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-anus.-n...vm:. .35-1, +--.4 --N.. ., ...,.....,'- ---- -. WMM., ...,... ,, ,,.. .., V. ..,...,., ,,.,.... ,,.,-f'.,..., ,,,,... f...-T l ,::, . 3" ... .A --'- ,, 'vu N M an ,.. ... -1- .. -- -. , I . . S I . 2'-31 5 ::."N'-'--.Z W .. 'lmhg ...f---Q':'1 15325 T-W-ffl.- '::,:., M:-"'.If:-.5 '- H 'maeofl'-151 0 Q N LIHRIE COPYRIGHT GEORGE T. DUDLEY, JR Editor-in-Chief 7' R. A. BACON Business Manager T CAPTAIN, W. F. CARTER CAPTAIN, R. P. SNEAD Faculty Advisors AA AL V THE e SSlKlIlRMIlSSI'fllEIR Volume XXII 1931 Compiled lay Tl1e Senior Class FQRK MIINIIIQINI MULHTARW ,ACADEMY Forlc Union,jVa. 4 ' P YV -l- IVY' ee rrrr A- ,asc DD D Messe D D Q Who for the past sixteen years has we ' ff - E, , -:wx W' IDEIDIICATIICCMNI TO QAPTAIN EDWIN J. SNEAD, Professor of M athematics, devoted his time, thought and energy to the upbuilding of the efficient academic standing at Pork Union Military Academy, A We, ' V THE CLASS OF NINETEEN HUNDRED AND THIRTY-ONE respectfully dedicate this i THE TWENTY-SECOND VOLUME of THE SKIRMISHER QE To D 'v ww s vi, y i ei, 'QI f Q, i Ei ,,' ll if a S 11 J "ia 5. mv ,. , 1 Swim "1ziiJ'L' -fm g, v11i6Q?uffI,m 1 ,, , ,,ffm:wf,14A , - uw, w sf "' W, 45185, , mums. .. u 5,,"'35f'5' f W ,H :W,aff.M , , W, ,AQ . H ,,,,, . Captain, EDWIN JUDSON SNEAD In e V 'U 1 1 w X w 4f?,.0,,A,,73xV.'y, .1 X, IFQIREWQIRID OR TI-IIRTY-FOUR YEARS Pork Union Military Academy has borne its full share in preparing young men in military and academic lines to en- ter the colleges, universities and military schools of our country. Whether this training has been ade- quate, it remains for others to decide, nevertheless, we feel a great pride in our Alma Mater. In this volume we have attempted to capture and present by Words and pictures our experiences, which to the casual reader may appear trivial enough, but to him who has spent a portion of his life within these Walls, the incidents recorded herein will always be remembered and cherished. If our efforts will serve to bring back old memories, to cause our fellows to live over again their days at F. U. M. A., we will be amply paid for our efforts and our purpose will have been fulfilled. CONTENTS -Q Du THE SCHOOL THE CQEASSES MILITARY ATHLQETICS ORGANIZATIONS AND PUBLICATIONS FEATURES AND ADVERTISEMENTS THE SCHOOL HATCHER HALL -A.---......Qf.L: ,,- f. -.4--1 1 Af- - w , wg, X ' xr x x xv a SNEAD HALL .1 ALUMNI GYMNASIUM we' JU wr.. " l x -'X XUL J. ,rw-. ffmf CHAPEL E, THE CLASS of Nineteen Hundred and Thirty-One, Wish to express our love and respect to the faculty and to voice our appreciation for the inter- est each one of them has taken in us as in- dividuals. We will always remember their comradeship and also feel that we have made much improvement under their guid- ance. DR. JOHN WICKER, University of Richmond President Fork Union MiIz'tary Academy w N A COLONEL NATHANIEL J. PERKINS, A.B Denison University Headmaster FIRST LIEUTENANT ' STAFF SERGEANT RAY O. WELCH, U. S. A. EDWARD WALIQER United States Military Academy United States Army COfl'1lT1Clr7C1't1f1F of Cadets and Assistant Professor of Professor of Military Science - Military Science and Tactics and Tactics i i i CAPTAIN E. J. SNEAD, A.B. CAPTAIN C. A. Loop, A.B. University of Richmond 1 Roanoke College Instructor zn Mathematzcs Instructor zn Languages Sixteen CAPTAIN G- G- SHERMAN CAPTAIN CosBYM.RoBERTsoN Draughton Business College U John Brown University Business Manager and Head of Commercial Department Instructor in Bible A.B,, B.S., BD, University of Richmond Crozier Seminary l CAPTAIN J- W- MANN, CAPTAIN HARRY J .TARDY,B.S. A.B-. M.A. Washington and Lee University Second Lieutenant Universirv Virginia Cavalry Reserves William and Mary College Virginia Military Institute Headmaster Lower School Duke University D Instructor in Englzsh ' Seventeen CAPTAIN SNEAD, Second Lieutenant Coast Artillery Reserves Virginia Polytechnic Institute Instructor Commercial Department CAPTAIN CARTER, Uni-versity of Richmond Member Phi Beta Kappa Fraternity Instructor in History COACH C. G. THOMAS, Second Lieutenant B.S. Coast Artillery Reserves Virginia Polytechnic Institute ' Instructor in Science Varsity Coach in Basketball and Baseball COACH XX7. G. BENTE University Of. Richxfnond Instructor in Science Varsity Coach Football and Track Eighteen CAPTAIN G. R. EDGERTON DR. J. H. YEATMAN, MD Southern Conservqtory of -Music Medical College offfirginia Instructor zn Musxc School Physzczan N X. 1 C eii . Nineteen MR. WATKINS Chief Engineer I , . N Y , , Y , . , I Miss ANN CABELL, A.B. V MRS. ELLA TURNER Goucher College ' Nurse Secretary Twenty 193 SKIRMISHER Twenty-one GEORGE TURNER DUDLEY President of the Class of 1931 EINIIIQIPZSS I FORK UNION MILITARY ACADEMY I I I I Il II IU II I I - I I I I HAZLE DACUS Elizabeth, New Jersey Sponsor Senior Class Twenty-two 1931 SKIRMISHER G. T. ADAIR Vice-President I f I WQI-I. LACY R. A. BACON Secretary and Treasurer Historian Twenty-three PORK UNION MILITARY ACADEMY CHARLES ALEXANDER Fork Union, Virginia "Charley Buck" Two years at Fork Union Private 1-2, Varsity Baseball 1-2, Var- sity Club 1-2, Basketball Squad 1-2, Theta Nu Delta 2. GEORGE THOMAS ADAIR Rich Creek, Virginia "Tommy" Five years at Fork Union Private l, Corporal 2, Sergeant 3, Cap- tain 4, Cadet-Major 5, Rat Club 1, Non- Com Club 2-3, Athenian Literary Society 3, Ciceronian Literary Society 4-5, Vice- President Ciceronian Literary Society 5, OHicer's Club 4-5, President Oliicer's Club 5, Vice-President Honor Committee 5, Southwest Virginia Club 1-2-3-4-5, Vice- President Southwest Virginia Club 4, President Southwest Virginia Club 5. President "B" Company Club 4, Circula- tion Manager Sabre 4, Reporter Sabre 5, Military Editor Skirmisher 4, Assistant Business Manager Skirmisher 5, Charter Member and President Beta Mu Sigma 5, Vice-President Senior Class 5, Eligible for Second,Lieutenant's Commission in Re- serve Corps. Twenty-fouo 1931 SKiRM1sHERp p CARL M. ANDREWS Roanoke, Virginia Ucarlli Three years at Fork Union Private l-2. Ciceronian Literary So- ciety 1-2-3. Southwest Virginia Club 1- 2-3, Corporal 3, Non-Com Club 3, Span- ish Club 3, Secretary-Treasurer Sunday School Class 3. l 1 Twenty-five RODERICK ARTHUR BACON Washington, D. C. KKRodU Three years at Fork Union Private 1. Sergeant 2, Lieutenant and Adjutant 3, Athenian Literary Society l- 2-3, Yankee --Washingtonian Club 1-Z, Track Squad 1-2, Company "A" Football Squad l, Art Club 1-2, Secretary-Treas- urer Art Club 2, Assistant Manager Bas- ketball 2. Manager Basketball 3, Junior- Varsity Basketball Manager 2, Non-Com Club 2, Ofiicer's Club 3, ABCDKKPSS 2, Assistant Art Editor Skirmisher 2, Sabre Staff 2, Company Track 2, President Cap- itol Club 3, President Spanish Club 3, Secretary-Treasurer Honor Committee 3, Supreme Judge Beta Mu ,Sigma 3, Art Editor Skimisher 3, Business Manager Skirmisher 3, Advertising Manager Sabre 3, Historian Senior Class 3, Varsity Club 3. ' PORK UNION MILITARY ACADEMY JAMES WARD BOLTON Fries, Virginia "Jimmie" Four years at Fork Union Private l, Band-Corporal 2, Color- Corporal 2, First Sergeant 3, Lieutenant 4, Captain Company "B" 4, Football Squad 1, Track Squad 1, Varsity Football 2- 3-4, Captain Company "B" Football Squad 1, Varsity Baseball l-2-3-4, Var- sity Basketball l-2-3-4, Varsity Track 2-4, Vice-President Varsity Club 4, Var- sity Club l-2-3-4, Southwest Virginia Club l-2-3-4, Secretary-Treasurer Oliicer's Club 4, Vice-President Southwest Virginia Club 4. Honor Committee 2-3-4, Non- Com Club 2-3, Rifle Team 2-4. Athenian Literary Society l-2-3-4. Sabre Staff 4, Four Letter Man. GENE WEIR BODE, JR. Alexander, Virginia HBOH A One year at Fork Union Theta Nu Delta l, Private l, Varsity Club l, Varsity Football 1, Athenian Lit- erary Society 1. Twenty-six 1931 SKIRMISHER 'GORDON EARL BOMAR Cheriton, Virginia "Bomar" One year at Fork Union Private 1, Tidewater Club 1, Athenian Literary Society 1. ' Twenty-sefven ALBERT G. BUFFINGTON Baltimore, Maryland "AIP One year at Fork Union Private 1, Yankee Club 1, Ciceronian Literary Society 1. PORK UNION MILITARY ACADEMY W. A. COARD Accomac, Virginia "Blister" One year at Fork Union Private 1, Theta Nu Delta l, Ciceron- ian Literary Society 1, Tidewater Club l. HAROLD JAMES BURGER New York, New York llguggyn Three years at Fork Union Private 1, Corporal 2, Private 3, Non- Com Club 2, Track Squad 1-2, "B" Company Football 2, Sabre Staff 3, "B" Company Baseball Squad 2, Historian Junior Class 2. Yankee Club l-2-3, Ser- geant-at-Arms Yankee Club 3, Art Club l-2-3, Rifle Team 3, Glee Club 3, Fallen Angels 3, Spanish Club 3, Sergeant 3. Twenty-eight 'P 1931 SKIRMISHER ROBERT CROWELL Mountain Lakes, New Jersey CfAmos!l Three years at Fork U nion Private Company "B" 1-2, Private Company "A" 3, Yankee 'Club 1, Secre- tary Yankee Club 2-3, Vice-President Rat Club 1, Ciceronian Literary Society 2-3. President Fallen Angels 3, Vice-President Freshman Class 1, Track Squad 1-2, Managing Editor Sabre 3. Twenty-'nine 1 WILLIAM S. DODD Petersburg, Virginia "Billy" One year at Fork Union Private 1. Athenian Literary Society 1 Richmond Club l. 'V FORK UNION MILITARY ACADEMY JACOB NEWPORT DOZIER Lee I-Iall, Virginia "Jake" Two years at Fork Union Private 1, Corporal 2, Sergeant 2, Theta Nu Delta 2, Rifle Team 1. Assistant Captain Rifle Team 2, 'Tidewater Club l-2, Secretary-Treasurer Tidewater Club 2, Non-Com Club 2, Football Squad l, Varsity Football 2. Varsity Club 2, "B" Company Football Squad l, Skirmishcr Staff 2. CHARLES ALLEN DONNELLY Charlottesville, Virginia "Charlie" Two years at Fork Union Private 1, Track Squad 1, Athenian Lit- erary Society l-2, Glee Club 2, Color Corporal 2, Non-Com Club Z, Beta Mu Sigma 2, Charlottesville Club 2. "C" Company Football Squad 2. Thirty 193 1 SKIRMISHER GEORGE TURNER DUDLEY, JR. Richmond, Virginia KfDud7! Five years at Fork Union Private 1, Richmond Club 1-2-3-4-5. Athenian Literary Society 1-2-3-4-5, Sa- bre Staff 1-2-3-4-5, Corporal 2, Non- Com Club 1-2-3, Theta Nu Delta 3-4-5. Sergeant 3, Lieutenant 4, OIiicer's Club 4-5. Vice-President Theta Nu Delta 4. Secretary ABCDKKPSS Advertising Man- ager Sabre 4, Skirrnisher Staff 4-5, Cadet Major 5, Lieutenant 5, Editor-in-Chief Skirmisher 5, Vice-President OHicer's Club 5, President Theta Nu Delta 5, President Honor Committee and Student Council 5. Secretary Athenian Literary Society 5. President Richmond Club 5, President Senior Class 5, Eligible for Commission as Second Lieutenant in Reserve Officers Training Corps. 1'h,i1'ty-one AUBREY JACKSON FARLEY Merrie Point, Virginia "Jack" One year at Fork Union Private 1. Athenian Literary Society 1, "B" Company Football 1, "B" Company Baseball l. PORK UNION MILITARY ACADEMY LEONARD AUGUSTUS FRENCH Narrows, Virginia "Eskimo" Two years at Fork Union Private 1-2, Southwest Virginia Club l-2, Ciceronian Literary Society l-2. "B" Company Football Squad 1. MacROY GASQUE Asheville, North Carolina ClMacl! One year at Fork Union Private l, President Carolina Club l Beta Mu Sigma 1, Varsity Football l Basketball Squad 1, Varsity Club 1, cil ceronian Literary Society l, Sabre Stzmif 1. Thirty-two 193 1 'SKIRMISHDR 1 BERNARD GRANVILLE GAY Charlottesville, Virginia "Slim" Three years at Fork Union Private 1, Sergeant 2, Lieutenant 3, Varsity Club 1-2-3. Varsity Football l- Z-3, Varsity Basketball 1-2-3, Varsity Track 1-2-3, Varsity Baseball 1-3, Cap- tain Company "C" Baseball Team 2, Cap- tain Football 3, Captain Basketball 3, President Varsity Club 3, Non-Com Club. 2, Theta Nu Delta 2-3, Of1icer's Club 3, Honor Committee 3, Sergeant-at-Arms Honor Committee 3. First Conductor Theta Nu Delta 3, Assistant Captain Rifle Team 1-2, Captain Rifle Team 3, Best Drilled Cadet 2, Highest Scorer Rifle Team Z, Charlottesville Club 3. T hirty- three A. R. HABBART Dover, Delaware "Habbart" One year al' Fork Union Private 1, Band 1. Orchestra 1, Athen ian Literary Society 1, Yankee Club 1. V FORK UNION MILITARY ACADEMY JOHN E. HYMAN Tampa, Florida "Johnnie" Two years at Fork Union Private 1, Band 1-2, Band Seargeant 2. Football Squad 1, Varsity Football 2, Bas- ketball Squad l, Varsity Basketball 2, Varsity Baseball 1-2, Southwest Virginia Club 2, Non-Com Club 2. Vice-President Beta Mu Sigma and Charter Memember 2. Ciceronian Literary Society 1-2, Orchestra 1-2, Varsity Club 1-2. RALPH WHITTINGTON HALE University, Virginia "Ralph" 'Ifhree years at Fork Union Private 1, Art Club 1, Southwest Vir- ginia Club l-2-3, "A" Company Football Squad 1, Athenian Literary Society 2-3. Corporal 2, Fallen Angel Club 2, 'Track Squad 2-3, Sergeant-Major 3, Non-Corn Club 2-3, Sabre Staff 3. Rifle Team 3, Historian Riot Club 3. T hfirty- f our 1931 SKIRMISHER OSBORNE S. P. KOERNER Grove City, Pennsylvania "0ssie" One year at Fork Union Private 1, Yankee Club 1, Beta Mu Sigma 1, Glee Club 1, Athenian Literary Society 1. 1 Thirty-seven JOHN G. LAMBERT Washington, D. C. lKJack7, Three years at Fork Union Private 1, Color-Corporal 2, Athenian Literary Society 1-2-3, Yankee Club 1- 2-3, Washington Club 1-2-3, Capitol Club 3, Track Squad l-2-3, Company "B" Track 1, Company "A" Track 2, Junior Varsity Basketball 1, Non-Com Club 2-3, Art Club 1-2-3, Secretary- Treasurer Glee Club 3, Vice-President Capitol Club 3, Sabre Staff 3, Skirmisher Staff 3. FORK UNION MILITARY ACADEMY RAYMOND R. LANIER, JR. Modest Town, Virginia ulzayu One year at Fork Union Private Company "C" l, Tidewater Club 1, Rifle Team 1, Athenian Literary Society 1. G. LESTER T. LEE Roanoke, Virginia "Les" One year at Fork Union Private 1, Vice-President Spanish Club 1, Theta Nu Delta 1, Basketball Squad 1, Rifle Team 1, Southwest Virginia Club 1. ' T hirty-eight 1931 SKIRMISHER RALPH A. LITTLE, JR. uRalphn One year at Fork Union Private 1, Athenian Literary Society 1, Glee Club 1, Basketball Squad 1, Junior Varsity Basketball 1, North Carolina Club 1. Thirty-nine WILLIAM HENRY LACY Halifax, Virginia "Bill" Four years at Fork Union Private 1, Athenian Literary Society 1- 2, "C" Company Football Squad l, Color Corporal 2, Manager Football 2, Member Varsity Club 2-3-4, Non-Com Club 2-3, "A" Company Football Squad 2, Color- Sergeant 3, "C" Company Football Squad 3, Junior Varsity Basketball 3, Charter Member Beta Mu Sigma 4, Captain "C" Company 4: Assistant Vice-President Beta Mu Sigma 4, Ofiicers' Club 4, Honor Committee 4, Post-Graduate 4. PORK UNION MILITARY ACADEMY J. C. LUPO, JR. Dillon, South Carolina uLupyn One Year at Fork Union Carolina Club 1. DAVID STULL MCCURDY Washington, D. C. llMacl7 Two years at Fork Union- Private l, Baesball Squad 1-2, Cor- poral 2, Yankee Club 1-2, Washington Club l-2. Non-Com Club 2, Glee Club 2, Maryland Club 2, Skirmisher Stadt 2. - Private 1, Theta Nu Delta l, Treasurer Forty 1931 SIQRMISHER WILLIAM R. MIRANDA Santiago, Cuba KK-Bill!! Three years at Fork Union Private 1, Athenian Literary Society 1- 2-3, Junior Varsity Basketball l-2-3, "C" Company Football 1'-2-3, "C" Com- pany Baseball l-2-3, "C" Company Track 1, Varsity Track 2-3. Varsity Club 2-3, Color-Corporal 3, Fallen Angels 3, Corporal 3, Non-Com Club 3. Forty-one J. CURTIS NOTTINGHAM Cheriton, Virginia "Curt" Two years at Fork Union Private 1, Private 2, Beta Mu Sigma Charter Member 2. Band 1-2. Football Squad 1-2, Junior Varsity Basketball Squad 1, "C" Company Football Squad 1, "C" Company Baseball Squad l, Cice- ronian Literary Society 1-2, Tidewater Club 1-2, Vice-President Tidewater Club 2, Sabre Stal? 2, Fallen Angels 2. Glee Club 2. PORK UNION MILITARY ACADEMY H. BANKS PANNILL Martinsville, Virginia "Banks" One year at Fork Union Private 1, Football Squad I, Ciceronian Literary Society 1, Southwest Virginia Club 1, Theta Nu Delta 1. FREDERICK JOSEPH PARKER Portsmouth, Virginia "Preacher" One year at Fork Union Private 1. Honor Committee 1, Charter Member Beta Mu Sigma 1, Baptist Stu- dent Correspondent 1, Librarian 1, Vice- President Club 1, Tidewater Club l. Baseball 1, Basketball Squad 1-, 2, Varsity Chaplain Beta Mu Sigma 1. Forty-two 1931 SKIRMISHER WILLIS MARSHALL PARRISH Richmond, Virginia "Parrish" Two years at Fork Union Private 1, Corporal 2. Athenian Liter- ary Society 1-2, Spanish Club 2, Track Squad l. Richmond Club 1-2, Non-Com Club 2. Forty-th'ree C. ELMER PURVIS, JR. Charlottesville, Virginia "Elmer" Two years at Fork Union Private l, Corporal 2, Varsity Club 1- Theta Nu Delta 2. Charlottesville Club Football Squad l-2, Basketball Squad -2, Track Squad 1-2. Baseball Squad 1- ', Captain Track 2, Rifle Team 2. PORK UNION MILITARY ACADEMY , ROBERT DUANE SANDS Pulaski, Virginia u ggiev Two years at Fork Union Private 1, Corporal 2, Football 1-2, Baseball 1, Basketball Squad 1-2, Virsity Club 1-2, Charter Member Beta Mu Sig- ma 2, Southwest Virginia Club 1-2, Athenian Literary Society 1-2, Non-Com Club 2, Sergeant-at-Arms and Charter Member Beta Mu Sigma 2, Skirmisher Staff 2. Riot Club. WILLARD QUARLES Charlottesville, Virginia - "Willard" Two years at Fork Union Private l, Corporal 2, Football Squad l-2. Varsity Football 2, Varsity Club 2, Baseball Squad I-2, Athenian Literary So- ciety 1-2. Forty-four l931 SKIRMISHER g EPES WINTHROP SARGENT, JR. Brooklyn, New York HEPES!! Three years at Fork Union Private 1, Athenian Literary Society l-2-3, Yankee Club l-2-3, Sabre Staff l- 2-3, "B" Company Football Squad l, Color-Corporal 2, Non-Com Club 2-3. Fallen Angels 2. President Fallen Angels 2, Sergeant 3, President Athenian Literary Society 3. Editor-in-Chief Sabre 3, Char- ter Member Beta Mu Sigma 3, Glee Club 3, Art Club 2-3. Forty-j'ive J. WASTON SCHANA Washington, D. C. "Prince" Three years at Fork Union Private 1, Corporal Z, Sergeant 3, Beta Mu Sigma 3, Varsity Club 3, Non-Com Club 2-3, Yankee Club l-2-3, Capitol Club 3, Fallen Angels Z, Assistant Mana- ger Football 2, Manager Football 3. Track Squad 1-2-3, Sabre Staff 3. PORK UNION MILITARY ACADEMY JAMES ALDERSON TODD U Lebanon, Virginia "Jimmie" Three years at Fork Union Private 1, Corporal 2, Lieutenant 3. Secretary-Treasurer Junior Class 2, Band l, Honor Committee 3, Non-Com Club 2, Officers' Club 3, Southwest Virginia Club l-2-3, Historian Southwest Virginia Club 3, Art Club 1-2, President Art Club 2, Ciceronian Literary Society l-2-3, President Ciceronian Literary Society 3, Sabre Staff 3, Photo Editor Skirmisher 3. HAROLD DOUGLAS TANNER Petersburg, Virginia UH. D-U Two years at Fork Union Private l, Private 2, Band 1-2, Drum- Major 2, Charter Member Beta Mu Sigma 2, Athenian Literary Saciety l-2: Rich- mond Club l-Z, Vice-President Richmond Club 2, Assistant Manager Baseball l: Manager Baseball 2, Varsity Club 2, "A" Company Baseball 1, Sabre Staff 2. Glee Club 2, Cheerleader 2, President Riot Club 2. Forty-six lQ3 1 SK1RIvi1sHER R. S. TRANSOU "Transou" One year at Fork Union Private 1, Athenian Literary Society 1, Glee Club 1, Rat Club 1. Fortfy-seven DUPUY ELDRIDGE WHITEHURST Norfolk, Virginia upupuyv Three years at Fork Union Private 1, Athenian Literary Society 1- 2-3, Tidewater Club 1-2-3, "C" Com- pany Football 1-2, "C" Company Base- ball 1-2: Secretary-Treasurer Tidewater Club 2', Private 2, Sergeant 3, Charter Member Beta Mu Sigma 3. President Tidewater Club 3, Vice-President Athe- nian Literary Society 3. PORK UNION MILITARY ACADEMY F. S. WOODY Roxboro, North Carolina "Woody" One year at Fork Union Private l, Theta Nu Delta l, Rifle Team 1. Secretary Carolina Club 1. G. T. LESTER, JR. Martinsville, Virginia llLes!l Private 1, Football Squad 1. Southwest Virginia Club l, Athenian Literary So- ciety 1. F o'rty-ei ght 1 1931 SKIRMISHER JOHN W. NEWCOMER Ocean City, N. J. "Johnnie" Four Years at Fork Union Private 1, Company Football l-Z-3-4. Football Squad 1-2. Varsity Track 1-2- 3-4, Color-Sergeant 2-3, Track Team 1- 2-3-4, Varsity Club 1-2-3-4, Boxing Team 1-2, Athenian Literary Society 1- 2-3-4. KX I7 0604414 9 'NVQ Zldg SJQCB1 X , ep. ggi-.- N' 55'.' ' 9, fgferf .-f-aw fffkf f Q, , 1 1- ' hae 2.12 5' M 7 ,. 5, M 5553 Fovty-nine FORK UNION MILITARY ACADEMY , SENIOR CLASS HISTCDRY HE GREAT DAY, to which we have all been eagerly looking forward for the past four years, and which many of us have often feared would never arrive, is here at last. Graduation! It does not seem possible! We cannot realize that we are to be free at last from the everlasting wail of a bugle, and the de- mands of instructors and officers. This, our Senior year, has come and gone so swiftly that we are finding it difficult to convince ourselves that our days at old Fork Union are really at an end. When we arrived back on the campus in September and took our places as the so-called "dignified seniors," we made many plans and resolutions as to the great things that we were going to accomplish during this, our last and most important year at F. U. M. A. We wonder whether we have come up to the standard which We set for ourselves. We have made a supreme effort to make Pork Union an honor school, and have succeeded. There is not a man in the corps who has not, at some time or other during the past four years, voiced his profane disgust at having to remain "penned up" at F. U. M. A. But where are these gripers now? Find me one! It cannot be done! Whether we have griped and complained in the past or not, now that we are leaving we fully realize what Pork Union Military Academy, and the things it stands for, has come to mean to us. It has given us a foundation as firm as the Rock of Gibraltar upon which to build our future lives. There is not a man among us whose heart does not ache at the thought of leaving for- ever this grandold school that has been our home for four short years. The friendships that we have made here are the kind that count, and the gap that leaving these pals behind in our lives will be hard to replace. But we cannot let sentiment hold us back: we've bridges to build, pictures to paint, and strange lands to explore. Our place now is out in the world where we shall shoulder our share of life's burdens. Whatever success the years may bring to us, we shall owe, to a great ex- tent, to the training received here. And now "Taps" is about to be sounded upon our careers as cadets, we are passing on to the Class of '32 one last com- mand, 'i'Carry On." R. A. BACON, Historian. Fifty 19 3 1 SKIRMISHER F i fty-one HENRY A. DUDLEY President of the Class of 1932 JMINIIQIIQSS PORK UNION MILITARY ACADEMY Fifty-two 19 3 1 SKIRMISHER M. E. ATKINSON Lexington, Ky. Private, Company A H. S. BATTIN Philadelphia, Pa. Private, Company B E. BURGESS, JR. Fork Union, Va. Corporal, Company B J. P. BUTLER New Orleans, La. Private, Company A J. P. CARPENTER Madison, Va. Private, Company B Fifty-tlrree em-U3 - '- f W - -13: V.: egg? , . egg, . U, 1 W. ' nw u u "' ? Exif, -f i , 3 igi 'f'i5ffgf.5f 5 !2fZ?:,QF'5f5i" 351' ., , ,, S12 14... ' Yi:i:,,.1 PORK UNION MILITARY ,ACADEMY ' THoMAs DEROSA Jersey City, N. J . Private, Company C MELVIN DIBBLE Bloomingdale, Mich. Private, Company A E. DOZIER 4 Lee Hall, Va. Lieutenant, Company C Z. F. ELKIN Lexington, Ky. , Private, Company A H. F. GREEK Palmyra, Va. Corporal, Company B Fifty-four 1 93 1 ySKiRMiSIiIi2R J, F. GRESHAM Baltimore, Md. First Sergeant, Company C G. A. GROCE, JR. Richmond, Va. Private, Company B G. F. I-IERFUTH Washington, D. C. Private, Company A HOWARD HINES Princeton, W. Va. Corporal, Band C. JENNINGS Three Square, Va. First Sergeant, Company Fifty-five A PORK UNION MILITARY ACADEMY O. JOHNSON Washington, D. C. Private, Company C Si B,-KINZER, JR. 4 Pulaski, Va. Private, Band J. B. LINCOLN j Tye River, Va. Color Sergeant L. K. MCINTYRE Washington, D. C. Private, Company B R. MANKIN Forest Glen, Md. Ptivate, Company B .Fzfty sm: 19 3 1 SKIRMISHER E. MAURER Tampa, Fla. Private, Company B N. C. MOORE Abilene, Va. Private, Company A ' W. E. MOORE A Onancock, Va. Corporal, Band R. T. PARRISH Richmond, Va. Private, Company A E. 'S. PERROW Norfolk, Va. A Private, Company B Fifty-seven FORK UNION MILITARY ACADEMY J . A. PRATT .Draper, Va. Private, Company B H. P. ROMAN Baltimore, Md. Private, Company A G. W. SANDERS, JR. White Stone, Va. Private, Company B W. T. STEVENS Charlottesville, Va, Private, Company C L. SWISS Baltimore, Md. Private, Company A Fifty ezght 1931 SKIRMISHER E. H. TITMUS Petersburg, Va, Private, Company C E. T. TRICE Columbia, Va. Private, Company B J. WATSON University, Va. Private, Band C. WILKERSON Charlottesville, Va. Private, Company C TULLY WILLIAMS Edenton, N. C. Private, Company C Fifty-nine FORK UNION MILITARY ACADEMY JUNIOR CLASS HISTORY NE RAINY DAY in September about three years ago, Fork Union was blessed with our enrollment-at least we thought so-but we soon found out different. Due to the pressure brought to bear upon us by the Sophomores, we soon realized that when someone yelled "Rat" it was time for us to travel in that direction: and with each. individual trying to be the first, the rush caused several causualties each time. We were continually busy and the first thing we knew i'Taps" was blowing at Old Fork Church and our "Rat" year was over. After waiting impatiently for three months to pass so we could get back and return some good for evil, we began our second year. We were now up- perclassmen and did ou.r very best to see that not a single "Rat" enjoyed him- self. Some of us proved to be Military Geniuses and were made Corporals, and some. outstanding, as high as Sergeants, but in the long run each suffered a great deal during the spring, having two conflicting elements, Government In- spection and Spring Fever. ' Sixty 1931 SKIRMISHER Sixty-one H. M. PETTY President of the Class of 1933 FORK UNION MILITARY ACADEMY S i ? Sixty-two 19 3 1 SKIRMVISHER -ibn. Q- ii I-I. J. BROWN Vice-President Adams, R. B. Benthall, G. E. Blain, R. A. Brown, H. J. Carter, J. F. Carter, W. H. Cecil, S. Z. Cowling, R. J. Sixty? three SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS H. M. PETTY President E. E. PHILLIPS S ecretary-Treasurer Dalton, C. W. Drumright, R. K., Jr. Harris, R. M. Hudson, E. C. Humphrey, H. D. Johnson, T. B. Logue, G. Perdue, C. S. Petty, H. M. J. C..PH1LL1Ps Historian Phillips, E. E. Phillips, J. C. Richardson, C. Rowe, V. V. A Russlend, G. W. Schoenberg, H. Wood. P. A. Yates. H. C. A. FORK UNION MILITARY ACADEMY SGPHOMORE CLASS HISTORY HE FIRST BUGLE announcing the opening of school in the fall of '30 found us assembled-a motley crowd of all descriptions. Rats of every propor- tion-tall, short, fat, and slim, and all shades, due to basking in the sum- mer sun. The first year was consumed in making us first class P. U. M. A. cadets. lt required a full year for us to assume a military attitude and lose the greenness which we brought with us to our institution. We endured much in the hands of the old men, and longed to become their equals. This year finds us old men. We became aware of our duty, to see that the rats received all the attention that we could give them. The class has developed some wonderful material for the track team, by making the rats run around the circle every day. Altogether the year has been a wonderful success, even in academic work. The military duties are becoming manifold and the class has notified that there will be a general "bucking up." We have to our credit many tricks on the O. C. and in general have accomplished the mission of all Sopho- mores--to discipline rats, be responsible for all practical jokes, and in general raise all the Cain. However, to review the last two years, we have certainly learned what We came here for, discipline, mlitary, and a high academic stand- ing. The last two years have been very successful and we are looking forward to the coming two years with much enthusiasm. Sixty-four 1 931 SFQIRMISHER Sixty-five Z. W. CI-IEWNING President of the Class of 1934 FORK UNION MILITARY ACADEMY i I Sixty-Six 193 LSIQRMISHER L. B. PULWILER Vice-President Allen, B. A. Alouf, P. Allman, G. P. Barnard, J. P. C Browning, R. D., Jr. Carricarte, R. J. Chewning, W. H. Chewning, Z. W. Coleman, J. W. V Cropp, W. W. Fulwiler, L. B. Sixty-seven FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Z. W. CHEWNI President C. G. ROBINSO Secretary-Treasu Gordon, W. K. Guggenheim, J. Gutierrez, P. Heath, J. F. Hoffman, B. H. Holiday, R. F. Holiday, C. R. Irving, C. E. Jones, T. P. Kirkpatrick, W. Miller, C. W. NG N fel' P. W. Omohundro, R., VIII C. MILLER H zstorian Omohundro, T Perry, L. Plog, B. Robinson, C. G Rowe, M. C. Smith, E. A. Sizer, C. T. Soyar, E. K. Tinsley, C. F. Weaver, L. T. Zubaran, R. FORK UNION MILITARY ACADEMY FRESHMAN CLASS HISTCRY N SEPTEMBER l6TH, we, the class of '34, first stepped onto the campus of our future alma mater. We began strolling around looking over the campus and becoming used to what would be our everyday environment through the coming year. However, it was not long before the upper-classrnen had impressed upon us the very annoying fact that we were only "rats," Soon our highest anticipation was fulfilledg we were issued rifles. Our great joy was turned to grief as soon as we were confronted with the unpleasant job of cleaning them and keeping them clean. Gasoline and rags were used and it was quite evident that numerous nickels would be spent in the future for cleaning material. After a day or so of drill we were ordered to report to the Headmaster, who in turn gave us a slip classifying and dividing into periods our cares for the coming year. We then procured text books, and classes, drill and extra duty started in earnest. Soon after this, sports began and football practice attracted most of our unwilling attention for the next few days, then came the first game with Hampden-Sidney Frosh, whom we proceeded to beat in a very exciting contest. But alas-in victory we tasted defeat. This was the night of the Urat parade." After listening to several old men tell of the horrors of the "rat parade" we were ready to pack up and leave. Finally the pile of wood was packed and we retired to our rooms to await the decorating committee. The old men soon came and left, leaving us a mass of red, White, blue, green, and yellow. We had every thing imaginable painted on our bodies. Then the war dance started around the fire, with towels persuading us to run faster. Speeches were then made by several old men and instructors, and then we were rushed to the showers where we were submerged in cold water until our skins shone. Having survived this we eagerly looked forward to the next game and it wasn't long before we caught the real Ford Union Spirit. Time passes quickly, and with the passing of time came Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter, and now we are sorry to say June is crawling up fast. Even though we hate for the year to end we are looking forward with anticipa- tion to the coming year and the experience of being old men. I C. W. MILLER. Sixty-eight 1931 SKIRMISHER Sixty-nine W. H. YERKES President of Lower School FORK UNION MILITARY ACADEMY Seventy 19 31 SKIRMISHER LOWER SCHOOL OFFICERS W. YERKES President O. J. ROWE AVERY Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Seve-nty-one Avery, J. B. Barr, J, M. Farmer, E. B. Heath, W. H. Howard, R. J. M. BARR Historian Robinson, D. Rowe, O. J. Sizer, F. M. Souther, A. F. Yerkes, W. H. g PORK UNION MILITARY ACADEMY LGWEIQ SCHOOL WRITE-UP HE LOWER SCHOOL Department has just completed its first year as a regular feature of the Academy. It has been a success in its purpose, which is the preparation for high school of those yet too young for this higher grade of work. The Lower School has an enrollment this year of twelve boys ranging in age from ten to fourteen years. They have been the most enthusiastic group on the campus, and have done, as a whole, a better grade of work than the Upper School. The entire group has participated in every branch of athletics offered, which has made them the healthiest group of boys in school. Their physical progress has been remarkable, every boy has gained in weight and stature. The program for next year is to triple the enrollment in this department and add one new faculty member. A new building with separate quarters for these smaller boys is to follow the next year. This building will provide them with their living quarters, their class-rooms and play rooms. The faculty rnem- bers have their quarters in this building also. The future of this unit of organization is very bright in the estimation of all concerned, and its success is an assured fact. Seventy-two x MILITARY L, 1931 SKIRMISHER Sevevzty-five LIEUTENANT RAY O. WELCH, U. S. A. Professor of Military Science and Tactics and Commandant of Cadets FORK UNION MILITARH' ACADEMY PARADE ON BATTALION U1 cm Cl am, 3 V4- ? m his R 9 3 1 SKIRMISHTER LQ, 1 ww W w iggiii., Jfggi ww :HG-au 4 'if "T - 'H 1--1,21 A, 1' , fs-"--5' 5, Y -4, : 4' -" - V,-L - -Q, ff f - . wif XF: ,- 2 gm: aa, , , ,-,Lf H, , , 2 -J-. , H MQ. ,. , , 'N X wr X me gg Y H X M-'w fag? ' i' ,airggffl img, , va: . 1 L- - jp- f ' ' 7,19 , :X - lwrismmi i - 'X X w Y 1' 4? , ff - Qty w ,M 1 X ,iY:51QxmZ' Aww 'W' W W " fm H , - 'L' 5, , ' , . Q -- . H W- -. ,Ik , MY , , N N B, " ' ' " " 5 w.,iw'52?55' J"""" ' H ",ff??W 2- y .,, ' , Z ,-3 N Li I , . VY 1, 1 .-1 n +.- 1 ,- . 3A ,- . -, -ff: -'A 1 , , -f.v.5L.'I.fp3,,,g'.'- . X W, " - A J N 2511- "b"'e " 3' , . V . - 'f-1 f ' , 441' fb ' . V ,, - ' + M5 lf' " 1, :iE75QQgfF5' , F .1 T , z i H ' , 4 V- -. fi iw, M. ' z.. - Y H ff- ff-.1-. L.-E, . W' f - f -'.:.'.,4-1,--. L4,'w.+f?. . ' -V 7 -.,. --' f - -nf' 1 -5- -- ala 1, Y 9, -:Ig nf H ,- ,LA P , ' 5' ' qF1W"Lu'f-":EIJ'f iff-Ififxq -QQ: ' 1 J," ,As -1. .-54iZ25f- ff' ,Qu , H my ,N mfg.. H ip .J,.v,??,. .A , , zgg ., ,ij L-E V V 'L Ejiigk ,ii N H H Wag , 7 W.. ,.. - , M . Y , . 1-. , , y, . .qi , D.g,,z:5 .Q w , fl 1 451' f N, H , , N , 1 H , ' f " '-Rf995""'w" 'H H f Y ww i H W1 , H '4 f 7 N K , ' - ' ,H . 'Y QT H H Y L , , Y H WM, ,'qm-qg5i?,?21FfEH',,, a ww , ' ' N . N f - 'N W .. 'H 1 "- -m if , ' gr ,, 111.1 . ' w W ik JL- - W , - THE COLORS Se'11ent'y-seven PORK UN1oN MILITARY ACADEMY t i. F li V. B fig: , - . 15: i ,N t " 'ff' : . ' . -' --A F BATTALION STAFF G. T. ADAIR Cadet Major and Battalion Commander W. S. KING Cadet Captain and Second in Command R. A. BACON Cadet Lieutenant and Adjutant R. W. HALE Cadet Sergeant Major Seventy-eight 193 1 SKIRMISI-iER ' G. T. ADAIR Cadet Major and Battalion Commander Seventy-nine Miss ELLEN KYLE ADAIR Rich Creek, Virginia Battalion Sponsor FORK UNION' MILITARY ACADEMY W. S. KING Cadet Captain and Second in Command of Battalion MISS SUSIE WOODWARD Clifton Forge, Va. Second in Command Sponsor Eighty 1931 SKIRMISHER MISS JEAN BACON WashingtonL D. C. Adjutant Sponsor Eighty-one R. A. BACON Cadet First Lieutenant and Adjutant PORK UNION MILITARY ACADEMY ,F ,:s.. VH' V, . L L-U .: . fl . Y... gag "Im"53.. .- gn... ggi A f F uw 'A "A" COMPANY Captain W. KIING Lieutenant First Sergeant B. G. GAY E. L. DOZIER SERGEANTS SCHANA, J. W. DOZIER, J. N. CORPORALS DRUMRIGHT, R. K., JR. DIBBLE, M. SANDS, R. D. MCCURDY, D. S. J PRIVATES Allen, B. A. French, L. A. Herfurth, G. S. Roman. H. P. Atkinson, M. E. Pulwiler, L. Irving, E. E. Rowe, V. V. Butler, J. E. Gordon, K. Lupo, J. C. Robinson, D. Crowell, R. Harris, R. M. Logue, G. F. Smith, E. A. Carricarte, R. Humm, J. W. Moore, N. C. Swiss, L. W. Chewningjz. W. Hall, C. G. Parker, F. J. Tinsley, C. F. Dodd, W. S. Howard, R. Phillips, J. C. Wood, P. A. Elkin, Z. F. Heath, J. F. Parish, R. Zubaran, R. Holladay, R. F. Plog, B. Eighty-two 1931 SIQRNIISHER q MISS VIRGINIA GAY C KING A .Char1ottesvi11e, Va. aptam Ompany Sponsor Company A F B. G. GAY H. A. DUDLEY E, L. DOZIER First Lieutenant Finst Sergeant First Sergeant Eigh ty-three FORK UNION M1L1TARY ACADEMY FB" COMPANY Lzeutenant J A TODD SAROENT, E. W. Captain J. BOLTON First Sergeant L. A. KINZER SERGEANTS LAMBERT, J. G. CORPORALS i GREER, H. F. BURGESS. E. P., JR. CHEWNING, W.H. Groce, G. A. Gutierrez Gasque Humphrey Hoffman Hughes Jones, T. Little, R. P. A. PRIVATES Maurer Purvis Miller Perry Moore, W. E. Pannill Mankin, R. D. Pratt, J. A. Newcomer Robinson, C. G. Nottingham Russlend Omohundrp, R. Sanders Omohundro, T. Trice Eighty-fouv 19 3 1 SKIRMISHER Eighty-five Mlss HAZEL MASSEY J- W- BOLTON Charlottesville, Va. Captain COWPUUU B Sponsor A L. A. KINZER H J. A. TODD First Sergeant First Lieutenant' FORK UNION MILITARY ACADEMY "C" CGMPANY Captain W. H. LACY Lieutenant ' First Sergeant G. T. DUDLEY J. F. GRESHAM SERGEANTS WHITEHURST, D. E. A DOZIER, E. L. CORPORALS WILKERSON, C. E. MIRANDA, W. ANDREWS, C. M. BROWNING PRIVATES Allman, G. P Coe Koerner Rowe, M. C. Barnard Coard Lester Stevens - Bomar Cowling Lee, G. T. L. Sanford Bode DeRosa McIntyre Transou Benthall Hudson Perrow Titmus Blain Johnson, O. B. Perdue Williams, T. Carter, J. L. Johnson, T. B. ,Quarles, W. Woody Carter, W. H. Jones, R. E. Eiglzty-six 1931 SKIRMISHER W. H. LACY MISS ANNE155gI1?ix1?eI?TiI-Ia?fINCANNON Captain Company C Sponsor Eighty-seven G. T. DUDLEY GRESHAM First Lieutenant First Sergeant PORK UNION MILITARY ACADEMY .. - if.- BAN D G. R. EDGERTON Director J. HYMAN H. TANNER Sergeant Drum-Major CORPORALS PETTY HINES YATES PRIVATES Coleman Nottingham Dalton Richardson Kinzer, S. B Sanford Kirkpatrick Schoenberg, H. A. B. Lewis Watson Eighty-eight 1931 SKIRMISHER MISS DOROTHY RYAN J- E. HYMAN Moorehaven, Pla. Band Sefgefmf Sponsor Eighty-wine H. D. TANNER Drum Major FORK UNION MILITARY ACADEMY REPORT OF INSPECTION I HEADQUARTERS THIRD CORPS AREA UNITED STATES ARMY I BALTIMORE, MD. 333.1-ROTC Q2-3-31D 80 February 3, 1931. Subject: Report of Inspection. Through: The President, Pork Union Military Academy, Pork Union, Virginia. To: Professor of Military Science and Tactics, Fork Union Military Academy. 1. The following extracts from the report of inspection at Pork Union Military Academy by the ROTC Officer on January 13, 1931, are furnished for your information and guidance: "Quarters of students were inspected, all rooms were neat and orderly. "Inspected gallery range-4 targets, store room, dining room and kitchen, all were satisfactory for the purpose. "The following classes in military instruction were visited: First year --Subject: Interior guard duty. Second year-Subject: Musketry. Third year --Subject: 37 mm Gun. Fourth year-Subject: Field Engineering. . "All instruction was Well given and students appeared interested. "Practical work consisted of a battalion inspection, close order drill, squad and section, all held in the gymnasium due to inclement Weather. The appearance of the cadet battalion was excellent, arms and equipment and uniforms were clean and the rifles especially Were the best observed at any military school. Drill Was very satisfactory. "The school authorities are Well pleased With the army personnel on duty." By command of Major-General Sladen: E. T. CONLEY, Colonel, A. Cm. D., Asst. Adjutant-General. Ninety ' , X in N! ' xii -i . VE' fx Bk Y aaa wk' L , X A r. 1931 SKIRMISHER ' Ninety-three COACH C. G. THOMAS, JR. Virginia Polytechnic Institute Varsity Coach of Basketball, Baseball and Director of Athletics PORK UNION MILITARY ACADEMY i COACH WILLIAM G. BENTE University of Richmond Vansity Coach of Football and Track Nine ty-f our 193 1 SKIRMISHER ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION OFFICERS B. G. GAY President J. BOLTON LACY KING Vice-President Secretary-Treas. H. D. TANNER f Cheer Leaders Faculty Advisors COLONEL N. J. PERKINS COACH GRAHAM THOMAS COACH WILLIAM BENTE FOOTBALL Captain Manager B. GAY W. SCI-IANA BASKETBALL A Captain i Manager B. G. GAY R. A. BACON BASEBALL Captain Manager L. A. KINZER H. D. TANNER TRACK Captain Manager C. E. PURVIS Ninety-five J. F. GRESHAM FORK UNION MILITARY ACADEMY MISS THELMA SUTTON St. Petersburg, Fla. CSponsor Footballj N ifne ty-six FIJIIITBALL PORK UNION MILITARY ACADEMY FOOTBALL SQUAD BERNARD GAY Captain J. WATSON SCHANA CAPT, BENTE E. H. TITMUS Manager Coach Assistant Manager Bolton, J. W. Gay, B. G. Kinzer, L. A. Burgess, E, P., Jr. Gunter, C. V. Norris, L. H. Bode, E. W. Gasque. M. R. Perdue, O. Carter, J. L. Humm, J. W. Purvis, C, E. Cropp, W. W. Dudley, G. T. Dozier, J. N. Dalton, C. W. Humphries, H. D. Hall, C. O. Hyman, J. E. Kinzer, S. B. Pannill, H. B. Sands. R. D. Schoenburg, H. A. Roman, H. P. Ninety-eight 193 1 SKIRMISHER CAPTAIN "SLIM" GAY Emi SLIM GAY, Captain of the Red and Blue demons, lead them through many hard fought games. By his leadership many victories Were Won, and in the games that were lost there was no lack of iight and encouragement in "S1im." All through the season he showed remarkable sportsmanship and school spirit. This is "Slim's" third year on the varsity. As Captain this year he has upheld his position in fine style. This has been by far the greatest season in his football career. Next season the Red and Blue team will regret very much not having "Slim" as its leader. W'e hope that the one who takes his place will do even half as much for his team as "Slim" has done. We Wish him luck through remaining years. N ine ty-nine PORK UNION MILITARY ACADEMY ,l . , I I f ii ,sg '.r,I5w- COACH W. G. BENTE Coach THIS IS THE first year that Captain Bente has been with us, and to be frank the whole corps hopes that it won't be .his last. Captain "Gus," who is a graduate of University of Richmond, distinguished himself at that institution as a stellar all around man. He came to us this year from Martinsville High School, where he was engaged as instructor and coach. Here at Fork Union, besides instructing in the Science and Business Departments, he is coach of Foot- ball and Track. This season of football was very commendable due to the wonderful coaching given by Captain Bente. We are looking forward to a great track season, and know that it is bound to prove successful. The corps appreciates what you have done for us this year, Captain "Gus," and everyone is looking forward and expecting you to be with us at the opening of school next September. H J. W. SCI-IANA Manager MVANAGER SCI-IANA orr hard working, unheralded man behind the team. His work was not spectacular and he made no fifty yard runs but if he had not played, plogged along and taken able care of all the equipment and details the team would not have been able to make runs and win the game. No one loves the manager, but no one can get along without one and we are too prone to overlook him, seated on the bench u.nable to go in and get into the game. We know Schana as a capable manager and his letter was as much deserved as anyone who fought on old Victory Hill. Good-bye boy we wish we had you back to help the old team in next year's battles. One Hundred 1931 SKIRMISHER " 'Ax .A - -li I i A Y V fl Y- E ip! , ' ' . . , s V 1 ' H, ii JM My I H W "JIMMIE" BOLTON Half back THIS IS BOLTON'S last year at Fork Union. "Jimmie" as he has been nick- named is an all-around athlete and a star in four of our most outstanding sports, Football. Basketball, Baseball, and Track. "Jimmie" put all he has into all the games, winning or losing, and pulls through with the satisfaction that he has done his best. HCHICK' KINZER Quarterback THIS IS "CHICK'S" second year at Pork Union. Last year playing fullback and this year shifted to quarterback, he did part of the kicking and most of the passing. Several times he saved touchdowns by his long punts. "Chick" has made a good record at Fork Union. Last year he was on the second all state prep team and missed the first team by only one vote this year. "Chick" comes from ,Pulaski in Southwest Virginia and is liked by everyone at Pork Union. He is a great football player and we wish him luck wherever he may go. "DOE" SANDS Tackle THIS IS SAND'S second year at the Academy. He has won great popularity among the cadets. He hails from Pulaski and is one of F. U. M. A.'s big men. When it comes to football, "Defense," is his middle name, With his long arms he has broken up many passes and you can't get over Sand's legs. He will probably, some day, become an All American tackle-who knows! We wish him luck. One Himclred One FORK UNIQN MILITARY ACADEMY Y ' 1 -g ' 'i Illini W Nm . 'Ii' v if It If A F E j V J, . :ir ll I +++ ' .fi I rfj rg .III I If.. I . I w":N Wm' If !!,., 3, V . " If .3 M Y . l. 1 - I , E1 ' t ' 1 -' -5' J i V , . ' X .ii "CHET,' HALL Tackle THIS IS "CHET'S" second year on Fork Union's eleven. He has speed, strength and courage. Although carefree and happy go lucky, at the beginning of a game, through it all "Chet" is "there," a real "bone-breaker." Many oppo- nents were disappointed when they tried his side of the line. Either on the defense or offense "Chet" is always an outstanding player. A lover of any- thing that is rough-and-ready, that's "Chet" We are lucky to have him with us next year. "B" KINZER Halfback THIS IS "B.'S" second year at Fork Union. His first year he didn't make the varsity but he never gave up. He kept fighting for a position which he secured doing his best. "B" was absent from most of our games due to injuries but this never has interferred with his longing to get into the game. His brilliant showing at Newport News shows that he is a nice backiielcl man. We are looking forward to his return next year. PURVIS End PURVIS IS NOT GIFTED with a big make-up, but is always right in the midst of the fighting. He is always one of the first into action and dangerous on all end plays. This is Purvis' second year of football and he has developed into a perfect linesman. Purvis plays end and you seldom see a man go around his end without being tackled. We hate to see Shim leave us, but feel sure he will make some college a very valuable man next year. One Hu'ncZ'red Two 1931 SKIRIYIIQHER I i 12 f ' ' I I H ii .ii in , . . 'W "JAKE" DOZIER Guard T1-IIS IS JAKE'S second year with us and no one will deny that he is one of our most valuable assets. By his splendid work this year Fork Union was able to withstand the attack of much heavier teams. His Work did not go by unnoticed as he was placed on the second All-State team. Jake leaves Fork Union as a good football player and the college that he goes to will receive a good man. Good luck to you Jake. "JOHNNIE" HYMAN Halfback "JCI-INNIE" I-IAILS from Tampa, Florida. This is his second year at Pork Union, and he has proved his ability as an athlete by making his letter in three major sports. Last year he was a strong upholder of the reserves, and this year has Won a place as halfback on the-varsity. By his lightning runs he gained many yards for his team, and was always in the thick of the battle. We hope to have him back with us next year, and if he does as goodplaying then as he has in the past, We are sure of at least one good man to fight for the Red and Blue. "PETE" BURGESS ' End BURGESS DID NOT come to Fork Union as a great football player but proved to be one this year on our first team as end. His drive was one of assurance, and when he hit his opponent he hit him hard. He successfully carried out his part in making Ford Union's line a stone Wall. Burgess is a senior and the eleven will surely miss his services next year. One Hzmdred Three - FoRK UNION MILITARY ACADEMY ' 2 if - A ,Ig QSM H3 winkfiz-'Ili , 3 'Q'y51E.1II Ieirgf' Qggfgga sa II W ' ' ' as iam. nm" ng-j"I X . ' '--, CTM. "WILL" QUARLES Hnlfback WILLARD IS A PRODUCT of Charlottesville, Virginia. Last year he was one of our strongest resources and this year at halfback position he played a great part in bringing old Red and Blue to the front. Quarles always fights until the final whistle blows. F. U. M. A. is eagerly looking forward to his return next year for we desire to have another strong team. "MAC" GASQUE Fullback MAC CAME TO US from the good old Tar Heel State, Carolina. A little late, but not too late to display his ability as an able fullback. He is an earnest player and can be relied upon to get his man thus giving wonderful support to the backfield. He carries the ball with the speed and grit that makes him a terror to any husky line. Giving his all with the best of spirit has won him an excellent place with the foresome. We like his style and spirit so here's hoping we will be fortunate in having him with us again next year. ' "GENE" Boom Centre THIS IS BODE'S irst year at Fork Union and he hails from Alexandria. Vir- ginia, "the town that produces football men." Bode has not only held up his town's reputation but in fact has raised it. Having had much experience in the sport of football and coming to Fork Union with an excellent record to his credit did not make him loose his old love for the game when he donned the KCOntinued on next pagej One H1md9"ed,'Fom' 19 3 1 SKIRMISHER g F. U. M. A. uniform. Always in the game fighting hard and clean are the qualities which made him one of the most versatile players on the team. Bode graduates this year and plans to enter Georgetown University next September, Good luck old boy and much success through the coming years. ROMAN Guard ROMAN ENTERED SCHOOL a lit-tle bit late and did not get to play in the first three games. He came out for the team determined to win a place on the Varsity and he certainly did. After his iirst game at guard he was picked to play that position the rest of the season. Roman hails from Baltimore and he doesn't care who knows it. He won his varsity "F" and if nothing interferes he expects to be back with us again next year. SUMMARY OF FOOTBALL SEASON UR SEASON OPENED on September the l7th with Hampden-Sidney Fresh- men. Both teams were evenly matched until the second quarter, then Fork Union began to get together. "Chick" Kinzer was the big gun until he was removed from the game due to serious injury. The whole line played good ball while Bolton and Quarles played good in the backiield. The Hnal whistle blew with Fork Union leading 22-O. The next Friday the team went to Newport News to play a night game with the Apprentice School. In this game Bolton and Gunter were outstanding players in the backlield while Gay was the outstanding man in the line. The game ended O-0. . The following Saturday we played Fishburne. Both teams were fighting hard every minute until just before the half. Fishburne threw a forty-yard pass and gained a touchdown, the only score of the game. Hall and Sands were out- standing as they stopped many plays headed for the line. The next week we met Richmond Freshmen. Our team was outweighed but nevertheless they put up a fight that we are proud off. The game ended with Richmond winning 16-0. The next Saturday we played Augusta, this was a hard game for anyone to loose, every man played his best. There were no outstanding players as the whole team played well. The score was 7-O in favor of Augusta. Our next game was with Danville, all through the game both teams played their best. It seemed that Fork Union couldn't get started due to the fact that Danville got all the breaks. One H zmdred Five FORK UNION MILITARY ACADEMY The next week we played Hargrave in one of the best games this year on Victory Hill. During the first quarter both teams fought in Mid-field. The11 Pork Union opened up with a pass, another play and then a touchdown. The next score was made by line plunges. Captain Gay was outstanding in the line while the four backfield men fought hard. After working strenuously during the following week getting prepared Fork Union journeyed to Staunton to play one of its most important games of the season. Both teams fought hard until the second quarter. Fork Union scored first in the second quarter and Staunton scored later. Both teams scored in the third quarter making the score 13-13. The biggest thrill and the luck- iest break for Staunton came when they threw a long pass which was caught by the Pork Union safety man and advanced to Staunton's one-yard line and the next play it was advanced to the one foot line. As Pork Union was lining up for the next play the final whistle blew leaving the score a tie. After tying Staunton, Fork Union played their final game of the season with Blackstone. It was a hard fought game from the start until the final whistle, but Fork Union proved they were a strong team by their line plays and passes. The final whistle blew with Fork Union leading 34 to 7. ln the line Captain Gay, Sands and Hall showed good work and in the backfield Hyman, Bolton and Kinzer did fine. Fork Union Hampden-Sidney Frosh ....... .. 0 Pork Union Apprentice School .........,.. .. O Pork Union ..,.... Fishburne Military School ...... .. 7 Fork Union Richmond Frosh ............,.... ..... l 6 Fork Union Fork Union Pork Union ,...... ... 14 Fork Union ....... 13 Pork Union ....... Augusta Military Academy ....... .. 7 Danville Military Academy ...,.....,.. 19 Hargrave Military Academy ....... .. 6 Staunton Military Academy .......... 13 Blackstone Military Academy ........ 7 One Hundred Sim K EAEKETEALL PORK UNION MILITARY ACADEMY Miss INEZ CUTHRIELL Portsmouth, Virginia Sponsor for Basketball One H undred Efigh, 193 1 SKIRIYIISHER BASKETBALL SQUAD BERNARD G. GAY Captain RODERICK A. BACON CAPT. C. G. T1-1oMAs, JR. CHESTER O HALL Manager Coach Assistant Manager Alexander, C. Bolton, J. W. Burgess, E. P. Cropp, W. W. Gay, B. G. One H u'nd1'ed N me Hyman, J. E Kinzer, L. A. Kinzer, S. B. Lee, G. L. T. Purvis, C. E. FORK UNION MILITARY ACADEMY One H undfred Ten 19 3 1 SKIRMISHER CAPTAIN "SLIM" GAY ' SLIM? GAY, of Charlottesville, Virginia, is one of the most outstanding athletes in Fork Union's history. His basketball career is one which will not be forgotten at F. U. M. A. This is his third year as an outstanding player. He was captain of his team in "Bl" and for 2 years an "All State" forward. He is the life of the team and is responsible for many of its victories. He has to his credit also 3 years of football, being captain of the team and "All State" end. His good playing, both in basketball and football has won for him our admiration. , He is believed by several coaches, who have come in contact with him, to be one of the most outstanding players of the games. F. U. M .A. wouldn't be surprised to see his name in the "All American" column. "JIMMIE" BOLTON JIMMIE hails from Fries, Virginia. He is admired byall who know him and the school will hate to see him leave. As company captain, as halfback and as forward on the basketball team, he just can't be beat. When Jimmie gets the ball and starts down the court, we can always count on 2 more points. Jimmie is a senior this year and we hate to give him up, but "here's luck," wherever you go next year we are sure you will be on top. "CHICK" KINZER "CHICK" KINZER, one of Fork Union's most outstanding basketball players, has completed his second year on the varsity team. He has fought many hard batltes in his basketball career defending dear old "Red and Blue." "Chick" is noted as one of the all-around athletes of Fork Union. We were very sorry at the beginning of the football season when he received a frac- tured shoulder, rendering him unable to play in several games. However, he started OE in basketball as good as ever. Fork Union's starring guard. This is Chick's last year and we are wishing him luck in the future. ELMER PURVIS PURVIS, one of Fork Union's outstanding athletes, is a four-letter man, foot- ball, basketball, track and baseball. He was also captain of the "3l" track team. In basketball he covered the floor just like a carpet, fighting for dear old F. U. M. A. We are proud of him and will suffer his loss greatly. Purvis was "All State" center in "3O" and high scorer of the team. His scoring ability was the mainstay of the team. Besides his athletic ability, he has a fine personality which makes every- bpdy like him. F. U. M. A. wishes him the best of luck at the University of irgmia. S. B. KINZER S. B. KINZER, brother of Chick Kinzer, hails from Pulaski, Virginia, This is his second year here and we are glad to know he will be with us again next year. At the beginning of the basketball season, he was handicapped by not having fully recovered from a broken ankle, received during the football season. He was a fine player and kept fighting until the whistle ended the game. One Hundred Eleven PORK UNION MILITARY ACADEMY MISS NELL BEATON Savannah, Georgia Sponsor for Track One Hvmclred Twelve Q XS' fix fs TRACK Q gsirvs '30 99-1 FORK UNION MILITARY ACADEMY CAPT. W. G. BENTE C. E. PURVIS J. FQ GRESHAM Coach Captain TRACK Manager April 8-University of Richmond Freshmen at Richmond. April 11-Staunton Military Academy at Staunton. April 16-Danville Military Institute at Danville. One Hundred Fourteen 19 3 1 SKIRMISHER Bolton Carpenter Gay Lambert Lincoln One H zmdred Fifteen TRACK SQUAD PURVIS Captain GRESHAM Manager Little Miranda Newcomer Purvis Roman PORK UNION MILITARY ACADEMY MRS. S. KINZER Pulaski, Virginia Sponsor for Baseball One H1l71dT6Cl Sixteewz ,J N BASEBALL g FQRK UNION MILITARY ACADEMY' fm- 1,1 age E -I, if me 5 msgs I, I-: 115.11 - :I feta March April April April April April April April April May May May May May May May May GRAHAM THOMAS KINZER TANNER Coach Captain Manager SCHEDULE 31-Fork Union High School .....,........., 8-William and Mary Freshmen ....... 9-Richmond Freshmen ,.......,..,...,.. 13-Hampden-Sidney ........,......,...... 17-Danville Military Institute ...,.... -Hargrave Military Academy .,.... -Virginia Episcopal School ....,,, Staunton Military Academy ...... -Fishburne Military School ........ -Augusta Military Academy .,...... -Hargrave Military Academy ...... 8-Richmond Freshmen ..,,........... -Blackstone High School .......,. -Danville Military Institute ........ -MCGUIIICS ....................,........... -Staunton Military Academy ....,. -Fishburne Military School ...,. .......Here ,......There ....,..There ......,..Here ....,..There .......There ......,There .......Here ..,.......Here .......There .......Here ......,Here .......Here ..,....Here Here ........There ........There One Hzmdred Eighteen J 19 3 1 SKIRMlSlfIBR ,U .JM ,M 'l is ,H .. 93 vw Alexander Bode Bolton Burgess Coard Cropp One H zmdred Nineteen BASEBALL SQUAD L. A. KINZER Captain Dalton Gay Humphrey Hyman A Jones Kinzer, L. A. Kinzer, S. B. TANNER Manager Lee Little Purvis Sands Saunders Taylor NIM if x x ' w unEAfi zAr1uu5 FORK UN1oN MILITARY ACADEMY .anim , 4 fu - -f V . - .T , .., fm, ,df 9, ei --- . f' : li, ,f I ff Wx. V Y, .nm Y . V 1- 2. rc: ,L. 'rg ii ii ,, Y f , l , :Le - .Q ff'.'i',"BQ15 THETA Nu DELTA G. T. DUDLEY President E. DOZIER A. DUDLEY Vice-President X Secretary and Treasurer S. B. KINZER Sergeant-at-Arms B. G. GAY J. DOZIER First Conductor Second Conductor MEMBERS Alexander Dalton Fulwiler Phillips, E. E. Atkinson Dozier, E. L. Gay Purvis Bode Dozier, J. N. Humm Pannill Butler Dudley, G. T. Kinzer, S. B. Woody Carter, J. L. Dudley, H. A. Lee Yates Coard Elkins Lupo One H undred Twenty-two 1, 931 SKIRMISHER J. BOLTON Vice-President Alexander, C. Bolton, J. W. Bode, G. W. Burgess, E. P., Jr Dudley, H. A. Dozier, J. N. Gay, B. G. Gasque, M. R. Hyman, J. E. O-ne Hundred Twenty-three VARSITY CLUB BERNARD G. GAY President MEMBERS Miranda, W. W. H. LACY S ecre tary- Treasurer Hall, C. O. Kinzer, L. A. Kinzer, S. B. Lacy, W. H. Newcomer, J. W Purvis, C. E., Roman, H. P. Schana, J. W. Sands, R. D. J PORK UNION MILITARY ACADEMY f IIIIIIIIIX II IIIII .. -, V . Q. II III ,II II II III II II I. .I II I . II,,- I 'II' :. I II II - I -Q., I I-J, I' rf. , ...In I III" ' j Y VQEQR BETA NU SIGMA G. T. ADAIR President J. E. HYMAN W. H. LACY Vice-President Assistant Vice-President J. GRESHAM Secretary-Treasurer R. BACON SANDS Supreme Judge -at-Arms Adair, G. T. Bacon, R. A. Browning, R. D. Donnelly, C. Gasque, M. R. Gresham, J. F. Hyman, J. E. Johnson, T. B. Koerner, 0. S. P. Lacy, W. H. Lincoln, J. B. Parker, P. J. Petty, H. M. Roman, H. P. Sands, R. D. Sargent, E. W Schana, J. W. Tanner, H. D. Titmus, E. H. Watson. J. C. Whitehurst, D E One Hundred. Twenty four L . . . 1931 SKIRMISHER , cg. ,. ' ': f.' . "ff, U.--' . , -,-, . - . ,X-2 .- Y ' r 1, ,. " ,,- . T. DUDLEY, Vice-President G. Adair, G. T. Bacon, R. A. Bolton, J. W. OFFICER'S CLUB G. T. ADAIR President JR. Dudley, G. T. One Hundred Twenty-five J. BOLTON Secretary-Treasurer Gay, B. G. King, W. S. Lacy, W. H. Todd, J. A. FORK UNION MILITARY ACADEMY F 4.4 Iii Q!! lv . i ,, lk if J ' " " i iNf'ifF :wig .,.,,, . . v......, . A-B . - Y , Y :f :Ti I ' - ' ' .id ' Y . .gxrggii NON-COMMISSIONED OFFlCER'S CLUB OFFICERS J. LINCOLN President J. F. GRESHAM J . E. I-IYMAN Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS Andrews, C. M. Donnelly, C. A. Lambert, J. G. Purvis, C. E., Jr. Browning, R. D. Gresham, J. F. McCurdy, D. S. Sands, R. D. Chewning, W. H. Greer, H. F. Lincoln, J. B. Schana, J. W. Dudley, H. A. Hale, R. W. Moore, W. E. Sargent, E. W., Jr. Dozier, J. N. Hyman, J. E. Miranda, W. R. Weaver, L. T. Dozier, E. L. Hines, H. Parish, W. M. Wilkerson, C. E. Drumright, R. Jr Jennings, C. R. Phillips, E. E. Yates, H. C. Dibble, M. C. Kinzer, L. A. Petty, H. M. One Hundred Twenty-six 1931 SKIRMISHER HONOR COMMITTEE OFFICERS G. T. DUDLEY, JR. G. T. ADAIR Vice-President Adair, G. T. Bacon, R. A. Cowling, R. J. Dudley, G. T., Jr. Bolton, J. W. One H zmclred Twenty-seven President . R. A. BACON Secretary-Treasurer Gay, B. G. King, W. S. Lacy, W. H. -Parker, P. J. Todd, J. A. FORK UNION MILITARY ACADEMY CICERONIAN LITERARY SOCIETY OFFICERS JAMES A. TODD President G. T. ADAIR J. W. I-IUMM Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS Adair, G. T. Logue, G. Gordon, W. K. Coleman, J. W. Crowell, R. Coard, W. A. Cropp, W. W. Barnard, J. P. Lincoln, J. B. Plog, B. Fulwiler, L. B. Pratt, J. A. Parrish, R. T. Humphrey, H. D. Humm, J. W. Greer, H. E. Heath, P. Moore, W. E. Johnson, T. B. Pannill, H. B. Perdue, O. T. Roman, H. P. Todd, J. A. One Hundred Twenty-eight 19 31 SKlRMISI-IER .A ATHENIAN LITERARY SOCIETY SARGENT President Q WHITEHURST DUDLEY Vice-Presiden t S ecre tary- Treasurer . MEMBERS Bacon Dibble Koerner Saunders Bomar Groce Kirkpatrick Sargent Bolton Gresham Lambert Schoenburg Butler Guggenheim Miller Tanner Blain Jennings Mankin Titmus Coe Habbart McIntyre Wilkerson Cecil Herfurth Perry Weaver Donnelly Hines Russlend Whitehurst Dodd Hyman Richardson Yates Hudson Sands One Hundred Twenty-nine FORK UNION MILITARY ACADEMY ' 1-.' ,Y -L " .- 17?T -W Till RICHMOND CLUB H. D. TANNER Vice-President Carter, W. H. Chewning, W. H. Barton, J. Chewning, Z. W. Coard, W. A. Dudley, G. T. Dodd, W. S. Farmer, E. B. OFFICERS G. T. DUDLEY, JR. President MEMBERS Groce, G. A., Jr. Howard, R. Johnson, T. B. Jones, R. E. Jones, T. P. Kirkpatrick, W. W. Norris, L. Perry, G. Parker, P. J. J. P. GRESHAM Secretary-Treasurer Parish, W. M. Parish, R. T. Phillips, E. E. Phillips, J. C. Sanders, G. W., Jr. Titmus, E. H. Tanner, H. D. Gresham, J. P. One Hundred Thirty 1 931 SKIRMISHER .Y- SOUTHWEST VIRGINIA CLUB OFFICERS G. T. ADAIR I President J. BOLTON TODD Vice-President Historian L. KINZER Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS Adair, G. T. I Dudley, H. A. Lambert, H. E. Robinson, D. Andrews, C. R. Dalton, C. W. Lee, G. T. L. Sands, R. D. Alouf, P. Hale, R. W. Lester, G. T. Steger, W. Bolton, J. W. Humphrey, H. D. Pratt, J. A. Todd, J. A. Blain, R. A. Hines, H. Perdue, O. T. Tabor, M. Carter, J. L. Kinzer, L. A. Pannill, H. B. Tinsley, C. P. Cecil, S. Z. Kinzer, SQB. Robinson, C. G. Western, M. Cowling, J. One Hzmclred Thirty-one FORK UNION MILITARY ACADEMY Battin Brown Bufington Burger De Rosa Dibble Gordon YANKEE CLUB J. W. NEWCOMER President J. H. BROWN G. R. RUSSLEND Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS Gresham Plog Hudson Roman Humm Russlend Habbart Sargent 'Koerner Schoenburg Logue Swiss Newcomer One Hmzdrecl Th,'i1'ty-two 1 SKIRMISHER TIDEWATER CLUB J, N. DOZIER Secretary-Treasurer Benthall Barr Bomar Coard Coleman Dozier, E. L. Dozier, J. N. Gasque Farley One Hundred Thirty-three WHITEHURST President MEMBERS NOTTINGHAM Vice-Presi d ent Jones Little Lanier Miller Nottingham- Parker Perrow Perry I Whitehurst PORK UNION MILITARY ACADEMY MARYLAND CLUB E. HUDSON Vice-President Buifxngton, A. Gresham, J. F. Hudson, E. C. I-Iabbart Humm, J. W. Johnson, O. B. OFFICERS J. F. GRESI-IAM President MEMBERS D. S. MCCURDY Secretary-Treasurer Koerner, O. S. B McCurdy, D. S. Roman, H. P. Swiss, L. Schana, J. W. Yerkes, W. H. One Hundred Thwty four 1 931 SKIRMISHQER CAPITOL CLUB OFFICERS RODERICK A. BACON President - JOHN LAMBERT WATSON SCHANA Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS We ' Adams, R. B. Avery, J. B. Bacon, R. A. Coe, H. S. Guggenheim, J. ' Johnson. O. B. Lambert, J. G. One Hundred Thirty-Jive Yerkes, W. H. McIntyre, L. K McCurdy, D. S Schana, J. W. Souther, A. Weaver, L. T. Wood, P. A. Yates, H. C. FORK UNION MILITARY ACADEMY V Allman, G. P. Bolton, J. W. Burger, H. J. Carter, J. L. Dozier, J. N. Groce, G. A., Jr. Hale, R. W. RIFLE TEAM B. G. GAY Captain J. DOZIER Assistant Captain Woody, P. S. Lanier, L. L., Lee, G. T. L. Purvis, C. E. Gay, B. G. Phillips, J. C. Trice, E. T. Watson, J. C. One H imdred Thirty-six 19 3 SKIRIYIISHER SPANISH CLUB R. A. BACON President E. W. SARGENT R. PARRISH Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS V Bacon Burger Coe Carricarte Guterriez Hines Ovie VH2l?Zd?'6d Thirty-seven Lee Mirando Parrish, R, Parrish, W. Sargent Zubaran FORK UNION MILITARY ACADEMY I JUNIOR CICERONIAN LITERARY SOCIETY CAPTAIN G. RETON EDGERTON Faculty Advisor Avery Holladay, R. Barr Rowe, O. J. Farmer Southers Heath, A. Yerkes One Hundred Thirty-eight 19 3 1 SKIRMISHER One H undo-ed Thirty-'nine Captain, G. RETON EDGERTON Director of Music FORK UNION MILITARY ACADEMY MISS VIRGINIA EDGERTON Chase City, Virginia Sponsor for Music Department One Hundred Forty 1931 SKIRMISHER Brown, H. J. Dalton, C. W. Hyman, J. E. Habbart, P. Hines, H. Kinzer, S. B. Kirkpatrick, W. Watson, J. C. One H zmclred Forty-one ORCHESTRA G. R. EDGERTON Director W. Banjo Trombone Sousaphone Trumpet Saxophone Saxophone Piano Trumpet PORK UNION MILITARY ACADEMY l GLEE CLUB OFFICERS S. B. KINZER, JR. President F. D. PARKER J. G. LAMBERT Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Coe, H. S., Kirkpatrick, W. W. Roman, H. P. Chewning, Z. W. Kinzer, S. B. Robinson, C. G. Dibble, M. C. Lambert, J. Ca. Richardson, C. A. Donnelly, C. A. Logue, GX Stevens, W. Gasque, M. R. Little, R. A., Jr. Swiss, L. Hines, H. Jones, R. E. Watson, J. C. Koerner, O. S. P. Parker, F. D. King, W. S. One Hwedred Forty-two 051, fm T Z ll M W R W V X mMw xxmmnu11mX!i3 XHMWXW j K Wm fb , A 5' g X Q V 3 WW . +f1"'f'kNV' W , E, 1 Mm B . x - mx' kXxx I -V Q A x'WAQaSEE.aeEfEF IUH5 r1rnI-IMT FQRNIS UNION MILITARY ACADEMY MISS HELEN DUDLEY Richmond, Virginia Sponsor for the Editor of the Skirmisher One Hundred Forty-foua xiii? ,1. 5 19 31 SKIRMISHER One Hzmd1ecZFo1ty five -: :ii 35.1 U , E , gm. fl 1. "" 'f . fd- - - -, -- - Y Y 13.5. 'Y' ' 'Y"' Y ' ILQ - 'f LAL . Hifi 5, ' .zfiw cj. 4: nw 'if' 'J 'my '1 ff .. . -xl- H1213 f'-,fx Q f",-- ELI .N g., Lf , ,U 'i 1' 11 -f fyuf W P.-'Q-y U ' A:-V ' , ATE ! M MF? lg L. 'J .qwjn 'A -Fe 4-21 3 .lg J ' 1 1 il , .'.:. ' 11. W ' 'L ' VL' 5. L. . -'V 5 iff E ikfd: der?-:.l 'lf' 13 it 5. .. W- . .H L' ' .Wi :Elf 'VH "- .'i' ,I 1 W' Il ' JN ' w .I n .- 'I v V15 , -', ' -1 .uf , ,- SN 5 .- sr . 5. 1 . L fi-'f I -f , fy ,'-, , .'JL:"w '-'L If IJ: ' 41-K. V 11'f,A.a ' iff! , ,LUV V? , 1 2' g -e. X, ,. - - Fr' . 1' 1 Q! M , , ,mr Q11 Q' U, TAI .T 1, " - 1 ' X3 -. FGRK UNION MILITARY ACADEMY MISS MARGARET ALLEN Richmond, Virginia Sponsor for Business Manager of the Skirmisher One H zmdfred Forty-sim 1 Q31 SK1R M1sHER One Hundred Forty-seven FoRK UNION MILITARY ACADEMY Miss ANN MULLINS Brooklyn, N. Y. Sponsor for the Editor of Sabre One H mzdrcd Forty-eight 1931 SKIRMISHER i L 1 Nw 1 1 w 1 V w N i, x O-ne H 'wndfred Forty-nine HAZLE DACUS Elizabeth, New Jersey Queen of Sponsors ! I I r Miss MINA MCDANIELS Richmond, Virginia Sponsor for Theta Nu Delta IVIISS BETTY TAYLOR IVIISS JULIA FARRIS Havre de Grace, Maryland Red Hill, Virginia Sponsor for Non-Com Club Sponsor for Rifle Team One H zmclvecl Fifty MISS IVIAXINE WELCI1 Petersburg, Virginia Sponsor for Beta Mu Sigma Mlss FRANCIS ARMOUR M153 MARY SHIELDS Richmond, Virginia. Silver Spring, Maryland Sponsor for Ciceronian Lzterary Sponsor for Athenian Literary Society Society One Hundred Fifty-one ' IVIISS LOUISE CAWLES Charlottesville, Va. Sponsor for Varsity Club 1 I MISS IVIARGUERITE IVIEADOR MISS ELLEN IVIODLEN Blackburg, Virginia Princeton, New Jersey Sponsor for Southwest Virginia Sponsor for Yankee Club Club One H undred Fi f ty-two Miss EMMA COLEMAN J ackson, Mississippi I A Sponsor for Honor Committee MISS MAZELLE DALTON MISS JOAN SCOTT Pulaski. Virginia Loch Arbour, N. J. Sponsor for Glee Club Sponsor for Tidewater Club One Himdred Fifty-thfree MRS. ADAIR Rich Creek, Virginia Sponsor for OIWCQFS Club . H! 'U' , wi :L L , C, JQQM, MISS HARRIET CRAWTHAMEL MISS ESTELLE CURTIS ,Lincoln Park, New-Jersey Richmond, Virginia Sponsor for Maryland Club Sponsor for Capitol Club One H undrecl Fifty-four i f j.4.a'1ly1ik:-I " ' ' ,. 'DE-i':Q'1',-,I 22516-e."i z .i .,,15g'.' 1 - -'.1..r w 1-7.3.13 ! 1- 4 -",::'I-:'- ' 'L-V. . ' 'f",:U VJ- w.. v ' I L, C, C A u 1 - ' K . ,gl LJ: 9-jf ' MISS MERRY JOANNE SHERIVIAN Fork Union, Va. Sponsor for Richmond Club MISS MARGARET KIRKPATRICK MISS DOROTHY RITCHI Kent's Store, Virginia Petersburg, Virginia Sponsor for Spanish Club Sponsor for Riot Club One H zmdred Fifty-fi've i Q 1 if Vw Q . 1 xx , , 1 Z i 5 2 ? if I' mg? FEATURES 2? FORK UNION MILITARY ACADEMY TITLE Best Oflicer Best Sergeant Hardest Officer Best Drilled Rat Most Unmilitarg Best Orator Best Declaimer Best Debater Brainiest Best Athlete Freshest Rat Greenest Rat Laziest Biggest Liar Biggest Bum Most Dignified Happiest Biggest Bull Slinger Best All Around Nfost Mannerly Shiekiest Grouchiest Most Effirninate Most Popular Instructor Hardest Worker Most Activities Thinks He Is Most Popular Biggest Suck Most In Love Biggest Eater Biggest Knocker SKIRMISHER ELECTION FIRST CHOICE Bolton Kinzer, L. A. Adair Bode Newcomer Dudley, G. T. Dudley, G. T. Sargent Lanier Gay Richardson Williams Allen Whitehurst King Bolton Gresham Dozier, J. N. Lacy Adair Dudley, H. A. Dodd Kirkpatrick Carter Not Any Dudley. G. T. Adair Dudley, G. T. Hale Habbart Perry Dodd SECOND CHOICE Dudley, G. T. Gresham i Gay Titmus Williams Bacon Whitehurst Whitehurst Adair Kinzer, L. A. Carricarte Rowe, M. C. Zubaran Hudson Gay Adair Dudley, G. T. McCurdy Bolton Woody Bacon Adair Lanier Snead, R. P. Same Bacon Adair Sands King King Todd Dodd One H zmdred Fifty-eight 1931 SKIRMISHER KAMPUS KWIPS "Gimme a drag." "It wasn't me, Captain." ' "ForlCadets Majorl, Captain-, Lieutenant-1, and Sergeant- are hereby reduced to the grade of private and will serve thirty-six weeks of special punishment, and will walk 504 hours." "Full dress parade at three P. "How long to soupee?" i'An is she right?" "Lend me two-bits?" "Shoes shined next formation." ' A "The cadet corps will report to the Sgt. of the Guard for the purpose of Walking extra duty." "Let's go to Parmvillef' "You're not funny, you're pitiful." "Pass the grease." "All rats out on the athletic field this afternoon." "You look like a bunch of sheep." "Lend me a stamp." "How long to recall?" "Drill in five minutes." "Get your money and "fluzzies" for the next dance." "My grandmother is going to die next week end, can I go home?" "Snap into it, Mr. Dump-squirt." Q "And We're supposed to eat this?" "That's very unfortunate, two weeks." "There'll be a general bucking up." "Me an' you." "I know you." "Post Exchange open." "Don't say Captain, say Sir." One Hundred Fifty-wine E FORK UNION MILITARY ACADEMY FINALS PROGRAM FRIDAY, MAY TWENTY-NINTH O0 P. M. Full Dress Parade 00 P. M. Formal Dance SATURDAY, MAY THIRTII-ETH 00 A. 00 A. O0 P. 30 P. 30 P. M . Competitive Drill , . Demonstration off Infantry Weapons M. Full Dress Parade M. Debating and Oratorical Contests M. Final Ball SUNDAY, MAY THIRTY-FIRST 00 A. M. Baccalaureate Sermon 00 P. M. Final Parade 00 P. M. ' Vesper Services on Campus MONDAY, JUNE FIRST 00 A. M. Commencement Address Awarding of Diplomas and Honors 30 A. M. Taps One Hzmdrerl Sizniw xX 0 NoT.--- PARK TU mn mm Aus UNIVERSITY OF RICHMGNDI TI-IE UNIVERSITY INCLU DES: Richmond CoIIege. a standard college of Liberal Arfs and Sciences for Men. W. L. Prince, Dean. The T. C. WiIIiams SchooI of Law, for IooIh men and women. Dr. M. R. Doubles. Dean. WesIhampIon CoIIege, a siandard college Ior women. May L. Keller, Dean. The Summer School. A course of nine weeks. Opens June I5. W. L. Prince, DirecIor. V Each deparImenI issues a separefre catalogue. For caIaIogue and inIormaIion address Ihe Dean. Pos+ Office, Universilry of Richmond, Va. The IaII session opens SepIember I5. I93I. F. W. BOATWRIGI-IT, President EDGEWORTH SMOKING TOBACCO Smith Motor Co. INCORPORATED HupmobiIe AuIomoIoiIe DeaIers Phone 9066 Phone 2675 "The Smoker's Diploma" 30-40 BoIIingsbrooIc SIreeI Larus gg Bro., CO. PETERSBURG. VIRGINIA RIcI-IMOND, VA. Established I877 uqxnxlheuli l.. early 1001 i Our entire organization ioins in extending thanlcs to the Schools and Colleges whom we are serving and have served in the past. Their number has increased from year to year, making this, l93l, our banner year, with almost IOO stalls having placed their contracts and confidence with us. DESIGN l N5 Plus EgNQRAvVINg6 plus PRINTING equals Unmliviclell Respqnsl 1 ily ff If Rmneyzof Baftimore V O proposal and I64 page bool: "Engraving Suggest will be sent you upon receipt of specifications. I 1 I I I I I n I I r I I 1 V -4 E 3 1. L. 'E U J' , , ,,,f ,.,,.,,,--v--...-f . Y ---. - -- 1-V --fw -v-- v Y,-gr?--5-.WY ff-1-,T-,fW-v-fw-fa-1.-1a-w-1-.-.3--qxffrprllq-mfg:-E5-vggaqg'-gym LM' 'r-'f'2:1'1-' , af : --, ' . 'Eg RP. 1 4.2 v g ul 'H . mgl- 1 max, I n 1 l L yi A I . E' gm . lx '- i., ' 1' 3 , K, :VST 12:21 ,- .Q ng, 655 .ix , 5251, 'Q :X ' I i V. E , .,,. 'ff 2 5" i 1.5 3 iff L 'L L! fs ,, 11 N 'fo i Ig' Mvi 1: J, fil ' il if Q' : I 4 l, 'J . gf ii if U I 'r If .. gk ,. 5, 2 il 4, 3, 5 HY is '. .FQ i L xv

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