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Tu.-xclc TEA M THE -- ini 2: : ,eil 391771, Y ,2:. - w TH E SKIRM ISH ER lQQQffT 1222, JU- Y iE.4 Yg -' 'Yap Q ' v Y -2 The Track Team The cup from the Piedmont Association is ours. The team went to Richmond to meet the other schools in the ,Xssociation in a contest Coach Pitt, with the assistance nf the captain of the team. Curtis C. Thompson, put life and pep into the team, and talk about the record! Ont of a possible S1 points our team came home with Sl nf them to their credit. The cup now adorns Col. Perkin's otiice. The members of the track team were C. C. Tlionipson, captain: Gen, S. XVnlfe. Don H. lVilkins, hl. C. Fray, .X. ll. llloxom, lelaile Parker, llill Richmond. J. H. Cosby, XY. ll. Siegfried. Some of these men will be back next year and we are looking forward for them to lead ont and bring the Cup of l92l to Fork Cnion. 89 ,eil :T ig Fm, YZ- THE SKIRMISHER fe- .fx aw S i i ip?- ig 1 5 .S i The Cross Country Run The .Xnnual Cross Country Run was held on XVednesday. February llth, after about two weeks of hard training that the teams might be picked for the cross country run in the class competition and there was indeed great interest taken by the classes. The course was tive and one-half miles and was extremely hard to run at this time of the year for the ground was still frozen. For a week before the event this was the main topic of conversation by the cadets: so much so that the Seniors and lireshmen were picked as the winners. Of course, the Juniors had several good men that they were counting on to make first place. But the Sophomores, well, they were not even thought of as being in the class to win anything, and some thought that there was not a man in the class to place in the contest. Coach Pitt had confidence and faith in them and thought they would at least come in third. The day at last came, but it was cold and it seemed that the ground was frozen harder than ever. with a cold north wind blowing. The race was close from the start to the finish for all men were in prime condition. So close was the race that you could not pick a winner until after the race was two-thirds over. But soon we noticed a man in the rear passing one and then another during the last half mile. gaining at every step: we soon saw that Lieutenant Cosby was in the lead. He finished with forty yards in the lead. This gave the Juniors the leading man. XVhere were the Seniors? But lo, here they come! The second and third men were Seniors. To our utter surprise at this stage of the race we could see that at least three Sophomores were in place. XVhere in the world was that wonderful little Freshman team that the Rats had talked so much about? No one but their Captain, Wfaldron, placed. The race finally ended with a tie between the Seniors and Sopho- mores. The following is the standing of the classes by points: Seniors .......................................... ................................ l 8 Points Sophomores ...... ..... l 8 Points Juniors ........... .... l 5 Points Freshman ........... .. 4 Points The tie between the leading classes was never run off. THE SKlRlVllSlNll'lR -Y 1:-L .5 'ig 'E ill, 'ESQ j ,fag l llmmlm S. liaucan Falls Church, Vu. Captain Baseball M155 .Xl.lL'l-I Halcnzmn r Ricl1mm14l. Yu. ,S'fwr1,wr .32-Q TNR H'-'-4 91 Z Za P- 2 Q 72 4 x Id R. Ai R .. , gi VY 2 .Y 12441 THE SKIRMISHER ap. i ,E gg: e g if X Baseball Team HOXYARD S. BERGICR, C.x1f'r.x1N, l"1'r.vf Base. "Mutt" has often been spoken of as the best first baseman Fork Union has ever had. Never was a truer statement made by anyone. He out-played any Hrst baseman on any team that played lforlc Llnion during the past two years. He is our home-run slugger, pulling in more than any member of our team. He made an excellent Captain, full uf pep and always leading the team to victory. ROBERT R. BOT'l'llXlORli, twvlzvr. "Hottie" is a three year letter man and tu see him behind the bat you would think him an imported man from the XYhite Sox or Cinci Reds. He was always able to receive in great style. .X sure man with the stick- not long hits. but those that count, CURTIS C. TIIOKIPSON. Pifrlzvr. "Curt," that wonderful southpaw, has been picked as an "all state" pitcher. His equal has not been found. Never losing his head and always pitching air-tight ball. He won many a game single handed. CURTIS FRAY. Slmrf Stop. Fray is one of our two year letter men. He neyer says much but is always on the job when those hot grounders come into his territory and with that sure peg to first the batter was gone. He was the lead-oil man at the bat throughout the season and always displayed his batting ability when we were in a pinch. HARRY BOHANNON, Lvfz' Ifivld. "Bo" is also a two year letter man. .X better fielder cannot be found. Little "Bo" always had a sure eye on those long Hies and cutting men oil at 93 4 . -ae 34 5:6 W : . SKIRM ISN ER ltegf J if is Tl T Hog in v5 'ft' , the home plate with his long throw was his favorite trick. He developed wonderfully at the bat during the past year. He was elected captain of the baseball team for next year. ROLAND STEPHENS, Tlzird Base. e "Stephie" is no doubt the most able man on the team. He knew the game from .X to Z. A Rat. but my, how he could play ball. Never smiles, but in that serious nature that makes him doubly reliable when working out his plays. He led the team in batting average this season. He was elected manager of the team for next year. GRgXH.XlW THOMAS, Svfolld BGSU. Graham did not make his letter last year, missing it by one game. but this year he was always at the second sack from the first to the last game. To see him you would never take him for a ball player. but put him on the infield and be is a baseball playing "trick" BILL RICHMOND, Ccaifw' lf1'clfz'. "Billie" never played baseball until this year and it was only through continuous work and practice that he made the Varsity. He had little con- fidence in himself until he made that home run with three men on bases in the Danville game. From that moment he was there with the goods. ALVAH B. BLOXOM, Right Field. flloxom was a Rat. His first year on a team and at first few thought he would ever make the Varsity but working hard and faithfully we found towards the middle of the season that he was in the regular line up. He has developed into a wonderful little fielder. H. ROE BARTLE, MANAGER. With his team at heart he has proven to be an excellent executive as well as the most popular manager Fork Union has ever had. Too much credit cannot be given him for the success of our team. 94 T in iii THE SKIRMISHER , 19: ig T' Zi-NS f- Baseball Record lVitl1 four letter men back this year in baseball, Captain Berger. Fray, Bottimore and Bohannan, we had about thirty other cadets out for the Varsity team. Among them was Curtis Thompson, our "all state pitcher." who deserves much credit for the showing of our team this season. .After a hard season of training the nine were picked and never has there been a faster infield nor a surer outfield than we had this year: playing twelve championship games and losing only two. Our team opened- up the season on its own diamond with the Richmond College second team on March 31st, This was an easy game for the cadets and it gave Coach Pitts a good chance to study his men in a real game. The score was l5 to l in favor of F. U.. Richmond College getting but one hit oi? Thompson and that by Miller, a former Boston American. Q11 April the 2nd we continued the good work of the first game by de- feating Danville Military lnstitute by 18 to 2. This made the second victory for cadets at home to witness. April the 5th we went to play lfishburn Military Academy. After getting as far as Charlottesville word reached us that the game was cancelled by our opponents. They did not have another open date so it was impossible to have the annual game. It was much to our regret that we were unable to meet our old rivals this year. April the 16th found our boys on their way to Richmond to meet the Benedictine Military College. Another victory was added to our string by defeating them 12 to 3, It was a nice clean game and more interesting than the score indicates. Blackstone Military Academy, our strong old rival, was the next team to meet, so April the l7th found us at Blackstone. Sad but true we lost a hard-fought game as the score of 2 to l shows. The writer wishes to give his readers a summary of the game and let them decide which team played the better ball. Thompson fanned l7 men while Throne, Blackstone's pitcher, fanned only 6. Fork Union got S hits while Blackstone got only 2. Black- stone made 3 errors while Fork Union made no errors. The manager of our team had another contract signed by Blackstone to play another game. 95 ' 4.55 Ti i Wes THE SKIRMISHER sal? ia' v-I WY gf- but they canceled it. XYe tried until the end of the season to have them play the second game, but all efforts were in vain. XVe have been taught that it is better to lose a game honorably and fairly than to win a game by unfair methods. Our next game was with XVoodbury Forest. .X beautiful game. Close and exciting, winding up with the score l to 0 in our favor. The treatment we received at XYoodbury Forest was far above the average. The XX'ood- bury boys were real sports, even though they lost the game, and our boys came home singing the praises of lYoodbury lforest. Chatham Training School came to us on April the 30th. This game was undoubtedly the best game played on our diamond this season. Chatham played a line game but out team outhit Chatham and won the game 5 to l. Scottsville came over to pay her annual respects to old Fork Union and also to carry away the game but in this they were disappointed because the victory was ours by a score of 12 to 4. The cadets always look forward to the games with Scottsville with a great deal of interest for it is only of late years that we have been able to hold them down. The day our boys went to .Xugusta Military Academy was a hard one on them, having to make the trip in autos. Nevertheless, it was our duty to defend the state championship. NYe well remember how we trimmed them last year and we were also well aware of the fact that they were laying for us with a strong team. The game was an exciting one. but Augusta landed the game, shutting us out 4 to O. XYe hated to lose the game, but to lose to such a fine bunch of men was a pleasure. .-Xgain we received the best of treatment on the diamond and during our stay with them. Coach Carter is the kind of coach we like to play against. lVe came back to old lfork Union a little down-hearted after the game. but we had Benedictine to play on the home grounds. This game was a walk- away and very much one-sided, for the score stood 18 to 7. Most of our second team men got in this game. Scottsville and Fork Union crossed bats at Scottsville and the boys won from our friends by the score of 9 to 2. The last game of the season was to be played at home on May the 22nd and on this date the McGuire University team, of Richmond, came with a strong team to defeat us, but somehow the cadets were on their tiptoes during 9o , , gp - 5 , ' JK WF-1422. S4 Ly if 'VH SKIRMISHER Alf' 41 . 1-1 .f -- Ae 1 - ,F . the whole game and they were so tight that they W1 iuld not let a McGuire man reach the home plate. So the outcome was a walk-away for Fork Union with the score standing 10 to 0. The Cadets wanted to see another game at home so Seottsville came over for the second time. In this game we used most of the second and third team men as our Varsity team had finished their work. XVell. it ended by defeating our friends 5 to 4. The season did not bring us the state championship as it did in 1013 and 1919 but nevertheless we are proud uf the work done and we feel that it was a most successful season. The team was doubtless the best all-around team Fork Union ever turned out. Our opponents scored 30 runs while the Red and Blue made 106. XYe can truly say we had a great team. 97 4 XX , :n 2 A A 'sf??! Vw is l.-4 L fffxja- JY , 4,711 if 251 iQ 1 4: id H V Y -: - CAPT. XKVILBERT T. XVOODSON 5 i, kkf THE SKIRMISHER I T H lZ w kS K 1 R WSH 1215 JS THE XYAXRSITY CLC1: 98 gui 'Zi' 5:-pf N i. R f'?:e'?:f-KA THE SKIRMISHER iii? X is 1 o, a :ri 1117 - -f The Varsity Club This club was founded during the past year and each and every man who had made his letter in any branch of athletics was eligible for member- ship. The purpose of the club is not altogether tu promote the social life of its members but to foster all branches of athletics. It handles all questions that come up from time to time in athletics. The club has a room that is beautifully fitted up and is the most attractive club room in school. It is a place where all the athletes spend their spare time, for there is no swearing or smoking allowed in the Varsity club room, thus making it an ideal place for the boys to spend their idle moments. The following who have the privilege of wearing the letter "F" are members of the Varsity Club: BOHANNAN HLTDDLE SMITH, R. N. FRAY METCA1.r1a THoMAs, C. G., JR. TILMAN T1-1oMPsoN STEPIIENs, R. F. REA BOTTIMORE XVOLFE XVII.K1Ns, D. M. BERGER RICHMOND XVILKINS, nl. A. HARRIS PARKER DAVIS, VV. C. RARTLE BLoxoM COLONNA 99 Coixcn PITT Q "' l av,-Swv' 'Q 9 I . " 1 v -, "',. J rv o 1 'ill Q., A fl v ,? G'-. , -A 41 iq 'Y f ' v.,f I ir A 37 -CQ, 'L' B sf , . ,Ef?'x 1 1 1 1 ? 1 Us 1,'1 1.1 1 I I 1 1 I I 1 1 iff BOOK M X131 ef ., if I!! X1 4 IV 1 11 f H 1 '11 1 Q N Q33 111 'Hx 7 Na L, w i' 111 11' K V 1 1 1 1 E I! ii 1 kg F-,ZJW Q1 1 11 11 N 41 111 117 11 4 1 R - - 11 ' 11 V 3-S'-S'-EMX-NR be x? ,, '- -'rig M I 1 2 Ei? 1' 11 1 11 1 13' 111 1 11 I1 11 ftp 1 1 L 2,5723 8'7- S ,I ' 1 1 U 1,-1 E 1 1' A f 1 V .- 1 H' 1x ' A ,I Z 11 1 Nl 5 1 1 1 , 1 , 'W Q 1 1 fri . i 1:3 ' ,fi if f f f 4- 1 -1 L mf -Q I 45, 4 , ' '. Y 4 1 1 'v vu, x . ' 4 1 . x I 1 1 .1 , 5' .I 1 Y .- vw Q 4 f, f R. 'an ff. IH.,-1 .Q fr Hy ., .: ' .V-gn f,!'vV,,Q.l 3 F" if? '-7 " lk ' ?f',.' V v I 1 V -5 , - THE SKIRMISHER The Literary Societies i.iTxD ORK Union puts great stress npt In the literary work. The two societies worked hard under the general leadership -if Capt. X 4354 ii XYoodson. He worked hard and faithfully to inake a success f' I gn? dj of the work. Col. X. il. Perkins was in charge of the Ciceronian SAT'b"'!m Society while Major S. D. Bartle looked after the .Xthenian and they acted as the critics for their societies. The great thing nf interest to look forward to was the inter-society contest to see who would win the cup. There were two contests hetween these societies held towards the last of the year. The dehaters for the Ciceronian Society were Paan and Bartle: Hall and Cosby. Those for the Athenians were lYalne and Ferguson: Stone and Monds. These young inen showed great talent as debaters and each won honors in the work they did. The declaiiners for Ciceronian were Thompson and XYitt: for the .fXthenians, Cootes and llvatkins. The readers for Ciceronian were Coleman, NY. E.. and Tompkins: for Athenians. Lay and Scribner. The Athenians won the cup hy two points. It was a close contest and it was no one-sided affair as the results show. lt is expected that next year deeper interest will be shown hy the cadets in preparing for the inter-society contests. the .-Xthenians to keep the cnp and the Cicernnians to take it away. C. XYEsI-i3Y lex Xixns. 101 E- 3- 3-.Q 'A J ' THE SKIRMISHI-ZR WZ f ff 'Y' 32 I i Y fa 9 , E E Y, E Ciceronian Literary Society H, RUE UA RTLE ..,,,.,.. R. .X. XYITTEN ..,...AA.,.. A JOSEPH H, COSBY ,..,AA,. ROBERT J. REA .,....,,.,..,,,,,,. tf, XYESLEY JENXI X115 , ...,....,,,,.. Prvsidvrll '1'u'-Prvsidcllf ,............,,Sc't'I'Ufl'lI'j' Tl'I.'U.Y1U'L'l' Yvmfmlnt-at-.-Irnzs if-1 SK1iRM1SH1iR X ' A- we-.i-"'A' , ' . . 3 1 Athenian Literary Society H. S. IIERGER .,........ ......... .................,.i.,. I ' I't'.Yi4fl'llI' R. N. SMITH ,...........,,... ,,.,,....,... I 'i 1'i' -l71'UxizI'r11! H. M. XXIXLNE ....,,.,......,,.... .......,..i.,,,.v,. S -L'L'l'L'fUI'.V GEO. B, FERGUSON ,. ,...... ..,........, T rm1.v11rf1' BLAND TILMAXN .,.,,. X 'rqrun 103 f-al-:I rum -: 'r H EISK ia M is H ER Twenty Years Hence HAD just boarded 'one of those sumptuous trains, long 'fu an tznnous as the l'. l'. X . of the Lhesapeake and Ohio, and was watching a small white handkerchief waved by a loving hand M X from the front door of my home overlooking the City of L litton Irorge. X a.. when my attention wqasuattracted by the super-polite porter: "I.ower 10 15 ready, sir, and I was soon li ist in the realms of dreamland, The road became as smooth as the placid surface of a lake on a breezeless summer day. The train was crowded with gaily-dressed people, and numerous porters went to and fro, attending to the comfort of the passengers. "Gut for Ifork Union! Change cars for Richmond, Newport News and Old Point Comfort: XYashington, Philadelphia, New York and all points North and Ilast!'y I had forgotten that Fork Union was now on the trunk line of the Ches- apeake and Ghio between Xew York and New Orleans, and all trains from the XYest stopped here now instead of going on to Richmond. "Great Scott! A Union Depot! By the Butless Billy Goats! The Great liastern! A trunk line from Newport News to Chicago!" The yelling of the porters and the pushing of the crowd put an end to my ejaculations. "Hotel Fork Union!" "Academy Hill!" "Snead's Inn!" all sounded in lily ear simultaneously, causing my hair to stand on end. "Heres your automobile to Hotel lfork Union!" yelled a porter, and fairly hustled me into a seat in the veritable palace of luxury. and before I could realize what the situation really was I was off up a beautiful granolithic street. bordered by solid blocks of business houses and crowded with hurrying people. autos, street cars and all manner of vehicles, and here and there hurried bunches of cadets in their trim uniforms. "Is this Fork Union?" asked I, as I pulled off my hat and rubbed my brow to see if I were really myself. "Yes, sir: never here before?" asked my neighbor passenger. "She has grown wonderfully in the last twenty years. Heres the 'Institutef " said he, pointing to a magnificent group of buildings on our right. 'flohn D. 104 , THE SKIRMISHER ' ? Y :ng V-75 -- a- I fi: I Rockefeller gave it a tremendous endowment when he died. Great girls' school 1 tell you. Prof. XYoodson gave up his position in the Academy long ago to take charge of the girls here. I was just about to ask him something more about the old teachers of the .Xcademy when a magnificent view spread out before us. XX e had at this moment crossed the top of the hill at the 'kJ1J1JCllllCl1l1C1'i. place. Qould l believe my eyes? A perfect maze ol streets and houses, as lar as the eye could carry, described the situation. ln the center ot the whole stood one object which at once appeared familiar and unchanged. 'l here it was encircled by imposing modern buildings-'the plain, modest old Academy lJlllltll1lgS, having been replaced by beautiful modern structures. boon we were speed- ing across a viaduct and through the heart of lfork L nion-but not the l'4l1'K Union I used to know. bkyscrapers loomed up where once were the lands marks of Pettit, Thomas and Weaver. While l was drinking in all this with my eyes, the auto came to a sudden stop before a magnilicent ten-story building, and the porter said: "Hotel lfork Union, gentlemen. XValk right in." "By gums!" Could this be the place where Mrs. julia Snead used to keep hotel? So it must be. 'l here across the street was the old lfork Church and there was the campus in front of the Academy, though the old fence was replaced by a handsome stone wall. just then l recognized the familiar face and tottering form coming up the walk. "Hello," l ejaculated, my heart in my throat, and grasped the hand of my old friend. "Mit Bashaw, you don't remember me do you?" "XVe1l, no, your face looks familiar, but l don't just recall your name." "Do you remember "Oh, yes! You used to he at school here. XYalked a heap of guard duty. Didn't hurt you, did it? Good for the cold and other diseases, Dr. George says. XVell, do you know these here school teachers work only ten days in the month and get bigger pay than any of these other fellows who work six whole days in the week? They are the biggest set of makeshifts in the country." The dinner bell rang and I hurried in to eat a few bites and then take in the town. I entered a room filled with strangers, but heard a familiar voice across the room. "Hello, Xl?" 105 Ag-F ,f TF 3-1-f ff,f 1 THE SKIRMISHER Q V, J ' 1 H. ROE BARTLE Nnmox, v1RG1N1,x lfditm'-ill-Cllivf Board of Editors The Skirrnisher, 1920 Mxss MARY IJORD NURTON, VIRGINIA Sponsor '31 3 , aa :I 3 7 - H We 21 is THE SKIRMISHER Q3 S :I-R' --iz "1 ?gN Y "Hello, Dr. George Y" I exclaimed, "How are you? Married yet ?" "No," came the solitary answerg "still playing single." just as I sat down I noticed my old professor of Mathematics sitting on the opposite side of the table from me, eating with mathematical accuracy and discussing with an old white-haired gentleman whether the parabola is a closed curve at infinity. I could not restrain myself from breaking into this interesting discussion and giving my old teacher a warm hand-shake. He proceeded immediately to explain to me the mathematical ratio which he had worked out, by which the old town had grown and the limits of this growth. Dinner over, I walked out on the campus. NVhat a change greeted my eyes! Street cars going here and there, bringing in crowds of people and going empty. Great buildings on every side and the almost incessant "honk" of the automobile filled me with surprise and wonder. "XVhy all this crowd?" said I to a bystander. "Baseball," said he. "Fork Union Us. Cornell. Big game." Becoming more familiar, I began asking my new acquaintance about my old friends. Capt. Wildman? Oh, yes: he went to Chicago University from here. where he took his Ph. D. and taught for several years. He has written several books, among which is a volume of poetry dedicated to Browning. He traveled abroad and is now professor of English at Harvard. He has written several discussions in the leading magazines on the Subjective Mind, and is now engaged in writing a logical discussion on 'Universality of Lovef Capt. Vernon? XN'hy, let's see. He went back to New Mexico and organized an Indian school. He never recovered fully from the shock he received at Fork Union because so many of the boys wanted to take Higher Math. before they finished Arithmetic. Lt. McDonough? NVell. he was called into service at the beginning of the war between America and japan and rapidly rose by dint of merit to a generalship in the American army. He succeeded in driving the enemy from the California coast and carried the war to a successful close in the country of the latter. XVe laughed as our conversation was interrupted by the approach of an elderly gentleman, venerable and hoary-headed. with an elastic step that betrayed the vigor of youth. "Heavens I" I exclaimed, grasping his hand. "Col Perkins-l--" just then a rude jar, caused by the sudden stopping of the train, brought me to my senses. "Lindsay. change cars for 'Virginia Air Line'l XVake up. boss. Don't you get off here? I turned over in my berth, wide awake. "Yes, but I wish I didn't." -5 , .1 5 ffzk S42 THE SKIRMISHER it? fi if QZAQKJEL 1 AP 3 5 y 5 ia, i - itunking Backmarn Backward, turn backward, O Time, in your Hight! Take me to school again, just for tonight. Back to F. U.. on that same old green hill. Xlfhere the streams of cadets are climbing it still: Back to that ridge with its halls in a row. Xlihere yearnings for knowledge once led us to go. Classmates, come back from your hurry and care, The business that brings silver threads to your hair. lYe are so tired of the world and its strife: Let us go back to our happy school-life. Don't you remember those benches so worn- The teacher who had for fresh air such a scorn? Ulntelligis, tu," how each said "Adsum," Because they all had such good times in that room? And then there was one, a hne graceful form, XYhose face was so bright he made every heart warm. He trained us in "Phys" toward the end of each clay, And to laugh, shout and cry, "in the usual way." Another old room, where we met each day. And studied, "in passing," of times far away: You know, from that class, not an hour we stole, From there the "sequential" oft "played quite a role." Jolly XVoodson, full of story and joke- Equally fond of peroxides!and Polk! One singer whose voice we'll remember for aye. He blessed all our hearts. singing, "Just For Today, O, you remember those faculty chairs, Those rows of teachers with brains and nne hairs. XVhose faith in our school taught us loyalty, too, And made us resolve that our best we would do To uphold its name for truth and good order- And truly we did try, but oft reached the border Of stampede and riot. when some smiling fate lVould give us "victory" in some hard-fought debate. Those chapel hymns! but words are too few To tell how we longed for one that was 1u'tz'.' By that long stay in chapel we all felt abused: How eager we listened for the Major's "Excused!" That windy old chapel-what mem'ries still cling! VVhat echoes of school days around that name still ring! The faces and forms, now scattered and gone, Come back to our vision. and leading them, one XYhom we counted a blessing, whose wise words still ring NVhose gray locks were surely a crown for a king. Backward, turn backward, O years, in your-flight, Take us to school again, just for tonight. A MEBIBER or Cmss or '20 :Y , W , 5 'Pg ' Y-if " Wig all LL +ii Vi 'T of .,,i .A Q, X, PAA? ip. f i- -15 N P , :L ' in- '- " f-' ' A Faculty Meeting HAYIZ been thinking a great deal about the professors 'WU V xr., lately-as one does about the end ot the term?-and the other night I dreamed I was in a faculty meeting. hot as a culprit, f X mind you, only as a spectator: and no one paid any attention :QQBAQJ-js, to me or seemed to know I was there. So I have no doubt T the proceedings were just as they usually are, and, thinking it might be interesting and instructive to the cadets, who have never witnessed one of these awful conclaves, I determined to write my experience for THE SKIRMISIIER. The meeting was called to order by Col. Perkins. He gazed about and said: "lVe will use in this service this morning Hymn No: One. Ch, I beg your pardon. lYill some one state the object of the meeting?" Capt. lYildman jumps to his feet. "Object of the meeting-general business." he snapped. "Move we pros ceed at once to general business." "The first order of business," said Col. Perkins, "is the report of De- partments. Major Bartle, how is the military work moving along?" "lYell, Colonel, I am having the time of my life with the Commissioned officers. They have got it into their heads that they are running the military department of this school. I feel like busting every one of them and let the "buck privates" take command of the companies." "XYell," said Col. Perkins, "you can handle the military end without any suggestions from the faculty, so we will let you take care of it." "Capt lVildman, what is there of interest you can bring before the faculty." said Col. Perkins. "There is one thing that has given me great distress and that is the actions of some of these overseas men. They take too many liberties and do as they please in classes and during study hoursf' he said. "That is true," said Major Bartle. "I find Davis in other cadets' rooms so much at nights I tell him to report to his own quarters. He disappears from my presence and soon I go to another room and find him there: and it continues that way until I detail a squad to take him to his own room. I 108 rg V as 'Zi f S11-' 'L K 7-j f i THE SKIRMISHERFS5' ,f-fl 34, . - S' i 421- gg I YY- ,:!:- fl 'D' - v, - - cannot figure it out. I can't tell if he is off in the upper story or if he is still in a nightmare. I-Ie acts like a doughboy jumping from one trench to another, until the last room I find him in he has the cadet on the cot and he is after him like he did the Huns "over there." .Ns soon as I step in the room all come to attention and Davis smiles as though he added another German to his long list. He salutes and passes out. Something must be done to these menf' Coach Pitt said something I could not hear and the subject was droppped. Capt. Lavender stated that he was having a great deal of trouble with certain young men in English Bible. Their conduct was so bad that it was necessary to send them out of the classroom. Capt. Vernon said: "XVhen I was Dean of an Xgricultural College I had no trouble with the men. But the cadets here are a great problem as to know just what to do with them. I have come to the conclusion after my long years of college experience to give Major Bartle a list of these young men and recommend so many hours to walk and I can see it is doing the work." I ' I I-ieut. Charles Saunders then shouted out: "Give me the brats: I will take them on a hike and walk them until they will see stars and I will bet they will he tamed down." -Inst then Major Battle returned, having been called out to settle a little difficulty between some cadets. with I.ieut. McDonough, and the discussion was explained to them. Major Bartle spoke forcibly and to the point, as always. I-Ie said 1 "VVe want to make these young men noble and upright in the best sense of the words. IV:-3 want to see them leading the white life. VVe want them to stand 'four-square to every wind that blows' Now. to temper the wind of the unshorn lambs is illogical and unscriptural and such things I cannot agree with." I.ieut. McDonough, being urged to express an opinion. stepped to the blackboard and wrote the following formula: C12 H22 OH l VVhile I was trying to recall enough chemistry to understand this, Coach Pitt was telling about the great work on the athletic field. "Yes, sir, we are going to have winning teams. The faculty must lay aside all class work and give me support and show up school spirit. VVe must do something to keep 109 air' It I I III I 5 Q 5?xyf2:- , C A THE SKIRMISH ER 7749+ - I 2 i, -E-.- - Q j yi Hottie and H0 from going to too many dances, fur un the baseball diamond they forget the signals and are dreaming of the fair ones. I say something must be dune." .Xt this juncture Capt. Nxvllillllilll jumped to his feet and said: "Gentlemen, we are getting nuwhere. I would like to be excused to meet with the band. Capt. Snead began tu tell the faculty about the jwyl ?J he was having in his Math classes, and when he was warming up to the subject the banc began to play "XYait till the clouds rull by," and swine rag-time music. Swinething interrupted the strains nf dream music. I thought at mst it was I.ieut. Stone crying Hniiwe we adjourn," but in an instant I recugnifet the familiar whirr of my alarm clock, so I aruse. dismissing the strang visiun uf the night, and sat dfvwn tw cram. USLEEPY 110 ? Wmjgfi. THE SKIRMISHER Y :pa 5 Y 37- -, John uincy Adams - .f Hli divine principle of individual freedom so long confined in dungeons began to assert itself in the Revival of Learn- ing-the Renaissance and the Reformation. This was the fvaf life-giving principle of the Revolutionary lYar, and had its best expression in the Declaration of lndependence. l 'i"f'4"'f4? E lt was a principle which inspired john Quincy Adams for a half-century of public service lt enabled him as Senator. as Minister of State, as President, but most of all as a Representative to teach the Amer- ican people obedience to the state and personal independence. Believing duty to be above everything else, and true to his own teachings. although he had filled two continents with his fame. although he was at that age when most men seek repose, he forgot his own personal comfort and stepped down to the level of a representative. In 1331 when he entered Congress his first utterance was a protest against all party affiliations, which he justly considered a crime. Not caring whether a question before the House would benefit a political party. he would say "lVill it benefit the whole worldu? Nothing, however, so well shows the conscience of the man as his rela- tions to the slavery question. Although slavery was deeply rooted among the people, although it was supported by the Constitution. sanctioned by the re- ligions, he saw and declared its utter destruction. Already an old man with gray locks and wrinkled brow but with the vigor of youth, he gave his last remaining powers for the final struggle. The slaveholders for the protection of their interests had put in the rules of the House, the resolution, that all petitions referring to slavery should be laid on the table. Consequently when Mr. Adams arose one day and asked the Speaker if a petition, which he held in his hand from the slaves, came under the rule of the House, the southern members were very much surprised and became involved in an angry debate. They demanded that this honorable gentleman who had presented the petition for slaves should be publicly con- demned. For three days the storm raged. lYhat a sight to see! An old man turning away from the quiet and rest so much needed, not thinking of the 111 it g 1 H E LSK I RZM IS HLER y position he had once occupied. threatened with assassination-standing un- moyed to ask the right of petition for those who were helpless and debased. He held up his accusors to ridicule. read them a lesson in parliamentary usage and taught them that there was still fire burning in his old shattered fralne. Fire years later he presented another petition which caused a similar dis- turbance. Fearing they had been in too great haste in the former petition. the slareholders decided to be more deliberate this time. For six weeks the House was turned into a turmoil of furious men, who respected neither gray hairs nor pure character. lt was a trying time for the old patriot: his weak body could scarcely endure the strain, but his abilities made him more than a match for the whole House. There he stood. alone, not to defend himself. but to plead in behalf of the oppressed. lt was a decisive victory in .Xmerican legislation, which won without blood, wrested forever the right of free discussions in free America from a powerful tyranny. On the very spot of his fame, under the dome where he had won the applause of a listening Senate. at a ripe old age. this noble patriot, this Chris- tian statesman fell. exclaiming "This is the last of earth. l am content." Vfhis essay is the production of a member of our .XCHLlC111f'.-EDITORJI 112 f -.rg .I-rung - 1- -u,gg.'.J!, , . ., . , , 'ii df-Q - U-'e6D'k" ,- 'e- 1- ,fi . - ,'4 4, -I , xg..-t ., ,rg e ,1...,,. . V.-.A . A ,Hn . "Q'4-Phi?-P' If -.P-1" . W' ' ',.v , 1,7 ' -if v.-s 34.-2.-...1.',,f.1 . ,-I .fa ,., , .. 'I 5.9 , - , .D fs Q. . - 'fifi,,+siEiQ5fi:f'f':-3"' 74 ' in 1 f'i"+'Z' K ' :- 31 K' I '., r- .Q 7' 4-L' ' - 1.2,1" V, . - 1 ' ' 'r '.-- 1 vu,-Namw .1-5,J,..AI ,-'x,.,. p., . , . A x..'w-.,5.e'W,. .,z,f, f - . . ' . 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COLORS: Purple and Gold. iDfficerS ALDERSON, C. G. .... .,,........,.................... .......,...... P 1 'vsidvnt HARMAN, R. A. .......... .......,.,,,............, I 'irc-Prvsidvul TOMPKINS, J. L. ......., .............,.........................,... S cfl'vfary and Tn'i1s111'w' GBBIIIYJBIS Hl'DDI.E HYATT R.xsN1c14 -IOHNSON, XV. BUNDY METC.XLFE TOMPKINS JONES, DON PORTER, R. C. .-XLDERSON RICHMOND LAY LIPPS BOTTIMORE UXDERDUMQ HANSON HALL BOHANNAX XTXNCE PETTY BARTLE STEPHENS, R. F. XYILIQINS, I HORNBEIQGER COOPER XYEBB REI-Ill 113 '-xg E -1 - T H 1: S K ISR M15 H ER T 1 if --f-41-if-as Board of Editors Gibe Svkirmisber Staff CHARLES C. THOMPSON ...,.. ,,,,,.. ..,,,,..,,,,.' I 5 .wfimltc Edifur R. NELSON SMITH .......,....,,.., ....,..,...........,.... I ?115ir1rs,v Jluzzagur HOXYA-XRD S. HERGER ..,,............,,...... ,......,.. -I ,Yififllllf B1zsz'11us.v jlllfllljlfl' CHRISTGPHER AX, EHELING. JR. ,,,, ,,,,,,, , ,. ,,..,,,,, I liliiury lfdirm' J. LUCAS TOMPKINS .......,................ .........' 1 illlvtif Edifm C. XYESLEY ,IENXTNGS ...... ..,,..., I -i1'v1'z1ry ljditur 1. CURTIS FR.-XY .......,,...,,....,. ,.,......,. S 'nuivfy Edilm GRAXHAM C. ALIJERSUN ...... ,.,..,.. C -11117 Editor 7 Wagga-. A, THE5K1E:M15HlERj,.? - -- The Tidewater Club MIJTTCJZ "Pzmrlclle your mum ammo." Cumks: Green and Yellow. SMITH, R. N. XVILKINS, J. A. ..... . COSBY, J. A. .,....,. .. BARNES, W. R. PARKER ll.xs14ELL XYILKINS, J. .X. L'.m1PBE1.1. CRUMP, If. B. XYARREN Cosnv Llxxclfokn MCCALLUM JONES, C. W. TALMAN SAUNDER5, I. E. ilbfficers members C'n'rTR1':I,1. SMITH, I.. R PowERs, L. N POXVERS, L. H. C0oKE,, XV. S. COOKE, E. F. 114 President ....,..Vil'e-Prvsident ..........5f'crvt11ry SMITH, R. THRQM BARNES LEWIS CAIN GLADDING Trvasurcr N. JAMES NASH BLOXOM DOZIER NETTLES ZF , THE 1SK1RMgSHLERQgg if f Y ff ' ' ' Y M x Sl 8 as is ff 3 .1 -H26 The Honor Committee H. M. XYALNE H. S. BERGER J. C. Flux C. C. THOMPSON R, N. SMITH 115 jr ,E - 5 -2 .SHIV Wes fi THE SKIRMISHER ,aggqi Y Y : rg Y! B . f N- - f. .fa E Sc1ence Club MoTTn: "Seeking the lll1kl11lXYlln LMLURS: I.:1x'emlc-1' and XYl1ite i1Dfficer5 EBELINL3, C. A., .........,,,.......,..,.. ........ P resident BERGER, H. ..Y..A...... Vin'-PI'n'5flI'L'Ilf BARTLE. H. R. TGMPKINS, I. I.. ,.....,....,,,..,.,.......,.., EUBAN R ' H Poxx ERS, L. POXYERSI, L. X I-IASRELL BARTLE fJWENS SAUNDERS. I. I"1'rzHL'cH E. WBIIIDBIS COTTRELI. EBELING NICHOLS BISPHAM JOHNSON, XY JOHNSON, C. B. MCDANIELS 116 ........Sm'1'ffa1'y T1'ra.v11 fur TOMPKINS CHUNG CRUMP, F. B. NASH STEPHENS, R. I1 PARKER TURNER BERGER T H E 5 K ITR M IS H E R 205' The Coal Diggers MOTTO: The LTl1I'NWliSl'lCll lJi:u11f'mwl. L'uI.u1:s: Quill Iiluck. ilDffirer5 B.-XRTLE, H. R. ...A,,.,..,...,.,,,,,,.,.,,.,,. I'rusidruf HALL, I.. R. ...... ....... - S'vv1'c'iar5 BOH.-XNN.-XX, H. M. .......,. l'iu0-I'rv.fz'dmt REED, ll. IQ. .,.,..,.. Trvaszwm- HBBIUDBES REED JONES, Dox l:.'XRTLE joHNsoN, W. LIPPS IloHAxNN,xN HALL L.-xx' STEPHENS, R. F. KASNICK RICHMHN1, XVEBI! ipnnnrarp member MAJOR S. D, IXMQTLE, D. D. 117 7, 41- if f-Z O "'- ' ff. f- fih Hrs 2 : ,M f-L lf, 713 'l'Hl-I SKIRMISHER S- wx , 31, E' Q1 4. 4,-2 K ,,, .f-X' S O, 1 , , - 1 Hash Slingers' Union MOTTO: Sling hash, COLORS: Wh 2Dffirer5 MISS KATIE PETTY ........,....,............,.........,.. LIEUT, MUTT BERGER ...,.....,.................... ........ COSBY, J. H. ANTHONY WALNI-3 THOMPSON JOHNSON, VV. fltbe ipasb Svlingers IDUUDTHIQ QZIIIUBI GEO. M. BASHAXV 118 XVILKIN DER HYATT SNEAD DAVIS ite and Brown ..........flL7afV011 S, D. M. M, P if gi -2 7fNQZ"-Y if miie, THE SKIRMISHER 1 V: - -ff - First Floor Hatcher Hall MoTTo: "On your toes." COLORS: Red and Dark Green. 9Dfficer5 TOMPKINS, I. L. ....... ......,,.......,,,........,,..... ........,,,,....,,.,........... P I 'esidvnt EBELING, C. A. JR. ,,..... ......,. ,,,.. ..,,.,......,,................,... I f i cv-Prexidvzzi CAMPBELL, D. M. ...,.... ....................,...,................,.... S vrrvtury and Trcn,vurI'r members SMITH, R. N. FITZHUGH GLADDING CAMPBELL SMITH, L. R. TOMPKINS VANCE BISPHAM WALNE E131-:LING HUDSON NEBLETT DOZIIR LANKFORD EARLEY XVILLIA Ms COLONNA ibnnnrarp Hgbemhers CAPT. M. U. PITT Miss KATIE PETTY 119 in l 'K fr 2 ,M 7 TF :N F?Z1l,L l HE SKlRlVllSlSl ER ,ggi- fi 1 ,J .S . The MUTTO: 'Tnitccl we stzimlf' Service Club Counts: The Stars and Hpemhers MAJ. S. D. ll.xRTl.1c ...,..,...,..........,,,......,,........ General Static, Ya. National Guards Ki.-XPT. J. R. XY1Lm1.xx, Sgt. lcl. l'syclinlUgical Co., NU. 1. Bat. 7, M. O. 'I'.G. Qi.-XPT. XY. T. XYOUDSUN .,,,,,,,,, Sgt. lol. lst Segt. Base Hospital No. 41, A. E. F. LSAPT. M. L'. PITT ......,.,.........,.,....,.,,,,,,..,, ,,,,,,........,.,. Z 4th Co., Sth Bat., C. O. T. C. LT. G. ll. l'1ERGL'SUN .......,..,... Pvt. lcl, 319 .fXmhul:mce Co., 80th Div., A. E. F. LT. C. G..S,xLrNnERs .......... ...................... P vt. 305 Engineers, 80th Div., A. E. F. LT. R. M. STONE ................... ........ S gt. 319 .-Xmhulance Co., 80th Div., .-X. E. F. SGT. lVIAjo1e .-X. Lf COOPER ..... ..................................... l nf., U. S. A., Unassigned FIRST SGT. H. M. XYALNE ....... ....... Q . M. Md.. U. S. S. Marblehead, U. S. N. SGT. J. A. L'L'MM1Ns ............ .................................................... P vt., U. S. N. A. CAD!-:T W. C. D.-xvis ........ .,................... P vt., Co. C.. llh lnf.. 29th Div., .-X. E. F. Li.-XDET H. C. RASNICK .............................. Llvxsxvain. U. S. S. Vermont. U. S, N. CADET C. C. THOMPSUN, Pvt., 29th Mil. Pol. Co., 29th Div. I-lclqrs., A. E. F. LADET D. M. XYILKINS ........................ Sgt., Co. A., 3421111 Tank Corps, U. S. .-X. Stripes ,gr 'z :Y 75 , if? 755 'I' H EI Qi 1 Qt fl ,QI SKIRMISHERQ :gi if ----,gg 'Q ' -1- if if fi S.xL'NnE HYLE The Ministerial Club Ml'lTTflZ "Lend a helping SAUNDERS, C. G. .... . ASHLEY, C. J. HYATT, XV. R. lmurlf' CULQR: ilDffifZlZ5 c'crvla1'y members Royal Purple. Prf'sia'v11t I'il'U-Prc.vidcut and Trvasm'vr ks, C. C. .XSHLEY A llY:XTT DAVIS, R. I., GREEN XYJXLDON I".xN10.' KMYENS lsH MAI-:L ibnnurary Hlbemhers MAJOR S. D. RARTLE, D. D. CHPT. F. G. l..wENDER, IZ. D. 121 filiflfk 41 I A-4 f Z1 E T"'F VQX. VV i. TH E 3 If' RV ISHEER 5 X 5'-Sign , 'E J l if-1: -A xl W Cosmopolitan Club Mono: "No place like home." CoLoRs: Blue and White, QDffirer5 BOWMAN, R ,..,.........,.....,.,.. ,..,.... P rusizivzzf TURNER, E. I. ...................,. Vice-Presidvzlt GR'IF1fITH, E. G. ..., . S'vv1'vfury and wemhers l5oBBETT .,....,.. North Carolina LACY ......, .....,.,.. N orth Carolina POWELL .,..,,. ......,.., N orth Carolina ALLEN .. ,..,.,,,., North Carolina XVOLFE ........................... Ohio XVALNE ,...... Japan CHUNG .....,. China PAAU .,..,.. ............,,.... C hina DER ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,. ,..,.,,.,..,..,....,. C hina HART ..................... . ..,.... South America VVARREN, T. L. ..... .............. K entucky H:XNSON .............. ........... I ientucky BOARD ..,...,,.... ,,..... P ennsylvania MCDANIELS ..,. ............,.. F lorida MABIE , ,... . MJXSTIX ...... Trvasurvr ........XVest Virginia ......NVest Virginia GRIFFITHS ..... .......... M aryland SMITHSON ................. Maryland PARIQER ..........,.. ....,................ M aryland TURNER, E. I. ...... ,...... X Vashington, D. C. SURFACE ..........,. ....... X Washington. D. C. MARTSCH ....... .......... X Vashington, D. C. RICHARDSON ,..... ........ W ashington, D. C. BOWMAN ......... D1LLoN, H. F. PORTER, R. T. ..... . PORTER, JOHN . .... . ISHMAEL ........... ...................Alabama ..........Kentucky ..........Ker1tucky ..............Kentucky .....,....Cormecticut - i3' 7G. 51 1-p W 72.5 2? iq THE SKIRMISHER , Sn, , 5 - C ' .Lf Q SX VA 1... .' 4 L.. WB' Merchants Sons Club MOTTO: Jew them all ywu crm. L.l,lI.Hl4SI Urzmgc and Illue, 21Dffifer5 FRAY, J. C. ,.........., . BOTTIMORE, R. R. ...... . WILKINS, J. A. .......... .. MASTIN, R. C, ,....,...... . SCRIBNER, W. E. PARKER, W. H. STEPHENS, A. HASKELLF, A. LANGFORD BOBBITT F. Hgemhers 123 ....YW...........Pm'5idvHI I 'im'-Plvsidmt ................Sc'c1'cmr'y ,...,.,,..............Trva5111'e1' frgralzI-at-.irlnx PUWERS, L. H. BISPHAM MITCHELL Bmxoxr, A. B. COWAN, J. H. Y i -S 1,. X.. 4 f ' -L f Yvg A.-1 -ff THE SKIRMISH1-IR Col.. N.XTHANII iL .IAMIQS PERKINS, A. B Dcuisolz U1z1't'v1's1'fy PRESIDENT S ,gg , 1 3 ff ww?-. 23 THE SKIRMISHERTQPS :af Y: 1 es! iw... Eastern Shore Club Mwrm: Stop-Lwk-Listen. COLORS: Red and Yellow. QDffif2I'5 DAVIS. XY. C. ,,.,... ' .......................... ......................,......... P resident MONDS, A. B. ......... .,.......................,... I 'ire-Prcsidmzt LANKFORD, J. F. ..... .....,.........,...,...,................ S vcrvtary and Trc'asurer Hjbenlhers IJAVIS, W. C. MoND5, A. B. SMITH, L. R. LfxN14IfoRD, J. F. BLOXOM, A. IS. GLADDING. J. H. COLON NAV, W. N. 124 Q-nn-.9 Til Vgg7i 'Y???:-. THE SKIRMISHER A 1 T, -- J ff ' Ship Building Club NEXYPURT XIQXYS, VIRGINIA "M0TTu: "Sail on." Colinas: f1Dffir2r5 COSBY, J. H. . ..,v.....,. ,...................... . .. VVILKINS, J. A. CHARLES, W. D. ...... . MCCALLUM, C. M. ..,..... ................................ . Hpenlhers lkumus J.xC1q5uN Cosm' JONES, W. LI CHARLES McCALLL'x1 CA M PBELL NETTLES COOKE, S. W. MEEH.XN DOZIER SMITH, R. N. 125 Navy Iilue :md XVl1itc. ....................Prcsidv11i Viva'-President ................Secretar3 ......,.Treasurvr 'I'1uxm: TAI.xr.xN THROM DILLON XYILIQINS, J. .X WARREN V1 1, 31 2 I: ESF? THE SKIRMISHER Fgigi Richmond Club BIUTTO1 "Hmmm thy father and muther but no Strange checks." COLQRS: Red and Green. 9Dffit2lZ5 SAUNDERS, J. E. ...... ,. A..,....,.A.,. ..,........... . DAVIS, Q. up ,.....,... ....................,... . PARKER. xv. H. NASH, C. 14. ,..4...... .,..,,...,. A...,.......,... . Gjpemhers LEWIS, 'W. T. MORRA, L. S. SAUNDERS, J. E. DAVIS, C. W. 126 COTTRELL, J. C. COWAN, J. H. ISHMAEI., I. -T. ................Prvsidcuf ....Vicv-President ............Sz'crcIary ........Trvas1ln'r PARKER, W. H. CRUMP, L. C. XASH, C. R. -p l R E33 THE SKIRMISHERQQRR - :E Y, -HL I ' swf- B15 N Ns Turner's Smoke and Card Club MOTT1D1 Never let your right hzmrl knuw what ylmr loft clweth. Comms: Green :md White. CHIEF DRINK: Taka-Kola. CHI!-IF Tomccog Prince Albert. 9Dffirer5 TURNER, E. I. ....,..... .,,.,....,.,......,...,,...,.,.. .......,,....I. P r vsidrul SAUNDERS. I. E. ,...,.. ......,.. T 'irc-Prvsidvrzl THROM, L. G. .......... ,,,,,,,,,.,,,,.. S 'vfrctzlz'-v BARNES, W. R. ,,..,. ....,,,.,,.... T rvaszrf-rr PARKER, XY. H. ...,.. ......., C 'lzivf Dmlvr HALL, L. R. .,..,. .,.....,.,...........,..,... ............,,,, I 9 ankvr QBIIIYJZIS TURNER. E. l. BARNES, XY. R. SAUNDEIIS, J. E. PAIIIQEII, XV. H. THIIUM, L. G. HALL, L. R. 127 it F, fi- gg i THE SKIRMISHER L., W i A 1 T l Thifd Floor Club MUTTU: The num we get, the 1'l'Hll't' wc wzmt. Comms: Pink :md Yellww. iIDffit2t5 XYILKINS, j. ,X. ..,., ,..,,,,..,,,,..Y7,,....,,,,..,,, ..........,,7, I J I'F5Tdl'7lf FRAY, J. C. ,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,., ..,.... T 'irc'-Prxtfizimzf GRIFFITH, E. G. ..... .................. S 'rrrefury ELLIOTT, C. I. ..,,,,..., ,,.,..,.,,. ,...... ,.....,.,,,..,...,,,,,.. T 1 ' mszzrur CHARLES, XY. D. ,...A ........,....,...,......,,T......... ...,.,..,. 9 4 'rgvaazt-at-.-Iruzs 99211173218 Ikowmxx, J. R. ELLIOTT, C. T. JUNES, L. M. Pmvnns, L. N. Illnxoxr, A. B. TPR,-XY, J. C. LILLISTON, C. G. SCRIBNER, XV. E Coorrzs, A. M. GRIFFITH. E. fi. MONDS, A. B. XVILKINS, J. A. L'H.xm,Es, XY. D. H.XSIiELI,,, A. Puwrzks, L. H. 128 jf- :lf 32:2 M W -. 157-su X 1 51.5, 2.4, THE: SKIRM!SH'ER,fg1?5 H' , Q1 - ,ff --1-f-3 " " - fiiiw .31-'N :WE '1 : SXSW, Hatcher Hall Rough Necks SECOND VIAJUR C1,l'I2 N1OTTllI "Give nn s vme inure." KQKVIADHI Illmul Red. iilbfficers JENNINGS. C. XY. .,..... . ....Y,.v, l'1-cxidrnt H. R. ,,.,.... ,,,,,........ I 'irc-Prwidmf TURNER, E. I. .,., ,,,,.,,4.,,..,,..,.,....,...................,....,,. N 1L'LAI'L'f1!l"X' and Trruslzrrr Hgaemhers STEPHENS., A. F. IVI.xm-cu, R. II. S.xL'NnE1:s, J. H.-XLL, L. R. MCD.-xN11-:Ls, L. P. ll.x1aNEs, XY. IQ. M.xsT1N, K. C. REED, R. B. TAYLOR, S. H. JENNING5, C. XY. LAY, E. E. BANTLE, H. R. JOHNSON, C. B. TURNER, E. I. KENNUN, E. R. MCCALLUM, C. M. JOHNSON, XV. B. THROM, I.. G. COO14, P. D. KING, F. VV. RICHMOND, W. B. P,x14NE1:, XY. H. IQASNICN, H. C. 5TOc1u.Ex', I. E. 129 THE: SKEMISH5? 42' Z Y L31 -I -va j 1: The Old Dominion Club MOTTU: "Sic Semper Tyrzumis. CuLoR5: lilue and Orange. iIDffilZ2t5 EARLY, N. B., JR. ...,. ......,.,.....,..,.,,,...... ............. P 1 uxridrllf XVILKINS, A. ........... ....... T "iw-P1'FSl'd4'I1f TOMPKINS, J. L. ....... ............. I Svfrc'fa1'y EBELIXG, C. JR, ,,...... ,,,..,..,,..,. ,.,. ,,.. ..................................... T r e asurer The Old Dominion Club has the largest membership this year it has ever had in its history, the membership roll reaching 163. 130 x Il,x'1'1'u1alc Il.XlAI. l'l.I'l S NE.-XD H .XLL CI.l'I, H K E 'gy E' .- i, 654' VEC?- f-ifg IHE SKIRMISHER fi , " ii QA J,-'vs ? Q1 , :sa, wg - 12- al 5 'I' Y. M. C. A. Qbffirers ROBERT N. SMITI I ,.,,,,.,,, . ............................ Pr0sidL'11t XY. R.-XY HY.XT'I ..................... First l'ifv-Prcsialmzl CHARLES G. SAL RIDERS ...... ......... N 'vrmzd I'z'vc-Pnzvidczzt H. ROE B.-XRTLE ............... . .XLYAH B. MONDS .....,, 5,x1'x1ni1:s, C. ff, Hx'.x'rT RARTLE BIONDS COL. PERKINS Qlahinet vrmormm mMx11T'rEE T mm Psux XIEBIIIERSHII' CMIMITTEE JENNINGS SOCIAL CURIMITTEE I..x N K Ifmcn FI NANCE COMMITTEE Tmmvlilxs F.XCL'LT Y A DYISURS MAJ. I!.ucTI.E, Su. 132 .............................SvfrUfa1'y ..............Trcaszrrvr XVALNE XYILKINF, D. M. Cmmrxcs Fun' CQAPT. WooDsoN 153 i in a THE: SKIRMISHER Z3 1 J L The Skirmisher Election Best Qtticer ............ Best Sergeant ..,A., Best Corporal ,......,,.,...,t,,. Best Drilled Private .. Xlost Uninilitary ,,,A,e,, . Best Qrator ..,e tt,,,, Best Declainier Best Dehater .et,.te . ,ee, ., The Freshest Rat ,.,,, .... Handsomest Cadet et.... Most Digniiied .e,,e., Greenest Cadet ....... Happiest Cadet ....,,C Brainiest Cadet Hardest Grind ...C ,. Best Athlete .. Biggest Knocker , . XVhitest Professor . Most Popular Cadet i,ees,.ilieee,eeee ,,,,,, ,i,i,e . , . Best All-Round School Man S-i11'r11, R. lf, . X lxAX ,,,.,,,,,,,., ,,...,,,,, , Cooiiic, P. S,xL'NDERs, ll. l.l CAIR ..........,,seseseee.ees .H ..see.. .H liAR'l' ,.,,, ..,..,....PAAL' XX ALNI5 oiis,......, ,....s,,.. S.xL'NDERs, BOHAN NA N .la ...JIQN NINGS GREEN ....,..i .....,,...H,xI.I. ...PAAU ..........Hx'A'rT 'l'1L1.M.xN C KlEIiH1iN COL PHR141 I. NS XYILKINS, il. .X, ss......,,,..... , BARTL12,......ese.,....,..,........ l1.xu'rLia ICBELING C.miPBE1.r, SCRIBNER BIsPH,xM PAAU COOTES ll.-XRTLE HASKHLI. BlONDS 'l'HoM,xs, Guo. PETTY Doz1ER XVALNE THOMPSON lfimx' S'rEPHiiNs, li. l lXlAJOR BARTLE SMITH, R. N. Cosmq J. H. INOTE.-This is an annual election held hy the cadets and these inen are their selection. There were 168 ballots cast in the 1920 ClCCllOll.1EDIT0R. 133 Tuna lf.xcL'I.'1'x' 252 :T Ls i'f11f if THE SKIRMISHER is T ,TA45,1 Y za. -5 f -E if - ,F V , Ht .fork Union The sun shines always brightest At lforli Union. Cold hearts are lightest, .Xt lforlc Union. Military discipline is the strongest. Xlrongs are always wrongest, The extra duty list the longest, :Xt Fork Union, Class work is the lightest, At Fork Union. The faculty treats you whitest. .Xt Fork Union. Ifoothall players are keenest, Line plunges are the meanest, Yet the game is always cleanest, At Fork Union. llugles sound the softest, .Xt Fork Union. Drill periods come the oftenest. .Xt Fork Union. Hundreds are the dearest, Moonlight is the clearest, The Jaspers act the queerest. .-Xt Fork Union. Music sounds the sweetest, .-Xt Fork Union. Track men are the Heetest, .-Xt Fork Union. Daselmall players are proudest, The fans can hallow the loudest. The grandstand is the erowclest, At Fork Union. Orators are the grandest. ,Xt Fork Union. Dehaters are the hlandest At Fork Union. The blue sky is the bluest, Cadets are the truest, "ls are the fewest, l ion. And gn At Fork In TRAGE . 11,352 5 Q93 H El 51 Y' -4 f ' Q , ,Q fx LY gfvgx ,- , Q9 Z ve -3 lf! , j d N , N ILA Aa.sonB"U:- Q f f x : 5, ' if XX ' x,1f- lg LC,TCNANT'ADjbTANT- mlm Co nn ooo R8'AUl'1IRAL-TDP ses-jenmr- CMPOPAL-CAPT, JE NNK N c- 5. C45 Oruers See Huw BOOK VI -J ' re- 'fi W wwf-sw" '1'-"- ' '1"':"" 1: f ' ",:'::1, ,za w 5 ':, if-fw 1 -1 -1- x-W: W "1" 1 ":1:.v:-. 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Ofhcers refusing to play a joke on Lieut. Saunders. Jennings buying cigarettes. Richmond telling a snappy story. Sergt. Anthony refusing a "chew," Lieut. Todd refusing to stick a cadet. Capt. Bartle praising the Republicans. Lieut. McDonough refusing to take up Pass Cards. An officer refusing to come on as O. D. on Saturday evening. Capt. Smith at Reveille. Coach Pitt smoking "Chesterhelds" and "Smiling," Getting a square meal in the mess hall. Major Bartle allowing, a rough house. A "Highpockets" not calling on the "Matron" Sunday night. Capt. Woodson and VVildman refusing to speak to the "Village Queens." A Sergt. Tompkins refusing a bid to a dance. Miss Petty commenting the officers as gentlemen. Mr. Bashaw in a hurry to sign a check. Lieut. Todd without his discs. 135 iq IC 'za iT.TE,! i?z'f?Z'-.5 . J- L lf-Z ti l HE SKlRlVllSlSlER WQX -3 , Battalion Attention: Headquarters Fork Cnion Military qXcademy. Fork Union. Va. KTRDERS Xo. 23: All cadets must go to their rooms during vacant periods to smoke. liire crackers, paper. and water are to be thrown from the windows and in the halls of the barracks. .Xny new cadet caught hazing an old cadet will be severely punished. Unly pictures of an unapproved style will be allowed on the walls. Ohicers must report all cadets as often as possible against whom they have a personal grudge. Each cadet shall paint the score of any victory upon gridiron or diamond on the barracks and school building. Violations of this rule are serious of- fences. Doors must be kept locked when occupants are in the rooms. As far as possible promotions will be made as follows: Commissioned officers will be taken from the Freshman Class: sergeants from the Sopho- more Class: corporals from the -lunior Class. Sometimes it is necessary to make appointments for corporals from the Senior Class. Only Seniors f th highest class standing will be eligible. 0 e ei --N r- as By ORDER or THE COAIMANDANT. C. XV, JENNINGS, ISf I.1'v1zf. and -4djz1ta11f. 136 41' K V T 333 TT' WV! THE SKIRMISHER ,I-' J' L 5 Z3 e 1 T1 1 1 we 230111 Colonel told us nut tu smoke- lYe don't. Nor listen to Il naughty juke- We don't. He made it clear we must nut wink At pretty girls, nor even think :Xlmnut intoxicating drink- We don't. To dance and flirt is very wrong- XYe don't. XYilil lmys chase girls, wine, and song- XYQ dmft. lYe kiss no girls, not even une. XYQ know nut hmv the kissings clmne. Yun wnulcln't think we have much fnn- XYE flllllit. 137 44 S :Q 1-1 K -. fl ,fiTTi'T P E725 Ti-, , A- HL, is-e .74 THE Sionnlsni-ZR -: Q. Ji 395 A Simple Love Proposition in Geometry l. l,Rlll'USl'l'IUXI . .Tis . lheorein: lt you love your girl she loves you. Given: You love your girl. To Prove: She loves you. ll. PRooF: "All the world loves a lover." 1 Shakespeare, l Your girl is all the xvorld to you. 1 lfvident. l TfIUI't'f01'i'. your girl loves a lover. You are a lover, Tl1v1'cf01'v, your girl loves you. Q. E, D. .Xt the Athenian Literary Society: l.ieut. Monds making a speech fxvith the air of a statesmanl-'llrlore over. Mr. President, it is a deplorable fact that in Lay: "Point of order. Mr. President." Berger: "State your point of order, Sergt. Lay." Lay: "The gentleman is talking through his hat." llerger: "l consider your point well taken." Tompkins reporting to the doctor and hoping to get on sick chapel: Dr. Snead: How is your appetite. Tompkins? T1 rmpkins: XYhy? Have you any eats? Photographer to Capt. XYildman when having picture taken for Tuii S141RM1sHER: "Please look pleasant just for one minute." Capt. Vernon: Hlgnorant people ask more questions than wise men can answer." ' Geo. Cooper: "No wonder so many of us Hunk in our exams." 133 1'-,223 THE SKIRMISHER EES? Z1 C 1 C, f at ' ye She: "You l1ad no business kissing me Y" ' " ' ileasure, not business." Cadet: "I meant lt roi 1 ,X Freshman st ' l rning deck, And as for me He stood in perfect safety " l urn. For he wa ood on the Ju he could learn s too gieen to J Cowan: last night that I died." Cottrell: "Did the heat waken you?" H 'kell in Mrs. Bar ' I 'lass w as HD' ln't study. Past tense- ic --"Don't know. Present te11se Ulivtra duty." "I dreamed as asked to give tle s Ilnghsh L a beautiful Future tense- .. 1 Mrs. Bashaw: "I dreamed last night that you bought me automobile." Mr. Bashaw: "Good Heavens! You'll ruin me with your extravagant dreams." "Lives of all Seniors remind us, XYe can make our lives sublime, And by asking foolish questions Use up recitation timef, She: My face is my foitune. Cadet: Mine is too. ' - fortunes together. She: Let us put ou1 VVhen you're a Freshman. You feel so bright. But the truth, little friend, very green sight. hat you had a You are a Father Cwritesl: "Is it true, my son, t taken from your pocketbook?" " ' There was nothing in it.'y Cadet Son: It is not. 139 ll your money .1 2 ,W 1:ElI3l f Wag. age THE SKIRMISHER gg: wrX2Vx 335 5: L 2 - J if 'I'hompson : "I feel that I shall always remember this pleasant little stroll." She: "Then we will call it 'a souvenir spoonf " She: "If you were to be someone else, who would you rather be ?" Bundy: "I think I would prefer to be you, when you are beside yourself." Capt. Lavender: "Man was the mystery of the eighteenth century, woman the mystery of the nineteenth: now who can tell me the mystery of the twentieth ?" Sophomore t who can see a punt : "Guess it must be chemistry, Captain." Capt. Lavender: "You are exactly right. Now can't you please remember to study your lesson after this ?" Fork Union stands on a little hill. Beautiful, elegant, stately and still: There are many buildings-great and small, But the greatest of these is Hatcher Hall. Now if you've never heard of its pleasures and joys, .lust inquire of one of the boys. The mess hall is an addition no more, And occupies only a part of the ground floor. For there's plenty of room for your heart to thump And make you feel that you look like a churnp: The coffee is golden, the beek steak rare, And love-sick boys are hoarding there. Lives of cadets all remind us. VV e should pay no heed to books. But, in passing, leave behind us Interlinings in our books 2 Interlinings with another Toiling hard midst grief and pain, Some forlorn and flunking brother, Reading ne'er shall Hunk again. 140 i'W','Nw'-.. V. ua tif.: 'j- 54,1 ,IA L , ,ID I. . ,fr w.i:2.2',f,.,,. ' - .gb nv' ,3A',.l.' J N' ,'1' -4. ',,,,,- ,. ,, ,4 ,'uf.'r'g. lv ,, J ' 1' - .V ,Q n, W 1J,.,-' , A. ", 1144.4 '-gg, M Y""Q1.f' fn-'f ' f x ' . Zh' ' - N ' Lal' .Y,ff.j, V .' .-. ,jx-x, . , 31 ' ' L f I , N ' A X. ,': '. -V f e, . '. ' V X - 5" , ., ,, ' L ,1' ' ' . 1, - t ' f 1 f- F 'N LJ va' C f L , 1 l I l :fa If - ' ,if'j:.v 1 ' ' " . Y Q ',. f"E.vLh4 I V 1-'Q' 'x,"1'i9H,'., vi -N-.yfm - '::?r,f473Qf?'i'3gf11- 3 4 ,H ' - .5 A ,,-..,,3,V. r-gf, 1 , frv , ! v'ff'.'. :mr V: w!K'.-.1":,f3 113 , '-r','5'h"gvg1 07 , 1. ' 4-H,-:tf':f'-15'Yai'LY!? "fp" '-1 af N tn 'x-TSE? 13 'W ' . -'WIBSFI X . 'f' 'f I -.-'Q-'7 r!'?'.w-'M-'ufigtg Fl- KY'-T' " .Aww ' - 52511,9L.fiaY.,F'Qffs'4! A . - .+, '-zlfjsfffg' QWV 5315:-L' uf 3" if , 4-rlf'?'i,T"f -.??"f jf? A 'gsI1?'1i.'-'34 .asc is-:V ' X ,g - fgigggw-.Ly,g,,3,,,s: 6 ,if-,453 vf ,, ,5'4,5,G. -Ag, 4v:vbf'1 ' ,Q Q, '-515 1' ., W qs: w ff X. I w fu iv. .,g,- --,, if ll , ff, ,. x'. '-". " .w 1 :-, - ,' ,. 1- Hg, ., .-ggi, ,. 'Tw' w ,gy ', LY , ', XAD, 5 ,, , . Vxgf,-'Q -,tif-K. :gil 7, ,Q lvl, l !.x',-ylgrr 2A..,L-I Y - .f- V V , .- - ,Q . ':-Yi E-!i:','gff!LiJiJvt+3.1t?1?5w" I .1 .YVZFTYIM f '.'.' X' f 8 1' ' 1 is 2 Lf-ff, "-- J'.'-.Aw ww" "r - - . .'-fis'i'+-1f2.'f1'N-A . V w -4-1, . uv- ,K9,.f-,:- ' 2 , J "Q ,fiif'.,.y-'kfgfsf " ,-W . ., ,:A"i'g'4?q "M, , J:-gi , ' . X . , .f.fgf..m- 1 -4: , -- + aff - - -b-ir- ,- . V , 1. L, 1 1.5. I ff- ,. --.-v, L.. .Rv-u - 4 ,-1 M , .' fi L l','l'g,-fig'5i"F43,T,,' ffm - " -1f,'f9'W:q5,f"f'3i fTj"5"' ' 3' 1 ' .- .V E . . ilyhlvir l H .?vf.'-,ev ZIQMJ , -4 .till .f ,-N. -Q., -2,-. nf, 'I 1 i- x - 201. ,, f' H.-V +.' a-'-5'v1"Uwlf. '1 '!' yr. . 1, N-'Q'ff 4, -1'gwf,4:l,.r1,-,if,' -MSF5. !u,'f'gg,-k:fIQA:!iL.'l'k-fvx, M?.'mJF:Q-'Q ,. AE, .Y ,-1, fv I .,','. -, , - ff, . ,. ., A, , .-.. 4 ,.' v k. , , x,.., 1 'f TX E'-."'X'l'-, 1, ' M- is 1' f9",!"51. , ,I .. V ,, " .T ' ff' f"'1 "ug, -.' .' ,. ' " if-' r g- L 'f""'f' 1 , . . - -i . " 'il' . ,315 P-'--. !!i'fp'1'lL'f'CiEf:Lxx2 gf"v 5.-. 'Z-T 1 1 , L, "r lf , - A ,yin -grlnixnlvwlg-,gg-gxR.pI kit W t 'V 5 'wk ' Wg- , ...,.. .... iff 522:-ff' X "'f- ' 1 1 ,' ' ' 'H ing ' ' T H E SS K I R M IS II ER V O45 if ,iw ,ie Academic Facult ldOI,ONEL NATHANIEL J PI-'RRIW X B . . . ., . . '. CAPTAIN JOHN J. VERNON, A. B., M S A Denison University Iowa State College PRESIDENT lzzsfrzfcfor in Illafliriizatirs and, ll Ice lHXfl'1lL'flll' in 1.IIliII and .llIIflI0II1afirs. NIAJUR SAIIIUEI. IP, li,XI4TLli, llll. D., D. ll. CAPTAIN ,l. ROwI..xNII WILDAIAN Lhriiell College Uiiiversity of North Carolini L'UAlAl.XNlJ.XXT liistrllrioi- in ljrzglisli and illima l1IxfI'11I'fm' in Sfifllflf LAI-TAIN FRANK G. LAVENIIER, A. M., B. D. CAPTAIN MALCOLM U. PITT, A l Colgate ljiiiversity Riclnnoncl College lIIXfl'1lL'f0I' in ,5iL'iL'lIL'1' and Biblt' ' Li,XI'T.XlN EIIXVIN Il. SNEAIL A. B Richmond College lrzxirzzrfni' in .lfI11'fIt'1IIuI'1'I'.I and .llodvrlz Lulzgizizgvs CAPTAIN GEORGE W. PARROTT. M. D Medical College Of Virginia f1IsI'I'II4'!OI' in Hygirlii' CAPT.-XIX XYILIIERT T. XYOOORON A f' xyllllillll and Mary Collegfe III.vfI'I1I'fII1' in History wilit NLXJHR SAMUEL D. BARTLE Virginia National Guard COIlll1lllIldU7If FIRST LIEUT. JAMES H. MCDONOUGH U. S. .X Profvssor of llfiilflllj' Srimicc' SERGT. MAJOR ARTHUR C. COOPER U. S. .-X. lxxisliiizt Proffs sm' nf .llilimry Scimice L. DI,-mm .If .IIIIII-rim 1 L IlSfI'llI'fOl' in I ily 1511 FIRST LIEUTENANT ROBERT M. QTONE Fork Union Military Acacleiny llI,TfI'lll'l'0I' in P ' ' crzuzuiislizp and .Spvllzazg MISS KATIE PETTY Riclnnond XfVOl11ZlllS Colle ll JlIUfl'UII Miss HELEN THOMAS Fork UniOII Academy Svc1'vta1'y fo Prfsidcnt arp Jfarultp LII-:I'T. GEORGE H. SNEAD, M. U. S. N. Post SIIVQFOII LIEI'T. GEOR U. S. N. A. Post fldjzitaizt LIEUT. ROBERT M. STONE U. S. N. A. Prrsoiiuvl Ojfivvi' LIELTT, CHARLES G. SAUNDERS U S . N. A. Discipline Ojilvrr 10 GE H. FERGUSON 'e D I' 5 in diffs: THE SKIRMISHER 453 Za? . 11 -1 1 The Finals Friday. funn' 4171. Listen! It is martial music we hear. The cadets are returning from their annual encampment. The Battalion marches into the campus weary and dusty from their four day stay at Camp Perkins. Gladly the boys dis- card their packs and make a grand rush for the shower baths. They realize that "joy cometh in the morning" after a good nights rest in the barracks upon the good old bunk. Safzirday, 111116 5111. Parents and friends are arriving in large numbers to spend a few days to witness The Finals. The first thing of interest to every one is the competitive drill, to see who wins the medal for the Best Drilled Cadet. The contest was close be- tween James, ul. A. XVilkins, Bobbett and C. A. libeling, Ir. The military judges unanimously agreed to present the medal to C. A. Ebeling, Jr. The senior class once more carried off the honors. The oratorical and declamatory contests were held in the Baptist church at S o'clock. Those who took part in these contests were the following: nEcL.xM.x'r1oxs Jean Val ,lean and the Bishop ........................ ...... D . M. XYilkins A Soldier's Dream ...,............,............... ........ ,,..,........ L . R. Hall ORATORICAL Universal Peace ....................... ..............,......, ...,. G . B. Ferguson America's Greatest Menace ...... .......... H . Roe Bartle The Flag ...........................,.............................................................................. -I. L, Todd The judges placed the honors upon L. H. Hall for the declamation and G. B. Ferguson in oratory. Sznzday, June 6fl1. The Battalion held its last church formation. This time it was to hear the baccalaureate sermon which was delivered by the Rev. R. H. Pitt, D. D.. 141 :fiifii TH E SKi-ian ISN Ea F :x:. if If 2-TE?' Z- of Richmond, Editor of the Religious Herald. His subject was "Fellowship" which was a helpful sermon and did much good to the large congregation. :Xt 7 :SO P. M. the animal vesper service was held on the campus in charge of Rev. I.. XV. Walton, D. D., President of the Board of Trustees. The vesper service is one that the cadets always enjoy and this year it was a most in- spiring service. dltlllllitly, fzme' fflz. The morning and afternoon were devoted to the Annual Field Meet. To say that it was interesting is putting it mildly for the large number of con-- testants showed that it was going to be the most enthusiastic field meet ever held at Fork Union. Coach Pitt was in his glory and with the assistance of other members of the faculty, put life into the events. It was decided that the events should come under the head of Senior and Junior events. This gives the younger cadets a chance to make good with those of their own size and age. .Xll cadets over 16 years of age were placed in the Senior events and those under 16 were known as the Juniors' Coach Pitt gave a medal to the one making the most points among the Seniors and Mrs. S. D. Bartle gave the medal for the juniors. The winner of the Senior medal was J. Curtis Fray. C. Curtis Thompson was only one point behind the winner. For the Juniors, Leslie N. Powers won the medal with Stewart Fitzhugh a close second. T110 Junior-Svfzior Rvcejvtzkuz. g The old chapel never looked more beautiful and attractive than on this night. The decorations were glorious and caused much comment. Mrs. N. Perkins with her committee worked hard to make the room attractive and her efforts were successful. The reception was a very informal affair. but it was the best reception ever held in the institution. My, how the boys did give the school yells. The visitors were elated to see the wonderful school spirit displayed by the cadets. Lieut. Alvah B. Monds, president of the Junior class, in well chosen words, delivered the Farewell address to the Seniors. Capt. R. Nelson Smith. president of the class of 1920, very fittingly responded. 142 We if 3 in J f l- ay me THE SKIRMISHER 1 e, ss-- ar' Tzrvsfiay, f'bHIf' 8171. At last the closing day had crime, a day the cadets had heen lwoking forward to for some time. hut when it came there was sadness mingled with the joy. They all realized that snme of them would never see each other again. The seniors wwuld now hid farewell tw their .Xlma Mater. The Battalifmn formed for the last time un the parade gmiiinl. The line Of march was fnrnled and the march to the church for the cumniencement exercises was very spectacular. The Duard uf Trustees lead the parade. the Faculty followed, with the graduates next and then the hattaliun. ,Xt the church the program was in charge df Col. N. -I. Perkins. The valedictory address was given hy John A. Paan and it was a masterpiece. Different memhers of the faculty presented the medals uf lnmur wdn hy the cadets. The Rev, T. Claggett Skinner. ll IJ., ill: Riclnnuml, delivered the commencement address, using for his suhject "The Making df a Klan." At the close, taps were sounded. XYhile the culurs were heing furled. and with the last note the president declared the session df l9l9-20 closed. The end had come. 143 , gg 2 7, LSI ii? - K2 il IJ' fl: QE THE SKIRMISH ER ft Se 41 JT., fi 'Jw Y 1 if sz? ' gall- V5 7 Medals of Honor for Year 1920 ,lfadenzic llfrdals Hatcher Senior Scholarship ........ Junior Scholarship .........,,,..,,,,.... English ,....,,,,,,,,,.,,.,,,,..,,, Charles Mathematics .. Quissenlmerry llilile .,...., Snead Declaination ..,,.... lYilkin's Oratorical ........ i............ ,........,. ,.....,.... .llilitary Medals Most Eflicicnt Ulhcer ,.,,,,. ......,........,.......,,....,..,. Best Drillcfl Caflct ..,,,,. Marksman ......,,...,..,.,.... ...,,ii,.,.... ,,,,.,,,.,,.., .-ltl1Ir1'1'c .llvdnlx Pitt's Senior tlfor th-,sc ovcr llv years uf agar ..,. lZa1'tle's ,lunior fl-'or those unfler lf: years of age! 144 .Cadet jolni A. Paan G. U. Ferguson R, H. Stone nl. H. Cosby .Catlet XY. R. Panky ........Caflet L. R. Hall ....,Lt. G. B. Ferguson ll'l2ljir1' H. Rue Bartle- .......Sgt. C. A. Elmeling, -Ir. C. XY. Jennings 1. C. Fray ..,..,.....,Caclet L. N. Powers E Y TQ ? Y ' 595 V V I H friggi- IHE SKIRM S ER ff JV' is o A53 s in ,f - li? J - f 1. -f - ' W A Farewell Word Our task is completed. The Skirmisher is yours. XYe hope you will enjoy its contents. lVe l1ave been rather slow in getting this issue out, but so many complications have arisen that our task has been 21 difficult one. Nevertheless, we hope that tl1e history herein will prove a great help to you and tl1at the book will find a place on your library shelves and that in years to come you can look over its pages and recall to your meniory your days at dear old Fork Union: the days when the wonderful school spirit and friend- ship were displayed. lt will recall 501116 pleasant and unpleasant things, but with it all, we know tl1at many things in it will cause you to smile. As members of the Senior class, now bidding farewell to our Alma Mater, we hope tl1at in the Years to come there will still be this grand school spirit in the hearts of the cadets. the spirit that will cause us to make any sacrifice for the old school. lfork Union is forging its way into the lead as a Military .Xcademy and we are expecting great things from it in the future. The students make the school. They carry its reputation i11 their hands and we hope tl1at not a cadet will do a thing to cause reproach to come upon the school. May it ever be that when outsiders will see ll lfork L'nion uniform that they can say with pride, "that cadet is from lfork Union." May you always be loyal and true to the cadets-past, present or future-and to the school. lYith tl1e new improvements being made the appearance and acconnno- dation will be much better. Snead Hall will he a new location and remodeled, The mess hall will be enlarged and new quarters over it. Last year the mess hall was over-crowded but next year it will be much more pleasant. Other improvements will be made and so as the year will pass away Fork Union will be better, stronger and more attractive than ever. So again let me say. let us all he true and loyal to the dear old school. and never do a thing to injure it, but do only those things that will upbuild. May we ever live so that Fork Union Military Acadeiny can point its finger with pride at each and every one of us and say "This is my boy." In closing. I desire to thank each and every one for tl1e help given me to make The Skirmisher a success. livery member of the Board of Editors did their best as well as the business manager and his assistant. Members of the Faculty and student body deserve mucl1 praise for what they have done. Av' Itl k ' . . . . . Sam ian iou H. R015 BARTLE, Editor-in-Clzzcj. ig- 5 Q A-,Sw THE SKIRMISH ER 43' iX4 :ya if L is Remarks hp Glam Qlutter Smith, Qlbief Zlanitur 'llout nineteen years ago Dr. Hatcher gabe dis job ter me: l'se swep' de halls an' toted in de coal. On de square, a good janitor I'se tried to lie. As de days an' years has gone rollin' Ivy, I'se seen de lmoys come an' go: Dey has been mighty good ter me. I guess dat why I lub dem so. u 343.5 Somehow I reckon it's kindness What keeps dis old world a-goin'g lt's sulnpthing what keeps you smilin', An' de coals of lub a-glowink Now I'se growin' old an' gray, A good nigger I tries ter be: An' as long as I lib in dis here life, Kindness is gwine ter he my "pl1iloserpl1y." "NEIGHBOR 146 A 7 .1 I' W SCHOOL DESKS, BLACKBOARDS, MAPS, ETC. CHAIRS FOR SCHOOL AUDITORIUMS CHURCH PEWS AND FURNITURE A 'Q E M f,--:,+fcS55'-rJfCgZVP3?3f-'faizkfv-fn --- VIRGINIA SCHOOL SUPPLY CO. No. 2000-2012 W. MARSHALL STREET P O BOX 1177 RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Fork Union Military Academy A HIGH-CLASS CHRISTIAN SCHOOL FOR BOYS AND YOUNG MEN IN THE HEART OF VIRGINIA Military department under the supervision of U. S. War Department as Reserve Qflicers' Training Corps Graduates admitted without examination to the leading Colleges and Universities FOR CATALOGUE AND INFORMATION. ADDRESS THE PRESIDENT, FORK UNION, VA. laSSes P' " A1 Q ly 2 , 4 0 ,, sl 'sf V Aj' v A 0' 9 Q I It W ,Jil l .-.f '--- 3- - 5 N , x KL. iiazgsz :SH Q as ' N W 6 5 ' 4? We L N A' ., . 5 J 'WM "?'151'i?ffQ1ri:"-1,ai' --on-QCA' ,,,.- 2 4 1--'fnw- I-115 1' ,Q Y . aw 4 if 1 ,. 44233 ,- 1 - - --1,5 ' . .f w -yiffwa ' Y'-J ., jf: w vt- ,ix .444--v-,,,k,y zpj51::z7 - ' 'fl i 'V ia 65 -"7-fi' i, L:T755i'..f 15- 'ff,i,.4 iff if . ' 4- L 4 0 'X- ., r'4 H W A5 I li Q I QL X. , QF 1 l- . JA, WT 'N'x55'5P ?" W Wwi Q-WM? p' 4- . -,.:-f r. . 1' ' ,-1 -, . 515.1--+51 . A f , - 2 1, , -Z-' Ar' l 'NW " 4 f 'T .-.- f iiff z ' ' ' Q f if" " 1 91, g"- Nz vcsiga AL ri, , -Z . ,. -,,. , Am., 5:55-5, 4, eq? ,X " f 'Q -:mu , , . W" - .W gfwie. B5 EA, -9- -fp A ""' J - 1 r, M BOOK 1 A , I. "" - -.. r: u I A , , fI:'..f,,.,,5l - -1 'ffII,II:I.ff lil Lb? pd' .m ' I-hw 4, I" '---1, K5 V" "' b ' I I if J ," I I, ,, H IM I' 4..- "Q L 3. .V . I . - - . . I rr." .'1"- .M I ,- 'rar I , ' - -'- ' A-'rfi ' I o,wI.-- " ., 1 - , I '. ..'. R-' -'n If Je. Yr- l., 1- ' gt I4., ji-N,,h I R' U ,' ll, !,. fl x' I 55.1 i X' Y I " Q, QI' -f ' V51 f If rx - , 3 I I - I 5, I, -1.-QI, I,Z.",I.-SI, ' . ' 3 I1 , QI' 1 IJ-aL'L '--iw: IA .I9 ' 1 V ,. 5 I. I xi' 1 'XII IF. 74 X. ri ,fl - in - Q I vw : .1 -m I -.gif If I-5I:+- ' K A ,, 'fav . I - I-' .5 ,fly -' , I I I, ,- -XI -,,- : "HI I I1-'Lt ' 1- , Y I I ,I.. -' I Q ' 5-rf..-w . , g - I II 4- .1 ,QEVTPFT 0? 'bvbfgmyfi Hrqvyh: i V.bI griatkh In A' 6,1 Q W ,, 14 - Afiui' fm., Jn,"-'X ,fn ' I A ' I' ' -I .I 21 '14 -1.-WI I ,I , I . .. , 7 I, . ....-.. '--I-14' I '43, A is Ig -3,-r WIIK . ,fx 'XI " 3'9"-. I ,, ' " ' f In -Q .fi -3' - .A Fr I, .7 5 ' ,- , . A ' A I ' , ' 'J . .1 a . I 5. 135.31 A' . , IM, 3, . 1 -I I, -L' 5' 4' -U .r I -- I. , I I ' I I 'FAQLI V' v 'T y- e ,, Af, -I ,. ,Iv--., I ' - I II : '- I-V. wi-I-,I -'-EI' A I -'x J , "' 'sg' H X V. L , S, -'L .11 ' , ' -vi 11 i ' . . -'3. 'f X A1 I , Ji- , ' -Q,.,i':a, : Lf? I. I l I . l I 1 4!.III' H, H" -' g .' 75 " Th.: uw ' . -I- 'I 3 .Ln ggi,--M J, I X ' ' J . , , . ,. 1, . y,,,Ir- L: ., A A, ,I K A , I : .1 A- -ff :. , R v-1 It, V L If JI, 111 -, .L . 'P I- -I I ,I , N 1-I i lv 1 ' I I.' IQ' 4, , '-fi ful 4--:I Ik :W 'f. N--I ,N ,, I V i AE T H I-'I L x ,i - , l I 54 ' , I I ' I V .- x " , ' " ' V " 'I I 5 Q H I I aw.. - "W f- I i :I 'ff I I II If-' I ' .1 I , I II- Q I If. 51233, it ' I lv V: 1 fywhu ' ' Sf1- ' Q' 6- Q.-II MII . 1 , A f V HI 'mp ,a-. I N-ff 'A' if-f , ,Irygf I 1 W- . - - .5 ' 'i1",I-wig-if " "- 5 ff?" Hqus ". 1' I 'Q' J3.. ' 'Q.'55-gp-35-1 " ugh.. 15,1 Y-W' maII,I-. - , 3 ' 1+ 1:1 I ,'q,.f,5 Anil w M. ., .It iw in -l .IJIII Ii Az. ',, ,5g',,.4,r 145, 4,g,.f,.- ads- V - ,f,4.I, W ,W ,I I 5 "H -.4I..'f'plu. - , I W' ' f , W v I 'u- r' 1 Outfitters of Military Schools WILLIAM C- RGWLAND UNIFORMS SUPPLIES-EQUIPMENT 1024 RACE STREET PHILADELPHIA UNIFORMS AND OUTFITTERS OF F- U- M- A- I' 'I VIRGINIA MACHINERY Gr WELL CO., Inc I3I9 EAST MAIN STREET. RICHMOND, VIRGINIA WATER SUPPLY CONTRACTORS, MACHINERY and WELL SUPPLIES 30 Vol! Llghung Plant ,..---fg- Shovwng how Engune can be used For other purposes EDISON HOME ELECTRIC LIGHTING GOULDS PUMPS FOR EVERY SERVICE PLANTS, ALL SIZES FULLER E1 JOHNSON OIL ENGINES REDWOOD AND UNDERGROUND STEEL TANKS CRANE FITTINGS PAULS WATER SYSTEMS STEEL TOWERS NEW MODEL STAR RAMS "RIFE PATENT" PIPE AMERICAN SAW MILLS AND WOOD WORKING MACHINERY SPALDING VVI1en you want the 5' BASKET BALL "Re I Thing" in Arhf ' Ietica Equxpmem, you ' FOOT BALL QISIIIVQEIIVEIY 'Pink of K RX "Justas GOod"is never pa mg- ' ' tthe same BASE BALL -xx 'us TENNIS, GOLF Ti' " -I-1-: ' Send for Catalogue 6I3 FOUPRTEENTHIQFREEQISI ET BROVSIASHINGTON D C F RICHMOND COLLEGE i AS A CORPORATE NAME INCLUDES RICHMOND COLLEGE, a standard college for men R. E. GAINES, M. A., LITT. D., DEAN. WESTHAMPTON COLLEGE, a standard college for WOITICH. MAY LANSFIELD KELLER, PH. D., DEAN. PROFESSIONAL SCHOOL OF LAW. DEAN TO BE ELECTED. Each College has its Own faculty Organization and separate institutional life. The College Of Law is lo- cated On the old College campus in the city ofRlCllIWOl1Cl. The two Colleges Of Liberal arts are located in adjoining parks on opposite sides of Westhampton Lake. The College for men has 151 acres in its campus and the Col- lege for women has 130. The value Of the Westhampton park,buildings and equipment is conservatively estimated at one and a half million dollars. The endowment exceeds 31,000,000 A new dormitory for women and tihe lioger Millhiser Memorial Gynasium for men are now in process of erection. Each building will cost as much as S100,000, Each of the Colleges Of Liberal Arts offers courses leading to the degrees of B. A., B. S. and M. A. The Law School Offers the degree of LL. B. Fifteen units are required for unconditioned entrance, and a minimum of thirteen units for conditioned entrance. Persons twenty years of age or Older who lack full preparation may be admitted as special students upon satisfactory evidence of their ability to profit by the work offered. The next session begins September 16, 1920. For catalogue of any one of the Colleges address the Dean, or PRESIDENT F. W. BOATWRIGHT, RICHMOND COLLEGE, VA WHEN YOU WANT SOMETHING YOU HAVE NOT GOT, COME TO W. R. PETTIT Leading Confectioner FORK UNION, VIRGINIA Class Pins and Rings For High Schools, Colleges, Military Academies. Etc. Illustrated catalog upon request. VVe are also headquarters For SCHOOL and COLLEGE PENNANTS FRATERNITY AND LODGE EMBLEMS LET US KNOW YOUR WANTS UNION EMBLEM COMPANY MICHIE GROCERY COMPANY FOR THE BEST WHOLESALE GROCERIES Suppliers of Fork Union Military Academy Corner First and South Streets CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA. WASHINGTON A N D L E E UNIVERSITY LEXINGTON, VIRGINIA Liberal Arts, Law, Commerce, Engineering Student selffgovernment under the I'lonorfSystem, Universal Physical Training, National Patronage, Historic Associations. A Nursery of American Leadership since 1749, with campus Traditions of Honor, Courtesy, and Democracy. CATALOGUE AND BULLETINS SENT uPoN REQUEST V 'I WATER I II IS YOUR SUPPLY SUFFICIENT AND SATISFACTORY IF NOT WRITE OR WIRE SYDNOR PUMP E1 WELL CO-, Inc. WELL DICCERS AND WATER SUPPLY CONTRACTORS WE MAKE A SPECIALTY OF Water Systems for Country Homes, as weII as for MiIIs, Factories and Towns Deep Wells, Pumps, Tanks, Towers, Rams, Saw IVIiIIs OPPOSITE MURPHY'S HOTEL HEADQUARTERS FOR FORK UNION CADETS IN RICHMOND TOBACCO CICARS SOFT DRINKS CONFECTIONERY so4 EAST BROAD STREET THE E. B, TAYLOR COMPANY Importers and Manufacrurers' Agems FINE CHINA, CUT CLASS EARTHENWARE, CLASSWARE, TIN GALVANIZED AND ENAMELED WARE HOUSE F URNISHING GOODS AND NOVELTIES Nos. IOII East Main Street IOIO-IOIZ East Cary Street I3, I5, I7 West Broad Street RICHMOND, VIRGINIA - -W ff"f!7.IU!' SAL- u a -- , 1'1- 1 ,, .wr - k . - Ie- - , S., ,"' ' 3 v W V L-I ", :til ' ' V".-F 1 1-1- M . ,. age,-5f5F:.g? , 2-Ml. ., A - 'Q ' "3 , -' , ,Hz Ag., Q. ' L" ivzfh .mira g.'4:v"57fT ' .-if -fin -'fu-1, , .-,,3:-Q15s.ff,,7,, gg. kgs, gag' 7, , , - ff ,flifgf-ff-Qfg. ,gf-'H Rani' .',,:lfQ:':ri':-'g'3:z,:f":55 li. I , l '::4"'l4 "" 62'-3vSfFuu,.g. V V:-Luk Ji '. - ,.'4vd:, -- A 4:11 . JV' - xy-4 f x,Zlii,?r9 ' fiiffsg-1 'ij-Q., 'A..,,g.,k. '-3.-116, . 'EC' vr vibel- , 5' 3 '5 gvfC39n::-' Zu? L '- if fr. f A ft lvl' 4639- 4'-fQf'l1""-?Is.'.2" Q f-' 1-g 1 Z-,s We 15' V1-'Qi-'qn"Y-'--711 - 'so -1. ' .52 "Qc, '. .-1 gtg, .- ,,.,, -' T' J-.-b :g,.,,k ,ol-hui'--fe - 1',f Q 'HC ,,-,V u2'.'-'v"- . f-'-' '- 11 ffqiw -J'fil':g-se'r-:.1- .-1 1' 9952131 '5'-fifk 1 ' f 0. , ,Q Q:Qy.k,Rg'u In H .- . 1 , .-'-,.1,1,f'v. .-1' :Pg9"'gg"gT?k-1!?:5 331-'VL-. 2' yyqgfxl. 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'ja-,gf -v5f- ' ir ' ' -. , wg 'wi 4' - 4' . -A ' 4 ,' us Li : , . A .Q-jyw, 1, , 5' A ' A, u.vp"1iW' M' - f ff A fiwggggiiii A I 7 1 ' A 3 -w'1i3'f'.:!'..f4 f . 532 if f' Sf, L ' r-,Q 2 . 9 L 4 'v Aw . tug 1,2 -' ' .744 Y , , I4 affgfyv "f f'. 4 ' G. f A'w mxffx Sh' - ' ., -fi .q'uA..' " ..' J 5 0, Q , ' ' -Yi' " 'w .. O . t I 'u Q1 - ' :P 9' 5 . Q T451 ?T?i:jL'fi 41 THE SKIRMISHER 1 , nr" Senior Class M155 li.xT111:YN L'o1eN1c1i NORFULIQ, x'Inclxl,x Sjvmzsur ' 5 " " 4 W I i 11 K. N15L5uN 5 XIITII YuRli'1'UWN, YIRGI XII X P1'vsidu1zf of ,. xv 3-ff 1. , ,,, v .J-,Wa -'f.h " .A 'L AT-. I. 4' , . ,., , 4 1 1 .. :"" .x 1. ,. Q 'P L -4 .ig .7'. . J, i. U. r QL, ., 'N 'vt L .,, .n 1 'G I.: ,. -v .. L . ,L .:. H. . A f vi , Ti Y .:' -1 .- 1 x 'r .77 7 .- ,. '. 1 x'Q1 ' YQ- . .-, - V-K 5 u ,r ., .v .', " 7. . . A 1 h Q A 3, r. .-5 . , 5 4 1 x 1 . A: ,if E'-P-' 'o x 4 4. ff..- 'Y f ., f . .,,, K. J 'Q' -f J .J .K1 ,. f., -. .Y e J 4 u agp Ill ? Y. 7i?iEQ2'42 THE SKIRIVIISHER ,fi Senior Class IVIUTTU1 "I-Iitcli yiiur wagnii to zi star." L'uI.m,i1ts: ll. XELSUN SMITH ,,,,.. H. RUE B.-XRTLE .,.... P. IKLAND TILM.-XN ,.,,,, ilbffirers Blue :mil XYliite. ..,.....,....l71'i'.vidi'11I ...I'irC-Pl'i'.vidU1it . ..... ,..,.... S -L'L'l'U1Lll'j' HUNYARD S. IIIQIQIIEIQ .... ,,........ ....... . ..... T 1 'L'll5IlI'l'l' Efpenlhers JXLIJERF-UN, C. C. ........ IJZIIISUIIYIIIC, Ya. REA, ROBEIQT .,.,..,,A .....,, C rozet, Vu. lj-ARTLE, H. li. ..... ...,,....,.,.. N ortwn, Vu. SL'iuf.xCE, FRANK ..,. .,..... R oanfske, Ya. BERGER, H. S. ,,,,., ,,,,A.,.,, I falls Cliurcli, Ya. SIEGFRIED, I.. D. ..,,, ,,,,,,,,, C wlumlvia, Va CL'Mx11Ns,.I. .X. ,....,..,..... Natural l1i'irlge,Y:i. Scuinxan, XY. E. .... ......... E zirlysville, Va. Lumina, P.xL'1. ..,.,.,..,,,,,,,,.,,.,,,,,,,,,,, Paliiiywi. Ya. SNEAD, IlI'lCL ....,,..,,,,,., ,,,,,,,, C zirysbrook. Va. LIL'I,PEPPER, IVIILTUN ,,.... Pwrtsiiiiinitli, Ya. SMITH, R. NELSON ,,,..,. ...,,.. X 'orkt0wn, Va. IJKYIS, l.L'THIill ......... ,..,,,, I Iuwertcfnis. Yen. TUAIPIQIXS, VI. I-. ..,,,,,, ,..,,,,,.,,,. H illsville, Va. EI.1.mT'r, Ciauii. I. ...,., ,............ X Yinfzill, Vu. T11.A1.xN. llL.xND ...... ..................... C rnzet. Va. EHELING, C. A. ...... ........ L exingtwii, Va. THRIIRI, Lizwls ........,.,.,,.. Newport News, Va. EUBANIQ, XY. C. ..,.. .....,,.... S lmiiglizii. Yu. Fl-HOXIPSHN, C. C. ......,..,........., Richmond, Va. FRAY. J. C. .......... .Xflvziiicc Mills. Yu. TURNER. E. I. .......... ....... I Vasliington. D. C. GRIFFITHS. E. G. ............... ..Maryl:uiiI XYiLicixs, DHNALD ..... ...,...... R oanoke, Va GRAY. INIAXWELL .. ........ Palmyra, Va. XXKLNE. I-IERBERT ...... ......................... J apan HADEN, Ifician ...... ........ P ulmyra, YJ. XY1I.I.1,uis, CARV1-:R ................ Chase City. Va. HALL, I-EnN.x1:D ...... ......,. N m-ton, Yu. XVITTEN, IQ. .X. .............................. Hatton, Va. jizxxixcs, C. XY. ..... .......,.... H ickory, Ya. P.x.xU, -Imax .,.,. ..,.....,.....,,..,....,,......,,,,,.. C hina LXNIQFKIIIIP, J. lf. ......... I-lullwfvorl, Yu SMITH. I.. R. ................ Temperzuiceville. Va. MABIE, Ii. .X. ..... ......... X Yost Yirgiuiu GIMXIPIIING, J. H. ...... ,....,......... H allwoocl, Va. NASH, C. IQ. .... .......I1lCll Allen, Vu. -E 5. 5 THE SKI f 42 RMISH 5 . , -.-..,...qA ' f - ji i ig, CHRISTOPHER I-X. EBELING, JR. "COL" LEXINGTON, YA. Cullege Intended: Ia-land Sfllfflllil. .Tr.. I'niv. V111-pnral l'mnpany IQIR: Sl-rgvaut Vuln- pany 1919: Military Iiditor Tim SKIIIBIISIIICII litlftz Secretary Yirginians 19121: Secretary Sci- I-ut-9 C'luh 19105 Fmlthall Squad IDIS. Medal, Ilest Drilled Uadet 15720. Old Pnlunel. as hi- is tvrineil al' If'u1'k Ivllitlll. vanle tu us in the fall ttf IDIS. Ile hails frum Ll-xington. Ya.. and owing tn the favt that he has sn often seen the nolulv V. M. I. Paflets drill hw has been strictly military sinvl- the day ill' his arrival. He had nut been with us lung unlil he became a lA'lll'llUl'1li. whirh is vi-ry high for il first year nian. Thi- next thing that onine tw notive ill the iwlllillfll was his gift nf playing, the mandulin, All ui' us have hvard thirst- witn- durful selertiuus of his, many limos making us harne sick. Ile is indeed a very glmfl stud'-ut and in his si-lem-v I-lassvs he is an tap. II1- has a luvahle nature. kind heart. and is I-spec-iallg' noted fur his genf-rusity. Luck In yuu. 1-lil lmy. "Biff 1111111 url' trisf- rlnrl frilly, inn." C. R. XASH "Hash" GLEN ALLEN, xxx. Vullvgze Intended: Virginia Polytei-lniic Institute-. Private Cf-mpany "Hz" 'freasurl-r Iiirluuunil Vlllll. It was the lwginniug of this term and as the new cadets were descending from the "Rich- mond Special" al' Brenm Blulf, that our atten- tiun was called tu this modest yllllllg man wha lat:-r lwcaniu knuwn tu us as "IIash." ITpou inquiring ahuut him we found that he came frmn Rin-lunnnd to spend with us his last year Iwt'url- entering Virginia Pnlyteclniir Institute. wln-rv he intends tu talu- a L'0llI'Sf' in Elm-triral Engi- nem-ring. Althuu,L5h Very studiuus. he is always seen with a smile and thuugh he has been with us hut a short time. he has become popular with Imth instructors and the "Queens" of the village. It' he iroves as faithful in wurk elsewhere as in I his wurlc here. and we have nu 1-4-:lsims to lnelievl- he will nut. Ilwrv is'nuthing hut success in all things awaits him. "HU smilrs to drivc 111111 1-urr away." 13 D F, -Z1 ...igg -if Wfs 2'- 2 TH E LSKIRYI ISHTER K 1 ., . 1 sf ILKXHAM XLDERSON n.'Hfli'n I-llXNS1'lNX'Il.l.E. XIX. l'oIle-'go lntonih-nl: Medical College of Virginia. Vorporal Uonipany "B," 1010: First Lieutenf ant Voinpany "Ii, IOQU: Vluli Editor Tim SKIR- Mlhilllill, 11120: President Southwest Virginia 1'luh, 1920. Graham hails from llansouville in the great Southwest. He has been with us hut two years. hut ill this short time he has acquired for him- self as well as the old Southwest much fame. Starting as a private he proved ni very capable soldier. and at the end ol' the second ts-rm he was promoted to the rank of 4'o1'lioraI. while- ln- loft his poor classuiates in thi- line as rookies. This year he has the nolilo rank of Lieutenant. What more shoulnl any man desire than this? Fi-w ul' us van excel Graham in niath. although in l-'ri-in-li he is not a shark, for Graham Iills that hill. "always live in America." Ile is ex- tremely popular with the cadets as an ofticer. for he is always on the job where military l1l2lfff1l'S,2ll'P com-1-i'n:-rl, and always a leader in the life in the liarral-ks. SIIITPSS always, Graham. XYO IIl'l' SUPP. "Tn inc y1ri'r1t," BURLSNEAD NBMV C.-XRYSBROGK, VA. Vollege Intended: Richmond College. 1'olor Sergeant. 1920. Ilere he comes. boys! Our noble color ser- geant: he- is also one of Fluvanna's worthy sons. lle has heen with us for two years and his pro- fessors have found him In he a most brilliant student in all his suhjects. His hobby outside of his studies is the fair sex of Scottsville. livery Saturday night we can find him waiting at the l"ommandant's otiice for his week-end A. W. L.. to go to see the young ladies. He is leaving: us this year and intends to study medicine and all of his classmates know he will make a grand success if he continues in his present way. 'xl lui-able boy! it least thc girls say so." Q M JP . -- f :P 5-1 4- Y, 5.5331 THE SKIRMISHER + All :., iS, rf: ' '3' ifv S f , e FRED L. HADEN "Fred" PALMYRA, VA. College Intended: Wnshingtun and Le 1,-. Private. Vumpuily This we nnw have liefurc us is ll must brilliant student. Ile is uni- uf lfluvuunn 1'uunty's most worthy young men. We Iinrl that he is warn- derfully wrapped up in the study uf English. which he expects tn use in life :ifter giving tn Washington and Lee and taking il lnw cuurse. lt is said that suon it will lu- Iluden and Suns. At- torneys. at the village of Palinyra. linden is very popular aniung his fellow stud:-nts. cven if he is a little "l'ilt." As :1 rlelwater he has became a wonder since his cuuiing tn Fork Vniun. Luck tn yuu. Fred. ulfl buy. "l'm ll' ll'fNL' alll owl-,nun 1'!lll'f fool mc. il'I11'r1 I yr! nu! I'Il get the f1'1'." JOH N F. LAN K FORD nS1lOl'I'j'u H.XLI.XYUOD, VA. Fnllege Intended: I'niva-rsily of Virginia. f'o1'pural. lwnnpany "A": Secretary Eastern Shore Uluh. "Sll1!l'fXu hnils fruni the gmnl old Eastern Shore nnrl is very pupulzir with the fellows here. Jurlg- ing fi-inn all the mail that hi- receives he lllllSl ln- pupulzli' with the fair sex Inns-lc home. We Slllll "Slmi'l'y" up thus: Fine fellow. good Student :incl niunly and lnnn-st. The niclmiune "Slm1'ty" is given him on account uf his height as he is hut six feet three inches. But no man could wish for il hotter pal than he. So ilPl'9'S hoping that he will he as popular and aggressive in the future years as he has been while with us. "Thr :nun :rim wins is flu' :nun :rim works. Thr' :nan who tails lrhilc thc llc,1't man sI1i1'l.'s." 15 Xie' 32' t- ii 2 ir ea' 'E THE SKIRMISHER Y :R f: Ja 2 S Y- LFONARD RUPERT HXLI, "'LU011!11'd" NORTON, LX. Pollege Intended.: llivlimond f'llllP,E,'P. Pximipal Musician llanrl: Sec-1-etary Wise Pounts Pluh: 'l'urner's Srnoke Vluh: Football ll ll gentle reader, is one of the best good it-is that has ev:-1' :u'riverl :lt the sellrml from 4 gent Soulliwi-st. I.:-onzlrfl has lllll' one ms. that is he loves his extra duty. Ile is quite .1 saxophone player and bids fair to become 1 mimher of a regular .Tazz hand: hut we must till to mention the favt that he is a good studlnt and will some dai' hud forth in some noble profession. We wish him luck as he leaves ns for old Rivhmnnd College. " Wh JI fu- nrry. " WV.-XLTER EMMETT SCRIBNER "Rabbit" EARLEYSVILLEI, YA Private Coiupany "fi" Be-hold. he1'e is another good specimen of Eare leysville. Another basket-hall player from this town i-s he. He 4-ouies only one year to stay with us but yet in this short time every one has learned fu love him, Ile is also the smallest member of our class, yet at any hall game he can out root anything that might come his way, In dc-hating, he leads his Literary society. As he goes on through Uollege and then through life he has always the gnufl wish fni' lllvli of Olll' CIRSS of '2ll. "Little but lo1lrI."' Zi 4 16 an . L ,- sg THE SKIRMISHIZR DONALD M. XVILKINS "Don" imixxoiqiz, xxx. tmllvgi- Iliti-ml--fl: C'n1-in-ll Vnivvrsity, 'I'--am: Swre-tary uf "Ibm" L-aniv lu l'uI'llS nf nur Arlny lbl'uVt-Ill tn luv vc-ry village ljlllxk-'IIS as been a star in a this past year. and Fnrk Vniun spirit on the wlible. lie and wi- hate In lbs: 'fY1Hl' IVY Varsity lfmitball: Iiasket-ball 'IH-aiu 11120: 'l'ram'k Varsity vlub: Service Vluli. Furl: Vniwn frum the Tank 'tDuu.' with his "Sax" has popular in the 1-yn-s of the Q well as the cadets. lle has ' ll thr lr1'zlllclles uf Alhletirs v has helped establish a better iu our schoul, 'Falcing him is an allaround gmul fellow him. un' frfl -llllll, lNl!IS,H fag , ,574 V, ,1,.,.4f--. 5 .lk--V. fwfr' .4- e, vp-.-an 'fw'j:431 - ' . ti ..g 32.5, fb, W., 1 , ,,,, QA Z Y s 131,33 x 'iff ' 4 ,. xy' 2, 21 'J' ..,, as nn! ' , 4' -If ,. Ap. V ftygwwr 1 xv , 31,5 +- Maw 155: V f JUIIU A. PAAU "Joi-xNNx"' CHINA Vullege Intended: Vnlulnbia Vniversity. Private Cunipany "IL" l!IlT: Corporal Company "IL" 1015: Sergeant-Major. 151193 Nun-military 1920: valedicturian. rlass '24i. .Iulm l'aau is nur Cliinest- friend and it is vc-ry sail- tu say that wo- have- no cadet in school wh-I is more popular than "Johnny." Ile has a most brilliant mind and le-ads his classes daily. and is running a very eluse race for valedicturian of nur class. In debate he is a wonder. although only having been in this country four years he has mastered the English language. We know that only the best of success can await "Johnny" as he enters into the world. HIIIIIHII' 1'uuquf'rs ll U." 17 74 "' ' Z, il SKI ISHER 51754 TN E .... Ei..- -T - 1' 1 . 3"I"N ' , :- 1231, 1 ' 1 1 1 1 HERBERT M. WALNE "Hm'l11'v"" JAPAN Uullvgv Il'l1l'l1dl'l11 f1t'UI'gPtUXVIl Uullvge. N011-MiIit:11-V, 1!11fI' Firwt S1-1'ff0:111t U1111111-1111' '-A." 111211. ' ' ' b ' ' 191-11111 fur uwuy -lilllilll 111- 1-:1n11- lu l+'111'1i 1'1l10l1 111111 1-nlereil in 11111 Jllllilll' ylf'2l1'. II2lV1I1g' l'1bIlll' tn this cmintry early in tho yvnr of 111114 111- j11i111-d thu- navy and s1'1've11 his l'lI111lll'y. 111 his st-1111111 wurlc 1111 did wvll, leading 1111 his classes. llc was :1 bright student and il guud dvbater. Ile 11121119 nn exl-1-l1v11t first S91'S,'1-'i1l'lf. 111- was very popiilnr with thv 011111318 and all wish him well in his l'l1111l'l' wcvrlc. "Uv was in. ljuylislz. 11. yrrut cri1i1'." ROBERT NELSON SMITH t-BI'l,L1L-!IL'5" YU1lK'1'OXVN, VA. Vullegca Intended: 1'11ivvrsity of Virginia, 1'I'l-'S1dl.'I.lf 111' 1-lass. 1111N-111-:Hg Business Mun llgvl' This S1i111x11s111-211, 1:13113 1'I'k'S1f1P11f Yarsitg t'l11I1, 111211: President Athi:-tir Assm'ia1tim'1n, 19241 1'lll'lHll1l 111' 1 r I' t ': . 1 si s .le-11. 1'1i1111J:ll1V "Ii," 19151 l':111t11i11 4'+11111111ny "HQ 111211, ' lhe 11:11-u state-1111-nt :llrovv wnuld luv il lit ani 1'11P1'isl1vd 01111111111 111 go uny any "1ieyr1ets" sc-'1'vic1 1-1-1'u1'd. "1'l1'1-1-t-l1vs" is une of the fvw t'11111'-y9:11 1111111 of F. 11 M. A. 1111 hailed to us 1'I'1l1ll York town. Vu.. in short l11'e111'11es and :1 small p1lyS1Cjl1t" 'lwlaxy as 1'l'l'S1d4'I1t 111' the 1-lass uf '20 1111?-re is no Il1Ul'P lovvcl fvllriw than uld "Bru0r11c-s." I11 has il winning 1wrs1111:111ty and a 1-11eerf111 wsu ulmllt 111111. XV1llt'l1 is 1111111111 to hring Sllk'L'9SS i11 Illl1lI'P. XYllll'1l will 11211111191 his 2lk'l'1llll1J11S1lIl191115 1191'l'. 18 '11 jlllllll gmml fr'71n1r." THE SKIRMISHER x at Q sg f- .sf e 77 ' , L. R. SMITH "C'lutt'1l" TEMPEltANCEVII.I.E, VA. 1'nlIe:'e Inteullefl: Vniversity nf Virginia. l'rivate Vtmilvzliiy "Il," Anxious lu get his "Dip" fruni a gmail selnml. line Smith Uillllf' fu us this year. Iluring this l he has wnn many friends hy his happy smiles and winning ways. lf any one ever hail the hlues lv all they hall tn flu was In visit Smith in his quarters. They all felt better for In-ing with him. May you win yuur way into the llf'1ll'f of the world as you have intl.: the hearts uf your l'e-lizm'-vmlets! "Nuff blur :'u1's, mul llllljlllillfl lips. Little' Nusa' fllllf lljlllillfll fills: Jlrrrjl nlrl hull." Jag. I 'di C. C. THOMPSON "Kirk" RICHMOND, YA. College intended: Uiluinhia Vniversity. Varsity Fuotlvalli Vaptain 'l'1'avk Team! Varsity i.asehall: Service Vlulsg Assistant Erlimr Tun SKIIIXIISIIICH. 1920. 'l'l1nn1psim, upnu his return from uvez-seas after his ,egloriuus wnrk with the A. IC, F.. wanted tu tinish his set-nuflary sclmul education. He selected F01-lt Vniun. We were glad to have him. His rem-rd as shown almve. tells what a great addi- tiun he was to our sclimil. Expects to het-time a Medical Missionary. Sur-ee-ss fn you, nlrl lmy, and may you he a blessing to the world. --He is rr soldier fit tn xhtml by Cavsni' and yin' 1Iirrwfim1s." 19 TF 4 P .. i ffifeffi. THE: SKIRMISHER ?Z9,'Y2l7' sip, W: ---- ,.-af if x - H ' Q - W 3 llVlXY,XlQl3 S. MERCER ",ll11ll" HXRULIJ ROE U.XRTl-E "1.1'H!13 rllcljurn NORTON, wx. , FALLS CHURCH, VA. Pollege Intended: George Washington University. Sergeant twunpanuv "A" lfblflz First Lieutenant Pompany 'Zin Assistant I:llSiIll'SS Manager THE Slillzxllslliclz YH: Treasurer Senior Vlass: President Athenian Literary Sm-iety. '21r: Varsity Itasl-hall. 19113-211: President Sr-ienve Vluh, 15520, Ile came to us in his .Tuuior year. IIe won the admiration of all cadets by his winning ways, Honest and upright. a friend to all and always 1'eady to lend a helping hand. There were very few in school who were more popular with every- hody than "Mutt.'i He did a great deal to culti- vate school spirit among the vadets, May you ever he successful in your future undertakings. 'html 11'l1t'n hr rlzosf' to s wrt nn1I lzllll, v V 1 1 . Bo 11011111111 Crvr was so 1111.11 Vpon The fropiw sm." lollege Intended: Vliattanooga College of Law. First Lieutenant and Assistant Band Master. 'ISQ Vaiptaiu. Band Master. 'lfiz Maj0I'- 'QW Treasurer Sophomore Class. '1S: Secretary Junior Vlass, 'llhz Vice President Senior Vlass, ':2lI: Pres- ident Cieeronian Literary Society. 'EUS Most Effi- 1-ient Otlicer Medal, TEH: Varsity Pluhi Editor-in- Vhief THE Siillcxlrsiiicli. 'juz Pheer Leader. 1910 and '2ll. This big old boy has spent three years at Fork l'nion. He is very popular with everybody. Not a great student. for no one knew when he studied. hut he got there just the same. One of these happy-go-lucky sort of fellows that always had a grin and brought sunshine with him. He was a tine commanding otiieer: with his fine physique and voice he could lead his battalion in a splen- did manner. The ahove record shows that he was Iyusy all the time and had the school at heart, He was full and running: over with school spirit, He says "Law for me." Weil. old hoy. success to you and may you soon he found on the heneh as a great judge. "His ll1'lll'f as fnr from frr1111l us fll'lIl'I'll from f'fll'fll." 20 T H E S K FZ M IS H E f3i?2'1:I lat ig L i - JOHN Cuivnvnnas --.mi-A-" NATURAL BRIDGE, YA. Culll-age Intended: I'niv1-1-sity of Virginia. S1-'l'gjt1iIIIf Voiiipaxlly "IL" I"l'0lll Natural 151-idge mines this young l'lIII'll'1lII1,QjS has only he:-n with ns une gear. but during' that time ln- has made many friends hy his manly. straigllt-furwalrd lIQlIlll'l'. VIIHSSIIIIIIILLZ but always in the lime-light herausf- nl' his nianf hood. "Jack" is a hard working hoy and worthy uf the success he is making. Heres good luck, wld man, from the 1-lass of 1920. genius, "Hr ll'llf'll' 1rl1rlf1'rr'r'x fu Inf lt'lIllll'lI.H ESSEX G. GRIFFITHS "GJ'ifH1" BALTIMORE, MARYLAND Unllege Intended: Ilanipden-Sidney. C'orpural, Vuiupany Here is another of our one year men. With a voice like a fog horn and a hrain like a master he went thwugh the y9Hl"S work with g credit. If you wanted any infurmation about college or university from the Atlantic to Pacific and from Canada to the Gulf all you tu do was to ask Gritiiths. Ile knows them IIe won his way into the hearts of the cadets all liked him. In whatever walk of life you old boy, may you always find success. pride in 7'f'lIRDI7'f7IfI, not in nrting lies 21 reat any the had all. and go. qv fn A, vl' St JPN., L. 'IW-H . 4- 1 .D n 4 , y 'fl' -y PFA-Pi 'I' i Vi: 'I 5 -Q A 1 ,i',5"l 161 ,tl . ..',,' v 1 X,- 1 u JE, , . ,vm :W 'uri ' o ". - Q - A fix , I .1 v 'H IW, ' ? ' e . -V' . . 'H li-1' 'Q' . I . 5.4 4 . av, I 1 . ...a, " ' -x , . l..- gf' 4 ' fn vu .1 ,. R - u ' . -r n 1 Q I I 4 . 5 1 i , -'. 1 4 QTT1-,L-lyk. .1 '-' u . 5 ' .1 , 4' H ,. Q- -. y. . . -- ..- -4' 'o '6 Vg I W -., . f .N 4 ' . n , 9' .nu-. 'g 12, - K ' A' ' . .I', "'u l...': K, ' . ' ,L .O h .V ..,- a 'mx-L t 14.0 . ur 1,1 5'-I . 1' , ' Ivy, K h I A K v'.'J:y3 -.4 3 yu '.1-3 -.I . 1 'u ' "" , - tg: I-3.1 -x' QW., . ,ft ' ' 's ' Uv: 'VJ 'wr' ' Q' ' . 'I' v , Y - X' 10,5-D QA, ...BQ .1 g . r ' 1 - 1 ' . ,. 4 3. ' 1' ' ,lg-' ' ... . u 1 . ,xx-0,131 . ' ' . - her 1 ll .Wir 3, 'F 3 4 . J. -eff:-wsu. - Q gvf. fr .5-.'1'. . 'HB 1 Sw W, If -I . ' L V". ' 1' .- if ' ' - A . .. " , J: , 'T A , O-AQ ' ' 0 , ,IL . I .I - -. '. A 1 s I y IQ, n V l I A s Q V ' o f u . " 'Y. ' -4 '3-W' .' , .. 'L ' -- ' -' '. 95 n nt- Y I , V . if , M .. ' ,. - 'I' r 9 ' !.,, , I - 9. ' Y ' -. - I I . 4 ' ' ,nat . 'C in - X' -I . gig , - - -4.':."! 1- ' 'f 3thF'.,51J,- L.. L ' -, 4 P- 'I-' .24.T'r" ' . .V y ,, ,,V.', v -' .3 N' 'yr' r - I ' I Ju. L I 1' . l .pr . .I A o 4, - u W ll I- 3 5' ' 4 8. . u ' -,V - f" V Y , . Q- ,. J 44 ' if ' - 'L . ,431 'A5 , , .2 7.--g Vai, I ' 7 v . ' -V, .V ,- ','n-fl' "JJ 2 " 'L J: -V !,' 'Hy U' ' 0 'H J ,AJ - . 71,5 ' 1. ' .'.' "1 v -'M . - J' sf , .sf . W- ' :Z - w .4- - H ' '- -. ' . :lb ' LM IP.. ' . 1 I, I . In 2 -. ,-v ,.I h ' p Ai ,, if ' '79 E 5' X ff, -f 1 ,Qs Xfxi Ziff Wk IHE SKIRMISHER if is -, :Pi Y: m - -:ri ik u AS - lb. .4 CHARLES XYESLEY JENNIXGS ".-ld111i1'aI" NoklfoLk, VA. Svhool intended: West Point. f'1ll'lIlll'Z1l. Uonipany '1!l: First Lieutenant and Adjutant. YU: Sn-rgeant-at-Arms Viceroniau Literary Society: President I'Iateher Hall llouglie necks. "Admiral." as he is called hy his hrother oth- cers. is surely a military genius. From reyeille until taps if you will step into his room you will find him deeply wrapped up in that good old I. ll. It.. or Brother Moss's Manual. Last year he was an excellent student and we do not mean to say that he is not now, hut military is his chief aim in life and that is always his suhject of conversation, But in Physics he is a natural horn shark as Captain Vernon will tell you and verify my statement. llo is an excellent oiiicer. liked lay all the cadets and as he leaves us this year we hope that he will have the best of success in life. --,l snhlirr, Tlflllll' mul true." Noll:-ge l'or1yoral. V4 Yes. another spent in these thing more th a midnight fe hut it is not home for week came out with with military soldier. May in the future 'QYUIIIW 71:1 PAUL D. COOKE "Paul" PALMYRA, VA. Intended: Yale Vnive rsity. linpany "Ii" FIIIVHIIIIRI genius. Two years were old historic halls. If there one an another that Paul loved it was ed. Some called 11im a lady hater altogether true for he often went -end. lle was a hard worker and flying colors. lle was not in love tactivs although he made a good you ever iind llappiness and suevess walks nf life. 1' himsrlf vnu ln' his 114ll'lIIIf'l.', lg . , .1 22 i airqg Z9 5 2 713-E:i THE SKIRMISHER f :pi ig 4.3: it ' SR , - 1. LUCAS TOMPKINS "Carroll C'u11ufy" HILLSYILLE, VA. 1'-,liege Intended: fwilgatr- Vnivt-rsity. Sergeant, Vnnipany "A": Vice-President Sollflle west Virginia Vluh: Athletil- Eslitur 'l'1l14: Sian:- MISIIICIC. ':u: llistm-ian Se-iimr Vlass. lminilig fi-mu the great Southwest. lu- lurullpillt f with him. twu years ago. the spirit uf Varrull f Vuunty. Fun, U. yes. he was always on hand. Ile never missed anything that had a sign of life. even to h inf 1 "Y ' - " " ' e g.. 1 .ight Hank. lie newr neg- lected his class wurk even though he luved fu dance. lle never believed in hazing hut he did hive to use the hair brush. Ill- was a jully gnml fellow and here is wishing him a great future, 'tll'insnm:', Iltfffjl. 1risr'." C. MAXWELL, GR.-XY "M,-xx" 4 PALMYRA, VA. Follege Intended: Print-1-tun Fniversity. 1'0l'1Tu1'ill. Vampany "A." Again we present a iinhie Fluvanna lmy. Max- well spent une year in uid histurie Fork Vniuu Ile If une of these quiet laws that dig with thi' midnight oil. A hard worker and faithful In all the trusts placed in him. Ilis smiline' f-ice is si , . . -en at most nt the social functions and that smile clauses him t " - ' - ' ' ' Q in u in and make tl hit with the ladies. A nne fellow. and it is with regret that we can- not have him hack another year. 'Ll mimi uf prnm' with ull br'lnu'." 23 A 5 I g 1 . , ff? 1 .. sf iff THE SKIRMISHER -'5 if f ,gi X -5 f -1: J. CVRTIS FRAY "t.'111'fi.t" .XIIYAXCE MILLS, V.-X. 1'-allege Intended: Vniversity of Xlrginia tmrptlral. 1'-linpany "IL" vlfll First Sergeant, Vuinpany "IS," 20: Vaptain Basket-Ball, 19194201 Trai-k. Illlll-20: Baseball. ITFID-LIU: Society Editnr l'1ll-1 Siciizxiisiii-111. YU: Varsity Vlubg Athletic II'-dai, 'SIL Vurtis is a great lilly. lIe is so quiet that you would nut knew he was arunnd unless you saw him. Ile has been at Ifbrk I'nion fer two years and every cadet has only the highest praises to sing about him. There was line thing he could be heard saying every day: ullajor, have I a letter t1.:day?" Ill- did love those pink envelopes that vame tn him sb often. Ile is a hard wurk- ing buy and never failed in anything he under- tmk. As an athlete he was nur best. as his record shows. II-- wen the medal for the all-round athlete. Ile will make his mark in life and the vlass uf lil!!! will watch his career with great pl'idu'. ELTON I. TURNER "E.1." XVASHINGTCIN, D. C. Pl-llege Intended: Tri-State College. Sergeant. lland: Fbunder Turner's Smoke Club. Again we present Il man who spent one year with us. There were slime things he did and slime things he didnit. IIis twin favorite past- times were the saxophbne and Vhestertields. when he could get them and the pipe when he enuIdn't. His one besetting: sin was failing to sweep his hall: aside from these little things he did well. IYith his bouks. well. he was right there. but he loved his band work better than the drill. Ile will make a success in whatever he undertakes. Yun have the best wishes uf your classmates. ".I lllilll, :rlmnl fufr wuu'f lliflr, Ifrrr 1-rllnl. lfllllfl'-1'l' b4'1irl1'." 24 "Thr flies full stfrulfr-flu' lips full muh' I'inl: unfl lmllifl but rfsoluft'." . 3- -1 112 , W .- 7 jf: 2125? THE SKIRMISHER Sip - i: L 'T' ,sgex i- IJPVIS KLVSTXX THRHNI ' "l.u1z1I"' NEwt'uRT xxws. tix. V1-llvg-' Intvnfiwl: 43--1-ruff Wnsliiuztf-11 Vttivvlrsity, 4'u1'pnI'ill. Cuttipnliy "lt," "I,wuie." as he was tvrttiwl hy his -'lassiuatt--s. --:ttue In uid Fnrk Vniuu in Svptf-titln-r. Altlmuglx hv has nut l-ef-n with us l--ng. ht- has lllihiv' uiztuy fri'-mls. lwrhaps. In-f-mise iw luverl tht- Daily l'ress of his li'-tus tuwn, ur at least that was his usual thvme. nr it might ltavv in-+-n by tlwsv "putix1fl cakes" from liumvz nvvprtlielv-ss. his fri:-nds warn t1t:1uy,loet-zttlse they 1:1-uld 11--t hwlp I-ut like him. II-- was nut strung with hu,-ks hut hw stood high in military having mario :t vurpnrall this tirst yvar. NVQ unds-rstuntl ltv is nu his way to 1-ullvgv tu study wlvutistry. and ww know he will iw at "pain-less" dentist .lf th.- highest type. if he van truly tell his pati-Ants uf the wuude-rful merits uf thv- Daily I'r+-ss. l.uf-lt to you. olrl boy. in yt-ur t-mth husiuvss. "Thr 1f'0l'Sf fllulf Hull Imw ls fn hr III Tum' XY. CL.XL'DIL'S EIQIZAXK Collvgv 1"u1-1,01-al. V.. Eu! tank spvut two 3-mrs at Fork I'ui-in and what at wuudt-r a green and bright light and al l:1dy's man. His ww-Nt habit was spentlin: awhile we all same fate as held his uwu and made gnutl in his suhu.-l work. Ile is wfu-thy havnt 75 II, "EIlI'l7ul."' sH.xNGHAI, tix, Iutvude-iz Ili--lttuf-nd FH-llwg'-. tnpnuy "IL" ful itinpruwuif-nt ht- maide-. lf-miing l-ashful lmy he 4lM'elupE-d intl- a thv wwelc-t-urls at Shures and for Ihntlghi he would meet with the Preacher Luthvr Davis. Hut he ui stlcw-ss and we 11-ape he will "I nm slain by n fnir, frm! maid." A - Y gg -4-1 . f -5- Q THE SKIRMISHER 'la i :pr V: ,N ,qi - XY. Il. Slflillfiiilfil ".5'ClgH STEXRXS, YA. x I J. HILTON GLADDINC .4 "Glad" HAl.l.NYUUIL VA. 1'11ll1-ge Intvuclf-cl: l'niversity of Virginia. l'riv:1tE-. Vnnipauy Yes. llvrv Wu Ill'l'SPl1i zliintliei' Eastern Shoro Iauy, one that t'ilIllP In us this year and niudv gmul. I'nnssuming, hut 1-verlnstingly at it. Ho wu1'k1-il harll and wnn fur himself glory. Ile has the happy facility of thinkin: several timvs lwefnw lin 5111-nks. Ile may not se-t The world niire hy his lurillizlncy, but he' will make guud and win Siu-cl-ss wlieiw-'vm-1' yun inay place him. NVQ Ill'0 lonking: fur gre-:it things frmn him. "Hr kllfll' ll'llIlfl'l'l'l"S in 711' L'nn1r11.' Vwwllugla Inlf-nflvdi I'niv1-rsity' uf Virginia. l'1'ii':1l1'. t'1111111:111y "Lust but nut I-MINI" 4-111111-s 11111,-tliw of Flu- YZllll11l4S stairs. S111-n1lii1g unc j't'il1' il1'l't' liv cann- plelwl lhv 1'0lll'S1'. Aililiillgll lu-ing ll "slay slu- nl--nl." Ill' guvv tln- sl-lnml the In-st he hail and won lnvuurs in thv trnvk ine-et nt lliclnnmicl I15 winning the high jlllllll, Ile has ai shy mannvi and ussuines nu stntinn nf luftinl-ss. wld lmy, may the l'uTni'v hold fur ymi juys :ind blessings nn illllllldbld. 'gl l11'111'1' 11111, 11'1'111'i11g1 ll lllllllllll 711'1111' lxllii :lx 11'ifl1 111'11l1l1'111.w nf y11'111'1' 11ix1111l1'." Zo ZF 3"P .252 THE SKIRMISHER Zigi L 2-.L L5 .L ZW vie e CECIL I. ELLIOTT "Elliutt" VVINFALL, YA. Vnllege luteudvd: 1'aruegit- Sc-ln-nl of 'l'e4,-liiiulugy. Private. Vmupauy "B," 'lH: Vulor Sergeant. '20, Elliott 1111110 tu lfnrk Ivlllllll in his Junior yu-ar. lle proved tu Ili- a lik:-alile ft-lluw and as ful' Frvncll he was a sliarli. Ile did well with his hunks and also made a gimrl sdldier. Ile is a strung man and how ue did display his strength hy placing the barrels of flour su nn one mulrl enter the Mi-ss Hall. Yes. he liked fun hut he was faithful to his duties. "His IVUIYIN uri' lmnzls, hi.: mlthx url' ora:-la'x." ig., , Q li .-XUUUSTUS R. XYITTEN "G1l5siv" HATTUN, VA. College Intended: Richmond Vullege. Private Fumpany D .. .,,U , Company 'lN: First Sergeant. 'lflz First Lieutl-uant. lfonlpauy 'wlussin-" spent illl'i-'P years iu 1"m'k llniuu. llri 1-:uuv in kuei- llI'Ql'i'llt'S so that he was ufteu called "little man." N1-x'ei'tllela-ss. he wax a grvzit man fur he did things. As an millet-1' he was 1'l-'SllE'L'i9d and his men liked him. uf rnurse the ladies ati trai-ted his attention and he was popular with them, Ile hupes tn he a Medical Illwtril' and we have nu dnulnt that some day he will make gmrtl in the prufession. "Hr hath ll' lcisdoni that doth guido his i'ulor." 27 T T T1 rave," ,fgl '34 Lili THE ?S'KlR,MISH1ER52.5 J History of Class 1920 -kii HE first class meeting of the class of 'ZO was held Se ,tember , H xx gs P 1 loth. 1916, at which Lieut. Stone was elected President. f.6:K'Q - 43 I , . 'lhe class that year were all rats and received the usual gtlwq :hgh amount of hazing, but that is a part of school life so they 3 fgy y css g . t . . . . . ,. ' lyfiflg took it as a branch ot their physical training. lhe rat class F i"l'4""?9 E of the year 1916 were studious and had many meetings which were successful. Owing to the call to the colors the next year. Lieut. Stone had to leave the class, so at the beginning of the session 1917 l,ieut. Robert Nelson Smith was elected President, and he has held this responsible position ever since. The class of 1917 brought to us many bright boys who have made good marks in li. U. Bl. A., and who have received high military otlices. They will leave liork Union this year with honors and leave many friends in the school, also the vicinity. who bid them Godspeed as they go from F. U. M. AX. The year 1913-19 also brought many newcomers to F. U. M. some of them being hluniors. so of course they joined the class of '20 who have been studying so hard since the year 1916. This year was a hard one on account of the sickness that broke out in the school in the be- ginning of the session, but we. by the help of the many physicians and nurses, tinally pulled through this awful epidemic, and at last had a very successful year. This year brought to us a few more boys from various parts of America and at length has been very successful indeed and we are sure that we are leaving F. Lf ll. .X. as one of the most noble classes that has ever gone from the barracks of 17. Lf M. A. to the doors of other schools for the sole purpose of seeking higher knowledge. vl. l,i'c.xs 'l'oAl1'k1Ns, H1'sfur1'n11, Cln.v.v '3o. ZS Skijiaulsnsnifffgee .f- HL Q. 'ijt , ca Z 43471 s .pc ig -is as S5 -r 7 Y '- Senior Class Prophecy A DREAM. Richmond, Ya., August 2, 1935. HDEAR SM1TY"'- Your letter of .Iune 50th just received and I certainly was glad to hear from you once again. I arrived here in Richmond after a six weeks' trip. You know I was telling you in my last letter that I was going to visit as many members of the old class of '20 as possible: so now that I have done so I want to tell you about the boys and what their fortunes in life have been in the fifteen years since graduation. But first of all, old pal. I want to con- gratulate you on your election as partner in Greenwood and Bales law firm. I always knew you would come out on top as a lawyer. My first stop was in Newport News. There I found Throm and Gray. C. M.. engaged in a most successful practice in dentistry. Griffiths is also in Newport News and is one of the most prominent architects in the city. Rae is near there specializing in horticulture. Berger owns one of the largest drug companies in the city and is considered by all as a great pharmacist. Berger told me that XYitten and Tilman have just gone out to the Philippines under the U. S. Government to survey some land owned by our Government. They must be great civil engineers. D From Newport News I went to Norfolk as I wanted to see Xlderson. He went through the Medical College with great honors and has his general practice rooms in The Monroe Building. I-Iere I came across both Nash and Cooke. P. D., who have good practices as lawyers. By the way. while I was in Ohio I heard Bartle's band perform. That boy is a second Sousa as well as a coriiet soloist. He told me that Curt Thompson was at the head of a large hospital in China and greatly thought of by all. XVell Smity, from Norfolk I went back to Charlottesville. There I found Eubank and Elliot. Both are getting on prosperously as mechanical engineers. Cummings is on the faculty at the University of Virginia as Professor of Psychology. There I learned that Jennings had graduated from XVest 29 ' +V 5 Sz: Wzs '2:- THE SKIRMISH ER az? WF- c ia' a, -E 2 - 1- - -- Point and had already the oftice of captain in the regular army. Qld Fray is running a large electrical plant and has proven to be a great electrician. Down in Roanoke I found my old pal Tompkins but he was no longer the frisky "carrol" of F, U. M. .X. He is some lawyer. He told me .that libeling has become the head of a great inanufacturing' company in New York and is really coining money. Hall is in Roanoke and is the president uf a large real estate company. Don XVilkins went through Cornell like a whirlwind and is known all over Roanoke and Southwest Virginia as a structural engineer. In Lynchburg I caine across Lankfordl he is a scientihc farmer with a large farm just out of that city. Scribner is also a farmer on the scientitic idca and both are getting on prosperously. Old lf. 1. Turner is working on a new invention uf his in the electrical line and it promises to make a big hit. XYell, Smity, I surely did enjoy the trip, only wish you could have been with ine. XYrite me a line when you have time: would like to hear from you again. ' Your Old Pal, H. M. XVALNE. Pzfoflzivf, Class 120. 30 , ii- 5141 t - 17 jgiigk, ,xiii TKYL- KV ii :. THE SKIRMISH 444, f Y :gi ig :L Q - - The Class of 1921 Miss EVA CUNQUEST TCl111JCl'ElI'lC6X'illC. Vu. Sponsor .PXLVAH li. Moxns Tcmperzmccville, Ya, Prcsidvrzf 31 fn A, vl' St JPN., L. 'IW-H . 4- 1 .D n 4 , y 'fl' -y PFA-Pi 'I' i Vi: 'I 5 -Q A 1 ,i',5"l 161 ,tl . ..',,' v 1 X,- 1 u JE, , . ,vm :W 'uri ' o ". - Q - A fix , I .1 v 'H IW, ' ? ' e . -V' . . 'H li-1' 'Q' . I . 5.4 4 . av, I 1 . ...a, " ' -x , . l..- gf' 4 ' fn vu .1 ,. R - u ' . -r n 1 Q I I 4 . 5 1 i , -'. 1 4 QTT1-,L-lyk. .1 '-' u . 5 ' .1 , 4' H ,. Q- -. y. . . -- ..- -4' 'o '6 Vg I W -., . f .N 4 ' . n , 9' .nu-. 'g 12, - K ' A' ' . .I', "'u l...': K, ' . ' ,L .O h .V ..,- a 'mx-L t 14.0 . ur 1,1 5'-I . 1' , ' Ivy, K h I A K v'.'J:y3 -.4 3 yu '.1-3 -.I . 1 'u ' "" , - tg: I-3.1 -x' QW., . ,ft ' ' 's ' Uv: 'VJ 'wr' ' Q' ' . 'I' v , Y - X' 10,5-D QA, ...BQ .1 g . r ' 1 - 1 ' . ,. 4 3. ' 1' ' ,lg-' ' ... . u 1 . ,xx-0,131 . ' ' . - her 1 ll .Wir 3, 'F 3 4 . J. -eff:-wsu. - Q gvf. fr .5-.'1'. . 'HB 1 Sw W, If -I . ' L V". ' 1' .- if ' ' - A . .. " , J: , 'T A , O-AQ ' ' 0 , ,IL . I .I - -. '. A 1 s I y IQ, n V l I A s Q V ' o f u . " 'Y. ' -4 '3-W' .' , .. 'L ' -- ' -' '. 95 n nt- Y I , V . if , M .. ' ,. - 'I' r 9 ' !.,, , I - 9. ' Y ' -. - I I . 4 ' ' ,nat . 'C in - X' -I . gig , - - -4.':."! 1- ' 'f 3thF'.,51J,- L.. L ' -, 4 P- 'I-' .24.T'r" ' . .V y ,, ,,V.', v -' .3 N' 'yr' r - I ' I Ju. L I 1' . l .pr . .I A o 4, - u W ll I- 3 5' ' 4 8. . u ' -,V - f" V Y , . Q- ,. J 44 ' if ' - 'L . ,431 'A5 , , .2 7.--g Vai, I ' 7 v . ' -V, .V ,- ','n-fl' "JJ 2 " 'L J: -V !,' 'Hy U' ' 0 'H J ,AJ - . 71,5 ' 1. ' .'.' "1 v -'M . - J' sf , .sf . W- ' :Z - w .4- - H ' '- -. ' . :lb ' LM IP.. ' . 1 I, I . In 2 -. ,-v ,.I h ' p THE JUNIOR Cmss '31 SAK TNI: 5KIRMISHERIi?I'i'5f f-1 X. ff? JZ 425 " 2:3 :nr 55 'Q' 'Q Sl junior Class MUTTD: "Never Say die." CDLIIRS: Orange and Purple. 9Dfficers ALVAH B. MONDS ......... ROBERT M. STONE ...,,.,,r.r GEORGE B. FERGUSON .,.... .....Pl'vJiI1vl1l cv-P1'csidvIIt CCI'l'fl1 ry JAMES G. TODD .........,..,, ...,.,.,,.........,,....,........ .,..,,,,.. T I 'c'asIII'I'f' Qgbenlhers ALLEN, VV,-ALTER ...., ...,.... X Yelclun, N. C. HARMAN, R. A. ....... .,.......... T azewell, Va. :NNTHONY, R. C. ..... ....... B edforcl, Va. JAMES, XV. T. ........ ......... N Yhite Stone, Va. BOXVMAN ...................... ............. A lalwama DIARMAN, T. R. ..... ................ C rwzet, Va. BOHANNON, H. M. ....... ......, F leming, Ky. JERDONE, F. H. ..... .... ...... O r nnge. Va. BIIBBITT, B. E, ......... .............. E ntield, N. C. -IIINES, I.. M. ........ ............... C IOSITSII. Ya. BLDXDM, A. V. ..,,,.. .......... M appsville, Va. LACY, DKDLEY .......... ......... N orth CZIYOIIIHI CIILDNNA, NV, C. .,... .......,,...... H allwnocl, VII. LEVITIN, NVILLIAM ....... .... ......... N I Irfolk. Va. COLEMAN, T. M. .... ........., N elly's Ford, Va. MDNDS, A. Il. ........... ........ M uppsville. Va. COLEMAN, WL E. ....... ............... M ineral, Va. MOORE, ERNEST ........ ............. I -exiIIgt0II, Va. CAMPBELL, DAN .....,.................... Denbigh, Va. MCCALLUM, C. M. ....,... Newport News, Va. COSBY, II. H. ..................,. Newport News, Va. NICHOLS, A. B. ....... ......... C rystal Hill, Ya. CRUMP, L. C. ............. ........... R ichmond, Vu. NETTLES, E. C. ..... ........ O yster Point, Va. DILLON, HENDERSIHN . .............. Kentucky NEBLETT, C. G. .,....,................. Red Lawn, Ya. DDZIER, J. M. .......... .......... L ee Hall, Va. PANKEY, WILLIE .......... Charlotte C. H., Va. DAVIS, AIVINGFIELD ..... ........... R ichmond, Va. REED, BLIREN ............ .................. N ortrm, Va. EARLY, NAT ............. ........ D awsonville, Va. SAIQNDERS, C. G. ..... ......... 4 '...LIOyCI5, Va. EWING, A. T. ............. ........... C rozet, Va. STONE, R. M. ........................ New Canton, Va. FERGUSON, G. B. ........ ........... D anville, Va. STEPHENS, RONALD .......................... Wise, Va. HANSON, RICHARD ..... ..................,.,. I ientucky THOMAS, GRAHAM .,............ Ifork Union, VII. HYATT, NV. R. ..... ........ A Vest GralIanI, Va. THOMAS, GEORGE ........ ......... N nrfwlk. Va. HARRIS, S. M. ...... ....,.. C harlnttesville, Va. TODD, -I. C. ,,.,...,.,....., ,,.,..,,.. N orfolk, Va. HARRIS, E. K. ...... ......... N ewport News, Va. XVOLFE, G. S. .......... ............................. O him HANSON, -I. F. ......... ............ H ansonville, Va. KVARREN, T. L. ........ ....... L exington, Ky. HL'DDLE, ROBERT ........ ........... .... I I Ianhoe, Va. PORTER, JOHN ...... .........LexiIIgton. Ky. - Sl 53-F fri: C . TH l-I 1SKlR'lVllSlNltER g , -1 ,, --- - Junior Class History 'HE Class of '21 made its debut to Fork Union society on September 18, 1917. Out of the class formed then none are in our midst at present. ff! Xlfhen the boys met for the year 1918-19 it was dis- covered that we were to have in our presence, Nat Early, the 'm ilf i only one who was at F. U. M. A. the preceding year. Aside from Mr. Early, the class was made up of new fellows or Rats, as they are better known. 1 am sure that none of my class-mates, who were here in 1918-19 will ever forget that memorable night when the news of the signing of the Armis- tice was received here. To commemorate this event shells were issued to each uf us on the day following, and we were supposed to fire three volleys. The volleys were not quite the success that was expected and Fork Llnion came very near having a casualty list all its own without the presence of a Boche. Bohannon and G. C. Thomas represented the class in baseball. XYhen we returned this year we found that only a few of the men who had been with us last year had returned, namely: Bohannan, Early, Cosby, D1 izier, Monds and the chronicler himself. The class was duly organized and the following ollicers were elected: A. B. Monds, President, C. B. Fer- guson, Vice-President: R. M. Stone, Secretary: C. Todd. Treasurer: H. Cosby, Prophet, and myself, Historian. At present there are thirty mem- bers of the class, which is the largest number the class of '21 has enrolled in any of its years. This year in football we were ably represented by Monds, A. B., Colonna, Harris, S. M., Jones, L. M., Huddle, Harmon and McCallum. jones, L. M., deserves special mention because of the fact that he broke his collar bone while lighting on the gridiron for F. U. M. A. In the cross country run H. Cosby won honor for our class by taking first place with the record of 291 miles in 12 minutes. Hanson, Thomas, C. G., Ferguson, Cosby, Todd, Bowman and Jones, L. M., were among the number who made the Junior Class basket-ball team the success that it is. 34 'fri ?l I : l?fhi?f?gf- THE SKIRMISHER :rf ig s NL lf ' H VVe also have some very promising hasehall material among our num- hers awaiting the opening of the season. And now to close. I have given you hriellv the past record of our class. From this past record you may XYe are confident that our remaining year at dear old lforlc Union will he istic uf our future when we shall go out in the more readily guess its future. one of success, and we are optim the world to blaze our trails. I hold the truth, with him who sings To one clear harp in divers tunes, That men may rise on stepping stones Of their dead selves to higher things. C. XY. D.xvIs. HI-.Vff7l'I.LIlI, Class of '3I. 2532.15-gT.....lnnlIlIIImllf ' Wnullrssr'glllllllllmm: I D , I of Xxx -'JI' 0 o n l Q 17922551 35 Y -Q .-4-K rx itll 4 Wir. THE SKIRIVIISHER :E ggi: , .Q if J cf-5 ffjf' isa 7 N Il 4 "Monds is now Junior Class Prophecy 'li XYAS in the year 1935, I had just returned from a trip to lfurope on one of those fast passenger planes. which cross the ocean in ten hours. Stepping out uf the plane in New York, whom should I see but my old lf. If. M. IX. pal, Stone. In talking of our different classmates. he asked me if I re- membered Monds. I replied that I did. "XYell," he said, the greatest evangelist of this country, and he is holding a series of meetings in this city during this week," He also told me that he had seen .Xnthony. who had become a doctor of national soon afterwards that Stone was the president of a large As he was leaving on important business in XYashington I had bye to him. In was at the time instructing in Harvard. He told me turned from a trip to Norfolk. XYhile there he had seer was a prescription clerk in one of Norfolk's largest drug He had also seen Dozier and Bowman, both uf wht mine. llozier the largest plumbing contractors in the south. Bowman was I discovered XVall Street. to say good- I saw Ferguson who had just ree repute. bank on the lobby of my hotel the next morning that he 1 Dan Campbell who stores. mm were had taken up his fathers business and was great pals of now one of a great fruit grower and shipper. even having a tleet of fruit ships which he operated himself. Leaving' him and taking a stroll ui the street I ha uened to meet a man b D whose face seemed very familiar to me. XYe recognized each other at the same moment. It was one of my old classmates, -Iones. He said that he had a fine position as a mechanical engineer, and was working at that time in Detroit. He had seen Hanson, who was an instructor in a large Auto School of Detroit. The next day I took a trip to IVashington to hear a great debate which was to take place in the Senate. I recognized four of the speakers at once. Ilobbitt, who was representing his district from the State of North Caro- lina, James, Nichols and Colonna, who were each representing their respec- tive districts of Virginia. I never dreamed that we had such orators in our class as these four. 36 je 32. -:gl 5 : Y 7 Z. Q' , 7 Sie Rafi THE SKIRMISHER 1 5' .-,ggi 43 r 5-L -.11 1 jj: ,- 1' , On the train from XYashington to Richmond, I saw old "Blondie" Davis, who was on furlough from his ship which was lying in Hampton Roads. lle told me that he was Radio lingineer on the ,Xdmiral's llagship. XVl1ile in Richmond I ran up with jimmie Todd, who had graduated from XVest Point and was then Major in the regular army. One day I happened to he looking up some of niy old friends in the directory when I ran across the name of my old pal I.acy, but who now was IJr. I,acy, with one of the largest patron lists of any doctor in Richmond. On Broad Street I saw Neblett. He and little Coleman had graduated from the L'niversity of Virginia, and were now practicing medicine, each in his home town, wlth great success. Having to stay over Sunday in Richmond. I went into a very line Baptist Church. The pastor turned out- to he no other than nly old friend Pankey. He told me that "Preacher" Hyatt had gone over to Africa as a missionary. Leaving Richmond the next place that I stopped was in Charlottesville. Here I noticed trucks passing bearing the names of my old school pals, Harmon, Early and Harris. These three had gone in for scientiiic farming on a large scale. and were now three of the richest farmers of the State. Going into one of the drug stores, I recognized Ewing, as he turned towards me. He was an electrical engineer of whom I had heard in several countries of South America, during my travels. He told me that he had just returned from the tnow widely knownl If. U. M. I-X., and that one of the physicians there was our classmate, Allen. I went from Charlottesville to Lynchburg. In the waiting room I ran into Turner who was touring the country with a world-famous jazz band. He told me where I could find the office of Huddle, another of our graduates and also a great engineer. Huddle had seen one of the tirm of Lipps, Stephens and Bohannan, great mine owners of the great Southwest the day before, in fact he had a contract with them. Having seen and heard of the great success of my old classmates and becoming tired of "globe trotting." I decided that I would settle down in mv own coming city and do something for it and mankind. i UI. H. Cosiw, Prophet, Class of '3I. 37 45- K 4 -i, Eii ,wjh f i A , :g 3-.J K J WEB 2- ' THE SKIRMISH iQ ,, ,I 3. i - The Class of 1922 Miss MARIE XYILKINS Newport News. Ya. .qf7HlIS0l' J. ALBERT XYILKIXS Newport News, YA. Prcsidfllf 38 T HE SOPHOMORE Cmsb 15? 2: E ii Yrs 'Zi" -QP' ii l TH EI QSKIRM ISINIER gi -. -J Sophomore Class Mo'I'To: "The cnal is Hut in vii-w." CoI,oIcs1 lllzuclc :mil llrziv. 5lDffif2lZ5 J. .-X. XYILKINS ........,,.. ...AA..Y..,..........,A.... ........,...... P I 'vsidcnt XY li. RICHMUNIJ ,.,.... ,.,. ,,,, I I cv-Pm-xidmt li, Li, .XNTHONY .,,,,,.. ..........,..... S 'ffrctm'y W C. CH.XRl.l'fS ,,,,.. ,,,,..,,4. ................ ....,,.. T I ' mI.vIII'vI' WBIIIDBTS ,'NNTl-HINY, R. C. ,,,.,... Stuuntoii Va. IWITCHELL, GORMXN .............,............. -Xnte, X721 ,NlZIlUTT, XY, O, ,A,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,, N orfollc, Ya. Nl!-jTC.XI.l-RE, XY, M, ,,,,,,,,,,,, XYQ-st Graham, Va NSHLEY, C. j. ,,,, .........,,, l fork Union. Vu. PAIIIQER, H.XlI.E ....... .......,....., I laltimore, Md CooPEE, G, C. ..,...,, dlloclcy Mount. VII. Powleks, HKWPE ....,,, .....,.,. N orth XVest, Va Coomz, XYILIAIIII ..,....,,..,.,,., .Yorktown VII. PIIWEIIS, LESLIE ...... ....... N orth XYest. Va LQILXRLES, XYINSTIIN Newport News Yu. PARIS, L.xwRENCE ..... ..,.....,, L ynchburg, Nrll Cowxxx, J, H. ,,,,,,.. ,o.o,,A,. l Qichmond, Va. RICH.xRnSoN, B. R. ......,.., lYashington, D. C L'IIEI'NG. KIN Hu ......,....,........... Chinn RICHAMND, NY. R. .... ....,,..,.,...,. N orton, Va L'ooTEs, :NLBERT ..... ,............ N orfolk Ya STEPHENS, .-X. lf. ,,............ Quinque, Va lillTTl3Il'IRE, RIIIIEIIT ,..,.,..,.,. Tazewell Ya. THOMAS, B. K. ....,,. Fork Union, Vu lJILI.IoN, JIAIMIE .. Newport News, Ya. TIGNOII, J. C. ,,......,,.,......,,,......... Lee Hall, Va ITENTRESS, XY. lf. ,........, .Princess Anne, Yu. L'NIIEI:DL'NK, M.Xl4TlN ...... Pounding Mill, X711 JONES, C. XY. ,.,....... ,.,,.,,..,. H ampton VII. NYooIIsoN, LUAVIII ..... ......... L owesville, Vu JOHNSON, XYII.I:I'R ...... ........ N orton Va. XX'ooDsoN. XY. .X, ..,.....,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,, Norfolk, Va ININCANNON, bl. A. ,........ Bedford Vu, XYAIIIIEN, F. E. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Newport News, Va KENNON. E. R. ..,.. .,,,,, IN Iineral. Yu, NYATKINS, Enwixkn ........,..... lfork Union, Va LAY. EUGENE ...,. .,,...,,, L lwelvurn, Yu. XYILIQINS, J. .X. .,...,,,..,,.. Newport News, Va, LIPPF-, EVERETT ...... .........,., X Yisc Ya. PUIITER. Ri'ssEI.I. ..,. ,........r........,..,... K entuck5 MIXH.XN. C. A. ...... ......... l Danville, Va. XNHITE, FR.-xNfIs .... ,.....,.. C ohassett, Va M-XSTIN, F. XV. ...... ....... X Vest Virginia -E -T :Z "-" 5"" af, - TH I M 5 E E L15 K 11 Ha R553 , . Sophomore Class History t-.453 N September. 18. 1918, our class held its first' meeting and 'F organized with -I. L. lhllon as president. llns year seven- jf igyb xm teen men from last years class returned and it looked as though we were to be the leading class in this year's school. :QM Early in the lfall of 1919 we held a meeting to get WN" 30 organized and the following men were elected: A. XV1lkins, of Newport News, Va., president: XY. R. Richmond, Norton, Va., vice-presi- dent: R. C. Anthony, Staunton, Va., secretary, and XV. C. Charles, of New- port News, Va., treasurer. NVilkins made an excellent leader and in his easy going way brought our class to the front in many ways. ln the athletic line we had our share of men. Xlfilkins was captain of the Football Team and Richmond was one of the stars of the game, also Metcalfe was letter man of the football. ln baseball we had Bottimore, Lipps, Stephens, R. li. and Richmond. Basket-ball, Bottimore and Metcalfe were on the team. In the cross country run we tied with Seniors for first place, each making 18 points. The men that helped to win these points were Powers, L. N., Parker, Cooper, Geo., and Cowan. ln the Track Team, Parker was one of the leading stars, while Leslie Powers won the junior medal for the best athlete in school. Xlfhat class can make as good a showing? ln a military way our class stood out well for the Sophomores furnished one top sergeant and live other sergeants. XVatch us next year and see the number of commissioned officers that will be taken from our number. NVe have fourteen members of the class who never received a demerit for the whole year. Did we have any to walk extra duty, did you ask? Oh yes, a few. Look over our roll and you can pick them out. My, how they did hate to get up in the morning! A large number of the men expect to be back next year and with the new men that will come and join our class. as there are always a large number of new men to enter the Junior class. we will have one of the best classes in the history of the school. F. E. WARREN, Hisforiazz, Class '22, '41 I Ju V1 3 'u .1 fx, . ...R 3'1" ':,4L - n Ili! 4, -rw . 1 1 rl -nv . Ms., gb J' 6. Q v Q' 'J wa- P 9' 14 1. 4 3 5 1' -. sl, A Anzac., Y 'vvvgrl --V bun: ,.l' 'Qi- 'ff " 6 ' ' :f'r""5a'7 - ' , ' - ' ' f 1.5 f A 1 A7 Z ,V , V ' yi ', V, Y . .Off , in , -,-.+L ' 4 A'-" ' ', 2,-1,' f W I '- H "A-', ,, , a u 1 .-"4 Pla' , ie 5 4. Wh. l 4 .nf egg .ap -E Ill 2 7 A iz wif, 2 THE SKIRMISHER - 1 L, ae - Sophomore Class Prophecy ,LW OPIQNIQID the purple silkhap of the tent and stepped inside. ,Et .X beautiful Egyptian maiden was seated before a low table X W covered with a crimson scarf. She sat in the center of the Lf tent. clothed in beautiful satins and jewelry, and luxurious f sm' 9 rugs adorned the floor of the tent, while couches of the Oriental type lined the sides. As I entered she spoke to me saying "I, .Xdora, the Prophetess, can tell you what is to come. Ask, what you wish to know." Bewildered, not to say alarmed. my thoughts went to my school mates of the class of l922, so I asked her to foretell the destiny of each one. Ilnraptured I listened while she foretold great careers for each of them. "Your President, Nllilkins and Charles are to go in the tobacco business. They will control the tobacco industry of the United States. Lay will be the owner of a circuit of the leading hardware stores of the country. Ashley and Cooper will be the owners of a large meat packing concern in Chicago. XVil- lard Cooke and Cowan are to be the founders of a great hospital and them- selves the greatest doctors of the age. Cootes will become a great lawyer known the world over. Bottimore and XVilbur Johnson are to become the greatest scientists of history, and owners of a large observatory. Kennon will be known as a power in XYall Street and his vast estates will be famous for their grandeur. Lipps and Mitchell will be owners of several large ranches in the NVest. Metcalfe and Parker will be the owners of the largest railroad in the world. L. H. Powers, and Richmond will be owners of cele- brated Alaskan gold mines. A. lf. Stephens and Tignor will be widely known car manufacturers, and their cars will be synonymous for beauty and worth. L. R. Powers and Underdunk shall be the greatest cotton exporters of the United States. David XYoodson will be known for his vast sugar planta- tions in Cuba. XYatkins. lYhite and H. R. Thomas shall be founders of a great institution of learning in Fluvanna County. lVarren will be a noted shipbuilder and will receive vast contracts from the leading nations of the world. Kin Ho Chung will be the founder of the Chung Institution of Learning, and Relief XVork in distant China, where he will do a great work. As the Prophetess finished she looked up from the hour-glass before her, and asked. "Is there anything else?" But I had already begun to grow faint and dizzy, and seemed to be falling, which I really was, for I found myself on the floor. where I had slipped from my chair in my sleep. l ff 1.91 GJ K. CAMPBELL IVIASTIN, Proplzct. THE SKIRMISH1-ZR fi, ' L ?.f 1 gv: fl Q The Class of 1923 Miss Zmg N'E.Xl. Richmrjmrl, Ya. SPLIIISUJ' J. EIJXYIN S.xL'NIa1-QRS. Richmmlrl, Va. PI'L'.YfdC'llf CLASS E FRESH M AN TH ::- 5... J,Q,,tp r J: THE SKIRMISHER We . ,E Q. , 'fi-I JK ' 4 31 T 'L Freshman Class MoTTo: "The last shall be lirstf' CoLoRS: ilDffit2l'5 Blue and Gold. J, E. S.-XUNDERS ....,,, .,....................... .... .....v..,............A P I ' esidcul H, M, XY,-XLDRON ...,...,. ,.l,.,.....,..,.....,.,,.. I 'irc-PI-vsidvfzt ELTON STOCKLEY .... ........... .... ,..,.... S ' I 'cI'rtIII',I' and TI'v11sIII'I'I' Hpenlhers ADAMS, J, R, ,,,,,,,,,,,...l.,....,,,.... Danripple, Va. KING, F. H. ,....................... Clifton Forge, Va. ,ANCARRUXXZ STUART ,,,,,,,,,, Richmond, Va. KITE, JAMES ,,,,,,,,.,,,,..,,..,,,,,.,..l..,,..,,, Hood, Va. ASI-IBY, A-XRTHUR ,4,,,,l,,,,,,,,, Cape Charles, Va. LILLISTQN, CLARENCE ,,,, Virginia Beach, Ya. BUNDY, NVILLIAIII ...................... Tazewell, Va. LEWIS, XY. T. .......,,...........,,...... Richmond. Va. BRINKLEY, LYIIIAN Cypress Chapel. Va. LEVITINE. XYILLIAM ......,............. Norfolk, Va. BOORDE, OLlX'ER ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, R illton, Penn. MEEH.'XN, H. B. ..,i.,......,. Newport News, Va. BISPHAIII, N, C. ..... ...,..,....... R emington, Va. MITCHELL, JOHN ...................... Richmond, Va. BARNES, XV, B, ,,,,,, Newport News, Va. MARTSCH, ROBERT ............ XVaShington, D, C. CAIN, :XLBERT ........ ,..rr.L,.......,.L N orfolk, Ya. MCDANIEI., LAXVRENCE ..........,...........,. Florida CRUMP, B. F. .,.. ........... R ichmonfl, Ya. OWENS, GILBERT ........,...,.....,....... Kerfoot, Va. COOKE, E. F. .......... ....... P ortsmouth, Va. PORTER, R. C. ......,....,,..... ........ ' Tazewell, Va. COOPER, GEORGE ,.,.,. ,,.... R ocky Mount, Va. PIIRTER, R. G. ........,.. ................ B elona, Va. CHERRY, J. E. ,......, ..,....L,,. R ichmoml, Va. PIIWELL, XY. E. ...... ......... N orth Carolina COTTRELL, J. C. ..... ........ R ichmoncl, Va. PETTY. SMITH ...,., ..,.,.........,,. B erlforcl, Va. DER, GEORGE ...... ..,,.,.,.,,.,...,,,,,,,,. C hina PIERCY, A. G. ...,... ...,,., N ewport News, Va. DAVIS, VV. C. ......... ,......... R ichmond, Va. SCLATER, PERKINS .. ,...,...,. Fork Union, Va. FITZHUGH, L. S. .............. Stanclardsville, Va. SAVNDERS, EDWIN ...,, .......... R ichmond, Ya. GERMAN, MANTER ......,...........,... Marshall Va. STOCIQLEY, ELTON ,..,..,,....,... California GREEN, .IULIAN .,..........,....,,... Fork Union, Va. SMITH, J. XV. ....,..,,...... .,..r..,,,L.., N oi-folk, Va. GQODIIIAN, STANLEY .......................... Zion, Va. SMITHSON, A. E. ........,..................... Maryland HANRT, T. A. .......,,..,..........,... Georgetown, Ky. TAYLOR, SIDNEY ...... .......... F ork Union, Va. HASKILL, ALFRED ....,.... ......,..,.. N orfolk, Va. TALMAN, J. J. ......... .....,,..... H ampton, Va. HEYL, G. C. ..,,,,..,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,, M arshall, Va, 'lTH0lN'I.-XS, EUGENE ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Fork Union Va. HORNBARGER, C. D. ...... .....,. R oanoke Va. TURNER. W. L. ....... ....,..,...... N orfolk, Va. HUGHES, H. H. ........................ Scottsville, Va. XLXNCE, XVOUD .................,,....,.,.. Chilhowie Ya. ISHMAEL, ISAAC ...,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,, Richmond, Va. XN'.xI.IIRoN, H. M. ...,,.,,.,,,,,,,,.,,,,,, Thaxton Va. TACKSON, L. S. .......,.,,..... Newport News, Va. XYILKINS, MlI.NEIi ........ Newport News, Va. JONES, DAN ............ ...................., N ortnn Va. XYILLIAMS, LIERLIN .........,.,..,, Chase Citv Va. JOHNSON, C. B. .... .,.......... B uchanan, Va. XYITT, NV. R. ................ ............,.....,.. X Vitt, Va. my 1 5 2 A we - sl H E If 's -if 'I SKIRMISHER gv Q 34 :af - -5 'fl aw I ' - Freshman Class History gg, 'life N September 17th. 1919. the day of my arrival, there were , 'Ss groups of boys greeting each other, little groups here and W Xb n there talking and as I would pass them, they were always Cf ,Q N1 .y , talking about old times, and now and then I overheard the h N 3 . .. . l"""' gentlemen out of uniform looking as though they had lost their best friend. This was all new to me. and I began to think that perhaps these were the so-called "Rats" I saw them all going toward one building. This, I heard some one say. was the Armory. I went over for I understood that is where I could secure any information needed. They were all in line. and entering a room, which said Deans Office. at once I knew that they were all matriculating. and I must follow suit. , For the next several days the "Rats" were like a flock of lost sheep. when'on September 2-lth Col. Perkins issued orders to organize the class. which would be known from then on as the class of "ZS," Through the kind- ness of Major Roe Bartle, the class was called together, and it was discovered a fine bunch of fellows were to become members of this class. After instruc- tion in regard to class organization, the election of officers proceeded. A better selection could never have been made outside of the Historian. These men were to be our leaders throughout the year. Cadet I. Edwin Saunders, of Richmond. was elected President. He has proven a competent leader, and the class fully realizes that the success of the class of "23" is due to his untiring efforts. H. Rl. XYaldron. of Bedford City, was elected Vice-Presi- dent. after a close vote. He has aided President Saunders materially in building up our class. Full of pep and school spirit to start with, he has succeeded in placing the "Rat" class on top in the Rooting game. Secretary and Treasurer, Corporal J. E. Stockley, of Lynchburg, has performed his duties faithfully and well. Prophet, Cadet Hope Powers. in his prophee cies has surely prophesied wonderful things for our noble class. 46 word "Rat" There were also a large number of young Zfiiif TN 15: SKEMEH I-QT? Wfigifl The class has had its weekly meetings all of which have been well attended by most of our members. The class has developed wonderfully in athletics this year. It has backed every organization in the school. This class of "ZS" has always sent more representatives than any other class to any match game away from home. Always takes things in hand in our local athletic rallies. Several class banquets have been held throughout the year, and we have made great progress for educational as well as from a social standpoint. NV. R. BARNES, Historian. Q ' T ' ' " ' 1- -- -..-. . '.-5. I . ll I 'W lil.-. Mull' -egziifiiilisiiif lllilleeihl' 47 - :C i e :0l Wil- if. tl THE SKIRIVIISISIER iii' ig? IL . fi 123 ie f-ft , lfi Y jp' 75 - -1 A sb 1: Freshman Class Prophecy N12 line warm day in I0-IO I determined to take a long trip. f I got my airplane in good condition and started. 'lhe next few hours found me sailing over a large city and deciding Wg 'N,, to land I descended in a large park. The lirst person I met w as -lg I.. Saundeis, who had been president of the l:lCsl'l S0 man tlass of l9l9-20. After shaking hands I asked lnm what he was doing and he told me he was Yice-President of one of the large banks. He also told me of several other members of the class that were in the city. vl. Ii. Stockley was a thriving business man and Heyl and NValdron were ministers in two of the largest churches. I left him a little later and went on to another city. There I found several friends. kl. XY. Smith was Cashier of the Citizens' Bank with I, H. Powers as .Xssistant Cashier. R. B. Martsch was a noted hunter and trapper who had just come in from the Maine IYoods. Brinkley was an eye specalist and Bundy was a doctor specializing in surgery. Haskell and Hart have large department grocery stores in the city and I,illiston is the head of a chain of tea stores located in several important places. Traveling west I came to a small town and found M. P. German mayor. He told me that Sidney Taylor who had been the smallest member of our class was making good as a railroad head, and that R. G. Porter, who was another small member, is running for Congress with XY. T. Lewis. He also said that XYitt had a large business of his own and Ishmael was our ambassador to .Xssyria. I went in a department store in another city and found C. B. Johnson president with Ifitzhugh and Smithson as partners. Tignor and XVilliarns were doctors and Davis is a prominent lawyer. Mitchell is a well-known dentist. Barnes is vice-president of a railroad and Ii. Crump owns a factory that manufactures passenger airplanes for the government. Reed and Vance both have pharmacies in the city and Cain and King have a business together. I Flew to another city and there saw Bispham, who was State Attorney, and F. If. Hughes was State Treasurer. jackson owns a large jewelry store and R. C. Porter is in partnership with Greene in Stocks and Bonds. Petty is president of a school in the XVest and Cooper is a Professor at Harvard. 48 'SK1'Ri1911S1QrgR I 1 -5 J.. if 1 'fl J I was twlcl that Qweus 31111 Couke were lfirst I.ie11tc11z111ts i11 the 211'111y. f1I1C1ll1g' 211111 Der are c111111ecte1l with the Chinese g11ve1'11111c11t. I, P. Kite is Zl civil t'l1g'il1t't'l' 211111 has several I1'l11J4J1'tEll1t feats to his credit. 'I'z1I111z111 211111 .XcIz1111s are l'Cl7I't3S61lI2ltiX'CS inf the United States g'f1x'c1'11111e11t i11 fwreigii 011111- tries. Grey 111111 0111111112111 are t11111'i11g the wurlfl tugether 211111 C. XY. .Innes is El senator. I cleciderl 111 llI1'1l lllXX'Zll'1I 11111110 211111 I :1rri1'ccI after Z1 twii days' Hight. I.. II. IIIIXYICRS, f'1'11j1!11'f. ci Ib I ix M I 52 ' I I W " kt 'ltd ,L ag ' 'MS ' f ' X x 49 THE SKIRMISHER gtg 17 zp. 75 ,se Q? 5 Y ippmn to fork Giniun Oh! here's to Fork Union A bottle of the linest Old Burgundy foaming to the brim. Her sons they are many. 1rix"1lled lw any, Her faculty UI . , XX'ith loving hearts will sing her a hymn. CHORUS Rah! Rah! Fork Union, Rah! Her Alina Mater's sons are we, XVill praise her forever, But study- ineyer, ' A " roudly waving high. The Red and Llue is p As Freslnnan we hate her, ' ' l loinores ue loxe mer, r ancient halls. As Sop 1 .Xncl throw wood up and down he .Xs Juniors we light for her, .Ks Seniors we work for her, w more those bugle calls. And depart to hear nt Then with many a misgiying, .-Xt the life we'ye been living, XYe resolve in earliest to settle down to work. XYC cram for examinations, .Xnd these passed in exultation, We swear "never more" our hardest studies to shirk Then three cheers, boys, for her, To show how much ne loxe er. h. ' one more song. XYe'll rally round and me For soon we're to leave her, And never more to see her, But still we'll love her all the year long. 50 ilitar l ii Q ft ff YL., Q59 4 II ' , '1' Y ' - ' , w 1 , V - f, U . , , .11 f ,X I 111.4 Asif. 1 Q 1 S' 1 1 lr? Y if M 'Rh VI 6111" I 11 L . ' ,gc Z - C We THE SKlRlVllSHER e 7 ZF-4 L: ei g - Military Department viim ORK Union Military Academy has been a strictly military ' ?'?19gl9 school from everv angle since the establishment of military .lgagg-am.. -b A N3-3 2 training by the XVar Department in this institution in liltll. Q L' After eighteen years it has proven to be the backbone of WM ' Mi? the institution. On lanuary 16th 1919 our school was ' X Lia , - A ' ' , Q' 'SWJQX awarded a unit of the Infantry R. O. T. C. Lieutenant james H. McDonough lst, Lt. 40th U. S. Inf., was detailed as Professor of Military Science and Tactics with this Unit. He has proven a very able offi- cer and developed a fine Unit. Major S. D. Bartle, General Staff. Virginia National Guard. is com- pleting his second year as Commandant. He has worked hard and faith- fully with the gratifying results that Fork Union has had better discipline than ever before in the history of the school. Sergeant Arthur C. Cooper, 63rd U. S. Inf., who has been assistant to Lieutenant McDonough the past year, has proven very popular with the cadets and a very valuable addition to the Military Department. The officers who have helped make the Battalion a well drilled and disciplined outfit are Major H. R. Bartle, Captain R. N. Smith, and Lieuten- ant C. W. Jennings. These men have all worked hard to the one end of making it the best R. O. T. C. Unit in the Eastern Department. 'We have three companies of sixty men each, field music of 10 pieces and band of 14 pieces. Staff of 8 men. On the final inspection had the past year. we have passed with honor. SI in V - "' F, K I QQ: 'fze '-ii? . -.L if Sf' IHE SKIRMISHER Wi "-in I 13 L l."w , , K , 1- ' 'V f' - ' ' AIHIQ S. ll. l1,, l'ir'yi11m llvflzfllvcr' I.lEL'T. JAMES H. MCDUNUUGH. U. S. rx. Cmmznzudufzf l'r'nfvx.m1' uf .1l1'lif411'y .qL'iL'IIf'C and Tflitirx L',xr'T. XY. T. XYmmsnx SliI!CE.XNT-MAJOTC .XRTHUR Coomare, U. S. A. .-lxsixlfrlll C'f1l111l1amlu11l .l.v.f'l. Prnf. of ,Ufli1'z11"v St'il'IIl'l' and Tactics T HE ISATTALION 'T ll' kv TQ, sg, THE SKIRMISHER if 4 1 ,- ggi Vg- Lv- ' f - if ' f The Battalion Miss IDORIJTHY STLWIPF Richmm1d. Ya. ,N1fH'II5Uj' H, Rm: IMRTLE XHYIHII, X a. .Uajnr 54 '53 fi 7 I- THE SK1RM1SH1Q:Rfi??? 1 4- t - YW, W -iii... 5 3 Battalion Staff MAJOR H. ROE BARTLE ........... LIEUT. LIEUT. SERGT SERGT SERGT SERGT. C. XYESLEY JENXINGS .-XLV.-XH B. MONDS .,........... . C. XYINGFIELD D.-XVIS BURL M. SNEAD ....,...,. CECIL I. ELLIOT ...,....... FRANCIS E. XY.-XRREX CORP. J. ELTON STOCKLEY .. Battalion Com mam1'vr' djnfalzt ..,.....Supf1y Ojiuer .fvrgeafzf ,I1'a-for Senior Colm' Scrgualzf Junior Calor Svrg7raut Svryraut .Ilusivian .,,....C0rpm'aI ,iluxiciau 1 1 1" TNI-I SKfRM1SH Eli ,, , V V A-,-Q Y Y I ds.. , , 1 , Y -I - Y Rmzzm' J. REA Crmzet, Va. cillfffllfll Company "A Miss .Xru MAE llumvx 1 lmrlestwn, XX. X :1. .Yfwrzxnr Offxcers Company "A" X.XY1'rTr3x .X. Il, Muxm Hlmm, Ya. 'Imnpcrzulccvillc, X x In xr l.irufr11uuf ,N'rmm1' ljrlrfrlu H. RI. XYALNI2 Japan Firxi ,Tw'gn'f11rf ,M 4 Q, - :1 2 4 1154 Wig gig THE SKIRMISHER Z ., V ,fx i :gr jg f 4: y x i 1 2 Company " B " Miss Gtssuz Owsxs New Castle, Penn. SPOIIXUI' V N Q N W I w F 1 R. NELSIIN SMITH Yenktuwxx, Va. Cufviuirz 59 192.0 FORK UHIOH HILITARY ACADEMY 1 K QW ml FORK UHIOH . YIRGIHIL OH-icers Company " B " Q., X. Ii. Ii.x1cI.1ix G. C. .Xl,IhE1Q5uX vs1v11x'1Ilc, X :1. FIZIITSHIIYIHE, Ya. ml: 1 lfir-xl ljmnlrfufflf Jzmiur lfirxf ljcrllrm J. L. l'1:Ax' .Xclvauce Mills, Y lrirxvt Svrgvuul iv". jus -4 X Av ? Fi 1 ' Q- , z 4 L 'Z , 'C -M A5331 gf V 5 ,- 3:5 - ?-P3 .h Q' . .53 .' F' ' ' , ,mg TH E SK1 RM ISN ER l I Lxxn 1u.x1.xN L ruzct. X 11. Cupluilz 07 H M Company C Mass RVTH GAx1u,.xNn IUNEF XYz1shingtuu. D. C. Sfmuxor Ofiicers Company " C " T A H. S. HERGE1: J, H. Cusux' East Falls Church, Va. Newport News, Va Firxf Lz'v11fc'r1uf1t Second 1.ic1lIr11anf R. C. ANT!-luxx' Staunton, Va. First SL'I'gl'llllf va NY :AC PA COM gp- -HY - 2"'D 7 41 , 31:53 ' -L54 F1 . - N-A, if THE: SKIRMISHER -v: fl ' ' fig 1 ' lil - The Band Miss I.Ul'ISli THUAIAS Ncwpurt News, Vu. Spmzsor XYIl.I.l.XM IQ. IMIQNES Xcwpn art News, Yu. Drzmz-Major , 43' Officers The Band YQ. A T. VI. li. XY1Lml.xx E. I. TURNER iork Uni--n. Ya, XYZ1ShiIlgtOI1, D. C. Director ,S'rrgcaut, Chief Jfzzsifiuzz L. R. H.kI.L Norton, Va. Corjmrul, Primiful Musician . 4 4 ,s Q , ..,.,q,-1. ,V i. ,. ,sph 14, QQ: ,fy 4 I ?k?Aff.,4v . .. . '12 .- , Y i':4-ve T H E: 5 K I R MIS H ER af- 1 Y, L Q Qi If. E. XX-ARREN Ncwpvvrt News, Ya. .S'vrg1ra1r1t, .1fllXf1'f1lIl 68 The Bugle Corps NIISS MArcc:.xRET I.. I3.x1:H.xxr Newport News, Va. Spnlzsul' -K. Q13 3 477 Z1 5Qf Wz:,2?, THE SKIRMISHER E3 ,g 43 ..i,'v e WJ - 1 1 fr:-di The Bugle Corps SERGE.-XNT I"R.bXNC1S E. WARREN Conxxfxxnixc D1-LTACHAIENT Newport News, Virginia Buster of 'Bugle Qlurps CORPOR.-XL -I. E. STOCKLEX' .,..ii.. .........., ......,.... L ynchburg, Va CORPOR.-XL L. MCD.-XNIEL ,.,..,.... ,,,...... S anford, Fla MUSICIAN MUSICIAN J. H. Coxmx ....,.... L. G. N EBLLTT .....,.. ..,. ...Red Lawn, Va ,.,,....Ricl1mond, X'a MUSICIAN XX. R. XX ITT ......... ............ X Xitt, X'a MUSICL-XN RITE .......,..........,,. .....i,,,.... H ood, X'a MUSICIAN XX7. T. LEXX'IS ......... ...,,,.. I iichmond, Va MUSICIAN L. N. POXYERS ...... ........ N wrthwest, X'z1 MUSTCI.-XX C. H. JOHNSON ....... . ......... liuchzmzm, X':i MUSICLXN .X. E. SMITHSON ...... ....... L 'umherlaml, Md 69 Foreword FTTCR the roll of the "daughters of the yearn we pre- sent the thirteenth volume of rlxllli SKIRM1sHii1z. There is, in the production of a work of this class. a gigantic struggle to he waged against sameness. yet we trust we have within these covers something original and of interest to the friends of the school: and allow us to heg that your criticism may he tempered with generosity, for every imperfection is covered hy the infinite zeal and fond pride of those who prof duced it, and surely the earnestness of our endeavor should atone for what may he lacking. The final aim of the annual is not for its literary merit: therefore we have labored not so much to produce a criterion as to give the sweeter, though simpler, side of every-day school life. XVith the kiss of his love, Huldehrand gave Undine a soul. May we fervently pray that. afar down the river of years, when some nohle son of Fork l'nion shall scan these pages. the love of fllmu .lfafcr will hring aspirations to him, and that he shall amply repay what toil may have been ours hy giving to fellow-man some of the spirit for which our Academy has ever stood. EDITOR. FI. 41 if 'TEV X? 11572. THLE LSKULMISIIER Roster uf JTQn11:QlZnmmi55iu1wD 9JDfficer5. IK. SID. EE. Q11 Zflmt DAX I5 ...A.........,...,....,........,.............,.............................,..,.,..,...,. XYALNE ,.,,,,. LRAX ,,.,,,,,,A.A.AA ,.,,,,. ANTHONY ....... .,,....... SN EAD .,.......... .,...........,.AA,...,, ELLIOTT ...,... ....... ,...,.... XX ARREN ,,,,,,. ELSELIXLI ...,,,. TOM PKI XS IJOZIER .,,,...,.. XYALDRON ,.,.,.. CUM MI N S ..,,, MASTIX ,,....,,A HARMCDN .....,,.... .. BOHAXNAN XX ILIxIXb ...,... L A Y ,.,.L.,,...., I THUMAb .,.,,., HXATT ,,.,......A STOCIQLEY THROM ..,,... COOKE ..,.,.,. EUISAXK .........., CULOXNA ...A,.,,, TURNER ....,... DAX' IS ........,.... HANSUN ........ GRIITFITHS LAXKFORD -. V, v URAX .......,.A.... . STEPHENS HARRIS .......... CAMPBELL LOOTES ........, MCCALLUM Swgenzlt-Qllajoa' .Staff First 51'7'gL'lUlf, C0HIf7UI1-X' First Sflllftlllf, CTUIIIPUIIA In Firxf Svrymzzf, Cumpazzy C Color Scrgcalzt Sir1f7 Colm' Scryvant Sta ..,.,,.Sv1'yr4111! Buglrr bm .......Sv1'gca111, .........Svrgvc1l1f, ...,.,...,Svrgcu11I, ..........'S1'I'gL'tIllf, .,......5xL'l'gL'Gllfv, ,,.....SCI'gClIIIf, ....,.......5'v1'gvc1nf, ,...,...,.Sm'gvar1f, ...........SUrgL'a111f, ..........1SL'l'gl'tlIIf, .....,.3'vr'gc'1111f, ,,,.,..-SL'l'yL'LIlI I, C0 mpa ny COll1fYlHlj' C0 mpa My C0 Illffd ny cilllllfllllj' Couzpauy Conzpauy Cn Iliff!! ny Cllfllftfllj' Clflllfdllj' Cnvufvmzy LTUIIIPCIIIA' .........fw'pm'al Blrglcr 5 ruff ...,..,Wfiurfvorul, .,........CoJ'fv01'ai, ,,.... Corporal, .....,,CI0I'fV0l'tIl ...,......f.TUl'f70I'lI1, ,...,,,,..Co1'fuu'ul, ..........Cm'f0V41l, ..,....,.Cm'fmraI, ..........C0l'f?0I'U!, .,,,..,...C'orp0ra1, ..,....C0l'f'Ul'd1, ...,.,,,..CI0I'f'l7I'UI, .......,...COI'f'0I'GI ,,,....,,f.T0l'f'0I'l'lI, ....,.,...C0l'f70l'UI, Clllllflfllj Cn mfva My Cl7Illf?lIHj' Cionzpalzy Cqnrzzfulny Conzfany Cuuzpauy CIOIIIPHHJ' Conzfauy Company CUIIIPUIIJ' C0 mfva ny CL7llIf7llH3' Couzpauy Conzfvaazy Q' . 3- 1' Z ' N 1 . wiv -1: ,E Q., M - Xxvmxx. MQ, ,, x uumiikv is Q Q7 Yi 3-H yy 72, it N 'Zig fi. THE, SKIRMISH ER its 'Z "Up . sw S ,gr Zn: 1 L 'l Y Zin filibe 99255 Ipall You know how it is in the Mess Hall NVhen Major says "Get in line Don't runMjust walk-and cut that talk This mob must learn to Dine." You know how it is in the Mess Hall XYhen the bunch sits down to "Chow 3' lt's quite a trick to be real quick: You'll starve if you don't know how. You know how it is in the Mess Hall lYhen Colonel stands up to speak "Attention, men"-Awhile and then The noisy "Chow" they seek. You know how it is in the Mess Hall XVhen Major lays clown the lawg You "Cootes" do what he tells you to do I Or you get an A. W. L. no more. You know how it is in the Mess Hall Our "Every Morning Deal:" Those plates of nsh-we love that dish 'That IS an "ell" of a Meal !" w it is in the Mess Hall on I meani ilar trip You know ho Each Saturday no The corn and Zip's on it's regi To say nothing of the beans. 72 X s I N Qin' Lf'-"1-i'1'l':., . . . . -"3 1"51,.,'-. ' .-4, '-, . v ,J , ., y,,,z ' 1.9. .,.-, . .. z , .,. 1 ' "" ' 1" ' -."' :. .,.f.,.4 rf"C 4.5 . .- uf, 'I V 'r'-' 'n 'L' gr r ., 'Ai '+ ff , . .r', . - 'x ' ',,,"p, xy.-Q' JJ QA: 1, o '+23i gl 1 H his ?i: -X LL 1? ?Tl THE SKIRMISHER S. ,A'gf'Ci mp. 35: A 73 5 T W 'ffl 2- sf, .. I D. ' Ati. . ' :R ' CAPTAIN M.x1.co1.M U. PITT Dirvftor of Aflllviifs Coach Pitt came to Fork Union this year from the service. Before entering the W'orld XVar, he had been Richmond Colleges star, having spent four years at that institution, and proven a most able player in all branches of athletics. His pre-college athletics were in Richmond Academy of Richmond, Va. Coach Pitt has proven a most able director and has turned out from Fork Union this year winning teams as our reports will show. He has won the respect of every man in school for he is a clean, christian gentleman of the highest type. 4 gl- ,LQ f ' , XFNL V tit- x 1, Qs- THE: SKIRMISIII-:R ,I .xx ff? 43 ' rn . ip, Vg'-L - Athletic Association illbffirers IQ. NELSON SMITH ..iiii ii.......,....,,...,.,,. 1. ALBERT xx'II-IqIxs ,.,. . II. ROE IIAIITLIQ .......,,...iiii, it QURTIS THOMPSON i...i. . H, ROE IzAIeTI.E ii..ii....,....,.., IIOOARIJ 5. IIEIIIIEIQ I , JOSEPH II. I'OsIIx' I "'i' iA"iAiA' PIII-nity Adz'i5Or,v COL. N. J. PIaIIIQINs MAJOR S. D. U.xIITI.E Fnoflmll J. A. XYILIQINS .......,,. ....i............ R. NELSON SMITH ,.... HOXK'.'XRIl S. IIEIIGEIQ ,,,., ,,.,,,A.,,,,,,.,,.....,...,.., , 1i4lSL'L'f'HLIH J. CURTIS lflcixx' ............... .....,ii................. ROBERT R. IMITTIXIHRE ....,. XYII.I..xIzII M. MH'ri'.xI.IfI2 ,,... ....,...,,,...,,, Travis C. CURTIS TIIOIIIISIIN ...... . ,.....,,A.. .. J. CURTIS l"II.xx' .....,.......,. GEO. S. COOPER ....., .,..,.. I .,,. . . Hasvlmll HOWARD S. HERGEI: ...,. H. ROE BARTLE .........,,,. C. NYESLEY -IENNINGS .... 74 Lvxlxfi lviff' Pl'L'.Yil1i'l!l PrusI'dI'IIf ............,.,.5'UI'I'vlIIry TVI'u.vIII'I'r III Iv' l.vudI'1' lllf C lII'v1' I.vIIdI'I's CAPT. M. U. PITT .......,,.............fIlfIfIIiI1 ,..................1fUIlllflfl' Assistant .ilallugfw ,........,.,......,.cwtlf'fl7ill lldyfl' ...'1xxi,Ituuf J Illlltljlfl' .................,wfafvlairz . ..,.... .......... I Uiznagvr Jssixturzf ,Ufllldgvr ,...................CUf'f1Ifl1 ..................A1IdIIUIICI' -I.IsI':m1If ,Uirlzagfvr 6 f 4 D WZ? E THE: SKIRMISHER 25: 5.2 ig -E ai" Football Miss BIALIEI. ML'RPHx Portsmouth, Yu. Sfvallljuy' 1. ,X1.1:r:1cT XY I I. Ii 1 X s Newport News. Yu Cuffuin THE FOOTBALL SQUAD IL K ig, :FS 5-A if 4:- lg5e Wag Z'-Ei THE SKIRMISHER "Abo" proved to be a capable Captain and a wonderful leader. Although crippled in the second game of the season, his interest and pep was weakened none. XVe are expecting wonderful things from Abo next year. "Don" at the helm of our squad, guided her through many games, bringing her out with victories. He displayed wonderful skill in his position and was always full of the old fight. Don was elected captain of the squad for '20 and a better man could not be found. Football Team ALBERT WILKI N S Left-end CAPTAIN CURTIS THOMPSON Left Half-bark "Curt" came from having been a former student at john Marshall High School squad. He proved to be a "star" also with us. His broken held running was wonderful and gained more ground than any other member of our team. He led his team always, and was considered its backbone, for he always was in training. DONALD XYILKI NS Qzrarfcfr-lmvlc 77 Table of Qllontents Bunk I Qllasses Bunk II military Bank III Qitbletirs Book IV literary Bunk V Grganigatiuns Bunk VI "wattage" Book VII jfinals THE SKlRMISHERii3? i XYI XTER DAYI S Rigyllf Half-Iun'l.' "XYimur," a fwrmer member uf the 29th Divisiiim squad, was lhe hue plunger tor :fur squad. XYhen in a tight position, Davis was callccl thruugh hue always tn tear clmvn Uur uppiinentg, SL'llYLL'R H.-XRRIS Luft Gmird Harris is an "all stats" guarfl. which alone speaks fwr itself. Never saying a wwrll. hut always thcre tw deliver the gmfcls. ,N line plunge thrflugh him was imimssihle fur he st-xml likc fiihraltar, nuver breaking his pf'-sitiwvii. Hu out-playerl all his wppfnielits hc met clurmg the past year. NOILEIQT HUDDLE lfiylil End Iluilfllu hurl ncxcr plwvcrl much lu,-ture this war, :mil this hr-ing his llrst ycar wut. hc pruverl a skillful littlb curl. an-I his Cllfllllg qllrwii was CXCC11llll1l2ll and llvsvcr lllllvtl tu get llls mall. Jr., s ei lg' 7, a- i ig: WIT? Zig 22354 THE aSKlliMISH1ERkg5 J BL.-XND TILMAN Tdfkh' "Tillie" was in all probability the most popular memher of our. squad. He is a second year man. and holds down the position of Tackle, where he deals out many a deadly Tackle. ' ' ' ' ' h' :l 'fted hack of the line and XX hen lll a t1ght plate we hnrl im sn down the held he goes for many a yard gain. ROBERT RE.-X TdCk10 Rea is also a second year letter man, although shifted from ffuarcl position to tackle. He proved one of our mamstays in our line and always on the job. XVILLIAM COLONNA Center' -"Bill" has gone out for our Varsity two seasons, The first year he failed to make his letter, though not on account of his unskillfulness as a player, hut for the superior skillfulness of his opponent. This year he succeeded in making his letter. ' ' f F. U. M. A. and helped gain victory many times or 79 THE SKIRMISHER d 1 , Je iw -Ss S l3ll-l. RICHMUXD 191111 Burl: Ilill was the smallest member tif the team. weighing but 120 pnunds. lint this 120 pounds was pure nerve. tight and pep, he lieing a regular daredevil. He was always full of pep. never letting the wld team's spirit die. His cutting down and tackling were exceptionally tine. XY l LLARD M ET CALFE Right Girard "Meddie" was nut lliscwwered until after the Iirst game, hut U, my, after that he surely did shine. He was always breakin up thuse punts and drop kicks rushing' through the line. Nu one could call him little for he was "all man." ROBERT NELSON SMITH Mmzagcr Smith was indeed a gtmql little manager. He worked hard and faithfully at his task which was no easy one. He was indeed a great help tu Coach Pitt in getting lns men lined up. T :F 73,343 'iii T- THE. .SKIRMISHER K 2337 P-TFL 55 '71 L T Jie Y, Our Football Record QL.. 4,15 -Ng September l?th Coach Pitt called football canqdidates. Q, 1 some :O cadets xx ere found applying foi beiths on om elex en. levy 'I he candidates were from all over the state and elsewhere, some having been former High School and Prep players while Tilman, Rae. XYilkins, 'l. .X., and Richmond were the 'i"e"l" :LJ only wearers of the "li" in football lu return. XVilkins, A., having been elected Captain for the 1919 squad by his former team mates. From the First time the men had a work out on September 19th, until the last down in the Blackstone game of November 27th, there was but one word that could be heard while training, or in scrimmage or in championship matches, that was "iight" Fork Union has never before in the history of the school turned out a team with the fight of the squad of 'lFl. .Xfter a hard season of training, we journeyed to Richmond to take on our old rivals. hl. M. H. S. This was on October llth, 1920, and the entire student body accompanied our team on this trip. The team was determined to win that game or die. Such a light had never been seen by il. M. H. S. before. The old Red and Blue came within live yards of bl. Rl. ll. S. goal three times. but fumbles proved costly, while hl. M. H. S. never were near our thirty yard line. The game ended in a tie, but it was clearly seen at this game that liork Union had a team that could easily be termed a prospective cham- pionship eleven, although very light. After we had tied J. M. H. S.. we determined to take down what ever might confront us. That happened to be McGuire's University School on October lSth. Coach Smith brought his squad up to old Fork Union and returned with a defeat of 20 to 6 at the hands of our cadets. This was a hard fought game from start to finish. McGuire's scored on a fumble, which had proved almost fatal to us in the .lohn Marshall game. But McGuire's were never able to make a first down during the entire game. The Richmond College Reserves seem to think they had a team which no Prep school team could touch. So on October 24th, Coach Pitt journeyed to his Alma Mater with the old Red and Blue squad, returning with a 9 to O victory, and all Richmond pronounced Coach Pitt's team a wonder. XYe Sl irate FP 5: We THE SKIRMISHER ,gig Zlta v T. ,, ug asf 2? S were next scheduled to play Charlottesville High School: this was considered by all a "snap" and on October Slst the squad took a trip to the University playing C. H. S. on l.ambert's tield, defeating them, with half our second squad by a score of 34 to O. ln the meantime, C1 wach Tom Miller, assistant coach of Richmond Col- lege, was determined to trim us with his college scrubs, so on November l3th he brought them to olfl liork Union gridiron. They were full of conti- dence, but no more full of confidence was Richmond College Reserves than F. U. KI. .X squad, bubbling over with the iight. This game was exciting from start to finish. lt was a light right through but old Red and Blue added another victory to their credit, by the score of 12 to 6, Richmond Col- lege scoring on an intercepted lateral pass. This brought us up to that wonderful Blackstone game. lt was all that could be heard for the week before. The squad was putting all they had into their training, and the whole student body was behind them strong. It was on November 27th at 3 :SO at Boulevard field in Richmond that the last and most exciting game of the season took place, the game that would decide who were the champions of the State. Both teams were confident, the eyes of all the sportsmen throughout the state were played upon this eventful game. ln the first half Fi irk Union made a touchdown and kicked the goal from an on sidekick. but to our sad fate this was ruled void, leaving the score a tie at the beginning of the second half. ln the first few minutes' play, Blackstone placed a drop kick from the 55-yard line, through the goal post, this being the closest they had ever gotten to our goal. ln the last three minutes' play Fork Union was on Blackstones hve-yard line, but when the final whistle blew, it meant that old Red and Blue had gone down with a mighty fight and had lost the championship 3 to O. lt was said by all to have been the hardest fought game ever played in Richmond. Public sentiment and papers declared Fork Union to have out-played her opponents in every department. although meeting defeat, and losing the championship at such a small margin liveryone was happy and thoroughly satisfied with the season that had closed Seasons Record-F. U., 75 points against opponents' 15 points. H. R. B. S2 ?' VARSITY" UR :LO ff? QF 5: We THE SKIRMISHER 1 -1 L , I. LUIQTIS l'n:.xx' Vance Mills, Vu. Cllffllllll Basket-Ball Miss FANNIE CHAPMAN Stzlndardsville, Va. Sjmllxnl' S4 Z 4 V -. ? . E-1 Z 'L 4 :J C . 3 S '31 E -P - - Xe- ' - sew fl-BCC I If P THE SKIRMISH ER 1-2 JZ Z3 ' , I r A -- ff . lv zp, Y- 1 - Basket-Ball Team This year our Varsity Basket-Ball Team made a very fine showing, this being the first year that Fork Union has turned out a Varsity Squad in a number of years. The team was composed of Metcalfe, Center, of Graham, Va.. former Graham High School star. He proved to be an excellent center, out jumping all his opponents and was specially noticed for his tight of never giving up. lfray, Captain of the squad, of Advance Mills. Ya., was naturally a wonder at forward, his goals were all sure and accurate. Bottimore, of Tazewell, played well at forward, and Rea and Tilman, both of Crozet, Va.. were the two best Prep Guards in the state. This alone speaks for itself. Tilman was all over the floor at one time and Rea being stationary guard, let very few balls pass through our opponent's goal. lValne, substitute forward, played in several games, and put up a beautiful showing each time. lYilkins, ID. M., substitute guard, was indeed an excellent guard: we are looking for great things from him in College Basket-Ball. Hanson, our sub- stitute center, displayed great skill in this position. Class Basket-Ball proved very popular and kept up much spirit during the cold winter months of January and February. No little interest was taken in the Basket-Ball class league. lYe won from the following institutions: Blackstone Military Academy, Chatham Training School, second game: Benedictine Military College: Cham- berlain School for Boys: National State and City Bank, of Richmond, First National Bank, of Richmond: Richmond College Reserves. first game: Dan- ville Military Institute. XVe lost to the following schools: Chatham Training School, nrst game: Richmond College Reserves, second game: Randolph-Macon Academy. This gave us the state championship in Basket-Ball. The work done again by Coach Pitts shows that he is a good coach and we are proud of him. Bottimore was elected Captain for the team of '21 and here we wish him great success. S6

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