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5 M MQ www wilmaw king' j'2'f'ffM,.,Qf QAMQJWMM E E 'Qw Vxilo was 6f'5WjL2JL" iff dgcmfn 752- T1 My Q M X .NJ ' RKXVE 5 JW .Q-224+-714 jsp aww. My xfw 5Le'f'504'5 "Ag, JIU QAM?- W XM X WWWIMW' KWMJ Cwwmwvmm-Hai My WWW MW 5 W! " Mwfwwifzfwf fi rfumff' fm? 5 WM Q16 W E VWWWW' X M7 M Q M' QQ WM w,0LMmM , A DJJ da? ie ff. c',,Wl1"1s,,w5 Sf-W 'ri-A' YVILABSSW' WW? I w'Z"1f"'13' 'H', W I Mmm ww W M Q7 ywbwoi. ,u 7 . C Qja N ww S W QV ,fmwf 2, gf Aw as vm-Q? lj 'EQ 3 . Lick kgz?f?M ifzyh MMR N. 6 M ,, M10 f M gf!! 2712 Cyfijwjyk ff'jf'!f9l9A. W M QNX JW MW M if Zfftffjrfwq H M ,WW " VW! 7M'0ZWE'jH,Z!fWJM,M M f'56",V7?Q. ewffan Q M EWCWGJW ,QM +mXzl,1.n.,,. if ,V df ff wwf X ,W Ffyf W9 Eg wpzxufad-swflw iff! IQ5 Q I' 1 'ig I ' Eg "' 1':S 5 - h E N li- -11-. Ni E 1: '-' 'lm -ig N :'-1-1'- E ' L -EWS-fi E:-fs "iii EX LIBRIS ,lf . JHI l'L 2 l!i'l" I B w-navy S V .w lg-.aa rgiifx N'LxPlf eq, -Z '-"' fx -Q .nk N " C '- XX ' XM - " .. 1 .JI . n 1l .w2":a'L., 'gT"HL'M,, -IF' i 1 ' If-WI' I if 1" MEI I 5 ! 2- I lm: 1 1 1 u i 1 ' 1' '1l.l' lifhlfgh IQ ,, J M U ,.,, A,..u.m,J."u'- - 1 nil' .11.1:!'-JJ 1 , , , K J j J x2 'S TM f'7"f'T"WT""" W' ' yi:-if gf ' gitmi -,,2. L , ' -z -- . mf - ff,gf4,k,4k .JW ,- 1 ,nm " vw A ' pg3w,"'W'1f1 Jw-X X, ' ' 'M R ' 'ni ,A . 1 L , .M . ' , 1, , A . Q' SQ N .,.:'fi:W'giQ:.F fa vt. .15 ' '-i 53 4 1 g . , M V,.ViV,I5M 1555 ,WWW , fs, .,'f,f .A 5'f"'R!qM Y f Jn ,MY f f. ,wk 1 , 'I Fw 23 1 -WUI .swgu X Qfi? :ff 4 :fall HN ll. WICKER C 1956 published annually by the cadet corps of FORK UNION MILITARY ACADEMY FORK UNION, VIRGINIA Co-Editors EDGAR LEE NEALON RAMON MIGUEL RUIZ Associate Editors RICHARD ADAM HABER, III BLAIR DUNCAN HOWARD HAMPTON HUDSON NEWBILL, Jr. RALPH WAYNE STREET CONTENTS INTRODUCTION ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF and FACULTY SENIOR CLASS A. Post Grads B. Juniors C. Sophomores D. Freshmen E. 8th Grade MILITARY ORGANIZATIONS SPORTS JUNIOR SCHOOL ACKNOWLEDGMENTS ADVERTISEMENTS Pages I- 7 8- 27 28- 70- 7I 74 76 78 79 69 72- 75- 77- 78- 80-IOI IO2-129 I30-I48 I49-I86 186 I87-I96 Four years have passed since we entered Fork Union Mili- tary Academy, as the lowest order of human species, the Freshmen. These years have gone by so rapidly, that we cannot set down all the experiences, thoughts and activities which we have enjoyed during our years at Fork Union. So we, the Skirmisher Staff, will endeavor to bring to you those important events that highlighted our stay at Fork Union. We leave to you the task of associations, for we have very different and in many cases divergent thoughts concerning our stay here. As you look through the book, remember the despair-too often felt-as well as the hope and use this brief past as a lesson to secure a future brim- ming with success. We may only hope, in any case, with some degree of assurance, that we have represented Fork Union as you have known it. D E D I C A Professor of Military Scienu: Fork Union Military Acade of the administration who every member of the cadet personification of the strel Christian character that we He represents a vital force administrative and persona in these terms, that we thin tion. Many a senior and ui advice and understanding h plishments on our behalf ai outlook and approach to the tude for his presence at F friend and adviser, the Seni i the 1956 SKIRMISHER to h 6 Il ll 'I' I 0 N e and Tactics and Commandant of my, Major Fletcher is one member has had close contact with almost corps. To many, he stands as the lgth, dignity, generosity and true all hope to become in our life time. which expresses itself at both the levels of the academy life. It is Q of Major Fletcher in this dedica- iderclassmen will never forget the e gave them. His unselfish accom- 'e deeply planted in our character, future. Out of respect and grati- 'ork Union, as our Commandant, or Class of ,56 is proud to dedicate III. MAJOR PAUL M. FLETCHER, BS., U. S. ARMY P.M.S.X'l'. AND COMMANDANT Q ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF K FACULTY The faculty wish to continue to knowledge for man's health, security. They plan a better educa a solid foundation upon which we ful lives as citizens. For the prog now and later means that our dipl Union is just that much more valu be alumni as long as we live. So will be proud of and profit from maintain an active Interest In t develop new welfare and tion for us and can build use- rress they make oma from Fork able. We will they hope we ur association , that we will heir problems, o with Fork Union. They hope, too h their programs, their progress in t e years ahead. x xi. :S - 5 xx , u 1 S . ..- - ..--.. o,- . f a 2 Q..i a-Y 5 1 -'L af 'Q .if 9 JOHN JORDAN WICKER, TQLLG., D.D PRESIDENT EMERITUS 10 JAMES CALDWELL WICKER, B.A., TH.B., D.D PRESIDENT 11 ix . ,3 gs- COLONEL NATHANIEL JAMES PERKINS, A.B IIEADMASTER EMERITUS 12 COLONEL HARRY MORTON WALDRON, A.B., M.A IIEADMASTIER 13 COLONEL FRANK ALLEN CROCKETT, A.B REGISTRAR AND DIRECTOR OF PUBLIC RELATIONS 14 . . 5 + MAJOR PAUL M. FLETCHER, BS., U. S. P.M.S.KT. AND COMMANDANT 15 ...K .N is A ' fNW'?EEAig5 2' X . ,Q M. W , . 31325 .. A fi, Q I ,M ,. M. ARMY mg 4, V A ' 7 S gafzll A wwf . ' ,4 ' 2, , , 5 i MAJOR CHARLES GRAHAM THOMAS, JR., B.S. ATHLETIC DIRECTOR AND HEAD COACH OF MAJOR SPORTS 16 DEPARTMENT HEADS IIICNISAFII MAJOR J. R. WILDMAN A.lS., MA. lIf'IIIIl'1IIICIlf of English Assismnl Ill'!If1lI1!I.9fC'l' EII,HIE.i1I MAJOR ll, H. KELLY A.l3., N.A. llcprzrllnvlzl nf 1"0rvign Lnngimgcs lleprzrlmezzl of Sofia! SIIIIHCS l"rem'l1. Hislnry, Bible CAPTAIN C. W. MCC.-NISE B.-X.. ll.lC1I. C0lllIIH'l'l'i!Il DCIIIIFIIIIUII1 lhmlrkvvpirlg. Typing. liusirzcss Ifnglislz CAPTAIN I.. K. IIEISKELL BS. llcpnrtnzenl of Scicnre Chemistry 17 A .AE 7"-,H l10llflI'lllIl'I1f of Malficnllllirx .1I!If,ICl7IlIfl'1'S ,ffrluisvr In SIIEFIIIESIIUI' CAPTAIN S. L. KENT li.A., M.A. CAPTAIN C. F. HOFFMAN LLB. Quartermaster Adviser lo SlfifllliSl18l' MAJOR I. A. HOWELL CAPTIAN E. ll. LACY, JR. BA. English Assistant Dircclor of Atlzlelim CAPTAIN J. B.A M 18 Treaslz rar M. HUNT alhenzrzlics Malhematics CAPTAIN J. N. MCQUEEN A.B. CAPTAIN B. F. BRAY A.B., M.E1l. English CAPTAIN J. L. BRAY A.l5., M.Ed. CAPTAIN C. I.. ROSS ILS. lfnglislz English MAJOR I. E. SMITII 19 Bb., IXl.A. fllnflzenmlics Latin, Aflriser fo Slfirmislzer CAPTAIN W. W. CIIAFFIN B.A., LLB. CAPTAIN A. B. MCFADDEN English A.B. CAPTAIN W. li. WASIIBURN B.A. 8th Grarle-.llr1Ilzen1aliCs CAPTAIN D. R. IIENSLEY JR. B.A. Government, Ilislory CAPTAIN P. E. I'IILllISMI'I'H 15.5. IWIIIIICIIIGIICS 20 General Science, U. S. History CAPTAIN D. II. WOMIILE B.A. CAPTAIN P. H. PEASE l3.Sv., M.Ed. 1,Ilj'Sif'S MRS. PEIILEY II. PEASE B.A., M.A. Remedial Reading CAPTAIN C. G. YACEL B Q Biology CAPTAIN J. L. BOGUE B.A., M.EcI. A'IIlllIClIlllifI'S 21 Spanish CAPTAIN S. K. KNIES, JR. B.Sc. CAPTAIN L. C. DICKERSO NI, II B.A., B.D. Lati 1, Bible E V! 1' I w.D'4,'W4n' Q ' H .. , , W C i I UA ,Taq H- v CAPTAIN C. E. GEARHART ILM., M.M. Piano, Voice, Organist, Director of Give Club CAPTAIN H. E. LOWDER B.S. Spanish .:., .. MAJOR C. C. IEIRINCE I3 X I3 Mmlienmlics 22 History, Govern ment MISS MICIIIIILL STEWAIIT I3.S.E1l., MA. CAPTAIN C. L. BARIIAM ILA. 3th Grade-Mntlzenznlics, lff1'1'f's. Sz'if'l1f'0 C.-IP'I'AlN II. C. .IAIIAUT I5.A. 8111 Craflc4Eng1isl1 MRS. VIRGINIA WIIITIZ Hostess INIIIS. ELLEN II. STEVENS Sl'CfClf1l',I' 23 Librarian 'V' "'2E.'!V MRS. ANNE B. DARNELL DR. J. I-I. YEATMAN M.D. Academy Physician MRS. RUTH G. TURNER R.N. In Charge oy Infrmary Nurse, Infrmary Staff .3 MRS. J. S. BETENBAUGH Nxglzt Nurse, Infirmary Staff 24- CAPTAIN G. R. EDGERTON B.M Banu' Director MHS. NI. l'liNNlNll'1'0N IVINS MRS. DORIS MADISON SCf'l'l'flll',Y CAl"l'.-XIN Rl. Q. Bl.-XDISON livnkkfvclwr, Al'l'0IllI1IIlll MHS. C. L, COLQSINS Scf'l'1'l111'y CULUNIQI, Cll,'XRI.ES A. COPI' 15.5. SIl1IUl'fIIf1'llII0llI of lluilrlings mul GTOIIIIIIS 25 Svr'rc'larj MRS. CHRISTINE B. FOLKES Bookkeeper MR. W. J. FOLKES Assistant Director F0011 1'rvparaIion ,muvzq 2 xx Q If -' 221- 5: ,x ., ' I gfisix vo 2 'ffmx S 5 lv. 09, 4 . S ISIDRO SARATE C.C.K., IZA. U. S. N. IRctire1lJ Cl1iefSlcwanl CAPTAIN U. R. B. D. HARTMAN B.S. S. History, Economics 26 'WV' N MEMURY OF X E jllilrs. atie ettp ivneah ish jfehruarp 12, 1956 The untimely death of Mrs. Snead was a shock to all who knew her. She has been associated with the Academy since 1907. Mrs. c'Katie,' was a most loyal friend to everyone and has earned an honored place among the many others who have served so faithfully. 27 . SENIOR CLASS To you the Senior Class of Skirmisher Staff hope, this volu ii 956, we the me of the year- book will be one that all of you wil and more as the years go by-fo back memories of a period in y many new avenues of interest you. Here on the campus of F made new and lasting friends, an W an insight into the areas of learnii l cherish more r it will bring our lives when ere opened to ork Union you d you obtained ng which civi- lized man has uncovered through the ages. We hope that you have acquired a background for "earning a living" and above all a clearer under- standing of "how to live". Remember that it is only through the search for truth that man can really become free. So as each of you go forth into a competitive and disturbed world, may you look back on your high school experience as a period when you started your development of maturity and understanding-wh to know yourself as well as you ere you learned r fellow cadet. MRS. MARGARET DREIFUS 2421 Menokin Drive Alvxamlria, Virginia Sponsor Captain BLAIR DUNCAN HOWARD President SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS R. Ernest Pardue Trueman S. Montfort Blair D. Howard Robert R. Viana Historian Vice-President President Secretary-Treasurer 29 r sergeants were rough and our details 195 fJust Fresh When we entered the freshman class in the of what the future held in store for us. As the 3 I easier with time. Some of us took our task in s road on the way to a even harder first year. O th hard at times, but most of us pedaled through wi first year and the upperclassmen didn't let us for started looking forward to our second year when - 195 fSophisl-ic This was the year we found ourselves comin Fork Union was now our second home. Our old men were strangers to us. We now felt that we many of us were non-coms, important members higher by the older cadets. It seemed funny at fi change to have our names on the good side of th a little. The majority of our class did not worry over plenty of time to pull them up. All we could d hoping it would be better than the previous one. - I 9 5 flntellect Our third year was a start for bigger thin became junior officers, as senior non-coms, some In this year we thought of our senior averages a viously. Our grades became more of a problem t our average up but we were a determined lot and The deep spirit of our old tradition became our job to uphold this tradition for the future turn down to the finish line, our fourth and final i I 9 5 1 Dignifi lt is hard for us to realize now that we ar desires for the last three years. We have worked life, and hope that we have set a good example th very word itself sets us apart as some thing spe many interests, some are officers in the corps, oth athletes, and then there are the few that had a p is a potential leader. Everyone says it feels good to be a senior, day of graduation comes and then deep down ix that everyone gets, wishing we had a few more y ears at such a fine school as Fork Union. As we think back on our life here at school we r sad ones, but now we want only happy memorie on our own two feet and become future leaders th with the spirit to overcome it. Our class will faculty for their many aids in our education for We now go on our individual way knowing body, mind, and spirit on the highest plane. 30 3 S I. police, but we were now telling the first-year m e in our old practice, walking off demerits. We were 5 menl fall of 1953, we were all a little scared ear passed, we found that things became r u ide while others hit the bumpy, crooked flying colors. We were "rats," this our fret it, but the year passed quickly and we dur duties would be easier. 4 at edl back to a school that was not new to us. riends were back and only the first-year vere a part of the Cadet Corps, because of clubs, or teams, or were considered st for us, as we had no details or outside EH to do our previous details. It was a delinquent sheet, but some of us kept on cocky and our rank did go to our heads If L C ir grades, for we felt that there was still c then was to wait for our junior year, uall gs for many of us. Many of our class became officers of clubs or good athletes. d college a little more than we had pre- us. It seems rather late for us to bring n o we worked harder. an important part of us, and it was now uniors. We were now rounding the last vear. 6 -I -1- edl e seniors, at last, we have completed our h' rd, learned more about our studies and a everyone will profit from. Seniors, the ci l over the rest. Our class is one with Cl have good grades in school, some are ar, in all of these. Everyone in our class and we will keep saying it until the final 1 our hearts there is that certain feeling emember the happy times as well as the s. We now realize that we must face life at everyone expects of us. The future is what we make it, but all of u s will meet what obstacles confronts us, thank Fork Union and its distinguished mzltany years to come. th t we leave behind a school that holds HALL OF FAME LSENIOR CLASS ONLYJ MOST: Likely to Succeed ........,. ....,.. ' l'urner, J. 'I'. Mature ......... ....... .....,....,....A..,....,...... .......... , M El rtin, H. M. lLIlIf0l'lIlUl ..,..., ,.,..,.. S heppard, D. F. and SLILLICTLEIIICL, C. B. LLIIIIIOCCIII ....... .......... H aber, R. A. and Weller, R. D. lLP01JllllIl' ..,.. ,..,.,.. I Javis, W. W. and Turner, J. 'I'. Noisy ,..,..., ........,.....,.,. .... ........... K r i eger, F. W. NHGllllS0II1C ...............,...,.. ...,...., C happle, 'l'. P. and Lyons, W. H. Drag Wilh The Faculty ...,.....,..., .. .. ,..... ....,..,....,.... H ampton, J. D. Drag With The AlllIlilIiSlI'f1ll.0lI .......,. Nealon, E. L. C0lISCl:CllII:0llS ........ ..,........... ,......... R 1 liz, R. M. BEST: Dresser ,....... .,...,......,........,............,...... H oward, B. D. l5Slufle11t .....,... .......... T urner, J. T. and Travassaros, S. N. Athlete ..... ...,... ...... . . , ......,..... Pardue, R. L Nalllrell .......... . .... Mountcaslle. A. M Sense of HIHILOI '....,.. ..... ...... M a upin, D. W llyflll for a Dirty f0l1 ..,.... ...,... N cwlvill, H. H Singer ..........,.....,,......... ...... , Street, R. W C0111111issio11 Oyicer ......... ........, I Luiz. R. M lV0l1-COIIIlIliSSll0IIC!l Oyicer .. ....... SLOIIC, 0. J BIGGEST : L? Pcs! .,..... WceA'e111le1' lLlW0lllllf ..,. . lLG0l1l lfrieht ,.,.,.. lLP0lllI'C1'lIII L5 The lwc Brock, A. H. and Wright, 'l'. Ii , HROLTLIISUII, YV. D Lwscher, G. D. and Short. 'Il W .,,....FeLi0. H. G. and NULJLC, WV. H .. . ., Lllloll, L. A. and Hayes. U. li 1 named lied for top honors Ill each case when the vote was taken. 31 ALLAN WINFIELD AINSWORTH R.F.D. il, Penna. Ave. Ambler, Pennsylvania 6Wyny5elfl7 '54-'55 Private' P.F.C.' Music A reciation Clubg Intra- , Q PP mural Sports. ,55-156 Sergeantg Squad Leader C-Co.g Com Clubg J. V. Baseballg Intramural Sportsg Favorite Sport-Football. Y, J., V if-F9-f3fV'T"' N ,, x5 six 5, 1 .. :x ,gy xr Q3 if W5 i X J kiXfr,iL:E.-,y lfkksrgi 4 J gy? LQ! W1 95' jf if is ', Wg 2 4 E? Qgfgii ROBERT ALLINGHAM 97 Avery Drive, N. E. Atlanta, Georgia 'Bob' '54-355 Privateg Sports Clubg Intramural Sports. 55-'56 Privateg Current Events Clubg Intramural Sportsg Favorite Sport-Football. Clee Clubg Non EBERT LOUIS BAILEY 1117 ,Iones Avenue Elizabeth City, North Carolina 'Sonnyi '54-'55 Privateg Bandg Clee Clubg Intramural Sports. ,55-356 Corpor' lg Non Com Clubg Bandg Clee Clubg Intra mural Sportsg Favorite Activity-Music. 32 7 52953 53954 54--'55 55956 54--'55 55-'56 ROBERT LOUIS BOUSMAN R.F.D. 4.13, Box 58 Ashburn, Virginia 'Bousie' Privateg Art Clubg 8th and 9th Grade Basketball, Baseball Teamsg Intramural Sports. Corporalg Sports Clubg Intramural Sportsg Non Com Club. Staff Sergeantg Non Com Clubg Sabre Stalfg J. V. Basketballg Intramural Sports. Sergeantg Squad Leader A-Co.g Non Com Clubg Sabre Staffg Cold Star Councilg Intramural Sportsg Favorite Sport--Basketball. ' ,nf Raster-sa rw A ,fassssil ff -af' WILLIAM BAGLEY BRIDGFORTH 1125 Broad Street Kenbridge, Virginia 'Williei Privateg P.F.C.g Sports Clubg Intramural Sports. Sergeautg Squad Leader A-Co.g Non Com Clubg Glee Clubg Intramural Sportsg Favorite Activity- Hunting. 33 DAVID MARTIN BISHOP 13 West State Street Media, Pennsylvania 'Dave' '55-,56 Privateg Varsity Football and Bas ball Intramural Sportsg Favorite Sport-Football 7 MIICHAEL BAILEY BRILES 100 Clennwood Road Asheboro, North Carolina 'Mike' '52-,53 Privateg C.A.P.g Bandg Intramural Sports. '53-'54 Corporalg Non Com Clubg C.A.P.g Intramural Sports. '54--'55 Sergeantg Non Com Clubg Hobby-Crafts Clubg In- tramural Sports. '55-'56 Master ergeantg F-Co.g Officers, Clubg DelVIolayg Tennis eamg Gold Star Councilg Favorite Sport -Tenni . ARTHUR HUGH BROCK 8242 South California Avenue Whittier, California 'Artie' '52-,53 Privateg Corporalg Sergeantg Non Com Clubg Cur- rent F,v ts Clubg Chess Clubg Intramural Sports. '53-541 Tech. S rgeantg Master Sergeantg Officers' Clubg Sports lubg C.A.P.g Current Events Clubg Foot- ballg Tr ck. ,54-355 1stSerg antg Lieutenantg Officers' Clubg DelVIolayg Sabre Stihffg C.C.U.g Gold Star Councilg Ciceronian Literary Societyg Footballg Intramural Sports. '55-'56 Lieutenantg Officers' Gold Star Councilg Sabr Stxffg Quill and DelVIolayg IV. Foot- bal aske ball and 3 Captain of F-Co. 'Qi of MI VICTOR EMANUEL BROWN, JR. 7' 1001 West Main Street , 'Y Williaxnston, North Carolina xl 1 'Vic' 55-'56 Privateg Bandg Footballg Intramural Sportsg Fa- vorite Sport-Footballg Favorite Activity-Music. 34 RONALD EVERETT BURDGE 3133 Schellhorn Road Alexandria, Virginia 'Ronal '54-'55 Privateg Corporalg Non Com Clubg Bandg Tennis Teamg ,l.V. Football and Basketballg Intramural Sports. 55-'56 Master Sergeantg Officers' Clubg Tennis Teamg B-Co.g J.V. Football and Basketballg Intramural Sportsg Favorite Sport-Football. STANLEY WHITE BUTLER, JR. 305 Clovelly Road Richmond, Virginia 'Stan' 52-'53 53354 54--'55 55-756 Privateg Sports Clubg Intramural Sports. Privateg Privateg Privateg Sports Cluhg C-Co.g Intramural Sportsg Favorite Sport-Building 'Hot Rods' and Racing. Sports Clubg Intramural Sports. Sports Clubg Intramural Sports. fit t, -. at g f s :- 1"' .. - ..,..,,, l JOSE RAMON CAMACHO 7 Calle I - 07 Guatemala City, Guatemala, C. A. 'El Indio' 54-'55 Privateg Sports Clubg Intramural Sports. '55-,56 Corporalg Non Com Clubg Honor Drill Platoong Latin American Music Appreciation Clubg Swim- ming Teamg A-C0.g Intramural Sportsg Favorite Sport-Football. 35 KENNETH ROYAL CARMICHAEL 18 Wadsworth Glen Rock, New Jersey 'Keni 54--'55 Privateg ,I.V. Footballg DeMolayg Dramatic Clubg Intramural Sports. 55-'56 Privateg ,I.V.. Footballg DeMolayg ,I.V. Baseballg Intramural Sportsg C-Co.g, Favorite Sport-Foot ball. '52-'53 753-'54 '54-'55 '55-'56 '53-'54 ,54--955 '55-'56 JAMIES FREDERICK CARPER P. O. Box ipE5 McLean, Virginia 'Fred' Private, P.F.C.g ,I.V. Footballg C.A.P.g Trackg In- tramural. Sports. Corporafg Non Com Clubg C.A.P.g J.V. Footballg Trackg tramural Sports. Sergean g Non Com Clubg C.A.P.g ,I.V. Footballg Trackg I tramural Sports. Sergeantg Squad Leader C-Co.g Non Com Clubg Varsity Footballg Trackg Intramural Sportsg Fa- vorite Sport-Football. CARIDS ENRIQUE CASTELLO 151 Calle A-Reparto Sueno Santiago de Cuba, Cuba 'Charliei Privateg P.F.C.g Honor Drill Platoong Music Ap- preciatior Clubg Intramural Sports. Corporalg Sergeantg Non Com Clubg Honor Drill Platoong Music Appreciation Clubg Intramural Sports. Tech. Ser eantg Non Com Clubg Honor Drill Pla- toong Sq ad Leader B-Co.g Intramural Sportsg Music Ap reciation Clubg Favorite Sport-Basket- ball. 36 '54-'55 THOMAS PAUL CHAPPLE 56 Gordon Road Willowdale, Ontario, Canada 'Paul' 53-'54 Privateg Corporalg Non Com Clubg .I.V. Footballg Sports Clubg Trackg Intramural Sports. 544955 Staff Sergeantg Non Com Clubg Sabre Staff 9 Trackg Intramural Sports. 55-'56 Master Sergeantg Captain of C-Co.g Officers' Clubg Trackg Sabre Staffg Quill and Scrollg Intramural Sportsg Favorite Sport--Track. '55-'56 MARIO JOSE CASTELLON Managua, Nicaragua 'lose' '55-'56 Privateg Bandg Music Appreciation Clubg Intra- mural Sportsg Favorite Sport-Tennis. . ,5,,., " 'I 3 VICTOR HUGO CASTILLO 3 - 12 F Avenue Guatemala, Quatemala, C. A. 'Hugo' Privateg P.F.C.g Music Appreciation Clubg Intra- mural Sports. Privateg Music Appreciation Clubg Intramural Sportsg Favorite Sport-Basketballg C-Co. 37 ,52-,53 '53-'54 '54-'55 '55-'56 RICHARD HAWES COREY State Road Falmouth Foreside, Maine 'Dick' 54355 Privateg Sports Clubg Intramural Sports. 55-'56 Sergeantg Non Com Clubg Sports Clubg DelVIolayg Intramural Sportsg Favorite Sport-Football. in ,W ,.,t . tr fri' A gf'-'QA X Wx: ge.. t EQ + ., ,X . up fr rl 6 Ex JOSEPH GARLAND DAUGHTRIDGE 1100 Sycamore Street Rocky Mount, North Carolina Cfoe, 55356 Privateg Current Events Clubg Intramural Sportsg Favorite Sport-Football. STEVENSON LUDLOW CLARK South Ferry Road Shelter Island, New York 'Steve, Private. C.A.P.g Intramural Sports. Corporalg Non Com Clubg C.A.P.g Intramural Sports. Sergeantg Non Com Clubg C.A.P.g Intramural Sports. Lieutenantg Officers' Clubg Glee Clubg E-Co.g In- tramural Sportsg Favorite Sport-Baseball. 38 WOODROW WILSON DAVIS New Canton, Virginia 'Woody' 54-'55 Privateg Intramural Sportsg Day Student. '55-'56 Privateg Intramural Sportsg Day Studentg Favorite QC Sport-Baseballg Favorite Activity-Hunting and F ishing. MX 5 'ITG 5 g 'ff-SE" 55514 N, , ,,,f .riff f , JOHN STEVENS DEAKIN 4 Roberts Avenue Danbury, Connecticut 'Deals' 52353 Privateg P.F.C.g C.A.P.g Music Appreciation Clubg Intramural Sports. 53354 Corporalg Non Com Clubg C.A.P.g Music Apprecia- tion Clubg Intramural Sports. 55-'56 Sergeantg Squad Leader C-Co.g Non Com Clubg Dramatic Clubg Intramural Sportsg Favorite Sport -Auto Racing. '52-753 ,53-554 '54-'55 355356 JAMES WILLIAM DRISCOLL 324- - 37th Street West Palm Beach, Florida 6Liskey, Privateg Bandg Dramatic Clubg Intramural Sports. Corporalg Non Com Clubg Bandg Sports Clubg Intramural Sports. Sergeantg Non Com Clubg Bandg Intramural Sports. Privateg Bandg Tennis Teamg Intramural Sportsg Favorite Sport-Football. 39 RICHARD ELLIOTT DUDLEY 115 Hopkins Avenue Haddonfield, New Jersey I 'Dicki 55-'56 Privateg P.F.C.g Glee Clubg Honor Drill Platoong F,-Co.g C.C.U.g Intramural Sportsg Favorite Sporll -Hunting and Fishing. E. :Sf!i?'iZZ?XELf 'zz Q Q rrixgsj , ' yy-Q 2. .Jim . Q A fs, 5 :aw f 'l 1 ff' -.f ' 'N 2 f ail WYS5iV"5a'2 2, fs I mf w 3. .V iss XX X- if W. , rev r is Na 5 Sim fffxiiel mfigxs E MASON WATKINS ELAM, JR. Clarksville, Virginia 'Headmanf 55-'56 Privateg A-Co.g Junior Varsity Footballg Intra- mural Sportsg Favorite Sport-Football. ,52-'53 753-'54 '54-'55 '55-'56 LESTER ALONZO ELLIOTT, II Privateg 118 Oates Avenue Winchester, Virginia 'Les, Corporalg Non Coin Clubg Sabre Staiig 8th and 9th Grade Basketball and Football Teamsg Intramuril Sports. Ist Serge ntg Oliicers' Clubg Sabre Staffg 8th and 9th Grade Basketball and Football Teamsg De- Molayg Intramural Sports. Lieutenanili Captaing F-Co. Commanderg Omcers' Club g De Captain g Molayg I1 ball. olayg Intramural Sports. F-Co. Commanderg Oflicers' Clubg De- ntramural Sportsg Favorite Sport-Foot January Graduate 40 THOMAS SENTER FAISON 1052 Nickols Drive Raleigh, North Carolina 'Tom' CARLTON EDWARD EMBREY 1900 North Ode Street Arlington, Virginia 'Shorlyi '55-'56 Privateg Bandg Tennis Teamg Trackg Intramural Sportsg Favorite Sport?Tennis. 55-'56 Privateg P.F.C. B-Co.g ,l.V. Footballg Sports Clubg Intramural Sportsg Favorite Sport-Football. K 'Q fl fm ixfjikf-X ,. fl .xxmfg lil? xi E Xia ggi,if:xEEx3'x K f S Q! N i' i fi k r A ajax ' NICHOLAS ALEX FALBO 1441 Palisade Avenue Palisade, New Jersey 'Nick' 54-355 Privateg B-Co.g Sabre Staffg Intramural Sports. 55-'56 Sergeantg B-Co.g Non Com Clubg Sabre Staifg Cur- rent Events Clubg Intramural Sportsg Favorite Sport-Baseball. 41 EARLY FORBES 103 Pritchard Street '53-'54 '54--'55 '55-'56 '52-'53 '53-754 '54-'55 755356 Elizabeth City, North Carolina 'Earlybirff HARRY GORDON FELIO, JR. 33 William Street Mount Vernon, New York clfuddyi Privateg Art Clubg Intramural Sports. Corporalg Sergeantg Non Com Clubg Sabre Staffg Athenian Literary Societyg Intramural Sports. Master Sergeantg Officers' Clubg A-C0.g Sabre Staffg DelVIolavg Quill and Scrollg Cold Star Coun- cilg Intrlamural Sports: Favorite Sports-Sailing and Wat r-Skiing. GEORGE DENNIS FISCHER 269 West 72nd Street Apt. :ji-IB-D, New York City, New York 'Dennis' Privateg A-Co.g Athenian Literary Societyg Science Clubg Intramural Sports. Privateg ence Clul Corporal Club g H4 A-Co.g C.A.P.g Honor Drill Platoong Sci- vg Tennis Teamg Intramural Sports. g Sergeantg Staff Sergeantg Non Com mor Drill Platoong Rifle Teamg Hobby- crafts Clubg Intramural Sports. Lieutenal Hatcher Council g itg Oflicers' Clubg A-C0.g Rilie 'lleamg Riflesg C.C.U.g Tennis Teamg Cold Star Ciceronian Literary Societyg Intramural Sportsg Favorite Sport-Tennis. 54-,55 Privateg Bandg Rifle Teamg Intramural Sports. 55-756 Privateg Bandg Corporalg Non Com Clubg Rifle Team: Intramural Sportsg Favorite Sports-Hunt ing and Sailing. 42 LEE WALTER FREEMAN 4545 Connecticut Avenue, N. W. Washington, D. C. 'The Rock' 55-356 Privateg Trackg Bandg Intramural Sportsg Favor- ite Sport-Track. ANDRES RAMON FUENTES 104 Acacia Street Mayaguez, Puerto Rico 'Ramon' '53-,54 Privateg Music Appreciation Clubg Intramural Sports. ' '54-'55 P.F.C.g Corporalg Non Com Clubg Music Apprecia- tion Clubg Intramural Sports. ,55-'56 Sergeantg Non Com Clubg Music Appreciation Clubg Intramural Sportsg Favorite Sport-Basket ball. 5921 . Q .:'i " A bf. K-5 NM. . W-m.WaM..,,., 5 1 vi , .M .. s 1w2"'fvm 'Marv 4 . . ,,.. www,W.e:sf- -. s:,..1. xii?-S'5'QY?'i'T Wl'flSifl1?3?Yf.f'.1?T.iIIl1 CTf2'..Y:fwg3i'1' w.. LANCE HARMON FUNDERBURK P. O. Box i,l:27 Hamer, South Carolina 'Fundiei '54-'55 Privateg Bandg Intramural Sports. '55-,56 Sergeantg Non Com Clubg Bandg Intramural Sportsg Favorite Sports-Basketball and Hunting. 43 JAMES VERNON GALLUP, JR. 1503 Carolina Avenue Norfolk, Virginia 'Buddjf 55-'56 Privateg Bandg Intramural Basketball and Baseball 3 Favorite Sport-Basketball. '55-'56 52-'53 53354 54--'55 55-'56 GASTON GARRIDO 37-4-I Peru Avenue Panama City, Panama 'Elbicho' Privateg Eramatic Clubg A-C0.g Intramural Sportsg Favorite port-Baseball. gg re . 9 X Ijifi 5 W Q91 af 2 K A ji Q ig.. ""'.', : 52: . 'W ..,- - y ,... In .,:,.., . ., at ,.::.,-:: - ROBERT JAMES GENOVESE Privateg 193 Dutchess Avenue Shaten Island, New York 'Bolf Current Events Clubg 8th and 9th Grade Football Teamg Intramural Sports. Corporalg Non Com Clubg Current Events Clubg 8th and 9th Grade Football Teamg Dramatic Clubg Intramural Sports. Corporalg on Com Clubg Sabre Staffg Dramatic Clubg lntr mural Sports. Sergeantg , on Com Clubg Honor Drill Platoong Sabre Staffg E-Co.g Intramural Sportsg Favorite Sport-Golf and F ishing. 44 '53-,54 '54-'55 ,55-,56 '53-'54 '54-155 '55-'56 JOHN ALFRED GREENBERG 11-53 Segunda Avenida Rep. de Guatemala, Central America 'Fred, 53-'54 Privateg P.F.C.g Art Clubg Trackg lntramural Sports. 54355 Corporalg Non Com Clubg Hobby Craft's Clubg Trackg Intramural Sports. 55-'56 Sergeantg Non Com Clubg Music Appreciation Clubg Trackg lntramural Sportsg A-Co.g Favorite Sport- Swimming. BILLY LANGSTON GOING 27 Mitchell Road Hampton, Virginia 'Billy Privateg Sports Clubg lntramural Sports. Privateg Sports Clubg lntramural Sports. Privateg Glee Club fPresidenUg lntramural Sportsg E-Co.g Favorite Sport-Football. fanuary Graduate f1,?'iiwi" . f 1 f ewfnfm y X -L 50-.wtftxsu Befiaef rw' 'Y bww? 45" iff: i.:,s.Qg5gsQ 5258 5 tf'Ni'il9QQ',flfgs'E? f-, Y Qzfiyi a-ffqx W., EZEQUIEL ALVAREZ GOMEZ Calle 14, No. 208 bajos Vedaclo, Habana, Cuba 'E.G.' Privateg Music Appreciation Clubg lntramural Sports. P.F.C.g Hobby Craft's Clubg lntramural Sports. Corporalg Non Com Clubg Current Events Clubg B-Co.g lntramural Sportsg Favorite Sport-Baseball and Tennis. 45 mural 555-,56 Master Intraml DAVID LEE I-IALE 200 Bellefonte Drive Ashland, Kentucky , GIJIIUE, 54-'55 Privateg P.F.C.g Sports Clubg J.V. Football and Baseballg Sabre Stalfg Intramural Sports. 55-'56 Tech. Sergeantg Non Com Clubg ,l.V. Footballg B-Co.g Intramural Sportsg Favorite Sport-Football, gf xi.f1.fX1-14 Q ,....,.-. M X .,- War. 2 ygfi,...,.?, Qgy W, 'gn 2' .N 73. wh ei 'A Xa' .5355 wx itjggf X' new 4-' fix 'X' ,E wi 'tk W'-,:X'M. eff .M ew .Waite W Qi:sffMf.',:.iywceg 3?w.'ssXZYff" my-Q QQ itil .tgfggjfwmat M533 -- .t,aa:." 55?-.5-.:ya ,.fNL-AAF' N' JOHN DALLAS HAMPTON 11th and Atlantic Avenue Virginia Beach, Virginia 'Humpi 52353 Privateg C.A.P.g Intramural Sports. 53954 Corporalg Sergeantg Non Com Clubg C.A.P.g Intra- mural Sports. 54-'55 Sergeant First Classg Non Com Clubg C.A.P.g Intra- mural Sports. 55-'56 Lieutenantg Ollicers' Clubg DelVlolayg B-Co.g Intra- mural Sportsg Favorite Sport-Football. 46 ,54-'55 Privateig RICHARD ADAM HABER, II R.F.D. :f:I:2 Beaver, Pennsylvania 'Dicki Corporalg Non Com Clubg Bandg Intra- ports. Sergeantg Skirmisher Stailg Officers' Clubg iral Sportsg Favorite Activity-Music. 52-'53 53-'54 54-'55 55-'56 53-'54 54-'55 55-'56 DONALD EARL HAYES 1600 Monument Avenue Richmond, Virginia 'Dorf Private, Corporal, Non Com Club, Sth and 9th Grade Football and Basketball Team, C.A.P., Intra- mural Sports. Sergeant, Non Com Club, Sth and 9th Grade Foot- ball and Basketball Team, DelVIolay, C.A.P., Intra- mural Sports. Tech. Sergeant, Master Sergeant, Ofhcers' Club, DclVIolay, Intramural Sports. Lieutenant, F-Co., Ollicers' Club, DelVIolay, Intra- mural Sports, Favorite Sport-Hunting. CHARLES CARTER HEDRICK Star Route Falmouth, Virginia 'Hedi Private, Band, 8th and 9th Grade Football Team, ,l.V. Baseball, Intramural Sports. Staff Sergeant, Band, Non Com Club, Intramural Sports. Sergeant, Squad Leader-Band, J.V. Football, J.V. Baseball, Non Com Club, Intramural Sports, Favorite Sports-Football, Hunting, Favorite Ac- tivity-Music. '52-i53 ,53-'54 ,54-,55 '55-,56 BLAIR DUNCAN HOWARD 1003 Janney's Lane Alexandria, Virginia 'Blair' Private, P.F.C., Sports Club, Sth and 9th Grade Football Team, Tennis, Intramural Sports. ' Sergeant, Non Com Club, Sports Club, ,l.V. Foot- ball, Tennis, Intramural Sports. Captain, Band Commander, Ollicers' Club, ,I.V. Basketball and Football, Gold Star Council, Tennis, Intramural Sports. Captain, Batallion Staff, Olhcers' Club, Varsity Football, Tennis, Gold Star Council, Skirmisher Staff, Senior Class fPresidenlj, Intramural Sports, Favorite Sport-Football. 47 '54-'55 Privateg P.F.C.g Music Appreciation Clubg Intra- '55-356 MURRAY BOOTH HOWELL 723 Chesapeake Avenue Hampton, Virginia 'Tinyi mural Sports. Corporalg Non Com Clubg Glee Clubg E-Co.g mural Sportsg Favorite Sports--Basketball mild Football. Intr - N Q323 N. Q 'G Wg. EW:-Raft Ei-Y-MKELW,-gi-wiifi 54-'55 55-'56 t 5:33 Q3-xo A ROBERT ALPHONSO JACKSON, JR. 111 North 14th Avenue Hopewell, Virginia 'Alphie' Staff Sergeant' Squad Leader C'Co., Non Com Clubg DeMolayg Trackg Intramural Sportsg Favorit Sport-Track. Privateg DelVIolayg Trackg Intramural Sports. 7 e WALTER BURKE JOHNSON, JR. 906 East Pembroke Avenue Hampton, Virginia 'Buck' '54-355 Privateg P.F.C.g DeMolayg Rifle Teamg Honor Drill Pl toong Intramural Sports. '55-756 lst Ser eantg A-Co.g Officers, Clubg DelVIolayg Rifle T amg Honor Drill Platoong Intramural Sportsg avorite Sport-Hunting. 48 CLARENCE FLEMING KELLAM, JR. 919 LaFayette Avenue Colonial Heights, Virginia ' 'Flemi '54-'55 Privateg C.A.P.g P.F.C.g Corporalg Non Com Clubg Intramural Sports. '55-756 Sergeantg Color Guard B-Co.g DelVIolayg Non Com Clubg Intramural Sportsg Favorite Sports-Football and Basketball. ROBERT WILLIAM KERNS 1221 Annendale Road Falls Church, Virginia 'Bobi 53 Privateg Dramatic Clubg Intramural Sports. 54 Tech. Sergeantg Non Com Clubg Sports Clubg Trackg Intramural Sports. 55 Ist Sergeantg C-Co.g Officers' Clubg Sports Clubg Trackg Intramural Sports. 56 Captaing Battalion Staffg Officers, Clubg Trackg Dramatic Clubg Intramural Sportsg Favorite Sport -Track. sl ,wil . Q, I., zif RM- Xdvvlfl ,... 1 .:Q'.. Ilzz' ' 0 'Z f ..,.K 2 f ,,.5.,t 1 Eg 0 1 twat? ,. .:.., ll gg tlxfin . X ' Q3 N X9 " '. . . . .seg ,SV Qfwx ,,',- EE: ,,.. . 0 WILLIAM CHRISTOPHER KIDD, JR. 2209 Fairfield Avenue Bluefield, West Virginia 'Christiei 56 Privateg P.F.C.g Ciceronian Literary Societyg E-Co.g Intramural Sportsg Favorite Sport - Motorcycle Riding. 49 '52-,53 '53-'54 ,54-'55 '55-,56 RAYMOND MATTHEW LARDANI 2435 Olive Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania :Ray JAMES BRYANT KIRKLAND, JR. '55-,56 Privateg Sportsg 2621 Grant Avenue Raleigh, North Carolina 'limmyi Favorite Activity-Photography. '5'C'..':., whfw WSJ? ::,,. . 5a I ::":' I Mgqiqka! V FREDERICK WILLIAM KRIEGER Lake Stockholm New Jersey 'Freddie, Privateg Corporalg Non Com Clubg Science Club Intram Jral Sports. Sergeantg Non Com Clubg C.A.P.g Sabre Staff Intramural Sports. Ist Sengeantg F-Co.g Ofhcers' Clubg Sabre Staffg Quill and Scrollg Intramural Sports. First Sergeantg C-Co.g Officers' Clubg Sabre Staffg Quill ar ity-.I o ld Scrollg Intramural Sportsg Favorite Activ urnalist. 55-'56 Privateg Varsity Footballg Trackg E-C0.g Intra, mural Sportsg Favorite Sport-Football. 50 P.F.C.g Sabre Staffg B-C0.g Intramural GEORGE STUART LAWSON, JR. 7718 Sweet Briar Road Richmond, Virginia 'Saint George' 53-'54 Privateg Sports Clubg Intramural Sports. 54355 Privateg Sabre Staffg Chess Clubg Intramural Sports. 55356 Sergeantg B-Co.g Sabre Staffg Rifle Teamg Non Com Clubg Intramural Sportsg Favorite Sports- Fishing and Football. FREDDIE EUGENE LEE 1459 Kempsville Road Norfolk, Virginia 'Fredi '55-756 Privateg B-Co.g Varsity Footballg Varsity Basket- ball and Baseballg Favorite Sports-Football and Basketball. f WILLIAM HOWARD LYONS, JR. 206 Cardinal Road Virginia Beach, Virginia 'Williei '55-'56 Privateg E-C0.g J.V. Footballg Sports Clubg Intra- mural Sportsg Favorite Sport-Football. 51 55-'56 THOMAS JOSEPH McAULIFFE Olcl Squan Road West West Point Pleasant, New Jersey 4106, Privateg P.F.C.g Varsity Football and B-Co.g Varsity Baseballg Favorite Sports Basketball, and Baseball. Basketb -Footb , iflf LUTHER DONALD McPEAK '55-,56 Privateg Varsity Footballg C-C0.g Sportsg ERNE 923 Howbert Avenue S. W. Roanoke, Virginia 'Dorf Intramural Favorite Sport-Football. ,4 -s fr I -Mags? Xi 3, xeiigr - X ea., A gyzigrff rj ,AQ X is Q Rita , ,,,., Q ,S 5 2 Sf ab Ns . ' ? ST JACKSON HUTCHINS MANN 1412 Canterbury Road Raleigh, North Carolina 'laclf '53-,54 Privateg P.F.C.g DeMolayg Varsity Trackg Intra- mural Sports. '54-,55 Mast r Sergeantg Color Guard fln Chargejg Var- sity 'Rrackg Sabre Staffg Intramural Sports. 755-'56 Lieutaenantg B-C0.g Ollicers' Clubg Trackg Sabre Staffg -Tr 52 DelVl0layg Intramural Sportsg Favorite Sport ack. ,52353 ,53354 '54955 ,55f56 ,53354 '54f55 '55356 GALLAIS EMRICK MATHENY 112 Woodlawn Avenue Upper Darby, Pennsylvania 'Galei HAROLD McDOWELL MARTIN 2515 North Franklin Road Arlington, Virginia 'funeyi Privateg C.A.P.g P.F.C.g Intramural Sports. Corporalg Non Com Clubg C.A.P.g Honor Drill Platoong Intramural Sports. Master Sergeantg Ofiicers, Clubg C.C.U.g Honor Drill Platoong Music Appreciation Clubg Cold Star Councilg Intramural Sports. Lieutenantg E-Co.g Officers, Clubg Flying Clulag Honor Drill Platoong Gold Star Councilg C.C.U.g Intramural Sportsg Favorite Sport-Football. Egg 2,., 3 3-54,1 .-5: ii: :-5.. . yruyuawmon ff ' i ':E. k..::: 'i V . MQW! . WILLIAM FLEMING MARTIN 2515 North Franklin Road Arlington, Virginia 'Uncle Willie, Privateg Art Clubg Intramural Sports. Sergeantg Non Com Clubg C.A.P.g Honor Drill Platoong Intramural Sports. Lieutenantg E-Co.g Officers' Clubg Clee Clubg Sabre Staffg Honor Drill Platoong Intramural Sportsg Favorite Sport-Football. 55-156 Privateg Glee Clubg J.V. Basketballg Trackg Sabre Staffg B-Co.g Intramural Sportsg Favorite Sport- Co lf. 53 DAVID WILLIAM MAUPIN 12 East 38th Street Richmond, Virginia 'Mo' '54-'55 Privateg Bandg Trackg Intramural Sports. '55-'56 Sergeanng Bandg Non Com Clubg J.V. Football and i Basketb.llg Trackg Intramural Sportsg Favorite Sports--Boat Racing and Track. ROBERT LEWIS MILLER 12815 4th Avenue Corry, Pennsylvania 'Bobi 55-'56 Privateg P.F.C.g Varsity Football, Basketball, andl Baseballg C-Co.g Favorite Sport-Football. aff Q3 xa:GQay if,-ft 1' ALAN WINDSOR MKITARIAN 500 Warwick Road Haddonfield, New Jersey 'Mac' 54-'55 Privateg Music Appreciation Clubg Intramural Sports. 55-'56 Sergeantg B-Co.g Non Com Clubg DeMolayg Honor Drill Platoong Intramural Sportsg Favorite Sport- Baseball. 54- 52-'53 Privateg Glee Clubg Intramural Sportsg Band. 53-'54 Cor oralg Non Com Clubg Bandg Intramural 54-355 Staff Sergeantg Tech. Sergeantg Non Com Clubg 55-'56 Lieutenantg Bandg Officers' Clubg Sabre Staffg TRUEMAN SLINGLUFF MONTFORT 6819 Meadow Lane Chevy Chase, Maryland 'T. S., 53-754 Privateg Sports Clubg Sabre Staffg Intramural Sports. 54--'55 Privateg Rifle Teamg Sports Clubg Intramural Sports. 55-,56 Master Sergeantg C-Co.g Ollicersi Clubg Trackg Senior Class K V ice-Presidentjg Rifle Team K Cap- tainjg Glee Clubg Intramural Sportsg Favorite Sports-Football and Basketball. ARTHUR MONTAGUE MOUNTCASTLE 212k Clay Street Suifolk, Virginia 'Montyi P Sports. Bandg Intramural Sports. Intramural Sportsg Favorite Sport-Basketball. 1 DANIEL RAYMOND MYERS 1108 South 19th Street Arlington, Virginia 'Dan' '55-,56 Privateg Varsity Footballg E-Co.g Intramural Sportsg Favorite Sport-Football. 55 EDWARD ANTHONY NAVARRO 317 West 89th Street New York City, New York 'Eddie, 54-755 Privateg Corporalg Sergeantg C-Co. Clerkg N011 Com Clubg Sabre Staff g Intramural Sports. 55-'56 Lieutenantg C-C0.g Officers' Clubg Sabre Stailg Quill and Scrollg Intramural Sportsg Favorite Sports -Football and Basketball. EDGAR LEE NEALON 2929 Connecticut Avenue, N. W. Washington, D. C. C-Ed? '52-'53 Privateg P.F.C.g Corporalg Non Com Clubg C.C.U.g Science Clubg Intramural Sports. ,53-'54 Sergeantg Non Com Clubg DelVIolayg Sabre Stafllg Honor Drill Platoong Intramural Sports. '54-'55 Lieutenantg Officers' Clubg DelVIolayg Sabre Staflg Quill and Scrollg Intramural Sports. '55-'56 Lieutenant Colonelg Battalion Commanderg De- Molayg Officers' Clubg Skirmisher Staffg Quill a d Scrollg ,l.V. Footballg Intramural Sportsg Favor' Sport-Footballg Favorite Activity-DeMolay. '55-'56 H. RAILPH EDGAR NEIDIG, JR. 1500 North 15th Street Reading, Pennsylvania 'Ralph' Privateg P.F.C.g Glee Clubg Honor Drill Platoong C.C.U.: Intramural Sportsg Favorite Sport-Base ball. 56 WILLARD REYNOLDS NOBLE, JR. 3603 Sherwood Place Lynchburg, Virginia 'Nobs' '53-'54 54355 '55-'56 HAMPTON HUDSON NEWBILL, JR. Scottsburg, Virginia 'skipi Privateg ,I.V. Basketballg Varsity Baseballg Intra- mural Sports. Tech. Sergeantg Non Com Clubg Sabre Stafifg De- Molayg ,I.V. Basketballg Trackg Honor Drill Platoong Intramural Sports. Ist Sergeantg Oliicers, Clubg B-Co.g DelVIolayg Skirmisher Staffg Varsity Football and Basketballg Varsity Baseballg Favorite Sports-Baseball and Football. 53-'54 Privateg Sports Clubg Intramural Sports. 54-355 Sergeantg Non Com Clubg Sabre Staffg A-Co.g Intramural Sports. 55-'56 Master Sergeantg Color Guardg Oflicers' Clubg Sabre Staffg DeMolayg J.V. Footballg Intramural Sportsg Trackg Favorite Sport-Football. Jia", A iqjffet fl? N S :J Rfb! yt A II N..-+ei Mg:N..I 4" Q , J ,,,,.., zzzbg 1 gs 4' Q5 JERRY GLENN OSTWALT I7 Black Hawk Drive, S. E. Washington, D. C. 'Ozz, 54-'55 Privateg P.F.C.g Bandg Varsity Trackg Intramural Sports. 55-'56 Sergeantg Non Com Clubg Bandg Trackg Intra- mural Sportsg Favorite Sport-Baseballg Favorite Activity-Music. 57 54-'55 55-'56 RAMON ERNEST PARDUE 900 Brandon Avenue Norfolk, Virginia 'Erniei '52-'53 Privateg Football fManager,lg 8th and 9th Grade Basketb ll Teamg Trackg Current Events Clubg In- tramurag Sports. Football flllanagerjg ,I.V. Basketballg ntramural Sports. lg Football fManager,lg Trackg Gold Star Councilg Non Com Clubg Intramural Sports. Master fManagerjg Varsity Basketballg Trackg Gold Star Councilp Senior Class fHist0rianjg Intramural Sportsg lFavorite Sports-Track and Basketball. '53-'54 P.F.C.g Trackg Corpor ,511-,55 '55-,56 Sergeantg E-Co.g Officers, Clubg Football WILLIAM HARPER PARKER Stevensburg, Virginia 'Hillbilly' Varsity Basketbtallg Trackg Sports Clubg iral Sports. ,511--'55 Private 5 Intramu ,55-'56 Tech. Sergeantg E-Co.g Varsity Basketballg Non Com CII Basketb ll. bg Intramural Sportsg Favorite Sport- JUAN de DIOS PASTORA i,l:625 Av. San Martin Managua, Nicaragua, Central America 'Juan' Privateg P.F.C.g Music Appreciation Clubg Intra- mural Sports. Privateg P.F.C.g Corporalg Non Com Clubg Music Appreciation Club C-Co.g Intramural Sportsg Favorite Sport-Basketballg Favorite Activity- Music. 58 DOUGLAS WILLIAM PRESCOTT 303 Selden Street Elizabeth City, North Carolina 'Dougi 55-'56 Private, Current Events Club, Intramural Sports, Favorite Sports-Basketball and Swimmin ,52-353 '53-,54 '54-'55 '55-'56 ,54-'55 '55-'56 0' D. MELVIN ALLEN PRICE 2207 Chesapeake Avenue Hampton, Virginia ,AF Private, Glee Club, Honor Drill Platoon, Intra- mural Sports. Sergeant, Non Com Club, Glee Club, Honor Drill Platoon, Intramural Sports. Tech. Sergeant, Non Com Club, Clee Club, Honor Drill Platoon, Intramural Sports. Sergeant, C-Co., Non Com Club, Clee Club, Honor Drill Platoon, Intramural Sports, Favorite Activity -Glee Club. ' January Graduate EDUARDO GUILLERMO QUIRCH Calle 44 N. 13 entre lay 3a Miramar, Habana, Cuba 'Eddy' Private, J.V. Baseball, Music Appreciation Club, Swimming Team, Intramural Sports. Private, Corporal, Non Com Club, ,l.V. Baseball, Music Appreciation Club, Swimming Team, A-Co., Intramural Sports, Favorite Sport-Base- ball. 59 ROBERT CAMPBELL ROSS 301 Weems Road Manassas, Virginia 'Robirf 55756 Privateg Sports Clubg C-Co.g Current Events Clubg Intramural Sportsg Favorite Sport-Swimming. 9 7 7 7 7 3 7 9 RAMON MIGUEL RUIZ 554- Carpenter Road Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico ' 'Hands0me, 52-'53 Master fgergeant f,I.G.jg Glee Clubg 8th and 9th Grade F otball and Basketball Teamsg Intramural Sports. 53-,541 Staff Sergeantg Tech. Sergeantg Non Com Clubg Glee Clulibg J.V. Basketballg Honor Drill Platoong lntramu al Sports. 54955 Lieutenantg E-Co.g Officers, Cluhg J.V. Basketballg Tennisg Music Appreciation Clubg Chess Clubg In- tramural Sports. 55-756 Captaing B-Co. Commanderg Skirmisher Staifg Sabre St ffg Officers, Clubg J.V. Basketballg Ten- nisg Intlliimural Sportsg Favorite Sport-Basket ball. EDWARD LEWIS SADLER R.F.D. :',.1:4, Box 3fi664flv Suifolk, Virginia cliudgie' 52-553 Privateg Clee Clubg Intramural Sports. 53354 Corporalg Non Com Clubg Glee Clubg Intramural Sports. 54-,55 Tech. Serfeantg J.V. Footballg Non Com Clubg Glee Clubg Intuamural Sports. 55756 Lieutenantg A-Co.g Oflicers, Clubg J.V. Footballg Intramural Sportsg Favorite Sport--Football. 60 53-'54 54-555 55-'56 '54-755 '55-'56 ,52-,53 '53-'54 '54-,55 '55-'56 RICHARD COMPTON SAGE Box 3546 Three Mile Harbor Road East Hampton, Long Island, New York 'Dick' Privateg C.A.P.g Honor Drill Platoong Sabre Staflg Rifle Teamg Clee Clubg Trackg Intramural Sports. lst Sergeantg Officers, Clubg E-Co.g Flying Club fPresidenUg Honor Drill Platoong DeMolayg Rifle Teamg C.C.U.g Trackg Intramural Sportsg Favorite Sport-Track. DONALD FRANCIS SHEPPARD Box j:j:25 Lorton, Virginia 'Shelf Privateg Ciceronian Literary Societyg Intramural Sports. Privateg Corporalg Non Com Clubg Intramural Sports. Staif Sergeantg Sergeant First Classg Non Com Clubg Current Events Clubg Honor Drill Platoong Intramural Sports. ' Lieutenantg A-Co.g OfHcers, Clubg Honor Drill Pla- toong Current Events Clubg Intramural Sportsg Favorite Sport-Baseball. THOMAS WYNNE SHORT A Purdy, Virginia 'Wynne' Privateg Corporalg Sergeantg Non Com Clubg Bandg ,l.V. Footballg Intramural Sports. Master Sergeantg Bandg OHicers' Clubg J.V. Foot ballg Intramural Sports. Lieutenant: Bandg Oflicers, Clubg ,l.V. Footballg Intramural Sportsg Favorite Sport-Football. 61 '54-755 '55-,56 GEORGE COLVILLE SMITH, III R.F.D. :H:2 Appomattox, Virginia Smitty, ,53-754 Privateg Science Clubg Intramural Sports. CHARLES DUSTIN SMITH Central Privateg Corporalg C.C.U.g ketball. '54-'55 Corporalg Non Com Clubg Clee Clubg Intramural Sports. '55-756 Sergeantg C-Co.g Glee Clubg Rifle Teamg Intra- mural Sportsg Favorite Sport-Basketball. ,fx E-wits X ft gf 4---me-Q"f xx X , , QW fi ,nt I if Nagy rw., ft-V., fig? My a 2 QQXLTQLQRF' ff xffi we at at f' Sitwxwf A OLIVER JoHNsoN STONE Bassett, Virginia 'Stone-0, 53-'54 Privateg P.F.C.g Bandg Intramural Sports. 54-'55 Sergeantg Bandg Non Com Clubg Intramural Sports. 55-'56 Tech. Sergeantg Bandg Non Com Clubg Lieutenantg F-Co.g Ofhcers' Clubg Intramural Sportsg Favorite Sports-Ice Hockey and Football. 62 2 Church Street Islip, Long Island, New York 'Chuck' Bandg C.C.U.g Intramural Sports. Non Com Clubg Bandg ,I.V. Basketballg Intramural Snortsg Favorite Sport-Bas RALPH WAYNE STREET Route jil, Box 4iI6A Glen Allen, Virginia 'Waynei Privateg Dramatic Clubg C.C.U.g Intramural Sports. Corporalg Sergeantg Non Com Clubg Current Events Clubg Honor Drill Platoong Clee Clubg C.C.U.g Intramural Sports. Master Sergeantg Officers' Clubg Dramatic Clubg Glee Clubg C.C.U.g Intramural Sports. Captaing E-Co. Commanderg Officers' Clubg Skirm- isher Staffg C.C.U.g Intramural Sportsg Favorite Sport--Baseball. 52353 53354 54355 55356 53354 54355 55356 CAMERON BAIRD SUTHERLAND 838 Roanoke Hill Dante, Virginia 'Cam' Privateg P.F.C.g Sports Clubg Intramural Sports. Sergeantg Non Com Clubg Honor Drill Platoong Sports Clubg Intramural Sports. Lieutenantg E-Co.g Oflicers, Clubg Sports Clubg Intramural Sportsg Favorite Sport-Football. 63 RICHARD MARTIN TAYLOR Medical Section Hq 2nd Army Fort George G. Meade Maryland 'Dick '53354 Privateg Bandg Intramural Sports '54-355 Privateg Bandg Intramural Sports '55-'56 Privateg Bandg Intramural Sports Favorite Sports -Rifle and Pistol Target Shootm VINCENT JAMES TESORO 1136 Eastern Parkway Brooklyn, New York cN K, 55-756 Privateg Bandg Sabre Staffg Intramural Sportsg Favorite Sports-Swimming and Canoeing. ai X .13 Wifi' r ff' 3 fa? ENVI fifg,:f1:'5 'rss 'AS N frixgff' kim-4wfQ...f3S35 43535: J xt .,... 2 ' F7 is we ls! J ee JOSEPH JUNE THOMPSON, JR. Box i,J:363 Weldon, North Carolina Clay, '53-,54 Privateg Current Events Clubg Intramural Sports. 54-755 Corporalg Non Com Clubg DeMolayg Intramural Sports. 55356 Master Sergeantg E-Co.g Officers, Clubg DelVIolay Intramural Sportsg Favorite Sport-Baseball. SPIRO 7 7 9 7 64 5 S NICHOLAS TRAVASSAROS 109-31 118th Street Richmond Hill, New York 'Creek' 52-'53 Privateg Current Events Clubg Intramural Sports. 53-'54 Sergeantg Staff Sergeantg Non Com Clubg C.A.P.g Intramural Sports. 541755 Master Sergeantg Ofiicers, Clubg C.A.P.g Gold Star Councilg Sabre Staffg Intramural Sports. 55-'56 Lieuterantg B-Co.g Current Events Club fPresi- dentjg Gold Star Councilg Oflicers' Clubg Sabre Staffg Quill and Scrollg Intramural Sportsg Favor- ite Sport-Football. '52-'53 '53-'54 '54-,55 '55-'56 WILLIAM LARRY VAINWRIGHT 134-7 Norcora Drive Norfolk, Virginia 'Larryi 55356 Privateg Sports Clubg J.V. Football and Basketballg E-Co.g Trackg lntramural Sportsg Favorite Sport- Football. A Nix r QR ' 1. E it S he JUAN ALBERTO VEGA 33 B Union Street Salinas, Puerto Rico 'Alberto' 54355 Privateg P.F.C.g lntramural Sportsg Music Appre- ciation Clubg Rifle Team. 55356 Sergeantg Non Com Clubg C-Co.g Glee Clubg Rifle Team' Music A reciation Club' Intramural a PP , Sportsg Favorite Sport-Basketball. JAMES THOMAS TURNER 723 Rose Avenue Clifton Forge, Virginia 'lim' Privateg P.F.C.g Current Events Clubg C.A.P.g ln- tramural Sports. Corporalg Sergeantg Non Com Clubg Honor Drill Platoong Trackg Current Events Clubg C.A.P.g Sabre Staffg lntramural Sports. Sergeant Majorg Battalion Staffg Ollicers' Clubg Gold Star Councilg C.A.P.g C.C.U.g Sabre Staffg Quill and Scrollg Trackg lntramural Sports. Captain Adjutantg Battalion Staffg Ollicers, Club fPresidentjg Current Events Club fPresidenUg C.C.U. fPresiflentjg Sabre Stall IEditorjg Quill and Scrollg Cold Star Council fPresidentjg Athen- ian Literary Societyg Track. 65 GEORGE HAMLIN WALKER, JR. Blackstone, Virignia 'Ceorgei Privateg Sports Clubg Intramural Sports. Corporalg Non Com Clubg Dramatic Clubg Intra- mural Sports. Sergeantg Non Com Clubg Dramatic Clubg Intra- mural Sports. Tech. Sergeantg A-Co.g Non Com Clubg Glee Clubg Intramural Sportsg Favorite Sport-Hunting. 66 '53-'541 Private g '54-'55 Private 5 ,55-556 Privat g -Fooilii ROBERT RAY VIANA 11403 JOIHN JOSEPH VENTRESCA 106 Quaint Acres Drive Silver Spring, Maryland 'Johnny' Bandg Intramural Sports. Bandg Intramural Sports. Bandg Intramural Sportsg all and Baseball. Favorite Sports -Apt. :f:,l:1, 17th Street, N. E. Washington, D. C. 3 CRay9 '52-'53 Private. Corporalg Non Com Clubg Sabre Staff' Glee Cl bg Intramural Sports. '53-,54 Sergearilltg Non Com Clubg Sabre Statfg Glee Clubg Honor Drill Platoong Intramural Sportsg .I.V. Football. '54-'55 Staff Stlrgeantg Tech. Sergeantg Non Com Clubg Sabre .talig Glee Clubg Honor Drill Platoong C.A.P.g Intramural Sports. '55-'56 I..ieuten'ntg C-Co.g Oflicers' Clubg Glee Clubg Senior lass Oliicerg Intramural Sportsg Favorite Sports Football and Bowling. . X' U u l ' W' A. -1.4: a x X' .3 Q' P ' RICHARD DANE WELLER Box il:127 Grundy, Virginia 'Dick' 54--'55 Privateg Science Clubg Intramural Sports. 55-'56 Corporalg Non Com Clubg E-Co.g DeMolayg Glee Clubg Intramural Sportsg Favorite Sport-Basket ball. '55-'56 '54-'55 '55-'56 BRADLEY WAYNE WHITT 7003 .Iahnke Road Richmond, Virginia 'Wayne' Privateg Varsity Footballg B-Co.g Trackg Intra- mural Sportsg Favorite Sport-Football. J -11 'Lf' , ,--, , 3 N . 1' ' JAMES CHARLES WILLIAMS, III 700 Norfleet Street Franklin, Virginia 'Charles' Privateg P.F.C.g Glee Clubg Honor Drill Platoong Intramural Sports. Corporalg Glee Clubg Honor Drill Platoong Non Com Cluhg Trackg Intramural Sportsg Favorite Sports-Football and Water Skiing. 67 LARRY BELMONT WIMMER 2705 Wyclilfe Avenue Roanoke, Virginia Tip, 55-,56 Privateg B-Co.g Honor Drill Platoong Glee Clulug Intramural Sportsg Favorite Sport--Football. R 7 9 7 7 68 '54-'55 Private-:g '55-'56 Private-xg Sports g JOSEPH STANLEY WITHINGTON, JR. .F.D. 1:32, Peter Moore Lane De Soto, Missouri aloe, Hobby Craft's Clubg Intramural Sports. Current Events Clubg E-Co.g Intramural Favorite Sport-Football. SGW' cf N xx mai Q 1 wkglgimwo of DE? 1 f X Q3 3""rgb is 5 salts' 55 f 'W't!5io?3' :E 5 K M 53 2 S' Sli ax .X xwazv. ...,, .,....., .. .V ,.,...,.. ... X qw., L. w...,,SWX.,o,R. .5 be M .. ,.iM.,s.t N.. as x L 3 TIHOMAS ESSEX WRIGHT 1326 Monterey Avenue Norfolk, Virginia SES, 52-'53 Privatczg Art Clubg Intramural Sports. 53954 Corporalg Non Com Clubg Dc-:Molayg Intramural Sports. 54--,55 Corporalg Non Com Clubg Demolayg Honor Drill Platoong Intramural Sports. 55-756 Sergeantg A-Co.g Non Com Clubg DelVIolayg Honor Drill Platoong Intramural Sportsg Favorite Sports H-Footiball and Baseball. I l COLOR GUARD A PETER KAY ZIMMERMAN Fairlawn Street Covington, Virginia 'Pete, '55-356 Privateg Clee Clubg li-Co.g Intramural Sports Favorite Sports-Hunting and Fishing. T NEW ENTRANCE TO IIATIIIIER IIALL 69 LOUIS ARCE, JR. 685 State Street Perth Amboy, New Jersey PATSY ALFRED BARBATO 44 Tappen Street Port Reading, New Jersey WAYNE La RUE BERGENSTOCK R.F.D. .ffl Danville, Pennsylvania HERBERT RAY CADDY, JR. 4320 North Sparrow Road Norfolk, Virginia WILLIAM AUSTIN CARVER 248 Parkway Street Winchester, Virginia FRANKLIN WADDEL DAVIS Clay Street Franklin, Virginia DAVID THEODORE De JAN Kingstree, South Carolina FRANCIS ROBERT FICCA 245 West Saylor Street Atlas, Pennsylvania JOSEPH A. FINLEY 734 North Vermont Street Arlington, Virginia GEORGE ALLEN GILBERT 164 Landon Lane Orange, Virginia HARRY LEE GOODE 402 West 27th Street Richmond, Virginia PHILIP HARTWELL GREESON 6208 Rosalind Road Huntington, West Virginia JAMES RICHARD HART 1323 Magnolia Avenue Norfolk, Virginia EDWARD TYNES HITE Clarksville, Virginia WILLIAM DUNCAN HOLSCLAW, JR 202 - 27th Street S. E. Charleston, West Virginia WILLIAM HETHERINGTON McINTYRE, 334 South Franklin Street Rocky Mount, North Carolina WILLIAM LEROY McRACKEN 204 Vance Avenue Red Springs, North Carolina JOHN POAGUE MacLEOD 239 Norfolk Avenue Lynchburg, Virginia J WILLIAM ROGERS MITCHELL 201 Oak Ridge Avenue Fredericksburg, Virginia EDWARD EUGENE MONAGHAN 125 Bryn-Mawr Avenue Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania JAMES BENTLEY MORROW 17 Radford Village Radford, Virginia THEODORE STEVEN MORTSEA 51 Sharot Street Carteret, New Jersey KENNETH REX MOSER 511 North Main Street Graham, North Carolina FREDERICK OTTO MUELLER 106 Corrcja Avepue lselin, New Jersey FURMAN JOSEPH NAGLE 5729 North 17th Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania WILLIAM HENRY PHILLIPS, III 503 Gardner Street Franklin, Virginia PHILIP JOSEPH PIRONE 444 Tulpehochen Street Reading, Pennsylvania FORD CARTER QUILLEN Box also Gate City, Virginia RICHARD LESTER REIMER 1660 Washington Avenue Northampton, Pennsylvania ROBERT EUGENE SAUNDERS 4429 Gorman Drive Lynchburg, Virginia CLOYD DUVAL SEAGLE, JR. 29 N. E. 7th Street Pulaski, Virginia ROCCO ANTHONY SIMEONE 38 - 4tlt Street Port Reading, New Jersey STUART CLYDE SULLIVAN, JR 804 Mercer Street Fredericksburg, Virginia JOHN HADDON THRIFT, JR. Dinwiddie, Virginia GEORGE CRAWFORD TURNER Box 268-C, Route .7371 London Bridge, Virginia K W P 1 L Ruiz, E. Santos, R. E. Scott, E. R. Shettlemore, W. E. Shiflett, F. A. Sieber, J. A. Soper, D. G. H. . Super, N. 2' -' rx X' 5, A . - vmxgtevens, L. G. 'NX L, -3 , . su1ik,w. v. ' Taft, W. H. Talbert, A. M. I Tatum, R. P. Taylor, G. f Terrell, E. G. Terry, D. C. W -. 15 Tilley, J. D. in J Q Tucker, C. M. X . Tyson, O. L. L" Van Wagoner, F. A. Tr Q -Vaz, J. E. Ward, L. E. Wells, J. P. Whiteside, K. R. Wilson, F. A. Wright, C. L. Wrigllt, W. N. JUNIORS-CLASS OF 1957 mgrmf Q? f Sw if Q r ni f 2' , ,J fif J E! W y. M Q L . ff' x x J .A , 'ff 'QS X Q 6 ' , 'F 1: ' s U .59 L S W x X L. v M . Q . 1 Y, . . , x 2 2 Y s , 5 ,- I W, ., A ik 9 8 . ,X A. 1 A is m . f 3 3, . 4 i rv v L lr , x ,J'-' .. Scherer, R. B. Schueren, D. R. Scott, J. W. Short, M. E. Sigala, C. M. Smith, W. W. Snow, W. C. Springmann, D. M. Stinger, R. J. Tankersley, R. M. Thurman, J. F. Todd, R. D. van den Brandon, Y Van Epps, J. E. Velazquez, V. A. Ward, C. L. Wells. J. E. Weston, R. N. Wlletzel, R. M. Whichard. W. C. Wilson, J. H. Bacon, R. P. Balanis, G. A. Blanding, W. N. Blanton, J. E. Buchanan, P. K. Carpenter, R. M. Cullen, R. S. Dix, L. A. Dyal, G. R. Ferguson, T. B. Funkhouscr, C. R. Gladstone, B. A. Gray, J. S. Guadagno, C. A. Harris, D. L. Harris, C. A. Jernigan, D. A. Jonas, R. S. Kelly, V. R. King, J. N. King, L. B. Landron, M. Lewis, T. li. Lewis, T. H. Martin, C. P. Mathews, P. P. Merrill, R. E. Miller, W. F. f ,. 14' A FRESHMEN-CLAS 0Fl959 Ji fy' T ya. EIGHTH GRADE-CL SS OF 1960 78 xbzwr 0' ,Ml Lx. l' EIGHTH GRADE-CLASS OF 1960 Captain Grvmw and a group of the non-commissioned oFHcers. Nunvz-Igarlua. R. E. Pollard. P. W. Reynolds, li. S. Scott, U. L. Shoemaker. G. C Sigmon. I". H. Story. J. T. Sunmvr. L. W. T:-rman. T. T. Tlwrrill. R. ll. Tuckvr. E. S. Ullrich. W. J. Urivk. M. S. Waylmriglll. C. White. W. H. Wilson. U. R. YVOoml, T. XV. Yah-Q, l.. M. 79 . MILI1' ARY The Department of Military Science and Tactics help provide leaders for the St The primary purpose today is to te and Nation. rain young men was established here many years ago in order to ' a r l' who desire to follow a military ca eer. All cadets unless specifically exempt under the Academy Rules, are required to take thi s training for a period of four years. If the course is successfully completed, it will lead to a commission in the Officers Reserve Corps with an a dditional oppor- tunity of gaining a regular Army Commission through subsequent schooling. program here involves class instr all fundamentals of soldiering. 0 The four year uction, drill and n the pages that follow you will see recorded there, our competent Military Staff and the entire "Corps of Cadets". KELLAN, C. F. COLLIER, J. E. NOBLE. W. R. MCCAMMON. .l. S. Sergeant Master Sergeant Musler Sergeant Yurgerznz Color Guan! -'56 - ,,,,,........----- i + i1 1 .g1!""' B.S. U. S. ARMY P.M.S.8zT. AND COMMAl Virginia Polytechnic Institut 'IDANT , Graduate, The Infantry School, lnfarjtry Officer Advanced Course, Commanc eral Staff College, Staff and Course. CAPTAIN KENNETH H. Gl' U. S. A. Infantry Assistant P.M.S.6'cT., Assistant Commandant and Gen- Command LMORE CAPTAIN ARTHUR B. GREENE, B.S. U. S. A. Infantry Assistant .D.M.S,xQ:T., Assistant Cvrnmanrlant AND STAFF 82 SERGEANT JAMES O. BAKER, U. S. A. SERGEANT FIRST CLASS EMORY K. FLOWERS, U. S. A. Ordnance MASTER SERGEANT JA MES A. PARKS, SERGEANT WILLIAM E. BRANSON, U. S. Ordnmzce U. S. A. lnfnnlry Y A . SERCEANT GEORGE F. HADLEY. U. S.A. 33 Inffmlry Infcmlry M. S. T. The first military class, known as M. S. T. l. flVlilitary entering Fork Union for the first time provided they meet capable instruction of Captain Greene and Sergeant Hadle art of the 6'C0r s of Cadetsfl The course of traininff as re P P rn P as follows: individual equipment, courtesies, customs, condt ship, dismounted drill, physical training, and tactics. The ye ment Inspection" held late in the spring of each school year. Schools Trainingl is required of all cadets the eligibility requirements, is under the y. The first year cadet becomes an active scribed by the Department of the Army is ct, hygiene, first aid, weapons, niarksman- ar of instruction is climaxed by a 6'Covern- 84- M. S. T.II ln M. S. T. II lMilitary Schools Trainingl, Sergeant Baker is the principal instructor. The M. S. T. II course is more detailed in the application of principles, techniques and emphasizes 6'Learn- ing by Doing." New subjects such as military organization, field sanitation, and elementary com- munications are introduced. The cadets, who take this course, are in line for promotions and you find they work very hard in order to earn for themselves a place of importance in the "Corps of Cadetsfg ..4. 'L ...ana 85 M. S. T. I Under the leadership and capable instruction of Master Si LMilitary Schools Training! , which continues some of the bas adds a few more advanced courses of study necessary for tk important new subject appearing in M. S. T. III is "Leader of a good leaderg he is schooled in leadership techniques and p examples of good leadership. M. S. T. Ill students also are g year of work. The cadet after finishing this course should l or company of the Battalion here at Fork Union Military Aca ergeant Parks, the cadet enters M. S. T. lll ic subjects of M. S. T. l and M. S. T. ll and e Senior R. 0. T. C. program. The most 'hi U. The cadet learns the characteristics lf. p. . . . lncxples and IS given combat and practical iven Map Reading as a basis for the next ve able to effectively command a platoon demy. 86 M. S. T. IV Our M. S. T. IV is the highest class in military instruction available at Fork Union and only fourth year cadets may enter this class. Captain. Kenneth H. Gilmore teaches this to our cadets and he does a superior job. This course reviews the more important basic courses covered and then adds a few of the more dillicult subjects necessary for a well rounded military background. The new work added is military teaching methods, conduct of instruction, aerial photograph reading and new developments. The P. M. S. S T., Major Paul Fletcher, may grant to selected graduates a certificate of eligibility which will entitle the cadets to consideration for Advanced Courses, R. 0. T. C. at college where application is made. subject to the regulations prescribed by the institution concerned. 87 I I +V-'-' '1'-sa H4-rntsen, A. G. Ks-rns, R. W. Turner, J. T. Howard, B. D. Nealon, E. L. Sergeant Major Captain Caplain Arlfzzlant Caplain Livzltenant Colonel Mnttle-y, R. A. fNor presvnl jar picrurcj .Isl Sergeant -' Vf f N-- 77? if 5 fx f MA I PJ- ' -,SA I AQL iii Vo ,Bti 2. gl AN 5 gs Z, W 5 O, 'mv S O, 'fl' S A t Q A . 4 88 A 1' MRS. ETHICI, ROSE NEALON 2929 Connvclivul Avenuv, N.W. Washington, D. C. Sponsor l,il'Illl'lIlllIl Cnlmwl IQIJGAR LEE NICAIDN lfllfflllfllll ffrmlrlllllulvr 1956 BATTALION STAFF lfuplrlin .I A NI ICS THOM AS TURNER lfllffllllillll Afljulnnt MRS. RUTH C. TURNER 723 Rossi Avvnuv Clifton Forgv, Virginia Sponsor ifxrif' Johnson, W. B. Fischer, G. D. Sheppard, D. F. Sadle , E. L. Felio, H. G. Shettlemore, W. E. Ist Sgt. Lieutenant Lieutenant Lieu ermnt Administrative Charge-of-Quarters Master Sgt. Master Sgt. Fmsr PLATOON Buchanan, P. Cros, J. T!Sgt. Tatum, R. Dyal, G. sfsgt. Harbor, E. gfjjmff R' Sgt. Bridgf0rth,W. Hale, G- Sgt. McGlathery,J. Kllnghomv K- sgi. Mi11er,G. Mlfclzflh W- Regmer, F. Cpl. Bortle, P. Santander, A. Cpl. Davidson, B. Scott, J. Cpl. Wright, C. Smith, C. U Stinger, R. PVWUICS Sullivan, S. Acosta-Rubio, M. West, H. Arguello, J. Wilson, F. THIRD PLATOON SECOND PLATOON TfSgt. Beatty, S. SfSgt. Hall, C. Sgt. Glover, J. Sgt. Hughes, A. Sgt. Stevens, L. Sgt. Bousman, R. Cpl. Camacho, J. Cpl. Floyd, P. Cpl. Smith, R. Privates Brickhouse, S. Finch Floyd Carrldo Greenb Harris Hinson, Kenned' G. V, R- Crews, , 1. Ficca, . , . I, , G H W Neely, O'Brien Quirch. ,J. E. Short, M. Smerlimg, T. AA... rg. J. 'mmn PLATOON Caraway, D. F. Tfsgt. Walker, G. gfgifj EIL' Sfsgt. Garrison, G. greinv TB Sgt. Fauher, W. ar er' ' , Kelly, J. Sgt. Stlllwell, E. Macpherson, B Sgt. Wright, T. McGuire, J- Cpl. Bryan, M- McRacken, W. Cpl. Bergenstock, Mafmy R- W, Qulllen, F. Cpl. Strasenburgh, Reimer, R' G. Rodriguez, A. Twitty, F. Privates Burton, .l. Leader-Sadler, E. A 90 . Captain W. D. Robinson Company Commrmder FIRST PLATOON Leader-Fischer, G SECOND PLATOON Leader-Sheppard, D. 91 . A .JV Newhill, H. H. Crum, T. P. McGee, M. Hampton, J. D. Mann, E. J. H. Burclge, R. E. Carter, H A Sgt. Sgt. Sgt. C pl C pl Priv Ist Sgt. TfSgt. Master Sgt. Lieutenant Lieutenant Arlrninistmtive Master Sgt Charge-of-Quarters Master Sgt. Travassaros, S. N., Lieutenant, fNot present for picture! lflnsr PLATOON Gray, A. SECOND PLATOON Diaz, Burger, H. A DuFr Carden, K. T!Sgt. Hale, D. Henry, W. T!Sgt. Franklm, S. Drenn Goode, H. , McDo Greeson, P S!Sgt. Turner, G. LW, F' SfSgt. Mueller, F. Maths Hmmehl, D Sgt. Butler, J. Metca Hite, E. Sgt. Fuentes, A. Mfran' Kfmai5Yv M Sgt. Falbo, N. Mlranw Kxrklaml, J Monc Mills, H. Cp! Elmore, D. Nicho Roache, J. . Robbins, G. Quattlebaum, R. CDI- SCOII, E. Rodri Sieber, J. Spl. Sigala, C. Sumner, L, Cpl. McAuliffe, J. Ross, Simeone, R , Whetz Sulik, W. Prwates Wade, G. Deavors, T. Whitt, R. Andrews, C- Wells, J. Gardner, K. Arce, L. Wimmer, L THIRD PLATOON if r Z' J U 8 n ...J r2oTc Captain R. M. Ruiz Company Commander FIRST PLATOON Acting Leader-Nvwhill, H. Lffldefg-Tfi1VHSSli1'0S, S- fNot presenl for picturej SECOND PLATOON Leader-Hampton, J. N 93 QL if . , 1. Y. 5'.Qf.f- ..-ln... Cabbert, J. L. Talbert, A. M. Montfort, T. S. Vianlrx, R. R. Navarro, E. A. Krieger, F. W. Ist Sgt. Lieutenant Administrative Lie itenant Lieutenant Charge-of-Quarters Master Sgt. Master Sgt. rmsr PLATOON Ezzell, R. SECOND 1-LATOON Cleavf-zs, C. J THIRD PLATOON Castillo, V. G'lb , G. D g t 'dg , . Ch l' k', C. T!Sgt. Deakin, J. Himsgsong D' T!Sgt. Hurley, E. Fgllh1rTlE, e T!Sgt. Butler, S. C0::,,Ti.If S!Sgt. Calonge, J. glgiiark' SfSgt. Howard, C. glril W. SfSgt. Jackson, R. MZEQZJSJCQ' W Sgt. Kiss, C. Efisforfg -Ib Sgt. Johnston, R. lljvwlln, Sgt. Ainsworth, A. m3Td-Cf,1eI3- S . P ' , M. lclaf Sf - S . M , J. ear-On, - S t. Elk' .,R. 0ff1S, - sg. J. gclluefgn D- SZ. HfiJrcih1ann,G. lgfesdfmy Vg sit. Yeriigin, W. 5512152311- oper, . eyno s, . ie , . Cpl. De Jan, D. Trujillo, O. Cpl. Gil, E. Richardson, C. Cpl. Carper, J Thurman, J, Cpl. Finley, J. Vaz, J. Cpl. Jagow, R. Ross, R. Cpl. Holsclaw, W. Towles, W. Cpl. Freedman, H. Ward, J. Cpl. MacLeod, J. Saunders, R. Cpl. Miller, R Walker, J. W' . ' li, G. , . wlfiiiflh-i N. Arnsdorff, M. Brown, J. Worrell, L. Boatwright, C. Wood, L. Bartley, R. Carver, W. Carmichael, K. Yemma, A, THIRD PLATOON Leader-Navarro, E. A. 4 A W Cnplnin T. P. Cllapplc lfonzpany Commnnrler FIRST PLATOON Lvmlcr-Viana, R SECOND PLATOON Leader-Talbert, A ' L 95 Martin, H. M. Pardue, R. E. Martin, W. F. Sage, R. C. Sutherland, C. B. Clark, S. L. Lieutenant Master Sgt. Lieutenant Ist Sgt. Administrative Lieutenant Charge-of-Quarters Master Sgt. Thompson, J. J., Administrative Master Sgt., fNot present for picture! rmsr PLATOON Davis, F. sizcowo PI.A'ro0N Going, B. THIRD PLATOON Harrison, T. D k, A. , H l ,M. H tl -,K Tfsgt. saga.-r. Gf,f,dwy,,, J. Tfsgf. crm, J. Hifi af M, Tfsgf. Driver, W. KQl'f,,'S5fu "'a'm' ' T- sfsgt. Redsecker, ggi, -M sfsgt. Bryant, R. Ilfmii D SfSgt. Berarfli, A. Ha ' ' E. L ' ' I l .re 6 ' ' arvey, J. Kernigan, T. Sgt. Rlccmq R. Libby, W. Sgf' Genovfsf., R. Larmlanl, R. Sgt. Jackson, W. Mullins. M. Sm. Wvller, R. Lucy, M. Sgr. con, R. Monaglwn, E- sgf. Todd, R. Myers- D- Sgt. Williams, J. Lyons, W- Sgt. Stavros, N. 335516, Sgt. Tucker, C. genzlel- F I F I l W gloicfa ,Wig range, . eag e . .p . art img, . ul anr , . C111. Dudley, R. Parker, W. Cpl. Moser, K. Sigmo , F. Cpl. Gil, C. Pirone, P. Cpl. Fletcher. V. Phillips, W. Cpl. Cook, J. Stockcl le, D. Cpl. Menclofik Shields, R. Cpl. Neiclig, R. Paul, N. Cpl. Quanlrille, Turne , R. P . I Taft, W. , Withington, J. S. , Tyson, O. "U" 05 Tilley, J. P"'1""e5 Prwmes Vainwrigllt, W. Brittain, H. Van Epps, J. Aravanis, G. C0"1W1'U' Clerk Bailey, D. L. Yates, L. Garcia-Velez, C. Wright, W. Bishop, D. Arnold, D. D. llrown, J. Gordine-er, S. Zimmerman, P THIRD PLATOON ln. ... egg. Leader-Clark, S. Cnpminv R. W. Street Company Commanrler FIRST PLATOON Lender-Martin, W. SECOND PLATOON Lcarlvr-Marlin, H mann - , Q ,L L, 97 Shiflett, F. A. Ruiz, E. Stone, O. I. Briles, M. B. Hayes, D E Master Sgt. Ist Sgt. Lieutenant Administrative Lieutenant Charge-of-Quarters Master Sgt. FIRST AND SECOND PLAT ONS TfSgt. Funkhouser, C. Cole an, G. Nunez-Igartua, R Bacon R. Rotermund, R. Culle , R. Scherer, R. Wells 'JI Shoemaker, G. Davi. C. Scott, D. , Cp! Seri son, TB gmith,JW. - a tone, . tor , . Stag Sgt' Gallagher, R. Guarino, M. Tuclzer, E. Balams, G- King, L. Harris, D. Ullrich, W. JOHHS, R- Reynolds, R. Jernigan, D. Urick, M. Th 'll, R. K ll V. Sgt. WSE., K. King J. Vaiden Bmden Blanding, W. , Lewi , T. Blanton, J. Pfwates Mathslffws, P. Dix, L. Besbris, A. Miclrl eman, M. Captain L. A. Elliott F-Co. Commander January Graduate 98 xr of P 0, lmao S K' C if FA 2--f fi lx tiff' Q :zffgfwr 1 "QE n Cupmin A. H. Brock Acting F-Co. Commander FIRST PLATOON Ler1t1erfHayvs, D. SECOND PLATOON Avling Lender-'Brock A. Lenders?-tone, O. KNUI present for picture! 99 Hall, H. C. Monahan, C. P. Haber, R. A. S lort, T. W. Mountcastle, A. M. Blunt, A. T. Administrative Ist Sgt. Master Sgt. L Master Sgt. Charge-of-Quarters FIRST AND sl-:COND PLA" TfSgt. Ostwalt, J. Brown, V. Stone, 0' J- Taylor, G. Carpenter, R. Skelton, J' D. C I Castellon, M. Bfule R Cole, G. Staff Sgt. Burton, N. ggiflgg' E' Herring, R- MONEY' R' Drisclvll,.J. Lawrence, J. M. Exlllilgapsii C- IEmkrey,EC- ' " or es, . Sgt- Privates Freeman, L. Funclerburk, L. Adorian, S. Gallup, F. Hedrick, C. Bailey, E. Gallup, J. ieutenant Lieutenant Master Sgt. Charge-of-Music 00Ns Garris, P. Morrow, J. Heifner, J. Polk, G. Holloway, R. Springmann, D. Lennon, W. Steelman, L. Lindamood, D. Taylor, R. Martin, C. Terman. T. Martin, M. Tesoro. V. Massie, D. Van Wagoner, F. Mathews, N Ventresca, J. Meade, R. Weston, J. Merrill, R. Weston, R. Miller, F. Whiteside, K. CAPTAIN EDGERTON and THE F. U. M. A. BAND 100 Laplam G. R. Edgerton, B.M. Band Director Captazn T. R. Jordan Band Commander 7 THE '56 F. u. M. A. BAND N F A ,T SECOND PLATOON Learlcr-Short, T. A.. . . - 101 . ORGANIZATIONS The approximate number of orgy to you, the Fork Union cadets, is all fields of study sponsor a clu officer acting as adviser to each ing one of these organizations, mation that will be important t in college, and even in life after ated. Every cadet at the Academ join any of the many organizati has to belong to at least one cl in two or more of the major s plenty of work and fun if you e clubs of your choice and really The following pages will give y the clubs, their activities and m anizations open eighteen. Most b with a faculty group. By join- you gain infor- o you now, later you have gradu- y is welcome to ons. Each cadet ub, if not active ports. There is nter the club or support them. ou some idea of embership. 'L HATCHER HALL MUSIC BUILDING . XXXL f K MRS. ETHEL ROSE NEALON 2929 Connecticut Avvnue, N. W. Wagllinglgn, Co-Editor Sponsor SKIRMISHEF Sculerl, lv!! I0 right: Ruiz. R, M.. Nm-ulon. E. L., Slrevl, R. W. SlllI7f'l.IIg, left Io right: Haber, R. A., Newbill, H. H., liowaml. IZ. IJ. 3 5 S 1. is HRS. NIUNCERATE C. RUIZ 55,1 Curpn-xml:-r Road Rio Pivmlras, Pu:-rlo Rivo Sponxnr TAFF-'56 R :X MON M IUUICL I Cn-Erlilor THIC NIAPLES. Home of 1110 Infirmary '975' JAMES THOMAS TURNER Editor Quill and Scroll, the International Honorary Society April 10, 1926, by a group of High School Advisers for individual achievement in journalism and allied fields. T in raising the standards in its field and in directing the co to the Constitution, members of the Quill and Scroll must b school who at the time of their election meet the following junior standing. Q25 They must be in the upper third of the time of their election. f3l They must have done supe creative endeavor. Q41 They must be elected by the advise C51 They must be approved by the executive secretary. Ou during the school year of 1946 and 1947. For the past two School Directory containing the names and addresses of all 106 MISS ETHELYN B. TURNER Alexandria, Virginia Sponsor 0f Sabre and Quill dl' Scroll THE SABRE STAF or High School Journalists, was organized he purpose of encouraging and rewarding e Society has always taken an active part rse of high school journalism. According chosen from the students enrolled in high equirements: CD They must be of at least heir class in general scholastic standing at ior work in some phase of journalistic or or the committee governing publications. Chapter of Quill and Scroll was organized years the Quill and Scroll has published a the cadets and faculty. Svatvrl. left I0 riglit: l'res1'oIl, YV.. Arnold. ll.. Slll'lllt'lll0I'C. Nolmlv, W.. Cliapple, T.. Hinson. H.. Cm-novese-. R.. Wilson. .l.. znul ffuptuin Mf'I'llIlll1L'lI. llarvvy. .l., Moon. J.. Brown. W.. llousman. R.. Travassaros. S.. Ruiz, R.. Mann, E.. Tcsoro. Lawson. G.. Costvllo. Worrell. L.. Martin. W.. FQ-lio. W.. Nlountcastlv. A.. Driver. W.. Nvalon, li.. Kirklanml. J.. lfnrulfy Arlvisors-Caplairi liogur' Colt. R.. Grilz. J.. Cfurlcr. ll.. Nunnally. T.. and Colv. G. Slrmrling, left fo right: Crows. T., .l.. H.. Turner. .l.-Ellilor, Brook. A.. Turn:-r. R.. Kric-gn-r. F.. .MuIl1eny. G.. Navarro. With-r. T.. Stavros. N., Wood. T.. Bryant. R., Fallxo. N. Memlwrs not present -lor pirtllre: Shiflc-tl. F.. Ruiz. E.. Strusvnlnurgli. G.. Wm-sion. ,l.. Kiss. C.. Franklin. S.. Mullins. Ni.. Jugaw. R., llcmlvrson. D.. R1-dseckvr. E. ND QUILL AND SCROLL Svfziml. lvfl In rfglzt: Navarro. liml. A., Cllupplo, T. Paul. Turnvr. .linl T.. NPHIOII, E- lA'1'. FI'li0. Harry ll. Slllllllll lvfl In right: llrovk. Ari. H.. l"m'11lfy Alll'lSCl'-Cllllllllll Alex. B. llrll'FlIllfI0ll, Travussuros. S. Nicholas. Kriogvr. Frm-1 107 ROBERT GREENE TURNER I 'resid en t The Athenian Literary Society once again enjoyed a capable cadet ollicers were: Robert Turner, Presirlentg Rob Secretary-Treasurerg and Doll. Defan, Sergeant-at-Arms. N reading of prose highlighted the year as the society continu We have been taught how to speak before an audience, to u. conduct meetings, and to debate logically with a purpose. Ciceronian Literary Society have taken place during the schf what the future will bring to the Society, then next year and t progress and success. ATHENIA ITERARY SOCIETY very successful and profitable year. The ert Mottley, Vice-Presidentg John Clover, merous debates, individual talks, and the d to grow in both number and maturity. e parliamentary procedure in elections, to Debates with other schools and with thc mol year. If this year be any indication of he following years can only hold continued lst row, lcfl I0 right: Gallagher, R., Hawthorne, K., Rrickhousv, S., 'l'witly, lf., Mcnrlofik, M., Story J. 21111 row, left I0 right: van don lil AFIIIS2, Motllvy, R. KVif'e-l're.91'rIer1lj, Turner, R. G. fPresirIcntl, Illilllllll, R., Richardson, C. 3rd row, left to right: licsbris, A.. liul Qnantrille, R.. Fnruliy ArI111'ser-Caplain Chaplin., Garrison, G., Tur Cray, J. 108 now, W., Perkins, F., Smerling, T.. Fallbcr. W., anden. Y.. Shields. R., Dv Jan. D. fS0fgU!IlIf-llf- Clover. J. fS8Cl'8f1ll'j'-TFPHSIITPFQ, Roacln-, .l., lllfs .l.. Clcuvcs. L.. Cresson. P.. llorllv. l'., ner, J., Hughes. A.. Mak:-peace, W., Arnold, D., CICERONIAN LITERARY SOCIETY GEORGE DENN IS FISCHER Prcsiflellt The purpose of the Ciceronian Literary Society is to help prepare its members to learn to express themselves in better ways orally. This is accomplished by stressing the need for actual participation in debate contests and in delivering declamations and orations. Our program has been enlarged this year to include a series of eight debates with other schools in the Military League. With the experience gained by our members who speak in these contests, we will attempt to emerge as victors in our anmlal program during Commencement NVeek, when we are opposed by the members of the Athenian Society. ln recognition of achievement in this contest, a silver cup is presented to the winning team, and medals are awarded to those cadets who have done outstanding work in giving orations, readings, and declainations. Scntcfl. leff lo right: Strascnlmrgh, G.. Nowlin. D., Franklin. S.. Fischer. C.. Taft, W.. Markus, li., Maxwell, R. Slumling. left to right: Marlin. E.. Kelly. V.. Fisclwr. E.. Schui-ren. IJ.. l"m'ulty Azlviser-f-Capmin Dirlrffrson. Cordi- nccr. S.. Hcnry, W.. Kimltl. W., Arnstlorii. M. 109 5' PQ ' ill fi f . - 2... f f QQ . .9 , f ' K ' -if' 4 .5 J.. , XM- i Wll . .Ll A M I-IFNRY PH l LLIPS Presiflcnt The Sports Club was in its fifth year under the dire Stanley L. Kent. The Club is one of the most popular extr Club offers entertainment and instructions in the form of Movies of baseball and football were the most enjoyed, but hockey, tennis, swimming and auto racing which were alsc films shown to the Cadets were ones of top performances and women of yesterday and today. Major Smith and Captain carry on in the future as it has in the past years. SPORTS CLUB :tion of Major Ira lf. Smith and Captain acurricular activities at the Academy. The movies which were enjoyed always by all. in the movies were also minor sports like enjoyed by the group as a whole. These excellent instructions by the great men and Kent hope that the Club will continue to lst row, lvft to right: Ferguson, T., Tilley, J., C-uadagno, C., Santos, Rott-rinuntl. R.. Harrison, T.. Jones. R., Smith, C. B. 21111 row, lcf. Chaplinski. C.. Brown, J. L., Burger, H., Brown, J. F., Jagow, R., J4 Cros, J., Diaz, A., Sigula, C., Buchanan, P., Faculty Afluiser-Crip! lim-raiwli, A., Boalwrigllt, G., Harker, B., Mills, H., M4'wborn.J., Elle Yr-nnna, A., Mann, R., Goode, H., Stevens. J. 110 R., Mullins, M., lialanis. C.. l"llYlkll0llS9I'. C.. ' to right: Ffzrulty Adviser--Major Ira E. Smith, rlmston, R., Kiss. C., Phillips, W., Elmorc, D., rzin Stanley L. Kent. 3rd row, left to right -ll, R., Dyal, G., Davis, F., Lucy. M., Flctcher, V.. THE GLEE CLUB l BILLY LANCSTON GOING 1,l'l'SllIIl'IIf Again this year the Clee Club is the most sought after extracurricular activity on our Campus. This small group of talented young men under the direction of Captain Cearhart works hard to present an entertaining program whenever called upon. We will long remember our concert at Saint Anncis School. our programs here at the Academy, and the joint concert with the Cirl's Choir of the First l'rcsbytcrian Church ofRichn1ond, which was presented both here and at Richmond. All our concerts will long he remembered for the enjoyable time we had in presenting them. ln the past years the Glce Club enjoyed many social occasions. and this year was far from an exception. ln the years to come we hope that this group may enjoy the fruits of their labors as much as we have this vear. Is! row, left to right: Going. B.. Dudley. R.. Brown. ,l.. Neiclig. R.. Viana. R., Price. M.. Ainsworth. A.. Wimmcr. L., Williams. .l.. Zimnlcrman. K. 21111 row, left to right: Gardner. K.. Matheny. C.. Howell. M., Vega, J.. Kcrnigan. J.. Newton. S.. Captain Cenrlmrt-Director, Weller, R.. Metcalfe. .l.. Montfort. T.. Walker. J.. Sumner. L.. Jordan. R., Clark. S.. Tyson. 0.. Quattlchaum. R. 111 CURREN SPIROS NICHOLAS TRAVASSAROS President The other division of the Current Events Club was U they met each Wednesday night in the Business English cl election of olhcers the club was divided into five teams. program. The boys bring newspapers, magazines and curr in turn gives a report about an item which is of interest adventures of one or two favorite comic strip characters. T number of boys who were shy about speaking on their fe report when it is his turn. fffaptain C. W. lVlcCabe EVENTS CLUB nder the direction of Captain McCabe and ss room. At the opening meeting after the ach week two teams are in charge of the nt periodicals to the meeting. Each member to him. The Club even keeps up with the he Club feels as if they have helped a large et as the club insist that each boy make a W N X X I I . I . ..' f ',,4'-vs-awnnvnnvfvft' Seated, left to right: Wilson, D., Travassaros, S., Faculty lVice-Presirlentl, Falbo, N. Standing, left to right: Morris, Allingllam, R. 112 McCabe, Sheppard, D. Gomez Wade, C., Withington, J., D I CURRENT E EVENTS CLUB Qlllajor H. R. Kelly? .lA MES THOBIAS 'l'llRNER I ' fl'SI'll en I The Current lfrents Club meets at seven o'eloek every Thursday night. The purpose of the elulm is to help the cadets keep informed as to what is happening in the outside world-both at home and ahroacl. lfaeh week, at designated group is held rcsponsihle for securing or gathering the weekly news and presenting it to the club. The reporting of the news usually takes the form of reading excerpts from rurrent ncwspaipcrs. The club enables the members to catch up on the news of the week and different events on the eznnpus. During our spare time. the entire club takes part in a general discussion ol rurrent news and events, Seated, left to riglzt: Turner, J., Sigmon, F., Metcalfe, J., Andrews. C. Stamling, left to riglit: Frlrully flrlrixer - Major Kelly. llauglitridge. J.. Coles. W.. Hite. E.. Gladstone. ll. 113 4-'nv JAMES THOMAS TURNER Presirlent The Cadet Christian Union is an organization, the ch christian atmosphere on the campus, and to promote a link show religious movies. We also have some good speaker f The C.C.U. is popular in most leading southern colleges. being only a preparatory school, to have such an organi seventh year as an active club at the Academy, even so, it C.C.U.'s in Virginia. This year we attended and took part vention at Natural Bridge, Virginia. ief aim of which is to promote a cheerful, between the students on the campus and the er Chapel each Sunday evening at seven to local churches. Our organization meets in the John J. Wick nom the faculty or from some local church. So we feel that Fork Union is fortunate, zation on its campus. We are now in its has received recognition among the college in the lnter-denominational Christian Con- Senterl, left to right: Libby, W., Street, R., Turner, J. lPre idenll, Faculty Adviser-Captain Ben Bray, Turner, R., Fischer, G., Wilson, J. Stfmrling, left to right: Van Epps, J. Neidig, R., De Jan, D. T., Dudley, R. 1141 OFFICERS' CLUB Nealon. lf. ,. .....A,.,....., Vice-President Ruiz. R. ,,.,, ....... S ecretary-Trefzsurer Mm-Gee. M. ..,... Sergeant-at-Arms .MNIIES THOMAS TURNER Presirlent The Ofhcers' Club is composed of all sabre rating cadets in the Corps. The Corps of Cadets is organized into a Battalion with the Lieutenant Colonel as Battalion Commander. Each cadet ollicer has a definite assignment in his respective unit and is responsible for military proficiency. as well as the conduct of all those cadets under him. This year. the Oliicers' Club has as faculty adviser Major Paul M. Fletcher of the U. S. Army, Infantry. who is also the Commandant of the Corps of Cadets. l-le has aided the club a great deal hy his supervision and direction. He was also instrumental in securing a much finer club room than the one used in the past years. The new club room is located in the Music Building. The club members ornamented the room with their own rugs, pictures, swords. and pennants. This was the first year that members have drafted a constitution by which they abide. The room has been named 6'Club '56i' and it provides a place for our leisure and relaxation during our spare moments. It is the feeling of the cadet ollicers that this year the Ofiicers' Club has made more progress than any of its predecessors and many more benefits have been derived. The club ofhcers are responsible for thc conduct of the club members in the club room and for the maintenance of order. lst row. lcfl to righl: Jordan. T.. Chapple, T.. Kerns, R.. Turncr. J. fPft'Sflft'3Ilff, Ncalon. E.. l"u1-ully .'fl1l'liSl'l'---ilulljifll Paul M. Fletcller. llowartl. B.. Robinson, YV., Street. R., Ruiz. R.. Elliott. L. Zlllf r014'. lcfl to righl: Brock. A.. Mount- custle. A.. Short. T.. Travassaros. S.. Sheppard. D.. Mann E.. Viana. R.. Marlin. H.. Talbcrl. A.. Fist-Iicr. G.. Martin. W.. Sntln-rlantl. C.. llayes, D.. Hampton. .l.. Navarro. lf. 3rd row, lefl to right: Ruiz. lf.. Krieger. F.. Monahan. C.. Newbill. l'l.. Johnson. W.. Gabbert. J.. Bcrntsen. A.. Sage. R.. Noble. W.. Collier. lf.. Shillctt. lf. Ailli row. left Io right: Blunt. A.. Carter. H.. Burrlgze. R.. llaber. R. A.. Rrilcs, Nl.. Thompson. .l.. Hall. ll.. Purtluc. R., Montfort. T.. McGee. M.. Folio. ll.. Slit-ttlcmorc. XV. ,. ,... .....,,N - i DRAMATIC CLUB WILLIAM JERRY ULLRICH President The Dramatic Club of the school session 1955-56 was organized by Captains Ben and Jim Bray with the sole purpose of bringing forth genuine interest in all component activities of the theatre. Although the enrollment of the Club was limited, sincere eliorts were made to give the Club members an appreciation of the theatre as a medium of entertain! ent, and the interest was proportionately large. After the ofiicers were elected, programs were plann d which would draw from the entire Cadet Corps. There was a great desire among club members fo variety shows and novelty acts, so it was decided that a novelty act would be done each week, using outside talent along with club members. Besides the shows, work-shop projects were done and discussions were held about the current Broadway season. The highest praise must go to the club officers who planned their meetings to be entertaining and informative. There was a spirit of cooperativeness which in the real sense is the basis of dramatic activities. Seated, left to right: Captain Bray, B., Captain Jabaut, Captain Bra J.-Faculty Advisers. Standing, left to right: King, L., MacPherson, B., Therrill, R., Dix, L., Lewis, T., Bacon, R., Mathews, P., Garrido, G., Kerns, R., Deakin, J., Elkins, R., Saunders, R., Walker, G., Kennedy, R., Bridgforth, W., eatty, S., Scott, J., Ullrich, W., Smith, W. 116 ORDER DEMOLAY EDGAR LEE NEALON Master Councilor The Order of the DeMolay was founded in the year 1919 by Mr. Frank S. Land in Kansas City, Missouri. Mr. Land is now Secretary General of the Order. The purpose of the DeMolay is to teach young men to grow into better citizens with emphasis on love of Cod, love of parents, and love of country. Although the DeMolay has secret work within the Order, it also has a great deal of work to do outside the chapter room in aiding people who are in distress. This year the DeMolay has made progress in getting new members and giving their support to help make the campus a better and more enjoyable place to live. There are many advantages given to the young men of the Order to help build up a better group of leaders for our country. We try to instill in our young men the principles of character, honesty, leadership, and clean living. The religious and social life is considered and expected to be above the average. We feel that our members should leave us with high ideals, making their lives bring credit to our Order and to the men that have set for them a way of life, while under their care and guidance. .. . .. ,.....,.,,,,S,,..N.. , . R Ist row, left to right: Major l. A. Howell lS:ribel, Howard, C., Brock, A., Freedman, H., Nealon, E., Mr. William .l. Follfcs llfaeulty Arlviserl, Hayes, D., Elliott, L., Robinson, W., Johnson, W., Mr. Frank Crowell lTreasurerj. Zml row, left to right: Wilson, J., Mann, E., Briles, M., Hampton, J., Newbill, H., Thompson, J., Talbert, A., Noble, W., Sage, R., Felio, l-l., Sarate, G., Shiflett, F., Caraway, D. 3rd row, left to right: Hart, J., Wilson, F., Bartley, R., Cllcsley, H., Kellam. C., McCamn1on, J., Stevens, L., McGlathery, J., Short, M. 4th row, left to right: Stillwell, E., Brown, W.. King. J., Marder, B., Hinson, H., Carmichael, K.. Richards, D., Yeargin, W., Stavros, N. 5th row, left to right: Brown, V., Redsecker, E., Corey, R., Pool, W., Ross, E., Terry, D., Gilbert, G., MacDonald, W. 6th row, left to right: Crum, T., Wright, T., Weller, R., Finch, H., Mkitarian, A., Jackson, R. 117 HOBBY CRAFTS 5 CLUB C EORCE ROBERT MILLER President The purpose of the Hobby Crafts Club in the academic program at Fork Union Military Academy is to provide a suitable extra-curricular activity for cadets interested either in metal craft or metal craft appreciation. Also we have some who are more interested in building models of wood. The type of work done depends on the individualis fancy, as the objective is for the individual to express his own interests and perfect himself in these. Some cadets have shown considerable ability in their respective Held of interest. There are a few, who have workd with oils and have done some nice land- scapes. So you see our group is allowed to follow a favorite hobby, which might develop into a life-long hobby and which oftentimes turns out to be profitable. The Club meets once a week during the L'Culture Hourw. During the meeting we generally talk over our mutual problems and show the work done by the various members and offer suggestions as to their betterment. Most of our work is done in our free time during the week and on week ends. ... . Tl fill Scrzierl. left Io right: Bryan. M., Faculty Arlviser-Crlplain Higlismitl, Miller, C. R.. Butler. J. Slkmrling, left fo riglzl: Graeme, R.. Cullen. R., Mirldlcman. M.. Reynolds. ll., Harris, .. Harris. G., Todd. R.. Tburman.J..0rangc, D., Daniel. A.. Tucker. E.. Brogrlvn. C.. Outlanfl. B.. Makepeace. W. 113 GOLD STAR COUNCIL .TAM ES TI IOXIXS Tl WRNIQN l,f1'Xilll'lIf The Cold Star Council is made up of Juniors and Seniors who are near the top of their classes and who have been doing good work in activities other than academic. There are 14 memhers on the Cold Star Council this year in accordance with the vote of last yearis Cold Star Council. The Honorary Society is perhaps comparable to Phi Beta Kappa of college level except that ours is not of national fame. Colonel Waldron, our Headmaster, has given much of his time in helping the cluh get under way as one of the important clubs on our campus at Fork Union Military Academy. The memhers take a great deal of pride in doing exceptionally fine work in all that they do and they are set up as fine examples to the Cadet Corps. Officers ofthe cluh are selected by majority vote of the memhers of the clulw. This year the President is Cadet James Thomas Turner, who has heen an honor student for a number of years as well as taking an active part in a numher of the active Cluhs on our Campus. Sealed, left lo right: Howard. B., llrock. A.. Turner. J., Faculty Arltfiser--Colonel Walzlron, Parduc, R.. Martin. H., 'l'ravassaros, S. Smmling. left to right: Stevens. L.. Briles. M.. Fisclicr. C.. Tallwrt, A., liousman. ll.. Mottley. R.. llllgllcs. A.. Fclio. ll. 119 THE N. . USIC APPRECIATION CLUB JAMES CARNETT HARVEY, H President The North American Music Appreciation Club here at Fork Union is composed ol cadets interested in a common theme, music. These cadets are not interested so much in the listening quality of the music but rather in the finer points, using the old masters as a comparative standard of criticism and apprecia- tion. The location of the composition of the music ranges from Mexico to Alaska, taking into considera- lion the fine music of the United States and Canada. This wide range was decided on because of the differences in the people and their environments. The background of the people and their environments, their spiritual beliefs, hopes and joys are what makes music what it is today. The study of music is not entirely devoted to classical music but also takes into consideration folk songs and the ultra-modern contemporary styles. Although so much of our modern music is here today and gone tomorrow, it expresses the feelings of a modern people, influenced hy the day to day human tragedies and joys. Seated, left to right: Jernigan, D., Blanton. J., Blanding, W.. Hug es, A.. FacultyA1lviserfCl1p!r1in YageI,llarvey..l., Tucker. C.. Scaglc. C.. Jonas, R., Shoemaker. C. Standing, lcft to r girl: Van Epps, .l,. Libby, W.. Floyd, P.. Wood, 'l',, llarlowc, M., Smith, R.. Xvrigln, C., Kelly, J., Floyd, L., R1-gnicr, F. 120 FLYING CLUB RICHARD COMPTON SAGE Presirlent The Flying Club at the Academy is a unit of youngrmen interested in the field of aeronautics. The objectives of the Club are to stimulate civilian interest in and further civilian understanding of our air power. Cadets are interested in the fundamentals of aviation, weatherometry, communication, aerodynamics, and related subjects. There are very few young men who are able to work in this field of aeronautics because there are so few such organizations. A large number of cadets have shown considerable ability in their field of interest. The cadets are allowed to follow their own line of interest in this club in order to allow a development in the field of aeronautics that might prove to be a life-long hobby and also turn out to be a profitable one in later years. Although the enrollment of the Club was limited, sincere efforts were made to give the club members an appreciation of aeronautics and what is means of our country. The club meets each Monday evening at seven. We feel that the Flying Club provides a very suitable extra-curricular activity in the Academy program. The entire Club wants to thank Captains Knies and Barham for their help and time devoted to the club this year. Ist row, left to right: Mendofik, M., Green, T., Ist row, left to right: Urick, M., Snow, W., Twitty, F., Arguello. J., Fauber, W. Standing, left to right: White, W. Standing, left to right: Smerling, T., Ric- Farthing, W., Harbot, E., Richardson, C., Martin, H., cio, A., Stockdale, D., Scott, E., Ward, C., Hermann, G., Robbins, G., Sage, R., Faculty Adviser-Captain Barham, Faculty Adviser-Captain Knics, Pollard, P. Pearson, .l. 121 JOSE CA LONGE Presfllenl Due to the large number of Cadets from our sister repu tion Club for Latin Americans could boast of members fror Guatemala, Mexico, Nicaragua, Venezuela, and Puerto Ric THE L.A. USIC APPRECIATION CLUB Jlics in Latin America the Music Apprecia 1 Cuba, Dominican Republic, El Salvador 9. The weekly Monday evening programs included recordings of classical and contemporary music from all Spanish speaking areas as well as discussions on the influence of prominent composers. Perl the nature of a brief 'homecoming' to the cadets who were mid-year the club members elected to hold additional meetin political and social topics within the general framework of laps for this reason the meetings were in thousands of miles from home. Towards ES for the purpose of discussing economic anamericanism. -in -an a p VT ,., ,.,. .. V . ,..i.....-- V 5' ' f cg 1 . ' ' j Svnfcrl, loft to right: Castello, C., Calongc, J., Gil, E., Faculty Advise Trujillo, O., Nunez-lgartua, R., Rodriguez. V., Tankerslcy, R., Miranda Pastora, J., Super, D., Garcia-Vclez, C., Castillo, V., Soper, N., Velazqu Val. E.. Quirch. E. 122 r-Captain. Lowrler. Standing, left to right . J., Moncayo, C., Herrera, M.. Acosta-Rubio, M. zz, V., Fuentes, A., Miranda, M., Rodriguez, A. SCIENCE fytfbx, CHARLES WILLARD NENZEL President The Science Club for this year was organized by Captain Pease. It is composed of cadets who are interested in scientific and related subjects. It has been truly said by some great person that Gscience is a way of thinking'. The Club tries to be an effective part in making discussions and experiments for the training and betterment of its members, future. It tries to steer the cadets into a better understanding and appreciation of our world and our surroundings which we so often take for granted. We are cadets of a group who seek knowledge and know how in a scientific world. Many interesting experiments have been carried out during the year in physics, chemistry, and other scientific subjects. We feel we are a part of the present scientific age and feel proud to do our part in the progress of the world of science. The entire Club is very thankful to Captain Pease for his help and time devoted to trying to teach us some of the basic facts about science. M. g 4, K i W Seated, Ist table, left to right: Neely, W., Landron, M., Kinghorn, K., Corson, H., Finley, J., Yates, L., Kink, J., Weiner, K. Seated, 2nd table, left to right: Scherer, R., Guarino. M., Davis, C., Brickhouse, Reynolds, R., Hurley, E., Cleaves, C. Standing, left to right: Sulik, W., Nenzel, C. W., Faculty Adviser- Captuin Pease, Hawthorne, K. V. 123 ,. .. 5 , E S 5 5 E v HATCHEH RIFLES-The Honor Drill Platoon. OFFICERS of HATCHER RIFLES Johnson, W. B. Sage, H. C. M rtin, H. M. Fischer, C. D. Guidon bearer Platoon guide Pl oon leader Platoon Sergeant 124' UNION DRILL Hatcher Riflesl T EA M HAROLD McDOWELL MARTIN Cflptllin During the school session of 1953-54 the Honor Drill Platoon was established under the direction of Major Harold lVI. Maness, our former P.M.S. S T., Fork Union Military Academy. Since then many changes have taken place which have resulted in the present Hatcher Rifles. Late in October 1955 volunteers for the drill team started competing for membership under the supervision of Captain Gilmore. This unit was soon reduced to platoon size and work was begun to prepare for the spring parades and the annual Apple Blossom Festival at Winchester, Virginia. During the late fall, the platoon changed hands and under the direction of Captain Arthur B. Greene several demonstrations were put on for the cadet corps during the half-time of some of our football games. Throughout the year the mem- bers of the Hatcher Rifles have worked hard to make the unit a precision drilled platton. Under the supervision of Captain Greene and Sergeant G. F. Hadley, the members of the Hatcher Rifles have attained a high standard of military drill and individual bearing. The members of the platoon are very grateful to the military department for the supervision and aid given to them. Martin. ll. fl,IIIf00l1 lcmlerl, Fischer, G. fPl!I1007l sergeanll, Sage, R. fPIat0on guidej, Johnson, W. fCuirlon bcarerl, Martin, W., Ilousman, R., Bryant, R., Gott. R., Briles, M., Ta'berl, A., Stavros, N., Greenberg, J., Williams, J., Shop- par.I, D.. Sllcltlcinore, W., Wimmer, L., Genovese, R., Freedman, I-I, Camacho, J., Farthing, J., Gritz, J., Tucker, C., Ilarl. J.. Stillwe-ll. E., Mkitarian, A., Neidig, R., Quantri'le. R.. Beatty, S., Finley, J.. Boitle, T., Kiss, J., Lucy, M., llffllltillll. G.. Castello. C. 125 1. S 2. The F. U. M. A. Band Performs before lhe Big Gam . 3. The 'Greelf-gives forth wilh instruc- lions. 4. 'Bob' Turner al home in. M-Hall. 5. Bring on the Enemy! 6. 'Teffthe Barber. 7. Drill is over and so are wel 8. The Glory Boys! 9. Honor Drill P atoon THGTCTZBF Riflesl in Action. 10. We are llle Senior Class 0fflC8l'Sf-AF6ll,l we? 11. On the Mare before the Big Game. ...Q TEAM TltllElNlA N FLINGLI lFF' MON'l'l"0li'l' Captain The Fork Union Military Academy rifle team has only been active for two years since the 'D' Annex burned in 1953. The team consists mainly of new cadets who have had little, if any, previous experience, but some have proven to be very good shots. During the school year the team fires many matches, most of which are postal. The main rifie match, which is not postal, usually falls around the middle of March and is held at Fishburne Military School, Waynesboro, Virginia. The match is state- wide and all the military academies and schools of the state of Virginia participate in the firing of the match. Awards and trophies are awarded to the winning team and cadet with high score. The team is constantly improving and we hope that by March '57 the team will consist of 'crackshotsi only and will he able to say, 'Live are the bestw. Is! row. lcfl to right: .l0lll1SUI1. W.. Sage. li.. Forbes. E.. Monlfw-rt. T. Caplain, Fischer. G., Vega. J.. Lawson, C., Adurian. S. 2111! run: left to right: Cupmin Gilmore- -l'm'11lfv flrlviscr, Reynolds, G., lNlacPln-rson, li., llc-ss, T., Van Wagon:-r. lf.. Makcpcacv. W.. Maxwell. ll.. Muster Sergeant PllI'IfSiF!If'l1lfYY Adviser. 127 1 f 3 K L 3 P x s -1 2 Y X f - fig? L:L.k 'Lili H 'ww 4. , EX f, . ' u inf- l fy? 5 Q SQ, X x M ., 1 . -x-- X -X A ix .:'fw1wsf21i1 4- iq . f XM --:rr ii if + :Af '53 1 'Q gf t , M g QM 1 ff r 'lf' ? 'KX 'l'S Work and play! work and The order of the Universe JOHN DAVID On the pages that follow, we will a clear picture of our major spo Academy. We have the follow sports: Fall-lFootball, varsity, and 9th Grade teams.Jg Winter varsity, J. V., and 8th and 9th and Spring-lBaseball, varsity, J, Tennis.l. Even though our team winning teams, we will always our coaches have taught us and tr be a sport in everything we do." G re play! SON try to give you rts here at the ing groups of J. V., and 8th -lBasketball, rade teams.l 3 V., Track, and s were not all member what hat is, "Try to A day of toil, an hour for sport RALPH WALDO EMERSON ,..w-"" va E ET X ...,.., Z T E- i 3!,u2 ii 3 THE M. C. THOMAS GYMNASIUM THE SA BRE SHOP V in I , , .5.fvE.r. .f 1 .haf-tri? ,K c ,L,, .-w . .E 7? lst row, left to right: Reimer, R., Whitt, W., Simeone, R., Barlu Mueller, F., McDonald, J., Monaghan, E., Holsclaw, W., Ficca, 2nd row, left to right: Strasenburgh, C. flllanageri, Moser, Rex. Arce, L., MacLeod, J., Mitchell, W., Newbill, H. fManagerJ, Ca Lardani, R., Turner, G., Howard, B., Pardue, R. fManagerl. nato, P., McAuliffe, T., Bishop, D., Cantrell, D., F., McPeak, D., McGee, M., Lee, F., Carper, J. Quillen, F., Bergenstock, W., Nagle, F., Miller, R. L., 1955 VARSITY FOOTBALL SCHEDULE F. U. M. A. 20 Maury High School, Norfolk, Virginia 6 University of Richmond Junior Varsity 26 Massanutten Military Academy 15 Cohnnbian Preparatory School 0 Greenbrier Military School 13 Virginia Military Institute Junior Varsity 13 Chowan Junior College, Murfreesboro, N. C. 6 Ilargrave RdiHtary'!Kcaderny 14- Staunton Military Academy 132 rver, W., Mortsea, T., Bailey, D., Mclntyre, W., OPPONENT 0 14 6 0 19 6 19 19 26 gl.. , 1 X . 1 i MISS ANN THOMPSON Co-Caplains MISS JO ANN RUFINAK 121 XVQ-sl Bird Sin-at ,HM MCDONALD 46 Cordan Avcnuc Pasadena. Texas FRED MUELLEH Fords, New ,Icrscy Sponsor Sprmsor 0 MAURY HIGH SCHOOL vs. F. U. M. A. 20 Fork Union coupled the running of 4Dave' Bishop and fliggs, Ficca with the superb ball handling of quarterback iloei Cencavage to win our opening game from a badly outplayed Maury High eleven 20-0 at Foreman Field, Norfolk, Virginia. The Cadets piled up a total of 253 yards rushing to the Commodores 42, however Maury outgained Fork Union in the air 50 yards to 8. Cencavage, Reimer, and Barbato were the main springs in getting the first score for the cadets and Quillen converted to make the count, 7-0. Jim McDonald recovered a Maury fumble on our 20 yard line which broke up their threat to score. ln turn Bishop, Cencavage, and Ficca returned the hall to the Maury nine and Ficca carried over for our second score and again Quillenis kick split the uprights and the score was Fork Union, 14-0. Bishop intercepted a Jordan pass on the Commodores' 24 to set up the final Cadet tally with time running out. In two plays we went 19 yards with Gencavage pitching out to Ficca. Wayne Bergenstock bulled over from the one for the final score. The Cadets' forward wall was like a rock. stopping the Maury running attack in its tracks. FORK UNION COACHING STAFF Czrplain Cnpfrzin Caplain Major Cnpfain, Cnplain Cnplain 'Wg If. 'john' 'Gus' 'Rosie' 'Dirk' TI. Lf '17, Rf WASH BURN HUNT LACY TI IOMAS H ENSLEY ROSS WOM Iil,li A- sw . as - , A Fork Union Team, left to right: Line, Mortsea, T., llolsclaw, W., Larflani, R., Mitchell, W. Backfeld, left 10 Howard, B., Bergcnstock, W., Moser, Rex. The University of Richmond's Junior Varsity football t half of the game to defeat our Big Blue Devils 14--6. Our final 56 seconds of play when Bishop crashed over from t Simeone, R., Whitt, R., Monaghan, E., right: Cvuch 'Dick' Hensley, Miller, R., V. VS. F. U. M. A. 6 eam marched 55 and 60 yards in the second big team scored their lone six-pointer in the he four yard line. The Baby Spiders, who 14 UNIVERSITY OF RICHMOND ll. W passed only once all afternoon, tallied their first touchdo period a Spider Halfback intercepted a Fork Union pass a Following with a Quarterback getting away for a gain of march which ended when a Fullback on the Baby Spider t cadets picked up the majority of their yardage via the air n in the third period. Early in the fourth nd ran it back 15 yards to the Richmond 410. 15 and then a 20 yards to spark a 60 yard eam smashed through the middle of the line lanes. for a 2 yard gain and pay dirt. The Big Blue Devils could do little with the Richmond line, so the D 6 MAS SANUTTEN MILITARY ACA Our Big Blue Team of footballers spotted Massanutt quarter and then roared back to overtake the visitors, 26-6, Freddie Lee made it into a 6-6 tie in the second quarter w our Quarterback 'Porgie' Turner. Quillen converted to put until halftime. ln the third quarter we chalked up two m Massanuttenis punts 70 yards for the first score, and Lee over from the two. Quillen missed the first extra point bt period Safetyman Joe Gencavage put the ball game out o around end on an option play to score. ln the same per when he pulled in a Massenutten punt on his own three yar but the touchdown was nullified by a clipping penalty aga Left to right: Ends on Fork Union. Teams: Mortsea, McGee, M., Barbato, P. EMY vs. F. U. M. A. 26 en a one-touchdown advantage in the first in a Military Prep League contest. Halfback men he snatched a pass in the end zone from the Blues ahead, 7-6, a score which prevailed ore TD's. Safetyman Reimer lugged one of capped a 50 yard ground drive by bucking t converted after Leefs score. In the fourth reach for the visitors by scooting 25 yards od Gencavage got off the day's longest run line and galloped 97 yards to the end zone, inst Fork Union. T., Arco, L., Mitchell, W., Carver, W., Left lb right: Halfbacks on Fork Union Teams: Reimer, R., Moser, B., McPeak, L., Lee, F., Ficca, F., MacLeod, J. 0 COLUMBIAN PREPARATORY SCHOOL vs. F. U. M. A. 1'5 The Big Blue Devils captured its third win of the season with a 15-0 victory over the Columbian Prep of Washington, D. C. Our team took the opening kickoff and drove down the field, only to have a touchdown run by Joe Gencavage, quarterback, nullified by an offside penalty. On the first play of the second quarter a 57 yard pass from George Turner to Johnnie MacLeod was good for six points, and Quillen converted for a 7-0 lead. The home team picked up two more points in the second period with a safety. Fork Union's other touchdown came in the fourth period on a 27 yard run by Fullback Don McPeak. Columbian Prep was unable to put together a drive into our Blue Devils' territory. 19 GREENBRIER MILITARY SCHOOL vs. F. U. M. A. 0 Fork Union was belted by a strong Greenbrier team in prep upset. Our team held Greenbrier at bay during the first period with our stubborn defense, but they roared back for three TD's and a 19-0 victory in the last three periods of the game. Dave Bishop was our outstanding player of the game. Four Greenbrier fumbles recovered by Fork Union kept the Big Greenbrier team from getting underway prior to halftime. Except for a third quarter passing attack which started on our 15 and carried to the Greenbrier 20 we made no real threat. Greenbrier led in first downs 15 to 2, completed four of seven passes for 85 yards against three of five for 65 yards by Blue team, and drew three yards in penalties against none for Fork Union. A Fork Union Team., left to right: Line: Carver, W., Lardani, R., Mclntyre, W., Bailey, D., Whitt, R., Simeone, R., Arce, L. Backfeld, left zo right: Coach 'Gus' Lacy, MacLeod, J., Reimer, R., Quillen, F., Lee, F. A Fork Union Team, left to right: Line: Barbato, P., Holsclaw, W., Nagle, F., Mueller, F. Backfield, left to Turner, C., Bishop, D., Ficca, F., Coach 'John' Hunt. antrell, D., McAuliffe, T., Monaghan, E., 'ght: Coach 'Rosie' Thomas, McPeak, L., 6 VIRGINIA MILITARY INSTITUTE J. V. vs. F. U. M. A. 13 The V. M. I. J. V. cadets of Lexington, Virginia, m Big Blue team a triumph of 13-6. A forty-nine yard grourili scoring pass from George Turner to Fred Mueller carried Y P Y Blue Devils. The touchdown pass mentioned above came 'Rats' made their only tally in the final period of the gam toss from Bobby Ross to Jim True. Quillen was also cred: 19 CHOWAN JUNIOR COLLEGE J. QMURFREESBORO, N Our Big Team played one of the best games of the untied Chowan Junior College team in North Carolina. B the 27 yard line after taking over on their own 410, and i touchdown and the extra point was made good by Quill en. Later Chowan recovered a Fork Union fumble on our own 21 yard line and scored a touchdown, bp half time we found the score to be 7-6 in our favor. In the good the extra point. With the combined efforts of Bishop, up another score. Johnny MacLeod broke up a beautiful yard line after an 80 yard run. The game was a tie until junior varsit . The second eriod drive was climaxed b a- i de a trip from out of the valley to give our drive by our Big team and a fifty-one yard Fork Union to the victory over the V. M. I. one-foot plunge by David Bishop of the Big n the fourth quarter. The V. M. I. J. V. or e. Their score was the result of a nine-yard .ted with one conversion. V. vs. F. U. M. A. 13 .c.J eason but lost 19-13, to an undefeated and hop and MacLeod carried the ball down to turn George Turner passed to Ficca for a t failed to make good the extra point. So at hird period Chowan scored again and made Ficca, and MacLeod the Blue Devils racked olay by downing Johnny Warren on the 10 the last few minutes of play when Chowan picked up a Fork Union fumble and made good a long pass for a touchdown. The final score being 19-13 in favor of the college team. Left to right: Tackles on Fork Union Teams: Mueller, F. Cantrell, D. ' ul. ,., nl. ...,-- , Simeone, R., Nagle, F., Lardani, R., l E I 1 Q 1 X .Ala ........ Left In right: Guards on. Fork Union. Teams: Mclntyrc, W., Whitt, R., MacDonald, J. 'Tex', McAuliffe-. T.. llolsclaw, W. 19 HARGRAVE MILITARY ACADEMY vs. F. U. M. A. 6 Hargrave Military Academy upset the bucket by defeating the favored Fork Union team 19-6, in a bruising Military League game. During the first period, Hargrave took possession on its 30, after the Blue Devils were forced to punt, and marched 70 yards in 11 plays to set them up with a 6-0 lead. This was all the scoring in the first half as the two big lines battled away and took control of the game. Hargrave scored on the kickoff, in the second half, when Bruce Nunnally went 100 yards through the entire Fork Union team untouched. Near the end of the third quarter our own Dave Bishop went over for a touchdown from our 5 yard line to trail 12-6. The final period was made interesting in the last few minutes of play when Hargrave took a pitchout and went 12 yards for the final Hargrave score. Both teams have a 4-4 record for the season and have identical 1-1 records in league play. 26 STAUNTON MILITARY ACADEMY vs. F. U. M. A. 14 Staunton Military Academy defeated Fork Union 26-14, to win the State Military League champion- ship. In winning the Hilltoppers avenged the 8-7 loss of last year's classic. The first period was mostly a matter of sputtering offenses by each team and developed into a punting duel. Near the end of the first quarter Quesenberry and Smith of Staunton moved for two first downs. On the first play of the second period the Hilltoppers broke through right tackle and went 55 yards for their first touchdown. Smith made the extra point by plunging over left guard. So Fork Union got hot and tied the score as Ficca threw a 42 yard pass to MacLeod for the key play, putting Fork Union on the Staunton 3 yard line. Bishop bucked over guard for the touchdown and Quillen made the extra point good. So in short order Pugh of the Hilltoppers took the kickoff and raced 80 yards through the entire Fork Union team for a touchdown and the extra point was made good. Our final score came on a pass from Ficca to MacLeod, good for 61 yards, and Quillen booted his second extra point to send the teams off the field deadlocked 14-14 at the half. The final tally came in the fourth quarter as Pugh went off right tackle for 30 yards. Left to right: Fullbnclfs on. Fork Union Teams: Bergen-stock, W., Bishop, D., Quillen, F. Luft to right: Quarierbncks on Fork Union Teams:Howard, B., Turner, G., Miller, R. L. Al I. .A-1. ,K J. V. FOOTBA 6 THOMAS JEFFERSON HIGH SCHO fRICHMOND, VA. The 'Little Blue Devils' of Fork Union Military Acaden inff 13-0 victor over Thomas Jefferson Hi h School. Ca LL-'55 'DL J. V. vs. F. U. M. A. 13 D y opened their season by romping a smash- t Maupin caught two touchdown passes for Y g ie th? little team and proved to be the outstanding player o the game. Coach Ross and Coach Womble are to be congratulated on this opening game and the fine 13 THOMAS JEFFERSON HIGH SCHO fRICHMOND, vA. earlier game in which we were the winner. The game was showing made by the Junior Varsity team. OL J. V. vs. F. U. M. A. 0 l a very bad break for the Little Blue Devils The Fork Union J. V. team played a very strong Tho nas Jefferson J. V. team as compared to the k as they really played hard. It seems as if all the good brea s went to T. J. and we got all the had ones. Our team was called back twice after making some nice iays for touchdowns, so we end up with no score and T. J. who got all the breaks of the afternoon w 13 STAUNTON MILITARY ACADEMY J.. Our J. V. Team made a trip to Staunton, Virginia, to pl with a loss of 13-0. They proved to be too good for our ' touchdowns by driving hard up the middle of the field to They were after us due to the 12-0 defeat we gave them 'Little Hilltoppers, were a little too good for them. 20 FLUVANNA HIGH SCHOOL vs. fCARYSBROOK, VIRC1 The Fork Union J. V. team went over to the local Hi Virginia, as it was an open date for our team and it ende Costello and his spirited team who has a record now of Fluvanna team scored twice to become the star of the gam end run and the other on a 10 yard pass which was a clir within inches of scoring many times but just couldn't get 1 39 FARMVILLE HIGH SCHOOL vi. I fFARMVILLE, v1Rc1 The 'Little Blue, team played its last game over at Fa the good showing they made even if the score ended 20-12 He has a good team and we feel we did a good job by scoi ville. Jack Harrington of Farmville started scoring in the as reverse play for a touchdown. Lyons and Moser made the good season in spite of the many games we lost. Our than the J. V. team of '56 will help bring back our winning stre 138 t off the winner 13-0. V. vs. F. U. M. A. J. V. 0 ay the Junior Hilltoppers and were saddened Little Blue' team. Staunton made one of her pay dirt and the second one by end runs. last season. Our boys fought hard but the F. U. M. A. J. V. 0 INIAJ gh School to play Fluvanna at Carysbrook, in a 20-0 Homecoming triumph for Coach even wins in eight starts. End Rice of the .. One touchdown was made on a four yard nax to a drive of 80 yards. Our J. V. were mast a well coached and trained team. F. U. M. A. J. V. 12 AJ J rmville, Virginia, and we are right proud of in the favor of Coach Gilmer and his boys. 'ing at all. It was a sixth victory for Farm- econd quarter when he went 55 yards on a touchdowns for our J. V. team. We had a lks to our coaching staff, and we hope that ak. Ist -Q . - - CHET O. HALL DAVE L. H.-Kl.E Co- Cnplains 1955 J. V. FOOTBALL SCHEDULE p U, M, A, 0PPoNl-1N'rS 13 Thomas Jefferson High School J. V. TRTCILIIIIOIIIU 6 0 Thomas Jefferson High School J. V. lRichmonrIl I3 0 Staunton Military Academy J. V. 13 0 Fluvanna High School, Carysbrook, Va. 20 12 Farmville High School, Farnwille, Va. 39 - ..- - ...L ri Q Q S A in Q 4 row. It-jr I0 right: Polar-z, ll. Ullnllagvrl, Ncalon, E., Wt-sl, ll.. Marlin, M. L., llall, C., xVl'lgllll, C., llulc. ll, vsvr, K., Brock. A., llrilliun, ll.. llurrison, T. Ullrznagerl. 211.11 row, Ivft ro l'1'glII.' Captain xvllllllllt? fcillllfllj, Plronc. l'.. Lyons, W., lilum. M., llnulsllaw. 0., Dc Jan, D.. Maupin, D., llcdrick, C.. Lawrr-ncc, J.. Faison. T., vllnn, J.. Captain Ross fffoachl. 3rd row, left to right: Noble, W., Jorclan, T., lloward, C., Vainwriglil. W.. Cur- nncllacl. K.. Szullvr. lf.. lirown, V.. Buralgc, li. 139 1955 8th and 91 K. S. 'CHUCK' GARDNER ROBERT S. JONAS Co-Cupmins li GRADE FOOTBALL SCHEDULE 1-'. U. M. A. ol'l'0Nl-:NT 0 Hargrave Military Academy Jr. Team 26 6 Appomattox High School Jr. Team 7 6 Woodherry Forest School Jr. Team 7 14 Appomattox High School Jr. Team 6 0 Hargrave Military School Jr. Team 21 8TH 8. 9TH GRADE FOOTBALL TEAM Isl row, left fo right: Cray, J., Landron, M., Coleman, G., Gardner, 21111 row, left Io right: Kelly, V., Rodriguez, V., Meade, R., Captain 3111 row, left Io righl: Rodriguez, A., Gil, E., Burton, I., Richardson, KMHIIUQCFQ. 140 K., Jonas, R., Nichols, A., Jones, R., Balanis, G. Washburn ffoachj, Henry, W., Liblmy, W., Gil, G. C., Davidson, B., Mcnrlofik, M., lli1Wlll0I'Ilt', K. 1956 VARSITY BASKETBALL SCHEDULE F U M A oPPoNEN'r Hampden Sydney J. V. U. of Va. Freshmen U. of Richmond J. V. V. M. I. J. V. XV. S1 L. Freshmen U. of Va. Freshmen Hampden Sydney J. V. Benedictine High School Virginia Episcopal School Massanutten Military Academy Woodberry Forest Staunton Military Academy Ferrum Junior College V. M. I. J. V. Hargrave Military Academy Benedictine High School Greenbrier Military School Stauton Military Academy Virginia Episcopal School Hargrave Military Academy Massanutten Military Academy WILLIAM HARPER PARKER Captain VARSITY BASKETBALL Seated lift to fl ht: McRacken, W., Lee, F., Parker, W., Goode, H., Mortsea, T. Standing, left lo right: Hall, C., Barllato P Purdue R., Quillen, F., Miller, R. L. 8th and 9th GRADE ,56 BASKETBALL SCHEDULE F. U. M. A. OPPONENT 41 Hargrave M. A. 56 44 New London Academy 49 49 Alrvonia Marshall D. S. 20 48 New London Academy 25 33 Appomattox H. S. 49 28 Hargrave M. A. 42 32 Appomattox H. S. 35 41 Arvonia Marshall D. S. 27 42 First Baptist Church 43 fRiclunond, Vaj JOHN CROS STH 8. 9TH GRADE BASKETBALL lst row, left Io right: Landron, M., Menclofik, M., Massie, D., , C., Weston, R. 21111 row, lefl to right: Jcrnigan, D., Yates, L., Kinghorn, K., Jonas, R., Kelly, V., King, B. Ullanagerj. 142 J. V. BASKETBALL '56 SCHEDULE F. U. lNl. A. OPPONENT 90 Beaumont l. S. 40 37 Wooclberry Forest J. V. 41 F? 'Z' 65 Staunton M. A. J. V. 54 66 Beaumont l. S. 42 43 Staunton M. A. 37 60 Miller School 34 55 Benedictine J. V. 47 75 Richmond Kiwanis 58 40 Hargrave M. A. J. V. 36 78 Fishburne M. A. J. V. 38 71 Fishlaurne lVl. A. J. V. 49 44 Hargrave M. A. J. V. 49 48 Miller School 44 MICHpal71IZr111ifCCEE J. V. BASKETBALL UIQ! Seated, left Io right: Myers, D., Mitchell, W., McGee, M., Wood, L. F, Smith, C., Reimer, R. Standing, left to right: Ruiz, li., Sullivan, S., Howard, B., Harker, B., Burger, H., Adorian, S., Harrison, T. Ullanagerl. 143 Track Team of ,55-tl '55 Schedule and Outcome U. M. A. OPPONENT 8315 Virginia Episcopal School 3326 5l5A5 Woodberry Forest School 7014, 73 Hopewell High School 35 67lf3 St. Christopher School 4525 7ll,Q Hargrave M. A. 361fQ lTriangular meetit 631f3 St' unton M. A. 481Q Gr enbrier M. S. 39 wok seventh place in the Virginia State Meet. April oth April 14th April 20th April 26th May 5th ROBERT YVILLIAM KERNS M Qth RAMON ERNEST PARDUE HY 1 Co-Captains MHY 12th TRACK '56 Schedule Virginia Episcopal School U. of Virginia Freshmen Woodberry Forest School Triangular Meet-Staunton M. A. -Greenbrier M. S. State Meet-U. of Virginia St. Christopher School Hargrave M. A. Serlrcrl, in front, left to riglzt: Shifivtt, F. A., Ruiz E., Snow, W. 1 .l. F., MacLeod, J. P., Bishop, D. M., Parker, W. H., Crum, T. P., li 1. Ist row, left to right: Holsclaw, W. D., Carper, llann, E. J. H., Cheslcy, H. T., Sage, R. C., Pardue, R. E., Kcrns, R. W., Gritz, J. G., Tatum, R. P., Elmore, D. P., M1:Peak, L. D., Miller, R. L., 0'Bricn, J. A., Jones, M R. R., Chapplc, T. P., Amlorian, J. Standing, left to right: Cal Freeman, L. W., Maxwell, R. A., Butler, S. W., Monaghan, E. E. Nc-whill, H. H. lllflnrzngerl, Maupin, D. W., Dew, C. L. llllrznagcrl, R. XV., Marlin, M. L., Wllitcsitlct, K. R., Regnier, F. M. Elnlircy, C. KAssismnt Conclll. 144 Iam Lacy FCOIICIIQ Brock A H Pironc P J , Berntsen, A. G., Burger, H. R., Martin, C. P., clntyrc, W. H., Woocl, L. F., Jones, R. C., Whitt, E., Diaz, A. I., Simeone, R. A. Captain Knics '55 F. U. M. A. 1 6 19 6 1 16 15 7 6 7 10 9 8 17 6 19 April April April April April April April April April April May May May May May May Schedule and Outcome N. C. State Freshmen Campbell Junior College Hargrave M. A. Halifax High School Maury High School Hampton High School St. Christopher School Staunton M. A. Wooclberry Forest School Greenbrier M. S. Hargrave M. A. Benedictine High School Massanutten M. A. Staunton M. A. Greenbrier M. S. Massanutten M. A. 5th 6th 1 hh 14th 17th 19th 21st 24th 27th 30th 1st 5th Sth 12th 15th 18th '56 Schedule Hampton High School Maury High School Hargrave M. A. Staunton M. A. Benedictine High School U. of Virginia Freshmen Greenbrier M. S. Fishburne M. S. Hargrave M. A. Benedictine High School Massanutten M. A. Staunton M. A. Greenbrier M. S. Massanutten M. A. Fishburne M. S. Maury High School OPPONENT 12 3 4 4 0 4 3 8 0 0 7 1 4 3 0 2 J, ,. x tg , 1 -417' .. ,gf - ' 1 'Y .4 K ., fs.. . f .. . "'." -. fl"'wif. GEORGE CRAWFORD TURNER MICHAEL MCGEE Co-Captains VARSITY BASEBALL Svfzfcrl, left to righl: Barbalo, P. A., McAuliffe. T. J., Goode, H. L., Turner, G. C., McGee, M.. Sullivan. S. C.. Hall, C. O., Reimer. R. L. Slamling left to right: Quillen. F. C., Arce, L.. Bradshaw, O. W., McRackcn, W. L.. Morlsca, T. S.. Mitchell, W. P., Lee, F. E., Mann, R. W., Major Thomas fCOHC,1AvN0l present for the picture. 145 w Qi! ul -X :S fel Nfsggtw: ' 3 52.1, X -. - -L wif-f JG. www iii sm 5, S? 'ii 5 2 5 E 5 A Q are "P" ... . .I ...f 1 . I-Lf fy" 5 . 7 as A Y 1 ,Q f . HX, X . A , as SX K X f I X V Q X x 1' :lk SE X 'QF New w s B wL KS 1 5 , gg - iw 3 + J f S 3 xv if f Saw? 5 r X lg It ,Q Q af , if EW 'N-f Flaw jf v 55: S521 is 1 Eggs 1 N4 SS 's gg lm we 23 .SHS 2 Q1 j gm 'H N 53 iw?siT'X2gf ivy- Q "Qin-ff' .mm , Q -. .. ass L N X x L JW' .1 x I X ' l'iMi"f"x , X . --rzwf--.' sg Wk ,V A K K ,. ,. 32555 9 1 , u X ii X v My Q k f f, .-,wr Q K t L ' it N k A . . . A 1- Q sg. 3. D, ,Y A jig V .. 1 K if 4 X xx , , 5 if fi g I .. N :H in L ' vt 5' 6' ,. as HS X 1, A .. .V Lfx Ve' , I J- ean: ff g I img 3 ' asm? . +1 Q , 5 is 'Nm sg ff. .Ji X 3 M M , ,fix . A if R if Q Q is .4 b as f ig in Q N fu, xx E . X 1 E 5 rg . K ' 35 A , 2 in 5' a . la R is is E 'mi Nl' Q, .I- I ! , 1 , I., v 's R4 '. x-. JN Q , Q pf Q , .Nh il Qx . it Hi ,QQ fm wsmaww 'A f J 35' ' x K b ff, K k 'S' ' if. 3 ' il. iii? 3 Q M53 ' K .445 51 pp aw 7. 1 laws March April April April April May May May May ,56 Schedule 27th 11th 14th 20th 27th 5th Sth 14th 16th ls! mw left lo flbllf P1 mklm S M Qualtlcvbaum R M Coles W Herring, R., Funkllouscr C R Sll1lll1l1lOI'! W F link M I3 btnnrlznb left fo rig!!! Captain Washburn fflsszstalzt Conchl, Metcalfu J l Funclerhurk L H Ixum .111 l 'NI l'IllLll H M Howard U D F1 cher C D Rulz R M., Stevens, L C Major Wxlmlman ffllllfllj K ' ETHICS and SOCIAL CONDUCT CLASS ' J Colonel Frank A. Crockett in Charge Y CHEERLEADERS Y Left to right: Walkvr, J., Franklin. S., Hessom, J., Shettlemorc, . 143 SWR 5550 3.Q1.'x.L35fk:Lg5f"' ' . gf bAXgQyg?yJ.?M:,,ig.,-4 irgzl, it xl J. . fi .'5Pg1f 'WHAT-X Yl5'+s?S.1' ':s.Qi- H6 5'-,L ?'f,2fx3 ENV 5,44 if.. -: 'T 'M 3 f gi Y wif:-mspsry' Ya,-,s,, w'i f Q K-,gkifv EJ Ng? w X Q X , QR? X , xg, ,E 93.5. b VS? vw-'xlw N 1' Af lmgmf N: f M F" Ss" N' xfsuikibkw WMS -f X WW! Q we N A V 59- N cfafy, 41, 6, .f ,ZX gf i Sw Sb 55.15 91,5 3 Q Q A M,N,5'-,Y,gf X XR gifgi 11 ,QV X NB- 5' xr Q6 VX- N X ii gx 4 'vw -' sc!jvQ,.lL1:. - . in ,, T. bw ii, wx, Jw f ,.,r.G-f W-x?K'::pX..?Nfvt..M zu 5651 NN MICHAEL A. FISHER JAMES L. CARNES HARRH R SQUIERQ CO-EDITORS-JUNIOR scHooL SECTION PART PART PART PART PART FOREWORD As another year comes to a close, may t 111 future years have brought back to mind days at Fork Union. It is the fervent hope o staff that you will find these memories richer CONTENTS CLASS OF 1956 ADMINISTRATION, FACULTY AND STAFF ACADEMIC CLASSES MILITARY ORGANIZAT ONS ATHLETICS AND ACTIV TIES these pages will serve to keep them bright. The JUNIOR SKIRMISHER STAFF would express thanks to Major Ransone, Major Pen assistance in supplying needed information. iid thank you" for taking several pictures. To expression of gratitude for typing and proof readin 81 Ad inistration Bldg. Barracks Gy Ch p 1 150 ,ICSC cadets who turn these pages he treasured memories of their f the admlnlstration faculty and with the passing years and that like to take this opportunity to 'ergrass and Mrs Kelly for thelr ajor Ransone deserves an extra Mrs. Ivins and Mrs Stevens an fb UU I Q QQ Q35 Q5 x QM IL 51131: , FERT-X M- WWQ-Mia 56 CM-lw'7ne-.M ' 42? Zi, ,wafwfifwiwigiis if W7W7'fWW'Mj. ' D' as ikW,,,.wWw M10 ggi! Q MQ W WW 2 'E 9555 A V8 Sf if Qi? mf A Q U Wff ZH W 3 W W wwf? My Nfw fwww. M552 iii Wifif if125 fSL Rsfw wifi INSTRUCTORS CAPT. L. H. HALLIIHIRTON CAPT. S. L. IJILLARD CAPT. H. E. PULLIAM wr:s'rr:nN N. C. 1'r:Acm:ks c0LI.r:f:r: mcI..umMA CITY UNlvr:ns1'rx' WAKI-1 I-'om:sT c0l,I.r:Gr1 N'l'A'I'I-I com.:-11:1-1 or Tm: U. ol-' WASH. SOIITHICRN mm.:-3 c0I.Lr:m1 LA UNIV!-IIISIDAD DE LA IIABANA llNIYl'IliSl'l'Y OF NEW HAMPSHIRE CLASS OFFICERS JOSEPH IJ. JOHNSON QUINTO VALLEI. JR. WALTER MARCINIAK THOMAS R. RAFALSKY Secretary Treasurer Prvsfrlent Vim' Prcsizlcnt RICHARD W. DAVIS. Roanoke, Virginia. Private, "B" Company. ATHLETICS: Intramural Swimming. ACTIVITIES: Stamp Club. ACHIEVEMENTS: Honor Roll. JAMES L. DUN- NET. Freeport, New York. Master Sgt., D 62 B Corps. ATH- LETICS: Basketball Team, Baseball Team. ACTIVITIES: Science Club, Crafts Club. ACHIEVI-IMENTS: Headmaster's List. ALLEN T. EVERETT. Baltimore, Maryland. Private, HB" Company. ACTIVITIES: Stamp Club. ACIIIEVEMENTS: Headmaster's List. DOUGLAS V. FUNKHOUSER. Harrisonburg, Virginia. Master Sgt., "A" Company. ATHLETICS: Football, Basketball, Baseball. ACTIVITIES: Science Club, Camera Club. ROBERT F. FRANKLIN. Saigon, Vietnam. Private, "B" Company. ACTIVITIES: Science Club, Camera Club. ACHIEVEMENTS: Head- lll8SlCI',S List. STUART T. GARRISON. Wilmington, Dela- ware. Private, "A" Company. ACTIVITIES: Radio Club. GEORGE C. GEYER. Stockley, Delaware. Private, "AU Com- pany. ATIILETICS: Football Team. ACTIVITIES: Stamp Club. ACIIIEVEIVIENTS: HC3ClIll85l6f,S List. CARL W. HAYNES. Arlington, Virginia. Captain Adjutant, Staff. ATHLETICS! Bas- ketball Team. ACTIVITIES: Hiking 81 Camping Club. ACHIEVE- MI-ZNTS: HeadIIIaSter'S List. ALBERT HAZEL, JR. Wash- ington, D. C. Corporal, "Bu Company. ACTIVITIES: Science Club, Crafts Club, Stamp Club. OUIS M. ANDERSON. Levittown. Pennsylvania. S gt., D Sc B Corps. ACTIVITIES: Science Club, Glee Club, Cr lub, Hiking 8: Camping Club. ACHIEVEMI-INTSZ Honor R ORDON B. BLANCHARD. Baltimore, Maryland. poral, D Xe B Corps. ACTIVITIES: Science Club. ACHIEVEMEN eadmaSter's List. CHARLES M. BROWN. Glen Allen, Unia. Private, "Cv Company. ATHLETICS: Intramural Bas ll 81 Baseball. ACTIVITIES: Science Club, Jr. Sabre St 1l,CHIl:IVl-IMENTSI Headmaster's List. I AAC L. CALHOUN. Rocky Mount, North Carolina. v te, "AH Company. ACTIVITIES: Science Club. ACIIIEVEIVIEN eadmaSter'S List. JAMES N. CARNES. Richmond, Virgi aster Sgt., Color Guard. ATHLETICS: Basketball Team, Ba ll Team. ACTIVITIES: J. S. Skirmisher Staff, Radio Club, e ce Club, Jr. Sabre Staff. ACHIEVEMENTS: Headmaster'S L Best Private Medal. JAMES L. CARTER. Washington, D. rivate, "Au Company. ATI-II.I-LTICS: Basketball Team, Base Team, Intramural Swimming. ACTIVITIES: Jr. Sabre Staff, C Club. lk bt BERT J. CARTER. Elizabethton, Tennessee. Master S 551 Company. ATHLETICS: Basketball Team. ACTIVITIES: ence Club. JOHN C. CI-IAPPELLE. Elberon, Virginia. Fi S t., "Ci, Company. ACTIVITIES: Camera Club, Hiking 81 Ca in Club. ACHIEVEMENTS: Honor Roll, Citizenship Award, H inf' Medal. JOHN W. CLARY, JR. Richmond, Virgin C p ral, D 62' B Corps. ATHLETICS: Basketball Team. ACTIVITI Science Club, Art Club, Stamp Club. ATIILLTICS Basketball Team ACTIVITIPS Science Club. LTER F. IWANOSKI. Erie, Pennsylvania. Captain, B ATIILETICS: Football, Basketball, Baseball Teams. : Glee Club, Camera Club, Radio Club, Hiking 81 Club. ACHIEVI-:MENTs: Honor Roll, Hiking Club JOSEPH D. JOHNSON. Arlington, Virginia. Pri- "A', Company. ACTIVITIES: Science Club. ACI-IIEVEMENTS: Secretary. R. HOY, III. Arlington, Virginia. Private, "A" Com- A .. U . .un T. JORDAN. Wasliington, D. C. Private, "Av ACTIVITIES: Science Club, Crafts Club, Hiking 81 Club. ACHIEVEMENTS: Headmaster's List. JOHN T. Burkevillc, Virginia. Private, "An Company. ATH- Basketball SI Baseball Teams. ACTIVITIES: Science Club, 81 Camping Club. ACHIEVEMENTS: Headmaster's List. ARD P. KLEIN. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Second Bi' Company. ACTIVITIES: Science Club, Hiking 81 ACIIIEvEIvIENTs: Honor Roll. HARLES V. LATENDROF. Rahway, New Jersey. Major, taj. ATIILETICS: Basketball 81 Baseball Teams. ACTIVITIES! amera Club. ACIIIEVEIVIENTS: Headmaster's List. LAWR- NCE L. LAYTON. Norfolk, Virginia. Private, "A" Com- any. ATHLETICS: Intramural Football. ACTIVITIES: Camera lub. GAINES W. LOTT. Wrightville Beach, North Carolina. irst Lieutenant, "B" Company. ATHLETICS: Basketball Team. ' Camera Club, Crafts Club. WALTER MARCINIAK, JR. Cleveland, Ohio. First Lieu- tenant, "A" Company. ACTIVITIES: Science Club, Hiking 81 Camping Club. ACHIEVEMENTS: Honor Roll, Class President, Hiking Medal. TARAS MARKUS. Charlottesville, Virginia. Captain, "A" Company. ATHLETICS! Football, Basketball 81 Baseball Teams. ACHIEVEMENTS: Capt. Basketball Team. ED- WARD J. MEEGAN. Garden City, New York. Tech. Sgt., "A" Company. ATHLETICS: Baseball Team. ACTIVITIES: Crafts Club. PAUL C. MOORE. Richmond, Virginia. First Lieutenant, Staff. ATHLETICS: Football, Basketball 81 Baseball Teams. ACTIVITIES: Science Club, Camera Club, Glee Club. WALTER L. OSBORNE. Arlington, Virginia. Master Sgt., Color Guard. ACTIVITIES: Science Club, Crafts Club. ACI-IIEVEIVIENTS: Honor Roll. ROBERT O. PALEY. Goldsboro, North Carolina. Pri- vate, "A" Company. ATHLETICS: Basketball Team. ACTIVITIES: Science Club. MICHAEL A. PARHAM. Quantico, Virginia. Private, "A" Company. ATHLETICS: Baseball Team, Swimming. ACTIVITIES: Science Club. ACHIEVEMENTS: Headmaster's List. DAVID S. PARRISH, JR. Richmond, Virginia. Private, "An Company. ATHLETICS: Football, Basketball 81 Baseball Teams. ACTIVITIES! Camera Club, Glee Club, Hiking 81 Camping Club. ACHIEVE- MENTS: Honor Roll. RICHARD J. PERSSON. Scarsdale, New York. Private, "A" Company. ACTIVITIES! Science Club, Crafts Club. ACHIEVEMENTS: Headmasters' List. JOHN F. TOWNSEND, JR. Manquin, Virginia. Private, "Av Com an ATIIIETICS Intramurals ROBERT G. T R- p y. . .: . U NER. Lynchburg, Virginia. Private, "A" Company. ACTIVI TIES: Science Club. Camera Club. QUINTO VALLEI. Rich mond, Virginia. Corporal, "A" Company. ATHLETICS: Basket ball 81 Baseball Teams. ACTIVITIES: Head waiter. ACIIIEVE- MENTS: Honor Roll, Class Treasurer. ACTIVITIES: Camera Club, Crafts Club. WAYNE C. WHITE. Cape May, New Jersey. Private, "Av Company. ATHLETICS: Baseball Team. ACTIVITIES: Science Club. JAMES K. WYATT. Gatesville, North Carolina. Tech. Sgt., D :Q B Corps. ATIILETICS: Football SI Baseball Teams, Basketball Team Man- JAMES B. WALSH. Lewes, Delaware. Captain, Supply Stag ager. ACTIVITIES: Glee Club, Radio Club, Jr. Sabre Staff. 'Ill-IOMAS R. RAFALSKY. New York, New York. Capt "In Company. ATHLETICS: Basketball Sz Baseball Tea ACTIVITIES: Radio Club, Hiking 81 Camping Club. ACI-IIE MFNTS: Honor Roll, Vice-President of Class, Hiking Med EARL J. ROBINSON, JR. Washington, D. C. Private, " Company. ACTIVITIES! Radio Club, Stamp Club. ACHIE M.NTS: Headmaster'S List. RONALD J. SEIDMAN. Por mbuth, Virginia. First Lieutenant, D 8: B Corps. ACTIVITI 1ience Club, Clee Club, Crafts Club, Jr. Sabre Staff, Came ub. ACIIIEVEMENTS: Honor Roll. SI Cl AJKTHUR E. SHADWELL. Richmond, Virginia. Priva " U Company. ATHLETICS: Intramural Football 81 Swimmi ACTIVITIES: Headmaster's List. FRANK I. SILEK. Fro Royal, Virginia. Staff Stg., "Av Company. ACTIVITIES: Cra Club. JOSEPH A. SKILL. Cape May, New Jersey. Priva "fin Company. ACTIVITIES: Jr. Sabre Staff, Crafts Club. WILLIAM D. SMITH. Charlottesville, Virginia. Sta, Sg " Company. ATHLETICS: Football, Basketball 81 Baseb Teams. ACTIVITIES! Science Club, Camera Club. ACI-IIEv MF NTS: Headmaster's List. HARRY R. SQUIERS. Washin ton, D. C. Tech. Sgt., D 62 B Corps. ATHLETICS: Football, Ba Iball 8: Baseball Teams. ACTIVITIES: Science Club, Rad mb, Hiking 81 Camping Club, Camera Club, Jr. Sabre Sta Jr. Skirmisher Staff. ACI-IIEVEMENTS: Honor Roll. JAMES TELOMAS, JR. Marion, Virginia. Private, "AU Compan A LETICS: Basketball Team. ACTIVITIES: Jr. Sabre Staff. HA ke Cl ,,:,, , 2,-..i'L?lEL,..1i,A , 'W Q5 Qlj V" 1 fifnb , Q 1 2'L A. 7g1Z' 5 ' .a6?. .i- :L -11 'W b l 1 V - NAM if Q Mx Q9 MR - HEHHMHSHH MAJOR JAMES W. PENDERGRASS, JR B. A., M. ED. IHEHHY IIHMMHNHHNI MAJOR HARVEY A. RANSONE, JR. 0. R. C. IHUIIEHl SIHH L L Mus. H. R. KELLY MRS. L. C. EASON Sfwrvlrzry In Hazrflnuzsler Sulmrzfisor 0.fH0llSPlIl0f,1PT.S mul COIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIH SIHH MHS. YV. K. WALLACE Scunzslrcss Seated: Standing: I 60 HOUSEMOTIIERS Odelle Pugh, Mrs. Hallie Hunter. Helen Davis, Mrs. Harry M. Medlin W Q!! Q an Q30 gf My WK 5212 El p PART pm Ml INSTRUCT RS CAPT. R. S. HARDY CART. R. G. HANCOCK, JR. 'l'lWI.ANI'I UNIVICRSITY NIQYVIIICIIRY COLI,EGIC X gg I f 4 f f X f W I-gg-gf:-v..,R. ,- .X .-. W f , . R R 4 t V A I xt..,':71""X V - mu. WM. .. 7 ,4,,-, . M- .. - . M.. -R R -4- ucllu-Il..l.. Hollpvr. I'IlllN'l'. JUIIIISOII, Lowv. Mussiv, Miclkiff, Morales. H4-llrig, Rcmo, Rolmllins, Simpson. Sllyilvl l'll1'4'l',xV., 'I'lligIll'll. Tl'C'IllIl0XV, 'l'willy.R., YVulls'r:+, VW-lls, 162 oriun, Arona, Uulkins. Ulm-. Urislmv, Early. Fvlter. Fislwr. Cinllvr. Goldstein. Harrison. Hartlvy, H4-ulwolv INSTRUCTORS MRS. M. C. HEPLER CAPT. G. E. CAMPBELL If,xImx'II.I.I: s1wI'I3 T1':AcIII1IIs c0LI,I:cI-1 IINIvI:IIs1TY OF VIRGINIA IINlvI:IIsI'I'Y OF VIRGINIA FIFTH GRADE Ulakvslev, Blum. CllSlllllZ1ll, Dabnvy, Evans, Friedman, Harding, Herbert, Howell, Hyndinan, Lindsey, Mays, Mead Milli-r, NI-ltles, Rvicllard, RiCllill'tlSOIl, Rubin, Scholl, Swain, Twitty,J., Wallace, Williams, L. Not in picture: Bruce xvllllillllll, F. 1625 INSTRUCT MRS. G. P. FARMVILLE STATE UNIV:-xnslrv or FOURTH COLLEGE RADE Hardr-n, Blauvelt, Bolton, Butrico, Fitzgerald, Grothe, Henderson, Hurd, McMann Matlurly Pmnk Rim Qawyers Sm-ppclt, Stevens, Tram, Wilton. N02 in picture: Hind, Miranda. 1641 INSTRUCTOR MISS ELSIE OMOHUNDRO RADFORD 'rmcmzus COLLIQGE UNlvr:usITx' ov VIRGINIA THIRD GRADE Brooks, Domlauro, Enck, Hammonds, Harling, Hoclnett, R., Hoy, G., Latendorf, Slaglc, Stark, Taylor, Woods. Not in pictrzrct Guiruud. 165 INSTRUCT R SECOND RADE 166 x E UWH4' Q MRI-S 2 6 vi' Q -- .5 . WNY, J i Swv. 1 Qf, jg qxvjk gn N .2 wg V hgkil vb: , W 22. r- Sway' .xv A . , W g,ffQ?,,gg. X1 . -1 g' ,.,,, W M Q Q ,., ,. K f x H ,, W-,g"k-J'-'Q Q ' -A il 9 1 A .. 1 ., Q pknvkmhwf MNLK-g R -,,.fv. A-:L . , W - , V K , - M . ,w,Q.'fQ X , ' Q F , -1 I f IQ X , . ., P 0 new I . , SML, ' a CARL W. HAYNE Cadet Captain S PAUL C. MOORE Cadet lst Lt. Battalion Adjutant Battalion Mess Omcer CHARLES V. JATENDORF JAMES B. WALSH Cadet Major Cadet Captain Battalion Commander Battalion Supply Omar STAFF SJ-551 ' "Ei-,If '13-1.JI' .O 4, ' 1,122-' 'iit.+.'.1g Sr- ' ' , , . .CL fi1flg14ml'W:g1w-Qizz. 1 J . .- I . s f '- Www, vuuunus unuu ttiiiii iiwkiii I I hc? , V141-4 iihg 131712, 524K ,A:g5':',g ' '4 THE EHHIHS RICHARD E. HARDING Tech. Sergeant JAMES N. CARNES Master Sergeant Color Commander WALTER L. OSBORNE Master Sergeant Asst. Color Commander MICHAEL A. FISHER Tech. Sergeant 1 gy .4 aw 3 Qs was , 1 ffm.-L, . , 1 x "iw Q ,M A Km..-1 .Lvl .W ugm ,., YL 7' M. f , ',g:""m 'SX , , . N we X ff ik-. I Q, , ' "aww E . F A ,Q A . -"fn 'r xx xx. H , qw, Paiwft -y J 12 - , Nsswf ,lik V. s . w A A K 1 1 Q Q V 4 , , , . V Y nel , y v 1 ? s ix, ,Q V--Q, ingm- OFFICERS Markus Marciniak Funkhouser Captain Ist Lieutenant M!Sergeant ffict. LLJ NON-COMS Morales Carter, R. Meegan Hartley Heatwole Silek Smith Turner Vallei llSgt. Mfsgl. T!Sgt. S!Sgt. S!Sgt. SfSgt. S!Sgt. SfSgt. Cpl. PRIVATES Calhoun Carter, J. Garrison Geyer Hoy, J. Johnson, J. Jordan King Layton Midkiff Paley Parham Parrish Persson Robinson Shadwell Skill Thomas Townsend Tremhow Watters Wells White 173 al vr, , N. wx 3 , A ' K . , qu' UM 'ff w A .. 5.fxg,g-ami-.'-1 'ip ,A W, ww,-1, Qi - , K 5.9 K , . A - 'Me . W. A ' A Em...4.L.:waQ-sw . A my Haw-. , ' mag . I AWA , ,M W - M... ' -m',f,g:.".':l:5':? A M 'N' Lwigg.-p ,,ig4w,, Vip . -W 4 ' N' 1- f, N K k 4.,a+-qiigwmw ji Q:--1' , K. ?,.,..4-.ann AX MN, fslfQ3Qil p:N' E555-. ' X 'fa E, . . 7 A X I 1, ' N . A W N K. . ,J . .ww Vx . ' "Y J XL . 7.4 2W5'iak-LQ, ",j ff, , " W ,H ,S -. ,ff-1-mx Q ,L f t 2 9 ' .2 .. xp '1 K ,X ' . L 'l ' ' , 1 if f .1 .,,,k- K H LA V . -. 'Y , ' 5-asv' -. 2 F A ' . T " 'F , ' 'ai 'L , "1 L Nb. ,mer NT , W 'M W' ..f..jv-Q A. I 'Q ww, f'a:li w ' fx- 1 A , 9.5, 1 .. NJ -1 ri ww- fgQw11,,4ay . f , W . Si . 'K X6 MQ! K v X L1 ,J 4 5 y 4 .F M, W Q f - A ' 1 , 4 1 X .JN x Q,-1-., V' N 4 OFFICERS Iwanoski Klein Lott Captain 2nd Lieulenant lst Lieutenant NON-COMS Remo Ricllardson Harrison Carnes Osborne Fisher Harding Scholl Hoclnoll, J. 1fSgf. MlSgr. M!Sg1. M !Sgr. M!Sgr. T!Sgz. TlSgr. T!Sgr. S!Sgr. Colors Colors Colors Colors Nuttlvs Twitly, R. Wallace Hazel Cushman Hooper Howell Jolmson. ll. Wilton SlSgt. S I Sgt. SlSg!. Corporal Corporal Corporal Corporal Corporal Corporal PRIVATES Adorian llatkins Bristow Dabney Davis Evans Everett Franklin Friedman Cinder Goldstein Huber Miller Robbins Simpson Twilty, J- Williams, F. 175 A war' ' 1, ni -H ,Aff V" AM -' if W ,, .nf K . TD, 'x x-A wr x ,M W K . 3 A . cf'-. W, 3 W -,., sg .. fifmw wwf- ,. ' 0 'ws ' . 'W bf' Ii , 4. , """+i? - s S2525 r awww . - X .ff X ,.-S 5 f.f x "Z YM, ' s K-ff . gf. xi H, 4 ff-- . 'K Ag k A ' ff V - If f .- :4 . 15. . . , , , , gr E , . Z3 V ig . 5 Yi 1 ix 1 . -ef ' ,K Q -x ' . ' ' f x .. 3 , Q V . ff - ---: ,....I... :S f J X 'lg - .HW L -4: 5532: W an . Q K im. , - FL - , , M Q 1 --' F' wr" - 4' y . c flew J K QR,g,l..w,, , X - " ' S' " .X A mmf , . K igfxrggk .ff W ay 1, , ,A-QMA - . . A N' L' I ' , .f i, 1 -f e. A X-' K vr. , - , , S.-1 ' wi, a Xb ""-'M I L1.,, i A S I w .wg OFFICERS Ralfalsky Blue Bulrico Captain lst Lieutenant 21111 Lieutenant NON-COMS Chappelle Pinck Williams, L. Swain Latendorf, W. Mathorly Stevens Taylor llSgt. MlSgt. MlSgt. Tfsgl. SlSgt. SlSgt. SlSgl. SlSgt. Blauvelt Brown Harling Henderson Rellrig Wyman Corporal Corporal Corporal Corporal Corporal Corporal PRIVATES llardvn Bolton Bruce Crum Donnauro Enck Fitzgerald Grimn, C. Crolllc Guiruud Halnnlonds Herbert Hind Hodnett, R. Hoy, G. Hurd Hvnrlman Lindsey McMann Massiv Mays Miranda Perkins Reichard Rice Rubin Sawym-rs Soppe-lt Slagle Stark Thigpcn Trant Woods , 1,6 35 W-1 f 4 2' V, .. EW 9 , y.fpdf:"'1 A: 44,411+ awww: , K Q W ' K-:Q-M5593-'. , A sf? sw ilx XL? Q QF.. . ' is 'H .li 2 P' C: ,kk R -Q NX V33 . gi , . if "I- ik. " -M W- Nix, -xx .K X-X A ew N, JV ,,. N7 Q X ix NX 1.-. M Yu Q , , NM 6 : Nw.. i AO? S QA '7v Q STAMP, ...."',-'fy'-v , --Mi 53.5 WANT -X , .Q if ' .dk . A . 'll ' 1 -Q , wp W Yuqxi ' 44,4 E' ' Y 1 T, 'R P 5 i Q Niiiiff , .. , fl - ' , , x :Kk X as , Sig r -y Eg Q 1 lx Swag . , jp , v 5 x f , .:h.- fig' vx V. A.k. X I kk 4' M ge X ' S Q, if Mmm g, hfg K. . .Q 51, 5 g E A 13. . -,A kk.:A ur-,g l in . , :if 1 A , . X W T V ' X Y fi . vw A f ke f , if -Q 1 SVIIIUII, in frunl: Brown. C. III. flint B0-rj. Serltvrl. IPI! I0 right: Dttnnvt. .I. I... Norah-s. W. C.. Bristow. S. E.. lwanoski. W. F.. Conclz Patton, T.ilI0lliI0l'I., C. V.. Rufalsky. T. R.. Smith. W. D.. Jordan. R. T. Smnding. loft In right: Svitlman. R. .I. Ullnnngerl, Anclvrson. L. NI.. CI1appeIIv. J. C. Yullt-i, Q.. Moore. P. C.. 'I'Immas. ,I. E.. CIary. ,I. W.. Yvyatt. .I. K.. Town st-ml. J. If.. Sltutlwt-II. A. If.. ffurnvs. .I. N. ffllzlltngerl. If. V. I..fKTIfNIJONF A. IQ. SIIAIJWICLL lfn-Caplllirts BASEBALL JUNIOR SCHOOL PUBLICATIONS JO. KIRMIWHHI TAFF IIICHAIEI. ft. FISHER HARRY R. SQIIIICRS .I.-KNIES N. CARNES C0-Editors JR. ABER TIFF MAJOR PEN DERCRASS A rlmfsur Smrml, lvft to right: Wyatt. Brown Cartlcs. Smmling, lvfl I0 right: Blake-:Q Ive. Rvntu, Skill. Carl:-r..I.. Se-iflntztn Fisht-r. Squim-rs. Twitty.Ii.. Ilurrison RicI1arcIs0n. Major l'm-mlvrgrass. 'I'I1nmu Colmlstm-in. Hymlmun. HADIU UL R MAJOR RANSONE Advisor ISI row, left to rigllt: lllauvvll. H0clnell,R., llolton. McMann, Grotl P, Tranl, Malln-rly. .lohnson. li. Znrl row, left lo right: Hurrl, Homhwtt, W., Harding, Mor' les, Thigpon, Me-afl. 3rrl row, left lo right: Walters, Escorclle-, Clary. UAMERA CL B CAPT. DILLARD Advisor llulrico. Blauve-lt, Roicharcl. Evans. Fishvr. 2lIl, lwanoski, Parrish. Ist row, left to riglzt: Scholl, Mays, raw. left Io riglzl: Griflin. W., Wyatt. ART ULIB MRS. GRIFFIN Arlrisor Friedman, Rice, Hynclman, Sawyers, Squicrs, Seidman, Garrison, He-mlm-rson, Twilly, R., Layton, Slcvc-ns, Huher, Twilty,,l., Mays, Herbert, glilton, Lott, Markus. Yvalsh, Moore, Blakrslvv, Funkhousvr, Brooks, Smith, lwanoski, Bristow, Snydcr. Shaclwell, Williams, L., Nvlllvs, Ruhin. Thigpen. Turner. Richardson. Dabney, Parrish, Scholl, Franklin. 182 CIAI"I'. H.-IR I H ,41lm'.wr Walla-rs, Hulwr. Early, Harrison, R4-Iirig. 'I'witty,,I., Twitly,R., Lowe, Hz-alwolv, Rvmo. Calhoun. Snyclvr, Robinson. Swain, Reiclmaril. WiIIiams.L.. Oslmornv. Nollles, Mays, Rulvin. Limlsvy. Mvails. Sliaslwell. Sicmlman. Illum. Mez-gan. Illakvslm-1-. Hazel. WiIIiains.F.. Ilrown lllarviniak. Franklin. Parrisli. C4-yr-r. Ricliarclson, Silvk. Ilunnvl. JUNIUH CIE UE ULIB V NIISS ONIOHIINIJRO A rlrixor Sealed, loft to riglzl: Hurling, Donnauro. Slagle. Sllllllfillg, left to righf: P1-rkins. Sawyer Stark. Pinck. Filzgvralcl. HEIIIIIIIOIHIS. Hz-mlm-rson. Ilanlvn. Crum. Brooks. STAMP ULIB MRS. HIZPLICR Arlrisor Seated. lvfl lv righr: Late-mlorf, W.. Arons. Davis. Slnnrling, left to riglil: Garrison. Clary, Mays. Millvr. Rolrlmins. Evvrul. Robinson, Cc-yor, Han-I. 183 CRAFTS ...x , .. . A xi, x l ' .134 J 4 kt. 9 H V ""' 1 " " . . , A .ri . . , ' - Q 3 df?,g,.jgf gkfk v z E . my xg . V , . ' ' ' -wa ,. fi 'T gfvmize ws We iw, ., 'ui ffl , if M Y' QW was . ' D s W 1' X- i Q Q, Ql , ,fi ' X mi f Tl N x A ' ' 1 J M, .X LQ X 1, .ygfgg f es f 3 :nv . -fin A ,img fn 'X Q K 'V wg, Q ' 5 Aix,,g..W if 1 X, 'X X ,QJQX 5 fi gsm . . . A ggi 3 .i . ' M EH '1 i KWWXWXNX 3 t , 1, 5 'ug .. 1g,'EW5 :f 1' 'X , , xx 351,-KEEW I 'Y is X R K Q f -wg W M g,vriQ ,I ir -..-, .mg A Q V 4 1 , .. rT,Q-L,s2!5ii K mf, ' ,Y :if L S hx-, .. . ,Q s .x Nm ff 55. , , gm . 1. , .K 'df . . , , ,Q . fs- X X ,, ' 1 fr . -L .Q I , . i K Q. . i . 5 ' , . 3 Q xl. 1 ,ja T f ! 4 U F 1 1 - HMB! s Q " ,,isY P g 5 S, f 5, E me P' . W -Q-. l n 'fills 4 --.- "MA- ffy ifgf f Env'-r .,, .M f ' ' NWASESHQ. 7,- ,: Q mf ' P' W u a.. gift' I n F e-.5 'Luz 1, G A M 4 , . ,gf gg I 'G' ,.. nf- pf,-5 . . . ff xg lswgwf' ,f . v L 2 S . fx . ' . 5 " F, V, , - i 5' , 4 - .L-L 1 'L Y' fel , ,f, ' av ' 1 Ist row: A group of Capt. Campbell's swimmers. .lunior School on parade. Randy Ransone listens to a favorite record. 21111701.02 Winter wonderland in Fork Union. A momentis pause during intramural sports. Cadets Riu and Taylor seem happy about something-perhaps it is because they a 0 having their picture take-n. 3rd row Squiers behind the camera. Bristow directing. Cadet Carter poses. Cadets ilaynes, Bristow. Hooper and Blue doin a little clowning around. Crafts Club enthusiast. ACKNOWLEDG This year the Staff of the 1956 Slcirmisher has tried year at Fork Union. Publishing a yearbook requires here we wish to express our appreciation to those w The staff wishes to thank sincerely Mr. Irvin I. Silver Mr. and Mrs. A. A. McClung of Andre Studio, Cf Major Wildman, Major Pendergrass, Major Ransc Stevens and Mrs. M. Pennington Ivins for their co division of the book, we are indebted to Captain C1 tainly not least, we extend our appreciation to Capt ENTS to present a pictorial history of a the help of many individuals and ho have made this book a reality. s and the staff of Caramond Press, vlonel Crockett, Colonel Waldroii, une, Captain Kent, Mrs. Ellen B. operation. For the Junior School aarles F. Hoffman. Last, but cer- ains Herbert F. Reichenbach and James N. McQueen, our faculty advisers, for their guidance and help in avoiding the many pitfalls in putting out a yearbook. We hope yc or omissions between the coversg if you do, please fo go to classes and take exams like everyone else. We as we have in producing it. THE SK RAMON M. Ruiz EDGAR L. NEALON Co-Editors 186 u have not found too many errors rgive us. We are only human and hope you enjoy the book as much IRMISHER STAFF OF '56 COMPLIMENTS OF SHENANDOAH TAILORING CCD UNIFORM MANUFACTURERS Mount Sydney, Va - GRAHAM BRUTHERS GENERAL CONTRACTORS o 906 Southern States Building Richmond 3, Virginia Titmus Optical Co., Inc PETERSBURG, VA., U.S.A. Manufacturers of Ophthalmic Supplies Since 1908 LENSES - FRAMES - SUN GLASSES Phone, PLaza 2-3209 SANFORD SHIRT CO Manufacturer Military Uniform Regulation Shirts 6-8 W. Lombard St. Baltimore I, Md. Kindest Wishes from The Hampshire Corporation - ACOUSTICAL CONTRACTORS - ROYAL QUALITY SHOP The Store For Women FRONT ROYAL, VA. Compliments of SALL4' gtg.: Ogg' " ORKIH g' o 6 va 2-9749 World's Largest Pest Control Co 914 Monticello Road CHARLOTTESVILLE S A True and Plain Statement of Facts OVERBROOK BRAND A L C O MEATS C O F F E E Stronger IS - Smoother Milder COMPLIMENTS Satisfying ofa ALBEMARLE-MICHIE CO., Inc FRIEND Distributors CHARLOTTESVILLE, VIRGINIA CHARLOTTESVILLE WOOLEN MILLS Since 1868 Charlottesville, Virginia Manufacturers of a disting ' ished line of IOOWJ VIRGIN WOOL UNI ORM FABRICS Including Top Quality Cadet rays and Blues used by Leading Military Schools and Colleges Prescribed and used byyahe Cadets FORK UNION MILITAR ACADEMY INDUSTRIAL SUPPLY CORPORATION Mill Supplies and Macchinery Dial 7-2371 15th AND FRANKLIN STREETS -2- RICHMOND, VA. THE SABRE SHOP ICE CREAM CANDIES JOHN SEXTON 84 CO. STUDENT SUPPLIES The National Chain Wholesale Grocers SCHOOL IEWELRY, PENNANTS, P. O. Box 508 Philadelphia 5, Pa. SOUVENIRS SODA FOUNTAIN SANDWICHES Q1,. Ig. .I' f'.'.' :I '.-' '-"'-' I 'PI-PI-2 2-I -'-' - 44-. '.-:+g.:.: .-.-.-,-.-, .'.-.4.4.- :-:-:-:-: .'.-.-.-.4.- "':':f 5 ':" NOLDE'S BREAD IS NOW Super-Enriched with Extra VITAMINS with Extra MINERALS with Extra CALCIUM In The Bright Blue Wrapper! Fork Union Military Academy Class Rings and School Jewelry KINGAN DIVISION HYGRADE Fooo PRODUCTS coRP. RICHMOND Finest In Meots For Over TOO Years Flowers School Equipment Company, Inc. Manufacturers G Distributors School, Church and Public Furniture Richmond, Va. - Lawrencesville, Va. Fork Union Steam Laundry "Just off the Campus" G. R. Edgerton and G. Wade White Props. Satisfactory Service rendered to cadets of Medals and Trophies FORK UNION MILITARY ACADEMY D "We Aim to Please" Diplomas and I nuitatzons WALTER B. ANDERSON L. G. Balfour Products 41 1 1 Kensington Avenue RICHMOND 21, VIRGINIA LEROY E. WHITE General Insurance Phone 2656 FORK UNION, VA. ANDRE STUDIO Lexington, Virginia SCHOOL PHOTOGRAPHER Complimenfs of NOLAND CO. INC. cHARLoITEsvlLLE, VA. JARMAN PRINTING COMPANY Printers - Publishers - Engravers Telephone 2-9557 916 PRESTON AVENUE CHARLOTTESVILLE, VIRGINIA Owned and Operated by CURTIS REYNOLDS STUART . POWERS Best Wishes from BARKER-.IENNINGS CORPORATION LYNCHBURG, VA. Wholesale only E. B. WEAVER, INC. General Merchandise E. B. WEAVER. INC. DRUGS SUNDRIES SCHOOL SUPPLIES Fork Union Virginia W. M. BROWN 86 SON 700-06 S. Belvidere Street Printers RICHMOND VIRGINIA I Take Home I CHARLOTTESVILLE -COLA BOTTLING WORKS, I DC Farmville Manufacturing Company ESTABLISHED 1878 INCORPORATED 1917 Phone 11 Farmville, Virginia Manufacturers of MILL WORK Retailers of BUILDING MATERIALS DU PONT PAINTS MERCHANTS GROCERY CO. INC. WHOLESALE GROCERS PLEE-ZING FOOD PRODUCTS HARWARE and GENERAL ELECTRIC Phone 227' Omngef VU APPLIANCES ::- ' fx., .. 1, ::: 1 713 East Brood Street RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Compliment: of HOLLADAY BROTHERS Building Material: GORDONSVILLE, VA. Harris, Flippen 8 Company SPORTING GOODS 715 E. Main Street, Richmond. Va COMPLIMENTS OF NORTH AMERICA ASSURANCE SOCIETY OF VIRGINIA J. F. West Disfricf Manager Dillwyn, Va. Best Wishes Friends of the CADET CORPS JARMAN'S INCORPORATED . Established 1889 YOUR NEARBY STATIONER SCHOOL AND OFFICE SUPPLIES ACME VISIBLE SYSTEMS DESKS CHAIRS FILES EVERYTHING FOR THE OFFICE CRANES AND EATONS STATIONERY 200 East Market St. Charlottesville, Va. CREETINC CARDS FOR ALL OCCASIONS FORK UNION MOTOR COMPANY Plymouth 8 Chrysler Sales and Service General Auto Repair Fork Union, Va. Phone 265 1 , t 1 -.:'1 f' r ey - , ---'Zhi 'iwi 5 "2 Q- i il! K: rg 4 V 3 2 il , :" ':"'o'? ' 21.11-.. 'l E. vu Q2 li if , J A 53 Wy- . 5,1-gg 1 ., :, L.'1f 'Q -: :. ' .,., h M ' Q- , A l Phill-11 C' W1 U", 'WW I1.."'i?' .- il M'-"N."."7"f'??f 1.-.n,I,l, 1.1 .,,g,--..,..4..'4,-,lf 'z V- gi ...,, ' N i t.. -4 egg .. f,-.,-.- .. 1-wiif2ff2.s4bil-'2'ya W ,- V l" f " 4 - - , , ly-lil! lbbut- 1'-5,15-i 2 " 3 ' 7 V I fd 'PL' 1' - i,,3iW.,,, . ..--.......,, " """' K' ,, - V an 'qv' jf - Q -"W'a4. '- Tm ,, ' - ' ' ftuf , - haf + 'Q 1 ,R 'Ql I s 5"' 51 , ' ,ig-Qi, M112 Q. ' K! nf, my Vi f g ,-P'-'V' I -'-I . wgf, ' - i 25 .. mg- 1, Nw" f' ,.: , -. 11' I :yy ' " g.- . , I i Q H- ae. ., M l -, 3 lgil gg, g I '.L:Ql1,,',,' M- . :Y pu -1 . - '- 3 , 3 ,. , -I 4. V 1r.,V,- 5 i .- gg: , V. if " . ....., , ' ' mg .,,. N-,an 5 1-.Q . EJ . ,Q Uh. :.WL,W4,f'-Li.--... , JK , , ,l rf - ' "U ,flvf ,,g fe- .... - -, .. ,.,. Q vi' r 1 "" , 4' '-'fini 'K ., ' ' R- fa. -- . , . ' -'Z' -.c f -- Q - 'Y - - Qmlw -N, ' K. , K M ' 'I A Village Hotel With All Mozlcriz City Comforts Special Rates for Prolonged Stays A Welcome Awaits You l. C. SNEAD, Manager Wll.LlAM FRANK HOTEL Fork Union, Virginia Autbo riiies on Nutrition a quart of Milk a clay cquivaleizt in rl airy proflucfs, Delicious "Monticello" 1 AND "Monticello" Brand MONTICELLO DAIR CHARLOTTESVILLE, ri 'commeml or its such as ce Cream Butter Y, INC. VA. National Bank and Trust Co. at Charlottesville, Virginia Branches: West End, Scottsville, Fork Union, Louisa, Palmyra, Mineral Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Jewell Pocahontas Jewell Eagle Jewell Chilton Kentucky Sold Exclusively By JEWELL RIDGE COAL SALES CO., 6 South I0th Street RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Jewell INC. Electrical Equipment Co. Sales and Service MOTORS - GENERATORS TRANSFORMERS - NEW - REBUILT SOLD - SERVICED - EXCHANGED Jobbers for Supplies, Fixtures, Lamps 85 Appliances. Trained Personnel 8: Complete Stock of Renewal Parts Enable us to Re- build to Factory Standards. "TELEPHONE YOUR ORDER" ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT CO. Toll Charges Accepted 13 W. Main St. Richmond, VA. 7-2647 Nights, Sundays 85 Holidays, Rich. 4-7974 KINGAN DIVISION HYGRADE FOOD PRODUCTS CORP. RICHMOND Finest ln Meats For Over IOO Years Academy Pressing Shop "On the Campus" G. R. Edgerton, Prop. Authorized Cleaning Equipment Deodorizer and Steam Presses Harris-Brenaman, Inc. 717 East Grace Street Richmond, Athletic Outfitters Agents for A. G. SPALDING 'id BROS. P. GOLDSMITH SONS Telephone 2-4796 Va. BLALOCK FRUIT 81 PRODUCE Wllolesale Fruits and Produce 1320-1322 E. Cary Sl. Richmond, Va. CO. I X iii Q25-9 CB3:- GARAMOND PRESS BALTIMORE 9 V7 Cx WM U ,ilk Gf,J vox gwX3JJA, My f' XX Ujfyixjjio' .yxihb W!?C!bxX,v x f 1 I I 1 -V' U Q nf ' K x '+- U1 W. X. 'X ,. L N J, Xu, vLp1'rDj W W QM N W M92 wi wvfil WZ? W9 J? 'xx' UML! Eppgvlj X , A A 2 r 0 Q Ty 'pjj My OX xf 5XyvfV'Uw5' jy . 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Suggestions in the Fork Union Military Academy - Skirmisher Yearbook (Fork Union, VA) collection:

Fork Union Military Academy - Skirmisher Yearbook (Fork Union, VA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


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Fork Union Military Academy - Skirmisher Yearbook (Fork Union, VA) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 1


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