Fork Union Military Academy - Skirmisher Yearbook (Fork Union, VA)

 - Class of 1945

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Fork Union Military Academy - Skirmisher Yearbook (Fork Union, VA) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Cover

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. k 3-"XI Hs zen-.1 1' :nur ' v V .F J Z1 f-521' Q, ' .1 -' ff-521, 4' 'Y 'fever-19 4 U- f V if ,t el. ,I . , .,.' I .' ' 1, ,- ' ,' '-ff' iff' , '1-LQ?" if :un V 'L-:wmv 45 COPYRIGHT, 194-5 ' GEORGE L. JONES ' JAMES R. KI.NTZ CLASS OE ERMESHER fA.0 60l'l06 of 66LJet5 O! Fork Union Military Academy .701-A union, Mrginia Ig 1 :Al 54:5 37- wtf ml-4-.fa 4 f 1- , N f 153- ai? K-- MJ' -Y 1-' .-' X, N L 'vi 'VL 'Rf -Dx! 1 or the members of the Senior Classes nl' Fork Union Militar Academ . 9 egarding as sacred those Memories ,e 1 ntered in our Year Book, e, the staff of this yearis Annual, ' ,vereame with difficulty our many obstacles. . 1 eadily, willing, ever did we strive- l,l!ll!l'lllilll!d for the best Slcirmisher in 1945 C 0 0l5?0fl!VlZfI7'l0!VJ' JWIWN JIXXVIM NHIIWL FMULTY UMNYEN IIILITMY .JW -...i 1 ' 1 X wg 1 X Y-' 'xv ,W ,.. . ,, , L. , .f 1, g,.X7' .,Xlv' 1- EDICATIO those of Fork Union Military Acad- emy who, with undying loyalty to their country and fellow-men, have made the supreme sacrifice for the defense of these United States of America, We, The Senior Classes, do humbly dedicate this, our Skirmisher of 19415. . X SQA A . E t X! X XX xx XTX qs , NF LWFX K Q i' X 9 1 GULD STAR BULL 0F HIINIIR Second Lieutenant Private .........,......... ....... Corporal ..... Flight OWCET.. Second Lieutenant Sergeant ....,............ . ..,, .. First Lieutenant ,..,............ Private ..,...........,.,....,,.....,. Second Lieutenant Private ,..,...,..., ,........,,. ,.,., Technical-Sergeant Second Lieutenant Sergeant ........,..,..... ..,.... First Lieutenant , ,...,.,... .,... Second Lieutenant Private .,......,,.,,.........,...,,.. Second Lieutenant Private ............,...... ....... First Lieutenant .......t,..,.... 2 R. B. ANTHONY ..,..,.i W. L. ARRINCTON.. R. K. ELLIS ......,.....,. ..........United States Army .........LTnited States Army .. United States Army R. H. FLANNAGAN, JR. ............ United States Army Air Forces R. V. FOwLKEs, JR. ...,......... . W. D. GIBSON ,........ D. V. LEILICH .,.. . ,. D. B. NICSWEEN ,....... E. L. MORGAN ,..,,.. I. B. MYERS ............, H. C. PATTERSON ....... E. B. PERKINS ......,... W. C. PORTER ...... W. W. PUTNEY ......... C. O. RETAN ............. L. A. SEWARD, JR .,...... W. THOMAS .......,...... M. L. WOLFGANG ....... P. A. WOOD ,............, United States Army Air Forces .United States Army United States Army Air Forces ...................United States Army .United States Army Air Forces .United States Army Air Forces United States Army .United States Army Air Forces .......United States Marine Corps .United States Army Air Forces ........,..United States Paratroops ...,......United States Army ....................United States Army United States Army Air Forces ....................United States Army 24- RIILL 0F H0 .S. Army U S. Army U . S. Army . S. Army U U. S. Army S. A. A. F. S. Navy U. S. Navy Pvt.-J. A. Adair ..... Maj.-T. B. Adair .... Pvt.-R. W. Adair ...... Pvt.-J. W. Ailstock ...,.... Pvt.--J. H. Alexander .,...... Capt.-R. C. Alexander '...... .... AXP.-H. N. Allen .......,.. S. lfc-M. C. Allen Sgt.-W. B. Allen ..,..... .....,........ Cadet-R. D. Anderson ......... L' Pvt.-T. T. Andrew, Jr. .,..,,....... .. Pvt.-I. F. Andrews ..,.,... Pvt.-E. B. Bailey ...,... Pvt.-J. P. Bain ,....... .,.. Ist Ll.-R. H. Bain .,.,... .... Pvt.-F. J. Baldasano. S. llc-J. R. Baldasano S. Army l. S. Naval Academ Y S. Army S. Army S. Army S. Army S. A. A. F. S.Army U. S. Coast Guard Pvt.-J. T. Banks ..,,.... Capt.-S. W. Banks ...,,.... 2nd Lt.-C. N. Barbieri... Pvt.-J. H. Barnhill .,..,.... Pvt.-F. F. Bartelemes ,... Cpl.-L. M. Bartha .,.. AKC.-B. B. Bartlett ....... AKC.-A. S. Bass, Jr. ...,.. Pfc.-L. F. Bates ......., Ens. -R. S. Bates ........... U. S. Army U .S. Army .S. Army . S. Army . S. Army U S. Army U s. N. A. F. .....U. S. N. A. F. U. S. Army S. N. R. 21111 Lx.-H. L. Begle ....... ....... L l. S. Paratroops Pvt.--W. C. Bell . ........... ...,..... U . S. A. A. F. 2nd Lt.-W. M. Belt ...,...... .......,. U .S. Rangers Pvt.-I. Bernstein .........., ...,..,.. U . S. M. C. Pvt.--S. L. Billups ...,................. ......... U . S. Army Sgt.-P. B. Blackwell ,...............,.,.......... U. S. Army Isl LL.-R. H. Blain ,.,.......................,. U. S. A. A. F. Brig. Cell.-W. P. Boatwright ........,... U. S. Army Maj.-A. W. Bollard .,.,.....................,... U. S. Army Pvt.-P. L. Boyd ..,..,..... ..,... ........ L l .S. Army Cpl.-T. M. Bradford ..........,..,.......,...... U. S. Army Pvt.-T. H. Branch ................ ............... U .S. Army Carle!-J. P. Brantley ........... U. S. Naval Academy Sgt.-'-R. S. Brinkerhoff, Jr. .................... U. S. Army WXU.-C. L. Britts .........,...................,. U. S. Army Pvt.-C. C. Broadstreet .......... ........ U . S. Army Pvt.--K. F. Brock ............. ........ U .S. Army Pvt.-J. Broida ......,......., .....,.. U . S. Army Pvt.-J. L. Brooks ............. .,...... U . S. Army Af S.-J. D. Brown ................ ........ U .S. N. R. 21101 Lt.-J. T. Broyhill ....... ,. ....,.., U. S. Army M-aj.-R. Bruce .................. ......... U . S. Army Lt.-A. J. Buchinsky ........ ......... U . S. N. R. Sgt.-F.. P. Burgess, Jr. ,..... ......... I l. S. Army Lt.-W. 0. Burgess .......,.. ......... T. T. S. Navy AXP.-D. O. Burns .......... ..,...... U . S. Navy Pvt.-C. F.. Buzby .............. ......... U .S. Army 2nd LZ.-G. M. Cale . ....... ....... L l. S. Army 2nd Lt.-J. C. Campbell ,....., S. Army NUR 233 2nd Lt.-R. Campbell ............................ U. S. Army A,f'S.-W. T. Cannon .................. U. S. Coast Guard Sgt.--T. J. Cannon ....,.... ................ U . S. M. C. Pfc.-S. J. Capone ...... ........... U . S. Army Pfc.-F. J. Cardone .............. ............. U . S. Army AKC.-C. VV. Carneal .....,................... U. S. A. A. F. A.R.M. 3,fc.-L. F. Casale ........ .......... U . S. Navy Pvt.-P. Chakers . ................ .......... U . S. M. C. Pvt.--H. G. Chandler ....... S. Army lst Lt.-R. S. Chapman ........ .......... U . S. Army Pvt.-C. E. Charles .......... .....,.... U . S. Army Maj.-W. H. Chewning ............. .......... U . S. Army Maj.--Z. W. Chewning, Jr ...,.,.. .......... U .S. Army Lt.-B. N. Chisholm ............ .......... U .S.Army Cpl.-E. S. Clay, Jr. ........... ............. U . S. Army A,fS.-P. M. Clayman .......... .......... U .S. N. C. B. S. llc.-J. L. Clayton ........ .......... U . S. Navy S. lfc.-J. Clements ......... .............. U . S. Navy AKC.-W. l. Clements ...... .......... U . S. A. A. F. 2nd Lt.-A. J. Cole ......,.. ......... U . S. Army Sgt.-J. R. Comstock ......... .......,.. U . S. Army Cpl.-J. A. Conway ....... .......... U . S. Army S. 3fc.-T. H. Cook ..,... ......... L l. S. Navy lst Lt.-J. H. Cosby .......... .......... U . S. Army S. Sgt.-H. A. Craig ........ ..,....... U .S.Army Pvt.-P. M. Cropp ...,..... ............. U . S. Army S. Sgt.-S. A. Crostic ........ .......... U . S. A. A. F. Pvc.-F. A. Crowder ............. .......... U . S. Army S. 3,"c.-R. M. Crowell ......... ........,. U . S. Navy AKC.-H. Crutchfield ........ .......... U . S. A. A. F. Cpl.-J. H. Crutchfield ........, ..,....... U . S. A. A. F. AJS.-J. H. Crutchfield ....... Pvt.-K. S. Cummings ..... U. S. Navy U. S. Army Cpl.-D. J. D7Angelo ......... ......... U . S. Army AKC.-F. R. De Herget ....... .......,..... U . S. M. C. AKC.-D. M. Depp ............ ......... U .S. A. A. F. Cpl.--R. A. Detwiler ..... Pvt.-A. A. Di Santi .... Pvt.-J. F. Dlxon ......... Lf.-R. H. Dolson ......... AKC.-E. W. Dorey. .... . Cpl.-N. G. Doughtie ....... Pvt.-R. H. Downing ..... Cpl.-H. V. Draper ......... S.A. A. F. S. Army U. S.Army U. S. Army S. A. A. F. U. S. Army U. S. Army U. S. Army U. S. Army Pvt.-W. B. Draper .. Capt.-R. K. Drumwright, Jr ................. U. S. Army Pvt.-W. B. Drury ,. .. AXS.-C. A. Dunbar .......... S gt.- Pvt.- Pvt. Cpl. E. Dunnavant .... J. East ......... . H. Eaton . .... . E. Edrington .. Eisman . Pvt. . Cpl U .. . . S. Army S.Navy U . S. Army . U. S. Army U. S. A. A. F. U. S. M. C. U . ..... . S. Army .-G. B. Ellington ............. ....... U . S. Army Brig. Gen.-H. L. Earnest ............ ..... U .S. Army AUS.--J. C. Evans .......,.......... .,.....,. U .S. Navy 10 H' Il Il I.lL I8 I? ll I3 FW ID lst Ll.-F. Fancher .. Pvt.--B Pvt.-P Pvt.---J. Ens.-L Pvt.-E . A. Farina W . Fekas .... D. Fetzer .,..... B. Fields ,..... F. Files ,... S. Sgt.--W. F. Firneisen Pvt.-R. Fisk .....,...... S. UC-J. R. Fitterer... S. lfc-R. E. Fitterer... Pvt.-C. P. Fletcher ....... S. Sgt.-W. J. Folkes ...... Sgt.-F.. F. Foster ........,.. S. Sgt.-D. P. Fowley ,.....,. 2na'. Lt.-A. F. Free .....,.... Cpl.-B. W. French, Jr. ..... AJC.-R. E. Gardyne .... Capt.-H. L. Garnett ......,,,.... Pvt.-E. F. Gaffreau ....,........... U. S. Army . ....,., U. S. Army S U. . Army S. Army U .S. Navy S. M. C. WU. S. Army S. Army .,.,.U. S. Navy ....,U. S. Navy U. S. A. A. F. S. Army ,. U. S. Army U. S. A. A. F. U. S. A. A. F. U. S. Army U. S. A. A. F. U. S. A. A. F. .....,.....British Army Lt. fj.g.j-E. A. M. Gendreau, ,lr .,...... U. S. Navy Pvt.-L. Pvt.-F. Pvt.-J. Pvt.-B Pvt.-D . Goodacre ........ A fC.-J G Pvt.- T. Getterman, Jr .,.,... S. Gibson ....,......,..., A. Gladis .........,...,. B. Golby ,.....,, . A. Goode ,...,.. J. Gottlieb .........,,., lk S. Army MMU. S. Army U. S. Army ....U. S. Army U. S. Army U. S. A. A. F. ....U. S. Army S. Paratroops ....U. S. Army U. S. M. G. U. S. Army U. S. A. A. F. U. S. M. C. U. S. Army U. S. Navy U S. A. A. F. 2nd Lt.-A. H. Grafe ..................,. U. 2nd Lt.-E. L. Grasty, Jr. ............... . Pvt.--A. H. Green ........,,,....., ..... Pvt.-J. C. Greene ................. AKC.-P. H. Griffith, Jr. ..,.... . Pvt.-J. E. Guynne .,........... T. Sgt.-H. H. Hackett ..,....... Elzs.-E. E. Haden ...,..,..,.... AKC.-C. M. Hadlock ........ Sgt.-R. F. Hagan .......... AXC.-G. L. Harden ....., Pvt.-W. C. Harding Capt.-W. H. Hare Pvt.-R. M. Harris ..... S. lfc.-F. R. Hatch ........ Pfc.-W. P. Hatton ...........,,..,.. Pfc.-J. E. Hawks ...,..........,. .,.... ....... U. S. Army U. S. A. A. F. .. U. S. Army U. S. A. A. F. S.Army S. Navy S. Army U. S. A. A. F. Cadet-H. F. Haws ........... U. S. Military Academy Medical Stunfent-E. M. Herring, Jr. ...., A. S. T. P. ' U . S. Army Pvt.-R. T. Hicks .................................... S. 3fc.-N. B. Hoffman ...,...... lst Lt.--W. Holberton ........ , Capt.-J. S. Holbrook ...,..... Pvt.-R. Cpl.-P. B. Holland ,....,.. R. Horne, Jr. .... . lst Lt.-M. Hovnanian Pvt.-J. Pvt.-R. Pvt.-H. ll Hubbell ,.......... G. Huddleston ...... W. Huff .....,...... S.Navy . S. Army U S. Army U . S. Army S. Army U .S.Army S. Army U. S. A. A. F. S. Army ll A- Sgt.---1. K. Humphrey .,..........,...,,..,.,. U. S. A. A. F. 21161 Lt.-J. T. Humphrey ..............,....... U. S. Army S. 3,'c.-H. B. Hyman .,...................,....,. U. S. Navy Cpl.-H. C. lsabel ..,..,..,..............,..,...,.. U. S. Army Sgt.-C. I. Johnson .. .....,. U. S. Paratroops Pvt.-R. E. Johnson .,.,,...,...... U. S. Army Sgt.-V. B. Johnson ,.,,. ,.........., U . S. Army 21161 Lf.-W. L. Johnson... 2nd Lt.-W. A. LefHer ...,, Pvt.-J. N. Lithgow ..... S. A. A. F. mwrec'u5v'emmsewm"efef5m9f:5f:Cu9f:rereNs. meg-'uNeQx,geeXeT3h:z: r czeiaw r,tLglT,uL,Li,, gp-'IpmeW'a':aHLgFQ5W'O mr11FiZ'f' F1TUU9Pa'g'-?'- KOH.. gF'cnT'Nm 7S771x....7Q,'5 fp" 'Jo' 5 morn- f-f-IWVTIOG-.'-s,...gq75'1W7j-.7Q5ma4u, rDrn,a: "'f-1H4u1..,7r'v-r-'--,...: me --:"fF-lE',Z',.'rDDJ8-v-i'l3'45':52"'.E2-"-Z55- EEg'fgg3g201H,-kf1i'3Qoo:.2AgF332 53:swQ.'afLs:'f:g55 w'25:.2 2322525552515 9:55552 2 5573559353 i?g52 i5CE?? A 1 ii Ei ii 555E3i:T52E5E5EE?EE5i5iEf1 555135E2g5222C55EgQ5Q3Q5f-, S3'E:5IE3'?3S3t4g:'C5E'3g'JF3gnf3'CgIgI?f5'lCEIE:3 wwwwwwgwwwmwwwwwmwwwmwi ifaaaaaaiaafwrfaaiaiafs 55Q5':5'5545:'45.-,j554c:'4:Sc-35-f C2 mf: Fr P' 71 . S. Army Pvt.-J. N. Leonard ,...,.... ......... U . S. Army Pvt.-D. E. Lugg ,,.,...., .....,.. l l. S. Army Pvt.-J. F. Lynch .,,.,.,,. ......... U . S. Army Pvt.-D. T. Lyon .,....,... ,..................... U . S. Army Pvt.-R. S. Lysle ......,..,..,....,....,.....,.. U. S. A. A. F. Pvt.-T. O. McAdoo .....................,........ U. S. Army Cadet-J. G. F. McCabe ..,. U. S. Merch. Mar. Acad. AJS.-J. F. McClellan ......., U. S. Merchant Marine S. 3,fc-W. G. McCorkle ........,...,.....,..,. U. S. Navy Pvt.--N. D. McCoss ............. ........ U . S. Army S. lfc-McCoy .... ....,..,.,.,..... ...........,. U . S. Navy S. Sgt.--J. A. McCrary .......... .....,... U . S. A. A. F. Pvt.-R. S. McDonald ...,,,..,... Pvt.-W. B. MacDonald ....,... Pvt.-W. McDonough ,.....,. S. Army S. Army S. A. A. F. S. 3fc-T. K. McDowell ,,...... ....... U .S. Navy U S Pfc.-C. D. Mclilween ......,..,....,. .....,.. . .Army 2nd Lt.-G. R. McLeod, Jr .,.,,.... ........ U . S. Army Pvt.-R. N. McLeod .,............ .....,.. U .S. Army Pvt.-I. W. MacNab .......... ..,..... U . S. Army Pfc.-W. McPherson lst Lt.--C. A. Magill ..,... S. Sfc-J. Main .. S. M. C. U. S. Army f.'ff.'fff.U. s. Navy Pvt.-J. S. Musser ....,.,.., 23, RULL 0F ll0NOR X? Pvt.-F. L. Marshall ..... .......,.,,.,...,. . U. S. Army lst Lt.-R. C. Marshall... ............ U. S. Paratroops Cpl.-V. H. Marshall ...... ........... U . S. Army Pvt.-A. P. Mays ........,,.... .........,.,, U . S. A. A. F. Capt.-E. J. Merrick .,....,,,.,,.......,..... U. S. A. A. F. M. M. lfc-T. R. Messick ....,..,,. U. S. Coast Guard 2nd Lt.-D. F. Midgett . ....,......,........ U. S. Army T. Sgt.-C. F. Midgett .,..,...... ...,....., U . S. A. A. F. Capt.-H. C. Miles ......... .,..,,.... U . S. Army 2nd LLMC. F.. Miller .,.,. .......... U . S. A. A. F. AIS.-P. M. Miller .,.......... ........., U . S. N. R. 2110? Lt.-W. C. Miller ....,.. .,........ U . S. A. A. F. Pfc.-W. R. Miller ,.,,..., ........ U . S. M. C. 2nd Lt.-W. T. Miller .... .. .......... U. S. A. A. F. Pilot-H. C. Mitchell ,...,.... ....,..,.. U . S. A. A. F. Sgt. Pilot-L. H. Moore . ,,........ U. S. A. A. F. AXS.-F.. L. Morgan ....... ......... U .S. Navy AXS.-J. P. Morrisette ...... ..,..... U . S. N. R. lst Lt.-N. B. Moseley ,.......... ...,...... U . S. A. A. F. S. lfc-J. A. Moye ,.,...,..,. ,..,,..... U .S. Navy Pvt.-S. H. Mulford, Jr. .......... U. S. Army AUC.-R. J. Murphy ......... ,......... U . S. A. A. F. AKC.-C. C. Muse, Jr. ...,.. .....,.... U .S. A. A. F. AKC .-W. E. Nelson ........,.. Pvt.-R. C. Newcomb .....,.. Pvt.-fC. F. Newton. ,... , U. S. Army S. A. A. F. U. S. Army S. A. A. F. Pvt.-J. C. Nuttall .....,........ ......,..... U . S. Army Cpl.-E. B. Old ...............,,.,... .....,.... U . S. A. A. F. Capt.-R. C. Omohundro ,..,... ........,. U . S. A. A. F. AKC.-L. E. Opheim ......... .,,..,... U . S. A. A. F. AflC.'--J. W. Owens ...,.... .......... U .S. N. A. F. Pvt. Capt -D. Parker '........, . .-H. C. Parker .,.,.. Pvt.-D. K. Parkey ........... H.A Pvt. Pvt. . lfc-J. L. Patterson -A. C. Payne ......... -C. Pearce ..... .,.,.... Pvt.-B. L. Perkins, Jr. .... . AKC .-J. L. Perkms ,......... Pvt.-R. C. Perkins ...... Com mander'-W. B. Perkins S. lfc-C. R. Perry .,,.......... Capt.-E. E. Phillips Pvt.-C. T. Phillips ..... Cpl.--J. C. Phillips ..,..,. Pvt.--J. D. Pichea Pvt.-J. C. Pierce.. Pvt.-C. W. Pitts ....., AJC.-A. F.. Polizos .. Lt.-J. W. Polk ........... AXS.-H. S. Porter ...... Pvt.-W. J. Post ......... T. Sgt.-F.. K. Powers ,. AXP.-J. B. Pozza ..., S. 3,fc-J. G. Praegner S. Army U. S. Army U. S. Army U. S. Navy U. S. Army U. S. Army S.Army U. S. A. A. F. S. Army S.Navy U. S. Navy S. Army U. S. M. C. S. Army U. S. M. C. S. Army U. S. Army S. A. A. F. S. A. A. F. U. S. Navy U. S.Army S. A. A. F. U. S. Navy U. S. Navy S. lfc-YV. R. Preddy, Jr. ,..............,.... U. S. Navy Pvt.-F. C. Pruitt .... ........................,. U . S. Army AfC.-N. Rohiecki, Jr. Cadet-R. C. Radice ...,.... . .........,.... U. S. N. A. F. Military Academy Pvt.-C. B. Ragland .... ..........,............ U .S. Army Pvt.-R. C. Ragland .....,....................... U. S. M. R. S. 3,f'c-D. B. Ralph ......... ,.,..,... U .S. Navy Pvt.--E. H. Rand, Jr. .....,,.,,.. ........ U . S. Army Capt.-H. A. Ransone, ,lr ...... ,.,....,. U . S. Army M. S.-A. Rappaport ....... ........... . U. S. Navy A,.'lC.'W. C. Rathburn ..............,.,... U. S. A. A. F. AIS.-R. L. Rawls ..........................,....... U. S. N. R. AXS.-F. E. Reed ,...,...... ...U. S. Merchant Marine Capt.-I. R. Reeves . ...,,......... U. S. A. A. F. S. Qfc-E. Reho .......,....... .......,... U .S. Navy S. lfc-R. R. Reigner ...... .......... U . S. Navy S. lfc-YV. J. Reiner ...,.., .........,.,, U . S. Navy AKC.-H. P. Reis-Fl Bara ......... U. S. A. A. F. S. 3, 'l'V c-A. C. Rennie .. ,......., U. S. Navy Pvt.-C. S. Richer ......,. .,...... U .S. M. C. Pfc.-H. W. Roberts ......... .......... . .U. S. Army AXC.-J. B. Roberts ...... . S. Zfc-R. F. Roberts ..... Put.-J. F. Robrecht, III ......... Pvt.-L. R. Rochow .............. Cpl.-G. Rollo ..,. ......... . .. Pvt.--A. C. Rondinone ........ S. 2f'c-W.-J. Rowe ......... Cpl.-C. B. Russell ....... Pvt.-C. C. Salmons Pvt.-M. F. Santy ,.,,,,... Sgt.-L. B. Savedge ..... AKC.-F.. F.. Schaeffer ...... Pvt.-C. L. Schnader .,... .. S. lfc-R. D. Schuman Pfc.-H. T. Scott ............ Pvt.-J. C. Seiferth ....... S. 3fc-B. N. Selz ....... , Cpl.-M. H. Sexton .. Lt.-H. E. Seymour .,....., . AXC.-WY. J. Shepherd ...., Pvt.--R. J. Siembach ....... ..,....,,.U.S.A.A.F. S.Navy S.M.C. U. S. Army S.Army .......U. S. Army . ....... U.S.Navy U.S.Army U.S.Army U.S.Army U.S.Army . ....,..... U. S. A. A. F. S. Paratroops U. S. N. C. B. U. S. M. C. U. S. M. C. U. S. Navy . ......... U. S. A. A. F. U. S. Army U. S. N. A. F. U. S. A. A. F. Col.-W. R. Silvey .... ............. U. S. Army Cadet-J. E. Sivert ....... ......., N aval R. O. T. C. Pvt.--R. Skalko ......... ....,............ U . S. Army AKC.-M. F. Skipper ....,.........,.........,. U. S. A. A. F. S. lfc-J. H. Smith ........... U. S. Merchant Marine Ensign-B. B. Smyth ,.....,.,,.,...........,.., U. S. Navy Cpl.-E. Snead ..., . ....,,.......,......,....,. U. S. Army S. lfc-E. J. Snead, Jr ......,,. ....., U . S. Navy AXS.-J. P. Snead ,.......... ....,..., U .S. Navy Pvt.-R. C. Snead ........ ......... U .S. Army Pvt.--R. Snead ..... . ,.,,. ......... U . S. Army lst Lt.-R. P. Snead ........ ......... U . S. Army Comm.-Wm. Snead ......,.. ....,.,... U . S. Navy Sgt.-M. E. South ........ .....,... U . S. Army 12 23, RIILL 0F Il0NOR 232 lst Li.-C. M. Spencer Ensign-FI. A. Spencer Comm..-F. A. Spencer-.. 2nd Lt.-F. Spivey, Jr. ...... , Sgt.-P. A. Spottswood ...A..A, .... .,.. Pvt.--J. L. Stavola ........,. Pvt.-W. B. Stephens .. S. lfc-D. J. Stevens Pvt.-F. P. Stone .,.... 27111 Lt.-E. W. Strange Pvt. A, C -K. E. Sutton ..... .-B. L. Swingle .... Capt.-O. F. Tabler Pvt.-D. P. Tata ..,.. Pvt.-D. T. Taylor ......, Capt.-S. H. Taylor ..... Pvt.-W. J. Taylor ..........,. , S. 2fc-D. O. Templeman . Pvt.-H. W. Templeman, Jr. .,... ,.... Pvt.--Wm. A. Terry ..,,,.,.,.. Pvt.-H. M. Thompson ...... S. lfc-S. C. Tilman ,.,....., Capt.-J. C. Todd ..........,.. Pvt.-C. F.. Townsend ........ Pfc.-G. A. Townsend ..,.... Pvt.-L. S. Tuck, Jr ....... Pvt.-R. L. Tuthill ..,.......... Pvt.-T. G. Vaughan, Ir ...,. Pvt.-J. A. Van Horn ...,, AXS.-G. N. Vann ........ Sgt.-J. A. Ventura .......,... 2nd Lt.-G. M. Vergakis ..... Ist Lt.-A. Volper, Jr ....,. lst Lt.-J. G. Vonetes ..... S. 3X0-S. A. Votsis ..., Pvt.-L. A. Waas ...,......., AKC.-C. L. Waldron ......... 13 U. S. Army S.Navy .U. S. Navy U. S. A. A. F. U. S. A. A. F. U. S. Army S. Army U. S. Navy U. S. M. C. U. S. Army ,..U. S. Army U. S. A. A. F. U. S. A. A. F. U. S. Army U. S. Army U. S. Army U .S. Army ......... U. S. Navy U S . .Army ....U. S. Army S. M. C. S. Navy S. Army S. M. C. S. Army U. S. A. A. F. U. S. M. C. S. Army S. Army S. Navy U. S. A. A. F. ,........ U.S.Army S. Army S.Army U. S. Navy .. U. S. Army U. S. A. A. F. 2- f A,fC.-G. S. Waldron... f1f'C.-W. VV. Waller ..,.,.,. ,..,.,.. fl, C.-A. M. Ward, Jr.. ., ..,. ,. .. Pvl.4M. C. Ward ,.,. ,.,.. . ,... . Capt.-L. H. Wiaters, Jr. .,..,. ....,... , 21111 LI.-H. C. Watkiiis ..... .. C. P. O.-A. D. Watson .,.. ,..... Pvl.-'W. M. Wfalson ..... Pvt.-G. S. Webster ....... 2nd Lt.-Ft. C. Wells .. Pfc.-Weymouth ., S. lgc-C. N. White... Pvt.-W. White . .,.....,...,.. .. S. cf-M. M. Wicks .,,..,... Pvt.-L. F. Wiesinger ,.., Pvt.-R. A. Willett .,...,... Ca Jt.-E. R. Williams ........ ....., I S. ljfc-G. L. Williams ,. Pvt U. S. A. A. F. U. S. A. A. F. U. S. A. A. F. , U. S. Army U. S. A. A. F. . U. S. Army .. U. S. Navy S. Army ,. U. S. M. C. U. S. A. A. F. S.M.C. U. S. Navy U. S. Army U. S. Navy U. S. Army U. S. Army ...,U. S. Army U. S. Navy .-R. Willing ..,..,.. S. Paratroops Cpl.-B. C. Winn ..... U. S. Army Lf.-T. A. Withers ...,. R. A. F. Pvt.-W. R. Witt ....... U. S. Army Pvt.-H. Wood ...........,,.. ..., U . S. Army lst Lt.-H. S. Wood ,.,.,.,,.,..,.. ......... U .S. Army Pvt.-T. M. Wood ..................... ..,..,.. U . S. Army A,fC.-F. L. Woodruff, IH ......,......... U. S. A. A. F. Capt.-R. Woodward .......................... U. S. Army AKC.-J. H. Wright ,....,......... ..,......, U .S. A. A. F. S. 3!'c-W. A. Wriston... .. U. S. Navy Pvt.-J. S. Wylie ........ U. S. A. A. F. Pfc.-G. E. Young ..,,.......... ......,,,, U . S. Army S. 3fc-J. N. Young .............. ,........, U .S. Navy Q. M. 3fc-O. H. Young .,.....,,............... U. S. Navy AUC.-W. C. Yowell ..,,......... .......... U . S. N. A. F. S. 3fc-W. L. Yowell .....,... ......... U .S. Navy Capt.-W. D. Zydiak ..,,....,. ......... U . S. Army Sgt.-F. C. Zyzes ,..,.....,.. ...,...,. U . S. Army up-i"'-.1 4' X Qllix 1--far' T X f vi Y Q Q al sv . , . 1 1 X x Jrnl. J. WICKER CHAPEL N JOH XA Lin i x .1 N K Ak W 5 'ki' 1, v :Ii A A :ue U33 XT: a t , - -lv V' I 4 u I '-f A' I ' , h A A V, t -. V V , 1 ' "typ ' ': y VS: ' - V' - 4 " . -. X A -if V :Q i - ' . 3, 1. X 1 -XX' . ' fl ' iff' ,gn 1 l 'x M , 3 ' E. ' fs 1 V 1 , -4 Q.. V 5 -A . A I Q A :N , .. ,nfs Q. ' A ' w'.Qkf"x- pl- !".- K '55 ' ' vm? 3 .. 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Coe pon the following pages will appear the faces of the members of our beloved Faculty. They have given of their best in time, patience, and knowledge to help us Hincrease in wisdom and stature and in the favor of God and man." Many times have we caused them to painfully administer the justice which we needed but they hated to giveg many times have we done them injustices. Yet were they always willing to give assistance when we were in need of it. We, The Senior Classes, salute You our Instructors with the hope that we shall carry forth the ideals which you have en- deavored to teach. FAC LTY S xx i Xxx RXG... + NNN XL,iw-0-,,.,.4,-ii". ai-ss vLI, HSPMXNLY- 'XS Z' X -1,-+..,, 2,971- I-4A,,f'!Z-avg?" J,,,, JOHN JORDAN WICKER, Th.G., D.D. Richmond College, Southern Theological Seminary, President and Biblical Lecturer, Pastor, Baltimore, Maryland, First Church, Trenton, New Jersey, Leigh Street Church, Richmond, Virginia, Evangelist, Lecturer, World Traveler, President Fork Union Military Academy, 1930- A ' 1 QI! I .1 11 COLONEL NATHANIEL JAMES PERKINS, AB. Denison University, Assistant Principal High School, Nashville, Illinois, 1902-1903, Principal City Grammar School, Aspen, Colorado, 1903-1904-, Principal High School, Sanford, Florida, 1906-1914, Principal High School, Carysbrook, Virginia, 1914-1916, Instructor Fork Union Military Academy, 1916-1917, Acting President Fork Union Military Academy, 1917-1918, President Fork Union Military Academy, 1913-1930, Headmaster, Academic Department, Instructor in Latin and German, Fork Union Military Academy, 1930- 1 I LIEUTENANT COLONEL FRANK ALLEN CROCKETT, A.B. Virginia Military Institutcg Instructor, Blackstone Military Academy, 1927-1931, Instructor in Mathematics, Fork Union Military Academy, 1931- g Com mandant. LIEUTENANT JERRY WILLIAM DEYOUNG Graduate and Post Graduate, Fork Union Military Academy, Executive Oliicer and Adjutant, Fork Union Military Academy, 1944- MAJOR WILLIAM IETHRO SMITH, IR. Graduate International Ac- countants Society, Chicago, Illi- noisg Certificate in Governmen- tal Accounting, University of Richmond, State Auditor Pub- lic Accounts for The Common- wealth of Virginia from 1935- 19435 Treasurer, Fork Union Military Academy, 1943- Colonel Snead Major Thomas Major Robertson LT. COL. EDWIN J. SNEAD, A.B. University of Richmond, Principal of High School, Pedlar Mills, Virginia, 1909-1911, Head of Mathematics Department, Fork Union Military Academy, 1915- MAJOR CHARLES G. THOMAS, JR., B.S. Virginia Polytechnic Institute, One year post-graduate, Virginia Polytechnic Institute, Elec- trical Engineering, Assistant Freshman Coach and Assistant Mathematics Instructor, Virginia Polytechnic Institute, 1925-1926, Athletic Director, Fork Union Military Academy, 1930- MAJOR COSBY M. ROBERTSON, B.S., B.A., B.D. Miller School, Richmond University, Crozer Theological Seminary, Pastor of First Baptist Church, Buckhannan, West Virginia, First Baptist Church, Cambridge, Maryland, First Baptist Church, Farmville, Virginia, Chaplain in United States Army with 7th Field Artillery, 1918-1920, Instructor in Chemistry and Bible, Fork Union Military Academy, 1920-1931, Instructor in Bible, Fork Union Military Academy, 194-2-194-3, Instructor in English, Fork Union Military Academy, 194-3- MAJOR HAROLD R. KELLY, A.B., M.A. V University of Richmond, B.A., University of Virginia, M.A., Principal Lignum High School, 1928-1931, Headmaster, Lower School, Fork Union Military Academy, 1932-1933, Instructor in French, Fork Union Military Academy, 1934- MAJOR HARRY M. WALDRON, A.B., M.A. University of Richmond, A.B., University of Virginia, M.A., Graduate Work in English at Harvard University, Principal, Moneta High School, 1926-1927, Instructor in English, Georgia School of Technology, 1929-1932, Assistant Principal, Stewartsville High School, 1933-1934-, Head- master Lower School, Fork Union Military Academy, 1934--1935, Instructor in English, Fork Union Military Academy, 1935- MAJOR J. R. WILDMAN, A.B., M.A. University of North Carolina, A.B., University of Virginia, M.A., Science Instructor, San- ford, Florida, High School, three years, Principal, Sanford Grammar School, one year, Principal, Crozet fVa.D High School, two years, U. S. Army, 1918-1919, Instructor in English and Latin, Fork Union Military Academy, 1919-1925, Principal, Wytheville School, 1925-1939, Principal, Don River High School, 1939-194-0, Instructor in Senior English, Fork Union Military Academy, 1940- . - F,- Major Kelly Major Waldron Major Wildman Captain Edgerton Captain Reichenbach Captain Hunt CAPTAIN GEORGE R. EDGERTON Southern Conservatory of Musicg Head of Music Department, Director of Band, Fork Union Military Academy, 1928- CAPTAIN HERBERT F. REICHENBACH, A.B. Georgetown College, Instructor, McKinney Consolidated School, 1936, Instructor in History, Fork Union Military Academy, 1937, Instructor in Modern History, Fork Union Military Academy, 1937-1939g Instructor in Economics and Commercial Law, Fork Union Military Academy, 1940- 194-2g Faculty Advisor to Skirmisher, 1944- g Instructor in Mathematics, Fork Union Military Academy, 1943- CAPTAIN JOHN M. HUNT, A.B. Hampden-Sydney College, Athletic Director and Instructor in French, Lawrenceville High School, 1931-1934-g Athletic Director and Instructor in Mathematics, Volens High School, 1934- 19375 Instructor in Mathematics and Assistant Coach, Fork Union Military Academy, 1937- CAPTAIN WALTER R. HUDGINS, B.A., M.A. Richmond Collegeg University of Richmond, Graduate Assistant, University of Richmond, Teacher of Biology, Faculty Advisor to Skirmisher, Fork Union Military Academy, 1941-1943, Instructor in Physics and Radio, Fork Union Military Academy, 1943- ' CAPTAIN JOHN I. KEMPF, B. S. University of Virginia, B.S.g Work in Education, Upsala College, Faculty Advisor to Skirmisher, 1944- 5 Instructor in Spanish, Fork Union Military Academy, 1942- CAPTAIN .IOSIAH A. STANLEY, A.B. College of William and Maryg University of Richmond, Graduate work in Educationg Twenty years high school principal, Instructor in General Science, Fork Union Military Academy, 1942- Captain Hudgins Captain Kempf Captain Stanley Captain Payne I Captain D. W. Charlton Captain Zoll CAPTAIN WALTER J. PAYNE, JR., B.S., B.Mus., M.A. Bluefield College, State Teachers College, Farmville, Virginia, Sherwood Music School of Chicago, Principal of School, Appomattox County, Supervisor of Schools, Mecklenburg County, Teacher and Supervisor of State Teachers College, Farmville, Virginia, Instructor in Chemistry and Voice, Director of Glee Club, Fork Union Military Academy, 1942- CAPTAIN DAVID W. CHARLTON, B.A., M.A., B.D. University of Richmond, University of Pennsylvania, Crozer Theological Seminary, Taught in Annapolis High School, Annapolis, Maryland, Pastor, First Baptist Church, Altavista, Virginia, and Eastport Baptist Church, Annapolis, Maryland, Instructor in Modern History, Fork Union Military Academy, 1942- CAPTAIN OLIVER R. ZOLL . Illinois State Normal University, Summer work, University of Chicago and Peabody Teachers College, Principal and Supervisor of Schools in Illinois, Instructor, U. S. Army School, Camp Grant, Illinois, 1919-1921, Superintendent, Rock District Schools, West Virginia, 1921-1932, Instruc- tor in Mathematics, Fork Union Military Academy, 1942- CAPTAIN HUBERT W. CHARLTON, B.A, University of Richmond, University of Virginia, George Washington University and Uni- versity of Rennes, France, Principal of Virginia high schools for fourteen years, Instructor in History, Fork Union Military Academy, 1943- CAPTAIN JAMES A. ROE, B.A., M.A. A Eastern Teachers College, University of Kentucky, Instructor and Principal for eighteen years in the public schools of Kentucky, Instructor in General Science, Fork Union Military Academy, 1943-1944, Instructor in Biology, Fork Union Military Academy, 194-4- CAPTAIN LOUIE R. DAVIS, A.B. . Birmingham Southern College, Instructor, Florida Military Academy, Instructor in Ancient History, Fork Union Military Academy, 1943- Captain H. W. Charlton Captain Roe Captain Davis Captain Buck Captain Goodman Captain Rouse CAPTAIN E. C. BUCK, JR., Ph.B. Milligan College, University of Virginiag Ten years, experience as high school principal, Instructor in Mathematics, Greenbrier Military Schoolg Instructor in Mathematics, Fork Union Military Academy, 194-3- CAPTAIN IRVIN GOODMAN, A.B. Elizabethtown Collegeg University of Pennsylvaniag The Knowles-Fioard School, Stevens Institute of Technologyg Two years' study in France, Spain, and England, Private Instructor, Translator and Interpreterg Instructor in Latin, Fork Union Military Academy, 1943-194-4, Instruc- tor in Commercial Law and Economics, Fork Union Military Academy, 19444- CAPTAIN CHARLES A. ROUSE, A.B. M.A., Ph.D. University of Chicago, Cornell Universityg Instructor, University of Illinois, Assistant Instructor, Cornell Universityg Associate Professor, Farmville State Teachers College and Wake Forest College, Professor, Hardin-Simmons Universityg Instructor in English. Fork Union Military Academy, 1943- CAPTAIN EMMETT H. L. SNELLINGS, A.B., Th.M. University of Richmondg Southern Baptist Seminaryg Instructor in English, Fork Union Military Academy, 1944- CAPTAIN MERCER 0. CLARK, A.B., B.D., Th.M. University of Richmondg University of Dijon, Franceg Union Theological Seminaryg Six years' experience in Virginia public schoolsg Instructor in American History, Fork Union Military Academy, 1944- CAPTAIN CYRUS R. CLEVELAND, B.S. Union College of Illinoisg Six years, experience in Illinois public schools, Instructor in Mathematics and Bookkeeping, Fork Union Military Academy, 1944- Captain Snellings Captain Clark Captain Cleveland 311 1 Captain .Iones Captain Sydnor Captain Tyndall CAPTAIN PHILIP M. JONES, B.S., Pl1.D. Pennsylvania State College, Graduate Work, University of Minnesota, Vocational agriculture teacher in Virginia for two years, Principal of Virginia high school, three years, Instructor in Biology, Fork Union Military Academy, 1944- CAPTAIN CLEMENT A. SYDNOR Hampden-Sydney College, Principal of school in Georgia, nine years, and in South Carolina, two years, Principal of Danville Military Institute, Danville, Virginia, five years, Twenty-six years' experience in E. C. Glass High School, Lynchburg, Va., Instructor in Latin and Mathematics, Fork Union Military Academy, 1944- CAPTAIN FRANCIS W. TYNDALL, B.A. University of Richmond, Virginia Theological Seminary, Instructor in English and History, Chaplain to Episcopal Students, Fork Union Military Academy, 19441- MRS. MILDRED DOHERTY Central College, Missouri, Harding College, Missouri, Rubican Business College, Missouri, Instructor in Typing, Clark's Commercial College, Kansas City, Kansas, Instructor in Typing, Fork Union Military Academy, 1944-4 . LT. C. FREDERICK HOFFMAN Graduate of Valley Forge Military Academy, American School, A. T. F. School of Drafting, Newark College of Engineering, Instructor in eighth-grade English and Civics, Fork Union Military Academy, 1943- CAPTAIN ARMISTEAD F. SELDON, A. B. University of Virginia, Educational Advisor to C. C. C. Camp, Instructor in eighth-grade Mathematics, Fork Union Military Academy, 194-4- Mrs. Doherty Lieutenant Hoffman Captain Selclon Mrs. Waldron Mrs. Jones MRS. CARY SCALES WALDRON State Teachers College, Fredericksburg. Va., The College of William and Mary, and University of Virginiag Six years' experience in primary grades in Virginia, Instructor, Lower School, Fork Union Military Academy, 19344-1935, Instructor in Piano, Fork Union Military Academy, 1935-1938, Instructor in eighth-grade science, Fork Union Military Academy, 194-4- MRS. SARA HARDIN JONES, B.S. Western Illinois Teachers Collegeg University of Chicago, Graduate School, University of Chicago, Seven years' experience in Illinois public schools, Five years, Instructor and Supervisor, Southern Illinois Normal University, Four years in Virginia public schoolsg Instructor, eighth- grade, Fork Union Military Academy, 1944- THE PRESIDENTS RESIDENCE LIEUTENANT COLONEL FRANK A. CROCKETT Commandant To assist him in some of his clerical Work, the Comrnandant appointed none other than our own Lieutenant ,lerry DeYoung as Executive Officer. Well has he performed his duties in answering reports, granting permissions, conducting the Retreat Inspections, and helping with the inspec- tions of the barracks on Weekdays and on Satur- days. We particularly Wish him and Miss Vera Kidd happiness in their future life together. TACTICAL On returning to the Academy in September, We found that Colonel Crockett had completely reorganized the supervision of the various school activities. As Commandant, he continued in charge of Extra Duty and the Saturday-morning inspections of the barracks. It was a familiar sight indeed to see him organizing "E.D.,' on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. And when Colonel Crockett inspected the barracks We made sure that there was no dust behind the radiators. LIEUTENANT JERRY W. DEYOUNG Executive Officer STAFFC 9 Another innovation this year was the discard of the old system of having all the faculty go on duty as "O.C.,' Instead a new system was set up whereby all the faculty went on duty in the three barracks-units as 'tT.O." Captain Reichen- bach and Captain Kempf were appointed as alter- nating Officers-in-Charge. And who, of all the faculty, would we rather see early in the morning than Captain Reichenbach? No other faculty officer has been such a true and faithful friend of all the cadets. CAPTAIN HERBERT F. REICHENBACH Officer-in-Charge CAPTAIN JOHN J. KEMPF Ojicer-in-Charge 35 It didnlt take very long for us to become accus- tomed to seeing Captain Reichenbach or Captain Kempf at the Mess l formations. One or the other was always on the Circle no matter how early We got up and went outside. On the cold and rainy mornings of the winter we sometimes found ourselves wishing for the old days of in- side formationsg but they seem to be a thing of the past. It also became customary to keep track of which of the dO.C.,sn was inspecting on Satur- day. lf it was Captain Kernpf we knew to stack our beds properly and have clean linen on dis- playg if it was Captain Reichenbach, we dusted everything three times. Miss Bernice Kidd, Secretary Miss Vera Kidd i S 1 Miss Mozelle McLeod, Mrs. Marcia Hughes, Assistant to Student Accounts Bookkeeper Miss Louise Hanes Supervisor of Student Accounts Secretary 7 I ill E . , 5 fi" ' Miss Jessie Davis, Secretary Mr. Robert M. Ivins, Dietitian Mr. John Hurt, Superintendelzt of Buildings and Grounds MTS. M. Pennington Ivins, A F F Assistant Dietitian M., - , Z-J. P?" V232 ,,, .- - 'M' 2, , f -,mn 1 Z - Q M3345 1 , fp-13, '. WN? K. - 'fi' - i. Miss Eunice Helms, Capt- E- T- Smith, MTS- E- T' Smith, Librarian Supply OFZCET Assistant to the Supply Ojficer 3 V, ' 5 . ,f4' . f 3 Dr. Julian H. Yeatman, Mrs. Dorothy C. White, RN Academy Physician In Charge of the I njirmary FIRM RY f f , wmv f Mrs. Virginia McCready, Mrs. Katie Petty Snead, Assistant Nurse Night Nurse THE INFIRMARY Upon returning to school this fall, we found one of our old barracks, The Maples, transformed into a new, up-to-date Infirmary which could take care of many more cadets than the old one. Its location, back from the road and behind the other buildings, was a help in keeping the noise of the campus from reaching and disturbing those sick in bed. As in previous years Dr. Yeatman is continuing his services as our school physi- cian-keeping well those that are well and making well those that are sick. Presiding over the lnfirmary's fine staif this year is Mrs. Dorothy White-capable, efhcient, and always ready with the right thing for the wrong ache. In addition to Mrs. White, we have the services of Mrs. McCready and Mrs. Snead, two ladies who could help hasten the recovery of a sick fellow with amazing speed. They together have more than taken care of the needs of our cadet corps. ln addition to the new building, the new physical equipment of our infirmary now includes a modern diet kitchen-something which is seldom seen outside of a hospital-many new beds, more scientific instruments, and a much needed oflice. The services of two maids keep the infirmary spotless at all times and the boys there well fed and content. We can justly be proud of our new infirmary. There are not many schools of our type who can boast of such a fine one as this. azing through the pages of this section familiar and beloved faces appear again, as they appeared time after time around the campus. True, they are scattered to the four Winds in physical being, but in spirit they all will linger on the grounds, in the barracks, and in the classrooms forever. The good times We have all spent together will be carried in the memories of all those depart- ing from Fork Union, probably never to return again. There Was no line of class distinction be- tween any of us-we Were all just one big, happy' group. Together you will find once again the Cadets of Fork Union Military Academy as you found them here. They will remain the same always. CLASSES -f""SW wa lr," " Y Y,..,,..-7.7 , , , X 'ZA - A V!! M --Y,....+..,... . X, 1 .J-' xx' we-ff I, "xx 5 xxx- ,,,x'N". K, N-v-pf 3 X x X Si ,XX ix grand oldffdays and wish we could return. W I X, I, L, ri fwjdiyff ' . 4 Y Q fnfi W 42 f A A Ia it RN -I 'Q' " 'l fiifyfl , A if Q'--af -Q - --3 Q J X , 1 5 1 7 5- A 4 x X f fe ,MK A ,r ir NJ . f X7 'H 21, ' ' HISITQRY A 7 V' Class of A '45 'ff 7 , ANCIENT PERIOD-1941-'42 I, Sept. 17, '41-"The day of doom hath arrived." A ,'f' i 1 group of cheerful, unsuspecting Murals" enters those it mighty portals of F.U.M.Af y A X f A "7 rMEIlIEVAlg AGE-19212-'43 1' 1 4, Sept. 16, '42-uNot so cheerfulg but much the wiser', characterizes our class returning for the second year of '7 hard labor. 0 . 0 f 1 5?RENAISSANCEf1943-'44 g f 1 f X gf' Sept. 16, '43-'QA hit o' knowledge gained? we crave f 'lfor more? With more serious attitudes we juniors get i , I down to some good honest work., ' f ff! X X K MODERN ERA-1944-'45 f' X May 28, '45-G'We cameg we strivedg we Sfl'iCC66C1Cg1l f Today we must gof, Always we'll I'6lll6ll1hC1' these Farewayl, 5 4, Fork Union! ,ff i if I g g 4. V fx 1,,:Q l' nfglf' ff f V35 X ,fi A 1:1 K 'X j, Q f ' 71 I' hi -hm Wy' X Y -1 1 fkf 'f . 1 1 1 D AM! Q 7,2 ' f 'XV vii 'M 1 A Q7 3 6, 42 Senior Class llfficers John Inzaina, President Nicholas Lamastra, Robert C. Bailey, Raymond L. Woodall, Vice President Secretary-Treasurer Historian ,42-'43 ,43-'44 '44-'45 This FRANK JOHN COLVIN 4 Bellview Avenue ORANGE, VIRGINIA Privateg Athenian Literary Society, Dramatic Club. Corporalg Non.-Cams Clubg Intramural Sports. Sergeantg Non-Coms Club. small, extremely good natured and well liked fellow has resided with us for three long years. The ever present spirit of friendliness and helpfulness he displayed will linger behind him serving as a remem- brance. 'flackw really worked like a slave to graduate last February in order that he might be awarded his diploma before entering the Armed Forces. lWe im- agine his choice will he the branch which utilizes buses.J He will surely win recognition there as he has done here. After the duration a new sign will appear in Orange-"Colvin 8 Son". .lack will have then estab- lished himself with his father. Best of luck. You surely deserve it and most certainly will receive it. .,. ff' fin ' ' W fi .. 1 " - 'mf J ff f V' '., -1: " ty-W ,ci-.4 . .1 s, .. "7 ' fm Nl,-,-.,,s,.f . ,,., .,,,, ,,, to .1 ,,f.,,. .ref t.t.r.:z,.,, ff X. , N...-1 1 -M' an . iif,toe.,,, ,N-. I 1- .,.i,. -I. , 1 ,, ,V-.Fm 57 5 .L We 1 . , as .,f:- ef ,iff ff.. f: 4 1:-.L3Ij'i -M .V .1i,,,,g 1 .. -5 R .L .Qgiwy ,V X, 4.7, ka., 63. 'ff 1 A' 4 fl Y 1? 7i',f 52? ci fel . tc. ROBERT HAISLIP CREWS JR SOUTH HILL, VIRGINIA '43-'44 Privateg Glee Club. '44-'45 Staff sergeantg Non-Coms Clubg Track Team. A dashing young fellow from old Virginia is Bobby, appropriately dubbed "Screwball" During his two years at Fork Union, he has made for himself a name which his many friends will not easily forget. When there are girls on the campus, you can be sure he is the Hman of the hour." Otherwise, you will find him polishing his sergeant's pin and, at the same time, instructing other unlearned mortals in the masterful art of kissing a girl Cin ten easy lessonsl. The University of Virginia will probably claim Bobby after graduation, and we know he will do well for himself there. Best luck-we're with you! g 44 DEAN STANLEY CROCKER SEABOARII, NORTH CAROLINA '43-744 Privaleg Athenian Literary Societyg Intramural Football and Basketball. ,44-,45 Privateg Intramural Basketball and Football. From the Tarheel country down in North Carolina, we have a fellow who has sojourned with us for the past one and a half years. All the fellows from first floor of Memorial Hall can tell you he was one of their best friends. Many of his hours have been spent just Hshoot- ing the bull" with his roommate and others. It certainly took him very little time lo learn the "methods of mad- ness" of which most cadets had a few originals-his favorite occupation became sleeping, the unanimous choice of the cadet corps, which choice we regard as a wise one indeed. Academically he did his best always, as he did in the other activities in which he participated. He'll remember well the 'LRing', although he wasn't con- tinually on it. Dean, we at Fork Union think you will come out on top of everything. Do your best in Uncle Sam's vast Heetg he needs more fellows like you for his sailors. e x ,V ,, ,.,,t , ..., - . ,V 4 flfylm'-,ff hy, ' ., 'Z f :V W .. 7 . ' A asf ,.,,..4- tw fn..-. .- or Q 1,4119 A W7 gflytttlt-yt, 4 Ei, 1 4, LW? 37 J - i A17 , . A ' ft" MW , M., , RAYMOND EDWARD DOBYNS, JR. MONASKON, VIRGINIA '43-'44 Private 5 Section Baseball. '44-'45 Sergeantg Non-Coms Clubg Section Baseball. Here we have one of the cadets who really behavesg so well, in fact, that he won the last yearls Citizenship Medal. "Booze" is noted for having his work done quickly and accurately. He is respected and admired by everyone who comes in contact with him, and his friends are his devoted servants. Remernbrances of HB" Section will always travel with him-especially tlIat night before the '43 Christmas leave. Upon completion of his edu- cation here, 'gBooze" plans to enter the armed forces, the branch being uncertain now. However, we know that whichever one it turns out to I-be, our loss will be their gain. Success to you, soldier! 45 LEROY ERNEST FRETER East Torrence Road COLUMBUS, OHIO ,43-74-1 Private, P.F.C.g Ciceronian Literary Societyg Track Team. '44-'45 Sergeantg Gold Star Councilg Non-Cams Club, Skirmisher Staff. The 'LBuckeye" State has provided us with another fine fellow, 'LShevy". With a quiet, unnoticeable, and unobtrusive manner he went about doing his work day by day. Accomplishing much-a seat in the Gold Star Council was given to him this year. Others would profit very much by observing and following some of his ways. Upon enlisting this summer, 'AShevy',, you will, we know, keep up the same high standards that you idealized here, Do your best! 3 7 2 ' - ,Q 355: ' LEONARD IRWIN GOODMAN 45 Burr Road MAPLEWOOD, NEW JERSEY '43-,44 Privateg Intramural Football. '44-'45 Private. 4'Sarge" is one of the few privileged to say that he actually slept through Mess I and didn't get caught. You see he hid under the covers and locked the door. This elusive ability probably comes from his being from the bouncing cow state, New Jersey. Seriously, though, he never did anything bad-he only averaged walking E.D. once or twice a Week. Turning over G.I. cans, short-sheeting beds, and being late to classes never worried "Sarge", because extra duty always did have its possibilities. When he enters the Merchant Marine, he will surely make good in every way, though, for his friendly manner and his willingness to do his share will make others sit up and take notice of him. 416 '43-,44 JOHN DAVID GRAY HaIIover Avenue RICHMOND, VIRGINIA '42-'43 Prioateg Ciceronian Literary Societyg Company Baskctballg Section. Football. '43-'44 Privateg Section Football ancl Basketball. '44345 Corporalg Golrl Star Council KSgt.-at-armslg Non-Coms Clubg Track Teamg Basketball. New York's loftiest skyscrapers looked dwarfed beside this cadet, for "Long John" is about the tallest fellow on the campus. His friends are numerous, being drawn to him by his ready willingness to help others. .lohn has taken part in everything oII the campus from playing basketball to being a member of the reverenced MGold Star Council." To attain this high honor his name appeared on the Honor Roll every six weeks for his entire stay at Fork Union. 'long .lohn7', we're with youg if you keep up the good work which you have started at your Alma Mater, then you'll never have any trouble in this man's world. , .vt t ..t, " J 5 jlf " 'nv ef' 'z'f'i'tfg N14 iiif ,WV .V 1, X vt,-0,0 ".,,.. 2256,-Q'Qs'J Q55 If-Q, ff! M if-7, mfesolt- ' 5-1471-' .ro sz 'rrtfikfw wQ2:fffsfzZf,"?"'seQf',Ww'mf-f"'eKf wx. "uf 7 ff ,107 ,ii t .fer . I , JAMES NEWTON JONESWW 3831 Newark Street WASHINGTON, D. C. Prioateg Ciceronian Literary Societyg Teamg Cadet Christian Associationg Baseball and Football. '44-'45 Section Basketball. Another from the country's deemed capital came to Privateg Vice-President, Sunday School Classg 1 Bowling Section us just two years ago. From Washington to Fork Union, as far as activity is concerned, is quite a jump. He seemed reconciled after staying awhile and becoming used to our manner of existence. In his classroom work he did enough work and put oIIt enough honest effort to make the Honor Roll several times-a very worth- while achievement. Others could with immense profit to themselves. hearty support for his section, he good games for B-Section during In the other organizations of the follow his example Always ready with played quite a few his residence there. school he willingly participated, doing the work that was most needed, and doing it well in every instance. None of us will forget that Hue Sunday School Class he organized from B- Section's third Hoor. Leaving in February to enter the Armed Services, preferably the good old Infantry CID, he was wished a happy farewell from all his fellow cadets and friends here! 47 JAMES T. MeCOLLOUGI-I 156 DuPont Circle NORFOLK, VIRGINIA '42-'43 Privateg P.F.C.g Athenian Literary Society. 343-'44 Corporalg Athenian Literary Societyg Non-Cams Clubg Assistant H earl Waiter. '44-345 Staff Sergeantg Ciceronian Literary Societyg Heaclwaiterg Non-Corns Clubg Assistant Com- mander, A-Section. Rolling up from the Tidewater region of our glorious old Dominion came a handsome P110 bringing with it one of our best fellows, Never did the amazement and wonder of all his friends cease at his marvelous displays of muscle power. Anytime he would lift a huge weight that none of the biggest hruisers 011 the campus could budgeg although he himself was one of the smallest in stature among the group. His three years among the waiterls ranks brought him as much fun as could pos- sibly be had around Fork Union. As head-waiter this year he rarely ever fif ever at alll attended Mess 1. ':Cootie", as he was dubbed by his A-Section buddies, had an outstanding hobby-eating. We all hate to lose him, but we all wish him the very best of luck! 'QQ Ti 9 ,Y :f,',-ffl ai' . ' - f M y fiffif' 'E if Q J- A ,fg z f L A sf:'7f"'i 'fiW'34I ,fn fjf',1:Z'f':,pM'ff' ' 11-7i:'Si5?",J'2fW, inf' 1 'JI dsffef, at--472 of-ie? .- AVAQ- , 5-' 'E' 5 1' r my.. :ivy me ' was-1 fbts. Q, 4: -, J" ,, fl ,, Q45 5. K4 xiii' 4 tliiiif, 9 'P Q' ,, -I , J, iff,-y. ,f ,:. r, J 1 5,344 W' THOMAS NICHOLAS PAPPAS 1521 Argonne Drive BALTIMORE, MARYLAND ,43-'44 Privateg Bowling Teamg Intramural Footballg Glee Club. ,44-'45 Corporalg Non-Coms Clubg Intramural Football. With more vigor and vitality than some of our campus giants possessed, "Wabbit7,, as he was dubbed by his friends and fellow cadets, has enlightened and contrib- uted to the activities of our campus for two years. Al- though small in stature, he entered wholeheartedly into the spirit of l1is section teamls games of football, play- ing halfhack with the greatest of ease. Memories of Fork Union will linger with him in the form of the government inspections, the officers and faculty members, and last and best of all the good old A-Section Christmas parties. His most pleasant moment at our Academy, though, was the day he received his well-earned credit in Algebra ll Ca la Col. Sneadl. lf the war is still going on when he graduates, he is planning to spend some time in the Navy. We need not worry about 4'Wahbit" and his future, because he has proved to us that he can take care of himself wherever he goes. 48 WILLIAM SIDNEY PRICE FORT SAM HOUSTON, TEXAS '43-'44 Privtzteg Athenian Literary Societyg Intramural Sports. ,44-345 Sergeantg Ciceronian Literary Societyg Gold Star Councilg Non,-Cams Clubg Heaclwaiter. Tall, friendly Bill is one of our more handsome boys who is always on the go doing one thing or another. This past year brought him the honor of a seat on the Gold Star Council-a treasure coveted by every cadet. You see. his scholastic record was always on the top. The debates Bill gave in the Ciceronian Literary Society were worth while hearing. Almost all of the waiters will have a difficult time forgetting him, but not many will want to forgetg his gentle manner impressed all. When West Point opens its portals to this young man, our great loss will be their great gain. V, ,.,, .... V NM.: A , M Q ' .:,',,-354:59 :tv .f,., .1 I ,,., . . f, ..., V, A I -ifi 2 1.m,X:f, ' X ?f MARVIN SHINBROT 90-36 149th Street JAMAICA, NEW YORK ,43-,44 Private. '44-'45 Privateg Skirmisher Stay? fPhotographer2. From New YOrk's younger generation there comes to us this young fellow who actually says he is not from Brooklyn. "Whity,' was visible On the campus many times during this year snapping pictures for this yearis Skirmisher. He also could be distinguished invariably among the righteous laboring to clean their records of demerits-in other words, the E.D. line. His pranks, especially in A-Annex, were famous. However, we are sure that his ambition to be a doctor will he realized, for :'Whity,', wishing to do something badly, could make a far better job of his work than most of us. May your success be real and lasting! 'L9 MARTIN LINWOOD WARE 601 South Street NORFOLK, VIRGINIA '41-'42 Private g Varsity F ootbalig Boxing. J '42-'43 Corporal, Athenian Literary Societyg Non-Cams Club, Football, Boxing. ,43-,44 Lieutenant, Athenian Literary Society KSec.- Treasjg Omcerls Clubg Football, Trackg Var- sity Club. '44-'45 Lieutenant, Officers' Club, Varsity Club. 4'Lindy" turned out to be about the biggest fellow on the campus this year, but with him "might didn't neces- sarily mean rightf' Popularity was easy with him, for it would be very diliicult to find another as fair and square as he. He was an all around athlete-basketball, baseball, and, most important of all, football. As one of the co-captains of an all-State football team, he "passed, punted, and pushed" his way to an Hall staru glory. The athletic department will have to go a mighty long way to find someone to take his place. When Uncle Sam extends his greetings to this fine fellow and friend of ours, we are sure he will find, as we have, that uL1ndy,' is tops. 'i'. ,,V.V, ".l .,.1 'f ' ,f,,, ..v"' 'ypi 1 a- .. ,- Q- awp. , 71 2, X rf :ya- ., -i .Q ., ff - Q ,wr ,- :,,rf1,fP U S Y - YV x EL? -ilgllgl 'A' tx ly' NN v I!! JAMES THORNTON ADAMS 13 Chesapeake Street Prtoauus, VIRGINIA '42-'43 Privateg Company Football. 513344 Privateg Company Football. '44-'45 Sergeantg Non-Coms Clabg Section Football. Popularity for this fellow-a perfect model of a seven- teenth century court jester-was a unanimous concession on the part of the entire cadet corps. 4'Mole" was sel- dom seen on the campus unless accompanied by a group of his pals who were enjoying a display of his contagious wit. Certainly no one else here had such a magnetic personality. His graduation will mark a loss to the Academy as a whole, not just to a select few. Wise is his choice to take advantage of a good college education. There is no doubt in our minds that you will prove in the future to be quite as ambitious and industrious as '42-'43 in the past. 'Tory ., ., .. K . 'I 'F ll ytt.c o 1 .A JOHN WINDSOR AMTHOR NORTH Gmane, PENNSYLVANIA Privateg Ciceronian Literary Societyg Glee Clubg Section Footballg Boxing. Corporalg Non-Coms Clubg Ciceronian Literary Societyg Cheerleaderg Track. Corporalg Non-Corns Clubg Ciceroniart Literary Societyg Section Football. ,43-'44 '44-,45 A serious mind usually brings to its owner those things which he desiresg such is true of Hlakeu. He con- stantly strived to reach his goal and successfully com- pleted that ambition here. We feel that his wish to be an engineer will be realized upon completion of his formal education at Pennsylvania State. Gilakev seemed always willing to render service whenever it was within his ability to do so. Therefore, he gained numerous friends who will always stand by him in case of trouble. Always keep striving higher and higher, flake", and someday you will attain the heights of fabulous success. 51 109 Matoaka Court ROBERT WALLACE ANDERSON 220 East Church Street XENIA, OHIO '44-'45 Privateg Banrlg Clce Club. Though Andy is but a first year man, he has readily won the friendship of many of his fellows. He will easily be remembered for his humorous jokes and his pleasant personality. He had the reputation of being one of the Bandis best clarinet players, and he could be found 'most anytime 'cgiving out" with some of the more choice modern masterpieces, such as the "blues," Andy expects Uncle Sam's greetings sometime soon after graduation but has not decided just which branch of service he would like. We all know a person with his adaptability will be easily satisfied with almost anything which he receives. Your friends all wish you the most pleasant stay possible in the Armed Forces. ' ' fa , 1 rg , ' ' f WWW. L! 54 V ,L ., ,if I by .1 ,aff .gi If 1f5f1',iQr1?.-ffm' ,V 24,-...Q . if be f 1 ' f - t 1 "fp ,. My , ,hz 4 .AW .fy 0w.,wf.s..w aria- ..w1w.rf'f4- WN- 'S f we Aft -is -225: 4 2 fr an if R13 W A Z-fix-szr-yriitrffsrr Never by -1 ff. rf . 19 ffasfiif 4.. ' Q ,J 7 W wt: vt. f an 'ti ' f " Y rf 4 :J arf We, 46? v 1 1-.,. 1,0 -"Q , .. A W AV., W r -f X is ,W .. Q 44,1 ' H14 1 TEXAS S. BADKIN S WILLIAMSBURG, VIRGINIA '41-'42 Privateg Bandg Section Football and Softball. ,42-'43 Corporalg Non-Cams Clubg Section Sports. '43-'44 Staff Sergeantg Glee Clubg Non-Coms Clubg Boxing Manager. ,44-'45 2nd Lieutcnantg Ojjlicers, Clubg Glee Clztbg Floor Commanrlerg Section Sports. Ingenious, nonchalant, popular, and lovable are but a few of the qualities of which 4'Tex" has an abundance. Wherever he went, especially in the mess hall and on the third floor, he was the center of attraction and atten- tion. Of all the tales told on this campus, his out-shine all the others. Sports, academic work, outside activities -all well done made '4Tex" probably the best all-around cadet here. Members and memories of that immortal Maples and the Glee Club trips fparticularly those to South Hill? will linger in his mind forever. The A.A.C. will be overjoyed to receive such a swell fellow as "Tex"g and we are assured of only the best reports from him in the future, as we have been in the past. 52 ROBERT CARROLL BAILEY 1425 Collins Avenue MIAMI BEACH, FLORIDA '41-,42 Privateg P.F.C.g Carle! Christian Association. '42-'43 Corporal, Non-Cams Club, Intramural Softball. '43-,44 Lieutenant, OWACCTS, Club, Vice President, Jun- ior Classg Intramural Softball. Captaing Ojicers' Club fSec.-TreasJg Sec.- Treas., Senior Class. '44-'45 Quietness aIId the most thoughtful and kindest con- sideration for his fellow cadets made Bob one of the most popular oflicers on our campus. His excellence in the military department was displayed by his climb from private, lIis first year, to captain, his fourth. Ranking high above the average student in the academic field, his name was frequently heard being read from the list of honors. His extreme neatness of appearance made him the model ollicer here. Well did he aIId his room- mate carry the tradition of B-202, the revered room which down through the school's history has housed the highest ranking officers. with your memories for Seniors, join in wishing and forever! Bob, the campus will abound years to come. We, your fellow you the best of everything, now A 1 ,. to ,,. f -. ' f. 1 r Az. ., ,, r , ,. ,rf rap, . 2,-...Q gf- .lfrf ,, of., :. ,, . H - X ..,,,-.o..:,yA-. ,M fx f J ,pf in , ., coz- ,, K 'i44"V:?w-'1' . :,.!,gf SAMUEL WALTER BEAL 306 West Third Street SANFORD, FLORIDA ,41-'42 Private. '42-'43 Corporalg Non-Coms Club. '43-'44 Stag Sergeantg Sergeant-Maforg Ojficersi Clubg Vice Presiclent, Junior Class. ,44-745 From the balmy regions of the "sunshine" state f f r lst Lt.5 Officers' Club, Section Commander. L'Daddy', arrived here four years ago. A steady climb in all activities, especially in the realm of military, has marked his Fork Union career-of which he can be justly proud. For three years you could be assured of finding him, in the capacity of head-waiter, instructing all the Waiters in tl1e arts peculiar to the mess hall. A-Section boys will reserve a place for him in their memory, as also will the fellows in A-Company. The Army's gain after graduation will surely be our great loss. '6Daddy", We salute you! 53 JOHN CHARLES BONNER 1669 Columbia Road, N.W. WASHINGTON, D. C. '41-342 '42-543 Private, Ciceronian Literary Society. Prioateg P.F.C., Ciceronian Literary Societyg Intramural Basketball. Sergeant, 2nd Lieutenant, Ojicers' Clubg Athe- nian Literary Society, Rifle Team, Baseball, Athletic Association. Captain, Officers' Club fTreasJg Rifle Teamg Unit Commander. '43-'44 '44-'45 The center of attraction, master of modern vocal anti- nations, greatest exponent of exaggerated descriptions, and the wittiest of wits are all characteristics of "Cor- regidorf' A cadet of varied abilities, he excelled in varsity baseball, on the Rifle Team, and in all intra- mural sports. Although burdened with many positions of responsibility, he inevitably sought the cloud with the silver lining. He was a real down-to-earth person to gain the respect and admiration of so many with whom he came in contact. He showed himself an excel- lent student of military by his superiority in consistent high grades in theoretical military and by holding the rank of captain, company commander. f .- ....,., iZ:Y1?f7'?4'-lf,-,aw . A. .,:.-,-t , ,f .- ., -,f.f.-.ewee.v4.-Mfeff :if.,.,j' M, ,tx at ,-V-xi.-aa.f.w.f.::g .ay ,,,:',,, 3 mg, ,545',,.,,-,glwkw ,,,. xww:K,M.,, 'wzw:e.'fi.fMgtvK' ., V. .Q ffiie 1-ffff. ev 1-K amtzjgf:,,vi?X:::afg X1 " '52 f ,,,. LSI ali' 7'-57 I 'YV 19 if, 'sh '?.g. 52. .Q "Wa aspen' more-p,,?Wv,.f ..v'2rPre:-fi". 41 -Qs: 3.1 , 44 .,,.,yiAa,faff2a-ff --f:iswx.4f,4.z'- ,, 111.215 firm fs .f .ww ?MWs...,f.a.. is as v s wi. os, 1 f., . Af cj Q. , yn ' . so, .sf ,,, ,gf fs., -W f s-41, sw, sap- , fs, ,A .IN fiyfitfe' ?Z'sP'oi? Q 4 of Xaser wwf. 9 ,v -4 w lt. wf ew Af if , .4 Q ,,.fwZ?45 GEORGE ANDREW BOOR 126 Grove Street I PETERSBURG, Wrsr VIRGINIA , '43-,411 Private, Athenian Literary Societyg Dramatic Club. '44-'45 Corporalg Cadet Christian Associationg Non- Coms Clabg Bandg Intramural Basketball. At all formations you would find George taking the band report with a broad smile lighting his face. A pleasing personality and a good nature drew to him other cadets who became his lasting friends. He existed from day to day on "that letter,'. If it didn't come, you could sense the change in him immediately. This fellow set the pace for our drills by the steady rhythm of his bass drum. Probably we will remember him more readily because of that last industry. At the conclusion of the war he is contemplating a business of his own. Until then, however, we will hear from him further as one of Uncle Sam,s many nephews. 54 ROBERT ELLIOTT CLARK 504 West 26th Street WILMINGTON, DELAWARE '43-'44 Privatcg P.F.C., Ciceronian Literary Socictyg Cadet Christian Associationg Sabre Stafjg Intra- mural Sports. '44-'45 Sergeantg Ciceronian Literary Societyg Non- Coms Clubg Sabre Stafjg Gold Star Councilg Intramural Sports. When the art of good debating was practiced in the Ciceronian Society during the past two years, you could probably see and hear Bob holding his rightful place. He could do anything from electing Roosevelt for a seventh term to defeating rat rules in the school. He was exceptionally good also in the realm of sports- football and basketball holding top rank on his list. His display of knowledge showed not only was he capable in body but also that he was capable in mind. After graduating his ambition is to become a member of the great water force of our country-the honored United States Navy. Success will follow your path, Bobg for "He who helps himself is doubly rewarded!" re,-,-,....., a ' ' ,.f F gi yiaiy fs. ...- 7, .X I ,f 4 EDWIN ELMORE COLVIN, JR. 224 Sloan Street COLUMBIA, SOUTH CAROLINA ,43-'44 Prioateg Cadet Christian Association. '44-'45 Corporalg Non-Coms Clabg Cadet Christian Association. Tedis ambition to be a professional wrestler has made him popular among the cadets who live in A-Section. Personally we think he should go into competition with Mr. Pettyg his art Work is famous throughout Snead Hall. The United States Navy will extend its greeting to Ted when he graduates from the Academy. All his classmates wish him the very best of luck with his naval career. 55 ROBERT COULD COVEL 6718 Piney Branch Road WALHINGTON, D. C. ,40-'41 Privateg Athenian Literary Society. '41-,42 Privateg Giee Ciubg Athenian Literary Society. '42-'43 Privateg Athenian Literary Societyg Camera Club. '43-,44 Sergeantg Clee Ciubg Non-Coms Club. ,44-'45 Sergeantg Non-Cams Club. For hve years this friendly and familiar face from good old Washington has haunted the corridors and classrooms of the Upper School. E-Section, the bache- lor's row of Fork Union, has been the scene of many pleasant hours for him. His voice was heard for many years among the angelic chorus of the Glee Club, as it was also heard on the programs of the Athenian Society. The Army Air Force waits with eagerly opened arms to seize him after graduation. We wish for you the highest seat in the halls of success, Bob. 4 ,, 1 t ai..-, ,,f-I ff: -W X, Mtm 1 ,,h, , 47 44 ,X ,f ,X af,-4f...,,,fsff7f-at-.i,., 1, A 3-Afvwqig, ta, i 4139 if . WZ, i'77'fiIQf,M6 ,.:,,.-,,,...7A1,Za,,' 'Wvffg 7 x ffm., yr" 'wf,'y.1w4"7" -ov4'4w:i','2 -'f A ' 'r' .. ' 2755155 vita' Q. Stix? 'Wire V. yif Q ' ,,..,,M 1,711 iw Q 5 . 1 xkqy f iw ff ,f+22fQf 142 9571 5' 5 ,,, .mv-few--Q. -new 'vvaifgt ,QM -se 42: Mgaezl: W., Maw' I fn. -,tv 'wrt fu! 52" fx 2 2 ' we M0 ef My f 'agus-ff - ..f :Q -ws' 7,1 va. y .v vm me . of 1 1 tt MW. . , , I X . SM.-egg tt- ,G ,watts ,fffavsfwma we-wt, 4 :fs .f f. xecasifltef fin.-2,-1 at ---' . 1 .X -1. My V- ef wg fgaex ,cf QV'-avvmw Af vm :swf .iff MW" 3596 16? dm S, y V2 we .- me Ze'-at 4' 'G can HUDNALL CROASDALE PALMER, VIRGINIA '44-'45 Private. A A real, true friend becomes harder to find each year, but this fellow was just that to all his comrades. This being his first and only year in our midst, we didn't come to know him as well as we would have liked. However, his aptness in the classroom won him the distinction of making the Honor Roll this entire year. With his quiet leadership, we opine that the rank in front of his name would advance several steps if he should return to the Academy next session. You have proved yourself an asset to us, 4'Hud", and we hate to lose you. The best of luck to you now and forever! 56 EUGENE FRANCIS CROWLEY 20 Grand Boulevard BINGHAMTON, NEW YORK '43-,44 Privateg Intramural Softball. l44-,45 Corporalg Gold Star Cotmcilg Non-Cams Club. Hearing about that foreign country of Brooklyn is a daily occurence on this campus, but "Gene', is one of the few from that famous state of New York who will not have anything to say on that touchy subject. His capa- bility was shown by the way in which he did everything that he was assigned. His straight "A" average-some- thing for any cadet to be proud of-kept him at the very top of the Honor Roll. Even in the difficult realm of Military H la la Lt. Chapmanl he kept up this extraordinary average. When Longfellow wrote 'lExcel- sior,', he must have had you in mind, "Cene',. You have set that as your goal and have strived faithfully to attain it. Your success in doing so here is but a glimpse of what probably is to come. Hold your place! sittt E JOHN T. DICKMAN 114- South Franklin Street NEW BREMEN, OHIO '43-'44 Privateg P.F.C.g Cadet Christian Associationg Ciceronian Literary Societyg Bowling Team. 544345 Corporalg Athenian Literary Societyg Cadet Christian Associationg Non-Coms Club. From the heart of the beautiful region of Ohio Knot yet annexed to the United States of Virginial hails a lad we all know and love. "Dick" joined our organiza- tions making himself, in the course of his two years' stay here, an indispensable fellow. His thoughtfulness. for others quickly won him the respect of both faculty and student body. In the years to come we are looking for the time when you will achieve the greatest feats in chemical engineering ever known Cwhatever that may bei. Keep up your good work, and we won't be disappointed. 57 ALFRED CECIL DOUDNEY 120 West 20th Street SANFORD, FLORIDA '41-'42 Priuateg Athenian Literary Society. '42-'43 P.F.C.g Athenian Literary Societyg Tennis Team. ,43-'44 Corporalg Sergeantg Non-Coms Clubg Tennis Team. ,44-'45 Stay? Sergeantg Non-Cams Clubg Captain, Tennis Team. California oranges are the sweetest when they come from Florida. 4'Al', has been tormented, ever since he arrived four years ago, about his home state. The Vir- ginia girls never received much of his attention, but his horn of praise ever proclaimed the superiority of the feminine element from Florida. He and his roommate are easily recognized because of their unique way of self-expression-namely, in the loudest utonesv. Out on the tennis courts, he wielded a racket with the artistry of a professional. Next year's team will yearn for his equal to Mbackslashi' their way out of a tight spot, His aptness for absorbing knowledge proved that his abilities were not confined to the courts. "Al", when he reaches his heart's desire-that co-ed college-Will keep up his good record, thereby assuring his fortune. , if 4 is . , k ,ff ,V ,Y 4?.,i.,vi.j 0, 6 f ...A , K X NM Z f , .... X . ,t ...,,,.w.t-.,, 5 2 4 5-fi. ,f iw '- :iss 'V -ffwgfft 5, Q 'W' 1: f f 1 222 " ., f- el .,... ,, 14 c .LW .., yy ..., it .Vi., V. wx, fn fe ff ,ff:tffwf, ,v -lv, fp, ' :Z . faire "'-Iwifft :FWZ fs, -ix.: ff-we 92' Q "ff ft, Wy , A, , f if - ami--.2 ,M tiff? fi 2 www' -mfr 12' vnf,g-451.5 rg 9 is.ff5 at-n 4 . af v. f. -ge A wif, f my at 1 f -w wc: ,. 4 ,Asif V ., .W .wats f ' ' - -6?.2rWZf'a!,5M1ft 'W ,40-'41 Sports. '41l'42 Sports. '42-'43 '43-'44 CARL THOMAS FOLEY 3113 Chestnut Street WASHINGTON, D. C. Prioateg Athenian Literary Society, Intramural Priuateg Athenian Literary Society, Intramural Corporalg Athenian Literary Society Non Coms Clnbg Captain, Section Football Band lst Sergeantg Officers' Clubg Athenian Literary Societyg Captain, Section Football '44-,45 lst Lientenantg Officers' Clubg Section Football A potential uBluejacket" hailing from the Hpolitical Hubi' is one of the most popular officers on the campus this year. Starting eleven years ago in our Academy, he has worked his way up to one of the highest positions in our Battalion. Athletically inclined and academically versatile, Carl made a place for himself in our memories that will stay for quite a while. One of the leading exponents of swing, he demonstrated his musical ability by playing the trumpet in the band and by rendering some Nsolid offerings" of the lighter type of music when the occasion arose. Your fellow cadets wish you the best of luck that can he had, Carl. 58 DONALD CLIFFORD FRESN 8 Charlotte Street FRANKLIN, MASSACHUSETTS '42-'43 Privateg Band. 43344 P.F.C.g Bandg Glee Club. ,441-'45 Corporalg Bamlg Glee Club. Ranking second only to Shakespeare's immortal "Puck"' as a master of mirth, Don combined his sunny personality with a genuine desire to get along with others. Consequently few were omitted from his long list of friends. When he wasn,t venting his talent on the trumpet, he was usually found discussing Coleman Hawkins or some other jazz ngreat"-this was his first love. A future member of his Uncle Sam's vast air armada, 4'D.C." plans to enroll at Dartmouth College when the second Armistice is signed. C LL tt WS. 5 ' f' 'ic A s f , s,wf ,4 " ,,.. , I W ,x.,4g,Q9,,,. ,af 1 I af ff is vwff ':'.:'4,,,,f.'f-1' W, ,Wx Y' ,,,f yay? 17 ,,.:,,,,.IL.,,i5,3qqs' JOSEPH JACK NICHOLAS GAMBARDELLA 39 Fifth Street New ROCHELLE, NEW YORK '42-,43 Private, P.F.C.g Athenian Literary Societyg Sabre Staff. '43-'44 Corporalg Non-Cams Club. '44-'45 Stzzjff Sergeantg Non-Coms Clubg Track. Aspiring for a berth on one of Ame1'ica's best teams, the Marine Corps, is jovial uloew, who will be thought of as an all-round good fellow long after the last note of Taps has blown officially closing our year. Being a constant member of the Headmaster's List showed that he had the will and the way to make something of him- self. His physical prowess was grandly displayed by his throwing of the shot-put on the track team. '4Bam- bino's" most pleasant memory will be the day that he receives a labored-for credit in his most detested class- physics. It was an extreme joy to him Cand probably Capt. Hudgins as welll to be rid of Charles' laws and other phenomena. .loe took leave of us in April by pursuing the accelerated course enabling him to enter the service and fulfill his wishes. 59 ' I-IYMAN GORDON 808 Park Avenue PORTSMOUTH, VIRGINIA '43-,44 Private, P.F.C.g Corporalg Sabre Stajfg Cicero- nian Literary Societyg Non-Cams Club, Boxingg Track Team. ,44-'45 lst Sergeantg Omcers' Clabg Ciceronian Literary .gocgetyg Sabre Staff fCo-eflitorjg Skirmislzer la . Ambitious, energetic, and industrious characterize this fine young man. Doing well everything he attempted, he brought to himself the admiration and respect of his fellow cadets. Many learned of him, perhaps sorrow- fully, through the effects of his boxing. He was the proud winner of last year's medal for intramural boxing. Much credit is due to him for the success of this year's Srzbreg his indulgence as co-editor was well-known. Waxing eloquent on the rostrum of through golden-voiced oratory won the 1944- Medal for Oratory. The Ciceronian Society literally rang with literary offerings from him. We know, without a doubt, that nothing but success awaits a person of your ability at any school or other place. the Chapel, he, f f 4-wp " -ea fy '- -' we ,ia Q, 4.4.3, f In ,QV . 4,,.,wfQ.,,a,1 fis1t"f"t' fs.. f " 5:1-.ft-1 , ,-: , 1 W7 ..,':f ff ,, ' S X iffpQx405S-'x"x.: MYSQL y we . x cf.--vi' 'ig 2,1 ,.f, t QW M, " -re' fi-ylxw it. 5211.119 w2.f"f," f ,-x 1.1 ffmf'--mv: ' J 6,.fmv4:6?Ms -X tw fizmf ,f,Ma,-afar, ,,..,, - Qc.: K .Ziff li' 351 ' - 11 :sa . ,ef ,gm Q w at 1 3, .5:.xl4.,,,V ,GRM f ,Q ,,,C,,.g2 f , V f'v' - - g X ,gyaff X If , ,-pt-:-fQ:y...,:,,1- 'ov-12.4, ew .'4.w:,'fzf , 9. ...M Mfg -5' x4 4 1-if ffs'Mf""1?,w fe,fS14'4 .gi ,fp 51, Cyigwtf , N, JMS CW -fs mf' fy 'N Wax. 'Ge' f N. 7 y ROBERT OGDEN HALSTEAD 3918 9th Street, N.E. WASHINGTON, D. C. '42-'43 Private, Glee Club. 543344 Corporalg Footballg Non-Cams Clubg Sabre Stagg Glee Club. '44-'45 lst Sgt.g 2ntl Lt., Ojficers' Clubg Sabre Stajjg Glee Club. For a moment of enjoyment when you needed some relaxation you could always depend upon Ml-lorse" to take care of the situation. With no intention whatso- ever of making a crack he could make you roar with laughter by some side remark that 'Ljust slipped out". Great was his contribution to our varsity football teamg his opponents were soon made aware of his presence by his powerful playing--especially his wicked tackle. Plow- ing through jams was one of his specialties, and he helped hasten victory in a game many times by using a little force. For his entire three years he has been a faithful member of our fine Glee Club. Not only did he enjoy tlIe art of sports but also he enjoyed the fine opportunity of learning some of the finer arts. Perhaps memories of physics will linger with him for quite a time to come, as will his favorite occupation-eating! All the fellows, especially those in third platoon of A- Company, wish you the best of luck and hope that they haven't ragged you too much. 60 ELLIOTT STANLEY HART 1309 Decatur Street WASHINGTON, D. C. 540341 Privateg Athenian Literary Societyg Bantlg Com- pany Basketball ancl Baseball. A1542 Privateg Athenian Literary Societyg Company Basketball anrl Baseballg Banrl. '42-,413 Corporalg Athenian Literary Societyg Non-Coms Clabg BIIIZIZQ Company Basketball and Baseball. .-44 Scrgeantg Athenian Literary Societyg Banzlg Izlon-Coms Clabg Company Basketball and Base- all. 'KM-,45 Lieutenantg Oficers' Clabg Section Sports. wg, A master of romance, a breaker of hearts-uL0ver,, was on equals with Shakespeare's immortal Romeo. With a winning way and a flashing smile he went about making and keeping hordes of friends. As you probably know, his five years' work here were packed with many and varied activities. Not only did he faithfully partici- pate in literary society work but also he held a well- established place on the basketball courts and the base ball field during his section games. All of us will remember that handsome boy from the band and as leader of A-Company's second platoon. !QQ W, Z. K . . 4 , 'T 1 -I L ' 1, v' 5:2 V :fine I 2 .1 ,, 1.2 1 , ,-'uf ff - LQ If 4 fkffiiky iff"-.' J X ff- ' lr' as no -i f gp-We At -sa ,' if ,af xr 'r - , :f 1 W1-1. -rf Maze' ps if WZ 'wmfawf J c-azyrwffazaf 'Hy ' "GX -w.fa4ataf , "' -'ZS-imfbw-J Nyc? -is ,0 95 ef 1 ' I , .-1 L ,Y C 'fiilfw' 4. :U .. f jg -4, i. ' Jw' 3 "L:a,,,,' .sw f ,fmt y -4. 1 ,M I .. M,.,a,, WILLIAM EUGENE HILLMAN 3500 Wilmot Avenue COLUMBIA, SOUTH CAROLINA '44-,45 Privateg Intramural Football. If Bill ever gets to Annapolis land we know that he willl, the Navy will have received one of Fork Unionls finest graduates. He came here from South Carolina with the traditions of the South bred within him, and, for the year that he has been among us, has stood as an example of the young manhood of which the South is most proud. When you saw the ribbons on C-Company's guide-arm floating in the breeze, Bill was the proud bearer beneath them. Next year C-Company and the third floor of A-Annex will miss him sorely. The best of luck to you and may your life be only one of hap- piness. 61 JAMES MARSHALL HOPKINS CRESWELL, NORTH CAROLINA ,44-,45 Private. Another Tarheel rolls up for entering in our school's records. His one year here has been enough to put a distinct mark upon the memories of many of our cadets, especially those living tresiding, we should sayJ in Memorial Hallis penthouse, the third Hoof. When '4Bat- manw, as he was nicknamed for some reason of military secrecy, was around, you could expect anything and everything to happen. He originated no end of fun in the well-publicized but little-known "Duck Hunter's" Club on Third Floor. Not exactly the most industrious cadet on the campus, he managed to get by our tough inspection somehow, and that's all that counts. lim, seriously, we have most heartily enjoyed having you with us and hope that you will return next year for your studies. There is no doubt in our minds that, with your disposition, you will easily get along in the outside world. f 5 175 7, 1, -- ,,, my , , sf K . X , --,. r ,, ,Qi , D- f' ri, 212' -i ris: ' flftk-.Af ilrlisgt- , 3 -W-' M,f.f- W 5 i-y' L Q X " L' , f vggfir fps' :iz X. . . eff JOHN INZAINA, JR. 900 Elm Street HOPEWELL, VIRGINIA 4 '41-,42 Private, Cadet Christian Association 5 Intramural Sports. A' '42-'43 Corporal, Non-Cams Clubg Intramural Sports. '43-'44 Staff Sergeant, 2nd Lieutenant, lst Lieutenantg Officers' Clubg President, junior Claussg Section Commander. ,443-15 Captaing Oficers' Club, President, Senior Class, President, OWCCTS, Club, Unit Commander. A good friend, a gentleman, a good oiiicer-.loe is a combination of them all. No other cadet in the school's previous history has gained the friendship and respect of as many as he did during these past two years-his most successful. He won the Competitive Platoon Drill Medal as the most competent platoon leader-a well earned honor. Faith in him was displayed by his class by his election to its presidency for two straight years. What more proof could be desired to distinguish one of the finest fellows we know. Joe, C-Company, A-Unit, Everybody will miss you sorely next year but we wish to join unanimously in wishing you the best that we can for your future army and civilian life. 62 ARTHUR JOEL JACKSON 1016 East Ocean View Avenue NORFOLK, VIRGINIA '44-,45 Privateg Glee Clubg Trackg Rifle Team. There's nothing in the world like a refreshing dip in the swimming pool of our Academy. This is the man we have to give credit for the care of that sacred shrine for the past year. Not only did he swim his way to fame, but also he sang in the Glee Club and the Episcopal choir. His name should be changed from "Joel,' to "Frankie" the swoon-King we all think. Nothing at Fork Union will he recall with more ani- mosity than those early morning arisals with the moon- he never arose early at home. When V.M.l. receives this fellow after graduation, we are sure that the faculty and cadet corps there will find him, as we have found, of the best quality. Do your best! af, .,,. ,. to f, ' 4 he-tI1,g1.qf,,g: .,g .f ,H f,', ff f,--. ,, ,--" .,,,, st fa.. f it 1 V" :Q 'tiff -pu' V ' -. f ,X 4. it Q Z" 'Z if z J- f 4 - .fxnwfz , V: me - M - ,A ,., ' f fait. ...f ,N NORMAN EDWARD JEANSON 1308 East Central Street SPRINGFIELD, MISSOURI '42-'43 Primzteg Section Football. '43-'44 Corporalg Non-Cams Clubg Section Football. '44-'45 Supply Sergeantg Officers' Clubg Section Foot- ball. All of us expressed our bewilderment that 'gMickey', didn't have a scholarship this past year for the upkeep of the Armory. The majority of his time was spent there, the results of his work being obvious in its general appearance. Quite the sportsman was he, receiving the co-captainship of his section football team for his entire stay here. He will have no trouble in remembering the good times spent here, especially in those cold showers. After receiving his diploma, 4'Mickey,' must keep an in- evitable appointment with his most illustrious Uncle. Our best wishes go out to you for your life in service and after the duration. 63 GEORGE LETT JONES, JR. Atlantic Street SOUTH HILL, VIRGINIA '44-'45 Prioateg Corporalg Academy Organistg Glee Club Accompanistg Cadet Christian Associationg Secretary-Treasurer, Ciceronian Literary Societyg Secretary, Sunday School Classg Managing Edi- tor, Skirrnislterg Non-Coms Club. Busily efficient and with a finger in every pie, George came to us from South Hill, an old Virginia town. It didnlt take him long to get into the swing of things here. Master of the Academy organ and piano, he not only supplied music during the Chapel services and for the Glee Club, but used to "beat it outi' for the boys when no member of the faculty was around. He was very active in the doings of the C.C.A. and the Cicero- nian Society, for he was always interested in cultural progress. With all this you could and would find hiin ever-ready to help others in any way that he could. When you enter the University of Virginia to study Chemistry, George, we know that it won't be long before you are as active there as you were here. Corks and Carls will be well able to use your services for all your classmates are grateful to you for the Skirmisher. seiiiiffa' :Mx f f., Qatf f J 1 'ff x. ,MES - .. wasnt, 'I " 5 " gt if v E+, if ? . ,I P YY ' 1 f g FV' 1 sp, gh was ff f x 1 w"4'fzCQ, .Q X fo 4, 1f'14vr.n f 4 - W1 5 ,ts I ' MJ, rs, fm f, V, n I is ,ti f 511 jg 5,1 2. , -puff-L sv, .ir 'Wg , 42' vm, ' sf ., ., fl' Affxgomswff a 1 ,,.. ,r ' '-iiiiiitffifatg 'WZ ww. f is ft 2-. ,, .,,, W ,ivy vt. sim my.,-of W at fwf- r, M fffyf .-Jw. ' ,fefafsfasSff,,. Ja ,, , yf,1w,,, Wziswlf 5F'4,Qz,3,,l I S -'z Rat "fr: fs' -'WV "Wi ff, 'fsyiaisgsgyjfzifzrvm, w K, of It f- for Q- isW,7pq.g 4, .Q 'ws me S.. mae .wma ,Z Wim' ,- is W, ,SV My ,faq ,aw 5 ,-.4 i, At. W- 1:2-' , ivwf, , ai .g::,af- ?.J-vfvr'p-We 'sl -a s 4 f: to -, r,.. f- W dmv 4.1, :site-,Q . NV. of-,sf fettaf X as M MMV, K4-,N 45 5.43: iff, ' Wfsia, ' f K M HARRY COOK KAYTON, JR. 806 High Street FARMVILLE, VIRGINIA ,44-'45 Prioateg Varsity Football, Baseball, and Basket- ball. A short stay with us doesn't necessarily mean ob- scurity. Buddy gained the respect, admiration, and sup- port of every cadet in the corps for his fine showing on the gridiron this year. He loves football and displays his love adequately by his fine teamwork. V.P.I. is the next step in Buddyls educational climb and we feel that after his stay with us here he will most certainly make a success of himself there, Helll carry Fork Union's reputation for a touchdown there, as he carried the football to touchdowns here. We are counting on you! 64 PERCY CLEVELAND KEITH Hubhollow Road PEAPACK, NEW JERSEY ,43-'44 Privateg Athenian Literary Societyg Intramural Football and Baseball. '44-'45 Privateg Banclg Intramziral Sports. Hour after hour of his time was passed steadily tread- ing around the "Ring" Percy, not intending to commit any act of wrongdoing l,'?J, would always manage to keep just enough demerits for this useful and delightful pastime. His humor was enjoyed immensely by all knowing him, especially those boys in C-Section. The band received his attention in the musical part of his career here. When he embarks upon his career as an engineer, the practical experience he gained here in geometry lparticularly the construction of ncirclesvb will be of immense benefit to him. Our best wishes for a life of success, Percy! X, yy w.:,f-,? f . i ti i t E f 1' ,lv gazfw at ' V1 f .Je J, FI 7 1 1 GATES BRUCE KIDD 216 East Unaka Avenue JOHNSON CITY, TENNESSEE '43-'44 Privateg Corporalg Athenian Literary Societyg Rifle Teamg Fencing Teamg Sabre Stajjf. '44-,45 Sergeantg President, Athenian Literary Societyg Cadet Christian Associariong Captain, Rifle Teamg Gold Star Councilg Non-Cams Clabg Sabre Stayfg Cheer Leader. Quiet, friendly and very well-liked was Bruce, one of the outstanding boys from Third Floor. Accomplishing in two years what it would take others years to do, he gained the sincere admiration and respect of both the faculty and his fellow cadets. Scholastically his stars shone, for he held a seat in the revered Gold Star Council. Sgt. Walker's rilie team just Wouldnit have been complete without its captaing he shot a higher average than any of the others. When any of his work was displayed, you could be assured that it was of the best quality. In years to come, Bruce, we expect to hear great things about you. Unanimously we wish you the best of luck! 65 JOHN JACOB KIGER, JR. 111 West Alexandria Avenue ALEXANDRIA, VmcrN1A ,44-545 Privateg Section Football. Upon graduating from our honored institution, our good friend "Bucky" has definite plans of going to the University of North Carolina to study either civil engi- neering or journalism. There we know he will find his work pleasant and successful judging by the standard of his work here. The life at the Academy was new and different to uBucky", but he seemed to enter into the spirit of things and has been an asset to our classes and school. In case his country still calls when he comes of age, he expects to join the Navy. 4-,N .te .Jem f- f- 5 .. Kama rpg mfg ,w':'.:faxL:z ,mai fegfi' fa, Q9 'QW r 511.22 vgwqzzwzf-:ft-wht.. .4114 -larry ,,,,g-.,.Q,g., ' ff 5 gf, ,i.,mwfM.43:a -to .fsflefrfgk iw.-Wai-1, W 12 f.. -,5.1-mils , f.-X, .fu at we,,,1s ..4y-,ftmf.,f,,. ' 4225 A wx 9 st f.twffgQ,,,M.., , , wafqy, .. ... . , .,, - . Wy' i 1. WW , L Aff get ,. . ,, M fi. eff.-,,,16r,.:'31 no 'qw fi agar, r.!fe':f-ff ,V ff Q-'ff 23? f A Q If A .wg ff ' Mem Ar: f -wa i an-7 fi Q V -sf K,-Wy. weft. f ffm as 2, .. .fum ,,f.,i, ,tv ,ix ffcfft 22 Wt' . ' Q. Q liz . , "XJ ttf, 'f in -twawwfff-X. f-11 vi r we Q -an-t ag as, -em tit- QQ' ,, tum '- tg f , if ,f1--as 223, rnwqfwb .GQ tae, ,. , Nl, ., , . .vfwfef ..,, 4. agen . f , g.:t,y,,fff ,- W - A f a .ff 1 , A . t' :aww ,ff-:ay ,y,.,2tygQ,, -fs-v..asg2f?-i 512525: .. gift -,55,..,t , beef 4.4: wir, .1 ' ft mf ,iw yum aw! 2 "J ,. fs X' V213-iiwwitpf .W f if 'fa Fit-W fitypf 'W Q this fb' 4, . -2:fa,2a+ f ,Sli ' ,aaa l 1 , 7 ,f.,. JAMES GRANVILLE, OHIO R. KINTZ '42-'43 Privateg P.F.C.g Athenian Literary Societyg Fencing Team 5 Intramural Boxing, Baseball, and Football. Corporalg Cadet Christian Association, Athenian Literary Societyg Non-Cams Clubg Managing Editor, Slcirmisherg Captain, Fencing Teamg Intramural Sports. 2nd Lieutenantg Officers, Clubg Gold Star Coun- cil, Athenian Literary Societyg Skirmisher Stajfg Captain, Fencing T earn, Intramural Sports. ,43-'44 '44-'45 A perfectionist in everything he endeavored, .lim will long be remembered for his untiring efforts with the fencing team and his efforts in behalf of this yearis Skirmisher. Being elected to the Gold Star Council this year is a proof of his versatility, for in addition to his extra-curricular activities, his name frequently appeared on the Honor Roll throughout his entire stay. lim, the winner of the Military Department's medal for the 'amost competent and eHicient" squad leader last year, is hoping for an appointment to West Point. .lim lists as his most pleasant memories the initiations into the Non-Coms and Officers' Clubs. 66 NORMAN KLAUDER 702 Rodman Avenue V ,lENKtN'roWN, PENNSYLVANIA '43-,4-4 Prioateg P.F.C.g Ciceronian Literary Societyg Cadet Christian Associationg Dramatic Club. '44-'45 Corporalg Cadet Christian Associationg Cicero- nian Literary Societyg Varsity Football and Basketball. flailing from the L'QualQe1' State", Norm was a princi- pal factor in the success of this years varsity football team. A quiet, yet pleasant fellow, he donated his talents to the Ciceronian Literary Society and the Dra- matic Club. Versatility in all things was an outstanding characteristic of his. He was willing to try anything once, and if he was successful he was willing to try again. Coach Thomas found out early that he could place great trust in him in putting him into some of our outstanding games-he always scored some points. Norm will remember vividly the night of the non-corns initia- tion this yearg but, as all the rest of his fellow non-coms said and thought, he said, 'LI reckon it was worth it." Success for you is the wish of this years Senior Class. Always do your best, and youlll come out on top! 1 NICHOLAS MARIO LAMASTRA 301 West 26th Street Nonrouc, VIRGINIA '41-342 Prioateg P.F.C.g Junior Varsity Football and Baseball. 543 '42- Corporalg Non-Cams Clubg Junior Varsity Foot- ballg Baseball. '43-,44 lst Sergeantg Znol Lieatenantg Ojicers' Clubg Bowling Clubg Varsity Footballg Captain, Base- ball Team, '44-'45 lst Lieutenantg Vice-President, Officers, Clabg Vice-President, Senior Classg Co-captain, Var- sity Footballg Captain, Varsity Baseball. From the bottom rank in the .lunior School Nick worked himself up to the top rank in the Upper School battalion. Seldom can you find a combination of the good officer, the good friend, and the good fellow such as Nick was. Always you could find him smiling, crack- ing a joke, or having a good time in general. In the capacity of our most outstanding athlete he led the foot- ball and baseball varsity teams to many victories during the four years that he played. His wicked pitch in baseball was the cause of much admiration from his fellow cadets. As a lst Lieutenant, his last year, he made one of the best officers on our campus. 67 FRANK HAVENS TUBAN 555 Bush Street MOUNTAIN VIEW, CALIFORNIA '44-,45 Privateg Cadet Christian Association. When Frank came to Virginia, California lost one of her Inost ardent supporters. However, CalifOrnia's loss was Virginia's lespecially Fork Union'sl gaing our bull sessions this year would have been dull indeed without him. We suspect his ancestry is Irish, for he is a master at spreading the blarney. Those C.C.A. trips will linger in his memory for quite a while. After complet- ing his formal education at the University of Oregon, he is planning Land we hope sincerely that his ambition is realizedb to enter that most romantic of western occupa- tions-cattle and horse ranching. f , , "Wk 114, 'Ive-fwfw - 2 :Q Q " If , W 1'fr4-ww-,ff ffef LW' ' new W :img -.ayfwfswctizei ff -:X bf- --Q sa ,. .,,..,4fw:,Zsn vzmlmnstfws 4--1'-'vw' ftzffffitgaf-fffefrr-45 ' vi Qfgjywvaf,-s,.45f' X4 to X, f 2--imtc ' yi 4.Wlt.-,'?3s, , wgiae, ' ff' 7, -W. X . in sv, pc-1 2 'JY ' are is-wx' Kf1'a::ws-its weak A: as Q 4.1 ,-,Q Mena ,,,s,s,-4-rasf,-in .s -.. .sf We as ., ,,,,,,9, xy ,,,,,Wrya,I4M , . s uf. sf 4, -La: W, ,1f.JNQ. ,vw.gws'xgjrfjgfguc Q25-s V' ,Wm xx fs f. N ffs-at: 4 ssl nm? K' we N . -at A .,., M, ,, ii , WM 4? yayfgf CHARLES STUART LEGUM 714 Carolina Avenue NORFOLK, VIRGINIA '42-,43 Privateg Band. '43-'44 Corporal, Band, Non-Coms Club. '44-'45 2nd Lieutenant, Ojicers' Clnbg Band. Quiet, diligent, good natured, and well-liked are but a few of the many outstanding characteristics of "Charlie" Noted were his efforts in the Band, for he worked his way from a private his first year in the organization to a second lieutenant-its Commander- his third. He was very studious also-his name fre- quently appearing on our Honor Roll. In E-Section "jam sessionsn you could find him playing that 'gmean saxw. Those memorable affairs will live not only in his memory but in the memories of all the inhabitants of that section. At the conclusion of school this year his destination is the Army. We are sure his advance there will be the same or more outstanding than was his advance here. 68 LLEWELLYN LEVI Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas VIRGIN ISLANDS '43-,44 Privatcg P.F.C. ,44-'45 Privateg Art Editor, S1fjTIIliS17,CV Staffg Sabre Stajfg Baseballg Intramural Basketball. If at any time you are in need of a good friend, you can always depend upon '4Lou" for salvation. He is always ready to help old friends and make new ones. ln his studies he progressed rapidly for lIis serious mind, holding the plans for his future life, recognized the importance of a good education. The Seniors can give thanks and credit to him 'for the beautiful drawings and enjoyable cartoons which appear in this book. Anytime over on the basket- doing his best, as education at West most certainly he during the winter you could Find him ball courts with his seetion's team always. His hope to continue his Point after graduating here will realized. "Lou',, we expect to hear your name mentioned quite frequently in connection with the great achieve- ments of the future. I CHARLES JOHAN LINDEMANN 4005 Gosnold Avenue NORFOLK, VIRGINIA 43 44 Private. '44-,45 Private. When citations were awarded for that marvelous feat, 4'The Battle of Bremo BluH", friend Charlie won the highest honor. Well known was he in the midst of the E-Section troopers-better described as Hinhabitants of the cocktail lounge". A special murmur of'praise came from the faculty for his clear, beautiful script--a unique spectacle at Fork Union. ':C..l.", the Army Air Corps clamors for more fellows like you every day. Our best wishes for an enjoyable life of service go out to you. Do your best! 69 EDGAR VINCENT LOWEREE, JR. Woodington Road BALTIMORE, MARYLAND '43-'44 Private, Varsity F ootball, Basketball, and Base- ball. ,44-'45 Corporal, Non-Coms Clabg Varsity Sports. From the midst of one of the States' most historic cities comes to us this young man. For two years now you could always find him, smiling, friendly, and willing to help, Walking about our campus. One of the leading factors on our varsity sports teams, he contributed greatly to the last two successful years of athletics. He could make a long, good pass, shoot a goal, or knock a homer when called upon to do sog it just depended in which season you caught him. In the academic depart- ment he strived hard to gain a place on the list of honors. His work was not in vain, for that place was soon made. All of the fellows in the school have surely enjoyed having you with them, Ned. We, your Seniors classmates, wish you all the luck, success, and happiness that is possible to be gained and won. ,. -.swaws , ' -s,,.,. 'i""Wa,, of gg, ts :rv Q at Ht Wil " fm as Sw! a?""f .5 ' "CWI, ,.,.f:Qf'fjjQ:b 'Q' fnb,s1,X,W,f'fXf'Mw Qf'4s'jT"i sz., f, - . S, X, ,aff Wgp:21f'1z?yt7?:yzfS2 fa ey ,W . fre '- ff f :if-f s- A 125, M1071 kafwff ff ri We .sf ws . 1 , fs'-f-Wsw :anew A 51. we ti f-,Q -za, -aw so A A 1' -72 MLM. Wife TU .. if - .. wtf., ite . Q-sms any My was www tfmfswwrfsheaiffezf Qt, ff e 59 V my,.,,.-y S: G7 gy, as avi, A , as my -wear ,, , .... '9 fvfiiag' N23 'aww' WILLIAM AUGUSTUS MARANTO 1018 East 36th Street BALTIMORE, MARYLAND ,43-'44 Corporal, Ciceronian Literary Society, Sabre Stafg Non-Coms Club. Private, Ciceronian Literary Societyg Sabre Staff, Intramural F ootball. '44-'45 Latin at Fork Union Military Academy just wouldn't be Latin without Willie in one of the sections. Nothing pleased Willie more than passing Latin ll, fnothing pleased Captain Showalter more, for that matterl. Known for his interest in Southern womanhood and his collection of colloquialisms, he has been dear to all of our hearts for the years he has been here. Good luck, Willie, in both college and the army! 70 WILLIAM ALFRED MARTIN, JR. 33 Ardmore Avenue LANsnowN1z, PENNSYLVANIA ,43-544 Privateg Intramural Basketball, Volleyball, and Baseball. 714345 Privateg Intramural Sports. Although Fork Union is a diflicult place to practice the art of fine sleeping, Bill had no trouble adjusting himself to the situation. Within two weeks after his arrival in Fluvanna County he had found out how to sleep luxuriously and was practicing it, even in class! Popular in the barracks because of l1is interest in intra- mural sports, Bill soon became a leader on all the teams. Now that he is going to join the L'Sea Bees", we know he is finding his rightful place in Uncle Sam's armed services. crass, or? Vv,i HERBERT WESLEY McADEN 2018 Westover Avenue PETERSBURG, VIRGINIA '43-'44 Privateg Corporal, Ciceronian Literary Societyg Non-Coms Clubg Track. '44-345 Stag Sergeantg Non-Cams Clubg Manager Foot- ball Team. Probably the jolliest and best liked fellow at F.U.M.A. was "Mac". He was willing to try anything once- nothing being too daring for this' Petersburg lad. C- Section's Christmas Party in 1943 was classed "unique" when 'LMac,' appeared as the incoming year-appropri- ately clad. The football team of this past year pleasantly remembers him as their most capable managerg he did his best and was rewarded. His disposition will attract others to him in the future as it has here in the past. His life on the campus of Washington and Lee Univer- sity will most surely prove successful. Fellow, don't let us down! 71 'WILLIAM ARMAND McBROOlVI 4841 Reservoir Road, N.W. WASIIINGTON, D. C. '42-'43 Private. 743-'44 Private. '44-,45 Private. uCrash", deriving his nickname for an unfortunate situation involving that term, is a fellow with a pleasing personality and common sense. He was one of the holy few who could enjoy Capt. Payne's chemistry and Capt. Hudgins' physics. The only day he wasn't on E.D. was on Sunday and then only because there was none. Memories of Fork Union will linger with him in the form of a highly prized diploma representing three years of hard labor. 'gMac" is becoming tired of land now, we suppose, since his desire is to enter Annapolis. Do your best, and reward is inevitable. Q. 7 X ,- . P M 'fn22- -:xr ,-.yfmeaw r 1- f :-gt, Wwe? ef ' Wg -. M M ff , A --my , ., .,..hfs, , - 4 , X, .Ll 14 f A , . ,f P ,,,,,.,..w.,,.,4Q ff- .tw ,rs,,.Mgrz,a-,4,.,X gf fe -V y --Qt., ViQ'W'XIi 1- ,. -its-,e?'Q: Q?i?f .y ,. ...QQ-tit if -mnfjw.-,g,., I ,..,X,.,. -typing--.w...,...5 ,fewf Z4 Q fiwf wfgrzfz 2 rp N: 1v,f4q4Q "W: W , QW., , -f -- ,J ,,, -tk . X. .yt f , a,t,saaa2 . fc fn .Agp W:-v..f5fQa,-.5y1ff ww- gg?3s,.,,,:Wy4,f 9 64:1 -. ft 2 ffl-W 41 W . A cy ts., 1.70 any WM --,gy fa -- jf -7 -he f.- t. 1 o f fff, ft..,..w- -ei, , ' Wes- . f . N VWJM., .. .W-we ff ,43-'44 Sergeant 5 ROBERT K. McCUTCHEN 208 Second Avenue BELMAR, NEW JERSEY '42-'43 Privateg P.F.C.g Section Sports Section Sports. '44-'45 Supply Sergeantg Oficers, Club Section Sports We hate to part with such a fine young man as Mac has proved himself to be during these three past years. Although a trifle reserved his strong personality has served as an inspiration in our midst. His name seemed glued to the lists and awards of honors, for his assets were many and his demerits few. "Mac" loved mechani- cal things while here, therefore, the memories of physics, lah periods and the Armory will linger with him. West Point is receiving a fine young man in 4'Mac',. Your fellow Seniors of 1945 salute you. 72 DOUGLAS WOOD McDOWALL 139 Church Street KEYSTON, W12s'1' VIRGINIA '4.3-'44 Prioaleg P.F.C., Glec Club, Section Football and Baseball. '44-'45 Corporalg Glee Club, Gold Star Council, Non- Coms Club, Varsity Football. The typical southern gentleman, tall, friendly, and constantly smiling, is 4'Mac',. His manner of speech was one of the joys in the hearts of all our cadets from below the Mason-Dixon lineg he was their champion. C-lancing back over his record, one would Hnd it to be unexcelled in the school's history. This made him one of the brightest stars in the Gold Star Council. How- ever, the academic department felt only a beginning of his excellence. To Coach Thomas he became indispen- sable in football, and also most valuable to Capt. Payne in the Clee Club. Yes, "lVlac,' is an example of the perfect all-around cadet. Unanimously your Senior class- mates confer upon you their respect and admiration, and we hope that only success will follow your steps. 7 7 if ' 47' A 'fi' r I W Mpyffns ,.., M .g-.- ..,f. F Tzasaiu . , ' V ROBERT LOYD NEWMAN Forest Hills LEAKSVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA '44-'45 Prioateg Cadet Christian Association, Section Football. Bob claims that he hails from the ucity of beautiful women", never having been there, however, we can't justify that remark. .ludging by his winning way, We would say he'd be very successful in a city such as that. ln the academic department-especially in physics- he waved aloft his banners. Upon entering Georgia Tech., the knowledge which he gained here will be of inestimable value to him. Bob, we, your fellow Seniors, are expecting only the best from you and we donlt think We'll be disappointed either. 73 GEORGE HAROLD OLSON 31 Locust Lane Ovsran BAY, New YORK '43-544 Privateg Ciceronian Literary Societyg Section Basketball. '44-'45 Corporal, Non-Cams Club, Section Football. Sweet dispositions were always a joy to our cadets, and "Swede" had about the sweetest of them all. The Second Floor in Memorial Hall abounded plentifully with the echoes and re-echoes of his sweetness-all living there had to cover their ears when he was around. Seriously though, he gained the respect of all his fellow students for his willingness to turn out and help all he possibly could. When the going became rough, '4Swede" was not one to turn away, shirking his tasksg he went straight ahead, inevitably inviting success. Most fel- lows took a delight in teasing him, but that never bothered him-he enjoyed it as much as they. Though his plans after leaving Fork Union are not definite, we believe his life will be a good example for others to follow. f ,,,, . . , , V . , .gg f 2 , gait 5 .. .4 f .t -. W , C, ,jf"' fg,,, X , QP z - ., ,.- iffclinf 'Q.n.?P, I 1.57 "' 5 75W'-.T fvaffQ,4f'it6f'2ff- 'i p U -tim V: ,rw ,gf f ,af ngaaigf ,, ' il?iw1a,.:f2f fakiifii Smxw ' if wt- W-15m-aw.-st. if-.wt .. 'f wt: ., sm, W- ,-af f-at , 57, ,, ,,, 3 lgwll X X , 'NYS .fs V77 95.!f-4ffV9?3.f7 5359.i""3"?iwfsW"f aff?-' wwf in ,ffr1f3f,S2gQ.w-yang-,,,' get , A .M f am, 1,1 A-,tags-fi: yi.-,.e'M1a-f 1 Q9 www? 4 if ff :-I Ks PNXM4 ff .J awww if-S3 ,Mer W WILLIAM GREENE JAMES PATON 1312 Narragansett Boulevard 1 CRANSTON, RHODE ISLAND A '42-'43 Privateg P.F.C. . '43-,44 Corporal, Non-Coms Clubg Section Basketball. '44-'45 lst Sergeantg Cadet Christian Association, Offi- cers' Club, Captain, Intramural Football. Friendly, Well-liked, and very popular were all things that could be said of Bill. lf you wished to find him, just stick your head in the door to A-Section-you could easily hear him singing his theme song. His first year he received the Citizenship Medal for accumulating no demerits at all. CYes, fellows, it is possible. Bill will tell youll A-Company fellows will pleasantly remember him as their first sergeant this past year. He carried 1 out his duties, but he always gave every cadet the fairest possible. His making the Headmaster's List showed that not only did he hold up the military end but also he kept up in his studies. After leaving Fork Union, Bill plans to go to Rhode Island State College to further his formal education. We are sure that his aims in life will all be successfully carried out. 74 ISAAC OTEY PERKINS FORK UNION, VIRGINIA '43-'44 Privateg P.F.C.g Athenian Literary Societyg Rifle Team. '44-'45 Privateg Rifle Team. From the flourishing and beloved community of Fork Union comes the pal and friend of us all. When he was present you could always tell by his constant laugh- ter and talk-never for a single moment was lIe quiet. Being a constant member of the Honor Roll and Head- master's List proved that his scholastic ability was above the average. Since he did not live on our campus, he did not take part in as many activities as some others, but those in which he was were all aware of his industri- ousness-especially the Rifle Team. Quite the Cassanova type was he with the town bellesg never was there a Saturday night that one couldn't be assured of his Hbeing away from home on important business". Maybe he'll forget a lot of things but never the Halloween of 194-4. Your fellow cadets wish you all the success pos- sible, ull-:eng always do your best! . M ,,V,- a. - ,, 44721 I7 Q -f, .,,,,e -X , ., .,,5,,, ,,., y -J , , "1-f. w.,v,7.-- ,jr my 'fr' '-,-'t i Unfit" ' L. ik? z1,A 'f tt., ff f ti, ay JOSEPH LESTER PERRY 500 N.E. l02nd Street lVlIAMI, FLORIDA ,43-'44 Privateg P.F.C.g Athenian Literary Societyg Cadet Christian Association. '44-'45 Corporalg Cadet Christian Association fVice presJ Non-Coms Club. A fifth of a decade has passed since c'Pepe',, as he was dubbed by his friends, entered the mighty portals of our honored establishment. He was seen anywhere and everywhere on the campus except on the ul?-ull Ring". Outstanding was he in the activities of the C.A.A.g his life was a model of the principle embodied in that group. He kept his name on the Headmaster's List, showing that ambitions can he realized if reasonably worked for. In your future life in college, our thoughts for you deal only in success. Do as well or even better than you did here, and we will not have thought in vain. 75 RICHARD M. PETRO 308 Connellesville Street UNIONTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA '42-,43 Privateg P.F.C.g Cheerleader, Company Basket- ballg Manager, Track Team. '43-'44 Corparalg Non-Cams Clubg Manager, Track Tcamg Company Basketball. '44-'45 Sergeant, Non-Cams Club, Manager, Track Team. A remnant of the eighteenth century gigilo is pre- served in Dick, the Romeo from the Third Floor. His room was the lounge of the floor's non-com organization, he being its president. Those wisecracks and jokes he neverceasingly tossed about on the campus will be handed down each year at Fork Union to be enjoyed by other cadets. None of his fellows in Math IV could forget him because of his unique form of expression, Since Dick is a bit too green for our noble Unclels use, he plans to enter Penn State. May the best of luck go out to you. N: f X -2 1-.iz-1 Wife V , ,exist " YfZv5.Je:at 'ff , " S" . 3.2431 ty-ff-4,-feels. .. V ,H fm, ,. 7-,ig-ag, H 3 t fy. 1-3 ' , s ,fwfgsf't'wr,.4. 5 4 KX . 13,1 X Wf?'ii.," " ,J .41fjL. ' Taj .97 :X ,Ap fiifw, 151, iff wee' N11-sizlf '32 vlzffft t, my m ft, Q., ri' st- ,a f Q-st f, os f 'any-1-,a. ,','e-,fit-gt: ff- ' ' gf 2 ,, i,2 f ws -s. Ge? 'i'f,if't-2.-. 42- ig-,fri .Y wx:-,.s fqwff ,fat tw, .. Z 1 -,yrs N ,, ti'-xt"-1 K 51?-'W ' you'll succeed. .. ,ejQil3Q'G1 'fsi-3.'5J?.i,'f?' 21? 'ff 7 A, v-1 '.,,,:.g,:f-f-':.-it-ff MATTHEWS FAUNCE PIERSON 2312 West 17th Street WILMINGTON, DELAWARE I '42-,43 Privateg P.F.C. '43-,44 Privateg P,F.C.g Cadet Christian Associationg Ciceronian Literary Societyg Barracks Adjatantg Sabre Stajfg Intramural Footballg Baseball. 344-'45 Sergeantg Non-Cams Clubg Sabre Stayfg Skir- misher Staffg Intramural Footballg Baseball. and happy-that's 'gMatt". with his good nature, have of Fork Union's best liked of the organizations on the Always neat, friendly, These qualities, together developed him into one Cadets, In quite a few campus his influence was steadily present. Those friends :'Matt,' made here will follow him throughout his life for they appreciate his sterling character and true friend- ship. In a few years Dr. Yeatman will have quite a bit of competition when the letters M.D. have been added to 'gMatt's" name. More power to you, for we know 76 l l l FRED EDWIN QUIST 605 Westover Avenue NORFOLK, VIRGINIA 541-742 Private, P.F.C.g Athenian Literary Societyg Camera Clubg Section Sports. Corporalg Athenian Literary Societyg Non-Coms Clubg Section Sports. Sergeantg Athenian Literary Society, Non-Cams Clubg Section Sports. lst Lieatenantg Officers' Clubg Section Sports. '42-343 '43-'44 '44-'45 Fred ranks in a category all his own. Starting from the bottom ibuck privatel in the Junior School, he worked his way up through the years to one of the highest oiiices the Upper-School military department can bestow-lst Lieutenant. ln his section sports he figured prominently, since he loved all types of athletic games. His jovial nature, his ability to make and keep friends, and his fine personality were all virtues which carried him through F.U.M.A. successfully. These same quali- ties will carry him through a happy and successful after- life. Fred, we all wish you the best luck that can be had with everyone, everywhere, and everything. V .,,,k ., 53,0 Q .X .1 .X 1. r t,f1:gf,:.pfy I, 'fi,1i,f V ,ff :W 4:31-. g ft A rf nf w? Isief .QZQJI-Vi". Y?-f 'r , 1 " vb gs-Tw 6212-5, Lv, A-? C Aw gf I'ffQ,g,7'w 126, 5 f f MACK RANEY LACROSSE, VIRGINIA ,44-'45 Privateg Track. Quiet, thoughtful, and somewhat reserved were factors we observed in sizing up Mack's characteristics. This solitude did not keep him from making an enjoyable stay of his only year at Fork Union. Always willing and ready to help someone, he endeared himself to the hearts of those having the privilege of his acquaintance by little acts of kindness. He proved himself quite a swift runner in the trials for this yearls track team. With plenty of practice he would probably take a place as one of the very best racers we have ever had. Alto- gether we would say that Mack intends to make some- thing of himself after graduating from our Academy. Keep up your good workg we're with you! 77 i' JOSEPH BERNARD RICKMAN 228 West 26th Street NORFOLK, VIRGINIA '41-'42 '42-'43 Private, P.F.C.g Glee Club, Section Sports. Corporalg Clee Clubg Non-Coms Club. '43-'44 lst Sergeantg lst Lieutenant Acljutantg Officers' Clubg Glee Clubg Section Commander. '44-'45 Majorg Ojicers' Clubg Battalion Commander, Presiflent, Glee Clubg Barracks Commander, Secretary, Sunflay School. To his close friends he was a true companiong to others, a strict, impartial officer in ranks. His outstand- ing ability in the military division is obvious-he being the highest cadet-officer on the campus his last year. With a powerful commanding voice and a rich baritone singing voice he made the campus ring during the four years that he resided here. All of the cadets living in Memorial Hall these past two years can remember how hard they struggled to keep the barracks up to his standards. They knew, though, when they had pleased him-a few privileges were granted. Only the highest in anything was satisfactory to .loeg if he didn't succeed the first time, he would try until success was his. a,WY 4 lwfif MhwwnW W3-,je 1 may AW ,,.., .A 1... V V- M, ff ..,p .fn ww 5, .fb for A .,p4f,-rw ,yt-M apr., 4 I A ,J ,,5:':.L',,., X . 1,1 ,z . Mwxfns '-: , .11 fgg,.,,"ax-Q '- f ff" ' ,f X 2 ., AW., , . fa - V .wwf ,rn 51, ,. ssf:f,c ,ya f ' jig: 1 Qngwwmattf Qjjg f 1 rf ,f 'K fi ,,. DONALD ELDON RITTENHOUSE 309 West Second Street XENIA, OHIO , ,44-,45 Private 5 Athenian Literary Societyg Caclet Chris- tian Association, Glee Club. When love blooms, it usually blooms in most un- expected places. 'clcoverll was an appropriate nickname for this second John Barrymore-his mania for the fairer sex never ceased. He most certainly will reserve a place in his memory for those C.C.A. trips fespecially the one to Roanokel on which he enjoyed mingling with Virginia's "fair daughters of the graces". He possessed an excellent tenor voice which he displayed well in the Glee Club. Although this was his first and only year in our midst, he made the best possible use of his time to make it successful. So upon your departure for the Navy We wish you, Bon voyage. 78 JAMES FREDERICK STEARNS ROBINSON 6502 Fairhill Street PHILADELPI-IIA, PENNSYLVANIA '42-,43 Private. '43-'44 Prizfateg Bowling Teurng Dramatic Club. '44-'45 Corporalg Glee Clubg Non-Coins Club. Shakespeare's immortal Romeo is relivetl by this modern Cassanova who, with great difficulty due to the acule girl shortages, inhabited our halls for three long years. Especially adapted did he seem to the artistic mysteries of geometrical constructions fthe subject of ucircles" receiving special prominence? while in our midst. All our Southern gentlemen were attracted by his typical mannerisms as he was attracted by theirs- his last roommate being a firmly implanted Rebel. Seriously, Jim, our wish for you when your enter Notre Dameis famed corridors is that your career will be lighted by the lamps of success. ., A I ..V.,,!,M5D , ,C -, . ,. - VINCENT EUGENE ROITH 73 Cochran Place VALLEY STREAM, NEW YORK '75 7 wl fx . Jw-iz'4!.:,Y,f I -a- ' , : f, fv.,,' 4 . Age, 41 f 'V W f- . fa. - f -ry Af' S' 4252 3:22 44-45 Prwateg Bandg Section Sportsg Glee Club. Upon the steps of Hatcher Hall at retreat formation when the band was playing you could always distinguish this fellow from every other on the campus. Beneath a coil of tin alloy and brass assuming the shape of a funnel he stood ready for the signal to begin the Star Spangled Banner. He was the guy who played the tuba. With a winning way and a jolly smile the other fellows were drawn to him in friendship. Energetic and indus- trious, he took part in the sports of B-Section with an excellent sense of teamwork that counts so much in assurance of victory for a team. His pleasant memories will most surely include the famous third floor of B- Section which did everything that was worth doing on the campus. A few years from now all your fellow students will say, nGone but not forgotten". We are expecting to hear from you in the future developments of radio. 79 ARTHUR LEIF SANDERHOFF 2011 15th Street, North ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA '42-'43 Privateg P.F.C.g Varsity Footballg Tennis. 343-'44 Corporalg Non-Coras Clubg Glee Clubg Varsity Football. '44-'45 Stal? Sergeantg Non-Coms Clubg Glee Clubg Varsity Football. After three years of mental, physical, and economical strain Sandy emerges a graduate of our fine institution. Friendly, considerate, and kind are only a few words which would make a fitting description of a swell fellow with such a personality as he possesses. ln good old A-Section, his residence for these long years, he and the boys there had many good times together. In the sports line-up you would find him making a great contri- bution to the success of the football team-Coach Thomas could always place trust in this boy, for he always did his best. The Glee Club made use of another of his talents for two years, showing that he had musical ability as well as other traits. All of us join together in wishing you the best of luck in your sojourn with the Naval Air Corps. 1 s f Q ff is ,QL ' 1. Lin . fa' -. , f C fy., of ,aj ,fs . sf if :'?:f,S' ' ..,, 1 f NK: if .Ji 'xffwii of . .. I 'X - "Z, ,fzf if W iff' - .f ,. V,.,. - - "-- - if f -4 lf f f f .. . f.,.f 1, r' Mtg." EARL BURTON SCHAUBACH 234W Westover Avenue Noaroric, VIRGINIA '43-'44 Private. '44-'45 Corporalg Non-Coms Club. From the flourishing metropolis of Norfolk down in the heart of old Virginia hails a friendly, likeable lad who has stayed with us for the past two years. All the fellows on the lirst floor of Memorial Hall have passed many pleasant hours with him. His favorite pastime, sleeping, was something spoken of but not easily prac- ticed around Fork Union. There is a small time set aside for that honorable purpose, but there is not enough. He lists as his most pleasant memory at Fork Union seeing one of the joy-killers of the campus trip go head-first down the steps of Hatcher Hall. For his vocation, Earl has chosen dentistry. Your drills here might help you in that profession. When you enter the Navy, we wish you the best of luck! Do your best! 80 BAXTER ORTON SMITH 200 Wilson Lane B13T1f1EsDA, MARYLAND '42343 Private. Corporalg Ciceronian Literary Societyg Non- Coms Club. Sergeantg Non-Cams Club. '43-'44 '44-'45 One of our fine Southerners from Maryland is this fel- low dubbed i'Bugsl'. With that fine display of congeni- ality, characteristic of all south of the Mason-Dixon line, he won many life-long friends. Very few who have attended our school could say honestly that they studied more than 4'Bugs,'. This jealous activity had its reward each time the honors were read out. We feel sure that your stay on the Hampden-Sydney campus, where you are destined to go after graduation, will be studded with great achievements. K .7 - sg V ,N ' 3 , tes. pl :ai-,rf "3 C f' "'r Arr: wa- 727' ff cam 351' .5-1:2 one if ' V212 1 '-Q. .aa of .. , Mot, mf, N-.fff,ffsf,f,w,s-'12,' 4 f ,ima ,if ,, .,,,,.f f X 3 , 6, , . of af.. w .f .fgw 'N ew' RALPH LEIGHTON SMITH 439 Magnolia Street ROCHESTER, NEW YORK '43-'44 Corporalg Intramural Basketball and Baseball. '44-'45 Sergeantg Intramural Sports. Happening to walk by NC" Section on any afternoon, you would usually hear a heated argument between the Yankees and the Rebels. Upon further inquiry y0u'd undoubtedly find 4'Smitty" deeply involved in the con- tention. lf the Civil War were to break out again to- morrow, he would be the Hrst Yankee enlisted. "Smitty" wasn't very studious-certainly anything but a book- worm. However, his name occasionally appeared on the Headmaster's list. Your fellow Seniors all wish the best for you in your future life. Don't disappoint us! 81 LESTER DEAN SNYDER 907 Peerless Avenue AKRON, OHIO '43-'44 Private, Cadet Christian Association. '44-,45 Corporalg Glee Club, Caclet Christian Associa- tiong Non-Coms Club. contagious wit ever present in as a magnetic force compelling him. The C.C.A. never had a neither did that convention in preted further, says lntermont A rank Yankee loved by rank Southerners is a marvel seldom to be found. 'L.D.', is a living proof, though, that such an impossible miracle is true. The humor and his jovial nature served others to draw towards more ardent supporterg Roanoke which, inter- College. Room 83 on the third floor, will seem deserted next year without "L.D.,'g so will all of us who knew him. Everyone of us wishes for him the best that is to be found. Firestone will gain a valuable asset after the war. K ' 3 K f 1 .l.. . I 1 A A - ft f- tens., '- Y y ., '43-,441 '44-'45 Phil to the ,.,:.y.,.. f PHILIP REESE SPENCER 701 East Washington Street SUFFOLK, VIRGINIA I Privateg Corporalg Cadet Christian Associationg Intramural Baseball. Staj Sergeantg Tennis Team, Intramural Base- ball. was among that group of cadets who kept their thoughts to themselves, but the boys in F-Company will long remember his strictness and neatness in ranks, regardless of his solitude. He did not need to proclaim world in a blatant tone that he was hereg his actions relayed that fact to anyone instantly upon meeting him. When it came to sports, Phil wasn't behind there either. The section teams would have been rather lost without his good teamwork and hearty sup- port. His intellectual interests lagged behind his other interests, however, for he was not the most studious soldier here. He managed to come out rather well, notwithstanding. If he is not drafted before he gets to Penn State, we know he'll make good. 82 '43-,44 '44-'45 The to our would DAVID ANTHONY SULLIVAN 38 Crescent Street FRANKLIN, MASSACHUSETTS Prioateg P.F.C.g Section Sports. lst Sergeant, Ojicers' Clztbg Track Teamg Sec- tion Sports. conservative New Englanders contributed Basil midst with many regrets-fearing mostly that he turn Southerner. Their fears need never have arisen, for even under Petersburg's influence he did not. His athletic abilities were displayed by his appearance in section games for both of his two years. That famous Playboys' Club constituted another of his varied activi- ties. C-Company boys actually enjoyed him in the usually hated position of lst Sergeant and will miss him sorely upon his departure for the Merchant Marines. All of us join in bidding you a sad farewell, but we know you'll always do your best. c cgi s-'..5 -1.Q',.,..4, ix! MARVIN RICHARD SUSSMAN 225 West: 86th Street New Yotnq, NEW YORK '41-,42 P.F.C.g Intramural Boxing. '42-743 Corporalg Non-Coms Club. '43-'44 Sergeant, 1st.Sergeantg Officers, Club. '44-'45 Zncl Lieutenantg Ojicers' Clubg Gold Star Coun- cilg President, Sunday School Class, Intramural Boxingg Section Commander. Quiet, wise, scholarly, athletic, and very likeable are but a few qualities which bring into light the personality of our good friend here. His interests in his studies brought to him a seat on the Gold Star Council this year, so you can see the Honor Roll was dignified upon each presentation with his name. HBN Company's first platoon will long remember their leader as an example of the successful cadet oilicer. Not every platoon leader could boast of the friendship or cooperation of his men as could Marvin-they knew him and obeyed his com- mand. His strength was reputed to be amazing, since he spent quite a bit of time on practicing physical cul- ture in the form of weight-lifting. If you are as capable in the Marines as you were here, then our praises will not have been given in vain. 83 MORRISON SAUNDERS TAYLOR 1024 Virginia Avenue SURFOLK, VIRGINIA '42-'43 Privateg P.F.C.g Ciceronian Literary Societyg Tennis Team. ,43-'44 Priuateg Ciceronian Literary Societyg Tennis Teamg Section Basketball. '44-,45 Corporalg Non-Cams Club, Tennis Teamg Sec- tion Basketball. Another old Virginia Gentleman, a typical Southerner -that's 4'Mo Son. His good naturedness and his broad sense of humor proved to be powerful attractive powersg therefore, his friends were numerous and lasting. Out on the tennis courts his best talent came to lightg he contributed greatly to the rapid progress of the team. Long years will he remember Major Wildman's English IV class from which his nickname HMO Sol' accidentally came. Great was his delight when he passed physics CCapt. Hudgins also rejoicedl. ln the years to come, when he has added the degree of lVl.D. to his name, we will encounter him again-with pleasure. I , K 2 , 115' ,ig 1 ' ,L I et M ,fs f. at az' me ., , i f- ,fqgflk "W aj ' f f 7- f,--'Q f'f',,,if3 fa ' ,..,, ,W , 'r. asf is 'Xt .4 A if ' 'r Q , ,Mn . s, x,,,si-.,gf 5, 4 fif,ge,rg:g,,. 131, A ,.T5sl,42,fE'?Q-it-iff? X 243 in ?7'i!'e9'13if -: :Eff Q, le A., WEN" Q' , GEORGE ALDEF TYSON 2103 Lansing Avenue PORTSMOUTH, VIRGINIA '42-'43 Privateg P.F.C.5 Intramural Boxzn '43-744 Corporal, Sergeantg Intramural Baseball '44-'45 lst Sergeant, Track Team. For the three years that Flash has been with us never has he been accused of not doing his best Whenever there was a dull moment he could make some subtle remark that would throw his companions Into Hts of laughter. Even in the usually undesirable position of first Sergeant he carried out his duties In a friendly, fair manner-his chief object at Fork Union was to make and keep friends. The F-Company boys will save him a place in their memory, for many was the time he gave them privileges which they ordinarily wouldnt have had. After leaving Fork Union, Flash Intends to dedicate his life to aviation. With his enthusiasm and capability, we think that he will be among the leading flyers of tlIe years to come. For "Mole" the passing of his two years here will always live in his memory. but he strived ever to do doneg he was rewarded by sports, though, he shone and sprinting to fame on was a co-captain. On the EDWARD RUSSELL VADEN 205 East Westover Avenue PETERSBURG, VIRGINIA '43-,44 Private, Track Team, Intramural Basketballg Intramural Football. '44-'45 Corporal, Sergeantg Non-Cams Clubg Track Tcamg Basketball, Intramural Footballg Skir- misher Staff. He was not a great scholar, the very best that could be his success. In the realm of -playing basketball, football the track team of which he track he picked up his heels, and left the others discouragingly far behind. All the boys will remember him with pleasure and affection, and he, in turn, will do the same for them. S'Mole", for the future, we are hoping to hear of your name in the next Olympics when the war is over. Donit disappoint us! C I UFS 5 A I1 JAMES McNEIL VAN HOOK SOUTH HILL, VIRGINIA '44-,45 Private, Cadet Christian Association, Section Sports. In his one short year with us Mac endeared himself in the memories of all his many friends. Although a bit reserved and quiet at times, he could come forth with a remark at other times that would throw the group he was with into fits of laughter. Smallness of stature did not hinder him in taking part in his sectionis sports. He could carry the ball just as far as all the larger fellows playing bis beloved sport, football. He was a typical Southerner in his manner, although his speech betrayed a slightly Northern accent. In the future we most probably will hear from him as a highly successful business man. The best of luck to you, fellow! 85 Jost ANTONIO VARGAS SAN JUAN, PUERTO Rico 344345 Private, Section Football, Basketball, and Base- ball. From the sunny climes of one of our southern neigh- bors, Puerto Rico, comes a young fellow full of energy and ready willingness to work. The first thing he did, upon moving into A-Section, was to volunteer to play on the section team in football. This was only the begin- ning of his activity, football, then basketball and lastly baseball came to a top place on his list. Showing hearty support and co-operation to all with whom he had to associate, he gained their respect, admiration, and friendship. He studied hard and long and was rewarded by gaining an inestimable store of learning for the future. All of the fellows at Fork Union wish to give you their heartiest congratulations upon your success here. We know that you're going to make something of yourself upon your departure. if ,, V , ,M "ff 2tg.Qfe':fema:,:Jff ffm - ,Wt ta -.2-1 ff'-X 'CQWW' .yt TAI V1 m S f W, ,U , 1 ' 7 ww f v-we, 'Z,1,f,,f:faw 1 1 ,wa -M4642 5 al. f'-t.zfm,zftcstz4:Z224f4 ' :.t.w:gezv1y4sf ,,.f,f,,,fM .7 4 , if Ygfsnavfg., ? ,KTA ' '-ezwr ' "'V4f:f75M 71? Wziffifk 'M f - ' ,yes ,wfyqga wwf M I, ' 7 ' ff ,A f' .1 'aiywgpsx as . f 2 lei ffm' frf-'iffff t:MW1'ftZxgg:f'0-'if" ,ga-X ,QM ,f V . N ,Y fg, 2',:.tx:fwg7' , , ,.33.13-p',zatgw-gr ,,1 'JS' 'way -. ' fi 1, ,-4 M ., r ,1- X-,fsw'?.ctf e 1- g ls . wwe Q1 tae, "f MY? ,MV .Wa . ,wwf HUGH HAMPTON WEEDON Bronxville Road BRONXVILLE, NEW YORK '42-'43 Private, Athenian Literary Society, Band '43-,44 Private, Athenian Literary Society, Softball. ,44-'45 Corporal, Athenian Literary Society, Glee Club, Non-Cams Club, Skirmisher Staff. Hugh, one of the older and more experienced mem- bers of our cadet corps, has done quite well during his stay at our Academy. In debates and discussions of the Athenian Literary Society for tl1e past years he figured prominently. His room during this year has housed the famous Non-Coms Club on Third Floor. Those pleasant hours spent there will be remembered by every- one in that sacred group. Hugh plans to spend a year in boats on the great lakes after graduation before going to college. Do your best, Fellow, and you can't help succeeding. 86 541-'42 '42-,43 Private. '43-744 '44-345 accidently got in we have-quite a Ymrfw--, X I 4 CHARLES ELLIOTT WERNSING 1315 Belmont Street, N.W. WASHINGTON, D. C. Privateg Atlienian Literary Society. Staff Sergeantg Non-Coms Clubg Medical Staff. Privateg Medical Staj. Back in the "long departed days of yoren, Chick came to us with gay spirits looking for a wonderful time. Well, he surely found it, for he stayed with us six years. With no intentions of doing anything questionable he sometimes wandered from the path, but always he got right back on again. From his third year he could reap a beautiful memory from a battered old object which the wrong place. A genuine pal to all who knew him, he naturally had many friends and acquaintances. His last two years he served on that famous medical staff which took daily possession of the infirmary at sick call. fAlso included in the infirmary's equipment was its kitchen.l He claims to be the only representative of Lafayette Lodge from Washington that distinction!! Those grand old times he's had will stay with him a long timeg with us, also. Chick, give that Merchant Marine unit your best! c LA s sf, or, .L I .,,' ,V l ' THOMAS DEE WILKERSON PI-IENTER, WEST VIRGINIA '42-'43 Privateg Ciceronian Literary Societyg Reporter, Sabre Staj. Corporalg Ciceronian Literary Society, Gold Star Council, Cadet Christian Association, Make-Up Editor, Sabre Staff. Sergeant, President, Gold Star Council, Cadet Christian Associationg Non-Cams Clubg Skir- misher Staff, Co-editor, Sabre, Glee Club. '43-'44 '44-,45 is the time when you will find such a combina- Rare tion of intelligence, wit, and friendliness as "Doc" has. His name will go down on the pages of our school's history as one of its outstanding students. His third year brought him one of the highest honors the school can bestow-the coveted presidency of the Gold Star Council, Much credit is due to him also for the success of this year's Sabre and Skirmisher. Under all this camouflage of knowledge, though, you couldn't find a more amiable, likeable fellow than "Doc", His wit was extremely contagious. When the University of Virginia claims him this summer, we know that his success will be inevitable. 87 9906 River Road JAMES EDWARD WINTERMUTE 3500-A Madison Avenue NEWPORT News, VIRGINIA '43-'44 Privateg Ciceronian Literary Society, Section Football and Baseball. '44-'45 Private, Section Football and Basketball. Coming from the coastal region of our proud old state, we had a young man to come to us two years ago. It didn't take him long to get adjusted to our manner of doing things. Before so many weeks were gone he was out with the section team pounding the line for a vic- torious score. His two years in the waiters were re- garded by him as being the best times he ever had land also the time of accumulation of a great many excessive demerits.J Occasionally you could find him out plod- ding wearily around the uRing', trying to work that accumulation off. He gave vent to his personality by making great numbers of friends, especially among the fellows who lived in the section with him. We are assured that he will do honor to himself before many years have gone by. Go your way and do your best! 11' aL '51 1 4' I ,rags .. S 7 ' is "if , 2 4-tw. j J ff " 0 f 9 ' ft 1,25 ,w...,," ,y 7,3 'fs-0 ,., fs ,4s,,,..,,gak,n, new .1 ,s iifsqrsfgk., f ,ft s '1 2' .1 :Se nsi wwlf- 1' 2 AKCQ' milfvy lk- . s I. Lv' 1 ,, ts.. J is , ff 4 RAYMOND LEMAR WOODALL, JR NEWPORT NEWS, VIRGINIA '43-'44 Privateg P.F.C.g Athenian Literary Society, Dramatic Clubg Cadet Christian Association. '44-'45 Corporalg Glee Clabg Secretary, Athenian Liter- ary Societyg Secretary, Golcl Star Councilg Sec- retary, Caflet Christian Associationg Barracks Afljutantg Historian, Senior Classg Skirmisher Stajf. The age of golden opportunity has not yet entirely departed, judged by the merits of this young man. Starting the day of his arrival, he entered wholeheartedly in numerous activities of the school and showed ingenu- ity and originality in all. His academic record from the beginning was one of which he could be justly proud. The Gold Star Council received him with a hearty wel- come this past year. The most vivid memories of Fork Union will be with him in the form of those C.C.A. trips-especially to Natural Bridge. Woody, keep up your excellent achievements in the future, remembering your fellow Seniors are always with you. 88 KENNETH MILLER WYLIE, JR. 4-O7 Allen Avenue I-IOPEWELL, VIRGINIA ,43-'44 Privateg P.F.C.g Ciccronian Literary Society. '44-'45 Privateg Gold Star Council. Originally from Chicago but now an elite from Vir- ginia is our humorous fellow-mate "Kennie'. Those who knew him continually testified that they had loads of trouble distinguishing his wit from that of George Ber- nard Shaw. With a serious mind and definite ambitions he ever strived for the highestg l1is second year showed the result of his work by a seat on the Gold Star Coun- cil. Upon completion of his training here, "Kennie" plans to enter the journalistic school of Northwestern University if our Uncle does not desire his presence elsewhere. Success for him is inevitable, but we desire him to know that we fellows wish him our best. C L'A.S'S,' 0157 X 3-V1.7 i WILLIAM MELVIN ZUNICH 220 Station Street ALIQUIPPA, PENNSYLVANIA ,43-'44 Privateg Athenian Literary Societyg Section Bas- ketball. ,44-'45 Privateg Athenian Literary Societyg Sabre Stagg Skirmisher Stajffg Radio Clubg Band. With a bewitching smile and a cheerful greeting ever- present on his lips, "Cinger', graced the corridors and anti-corridors of our honorable institution for one fifth of a decade. To find him you could always depend on his being in one of two places-one, engaged in the squeamish pastime of ridding himself of excessive de- meritsg the other, trumpeting up a "jam session" with Fresn, Morris, and a bunch of other fellows. His cre- ative ingenuity was often set to practice in dreaming up some new way to cause some cadet oiiicer to squirm with the effects of one of his priceless practical jokes. He was active in the literary societies because of his interest in journalism. Credit must be given him also for some of the fine write-ups which appeared in this yearis Sabre and Skirmisher. Altogether falthough he furiously de- nies the facti he had a urare old time" at Fork Union, especially the Christmas during which he did laundry Csee Capt. Bucki. His embarkation upon his career as a doctor will be eagerly awaited by us all. 89 WILLIAM LAWRENCE ANDERSON Box 212 BOLTON, MASSACHUSETTS '42-'43 Privateg Athenian Literary Societyg Section Football. ' '43-'44 Privateg Ciceronian Literary Societyg Section Football. '44-'45 Staff Sergeant, Non-Coins Club, Cadet Christian Associationg Section Football, Basketball, and Baseball. Many years ago fAndy stopped counting them tool there came to us a young fellow from Massachusetts to enter our .lunior School. After completing the Junior School, he stayed on with us until this year he gradu- ates. Andy was one of the leading exponents of mis- chievous actions on the campus going on behind the backs of the cadet ollicers. As an inhabitant of the old lounging parlor fThe Maplesl, he enjoyed all the con- veniences of the modern uFork Union gentleman". Memories of Thornhill's immortal birthday party will blaze in vivid fire on his brain for some time to come. Taking part in all the sports played in his section, he made quite a showing of hearty support and teamwork. ,fs ,- v C v ' xy,-i Q 12.i:::,':f'ss:z::::'M'f .ts f I 2 ,wwf N N 1 X 2- 4 f c 1 sf ' , -QYZWQT .2Sf'47f'.f'f ,941 ,, ,V saw Q--' :mf 21 2 gl X rw ,fyefjis g'f:.,1g,,..f.ty it ll 1. sf ivavft-:gg fs? f an tiled?-. .-21,5 V, 'f s K A tf wwfciaf 5- -.- 4 f fm ' if NOURI RODRlGEZ ARIF, JR. 827 East 156th Street New YORK, New Yoruc l 1 '41-,42 Prioateg Carlet Christian Associationg Glee Clubg Football. Corporalg Cadet Christian Associationg Club, Non-Coms Clubg Football. lst Sergeantg Officers' Club, Track Team. 2nd Lieutenantg Officers' Clabg Varsity Football and Basketballg Track Team. ,42-'43 Glee '43-'44 '44-'45 all around athlete-that was Roddy. On the football team he was a guard, and what a guard he made! All the other teams engaged in contest with us were made instantly aware of his presence when the game started. ln 1944 he threw the shot-put in the State Meet scoring for himself and the School second place. The track team, also included in his program, proved that he could keep up with the fastest of them. His abilities were not conlined to the athletic Held but The varsity were also displayed by his progress -2nd Lt. his fourth year. At the upon his graduation, he plans to Forces of our nation to serve for once again we will hear from him in the military realm close of this session, enlist in the Armed the duration. Then at Notre Dame. N90 ROBERT EMIL BOLEN ATHENS, OHIO '41-,42 Privateg Bowling Clzibg Section Sportsg Athe- nian Literary Societyg Y.M.C.A. Privateg Athenian Literary Societyg Bowling Clubg Y.M.C.A.g Section Sports. Privateg Caclet Christian Associationg Bowling Clubg Athenian Literary Societyg Section Sportsg Sabre Staf. Privateg Athenian Literary Societyg Bowling Clutbg Section Sportsg Track. '42-'43 '43-,44 '44-'45 Always willing to help and thoughtful of others- that was Bob. Through tlIe long span of his stay here no one could honestly say that he wouldnit help those who were in need of assistance. Under that business- like look that he always wore there rested a heart of gold. Extremely active was he in the athletic programs of the section in which he lived. A hearty supporter of all that was wholesome and enjoyable he played all the games to tlIe very best of his ability. He also partici- pated in the activities of the various other organizations on tlIe campus sometimes in a small way and sometimes in a very big way. rry, O -, p, - ff 477 DEAN GRAY BRAUER 2613 The Terrace RICHMOND, VIRGINIA 342-'43 Privateg Radio Club. '43-'44 Private. '44-'45 Private. From the grand Old Dominion we received three years ago a fine fellow who has stayed with us long enough to receive his diploma. Always up to something Cusu- ally some misdoingl he kept the rooms around him in the barracks in a continual stir. His roommates could testify that they had never before met one like him and never again do they expect to meet another like him. Dean had no military ambitions for he seemed content to remain Hin the ranksl' for his entire three years. Like Loge, the mischievous fire god in German legends, he was always springing up in the most un- expected place with some new trick to play. Anyone who has been the victim of one of his practical jokes will surely remember him with ufriendly malice". Dean, when you leave Fork Union, we all want you to know. that we're all wishing you the best of luck in anything that you may attempt to do. 91 , ,"'Qf,,,9f 109th Street OWEN HASKINS CARNEAL 1250 31st Street, N.W. WASHINGTON, D. C. ,43-'44 Privateg Athenian Literary Societyg Fencing Team. , '44-'45 Privateg Athenian Literary Society, Fencing Team. All the first-sergeants on the campus must have joined together in expressing their gratitude to HCorney', since he possessed the only straight saber on the campus. Hence, he was never wanting for funds. His jolly dis- position, which would be a credit for everyone, drew other cadets to him with a magnetic force. Most of the worldls Hred headsv could do well by taking lessons from him on the subject of personality. Upon entering the Marine Corps, his career will be one of pleasing success. Don't forget Fork Union, '4Corney", and dOn't forget, not to let us down. , ,r,,..yfz, f , I 73, Qyvww-,,,,...,, , ., -7,-Neff.. ,,X.,.,., , ef- fwewf , , :,:'1wr.zwQ1-::- f ,,,v yr' if 1' M 1 ef,--W.. f f asfrjfj- www " v,0,fg7,,,W-34,3 rg 2,1 sr' if ij'f"'e'0 2 V.-xpvwyy ,H 13 M! X 1 C.-gf qa 1 4, si 9,2 .4 .Wa-e,.rf W' ,-'Me-My X4 42 of '-,2,ft,f.., , Zaye' 'vig -:Q-31' Zfpr' "V" 1 " ,,,v'1f'i?'..,.f ,. ,. .6G'...7':l7 "rin-fa' ,-it 1 f .arf fq 'rw mei Qmt.,'.Q f , 0 Wm ,, .ff I mc- 7 ' Marne ,ff -K f ,'f.4ja, .- ,,f 'ww bw. .- SA.-r fn ...aa jr ' fy' . ,,.,.,i rg , .M , ..,. ..,,,f f ,'X52,g,k:,fi1. 4:3 wif, ..4,.w,Qb , al V f' . Q K, ,.,V .. , .f.g.- f-vp fl? Z.-rf. if e-Ac,,w-KM: ,s Y ' , , Q ., fr t :c'N'.Jm,'2 , yy.-an me ri: ,W at Wi WX..Z1-i,txf,2i5rgf A-96 4.24 ew ew-' wgyw', 's,.l.ff,.,n.m:'w iw-C,-, .. 4--Q ,Q ft, .qw ya, 'z2'fe'f11'w2i Nw ,wife fi QQ' " ,Egg 5,,., M min 19. ...Cm ,M , 4,., 5 , .. -Z -. Q, A ... . I .. f N., ,AU -ef ,, Wa M, V ,. NICHOLAS JAMES DALLIS NEW YORK, NEW YORK ' '44-'45 Private 5 Varsity Football, Basketball, and Base- ball. "Hungry Greek" arrived here this fall, fresh from the far off region of New York twhich, by the Way, has not yet been annexed to Virginiaj. Outstanding for his Hashing smile and constant laughter, you can well im- agine that his popularity was great. He was the blocking back on the football team and always attempted and accomplished the uremovingl' of a great many of his opponents from the game. The scholastic ability of this gentleman was not to be overlooked either, for his athletic ability did nothing to hinder it. The Army will receive him before long, and this training which he has received at Fork Union will be of great benefit to him. All we can say is, L'Keep pounding that old line, fellow, and the line-up will come your way". 92 JOHN FAUST DeWITT 127 East Main Street ELKTON, NIARYLAND 743-544 Privateg Intramural Volleyball. '44-'45 Corporalg Non-Cams Clabg Intramural Volley- ball. Tall, good looking, and young-all three blend them- selves into a most desirable character and companion. Hack", although quite the ladyis man, has a serious atti- tude on life that will most certainly assure him a place on the halls of success. He did his work here to the best of his ability, and we have no reason to believe that he won't do the same elsewhere. Well will he remember the Non-Coms organization on the Third Floor, and the rest of the floor as well. When the Marines extend their invitation to you this summer, we know you will be one of their best. Good luck, 'fLeather- kN' HCC . 442323 x -f'i'y ,A C 39 wjlvi L 1' 15 s , ' .' ' . -Y X :MJ itl . 15. . .- 152:34 53 rf -w 'tar 'yififfifal Vai ' U fi' Q N " Wiz 1.41 f Pri ' Q7 i ' kj ..,. Z.. . .,,, A , .3w:,53. ' 9' V "'i I LESTER EARLE FAIRALL, JR. ODENTON, MARYLAND '44-'45 Private. Enjoying the comforts that only the Social Center baucloir could afford, this fellow made enjoyable his short stay at Fork Union. With a sense of duty and obligation he worked his hardest to try to do the things that were right. In his studies you heard from him on the academic honor list occasionally. A friend to all those who knew him personally, he would often do little acts of kindness which endeared him to them more. Since this was his first and only year at Fork Union, he didn't get to enter into many of its activities or enjoy the extreme privilege fthe non-coms say it is no privilegel of being umadeu. If he should return next year, we think that he would advance in all capa- cities as he has shown us he could this year. Best luck to you from the Seniors of 1945! 93 ARTHUR CURSON FISHER 84-49 168th Street JAMAICA, New YORK '43-,44 Private, Basketball. ,44-'45 Private, Intramural Football. If part of New York were transported to Fork Union suddenly, none would it please any better than NFisl1H. Every bone in his body lauds that state-a genuine Yankee, he. Those no drill Tuesdays seemed to be his favorite periods at Fork Uniong most of us will agree with him there. When his formal education here is completed, the University of Tennessee seems to have preference among other colleges in his choice, although we can't imagine why he doesn't enter one of those austere New York institutions. However, we wish to extend our best wishes for success, "Fish,'. You have done your work here well! we X. . ,. 1. tr ,, 1' ' --my I ,, , f . M., f , f ff' V, M 1--.SW MY :H ', -75,511 'Alf ,ff 4' F 241 ." il, WZ", 7V ,fh-li'--,,kf. f f 1 ? ggi, A , 4 qi Y 21 9 I WILLIAM STRAUSS FOX, JR. 3901 Fordham Drive BALTIMORE, MARYLAND ,114-,45 Private, Section Basketball and Baseball. Another of E-Section's bachelors rolls into sight. From the midst of historic old Baltimore he hails with flying banners. ln his one year of residence with us, we found him to be willing, ready and waiting to help with any- thing he possibly could. Although not the best student on the campus, he did his work very well making a success of all the opportunities which the Academy affords. A hearty supporter and a good sportsman were other characteristics he displayed upon the action scenes of his section,s basketball and baseball games. His aspi- rations after leaving Fork Union, with touches of Dr. Wicker's influence showing blatantly, are all centered on becoming a millionaire. Well, fellow, we most heartily desire that your ambitions will be realized and that you will proverbially, Hsend half of it back to Fork Unionli' In between now and that time though, give your heartiest to those fighting leathernecks-The United States Marines. 94 WALTER CURTIS GILL, JR. ORANGE, Vmcmia M2343 Privateg Rifle Team. '43-'44 Sergeant, Stay? Sergeantg Rifle Teamg Non-Cams Club. '44-'45 lst Lieutenant Adjutant, OHTZCGTS, Club, Rifle Tearn. Hitting the bull's-eye was a daily occurrence with Buck, since he has been one of the stars of the Rifle Team for three years-his entire stay at Fork Union. Southern accents acquired a state of perfection with him, for his speech was a joy to the hearts of all gentle- men residing below the Mason-Dixon line. He was on substantial ground in the classroom also. A friendly word, a nod, and a flashing Virginia smile were instantly to appear when you met him about the campus. The entire corps was his friend. His competency in the military department brought him the office of Battalion Adjutant this past year. For Buck our prediction is success, for a person of his ability could not help but succeed in Uncle Samls vast air fleet. ,iffqfj , " ,Qty 5,7J,-1 ig, 'yy ,, i, .,,l,,,:5y, A 7 F " :aff-ff ,af .fvf--t-,.fxw f ,. , . , Leaf ,fQ'ilq?.?,9'-if Lift' X Z 7 '6.x,Vg,V :ji ts, Q at 0 X- J A f ' y V f 2 fx f y 2 DONALD HINSON HARRIS Cia Agricola de Guatemala TIQUISATE, GUATEMALA '44-'45 Private g Tennis Team, Cadet Christian Associa- tion. Mico, one of the ace players of our tennis team, is really one of the swell fellows of Fork Union. Out- standing for his extreme honesty and loyalty to his many, many friends, Mico is known not only by the cadets but by the faculty as well. As an outdoor man, Mico is especially interested in hunting and riding. We hope that he found Virginia to his liking in pursuing these hobbies. After completing his education at Fork Union, he plans to continue by enrolling at V.P.I. Where his brother, Guy, teaches. Continue as you are, Mico, and We know that you will be a success at V.P.I. and in your life after your graduation there. 05 1 x , STEPHEN HOLEVA III 3024 West Calvert Street BALTIMORE, MARYLAND ,42-'43 Privateg Ciceronian Literary Society. '43-'44 Prioateg Ciceroniart Literary Society. ,44-745 Corporalg Athenian Literary Societyg Cadet Christian Associationg Sabre Stajfg Non-Coins Club. Coming from the midst of the Hourishing city of Balti- more, We have "Head", as he was nicknamed, a three- year resident of our campus. You could always find him on the second floor of Memorial Hall swapping jokes with his friends-all the fellows who lived in the bar- racks. Strange as it may seem, he was awarded two good conduct badges his first year with us, which all goes to show that, '4Where thereis a will there's a way". He always enjoyed most those day passes and leaves away from Fork Union Che saidl, but we all know he liked the school just fine and hated to leave. Probably his most pleasant memory of the Academy, however, was the day that he walked upon the stage to receive his diploma. After graduation he will grace the halls of .lohns Hopkins University with his presence. Best luck! rg my .mf K 7' I S ,f niet! ,M kv M5774 N 4 ,L , . , "" ta , 1 Qgkw' ' an :fi'fi'. li" 7-i, 'Q 31 0' fs . ,,,.,5Q ,ix I I W4 Sway IN' ' .3 4 'P Q- 0' ff MIK me f , .Q 1- .X Vw wr' , Vegjy 34 Ji 4 EDWARD GEORGE HOVNANIAN 34 Averton Street ROSLINDALE, MASSACHUSETTS '43-544 Privateg Glee Clubg Reporter Sabre Staff Cadet Christian Association. '44-'45 Sergeant. E-Section has been many times the scene of the return of the Civil War. In the center of the heated contlagra tion would you always and invariably find this proud young New Englander, hailing from the state of Massa chusetts. His blood was of the type which caused his ancestors to win that mighty conflict Musical aspira tions were also present in his mind for a jam session never took place in E-Section without his taking part For this talent he will be remembered for years to come by his many friends. Uncle Sam's Navy stands ready to receive him this May. His pleasing personality w1ll make his stay with that good relative of ours most pleasant and profitable. STEPHEN COLLINSON JONES ARNOLD, MARYLAND '43-'44 Privateg Varsity Baseball. '44-'45 Privateg Varsity Football, Basketball, anal Base- ball. As the baseball season of 1944 rolled in, there also rolled in to us a fine young Southerner to herald its approach and take part in our season games. Apparently well satisfied with his surroundings he returned to us for the session this past year to take part in all varsity sports. You could always find him on that line hitting hard, on the courts throwing for a goal, or smacking a homer, depending on which season you saw hirn. Not only a fine sportsman but also a good student was he- no opportunities slipped by him in any department of the Academy. Over in the lounging room in Social Center he enjoyed all the conveniences of about forty- Five other roommates. However, we all think his stay at our institution was a complete success. Steve, upon your graduation and departure for the Armed Forces of the good old U.S.A., your fellow Seniors wish you the best of luck and happiness! ' , wx: ,, - - g. f .i lj lfly " bfi' LI .'!lQ'K f - A THOMAS W. KNOTT, JR. Franklin Park FALLS CHURCH, VIRGINIA ,44-,45 Private, Varsity Footballg Baslcetballg Baseball. Recognition was not long in coming to 4'Speedy" after he entered our Academy, for upon the opening of the football season you could not be ignorant of his pres- ence. Memories of Fork Union will linger with him even after he enters V.M.I. next fall, especially certain fruits being Hservedv in the mess hall. However, we who have come to know '4Speedy', regard him as a very good friend and a good sport. Best of luck at V.lVl.I.! 97 JONATHAN K. MILLER, JR. 127 Shadeland Avenue LANSDOWNE, PENNSYLVANIA '43-,44 Privateg Caclet Christian Association 5 Intramural Sports. '44-'45 Privateg Bandg Glee Clubg Ciceronian Literary Societyg Intramural Sports. From the heart of E-Section, our country club, comes a friendly, cheerful, and beloved fellow. Jack, although a Yankee, is a friend to all who need one, No situation can arise that he is not ready to conquer. Musically, he ranked high above the averageg since both the band and Glee Club included him in their midst. Following graduation .lack hopes to enter the Army Air Forces. May your wings of achievement carry you to the heights of success. V1 .agar .f,, , N 2 ., 'ga mf' t ' if if 'if Z K ' wt' E.'.t.-, ' ' x f,, 1-mm ,,, f,ef,,f W U ea " , ,AQ xl L. . pst at-M X :fv'l'fW.: Nt if 14' -'tak fix? if I 'Q '.5'f2,i' .'iiZwQ5fQgJ M' ff 4.12. ,itilsfaafiflf if vt 4 -uw. ai- 4 l.. N -'X V., A V -ff QW , 1 ,X ,Q ,X Y ez- A 1' , wk X ,fi ,, I ,, Sports. psychology. '- ' - ---.wwf iw ,af , 1 X ,- NICHOLAS G MORRIS FAIR LAWN NEW JERSEY '43-'44 Privateg PFF Atltenzan Literary Soczety Intramural Sports ,44-,45 Staff Sergeant Non Cams Club Intramural A twentieth centuiy Galahad with a fleeting smile IS in part the description fitting Nick a true friend to all and a genuine "right guy He will always probably be thought of as ou1 leading critic on modem land we mean strictly modern? music his opinion on that matter was the settlement for any disagreement which might have arisen. After fulfilling an obligation to his bearded Uncle, Nick plans to enter Rutgers University to embark on what we think will be a most successful career in BERNARD MOORE NORMENT 313 Wataqua Street ROANOKE, VIRGINIA 342-'43 Private. '43-'44 Privateg Dramatic Clubg Section Sports. '44-'45 Privateg Glee Clubg Section Sports. Another friendly and likeable fellow from Memorial Hall, our concentration camp, is 4'Sucker", an old Vir- ginia Gentleman. lf we should have another Civil War, he would be a leading instigator. Considered the 'fbrainn of Economic Math. Class, he must have been one of Capt. Gooclman's boys. Seriously, though, we think a lot of this fellow and hate to give him up to the Navy after graduation. The boys of Fork Union salute you, "Sucker", in hopes that you accomplish your ambitions. C L A ,,rr 025' I CORNELIUS BONEY OWENS FOUNTAIN, NORTH CAROLINA 544-'45 Privateg Bandg Section Basketball. From the rapidly-becoming-famous little town of Foun- tain, down in the heart of the Tarheel country, comes a fine little fellow to stay with us only the span of one short year. He did his best in attempting to do any- thing, and usually he came out on top. Proving himself to be musically inclined, his talents were put to good use in the Academy band. Never failing, he would always be there on the steps of Hatcher Hall at Mess IH play- ing away with all his might. He took his course of study seriously, when many donit, and in the process made an excellent student. Fellow, we wish you luck, at the same time regretting that you have not longer to stay with us. 99 CLAUDIUS LORENZO OWENS FOUNTAIN, NORTH CAROLINA '44-,45 Privateg Section Basketball. The second of the two Owens twins is this rollicking Romeo. He, too, comes from the deeps of the southern part of North Carolina. This first and only year of his, brought to him and those familiar with him a great deal of pleasure. Residing in the campus bridal suite CMemOrial Hall, third floorl, he received all the privi- leges and privations granted accordingly. We discovered, quite by accident, that he was another of the members of the secret HDuck-Hunter's Clubl' of that Hoor. fAn investigation of that organization might prove quite worth our time.J With plenty of teamwork and co- operation he did his best On the section basketball team. Upon your departure, we all wish you well! Q.. 1 ,W f , f f f X X I f f f' f x L 2 Z X J U ff 54, R f Az- .Q f lim, - f , 'el-R ex .., -gui' 'I f,sf,z.sy4,fA-7 ,ia , fe-Mfg-Qf',. , A N5'f4,.p' if ,-f Wwe f 1v,,:-f Z , ,JW 1 sa: 1:4 1 -H4137 1' A-2:0-55 "Pdf,-A as -0. f ,-5, V Z yfw, no 7,--wr 1:16-it W ' ,fm 1. ' M27 . , W is-Mgr:-: -a1"'e:,f.w of , , ssifwgs afiiwaaxwff X 3 ' ' M 4-Zslwifv-Q' ff" Q . ' "-' wash ' Q . 3 4, Q -,sw-' fl Q ' ff 2 1, if f 7 "" ,Wy -1 , ff , in ' CHARLES F. RUNYON 8 Druid Place CHARLESTON, WEST VIRGINIA ,44-'45 Privateg Section Football. Although our friend Charles has been with us but one year, we all have come to feel that he has been with us for a longer time. Those Of us who were his closest friends will testify to his friendliness and willingness to do everything he could to help those in need Of help. He did his best in the academic department while he was here, and frequently when the honors were read out this year his name adorned the lists. Charles has his heart and head set on becoming the chief-of-staff of some large hospital after he completes his educational training. May your hopes and ambitions be realized! 100 ,44-'45 Private. you in the future! ,f V, LAfSi ,DF A " ' ROBERT LEE YEATMAN 1820 North Hartford Street ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA ,42-343 Prioateg Section Basketballg Ciceronian Literary Society. '43-'44 Privateg Section F ootball. '44-'45 Sergeantg Section Football KCoaclt2. From the best state in the Union-Virginia-comes to us a young man of various abilities. His taking part in the section athletic program displays his talent for sports. Co-operation from him, in the form of some mighty fine teamwork, helped his team to chalk up many victories which otherwise might not have been accom- plished. This past year as the team's coach he made that fact even more obvious, With a quiet, friendly manner, he carried on his daily program without inter- ference from anyone or interfering with anyone. .lake always put out his best for the military and academic departments and was duly credited by the faculty and his fellow students for it. The Navy is his destination after graduation day. After the war a career of study at a good college and a job as pilot for the Pennsylvania Central Airlines will mark his program. Good luck! 101 DAVID GERSON SEGAL 475 North 11th Street PHILADELPHIA PENNSYLVANIA This year has been I'1Cl1 ID evperience for our friend here, His stay at the Academy has been very profitable for all concerned Those friends he made will be remembered in the lonb uncertaIn future which 15 to come. Upon graduating from here this May, David plans to enter a school for pharmacists Good luck to Tl Most Likely to Succeed JOE INZAJNA Handsomest Cadet R. C. BAILEY Most Studious Cadet G. L. JONES Xia f Most Popular Commissioned Oficer L J. C. BONNER 3 Post Popular Private S. M. OMAN Done Most for F.U.M,A. J. B. RICKMAN Best Natztred Cadet J. C. BONNER Best All-Around Athlete NICK LAMASTRA Neatest Cadet JOE INZAINA Most Popular Non-Com A. L. SANDERHOFF 0F g ? , af' ,-nf L esadiff v ' 'MR .24 WW If If Y 0 fa ff-'T .- r-5,- - 3 1 x, BL 1 PAM. Il SZX, Qfkvf - I CLASS ,QEE7 f f, Thinks Mostg Says Least L 375, P. C. OSCANYAN 2 :L .isis 4 Ev' 1 'Z Best All-Arounfl Cadet NICK LAMASTRA Q E ie Ml - ,lf Z : i 'SX f ' , Lew, 5 5332 ' 9 ' A 'X 'W 4 if N- I' N .sl U 3" ' Biggest Woman-Hater Ki f W fx' ' ., f -Lv, Q J. B. RICKMAN 2 W L 45 94' L 45 3. -- .. El T ' A A Mx Most Drag With Faculty ft J. B. RICKMAN ig" if xrz 4 A Favorite Occupation SLEEPING fl 'K -xN fl ff Q 4 103 0 F 9 Most Musical Cadet G, L. JONES Greatest Lover A. L. SANDERHOFF Laziest Cadet S. W. BEAL Biggest Pest J. B. RICKMAN Most Popular Class COL. SNEAD'S ALGEBRA II eff ' V - L xg ' E-ifwJliL ' ...Ag Q9 Fey . me .65 -. Q.-' saw ll x. , 3" if wi. if . 1 Xt. :ad-A A ' EAv A l x 7? lr H ' I Vjijf 2-27 W5-1 X 5 , A Q : Li i A if Q. -.ix PUST GRADUATES ' HENRY PRESTON BRINKLEY 1822 Westover Avenue Petersburg, Va. The United States Army HUGH WORTHINGTON BURCESS Route 2 Hickory, Va. F Virginia Polytechnic Institute HERBERT VEOLO CARUTHERS Colonial Beach, Va. The United States Navy ERNEST A. DANASTORG Ave. Wilson 4528 Santurce, Puerto Rico Armed Services of U. S. A. WALTER DRAPER 3023 Forrest Hill Avenue Richmond, Va. Armed Services of U. S. A. JAMES IRVING FISHER West Franklin Street Franklin, Va. The United States Merehant Marine LEO LEONARD FLIS 9621 Bulialo Boulevard Hamtramck, Michigan Armed Services of U. S. A. ALBERT CARL GAY, JR. Fountain, N. C. Armed Services of U. S. A. 104 PIIST GRADUATES .IAMES EDWARD GOULDMAN V A I Hawthorne Avenue Colonial Beach, Va. Armed Services of U. S. A. JOSEPH TRUNDLE GRIFFIN, IR. II4 West Third Street Frederick, Maryland The United States Naval Academy BEVERLY JACKSON HALL R. F. D. IH24 Norfolk, Va. The United States Army ROBERT PRESLEY HART, IR. Cologne, Va. Virginia Polytechnic Institute GEORGE LOUIS HOCKADAY Lanexa, Va. Armed Services of U. S. A. FRANK LEE HOLLOWELL R. F. D. as Portsmouth, Va. The United States Navy WILLIAM GEORGE JACKSON Poplar Branch, N. Ca. The United States Naval Air Corps LELAND HOMER IAMISON Radford, Va. The United States Army 105 PIIST GRADUATES MARTIN EUGENE JOHNSON Onancock, Va. Business CHARLES EVERETT MACDONALD 108 Hesketh Street Chevy Chase, Md. The United States Maritime Service WALTER BERNARD MOSELEY, JR. Blackridge, Va. Virginia Polytechnic Institute LYLE DAVID OULD Appomattox, Va. College RAY WEST OWENS Fountain, N. Ca. Armed Services of U. S. A. 106 Junior Class llfiicers William H. Harrell, President Franklin V. Martin, Penn G. Johnson, Herman N. McHorney Vice President Secretary-Treasurer Historian L Albert J. l. Allen N. C. Allen A. Andrews Bailey R. M. Bartlett T. B. Bealle R. D. Beary Burner R. D. Burton R. E. Calkins J. M. Cataldo Coiner I. L. Colon S. B. Cooling W. L. Cooper LASS 0 R. L. Atwood R. F. Ayers F. A. Bowers R. C. Boyd L. R. Chase H. L. Clark D. M. Detwiler F. L. Dickinson 1946 108, T. E. Douglas R. W. Faurot A. .l. Gellman E. L. Hoffman CL R. W. Dralle .l. S. Duvall .l. E. Edelen .l. R. Eldridge .l. G. Falvo S. H. Feldman F. Florio A. J. Galarcli S. R. Gallier H. T. Garnett W. J. Gibson R. L. Graham W. H. Harrell M. V. Haynes R. A. Hevenor A. P. Holbrook V. S. Houston R. G. Hubbard G. L. Ingram W. .l. .lessee ASS 0F 1946 1 W. E. Johnson R. R. Jones W. E. Jones G. P. Killian H. J. Kostel J. W. Kynes R. E. Lancaster R. M. Lee A. Leland S. R. Locklear J. A. Lodge E. L. Madiera F. V. Martin J. L. Matthews H. M. Mercer R. C. Miller E. H. McArd1e A. .L McCormick R. L. McClelland G. McGee H. N. McHorney R. M. New E. C. Nusbaum C. Nussear ASS 0F 1946 I E I 1.. i..,g iw' E X. , Q ! 4 .Wx + Q Xi S. J. Oliver F. J. Ponton E. F. Powers W. G. Psillas E. G. Quentan J. Rockwell H. S. Rubin D. R. Scott R. C. Seward K. D. Shufllebottorn W. E. Stoops H. O. Sweet R. E. Tapscott A. E. Tate E. B. Totty W. H. Tuttle L. E. Walke K. B. Walker A. Y. Weinberg R. A. Weston B. E. White B. M. Wicks K. M. Ortman CLASS 0F 1946 111 "'f - ' : : :gn " -s,k' is . fi 1 55' 'g'L' 1 .-f'A . m e al Q 1-1 l naw 'aa t-safsfsfassxi... miawz 1-e w ... bw 'Sw . Aix. 1, ka, .W - x . X Qi- S CMN me ec... A.. xx NK x' 'A 3. I st W xqws -Sx ' ..4. a , - - 'rt' as 2.1.1 . , .- Q. ff t v Q T- N xl. ff .. . . ' A " Q. 2 f 1. ' " ' S- Q lv-f , f 1. my X W 2 X3""ff ff1 , , :yn V .0 ' - : Q- Q- . - - . V- .. . M ' ' In M ' M ww 'gsiiif .ABM f Nr Qu , . Q W. M Z. ,. x-+ . s, . 1' 'gy 9 'K ..... . SM 2' ,., .- 3 " avr.-5E.l...:Ql.,.. 15' ,-' 'la-..v.:.,:.v I, .. 3 , .,1,q M , :vs .greg QW . -5 1. A.. x . 3-:af-:H v- v. bggfzx X i i me X' .2 ' 5 .es .:. .- E. . 52333 R. F. Anderson B. M. Andrew R. C. Ash M. Baccellieri K. S. Bailey W. L. Bain E. T. Bassett H. O. Belcher C. Blackburn .L Blakemore .l. E. Blanton H. J. Boyd H. A. Brillat L. A. Bristow R. E. Bruce C. Campbell A. L. Cannon M. A. Carcaise S. W. Chase C. M. Clarke J. R. Clement C. R. Cleve J. L. Colvin R. Corletto A. J. Cox H. M. Cox C. S. Crostic H. E. Daniel W. R. Davie W. A. Davies R. de Olazarra W. L. Downey S. Duncan C. E. Durkan R. C. Duval N. M. Egoroif C. B. Erwin J. F. Fuqua I. F. Gardner T. B. Gayle C S F 9 112 60'- 1, f 4, 4 P4 w h " ff X f' 1 f If f ff .f M 1 6,1 I A 1 , A ,ff 41.- if Q - if' J! f W p,,4g?"Cfl aff? "'f f W 9 f '45 ca? Ag ,ml , , M 6. gf 4 f f Goldsborough A. E. Corsuch D. J. Grossman B. L. Hall R. G. Harinec W. H. Harris .l. Hassan C. G. Hauger W. T. Hawks N. C. Hickman H. C. Hiscox J. M. Hoch D. D. Holliday W. O. House W. G. Hubbell C. B. Huggms P. G. Johnson .l. T. Kane D. L. Kaus C. F. Keiger R. B. Kent H. Klein H. W. Krebs W. Lambeth G. V. Laney F. Llanusa J. MacDonald S. L. Malone C. R. Mann W. Matthews T. W. Mayton .l. McBrayer W. McCaddin D. C. McLane H. C. Neeley W. Nolechek W. Nunnally H. O. Nygaard P. Oscanyan .l. C. Paige CLASS 0F l 94 N. Perlin R. R. Peters F. B. Pierson D. V. Reynolds E. Richardson D. S. Rockey W. D. Roth R. Roydon H. W. Ryder R. H. Saunders H. Schommer J. D. Seifert P. J. Senft C. J. Senter H. Shappiro G. L. Shelton N. Shepherd W. C. Sigwald .l. C. Skinner A. Sochaeki J. A. Stafre S. B. Stebbins L. J. Stephan D. L. Stern R. K. Stevens R. R. Storm G. F. Sweeney A. F.. Sweet F. Thompson E. Valldejuli L. F. Wade' E. R. Walker L. Wall L. R. Wheeler H. B. Wilkins S. D. Williams W. W. Willson C. Woodward M. Yudelevit J. S. Zelaya CLASS 0F 194 We ' A , me A ' " 1' ' ' . V- 1 .4572 L 'V ..:1.r.-. 1 f I' 7, L . P ., ,,,. . az? ' "' , , ,W . ' I , Y 7 ' i ,ff ,I . A ' 5-"' ' -' A ' 37 ' 4' L i F iw U F as -' f 5 ""' 1 - -it f ff 5 ' ' if N,-' , - ..-.. A . .- QM ! - ' : - ": .- I A - Z :ff HW KM , . 4. ., N 5: J If . ,, ., . - 1 - f-iw, 'ff' . f , 1. "E- M ,f ff W' , QW. , ,ff fi..." 3 , 'fs-T, -. x - .': 'ft "'-V-,. Cx , at-..1f..f.. vii" ' 'Af Q -,. . "" . : :,. H ' Eff - 1- . if ' , f f .. 15 ' ,X . r ? 1.-1? ff 1 I i ' ' ' 'L i "" A A , , . , , ' I ' I 'A la, , '. , . 'F '-iffiif e "f l 7' ifffl ' - , ' 5 Y " .L W. Alber A. G. Aruffo H. B. Bagnell R. F. Baker A. J. Banner C. R. Barr S. S. Barrash R. W. Bartley R. L. Bates T. F. Batkins B. L. Berry R. T. Berry L. W. Boothhy J. H. Clark L. L..Colinsky C. D. Cooley B. W. Copes K. Cost W. A. Crandall D. L. Cross R. S. Czufin P. S. de Lemos R. C. Denell V. V. Diaz R. Dickerson E. R. Dodson M. C. Doherty P. D. Dozier J. Eskow B. F. Fletcher J. R. Fletcher C ASS F J. D. Bartlett R. T. Burns W. D. Cissel R. E. Crim D. A. Crist R. D. Dickie A. DiGiu1ian C. E. Foard J. N. Fountain " " "- ""' ' ' ' are Wg- . V...2.::2"w V .,.::.:w.. . V-:AV . N Mgr.: ,A VQVV- 9.5-gVV'.fxs.:5VVe-. N N, ' V . . glwsssi , mf-afxe fig, YV' FV " V. ..-.:.Vs,--.- .'Ve.., QW.. V .V VVV.2.fSfT?:l V 1 . Va V- .-.-V . -1,1 V ft V V Mr.. .VNEV . -- msg-' l 1 J i ' fa V VV V, . Y- ,,,. ,,1V .V Q : , V . V. K V. gy ,V -mfr .iw-fe. V-NV..-KVV ...N .. --V " .Vw VV V V 'Vi V.fl:?:.z'-- ' -V " V: .VV VV 'W V -VE-mis VV. -1.2z1VN:?3 A-1'-' ' ,Jeff V- 'f - 4 ..V-'SV-V-:fe X V V. .V V -V . ,I V V, 1-V 2' V .. .1V , ,if-1 f - VV -. A Q-.V:. -of .35 V' V 'V f A Vi 'V - .f1f53ffbfV- ff. 'iii .- -V"l . 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Holbrook Jones M. C. Joyce J. A. Kennedy Little R. E. Lucas D. S. Mearns F. H. Cowdy S. L. Green F. G. Gregory F. T. Hart S. W. Hartness W. S. Haskell J. V. Homan H. H. Howeth L. Hunter C. M. Kersey E. R. Lannon W. F. Latham J. H. Medley A. W. Melrose D. G. Meyers C SS F 19 3 116 . it Q "7"'i.m 'HI T 4 'H iff ' iff- ,c w Q . ' , f. , N E v: :QV-1 vll . H: H J k I ' ,,., , ,.,, .,... . ' . L ,. . - ' af" S X Y ,g m 1 . fl V . iflw-l 9 7' 1' 1 . , 1 , ..,.. .L -' ""' b , ,j ,' g . , .. V , , bqul . L X E , l ..,. f' - - - '-1, " . J T I , W Q 5 at i f Q ff R 'R 5 J 1. Q! ,T il' Y T y T' Ld l .- ,J f,s.,S" 1 'YQ 35 if.. 15 , 4 by A7 ' 5. W1 13,3 U -a - .' : :.:- -, , " Q -rr . . .6-, - f 1 ' ':" -'w- . N ,,,, . .Q- 1' 1 " R . V .. . ka i I - , , '15 X ,A .. . V: 'B ,X X.. xg .L , ., I .:-:i1i?::::1-,. ff Q Tl ,.,f2:.+.. ., I E... - A-. . wg A i, . .mi 'G-4. S X 5 Q , 4 ' ,- X 1 ' , ' 1 , " F T W- - a t N, -- . . , J . -. , , , Q T . F . . V M 5' r - W , me Q .- K A- . -A W Z g g 15' ,ML -, A. M. Miller J. R. Moots W. McCarthy R. S. McCeney F. D. McGary W. McKinley E. E. Nigro S. M. Oman A. E. Owen W. E. Pastori M. J. M. Pena R. T. Pickett R. W. Pippel R. L. Roderick H. W. Rollings R. Samson Schelhammer M. Schiweck C. V. Scott J. W. Shaw W. Slaughter L. J. Smith H. Smithgall N. L. Tatum J. G. Thomas J. H. Thomas C. A. Thrift E. Tomlinson CLASS 117 R. A. Purdy E. S. Ramsay W. F. Rector R. Schommer R. Schroeder O. Schweitzer R. L. Spivey R. K. Stoops M. F. Swingle F. E. Troth A. B. Vaughan G. N. Walker F I9 J. F. Ward R. L. Ward W. M. Warren M. J. Weller I. L. West R. Whidden R. Wilkerson H. H. Willer G. C. Williams J. F. Williams J. N. Winkler F. G. Yoos J. W. Young J. C. Arrowood R. Kauffman W 7 .... Immfg... . A l . 'f' is I :Diff xv. I if" 5 YJ' N J: CLASS 0F I9 C. A. Allen L. W. Allen H. Alvarez H. H. Beckler J. Cookerham O. H. Boorde R. M. Davies G. A. Dowd R. M. Easton P. F. Gage D. L. Geist T. F. Gordon J. F. Haynes W. F. Heeney N. Houghton EIGHTII 5 .I. W. Austin H. A. Baker C. F. Beckett .I. C. Brinkley R. D. Coon R. B. Davis C. S. Faller W. Fleming N. D. Frank R. Graninger R. F. Haden C. M. Hartness Humrichouse M. P. Kenney A. L. Pitts, III GR DE 5 i L. L. Lucy D. MacBryde M. W. Preston R. C. Refert .L R. Shelter W. Silverblatt G. A. Terrell A. Tomlinson A. L. Wells E. B. West D. Miller R. D. Miller .l. McCauley .l. M. Parker L. Riddle W. G. Rogers F. R. Schryver R. S. Semel W. W. Sims H. Stephanak C. L. Strailey T. D. Taylor . Triantis S. Vivarronda L. R. Warner H. F. Waters . Williams .l. D. Williams E. Winstead W. MacDonald EIGIITII R DE ' " I ' ' x . hrough wind, snow, rain, and all other kinds of Weather we pursued our R.O.T.C. course. HDrill as per schedulel' is re-echoed with the glimpses of our military department and battalion. Thanks to the discipline planted in us by the mili- tary instructors, We cadet ollicers, non-coms, and privates were able to live a better life here than We would without it. Those completing their R.O.T.C. training will always be proud to say that they did, for the benefits gained from it were im- mense bere and, even more so, the bearing it will have on their later life. MChin up, stomach in, arms by your side, Mister-you're a soldier!" L Ab mm-:Q faciidms LIEUTENANT-COLONEL GEORGE E. ABRAMS Commissioned Second Lieutenant, Infantry, Regular Army,'1VIay 11, 1917, after having served two years in the North Carolina National Guard, including service on the Mexican Border in 19165 pro- moted to First Lieutenant October 25, 19173 to Captain July 1, 19203 to Major August 1, 1935g and to Lieutenant Colonel August 18, 1940, served with the 6th and 4-th Infantry Regiments, the latter a part of the Third or Marne Division, during the World War, participating in the Marne, St. Mihiel and Argonne Offensivesg and after the Armistice, in Germany, with the Army of Occupationg after returning to the United States served with the 4th and 22nd Infantry Regiments at several Army posts and campsg served in Puerto Rico and Panama, at Service Schools of the Army, with R.O.T.C. units at Dayton University and Gettysburg College, as lnstructor with several Organized Reserve regiments and other units, during the present emergency, served as Regimental Executive of the 368th Infantry at Fort Huachuca, Arizona, P.M.S.8zT., Fork Union Military Academy, 1942- CAPTAIN ROBERT B. BURR, U. S. A. Infantry Military Instructor, Valley Forge Military Academy, 1933- 19423 Assistant P.lVI.S.8zT., Valley Forge Military Academy, 194-2-19414, Attended Mercersburg Academy, University of Pennsylvania, Bachelor of Science Degree, Cadet Major, Pt.O.T.C., Captain of The Scabbard and Blade, Commis- sioned Second Lieutenant, Infantry from the University of Pennsylvania: Member of the 34th and 316th Infantry Units, Member of the American Academy of Political and Social Scienceg Assistant P.M.S.8T., Fork Union Military Academy, 1911-11-- MASTER SERGEANT EDWARD WALKER, U. S. A. Infantry Sixteenth Infantry, Mexican Border, 19155 Served in Philippine Islands, El Paso, Texas, and New York, went to France and was in active service in St. Mihiel Sector, re- turned to the United States in August, 1919, Assistant P.M.S.81T., Fork Union Military Academy, March 25, 1925- 125 lst LIEUTENANT RICHARD S. CHAPMAN, U. S. A. I n fantry Fork Union Military Academy 1937-1941, Cadet Major R.O.T.C.g Officer of the I.R.T.C. at Camp Robinson Arkansas, Attended Basic Infantry School and the Officers Advanced Course, Carolina Maneuvers, 1943, Military In structor, Fork Union Military Academy, 1944- 232 SERGEANT PINKNEY E. BROWN, U. S. A. Infantry Graduate, Enterprise High School, Mississippi, 1930, Entered Service on ,Iune 23, 1943, Stationed at Fort Ogle- thorpe, Ceorgiag Transferred to Fort Custer, Michigan, to receive training, Transferred to Fort Meade, Maryland, Pro- moted to grade of Platoon Sergeant, Transferred to Fort Eustis, Virginia, Promoted to grade of Sergeant, Clerk and Instructor, Fork Union Military Academy, 1944- ltr li. MILITARY I The first few classes of Military I left the majority of the cadets enrolled therein in a complete state of bewilderment. Soon, though, under the expert guidance of Sgt. Walker, the mazes of military insignia, rifle assembly, drill and command, etc., and the resulting bewilderment were wiped away. For the first several weeks the training consisted of classroom lessons in Military Courtesy, special emphasis being placed on the subject of correct saluting. The next period saw Rifle Marksmanship training being given out on the field and in the Armory. Care was taken that every cadet knew what he was doing before he went on the range to lire. The most important subjects, Drill and Command, and Military Organization, were explained in minute detail so that no normal boy could fail to grasp their meaning and importance. Minor subjects, such as Military Hygiene and Sanitation, of importance nevertheless, constituted the subject matter taught during the remaining portion of the year. Those successfully completing this basic course in Military Science and Tactics will make capable non- commissioned officers in the future. 127 MILITARY II As a cadet passes from Military I to Military ll, he feels as though he were progressing rapidly to an established goal. In truth he is-the goal of making for himself the place of a commissioned ofiicer. This year the proficiency of some of the members of this class has been so remarkable that they already are saber-rating oilicers. Extensive training in the nomenclature, use, and care of the light and heavy machine guns occupied a major portion of the time allotted to this yearls Work. Later on the subjects of Rifle Fire Technique, Map Reading, and Drill and Command were discussed by Lieutenant Chapman, the instructor, in very minute detail. Altogether this yearls classes of Military ll, enrolling approximately one hundred twenty cadets, were the most eflicient and capable of any previous classes. Success in meeting the requirements of this rigid course surely showed that its owner would earn himself a commission the coming term. 2? 128 l W 1 l MILITARY III The third year-things are beginning to look most difficult when a cadet reaches the third year of military training in a Reserved Officers Training Corps, such as we have at Fork Union. Ambition, however, overcame this difficulty for most of this year's class, for the commission you heard about in Military I and dreamed about in Military II is near at hand. In fact, quite a few of these cadets started the year oli as a cadet otlicer. The subject matter covered in this advanced course of military tactics included a quick review of the machine gun and other matter studied previously. The 60 mm. mortar, bayonet, grenade, 37 mm. anti-tank gun, etc., were a few of the more important weapons utilized by the United States Infantry that were carefully taken up. Captain Burr, our most capable Assistant P.M.S.8zT. and instructor, covered the required material in such a way that every man understood its importance and significance. Completing Military Ill was quite an accomplishment. The highest ranking officers for next year emerged from the number enrolled. 129 MILITARY IV Under Lt.-Col. Abrams those few Who had successfully completed three years of severe training were brought to the state of perfection only possible in the fourth year class of Military Science and Tactics. All of the cadet officers enrolled received class and field instruction in the subjects of Close and Extended Order Drill CU. S. lnfantryj, Administration, Aerial Photography, review and use of the more important Infantry Weapons, Anti-aircraft Defense, and other important subjects prescribed by the U. S. Government as important strategies for use in modern Warfare. The classroom training was put into action on the field under the cadet officers who learned it. Upon completion of this fourth year highly advanced course, the cadet is eligible for an appoint- ment to Officers' Candidate School Which, in turn, leads to a commission of second lieutenant in the United States Army. Q These four years of training have not been in vain, for among our country7s defensive requirements there is none clothed in greater significance than that of providing an efficient corps of officers to manage its armed forces. 130 " - , , - A ,NW . . . .. . -1--Mi, .- ,iq 131 Major JOSEPH B. RICKMAN Battalion Commander BATTALIIIN 132 STAFF 133 I Lieutenant WALTER C. GILL, JR Battalion Adjutant lst Lt. S. W. Beal, Company Commander FIRST PLATOON CIIMPANY 'QAQ' Leader Johnson, M. Privates Harrell, W. H. Kayton Andrews, B. Kostel Austin Non-Cams Locklear Baccellieri McAden, Plat. Sgt. McBrayer Bartley, R. Freter, Sgt. Guide Newman Clarke, C. McDowall, Sgt. Sq. Leader Perkins Cross, D. Dobyns, Sgt. Sq. Leader Ramsey Dickinson Klauder, Cpl. Sq. Leader Runyon Downey, W. Falvo, Cpl. Segal Gregory Tuban Hartness Wylie Hock Jackson, A. SECOND PLATOON Leader Privates Goodman Hart, E. Aruflo Holiday Bassett Houston Non-Cams Burner Jones, S. Ayers, Plat. Sgt. Burton Martin, W. Blackburn, Pvt. Guide Carneal Melrose Clark, R., Sgt. Sq. Leader Cissel Peters Dickman, Cpl. Sq. Leader Colvin, I, Powers Ingram, Cpl. Sq. Leader Crim Rittenhouse Colvin, E., Cpl. Co. Clerk Detwiler Shappiro Eldridge Stevens ' Feldman Wheeler THIRD PLATOON Acting Leader Privates Lewis Ayers, R. F. Belcher Moseley Croasdale Neeley Non-Coms DeOlazarra Ponton Gambardella, Plat. Sgt. DiGiulian Preston Brinkley, H., Pvt. Guide Doherty Riddle Lee, R., Sgt. Sq. Leader Fletcher, B. Smith, L. Nusbaum, Cpl. Sq. Leader Gardner Swingle Perry, Cpl. Sq. Leader Gay, A. Thomas Gay, R. Wells Gellman West Giest Wilkins Goldberg Williams, S. Graham Hammond Gaidon Bearer Hart, F- Cpl. Krebs 2nd Lt. Harrell, Leader, First Platoon 2nd Lt. Hart, Leader, Second Platoon, S!Sgt. Ayers, Acting Leader, Third Platoon lst Sgt. Paton FIRST PLATOON SECOND PLATOON THIRD PLATOON CUMPANY "Bw 2nd Lt. Sussman Capt. R. C. Barley, Leader, Fmt Company Commander platoon FIRST PLATOON Legdgr Privates Levi Sussman, M. Bagnell Lucas Baker, R. McArdle Non-Cams Boyd, H- New McCullough, Plat. Sgt. Boyd, R. Nygaard Price, Sgt. Guide Crocker Haney Gray, Cpl. Sq. Leader Dial R031 McCaddin, Cpl. Sq. Leader Fairall Rllblfl Rockey, Cpl. Sq. Leader Fletcher, .l. Schellhammer Hevenor Seifert 151 Lt, Lamagu-a, Hockaday Sweeney Hubbard Tuttle Lew, Kane Wintermute Lannon SECOND PLATOON Leader Privates Harris, G. Lamastra, N. M. Bailey, K. Hunter Bain Johnson, W. Non-Coms Barr Lambeth Crews, R. H., Plat. Sgt. Cataldo MacDonald, C. Yudelevit, Sgt. Guide Chase Matthews Holbrook, Cgl. Sq. Liadgr groistic lgunnally Taylor, M., pl. Sq. ea er o son uld . Weedon, Cpl. Sq. Leader Duvall, J. Perlin 2nd Lt' Klrltzt Atwood, Cpl. Co. Clerk Faller Ryder Lellflef, Thlffl Faurot Shinbrot Platoon Fox Walker Garnett Waters Gayle THIRD PLATOON Leader Privates MacDonald, W. Kintz, .l. Allen L. Meyers Becknell Moots Non-Coms Bolen McBroom Schommer, H., Plat. Sgt. Brillat McGary Jones, R., Sgt. Guide Clements Owens, C. Cooper, Sgt. Sq. Leader Cleve Pipple Petro, Sgt. Sq. Leader Copes Richardson lst Sgt. Gordon Haynes, M., Cpl. Sq. Leader Davies, R. Scott, C. Foard Shelter Fountain Skinner Gordon, T. Storm Herndon Valldejuli Hopkins Vivarronda Jones, J. Guiflon Bearer Klein Cpl. Olson FIRST PLATOON L SECOND PLATGON THIRD PLATOON Captain J. lnzaina Company Commander FIRST PLATOON CUMPANY "Cn Leader Privates Mercer Ware, M. L. Brauer McLane Bruce Norment Non-Coms Cox, H. Ortman Totty, Plat. Sgt. Danastorg Owens, R. Vaden, Sgt. Guide Fisher, A. Rockwell Fuqua, Cpl. Sq. Leader Gorsuch Roderick Hawks, Cpl. Sq. Leader Grilftn Shelton Jones, W., Cpl. Sq. Leader Hall, B. Weinberg Holeva, Cpl. Lancaster West Lindemann White, B. Malone Young SECOND PLATOON Leader Privates Howeth Quist, F. E. Ash Llanusa Brinkley, .l. Maranto Non-Cams Chase, L. McClelland Sanderhoff, Plat. Sgt. Corletto Sims Kidd, G., Sgt. Guide Crist Slaughter Draper, Sgt. Sq. Leader Dallis Stearn Pierson, M., Sgt. Sq. Leader DiCkCrSOI1 Stebbins Bealle, T., Cpl. Sq. Leader 130113135 Trorh Schaubach, Cpl, Edelen Van Hook Snyder, Cpl. Erwin Walker, K. Flemming Williams, G. Goldsborough Woodward Henry Yeatman Homan THIRD PLATOON Leader Privates Keiger Arif, N. R. Albert Leland Bartlett Little Non-Coms Bates McCarthy MacDonald, I., Plat. Sgt. Calkins Oscanyan Adams, J., Sgt. Guide Colon Owens Sweet, A., Sgt. Sq. Leader Cooley Seward Andrews, A., Sgt. Sq. Leader Cox Shepherd Colvin, F. J., Sgt. Sq. Leader Easton Stephenak Pappas, Cpl. Egoroff Thomas, .l. Woodall, Cpl. Co. Clerk Frank Wall, L. Gage Willson Graninger Winstead Hassan Guidon Bearer Heacker Pvt. Hillman Hiscox 2nd Lt. Ware Leader, First Platoon lst Lt. Quist Leader, Second Platoon 2nd Lt. Arif Leader, Third Platoon lst Sgt. Sullivan FIRST PLATOON SECOND PLATOON THIRD PLATOON Captain J. C. Bonner Leader, First Company Commander FIRST PLATOON Leader Privates Foley, C. T. Bailey, G. Blanton Non-Coms Coiner Morris, Plat. Sgt. Davies, W. Allen, J., Sgt. Guide Dowd Dewitt, Cpl. Sq. Leader Garlardi Fisher, J., Cpl. Sq. Leader Haugen Sweet, H., Cpl. Sq. Leader Kent Doudney, Cpl. Killian Knott Matthews SECOND PLATOON Leader Privates Badkins, T. S. Amthor Banner Non-Coms Bristow Anderson, W., Plat. Sgt. CHTUUWTS Allen, N., Sgt. Guide Cost Carcaise, Cpl. Sq. Leader Drane Crowley, Cpl. Sq. Leader DUVH1, R- Roydon, Cpl. Sq. Leader Ffaenkel Jones, G., Cpl. Co. Clerk GHY, E- Hickman Hubbell, W. James Kaus THIRD PLATOON Leader Privates Mel-lorney, H. N. Allen, C. Anderson, R. Non-Cams Barrash Tapscott, Plat. Sgt. Batkins Wilkerson, T., Sgt. Guide Blakemore Winkler, Sgt. Sq. Leader Burgess House, Cpl. Sq. Leader Crandall Sigwald, Cpl. Sq. Leader Daniel Dickie Durkan Gerlough Haskell Hodges Holbrook McCeney CUMPANY "DW Nolechek Oman Owen, A. Paige Pickett Quentan Robinson Scott, D. Wade Warren Whidden Kiger Laney Magee Mayton Nigro N ussear Samson Schweitzer Shulllebottom Sochacki Taylor, T. Tomlinson, E. Walke McCormick Pierson Purdy Reynolds Rogers Saunders Schommer Senft Spivey Stephen Stoops, W. Vaughan Weston Williams, J. Guidon Bearer Pvt. Johnson, P. lst Lt. Foley Platoon 2nd Lt. Badkins Leader, Second Platoon 2nd Lt. McHorney Leader, Third Platoon lst Sgt. Bowers FIRST PLATOON SECOND PLATOON THIRD PLATOON , N Y. 3, wie .. ' W Hx ' . : bel X qs Xa 1' mv? X Yggfgnq!?K W5 'M X xxx ml' 4- -ssigulg x w Q adm: I dak. r Y 4 N , 4 , . R . el X W ,xi . Qt, . . Q,x5i..J3..XM,,,.FuQ,. 4... -4-'I YV - 25 . wif - rem..-. . v - fx - ' 1: '.-.: ' ' fwxvs- .. .. if . N J--4 , ,- Y.. -.-- -: 17 . -af-F' 3-G55-g5x3, .' ' - '- ,. .. I- . 4 fr" ' ., ..:.'5, 5 0, ' -T -.vfdjl , 'f-': . -""'x'.2 , . , ' -,.-x,..v:.-ff l , Q :fz5 ' N.,6.' f .gffuiqgg jg- Ag, -- N ir ', H ' L-. . . C. S. Legum, Band C omman der Commander 2nd Lt. Legum, C. S. lst Sgt. Davie, W. R. Non-Cams Boor, Cpl. Guide Fresn, Cpl. Sq. Leader Mann, Pvt. Sq. Leader Keith, Pvt. Sq. Leader Privates Anderson, R. Beaty Berry Campbell, C. Cannon Clark, H. Cooling Eskow Cowdy Grossman Hollowell Humrichouse Jackson, W. Capt. R. E. Edgerton, Band Director W. R. Davies, Drum Major Lindsey Lodge Lucy Medley Miller, J. Raith Senter Schroeder Stafre, J. Tatum Walker Wicks Zunich 142 BAND is ,Q f fy XX X f XZ QS " 5536 'Hr 353 fi, X ,Q,f9WND -ws.:-X '81 Q 2 'Q Q I . ' , ' ' G hog af f CQ Y' -H 1 f ,,T f f x. E E , Q S ' - xi --Y - f L-Evriql.. 2nd Lt. F. V. Martin, Company Commander Leader Sgt. Spencer, P. FIRST SQUAD Cpl. Shaw, Leader Hoffman, E. MacBryde Yoos Strailey Kaufman Silverblatt Schryver Harinec Williams Rector CIIMPANY "Fw it RHI'-' ef, . ., 1 1? ' ' fw,55'25M.-1 ' ' g.y'.gjf - . -I :ff-Mgyj, 2 V - gf'-.c"t' f eff 4 Q ' i .g. ' ?b' ,. 5gf?7"Z2f"f 1 gg :W .1. '- f- -wg:-f' " .E QQ ,,,..,,. . if G- A- TYSOHV ,X F Lrst Sergeant 1 F" 'i FIRST PLATOON Platoon Sergeant Haynes, J. F. SECOND SQUAD Cpl. Smith, B., Leader Beckett Kersey Beckler Stoops, R. Houghton Berry, B. McC0rley Cockerham Platoon Guide Miller, R. THIRD SQUAD Cpl. Gallier, Leader Jameson, L. Latham Dozier, D. Callender Alber Joyce Warner Parker, J. Terrell Dennell Czufin 14-4, i s , '. Leader Sgt. Smith, R. L FIRST SQUAD Cpl. Thrift, Leader Pena Kennedy Harper, N. Arrowood Williams, C. Haig Miller, A. Coon .loannides Semel Smithgall SECOND PLATOON Platoon Sergeant Gibson, W. J. Platoon Guide Hovnanian, E. G SECOND SQUAD THIRD SQUAD Cpl. Wilkerson, Leader Cpl. Baker, Leader Vargas Hartness Wernsing Thompson Boothby Wagner Thompson Miller, R. Paul Boorde Harris Pastori Rollings Weller Huggins Kenny Miller, G. De Lemos McKinley Schiweck Heeney Guidon Bearer Cpl. Triantis, J. lst Lt. S. W. BEAL, Commander of A-Section 2nd Lt. C. T. FOLEY, Commander of B-Section 2nd Lt. N. R. ARIF, Commander of A-Annex A - UNIT JOHN INZAINA, ROBERT C. BAILEY, Unit Commander Assistant Unit Commander 2nd Lt. J. R. KINTZ, Commander of C-Section 2nd Lt. C. S. LEGUM, Commander of E-Section 2nd Lt. F. S. HART, Commander of C-Annex V 1523 F? 3 ir... W... C - UNIT JOHN C. BONNER, MARVIN R. SUSSMAN, Unit Commander Assistant Unit Commander lst Lt. N. M. LAMASTRA, Commander of the First Floor lst Lt. F. E. QUIST, Commander of the Second Floor 2nd Lt.' T. S. BADKINS, Commander of the Third Floor 4 A ill' I! 'K MEMURIAL HALL JOSEPH B. RICKMAN, MARTIN L. WARE, Unit Commander Assistant Unit Commander side from the classroom toils and gruel- ing military drills we had some time for relaxation. Following are brief glimpses into the ways in which we spent our leisure time. For the privileged there were the Officers' Club and the Gold Star Council. Many a weary hour was spent by the few in those organizations earning their place there. The friendly rivalry of the two literary societies was proclaimed in their joint debates, orations, and readings. The Glee Club, for the musically in- clined, served as an oasis for those to whom sing- ing had a definite appeal. Together they all served to substantiate the old saying that, UAH work and no play makes ,lack a dull boyf' 0 RGANIZATIIIN S J. R. KINTZ, G. L. JONES, Editor-izt-Chief Managing Editor THE 194 Simultaneously with the beginning of school, the annual staff pitched headlirst into their mountain of work which now appears on these preceding and following pages. These industrious cadets, hard at work always, did their best to overcome the many obstacles and diliiculties that were thrown in their way. The head of the staff was the capable Editor-in-Chief, .lim Kintz, who showed us his adaptability to this type of work last year. Special recognition and credit should go out to George Jones, the hard- working and efficient Managing Editor, who lalong with a FEW others! 'churned tons of midnight oil" trying valiantly to get the book to press on time. Thanks can be given to Levi for the beautiful drawings and enjoyable cartoons which appear throughout these pages. To Zunich, Pierson, Halstead, and all the other members of the staff, a vote of thanks should be given by the cadet corps. Our Faculty Advisors, Captain Kempf and Captain Reichenbach, labored and worried every moment up to the minute the book was completed. Many hundreds of hours they spent toiling with the pictures, proof-reading, etc., assisting and working with the Stall members. This book, the result of the combined efforts of the industrious staff, shall have to speak for itself-we cannot venture an opinion. The ,4-5 Skirlnisher we made for you, we hope you, the Fork Union Cadets, will take and enjoy it. 154 SKIRMISHER The Editorial Staff of the Slcirmisher 155 HYMAN GORDON, THOMAS D. WILKERSON, Editor Assistant Editor THE SABRE STAFF MEMBERS Typists H. Gordon, Editor EOCFCY T. D. Wilkerson, Assistant Editor Bevtl W. M. zunich, Makeup Editor Aff' J R. L. Atwood, Military Editor amst ' M. F. Pierson, Re-Write Editor Reporters R. E. Clark, Sports Editor Jones, W. Gellman Kidd Maranto Fletcher Roydon Ould McBro0m Halstead Petro Seifert Price Wilkerson Holeva GULD STAR CIIUNCIL T. D. Wilkerson ......, .....,,... P resident R. L. Atwood ......,.. ........... V ice President R. L. Woodall ....,.. .....,... S ecrebary-Treasurer Major Kelly ....,.. ....,.... F aculty Advisor Maj or Waldron ........ ....,..,. F acuity Advisor R. E. Calkins L. E. Freter D. W. McDowall R. E. Clark G. B. Kidd W. S. Price E. F. Crowley J. R. Kintz M. Sussman A. C. Doudney W. A. Maranto K. M. Wylie R. K. McCutchen GOLD STAR COUNCIL Because of the increase in the size of this years cadet corps, more boys than ever before in the history of Fork Union Military Academy have qualified for the revered honor of a seat in the G.S.C. When the report of the faculty advisors, Major Kelly and Major Waldron, had been given, we found that there were eighteen who had successfully met the requirements set up by its founders in preceding years. IIFFICEBS' CLUB JOHN IN ZAINA President Major J. B. Rickman Captain R. C. Bailey Captain J. C. Bonner Captain J. lnzaina lst Lt. S. W. Beal lst Lt. W. C. Gill lst Lt. N. M. Lamastra lst Lt. F. E. Quist lst Lt. C. T. Foley . ., . ' l eaf' Upon the appointment of the permanent battalion oilicers in Novem- ber, this most exclusive and all-powerful organization was started by the personal investiture of all old and new cadet oilicers and saber-rating non-commissioned officers. The right to a place in this club was usually earned only after three years of hard and strenuous work. ln some cases, however, such a remarkable elhciency was shown in the second year of training, that those officers possessing those qualities were welcomed most heartily into the sacred midst. By a unanimous vote J oe lnzaina was elected president for this year. Other oiicicers elected were Nick Lamastra, vice-presidentg Bob Bailey, secretaryg and Chuck Bonner, treasurer. This staff of eflicient officers rendered justice and ruled the members of this yearis battalion. Although a high standard was set by the previous Oliicers, Clubs, all members of this years most coveted organization agreed that they kept up this standard and carried it even higher than before. The succeeding oHicers have to go a long Way to excel them. MEMBERS 2nd Lt. C. S. Legum 2nd Lt. H. N. McHorney 2nd Lt. W. H. Harrell lst Sgt. W. R. Davie 2nd Lt. E. S. Hart lst Sgt. W. J. Paton 2nd Lt. R. O. Halstead lst Sgt. H. Cordon 2nd Lt. M. Sussman lst Sgt. D. A. Sullivan 2nd Lt. J. R. Kintz lst Sgt. F. E. Bowers Medical Sgt. A. E. Tate Supply Sgt. R. K. McCutchen Supply Sgt. N. E. Jeanson 2nd Lt. M. L. Ware 2nd Lt. N. R. Arif 2nd Lt. T. S. Badkins 1 f ,,- ,.fW4S".f ' f' ' 158 NON - CUMS CLUB Stay? Sergeants W. L. Anderson R. F. Ayers R. H. Crews J. J. Gambardella J. E. MacDonald N. G. Morris H. W. McAden J. T. McCullough A. L. Sanderhoff A. L. Sanderhofl H. R. Schommer R. E. Tapscott E. B. Tony Sergeant Guides J. T. Adams J. I. Allen N. C. Allen L. E. Freter R. R. Jones G. B. Kidd W. S. Price E. R. Vaden T. D. Wilkerson M. Yudelevit , as ,.-'- .,. X. -i A Ma 'f ml.. ., . M 53 5, . . . . if A... Sergeants S. A. Andrews R. E. Clark F. J. A. Colvin W. L. Cooper R. E. Dobyns W. Draper R. M. Lee D. W. McDowall R. M. Petro M. F. Pierson A. E. Sweet J. N. Winkler Corporal Clerks R. L. Atwood E. E. Colvin G. L. Jones R. L. Woodall Corporals T. B. Bealle G. A. Boor M. A. Carcaise E. F. Crowley J. F. DeWitt J. T. Diekman A. C. Doudney J. G. Falvo J. I. Fisher D. C. Fresn J. F. Fuqua J. D. Gray W. T. Hawks M. V. Haynes A. P. Holbrook S. Holeva W. O. House C. L. Ingram W. E. Jones N. Klauder W. J. McCaddin E. C. Nusbaum T. N. Pappas J. L. Perry D. S. Rockey R. Roydon E. B. Schaubach W. C. Sigwald L. D. Snyder H. 0. Sweet M. S. Taylor H. H. Weedon X 05.52 Fx f. N.. JOSEPH B. RICKMAN President GLEE CLUB Upon the conclusion of the vocal utryoutsn early in the fall, Captain Payne chose thirty boys for permanent membership in this years organization. Practice started immediately for the annual Christmas concert. On the evening of December 13th, together with the junior and senior a capella choirs from Farmville State Teachers' College, our Glee Club rendered one of the most enjoyable Christmas pro- grams ever presented in the Academy Chapel. The majestic Hflallelujah Chorus" from Hanclel's ulVIessiah'7, performed by both groups in mass chorus, climaxed the evening of traditional Yuletide numbers. A return trip to South Hill, Va., on a later week-end in Febru- ary was immensely enjoyed by all who went. A concert on Saturday night in the high school auditorium and an appearance in South Hill Methodist Church the ensuing Sunday morning constituted the musical exhibition there. Following their pro- grams, the boys were royally entertained by the townspeople in their homes. In the late spring a week-end in Washington, highlighted by two formal appearances, ended a most successful traveling season for our Glee Club. Besides these trips, the boys performed in the Chapel and the village church, as well as giving several radio programs. Much credit is due to Captain Payne, the director, Cadet George Jones, the accompanist, and the officers of the organization for their splendid work in making this years Clee Club the best in the history of Fork Union. P15233 First Tenors T. S. Badkins M. A. Carcaise J. F. Fuqua H. H. Weedon R. L. Woodall C. R. Cleve President ...... Vice President ,.,.,.. Secretary ,........ Treasurer .,... Second Tenors H. N. McHorney S. A. Andrews D. C. Fresn A. J. Jackson J. F. Robinson F. E. Troth B. E. White Director, Captain Walter J. Payne, J r. Accompanist, Cadet George L. Jones, Jr. 161 Joseph B. Rickman ...,..........Texas S. Badkins Herman N. McHorney ........,..Arthur L. Sanderhoff Baritones R. O. Halstead T. D. Wilkerson W. E. Jones L. D. Snyder R. A. Hevenor J. K. Miller K. D. Shulilebottom Bassas J. B. Rickman J. C. Bonner D. W. McDoWall A. L. Sanderhoif W. L. Downey B. J. Hall W. L. ,lessee B. M. Norment L. D. Ould 23: X15 2? 235 CICERUNIAN LITERARY President ..,.,........ Vice President ........ Secretary ..,.....,.... Sergeant-at-A rms ........ J. W. Amthor R. L. Atwood R. Beaty B. L. Berry F. A. Bowers OFFICERS H. L. Clark T. B. Gayle A. J. Gellman H. Gordon G. L. J ones W. A. Maranto T. lVlcCollougl1 . D. lVlcGary J. K. Miller E C. Nusbaum . M. Oman . B. Pierson SIICIETY .Robert L. Atwood .,....Hyman Gordon .....George L. Jones ..........Alva E. Tate W. S. Price R. Royclon A. E. Tate L. E. Walk J. F. Williams 162 R. L. ATWOOD President HHOW long, O Catilinen-the words of the mighty, ancient orator echo down to spur this years Ciceronian Society, which is his namesake, to greater achievements in the realm of literature. His poise and convincing delivery, return to the rostrum through the mouths of members of the Society. Debating, oratory, decla- mation, reading, and recitation were the main types of verbal literary refreshment. Those who were gifted with a talent for presenting any one of these many things, always came forward willingly with their contribution. Bob Atwood, the golden-voiced orator of the Academy fDe- bating Medal, 19441, was elected president of the organization by a good majority. Always seeking improvement in the debating on the campus, he made the Societyis debating team something of which its members could be proud. They carried away the glory from the Athenians in the annual presidential election argument. All of the small but interested membership took part in the various programs and activities during the session. When a member was called on to do something, he always was willing to at least try. From the praise the Society received, we judge that those Htriesn were not in vain. The declamations of H. Gordon will be something well worth rememberingg he put everything into his deliveries-the result being something worthwhile. Major Waldron concludes the year by saying that this years Society was a most excellent one. He only hopes that the following Societies will show the co-operation, talent, willingness, and apprecia- tion that characterized this year's. 163 23, 2? 23: Pile ATIIENIAN LITERARY SUCIETY President ........,....., Vice President ....,..... Secretary 4.............. Treasurer ..., S. A. Andrews H. H. Beckler R. E. Calkins O. H. Carneal J. H. Clark C. D. Cooley N. M. Egoroif J. R. Eldridge V. H. Fraenkel OFFICERS A. C. Gay S. Holeva W. E. Jones G. B. Kidd J. R. Kintz J. A. Lodge R. E. Lucas E. H. lVlcArdle S. I. Oliver FUSTUEFTQFUUUF1 ...Gates Bruce Kldd .....William E Jones Robert Lee Woodall ...,....,Andrew Andrews F. Powers V. Reynolds E. Rittenhouse C. Seward J. Silverblatt H. Thompson H. Weedon C. Williams L. Woodall When the school session had gotten well under way, the Athenian Society organized for another year of enjoyable periods made possible by excerpts from the pens of the Worldas greatest Writers and by good debating from the Societyas members. An eliicient staff of officers led by Bruce Kidd, the president, was elected at the first meeting and carried on the affairs of the organization with a true sense of responsibility and duty befitting their office. Although the membership was somewhat decreased in size compared with previous years, the same high quality remained. The old axiom, HAlthough there is a lack of quantity, quality abounds", could surely be applied to this fine group of young men. The annual presidential election debate was the scene of some masterly arguments from the Athenian Team. Though the loser, they did their best in good debating to put Mr. Roosevelt back in oflice. Literally, they did win. As in years before, Major Waldron was present giving advice where advice was needed and helping wherever he possibly could. Without him the Society would have been "dashed upon the rocksn. This was altogether a most successful year for all in the Athenian Society. In the future other cadets will have to work exceedingly hard to exceed the standards set by the 1945 Society. i XP Xt' C. B. KIDD President 165 CADET CHRISTIAN ASSIICIATIUN OFFICERS William L. Cooper, Jr ............................ ............... P resident Joseph L. Perry .,.......,.. ........ V ice President Robert L. Wooclall. .,.,... ,.......,.., S ecretary Solomon J. Oliver ........ .,.,..., T reasurer WILLIAM L. COOPER, JR. W. L. Anderson J. A. Lodge L. D. Snyder D. H. Harris President S. A. Andrews G. H. Medley A. E. Tate C. M. Hartness W. L. Bain W. B. Moseley F. J. Thompson S. W. Hartness R. D. Beaty W. E. MacDonald A. R. Tomlinson W. F. Heeney G. A. Boor R. L. Newman F. H. Tuban T. M. Henry R. C. Boyd S. J. Oliver J. M. VanHook S. Holeva J. E. Blakemore S. M. Oman G. N. Walker H. Howeth J. R. Clement W. G. J. Paton B. M. Wicks R. C. Hubbard W. L. Cooper J. L. Perry T. D. Wilkerson G. L. Jones V. V. Diaz D. E. Rittenhouse R- L. Woodall J. N. Jones J. T. Dickman V. E. Roith N- M- Egoroff W. E. Jones W. L. Downey R. Samson B. F. Fletcher G. B. Kidd J. S. Duvall R. G. Schroeder R. L. Graham N- Klauder H. G. Little 0. R. Schweitzer W- R. Haig A. Leland K. D. Shufllebottom T- R- Hammond 166 A. Bringing Home the Bacon E. 4'Night Before Christmas-" I. Please Keep off the grass B. Si, yo hablo espanol F. 441,11 Walk Alone! In K. Love in Bloom C. l7'lossie's Love G. Knott-stepping high L. Jackson in Pee-Wee Land D. c'Who,s got the Button" H. Looking for a iight? M. Pee Wee at Work I. Best in Peace N. Bill and Bob 167 limpses of actio11 will follow. In a glance you will see reliashed before your eyes the moments when Fork Unionis teams were locked in combat with teams from other schools. The excitement and thrill of those times will be brought back once again. Give the boys all the credit they deserved for all those victories and sometimes lossesg they played their games well with your support. Maybe you will remember the times when you were out there on the field or in the gymnasium rooting and yelling your lungs out for them. They appreciated it, and in return gave you a good sports program for the year. :sk --.--h..,..g. 21 Wifi 4-nT3w5r'T M14 , - Q. S .-' i I ' gQ ffrmbbx ' ,, A, ,Www- Hiifzm - .,-Jw: -' Qllfiff ig W 9 ,MV M, 55 3253: ,iw ,. , . T U , ., M v :,-,. .-v. - f M f . 4 M vogffff- H ffm, ff wf fw H+-'-w,'im13LE3K 4,.i.i.:..,..f17U .. W. ,m.,,..,.,,.w.. ffyf' mmm my 'ffiffl 1. vs,-M315 v, ff M , .Afmw M. lvl kph' -,wa ,. M,s'a"P2f., ,, , , HQ 'YZ QQ! Www? wwWr21.f' wg f W:Y3"i4?f,fWWf:V , 1W?2W'AL:w. VV' xk fm-1 gm , dc X F' A A f 4 Www ...A Z VJ. xv, ' + ,H M 'mf 1, MW 'G' ' ,. mf.. ,f ,,,q,.,, ,.H...- www ,w-gain!!-1,58 "Wyse v'.:aw. um, V-'1,w"x:w , ,fan frm- V ,aw I. H, xg.. ,' 'M-RZW '-' . ,- f55fif',sC1?3S:1s?fn-wx W ' w fxflmsry, - , fe.-wife W,'W,+ xQw,Wn,1f "'vfHN?5,,5r-. ' Ay 1'i,.,f"' '1f'wwW,:f!rL ne'-Y' , A . . ,A -,,.L. . li 3: EV1 f ew'2,M ' 5' 1, N 1. 1, , ,, fy1,' . x W 'f Q ,vs-f -wr, ' -Nr' gi f ,fy -'3 W . -M -fi. 7-W" "" Fifi 1, - , :-- - ' 1 +V Q1 1 . , . ,w"'f A "JW"1Y2f,6ii 42111541-ff' Viisw' 9. , X '- 1w'- V ' ' 4 - A A -. mf'-9" ?Jf'T""-o""'!'Jf ALM ..,- 1 fiffmf K wwraanf 1 .1 . .W -' -:mmm 3. -Q x, W- F' x. ., F ., A .. ...., .. H. f.,,.,x , I -V 'f1 x! l- 5 3 155 ,1 Ll ..,,.,,,. ,, .,- Ska., .W i M VA , .- W15zi'k,mz. .4 B' +1 'Diff 1 . ' fffighfswgff Aff' 4 "DT ,ga ,AT--5 wi! 4 K ' ' .kv :X f ,Q CAPTAIN J. M. HUNT Second Coach Ahly assisting Coach Thomas, and giving unsparingly of his time and talents, Coach Hunt also deserves the highest praise for his part in molding young boys into fine young men. May his years at Fork Union he many that our athletic program may continue successfully! MAJOR G. C. THOMAS, JR. First Coach - Daily at practice Coach Thomas inspired his players with his energy and love of life, teaching them to play a fair and square game always. It is a pleasure for the Skir- misher to acknowledge his contribution to the Academy-a contribution recognized by all the F.U.lVl.A. Cadets. 170 s MARTIN L. WARE NICHOLAS M. LAMASTRA, JR. C 0-Captains FO0TBALLl Fork Union Military Fork Union Military Fork Union Military Fork Union Military Fork Union Military Academy ,0- 6 Baltimore City College Academy 7-13 Woodberry Forest School Academy 26- 0 St. ,lohnls High School Academy 0- 7 Staunton Military Academy Academy 0-25 Greenbrier Military School Ware Lamastra Fisher Kynes '44-945 GRID SQUAD The outstanding drilling and coaching of our thirty strong Reds in our gridiron squad by two men we all know, Coach Rosie Thomas and his splendid assistant, Coach John Hunt made this year,s hard hitting '6Rosie's Reds" start out with all spirits and intentions of conquering this year's State Championship which they could see at the end of the road to victory. The many obstacles that were set in front of this year's team made it hard for the fighting Reds to get started on the winning streak, especially due to the wild whirlwind of sickness that struck not only the school but also one of our best fighting Reds whom we all know and salute. The perfect and splendid coordination of the team-the product of the outstanding work of the co-captains and every- one in the squad under the supervision of our splendid coaches-was shown in every game that we played. i. 5 Q 172 5 ww MW an . Y, 'E .gm .-Q. , , ,W 1 -- - - . . , , f ig, , A t . v 7 2 -, .gi - , if V L " .v A A 4 9 5' ' 'W 1, 1 A T1 F' Q , .V 1 ' '7 , . . I ,nt eW4,e3,,,.g,,, , ,, , ' X . ' - . 4 ' .- I ' a A ' , ' 4,.L,'1ff:,4,",.f5fa2sifff4f,,X ,glavfmw-',! - , ' . .:, ' W . '- ' . f v "-vfii4:,'w1wf " ' '4,.ei-' -Q - gh' 5 .i. ai 2 1' fx 129, f 1 3 f.'f4.y' dz"-'Q 1 4, Y J' - A I s ,..,f - , . ,,- Q' . '4?CffwfQ,efZ' f .3424 , gd H' . ' " ' r 3 f-'rv 4,45 , . . . .. M w'3'fWf . 42' ,tx f' A f t 'f,f1jfJs., ' ff, 'F In H1 , 723' , ef . .- ,, - ' .Jr - 4111- ,, 5,4 , - " ' L' ' ' - I fh a, V K' ': eff? . K, r eh , Y I 'I - - -' - 4,5 M, .. ,Mff . ffl, 5, fi, ,, , f .. ,, . fafgitwfrf' 'wfwzfi will 1 1. W iff' ' .. ,. . , ,. l f it ? -qv A n 'Map-ng-1 ' , - .-v.f-zqn- wmv- A A ----.- V - .- A . , M ' . 'e a fr W-fff1f,.fifs1f'sz'C,-'sas ' f 1 O .- -- H Q 3- 02 - X'-,.T '.-, . .1 L. , 1 T f4g4fL3:f-if iifviffaf-ff Although in those difficult moments of the season our team found it hard to overcome these obstacles, it just made the Reds work harder and harder for every moment that passed by. We all know the ones that are leaving us at the end of this session for the armed forces or some other destiny, and those that will be back next season will never forget the many hours they spent here practicing and the contribution they made to campus life. Once again the season ended with victories and losses for our well coached Reds, but everyone in the Cadet Corps-everyone that has seen you play-knows that all of you did your best with all the spirit and experience you had behind you. Thanks for the season you gave us, Team! We all know that you finished the task you startedg therefore, each and everyone of us salutes you! We are proud of you! Andrew Brinkley Shelton Psillas 173 Hawks Halstead Killian Johnson BALTIMORE-6g FORK UNION-0 The powerful lights of the Baltimore Municipal Stadium poured down on the first gridiron battle of the season between Baltimore City College and Fork Union Military Academy on September 22nd. The game opened with a powerful City drive, which, after being set back several times, resulted in City's iirst and only score of the game. Baltimore kept the initiative in the first half, but the Big Red Team fought back gallantly. lt was not until the third quarter that the Cadets showed their power. They stayed in City's territory and, at each play, threatened to score. The most spectacular play of the game was a short pass from Fisher to Loweree who immediately shoveled the ball to Kynes. Kynes, in turn, sent the ball to Lamastra on a lateral pass. The final whistle found the Red Team deep in City's territory. Baltimore is now ahead of Fork Union by one game, but we have hopes that it will not be for long! 174 l WOODBERRY FOREST-13g FORK UNION-7 October 14-th found Fork Union's Big Red Team in one of its toughest games of the year with Woodberry Forest on their own grassy grounds. In the first quarter, the Tigers marched deep into Fork Union,s territory and, with the help of a penalty, made the first touchdown. But they failed to make the extra point. Woodberry then tried for another score, but found themselves batting their heads against a stone wall. Luck greeted the Woodberry team when it helped them down to Fork Union's two. It took them three downs to break through the powerfully reinforced Fork Union line. The Cadets finally started clicking, and in the fourth quarter sent ,limmy Kynes over for their first tally. Andrews converted successfully. The last while found the Big Red Team knocking on old "pay-dirtls door" on the Tigeris ten. Fork Union's lack of experience cost them the game, for they had sixty-five yards worth of penalties imposed upon them. Klauder Sims Dallis J ones 175 Zelaya Sanderhoff Hoffman Kayton ST. JOHN'S-7g FORK UNION-25 Our first home game this season turned out to be a highly successful one for the Fork Union team. With the weather man behind them, the two teams lined up for the kick-off with Fork Union slightly favored. The Big Red made its first touchdown in the first quarter and continued their success by making another in each quarter thereafter. The final quarter was the most eventful. Two successive passes from "Gln Fisher to Penn Johnson placed the ball in scoring territory. From there Johnson took it over for the final score of the game. When it became evident that Fork Union possessed the more powerful team, Coach Thomas seized the opportunity to make liberal use of his substitutes. 176 Wa STAUNTON-7g FORK UNION-0 The Fork Union-Staunton game was played for the first time in many years here at Fork Union. As tradition demanded, the two teams met on Thanksgiving Day, and, as usual, the State Champion- ship hung in balance. The first quarter found both teams feeling each other out-the ball passing from one side to the other, with neither team showing a decided edge over its opponent. In the second quarter, Stauntonis fullback faded back and let loose with a pass to his end. Fork Union's hack, in attempting to knock down the ball, lost his balance and accidentally hit itvup, knocking it into the hands of Jenkins, Staunton's halfback. The Fork Union team, widely dispersed about the field, was momentarily caught off its guard. Thus, Jenkins, surrounded by two or three of his teammates, carried the ball the remaining few yards for the touchdown. They scored the extra point on a pass into the end zone. Arif Cooper Runyon Oliver 177 Miller lVlacDowall Knott Chase The Big Red came out for the second half with a strong determination to win, or at least draw blood in the attempt. Although, according to statistics, they out-played Staunton, the game ended, nevertheless, with Staunton leading by seven points. It was in this game that the Red Team first exhibited their use of the T-formation. However, most of the game was played from the single wing. GREENBRIER-25, FORK UNION-0 On November 30th, the Red and Blue took the road for Covington, where they met the Green- brier Military School team in the annual Tobacco Bowl classic. The weather was extremely cold and, during the game, the players were bothered by intermittent snowfalls. The field was churned to a muddy mire, and the Fork Union team came to know the disadvantage of not having mud cleats. 178 is af 4 fag Greenbrier pushed over for their first touchdown in the first quarter. They placed another six points on the scoreboard in the second quarter. With the score standing at 12-0, the two teams lined up for the second half. Although putting up a strong resistance, Fork Union bowed again to Green- brier in the third quarter. This time their opponents succeeded in their attempt at an extra point. The score, however, went up to 19-0. Taking the kick-off on his own twenty-five yard line, Fisher carried the ball back to the fifty where three men brought him down, the impact knocking the ball from his hands. Greenbrier recovered. The game ended with Greenbrier out front by twenty-five to nothing. Wade Ba ccellieri Jamison McAden Manager 179 J. I. FISHER Captain BASKETBALL When the cold winds began to blow and the ice started to form, there came from the gym many shouts. The sounds of many bounces and groans echoed from one Wall to the other. Basketball season had started! This year's red and blue cagers, under the faithful guidance and instruction of Coaches Thomas and Hunt, made quite a name for themselves among other schools as well as among the cadet corps. As the season moved on, the spirit of the team increased. Backed by the full cooperation of the cadets, the team fought their Way through many games. The cheering of the cadets almost lifted the roof from the gym. Having done their best, the red and blue team put up their uniforms with a feeling of satisfaction and a strong hope that next year's team could do the same. Thanks for a swell season, team. We all feel that the season this year was extremely successful. Thanks to the hard Work of the team everyone enjoyed the feeling of a job well done. 180 DeYoung, Polizos, Fisher, and Lamastra were the mainstays who set the pace for last season's '4Big Redsn. From a poor start at the beginning of the spring, the team rallied to shining success, paving their course with Hagstones of victory. The first game on our home ground was going fine, until the snow caused it to be halted during the third inning. However, the score was 5-2 in our favor which showed up exceedingly well. Next the team traveled to Richmond to meet the famed Saints-the result being a most excellent game, scoring 5-5 until the tenth inning. Due to a bad throw then, our opponents sent a winning run across the plate near the conclusion of the game. The Staunton game, the thriller of the season, saw Nick Lamastra striking out 21 out of 23 men -a man-sized feat. Regardless of this wonderful display Fork Union was downed, not without considerable effort, of course. , The end of the season brought a period of some victories ,. z and some losses closing the season with a successful satisfaction 4, f "T for the members of the team. Those 'gRosie Reds" of '44 came Out on top! ,, f ,.,, g . f ,U ,,,,, ,,.,,,,,.,., , , . ,,.,,.,.. . .t.,,.,, . , , ' 5 V ,A - f , ag 7 ' A S E B A L L NICK LAMASTRA t t Capmm 1, tai, 4-Q ll 181 TRACK P. G. JOHNSON E. R. VADEN C 0-captains Although the prospects for the '4-5 Track Team were a bit uncertain when this book went to press, we still expected to have an excellent season judging from the few that had then signed up. Under the expert leadership of "Mole" Vaden and Penn Johnson, the co-captains, this year,s group of "turf-tearersv was destined, in the minds of the majority of the cadets, to excel all previous records. Heretofore Fork Union has always made a very favorable place in the State Meet through the fine efforts of its track team. Not only will it continue to do that this year, but also it will fwe hopel take the State Championship. Due to Captain McWane's Valiant efforts the past few Fork Union teams have made a record of which the school can be justly proud. The success of this yearis speedy crew seems inevitable. 182 FENCING CLUB J. R. KINTZ Captain For years Fork Union has had a fencing team, but for some time it has remained dormant. They came out strongly, however, this year, due to the good work of the team's manager and its captain. This year the team was very ably managed by Cadet Lt. W. C. Gill. He handled the correspondence and helped to arrange the meets. He was a hard worker and deserves a lot of credit. We had with us again this year, Cadet Lt. I. R. Kintz, who was captain of the team throughout its 744--34-5 season. He was a fine fencer last year and turned out even better this year. This year we had a new boy who turned out to be a good fencer. White did a fine job of holding his own in the fencing meets. We hope to see him back next year better than ever. The team's first meet took place on Saturday, January 20. It was a practice match with Augusta Military Academy. Their next meet was with Baltimore City College, this was the main meet of the year. 183 if iglrlghr- H79 f '.-1'-3-g., - 5...-z ,.vfS. , at af' . .. z . - ':- 'A" 9 91? ' i" X15 'T' 1' N'-ggavg-Ffa 1 ' 5 H , ,l.-w.:f- -: - a '- 1-'-f'-2-51 V '+"1w'm- . 1. .,,V . ""' f' ff"+'tf ' 5.211 'K ' S e-if ff' i"'f?5' af . .-az. -1 f' X, I X " i n-:,.1 ,a as Q, ,, ' s , 3 '1 4-'i av '53 A. , . G. B. KIDD Captain SGT. WALKER Coach This years RiHe Team, although off to a late start, has made some of the most astounding scores in the history of Fork Union. We think it is, Without a doubt, the best team on record. As a result of the hard work of Sergeant Walker, the instructor, and Cadet Cpl. Weedon, the manager, this team set amazing standards for the future rifle teams to exceed. Only four members of last years team returned to hand down their talents to the fortunate few who were able to make it this year. These members included G. B. Kidd, who was picked as this years captain, J. C. Bonner, W. C. Gill, and l. O. Perkins. The three awards, given by the military department to members of the rifle team winning them, are Medal for the Highest Score, Medal for the Second Highest Score, and Medal for the Most Improvement. The members of this year's record-breakers are Kidd, Gill, Bonner, Perkins, Sanderhoff, Carneal, Madeira, White, Sweet, Bristow, Clark, Shelter, Stevens, Jackson, Weedon, and Ingram QManagersl. 184 Sta. UN This year under the instruction of Maj. Wildman, our hard-hitting tennis team took shape. The teams three topnotch players were: Al Doudney, R. L. Atwood, and lVlcCaddin. The other members of the team played a lot of hard games during the season. After much practicing and hard work the team came in conflict With the very fast Thomas Jelferson team. All during the Whole match both teams fought with bull-dog tenacity. Fork Union Was forced to yield. The competition was very close. Hereis hoping that next yearis team does as good as the team that we had this year. We all feel sure that as long as Fork Union has boys with a spirit as fine as the spirit possessed by this year's team we shall have many more trophies in our cases. TENNIS A. C. DOUDNEY Captain 185 ew? l md. george yoneri South Hill, Va. Sponsor of The Managing Editor of THE SKIRMISHER Winn Joy pdrfneg Little Rock, Ark. Sponsor of The Editor-ir1-Chief of THE SKIRMISHER Wifm ?fUarLc!a .xdclginfi Huntington, West Virginia Sponsor of THE BATTALION COMMANDER 'vu C gfff Orange, Virginia Sponsor of THE BATTALION ADJUTANT IQ 51. g.,,,f0,1 Portsmouth, Virginia Sponsor of THE SABRE WM. 90411 ,gnzaina Hopewell, Virginia Sponsor of THE OFFICERS' CLUB WMM. Carre!! Kali? Miami Beach, Florida Sponsor of COMPANY "B" WM. all Exif Sanford, Florida Sponsor of COMPANY MAH WMA Joznepdine urginia md Hopewell, Virginia Sponsor of COMPANY NC77 AHBAHH. g EOILIIQI' WaSi1iI1gtOH, D. C. Sponsor of COMPANY ND" Who ollawfion Richmond, Virginia Sponsor of COMPANY HP' 774121. oliegum Hopewell, Virginia Sponsor of THE BAND mb. :gr-ancifn ofamcwfra Norfolk, Virginia Co-Sponsor of THE SENIOR CLASS WM. yohn .gnzaina Hopewell, Virginia C0-Sponsor of THE SENIOR CLASS VML45 ghzagefk .iloold Creswell, North Carolina Sponsor of THE JUNIOR CLASS Wida y052l9Ail'lQ Mrginia md Hopewell, Virginia Sponsor of A-UNIT Wim pafricia .xdnne Seng Leakesville, North Carolina Sponsor of MEMORIAL HALL WWMJ jgzrence 605454 Washington, D. C. Sponsor of C-UNIT WMA ijborofn We Wei! y Jackson, Mississippi Sponsor of the ATHENIAN LITERARY SOCIETY Widd george .fdnn oljewb Petersburg, Virginia Sponsor of the CICERONIAN LITERARY SOCIETY Norfolk, Virginia Sponsor of THE GLEE CLUB WM. ?fMf4er5on WM5 MLA? QZOMZF! Prenter, West Virginia - P9le1'5I9U1'S: Virginia Spgnggr Qf SIJOIISOI' of the THE GOLD STAR COUNCIL CADET CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION mad gfara midi gonnie Wol'man Scottsville, Virginia Norfolk, Virginia Sponsor of the Sponsor of the FOOTBALL TEAM FOOTBALL TEAM and BASEBALL TEAM everal years ago our President, Dr. Wicker, was inspired to found the first Junior Mili- tary Academy in Virginia. The growth of this School has been phenomenal - from forty-two cadets in 1937 to two hundred and twenty-five in 19441. And what was in 737 a little brown school house in the shadows of Hatcher Hall, is now two modern buildings on a Circle of their own. Many and happy are the hours which we cadets spend here, busily engaged in the hundred and one activi- ties which every real American boy needs and enjoys. lla is in remembrance of our happy days, our buddies, and our swell faculty othcers that these next few pages are dedicated. IIIR SCIIIIIII. My Sifiiii ,..."-i..J- 1 I Mn . ,qw ww ,gnqvb 1 wif: --W -,,v,fm, 11:12 JN 21.53 1- I , N fx :WV H if W k " 'fiEifW.4': Lf .,z W f , , 'Jef , X .1 iwlifx mf, wi" , . , ' H f f f 1 , J f f 1 . MAJOR JENNINGS B. SPRINGER, A.B. Hampden-Sydney College, Graduate Work, University of Virginia, Assistant Principal High School, Dillwyn, Virginia, Instructor in English, Latin, and Advanced Mathematics, Fork Union Military Academy, 1938-19445 Glee Club Accompa- nist, Fork Union Military Academy, 19411-19414, Instructor in Piano, Fork Union Military Academy, Headmaster, Junior School, 1944- THE IIEADMASTER REFLECTS It seems just a short time ago, as I look back some eight months now, that over two hundred of you came by my oflice enrolling as cadets in the Junior School. Many of you had been with us last year, some of you were transfers from other military schools, and some, obviously enough, had never seen nor heard of a military academy before. Wfhat surprises were in store for the young man who had long had the folks at home make his bed, shine his shoes, and clean his room! Do you remember what a blustery day September 13th was? Well, some of your faces harmonized perfectly with the weather. It wasnlt long, however, before you began to find pals, and everything was swell. All of us have to go through that first separation from home and friends, and it's tough, once it's over, however, everythingls OK. There were those first "bull sessionsl' soon after school opened when each was seeing who could tell the tallest story. lid like to have been a fly on the wall and heard some of the stories. They tell me that Allen Creecy-what is it the boys call him? "Meatball,', or something like that-won the prize. He didn't have much on Harry Lobe or ,lack Samakow, though. Ghosts reall 1 turned out at Halloween, and Ca tain Kinzer almost cauffht u with 5. . P . , . Q . P . many of them. Jimmy Sprouse and Charlie Procter didnt quite lose their identity. They were Halnbitiousw ghosts, and may still be 'cwalkingv as far as l know. December rolled around and you were keen for vacation. You wanted to get home and let the folks see what a man you had become, how nice your uniform looked, et Cetera. Expect some of you wanted the girl to take a squint at that red cape. Anyhow, after a swell Christmas play lbelieve it or not, Herman Perkins was the Angell and party on the llth, you began to prepare for your furlough on the 13th. I shall never forget the spruce appearance of the corps and the pride which shone in Dr. Wicker's face as he bade you uGoodbye',. Those days between the first of January and Spring were rather uneventful. With the coming of Easter, however, we witnessed the finest dress parades in the history of the Junior School. At the invitation of the Headmaster, Dr. Wicker, Col. Perkins, and Col. Crockett, came down from the Upper School, and, along with many of the patrons, reviewed a snappy and most colorful lVIother's Day Parade. On this occasion the splendid work which Captain Kinzer had done with the Corps was shown at splendid advantage. To those of you who will be graduated shortly, I extend my heartiest congratula- tions. And I sincerely hope and expect that every one of you, after a pleasant summer vacation, will be with us again next year. 2332? CAPTAIN L, A. KINZER Graduate and Post-graduate, Fork Union Military Academyg Virginia Polytechnic Instituteg Comrnandant, Junior School, Fork Union Military Academy, 1943- CAPTAIN LAWRENCE H. MCWANE Reserve Commission Virginia Flying Corps, American Institute of Banking, Five years ex- perience in Red Cross Life Saving and First Aid, For two years Aquatic Director of Boys' Summer Camp, Director of Athletics and Physical Edu- cation, Fork Union Military Academy, Junior School, Director of Student Accounts, Junior School, 1943- LIEUTENANT FINLEY PENICK Graduate, Appalachian High School, Boone, North Carolina, Ranger, Virginia Forest Service, Assistant Director of Athletics and Physical Education, Junior School, Fork Union Military Academy, 194-4- 201 CAPTAIN CYRUS R. CLEVELAND, BS. Union College of Illinois, Six years experience in Illinois Public Schools, Superintendent of Sun- day School, Junior Scl1ool,'Fork Union Military Academy, 194141- LTY MISS NETTIE L. SWITZER, B.S. Madison College, Seventh Grade Teacher, Fork Union Military Academy, 1943- MRS. LOUIE R. DAVIS, A.B. Birmingham-Southern College, Phi Beta Kappag Gradu- ate Assistant in Mathematics, Birmingham-Southern Col- legeg Instructor for Army Air Corps Unit, Birmingham- Southern College, Seventh Grade Teacher, Fork Union Military Academy, 1943- MRS. MERCER O. CLARK Graduate, Cedar Rapids Conservatory of Music, Iowa, College of William and Mary, University of Richmond, Three years teaching experience in the Public Schools of Virginiag Seventh Grade Teacher, Fork Union Mili- tary Academy, 1944-- MISS IRENE SULLIVAN Mary Washington College, Three years experience in Monroe High School, Stanardsville, Va., Sixth Grade Teacher, Fork Union Military Academy, 1942- MRS. FLORENCE P. GRIFFIN Farmville State Teachers College, University of Vir- ginia, Twelve years teaching experience in the Public Schools of Virginia, Sixth Grade Teacher, Fork Union Military Academy, 1944- MRS. JAMES A. ROE, B.S. Eastern Teachers College, Bowling Green, and Western Teachers College, Richmond, Kentuckyg Graduate Work, University of Kentucky, Nine years teaching experience in City Schools of Kentucky, One year teaching experi- ence in Baltimore City Schools, Fifth Grade Teacher, Fork Union Military Academy, 1943- ' MRS. JOHN M. HUNT, B.S. Farmville State Teachers Collegeg Graduate Work, George Washington University and College of William and Maryg Eleven years teaching experience in Public Schools of Virginiag Fifth Grade Teacher, Fork Union Military Academy, 1942- MISS EMILY C. BEARD, B.S. Madison Collegeg Seventeen years teaching experience in Public Schools of Virginia, Fourth Grade Teacher, Fork Union Military Academy, 194-3- 202 JU IIIR SCIIIIUL MRS. BERNICE N. STANLEY Farmville State Teachers Collegeg College of William and Mary, Ten years teaching experience in Public Schools of Virginiag Fourth Grade Teacher, Fork Union Military Academy, 19412- MRS. ZULIEME CHARLTON Graduate, Richmond City Normal Schoolg Six years teaching experience in Richmond Public Schoolsg 0ne year teaching experience in Louisa County, Virginiag Third Grade Teacher, Fork Union Military Academy, 1943- MRS. EDITH D. MCWANE Mary Washington College, Three years experience in Monroe High School, Stanardsville, Virginia, Librarian, First and Second Grade Teacher, Fork Union Military Academy, 1942- MRS. E. T. SMITH Sunday School Teacher of the first three grades, Fork Union Military Academy, 194-4- F ff its 6 ex N2 'fa . , Jllll llll, ,af 'l',IMWi:.r 203 'IME MRS. C. O. CLEVELAND Housemother fy 1 W am? 533 V, ' ' " V -V,-V .5 J' , f , VV f 2 2wwQQEM??f , ' AV .- N w ' ' "' ' ' . W- , -A V V, . if V V, Bi' MRS. LILLIAN JOYCE Matron of The junior School, Hostess THE BARRACKS, JUNIOR SCHOOL .VW ,WVVV V. V ...Q .,.. . ' is , ... , A , ,kb ' W V ,V . Vg- ,,wR ,fgg ,WW vm, 'Q V. V 6? V !-,V ., 1.7 ,FWZ of VV. 'V X V. as ff S Y MISS ELSIE OMOHUNDRO Housemother mf- . . .O , -Qffw, ' 'PV '1' ' , VV,., ,mfr VE' ,V 4 Y 59 ir , V K 'VV V 4 5 X -fx W A Vw Vw , , , 2 f fy, ,oAo fwh M? f 1 " WW iff: W 2 W n if ZW " 'if' fff W ff! f Mif- V, V we-i f , .f - W f'2rf'f... V- "f 'f ffm' 6 . '- '- 5 "mf A X4 f 5 , , 84,4 V. - C. .,'V, 4, V- ' V V. .1 .,. fwfr' ,I 'V 2 f lyg 4 I 4 K V5 2 2-, ' -' G.,-, , 'Q , A tkkth L ,,,.,. V Z A 11113 if W our n . ,. V 3 .,o, ,mf-N VM ' A 1 Q. 1- -,,,,V4,- ,,4,,'-, . . ,M V V E S 14555334 ,L, , H .,,,,.V,., , , ,V Y " - 4 ' -' - . , ' , ,,..,fqV-4:-.V,:V.: . ,V -- 1-.V, A - V , V V, .W Q-V P- V Q- W -,- V , V 4 QVV- ,V,,,V,. ,V . '1 ' - 1. i wv..-7- -V V, V V V, -L f, -VVLCKW. 3 ,.r. - - 'Vf Flurfg-V--V'. V Y ,f 1" '2'Vg-, V- ' 3' 1 3- 2' 'ii' yw,:V,, 'I la V, V4 V- ,-V . -rV,,1 . .Qf,e Wifi-J fi Q '92 A' ,Q 1 V V V. , 1 1 .4,,.,1.'Q44 EK, WM 'ai Mf 09.5 ' "ff ff 42 ,ff " ff fo' I D, I V' ':'f,V,f V 2133: wg- ffwm V. 1' , 5' ,4 --ff '21, MW? if "" U ffiff - ' 7 - LW. V V ,g-gy. -r V WH Qu- ' "YL-"V ' ,' -. V .- ,,.. V VV V V f cf' .ug 3:17 ,gg V " Vaio. fn V1 L V V 4 M! 5 X fx yf f g y Q 554 A ,gf ,V A ff , Q 4 ff I AK? ' 2 Y 4 4 9' Z f H 519, A ly 1 ,fc A 4 P f ff we f V V 4 : V. ff? P, . an V: ' - --af-j"1,,, WV- V vw - -'1V-Vw 4? ' f-VV'zff5' rf- I iii r-rQT11gVf f , 'fi' T25 , ref, 44" ,,V,. fVV,.-, . ! QE? ,:Vf.,f, ,xggw lll V' . VEQVV.-,ji VV V-f c ' - -V 2' '- V LV ..VVa.V1V ., V 3EH252ix?-H 4 iw ,,,,VnwfAc-W, , .. V , .AL VA A , Jig?-,.,? 'V V, I , Q: V J! ,L ,.,,,,..V-pozwm,--.f mv --a--,um . . -. ff - - ,::-- mcwwf, -V fx. .. . .V . . .-.,,Q-,,,3g1',,53V : .. VV 7,4-5,A,, I 1 wi,-V,,4:.VV,f,, Vrlf .3 VVV .- 2 4 'i ff 2' s - f L A17 A 44 1 5 f 5 fo' VV A m i , LV , . J gf 1 , gf, V.. ,, Vf a,f44'g?,"?:f14V , - ' V f 49 fa 4 V if iw '. ' " Q-wwww ,, ,VWJSFWK Tj? 1' ff? 'I' 7 ' -Mf3f'M" 7 ' 'fu 77 '-43 , " .fa V " V . .V ,Vf-Vi 41 fffw-' " .:Vi, MVWV V, y.VQ..,, V, ma f Vf,p 4 '- 134152 2463:.:f:exf-V-V:- V fr, V ' VV ??'2V,.V9Q 4,1-TQ h'?'fY V , 4 -ff"-, Vw -v V' ,- --. fgf H -fV.m- Vw , V, V, V , ,N 2 .-4,- ,I--1, , ' ' A f- 593:-""' f 'SWR 5 ffwf, W HW, . V .,.V ,V,.M,,,V,..-Q.- -M ' ' 'W rf- V :fix "-I 'V fav -'V."7:l7A3?:'V'-f' 7' 'if-iw -V 4 MW , 'V V- V, ,V Var 'A' '- ., PQ. V-wi. ,fi ,,,M35aVt, ,- ' -1,5434 2335-f?QVV.fif'1ii ,Pfff . :Z--feff-.fffrz-ff-f1V"fi'w 24.V,2'- '13 ' :Lf-Zef'G5-1H:.if4f4-5,1121-'-f". 51:1-C '+Vf'V3.: lV52???f-TV-5?--W2 - ' -W. ' 1, V 19:4 V -f:Q-Jmafz, -11+-' Ev: ,. ?-I:'?i'lI.?1S: 5 fl -11 , Q . wwf'-'V , K ff'F5?Pbvf'-w-"' ,Vu 'V-fu54,L5"',V.,,,...,wV, ' We I .ffiZEf"w 4 ,--.W-,V , f ' L' .- ml n. ' :Vziiff -V1 ' V 'fsf'-J 1, U V' .1 -' 7" f"'f" ' V111 V, 5--Pa .MAA Af -421. ' -' ' any nf, o 'V -g,..,3,V5.-.VV- yy 4 - 3,14 ,I . 573 ' 1' if - of 'f , - XV ff?" '.-5kQ1'57 " '5:5lgeQV.VlW.. ::.,.,.,, -V 4 A :ji A W ',,',V,,V .. ,AV ,fglym ,LWV A rf " - -V 3 ffl, V- MV, 'MQCVHV "'b gf ,J ,,'faf",.' ,.,, ,V ,,,, ,1,. ,V ' g,1.,.PfV,-.-V VV H gg VV VV ,V ,M,,,,Q V ygkmiggo 7,6365 aw ,QV --. K. . V f ff, V . I V - -' 5,g,'i',fV 'Hifi :wif -f ff f - .VV'm-u-2n-wee.49ufV-slmz3a4fV.'1-Vw -5!f14.z'JJ.f..4...w.-4v.nv,.:.V.V,f.V-1. ' F' ... ,... ..,T.f1 1 1 N , , 1 ' 1 Sf:-xza ' E L.. , -rw' MJ , A ' 7 205 David G. Ackley William G. Amiss Howard S. Berger, Jr. Clark M. Bradford Horace G. Brown Joseph R. Brown Chester C. Brownagle Frank L. Burke Howard C. Carson James M. Chase Samuel H. Clark Herbert S. Copeland William A. Cozier John A. Crabtree Allen B. Creecy Carl D. Crist SEVE TH GRAD Q! G' Lenwood A. Crutchfield .lames A. Curtis .lack P. Dance Fred G. Davies Kenneth E. Dunlap Alan J. Fernheimer Robert H. Fleming Gordon VV. Foote Gene G. Golien Robert L. Gray Thomas B. Harrell Balfour B. Hart Richard F. HeHebower Richard E. Holland Leon A. Hutcheson Alvin F. Jackson SEVE TH Il 207 L. Irving Lamphier Harry J. Lobe Franklin B. Mallory S. Robert Maxey George E. Meanley Macon D. Miller A. Le Roy Miller Richard L. Murphy Gerald R. New Jerry S. New Thomas O. Nichols C. Wayne Norris Robert H. Overton Charles W. Proctor Walter N. Propps Charles M. Roszel SEVE TH GR ll K - 1 V: j.".:, w..,g:.L C' Jack M. Samakow Philip G. Sancken Robert W. Shepherd Raymond D. Smith James W. Sprouse Gerald B. Stuart Ranson B. Tester Henry C. Tillman Francis M. Tompkins Thomas P. Tromley Norman L. Trusty John W. Walz Wilton N. West John C. Wintermute Charles T. Witmer Robert W. Wohlfarth SEVE Tll GR .f.. .iii-4 Aw A ' ' . -' SIXTH GRADE E. A. Aaronsong P. H. Barrettg A. Bernarclezg R. R. Bivensg J. H. Boweng J. P. Buchang J. R. Carperg K. L Childressg C. H. Clumg C. W. Coxg J. F. Finng W. G. Frederickg H. L. Gardnerg W. B. Guskyg J. T. Hassellg F. K. Heackerg R. E. Jonesg P. Kidwellg C. C. Kirkmang L. T. Krahembillg N. L. Landg J. J. McBrideg R. B. McCreadyg P. Mills, J1'.Q L. B. Mitchell, Illg J. A. Morang R. T. 0'Brieng J. A. O'Neil, Jr.g W. E. Parrishg D. C. Pulcipherg J. L. Purdyg D. L. Quateg J. L. Rankin, lllg C. V. Ricldickg T. L. Schommerg D. M. Simms, THQ E. S. Sliugarg D. J. Sussmang' C. D. Swanseng R. K. Vaughang C. A. Weber, Jr.g J. D. Weaverg S. C. Whiteg R. T. Woodall Teachers: Miss Irene Sullivan and Mrs F. P. Griffin. FIFTH GRADE B. Battlemang J. D. Bluntg P. S. Bowlesg D. O. Boyer, J. E. Browng A. W. Campbellg D. R. Chastaing R. V. Cleryg S. B. Culpepperg H. J. Daveyg W. H. Depewg M. T. Gallagherg N. A. Gerasg H. R. Hamiltong D. B. Hardingg F. M. Holmesg P. F.4Johannesg F. H. Kellmang J. A. Klonarisg D. A. Knightg R. F.. LaValleyg D. L. Leeg J. R Leemingg R. M. McF.acherng C. R. Mitchellg R. Newg H. M. Perkinsg J. A. Richg R. R. Rossg D. S. Russellg F. M. Schrammg W. E. Stephensong J. E. Tromleyg D. L. Uiiington. Teachers: Mrs. John M. Hunt and Mrs James A. Roe. V, ,3 . , ,,. ' ' - . 4 X Wig, V 210 Q - 1.1 .Q 3-R, A fm ' FOURTH GRADE J. W. Barnettg P. H. Barrettg E. G. Birdsong, Hlg R. C. Bruffeyg M. R. Butcher, Jr.g L. J. Corlettog R. W. Crenshawg W. L. Daudelg J. M. Folkesg W. J. Forsytheg J. E. Cvrayg W. R. Hale. D. M. Hallg J. W. Hallg R. L. Harrellg G. S. Hill, Jr.g R. B. Hollanderg C. W. Joyce, Jr.g R. H. Kneelandg C. H. Landg N. D. Mastersg J. M. McCartneyg C. H. Parham, lllg M. A. Parrishg W. B. Parsonsg R. W. Plantg R. K. Rankinsg W. S. Richardson, Jr.g N. H. Silver- mang H. B. Smithg C. M. Stallag A. J. Sussmang K. W. Tysong B. A. Zazicki. Teachers: Mrs. Bernice N. Stanley and Miss Emily Beard. THIRD GRADE F. S. Astrothg W. S. Beaversg N. C. Browng C. L. Callisg P. N. Dohertyg D. C. Eanesg A. F. Frankovitchg F. J. Helfrichg R. K. Moseleyg R. S. Pulcipherg D. C. Randleg S. Randleg S. G. Sterng G. K. Williams. Teacher: Mrs. Hubert W. Charlton. 211 SECOND GRADE R. Alexanderg F. Boswellg S. Butlerg G. Carterg J. Hesterg R. C. Kettlesg H. Priceg W. Russellg M. Sterng A. Peter Seng O. Melchorrieg A. Scafidig C. Woodyardg J. Whitworth. Teacher: Mrs. Edith D. McWane. XF FIRST GRADE and KINDERGARTEN D. R. Gliemg G. R. Hare, Jr.3 K. F. Hurstg G. M. Kayg A. R. Kneelandg T. Simmsg R. M. Waid. KINDERGARTEN P. Daughtryg R. Weaver. Teacher: Mrs. Edith D. McWane. 212 JUNIOR SCHOOL OFFICERS' CLUB Lt.-Col. R. L. Crayg Capt.-Adj. W. A. Cozierg Lt. Supply Officer W. G. Frederiekg Capt. J. M. Chaseg Capt R. H Flemmingg Capt. L. A. Hutchesong Lt. G. W. Footeg Lt. C. M. Roszelg Lt. J. Newg Lt. F. B. Mallory, Lt. M. J. Samakowg Lt. L. A. Crutchfield. JUNIOR SCHOOL FOOTBALL TEAM lst Row Creading from left to rightj : Samakow, Burk, Berger, Gray, Baker, Gallagher, and Alber. 2nd Row: Beckett, Cox, Brown, Crandall, Parker, and Witrner. 3rd Row: Hutcheson Smith, Captain McWane, Curtis, and New. 213 l MAJOR JENNINGS B. SPRINGER Headmaster It has been difficult for the Headmaster to determine to whom the various awards should go. The academic work of the year has been splendid, and many of the scholastic averages have been close. There are some cadets whose averages have been outstanding, and it is to these that special recognition is given. The Headmaster congratulates all students who have attained averages of ninety or above, and especially those whose averages are such as to merit Junior School Medals. The F.U.M.A. Medal is awarded annually by the Headmaster to the cadet designated as the "Best All Around Cadetn in the Junior School. This is the most coveted medal and is awarded only to the cadet who is outstanding in the Academic, Military, and Athletic Departments of the School. The recipient must be a cadet of the highest integrityg his loyalty to the School must be unquestioned. The Headmaster is pleased to present this medal to Cadet Robert L. Gray for the year 1945. F. B. MALLORY W. A. COZIER J. R. BROWN First Honors Second Honors Third Honors 214' CAPTAIN LARRY KINZER Commandant Under our able Commandant, Captain Kinzer, the Military Department of the Junior School has indeed made progress-this year found us with the smartest, neatest, and best-drilled Cadet Corps that has yet been seen on the north side of the campus. Of course, much of the credit for this improvement must go to the excellent cadet ofhcers. The Battalion Staff includes this year Cadet Lt. Col. R. L. Cray, Battalion Commanderg Cadet Capt. W. A. Cozier, Adjutantg and Cadet Lt. W. G. Frederick, Supply Officer. To the Commanding Oiiicers of the three companies belongs the credit for good disciplineg Cadet Captains J. M. Chase fCo. AJ, R. H. Fleming QCO. BJ, and L. A. Hutcheson QCO. CD. Only thirty-six cadets received this year the coveted Good Conduct Bars for having accumulated less than ten demerits. To these line young men, and to the others of whom we are so proud, we say, uCarry on your good Work in the Upper School, for Fork Union will always be proud of you!" R. L. GRAY W. A. COZIER J. M. CHASE Cadet Lt. Col. Cadet Capt., Adj. Cadet Capt. 215 CAPTAIN LAWRENCE H. MCWANE Director of Athletics The Junior School of the Academy has enjoyed a most successful season in every sport during 1944-4-5. Wartime restrictions have prevented our playing many other Junior Schools. However, we did play football against Hargrave Military Academy, Fluvana County Grade School, Arvonia Grade School, Buckingham Grade School, and the EIGHTH GRADE of the upper school. The only game lost was to the latter. Cadet Lt.-Col. R. L. Gray was captain of our successful team and Cadet Capt. 'cRudy" Fleming assisted him as co-captain. Most of our basketball was confined to an intramural schedule. Cadets Chase, Fleming and Richardson were our most valuable men. Our Golden Gloves schedule was very interesting. One of the highlights of the season was the basketball tournament in which twelve' teams participated. Capt. McWane and Capt. Kinzer, who had been outstanding players themselves, achieved wonderful results with the boys. Cadets R. L. Gray, Kidwall, and Samakow were outstanding in this sport. In all sports our athletes were awarded emblems which they will treasure as evidence of their most successful and enjoyable year in the Junior School of Fork Union Military Academy. R. L. GRAY J. M. CHASE J. M. SAMAKOW First Athletic Honors Second Athletic Honors Third Athletic Honors 216 I REMEMBER Sessions of Col. Sneadls Algebra II g'Battalion, ,tenshutlw fa la Maj. Rickmanl Dr. Wickerls harangues in chapel Capt. Buck's famous Math. IV periods Officers being stuck by the O.C. for late formations Major Rickman careening down the steps of Hatcher Hall Preparation for Government Inspections Being downed and drowned on extended order Major Wildlnanls nights on T.O. duty Our Thanksgiving dinner The Christmas concert Qespecially the Farmville girlsl Our Christmas parties Second Hoor's forest in the Christmas decorations Memorial Hall-The concentration camp of the campus Music in the ,lones manner on the chapel organ Fence with Kintzl Days the P.X. got some cigarettes friotsl 22-5 fNeed we say more! 'J '4Drill as per schedule" Captain Hudgin's famous nuthouse-the physics lab. Chemistry class-some of those jokes C.C.A.'s trip to Roanoke lwe heard about that tool Glee Clubis trip to South Hill CHave a good timell Parlez-vous francais? Major Kelly says, ':Heavens nof' famenlj Badkins' explosions at mess . Room 2, Memorial Hall! l l l HNOW boys, be quietg weill have a short prayer and then go two by two to the rear fLower schoolj Hart's love affairs "Bonner-bounce march! ll' fLamastra's platoonj Warels and Kintz's ushinersi' The eventual appearance of the Sabre Captain Goodman's 4th period class fthat never metl Room 313, A-Annex fsleeping consistently through Mess IH 'cRiseI l l in KNO explanation is necessaryj The class that everyone passed and nobody failed. Tate being OD. Father Paynels familiar advice to the Glee Club- Somebody finding the key to the Hagpole C-Company losing the best-company-of-the-month ribbons to D-Company September 15 Reluctantly and wearily like Shake- speareis immortal boy in HAs You Like ltw, we arrived by every conceivable means of transportation from the four corners of the States and some from other lands. The session, starting with a Hood of sunshine, had the appearance of being one of the most successful years ever passed at Fork Union. Before the day was over most had gotten settled and ready to begin their new Work. Early in October After the first six weeks of hard labor, most of us took a well-earned week-end leave. Many and loud were the rejoic- ings when Col. Crockett announced that leaves would be given the following week-end. Departure was a wonderful feeling after working so hard. October 31 Quietness ruled over the campus for the greater part of the night. During C.Q. there were several false alarms, but after two or three vain attempts most ublood-thirstyl' wolves on the campus retired to the barracks-they had lost their desire to cremate some innocent civilian. Strange to say, hardly any pranks were played. Early in November With the arrival of the permanent 'fmakesw our battalion really got down to work as it had never before done. Most favorable were the comments of members of our military faculty after the first battalion review. The R.O.T.C. unit, this year consisting of four full companies, instead of three as in previ- ous years, struggled to make itself some- thing of which Fork Union Military Academy could be justly proud. IIIGIILIGIIT November 24-th A double-header was this memorable day. First we had our mighty battle of the gridiron with Staunton Military Academy which we unfortunately lost. Everyone was out cheering our team on, though, to show that the cadet corps was back of them. Next we had our delicious Thanksgiving Dinner in the Mess Hall that evening. A school of seven-hundred odd went to bed this night exhausted and full. December 10th Another red-letter day is marked up on our yearis calendar. With the arrival of the S.T.C. Glee Club, their and our glee clubs joined to bring us the best Christmas concert on record. Preceded by a wonderful dinner, this most suc- cessful event was enjoyed by all partici- pating or listening. Wfhe charms of music doth sooth the savage beastw- so saith the ancient sage. fWe have a sneaky idea that the charm was music- ally feminine that nightj January 9 REVOLUTION ln A-Section there came a momentous blast of dynamite proclaiming the rule of the floor proctors to be supreme over the command of any. Spurred on by months of Hconlinementn this uwar strength squadw led by the section first sergeants brought a new regime to power in that theretofore uneventful sec- tion. Wlien their demands had been satisfied and things went their way, then the surprising battle ceased to a quiet murmur of Hwatchful waitingf, 218 z F 1944-1945 February 24-th The Glee Club journeyed off for a return visit to South Hill where they last year had such an eventful and enjoyable week-end. Entertained by the members of the Rotary Club of South Hill and the townspeople, the boys not only aspired musically, but socially as well. Their concert in the school there and their per- formance at one of the churches was something with which we can be pleased. They sang Fork Union to the glories. 'NJA z MM . "h-me May 28th mlVlid tears and lamentations we all sat in the ashesf' That saying having no bearing whatsoever on this glorious day does, however, display the feelings of quite a few of those whose time of departure was at hand. They were so anxious to go fthey said before thisl, but just look at them now. Fl: ' ,, , . . VVV, K 'Z"!l0!5w:fwI5 it u , j ADMINISTRATION BUILDING, JUNIOR SCHOOL 21? IGP ACKNUWLEDGMENTS Again this year, due to the war, The Skirmisher, had to go to press early in February. Although we had even more obstacles to overcome than last year's staff, through the willingness and splendid co-operation of all concerned, we successfully completed our task. To Miss Bernice Kidd for preparing the lists of names for the various classes goes our particular gratitude for a difficult job Well done. To Colonel Perkins and Colonel Crockett for their continued interest and calm encouragement we wish to give our most heartfelt thanks. The section on the Junior School was compiled With the help and co-operation of Major Springer and his staflg without them it would never have been done. For his abiding interest and work on the List of Alumni, the Academy in general and the Skirimisher stall in particular owe a debt of gratitude to Major Waldron. Special thanks should go to Captain Hudgins Who, although not connected with the staff this year, gave helpful advice gained through years of experience. Last of all, We Wish to express to the other members of our staif and to the other cadets who so willingly helped, our sincere appreciation in completing our enormous task. Here is the result of our Work. We hope it is pleasing to all. JAMES R. KINTZ, Editor-in-Chief GEORGE L. JONES, JR., Managing Editor 23? iff A Av-Nf-xf'KfAxf'Xf'N,'-xfSf'N,'sfK,A JACOB REED'S SCDNS Salutes Fork Union Military Academy as one of America's outstanding Military Schools. l We are proud to be of service to F. U. M. A. in helping to meet the uniform requirements of its Cadets For I2O years JACQB REEDS SONS has been tailoring Military School Uniforms for leading schools all over the country ITS RIGHT AT REEDS Jacob Reed s Sons Philadelphia P Q Y O 0 O 0 0 0 9 7 7 Y Q f , 3. ix -if-+-A--.-vA.A.A,4-.f-,if-.f-v41,+,f-.1X.f-.+.+.A-"-'v"v'-A-A-Av" -k-A-"A QE CHARLOTTESVILLE WOOLEN MILLS Charlottesville, Va. 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Ai I , ,.,. . . , A ,M M k,M,vm,.Z , xl , N .UAL X .I I A Village Hotel With All Modern City Comforts Special Rates for Prolonged Stays A Welcome Awaits You I. C. SNEAD, Manager WILLIAM FRANK HOTEL Fork Union, Virginia Authorities on Nutrition recommend a quart of Mz'lk a day or its equivalent in dairy products, such as Delicious "Monticello" Ice Cream AND "Monticello" Brand Butter MONTICELLO DAIRY, INC. CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA. Ezekiel and Weilman Co., Inc. A L C O B R A N D Wholesale Hotel, Restaurant and Institution V PERFECT EOCD Equipment IN ICOF PACKAGES Kitchen and Dining Room 7th and Cary Streets Albemarle - Michie Co., Inc Distributors RICHIvIoND 19, VIRGINIA Charlottesville, Virginia Mason Insurance Agency, Inc. General Insurance Agency ORANGE, VIRGINIA KILKARE Laundry - Cleaning - Storage EARMVILLE, VIRGINIA Fork Union Steam Laundry "Just off the Campus" G. R. Edgerton and W. A. McClanahan Props. Satisfactory Service rendered to cadets of FORK UNION MILITARY ACADEMY "We Aim to Please" RATES: 330.00 flat charge for session Best Wishes from Barker-Jennings Hardware Corporation LYNCHBURG, VA. Wholesale only BROWN PRINT SHOP, INC. 1313 E. Franklin Street RICHMOND VIRGINIA Printers Engravers - Stationers Filing Cabinets and Systems Everything for the Office THE FOUR NOLDE BROTHERS QUALITY BAKERS Richmond, Virginia nrt.. U.S PAV. OH. National Bank and Trust Co. at Charlottesville, Virginia Branches: Scottsville-Fork Union Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation BILL DICK'S PLACE FROM A FRIEND KINGAN '25 COMPANY Pork and Beef Packers RICHMOND VIRGINIA At Entrance to F. U. M. A. was - g X X 4 Carers FORK UNION' VA' Reliable Brand RW - H Cadets' Rendezvous .,,,.f:i gms . T333 Q Breakfast Bacon ICE CREAM-CANDY ' l Pure Lard, Fresh Meats of all kinds Butter, Eggs and Cheese Academy Pressing Shop "On the Campus" G. R. Edgerton, Prop. RATES: flat charge for session l Authorized Cleaning Equipment Deodorizer and Steam Presses Harris-Brenaman, Inc. 102 N. Sixth Street Richmond, Va. Athletic Outfitters Agents for A. G. SPALDING 'ES BROS. P. GOLDSMITH SONS MATACIA FRUIT COMPANY Charlottesville, Virginia Fancy Fruits and Vegetables E. B. WEAVER, Inc. General Merchandise ACADEMY STUDENT SHOP C. G. Thomas, Prop. Ice Cream Candies Student Supplies Located in the DRUGS SUNDRIES SOCIAL CENTER BUILDING SCHOOL SUPPLIES School Jewelry, Pennants, Souvenirs Soda Fountain Sandwiches FORK UNION VIRGINIA General Merchandise H. M. BRANSFORD CLASS RINGS SEAL JEWELRY FEED-COAL Sunny South Grocer Stores at FORK UNION, VIRGINIA and COHASSET, VIRGINIA RANSON BROTHERS Funeral Directors 25 Ambulance Service Bremo Bluff, Virginia Phone: Day 28F12 Nights fd Sundays: 281:23 Harris, Flippen 55 Company SPORTING GOODS 715 E. Main Street, Richmond, Va. Medals and Trophies' Diplomas and Invitations WALTER B. ANDERSON L. G. Balfour Products BROAD GRACE ARCADE Richmond, Virginia The West Virginia Coal Co. W. R. ROWE, Secretary-Manager GENERAL OFFICES RICHMOND, VA. Telephone 3-2818 PRODUCERS - SALES AGENTS DISTRIBUTORS Dependable Quality and Service For 34 Years The Northern Neck Mutual Fire Association of Va. Home Ofhce IRVINGTON, VA. Jarman's, Incorporated Stationers - Engravers Printers - Office Outzitters - Gifts 208-10 EAST MAIN STREET CHARLoTTEsvILLE, VA. Puritan Chemical Company Manufacturing Chemists Floor Machines - Vacuums - Cleaning Equipme Cleaners - Waxes - Floor Finishes Disinfectants - Insecticides - Soaps and Building Maintenance Supplies ATLANTA, GEORGIA 3 Camiblvfments of A F R I E N D 1945 Printed by the Garamond Press in Baltimore igy, fa 4 ,ga : AL 3151 '33 K fi' ,J Tac- 1 L-ag, gg f , V U51 , ,mf ,J ' "'i?:fYaff' emmmmzmsiiifb .wr fly? 5 :iff - if -Q LQ. vw xiefg ,W " ' vm ' X ,- --'N'-V ai. M! 'hr ' X ' A 1 , . V 39'-H Q Q A 'qi,l,.:f3" Q,-? vm. 1 + X i ', f. ' , .A 3 - 134 v., :fig ' 'x"M5'i1-' , 5. , , 315153, ,fl ,Lg -n-M, . , v , f 52 P 1 , 1 .,,, X , , , -Mfr V - -s ff-f gfw , rf R ,U is M' I P fl, .1 'Wm

Suggestions in the Fork Union Military Academy - Skirmisher Yearbook (Fork Union, VA) collection:

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