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I s ff W 1 V'g"L, , av' - . N r 'Ly' ,F 'V' .4 W 3 Fi V 'QV Q 4 ' 5.. . Q i 1, f P A : 1 Q' I I 1 5 Q ff S, 547, I A . ig S QQ 9 ,af ,ff 4 1 5 I' 5 L iii 'J lns: NE 5 iT: we a N' is li iid it ii -Q 3 -' I N -Qi-1'h a E F EW? 5 3'-7-si: I U 9? F N f' l X l4?" W5 L . E 5 l w ' 'E E I J 'N ' i Q li F- my E '- " E ' I J 2 Xl 2 F1 N., l. ' ll 1 Q u V-X2 s R E 4 . is 2 B r 3 5 1 5 Q fl . , - -gig, I Q QQ, 5' 2 K L I f E :Q - E 'Alf ' Q 1 ' 4 'Q 5 ig 1 1 Q. u 'I "i 4 E If R Q : I ' E-E L if I 4 IE H 5 ,- at-1 'fx Q 'E 1 -- E 'N ggi 4f 5:'E:i - Y ' Ai E E -:iq 1, ' -e Q 5 Q? Q 2 Q - -'L--5 E i - I I W X as CAPV I-LJNG' n.f.mMs . W TORK Urxllord MILITARY YQQADEM ? z e s i I 1 2 X r i , s 560 1x3 aa: O. ,536 izvlm X Qfwlff Q 9 :2, 5: 5 I 1947 SKIRMISHER Editor-in-Chief ' RICHARD ROYDON Managing Editor 9 RoBER'r SAMSON M' I 5 .I 0 II Y .I . W I C K IC II C H A I' IC I, THE PUBLISHED ANNUALLY BY THE CORPS OF CADETS OF FORK UNION MILITARY ACADEMY, FORK UNION, VIRGINIA. FUREWUHD n this edition of the SKIRMISHER choice reminiscences-gleanings from the past- appear. May those who turn these pages in days to come--recall to memory that spirit which evokes from every loyal son, fervent love for their Alma Mater. May each member of the Class of '47 transfuse into the life blood of the world, a goodly portion of that same spirit, is the wish of the StaH' of the 1947 SKIRMISHER. FACULTY CLASSES ORGANIZATIONS MILITARY SPORTS JUNIOR scHo,oL C0 TE HIC Tlll o COLONEL FRANK A. CROCKETT, Comman- dant of Cadets, for his loyal devotion to the best interests of Fork Union Military Academy-its students, its faculty and its administration-and for his life of Christian testimony before us, We, The Senior Class of 1947, take pleasure in dedi- cating this edition of the SKIRMISHER. LT. COL. FRANK A. CROCKET1 N J PERKINSSCI or your untiring efforts nd for your ability to teach, we, the adets of Fork Union Military Academy nite, to view our instructors, est they should be forgotten in ime, and to show our appreciation for ou, the Faculty. ENCE HALL Q A f ,Www 1 V ,QQ f uf x , . x J fs -KB Q Q 1 i : x Q 1 J' 4 X m sr: , X 1 if X 0 A A x Qx. Q x Q X4 P xflwwlx 'Y' . 3 4' X7 X K 3 wi i Q 4: ' X i I 1 , N- 4 L , ,. 4 S- SSN 4w'x'm 'MW if-xt Q-i-52" 1. "--E., 5:05. si N' ' .5 ,X Q . ,X mn' A r ra' Q V.. Sf 2 x, SWE 5+ 5 ff rv xii ,, Q XID' ' A' xg " x Q ' - X. .Q , Q ,N 1, . . 25,5 -:FW ik ,.. .IOHN JORDAN WICKICR. 'I'h.G.. IJ.D. lzlslur. RilhillI0l'l'. Maryluml: First UilllI'l'll.-IIWITIIIHII. Nvu ,lm'l's4'y: lmiglii 5 " nnmul Colle-511-1 Smiths-rn rl'ilK'0lUs.fii'3l SPllliIlLll'XZ l,I'l'Sifit'llt and liilnlim-al IA'I'llllAl'l' ' 1 in 4 I Churvh. Rii'hlllllIlli. Virginia: lfvangvlisl. Ll'ClllI'f'l'. VC'm'l4l 'liravvlwz l'rvsi4l4'nl Fork lniml Nlililary Avadvnmy. 1030-1045: Pl'0Silii'Ilt lfnwritus. lfurk lhiu Military Avaixlvliiy. 1046- JAMES CALDWELL WICKER. HA.. Th.B.. D.D. University of Richmond: Southern Theological Seminary: Pastor. First Baptist Church. Elizabeth City. North Carolina. 1928-30g Pastor, Northside Baptist Church. Richmond, Virginia. 1930-453 Naval Aviation. Naval Chaplain, 1043- 4-Sg Prcsidcnt. Fork Union Military Academy, 1945- I i E COLONICL NATHANIEL JAMES PERKINS. AB. U4-nison linivt-rsity: Assistant Principal. High School. Nashville. Illinois. IUHZ-03: l'rin1'ipal. City Grammar School. Aspen. Colorado. 1903-04: l'rint-ipal. High School. Sanford. Florida. IUU6-14: Principal. High School. Caryslurook. Vir- ginia. 1914-16g Instructor. Fork Union Military Acadvniy. l9l0-li: Avting Prvsirlont Fork ltnion Military Acaclcrny. 1917-185 l'resiclvnt Fork linion lVlili- tary Acarlvliiy. V118-303 Heaciniaster, Academic Departincnt. instructor in Latin and Gorman. Fork llnion Military Alflifltttlly, 1930- LIEUTENANT COLONEL FRANK ALLEN CROCKETT, A.B. Virginia Military lnstituteg Instructor, Blackstone Military Academy, 1927-313 Instructor in Mathematics, Fork Union Military Academy, 1931-32g Com munclant. Fork Union Military Academy, 1933- MAJOR CHARLES GRAHAM THOMAS, JR., B.S. Virginia Polytechnic Institute, Post-Graduate Work, Virginia Polytechnic Institute, Head of Science Department, Fork Union Military Academy, 1930-35, Athletic Director, Fork Union Military Academy, 1930- CAPTAIN ALEXANDER M. ROBERTSON, B.M. University of Pittsburgh, Mrs. James Steven Martenis Voice Studio, Fillion Music School, Eastman School of Music, Chaplainls Assistant, United States Navy, 1943-4-53 Director of Music and Commandant, Junior School, Fork Union Mili- tary Acadcmy, 1946, Recreational Director, Fork Union Military Academy, 1947- MAJOR J. R. WILDMAN, A.B., M.A. A Ssisflllll Headmaster qc ? P A ' .:,-,Aff 5 51:1 ,jr f: ag ,4 gy zu, 1 CAPTMN I. A. HOWELL Treasurer E181 MAJOR E. J. MERRICK xx Assistant Commrmdrznt LIEUTENANT C. F. HOFFMAN Executive Offirer CAPTAIN E. T. SMITH E191 ILGFICTIILGSIGI' l,'l'. lIlbl,, IC. .l. SNICAD. AB. MAJOR C. M. ROBERTSON, Nl UNH H. H. KI'II.l.Y. 'MIL KLA ,1lr1Ilu'rr111li4-x41Wir-1-I'-ill-ffllrlrgf' H-Su B-A-9 WD- l"r1'l1v'f1. l,llIl'. fPjliwl'-ill-lfhurg1 III! .wurx Ifnglislz. Uffirvr-ill-fflulrgn I0 WWII'-Y IH yvrlrx MAJOR II. Nl. WALDRON., M.A. MAJOR .I. R. WILDMAN, AJS.. KLA. CAPTAIN H. F. l!lClfIlIHNIl.-UIII. Ifnglixh, English, Ojfivrr-in,-Charge Mathemalifs. Uji1'1'rA:'rz-lflzrzrge I4 ,wars I5 yvars 11 yvars I I Al I XIN W. II. IIIIIJUINS, II.A.. ALA. CAPTAIN J. A. STANLEY. A.I3. CAPTAIN II. W. CIIAIII.'I'0N. IIA ysirzw. Nrnlio. Ufliaw'-ill-lflnlrgv Cvlwrrll Sf'il'Il1'4'. Uflizw'-ill-lflmrgc' Hixlnrry. Turlirnl Uffirvr 9 -YUIIIIY 0 yvars 5 -YUIITS IAPTAIN .I. A. RUE. IE. X.. KLA. CAPTAIN C. A. HOUSE. A.ll..M.A.. Pl1.D. CAPTAIN C. R. Cl.IiVEl.AND. BS lfiulugy. Tartif-ul Odin-r EIIIZHSII. TlIl'll'l'lI1 Offiver limrklffwgzilzg, T11r'fif'ul Uyirzfr 5 ,W'l1l'.V 4 years 4 years . . 4 bpm-R QQ' f wg ' F fx QE X S .. 3. i 5 me gg! ,. W . ,K l X 4. X Y A :kv , 'K 1 HF... 4 , 1 N,f't, , ' tg if ' 1 ff A + we r 9' ww X KA A - CAPTAIN P. M. JONES, BS., Pl1.D. . 'fllfl 'L JONES, H S. MRS, MILDRED DOHERTY, AB. lfhvnzisfry, Tartical Ufhcer Efxflffl Sflldf? Typing 4 years 4 years 4 y8tlrS l vXl"l'MN .I, H, IIOINZICS, I2,A,, TILM, CAPTAIN M, S. TISCIILER, BS. LIEITENANT B, M. PAINE, B.M. l'f11glisl1. Trzcliral Officer MlllllI'IllHfif'S, Tnctiral Officer Eighth Grade, Musir, Tnvliwnl Officer 3 years 3 years 2 years I I ld , I CAPTAIN II. E. RICE, JR., B.S., M.S. CAPTAIN D. V. NAFF, JR., B.A. CAPTAIN J. N. MCARTHUR, B.A., M.A Mathematics, Tactical Oficer Eighth Grade, Tactical Oficer Spanish, Tactical Oyicer 2 years 2 years 2 years CAPTAIN M. C. ARNOLD, A.B. CAPTAIN G. K. GELBACH, A.B. CAPTAIN R. D. MASON, BS. English, Tactical Ujicer Latin, Tactical Ojhcer Mathematics, Tactical Omcer 1 year 1 year I year CAPTAIN J. T. NEAL, A.B.. MA. CAPTAIN P. G. SMITH, A.B. CAPTAIN Ii, G. QQ'1I.i.IAMS Bible, Tactical Officer History, Tactical Oficer ff, ' 'A", ' 1 -fr. 'J !M9f-cr I year I year .r - . ' CAPTAIN S. W. HOSKINS CAPTAIN R. E. WURTZ, B.S.Ed. Economics, Tactical Ojicer Band, Music, Tactical Ojicer 1 year 1 year Colonel Reilly receives Bronze Star Colonel William R. Reilly is presented the Bronze Star for meritorious service in action hy Lt. Colonel Charles P. Easthurn of the Virginia Mili- tary District. Colonel Croc- kett, Colonel Perkins and Major Smith witness the vere- mony in the ffomtnan4lant's oflloe. What have we here? Relaxation The game is on Stukie on the run Coaclt in action Col. Crockett and Capt. Davis An interesting game l25l ,, MRS. MAHCIA HUGHES RUSS BERNICE KIDD MRS. ARTHUR H. COLLINS, JR. lffuzl.-kvffper Secretary SW'f1'f0f,Y THE f X .ML K rf Q , .H M-0' l ..... RUSS DUROTHY DENNIS Mlis. BESSIE LOTTIE HOSKINS RUSS I'fI'Nlffl': IIICLNIS ASSl'Sflllll. Slurlvnf Al't'KIIlIIlS Secrelary Lffffllfillll I MHS. I,Ol'lSl'I IIJKNES KELLY MR. R. M. IVINS MRS. M. PENNINCTUN IVINS SIlfPl'l'I'i.S0l', Stmfvnl ,41'f'0llIIfS Uiclitian xissislant Iiitffliflll F F MHS. ll, M. IiOl3I'Ili'l'SUN MRF. lf. 'l'. SMITH NIH. C. Y. CJXHIJICII n1.wsi.vn111l Ijlzrrzriun Alssisluzzt C,lHIl'll'fIIIlISIt'l' In fflzuryv nj .'Hllfllfl'IllII14'L ffl I-rl f-I ll. 'C Z L1-I CE E-' of the lnlfrmary vu E Q T DR. JULIAN H. YEATMAN, M.D. MRS, C, V, CORDER, R,N, Academy Physician In Chflfge of Iflfifmllfy P I ll MA T A P F MRS. VIRGINIA MCCREADY MRS. KATIE PETTY SNEAD Assistant Nurse Night Nurse 'Dick" Roydon Vernn Morgan g'Ray" Davis Moe" Moriarty '6Don" Moore i301 'l'inky" Puigc "Pele" liarluun "Ed" .lm-ruigun l'.lzu'k" U4-sl "Tony', Siciliano "Zcak" Eisley "lkv" Prulllll "Billy" Howe MAI" Dragani J.ll." Valldvjuli "Booty" Gayle "Don" Reynolds Monk" liunyon "Art" Sweet g'Larry" Bacon l3ll AIIDMX 1 1 Ns... 'mln I Nxillffn AIl'I.Zll1P "Bill', Daciffr 'Ilan-k" lizlrr "Jim" Www: "Dave" Kaus ",'Xl'l,. Lilllr' "Anim-', Kr-nncdy 'i,l0lmny,' Hubbell "Fallen H0llhl47!I "Dun" Ilnllirluy "Sr1nny,' Ash "lllIlIlt'l'u Nlinvlmff "ffruz" lfulmum-llas "Doon Purdy "l.2ll'I'yv Wlu-vlvr i321 ,I l M. 9 ' l 1 l I41'l'l'iN 'Ysilsirugos "Earl" Walker "Fpurkic" llullmuu linllyu s1'l'iYllt'l' "Wulf" Hymlvr "PHI" Fllivz-ly lollnny" Skillllvl' "l5r1ltc-Q Stull "lm-.3 lillsllnlillm-1' "Stun" SVIIIIIZ "lim" Waddell ".l.l3." llouw ".lm-" 'l'm'vu "Kc-nn Slonps "lfllul1by', Robins H531 s you look through the following pages, you'll see many faces that were once, Mlust My Buddy." But, after graduation, these faces will no longer he seen on the Campus of Fork Union. They will scatter themselves with the Four Winds, but they will always linger in our hearts and minds as the best fellows anyone could meet. And when you return to the Alma Mater, youlll see the same type of fellows, for thatls the way Fork Union Cadets are, and theylll never change. M E M O R I A L H A L L Masai--3 E 1 k 1 E 5 3 i s K .f SNSaiK4QSikKXRQl.WSf.1KFNR1., KA A T3 1525 .f"'P AN 'if".f'Kp. i A . K SX 'SSH' ANZ YS. A: . Q .5 v 35 E IDR Cl SS HI TURY . qi . xr '43-'44 We start the hard and long climb up the ladder of success. We had a hard time starting and slipped a few times on the way, but we made it to the first rung. '44-'45 Slowly advancing up, we are pretty sure of ourselves and are even more eager to continue. Through the year, some of us slipped, how- ever, weire still climbing. '45-'46 Now we can see the top. Sitting on a pedestal is a white roll of paper. Could it be our diploma? They say it will take another year to find out. Why do they keep us in suspense like this? '46-'47 Here we are at last. On the top rung of the ladder. As we look back, we can see other cadets starting up and some right behind us. And as we look back, we feel proud that We have climbed all the way. But now, where? Where will all our friends go? Nothing now but memories. Good memories. l36l AlI'l'lll ll SYYl'il'i'l' lvirz' 1II'l'SiI1l'Il1 N will,l.l AM Duns 1 Svrrviziry-Treasurer 3 W11.l.iAAl Nlfziimvim IIf!'Sl.l1l'I11 Ruzufuum ROYDON Hisloriun MHS. 3lYR'I'I.E M. PARSONS Lukn- 'l'0rl'zu'1- Norfolk, Virginia SIIUIISIH' E IDR C SS IIFFICEH E371 KENNETH COFER BARHAM SURRY, V1Rc1N1A 545-'46 Privateg Intramural Sports. 546-'47 Sergeantg Intramural Sportsg Rifle Clubg Rlfle Team. cheery smile goes a long way in making gray skies blue." anua 9 I 94 7 ra uate JOHN EARL BEST 301 Clenridge Road, Westgate I HAVERTON, PENNSYLVANIA I 45-'46 Privateg Intramural Sports. . 4-6-'47 Corporalg Sergeantg Intramural tain of A-Annex Football Team. "Quiet as to disposition, he is the best n filflt-1 W: :W M if ffl , ,.f,,, ,Keys-:7fg5.M.,..v Mun ' X, , , .Q igyat F ...,t,m,XA.LV,m?, I ,sms s I FV! . YQ 2 ,,,.X4.rz 9' 'Wh ,., ' was : , H. ,,f,!,,',.?g ff E mf f Way 'efff Q 122335252 MIX' 'WMI fo ., ' ' 1 I38 EFREN CABANELLAS 30 Lutz Street SANTURCE, PUERTO Rico 4-5-'46 Privateg Intramural Sportsg Varsity Basket- ball. 46-'47 Privateg Intramural Sports. "Hailing from South of the Border and proud of it." X X X anna q l94 7 x E391 l gr duate YORGE ROBERT CHAVATEL 2127 Oakwood Lane RICHMOND-22, VIRGINIA Ifzleg Intramural Sports. .fzieg Intramural Sports. 2 is never about him anything harsh or repellingf' QzfjfME X 2,-,Q Q- L Q DAVID JOSEPH GROSSMAN 1527 Wildwood Avenue CAMDEN, NEW JERSEY '44-'45 Privateg P.F.C.g Band. '45-'4-6 Corporalg Sergeantg Non Com Club Band "4-6-'47 Sergeantg Non Com Club Band "In himself he dwelleth not . . I., 3,1 :xy yffqfovzf 'S' Q ll :e:1+i'1fV'a " "" .. ' ::ff. , , ,, ,, anua lf 194 7 graduate ' WILLIAM ALFRED MARTIN, J 33 Ardmore Avenue LANSDOWNE, PENNSYLVANIA 43-,444 Privateg Intramural Sports. 4-4-'46 Merchant Marines for 19 months. '46-'47 Privateg Veteran. "Friendly, full of life-what more?" xie.gx Xmff ' x, ga fgffl fig? ig 5 wr.-1' 4 1-.N555 V 'X ,J 'A' XXVI' if N ww rw N W- g.,,,,ff4 at faq X gpm.-N ,N NC-wx Q !f!fl9X'Q1vfgR 2233, , eff 5 '5 2 ia A ,X 51,1 N3 g mx . XXQ5 - g.L if ge Wwe? L40 'E EUGENE PAUL MINCHOFF 2061 West Market Street POTTSVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA '43-,415 U. S. Army Air Corps. 4-5-'46 Privateg Varsity Baseballg Intramural Sports. '46-'4-7 Privateg Varsity Footballg Varsity Clubg Var- sity Basketballg Veteran. "In football he starred, his opponents left marred." 252115 'X I anuarq 194 7 graduate JAMES CLIFTON PAIGE 1305 Dickerson Avenue GREENVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA Corporalg Intramural Sports Varsity Base Lieutenantg Officers' Club Varsity Football Captaing Officers' Club JV Football Com mander of A-Section Varsity Club fV1ce ,43-'44 Privateg Intramural Sports '44--'45 ball. '45-'4-6 and Baseball. '46-'47 Pres J 19.3 NYS "The way to mak l ds ls to be rzendly 5 X 1 4 fl l41l Q 9 ,43-'44 '44--'45 '45-,46 ,46-'47 I l ALEXANDER WALTER STEPHAN SOCHACKI 1478 Mt. Ephraim Avenue CAMDEN, NEW JERSEY Privateg P.F.C.g Intramural Sports Privateg Intramural Sports Corporalg lst Sergeant Intramural Sports Oilicers' Club. Captaing Intramural Sports Officers Club "W here there's a will, there s a way f"T"' 'AQ X ,Q xgfx. JI? . . if ex + , Q. " 5. E 'EX 3 f . Q? anuarq I 94 7 graduate HENRY DAME WELLS 14-9A Allen Street NORFOLK, VIRGINIA 45-'46 Privateg Corporalg Intramural Sportsg Non Com Clubg J.V. Basketball and Baseball. '46-'47 lst Sergeantg Sabre-Ratin Non Com Club 3 fPres.Jg J.V. Fqofabail and Basketball. "Il is not good tht! live alonef, WQZ7 'iff V -1... ., I. -',,m,,mr Af WWE if ffm? Nxgfjf. ,... 1 :,. 4 ,, YW 5 -aff' 'Y Wi?" I4-21 ff S JAMES DAVIS ALLEN, III 207 Oakridge Boulevard LYNCHBURG, VIRGINIA 4-5-346 Privateg Varsity Footballg Intramural Sports. 46-'47 Staff Sergeantg Varsity Baseballg Intramural Sportsg Non Com Club. "Laugh and the world laughs with you." ai'Q Ay NK . ,X X s xx YZ S' uf,-me V Q .I f ,qfxwzo was x.... if X mbsf-. lr IVFIGQ' ,Q ' ' f if 1 :flame gt S' x I - X f. I-M1 e X 2 Is si'E Yi ' - t . Qi: Fez? : 1N'r,fs. , : ,MW-, I X . fa is-Nr R- , YP HY' .ASIC X www-xfwv tasxss I Mu . .u,.r. , ..... l , 1 une 194 7 gm uate E431 JAMES OSMOND ASH Perrin Post 0506 GLOUCESTER, VIRGINIA '45-'46 Privateg Intramural Sportsg Y.M.C.A. '4-6-'47 Privateg Intramural Sportsg Y.M.C.A. "It is a worthier to deserve honour ' 9, than P. -vi was zt. I wr 'l'1 X A., X sf I 5 N-xr I , --N...-ax T XE XD Rx E -. wax! .XX Marx 5 TR 4, mg, W st g Q54 '12 ,fl 'S Img MM I, , so I '4-3-'44 '44-'45 '45-'46 '46-'47 RICHARD FOWLER AYERS EIRCA, VIRGINIA Privateg Corporalg Intramural Sportsg Non Com Club. Sergeantg Non Com Clubg Y.M.C.A.g Intra- mural Sports. Lieutenantg Intramural Sportsg Swimming Teamg Ofiicers' Clubg Y.M.C.A. Captaing Oliicers' Club iVice-Pres.Jg Intra- mural Sports. "Duck hunting runs foremost in his mind- a natural hunter." QWFWYX .4 , 'AQ 57-,,... 5? A7 - Q. iff. ' fwfs R31 'Xi W 5 ,':5:2'i ii' 'T ""' f ..,. i " i Y' --W QW iii .-' - V! -.. . w.".'. 'fun ' ,,, ' "':: Q une 94 7 gl-aduateA JAMES LAWERENCE BACON, JR. 1356 Homestead Street BALTIMORE, MARYLAND '4-4-746 United States Marine Corps. 416-'47 Privateg Varsity F ootballg Ciceronian Literary Society 3 Veteran. "Versatile, good-humored, a friend in need." ,I gr f rg sl 'QQ S ,RQ i2iei..tMfi2W,--f 9 2 1 1 we X A .,f,?2?Q23- eff" if mf 151 is. X x A g,,wcg,:fss ,kfzux gfwefvf-Q' QQX S 5 ,fp WEL if E Q! "fW,f!'N 5. ir i 5 rf' ,f sf Mx 4 I 7 1' I t X .if ,if gs 'N ET 3 5: gif " gg-fa w, A .A sms I4-4, '45-'46 Privateg Y.M.C.A.g Intramural Sports. WETHERELL LEO BAIN, JR. 1 591 ,Iuneway Drive BAY VILLAGE, OHIO 4-4--34-5 Privateg Y.M.C.A.g Intramural Sports. 4-6947 Privateg Corporalg Non Com Clubg Intra- mural Sportsg Y.M.C.A. "Give me the hand thafs honest and heartyf, ...M .xg XNi"i,.. .effifsggf If Q5 4- 1 ,AQ , 1 NN A- .f NNE- ..t -ff fgwwf .Xl 5 S i une 194 7 graduate JOHN WALLACE BARR Forest Road BRADFORD WOODS, PENNSYLVANIA 545-'46 Privateg Glee Clubg Chess Clubg Intramural Sports. 746-'4-7 Corporalg Glee Clubg Rifle Clubg Rifle Teamg Dramatic Clubg Intramural Sports. "Reading maketh a fall man, conference a ready man, and wr Xing an exact manf, .N A. Ogg? 3 Y X .xi fER5V5 Qsx? Sas sag 52615532 E Nia E451 46 Corporalg Non Com Clubg Intramural Sports. WILLARD ERNEST BASEMAN 132 Hurstbourne Road ROCHESTER, NEW Yom: '4-5-'46 Privateg Intramural Sportsg Rifle Team. '46-'47 Sergeantg Non Com Clubg Rifle Teamg Rifle Clubg Intramural Sports. "T here is great ability in knowing how to conceal oneis abilityf' V Swain. fftigv , X f 'I A xx 1 Sega' lsfrffgg if ff M3 une I 94 7 gm ante HARVEY ALPHONSE BRILLAT 715 28th Street UNION CITY, NEW JERSEY 4-4 Privateg Ciceronian Literary Societyg Bugler. 4-5 Privateg P.F.C.g Intramural Sportsg Glee Clubg Y.M.C.A. 47 Sergeantg Non Com Clubg Glee Clubg Y.lVl.C.A.g Ciceronian Literary Societyg Dra- matic Club. "He was capable of adapting himself to place, time, and personf' silk , f' at - f'7'Y2r3g?:'Myx.,0.A,,M i. X 'Q l 1, ,K f 1'v:5.,A.,. ,, bk 1 . I 21 41.1123 it if . ,E it .,,. fr' E, 1 5 g 0,2 -2 ff"' 'Ms X E461 ROBERT EMORY BRUCE 4807 4-8th Street N.W. WASHINGTON, D. C. '43-'44 Privateg Ciceronian Literary Societyg Intra- mural Sports. '44-'45 Corporalg Non Com Clubg Intramural Sports. 4-5-'46 Sergeantg Non Com Clubg Intramural Sports '46-'47 Lieutenantg Oliicersl Clubg Intramural Sportsg Rifle Club. "The boy of wisdom is not always the boy of sizef, 1 Q SNS... o vs ixwgxwt-gg .Q X...-A. - 5 Q X 'N I N I ' 5 - Elsie . c -l I une 194 7 graduate E471 JOSEPH HENRY BUSHMILLEP, JR 1102 Reisterstown Road PIKESVILLE-8, MARYLAND '44-'46 United States Navy. ,46-'47 Privateg Ciceronian Literary Soclety Varslty Sportsg Veteran. "He doeth little lfindnesses which most leave undone or despisef, I y . . -. il' f 5 ,711 XR- v N w . ff S s 'SflTNXN'X Q 3315 13 'X' ff gf . Q, ,, Nt ALVIN LINWOOD CANNON 1507 Chestnut Street GREENVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA '44--'45 Privateg Intramural Sports. '4-5-'46 Corporalg Intramural Sportsg Non Com Club Swimming Team. '46-'47 Sergeantg Intramural Sportsg Fencing Team Swimming Team. "If I take care of my character, my reputation will take care of itselff, ici.. Ki' 1 ':-- A:'f, 5 ww- 52 g':5rifT' . X ffl 3 V113 N- ' E :Q .v,... if :iw V ,,..,,,.,. If was . Malaga g3 5: wi22fx?x ati-. , - I WN! une I 94 7 graduate MICHAEL ANDREW CARCAISE 481 Virginia Avenue ROCHESTER, PENNSYLVANIA Privateg Glee Clubg Intramural Sports. Corporalg Sergeantg Non Com Clubg Intra- Inural Sportsg Glee Club. Lieutenantg Officers' Clubg Glee Club fSecy. and Treas.t g Intramural Sports. Captaing Oiiicers' Clubg Clee Club fPres.jg Intramural Sports. I would ratherxibxe remembered by a song thagffiby a victoryf, 'X I. ff! 4 I Xia ,fmt Xia fx....fs ,' '5 :s 15 '10-N" .f 59: f A,-:Q e- 5-aaa, Q, f . I ,M VU, +2 Le., M- QM.,,f't6J if ' K I 5 N' tat Myfiyf vj :W New X- X W' 56, we-rx.. fgmwsfs 1 Mr' J aw- X , ,... my .5 ta , A at six ,E If eet A jff,ff"i N N If ear at ea I48l GIRARD HENRY CLEMENTE 1215 West Somerset Street PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA '45-'46 Privateg Intramural Sports. 46-'47 Corporalg Non Com Club. "T he wise man looketh before he leapeth, for as you sow you are like to reap." I so X I4 t. xgwzvrs Vi Q. I' if ' Sawy- F 3 :uk , une I 94 7 graduate 213144 '44-'45 '45-,46 '46-'47 "He H91 ROCCO CORLETTO 3328 Cottage Toll Road NORFOLK, VIRGINIA Privateg Intramural Sports. Privateg Corporalg Non Com Club. Sergeantg Non Com Club. Sergeantg Non Com Clubg Intramural Sports never promise Nmore than he could performf' I iv I3 tis 43-344 5 44- 45 45-'46 46-'47 ROBERT GOULD COVEL, JR. 6718 Piney Bridge Road WASHINGTON, D. C. Privateg Athenian Literary Societyg Glee Clubg Intramural Sports. Sergeantg Non Com Clubg Athenian Literary Societyg Intramural Sports. United States Navy. Privateg Intramural Sportsg Veteran. "Large streams frqm little fountains flow, tall oakiigfrotitjlittle .ag:omqfgggow." I ' ,W w:ffaW'WW jf if ff X515 Y' af if mi: ww 1' J 55 if ig E Q, f 5. q.w.v-,J igffgfii aft X ' ,.1'iWi1Ke if SEX .fl , at fi M sp is f 9 Ffxf az ,X ix as 2 une 194 7 graduate ALEXANDER JAMES COX 302 Glen Avenue Pour CHESTER, NEW YORK 44-'45 Private' Intramural S orts a P - '45-'46 Privateg Corporalg Non Com Clubg Gold Star 1, Council. '46-'47 Sergeantg Non Com Clubg Gold Star Council fVice-Pres.j . "Learning makes a good man better." 'iii 'S .kann E501 X , A EDWARD PETE CRAIG, JR. BASSETT, VIRGINIA 45-'4-6 Privateg P.F.C.g Intramural Sports. 4-6-'47 Corporalg Sergeantg Non Com Clubg Glee Clubg Rifie Clubg Rifie Teamg Intramural Sports. "They know enough who know how to learn." 5 x v Ii .5 fi A ., 'Q X si N Q Q, iix 4? Silsf' if Wu E ,Sb PSSSQM SE S I '. 'X W ktfx X :mwwwxvmmwmmzww N gmswmsmm-susM...s X- . K 3 .. . wRSksRX:Nfs5iiYT'E'w.s:w , ,... . 'mfZlfXf1Xl'QlmTTXllli..,.IWwlfiilllflif,. ffiwxd une I 94 7 gr eluate WILLIAM EDWARD DACIER 72 Moraine Street BROCKTON, MASSACHUSETTS '43-'46 United States Navy. '46-'47 Privateg Varsity Footballg Ciceronian Literary Society tPres.J g -Dramatic Clubg Veteran. "There is great power in words." uffx Leg . '50 W .N 14 ,, , vi : ri? . E511 '43-'44 '44-'45 '45-'46 '46-'47 WILLIAM ROLLINS DAVIE 3405 Eastern Avenue, N.E. WASHINGTON, D. C. Privateg P.F.C.g Intramural Sportsg Band. Corporalg Sergeantg Non Com Cluhg lst Ser- geantg Ofiicers' Clubg Orchestra. Captaing Y.M.C.A.g Ollicers' Clubg Orchestra Leader. Lt. Colonelg Oflicers, Clubg Y.M.C.A.g Senior Class Officer fSecy. and Treas.J 3 Honor Court. "A practical man, a man who is not afraid to set forth his opinions and hold to them." A0-.-ff fx? -34 5 f...-. 'Q ff ...-- -A lim. YV? "0 'ff 5:1 ' if-5Q:,g ,,:2ag::'1iiEEf:" , ' .-, ,..:,.. . ..- I' K' 1 3 1, -, 3SZ., gi:':f5: ...., , ,tg I ,..,,.ef'f, .-:A-:fl- -A we .-... .. 'M .... A . Wh r- 'f -- "" 1.1-1:-,, ,.., -.-. , Nefkgfy- .zi- -'-' .gV:. une I 94 7 graduate ROY WILSON DAVIS ENFIELD, NORTH CAROLINA 4-5-'46 Privateg Intramural Sports. '46-,4-7 Corporalg Sergeantg Non Com Clubg Intra- mural Sportsg lst Sergeant. "He that is .slow to anger is better than the mighty." 6,-f Is, Fx. .ff PM fi ff' W., as QQ? M52 gxggvafly., sgqQi ss1 .1 'fiwfr 5 Mi, fgwgrffgljp g i :rf ij lj I .,.. rs ..... J fg .2 ...., O 535 as I52J PETER STOESSLER deLEMOS 55 Halsted Street EAST ORANGE, NEW JERSEY 4.4--'4-5 Privateg Intramural Sportsg Chess Club. 4-5-'46 Privateg Corporalg Non Com Clubg Intra- mural Sportsg Chess Club. 4-6-'4-7 Sergeantg Non Com Clubg Chess Club fPres.Jg Athenian Literary Society fVice- Pres.l g Intramural Sports. 'Well-timed silence has more eloquence than speech." Kass Eu? NX 'IM A X-QQXX ,.n. . T q w' xi r if ,P New 'km une I 94 7 graduate ROBERT ARTHUR DeLORME 116 Maynard Street SPRINGFIELD-9, MASSACHUSETTS '43-'46 United States Marine Corps. '4-6-'47 Privateg Veteran. "It is quality rather than quantity that matters Qs! 5 xt 3 ffiik 5 X as NE ,Q t M P, , it if 6 E531 743344 '44-,45 '45-'46 '46-'47 RICHARD MAURICE de OLAZARRA 1107 West Loyola Avenue CHICAGO, ILLINOIS Privateg Athenian Literary Societyg Intra- mural Sports. P.F.C.g Corporalg Intramural Sportsg Non Com Club. Sergeantg Ist Sergeantg Athenian Literary So- cietyg Officers, Club. Captaing Officers' Clubg Athenian Literary So- ciety fPres.jpgx Intramural Sports. "Wh0is0 can, speak UJKII isiia man." une I 94 7 graduate FIELDING LEWIS DICKINSON LORETTO, VIRGINIA 44945 Privateg P.F.C.g Varsity Baseballg Intramural Sports. 45346 Sergeantg Non Com Clubg Varsity Football and Basketball fmanagerjg Varsity Baseball. 46-'47 Lieutenantg Oflicers' Clubg Varsity Football, Baseballg Varsity Club. "A cheerful disposition is a fund of ready capital." , 7' vp ..,..I3,. . V. E541 LEO MAURICE EISELEY, JR. 4-742 Pine Street PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA 45-'46 Privateg P.F.C.g Tennis Teamg Intramural Sports. 46-'47 Corporalg Non Com Clubg Varsity Clubg Intramural Sportsg Tennis Team. "It is more what we do than what we think, which fits us for the future." .' sw Q rs as .Q X NX X une 194 7 graduate E551 '4-4345 JOHN REISER ELDRIDGE 4-0 South Montpelier Avenue ATLANTIC CITY, NEW JERSEY Privateg Athenian Literary Societyg Intra mural Sports. ,4-5-'46 Corporalg Non Com Clubg Glee Clubg Intra mural Sports. 746-'4-7 Sergeantg Non Com Clubg Glee Clubg Intra- mural Sports. "My theory is to enjoy life but sometimes the going is rough." i 65 THOMAS MALCOLM FISHER CORDONSVILLE, VIRGINIA ,46-'47 Privateg Intramural Sports. WWW L sm - 'lim pw.:--.Io-, ,4 sc fe-hw , ,NL I 5 lysis gf gfax M 4 .M --" ,.,,... , was h . ...... . Q -rw-EMM : : : Qgg:,:-e:, ,::-I figs r age une I 94 7 graduate JAMES BUTLER FOREHAND, JR. 4-300 Fort Avenue LYNCIIBURG, VIRGINIA 45-'46 Privateg Intramural Sports. 4-634-7 Sergeantg Color Sergeantg Non Com Clubg Intramural Sports. "Silence is a true friend who never betrays? gr- egg. X so f wt .f ,f1".Q13Q C ii' V, 'xx X? I. ,wp xxx, '4,, , I X. xwgmyg si 1 ,se X was , I, JK, 3 EXW if if X if .Qi ,fs XX, , I .- K A 52 sox ra W9 WSIS II56J He that can master his actions is master of himself JAMES FRANKLIN GARDNER 634 Webster Street N.W. WASHINGTON, D. C. 4-4-'45 Privateg P.F.C.g Intramural Sports. 415-'46 Corporalg Non Com Clubg Intramural Sports. 416-'47 Sergeantg Non Com Clubg Intramural Sportsg Radio Club. "He who sleeps in continual noise is wakened by silence." iiifik. A--was - j , Ni CQQFQFQSSXI 'X-f it xi kv if une 194 7 "In 744-'LL gm ante HENRY THOMAS GARNETT, III TAPPAHANNOCK, VIRGINIA 5 Privateg P.F.C.g Intramural Sportsg Varsity Baseball. ,45-'46 Sergeantg Non Com Clubg Athletic Councilg Varsity Baseball Lcaptaini. '46-347 Staff Sergeantg Non Com Clubg Varsity Base- ballg Varsity Clubg lntramural Sports. the spring a you manis fancy lightly turns to thoughts . . baseball?" EVE fl 5 N ff. . 'N x N-I-5 S?Qxi,i"ifs ssfrt E53 z 35 5 Wig' its Yi E: Rss 3 x 3. as 3 mist' i571 43 44 45 46 THOMAS BENTON GAYLE, JR. Sherwood Forest Farm F REDERICKSBURG, VIRGINIA Privateg Intramural Sports. Privateg Intramural Sports. Sergeantg Non Com Clubg Intramural Sports. Sergeantg Non Com Clubg Intramural Sportsg Manager of Varsity Football, Basketball and Baseball. Character is the governing element in life a ' bove eniusf' ind g ,cs 1. -1 M. ,. fills. L f K -,,f, m,.w-sf' AM.: , z f ' J I 5 une I 94 7 graduate SALVATORE GERO 410 Lincoln Avenue HATBORO, PENNSYLVANIA 45-'46 Privateg Varsity Football and Baseball. '46-'47 Sergeantg Non Com Clubg Varsity Clubg Var- sity Football and Baseballg All-State Guard, Football. "Good weight and measure is heavelfs treasuref, isifhw fit,-Q .ff l ig t2Qfi2'i:fi:a3MH,,,, 4 f .,w,,, 1-Aki ' xxx, fy 5 U., 2 x. ,. va, . ,.,.,,x,aw-mw- 58 r I EDWARD FREDERICK GINTHER 2248 West Market Street PoTTsv1LLE, PENNSYLVANIA 4-6-'47 Private: Varsity Footballg Veteran. "He has a solid base of temperament." Wm 'mx 1 , 'K une 194 7 graduate DANIEL ZAEGER GRAVES 19608 Milan Drive MAPLE HEIGHTS, OHIO '45-,4-6 Privateg Intramural Sportsg Glee Club. 546-'47 Corporalg Sergeantg Non Com Clubg Cold Star Councilg Intramural Sportsg Glee Clubg Dramatic Club. "Poetry is the record of the best and happiest moments of the happiest and best minds." iff? ' SX , .. X' I" NX 5 ,ff -L' I 'X Q 1?f? . fvgg ' L, J E591 F WILLIAM TAIT GREENLEE, JR. 15239 Cedargrove DETROIT-5, MICHIGAN '46-'47 Private, Cross-Country, Track Teamg Clee Club, Dramatic Clubg Athenian Literary So- ciety, Y.M.C.A. "All the world practices the art of actingf' S Sz, ,Q . V X, get .ve 55 . . .. i, I ft W -I . . ...t , ff W .5 , ., A f ' ,H 4 r fm'-V. , W . .9,,,Am ., 1. we fm'-' if -If ,. , :Q fu I1 It sf' ' :ww . '-2 9' une I 94 7 graduate THOMAS RICHARD HAMMOND, JR. 3605 R Street N.W. WASHINGTON, D. C. ,44-,45 Private, Intramural Sports. all-5-'46 Private, Intramural Sportsg Boxing Team. 46-'47 Corporal, Sergeant, Non Com Club, Intra- mural Sports. "Sensitive, swift to resent, but as swift in atoning ,H for error. Q 2 .V A QA xx X . lI60l RICHARD EDWARD HANSEN 14-20 North Arkansas Avenue ATLANTIC CITY, NEW JERSEY 4-5-'46 Privateg Intramural Sports. 46-'4-7 Privateg Stamp Club lVice-Pres.jg Dramatic Club fAdvertising Managerl g Chess Club. "Advertising is the mouthpiece of businessf, fs . sail WX has fr' 'IR ' ' AID WM N X, X ,fgY.Qsgt:s,T3w ' .wax X . X 'lull Xfigix 'ff g , -sg., L: . Xl ."Hfv" ff vis ,Q X ff W k gi FX 7 gigs une I 94 7 graduate E611 '43-'44 '44-'45 '45-'46 '46-'4-7 RAYMOND GEORGE HARINEC 14 Circle Drive WEST ENGLEWOOD, NEW JERSEY Privateg Intramural Sports. Privateg Intramural Sports. StafI Sergeant CNon-R.O.T.C.Jg Intramural Sports. Corporalg No Com Clubg Intramural Sports. "Oh what a w lteljjgs a hungry man." W Sv" V X .1 5 53 L E .. f Y 1 N. as :gy , si 23 1? N ,s 44345 '45-'46 '46-'47 '44-'45 '45-'46 '4-6347 CHARLES GRANT HAUGER 112 North Cedar Street CUMBERLAND, MARYLAND August 22, 1928- January 1, 194.7 Private, Corporal, Non Com Club, Intra- mural Sports. Staff Sergeant, Non Com Club, Glee Club, Intramural Sports. Lieutenant, Oflicersi Club, Athenian Literary Society, GleewCIub fTreas.l, Sabre Staff, Athletic intra , orts. Heaven gives it -I ":: death.-BYRON J jg fa WK S x Q.. X Iiijw... Q- A - ' 1 A- x X f :iv Sitges A 59 f :sig ,, in N.-' S . if une 194 7 graduate DONALD DRAKE HOLLIDAY 40 Dogwood Drive BALTIMORE, MARYLAND Private, P.F.C., Intramural Sports, Boxing. Corporal, Non Com Club, Glee Club, Box- ing, Intramural Sports. Ser eant, Non Com Club, Intramural S orts, B 5 P oxlng. All are not i ted in the art 0 in ." 5 9' S' fm 51 S23 iffy' N 4f4tuN12fi3q'o' QISQQ' i 'Dwi F',:e,f' S get 3 4 4-W 5 3 cwzfff- E 1621 WALTER ODESLY HOUSE 1106 Albemarle Avenue TARBORO, NORTH CAROLINA '43-'44 Privateg P.F.C.g Intramural Sportsg Swim- ming Team. Corporalg Sergeantg Non Com Clubg Cicero- nian Literary Societyg Intramural Sports. '44--'45 '45-'46 Staif Sergeantg lst Sergeantg Officers' Clubg Intramural Sportsg Ciceronian Literary So- ciety. '46-'47 Captain AdjutantQ33QIIicers' Clubg Sabre-Skin misher Staffg Qixiilllhriand Scrollg Ciceronian Literary Society fgviige-Pres.l 3 Lifeguard. "He learned more lS677lNgiIlLl6,i and tender looks, than ever he his booksf' 3 iflfsv Qi KK Aff? , Y N fflff ,. X une I 94 7 graduate 1 L I63l VERNON SALE HOUSTON 6309 Hampton Boulevard NORFOLK, VIRGINIA '44-745 Privateg Intramural Sports. '45-'4-6 Corporalg Non Com Clubg Manager of Foot ballg Intramural Sports. '46-'47 Sergeantg Non Com Clilbg Football Manager Intramural Sports. A really busy person should never know how much !g,e.g11eighs.,' .av , 3.2 ff-"vs 'i Xwlilsb I xistlrgxx A U: 5 I, p Mx. , 2 X is f .f :gy ff ,ff mal M -fi Xxx X I, 'Y rl X gw I JOHNSON HUBBELL 103 North 17th Street BRADENTON, FLORIDA ,43-'44 Privateg Rifle Teamg Ciceronian Llterary Society. 744-746 United States Army. '4-6-347 Privateg Veteran. "A man always has two reasons for doing anythmg a good reason and the real reason as faeces 'T 'J f'fX'J'f4gyW'i 51f--'- ' M-, asf. .. 553 ' :XMI .,,,-,V of ,QA y , . an Q., 4 A Exif 2 eil x.,xQg,sf' fr 2 is x fm gs 5 ,ff Y X5 -'A 1 E aft 5 'Qu-WV uh all fm l V, 'sash' ' f uk' ., QV' fn- ' 'K as V-P . ,IQQA-ak,-w-.,,s,-. 3,, . vw-f , .Y Mya N ' 2 MS- . .ML 1 ,W j,,3,f M,-x ,I ,, xM,,A,s WZQMRQL V une 194 7 graduate MARVIN WALLACE JACOBS, JR. ORANGE, VIRGINIA '45-,4-6 Privateg Intramural Sports. 46-'47 Corporalg Sergeantg Intramural Sportsg Non Com Clubg Manager of Orchestra. "The man that loves and laughs must sure do wellf, HX -fire ,,,j,,!gX ,cgi X14 .ax 5' "", f .- lljfflgfjyila ESX f' g x N. if gif 3 sg ix 523 sgifg I 64- '4-6347 Privateg Glee Clubg Intramural Sports. EDWARD WILLIAM .IERNIGAN 906 Buchanan Boulevard DURHAM, NORTH CAROLINA "He has hid his rare life from our gross eyesf, . , .XX M 51 I R X xx X xx. xg Mx? my wx., ' ,if Q 5 SWS? P 5 ,K ,QS une 194 7 gm uate DAVID LEE KAUS 35 Chingupin Village ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA ,44-'45 Privateg Intramural Sports. 74-5-'46 Corporalg Sergeantg Non Com Clubg Intra- mural Sports. '46-,47 Staff Sergeantg Intramural Sportsg Non Com Club. "You must look in E people as well as at themf' LN www R ml,-N A gl wx JRR f 5 gg gwga U Nfl Neg .yf E651 ,IAMIE75 ARTHUR KENFd"4'GZlfH'Y . , TN .:" 'Pl " 3:12a plfhn mio btreet , , 'fr ., ,f-P1,rrn,,-f- -', v -.lg YNA ,44-,45 Privaieg 'l':'.a:?k Tcavlg lntrznvzizrnt Sportsg Y.M.C.A. ,45-'46 P.F.C.' ffcrooralg l"lon5Qon1 Cuba Intramural 9 I . Sporfs ,46-'47 Sergemtg Plea fur-1 Qfabg .intramural Sports. "Imagina1L-g,1, if is good 15 rmny voyages- anrl how mueh chsaperf, A Q. b 1 fm5Q',, H It V. ..Q,,,. .G X5 'six X . .. , , pax 1 s Q,-is Q. une I 94 7 graduate EVERETT LANE KRAMER 5824 North 16th Street il ' Pl1ILADEl.PIllA, PENNSYLVANIA ,45-'46 Private. ,46-'47 Corporalg Sergeantg Non Com Club. "There is a history of all men's lives if closely observed." I66 AUQXANTTER LILTANIJ, JR. N. OI.IJ'Ylffl',. ' I7-'IINIA '44-345 P:':zm1.eq 9.I-.C-.7 1 M11 +L: Intramural Sports. '45-'4-6 Corpurfalg Sv:rgQ:'f.1'rQg Non Com Club. '4-634-7 Lieutenam. Arlytantg 9.Scfa1's' Club. "Women, zvomcn, lmw 1' adore themf' 2- .., T. Q .SNWEX tw x I YQ ' . if gf' SQ ,, t X . RSX' wat' X ggi ERN N. I fs XS! wg ' - V XFN X' ei xi ENN .wwgw ,S SE ri X X of X rzmxzwztmwwxwxs Q gtg atawmmxwx .tw :WV Qt Nw -RFS? ZNELY ' .Y ' xv -Wtsszfw www- ,tww,x,Mvww awww .w,t,a,.W -f vw-Wt , ..a.w.v..W...w.,t.,.....,...,..,.t .wm.fT une I 94 7 graduatu GEORGE ARTHUR LITTLE 68 Pierport Street NEW HAVEN, CONNECTICUT '45-'46 Privateg Intramural Sports ,4-6-'4-7 Privateg Intramural Sports, Clceroman Llter ary Society. "To know is nothing at allg to zmagzne ls everything U E67 Wei-SN if X 1:5 I is gwflli ,ta if? V? sr 2 E N ii-it N J. www Q N 55, 43-'44 44-'45 4-5-'46 46-'47 Jvvial and possessir L for success in lifey, . Xegiga GEORGE JOSEPH LUND 1803 Powhatan Avenue PETERSBURG, VIRGINIA ,41-'42 Private. '43-'46 Army Air Force. ,46-,47 Privateg Ciceronian Literary Societyg Veteran "A man of quietness and intelligence." Xi- f' fall 4 5 ,--- at . ,MW V. Um I 1:-. -- Iwo-,rx 5,1 A' I ,.... I 12, . ' ..I ' ' 'N "Q W : a:.,.,. I une I 94 7 graduate WILLIAM JOHN McCADDIN R.F.D. IHI2 Box 229 Lake Terrace NoRFoLK, VIRGINIA Privateg Corporalg Athenian Literary Societyg Tennis Teamg Non Com Clubg lntramural Sports. Sergeantg Lieutenantg Oliicers' Clubg Tennis Teamg Intramural Sports. Captaing Officers' Clubg Tennis Teamg Sabre Staffg Clee Clubg Swimming Teamg ,l.V. Bas- ketball. Majorg Ofliceg:s'i1Clubg Varsity Football, Bas- ketball and sg Senior Class Presidentg Glee Club I hesygvarsity Clubg sabre- Skirmisher Ed.Jg Quill and SCIOH- ?sW?5?fQ5il N 'fits flier K ref f, ,ga E681 '44-'4-5 DONALD CECIL McLANE, II 1908 South Randolph Street ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA Privateg Track Teamg Glee Clubg Intramural Sports. 45-'46 Corporalg Sergeantg Non Com Clubg Intra- mural Sports. 4-6-'47 lst Sergeantg Sabre-Rating Non Com Clubg Intramural Sportsg Lieutenantg Officers, Club. "How many things there that I do not wantf, l Y: ex, ' Z: Riyvflj Y i a a fs! ESX fifx an A X sf 2 Q6 ,f fxrf 2 .sages une I 94 7 qracfuafterv ,43-'44 '4-4-'45 '45-'46 '46-'47 E691 CG CHARLES RIBORG MANN P. 0. Box 296 EAST HAMPTON, LoNc ISLAND, N. Y. Privateg Bandg Intramural Sports. Corporalg Sergeantg Non Com Clubg Intramural Sports. Ist Sergeantg Lieutenantg Officers' Club Bandg Orchestra. Captaing Bandg Officers' Clubg Orchestra. Band Without music if uld be a mistake." ..Q'N-R 9 5' Y 2 in fi 5 gf N5 S w RAYMOND HARRY MITCHELL, III 1507 Patrick Henry Drive ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA '4-5-'46 Private . '46-'47 Sergeantg Non Com Clubg Rifle Clubg J.V Football. "W hen you go to dance, take heed whom you take hy the hand. ,. I . se Q2 3 W4 rss. f X G ' 55 RZ' :wk-"liz me S"'35"aefj X .www -N fff'wj2?'75w' f -ya-fs! : 5? Ngmdfg Aiwa? 1:1 "ip we A une I 94 7 gm ante DONALD PRESTON MOORE 110 Baggett Place ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA ,4-5-'46 Privateg Track Teamg Intramural Sports. 46-'47 Corporalg Non Com Clubg J.V. Footballg Track Teamg Non Com Club. "A friend, a gentleman-what m0re?', fm 5 Eff f fwaff- 5 .-f5?'s' IZ flg,aAQri2. 55235 3 gif v in. 5 -ff' WARE, elf I I .., 701 VERNON THOMAS MORGAN EMPORIA, VIRGINIA '4-5-'4-6 Privateg Corporalg Varsity Football, Basket- ball and Baseball. 46-'47 Master Ser eant Sabre Ratin Non Com 5 3 ' g Clubg Varsity Football, Basketball and Base- ballg Varsity Club fPres.jg Captain of Foot- ball Teamg All-State Back, Footballg Lieuten- antg Officers' Club. "A born athlete. All a coach wants to work withf, N ,, NYS , YY ' J Y .X 3 X gg' X NWN s A 'X Q,-sstxi lfy N rx . ax N SXXSX 5 3' Nl 5i'X""'m mv. xwsgt , W K, X may Q jgflxgxsxs www-x sa-sa, Sw X Nm-Y 'Q . VPQQXNXX -W. WX ,x X :L OF:15?TY5Y?2'5f33'INZHi'.'fT',SMiii' r as 5 1 une I 94 7 graduate E711 WILLIAM KIRWAN MORIARITY 1907 Commonwealth Avenue ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA '46-'47 Privateg J.V. F ootballg Intramural Sports "He stood firm enough not to go backward for not going back is to advance." X if Q , we Q3 gas-QQ 'RYE-?4Q3'NQ -.,, Misf- tx .S-WSE Wf- FRED WALTER MUCH 175 Highland Avenue PASSAIC, NEW JERSEY '42-'46 United States Navy. '46-'47 Privateg Varsity Footballg Veteran. The secret of success is constancy to purpose YN "ff Y " ."' . , i f a 'MQ "" " ,sri--N w:.w ,wv' 'W' ' ....- 1 , - .Lu N:? 5 QE ,,9 .55 :si Q.xfl.b533,,,w une 194 7 graduate JACKSON PARMER 3118 North Columbia Circle SPOKANE-12, WASHINGTON 4-5346 Privateg Intramural Sportsg Chess Clubg Swimming Teamg Track Team. 46-'47 Privateg Captain, Cross Country Track Teamg Varsity Club. "He who gave many an opponent, a run for their rnoneyf, X N 2 ,ff X. - af A P' KVX ' Ji 0 c...A.w ., F Q My . . I., .I Lx: 1 3, Q fb fz.:'.g,Q3. 333. X J iffy? sifiyl X aff s X 3 5 ff if wk sf' 72 1 KERFORD LEE PAYNE 9 Hill Onancock ONANCOCK, VIRGINIA 4-6-'47 Privateg Veteran. 'A laugh is worth a hundred groans in any market." easy .fx 8 Q2 l f: ,1 , , ,lex X fi? .Qs ,W A, we I I une I 94 7 graduate '43-34-4 '44-'45 '45-,46 '46-'47 "He l 73 l NORMAN PERLIN 4504- Gosnold Avenue NORFOLK, VIRGINIA Privateg Intramural Sportsg Varsity Football Privateg Intramural Sportsg Varsity Football Privateg Intramural Sportsg Varsity Football Lieutenantg Officers' Clubg Varsity F ootballg Intramural Sports. who knows, an xknows that he knows is wise. Fo n.,' 5 as s Q 3 it is f I P' H 53 J I WILLIS GORDON PORTER Box 113 BOWIE, MARYLAND '45-'46 Privateg Chess Clubg Intramural Sports ,46-'47 Privateg Dramatic Clubg Intramural Sports 1. Chess Club. "Witty, entertaining and pleasant., ,159 fwfr' 52 'Aff' ,yn ' KA if ,,fsf,1f . Q52 iffy? f at fl 75: fi 'fit . 5 .mfs Q T521 if s une 194 7 graduate JOSEPH HARRISON PROFFITT 642 Jefferson Avenue CLIFTON FORGE, VIRGINIA 45 '46 Private' Varsit Baseball' Veteran ' 9 y 9 ' 46947 Corporalg Non Com Clubg Varsity Football, Basketball and Baseball. "Truth is always straightforward? fvffmfx if af' ' ifsdfy tl 'wjffafw3Pwss???4 wr: ffxlsfa X I Qs? ? foal- Lie ard 5 j'w2',.T',2 ' sry? fgff wdzteggvfff Q ., g- may gi- ,M 'Xt fit .w,.. 74 Q GLENN BOOTH REDMOND R.F.D. 412 Wister Road RICHMOND, VIRGINIA 4-5-'46 Private. 46-'47 Corporalg Sergeantg Non Com Club. "A wise man will make more opportunities than he findsf' S?"'t2s S 'N llmx ,L A ,, X I mils fm ? 3 . im R . 4 gg , F, R S W5 'sm Q N I . .... A K get f s S' 'S Fin- H X ,K twexwwwmwswt X-ww,M,. 5 N , N X xx . yt , Y 3' . I? ff , ...., , , fwmwmwwwww :N It Mu mx , wx ' w..I..r.',....v......,......,t .,.X V. .,,x W. I une 194 7 graduate DONALD VIA REYNOLDS 1400 Whitethorn Street BLUEFIELD, WEST VIRGINIA '44-,4-5 Privateg Athenian Literary Societyg Intra- mural Sports. '45-'46 Privateg Athenian Literary Societyg Intra- mural Sports. '46-'4-7 Corporalg Non Com Clubg Athenian Literary Societyg Riiie Clubg Intramural Sports. "Something attempted, something done., 55 testis WW' 'K' QF? 45 al. 'N Af d f :,.,. ' L 75 I '46-'47 Captaing Offmers' Clubg Tennis Team fCapt.J g ELWOOD HUNDLEY RICHARDSON, II 507 Newport News Avenue HAMPTON, VIRGINIA '44-'45 Privateg Intramural Sportsg Boxing Team. '45-,46 Privateg Corporalg Non Com Clubg Y.M.C.A Intramural Sports. Color Sergeantg Non Com Cluhg Y.M.C.A Athenian Literary Society fSgt.-at-Armsj Dramatic Clubg Rifle Clubg Intramural Sport 746-'47 "He is well paid that is well satisfied? 2 as gg: -,, VSGA gi' a . ' .' : gfiigffaat I ...- Q ,1.ITi'.f.1, ,, 1'5- 59? 1 N. 5' I: ,W 3 ww 2, ,,.. , , ...wax-M. 5? W, Eva-..,.XA+, ,XM M iv If fm am , ' :Qi gf -- ' .. NM M, "?Yf ,544 .A I, N une 194 7 graduate DAVID STANLEY HOCKEY 1310 Park Avenue SANFORD, FLORIDA '43-'4-41 Privateg P.F.C.g Tennis Teamg Sabre-Skin misher Staffg Intramural Sports. 744--'45 Corporalg Sergeantg Non Com Clubg Tennis Teamg Skirmisher Staffg Intramural Sports. '4-5-'46 Lieutenantg Officers, Clubg Tennis Team fCapt.Jg Intramural Sportsg Cheerleaderg Clee Clubg Skirmisher Staff. Intramural Spggtsg Glee Club. "Always striving high ideals that lead to the-gag igrmmifazife.,f is ' rf? .. - A 5 5 , .Aff-'N' aww an 1 5" Wi? iw., 7 " Y 4 W: -:M fwi?-2 SQ-4" .I-.'5.:,wfygx X X1 i YN I E761 -3 -3 7 S EMANUEL BERTRAM ROSENFELD 32 West Main Street CORTLAND, NEW YORK 4-6-'4-7 Privateg Fencing Teamg Cheerleaderg Rifle Teamg Intramural Sports. "Quietness and confidence shall be your strength." 53 ,f , A. A ., rf -N but ...,. A Agia, Miter' QQ, jx N ,da R QQSQL, . , . f ,W -A5 ' wx, fix une 194 7 graduate l77l WILLIAM LEE ROWE 509 Wyth Street PoRTsMoUTH, VIRGINIA '45-'46 Privateg Intramural Sports. h '46-,417 Corporalg Sergeantg Non Com Club Y.M.C.A. fSecy.Jg Track Teamg Rifle Club Intramural Sports. "Be always sure you are right-then go ahead." X WI' 'ESSEXQYX' is Qi Q 1 li 5 5 5 9- eg fivefx.-Q 3 3"ffYWsNv:X 3 'Sf : S551 isw' -G35-Q SEE X sr x .2 . 5 A . dial ' tags I 943-9 74,4-7 145-7 7416-7 44 45 46 47 RICHARD ROYDON 315 Suffolk Avenue RICHLANDS, VIRGINIA Privateg P.F.C.g Intramural Sportsg Boxing Teamg Ciceronian Literary Societyg Band. Corporalg Sergeantg Non Com Clubg Cicero- nian Literary Societyg Sabre Stalig Intramural Sports. Lieutenantg Oflicers' Clubg Skirmisher Staff fManaging-Editorlg Intramural Sportsg Cold Star Councilg Athletic Council. Majorg f5?fClub lPr s.j,'QAthletic Coun- cil CPreS-55255514143 f.i.,.:..,. A l res-D 5 Sabre- Skirmisherg? tw xg, clitor-in-Chiefl g Senior Class Hist It :lp Court' uill and Scroll lPres.j. 7 Q I Trustworthy, man of honor and wortlfy 5fifPEulgIlshz'p." QQ S ,555 -5 2:9 une I 94 7 graduate JAMES THOMAS RUNYON South Hills CHARLESTON, WEST VIRGINIA '45-'46 Privateg Intramural Sportsg Fencing Team. 46-'47 Corporalg Sergeantg Non Com Clubg Intra- mural Sportsg Track Team. "Skill and confdence are an unconquered army." mf, f' J ,N,ffj3j" . .,x'w9,M'.1 T' Xixfilsajikvfvf' Miko! xg , 45, I if gm 1-55 x 5 tffffwspxggg - digs? Fl .ff ff. M . IQ78 l 9 44-'4-5 45-'4-6 46-'47 "Men of few words are the best men." HOWARD WILSON RYDER 497 Sunset View Drive . AKRON-2, OHIO Privateg Corporalg Non Com Clubg Intra- mural Sportsg Glee Clubg Boxing Team. Sergeantg Non Com Clubg Intramural Sportsg Glee Club. Staff Sergeantg Non Com Clubg Varsity Foot- ballg Intramural Sportsg Ist Sergeant. .9 aw X was if it X ss tx Tm E EER ,iv R N ff' S .f is 5155-Ns-I l 'mv R j I .Y sxwsvsbaawxz-5. awibic. a x::Q:.f::::z.::::v X 'I S I .. une I 94 7 graduate RAYMOND HAMPTON SAUNDERS 5711 Bromley Lane RICHMOND, VIRGINIA '44-'45 Privateg Boxing Teamg Intramural Sports. '45-'46 Corporalg Sergeantg Intramural Sportsg Clee Clubg Non Com Club. 46-'4-7 Lieutenantg Oflicers' Clubg Glee Clubg Ath- letic Councilg Cheerleaderg Intramural Sports. 7 Cl It is not what he has, nor what he does but what he is, that expressesvhis worth." fgxit 2 2' if? L f Lffgix 5 U tx t...f'- " ' Xwnii' ' ,X ,gxft ' X-.XXX Qt 4' o""v? 23 "5 2 walk 5 K! X . jjj' iwrgal f ,ff U91 STANLEY SCHATZ 680 East 93rd Street NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK '45-'46 Privateg Varsity Football and Basketball Intramural Sports. '46-'47 Corporalg Non Com Clubg Varsity Football Intramural Sports. "To play football and being an all-around sport comes by naturef, 5 has "1 :AI " F at ---- 'f '.::": 5 5,5 -::::: W' ? ,.,. ---- .:.., .... . ,,,..,.',: :::35? 3 5 EiEi jx- une I 94 7 graduate ROLAND WEST SCRIVNER 21 Forest Avenue NUTLEY, NEW JERSEY 745-'46 Privateg Intramural Sports. '46-'47 Corporalg Non Com Clubg Chess Clubg matic Clubg Intramural Sports. "It is what we do, more than what we think, that fits one for the future." ,Gigi ff, Q' N fax at A, :X he -:,3g,:gS- xl Q i?f'Y"'Qi5fRs-1 I., A' MQZT5 mf M- f 12. X-"1 at A X M2353 EW Q -f if as ig- ,I S I I Dra- 801 EDWIN STANLEY SCHIVELY 608 Perrymont Avenue LYNCHBURG, VIRGINIA 45-'46 Privateg Lifeguardg Intramural Sports. 4.6-'47 Corporalg Non Com Clubg Y.M.C.A.g Intra- mural Sports. "F or he's a jolly good fellowf' .XX ix. X- - . , Xxx wwf 3 . ,ff :I une 194 7 graduate TONY MICHAEL SICILIANO 375 Broadview Avenue YOUNGSTOWN, OHIO '46-'47 Privateg Varsity Footballg Boxing Manager Veteran. "A good football player, a scholar, a leader xand friend." S. v. 3. u.. ,. --N I .2 Slew? . . of XI.. I? 'E I Q1 X53 E811 JOHN CHARLES SKINNER 615 North Pennsylvania Street INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA 744345 Privateg Intramural Sports. ,415-'46 Corporalg Non Com Clubg Y.M.C.A.g Intra- mural Sports. '46-'47 Sergeantg Non Com Clubg Y.lVl.C.A.g Athen- ian Literary Societyg Rifle Clubg Intramural Sports. Rather than love, than money, than fame, ,give .rue truth." x'- ,QM 4 s, if 2 EN, ,..,, Way, M li' ,',N, gfxsw fm" X 15 x 5 X25 fx ' I 'Qs ,V 7: V wi une 194 7 graduate THEODORE WILBUR STARBUCK 16145 Burt Road DETROIT, MICHIGAN 45-'46 Privateg Intramural Sports. 46-,4-7 Privateg Dramatic Clubg Chess Clubg Intra- mural Sports. "To understand is what is hard. Once one understands, - - sa GCUOVI, lS 8aSy. fir T' . 3 QQ.. Q, MUN' .me L82 '44-'4-5 Private. '45-'46 Privateg Intramural Sports. RICHARD KENNETH STOOPS 2400 Parish Avenue NEWPORT NEWS, VIRGINIA 4-6-,447 Corporalg Non Com Clubg Ciceronian Liter- ary Societyg Rifle Team. "He that would thrive by law must see his enemy's counsel as well as his own." A1 'wx Sissy I Nj X ...Xa 3 if Six '- xxx Q SME ws 'I s'Xf"'X X s sig VN NYJ 1 3 Mkt .S N , sf W W Q ft Q xx ws LI . ....., ' . ., ,I R f'1,,xwssswsww::w A 'f :X IQIWMMWIN , gg .IMA p ,, une I 94 7 graduate .IUHN GRAHAM STRONG East Hampton, Long Island NEW YORK '46-'47 Privateg Intramural Sports. "I want to be all that I am capable of becoming fowl" rv vga Er : , if YE!! .six 'f ,, .0 I I fy KQYYJ5 Xa- ww. 'w.,.., WIS if QSRSE K, .5 E331 43-'44 44-'45 45-'46 4-6947 THOMAS BURLEY STULL Low Mook, VIRGINIA 74-6-'4-7 Privateg Varsity Footballg Veteran. "Of singing thou K F rankiej hast the reputation f5f7?5V' - IIII 'YJTTN3 If, fig? Q, wifi V L V 1 x x M '. " , , Qww ygwggwdgamhsg ,.., 2" t 5' V TLS?ifW.,,,fwffJff'2'f'a .. W Qfji vtaiii, f MP' une I 94 7 graduate ARTHUR EDWIN SWEET 602 lVlcCrann Boulevard LANCASTER, PENNSYLVANIA Privateg Intramural Sports. Corporalg Sergeantg Non Com Clubg Varsity Baseballg Intramural Sportsg Rifle Team. Lieutenantg Otlicers' Clubg Intramural Sportsg Junior Class Historiang Rifle Team. Captaing Oflicers' Clubg Senior Class Vice- Presidentg Intramural Sportsg Varsity Base- ball. 'Life is a jest, and all things show itg I thought so QZLCf?5'gbU'g,l181U I know itf' , .I rx. ,.,, -,J 6 : ts. fr , . ,xv -I -X i .,X X . , W: X rijifgsx If AAR . I , I 3 ,x , e A f ff XX E841 4-4-'45 445-'46 '46-'47 KA NASH LeGRANDE TATUM, JR. BOX 26 ELIZABETHTOWN, NORTH CAROLINA Privateg P.F.C.g Bandg Intramural Sports. Privateg Corporalg Non Com Clubg Band. Sergeantg Drum Majorg Bandg Non Com Clubg Orchestrag Ciceronian Literary Societyg Glee Clubg Dramatic Club. good surgeon must have an, eagle,s eye, a lI:0lI,S hear! and a larly,s handf, une I 94 7 gmduateA FLOYD NELSON TOMLINSON, JR. 463 Carolina Circle WINSTON-SALEM, NORTH CAROLINA ,45-'46 Privateg Intramural Sportsg Track Team. '46-'47 Privateg Intramural Sportsg Track Teamg Y.M.C.A.g Rifle Club. 6 'I have always recognized that lhe object of business is to make money in an honorable m,anner.', ISSJ '43 '44 '45 '46 PAUL TSITSIRAGOS 97 Van Wagenen Avenue JERSEY CITY, NEW JERSEY '45-,4-6 Privateg Intramural Sports. '46-'47 Corporalg Sergeantg Non Com Clubg Intra mural Sports. "I think that the knowledge of Creek thought, life, and of the arts is essential to high culture." X 2' Z' 53' X signs, K W N sink al. une I 94 7 graduate EDUARDO VALLDEJULI Box fy-11854 SAN JUAN, PUERTO Rico 344- Privateg P.F.C.g Intramural Sports. -'45 P.F.C.g Intramural Sports. mural Sports. Rifle Clubg Chess Club. "Law is the last result of human wisdom acting human experience for the benefit of the public." xy, n.,w?3W':f il- y J' ."w-'3N1"'M"xwx.,,,,,M fi .5 , 3 o.ijXWG'j?iQe.,S'Lf I lbw mwah 5' Y 5 'f Y ' Nia gyffggr .ee-gf'-,,m:,,' 5 if ' 2-Zgs6'4yiE fs! "1 4-'sf,iW,5SR11a,,vW 'dat M" M . -746 Corporalg Sergeantg Non Com Clubg Intra- -,47 Lieutenantg Oiticers' Clubg Intramural Sportsg upon J E861 THOMAS JACKSON VERELL 304 Crandin Road ROANOKE, VIRGINIA 4-5-'46 Privateg Intramural Sportsg Boxing Team. 46-'4-7 Privateg Dramatic Clubg Glee Clubg Veteran. "For a long life be moderate in all things, but dorft miss anything? une 194 7 graduate E371 WILLIAM BRYAN WADDELL Center Street GALAX, VIRGINIA '46-,47 Privateg Glee Clubg Band. "A good surgeon operates with his hand, not with his heart." ,4-3-'44 '44-,45 '45-'46 '46-'47 EARL RALPH WALKER WAVERLY, VIRGINIA Privateg Intramural Sportsg Band. Privateg Intramural Sportsg Band. Corporalg Sergeantg Non Com Clubg Intra- mural Sportsg Band. lst Sergeantg Bandg Sabre-Rating Non Com Clubg Rifle Clubg Intramural Sports. "The world knows nothing of its greatest menf' J I riiflfih Q23 fe, Q M ,gang 5,,3gfvJ'5tfR 5 ..... U... QR , fr ""x 1 :U W.- Nf,...f?, f, . Q . ,I .,., X has ,L , .. ,jgfix ti, xi X ,Q , , by S ' ' ' Bw ' if X. I -33 A I g' C J' l wi, 2- XL: if-A1v5,?x2Qy! ' I ,mv , 3 ,M C , .Qs-MR-?.,' -. X, e3jf,5:.T5Q,Sf':!' ,Y-R ff, ww' une 194 7 graduate LAWERENCE WALL, II 904- Hargrove Street HENDERSON, NORTH CAROLINA Private. Corporalg Non Com Club. Sergeantg Non Com Club. Sergeantg Non Com Club. merry heart doeth good li ff I, he a medicine." ., wg .XE -f ., X, -X !,!,l!,,,, gk cs' 1 57 5 ' A, E881 LAWERENCE RUSSELL WHEELER R.F.D. :I:l:2 SILVER SPRING, MARYLAND 4-494-5 Privateg Intramural Sports. 4-5-'46 Corporalg Non Com Clubg Swimming Teamg Track Team. 4-6-'47 Corporalg Non Com Clubg Track Team. "True christianity depends on factg Religion is not theory, but act." f R X ,TX f 1R'- xi if 'Sf M, SR it KN, qw une I 94 7 graduate I:89 JAMES LEE WONE 711 Flatbush Avenue BROOKLYN, NEW YORK '4-5-746 Private. '46-747 Corporalg Sergeantg Non Com Clubg Sabre Staff. "Being a good neighbor in every respect is my aim in establishing friendly relations and unity a Nng nations." Ev f .asa Ri-M a . 'iw cv A W z .WNXY f g R , 'jscirfxa iii x f.,:'f0R3 3 px ' .sys . .v W, -N355 2' N, I ga EN 1?: .N s -T REQ Aj 7 '43- 44 '45- '46- '44 '45 '46 '47 CHARLES CARROLL WOODWARD Green Forest BUENA VISTA, VIRGINIA Private, Boxing Team, Intramural Sports. Private, Boxing Team, Intramural Sports. Corporal, Sergeant, Non Com Club, Chess Club, Boxing Team, Intramural Sports. Lieutenant Adjutant, Officers' Club, Rifle Club fVice-Pres.J, Rifle Team, Intramural Sports. ,cThe blogdmfqisoldier makesythe glory . c T t. A I '.-v 'ii :' . 'A XX !5?'?yl Qs Null" '12, K a 1' '13 Q A 1 'YS' ' K 'u 9 194 7 ra uate BUFORD MILLER ANDREW LYNCH STATION, VIRGINIA 44-'45 Private, Corporal, Non Com Club, Varsity Football, Basketball and Baseball, Varsity Club. '45-'46 lst Sergeant, Varsity Football fCo-Capt.J, Baseball and Basketball, Officers' Club, Var- sity Club. '46-'47 Lieutenant, Officers' Club, Varsity Football, Basketball and Baseball, Varsity Club. 'Not by years but by disposition is wisdom acquired." 2?-'3:1.y 5 91, 1 fx,-4 ,-,A-,fwg ' ' ,, f , I A N-A -ws V 1 A - 9. gfyf ,rl f T-v.gfK.g't'f' 'N iw- X. ,- gf' ,M , 5 f :V , 5 ww "l-gf'-532 5 H' s .. fnf' s-, fl A it x:,.,,af' l90l '44-,4-5 Privateg Intramural Sports. '45-'46 Privateg Intramural Sports. '46-'47 Corporalg Stalf Sergeantg Non Com Clubg HARLIS OTTO BELCHER GRUNDY, VIRGINIA Athletic Councilg Sabre Staifg Intramural Sports. "A man of strong mind, great heart, true faith and ready handsf, I if 'i is 'Y' s 2 E its S ETX v' 5 fa. N I i. N I ' Q X z . Q , 9 X V Qxmxg A ,N r 'W' l July 194 7 mdua' ev I JAMES WILLIAMSON BROWN, JR. 906 Main Street SOUTH BOSTON, VIRGINIA '45-I4-6 Privateg Corporalg Non Com Clubg Intra- mural Sports. 46-'4-7 Sergeantg Non Com Clubg Rifle Clubg Intra- mural Sports. 7 "He that doeth good for good's sake, seeks neither praise nor reward, is sure of both in the end." 5-r ,..' XY I" wr: psf xxf . fi X' i.2XxQ'A's X AAI I year t XA mv E911 ALPHONSE NICHOLAS DRAGANI 42 South Fairview Avenue UPPER DARBY, PENNSYLVANIA ,4-5-'46 Privateg Corporalg Intramural Sports. '46-'47 Sergeantg Non Com Club: Intramural Sports "Firm was his step, and erect his headf' July I 94 7 graduate JAMES ANDREW FULLERTON 840 West Ocean View Avenue NoRFoLK, VIRGINIA 45-'46 Privateg Intramural Sports. 46-'47 Privateg Intramural Sportsg Y.IVI.C.A. "Patient, sagacious, tender, frolicsomef' I921 JOHN PRESSLEY HALLMAN 50 Ridge Road LYMAN, SOUTH CAROLINA 416-'47 Privateg Cheerleaderg Orchestrag Bandg Intra- mural Sports. "A cheerful tem er that makes knowledge delightful, P and wit good naturedf, R Xfxsa I fl do 2 Q? QNX? SN7' .9 July 194 7 graduate E93 JAMES BRUCE HOUSE HoBcooD, NORTH CAROLINA '46-'4-7 Privateg Intramural Sports. "Dancing, one of the most beautiful arts and good music were to his liking." ' or - S Y. rx, urvgffgb E .eros X -: r. MN Q 3 wi R E 3 X55 gg M 31 li ., , ., ff M X 4 Q Xi? EDWARD FRANKLIN KEETER, JR 4-107 Colonial Avenue NORFOLK, VIRGINIA '46-'47 Private, Dramatic Club, Intramural Sports "H is interest was in electricity, photography, radio and the mechanical functions of forces and physical laws , , I Q x , New A , X .x ,eww .QI I- I xg W.. 5 ffx ,5 f, t ,.f-5X X R WE 2 s 911 5 July 194 7 gm ante CHARLES DOLESE KLOTZ, JR. 613 Peachtree Street EMPORIA, VIRGINIA 46-'47 Privateg Intramural Sportsg Y.M.C.A. "Firmness of purpose shows character and one of the best instruments of success." 5 gr., , , f. Q MW fb., .fm I x X 2 A Q , fry' , 'ini I 0, ,. .. ,, ,X ,S ., E94 i 1 7 3 ,43-'44 44-'45 45-'46 4-6-'47 WILLIAM HALE NUNNALLY 1744 Matoax Avenue PETERSBURG, VIRGINIA Privateg Cheerleaderg Bowling Teamg mural Sports. Corporalg Sergeantg Non Com Club. United States Navy. Privateg Veteran. "Seldom is heard from, but when he does it is usually worth listening tof' R. 5 X X J X w, 5. x X. X speak Intra- July 194 7 graduate HAROLD B. PETERSON 1920 East 17th Street BROOKLYN, NEW YORK '43-744 Privateg P.F.C.g Intramural Sports Y M C A '44-'46 United States Marine Corps. ,46-54-7 Privateg Veteran. f95 "Better late than never--Right! Qfwg-,X ff? fffl 5 xx a , 1 X f ...IQR N-2 Q X .ow V 5 2 Q gg. 'tNx...- g XJ N . Xxx... VN! 3.55 fXjM. ,. 1 Q. x F Nw if f 26' .If I . mg .Riff .5 I 135' mst? 7 414345 45-'46 46-'47 ROBERT ALEXANDER PURDY WHITE PLAINS, VIRGINIA Privateg Bandg Intramural Sports. Private' Band' Intramural S orts 9 P - Privateg Band? Intramural Sports. "Gentle of speech, beneficent of mind." 40. ' fx' 1. . 1 f A ' gf -1,-fra f no-N mf i 2 '15, .-.::-I-' .. .,,, .f gym .A I V, , 4 A .Wwe I f',,f w-fai xl V by QQ, ,3'vj1:.:,.3Z -- ,.,1 f Y: aff" July I 94 7 graduate 5 WILLIAM FAYETTE ROBINS, JR 202 Hickory Avenue NEWPORT NEWS, VIRGINIA 946-'47 Privateg Rifle Clubg Orchestrag Bandg Intra E961 mural Sports. "Most powerful is he who has himself in his own power." 2 ,- I ' ENE f ' 5.30, I X if lffijf fx X A fi ,J 'Na Aff' Ras 2' -, A. Y gp 1-if! N 553 EVANS DANIEL TANNER LACROSSE, VIRGINIA '45-'46 Privateg Intramural Sports. 46-'47 Corporalg Sergeantg Non Com Clubg Intra- mural Sports. "A leader in boys' activities-one of the best all-round cadets in school." -fb -T: 'Ply L, Ze Xvsil .... X Q 5 Wgsigbkk 97 Qf 5 1 july 194 7 graduate JOSEPH FRANCIS TOCCO 654- East 224th Street NEW YORK, NEW YORK '45-'46 Privateg Corporalg Non Com Clubg lntra '46-'47 I All f97 mural Sports. Supply Sergeantg Non Com Clubg Rifle Team Rifle Clubg Intramural Sports. "Attractive personality, a good student, definite quklitggbof leadershipf' lsagilfxi Qrfy ,gl W z fs wells ' Iii gl S355 fs ...fig .ov il' Kuala' Jr --na.. M.. , Ll 1 wax uclllllikv Klutz Pm-Ie" cIuLem0s Jack" Gardner --Jilllv Allun Alvx" Leland g'Andy" Andrew "Tommy" Fisher "Tummy'7 Garnett 4'Le0" Bain "Bruiser" Nunnally i981 sr John" Strong 'g.I.H." Forlland "Tait" Gruenlvc Yiwu" lielvher "Bil!', Marlin l .Q "Fowler" Ayers "Joe" Lund "Nash" Tatum "Ray" Harinec "Ray" Saunders "Ted" Starbuck "Pimp" lliclmfwls-:n "Willie', Porter '4Mitch" Mitchell "Lane" Kramer g'Dick" deOlazarra "Jack" Parmer "Chavie" Chavatel "Art" Delorme l99l AYRES, R. J. BETZ, T. W. BLACKWELL, W. C. BOTTIMORE. R. R. BROWN, T. J BUSIC, D. B. COLEMAN, J. A. COX, H. M. DELANO, D, D. EVANS, S. C. rv... . .. . ,. Q:-:.f'fQ4..:q., H " ' ' .tiff ,iw , , 'g1",fiZ.,f' j f ,. , 294,...'vf ,'g-.....A,:i,.,-".f, ,. W 2' 7 f N ' .2 zfgifg ,2:,.wfs., Q W 61,494.2 , 4 f 252515. .i+"w.g:w'mf -fy.. 1 WH sfW5aM'. .,, - ff ff, 1 7 5,2 4 2- .3 ,35.f,.f.,g f Q55 .. 22. QW 5 femgzfff' W.. iv" 4,1 ' 4 ' "' 'I FLETCHER, W. B. GIBSON, D. B. GLASS, J. H. GREGORY, J. H. HADEN, C. A., III HENLEY, J. T. HUDCINS, E. B. JONES, W. E. LETONA, A. MCCLOHN, A. J. L1ooJ MCINTYRE, G. C. MARTIN, W .A. NICHOLAS, G. H. PHILLIPS, C, F. PORTER, R. E. ROCKWELL,J. SEALE, H. V. SEAY, B. W. SHERRILL, J. W. SMITH, G. E. : 3'5'iP'X I Iii? . ,E Q 5 V' .5 'S XSX Y S 2 I . . E 1 I :N , fkgw wifi I I 'H QE STONE, J. B. STULTZ, D. W. SWAIN, V. M. TAKACH, A. J. TUTHILL, R. L WALKER, D. T. WHITE, H. S. WILKINS, H. B. WOOD, H. f101:I VETERANS OF WORLD WAR II BACON, T. J. BUSHMILLER, CATALDI, D. COVEL, R. G. DACIER, W. E. Sgt., U.S.M.C. J. H. Cox., U.S.N.R. S UC, U.S.N.R. Radioman IIC, 30 months, 14 mo. Y 3lC, U.S.N.R. 21 months, 13 mo. 18 months Aviation U.S.N.R. overseas South Pa- 21 months, 11 mo 'overseas Philippines Machinist Mate 39 months, 35 mo. cific, Presidential Ci- overseas Okinawa overseas Pelelieu, Lu- tation, Purple Heart zon, Leyte, Asiatic Pacific, Philippine Liberation, Japanese Occupation, Good Conduct, and Victory Medals DELORME, R. A. EVANS, S. C. HUBBELL, J. JOHNSON, H. E. Cpl., U.S.M.C.R. Deep Sea Diver 2lC, Tech. 4th, U.S.A. M.M. 3lC, U.S.N.R. 33 months, 14 mo. U.S.N.R. 25 months, 14 mo. 18 months, 12 mo. overseas Marshalls, 35 months, 20 mo. overseas Okinawa overseas Attu ' Carolines overseas North Atlan- tic LUND, G. J. McINTYRE, G. C. MARTIN, W. A. MARTIN, W. A., MINCHOFF, E. P. Tech. Sgt., A.A.F. Storekeeper 3lC, S IIC, U.S.N.R. JR. Tevh-SS!-. U-S.A-A-F- 36 months U.S.N.R. 33 months, 14- mo. S HC, U.S.M.M. 33 months, 11 mo. 24 months, 21 mo. overseas Marshalls, 20 months overseas Southern overseas Philippines, Mariana, Purple Heart FTHDCC. Rhinelandv Okinawa Air Medal with two clusters, Presidential Citation, German Prison Camp NICHOLAS, G. H. NUNNALLY, W. H. PAYNE, K. L. PROFFITT, J. H. Sgt., A.A.F. S 2!C, U.S.N.R. Fireman 1fC, Cpl., U.S.A. 42 months, 24 mo. 12 months U.S.C.G. 31 months, 22 mo. overseas Europe, Pres- 18 months, 10 mo. overseas Normandy, idential Unit Citation overseas Attu Northern France, Cen- tral Europe, Verdum Medal QFrenchJ MUCH, T. W. RICHARDSON, RIOTTO, R. D. SICILIANO, T. M. SIMS, W W Gunners Mate 3fC, H. E. SC 3fC, U.S.N.R. Aviation Ord. Mate M.M. 3lC, U.S.N.R. U.S.N.R. S1fC,U.S.N.R. 30 months, 17 mo. 3!C, U.S.N.R. 23 months, 21 mo. 47 months, 26 mo. 24 months, 14 mo. overseas Europe 30 months overseas Okinawa overseas New Guinea, Philippines overseas Okinawa STULL, T. B. S 1! C, U.S.IV. 30 months, 24 mo. overseas New Brittain, New Guinea, Admir- ality Islands, Iwo Jima TUTHILL, R. L. Pfc., U.S.M.C.R. 26 months, 20 mo overseas Pelelieu, Oki nawa, Purple Heart 1 Presidential Citation, Navy Unit Citation WICKS, M. M. Bugler, IIC, U.S.N.R. 22 months, 11 mo. overseas Marshalls I:1031 WOOD, H. Pfc., U.S.A. 26 months, 13 mo. overseas Ardennes, Rhineland, Central Germany, Purple Heart, Combat Infan- try Badge IC. R. DODSON l'r1's1'110Ilt MISS DORIS EITEL Niclimund, Virginia Sponsor J. N. FOUNTAIN Viz'e-Pfcsirlcnl J. G. THOMAS SPt'l't'IIlfj'-Tff'!1SllI'0l' . R. FRANKEBERGEH Historian I: 104- J Alber Anduaga Banner Berry Boothby Bossolina Brown, C. M. Brown, G. Burnham Callendar, D. Cannavo Cost Cross, D. L. Culler Cutts Czufin D'Emilia Diaz Dodson Eskow I:1051 Blakemore Bryan Cox, W. T. Davies, W. Finch Fisher, C. F. Flagg, R. Flores, G. Fountain Frankeberger, J. R Fuller, L. W. Goldberg Gorman, P. Graves, R. A. Green, S. L. Hankey Harris Hartness Holbrook Huggins Hunt Hyder Ireland Joannides Johnson, H. E. Jones, V. R. Kersey Kirkpatrick Lannon LeRoy f1061 Lester Lewis Little, G. S. Lucas Martine Matienzo Matthews Maxey Meisch Merz Metzger Mitchell, C. H. Moots Neville Newell Paranieas Prillaman Raesly Resnick Riotto Rowe, F. H. Samson Schelhammer Schommer, R. D. Schroeder f1071 Selfert Shaw J. W. Stewart G H Sweet S O Thomas Tomhnson E L Torro Vlolette Walden Warren Watson Waxman Wicker ,I C Wlcks Wllkle Wlller Yoos 4 770'-" ' , , fgi W Xhfx xQ.'f'f' fix fu S, fl in f108J CIASS UF '49 Alexander Allen, L. W. Allen, M. G. Avadikian Baker, H. Baker, R. F Balsindv, H. Bankes Bartley Bates Bayless Beauchamp Burger Boos Broughton Brown, L, Burnstein Cadieu Callendar, M. Calaldi Chapin Clemente, J. Cole, J. Cole, R. K. Coleman, B. Copeland Cosby, G. A. Cross, R. Crowder Dasher I:1091I DiCuillian Dufresne Dunlap Epps Fleming, R. H. Fleming, W. Frank Fuller, C. Gelman Glissnn Gorman, A. B. Graham Cray Greene, D. Grimes Haig Hambidge Hickan High! Hillard Houghton Hurt James Johnson, B. Jones, J. U. Jones, W. R. Karageorge Kerr Konstant Kontulis I:1101 Krone Landis Martin, E. Martin, J. Murdock Murphy Pasquet Patton Richardson, H. E. Rickards l larry L'-Iaiais N igro Pine Riddle L 111 3 Lazio McNeil Mione Moncrief "f'7Briant, J. Ortiz Pugh Ralph Robbins Rosenfeld, J. Mallory Morris Parker Rice, H. E. St. Vincent Q K 1 J 'Q ll' I 1 K. 'm - 1 V 1 Q, " .714 'T K. J ,, -4 1 ,A U ,rfws ' F.. L' gy ,i 1 H Va ,iw ' t. 4' f l 53 ga-, tri ' 4-W-1.2 f we ' ,'-Ian. 1-aa -if Scali Semel Spruill Umansky Simmons Schauer Shaw, D. Staggs Vivarronda Wheeler, E. Schryver Shelter Straughan Vratny Williams Schultze, G. H. Schweitzer Seawell Smith, L. J. Soderstrom Spann Strong, R. T. Terrell Tracy Wagner, G. Waters Wells, A. L Winstead Young f112J "P:-lm"' Craig: 'A,Iin1n1y" llux "Bull" Cowl nulivu Wmnlwurml 'L.luc'k" YQ-rvll "T4bIllll!i8.- Ilvibllllil! 'ifllllvku Nlamn "limi" Ixlll1'll ".lil1nny" Brown lu1'k" lflslriwlga- "Jerry" CICIIIUIIII' "Mikv" CLiI't'lliSl '.lunim"' lirillul "Hd" Kvvlvl' "ffottm1" ffulxnml 51131 Am-kley Almquist Alvarez Anderson, C. Anderson, P. Baird Balsinde. M. Bishop Blackwell, M. Boyd Cadieres Cleun Cosby, W. Croft Dance, W. Davis, R. deFord Delgado Dobyns Dousdebes Drew Einstein Escandon Evans, H. Figgatt Foote Foster Fountas Class. W. Goethe Colien Gregory, L. Harrington Harvell Hayes Hudson Jackson Jelaza Klein f1141 Berger, ll Daikeler Duke Cerrity llerzberg 0F19 Lumphier Moya Suncken Stewart Vail Larmer New Saxton Swanberg Valk Love McBride McDaniel Nichols Pander Paul Schultze, E. Serdio Shelton Tabb Templeton Tillman Villacres Waddell, K. Walz Wiggins Wildman Wintermule f1151 Marcillo Miller, R. B. Miller, R. Petitte Ross Russ Shepherd Sims Steele Torrens Tromley Tucker Watkins Welden West Woods, M. Adkins Bowman Hamilton Longo 0'Brien, R. Seaman Ahlf Currin I lnffman McCready O,Neill Shugar Badone Barrett Baylis Beasley liivins Bloch Dahl Eller Finn Flores, M. Gardner, H. Grubbs Jacobs, A. Jones, B. Jones, R. Kepley Kidwell Lawrence Mclntyre, F. Messick Mitchell, L. Mitchell, W. Morales 0'Brien, P. Parkinson Pate Patton, K. Peterson Rhyne Schommer, T Snee Stokes Strawn Tomlin Vaughan Walsh Williams, J. Wilson Work I:1l6j ',..4 ,ff 5" Nlviimlxlilm "Hill" Hans:-1111111 hullllllu IILIIIQPI' xv 5m'luu'ki "Wall" llnusn- "vIwjl'0lll'-H Wvvlls I uw" 1Ll'HSFIIIilIl ".lzllw" .lzlvolns "l.uwl'e-m'v" Wall I4I" IIRIIIPVII "'I'um" IILIIIIIIIIDIHI "Danny" 1LI'2lXl'N "Sul" llvru "lf1l', Timm-r f117J x I o school would be complete without some form of extra-curricular activity. Fork Union has as widespread organizations as any school of its kind. From the intra-mural sports to the Gold Star Council, some sort of activity was enjoyed by every cadet throughout the year. On the following pages, you will see how these organizations played their role to make spare time into constructive time. SNEAD HALL a XLR xx Us ', YQ ww Q I K ai 3 3,4 ik Q X Wx 4, Q 9 1 If XA . A 3 K I LR 8 ,Nr S .,, K ' X 5 U lg XX 9 J K wax K s I A 7 I In K as J Y QE' X R Q 0 x 5 i i ' I x ex P 4 ' ' 5 f . Y .ik 1 A 4 v i 1 5 ' f Mk wx 1 5 x ,.gff"fi ' A Q K 1' ' I Us Q Va X di S la X I F 1 1 N Q x 3. x fs ls ' . 5-W wf ASI,-we ill li 3 an in M - f .z AA J S 1' Q L . A sk. A rv Q- V4 XP f'. 5 -1 ., I in Q A tk 2 k ef., 5 5 af ' Q ' . f- N 5 . Q . 5' F r gg iii? wi fy , N i sff.f's.9'h'lg ' 1 fin" ' A V X R .H Y, M, A 1 3 AW ' X ,., asf. xi Q. Q' K 1 ,L ' V M L Nw ,wma .Q mfr, -s -3 ,gee "w+ N..Sfs-f' , X W ,gk wx-wg. , Q 'uw w . ,fi 5- fu-Q f ru as new M we ,Q " . - f rf s Rv- . l Sl Jggfff Q' sw F R' A 51 . U -+ ' 1. A 1 G' 3 S K Q 5 . ,K 5' ' 4 . 5 - 5 Q- "" "' fi pak X1 if-F fp: S ' -fs 732 my 3 6 I A gi . T 5, XL W M, gy 3, km E' E M Q , N 1 S x - 'ff ,I -:,si:'i2f's' Mg Q .. , si k fwffi 4 FK?-, ,, 'MQ' Amd HIQZHAIQIJ novlmow l'L',f l U j lU'llI.flIl'-ill-CIIif! ifi1g1x I'N-N 2 V. Q ' 1 .'.!v11l1.wr XIISS kX'l'lIICIllNI' XXlII'I"I'X1'kl'R XX Llrlllllgltlll. ll, 1.. ROliI'lR'I' S-UISUX Sfllllkifll .1'llllIIlglAIl:2' lfafilnl' Eight Seniors Receive Mid- erm iplomas bpiilflgv 946 Skirlnisff e" Wills Contest The 1946 edition of Fork Union Military Acadelny's yearbook, The SKIIIMISHEII, edited by lloh Atwood, was entered in a contest sponsored by the Columbia Scho- lastic Press Association at Columbia Uni- versity for the best yearbook from boyis private schools. The SKIIIMISIII-Ill was chosen as a first-place yearbook for the year of l946 iu this nation-wide contest. The year- books were judged ou a point basis. Each yearbook was allowed l.000 points and was graded in numerous fields. Points were takt-rx orl for lack of quality in such fields as: et-ver. plan of book. originality, etc. The Sacluzulsurzu finished with a score ot' 915. The main objection was found in the senior write-ups for which T5 points were taken oii. To correct this. the method of seuior wzite-ups will be changed this year. The write-ups this year will not contain the generality that they have contained in former years. The write-up will coutaiu the home address and a summary of each seuior's individual activities according to the years that he has been here. ltaeh st-uior will have a torrual and an inlormal picture. ' N' 'S 1 lr 'S "" This year we expect the SKIIQNIISIIHIK to Ili or ot the br t that l'U'NlA ha utr had. linden' the direction of Capt. Tiselller. Capt. lieieheubach and Lt. llofiman. who also directed last ycar's SKIRMISHI-Ili. the SKINMISHIAIII stall has already ht-gun work. SABRE-SKIRMI SH ER STAFF Editorial Chiefs: Dick Roydou and Robert Samson Associate Editor: Tvoodie Wood Sports Editor: Bill McCaddin Reporters: Otto Belcher, Lloyd Boothby. .loe Clemente. Les Fuller, Walter House, and George Matais Ctzrtoonists: W. E. Jones and J. Wone E,rz'1mngr' Editor: Dick Cross f1211 Each Eager to Begin New Phase of Life Ken Barham-Ken will be employed by the Norfolk Navy Yard, and then he will attend V. P. l. as a day student. Jack Beste-.lack graduated from Fork Union as a Cadet Sergeant. He plans to major in Mechanical Engineering at Drexel lnstitute of Technology. Dave Grossman-Dave will be busy man- aging his father's furniture store when he returns home. This fall he will enter Temple University. at Pltiladelpliia, Pa. There Dave will major in General Business. Bill Martin-Bill is going directly to the University of Pennsylvania from Fork Union to take up Business and Finance. Eugene Minchofl'-Cene was one of Fork Union's outstanding backtield men this year. He has hopes of a coaching career when he finishes school. Gene will attend the University of Kentucky to major in Math and minor in Physical Education. James Paige-After seven years at Fork Union. Pinky can be considered an old timer. He plans to enter Eastern Carolina State Teachers College to take a business course. and later to work for the American Tobacco Company. Alex Sochacki-Alex will attend South Jersey College until June. In Sep- tember he will transfer to Bucknell Univer- sity to take a Medical Course. Harry tTyrouel Wells--Tyrone won't enter college in the near futureg he plans to return home to his wife and settle down for a whileg later he may attend the Nor- folk Division of William and Mary College. 5 CAPTAIN II. F. REICHENBACH LIEUTENANT C. F. HOFFMAN CAPTAIN NI. S. TISCHLER FACULTY ADVISORS TO SABRE-SKIRMISHER ' HBE-'I-HHMISHEH PUBLIC Tlll ' his year the school paper, the Sabre. and the yearbook, the SKIRMISHER were united to form a single organization called the Sabre-Skirmisher Publications. This organization under the guidance of Captains Reichenbach and Tischler, has achieved much this year to make it one of the best organi- zations on the Campus. Our Editor-in-Chief this year was the capable Dick Roydon. who has shown his adaptability in doing this type of work. Filling the position of Managing lfditor was the hard working Hob Samson. ellieient, capable. and a very likeable fellow. We have this year to thank Lt. Hoffman on his untiring efforts in working along with Captains lleichenbach and Tischler in doing the Junior School for the yearbook. We hope that the scenes, write-ups and the composition of the SKIRMISIII-ZR as a whole will please you. the Cadets, in such a way that the memories and thoughts of Fork Union will be remembered and cherished always. For this yearbook is the combined results of all connez-ted with the Sabre-Skirmisher Staff. The Sabre-Skirmisher would like to extend its deepest appreciation to Cadets Mc'Caddin. Wood. ltoothby. Cross, and House for their arduous work on the Sabre and SKIRMISIII-IR. Their cooperation has made this a job well done. If 122 J Ulllll AND Clltlll Q' NTERNATIONAL ' Qu Ll, r Scnou. Bootby McCaddin Samson Hoydon Cross House Wood chapter of the Quill and Scroll. an lnternational Honorary Society. was organized at Fork llnion this year. This society was created for the purpose of encouraging and rewarding individual achievement in journalism and allied fields. The society has always taken an active part in raising standards in its field and directing the course of high school journalism. Candidates for the Quill and Scroll must have the following requirements: tl! They' must be of at least Junior standing. 42h They must be in the upper third of their class in general scholastic standing at the time of their election. 13h They must have done work in some phase of journalistic or creative endeavor. l4l They must be recommended by the adviser or by the committee governing publications. The members this year were selected from the journalism class. conducted by Captain Tischler. The course in journalism was originated this year for those who wished to study that type of work and also to prepare the members of the Sabre-Skirmisher Publications for the work that they are to do. journalism can be taken for an elective credit toward graduation. Members of this journalism course must have had at least a C average on their last English course. must he willing to do extra work and must have skill for this type of work. This course is limited to ten members. f123j AGA 0F AIINESS SCOOTER RIOTTO ayne led by ten points with three minutes left to play in the semi-final of the conference tourney, when Fakem Bakem started acting up on the court. He was a clown but dumb like a fox. A character of his type is rarely seen on a basketball court, and this particular night he had the fans howling with his crazy maneuvers. It was always this way when Wayne was leading, and even Coach Erick was enjoying Bakem's exhibition tonight. Now I'm telling this saga of hardwood because itis something I will never forget. You see, Fakem Bakem had a way of twisting and stumbling after each shot, that it looked as if he was being tackled and the way he could moan and groan would make any character in a play about to die, envy him. I He was always on the floor and sometimes I wonder why they needed janitors to keep the playing court clean. Back to the game nowg for the remaining minutes of play he fell exactly eight times, whining like a punctured tube with each spill. The tussle ended with Wayne defeating Steward by fourteen points, thus putting them into the final with the favorite of the tourney, Central, next week. Fat, jovial, Coach F rick was beaming with pride as he congratulated the boys. Even Bakem, who had so rudely received two black eyes, was praised generously. I can remember clearly that F akem usually succeeded in making fools out of the gentlemen who tooted the whistle for pay. The smarter ones hardly ever were outsmarted by Fakem Bakem, but not any of them ever knew what would happen with this Prince Clown of dribbling dappers, of the hardwood playing. All week Wayne doubled their efforts to make the team near perfection, and in the meanwhile Central was getting ready for this championship game. The two referees, who were to work this game were outstanding, and reportedly the top men in the field. The famous Vinny Matson was one of them. Ed Michaels, Sonny Hart, Slim Conners and Anton Wyzkernoski, were the other four starting men for Wayne, the night of the net battle. It took place at the huge modern Central Court, where eight thousand basketball-crazy fans, jammed their way. They had good naturedly sat out the consolation game, but were now tense with anticipation as they eagerly watched the ball players of the two contending teams, lazily warming up out on the shiny, mahogany court. I can still feel the stillness of the thousands present as they hushed up enough to hear an ant walk. The ball was up now. Hart, the center, had the advantage and tapped to Conners, who went under the board, slicing the ball through the net for the first blood. It was a nice start and at the quarter Wayne led, twelve to seven. Central played a slow deliberate brand of ball, using a fast break, but setting up pick plays when stalled. At the half, Central led, twenty-one to nineteen, with Fakem Baken, so far not clowning a bit. Coach Erick, I can remember, sweated out the whole third quarter as the score see-sawed back and forth, like a hot rivet. As the quarter ended, Central still was leading thirty-three to thirty. The fourth period started with a bang as Hart slapped in a rebound to put them within one point of Central. The game was played hard and fouls were numerous. Michaels connected with two free throws and Wayne was ahead. The crowd was wild and anxious, and groaned miserably as Fakem Bakem missed a long hawker. Central was trying desperately to hold on and continue their slow deliberate style of play. Wyzkernoski thrilled the fans as he swishedthe cords for two more markers. On the next play, Ed Michaels intercepted the ball, bounced it to Hart who dropped it in cleanly and it looked like Central was finished. However, Wayne was tiring and the players were fagged out, to the point of exhaustion. They now led by five points. A Central man dropped in a foul and a few seconds later Nugget, the Star of Central hooked in a sensational shot from the sidelines, putting his team one basket from a tie. At Hrst I thought it was just one of those things the way it happened. With thirty seconds left f124j to play, Wayne had the ball, still leading by a precious two points. F akem Bakem was weaving under his own basket, ready to come out to help freeze the ball when Nugget moved in to intercept the ball and dribbled down the court certain to make the tying basket as not a single Wayne player could stop him. That was the tickling situation when Fakem Bakem pulled his move. Seeing what was about to happen he quickly grabbed the referee, Vinny Matson, who was but a yard from him and proceeded to call him some unmentionable names. Matson blew his whistle so hard the piece of wood came out, starting just before the ball left Nugget's hands for the tying basket. "No good," roared Matson, 'gtechnical foul number four, and he is out of the game." Burning mad, he chased Fakem Bakem off the court and demanded that he not even sit on the bench but go into the locker room. Nugget proceeded to make the foul, which left them one point behind with ten second left to play. Central taking the ball out of bounds from half court after the technical foul, has only the opportunity for one shot. The ball was passed to Nugget. The ball leaving Nuggetis hands arches high and beautiful, but alas the ball goes in and comes out of the rim, the game ending immediately after. Yet the hero, the shrewd, the clown, was in the locker room. And that, dear readers, is the saga of sadness, for the referee, Vinny Matson, the greatest ref in the business, and the biggest chump in the world. I know, my name is Vinny Matson. SILLY HEART W. E. JONES Parting lips that linger Longing to say so much more. Singing hearts that prefer The love they so much adore. Hidden in their enfolding arms From the rays of morning sun, Each with their thoughts in storms, And their love song far from done. Oh silly heart, why wait? Moonlit hair and star-dimmed eye Beg to share their lovers' faith As the stars have to the sky. THE PRICE WE PAY D. Z. GRAVES Did you ever stop and think .lust how fast our life goes by, We should fear so much to wink Or to even drop a sigh. For to pause in such a world Would result in untold loss Of the fruitful and the pearled, And for this we pay the cost- Not in exhilarant mode of strife, But in the intrinsic side of life. CHRISTMAS D. Z. GRAVES Your night is crisp and full of mirth, When this day of days trods o'er the earth. A feeling of joy, good will and kindness, Lightens hearts, and knows no blindness. The little ones are full of glee, Delighted, that granted, will be their plea. Scampering about in the early morn, Rejoicing in finding the new for the torn. Before busily preparing the feast of the day, All thankful, do join with God to pray . When leaving the friends you met with this morn, Home is the place that no man will scorn. Enjoying the pleasant in lasting content, The window revealing the fury thatis spent. The most riant of days is slowly descending, With shadowy castings, that seem never ending. The singing of children fades into the night, The calm brings the sleep, peace at its height. For Christmas has ended-but do not have fear For it will return in its glory next year! THENIAN L. C. Alexander J. J. Baird l. S. Bloch C. H. Croft P. S. deLemos R. de Olazarra W. T. Greenlee J. L. Harvell C. C. Hauger R. P. Hickan P. C. Kontulis B. E. Landis C. J. Nichols Faculty Advisor MAJOR HARRY M. WALDRON UCIETY D. V. Reynolds E. H. Richardson E. B. Rosenfeld 0. R. Schweitzer J. C. Skinner J. W. Walz I:126:I . +5 - i l MHS DEAN DICKOVER 378 Woodland Road RICHARD Dt-I OLAZARRA Highland Park. lll. Pl'C'Sl-!!6Ilf Sponsor fter the group of cadets who wished to join a literary society ni: sep-1ra'e-'l into two groups, the Athenian group elected Dick deOlazarra as President. Under the gUid3!lT'f V7 1" Uresident and with the direction of Major Vifaldron. who is in charge of both saeielies. tl. " -.vcd great determination from the heginning by winning the first debate They tx "'. 3 in this debate, resolve: 'lihat Fork linion Military Academy should hf flmees zf their determination nas directed in regaining the traditional Cul' retai . at the annual dehate during graduation exercises. in ix hat is probah 'ft ' 7-i'r,!,'ary Society has not only aided other hy their examples of oratie .tr .1 ilflk 1- well tonurd a knowledge of nhen and how to use their most commoa 'alen' FYT P. S. DE LEMOS C. J. NICHOLS E. H. RICHARDSON Vice-President Secretary Sergeant-at-Arms ft27fI E l l i -f MISS CLAIRE COUBLE 42 Cleveland Avenue WILLIAM DACIER Brockton. Massachusetts President Sponxor his yearis successors to the traditional Ciceronian Literary Society had to fight as hard to attempt to keep the cup trophy as their forerunners had to gain it two years ago. Although the Ciceronians lost the first debate, their vice-president and president were chosen as best speakers. With these oliicers, Bill Dacier and Walter House. always on hand to add a point to the orations. the Ciceronians upheld the standards of the literary society. The societies were established to further promote literary activities and are an aid in academic English work. W. O. HOUSE W. E. JONES L. J. BACON Vive-Prcsient Secretary Sergeant-at-Arms 51233 CICIEIHINII-KN UCIETY R. F. Anduaga L. J. Bacon B. L. Berry R. G. Boyd H. A. Brillat J. H. Bushmiller W. E. Dacier R. Dasher C. B. deFord H. B. Gelman W. 0. House W. E. Jones J. G. Klein N. M. Lester G. A. Little Faculty Advisor MAJOR HARRY M. WALDRON G. J. Lund F. B. Mallory I. H. Metzger J. N. Paranicas E. M. Peterson R. K. Stoops N. L. Tatum R. P. Valk I:129:I J. O. Ash A. E. Badone W. L. Bain R. M. Baylis J. E. Blakemore R. G. Boyd H. A. Brillat C. M. Brown P. S. Cutts R. Dasher W. R. Davie R. B. Davis D. A. Dousdebes T. M. Fisher J. A. Fullerton H. B. Celman R. H. Cerrity J. H. Glass L. M. Gregory J. L. Harvell A. F. Jackson B. D. Jones R. E. Jones J. C. Kepley J. C. Kerr J. G. Klein C. D. Klotz N. M. Lester A. L. Longo R. T. McNeil R. B. Miller W. B. Moncrief .l. R. Moots Faculty Advisor CAPTAIN D. W. NAFF C. .l. Nichols E. S. Pander E. M. Peterson F. H. Rowe W. L. Rowe E. S. Shively T. Seaman F. N. T cmni ilinson R. P. Valk G. P. Wagner J. W. Walsh M. E. Woods MRS. R. LEWIS DAVIE Washington-18, D. C. WILLIAM DAVIE Sponsor President he Young Men,s Christian Association, sponsored by Captain Naff, is one of the younger additions to our clubs but it has made a fine showing. It had a successful year beginning the first day, when it brought forth the largest attendance seen to that time. After being told its objectives and discussing ideas for improvement, the "Y" elected its officers. The Y.M.C.A. met every Monday evening at 6 oiclock to discuss improvements in recreational facilities and religious developments. They made trips to other chapters of the Y.M.C.A. and also held several banquets. During the year the "Yi, has done a great deal in making Fork Union a good christian school as well as a military school. C. J. NICHOLS W. L. ROWE Vice-President Secretary 51311 K MRS. ALEXANDER STEFANI MICHAEL CARCAISE Victoria Drive, Brentwood u Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania President gponsof ith tryouts completed the Clee Club soon organized, however, behind the finished product of a concert go many hours of vocal exercise. The club is very grateful to their most capable director, Captain M. A. Robertson, and to their accompanist, Lt. Paine, who made possible everything that was accomplished. The first concert was given in Chapel just before Christmas furlough when the Glee Club backed up the Dramatic Club in an annual Christmas Pageant. Early in January, the club was invited to sing in the University Chapel, at the University of Virginia. Mary Washington College was the Glee Clnb's next stop. There they took part in the annual Spring Festival. A few of the numbers were, 'il Dream of You," "All the Things You Aref, '6Bless This House," 6'Thanks Be to Cod," and many others. This wx as an overnight trip, and the college supplied ample hotel room for all the members of the club. The University of Virginia asked Captain Robertson if he would bring the Clee Club back to sing at one of their Sunday church services, and, of course, he agreed. The club attended services at Blackstone College, Blackstone, Virginia, in March, and made several other trips during the late spring. BILL MCCADDIN GRANT HAUGER Vice-President Secretary HLIEE Ist Tenors Boothby Carcaise Eskow Kepley Mione Seaman Terrell 'l'ill1nan CLUB 2nd Tenors Cutts DiGuilian Jones Meisch I st Bass Ayers Bates 51331 Brillat Broughton Davies Greenlee Little Mann Hockey Saunders Tatum 2nd Bass Barr Craig Graves Hankey Hanger Jernigan Samson Waddell Wilkins CHESS Alexander Barr Berry Coleman, Callender, B. M. Daikeler Einstein Goldberg Hansen Jacobs, A Valldej uli Jacobs, M. Klein LeRoy Mallory Petitte Waxman Faculty Advisor CAPTAIN MORRIS S. TISCHLER Rice Schryver Shugar Stultz Starbuck imultaneous matches, contests with various schools, and a tournament among members of the Chess Club have done much to bring out the idea of Chess as a wholesome sport. as well as an educational game. Every year there is awarded the Tischler Chess Medal, to the member who has won the most games of all tournaments in that year. Last year Cadet A. R. Tomlinson won it by his excellent playing when Creenbier Military School came here. Captain Tischler has promoted interest in the Club by arranging contests with the Richmond Chess Club and various other organizations. II34-1 I Miss DOIIITA IIIQLENIOS 376 18th Avenue N.E. Pl'I'l'l'1R DI-ZLHMOS gl' pem.Slmr,,- Flmmu ROBERT SCHROEDHR PI'l'.iilf6IIf Sponsor S8CI'l?lflI'y I 1351 Davie Rockey Hauger Warren CZ:ll'CZllSf' Roydon Andrew Sochacki Fountain Hartness McCaddin Dickinson Davies Paige Perlin Leland de Olazarra Bruce Dodson Sweet Woodward Rockwell Ayers Valldej uli House Q.. MISS ADELE ROY DON 315 Suffolk Ave. RICHARD ROYDON Riclllancls, Virginia President Sponsor UFFICER ' CLUB Glllll T R CHU Cll S S 5 . MRS. AMOS ROYDON 315 Suffolk Ave. RICHARD ROYDON Riclilands, Virginia President Sponsor Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Richard Roydon Alexander Cox Boothby ,loannides Rockwell Goldberg Little, G. S. Samson Graves, D. Z. Wood, H. 51371 THE YIIET CHA RLES MANN Leader Q MISS VIRGINIA MANN East Ilamptun. Lung Isluml New York Sponsor MARVIN JACOBS Manager f138:I LT. BERKELEY PAINE Faculty Advisor and Pianist Avidikian Figgat Robbins Dufresne Kidwell Schroeder Eskow Mann Tatum he Kaydets have shown fine talent as well as excellent directing when they have brought us music at different times throughout this year. After many long hours of practice, the Kaydets have come to the top of the guest register at the Monticello Hotel in Charlottesville, Washington and Lee Uni- versity, and radio station WTOP in Washington, D. C. Lt. Paine, pianist and director of the orchestra, has spent many free hours in preparation of trips, arranging new music, and devoting time to help each individual member with his musical faults. Captains Smith, Edgerton, and Wurtz have helped, by displaying their talents with various instruments. URCHE TH VERNON MORGAN President f14-O1 MISS ANN HARMON Emporia, Virginia Sponsor Andrew Bossolina Dickinson Rockwell Eisley Finch Cero Schatz lVIcCaddin Parmer Rockey Tuthill Vice-President Paige Belcher Dodson Fountain Fuller Hauger Roydon RICHARD ROYDON President MISS ADELAIDE JENNINGS Seabnard, Virginia Sponsor THLETIC CHU Cll IM-11 UIUELI CLUB ,ut MRS. ESSIE FRANK Pfesidellt Sponsor Baylis Matais Tromley Houghton Moots Vivarronda Pander Riddle Walden Raesly Schryver Wfilliams L I:14-21 Alexander Goethe Hillard Dousdebes Hansen Houghtnr' Drew Hayes Staggs Faculty Advisor Captain Celbach 1 MRS. A. SHELTON W W, IJWIGH1' DOUSDEBES Ntlf5Yff,5,1fQfff"1'Q,,ff'Qi2f,,k RICHARD HAYES l'rvsifl011f Sponsor Secrelary f143j IB EEE Supply Sergeants Shaw, J. W. Little, G. S. Frank, N. D. Nigro Tocco Blakemore Stag Sergeants Frankeberger Bossolina Fleming, W. Allen, J. D. Belcher Jacobs, M. N. Ryder Allen, L. Garnett Riddle Shelter Davis, R. W. Sergeants Wall Redmond Brillat Wone Cannavo Craig Brown, J. W. Baseman Eldridge JOHN SHELTER President Gray Smith, G. E. Williams, C. Tanner Resnick DeLemos Moore Wilkins Cutts Mitchell, R. H. 0'Briant Richardson, E. H. Slnith, L. J. Gayle Wheeler, L. R. Runyon Schommer, R. B. Kaus Holliday Gero Dragani Thomas Rowe, W. Bates Samson Tomlinson, E. Skinner Murphy Cost Kramer Tsitsiragos l145j MISS MARY WEST SCOTT Bloomfield, New Jersey Cox, A. Cosby, G. Moncrief Corletto Graves, D. Umansky Hammond Boothby Baker, H. Neville Finch Lazio Grossman Gorman, P. Banner Schroeder Dufresne Corporals Reynolds Rickards Eisley Gorman, A. Foster Ortiz Lucas Harinec Clemente, G. Yoos Barr Jones, W. E. Seawell Stoops Gardner Bain Chavatel Forehand Garves, R. A. Gregory, L. Green, D. Ross Houston New Wheeler, E. Fuller, C. Wicker Boos Walden Cox, W. Schelhammer Scrivner Di Guilian Schatz Shively Sherrill Cadieu Ralph Ireland Avidikian Wicks Alexander Cole Gelman Keeter Almquist Daeier Gerrity Kepley Bankes Daikeler Golien Klein Barr Dasher Graves Lester llrillat Dousclebes Greenlee Longo Bloch Drew Hambiclge Rice Chavatel lfljlnilia llansen Martin Coleman Foster Harrell Matais Cox Fuller Huggins Metzger Captain Robertson Faculty Advisor McBride Murphy Moya Nichols Paul Porter Raesly Rice Samson Semel Sham Shugar Smith Staggs 'llatum Tucker Verrel Williallls Wcmrk gi! MRS. CATHERINE LITTLE -Y 3531 R Street. N.W Wlashington-7. D. ff President Sp0,,5,,f f146J Nlls. Wllilv vs. 4 luln. l I. Jews. I lI'4I lxllllil' buys. 1 1111's llli5-. lk: Fve of gllllltk CIll'iSlUl7lH'I' - und Frm-cl. Lg' um Iili llnl y I mp. Fuml fun ' iur z ' 's. f1471 51- Nad 'T 'F' 1 'N'--wx ' ' -Q Q , I I it 21 ',., I as X W V ki 1 XX Sound um While-y unml Mnly. l5u11H1'm'. lllzulstum- anal pal. xvllllf govs llt'l'1'? he general objective of the R.O.T.C. course is primarily to lay a foundation of intelligent citizen- ship by inoculating into the cadets: habits of preci- sion, orderliness, courtesy, correctness of posture, deportment, leadership, respect for and loyal to constituted authority, and to give the cadet basic military training which will be of benefit to him and of value to the military services if and when he becomes a member of the services. The com- plete course of instruction comprises four years, with ninety-six hours of instruction each year. T H E C I R C L E 3-1 N f C 'T-V :"V' Q' x3Qf53'5?!ia1EFj,Ef1YSi'fSx ' x xii .-:S gKl-'five VA , A' ' if . O Q E s Q - N. .Avi . fx- .. MK Six F .lui LIEUTENANT COLONEL WILLIAM R. REILLY Graduate United States Military Academy, 1939, Graduate Advanced Officefs Course, Fort Benning, Georgia, P.M.S. Sz T. Orientation Course, Fort Benning, Georgia, Commissioned Second Lieutenant Infantry, Regular Army, 1939, First Lieutenant, September 1940, Captain, May 1942, Lieutenant Colonel, August 1945, With Second Division at Fort Sam Houston, Texas, 1939-415 With Fourth Infantry Regiment in Territory of Alaska, 1941-43, Participated in Battle at Attug With Training Infantry Replacement Unit, Camp Croft, South Carolina, 1943-443 With 87th Division, Third Army, 1944-453 Participated in Rhineland, Ardennes, and Central Europe Campaigns, Trained Infantry Replacements for Overseas, Fort McClellan, Alabama, 1945-46, P.M.S. 8: T., Fork Union Military Academy, 1946- H501 ii' in-4 CAPTAIN JAMES W. DAVIS, U.S.A. TRANSPORTATION CORPS Graduate, Virginia Polytechnic Institute, B.S. Degree, Biolo- gist with Virginia Commission of Game and Inland Fisheries, Graduate, Senior R.0.T.C., V.P.1., May, 1939, Commissioned 2nd Lieutenant, Coast Artillery Corps, May, 1939, Called to Active Duty as 2nd Lieutenant, August 10th, 1940, Assistant P.1VI.S. 8: T.. at V.I3.I., August 10th, 1940-April 11, 1944, Graduate of Command and General Stall' School, Fort Leaven- worth, Kansas, Promoted to Ist Lieutenant, February 1, 1942, Promoted to Captain, January 12, 1944, Transferred to Trans- portation Corps and Assigned to Charleston Port of Embarka- tion, April 12, 1944-May 1, 1945, Transport Commander aboard the S.S. George B. 1VIcClollan, May 21, 1944- September 14, 1945, Assistant P.lVI.S. X T., Fork Union Military Academy, September 15, 1945- ,git-tr 'iii 'li X Y A V if Q , '-Jail .Se ini- L A "S: ' x iii.. 5 ffhh. IIRSI ltl U ll NANI NRIHUR A. COLLINS, JR., U.S.A. lNFANTRY Graduate. Linesville-Comieaut High School, Linesville, Perma.: Enlisted in Pennsylvania National Guard, October 30, 1939, Inducted into Federal Service, February 17, 1941, Attended U.C.S. as a member of the 55th Class at the Infantry School, Fort Benning, Georgia, Graduated and Commissioned 2nd Lieutenant in the Infantry, August 24, 1942, Served with the 6th Infantry Division, Overseas Duty, July, 1943, Served in Hawaii. New Guinea and Luzon, P.I.g Wourided in Action on Luzon and returned to the United States for Hospitalization, Public Relations Ollicer, Ashford, General Hospital, September, 1945-November, 1945, Graduate of Special Service School, Fort Meade, Maryland, Promoted to 1st Lieutenant, September 5, 1943, Assistant P.lVI.S. Si T., Fork Union Military Academy, November, 1945- f151j Academy, 1946- FIRST SERCEANT WILLIAM J. FILBURN INFANTRY Enlisted United States Army, 1926, Assigned to Tenth Field Artillery, Fort Lewis, Washington, Assigned to 11th Cavalry, Monterey, California, Assigned to 3rd Cavalry, Fort Meyer, Virginia, Assigned to 2nd Armored Division, Fort Benning, Georgia, Overseas with 92nd Cavalry Reconnaissance Platoon, 13th Armored Division, Participated in Ardennes, Rhineland, and Central Germany Campaigns, Assigned R.O.T.C. Duty at MASTER SERGEANT DON J. LONG INFANTRY Inducted United States Army, January 1944, Basic Training, Camp Croft, South Carolina, Assigned to 83rd Quartermaster Depot, Hawaii, Assigned R.O.T.C. Duty, Fork Union Military Fork Union Military Academy, 1946- STAFF SERGEANT CHARLES E. WRIGHT INFANTRY Entered United States Army, June 1943, Basic Training, Camp Blanding, Florida, O.C.S., Fort Benning, Georgia, Volunteered for Overseas Duty with Rangers, Assigned to 2nd Ranger Battalion, Participated in the Normandy, Northern France, Ardennes, Rhineland, and Central Germany Cam- paigns, With the Army of Occupation, E.T.O., Assigned to R.O.T.C. Duty at Fork Union Military Academy, 1946- 51521 ILIT HYI MZEROING IN.,i Yes. that term is used in setting our riHe sights for correct windage and elevation. But every first year cadet has to zero himself to the tasks set before him in first year military. The course includes World Military Situation, which is to create an active interest within the cadet regarding the effects of current events upon the individual, nation, and other world powersg Military Organization which is a brief introduction in the theory of organizationg Courtesies, Customs and Rules of Conduct. including the importance and necessity of military courtesies and the customs of the serviceg Hygiene and First Aid. including necessity of personal cleanliness to the individual and community. procedures in common emergencies and practisingg Leadership, Drill and Exercise of Command. including the soldier with and without arms: Physical Development Methods. which take in calisthenics and body coordination exercises. The first year course concludes with Individual Weapons and Marksmanship, which includes the M1 and Ml903, Caliber 30. f1531 " 'I M LIT RYII hlhlslri yo! R FltllI'I'S.M Nm you're in the second year of your military 1-lasses. and are you try ing for a rating? vlwlltlllgll you are "inside," you ean't let floyyn. Many' a non vom has In-en "l1ust4-cl" for inellieieney. Worlcl lVlilitary' Situation is of prime importance. It is the continuation ol your W.IX1.S. course in first year military. ln it you learn current events and how to tell these events to otliers. Military Urganization. Courtesies. Customs. anti Rules of Confluet are tlie same as MS-I. yyilll the ev-elution of a more flrtailetl stutly' ol the sulijecfts. Loaflersliip. Drill ancl Conununcl. il most important sulijvrt. was stuciierl next. and you learned that you had abilities of yshieli you never kneys. l'l1ysic-al llevelopinent teaches that it pays to keep Physically Fit. lIlfliYllll,lill Wfeupons and Nlarksmzin- sliip finislierl up your MS-2 eourse anfl yyere you glacl, because noyy. you're going to fix lrayoiiels anti 1-liurgs' into NIS-24. it i, t ,a"'e'fmr'f"A' " i""'. .. vwavs s t""r'f mmm 2 MW 3 :fit My WJ LlZZ3f't ii 5 fit WW A I:154j 1. 4 ILIT HYIII 7 lwvaiust- this is tht' your of trial yslu-ther or not you uvt vomulissionf-ri your Hnal war. World Military Situation. Military it,l'!I2llliZilii0ll. Leadvrsllip. Ili-ill aind Conuuami. i,i1SiSiCili Dvvviopnwnt Mvthotis. auil . 1 . lmiiyitluul Wvupons and Murksmuuship l't'ltliliIl the same. Mort' civtuil is placvti on tht- suhjc-vts and you h'uru souu' ol' tht' EIIOI' points of thvm. Howevvr. this year you graft tho uvw suhjvvts. Small ltnit 'lluitit-s Infantry. Mans and Avriul l'hotoff1'a1hs. 'l'hv 'l'at-tivs 1-oursv is an illll'0tillt'li0Il to i z- i l'ixtt-mivtl Urth-r. In it you aw taught hon the Infantry squads and platoons go into at-lion uml hon lhvy am- 1-oulrollvtl. Mups and avrial photographs tetu-h you how to road a map. to locatv yoursvlf, mul to lot-atv soon- othvr person. lu acriul photographs you seo yyhut a grvat hvnvfit. sluulows, vzuuotitlaigm-. and mltural cowl' arc. This rolirltlclvs WIS-3, so we prvparv to got a hullssvyv in IVIS-fl.. l:155j "tIoiuu':c:'i' VQINITMZIC 'I'llRI'Ili xmus R1cll'r." Military 'Three-. Thosv uso morris mvan a lot, wx X, fi ILITAIIY I "FIRE.'7 Bulls-eye! Yes, youive done it. Using all the things you've learned in MS-1. 2. and 3. you can now go all out for MS-4, for it is a tough course. It includes all you've done in previous years plus two new subjects. The Military History of the United States and Military Teaching Methods. The Military History course is to review the tactics our great leaders used and see how they actually worked while in battle. It includes, also, the situation of the United States. while in peace. with other warring nations of the world. Military Teaching Methods is another name for a public speaking course, for in it you have to know how to prepare a speech. present it. and discuss it. It prepares you for the big job ahead when someday you might he in front of a military class or some other equally important group. x 5 , l ..,tY,u. M... ,,.. f156j yflwijr fum, . .CLA" Un 'lihursday. September 19. 1940. Colonel Witwker' received a telegram from the War Department stating that Fork linion Military Academy had been designated an M I school hy the Secretary of War. As an M l school. Fork llnion can still continue the Junior Division R.0.T.C. course. However, the M l course is the Senior R.O.T.C. and includes the first two years of College R.O.'l'.C. Any cadet taking the two courses of M l here has completed his first two years of College R.0.'l'.C. and is not required to pick up the course until his junior year in college. The cadets attending M l classes must hc Juniors. Of course. there is an elahorate plan for those cadets. This program includes: Vlforld Military Situation. Military Organization. Hygiene and First Aid. Leadership. Drill and Command. lndiyidual Weaptmlls and Markslnanship. Maps and Aerial Photographs. and is concluded with an study of the National Defense Act and R.0.'l'. C. f15T1 MRS. R, LEWIS DAVIE Washington-18. IJ. C. Sponsor Lieutenant Colonel WILLIAM ROLLINS DAVIE Regimental Commander rv 'M ev x 'LE-6 , 07 1 f 5 ff:-Ai ?-' fl' qi: :,,:??.i.b- ' Xxx . Q '-x VIII K f nu. :gllezllh f2ammaf MISS WILMA RANDOLPH I Captain Keller Avenue Norfolkvirginia WALTER ODESLY HOUSE Spgnsgf Regilnelllal Afljulallt L15sJ llaviv Huusv Sxscvl Willslmvac THE END OF DAY f 1591 House Davie Saunders Wc1c1dxx'a1'd WiI1SIPHd A. SABER-RATING NON-COMS B. CARRY SABER C. GUIDON BEARERS If 161 :I Major WILLIAM JOHN MCCADDIN Battalion Commander MRS. MYRTLE M. PARSONS Lake Terrace Norfolk, Virginia Sponsor FIRST HATTALIUN MRS. IZETTA M. WOODWARIJ Green Forest Buena Vista, Virginia Sponsor I: 162 :I I I Lieutenant CHARLES CARROLL WOODWARD Battalion Adjutant ' Q gw in e W McCaddi11 Wvoodward Wells -.q A FIRST PLATOON Sl-ICONIL . 1,fk'i'OON H641 MRS. E. S. ROCKEY 1310 Park Avenue Sanford, Florida Sponsor ff ew, -Coins Shaw, .l. W., Supply Sgt. F '':f,':r, Stall Sgt. Sossolina, Staff Sgt. Wall, Sgt. Redmond, Sgt. Brillat, Sgt. Wone, Sgt. Cannavo, Sgt. Craig, Sgt. Brown, J. W., Sgt. Baseman, Sgt. C 1 Reynolds, p. Rickards. Cpl. Eisley, Cpl. Gorman, A. B., Cpl. Foster, Cpl. Privates Ahlf Alexander Anduaga Beasley C H C Callender, M. B. Coleman, B. B. Cross, R. F. Dahl Eller Henley Hickan Houghton Keeter Kerr Klotz Krone Lamphier Larry Love Mallory Meisch Merz Mitchell, L. B. O'Brien, P. L. O'Brien, R. T. CAPT. D. S HOCKEY Company Commander Parmer Porter, W. Rhyne Robbins Seaman Spruill Starbuck Straughn St. Vincent Templeton Tillman Vail Valk Vivarronda Walsh Waters Watson Wiggins Wilkie Willer Woods, M. Stewart, C. G E R 2nd Lt. Andrew 2nd Lt. Dickinson lst Sgt. Baker Leader, First Platoon Leader, Second Platoon If165:I CAPT. R. M. DE OLAZARRA Company Commander Non-Coms Little, G. S., Supply Sgt. Fleming, W., Staff Sgt. Allen, .l. D., Staff Sgt. Eldridge, Sgt. Guide Gray, Sgt. Guide Smith. G. E., Sgt. Williams, C., Sgt. Tanner, Sgt. Resnick. Sgt. De-Lemos, Sgt. Moore, Sgt. Vlfilkins, Sgt. Ortiz, Cpl. Lucas. Cpl. Harinec, Cpl. Clemente, G. H., Cpl. Yoos, Cpl. Barr, Cpl. jones, W. E.. Cpl. Seawell, Cpl. Stoops, Cpl. Privates Adkins Brown, G. R. Chapin Dobyns Escandon Flores, G. Foote Gelman Glisson Goethe Grubbs Goldberg Greene, S. L. Hankey Harris Huggins Hyder .lames Kennedy Lester Lawrence Larmer MRS. LUIS ms OLNZARRA 1107 Loyola Avenue Chicago-26, lllmois Kersey Kirkpatrick McGlolm Messick Morales Paul Schultz, E. Schultz, G. Shugar Seale Sweet. S. Swanberg Takavh Tromley Tabb Torro Tucker Nvalker Wells. A. West Coleman, Letona J. Sponsor 2nd Lt. Rockwell 2nd Lt. Hanger lst Sgt. Wells Leader, First Platoon Leader, Second Platoon f166l FIRST PLATOON SECOND PLATOON 51071 . um..-Qin FIRST PLATOON SECOND PLATOON f1681 MRS. ALEXANDER SOCHACKI 1478 Mt. Ephrain Avenue Camden, New Jersey Sponsor Non-Coms Frank, Supply Sgt. Belcher, Staff Sgt. Jacobs, M. N., Staff Sgt. Cutts, Sgt. Guide Mitchell, R. H., Sgt. Guide 0'Briant, Sgt. Richardson, E. H., Sgt. Smith, L. J., Sgt. Gayle, Sgt. Wheeler, L. R., Sgt. Runyon, Sgt. Schommer, R. M., Sgt. Gardner, Cpl. Bain, Cpl. Chavatel, Cpl. Forehand, Cpl. Graves, R. A., Cpl. Gregory, L. M., Cpl. Green, D. A., Cpl. Ross, Cpl. Privates Anderson, C. Ash, J. Baylis Berry Brown, T. J. Bloch Cabanellas , .l Clemente . R. Czufin Cole, R. K. Croft Dasher D'Emillia Bowman Epps Finn Golien Davis, R. B. Gibson Gardner, H. Gerrity Hight HuHman Jones, J. B. .lelaza CAPT. A. S. SOCHACKI Company Commander Matthews Maxey Pate Pasquet Phillips Pander Rosenfeld, E. Russ Saxton Stone Schommer, T. Strong, R. Villacres Vaughan Vratny Waxman Watkins White Wintermute Hudson Culler Grimes Johnson, B. T. l 2nd Lt. Davies 2nd Lt. Bruce lst Sgt. Holbrook Leader, First Platoon Leader, Second Platoon f1691 MRS. AMOS ROYDON 315 Suffolk Avenue Richlands, Virginia Maj0r Sponsor RICHARD ROYDON Battalion Commander SECUND BATTALIUN MISS ANN MITCHELL Kilmarnock, Virginia Sponsor I:170j Lieutenant ALEXANDER LELAND Battalion Alljlllflllf xxx wg, Hoy don Leland Fuller CAPT. R. F. AYERS Company Commander Non-Cams Nigro, Supply Sgt. Ryder, Stall Sgt. Allen, L., Staff Sgt. Kaus, Sgt. Guide Holliday, Sgt. Guide Gero, Sgt. Dragani, Sgt. Thomas, Sgt. Rowe, W. L., Sgt. Bates, Sgt. Samson, Sgt. Houston, Cpl. New, Cpl. Wheeler, E., Cpl. Fuller, C., Cpl. Wicker, J., Cpl, Privates Anderson, P. Alher Bankes Baird Berger, A. Boyd Bryan Bayless Blackwell, W. Busic Bishop Cannon Cole, J. R. Crowder deFord Dousdebes Fullerton Fisher, C. F. Flores, M. Graham Hambidge Hunt Haden Herzberg Harrington Jones, V. R. Jones, fi. Kontulis Matais Metzger Mools Mitchell, Moya Martine Moriarity Mione Newell Nichols Parker Rowe, F. Serdio Scali Seifert Staggs Torrens Tracy Wagner Williams, MISS JEANNE HAHNER Washington, D C E. G. J. Sponsor 2nd Lt. Warren 2nd Lt. Fountain lst Sgt. McLane Leader, First Platoon Leader, Second Platoon f172j A. FIRST PLATOON SECOND PLATOON A - 51731 FIRST PLATOON SECOND PLATOON III74-:I Y' mu. Greenville ,x. .nt Sponsor Non-Corus Tocco, Supply Sgt. Garnett, Staff Sgt. Riddle. Staff Sgt. Tomlinson. E., Sgt. Guide Skinner, Sgt. Guide Murphy. Sgt. Cost. Sgt. Kramer, Sgt. Tsitsiragos, Sgt. Cox, A. J., Sgt. Cosby, G., Sgt. Moncrief, Sgt. Walden. Cpl. Boos, Cpl. Cox, W., Cpl. Sclielhamnior, Cpl. Svrivner, Cpl. Privates Ackley Alrnquist Ayres CU. Barrett Straughn Violette Balsinde, H. Bivins Cadieres Cosby, W. Burham Duke Delgado Einstein Evans. R. F isher. T. Fleming, R. Fletcher Stewart, G. Walz Haig llarvell Hayes House, J. llnrt E CAPT. J. C. PAIGE Company Commander Jackson Jernigan .loannides Jones, W. R. Kidwoll Klein Konstant Stokes Wilson Martin, E. 0'Neil Patton Peterson, E. Pine Porter. R. Prillman Raesly Rosenfeld, J. Semel Shaw, D. Shelton Swain 2nd Lt. Dodson 2nd Lt. Valldejuli lst Sgt. Diaz Leader, First Platoon Leader, Second Platoon 51751 CAPT. M. A. CARCAISE Company Commander Non-Com.: Privates Blakemore, Supply Sgt. Allen, M. Shelter, Staff Sgt. Badone Davis. R. W., Stall Sgt . Balsinde, M. Corletto, Sgt. Guide Beauchamp Graves, D., Sgt. Guide Betz llmansky, Sgt. Bottimore Hammond, Sgt. Blackwell, M. Boothby, Sgt . Brown, C. M. Baker, H., Sgt. Callender, D. Neville, Sgt. Currin Finch, Sgt. Daikeler Lazio, Sgt. Flagg Di Guilian, Cpl. Glass, J. Cross, D. L., Cpl. Fountas Schatz, Cpl. Hansen Shively, Cpl. Hudgins Sherrill, Cpl. Jones, B. D. Cadieu, Cpl. Jacobs, A. Ralph, Cpl. Karageorge Ireland, Cpl. Little, G. A. MRS. FR ANK CAR! AISE R.F.D. 32, Shady Heat Ellwond City, Penn ylvama Marcillo McDaniel McNeil Miller, R. B. Miller, R. D. Morris Paranicas Parkinson Perine Pugh Rice Schauer Snee Soderstrom Spann Strong- .l. C. Sponsor Tomlinson. F. N. Wildman Work Delano Alvarez Gregory, J. H. 2nd Lt. Hartness 2nd Lt. Perlin lst Sgt. Lannon Leader, First Platoon Leader, Second Platoon I 176 :I X FIRST PLATOON SECOND PLATOON f1771 t'Ym1-ffulns Lrussntan, Sgt. Gtlflllilll. P., Sgt. liunnvr, Sgt. Sl'llllllP1l4'l'. llufrs-sm-, Sgt. Wvivks. lipt. .-Xvitlikian. tlpl. 1,l'i1'llfl'S Iirouglttun lirnwn. I.. E. Uurnstein tlnpt-laml Urvw Dunlap Figgutt Hallman I lamiltnn H iltarrl Grventce- Kept:-y LeRoy Lvwis Martin, J. C. f1781 Mt' Bride A1l'CI't'211ly Mt' I ntyre fNlur4lm'k Ntitvlwll. W Purdy Hllllil'!S Pattun SilItt'k!'ll Se-sly Sli-'vie' St ultz XXYQIKIKIUII Wvzultlt-ll XYt'Itlt'Il Slwpt-rel MRS. R. G. MANN East Hampton, Long Island New York Sponsor CAPT. C. R. MANN ZND LT. J. ESKOW Hlllllll Cornmamier Second-in-Commond THE F.ll.M.A. HAND 1 I'IARl, R. WAIJKER CAPT. H. E. VVURTZ NASH L. 'l'A'I'liM Isl Sf?I'gt?lIIlf Band Director Drum Major f1791 " f- 4L T A , .ilu i. 'W""1 SNICAD HALL If Waxsllllmg - . . Sponsor NIISS 5IlIhl,l.Y Sl 55-MN W. li. IJAVIIC m W. 0. HUI SIC l'nil f,vIHllllI!lllll1'l' L 15:01 .-lsslfwflllll l'll1'I LYIIIIIIIIIIIIIIPI' Lazio Fullerton Tomlinson Kramer Kennedy Lucas Cost Riukards Kontulis Cadieu Tocco Lannon livsniuk Moncrief Umansky Olllrient Runyon l n Capt. J. C. Paige Lt. E. R. Dodson Capt. A. Sweet Conmzanrlvr of A-Section Commander of A-Annex Commander of B-Section l:181:I A. -UN SNEAD HALL MRS. FRED BEZ Riclilands, Virginia Sponsor ' s i I i R. ROYUON C' R' MANN Unit Cornnzanrler f182:I Assislanl Uni! Commamler Cosby Jones Belcher lioos Graves Blakemore Nigro Holliday Holbrook Ll. A. Leland Lt. B. M. Andrew Lt. R. L. Tuthill COIIIIIIIIIIIJHI' of C-Section Commamler of C-Annex Commander of E-Section f183fI Hi 'Es ,nf I 5 VII ill MEMORIAL HALL QS? MISS DARE NIAS'l'l'IIiS lx,lll'f'll-S ifullvgv ffllzlrlullv. Nurlll uilflllillil Sponsor W. .L MQZCADINN U. S. HOCKEY lvnfl CINIIIIIIIIIIICI' f1xs1'sIr111l l'111'l f.vUIIlIIllIIlIll'l MEMIIIIII-ll HAll H841 Tatum Chavatel Jacobs Davis Little Fuller deolazarra Harinec Wheeler Murphy Shelter Yoos Tanner Fleming Lt. N. Perlin Lt. R. F. Ayers Capt. M. A. Carcaise fi0lI1ll1lllIIIl?I' of Isl Floor Commamier of 2nd Floor Commander of 3rd Floor L 1851 he crack of a baseball bat, as it sends its missile to victory, the cheering of a football game, and the rooting of the crowds at a basketball game, now are memories. They recall keen spirit that each and every cadet of Fork Union displayed when attend- ing such combats. The victories and defeats, the cheers and sorrows, and the bruises and the scars all go into the makings of sports. We're proud of our teams who displayed courage and fine sports- manship while on the field of battle. See for your- self, on the next few pages, the men who trained, practiced, and fought for the school. They did much for us, let's not forget them. THE ALUMNIG YM:-'.SlUM1"-+ -. x Q- x -Q3-gas x X Q. . k . wk . Q. . . -.. - 03... f X --5. K . X 5 Q . ' . N. if . , Xf- 4 X if ' f '- 2 X f Q, M S : 1' 5,3 K., . f .. f . 7 .fiisar THOMAS MERRICK HOSKINS CUAUHINH STAFF I:188:I MISS ANN HARMON Emporia, Virginia Sponsor VERNON MORGAN Captain 6 BALTIMORE CITY COLLEGE vs. F.U.M.A. 13 The first game for the Blue Devils, under their new coaches, Major Merrick and Captain Hoskins, was played in Baltimore on a hot, muddy field against Baltimore City College. On the opening kick- off, Vernon Morgan, Captain of the team, ran 85 yards to make the first score of the game. City came back in the second quarter and tied the game up but their try for the extra point was not good. Tony Siciliano. our fast little back from Youngstown, Ohio, broke over the City line for the 6 and Charlie Bossolina made the extra point from placement. The game was over and the scare was over for many who were playing their first game for F.U.M.A. MINCHOFF GERO SHERRILL BACON I: 189 J as W2 ,awe-w..,efm:.'., 1 Km' ,. ., - ..4vb...J-me .4-as 26 GRANBY HIGH SCHOOL vs. F.U.M.A. 6 Traveling to Norfolk, Virginia, the Blue Devils played Granby High School and lost 26-6. Vernon Morgan made a beautiful run around and through the Granby right end and went 31 yards to score. But Granby, with a 2 year perfect record behind them, came back in the second quarter and broke the tie. With determination to fight, our team moved to the Granby 5 yard line and was in scoring position but lost the ball. Granby took over on their 5 and drove down the field for another touchdown. Bud Sherrill played an excellent defensive game and made beautiful catches during the entire game. We lost the game but the experience gained was not forgotten and later the mistakes we had made at Norfolk were ironed out and we went on to victory. 0 WOODBERRY FOREST vs. F.U.M.A. 6 Playing the third game of the season at Woodberry Forest, our team broke the 0-0 tie and won the game. Morgan broke through the right side of our line and ran 87 yards to score. The long punts by Coleman, the hard tackles by Gero, the passing of Schatz, and Bossolina backing up the line deserves much praise. We won another hard earned victory with the handicap of playing eighteen- year olds only. SICILIANO FRANKEBERGER MORGAN BOSSOLINA I: 190 :I 'A TUTHILL CATALDI DICKINSON SCHATZ 6 GREENBRIER MILITARY SCHOOL vs. F.U.M.A. 7 The first home game of the Blue Devils was played on the practice field and in the rain. We didn't mind this because we were playing for victory and we had to win that first home game. Mincholl did wonderful kicking even though the ball was wet he averaged 43 yards per kick for that cold day of October. Morgan broke away for 76 yards and scored our only tally of the game. Siciliano made a beautiful pass to Schatz for the extra point. In the last few minutes of the game Greenbrier threatened our goal line but our strong line held them for four downs and then we took possession of the ball. Soon the final whistle blew and again the mighty Blue Devils were victorious. 6 MASSANUTTEN MILITARY ACADEMY vs. F.U.M.A. 32 This was the first game played on our new football field. Siciliano and Morgan each made two touchdowns and Dacier caught a Massanutten fumble before it hit the ground and made our final touchdown. Bossolina and Ginther each made an extra point from placement. It was an exciting game and the entire squad played. thanks to the hard work of the first string. It was this game that proved we had a strong line and four backs who couldnit be stopped. 0 AUGUSTA MILITARY ACADEMY vs. F.U.M.A. 34 This game was important as it was a conference game. We made a long journey to Fort Defiance, Virginia, where we engaged Augusta Military Academy. Morgan made the first two touchdowns and then the going was easy. Phillips, Siciliano. and Doc Coleman each scored a touchdown and Ginther made four extra points from placement. Frankebcrger and Bacon made excellent tacklesg Cero and Much plugged the holes up with their fine blocking. A.M.A. suffered their worst defeat from F.U.M.A. BETZ MUCH PHILLIPS ROCKWELL L 191 J COLEMAN STONE SMITH MERZ 0 BULLIS PREP vs. F.U.M.A. 35 M-:rgan went over from the 23 yard line in the opening minutes of the gameg Cinther made the conversion good. Phillips went over for the second touchdowng again Ginther made the extra point count. Siciliano scored and Morgan went over for his second time. It was a high scoring game and when the Hnal whistle blew, we found that lVIorgan made 3 touchdowns and Ginther made five kicks from placement out of five. 0 DEVITT PREP vs. F.U.M.A. 26 At first it looked like a close game but when the second quarter started our fast charging line began to put on the pressure. It was not long before Sherrill made a beautiful interception of a Devitt pass and ran 16 yards to score our first touchdown. It was our sixth straight win of the season. We just couldn't afford to lose because of our line record. Minchoff rendered invaluable service in this victor y. 7 V.P.I. HB" TEAM vs. F.U.M.A. 6 The "B" team from V.P.I. thought that an easy victory was in store for them. To their dismay they had to fight hard for that Victory. Doc Coleman threw a long pass to Siciliano who reached pay dirt. In the last minutes Ginther tried for a field goal but it fell short by inches. ACTION PICTURE OF THE GAME -..nm .A .'...L.. 51921 ' .4lillhu. I 1 25 STAUNTON MILITARY ACADEMY vs. F.U.M.A. 0 It was thu day that we had been looking forward to ever since that lirst day of practice. We just couldn't get started in the first half which ended 13-0 in favor of Staunton. We came out ready to fight in the second half but things just didn't go right and Staunton, led by Spears and Pope, walked off the field with the State Championship. We took the loss but deep down in our hearts we wanted to win the game more than anything in the world. FAREWELL BLUE DEVILS OF '46 We will never forget the way the line opened those holes for Morgan and Siciliano to make the touchdowns. Mincholfs punting and Cinther's place kicking that were put so beautifully through the uprights will be remembered. Coleman, Phillips, Schatz, Sherrill and Stone deserve honorable mention for their backlield playing. Bossolina, Much, Bacon, Gero, Tuthill, Betz and Rockwell displayed themselves as powerful linemen. Last but not least we will never forget the fine coaching that the team received from Major Merrick and Captain Hoskins. MORGAN AND GERO MAKE ALL-STATE Vernon Morgan was elected Co-Captain of the Virginia All-State Team by unanimous vote. Salvatore Cero made All-State Guard. Betz and Siciliano received honorable mention. Congratula- tions. Iilue Devils, you all deserve much credit for clean sportsmanship and excellent playing. DAC! ICR BAKER CINTHER SCHELHAMMER I , tiosj TH! llllHH T HE H I4 If Ai-li BUT' MORGAN CATALDI MQCMJDIN SHEIRRILI, XNIJIUIXX' TAKACH SHAW J STULL 51941 YIMORI MHS. SXNTO ltl0'l"l'U DAVIIJ RlU'l"l'0 355 Nlzulifnli Stn-vt W ' l'nf:Nuiv. N-is ,lc-rn-5 Lallmm Sponsor lluslwtlmull prau'ti1'n' slzlrlvcl Carly in ljt'l'l'llIlJCl' with oxcr fifty Cllllflitlilllii rvporling to Couch nskins. 'l'l1v le-ann haul to luv lllll'I'0tX9ll clown tn thirteen plawrs anal this rc-ullx prmml il lmrrl job for tln' CU2ll'll. Aflvr Cliristnias lvaw tlw thirtvvn play-rs startml przu-lim-0 and nut of tht- gftlllll the flu' lu-st lllzlt xwrv piclwml lm' tliv first IPZHII iwrvt fiPllP lVlinc'lmll. forxsarcl: Bulb lutliill. fnrnmml: Burl Slwrrill. 4's'nl:-r: lion Czxtallmli. guard. unfl our last littlv Captain of the ttjillll. Svuntvr ltinttu. HL-ing in nlcl lnuslwtlvzlll playvr liinlsvll. tloacli Stukie- Hoskins liked ll fast ganw and installvrl ilu- xxx-avi' for this lvznn. This lalm' piuwecl the right nllvnsivv fm' the quinl. The tvann xsonlrl haw lwvn lust xsitlwut Illt' sc'l'vim'1-s nf Vvrnun lvltllflilll. Tutti Amlrvw. ,lnlin 'lxHli2lCl'l. Hnlm Bnttinmrv. Bill lVlc'Czul1lin. john Fountain anal Slim Slum. The- season vnclefl very S-Lll'Ct-'SSl'lll and iw aw Surf' that nvxl yvafs lc-ann is ill ll we lu play nwr par lmalslwtlmzlll in order to be-at the great quint of 'Ll-T. Q 'fx , 1' A Ag 6:1 . BETH ll EH ll THOMAS GARNETT Captain. 49' V -mul. MISS SHIRLEY DONAHUE liivlimomi, Virginia Sponsor 'Oi f196J l. llllt'K't'Slt'1l. 4. Gena' kicks. 7. Tony gains ground. 9. Svnotvr lnuk:-s u lxaskvl Morgan al but. 5. Andy comes in. 3. TQ-d lietz, "The Blonde 10. Watvh G1-ro. .lvlf liockvwll. 6. Bud Scores. Bomber." ll. Che-erlradvrs. 12. A llil. I:197:I ' -ffX Ufrwn AC154i,??fMY STANLEY ROCKEY Captain MISS NANCY WIILIAMS 541 Vuvinivia Drin- Sanfurd. Florida Sponsor f1981 MISS ARLENE MOORE SII Sillllll Walnut Street We-st Ulla-slvr, Pennsylvania Sponsor TR CK JACK PA RMER Captain CHUSS Cllll HY l MRS. DOROTHY RICHARDSON Air Proving Crounrl Command Eglin Field, Florida W Sponsor JACK PARMER Captain The Cross Country Team was started again this year under the direction of Captain Naff who has produced good track men. Remember those cold winter days when you would look out of the window and see the Cross Country Team running the drill field or the five-mile horse shoe? He got the team in good shape and during half time at various football games you could see the "Whizes" running the field and putting on a good example of sportsmanship. Bill Spann, Al Badone, Bob Jones, and many more could he seen running the track and always placing in various events. When spring came around several of the Cross Country Team made the Track Team and a few of the men brought back honors to Fork Union from the State Meet. Lzooi - ,Q - 1 2 gzzzrz-..:z:.'.-7, 'Q is Q Q te' S Q auf m WWUNIQ' or GW . 5 on is AQ, . ,I W I0 as 1 . 1 -STL f- 1 iii rm 'Q 5 'i M 'Y L 1 , l X Y gi' E AIS , 1 1 sf 54- H7 4815 i MRS. Ni. W. GRAHAM Plliladelpllia. Pennsylvania Sponsor JAMES GRAHAM Caplain Fencing. aristocrat of sports, has had a re-birth at Fork Union this year. The fine art of dueling has picked up many exponents. The clashing of sabers and the svxishing of rapiers were heard coming out of the gym many afternoons this session. Developing coordination between mind and body, fencing is a precise science, requiring mental alertness and strong bodies. The Fencing Team this year has been strongly backed by the flashing sword of '6Pancho', Latona, the team's main stay. Coached by Captain George Celbach, great strides have been made for the advancement of fencing in future years. F E C TEAM RAMON SAUNDERS Head Cheerleader 10. MRS. R. H. SAUNDFIRS Nic-limimd. Virginia Sponsor l 52021 'A if XX f ! ! l or-Efkiixx eff' ri. Holbrook Barr Tocco Semel Craig Shelter Woodward Greene Dunlap Paige Wiggirxs McNeil Baseman Lt. Collins, Instructor JOHN SHELTER Captain H041 MRS. MARION SIIELTER lllflllfllllfflll. New .lm-rsey Sponsor The Rifle Club is in its infancy at Fork Union. Afhliated with the National Rifle Association, it is the backbone of the Rifle Team. Its aim is to familiarize the members with all types and usage of firearms. Promotion of a larger scale interest in marksmanship is its objective. The Rifle Club, under the direction of Sergeant Wright, sponsored an inter-school rifle match. From the ranks of the Rifle Club come the members of the Rifle Team. There are over forty members. Its future looks bright as the majority of this year's club will be returning next session. Hard work and initiative are the by-words of the Rifle Club. Moots, Nigro, Scllryvc-r, Sgt, Wrighl, Rosenfeld. Williams, Shaw, Fleming, Brown, Tomlinson, Belcher, Berger, Cal- lender, Reynolds. Peterson, Shelter, Anduaga, Mallory, Jones, Hambidge. Almquist, Moya, Craig, Brillat, Winstead, Vail, McNeil, Bruce, St-mel, Holbrook, Rice, Baseman, Woodward, Barr, Dunlap, Cole, Gelman, Di Cuilian, Skinner, Valldejuli, Lester, Coleman, Alexander, Matais, Hudson, Seaman, Valk Lzosj Jll IUH J.V. FOOTBALL Q K A A we v f"'g5 A 1 A A A QQ 1 -Q f 5. Q' E35 H- Lxegw J.V. BASEBALL f2061 ITY J.V. BASKETBALL This year our Junior Varsity sports, under the direction of Coach Thomas, were very successful and many a cadet who played on the ,Iunior Varsity teams will never forget the funda- mentals that they learned when they are playing on the various Varsity squads. J.V. Football was very successful with the thrill packer of the season being the Staunton game in which the Staun- ton J.V. defeated us 14-12. We also encountered a strong Thomas Jefferson High School of Richmond and were turned back 21-6. When basketball season opened the team most talked about was the J.V. with the five wonder boys: Alber, Baker, Czufin, Parker and Krone. These five have been playing together ever since they were Pee Wees in the Junior School and really know basket- ball. The J.V.'s had a very successful season in basketball and the future Varsity next year will depend largely on the five wonder boys. I:207:I ED REESE DODSON Captain HU UR CU. F.ll.M.A. A Company of Cadets selected by the Commandant on their general efficiency to participate in special ceremonies in which Fork Union Military Academy is to be represented. On Armistice Day this detachment was an outstanding organization at ceremonies in Charlotteville and had the distinct pleasure of being the special guard of honor in Richmond on Pearl Harbor Day and were reviewed by Lt. General McLane. This organization participated in various other drills and military functions during the school session of 1946-47 and were outstanding in all. f2081 SABHE CAHTUIJNS by-, 1 9 ' fo... txt' Eg A Aw Rl. ,,., Q X ll 5 P. JLIJONE fxf W x X 'x... f .V -a 'Q J A U 1 4 1 ' A xl, 1.4! m3?4q53ee?2-SQQ. :3: it yu' ,gm We if n , ff 1 ' 'Ali f U .1 ni! " sf' "' 123 ll f Q f N u.s lx' E llllilll 'X 1 A' 1 'il if Ag f ' 1 ' 5 ? I 0 L. UM .3 Q, 1 . D E 9 t j . fu , 'EL X ff ' 7 X A Y Kc, 'fffa?Y IX J X4 fy lx K , Q 42,1 . 9 ' Q M,fuui.le3: FVQEL A cr YA -U -meorxzk paid 'Ur 'F 564 U11 C D 'Qi 'Qu . Q,-' -W ' "nm, M Q22 .Jw V66 Wg? 9 -ww. , zum +zmso.+M-101-' N"'3f'Ww'HiZ9'B" vo' xg, v- y,,f+.1,-,V-'wb cw" W, W5 SF f' fa: '41-040 . YW- M- 3 qxf? 9, 12 .wx ,I L. an . A -ISN' , A , Q I. .L-.1-E-3 Y S WHL il , 'L ' 1 3-g g, A I , AWN l " f-4 X4 X 55:77-i f V, ,,lAL:' ' QR i A T ' Tai, fi? 1 5 THE ROYDON wills the Editorship of the SKIRMISHER to Samson and the 2nd Battalion to Hartness MCCADDIN wills his "Coolie Systemw and Memorial Hall to Les Fuller. WHEELER wills Evelyn Rogers to Frankeberger. SKINNER wills his Mimi and his Sgt. pin to "Monk,, Shugar. RYDER wills his lucky hands to Nigro. MCLANE wills his liar's medal to Pete Baker. ELDRIDCE wills F.U.M.A. to Lannon. DAVIE wills the Regiment and A-Unit to Diaz NUNNALLY wills his muscles to Ralph. GREENLEE wills his muddled mind to Bloch. BASEMAN wills Petitte the second floor of A-Annex. VALLDEJULI wills the Spanish platoon to Ortiz. PARMER wills his Happy-go-Lucky ways to Mitc GARDNER wills the radio room to Winstead. BRUCE wills his slender form to "Blimp" Davie HOUSE, W. wills his driving ability to Fount STRONG, J. wills his basketball talent to his the TATUM wills Drum Major to Broughton. TSITSIRAGOS wills his "booking agency" Sch , G. C est J - J RUNYON wills his conduct bars to Vaug . COX, A. wills the Algebra Medal to an f - th an pass er Co nead SHIVELY wills all his troubles ffemal d ot isej to C s. EISLEY wills his excess demerits to 'L ker' rown. BARR wills a tube of tooth paste an clot brush to Ho ok. LITTLE, G. A. wills his glasses to seb CARCAISE wills his voice to "Li ingi' arren. CARNETT wills his energy to g. WADDELL wills his brain to - ne a wants to study. HOUSTON wills James to an f - wh ill treat him decent ALLEN wills his stick pad a enc' o Umansky. SCRIVNER wills his nose oos. HOLLIDAY wills his 300 ls t --A- ' - AYERS wills his nickna "Joe - . , . V N- - - it. CORLETTO wills his Sgt nk to Finn. PERLIN wills his record JERNICAN wills his shoes to any ort aro 1n1an w o a I wear m. PURDY wills his ability to get on "No Ranksv to Hudson. STOOPS wills his commanding voice to Merz. FOREHAND wills his golden locks to anyone with a bottl f pero e RICHARDSON wills his drag with the Faculty to Fountain. BAIN wills his little black book to Seawell. WONE wills his famous squad to Eller. STARBUCK wills his brain to Stokes. WOODWARD wills his position on the lst Battalion Staff t ankey MORIARTY wills his place in English IV to Hyder. VERELL wills his namesake to any C.l. worthy of it. ROCKEY wills his tennis ability to Spann. SAUNDERS wills his megaphone to Rosenfeld. SCHATZ wills his football record to Bossolina. TOMLINSON wills his Trig book to Yoos. WALKER wills lst Sgt. of the Band to Weldon. WALL wills the station wagon and mail room to 'aCremlin.,' KLOTZ wills love letters to the lovesick. TANNER wills his last box of candy to his instructors. REYNOLDS wills his quiet disposition to Berger. BELCHER wills his comb to Eskow. GERO wills Wiggins 16 credits to graduate. HAMMOND wills his ears to Hartness. If2101 AND TE AM ASH wills B-200 to Rowe. KENNEDY wills his "permanent no ranksi' to "Peasant" Martin. DRAGANI wills his English book to Cannavo. LELAND wills the waiters fwith pleasurel to Schommer. PROFFITT wills his Lieutenant rating to "Blackie', Sims. 5 CANNON wills his beautiful hair, school girl complexion and ability for getting to Farmvllle to Matthews. KOVAC wills his battle b , sea time and shovel to ims. MANN wills the Band to rnstein. REDMOND wills Faye t ROWE, W. wills his facial features to Rosenberg. SICILIANO wills his algebraic mind to Cataldi. KRAMER wills his sideburns and mustache to Resnick. MUCH wills his stripes to Riotto. MORGAN wills his athletic ability to Duke. STULL wills his gold trophy to next year's basketball te . SWEET wills his craziness to his brother. ROSENFELD wills his lirecrackers to anyone brave e h to t W them. HUBBELL wills his rowboat to McDaniels. COVEL wills his yo-yo to Fisher, C. PORTER wills his good grades in Latin II to Schr er DELORIVIE wills his halo to Johnson. ANDREW wills second base to Baker, H. SHUFFLEBOTTOM wills his "Gildersleeve,, laug o the 'G lef' ROBINS wills his musical ability to Longo. BUSHMILLER wills his alittle red shoesi' to w er ha em. GAYLE wills his laziness to Moncure. GRAVES, D. wills Samson the first Hoor of C- tion. CABANELLAS wills his brains to Croft. WELLS wills his "Tyrone,' looks to Dobyns. SOCHACKI wills his French II speaking a ty to I gory. PAIGE wills Company F to Diaz. MINCHOFF wills his kicking ability to A . GROSSMAN wills his high rank to Marti . C. MARTIN, W. wills his leisure hours to a ne th an afford them. CHAVATEL wills his tallness to little S mmer. BEST wills his three roommates to an e that stand them. BARHAM wills his horse racing abilit o Harr BROWN wills his Richmond girl to S io. CRAIG wills his many talents to any - in ne DACIER wills his 0rator's ability to cBride DEOLAZARRA wills his good look 1 Cost. KEETER wills his electrical abilit e Eins . HOUSE, J. wills his E.D. time to hultz, FULLERTON wills his boots to crief. TOCCO wills his sparkling pers lity to orro. BRILLAT wills his interest in t V atch dustry to Lester. CLEMENTE wills his careless s to hy. DAVIS wills his Algebra II b ' ' . DELEMOS wills his Chess exercises an tactics to his Coach. DICKINSON wills his smooth tactics with the weaker sex to Templeton. FISHER wills the 3rd floor of A-Section to Snee. HANSEN wills dramatic interest to Gerrity. HARINEC wills his basketball skill to Baylis. JACOBS wills crutch and cast to anyone who is unfortunate enough to need them. KAUS wills his room to Riddle. LUND wills his telephone conversations to anyone who can limit them to five minutes. PAYNE wills his ready smile to Krone. f 211 :I he SKIRMISHER Wishes to pay tribute to the Junior School, a department within itself of Fork Union Military Academy, which takes pride in training its Cadets bodily and mentally and giving them the NChristian Spirit" outlook on life. STARS AND STRIP 1--+ X X . ,,.kMMM . w in xxx 'Q A IPX gx Ns... S NS in MAJOR LACEY LYDELL MARTIN BS., Virginia Polytechnic Instituteg Graduate Work at Highland University, New Mexicog Six years Commissioned Ofiicer in the U. S. Army Air Force. THE IUNIUB SCHUUL THHUUHH THE YEARS he Junior School had its beginning one day in September 1930. The idea for a school conducted along military lines for younger boys had long been considered by the President of Fork Union Military Academy, but it was not until 1930 that this idea became a reality. The Junior School, the year of its birth, consisted of thirty-five cadetsg Captain Tardy was Headmaster and Mrs. K. Snead was Housemother. The cadets were housed in the living quarters of the gymnasium and classes were held in the same building. It is quite possible that the first group of Junior School Cadets were referred to as uPee-wees.'7 Many of the present faculty of the Upper School were at one time or another connected with the Junior School. Major Kelly was instructor and Headmaster in 1932-335 Captain Reichenbach was instructor in the Junior School as well as Captain Rice and several others. By 1935, the enrollment in the Junior School had increased to sixty-five cadets, and the recognized need for this important addition to Fork Union was confirmed. During the school year the faculty consisted of Major Waldron, Headmasterg Captain Bowers, Commandantg Mrs. Waldron, Mrs. Edger- ton, and a few others. In 1938, the construction of the present buildings of the Junior School began and was completed in 19442. The dormitory this past year housed 196 cadets. This has been one of the most successful years in the history of the Junior School. We have attempted to properly allocate sufficient time for recreation as well as for academic pursuits. We believe we have come a long way since September 19416, but our progress has been most impressive since that day in 1930 when the 35 students assembled in the gym to formally become a definite part of Fork Union Military Academy. We owe much to the faculty and former students of years gone by, but we also owe a debt of gratitude to that lovable old gentleman who loves little boys, our good friend Doctor Wicker. It was his farsightedness that enabled us to enjoy a most happy and beneficial year at Fork Union Military Academy. L215J CAPTAIN HARVEY A. RANSONE, JR. Commissioned 2nd Lt. O.R.C., U.S.A., December, 19373 Active Duty 1st Div., 3rd Army Maneuvers 19409 Assistant P.M.S.8aT. F.U.M.A. 1940-1944: lst Lt. january, 1942g Training Regiment 2nd I.R.'l'.C. 19443 65th Combat Division 1944-g Capt. KAUSD Inf. Sept. 1944g Assistant Commandant, F.U.1V1.A. 19459 Connnandant, Junior School 1946- Wllllll FHUM THE CUMMAN AN t seems only a few weeks ago since I walked into the office of the Junior School to be commandant for the year of 194-6-4-7. I have had many experiences and met many fine students whom I'll always be anxious to hear from, as I am truly interested in each individual student of the Cadet Corps. One must realize that as commandant it is a great task to train two hundred students in spirit, mind and body. With the most faithful assistance of the administration of the Junior School I have tried my utmost to inculcate the above in each of our cadets. Most have responded wonderfully, the few who didnit, however, have been improved I am sure. The loyal and faithful student will remember those days with us, while those who fell by the wayside will wish they had another chance. The E'Spirit de Corps of the cadets during the year has been improved constantly with many fine objectives attained. Some are as indicated: general police excellentg inspections excellentg and discipline excellent. In addition, many parties and dinners have been made available through the efforts on the part of the administration as a reward to the corps for the achievements accomplished. Military training in the Junior School consists of a well-rounded program of drill and discipline. Drill is conducted daily throughout the year. All of such is strictly in accordance with the U. S. Army 22-5 Field Manual. The Cadet Officers and Non-Commissioned Officers are announced by the Commandant after he checks the efficiency record of each cadet to see if he will meet the requirements, it is then sent to the Headmaster for approval. All drill is supervised by one or more Faculty Officers and two full dress parades are held weekly beginning in the early spring. We attempt to instill in each cadet the basic principals of drill, discipline and courtesy, thereby causing them to develop into fine young leaders. Our motto being "I can do what I will do." Demerits are awarded daily by the Commandant and each cadet has an opportunity to report in the event any explanation is felt necessary by the cadet. Experience has taught it is much better to correct and train rather than infiict too much punishment. Many cadets are awarded a Good Conduct Bar for the entire year because they received so few demerits. This shows most demerits are uncalled for. Many improvements have been made in the Junior School during the school year to assist me with my many tasks, through the efforts of our president, and there are many more to follow in the future. I salute you "Sir,, and on behalf of the Junior School Cadet Corps allow me to express our appreciation for your untiring efforts. In closing may I thank each of those who helped, aided or rendered assistance to me with my many tasks during the year. I'll not say ugoodbyeu just uso long until we meet again." f217:I j ,f ff , fx, .J w-...Q Ill! ff" an K' PM ei + " V . of X I s nk I Y ra V A Q if S 4 s 'CT RPS , c 5. x T SEER. 'N . K wif ,. ..'g, M. -. A A fwmfmi X a 'fkmx , , kj, , , Q ..,w AIIMINISTHATI CAPTAIN HIEBERT H. HOWARD Director of Athletics L220J LT. W. I". FIHNEISICN Assislalll ffllllllllfllllilllll IIN CIILTY .,' 'Q ss lc. ct. ISIQAIIII. fx.l:. HHS. .l. LN. SI'ANI.EY MRS. Z. C. ciIlAl:l.'r0N llrfnlv 'III Crmlw -1-I Grade 3 WINS. .I. A. ROE, ISS. MHS. C. P. GRIFFIN MISS Ii. ONIOIIIINUIIO flrrulv 5.4 Grade 51? Crmlu 7lf I 221 :I MRS. J. N. PERKINS Crude 6B MRS. H. A. RANSONE MISS C. SNEAD Crrulv 0,4 Grrldvs 1 X 2 MRS. H. E. RICE MRS. W. F. FIRNEISEN Crude 714 CIYIIZCTC H2221 r MRS. J. M. HOSSER MRS. H, A. I3lil.lflHfR MRC. C, W. STACCS llrvnl 1I0llNl'Ill0flIl'I' Ilolnwnmllmr HOIlSl?Il1fIllIl'f NLX 'M JUNIOR SCHOOL MYADICMIS MN!! ADMlNlS'l'RA'l'lON l3l'll,l1lNG E2231 BENNETT MITCHELL RINEHART ROSSER Valedirtorian Salutorian Historian Honorable Mention WARRICK JOYCE LEEMING TROMLEY Most efficient Most military Best all-round Best Qualities Cadet Oficer Cadet Officer of a soldier JOYCE WEBB CARSON, R. WEARING These cadets were selected on their ability, improvement and attitude toward athletic activities. M. H. BATDORF H. B. BATTLEMAN D. L. BENNETT M. P. BENDER Washington, D. C. Norfolk, Virginia Richmond, Virginia Washington, D. C. Private "AU Co. Captain "Bn Co., Staff Sgt. BN Staff, Privateg Bandg Cadet Officers Club Non Coms Club Footballg Basketball J. D. BLUNT J. BOSTONIAN J. S. BOWEN S. P. BOWLES Alexandria, Virginia Somerville, Mass. Camp Lee, Virginia Washington, D. C. 2nd Lt. "B" C0.g Private "Bn Co. Private "AH Co.g Privateg Band, Footballg Basketball, Football Football Baseball: Boxing, Clee Club C. B. BRADFORD J. A. BRUCE N. CALL R. F. CARSON Washington, D. C. Washington, D. C. Richmond, Virginia Charles Town, W. Va. Private "A" Co. Private HA" Co.g Sergeant "A" Co., lst Sergeant "AH Co., Boxing Team Boxing Team Footballg Basketballg f225J Baseball 3 Boxingg Track W. G. CARSON R. W. CHARLES R. M. DOI-IERTY M. T. GALLAGHER Charles Town, W, Va. Washington, D. C. Baltimore, Md. Washington, D. C. Private "A" Cog Foot- Private "A" Co. Supply Sergeant Private "A" Co.g ballg Basketballg Bn Staffg Footballg Football, Capt., Boxingg Baseball: Track Boxingg Baseballg Basketball: Boxing: Track: Non-Coms Club Baseballg Track L. COBBLE C. I. HAYDEN S. T. HAZELWOOD R. E. HOLLIFIELD Norton, Virginia Rehoboth Beach, Del. Richmond, Virginia New York, New York Corporal "A" Co.g Private "A" Company Captain 81 Adjutant Private "B" Co.: Football: Basketballg Hn Stalig Officers Club Rifle Team. Mgr. Rifle Teamq Boxingg Traokg Nonfioms Club F. M. HOLMES N. HYNSON K. L. JENNINGS S. F. JOHNSON Washington, D. C. Washington, D. C. Roanoke, Virginia Harrisburg, Pa. Private "B" Co., Private CA" Co. Sergeant "B" Co.: Private "A" Company Glee Club, Rifle Team Baseballg Trackg Non-Coms Club If 226 J Jll lllll 'CHUUL C SS UF l94 C. A. JONES C. B. JONES D. A. KNIGHT F. C. KREBS New Canton, Virginia Bumpas, Virginia Washington, D. C. jersey City, N. .l. Private "A" Company Private "A" Company Private "CH Company Private Band W. B. LANDIS D. T. LEE J. R. LEEMINC T. B. LETAW MI. Vernon. Pa. Barague, Cuba Alexandria, Va. Coral Gables, Florida Private' "A" Company Sergeant "A" Co.g Lt. Col. 8: Battalion Private Band Non-Coms Club Commander, Stall: Footballg Baseball: Cadet Officers Club B. W. LOFLIN W. L. R. MAYO C. R. MITCHELL J. P. NEAL Norfolk, Virginia Richmond, Virginia Portsmouth, Virginia Va. Beach, Va. lst Lt. "A" Company: Privateg Band Sergeant "A" Companyg Pvt. "A" Co.g Foot- Cailet Officers Club Rifle Teamg Non-Coms ball: Boxing: Basket- Club ballg Baseballg Track L227J R. C. OLSON C. PARKER C. R. PERKINS H. M. PERKINS Yonkers, New York Alexandria, Va. Richmond, Virginia Catonsville, Md. Private "A" Company Private "B" Company, Private "A" Company Private, Band Glee Club R. T. PISA RELLI R. E. POWELL N. J. RINEHART W. W. ROSBOROUGH Brooklyn, New York Richmond, Virginia University, Virginia Upper Darby, Pa. Privateg Band Private "B" Company Private Bandg Rifle Private "A" Co.g Team, Football, Glee Basketball, Baseballg Club Track I. G. ROSENBERG J. M. ROSSER H. A. SAKAYAN D. C. STOWE Norfolk, Virginia Fork Union, Virginia Washington, D. C. Portsmouth, Virginia Private "A" Companyg Corporal "Av Companyg Private, Band Private "B" Company Football Non Coms Club 52281 J. E. STRAWN W. H. THOMAS W. C. THRIFT J. E. TROMLEY Washington, D. C. Portsmouth, Virginia Dinwiddie, Virginia Richmond, Virginia Private "A" Company: Private NA" Company, Private Bandg Foot- Captain HC" Co., Footballg Baseball: Glee Club ball, Boxing Baseballg Glee Clubg Boxing, Trackg Glee Cadet Officer Club Club F. R. WACHTER G. E. WEARING S. J. WEBB C. E. WHITE Bellerose, New York Fredericksburg, Va. Pedro Miguel, C.Z Richmond, Virginia Private "B" Company lst Sergeant HB" Co., Private "A" Companyg PPrivate "A" Companyg Footballg Basketball, Football: Basketball, Football Non-Coms Club Boxing, Baseballg Track R. C. WIGCLESWORTH P. E. WILLIAMS III R. L. WOOLFENDER K. F. WORK Woodbridge, Virginia Petersburg, Virginia Private MA" Company, Aruba Netherlands, Private "A" Company: Private 'ECN Company Footballg Basketball, West Indies Football, Mgr., Basket- Baseball Private "A" Company ball, Mgr.g Rifle Team I: 229 J AYCOCK BARK BARNETT CARTER CORDER CORLETTO FORSYTHE FORTUNE GILLMAN JENSEN JOYCE KANTARJIN NEWBERRY PARHAM PARSON TURNER VAN NORTWICK BARTLETT BIALER BIRDSONC BOND BROWN DAUDEL ESCRIBA FALBAUM FLIPPO FOLKES HALL, D. HALL, J. HARRELL HILL HOBSON KLEIBER KNEELAND LANDIS MARCONI MORALES PLANT RAFFAELE SENSIBAUGH STONE TOOLE WALKER WARRICK WEINSTEIN WOLFE 52301 I ADAMSON BEARCE BEAVERS BRECKEN- BROOKS CALABRESE CHASE CLARKE DOBYNS DOHERTY, P. FRANKO- BRIDGE HERZBERG HOLLER IVES LANDIS, H. LEE, R. LEGERE VITCH GASKILL PRICE RAICHT RANDLE, D. RANDLE, U. ROBERTS LEWIS PARKS VICKERS WHITLEY WISE SPRINGER STEIN BENHOFF BERRY BOSLEY BRECKEN- DEBECK GEISER HERZBERG HUDSON ,IEWELL JOHNSON KEPLEY RIDGE STAPLES VERMILLION WILLIAMS, .I.WlLLIAMS, R SEAR 52311 J.. ....-1-w..J.ziA F P... 1, , ,, ,W 1 I - J 1 K wg, A , 1-11 N .EQM , I 2 S l 2 I a -WV' lsf Run- fl, In IU: JOIINSUN. HI IIE. IEIANTUN. FRANKS. SAYNH. H XNIJNKHIK. R Xl-Il"IfAliI.IC. NNI-1l'.I..NNIl. fIlIlCliNUl1K. Zml Run' II. In IU: WlCS'l'Il0YlCN. WHITWOIKTII. BRENINA. MHS, lIIIAlil.'l'0N. 'l'NlC'I"l'I1IK. l"Hl'l'X. WILSON. KLIIAIAN. Mr! in pi:-lurr: l5l"I'l.lCl!. FIKH. FISIIICR. UNI-IHNISI-IRG. l.l INN. 'XIlNllHi. +N-'nw Y ww hlifw 1 lst Ron- KI, 10 IU: SIIULICR, DICRRIIIK, PARKS, WALSH. l'HIfIl'f. UUIIICHTY. P. D. Znrl Now fl, lu Rl: MIRZA, IIALHY, MAYO. ROGERS. S'l'AMA'I'ES. MISS SNICAIJ. Nut in pi:-lure: IJUIHIAM. SUEPIIICRD. UA ILIT RY HHH!-XNIZ Tlll ' . A -Nfl, . IIAZELWOOD LEEMING FORSYTHE BENNETT DOHERTY, R. Knot in picture! BATTALION STAFF S. T. HAZELWOOD J. R. LEEMINC W. J. FORSYTHE Cadet Captain 62' Adjutant Cadet Lt. Colonel Kc Cadet Lt. 8: Supply Officer Battalion Commander AN AYCOCK BENHOFF BENDER BOWLES KIIIE'-NOCK FOR'l' L75 E 2' .Uv A ,J l'.l.l'I'i11" KRr:1B'3 LETAW - ,., V, PARSONS, W. B. Drum Major L 235 J MAYO, W. L. PERK1Ns, H. PISA-RELLI RAFFAELE RINEHART SAKAYAN THHIFT WALKER WEINSTEIN WESTHOVEN C. W. JOYCE Cadet Captain and Company Commander CARSON, W. G. COBBLE, L. BATDROF BARTLETT BOWEN BRADFORD BROWN, J. BRUCE CARTER CHARLES CRANSHAW. s. ESCRIBA R. W. LOFLIN W. H. WARRICK Cadet lst Lieut. and Cadet 2nd Lieut. and Platoon Leader Platoon Leader First Sergeant CADET R. F. CARSON Sergeants CALL, N. MITCHELL, C. R. LEE, D. T. NEWBERRY, H. D. Corporals ROSSER, J. M. VAN TOOLE, J. C. Privates GALLAGHER LANDIS, W. B. GASKILL OLSEN GEISER PERKINS, C. R. HARRELL PLANT HAYDEN ROBERTS HERZBERG ROSBOROUGH HYNSON ROSENBERG JENSEN SENSIBAUGH JONES, C. A. STONE JONES, C. B. STRAWN L2361 NORTWICK, W. F WORK THOMAS WEBB WHITE, C. E. WHITLEY WICGLESWORTH WILLIAMS, P. WOOLFENDER WOLFE w V , ,A -eh ...vas HJ O H. B. BATTLEMAN G. S. HILL, JR. J. D. BLUNT Cadet Captain and Cadet Ist Lieut. and Cadet 2nd Lieut. and Company Commander Platoon Leader Platoon Leader ADAMSON BERRY BIALEK BOND BOSELEY BOSTONIAN BRECKENRI BRENNA BROOKS CALABRES CHASE CLARKE DE BECK First Sergeant CADET C. E. WEARINC, JR. Sergeants CORLETTO, L. J. JENINNCS. J. C. FOLKES, .I. M. RANDLE, U. S., JR. Corporals DAUDELL, W. L. FLIPPO, E. E. LEE, R. O. Privates CORDER .IEWELL PRICE, M. FALBAUM JOHNSON, R. L. RAICHT FISHER KEPLEY SAYRE FRANKOVITCH KNEELAND, R. A, SPRINGER GILMAN LANDIS, C. A. STAPLES GREENBERG LANDIS. H. S. STOWE DCE, R. B. HARDWICK LEWIS, R. TRETICK HERZBERC, R. A. LUBAR TURNER HOBSON MARCONI VARGAS HOLLER MORALES WACHTER HOLIFIELD PARKER WHITE, S. HOLMES PARKS, H. T. WISE IVES POWELL Lzssl A .L E. TROMLEY Cadet Captain and Company Commander H. C. PARHAM, III D. A. DOBYNS, JR. Cadet lst Lieut. and Cadet 2nd Lieut. and Platoon Leader Platoon Leader First Sergeant CADET D. M. HALL Sergeants BARNETT, .L W. BEAVERS, W. S. Corporals BARK, F. H. HALL, J. W. BLANTON, J. B. JOHNSON, D. M. Privates BRECKENRIDCE, C. N. GILMAN, M. BUTLER HALEY CAMPBELL HUDSON CRANSHAW, R. KNIGHT DERRICK LEGERE DOHERTY, P. D MAYO, C. W. DOHERTY, P. N. MIRZA DUNKUM MOORE DURHAM PARKS, J. C. FIKE PRICE, B. H. FRANKS RAFFAELE, B. FRITZ ROGERS l24oJ BlRDSONG,E.G. RANDLE,D.s KmumuAR WHITWORTH, RUDE SEAR SHEPPARD SHULER STAMATES STEIN VERMILLION VICKERS WALSH WILLIAMS, J. WILLIAMS, R. WILSON, L. J.K M. D. 5 THLETIC Football Schedule F.U.M.A. 12, 8th GRADE 6, at Home. F.U.M.A. 18, HARGRAVE MILITARY ACADEMY 0, at Home. F.U.M.A. 30, 8th GRADE 2, at Home. F .U.M.A. 62, ST. CHRISTOPHERS 0, at Richmond. F.U.M.A. 19, JAMES MONROE 13, at Fredericksburg. F.U.M.A. 31, JAMES MONROE 0, at Home. F.U.M.A. 0, HARGRAVE MILITARY ACADEMY 12, at Chatem. F.U.M.A. 34, ST. CHRISTOPHERS 0, at Richmond. Basketball Schedule JUNIOR SCHOOL MIDGETS vs. FORK UNION TOWN TEAM ST. CHRISTOPHERS 8th GRADE MEMORIAL HALL .IUNIORS "C" SECTION .IUNIORS "Bn SECTION .IUNIORS "A" SECTION .IUNIORS ST. CHRISTOPHERS FORK UNION TOWN TEAM lnvzzp Baseball Schedule JUNIOR SCHOOL MIDGETS vs. ST. CHRISTOPHERS HARGRAVE MILITARY ACADEMY ARVONIA FORK UNION TOWN TEAM ST. CHRISTOPHERS HARGRAVE MILITARY ACADEMY ARVONIA FORK UNION TOWN TEAM 2nd FLOOR MEMORIAL HALL, .IRS 3rd FLOOR MEMORIAL HALL, .IRS 8th GRADE HA" SECTION .IUNIORS HB" SECTION JUNIORS CAPTAIN HOWARD Coach THE JUNIOR SCHOOL MIDGETS MIDGETS 12-8th GRADE 6 In a hard fought game the Midgets of F.U.M.A. opened their season with a victory over the Upper School 8th GRADERS. .loyce and Blunt went over for a touchdown each to score the points for the Midgets and Kidwell scored for the opponents. The game was played in the mud and much credit has to be given to Hill and the Carson brothers for their hard play on the defense. MIDGETS 12-H.M.A. 0 Playing against an outside team for the tirst time the Midgets looked like a good ball club in turning back a strong Hargrave team. The score does not indicate the decisive manner in which the Midgets defeated their rivals. Har- grave made the grand total of one first down and was outplayed from the start to finish. Duke and Kidwell scored the points for the Midgets. Webb, Carson, and Duke were the big guns on the defense. .Ioyce failed to score but fzained the most ground for the afternoon. It was a good game and a sweet victory for us as Hargrave defeated us ast year. MIDGETS 62MST. CHRISTOPHERS BULLDOGS 0 The Mighty Midgets came into their own in Richmond by turning back the Bulldogs to the tune of 62 to 0. The "Iron" Duke of the Midgets put on a show long to be remembered by the opponents by making 45 points. The Saints were held to one first down. Webb, Carson, Joyce, and Duke were the defensive stars. Everyone but the waterboy played and the team was at its best. This is the worst that the Midgets have ever licked the Bulldogs, and the boys enjoyed displaying their abilities. 52421 MIDGETS 19-JAMES MONROE 13 Remembering the defeat of last year at the hands of the James Monroe Midgets the F.U.M.A. boys went to work early and managed to win. The "Iron" Duke was the scoring power once more as he scored all three touchdowns for the Midgets. F.U.M.A. was penalized 235 yards and when the game ended the James Monroe team was on the 10 yard line of F.U.M.A. Cox, Carson, Tabb, and Vaughan were best on the defense. The game was a hitter battle all the way and both teams played it hard every minute. Wearing, QB of the Midgets looked good before the people of his home town. MIDGETS 31-JAMES MONROE 0 The Midgets looked like a new team in their return game with James Monroe. Duke once more was the spark that made the team roll. He scored twice and played great on the defense. Joyce also scored twice and Kidwell scored once. Webb, Carson, Cox, Neal, and Cobble all played great ball. The F.U.M.A. boys pulled a lot of good plays out of the bag and had their opponents grabbing air trying to find the ball. This made the sixth straight win for the Midgets. MIDGETS 0-H.M.A. 12 Playing in Chatem against big odds the F.U.M.A. Midgets tasted defeat for the first time. The F.U.M.A. Midgets were at a disadvantage due to the fact that six of their best players were absent. Although the Midgets were out- weighed they were not out-fought. Duke failed to score but played a good game. "Big" Carson and Cobble were the mainstays in the line. Joyce did a fine job also. Even in this defeat the Midgets played hard and made the school proud of them. The game was a good one and considering everything it was a defeat that did the boys good and proved that they can stand defeat as well as victory. MIDGETS 34-ST. CHRISTOPHERS BULLDOGS 0 Playing the Bulldogs for the second time away from home the Midgets ended their season with a victory. The "Iron" Duke once more showed his abilities as a great back. Duke scored 21 points and Joyce the rest. Webb, Carson, and Duke were the defensive stars. The playing of Webb kept the Bulldogs from scoring time after time. This victory gave the Midgets a record of seven victories with only one defeat, a record second to none at F.U.M.A. this season. I , . 1946 FOOTBALL SQUAD First Row Sitting IL to Rl: WEARING, BLUNT, BOWEN, KANTARJIAN, HILL, CARSON, W. KCaptJ, CARSON, R., BOWLES, NEAL, WOOLFENDEN, GALLAGHER. Second Row Standing KL to Rl: STRAWN, WHITE, C., RINEHART, JOYCE, VAN NORTWICK, LEEMING, DOHERTY, ROSENBERC, WEINSTEIN. Sitting on ground: WIGGLESWORTH. f24-31 JOYCE GALLAGHER CARSON. W., Capt. WEARING Full Bark Left Half Back Right Half Back Quarter Back BOWEN NEAL CARSON, N. HILL Left End Left Tackle Left Guard Center BOWLES KANTARJIAN BLUNT WICGLESWORTH Right Guard Right Tackle Right End Manager E24-41 llll HA 'IHETHALL TEA PM l -Xflllfli XXIlPl2l.lCSXXUH r In righl: CfXl,I,MllIliR. lfupi.. CARSON, W.. NENL. CARSON. H.. WFIISIS, TIIRIFI' IAIZINC. liI,lfNT. .l. lx'l1l'l'lf7lQ, WICGl,l'ISWOHTll. H1lII1IIgl'l'. IHIXINIS TEA IIILL CAI"I'. HOWARD f245fI !ll"'I'. CARSON, W., COIZISLIC, IIILL, ffupl.. CARSON, R., Wlillli. STR.-NWN, NEAL. JOYCE HANDLE, U. First Row fl, tu Ri: DOHEBTY. B.. WOOLFENDEN. LEEMING. STRAWN. JENSEN. CAI.- IAGIIER, TROMLEY. WEARING. MORALES. CALL. Sw-and Hour KL ro Rl: JOYCE. BOS- BOBOUGII. WEBB. CARSON, H.. COBBLE, NEAL, CAPT. HOWARD. IIILL. WANRICK. TIIBIFT. CARSON. W., BLUNT. BATTLEMAN BLUNT DOBYNS FORSYTHE HAZELWOOD HILL JOYCE LEEMING LOFLIN NEIL PARHAM TROMLEY WARRICK L246J IMRNETT DARK BENNETT BEAVERS RIRDSONG BLANTON CALL CARSON, N. CARSON. W. CORLETTO DAUDELL DOHERTY FLIPPU FOLKES CORRLE HALL. B. HALL. W. JENNINCS JOHNSON KNEELAND LEE, D. LEE, R. MITCHELL NEWRERRY RANDALL. D. RANDALL, U. ROSSER TOOLE V.-KN-NORTWICK WEARING WIHFWORTH lfirxf nm: lvfl m right: STRAWN, PARSONS, TROMLEY, LEE. R.. CLARKE, DOISYNS, DAUDEL. CALABRESE, PRICE. CORLETTO. KIAPT. ROBERTSON. dirr'r'mr. Svrnml row. lvjt In riahl: HULLER, WALKER HERZRERG, RINEHART. KLEHSER. HOLMES, BLUNT, PLANT. LEWIS, FALBAUM, PARKER, RARK. KNEELAND, RANDLE. D. H2471 RIFLE CLUB First Row: BIRDSONG, CORLETTO. JENSEN, STAPLES. IBIELEK. BROOKS. Semnd Row: I':XRllAM, KLEIBEH. CHASE. IIALLIFIELD. Mgr.. BENNETT. NEWBERRY. Third Row: HOLMES, HAFFLEE, WARRICK, Capl., GOISIZLE, MITCHELL. RINEIIART WICGLESWORTH. m.f,,g-wk ' Jjlarr. , CADET OFFICERS IQ 248 1 'C we .ff WN, ,x .ieffw 'vY,lF . s f A.. 'X Kp. 'IK w -i ,Y A . Qsv A . x K 9' I QQ 1 1155. J., - .',,,,.ygxs,, if A .Qiflpv - .. ,. emi, , N fifgfl 'Yi sf Rfk.. - .i?,g'4 1 4 2 f ' A .Q LOWER SCHOOL OX PARADE ACKNUWLEDGMENTS he 1947 SKIRMISHER could not have been possible without the constant efforts and irreplaceable skill of Mr. Irvin Silvers of the Garamond Press, printer, and the Zamsky Studios, who took practically all of the pictures represented in the yearbook. A great many thanks go to Miss Bernice Kidd, Captains Hudgins and Wurtz, who gave much of their leisure time to the completion of the yearbook. The SKIRMISHER Staj would also like to extend their utmost appreciation to Cadets Graves, D., J ones, W.g Wone, 1.5 Goldbergg Clemente, J., Cross, R., and Matais, G., who in addition to the regular staff aided the yearbook in its strive to become a book well cherished by the members of the Cadet Corps. Through the work of these, the SKIRMISHER of '47, is bound to become a replica of the happy times and joyful memories, we the Cadets, have encountered here at -Fork Union Military Academy. RICHARD ROYDON ROBERT SAMSON Editor-in-Chief Managing Editor f!fU'?'ff7f?'f'7TQvTW?Q 'SVESWTY' . 5, i 'Q evrgq '.ffv3'j1iifJlHv',-'19" ,1:",wwQ mn ., ,awry gg ' 1 y 4'-,1 M W., ,ix . 5, Q , , f 1, T A .M '3, M. ' -"FQ k ' 15 I ' s . , 1W,,, f 1' 5 :V ""L,mf, .,:' 'Y .f'.f'- ""'7!f:'5i1W' 5 ' f. .V 3.1, wg - , 'J' V' m we-J. "ye 1.7 x ' 3: -. f .:' "1-c' r .1 U. 1 ,4 if 9 , +..,x-,hm?g'.L1Q5. .',EjA.A .K , lk .fy--, ,1- xx. 1 I , 'WL ,Q 'v. ,-" 'L . A '4 1, '-fur ' ', Q' N -9, .-4 . . , . ' gl. ,F , 1. A ,eq M, 1-. , JZ, s' N if rs- ., ,gif 'A .pf f'., - f V , ' . , 4 J Q 4 1 , s 1 . ar" Q.,5Q '-:Lqj,?iif:.' , ,, , :M f "?f5W', i,3E4-51m,1Hf'v ,'-,137 f Qi' ,iz ,Mx ,MN 5551: , , .5-X, T. gfhbjv, ' I Q-ev w.,,A- M.. 1. 4 -, K . Y 1 f'n"af,e1 12:2 pf-is H .L---5 ,xv X ,ge-53-,1QL,.:J!, 53,1 ..-. .pf . A Q .91 V -n rv 1 'z A gf j 2 " ' ,, ', .N T VJ' it LW: W, x f -5 if :fk"":'v'l3'?',a ' IE .' mt 'fifxsw' , . ., , K- , pf 1 4 ,T - - - mi ':f..:14gM3-1. + ' 5-1-:ph 3 .Lf - , ,j 4- V F ,V .ff-fx. .. s fi , 4 gf' 'Q , .. '-Y 2 WM ' ik Q mi W, ., 4, kr Q . "1 ', ,A ,- . ' ., 0, 1, f.--,N :gg-, f ve EV ,Q 1. gy 'V 3.53: 1 :V Egg- ,ig-.V 2. HU .f 5:8 5 ':'g:. ?'i'-tV,V:i5.b,7 -. E.. I ,. Q5 fp- . 'grab A " - - -Lffxrf, V .WV W. 1 -1:.b,,,vs.,1 'lx 345 451. V 1 H551 Za... .-4,52 , , ,SVN ,c.,v Q. , A HQ, .gi f VV: ,V ' smug.,-5 1 ,JQMFEQQE v,- uqr W . Q 5?35?"e,7U in K , .Q 35: ,-.i'1 1'n:9'?- -rl A 'F V .X v x 1 3 'ig,F:f75:1Q:,V. e , jk " kf':1'f a,,', V 5. ' L" , 11: MQ. ,, ,V V , !,E,,! , l,Q,,,',gJf4' -gy 'V zjlgi 4 M .,:. wg 1-Q-Q M ,u ,5 QV, .Vg ,VY HM A V' 1 - 4. ,, ts--: ' .-V ,V V, .. , f . w .J . v . V f .. Ak , , I . 1 'ew K 'K 4, . , ., 'i ,v , ' 1 ' v ,VLVQV ,p, L x 'V 1 ' ' ... A ,f ,.... - ',: -w V ' n P 'X' "1 f .1 ,MV Q , . V. . .V , .t ... ,,.. V VV V V A ., Y. Q W. my -N 1- K ,X 7" , , , WV- . ' N- -. ,Sf 1 . ,,. .v-, ,M ML, , f -' 5 , . 7 -, ..w..N1.. fs... ' 'w ' . ' ,M , , Z., , , ,A .K . . I .531-' f ' . v ', 1"X'vf--. ..., 1 aw' - 4 11 -'vu x 1" ' ' 1 VVVVV ,,, .4 ,L ,JWVVNV " 1? x V ' Q HQ" . , ' :,,f1 ,pgs . , gg!" "'k' . -- Q-I . C' Q 2 1' f. ,z' fWf I 1 - x k - ' Mya , .VVVV .X ,FV.,A:j . RV . -4 dx , fx, f"'I "t.7:.iT'l'.'f 5 '- Pjifw. N- " f, f 3' , :,.. VE' V ., , A ' .r.feef"'v-.yr . ., , A 1 io.'A ' , ,V . N. . Liv . ' .f-9 1 f-f Y A w ' +1 fi ,n'V4J,: 'rg A- Q. V7 IV. vlg,,w-'gigyflv .., V , A. , -. ., ge.: H -wg, 3,9 L. -fm'-1 H Ng, - .3 -: l-1 '1'f3,LA- ,L-"J ,,':' -. EN N, .L ' - - 1.4 ' ',Ar f' 'QF' X ' X' -, : ' i.rQL4"-Y'15' 2w f'1T'., + 4 , - V .. vig w . W ,i ff... w , 5!L'Ng'l, ilywwn. '- I ' ""' "Wh 'Q f ' ' 9, x . V -M. .QQVSN VVSQ .VVVV Q , 'X ..- 1 . 5 . - ,ne ' - ,f . , g,,gIV V ,.f,-gf :H ,Af Sgffil' fi 12'--5.51: g 1 ,. . .3,V.,7,, V5 T, K .V , QV, V, ' ..' , N. VNV 1' Q.. MJ ,MM . , .M ,-. , , L 1 PM - v ef fv - b . T- L'HruQeg i', W M. .film ifiywi wils r. . K ,l1..a,,,-.yy 44 ,31 5 , .. :fx-1,55g,.f' F. 5 5 -- "i 3421- 1 ? -Fi? 3'f':' - ' ef.. ' -A ,sim -' . ' f. 'sf- mi if H . 1 . 1 wg. --, .:,w, I EM ?I?'?!j'-f. 1' Q.,-v .. . X Af 21" . Q - ,V ,vii ,W k 1. 1-,-'V V-,IV V: ' . f 5,13 A ' i . ' , .af .V w, ,. 1 - . . : :Ex v.f'f'3 5 '+!3Qk,-yn ,:yaTm,.,1AV-, A c, A 51.3 , ,,.,.,.,51 , k 1 my rl.. -, 15 3-?2"'m t 'MAT ,. H' ' ,Q-f .lpn - fl?-3fvXig!,:",f ' -F95-WWQE 1. if' 'fwa-'T 'V . ' -. '1fhi.Ef'k'F " '?3f'g1'Q. " '-QI1H:iE- '1 - -11 - zg+frff5Ng. . "W 'L fp? ' 9'lf4fF1'i2i,'.f'f"'i 1 7ETe1l'V'l' iv' -' ,gxgw 9 FE. -WM. Qfgw - pg f ' 'wp . f1aiv,.g Q.e, ,Q-,g.,w,A VM.. . ,K . W, VV, QV.. V, ,, af jgiirfgli .V 1 'eW9'vf-f 1 ' ifffzf v W: ww.-.1-V" X QL.: ' 'QELT 1" ' ' N413 i L ,,,,m! ' , EK' Vwu: , 45,4 4 G. 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A. in helping to meet the uniform requirements of its Cadets For l2O years JACCDB REEDS SONS has been tailoring Military School Uniforms for leading schools all over the country ITS RIGHT AT REEDS af.. Jacob Reed s Sons Philadelphia Pa 0 Y Q 0 0: 0 0 O f f -1- up -lp kl o 0 Q o ,g,,,X1,X +.fv1fxfse,5gvR CHARLOTTESVILLE WOOLEN MILLS Charlottesville, Va. Manufacturers of HIGH-GRADE UNIFORM CLOTI-IS In Sky and Dark Blue Shades For Army, Navy and Other Uniform Purposes And the Largest Assortment and Best Quality C A D E T G R A Y S Including those used at the United States Military Academy at West Point and Other Leading Military Schools of the Country Prescribed and Used by the Cadets of FORK UNION MILITARY ACADEMY America's Firstl HANOVER Regulation Military Shirts are America's first choice for cadet uniforms . . . first in quality, first in smart appearance! lt's a fact that MORE Military Academies use HANOVER Regulation Uniform Shirts than any other brand. 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S 1 r ' b ' 5uw,2g+ggE'55w"i A V ,N K ,jx 'NS-A ' , - . . , , dwg., LM . - iix Y , N 7 L f . 5 ,W w 2 nl' S qw ff. K -1' 6 . if -1 , 'J Y , M4 Q 1 Q-W ff ' f A , .., 5 Q . , .,,. , K , vt . Q.. ' ,ii SIMM? f ' 5+ .- ' 'if f -, 1,255 A ' . ' X fr pf SQ.. -. r , Y b 1 1 4 , W . 2 - ' , -fy: -ffnjif-nge: ' ..xlM',2- X Q 3' 3, 5 4 Q I 5 .Q K ., U4 I ngx-fivdi gm, .E Qiaff.-9:7 Nagy A, ag , ' L X Q, a ': ' 1 ,G Y E f F . , I V . u X l .N 4 xg it 5 2 QM SIM? '.2,:2.: f,a.:,-2 . 4 , ,. . f V 'SSA4 if V fu 4 If ar. 7 W .y , 1 p fa. " ' 0 C 1 4 h 'Avg 'Q K . 7 2 ,Y x s.,

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