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x v ' ' N :Av Q -' .1 gg., ' ,g--.' S5 , ,. , r A. , 1 1 P -a I . r 4 1,3 5,1 .H .Y HM ' ,ff 1 rx 4 1 - W' 1 H : 1 331 fi I.,- A 4 r ' u ,6- - 1 A .,, . x,,. ' 1, 1 , . . ',rT'u , ,' . f 1' LH' ,ll?gy'1--,ipfff 1 rvcglbim-1.,x.dlA ,, I . M , Y,,,i v-N. M57 . .AC ' 4 A X . xx .K-H I ,ff 1 4-f ' .. -yr, : .7 ' , H+ f .. I' , "y " 1 gi 3-iw" is 1 412. ,u Q 5 X' 1 v V A f -z 'Q -A 1 .- . 'X W . .1 yy. 4 51 EE . , ,W :.-Z-4 , 2 4 fe- 331-X 35533-A if 1 . g. niqgm. , -. .ein 4' .A , .VU . wfiir. A 'f .1 . ' 'sq' r .- -. .-wif 'f'w"' T 'ids' Q , H 4 :E-' 'gf,x.1 ' "P-, , ' 'HQPLQLT "1 HQ., 43. fl .11 5 . 1 I 7F3g'r E. t N41 .Li - z .P ' " 1 . ' D 'i E ' 1, . L 1' '3 Q " " 2 41 -1 4 ' 1 '5 N . ,, ,. 'i ,- 4-Q z E if ' . . ,, , . L , . g H fr 'gf-IQ ,gray :fi L A 1 I A n ' .,, . V' I ' '1 Yo L . 2: - ' ' qv. ' . .x . 5' 51' . I, ,. 5 Y: gill.. F5131 N: L 'Er 35'A--Riff - V, , A V 4 V .- Vi. f' .1 -1- " G f fl? r ,.lIf"'fi-Q1 N V ,,-31.54 35 'M ' 'rfz-, fg5,,: rg., ..V.,.. .y . ' ,W Y s., X' Q. .-ff.-: '-1... fmf-f-1-:.3, 1. 14. i2"5f'. T' 1- . ' " is "" - Sf 33 U ' 2 ,A 'Q-UEFQU wi. ,r , .. . gf., - , ,J .5 1.-4 Lang .An 4-,Q jg, " . gin- -. , xr ' 4fW"'?1 454. ff. iw '. - ' '1' "i J L-JZ 51' .. I Jr. . 21? if - . - :ln T ' 4- . v- 'k'- J' '-" --H 'f-' :I + hx: : Y' J 4, - L 1 H 1 Q11 . L VY? ' , , 5 1' ' - ' ff..-+ "- ' ','iE'a' ' A me Q , J , A I? ' J- Q, , LQ f1ig!4jlg,: . I L -i . 4 1 gl ., V Y i 4 .Qflj--. wir :'?'ifi'.:,.gl 'Z 1-gg , CL 'FEL' f f 35'Is-,QI WLT: diff 2 E?" ' ' ' 'Hgh-Qel'4g.g. 5-' ' ' 222. ri 65,5 " 4 'sf F " 'V ffiwfr.. . x V 316 - Y. . ' GL '-'rv 11. ,-' 2 .i.-f. r '1 H -.r -5- , 55.-5, 7 -ff! I-Nr 3 li, . A I's ' ' LE, -fz.' ' M n 'zffffffifg j . QQ, .91 iff: . ' - I-'11 li? 2 V 2- . . , A , . . ' ' WF. 5 4 ls. 'Alb . 'iz ff a' .u ,ET LF V .W .ii , 3 'H '- .. , , x '1 vu, ' 2 I I fl . .,. 1,4 3i'Q. mm on IEFTAIXV volume 2 Published by The Senior Class of THE FUHNIAN SENHIH HIGH . 6556 ,M i fs, .1 , 'M W ..,' fm, . fr 'Q 'QW if. 7 , .S 'i , ,L .Q , " . 1 Q We the class of 53, dedrcate thrs the second addmon of the CHIEFTAIN, to the basketball team and coach. Thi group from Mamto and Forest Ctty, by defeatmg Pekm and wmmng the regronal, brought mto reahty the hopes an A X ,......-o 5 A .W ..- " ':,, . . 5 is K W ,Q-Q-nun , L., vvwnlv- NJ ,pq-9-'QQ n 1 T 3 i llll. a I. I 3 1 mms! 2:2 bar? vi:-1? F327 cr-.? xs 11 U IT ADMI I 'I'RA'l'l0 LEONARD O. HEWITT FREDERICK BENDER OTTO DIERKER QHDFDINTFNDENT PRESIDENT OF BOARD SECRETARY OF BOARD LOUIS LUSSENHOP RAYMOND ROSKAMP LOUIS SCHUTTLER ROY WHITE LESTER WORNER IOYCE HAMILTON SECRETARY Carol M. Kreiling Normal Univ. B. S, in Ed., 1950 First Year typing Second Year typing American History Shorthand Sponsor: Newspaper FACULTY Beryl B, Le Count, Prin, Eastem State College B. S. in Ed., 1947 University of Illinois M. S., 1951 Advanced Mathematics World Georgraphy Sponsor: Senior Class Annual, Student Council Kirby V. Lawlis Western State College B. Ed., 1937 First Year typing Bookkeeping General Business Sponsor: Freshman Class Fem Lawlis Miriam Kauffmann Eugene Brodman Western State College Goshen College University of Illinois B. Ed., 1939 B.A., 1948 B. S. in Ed., 1931 University of Illinois English I, II Boys' phys. ed. M.A, , 1947 Girls' phys, ed, American History English II, III, IV Librarian Coach Sponsor: Dramatics Bemard Seskind Central Y. M, C. A, B, S. , 1942 De Paul University M. S. , Biol. , 1945 University of Illinois M, S, , Zool, , 1950 General Science Biol, Chem. Physics Wilma R, Hewitt Ball State College B. S, , 1937 Home Economics General Science Sponsor: Soph, Class F, H. A. 3 ...ui Vivian Masters Joseph Borowski Westem State College Chicago Musical Coll B, Ed., 1939 B, Mu, Ed., 1952 University of Illinois Music Appreciation M. S. Ed. , 1950 Band General Math. ,Algebra Sponsor: Junior Class Plane Geometry World History Sponsor: Junior Class William Masters Earlene Bundy University of Illinois Indiana University B, S, Agr,, 1939 M, S, Educ, , 1949 M. Educ., 1951 Indiana University Graduate Work, 1952 Agriculture Sponsor: F. F. A. Mu. Ed,, 1951 Vocal Music ERVICE i COOKS Loma Van Lanin ham, Mabel Schierbeck, Lucille Hubbard, Frances Risen. ll?-M 'NK BUS DRIVERS JANITOR5 falter Kennedy, Paul Rager, James Sanman, Leonard Leonard Graff, Clarence Famam, raff, fNor Shownj Darrel Hilsr, Harold Meyers, Harley '31lil'lgCl', 0 0 0 0 o 0 CAULKIN'S STANDARD SERVICE Jiggs and Marlowe Phone 11 Maniro, Illinois CHO0L CHANGES When we returned to school last fall, we noticed many improvements, Let us take a tour through the building a see what some of them are, First, I would like to direct you to our study hall, It has been equipped with approximately one hundred new des Mr. Le Count's office has been moved to the front of the study hall. The old stage has been removed and the library l been placed in that space, To see all of these improvements, we take notice of the new fluorescent lighting syste These lights have also been placed in the bookkeeping, typing, and old ag rooms. Now let us move down one flight of stairs and look into the English room, New desks have taken the place oft old ones. We find a new tape recorder sitting on the back table, It is used a great deal in our speech work which is ni a part of our Senior English. Further on down the hall, we venture into the mathematics room, New tables have been set up and bulletin boai installed. These bulletin boards have been placed in almost all classrooms, The ground floor of our school has quite a few improvements. Several new lockers have been installed and a us ful coat rack has been placed on both sides of the entrances. A new firedoor has been placed between the gymnasium and main building. It automatically comes down when certain degree of heat hits the activators. Last year, toward the end of school, we were very happy to see the very modern scoreboard installed in the gyn nasium, It is a Fair Play board which cost approximately Ssoo. It was purchased by the Board of Education. The foul and name assembly was purchased by the Forman fans. I. L. Thomas and Hal Willet headed the campaii and approximately S500 was contributed, A white light on the foul and name assembly denotes the player is in the gan and the red lights denote the number of fouls each player has. The board tells the time by the changing of numera every second. Soldwedels has loaned an ice cream storage freezer to the high school for all of the organizations to use, A popco machine was purchased last year to be used at basketball games. It has proved quite useful and it really does make got popcorn! This fall a new section was added to the ag shop. The building was insulated and divided into five rooms. Tl largest of the five rooms will be used as a work shop. The boys will study woodworking and care of farm machinery ar will complete various projects using the tools and equipment in this room. The other four rooms will be made into a office, a storeroom, a rest room, and a classroom. The ag classes moved into this building March 2. O O O I I C O O l Phone 1 COMPLIMENTS OF ZEMPLE HARDWARE Havana GET? 5 ,xx 'f' 'K - 5, Irfefi AN v ' '. '-Qafazx ' 1 u Y A13 ,N s F as 6 I 'N 5 'U 5 Yr 'Y " S+' 3 P 'iv iii ,1 I-N' E l0R IDFFICER 0 ELOISE WAHLFELD JOY RISEN Cheerleader 3,4g Chorus 1, 2, 3 4, Sextet 3, Class Officer 1,4, Student Council 1,4, Officer 4g Play 3,45 School Paper l,2,3g Honor Society 4: Annual Staff 4. Pep Club 4: FHA 2, 3, 4, Officer 3,45 Chorus 1,2,3,4g Band 3,4, Officer 4g Class Officer 4, School Paper 2,3g Annual Staff 4, Play MOTTO Do More Wish Less COLORS Blue 8a White FLOWER Red Rose LEROY JAMES Pep Club 4g FFA 1, 2, 3,4g Chor us 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Officer 4, Play 3,43 Annual Staff 4, ,S IARVIN QUICK MARIE MEYER RONALD THOMAS asketball 1,2,3g Baseball 1,2g Pep Club 4, FHA 2,3,4, chorus Basketball 1 2 3 4 Baseball 1 rack lg FFA 1,2,3,4, Officer 4, School Paper 1, Annual Staff 2 3, 4 Track 1 2,3 4 Clas ,3,4g ClassOfficer1,2g Student 1,4. Officer 1 2 Student Council 1 ouncil 1, 2, School Paper 3, 2 Honor Society 3 4 Play 3 nnual Staff 4, Annual Staff 4 AW ind' MARIORIE EYMAN Pep Club 4g FHA 2,3g Chorus 1, 2, 3. GEORGE LONG Basketball 1,2,3p FFA 1, 2, 3, 4, Officer 4: Honor Society 3,4, ELOISE WHITAKER Cheerleader 2, 3, 4, F HA 2,3g Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Officer 4, Sextet 3, 4, Play 3, 4, School Paper 3, Annual Staff 4. FRED FRIEDRICH Basketball 1,2,3, Tr- ack 1, FFA 2, 3,4, Of- ficer 3,4g Chorus 1,25 Clase Officer 2, Honor Society 3, 4, School Paper 2,3gAnnual Staff 4. BETTY MEYER Librarian 2g Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Sextet 2, 3, Accompanist 1, 3,4g Class Officer 1, 3, Student Coun- cil 1,33 Officer 1,35 Honor So- ciety 3, 4g Plays 3, 4, School Paper 2, 3, Annual Staff 4, T M ' f ARLA IEAN FOSTE Pep Club 4, FHA 2, 3,4, Officer 3,4g Librarian lg Chorus 1,2,3, 4, Officer 43 Sextet 3,4g Band 3, 4, Officer 4, Play 2, 3, 4, School Paper 1, 2, 33 Annual Staff 4. DUANE GOLDEN Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4g Basketball lg Baseball 2, Track 2g Pep Club 45 FFA 1, 25 Annual Sraff4. DAVID CAULKINS Baseball 1 2- Track 1 2, 3,4g FFA '2,3, Choi rus 2g Play 3, JOHN DOSIER Basketball 1, 2, 35 Tr- Basketball Mgr. 1, 2,43 ack 1, FFA 2, 3, 4, Officer 4g Chorus 1, 2g Play 2: Armual Staff 4. FRANK VAUGHN Baseball 1, 2, 3,41 Tr- ack Mgr. 1. CAROLYN WORNER Cheerleader 2, 4. FHA 2, 3, Officer 2, Librarian 2, Chorus 1, 2, 3,45 Sextet 25 Class Officer lg Honor Society 3,4g Play 2,3, 4, School Paper 2, 3,4g Annual Staff 4. Cf" ISS KREILING sketball 1, Mgr. 2, Track lg A 2, 3,4gOfficer 3,45 Librar- n 3, Chorus 1,2g Class Officer 35 Student Council 3g Plays 3, School Paper 2g Annual 4. x xg 1 s W. S MARY ALICE ABBOTT PARKER LAWLIS Pep Club 4, Chonxs 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3,4g Track 1, 2, DON MEYER Basketball 1,2g Base- ball 1, 2, 3,4, Track 1, 2,3,4g Pep Club4g FFA 1, 2, 3,4, Officer 3,4, DELORES HIl.S'I' Pep Club 4, Librarian 1,2, JAKE SMITH Baseball 3, FFA 1, 2, 3, Chorus 1, 2, 3, Quartet 3. DARLENE RUNYON Pep Club 43 FFA 2,35 Chorus 3,4. 3,43 Baseball 3,4g FFA 25 Cho- rus 1, 2, Class Officer l,2,3, Student Council 3g Honor Society 3,43 Plays 2,3g School Paper 2, 3, Annual 4, l NORA MAE GOLDEN DENNIS WOIWODE Pep Club 4, FHA 2, 3,4g Librar- Basketball Mgr, 2, 3g Baseball ian 4g Chorus 1,2,3,4g Annual Mgr. 3,4g Track Mgr, 2,3,4g 4, Pep Club 4g Librarian 2,45 Cho- ,,.., ,. I. V. 8, , , fx .wh Q ' .J if Q. J 'Q -HS.. rus 1, 2,3g Band 3,4, Officer 4g Honor Society 3, 4g Play 3, 4g School Paper 2, 3,4g Annual Staff 4. MAURICE WALKER DALE DARNELL Track 3,4g FFA 1, 2, 3, Baseball 1, 2, 3,4gTrack 4, Officer 4, 2, 3,4g Basketball 1, 2, 3, Pep Club 4g FFA 1, 2, Annual 4. 3 MARILYN BERNSHAUSEN Pep Club 4, FHA 2, 3,43 Libra: ian 33 Play 3, School Paper Annual 4, Honor Society 4, 'Gi DON WILSON NORMAN TISDALE Baseball 1, 2, 3,4gTrack Pep Club 4g FFA 2, 3, Mr 23 I EIRLEY PALMER DONNA SPAITS IOSEPHINE TISDALE p Club 45 FHA 2,35 Librarian Pep Club 45 FHA 2, 35 Chorus 1, Pep Club 4 FHA 2 3 Chorus 1, Play 35 School Paper 35 An- 2,35 Annual 4, al 2,4. 9 KEITH RUNYON Basketball 1, 2, 35 Base- ball 1, 2, 35 Track 1, 2, 35 Honor Society 3,4. ARVIN JOHNSON Basketball 1, 25 Base- ball 1, Mgr, 25 Track 2. 3. Chorus 1, 2, 3. ANN HEYL BONNIE O'HARA Pep Club 45 FHA 2.3, PSP Club 4: FHA 2.3: 4, Officer 35 Librarian Chorus 4: Annual Staff 45 Play 35 School Paper 3. 4. VERGIL BORTELL Basketball 1, Mgr. 35 FFA 2,3, 4. DALE RAKESTRAW Basketball 3,4p 'rack 3,4g FFA 1. 2. 3.4: W LORNA CALLAWAY RICHARD MIDDLETON Librarian 4g Annual staff 2. FFA 2, 3, 4, DORETTA SKAGGS Pep Club 4g FHA 1,2,3g Chorus 1,41 Annual staff 4, JACK RICHARDSON FFA 2, 3, Y mass p iilnsiioru In the fall of 1949, a group of thirty-one freshies was welcomed into M, C,H, S, by the sophomore class, A short ,stance south of Manito, a similar group of nineteen new students was welcomed into F.C. H. S. by the class of 1950, he going was pretty rough for the first two or three weeks, but we finally learned where our classes were held and things :gan to go a little easier. ln Manito, we were initiated for two weeks and in Forest City, for one day, After the in- iation, we were honored with an initiation party, A few weeks later, we gave a return party for the class who initiated s. At the end of our freshmen year at Manito High, we lost Tom Schmick and Shirley Thomas from our class, During our sophomore year in Manito, we had the honor of initiating the freshmen, and in retum, we were given party by the freshmen class, We sophomores of both towns found high school to be a lot easier once we got the knack fit, At the end of this year, we lost Martha Bale from Forest City and Donna Callaway and Wilma Vale from Manito. The two schools became consolidated before our third year, and the new school was named FORMAN. Our junior lass gave the first play to be given by the Forman Senior High School, It was called, "If Mother Only Knew, " Mrs, awlis was our director, and the play turned out to be a great success. Our class also edited the first FORMAN FLASH :hool paper. One of the main events during our junior year was the 31st of December when our class rings arrived. We ere very happy to receive these rings and were very well pleased with them. We were kept pretty busy in the middle F the year with the selling of concessions at the basketball games. Our biggest worry was keeping up with the crowd on rurnament nights, This job helped a great deal in making money for our class trip, We lost four juniors form our class :is year, They were Danny Knackmuhs, Margaret Purdy, Jean Callaway, and Dallas Hawkins. August 29, 1952, forty-four of us returned as seniors. We presented our class play, "We Shook the Family Tree, " gain having Mrs. Lawlis as our director, We also sponsored two square dances and a chilli supper. Many a hard night as spent at the high school working on the 1953 annual. May 29, 1953, we forty-four seniors marched down the aisle r the strains of "Pomp and Circumstance" and received our diplomas. 0 0 U 0 O O lvin G. Knuppel KNUPPEL OIL COMPANY Easton 8 O U O O lenswear Store MEYERS BROTHERS Havana ' Q, if, 3 T131 ' 9 -1- Qflass ,,Xi .-3: 71.5 by ' -F 1 J 5 ia'vo'o' 9 -ew -' 'Q G- iii' Q, Q A Pekin I N ' , ifv l 3AS' li Ii ... sees' L4 B- ' MARY ALICE ABBOTT, with her hair so very dark, Is always very friendly and happy as a lark, MARILYN BERNSHAUSEN is everyone's friend Because of her loyalty right to the end, To VERGIL BORTELL and his pick-up truck, We wish lots of joy but lots more luck! LORNA CALLAWAY, who is always very neat, Must be on a diet, for her figure's so petite, DAVE CAULKINS, who has a geography flare, Never knows where he is when he gets somewhere, DALE DARNELL and his curly locks, Never thinks to look up at the clocks, JOHN DOSIER, rosy cheeks and all, Can always be heard from the end of the hall, MARIORIE EYMAN, who is quiet and shy, Can get a man with the wink of an eye, ARLA IEAN FOSTE, who is liked by all, Will always help when she hears a call, FREDDIE FRIEDRICH, who now drives a Chevrolet, Will soon be WALKING along his merry way, COONIE GOLDEN, a very good sport, Will soon have a girl in every port, NORA MAE GOLDEN is the salesman of our class, She could sell a fur coat to a Fiji Island lass, ANN HEYL, our dimpled cheeked blond. Is one of whom everyone is fond, DELORES HILST, one of our quiet lasses, Is found at the head of commercial classes, LEROY JAMES, who can mess up anything, Was always thought to hollerg but some say he can sing, ARVIN JOHNSON is the senior "big boy", As a jolly fellow, he's the real McCoy. ROSS KREILING, a jolly ole man, Gets into trouble whenever he can, PARKER LAWLIS, ood lookin' and tall, Is known near and Ear for his basketball, GEORGE LONG is often seen Buzzin' around in his auto-machine, BETTY MEYER with her dimples three, Will catch a mang just wait and see! I l C U U PEKIN HARDWARE CO, UTLQHITU 'r',--'x ---qx 1 S x .gf to cf i lfiqalll X It fa! . 4 'I 4 Q ,, q ',,-if-ss 'V' V '- ,. 4. ,1- 46 :fa ri 5' -rw H .fe : sis' ' Illinois DON MEYER will never die, Until he joins the F. B. I. MARIE MEYER, so happy and gay, Is active in home ec, and F,H. A. RICHARD MIDDLETON, though very shy, Is nevertheless a very nice guy. BONNIE O'HARA, who loves to square dance, Also keeps Bob in a deep, deep trance. SHIRLEY PALMER has won D. A. R. And we know that she is going far, MARVIN QUICK, who loves algebra so, 59' Is going to college and make good, we know. Z DALE RAKESTRAW, the farmer's son, Q In all his school days, has had lots of fun, h 3, But in bookkeeping he had what it really took, 1 5 KW MMNBacmehmeMm Whose grades are high within the class, KEITH RUNYON with his many nicknames Is quite well liked and has high aims, DARLENE RUNYON, though very tall, Is very well liked by one and all. DORETTA SKAGGS is the girl in our class "' img With a personality hard to pass, - JAKE SMITH, who is known for his jokes, Is always seen drinking lots of cokes, 3,1 4 -1 ' DONNA SPAITS, a slick little blond, 5 ' lf' 10 ,-fv' "0 eff.. .. , g , as J Is one of whom we are very fond. RONNIE THOMAS, whom we all know, To college for accounting soon will go. IOSEPHINE TISDALE never says much, But behind the typewriter she has the touch, NORMAN TISDALE with his blond, curly hair Has always asmile, no matter where. FRANK VAUGHN who seems rather short. Has helped a lot in all the sports ELOISE WAHLFELD, president of our class, Is a girl who is very hard to surpass, MAURICE WALKER, a tall, red-haired lad, Is one of the quietest of the '53 Grad! C 4 9 I ,D - 'lhrv .3 ,ga ELOISE WHITAKER, our cheerleadinglgirl, Gives a certain senior boy quite a big irl, DON WILSON, with the curl in his hair, For' women doesn't give much of a care, DENNIS WOIWODE is our senior brain. Our loyal pal, he'll always remain, X CAROLYN WORNER is so full of vim, The days, to her, never grow dim. 0 0 0 3 0 0 0 0 0 56 I0 sl. 00 L, W, WOESSNER STORES, INC, JACK RICHARDSON didn't care for many a book, all t ""' ef S ' :J X1 I n .2 i::-- :::z:g 2:'1:2 Y-I Q I 6' 9 A -Q: ,K - 5 li. Havana, Illinois ,whois who Height , , Shortness , , Weight , Secretary , I , , Hair , , , , Quiemess fGirlj , , Pest. . .. . . . Jolliness , , , Musician , , , Girl in Sports , , Brain ....... Quietness lBoyj, , , Homemaker , , , Best Dressed Boy , , Worker ...... Wreckless Driver, , Cal' . .. . . . . Least Bashful, , , Hog Raiser, , , Farmer , , , Slimness Nurse ,,,, Boy in Sports , , Best Natured ,, Artist ul., Bookkeeper, , TyPiSf .... . Most Talkative , , Shiek . . . .... . Co-operation , , , Loverboy , , , , Ma azine Sales man , , wo Niciname ,,,, Hot Rod ,,,, Shyness QGirlJ , , Sports Fan , , Detective , , , Book Worm ,,,, Blond Hair fGirll , , Clothes ,,,,, Blond Hair fBoyJ , Shyness fBoyj , , , Baby Sitting , , , Watermelon Growing 415 s, 2nd Street o Q on oo PEKIN DAIRY Telephone 278 . . Ronnie Thomas Eloise Whitaker , , Arvin Johnson , Donna Spaits Dorerta Skaggs Marjorie Eyman . , Frank Vaughn . . Ross Kreiling , , Betty Meyer , , Carolyn Womer . . Dennis Woiwode . . Maurice Walker . . Eloise Wahlfeld . . . Keith Runyon ,Bonnie O'Hara . . ,George Long . . Jake Smith . . . Joy Risen Dale Rakestraw , , , John Dosier , Delores Hilst ,Shirley Palmer , , Parker Lawlis , Arla Jean Foste , , , Marie Meyer , , David Caulkins , Josephine Tisdale , , , , Don Wilson , , , Leroy James Marilyn Bemshausen , , , Marvin Quick , Nora Mae Golden , "Coonie" Golden , , Vergil Bortell , , Loma Callaway , Dale Damell , , , Don Meyer , ,Fred Friedrich . . . . .AnnHey1 , , Darlene Runyon , , Norman Tisdale , Richard Middleton , Mary Alice Abbott , Jack Richardson . n -u .Q Pekin, Illinois minus T12 WE SHOOK THE FAMILY TREE idegarde. , , Carofyn' Werner , Dolson . , , , Ronnie 5I'homa's S-Dolson.. Betty Meyer lly . .... . . . Joy Risen Dennis Woiwode HTTIY ...... . . . Leroy James ie-May. , 'Arla' Jean Foste ' lop -1 -Q Eloise vimimkei :ddie Shermer . l 'virkhrhiwiis' '-Shefmer.. .... Freddie Friedrich EDHHQ Who is tired of being a wallflower , Her father , , , Her mother Her younger sister , , The older brother , , The younger brother , , ,Bob's heartthrob , , Her friend , ,Who wears knickers , , His father , , His mother 75' I anuioou 4 0 Eloise Wahlfeld and ige I ,,,,,,,,, , , Who likes to play postman Carol Whitaker O l O O O SHAMROCK INC. 1- The Whgle Family 305 Court St. , Pekin 0 O O 0 0 WOLTERS DRUG STORE ayne B. Wolters, Druggist ' Havana O O O O COMPLIMENTS OF IVHDWVEST AUTO SUPPLY Wang Illinois IIN Z, . .ZZZII IIZZIZT mass Blflrnphstg New York City, New Yorl- June 5, 1962 Dear Mr. LeCount, We had our annual Class-of-'53 reunion last week, Each person gave a short report of what he had done since graduating from FORMAN HIGH, These reports proved quite interesting, We decided that perhaps you would be in- terested to know what each '53 graduate did after leaving the halls of FORMAN and what each is doing at the presen time. Several of the '53 graduates decided to attend Westem College at Macomb, Among these were ARLA IEAIN FOSTE, who is now a junior high teacher at Canton, Illinois, ELOISE WAHLFELD, who is teaching home economic: at Pekin High, and JOHN DOSIER, who is now a member of the faculty at Purdue University. DENNIS WOIWODE and ELOISE WHITAKER both attended Normal University, Dennis received his Ph, D, in twc years and can now be found cleaning the streets of Manito, Eloise taught at a Pekin grade school for a while but is now married and has a two-year old son. FRANK VAUGHN has really come up in this world, for he has become known as the world's greatest basketball manager, He hasjust developed a method of starching the players' suits so that the members stand out, PARK LAWLIS is also well known in the basketball world. He attended college for four years and is now touring the country with the great "Earth Worms" ball team, Another well known name is this catagory is DALE DARNELL who attended U, of I, for two years and dropped out to accept an offer as a T, V, sports announcer. ANN HEYL also attended U. of I. After obtaining her bachelors degree, she began teaching commercial studies at Washington, Illinois, Since this is a farming area, many of our boys belong to the farming group. Several of them seem to be doing quite well, VERGIL BORTELL tinkers with electricity in his spare time and reports that he should have his shock proof electricity ready for production within the next few months, LEROY JAMES has recently discovered a method by which he is able to do all his farming by T,V, and remote control, He finds it quite simple to do his farming and raise his three sons by merely using "switches," GEORGE LONG and RICHARD MIDDLETON both farm southwest of Manito, George is married and has a son, but Richard has decided to stay single. Cheaper, you know! SHIRLEY PALMER and ARVIN JOHNSON have both come up in the science world. Shirley has just recently be- come the head nurse at Methodist Hospital in Peoria, and Arvin is the friendly undertaker of this area, Ouite a few graduates went to work at Caterpillar. DON WILSON became a foreman in a machine shop after completing his apprenticeship, JAKE SMITH also took an apprentice course and is now a specialized machinist, BONNIE O'HARA worked in an office at Caterpillar and later married. She is now living in Pekin. JOY RISEN and NORA MAE GOLDEN both worked in a Caterpillar office after graduating from FORMAN, Joy later married and she and her husband now reside in Peoria with two daughters to brighten their lives. Nora Mae also married but is living in the Brown's addition in Manito. NORMAN TISDALE completed his apprentice course at Caterpillar and is nowa Phone 218 WHITE'S GARAGE INC, Havana mol designer in Timbucktu. DORETTA SKAGGS worked in an office for a while and later married her boss, She now ves in Pekin. MARILYN BERNSHAUSEN is employed in the East as secretary to the New York Representative of aterpillar. She sees CAROLYN WORNER quite often on her trips home from New York as Carolyn is now a hostess on astem Air Lines, She has been employed there since graduating from Wesleyan University with an A. B. in languages. MARY ALICE ABBOTT accepted a position at Benders in Manito shortly after graduating and is still employed iere, Must be a pretty good job, for Mary is seen in a new Ford every year, DAVE CAULKINS also remained in lanito. He began as a bookkeeper at Manito Hardware Company and is now part owner. Another of our classmates, LARIE MEYER, began working in Manito for Bernshausen's Implement Company. After her marriage three years ago, ie moved to Mason City, MAPJORIE EYMAN and DELORES HILST both began working in offices at Keystone after leaving F.l-l. S. Mar- :rie gave up her job five years ago to become a Havana housewife and mother of three, Delores was awarded a :holarship to Brown's Bussiness College for her speed and accuracy in commercial work, and is now enrolled there. BETTY MEYER began working in a Pekin bank shortly after graduation. In the fall of '56, she settled down to imily life. Another Meyer, but no relation, is DON MEYER. He is now taking specialized training to become an .B. I. agent. KEITH RUNYON attended Bradley and is now the assistant to the assistant engineer at the new Mackinaw dam, is pal and cohort, RON THOMAS attended Knox College to major in general Business, I-le now owns a small business ancern in Forest City, JOSEPHINE TISDALE was employed at Corn Products until the fall of '55, She then married nd is now employed as Ron's secretary. DUANE GOLDEN farmed for a few months after graduation but later joined the Navy and was commissioned within short time, He now is a Naval Recruiting Officer and resides in Pekin with his wife and son, DALE RAKESTRAW, JACK RICHARDSON, and MAURICE WALKER are our experimental farmers, Dale is trying m develop a hog without fat, Jack is making quite a profit through his seedless watermelong and Maurice has finally eveloped a chicken that can't crow. He reports that his farm is much quieter now, MARVIN QUICK and FRED FRIEDRICH are old married men now, They both are farmers in the Green Valley- lanito area, Several of the lady classmates have attended Brown's Business College. They are LORNA CALLAWAY, DARLENE UNYON, and DONNA SPAITS, Loma is now employed as secretary to the President of Brown's College, Darlene is mployed at Block and Kuhl'sg and Donna is working at "Monkey" Wards. Last, but certainly not least of our class is ROSS KREILING. Ross decided he would like to be a police chiefg so e began working toward his ambition. Right now you'll find him directing traffic at the corner of Main and Remain i Bishop, Illinois, We were all happy to hear the report from Dennis that you have continued as principal of FORMAN HIGH, The lass joins in extending greetings to you and your family and wishing you continued success at our Alma Mater. All yours, Class-of-'53 O O O I U -H Sales Service DUNK-KENNEDY COMPANY Havana Qliaas will MARY ALICE ABBOTT. I will my good grades to Lowell Golden. MARILYN BERNSHAUSEN, I will my new Bel-Air to Roy Henry, VERGIL BORTELL. I will my way with the girls to Loren Sunderland, LORNA CALLAWAY. I will my shyness to Janet Lempke. DAVID CAULKINS. I will my blue Plymouth to anyone who can run it, DALE DARNELL. I will my promptness to English class to Eleanor Hewitt. JOHN DOSIER. I will my handsome features to the sophomore boys, MARIORIE EYMAN. I will my forwardness to Beverly Proehl. ARLA JEAN FOSTE. I will my love for potatoes to Robert Hall. FRED FRIEDRICH. I will my way to get along with Coach to Ed, I-leinhorst, DUANE GOLDEN. I will my ability with farmerettes to Amo Hiller, NORA MAE GOLDEN. I will my selling ability to Ruth Smith, ANN HEYL. I will my blond hair to Sherry Goodin. DELORES HILST, I will my slimness to Erma Ritchie. LEROY JAMES. I will my good driving to Dwight Whitaker. ARVIN JOHNSON, I will my small appetite to Eldon Wahlfeld, ROSS KREILING. I will my excuses to get out of P,E, to Dale Parkin, PARKER LAWLIS. I will my basketball ability to Gary Gosda, GEORGE LONG, I will my wreckless driving to Henry Hintz, BETTY MEYER, I will my poodle cuts to Diane Rollo. DONALD MEYER, I will my baseball ability to Ray Rochester, MARIE MEYER. I will my artistic ability to Patia I-Iimmel, RICHARD MIDDLETON, I will my high jumping ability to Pat Lynch. BONNIE O'HARA. I will the way to stick to one man to Beverly Stanley, SHIRLEY PALMER. I will my love of chewing gum to Mrs, Lawlis, MARVIN QUICK. I will my navy career to whoever wants it. DALE RAKESTRAW. I will my ability to raise hogs to Dick Wells, JACK RICHARDSON. I will my melon-growing career to Kenny Bender, JOY RISEN, I will everything, except Lee, to the student body, DARLENE RUNYON, I will my love of cottage cheese to Pauline Frederick, KEITH RUNYON. I will my wavy locks to Pete Wilson, DORETTA SKAGGS. I will my natural curly hair to Marilyn Heyl. JACOB SMITH. I will my job at Vogel's to Eddie Wooding, DONNA SPAITS. I will my dimples to Linda LeSourd, RONNIE THOMAS. I will my big feet to Billy Spaits. JOSEPHINE TISDALE. I will my typing ability to Mary Ann Vonderheide. NORMAN TISDALE. I will my bookkeeping ability to Rollie Kastner. FRANK VAUGHN. I will my freckles and red hair to Melvin Hundt. ELOISE WAHLFELD, I will my 'slender figure" to Joyce Wilson, MAURICE WALKER. I will my height to Lester Vogel. ELOISE WHITAKER, I will my cheerleading ability to Peggie Goodin. DONALD WILSON. I will my American History ability to whoever wants it. DENNIS WOIWODE. I will my height to Harvey Goodin. CAROLYN WORNER. I will my pep to Janet Skinner. 174619396 the Senior class hereunto set our hand and seal this fifteenth day of March, nineteen hundred and fifty-three. IN PRESENCE OF: Pekin 1 O l 0 I U M 0 U COHEN FURNITURE COMPANY M f.. Peofla 40 ff' ' 5111: .J .Riga V-4.1'F,',lk.L,. ., ,fr ' MVA LW.. '- sfA':f"f"'-4Q- . f ' r' . f..f'.m - 'sal-,CR gf '.f?."i'??fE 3753 Q Stella Schimmel- pfenning CVice Presi entl Sherry Beale JU l0RS Wayne Knaak Qresidentl Wistehuff fSec'y-Treas,j Kenny Charles Bender Bilyeu . :Mx x Elizabeth Laura Anna Pauline Bitner Crafton Forsythe Frederick .X an X Frank Lowell Leo Francis Peggy Golden Golden Gray Hamilton Hawkins Ed He inhorst Linda Le Sourd 9 r A l 'ur Smith Rakestraw '91 Shirley Schimrnel pfenmng -9 Q 'Y 1 ' ,gi XT. 'Z ' .Fin 1 Sis? . zaa' -, ::.? 'Z 11- .1 s. . 1 ,ty ,. 1::.:'--.:,:,- 9.1: zzz' px.- Ronnie Vogel Roy Marilyn Henry Heyl Pat Alice Lynch Martin Wintfred Ray Richardson Rochester Beverly Loren Stanley Simderland Eldon Loretta Wahlfeld Wamer Ja - Qur' . Q X XS Patia Jane: Himmel Lempke 1 Albert J0e Morris Parkin r - is A . MA , ,A . U In Y ,AK n Doug Nelson Runyon Schappaugh 1 "fs-15 it 'Cv' ' X I lx , X A Q, 4 Joyce Don Thompson Vance .Q , ez 1 , QU! Q ,,,,. V I ' f M fx N X. gy. , VX . 1. rw' , Lf? X ' 1 Dick Eddie Wells Wooding 3 Elmer Truitt , Gert Truitt , Gladys Truitt , Clarence Truitt Gramps , , Maggie Truitt , Hugo Nogginocker Jackie Summers Rpscoe Blipp . XX Qllttminlr' Qflaaa LOVE IS IN THE AIR ''1i'GEJ1deii ' ' Frances Hamilton J.oy'ce'Tho.miJson' I bharles Bilyeu ' l kinriyhdnder' ' I Beverly.Stan'ley ' Loren Sunderland ' Grafton' ' 'vvaifnb knhali' ' Mas , , Head of the Truitt tri , , A good wife and moth , , The older daughi , , The son, . . . Gert's lovable fath 13, half child, half vampi , , Clarence's overgrown pa The new girl across the sue , Gladys' bashful be: POOGICS . . ...... . . . ..... . . . Maggie'Sp Sherry Beale Beanie u ,,,,,, , , , A skittish high-school freshmz Prank Golden Ladies . 0 0 0 . D lilui . inil . 0 . , , , , , , , Members of the Ladies' Auxilia Stella and Shirley Schimmelpfenning, Loretta Wamer S O O O C C I HUB'S SERVICE STATION Gas, Oil, and Service Forest Cii l 0 O U C U I MORSE BARBER SHOP Tailored Suits I Manil I- 1 qyfsw-M.. Q5 QI l X xx I 1 XR' I X RV' x xx QW-N 'wr 5:5 .90- lm, 13 1 ml mm HW! WT!,. Q!! X X " 1: flis ,,'g'5! 7 . .1 , I5 R, , it ' 'age' u 9 4 .55 Ji?-'C ' 1 El.. A'-1. . 1 7? , ,. XX , , e ,s ' I ' 1 ffm. U . a 0PHOMORE Dwight ' Whitaker fPresiden0 Q! ' 0 ' x 'W' I Mildred Gerrietts i fSec'y-Treas,j Dale Parkin fVice Presidentj Donald Loida Barrett Crosby 1 U Ii ' 4 .2 . oy i - Patty Linda Roy Harvey Endicott Friend Golden Goodin in """ Robert Steve Kay Sherrie Gary Goodin Goodin Gorden Hall Henman Eleanor Hewitt Rollie Kastner Don O'Hara P X 1 .. Q . '-L. Joyce Hill X, Phyllis Kroell 1' S+ N x K Wx Ruth Re ed , -if ix K ' x Lois Janet Skaggs Skinner lf?" I ,ir , .4 jf K i . v K i 1 Mary Ann Pete Vondemeide Wilson gps - Gs u i Q,fgIl2g1, , ' Q I ' EL ' ' , . Vi A in Q . L 1 Qxxl HCHIY Alan Barton Hintz Hubbard Irwin 'nu Janice Lawrence Stanley Le Masters Meyer Noll , if-fm V 'Vx X - . 'X , X i Marie Verla Duane Schacherba uer Schappaugh Simpson Ruth Rosemary Joeann Smith Snyder Tisdale Rosie Wilson No Pictures: Gerald Gathman Melvin Hundt Bonnie Robinson s I ,f 4'?"f,,f N535 g.-H' 'Wm-1 ' 4 w' ll '- :Il ya-Egg X. '-.vying V .. M ,Q 'Q Vs i q ,wr Y wg E liflf' 4- iff. Mil .LP F 'wi QW N.. 'VN .U M r 1 n -1, A f .' x- J 'L-'im XF is ir! 2149'- r 0 .' 2 KAW. . Vit? Gary Gosda fVice Presidenty A ,je fi ld " 1531 Y". , ' inure , 51 - Dave Betty Bale Bernshausen 6, fgl' as " . 5. V A .,,,,. J PW . E' 'J 1 tiff N Forrest Sylvia Davis Davis -'52 R Irma Forsythe Peggy Goodin FRE HMA , L f it 4 Carol Meyer fPresidentJ 1 4 w'7"' Jeannette Hamilton fSecy- Treas.D .K ? -9 A 'Qf,f. Q., si " fry- X .QQ .. t ig 1 J f- E Jerry Ethel Bilyeu Bortell is Qf "' 91 fl fl, t 1 Q fly., .' K X .1 A I -.n.q. Merrill Nancy Dierker Dowell A U51 An-an Robert Henry Janet Hewitt r fir' Frances Caulkins rwzfl 1 .ff John Durham -us X Heidi Hill . ' "ho 'Q fn- V of C R " 'rw to -:r SWT? . f "'-7 , -L W ' . 1 . B - -t 1 RTX . 'rf A . l, 5' Amo Kennerh Beverly Wilma Iarlifle Hiller Hilst Knaak Kreiling Meyer l ,u ' ...QQ "' - may r Yi .x i ii- f B ,e l NAB 'R Ll V . Janet Jean Bev Annalee Linda Noll Parkin Proehl Proehl Rakestraw K Cv: ... H' V V YZ X V " S XA h xl -V ' 5 x Ben Erma , Marilyn , Roberta Doris Richardson Ritchie Schlmmelpfennmg Smith Sommer B 6 fr B , -5 . W If ,,4-no . ' ' V if-iff 'Inj ..,. , 5 7 lx QNX I s. ' . i - - A H rr. "AX S lr ni ' 1 I X fi lin ,. 1 r 1 W Billy Marvin Daryl Ellen Lester Spaits Tackman Thompson Vale Vogel hi 'Q Q A No pictures: 19' ' h Leon Robinson ., Tom Rollo Don Seest Jack Taylor Roger Sharilyn Joyce Vogel Vogel Wilson E M' 1 I '6 z my '- 3"Qw1ll'1 ,4 x -I , , Wg, 4, V 'mmap' iz r" Q L ' - 'Wil ,," v ri 1, 4 S 81. A li ol L :P A 1 ,-A Q' ULN! if v J 1 3, Q, ,, , rw uf 'o in 5.-mm -.... V51 vw2Y""" .- 'M x -Q.. or 5, . ee, ' nf ' 25 .Wh 5 I- 2 LES Mi 'RM FORMAN WINS ABE LINCOLN CONFERENCE AND MASON COUNTY BASEBALL TITLES Q,l'Kk SEATED: Dale Damell, Don Wilson, Parker Lawlis, Ron Thomas, Don Meyer, Frank Vaughn, 2ND ROW: Dennis Woiwode, Manager, Kenny Bender, Frank Golden, Dick Wells, Ed Heinhorst, Ron Wistehufi Wayne Knaak, Pete Wilson, Smith Rakestraw, Mr. Brodman, coach, 3RD ROW: Jerry Bilyeu, Merri11Dierker, Alan Hubbard, Roy Golden, Pat Lynch, Dale Parkin, Charles Bilyeu, Rolland Kastner, Lawrence Meyer, Daryl Thompson, fNot Showny Joe Parkin. BASEBALL ACCOUNTS The boys got to play more baseball together this year because they entered a summer league formed with teams o the surrounding area. Our summer season was very successful as we won five and lost only one. This one loss was t Delavan when only half of our varsity team was there. The Frosh-Soph team did a fine job of subbing for the varisty but the powerful Delavan team couldn't be stopped. The fall season was even more successful. The Braves made a sweep of nine games scheduled and three in the Abe Lincoln Tourney, They brought home two beautiful trophies fo the Abe Lincoln and Mason County Championships, GAMES Forman 11 Kilboume 1 Forman 5 San Jose 4 Forman 8 Easton 4 Forman 13 Athens 5 Forman 9 Bath 3 Forman 12 Easton 3' Forman 4 Mason City 2 Forman 13 Greenview 3' ' ABE LINCOLN TOURNAMENT GAMES Forman 7 Mason City 4 BATTLING AVERAGES Player -I's -A. B. - Hits- Pct. - ,H. R. Player -I's-A. B. - Hits- Pct, H, R Wistehuff 7 4 2 . 500 1 Heinhorst 35 19 5 . 263 0 Wells 41 19 9 . 474 1 Lynch 13 8 2 , 250 0 Rakestraw 58 28 13 464 1 Lawlis 57 26 5 . 192 0 Thomas 59 30 13 .433 4 Meyer, D, 26 11 2 , 182 0 Golden F, 50 26 11 , 423 0 Damell 21 10 1 . 100 0 Knaack 53 29 10 , 345 2 Parkin,J, 36 11 1 , 091 0 WilSOI1,D. 16 7 2 . 286 0 Bender 11 4 0 . 000 0 Vaughn 45 18 5 . 278 O f if .? O 1 0600 A 4 si . wif: N C 'v-1 0 A9' ll Q X va A fx bv glwk? " x Y' I ,s gm rh E ' . ., Y os NX? J ' K ' K f - :J- vu Mg . .' M' .5 J- ,, up QU' ' boa' if 9 06 1 Q E 1, li ,. ,v ,Q tx My BASKETBALL 4 , 1 SEATED: Frank Golden, Ron Wistehuff, Duane Golden, Ron Thomas, Parker Lawlis, Dick Wells, Loren Sunderland. 2ND ROW: Mr. Brodman, Lester Vogel, Smith Rakestraw, Pat Lynch, Dale Parkin, Don Vance, Kenneth Bender, Roy Gol en, Frank Vaughn fMgr,j 3RD ROW: Gary Gosda, Merrill Dierker, Alan Hubbard, Marvin Wilson, Wintifred Richardson, Ronald Vogel, Ed, Heinhorst, Roger Vogel, Daryl Thompson, Billy Spaits. Forman did very well in basketball this year. After showing great promise in the first game against Bath, the Brave took four straight before losing their first in the season to Athens. The next game was one of the most important games of the season. With Coach Brodman called home because o the death of his mother, Mr. Lawlis took over coaching duties against Easton, The first half of this game was a clost battle, but after a good rest at halftime, they took the game an captured the Green Duck, After this game the Braves lost to Havana and then took an easy one from Hopedale. The sailing wasr1't so good for a while after the Hopedale game. The Braves lost two straight, one to Delavan, ant the other to Mason City. y losing to Mason City, we also lost possession of the Green Duck, Forman then took another mage from Bath before the County Tourney. The Braves fared pretty well in the Toumey. Our first game was with San Jose. lt was a tough battle all the way With about four seconds left, Parker Lawlis, on a nice pass from "Coonie" Golden, sank one to break a 45-45 tie. B1 defeating San Jose, the Braves recaptured the Green Duck, The team looked very good in the next game as they defeated Mason City in a real team victory to advance to the ials, The Braves met the strong Havana five in the finals, Our boys put up a good fight but could not keep the Ducks im flying away as Champs with a 63-59 victory, A ter the Toumey the Braves won five straight before the Regional Toumey in Pekin One of th ' ' . ese victories was er Easton, in defense ofthe Green Duck, Our first game in the Pekin Regional was with Eureka. Although the Braves had a cold night, they came out on top, to 39. Two nights later, the Braves returned and accomplished what Forest City and Manito have been trying to do :25 years, They beat Pekin, 69 to 66. Next came the championshifp game and the Braves came through againas ay defeated Delavan, 56 to 52, and brought home a beautiful plaque or the Regional Championship, Six nights later the Braves traveled to Pekin to 1 C V p ay ontral in the semi-finals of the Sectional and were defeated to 42, Re iona 3 HAVANA-Two photo finishese --an upset and a new owner for? the Green Duck - highlighted thei first round of action in the Ma-g son County Tourney here last night. , 9 - Bath captured a 53-50 surprise victory over Easton, and Forman, by virtue of Parker Lawlis' last- second lay-up, regained the Duck by nosing out a stubborn quintet from San Jose, 47-45, before a near-capacity crowd. Forman Tops HAVANA -- lt's Forman vs. 36 Havana in Friday finals of the Hb Mason County tournament in new , Havana gym. ' 5, This came about as Forman K kept the Green Duck with a 65-42 conquest of Mason City last night before a good crowd. In the. Cffm' I, f 2 MASON CITY -'With all they I the guard at Buckingham Pal-1 . 339, the prized Green Duck went' A rl from the hands of the Formanla Tp Braves into the eager P31155 of 2 -J' the Mason City Huskies here 1 Tuesday Highl- thrill and excitement of changing X.. MANITO - Forman's Braves rolled over the Bath quintet for ' the second time in as many out- ings 55-37 on their own floor last night, .Q-:rf .L,-- asm, 4 WILLIAMSVILLE 4TPS3--Par- Lawlis led the Forman Braves to their 6th victory in a row last night as they defeated unbeaten Williamsville In Row, 53 To 40 it Cham 1011 I.. 1 ....,---.M Forman Takes 6th 75 i MANITO ITPSJ-Kirby Lawlis. gcoach at Forest City before the consolidation, and substituting as mentor for Forman in the ab- H sence of J. E. Brodman, coached -s . the Braves to a 53-47 decision ., gl over Green Duck holder. Easton, Hao take the coveted Duck .from , f + 'the Hawks here last night in a H - Mwell-played encounter before a I nearkcapacity crowd 3,6665 Spill Chinkg In 69-66 Thriller 1 'gy BY LLOYD ARMSTRONG ' 'Sf C Times Sports Editor - Chastened Chinamen's scaips sway gently from Forest City and Manito homes, emblemetie of the greatest basketball victory in history of the two northernmost Mason county towns-or of consolidated Forman High! For a Forman quintet, that apparently didn't understand it wasn't supposed to win, massacred Pekin in the first major ,upset of the 1952-53 IHSA tournament series last night, 69 gto 66, before some 2 Q00 stunned, screaming fans, who even ""T"'i"' Hi' I '-M'-I after seeing, couldn't believe it, Forman Takes Duck P CHEERLEADER Last fall we elected Phyllis Kroell, Carolyn Worner, Joe Risen, and Eloise Whitaker as cheerleaders for the yea The girls organized a fine pep squad which won acclaim wherever we played, Our cheerleaders were considered by man people to be the best, not only in the county but also in the region, The whole school wishes to express its sincere thanks to the cheerleaders and the pep squad for their wholehearte sportsmanlike support of the team, TRACK REPORTS In 1952, we had a very good track team. The boys all worked hard and brought home four trophies for the Forma collection, These trophies were for fly Abe Lincoln Championship, Q25 Abe Lincoln Frosh-Soph Relay, C31 Mason count Championship, and 145 Mason County Frosh-Soph Relay, The following records were broken by our boys: Fritz Heyl set records in both hurdles in the Abe Lincoln and th Lows in Mason County. Ron Thomas set Abe Lincoln records in the discus and the shot and a record for Mason County i the discus, Our Frosh-Soph Relay team, composed of Hubbard, Sunderland, Lynch and Heinhorst, set a new record i Mason County, Following are the returning lettermen and events they will enter: Parker Lawlis, Mile and Half, Thomas, Relaj Shot, Discus, and 220, Golden, 220, 440, and Relayg Lynch, Relay, 100, 220, and High Jump, Meyer, Half and Milf Sunderland, Broad Jump, Relay, Shot, and Hop Step, and Jump, Hubbard, 100, 220, and Low Hurdles, and Heinhors Low Hurdles and Relay, Track practice started on March 26, The boys all look very good and are working very hard to try to bring hom Abe Lincoln and Mason County Championships, The prospects are very good for them to do just that. TRACK TROPHIES l B AND H SHOE STORE 320 Court St, Pekin it BEE'S DRIVE INN Mag and Red Crompton Havana Q MXN .A ! Wil! SHI 5 . . . alms lllilll V -'-- - -n-, -A F.H.A. i 1 SEAT ED: 2ND ROW: 3RD ROW: 4TH ROW: The '52 Mrs, Hewitt, Linda Le Sourd, Mildred Gerrietts, Sherry Beale, Eloise Wahlfeld, Arla Jean Foste, Marilyn Heyl, Rosemary Snyder, Janet Skinner, Eleanor Hewitt. Marilyn Schimmelpfenning, Nora Mae Golden, Lois Skagis, Janet Hewitt, Joyce Wilson, Carol Meyer, Joyce Hill, Heidi Hill, Beverly Proehl, S irley Schimmelpfenning, Patty Endicott, . Marie Meyer, Piggy Goodin, Peggy Hawkins, Patia Himmel, Linda Rakestraw, Nancy Dowell, Beverly naak, Ruth Ree , Loida Crosby, Kan Goodin, Verla Schappaugh. Marie Schacherbauer, Janet Noll, Betty Bemshausen, Marilyn Bemshausen, Erma Ritchie, Annalee Proehl, Janet Lempke, Anna Forsythe, Sherry Goodin, Joeanne T isdale, Ann Heyl, 53 officers elected and installed in the Spring of '52 are: President, Eloise Wahlfeldg Vice President Sherry Bealeg Secretary, Arla Jean Fosteg Treasurer, Mildred Gerriettsg Parliamentarian, Linda Le Sourdg Historian, Rosi Mary Snyderg and Public Relations Chairman, Marilyn Heyl. Mrs. Allison Himmel was chosen chapter mother. This year's activities included: a bakery sale, a World Christmas Festival, A Christmas Party and a hayride witl the F. F.A. , National F,H. A. week, a friendship party for the Delavan and Green Valley Chapters, and a style show and formal installation of new officers, The new officers recently elected to serve for the next year are as follows: President, Patia Himmelg Vice President Janet Skinner, Secretary, Carol MeyergTreasurer, Shirley SchimmelpfenninggParliamentarian, Linda Le Sourdg Historian Betty Bemshauseng Public Relations Chairman, Annalee Prqehlg Projects Chairman, Beverly Proehlg Recreation, Marin Schacherbauer. SOOO! 110 Court St. EAGLE INSULATING CO. Pekin Phone 1770 SEATED: Gerald Gathman, Barton Irwin, Wayne Knaak, Ed Heinhorst, Fred Friedrich, Marvin Quick, Ross Kreiling, Don Meyer, Mr. Masters, 2ND ROW: Dwight Whitaker, Lawrence Meyer, Forrest Davis, Marvin Tackman, Robert Henry, Kenny Hilst, Jerry Bilyeu, David Bale, Ben Richardson, Lester Vogel, Billy Spaits, Gary Gosda, Amo Hiller, Don O'Hara, Jack Taylor, 3RD ROW: Don Barrett, Richard Middleton, Don Seest, Merrill Dierker, Leroy James, Roger Vogel, Frank Golden, Leo Gray, Rolland Kastner, Smith Rakestraw, Henry Hintz, Albert Morris, Ron Vogel, Maurice Walker, Loren Sunderland. 4TH ROW: Stanley Noll, Eddie Wooding, Roy Golden, Steve Herrman, Wintifred Richardson, George Long, Vergil Bortell, John Dosier, Don Vance, Ray Rochester, Charles Bilyeu, Roy Henry, Eldon Wah feld, Harvey Goodin, Ron Wistehuff, The F.F. A. can be proud of its achievements this year. Our chapter took first in the soil judging contest at Pekin, Ye also had high individuals at this contest, They were: first, Stanley Noll and second, Leo Gray, We took second in me grain judging show at Delavan. This year we put into action a new plan of electing officers every semester. First semester officers were: President, larvin Quickg Vice President, Ross Kreilingg Secretary, Fred Friedrichg Treasurer, Don Meyerg Sentinel, Wayne Knaakg listorian, Loren Sunderland: and Reporter, Ed Heinhorst. New officers are: President, Frank Goldeng Vice President, awrence Meyer, Secretary, John Dosierg Treasurer, Eldon Wahlfeld, Sentinel, Maurice Walker: Historian, George Long: nd Reporter, Steve Herrman. The F,F. A. has purchased a permanent screen for the ag room and material for blackout curtains. Mrs, Le Court s making the curtains, O 0 C O O hone 32 RICKETT FERTILIZER COMPANY Forest City CHORU SEATED: QND ROW: 3RD ROW: 4TH ROW: Joyce Hill, Beverly Proehl, Carol Meyer, Joyce Wilson, Phyllis Kroell, Mrs. Bundy, Director, Betty Meyer, Accompanist, Sylvia Davis, Roberta Smith, Doris Sommer, Patia Himmel, Eleanor Hewitt, Heidi Hill. Mary Abbott, Loretta Wamer, Loida Crosby, Rose Marie Wilson, Patty Endicott, Janet Skinner, Kay Goodin, Verla Schappzwgh, Peggy Goodin, Linda Friend, Irma Forsythe, Laura Crafton, Stella Schimmelpfenning, Eloise itaker, Shirley Schimmelpfenning, Lois Skaggs, Frances Caulkins, Erma Ritchie, Bonnie O'Hara, Nora Mae Golden, Marilyn Schim- melpfenning, Nancy Dowell, Sharilyn Vogel, Beverly Knaak, Marie Meyer, Annalee Proehl, Jeanette Hamilton, Arla Jean Foste, Linda Rakestraw, Wilma, Kreiling, Janet Noll, Janet Lempke, Carolyn Worner, Joy Risen, Doretta Skaggs, Linda LeSourd, Anna Forsythe, Mary Anne Vonder- heide, Eloise Wahlfeld, Rose, Mary Snyder, Ruth Smith, Betty Bernshausen, Mildred Gerrietts, Janice Meyer, Jean Parkin, Darlene Runyon, Sherrie Goodin, S3 FRONT ROW: Kenny Hilst, John Durham, Marvin Tackman, Amo Hiller, Jerry Bilyeu, Gary Gosda, Mrs, Bundy, Director, BACK ROW: Merrill Dierker, Leroy James, Rolland Kastner, Lowell Golden, Kenny Bender, Frank Golden, Gary Gorden. O I U l I FISK 84 STELT ER Dealers in Modem Farm Machinery Havana, Illinois BAD , 1ST ROW: Eleanor Hewitt, Janet Hewitt, Eloise Wahlfeld, Arla Jean Foste, Linda LeSourd, Eddie Woodring, Sharilyn Vogel, Steve Herrman, Gary Gosda, Linda Radestraw. 2ND ROW: Alan Hubbard, Dennis Woiwode, Patia Himmel, Charles Bilyeu, Merrill Dierker, Stella Schimmelp- fenning, Lowell Golden, STANDING: Patty Endicott, Rose Marie Wilson, Phyllis Kroell, Loida Crosby, Instructor-Mr, Borowski, Tumi T COUNClL C , Q U ll SEATED: Mr. Le Court Advisor, Wayne Knaak, Eloise Wahlfeld, Joy Risen, Jeanette Hamilton, Dwight Whitaker, Dale Parkin, 2ND ROW: Stella Schimmelpfenning, Ronald Wistehuff, Leroy James, Carol Meyer, Mildred Gerrietts, Gary Gosda, O F U O 8 I 'e Specialize in Jr, Sizes HECHTS BONNY SHOP 335 Court St., Pekin, Illinois NNUAL TAFF SEATED, Keith Runyon, finance, Arla Jean Foste, snaps, Joy Risen, assoc, editor, Ron Thomas, editor, Bet: Meyer, features, Dennis Woiwode, sports, Marie Meyer, art, Marilyn Bemshausen, typist. STANDING: Donna Spaits, typist, Duane Golden, adds, Doretta Skaggs, typist, Ross Kreiling, sales, Bonnie O'Hara snaps, Marvin Quick, adds, Nora Mae Golden, snaps, Mr, Le Count, advisor, Shirley Palmer, sales Fred Friedrich, features, Parker Lawlis, sports, Carolyn Womer, features, Leroy James, sales, Eloise Whitaker, typist, John Dosier, sales, Eloise Wahlfeld, art, David Caulkins, adds, EW PAPER TAFF SEATED: Sherry Beale, features, Laura Crafton, Patia Himmel, Joyce Thompson, reporters, Lowell Golden, editor, Miss Kreiling, advisor, Janet Lempke, art, Ken Bender, mimeo, Stella Schimmelpfenning, reporter, STANDING: Pauline Frederick, features, Peg Hawkins, Nelson Schappaugh, Anna Forsythe, mimeog Ronnie Vogel, features, Ed, Heinhorst, Steve Herrman, Don Vance, reporters, Loren Sunderland, mirneo, Charles Bilveu, art, Frances Hamilton, feature, Shirley Schimmelpfenning, Carolyn Worner, reporters, Loretta Wamer, features, Annalee Proehl, Beverly Stanley, Marilyn Heyl, Dennis Woiwode, reporters. U I U l I Pekin CARP'S DEPARTMENT STORE Illinois BEST WISHES TO CLASS OF '53 BERNHAUSEN IMPLEMENT C0 YOUR ALLIS-CHALMERS AND NEW IDEA DEALER rj' .E.. 1 ,px -Q15 Q-.if a46R!1.A .1 ..,. 1 .,-, . J f EA-wffafml . AS EE-.29 'Viva N ,gm 0 ' Q U New I Aygw A - ffageff X4 I I x ' 1 X No. 4042 L PHONE 21 MANITO, ILLINOIS BEST WISHES TO THE C ASS OF 1953 VOGELS 'iilfi E32 1 il AMAA I kbs, 'nl ,Z!' 'J'ObEE1x' uni BANK uouH'F00 HAVANA LUMBER CUMPANY BUILDING MATERIALS OF ALL KINDS TE PHON S 35 352 920 SOU SECOND STRE READER MANITO HARDWARE co. SALES and SERVICEA OF There's a A your future! M I X Q MANITO ILLINOIS MANITO I LINOIS RADE SWING T0 DELS E JOHNSON FUNERAL HOME ERVICE MANITO, IL 5 1 if-3 -.:-.1 EL. BUCY 8: RIDLY NEW AND USED PEKIN MACHINE 8: PARTS CO., INC. AUTOMOTIVE MACHINISTS AND PARTS JOBBERS FURNITURE AND APPLIANCE STORE 2248 PHONE 676 PHONES: 2249 524 COURT ST. 322 WEST MAIN STREET 2250 HAVANA ILLINOIS PEKIN ILLINOIS ECONOMY SHOE STORE QUALITY FOOTWEAR REINHARD 8: MEYER LBR, CO. ALL KINDS AT REASONABLE PRICES OF BUILDING MATERIALS 706 321 COURT ST. SO. SECOND ST. PH. 1345 PEKIN ILLINOIS PEKIN ILLINOIS COMPLIMENTS OF PEKIN CLEANERS 8: TAILORS 531 COURT ST. PEKIN ILLINOIS LEIFHEIT BROTHERS LUMBER CO. QUALITY BUILDING MATERIALS MANITO ILLINOIS 1. N. REULING CO. "THE STORE OF SATISFACTION" DRY GOODS---READY TO WEAR MENS' WEAR-- HOME FURNISHINGS PEKIN ILLINOIS EDDIE'S FLOWER SHOP E, J, DRINGENBERG, PROP, FUNERAL DESIGNS WEDDING FLOWERS CUT FLOWERS POT PLANTS TELEPHONES 3800 and 3233-R ARCADE BUILDING PEKIN, ILL, SEELYE HARDWARE JENKINS u D: 305 2 E113 Q U A L I T Y F A R M E Q U I P M E H T BULOVA WATCHES MANITO ILLINOIS FOR BOYS 3' GIRLS MANITO ILLINOIS H, J, HACKMAN STORE DRY GOODS AND CLOTHING HATS CAPS 8: MEN'S FURNISHINGS PHONE 230 210-212 MAIN ST. I-IAVANA ILLINOIS GRANGERS ELEVATOR COMPANY GRAINS AND FEEDS PHONE 84 MANITO ILLINOIS SEYMOUR'S STORE MEN'S FURNISHINGS SHOES AND RUBBERS MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS SPORTING GOODS PHONE 770 208-210 COURT ST. PEKIN ILLINOIS PEKIN DAILY TIMES PEKIN ILLINOIS ZIMMERMANS GROC ERY "THE BEST IN MEAT AND OTHER THINGS TO EAT."' ON: ' If 1 1 9 Y ga-tap Q 0.0.99 I . Af . as S W 1 O 9 QI sf..-Q, O 5 I PHONE 9 MA NITO ILLINOIS SINGLEY 'S CLOTHING STORE Q' ' NX K M l .Z- S ii ,agaq i -:L 1 ' 2 f T xX COME IN FOR YOUR CLOTHING NEEDS Phone 24 MANITO ILLINOIS LOFTHOUSE DRESS SHOP SEASONS NEWEST STYLES FIRST COMPLETE LINE OF LADIES' READY TO WEAR 43 6 COURT STREET PEKIN ILLINOIS JONES BROS. JEWELERS CERTIFIED GEMOLOGIST AMERICAN GEM SOCIETY REGISTERED JEWELER B 8: J CAFE COMPLETE DINNERS SHORT ORDERS FOUNTAIN SER VIC E MANITO ILLINOIS CUN'NINGHAM'S "THE FAMILY SHOE STORE" 206 WEST MAIN STREET PHONE 74J 517-19 COURT STREET PEKIN ILLINOIS HAVANA ILLINOIS SCHIPPER 8: BLOCK COMPANY PORTMAN DRY GOODS MENS' AND BOYS' CLOTHING LADIES' AND GIRLS' READY-TO-WEAR PEKIN ILLINOIS SPORTING GOODS QUALITY SINCE 1892 ACROSS FROM COURTHOUSE ON ADAMS PEORIA ILLINOIS BUCKLEY BROS. SPORT SHOP EVERYTHING IN SPORTING GOODS FOR HUNTING-FISHING-ATHLETICS 319 MARGARET STREET PEKIN ILLINOIS THE PHOTOGGERY 'YOUR CAMERA STORE " 5 12 COURT STREET PHONE 103 PEKIN ILLINOIS HYMBAUGH MOTOR SALES NEW 8: USED SMITH'S GROCERY CARS sl HOUSE TRAILERS ,QA fs, Blix' f .ffm 1 1134! I '-it " EPENDABLE GOODYEAR PHONE ' 'S'-3 A Q12 15 34 K V 1' SERVICE an I. 9" iw, AT LOW FIRESTONE ' M, 0' COST TIRES 'JA WE AIM TO PLEASE 'EKIN ILLINOIS MANITO ILLINOIS 3ERNSHAUSEN CHEVROLE T SALES COMPLIMENTS OF PHONE 23B WILLIAM HILST AND SON If H ff t nd rd ' I+? PLUMBING PLl21BINGfgTURf.S 'HEATING cost no Mons man mums MANITO ILLINOIS MANITO ILLINOIS DeSUTTER SUPPLY PEOPLE'S STATE BANK , I I XX I - - mznasn PHONE I -' 54 FEDERAL nesnnvr: N . , svsrsn Rx -... MANITO ILLINOIS MANITO ILLINOIS HUDSON SALES AND SERVICE SEELYE GARAGE h LL-I UD -- Llp PHONE 71 MA NITO ILLINOIS PALMERS MEAT MARKET MEAT FROM STOCK THAT DIED HAPPY MANITO ILLINOIS CARRMA FAR AM N URANCE FARMERS AUTO, LIFE, HOSPITAL ACCIDENT, FIRE, TOWN at COUNTRY SEE US FOR YOUR INSURANCE NEEDS MA l'l'0 MILL FARMERS FEED SERVICE Complete Lines of Merphy's and Faultless Feeds Chicks and Poultry Supplies Feeders and Waterers Lederle Products Economy Buildings Custom Grinding and Mixing MANITO ILLINOIS Phone 132 Manito MA wo EXPRESS LAMAR THEATRE PHONE 89 WISHES THE CLASS OF '53 THE BEST OF SUCCESS MANITO ILLINOIS AND HAPPINESS IN THE FUTURE 1 w -.. vn- -.4. 54. 1 I A. 1 if if o Tir 'r A-hav W 44,4 4 I S ', I Va., "'- V I V v.. ,, 44 NV. 4 T42 , . . 4 V ,4 - I V If 4,-. I, . I IV IVI,I, II A '43 4' t 4354? ' .V4 V P-4 V 4 V. V Ig,.4,V'r"-'4412.s:' : N VVV-r.V.g- .V 4.1 ' 4 ' ' ' ' "4 ' '-4 ' 1 n ,,4g-41:-ff" -4 164 e+'vV-FVVVV-5' :VV-V495 4, -F 4 ' . 'J' - ' 4 fi? fs: .4414 -4 f-fV'R'f-?14"" - V121 , --VSV 1'4z",Vf'we:"f'zV-V,Iam-V ww ' V . Er, IV II 4 I, V If .f'I- f 4 VIx II.VI":,I- V, I1VI ,I J: III 4I 1-Vi -"1:f',, I IIN 4 . I Ig IIVVVIQ' fi QF V ,- 71" '4 VV tV.451f I I4 I I . I I I I . 4:III1I4Z1I. I.IIiIIy .I I V II I I . K. QI -IIII I I+ V V 41' I , .44 III gf:-1'4V . 4"4 VVZI, Iy: . I T-' 14 . f, , VVE' 4' " ' 'ffvf 234. V 4 5- 'V 'iq V 4 4 -' I ,.'4VfV 4 4.1, . '4 IV 4 I' 44 1-.4 Q V V' 4 V I, I , - -4 -" IE fQIxf-I.4'y',- I V V 4 4 I 4 V ' ,VI V 441. V, V V 4 .- 4 V 1- . - V I. - 4, I r . A, . 4 4 .. 'V - VLA ' ' TVB 'VE 'V V ' "'x4'-2? Y 4V. i 'vi 4 1 ' V J. . ' 4 ' 44 . ff-:V 4512 VV 41 V - V 4 . 4. 5 . V 4 'a'4V:1 4:. V .41 V 4 " ' .J -4 4: gg. HV ,4 - - ., . 4' 43 V ' arg 4, 4 . 4 ' V 'v --.f, I V 1-V 4 - 4 ITII .V Q I 4. 4' I - I . - I-V , V ' 4, V , I 'g1. 4-nz 1 I V I I I J . f-4 I4 II? LQ? FI" In . I 5, -5, , V' 'f II I V- ' V '- .v1rII 'V ',V. IIII. 4 f' IIIIIL1 ' I' - I.' ,VI I - A 4. 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Suggestions in the Forman High School - Chieftain Yearbook (Manito, IL) collection:

Forman High School - Chieftain Yearbook (Manito, IL) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Forman High School - Chieftain Yearbook (Manito, IL) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Forman High School - Chieftain Yearbook (Manito, IL) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 57

1953, pg 57

Forman High School - Chieftain Yearbook (Manito, IL) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 6

1953, pg 6

Forman High School - Chieftain Yearbook (Manito, IL) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 6

1953, pg 6

Forman High School - Chieftain Yearbook (Manito, IL) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 34

1953, pg 34

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