES AND SERVICE PHONE 218 OVER THE TOWN W A T K I N S Food Service SUPPER CLUB 416 Hill Street PHONE 603 Wotkins Cote Broadway on 70 Blue ond White ' STEVENS Funerol Home HAVEN'S 'Hordwore GENERAL HARDWARE and SPORTING GOODS ROWLAN D Motor Compony FAMOUS .TEEPS Tiscl'1er's Jewelry Porrish Wotch l-lospitol OUR APPRECIATION TO FORREST CITY HIGH SCHOOL Mr. 84 Mrs. J. T. Mcirtiri CONGRATULATIONS TO SENIORS OF 1947 Tiny ond Edd Ellis Service Stotiori CAFE Highway 70 Perry's Grocery PHONE 26 . Pepsi Cola Bottling Company PHONE 678 Eastern Arkansas Oil Company PURE OIL PRODUCTS "BE SURE WITH PURE" FOR SERVICE ABOVE OTHERS DRIVE TO THE McFaII Brothers E S S 0 FILL YOUR CAR WITH VIM AT DandM CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST OF UCK L , TO THE SENIORS OF 1947 Watkins Cate EXPERT RADIO F Q R D I S REPAIRING I Food Center S W A B Y I S RADIO REPAIR SHOP PHONE 704 PHONE 543 H. C. Boker 84 Co. I N D E P E N D E N T REAL ESTATE GENERAL INSURANCE I-men Service EffnYfuf2.s'XfIfl21ifif'2ii'. Compo HY DRINK 5 p U R CARL'S COURTS A COLA BEVERAGE 516 E. Broadway YOU ARE ALWAYS WELCOME AT H O O D I S Sr1ycler's JeweIer's Grocery 81 Market Ollie Warren - W. H. Snyder "The Friendly Store" " Phone 406 We Deliver 213 East Broadvrray O D E L L'S PHOTO AND ART STUDIO PORTRAITS cmd COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHY OPEN 9:00 A. M. - CLOSE 5:30 P. M. PHONE 507 FOR APPOINTMENTS CCDRRAL PEERLESS ENGRAVlNG- CC. Peerless Bldg. Little Rock, Ark Soufh Wesfs Feremosf School Ann ual Engravers n dgnlntinq . THERE ARE MANY REASONS WHY SUCCESSFUL ANNUALS R E O U I R E THE SERVICES O F EXPERIENCED AND E X P E RT CRAFTSMEN. IHI HHHHY EUMPHNY, INK. -l--C A M D E N ARKANSAS HAS THESE SERVICES ..... AND THE MOST NECESSARY COMPON- ENTS OF ALL REALLY FINE BOOKS . . . INCLUDING ANORGANIZATION WHICH HAS HAD MORE THAN 15 YEARS EXPERIENCE IN PRINTING FINE BOOKS . . . FINE EQUIPMENT . . . . MODERN AND COMPLETE. PRICES REPRESENTING MAXIMUM IN VALUE. NATIONAL BANK of EASTERN ARKANSAS Over Sixty Years of Strong Dependable Service DEPOSITS INSURED YOUR ACOUNTS INVITED i CAL:--Teak?-'Psghs x ,fkf"w A-3Mbmm'Y?Q,..?qc5,lfu'c1"5 W L 3' isknmvmxlgfhfmain. jug Mx ,. . W V.., - Qui w,Lmi.4iu,., .wal -vga. M. r. JW:, z9.eaftw7iJp7a,tg44 aug! 534224255 if fwzl J at ww fem Clhww dw 2 Q -fwwhfwu-LJ 51 mwfijakgj ZMUQWU .V V ,N ,, A ...M L, . f ,,.-:.,.1'.:- ,., - lf1smE2rx:iln4u.z11n...,.:mL..,44bf:Mf1 in . in ,,14f'bi4'g:f'mQ?'fw,. .f.zA'rns,n5'25r1e1'gv1' ,Q-9236? -, 1 :nailing V N X fvwgwm. , X A A Q

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