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p A 'X -...l Q W, C fL11sn1Ef 3 Q X 5 Q. 'ff - ,.a-f,r ff 3 5 E I mx uunwm ny volume I Published bl' The Senior Class of THE FUHMAN SENIUH HIGH DMIN1 TR WGN U g XL Lily I' K Mix g I M W5 E E P E 3 ! . 1 E 'pa ffm Avo! ,dfear AS fgpemf 6? B1-flap I ff WE THE SENIORS, CLASS OF '52, HEREBY DEDICATE THIS FIRST ISSUE OF THE 'CHIEFTAIN' T0 THE NEW UNIT SYSTEM AND THE SEVEN DIRECTORS WHO HAVE GIVEN SO MUCH T0 MAKE IT A SUCCESS. Qlmiik llkbmimigifarikimm 6 1 4 1 ig::L -:::R Q45 kfymww ,, 'WVR 4ll"' i ..,. fz5M37 'K ?5QT,:-F' ? ' Z53 ' 35 LEONARD O. HEWITT FREDERICK BENDER OTTO DIERKER SUPERINTENDENT PRESIDENT OF BOARD SECRETARY OF BOARD T949 fn-5" " an-.-dl, I-,-lv LOUIS LUSSENHOP RAYMOND ROSKAMP LOUIS SCHUTTLER Q "Qf., P M ROY WHITE LESTER WORNER JOYCE MATTHEWS, SECRETARY fjofmam Egalifiunllikg fff?Q.?i::3k l" QQ 'iizl , ,oQ, Wggji ,gif sl, 1' , . x l A I ' 'Q 1 1 S. LU, l. L Beryl B. Le Count, Principal Eastern State College, B. S. in Ed., l9h7 - University of Illinois, M. S., 1951 American problems, plane geometry, advanced algebra, solid geometry Sponsor: annual, student council wily, E-5 s X 'px ,I A , Robert O. Burks ,.N' n' Western State College B.S. in Ed., 1350 1 Biology and genera sc ence -. 4' ' 1 S Q 6 Sponsor: senior class "5 .fr 5 A MQV, f-I Y ,,,,,-,, Miriam Kauffmann , m.. Goshen College Aff . B.A., l9L8 ,fe - W.,-5 English I, II , gx. Girls' phys. ed. ' 1 ,fff:,,'g Librarian ,'JL,, gl, +x,', ,X Sponsor: senior class ffzi' 1,Ls?Q5 Sgglf GQ! M -1 sseee an 0 "fr Alice E. Conover 6' Western State College B.s. in Ed., 19L5 j Music appreciation ,gr Clgorus , , of . and -fr-, gfigg ' Sponsor: junior class 5' 4 A "7TJ' E. Keith Johnson X7 Western State College B.A. in Ed., 1950 Dractical Mathematics Algebra, physics Sponsor: junior class fi of Agssq Eugene Brodman University of Illinois B.S. in Ed., 1931 Citizenship Phys. ed. Coach Sponsor: sophomore class Wilma R. Hewitt Ball State Teachers College B.S., 1937 Home economics Sponsor: sophomore class Future Homemakers of America Kirby V. Lawlis Southern Illinois State Unim B. Ed., 1937 First year typing Bookkeeping Secretarial practice Sponsor: freshman class Ferne Lawlis Western State College B. Ed., 1939 University of Illinois M.A. l9h7 English Ii, 111, IV Sponsor: Dramatics senior newspaper E ,Aa Q if V Eugene A. Patchett University of Illinois B S in Voc Ag 1 L8 Agriculture Sponsor freshman class '1l?' QE Q'-A , I ' H . . . ., 9 ' yi ' Future Farmers of America fa- ' Phone 132 Q Carol M. Kreiling Illinois State Normal Univ. B.S. in Ed., 1950 Grade school phys. ed. Second year typing American history World history Shorthand Sponsor: newspaper MANITO MILL Farmer's Feed Service V. I X1 Manito, Illinois n as llllliifgig shs N mWW'Lr as iL.' ' X' 3 ,J!m.wWl!l3!IH lQ. Nsjwmlwwg sw .usswrai.mmww5 Hassayam- THE HISTORY CF THE HIGH SCHOOL BUILDING The high school building was completed March 21, 1921. It is e three story building with the gymnasium on the top floor. The bottom floor, west side, con- sists of the bookkeeping room that is joined by the typing room. There is a glass partition that divides the two rooms. On the east s de is the boys' locker room, the furnace room, the agriculture room, and last comes the girls' locker room. On the second floor, beginning with the west side is the mathematics room, the superintendent's office, and last is the science room. On the east side is the English room, and the American and world history romn On the top floor is the old gymnasium and the principal's office. The old gym is now the study hall. The old study hall is now the bookkeeping and typing room. Now to the north side of our school is the beautiful-new gymnasium. It m completed in 1951, and dedicated on the evening of January 3, 1952. The Honor- able Harold H. Velde, U. S. Representative was the principle speaker of the eve- ning. It contains the home economics room and the cafeteria. It also has boys' and girls' locker rooms. These new improvements make our school one the best in the county. Our school having been combined with Forest City High School, has been given the new name forman Senior High School. RICKETT GRAIN AND FEED CO. Grain Buyers-Complete Line of Feeds Fertilizer, Phosphate, Ingredients Seeds Manito, Illinois Forest City, Illinois gov 1 as ,- XA? N' x ' f X I' ---. ': " nl, liiralngnekii'-1,27 - xJf!!'!!!! ill-' 4.88 Seated to right! Robert 'Pete' Rankin, Leonard Graff, Darre Hilst, Clarence Farnam. Standing: Jin Sanmann, Walter Kennedy, R. G. Casey. U-Iarold Meyer, Paul Hawkins absent . TRANSPORTATION The Forman Unit has six ouses and a station wagon ror the transportation of students to and from school. The buses range in size from a BL passenger to a 52 passenger. There are four that will seat L6. The cost of a new 52 passenger bus would be approximately 6ooo dollars and the L6 passenger would cost about L,5O0 dollars, new. There are about 306 children riding the busses each day. The longest route for a bus in a day in about 70 miles. Last year it cost 867.92 to transport one child to and from school for the complete year. Multiply this figure by 300 and you will get the approximate cost for transportation this vear. The men who have driven this year are as follows: Leonard Graff, Walter Kennedy, Ralph Whitaker Robert Rankin, Harold Meyer, R. G. Casey, Paul Hawkins, Jim Sanmann and Darrel Rilst. JANITORS Most of us take for granted our well kept buildings little realizing the work that must be done to keep our school clean and warm. The sight of Mr. Farnam and Mr. Graff going about their daily work is so common to us that we may sometimes forget just how important they are. They are responsible for seeing that the rooms are swept daily, rooms heated properly, rest rooms kept clean, garbage carried out and hundreds of other tasks performed. Have you done your share in helping them do their job. Who among you have thoughtlessly thrown trash on the floor or left paper to clog the drain pipes? If you have done these things you have made their-job more difficult. The Janitors are proud of our buildings. Are you? 'Pete' Rankin also helps w1th the janitorial 'duties. He has been the night fireman during the times when the independent teams played basketball. He has also taken over when the regular Janitors were absent. SMITH' S GROCER! We Aim To Please phone 3k Manito, Illinois jk 'sly' NI s E' hp 'Q- I Ea 75 ey 'Bw' 01- XP 5'13'J!:5fq .A f n . - W wi, - I L r w S I I 1 X il X 4 K Ax va, , F , x 3 . Q n 1' ll A. 'Ky . W wr- f -:L -..:g.f.,:u Ju... V ff FHM-:'.'.v5i Luigi, 4 W. , ,G L. Q ,. 1 r , 1' 1 . 3 .,. ,. ,g 4 X v .., t D. ff : 9 'Q 1 , if X Qu, 1 lg , In ,. P I 1 ,I-'x P " ls' 2 vi--G 51 ' 1 , ,U ,. SJ, , ,T, . i I 5 ' 5 - l1 "l . 14" 1.29 V 5 ' 15,7 L I, l' ' gQ:'+ r' I . ll ' v ' ., 'L . " ' , if A ' ,. n U fb-5 AN ' 'V ' ' r . 1, N F 'E 1 4 .. 3 'i., q i1f'i ' - -A! , i.-.S-aff ii-J-Mais 'E gf 'A' ,ff V L3 1 rf, fi' ig 'H F' 5.1 -ik li, 5 fi 2. xl FE IL 5' 25 gi room. The west side of the cafeteria consists of windows which furni rl if w fvswmwhkgwwg fanart F, .,., g Serving : Mabel Schirbeck, Frances Risen, Loma Van Laningham - Cooks. Chow Line: Billy Isenburg, Bobby Harp, Jackie Herrman, Danny Caulkins, Darlene Hasty, Wayne Schuttler, Eddie Buck, Keith Farnam, Joe Lahr, Josephine Parkin, Ruth Smith, Lois Skaggs. Seated: Joyce Matthews. The teachers and students at F.C.H.S. are very fortunate to have a new cafe- teria located on the second floor of the gym directly above the home economics sh plenty of light, the north end contains the kitchen and the south end has space for washing dishes and preparing vegetables. The walls and ceiling of the lunch room are white. The floor is covered with plywood in a natural finish. Students eating in the cafeteria pay 51.25 a week or 3.25 a day. As they file by the lunch counter they pick up their food which has been placed on the plates by the cooks. They then find seats at metal tables. The tables will seat lbh students if a chair is added to each end of the table, otherwise 126 can be seated at one time. There is no definite seating arrangement and every body enjoys a pleasant lunch with a minimum of noise and confusion. The new cafeteria cost approximately ten thousand dollars. This amount in- cludes getting the room ready for use and furnishing it with equipment necessary for preparing and serving the lunches. work is made much easier for the cooks by the many modern conveniences installed in the room. The new equipment con- sists of a dish washer, potato peeler, coolers and steam tables. All of the dishes can be done in the dish washer except pots and pans which must be washed by hand. Because of the large enrollments in both the grade school and the high school there are several different lunch periods in order to take care of all the students. I am sure that all students eating their lunches in the cafeteria will agree that the cooks and their assistants have done a wonderful job this year and that the cafeteria is one more step in making our high school an up to date institu- tion. SEELYE GARAGE Sales HUDSON Service Phone 71 Manito, Illinois ,- Sjambfza Uma W qu-ni Q-...ff RONALD LEE KREILING I was born January 5 l93L, in Forest City where I attended grade school. During my freshman year, in l9b8, I went for basketball and track. In my basketball A CHRISTMAS In my and track. was elected In my and track and was CAROL. was in the senior play DEAR editor for the CHIEFTAIN. sophomore year, I again went out f junior year, I went out for I was in our play QUIZ ME AGAIN editor for tho FLASH AND GABBIT senior year, I was chosen dent of our class and chairman of the council. I went out for basketball and track RICHARD LEE VAN ETTEN I was born in Forest City, September 2 193b. I attended Forest city Grade School and in l9L8, I entered FCHS. In my freshman year I was elected class pres- ident and I went out for basketball and track. In my sophomore year I again was elected class president. I went out for basketball track, and was in a play, PoP READS A CHRISTMAS CAROL. In my Junior year I went out for basketball and track. I was sports editor for the FLASH AND GABBIT and I was in our class play, QUIZ M AGAIN. This year I was class president. I partici- pated in baseball, basketball, and track. I was in chorus,the boys' quartette, and our class play, DEAR PAPA. in a play, POP PAPA, and was NORMAN THOMAS BILYEU I was born in Curran, Illinois June 2, l93b. I went to College Corner and Manito grades. I en- tered MCHS in l9L8. My freshman year I went out for baseball. I was in both band and chorus. During my sophomore year I was in the band went out for baseball and track. My junior year I went out for baseball and sentinal for F.F.A. This year I was elected secretary of my class. went out for baseball and was assistant produc- manager for the CHIEFTAIN. PEKIN DAILY TIMES VIRGINIA LENORE CAREY I was born February 5,l93h, in Ellsw inois. I attended Forest City Grade and in 1 entered FCHS. In my freshman year I was a librarian, and the girls' chorus. In my sophomore year I was elected of my class and book reviewer for the GABBIT. T was in two plays, POP READS A CAROL and DON'T BLAME M , chorus and the During my junior year I was elected of the class. I was gossip editor for AND GABBIT and public relations chairman I was in chorus and the sextet and in o play, QUIZ ME AGAIN. This year I was librarian,president a d - d A n co e itor for the CHIEFTAIN. I was and was in our class play, DEAR PAPA. LOIS ANN HILST I was born August ZL, l93h, in Pekin. tended Singley Grade School and in l9b8 I MBHS. My freshman year I sang in the girls' chorus orth FLASH S8!t8t the for F ur .H of F in .H. JOHN WILSON SCHIM LPFENNING I was born in Green Valley on June L, 193k I started to grade school in Green Valley, but fin ished in Manito. I entered MCHS in l9h8 In my freshman year I went out for baseball basketball, and track In my sophomore year I dropped track but kept on with basketball and baseball In my junior year I went out for baseball and and basketball. I was elected F F A reporter and was in our class play, MEET THE FOLKS This year I went out for baseball to help win ur first place troshy I was F F A , historian and was in our play EAR PAPA I at entered Ch0ruB. In my sophomore year I again took part in the In my junior year I had the part of Mary Jane in our play, M ET TEE FOLKS. Th s year I was cheerleader. I p in chorus, band, and our play DEAR P snapshot editor for the CHIEFTAIN. The first sem ester I was accompanist for the girls' chorus WHS CONKLIN LUMEER CO. We Aim to Satisfy Pekin CHARLES ARVIN WILSON I was born April 7, l93L, in Manito. I tended Callaway, Star, and Manito Grade In my freshman year, in 1948, I went our basketball, track, baseball, and chorus. In my sophomore year, I was chosen ident of my class. I was in chorus, track, and baseball. In my Junior year, I was elected president the class. I went out for basketball, baseball track, and chorus. I was in the class play, THE FOLKS, and in the bo s' quartette. I rece a second on my solo at This year I went baseball, and chorus. contest. I was in our tant sports editor for 335 Court Street JOAN DARLENE REED I was born December 18, 193k in Pekin. I at- tended Forest City and Manita-Grade Schools and in 191.8 I entered Hanito High. Except for initiation, my freshman,year, I found high school a lot of fun. In ly sophomore year I was the Music Editor for the ORANGE AND BLACK and I sang in the chorus. My iun1on'Egar I sang in the chorus and was in our p ay, M TRB FOLK . This year I was assistant snapshot editor for the CHIEFTAIN and was in our play, DEAR PAPA. i tie music contest. out for basketball, track I sang a solo at the play DEAR PAPA, and the CHIEFTAIN. ANNA LEE MORRIS I was born February 20, 193A in Pekin I t gggdggtgsggrgsgs igiiggg, and Coon Grade'3chooIs In my freshman ear I was in chorus. I was librarian, and secretary of our class. In my sophomore year I was in chorus, and I was librarian. I was in a play, POP READS A CHRIST- MAS CAROL, and was art editor for the FLASH AND GABBIT. In my junior year I was vice-president of our class, and art editor for the FLASH AND GABBIT. I was chorus and in our play, QUIZ ME AGAIN. This year I was in chorus. I was art editor for the CHIEFTAIN and also chosen for the D.A.R. award. HECKT'S BONNY SHOP We Specialize in Junior sizes Pekin, Illinois JOYCE LORRAINE HAMILTON I was born May 7, 193h, in Manito. I to the Manito Grade School but later attended f528Grade School. I entered Manito High School .My freshman year,I sang in the girls' chorus. In my sophomore year I was chosen of our class. In my junior year I was elected our class and class news reporter for the AND BLACK. In the spring, I was in our play, THE FOLKS. This year I was in our play, DEAR PAPA. was also production manager for the CHIEFTAIN. RONALD RAYMOND MEYER I was born in Pekin, Illinois, September 22, l93h. I went to Hickory Grove Grade School and MCHS in 1948. my freshman year I was elected class pres- and vice-president for F.F.A. I went out basketball, baseball, and track, and I sang in boys' chorus. In my sophomore year I was elected F.F.A.sec- I went out for basketball, track,and sang the chorus. In my junior year I was F.F.A. vice-president was in our play, MEET THE FOLKS. This year I was in our play, DEAR PAPA, and I was business manager for the CHIEFTAIN. NANCY ANN MARTIN I was born in Topeka on September 2h, 1933 Here I attended all eight years of grade school. During my freshman year, in l9h8, I sang in the girls' chorus. In my sophomore year I was secretary of my class, a librarian and the class news reporter for the FLASH AND GABBIT. This year I sang in the chorus. N499 In my junior year I was a librarian and wrote '1::,r' book reviews for the FLASH AND GABBIT. I was in a the chorus and our class play, QUIZ ME AGAIN. This year I was in chorus and in our class play, DEAR APA. I was assistant business manager for the CHIEFTAIN. FUNK BROS. SEED COMPANY Milton Meeker Representative Phone 103-F-M Manito, Lllinois GLENDA MAE KENNEDY I was born May 28, 193h. I attended Forest City Grade School and in l9h8, I entered FCHS. I was chosen vice-president of my class. I was in chorus and received a second on my solo in the music contest. In my sophomore year I was on the FLASH AND GABBIT staff, in chorus, and the sextet. I enter- ed the contest and received second. I was in two EEEESENSOP READS A CHRISTMAS CAROL, and WILLY'S In my junior year I was in our play, QUIZ ME AGAIN. I was in the chorus and sextet. I was P. H.A. secretary cheerleader and gossip editor for the FLASH AND GABBIT. In my senior year I was cheerleader, in chor- us, sextet, our play, DEAR PAPA and I sang a solo at the Music Contest. CHARLES CLEM T HENRY l93h. I went to Murry and Union f2 Grade Schools I started to FCHS in l9b8 In my freshman year I spent most of my tim on my subjects and didn't go out for outside ac- tivities. I was born near Middletown Illinois on May iQ 0 e In my sophomore year I had a part in a play, POP READS A CHRISTMAS CAROL. In my junior year I was class news editor for the FLASH AND GABBIT and had a comedy part in our play, QUIZ ME AGAIN. In my senior year I was in our play, DEAR PAPA, and assistant production manager for the CHIEFTAIN. CLARABELLE PAYE HALL I was born April 23, 1933, in Topeka. I at- tended Topeka and Deverman Grade Schools and in 19b8, I entered FCHS. During my freshman year I was in chorus, and I was the class reporter for the FLASH AND GABBIT. In my sophomore year I was again class reponv er I was in the chorus, and I was a student li- brarian. During my junior year I was a librarian and book reviewer f r the FLASH AND GABBIT. I was in theAgkg:us, thspsextet, and our class play, QUIZ This yeaq I was again a librarian. I was in F, and in our play, DEAR PAPA. I was assis- sales manager for the CHIEFTAIN. MANITO HARDWARE CO. Phone 32 Complete Line of Hardware k Implements Manito, Illinois FREDERICK CHARLES HEYL I was born August ll, 193h, in Pekin. to Parkland Grade School and in l9L8, I MCHS. In my freshman year I went out for and track and was elected sentinel for F.F.A. In my sophomore year I again went out for ketball and track. In my Junior year I went out for and track and was treasurer for F.F.A. This year I went out for basketball and t I was F.F.A. president, sports editor for CHIEFTAIN, and I was in our class play, DEAR PAPA JOYCE EILEEN RICHARDSON was born September 23, 193L, in Manito. I Manito Grade School and in l9b8 I entered High. In my freshman and sophomore years, I was shy and didn't go out for outside activi- The thing I remember most was wearing my wrong side out and backwards on initiation In my junior year I had a part in our class play, MEET THE FOLKS. This year I was in our class play, DEAR PAPA, and was glad to have been selected as assistant feature editor for the CHIBFTAIN. EUGENE GERHARDT VONDERHEIDE I was born October 7, l93b, in Manito Illi- nois. I attended Isenburg Grade School all eight years. I entered MOHS in 19h8. In my freshman year, feeling very ambitious, I went out for basketball and track. In my sophomore year, I devoted all my free time to baseball, which I enjoyed very much. In my Junior year, I again went out for base- ball. I wgsEigoLzge boys' chorus and our class P ay: N ET ' TAIR This year I was sales manager for the CHIEF- BERNSHAUSEN 2 Chevrolet Sales R Service Phone 23J' Manito. Illinois from the shore Qllamss ilflzmlennn 8 of Forman High, We'1l soon bid o On to the wide seas we'll roam To find a harbor to make our home. We'l1 miss Gene who For his constant buz He sits in history But he's usually luc There's John who He'1l spring a Some of his answers If he doesn't know them, Joan, who will In a maroon Chevy She studies history m O ur sad good-bye, is well-know here, zing in someone's ear and longs for a WBW, ky if he gets a 'DW. is so full of fun, joke on anyone. in class are a honeyg he'll say something funny soon be a bride, she likes to ride. rning, noon, and night, And her answers in class are usually right. Charles, 'Chewy' is his nickname, Whose singing will someday bring him fame. In history class, his thoughts are.far, He'd rather spend the time eating a candy bar. Norman does his d Not knowing him, you He seldom answers many But vilment on the sly, 'd think he was shy. questions in any class, for the past three years, he managed to pass. Fritz, who is so tall and thin, Our basketball games He doesn't care a But now and then he' he helped us to win. lot for the girls ll give them a whirl. Ronnie Meyer, who is sly and shy, Is thought of in school as a handsome guy. He's jolly and fun to have in class, And we all know he's bound to pass. Glenda Kennedy who likes to sing, From the contest, a medal she hopes to bring. when asked her hobby she replies, 'food', No matter when, she's always in the mood. Nancy Martin a smart little trick, With her answers in class she's always quick. She has a temper as we all know, But usually she hides it so it won't show. N. REULING AND COMPANY Pekin, Illinois E i There's Dick, who likes to play basketball, And is always seen with Clarabelle Hall. On our team he sometimes played center, And in the ouartette, he always sang tenor. Anna Lee who sometimes seems shy, Upon her you can always rely. We're glad to have her in class, we are, And she has been chosen as our D.A.R. You're one of the smallest and happiest of gals, !ou've always had a lot of pals, Do you know whom we're speaking to? Yes Virginia Carey, this is you. Joyce Richardson, another to be bride, In a green Frazer she'll always ride. In class she always likes to eat, But in sports she can't be beat. Joyce Hamilton, whom we all call 'SisH, Is another classmate we'll really miss. She's quiet and seldom has much to say, Reading's her hobbyg she spends her leisure time that way. Lois Hilst whom we tease about Loren As long as he's around, she'll not be forlorn. She's a speed demon in typing as we all know, We hope she gets a good job to prove it so. If you see someone blushing it's Clarabelle Hall, She's jolly and plump and not very tall. And we all know she's bound to stick, With her one and only, namely, Dick. Ronald Lee Kreiling who is always griping, About any subject from algebra to typing. Don't take this wrong, he's really a swell boy, But he's already taken, isn't he Joy????? Charles Henry we call Happy Hank. On his answers in English you can always bank. In algebra and geometry he's really a whiz, And he gets good grades on most every quiz. we'll miss our sponsors, Miss Kauffmann and Mr. Burks, For all their patience, and hours of work. To Mrs. Lawlis we're very much indebted, For directing 'Dear Papan, the play we presented. we'll owe Mr. and Mrs. Hewitt, Mr. Johnson, Mr. LeCount, Mr. Lawlis Miss Kreiling, and Miss Conover a great amount. Also to Mr. Patchett for his hours of ag, And thanks to Coach, of our teams we can brag. We hate to leave old Forman Highg Make the most of your school days, 'cause they really fly. We'd like to stay lonzer but our four years are goneg We're waiting now to hear WSail on, Sail on.N LEIFHEIT BROTHERS LUMBER CO. Phone b0J Quality Building Material Manito, Illinois Qfllass Eptaphatg Just think, it seems only yesterday when we were - back in high school leading an easy life. Let's just reminisce for a while. Just look at the kids ' now. re 5 97 3' ,- -.-its--' v.,. -sm ,J " Charles Wilson he's slaying away as manager of 1 . nclew-yn the Vogel's Super Market in Pekin, After graduat- ing from Forman High he took a course in trade at ' Bradley. He was married in 1951. and is now the Q proud father of a budding male quartette. Gaz, , ' , - 4' Lois Hilst is married and living in California. 'N " , She entered nurses training after graduating and then became an airline hostess. In 959 she mar- ried a pilot. 70411 John Schimmelpfenning is water commissioner of Chicago. About a year ago he married Matilda Hath- Kg away, daughter of a wealthy lawyer. John got in- to his political career while cleaning up vice in A the Manito-Forest City area. L She is now the head libarian of the Detroit Lib- ix- Q ary. She was married to Wilfred Bitner in 1956. Y ,f I NWNY A f l , n Nancy Martin attended I.S.N.U. for two years. 4 , KI v ' M' Dick Van Etten attended the University of Illin- ois f'or 8 years ahd became a doctor. He is a well - .. .. known physician in the great metropolis of Topeka, .Doc Mm Efcn nnnoia. r- Fritz Heyl took Fordy Anderson's place coaching , - ' Bradley Braves. He is soon to be married to the Q 'Z popular actress, Margaret O'Brien. He's still the W' fig! ' ju, 211 same old Fritz, though. . 4' .X 6 XS 1 Joan Reed was married to Dewayne Thomas in June after graduating from Forman High. Joan, Dewayne and the three children are residing on a farm near Jzan Manito. Gene Vonderheide and Charles Henry are still 'gf bachelors. A couple of years back they went to- N , gether and bought a ranch out West. They have 5 -X bought several more ranches within the last two ff W -, years. f' 1 NM. ' I Ronnie Meyer now owns one of the largest grain- farms around this part of the country. Last sum- mer he bought out the Kelly Seed Company in Mason . City. The way it looks, Ronnie prefers a single Ranma life, ' SINGLEY'S Men's Er. Women's Ready-to-Wear Clothing '31 foils' Z5 M s J S -X Afancf Xa-r,-'tif' , , H7-115: It ef re -.7 ln dia . 1 ,r an Rv Q h'.h,.1-9 s 5? 1? K' , , N1 .Pick ,. cl a ct Phone 21+ Manito , Illinois Norman Bilyeu owns a newspaper office in Forest City. He and his wife are generally very busy collecting and preparing news for their small but popular paper. Anna Lee Morris attended Brown's Business Col- lege and got a job in the office at Keystone. Af- ter being messenger girl for awhile she became art editor of the nationally-known paper, 'Key- stone Gazette". Alarm 19000 led The one girl everyone thought would get married , right after she was out of school was Joyce Rich- 5 ardson. Joyce, believe it or not, joined a trav- -4- sling circus. She is the well-known, 'Miss Bal- Q ance," tight-rope walker. Q Q Q7 ' ,Xu . 'I Q , YB' 2 Lee Kreiling is president of the Woodeatters N V S ' 'hzrmite Company. After graduating he started to Bradley, then in the summer of 'Sb he worked for 7-'--G I1 + this company. He liked it so well that he soon became head man. His motto is "If Woodeatters Joyce R- Lge can't get rid of 'em fthe turmitesl no one can." .xxx Glenda Kennedy, 'The girl most likely not to 'id Q succeed," is touring the country with the Bgton U ' Symphony Orchestra. She entered a Chicago Music s ' School where she worked her way to fame. While A s 1 touring Paris, she found her One and Only, Jo- ' hanne Snodgrass. Y N Virginia Carey headed out West when she finish- ed high school. She was married in July, 1953. I I' can't seem to recall her last name now. However, her husband is a three star-general. They are the Gfeflda . , , Joyce Hamilton is living in Chicago and writ- VIFIYIHIQ ing a column for the Chicago Daily News. It is 'Advice To The Lovelorn". Some day she hopes to get married but so far she has not been able to - advise herself. A . 4 I 'wif ' .' f' aus 'Q 17 my Clarabelle Hall last but not least, rode a bus so long to school that she just decided to get a job driving one. She has been driving a bus now Cfdfd 6908 for 8 years at the Forman High School. I guess the school has grown considerably since we were Jaffe 'ff there. She said that Mr. LeCount enrolled nearly 2000 students last fall. LEWIS PONTIAC Sales Service Pekin, 111111018 is ff. I 1 " , 2 fe I. S mass will Devoted classmates,we are gathered here in this room to bear wit- ness to the reading of the last will and testament of faithful and loyal friends. We the class of 1952, about to sail out on the sea of life do hereby make this our last will and testament. I, Virginia Carey, will my ability to get along with servicemen to Eloise Whitaker, my shorthand grades to whoever can stand them I, Gene Vonderheide, leave basket and my ability to 'buzz' I, Lois Hilst, bestow my ability my grades in English in the wastepaper in someone's ear to Dale Rakestraw. skill in typing to Leroy James and my to get along with the sophomore boys to the sophomore girls. I, Joan Reed, will my history knowledge to Sherry Beale but I'1l keep my home economics technique for my own future use. I, John Schimmelpfenning, will my mischievousness to Gerald Gath- mann and my accuracy in typing to Ann Heyl. I, Fritz Heyl,leave my heighth to Frank Vaughn and skill in track to Arvin Johnson. I, Glenda Kennedy, leave my singing ability to Janice Le Masters and my appetite to Shirley Palmer. I, Lee Kreiling, will my ability to stick to one girl to Freddie Friedrich and my constant 'gripe' to Henry Hintz. I, Joyce Hamilton, leave my shyness to Linda Le Sourd and ting skill in softball to Janet I, Joyce Richardson, bequeath my history knowledge to my bat- Skinner. Darlene Hunyon and my way to 'hook' a man to Anna Forsythe. I, Clarabelle Hall, will my heighth to Harvey Goodin and my way to keep a class ring to Delores I, Charles Henry, will my and my manly physique to Ronnie I, Norman Bilyeu, will my Hilst. naturally-wavy hair to Ray Rochester Thomas. athletic skill to Parker Lawlis and my way to get along with girls to Marvin Quick. I, Ronnie Meyer, give my forwardness to Don Vance and my front seat in English class to Eleanor Hewitt. I, Anna Lee Morris, bestow my artistic talent to Nelson Schap- paugh and my way to get along with people to Joyce Hill. H. J. HACKMAN STORE Dry Goods R Clothing N ZEMPLE HARDWARE Havana, Illinois W Phone l Havana, Illinois I, Nancy Martin, leave my secretarial practice grades to Nora Mae Golden and my temper to Ed Heinhorst. I, Dick Van Etten, will my way to get along with the teachers to Roy Henry and my history grades to Vergil Bortell. I, Charles Wilson, bestow my voice to Mario Lanza and my basket- ball skill to Leroy Tisdale. W a . I f - Y 1 14141 I 14-44. I O 'Q e ZZ M4 si E W ' ' 'ff - . !ZHgE, giwii J6zp14f4:V72C2L' 4f2444f27,, Q , , fa.. 6 I .mf .14,.'.fa1 I I , X 44:44:11 44.27 ' .I 1411 1f.,. A... 42wf.-,l I A , ,lie Q Ag '. I ' ' ' I ' .Q ' 4 witnessed by: Q1 'J HTH if CUNNINGHAM'S 4 CAULKIN'S STANDARD SERVICE 206 VI. Mai St t 4- Ji Ma . P11006 7l+J n Hasgxga, Illinois if On the Bligli an rlowe, Prop c top Manito, Illinois 2X X X x si TW VX 'K 15 2. 'G .J .-V Y Xi 3 .:. ' 1 I Q11 " : 'if ":. V Lg , K ' 7' . , I . I , , +I ' 4 g Q, .. , 4 V ' 4 I I .- f , il ,- , .. 4 ' V 4, , . . i X .. . L , . . - i I I 'Q , . 'Q ,A , , x 4 ' I i , 1 , I ri . . l 1 , L ' 1 l w w 1 I n x , 1 V ' U . 5 V .9 M? X ' V, W L 'i! . L 7 w.4.,iff?1i ' . ' k. -Ii . ' 4 L E ,M gi, M -r,,!gL-3: ' .!j2. f '-Egg-R WA 1 . X L 1 fl. . 1+ M41 1 1 . . N .': , , will 1, izfl v 'I , ' 1. ,l 'ff -? W x ' Q 'V 'aL1i 5 ,f I . , 3 N l ' " f' .. E f. . , "wifi V E ! fr, H' a L Q ,QM . Hi? TEE ' " 1 'lIE JE' xl 1 I, 4. A Q . " - : .f H ' I ' ' . , if x, Y , '- 1 .3 Q v-V X 3- ww :-- - : P, ni: L 4 V - 1 ,L :N W' - ' 'XA ' Q3 - fjw x X .-.Q s I1 lx 4,'R'1.VF,li- wi ' M -V! 1 L ik ' X 2 f F' 5. , -V. 9 ,f.v:', -1 . -if' f 21 1, wr - , ffl ' '12 1,..f y - t gif :Him Q- K ' ' 5 .vii 4.1 7, if . , ', Q4 , ,AA .A 1e-- - 59, ' 5 wg - u , F1 ' '31 .Lfx 2 g 11-f. ',1. S--, 1 il :' f"' sifimlilek 1- '4.f.g.1.'1151 s-df .gr 4 ' J? use-.siiiiliiz Mi is-.ASH-Q-Anna" A ' ' " 'W 'Y' iaaiii' " ' ' ' 3 X , f' Y g ' E 5 V I 'F fy ' ' 'IIA K! 1 L "'g'l gg, yn- x 4 f I If F , V . 6 ,q! N If ' ., J , 2 Q I sl A 'fm 1,-' -N ' ' A ' 5 A 1 ' ' ,, n Q it v fi 1 lx an HN N 4 la X, '1 adv: ' I .1 tl P26 . f-.Ohm 'mmm Seated : Cleft to rightl Mr. Johnson, Ronald Thomas, Arvin Johnson, Ross Kreiling, Betty Meyer, Darlene Runyon, Marilyn Bernshausen, Miss Conover. 2nd Row: Eloise Whitaker, Marjorie Eyman, Nora Mae Golden, Joy Risen, Mary Abbott, Lorna Calloway, Donna Spaits. 3rd How: Frank Vaughn, Dennis Woiwode, Richard Middleton, Don Meyer, Leroy James, Carolyn Werner, Marie Meyer. Lth Row: Dale Rakestraw, Keith Runyon, Duane Golden, Fred Friedrich, Jacob Smith, John Dosier, Dave Caulkins. 5th Row: Arla Jean Foste, Ann Heyl, Shirley Palmer, Delores Hilst, Eloise wahlfeld, Josephine Tisdale, Bonnie O'Hara, Doretta Skaggs. 6th Row: Norman Tisdale, Don Wilson, Jerry Morse, Jack Richardson, Maurice Walker, Marvin Quick, George Long, Vergil Bortell, Dale Darnell. OW This year the jolly juniors have had a busy season. The junior class sold more magazines than any other class in the magazine sales campaign at the be- ginning of the year. Next was the class play 'If Mother Only Knew'. Mrs. Lawlis, the play di- rector,land the class worked hard to make the play a success. Those who were not in the play had some part in helping to present it. Then along came the basketball season with juniors in charge of the conces- sions at every home game including all games of the Mason County Tournament, held here at Forman. The sponsors, Miss Conover and Mr. Johnson, worked hard to help with the event. The juniors and their sponsors did their part in making the tournament a big success. The lucky day for the juniors arrived when they received their class rings. Although they were proud, of them, a few didn't keep them long. The juniors should be proud of their class and sponsors. All have helped to make this year a big and happy success for all concerned. SCHIPPER E BLOCK CO. Dry Goods Ready-to-Wear Pekin, Illinois 1 Q E 3 ,ff mf X , WOM EE I . Q ' M L6 X .f 1 'L 'ifilp , 1. 7,54 ,iii ,if 'fu 5 fi if .24 745, 9-3 nga, 135' if '11 .-, i ,M , .IQ . I YF, F if Seated : Cleft to right! Mr. Brodman Eldon Wahlfeld, Loren Sunderland, Richard Wells, Loretta Warner, Frances Ramilton Marilyn Heyl, Mrs. Hewitt. 2nd Row: Sherry Beale, Elizabeth Bitner, Pauline Frederick, Leo Gray, Stella Schimmelpfenning Alice Martin, Shirley Schimmelpfenning. 3rd Row: Smith Rakestraw Kenneth Bender Nelson Schappaugh, Ronald Vogel, Charles Bilyeu, Edward Heinhorst, Joe Parkin, Frank Golden. hth Row: Anna Forsythe, Margaret Hawkins, Laura Crafton, Joyce Thompson, Janet Lempke, Beverly Stanley, Patia Himmel, Linda Le Sourd. Sth Row: Douglas Runyon, Wintfred Richardson Pat Lynch, William Rochester, Lowell Golden, Ronald Wistehuff, Wayne Knaak, Albert Morris, lRoy Henry, Donald Vance-Absentl. Q? M... The ambitious sophomores began the year by electing the following officers: Dick Wells, president, Loren Sunderland, vice president, Loretta Warner, secre- tary-treasurer, and Janet Lempke, class reporter. They sold magazines for Crowell Collier and Curtis Publishing Companies, mak- ing a profit of S6l.L6 from both companies. Being in charge of the Christmas Party, they decorated a tree in the ym and gave a play called, 'Pop Reads The Christmas Carol', directed by Mrs. iawlis. Those who did not take part helped in setting the stage. All the schools in the Unit were invited. After entertainment a treat was distributed. Everyone en- joyed the party except those who were absent because of the snow. The class went on a skating party, January 18th, at the Sky Ranch. Each per- son was given the privilege of inviting a guest. Everyone had fun even though he did take a few spills. Mrs. Eckman and Mr. Brodman are the sponsors who helped them plan their ac- tivities. Since Mrs. Eckman has gone, Mrs. Hewitt has taken her place. THE PHOTOGGERY Your Camera Shop Phone 103 512 Court St. Pekin, Illinois ,,,f'--' ' " "' X Q i ' E. HN 'MQ , . gg , T 1 : Q, ' ' fs. 4 V i if ww , ! , , ' ' ! , ' I, W 1: jj'-L53 MQ ' T. 1 ' Q Nl 5 Efira if , U f f . l rf 6 5 F Jlxzn .-an -ui'f...u. fl Qfim 00 Seated : Cleft to right! Mr. Lawlis, Mary Ann Vonderheide, Sherrie Goodin, Eleanor Hewitt, Rose Mary Snyder, Gary Gorden, Le Roy Tisdale, Mr. Patchett. 2nd Row: Lois Skaggs, Don O'Hara, Duane Simpson, Holland Kastner, Donald Morris, Henry Hintz, Joyce Hill. 3rd Row: Mary Rakestraw, Linda Friend, Janet Skinner, Kay Goodin, Verla Schappauzh Patty Endicott, Janice Le Masters. bth Row: Hebert Hall, Donald Barrett, Melvin Hundt, Alan Hubbard, Eddie Woodinz, Dwight Whitaker, Roy Golden Laurence Meyer. Sth Row: Rose Marie Wilson, Ruth Heed, Jo Ann Tisdale, Ruth Smith, Mildred Gerrietts, Marie Schacherbauer, Loida Crosby, Phyllis Kroell. 6th Row: Stanley Noll Barton Irwin, Marvin Wilson, Dale Parkin, Harvey Goodin, Steve Herrman, Gerald Cathmann, Russell Barnes. ? W The freshmen elected the following people for class officers: Rose Mary Snyder, presidentg Eleanor Hewitt, vice presidentg Gary Gorden, secretary trea- surer. On Friday, September lb, the seniors initiated the freshmen. The entire stu- dent body was invited to watch the affair. The freshmen boys wore girls' shorts, and the girls wore bib overalls. They also had make-up on. Ice cream, cookies and pop were served by the seniors. On September 28, the freshmen gave a return party by having a hayrack ride with the seniors as their guests. They had a weiner roast at the Mt. Carmel School. There were six hayracks. The dri- vers were Dwight Whitaker, Olen Burgett, Ross Kreiling, Frank Golden, Don Meyer and Leo Gray. Excitement occurred when the pop table fell and when Mr. Johnson and Mr. Burks fell from the hayrack. The freshmen made a profit of 8103.11 on the two annual magazine drives. High salesmen were Dwight Whitaker and Gary Gorden. On Sunday, January 20, the freshman class sponsored a skating party at the Skv Ranch. Each freshman was allowed to bring a guest. The freshman regretted losing one of their members, Dorothy Callaway. COHEN FURNITURE COMPANY Pekin Peoria Illinois HLE TIC ik QV 3 ANN K 'fu 5 e 35+ L 4 . ,., . if ' 4 J ,, 5 , 5 , u ' 5 2 - 3 W , j 1 f X gf' ' I I if -gk .A , 2 5 Qi? , -Sf nf I I ! f eeaoe"'f-F inf' 5 YN -sr hu 31 Y Yffilfkx was 155455 Seated : lleft to right! Ronald Lee Kreiling, Ronald Thomas, Fritz Heyl, Richard Van Etten Marvin Quick, Charles Wilson. 2nd Row: Dennis Woiwode, mgr., Duane Golden, Fred Friedrich, Loren Sunderland, Dick Wells, Keith Runyon, Coach Brodman. 3rd Row: Vergil Bortell, mgr. Joe Parkin, Ronald Vogel, Pat Lynch, George Dale Parkin Wayne Knaak, Ronald Wistehuff, Edward Heinhorst. bth Row: Alan Hubbardf Stanley Noll, Russell Barnes, John Dosier, Kenneth Bender, Frank Golden, Marvin Wilson, Dale Darnell, Le Roy Tisdale. The Forman Braves have done exceptionally well in basketball for their first year. At the beginning of the season they soon climbed to first place in the Mason County standings with a 8-0 record. However, Easton downed the Braves in their ninth challenge by a ten point margin. Sailing for the Braves was not so smooth for the rest of the season. So when the County Tournament rolled around, Forman was ready for a rouzh battle ahead. Mason City secured the title while Havana ousted Easton to win second place. Easton topped Forman in the fight for third place leaving the Braves fourth in the County. Parker Lawlis was down with the measles and was unable to play in the last two games of the tourney. For the first time in the history of our schools the County Tournament was held at Manito in the new Forman High gymnasium. Forman had the privilege of having an over-all high attendance record and the highest total gate receipts for any Mason County Tournament. The Junior class sold refreshments at every home game and during the County Tournament. The proceeds went into the Junior treasury. The money will be used to help take a trip at the end of their senior year. Roy Runvon furnished the venison for a delicious supper in honor of the bas- ketball squad. Other prominent businessmen donated to the feast and were pre- sent at the supper alone with the cheerleaders and members of the faculty and their wives. The supper was prepared at Monroe's Cafe on the evening of Jan- uary l6, 1952. Pictures were taken by Danny Jenkins after everyone had finished eating. For Fine Furniture See Harry Abel at 326 Court Street FREDMAN BROS. Pekin, Illinois At the beginning of basketball season it was decided that there would be an Athletic Banquet for the basketball and baseball boys of both Forman Senior High and Forman Junior High. The Mothers Club prepared the supper at 81.75 a plate. Itxwas held in the Forman gymnasium and the speaker for the evening was Mr. Stanley from Beloit College. The banquet was open to the public. Present atdm feast were the members of the faculty, the Board of Education, the basketball and baseball squads from both schools, and people throughout the communities. There were several outstanding games during the basketball season. Easton clashed with Forman for the first time to decide the first place standing in Mason County. Forman took a seven to nothing lead in the first few minutes of play in the first quarter but the Hawks soon blew us wide open and took over the game. They continued to lead at the end of the game and won by a ten point mar- gin. Forman journeyed to Havana on December 18, to pull through a hard fought game by beating the Ducks 55-52. Forman journeyed to Athens to enter the Athens- Greenview Tournament. They were beaten in the first game by Ashland. Ashland then advanced to the finals to meet Athens. Athens dropped Ashland to win the Athens-Greenview Tournament. On January 22, Athens traveled to Forman in hopes of securing another victory. However, the tables turned and the Braves backed up another win by downing the champions by four points, hh-LO. It was a close game all the way with first one team leading and then the-other. Forman has dropped eight games this year: Easton copped three, Mason City took two, Ashland landed one, Petersburg racked up one, and Pekin took the last. Because of its' size, Forman went straight to the Pekin Regional this year to play Pekin in the first game on March 3. New sweat shirts were awarded to the first ten at the beginning of the County Tournament. They are blue with orange and white trimming along the shoulders and around the bottom. The old sweat jackets were given to the second team. The seniors are beginning to realize now how much they are going to miss sports when they get out of school. Every once in a while someone says, I wish T had just one more year left. Well, that's the way it goes and we hope that the underclassmen will take advantage of that statement and enjoy the sports while they have the opportunity. 5 Wake-.? Date Opponent Place Eg They Nov 13 Delavan H 18 27 Nov 16 Bath H LO lb , Nov 20 Chandlerville T 31 19 ' Nov. 27 Greenview T 19 23 M Nov 30 Green Valley T 26 9 nec 1. san Jose 'r 16 11. SQ! nec 7 Kilbourne H 1.2 8 .nf Dec lk Green Valley H 28 21 Dec 15 Easton T 2b 15 Sv Dec 18 Havana T 22 21 bf, L N ' Jan L San Jose H 29 15 ' Jan 15 Mason City H BL 22 cf' we Jan 22 Athens H 31 19 R 1 Jan 25 Bach T 21 17 Feb 8 Kilbourne T 60 19 Feb ll Easton H 2h 28 Feb 15 Greenview H 33 22 Feb 22 Petersburg T 25 26 COURT MOTORS, INC. Dodge trucks Dodge-Plymouth Used Cars-Trucks Phone 16B Capitol 8 Margaret St S. Pekin, Illinois L Qc' - H4 if TEAM gv"S 1 QQ I Y- X .M M V ' fleft to right! Glenda Kennedy, Joy Risen, Gary Gorden, Eloise Whitaker, Lois Hilst. Assembly was called last fall, to let the students select the 1951-52 cheer- leaders. Four girls and one boy were chosen from a group of eleven girlsamd three boys. Those selected were: Lois Hilst, Glenda Kennedy, Joy Risen Eloise Whitaker, and Gary Gorden. Lois and Glenda are the graduating cheerleaders. Since the school colors are now orange and blue, the cheerleaders needed new in pole vault and third in hop-step and jump. uniforms. The school furnished the material for blue weskits, blue skirts lin- ed with orange, and orange tights. The girls bought their own shoes and tdouses. 7mm Since we have no past records this year's chances. First we strength of their competition as Dick Van Etten placed second First and second place in hop-s ? of Forman in track, we will attempt to predict will list last year's country placers and the it was last year. tep and jump went to seniors last year so Dick may be able to improve his standing this season. Lee Kreiling placed fourth in the hop-step and jump and he can possibly improve his record. Ronald Thomas took second place in the discus and third in the shot. Since his competition has lessened he will very likely improve his placing. Fritz Heyl placed first in high hurdles and second in the low hurdles. Competition again should be less, so that Fritz may also improve his standing. Charles Wilson placed third in pole vault, and competition is again about the same. Keep goin, Chuck. Although these boys failed to meets. The following are their names and the track activities that they attempt: Dick Wells, pole vault and half mileg Duane Golden the LAO and putg Pat Lynch, hop-step and jump 100, 220 and high jumpg Kenny Bender vault and ALO, Dale Rakestraw shot and discus: Douglas Runyon, place in the county they helped in the regular will shot , pole , ALO, high and low hurdlesg Arvin Johnson, the the broad jump and 8803 Ronnie Wistehuff, the high jump and pole vaultg Loren Sunderland, tne shot, broad jump, hop-step and jump, Dale Parkin, shot, high jump and broad jumpg Rolland Kastner, the pole vault and hop-step and jumpg Laurence Meyer, the mileg Frank Golden, the hb0g Dale Darnell, the mileg Keith Runyon, half mile, hop-step and jump and broad jumpg Allen Hubbard, the 1003 Ronald Vogel, half mile, hop Heinhorst, hop-step and jump, broad jump, high jump and half mile. This year should prove very successful for Forman. How close did we come? JOHNSON FUNERAL HOME Ambulance Service Phone 193 HI IDO, I111D01I . 5, cfs 5 , Q 2 A 1 ' A 1 :'? 1.33. I lst Row: Cleft to right! Coach Brodman, Wayne Knaak, Ronald Thomas, Dick Van Etten, John Schimmelpfenning, Charles Wilson, Lee Kreiling, Don Wilson, Don Meyer, fManagerD Dennis Woiwode. 2nd Row: Norman Bilyeu, Charles Bilyeu, Dale Darnell, Smith Rakestraw, Marvin Quick, Frank Vaughn, Keith Runyon, Frank Golden, Loren Sunderland. 3rd Row: Holland Kastner, Roy Golden, Joe Parkin, Dale Parkin, Leo Gray, Ronald Wistehuff, Dick Wells, Edward Heinhorst, Kenneth Bender Jacob Smith, Lawrence Meyer, lManager1 Patrick Lynch. CParker Lawlis - absents. Forman's first season in baseball turned out to be a good one. There were thirty-six boys out for baseball this year. Coach Brodman was very much pleased to see such a good turn out. Some new equipment was purchased this year, in- cluding gray and blue suits, twelve baseball bats, and a new catcher's protec- tor. The boys all worked hard and were rewarded for their efforts by receiving the Mason County Championship Trophy. The school and community were all grate- ful to the coach and team for winning the troohy, which is one of the largest we have. The team. won several Abe Lincoln scheduled games but bowed to Athens, which ut them out of the race. As a reward, the team, was taken to see the P Bradley-Tampa and the U. of I. versus U.C.L.A. football games. There were sev- eral double plays and a triple play this year which showed keen team work. The boys olaved in the following position: CF - Hawkins replaced by Kreiling, replaced by Sunderland, LF - Rakestraw replaced by Hein- horst, P - Thomas replaced by D. wilson, 3B - C. Wilson replaced by N. Bilyeu and Wistehuff, C - D. Meyer replaced by Darnell,lB - Knaak replaced by VanEtten, Quick and Parkin, 2B - Lawlis replaced by Runyon, and RF - Vaughn replaced by F. batting averages of all the boys who saw action in SS - Schimmelpfenninz Golden. Following are the regular season play and had at least one official time at bat: AB H AVE. 4' AB H AVE, Heinhorst 2 2 Ci Knaak ll 3 .272 Sunderland 1 1 1.008 0 C, wilson 18 1, , 222 Darnell h 2 -50 Vaughn 10 2 .200 N- Bilyeu I 2 1 .500 Lawlis 16 2 .125 Schimmelpfenning 15 6 .LOO D, Meyer 16 2 .125 Rakestraw lb 5 .357 Runyon l O .OOO gawkins lg 2 -333 Wistehuff 1 O .OOO uic - F. Golden l O .OOO Thomas 17 5 .294 - Van Etten 1. O .OOO ,D. Wilson L 0 -000 DATE OPPONENT - ws PLACE THEY Sept. 7 San Jose 57 T 3 Sept. ll Mason City - sv H o Sept. lb Bath 31 H O Sept. 18 Easton 71 T 1 Sept. 20 Athens 7: H h Sept. 2A Kilbourne 19' H Oct. 3 Athens 6 H lg, 415 South 2nd. Street Pekin Dairy Pekin, Illinois Park Date Nov. 13 Nov. 16 Nov. 20 'Nov. 27 Nov. 30 Dec. 4 Dec. 7 Dec. lu Dec. 15 Dec. 18 509076 12 Jan. 22 Jan. 25 Feb. 8 Feb. 11 Feb. 15 Feb. 22 Jan. 10 Jan. 29 Jan. 30 Feb. 1 Ponn IC Mar- L+ Reddy 3 elif? -orqn. 1951 1952 SCHEDULE Opponent Place 'Hg Delavan H 36' Bath H 48' Chandlerville T 48' Greenview T 53' Green Valley T 53' San Jose T 52' Kilbourne H 68' Green Valley H 430 Easton T U1 Havana T 55' San Jose H 52' Mason City H 45 Athtns H bb' Bath T 58' Kilbourne T 86' Easton H U1 Greenvlew H M7' Petersburg T 66 ATHENS-GREENVIEW TOURNAMENT Ashland T 51 MASON COUNTY TOURNAMENT San Jose H M8' Mason City H 56 Easton H 45 REGIONAL TOURNAMENT Pekin T 31 ,, ,. .ra-' ., A Z -,,5."':L iam Q52 '1' '- gi 1 We KREEB'S INC Everythinv For Men They it V 25 37 35 37 22 31 35 29 51 52 51 53 bo M2 41 MB' 3b 73' 58' ue 7845 U90 72' 13:cA -J fQ0fV Keaffl x A F M0 ,,, 9 " Y me 1 QQ X J if 1 as ,'l 1. H J , 'sl r' ' - U 1 , . - - pf ,D 'zu 1' N "1 F f Q 9 317 Court Street O Pekin, Illinois A 51 TIVL5? 4 f I 6 -1Z::!3- W. XX A Xf, NQQQWQA 4,4 , , 5 , N Hwy ' ff hu nik "W V 1, x 9 1 X N Q RQ X f' ff fy . X XTIT V L! If 'ff f Q YTQ X5 ff fl k R5 F lfzunillp .S ' -, 3 1 T? Aug. 31 Sept. 3 7 ll af? ? lit lb 17 18 -e' .' 'ME 3352521 H ., , A 19 21 27 , xxx. N g,yf 28 f ., 1' fl we ng ,Q Fvgj ,iA aff' ' v 29 Oct. 3 10 15 17 2h Zh 25 26 '1 Nov. 9 13 lluh. WM 1, Ill f, illl -l. " , CALENDAR School begins-Registration day all students fingerprinted and photographed. Labor day-Legal holiday--Man-o- man, what a day. Beat San Jose on the diamond today. KThereJ Won over Mason City today. fHerel Flew over Bath on our diamond. Initiation--Rough day for the freshman. FHA wiener-roast at Forest City campus. Beat Easton on their field today. Ring salesman here today. Tromped Kilbourne on our dia- mond. We beat Mason City in the fresh man and sophomore baseball game on our field. Freshman Return Party-Weiner roast and hayrack ride--Johnson fell on Burks. FHA Bake sale. Ummmmmm some- thing good to eat. Abe Lincoln Baseball Tournament Our tough luck as Athens beat us in a tough game. Visitation day for the teachms- Holiday for us. Our shackles were cut. FHA meeting today. Report cards--The bad news. Crowell-Collier Magazines sales begin. Balfour salesman shows invita- tion. County Teachers Institute at Mason City-Hal Ha! The teach- ers have to go to school. IEA Teachers meeting at Peoria- Holiday for us. Open House at Junior High- Did you see what those kids have done. Junior Class Play-nIf Mother Only Knewn land she does.J Delavan-Basketball game here. Our good luck. Phone 29 BENDER'S SALES L SERVICE Manito, Illinois by Bath-Basketball game there. Our good luck again. Chandlerville basketball game in their gym. FHA meeting at Easton, the girls made chile lughl. Thanksgiving vacation we ate too much, should have stayed in bed. Beat Greenview on their home floor. Braves did it again! Green Valley downed at home. We beat San Jose on their floor. Sent Kilbourne home with a de- feat. Forman school club play at For- est City and then Manito. Green Valley downed for the sec- ond time - here. It had to come. Easton beat us on their floor. Dunked the Ducks on their pond. In the mood. Christmas concert at 8:00 P.M. Christmas vacation opened with an all student party in the gym. Back to the old grind. We show off for the public and dedicate our gym. Caught the Devilfsl the second time. It was a tough battle. Athens - Greenview tournament. Ashland knocked us out. Curtis magazine sale began with more corny jokes. . Lost a rough and tough decision to Mason City-here. Seelye Hardware show - helps pay for school movies. We beat Athens who beat Ashland who beat us - figure that one out . Lynched Bath - there. Feb. 2 Mason County Tournament Mason City first, Havana second, Easton third, Forman fourth? Bath consolation. Kilbourne sportsmanship. Manito Hardware show - more mov- ie money. Green Wave washed out - there. The Hawks flew away with another game here. Phone 89 MANITO COMMUNITY EXPRESS Manito, Illinois Feb. 12 15 22 25 Marr ll-7 6 lk 15 27 April 2 la 5 11 18 Hay 2-3 1 2 9 10 May 25 28 29 Thanks to Mr. Lincoln we are loose again today. Sent Greenview home with another defeat. The Petersburg Blue Jays robbed our nest of another game - there with a kick and a buck the Don- key basketball game came off to- night. Regional basketball tournament. The Chinks scalped us the first game to put us out of the tour- nament. All students got a chance to break the camera today when the student pictures were taken. County Teachers Institute at Havana - A chance for the teach- ers to become as smart as the students. The day the musicians prove themselves at the district music contest. The annual staffs final creation goes to press. FFA banquet with everyone get- ting stuffed on all of the fine food. Athletic banquet-just another chance to get stuffed. Senior play entitled 'DEAR PAPAW and we don't mean deer. District Music Organization Con- test in which we compete. Good Friday - any Friday is good as long as there isn't any school. Spring concert, the hint of birds and flowers to come. State Final Music Contests. Preliminaries for the County track meet. Finals of the County track meet were held at Havana during the evening under the lights. Grade school operetta was heldin the Forman gym. District track k field meet at Peoria. Baccalaureate service is the happy day for the seniors. Commencement is the happiest day for the seniors. Last day of school everyone is pardoned for the summer. 'Y +5 1 X ,,.. 41 7 1 iii", fd r' .yr 5 , , . , .gl .H A ,P K ! l l 5 1 I e I 5 l' x 21 - r g,?QX , r 1, ' lst Row: Cleft to right! Eloise Whitaker, Donna Spaits, Loretta Worner, Shirley Schimmelpfenning, Sherry Beale, Linda Friend, Janice Le Masters, Marjorie Eyman, Stella Schimmelpfenning, Clarabelle Hall, Joyce Hill. 2nd Row: Phyllis Kroell, Janet Skinner, Nancy Martin, Joy Risen, Patty Endicott, Miss Conover, Betty Meyer, Loida Crosby, Pauline Frederick, Mary Alice Abbott, Virginia Carey. 3rd Row: Nora Mae Golden, Ann Lee Morris, Beverly Stanley, Laura Crafton, Mildred Gerrietts, Glenda Kennedy, Janet Lempke, Frances Hamilton, Lois Hilst, Eleanor Hewitt. hth Row: Margaret Hawkins, Arla Jean Foste, Anna Forsythe, Ruth Smith, Rose Mary Snyder, Darlene Runyon, Eloise Wahlfeld, Marie Schacherbaur, Carolyn Worner, Rose Wilson, Patia Himmel. Nz lst Row: Cleft to right! Gary Gorden, Leroy James, Smith Rakestraw, Roy Golden, Kenneth Bender, Dennis Woiwode. 2nd Row: Rolland Kastner, Robert Hall, Betty Meyer, Miss Conover, Jacob Smith, Frank Golden. 3rd Row: Stanley Noll, Charles Bilyeu, Loren Sunderland, Lowell Golden, Dick Van Etten, Charles Wilson. JENKINS REXALL Phone l5lJ Jewelry E Gift Shop Manito, Illinois v E? lst Row: Cleft to right? Rose Mary Snyder, Joy Risen, Eloise Whitaker, Joyce Hill, Arla Jean Foste, Patia Himmel, Niss Conover. ?nd Row: Glenda Kennedy, Pauline Frederick, Sherry Beale, Laura Crafton, Eleanor Hewitt, Betty Meyer. 3rd Row: Jake Smith, Richard Van Etten, Lowell Golden, Kenneth Bender. lst Row: fleft to rightl Eleanor Hewitt, Janet Hewitt, Bobby Zeeck, Eloise Wahlfeld, Jerry Bilyeu. 2nd Row: Arla Jean Foste, Linda Le Sourd, Melvin Hundt, Lowell Golden, La Donna Bender, Jimmy Wistehuff, Jon Dee Proehl. 3rd Row: Charles Bilyeu, Alan Hubbard, Dennis Wiowode, Laura Grafton, Stella Hchimmelpfennine, Lois Hilst, Judy Runyon, Miss Conover. 'The Best In Meats and Other Things To Eat' X Phone 9 ZIMM RMAN'S GROCERY Manito, Illinois The Forman music department has been very active this year. It includes a band, boys' and girls' chorus, two girls sextets, a boys' quartet, a mixed chorus and many soloists. The new girls' sextets is composed of Joy Risen, Eloise Whitaker, Joyce Hill, Arla Jean Foste, Patia Himmel, and Rose Mary Snyder. This group was started so that it could compete in the District Contest. It will use the song, 'Somewhere A Child Is Singing'. The sextet will also sing in the Spring Concert. Miss Conover accompanies this group. A valuable addition to the Forman Unit this year has been the organization of a band, under the direction of Miss Conover. The band is composed of pupils from both the junior and senior high school. They meet each Thursday afternoon. Individual lessons are given to members throughout the week. They have appeared in the junior and senior plays and the Christmas and Spring Concerts. The band members bought many new instruments this year and were helped out by various lo- cal groups, especially the Mother's Club. The band has played numerous waltzes and marches as well as some popular music. The boys' quartet has also been very busy this year. The boys have sung at the following places: Forman School Club, Turkey Banquet, Spring Concert, Church Supoers, and the District Contest. They will sing 'Wiffenpoof Song' and 'Rollin Down To Jordon' at the District Contest. Throughout the year they have used such songs as 'Standing In The Need Of Prayer', 'Old MacDonald', 'In The Evening Bv The Moonlight', and 'Halls Of Ivy'. The boys' chorus has sung in the Christmas and Spring Concerts and the Dis- trict Contest. This chorus meets each Tuesday and Friday afternoon. The songs to be used at the District Contest are the 'Hiking Song' and 'Halls Of Ivy'. The chorus also has sung such songs as 'Blue Tail Fly', 'Rollin Down To Jordon', 'I Got Shoes', and 'Sing Me A Chantey With A Yo-Heave-Ho'. The girls' chorus has sung in the Christmas and Spring Concerts and the Dis- trict Contest. This chorus meets each Monday and Thursday afternoon. The songs to be used at the District Contest are 'This Is My Country' and 'Come To The Fair'. The girls had the privilege of singing at the Mason County Institute. Some other songs they have sung are 'Somewhere A Child Is Singing', 'Thanks Be To God', and 'The Man I Love'. The original girls' sextet has been busy singing at various places this year. Thev have sung for the John Deere Show, Forman School Club Spring and Christmas Concerts Church Suppers, Mason County Review, and the District Contest. The girls will use 'Because' as their number at the District. Other songs they have learned are 'Somewhere A Child Is Singing' and 'It Might As Well Be Spring'. Glenda Kennedy will sing a solo at the District Contest, entitled 'Morning'. She also sang this song at the Mason County Institute meeting in Havana. Charles Wilson will sing a solo at the District Contest, called 'Stout Hearted Men'. He sang this song at the Mason County Institute meeting in Havana. Laura Crafton will sing a solo entitled 'None But The Lonely Heart' at the District Contest. She sang 'God Bless This House' at the dedication ceremony of the new gym. Jacob Smith will sing 'Sweet Mystery Of Life' at the District Contest and at the Mason County Institute meeting. Glenda Kennedy and Charles Wilson. will sing a duet entitled 'Because You're You', at the District Contest. Lowell Golden will nlav a baritone sousaphone solo and Eleanor Hewitt will play a clarinet solo. In addition, a mixed chorus, which is the combination of both boys' and girls' choruses, sings at the Christmas and Spring Concerts. One number which this chorus sung at the Spring Concert was the number entitled 'Dear Land Of Home'. X 1 ! X 'lg 3 -f' SEYMOUR'S STORE Complete line of Mens' - Boys' clothing - Shoes, Rubbers, Sporting Goods. 210 Court Street Seymour Rosenberg, Proprietor Pekin, Illinois 5 62 Il!!! Seated : Cleft to right? Loretta Warner, Ronald Lee Kreiling, Betty Meyer, Mr. Le Count, Advisor. 2nd Row: Loren Sunderland, Richard Van Etten, Norman Bilyeu, Ross Kreiling. 3rd Row: Gary Gorden, Rosemary Snyder, Dick Wells, Eleanor Hewitt. The class officers were organized as the Student Council. This group chose as chairman Ronald Lee Kreiling, senior, vice chairman, Betty Lou Meyer, junior, secretary-treasurer, Loretta Warner, sophomore. The council is sponsored by Mr. Le Count. This group has sponsored various shows given by the John Deere Company, In- ternational Harvester Company, and the Manito Mill. Our part in sponsoring these various shows is to see that the chairs are put up in the gym and that other equipment is on hand. The money from these shows pay for the movies which we have each month. The movies we have sponsored are as follows: 'All This and Heaven To.' 'A Bell for Adano', 'Prince of Foxes', and NGuadacanal Diaryn. We also paid for the exhaust fan in the smoking room in the gym. We bought material for our school flag which was made by the home economics teacher. :i Yu 1-.l' BERNSHAUSEN IMPLEM NT CO. Your Allis Chalmers R New Idea Dealer Phone 21 Sales k Service Manito, Illinois an as spac- Seated : Clarabelle Hall, Joyce Hamilton, Fritz Heyl, Virginia Carey, Ronald Lee Kreiling, John Schimmelpfenning, Lois Hilst, Glenda Kennedy, Nancy Martin, ?nd Row: Gene Vonderheide, Charles Wilson, Richard Van Etten, Anna Lee Morris, Mr. Le Count, Ronald Meyer, Joan Reed, Norman Bilyeu, Joyce Richardson. Editor.. .......... .... Ronald Lee Kreiling Associate editor....... .... ....... .......Virginia Carey Business manager... ......... ........John Schimmelpfenning Assistant business managers... .... ...,Nancy Martin Ronald Meyer Sales manager. ........ ...... . ...... ... ..... ........bick Van Etten Assistant sales managers... .... Gene Vonderheide, Clarabelle Hall Art ed1tor....... .... .......... .......Anna Lee Morris Sports editor. ..... . ...... . ........... .... . ....... .Fritz Heyl Assistant sports editors... .....Charles Wilson Snapshot editor..,.....,.,, ..,..,, Lois Hilst Assistant snapshot editor... ........ Joan Reed Feature editor............. ...,Blends Kennedy Assistant feature editor..., ,.,,,,,,,,. ,,Joyce Richardson P1'0d11Cti0n edit0I'....... ....... .......... ...JOYCG Hamilton Assistant production editors ,,,,, ,,, ,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,, Charles Henry, Norman Bilyeu Advisoreeeeeeceeooeoeeeee ueueaeeeeeoe eeeeao ueee e esesea e eceoeeoona eeMr' Le This year's annual is entirely different from any other in name, staff, style, and cost. The seniors, after much debate, chose 'Chieftain' as the name for the annual, and decided to have it printed instead of mimeographed. A con- tract was made with the Intercollegiate press of Kansas City, Mo. to do the printing and binding. WILSON'S BLACKSMITH SHOP Acetylene and Electric Welding Plows Sharpened Phone 182 All Kinds of Repair Work Done Manito, Illinois W .sfagg Seated : Kleft to right? Eloise Whitaker, Miss Kreiling, Marilyn Bernshausen, Ann Heyl, Carolyn Werner Eloise Wahlfeld, Dennis Woiwode, Joyce Hill. 2nd Row: Clarabell Hall Nancy Martin, Anna Lee Morris, Arla Jean Foste, Joy Risen Betty Meyer Joyce hamilton Glenda Kennedy, Charles Wilson. 3rd How: John Schimmelpfenning, keith Runyon red Friedrich Janet Lempke, Shirley Palmer, Joyce Richardson, Ronald Lee kreiling, Lois hilst, Virginia Carey. "'l . Co-editors... Heyl Carolyn Worner News editor .... .............. .. .... Marilyn Bernshausen Features .... . .........................Keith Runyon Humor....... ....Eloise Whitaker, Arla Jean Foste Society... .......................Betty Meyer Art.. ..... ..................Eloise Wahlfeld Sports .... ....Dennis Woiwode Musicaoen eeeeeooeeJOy Risen FFA ..... . .....Fred Friedrich FHA... .... ....Eloise Wahlfeld Freshmen.... ... .... .Joyce Hill Sophomore.... .......Janet Lempke Junior....... ooeooeennaonaeshirley Palmer Senior.......... ............Ronald Lee Kreiling Mimeozraphers.. .... ...... .........................Marvin Quick, Parker Lawlis Advisor...........................................................Miss Kreiling At a special assembly last fall the student body selected Forman Flash, as the name of the school newspaper. The paper is published every month. The purpose of the paper is to let the public know what the students are doing. The school pays for the paper, stencils, and whatever we use for the publishing of our paper. It is free to all students and non-high students. The paper includes news of the unit. The senior class typed the paper the first semester and the juniors typed it the second semester. The senior class is publishin the Forman Flash in the Pekin Daily Times. We started publishing it January 5, 1952. we have it ready by Tuesday morning to send it with Al Devore, who works at the Times. 'The best investment on earth, is the Earth itself.' TALBOTT AGENCY Phone 78 -Real Estate- Manito, Illinois L..J Xfw' Seated : Ann Heyl, Loretta Warner, Pauline Frederick, Virginia Carey, Arla Jean Foste Carolyn Worner, Eloise Wahlfeld Janet Lempke. 2nd Row: Lois Skaggs, Donna Spaits, Stella Schimmelpfenning Shirley Schimmel- pfenning, Mrs. Hewitt, Janet Skinner, Marjorie Eyman Joyce Hll1,E1oise Whitaker 3rd Row: Phyllis Kroell Sherry Beale Patty Endicott, Marie Schacherbauer, Eleanor Hewitt, Elizabeth Bitner, Alice Martin, Linda Friend, Janice Le Masters. Lth Row: Patia Himmel, Nora Mae Golden, Marie Meyer, Rose Wilson, Ruth Reed, Anna Forsythe, Margaret Hawkins, Verla Schappaugh, Loida Crosby. 5th Row: Joeann Tisdale Mildred Gerrietts, Laura Crafton, Ruth Smith, Joyce Thompson, Glenda Kennedy, Donnie O'Hara, Doretta Skaggs, Linda Rose Le Sourd. 6th Row: Sherrie Goodin, Shirley Palmer, Rose Mary Snyder Darlene Runyon, Marilyn Bermshausen, Mary Ann Vonderheide, Josephine Tisdale, Marilyn Heyl, Frances Hamilton. In l9L5 an organization, sponsored by the State and National Home Economis Associations and the State and Federal Departments of Education was formed. Representatives met in regions to make plans for this organization. These repre- sentatives from all parts of America met in Chicago. They chose as the name, THE FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICAg the red rose as their flowerg and red and white for their colors. These colors express youth. Red has long been the sym- bol for courageg white, the symbol of purity. They adopted an emblem which is octagonal in shape. We have a constitution by which we abide and eight purposes or goals for which we strive to make home and communiu'1ife happier. F.H.A. was organized at Forman in 1950 under the direction of Mrs. Joan Som- mer. This year our sponsors have been Mrs. James Eckman and Mrs. Leonard Hewitt. Officers for this year were as follows: President, Virginia Carey, Vice Pres- ident, Loretta Warner, Secretary, Pauline Frederick, Treasurer, Arla Jean Fosteg Parliamentarian, Ann Heylg Historian, Carolyn Worner: Public Relations Chairman Eloise Wahlfeldg and Degrees Chairman, Janet Lempke. At our first meeting thi fall we elected Mrs. Elizabeth Foste as our Chapter Mother. She attends our meetings and helps us plan and carry out our activities. At Thanksgiving we gave a large basket of groceries to a needy family in this area. In November, we celebrated National F.H.A. Week. We had a project for every day of the week and on Sunday we attended the Manito Methodist Church. We sent two dozen red roses and presented rose corsa es to Mrs. Eckman and Mrs. Foste. In May we had a style show and formal installation of the new officers. WHITE IH LEMENT CO. Oliver Farm Equipment Massey Harris Phone Sh Sales 8 Service Forest City, Illinois-RFD f 1 Qq""l'7C3-0000's Seated : lleft to right, Wayne Knaak, Fred Friedrich, Marvin Quick, Fritz Heyl, Ross Kreiling, Don Meyer, Mr. Patchett. 2nd Row: Henry Hintz, Richard Middleton, Donald Barrett Laurence Meyer, Smith Rakestraw, John Schimmelpfenning, Leo Gray, Robert Hall, Roy Golden, Donald Morris, Leroy James. 3rd Row: Roland Kastner, Dave Caulkins Dale Rakestraw, Barton Irwin, Dwight Whitaker, Jake Smith, Gerald Gathmann, Stanley Noll, John Dosier, Frank Golden, Melvin Hundt. Lth Row: Edward Heinhorst, Ronald Vogel, Duane Golden, Steve Herrman, Norman Tisdale, Vergil Bortell, Charles Bilyeu, Wesley Hilst, Russell Barnes, Albert Morris. 5th Row: Wintfred Richardson, Gene Vonderheide, Norman Bilyeu, Eldon Wahlfeld, Maurice Walker, Harvey Goodin, Jack Richardson, Loren Sunderland, Ronald Meyer, George Long, Ray Rochester. C ,X I-.12 if H- I iigngjippld fi fm' ,D The F.F.A. has had many activities during 1951-1952 for its 52 members. The officers are Fred Heyl, Presidentg Marvin Quick, vice-president Q Ross Kreiling, secretary, Don Meyer, treasurerg Fred Friedrich, reporter, Wayne Knaak sentinel, John Schimmelpfenning, historian. The latter part of July and early August of 1951 saw some of the members at the project show at the Lewiston Fair Grounds. Our F.F.A. boys did well by bringing home a large number of ribbons. Some of the F.F.A. boys attended the Leadership Camp at Epworth Camp grounds at Lewiston in August 1951. This is a camp composed mainly of officers and advisors. On December 8, 1951, two car loads of boys traveled to Delavan to participate in the judging and grain show held there annually. The Forman F.F.A. took first place in the judging contest. Many ribbons were awarded our boys on the corn they displayed. This corn was raised by the boys as a summer project. The boys sold stationary, wrapping paper, and ribbons for the Christmas season. Later on in February, they sold garden seeds, working in cooperation with the Vitality Seed Company. The F.F.A. had printed a calendar with a picture of all the members on it. Money for publishing this calendar was obtained by selling ads, which appeared on the calendar, to the local merchants. In the spring, the boys planted pine trees for Lewis Warner. For the past three years the F.F.A. has had a chain gilt program. Each boy who receives a gilt is to return two bred zilts to the chapter for distribution the next year. This year four gilts were distributed to members of the chapter. As a final climax to a very successful year for the Agriculture Department a parent and son banquet was held in the Forman Gym on the evening of March 27. VOGhL'S INC. Super Markets Lockers Phone 77 Manito, Illinois fi see Qs w IF MOTHER ONLY KNEW Janet Maxwell-a mother, Betty Meyer, Aunt Mary-who trys to help, Shirley Pal- mer, Connie Maxwell-eldest daughter, Carolyn Horner, Betty Lou Marvell-mho hopes to be an actress, Joy Risen, Bernadine-Betty's pal, Eloise Wh1i'f8k6I', Wflblll' Maxwell-atomic bomb personified, Hercules Nelson-W1lbur's pal, Leroy James, Mr. John Maxwell-a calm father, Ross Kreiling, Gladys Gooch-Janet s friend, Marilyn Bernshausen, Charles 'Brains' Burke-Connie's frlend, Ronald Thomas, Dr. ggifgy Gooch-biology teacher, Keith Runyon, Badge Burns-a P011-Ce Officer, Fred e ' rich, Policemen, Duane Golden, Parker Lawlis. DEAR PAPA Herman Carr-the father, Richard Van Etten, Mrs. Carr-the mother, Glenda Ken- nedy, Laine Carr-their 20 year old daughter, Anna Lee Morris, Dicky Turner- a friend of Laine's, Ronald Lee Kreiling, George Carr-the Carrs' 15 year old son, John Schimmelpfenning, Carol Ruth Carr-the 13 year old daughter, Virginia Carey, Miss Lucinda Carr-Mr. Carr's aunt, Joan Reed, Mrs. Elvira McDuffie-neighbor, Clarabelle Hall, Mr. J. Caswell Drennen-manufacturer, Charles Henry, Don Dren- nen-his son, Charles Wilson, Mr. Yeates-a serious lawyer, Ronald Meyer, Janet Roden-friend of Laine's, Lois Hilst, Liz Estes-Joyce Hamilton, Mickey Strong- Joyce Richardson, Lou Barton-Nancy Martin, all friends of Laine's. MANITO CLEANERS Quality Cleaning Phone lh3 Manito, Illinois iL3iw2WW'i'M'W Wife' W f . WQQC 99 MWWWZ KN ja I 5 NQ,fi22A.1IfUcgIuiIBIIG5XXe'5 Q 5 ww HW5 535251 S 'ii xi QQ !fffW55wm7?W '52 ig 9-ixpivgw VW? jiymgwialb WK V eff WW Wy? We U Mfg 25 wwf? . D wwafriwgw MQW if 'ffffwiwbb , yi W Mfg' M2541 ay M 9255? igQ4,QNXX"'fX 3311?-JA ,MQW A WV 2 'af S 0 N W W 3 22031523 WZAkiQ19'fff'Q3j5 Nllfffl In BEE'S DRIVE INN, Havana Illinois I B an J CAFE, Manito, Illinois H. V. BORTEL, Havana, Illinois BUCKLEY BROS. SPORTS SHOP, Pekin, Illinois THE 'B' HOUSE CAFE, Green Valley, Illinois CARP'S DEPARTM NT STORE, Pekin, Illinois CARPENTER'S GARAGE, GENERAL REPAIRING, Phone 31, Havana, Illinois CENTRAL BOOK E TOY STORE, Pekin, Illinois COLE H RUNYON SERVICE STATION, Manito, Illinois CRAWFORD'S FAMILY SHOE STORE, Pekin, Illinois DECKARD E ERMELING, THE REXALL STORE, Havana, Illinois DESUTTER SUPPLY, Manito, Illinois DUNK-KENNEDY co., SALES SERVICE, Havana, I111no1a ECONOMY SHOE STORE, Pekin, Illinois FASHION STORE, Pekin, 1111nn1a FISK R STELTER, Havana, Illinois GEORGE GROBE BARBER SHOP, Manito, Illinois GERSTER'S BAKERY, Phone 252, Havana, Illinois GRANGER'S ELEVATOR CO., GRAINS R FEEDS, Manito, Illinois HUB'S SERVICE STATION, Forest City, Illinois JONES BROS. JEWELERS, Pekin, Illinois LAMAR THEATRE, Manito, I111no1a VERNON c. LANGSTON, IND. cAs. INSURANCE co., Forest City, 1111nn1n L. G. LEMPKE, Forest City, Illinois M YERS BROTHERS, MENSWEAR ,STORE, Havana, Illinois RAYMOND MEYER, Manito, Illinois MIDWESTERN AUTO SUPPLY, Phone 173, Havana, Illinois KENNY MONROE'S RESTAURANT, Manito, Illinois NELSON MORSE BARBER SHOP, Manito, Illinois PALM R'S MEAT MARKET, Manito, Illinois PEKIN HARDWARE CO., Pekin, Illinois REINHARD E M YER LUMBER CO., Pekin, Illinois J. M. ROUSH R SON, Manito, Illinois SEELYE HARDWARE, Manito, Illinois VAN ETTEN'S GARAGE, Havana, Illinois WEGHORST NASH SALES, Pekin, Illinois WEST'S FOOD STORE, Havana, Illinois WHITE'S GARAGE, Inc., Havana, 1111nn1a wILsoN E PALMER PooL HALL, Manito, Illinois PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTIZERS THEY HAVE MADE THIS YEARBOOK POSSIBLE 4' ' -4 ' ' 21141 U --,,, w ,V . 1 , . . 57 " K . , f 4 '4.g-Jgg.. .' . I3 , e... -y 4, - 1 H RQ ,,:,a:,-,QW ' ' "JV-T. L . ' 'ff Y 4 .'-. jx , ' 51.5-' "F 31 : . 1 ' 11 L, "- " " ' '-4 - ' .Am , M V , ,, u " . ff 3 . , , ,K . fx. . . ! 'Q' ' 4 , ' J' 1 w 4. 4 u 4 . , ' 4 1 1. . , 1 f N .U 1 W 4 42" 1 1 ,H .' 1'-,, , 1 w - sf.: ' . W . ., 4 . 9: 1 " 4 " 1 -, fv :fl 4 3lK! f'-1' 1 4, V 1. w .'i'e'1 1 . ' 4 Sill X ws,- fz' ' l gf' . -H 4 V 'gil-p 5- 1 1 ' V ' -, . . fp - 1 P 'f Y ' :- T-li jzy-' 4 iz' Y 4.4.5-'xg fix. N ' ' ' ' 91- X -gmfw' , N ' .l ,- , 4 . f A.. ,A-ix, R1 , vw . 4 I 1 P ' 4 1 ' -' . 4 ', 5551?- Y f -v 2 if-lflg--I.,', . . 4 t Y 1, , : I 4552, '14 l':,Y-r,'Zj . '6- 4 'r - :, ,. 1-, -' ' 4 '.,,,fj., if-i r , i - T -1 ga' , 4 , , f qi' W " " .J 'I .. aff 1 - , ,I H 4" , 3 V 24- A-, 11.2-. 'A-"C J H . '- - "7 '.-GT, 4 . .4 4.1 - - -5, 4 - Y. :WU 74:-jj if ukjqbex Q4 , ' - 4' .v 4311 L., -,gr r 4 1- 13514. L , Y, t , 4 ,K , , . 4 , , 4 if 4 44 R w mr ' V Q51 ' 1w11,if, I f -54 . - ' , , 11 -Mi. 1 ' n "Mar-.1 ,-M. A, ' . -'2g'1..-i N- ... 211 J-as L y 44.4 ,' ..-

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