Fork Union Military Academy - Skirmisher Yearbook (Fork Union, VA)

 - Class of 1925

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Fork Union Military Academy - Skirmisher Yearbook (Fork Union, VA) online yearbook collection, 1925 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 168 of the 1925 volume:

l 1 V ! 1 ' , 1' 1. V-Us-'45 1 ,i ,wgjiili . , ,M L5 ,., A 4 A W' Sgjllwllffkz 'W UOHBOIOBOBBIUBOHBQIQ IQEIIDIIOIOIIOIOIIOIOUOIOIIOIQBIIOBQIOEQIOUIIOEOIIE ll ' ll QQ '12 QQ I I kirmiahrr Ymfs I vwW'B RWM I Q09 0f rx, FORK UNION MILITARY ACADEMY - 1925 HQQQQQ AVW A-K Ldmfflr 'A jk? f fix? f qiziwivfwa -XX" - I MI -.ff wad as f X X I f ' lf fb I A V ! 1-5.353 . NU. I fl f KN QQQ l.'. NW 4 X l Q 4'Igg,wa J. If ,f , ,. - N cg' A! 5 Q r -M KN I 'Ia Ah, SI V f -: AIA I z Y W 5 1' 'Ns,Wgl.5 "' 1,5 f K 2 fu E fu I'M'.wQf JILL, , ', 1 " E A xx ,g M ii- i er?--Seq ? Q '35 .1 , -'- ' ', - M . Tl aa ,.,, ,,I, 5 ,,'!W f ik ?,,'f,-I 1 P' in 15 I ' , ..ggM', f 1v.f.-Ll,Wr', . . II4f:Egi2fwwfIW MHWLIW AWAWAWATAWAWATATAVAWATATAVAVAWAWATATATATATATATATA 'If' 'If' '35 3 3 3 fi' 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 5' L 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 il Kb db Gb K7 Eb 31 db Q? il G1 QD QQ 31 il 53 il 3 33- 33333333333333 fizizil 0 get an 23 P-F 8? x 33333333333333 3 One, who is a true gentleman, an accomplished E 3 scholar and a diligent officer in our country's army. Ei' E I-Ie, who not withstanding his being detailed here by 3 3 the army under no moral responsibility to promote 3 3 any other than the Military Department, has spent Q 3' his time, money and labor toward improving every 3 3 phase of school lifeg who is loved, honored and re. F, E spected by students, faculty and friends of the 3 3 Academy, 3 333333 133iNb33 Ellieuieiraiti Zgenjaniin . gliarrzo: 33533333 S fm 3 ru O 5' 3 35 F4 'O N Y' F15 'S ru Q. E Q" Q.. na E' O. 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Y qQ,:gi'x 6 w I Page 5 FUREWORD avfaaffexfm N publishing this, the seventeenth volume of the SKIRMISHER, a conscientious effort G61 has been made to record on the pages of 7 X history, in a manner worthy of our Alma Mater, her progress during the year 1924f 25, to portray something of her indomitable spirit, there' by strengthening the ties which bind us to F. U. M. A. and to keep warm the precious memories and intimate friendships of our school days. If we have been able to bring these pictures and records before you in a pleasing manner our fondest hopes will have been fulfilled and we will feel amply repaid for our labors. ' The Editor. Q' ,IRQ Miss DORA CARTER Bremn Bluff, Va. Sponsor 1925 "Ski0"misher" X ., ' x A 4 53.2E5'W'w"e'-nk Y? N 53'-P"Ma??f -w " w'9N'-'-EW?'i?ii???E RQ-Q SWS-V3gg7fia -'am-1 '- V' - iffifiiifik- My Li?--jf?-??f-?iQB?'?KE? 45 W W 1 Q Q, WY H - jj it fkf i E 3 as N ks 5155, Z3-51515 m-H If w H M ,- XI? Q,5EIIIsfb,r W U .1 If A S -1 I' Q' - --, Im K N SRS ss Im-win-Ei-5 325:51 9-I wwf , X nw ' ,I -gIg,fi5M'f, 'E : wggfxii' ..H,m1'- N ,- 'X' 'L EIS E5-III-2-I5--HISISQMII ,-Iwzvi 5 -A I- V-IIIIIAMIIISS III -MIX I WI -1- II Qxmg-g,Ig.,??Q-fmII ' I,---I5 -5,-,gl - H- In-'-In, Mmffw- - A " - - 1 ,, Y f ' - 74 N ,. H 13.331 ,Q H B X I-. E - -:- II"'-:f:- , Q 1 A . 5 :M an K if K S - ' 1 1 Q 4. 5 S K M s if H Q Q - -:- 1 - -:f'..:.- f-Q.. w '., - K 5 M E -I-. x N , ., H 1, - ---1 .Ig-.1 I N M , Ig -4 Is -w ,ig my II - A ' Z ss, "" II gg, 5551:-I Q NI u N was 1,3 A M gg II -. ....... :EI I g. I 4 II A gn IIE Q II 2 .1 II . W gm an , "'-:-I.,-: I .:. -g5I.-35. . zz A . - V zz fa qw 7 A ,fx 'P ' 2 H W - 5 5 . '-'f'--a::-.1 H 'A -X ,- 1 ,- V F W gi E S? 52 52? , 2 -1 - - L N g Ewing -',, "1 Ig-I -5-IIs5s:2-gr:':j3 Q ,- ' 4 1 v H 5- 1 Mfg?-f: -a H M 1,5 Q.-J H - fr- M Q' ' . X 4 ,gum w M xr , ' W :-:am-,I su Q , - Q V. 5 X m Q - 'fm Q' Y X .R ' .-."'-Efsasf' H sE:5':.F' H ' -' gf' - U ff' U M5 -f .N 1 ,S ' 5 ss W E 'fm " X fi 5' xl Q X fa wig" -11525-",1?:f' 'R H - M if ' ,J I III I .. .. 1 , X I -.- ,, -' A . X IQ Eg- flfaw 1 Q1 I M f II IIE ,!,. ', I-I elg. K I ., M ' 1 I ,III III-.. III II If.: III I.I I . ss . 1. M f 1 - " 2 'R' - .F ' " r 1 .I ':: W3 ....... 5' A ' . Y. -W V- '::: - f, W D- .. .-. -. 1 W 2 - f . II, w zz vs n N I -1 K an ,M 4 K if- '- ' "i2.?e5, W I ,- IIg - ms 3 w :- Run f. Qi. IMNIM- H. wIj1.II-If ,i--I H' 2 E. HM I .V sqm M K Si ISSN JI Ki -vw K Ya ,Q A K W -- 'MY warg! w Q H W Gm A 1 2.21 .---F, 55- if - ww ii-wi-A 5 ,M H III.m-MM -ff-Q?m X M --Y,--,-E -I-"I---5-I-:-1-,,fff -1 A A A V- -E M-,Msn-.W-2. H f f ,A -- - -. -eww-Q--22--my -, Wffmwfg-.EH I I-I 5. -I nm ,- MI E aa 3-QZIW-HE, In , S-15,0 z II L -i:,Ig-,,IIII5-xpgII-s-- QIRMII :QII-53-45f.,5QQgg1IyII M.I II- IIq5IIIw.z5,Qag4,-III-gf, 2- ,W . , 5 M-.:I. 4 .N H - ,. an- Q M- AIM m Z- , '5sIs3w-jI,I-gm-M -55 ,b-3,1-cg,-,anim-.-.1 - A N N A Q ,- A -gm!--U-Q-Q29-.szfg -Wwsfwa---Q.-wfw 1 EDITORIAL STA FF ffQ',,f,, ' -x T THE SKIKMISHER The Skirmisher Staff EditorfinfChief BERNARD N. FOSTER Assistant EditorfinfChief HAROLD J. DOREY Business Managers WILKES B. WATSON LOETUS L. WALTON Art Editors THOMAS F. CRITTENDBN JONN A. MOON JAMES F. PERLEY Military Editor CHARLES N. DOZIER Athletic Editor J. LOVELAOE LAPRADE Literary Editor CURTIS P. CLEVELAND Hwmorous Editor KYLE G. HAWTHORNE Advertising Manager J. ROLAND ROOKE Page 8 o QV' f F' iw K4 -r'! fm? ' ll. ' :.. THE SKIKMISHER JL JL JC IL 'DC JL JC Ui. 5 s T 0 Our Faculty J ' ' q s eagle X - . .2 6, swggg CHOLARS, gentlemen and ladies, who are X5 ever willing and ready to render personal X l 0 aid and advice, in the classroom or on the WN S campus, who are both teachers and friends B :D to every student alike. With these few but sincere words we, the 3 Class of Nineteen Hundred and Twentyffive, endeavor to 2 express our heartfelt appreciation for the work done by these faithful counselors of learning. J F1 E .J hslilffeg , n .2 H' 1: ug 'nc se- 'K sq, 'nc 76 'JC Page 9 COL. N. J. PERKINS, A.B Denison University President Instfructm' in Latin -" 5 THE S KI RMI SHER V MAJOR W. T. Wo0Ds0N, A.B. William and Mary College Decm and Ivzstrzcctor in History CAPT. C. H. PHIPPINS, A.B. University of Richmond Inst-rzwtor in Science and Modern Languages Page 11 CAPTAIN J. R. WILDMAN, A.B. University of North Carolina Instructor in English CAPT. D. H. LINDSEY, B. L. Washington and Lee University Instructov' in Mathematics and Com- mercial Law 534- -f-ffllfqr, c War' f -we ia ft I 'I'-" IJ l'sY"Q4g QF 1s'r LIEUT. B. R. FARRAR, U. S. A. West Point Co' and Professor of Military Science and Tactics CAPTAIN W. M. LESTER Centre College, Bowling Green Business University Instructor in Commercial Department STR f su,-t THE SKIKMISHER SGT. MAJOR A. C. COOPER, U. S. A. Assistant Professor of Military Science and Tactics CAPT. COSBY M. ROBERTSON B. S., A. B., B. D. University of Richmondg Crozier Seminary Instructor in Bible and Science Page 12 ' w ' ' li' W f"'lW1 fe M" ' "' 2 - THE SKIKMISHER his ilhifffg CAPT. E. J. SNEAD, A. B. University of Richmond Instructor in Mathematfics CAPT. M. U. PITT University of Richmond Director fin Athletics F. J. CLEMENTS, M. D. Medical College of Virginia School Physician Page 13 Miss KATY PETTY Fork Union Academy N urse "Mg .' , ,Ig 515111 CAPT. J. P. SNEAD, A.B. MR- D. E- WATKINS University of Richmond Chief E-ngineeo' I'rzst1'uctor in History MRS. EARL SNEAD M atrovz Page 14 w uw w uw H ., w Vi., vu :HN ww, , H yfia- ' 'i..,wi 'ig Mg- , "' 1 I1-'QQ ' 'vw ' -i m:-ily,--L 1 I-A 5- ' N Wi? Y I ,451 HJC' ' w-V ' -31,5 .' -.1 ' U41 5' .frlwl " '1-N fr' - 5 n .w, .J,!.. 1 , A2 ua ' H .,,, , H Fil 91. 3. " iw J. 1 ,im wx, 1 JB. wr w ADMINISTRA TION BUILDING SNEAD BA RRACKS ALUMNI GYMNASIUM af l W KX Q ., Z Ziff- f , Q 1 X- L J QS . diff?-.f'.1'2i 5 A QM 119 3w 25 Wf + 4 N W F ,A xv Lv f- , x f YK af 1- i E4"""'vwN-sd Gfm'rEnnE.N!' 'CSU' W5 N 4 MISS LILLIAN V. MAJETTE Hilton Village, Va. Sponsor Page 1.9 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS I 1. 5 ' "Ni- 1:-klfpx THE SKIKMISHER Senior Class MOTTO: Witl1 all thy getting, get knowledge. OFFICERS President BERNARD N. FOSTER VicefP'reside-nt Secretary HAROLD J. DOREY LOFTUS L. WALTON Historian CURTIS P. CLEVELAND 1 1' I r J Page 21 CONNER J. BRYSON ' CURTIS P. CLEVELAND Miami, Fla. Alberene, Va. "'C. J." "Slim" 22-23: Corp. Bugler Band, Orches- Zl-22: Pvt. Co. "A", Athenian Lit- tra, Tennis Club: 23-24: Sgt. Bugler Band, Ciceronian Literary Society, Orchestra, Tennis Club, Preppery Prep Staff, Asst. Manager Baseball: 24-25: Second Lieutenant Hdqh. Co., Commander Drum and Bugle Corps, Senior Class Football Team, 'Asst. Cheer Leader, Orlicers Club, Cicero- nian Literary Society, Preppery Prep Staff, Dramatic Club, Director Orchestra, Student Council. sician, sfport and athlete. He is 9, good fellow to have around on all oc- casions for 'his 'presence puts pep into all activities. Without him the Spanish stu- dent Would fear to attend class. If the sunny nature of Florida is expressed by all her sons as it is by Bryson, indeed it must be a wonderful place to live. . J." is an all-round mus- u.u1-.qp 2 ,K been ff' 41lN0 ,l E? 212: D it -.'-. P' ' 4i'l erary Society, Ministerial Club: 22- 23: Corp. Co. "A", Sec. and Treas. Sophomore Class, Ministerial Club, Theta Nu Delta., Athenian Literary Society: 23-24: Btn. Staff Color Sgt., President Ministerial Club, Vice-President Athenian Literary Society, Historian Junior Class, Theta Nu Delta: 24-25: Capt. Sec- ond-in-Command, Commander Co. "A", Athenian Literary Society, Ministerial Club, Theta Nu Delta, Capt. Rifle Team, Dramatic Club, President Radio Club, Cheer Leader, Skirmisher Staff, Student Council. LIM'S" never failing school spirit is not only shown by his cheer lead- ing but in every phase of school life. Having worked his way through his four years here proves that you can't keep a good man down. His en- thusiastic determination to get the most out of life has truly made him a favorite. He is one of the two men in our cadet corps who get Reserve Officersfs Commissions this year. And a rifleman, well, you'd think he was a hardware store from the inarksmanship medals he wears. Keep up the iight "S'lim"g we are expecting greater things from you than the invention of "left angles". Page 22 HAROLD C. CLOUGH Plattsburg, N. Y. "Yankee" 24-25: Pvt. Co. "C", Athenian Lit- erary Society, Radio Club, Dra- matic Club. ical up-state Yankee and a Senior "Rat" too. But with all these faults he is a good fellow to have around. His unusual generosity and his ready humor have won for him the love of all. He is noted for his love for the girls, but he seems to restrict his ad- miration to Yankee girls. "Yank" is a good student and a faithful friend. What more could we say for him? Every- one wishes him success at the University of Syracuse, New York. ERE he is fellows, a typ- iii'- Page 23 EE ' I -: "-'-"2i'l6 N '2 Q3 1 A- X' w s Q - 7 'r ggi. ra 1 2. '.- i -r " X .1 ls .. M ii - V -fr- ,l XMLITA O 4Q41iE1.142'n V M1740 I. 4 i. 'k ii :Z-:-f ,- if ' + as t i . 'P- viwv gwnwg 'I-.-Q' . - 1 i U , i ci THOMAS F. CRITTENDEN Crewe, Va. "Crit" 23-24: Pvt. Co. "A", Ciceronian Lit- erary Society: 24-25: Corp. Co. "B", See. and Treas. Ciceronian Literary Society, Art Editor Skirmisher Staff, Art Editor Preppery Prep Staff, Theta Nu Delta, Dramatic Club, Senior Class Football Team. LTHOUGH he hails from a railroad town Critten- den is far from being a al? Y railroad man himself. He came to us in the fall of '23 to get the essential prepara- tion for a higher life and has surely proven himself capable of accomplishing things. As a dil- igent student he is unsurpassed, and when it comes to grit, Why he just will not give up until the work is done. At drawing cartoons he is right there to prove his artistic ability. We feel sure of hearing of him as a celebrated mechanical -drafts- man in the future. With his sterling character he is sure to succeed. HAROLD J. DOREY Norfolk, Va. f1DO7,e3y.v1 23-24: Pvt. Band, Ciceronian ary Society: 24-25: Sgt. Co. "B", Ciceronian Literary Society, Theta Nu Delta, Dramatic Club, Asst. Editor-in-Chief Skirmisher, Prep- pery Prep Staff, Vice-President Senior Class, Student Council, Senior Class Football Team. Liter- OREY has been with us E only two years. But he L is came with the determina- L7 tion to Win and we can truthfully say that he has accomplished his purpose. Hard work and hard study seem to be his favorite pastimes. They say Dorey is a "math shark", but a shark is a poor kind of ia fish at its best. How- ever we are sure that he is an exception and we are confident that the future holds great things in store for him. His only fault is his devotion for the fair one, if that could be con- sidered a fault. We hope that even this may be overcome and we wish him Godspeed along the road of life. --:--: E'. -. uk S3 . i K 'K .. ,. :: S! ig' Hx? ifllg 1 V : vs -. can ' lo l infix H 5,,g.,,.,,, .: Ia' vuigigi : - - ' :Zz V I -V ,, :-Ei R .Q 1: . .. 3 55 as as s 6' BEEN 81385 " K4 .v 5 Uv" .4 F as 1 ks gs I '1 Bras Z1 X? R L .i jt sith. A ' is-f -iE:::L::.. - H Q. .Qi iz in E as ii it M 'f s ,K Y , 'Y 3? Y A f 1' 4 lx e,5lLIT,qQ ef 7 x U yi Xa. Yfuaavw V 411710 4 Q f' ,l -. ifs f "1 O "1- X K, , Z -cf "W"w,s.7, fl D My xxsyg- ja 4 1 - 'I' WILLIAM B. FOLLIT New York City 'fmzr' 23-24: Pvt. Co. "A", Athenian Lit- erary Society, Tennis Club, 24-25: Sgt. Co. "B", Sgt.-at-Arms Atheni- an Literary Society, Preppery Prep Staff, Dramatic Club, Senior Class Football Team, Varsity Club. ILL hails from "Little Old New York" but he seems y to have a sincere love for ffl Old Virginia as ihe has spent two years with us. Basketball is his game and on the tennis court he is a genuine wizard. Bill is Fork Union's champion pie eater and green peas have never been produced in sufficient numbers to satisfy his appetite for them. If fate does not intervene Bill will enter West Point next year. We wish him the 'best of luck as a cadet and soldier. Page 24 BERNARD N. FOSTER CLYDE FRANKLIN Stewartsville, Va. " Refi " 21-22: Pvt. Co. "A", Ciceronian Lit- erary Society, Ministerial Club, Freshman Class Football Team: 23: Corp. Co. "A", Chaplain Cicero- nian Literary Society, Historian Sophomore Class, Ministerial Club, Theta Nu Delta: 23-24: Btn. Supply Sgt., President Junior Class, Sec. Ciceronian Literary Society, Theta Nu Delta, Ministerial Club: 24-25: Btn. Commander and Supply Officer, President Senior Class, President Ofllcers Club,, President Theta Nu Delta, President Student Council, 'Vice President Ciceronian Literary Society, Editor-in-Chief Skirmisher, Capt. Senior Class Football Team, Ministerial Club, Varsity Club, Rifle Team, Preppery Prep Staff, Mana- ger Baseball. , 22- FTER me the deluge". "Red" is really such an important person around 1? 2 the school that it is doubtful whether it will be able to continue next year without his assistance. He came to us four years ago and-no, he wasn't green "much", But he had the determination to win. He is not only handy in military but he seems to hold his own in literary and athletic depart- ments as well. However, he is very modest, he never boasts of his accomplishments. And with the ladies-oh, I must stop. Page 25 4 .11 6 XLITAQL af H 7 SN Xa 'L fl' vi an QCIEYEIQ 'U O Mmg N? .l ? ', O E' L? :i X, KT- , D 1- lfff Goodview, Va. "Sm" 21-22: Pvt. Co. "A", Ciceronian Literary Society, Roanoke Club, Ministerial Club, Freshman Football Team: 22-23: Corp. Co. "A", Cicero- nian Literary Society, Ministerial Club: 23-24: Btn. Staff Color Sgt., Ministerial Club, Chaplain Cicero- nian Literary Society, Theta Nu Delta: 24-25: First Lieutenant, Com- mander Co. "B", Ministerial Club, Theta Nu Delta, Ciceronian Liter- ary Society, Secretary Oilicers Club, Student Council. O those who have had the good fortune of associat- ing with him, Clyde has proven himself a true gentleman, a faithful and an industrious stu- He has always been fore- most in any movement which had as its object the uplift of his fellow student and the welfare of his Alma Mater. Old pal, we hate to loose you, but though time may separate us, it can never weaken the ties of friendship, and our hearts will be with you wherever you may go in striving to reach the goal of your ambition. friend dent. JAMES M. GREGORY J. LESLIE HART Elizabeth City, N. C. ' Richmond, Va. HJ'illLH1f'iB'H "Leslie" 24-25: Pvt. Co. "C", Tar Heel Club, Dramatic Club, Ciceronien Literary Society. ELL, North Carolina must ' be noted for something else besides tar for "Jim- mie" is -a man for any state to be proud of. His is "Be Cheerful", and he motto surely lives up to it. He is al- ways ready for a good time pro- viding it is of a wholesome kind. It must not be thought, how- ever, that he lets 'his cheerful- ness interfere with his work, as the records show him to be among the first in the class. He has not yet decided which college will be honored with his attendance but wherever he goes we are sure he will be a valu- able man. 4 1? XLITAQ 0 'A' 4 fl X vz 'W ffl GRI sf if? :if -' L if 5 A f 4 Q VL L X l.-if ' 5 1 'J U 1 'll - U' 4.k'k as-24: Pvt. co. "A", Athenian Lit- erary Society, Ministerial Club, Theta Nu Delta: 24-25: Sgt. Co. "A", President Athenian Literary Society, Editor-in-Chief Preppery Prep, Ministerial Club, Theta Nu Demi. 'F ESLIE hails from our " L State's 'ca-pital and it was 9 .no 1ll wind that blew him Q, W into our midst. Although he came to us in the fall of '23 after havlng been out of school for ten. years and without prevlous high school training, he has made his course in two years. He has proven himself to be a student of such excellency that a place on next year's facul- ty has lbeen offered him. Leslie, old boy, with your calm determination an-d high ideals you are sure of success. The class of '25 bids you Godspeed. Page 26 KYLE G. HAWTHORNE G. E. PICKETT KENT Round Hill, Va. uG0bv 21-22: Out of Military, Freshman Football Team, Overseas Club: 22- 23: Pvt. Co. "A"g 23-24: Corp. Co. "A", Ciceronlan Literary Society, Asst. Manager Football: 24-25: First Lieutenant, Commander Company "C", Ciceronlan Literary Society, Ofllcers Club, Varsity Club. Dra- matic Club, Manager Football, Stu- dent Council. I H AILING from Round Hill, Gob" has been with us for four years. Through his eccentric attitude to- ward life in -general he has gained the unanimous friend- ship of the 'entire student body. Every one, so they say, has his or her faults, 'but strangely enough during his stay with us, we have been afble to find few of his. Indeed, it is 'his allround ability and good fellowship that has won him his enviable pop- ularity, which extends even to the most attractive of our vil- lage queens. I Page 27 i ,Q tLlT4,9 X l 405:40 qy 411ND e 4 i, 'k iizi ..':? 'j if . xl J- o --,ge x K fs f xy 'Y 5 ewyffma gg . UAW km,-A f U . ,- . V I Kent's Store, Va. "One Horse Fa1"me1"' 23-24: Pvt. Band, Ciceronian Liter- ary Society: 24-25: Corp. Bugler Hdqlm. Co., Ciceronian Literary So- ciety, Dramatic Club. ERE is a true representa- tive of the "Land of Per- sim-mons," Fluvanna VXA-'Z County. If you want trou-ble just insinuate that there is something wrong with his native land and you will have it in abundance. But he is a poor man, who will not take up for his own vine and fig tree. And after all, "Old Flu"' is no bad place, even if her chief ex- ports are 'simmon beer and ma- terial for bone fertilizer manu- facturers. Kent is a good stu- dent and a favorite among his school-mates, always full of fun and ever willing to lend a help- ing hand wherever it may be needed. Work seems to be his pet amusement. But work or play, sunshine or rain, he is al- ways the same to one and all. Keep up the .good work Kent and you will surely the numfbered among Fluvanna's and F. U. M. A.'s past, present and future no- ta'ble sons. CLARENCE T. KILMON J. LOVELACE LaPRADE Onancock, Va. Republican Grove, Va. "'Snow" "LaPrade" 24-25: Pvt. Co. "B", Athenian Lit- Igiiilgf Society, Dramatic Club, Radio u . NOW" is another Eastern Sho' boy. He has only been with us for one year, but during' his stay he has shown ability and made many friends. He expects to take a technical course and we are sure he will make good. ..f-? XLITAQ as ffm 1 Feed ' cb MMO 4 -A. f' f Q. , 1. S D 0,371 DRI: E 'P . 1' 23-24: Pvt. Co. "B", Athenian Lit- erary Societyg 24-25: Corp. Co. "B", Vice-President Athenian Lit- erary Society, Preppery Prep Staff, Dramatic Club, Manager Senior Class Football Team, Manager Track Team, Varsity Club, Skir- mislier Staff, Baseball Squad. conscientious and depend- able are the attributes that characterize La- Prade. Serious and ear- nest in all his undertakings and always undertaking something for good. A iine student and a loyal friend. He has won a warm place in all our hearts and we wish 'him a happy and prosper- ous life. . ii RACTICAL, progressive, Page 28 JAMES P. LAY JOHN A. MOON Coeburn, Va. ' ' , Petersburg, Va. "Skeeler" "Jack" 23-24: Pvt. Co. "B", Athenian Lit- erary Society, Old Dominion Club: 24-25: Corp. Co. "C", Athenian Lit- erary Society. E is good natured, big' hearted and kind o' lazy, but still he'd make a A splindid husbman. Many of the fair sex seem to believe this as he has to carry a club when he goes to V. I. C. to beat them oif. He believes in life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. From his humorous speech we believe he has found all these. "Skeeter" has made many friends in school in spite of his short time here. He will long be remembered by his gen- erosity, his freedom from false pride and his jolly good friend- ship. Page 29 FQ 4 iuv-4,9 5 f sfl V7 EIB fl ffl 0441774-iix e ,..f :fi 1- --' if if O 6 x I 7 -3 9 .,fi'1-"NVE xv " Q1 Vi Q U . O 1- I-,g,'k 24-25: Pvt. Co. "B", Athenian Lit- erary Society, Asst. Manager Foot- ball, Asst. Advertising Manager Dramatic Club, Asst. Art Editor Skirmisher, Senior Class Football Team, Riiie Team, Radio Club, Tennis Club. ! 'ACK is only a "Rat" but J heis an all-round sport, O athlete and artist. He is fl the "kind of a man that girls don t forget." Hence his numerous visits to Columbia. The faculty have found that they can depend on him when it comes to class work. Congenial is a word that seems to be syn- onymous with "Mo0ney,' and you may recognize him by the smile which he has for every one. When locking for the medal given to the "Neatest Cadet" at weekly inspections just drop by A-101, his cell. Much success to "Mooney" in his future life. MANLY M. MULLIN Northern Neck, Va. "1VI11llin" 23-24: Pvt.. Co. "A", Ciceronian Lit- erary Society, Old Dominion Club: 24-25: Pvt. Co. "A", Clceronian Literary Society, Dramatic Club, Senior Class Football Team. thrown down three flights of stairs, plenty of noise and a long, loud, joyful peal of laughter. That's him, that's Mullin. A well known figure on the campus, not- ed ior his ready wit, generous humor, originality and faithful- ness. His favorite pastime seems to be sleeping, but when awaake he stands for concentrat- ed pep, energy and ambition. The best of luck to our friend and schoolmate. B AN-G! Bang! a chain ffl XLITAQ xx 0 'k .-sf ffm Aeaswu ' V MWO 4 .5 'l' ii? Zi: -f if - Y A P 2 V' uv- Xt D U I M'-K'-f EI P A T' AUTHUR B. NICOLLS Keller, Va. "Nick" 24-25: Pvt. Co. "C", Athenian Lit- erary Society, Theta Nu Delta, Dra- matic Club, Radio Club. y ES he does look young, but when it comes to knowledge he is far ahead eff of some who are older. He came to us for a Post Graduate Course, having already won a diploma from a high school. He stands among the first in his class and in literary work he is hard to beat. A1- though he is famous for break- ing' hearts, as was proven in the i'High Brown Breech of Prom- ise" we hope he will outgrow it and we are sure he will some day make an admirable husbman Page 30 JOHN E. NOTTINGHAM h I. PAUL PERKINS Eastern Shore, Va. Fork Union, Va. "N0tZie" 1 "Perle" 24-25: Pvt. Co. "C", Ciceronian Lit- erary Society. 0'T'DIE" came a long ways to 'be with us, but his 'de- 9 sire to get a "Dip" from a 'good school accounts for it. He stands high in his classes and if conscientious eifort 'brings success he is sure to succeed. By his wonderful personality and genial dispo- sition he has won the admiration of all who know him. Our best wishes go with him to the Uni- versity of Richmond. Page 31 xLlT,q,? 2 g Y vn Egan QW V 44174 O T ,Z ii if -Q, if A 1 Q I f, "1" : 15' 4559 fri as T' . 4-if 24-25: Pvt. Co. "C", Athenian Lit- erary Society, Dramatic Club, Senior Class Football Team. ERK" is one of the most P popular .men of our class. He is friendly, consider- ate and frank. His de- sirable traits are so nu- merous that we 'have not the space to say half that we would wish to. "The elements are so mixed in him that Nature can stand up and say, this is a man." You just can't place him wrong. From a farmer in 'fThe Villa-ge Band" to an "A" student in Ge- ometry he is perfectly at home. Just name the place and "Perk" is right there to do"his best for his Alma Mater The Class of '25 is looking' for great things from him at the University of Virginia. FLOYD PHIPPINS HERMAN J. ROBINS Owenton, Va. 5 Gloucester, Va. "Andy" V "Hum" 24-25: Pvt. Co. "B", Clceronian Lit- erary Society, Dramatic Club. happiest and jolliest fel- low in school you need 'J not -go further. Here he is. "Andy's" motto is, "Eat, drink andbe merry, laugh and the world laughs with you, weep and you weep alone." Not only is he happy himself but his good nature is unusually conta- gious. One cannot 'be with him without absorbing some of his optimism. In bidding farewell to "Andy" we shall allways re- member him as the most loyal of friends, 3, good student and a real optimist. His only fault is that he is a woman hater. He says that girls are a lot of trou- ble and that he has no room for trouble in his young life. I F you are looking for the - ...f XLITAQ sip-in D if Vu 4 C7ilQQ'9 'ff QV MIND '4 -A, f' 24-25: Pvt. Co. "C", Ciceroniun Lit- erary Society, Senior Class Football Team. UM" is a quiet, peaceful- like fellow and tends strictly to his own busi- ness. His love for the is something awful, too. Being "mail orderly" is a job not particularly liked by the "Rats", but he is always glad when his tu1'n comes and is al- ways the first one at the post- oifice. But strange to say, as strong as his love for "her" is, he is willing to sacrifice a part of the time which is justly hers for his school. He is ever will- ing and ready to help in any- thing which tends to a better F. U. M. A. We bid him an affec- tionate farewell and wish him the best of success wherever he goes. Page 32 WILLIAM L. ROSE RAFAEL T. RUIZ Portsmouth, Va. "Ducky" 24-25: Pvt. Drummer Hclqh. Co., Ciceronian Literary Society, Dra- matic Club, Radio Club. OSES efforts are, iby no means concentrated upon academic work, although that is 'his primary ob- ject and he is a good student. Indeed, his talents run in so many different channels that it is impossible to treat of them all here. He has proven his ability as a .valuable man in football, basketball and fbaseball besides doing good work in the literary society. He is good on the stage and as a bass drum- mer he just can't be beat. It is readily apparent that such a versatile -man should easily suc- ceed in life. Page 33 i ,.f ,m.l1-4,7 X l 406919 'U 414710 1. 4 Q. f' ii ii-f xx I J' O i , swf' KZ-5 1 l vz U " 4' Manila, Philippine Islands "Ruiz" 23-24: Pvt. Co. "B", Ciceronian Lit- erary Society: 24-25: Sgt. Hdqh. Co., Ciceronian Literary Society, Rifle Team, Dramatic Club, Radio Club, Track Team. UIZ proved himself a man R of good judgment when he 'left his far away home in Manila to at-tend Old Fork Union. During his residence here for the past two years he has endeared himself to the entire faculty and 'student body by his genial humor, his willingness and aptness, and his general sociability., He will en- ter the Virginia Military Insti- tute next year and we are sure he will be a credit 'both to the school where he is going and to the one he is leaving. Best o' luck old pal. OSWALD E. SHELL I n EDGAR G. STEVENS Petersburg, Va.. "Oystcr" 24-25: Pvt. Co. "B", Ciceronlan Lit- erary Society, Orchestra, Dramatic Club, Track Squad. F all the people of Peters- burg are like "Oyster", it 5 H indeed, must be a won- 'J derful city. We first saw him with a broad smile on his face and it is still there. His short stay with us here at F. U. M. A. has been a pleasure to all concerned, being a talent- ed saxophone artist, he seems to create an atmosphere of happi- ness wherever he goes. If you ever see "Oyster" you will easily recognize him by his unusual congeniality, u.lT4,,? l Fha Q' V 411 N 0 ,.,f ir? -i:,., '21 5? f , 1 O Q-ke s s ,k rn - T2 lftf' Elizabeth City, N. C. "Steve" 24-25: Pvt. Co. "B", Tar Heel Club, Dramatic Club, Clceronian Literary Society. in TEVE" came a long ways from home to increase his '1- store of knowledge. But in spite of this and his unfailing patriotism for the land of sticky heels, he has made his mark. During his so- journ with us he has made him- self a favorite 'by his ready wi-t and humor. "Never look for trouble, it will find you soon enough" is his motto. This must be right for "Steve" manages to keep his smile regardless of the hard parts of life's journey. To his native state we return this worthy son. May he ever be to her what he has been to us, a true Southern gentleman. Page 34 91 xi. E LOFTUS L. WALTON WILKES B. WATSON Richmond, Va. Hilton Village, Va. 23-24: Pvt. C0, "B", Athenian Lit- -1-M Nifty 23-24: Pvt. Co. "A", Chaplain erary Society, Theta Nu Delta, Old ,, Shi Ciceronian Literary Society, Gospel Dominion Club: 24-25: Btn. Staff QM A ,,, -Ev. Team, Ministerial Club: 24-25: Btn. Sgt. Major, Theta Nu Delta, Sec. 5'fQgg,, ,, I Staff Color Sgt., President Cicero- Radio Club, Sec. and Treas, Dra- . ":' nian Literarly Society, Business matic Club, Sec. Athenian Literary Q tr" 553. Manager Skirmisher Staff, Preppery Society, Asst. Business Manager H .uni gg ff Prep Staff, Sec. Ministerial Club, glliirgnlls-liel' Stafg, Asst. Editor-im jg Theta Nu Delta. ie reppery rep. MTW ' w i will M'AN of actions rather ALTON proved his ability ":2. than of Words can truth- 3 during his first year here We -f l fully be applied to Wat- fa- by Wmnlflg the JUHIQI' on son. He came to us two Scholarslilpi Medal. HIS years ago with a tinged l detefmlnatlon Pl'-1? aibll' goal and a stern determination lty and pleasing personality has to reach it. By hard work and WOU f01' him the love and fe' tireless efforts he 'has become spect of bo-th student body and faculty. We are sure that in whatever line of endeavor Wal- ton decides to follow he will be a success and a credit to it. GoodJbye and good luck "Su- gar Bill", may the gods ever fa- vor you an-d direct your footsteps along the path that leads to the best this world has to offer. Page 35 4 7 nm ,l ll-ITAQ o f 4 fl we Our-51:9 'ff V 41lND -2 1- 3 e - V 1- O 1, .1 S Qf-VJm,.:::x3 1' e wx- r f 1 x U 15' U-Qi' one of our most brilliant stu- dents. A glance at his record will show him as having been on the honor roll nearly every month in his two years here. He is an example of high ambition and elevated ideals. As a .min- isterial student he has lived the life among 'his fellows and ev- ery man in school respects him as a real Christian young man. We are sure that the future has great things in store -for this splendid young minister. i THE SKI RMI SHER Senior Class History PON introducing the Class of '25 to my reader, it may be well Si T fri to say that it would be impossible, in this limited space, to re- ps Ugg gzlgf- D255 late all the class has done in the past four years, during which y time it has been a vital part of the Academy. For this QL ff . . . ,gg reason, this page serves -only to give the-reader a few glimpses of the class as it really is. A few spotlights flashed here and there will suffice, we feel, to show you our real worth. The Class of '25 made its debut into Fork Union society Q W N9 September 18th, 1921, enrolling as one of the largest classes N that had ever entered, and of course, so many new men ffresh Ratsb being rushed in upon the Sophomores meant trouble. But under the kind unwritten code of "Jawn" Pitts, "Eb" Wit- Q ten, Saul Cooper and a few others, we were gently lashed out of our freshness and into a respectful attitude towards school life. Then our real work began. We succeeded in turning out the champion team in the inter-class football games. We lost a few inter- class basketball games but came back in winning the inter-class track meet. Our class also produced no small number of prospective literary men. Our "Rat" year, as a whole, meant much to us and we proved to be a class worthy of being in this institution. The following fall we returned as "Wise Fools", as nearly all Sopho- mores are. Although we thought we knew it all, under a wise and gentle rule We turned out oiie of the best spirited Freshman classes that has ever existed in our schoo . We began to make our school realize that we were a val- uable portion of it. It may be mentioned here thatbthisi was the year of our disasterous fires which wiped out two of our main ui ings. But with un- daunted courage, this was one of the classes which stood by the debris, with tear dimmed eyes, singing, "Fork Union Spirit", and pledging their loyalty, that their Alma Mater might rise from the ashes. So we felt over- joyed that we could be, not only a successful class, but a great help to our school in her most needful time. Then came our Junior year and its influx of new men to reinforce the dwindling ranks. For through life's process of elimination many had fallen by the wayside. It was at this time that our influence was growing to be a real strength and aid to the school. It was the reconstruction pe- riod of the institution and we did our part to help make her a better school in spirit as well as in buildings and equipment. The class as a whole, in the glory of a renewed institution, displayed a splendid worthiness. At last, we have run patiently the race that was set before us. We were within the glow of sunshine and the rainbow, that exalted position which brings both emotions of happiness and of regret,-happy because we are prepared to drink deeper of the "Pyrean Springes", but 'dlled with Page 36 ' THE SKIKMISHER regret for leaving our splendid faculty and our beloved Alma Mater. We rejoice in our large and proficient class which has exceeded its quota of men for all phases of school Work with many holding the highest positions in our school activities. It is all over now. The golden cord that holds us all in one assembly of supreme friendship must now be severed as We go forth into the World or into institutions of higher learning to do our part in the world's Work. Fork Union, We bid you a fond farewell with hearts full of gratitude for the unerring start you have given us in life. We go forth confident of suc- cess With praise on our lips for you. Our prayer shall always be: May our Alma Mater continue in her glorious Way, true to her purpose, firm in her convictions and with an unending success in giving to her sons a Chris- tian education. CURTIS P. CLEVELAND, Historian. QLD Mai 1' ,-tr. hh 'I 5 A f if - i FLHT gi f Page 37 V J A f '-me if 1 iininlfr ' 'li N P49345 ,Q THE 3 KI RMI SHER Nh 'C Miss ELOISE BLANTON Cumberland, Va. Sponsor Vice-President MASON SMITH Page 39 JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS President CHARLES N. DOZIER S ecretary WILLARD R. PIERCE Historian J. ROLAND ROOKE ROBERT H. CHILTON Kilmonnock Va. HB0bH 24-25: Pvt. Co. "B," Ciceronian Lit. Society. "Yes indeed, you tell 'em Military, I dowft like yer." DANIEL R. DILLON Washington, D. C. "Three Fingers" 24-25: Pvt. Co. "A," Dramatic Club, Ciceronian Lit. Society, Varsity Club. "Girls will be girls rega,rdless." CHARLES N. DOZIER Lee Hall, Va. ulkeyn 21-22: Pvt. Co. "B," Newport News Club, Tennis Club, Freshman Basketball Team, 22-23: Corp. Co. "A," Krabbers Klub, Old Dominion Club, 23-24: Sgt. Co. "B," Drum Ma- jor, Sec. and Treas. Sophomore Class, Vice-Pres. Krabber Klub, Old Domin- ion Clubg 24-25: Capt. and Adj. Athenian Lit, Society, Student Coun- cil, Mgr. Basketball, Rifle Team, Pres. Junior Class. "Attention to orders!" 0. ROGERS GRAYBEAL Lansing, W. Va. "Mountaineer" 23-24: Pvt. Co. "A," Ciceronian Lit. Society, Track Team, 24-25: Color Corp. Hdgh. Co., Ciceronian Lit. Society, Varsity Club, Dramatic Club, Radio Club, Indoor Relay Team. "See anything of Caxpt. Phippi'n.s?" r Page 40 J. BLACKWELL HANES Dillyn, Va. 'tBlackie" 24-25: Pvt. Co. "A," Athenian Lit. Society, Dramatic Club, Junior Class Football Team. "Life without letters is death." VERNON S. IIARRIS Caroleen, N. C. uBig Boys! 23-24: Pvt. Co. "A," Varsity Club, 24-25: First Sgt. Co. "A," Ciceronian Lit. Society, Varsity Club. "Big Boy is here to do his best for old Red and Blue. Let 'em come . oh." DANIEL H. HEPLER Jordon Mines, Va. Q UHep!J 24-25: Pvt. CO. "C," Athenian Lit. Society, Ministerial Club. "Says little, eats much, 'works hard." ALVIN L. LAUGHORN Roanoke, Va. HAI!! 24-25: Pvt. Co. "A," Athenian Lit. Society, Junior Class Football Team. "Curses! No mail!" Page 41 B. ALVIN BARROW LaGrange, N. C. "Barney Google" ' 24-25: Pvt. Co. "B," Ciceronian Lit. Society, Tar Heel Club. "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you, but have 'em to do theirs first." THURMAN S. BRITTS Roanoke, Va. HS T I! 24-25: Pvt. Co. "A," Ciceronian Lit. Society, Junior Class Football. "Arty Ma-il ?" ROBERT BRUCE Washington, D. C. HB0b!! 22-23: Pvt. Co. "B,"g 23-24: Pvt. Co. "B 3" 24-25: Sgt. Drummer Hdqh. Co., Ciceronian Lit. Society, Asst. Mgr. Football, Preppery Prep Staff, Orchestra. "Hard luck, that's all." 0. LYNWOOD BROYLES Roanoke, Va. xlDus,tyJr 24-25: Pvt. Co. "A," Ciceronian Lit. Society, Radio Club, Football and Baseball Squads. "Is there a 'special' for me?" Page 42 E. FRANKLIN LINDSAY Belroi, Va. ' lGBaby7! 23-24: Pvt. Co. "A," Krabbers Club: 24-25: Corp. Co. "B," Athenian Lit. Society, Dramatic Club. "Do others before they do you." JAMES F. PERLEY Charlottesville, Va. "Jimmy" 24-25: Pvt. Co. "A," Athenian Lit. Society, Dramatic Club, Junior Class Football Team. ' "Life without cz girl is-Q' 0. E. BELCHER Petersburg Va. "Belcher" 24-25: Pvt. Co. "C," Athenian Lit. Society, Relay Team, Track Team. "Co, 'C,' Belcher absent." WILLIARD R. PIERCE Fork Union, Va. "Prowler" 23-24: Pvt. Co. "A," Athenian Lit. Society, Varsity Club: 24-25: First Sgt. Co. "B," Athenian Lit. Society, Varsity Club, Dramatic Club, Sec. and Treas. Junior Class, Capt. Jun- ior Class Football Team. "Deeds hot Words." Page 43 J. ROLAND ROOKE Emporia, Va. "Hoover" 23-242 Pvt. Co. "A," Ciceronian Lit. Society, Freshman Football and Track, 24-25: Mess Sgt. Preppery Prep Staff, Sgt.-at-Arms, Ciceronian Lit. Society, T. N. D., Historian Jun- ior Class. As supervisor of the Mess Hall "Hoover" could not be surpassed. "Mullin, get the Officers' table some 'sinkers'," is his favorite saying. A. MASON SMITH Ashland, Va. "Smittie ' 23-24: Pvt. Co. "A," RiHe Team, Ministerial Club, Ciceronian Lit. So- ciety, Old Dominion Clubg 24-25: Sgt. Co. "C," Rifle Team, Radio Club, Dra- matic Club. Famous in electricity, and in the eyes of the belles of Wilmirlgtou. HAROLD P. WILLIAMS Roanoke, Va. uLef,tyn 24-25: Pvt. Co. "B," Athenian So- ciety, Varsity Club, Radio Club. "Ditto Dernitf' THOMAS O. YOWELL Charlottesville, Va. KITOHIH 24-25: Pvt. Drummer Hdqh. Co., Ciceronian Lit. Society, Dramatic Club. "He's had two years' e'ocperie'nce." Page ll THE SKIKMISHER i 'tx fa' My Waite: 1 2Sln1"'1: Junior Class History Eff?-Q59 HE Class of '26 set foot on the shores of Fork Union in Septem- W' flwii-X59 ber, 1922, and our colony has been steadily growing ever since. wxgg The first few days and months are well remembered by us as Iv? played tlgelgolie of "Rats", when all the mysteries of school N X151 i ewereun o e tous. Q When organized last fall we speedily elected as class ofli- Q cers: Charles N. Dozier, president, A. M. Smith, vice-presi- Q45 dentg W. R. Pierce, secretary and treasurer, and J. Roland 5 0 Rooke, historian. We were sure that these worthy young men D would safely pilot their ship through a successful session. X They have lived up to our expectations by instilling the great Km Fork Union spirit into each member of the class. Q Of the large Freshman class of '22, all but six have fallen out of the great march toward higher knowledge. But added to this list of earnest fighters, we have several who have joined us since. We have welcomed them into our midst and have endeavored to instill the true spirit into them. I This class has furnished many of the leaders in all the various places of school life, athletic, academic, military and social. Our band of sincere fighters are expected to, and will return next session to complete the last lap of the journey toward the goal of higher learning. Juniors, you are yet but small novices in the big and hard game of life. But as you climb the ladder of life toward higher understanding, always remember that we, and others who love you, are expecting great things of you. There is not the least shadow of a doubt in our minds but that you will press forward in the game of life, striving always to indent foot-prints on the sands of time so that others may see and be guided by them. May we all assemble here next September with this thought in our mindsg that we will make the last and most important lap of our education- al career here more successful than any previous year. Gentle readers, you have read a brief history of the Junior class, a group of young men who will continue the good work that they have started and in the end will come out victorious. fTo be continued in 19261 J. ROLAND ROOKE, H istorian. Page 45 MRS. W. T. MARTIN Roanoke, Va. Sponsor SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS President Secretary L. C. MARTIN N. G. DOUGHTIE Vice-President Historian E. D. BRENT W. B. PERKINS Page 47 SOPHOMORE CLASS F,6"'ff"',.j1'1 ' X , . 5 -- f ' N -s. .-, .Q Q, O jf., i THE SRIRMI SHER . Sophomore Class L. C. MARTIN E. D. BRENT President Vice-President N. G. DOUGHTIE W. B. PERKINS Secretary Historian MEMBERS Alvis, W. L. Hutchinson, J. R. Burns, E. H. Johnson, E. B. Britts, H. L. Johnston, W. F. Cole, W. F. Kelly, C. F . Cole, H. A. Lowry, H. E. Cordero, H. Moulsdale, H. T. Cousins, W. V. H Maddox, F. R. Daughtry, G. W. Madison, B. V. Dohrman, H. J. Robinson, C. G. Franklin, E. C. Steger, R. D. Goodman, W. C. White, W. C. Giles, T. W. Wright, C. E. Gillespie, C. G. Sophomore Class History 1 corners of the earth and stood in the doorway of our future CD 2 9 abode and theie received a view of the cheerless surroundings 4 I ,,,, They called us Rats , some wise and some otherwise, but all J 'QE one hundred per cent. green. O We lived a never-to-be-forgotten nine months, but now Q -JT? our Sophomore year has come and a glorious nine months it ,E has been. Although a large number of last yea1"s class re- sg D gigs T seems as if it were only yesterday that we came from the far , A 1 . . . cc u , ' ' turned we were reinforced by a splendid group of new men. At the first meeting of the class L. C. Martin was elected pres- ident, E. D. Brent, vice-presidentg N . G. Doughtie, secretary and treasurer, and W. B. Perkins, Jr., historian. All these Q men have proven their worth and have led their class through a successful year. We are represented on the athletic field, in the literary societies and in fact, in every phase of school life. We have that deter- mination to go out in the world and advance the fame and glory of our class and school as much as possible. "Venimus, vindimus, vincemus." W. B. PERKINS, JR., H istoriaxn.. Page 49 'J n1,,4Xc::i ak ff? ' 579 ,:g.--.'t'ff" izficffdzw ' ' EW atlgif k 1n?kL'Q MF 3 'xx . :NMR :iw-ffw MISS DORIS WAYLAND Portsmouth, Va. Sponsor 5 y FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS President Secretary W. S. PERLEY J. E. BRADLEY Vice-President Historian W. E. DOUGHTIE F. W. VAUGHAN Page 51 FRESHMAN CLASS sae V' wi? THE SKIKMISHER Freshman Class W. S. PERLEY W. E. DOUGHTIE President Vice-President J. E. BRADLEY F. W. VAUGHAN Secretary , Historian MEMBERS Bethel Holland Brooking Newsome Hall Bunch, G. J. Kirk Bunch, T. W. Haithcock Cain - Brown Svec Bright Boyer McDevitt Rowland Markert Hartberger Freshman Class History ' Www HE Freshman Class held its first meeting in the first week of W W October for the purpose of organization. The following officers K vi were elected: W. S. Perley, presidentg W. E. Doughtie, vice- AKQ QQQQ presidentg J. E. Bradley, secretary and treasurer, and F. W. Ev pi ri Page 53 Vaughan, historian. Despite the class being composed of "Rats" it has made a creditable showing, having furnished good men for every branch of sport as well as for all other phases of school activi- ties. During the inter-class football contest this class made an excellent record by holding the three upper-class teams to ties in three games. It would have won the championship but for the bulldog tenacity of the Seniors. Although our history is short we are proud of the class' achievements and we are contemplating great things for next year as Sophomores. FRANK W. VAUGHAN, Historian. X Ziff S le ff, ff-+11 'E' FIRST LIEUTENANT B. R. FARRAR. U. S. A Professor of Military Science and Tactics BA TTALION STAFF THE SKIKMISHER BERNARD N. FOSTER Stewartsville, Va. Cadet Major A Page 57 Miss BEUNA YSABELLE PE Bybee, Va. Sponsor RKINS xx . 5 393 ' 2' m, ' Q gsgfg X ' ' R34- P5 N 5 Q 37 gag f W R QV, ., 5:1 L M in-fl ,W M N, N RK? WJ i-Q3-as il W Q Yi , Dfw ,- qgmfawlingv m.1A"I4-.H M W mfg! y .M 21 'i-f.. ' 5 ,Q ,4Ss?,: ww m ,W 1 sa .- A S Tv 1 ,K 1 4, W Q-E 3 'J WCW wsu? rl-H.. ,, 'SKU-w as a nTg,u ,S . LL XT' B EQ. :w.M:?Q M- AM, fu- -x Mu - 1 :gzgew .fif w X' pf vv JN E5 J M n Em BA TTALION Z 'Nfl 5 5: :S'n'I' Miss OTHELIA KIRKHAM Richmond, Va. Sponsor CHARLES N. Dozwn Lee Hall, Va. Cadet Captain and Adjutant W -- - 1 Page 59 COMPANY "A THE SKIKMISHER R MASS Miss CHRISTINE ELLIS Charlotte, N. C. Sponsor Page 61 ' COMPANY "A" OFFICERS mu mn R, ss FE QJKNE as a 5 'sf a ms ms an n COMPANY "B f',4?' ,, .fbk 'N o , ., N--asv-.QR ! I .f'9',?.i415 SPN- . vf f M, . 1-'uw-CA QQIWL MB99 Miss JANIE JULIA WRIGHT Lynchburg, Va. Sponsor coMPA1vY "a" OFFICERS Page 63 COMPANY "C THE SKIKMISHER KKCSS X C351 Miss MARY HANES Richmond, Va. Sponsor ' 8214! ,fm -51 4 If Page 65 COMPANY "C" OFFICERS DRUM AND BUGLE CORP ff? 'FN-lf? 'A . y , f ' -we -- 157, 1- 1 ' SFII CONNER J. BRYSON Miama, Fla. Cadet Second Lieutenant Commanding Drum and Bugle Corps P:-.4 Page 67 7 5911! MISS DOROTHY HAMNER Tampa, Fla. Sponsor QSQJAI' THE SKIKMISHER Roster Company '24 " CURTIS P. CLEVELAND Captain VERNON S. HARRIS JOHN L. HART JAMES R. ROOKE First Sergeant Sergeant Sergeant EMMETT F. CHAUNCEY THOMAS F. CRITTENDEN Corporal Corporal BENNIE V. MADISON WATT S. PERLEY Corporal Corporal Privates Privates Bradley, James E. Brent, Edmund D. Bright, James V. Britts, Harry L. Britts, Thurman S. Brooking, Hathel L. Brown, Wilmer W. Broyles, Omar L. Chilton, Robert H. Cole, Herman A. Cole, Walter F. Cousins, Willard V Daughtry, George W. Dillon, Daniel R. Follit, William B. Hanes, John B. Holland, Charles E. Johnson, Edward B. Laughorn, Alvin L. Lowry, Harvey E. Martin, Lenwood C. Moody, Thomas F. Perley, James F. Perry, Walter C. Rowland, Lester L. Steger, Raymond D. Wright, Charles E. Page 68 THE SKIRMISHER 4 Roster Company "B " CLYDE FRANKLIN First Lieutenant WILLARD R. PIERCE First Sergeant JOHN H. DOREY EDWARD C. FRANKLIN FRANK R. MADDOX Sergeant Sergeant Sergeant WOODIS E. DOUGHTIE JOHN L. LAPRADE Corporal Corporal EMONS F. LINDSAY ROBERT G. PIERCE Corporal Corporal Privates Privates Page 69 Barrow, Barney A. Bethel, Joseph T. Bunch, Thomas W. Burns, Edward Cordero, Heraclio Haithcock, Howard S Hall, Edward M. Hutchinson, John R. Kilmon, Clarence T. Lane, Moulton Moon, John A. Newsome, Willard E. Perkins, William B., Jr. Phippins, Floyd M. Robinson, Charles G. Shell, Oswald E. Steele, Jesse I. Stevens, Edgar C. Williams, Harold P. C Hgiria t , i THE SKIKMI SHER Roster Company "C" KYLE G. HAWTHORNE First Lieutenant THOMAS W. DIXON WILLIAM C. GOODMAN First Sergeant Sergeant ADDIE M. SMITH Sergeant FREDERICK C. KELLY JAMES P. LAY Corporal Corporal WILLIAM C. WHITE Corporal Privates Privates Belcher, Otis E. Boyer, Julian F. Bunch, Granville J. Clough, Harold C. Dohrman, Henry J. Giles, Thomas W. Gillespie, Charles G Gregory, James M. Hepler, David R. Johnston, William F. SE!!! A X. i" 5 0,1 5? Kirk, Charles B. Moulsdale, Henry T Nicolls, Arthur B. Nottingham, John E. Osborne, Hal C. Perkins, Isaac P. Robins, Herman J. Smither, Thomas O. Vaughan, Frank W Page 70 THE SIIIKMISHER A :...'g gf: A ee-I 'uxpg , Roster Headquarters Company BERNARD N. FOSTER CHARLES N. DOZIER Captain 65: Adjutant NICHOLAS G. DOUGHTIE Second Lieutenant JOHN E. RICHARDSON Supply Sergeant WILKES B. WATSON Color Sergeant RAFAEL T. RUIZ Sergeant Bugler Q OARN R. GRAYBEAL Color Corporal GEORGE E. KENT Corporal Bugler CLEMENS M. CAIN Private Bugler JOHN H. PULLIAM Private Bugler WILLIAM L. ROSE Private Drummer Page 71 CONNER J. BRYSON Second Lieutenant LOFTUS L. WALTON Bn. Sgt. Major CHARLES E. POLLARD Color Sergeant WELTON L. HAMPTON Sergeant Bugler ROBERT BRUCE Sergeant Drummer EDWIN J. POWELL Color Corporal WALTER L. ALVIS Private Bugler LAMBERT M. CASWELL Private Bugler LEO F. MCDEVITT Private Drummer THOMAS O. YOWELL Private Drummer f" "WVR imifi. Military Department HE military activities of Fork Union started in a blaze of glory Qi when some sixty-five new cadets reported on September 11, J 1924, for preliminary classification, drill and instruction. Thanks to the generosity of a paternal War Department, Elin and for the first time in the history of the Academy, all the men were fully uniformed and equipped on the day of arrival except a three hundred pounder whose girth was beyond the Q4 ,W facilities of our supply sergeant to provide for. Doubtless real- xg izing the straits he was causing the latter non-commissioned Q officer, this man, fortunately for us but unhappily for him be- QQ X came suddenly homesick and found that his family needed him X urgently at home. As his huge bulk departed the Academy : forever and aye, the cooks heaved several sighs of relief and the Military Department claimed a record. The "rats" were rapidly licked into shape by the cadet officers, the old cadets arriving September 16th assisting materially. Three weeks later, when the Battalion was turned out for parade and inspection, a very creditable showing was made in this embryo performance. The military work this school year has been little short of excellent due partly to the fact that some of the cadets have had some military ex- perience in National Guard organizations or Citizens Military Training Camps, but mostly on account of the loyal and energetic spirit which has pervaded the corps. The discipline has been very well maintained, with few serious infractions, and hearty co-operation on the part of the cadet officers and non-commissioned officers. The first year men started off the military work with Infantry Drill, close and extended order, and then switched to Rifle Marksmanship, to the dismay of the colored folk living in Cloverdale, behind the range. These latter "duskies" have become very adroit at dodging bullets due to their experience during target season. While on the range "Lieutenant" Murry -soldier "par excellence" fFrench termj demonstrated to the boys his ability to knock thc spots off the ten of diamonds at one hundred yards. He is an adept at all forms of military including sleeping through reveille. and it has been whispered about that he is Napoleon re-incarnated. The Second Year men first took up map reading and sketching and then flourished the bayonet for a few weeks. As winter drew nigh Cpoeti- calj they slept through some lectures on First Aid and Military Hygiene, arousing themselves in time to learn how the little fly spread the dreaded typhoid germ. When wondrous nature caused the little birds to sing once more and the buds to peer from the woody haven, they learned how to "put the Automatic Rifle in parts", as Cordero has said, how to put it together Page 72 A K-se i without having any extra pieces and how to iire it. We would like to pub- lish a photograph of Cadet Yowell, "the man with two years' experience", snapping the trigger on an empty magazine, but the Police Gazette has secured the monopoly. This august class completed the year's work by learning how to rush and charge and fire and fix bayonets without cutting off their respective ears, in the study of Musketry. The Third Year Class is the star class with the exception of, well we won't say, we might hurt his feelings. They started off with Machine Guns and some of them almost ended there when the field firing started. The Academy cows, we feel sure, will not soon forget that day. The Military Law ended up in a blaze of glory when Dozier as judge advocate tried to convict Pierce of attempting to defraud Mike Spindonaress, the restaurant keeper fRuiz with a red mustachel. At present writing they are still going strong with Field Engineering, although Pollard insists that there are two entrances to a cave shelter so that when the enemy comes in the front door you can slip out the back entrance. Tactics, a Fourth Year subject, is a very diverting study. If you don't believe me get the opinions of Franklin and Ruiz. A recent problem in that subject involved a machine gun platoon going into action near a hill on which was situated a house and a barn. The immediate question was- what to do with the mules. Franklin wanted to unharness them and put them in the barn, real farmerlike, but Ruiz, always an epicure, suggested that they be spirited away before Earl Snead saw them and contemplate-d serving hash in the mess-hall. To sum up: in drills and military classes and discipline great progress has been made, but the elusive will-o'-the-wisp, Perfection, still lies ahead of us a considerable distance, although we trail diligently. We started off with a battalion organization of two companies of two platoons each and headquarters company fband and statfj. The original appointments of oiiicers and non-commissioned officers were: Major B. N. Fosterg Capt. and Adj. P. A. Anthony, Capt. C. P. Cleveland, First Lieuts. C. Franklin and T. L. Dodson, Second Lieuts. K. G. Hawthorne, C. E. Thomas and C. N. Dozier, Sgt. Major L. L. Waltong Supply Sgt. J. E. Rich- ardson, lst Sgts. L. C. Martin and V. S. Harrisg Color Sgts. N. G. Doughtie and S. L. Atkinsong Sgt. Bugler W. L. Hampton, Sgt. Drummers R. Bruce and R. T. Ruiz, Color Corps. W. B. Watson and B. F. Fitzgerald, Corp Buglers L. M. Caswell, G. E. P. Kent and H. T. Moulsdaleg Sg-ts. E. D. Brent, J. H, Dorey, W. B. Follit, E. C. Franklin, W. C. Goodman, H. C. Osborne, R. R. Perdue, W. R. Pierce, C. E. Pollard and J. R. Rookeg Cor- porals E. F. Chauncey, T. F. Crittenden, T. W. Dixon. R. J. Edwards, E. T.. Garrett, O. A. Greybeale, J. L. Hart, E. D. James, W. F. Johnston, F. C. Kelley, J. L. LaPrade, J. P. Lay, E. F. Lindsey, W. C. Perry, R. G. Pierce, and A. M. Smith. The following promotions have been made: C. J. Bryson to Drum Major, to 2nd Lieut.g F. R. Maddox to Sgt., M. M. Mullin to Corp., C. N. Dozier to Capt. and Adj.g C. E. Pollard to Color Sgt., N. G. Doughtie to 2nd Lieut.5 K. G. Hawthorne to lst Lieut.g J. L. Hart to Sgt., E. J. Page 75' THE S lil RMI SHER ' Powell to Corp.g W. B. Watson to Color Sgt.g A. M. Smith to Sgt.g B. V. Madison to Corp.g W. E. Doughtie to Corp.g W. R. Pierce and T. W. Dixon to lst Sgts.3 O. A. Greybeale to Color Corp.g W. C. White and W. S. Perley to Corp. It is fitting that at this point we pay tribute to our cadet major. He has through the entire year been loyal, energetic and true to every phaseof duty and at the same time exceedingly popular with the cadet corps. A member of the faculty recently remarked that all previous cadet majors have had their good points but that he never expected to see another one as competent as Bernard N. Foster, the present incumbent.. I Next year We hope to carry on the good woik and attain that high de gree of excellence which will deserve that the War Department stamp us "Honor Military School." By B. R. F. V f' . .iii Y 'air gc 1 .N Page 74 gs fi Y. ' ., W S W Q 'X Q Z Z ll O J' XXX K' Q , 0 if 5 COACH M. U. PITT Richmond, Va. Director of Athletics mf uw ,, . THE S KI RMI SHER Athletic Association OFFICERS President L. C. MARTIN Vice-President Secretary and Treasurer H. C. OSBORNE V. S. HARRIS Cheer Leaders C. P. CLEVELAND C. J. BRYSON ROBERT BRUCE Faculty Advisers COL. N. J. PERKINS MAJ. W. T. WOODSON CAPT. M. U. PITT FOOTBALL Captain Manager P. A. ANTHONY K. G. HAWTHORNE BASKETBALL Captain Manager J. I. STEELE C. N. DOZIER BASEBALL Captain Manager L. C. MARTIN B. N. FOSTER TRACK Captain Manager H. C. OSBORNE Page 77 J. L. LAPRADE V EU' Miss LENA SLEMP Big Stone Gap, Va. Sponsor '35 .52 FOOTBALL TEA M TH13 SKIKMISHER ? i Football 1 924 "'F-iii?-"E +55 ITH only two letter men from the squad of 1923 returning, foot- P 'Z is ball prospects were not very encouraging. It has been the 5 policy of Fork Union, however, to fight hardest when the ob- L 17 5 stacles are the greatest. Accordingly a number of men laid ff aside the pleasures of vacation and reported at the University O of Richmond two weeks before the Academy opened in order Q JF? to get in shape for the first game. After two weeks of stren- Q ,E uous work the season was opened by defeating the University 9 of Richmond Freshmen. In every game the lack of experience NU was evident. But even though our team was lighter than any Q of our opponents, the fighting spirit was splendid. The annual clash with Blackstone Military Academy marked the success- Q ful close of the season. Captain Anthony played center scintillated during the entire season. He was a very accurate passer and the minute the ball left his hands he was a battering ram on the offensive. His de- fensive work was equally as good. In the Blackstone game he won the praise of many people by playing a good part of the game With a broken nose. He received honorable mention for the All-State team. Osborne at quarter played a consistent brainy game. His generalship. line playing and running featured in every game. Dixon at half played his position exceptionally Well. He was a good ground gainer and a vicious tackler on the defensive. At half, Fitzgera1d's end running was a. big faction of our success. His line plunging was also of the better kind. Wil- liams playing at fullback was another mainstay. His passing was espe- cially notewonthy. Martin and Steele on the ends were vicious tacklers and good receivers of passes. Few of our opponents got around these men for gains and on punts they were always down the field. Harris and Rose at tackles were two of the bright lights in the line. Harris, tall and rangy, was a stone wall on the defense. Brent and Burns in the guard positions made it hard for our opponents on every occasion. The reserve strength of Garrett, Follit, Bryson, S. T. and H. L. Britts-, XV. R. and R. G. Pierce and Yowell contributed much to the success of the eam. University of Richmond Freshmen vs. Fork Union E HE Red and Blue Eleven opened the season on September 27th with a Nm well-earned victory over the Richmond "Spiders", winning by the score of 37 to 0. Although the "Spiders" put up a good battle, Fork Union showed superior playing throughout the game. Dixon at half starred for F. U., while Osborne's playing at quarter contributed much to the victory. V Page 81 Fifi ' -5 ffxrs -a . ,.f'- ijagxck THE S KI RMI SHER i uv. -- ,rg gm-111 Fishburne Military Academy fos. Fork Union ,. , .. boro to do battle with the strong Fishburne team in the second con- M" test of the year. The result was a surprise to all, for Fishburne was only able to score in the first three minutes of play, as a result of a fumbled kick-off. F. U. started an offensive march in the third quarter that looked as if it would result in a score but Fishburne checked this attack and the contest ended 6 to 0 in favor of the home team. However, the result was gratifying to all Fork Union supporters. Lack of experience proved very costly to the Fighting Cadets but the splendid spirit displayed against heavy odds was pleasing to all. ITH an inexperienced squad the Fighting Cadets journeyed to Waynes- . Hamden Sidney Reserves vs. Fork Union . OLLOWING the game with Fishburne the Hamden Sidney Tigers in- Nw vaded Fork Union and fought the Red and Blue to a 0 to 0 tie. The game was hard fought throughout and in spite of desperate attempts 'to score, neither side succeeded. Dixon threatened to score on a sweeping end run but was forced outside on the last down. The Tiger's quarterback starred for them. His brainy playing accounted for many of their gains. The spirit of both teams was splendid. Randolph Macon Academy fvs. Fork Union HE game with R. M. A. proved to be a decisive victory for F. U. the final score being 4 to 2. Though the game was played at R. M. Al the team didn't forget the old spirit with which they marked the game. The Red and Blue team was considerably outweighed but their speed and Iighting spirit was too much for the Bedford team. The work of the entire Red and Blue team was commendable while the running of Dixon featured. Staunton Military Academy vs. Fork Union N November lst the Red and Blue eleven traveled to Charlottesville to km meet the strong S M A team on Lamberth Field The fact that oui ,team was outweighed fifteen pounds to the man only filled them with greater determination to do their best. The game was thrilling from the beginning to the end, but owing to costly fumbles Fork Union suffered de- feat by a score of 14 to 0. Stauniton's first touchdown came in the last minutes of the first half as the result of a fake pass. In the second half F. U. played better ball and held S. M. A. for downs. Our light backfield was unable to penetrate Stauntoifs heavy line so we resorted to passing. Two forty-yard passes were successfully completed and we were in striking distance of their goal. S. M. A. held and we lacked the necessary punch to carry the ball over. Page 82 .AF r .r ifjr '-Tlw s, -gl A -3 'I'HE S KI KMI SHER Chatham Training School tvs. Fork Union n OLLOWIN G our defeat at the hands of Staunton, C. T. S. was admin- istered their usual licking, the score being 21 to- 0. The game was ' A hotly contested throughout and well marked by the spirit of both elevens. F. U. made repeated first downs through her opponents' heavier line and only the continuous hard fighting of Chatham saved them from greater defeat. F. U. scored in the last minutes of the first quarter and again in the second quarter. The touchdown was the result of a long for- ward pass to a "sleeping end." Following the kick-off, Osborne went over for the last touchdown in the third quarter and Dixon scored a field goal. Matton proved to be Chatham's shining star. Blackstone Military Academy fvs. Fork Union E ITH two weeks in which to prepare for the biggest game of the season ,MQ we met our old rivals here on November 22nd, Our opponents were 'UA' filled with the determination to get revenge, but as the game pro- gressed the "never say die" spirit of the Red and Blue eleven became so evident that Blackstone was pushed to the limit to keep off defeat. F. U. received the kick-off and got a bad start by losing the ball to Blackstone on the first play by a fumble. Our opponents started a march while we were unable to check. This paved the way to their touchdown. In the second quarter, F. U. settled down to work and fought our rivals to a standstill. The second half was marked by a remarkable display of spirit by the Red and Blue warriors. An offensive march was started which resulted in a touchdown for F. U. a few minutes later. Throughout the reminder of the game the ball was kept in Blackstone's territory and they were forced to put up a defensive game. Several times in the last quarter we advanced the ball within a few yards of their goal but each time they held and the annual contest ended in a 7 to 7 tie. r x S Page 83 THE SKIKMISHER Football Summary K 37 U. of Richmond Freshmen.. 0 0 Fishburne 0 Hampden Sidney Reserves 0 41 R. M. A ................................. 2 0 S. M. A .,....... ,,...... 1 4 F U ORK MON 21 C. T. s ............. ,,,,, 0 7 Blackstone ....... ......,,.... 7 106 -5 Total ' jr er E Page 84 X BASKET Us .QW ix ' I " N M. mum WI.. XX. ' ' f um, A 4 ,C -,-.- A . 4- ,U XX -Q ui-L v-- X I U' ,A iuis p 5.1 . 'Tri J r - hi!! r 1 BASKETBALL SQUAD F ' 1- Q fwfii THE S KI RMI SHER M XN ff, ., M J. I. STEELE Morgantown, W. Va. Captain Page 87 ijiflf Miss GWENDOLYNE BETHEL Richmond, Va. Sponsov' on EE!!! THE SKIKMISHER s .WW wfnis Qi Jw Q ing won for Basketball 1 924-25 HE basketball season this year was one of ups and downs. The squad was very small but a good team was developed from entirely new material. Captain Perdue and Follit, substitutes of last year's star quint, formed the nucleus of the team., After losing the first game of the season to the Univer- sity of Richmond Freshmen, the Red and Blue five settled down to work and won seven of the remaining eleven games. Black- stone, our old rivals, were easily disposed of and the season was successfully closed by defeating Leonard Hall. The Varsity Captain Perdue played a brilliant game at forward. His fast accurate shooting and passing brought victory on many occasions. Follit at forward played his position splendidly. He distinguished himself in the Blackstone game. His shoot- ing of fouls was also noteworthy. Dillon at center played a consistant game throughout the season. Rose proved himself a splendid running guard. His floor work and accurate shoot- him a name. Steele's Work at the other guard position scintil- lated during the entire season and contributed much toward our victories. The results of the season were as follows: 225 U. of Richmond Freshmen 27 495 Scottsville A. C. 11 27g Hampden Sidney Fresh. 20 653 Scottsville A. C. 24 353 Charllottesv1ill1eAH. S. 31 193 Fish urne . . 25 FORK UNION 29g staunton M. A. 51 205 Randolph-Macon Acad. 42 435 W. 8: L. Freshmen 29 23g Chatham Train. School 27 513 Blackstone M. A. 24 493 Leonard Hall 13 Page 88 T BAS M1 BASEBALL TEAM ' Ewa, f W xx, 4 L. C. MARTIN Roanoke, Va. Captain Page 91 45911 MISS S HIRLEY HUDDLESTON Roanoke, Va. ' Sponsor -ahhyv -5 , 1 THE SKI RMI SHER swag. ff ln. ,rf Efmffvg Baseball Prospects creditable team the outlook is bright for a successful season Quite a bit of new material responded to the call for candidates and with Captain Martin and Harris as a nucleus we are confi- dent of putting a good team in the field. Captain Martin will again do the receiving and the hurlers will be selected from Williams, Dozier, Dillon, Laughorn and Yowell. Harris has been shifted to first base and looks good in his new position. Rose, at the keystone sack, promises to give a good account of himself. At short, Dorhman is making a creditable showing, while Doughtie will probably hold down the hot corner. In the outfield, Dixon is gathering them in in good style in the left garden, while Brent will be in center- field. The left-fielder wi-ll be selected from Powell, Moon and Bryson. We regret very much that the "Skirmisher" goes to press before the opening of the season. The schedule is as follows: nik LTHQUGH we have only two. letter men on which to build a . C F . A QA .5 SCHEDULE March 14-Fork Union High School March 21-Virginia 'Alberene Corp. March 25-Scottesville High School March 28-Randolph-Macon College Freshmen April 4-Hampden Sidney Freshmen April 9-U. of Richmond Freshmen April 11-Saint Christophers April 14-Chatham Training School April 15-Danville Military Institute April 17-V. S. D. B. April 20-McGuires April 23-Saint Christophers April 24-Blackstone Military Academy April 25-Christ Church School April 28-Randolph-Macon Academy April 30-Staunton Military Academy May 8-Fishburne Page 92 cnrrrwai TRACK TEAM 74? 'fy '71 THE S KI RMI SHER , , sskff SMTLQ 'Nfl 251 Q 5341! H. C. OSBORNE Roanoke, Va. Captain Page 95 -o 4951!- KS56' 4 Miss ETHEL UDEANIE7' OSBORNE Roanoke, Va. Sponsor f-' TQ '. C -sig? Track Team 1925 ages a..'faANDIDATES for indoor track were called for soon after the 5.2.2 Christmas holidays. Among those responding Were: Captain Osborne, Fitzgerald, Thomas, Garrett, Greybeale, Belcher, as V, Dorhman, Edwards, Perry and a few others. For various rea- Qfzx Z sons Coach Pitt decided to develop only a mile relay team, CN having won the South Atlantic Championship in that event Q W V mi? last year. The prospects for a winning team were very bright at the beginning of practice but the loss of three of our crack B quarter-milers before the Iirst meet was very discouragnig. xv Nevertheless Coach Pitt went to work and developed a relay QQ team that later won the South Atlantic Prep School Cham- pionship. Ks On February 13, the Red and Blue quarter entered the Q Southern Conference Indoor Meet at U. of Virginia, against A many of the best prep and high schools in the South. The Fork Union runners did not win but ran a close second to Tech High School of Washington. However, Augusta Military Academy was beaten by a good margin. The next meet was the U. of Richmond Indoor Games at Rich- mond. Our quartet ran in good style and brought back the South Atlantic School Cup. Next the relay team journeyed to Washington to take part in the Georgetown University Meet and the following day entered the Johns Hopkins Indoor Games at Baltimore. At Washington the team ran a beautiful race from start to finish but lost to Baltimore Polytechnic In- stitute by only a few feet. However, it is interesting to know that the time almost equaled that made by Princeton's relay team. At Baltimore the Red and Blue four lost to Tech High of Washington. This brought the indoor track season to a successful termination. The outlook for a good outdoor team is very promising. Although there are only three letter men from last year's team there is a Wealth of new material and we feel sure of having one of the leading prep school track teams of the state. The schedule of the meets is as follows: April 2-Hy S. Freshmen at Fork Union April 6-U. of Richmond Fresh- men at Westhampton April 18-McGuires School at Richmond April 27-Blackstone at Richmond V May 4-Staunton ML A. at Staunton May 9-State Championships at Charlottesville Page 96 ss. 35.88 Kgniimms :xx Bm' Q. E g, K E mms., ss we-x-as ,H m- W- 'ws,n"'mwm E B ,fm maxim " Av-in M as E313 .EE 5 amnesia Maw W" -...QL "M ME :mf amen-fm in ms ws mfixxnamsl mm-" ' H shui- W ' X L, .QMQM Page 97 SOUTH ATLANTIC PREP CHAMPIONSHIP RELAY TEAM H. C. OSBORNE, Captain O. R. GREYBEALE HENRY DOHRMAN O. E. BELCHER M. U. PITT, Coach "MAC" PITT, JR., Mascot MAJOR wn.sER'r -r. woonsozv Director of Literary Wdrk ATHENIAN LITERARY SOCIETY CICERONIAN LITERARY SOCIETY 3-RV... V, THE SKIKMISHER X . Athenian Literary Society J. L. HART J. L. LAPRADE President Vice-President L. L. WALTON N. G. DOUGHTIE Secretary Chaplain MEMBERS Caswell, L. M. - Hanes, J. B. Perkins, I. P. Chilton, R. H. Hepler, D. H. Perley, J . F. Cleveland, C. P . Kilmon, C. T. Pierce, R. G. Clough, H. C. Laughorn, A. L. Pierce, W. R. Cousins, W. V. Lay, J. P. Powell, E. J. Dozier, C. N. Lindsey, E. F. Steele, J. I. Follit, W. B. Maddox, F. R. Williams, H. P. Hampton, W. L. Moon, J. A. Pulliam, J. H. Nicolls, A. B. Cieeronian Literary W. B. WATSON President T. F. CRITTENDEN Secretary Britts S T Broyles, O. L Bruce R Bryson, C. J Chauncey, E Dillon, D. R. Dorey, H. J. Barrow, B. A. C Franklin, C. Franklin, E. Page 101 F. MEMBERS Goodman, W. C Greybeale, O. R. Gregory, J. M. Hawthorne, K. Harris, V. S. Kent, G. E. P. Madison. B. V. Mullin, M. M. Nottingham, J. Phippins. F. M. Pollard, C. E. . G. E. Society B. N. FOSTER Vice-President A. M. SMITH Chaplain Richardson, J. E. ' Robins, H. J. Rooke, J. R. Rose, W. L. Ruiz, R. T. Smith, A. M. Stevens, E. G. Shell, O. E. White, W. C. Cordero, H. 'FT ' 1- ' ' ggi.,-irvag X-tm ..-. A, Literary Society Work HE literary Work is emphasized by our faculty as one of the sg Q most important phases of our school activities. For there will come a time in every successful man's life when lie Will find it, not only advantageous, but a necessity to be able to express his opinions publicly and in an effective way. W In the literary society work at Fork Union cadets receive kd their fundamental training in oratory, debating, de-claiming 3 and public speaking. Juniors and seniors are required to take 53 an active part in this work and all cadets who are members of ' the societies take great pride in doing their best to make the Tj programs successful. Q There is great interest stimulated in the literary work by friends of the Academy who offer medals to the men ex- celling in the various phases of the Work. Medals are given to the best declaimer, best orator and the best debater. In ad- dition to these there is a valuable one given to the cadet show- ing the greatest improvement in the work during the school year. This medal is offered by a former student of the Academy. There are two societies in our school. the Athenian and the Ciceronian. There is a keen enthusiasm in literary work as has been exhibited by the intensive rivalry in the inter-society clashes. In these contests each so- ciety puts forth its greatest effort to win the most points. The Society winning the highest number of points during the scholastic year holds the silver cup for the coming session. At present the Athenians are holding the cup, but it is hard to say just who will be the winners this year as both societies have splendid material and the odds are almost balanced. A1- though the Ciceronians are putting up a spirited fight for the cup We feel that the Athenians are fighting equally as hard to keep it. In closing this brief resume of our literary activities We would not for- get to mention Major W. T. Woodson, director of the literary work. It has been largely due to his faithful efforts that such great progress has been made in the work. We also wish to extend our thanks and apprecia- tion to Worthy critics, Captain C. H. Phippins and Captain D. H. Lindsey, as they have been faithful workers and valuable assets in the promotion of the literary Work in our school. Page 102 . - W fi ' 'H N -,fc-P, H ,. af' -er, A THE SKIKMISHER 'Q FY Q Omfionf deli-'uerea' at an Inter-Joczlety Context CBy BERNARD N. FOSTER, Ciceronianj Mr. Chairman: "ln Flanders Fields the poppies grow Between the crosses row on row, That mark our placeg and in the sky The larks, still bravely singing Hy Scarce heard amid the din below. We are the dead, short days ago, We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow, Loved and were loved. And now we lie In Flanders Fields. Take up our quarrel with the foe! To you, from fallen hands, we throw The torch. Be yours to hold it high! If ye break faith with us who die We shall not sleep, though poppies blow In Flanders Field." A plea to us Sir, from the dead heroes of the World War. November 11, 1918, is a date to be remembered by the world as long at time shall last. It brought an end to the greatest and most destructive war that the world has ever known. But along with peace it brought a problem almost as enormous as the war itself-that of reconstruction. That, Ladies and Gentlemen, is the subject I have chosen to speak to you of tonight: THE RECONSTRUCTION OF THE WORLD. After every war there follows a period of reconstruction or building back what has been destroyed by the war and of readjustment to the new conditions brought on by the war. Let us take for an example our own country at the close of the Civil War. When General Lee surrendered to General Grant at Appomattox in 1865, people said that a long hard strug- gle was over, but in many respects the hardest struggle was yet to come- that of readjusting the nation the new conditions. So far as the North alone was concerned the most immediate ones were met satisfactorily. Her armies were paid off and sent home at the governmenltfs expense The "Old Soldiers", for the most part, found honorable and useful posi- tions in industry with marvelous rapidity and with hardly a ripple upon the usual order. But for the wrecked South the problems were infinitely more difficult. The Ex-Confederate soldier toiled homeward, mostly on foot, from North- ern prison camps and from surrendered armies to find his home in ashesg his stock carried oifg his family scattered and his labor system utterly gone. Many an aristocrat, who in April, had ruled a veteran regiment, in July, was hunting desperately for a mule that he might plow an acre or two to raise food against the .starvation of his delicately nurtured family. The destruction of bridges and railroads left many sections isolated and self-dependent, and economic life had to be built up from the primitive Page 103 THE SKIKMISHER conditions. No praise is too great for the quiet heroism with which the men of the South set themselves to this immediate and unaccustomed task. And today We of the South are just beginning to recover from the destruc- tion of that war. Now let us turn to another war-a war not involving one or even two countries, but practically the entire civilized world-a war that took for its toll millions of the worldls most splendid manhood, destroyed thousands of homes, billions of dollars worth of property and many priceless works of art and architecture that can never be replaced, besides checking the prog- ress of civilization so that it will take the world a hundred years to get back to where it was in 1914. A spark started by the assassination of an Austrian noble that in a few weeks set the globe ablaze-the great World War. We have just emerged from this terrible conflict and have hardly begun on the greatest problem that ever confronted the world, that of adapting ourselves to the new conditions caused by this war. Now following every war there is a reaction, a decline in the morals, literature, arts, commerce, industry and in the governments of the peoples concerned. We are now in the midst of that reaction and it seems as if We are very slow in getting started upon the immense task before us. Look at the conditions that are prevalent in Europe today, Belgium, northern France, parts of Russia and other European countries lay in ruins, govern- ments are unstable, Germany refuses to pay the indemnity and France has occupied German territory, petty wars are still raging, man power is scarce and thousands of men, women and children are starving to death. New countries and new governments have sprung up and have not yet estab- lished themselves among the other nations. Even America, who was least affected by the war is more or less affected by this reaction. Our industries are on the decline and thousands of ex-soldiers are unemployed, labor un- ions and other organizations are causing nation wide disturbances, a crime wave is sweeping the entire land and both religious and social conditions are falling. Ladies and Gentlemen, under these conditions, it is time, and high time, that we become aroused and begin on this important and urgent task. The question is, who is to do it? The greater part of it falls to the United States. We are looked upon by practically all the other nations as the lead- ing power in the world and they are looking to us, and expecting from us, help and guidance in this work. This besides being an honor to us as a nation places a heavy responsibility upon us. But America has been accustomed to great tasks and great responsi- bilities throughout her history, and she will not fail in this one. Her hon- orable sons have been and are still striving for this noble cause. One of them, among the best loved if not the best of her statesmen, a true south- ern gentleman and a man one hundred per cent American, a true lover of humanity, not only loved and honored by his own country but by the en- tire worldg he who has poured out his life's blood for one of the noblest causes that mankind has ever struggled only a short time ago passed on to his eternal reward. Faithful to the last, he approached death's door with his greatest desire still in his heart, a wreck on life's sea-alone Page 1014 THE SKIKMISHER he has paid the cost-America! oh America! awake from thy slumber and salute thy great immortal chief, thy noblest son-WOODROW WIL- SON. He had a dream. had this nation been far-sighted enough to have seen it as he did, that would have done much toward bringing the world back to its former place and would have made it safe from another such disaster-The League of Nations. But he was a man, as many great men, living in advance of his time and his labors were spent almost in vain. Al- though America, on the whole was too selfish and narrow to appreciate the dreams of this noble son, his efforts have started other prominent men to thinking and may God hasten the day when this or some similar move- ment will be put into force by the nations of the earth whereby interna- tional controversies may be settled peacefully. When something of this kind has been done one of the greatest problems of reconstruction will have been accomplished. Mr. Wilson plunged into the war at the head of America's millions, both soldiers and civilians, to make democracy safe for the world. It was at the critical point of the struggle. The forces of the Allies were on their "last leg", so to speak. Their armies were thrown out, their reserves al- most exhausted, their treasuries nearly empty and the morale of their peo- ple was at a low ebb. But when the Star Spangled Banner entered the fight backed by three million hastily trained troops-three millions of people armed in the holy cause of liberty, men who had never known defeat and vho were fighting to protect their loved ones and homes from the atroc- ities of the murderous hordes of the Kaiser, new enthusiasm was aroused and a glorious victory was soon won. But at what a cost! Think of our sons and -brothers who for days at a time fought in rain, mud and cold, suf- fered, starved and died, for no other purpose than to make their beloved America and the world safe from such despots as Wilhelm II and his un- speakable German "Kulture". Ladies and Gentlemen 5 did they accomplish their purpose? They did as far as they are concerned-that is those who are represented by such mute testimonials as this golden star at my left. CA service starl. They made the supreme sacrifice, but they left it to us, the living, to complete. Much has been done in memory of these valiant sons of America, but the greatest monument that we can ever raise to them is to carry the work which they have so nobly begun to a successful finish. Now, Fellow Countrymen, this is our problem. Each and every one of us has a part in it. And may God the Supreme Ruler of the universe help us to say about the world what that great and immortal American, Abra- ham Lincoln, said about this nation-that from these honored dead We take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion. That we now highly resolve, that these dead shall not have died in vain, but that this world under God shall have a new birth of free- dom and that the governments of the people, by the people and for the people shall permeate the earth. Then, and not until then, will our task be complete, and democracy be safe for America and the world. Page 105 1: g f 'J ca -" '-ups ir.. igffrli. LIVING MONUMENTS ' KBQ1 J. LESLIE HART, Athenianj Mr. Chairman, Ladies and Gentlemen: From time immemorial men have erected monuments and dedicated them to the memory of those whose names they wished to live on down through the centuries. Every city of any size in the world today has among its most valued attractions monuments to its sons whom they wish to honor and have their children's children revere. The oldest and most wonderful monuments are the pyramids-those giant-like sentinels which stand out on the trackless Egyptian Desert keeping watch over the historic treasure grounds. Archaeologists tell us they were erected by ancient rulers as their mausoleums and monuments. It seems that each king tried to outstrip his predecessor in the magnifi- cence of his final resting place. Standing in the presence of these, Na- poleon said to his men: "Forty centuries look down on you!" Among the finest monuments of Europe is that which is found in the beautiful valley of Lucerne to the memory of the Swiss Guard who fell around Louis XVI when the furious mob stormed his palace. Placed in a niche of the limestone cliff, of which it forms a part, a lion pierced with a spear still holds in his death-like grip the shield on which is carved the arms of Bourbon. Few works of art are more majestic, or more fully show the hand of a master. It is only the courage that this monument honors, and we wonder at the power which has so ennobled and dignified it when the great idea of patriotism is wanting. The Swiss Guard whom it com- memorates did bravely the work which they had contracted to do when the subjects of the king, whose meat they had eaten and whose wine they had drunk, deserted him. And I could go on indefinitely and mention monuments of metal and stone erected to commemorate men who have done deeds of bravery and achieved distinction in their life's workg but, as the subject of my oration indicates, I have chosen to bring to your attention this evening monuments, not of mineral or metallic substances, but LIVING MONUMENTS! I see now a monument of this type which is still a living, breathing, and growing testimony to the work of one of our most illustrious benefac- tors of the fifteenth century. That was the time known to us as the Mid- dle Ages, with all their ghostly, unreal, burdensome and technical religious customs. After his university training, our hero, being of a devotional character seeking after truth, and truth alone, secluded himself in a monas- tery where the great question of all time pressed upon his mind with pecu- liar forceg "What shall a man give in exchange for his soul?" Light was what he wanted, and, thank God, he did receive light, light which enabled him to free himself and his followers from the terrible oppression of the Roman Catholic Church! Declaring that justification in the sight of God was by faith, and not by penanceg declaring the supreme authority of the Holy Scripturesg and declaring the right of private judgment in their in- Page 106 THE SKIKMISHER terpretation, he attacked the teachings of this degraded religious machine. I wish to picture him to you standing before the Diet at Worms, saying: "Unless you confute me with argument drawn from the Scriptures, I cannot and will not recant anything. Here I standg I cannot otherwise. God help me." I do not know whether or not men have erected a monu- ment of bronze or stone to this man, but I do know that the Reformed Protestant Church of today is a living, breathing monument to that man of immortal fame-MARTIN LUTHER! We all know of the ravages of the past war, of the suffering of the sick and wounded upon the fields of battle and in the hospitals, but I wish to ask you, Ladies and Gentlemen, how much worse these conditions would have been had it not been for the tender, loving hands of the Red Cross Nurse who administered comfort in the time of suffering? Prompted by philanthropic instincts, Florence Nightingale early in life turned her atten- tion toward the relief of suffering humanity and made a scientific study of nursing. During the horrible Crimean War, she hastily organized and trained a band of nurses and went upon the fields of battle and into the hospitals tenderly nursing the sick and treating the wounded. Thus it was that the greater part of her life was spent until her health gave away on account of the over exertion. Did she accept the subscription of 5,850,000 that was raised for her? No, no, she did not! She allowed the sum to go toward the founding of the famous Florence Nightingale Training School for Nurses. Did she allow the British soldiers to contribute the proposed penny each to erect a monument to her? No, she wanted no such honor. But I tell you that "Our Lady-in-Chief" as she was known to "the boys" has a greater monument than money could build. The Red Cross Societies of the world and Nursing Profession of today are LIVING MONUMENTS to Florence Nightingale! And now I see, looming in the distance, another monument. It is not quite completed, but as time goes on it is becoming more and more signifi- cant and nearer completion. This monument commemorates the work of a man who lay down his life for the peace and harmony of the world. Before the United States entered the World War, our President proposed "a league of nations to enforce peace, not a peace of despotic and irrespon- sible governments, but a peace made by the free peoples of the world, and made secure by the organized forces of mankind." Our country hav- ing entered the world conflict, a glorious victory was won for those who were fighting for the right, but our statesmen realized that something should be done to conserve these victories, and out of this realization grew the League of Nations. The Father of the League was acclaimed by the peoples of England, France and Italy as the "Father and President of all." And now, all this monument needs to make it complete is the capstone. When that capstone which is the United States of America, is laid on this living work of art, it will then be a living monument to that noble hero, that martyr of the World War,-WOODROW WILSON! Ladies and Gentlemen, I repeat again to you that these three-Mar- tin Luther, Florence Nightingale and Woodrow Wilson-need no monu- Page 107 THE SKIKMISHER ments of stone or metal to keep their names alive. They built their own monuments, and I say to you that to live in the hearts We leave behind is NOT to die! In the classic mythology it Was fabled that the heroes were demi-gods. Raised above the race of man, and yet not so far but their examples might be imitated, they served to inspire those who struggled with their sur- roundings. So should these, only a. few of our heroes, While the dust of our life's conflict is yet upon us, inspire us to loftier and nobler lives! "Lives of great men all remind us We can make onfr lives sublime, And departing leave behind us Foot-prints on the sands of time!" d M n x0 on W'-tggzgrdmqg n i 5?g23.i.lM1 K ju ,fe 23, Page 108 if J I W . J! 1 II! 1 Www NQN , Aiwff ' , ,l 7 1 , ff Mus 1 T f ' fa .1 eowo ,xo 5 be r - . THE SKIKMISHER Theta Nu Delta BERNARD N. FOSTER President J. RO-LAND ROOKE N. GRIFFIN DOUGHTIE Vice-President Secretary Cleveland, C. P. Crittenden, T. F. Dorey, H. J. Franklin, C. Franklin, E. C. Hampton, W. L. Page 111 MEMBERS Hart, J. L. Maddox, F. R Nicolls, A. B. Pollard, C. E. Walton, L. L. Watson, W. B. ' L' I I HE S KI KMI SHER "Wal EH, .WF fft"'1. Officers Club Miss ADELAIDE MAHONEY Tampa, Florida Sponsor MOTTO "In time of peace prepare for war." "Eat, drink and be merry, for to- y morrow 'we may be 'bnsted'." l OFFICERS President BERNARD N. FOSTER Vice-President Secretary CURTIS P. CLEVELAND CLYDE FRANKLIN MEMBERS Major Bernard N. Foster Lieut. Kyle G. Hawthorne Capt. Curtis P. Cleveland Lient. N. Griffin Doughtie Capt. Charles N. Dozier Lient. Conner J. Bryson Lient. Clyde Franklin Page 113 MINISTERIAL CLUB g,,4.'4'v'j'4-3 ff- . , 'fe 2 1 ,w Ministerial Club Miss NANNIE NEWSOME Ahoskie, N. C. Sponsor MOTTO: "Study to show thyself dp- proved unto God, a, wofrlcman that needeth not to be ashamed." 12nd Timothy 2:15.J N. GRIFFIN DOUGHTIE BENNIE V. MADISON Vice-President Cleveland, Curtis P. Cousins, W. Victor Chauncey, Emmet F. Foster, Bernard N. Franklin, Clyde Page 115 President WILKES B. WATSON Secretary MEMBERS Franklin, E. Contee Hart, J. Leslie I-Iepler, David H. Moody, Thomas F. Richardson, John E. Smith, A. Mason a," i"z wr 'JLW 'M -V 'i 'I 'A : 1, '45 Zfmwifal H3 was -K' sw' mai Hina in H52 E' H .BM 1 H in WW J Xu W A S Q X VT'1gW.,Q, Q M- .1 A -A M V- 1 Ng. my -fn W - A 1 M FQ'-.: na Z 2 ZX ww iv E Q h 3 ?lw9q k Q W I' H fj X mf.: . L. ,ng Ns, L, K 13 uw vu rin LH H HHQAEAZFIQHVIIHLL x J " X '- ' .MM f X , -Nga, M lr, QE Ham hm 9 1' . 'V Q 4' . ' ' 'gfw I 5' E ,I . :E"5:5 H 4 .. ' , 3 ' WT' 'Sf - 2938 is Q ' E Q ,5 2 ,. . " ' gi M 5 fr -W f 1 ' .5 r .Eff " . 5? ..' " , , 2 ' kgjyggz-: E HQ Q ff - , , . W .. 1 E " , ' 2 X E' " 5 if E' : 1, A H ' ' fu ' H 2 ':LiZLi:1:V. Y. E , 5' ,. W .ff 35 ' ' Q- 1,31 . - K K' E' y ' K ' .Q W, -v,.,. E ,:,,,, ,XFX-M .,. x-L , X I wa mam a ms.: HEX m R f wm- 4? WEE i K rg' 1 S f--u ni' s . -4x ,, Q ? 5 L A?-'1wn'3 511 " . -rl-4lfNQiQ9J7alv-Q Miss IVIARIAN C. ALLEY Richmond, Va. Sponsor 'lP 4lCi2ifDlPl4lb Editorial Staff of the Peppery Prep J. LESLIE HART Editor-in-Chief LOFTUS L. WALTON E. F. CHAUNCEY Asst. Editor-in-Chief Devotional Editor C. J. BRYSON T. F. CRITTENDEN Literary Editor Art Editor BUSINESS DEPARTMENT J. ROLAND ROOKE WILKES B. WATSON Business Manager Circulation Manager SPECIAL REPORTERS ROBERT BRUCE BERNARD N. FOSTER CURTIS P. CLEVELAND Athletics Military Alumni WILLIAM FOLLIT R. G. PIERCE Wit and Humor Academic GENERAL REPORTERS J L. LAPRADE H. J. DOREY I. PAUL PERKINS Faculty Adviser COLONEL N. J. PERKINS Page 117 , ist - . ' . L Q L Y D A 1' l:.""""f' I' L D wh' H un N , rt . 'll lll..ll l t 1 l ll. 0 ' of f .l.Iil l Q, - l.I-Intl I ' " ff ,.,.. ., ,,."'i, if ' " r 4, ffgE,,h,.... 1. car READY t TO season ouit sptttrr l ron Exams: ff Vol.. Ill. FORK UNION MILITARY ACADEMY, FORK UNION, VA., DEC. l.'l924 - Nu, 3 FORK : UNIO : ELEVEN : ENDS : SUCCESSFUL : SEASON lfctrk Union's "Fighting Cadets" ended their l'JZ4 football season in at blaze oi glory nn Saturday Nt-iwrntirr zz, hy ty. ing their age-old rivals, Blackstoul: Military ftatdcmy, 7-7. ttehire the largest crowd that ever witnessed aqgamc nn tlte lncal griilirnn. the Red intl Blue train coaelted hy "Mac" Pitt showed their real lnotball spirit. They were out-weiglted. hut not out-classed. The game was thrilling lrum start to tinish. From the time the "Fork-Uninititesu came upon the Held. wltile the University oi Riclttnmttl Band nas playing, and the Cadet Corps tvitlt their red and hluc caps waving. were sineittg "Fork Union Spirit," ttxttil the time-keeper dropped his handkerchief. tltere wasn't a rnintttt: when the crowd .ti-asutan its tt:-ea. The spiriL.ol'.,hnth schwls was remitrkrtlalef and the vicious tackling by llte Finwnna Elqtien stripped inn.. ol the plunges. ' The parade by the Fnrk Unihn hal- talion. before the game, was unique- the marching ranks Di Cadets and the martial muyic delighting tltc spectators. Never lwinrf wir there snelt a gala at- trartirtn on the Fork Union Campus. Binh trltttts' play was niiirrwi hy many lhitttlrlvs and off-sides calmed hy oi!-r anai-nniwrs, .tr someone was litnrrl tn rt-mark, Ualost anything cnultl have happened." Play by play Murphy of Blackstone kicked oil to Osborne nn his ann I5-yard line: Os' horns mn hack en ynritr th the 35- titrtl tnw, on the sleeping enrt niay Williattih' :tltl-mntt-tl play fell shtirt. Diwin ltitnlvlcfl nn tlte next down marlrsmttl- ri-ent-ered ran the F-U 35- ,srtt hni Forlttts rrgntn.-it the ball nn Blackstene's ntl-side. Filzeeralll pluttlzetl lor J yards till tackle. Osborne failed to gain. Osborne pinned to Grant who ran I0 yrtrtls to the 30-yard line, La- vine hit the line lor fl yards. and for l0. and first tlnwtt on tht: next play. Grant ttt-it-e iailett to gain through the line. lllaekstnttc penalized I5 yards lor holding, Lavine went ntl tackle for I0 yards. F,-U, off side: Grant swept etttl lor I0 yards: lirst down, On Black- rtoiies 45-yard line Lavine tort 4 yards, init Murphy nnttr 5 yards around cntl. Lavine hit a stone wall at lcft end. Lavinc pttntetl to Oslxime an his 25- yard line, Dixon went eff tackle'-for 4 yards. F.rU. penalized I5 yards. Os- htirne's punt was blocked and Black-K stnne recovered on our I0-yard line Lavine look it over in three strides. Murphy kicked tht: goal from place- ment. Murphy kicked to Dixon on 2'1- yard line. Dixon returned 5 yards. Garrett huckcd the line for B yiirds. Garrett faint to gain, Osborne lust z ynnts Qttilrter-lllackst-lite, 77 If. lf. M. A.. li. Seanad tniarter. Oyhtiriw punted to tinrntni. Grant anti Xl'atsixn failed to alan. Lavine punted to Dixon wha was forced outside int his JD-yartl line. 'iarrvt went around t:ttd lor tive yards. 'llackstone ojiside. First clown nn F,A U. ls.,-ini liutn Oshurtiu naiiwrt 1 yard 'n in-it trirr init then ptntted tc xtiirl tthy on nhwhitnnes 35-yard tiiw. La- yirw was stopped niwr ri l-yard gain. Grant was thrown for a loss: Lavine ' fCbntiIt'li:tl'Ul1'ptge 31" THE HONOR ROLL GROWS l I iuniittttiiiiis AllAEOEU Altntluneernent has just ht-eil made by C0aclt Pitt ol tht: men tft ttlmm Fork Union "l7's" would he av.-artlecl ifn' tvcirk on our icvstlitll learn this fall lVe all know that it lakes real. hard. mnscientinns work to win a letter in any branch of athletics at Fork Ullinn. -and these men may ieel justly prritvl As' stated last intintlt, the sehrtlastic work rhtiwi an imprnvetnent over last year. This irnnrowrnrni is also nnterl this rnnnth over the wririt dune list nnnnth, the following nannrr iniitr the lllonnr Rall lor the second mftnth olthis llcrtn: 1. H. Dore,-, ts. N, Faster, J, t.. ttnrt. 0. E, P. Kent. R, R. mrrhie, t. P. l l I Perkins. tv. tt. twrtinl, it. c. Pierced and L. L. Walton Thnse who made passing grades on all nf their classes are: B. A Tlarrutv. J, B. Bradley. E. F Cltatinrey. H, C, IContintxed on page 2.1 BY THE VILLAGE OBSERVER Fork Union, Va, Nov. 25, 1924, tty rriwnli l regret t-ery mitch that you eeuldxft he here river the last week-end. You missed it! Last Tuesday the following notice- :ippearetl un a bill hoard down town: "lV:utled-A wiie to clean and scrub- Mentl socks and cook the grub. ' Must he ltantlsome bright and gay- 'rhirty-two it sl1e's ri tiny, Vtiirlotv wnmitn not deterred With one kid, but none preferred. She must he :t music lover. Fond ol me, and of notte other. "Those who desire to he my wife. please meet me at the school-house Sat- urday night." Wltat could it mmn! Finally the lContinued on page 2.1 nl.these letters. The men -.vfnnirtg letters are as follows: Cztptttitt An- thony, Brent, Burris. Dixon. Fitzgerald. Garrett. I-larris, Martin, Dslmrne. Rose. Steele. '-Nilliams, and Manager Haw- thont. The Peppertg Prev wishes to..ctm- gratulate these men tin the sincere manner in which they have worked and played- the game this fall. Vw'e also would not iail to praise the other men ttlto have twin nat every niwniniin anti worked with the coach in helping to develop oun varsity. which has closed such a successful season BASKETBALL PREPARA- TIONS BEGIN TODAY Light workouts in preparation for the enmittg ltaslrzclhrtll season tt-ill he held daily beginning today. Owing to the iact that there is not a basketball letter man in scitnril. :tn entire new learn will have in he 'hw-lnneil, Fortunately for the cadets. a Freshman Team was ur- 'lttnizerl insi g.-rar, siwt this team play-et-l tlirottglt a schedule of preliminary con- tt-sls to ritlr varsity games. The group ni men that matte up that lirst year team will this year form a nucleus for our varsity, Perdue, Captain of lU2S Varsity, Fctllitt. Harris, Marlin, and Osborne sithnltl he greatly improved cage artists this year. Little is known of the new men, The mass nrhtttinr program is ltelpine ta tiring out sttntc likely material. XVhile no rleliuite dope is to he had now, it is to tw nssiireii tint we will have a tight- ing aggregation this year. AN APOLOGY 'rtw Fennel-y Prep rirrntsi that the names ol Picket Kent and C Tltumas were inadvertently lclt'ctlT the llrirtor Roll which was published in our last issue. These men made all ol-their classes with good grades none of which were under "B." Dllllllllllli GLUB. OllGllllZEll tenatstilw that then. nw. nn hnte tftrilnnirif nhiliiy nrawwi-it' hy -iartnns lrwemhers of our st'i'!ertt of-ty. rt nnn-it-r .nt inen recerztljz orgaitizcrl 3 'trninhiir einh inr the purpose of vliscn-:crimr auf! developing this talent and at the saint. tinw iurnisltinlg clean nnfl interesting ztmnsemertt icr the rfst oi the 'fhffil E. F, Chauncey .-.vas uit-ftcfl President, C. E. Dfizier, 'Jiee-President: L. L. t xalinn. serreinryg and R, tt. Pirtiiw lTrt:ast1rer. Major Farrar and Captain Linilrny have been requested to an in an all. risory ,ca,ngritic,.illt!l will nfl rlnnhi Iw altle to develop a goo: strong chili. 'riw plans are to present in the near iuturt: it couple of light hinnnrrnis sketches lffontinued en page 2.1 OUT-DOOR RIFLE MATCH PRACTICE Men are visiting the rinr riner rw-y afternoon practicing lor the not ttonr rifle match that will mn t:tkc'nlace. Much interest is being taken in this match which has some to bc an annual ,evcnt. 'there are initials at runner. hronze, silver and gold 'Jiicrcd for the ltrt shots irrirn liw standing, lcttceling, sitting, and nrtnw positions. .-tn en- 'travtce iee oi Riteen cents is ehrtrtzefl: iliiit this by no means covers the cos' ol lthe medals: it is only an evidence that the entranLs are in earnest. All wiv: wctuld like to compete for these medals are urged to enter their names with Captain Cleveland. 'TWON'T BE L-O-N-G NOW!! What? Why, Christmas! The vacation this year .rin he :tn unusually long one lasting from Friday-, Dreernher 19, th ,trrninry 5. Hrnvevar, ilwre it a lot in he done lwrnrr then: :init we are sure that our hntiitsi- will he nnieh more enjoyable it we tio the ,innrl n-nrk we are capable or doing this ninnth. - With it-its thi! week the ilnrrl rnnnth :til tltis trrrn rnrrws to it rtnw-then tnr tlw review and exantsl ttiinr tvnnd- son. our Dean, states that examinations will be taken in their rctzular order. those ot' the first period nriihnhly :orn- lContinued on page 2.1 'l'l'lE PIEI'l'IiIiY I'RI:IP, MONDAY, DECIHKIIIER I, l92-l ANNUAL CAMPING TRIP T0 ROANOKE ll has liccu annnuncrd hy Ihr: Military lmiairlmuni mlm ilu- rugulnr Spring cunning mp will be ram nuxl my In ilu: city nl Rcmxmkc. Those who wi-ru here msn ,mr rmnumlzer Wim pleasure ihe :rip lu New-pun News Insl swim: :md loffk lnrmrd to the lrip to ilw Magic City. Ruannkc has z number of boys hare, and wr m assured ni sl royal reception in that city. Mnjur Farrar slatus'lhal we will pmbalily mn use the "pup" mms, hui Inrgcr mms it-ham we mm lo obtain lrmn rhc Rnannkc post' of the Amex-iran Imuinu: and ihis will enable us' Io he umm rmninrtnlmlu and keep nur :lathes in :l lxllcr cundllion. THE APPLE Tmck "A1mlcsI" "Amari" "Am11es1" sum was me :fy nm imma our vm as we were haisicning from our class rooms towards the barracks. 'ruming our eyes in me ni the sr-mul. we espicrl, slamling rrlx ilu- rnrucr ul ilu: barracks, a small Fnrrl truck, vury dilapidalerl in zppcamnce nnd streaked with red clay mud. Inaderl with nice :minions sl-pm. products ol old Fluvanna. Sealer! on the lop was a small "nigger" buy, whilc slamling hy was an old larmer in shirt sleeves and nvcralls who was ff,-ing his mmf "Al1nlusl Applcsl lilly cents a bushel, lwr1ys!" Al Dura : crowd nl' :urinus boys surrounded truck, larmer. and apples: but yn! it scumcd that no one wais in a hurry lo part with his silver hall-dullnr. All nl anrc a smile crept :icruss the old farmers face: and, turning Inward the small "niggv:r" boy. he said: "jack, am 3 when or nam mire, umm!" Jark. hurriedly obeycrlg :md placing the basket on Lhc ground, the old man said. "I-Ivlp yoursclvca, lm-5, mighty hm- ap- ples: lry 'cml" The words scczincrl in acl like rnagic, and with a wild yull ni: crowd wurgcd forward, Apples my gan no Hy Those ni-:iran lhr mskm. In-ing unable lu linld in chrrk llw rush- ing fmwu bvhiml. Wm .umm in H mp. and :lm nil-wrs piled in mn lap nl tlwvn. 'l'ln-f.- was me ,mimi nl waning wma, ...ii lhc apples rim,-,wax .mmf a mm nf tangled human lurms. 'I'l1c: 'ulrl larmcr cas! our :xgmiizcd look and than relruniud with --will wsu. 'wr to n xalc mmm. Une hy one rhe buys wilhrlruw from che tangled mass, and :ificr all had rcgnincil llwir loc! there was nulhing Init but :i len' snlinlcrs nf what had formerly been a mlm and-n Ie-iv crushed wif. om having mmm, the ni,-5 began In huy apples: :intl in a lr-w minutes thc truck was empty. The old former crawled into his lrurlc and, looking nncc more wir-ard the spot where hc had ser ilu: hrs! hnskcl down as a sample, a again cfmnd his Carr. As he uIT, he was heard in mutter. ii wnrkud. ml,-way." 925 "SKIRMISHER" rrlilririal slnll ul lhc l925 "Skir- smile drove "Wcll. 1 Thu mailer" lm lrcn fiimpxf-mi rm.: work U.. me :mx ,mlm 'nw ,mf it-.n lw ,...1.i.ii.f.1 ui, uw lm.:-1'.,-inf rm.. .lr i1..1nm.m. ximxmul, nw or nn ,wx, .mn na- ,'. will In: mad: by Fari--Dcmunli nl Rich- mimil Thi- Iirlimr-in-Clnci ul che "Skir- mi:Jwr." Mr. ll, N, Fosxer. slums :lm llv- wnluc. an impress upon mlm suxclcnt bodv. thu faculty. as well as llw udilnrinl mln. nw i.mmrm.fe ol mm cnupcrzlion in :Iris work. It will be nuccssary for wh individual no Icul J personal intcrcsi in me bank, :mil to make ix mix a Sinn' Annual, a Senior Class Annual. nor an annual nf any parricular dass, hm a lruc representation ol Fork Union Mili- lzxrv Academy for the year l92-I-25. Mr. Foster states that as the adver- lisrmcnls have a large place in rhe 5- nnnring oi the book. they are planning no pm nn a wmasl among che smdems Ior soliciting ails. This armrest will he Iauncluucl hefuru the Christmas holi- days :mrl will bc annnunccrl in our next issue so that the Ixoyi will hhvu an op- porumily In solicit in their home town whilc there. MY LOVE 1 hum nr-r my lm.-fl in mane, ,xml nn my may goes make Ircr prmnmrnc- 1 only all im umm-ss To Fur. Shi- wcnrs thi: Paris frocks I buy: cash goes nm to wnslc. thu' lln: price is nat so high questions not hwy taste. My Ami sua She Ur lui lhum c'zr carcss 'cr, is ins! a dummy. I'm a window-rlressurl -K. G. H., 'Z5. BARRACKSCLUB NOTES ."Hcavy" Neville to Mrs. Phillips at lhr Calereriaz "Say, du you serve meals in here?" Mrs. Phillips: "We da. but wc don'l fill silos!" dues nut flirt with other men. For Anil 2000 years :go Cnstcn said: "I will have the plumber pul the hot water in llw Barracks ihis very :ilm-amen!" 'Tu-as pm-huns uh: middle ul n sweet Virginia nigh! and the silvcrcd hc-rims cast a langcrnus sheen over the Ihr- rncks and lhc silverrd lzxlce to lhr wcsi The :ww Gymnasium glistcncd and shone like the gold-iroivncd rninarrls on lhc mosques :il Macca in lluc hrsl rays or gi. ,runnin ,um-asf. A.. owl called mysiiczilly irum will-:in me nearby rnaplvs and mr and mm ing sighing ol the night lvrvuzc slirrril llic lcavus, silvcrlslmalmvczl in ilu: sol! flow' ing ol the monn's golden nvulcls. A dark Iorm was silhuueuc-I :urninsr the cur-crncnl windows of the While Chamber of the Uzirraclrs. Suit vuivcs came faintly Irum che shun ol lhc im. One voice in pmawinr, 3 dv.-,., coarse voice as a rnan's voice, srcmed mailing in mp. gunman mms for sumclhing. Thu sllarlmvs pnrrly rcvcalnd nnolhcr form vcry close lo :he hrsl. The sull. modulznvd nonv- ol Ihr second voice scum-rd .1 hi! Iwsi- znni, mniciding. mmilimg. Smlficnly bolh voircs sulvsiilul Xu il:-lun! later n lmlmil mn J. if inf ml. pi.-rm: llw Qllllm-ss ol flu' X lrzuuzi llilzlll mul ami I murhnwl mf.. 1:l.1i.u...5ln,l hurlwl lu- hill: .mil I--I -'i--r lnwnrll ilu lwvil-rv I-i III- EIL- 'lY.i:lm Ilm' lriru, lurk gl- In.: ... 4 r..ll'i' T0 MARTHA The sunnnvr's during Rnmancc has iiccly Like yellow leaves Our lovu scrsms dead. Of passion swear I'd tr-II the worst, But. dear. I do nn! Wrire for Hearst! -1 M., '26, FORK UNION ELEVEN ENDS SUCCESSFUL SEASON 1Cnnlinucd from page I.l 3 School Stationers ' Printers E5'E11grar1crs .-If INDIAN PRESS SURBER-Alglgiggilg-COMPANY PUBLISHERSPRINTERSASIATIONERS CHARLOTTESVILLE VIRGINIA Priulrr: of Peppery Prep. Punlril m Dixon who Ein Illfyarrls be- rm-e being sm,-pea mi his ZS-yard mm, ofmmc gained :nur ymis mid then puma to niafimmws as-yard line. L1- vine :rimmed and me my bounced 5 yards across the Iinc where 'it was rm-wma hy cms. Lnvinc made nm down. Murphy did mr gm- Lavinz guinea J was nlackswnc oft-imc. Murphy ,was thrown rar a loss. La- vin: punlvd outside Dm F.-U, asayafa nm. Dixon plungrd line mic. mr 5 ,-mn. oslmme mm nfs: auwn. nam gained J ya.-ns, osbumg puma tn Gram who mmm to B,-M.-A. Ja yard line, :mine garmin 1 yard and Murphy went mf for four. 11.-zir.-A. was penalized no ,-mis, Living kicked to Osborne an me is-Wd nm. Dixon grim J yards. NVilliams wma in for zo ,-mis. rim down. Damn lailcd lo gain. xvnunms' pass :en shun. - Qimicr-nxacuwm, or F. U, M. A.,o. Second half 'rhim qugmf. imfpny kicked me ramp- .vim mm-nm ro as-,mu line. Filhm-rnld fumbled and Watson rc- cnvma. nlnfumnes mn cfm mae ,nu was on End fuimwaa hy Lnvine ' who m.-mu 3 mum. Gmm went 'J yards nn an and run., Gram mimi the liclil mi. If-U. inn un 29-yard unc. or- ixmw pans 4 ,aqui and Dixon rnzikcs nm dawn an two mes. new mm 4 than gm s rm nm down. ivii- liams .mar io yards lor nm dawn. ivalmms mans 1 ,ru-4, Iilackslone ner side. pmilawl. Oslvomc failed :D gain, Fitzgerald pam 4 was mr mule. nam. gm. mama fn.: for s was In-id nm umm, umm gains s yards over tackle. Oslmrne went over fur 3 .mir :incl than Fiimnnfl fnmblcd :mtl riinkrrm mm-eff. la.-if -A15 mu on -naar is-,ma lim' Amr mice failing Ii., main. Lin-am pimml m F.-U. 35-yard limi- Dimn mm: iz varrl- an wo aries. Qlbiwn plunged linv for I i-mi. Pass, u'.n.n...s lf. Divan, rm- gwumieii. Ball 'gm or-cf omni im J. Luang glam lnwm hack Blacks!-me mfr-gmc. Grim 'gm an-ny mf nm wus. B.-M.4A in-inland. nw-sian'5 punt was lv-xnfsmi by swam and rccovcrcd by livaxu.r.m. nn lslsfksmnas 12-,-ara nm. lim, in-nl rhrough mf 1 wil. wn. llizrnva ,mall 1.3 Mania mf nw W1 llur .. rw.-llriw.. Damn amp-Lama nn 'gf-nl. 1,-ma the mm. 'Dixon kifm gi.. im,,h,- who mn lack is min. in 'mf an-,mi nn. Lame mimi no yards Qrnfm-F U. 7. n. M A., 0. r...,fn. mmm.-f xiumln- iaili-il eis.. LW... ir.-nf.: hr nn-1.1 fm Fai: in sz-,mil lm. rm,.f.l.. in-ni 4 ,mls nn w..-ulv On 3 mv ,im Fmq.-nl.: mu .Ku if-nl. l-umrii hmm: mr.-.-vl mnwli- 'Firsl down. 'Williams' pass was in- wmpme. osbnmf swept end for 3 Yards. Osbomr kicked outside on Dv M.-A.'s 32-yard line, Lavine was slop- pad at me nm Lush mad: 3 yards: Murphy made I yarrl. Murphy kicked to J?-yard line. Dixon ran it'lzack live yards. Dixon failed In gain. Williams w:nt for 4 yards: Osbome gained Z, and then punted to Murphy on his 20- yard line where he was downed. After Grant failed to gain, Murphy puntcd to Dixun on his 20-yard line who came back I0 yards. A short pass Williams to Dixon netted 9 yards. lVilIiams plunged Iim: for 4 yards nnd irst down. Pass was grounded. Dixon made 4 ull' tackle. Williams went for 4 yards. Dixon missed drop kick from 42-yard line. B.-M.fA. ball nn 20-yard line. Watsun mn I5 yards around end. Gram went through for 4 and Murphy gained 3 through ccntnrhand then made Hrs! dawn an nw nlxl pusy.. Willson mined In gain. Murphy passed In Lush lor I5 yards. First down. Murphy failed tn gain. Lush wenl far 6. Blackstone penalized IU yards. Murphy punlcrl to Dixon mi F.-U.'s ISwyard line. Dixon ran the punt 5 yards. Williams' pm was immfpied by Murphy who nas downed on F.-U. IS+yarrI Iins. Blackstone penalized 5 yards, Murphy made four attempts to pass but :ill were unsuccessful Line-upz' Blulatone Pos. Fork Union Gales, P .,...,....,......... L. E ..........,........ Marlin Gales, T ......... T. ....... ........ H :irris Smith .,.,...,.,, ,,...... I ., G ,....... .,.,,.,.. B urns 'Bur-neu ,,.,. .... ,...... C . .,... ..... ' A nlhuny Barnes ..,.,, .....,... R . G ....... .,..,. . .U-rent Ponce ....... ........ R . 'I' ......., ..,. Rose Pnlvngl. ...,. ..... 1 ,R. E ...,,... ,..,..... S me-le Murphy .,..... ......,.. Q . B .............,. Osborne lVarsrm .,...... .....,.... F . B ..........., lVilli:lms Lavmc... . ...,,.,,. L. H ,........ ,.,.,.... D ixon omni .....,,..,..... ........ R , H ..,,.....,.. Fitzgerald 'Cnpmirr Suhsnrulinns for Cram. Hennion fnr Lavinc, Pnlvogl lor Watson. F. U. M. A.: Garrett lor Filllcrald. Time kvvpcr-Wzlsun, U. oi R. Ref:-rc:-llarrisnn, VV. 31 L. umpifs-ivhimef, Davidson. l'Icnclliiu:sman-Conch Dobson. U. nl R. Tonclnlnwnw-Levin-:. I! M. A.. Mar- rin. F. U M. A, QB. M, A.: Lush Ihr Cams. Wright swf by ,.m.,i.- 1 1 3 4 1-nm n ir. fx- 7 0 o u 7 FU M A-0 0 7 fl 7 "Wnrnlx lml mc." said llamlllivn an llu- llmvkwl his sprlliug Icssnu. Q1 Y .. . ii R V - gpm 9 mg ,. gg B wx 'nn DRAMA TIC CLUB ! N Q Q Q .,1 Effgx, Y9xgf'6GSgQY 'Z 9 Page 120 THE SKIKMISHER Bryson Hampton Bruce Caswell Harris Dorey Follit Dramatic Club C. N. DOZIER Vice-President Crittenden Greybeale Alvis Brooking Dillon Kent Hanes Hutchinson McDevitt Perley, W. S. Perley, J. F. Page 121 Rose E. F. CHAUNCEY President MEMBERS Pulliam Stevens Williams Yovvell Martin Osborne Pierce, W. R. Dixon Kelly LaPrade Smith Boyer Bunch, G. J. Bunch, T. W. Burns Cain Lindsey Giles Ruiz L. L. WALTON S ecfretcwy Gregory Hall Johnson, E. B. Johnston, W. F. Kilmon Moon Nicolls Nottingham Perkins, I. P. Perkins, W. B. Phippins Robinson Smither Hawthorne Hart Cleveland Dorhman Chilton THE VILLAGE BAND Cast of the Village Band Ivy Skinner Hank Jackson Ole Sevensen . Heck Hooper Elmer Smith Josh Hopkins Seth Harper .. Si Higgins ..... Sam .............. Bill ..........., Joe ...... Steve ............... Jack ................ Susie Hopkins -........Greybea,le ..........Ma,rtin .......-.Stevens .........Dorey .......Kent .........Bru,ce ..........Brysou .--......Ca,sweLl Kelley Cain Moulsdale Harris Perkins, I. P. .....-....B1'ooki'rLg Page 12 I W- A-1 W X THE HIGH BROWN BREECH OF PROMISE High Brown Breech of Promise Judge Goose ...... Benny Buzzer ....... Sheriff Shrimps ...... Lawyer Snip ......... Lawyer Snap ........ ......--...Dixon .,.......Phippins ......-...D0zier ..........-Pulliam .-..-....Haxmpton Rastus Jones ....... ............. N icolls Amonia White ,..... ........ C hafwncey Mr. Bucksaw ...................... ............ A Zvis Mr. Spareribs .....,.................. ............. R ose Simon Peter Peck-in-Paw ....... ......... M cDe'uitt Doolittle Dough-head .......,. ..........,... H all Boliver Chickenfeet ........... ...,.... D orhmcm Pinlay Pinfeathers ..... ,..,....,,,, K ilmon Jake Buttonbuster ...... ........ R obinsofn, Slimmy Beanpole .......... ..,.,,,... H fmes Perfumery Pigsfoot ....... ,.,.. Inkblack Nightshade Hiram Hogliver ........ Hyblossom Razorblad .....-.Lindsey ............,....Dillon e ..... ...............,... Y owell Lappy Bonehead ...........,. ........ P erkifns, W, B. Page 123 'Q' ., ' .- -af THE SKIKMISHER Petersburg, Va. Spofzsor Miss CHARLOTTE MCKENNEY F ork Union Orchestra C. J. BRYSON Director Miss KATHERINE MOSBY O. E. SHELL ROBERT BRUCE P'iG,7LO Saocophone Twaps Page 124 CAMPUS SCENES CAMPUS SCENES NEIGHBORING SCENES s 5f NW as Q Q 9 iff ai . Q X Q3 YQ ' I M tl ,V V x K I as Z 50 THE SKIKMISHER I' favs? Jokes According to "Sheila" Dozier, the best thing about a girl is arms. Gregory is so dumb that he thinks Mah Jong is the divorced wife of Pa Jama. Follit: "You guys don't know how to get along with the Dean, that's all. Now you want to go in and humor him." Lay: "Huh, you don't humor him, you amuse him." Capt. Lindsey: "Before I dismiss the class let me repeat the words of Webster-" Rooke: "Let's get out of here, he's starting on the dictionary." 77 Co-ed: "Would you kiss a girl under the mistletoe? Hampton: "No, under the nose." Cleveland: "What makes the Tower of Pisa lean ?" Chauncey: "If I knew I'd take some myself." Doctor lexaminin Br son :"Have ou an scars?" Y Bryson: "No, but I have some cigarettes." The Freshman slogan is "Put on your hats here co es a woodpecker." 7 7 m Hall: "Say something soft and sweet to meidearestf' Edith.: "Custard pie." "What's a ten letter word meaning a hold-up ?" "I'll bite, what is it ?" "Suspenders" Clyde Franklin went into a doctor's office for an examination. After the doctor had finished he said: "Why, doctor, you never looked at my tongue: I think it's coated." The Eloctlor replied that he should not worry as grass never grew on a race rac . "What do you think of political parties ?" "Don't know, never been to any."-W. Va. Moonslzine. Prof: "Young man, what is the diierence between capital and labor?" Stucle: "Capital is what you loan and labor is what it takes to get it back." -Exchange. Maj. Woodson: "Is the world round or flat?" Chauncey: "Neither, Professor." Maj. Woodson: "Then what is it?" Chauncey: "Crooked," CONFESSION The time I've spent in wooing, In watching and pursuing, The light that lies In wo1nan's eyes Has proved my heart's undoing. Page 129 rf- 'W THE SKIKMISHER ...ff V2 2 Though Wisdom oft has sought me, I've scorned the love she brought me. My only books Were woman's looks, And folly's all they've taught me. Hutchinson is the dumbest Freshman on the campus. He thinks that automobiles come from China because they go, "Honk! honk !" Capt. Phippins fin Zoology Lab.J: "What insects lives on the least food ?" Floyd Phippins: "The moth, it eats holes." He: "Have you ever been in Holland?" She: "No, but I've been Dutch." Judge: "Guilty or not guilty ?" Bryson: "Not guilty, your Honor." Judge: "Have you ever been in jail?" Bryson: "No sir, I never trespassed on railroad property before." When a policeman told Kent that he could not hitch his horse to a street light pole, our cow valet pointed to a sign which read, "Fine for hitchingf' Lieutenant Franklin says that he may never enter into the holy state of matrimony. He Won't marry his sweetie when he is sober and she won't marry him when he is soused. It was midnight on the ocean And was storming to beat the band, But "Gob" didn't mind it- . He was sitting on dry land. An ex-Fork Union cadet at Rooke's future Hot Dog Imporium got a ham sandwich without the ham and handed it back saying, "Here, buddy, shuffle 'em again, I got the joker." He who laughs last probably had it explained to him.-Williams' Pur- ple Cow. We would like to see the bird they built the R. O. T. C. uniforms on.- Exchange. Bryson Cat Columbialz "Now listen, I want you to understand that I won't listen to even innocent parlor stories, and I most certainly don't know any. You know I have been at Fork Union for the last four years." Maj. Farrar: "I see you're trying out for the 'Blue Curtain' Dramatic Club, Chauncey, have you had any experience ?" Chauncey: "Oh, yes sir, I had my leg in a cast once." "You can never tell," said the bandit as he shot the only Witness to his crime. Page 130 ' ' ""' ': W- 1 I ,:w.kt'f:lL ' X fi, 51115 ' his 5141-7"5g Fork Union fellow well met, can't work, but gosh! he can pet.-K. G. H. Capt. Lester: "How do you know that Hampton dictated this to a stenographer ?" Dorey: "Just look at the spelling!" Lieut. Murry: "How is your radio, Captain Cleveland?" Cleveland: "Fine, I got Italy so loud last night I could pick spaghetti off the aerial." The "Rats" think Major Foster is so hard he uses thumb tacks for garters. Moon: "And after the party I asked her if I might see her homef' Hall: "What did she say ?" Moon: "She said she would send me a picture of it." Capt. Joe Snead: "There is no danger of Hawthorne ever committing sui- cide." Lay: "How d'o you account for that, Captain ?" Capt. Joe: "Well, when a man is going to commit suicide he stops to think, and if Hawthorne should think once he would drop dead nat- urally." Mrs. Snead: "Rooke do you like hamberger-balls ?" Roolcez "I don't think I ever attended one. Are they nice ?" Hart is so much like a woman he stayed in Echo Canyon two days trying to get in the last word. Capt. Phippins Cin Biology classj : "Wake up, Bruce, you are too lazy to catch the itch!" LaPrade fto his pet catj : "Cat, why do you howl so much ?" Cat: "Boy, if you were as full of violin strings as I am you would howl, too." ?"i 9 ali Desai ,lit 'Ab . x3 Page 131 1' .4 The Skirmisher Election TITLE Best Officer ...... Best Sergeant ...... Best Corporal ...... Best Drilled "Rat" Most Urtrziilitctriy Best Oroltor .....,.. Best Declaimer .. Best Deboiter ...... Brairiiest Cadet .......,,,,,., Best Athlete ......... .,..,.. H afnolsomest ....... Heartbreaker ...... Biggest Squawker Freshest "Rat" .. Greeriest ............ Biggest Liar ...... Biggest Bum ...... Biggest Knoeker Laziest ............,,,,.. Most Dignijiecl .... H ctppiest .........,,,,.,.4.,.,,,,,, Biggest Bull Sliriger ....... Most Popular .......,..,....... Best All-Round .............. Most M anrierly .......,..,.,, "Slieilczest" .....,,.............. "Man of Letters" Most Bashful ....... ....... Grouchiest ........... . ...... - Most Eyfeminate ...,........ Most Popular Irzstriietor FIRST CHOICE SECOND CHOICE Foster ................. ,..... Dixon ........ LaPrade ,,,.,,,, ,,,.,,, Moon .,..,,,.,,,. ,,.,,,, ............Cole, W. F. Foster ........ Nicolls ,.,, . ........ Chauncey ..,.. ,.,,,, , .Osborne ..... ,,,,,., Osborne ..... ...... Martln .....,.... ,.,,,,, Frank-lin Hall ........... ,,,,,, Moody .... Murry ....., Dixon ...,.. Bethel .... Burns ...... Harris ....... ,..,.,. Phippxns ....., .,,,., .Folht ........, ,,,,,, Martin ,... ,,,,, ,,,,,. Martin ....... ,,,,,, VWalton ,...... ....... .Dozier .,I.. ..........Broyles .Belcher .,....,,,,,,.. ,,,.,., .Hawthorne Lester .......,........ ....... Watson ..... ,,...,, Doughtle, N. G. .... ....., . Dozier Dorey Lay Perkins, I. P. Kirk Chauncey Rooke Lay Dorey Martin-Rose Moon Dozier Hawthorne Vaughan Lane Hawthorne Follit Bryson Stevens Doughtie, N. G. Burns Murry Osborne Harris Foster Pulliam Perley, J. F. Osborne Franklin, C. Hampton Phippins Page 132 "There goes attention." If If CG GC KI KK Qlzxmpus Qlzrrnli-3 "Won't be long now." At ease, give me your attention." "All right, stop talking." "Attention to orders." Let me have your attention." How do you know it?" Sit down there!" Get in step." Cadet Bruce is hereby reduced to ranks for . . ." There will be a meeting of the . . . in chapel immediately after you are dismissed. All mem- bers are urged to be present." The B. Y. P. U. will meet tonight at the usual hour. The public is cordially invited to attend." , i ' W A ' T' "--M ', .'A ' 1 "-Z5 3 11 ' Q 6? vgbiigfqims D J Page 133 THE snnzmisncn Receipts and Disbursements To show that we are not as crooked as we seem to be but a damsite worse, we submit the following report on the finances of this volume: RECEIPTS National Advertising ............ .. ....... 5850.00 Local Advertising-Cash ..........................................,............................. 2.49 Sale of Six Senior Cuts to Comic Section of Richmond Newspaper 8.97 Adding five Degrees to Faculty Write-ups: Two M. A.'s at 351.50 .,............................... . 3.00 One Ph. Dd ................... . 1.00 Two B. S.'s at .10 ............ . .20 Sale of Books to Students .......... . 7.50 Ditto to Alumni ............................. . 1.50 Promoting Two Cadet Officers ........ .... 2 5.00 Using Two of Hawthorne's Jokes ......... , .13 Graduating Four Seniors ................ .... 1 0.00 Using Lane's Picture ................... .... 5 0.00 Contributions from "Friends" ..... ....... . 25 3960.04 Page 1.1.4 THE SKIKMISHER DISBURSEMENTS Printing of "Skirmisher".....,. Corn-cob Pipe for Editor .......... R. J. R. for Pipe for Editor ......... Jitney Fare to Farmville .,........ Dinner at Farmville ............................,..................,... J itney Fare Back ............................................................. Two Plugs of "Brown's Mule" for Major Woodson ......., Six Packages of "Camels" for Colonel Perkins .......... Salaries of Staff ...................................................... General Expenses ......i..................,...... Tip for Tom Cutter ................................. Cameras Ruined in Taking Pictures .................... Having Dr. Clements Treat Two Black Eyes ......... f S , .......S600.00 .10 . .05 - 2.00 . 3.00 . 2.00 .20 . .90 1.25 250.00 .05 50.00 10.00 Phone Calls to Richmond for Dorey .................,..........,............. . 8.50 Use of Capt. Phippins' Horse for Foster to Ride to Bremo ....... . 2.50 Court Fines for Watson ................................................,..........,.. . 4.00 Stationery for Editorial Staff ......... . 5.32 Ditto for Business Staff ............... . 5.32 Postage for Letters to Girls ......... . 1.84 Peanuts for Capt. Phippins ......... Total ........,. Receipts ............... Disbursements ...... Profit ............................................... Postage for Sending This to Printers ....... NET PROFIT ....... Page 135 1.00 .......3S960.04 -..,.--25960.04 960.02 . .02 .02 3000.00 J f ffnf AWN? I ggiyfr NAME 'Wha' Jer say" ................ Emmet Chauncey .." Curtis Cleveland .... ' K6 C. J. Bryson ............ ' Harold Clough Tom Crittenden ...... ' 'My Girl" ............................ FAMOUS SAYING Just Awful" ...... I want to speak with you" .............. New York 'Have your picture took" Harold Dorey ......,. "By the way, Major".. Bill Follit ..,...,.,,,,,. "Pass the peas" ..........,v. "Red" Foster ........ ' Jimmie Gregory Leslie Hart ,,,,,,.,,.., " "Gob" Hawthorne! Pickett Kent .......... " "Snow" Kilmon John LaPrade ........ " KK 'Darn !" ........... H 7 ' I I m sick ' ........... ...... Say she did ?" .................. 'You dumb Park Ape!" Whoa! Mule I" .....,.......... No sir, Captain" ........ Old Lady" .................... Jimmie Lay ............ "Right now, in about a minute" Jack Moon ........,...,. " Arthur Nicolls ...... " John Nottingham .." Paul Perkins ..,......, " Floyd Phippins ....,. " I got the medal" ........ No, Boy" ............. I don't know" ..... Heck it is" ......... ..,. Oh! Boy" ........,........,......... Glen Pierce ............ "Ah! What yer doing ?" Herman Robins CC I don't see it, Captain" ..... William Rose ........ "Ohl I can do that" ...... Oswald Shell .......... Ira Steele .............. Edgar Stevens Loftus I Walton Wilkes 'Watson ...... ' Clyde Franklin ...... ' Ralph Ruiz ............ Cl li li Senior- ADMIRER OF ........Himself ........Nothing .,...,..Pot Hooks Art KCI-Ierlf ........Basketball "Brown's Mule" ........Pipe ....--..Books ........Beans ......,.Kent's Store ........,......,...--.I-Iistory His roommate Chesterfields Flowers "Spuds" Chickens Girls Horseback riding Sleeping .......-Geometry Bashaw's Hotel That's all right, old boy" ..... ........ S hot Put How s that ?" ......,.............. What-ta-ell ?" Seven cents" ..... 'By Grate" ........... 'For instance" ,... Gi And what of it ?" ..... Mountaineers ........Mu1es Solitude Dignity Old maids Army Life Page 136 f 'f"?'7"fif?fi ' 'Q X L-. THE SKIKMI SHER -Statistics N OTED FOR Music ................ ...... Talking ................. ..A,..... Selling hosiery Bragglng ............. ...... WANTS TO BE dancer .Mechanic ..... Drawing ,.,..... ...... I ndustrious ..,.,, Misfortune ...... ...... D raftsman ....... "Bull" ................. ...... S oldier ........... .. Holding offices ,.,..... ,...... O ld Bachelor ...... Sleeping ............... .,,.,.. S inger ..,.......... Arguing ....... Lying ......... .....--Preacher .......Lawyer Saxophone Player ,,,,........ Minlster ,..............,........,,., LIABLE T0 BE Killed "Soap-box Orator" A Preacher Chauffeur Popular Plumber Shot Married Tramp Teacher Merchant Politician Salesman President Doctor Artist Governor Bookkeeper Lawyer Disappointed ? Blacksmith Comedian Bachelor Bat Boy A Joke Surgeon "Hubby" Fooleal Singing ..... ,.,.... F armer ....... Studying ...... ...,,.. B anker ...... ......,. Silence ....... .,,,,., U seful ,,...... ..,..... Debating .,.... .......... W riter .,,,.. Beauty ........, Loved ........ Declaiming ....... ....... P olitician ..... Playing ......,. ...... A thlete ......... Smiling ........ ....,. C ontractor ....... Happiness ,....... ,...... ' 'Cake Eater" Geometry ...... ....... E verything ....... Spelling ..... Mathematician ...... ....... Singing ..... ...... S cientist ..,...... Music ,....,..... ...... B and Master ...... Athletics .....,.... ..,,.. C oach ......,........ Foolishness ............ ...... S alesman ..... Eating peanuts ...... ...... M issionary ..... Preparedness ..... ...... E vangelist ...... l.,.,..... Arguing ............ ...... ' 'Poppa" ......... .. Drumming ,,...... ...... A rmy Oilicer ...... Page 137 Private "IQ Isfbsi THE SKIKMISHER KK . . '1 S. General" Tom Cutter Smith N, W E 2423 X poker, just power plan HE above is a truthful likeness of Fork Union's oldest boy. He has been a faith' ful servant and friend to the Academy stu' dents ever since the founding of the school, twentyfseven years ago. Uncle Tom is a busy man but when the sun shines too warm and bright during the vacation days he suddenly becomes hard to find. His duties are to provide heat and hot Water for the entire school, although lt is rumored that ' ' 'nd the the radiators freeze up at times a. hot water makes you have chills. He is a devoted Christian and a peacefloving citf b t if ou want trouble and to feel izen, u y the awful pain produced- by a red hot h monkey around his place of business, t e t. S713 f M I I Qozlmnfnlehgmenis We wish to express our sincere appreciation and thanks to the following individuals and firms: To Colonel N. Perkins, Captain D. H. Lindsey and Lieutenant B. R. Farrar for their unfailing assistance and advice. To Thomas F. Crittenden, jack Moon and I. F. Pevley for drawings and an work. To Wilkes B. Watson for business management. To I. Roland Rooke for ad solicitation. To The ReadfTaylo'r Press of Baltimore for engraving, printing and binding. l To Fa1is'De'menti Studio for photographs. THE EDITOR. If F6959 n g .JI Q0 bdkgfgilggia Mn . Y " semis . l l l Page 139 - QQ? j7Z7U REED EUR H05 FORK UNIO Mili ary Academy A High Class Christian School FOR BO YS cmd YOUNG MEN In the Heart of Virginia GIVES A THOROUC-I-I RREPARATION FOR COLLEGE AND BUSINESS . Military Department under the supervision of U. S. War Department as Reserve Officers Training Corps. Grad- uates admitted Without examination to the Leading COI- Ieges and Universities. For Catalogue and Information, Address THE PRESIDENT FORK UNION, VIRGINIA FLUVANNA COUNTY BANK, Inc. 372 and 471 On Time Deposits SAFETY SERVICE B. A. Burgess, President E. B. Weaver, Vice-President E. P. Burgess, Cashier "No Man Scrupously Clean can be a Consummate Villain" Nearly all great men have been noted for their cleanliness and the attention they gave to their personal appearance. Have your bureau stocked with a bountiful supply of crisply laundered personal gar- ments. Send your soiled cloth- ing to us regularly. PHONE 130 The Home Laundry Webb Minor, President CHARLOTTEISVILLE, VA. Call the Home-There's No Place Like It VIRGINIA MILITARY INSTITUTE 85th Year One of the few institutions, if not the only one in the United States, which combines the rigid military system of the United States Mili- tary Academy with collegiate and technical courses of instruction. W. H. COCKE. Superintendent Michie Grocery Company, Inc. WHOLESALE GR OCERS CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA. Special Attention to Phone and Mail Orders. Exclusive distribution of: Canada Dry Ale Western Ammunition Jefferson Crushed Wheat Flour Clark's Fine Fruits 8: Vegetables Havana Ribbon Cigars University of Richmond THE UNIVERSITY INCLUDES: I. RICHMOND COLLEGE, a Standard College for young men. offering the degrees of B.A., B.S., B.S. in Business Administration and IVI.A.: also two years pre-medical, pre- engineering and pre-law work. Both morning and night classes in Business Admin- istration. Address Dean W. L. Prince, University of Richmond, Va. 2. WESTHAMPTON COLLEGE, a Standard College for young women, offering the de- grees of B.A., B.S. and IVI.A. Address Dean May L. Keller. 3. THE T. C. WILLIAMS SCHOOL OF LAW, for men and women, offering the degree of LLB. upon the completion of three years in the Morning Division or four years in the Evening Division of the School. Address Secretary Jas. I-I. Barnett, -Ir., 60l N. Lombardy St., Richmond, Va. 4. THE SUMMER SCI-IOOL, for men and women, june 22-july 3I. This school offers regular college courses and credits to students and teachers, especially to pre-medical students. Address Director W. L. Prince. F. W. BOATWRIGHT, President UNIVERSITY OF RICHMOND, VA. Charlottesville Woolen Mills Charlottesville, Virginia MANUFACTURERS OF High Grade Uniform Clothes IN SKY AND DARK BLUE SHADES FOR Army, Navy and Other Uniform Purposes AND THE LARGEST ASSORTMENT AND BEST QUALITY CADET GRAYS Including those used at the United States Military Academy, at West Point and other leading military schools of the country. PRESCRIBED AND USED BY THE CADETS OF FORK UNION MILITARY ACADEMY ILLIAM C. RQWLAND, Inc. 1024 Race Street PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA 'ffl' 'fr if Ii il 3 , : 1' Uniforms, Supplies, Equipments, Sabres, Etc. Uniformers of Fork Union Military Academy Medical College of Virginia STATE INSTITUTION Medicine Dentistry Pharmacy New Buildings, Well Equipped Laboratories Under the Direction of Full-Time Competent Teachers The Memorial Hospital, Dooley Hospital, St. Philip Hospital, owned and controlled by the Medical College of Virginia, offer every facility for thorough Clinical Train- ing. Staffs composed of the Faculty of the College. Additional Clinical Facili- ties are offered through the City Home, City jail and other institutions of Rich- mond. For full information and catalog Irving-Way-Hill Company, Inc. CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA. AUTOMOBILE LIVERY Automobile Accessories Fisk Tires and Tubes Exide Storage Batteries No-Leak-O Piston Rings Packard, Rec, Chrysler, Chalmers 61 Maxwell. AUTOMOBILE DEALERS OILS 8: GREASES Derrick Wrecking Service "'DAY ar NIGHT SERVICE" Address UNDERTAKERS 8.: EMBALMERS J. R. MCCAULEY, Secretary EAST MAIN STREET RICHMOND VIRGINIA Phone 460 1 1, 1 Z Wa ' f ' X ,ww ' 3 el le f 3 T " gf'-D-'vs V 9" .. Ln- L"' ft , 2 A .N f f - zJ - - 9 O 0 I ou lf Strike E th4iAthle11c Equlplllenlliuwant ii M 1338 "G" St., N. W., Wash. X NUS PENCILS I The largest selling Quality penczl 'in the world XVhatever your pencil requirements -hard, soft or medium-you will find the QUALITY of VENUS lends unmatched for any purpose. IT black degrees, 3 copying: For bold heavy lines lil?-51:1-Hill!-31? For general writinpz' and sketching' QB-B-HB-F-1-I For clean Hne lines QH-31-I--LI-l-5H-GH For delicate thin lines Tl-l-SI-I-DH Plain Ends, IN'l' doz., 5Sl.00 Rubber Ends, per doz.. L20 At stationers and stores throughout the world. American Lead Pencil Co. W 2l8 Fifth Ava-num-, New York IE, Dept. M-TS El TR Y'- THE GOOD O E Model Steam Laundry '2- PHONE 2 5 0 CI-IARLOTTESVILLE, VA. THE COLLEGE OF XVILLIAMT AND MARY FOR MEN AND XVOMEN ls supported by the State of 'Virginia for the benent of all the people. Here one may re- ceive the best possible training at the least possible cost. Winter and summer sessions. Regular courses leading to Bachelor or Mas- ter degrees, courses for teachers, principals, supervisors, and superintendents leading to elementary, normal professional, special, col- legiate or collegiate professional certificates. and courses for students preparing for law, medicine, business, engineering, or social work. Credit for all courses can be counted towards a degree. Special attention given to certificate requirements. Write for particu- lars to ,The College- of Wfillinm and 'Diary Williamsburg, Va. H. L. BRIDGES J. A. C. CHANDLER Registrar President K. J. HOKE Director Summer Session Charlottesville Restaurant 214 MAIN STREET Up-To-Date Cuisine MODERATE PRICES Prompt, Courteous Service You Are Cordially Invited PHONE I46 JOHN E. COSTAN, Prop. CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA. ALBEMARL E Grocery Co., Inc. CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA. DISTRIBUTORS OF ALCO Brand Food Products W. R. PETT IT Dealer in Fancy Groceries Ice Cream 6-f Soft Drinks Norris Sc Somerset BOX CANDY a Specialty Kodaks and Films FORK UNION, VA. C. B. Stevens CLOTHING 8: FURNISHINGS 207 EAST MAIN STREET Charlottesville, Va. NEW METHOD SHOE SHOP C. W. Carmichael, Prop. 503 E. Main Street CI-IARLOTTESVILLE VIRGINIA Fitch's Pharmacy PRICES THAT WILL EQUALIZE fThink it Overl CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA. Expert Shoe Service Shop 261 WEST MAIN STREET Charlottesville, Va. OLD SHOES MADE NEW SERVICE AND SATISFACTION GUARANTEED The Price Is Right Robertson Electric Shoe Shop YOU WILL BE PLEASED WITH OUR WORK Prices Right Work Guaranteed 425 EAST MAIN STREET Charlottesville, Va. If Better Bread Could Be Made We Would Make It Economy Bakery CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA. Economy Bread Won Its Favor Through Its Flavor FORD FOR HIRE Apply to A T. H. Griffin FORK UNION 6: BREIVIO, VA. Colonial Restaurant WHOLESOME FOOD Best Service CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA. PARIS 6? DEMENTI STUDIO 403 East Grace Street RICHMOND, VIRGINIA 6329 Official Photographer A For The Skirmisher TERNITY1 COLLEGE cmd CLASS JE VVELR Y Commencement Announcements and Invitations JEWELER TO THE SENIOR CLASS OF FORK UNION MILITARY ACADEMY L. G. BALFOUR CO. Manufacturing Jewelers 6: Stationers ATTLEBORO, MASSACHUSETTS Ask Any College Greek lui ENQRADINCQ - PRINTING - BINDING E . HM? QI E Lwllinm 5 E:-'aol -Pfesfofc-fnr. Q fha:-les 24 Eylon Wcerpf-es. 'fiqfry J Read Secy-Feds' Q ITM T512 El-GIF V ' I ea ag or ompon ' hmm- O .93rl'c't-' + ,Q,uab7y + v5'0r'1J1'c'e IL Hrinters and qPubI1sI1ers , gfgg A f -A--,, , - ,- . I 'Q I - lomban-dr and Sbuth .Sfreets P ?X UW U I CALJEAT E 'qefew Yjffu I GEORGE 12 cs. Booss, JU. 1,5114 Wk?2"'?d5f52'i9 1 EWG 14 Remember The Producers of 'Thzs Publzcahonl :kai e resen. a L e one, mars: e -J lf' ' - !-- qffgwf' ', xr - if I- vu - . f , Ln, g -'G DI- ---"" I WI wwf-' 'f- ' 'H I ' ' I X X I ' I I . gQ'4"..fI:I- In ' L 'T ik If ' ' gl E -E I' I 'L,-f+:W.1fg 5 iii ' I-if 14-'21-E 'fi I If J .NH 1 fQ I -II II-E A f Av ' I ' II p . 4- f' ,I I5 Ly? L , .- .- p. SPL'--' , 5 E- E,Irfg1,4,,, In tx-gnu I i I I I L', I I . I PUBLZCHTZOTIS OUR SPECZHLTU WLS NW wr 'rqwwvewr Q1 'I ' S' I I ENGRAVING I I PRICE I PRINTING I M" If QUALITY I . N BINDING SERVICE fwe have cI departmenf devoted x BAL on, 5 if Cfhis Publicqiion X ,, exclusively to work of this nature. TIM ., produced by ul 1 . L L , X , .xl , , 2, I. , , ' -, . I ,Q

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