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if ff G 0991 o 0 900 9 o L9 ,J sl 40 1 0 T ,gh gi :LN ,Z qx lzfffw t5K217L:? QU-Llvsi 92? N! X535 MQ QX rp ,O 'Z 4, -" W x Z ...Zee 9 :"' A I M z V 5 !l 1 .X ' ' 5 U f-'il' X 4--' 1 I I 0F THE FDRE T PUBLISHED BY THE FORKS HIGH SCHOOL ANNUAL STAFF PRIDE 1 Am - , Y x E- H , - Q A-1,6 x - . ...w ir A 4, V .,.,, My , Y " -1 3 "" J, ii , A. 'i'f5 s.. , 5' ' . ' .4 I 3 4 . ' """"" L all 1 W- y, , - ..,-1 .. 3' 52"-.-p D579 Q fix fi i fx?- 4' W' -'S f P2-'am flu QV li ,, , fm dp-v 1-Q --fuk 6, wwf TABLE OF CONTE NTS Admlmstratlon Semors J umors Sophomores Freshmen Orga.n1zat1ons ACt1V1t18S Sports J unlor Hlgh AdVeI't1S1Ilg 9 8 PV A! I helpmg hand cheerful snule fr1end of evervone Th1S book Ded1cated LENA A I-LARTGE to say Thank You or Your SGFVICG through e years Dedication C3 0 520 0 Ulkclmlnlstrcltlon ,f"' rf? ff'--"v C5 I gaudy .. . 0 Goff no 000 0 , 9. HARVEY T. KING State Teachers College, Mayville North Dakota University of Montana, Missoula, Montana . U.S. History, World History, I Photography, Washington History, Freshman Problems. M LOUISE KING State Teachers College, Mayville North Dakota 9 Typing I and ll Health and Phys ical Education. LE.NA A HARTGI: U ofXX Librarian BILL KNAPP W W C E Shop JOHN BODEN Southern Idaho College Algebra Advanced Algebra Geometry JOHN LLOYD C W C E Ellensburg Washington Music ROBERT HALL U ofW b 5 History Junior English Contemporary Problems '7 . , , . " l . . . ., ' , K -.1 -I - x - - . . ' , VLRNEDA L SIDWE LL FORRLST H SIDWLLL W S C Pullman Vvabhxngton Coach Jr H1gh Athleucs Bus men Authrnetxc Phvslcs Chemletry General Sc1ence CARL ML NSEN PaCLf1C Lutheran College Blology Drlvcr Trammg Seventh and Elghth Grade Scxence DLNNIS RATH W S C P E Health General Math Semor Math General Busmess JEAN LDENS Commerual Lnglxsh Speech 1rls Counselm MIKE LADICH Engllsh Soual Stud1es MARGUERITE CORKILL Iowa State College Ames Iowa Homemaklng Prmclpul s Message Congratulauons to the Class of 1958 One never gets somethmg for nothlng You've had to work hard for your h1gh school educatlon However 1f our Amer1can soc1ety 1S to 1mprove lf our way of llfe 1S to be more sat1sfy1ng your contr1but1ons are necessary Whether you go on to college or select some other avenue to your ultlmate goal you take w1th you our best wxshes We w111 be tchlng for you to make your mark" 1n our soclety We who are d1rectly respons1b1e for your formal educat1on hope always to have a part 1n helpmg you to develop ln yourself these attrlbutes an 1nqu1r1ng mmd perseverance moderatwn and a funct1onal knowledge of the Golden Rule Th1nk thlngs through make your d6C1 s1ons prof1t fl om your mlstakes and your l1fe should be a happy and reward 1ng exper1ence MR SACKETT MR HULING MR HULL CHAIRMAN O O I Superintenden1's Message ls xv- af! ar wh ,f L" MSF 1 Y 5' ...wg I V W W an 0 U -1 2 S' . av is Y f :Q 'A A A h - ' "."wF?fQgE?"1'-KA 'fu . ',: "'7',:?'- A- ' 'X - .,.s: -:.. Q N Yi 1 X ,. .U 5 97 .... n ..J ugh, . -1 v Q7 LIBRARY WORKERS Wayne Haag George Frzikcl' Ronnie Fisk Louie Cook Diana Hrmscn Sandra Gossage Beverly Bagby Sharon Sinclair R4-MJ' 4 OFFICE WORKERS Diana Hzmsvn Greg lflin Suzzinnu Bulger Sybil Woody Joan Gilmurc Willa Jo Woody fu- 5 I l E O in .in - il' I' ll. M Seniors AS THEY FINISH THEIR FOUR VERY HAPPY YEARS AS OUTSTANDING MEMBERS OF THE F S B THE SENIORS PAUSE FOR A MOMENT TO REVIEW SOME OF THEIR ACTIVITIES THEIR CAREER AS STUDENTS OF FORKS HI WAS STARTED OFF RIGHT WITH THE SOPHOMOREIQ INITIATION PARTY THEY SOON SHOWED THEIR ABILITY TO WORK IN THE CARNIVAL CAMPAIGN WHEN THEY BROUGHT THEIR CANDI DATE SUZANNE BRAGER, IN FOR A CLOSE SECOND IN THE MOST EX CITING RACE SEEN IN MANY A YEAR THEY SURPRISED THE REST OF THE STUDENT BODY IN THEIR SOPH OMORE YEAR BY BEING OUTSTANDING IN BOTH SCHOLASTIC AND ATHLETIC FIELDS THEIR WELCOMING PARTY FOR THE FROSH WAS WELL ATTENDED AND WILL BE LONG REMEMBERED PHY LLIS LARSON WAS THEIR CARNIVAL QUEEN CANDIDATE THAT YEAR 'IOUR MISS BROOKS" THEIR JUNIOR PLAY, RECEIVED 'OSCARS' FROM ALL WHO VIEWED IT AND A WEEK TRANSFORMED THE GYM INTO A IVCUPIDVS PARA DISEI' LATER ON IN THE YEAR THEY TREATEO THE SENIORS TO A SPAGHETTI DINNER AND A DAN THEY HOPE THAT THIS WILL BECOME AN ANNUAL EVENT TO TAKE THE PLACE OF THE JUNIOR SENIOR BREAKFAST WHICH HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED MARCIA HOLEMAN BORE THEIR BANNER IN THE 1957 CARN IVAL QUEEN RACE THEY HAVE COME OUT IN THEIR FINAL YEAR WITH SHINING COLORS WITH THE SENIOR BALL, VVBLUE MOON OVER ALPINE MEADOWSI' AS THE ANNUAL GOES TO PRESS THE SENIORS ARE LOOKING FORWARD TO THEIR SENIOR SNEAK MOVE UP DAY AS SEMBLY, AND MOST OF ALL GRADUATION bf Q I I O 'X I X ' . 1? f y Y T I , V., A . ' LATER THEY RECEIVED FURTHER PRAISE WHEN THEY I f ' Q 5 5 , 1 N I ' 7 , 1 WX -4 ROBERT Bl' lNT Football 1 2 .3 4 F Club PItblLlLl'1l.4 lf Club ' Babketb 111 4 GARY ANDhRbON Managel Lettu .3 4 F Club .5 4 Lena Hultbu Am .nd Boys Club 1 RAYMOND ANDhRbON l ootball 4 Boy: Clubl Junlor Play fi 1 T? SLZANNE BRAGI-.R Co Edxtor ot Paper 4 Honol Socletx 2 .S HellLL.1 L12 .3 -1 Pep Club 1 2 .5 -1 G A A 9 Home-Lommg Queen 4 G r 5 Club 1 9 J 4 CBIHINHI Queen Candxdate Jumor Play ts.-130 CAROL BRANDILBERRY LULA BRIMx Pep Club 1 .Z .3 hlmleud hom Auburn Academy -1 G A A .2 Band 3 4 Music Letter 3 Junior Play. 13 LOLIL COOK B lbketball 2 3 football 2 3 4 Track 3 Honor Society' 2 3 Junior Play F Club 2 3 4. .winamp res, 'U' ww TONY CRUMB SANDY 1' LOE lfootball 3 4 Mixed Choi us 2 JIM FOSTER ling ll -Q Boys Club 1 Basketball 4 JUDY HUGGINS Pep Club 1 2 3 G. A. A. 2 Debate 1 Band 3 Junior Play Newspaper 3 4. I Q, I. CRAIG HUNLEY A 'fi 2., z V F Club 3 4 ' 5 Football 3,4 Q " Basketball 3 ,, Mr Honor Society 3 4 JI Junior Play Mixed Chorus 2. M "A, 14 l- Club 3 -1 Junior Play MARCIA HOLEMAN Junior Play Pep Club 1 2 3 4 G A A 2 Senior Ball Chairman Carnival Queen Cand1date 3 Yell Leader 4 Band .3 4 RAYMOND HULL Football 1 2 ' Basketball 1 2 3 4 Track 2 3 4 F Club 2 3 4 Pep Band 4 Mixed Chorus 2. VIRGINIA LOUSHIN Honor Society Preside Mixed Chorus 4 Pep Band 2 Pep Club 1 2 3 4 Honor Society 2 3 Girls State Junior Play. n4 ""'19p s-44' ,fa-.Af '!"'-19" 4 DOl GLAb MAXI' lh LD l'ootb..1Il 4 JIM PACL Honor DOLICI-Q 4 F Club .3 4 Boys btate Football 4 -fr"'I'7 JIM PARKER Boys Club 1 PATTY PITT Lnteied fiom Pont Angeles 3 A S B Treasure Honor Society 4 Pep Club 3 4 A 3 Girls Club 3 4 DAVID RICHMOND Track 1, 2, 3 F Club 2 3, 4. rr JACK PAUL Pep Band 1 2 Honor .society 3 Junior Play Mixed Choi us 2 DAVID PITTS Junioi Play Mixed Chorus 2 TONY SCRUTON A. S. B. President 4 Class President 1 Annual Photography Editor 4 Honor Society 2, 3, 4 Pep Band 1, Debate 2, 3, 4 Boys' State Winner of Voice of Democracy 3, 4. If ,,-ed" -s hnq.. 'S' Nw-nl? o L , S l r rr , b C N x 'xv 7? .s .il T1 f X 'Q xXx, Q Q 33 f YDS af - VIRGINIA SPAL LDINJG Gir S Clubl 7 Studunt Council 4 Pup Club 1 .3 4 G A A 3 SHARON SINCLAIR Class President 4 Honor Society 2, 3, 4 Junior Play Pep Club 1,2,3,4 Debate 1 Girls' Club 1,2, 3, 4 G.A. A. 2 Girls' State, FRANK SMILEY F Club 2, 3, 4 Truck 2, 3 Football 2, 3, 4 Stage Crew Manager Junior Play. -.ff ,X-M 'Pi' 4976 ar-99's 511 -3' "Wa,-QP! PAT WASANKARI A A 2 G A A Pres1dLnt4 Honor Society 3 4 Pep Club 1 2 Gro Clubl 2 3 4 Junior Play -P 2:- " r' Q0 it DICK WENTWOR FH Boyb Club 1 16 'u' '-nhvwf' A 2 MARY THOMAS Entered from Quinault 1 A A "VI"--Md' KWH? JUDY ANN WENTWORTH A 2 G A A Plebidant .3 Clash Pieaident 2 Gills Club Pre:,1dLnt4 Honor Society 2 3 Nonette 1 Pep Club 1 2 3 4 Girls Club 1 2 3 Junior Play AM' X 2:27 Juniors For the Class of 1909 only one step remams to be taken m the1r hlgh school career that of belng Semors Much of the credlt for the1r outstandlng year goes to the class offlcers They are Presl dent Reba Woody VICE Presldent Kathryn Henry Secretary C1ndy Holm Treasul er Betty P1tt and Sandra Gossage and Walt Streeter For the1r Homecommg prmcess W1lla Jo Woody was chosen The presentatlon of Men Are Llke Streetcars as the annual Jumor Play added cap1tal to the Junlor class funds to help them w1th the1r P1 om and carry them well 1nto the1r semor year Af t 4 O , Student Council Representatiyes, J fs. N Q N W x N . X 'N Q y I L. '97 bandl a At.k1n:..on Dem Lynne hdenb Glenndxa Gllmore Chuck Gross I Judy Gunnell CH? ff! is in P065 BE,VC1l5 Bagby iv..i" Dale Erwlck Wayne Haag btephame Clu. gland Ldxth Bell ' ia Ronald Fisk f George Fraker Joan Gllmore ,fs Dlana Hanben Kathrvn Henrv 19 We fl 597 more Gale Du dlu Gall Garbruk Sandra Gobeagf. Rlchard G1 on 'bali' Clndv Holm Tv? ' 2 ,z 'CI' A., .. s -it ," Jim Johns Rmhaxd Lohnua Hobut SUI g Greg L11n 'R Paul Joseph Llnda P1 uett Q-rv Ralph Warren Patricia Klahn John Mal lb Franceb Smiley Walter Streets! ,Q 1- naw' D1-H18 W 1th4. row 20 L04 Kenne Lh Lanch y 3 Wlllldm bmlth Reba Woody Diane Leese Batty Pxtt B111 Fxunble W1l1.1 Jo Woody NSY. .-.Qt A3 4' 4 X Viz iv" -v l' 4. Sophomores THE FUTURE CLASS OF "GO" PLUNGED INTO THEIR SOPHOIVIORE YEAR BY ELECTING THEIR CLASS OFFICERS WHO WOULD GUIDE THEM THROUGH THE SCHOOL YEAR CHRIS MORGANROTH WAS KELLY SECRETARY, SHARON WITHEROW TREASURER GORDON WINDLE BOYS' REPRESENTATIVE AND GERRY LARSON GIRLS' REPRESENTATIVE, MOVED SO CAROL REYNOLDS WAS ELECTED TO FILL HER PLACE AS IN YEARS BEFORE, THE SOPHOMORES WELCOMED THE FRESHMEN INTO HIGH SCHOOL WITH A PARTY IN THEIR HONOR THE SOPHOMORE CLASS HAD MANY OF THEIR NAMES ON THE HONOR ROLL AND WERE WELL REPRESENTED IN HONOR SOCIETY THE CLASS SHOULD ALSO BE PROUD THAT ALL THREE SONG QUEENS CAME FROM THEIR RANKS CAROL REYNOLDS WAS CHOSEN BY THE CLASS FOR ITS HOMECOMING PRIN CESS if f In If -A n , ' ELECTED PRESIDENT, WAYNE RAY-VICE PRESIDENT, TOM n 1 1 I .j In Ronald Black Nano Rum. Dux lb A6 Avmusli Ge1 1 y F01 tney Carol Hansen 3' . .'I: fp L . . ,+f,.,.- 'I Q 3, NF y Brager fs uv' 1 Kay Dubay Joy me Foster f"l I f ,, f Robert Henry 1-A 5 J61 1 y Je1n1g.m Tommy Kelly ,- V Karen B1 Luthv. a1te Kathel lne Dudley Chzules FlObt T Kaz LH H1tLhLOLlx ffm v,Q'E,, N 1. gc- ,X I f f ' Steve Bunke r ,Z 2' Jane Edvn .ards 11 C.11ol1ne Garbrlclx 1.4: Barbara Hull lg ,.., 4 Ike Crumb I? Patr1L1a Flttb LOID Hallman Q-r Jamce Jann 5 f- it 494 . ,- f 7, Y it , L -I z an Q .. A f ,-,fr fl ' Q7 47, 1 Sify -A . . . . L s h 'Q Li- 1 I fm. ff' -- ' - f -- , "' xy V .- 2.3 Mary K1ehl Sand1 a hlahn iw ! As . A? A Patricia Lcibold Joe Lewis Judy McCoy Wilbur Meng u Anine Miller fa T f' K-12 -is r if, T 7 2 I :lj V. I f I Rep M 1 .Af V 5 - 2 55 K 3 f A ,T T, 'ig 1 , 4 'Wifi if Chris Morganroth Barbara Murphy Karol Newlun Elmer Parker Bill Paul hi 4 h K1 .V Z, ' , 4 f V " l .y I Qu 5 , AL. W .X , . . M V ..+,, J, 7.6: C. 1, oz' f-nd' J , I LL, f. ' '9:f::7liEr.i ll " 23 ' X -iz: 'V l" '12r1' Jie: ' 21,1 Terry Pederson Jim Pitt Wayne Ray Carol Reynolds Marylyn Stephenson ,i '13 in v ,Q M, A , . , Tim Tufts Doreen Tuttle Nancy Walters M, K, ,,:Z ,, -ay' K ,vii Sharon Witherow Danny Williams Gordon Windle ! l nt CTYSV11 Warner Margaret Ward Russell Woodruff Sybil Woody 'Sf' Freshmen THE FRESHMAN CLASS IS VERY PROUD TO BE PART OF THE HIGH SCHOOL THIS YFAR PREPARATION FOR GRADUATION WILL REQUIRE FOUR TOUGH YEARS TO HELP THEM THIS YEAR THEY HAVE MR RATH AND MRS SID WELL FOR THEIR CLASS ADVISORS THE OFFICERS OF THEIR CLASS PAULA BEERS SECRETARY, RONNY HOWARD TREASURER CLASS REP RESENTATIVE5 ARE JERILYNN WALKEN AND JIM BISHOP TO WELCOME THEM TO HIGH SCHOOL THE SOPHOIVIORES GAVE THEM A PARTY THE CLASS WAS WELL REPRESENTED WHEN JUDY PITTS WAS VOTED HOME COMING PRINCESS IN FOOTBALL THEY HAD THE JOY OF SINGING "VICTORYI' AFTER EACH GAME THEY HOPE TO DO AS WELL IN THE FOLLOWING YEARS Al-If ARE BETTY BRAGER-PRESIDENT, FRANK ROGERS-VICE PRESIDENT, I. wap, fn -frm V .Y-qi ...,- .,..., 7' 'f,,, K ,,,f --"" ,.,4 uf - A. , N .5,,f vi of I ,pals 5, f wg, E, H ft", , a.A..A.A....-,zffM.,... ' 1. M, If ,,,. L ,Z In .v,v V T X .I Z, H A " I I 1 K, ef, V I f 5' ' A ' X , Jerry Amsdill Vernon Anderson Lonnie Archibald Sharon Baker - -uv' 'K A ff . I V My Jim Bishop Betty Brager Mary Lee Brzmdebcrry Joean Bumgarner 'Q 343' , ' RQ K , if Y A: V Q 5, ' .1 Ni , A i AS. Rita Clark Gail Cook Ken Cooper Cheryl Curtiss 5- 1 .. rf Q . fi , 1 ,H ,r x 4 ' Dianna Durboraw Lana Fisk Craig Fletcher Bill Gale A 1 L ,- ,W f '. f .f 3 r is r we ff' f -1 -nr X ' J, Q , ., Q N gi? I i .6 .1-if .I A 1, I ' . Don Goakey June Gunnell Dorothy Haag Leon Hallman David Homan Ronald Howard Carlotta House Ruth Hunley NI" ,lv ,M ,,, yrs A , al. vu Y? We , Q 5. . 1 Beth Barlow Paula Beers U '. I I X I 1 I 1 " Goldie Campbell Linda Christopherson 'gy KY? ' T , .q , A. , , " if ' Janet DHHWOH Ronald DeSena t 'Z ., l . G 5, Donald Gentry Elsie Gilmore Too gvsv A ai '.: ' 1 ' t mamma Barbara Hansen Spencer Higby Betty Iotte Douglas Jarvis 'JI' DL an Jonc e E' P11111 Lqendecku ,,,. nv Rohm t Medskel 14' Geox ge O1 mng an Jlm baekett R1ChdI d Wasankam 'wa 11 av-.1 6 Alt helm Glenn hlng X Lueken Mal ua Mackey Gal y MIIL D nu i Ronmf. Pederson ,I Robext bwanson D1ane Welch gf Wanda M1l1:.apb Judy P1tts Sharon Tuttle Sue Wh1tehead Alan lutchell fe ID Mlke MaLh1:-on wt! I:.l1en Mmkey wwf Roaalle Poet W-wwf Duke Wahlgren .hm Klahn Lu PIDTUIDTAW Dax el N1Dx11Cld 'AT Gary Mornmgstal Lmda Qulek Mal llwn Lune if Wanda Mebtotte Karl Newlun Frank Rogue 7148. Jel 1lynn Walken Shlrley Warren Barbara W1nton Robert Woody ,..- 3 x fx . X G. gag W A 'GG Q , M 'G 3:7 . ' k '-5' ' . f sp . - "f A, i-n'? , -. V 4 , --5 L L -. x ., ,l X 1 ' 1 t ,PK ' 'J . SI Q I .? fain.. if ,I Q Q? b y .if 'R "3 V U uv' ' - X 'N '53 6 1 :" g 'XM .- . W I , 2 2 f Um A. " .G f-:-f ' ' ' A X M .'f,.1f' "1 Q --1- Jn L a, , -. ,. , ,. , .in ,, .. U f .,..A 4 . ' Q - ,... g r ,Y ,, N t 3' 5 , ,J li .V i t I if 6 . ?f'f Av Y -f' " A -. ' wr' 3 26 , 4 35: " V, zlv , My W A ,f f. S ' Q , A w h V ',., ., I .et K J - 4 ,I j ,,l- , H ' lg' ' 2 gl fl 1 ffl i . .l - . , 1 . G Q V-v 4 .', A n QI, ' 'Z A W' .' . . A LE., if - - , I ' f 'ff 1 Q 1, I ': Q 1- 23:35. .,: 2,:: ::-: f - , 7 I ,- A "!?f5'iiif . , I 1 , ..,, ' 4 ' - . a,,., ,V ..,. li' Al .4 gt I Q , f -IVQ X, 2' . , rv G7 V' . IVIV nf va. , f g Drgunlzutlons ' 1 N NW' 2 26? X -42? - lf' " i 1 Q C Q - X -- 0 0 0 X F' s lx ,jFg jjiii ,1 I A 0 5 L 7 Z Q Qi? if Girls' Club The girls worked on many activities this year under the leadership of Judy Ann Wentworth, with Mrs. Corkill as the advisor. Among the activities were popping and selling popcorn at the bas- ketball games, Girls' Club Tolo, and the Annual Mother and Daughter Tea. Popcorn Popcorn Popcorn The Pep Club has had an act1ve year under the leadersh1p of W1lla Jo Woody presldent Pat Wasan kar1 VICE p1es1dent Carol Reynolds secretary treasurex and Jan1ce James po1ntc,ha1rman The Club s project th1S year has been bulldmg a new const1tut1on embodymg the system of prov1s1onal membels who must earn po1nts dependmg on the number of home games before they become members Gall Cook has kept track of these pomts The award system has been revlsed In January the school started takmg Pep Buses to games played away from home to cheer the players The Club has done a fme Job 1n bolsterlng the enthuslasm of the h1gh school students by sponsormg Pep Dances and maklng S1gTlS advertlsmg the game 05 6 Patrxcxa V1 Sybll WOO Y Marc1a Holeman Karen Braxthwalte Betty Pltt W1lla Jo Woody Dem Lynne Edens D1ane Wxtherow Beverly Bagby Jan1ce James Carol Reynolds Nancy Brager Pat Pitt Sharon S1ncla1r Pe p C I u b awww' xox 0681 -312 5 Vlfglhla Loush1n Cindy HOIUI Barbara Hull Suzanne Brager Kathryn Henry Sharon W1th0YOW Reba Woody . ' , N. . , . S U ,.,. TN. Q ivy, - Y ,Q . ,. I on. T O X Q1 .lla 'Q . .- , . 9 QQ? 38 A4""M .asf-'H"""f naw .wan-W""""' we Beverly Bagby Vlctory VILIOIQ that s our my V I C T O R Y W111 we wm well I guess' Marua Holeman Patr1c1a Fltts Karen Bra1thwa1te Onwald Spartans Onwaxd Spartans F1ght 11ght down that 11ne Up the end and thxough the cente1 V1cto1y sure th1s tmme' Rah Rah Rah Nancy Brager '63, Forks Hxgh School Yes' Yes' Yes' buLanne B1 ager W Q- - -IQ Q' V U ' I XAK-I MA . .' 7' . '. . V V gg IQ V V H 5' B 1" .. ,, ' ,U b ,QA fe f' we x X F Ziff' Q, 'O' Q1 . . 4 0 N94 JUNIORS Back Row Greg Ulm Jim Johns Bob Sorg George Fraker Walt Streeter Ralph Warren Richard Gross Front Row Ga1lGarbr1ck William Smith John Maris Dale Erwick We Movlegoers Director AY' if agus!! I Songsters " " Club SENIORS, Back Row: David Richmond, Ray Anderson, Doug Maxfield, Ricky Hull, Craig Hunley, Jim Pace, Gary Anderson. Front Row: Frank Smiley, Bob Bent Tony Crumb Louie Cook Jim Foster. SOPHOMORES Christian Morganroth Wayne Ray Russell Woodruff Bob Henry Danny Wllliams The pajama warm ups which graced the basketball floor this season were provided through the efforts of the Forks lettermen who voted to pay a large poition of the bill The hilarious Awards Assembly at which fourteen members were initiated kept the students holding their sldes with laughter The lettei men were led this year by Bob Bent president Jim Pace vice president Frank Smiley secretary treasurer "Twinkle toes" Smith Lovers , , , Q t I Q I 1 .' , Q I . A . x 'K K . . 1 . 1 ' ' , , 2 ' , ' . I . 7 3 7 Y .- : . . y . . . , V , , ' i . . 11 , I 2 'az fn f ' f - ' f'f1'TT"' -'J V, " k ' 'Q 'AP . N A , " 9 ' , ' ' 9 . y w U u , E Q x S f , J 1 l v A. V "1 '- Q' - Mg W K L . . , 'f N gi" sf .fm ' ' .- I 1' 5- . I . , 44 4 A nf I t A y is T "Q" ' 3:53 Ur' E 1 1 -- ' fs- -, -,.o, e , 7 , bo' l , Q 4 ,CT-fs dill? rt lmff' fi' 1' i' 1" '. 'll U .1 -' . . .. 3 H. .',,. 1- 2.1 Back Row: Patricia Wasankari, Judy A.nn Wentworth, Cindy I 5 ' Holm, Betty Pm, Kathryn Henry, Patty Pitt. Front Row: Sybil Woody, Willa Jo Woody, Beverly Bagby, Deni Lynne Edens. Football, basketball, baseball, and volleyball were the major sports of the past year for the G. A. A. This girls' organization met on Tuesday and Thursday during the year. To earn points they attended meetings, sold tickets at the games, and held office. Letters and pins were earned by attaining five hundred points. Tony Scruton Frances smiley Glenndia Gilmore Sandra Atkinson Denilynn Edens Cindy Holm Debate Three teams started the debate season, however, at the end of the first semester Cindy Holm and Deni Edens dropped out. Tony Scruton, Glenndia Gilmore, Frances Smiley, and Sandra Atkinson comprised the two teams. Mr. Johnson aided the teams throughout the year. Trips were made to Port Angeles, Sequim, Joyce Pacific Luthern College, and College of Puget Sound to participate in debate tournaments. v fi 1 gd M' -.rv lun-Ulnnag Betty Pxtt and Wxlla Jo Woody co edxtors Lmda Pruett staff and Leese busmess manager I Many afternoons and evenlngs were spent preparmg the 1958 ed1t1on of Pr1de of the Forest W111a Jo Woody a.nd Betty P1tt shared the 'F M ihq duct1on wh11e the work of cuttmg out plctures typmg copy and var1ous other menxal tasks con nected w1th puttlng out a book E-' were delegated to Jerx Walken Sharon Smclalr Lmda Pruett an Cmdy Holm Mr Klng cracked the Whlp 5 Y'Y ff .ff E The Staff at Work Mr Kmg advlsor .,, s A n n u u I Work1ng Hard' A I K 1 ng ,Ii b - ,Q .. .. ' I, g as -.. gl? Y of 2 "X ' jf. S ' ' " W ' . 1 l," ,, ,1 ' -Y .-- -" 'o" - ,W 'J , ..,, -s fl ,..-.. . t J l'T"""':'H '- x X 'rfd V. T. ' w N . 4,1441 " 91. Q 'X . Q' - 1 I U f S 1 Q fr: f t . : , A . . . X ll ' w IV ' f 0 D ' bf' ' . . . . . ' ,ff A-., :Il 1.1 ' respons1b111ty of dlrectxng the pro- Q t ,av , -Q. " wil VK' . . , . r N-- y Ury A! , A my g 1 " 1... . . , " I W .' ' , V X A ' ' at we wi , 1 W W 1 V V: , L, - 1' . . -We " Y 'x 1 N . - -.X - I. I , "X .,,- ' ' ' , ' , d ' MY , ' r- , It A l 5 4 V V U , ' N Sharon S1nc1a1r and Jer11ynn Walken staff Must be Interestlng' Stuff Relolces One of the most lmportant tasks confrontlng any enterprlse such as th1s 1S ralsmg the necessary funds to keep the productlon from gomg 1n the "red Dlane Leese d1d a remarkable Job as the bus mess manager The book 1S only as good as 1tS p1ctures' posed qu1te a problem to Tony Scruton and C1ndy Holm was sent to rescue as the fmal deadlme approached The con trlbutlons IH art were made by Ronnle F1Sk mug Ronnle Fxsk artlst Neurs Completion -S? A. -G 7 'ff , . ,K wg ' 4 .nw mu.: K w. . lv, is , U L .5 'mgf , 1 Agway X! .: :f .-Y Mr. Johnson, zldvisorg Beverly Bagby, vice presidentg Tony Scruton, presidentg Patty Pitt, treasurerg Vir- ginia Loushin, secretary. The Student Council, under the leadership of Tony Scruton and the advisorship of Mr. Johnson, has contributed much to the efficiency of the high school by hand- ling the routine problems that come be- fore the student body, Traditional activities handled by the student representatives were the Home- coming Dance and Carnival. Added this year to their ever-increasing work load was the planning of the school calendar I f,-rv, .Q ,. 4 . .g,..,..m-1,1 ,,i James Bishop, Jerilynn Walken, Virginia Spaulding, Patricia Leibold, Carol Reynolds, Gordon Windle, Jack Paul, Sandra Atkinson, Sandra Gossage, Walter Streeter, Robert Bent. 41 A U, , 1. dl. ,P 51 -4, MZ' . Y vy,,y A i lW'J'XE,711 ,, W - a 9 . l :A f 1? f 'x Q 1 - if I fi ,Rf THE EVERGREEN CITIZENS EQQLTQQEWZJ- Q-Q5'HmF52w 9,,,::.-:ow C7,:f,,o.+-:Q-:so H '-' Q.: Wm 4""5cb ,-cu H'-Uqhsm mo L13 H..- H, Ccowci U, pa .-o an r--Q-'O r-4 r-DD' 'DCWEE gm .-f-sfQcn,., 4 E?.5,,S'L .-,Pi OWS 4 :rc W.-,c.O... from :r 5'-s :CU MHQMUQ v-1 Bills-5-fr-1 Em cwsflfbi' :W QKDUJON 'J 4-v:'g9 32 roms? '-1,- '-:Q-S1352 mm CEI-'cv co. :J man' mm .':1N9,ov- '-sm EZUUI5 35" UQUUQQUH r-FD Uffig O UKC ""f3u."Cg mm Redux H o rv-pg CD CF,-I D"n- 5 r-v-,UI 0:5 SUQCHO 1-Q n-ft,,."'fC'Np-.5 HQ' 5tC5'r'5 4:12 4-,2'r'r:o 2:3 r-fr-1 H5 Qc. gzflbg' rn QUQE U15-' wqqq-,Hg 5,0 ozgo. P12 Sinks O r-58'-TDC 51:1 Cgsac mo- 53 cm Q Fmgccgh' D125 Vifliig 4'-' H553 cu.. 'U'-frfsw Uv-sa 7240:-an--E5 '1'c 5552.- 25 EBQ572 so sw IP Q. be-P v-452 E' Z5 'ccogffff ,Qs r-1-:,..U,2:v .-ff., wnworn 'Ds' .'1'Of's,.. 'O mcg' co 14 cr,---'UQU H migaq cn O zwmwg- f' Q-SSTEH E gigsvgg mo P- Q gwgga 99 594:-'UI .-P .- ,L UU Ufgmsfgu' o Emwgw li SQQS' x: mf-f 'U fs qv- 553 if f N ww WW 'uni' f ff Q 1 A 3 'J' A- 'J f if 95? 3 1 7 - Q 0 0 0 Q Actlvltles X 1 L 5 62,3 X ' iw' r' l X N La- x -.,- -5 1 1 ,J xi 2 3 j EJ ' r' Q . , in Wg, 5 Q ' Q W .Qi , -uf ' 5 N. 'Y -2 A , .4 E911 K 47 , A-Q ja' Yin n. , 'ar ff 1 52 ,ug 'iw LK aff wg ' fl .l.i. wr fl M11 , ,f .,-f f l,.1 .. .fff .f d" ff' ' 1 if P Q5-if ff, , ' 4,1 T .iw if I I A 1:7 I l ,, fx gi 1'--if 'VWXIH vs se , "Q, if A . i 5 , 4 BN., 6 swag e zudow Will we ever get done? cl XS Perplexed? LZYL. " 0 4' The's all here! D 5 U5 Where's the river Mr. Johnson? D' If il.-1, C amping out ? T Rim Q Q 9 , tn , g lg-EA fm ff xr 4 fZf'f'6'?-2 f Afx F-RPF-2'IL E QQ y Riff '-'X X A L Qizig 1f1?,1f-1755 1 If-' ggi?- L aww 1 gjk 5 1 3 X X if X "' fm NR -E A .. J udy Gunnell ff-f-4" L W ilter btreetex Mrs Edenb advlbor Glenndxa Gxlmore Ed th B 11 F1 amen- Srmlq Cmdy Holm mndra Atkmbon 1 e Greg Ulm Blll Tumble Dem Lynne Edens Men Are like 'E ,-nn? Patr1c1a Klahn .P 6 QU 50 Dale Erwuk . Q' W? , , r A. A .L 4 A n Q JT A . .g-.xi , X, 2 .fa ? Q, 2 .,, . . W V ' ,Q F A ,,V M. 1 , 5 f E X .Nr Q ' ' yy o ' 4" Q - ' n YJ M M a Sch I EYM 0.15195 9.9- 5'VM' 1, ' slug 225 N 7 , 1 n '. - lu- -Q William Smith Diane Witherow M l '21 . 4 ff 4 M , sf., 5 ., sh ,Q g , i 9, in if-f 5 Reba Woody , IL Sandra Gossage Willa Jo Woody Kathryn Henry Streetcurs" ii:-7 Succsssq 51 George Fraker Crowning Popcorn Freshman Amid the confetti and gayety of the even- ing, Gail Cook, the freshman candidate, reigned as Queen of the 1958 Carnival. She was attended by Princesses Sybil Woody, sophomoreg Judy Ann Went- worth, seniorg and Sandy Gossage, jun- ior. Bingo ! ! Adve rtising Queen Cop Cute Working Before Honors ...ff Queen Mx , . 4? it I 5 N0 5573 I K if Q, gt? vi' S Qui- fgf '55 uA..,,. C 'lu Out to Dinner There was a dead man under the steps. il Boarding House Members lun- ,'OsQ O ,,?3i, K so to 9' Y Ns, , . - .9 H Q . 0. ,n ,lx 1' ' ' 'tx' " Q ,K ' 4 . SA Ku Guys and Gals S tu ge ALL-HIGH 1-'LAY For the first time, Forks High School will have an All-High Play. "Stage Door" is the story of would-be actresses in the boarding house, The Footlights Club, in New York City. The main characters are Pat Fitts, an aspiring actressg her boy friends, Playwright Tony Scruton and Producer Raymond Andcrsong and Carol Brande- bcrry, who becomes a famous movie star. Door Ph0t0g1'aPh9I'S 7 Practice? Make-Up Outside Callers! 55 -Z , . vii Back Row1 Assistant Coach Boden, Richard Gross., Raymond Anderson, Dale Erwick, Vernon Anderson, Gail Garbriek. Greg Elin, Danny Williams. Russell Woodruff, Rene Davis, William Smith, Chuek Frost, Gordon Windle, George Fraker, Coach Rath. Front Row: Craig Hunley, Bob Surg, John Maris, Jim Johns, Bob Bent, Frank Smiley, Ralph Warren, Tony Crumb, Louie Cook, Ricky Hull, Jim Pace. 1 -at NX XX! 1 I Forks 31 - Neah Bay 13 Forks 0 - Illwaco 40 , , . Louio Cook. honorary captain Forks 32 - Na Selle 0 Bob Bent, IHSPIPHUOHHI award Forks 6 - Bainbridge 31 Forks 12 - Port Townsend O Forks 7 - Sequim 14 Forks 12 - Uoosta 14 Forks 26 - Como Lake 18 1 if - Amis' 1 .4 uf Jlm IDJLL bbbt 1,104 M, Douglas Maxficld best dciense 58 Z ? XM J Ae , ...Q , dv Jim Johns Q, Q- kr 45 2 fagf' aw K R? 1 ,W V W ,, ,.,. . ,,,.,. ,I W1 Jim Pace X , 5 ,fi , V, 22 ,, , 4:54 an 2 .ff jim Q 4, " Z4 2 :Sf 4 1 1: -2 is 1-'ff Charles Frost Robert Bent Russell Woodruff George Fraker Douglas Maxfie TTY: Frank Smiley Raymond Anderson Greg Ulin Z VW 2 gf 3176 SW? X 'jg f fi, 4 f M y K l,., A ,..,, . ,. h ,ii 2? M wr ul 'A f 1 'ii sf. af" ,wk 4 ,vig , Dale Erwick fl 5 if in N pg. , z, V ig 'W A Tony Crumb Robert Sor R d Huu W'll' S 'th g ayII1OI1 1 lam U11 L0u1e Cook 8 Y rai Hunle Chris Mor anrofh Danny A Williams John Gar Anderson swans Joe Lewis i Y W 'ef fi' 1 'ff 1 Y 79 .,,..., ,dy Q I I FWZ' 5' fig in Si 'ff an 4-14' Vi -fs y M' i .MT Y i n Q, ,. ,cw .Mill Us xp, h. 31259 f A in Q, , y . . z 1 1 'Ma , .g gi f , .,,r 4 , - . ff ' af ,021 h W 5 X4 ,ig '. -Q ki X 'B ' 4 Q 5 mv , S , .X L v V'W-. Nul- DWZ5!! al 193,951 w Pw- 5 .. ,, ,.,, ' 4, ,. gg,-:wo W V Il A la' Z' ' ,'3'.9'Vf,2sW 'Lf'-Afzaewfagf-,g.Y Ml ...AL wwf wg ,W W my W W ., 1 v , -1 fi I ff wf-WWA .., -, W G Y ,sf 7.11. 7-""" . ,, ,M-J v B ' ' 335'-at - - Y- Mft - V. 1- V -my - , . ' ' 1 vs-as 1 . .g..-... . SMk"'l'-'Qi 'av-1. GC " Xwg Back Row: Raffie Holie, Be Tyler Hoebueket. Third How: Sherryl Fraker Bill Beedle. second liow: Lorene Lewis Front Row: Jerry Gilmore, Not Shown: Jake Haniniond, G 8th Grade " " verly Hansen, Bonnie Bjornson, John Bell, Bob Gourly, Toni Gronseth, Candy Fox, , Rachel Breithaupt, Patricia Leyendeeker, Jean Lohneis, Roger Alseth, Knute Estes , Gladys Davis, Linda Gooding, Larry Early, Robert Cooper, Jerry King. Ken Barker, Bert Black. Bonnie Crisp. 8th Grade " " Back Row: Howard Williams, Louise Moody, David Wasankari, Doug Pruett, Cheryl Paul, Ron Anderson, Ron Nobaeh. Third Row: Charles Singleton, Kathleen Spaulding, Roberta Tuttle, Sharlene Slack, Tom Rosmond, Richard Mottner Second Row: Martha Rosmond, Sharon Shafer, Lorrie Reynolds, Ken Ulin. Front Rowg Robert Pederson, Gary Pitt, Duane Miles, Allen Rogers. Not Shown: Bertha Woodruff, Judy Morgan, Gay Cambell, Peter Strom, Glen Penn. .ef W lf? 1 wg, . 1 rv o-, ,..1-.- guy., 7th Grade " " Back Row: Vernon Depew, Linda Gannell, Margaret Crist, Kenneth Damon, Gary Kilmer, Judy Beck, James Hobuckct, Barbara Barlow. Third Row: Joanne Anderson, Susan Allen, Wanda Barley, James Brink, Sandra Curtiss, David Beedle. Second Row: Bob Hansen, Hope Amsdill, Donna Beers, Janet Fletcher, Theresa Fox, Wayne Lewis, Gary Fisk Front Row: Billy Foster, Bill Edwards, Richard Breithaup, Bill Blanchard. 7th Grade "B" Back Row: Valgene King, Lavern Millsaps, Kenneth Smith, Charles Lodholm, Helen Haag, Larry Thomas. Sharon Hall. Third Row: Harold Metcalf, Larry Nobach. Bonnie Sackett. Sharon Welch, Kathleen Seruton, Richard Halverson. Second Row: Susan Minsker, Ramona Penn, Judith Meng, Victoria Ulin, Bill Lefler, Shirley Singleton. Front How: George Robinson, Oscar Sisk, Danny Nelson, Daryl Smiley, Floyd McCoy, Ellery Miles, Mike Perry, Dale Ulin. 3 v x7 wu- v Y? F M, if I 'U-,, 1,3 - E i f EA- fi D Q ' ' y U J g Nm-li' EILEEN SLACK Ijniversity of Washington and Columbus Hospital School Nurse. IRWIN EDWARDS Central College of Education Grade School Principal. media if Zig, ,M C3 it Uma SIDNEY GLASSO Pacific Luthern College Trigonometry and English LORENE LEACH Western College of Education, Oregon State College Social Studies and History. ELLEN HYNES Central College of Education Health, Math, and Art. lt il f-1ll"5 ',,,,f Ed a 5'i4'w 'f, I f, . ' t r-4,tz:.a5,25P,4 ,.' i F ' 1. V' H, r, 2 A . M' , '35 :gf ' -' ,'3cfv00l6W5" - . 204004 5' 'Gfvvn-qs " .f,"N, fl p, as , K , 'r.,,,c i 3, X,- Qi Future Spartans Off To Win Another Back Row: Doug Pruett, Alan Kitchel, Jimmy Lucken, Raffie Hoke, Spencer Higby, Jimmy Bishop, Craig Flet- cher, Peter Strom, Howard Williams, Jake Hammond. Front Rowg Art Kelm, Allen Rogers, Frank Rogers, Ronnie Howard, Dean Jones. 5' xp, M- f A it I M ' A 'Q t f XS We, the students of Forks Junior High, reserve this space in memory of Bob Woody, for unexcelled participation in sports and as an all-around good student. 67 Allen Kitehel . 5 'Ny 9 . i E R , 6 .M Z il A ry . 3' as 4 lr 54463, Art Kelm Q 5,1 '-4-v f kt Q W Jim Bishop 'I 4 ,F .4 Q O 1 J' , is its , an is -'Q-Q - '- W 1 " K x W' - . 6 W ' 1 1 fs f fc bv Leon Hallman Frank Leyendecker Future Senior lhgh T3 Gary Morningstar Forks 36 Sequim 24 Forks 17 Port Angeles 20 Forks 23 Port Angeles 19 Forks 29 Neah Bay 24 Forks 29 Neah Bay 28 Forks 41 Clallam Bay 29 Forks 44 Clallam Bay 30 BusketbuH Frank Rogers Dean Jones Glenn King Ronnie Howard Bob Medsker 4 Q. X W ' M ,. ,. X Mi mc, Mg: Jim Lucken -Q 'fl ,: .E I ,. W Q I 41 A Ei vii TX! l 35 Q..-W ca I o m 0 O if X RAYQN R wg! can-M I lllllimiiminuinlllllllllllIlUIlllIlIIlllllllllllllllllllllll l lllllillnnunmllllIIIIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll ...I I EZ 'H INCORPORATED 7 You might like a career at Rayonier. Growing trees or making chemical cellulose is interesting worlc. Why not talk to Rayonier per soon LUCK ' 'ro THE 1 SAC ANNUAL A NU FF l 195 7-58 Forks Grocery and Feed Co Faifilff FF F 5 F X ff: elf Nl' 132 FoRKs AVE so 3 I 1 PHONE FR 4 2321 " sl 9 f gl!! I FORKS WASHINGTON cHEcK' PEOPLE S STORE QUIX SANITARY SERVICE T l.ATI OT Ne: FR 4-3659 'r , I T Fonxs 1 1' . . lllllllli lllllllll lllllllll lllllllll lllllllll o -O z mmf QC X 1 2 X" 2 1 'f- E 'J ""f-,-ff-.fe--.,e. 'ff' 5 , I 'N ' ,H T, ,mgym MJ VE 5 Of 'fV',g,Y efcour- ' Q, I: X , , 1,5 ilflwreeaff - ' I 5' 'F' . . ' We E H ' Q ,ree R? :al gf J - ga -LM- s :K ' 5 M L g NGRATULATION .1 T0 THE E- LASS ONGRA U ONS T - CLASS OF' I5 'tg BROWN' S S ECOND HA ND STORE FAMILY S HO E los WEST FRONT STREET PORT ANGELE s, WASHINGTON PHONE GL-7-4150 CAMPING A ND HUNTING SUP LOGG WAR SUR PLUS PLIES ING SUPPLIES , 7, Q w g I RST FEDE RAL SAV ING AND LOAN ASSIN OF PORT ANGELES H3 N, LAUREL STREET PHONE Gl. 7 4489 PORT 1 J E V F57 ANGELES WASH CROWN ZELLERBACH CORPO CONGRATULA RATION STORE 103 WEST FRONT STREET Q , E?-' .- 91 X9 I . 0"Z IFN, I ff ' X ,Ji I .A 1 ' V gm- . - CONGRATULATIONS THE CLASS i958 FAIRMOUNT ff DRIVE-IN HIGHWAY lOl WE ST PORT ANEGLES Tl0Ns PORT AN GELES, wAsH TO THE o PHONE GL. 7 7447 CLASS THE DUCK INN KEEP F, 126 EAST FRONT STREET I-Q., ' WASHINGTON PHONE GL 7 5588 GREEN 0 'P rl? C9 TO OF' N U D 2 -. Q Q A . ' f " '4 Ui TV OF' l958 I- SMITHS BEVERAGES OLYMPUS A SNYDAL A FINE HOTEL EASY RATES HIRES ROOT BEER IIO EAST FRONT PEPSI COLA 7 UP PHONE GL 7 3331 NESBITS ORANGE PORT ANGELES, WASHINGTON gziq PORT ANGELES, WASHINGTON I E KULAK I-II-FI COMPONENTS HIGH FIDELITY WITHIN REACH RALSTON INSURANCE OF EVERYONE II4 VV FRONT ST PHONE GL 7 7825 SPECIALIZE AUTO TRUCK PORT ANGELES, WASHINGTON BONDS COMPLIMENTS OF CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF '58 II6 N LINCOLN PHONE GL 7 6316 PORT ANGELES, WASHINGTON BUSSING OFFICE SUPPLY EVERGREEN MARKET VICTOR ADDING PORT ANGELES, WASHINGTON I MACHINES IOS ONE HALF wEST FRONT ST CJ ROYAL TYPEWRITERS PHONE GL 7 8555 SALES SERVICE WHOLESALE MEATS X SUPPLIES X RESTAURANT PHONE GL 7 2122 SHIPS SUPPLIES I26 W FIRST ST PORT ANGELES, WASH OLYMPIC ELECTRIC Westmghouse WILLI LOU'S CIRCUS WIRING, FIXTURES, APPLIANCES salesasemcc DOMESTIC, COMMERCIAL AND TEEN TOWN INDUSTRIAL GFS! I MAYTAG wASI-IERS AND DRYERS CLOTHES FOR THE sox SO, LINCOLN ST, PORT ANGELES, WASH. TINY AND TEENY. I PHONE 5303 PORT ANGELES, WASH. 'III . - . I - f l A III E S3 ' " - III ' ' I ' . ....g.... NINKE'S BEST WISHES TO THE cL.ASS oF f I ' BE IN THE HEIGHT :asa FROM OF FASHION - BUY FORKS YOUR NEw CLOTHES MOTEL AT NINKEIS, FORKS FORKS 4'- PHONE BEST wlSHES TO THE FR-4-zaai CLASS OF' 158 FORKS MEDICAL CENTER BEST TO THE CLASS OF V58 -- STOP AT M. R. SMITH .- W A R N E R ' S SHINGLE CO. G A R A G E TYEE SALES MIDDLETON MOTOR PARTS SERWCE COMPANY CONGRATULATIONS 'ro THE cl..ASS c A 1958 75 X I PHONE ,,,-XR" J GL.-7-4466 Q. ' I Q 1 PORT ANGELES I , ei? E- EIT PHONE FR-4-3121 NIGHT PHONE FR -4-3759 277 FORKS AVE, r I Q ' ' fl ' x ' ' '3 r ' ,f 1 fl KS . , ,X I TA - Maw' K , V W.. W D ....,. k E KJ S R LITE 'IS 49051 zfw mumws ! HEQONII MII PHOTO ri-' LAB RENSHAW EDSEL SALES FAST 603 LINCOLN FILM SERVICE PORT ANGELES WASHINGTON TOM BIRKS DRUGS CAM EIIAS WHEN YOU BUY AT has All Makes BOX 588 PHONE GL 7 796I PORT ANGELES WASHINGTON BIRKS You BUY AT Less PORT ANGELES WASHINGTON MEMBER OF FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORP IF IT S INSURANCE WE HAVE IT :,,, ' BEST WISHES TO CLASS OF '58 Forks State Bunk K Bank Accounts IIIIBIBSVI VI 24 0 O' "FSS 535L'lT2i"' B E I 5 I 9 p f 52 ' dn om. I XI J A W., 5. 9 O 2 if -3 vi.- of "' l GOOD LUCK 'IYOIII' C873 Best TO THE FROM CLASS OF F58 MYR ETTE' S """' GASDLINE STOVE OIL FUNERAL PIECES DIESEL GREASE CORSAGES LUBRICATING PRODUCTS U ION OIL ' i L FORKS. WASHINGTON 5' ' Y ' ' HENRY GEIST CONS PHONE FR 4 ZIII PLEASE NOTE FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE CONGRATULATIONS OUR ELECTRONIC SECRETAR ENABLES US TO GIVE YOU Z4 HOUR DR R L BAKER TELEPHONE ANSWERING DENTI ST SERVICE, 6TH AVE , S,w, FORKS. WS WASHINGTON PHONE FORKS FR 4 2779 BEST TO WE SERVE YOUR AREA ll You WOULDNIT TRY TO BUILD A HOUSE WITHOUT A PLAN, JUST AS NECESSARY THE A PLAN FOR ACCUMULATING THE MONEY TO MAKE THAT HOUSE FINANCIALLY CLASS OF POSSIBLE, IVHIT OR MISS METHODS WONVT DO IT, PLANNED SAVINGS wILL.II IF vou HAVE THE WILL, WE HAVE THE WAY TO MAKE YOUR DREAM OF HOME-OWNERSHIP COME TRUE MucH SDDNER THAN You THINK, Pemnsulu Plywood Corporation " an III -T - - - S 4 I I ,, f .9 ' 0 - - I - s P R 1 I 'sa 1 I 'I A ' LITTLE-HoLM TIRE COMPANY PLUMBING AND HEATING PLUMBING RE PAIRING 3:0 EAST FIRST CONTRACTI NG RE MODELING STREET PORT ANGELES 2 2311 NT zzs E IST PORT ANGELES WASHINGTON STAR HEATING AND PLUMBING CO PO PHONE GL 6393 Mc cuLLocI-I SALES AND SERVICE DEINES ONE on Two MAN LIGHT WEIGHT Powzn sAwS SALE S AND SE RVI CE CENTER ll WHERE TO CALL U PORT ANGELES WASHINGTON FORKS 4 2631 ULIN MAINTENANCE AND SUPPLY Ruel and Vedder Fl'lgld8ll'9 "CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF"58" l A 4 LEFLER'S GENERAL EVE RYTHI NG F' OR STORE THE S PORTS MAN DELL AND DON' S PHONE FR 4 2441 SAFETY REMINDER SLOW DOWN AND GET BEST WISHES TO THE THERE SOONER GRADUATING CLASS BEST WI SHES TO THE PENINSULA CLASS OF' l58 AUTO coNGRA-rul.A'rloNs TELEPHONE CLASS OF '58 AND TELEGRAPH TRUCK FIRE LIFE BONDS FARMERS INSURANCE GROUP W C GELLOR ass-r wus:-ues 'ro AND SON CS 1-HECLA55 INSURANCE AGENCY OF 58 220 E IST MAURICE HULL MGR PORT ANGE LE S PHONE GL 7-6941 M. PORT ANGELES RETAIL MERCHANTS ASSOCIATION DIVISION OF THE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE NON SOLICITATIONS I 957 OLYMPIC STATE BANK ANGELES COOPERATIVE CREAMERY MATHEWS GLASS COMPANY MC GLENN S THRIFTWAY HANKIN'S Mr:.N'S STORE BROWN REXALL DRUG CO NIEMEYER JEWELRY JAMES HARDWARE THE TOGGERY WIDSTEEN'S MEN S STORE MILLER DEPARTMENT STORE HARRINGTON S GRILL SWAIN SALES COMPANY FIRST NATIONAL BANK WILLSON HARDWARE KAUFMAN MILLER FURNITURE COMPANY KING AND FOLK MUSIC COMPANY NICHOLSON S WOMEN'S APPAREL HAL'S HARDWARE ANGELES MILLWORK COMPANY K AND K FINE FOODS PACIFIC REFRIGERATION ROGERS STUDIO "ZOOD'S" GIFTS SCANLAN'S FURNITURE AND APPLIANCE X I I I 0, FILION JEWELRY I x - X x X I N x I TAPER HEATING COMPANY BRUNIFIELD AND DAVIS HEATING EQUIPMENT AIR CONDITIONING TITLE INSURANCE EScRows SI-IEET METAL WORK GL 7 4 95 PORT ANGELES ABSTRACT CO IIa N LAUREL ST WAGNER S CAFE PORT ANGELES wASI-I POOR LD JOI-IN PORT ANGELES WASH OLYMPIC PRINTERY JOHNSON AND BORK 3 PAINTS GLASS SOCIAL AND WALLPAPER 120 PHONE GL. 7 5333 LINCOLN PRINTING FRONT AND LINCOLN STS PHONE GL 7 5366 PORT ANGELES WASH PORT ANGELES WASHINGTON an C EMEMB Q -'ff M S 'gi RQ-gi' CONGRATULATIONS FROM NAVAL LODGE NO 353 THE YARDSTICK YOUR COMPLETE SEWING CENTER PORT ANGELES WASHINGTON II7 ONE HALF W FIRST PORT ANGELES WASHINGTON X : Z , "I Q, , 'K 2' 1'-1-1 Ms 1.1425 -I . ,. ' .rf ll I X , . jx NORTH COMMERCM I 'I , 1 T L' Fiji' 4,41 ' Tu' f E ' xxx SI .I 4- fl I 5' B. P. o. E. I ::- 1-2: . - f Z I 1 SA P P H 0 PENINSULA LOGGERS SUPPLY CAFE HOMELITE CHAIN sAws GASOLINE HOME COOKING BEST WISHES TO THE CL.ASS OF' I95B SAPPHO WASHINGTON UNION WIRE ROPE LOGGING SUPPLIES PHONE FR 4 3491 CHARM AID BEAUTY SALON Ol ,f-.I 0 Q COMPLETE ONE STOP AUTO SERVICE MOTOR REBORING BRAKE RELINING MOTOR TUNE UP WELDING PHONE FR-4 3479 RES FR-4 2579 John's Motors 1-Ruxcx ...J A - n - - , , , - - WL-, , A 5?P' I I XX!-'S ,f"'P B ff I5 Pay and Save Foods Q, Xu . ,1- Lfiigi 'WMI i. - EVERYTHING IN FOODS SELF SERVICE MEATS REFRIGERATED PRODUCE -COMPETITIVE PRICES BEST WISHES CLASS OF 58 314 FORKS AVE FORKS XT4, f George Campbell Trucking CHECK THESE FEATURES . . . WASHED SAND AND GRAVEL WW IJ Fl If U :U-4 Ss CX Q Q0 F5 QR in DUMP TRUCK AND SHOVEL WOR K PHONE FR 4 2370 FORKS WASHINGTON HEDWALL'S RICHFIELD TYEE STORE SERVICE AND STATION CHEVRON SERVICE TYEE PHONE FR-44289 BEST TO THE CLASS OF 58 JACK AND DORIS URR PHONE FR-4 32M BEAVER BEST TO THE CLASS OF lllflllll lllllllll lllllllll lllllllll lllllllll 1 .- PUEFJ I -T e '1' .1 ,. V - -T I :Z I I I Enos Distributing BEST TO THE CLASS OF '58 520 E FIRST TONY ENOS SYD TOZIER PORT ANGELES WASHINGTON INSURAINKZE AGENCY ALPINE coNGRA'rul.A'rloNs TO S T U D I O THE CLASS OF' 124 WEST IST STREET CONGRATULATIONS PORT ANGELES WASHINGTON TO THE CLASS OF' 1958 CAMERAS All Makes lllllllll lllllllll lllllllll lllllllll lllllllll . '58 n .lf .. . PHOTO EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES .No -2, , I .. i ',, . . 0 Olympic Pharmacy xv., D PHONE FR 4 2231 PARKER PENS CAMERAS BABY NEEDS PRESCRIPTIONS FORKS AVE AND DIVISION FORKS, WASHINGTON Forks Department and Vurlety ir i 5 FORKS AVE S AND DIVISION STREETS CONGRATULATIONS AND SUCCESS TO THE CLASS OF 1958 PENDLETON TONI TODD LEE WONDERALLS MCGREGOR VICKEY VAUGHN MR AND MRS DELMORE HUGGINS Kennedy' Te uco Service 1- -N.::gr-.grriu 1 FORKS FORUM oFFlcE SUPPLIES 5 LAKE Jos PRINTING 5 PLEASANT Moons Busmsss FORMS E GROC E RY THE FARTHEST was-r NEWSPAPER E OF xesa FAR WEST PROPANE LIQUEFIED PETROLEUM GAS SALES-INSTALLATIONS-SERVICE RANGES - REFRIGERATORS- CLOTHES DRYERS - WATER HEATERS - HEATING EQUIPMENT DOMESTIC--COMMERCIAL.-INDUSTRIAL PHONE FR-4-2351 FORKS, WASH, VERNE AND Nl PSY KENNEDY ,ie . A, Forks Bulldlng Supply O I I11 O X 'I I rn cn rn -11 rn P "I C Z rn us CONCRETE PRODUCTS ROOFING MOULDINGS WW g ?5,.1-.xk,,,9' 5 A Xw HIWAY 'I OI PLYWOOD PAINT DOORS HARDWARE PLUMBING FIXTURES AND SUPPLIES LENNOX FUR NACES PHONE FR-4 3481 FORKS WASHINGTON BRAGER BROS LOGGI NG C O M PA NY u CONGRATULATIONS 'ro THE cu-xss OF lass PHONE: FR -3610 314 E s1' s w FORKS 3, pu F . I 424' Q I 0 I X' I . AW I M I I 2 ff 1: , sn" . O I Z I 0 mmm ummm I ' I . I SINCERE BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF' 1958 FROM THE OFFICE FDR L A SCHUELER JR 1 I" 10" V ' L ov WW' qnv' Wm """n.. 'uni' 'S 4p,pH ST BO X Q' IC p,x,X31 W W I 3462 0425 my ffl EA .ki 3 'S' 3. - if F' OO 1:-Hz f vin .,,,... FfX , 52 5 00 0 0 4 B xg xi 'f '. I j Rs? Z ,gh sri Al ' Y .-fl? 3335: CLD-2.73 X X w55'+ 2121 wg Q XX 559 Q ss' '71 4, -0' W s M ...Is-Q 9 1' 72 wr' I x A 5 I X " 'x - 1 xb Q X :ft ini, ' 1 1 I

Suggestions in the Forks High School - Spartan Yearbook (Forks, WA) collection:

Forks High School - Spartan Yearbook (Forks, WA) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


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Forks High School - Spartan Yearbook (Forks, WA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Forks High School - Spartan Yearbook (Forks, WA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 100

1958, pg 100

Forks High School - Spartan Yearbook (Forks, WA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 33

1958, pg 33

Forks High School - Spartan Yearbook (Forks, WA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 71

1958, pg 71

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