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. W., :pq,..V,,-X V ,. 4, R E, a Q af .Q y-Q., ,r fff' fy, , mx t i In Y bl , 115+ l - -, 'Av ' n 3 ? X s. ., x .X , . U . 1 ,. ,xxx , , sr P -I 'Q XV 4 , 0 y gi XS'-Q sb 'Q fi., X 5 Y k he xg Q' X 'S Q K ' Q THE EU-IU Press 'bed by The Class of I9S'7 sf Canaan If' f 31:41 lik .' I"l' ' n 1,1 :I l gl il 199: ' EX L.I E RIS fl Fore vine r I 5 'wool ,CJ I 1 10 4 "2 I 1 I I :lv . I 1. FOREWO RD f " N4 ANC we, the senlor class have chosen to bind together the memories of our hlgh school days with the theme, nNaturen, in the 1957 Echo As we branch out, each taking his own pathway into the future, we shall often look back into the pages of this book understanding of our parents They have done their best to make the way easier If we have stumbled, lt was only to rise with the help of their experience and to go forward again with more caution than before Often we have come to a stream, but sometimes it was crossed by a bridge that has been built for us Here, just in front of us is just such a bridge, at graduation we cross it On the other side there are no longer the well paved roads, nor the strong bridges, however our own experience will then become our guide It will be our turn to clear the way, to fall, to rise again which way shall we go? what will we find? One way leads to work and its benefits, another to cultural growth, a third to aimless existence As we progress we shall naturally find forests of uncertainty and storms or rage, but those hard fought miles will fade into the calm of rippling brooks, the fresh life of a summer shower, and if we are persistant the glory of brlght sunlight as we reach that far away hilltop Let us all choose a path that leads us in the proper direction That hill is not so far away, nor is it insurmountable I , 5 F So far, we have traveled a well-worn road, paved with the love and DEDICATION Vs ' as :vigil 4 HJ TO U UH PARENTS who have prvovucled ue wth b Hangs erson nel and equnptment who have encouraged and Helped ue IH every way to get e hug school educatuon Let os make them proud of one REMMREMMMIEMSEMXEBEBEEEEEBXMIEMMMMM 3 , L Q , : eq - - Q i L i 'f 4 it SI A Q I! 0 V T' l 5 4 ? s i W fi 1 N l S fr 1 9 F os 5 WT T i f A ' A ' ' T i T i T T U ' i ui ' , P ' . , J . H RECOGNITION We want io express our' appreciation to lvliss lvlary Ann Militello 'For' 'blwe lwelp and guiclance She has e Us in o Senior' ear' giv YW ' uw . Y ' l swf D9 U Cd 1,0 lulllx ADMINISTRATIO The owl is symbolic of wisdom and in our school the Administration could very well be likened to the owls The teachers and principals are the lnspiration as well as the source which promotes the search for knowledge Through the years we as pupils have looked to the teachers for guidance in our tolerance of others, our ability to adjust to situatlons and our confidence to think constructively for ourselves These thlngs are as necessary as the facts of history or the mystery of mathematics. We think back to the times when teachers have willlngly given us their time, sympathy and advice, outside of school hours and for that help also, we are grateful. Q YL - gli L is 2 5 4 fi fl 9 We-L.': ., 'I' 'vi S ff' i 5 N L Bc f I1 AN if xii 9 I . . , -5 ' if I I PRINCIPAL S MESSAGE We are continually crossing bridges Life is made up of problem solving and we are endlessly dealing in the buslness o big and little problems Difficulties will come, and you will feel that you are the only one that has them But remember, you are not alone We must all face problems at one time or another At times they will seem to overwhelm you, and you will long for the true happiness that you think is due you You must remember that every single human being wants this happiness wants it desperatB1y wants it above all else in life The only way each one of us may attain it, is by solving the problems as they come, and by using the methods God has made known to us Fbllow His guidance along life's way Cross over your bridges with His help Mrs Ann Cr0WBl1 Secretary 1 0 ll Il - f O n 0 n C ence "' e . , ,I ,V F 0 " V Q e Mr Webb Miss oitta Mrs Bradigan Music Phys Ed Librarian HIGH SCHOOL FACULTY ' My I Miss Patuto Mr Fleming Commercial Soc t Miss Militello Mrs uens Mrs Harvey Mrs Murray Science English Eng mSoc St Math Mr Ryan H S nv 1 IDPQE I Mr iall Agriculture Mrs Hall Soc t Torrington Mr Aust Mr Melnberger Mr Bennett Phy d Eng L Soc St Science Driver Ed Q0 5... axle. Mr Strong Mrs olark Mrs Stang Mr Lafferty Mr Smith Ins Music Art Home lc Guid Q Latin Math ' I . ' ' ', 3 , Y M K x . . :U . U 5 . I C S O , f ' xx! ,L Q 5 MPC I 1 I ' F I 9 . E Us a E o a ' u s 0 S S M - 1 5 f 2 as , -Q g , .S ' -+ M S F' E' 4' S LS ff G' QS. ' S '-2 H 5 3 S S Q,-Q an ELEMENTARY PRINCIPAL The role of the elementary teacher and principal can be compared to that of a gardener. Je are fortunate in the elementary school in that we receive a fertile field to work with and we can sow the seeds of learning and watch the plant grow physically, mentally, emotionally, and SOCl811J strong. Not always do the plants grow as they should but by encourage ment and extra care, along with some pruning and straightening, many of the plants that are weaker or less mature can be saved to fulfill their purpose on this earth. Finally after seven years of careful tending, the child ren are transplanted to the school upon the Hlll, witn the hope that they will be a credit to themselves, their parents, and to us. ml Ja Bm-w on , E ,ffm 5 1 i Miss Van Rensselaer Mrs Lawton Miss Taylor Mrs Donahue G 3 3 M J 5 3 6 G 1 Kindergarten .A Mrs Dolce Miss Swift Mrs Bull Miss Gawlowicz G5 G1 G3 61562 Mrs Koehl Mrs Stubbs Miss Taylor Mrs Payne G 2 Gr L Nurse Kindergarten Mrs Fes Mrs Fencher G 2 Gr L G 6 Mrs Mrs. Little Mrs- Budd Gr- 6 Gr. 3 Gr. 5 Row l Mr Donahue Nrs Farnham Mr Butcher Mrs Valvo Mrs Towne Row 2 Mr Dix Mr Houck Mr Becker Mr Militello BOARD CF EDUCATION mor the first time since the Forestville School System became and Grades One through Six are located in the new Elementary building ofl Water Street and the Junior Senior hlgh school are in the Academy street building The latter has been remodeled with special attention gixen to the Agriculture and Homemaking Departments and the Library Now that the Board of Education has comoleted the building needs of the district, it aims to revise and enrich the curriculum so that each student will be able to get the education enableing him to be a useful world citizen centralized, the student body is properly located. The Kindergarten 4-f Mrs Kuciapinski Mrs Crowell Mr Valvo Mrs Foote The P T A organization in our com unity is still young, but we have many achievements to our credit This year we are proudly sponsorlng the local Cub Scout pack, which has been rewarding I have another in March called 'Saint Patn e pen House was an opportunity for everyone to see the newly decorated and remodeled High School and the new and beautiful Elementary building The Student Loan fund is growing and has been placed in an terest drawing account we are nearing our goal of 300 members Our theme nwhat is your Child worthqu, has been thought provoking as well as fruitful Speakers have given us their reaction to this as well as the more concrete programs, by the grade teachers Altho we have our dissappointments we feel that our efforts have shown worthwhile results and we look forward to the future J ' A . n November a nHarvest dance was engoyed and was also very profitable. We . Th " O " in- SENIORS fqu . 1 9 vii' A gf lf ugly! .fe 'w 'f ova' Atl The seniors of 1957 have chosen the lily of the valley as tee floler to represent their class Je can compare each senior to one of the tlny bell shaped blossoms of tmis flower At the beginning of their senior year each starts a journey that will end in June, just as the nlily bells start from an underground root and in the spring blossom out into lovely wh1te flowers From e distance the seniors of each school and the bells of each flower appear alike and uniform, but they are not Each lndividual will go forward into the world and find a place where he can make his own needed contribution to society As a symbol of purity and goodness this flower should be used as a guide and standard throughout each graduate's life ZA 'M dl f ..'. ei 'I All 1 Q ll 1' ' ' ' 9 'gl' dlp CN. Lois GoggiU Dolores Foster Sally Fairbanks Adelbert H811 Janice Deering SENICR CLASS OFFICERS F-fotto Ulf the elevator to success is broken, try the stairs.N Class Flower Lily of the Valley Class CO1OPS Forest Green and White Pres. --- Vice Pres sec. ---- Adelbert Hall Janice Deering Dolores Foster Trees. --------- Lois Goggin Assistant Trees. Sally Fairbanks Advisor -------- Miss Militello Marjorie Ball David Bemus Brandt Bock Debra Brugger Richard Bock Edna Cummings John Dillenberg Joyce Crowell 'r Janice Deering Barbara Earle f Sally Fairbanks Narsna Flsk Marshall Fisk I Lo s ov in Dolores Foster Ronald ostomski A Adelbert Hall Lysbeth Hall Beatrice Houck Gale Jacobs 1 ,J Glen Kunzman Richard Laemmerhirt Beverly Parsell Elizabeth Langford Carla Magavero ilna Polfsoto Jeanne Popard Frank Press Anne Rinkerman 3 Patricia Russ L 1 Rita Ruszaj Alvin Sager Kenneth Shevlin Joanne Smwth s Jeanine Smith Judith Stelmack Pichard Yeager' :At HOW WE LOOKED THE Margie Ball Dave Bemus Bob Bock Ricky Bock Debby Brugger Joy-cee Crowell Edna Cummings Jan Deer1ng Jack Dillenburg Barb Rarle Uarle Sally Fairbanks Harsh Fisk ACLIVITILS Tr1 Hi Y 1 2 3 Rep L A Chorus M Class Plays 2-Q Hi Y 2 3 A Baseball 1 2 3 h H1 Y 3 Chorus Llb 1 Class Plays 3 A Hi I 2 3-Q A 'J Baseball 1 Rep 2 Tri Hi Y 1 A Band 3 A Echo Staff Intramurals 1 2 3-L Cheer1ead1ng 2 Co Capt 3 Tr H1 Y 1 2 3 SoC R Chorus 1 2 3 M Lib 1 Student Council 3 A Rep 3 Class Sect 2 3 Class Plays 2 h A 1 2 3 C R 2 ep Intramurals 2 'rr-11115512311 Honor Society 2 3 Chorus 2 3 Class Vice Pres A Intramurals A Football 1 2 3-A Baseball 3 A Basketball A Span1sh Club 1 fDk D Intranurals 1 2 3-Q Tr1 H1 Y 1 Sect 2 Chao Rochester 8 Albany Meetings Delegate Chorus 1 2 3 M Band 1 2 3 A Lib 2 Echo Staff 3 M Intramurals 3 M Band 1 2 3 U Rep 3 F H A 1 Treas 2 Pres 3 Vice Pres Chorus 2 3 Pres A Tri H1 Y 3 Cor Sect A Rochester Ieeting Delegate Class Asslstant Trees A Basketball 1 2 3-M Football 3 Hi Y 2-3 Sect.Treas.h Class Play A CAN YOU IMAGINE des1gn1ng rocket ships w1thout a fish story not lnterested in baseball d8DClHg w1th snort blond hair without her p1ckup truck WlthOut Lyle not g1gg11ng rec1t1ng 1n hlStOPy playing the tuba staylng home on Saturday nlghts giving a sermon FAVORITE SAYING HI don't thlnk o' nl be1e1ve so nAhl Come on. nl guess so ' Oh! mA1l rlghty nOhX I know 1 'If you say so nL1sten here s1ster mYou're right Jhamol nThat's the way the ball bounces. --.Ji 1 - 1 'LL a u a S A Fug. . LL - ' 4 - u - - - - H it -M. .1 -, - ,I F.F. . 1-2-3 . -2-3 ,A , -2-3-LL ' 1 VIL fl F.H. . 1-2-3-A 3-1+ "l."' . ' on i-1'- - - . . I Honor SocIety 2-3-A Treas.3 FZH. . - - -h S. . . R .3 ' 't.W , ,, - - - - J 1: 'II ' - -L+ j ' . ' . .W ..l AI - 1 gm ..1 ." .' 0 -03-11 - - nn, w Dolly Foster Lois Coggin Ronnie Gostomski Del Hall Betn Hall Bea Houck Gale Jacobs Pinky Kunzman Qicnard Lammerhirt Liz Lanvford Intramurals l-2-3-L Cheerleading 3-L Tri-Hi-Y 1-2-3-H F.H.A. 1-2- -4 3 Band 1-2-3-M Chorus l-2-3-M Echo Staff 3-M Honor Society 3-A Class Plays 2-A Class Sect. U Intramurals 1 2-3-L Cheerleading 3-M Twirlinf 1-2 3 M Tri Hi Y 1 2 3-1 Tr eas 2 Vice Pres 3 Pres M Albany Heetinv Delegate Class Treas 1 2 3 A Hono Society 2 3 M Sect 3 Class Play 3 Football 3 M Basketball 2 Baseball 1 2 Band l 2 3-M Hi Y 3-M Student Council 2 3 Q Basketball 2 3 Baseball 1 2 3-Q Football 3 H Y 2 3 1 Crao 3 Class Pres 2 Honor Society 2 3 Pres A Class Plays 3-L Intramurals 3 Trl H1 Y 2 Rep 3 Vice Pres M Chorus 3 A Band 1 2 H Honor Societv 2 3 Q Class Play 3 Q Intramurals 3-L Ucho Staff 34p Intramurals 1 2 3 Cheerleading 3 Cnorus 2 3 M cno Staff 3 A Student Council 2 Football 2 Basketball Baseball 1 H l 2 3 4 C R Student Council 3-4 Class Plays 3 Boj's State 3 lHtPBWUT81S l Honor Society 3 A Class Play 3 being on time for Hohlu school in a detention room avoidinv girls writtin poems a rock 'n'rol1 singer flirting as a Colle coed no ir Lafler J s o I 'That tickles me llowl' nIt's a law of the Jumble 'Wallin HI uess so 'Are you kluoin 9 HGot a bencil i e can bOPlOJ9 Livini a nolitical nYea, I uess SDGGCH as a d olo t HON! Mr 1 - , - 1 .H - 3 It D IF I' .1 " "- 0 A - - nf I 1 -3 - - -3 ' 1- - -M s ... -. ' Q- ,H 'i- - -5 . L. . 1-2-3-M ' ,. ll - - - -b re ' 'fi' g.H Tri-Hi-Y l-2-3-Q ' -3-g t '.Ir. ' g ' I . 2-3 3 t" L"c f v.H 3 -2-3-U, i"' r ' 'X Ss a a -M M L F.F.A l-2-3-Q T T A ' 5 son ' ' I -2-Q ia rm I- .f . Eleming.H Carla Magavero Bev Parsell Willie Polisoto Jeanne Popard Frankie Press Anne Rinkerman Patti Russ Rete Ruszaj Sager Kenny Shevlin Jeanine Smith Intramurals M winning a perfect nwho? Me?u A attendance certif Tri H1 Y 3 M icate Honor Society 2 3 M Vice Pres 3 Chorus 3 Echo Staff 3 M Class Officer Vice Pres L Rep 2 3 Assistant Sect Class Play 3 Cheerleading 2 Intramurals l 2 3 M Chorus l 2 3 M Sect 2 Tri Hi Y 2 Class Play 3 Class Sect l Intramurals 2 3 M A 2 Tri Hi Y 3 M Sect M Chorus l 2 3 M Class Vice Pres Class Play M Honor Society 2 Tri Hi Y 2 3 Basketball Baseball 2 3 A 3 M Vice Pres H Y 2 3 M Echo Staff Class Plays 3 Tri Hi Y 1 2 Intramurals l Swimming Club Intramurals l Bu Cheerleading 1 2 3 M Capt 3 Co Capt M Chorus l 2 3 M Band l 2 3 M Vice Pres 3 Tri H1 Y M as a scientest six feet tall without her World Week as a stock broker without a smile without a remark Student Council l 2 3 Treas M ass S C R 1 2 Honor Society Class Plays 2 Intramurals l 2 3 M Tri H1 Y M Student Council M Chorus 2 3 S C R M Class Plays 3 M H Y 2 3 M Class Plays 2 3 Baseball 1 2 3 M A 3 M Se N Y S Conservation Camp Representative Tri Hi Y l 2 Treas 3 M Chorus 2 3 M Honor Society 2 3 M without a date in a tuxedo as a tobacco auctioneer without Joanne HThat gets me Oh Did you get your Algebra done9n What9n NSure I do nOui Yiehl W don't give rip! Well 1 uggered ' Nl Huhq ll 6 n It's so stupid F.H. . M ' 0 ' g Ll. H " - " 2 No!" F.H. . 1- -3-M -3-M - - - ll 3 " . F.F. . 1-2- - . . 2 1- - - 3-M -LL Theta-Nu-H1-Y l KBuD -2-3 1 I J ,2,3-u n Cl a c 0 ' '3',-I, . 2-3'U -LL , , ' ' ' Q .. A1 1- - - N , I' 1 b - J .v - - - v . F.F. . l-2- - ct. 2 U1 Y 1 2 3 S C R not oabfslttlng Judy Stelmack wills her good humor in Joanne Smith Cqor s 2 3 fonor Soclety 2 3 h Jud Studart Councll 3 Poonsej Yea er Basketball l 2 3 L T 1 T1 Y 1 2 3 h Sect 3 wlthout Jaanlne Football 3 h out wlto a glrl Honestlyln nOh my gosh! Aun, come fellas U3 Y 2 Sect Treas 3 Pres h Jr Wand 1 Class Plays 3 M WILL , the Senior Class of 1957, being of unsound mind and deteriorated body, this 3 30 a m of February 31st, do bequeath these, our most valuable gifts The Senior Class wills Class wills book The Senior attendance Class wills The Senior borrow Craig's anymore their homeroom with Mr Fleming to the class of 5 Mr Fleming an ink eraser so that he can correct his to Miss Militello, a lighter, so that she won't have Mr Ryan has so much already, so we'll just will him our Thanks Beatrice Houck wills her love of reading Shakespeare's plays to anyone who wants to get a headache Janice Deering wills her coon hunting ability to Ben Schilling Rita Ruszaj will her blond streak to Faye Gravelle Jeanie and Joanne will their success at confusing teachers to any future identical twins at F C S Joyce Crowell wills her pick up truck over, Judy! Bob Bock wills his shortstop position out to bend down that far, to Judy Bock. You're troubles are to Don Deering, if he will take time the morning to Mr. Fleming, who some- times needs it. Kenneth Shevlin wills curley hair to Marion Mann. his dimples and Margie Ball wills her seat on the bus to the driver, who in the confusion, can't always find his. good behavior to Bill Levandowski because he thinks Dick Yeager wills his he'll need it in the rest of his years at F.C.S. Anne Rinkerman wills her ability to run the switchboard in the office to Beulah Sneed. Edna Cummings wills her diamond ring to Ramona Rymer, so that she can have one on each hand. Frank Press wills his tardiness to Gail Heimburg so that Gail won't have to get up so early in the morning. I"-L." ' " ' 0 . 4 I H ' 1 '11 .. -M- Y TI'i'-l.' " " 'LL e el e3 1 Q X . . Y . N' Stelmack Chorus 2-3-A A 1 - ' 1 1' " ' on C. -I - -, fl CJ ' - I A-..1 O O C 4 .J We 2' e 1 C ' 8. l O ll H O I I I C C C O Gale Jacobs wills her health book to Mr. Fleming seeing as how she hasn't used it all year, Ronnie Gostomski wills his nwiggle' to Craig Hannah so that he can be a real Elvis Presley Wilma Polisoto wills her Elvis Presley records to Mr Webb so that he can play them for his next Harmony class instead of Beethoven Adelbert Hall wills Carol to his brother Charles, just to keep her in the family Beth Hall wills her neck scarfs to Coach Torrington for his next Physics class. Glen Kunzman wills his studiousness and ability to get along with teachers to Nancy Becker Lois Goggin wills her left over flash bulbs to the Echo Staff John Dtllenburg wills his ability to drop fly balls to any joker who thinks he can drop more than he can Marshall Fisk wills his love for Trigonometry to any future mathmatician Bev Parsell wills her shorthand book to Miss Patuto, because she never wanted it anyhow Dave Bemus wills his skating in the moonlight to Phil Schroeder Carla Magavero wills her long eye lashes to Diane Ellman, and her love of adventure to Nancy Becker Alvin Sager wills his dislike of girls to Donnie Luder Jeanne Popard w1lls her three notebooks to Benny Schilling who never seems to have enough room for his papers Richard Laemmerhirt wills h1s quietness to George Sausaman Pat Russ wills her cheerleading uniform to Miss Citta, if she'll pay the cleaning bill Debbie Brugger wills her tire on the back of her car to Marv Huyck use her orange ones anymore Barb Earle wills the broom from Fr1day's gym classes for the sake of preventing future wall flowers Liz Langford wills her love and ability to do history and health to anyone who needs it Sally Fairbanks wills the ice cream sucker book to any who doesn't like to enjoy their lunch The Krazy Katz will their 'P J ' parties to the Ka Ding Dongs The Six Flat Notes will their pantomlne ability to the Junior boys The Doodle Bugs will their lateness to the Ity Bity Buddies Dolly Foster wills her purple shorts to Hanny Greiner, so she won't have to HISTORY Of the pupils in the Class of 1957, Pat Russ, Jeanne and Joanne Smith Joyce Crowell, Wilma Polisoto, Adelbert Hall, Dolores Foster, Barbara Earle, Ronald Gostomski, Beverly Parsell, David Bemus, Janice Deering, and Sally Fairbanks, started together in the First Grade and have stayed together ever since Glen Kunzman and Lois Goggin added to the group with their enrollment in the Second Grade In the Third Grade, Gail Jacobs, Debra Brugger, and Kenneth Shevlin joined and stayed on The Fourth Grade welcomed Margie Ball and Rita Ruszaj Richard Bock came when the class had reached the Fifth Grade In the Sixth Grade Jeanne Popard, Elizabeth Langford, Alvin Sager Frank Press, and Beatrice Houck joined the group In the Seventh Grade Judy Stelmack, Edna Cummings, Richard Yeager, Bob Bock, Beth Hall, Carla Magavero, and Richard Lammerhirt joined In this grade we elected our first officers Our advisors were Mrs Campbell and Mr Rundell In the last year of our Junior High days we welcomed Marsha and Marshall Fisk Mrs Grace Abbey was our advisor and helped us present, 'The Irishman' Dream,' to our school in an assembly and also to the Silver Creek High School This was our first assembly and a very successful one We entered high school with Mr Sokol as our advisor In October we entered our first float in the Halloween Parade, the title was 'Mars, and it won third prize for topped the year off Our advisor in Halloween Parade in We gave our dance, 'The Farmers Formal,' in May with our first trip to Allegheny State Park our Sophomore year was Mr Ganslow We had our float in the October In February we presented our first play, 'Paul Splits the Atom,' to the high school Our dance, 'The Black Kat Krawl,' was given in May with the Hillybilly Ramblers furnishing the music We had our annual picnic in Allegheny In this, our tenth year, we selcomed Ann Rinkerman Miss Patuto was our advisor in our Junior Year This was one of our best remembered years, starting off with our float, 'Hansel and Gretel,' for the Halloween Parade In November our dance was given and autograph books were in February and had fun putting it on We called this year bered because this was the year we received our class rings White were chosen to be our class colors, while the Lily of chosen as our class flower Ice cream suckers and baseball of our money making projects To top the year off, we went gave the Seniors a royal dinner Another added attraction, joined our group this year the best remem Forest Green and the Valley was pencils were some to Alleghany and John Dillenburg In our Senior year, our most important year, we chose Miss Militello to be our advisor Our motto, 'If the elevator to success is broken, try the stairs, was chosen In September, after the first home football game, we gave our dance, 'The Waterboy's Whirl ' We sold football pencils and ice cream suckers, too In October we sold magazine subscriptions and went over our goal of S1900 Also, in October, our float, 'The Statue of L1berty,' won first prize in the Halloween In November, our play, 'Two Dates for Ton1ght,' was given under the direction of Mr Ryan The last of November and the first of December we sold Christmas cards In April our trip to Washington came off as scheduled In March we gave our Variety Show and biggest and through the know we can these are big events, the knowledge we have learned parents, and advisors, we young and useful citizens EX VRVOIIE' S in May we had our Prom Though all of best of all is graduation With the years, with the help of our teachers, go on towards the future and become UVLPER 3 ' I ' I . . s 0 I n us. . We sold to the entire school. We gave a very successful play, 'No Boys Allowed,' OI Anne Carla DW' l '4 5' 3 1162! qw I 4'-N BVS Jan Iargfe 9 'H' Dolly BABY PICTURES Judy Iillie Debby Barb Us-. Marshall Marsha !MJoanne Jeanne in Frank Bev Beth ,,d' JoJce dna P Q an Dlck Lois lly 'X Jeanne Ken Del 1 Glen 6 Liz Jack 5 , ,A 'QL 5' '- " 4' U A bf ' - - , 'O , , 12' gfgf E - fa 3 Fi 2 gg , r P 5 . ' , . , uw 5- V - , d"5 V A . v ent, s' N , , 6 , ' Y f if eff Q- ,es a -a l -', 1 'fifibl . as 'l L va-A lat ff M e -as x Q , '?5GF . 9 'l ' W l 34 'f,. . ,fy 2 N i ,, N ' 17 F3 ,4 if 1 ' V , 1 M 1, i in if - me , , S Ai 5 9 I b in 2 zu' Lk' fe l 3 l f f-Q . l I4 K , y, F 4' x ., ,'. X 1 L S 'E . p, ,' '- Al 'M-an I - 4 4 I eb r l ..: y V X. 1 5 A s 1 7' X 5 b 11 if ' 4 -I ' . ,. X h 51. ' ,, Va a Q 1 uf ' -rv . . PROPHECY Glen Kunzman went to college and became an undertaker He says the business has been a little dead lately Elizabeth Langford thought she would like to work as a secretary to the F B I but she is happy in her position as warden in a women's prison Carla Magavero planned on being a Home sconomics teacher, but she is still taking polls to see if peanut butter and milk improve intelligence Beverly Parse l's ambition was to be an airline stewardess, but her singing career came first It's rumored hat she and Elvis may do some serious singing together at the Met Jeanne Popard, while working at Gowanda State, designed a new straight jacket and rushed off to Paris where her creation became the latest style Wilma polisoto studied music at Fredonia and then became a disc jockey She calls her program 'The Wheel of Fortunato ' Frank Press planned on being a farmer Today he is a jockey down in Kentucky, but he still has the habit of coming in late Patti Russ studied to be a teacher She got to be one, too She instructs little girls in tap and ballet dancing Rita Ruszaj dreamed of being a sec1etary and getting married She did get married, but the only time she gets to use her shorthand ability, is when she writes out her shopping list running the ditto machine here Alvin Sager was reluctant about joining the Army but he liked peeling potatoes so well he keeps re enlisting Jea ne and Joanne Smith both became medical secretaries They married twfn brothers and all four are happily confused Ken Shevlin always lik d working with mathmatical figures He changed his line a little, but he still deals with figures He opened a reducing salon and he says the customers are really rolling in Judy Stelmack always had the most wonderful giggle She does T V com ercials for TRIX, the happy cereal Dick Yeager's ambition was to join the Air Force He never got to fly planes, but he is president of the Dickie Bird Watchers Association Richard Laemmerhirt plans to live in his quiet way and use his agricultural ability Marshall Fisk wanted to be a mechanical engineer, but he was offered an ex cellent job as tall man in the Barnum and Bailey circus, and he accepted Margie Ball wanted to be a nurse, but the way things turned out, she ended up working as an assistant mechanic in a car repair shop David Bemus thought he would like to become an architect Well, he now designs bridges for false teeth Debby Bru ger considered going to business school, but she always enjoyed driving so much, that she became a bus driver for tours through Chinatown , C . ,l . t I Anne Rinkerman attended I.B.M. school, but her love for F.C.S. keeps her D e Richard Bock wanted to do construction work, but he changed his mind and decided to do destructfon work He is now a mad scientist in N Y C Robert Bock planned on joining the Air Force, but after his trip to Washington he decided it was a Senator's life for him Joyce Crowell did reach her goal She became secretary to a college professor Edna Cummings is happily mar ied and is spendixg her time knftting socks ard making dolls Janice Deering went to Doyle Beauty School and is now working C1 a method to Jack Dillenburg became a forest ranger, but he doesn't spend much time in his tower He is still trying to track down the coon that got away Barb Earle went to Fredonia State Teachers and took speech education She is now on a tour of Africa trying to teach the natives good diction Sally Fairbanks' ambition was to be an elementary teacher She became a teach er of Agriculture for high school boys, which she says is very interesting Dolly Foster wanted to be a secretary, but afterviinning the Miss Fo estville contest, she became a model Lois Goggin went to college and became a librarian, but the work got boring so she quit She now runs a bakery shop where snickerdoodles are the daily special Ronald Gostomski wanted to play professional baseball Just recently he was awarded the most valuable player bn the Little League Adelbert Hall always wanted to be an electrical engineer He hasn't exactly reached his goal, but the latest word is that he has been promoted from ticket collector to conductor of the Disneyland Express Beth Hall studied to become a nurse, and is now Miss Taylor's loyal assistant Beatrice Houck studied to be a child psychologist, but her ten children keep her is such a tizzy, that she has to attend a psychiatrist Gale Jacobs is happily married and her only complaint is that 'the kids keep crawling out the trailer windows " D make the cows back home on the farm more attractive, A SENIQR SCENES MAGAZINE SALES I INDUCTI N ti APPY TO B iE?E 53 U DERCLASSM N "Green but growing" is the motto sometlmes closen bv underclassmen whlcn symbolizes tne hope which they have to better themselves and to grow with each step tney take, towards the goal of graduation The newcomers form grade school renlnd us of trees as they are transplanted lnto new ground Some take root and develope into fully, grow not only lh stature but also increase their store of knowledge They soon become accustomed to the routine of nigh school life and no longer feel as strangers tnere Those who are determined to progress, will find that time passes iftly and that they will all too soon reach the head of the llne , a senior, graduatlng from high School into adulthood N KJ3 flourishing young treesg others do not. Those who start to grow success- Sw ' ll ' ' H Nl Row l-Stelnach, Hagavero, K. Franklin, Gostomski, Greiner, Gallinger, Congdon, Waterman, Schilling, R.Franklin, Miss Patuto.Row 2-Crowell, Militello, Valone, Perkins, Luder, Cooley, Gens, Dillenburg, Frederfckson, Becker, Laemmerhirt, Congdon. Row 2-Lawton, Crane, Sausaman, Schultz, white, Salzman, Spears, Richter, Snow, Blakeley. Row Q-Esler, Davis, Richter, Clark, Bartlett, Bull Huyck, Estee, Tylock. JU IORS President ---- ------------- ------ Kenneth Franklin ViCe-Ppe51dent--- -------- ----- -MiCh8e1 HSQBVGPO Secpetgpy --------- ---------------- -Bruce COn5dOH Treasurer ...------ ---- ----- ---- Dominic Gostomski Student jguncil --------- ------ Hannelore Greiner James Waterman Echo Reporter --------------- ----Sandra GB11iHS9F Advisor-.. -------- - ----- --------- ----- T - T138 Patuto We had a very active year as Juniors. A special event for us was the ordering and receiving of our class rings. In the Halloween parade, we entered a float on the theme of the record nGreen Dooru. The dance which we held in October was a financial success as well as being very enjoyable. We are grateful to the Forestville Hardware for allowing us to hold a Bake Sale there on December 15. The annual class play was given in April. Row l-Wickham, Pilon, Mann, Saar, Levandoski, Randall, Gestwicki, Bradigan. Row 2-woodmansee, Spoon, Whitcomb, Gostomski, Kuznicke, Horn, Valvo, Polisoto, Helmburg, Schroeder, Parks, Mr. Aust. Row Q-Gravelle, Dolce, Ruttenbur, Sneed, Dix, Gens, Sauriol, Sage, Bock, Deer ng, Dzuduch. Row -Gruber, Hornburg, Hannah, Johnson, White, Popielarz, English, Ranney, Schweg er. SCJPHOMORES President --------------------------- Beulah Sneed Vice-President ------- ----------- Daniel Hornburg 5eCPet8PY --------------------------- Maureen Sage Treasurer ---------- ------------- Philip Schroeder Student Council ---------- ---------- ---Judy Bgck - Bill Levandoski RePOPteP ------------- --------------- Donna Fuss Advisor ------- ------ - - --------- ----... Mr, Aust As Sophomores we have reached the second step in our educational advance- ment through high school. We used the theme, Heartoreak Hotel, for our float in the annual Halloween parade. We sponsored a most popular boy and girl contest. The winners were crowned at our dance, The Snow Ball, held December l9 in the high school gymnasium. In the spring we sold stationery and held a bake sale. Mr. Ryan helped us with a one act play for the school. All of this was acheived with the help of Mr. Aust, our advisor. Row l-Dloniak, Kuciapinski, Ranney, Becker, Burek, Cekalske, Seeley, Hubbard, Balliety H. Van Rensselaer, Hall. Row 2-S. Wright, Tatchell, Skelley, Parsell, Sagery Rundell, Gostomski, Ferry, Johnson, Cummings, Merrill. Row Q-Lindberg, Jackett, Frederickson, Ehlert, Becker, Erick, Crowell. Row Q-Lycett, C.Kniese, Jacobs,NPerkins, Greiner, J.Jones, Tanner, Szumigala, Kokott, Towne, D.Kniese, D. Duff. Row E-Ortel, Deering, Fairbanks, Homan, Luder, D. Jones, R. Duff, Franklin, Yeager, Olmstead, Frost, Huyck, Zr1msek,- Lucas, D. Van Rensselaer, Salzman, G. Wright, Mr. Weinberger. FRESHME Preg1dent------ --------- ---------- Gernot Grainer Vice-President ------------ ------ --Sharon Perkins Secretary- ------------------- ------ Bonnie Seeley Treasurer --------- ------------------- Irene Burek student Council ----------- --------- Suzanne Erick Robert Duff Echo Reporter -------------- ---- Phyllis GOSCOMSK1 Advisors ----------- ------- ------- Mr. Weinberger Mr. Torrington The Freshmen Class began their first year in high school with the excite- ment of winning second prize for the Halloween float. It was called 'The Mountain Boysn. The date for the Freshmen dance is May 3. The Freshmen Class wishes to thank Mr. Weinberger and Mr. Torrington for all the help we have received from them. Row 1-Gostomski, Parks, Franklin, Schrypeck, Frontuto, Parsell, Anderson, Popielarz, Weinberger, Bouquin, Laemmerhirt. Row 2-Wickham, Franklin, Zrimsek, White, Ellman, Laemmerhirt, Kraus, Wickham, Ferneza, Deet, Barber. Row - Henris, Stanbro, Deet, Crolle, Cornwell, Babcock, Stelmack, Austin, Schultz, Van Curen. Row H-Mrs. Hall, Miss Militello, Nottingham, Lawton, Magavero, Burns, white, Ruttenbur, Stanbro, Birach, Babcock, Hardy. Rail-Howard, Valone, Congdon, Kelly, Standera. EIGHTH GRADE I Nfffa Row 1-Popard, Cornwell, Lawton, Austin, Ranney, Panek, Peterson, Llliot, Zrimsek, Kniese, Parsell, Gee. Row 2-Crowell, Vento, Gens, Seeley, Congdon, Towne, Stelmack, Gibbs, Gestwfcki, Hard, Becker, Paddock. Row Q-Hosier, Bremer, Borysoff, Shevlin, Ruszaj, Polisoto, Priest, Sager, Brookman, Whitcomb Johnson, Van Curen. Row H-Muck, Waterman, Gage, Hornburg, Smith, Reardon, Gruber, Dugan, Wright, Jones, Burek, Frost. Row E-Cadwell, Nrs.Gens, Prentiss, Neeb, Kasmierszak, Pazda, Gibbs, Franklin, Hrs. Murray, Slintz, Burns, Irish. SEVE TH GRADE ' -R Q gi? 4 ,,- A I t Emi -- s 1 S fig 1 U H by 1'-.1 ? " 4 fa f Q W I Q.. l ORGANIZATIO S The organizations in our school are open to all the students, as sources of enjoyment. Each has its own qualifications for membership and its objectives, which make a goal for the members to work for. we have a Student Council which co-ordinates all of the organi- zations by being made up of members chosen from the groups. we think of the Council as the "Mother Swann who advises or approves as the situation warrants. Efficient and democratic, this system is only a copy of nature's age old plan of the family relationship The parent in all forms of life strives to rear, protect, teach and guide its off spring, acting as mediator in times of strife, as a source of wisdom in times of doubt and as a guide when the way is hard to find f-M, Row l. Cooley, Polisoto, Callinger, Valone, Congdon, Sage, Snood ion 2. Becker, Langford, Criener, Bartlett, Schultz, Iagavero, Dix, Bock Row 3. dolce, Ssuriol, Jo. Smith, Je. Smith, Deering, Crowell, Irs. Campbell How M. Crowell, Franklin, Goggin, Buss, Hall, Hagavero, Uongdon Row S. Hr- Lafferty, Foster, Hornburg, Hall, Mr. Kennedy NATIO AL HO ORSCDCIETY President Adelbert Hall Vice President Michael Magavero Secretary Carol Cooley Treasurer Marilyn Valone The National Honor Society is a high school organization composed of students who are elected for outstanding qualities of Scholarship, Leader- ship, Service, and Character. Fifty-eight students have been elected to membership in the Eelle F. Campbell Chapter. The induction of new members took place on Thursday, October twenty- fifth at a special assembly. At this time, thirteen new members were in- ducted. The first meeting was held February fifthg officers were elected and plans for a future dinner meeting were discussed. At a later meeting, the tdt or anization voted to open the library during afternoon periods for s u en 8 use. Members would provide limited library service durlng this time as a Society project. Row l D. Salzman, A. Crowell, M. Valone, P. Perkins, Row 2 N. Becker, Foster, D. Brugger, K. Schultz, C. Magavero, B. Houck, Mrs. Clark. Row A. Rinkerman, B. Earle, N. Bartlett, L. Goggin, G. Jacobs. ECHO STAFF Editor Lois Goggin Treasurer Ann Rinkerman Art Carla Magavero Dolores Foster Photography Barbara Earle Sales Beatrice Houck Make-up Debra Brugger Gale Jacobs. Hilda Clark David Salzman Arthur Crowell Kathleen Schultz Patricia Perkins Marilyn Valone Nelda Bartlett Nancy Becker M, to-.L if , gb D. 3 The Juniors and Seniors who make up the yearbook staff are hard workers. Their effort is made because they want their school to have the finest year- book that it is possible to put forth. First they volunteer by reporting for duty when the call is given in September of their Junior year. After that they have the opportunity to plan what will go into the book and to suggert any changes that can be made to improve it. They help on the days the pictures are taken. Each has all of the responsibility of getting a certain number of pages ready for the printer. They must go to the different organizations and get a write-up about the group. Often they are promised again and again before the write-up is ready. Next it must be typed without mistakes. The titles are choosen and the identifi- cations made under the pictures. All names are checked for correct spelling and the place in the row properly located for every person. Snapsho are taken or collected. List of activities concerning the Seniors are assembled. Baby pictures are coaxed from Seniors who have them. Last of all, everything is trimmed and pasted between the proper lines on the master sheets. At last the pages are mailed out just under the dead line and in ten weeks, back it comes - printed, bound and covered - your RECHON. Row l L. Howard, K. Franklin, J. Waterman, R. Gostomski, R. Polosoto, W. Levendoski. Row 2 Mr. Hall, S. Neeb, A. Thompson, M. Sage, J. Bock, H. Greiner, R. Ruszaj, P. Russ, S. Erick, R. Duff, G. Kunzman. TUDENT CCDUNCIL President ---------------- William Levandoski Vice President --------------- James Waterman Secretary ----------------- Hannelore Greiner Treasurer --------------------- Patricia Russ Reporter ----------------------- -Rita Ruszaj Advisor ------------------------ Mr. Ray Hall The first duty of the Student Council is to arrange the school calendar. Each class and organization schedules such events as dances and plays. Several members of the Student Council attended a Student Council Nork- shop in Fredonia. At this workshop students discussed ways in which they have improved their Student Council and suggested ideas for improvements of other Student Councils. One of these suggestions was to have a Student of the Month and to write up a Student Handbook for students in school. Student Council members decorated the Christmas Tree in the cafeteria. They also distributed ice cream, candy canes, cookies, and the gifts, to the high school students. Front - Crowell,Schroeder. Row l,- Foster,Gens,Hubbard,White,Becker, Becker,Huff,Becker,Mr. Stoong,'Row-2,Peterson,Levandowske,Whitcomb, Sausaman,Earle,Russ,Hall,Gibbs,Fairbanks,Brugger,Howard. Row-5 Knlese Muck,Polisoto,Greiner,Salzman,Ruttenbur,Homan,Richter,Salzman,Standera Lawton,Heimburg,Deer1ng. ' President' ------ Patty Russ Vice-Pres, ------ James Lawton Librarians ---- Norma Hubbard David Kniese Student Council Ronald Polisoto Eleven new members were added to the band last fall. The band won first place in the Clymer Tulip Festival marching contest. for the second consecutive year.and also played in the Ha1low'een and Memorial Day parades, We participated in the Fredonia Music Festival and 26 soloists competed for a rating at Fredonia and Panama, 18 recieved A's and 8 B's. Several played at the Chautauqua County Festival in June, Patty Russ and Dolores Foster were accepted to play in the All-State Sectional Band at Southwestern Central in November. The first Program in the new Elementary building was the Christmas Program by the band and chorus. New risers, built by Mr. Heimburg, were inltated at that time, The trumpet trio, trombone trio and quartet, brass sextette and clarinet trio preformed on various programs. The instrumental music highlight of the year was the Spring Concert presented by the Senior band and the Beginning Band. Because of grades 4 thru 6 being at the Elementary building this year it was impossible to have a Junior band. Therefore, a new beginning hand of 24 members, rehearsed twice a week and played in the Spring Concert. ob I J R V I , 'Qn A' "X , 'H f g , 1 R M 4 ' 'A l Q' may Carol Cooley, fnyllis Gostomski, Susan prick, Lilleez vostomski, Lois Goggin TWIRLERS The baton twirlers this year consist of a Junior-Senior high class and an Elementary School class. The Elementary class is taught by Lois Goggin. Each class meets one period a week. Lois Goggin and Carol Cooley competed in the twirling contest at Fredonia and both received A's in grade A. The advanced class twirled for the marches at the Spring Concert, Clymer Tulip Festival Parade, and the Memoriol Day Parade. Last year new twirling uniforms were purchased and worn for the first time at the Spring Concert. Row I Erick, Gallinger, Hubbard, Ferry, Merrill, Deering, R.Hall, Duff, J.Crowell, Sage, W.Polisoto, Foster, Row 2 H.Gre1ner, Congdon, Ruttenbur, Rymer, Cooley, Crane, Bull, S.Crowe11, R.Po1isoto, Levandowski, Burek, P.Perkins, Ruszaj, Jacobs, S.Perk1ns, Schultz, Fairbanks, Row 3 Valone, Fisk, Ball, L.Hall, Ellman, Sneed, Whitcom, Jo.Smith, Row A Elias, Ho n, Sauriol, Earle, Parsell, K,Greiner, Salzman, Gostomski, Sausaman, Magavero, Kusnicki, Jean Smith, Stelmack. SE IOR CHQRUS President - Sally Fairbanks Vice President - Fat Perkins Sec. - Treas. - jarilyn Valone Librarian - bonnie Seelef David Duff This year our Senior Chorus has increased. Ne have many new members and are happy to say that many of them are boys. Our first project of the year was the Christmas program. We presented it in December at the elementary school. Some of our future activities will be the Spring Concert and going to the music Festival in Eredonia. We would like to thank Miss Patuto, our accompianist, and Hr. Jebb, our director, for the time and help they have given us. ASSEMBLY PROGRAMS Row one Brugger, Polisoto, Ball, Congdon Row two Balliet, Mrs. Stang, Dillenberg, Sage, Dolce, Greiner, Fairbanks Hubbard, E. Gostomski Row three Elias, Erick, Saar, Je. Becker, Hymer, Gens, Magavero, N. Becker, Ju Becker White Fisk Foster Seele ' Y Row four Ruttenbur, Caravelle, Dix: Bock, Schultz, Sauriol, Fuss, Crowell, P. Goatomski, Ferry QUAKER Q ,X 1 President ----- -- ---- --Hannelore Greiner ,as Vice President ----- ----Sally Fairbanks 4- guru uiyu. fu .- Secretary- --------- ---Hilda C18I'k M. V 2.7: f Q Treasurer ----------- ---Amelia Dolce "2 N V J ,1 ,Q Student Council ---- ---Maureen Sage 0 if? Q Echo Reporter ------ ---- E ileen Gostomski Q1 Xtxuff' Advisor ----- - -------- --Mrs. Olive SCBIIS 'D New RQY-X FUTURE HOMEMAKERS of AMERICA Our club has seventeen new members this year. We held a pancake supper for the public on November ln, in the school cafeteria. For Christmas a food box was prepared for a needy family. We are planning to have a dance in the spring. We wish to thank our advisor, Mrs. Stang and our club mother, Hrs. Sage for helping to make this a sucessful year for our club. Row one Shilling, Esler Row two Shevlin, Mr. Hall, Brown, Tylock, Waterman, Estee, K. Franklin, Snow, Congdon, Parka Row three Laemmerhirt, Press, N. Franklin, Fairbanks, Richter, Blakely, Luder, White, R. Franklin If AIYUQ ga LB.-3 tfafia- A ,5Qg"' 3' PI'6Side1'1t--- --------- -Kenneth Tylock ,Inf - 0.0 Vice President ------ -Howard Snow 657100 9 Secretary ---- --- ----- Donald Blakely Q O, "'4':, 'QQ Treasurer- ---------- --Marshall Brown , ' 'A 9 Student Council- ------ Kenneth Franklin ' i 7 Sentinel ----------- --Joe Stelmack 4 7 fe Q' Echo Reporter -------- -Bruce Congdon 9 0 L s 04' Ch8p1in --------------- Harley Estee f 041 "1 X5 Ad 1 - .-.. --- -- . QL ,. v sor - ----Mr. Ray Hall k g u to FUTURE F RMERS of AMERICA We have spent much time this year moving the shop and agricultural materials back into the school after several years in the bus barns. We did some cattle judging during the summer. We also attended an egg and poultry meeting at Camp Mertz and the fat livestock exhibit at Caledonia. In the spring we plan to have our banquet and also to trim our evergreen trees wnicn are located on Roundtop. Our dance is scheduled for January. Row 1. Kuznicke, Ferry, Horn, Seely, Hubbard Elias Becker Cro ll we Row 2. Earle, Goggin, Austin, Gostomski, Gostomski,,Crowell: Jacobs, Ruszaj Rus R 1 . ' H , s ov 3 Becker, Hall, Smith, Smlth, Bartlett, megavero, Bull, Brugger, Polisoto Row M. Ball, Stelmack, Miss Citta, Deering, Fairbanks, Foster, Fisk TRI-HI-Y This has been one of the most eventful years for our club. We started off with the induction of fifteen new members at a candle light service in October. Next, we held a meeting with the Hi-Y and Trl-Hi-Y clubs of Sil- ver Creek and Gowanda and heard a panel discussion on Uood Hi-Y Clubs. Other programs for the year were our annual Thanksgiving Banquet, a dis- cussion of dating by Reverand Delbert E. Jolley, and a guest speaker from Switzerland, Mr. Emil Amsler. There has been much enjoyment and satisfaction gained from the Service Projects carried out this year. They consisted of making and distributing bean bags to children, helping a family at Christmas, serving refreshments to the mothers who collected for the polio drive, making favors for hos- pitals, and our annual school picture project. Officers and alternates attended the officer's training camp at Mission Meadows. We were represented by five members at the Fredonia Bill Assem- bly and our president attended the Albany Legislature as the forestville delegate. in ,ag .I -Q1 ' x 7'-nf ' ff! JL? ' ' 'Q a ' 4' In ' 5 la 5 'S 'tu I its' Row Row Row Row Row President Richard Yeager Vice President David Luder Sec. Treasurer Marshall Fisk Student Council Ronald Gustomski Chaplain Arthur Crowell Advisor Pm Richard Jebb members with our parents present benefit of the 'arch of Dimes if ek- g DEF 51 Ag Q SPORTS The "Hornet is a symbol of the athletic teams in our school Just as the insect of the same name lives in swarms and needs the co operation of all the others, so does our team They have come to realize the importance of helping and working with others to achieve harmony They have found that one person can not do the work or win a game alone This is how nature has meant it to be The boys have learned this act of co operation through the help of their parents and teaahers Let us hope they will remember this lesson all through their lives ,4 oo 'C 'x f is S x "' , 4 , , 1, , . , xx X X 'N a ,sl .'o Q -...uv T ,.., I---.......,........ M, ,,- , 1..,-.....l,,.. - . Row one Polisoto, Gostomski, Franklin, Dillinburg, Waterman, Salzman, Magavero, Tylock, Row two Kunzman, Spears, Lucus, Yeager, Levandowsw., Coach Torrington, VaIvo, Dziduch, Sausaman, Huyck, Richter FGOTBALL The Forestville Football Team had a fairly successful season. The team ended up winning 3 and losing 3. Much of the success was due to John Dillenberg and Dave Salzman ends, Mike Magavero and Ken Franklin in the back field and Ron Gostomski quater- back. Credit must also be given to the reserves on the bench. The following is a list of scores: Panama Focus: Clymer 12 F. C. S. 26 Pine Valley 19 F.C.S. 20 Mayville 30 F. C. S. 22 Bemus Point 19 F. C. S. 15 Sherman 20 F. C. S. 18 Patty Perkins, Lois Goggin, Pat Russ. Jolly Foster. Han-Uelore Greincrv Marilyn Valone, Carol Cooley Capt. - Carol Cooley Co-Capt. - Patti Russ Treasurer - Hannelore Greiner VARSITY CHEERLE DERS have been a great help and loads of fun. During the football season we held a at F.C.S. for many years. On Nov. Sth we attended a state-wide Hr. Cheerleader, Lawrence Herkimer, new techniques and many new ideas for pep learned how important cheerleaders are to The new uniforms purchased for us by the beanies Miss Citta surprised us with, the enthusiastic spectators. N.Y. huge bonfire, the first held cheerleading clinic at Hamburg, conducted the clinic. Ne gained assemblies, but most of all we a school and team. the Board of Education and inspired the squad as well as He'd like to thank all you kids for your support and especially our coach, Miss Citta, for all her hard work and understanding. Row 1. R. Valvo, J. Dillenburg, H. Yeager, B. Levandowske, R. Polisoto Row 2. Coach Torrington, D. Gostomski, D. Hall, M. Fisk, D. Salzman, K. Tylock VAR Sl TY BASKETBALL TEA The Hornets of Forestville Central enjoyed one of their most successful campaigns in recent years. After a slow start, losing two non-league con- tests, they won their first league encounter over Dunkirk Industrial. The boys of the black and gold then stepped back into their slump and dropped six games in succession. Sparked by the occupancy of the new gym, the ball club rebounded for three successive wins over Ellicottville, Dunkirk Industrial, and Ripley before losing to Pine Valley in overtime. There was no one player who stood out during the year. Each player contributed to the success of the club and every game was a team effort. Beulah Sneed, Sharon Ferry, Suzanne Erick, Pearl Ruttenbur CHEERLEA D ERS This year has been an exciting experience for ual This was the first year that F.C.S. has had a Junior Varsity cheerleading squad for basketball. We obtained some new ideas from the Cheerleading Clinic in Hamburg when we visited it in November. we've had great fun participating in pep-rallies with our big sisters, the Varsity. They have inspired and helped us on throughout the year. We certainly have enjoyed every minute of our job this season. Captain of the J.V. squad is Beulah Snead. we want Miss. Citta to accept our thankfulness and gratitude as advisor. Row 1 G Griener T Tanner J D d h H D Deering, G Saasaman 1 zu UC 1 ow 2 P Salzman, R Soears, J V BASKETBALL TEAM eight wins and nine defeats The bovs played well throughout the season They seemed to be a great deal more relaxed on the home court than on the road Significant is the fact that seven of the eight victories were gained on the home floor The high point of the season was reached when the yearlings conquered visiting Silver Creek, with a score of 52 SO, the end of overtime The junior HHornetsn Finished the 1G56-1957 season with a record of - at i...EF E1ICi TAY CLASS OF 57 mm TTII R TAY 1 E' I Og .Af WE WORK WE STUDY lp! Stud H 11 Ari' Class St1dPHt Dr1vPrs Rlgingg Lgw mvwim' Class 1131:-ians at Ork IQATULAT CLASS or I9 57 IN THE MESTOWN AH FROM THE MEMBERS OFTHE JAMESTOWN AREA CHAMBER OE COMMERCE ONS 'ONS Q PUT Q00 is UHF M 0 T! RESTVILLE VS. SILV"RCREE 52121 El L , 1 1 fl LIBRARY STUDY Q LUNNY HOP, Avo FUN AT ALLEGHENY PICNIC 7-, "-. - n THINGS WE HOLD DEAR 3' CORNER STOVE LAVII HBO BUS LINE UP 'Qi PLA? PAISTV' WCCD V N N-f .Z "' if wf J Sf 7NM DEAR ACADEMY WE ALL LOVE YOU, AS AMONG THE ELMS YOU STAND FIRMLY BUILT WITH HEAV'N ABOVE YOU 0 BELOVED SCHOOL SO GRAND IN THE SHADOWS AND THE BEAUTY OF DISTANT ARKWRIGHT HILLS, THERE YOU PROUDLY STAND ON DUTY SIDE THE WINDING WALNUT RILL OVER LOOFING OUR FAIR VILLAGE,GUARDED BY MEHORIAL'S BELL THE OLD BELL IS JUST A TOKFN OF CLASSFS GONF BEFORE 'TIS THE MEMORY OF WORDS WELL SPOKEN IN THE DAYS THAT APE NO MORE WE WILL HONOR YOU FOREVER AS DOWN LIFE'S ROADWAYS CO FROM IOU WEKLL NEVER SEVER AND RESPECT FOP YOU WE'LL SHOW YOU SHALL BE AN INSPIRATION EACH PRART'S DESIRE FULFILL AS WE HOLD IN EXULTATION, DEAR OLD EOPESTVILLE ON THE HILL lv 1-'fff' 1 'x X 6 N S f " I I S 5 Y 4f,'- ' X I I I X 1' f WE ARE GIVEN THE PRIVILEGE TO LEARN AND DO THINGS WELL. ... SJ n nglx ' A In , '50 NN I A13 I if' 11 3 K Y m N .. lv . .' 1 , , I f' r l Q 4 , p ' fc' s ., xxx ,A 4' . ' A . Q dw -' 5, f.. 1 .I X , 1 Q ' v. , 4 ' - ,f"' J-Q. - fl ' 1 , Q! ' N: ' ,X 'Af f .I , , ,U A 1 " ,J 5 4 4 ' , ,A lr L ... 'M 1 fl 'F I 4 ' 1' -, . 1.1- ,0" L "4-lugf Q- ,Vx A , E L E+ 1, -:iw -,Q , ,X - 'NL , A X.fvQf',g,fy:qw diy,-f"w1,,mvew, 3 ei Q - s

Suggestions in the Forestville Central High School - Echo Yearbook (Forestville, NY) collection:

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