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,.... ws.-1 1 1 E 4' N . M wQnH:m fm- MH .1 14 -Aff "hm -K Pr . .1 'Ha N M X Al., N 21.5, QQLVI 1-,4 , F., , Q ' Q1 'iff 1 - ' fc ' Q.. Q A is - I il 1 1 fl' w Y . N.: xi 4- 2 A Q- " - v , . i f Q- fi . -,g ., 1 If W 1 R: .K , .-! , .A ' : u x E., 4 X' w A X A, Z .. , ..,, . ,f '-1- ll, , .,-if I 1-. Aw' , rv-.L ' 1 4-iff a1if:- -- ' fm - ' , 3.,. Yy -i' ' " 'J , . ' - ' Y . A ' . ., T, ,L . , '- , - gg 'Q ak u s ' .1 1, N 31 ' H - A -',,-z2'.- ' -V wg- .2 .- Ehqwk. H'-C, ,ii . . ' , .,:g'SE: . 22: gfkfgvtaz-bx'. -,jg g..-I-.-aihgil , ,Vfr-FF N 1 , J -K , --- :V xr ,.z.. ,. --Zh , U F5 ' K: ...kj , rl. -:' ,-rv. r ' 1: Lil' ' 2.11-Q.. ,53"'gg " .. Q- ff. f:g,f"Q:-Haifa,-17:53 T-1-Q -Q ,i3:g55j--f's. Q 5 , ' get ' L: .', '., v ' ' - ff . ', "'.'T f- hgffv .-'f -V, ', Y x -' ,Hvw 5 , v. A ' -.Mai . V , 1. I , .,,. '.',-. - -, 2-v 1 'r . 'v ,' A J. . ,- -, .0 , K. I , , ,V , ,L 7 4- 'JG',,: ? 'J-ff-A-' A -2, ii .'.,,' f 0 fhpfmx Mm , o . J -Y N A K , A -L ' b. " , , U, ""?f+ f7q N v , , , - A , Ji I nf f ..,. , . , , . .- it Vik - 5 . '- : i ci f r, ' f ,J f' ' . K ' f . .Q .4-.. V-E-l,,. Z in - t L V--g .5 f- , V I , V , 5 9 V -' A " N' 'rf " ' ' - '-"- -.,-' 3---'.', t Q: -. , - . -.- , , 1" ""- r , . , "f w-"'?i7v'Zi'-3513 u V 5 ' ,.N,. .n .1 .-1. U' - - . If Q 'fi-"" -'Ya , as '-1,"fx .4 , 1 K b -,'VI' I ' . . , ,--I - .U MZ ,4 X, xi" : --- .-V 1 '-I 1-5 - 5 f .v,, 3. D+, 11 5 1 -a H 1. J .3 1 . fr ' -Q65 .Yi , 45 Qi V ? A.. '- N bag ' r ,f V - Ai ,fi V1 1 -.6 i 'la . Z. Ev -E , , A. 1 - T 1:01 -A . g X4 , - W . L 1' Yin. V 1. n , U ,E , 1 . ' 5 W , K ,Ji 1.1 .,1. , 51.15 V Y K ' , !.'.,l i -V I - I as 5, am.fE'wf.,nf.a .W -HWS CICISS of SWF H-IH MHS F SLHNW r Forestville Central Sc:l'1ool ore vi e, e Yolc Foveword Qliillimis! The invention of the printing press has had more lasting results than about any other discovery. For years, our knowledge has centered around books. They have provided a key to the future and an account of what has been accomplished during years past. During the earliest times, pictures were used to record events. They were drawn on the walls of caves. This was a slow way of making records and very far frdm present day ways of getting information from one person to another. Q Books are the keys to knowledge and by reading them understandingly, we can increase our knowledge and improve our minds each day we live. Books are the records which tell of the findings of many great inventors, scientists and historians during a life time. They make it possible for the next generation to go on fr m where the older man left off. Books give hours of enjoyment and provide a source of relaxation for many. We have chosen "Books" as our yearbook theme, because we feel that what we have gained fram them in the past twelve years will greatly influence our future. we hope too, that books will always be our help and cdmpanions whatever our life work may be. g Dedication class advisor we have sincerely appreciated his friendship, understanding, and guidance in plays and other activities To make our years with him happy and successful, he has postponed many of his appointments or outside activities to give us his time, ideas, and help We, the Class of '53, express our apprecia tion by dedicating this edition of "The Echo" t the Senior Class Advisor, ur Gerald Hall v W v t For the past two years Mr. Hall has been our 1 o Admnnnstrotnon UR CAREER JUXDAAXKI , Before anyone is fitted to oversee and direct the work of others, he must spent years working and learning from books He must also have experience in working out the things that he has learned In school, the teacherls job is to pass on to the pupils what he has learned and to guide them along the right road to useful and successful lives A teacher is helpless without the cooperation of his pupils Mb pupils often express such thoughts as HThe teacher is always telling us what to do while he or she doesnit have to do anythingu, NI would like to change places with my teacher and give him all of that homework" But, what we donit realize is how much time is spent in planning the lessons and marking our papers and exams Then too, the teachers had spent many years as pupils, just as we are, so that they could prepare themselves to pass on to us our great heritage Letfs be thankful for teachers and do our best to cooperate with them in this quest for knowledge. 'HI H ' l ll 'J ll Iv- l J Ip I I Y F pp ,fel rss, F QQ' Principal It has been my privilege to see many people enter our school, where they have had the opportunity to ac- quire knowledge from books, people and experimentation. The sources of knowledge are available to all people in the school. Unfortunately, few take advantage of the privilege to gain such have much made knowledge, to the extent that knowledge is available to them You, the Seniors, because you reached graduation have acquired of this knowledge and good use of the books materials available to you remember that if you go on must have and other Please with more formal education, or if you do not, the same channels of information are open to you, the opportunity to con tinue learning still exists If you succeed in life, it is because you make use of the information that is at your disposal You have made use of the tools and opportunities for attaining knowledge in school there fore, strive to continue your educa out life Edwin D Kennedy Supervising Principal X tion on a worthwhile basis through- ::::i, 0 K if X. 5 ,pres Boorcl of Education lr Edwin Butcher. President Last spring with Sheridan 09 to plan, another lr Grover Town Hr Russell Everhnrt lr Arthur Black lr: Luoile Volvo lr Ernest Donahue lr' uV't1' Ta'n' clerk treasurens the twentieth school was taken into our centralized family, having that place We also brought another school into the new bus was added to our fleet but due to increased enroll ment, we could not retire one, which is desirable Kindergarten, with a tripled enrollment, is held for the entire day, with two teachers in charge New gas and electric stoves have been added to to the homemaking equipment The topic of greatest concern to the board has been the housing problem for our growing population Nearly all meetings have been spent in trying to work out this problem Conferences wlth state officials have clarlfied at least one plan for expansion which will take care of present needs We hope to have this space ready for occupancy in September N W central building with the closing of the Cowdens Corners branch. According 6 . x 7 I 1 lClCLlhl ' ' V SCTUOT' jLU'NOl" . . P . Mr. Flaming. M Lab ur pg-in 1 1 1 1 1 r. uzzetta ' c pa foo a sc ence science avid. as mi ur. Smmi. ur. G. neu . . . mth' EHS' Sc'S'9 Commercial. Sept. Jan. Mrs. c um . ' WPS- - must: e Home Ee. urfmitzing' Mfg . MP8 4 1 1 ' Abbey ,1,., H, H. sng11sh. Jr- H- Sw- So- uf' JQYUO' Phy' sd' Mrs. Clark. art 7 , 'SO' Miss ,y. Ed B Fclcult 1 Kindergarten. Gr.2. ofa so Fanoher . Ba lltown. , ,,,, l, Y ur.. Buff. Kindergarten. L i f ffiilfil H 5 A E42 .., ., , ss? 4, 5 Ame 'il V is E., 2 fe 5329 .. we WV J g A A K X.: ,, gy- llrs. Johnnsen. Gr. 5 5-6 Jan. June. Sher idan Abbey. lies Swift. Gr. 1. cf. 5-4. ' Mrs. Yfaterman. 5-6 Sept. Jan. lr' e Neuendorf. Nashville. 1 1 , 752' IIL it - J ff f f A Hin Van Rensselaer. Hi 1 Ioughby. 1 W6 Noe 0 Gr. 1. Mrs. Fisher. Gr. 41 Mrs . Bradigan. Gr. 6: l. 511, 1- iff . ' 55.1.81 v e.' Q " be P XX 53: 'R 15 1 Q , 5 2 M L : K -1. Hrs. Lawton. Smith lille. Sensors ix X ,. as ,et ff Ulu - X! 14 'ws' Rnxxx Vx.-1 ! li' J' 13' -1'-1' -' X -as Ylt A 'Q 'L if 4-S' QAZWJ if 5 Bqu nr, We have spent twelve years working our way through many books from the first page to the last In some of them we were apt to skip over a page or two whenever we could, others we enjoyed and didn't miss a sentence Every book we finished taught us something whether we enjoyed it or not and many times we have and will remember that knowledge, with profit to ourselves we want to express our gratitude here, to the teachers we have had who helped us or encouraged us to respect and conquer the material in books. we want to thank our parents for keeping us or letting us stay in school. we are thankful that the books in our country are teaching us truths instead of propaganda and we want to continue to help our- selves and others to profit by the printed word. ' 0 S 7 4' 843 9 ,Ns x- J I... u. scale ,X 'lie r I 4... QQ i Je 4.1, l Q Xxx " ' 'fi Q x . if we A 35' 0 I- ,J 4-'X argl f 4 5 ah' ' r 'fx 5',.r'x I 45 S us if Ik YV ,. C1 'K 5 Vx" f CES ev Y. ' -1. 1! " 1 '4'9a-ian 5-i' .er Q N g. ff 0 A Senior Office-5 SFNIOR O FICERS Class Colors Blue and White Class Flower Gardenia MOTTO Knowledge is a treasure, but pPaCt1CS is a key to lt President Secretary Treasurer Student Council Fred Payne Vlrginla Cardot Rosemary Gostomski Dolores Russ Earl Crowell Vice-President ---- s-- Monty Fox A 11 w ..l - W if1:'2Trg'-3-ii I 'rf f 1 , ' V12 s Hi If E1f!E 1 : ii 1 II v I I , awww? 5-JDLCLWLZQ - y-- if -,.,, 1 I I J 2 K n,,.1.,ml.,n,,,,.,, W9 ,?m.M7.,d..5,,..L4 A. E-.,................ 'f K..,1JL " 1 - , g i . I - 1 Y f,..Jfi,.,- ' A , f 3 f, M , ' .1 sjll : 4 V 14 ----"---vw -ln l :ET fin W 77 ' if Q ff' A 5 E? 2 I I 2' lf if if 1 iii? Pig 9"'Mf I gaalou, H -'H :NF Iii E I 15 f' MM? Vf . LMA Q 16 Cust ond Future Richard Irving Anderson Hi Y Secretary 2 and 3 H Class Plays 3 Yearbook Staff 3,h Camera Club 2 Volleyball 2, captain 3 L4 nAndyH has majored in Science and Math and may go to Albany State Teachers College Eugene Alden Bemus F F A l,2,3, Secretary A Band l,2,',h Yearbook Staff 3, I Speak For Democracy Contest 3 nGeneH majored in agrlculture and does not have any definite plans for the future He does not intend going to college Chorus l,2,3, President L Basketball l,2,3,h Class Plays 3 A Yearbook Staff Editor 3 and L Class Office, Vice President 2 Mary, the maid of the class, has majored in Science and is continuing her education at Deaconess Hospital to become an R N Then she may join the army and ravel Virginia Louise Cardot Tri Hi Y l,2,3, Chaplain L F H A 1,2, , Class Plays 3 h Class Office, Secretary A nGinnyH has majored in Homemaking and intends to go to school to become dietlcian William Raymond Campbell Hi Y 3 M Chorus 3 M Band 1,2,3 M Class Plays 3 Yearbook Staff 3 M Oratorical Contest l,2,3 Boys State 3 I Speak For Democracy Contest 3 Camera Club 2 Class Office, President 1 nBillH has majored in Science and plans to continue his education at Albany State Teachers. His present plans are to become a science teacher. ,Q - , . 3- . . L+ Mary Birach Tri-Hi-Y 3 4 I 00-0 9 . a ' " J 3 J . J , 17 Earl Duane Congdon F.F.A. h Band 3 Football 1 Baseball l nChief Absencen has majored in agriculture. He is undecided about marriage but is going to be a farmer. Earl Richard Crowell F.F.A. l,2,3 Echo Reporter h Hi-'Y 3 gh.. Band l,2,3 Vice President A Basketball l,2,3,h Student Council l,2, President L Tumbling 2,3 Baseball l,2,3,J4, Class Office President 3 uBudH has majored in A ricultu . H d t ' t d t f I will work on his farm. g re e oes no in en o go to college but Carol Lorraine Deering Tpi-Hi-y l,2,3 Echo Reporter U 1,2 Yearbook Staff 3,h !Carol majored in Business and is continuing her education in this cdhrse. She will tame a Civil Service test and work for the government. Darlene Elaine Ferneza Class Plays Prompter U Baseball 3 UMidgetH, the shortest in our class, majored in Commercial Education and may go to business school in Dunkirk, get a job as a bank teller or be a part time secretary. She does not intend to marry in the near Future. Earl Montford Fox F.F.A. l,2, Student Council 3, Vice President h Hi-Y l,2, Vice President 3, President h Chorus 2, Vice President h Basketball l,2,3,h Class Plays 3,h Stage Crew Student Council 2, Vice President 3 Pbotball 3 Baseball 2,3,h Class Office Vice President A UMontyU majored in Agriculture and wants to attend Cornell or own a farm. Albert Lee Franklin F.F.A. M Albert has majored in Agriculture. He hopes to get a job and eventually marry if he is not drafted. 185 Rosemary Charlotte Gostomski Tri Hi Y 1,2, Student Council 3, Treasurer F H A 3, President M Chorus 1,2 Treasurer 3 M Band l,2,3,h Twirler Basketball l, Co Captain 2 3 L Class Plays 3 M Student Council Treasurer 3 Cheerleaders l,2,3 A Tumbling 1,2 Camera Club Vice President 2 Class Ofxice 2,3, Treasurer nsandyn has a magor in Business and a minor 1n Science Her plans for the future include a happy and successful marrlage June Ingrid Johanson Trl Hi Y 1, Chaplain 2, Vice Pres 3, Pres Band l,2,3,h Class Plays 3 M Oratorical Contest 2,3 I Speak For Democracy Contest 3 Class Ofzice President 2, Echo Reporter 3 L June has majored in Science and is undecided about her future but will attend college She is also interested in dramatics Margaret Shirley Kidd F H A l, Student Council 2,3 Band l,2,3, Echo Reporter Basketball Captain 1, 2 3 M Class Plays 3 Student Council 2,3 Tumbling l,2,3 Camera Club 2 Class Offlce Echo Repo ter 2, Student Council 3 UPeggy' magored in Science and Math and wants to become a Physical Education teacher Harold william Mannlng F F A 1,2, nPinkyn has majored ln Agriculture and is taklng a course 1n auto mechan s at home, and works 1n a garage George Ernest Myatt Hi Y 3 q Chorus 1,2, President 3 L Basketball 3 Class Plays 3 L Football M Track 1,2 'ShortH, who joined our class as a Junior, has an excellent VOlCG H majored in Science and is joinlng the armed forces Beverly Ann Nelson F H A 3, Secretary Chorus 1 Bev , the shyest girl in our class, hopes to become a secretary and even tually hopes to marry. She has majored ln Business , . - - lL Al I , - I J I 3 1 U, ' .' "' s nh. ! 1 I 5+ ' . 2 7 Baseball 3,u D ' O Q ' . . . 3,h l . . . ic " 9 I I I ' - . S . . . L ll ll ' - 19 June Coralie Parsell F.H.A. 1 NJunien majored in Homemaking. She is not continuing her education but is getting a job and will then marry. James Frederica Payne F W A 2, Reporter 3, President H H1 1 2, Chaolain 3 M Basketball 2,3 Class Play A Student Council 2,3 Football 3 Class Olf1CS Studedt COuHC1l 2 and 3, Pres M 'Fredn magored in Agriculture and 1S going in the business of foreign o the nrny does not drart him rlorence Irene Ellzabetn Press Tri Hi I l Chorus A Bdske bell l 2,3 A Cheerleaders Substltute 3 Tumbllnp 1,2 Blondle an excellent Polka dancer, majored in Busine s and hopes CO1tlDlS thls cour e and tnen get a Job Dolores Ann Russ Trl H1 1 1, Iueasurer 2 Chorus l,2,3 Q Band l,2, Vice Presldent 3 Presldent A Bu netball l,2,3 M Cla s Plays 3 M Student Council Treasurer A Tumbllng 1,2 Camera Club Treasurer 2 Class Ofzice ltadent Council A Dee , the nuslcal tudent of our class, has majored in Sclence and Art She is goin: to Buffalo State to mayor ln Art Educutlon Lorralne H len Sausaman Tri H1 I l,2,3 Chorus l, Echo Heuorter 2, Staaent Councll 3 Q Basmetball l,2, Co Captaln 3 M Cla s Plays 3 Student Councll l, lreasurer 2, Echo Reporter 3 Cheerleader 2,3, Caotain A Tumbllng l,2,3 I Speak Fo Democracy Contest 3 Camera Club 2 Class 0fllC6 Student Council 1 and 2 Larry', the backbone of our class, na 1 mayor in buslness and a mine 1n alt She 1S not going to continue her educu ion but plqns on a harpy MBFPISLG ' O.. I U .-, , 1 J L , . , A . . ' ' ' ' A il if ' 1 ' . 'W ' V - -.1 r 1- . V 3 2 . 3 u. - n, , ' A S to . ' ' ' so ' 3 ' . '-"'.' 1 v I I 1 S1 , s y , Cheerleaders Co-Captain 3,h L . D , in n I f S - . J Q - . f ' . 6 1 - .-, ,M , . ,, . A 3 . - . D S ' .vh- . . N M 4 r . " ' ' s z .' ' , r ' ' . ' ' . E K Q ',f 20 Janet Claire Schultz Tri Hi Y 1 2,3 M Chorus l 2,3, Echo Reporter M Class Plays 3 L Yearbook Staff 3 L Class Office Vice President l Janet majored in science and art and plans to go to Buffalo State Teacher College to become an art teacher She eventually hopes to get married Barbara Mary Bernice Szumigala Chorus 1,2 Class Plays 4 uBarbn majored in Homemaking and plans to continue her education in different course Frances Sophie Ester waligora Tri Hi Y 1 Basketball l,2,3,h Class Plays 3, Prompter M Tumbling 1,2,3 'Aunt Frannyn majored in Business and hopes to become an airline hoste or wants to join the Navy Pauline May waxham Pri Hi Y 1,2,3 Pauline majored in Science and Homemaking and is entering State Teachers College at Fredonia Dorothy June White Homemaking Play 3 Dot has majored in Homemaking and hopes to have a successful marriage after a few years Gene Addison White Genen major finishes school william John Zawicki F F A 2 Hi Y 3 M Basketball l,2,3 M Class Plays L Football 1,2,3,Lf Baseball l,2,h in Agriculture and is joining the Navy as soon as he F F A 1,2, Secretary 3, Treasurer A Basketball 2,3,h Student Council 3 I Speak For Democracy Contest 3 'Abe , the tallest of our class, majored in Agriculture and expects to go to Cornell, then settle down on a farm and get married " ' 1 1 - 1 1 1 8 I SS F.H.A. l,2,3 . . - ,3,h " 1 1 ll ed 1 nv , 21 Sensor Play O T O O ANN FERRING WEATHEHBY DIRECDED BY MR GERALD HALL Brother goose is the story of an older brother and his struggles to brlng up his younger brother and sisters His problems are suddenly so1ved,however, ueon the arrival of Peggy Winkel, a salesgirl WHIIIEIOICOQCI GEORGE MYATT...... LORRAINE SAUSAMAN. DOLORES RUSS...... BARBARA SZUMIGALA. JUNE JOHANSON....- JANET SCHULTZ..... VIRGINIA CARDOT... MARY BIRACHooooee FRED PAYNE...,. lo ll CAST Jelf Adams, Brother Goose Wes Adams, hisvyounger brother :Z Carol Adams, his teen-age sister Hyacinth Adams, his youngest sister Peggy Winkel, salesgirl Lenore Hudson, Bubble Gum heiress Z: Eve Mason, a southern belle Mrs. Trim er, an inn owner ROSEMARY GOSTOMSKI.. .. Helen, the Adam's maid Sarah, the Hudson's maid I: a truck driver 22 Superlcltives Most Popular T9-119517 G9-F6317 Most Artistic L 23 Senior History The beginning of our story dates back to l9h1 when Bill Campbell, Lorraine Sausaman, Peggy Kidd, and Earl Crowell started first grade We were joined by Dolores Russ and Rosemary Gostomski in the second grade Virginia Cardot, Janet Schultz, Carol Deering and Dorothy white in the fourth, Richard Anderson, Gene white, Gene Bemus, and June Par sell in the fifth grade Darlene Ferneza added another member in the sixth grade Mary Birach, Pauline waxham, Harold Manning, Florence Press, Frances waligora, Albert Franklin, Earl Congdon and June Johan son increased our enrollment in the seventh grade Barbara Szumigala came in the elchth grade, Bill Zawicki, Beverly Nelson in the Fresh man Class, Monty Fox and Fred Payne in the Sophomore Class George Ayatt made our number n29n when he joined us as a Junior Pages turned to chapters when we started in l9h9 as active Fresh men Miss Mary Jane Riley acted as our advisor Th class took first prize on their float in the Halloween parade and also had a successful dance and tag day Miss Mary Haar was selected as our Sophomore advisor A nFashion Show,u tag day, and dance was given by the class with the guidance of Mr Gerald Hall, our Junior and Senior years 'A Mind of Her Own H we had the first dance and tag day of the year and won second prize on our Halloween float In April we started sell ing ice cream suckers, and baseball pencils The class decorated for Baccalaureate and Commencement Our class rings, which we received in January, are really the best As Seniors, we have worked hard toward our goal HS2,OOO for 53 Ou1 final chapter started by selling football pencils, and magazines, fwe outsold all classes before usj we made more money than any other c ass on our play, Brother Goose The nwinter Wonderland Ball' was held in December with Fred Payne and Barbara Szumigala as King and Queen Other activities were sellina Chri tmas cards, a variety show, have been tops. As Juniors we presented a hilarious, three-act comedy I , - ' 1 . ll 1 U Il . I 24 selling pencils, and ice cream suckers. Bill Campbell and June Johanson have successfully represented us in the Oratorical Contest. Our trip to Washington was the highlite of our high school years. The climax of our history in FCS is graduat1on,which will soon be here Our years here will always be a treasure volu e in our library of life Cloesws II We, the class of '53, being of unreasonably sound mind and poor memory do hereby will, bequeath and devise such valuable properties as appertain to us Rosemary Gostomski wills her engagement ring to Dolores Ciminella so s e won'E Hive to worry about getting one from Paul Frances Waligora wills her milking ability to Rose Polisoto Lorraine Sausaman wikb her cheerleading ability to Daisy Bourquin H Her blonde Hair to Beverly Clark Florence Press w1lls her truck driving ability to Betsy Sausaman Mary Birach wills her voice to the Alto section in chorus and her negro accent to all the future maids of F C S Gene White wills his basketball ability to Kay Dailey and his scles to Donald Hayes Barbara Szumi ala wills the stars in her eyes to Carol Bock who I Vt Inferesied at all , Pauline waxham wills her perfect attendance to Bonnie Parsell and Darlene Fbrneza wills her height to Shirley Fuss Beverl Nelson wills her interest in the air force to Audrey Congdon June Johanson wills her mathematical ability to be held in trust 5"Hr Iabuzetta until he finds a physic's student worthy of it -ggy Kidd wills her tumbling ability to Marion huyck rginia Cardot wills her musical ability to Virginia Foster June Parsell wills her comb to Mr Hagerty rothy White wills the tape on her ring to Miss Taylor Carol Deerin wills her well kept notebook to Mr Fleming who can never TInE anything Harold Manning wills his quietness and ability to study to Jay WHIEe an . mu . sn o EEr gIggIes E5 Carol Schroeder. y a 1 PB ' 0 Vi . Do . I 25 Dolores Russ wills her purse to some poor Junior who can't afford luggage for washington. Richard Anderson wills his slightly used Stevenson's buttons to MI' o E Iemingo Fred Pa ne wills his excuses to Harold Lawton who, he feels, needs Egem. Bill Camgbell wills his artistic ability to Mr. Labuzzetta. Monty Fox wills his ability to crack jokes to Dick Lawton. Eugene Bemus wills his clarinet to Mr. Strong. Earl Crowell wills his sense of humor to Gary Mlaeker. Earl Congdon wills his welding ability to Larry Langford. George Miatt wills his voice to Don Myatt because he wants to eep t n e family. Bill Zawicki wills his height to Jim Shevlin. Janet Schultz wills her dramatic manners to Phyllis Austin. Albert Franklin wills his wavy hair to Ronald Ellman. U GRADE EIGHT H49 lsti R. -nM.Kidd, B.Parsell,wJ.Johansen,4M.Birach,vJ.Schultz, M.Lang, J.w1nslow, u L.Sausaman, P.Brooks,xJ.Parsell,wC.Deering,vB.Szumigala,4D.white, M.Moss. Rnd. P.Kusnicke,+E.Crowel1, C.Schil11ng, M.Deering,uD.Russ, S.w1lson, A.wilcox, TfErooks, D.Bernett, J.Chase, L.Chapman,-11-F.waligora,-MR.Gustomski, D.Joh.nston, 4V.Ca'dot,hF.Press,wP.waxham, M.Deering,wD.Ferneza, 3rd, A.Frontuto,wH.Manning, G.Franklin, H.Mohr, R,wise,iG.Wh1te, R.Greenough, T.UFfe1, J.Johnston, R.Gugino, R.Panek,ww.Campbell,wR.Anderson, L.Schi1ling,wE.Congdon, H.Lawton,wE.Bemus, 4AuFT8nk1ino 25 Q 1 a . 515 Q .: 5' f' I Mary Baby -Picf ure-S Bill Z W . v v - Richard Darlene J Earl Crowell Rosemary Janet June J Q M0l'1ty S i '21- , 0 Q , Barbara Peggy 27 Gene June Parsell Carol Harold Florence Underdclssmen LITTLE WOMEN ALCOTT From the we enter the first grade, we are taught to use and like books They tell us stories about people who live in other countries and about the nature of the world that we live in we like the sound of the voices that read from books and after a while we read ourselves Books show us how to make things, how to be courteous and how to care for our bodies and clothes. They teach us and inspire us and give us help As we look back upon our years in school, the books we have used make us think of a stairway, each one as it is finished, taking us a little higher toward our goal of a Good Education. 28 Class of IQS4 L-L Bgw V Foster, P Austin, B Kidd, G Magavero, R Lawton, L Ferry, M TYl0Ck, Y Sage, C Schultz, R Bradigan, V Frederickson ZHQ Rau Mr Haggerty, R Polisoto, C Ruszaj, D Ciminella, S Fuss L Scheskey, V Smith, M Huyek, A Huff, c Bock, R Panek ' L Crowell, J Szumigala, H Lawton, L Parsell, M O'Connel1, J Shevlin The Class of 'Sh has as its officers this year President, Richard Lawton, Vice President, Lyle Ferry, Secretary, Marie Tylock, Treasurer, Yvonne Sage, Student Council, Connie Schultz and Richard Bradigan, Echo Reporter, Gloria Magavero we chose Mr Hagerty as our class advisor we acquired one new member at the beginning of the year when Virginia Frederickson joined us Our Halloween parade float was a satire on the then current poli tical campaign However, because of strong competition, and stronger winds, it failed to receive any award We presented the play, The Inner Willieu, on February 26th It was a comedy with willy CHarold Lawtonl, who has been pampered b his three spinster aunts, Hester QAl1ce Huffj, Louise lSh1r1ey Andrews and Olga CGloria Magaverol, finally being goaded into real com and of him self by his ever present Inner Willie QDick Grennellj Others in the cast included Carol Martin CConnie SchultzD, Marybelle Turner QBarbara Klddl, the twins, Trudy lMarie Tylockl and Janet Marshall CVirginia Foster, Micke lDick Lawtonl and Stanley CGary Mlackerl The Senior Class rings were received in January Our dance in April was a great success and we found ourselves very busy after taking over the Senior money making activities following Easter l W QS : . . . , , . 3!Q BQ!! L- Langford, D. Fancher, h.Grennell, R.Donnel1y, G:M1ackep, ll . 29 Close of' IQ55 U Kunzman, B Bradigan J McAvoy, W Wilson, F Sweeney, D Bourquln 2nd Row Mr Labuzzetta, K Johnson, A Heidt, D Hyatt, B Clark, B Yeager N Birach, C Crane, M Mann, G Deering, K Russell, G Sneider 3rd Row K Dailey, G Salzman, R Sanders, A Hall, N White, J Slmpson, G S uriol W Griener, J Woolley, D Bourquin, D Houck, J Huck, M Snow, E Mcuuire The Sophomore Class has elected the following officers this year President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Student Council Echo Reporter Advisor Ronald Crowell Albert Richter Lucille ware Pat Press Brenda Bradigan Eugene Kunzman Kathryn Russell Mr T Labuzzetta Our class worked very hard on our Halloween Float and we were dis appointed when we didnft win a prlze Our activities for this year included a tag day on Aprll 9,a dance on April 10, and a play on Aprll 21 We were sorry to have Ronald Brenon quit school, but are happy to have Sarah Neeb as a new member Shirley Burley and Wolfram Griener were selected as attendants for the Senior Prom from our class We all enjoy being Sophomores, but hope we will enjoy our Junior Year even more 1 1- a ... a .. a e . a I C I O 1 I Q 1 'c Q Q o' e .-..-.Q O n 0 0 - o v n . I I O I U O Q o Q 4 Q' o I I C C I U C I I C D D " e . u o I O C I O I U O O I I I C O I I o n . I O O I I i I O . . I 5 I 1 3 w 0 Class of IQ55 lst Egg I Frederickson, D Fitchner, A Sneider, C Gruber, J Huff, E Gofvin, B Sausaman, M Sobecki, D Bie, C Schroder, N Crowell M Schllli ng 231 Egg E Mosier, S VanRensse1aer, J White, J Mosier, J White, M Huyck R Panek, P Gruber, R waligora, A Fuller, L Hilliker T lerry, T Greviesh, D Hayes, A Congdon, B Parsell, H Hunter, Miss Naruszewicz President Christine Gruber Vice President Jon Huff Secretary Emaline Goggin Treasurer Betsy Sausaman Student Council Bill Bie Margaret Sobecki Advisor Miss J Naruszewicz Marilyn Huyck and Richard Orazetti were our representatives to the Senior Prom Freshman tag day on November 13th, and our dance November lhth, called HThe Harvest Moonn, were our main activities , T 0 3, o o o o n , 3rd Row: R: Ellman, M:Cummings, C.5tanbro, R.Crisanti, D.Earl, D.Cords, A 31 Juruor Hugh 0 0 ls no , l , F ,, V, , , , , -lS R. Ruszaj, J. Popard, A. Hall, J. Smith, R. Bock, L. Goggin, G. Kunzman, E. Cummings, V. Polisoto, G. Jacobs, B. O'Connell, K. Shevlin. 2nd Row: R. Gostomski, R. Bock, B. Earle, D. Foster, B. Parsell, M. Fisk J.Smith, E.Hall, J.Deering, S.Fairbanks, D.Brugger, P. Russ, C. Magavero No ow ' o o. 'I 0 ES, 'R 0 V, . 0 : 5. ' .L ' 'G f .. Do 0 o o to 0" I-' o if 0 l I O ' . O l ... . 0 1 l " , D R Ball, D Stanbro, Bemus, J Seeley, aterman, J Crowell, S Roman, R Ye1 er, hrs Murray 3rd Row Richter, Franklin, Dlonlak, Lustln, Blax 15, Johanson, Cords, Reed, G Gens, M Fisk, Ferneza, M Tailor, R Naterran, A Saber, O Davis, R Laemmerh1rt, F Press lst gow Bartlett, Dutton, Congdon, Rlchter, Griener, Schultz, Cooley, Valone, Perkins, Clark, Snow, Crane, Becker, B Frontuto, Frederickson, laemmerhirt 2nd ggi Gestwicki, Sausaman, Popielarz, K Franklin, Gos tomski, Stelmack, Cummings, Johanson, Zolnoske, Militello, Simpson, R Franklin, Crowell, white, Fuller, Green, R Frontuto, Soheskey Zgg Bgg Mrs Campbell, Pilon,Esler, Lawton, Marble, Spears, Frontuto, Richter,Blake1y, Willson, Salzman, Tylock, Consintino, Waterman, Valvo, Stanbro, Richter, Congdon, Ortel, Brown, Luder. 32 . N 1 Organizations . 'lf' hvwhl W WN, x fn sissg 495 -K H .Xb X 1 . ,ff',f! e Organizations are formed for the enjoyment and betterment of people. Most groups are guided by books Which set forth the aims, beliefs and by-laws of that partiouliar organization. The secretary keeps minutes of the neetings in a book. It is a history of what the group does and is a great help when a question is brought up about old business. The money matters are all kept as financial reports in a book by the treasurer. If there is a ohaplin he has to read fro a book or he gets the thoughts for his talks fr m books. So, we can see that books are not only used as a means of learning but also to keep records in. Yearbook St off EDITORS Mary Blrach Virginia Foster ART William Campbell Carol Bock Gloria Magavaro PHOTOGRAPHY Richard Anderson Phyllis Austin ADVERTISING Janet Schultz Connie Ruszaj Carol Deering Rose Polisoto REPORTS AND SALES Eugene Bemus Lorna Scheskey BOOKKEEPER TREASURER Marion Huyck has been honored in a yearbook published by Fbrestville's institution of learning The first time that the main building was used was also in 1928 when the Seniors gave their play Rose of the Southlandn and held all of the senior activities in the new building In looklng over the book,we find the following interestlng items, Total enrollment 307, Non resident pupils BO, Twelve seniors were gra duated There were 38 enrolled in their Freshman class, 192k Lawyer Militello, Mr Russell Town and Mrs Richard Franwick Sr were gradua ted Mr Ray Hall was a Freshman in Cornell, and Miss Kathryn Taylor was taking her first year of training at Buffalo General Hospital There were 17 teachers on the faculty We had a girls basketball team that were county champions and a Agriculture judging team winning three trophy cups and two honorable mentions at Alfred and Cornell There were M6 pages in the book, and no advertising was solicited outside Forestville what will the changes be when the class of 1978 graduate? The Seniors of 1953 are the twenty-fifth consecutive class that . ll 34 ud t Council lst Row D Russ, G Kunzman, D Bradigan, B Bradigan, M Sobecki 2nd Row S Fuss, N Birach, C Schultz, B Jacobs, C Cooley, Mr Hall 3rd Row B Bie, G Mlacker, G Kunzman, J Muck, E Crowell Pres1dent Gene Kunzman Secretary Brenda Bradigan Treasurer Dolores Russ Advisor Mr Ray Hall Ue met and elected our officers the first week of scnool Every class and organization was represented in Student Council by a member from that organization Pins were purchased this year for new Student Council members, and numerals were added to the pins of the second year memb rs The Student Council had a tag day to supplement dues collected from class and clubs The Constitutlon was revised and approved, bringing it up to date with the aCtlVlti6S of the Student Council we arranged the assembly programs for this year with one assembly per month The Chrlstmas activities were supervlsed by the Council with the distr1bution of candy canes for the grade children, and ice cream and cookies for the high school The homemaklng department made the usual delicious cookies The Chrlstmas program featured several numbers by individual students along wlth group singing vice-President : . I I Richard Bradigan 35 Senior' Band lst Row M Huyck, R.Lawton, R Grennell, G Bemus, D Russ, M Huyck, P Russ ?T'S'a1TrFan, D Earl, R Grisanti, J Woolley, G Kunzman, E Crowell, Mr Strong Zng Bon D Foster, P Perkins, C Gruber, S VanRensselaer, L Ware, D Bie, D Fancher, B Bradlgan Qrd Row S Homan, V Foster, B Kidd, P Kidd, J Reed A Huff, W Greiner President Dolores Russ Vice President Earl Crowell Librarians Marion Huyck Jared Woolley Echo Reporter Peggy Kidd Secretary Treasurer June Johanson The Senior band is composed of thirty five members, nine, are new this year The band started its playing activities early this year, when it played several numbers downtown for the initial run of the new mobile postal unit September 15, Halloween night, the band assembled, after much difficulty trying to find room for everyone on the band stand and played for the Halloween Parade We took part in the annual Chrlstmas program presented by the music department Early in the fall a Chautauqua County All High Band was organized of selected members, Eugene Bemus, Patty Russ and Jared Woolley from our band had the privilege of playing in this seventy five plece unit A very fine program was given at the County Music Teachers Association meeting in Jamestown and also at the Zone Teachers meeting in Buffalo Jared Woolley represented us at the All State Sectional program at Randolph Central School in the fall Other activities during the year were playing for assemblies, the annual Spring Band Concert, the New York State Music Festival at Fredonia and Memorial Day Parade W A:Crowell, G:Mlacker,'S.Fair5anks: R. Crowell, J. Johanson, .B. Campbell, 36 Jumor' Bond lst Row G Gens, R Valvo, G Sausaman, L Russ, R Ellman, D Johanson, R Polisoto, J Lawton, R Yeager 2nd Row Mr Strong, N Hubbard, R Gostonski, w Levandoske, P Schroder, K Dailey, D Houck, D Salzman, D Luder President David Salzman Vice President David Luder Trumps David Luder James Lawton Richard Yeager Clarinets Norma Hubbard Gail Gens Band Personnel Sexes Ronald Gostomski Billy Levandoske Richard Valvo George Sausaman Trombone David Salzman Drums Kay Dailey Philip Schroder Baritone Donald Johanson Ronald Polisoto Bells Debra Brugger L2L9.Q.Q.LQ Barbara Earle Alto Horn Ronald Ellman Sousaphone Douglas Houck The Junior band this year has a membership of seventeen with eleven new members We have enjoyed playing from some new band folios, one composed of Christmas numbers and the other of marches and various numbers The Junior band also takes part in the Spring Band Concert W 37 FHA. Seated C Schultz, Mrs f leer, l a , D Rourquln, B Nelson, V Cardot, F Panek Standing R Gostomski, V Smith, L Scheskey, P Austin, S Fuss, R Pollsoto Presldent Rosemary Gostomskl Vice President Phyllis Austin Treasurer Barbara 1' :Ldd Student Council Shirley Fuss Renorter Lorna SchesPey Advlsor Mrs C Wllder The first meeting of the P H A Club was Seotember 24th Connie Schultz and Yvonne Sage, new members, were initiated on October 8 W elected Connie as our Treasurer because Barbara Kldd dropped out of the club Our chapter mothers are Mrs Nelson and Hrs Austln Our club observed national F H A week November 0 ln by wearlng, as much red and whlte clothing possible and the F H A oak leaf emblem Our bake sale was held on November 15th diss Naruszewicz spoke to us on the importance of posture at our November meetlng Our program included a dance on January 23, Mrs Abbeyls readings at our February meeting, a tea for new members and another bake sale . I 2 0 ' .Q 'fi Q rcs s., -0 u-Q' 0 O - 1 : . . . . . .. . ' ' . U n 0 a 0 1 Q o 0 n u - '- l C 0 Secretary. . . . . Beverly Nelson C O I 0 I 1 X, I 4 0 i . n e 1 n u - a - s a u Q' n o . - . - 4 , o . . e a u ' n ' n o a s 1' . ' as . . . . 0 . I I 0 38 FFA President Fred Payne Vice Presldent nonty box Treasurer Wllllam Zawicki Student Council Gary Mlacker Reporter Earl Crowell Advisor Hr Ray Hall During the past year our F F A organization has accomplished much. we have made money for our treasury by renting out our tractor and equipment to aid farmers around Forestville During the winter, the tractor was used to plow snow Selling seeds also brought money into our treasury We hope that in the future our organization can purchase land and bHild1HUS for project work Two of our members, Monty Fbx and Richard Lawton have done well with their projects They both have a dairy herd started all attended the annual Holstein sale at Dunkirk in the earlier part of the year hope that in the future our organization will grow in member ship and become very active O O Q 1 l Secretary: : : Z I Eugene Bemus I C: V ' 0 We We - 39 V Chorus lst Row F Sweeney, C Crane, N Kelley, J Schultz, P Press, V Birach, R Costomski, N Birach, B Bradigan, B Jacobs B Heimburg, S Neeb, L Hall 2nd Row L Sausaman, D Russ,C Schultz, D Ciwinella, S Andrews, B Yeager rd Row J Huff, D Austin N white, A Richter, R Donnelly, H Lawton Jofifison, W Greiner, G Woolley, G Kunzman, T Terry, G Myatt th Row D Grennell, A Huff, M Huyck, G Magavero, S Fuss, B Clark Ware, V Foster, H Wood, K Russell, G Deering, M Huyck, R Orazetti This year our chorus is a growing mixed chorus and we are working extra hard for our HAH again in Fredonia Our Christmas program was a great success wlth the mixed chorus doing an excellent job we are now working on music for the Fredonia Music Festival and our coming Spring Concert We all hope this year will be as successful as last N 2 o c 0 0 0 is S.Eurley, F. Press, E: Goggin, C.Schroder, N. Crowell, Mrs. A. Castle. 40 Tri-Hi-Y lst Row Schilllnp, C Deering, Jacobs, Tylock, Johanson, G Deering Kelley, Gostomski, Cardot, Sweeney 2nd Row B Sausaman, Ciminella, Bock, Mann, Russell, Helmburg, Panek, Congdon, McAvoy, Foster, Miss Naruszewicz arg Row J Schultz, Fuss, Clark, ware, Bradigan, Crane C Schultz, L Sausaman, Huf , Sobeckl Presldent June Johanson Vice President Marie Tylock Correspondlng Secretary Nancy Kelley Treasurer Virginia Fbster Chaplain Virginia Cardot Advisor Miss J Naruszewicz The Tri H1 Y has had a comparatlvely successful year, having en gaged several sneakers to address the club and undertaking projects The biggest and most important progect was repainting the corporation signs for the village Our annual dance was held in the fall, with Mabel Seegerts orches tra providing muslc for both round and square dancing A Chrlstmas party was held in the school cafeterla December 12th with Alice Huff and Carol Deering acting as co chalrmen Our tentative activities for the future include the publishing of a News letter and organizing a radio program N ,,, , ,,-: I D 2 ' Q ' 3 e o 2 o . --: . q . . f '. . A I D O I I I D I O I I 3 I I O C I Secretary. . . . . . . . . Gladys Deering I l O O O Q I I I 0 u I I 0. I I I I O I Q A l I A i Q O . - . an 0 . ' Q 41 R I-Ii-Y lst Row M O'Connell, F Voiser, N B1e, R Lawton, H Fox, R Bradigan, L Hall, L Ferry, J Muck, J Molser, J Whlte 2nd Row R Sanders, K Johnson, G Kunznan, R Ellman, M Snow, P Fancher, R Crowell, E Crowell, G Myatt, A Hledt, L Parsell, Mr Labuzzetta G Ulacker, N white, T Terry, J Huff, H Lawton, T Grevlesh, W Greiner, J Woolley, R Grisanti, D Houck The Hi Y Club of Forestville Central School this year as in the years past, have tried to live up to the high moral code, which is to create, maintain, and extend through the home, school, and community high standards of christian character Under the direction of Mr Theodore Labuzzetta, the club has had a very satisfactory year up to this time we held initiation for the new members and tried to show them our purpose We also sent delegates to the Bill Convention that was held in Fredonia this year we have had some fine movies from the United States Army Signal Corps that were very interesting and educational to all who saw them we have tried through the whole year to do things that will make us a better club For the remaining semester, we plan to try to have more movies and to have a service project If possible, we plan to have a movie for the public for which we plan to charge admission. Also we plan to send de legates to the ccnference this year we hope that by our efforts we are setting an example and pattern for our under classmates to follow in the years after our graduation a : 0 Q3 'U - 6 JO I T 3rd Row: A.Riohter, G.Salsman, W.Campbell, F.Rayne, G.White, R.Anderson 42 Sports ,Is , T' -SJVADOY Skagit! N f Q0 me I - . of t X "zz C fo J Many people, both young and old enjoy some kind of sport. Hunting and fishing are sports as well as golf, horseback riding, baseball, and basketball. Because many people are interested, many magazines and booksv are published not only to entertain, but also to help them better understand and enjoy their favorite sports. Many books are necessary in keeping the records and accounts of a sport. Timing and accuracy in thought and action are just as important in playing as they are in writing a book. without these things, either may be a failure. Cheerleaders Lorraine Sausaman, Captain Rosemary Gostomski Dolores Ciminella Connie Schultz Marie Tylock Barbara Kidd Dolores Russ CHEERLEADERS 44 Foot IDG' I lst Row Kunzman, Waterman, Griewisch, G White, Mlacker, Myatt, Salz man, Ferry, B1e 2nd Row Coach Jayne, Falcone, Muck, Gene Kunzman, Sanders, Cum ings, Langford, J White, Crowell It seems that this year there is a great scarcity of experienced athletes. Our 1 and 6 record in football for '52, was a pretty good indication. The one victory was against Mayville by a score 18 to 16 while losing to Pine Valley, Panama, Ripley, Clymer, Cassadaga Valley and Sherman. Gary Mlacker was elected team captain. with the exception of two seniors, we will have the same team back this fall. Having a yearls experience under their helmets should give us a much better record. ', V, K ' i Q . -fi! '12 Q. Q . 0 A ' -.1 1-. ' Q . il Q o s 45 Basket bel I lst Row R Ellman, L Ferry, L Hall, R Crowell, C Crowell, 4 Zawicki, J Woolley, J Huff 2nd Row J Muck, D Fancher, W Greiner, G Salzman, K Dalley, T Grle wisch, E Saurlol, D Bie, R Bradigan, A Heldt, Coach Jayne Forestville North Collins' Cassadaga Valley Brocton Pine Valley Westfield Silver Creek Dunklrk Industrial Cassadaga Valley Brocton Non league games In basketball, as in football, the experience is limited The team is shaping up nicely however, and shows hopes of a far better record for the next couple of years to come Our lone win thus far has been Dunkirk Industrial, the only school with an enrollment the size of ours 31 3 'Q .II 1 Il V' H ua 50 Little Valleym " 14.2 Bo - N M3 87 H 27 B2 - " 38 36 ' . II H 33 H5 46 I Advert isin sir ' Q0 .-ef' gl' 661+ 4.4. c,9' The Senior Class of Fbrestville Central School, '53 wishes to thank the businessmen represented on the following pages , for advertising with us. we lmow that we have this yearbook because you were kind and generous to us. Perhaps you have yearbooks that were published when you were a pupil and from time to time, you look at them re-living the days when you were in school. we will be able to do that too, and we will also come to you for the things we need that you can supply, remembering that you were thoughtful of us. il- 1 COI'1PLlNEl1T5 OF THE 5 PORT SHOP A wma Bank may samcfeek rfr CUXKK L SYHTH and SON SEEDS J FEEDS FOR FXLLYOUR-NEEDS SHAU LE NYLUNE ED NPANY A FORESTVI LLE r-new Yom: iz-A Pu lt CONPLINENTS f INIUIBIBS USIRKDKEIEIRY Phone, Z4-H BRWINER5 momma STORE extends best' washes to the, C S5 'F 1955 ex lr ki opt . th ' for ? the year. Ah - I f-""x TI --' s I I ' in l l 4 I . 1.1-1113 u. vy oval Bmw 5ulPln.S, 0 H i I The Yearbo wish to thank Y k again giving ' to typ, the m 3 F01-estvnne New Ol' book. Hs is A P the pages the find hold sum advisor takes for thoss! 5 I s I 1 3 an 1 L 1 I 3 1 3 1 1 C I ' 3 3 Q Q Q S I l Aj LA s o 4 -lil PARK SHOE STORES WI as Are e I Knwn Fo.- Goo 'tyle Expert Fitting Prices You Like an C 9 1: It SILVER CREEK DUN KIRK FREDDNIA v R on 3: tuhtl sons Class up Congmtuxates P'-pm the MI Semov Class W Cv Zn FICE SUP Gf Main Street , ,i'P -Q0 F0REf1YM.EE92P,wi'ff5RKfT Q54 Qj gpg SUNOCO-SERVICE A Z Lu rscahon Car Washmg Ygnutuon Servuce Light Repmr W rk GKOCERI ES PRODUC E- Days 457' phone 4882Nlghts PHONE ZW, FDKESTVILLE 2,4 HOUR TOWING SERVICE dm th CONGRATULATIONS 1 1 TO THE Hmm Wiinihf CLASS or 55 MEAT5 1t1ng f y 111111 a 1 s th Ph 5058 : Th y y 1 Thy 2 h 1 T'2wh A BEET p u 1: 1th high bl 4 Q, A DUCK hi R th R 6 A R 1 1 1 11 f p 111 g y S H o P FORESTVILLE 2 lg ' ' ' .If I O o an: W I'm pleased to see 1s dense crow re on gh ." V 1 f om rear: nDon't be too pl ed. w 1 ' a 1 densen . Of cerf to man pac e s dewal at I 2 A. . " at are you o re?" Man: " I forgot my house key and I'm - wa or m c ren to come heme an e me 1 1 Voice on e A y par t t home?N A s r W e was, b t th sn't no V ioe: e was T y sn' ere'l y r g ammer?n Q A swer: " Sh t t t ." 4 is d 4:55 :lf P 1 1 shoes. 1 worried g p . D 1 g t e art o u ur feet away faster th y p t an step on th . 1 ....... 50 V E E CONGRATULATIONS TOT!-IE CLASS OF 1953 FROM THE MEMBERS OF THE JAMESTOWN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE KEEP JAIVIESTOWN IN YOUR FUTURE JAIIQESTOWINI NEW YGRK QBROOK 0 s"y ' QI 41 fi' WALLACES Q GRADE A 'pi' QPF og DRY Cocos "' Dresses- Clothing -Hotiong VITAMIN D MILK lnfanfs 90. 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Suggestions in the Forestville Central High School - Echo Yearbook (Forestville, NY) collection:

Forestville Central High School - Echo Yearbook (Forestville, NY) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Forestville Central High School - Echo Yearbook (Forestville, NY) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Forestville Central High School - Echo Yearbook (Forestville, NY) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 1


Forestville Central High School - Echo Yearbook (Forestville, NY) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 23

1953, pg 23

Forestville Central High School - Echo Yearbook (Forestville, NY) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 24

1953, pg 24

Forestville Central High School - Echo Yearbook (Forestville, NY) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 34

1953, pg 34

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