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1,--kg , ' X 5 ,A ' ' -5 f ' 1 '5"'f1' ,E-fin- Q 'F ' . , -ww ff' , Q V. ,, . , . . ,. , ' , - 4 , - f . ,, - - ' ,- ' W , '1-'Hw,v- , . H 75' ,..,, 'ima-"-w 'W . ' ' C' - V ' ra-ffe,,, " Q ' ' +- ' Al'-11: ' fm fi N ' ' .A, - we A ff m WMimLdxQvvMQO4WQ QMCJPN Q. qiffffi Wi Cgiq-0-CQ MIK ,5, i Jim W AY A MMV -ff gf MH ,xJk-VJQN-Duff JQJLVMJV yyhnim XOJLDM, CQSKJQCQX. ,QSM f - gm Ok, QMM4 ,Q . O, ' c ,- v i 4 .V .4 ,N lx, ' . , . , , ,, Ev' ,., N , YN ' U U V .Qin V . If '- Y. : vg ! E Z,, A A V ,Qafgd . X0 945' QP Neg A . 22-P-C yi xouiox :gf J cooxr-igjf M SPA ,S '7' Q:-'I' Y Cod Q -lx 4,1 'O if Q 67 c. P . sf "U 976 - gr J 179,97 Wr ' -C X UO - -YU 'p so ofa, ON nfs? ,QQ QQ- VJ' QW fu if" -N OJ 0 rox-mxoxf QQ fr' Q.. 404' 5:r,c"! m oslp' 0? I A E4 ' Q Jr Xbe vp fl' C4 .ff qfm D . 49- xo O C' 0 ja' ,ff Nb- ,P XJ 'N .-,Qf",5' No O f I fy eo Q59 14 xy' . ,Lo 4 :r.of'x oo JSO vga . 549' X -5 x9 49' Swim. U5 ArUWv-yN04bvYvu-'K,.nu.Q4vA443,,,Aj'm.U ' lm -s19..JL.,,ww?m y,M.m1W.wnycMW5 WN Q E AVN' ' AAAJYYVYYUIA- 'Luv ' " M, mm" xwwdw .,.,.',.,u Awww 'TW' . 'Jk9ANw4fou:-w-L.UJxs:l9s..B,0-AQ,w,Q,3,U,i4,,,9VN,Qd, K.-ku2dYN.4 M.ou,+aftfa1,.q,s5.x.,,,.,.,Y5-f2b,Y,,d:.-1,-.,1,.3+9.. we'.5.Yw,Q,..,QV.M,,,M,,wN0 Vw wdjmb 'tv-01+ Q,u,e,Pfvo. N-aM4a.A,Q.wo'ff-X-LInf1.u.fwvwvM-,,Jg-,,,w,Mq,.WX3 mb, A QCD :P . ' """A"--Aan!--f'.,, ,, 4 fwfp y M JVM Mfg? g9j'fggww W-fgfpj VF' Wayifiifer V-yff'?,gf'?'jff,f2f?fif'fif4?7'gg1ff'NM fvfgfk 2525? ff' f ygrgigkafh 9- j,8.ffQf'jSfQi'ff 4 w J' 4 iv.. JOHN J. WICKER CHAPEL A X www' X X ,N W.w,, ,M X ,xg , NY Awmaw lf 5 SY J," nk 'fi Fork Union , Z2',,..,, fmmwfhw- 1,2-az! QMZZ2-2 1962 KIRMISHER PUBLISHED ANNUALLY BY THE CADET CORPS OF Military Academy, Fork Union Virginia Editor Edwin Lee Warield Cr k Co-Managing Editor Willie Paul Hay d Arthur Sp ld g K d ll J Foreword The Skirmisher is the story of our lives as students. During the course of this year, we have had many enlightening experiences and a few disheartening one. But as We look back into the past, we see that this year at Fork Union has enriched our lives. Our Annual is a part of us, when we turn the pages, many past experiences are en- visioned in our minds. As we the Senior Class make our grand exit, we hope to be remembered by our underclass mates, who we hope, will follow in our footsteps. Leav- ing our school fills our hearts with sadness for the many friends we will leave behind, but will remember in years to come. Our minds are filled with excitement and ques- tion, because we are on our own. ln our annual we will try to Weave the personalities of all the cadets into its pages. We will show their interests in sports, clubs, and other activities. We will lead you on a sight seeing tour of our school and grounds letting you peek into the inside, as well as the outside of the Academy. So to everyone who reads this epic in our lives, We hope that they enjoy it as much as we have enjoyed assembling it. To you, the class of 1962 bids welcome and a proud farewell. 0TLl8l'l,tS INTRODUCTION 1- 5 DEDICATION 6- T ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF 8 16 FACULTY 16- 21 Office, Infirmary 8 Other Staff 22- 23 SENIOR CLASS 24- 62 Hall of Fame 63 Postgraduates 64 65 Junior Class 66- 68 Snaps 84 Views 69 Sophomore Class T0 T1 Freshmen Class T2 T4- Senior Informals 8 Views T4 T5 MILITARY T6 9T ORGANIZATIONS 98 129 SPORTS 130-151 IUINIOR SCHOOL 152-19T ACKNOWLEDGMENTS 198 ADVERTISEMENTS 199-208 Consirler lllal I laboureri no! for myself only, but for all llleln Illat seek learning. -The Apocrypha In M moriam That mise and familiar lace shown in a familiar pose, belongs to a man who served the Academy well from 1948 to l96l. It has pleased Cod to call him to the life of Greater l.ove and Service, our friend and instructor Captain Stanley L. Kent. Wwe, the IIIQIIITDCTS of The Faculty, Cadet Corps, and The Administrative Staff of Fork Union Military Academy wish to record our appreciation of this faithful olhcer and teacher of the Academy, in which, he xx as a nise counselor, devoted instructor and a cordial friend to all who knew him. He gave himself sacriiicially to the active duties of the Academy. His genial personality has been and will continue to he an inspiration to his many friends among the Corps of Cadets. We who have had the benefit of his teachings and guidance will long remember 5'The Coloneln for his kindness, help, and advice. So it is with fond memories that the 1962 Slcirmislier is dedicated to Captain Stanley L. Kent who served us and the Academy Well. 'ETQ live in lzearls we leave behind is not to flief' 6 l O education CAIVIUXIN HERl3lCR'l' l". IIIQICHIQNBACH e. the Senior Class. would like to express our deep appreciation to a member of the faculty who has devoted 25 vears to Fork l nion. as a teacher. member of the tactical staff. and most of all as a friend. bv dedicating the l96l-62 Skirmisher to him. In addition to his regular duties in the class- room. it has been Captain Reichenbachis re- sponsibilty to prepare the Skirmisher for print- ing and act as advisor to the Senior Class. His pleasing personality and sense of humor have made cadet life more enjoyable for every one. He has worked hard and put in long hours after most of us have called it a day. As freshmen. some of us knew him as a firm mentor of mathematics. Here his interest lav in giving us the proper foundation we would need to carry us into the higher realms of study. As we grew and our own maturity deepened, we saw in him the sagacity and true warmth that is lack- ing in the character of lesser men. Here then. was someone we could seek counsel. respect his advice and admonitions. and long remember after our life at the Aeademv is brought to a close. Although these pictures and these few words cannot adequately express our true feelings to- ward him. as we, the members of the Senior Class go forth lo other pursuits. we shall always remember Captain t'Rick'7 as a friend and Valued instructor. as have cadets in years paste -and as thev will in vears to come. Captain "Rick" had no idea this yearis Skirmisher was to be dedicated to him. lt has been a well guarded secret and not an easy one to keep, since he is Faculty Advisor to this publication. With the cooperation of the Skirmisher Staff. Senior Class, Mr. lVleClung of Andre Studio. who had a most ditlieult time obtaining these pictures, and Mr. Silvers of the Garamond Press. this was made possible. Administrative Staff and The Senior class will always be indebted to the faculty, for they have been the guiding light to maturity as well as to knowlelge. They have tried to instill into our minds the basic information that we will need in future life. We will always be thankful to our many instructors who have so adequately paved the narrow and select road to higher learning, for through their patience and skill, they have aroused in us the ability to Colonel Waldron and Colonel Crockett have many callers in their otiices in Hatcher Hall each day of the school year. 8 think and reason with the facts, that, they have given us to work with. We will 11ever be able to repay them for the gift that they have given us. The knowledge that we have received through their ability and under- standing. He removes the greatest ornament of friend- ship, who takes away from it respect. -CICERO Colonel Henderson fCommandantl and Captain Spradlin fChapIainj also have many callers during the school year. r 32? gg-l 23 , 35 straw r COLONEL JAMES CALDWELL WICKER B.A., TH. B., 11.13 7 President 10 COLONEL XATHANIICL JAMES PERKINS, 'LH Headmaster Emerilus 11 mmm K+ COLONEL HARRY MORTON XVALDRON, A.B., M.A Heaflmasler 12 Q COLONEL FRANK ALLEN CROCKETT, A.B. Registrar and Direclor of Public Relalions 13 NNW COLONEL CARROLL B. HENDERSON, RA., MA L'.S.A. flfefircflj Cllllllllfllllllflllf 14 MAJOR CHARLES GRMMM T11oMAs, 13.5. Aflzlelhr Direclor and AfI1ninislral1'11e Assislmll To The President 15 MAJOR IRVING A, HOWELL Treasurer MAJOR J. R. WILDMA Ms., MA. Department of Englisll Assistant Hcazinzaxfur English N MAJOR H. R. KELLY A.B., M.A. Department of Foreign Languag Department of Social Studies French, Mazlieniatiirs, Bible U 9 Department Heads QI XPTAIN 41. If. HOFFNI XX ff XPTAIX ll. I". REICIIICNISXCII Il 1' us. D. Q,lllII'H'l'II1I1S1P7' llwpurlnzcwf ,f4ff1'i.w1' of Junior .SVIIUUI l1il'f.YI'!HI all SlIfl'IIIfS!I!'l' llt'lllIl'lIIIf'lIf ull' .U!llll1'III!1IlA!'S Arl1'1'.w1' In Slfirr11i.vlr1'l' 'ilr1lf11'11111I1'r'.s lIXl"l'AlN C. NN. XMCXIXIC 1fXl"l'+UN I.. ll. Sl'll.XlJl.lN C.U"l'.'NIN C. ll. YA ILA., NI. lill. IIA.. l:.Ir., TH. lm, law., M. li.l1, Clillllll1'I44'iLll Df'15Lll'lIIlL'llt l:f'l7ilI'llIlfAI1t 4mfH1'ligiuLlQ llm-purtxm-nl of Sciellm lgtllll-'A'l'!'flilIQ. Typing l:'rln1'11Iif111 f,'fIl?l7IfSfl'j' lfllSiI1l?XS lfngfisfz Llllllllflill, liilflw 17 Top row. left to right: Captain L. KIXHI, B.A., MA., Mathenziatics. flflzfiser to Skirnzislzer: Captain E. ll. Lacy, Jr., HA., English, Head TlYI!'1i' Coach, Assistrnzt Director of Atlzfetirs: Captain J. M. lluni, BA. .7lll1l11El7IIIf1CS, Vrlrsify 17005171111 111111 111130171111 C011111. f.'cnl1f1'.' Captain C. L. Ross, BS., E11,g1is11, Assistant C1mzn1an11anl. Brallonz row, Left Io right: Major I. Smith, BA.. MS., Mathernmicsg Cuplain D. R, W4PIIl1JlP7 BA., Sprmislig Mrs. C. C. Yagvl, Reme111'111 R1f'1111ing. lup ruw, left to Tfgllff flaplzlin H. A. 1xIZ:lC'IJUllgLLlH. IZA.. M. Ed., Cfrzvrrzf Sl'l'4'lI1'6?, Adlfisvr lo ilu' Sfzlzrv. Quill 111711 Srrull: fjupluin R. L. Pulliam. ISA.. English, l'r1r'xiI-V ,'100f!l!lH lfoflch, .4.vsist1111f Ctillllllllllllllllff Ctllllllill X. P. YIXIIOIUIJSUII. H. X.. IHJ.. NI. EJ.. Ellglzkll, C11i1l1111r'e I,v0lll1XFl0l'. t'lIff'l'f Colunvl ,Iulm Jxffilllll. Jr.. BSN liixlmjv. l.F.Nl.lf. fRelirc':ll. linimnz nf11age.lcl'l In riglzl: Captain N. L. flallm-ll. li. X.. Hismrlr. Lv1'UlIUlH4 if-5. J. V. Foollmll I.uur'l1: Captain J. CI. In-. .lI'.. US.. .Wtlll1P111nlir-s. I rzrxfilr, Football Ifnnrlz: COIIYIIPI 5. If. Nlc-ur. Hand lil'l'l'1'lUl'. l 5. X, fRetirfJ!. Top row, left to right: Captain Henry T. Pulliam, BS., Librarian. Captain Bruce R. Pulliam, B.A., Englislzg Captain R. K. Spencer, B.A., English, Bible. Center: Captain WI A. Blair, BA., Latin, English, Baseball and Football Coazflz. , Bottom l'0ZL', left to riglit: Captain Jack Thompson, Varsity Swimrning Team Coaclz. Full time Swimming Instructor for both Junior and Upper Scliool: Captain W. H. Miller, HS., Mathematics, Varsity Basketball and Football Coach: Captain R. D. Faix, AB., Physics. Top row. leffl to riglll: Captain I3. G. Moss, UA., HIT.. History, Hilalm Caplain li. J. lhlifullalll. IS.-X.. lfiology. l',III'Sff,Y lfrmtlzzzll ffuflf-11: Captain R. Xl. llalflwell. ISDN.. .1IflflIl'll11lfilS. I, IV. Ftlflfflllff Curl:-11. f.'I'I1ft"7'f fjillllilill H. ll. f.1'UW. Jr.. HF.. GiII'l'l'!Il7IL'IIf. Uryuzzixf. Bottom ruuf. fffl to riglll: Cu :tain C. E. llzulmly. UA., lzvrqzlislzg Ca wlaun , I Il , x D, XX. Nlansfi:-lxl. ILA., Englislzg Captain F. NI, fYlJl!llli11Uf'. '.. Rvlzzvrlizll EIlgIl..HlI and .V11tf1en1r1Iir's. Top row, left to right: Mrs. Ellen B. Sic-vous, Secretary to the Presidentg Hrs. Rolls-rt Nl. lvins, Secretary lo the Trensurwrg Mrs. Doris Madison, Secremry lo lhe Hearlrmzszvr. Cvnter: Captain, M. Maclison, B00l.'lfceper, ficcozmls Payable, In Charge of Llze Academy Post Ofice. Boftom rouf, left to right: Mrs. Arthur H. Collins, Serrcmryg Mrs. Howard G. Black, Jr., Serretaryg Mr. Frank Bielke, Szzperinzendent of Buildings and Grounds. Top row, fffft to right: Mrs. Chrislim- H. Folkos, HooU.'eeping, ,4c'z'oz111I.S Receimblvg Mr. W. .l. Fulkes. Farm Manager and Assistant llirertor Food Servireg Isiclro Sarale, C.C.K., P.A., USN, fffetirtfrll, Chef and Director Food' Serrice. Center: Mrs. Mary NI. Lyons, KN., In, Charge of the Infrmury. Bottom row, left to right: Mrs. Colle-P11 King. I..P.N, Nllrscf, lllfiflllllfj' Staffg Mrs. Lorena S. Mandina, R.N., Nurse, Infirmary Staff: Dr. J. H. Yeatman, NLD., Acarlcmy PlZj'.9f!'I.IlI1. .. .W 3, , g5?'wfY6M2-2a,sa:'b"1x-za, aw Q-,513 U ' 5 ' t i'W45f?WP'2e .e. ixldif 1' 3 i.,, .- r , ,, ,r A enior Class As another school year comes to a close, our thoughts will inevitably turn to the events of this past year. We the Senior Class of 1962 hope the record, in pictures and in Words, which the Skirrnisher provides, will he Welcome hy one and all. For each will recall individual ex- periences, memories of happy occasions and some perhaps less happy, which are their unique heritage. The accomplishments and even the failures will he indelihly Written in the hearts of each Fork Union cadet, but in years to come the record set forth in the Skirmisher will make them come alive again, as We of tomorrow review the activities of the school year. 1961-,62. As you enjoy the present, perhaps you could surely guarantee an even greater enjoyment in the future, if you Would strive to make all of todayvs activities something to he proud to look hack upon tomorrow. The very spring and root of honesty and virtue lie in the felicity of lighting on good education. -CooDWIN The Circle and Hatcher Hall! 1 ,if www m,,,,. M, fg. y Senior lass Histor 1958-HMST'lM-1959 Our first day at the Academy was rushed and hurried. 'lhis was a sample of what we were to expect for the next nine months. We had no idea of what we were doing or where we were going. We were lost. We then slowly started the arduous task of learning, not only from our books and faculty, but from our friends and most of all our experiences. A lot of us were homesick but there were some who did not have time to be homesick. The members of the freshmen class were known as first year 111en and called Mmisterf, Besides being rushed all the time we were worked all the time waxing, sweeping and washing windows. 1959-MMM After loafiing all summer, it was hard to be- lieve that we would have to buckle down to the strenuous task before us. When we came back we found that we were saddled with more re- sponsibility than we had our first year due to an increase in our rank for some of us. As second yearmen we were looked upon as buddies by the upper classmen, who relied on us more and we took part in more of the campus activ- ities. As sophomores we found it hard to build up our averages due to the many new activities 1960-HM During our third year we started thinking about college and wondering if we could get in with the averages most of us had! Our studies started getting harder and more important, than the other activities around the campus. A few of the boys in our class were officers and were looking forward to the rank they will get in there next year at the Academy. They have a lot of responsibilities and are expected to set the ex- ample for the first and second yearmen. Most of 1961-HM to our last year at F.U.lVI.A. we of our experiences both good and see what our instructors meant us we would have to work hard average if we wanted to get into college. A number of us were wise and took the good advice and got a very high average but a lot didn't and now are worried about getting into even a small college. We have met and become very good friends with many boys in our four years at the Academy. lt will be very hard to forget many of them whom we have known for all As we return look back on all bad, we finally when they told and get a good ST ST ST 26 As first yearmen we were unaccustomed to the sound of bugles all day, especially at six-thirty in the morning. Our teachers tried to impress upon us the importance of doing our best and making good grades, but in that early stage of education it didn't make much sense to us. We did not know that all of the things we learned at the Academy, both in the classroom and in the barracks would make a lasting impression on us. This was a very hard year for us, both mentally and physically but we were looking forward to our sophomore year. 2"-1960 in which we were participating. Our second year at the Academy was much easier than our first, because we learned many ways of getting out of many things. For a change our names were on the opposite side of the stick sheet. The new guys were always coming to us with their problems because we knew how they felt. Some of us could hardly wait till our third year when we would be known as third yearmen and we would become officers if we were lucky. 3'7-1961 us have stopped trying to get browny points with the seniors. We had it pretty rough in the mili- tary class with map reading and the 81 mm Mortar, but we finally got through with a good grade. With the closing of our Junior year we were looking forward to our fourth and last year at F.U.M.A. and that little piece of paper saying we were graduating from High School. Now on to the last and best yearfSeniorsl LIU,-1962 four years. We will remember a lot of the faculty ofhcers, because of the help that they have given us. We can remember wanting to be seniors and leading the Cadet Corps in rank and seniority. So, finally, we are fourth yearmen and are proud to be called seniors. We are all in the final stretch to graduation and getting the diploma that we have waited four years to receive. Every senior is going his separate way to face life and use some of the things that they have learned at F.U.lVl.A. We will always remember our ALMA MATER. MISS JUNE POLITZ 607 Lowander Lane Silver Spring, Maryland Sponsor Lieutenant STEVEN FREDERICK SCI IWARTZ President Senior Class icers Seated, left to right: Cr-urge Carlton Hope fVice-Presirlenlj, Steven Frederick Schwartz fI'rc.sirlent2, Carl lllarlisun Longley, Jr. KSecretary-an11-Treasurer!. Standing, left to right: Charles Lee Robbins fSergear1t-al- Arnzsl, D6IllOSlll?H6S Nicholas Georgunus fHiSfUflIlIlj. Peter Russell Batten 'Petel P. O. Box 21351447 Williairislaurg, Virginia 159-'60 Privateg Corporalg Non Com Clubg Hobby Clubg Intramural Sports. '60-'61 Serfreant First Class' Non Com Club' F1 in Clubg '61-'62 Edward Jackson Adams, III Gluck' 122 Pocahontas Place Hampton, Virginia '59-760 Privateg Glee Clubg Music Appreciation Clubg Intramural Sports. Privateg Glee Cluhg Intramural Sports. - Sergeant First Classg Non Com Clubg Clee Club fljresidentjg Sports Clubg Intramural Sportsg C-Co.g Favorite Sport-Water Skiingg Favorite Activity-Dating and Boating. 760-'61 '61 '62 Linden Moore Alcorn, Jr. cLinny, 4-3 Green Street Rohersonville, North Carolina '58-'59 Privateg Intramural Sports. '59-160 Privateg Cadet Christian Uniong Russian Language Clubg 280 Cluhg Rifle Teamg Intramural Sports. Sergeant First Classg Non Com Clubg Flying Clubg 280 Clubg Rifle Teamg Intramural Sports. 762 Sergeant First Classg Non Com Clubg E-Co.g 230 Clubg Rifle Teamg Science Clubg Dramatic Clubg Favorite SportfRifle Teamg Favorite Activity- Hunting. '60-761 ,61- M Z3 7 v g Dramatic Cluhg Intramural Sports. Y Lieutenantg C-Co.g Oflicersl Cluhg Sports Cluhg Flying Clubg Cross Country Teamg Guidance Cluhg Intramural Sports: Favorite Sportflgasehallg Favorite Activityellishing. 28 Allen Gilbert Bennett 'Bennyi 600 14th Street, IYW. Charlottesville, Virginia '58-'59 Privateg Bandg Intramural Sports. 759-'60 Staff Sergeantg Non Com Clubg Bandg Intramural Sports. '60-'61 Lieutenantg Captaing Bandg Officers' Clubg Band Commanderg Intramural Sports. '61-'62 Majorg Battle Group Adjutantg Officers' Clubg ,I.V. Footballg Intramural Sportsg Favorite Sport- Footballg Favorite Activity-Racing. Robert Lewis Berberich 'Bob' 930 Westover Avenue Colonial Heights, Virginia 760-'61 Privateg C-Co.g Intramural Sports. '61-'62 Corporalg Non Com Clubg C-Co.g Flying Clubg Sports Clubg Hobby Clubg Intramural Sportsg Favorite Sport-Water Skiingg Favorite Activity- Hunting and Fishing. Edgar Clayton Boggs 'Clay' '59-'60 :60-761 761-'62 Cheswold, Delaware Privateg Flying Clubg Sports Clubg Intramural Sports. Corporalg Stall Sergeantg Chess Clubg The Thinker Staifg Non Com Clubg National Honor Societyg Intramural Sports. Lieutenantg B-Co.g Officers' Clubg Guidance Clubg National Honor Soeietyg Favorite SportiHuntingg Intramural Sportsg Favorite AotivityfChess. 29 Elwood Ellis Braunbeck, Jr. gBrauny' 2728 Two Wood Road Bayside, Virginia 758-759 Privateg Clee Clubg Cadet Christian Uniong In- tramural Sports. 759-760 Privateg Cadet Christian Uniong Intramural Sports. 760-'61 Privateg Cadet Christian Uniong Intramural Sports. '61-762 Sergeantg B-Co.g Non Com Clubg Cadet Christian Uniong Intramural Sportsg Favorite Sport-All Major Sportsg Favorite Activity-Medical Staff. John William Bray cUncle Johnny' 3212 12th Street, S.E. Washington 20, D. C. 758-759 Privateg P. F. C.g DelVIolayg Intramural Sports. '59-760 Corporalg Non Com Clubg DeIVIolayg Art Clubg Intramural Sports. '60-'61 Sergeant First Classg Non Com Clubg Trackg In- tramural Sports. 76l-762 Master Sergeantg F-Co.g Officers' Cluhg J. V. Foot- ballg Trackg Intramural Sportsg Favorite Sport- Footballg Favorite Activity-Drawing. John Robert Brinkhous 'John' 524+ Dogwood Drive Chapel Hill, North Carolina '59 '60 , - Privateg Flying Cluhg Intramural Sports. 760-761 Corporalg Non Com Clubg Flying Clubg Intramural Sports. 761-762 Sergeant First Classg A-Co.g Non Com Clubg Sports Clubg J. V. Baskethallg Intramural Sportsg Favorite Sport+Basketballg Favorite ActivityADating. 30 Thomas Paul Burke 'Tom' P. O. Box IHIIQT Waverly, Virginia '59-'60 Privateg Russian Language Clubg 9th Sz 10th Grade Basketball Teamg Intramural Sports. 760-'61 Corporalg Non Com Clubg Sergeantg Flying Clubg ,l. V. Basketballg National Honor Societyg lntramu- ral Sports. 761-762 Master Sergeantg C-Co.g Officers' Clubg Sports Clubg Cross Country Teamg J. V. Basketballg Sabre Staffg Skirmisher Staffg National Honor Societyg Favorite Sport-Basketballg Favorite Activity- Dating. John Warwick Canada 'Appomattox, Box H1217 Pamplin, Virginia 761-'62 Privateg A-Co.g Varsity Footballg Trackg Sports Clubg Glee Clubg lntramural Sportsg Favorite Sport-Footballg Favorite ActivityfDancing. Herbert Wade Carden 6Herbie' Sandy Point NVest1noreland, Virginia '59-'60 Privateg Swimming Teamg Flying Clubg Sports Clubg Trackg lntramural Sports. 760-761 Corporalg Tech. Sergeantg Color Guardg Swimming Teamg Non Com Clubg Flying Clubg Sports Clubg lntramural Sports. '61-762 Lieutenantg Color Guard Commanderg Ofbuersl Clubg Guidance Club fpresidentjg Flying Club fPresia'e11tjg Scuba Clubg Sports Clubg Trackg lntramural Sportsg Favorite Sport-Huntingg Favorite Activityf Water Skiing. 31 Hugh George Cherry 'Huge' 55 Conner Avenue Chambersburg, Pennsylvania '59-'60 '60-'61 '61-'62 Privateg Corporalg Non Com Clubg Intramural Sports. Sergeant First Classg Non Com Clubg Flying Clubg National Honor Societyg Juior Classical Leagueg Hatcher lBetanl Riflesg Intramural Sports. Sergeant First Classy A-Co.g Non Com Clubg Na- tional Honor Societyg Guidance Clubg ,lunior Clas- sical Leagueg Intramural Sportsg Favorite Sportf Swimmingg Favorite Activity-Sleeping. Allen Lee Christine 'Al' 7059 Knotts Drive Jacksonville, Florida '59-'60 Privateg Bandg 9th 81 10th Grade Basketball Team' Trackg Intramural Sports. Corporalg Staff Sergeantg Bandg J. V. Basketballg Trackg Non Com Clubg Intramural Sports. '61-'62 Master Sergeantg Ist Sergeantg Officers' Clubg Bandg J. V. Basketballg Trackg Intramural Sportsg Favorite SportgBasketballg Favorite Activity- Water Skiing. '60-'61 Michael Charles Ciminella 'Mike' 1515 Morningside Drive Ashland, Kentucky '59-'60 Privateg Varsity Baseballg Science Clubg Betan Riflesg Intramural Sports. Sergeant First Classg Non Com Clubg Varsity Footballg Varsity Baseball fffaptainjg J. V. Basket- ballg Flying Clubg National Honor Societyg In- tramural Sports. Lieutenantg C-Co.g Officers' Clubg Varsity Football and Baseballg Sports Clubg National Honor Society fPresizlenUg Intramural Sportsg Favorite Sport- Footballg Favorite ActivityfDating. '60-'61 '61-'62 32 Richard James Colucci 'Rick' I Hunting Lane Lynnfield, Massachusetts 760-761 '61-'62 Privateg Sports Clubg Flying Clubg Intramural Sports. Corporalg Non Com Clubg B-Co.g Sports Clubg Fly- ing Clubg Guidance Clubg Varsity Baseballg In- tramural Sportsg Favorite Sport-Baseballg Favor- ite Activityflloaiing and Bowling. Howard Talley Cook 'Talley' 340 Hampton Roads Avenue Hampton, Virginia '58-'59 '59-'60 '60-'61 '61-762 Privateg Cadet Christian Uniong 9th Sz 10th Grade Footballg Varsity Cheerleaderg Intramural Sports. Corporalg Sergeant First Classg Non Com Clubg Hatcher Riflesg Hobby Clubg Intramural Sports. Master Sergeantg lst Sergeantg Officers, Clubg Retan Riflesg Flying Clubg Intramural Sports. Captaing C-Co.g C-Company Commanderg J. V. Football fflflallagerjg Sports Club fPresiflenUg 1. V. Rasketballg Varsity Baseballg Sabre Staflg Skir- misher Staffg Officers' Clubg Intramural Sports: Favorite Sport-Footballg Favorite Activity- Ruilding and Racing Cars. William Marvin Cowherd 'Bill' 3859 North Glebe Road Arlington, Virginia 758-759 Privateg Stamp Clubg B-Co.g Intramural Sports. 759-'60 Corporalg Bandg Non Com Clubg Intramural Sports, '60-'61 Sergeant First Classg Bandg Non Com Clubg In- '61-'62 tramural Sports. Master Serffeantg Bandg Officers' Cluhg Intramural D I n 1 u Sportsg Favorite Sport-Footballg Favorite Activity -Car Racing. 33 Joseph Antonio Creati, Jr. 'Jay' Charlemont Road, R. F. D. ifil Plymouth, Massachusetts 759360 Privateg Hobby Clubg Intramural Sports. 760-761 Sergeant First Classg Non Com Clubg Sports Clubg Intramural Sports. ,6l-'62 Master Sergeantg E-Co.g Officers' Clubg Sports Clubg Flying Clubg Intramural Sportsg Favorite Sport-Footballg Favorite Activityfllancing. James Allen Crockett, Jr. 'Jimmy' 812 Queens Road Charlotte, North Carolina '60-561 Privateg Corporalg Staff Sergeantg Non Com Clubg Cross Country Teamg J. V. Basketballg Trackg In- tramural Sports. '61-'62 Sergeant Maj org Battle Group Staifg Qliicers' Clubg J. V. Footballg Trackg J. V. Basketballg Flying Clubg Guidance Clubg Scuba Clubg Intramural Sportsg Favorite Sport-Trackg Favorite Activity- Swimming. Edwin Lee Warield Crooks 6Eddie9 Hamilton, Virginia ,58-'59 Privateg Corporalg Non Com Clubg DelVIolayg Retan Riliesg Intramural Sports. '59-560 Sergeantg Non Com Clubg DelVIolayg Retan Riflesg Intramural Sports. '60-761 lst Sergeantg Officers' Clubg Retan Rifles fCap- tainjg Junior Classical Leagueg Flying Clubg Na- tional Honor Societyg Skirmisher Staiig Sabre Staffg Quill and Scrollg Intramural Sports. '61-'62 Captaing A-Company Commanderg Officers, Clubg Skirmisher Staff fEditorjg Junior Classical League fljresiflentjg Flying Clubg National Honor Societyg Sabre Staffg Quill and Scrollg Intramural Sportsg Favorite Sport-Footballg Favorite Activity-Vlfater Skiing. 34 Jack Carl Crosswhite, Jr. GJ. Carl' 702 Front Avenue Salem, Virginia '61-'62 Privateg C-Co.g Varsity Footballg Varsity Baseballg Intramural Sportsg Favorite Sport-Footballg Favorite Activity-Diving and Swimming. Lewis Richard Dale, Jr. 'Chip' 100 Post Street Newport News, Virginia 759-760 Privateg Flying Clubg Intramural Sports. ,60-761 Corporalg Staff Sergeantg Non Com Clubg Flying '61-'62 Clubg Intramural Sports. Sergeant First Classy C-Co.g Non Com Clubg Sabre Staffg Scuba Clubg Guidance Clubg Intramural Sportsg Favorite Sport-Sailing and Boatingg Fa- vorite Activity-Hunting and Outdoor Life. Henry de laWarr Flood, IV 'Hal' P. O. Box H2295-210 Highland Avenue Appomattox, Va. '59-760 Privateg DeIVIolayg Athenian Literary Societyg Fly- ,60-'61 '61-762 ing Clubg Intramural Sports. Corporalg Staff Sergeantg Non Com Clubg Athenian Literary Societyg Flying Clubg J. V. Footballg In- tramural Sports. Sergeant First Classg E-Co.g Non Com Clubg Fly- ing Clubg Scuba Clubg Guidance Clubg I. V. Foot- ballg Intramural Sportsg Favorite Sport-Huntingg Favorite Activity-Skin Diving. 35 Wayne Merredith Galbraith cGalbe' 1128 Jamestown Crescent Norfolk, Virginia ,60-761 Privateg DelVlolayg lntrarnural Sports. ?61-'62 Sergeant First Classg Non Coin Clubg B-Co.g ln- tramural Sportsg Favorite Sport4Water Skiingg Favorite Activity-Amateur Radio Operator. Clifford Clayton Gates 'C. Cf Route 1,1-il, Box 3112846 Alexandria, Virginia 760-'61 Privateg Sports Clubg Intramural Sports. '61-'62 Sergeant First Classg C-Co.g Non Com Clubg Sports Clubg lntraniural Sportsg Athenian Literary Soci- etyg Favorite SportfBasketballg Favorite Activity -Playing in Dance Band. Demosthenes Nicholas Georganas cfleorge' 1203 11th Street, N.W. Washington D. C. '58-759 Privateg Glee Clubg Cadet Christian Uniong ln- tramural Sports. '59-'60 Privateg Flying Clubg lntramural Sports. '60-'61 Staff Sergeantg Battle Group Staiig Non Com Clubg Intramural Sports. 761-'62 Lieutenantg Battle Group Staiig Officers, Club' Sports Clubg Flying Clubg Guidance Clubg Senioi Class Historiang Favorite Sport-Wrestlingg Fa- vorite ActivityfWatching Extra Duty. 36 John Lawrence Godsey, Jr. cjohnny' Cumberland, Virginia 759-760 Privateg J. V. Footballg Traokg Sports Clubg Fly- ing Clubg lntramural Sports. 700-'61 Privateg Traclcg J. V. Footlmallg Flying Clulwg Sports Clubg Intramural Sports. 361-762 Privateg B-Cog J. V. Footloallg Flying Clubg Trackg Sports Clubg lntramural Sportsg Favorite Sport- Footballg Favorite ACtivityfDating and Dancing. Jules Leon Gordon 'juliea 2101 Sudbury Place, NNV. Washiiigton D. C. '61-'62 Privateg B-Co.g Sports Clubg Intramural Sportsg Favorite SportfBasketlmallg Favorite Activity- Boxing. Lloyd Michael Grant 'Lover Lloyd' 125 Rylands Road Bayside, Virginia '59-'00 Privateg Bandg Trackg Swimming Teamg lntramu- ral Sports. 760-761 Corporalg Stall Sergeantg Non Com Clubg 'liackg Bandg Intramural Sports. Teamg Dance Bandg Intramural Sports. 37 '61-'62 Privateg Bandg Trackg J. V. Footballg Tumlaling James Davidson Hagee ',I. D.' 3008 South Columbus Street Arlington, Virginia 359-'60 Privateg P. F. C.g Bandg Intramural Sports. '60-761 '61-'62 Corporalg Staff Sergeantg Non Com Clubg Bandg Swimming Teamg ,Iunior Classical Leagueg In- tramural Sports. Sergeant First Classg Bandg Non Corn Clubg In- tramural Sportsg Favorite Sport-Footballg Fa- vorite Activity-Swimming. Peter John Hanna, Jr. 'Rusty' 4-04 Westgrove Boulevard Alexandria, Virginia 759-760 Privateg Sports Glubg Glee Clubg 9th Sz 10th Grade Football T eamg Tennisg 9th 81 10th Grade Basket- ball Teamg Intramural Sports. Corporalg Non Com Clubg J. V. Football and Basket- ballg Tennisg Intramural Sports. First Classg C-Co.g Sports Clubg J. V. 760-'61 '61-'62 Sergeant Footballg Guidance Clubg Intramural Sportsg Favorite Sport-Footballg Favorite Activity- Sleeping. Grayson Albert Harding GG. A., 160 Maple Avenue Halifax, Virginia 361-762 Privateg C-Co.g Circeronian Literary Societyg In- tramural Sportsg Favorite Sport-Huntingg Fa- vorite Activity-Dating. 38 Tyler Lawrence Hatchell, III 'Buddy' 14 Courtney Road Portsmouth, Virginia 759-'60 760-'61 '61-'62 Privateg 9th Sz l0th Grade Football Teamg Sports Clubg Flying Clubg Intramural Sports. Sergeant First Classg Non Com Clubg 9th 81 10th Grade Football Team fffaptainjg Sports Cluhg Fly- ing Clubg Intramural Sports. Lieutenantg A-Co. Executive Ofiicerg Officers' Clubg Sabre Stalfg Skirmisher Staffg J. V. Football KCO- Captainjg Ciceronian Literary Societyg C. C. U. fPresidentlg Favorite Sport4Footballg Favorite Activity-Undecided. Vernon Charles Haywood 'Bobo' '58-'59 '59-760 ,60-'61 761962 Perrin, Virginia Privateg P.F.C.g Sports Clubg Flying Clubg ln- tramural Sports. Corporalg Non Com Clubg Sports Clubg Flying Clubg Intramural Sports. Tech. Sergeantg Master Sergeantg Ofhcers' Clubg Sports Clubg National Honor Societyg Intramural Sports. Captaing B-Company Commanderg Officers' Clubg Skirrnisher Staffg Sports Clubg National Honor Societyg J. V. Footballg Intramural Sportsg Fa- vorite Sport-Footballg Favorite Activity-Water Skiing. Willie Paul Haywood GW'illie' '58-'59 '59-'60 '60-'61 '61-'62 Perrin, Virginia Privateg Corporalg Non Com Clubg Flying Cluhg Sabre Staffg Intramural Sports. Staff Sergeantg Non Com Clubg Flying Clubg Sabre Staifg Intramural Sports. Lieutenantg E-Companyg Officers' Clubg Flying Clubg Sabre Staffg Quill and Scrollg Skirmisher Staffg National Honor Societyg Junior Classical Leagueg Intramural Sports. Captaing Headquarters Companyg Oflicers' Clubg Skirmisher Staff KCO-Managing Editorjg Quill and Scrollg National Honor Societyg Junior Classical Leagueg Athenian Literary Societyg Sabre Staffg Favorite Sport-Swimmingg Favorite Activity- Dating and Dancing. 39 5 Joseph Price Holland cButch' 379 Allison Avenue, S.W. Roanoke, Virginia '59-'60 Privateg Glee Clubg Intramural Sports. '60-'61 '61-562 Privateg P.F.C.g Flying Clubg Intramural Sports. Corporalg A-Co.g Non Com Clubg Sports Clubg Intramural Sportsg Favorite Sportellennisg Fa- vorite Activity-Dating. George Carlton Hope, Jr. cllootnanny' 58-759 '59-760 '60-761 '61-'62 Privateg 9th 81 10th Grade Football Teamg 9th 81 10th Grade Basketball Teamg Intramural Sports. Corporalg Non Com Clubg 9th 81 l0th Grade Foot- ball and Basketball Teamsg Intramural Sports. Privateg Varsity Football and Basketballg lntramu- ral Sports. Sergeant First Classg B-Co.g Non Com Clubg Var- sity Footballg Sports Clubg Senior Class Oflicer fVice-Presidentjg Intramural Sportsg Favorite Sport-Footballg Favorite Activity- Playing Drums. Mason Rodwell Howell, Jr. 'Roddy' Box 45,5225 Seaboard, North Carolina '59-'60 760-761 '61-762 Privateg Sports Clubg Flying Clubg Intramural Sports. Corporalg Staff Sergeantg Non Com Clubg Junior Classical Leagueg Flying Clubg Intramural Sports. Sergeant First Classg A-Co.g Non Com Clubg Junior Classical Leagueg Guidance Clubg Intramural Sportsg Favorite Sport-Showing Horsesg Favor- ite Activity-Dating. 40 William George Hueston, Jr. 'Bill' 3412 Montrose Avenue Richmond, Virginia 759-'60 Privateg Flying Clubg Intramural Sports. '60-761 Sergeant First Classg Non Com Clubg Flying Clubg National Honor Societyg Junior Classical Leagueg Intramural Sports. 761-'62 Master Sergeantg C-Companyg Officers' Clubg Fly- ing Cluhg National Honor Societyg Junior Classical Leagueg Swimming Teamg Intramural Sportsg Fa- vorite Sport-Swimlningg Favorite Activity- Swimming. William Penfield Hume 'Bill' 70 Lodi Estates New Delhi, India '60-'61 Privateg Dramtic Clubg Athenian Literary Societyg Intramural Sports. '61-'62 Corporalg B-Co.g Non Com Clubg Dramatic Clubg Athenian Literary Societyg Intramural Sportsg Fa- vorite Sport-Huntingg Favorite Activity-Eating. Harry Boyd Ingle, II 'Harry' 922 Bromley Road Charlotte, North Carolina 758-559 Privateg Flying Clubg Intramural Sports. '59-'60 Privateg Flying Clubg Intramural Sports. '60-'61 Corporalg Staff Sergeantg Non Com Clubg Flying Clubg Skirmisher Staiig Swimming Team fMan- agerjg Intramural Sports. 761-'62 Master Sergeantg Ist Sergeantg Color Cuardg As- sistant Color Guard Comrnanderg Officers' Clubg Sports Clubg Scuba Club fPresidenLjg Skirmisher Staffg Swimming Team ffllarzagerjg Intramural Sportsg Favorite Sport-Water Skiingg Favorite Activity- Skin Diving. 41 Gail Wesley Jasper Tfasper' Box F1023 Gary, West Virginia 361-'62 Privateg C-Companyg Guidance Clubg Intramural Sportsg Favorite Sport-Baseballg Favorite Activ- ity-Swimming. John Reuben Johnson, Jr. 'johnnyi 1700 B 9th Street Langley A. F. B., Virginia 760-'61 Corporalg Non Com Clubg Dramatic Clubg Glee Clubg Intramural Sports. '61-762 Lieutenantg B-Co.g Officers' Clubg Dramatic Club fPresidentjg Intramural Sportsg Favorite Sport- Footballg Favorite Activities-At home Working on and Driving Cars, While here I enjoy working out with light weights' and Sleeping. William Latham Jones 'jonesiei 1416 Richmand Road Williamsburg, Virginia '60-761 Privateg Intramural Sports. '61-'62 Corporalg F,-Companyg Non Com Clubg Guidance Clubg Intramural Sportsg Favorite Sport-Foot ballg Favorite Activity-Dating. 4-2 Richard William Jung 'R. W3 59 Ridgedale Avenue Florham Park, New Jersey 758-759 Privateg Flying Clubg Intramural Sports. '59-'60 Corporalg Non Com Clubg Hobby Clubg Flying Clubg Intramural Sports. 760-'61 Corporalg Non Com Clubg Flying Clubg Intramural Sports. '61-562 Master Sergeantg B-Co.g Officers' Clubg Intramural Sportsg Favorite Sport-Base-ballg Favorite Activity -Flying Club. Walter Lewis Kennedy 'Lewi 114 Southfield Drive Fayetteville, New York ,60-'61 Privateg DeMolayg Intramural Sportsg Band. '61-'62 Corporalg Non Com Clubg Intramural Sportsg Bandg Favorite Sport-Tennisg Favorite Activityf Water Skiing. Arthur Spalding Kidwell, Jr. gArt' 1300 East 35th Street Baltimore 18, Maryland '58-759 Privateg Bandg Tennisg Intramural Sports. '59-'60 Staii Sergeantg Bandg Non Com Clubg Intramural Sports. '60-'61 Master Sergeantg Bandg Officers' Clubg National Honor Societyg ,Iunior Classical Leagueg Intramural Sports. '61-'62 Captaing Battle Group Staff fSupply Officer, S-4jg Officers' Clubg Assistant to the Quartermasterg Junior Classical Leagueg Guidance Clubg Skirm- isher Staff ICO-Managing Editorjg Quill and Scrollg Flying Clubg National Honor Societyg Archery Club KCO-Caplainjg Intramural Sportsg Favorite Sport-Swimmingg Favorite Activity-Going to Movies. 43 Craig Monson Koehler 'Craig' Casilla 307 Callao, Peru, South America 761-'62 Privateg Headquarters Companyg Intramural Sportsg Favorite Sport-Sailingg Favorite Activity -Playing Guitar. Tadus Korab, J r. 6Ted' Pickett Road Plainfield, Connecticut Corporalg Non Com Clubg Stamp Clubg lntramural Sports. Sergeantg Non Com Clubg Flying Clubg Trackg Cross Country Teamg lntramural Sports. Master Sergeantg Officers' Clubg Sports Clubg Science Clubg Trackg Cross Country Teamg ln- tramural Sports. Lieutenantg A-C0.g Oiiicersi Clubg Skirmisher Stallg Guidance Clubg Tumbling Teamg Trackg Cheer- leaderg Archery Club KCO-Captainjg lntramural Sportsg Favorite Sport-Trackg Favorite Activity-H Weight Lifting, Hunting and Fishing. Donald Peter Lando 'Don' 223 Sly Avenue Corning, New York 761-762 Privateg C-Companyg Varsity Football and Base- ballg Sports Clubg Favorite Sport-Baseballg Fa- vorite Activity-Eating. 44. John Teeneal Lawrence GNeal' 1111 Army Navy Drive Arlington, Virginia 759-'60 Privateg Sports Clubg Drill Platoong 9th S4 10th Grade Football and Basketballg Intramural Sports. 760-'61 P.F.C.g Corporalg Non Com Clubg Sports Clubg J. V. Footballg Ciceronian Literary Societyg Varsity Basketlnallg Intramural Sports. '61-'62 Master Sergeantg A-Co.g Olucers, Clubg Skirmisher Staffg Ciceronian Literary Societyg Cadet Christian Uniong Sabre Staffg Intramural Sportsg Favorite Sport-Baseballg Favorite Activity-Debating. Thomas Paul Lee gLeo9 522 Forest Street Mansfield, Ohio 761-'62 Privateg E-Co.g Clee Clubg Sports Clulug Chapel Choirg Intramural Sportsg Favorite Sport-Base ballg Favorite ACtivityfClee Club. Clarence Lee Lester 'Lee' Kings Mountain Road R.F.D. IH32 Martinsville, Virginia '61-762 Privateg C-Companyg Intramural Sportsg Favorite Sportfrluntingg Favorite Activity-Stock Car Racing. 45 Trackg Intramural Sports. E 5 ! Wendell Vencill Lyon, Jr. 'Wooge' 2800 Cumberland Avenue Ashland, Kentucky '58-'59 Privateg Intraumral Sports. '60-'61 '61-562 ,60-'61 '61-'62 Robert Harold Long 'Sammy' Walnut Drive Route 32 Chester, Virffinia C! Privateg Bandg Cross Country Teamg Trackg In- tramural Sports. Sergeant First Classg C-Co.g Non Com Clubg Clee Clubg Cross Country Teamg Trackg Music Ap- precation Clubg Intramural Sportsg Favorite Sport -Trackg Favorite Activity-Listening to Good Music. Carl Madison Longley, Jr. cCarl' II758 Walnut Road Lakeside, California '53-'59 Privateg Athenian Literary Societyg Sabre Staffg 759-760 Corporalg Non Com Cluhg Athenian Literary Soci- etyg Sabre Staffg Trackg Medical Staffg Intramual Sports. Lieutenantg A-Co.g Officers, Cluhg Athenian Lit- erary Societyg Sabre Staffg Skirmisher Staiig Athenian Literary Societyg National Honor Societyg Junior Classical Leagueg Quill and Scrollg Flying Clubg Medical Staffg Intramural Sports. Majorg Battle Group Staff KExecuzive Ojicerjg Officers, Cluhg Sabre Staff fEditorjg Skirmisher Staffg Quill and Scrollg National Honor Societyg Junior Classical Leagueg Athenian Literary Soci- etyg Medical Staffg Flying Cluhg Secretary and Treasurer of Senior Classg Intramural Sportsg Fa- vorite Sport+'I'ennisg Favorite Activity-Water Skiing. 760-761 '61-'62 Privateg Intramural Sports. Sergeant First Classg B-Co.g Non Com Clubg Guid- ance Cluhg Flying Clubg Intramural Sportsg Fa- vorite Sport-Skeet QTrapshootingI g Favorite Activity-Hunting. 46 David Edward Mcllwain eMac, 208 Pembroke Road Wallingford, Pennsylvania ,6O-561 Privateg Varsity Tennisg Intramural Sports. '61-'62 Corporalg A-Companyg Non Com Clubg Varsity Tennisg Sports Cluhg Guidance Clubg Skirmisher Staffg Intramural Sportsg Favorite Sport-Foot lmallg Favorite Aetivitygllating. Leonard Joseph Mark 'Leo' 1921 Kemmerer Street Bethlehem, Pennsylvania '60-'61 Privateg Varsity Baseballg Intramural Sports. ,6l-'62 Corporalg E-Companyg Non Com Clubg Varsity Basehallg Intramural Sportsg Favorite Sport- Huntingg Favorite Activity-Dating. Curtis William Maunder 5Little Beaver' 3022 Kinnaman Street Vlfinston-Salem, North Carolina '59-760 Privateg Bandg DelVlolayg Swimming Teamg ln- tramural Sports. 760-'6l Sergeant First Classg Banclg DelVlolayg Swimming Teamg Trackg Non Com Cluhg Weight-Lifting Clubg Intramural Sports. 761-762 Lieutenantg Bandg Officers' Clubg Swimming Teamg Trackg Dramatic Clubg Skirmisher Staffg Intramural Sportsg Favorite Sport-Swimmingg Fa- vorite Activity-Dating. 47 Thomas Orrick Metcalfe, Jr. 'Tom' College Drive Bluefield, Virginia '60-761 Privateg Clee Cluhg Photography Clubg Retan Riflesg Intramural Sports. 761-762 Sergeant First Classg A-Companyg Non Com Clubg Sports Cluhg Flying Clubg Guidance Clubg ln- tramural Sportsg Favorite Sportw-Water Skiingg Favorite ActivityfDating. Donald Craig Meyers 'D-on' Newburg Road R.F.D. IHS2 Easton, Pennsylvania '59-,60 Privateg Flying Cluhg Sports Cluhg lntramural Sports. '60-761 Privateg Glee Cluhg Dramatic Cluhg lntramural Sports. '61-'62 Privateg B-Companylg Varsity Basehallg lntramural Sportsg Favorite Sportflgasehallg Favorite Activity -Building Custom Cars. 6 9 Lloyd Davis Miller, Jr. Jackie Montevista Avenue Marion, North Carolina '60-'61 Corporalg Non Com Clubg Sabre Staffg Intramural Sports. '61-762 Sergeant First Classg B-Companyg Non Coni Cluhg Scuba Clubg Dramatic Clubg Guidance Clubg ln- tramural Sportsg Favorite Sport-Swimming Sz Tennisg Favorite Activity-Dancing. 48 Samuel Jay Mills clay' 3883 Shelley Road Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania '61-'62 Arthur Gresham Morris 'Greshi 1302 Littlepage Street Fredericksburg, Virginia 759-'60 Privateg Hobby Clubg Science Clubg Intramural Sports. '60-761 701-562 Privateg Varsity Footballg Varsity Baseballg Glee Clubg Intramural Sportsg Favorite Sport-Footballg Favorite Activity-Water Skiing Sz Boxing. Corporalg Non Com Clubg Flying Clubg Dramatic Clubg Intramural Sports. Sergeant First Classg E-Companyg Non Com Clubg Cadet Christian Uniong Junior Classical Leagueg Intramural Sportsg Favorite Sport-Footballg Fa- vorite ActivityfBoatir1g. Wayne Lee Myers 6Cassey' 2201 Rawlings Street Richmond, Virginia '59-'60 Privateg Bandg Intramural Sports. 760-761 Corporalg Bandg Non Corn Clubg Member of Staff of W.P.M.T. Radio Stationg Intramural Sports. Corporalg Bandg Non Com Clubg Intramural Sportsg Favorite SportfFootballg Favorite Activity -Water Skiing. '61-762 49 Arthur George Nichols CNiclc' 80 West 758-'59 '59-760 760-761 761-'62 Milton Street Freeport, New York Privateg Corporalg Non Com Clubg Sabre Staffg Flying Clubg Intramural Sports. Stall Sergeantg Non Com Clubg Skirmisher Staiig Flying Clulog Trackg Intramural Sports. Lieutenantg Oflicersl Clubg A-Co.g Skirmisher Staflg Glee Clubg Intramural Sports. Lieutenant Colonelg Battle Group Commanderg Otiicersa Clubg Junior Classical Leagueg Glee Clubg Skirmisher Staffg Trackg Guidance Clubg Intramu- ral Sportsg Favorite Sport-Trackg Favorite Activ- ity-Working. '60-761 561-'62 James Michael 0 Brien 0 Be 1234 Main Street Keystone, West Virginia '59-,60 Privateg Hobby Clubg Intramural Sports. Sergeant First Classg Master Sergeantg Olhcers, Clubg C-Co.g Intramural Sports, Lieutenantg C-Companyg Officers? Clubg Intramural Sportsg Favorite Sport-Footballg Favorite Activ- ity-Fishing. John Monroe Oglesby '0gers' Clearview Road R.F.D. IHII Averill Park, New York 759-760 Privateg A-Companyg Intramural Sports. 360-'61 Corporalg Non Com Clubg Flying Clubg A-Co.g Intramural Sports. '61-362 Master Sergerantg Officers' Clubg A-Co.g Sports Clubg Flying Clubg Intramural Sportsg Favorite Sport-Basketballg Favorite ActivtiyfDating. 50 Alvis Laurence Oldham 'Al' Box Till-33 Harvie Road Richmond, Virginia ,60-Trl Privateg Bandg P.F.C.g Intramural Sports. 761-'62 Sergeant First Classg Non Com Clubg Bandg Chapel Choirg Intramural Sportsg Favorite SportfBase- ballg Favorite Activity-Singing. Howard Carter Osman 'Oz' T801 Camellia Road Norfolk, Virginia 760-'61 Privateg C-Companyg Hobby Clubg lntramural Sports. 761-'62 Sergeant First Classg Non Com Clubg C-Companyg Hobby Clubg Flying Clubg lntramural Sportsg Fa- vorite Sportgfiaseballg Favorite Activity-Boating. Elmer Stuart Outten, J r. 21 Hazel Road Dover, Delaware '59-'60 Privateg Sports Clubg B-Companyg lntramural Sports. '60-761 Corporalg Stall Sergeantg Non Coni Clubg Sports Clubg Flying Clubg Swimming Teamg Traclcg ln- tramural Sports. '61-762 Sergeant First Classg B-Companyg Non Com Clubg Sports Clubg Flying Clubg Scuba Clubg Athenian Literary Societyg lntramural Sportsg Favorite SportfBasketballg Favorite Activity-Having a Good Time and Clean Fun. df 5 K, 51 Gary Wayne Pase 'Garyg 1102 Cherokee Trail Martinsville, Virginia '61-762 Privateg Bandg Corporalg Non Com Clubg ln- tramural Sports g Favorite Sport-Footballg Fa- vorite Activity-Listening to Good Music. John Herbert Pell SJ. H.' 1215 Malaga Avenue Coral Gables, Florida '58-'59 Privateg Hatcher Riflesg Cadet Christian Uniong Flying Clubg lntramural Sports. 159-'60 Privateg Cadet Christian Uniong Russian Language Cluhg Intramural Sports. '60-761 Sergeant First Classg Non Com Clubg Cadet Chris- tian Uniong Junior Classical Leagueg Photography Clubg lntramural Sports. '61-'62 Lieutenantg Captaing E-Company Commanderg Ofhcers' Clubg Cadet Christian Uniong Tumbling Teamg Ciceronian Literary Society fpresidentjg Intramural Sportsg Favorite Sport-Acrobaticsg Favorite Activity-Dancing. Richard Arthur Perreault 'Dick' 270 Hawthorne Street Manchester, New Hampshire '53-'59 Privateg P.F.C.g C-Co.g Flying Clulog lntramural Sports. '59-760 Corporalg Bandg Non Com Clubg Buglerg ln- tramural Sports. '60-'61 Sergeant First Classg Bandg Non Com Cluhg Buglerg lntramural Sports. 761-'62 Lieutenantg Bandg Executive Ofhcerg Captaing Band Commanderg Olhcers' Cluhg Dance Bandg Buglerg Intramural Sportsg Favorite Sport-Basket ball 81 Footballg Favorite Activity-Boating 31 Dancing. 52 James Garfield Price, II 1088 McKnight Orchard Lane St. 760-'61 '61-'62 'Pecka Louis, Missouri Non Coin Clubg J. V. Footballg Privateg Corporalg Staff Sergeantg Sports Clubg Sabre Staffg Trackg lntraniural Sports. Master Sergeantg C-Companyg Junior Classical Leagueg Ciceronian Literary Societyg Cadet Christian Uniong Scuba Clubg ln- trarnural Sportsg Favorite Sportflfootballg Fa- vorite ActivityfHunting. Ofiicersi Club g Harry Arthur Rehrig 'H. AR 505 lXorth 7th Street Allentown, Pennsylvania '58-759 Private' Science Club' S orts Clubg Hatcher Riflesg 559-'60 '60-761 i6l-762 7 7 P lntraniural Sports. Corporalg Non Coin Clubg Flying Clubg Sports Clubg Hatcher Riflesg Intramural Sports. Sergeant First Classg Non Com Clubg Hobby Clubg Retan Riflesg lntraniural Sports. Master Sergeantg Officers' Clubg C-Companyg Sports Clubg Retan Riflesg Intramural Sportsg Favorite Sport-Baseballg Favorite Activity- Dating. Charles Lee Robbins 'C. L., l0l5 Shore Drive Bayside, Virginia '58-'59 Privateg Athenian Literary Societyg Sports Clubg '59-'60 760-'61 361-'62 Hatcher Riflesg lntramural Sports. Corporalg Non Corn Clubg Athenian Literary Societyg Sports Clubg J. V. Basketballg lntrarnural Sports. Sergeant First Classg Non Com Clubg Flying Clubg Sports Clubg Junior Classical Leagueg Varsity Basketballg National Honor Societyg Trackg ln- tramural Sports. Sergeant First Classg Color Guard Staffg Non Coin Clubg Junior Classical Leagueg National Honor Societyg Varsity Basketballg Guidance Clubg Senior Class Officer fSergeant-at-Arnzsig lntramural Sportsg Favorite Sport-Basketballg Favorite Activityffworking. 53 Randolph Charles Ryder, Jr. "Reef 89 Peach Lane Lancaster, Pennsylvania '58-759 Private, Band, Tennis, Intramural Sports. 759760 Corporal, Band, Non Com Club, Sergeant, Dance Band, Track, Intramural Sports. 760-761 Master Sergeant Kfldminiszrativejg Oflicers' Club, Band, National Honor Society, Dance Band, J. V. Basketball, Intramural Sports. i61-'62 Master Sergeant fSupplyj, Band, J. V. Football, Ofhcersi Club, Athenian Literary Society, National Honor Society, J. V. Basketball, Dance Band, Skirmisher Stall, Drum Major, Intramural Sports, Favorite Sport-Basketball, Favorite Activity- Dating. Woodson Alexander Sadler, Jr. 'Woody' ll2 Homestead Drive Colonial Heights, Virginia '61-762 Private, C-Company, Sabre Staff, Athenian Literary Society, Cross Country Team, Track, Dramatic Club, Retan RiHes, Intramural Sports, Favorite Sport-Track, Favorite Activity-Dating. Robert Hinds Scales, Jr. 'Bob' 1465-A 5th Avenue Fort Knox, Kentucky '60-761 Private, Athenian Literary Society, The Thinker, Track, E-Company, Cross Country Team, In- tramural Sports. '6l-'62 Sergeant First Class, E-Company, Non Com Cluh, National Honor Society, Sabre Staff, Athenian Literary Society, Skirmisher Staff, Intramural Sports, Favorite Sport-Track, Favorite Activity- Debating. 54 Steven Frederick Schwartz 'Steve' 10041 Chapel Road Potomac, Maryland '58-59 '59-760 260-761 '61-'62 Privateg A-Co.g Flying Clubg Sports Clubg In- tramural Sports. Corporalg Staff Sergeantg Non Com Clubg A-Co.g Flying Cluhg Sports Cluhg Intramural Sports. Master Sergeantg A-Co.g Ofhcers' Clubg Flying Clubg Sabre Staiig Skirmisher Staflg Intramural Sports. Lieutenantg Executive Ollicerg C-Companyg Of- ficers, Clubg President of Senior Classg Sabre Staff fSporLs Erlitorjg Flying Clubg Skirmisher Staffg Quill and Scrollg Intramural Sportsg Favorite Sport -Poolg Favorite Activitygfloing on Leave. Thomas Francis Simmonite, Jr. 'Simonize' 259 Pembroke Drive Charleston, South Carolina '61-'62 Privateg Corporalg C-Companyg Non Com Clubg Varsity Footballg Swimming Team fMa11,agerjg Trackg Intramural Sportsg Favorite SportfFoot- ballg Favorite ActivityfFishing. Charles Turner Slzer Tfharlie' 405 South Street Neptune Beach, Florida '60-'61 Privateg B-Companyg Science Clubg Intramural Sports. '61-'62 Corporalg B-Companyg Non Com Clubg Scuba Clubg Sports Clubg Intramural Sportsg Favorite Sport+Swimmingg Favorite Activitygljating. 55 James Lucas Smith, III 'jimmy' Route Ili 1, Box 215-P33 Havelock, North Carolina '59-'60 '60-761 '61-'62 Privateg B-Companyg 9th Sz 10th Grade Football Teamg Trackg Intramural Sports. Privateg B-Companyg Cross Country Teamg Trackg Intramural Sports. Corporalg B-Companyg Non Com Clubg Sports Clubg Guidance Clubg Trackg Intramural Sportsg Favorite Sport-Footballg Favorite Activity-Dah ing 81 Cars. Russell Cover Steele 'Rustyi 104 Gun Club Road Richmond, Virginia '60-761 Privateg B-Co.g Photography Clubg Flying Clubg Hobby Glubg Trackg Intramural Sports. Ist Sergeantg Lieutenantg B-Companyg Officers, Clubg Sports Clubg Tumbling Teamg Flying Clubg Guidance Clubg Trackg Intramural Sportsg Favorite Sport-Trackg Favorite Activity-Working with Mechanical Things 761-'62 Ronald Elmer Stinson 6Ron, 9301 Glenville Road Silver Spring, Maryland 759-760 Privateg E-Companyg DelVlolayg Intramural Sports. 760-761 Corporalg E-Companyg Non Com Clubg De1Vlolayg Intramural Sports. Sergeant First Classg E-Companyg Non Com Clubg Flying Clubg Intramural Sportsg Favorite Sport- Huntingg Favorite Activity-Dating. '61-'62 56 Richard Mims Sullivan., III 'Dick' Box 9749234-A, Route :HSI Clifton, Virginia 759-760 Privateg Intramural Sports. '60-'61 Privateg Flying Clubg Ciceronian Literary Societyg Skirmisher Staiig Sabre Staiig Dramatic Clubg In- tramural Sports. ,6I-762 Sergeant First Classy C-Companyg Non Com Cluhg Sabre Staffg Ciceronian Literary Societyg Skir- misher Staiig Dramatic Clubg Intramural Sportsg Favorite Sport-Footballg Favorite Activity- Dating. Edward Richard Sykes 'Rebel' 214 Cypress Street VVendell, North Carolina '61-762 Privateg A-Companyg Varsity Footballg Varsity Trackg Intramural Sportsg Favorite Sport-Foot ballg Favorite Activity-Dating. Donald Paul Taylor 6Don' 6025 North 26th Road Arlington, Virginia '59-'60 Privateg DeMolayg Intramural Sports. 760-761 Corporalg Non Com Clubg Intramural Sports. ,6l-'62 Master Sergeantg C-Companyg Olhcers' Cluhg In- tramural Sportsg Favorite Sport-Footballg Fa- vorite Activity-Dating. 57 9 . gi 9. i 06 2 91 Q 343 1: .59 9. .na cg 20 9 'EE 2. U5 9' 9'-0 0 M. Ca wg -Q. 'QQ' Q John Edward Tefft, III Q6 960 C Avenue Corona. '60-761 Privateg P.F.C.g C-Companyg DelVlf I ,,. V. Footballg Swimming Teamg Intramural Sports. 761-'62 Corporalg C-Companyg Non Com Cluhg Sports Clubg Swimming Teamg Athenian Literary Societyg Intramural Sportsg Favorite Sport-Swimmingg Favorite Activity-Skin Diving. John Franklin Thigpen 'Frank' 300 South Howell Street Rocky Mount, North Carolina '61-'62 Privateg A-Companyg Varsity Footballg Swimming Teamg Intramural Sportsg Favorite SportfFoot- ballg Favorite Activity4Dating. Ronald Everette Trivette cRon' South Peace Haven Road R.F.D. IHS Winston-Salem, N. C. 760-'61 Privateg P.F.C.g E-Companyg Dramatic Clubg Varsity Basehallg Ciceronian Literary Societyg In- tramural Sports. '61-'62 Corporalg F.-Companyg Non Com Clubg Ciceronian Literary Societyg Dramatic Clubg Varsity Baseballg Intramural Sportsg Favorite Sport-Footballg Fa- vorite Activity-Dating. 58 Troy Herbert Turner 'Troyi 407 Russell Road Alexandria, Virginia '59-'60 Privateg A-Co.g Flying Clubg 9th Sz 10th Grade Football Teamg Intramural Sports. '60-761 Privateg A-Go.g DeMolayg Intramural Sports. 761-362 Gorporalg A-Gompanyg Non Gom Glubg Sports Glubg Trackg Intramural Sportsg Favorite Sport- Footballg Favorite Activityfllating. David Lee Umstead cllave' Eppington Forest Blackstone, Virginia '59-'60 Privateg Bandg 9th 81 10th Grade Football Teamg DeMolayg Intramural Sports. 560-'61 Tech. Sergeantg Bandg Non Com Clubg J. V. Foot- ballg Varsity Baseballg Skirmisher Staffg Dance Bandg DeMolayg Intramural Sports. '61-'62 Lieutenantg Executive Officer of The Bandg Oiiicers, Clubg I. V. Footballg Skirmisher Staffg Varsity Baseballg Bandg Guidance Clubg Dance Bandg In- tramural Sportsg Favorite Sport-Footballg Favor- ite Activity4Dating and Partying. Victor Samuel Van Scoy, Jr. 'Sam' 303 Mason Drive Newark, Delaware '58-'59 Privateg A-Co.g Flying Clubg Music Appreciation Glubg Intramural Sports. 759-'60 Privateg A-Go.g Glee Clubg Music Appreciation Clubg Intramural Sports. '60-761 Privateg A-Co.g Music Appreciation Clubg Glee Clubg Intramural Sports. '61-'62 Corporalg A-Companyg Non Com Clubg Music Appreciation Clubg Glee Clubg Intramural Sportsg Favorite Sport-Huntingg Favorite Activity- Dating. 59 Robert Danforth Walser, Jr. 'Danny' H345 Valley View Northfield, Ohio 759-760 Privateg Flying Clubg Sports Clubg Intramural Sports. '60-,6I Staff Sergeantg Non Com Clubg Sports Cluhg In- '61-562 tramural Sports. Master Sergeantg Ist Sergeantg B-Companyg Of- ficers' Clubg Sports Clubg Intramural Sportsg Fa- vorite Sport-Footballg Favorite Activity- Hunting. James Bryson Walsh 'jay' 113 Savannah Road Lewes, Delaware 758359 Privateg Corporalg Non Com Clubg DelVlolayg '59-'60 '60-,61 '61-762 Sports Clubg Flying Clubg C-Co.g Intramural Sports. Corporalg Non Com Clubg C-Co.g DelVlolayg Sports Clubg Flying Clubg Intramural Sports. Master Sergeantg E-Co.g Oflicers' Clubg DelVIolayg Sports Clubg Flying Clubg Intramural Sports. Ist Sergeantg Battle Group Staff fOperations Ser- geantjg Ollicers' Clubg Intramural Sportsg Fa- vorite Sport-All Water Sportsg Favorite Activity- All Water Sports. William Mac Waterheld, Jr. 'Bill' Building III, Apt. il:3B Governor's Island, New York '61-762 Privateg A-Companyg Guidance Clubg Tennis Teamg Intramural Sportsg Favorite Sport-Tennisg Favorite Activity-Dating. 60 Robert Walter Weise, III 'Big Bob' 5903 Ramsgate Road Washington, D. C. '59-960 Privateg Cadet Christian Uniong 9th 8: 10th Grade '60-'61 '61-'62 Randall Scott Wells 'Randy' 1108 Horsepen Road Richmond, Virginia '57-,58 Private' Cor oral' Non Com Club Cadet Christian '61-'62 Football Teamg Intramural Sports. Corporalg Staff Sergeantg Non Com Clubg Cadet Christian Uniong Junior Classical Leagueg De- Molayg Sports Clubg I. V. Footballg Tennisg ln- tramural Sports. Sergeant First Classg C-Companyg Non Com Clubg Cadet Christian Uniong Junior Classical Leagueg Ciceronian Literary Societyg I. V. Footballg Tennisg Intramural Sportsg Favorite Sport-Footballg Fa- vorite Activity-Car Racing. e P a S Uniong 9th gl 10th Grade Basketball Teamg In- tramural Sports. Master Sergeantg Bandg Officers, Clubg Guidance Clubg I. V. Basketballg Intramural Sportsg Favorite Sports-Basketball and Skiingg Favorite Activity- Playing Records and Dating. Joseph Gordon Willis 'Joe' 1105 Princess Anne Street Fredericksburg, Virginia 758-'59 Privateg P.F.C.g 9th Xt 10 Grade Basketball Teamg Tennisg Intramural Sports. 759-760 Privateg Flying Clubg Sports Clubg 9th Sz 10 Grade Basketball Teamg Intramural Sports. '60-'61 Corporalg Sergeant First Classg Non Com Clubg Varsity Baskeballg Tennisg Junior Classical Leagueg Intramural Sports. '61-'62 Lieutenantg C-Companyg Officers' Clubg Tennisg ,Iunior Classical Leagueg Intramural Sportsg Fa- vorite Sport-Tennisg Favorite Activity-Water Skiing. 61 Robert Dean Wilson 'R. D.' 312 Craig Street, Norton, Virginia 758-759 Privateg Sports Clubg DeIVIolayg Intramural Sports. '59-'60 Privateg Sports Clubg DelVlolayg Intramural Sports. T60-'61 Corporalg B-Co.g Non Com Clubg Sports Clubg DeIVIolayg Intramural Sports. '61-'62 Ist Sergeantg Lieutenantg B-Companyg Officers' Clubg Sports Clubg Flying Clubg Intramural Sportsg Favorite Sport-Colfg Favorite Activity4Loafing. Udy Clay Wood, Jr. 'Clayi Box 112512 Oak X Popular Lane Halifax, Virginia '60-'61 Privateg B-Companyg Science Clubg Athenian Literary Societyg Intramural Sports. 761-'62 Privateg B-Companyg Athenian Literary Societyg Sports Clubg Intramural Sportsg Favorite Sport- Water Skiingg Favorite Activity4Dancing Sz Dating. Robert Lee Wyatt, III ..'Bob, 330 Janice Drive College Park, Georgia '60-'61 Privateg Corporalg Staff Sergeantg Bandg Non Com Clubg I. V. Basketballg Concert Bandg In- tramural Sports. Sergeant First Classg Bandg Non Com Clubg Tennisg Cheerleaderg I. V. Basketballg Concert Bandg Intramural Sportsg Favorite Sport4Swim- mingg Favorite Activity-Playing Cards. 761-762 62 Hall of Fame MOST: Likely to succeea' Longley, C. lVl. Mature lX ichols, A. C. lnformalii Urnstead, D. L. Maunder, C. WV. lnnocentli Cherry, H. C. Howell, M. R. Popular Hope, G. C. Noisy Crooks, E. L. W. Hanclsomeii lngle, H. B. Schwartz, S. F. Drag With Faculty Carden, H. WV. Drag With Atlministration Cook, H. T. Drag With Military Department Nichols, A. C. Conscientiousit Kidwell, A. S. Korab, T. Lazyli Bennett, A. G. Walsh, J. B. Unmilitary Ryder, R. C. Dignifieal Scales, R. H. Mannerly Van Scoy, V. S. Bashfulil Crooks, L. W. Longley, C. lVl. 2: The two named tied for top honors in and Postgraduates were eligible for the Happy Ceorganas, D. BEST: Dresser il N. Maunder, C. W. Cook, H. T. Studenti? Longley, C. M. Scales, R. H. Athlete fAll Sportsj Greco, C. J. Natureal Creati, J. A. Sense of Humorli Haywood, W. P. Wilson, R. D. Man for a Dirty fob Winstorl, F. C. Singerli Adams, lf. J. Oldham, A. L. Private Crosswhite, C. Non-Commissioneal Officer Price, .l. G. Commission ell Officer Nichols, A. G. First Sergeant Christine, A. L. Platoon Sergeant Oglesby, J. M. Squacl Sergeant Brinkhous, J. R. Corporal Blouin, lVl. B. Drilled :'Rat', Dudd, S. S. each case when the .. U Hall of Fame this 63 Orator Pell, J. H. Athlete fly ln Football Cobb, P. F. f2j In Basketball Byrne, T. J. f3j In Baseball Ciminella, M. C. l4j ln Track Sykes, E. R. BIGGEST Pest Winston, F. C. Weekenrler Haywood, V. C. Mouth Alcorn, L. M. Cola' Brick Cook H. T. Politician Schwartz, S. F. Crouch O7Brien, J. M. Bull Slingerli Bennett, A. G. Alcorn, L. M. Burnli Hatchell, T. L. Lawrence. J. T. Knockeril Umstead. D. L. Schwartz, F. Squaaker Ryder, R. C. Heartbreaker? Schwartz, S. F. Hatchell, T. L. vote was taken. Only members of the 1962 Senior f la s year. JERRY BYRDINE ABBOTT Route ,lil Troutville, Virginia LEONARD ALFRED AMRHEIN 447 South 4th Street Linderhurst, New York DARYL WAYNE BAILEY 621 Barkly Drive Fairfax, Virginia MICHAEL BLAIZE BLOUIN 21 Lord Ashley Drive Charleston, South Carolina RICHARD MARTIN BRAGG 612 Buena Vista Way Wyckoff, New .lersey THOMAS JOSEPH BYRNE., JR. 422 Pineview Avenue Wake Forest, North Carolina PAUL FREDERICK COBB 638 Mt. Vernon Avenue Portsmouth, Virginia RAY EDWARD DISNEY 708 Prospect Hill Drive Martinsville, Virginia LARRY WAYNE DONAHUE 4009 12th Avenue Parkersburg, West Virginia SHERREL STEVEN DUDD Route 5513 Horse Shoe Road Clinton, Maryland CHARLES JOSEPH GRECO 501 Wt'St Avenue Mt. Carmel, Pennsylvania 'Arch-a-Ball C-C0 'Lenn A-Co 'Beetle E-Co W1 ike' C-Co 'Dick C-Co 'Tommy C-Co 'Freddie A-Co 6Diz' E-Co. 'Stub' E-Co. 4IVIoose E-C0 'Greek A-Co. CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS HARMAN 'C.C.' Main Street Floyd, Virginia EDWIN KENT HAYNES 113 Luther Street Bluefield, Virginia DENNIS OLIN IREY 4-20 Broad Street Spring City, Pennsylvania RONALD NOLAN JACKSON 1724 Main Street, S.W. Roanoke, Virginia WILLIAM LEE KEITH 2307 Lynn Street Parkersburg, West Virginia KYLE HAMPTON LAZENBY 620 West Main Street Wytheville, Virginia ALBERT CLARENCE LAZURE, 2430 N. Ceorge Mason Drive Arlington, Virginia HARRY WILLIAM MOHR 600 Tyson Avenue Ardsley, Pennsylvania EDWARD DANIEL NEDWICK 308 Adelia Street Middletown, Pennsylvania J R. E-C0 :Kent A-Co. 'D. 0.' A-Co. 6 7 Douch C-Co. :Hass E-Co. GLazy E-Ca 'Tank B-Co. 'Skip, B-Co. :Danny B-C0. Postgraduates 9 9 9 9 9 5 s 5 9 9 9 Postgraduates ROBERT CHARLES PIERCE 757 Braxton Road Rirlley Park, Pennsylvania RUFUS ADOLPHUS POOL, III 212 Sampson Street Clinton, North Carolina JERRY MILTON POWERS Route gil Jefferson Park Hopewell, Virginia JOHN JAMES PULCINI, JR. 3011 Old Arch Road Norristown, Pennsylvania JOHN FREDERICK REUNING 900 Park Street Bristol, Virginia LEONARD KEHL ROTHERMEL, 2205 Thirfl Street Norristown. Pennsylvania JOHN TRIGC SCOTT 407 Progress Street Blat-kslnlrg. Yirginia FRANCIS CLIFTON YVINSTON, Box 336 Youngsville. North Carolina ROBERT JOSEPH YENCHO 6159 Penn Lane Vl'est Hazleton, Pennsylvania JR. 'Buff C-Lo. 'Jack, B-Co. 'Lovef Band 'Pooch, B-Co. 6Fritz' A-Co. JR. 'Roth' If-Co. 'Trigger' IL'-CU. 6 W'il1llie, Stuff 4Tiny9 E-Co. ,Ion Cauclill and Roclmly Howell Nick Ceor ands John Pell ' I.. to R. Rantly Eller Ire Ro una .lack Atlams ancl Bruce Weinstein Mel lirown txncl Willie I-lawxoofl 'Mal Lawrance and lmud lx llatthell Junior - Class of '63 Acai. S. A. Alrlrirlgf-, J. E. 1 Archer, K. V. l Ayers, T. E. Bell, R. .l. llloxton, F. E. Boggs, C. M. Brey, J. R. Bridgforth, J. B. Brown, W. M. Burgess, .l. M. Burris, J. M. Caffee, A. B. Campo, E. R. Carey, R. N. Carroll, R. ll. Carlor, D. R. Caudill, W. D. Coilv, T. L. Colo, J. T. Colson, D. E. Corris, S. G. Cromlish, J. S Cunningllam, ,l. R. Cyr, T. P. Davis, C. W. Doflnl, W. H. Early, C. M. Eller, R. E. Ellis, R. M. Enamler, F. A. Faragalli, F. .l. Fuulooner, P. Ford, M. D. Foster, G. T. Fraunv. A. T. Fulrell, R. A. Gilbert, O. L. Good, M. C. Cappon, S. B. l De Angelis, K. C De Vasher, D. C 1 .W - sgigfmsw ,, glam- Lg 51: Lf S- f-,., 'vm' -5-3'-f?'?iEs3f2A?' , 5 5 M... ff H ftggay- www MS1 ,.5 wfiia kk Q I- 95,1 X 1 1 51125 Ak, .1 ' ' :gs ,, , J Li. V. f ? .N ' ':, L35 '22 Sswb v FY 'SS me S 5 'XV Visa 'Q im v Bw Q , X A 1 ,S 1 .. is X .. 'ii:.i7-Y' 32 Ps ff A3551- R .,.,. 1. ' L 2 k . . -WMA ' H ,zr-TS'-1 M. -N Sal .iaiff f 5 W . 3? f :xy 2-1 fb Y.. fs if J 5 z 5 9' af 41 35531 Q 3553 1 : in-f: 4 1 . 2 6 'M , iisgkfaiazfk 1 K mlm .a V fl Q.-1A:w:.,,.. Mi? . Hrg i i X 3 s- Qmsggw f li if 2 .x rf' Q raft is V f f 7,5 S m fr 1 X' ,S f f,.-,'x1,:'ff" rx 5 N? LA. Junior - Class of '63 Scace, B. K. Schissell, R. J. Slaymaker, A. A. Smith, E. l. Smith. J. W. Smith, W. .l. Snead. K. P. Stoeckle, F. J. Tayloe, A. W. Taylor, D. F. Thompson, J. A. Tuohy. .l. G. Vickrey, R. A. Vivas, E. A. Ward, R. L. Watson, F. W. Vlfatson, C. W. W'einstf-in, li. L. ,f ff? Liam :QM fi. XVl'l1KlU1'f, F. L. W1-sson. H. H. Wlhite, J. E. Williams, D. A. Wolbert, G. S. Wroldsen, R. M A. 'Dorf Meyers B. 'Brink' Brinkhouse C. gRnnzIy7 Wells D. cfimz Ogloshy K gH0mer' Turner E. 'Lovef Powers F. Tank' Lazure 68 4 'lenrzrflrf Mark. 'Trigger' The 3 Stooges: 'Af Chriflinc gI,0IZ6'.S0lII!' fulm' Ur Svoll, and :Rolf Trivetle Yvells. Powers, and HOlllt'l', Turner 'Herb' Carden '12iL'1.'A Sy km-s Bulrlz' Holland aml john' Sunlopolo Umslead :Lymf Houston. :Tr1lley' Cook. and gf ern' Haywood 'Curt' Mauncler If-Co. Cung: glliflr' Ulzulforrl. GJIIIPSH QZHHIOII. cfr1r'L'if" Pool. cf111'l.'z'67 Mill:-r. and Lslfflly Mohr. SDIIITU, Umstcad 'Lee' THE H0-CUX Roblwinf. 'Inner Scllwallw and Llhfen Cilnilln-lla :Waits K4-nm-dy 'Ken' Haynes guviflllifx Winston and cfjllflrlff' Croco ophomores - Class of 964 70 Archer, B. G. Bailey, C. N. Ball, E. A. Ball, J. S. Bentz, R. E. Bolton, T. E. Bradford, B. F Bragg, W. M. Brewster, F. L. BriXhol'f, P. K. Brown, J. M. Brown, P. F. Buckley, B. C. Chilton, J. F. Conner, H. R. Covington, L. W. Cox, W. M. Cozens, M. D. Crowell, J. H. Dahl, D. A. Dains, D. K. Daughtry, A. M. Davis, J. C. Dawson, P. F. Dickinson. Wi. N. Dorsk, Fi. J. Eplvy, L. P. Fallon, E. G. Feuchtenherger, L. D. Fischer, L. E. Frey, M. W. Gardner, J. S. Gasperini, A. J. Ginsberg, B. L. Glover, D. W. Groff, T. B. Grove, J. M. Harris, B. S. Harris, F. M. Hastings, C. M. Hayes, J. R. Henry, W. M. Hill, B. C. Holbrook, G. J. Hollinger, D. Hunclley, J. M. Hutchings, R. P. Hutton, W. T. Johnson, L. T. Jones, C. M. Kelly. M. W. Kieffer, D. H. King, L. P. Kroll, R. A. Lafoon. B. C. Landreth, S. G. Lanivr. E. S. Little, W. J. Lytlv. A. R. McConnell, J. K. Mais, M. C. Marinacci, R. M. Mattern, C. W. Melvin, G. H. Miller, W. V. Mosher, E. W. Mosley, M. W. Moye, D. M. Nelson, G. L. Parker, M. F. Payne, E. F. C. Pearson. J. P. Pittington, J. C. Poe, J. E. Pruflen, J. F. Quijano, M, E. Rabinow, A. H. Rarnscyvr. G. 0. Rave. W. H. Rea, L. E. Rf-vhf-r, R. W. Rice, J. R. Riley, J. J. Santopolo, J. T. Saunders, James E. Schumann, D. R. Svcrcst. R. J. Shrum, J. T. Smith. G. H. Smith, R. H. Snow, T. M. Snyder, Sherryl D. Snyder, Stephen D. Stewart, L. A. Stucker, R. L. Swann, D. C. Tic-e. J. D. Turnbull, T. B. Ullf-ry, D. L. Vaughn, C. L. Vfalker, R. P. Wallace, W. K. Wulthall, S. M. Ward, YV. A. Whited, L. D. Wilson, K. A. Wolf. D. M. Wooten, R. M. Wright, H. A. Wright, J. E. Wypler, J. A. Ze-rhey, H. M. ophomores - Class of '64 71 Freshmen - Class of '65 72 Abercrombie, P. B. Alcaro, A. T. Allison, W. V. Basta, J. W. Biggers, J. B. Blanton, R. W. Bonham, J. D. Botch, J. C. Bowles, S. W. Broadaway, T. R. Brooks, B. L. Brower, M. C. Bruce, lVl. J. Bunge, D. C. Childress, W. B. Christie, C. E. Cicero. R. J. Cohen, L. G. Conway, P. P. Creasy, M. L. Crescenzo, R. T. Crowell, P. W. Cuccliiari, J. S. Davis, J. B. Dinnis, R. E. Dodd, C. F. Dove, E. D. Evans, D. E. Evans, S. R. Farrar, J. L. Ford. R. D. Fox, R. S. Cass, H. H. GCI'lJl'i1Clll, H. W Gibson, R. T. Cilleo, C. C. Ciron, J. A. Halley, E. D. Hall, D. E. Headley, P. Hodges, H. K. Hoffman, R. T. Holland, F. L. Holloway, C. J. Horid, M. J. Hose, N. J. Jenkins, J. J. Jennison, R. E. Jernigan, C. W. Joa, G. F. Johnson, D. S. Jones, J. L. Jones, J. S. Joubin, C. R. Joyce, J. D. Kay, D. T. Keller. B. M. Kesslvr. R. D. Kiclwf-ll, R. D. Kikvr. E. P. Kushner, S. A. Langliorne. C. R. Langston, C. C. Lauren, D. J. Liakos. P. C. Lincoln, F. B. Lipo. S. H. Lubman, A. H. Lyon, J. E. Lyons, J. T. Mclintire, F. E. McFarland, J. McMillan, B. F. Macklsm, D. WY. Maxwell, H. F. Mendoza, R. C. Milam, J. M. Miller, S. J. Mills, R. M. Morgan, R. D. Mullins, J. L. Musser, R. YV. Nc-lson, B. C. Nicholls, T. R. North. C. E. Olson. M. A. Ott. A. L. Rayfield, S. E. Rviner. W. F. Richards, M. D. Robertson, D. YV. Roy, R. D. Ryan. C. C. Saunilrfrs. John E. Scmti. V. F. Sears, J. E. Sossions. W. ll. Sllvlflon. R. C. Sheridan, M. T. Shrevf-. J. E. SllUlIlll1'lS, G. F. Smith. Richard C. Smith, Ronald C. Slftlufl, Sunday, C. R. Taylor. J. E. Taylor. J. L. Thornton, J. M. Van Tine, A. D. Wzillerstein, J. M. Waltrip. M. D. Ward, W. C. Freshmen - Class of 965 73 Freshmen - Class of '65 'Vern' Haywood, 'Talley' Cook, Tommy' Byrne and 'George' Hope 'Sam' Vz1nScoy, 'Tommy' Metcalfe, and 'Anthony' Riccio 'Steve' Schwartz, 'Mike' Ciminella, 'Ed' Smith, 'Don' Taylor 'Ron' Stinson 'Al' Christine, 'Stun' Cappon, 'Little Slzrielc' Roberts, 'Dick' Perreault A-Co. Gang: 'Frank' Harris, 'Frerl' Reuning, 'Dick' Sykes, 'Paul' Cobb, 'lolzn' Thigpen, and 'Dennis' lrey 'Dick' Perreault 'Mike' Grant 'Jackie' Miller a Twister! Weirner. C. l. Westbrook. J. W. White. J. L. Zarelli, D. J. 'Spaghetti Bender' Creati and 'A. G.' Morris 'Hurry' lngle 'John' Pell and 'Wendell' Lyon 'Willy' Wlaterheld, 'Homer' Turner, and 'Pic' Mcllwain THEY -XLSO SICRYEH. 111 left: 'lloris' KILHHNIPII. 'Uh XIll1liSlIll.illl4l Jlllllljlllflf- Ulamfk, Tull rigfll: Club-I dR!Ptllf-l'A llmwll and 'fv.ssf0' Collin I.f'11ffr Jeff: 'lfflwz' Stew-llf. f.1'IIfPI' righl: Kllrlliffir' lxiux. IIXTTLE GROUP FTAXFF-V 1962 Boltvnz. lvft In rfghl: fiI'lll'k1'l7 Rolninsull, Wvinston, l.0nglCy. lXir'l1oIs. Bvnnvlt. Kidwflll, C"0l'QLiI12:lS, and XVAIFII. T5 As one of the honor schools of the United States, Fork Union Military Academy can boast of its line military stall. These men have been selected for one of the most important jobs of our modern arrnyfteaching and training young X men to become the leaders of tomorrow. Through their training and teaching, we have learned not . , only military knowledge but also self discipline, which is important anywhere in life. We are thankful to the Military Department lor the unceasinff dedication to their Work, and for the U lessons they have taught us. They that can give up esesnlial liberly to obtain. fl little temporary safety Cleserve neither liberty nor safety. -FRANKLIN Cofl grants liberty only to those who love it, and are always reafly to guarrl and flefenzl it. --VVEBSTER llolor Guard-jLeft to right: Williarri Melville Brown, III, Sergeant lst Classg Herbert Wade Carden, Ist Lieutenant, Color Guarrl Commanderg Harry Boyd lngle, ll, Master Sergeanlt Assistant Color Guard Commmulerg Charles Lee Robbins. Sergeant lst Class. P The FUMA Band 1 iv ,1 3 01 ,N JN 'E in + W w f W w R 41 V WW91Pl'!""4'4"'ff1li'W'Y-W.'B-'17'lfvwallu "' W1L"""""W"' Q ' ' -N' ' - " -' ' PM and tajf Captain GEORGE Y. ELLIS, Infznzlrg Pr0ff's.wr nj Military Srience Ilisfrzlctor, M S T 4 0 70 Capmin ROBERT G. W XTSOIN. lzlfzlnlry ASSfSfllIlf I' Nl S Il'LSfI'Il!'fUI', III S 'I' 3 COIIFII. Rvmn Ki-flrls llrilll'l11l1mr1 Smjf Sf'rgr'11ul IJAKEL P. 5l'IfNlII'fII. I'.S.,X. Cnrps of lflIgflIt'f'l'X IIISfI'IlC'f0f. NI ST 1 .4.xs1'3t11I11' Simply 5c'1'gr'r111I Assfstulzl 1,0111-11, Rifle' Tvrmz Sl'l',gPfIlIf Firsl Llzzxs Jflljlllfllllf fj!"l1l'I'IIl lfmps CVXHHOLL IC. IMYIQR AllI71l.7liSlf!lfiTf'C N. C. O. ,Ifmlvr SIWIYIVIIII Illfzzlzlljl' ff'1irI141r11f'l INN IXIC O. COOIJWIN l1.S.IX. lnxIrzzr'l0r. Xl ST I2 1,-UIIVII. Hiflz' Twin: .Unsier Selgvrzfzt IMIK 'l'. HOLLIFIICLIJ. USA Infruziry Supply Sergeant Instrzzflor, NI F 'I' 2 f1ssixrr111f COIIVII. Heian Rilfas Driff Plulzmzz SFFZLVPIIIII IUIHH E. GRAXIIII NI. IQS X Orzfmzrzre COI'llS lnsrrzzrtor. ,NI 5 'I' I .fl:,w1'.srmz1 COKIIJI. Ki-Nr' TPIIIII The first year of Military, known as MST 1 flVlilitary Schools Trainingl, is required of all cadets entering Fork Union who have had no prior military schooling, provided they meet the eligibility requirements. Captain George V. Ellis, Staff Sergeant Darel P. Spencer, and Ser- geant Bobby E. Grantham! serve as instructors. The first-year cadet quickly adjusts to a military life, finds for himself a place in the corps, and T I if he applies himself, becomes a Private First Class or higher by mid-year. Military subjects included in MST 1 are: individual equipment, courtesies, customs, hygiene, first aid, weapons, atomic Warfare, marlcsmanship, and tactics. The year of instruction is climaxed by a uCovernment lnspectionw held early in the spring of each school year. mfs. TII NIST 2 1NIilitary Schools Training! is taught by Master SGl'gl?lllIf .lack T. Hollzfelrl and Master Sergearzl Irvine U. Coorlwin. The MST 2 course is more detailed in the application of principles and techniques and emphasizes 'learning lny Doing". ln this year of military instruction the cadet learns to operate US Army Held radios and telephones in Conimunicationsg he receives classes in Achievements and Traditions of the US Army taught by MST 4 Cadets. He also studies weaponsfthe machine gun and rocket launcher --marksmanship and tactics. The cadets who take this course are in line for key non-commis- sioned olliccr positions within the Corps. They work very hard in order to earn for themselves a place of importance in campus life. 3 A 1,,t1,...ss1 ' , .W-t,.,mW I 1- g to so z fy' . 3k Z E13 T III MST 3 is conducted under the leadership and guidance of Captain Robert G. Walson. Using the foundation established i11 military science during MST 1 and MST 2 the cadet co11ti11ues 111ore advanced training during MST 3. He re- ceives principles of leadership, 111ap reading and compass, 106111111 Recoilless Rifle, 81111111 Mortar, a resume of supporting weapons, new develop- 111e11ts i11 the army, small u11it tactics lisquad, platoon a11d companyj and rilie niarksrnanship, at which ti111e the cadet zeros his rifle and fires it for the record i11 the prone, sitting, kneeling, 82 and standing positio11s. ln addition to the above subjects the MST 3 cadet also participates i11 subjects presented to all MST classes, such as drill a11d co111111and, ceremonies a11d inspections. Based on experience, MST training and leader- ship ability, 111ost MST 3 cadets hold Il0Il-COlll- missioned ofiicer rank Within the Corps. A few of the n1ost outstanding cadets are Co111111issioned Ofhcers. The cadet, after finishing this course is able to effectively command a platoon or C0111- pany i11 the Cadet Corps. MST 4 is the senior class ol military instruc- tion presented at Fork llnion Military Academy. and its enrollment consist of fourth-year cadets that have completed MST l through Caplnin George V. Ellis, Professor of Military Science, is the instructor for this course. The subjects pre- sented in this year of military training are an extension of what has been taught in preceding years, such as marksmanship and map reading. ln addition, a course in military teaching methods is conducted which prepares the cadet to give classroom instruction. Upon completion of for- mal instruction. each cadet prepares a lesson MST IV plan, hased on material to he presented to MST 1 and MST 2 cadets, rehearses it many times and gives the instruction to the MST 1 or MST 2 cadets. This presentation of instruction by the cadets is one of the high points of the year and is well received hy the first and second-year students. Successful completion of the four years of military instruction presented at this academy entitles graduating cadets to consideration for appointment credits in the advanced course of the Reserve Oflicers Training Corps of the col- lege. where application is made. Ol XO LL. O Lr- Lr- 'fi E-1 cn D-4 L-J C DG CD L1-1 v-I E- P 4 DI I-I-1 I F A Q2 U EE Q 93 xffrlllfz Commanflvrg Longley, C. M.. Major, E 'P T0 G Barrie L Lieutenant Colone G Nichols. A. ht to Rig Left W' ffl .S E E- V. xi m 17 X. 5 11 3 1' .- M ll 5 -. Z 'N N: 'ff Q. : Q R lb Qu N .Q Q C DQ if .Q 'X' S ,I NJ 'C J, 4-A OJ S: CI G, CI I as Q: 5 Q bo .E 's R H WT VD 'Z 'N B -4.1 Q. U KJ CJ Q 5 O +- nn C1 . .-1 B 4 P4 4-7 .A CJ Qi - 59 rt W 3: : as Q Q3 -N, 3 'Y 'Q I Q 5 o U7 I1 ... A o E A 'D U 55 Q ro 'iii 'S M 'Q Q 'C E fi li E 1. 'O -Q Z! Aw N 'Q Z A - rganas, pply Oyicerg Ceo Su MRS. ALEX XNIJHA NHIIIOLS 80 WPS' Hilton Smw l,ff'Ilf6IlflI1f Colmzel l"1'cvpnrl. X1-W York ,XRTHI R GEORGE NICHOLS SIWHSUV Rrltlfff Group COIIIIIIIIIIIIUT The Battle Group tag if '62 .Vlajor MISS BONNIE EASTON ALLEN GILBERT BENNETT 513 ROUW 250'RY P355 Bank Group Adjutant Charlntlm-fville, Virginia .Sponsor Captain EDWIN LEE WARFIELD CROOKS Company Com lllflllllel' Snead Hall Smith, E. l., f2nd Lieutenant, Hatcliell, T. L., flst Lieutenant, A-CO. STAFF Co. Executive Ojicer Hatchell, T. L., Ist Lt Co. First Sergeant Martin, G. R., Ist Sgt Co. Master Sergeant Lawrence, J. T., MfSgt lst PLATOON Pfordt, C. C., Lt. Stewart, L. A., MfSgt. Tuohy. J. G., S.F.C. Metcalfe, T. O., S.F.C. Crowell, J. H., S.F.C. Ayers, T. E., Cpl. Tuyloe, A. W., Cpl. Van Scoy, V. S., Cpl. Wrigllt, H. A., Cpl. Campe, E. R., Cpl. Riflemen Cole, T. Cox, W. NT. Rieeio, C. A. Boggs, C. M. Wendorf, F. L. Early, C. M. Luhman, A. H. Lyon, J. E. Cozens, M. D. Hulihun, D. 0. Jones, C. M. Bolton, T. E. Chilton. J. F. Moye, C. H. Eraune, A. T. Canada. J. W. Anirliein, L. A. Joyce, J. D. Abercrombie, P Christie, C. E. A-Co. Omcers, left to right: Lawrence, J. T., fMaster .Sergeantjg Martin, G. R., flst Sergeantl 3rd Platoonlg Power, P. C., K2nd Lieutenant, Ist Platoon! Executive Oficerl. 2 2 !T ? 5 ..,,, ,. Q Qllfl PLATOON Power, P. G., Ll. Uurdnclr. J. S.. MfSgt. Liltlv. YV. J.. S.F.C. Burris. J. M., S.F.C'. King. H. A., S.F.C. Fallon, E. G., Cp! Slaymaker, A. A., ffpl. llunllvy, R. J., ffpl. Ff11ancler.F. A., Cpl. Wl1iI1-al. L. D., Cpl. K 1110 111 en Haynes, E. K. H1-21. L. E. Crm-vo. C. J. ll11xis.J. C. linlili. P. F. Re-uning, J. F. W'hit1-. J. E. Harris. B. S. Sunclay. C. R. JJFJXJIUHQ. P. K. Harris. F. M. Davis, B. fiil'1'l'U. R. llulvll. J. Q. Hill. JJ. C. l:lll'JiJl'N. R. Q. YIYJIJQLIPPII. J. F. Sy km-S. lf. R. 31411 PI. XTOON Slllilll. E. J.. LI. Uglvslly, M..Mf.Sg1. Hum-lwood. W. H.. S.l".C. lluwvli. M. R.. S.1".C. II1'i11kl1ous.J. H.. S.I".C. l'14lSll'I'. G. T.. C111 Sz111l1vp0J0.J. T., Cpl. llziumlili. WW. D.. ffpl. 'I'lIliIll'l', T. H.. Cpl. IIuIl11111l.J. P.. ffpf. Nl1'llv1ai11,U. F.. ffpl. Riflenzerz Ellis, R. M. Luiz. C. L. Hulmfliings. R. P. Nvffoiinell, J. K. Alliwu. YV. V. Wr'i111r-1'. C. J. Ii1'111':-. J. N111'TJl.f,..E. xJl'Il1JOZ3. H. G. Ifnx. H. S. lfmiway. P. P. fAIill'll. J.. C. ff1'uwn'H. P. WT. l:l'iIll'1'.WV.F. 51:11-. J. E. XIl'fJXH'Il. f. K. W z1lm'1'fir'lfl. XY, KJ. 111111 R D Hy 4111. C. C. lst PLATOON Lemler: Pforclr, C. C., Ll. 21141 PLATOON lvarler: Power, P. C.. Lt. 3lilJ PLATOON I.lfII!If"T.' Smith, E. J., Lt. 1 www ffvmfff: v ,sw-,w.f,.-1mfe.z1m1nww2wwQaw1'f ., m..f.wmww....ww.-wM.........- . ., ,. U S B-CO. STAFF I Co. Executive OWCCI' Boggs, E. C., Lt. Co. First Sergeant Walser, R. D., lst Sgt Q O T C Co. Master Sergeant Coile, T. L., MfSgt. lst PL.-XTOON Steele, R. C.. Lt. Jung, R. YV., M,fSgt. Galbraith, W. M., S.F.C. Smith, W. J., S.F.C. Lynn, VV. V., S.F.C. Hamsuyt-r, G. O., Cpl. Bragg, W. M., Cpf. Smith, J. VV., ffpf. Rc-um, S. N.. Cpl. Dt-ll. R. .L. Cpf. Ullvry. D. L.. Cpl. Riflvnzen Vaughn. C. L. Ward. R. L. ffrzpmin VERNON CHARLES HAYWOOD Company Comnzrmder Snead Half Mllls. R. M. Sllutnhris. C. F. Meyers, D. C. Laznrtr, A, fl. Dovt-, E. D. Lauren. D. .L Ciron, .L A. Gilleo, C. C. Jones, J. S. Kvsslt-r, H. D. Pearson. J. P. Miller. W. V. Mosher, IC. W. NVOOJ. U. C. Cotlsvy. J. L. Wats0l1.F. YV. B-Co. Ojirxers, left to right: Cuile, T. L., fMaster Sergeantlg Walser, R. D., flst Sergeant! johnson, J. R., fljezztenant, 3rd Platoonlg Wilson, R. D., fLieutenant, 2nd Platooniq Steele, R. C LLLBUIUIIIIIII, Ist Platoonjg Boggs, E. C., fLieulenant, Executive Oficerj. t Qnrl l'lA'l'OOX Wlilson. H. D.. 1.1. Colson. ll. E., MfSgl. Nlillflr, ll. D.. S.l".f.'. Outlcn. l'l. S., S.F.I.'. Hive. CI. H.. S.F.f.. Snow. 'lf Xl.. Cpf. Rayfim-l1l.5.E..Cpl, Smith, J. I... Cpl. Uuina ll. K.. Cpl. Carroll. R. l1..IQ'pl. llllmlay. J. YY.. Lpl. Riflellzwz Aifhll. .L Nelsvn. Il, ff. Kay. IJ. 'l'. Slwrimluu. M. 'l'. Pool. H, X. Conlon. J. l-. Kotlu-rm:-l. l.. K. Kl1,'fll'l', ll. H. Hfilflt-0I'lJ. R. F. Hodge-s. H. K. llmullx. 5. P. Hills. S. J. Xmlwivk. lf. ll. Pswlu-1. Nl. F. 0:Jl1'll'Il. J. J. Lytlv. X. ll. Eplvy. l., P. Huff:-5. li. ll. Zire! l'l. XTUUX JUll114lhIl.,J. R.,J1'.. 1.1. l'ulc'ini. J. J.. .llfSgt. lh'aL111lm'k. ll. lf.. Sf! 31Hl'lIl2ll'l'l. R. Xl.. S.F.I Hopf-. il. CI.. S.F.l.. Noxingvr. J. S., Cpl. Colum-vi. H. J,. Cpl. llc Ang-lis. K. G.. Cpl. Groxef. J. Nl.. Cpl. llumm-. YY. P.. Cpf. Poo. J. lf.. ffpl. RI'fI6'IVIPl1 Hunrlle-3. .l. Xl. Bloxlfm. If E. Saunclm-rf. John Pl. Tl1orntm1.J. M. Langlmrue. C. R. Halminnm. JN. H. Groff. 'lf ll. wvHlJl'I'Slk'lll. lll. KlcMillull. ll. F. Walla-r. ll. P. Hollaml. lf. l.. Cc-rl11'z11'l1l. H. YY. Hutton. W. T. Kcllvr. ll. Nl. K1-lly. Nl. W. l.i1I!!rlHI1.1,..f.. Swsium. lsl. B. lilxliww. lj. ff. J011. fl. I". lf! l'LA'l'OUN lwudcr: Frm-In-. H. C., 1.1 Zml PL.-XTOON Lemffri Wlilsou, R. D., Ll firml PLATOON Leuzlvr: Jolmsnu. J. R.. L! lfA':.1'iia-i..'. . 1 f ...Q DLI ' .., .-...,.,..w'l. .. .f.-f.7vz.wzi'i-::'f.-fi . Mais, M. C., MfSgt. Aldridge, .l. E., SfSgt. Brown, J. M., S.F.C. Bentz, R. E., S.F.C. Osman. H. C., S.F.C. Ball, E. A.. SfSgt. Vivas, E. A.. SfSgt. Bailey, D. YV., SfSgt. Matti-rn, C. W., SfSgt. Rice, J. R., SfSgt. Conner. H. R., SfSgZ. Frey, M. SfSgt. Nicholls, T. R., SfSgt. ,.,, . Riflemen Kiflwell, R. D. Captain WILLIE PAUL HAYWOOD Company Commander Mccuiim, L. W., S.F.C. HEADQUARTERS CO. STAFF Co. First Sergeant Gilbert, O. L., lst Sgt Co. Master Sergeant Mais, M. C., MfSgt. lst PLATOON Henry, W. M. Hose, N. .l. Richards, M. D. White, .l. L. Bonham, I. D. Crescenzo, R. T. Dinnis, R. E. Evans, D. E. Clover, D. W. Jenkins, I. J. Koehler, C. M. Kushner, S. A. Ou, A. L. Nelson, C. L. Wilson, K. A. Shrum, J. T. Sadler, W. A. Lafoon, R. C. SneadHaI1 Hq.-Co. Ofhcers, left to right: Mais, M. C., fMaster Sergeant, Ist Platoonlg Batten, P. R fLieutenant, 2nd Platoonlg Korab, T., flieutenrmt, 3rd Platoonj. .. J . Li, .L 2nd PLATOON Bam-n, P. R., Lz. Burkc-, T. P., MfSgt. Caffe:-, A. B., S.F.f.'. Long. H. H.. S.F.l.'. Lindsvy. YV. A., S.F.f, Wallllull, S. M., Cpl. DfYVilSllt'f, D. C., Cpl. Sizm-r, C. T., Cpl. Cobb. P. F., Cpl. Corris, S. C.. Cpl. Crosswllile, J. C., ffpl RifIPlIIPIl Byrne, T. J. Trey, ID. 0. Parr. IS. E. Eplvy, l.. P. Langfslon, C. C. Fraunv, A. T. Pylv, R. L. Morgan. H. D. Davis, C. W. Harman. C. C. Raw, W. H. Roy, H. D. Yvalwl. YV. A. DIPIIHTIIIQD. L. TV. Lazenby, K. H. 3rd PLATOON Koruh. T.. Lt. Huvslon. TT. C.. .VfSgt Cllr-rry. H. G., S.F.C. Faragulli, F. J.. S.F.C Cates. L. C, S.F.I.. AI'CTll'l'. R. C., Cpl. Rails-y, C. N.. Cpl. Kiki-r, E. P., Cpl. T..ElHiTl'i'III, S. G.. Cpl. Millvr. J. A.. Cpl. HcL'ln'1'. R. XT., Cpl. Riffenzzfrz fX10u1'u. A. T. Browvr. M. C. Bungv. D. C. Dahl. IJ. A. Dax is ,l. C. Duclfl. 5. S. Grvvu, C. J. Keith. W. L. Hvvffn1z1r1.R. T. 'XIila11n.,T.fNT. Mill:-r. S. J. Hoy:-. IJ. M. RI?TJl'I'lSOIl. D. W. Snvafl. K. P. Tax lor. .T. T.. Zerlwy. H. M. C-CO. STAFF Co. Executive Ojficer Schwartz, S. F.,1st Lt. Co. Master Sergeant Price, J. G., MfSgt. lst PLATOON Willis, J. G., Lt. Rifielnen. Gregory, J. R., MfSgt. Bragg, R. M. Smith, G. H., S.F.c. Chi1dfPSg,W- B' Dau, L. R., s.F.c. gigs -J Bridgforth, J. B., S.F.C. Hardi1lg:Gz A. Teift, J. E., Cpl LY0r1s,J. T. Pierce, R. C. Pitlington, J. C. Quijuuo, M. E. Dawson, P. E., Cpf. Wesson, H. H. Berbericli, R. L., Cpi. Wolbert, G. S., Cpi. Captain HOWARD TALLEY COOK Company Commander Memorial Hall C-Co. Ojicers, left to right: Ciminella, M. C., flieutenant, 3rd Platoonlg Schwartz, S. F., flst Lieutenant, Executive Ofjicerjg Vfillis, J. G., fLieutenant, lst Platoonlg O'Brien, J. M., fLieuLenanL, 2nd Pluioonjg Houston, R. L., flst Sergeantjg Price, J. G., fMa.szer Sergeantl. if., A . K. 2 2 ef 5 , . 54 Co. FirsLSergean1i Houston, R. L., lst Sgt. 21141 PLATOON 0'l3ri1-n. J. M., Lt. Wa-isv. H. W.. .WfSgf. Hanna. P. J.. .S.F.ff. Suliixzm. H. Ni.. S.F.C. Vivoollm-n. ii. M.. Cp! Hiouin. M. li.. Cpf. Smith. K. H.. Cpf. Hayes. J. H.. Cpl. Siimuonilv. T. F., Cpl. IQUJJCIVICII liiggeis. J. li. Blwiacixwuy. T. R. Farrar. J. I.. Fuulcom-r. P. L. Gibson. R. T. liasperilii. .-X. J. Jackson. H. N. Jasper. C. W. Lando. ll. P. Lestvr. C. L. 'l'ayio1'. J. lf. W'dl'1i.R.i.. 3rd PLXTOON fiimiiivllu. M. C., LI. '1'..y10r. 11. P., Mfsgf. l.furler. D. H.. S.F.C. .-Mlanus. lf. J.. S.F.l.'. Wveiiistf-ill. IX, L.. S.F.C. Hudson. K. H.. Cpl. Viv Jer. J. X.. C 1 . P I7 - Smith. Ril'il2ll'li C.. Cpl. lloibrouk. C. J.. Cpl. Lipf-.S.Il..Cp1. Rifiemen Brooks. JJ. L. llinsbvrg. R. L. Lanier. Fi. S. Niusscnr. R. Payne. F. F. C. Tice. J. D. TIIOIHPSOH. J. A. Wvaitrip. Ni. D. Wvolf. IJ. Ni. Isl PLATOON l.1'11r1c'1': Willis. J. G.. Ll 211ml PLATOON LPa11f'r.' Oiiirie-ri, J. M.. 1.1 firnl PLATOON Lerzrler: Cimim-lla. Wi. G.. Ll C0. Executive Ojficer Eller, R. E., Lt. Co. First Sergeant Mutersbaugh, D, G., 1stSgt. Co. Master Sergeant Ball, J. S., MfSgt. E-CO. STAFF lst PLATOON Slocckle, F. J., Lt. Rl.fI!?l71Rl1. Bray, J. YV., MfSgt. 'x1'Cllf'I', K. V.. S.F.C. Blanton. R. VV. Carey. R. N.. S.F.C. Cunningham. I. R. Nicholas, C. B., S.F.C. Jackson, M. W. CIOIIIHSII, J. R., Cpl. Maxwell. H. F. Dodd. G. F., Cpl. Mullins. J. L. Cray, D. D.. ffpl. Koehler. C. M. Pickens, R. S., Cpl. SPr'1'vsl. R. J. Pierpont. J. R., Cpf. Slllilll. Ronald C. Lev. T. P., Cpl. Ym1c'l1o.H.J. Captain JOHN HERBERT PELL Company Commanfler Memorial Hall E-Co. Owners, left to right: Rflllfig, H. A., Ulflaster Sergeantlg Mutersbaugh, D. C., flst Sergeant! Stoecklc. F. J., fLl'6llf8flllIIf, Platoonjg Eller. R. E., fLieu.tenant, Executive Ojjlirerjg Scott, J. T. fLieutena111, 2nd Platomw: Ford, M. D., flieutenant, 3rd Platoonjg Ball, J. S., fMaster Sergeant! L.-a .. -..- 2nd PLATOON Soon, J. T., Lf. Creati. .l. A., Mf.9gt. Alcorn, L. M., S.F.C. Flood, ll. D., S.F.ff. Morris. N. G.. S.F.C. Burgess. .l. M., Cpl. Daughtry, A. M,, Cpl. Doclml. W. H., Cpl. Linmln. F. B.. Cpl. Riley. .l. .l., Cpl. Triu'lt4'. R. E.. Cpf. RI,-fll'II10lI Rasta, lf. L. Hrvwstm-r. lf. L. Brcy. .l. K. Futrvll. H. A. Cowl. Nl. C. Hill. N. Nl. Jennisc-n. H. E. .luSIis. T. R. Joulrin. C. R. l..PYiI'lghlt'll. S. ll. Roy. H. D. Wlalsml. C. wi. Wir'-llvruok. W . 3111 P l . XTOON Ford. Nl. lJ..L1. Roliiiie-Ill: C. C., fVIfSgt. Mark. l.. .l.. S.1".If. Fc-ah-5. li. H.. S.F.I.'. Hastings. C. Bl.. lfpl Holloway. C. J.. lfpl. .l0nvs. W. li., Cpl. Snyrlc-r. Sllerryl ll., lfpl, Yickrvy. H. -X.. lfpf. Rl'fI?lIIl'l1 Dian:-y. R. E. Evans. S. R, Hollingn-r. U. Jernigan. C. VV. Join-S. J. L. Melvin. ll. H. xl4'1'iHTlZlllli. J. Mosh-5. Nl. VV. Shrew. J. lf. Sriyflvr. Stepllefn ll. Sturkr-r. R. L. Stinson. H. lf. Turnlmll. T. B. Wright. .I. lf. -. 'Wv:m,.4f.,fwm.afmvazimmwnwmzrfaesww.Mwgwggwm. W" -- .vLwv4SS:1 ,,Lwfwwwfcxi-154-www ff: w f , .,,. . lst PIATOON lmzlrler: Stovcklu, F. J., LI. 2nd l'l.'X'l'OON Lerzrler: Scott, J. T., LL. firfl Pl. XTOON Leader: Foul. ll. ll., Lt. id K X Lieutenant Colonel , , BAND Lnptrzzn, RICHARD ARTH UH PERREAULT Bd. Executive Officer Umstead, D. L., lst Lt. 311114 ff0'71"'f""f1f'f Snernl Hall S. E. MEAR, USA. flietireflj Banrl Director Bel, First Sergeant Christine, A. L., lst Sgt. Bd. Master Sergeant Ryder, R. C., MfSgl. Maunder. C. W., Lt. Wells, R. S., MfSgt. Hagee, J. D., S.F.C. Wyfatl, R. L., S.F.C. Savane. R. K.. S.F.C. Band Ist PLATOON Saunders, JHITIPS E., Cpl. H1-hns, F. R., Cpl. Sperm! Assignment: Bailey. C. N.. Cpl. Jarrett, W. S. Purvis. 'I . D. Robertson, D. W Cfreasy. M. L. Dickinson. YY. IN. Nlarkh-ln. D. YY. Brown. P. F., SfSgt. ,I H Feuchtenberger. L. D., Cpl. R1"f1emen w7iliii111lS, D. A., Cpl. Krull. R. A., Cpl. Kennedy, W. L.. Cpl. Crant. L. M. NIL-Entire. F. E. Fchissell. R. J. Snead. K. P. Hmvles. S. W. .Iul1nQ0r1. L. T. Band Ojfzrers, left to right: Maunder, C. YV.. fLieuten11nt, Ist Plntoonjg Ryrler. R. C.. fMaster Sergeantjg Cappnn. S. R.. fLtCllff?III1I1f, 2nd Platoonj: Uxnstearl. D. L.. flst Lzentenant, Exerutzve Ojficerjg Christine. A. L., fist Sergermti. 2I1tl I'l. XTOON Qlillllllbll. S. ll.. l,I. fiOYYll1'l'1l. WY. Xl.. W1Sgl Rolwrls. l... S.l".If. XYl'UlllS1'Il, R. Xl.. S.F.ff. Ollllliilll. A. L., ,S.l'.l.. Taylor. ll. F.. Ifpl. Paw. ll. XY.. ffpf, My-rs. WY. L.. Cpl. Powm-rs. .l. M., Ifpl. .l9lllilIlS. J. R.. lfpl. SClllll!l.lIlll. ll. li.. lfpf. Halle-ry. R. U.. f.11f. Rl'-flt'lIIf'II Clll'l'lllLll'i. .l. S. Flwhlun. R. C, Hliflflllilll. R. T. Swann. ll. C. Strourl. Nl. Fisclu-r. l.. F. ,l0llIlN4lIl. 11.5. laxlur. ,l. L. Hall. ll. lu. lhwwz-1'. Nl. C. Nan llH1'. N. ll. Pru4Ivn. .l. F. Ol li F.l'.Nl.X. Bl l I 1.611 In rzghl: Nlavklem S.l".C.: Wrolrlwn. H. M. ll I apr , F. ll.. ffflllfllfll l'1-rr:-aull lx X Pml ll-XTOON 'UU ll""1 5: 'QE j ...T ,vm 3 ,.. ix 5. Q ss. .N QS? . 1 X Raw. Q 'fi' 433 S .figaf X 5 RSX 5 aesbtvvm- .v ,' X 5 M ' asia .- .fr-fw iw- ,as R.. wif My .sb 9 5 N1 ..x .xg L 'Q-'LN E 1 N Ngtbl- . .,, .. .,,.. ..,... ., 'fr ..1f- figfggxs' ft M2 r anizations In everyone7s life there must be a time for relaxation or enjoyment of a pastime. Here at Fork Union we are fortunate to have many excellent organizations which help to broaden our knowledge of the world around us and also act as a break in the everyday routine. Almost all of us have some connection with at least one of the clubs in which perspective of thought is greatly increased. It makes little difference what a cadet7s hobbies or interests are, there is an activity here to increase his learning on the subject. We are thankful for the hard working faculty advisors who have given of their free time to the promotion and organization of the various clubs. Our clubs this year dealt with such topics as religion, speech, guidance, and jour- nalism, just to name a few. These clubs helped not only our knowledge but also our leadership qualities for many of us held club offices which gave us the experience which will help us in future years. Now as we look back on the years at FUMA we find our most enjoyable times were spent in the various school activities. 93 01?12fI'll1l't'IY1iHF NVXTIUN Xl J Pl I-lxlNN Nl ll-,Nl I ll-XII 10111 pi1'll1r4': H X LVAL 5 E A 3 5 . '," ' Elf ? 5+ w K '62 OF IRM SHER STUFF FK 2:-F W.- : L 'Nz l- T'-: 11:4 44 kk as FF 414 x VJ N . QB :L 1 m.. kuf Ei FE Us Z4 E2 if: -fx! F :1 'T ki' 'Q C-k -2 54 'ij 5'E ow 34 Ln.: J-. 4i 5 . :I T 2.3 .. Lf. '-12. .Ez :JJ E . v11 Y: x..: QE nm UE :: AS TL7: :A og J: fi ,aw -5 I-2 Q-,E .- cfm in Q P: .obj ku QC N1 .'-HE 551' Nc SI EQ r Z5 '1 PF Z ruff up-f F . , . L01 3. Q5 43 R.. 3-'fl' S.-I - 2. A4 :Lf Q Q . Q, QV! yi! .S 2:2 .4. vfz' L55 2 . +I? N? E.: .NL ki E: .Nz ull? N Qi Es N.,- VZ.-Q 3 SL' 5 7' .NU 'E . NL, L4 II: .35 if QE 'C xi 441 .fir CJ En Za Sm of .:r1 5 . Q: :x :LH -EQ CLD 'CTI :Z 5 :fl.3 Q. . 'XJ1 lg -2 11.1- ., 4? 4' A 425 T f Q as N YC y vw 'lf A F-4 ETS : 1. 4. R Q I.. Q V Y 'S Q L1 ll? 2 w YQ y E- :F Q.: L E ,- D-I F 42 L-1 3 CQ I-ri Fi. 'Tl .,-4 E 1. 4 x Q -'Z T, lu rc 5' 5 Q. ffl K. E X: 2 w 2 y J ,.. nf n-. CJ oi 521. Pj V al lb 1 C V S 4 .4 C f-I f-. 4: 56 , :. 2 'L rv ci E QS L C 5 1 K .Q N 2 Q3 VJ F N ,E 'C Q 6 rf , - 2 NIISS l MHS. EIJWIN CKOOKS. Sli, Major NANCY lil 'l'll Hallllllllll. Virginia EDWIN llflf WAllI"ll'll.l'J CHUUKS Spmzsnr Ezlilnr kirmisher mf of 962 NlllS. All'l'HLll S. KIIIWELI. SH WK HJQQON D 'xIllf'l'll'illl lfmllassx Cl0111"'S1"1 Wjilfl- mf ff, right: r:,,,,m,',, Wllllli PAVL IIAY- 1101-1.Au.11rinpQ-Q Ylfulnla WOOD and fifzpmin AXRTHIR sv-xLD1Nc: Km. Haiti Nfofwflf w1c1.1.. JH. SI'0'1-WV , ' 9' "lm MRS. HARRlE'l' LONCLEY CARL MADISON LONGLISY. JR. 11758 Walnut Road Presirlenz Lakeside, California Sponsor o ulll and croll Quill and Scroll, the lnternational Honorary and in directing the course of High School Jour- Society for High School Journalists, was organ- nalism. According to the Constitution, members ized April l0, l926, hy a group of High School of the Quill and Scroll must he chosen from the Advisers for the purpose of encouraging and students enrolled in high school who at the time rewarding individual achievement in journalism of their election meet the following requirements: and alliccl fields. The Society has always taken l'Cont. next pagel an active part in raising the standards in its field Sealed, left In right: Haywood, W. P.. Longley, C. M., Crooks. lf. L. W.. Kidwell, A. S. Stamling, left to right: Robin- r'IlP. C. G.. Ifnpfuin, ll. A.. Klaclfloiigall fFl1CllIfj"AIIITIUSETJ, Schwartz. S. F. MISS CIIRIFTX LUlXCl,FY bvalrfl I Xhl, Xl XUINON IONC I EX llx 11758 Walnut Road ltflztor Lakesitle, California Sponsor 4ss0r are EIIIIOF The abre ta till They must ln- of at least junior standing. t2I They inust he in the upper third of their Class in general scholastic standing at the time of their election. l3l The-y must haw done superior work in soma- phase of journalistic: or creative en- deavor. 141 Thr-y must he approved hy the acl- viser or the committee governing puhlif-ations. KHWUI of f,l.l'!'lllf1fiUlI 511152, Pfortlt. CI, C.. l:0llTIll'ItC, C. C 5915111111 I rlztorj Xltorn Ilaxu for N P f4Si0Il Slzlnrling. left to Tigllff Nicholas. C. H., Mais, M. G., Lafu I lx ovn lf. A.. lfplr-5. E. P.. Nlorgan, ll. D.. Cook. ll, T.. Yickre x 1 011 oo are Erlilorl. Fiiggr-rs. .l. B.. Fr-liwarlz. S. F. fS1or1.s Editor L It I Dale. l,. ll.. Good. Xl. lf.. Slaynmlu-r'. A. A.. llutlson. XX. lf Win to nn tll x l' x llllllfflfll, ll. pl.. Xlavllougall fFtz1'11lly AfI17iSFI'j, Seated: lon rw C Nl flrlltor In I 11 395 l Q Ciceronian Literary Society David E. Colson J. G. Price, Ill Vice-President Sergeant-at-Arms R. C. Robinette Captain Henry T. Pulliam Secretary Faculty Sponsor JOHN HERBERT PELL President This Society is the older of the two literary societies on the campus, being founded in 1908. ln 1911 it was divided into two societies, the other branch becoming the Athenians. The main purpose of the society is to develop in its mem- bers better speaking ability. These aims are ac- complished by stressing the importance of speech, debating, reading declamations, and orations through actual participation in oratorical pro- grams. The members are enabled to learn 'to speak and think clearly while addressing the audience. The work that has been done through- out the session is climaxed with a final debate, which is included in the commencement program. The members on the two societies battle each other verbally, each striving to gain possession of the Cold Cup which passes to the society which has shown the better work in debating. Those who have done exceptional work in orations, reading, and declamations are also awarded med- als. Some of the achievements of our successful year were inter-society debates, debates among our members, and various other contests among our group. Seated, left to right: Stucker, L. R., Trivette, R. E., Sullivan, R. M., Colson, D. E., Pell, J, H., Robinctte, C. C., Price, J. G., Lawrence, .l. T., Hatchell, T, L. Standing, left to right: Dodd, G. C., Smith, Richard C., Moyv, C. M., Harding, G. A., Captain H. T. Pulliam frrlculty Adviserd, Evans, D. E., Biggers, J. B., DeVasher, D. G., Not present for picture: Scott, J. A., Wyatt, R. L., White, .l. L. 111. Seated, left lo right: Smith, E. l., Eller, ll. E. Wood, U. C., Scales, ll. H., Longley. C. M., Tuohy, J. G., Haywood, W. P., Hazelwood, W. R., McCullen, L. W., Haynes, E. K. Standing, left to right: Gates, C. C., Teflt, J. E., Sadler, W. A., Corris, S. C., Captain Bruce R, Pulliam flfaculty Adviserj Brown, W. M., Smilh, J. W., Landrelh, S. C., Jennison, R. lit. Not present for picture: Ryder, R. C.. Rothermel, L. K., Pfordl. C. C., Oulten, E. S., Hume, W. P., Vickrey. R. A., Evans. D. E., Haffey, E. D. Athenian Literary Societ Scales, R. H. Wood, U. C. Vice-President Treasurer Tuohy. .l. G. Haywood. W. P. Secretary Sergeant-at-Arms Captain Bruce R. Pulliam Faculty Sponsor CARL MADISON LONGLEY, lr. President 5 The Athenian Literary Society, throughout its Slst year, has been an organization striving for the advancement oi speaking ability. Techniques have heen explored, speech characteristics studied and developed in weekly meetings, and topics of interest to the entire group discussed. We have heard from firsthand accounts of trips abroad and of striking events. We listened to the read- ings of iavorite poems and great speeches and we had some oratory we lelt was good. Yet, per- haps. the most singularly interesting activity was debating, and we all put a lot of work into it. We hope there will he as many good 'times and prolilahle experiences for the Society throughout its life time. Fl ing Club bchwartx, S. F. lngle, ll. ll. Vice-President Secretary Steele, R. C. Oglcsby, J. M, Tfeasllfef S6'3f'f"7f"'l'A""5 The Flying Club of the Academy is a unit of Colonel John Ayrault. Jr. young men interested in the field of aeronautics. FUCUH9' S1""Y-W' The objectives of the Club are to stimulate civilian interest in the future development of our air power. Cadets are introduced to the funda- mentals of aviation, communication, aerody- namics, and related subjects. There are very few men n ho are able to work in this field of aeronautics because there are so few such organ- izations. A large number of cadets have shown considerable ability in their field ol interest. The cadets are allowed to follow their own line of interest in this club in order to allow a develop- ment in the field of aeronautics that might prove to be a lifelong hobby and also turn out to be profitable in later years. The Club makes sincere efforts to give its members an appreciation of aeronautics and what it means to our country. The Club meets each Wednesday evening at seven. We feel that the Flying Club provides a very suit- able extra-curricular activity in the Academy program. The entire Club wants to thank Colonel HERBERT WADE CARDEN John Ayrault for his time and help devoted to President the Club this year. Ist row, left to right: Brown, W. M., Wilson, R. D., Steele, R. C. Schwartz, S. F., Carden, H. W., Colonel John Ayrault, Jr.. fFaCulty f4rl1:z'.sUrj, Crooks, E. L., Eller, R. E., Crockett, J. A.. Zml row, left to risht: Ford, M. D. Creati, J. A., Amrhein, L. A.. Lyon, W. Y., Hill, N. Nl., Foster, Cv. T., Ellis, R. Nl., Burgess. J. M., Kidwell, A. S.. 3rrl row, left to right: Flood. ll. W., Stinson, R. N., White, J. E., King, R. A., Gorlscv, J. L., Bloxton, F. E., Futrell, R. A. Watson, C. W., Outten, E. 4th row, left Lo right: Longley, C. M., Weinstein. ll. L., Ream, S. N., Olson, M. A., Berherich, R. L., Conner, l-l. R., Osman, H. C., lngle, H. B.. 5th row, left to riglut: Mun-rsbaugh, D. G., llueston, W. G., Colucci, R. J., DeAngelis, K. C., Fraune, A. T., Metcalfe, T. O., Oglesby, ,l, M., Vickery, R. A.. 106 Serzterl, left Io right: Robliins, C. L., Longley, C. M., Pell, J. H., Ciminclla, M. C., Colonel H. M. Waldron, f1'l!l!'IIl1j' Arl- zfiserj llaywootl, W. P., llaywood, V. C., Kimlwell, A. S., McCullen, l.. W., Crooks, li. L. W.. lst Row, Stamlirzg, left to right: Cowlwral, W. M., Dt-Vaslicr, D. C.. Willis, J. G., Kennedy, W. l... Campo, li. ll., Tefft, .l. li., Slaymaker, A. A., llobinette. C. G.. Wyatt, ll. L., Eller, ll. E., Boggs, li. C., Weinstein, ll. L., Metcalfe, T. O., Scales. li. H.. Cherry. ll. G., llucston. W. C.. Colson. U. lf. 21111 Row. Sturzding, left to right: llicc, C. R., Hyder, ll. C., Lyon. W. V., Pickens. li. S., King. R. A.. Dotlcl. W. ll.. lit-ann, S. N., Smith, J. W., Winston, F. C., Sizer, C. T., Xlunday, J. W., Burke, A. P., Long, ll ll ational Honor ociety Pell. .l. ll. lloggs, E. C. If7iC'8-PfESl'llPI1l Treasurer Longley. C. Nl. Burke. T. P. Secretary Sergeant-at-Arnzs Colonel ll. M. Waldrfrn . The Fork Union Chapter of the National Honor Iwzrully Sponsor Society is made up of twenty-one seniors. and fifteen juniors who are elected to membership on the basis of superiority in scholarship, service, leadership, and character. The National Honor Society is comparable to Phi Beta Kappa of college level. Its purposes are to create an en- thusiasm for scholarship. to promole Xxorthy leadership, to stimulate a desire to render service, and to encourage the development of character. ln addition to the cadets listed above. 'thc Fork T nion Chapter includes also a chapter 'l'0UIlCll consisting of five members ol the administration and l7ar-ulty: Colonel H. M. Xllaldron. Majors ,l. R. Wilclman, and H. ll. Kelly. and Captains H. F. Rcichcnlvach and ,l. M. Hunt. Scnior and juniors are recommended lor memlwrship by the cadet otlicers of the chapter and elected hy the chapter Council. The chapter holds regular meetings. NYll.l.lIC PAI I, IIAYWOOIJ l'res1'rle1zr IOT Science Club Alcorn. L. M. Nichols. T. R. Vice-President Sergeant-nt-Arms McCullen, L. VV. Captain C. C. Yagel Secretary Faculty Sponsor CARI. RA YHOND RICE Przfsirlent The Science Club is composed of cadets who are interested in scientific and releated subjects. Uur club, through experiments and discussions, tries to give its members opportunities to see. understand, and appreciate better that which exists in our world and surroundings with which we are not familiar or which we casually 'take lor granted. The club desires to keep alive and help the interest of Cadets who seek knowledge in a scientific world. We are proud to have a small part in this age of Science and to feel that we have attempted to keep abreast of develop- ments in the scientific world in which we are now living. Seated, Ixf row, lefr lo right: Captain C. G. Yagel. fl"11cuIt5 fhltriserj Colson. U. E.. McCullen. l.. W.. Rice. C. H.. Seated, 2nd row, left to right: Bunge, D. C., Fox. R. S.. Smith. R. C., Roy. ll. D., Nicholls. T. R., Stm11Iing,1eft to right: llundley, J. Nl.. Corris, S. G., Rave, W. H.. Langston, C. C.. Carroll, R. IS., Poe. J. E., Alcorn. l.. ll., Richards, M, D. f I 2 ' H1s2wSfikf5aEf.?.29..-55.,itewigsagskiaigff -fslwit-ffsilflt 3 f -iiswffffwfswmfimwwfs '1 "psf-s ae' ,V 1-.Mp kk!! L.. . . . if Scnlczl, lcfl to riglil: ltoluinclte, C. G.. Cherry. II. C.. Robbins. C. l,., Longley, C. Nl.. Crooks. lf. L, Wi., l'laywoo1l.Vl. P., Kitlwcll. A. S..YVvillis, ,l, C. Sflllltlillg, lejl In riglzl: l"orcl,1l, D., Nlcmloza. li. C.. Lutz. C. l... l.ipe, H.. l'aync. lf. F. C.. Morris. A. C.. llowcll. ltl. lt.. lxlllll'fSllLlllQll, ll. C.. Cnplnin llill lllair. fl'i!I!'lllIj' Azlziwrl. Slaynlalier. A. N.. llastings. C. Nl.. L.yon. E. J.. XM-isc. lt. W.. King. R. -X.. l'ricc. .l. G., Gloxcr. ll, W.. Hueston. XX. C.. Nor present for piclurc: lticc. .l. lt.. Nichols. -X. C. junior Classical League llaywoocl. Wi. P. Kitlwcll. N. F. IJFIIUYOT Clllllliiflll' fill1'I'l'j'. H. C. llolrlmins. C L. SITHJII .-1cfI1'li.s Ifrzpnzirz Bill Blair I-'uf-ullv Sponsor Left to riglzl : lilltw IN Llili WARFIIQIJJ KROOKS. Jr. tf!Xltl,. XIXUISON LUNCLICY. .lr. CIUIISIIIFS The junior Classical League is a national organization composed of local classical clubs ln junior and senior high schools. 1961-762 9 marks the secontl year ol thc Fork tinion Chapter. llrcscntly there are seventy-five 'thousantl inem- hers with the Fork l nion Chapter contrilmuting txxcnty-six to this numlrcr. The Junior Classical Lcaguc is the lagrest antl lastest growing classical organization in thc uorlfl today. Completion of or participation in the Latin courses ollerecl at each local school is the only requirement for mcmlmership. Once a stutlent is aflmittecl to the local club, he automatically becomes a memlmer ol thc national organization and receixcs his pin ancl mcmbership carcl. The highlights of the clulfs activities is thc 'Latin Xveeku celclwratecl in April. During this meek the club oticrs a dis- play in the lihrary, participation in a chapel program, and generally aflycrtises the ,mcrits of Latin and Roman civilization to the mcmlmers ol thc corps. Also during the month of April thc cluh sponsors sclectcfl memhers in the state vide Latin examination. :Xt Commencement thc -Qfluh presents a Latin axsarcl key to the mcmher who has shown the highcst academic excellence in Latin ancl who had matlc the greatest contrilwution to the activities of tht- cluh. The fundamental purpose of the junior Classical League is to en- courage among young pcople an interest in and appreciation of the cixilization, language, litera- turc ancl art of ancicnt Greece and Rome. and to give them some unflerstancling of the cleht ol our own culture to that of Classical antiquity. adet hristian Union P4-11, J. H. Brown, J. M. Vzr'e-President Secretary and Treasurer Captain Landon U. Fpradlin Captain. Holm:-rt K. Spencer Co-lffzvulty Sponsors The Cadet Christian Union is an organization designed to serve as practical and useful outlet through which a wholesome Christian endeavor may be expressed on our Campus. It seeks to accomplish this in part by serving as a link between the cadets and the local churches. The organization nieets each Wlednesday evening at six-thirty. The C.C.U. is active in many leading southern colleges, and it serves as the niediuni hy which inter-college religious activities are Jnade accessible to our students. During its twelfth year as an active club at the Academy, the C.C.lf. is under the joint direction of Captain R. K. Spencer and our Chaplain Captain L. B. Spradlin. TYLER LAWRENCE HATCHELL. HI President Sz-ated, left lo right: CEIIIIDP, E. H., Ball, E. A., Hodges. H. K.. Pell, J, H., Hatuln-ll. T. L., Brown. J. M.. Fall-Hn: E. G., 0'l5!ien, J. J., Lawrence. .l. 'l'. Slanrlirzg, left Zo right: lNloslvy. NT. W., Wypler, J. A., Mclrarland, J.. Cobb. P. F.. Harris, F. M.. Capfain Robert K. Spencer fl"aculzy Aciviserj, Price. J. C., Weise, H. W.. Morris. A. S.. Lindsey, W, A. Not present for picture: Sniilli. J. W. 110 l .E i i 1 t i I i ls! liow, lvjl Io right: P4-Lrcuult, R. A.. Crooks, E. L. XV., Ceorganas, D. N., Kimlwi-ll, A. S., Haywood, W. P., Walsh, J. ll., Nichols. A. G, Colonel Carroll 13. lla-nderson fFm'ulzy Arlviserl, Longley. C. M., Benn:-tl. A. C., Cook, ll. T., Haywood. Y. C.. Winston. F. C., Crockett. J. A. Znrl Row, left to riglzi: Pell, J. ll., Korab, T.. Robinson, E. H., Wilson, R. D., Johnson. J. R.. Carden, ll. W.. Eller. R. E.. O'Brien. J. M., Batt:-n. P. H.. l instead, D. L., Boggs, E, C., Hatchell, T. H., Schwartz. S. F. 3rd Row, lefl to riglzt: Martin. C. R., Pforclt. C. C.. Ford. R. lil., Wlillis. J. Cv.. Power. P. Cv., Steele. R. C. Smith. E. l.. Ftoe-ckle, F. J. Scott. J. T., Cappon, S. B.. Maundor, C. W.. Ciminella. Nl. C., Lawrence, J. T. 41h Row, left to right: Colson. D. E.. lluvslon. VV. G.. Jung. R. Puloini. J. J.. lnglv. ll. B.. Wilson, R. D.. Brown, W. M., Robbins. C. L., Bray, J. W., Gardner, J. Cowherd, VV. M., Hehrigg, H. A., Gregory, J. R, Sth Row, left to right: Mais, M. C., Oglesby, J. M., Houston. H. L.. Price, J. C.. Ryder, R. C., Christine. A. L., Robinetle. C. G., Nlutersllaugll, D. G., Cre-ati. J. A., Stewart. L. A., Ball. J. Walser, H. D., Burke. T. P. cers' Club Crooks. E. L. W. Longley. C. M. Vice-Presizlent Secretary Colonel Carroll li. Henth'rson Fuvrzlty Sponsor The Oflicersi Club is composed of all sabre! rating cadets in the Corps. The Corps of Cadets is organized inlo a Battle Group with the Lieu- tenant Colonel as Battle Group Commander. liavh cadet ollicer has a definite assignment in his re- spec-lixe unit and is responsible for military pro- HCTCIILW, as well as the conduct of all 'those cadets assign:-d to his unit. This year the Officers' Cluh has as faculty adviser Colonel C. B. Henderson, who is the Cilllllllilllflilllt of the Corps of Cadets. He has aided the c-lulm a great dual by his super- vision and direc-tion. ART! l l l li GEORGE N ICIIOLS President 111 ports Club cill1llI'll"llkl, lVl. C. Walser, R. D, Vif7B-17l'CSl.l,f'l1ll Trerlsurer Greco. C. .l. llallvn. P. lx. Sf'I'fUlIlI4j' SUFHPIIIIF-III-ATIIZS ljuprain Nornmn L. Catletl flflfllllt' Sponsor IIUWA HD TLXLLEY COOK The Sports Cluh is in its eleventh year under the cliref-tion ol Captain Catlett. The 'Club is one ol the most popular extra-curricular activities at the Ar-afleniy. The Cluh offers entertainment and instruction in the form of movies which always are enjoyed hy all. Movies of hasehall, loothall, and basketball are the most popular, hut incluclecl also are minor sports like hockey, tennis. suinnning, and also auto rar-ing. These films shown to Cadets are of the top performance and excellent instruction by the great men and women ol yesterday and today. Our hopes are that the Clulm will continue to carry on in the luture as it has in the past. l'resiflenI Sratell, lsl roxr, left to riulzlf Smith, lf. l.. lnglz-. ll. H.. Crt-rio. C. J., Cook. ll. 'l'.. Caplfzln Norman L. Cullm-ll, fFaz:ull-V flrlzriscrl, Cimine-lla, M. C.. Walser. R. U... Conlon. L. 21.111 rmr. left to llgllll Canatlal. .l. W.. Sykes, lf. ll., Helirig. ll. .-X.. Xletvallc. l. U.. lllkllwillll. ll. E.. Tefll. .l. lt.. Wood. l'. I.. rlrzl rozr, lfill 10 right: llollancl. .l. P.. lil4IIIlill0US. .l. li.. Luzenhy. K. ll.. Creati. .l. X.. llerlierivll. ll. l... Lee, T. P.. Watson. C. W. 4tl1 l'UIl'. lrgll I0 riglll: Uglvslmy. .l. M.. Ceorganas. ll. N.. Lzrnrlo. ll. l'.. W insion. l". C.. Laznre. .X. C.. Colucei. K. .l.. Fl:-cle. ll. C. .illz row, left lo riulll: Puleini. .l. .l.. Firnnionilf-. T. F.. llyrm-. T. .l, Siler. .I. 'l'.. Smith. ,l. L.. Outten, li. F.. Corlsey. J. l..6ll1 row, left to l'I-Yllff Donahue. l.. YV.. jaelison. ll. N., Km-illl. W. l... Almlmoll. .l. ll.. Colmll. P. lf.. Harman, C. C., l'laynes, lf. K, Not present for picture: 3 ' C C Lnrlie, T, l.. Cates. Seated, left to right: Whited, L. D., Milam, J. M., Acai, S. A., Riccio, C. A., Canada. J. W., Greco. C, J., Mo0wen, T. K., Parr. B. Winston, F. C., Adams, E. J., Nicholas, C. B., Long, R. H., Walthall, S. M., Power, P. G.. Jernigan, C. W., Morgan, R. D., Nelson, B. C.. Burris, J. M., Pyle, R. L.. Brixhofl, P. K. Stamlirrz, left to right: Captain George R. Edgerton llwzrulty Arlviserl, Epley, L. P., Brewster, F. L., Walker, R. P., Thornton, J. M. Saunders, J. Early, G, M., Lee, T. P.. Wendorf, F. L., Van Scoy, V. S., CaHee, A. B., Archer, R. G., Headley, S, P., Pearson. J. P., MoMillian, B. F., Parker. M. F.. Gardner, J. S.. Abercrombie-, P. B., Basta, J. Captain Robert ll. Crow ll'i11r1istj. Not present for pirture: Vivias, E. A., Brooks, J. N. Glee Club Winston, F. C. Long, R. H. Vice-President Librarian Nicholas, C. B. Whitetl, L. D. Secretary-Treasurer Sergeant-at-A rms Captain George R. Edgerton Faculty Sponsor Captain Robert H. Crow. Jr. Pianist l 1 The Fork Union Military Academy Glee Club is composed of the members of the corps who love to sing. Numbering forty members, it builds its programs from the finest musical literature, both secular and religious. The Glee Club presents a number of concerts throughout the year, both at the Academy and out of town. It is hoped that the experience gained here will stay with these men for many years to come, and that the spirit of song will remain in their hearts. EDWARD JACKSON ADAMS, JR. President 113 iw wg 6. my Q. be I K zfg as 5 fin' ,, , . "W 5 swyfx fax? i ..,, 1 , I in .-w,,g,4j.-I I ,l""g'h-Q-M. KJ V? -ff'-45"5a',,zfg .,., Nw gb 4 ' A Bevy of Mystic Beaulivs 4Ll".U.M.A. Follies of -62" 2. 'LTI11' lfulullous Dynaionw-S" G'The Mn-rry Christmas R04:k1'llf's" 4. 'AO 'l'unm'11baum" Campus ffllristnlas Tru-m .J uF.U.'N1..'X.'s Kingston Trio" 6. "F1'u+ty and his l7riencls" Y ' ' Y " ' U Z w Isl row, Seated left In riglzl: llurne. W. l'.. Nlcflwen, T. K.. Taylor, .l. lf.. Wlalthall. S. Nl.. Miller, L. D.. .lohusou, J. H., ftlauuder. C. W., Trivette. li. E.. Poe. .l. li.. Waltrip. QM. D.. Dawson. l'. E.. Ball. E. A.. Sunday. C. H. 2111! rolr. Seated, lefl to right: Ford. Xl. ll.. Sadler. Wi. A.. l,iueoln. F. B.. lNicl1olas. CI. li.. Nclsen. B. C.. Pierpont. .l. H.. Dorsk. E. .l.. Groff. .l. li.. 0'l3rien. .l. J.. liuuge. D. C.. Bueklev. H. fl.. Rotherniel, L. K. .3'rrl r01c'. SHIIIIIIIIIY. left lo right: Creseenzo. H. T.. Sullivan. R. Nl.. Xlelfarlaud. .l.. Landrelh. 5. C.. llundlev. J. Xl.. Cray. ll. ll.. Cllllfllttl lloherl K. Spencer. fl"r1f'11llv .Spvns .sorj .Wolf. D. M.. Alcorn. l.. H.. Biggers. -l- li.. Smith. Richard ll.. Kiker. E. P.. S1-otl. Y, l".. Farrar. J. I.. .tor present l-0l'1lfl'flll'FI Gill1ert.U. I... l.eael1. F. F.. Nlexlillan. H,F..31ais. Nl. ll.. Nivas. lf. X.. Ward. XY. X. Dramatic Club Nlaunder. C. NX. Trivelle. R. lf. I"1'f-e-I'rcs1'rIe1zr Sergernz I-:Il-,-1 rum Miller. L. D. Cflpffzin lioluert K. Spent-er Serrelrzry-Trezlxlrrci' Fm-ulfy Sfmnsor .lUllN lilfl BEN .l0lllY50N 1,l'l'SiII8l1f 3 The llramatie Clulm is composed not only of aspiring thespians. hut of many Cadets vi ho desire to knovs more alrout the stage for the sake of lmetter appreciation ol this art. Through discus- sions. demonstrations. and workshops flltl'tlll7PI'S are given experience in the many and varied phases of dramaties with emphasis upon wasting, rehearsing, costunling and make-up, lighting. and providing for the neeessarv props and hack- ground. Some elfort is directed to the study and production of short plays. and at other 'limes important phases ol :nodes of expression lwefore an audience are studied and expressed. 'lihe :shows vvhieh are produced develop au appreciation of all that goes i11t0 the production of a zahovv and provide first-hand information about that Mhich is good in the art of the stage. The first produc- tion of the current year. 'LA Christmas Package." uhieh involved the eorporate efforts of over a hundred persons. vvas vs ell received and acclaimed as a success in the field of variety entertainment. For those who love the stage. the work involved lmeeonies not arduous hut exciting and rewarding. Cpl, of A-Co. Ayers. T. E. Tayloe. A. NV. Yan Scoy. V. S. Wirigzht. H. A. Campo, E. H. Fatton. E. C. Slaymakcr. A. A. Huntley. li. J. Enanfler. F. A. Whitml. L. D. Foster. G. T. Santaplo. J. T. Cauclill, W. D. Turner. T. H. Hollanfl, J. P. Mfzllwain. D. E. Cpf. ol li-Lo Ramseyer. C. 0. Bragg. W. Nl. Smith. J. W. Ream. F. N. Bell. R. J. Uh-ry. D. I.. Snow, T. M. liuyfivlcl. S. E. Smith. J. L. Dains. D. K. Carroll, R. H. Niuncluy. J. YV. Novingw. J. S. Cnliivvi. H. J. Dwhigxm-lis. K. G Cfrovcf. J. Al. llunw. NT. P. Poe-. J. E. Cpl. of Hq.-Co. Vifalthall, M. Di-Vashvr. D. G. Sin-r, ff, T. Cohlv, P. F. Corris. 5. C. f.I'0SSXN'll1lf'. J. C Arivller. R. C. Duih-y. C. N. Kiki-r. E. P. I.umlri-111. S. C. iYlllll'1'. J. .A.v lif'l'llFI'. li. TY . CAPTAIN R. L. PULLIAM Assistant Commnmlrlnt and Faculty Adviser to N.C.0.'s Cpl. of C-Ca. Tefft. J. E. BPl4lJl'!'l1TlI. li. L. Vvollifhrt. C. S. Dawson. P. lf. Wvooti-n, H. Al. Blouin. Nl. D. Smith. R, H. Hayes. J. R. Simmonilv. T. li. Hudson. K. II. Wlyplinr, J. A. Smith, Ricliunl C. Holbrook. C. J. Lipe. S. H. l.11l. of h-Lo. Cromlfsh, J. li. Doflcl, C. 17. Gray, D. D. Pickens li. F. Pierpont. J. R. Loc. T. P. RLITQHFS. J. Ni. Daughlry. A. M. Dorlil, W. H. Lincoln, F. B. Riley, J. J. Trive-HP. R. E. Hastings. C. M. Holloway. C, J. Jones. TT. L. Snyclvr. Sherryl D. Yickery. R. A. Ijpl. of Band Fi-uulilenherger. L. D. Willialiis, D. A. Kroll, R. A. Kennedy, W. L. Saunders, James E. Helms. F, R. Baih-y, C. N. Taylor, D. F. Myers. VV. L. Pasv, G. TV. Powers, J. M. Je-nkins. J. R. Schumann. D. R. Nlallery. R. D. Captain R. L. lylllllkllll anil L1 group of the Non-Coininissionwl Ofhcvrs. fC0rpor11ls of fl, li, Hq., Cf, of E-C0'.s and The lfllllllj . i f f n The S.I".C. of A-Co. Tuohy. J. C. Mvtcalfv, A. 0. Crows-ll. J. ll. Little. W. J. Burris. J. M. King. li. A. Hazelwood. W1 R. Howzlll. M, R. lirinkhous. J. R. S.l'.I.. of li-Ln. Calhrailh. W. Nl. Smith, YV. J. Lyon, W. V. Miller, L. D. Dutton, Fi. 5. Rico, C. R. liraunhcizk, li. E. Marinauui, H. M. Hope. C. C. S.l".lI. of Hq..Co. Drown. J. M. Hcflullvn. L. W. Deniz, li. lf. Osman. ll. C. f,i2ll"ff'P. A. li. Long. R, ll. Linrlsvy. W. A. fihvrry. ll. C. Faragxalli. F. J. Gatos, C. C. SfSge. of 1111. C0 Ahlriflgv. J. E. Ball. li. A. Vivas. E. A. Bailvy, D. VV. Multvrn, C. WV. Rivet. J. R. Conner. ll. ll. Fri-y. M, YV. Nicholls. T. ll. Cllplfllll C. l.. lioss and a group of the X011-ilUlHIlllSSlUI1!'?tl oilicers, Commissioned i s.F.1:. ttf 13.60. Smith. G. ll. Dale. L. ll. Bridgforlh. .l. B. Hanna. P. .l. Sullivan. R. M. Carter. ll, ll, Adams. E. .l. Weinstein. ll. L. S.F.C, of E-Co. Areher. K. Y. Nielinlas. Cl. ll. Carey. R. N. Alcorn. l.. Nl. Flood, H. D. Morris. A. C. Nlark. L. .l. Scales. R. ll. S.F.C. of lx'11111f llagee. J. D. Wyatt. R, I.. Scace. B. K. Roberts, L. Wroldst-n. R. M. Oldham. .-X. l.. S 'Sgt of Hand Ilrown. P. l". fSe1'ge1111I.s of gl. lf. Hqu IQ. K' If--ff11'.s 111111 Tin- Ifrmrl! l Uur Cadet N.C.0.7s are composed of all Non- Conis other than those who are sabre-rating. lilach has a definite assignment in his respective unitg therefore his responsibilities are ntanv. ive are very proud of the high standard which has been maintained during the school year. Actually' this group of cadets are the real backbone of our corps. Our N.C.U. group have been yvell trained by our R.O.'l'.C. Oflicers. The Cooperation and spirit of the X.C.O.'s have remained the same throughout the entire year. Of course, when necessary, certain changes have been made: as an N.C.0. you have a right to be proud to have been a part of our fine corps. As your advisers we are happy' to have been con- nected ysith sueh a fine group of cadets. Long may' each of you live with all the good things in lifeg-Captain Pullianigand Captain Ross. 111111 l.. .. ss ,4SSfSl!Illl f.'o11111111111l1111I anal fully 11111 ll EONC E C.-X lt I ,TON I IOPE Prexi1l4'11l Music Appreciation lub Colson, D. E. Mcflullen, L. W. Vif'f?'l,I46.Sl.fI871f Secretary-Trerlsurer Capmin lTll'llilI'Cl D. Faix Faculty Sponsor The Music Appreciation Club here at Fork Union is composed of cadets interested i11 a com- mon theme-Music. These cadets are not interested so much in the listening quality ol the music, but rather in the finer points, using the old masters as a comparative standard of criticism and ap- preciation. The location of the composition of the music studied ranges throughout the world, taking into consideration the line music of all nations. The wide range was decided on because of the differences in the people in their environ- ments. The background of the people in their environment, their spiritual beliefs, hopes and joys are what make music what it is today. The study of music is not entirely devoted to classical music but also takes into consideration folk songs and the ultra-modern contemporary styles. Although so much of our modern music is here today and gone tomorrow, it expresses the feeling of modern people, influenced by today's human tragedies and joys the world over. ROBERT HAROLD LONC President Sealed, left to right: Corris, S. G., Hill, B. C., Tuohy, J. C., McCullen, L. W., Colson. ll. E.. Long. li. H., Cnpmin Richard D. Faix. KFHCIIHV Arlviserl. Sfllllfllillg, lv!! to right: Hill, N. M.. Evans. D. E.. Van Fcoy. V. S., Grove, ,l. M.. lxloyc, ll. RT. Mosley, lll. WV. A 1 118 Seated, left to right: Mosley, Xl. VV., Grove, J. M., Hastings, C. M., Dodd, W. H., Kidwell. A. S., Nichols, A. C. Korab, T., Carden, H. W.. Lyons, J. T., Waterfield, W. M., Mcllwain, D. E., Slaymakcr, A. A.. Jasper. G. W., Dale, L. R., Steele, R. C., Miller, L. D., Campe, E. R., Miller, S. J. Standing, left to right: Crockett, J. A., Cherry, H. G., Lcvingston. S. D., Flood, H. D., Boggs, E. C., Metcalfe, T. O., Umstead, D. L., Wells, R. S., Captain A. Paul Thompson, fF11c'nIty Adviserj, Batten, P. R., Secrest, R. J., Meyers, W. L., Jones, W. L., Hanna, P. J., Lauren, D. J., Munday, J. W., Lutz, C. L., Carter, D. R. Not present for picture: Coile, T. L., Colucci, R. J., Dudd, S. S., Ford, R. D., Georganas, D. N., Howell, M. R., Lyon, W. V. Robbins, C. L., Simmonite, T. F., Runge. D. C., Yencho. R. J.. McFarland, J.. H01l0W21y, C. J., Smith. J. L., Smith. Ronald C., Shumbris, G. F. The Cuidance Club makes available to its mem- bers and the Cadet Corps for guidance purposes educational. and social information. The objec- tives in presenting educational information are Guidance Club Robbins, C, L, Crockett, A. Vice-Presiflent Trvrlsurer K01-ab, T, Yencho, R. J. Sggremry Sergean t-at-A rms Captain A. Paul Thompson Farulty Sponsor Program Committee Steele, R. C.. Nichols, A. G., Carden, H. W.. Korab, T.. Crockett, J. A., Yencho, R. J. Kidwell, A. S. Chairman I llQRlilQ RT XV.-NDF CA RDEN President these: understanding, the requirements for ad- mission to the college whichinterest the cadets, discovering the availability of special training opportunities and the availability of scholarships for college, and developing good study habits. The presentation of occupational information has these objectives: to study the general areas of work and to study specific vocational and pro- fessional fields, to develop tentative plans for vocational or professional preparation upon graduating from F.U.lVl.A., and learn to locate and use reliable sources of occupational informa- tion. The objectives in presenting social informa- tion are as follows: to aid the members in achieving a better understanding of themselves and a more mature relation with other people, to become more adept in the social graces, to appreciate the wise use of leisure time, to gain a better understanding of civic responsibility, and to foster the continued growth of ethical standards by which to judge personal conduct. The Club seeks to accomplish these objectives by using films, by members independently studying available materials, by having group discussion led by members of the Club, by the sponsor and other staff members, and by encouraging private conferences is ith the sponsor and other staff mem- bers. The Guidance Club has accumulated a considerable amount of materials related to the above objectives. Thcsc materials have been placed in the Retan Library and are available to all cadets as well as members of the Club. lx! row, left I0 righl: Yivas, E. A., Pyle-. R. l... Jernigan. C. YV., llusla. J. WV.. Epley, L. P., Parker. Bl. F.. Nicholas, C li NPl4PI1 B C Nlilam J NI lirixlmfl P. K.. Morgan. R. D.. llcfllillian, B. F. 2nd 7'01l', lefl to right: XValkPr, R. P. T.Kl'.l Pl-zlrzolu. .l. Z-Xlrclllf-r. ll. C.-, Riccilo, fl. A.. Caflve. A. li.. Acai, S. A., Van Sony. V. S., Headlvy, S. P., Early U. M. CYKUS ll. NlCl'l0LAS, JH. Captain. Rolwrl H. Crow Presirlen! Organist and Fafulty Sponsor adet Chapel Choir F? lll, -XCXUIQNIY lNFlHNlANY Smlafl, left In ljgllff Colle, T. I... Nlrs. Mary M, Lyunf, li. N. and Mrs. Colleen King, L, P. N. Smnrlifzg. left tu righ Ill'z1u11lJH:li, E. li.. Cruolis, E. L.. Nuvingvr, .l. S.. lA0ll1IlVY, C- M. Medical taff ' . L - J Sealed, left lo right: Suntlay. fl. H., Poe. .l. lf.. Osman. ll. C.. Rice. C. R., Crzptain Charles E. Gamlrly. KFIICILIIIV AJITIJSETAJ, Weinstein. li. l... Ford, M. ll., Foster, U. 'll. lst row, standing, left In right: Mendoza, H. C., Broutlaway, T. H.. Child- ress. VV. ll.. llc-rlierich, ll. L.. lluntlley. .l. M.. Lytle, A. lt., Hamseyer. G. O.. Langston, C. C.. Langhorne. C. K., llarris. ll. S.. Wright. .l. E.. tlllery. D, L., Keller. Ii. Znfl row, Sfllllllillg, left to right: Cohen. L. G.. Cyr, T. P.. Hill, B. C.. Con- way. P. P.. Payne. E. F. C.. Lyon. J. E.. Wesson. H. ll.. Tiee. J. D.. Lubman. A. ll.. Jenkins. J. .l.. Conner. H. ll.. Ellis. R. M.. Fox. lt. S.. Crowell. l'. W. No! present for pirlurc: Zerbey, H. Nl.. Rice. J. ll.. Glover. ll, XV.. Dawson, P. E., llonham. J. ll.. Leach, F. S., Ilruee. ll. J.. llaher. L. M., Allison. W. Y. Hobb lub Weinstein. ll. l.. Osman. ll. I Vive-presirlcnl Sl'fgf'fIlIl-flf-ATIIIN Forrl. Nl. ll. Poe. J. E. Seeretrlry-Treflsurer f.llIII1?1HiH lfrzptain Charles lf. Gaftfly Faelzlty Sponsor ff Xlll. ltpXYNl0lYll llltllf Presirlenl ln its third year the Holmlmy Club continued with the purpose of enabling the members to pursue their favorite hobby or interest and share it with others, learn about other hobhies. and gain experience in self-expression. lVithin the struetural organization of the elulin are four gen- eral rlixisions encompassing the various holvbies ancl interests representecl: Automotive ancl Engi- neering. Models and Collections. lfleetronies. and Misc-ellnneous. l':2ll'll of these flixisions has a gen- eral ehairman xx ho with the elulfs oflieers super- vised the programs presented at each meeting. A typical program consisted ol the eatl to order. a clexotional lerl lu the Chaplain. introcluetion of the program by El IllQ'tlll5CI' of the eluln or a guest. liusiness, and acljournnient. A neu feature of the eluli this year consisted of traxel films ancl talks by guest speakers to stimulate interest in people, plaees. ancl customs. throughout the xsorlcl. Ae- tivities sponsorefl lui the clulw ineluflecl a 'trax eling photo salon and a display of holrlvies partieipatecl in lmy inleresteml IlI1'IlIlJ6I'S of the eaflet Corps. .5011If'1l, Isl row, lefl IU right: Hugh-an .I. D., Taylor, IJ. F.. Cluislinv, A. L.. .ln-nkins. J. R., lhlwlvaml. D. L.. Jollnsfwn, I. I St'!lll'1f. 2111i row. lvl! to riglzi: Sn-llisscll, li. J., Davis. C. W., Kcllnr-dy, W. L.. Oldham. A. L.. lvlobwls. L. Svulezlz fir: 4'.lz'f1 lb right: W I'0l4IN'I1. R. M.. l'iCllC1ltEI1bt'I'QL1'I'. L. D., Dickiufon, WY. N., Pvr1'cz1u1t, R. A. htrlnrrlillg, lejll to rzghz ant, L. Nl.. Wyatt, Ii, L.. Lt. Col. S. E. Hear, Uireflor. l,il'IlfPIIl1l1f CUIUIIPI S. li. Mrur und the ROYAL K,-XYlTlC'l'F-Dalluv liaml. 1Fuma Popgl MISS TERRY LICMERY 82 IgllllfCV'Q'H SlI'4't'l 3lilIlt'IlI"5lt'IA. Ne-w llalupshirv Cn-Sp1n1x0r of llufzre' 13111111 mul ffarzrzfrl lfrmrl mm.. Q... ,.,,. ,Y MISS FRANCES BOLTON Rout? iil Hlzxrkstone-. Yirgiuia l.'a'S1mr1s0r of Ihlllff' Band and Convert Hllllfl L1'v11lr'11r111l Coloma! 5. lf. BIPUI' uml The Furla l niun Military ,M'adP111y liorlu-1't, Baud. 2 Q . I+ - if f ff X.. . .. K,.. . ,V . ...Q a :- il U! 1 L lxt row, left to right: Vaughn, C. L., Kieffer, D, 1-I., Hill, B. C., Winstmzn. F. C., Rolhcrmel, L. K., Van Tine, A. D. 21111 row, left to right: Tuohy, J. G., Brown, W. M., 111, Stoeckle, F. .1.. Alcorn, L. M. fin! row, left 10 right: MfSg!. Good- win ffloaclzl, Sgt. Granthum flfouchj, S,fSgt. Spencer KCoaz'l1l. RU1 le Team Massanutten Mil. Acad. at Woodstock, Va. Columbia Mil. Acad. 4Postalt Columbia, Tenn. Augusta Mil. Acad. at Fl. Defiance, Va. Fishburne Mil. School at Fork Union, Va. Greenbrier Mil. School at Le-wishurg, W. Va. Hargrave Mil. Acad. at Fork Union, Va. Wentworth Mil. Acad. tpostall Staunton Mil. Acad. at Fork Union, Va. Left to right: FRANK JOHNSON S'I'OlCCKLE, JR. LINDEN MOORE ALCORN, JR. C0-Captair1s Oak Ridge Mil. Institute lPostalt Culver Mil. Acad. t1'osta1t Randolph-1N1acon Acad. at Fork Union, Va. Hargrava- Military Acad. at Chatham, Va. Randolph-Macon Acad. at Front Royal. Va. Army William Randolph Hearst National ROTC Match 2nd Army Intercollegiate and Interscholastic Rifie Match V.P.I. lnvilational 13rd Placei This has been a successful year in the history of the Fork Union Military Academy rifle team. The 1961-762 rifle team has a firing schedule of 24 matches. Of these, 6 are matches where each team fires on its own range and mails the results lo its opponent. Therefore, they are called Postal Matches. At the time of this writing there is one postal and six shoulder to shoulder matches to be fired. Even with the loss of last years top shooters the team has maintained a high average. The Rillc Team is the only varsity sport at the Academy that participates throughout the entire school tear. ' i 5 4 , ,.,, 1 Q Left to right: Cunningham, J. R., WBlSl'1', H. D., Kin-Hur, D. H., Gibson, R. T., Mutcwbaulfll D G lhfrwy lNl4:Cullen, L. W.. Fvcrcst. li. J.. and Cupfain gLanrlon7 Spradlin flfrlczzlly Advised. Weight Li tin lub R 'HETAN RIFLES-HONOR PL-XTOON flllf Action! 124 u li Kitlwell R D Nitlloll Isl row, lvfr 10 right: Mais. Nl. G.. Exams. D. E., Bailey. D. XY.. llenry. W. BI., Ri ' '. J. .. ' , . ., i ' s. T. R.. llull. E. A., Gilbert, O. L. Zlttl row, left I0 rfglit: A1l'llllllK'Il. L. NN .. Lafoon, R. fl.. Whitt-. J. L.. Yivas, E. A. Hose. N. J.. Flirum, J. T., Nelson. G, L.. Kusliner. S. A.. .u,fS,L'I. Juvk 'I'. llollifielfl. Hrd rung left to right: Bentz. R. E., Sadler. W. A.. 77 . J . L.. Clover. ll W.. Wilson. K. A., llattern. C. W.. llonliani. J. D., Jenkins. J. J.. Sergeant First ClfI.S5f r. C. Nl.. lll'!'St't'Ill0. R. 'l.. Ricliarcls, ll. to X Carroll. lf. Bayer. 4111 row, lt'-ll to riglzl: Usnian. H. C., Conner. ll. R.. Koehle D.. Brown. J. M.. Dinnis, R. lf.. glltlriclge. J. E., Captain Roln-rt C. W atson. Heian i les Alclritlge. J. E. .llusler Sergeanl Platoon Guizle ,lark T. Hollifielll Farnlfy Sponsor Sergeant Firsl Class Gilln-rt. U. L. Carroll E. Bayer Cllillllll l"11r'11lty Sponsor' ffnptain Rolmert C. Watson Fliflllfj' Sponsor MICIIIAEI. GEORGE MAIS flllplllill 125 Membership in the Retan Rifles, the elite marching organization of the Cadet Corps, is open to all Cadets who show an interest and pro- ficiency in drill. A clistinetive shoulder patch. shoulder cord, and the l'.S. Army '03 rifle readily identifies a cadet as a member of the Retan Rifles. During this school year the Retan Rifles partici- pated in the Tobacco Festival Parade in Rish- mond, the Dogwood Festival Parade in Char- lottesville, the Apple Blossom Festival in W'in- 1-hester, Virginia. provifleml half time activities for home football games. and presented an exhibition tlrill for the annual Cox ernment Inspection Team. This year the platoon is 1-ommanded lay Calle! .llasler Sergeant Nliehavl C. Mais and has lween sponsored by the lvnitetl States Army ROTC De- taehment. ,Wrzjur Clllilllfll l.ft'lllt?I1!lIIf Longley. ff. Nl. W'i11stun, I". C, c:i'U1'QZlIlIlS. D. X. Executive Offirer S-3 Trrzilzirlg Offiver Exim Duty and Qff Ralllrs Uffirrfr Battle Group Smff Bllflff' Group Slaff lfnllff' Group Stuff ' ' i f-Fw H:f,f.m I ,Hg s I 'Y la' . WI' f 4' A . ,, r-1 li . -., ,, N433 , , ? X 7 Q , U MM4' J 'E . NW FU Ya ,Q A COL. CROCKETT AND Ollli BIICLEHS Left to right: xI21Cklt'Ill, D. YV., XvYI'fJldSl'Il, H. H., Cappon, S. B.. and Perreault, R. A. an 'X ff 4 g 0 u Last Will and Testament of Senior Cl ass 1962 Established by tradition, the Last Will and Testament of the graduating class is a document of great value and unequalled influence in the lives of the members of the Junior Class. Be it known by these present that we, the members of the graduating class of 1962, who are to be known herein and hereafter as the testa- trices, in our sane minds and with full emotional control of our facilities, do bequeath the following items and qualities of our estate to persons who shall hereafter and herein be known as the legatees, as they have shown as express desire in receiving them or have demonstrated a deficiency which an undersigned testator hopes to remedy by his generous gifts. These items of inheritance, none withstanding, have proved during the past four years to be of unsurpassed value in accelerating the undersigned testatrices to their present positions of omni- potence. Legatees will receive their inheritance after the final meeting of the Senior Class at high noon on Wednesday, May 30th, in the year of our Lord 1962. Th various properties bequeathed herein are guaranteed by the dusty annals of tradition and are deemed irrevocable for all time. ln accordance with the rules set down in indelible ink in this testament, Edwin Lee Crooks leaves the black loafers he received from Dick Aldridge last year to Eddie Aldridge so the tradition within a tradition will not be broken. The ghost of the Band, James Hagee, gives with a sigh of relief his assorted fl collection of nightmares and hobgoblins to an educated ghoul, Bill Jarrett. At this time it is pure speculation, but the word is out that Lenny Alcorn will leave l , l his copy of Mother Co0se's Nursery Rhymes to S. D. Levingston, if he can break , ff away from it. Harry Rehrig would like to bequeath his Honor Platoon Badge and Distinguished Service Medal to the pride of the Retan Rifles, Mike Mais , Richard Colucci leaves his crewcut to J. J. O'Brien. The D. l. of the Band, AI f Ml Christine, leaves his command voice to John Taylor, in an attempt to improve X the quality of the Band's facing movements, while Lloyd Grant wills his miracu- 1 lous physique and modesty to M. Kelly. On departing for perhaps the hundredth time, Al Bennett expressed a desire to leave his AWOL bag and a map of Char- l f' lottesville to anyone who would like to work for Coca Cola, lnc. 1 ln the past months, several books of excellent merit have been authored and l edited by some of the more distinguished members of the senior society. Since these books have been limited to the first edition, the copies willed are auto- f graphed and uncensored. lay Walsh wants to insure that his edition of Success X 5 in Thirteen Easy Steps to I. C. Botch, and Lee Lester leaves his cherished book of synonyms to N. J. Hose. Bed Ryder leaves his up-to-date version of The X Officefs Manual to Don Mutersbaugh, with expressions of hope that he makes the same good use of it Red did! Willie Paul llaywood wanted to leave a copy of Command Decisions to Randy llller, but Captain Ellis wanted it back. Be it known to all who read this testament that it is duly recorded that Big Nick wants his beloved record Small Sad Sam and his black shoe polish cloth left to the next chief apple polisher. lim Price decided to bequeath his seat in Bible II to ,l. C. Tuohy, who has expressed a desire to return a day early in September to claim his legacy, while Bob Walter Weise would like to give his place in the physics lab and his pillow to A. T. Fraune. As duly and legally recorded in this document, Danny Wa-lser bequeaths an ace of spades to anyone with fifty-one cards and some poker chips. With the sign of the rising sun, be it known that Buddy Hatchell leaves his lamp and tooth- brush to R. C. Mendoza. As each year passes, many a scholarship duties are given over to lucky .luniors to give them a chance to manifest their abilities. ln accordance with these hopes, Arthur Kidwell wills his big pockets and otlice in the Sports Shop to .lohn Richard Rice, and Robert Dean Wilson leaves an eraser, half the pencil that he was issued, and an automatic change counter to the next clerk in the Thrift Sho . G Cherry leaves all the special abilit' h ' ' d. . . p eorge ies e cultivated in the Slop Shop to another lSlllIlgU1SllCd member of the Dirty Thirty, O. L. Gilbert. B b ' to return the ke s t h ' o Scales would like y o t e Armory and an oil soaked rag to the Sarge. John Pell, orator and declaimer supreme, would like to contribute his disserta- I orget to the next president f like to k ' o the C.C.U. Tom Burke would ma e a contribution to science by leaving his teeth to the study of ortho- dontistry Consoled that he would be able to take most of his musical ability with him Bill Cowherd is breaking all bounds of generosity by leaving his wicked beat and a broken drumstick to audiences of the 1962-63 concerts. Whirhng around to the more ecclesiastical testarices in this testament, it is hereby attested that Mike Ciminella is highly desirous of leaving his engraved National Honor Society president's gavel to F. R. Helms, and Tom Simrnonite predicts that R S. Pickens would greatly appreciate his college board scores! With academic advancement on his mind, Clifford Clayton Cates leaves his 360 degree vision and a middle seat in literature to someone who wants to make a high grade foe Willis, Champ of the Courts, leaves his abilities to shag tennis balls and trip over the net to Jim Burris. Several cadets have outdone themselves to leave something of great value in attestatlon of their generosity and to keep alive their memories in the minds of all the Junior Class. lt is with such express desires that foe Holland leaves a pre paid Vic Tanny scholarship to R. M. Ellis, and Charlie Si ' use be made of his we' h ' zer wishes that good ig troom scholarship by J R Je k' fohn Eduard TeU l . . n ms. l eaves his pamphlet on How to Make Snow to Jack Bridg forth so he will have a guide for the summ . l ' eal e b l ' et- e eased out for one year to E. J. Dorsk. t has been the custom for uncounted years for the head-waiter to leave his title of Pop Folkes Favorite Son to a rising member of th tradition IS overshad d e detail, but again owe by usefulness and our own Ted Korab wills his social life to the next Battle Group Commander. Q To insure the continuation of fun a d f ' X v . S' n rolic created around M 100 th' ' ear, teoe Schwartz would like t b - is past o equeath his imitations and his stuffed monkey , to E. l. Smith. After June l, Vernon Haywood will relinquish his January 26 J leaveship to anyone with a frame. Harry Ingle u cl' g ar ian ofthe Frogmen Society will h' X ' watch to the n s is SCUBA tank and sto ext mana er of the fins and fl in such , - P - ippers team. With the final months ff ' a rush William Walerheld has been caught off-guard, so he wills his , ,, tube of Acnomel, and a dirty sock to Speedball Cox. After eight weeks of thought 'V ful contemplation and peaceful dozing in solid and trifro would wish his 1-l sc t ' ' g nometry, Bob Wells a in Captain Hunt's class reserved for F. J. Stoeckle. An- other typical thoughtful thinker of the triangle will sell his trigonometry book at a cut-rate price to M. W. Jackson. Bocon Robbins, after a cold night on the road, relinquishes his ability to miss the bus to T. M. Snow, and hopes that he enjoys a long hike With th of a cold winter behind hi f . e memories m, ulie Cordon leaves his Colden Gloves to a member of the Junior Class to keep his hands warm next winter. S a bow and arr ' ' ammy Van Scoy leaves ow and a suit of lincoln green tm L W Ou m . . McCullen. r own pounder of the cinder track Rebel Sykes, wills all the cinders in the track to anyone who wants an A in Captain Lacyis literature. Bill Hume, who has shaken hands with the Maharajah several times, leaves his Indian black market relics to M. W. Frey. Hal Flood the Have-Tank - Will dive man, wills his waterwings to J. R. Brey. lim Crockett, who has worn out several pairs of soles, deems it appropriate to bequeath hi ' B A . tion on Forgive and ff' - . .- f , I . k .H b 1 er t is understood that Torn M ' s a 1 ity to as questions W1 1 f , 1 , yi , ,. e JW it f fl J , X f s morning tours to Benny Little Elw d raunbecl., alias Bootsie leaves hi h' . oo , s igh-paying job in the infirmary to J. T. Lyons. Out of pure generosity Bill Kennedy will send mi ' the 'Bible II exam t ' meographed copies of s o any Junior who applies for them after graduation. Dick Perreault would like to leave his autographed copy of So You Want To Lead The Band to R. M. Wroldsen. Since the general rule of the day is to be extrava Bob Long did not want to be left gant, out, and he is graciously leavin h' bent spikes and all, to P. P. C g 1S track shoes, . Wendell Lyon has been searching all year for his typewriter and will give it to anyone who can find it. With a feeling of sacred trust Troy Turner leaves his Rod Benders T-Shirt to D. C. Bunge. It is rumored that Mike 0'Brien is leaving. Good. Wild Bill Oglesby, for all his energy, has managed to leave his draft registration, to C. W. Watson. After slicing up various officers for nine months, Richard Sullivan has fi ll na y had a change of heart and S I f a pang of conscience, so he is leaving his cuts behind and will turn over a new leaf next year. Carl Longley is leaving his gold embroidered etiquette book to posterity. Big Pete Batten is turning over his honor platoon to W. A. Lindsey, while Lee Mark leaves all the third class mail to J. W. Munday. Iohn Reuben fohnson would like to see his tight-fitting blue bermudas left to T. B. Croff, complete with needle and thread. Gail Jasper, for all of his letters home, give A. A. Slaymaker his portable post office. To anyone with a broken racket, Peter John Hanna will leave one dead tennis ball. Wayne Myers leaves his radio equipment to Smiling S, and Chip Dale leaves a sense of humor to Captain King George. Clayton Boggs will be glad to bequeath a set of captain pins and a good-luck charm to Corporal W. M. Bragg. To keep everything in the family, Franklin Thigpen is allowing some of his good looks to be given to T. K. McOwen, and Howard Osman leaves his vanishing cream to J. L. White for maintenance purposes. After practicing for nine months .lohn Warwick Ca-nada has finally perfected his abilities and can leave his knack of being late to formation to his roommate Phll Clement Cart Maander, widely known for performances 1n the line of duty wllls his 0 D scholarship to M. D. Ford Major Kelly s star French student Ron Trwette according to his testa- ment deems that his marked and mutllated French book should be given to T. P. Cyr Tally Cook mana er of the fins and fhppers team IS leaving his will to win to his roommate R L Houston ln indellble ink also goes the testament of Dernosthenes Aicholas Georganas short for Demos leay es his stiff neck, and the limp lame and lazy goldbrick squad to the next Battle Group coohe Donald Paul Taylor 1S puttin his six stripes 1n a frame and will hang it outside the gym or all the Juniors to see after commencement exercises f fd ff .lohn Willis Bray known around campus for his roommate leaves a sixteen pound shot and a coupon worth thirty cents on a slxty foot tape measure to K. H. Hudson As stated in these testaments be it known that Craig Monson Koehler, ff leax es one healthy roommate to any one in the Junior Class that thinks they Could take h1m for a year otherwise he will be left to the study of zoolo y Rusty Steele leay es h1s pink champagne bottle to E D Dove for a canteen and William George Hueston leaves his ability to throw unusual parties in the right places to his shoebox of brownie points Mason Rodaell Howell barber deluxe is leaving X his rusty razor to the prix ates of A company 1n the Junior Class and Wayne Pase leay es a dust mop to S B Cappon Elmer Stuart Outten with all reh IOUS preferences set aside leay es his open mmdedness to C G Robmette Samuel lay Vlills the member of the family seen on the football field in the fall leaves his football jersey to D T Kay Woodson Alexander Sadler wills the manslon on the hill to C A RICCIO Iohn Robert Brinkhous leayes his comb soap toothpaste and hair tonic to the Junior Class so they won t have to borrow it from him any more Alvis Lawrence Oldham has nothing to leave to the Juniors or anybody else for that matter so he wishes that everybody has a good time next year Donald Peter Lando leaves hls SP1tSl1lHCd floor to the post graduates while a man well versed ln hls subject Paul Lee leaves his ability to look around ln ranks and not get caught Don Meyers IS also leavlng and wills his soft red shoe to the next Cold Brick The executors of thls last wlll and testament regret to mentlon that several seniors were affected strangely when asked what they would like to ff . 7 . . . l 1, K . i Y' D s L l . . . V OT. U lf p . r i , yi X X A. Vivas, Wayne Calbraith has decided that D. M. Moye should benefit from leave as a legacy! Robert Lewis Berberich could only mutter Senior with a blank expression on his face. There were no permanent injuries, we are happy to report. The properties mentioned in this last w1ll and testament are reaffirmed as to their value and all legatees may be assured of the existence of such qualities as were bequeathed by the astute members of the graduating class at one time or another. These items have added greatly to the testatrices wisdom and have . . . . f h provided great enjoyment at one time or another. The bestowmg o t ese prop- erties was designed by tradition to lighten the load of the burdened underclass- men. This is finally and legally affirmed by the undersigned. The Senior Class of 1962 THE NI. C. THOMAS CYNINASIUXI 5 figti.. 1 sv' '11 AX XX f wx Sports Sports and physical education have always been a necessary part of a young 1nan's life. Here at Fork Union we have the very best instructors and equipment to insure that we learn the right way. Wherl we participate in various sporting activities we learn the importance of teamwork and being in top physical as well as mental condition. We are alu ays proud of our teams for we know that they do the very best they can and that is all that you can ask of any individual whether he wins or loses. Another thing we learn is the value of good sportsmanship and this of course is something that is beneficial in every life no matter who he is or what he does. ln every sport in which our school participates we are behind our team right down to the last second of each contest. ln putting all that we have learned in sports to use we will become better men, physically, mentally and spiritually. The reward of a thing well done, is Z0 have done it. A day for toil, an hour for sport. Ralph NV:-lldo Emerson 130 g L Q 'M 4,31 x , a Q .3 . . K 5 v. 4,vs-- E 1. 'x EE E 4 gli,-'ia 152 ' ! g 'lr Q i sa 5 x .4 xg 2 fm, 4, J A 5, 5 is any Ra' Ji .. '12 1 13 15 , a I nv iiliiia-ef s ix 15 .' - 921- Si: ,,,,., J 5 H 'l. .1 K 7 X., , K C Z Q4 Z f- :.f 1 E Q I. E-1 fu, 2 I k 3 . X C -f-.. ,. J, Q 1? -T x.. t A Al LI. A g 21 2 L hm Q L :N Q : N Q. 11 Q .J -z GL k Z -. X N N l Q 'c xl 2-1 : J L' -5 R 4 Q N Q5 S -2 .Q Q C11 ': R-. W. N E is N: E N Q. , r T .- CU C., -lc .L fi ff. .E C1 v.. Q. FQ: xl .J C 7: K Q js. j.: u .. Q ja Q S .2 E O.. 5 2 11 'Fred' O'Dnnoho Iain UP Lee. C ohn v ain rleu. Lap: Buffman, Captazn 'Norman' Ca ob 'B son, Captain 'lark' Thomp ..1'l, Llc , .. MASQ-5 ' Seated, left to right: Moore, H. A., Dudd, S. S., Jackson, R. N., Mohr, H. W., Canada, J. W., Greco, C. J., Abbott, J. B., Sirnnlonite, T. F., Cobb, P. F., Keith, W. L., Nedwick, E, D.. lrey, D. O., Miller, T. J., Yencho, R. J., Reuning, J. F., Thigpen, J. F., Donahue, L. W. Standing, lst row, left to right: Amrhein, L. A., Lazenby, K. H., Powers, J. M., Pulcini, J. J., Mills, S. J., Scott, J. T., Pierce, R. C., Hope, G. C., Bragg, R. M., Mutersbaugli, D. G., Lando, D. P., Crosswhile, J. C., Blanton, R. W., Sykes, E. R., Ciminella, M. C. 2nd row, standing, left to right: Bragg, W. M. lMan- agerf, Captain 'Bill' Blair, Captain 'Redg Pulliam, Captain flohn, Lee, Captain 'Bob' Buffman. The 1961 Varsity Football Schedule F.U.M.A. OPPONENT 4,0 FISHBURNE MILITARY SCHOOL i 0 14 AUGUSTA MILITARY ACADEMY 8 33 HARGRAVE MILITARY ACADEMY 6 8 GREENBRIER MILITARY SCHOOL I4 I4 COLUMBIAN PREP SCHOOL 0 23 WASHINGTON Si LEE FRESHMEN 7 I MASSANUTTEN MILITARY ACADEMY 0 lGame Forfeitj 0 STAUNTON MILITARY ACADEMY 18 132 lilgv 3 .llnster Masler BOUIIY COBB .HM Kl'llTll 831 Knotts ffrs-ck Lane ffo-lfaptfzifzs 2307 Lynn Street Suffolk. Virginia l,c-lil t0 right: P21I'l'it'I'Nllllt'gI. Wiest Yirginia Sponsor Pgkl L l"lilfDEHlfiK lffllllj Sponsor WILLIANI LFE KEITII Varsity Football 0 FISHBURNE MILITARY SCHOOL vs F. U. M. A. 40 The first game of the l961 season started with a gallant suecess when l7.U.M.A. subdued Fish- lmurne 440-0. John Canrula scored the first six points of the gaine with a sixty yard run early in the first quarter. Tom Sl-IIIIIZOIII-lt? successfully ran for the two point conversion. Later in tht- Hrst quarter ferry 111111011 made a daring run from the twenty-five to the five yard line of Fish- liurne. Uncs- again thc touchdown was niade lvy John CCIIIIIIIII. It w asnit until the second half that F.L.M.A. fired itself again. The third touchdown w as made lmyf Humplon Lazellby, and the two cx- tra points were chalked up when ferry flblmll caught a pass over tht- line. l7.l'.lVl.A. scorcd again on a fumhlc lay Fishhurne later in the third quarter, when Herb Moore made a ten yard dash into the end zone. l7.U.M.A. hlocked an att:-niptcd kick lay Fishhurne carly in the last quarter. and scored a two point safety. Tom Silllllllllllifl' ran the hall to the 25 yard line ol lfishhurne. ferry Abbott then received a long pass troin Fred Cobb on the twenty' to score. The final scorc ol' the game was accomplished lw llampton Lazcnby when he returned a punt 60 yards to niarlx up six more for the Blue Devils. The Blue llc-yils of l7.l'.lVl.A. truly' showed their potential spirit and skill lay defeating Fishlmurne Nlilitary' School flitl-0. Left lo right: 9 ofthe 'Big Blue Teum': 'Tim' Miller, 'Charlie' Greco, 'Fred' Cobb, 'ferry' Abbott, 'Larry' Donahue, 'Ron' Jackson, 'Bill' Keith, 'John' Pulcini, 'Mike' Ciminella. 8 AUGUSTA MILITARY ACADEMY vs. F.U.M.A. 14 The Blue Devils of F.U.M.A. showed their skill and determination in scoring their second suc- cessive victory by soundly defeating Augusta lVlil- itary Academy 14-8. Fork Union remained in control of the situation by possessing the pigskin throughout most of the game. The Blue Devils grabbed the lead early in the first quarter when Frecl Cobb threw a blazing fifteen yard pass to lay Mills over the line. The two point conversion by F.U.M.A. failed and the Blue Devils led 6-0. Fork Union remained in possession of the ball through most of the first and second quarters but was unable to score. It wasn't until late in the first half that Tom Simmonite tore away from the opposition and sprinted fourteen yards on an end run into the end zone to score again for F.U.M.A. By half time F.U.M.A. had concluded its scoring and proceeded to display its defensive ability by preventing Augusta from scoring throughout the entire quarter. It Wasn't until the last minute of play in the fourth quarter that Augusta scored on a break away run. The con- version attempted by Augusta was successful and the game ended as thrilling as it had started with a score of 14-8. The most outstanding display of skill in line defense was shown by the guard, Dan Nedwick, and the most outstanding offensive player was folin Canada. The defeat of Augusta gave the Blue Devils the start of a winning streak with two Wins and no losses. 6 HARGRAVE MILITARY ACADEMY vs. F.U.M.A. 33 The cold, rainy Saturday afternoon soaked the Corps of Cadets as they watched the Blue Devils run over Hargrave Military Academy, 33-6. F.U.M.A. immediately showed who was the bet- ter team when they made their first score in the first five minutes of play. F.U.M.A. steadily ad- vanced the pigskin to the six yard line of Har- grave. Tom Simmonite caught the ball and plowed the final six yards to score. F.U.M.A. once again drove deep into enemy territory dur- i11g the later half of the first quarter. Simmonite again ran the ball from the eleven yard line of Hargrave to make touchdown number two. Be- cause of the increasing precipitation both teams had trouble controlling the ball in the second quarter. It wasn't until early in the third quarter that the Blue Devils began to march. Our team was within five yards of pay dirt when Simmonite made an end run to make the score 20-0. Har- grave received the kick-off and kept up a sus- tained drive until they brought the ball to the one foot line of F.U.M.A. On the fourth down Hargrave plunged over the line for their only score. Hargrave tried once again to move in the last quarter, but their hopes were dashed when Charley Greco intercepted a Hargrave pass and dashed 61 yards for a touchdown. Hargrave fum- bled on the kick-off and F.U.M.A. gained pos- session of the ball on the one yard line of H.lVl.A. Cobb took the snap and barreled over the line for the final touchdown of the game. Left to right: Backyield Players: 'Skip' Mohr, 'Mike' Ciminella, 'Don' Lando, cferry' Powers, 'John' Canada, 'Tom' Sim- monite, 'Kyle' Lazenby, 'Dick' Sykes. l' 1 .,'5iafs-- - ' . t. fm..-fel ' f X-, my ' - A Fork Union lst Team, Line, left to right: 'Jerry' Abbott, 'Timl Miller, 'Dennis' lrey, 'john' Thigpen, 'Danny' Nedwick, 'Bill' Keith, 'Bob' Yenchog Baclcjielfl, left to right: Coach 'Reda Pulliam fHeazl Football CDIZCII2, 'Tom' Simmonite, 'Fred' Cobb, 'Frizz' Reuning, Glolm' Canada, Coach 'lohni Lee. 14 GREENBRIER MILITARY SCHOOL vs. F.U.M.A. 8 On November 4th Fork Union traveled to Greenbrier Military School to play its fourth game and scored its first loss of the season. Al- though F.U.M.A. was favored to win the contest, Greenbrier sprang ahead in the first half to score two touchdowns. Fork Union was never able to recover from such a blow and only managed to retaliate with one touchdown in the third quarter. Although not able to produce the vital number of touchdowns for a win, Fork Union did lead in rushing and passing. ln defense Dan Neciwick led Fork Union with nine tackles. Ronnie .lack- S011 was also outstanding in defense with a total of seven tackles. Frizz Henning led in total offense with 87 yards rushing and ,lohn Canada followed with 80. During the third quarter Fork Union started its only successful drive to regain their losing margin. The Blue Devils marched to within a few yards of the goal and Skip Mohr took the ball and skooted around left end for F.U.M.A.'s only score. F.U.M.A.'s successful winning streak was abruptly ended with its loss to Greenbrier Military School 14-B. 0 COLUMBIAN PREP vs. F.U.M.A. 14 After our stunning loss to Greenbrier, Fork Union became the underdog in their next contest with Columbian Prep. However, the Blue Devils made up for their mistakes of the preceding game by soundly defeating their top rated opponents, 14-0. The action of the game centered almost entirely with the Blue Devils. They showed their outstanding defensive spirit by remaining in con- trol of the pigskin throughout most of the game. Although Fork Union handled the ball well dur- ing the first quarter the game remained score- less. It wasnlt until the second quarter that lohn Canada received a pass from Fred Cobb and fought off tacklers for 62 yards and a touchdown. Fork Union led by only six points at half time and Columbian Prep tried a spirited counter- attack during the third quarter. The superior defensive squad of F.U.M.A. spoiled all possible chances of the Columbian score, and insured their victory with another touchdown. The F.U.M.A. team started a strong drive and fought stubbornly to the Columbian twelve yard line. Ronnie ,lack- son took the ball on a quick open play and bar- reled up the middle for the remaining yardage. Fork Union further insured its hold on the victory when ferry Abbott received a quick pass for the two-point conversion. The defense of F.U.M.A. held Columbian Prep at bay for the remainder of the game. Fork Union flashed back into the winning circle again when it brilliantly defeated Columbian Prep 14-0. Hulflzarlfs on Fork Union Teams: Left to right: Qlerry' Powers. cf. Carl, Crosswhite, 'Kyle' Lazenby, 'Dick' Sykes. r . A , . . , . ..,.,,... ,...r--..,,,.,..-,..- , ms.. M P c... .ima A Fork Union Team, Line, left to right: 'George' Hope, 'Don' Lando, 'Larryl Donahue, fjohn' Thigpcn, 4Len, Amrhein, gjerryl Powers, Glliclf' Braggg Baclffield, left to right: Coach 'Bob' Huffman, 'Mike' Chimenella, 43011, Blanton, tHerb' Moore, fReb5 Sykes, Coach gjolma Lee. 7 WASHINGTON Sr LEE FRESHMEN vs. F.U.lVI.A. 28 Fork Union showed excellent form when it soundly defeated the Freshmen of Washington 81 Lee 28-7. F.U.M.A. sprinted ahead in the first four minutes of play with a touchdown, which was almost immediately followed by another to push F.U.lVI.A. into a decisive lead in the first quarter. The Blue Devils built upon the momen- tum of their first scores to carry them safely through the game. The game was played in a light rain which seemed to hamper the passing of Washington 81 Lee. If the rain was any menace to Fred Cobb, the Quarterback of Fork Union, it was hardly noticed because he completed 8 out of I7 passes for a phenomenal passing total of 138 yards. Perhaps the most outstanding pass of the game was a 28 yard toss from Fred Cobb to ferry Abbott for a score. ,lohn Canada and Fritz Reuning were also outstanding in rushing. Both made tremendous yardage on the ground and both scored touchdowns in the second and third quarters respectively. The game was almost com- pletely insured in F.U.lVI.A.,s favor in the fourth quarter when Washington K Lee scored their first and only touchdown. Bill David of Wash- ington 8 Lee fired a pass to Sammy Simpson over the line for the score. The excellent defense of Fork Union combined with the passing mark- manship of Fred Cobb and rushing powers of foltn Canada and Fritz Reuning helped to push the F.U.lVI.A. team to a stunning victory over the Freshmen of Washington Sz Lee, 23-7. 0 MASSANUTTEN MILITARY ACADEMY vs. F.U.M.A. 1 fF0rfeitj Tackles on Fork Union Teams, left to right: 6Bob' Pierce, 'Bill' Keith, 4Tim, Miller, 'Moosel Dudd. A... si A Fork Union Team, Line, left to right: 'lay' Mills, 'Moose'Dudd, 'John' Scott, 'Bob' Pierce, 'Don' Mutersbaugh, Stand- ing, left to right: 'Skip' Mohr, 'Bob' Blanton, 'John' Pulcini, Coach 'Bob' Huffman, Coach 'Bill' Blair, 'Roni Jackson, 'Kyle' Lazcnby, 'Clmrliei Greco. 18 STAUNTON MILITARY ACADEMY vs. F.U.M.A. 0 The cold rainy day at Staunton Military Academy served as an appropriate atmosphere for the second and most harmful loss for the Blue Devils. Staunton, with its iron clad defense, managed to hold Fork Union at bay, while they capitalized heavily on F.U.M.A. mistakes. The first score of the game appeared on the first offensive move by F.U.M.A. Staunton kicked the pigskin to the eleven yard line of Fork Union. On the next play 'Fred' Cobb, the Blue Devil quarterback, fumbled the ball and John Sheehy recovered in the end zone for a touchdown. After Staunton had capitalized on a mistake of F.U.M.A. its defensive spirit came into the game and managed to curb the offensive powers of Fork Union. Very late in the second quarter F.U.M.A. was penalized for clipping and S.M.A. gained control of the ball deep in Fork Union territory. Because of the rapidly approaching halftime S.M.A. was forced to attempt a field goal, the attempt was successful, and S.M.A. led I0f0 at the half. The third quarter was scoreless, but S.M.A. took advantage of it to set up their final touchdown. By the end of the third quarter S.M.A. had nearly completed their final big drive of the game and by the beginning of the fourth quarter Berhardo of S.M.A. pounded across the goal for the final score of the game. S.M.A. held F.Lf.M.A. at bay for the remainder of the last quarter and by the end ofthe fourth quarter the score stood I8-O. Staunton captured the Virginia Military School League Championship. FOOTBALL COACHING STAFF C. G. 'ROSIE' THOMAS R. L. 'RED, PULLIAM R. I. 'BOB' BUFFMAN Athletic Director Head Coach Line Coach JOHN LEE JOHN HUNT BILL BLAIR Baclrfelri Coach Trainer Btlclrfielrl Coach Ends on Fork Union Team, left to right: 'lay' Mills, 'Speedy' Bragg, 'Jerry' Abbott, 'Tiny' Yencho, 'Georgey Hope, 'Don' llutcrsbaugh, 'Clmrliei Greco. fwfr A V X ln! ,. Q +- 111 in' i f wf Guards on Fork Union Teams, left to right: 'Larryi Donahue, 'f. Carl' Crosswhite, Jr., 'Dennis' Irey, 'Danny' Nedwick, gfohn' Pulcini, 'Leni Amrhein. TRIBUTE TO THE BIG BLUE DEVILS OF 1961 We, the staff of the Skirmisher, wish to express our thanks to all the 1961 Big Blue Devils and their Coaches for giving us a good team this year. It is true we didn't win them all but it was good clean fun enjoyed by all. We speak for the Corps of Cadets when we say, "We respect the fine example set by the team of high standards, clean, fair play, and good sportsmanship both on and off the field." We want to thank the Coach- ing Staff for their good work in putting together a good team made up of players from all parts of the country. We want to say a word of praise for those who made the All State team, namely Mr. Abbott and Mr. Keith, and wish them well in their future career. Also to those who where placed on the All State second team, namely Mr. Cobb, Mr. Irey, and Mr. Reaning, and wish for them success in the future. We also want to go on record and say to our beloved Coach 'Ralf Pulliam-CONGRATULATIONS on doing a fine job and we will always be with you in your future success in putting out the traditionally superior teams of F.U.M.A. FIVE BLUE DEVILS MAKE MALL STATEF MILITARY SQUAD ALL STATE FIRST TEAM Mr. Jerry Byrdine Abbott Mr. William Lee Keith End Tackle ALL STATE SECOND TEAM Mr. Paul Frederick Cobb Mr. Dennis Olin Irey Back Guard Mr. John Frederick Reuning Back Fallbacks on Fork Union Teams, left to right: 'Herb' Moore, 'fobrf Reuning, 'Ron' Jackson. Left to right: WILLIAM JOHN JONES TYLER LAWRENCE HATCIIELL, Ill C0-Captains V F ll ll '61 0 0 a ' F.U.M.A. OPPONENT 4-8 Fishhurne Military School J.V. 0 34- Augusta Military Academy J.V. 0 13 Woodberry Forest School J.V. 25 25 Staunton Military Academy JV. 12 20 Greenbrier Military School J.V. 7 19 Appomattox High School 19 0 Collegiate Country Day School 1Richn1ond, Vafi 28 Sezztezl. left to right: Hanna. P. J., YV:-iss, R. W.. Tayloe. A. W.. Lincoln. F. B.. Crockett, J. A.. Haywood. Y. C., Hatchell, T. L. Jones, XV. J.. Brewster, F. C.. Lazure, A. C.. Bradford, li. F.. Lyons. J. T.. Smith. J. VT.. Harris. F. M., Howell. 1. A. Standing, ls! row, left to right: Smith, Richard. Bruce, M. J., Ryder. 11. C., Dodd, G. F.. Umstead, D. L., Wallatzf-, W. K.. Bray, J. W., Epley, L. P.. Grant. L. M., Carey, H. N., Munday, J. W.. Sheridan. M. T.. Cunningham. J. R., Lindsey, W. A. Standing, 2nd row, left to right: Captain 'Dick' Caldwell fflearl Conchj, Creasy, M. L., Flood, H. M. fManagerj, Cook. H. T. Hlrzzzagerl, Lipe, S. H.. lfuptain 'Frerl' 07Donohoe fASSiSlllVlf Conrlzj, Not present for pirlure: Bennett. A. G.. Davis, J. C., Smith, E .l. L- All. 1 ' L L. 7011 J. V. Football 0 FISHBURNE MILITARY SCHOOL J.V. vs. F.U.M.A. J.V. 4.8 Fork Union ,l.V. team played its first game of the season Tuesday afternoon, Oct. 3rd, at Fish- burne. Fork Union breezed to a 48-0 Victory. The little Blue Devils lost no time in scoring after they gained possession of the ball, marching from their own 11-5 to six points in just one play. gljeclcl Price scored the first T.D. of the game. Bill Wallace' went across for the conversion. Fish- burne once again had the ball for only a short interval. Losing the ball on their own 20, F.U.M.A. recovered, and once again scored. ,Bill lones, making the T.D., also racked up the con- version. .lones successfully scored three more T.D.'s, with Hatchell, Wallace, and Price smash- ing the conversions. On the last play of the 2nd quarter, Hatcliell set up another T.D. by plunging 25 yards, resting the score at halftime 35-0. Coming back just as bloodthirsty as ever, F.U. lVl.A. stole the ball from the weakening Fish- burne J.V. Wallace received the ball and with little effort went around left end on a rollout play, racking up another T.D. Wallace also made the conversion. Late in the last quarter, Wallace went over once again to wrap up the score 48-0. On ground, F.U.M.A. totaled ap- proximately 320 yards, with top ground gainers being 4Bill, Wallace and 'Billy Jones. In the passing department, approximately 52 yards were gained. Wallace completed 2 out of three to Umstead and I out of I to Goclsey. 0 AUGUSTA MILITARY ACADEMY J.V. vs. F.U.M.A. l.V. 34 With the first game a victory over Fishburne Military School, our Young Blue Devils wanted their second victory. On October I0th the squad met head-on with Augusta Military School. F.U. IVl.A.'s first score came when, Lazure plunged over the goal line after a 20 yard run. 'Billl jones made the extra point. ,lanes made the next T.D., with Wallace right behind with the extra point. At the end of the first half the score was I4 to 0 in our favor. In the locker room the squad realized that it was going to take Inore to win this game. When they returned to the field, they were ready to tight, and they did. In the second half. F.U.M.A. added three more T.D.'s to the game. During the middle of the third quarter Wallace passed to :Davey Umstead, for a 25 yard T.D., with .lones making the extra point. Another T.D. came when 'Baflzlyi Halcliell broke through the Augusta stronghold and run- ning 30 yards for a T.D. Lazure made the con- version. In the remaining minutes of the last quarter, a 20 yard pass from Wallace to ,lanes racked up the last and final touchdown of the game. The final score was Fork Union 344, Augusta 0. Our Young Blue Devils and their new coaching staff are looking forward to a promising year, and they are looking forward to the championship. 25 WOODBERRY FOREST SCHOOL J.V. vs. F.U.M.A. l.V. I3 The Junior Blue Devils took the field for their third game which was against 'the Orangemen from Woodberry Forest. On the opening kick-off, Woodberry received, and in the ensuing downs moved the ball into F.U.M.A. territory. Fork Union held the Woodberry Forest 'team to 'very few yards the first half, but the Orangemen took advantage of some fumbles and converted them into touchdowns. When the Blue Devils took the field in the second half, the score stood 25f0. Through some good passing, Jones, Wallace, Ryder, and Umsteafl forged down the field for two touchdowns and an extra point. It now looked as if Fork Union was ready to take over the ball game, but although the passing attack continued, and the Blues went deep into Wood- berry territory, the threats were stopped by penalties against Fork Union. At the final whistle, the score stood 25-I3. 12 STAUNTON MILITARY ACADEMY J.V. vs. F.U.M.A. J.V. 25 Being defeated by Woodberry Forest the week before, our upcoming J.V.7s didn't want to lose another game. The victory was no easy task, but the squad beat the Junior Hilltoppers 25 to I2. The linemen with their constant hard hitting, are credited with the victory. The Staunton defense was no Inatch for the outstanding blocking of the Fork Union line. Not only did the line give a fine performance of offensive play, they also showed superiority in defense. The continual plunging held back the enemies score and forced Staunton to kick the ball. Stauntonls morale was lowered when Bill Jones scored early in the first quarter on a 65 yard sprint, but Stanuton with some fight left, came back up the field to make their first score in the second quarter. Fork Union sent their dynamic offensive unit back in to get Ie- venge and they got it, when Bill Wallace scampered around right end on a 47 yard run to make Fork Unionis second score. Fork Unionis third score came when 'Burl' Hatchell drove over the 6 yard line. Staunton was allowed to score once more during the game. The outstanding linemen of the game were the teamls two top offensive guards, Ed Smith and Allen Howell, both boys love the rough position they play, and they do a fine job of it. 7 CREENBRIER MILITARY SCHOOL IV. vs. F.U.M.A. J.V. 20 With a good record behind them, the ,I.Vfs met Greenbrier Military School, hoping they would be able to hold their heads a little higher, when the gun went off. The game opened with F.U.M.A. kicking off. The opponents pushed their way up the field with every play they ran, finally scoring. Then our squad took possession of the ballg trying desperately to score, but failed. There wasnit anymore scoring to be done by either team in the first half, leaving the score standing at the end of the half 7 to 0, favor of Greenbrier. The opening of the second half F.U.M.A. received with the spirit and the iight that would have knocked any brick wall over. They marched straight up the field, first down after first down, with :AF Lazure going over for the score. The two-point conversion was made, making the score 8 to 7. From then on it was our Young Blue Devils all the way. They marched on with the victory, the final score being 20 to 7. The scoring was done by cffl' Lazure, 'Billi Jones and cliill' Wallace, scoring on a beautiful 70 yard run, Harris making an excellent block that carved the way for Wallace. Although 'Buff Hatchell didn't score, his performance in gaining yardage paved the way for the successive scores. This win assured the J.V. Blue Devils of the Champion- ship of the J.V. Military League. 19 APPOMATTOX HIGH SCHOOL vs. F.U.M.A. J.V. I9 Friday night November 3rd, Fork Union ,I.V. played Appomattox Varsity at their Home Com- ming. At eight o'clock the game was underway with Fork Union kicking off. Appomattox squad returned the ball for only a short distance and was unable to score. Fork Union took possession, and they too couldnit score, as the ball changed from hand to hand and the final score in the first quarter was 0 to O. During the 2nd quarter, Fork Union, scored with a beautiful 55 yard pass from Wallace to fones. Appomattox Rebels in turn marched the ball over the goal line on 28 COLLEGIATE COUNTRY DAY On the opening kick-off Collegiate received the ball and ran to their 4-O-yard line. Then the underrated Collegiate team marched to the F.U. M.A. goal for the first touchdown and then the extra point. Three times more the Collegiate eleven, with possession of the football, forged their way through the Blue Devilis line to the goal, and again they made the conversions making the score 28 to 0. Jones, Hatchell, Wal- lace and Lazure, the backs, battered the line for some fine pass plays. The score at the end of the lst half was 7-6 favor of Appomattox. The second half also showed that the two teams were evenly matched. On the kick off Hatchell returned the ball for 82 yards, with fine blocking, to the 3rd yard line. 'Billf Wallace went over for the score. Appomattox came back once again and scored, then it was Fork Union's turn to score with Lazure going over from the 10. The final score was I9-I9 and Fork Unionis record stands as four wins, one loss, one tie. SCHOOL vs. F.U.M.A. .I.V. 0 yardage. Valiantly Fork Union fought back, but as penalties and injuries took their disastrous toll, the little Blue Devils lost the ball. The line tried hard to stop the furious Collegiate rush, but the Fork Union backfield were the defensive stars. They stopped the end sweeps, the roll-outs, and the pitch-outs, they crushed their opponents aerial attack by allowing one pass completion, and Ryder stopped another touchdown with a pass interception in the final period. 2 ' 1 , - 1 Ist row, left to right: Zan-lli, D. J., McFarland, .l., Long, R. ll., Kiker, E. P., Mosley, M. W. 2nd row, left to right: Cherry, H. C .fMan.agerj, Evans, D. E., Vlfallhall, S. M., Sadler, W. A., Coach 'Cusi Lacy. Cross Countr Team CROSS COUNTRY SCORES F.U.lVl.A. OPPONENT 43 University of Virginia Freshmen 17 39 Woodberry Forest School 19 42 University of Virginia Freshmen 18 29 Hargrave Military Academy 26 4-0 Woodberry' Forest School 20 ROBERT I IAROLD LONG Captain lsr row, left to right: Conch 'Gus' Lacy, Zarelli, D. .l., McFarland, J., Long, H. H., Kiker, E. P., Mosley, M. W. 2nd row, left to right: Cherry, H. G. Ullanagerl, Evans, D. E., Waltli mll, S. M., Sumllr-r, W. A. JOSEPH R. HRILX, III P L.NI..X. 60 65 60 65 64 T8 4l 65 T6 63 59 67 30 62 Xlassanulla-n Military X1-arli-:ny 35 William uml Mary ,l.Y, 30 Uraulay lliggll S4'll00l 35 Nlaury lligilm Sclnml 30 l IliYP1'SllX ul' Yirginiu ,l.Y. Jil Auguftu Nlililary Xvuill-lny Flaunlnn Military :M-anlm-niy 54 llSl1lI Winn .mil lu I Y Augusta Military ,Xmulvliiy W N ir ssauullvn Military AC21flk'llly 36 Nlrg Mu Staunton Xlilitarv A4-urlvillv 43 liumlolpll Macon .'xl'E1lll"I1ly 33 lfrlplrlirzs wimming Team 1961-'62 SWIMMING TEAM SCHEDULE ljPIJl,xl,:N'r Zml Plan' Yirginiu Nlililary Svlmol Lvagun- Swininung A illillm tlllulottr xille Ydl llll 6Il1 .i' S' '. '. Plum' SUUIIICTII lIlll"I'Sl'll0lL1Flll' Pri-p flll2.iIll1Ji1lIlrllllb tllllapm-l llill, N. 11.1 Plan- East:-rn lzilwscliolzistic' Prvp ffllampiunslxip lL21M'l'f'Ill'l'YillP. N. .l.l S.M.qX.- 35 Pninlf X irgiuia Nlilitary Frlmol Ltlilglll' Swim Mm-l: lf! lllllarlotlm-sville. Ya.l El .Nl.A.fll Point- ll.-1 1cl'!'UI'l1:li Svllvrx at .,,f'!Igllt' Mffet: KI.fNl.fX. -Z8 Pointf .lfflm llilltilllflrkillflllll Y4l. Fl'f't'Slflf' 141-1333 .luv H11-5 - Tom Hutton -- All. X.f20 Puinlf 200 Yll. Fl'z'1'slylv 122023 l00 Yml. Billie-rlly 157.44 200 Ycl, Imlixiclual Mwlln-y 42:20J Fvorvcl 1-15 Points wllile Minning ilu' Diving. 5 row. lvfl to rfqllff llrixlmff. l'. K.. Crowell, J. ll.. lirey. J. H.. lilouin. Nl. ll.. Aye-rs, T. E.. llollirook, C. J., Ilayvs. .l. ln 21111 l'UIl'. felt In rivlrl: Pfrmll. C. C.. lmvingston. F. D.. Dorwk. E. J.. Tllompsnn. .l. pl.. H114-sion. W. G.. 5iZf?r. fl. T.. I'llI'l'. ll. W.. Nlill:-r. J. N. -'inf row. fvlf to riglzl: Pittinglun. J. ff.. Nliilllllltlf. C. Wi.. Te-lil. .l. E.. lluttou. XY. T.. rrfpll. ll, H, ffllfzmlgrlrf, lnglq-A II, U, fllruzaferj. Ifaptrzin clfub' l3uiTmf'n f.4.ssi.sr11r1t Coafhk Ijr1pm1'n 'lrzflz' Thomp- ' jo - in ' " -' ' Q KY D C H 1 mf f 111111. .N t przmnf for pnlurr. Cook. ll, T.. NllllE7I'..bHU,.ll. . . NIHIIIAEL IILXIZE lIl.0l IN V 1. 'Tommyi Byrne Heads Virginia Military School League Basketball Team for 1962, also made the All-tournament Team aml the tournamenfs most valuable player. 4. 'T. M., Snow In Action at Tournament Play against Hargrave M.A. 7. 'Jerry' Abbott In Action at Tournament Play against Hargrave M.A. ARSITY BASKETBALL 2. LTiny' Yencho Marlo Second All-League Team 5. Keith, Byrne and Robbins with the Winnefs Share. 8. 'Tommy' Byrne In Action, during the H.M.A. Game at Tournament. 3. AC. Lf Robbins Up in the Air at Tournament Play against Hargrave M. A. 6. Ycncho and Abbott Both Made Second All-League Team. Abbott also mazle the Second All- Iournament Team. 9. 'Charlie' Greco K 'Bilf Keith In Action during the S.M.A. Came at the Tournament. Svllffll. left fu riglzl: llovingtnn. 1.. XY. f.1l!II1lIgl'fj. Crews. C. 1.. -Xlmlmutt. .1. 11.. Holilvim. C. 1... Byriic. 111. .1.. Keith, 1111. L. 1l'I1t'1lU. R. 1.. 1..ZlZCI11ly, K. H.. llunulluv. L. Vw. f.1lr1111Igerj. Stumliny. 10,111 to right lilunluii, R. W.. .1Lll'1'iNOI1. R, IN. 114'llIl1Ilg. .1. F.. Ifrzpfzzin '1XOI'Illi'lIl. Calls-tt fC0lIt'lIf, Llflllffllhll 'Hill' Miller fffmlflzj, 11L1l'IIlilIl. C. C.. Fnow. 'l'. M., P001 li. A. 1' .l .Nl 38 48 59 80 63 .W 65 60 39 1 102 87 60 T1 91 31 6414 69 62 62 P at B lc tb ll 1962 VARSITY BASKETBALL SCHEDULE MX. OPPONFIVI' TOL1I'1H.lIlIt'lI1 Carnes NX 351111121011 uml Ll-0 1.1. 62 17.1 .N1.A. 111"1,0NEN'1 1' ' fX"v"1 .'. 'T 5t111g11:,.iTt1,I11N.,. -1 1 81 llargrave Military :1CL1Q1t'I1'lj' 1 44 Fitillllllfllt' Nlilitary Avafle-rm' 41 54' S'UU'11"'l 111111131111 11131101111 1 50 St. C11fIFl0IJt'1' 9011601 I 64 E. ff. Clubs 5011061 -12 Alasfarlutlwn Military Xvzule-1115 43 Ftanutmi Xlilitary .'1L'2.ll1l'Illj' T3 Vsvumlln-1'1'y Forest 9011061 49 Augusta Military Avail:-lny 45 F1S1l1llll'llt' Military Avurlm-:ny 36 Wvumllu-fry Forest Svlmul 42 Cram-nlmrit-r Military .M'a41m-lily 48 Xlassanutle-n Military 'Xt'LI11Q'lllj -13 Staunton Xlilitary !xl'd41f'IllY 43 1'1argraw Nlilitary Avurlt-my 31 Gl'l'FIl1JI'1t'l' Nlilitary ,'1l'Ell1l'l1ly 62 Augusta Military Aealle-any 53 11Hl'QlI'LlVl' Military Araclenly 54 VA. MILITARY SCHOOL LEAGUE CHAMPIONS Va. Military League Tournament Champions Ifaglll- Record ll-1 HOHEHT .1OS1i1'll YENKIIIO Season Record 1645 f.upm1'n 1115 . 1 55? ' . . CHEERLEAlJERSf1961-'02 Left fo right: Wyatt, R. L., Korala, T., Dale, L .R., Cates. C. C.. Long. R. H. fHead Clzeerleadcrj, Null:-ry. R, U.. Pell, J. ll., Funclay. C. R. cuba lub Scuba Club Ofliuvrs l.4'fl lo right: Fluofl, ll. ll. fSef'- rotary Kgf Trz'11.w1lrffrj, 'Illl0IIlDSUI1, J. A. flfice-I'r'csi1le11lj, flngxln-. H. ll. fl'1'esizl6r1U, Siler, C .T. CSCI'- gz'a11lH11t4Arn1sj. lst row, left fn right: llluwson. P. lf., Pittingtun, J. C.. llc-nry, WJ. lll., Siler. C. T., Dall-, L. H., Crowell, J. ll., llullon, W. T., Melvin, G. l-l., Jnglu. l'l. IS., Cook, ll. T., Thompson, J. A., Lincoln, F. l,., l'l0oLl. ll. U., L:1l1Slll'l'g, R. L. 2nd ro1.c',lc'.ll lo rigfzl: Yickery. ll. A., llliller, L. U., Morgan R. D.. Levingslon. S. D., ClllliT'lClli1. M. C.. RCll'll1'l'. R. W.. Hueslon. XV. G.. llill. B. C.. Cflplairi Iluvli' Tll01Il1JSlbll KCJOIIVIIQ. LIIIIIIIIIIIS ,I V Basketball IX UN IxIglI,XIL IIIIEIJILE OPPONI NI UPPONI Nl IXUOIIIJOIIAQ Ifulfft 54'I1uoI Staunton Nlililury Xviulvllmy Ilurgrau- Nlilitary .'xl'iltIt'I'l1y Augusta Nlililuiy .X4'i14Il'I1lY Ilurgraw Xlililary .Xwzulf-nmy lfullegiulv IIUUIIITX Ilux 51-In 1 r 1 lurhll. XX. D.. Fykw. Ii. IL W1-n4Iol 1 IIIII II 1 1 1111 ui ffffx. IX. Nl., Harris. I", NI.. N ll I T Im ui I .Y H, , ,va " X I f! EN fy Q ,ff vi fm' E , XX Il.l.I 'UI DON fi-Xl IJILI ARTIII It SPALDIAU KID- Cu- W l'.I.l.. .llx. Captains 'IYXDUS KOR,-XB. JR. Archery Team The king of sports today is archery. Act-ording to the National Association of Sporting Goods Dealers, it is also the fastest growing sport in the nation. Those who already know the thrill of releasing an arrow to watch it speed with terrific force deep into a target understand the reason for such popularity. The challenge it ollers as a skill and in how hunting makes it an ideal sport for everyone. The sport of bow hunting has been accepted hy' sportsmen all over the country and has certainly earned the title. HA Sporlslnanis Sport". Due to the many types of shooting offered by archery it has appeal to all ages. Archery' not only gets you out into the woods and fields, but it is in the great American Tradition of clean competition. Archery eluhs meet a growing demand for fellowship. competitiveness, handicraft and sportsmanship. ln the winter evenings the con- struction of arrows, quivers, gloves, and etc. gives one a sense of pride and accomplishment. Spring target work tightens slack muscles, whets coni- petitive appetites and speeds the archer toward the fall testing period when he pits his skill against the cunning of a wild animal. Indeed archery is the king of sports. Left Io right: Winston. F. C.. ATZit'lilf'Ill. D. W'..Cl1ristine. A. l... Williams. U, A.. Kiflwelt. xt. F.. Cflllffllill B. G. Bloss gn-tl .ft - f1'vtlf'IllfVY Arhfiserl, Korali. T., KTl'Clllll'll. L, NY.. Yan S0053 Y. F.. Ott, A. l... Nlchlillan. li. F.. Kidwt-ll. R. D. ,if , ,T ,t V. L- 2 Y i fi T l .4- Y.-. ' . lsr row. left to riglzl: l"1t'l1ClliCIllJt'l'gIt'1'. L. D.. Sm-atl. K. P.. Pi:-rce. R. C.. Nlutershangh. D. G.. Disney. R. E.. Srott. J. T., Thigpcn, .l. F.. Crt-vo. C. J.. Canatla. J. W.. Bragg. R. Nl.. Long. R. ll.. Robinettt-. C. G.. Simtnonite. T. F.. Crockett, J. A.. Sykes. E. R.. Grant. L. Nl.. lluvston. W. G., Yvallhall. S. ll.. Cotlst-y, J. L.. Evans. D. li. Yickroy. li. A.. Outlvn, E. S.. Rohhins. C. L.. Sacllor, A.. Pell, J. ll., Mosley. Nl. WY. 21111 row. left to right: Carroll. R. B. flllflllllllgtfff, Smith, Richard C.. lhTCFEll'lE1Hll. J., Hall. D. E.. Rayfic-ltl. S. E. Davis. J. C.. llotlges. ll. K.. Watstrrl. F. Wi.. Stt-elo. R. C., Jarrf-tt. W. S.. Ht-Cullt-n. L. W.. Coarh John Lew, Coarh Gus Lacy. Ifourh Johnnit- Blanton. Brown. W. Nl.. lngle. ll. B., Archer. R. G.. Turnn-r. T. H.. Gates. C. C.. liloxton. F. E.. Gootl. Nl. C.. Rohn-rtson. D. W.. Wt-stbrook. J. W.. Bail:-y. G. N.. Grow. J. Bl.. Tivo. J. D.. Poe, J. E. f.'lIIlIlll,L'f'fl. 1962 TRACK SCHEDULE Q t A .1 -tl Staunton Military ,ricatlelny Fork lvnion. Xa. ka' ' pn A I Greenbrie-r Military School iTl'l2.lIlgllll21I' Blot-Il Fri, April 13th Virginia Episcopal School Lynchburg, Va. Tues. April 17th llassanuttvn Military Acatlt-nty Fork llnion. Va. Sat. April 21st llargravt- Military Mwail:-nip' Fork l'nion. a. Thurs, April 26th Wooclhm-rry Forest School Orange. Ya. Sat, April 28th Augusta Military Aoatlviny Fork Linion. Va, Wotl. May 2ntl St. Christopher School Riolimontl. Va. Sat. May 5th State Prop Meet 1Tt-ntalivoi lwootlht-rry Fort-st Schooll Drangt. Va. Weil. May 9th Fishhurnt- Military Svhool Fork linion. Ya. Fri. Nlay llth Yirginia's Military Prop Nlr-et twashington anti Lt-e lvniwrfityl Lexington. Ya. Yvr-rl. May 16th :xll'JEIl13flt' High Svhool Charlottesvillm-. Ya. Left to right: ROBERT H -XRDI D LONG I I CHARLES GLENN RUISTRETTE. THOMAS FRANCIS SIMINTONITE Tri-Captains '61 SCHEDULE 81 OUTCOME F.l'.M.A. OPPONENT 68 Triangular Mt-Ht l ' Staunton KL gi. 63 G1't'l'Illll'lt'I' Bl. 5. lT 7526 Massanuttcn M. A. 4215 32lff3 Wootlherry Forest 5. 85l'Q T4 Augusta KT. A. 44 T3 Fishhurnc ll. F. 45 4926 llargravo M. A. 6813 57 Albetnarlo H. S. 61 - ffwwwmnwww ' Afttrwaww ww. :,,v,42.:wLvmagam.h s 1962 TENNIS SCHEDULE l t , ,,, .... 155 row, jeff 10 righzg lXlr:lVlillan, B, l",, Wrolclsvn, R. M., Sheldon, li. C., Haffey, E. D., Jenkins. J, J. Zml row, left to right: Hanna, P. J.. Swann, D. C.. Watt-rfielrl. W. Bl., Wyatt, R, l... Captain Charles E. Caddy KCOIZCIIJ, Kc-itll. W. L., XVI-ise, R. W., Willis, J. G., Burris, .l. Xl. Wvcl April lltli Sat. April l4tlt Weil. April l8tli Mon. April 23rd Vlfcd. April 25th lfri. April 27th Tues. May lst Tuvs. May 8tli 'llllU1'S. May 10th 'l'lturs. May 17th Augusta Military Acaclf-my Hargravc- Military Acatlc-niy Fisltlmurne Military Srliuol Greenbrier Military Acatlemy Staunton Military Acaclt-my Fialilmrne Military Acarlvtny llargravzr Military Aratlm-tny St. Cltristopllr-1' Srltool Stauntun Military Acatlt-my Augusta Military Academy Fort Dvfiancv, Va Cliatllani. Va. Fork l'nion, Va. Fork Union, Va. Fork llnion, Va. Wlaytivslaoro, Va. Fork l'nion, Va. Fork l nion, Vu. Staunton, Va. Fork llnion, Va. Tenms '61 SCHEDULE 81 OUTCOME F.ll.Nl.A. OPPONENT 0 St. Cltristopller Stzlxoul 9 l .Nuggusta Military Atwutlcmy 3 l llargraw Nlilitary Acadclniy 7 2 l'llSlllJl1I'XlL' Military Fffllortl 4 l llargrave Military .Mtamleiny fl JOE GORDON WILLIS U St. Clirislupltcr School 9 f,'gpy,,i,, 1 Augusta Military At-atlfaniy 5 150 mmm.- lsf r1 wwp . 1111, left In rzgfzt: 1V1'1g111. H. 11.. 5n0w. '1'. ,'11., 111111111111. 11. 111.. 1i11vi11g11111, L. W.. 1.21l1110. IJ. 1,.. C1II11Il1'11kl. 11 1 1111111 I' 1' 11111N. 5 ,1.. 1Jll1L'1I11. .1. .1.. l11Ll1'1i. L. .1. 21111 rnw, lvfl In r1gl11: fiillllfllfll 11111111111 11'. 11a11s1i1-111 Hfour 1 CiI'1155111l11l', 1, 1I.. 1.11l1'11111. K. 1'I,. 1.1lLllI'1'. 1. 1I.. I"u1111'11111Ar. 1'. 1... 111I'l11'. 'I'. J. 11i1l'I1lklI1. 1f. 1f.. 11Ykl112l1'1'. 111. fiiflllflllill N11111111111 I.. 1111111-11 fffmzr Sal.. 11111111 S1151 T111-S., 1111111 S1111 T11llI'F.. -111111 5111 11'1'11.. 1111-il 11111 TIllll'4.. :1Dri1 12111 5111.. 1'111l'11 14111 111111.. '111ri1 111111 T11111'x.. A11I'11 19111 5al.. 1111112151 T111-Q.. 1pri1 21111 11f'1'11.. .1pri1 25111 Fri.. 1111111 21111 5:11,. 111141128111 T1111-.. 1Iuy 111 11'1'11.. 11111 21111 'I1I1llI'N.. 111113 3111 TLI1'-4, 11115' 3111 TIIIIIAS.. 1I11Y 111111 5u1.. 11115 12111 '11l11"S.. 11111y 15111 r1j11Lll'N.. 1Iay 17111 111-1.. 11111 13111 l1!. 1962 BASEBALL SCHEDULE 11111111111111 H1g11 S1'1l1I01 11E'Ilt'1111'11lll' Hig11 51-11001 l,Ill1'1'I'H111' 111 1113111121 1111-5111111-11 i1l1Q!.l1S1il 1111111111 -11111161113 11v011111J1'l'l'1' 1"11r1-si 51110111 11arf:1'z1v11 11i1i1ary .-101111141111 1"if1111111'111- 11111111111 .'1C2i1I1'1111' x1t1S4Lll1ll1114I1 1111111115 f11'2l111'1111 51. 1i1lI'1S101J1lPI' 51110111 51. 1i11ris10p1i1-1'51-110111 818111111111 1111i111ry 111wa111'111y 17is1111111'111,- 11iIi1u1'y SL'1l11111 1Y11'1'1'I11l1'1l'1'2111112111 8111111111 1'1i11'2I'Ll11' 11111111111 ,1l'3t11'l111' 1.an1' 1'Iig11 501111111 117111111111-1'1'y F0l'1's1 511110111 C1'1-1-111:11i1'1' 1111111111 1011111-1111 5111111111111 1111111111 11-11111-1111 Lam- I1ig11 501111111 11I11ss1111u1l1-11 11111l1l1l'y 111'Ll111'11l1' 11111115111 f11iIi1ar1' ,'1l'h111t'l111 111JI11'1111'11Il1a 1'1ig11 S1'110111 Varsit Baseball '61 SCHEDULE 81 OUTCOME Z -1 17.1'.11.1. 111'1'1111If111' 1 1 . 1111 1121. 1'1I'1'r1l1111-'11 9 ' 1111asa11u111-11 11i1i1a1'y .'11'21111"111y 5 .1 .1l1QllS1i:1. Mi1i1111'y AC'L1111'I111 7 11 17is1111111'1i1- 11i1i1111'y S1'1I11111 5 1 51. 1iIl1'1911'111Il1'I' 51110111 .1 I1 1'121I'QLl'Ll1l3 11i1i111ry 1A1'L1111'l111 5 1 1'11s111111rn1- Nililury S1'1l11111 4 -l I'I111'g1'1111J 11i1i1u1'y A1'Li111'll11f 8 3 111-111'11i1'1i1i11 1Iig11 S1"1111l11 6 1 11l'l'1'l1111'1t'I' 11i1i1z1r5' S1'1l1111I 2 1 1111s-111111111111 1Ii1i111ry .111'z111r111y 5 11 11"111111111'rI'y I'111I'1'S1 S1,'1ll11l1 1 11 11IQlIS1hl ,11i1i1111'y 11-111 2 11 51. 1:1lI'1510j1I1l'l' SC'1101'11 51 2 I,LlI11' Hig11 51'11001n 1 11 111-111'11i1'1i111- 11ig11 511111111 6 I111111111011. 1'a. Ifnrk l111i1111, 1'a 1f1iar1111l1-sv11I1l. 1 1 1:1111 1'11'f1:.1Il1'1'. 1 Fork 1iI1111ll. 1111 1i11El111E.ll11. vil. Ifork l111i111l. 1111. 11'111111e1111'1i. 1111. 1'1ic11111111111. 1'a. Fork 1'11i11n. 1'a Fork 11Il1UI1. 1711 11Iz1yIi1-f11111'0. 1121 1.1-wiS11111'u. 111. 1 Ifork 1 111011. 11a Fork 1'11i1111. 1121. 11rz11ig'1-. 1'z1. Fork I 11i1111. 1 il S1Lll1I1111l1. 1a. 1f11ar111111-s1i1IP. 1 1 Fork 1111i011, 17a Ifork 1111i111i. Va 1'11C11l1111l1l1. 121. 11l1.Hf11i1,1I11,1R1.E51ll1I1A1Cl.1.1 Cdllfllill ,XIJNIINISTRJNTION AND ,-XCLXIJICNIIC Ill ILIJINC CAIJIYI' IHRRN 1962 JU IOR CHUOL ANNUAL PUBLICATION OF THE JUNIOR SCHOOL CORPS OF CADETS FORK UNION MILITARY ACADEMY, FORK UNION, VIRGINIA Eflilor: ' JOSEPH I,. WILLIARD Assl.C0-Fff1'l01's.' IJIIILIP J. RICIINIONID IiIQNNE'I'I'I E. SICKMEN IWUICIIT R. SHACIQCLFOHU Contents sEf2Tlux I ll Ill IV V CLYMNNSIUBI -XIJNlINIS'I'li.fXTlON, IVXCI LTY X STAFF ACADEMIC CLASSICS MILITARN 01112.-XXIZ.X'l'IUNS S 'XCTIVITIICS A'I'lII,IiTICS PAUICS 133-160 161-172 173-1234, 1215-102 193-197 SECTION I Administration Faculty 42: Staff Headmaster N MAJOR JAMES W. PENDEHCRASS, JR. B..-s., M.w. 156 QCY Q13 Commandant aculty "fk CAFTA IN GUY CMXTPIEHLL Bs., Nmzlm. ,lsxismllt Cllllllllllllflllllf CAPT. BILL C. OZMENT CAPT. L. H. IIALLIBURTON CAPT. CONRAD C. AASEN 1:.s. ns., M.A., M.Eu. 13.5. 158 IXPI CFRXIIJ IJ Xl 1 Xl I IXLK I ll XTIIICHS IUNICS STI VN ,avllm grief lXl'l lU.k H DI N RA. MHS. IZHUIRCE P. UHIF MHS. Nll IRRAY tl. IIlCLPLlx "II WILLIAM II. IJUKI MHS. IIAROLIJ R. KELLY Serrvirzry QSUW' A if ,MLI AAH ge +V S 1 Q 2 4 l.Ih E: 50 inn 3 at ' jr MRS. L. CLINTON EASON In fflzarge of Sperm! Services III IIS. KELLY WALLACE Serzmslress MRS. V I IICIN I A ISROCKIVIAN Hozzxemollzer SECTION Il Academic Classes CLASS OFFICERS Dwight R. Shackelford Travis H. Epes, III ,Iosvph I.. Williarcl, ,Ir. Ned N. NieIs0n PRESIDENT VICE PRESIDENT SECRETARY TREASURER ALAN ACKSON ALEXANDER .I Box 92. Glenwood Avenue, Anderson, South Carolina MAJOR. BATTALION STAFF Good Conduct Award-5, Office-r's Commendation, Co. Cmdr. Award. Dillard Guard, Marksman Medal. Officers, Cl dentt. Sports Club. Football lTeam-Captainl. LAWRENCE EDWARD BARLOW 1524 Elhridge Drive, Richmond 26, Virginia PRIVATE. A COMPANY Headmastvr's List. Good Conduct Award. ROBERT LEE BRIDGER 814 Saybrook Circle, Wadtfslimxro, North Carolina PRIVATE. B COMPANY Good Conduct Award. LEE SPEED BRISCOE 8014 Glendale Road, Chevy Chase, Maryland FIRST SERGEANT, B COMPANY Good Conduct Award-4, Officers, Club, Iliking Club. ub lPresi- MITCHELL POWELI, BUCKLEY West Beach Street, Jefferson, Ohio PRIVATE, B COMPANY Good Conduct A ward. HOWELL LEE BULLOCK T302 Townes Road, Richmond. Virginia PRIVATE FIRST CLASS, A COMPANY Good Conduct Award. GORDON SCOTT BURKE 100 North Belmont Avenue, Richmond, Virginia MASTER SERGEANT, A COMPANY Good Conduct Award-3, Pro-Marksman Medal, Ofhcers' Club, Dillard Guard, Basketball, Football. ALLAN WALDO BURNHAIVI I3 Ashwood Road, Lynnfield, Massachusetts PRIVATE, A COMPANY Good Conduct Award, Sharpshooter's Medal, Model tional Rifle Assoc., Basketball. JERRY MACON CARRINGTON Steward Drive, Norfolk, Virginia CORPORAL, A COMPANY Good Conduct Award, Dillard Guard, Football. ROBERT WAYNE CARROLL 15710 Colesville Road, Silver Spring, Maryland PRIVATE FIRST CLASS, A COMPANY Good Conduct Award, Hiking Club, Football. CHRISTOPHER FAIR CARTER U. S. 42 R. R. 413, Lebanon. Ohio STAFF SERGEANT, A COMPANY Good Conduct Award, Pro-marksman Medal, Dilla Hiking Club, Intramural Sports. NORMAN AUGUSTUS CHANDLER Club, Na- rd Guard 81 Hoover Road, Needham Heights, Massachusetts MASTER SERGEANT, A COMPANY Headmastefs Award, Good Conduct Award. DARRYL ARNOLD COHEN 4603 Wythe Avenue, Richmond, Virginia PRIVATE, A COMPANY Good Conduct Award'5, Stamp Club, Sports Club, Hobby Club, Hiking St Camping Club, N.C.O. Club, Dillard Guard, Soccer, Football, Basketball. NELSON EDWARD CONFER 1812 K Street N.W., Washington 6, D.C. CORPORAL, BAND Headmastetfs Award-3, Good Conduct Award, Sharpshooteris Medal, Camera Club. Football. MICHAEL HENRY COSCETTI 2700 Dartmouth Road, Alexandria, Virginia PRIVATE, BAND Good Conduct Award, Dillard Guard, Football, Basketball. WILLIAM SLATER COWART III 106 East Patcong Avenue, Linwood, New Jersey PRIVATE, B COMPANY Good Conduct Award-2. JON STEPHEN CROSSMAN 309 East University, Royal Oak, Michigan PRIVATE, BAND Headmaster's Award, Good Conduct Award, Officers, Club, In- tramural Sports 4Team Captainl. PETER FOSTER CROWELL Meadow Farm Dairy, Orange, Virginia SECOND LIEUTENANT, A COMPANY Headmaster's Award, Good Conduct Award, OfIicer's Club, In- tramural Sports l.Team Captainl. JOHN WESLEY DAVIS 802 Paul Street, Newport News, Virginia PRIVATE, BAND Football, Intramural Sports. RUSSELL ARTHUR DICKERSON 3302 Lancer Place, Hyattsville, Maryland CORPORAL, BAND Good Conduct Award-3, Pro-Marksman Medal, Stamp Club, Camera Club, Intramural Sports fTeam Captainl. KENNETH ANTHONY DZUBA Box 202, Fort Amador, Canal Zone, Panama PRIVATE, A COMPANY I'Ieadmaster's Award, Good Conduct Award, Camera Club, Hiking Club, Football, Basketball. TRAVIS HARRIS EPES 8917 Norwick Road, Richmond, Virginia FIRST SERGEANT, A COMPANY Headmasteris Award-3, Good Conduct Award, Officers' Club. Dillard Guard, Intramural Sports, Football, Soccer, Volleyball Basketball, Vice President, Class of 1962. v JAMES LEE FERGUSON 7510 Nottoway Place, Springfield, Virginia PRIVATE, A COMPANY Headmaster's Award, Good Conduct Award, Intramural Sports. WAYNE SANFORD FOLLIN Route :lil Box 606, Great Falls, Virginia CORPORAL, COLOR GUARD Good Conduct Award, Hiking Club, Intramural Sports. THOMAS CLEMENT FURMAN 226 Riverside Drive, Greenville, South Carolina CORPORAL, B COMPANY Good Conduct Award, Hobby Club. GORDON BRUCE GARRISON 215 Berkshire Road, Richmond, Virginia COR PORA L, B COMPANY Headmastefs Award-2, Good Conduct Award-3, Dillard Guard, Intramural Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Soccer. JAMES BRYAN CIRON 4- Avenue 12-96 Zono 14, Guatemala City, Central America PRIVATE. A COMPANY Good Conduct Award. JAMES SCOTT GRAY 3717A Alabama Avenue S.E., Washington 20, D.C. MASTER SERCEANT, B COMPANY Honor Roll Award, Headmastens Award-2, Good Conduct Award-3, Marksman's Medal, Stamp Club, Hiking Club, N.R.A. Basketball Team, Intramural Sports. JONATHAN ALEXANDER GRIES l 2500 North Quebec Street, Arlington, Virginia ' SERGEANT FIRST CLASS, A COMPANY Intramural Sports. MICHAEL PAUL HOWENSTINE R. R. 18, Huntington, Indiana PRIVATE, A COMPANY Good Conduvt Award, Basketball. VANLEY DEON HUBBARD 7156 Club Road Richmond, Virginia ketball. JAMES AUTHUR JORDAN 409 Westwood Drive, Chapel Hill, North Carolina PRIVATE, A COMPANY He-admaster's Award, Hiking Club, Football. JORDAN ERNEST KAMPOS 43513 Harcourt Road, Baltimore, Maryland PRIVATE, A COMPANY Hobby Club, Hiking St Camping Club, Football. WAYLAND GEORGE KESSLER 301 Park Avenue, Crewe, Virginia PRIVATE, A COMPANY Good Conduct Award, Pro-Marksman Medal, Football. ROBERT HAROLD KIKER 26 Grace Avenue, Pennsville, New .lersey MASTER SERGEANT, BAND mural Sports tTeam Captainl. DAVID RAYMOND KBEMPA 11 Nottingham Road, Metuchen, New Jersey CORPORAL, BAND Good Conduct Award. Good Conduct Award-3, Best Private Award, Football, Honor Roll Awards-2, Good Conduct Awards-2, Dillard Guard, Ht-admastefs Award-3, Slrarpshootens Medal, RiHe Team, N.R.A., Intramural Sports, Football, Soccer, Volleyball, Bas- Intra- 'T 2 V 2 . STEVEN KENT LaBELL Box 672 Braddock Road, Fairfax, Virginia PRIVATE, A COMPANY Intramural Sports. CHARLES ROBERT LEWIS 218 East Park Drive, Raleigh, North Carolina PRIVATE, BAND Good Conduct Award. .IOHN STERLING LONG 7216 University Drive, Richmond, Virginia STAFF SERGEANT. B COMPANY Headmasteris Award-5, Good Conduct Award-5, Intramural Football, Basketball, Volleyball lTeam Captainl. DENNIS EARL McKAY 6612 Bushey Street, Baltimore, Maryland CAPTAIN, A COMPANY Honor Roll Award-7, Good Conduct Award-7, Marks1nan's Medal, Ofiicersi Club, Dillard Guard, Football. JOHN HUGH MACKAY 2313 N. Columbus Street, Arlington, Virginia PRIVATE FIRST CLASS, A COMPANY Good Conduct Award. RICARDO GONZALEZ MENDOZA 560 Sunset Drive, Coral Gables, Florida CORPORAL, A COMPANY Headmastefs Award, Good Conduct Award-5, Dillard Guard, Hiking Club, Intramural Sports tTeam Captainl. JEFFREY STALL MERCER 100 Gaymont Road, Richmond, Virginia FIRST SERGEANT, B COMPANY Headmastefs Award, Good Conduct Award-3, Omcers, Club, Camera Club. EDWIN JOEL MERRICK, JR. 905 Westham Parkway, Richmond, Virginia PRIVATE, A COMPANY Good Conduct Award, Football QMgr.l, Hobby Club. RUSSELL PAUL MILLER 308 East Green Street, Connellsville, Pennsylvania PRIVATE, BAND Good Conduct Award, Hiking Club, Intramural Sports tTeam Captainb. HENRY ADRIAN MILLS 100 Hillside Drive, Shelby, North Carolina 2nd LIEUTENANT, BATTALION STAFF Good Conduct Award-6, Sharpshooteris Medal, Officers, Club, Hiking Club, Hobby Club, Intramural Football, Soccer, Volley- ball, Baseball. 1 DAVID ADAIR MOORE ' 2215 Rrambleton Avenue S.W., Roanoke, Virginia 2nd LIEUTENANT, A COMPANY Hcadinastefs Award-2, Good Conduct AWarda3, Marksmanis Medal. Officers' Club, Sports Club, Football tTez1m Captain1, Basketball Vlleam Captainl, Soctzer. BERKELEY PIERCE MUSE Colonial Beach, Virginia STAFF SERGEANT, BAND Good Conduct Award-5, Sharpsl1ooter's Medal, NCO Club fVice ' Presidt-ntl, Dillard Guard. I NED NORMAN NIELSEN 207 El Dorado Drive, Richmond, Virginia MASTER SERGEANT, COLOR GUARD Good Conduct Award. Sharpshoott-r's Medal, Hiking 8 Camp- ing Club, Camera Club, Basketball. 'Treasurer nf Class of '62. JOHN CARL NORQUEST 1030 Toppin Blvd., Harrisonburg, Virginia PRIVATE FIRST CLASS, BAND Headmaster's Award, Good Conduct Award LAWRENCE GARDNER NORTON Glen Mills Road, Thornton, Pennsylvania PRIVATE, A COMPANY Intramural Sports. JAMES COLIN ORPIN 4231 Arthur Drive, Oxon Hill, Maryland PRIVATE, A COMPANY Intramural Sports. BRUCE EVAN PATTERSON 2101 Harvey Road, Wilmington, Delaware MASTER SERGEANT, BAND Good Conduct Award, Marksrnanls Medal, Basketball, Volley ball, Soccer, Football. W7ILLIAM BURRELL PATTERSON 6342 Deveron Drive, Charlotte. North Carolina MASTER SERGEANT, BAND Headmaster's Award, Good Conduct Award, Hiking Club. ELIAS PIPPOS 150 Maplewood Avenue. Wayne, New Jersey PRIVATE, B COMPANY Good Conduct Award, Intramural Sports. JOHN PAUL POINAR 135 Mayfield Avenue, Akron, Ohio PRIVATE FIRST CLASS, A COMPANY Good Conduct Award, Hiking Club. HARRY BOOKER POWELL 4915 Albemarle Street, N.W., Washington, D.C. PRIVATE FIRST CLASS, RAND Honor Roll Award, Good Conduct Award, Dillard Guard Hobby Club, Intramural Sports. CHRISTOPHER CHARLES PURUCKER 533 Elizabeth Street, Charleston, West Virginia PRIVATE. A COMPANY Camping St lliking Club, Intramural Sports. MICHAEL SHIRLEY RASBERRY 109 King William Drive, Olney, Maryland CORPORAL, A COMPANY Good Condutft Award. Intramural Sports. CRAIG RAW'SON 5768 Kelly Street. Cape Cod. Massachusetts CORPORAL. COLOR GUARD Good Conduct Award, Pro-Marksman's Medal, Hiking Club. 1 RAYMOND ALLAN SHEELEY 1309 Floral Street, N.W., Washington, D.C. CORPORAL, I3 COMPANY Headmaster's Award-2, Good Conduct Award-2, Marksman's Medal, Dillard Guard, Intramural Sports, Football. Basketball. Soccer, Softbal l. GEORGE FRANK SKINNER 118 East Road, Portsmouth, Virginia SECOND LIEII FENANT, BATTALION STAFF He-adrnasteris Award-3, Good Conduct Award-2. Sharpshootf-r's Medal, Rifle Team lCaptainl Officers, Club, Hiking Sz Camping Club, Stamp Club, Sports Club, Dillard Guard, Basketball, Football, Baseball, Volleyball. ROBERT MICHAEL SKLENAR 8103 Old Riggs Road, Adelphi, Maryland STAFF SERGEANT, A COMPANY Headmastefs Award-2, Good Conduct Award-5, Pro-marks- man's Medal, Sports Club, Dillard Guard, Football, Basketball. PAUL DARRYL SMITH Pine Brook Estate, Rt. :,b57, Wiiistfrn-Salem. North Carolina PRIVATE, A COMPANY Good Conduct Award, Intramural Sports. ROBERT JOSEPH SULLIVAN 328 LaVern Avenue, Alexandria, Virginia PRIVATE, A COMPANY Intramural Sports. WILLIAM SCOTT THOMPSON 413 Robin Road, Bristol, Tennessee CORPORAL, A COMPANY Good Conduct Award-2, Soccer. JAMES THOMAS TODD 1206 Park Drive, Elizabeth City, North Carolina PRIVATE, A COMPANY Good Conduct Award, Intramural Sports. ERNEST .IOHN VANDE ZANDE 2506 Crest Street, Alexandria, Virginia PRIVATE FIRST CLASS, A COMPANY Good Conduct Award, Sharpshooteris Medal, Rifle ing Club, Basketball. Team, Hik- GEORGE BRUCE REAGAN Wilson, Virginia CORPORAL, A COMPANY llc-admaster's Award, Good Conduct Award, Camera Club, Dillard Guard, Basketball, Football. WAYNE ROBERT REITER 1035 Berlin Road, Cherry I'Iill, New ,Iersoy PRIVATE. A COMPANY Good Conduct Award. Intramural Sports. DAVID RUDOLPH SCHAPER 1213 Deanwood Road, Baltimore 34. Maryland PRIVATE, A COMPANY l'leadmaster's Award, Hiking St Camping Club, Football. DWIGHT RAY SHACKELFORD 55602 Nancy Creek Road, N.W,, Atlanta 5, Georgia CAPTAIN, I3 COMPANY Honor Roll Award, I'Ieadrnaster's Award-2, Citizenship Medal, Good Conduct-5, Rifle Team, Ollieers' Club, Stamp Club, Skirmisher Stall, Intramural Sports CI-163111 Captainl, President of Class of 1962. WILLIAM FREDERICK WALLACE 5008 Bromley Lane, Richmond, Virginia PRIVATE, A COMPANY Headmasterk Award, Good Conduct Award. GEORGE ROGERS WHITE PRIVATE, A COMPANY 507 Hawke Street, I"redericksburg, Virginia Intramural Sports. JAMES WALTER WILKERSON Colonial lioach, Virginia PRIVATE, A COMPANY Ileadmasts-r's Award, Good Conduct Award, Basketball. WILLIAM FRANKLIN WILLIAMS South Mills, North Carolina PRIVATE, BAND Good Conduct Award, .IOSEPH LEVI WILLIARD 626 Rockspring Road, lligh Point, North Carolina 2nd LIEUTENANT, B COMPANY Headmasteris Award-5, Citizenship Medal, Good Conduct Award-9, Hiking Club, Skirmisher Stall, Camera Club. Dillard Guard, Officers' Club, Sports Club, Football, Secretary, Class of '62, BERNARD LEE WOODARD I7l8 East Ocean View Avenue, Norfolk, Virginia SERGEANT, COLOR GUARD Good Conduct Award-3, Hobby Club, Dillard Guard. WILLIAM CLAY YOUNG 7350 Jackson Park Drive, Birmingham, Michigan PRIVATE, B COMPANY Headmasterls Award, Good Conduct Award, Intramural Sports. 169 efventh ANTONACC1 BARBICK BASTA BOYD BRATTEN COBRRBY COVB CRABSBR HARMON HOLSINGER MORRBBSIB NUCKOLS RARKBR RRRBLBS RAMBAY BRIGGS BUKOVSKY HOOK JAMISON RICHMOND SCHRIHR TURBERVILLE TYRBBLL W BRITTINCHAM BUCHANAN CARUSO CLARK BABBITT BAUERSFELD BOWMAN LEONE LYONS MANBINA POLLARD Grade COPELAND DINNIS DOXTATER ELLISON FRIES .IOIIBIN LOWRY fXIrDANIEL MADEN MATTHEWS SHOWALTER FICKMEN SMILEY SULLIVAN THARI N BURTON BUTLER JENKINS JONES SCHUMANN SHELOR WALTON WILSON DE IIA RT DICKINSON ESLINCER FEATHER SILYIA SWANSON WARNER WILKINSON GLASS JAY KEEFEY Fi th Grade BAUMGARTNER COX CRAWFORD CINSBERG JERNICAN JOHNS KLINE KOLB MCNEER MAYA MOSES NEW NORTON PA1 PARROTT RICHARDSON TERRY SECTION III Military i CAPTAIN DENNIS INICKAY ZNIJ LIEUTENANT HENRY MILLS Battalion Arljlzlflnt Battalion Me.9s Officer MASTER SEHGEANT GEORGE SKINNEH Bamzlimz Sergeant Major MAJOR ALAN ALEXANDER Battalion Commander I 74 ATTALIO STAFF N! COLOR Z xr ggi? -4 if " X, Hx GUARD XX HX VH URN! 1- 141-QTL 153 Xllll XIIQLSEB INN I. SNIITII ISIQIINAXIHCTJ WOOD,-XIII! Unslvr S4'l'gt'flIIf l'1'r. l'vI'l'Sf LIIISS 5652011111 lfnlor Lurzzfzzflzzrlvr' List, Lolnr f.0lIIl7I'llHft'l' XICL li XXX SON WQXYXIQ l"UI.I.lN l,'flI'lIf1lA!ll Cllfllllfflf ww 1 -- MfSgt. Robert Kiker CORPORALSI Jones, J. S. Confer, N. E. Dickerson, R. A. Qkxgxxl i B0 Q 640 4 'ii' , gums' suv oo ps PRIVATE FIRST CLASS 2 Powell, H. B. Swanson, D. S. Schumann, D. A. Silvia, T. A. Norquest, J. C. Sullivan, P. V. PRIVATES: Bowman, H. L. Clark, S. D. Crossman, J. S. Kolb, W. E. Maden, J. E. Lewis, C. R. Buchanan, J. H. Copeland, R. E. Harmon, J. E. Leone, V. A. Miller, R. P. LaBell, S. K. Caruso, F. M. Cos-cetti, M. H. Jernigan, P. P. Krempa, D. R. Morfessis, P. T F HASTICH Sl'IHlllfAYlw YWILLINW l'A'l"l'I'fHSON Bam! IJOIIIIIIIIIIIIGI' MASTER SICIZCZIQXYIX BHPCIC PfX'l"l'lfHFOX 4-lssismrzl 807111 CUIIIIIIIIIIIICI' F SILRCICANT l3liIiklCl,lCY MUSE Banu? Smgzfzzrzt II' COL. S. Ii. MPM Dircclor XR rw " ---1"-L' ...Q ,,.,,....g, m...V-.A.5 .,,,,,,, X ..,'4b nun-qgunwvum-gf i 'Tunisia Q pn MAJOR ALAN ALEXAMJIQR lf-XCTINCI A Company COIILIILUIIIZEI' 1VIAS'I'ICIi SIQRGIQAVYI' TRAVIS EPICS Firsf SCl'g'l?fIIIf SHHGEAXT ,ION CHIFS Cuirfon Bearer MAS'I'lCH SIYHGEANI' SCO'I"I' BKHKI7 Conzpany Se1'g'ca11I Zml l,ll'1fTEX,vXNT ILXYID MOORE 1915110011 CUIIIIIIIIIHZCI' 2111! l,lIClT'l'ENAN'I' ,I'lC'l'l'1R CROWTELI PIUZOOH COIIIIIIUIIIIIZI' A f1i ,ff X 217' fd ' C6oMDANYf l 78 E V ...... .. XI NST ER SICRGICA N TSI Chanlrller. N. A. Fllmsaltelx D. H. SICNGICAXTSZ Curlcr, C. F. Slxltfllilf, R. Nl. PRIYAT Ii lfl RST C L-X851 lfllllovk. ll. L. liurtmm. J. ll. Carroll. H. WY. lluxtaivr. li. 11 Poillar. J. P. JlblllliI1.I:.1'1. H2lI'I'il'lx. C. H. 179 cIOHPORALs: Thmnas. NY. S. HlllxUXSkf. C. ll Nlvllfloza. H. llulmlmard, V. U. HCHQIHII. C. li. Snliley, 5. ll. Ilurrlham. JK. I I Huslwrry , M. 5. I'llll"l Nl X F vlialy. J llllfll' Za l'1rrn1gto11 I VI i IA mrx. R X A ,, i X. j R X f X C O M D A N Y PRIVATES: Barlow, L. lf. Hook, G. B. Norton. L. C. Briggs, J. D. Howenstine, M. P. Kuckols, D. C. Cohen, D. A. Jamison, R. B. Orpin, J. C. Davis, J. JV. Jenkins. J. XV. Parker, R. lf. Dzulia, K. A. Jorclan, J. A. Purucker, C. C. Ferguson, J. L. Kampos, J. lf. Reiter, W. R. Ciron, B. Kessler, XV. G. Scrhaper, D. R. Godfrey, XY. H. Matthews, XV. J. Flielor, lf. XV. Cove, C. XV. Merrick. lf. J. Toflcl, J. T. Tyrrell, L. Yvallace, YY. F. Vlfalton, T. S. White, G. B. YVilkerson. J. XY Williams, XV. F. Vllilson, WJ. L. Sullivan. R. J. E Z -xx' , 4 12 X gimp A N Y CA PTA T N DXVIGHT SHACKELFORD B Company Ji Alizl lo the Commanflant MASTER SERGEANT LEE BRISCOE First Sergeant SERGEAQNT CERRY MCDANIEL Guirlon Bearer MASTER SERGEANT RAY BRATTEN Company Sergeant MASTER SERGEANT JEFFREY MERCER Company Sergeant 21101 LIEUTENANT JOSEPH YVILLIARD Plaloon Commander 2nd LIEETEBATXVT KENNETH STCKMEN Platoon CTOVIIITUIHIZGI' MASTER SERCEANTSZ Gray, J. S. DeHart, N. D. SERGEAN TS : CORPORALS: Holsinger, C. W. Lyons, D. R. Sheeley, R. A. Bauersfeld, C. F. Dinnis, J. A. Furman, T. C. Peebles, B. L. Boyd, J. S. Garrison, G. B Butler, D. H. Dickinson, F. L. Long, J. S. Keesey, C. D. Richmond, P. J. Turberville, F. B. PRIVATES FIRST CLASS: Antonacci, S. D. Johns, M. L. Pollard, D. H. Schrier, D. E. Basta, C. L. lVleNeer, S. C. Fries, W. G. Warner, M. T. Nxiygfff COMPANY PRIVATES: Babbitt, D. B. Baumgartner, K. L. Bridger, R. L. Buckley, M. P. Brittingham, S. T. Cowart, W. S. Cox, E. P. Crawford, C. E. Ginsberg, G. L. Eslinger, S. R Feather, G. G. Glass, D. W. Grasser, D. B. Jay, K. M. Mandina, T. J. Maya, J. Norton, C. L. Moses, S. L. 1 83 Palma, P. Pippos, E. Ramsay, K. P. Richardson, W. S Terry, G. P. Tharin, M. K. Wilkerson, C. D. Young, W. C. New, R. V. Wm ,gd SECTION I V Organizations and Activities MMARD E04 V IIIHIIIIIHHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII Q If Q 7 C. F. Duumsfehi J. Roy! D. R. Rratten C. S. Burke C. F. Carter D. A. Cohen M. H. Coscetti P. F. Crowell N. D. DvHart T. H. Npvs b. D. Antonacci L. E. Barlow C. L. Rasta J. H. Buchanan J. M. Carrington R. H. Doxtater C. C. Feather C. L. Ginsberg A. J. ALICXANDITR. ill ARD CDWIMANDICR I XY. C. Fries H. B. Pom-ll C' D. Garrison U. R. Rmigani J. 5. Gray l'. J. Rivhmond J. A. Cries D. R. Slim-kelfoiwl J. lf. Jones R. A. Sl1c's'ln'x ff J.. .MCDanir'l D. JI. Sll1INLlhC1' D, If, NIQKay K. E. Sif'JiDlt'll R. C. RIPIICJOZH fl. F. SJKDIIIGI' X. N. Xivisvn J. L. Wvilliarcl B. L. .Pvebles li. L. xVlHNJilI'Ci llU.YOIff1lH' ,UE.JllifflfS G. XV. Hoisinglc-r C. L. Norlon R. D. Jamison D. H. Pollard K. M. Jay 'lf A. Silxiu M. L. Johns D. S. Swanson V. A. Leone M. K. Tharin J. S. Maya F. B. Tu1'h61'ViHe R. V. New M. T. Xvarner T. Waitfmri ,I1nal1Il.!l1x1 L.: isfruuzw MAJOR HARDY AND CAPTAIN CAMPBELL WITH CADILT ALEXANDER, THIS GUARD COMMANDER. AND CADIQT McKAY. n'am.wu..1 wwy.!i kirmisher tajf J. L. WILLTARD P. J. RICHMOND K. E. SICKMEN D, H. SHACKELFORD 183 Hobb lub F SfllIIlll'I1g.' D. ll. Sllowallvr. G. B. Hook. L. F. Harlow. .l. If, Kdllllllib. T 1 lulmau 51111611 .I Il Buchanan. K. E. Fickmcn. ll. L. NIl'Ddl1it'1. ff, F. BklllQ'l'Nf1'lll. F. IJ, Cla 189 Standing: J. E. Made-n, B. L. Peebles. Majnr Penrlergrrass. Shackelford, J. S. Crossmau, J. Cray. H. .-X. Dickvrson. tamp lub J. L. Williard. J. S. Boyd, Seated: D. H. 190 amera lub YY. Gow. C. B. Hook. F, L. Divkinson. H. U. .lE.lIlliFOI1. S. IJ. Clark. N. lf. Confvr. U. ll. Sll0WN'2.lll1'I'. I QNI lll I LW' ' xITkP1OI1Y XL60 U 'Qld el'-"... . llll2iI'1l,R.,. 14" 'S , nz-, .YY iss. f l9l l'1'o1zI row. lrjll lo rlglzl: liurlnm, .L A., Nurlnu. C.. L.. Xxllllilfll. .L L.. 5ll'kIll4'Il. K. IL.. Nlllls. H. A.. l,l'4'lJl1'H. B. L Cox. E. P.. lim-Hart, N. D.. lhlkovsky. C. U.. Pollard, U. ll.. Hillr-r, K. P. Znrl row: lll1lSillQft'1', C .Wu Yunclu Zz-lnmlm lf. J.. Rash:-rry. M. S., HlIl!IlJ.ll'il, V. D., Cray, J. S., Uasla, C. L., Hiulullmul, P. J., Thumpson, VV. S., Nlullllews, W w v - 4 ,V , , , . . . . .l.. Ilurkv. C. 5. .3r1l row: Noung, W. C. lmullvr. D. H., Long. J. S.. Lyons, U. R., 'Xlullulmn-1, fy. I... N14-rwr. .L S l'0weH. ll. ll.. fXlc'NPer. F. C. 4111 row: Ilwllilfill, TXT. K., Carroll. R. VV.. llrufser. D. B.. Skinnvr. G. F.. Nix-lfvn. N. N Halwrsfelrl. C F.. Dickvlsull. N. A.. Cuwurl. W. S.. Gimn. U.. Garrison. C. ll.. Poinur. .l. lj.. XxYUHllLl1'll. 13. E. 5fl1 ruzr: Turl11f1'xiIl4-. lf. B.. lillvklw-x. M. P.. Capt. Ciilllljbilu. Vujur llardv. Nll'I'I'iK'k. E. J.. .'Xll'XilI1lll'I'. A. J. Slmuwke-lfolwl. D. Il Appalachian Trail Hikin and amping Club Kyle Team limi: row, lwff In riglzff Skin11R1'. G. F.. NiQ'lS1'Il. X. N.. SllklC'kl'll-OIYI. D. R. l'll'UlIf row, lcft lu right: Capt. Camplu-Ilg Ilubharzl. Y. D., Vanrlu Zumlv, E. .l., B21l1f'I'24fl'lll, C. F., Sickmm-n, K. E. SECTION V Athletics Seulerl left Z0 rlglzf: Crowell. Wiiiia1'cl. Schaper, Dzuba, I':il1'l'iCk, Conifer, Stacey, Moore. Alexander. Kainpos, Skinner, Carrington, Carroll, McKay, Fries, Kiker. Smmling left to right: Sklenar, Basta, Hook, Copeland, Reagan, Kessler, Burke, Jordan, Uuller, Chandler, Davis, COSCelli, Capt. Anson. Football 961 DAVID MOORE ALAN ALEXANDER Team Co-Captains W -Qs f 'Q xc 4 Basketball Team '6 UA' 55182 U,-fab L, 'P 5,1 kt 'V K W 'i AM N. Na ,n g as 4-ji 'Y 354' :gf f , 2' 'N 1101! fvfl to rigflf: Nalmlv fumlv. Um-4'tti. H4-uga11. Nivlsun. Klum:-. Fklvmw. lfrin'-. Slmnfirzg leffl to rigflf: llupl. ,Xu-vu. IIuWf'Il-lillv. Skinner, ilruy. XX illxi-'IN1rIl. Rllrlw, Dzulmu. Bllfllllillll. 195 ff ,fa Bl VRKE BURNNAM COSCETTI DZUBA FRI ES CRAY Cen ter For ward Czzrzrd Fnrzcrzrd G11 ard Forward HOWENSTINE SKINNER SKLENAH NIICLSON REMLAN WILKERSON Forward C11 ard Guard Canter F orzcnrd Forward IMYIIJ 'XTUORE Guard ,vgllwv V ,-95:5 . . .:.5,,,.1-' wffl - 'i f , vw ' 'QNX' if g X L' - M' .. . H: - 5 + rw ' amfhf A Qi- ,wvgv H yusyfl X :M 40"V""9Q -avikg' 1 1 A ' ,A 4 344 f 4., M- "T'?m,312,a4fwf V fy K "'x-Wimww. W 3 uv, , K Zu, v, N , , f ,,, a v Us - z,?'f-,.gw:4..g-QJSMK aw k . ' , ' f-in as -lf 3 Q fuw' F' 3 1 -. w ,IM , ' 90 Aa i- " fi A ffl, -.... A ,QHZ .,. M .,W. Mi. ..,. . ---..-. xx Wg" ,f .Q f A '- Acknowledgments We, the members of the 1962 Skirmisher Staff, have enjoyed working on this year's school annual. This book could not have been published except for the hard work on our part and the willing cooperation that we have received from the many fine people who have worked with us. The Staff wishes to thank sincerely: Mr. Irvin I. Silvers and The Garamond Press of Baltimore, Maryland, for the excellent printing, engraving and binding of our 1962 Skirmisher. Mr. and Mrs. A. A. McClung and the Andre Studio of Lexington, Virginia, for most of our fine pictures. Colonel Frank A. Crockett, Major Irving A. Howell, Major James W. Pendergrass, Mrs. Ellen B. Stevens and Mrs. Robert M. Ivins for their kind help and cooperation. To Captain H. F. Reichenbach and Captain C. F. Hoffman, our Advisors, we wish to express our special thanks for their time, energy and hard work in helping us publish this fine book. THE SKIRMISHER STAFF or 1962 E. L. W. Crooks Editor 198 COMPLIMENTS OF SHENANDOAH TAILORING CO UNIFORM MANUFACTURERS Mount Sidney, Va. :ln the e A-If n L 0 LEXINGTON, VIRGINIA OVER QUARTER OF A CENTURY College Annual Photography if if af Official Photographer To The 1962 SKIRMISHER +1 af ir Completely Equipped to Render the Highest Quality Craftsmanship and an Expedited Service on Both Personal Portraiture and Photography for School Annuals 'Ir 'A' 'lr A11 the photographs contained therein-individuals, groups, etc., are on file. Write ANDRE STUDIO, Lexington, Virginia. National Bank and Trust Co. at Charlottesville, Virginia Branches: West End, Scottsville, Fork Union, Louisa, Palmyra, Mineral Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation OUR CONGRATULATIONS to the GRADUATING CLASS OF 1962 We Wish You Good Fortune and Happiness Virginiais Department Store of Music HEADQUARTERS FOR: 0 Steinway Pianos 0 Hammond Organs U Everett Pianos 0 Cable-Nelson Pianos 0 Fisher 8- Pilot Stereo Home t'Jl'Al1lC1'lCd7S Best Known Band lI1Sl1'Ll11lCl1lS Sheet Music for All Instruments Hi-Fi and Stereo Records The Sgteinway House" D I I Free Parkin ince l879 " ,f Jim's-5 E. Grac Broad at First S fall J , ' Richmond. Va. Gy The Oldest Music House in Virginia and North Carolina LEROY E, WHITE MERCHANTS-PEOPLES co., INC. General Insurance WHOLESALE GROCERS Phone 84213478 PLEE-ZING FOOD PRODUCTS FORK UNION' VA. Phone 2271 OrClnge,V0 COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND COMPLIMENTS Academy Pressing Shop OF "On the Campus" NORTH AMERICA ASSURANCE G. R' Edgerton' Prop' SOCIETY OF VIRGINIA J. F. West Authorized Cleaning Equipment Duma, Manage' Dmwyn' Va' Deodorizer and Steam Presses JARMAN7S INCORPORATED Established 1889 YOUR NEARBY STATIONER SCHOOL AND OFFICE SUPPLIES ACME VISIBLE SYSTEMS DESKS CHAIRS FILES EVERYTHING FOR THE OFFICE CRANES AND EATONS STATIONERY 200 East Market St. A FRIEND Charlottesville, Va. CREETINC CARDS FOR ALL OCCASIONS JOHN R. CHAPPELL AGENCY INCORPORATED Mutual Insurance JOHN R. CHAPPELL, Jr., Pres. 81 Treas. JOHN R. CHAPPELL, III, C.P.C.U. Exec. V. P. BERKLEY P. WALTERS, Vice-Pres. REA E. EPPS, Secretary 104 HILLCREST BUILDING - 200 NORTH FOURTH STREET phone Mllton 3-7361 Richmond 19, Virginia Titmus Optical Co., Inc. uCDfOorl,5,5 Gcargegf Qnaefenfsenf manufacturer of Qfgfgafmic Ocengegu Since . 1908 Manufacturers of Ophthalmic o INSTRUMENTS 0 SUN WEAR o FRAMES o LENSES Phone, PLaza 2-3209 c""""lme"'S of S A N F O R D S H I RT C O ORKIN EXTERMINATING Manufacturer CQMPANY, INC, Military Uniform Regulation Shirts 810 Preston Avenue Charlottesville, Virginia g 6-8 W. Lombard St. Baltimore l, Md. Phone' 293-5104 or 2 -51o5 . WW U fp sf COMPLIMENTS OF A FRlE i8 1 v l l W. M. BROWN 86 SON, INC. 700-06 S. Belvidere Street OVERBROOK BRAND i Prznters RICHMOND VIRGINIA Take Home Harris, Flippen '55 Company SPORTING GOODS 715 E. Main Street, Richmond, Va CHARLOTTESVILLE I COCA-COLA BOTTLING WORKS, Inc. Compliments Louisa Laundry 81 Dry Cleaning Louisa, Virginia CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1962 Monticello Dairy CHARLOTTESVILL ffgijikfx 4' ff' n S p W fy. if. biflvigff' wiv SVU by 0'23f" ru SOO' V Sfyfxjf TPl,rQus SYSTEMS " SYQX U JNJW X,-Q" I! or Atomic Energy MJT 0 Vow Q!! for Space Launchers I 329' ,af B! , V -. for The Industrial South f- QWQJKV JJ V S. XJ NK is X CHANlCk PALM BEACH Q' W CHARLOTT NORFOLK OM OAK RI fo Ado J J. C. HUNGERFORD, INCORPORATED 2602 HuII Street Richmond, Virginia FINE DECORATING WALL COVERING INDUSTRIAL AND COMMERCIAL PAINTING E. B. INC. Best Wishes from General Merchandise E. B. WEAVER, INC. DRUGS SUNDRIES SCHOOL SUPPLIES I LYNCHBURG, VA. Fork Union Virginia Wholesale OUIY I I BARKER-,IENNINGS CORPORATION THE SABRE SHOP Ice Cream Candies Stuclent Supplies School Jewelry, PCllllLllltS, S0llVC111l'S Sofia Filllllfklill Sk111CiNV1Ci1CS L. G. BALFOUR COMPANY Known Awbefezfer there are Jcboolf ami collegef VIRGINIA REPRESENTATIVES WALTER B. ANDERSON 1 DALLAS PICKARD, JR. P. O. Box 146 Richmond 1, Virginia ELgin 8-6612 1 Complimenfs of THE REYNOLDS COMPANY 916 Preston Avenue company 1 Charlohesville, Virginia CHARLOTTESVILLE i Prinfersflifhographers ,lb .fm f af . Q ar ' MVBOB SMART SHOES E r ce Srreer chm d a. by, yggml " all 9 A Product of . 0 Amino tte Id db ' . gm fo 0 C clc-Tprry Shoe Corporation if Wu A. . PAL as BROS 0 fm , CYP' iff, ITH SONS W Xp Lynchburg, Va. W' JJ' Tel one MI 8-4796 10 9 , N Amy BEST WISHES Friends of the Cadet Corps --g-.. E 0 0 F I N G THE THORO S YSTEM Protects the Eafdfs Masonry THORO SEAL to fill and seal the surface e --E52 5553523235335-11 ff'f' " , , 2:E:.,E::515EgE5' A.,.:: -' , ....1:1 5 EgEQEQE3E5E3E3E3EgE3E3E1EFi Frizz? QUICKSEAL for a beautiful finish WATERPLUG NNOLDEQS Goes Home WITH M O R E PEOPLE" BREAD - CAKES - ROLLS to stop the leaks . SAND BLASTING BRICK POINTING RESTORATION Southern Waterproofing 81 Concrete Co. Inc. 1704 Arlington Rd. 2300 Colly Ave. Richn1ond,Va. Norfolk, Va. EL 5-7876 MA 5-5573 B ltimore 2, M , , , , WWW w 'fy 'fd eq? 4? 5p?x? f ff? 'Ea ' 'I 7gp4?9v4Fg can gffjfigfgyf 235234-052 0,.fg' W 32? 'wfgjwi 1? 2 GC, J QQ-vc 77 gf' ig-SFS Qi -ff 1 Ev Qi i"5iX'1 V135 Q if ig in W5Z 'QQ 5? , 3 -

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