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XIBX Qxix li M II EX LIBRIS i , ,M M, -.. k...,. v The Line -up n 1 Guchl The Fai thful 2 H-:LLM THEEC 0 PRESEPI TED BY- GLASS "Y 5EFU0R 1952 Fcjrestvi Ile Central School Forestville,NewYork H O NRE ORD nIt's time to come to school.n Many generations of school children in our village heard and heeded the call of the bell, as it pealed its message over the housetops. When its days of usefulness were over and the electric bells and clocks in our new building took over its work, soft hearted alumni placed it in its present structures, and it became a symbol of our school The history of the methods of getting information from one place to another is a long one. Savages beat drumsg the Indian used smoke signals. Morse and Bell gave the Atlantic cable and the telephone to past generations, but it took men of the twen- tieth century to produce the modern miracles of radio and tele- vision. These are only goals in the long quest for things above and beyond what we have. We have chosen television as a symbol of modern living and as a theme for our yearbook. We of Forestville Central School live in an age of rapidly changing times. The old ideas are moving out to create room for the new ones. Among these is the television set, the symbol of the new world to be. We, like the television set, are starting out on a new way Behind us, our sets, our scripts, and directors have all been planned for usg now we are to plan our own. We have made mis- takes and we will make mistakes, but like television, we will keep going forward, learning as we go. It is with pride that we present this edition of The Echo. May it preserve some of the memories and leave a record of the Class of 'S2. 4 DEDICATIO s 5 Homer W, Fleming. For the past year "Coach" has been our class advisor. We have sincerely appreciated his friend- ship, guidance and understanding that has made our last year happy and successful. We, the Class of '52, express our appreciation by dedicating this edition of' the Echo to the Senior Class Advisor, Mr. Fleming. 5 ADMI ISTRATIO The office clock measures time and as the day slips away, it signals the orders for reporting in the home rooms, going to the various classes, and marking the end of the school day. The administration of our school plans the routine of our days and fits the work that we are to cover into the time pe- riods. When we are late, or miss the time allowed for a task, there is a bad spot and confusion results in the smooth running of the program. There is no place where a well-timed program is needed more than on television, and anyone who does not carry out his plan to a split second causes not only confusion and misunder- standing, but loss of money as well. 6 PRI CIPAL YW Edwin D, Kennedy. Our State Constitution opens with these solemn words: Uwe the people of the State of New York, grateful to Almighty God for our Freedom, in order to secure its blessings, do establish this Consti- tution.n I hope that the Forestville Central School has done its part to convince the members of this Class that this fundamental belief and dependence of the American--always religious--always free people, is the best security against the dangers of these difficult days. Being constantly confronted with the basic truths of our exis- tance and inspired by the example of our ancestors, we hope that the work in our school has brought lawful authority, and that the supporting the training in the God, for parents, and for your into focus and will accord respect for school has fulfilled its function of home, ever intensifying your love for country. 7 BOARD 0F EDUCATIO s Mr. Grover Town president Mr. Edwin Butcher Mr. Arthur Black , . ,L W X2 Oi Q V' . +4 ix Sa 1 -3' is s Nr Ernest Donahue Mrs. Myrtle Town MPS- Lucile cooley Mr. Russell Everhart treasurer clark The members of the Board of Education welcomedzinew member to their group last fall. Mr. Edwin Butcher replaced Mr. Bert Babcock who had served on the board since its formation after centralization in 1938. During the past two years the number of buildings on the nschool hilln have increased until we begin to look like a real com unity. For some time we have been planning to build a gar- age for present and future buses. This was brought to the vote of the people and passed at the Annual Meeting in 1951. All ar- rangements were made, and the contractors started excavating on October first. In spite of a very early winter, work progressed satisfac- torily, and the garage was accepted and occupied on February 1, 1952. After the area in front of the building has been surfac- ed with blacktop this summer, we will have another good looking addition to the present plant. Fbr the first time, we have a full time guidance teacher and a driver's training course. .Both of these additions to the services of the school should have far-reaching results in stu- dent life even after leaving school. The purchase of two fine pianos has added much to the suc- cessful functioning of the music department, and we are looking forward to another year of continued progressive improvement. 8 hw October. 1 , 1951 nSchoo1 Hilln Driver?s Training and Victims 9 Y i xm 'Refine dy .. ,K fi il sas Q. Nur. Principal ,,- .I V L V ' , if s i ,1 . leg? V 1 if A. if ' ., , , ., 9 g liz Ivk I 4 , S ' 'do 5wI1'ai-ggixe N11-. L8-buzzemba V-IH '59-QGWY mr WX. ' 061 science English h 5 fi is i T3 iv fig Q-ssfssffws fi' e 1 Jw' 6+ is Y , 9 ' - ,gf , 2 iii, . ,W 1 T1 el. 1" i " . , - 'J' ii Lhk X . M ,,f,w f LX 5 . i n 4 t m Al fs 'K ,. T MS, 91,95 mr. mmaeii. mr. Sold mr. R. Ban Mrs. Wilder ,Wt Eng, Soo. Science Cogmrerciei hgriwywre Home Nia-king, . V .knit i .3 gi 1 s ,- e ,nv ,Sf Mme "'h"' m V is K ,Q Q i s e i 1 s K Sv A s 1 .,,. x.A.:Q... is rf N-rs. Nobeg Nu.. G, 39.11 Nurs. Cgmpbeii mf- X-assert? Junior High 5mio1- High Junior High GONWSGXGY Social Science V 5555, Yingiish l ,L,xQ A Axxk W 'A - ' I .. wg 551 e ., A A .kqwpsetl . Y I gg? li. . in ..., M if . ,L . I K . f e e+ s is .. is M55 fiayior Nw- Strong Nix-5. Ca-:mia Nxr. Se-nfii1i90 Miss iangendorfe Hutsg Music Music Yhysioai bd. Physical Ed. 10 I ,vs e Q Mrs. Fqgqhqm lfilzdergar-gpg Q fa- ' ' 1 Q. . ?e Q4 7'?TQ?R " SZ- we 1 ., . gl i, if' N kyy A V, I -vl gy enfwa ,S if ' " QP eee -p 3? we ,., Q MH-Ss Swift N ' LL'i W lst. grade 31:-S. Noellez- M!'l,F'08t9I' Mrs. Johansen lst. End. grades 2I1d- grade 31-d. grade , . - K I '-, ff VP 4 , :f- W ' ' kk ,ly i 7EQ3e N? k ii? efk g Qggg'Q ,, H:-s.Fessenden Nz-s.F'is1,,,. NPS. Strong Mrs, nate,-man Hrs Rudi a 3:-d.41:h. gr-qdee WI- sl-ado WI- slide 51:11. sch. grades e sthfgrideg " ig: ., A Y I 3353 i QA' ' Qa iE2i :i?f3?b2?f if 2 w:gsf,He , Vewmg Z , if A 4, I1-Us Zlhyl oz- Abbey s Neue 0 s fr Mrs . Fancher Ba OWI1 6118 we 1' Q WW 3' if 9 Yonkers 1 l t Cowd s Donahue Owner ' I L' .f f PP Ville s on faiths Kills .rut S ll i e. A yy. Miss V , QURS-P1866 Willoughhy laer ? SE IOR yyfillo, .,,, W K K 2 mfg' at .g of K fy V K Nsyw 3 fyfjvyf fi K Y d is ii W ' ni Gi f Q ix +P? Q as , to ,S- a Af 'W pg Q' ld 11. 435 15? M N ' Q sf 38 is if .s i 4 eff? 8 3 ii? s Q 4? dy gy! 145 k.w ..-- .,,,-, ' i" 'siidy E h 488 4' Nec -6 ,gets , ,IN 4 lir . fs- as Q Q Q w , is i 5 U fart siqgx F 1 ..', .V,k, .. RQ A X, 3 9 M t LLl - 4-45' 'fx 'SQ vas? A-Vw Quk Enid Q dx lv- egg A ,or 1 a vis? . A rg 4 A rv' A F me ' ' A diploma is proof that we have achieved a certain goal by completing a given amount of work. In radio, a contract between an advertiser and the radio corporation certifies that certain conditions have been met. If television did not issue contracts, there would be a great change in the entertainment it offers. If we do not earn a diploma we will find out later that it is harder to get a good job. This diploma, which is a symbol of what we have done, will help us in the years to come as television is a step in spread- ing news and entertainment. We have worked hard for our diploma and hope to continue our education and become successful. Tele- vision has been on trial for many years and is reaching toward a future of greater achievement. 13 SE IOR 0FFICER D. Workoff, G. Dawley, N. McGuire, J.Everhart, Class Colors Green and White Class Flower White Rose ., rx. - 5 g' r f W.Wil1S, B.Wi1kenS, J Uverhart Motto: Today we follow, tomorrow we lead. President Vice President ------- Secretary ------- Treasurer Student Council ------- 15 James Everhart Betty Wilkens Wilma wilis Joan Everhart Grace Dawley Donald Workoff f I M Y 0 Q . SE IOR iw ,pw 4. A ft ' ff ' Zq W , , v,k Z fi i L M A-' V A -M -"- ig! K - . mg, n ' J 1 -4 'C C 4 H . fvQJvdf'7fdfff-145wLfw'?L Wk x 2 , Sf MX, as 4 Q H K '42 is 4 'mg Vg Q ik 'W' Sf H M L Q xgfe P E IOR ZI: , K K I t 1:13 7 '?'Q'f'5 A -ia, ' l if 1 T y , , A-n H 7 W - 4-was A ' ' L 4A . , .., , ,5f, , ' , lt 'A" M 15 E l0R f ' 'NX fig ' .,.., if K ID QW .. m gsm, , P ... x ,J 1 - Knvfmg gwyv. 71044. -dlofwdff 7722 6'2fi2,L4-we f ' ,N A - ' nr .Q-,,.. Q 7: A --nl? fs fk., . I-H jg fpwu H 5,461 CM, CLMZ AW r YI Q L A. , L M l . f? fig i 16 E IOR 1- A V .. sw ,gi sH5Jjg nw if ag A , f , . - .g - m J WLQQWM v ' 'FE . .'L' Vgf y shgi-': , . "W 3 ,,ff"" ' , I gh-1 Quite an experiment, 17 BIOGR PHIE Eudora Mae Cody nFull of fun and fancy freeu Tri-Hi-Y h F.H.A. l,2,3, Secretary h Chorus 1,2,3,h Girls Basketball 1,2 Plays l,2,3 Senior Play Cast uDoryn will be remembered for her parts in our Junior and Senior Plays. Without her, they would not have been a success. Her future plans are to join the Navy. Charlotte Patricia Congdon nYoung and Knot sol innocentn Yearbook Staff Bookkeeper h F.H.A. 2,3, Reporter h Girls Basketball l,2,3,h Plays l,2,3 Senior Play Cast nCharn is the youngest member of our class, but is far from being the quietest. We all feel that History Class would not have been the same without her. She has no definite plans for the future. Grace Larraine Cummings nHere today, gone tomorrrown Yearbook Staff 3,u Art Editor F.H.A. l, Secretary 2,3,h sand l,2,3,ll Chorus l Girls Basketball 2,h Plays 3 Senior Play Cast nGracien is one of the best dancers in our class. She has majored in Science and has plans of becoming a medical secretary. Eleanor Grace Dawley nLove me, love my dogu Student Council Treasurer h Band l,2,3, Reporter h Chorus 2,h Plays 3 Senior Play Director and Prompter Class President 2, Student Council h nGracieNis one of our better-natured classmates. She has participated in all class activities. Her future plans include being a nurse. Joan Carol Everhart nEarly to bed, early to risen Tri-Hi-Y l,2, Vice-President 3, President h Band 1, 2, Librarian 3,h Chorus l,2, Vice-President 3 Cheerleaders l,2,3,h Plays l,2 Class Secretary l, Treasurer 2,3,h 18 nJoanHis a very busy member of our class. She will be remembered for her fine musical ability. She plans to go to Fredonia State Teachers College and will major in elementary education. Herbert James Everhart nGabriel, blow your hornn Hi-Y l, Chaplain 2, Secretary h Band l,2,3,h President Chorus 3,h Tumbling 2,3,h Football 2 Baseball 2 Basketball l,2,3,h Plays 1,3 Senior Play Cast Class President M nTexn joined our class last year to become our class president this year. We are proud of the parts he had in our Junior and Senior plays. He intendsto go to college this coming fall. Richard Allen Franwick nwhich twin has the Tonin Student Council 2 Yearbook Staff 2,3 Hi-Y Reporter 2, Treasurer 3, President h Chorus 3 ' Plays 2,3 Senior Play Cast Boys' State 3 nRichn is known for the fine photographs that he has taken of the events and students around school. He plans to be a therapist. Jeanne Eileen Fuss nNaughty, but nicen Yearbook Staff 3,h Advertising Manager Tri-Hi-Y LL F.H.A. 1,2, Treasurer 3, Vice-President A Chorus 1,3, Secretary M Tumbling l,2,3 Girls Basketball l,2,3,h Senior Play Director and Prompter l nJeannd'has participated in almost every activity that our class has had. Her favorite interest right now is bowling. She has no definite plans for the future. Virginia Marie Grisanti nSilence is goldenn Student Council M F.H.A. 1,2 Band 3,h Chorus 1,2 nGinnyn is a quiet member of our class, but is also very willing and co- 0P6PHtiVe- Her main ambition is to work in an office. 19 Barbara Maureen Kane uGheer up! The worst is yet to comein Chorus l,2,3 Girls Basketball 1,2 Senior Play Cast Girls Ensemble l,2,3 nMaureenhis the best-looking and the best-dressed girl in our class. She has majored in business, but her plans for the future are indefinite. Roger Casimer Levandoske nDevil on wheelsn Yearbook Staff 3,14 Hi-Y 3, Chaplain h F.F.A. 2,3, Treasurer M Tumbling l,2,3,h Football l,2,3,h Boys Basketball 3,h Senior Play Sound Effects Rochester Inter-Scholastic VRogn will be remembered for his so-called laugh. His main interests are tumbling and roller skating. His plans for the future are to become a mechani- cal engineer. Nancy Lee McGuire nGood things come in small packagesn Chorus l,2,3,h Plays 3 Senior Play Cast Class Vice-President 2, Reporter h uNanceu is against the fact that she is short. She likes square dances and wrestling matches. Her main interest right now is a maroon convertible. Barbara Jeanne Nelson nLife can be dismaln Tri-Hi-Y 3 F.H.A. LL Band l,2,3 Girls Basketball M Library Club 1 nBarbn is one of the quiet members of our class but a steady and depend- able helper when asked. Her plans after graduation are to join the Womens'Air Force. Dorothy Mae Philbrick nAbsence makes the heart grow fondern Student Council h F.H.A. 3,h Chorus 1,2 Plays 3 Prompter Senior Play Cast nDotn is a very cheerful member of our class. Her main interests are now centered around a certain truck driver, and we have a feeling that this will continue after graduation. 20 Donald Paul Richter nMakes mountains out of mole hillsn F.F.A. l,2,3,h Band 2,3 Football Manager 1,2 Boys Basketball 3,h Senior Play Stage Manager nDonu is one of the best liked boys in our class. We will remember his ready wit and his pleasing personality. His ambition is to own and operate a scoop shovel. Ada Carol Sager i NCrazy over Horsesn Tri-Hi-Y li F.H.A. Lt Band l Chorus l,2,3, Vice-President A Girls Basketball l,2,3,h Plays 2 Senior Play Prompter nAceyn is one of the most athletic girls in our class. Everyone in the class knows of her ready wit and humor. She has majored in Home Economics but would like to become a telephone operator in Jamestown. Janice Marie Sanders nVariety is the Spice of Lifen Yearbook Staff Editor 3 and h F.H.A. l, Treasurer 2, President 3, Treasurer h Girls Basketball 2,3,h Senior Play Director and Prompter Class Reporter l, President 3 nJann is one of the most actiye members of our class. She will be remem- bered for her part in directing our class plays. At present she is interested in a '38 Chevy and has no definite plans for the future. Donald Dana Spears nLove me little, love me longn Student Council 3 Hi-Y 3,h F.F.A. 2, Student Council 3, Vice-President L Chorus 3 Football 2,3,h Baseball 2,3,h 1 Basketball 2,3,h Plays 2,3 nBuckn is the tallest and one of the most athletic members of our class. His main ambition is to marry and have a happy life. Betty Mae Wilkens nRings on her fingersn Student Council Reporter 3 Chorus 1 Plays 1,2 Class Reporter l Class Officer Student Council 3, Vice-President M nBettyn is part of the backbone of our class because she is always around when something needs to be done. She is the only engaged member of our class and plans to be married sometime after graduation. 21 Wilma LaMar Wills nMaiden! with the meek brown eyesn Student Council 1 Yearbook Staff 3,h F.H.A. 1,2,3, President M Chorus 1, Treasurer 2 and 3 Tumbling 1,2 Girls Basketball M Cheerleaders l,2,3, Captain M Plays 3 Senior Play Cast Class Officer Student Council l, Secretary 2,3,h nPunky'is another member of our class who seems to be in everything. She will be remembered for her good will in these activities. At present, she has no definite plans for the future. Donald Edward Workoff nAs cold as a cucumbern Student Council 3, President M Hi-Y 2,3, Treasurer A Boys Chorus 3 Football 2,3,LL Baseball 3,h Basketball 2,3,h Senior Play Cast nDonn will be remembered by our class for his participation in sports and his hgm ing. His great ambition is to become a millionaire. We think he will ma e . SE IOR PLAY 22 The Senior Class Presents HSEVENTEEN IS TERRIFICN directed by Mr. H. Fleming THE CAST Doctor Allenby Donald Workoff Mrs. wagner Charlotte Congdon Hannah Hawks Eudora Cody Chuck Allenby James Everhart Barbie Allenby Maureen Kane Janie Allenby Wilma Wills Billy Allenby Richard Franwick Patsy Gardner Nancy McGuire Nancy Pomeroy Dorothy Philbrick George Bennett Thomas Austin Ginny Grant Grace Cummings Hugo Jarvis Eugene Austin COM ITTEES Prompters Grace Dawley, Janice Sanders, Jeanne Fuss, Ada Carol Sager Properties Donald Richter, Roger Levandoske Programs Betty wilkens, Virginia Grisanti 25 E. IOR HI TORY Our present seniors who started school here in the first grade were Wilma Wills, Virginia Grisanti, and Joan Everhart. This trio was expanded to a sex- tet when Jeanne Fuss, Janice Sanders, and Roger Levandoske enrolled in the second grade. Things quieted down some when Roger Levandoske left at the end of the year. Everything was going swell until the fifth grade when Richard Franwick entered and Roger came back. In the sixth grade,the class was honored to have Maureen Kane and Grace Cummings enter. Then, at the end of the year, Janice Sanders left us to make room for Grace Dawley, Nancy McGuire, and Don Spears, who joined our class in the seventh grade. Don left in the middle of the yean This lightened the load of many at Forestville Central School. Two of the class brains, Betty Wilkens and Eudora Cody, joined us in the eight grade. Our HBabyn, In the Sophomore year,the and Acey Sager joined the back to us. Jim Everhart Charlotte Congdon, joined us in our Freshman year. class was increased when Barbara Nelson, Don Workoff family. Then Jan Sanders and Don Spears had to come and Don Richter joined us in our Junior year. This brings our total class number to 21 rugged individuals. As Freshmen, we won second prize on our float in the Halloween Parade. We also held a Saint Patrick's Dance in March. The following class members ,held official positions: Eileen O'Conne1l,President, Lester Bernett,Vice-President, Joan Everhart, Secretary, Lorraine Arnold, Treasurer, Bert Crane and Wilma Wills, Student Council, Mr. Gerald Hall, Advisor. when we were Sophomores, we presented a play for assembly called uShe'll Be Coming Around the Mountain.n In April, we held our class dance. Official positions were held by: Grace Dawley, President, Nancy McGuire,Vice-President, Wilma Wills, Secretary, Lorraine Arnold, Treasurer, Eileen O'Connell and Richard Franwick, Student Council, Gerald Eggleston, Reporter, Mr. Theodore Labuzzetta, Advisor. we started our year as Juniors by winning first prize with our Halloween float. Our play and dance were also quite successful. We received our class rings in January. Holding official positions were: Thomas Austin, President, Janice Sanders, Vice-President, Wilma Wills, Secretary, Joan Everhart, Treas- urer, Betty Wilkens and Don workoff, Student Council, Gene Austin, Reporter, Mr. John Hagerty, Advisor. As Seniors, we have achieved much to remember. We sold more magazines than any other class. Our play, nSeventeen is Terrificn, was a huge success The Varsity Show, the Senior Prom, and our trip to Washington, all were a huge success. Our class officers were: James Everhart, President, Betty Wilkens, Vice-President, Wilma Wills, Secretary, Joan Everhart, Treasurer, Donald Work- off and Grace Dawley, Student Council, Nancy McGuire, Reporter, Mr. H.Fleming, Advisor. In graduating, we, has achieved and passed ones. We also, hope to programs of television, the Class of 1952, have attained a goal. Television many goals. It is still going on to more important go on to greater goals. Some of our members, as some will be known more widely than others. But we will make our mark, and we hope that with this mark, we will have made the world a better place to live in. 24 We, the and bequeath Richard think, needs them. Don Workoff wills ASS ILL class of 1952, after much thought and deliberation,do hereby will to our successors such worldly goods as apertain to us. Franwick wills his ability to make jokes to Harold Lawton, who,we his off-key humming to George Myatt. Maybe you'll win prizes with this too, George. Don Sgears wills his variety of girls to Ernie McGuire who just might be lonesome on Saturday nights. Wilma Wills wills her cheering ability to Brenda Bradigan. with this and tumbling, Brenda will be able to attain great heights. Jeanne Fuss wills her height to Darlene Ferneza who now can reach great heights without climbing. Barbara Nelson wills her parking place to Alice Austin, who, as we under- stand lt, Is looking for one. Betty Wilkens wills her diamond to Darlene Valentine. We are sure that will They n eep his Grace Cummin even teach im to do a Maureen Kane just Vir inia Grisanti shoul be seen an not Doroth Philbrick Janice Sanders wills her wa t to E t s wills her save Ray some expense. hog-calling ability to her brother, Ray Sanders. talent in the family. dancing ability to Mr. Labuzzetta. Maybe you can tango, Grace. wants to leave. wills her quietness to Leo Parsell because little boys heard. leaves her back homework to Mr. Hagerty. She left it this long so it m g t as well be for good. Nancy McGuire leaves her cooking ability to the Homemaking III Class. But on second thought, maybe she'll need it for future use. Grace Dawley wills her one dimple to Mike O'Gonnell. We think he will be able to impress the teachers more. Ace Sa er wills her athletic ability to Carol Bock. This may help you be the best orward in basketball, Carol. Joan Everhart has taking lt all with her. decided she needs everything she has and therefore is Don Richter leaves his Chevy to Gene White because this car knows the way to Nashville. Ro er Levandoske was going to leave his tumbling ability UJRichard Lawton but t en e t oug t e had better take it with him. Jim Everhart gives his musical ability to Albert Franklin. Maybe you can play ln the Senior play too, Albert. Charlotte Con don leaves her mathematical ability to Mr. Fleming because she is getting t re of seeing him use his fingers and toes. Eudora Cod leaves her acting ability to Alice Huff. If you don't mind playing t e part of a maid, Alice. 25 A K K Best Looking and Best Dressed s r ,E 7 ZAJ i , El .,.,, ,ll A X' a Gigglest UPERLATI E . .- - JJ , s . . ' S ' .- v v, ,,L, Ml, V Q, 1 . s v- . , V - - 1' ,ztfffvffilffifees . A . ? ily! ,K A . xr, X .. ' .' ' . T wx 2 1 H' 8' ,spy 4 - --Js's ...i Lash K v .3 1 , r 'ref Host Athletic Youngest Uitti9st 2 : wus f ,i gl t x 'fx 1. v X. - was X Sh t st Quietest or e Best Dancers ,t 'W,, f, que? . . f 'A J l'fQTi?m , 3 . M . fi W l Q- T ggggg X gg Best katured V . . Most Musical Host likely most HPtlStlC to Succeed ' ff Lis' M, Q55 E3 Ii Most Studious Tallest Best Liked Best Mannered End Noisiest 26 BABY PICTURE 1 W Nm-...M....,.m.,W. W . 1-rf t .1 D 9. -1 af ' ' Q 4 Q.-wg, ,sl -::,. ' 'sq 1: Q '21, 52' , - A . -, eff T": "M" , I -.. ": WM I ' W 'W' W ' Q w .W m ,, ' ff'ff:ff., 'WM ., , W l Egv c. , . if . . wws1Mi,w?f:wi,,:x:+ . ' . .. . . , :ga N gy K p cc c 1 .4 JA I2 J' Q 'gr lk , Wfefg ff' , ., R75 . .. L, I if :Sis ax S A x N -Q Q W X ,AL Y 5 +2 'S W X ,iw ,, , T If 1' . W, W 1 9 in-v 7+ N .Q-mf f' L -:gy , j' IE'Ql,Q ,A. ,LL V K' f K"'7,,3,:QQi.fQi3r , "Don R," Jan I! Ji-In!! S? . , 3 , ,...1e'c c M, mf A - .. J 0 ,LXL 4,6 - L , I 3 f 9' km' L ' J if N: Y A 'R I, . ' 5' A 'Ig . 1 hy! u ' - fs, ,NS f' ' ,' ga If Z 'L,, gg , 4 in .. ..-n - H QS ,W It 'S c A L- n Punkyn N D1 ckn " Barb" gig 2' AF! M ,- - Q V cf' war- , 2 V 1 ' ES sf' Pi 5 ? 1 3? ,F WV 4 ,k,VW ll RO gl! ,K ,. , gy ',.- Mx . ' Q- 4 vc ,,E. V, . - 1' ' ws gf " 3, 'x il' rs .E X 5 5 A ML x A .9 Kimggsv ,S W v ,,. ,, W, jf wf M1 'R 1 sri if fa -, X . gf, is c. M 1, 'J f 1 ,Q 3, 4. wg? , -Q K " sv Gu Q as if 5 , 3 Ps' u s 1 if 4 A . Q. . . e H JO an fl ll I . ll "Nancy ' Gracie C. l l " Char" igikaifii Q' - .. . ' ' V L K'k, - L' I ,,,,, L Q,A , .... , :k,: i z , Y," EN' F' X , im g QW, -"-- 5 f. L, .AL .S ik 'L -, XG ,Q digit " Dor'y" af 1 , .1 V .4., . K E .,.,V. ,A , . ., . b j',ai':?f .. "2g',-'gi -25 22 2 :-. :,:' 15.:.: .f -, ,1 - ' MSW? Y .sw "Gracie D." 27 ll Ginnyu Il Bettyn E R Avis!! an 4cQ?53 Y:'ifg5z .fx 'Ej v - 4 sq? ",.A 2 ,, f X f- isp . , Ln, fr - 1 4 s i 'sh f,ki'Af.c , Q if L 'S " 'f' ,rc , , . .- ., 1 if "ww rl. " Je anne" U D RCLASSM ' V sa 12 1 1Q,.k fLLL -Yi? s i f'H . C 11 Richard Lawton Ronald Crowell Jugigi piggident Sophomore President Freshman President The gavel symbolizes the bringing together of a group for business and program. In television, the beginning of a new program is marked with time signals. In the classroom the noise is quieted by one or more taps of the bell on the desk. On the television screen, they have an announcement or the sound of a character's voice that will bring our gaze to the set. Every beginning of a program is different and so it is in the classroom where each teacher has his own way to bring about order and quiet before business can begin. 28 JU IORCLASS OF 19 3 lst Row: B.Szumigala, V.Cardot, H.Lawton, A.Frontuto, H.Manning, A. Franklin, Cfioehn, G.Myatt, C.Deering, D.Ferneza. End Bow: J.Johansen, P.Kidd, M. Fox, E.Crowell, A.Wilcox, R.Gostomski. iid Row: J.Schultz, J.Parsell, L.Sausaman, D.Russ, B.Nelson, P.Waxham, F.Press, F.Waligora, M.Birach, D.White, Mr. Hall. gtg Row: H.Mohr, F.Payne, G.White, E.Campbell, R.Anderson, E.Eemus. President ........ Earl Crowell Vice President ...... Monty Fox Secretary . . . . Anna Wilcox Treasurer , . . . . Rosemary Gostomski Echo Reporter . . . . June Johanson Student Council . . . Peggy Kidd William Zawicki Advisor . . . . . Mr. Gerald Hall The Juniors started the year right by having the school's first dance. It was a success as were the other activities that followed. We won second prize with our Halloween float. We enjoyed arranging the float as much as we enjoyed winning the prize. Our class rings were chosen early in the year with the hope that we would receive them before Christmas. Our play, HA Mind of Her Ownn was a wonderful hit. The cast included Bill Campbell, Rosemary Gostomski, Janet Schultz, Harold Lawton, Lorraine Sausaman, Mary Birach, June Johanson, Peggy Kidd, George Myatt, Richard An- derson, Dolores Russ, Frances Waligora, and Virginia Cardot. Now that we've taken over the senior's activities, we're on our way to the top! Washington, here we come!!! 29 UNIOR PLAY what a success!!! H night of February lh Jim Bartlett Delia Bartlett Bunny Bartlett Tommy Bartlett Nettie Bartlett Steve Henderson Carol Russell Hugh Randall Jessica Atwood Miss Flora Mrs. Phelps Delphine Lindy Lizzie The Junior Class presented its first real play, and A Mind of Her Ownn was presented the C A S T Bill Campbell Rosemary Gostomski Janet Schultz Harold Lawton Lorraine Sausaman George Myatt Dolores Russ Richard Anderson June Johanson Frances Waligora Virginia Cardot Peggy Kidd Mary Birach The entire class worked hard under the direction of Gerald Hall and was well-rewarded by the applause of the appreciative audience. 50 J' T. L. and his problems After the game 51 51 ,Fan D-G D - vs- , L- at we ?i.0ftetabsZet2i' vanetimeelw 3 e 9 0 I' 9 , T22-i,iSXg'9 ' xr Pilexsg 01150130 C-Rus2i4,G'Boc , President . . . vkfliou vin- Vice President . eral J- Secretary . . . Treasurer .'. . Student Council Echo Reporter . Advisor . . . . WS: Svkndriins ,Y Pgnhue 1 5,657 Q-Hzfsegrieiang?3se11 exe, C' Jsifgniealat .'5EY1uTEil1t0f" 3? . Peweu' L0Arn 1195: 136118, GK: R' fOTd' ' chefs Tenne Clm qgl0 Lani . Richard Lawton . Lyle Ferry . Marie Tylock V . Virginia Foster . . . Rita Panek Richard Bradigan . Marian Huyck . Mr. T. Labuzzetta The Sophomores had many ideas for the Halloween float,but many were dis- regarded and discarded. The committee finally decided on nThe Thingn as the theme. Unfortunately, the competition this year was rather keen, and the Sophomore float failed to win any monetary prize. Prize or no prize, every- one had a lot of fun. We presented a one-act comedy,nFeudin,n which was a great success. The following students took part in our play: Gary Mlacker as Matt Bascom, Larry Crowell as Wally wolpin, Lorna Schesky as Maw Talbot, Richard Lawton as Jude Talbot, Phyllis Austin as Betsy Bascom, Marie Tylock as June Talbot and Rita Panek as Ellie May Betts. 52 CLASS 0F 1955 st Row I? .B1?E'5T1,:4.gaI',Zl2z.v J.F, BSE' h'-5f'1'F-SL,c1f- 2riS1zcOne Hyatt 8: c ' Sa, -VR -Mc 11 . ' A R ' M-Snofpane, "feb 5595, B-120-V' 'D.5F11ess1e , G.K .Cody alenvageln oupqui rl, MN President . . . . Vice President. . . Secretary . . . . . Treasurer .... . Student Council . . Advisor . . . . . unzman 1 B, Cline, N.3rd R U: W.Q ann, G , Rf? 0 , I . ' N"'f111:fmf' 1552, D-1-u.f,f9s P.j?ee1'1ng, A 1 A.Ricbi:? K.ji?sseljen,K.5:Ef, Nggfbidt .vG.Sax 138011, -P Ixflgso ey, R Pgcb lzman I-Sasneifol' tliBPen, J 'Gr-1 er, Row .v ol-10 Ronald Crowell Lucille Ware Barbara Yeager Patricia Press Beverly Jacobs Eugene Kunzman Mr. Walter Sokol enep J, 1,506 NE, lay. The Freshmen started the year off with a Bang! The first project was a float, which we entered in the Halloween Parade. Our portrayal of the "Old Woman in the Shoe" won the first prize in the competition. On November 8, 1951, we held our Tag Day, and on November 9, the Fresh man Dance with "Sadie Hawkins" as the theme. The highlight of the dance was the selection of Joe Falcone, as "Li'l Abner," and Ione Cody, as "Daisy Mae A one-act comedy, "Here Comes the Bride," originally scheduled for pre sentation on February 28, had to be postponed to a later date because of the emergency closing of the school. As we are now completing our first year as high school students, we ex press the hope that we may enjoy continued success during the remaining years of school life 55 IOR H IG H .1 . . AIA ar' fr? f ' 14..- st Row: D.Ha es R.E11man, J.Mosier, M.CummingS, Jfwhites F- Mosier. B- Bien 57v.5'RenSse1Zer1 J.Gorton. 2nd B23:E.Cummings, C.Schroder,B.Sausman,M.Huyck, E.Mead,E.Goggin, M.G1owniak,-FTPanek,M.Schil1ing, N.Crowe1L 3rd Egg! Mr-Hall, R.Grisante, J.Huff, A.Fu11er, P. Gruber, R. Waligora, L. Hilffier, C. Gruber, A.Congdon, T. Greviesh, D. Earle, Mrs. Abbey. th Row: E.McGu1re, C.Stanbro. D,B0urquin, H.Gage, N.Wainwright, V.Hedges, J.Ree ,'TfTay1or, T.Terry, R.Ora- getti, E.B1ake1y. E 1 E 5 ' K 3 K5"'Q 2 Ng bg? . r. lst Row: J.Ste1mach, M.Herrington, R.Bock, F.Press,W.Rugg, L.Simpson, H.Rich- ter, W. Herrington, A. Sager, L. Franklin, R. Lammerhirt. 2nd Row: G.Jacobs, S. Homan, M. Ball, J.Smith, J.Deering, J.Smith, R.Fu11er, DTWTITET D.Brugger, D.Foster. 3rd Row: Mrs.Campbel1, R.Ruszaj, B.O'Conne11, J.Popard, W.Po1isoto, D.WatermanT'D.UFYe1, K.Shev1in, B.Houck, S. Fairbanks, L. Goggin, J. Crowell, P.Russ, B.Ear1e, Mr. Rundell. th Row: R.Yeager, D.Austin, D.Bemus, G. Gens, A.Hal1, D.Luder, R.Gostomski, R. ocE, L.Stanbro, R.See1ey, G.Kunzman, P. Fer- neza, A.D1oniak, D.B1akely, R.Manning. 54 Geniuses At Work Chorus Line of 1906 55 0RGA IZATIONS All groups must keep records of their activities, and all must have money to meet expenses. The records are used for re- ference, and the money makes pleasures and necessary things possible. We find that every television station has a core of busi- ness people trained to keep a record of all of its programs and transactions. Probably there is no organization which requires more faithful and dependable members than that of a television station. The organizations of our school, like television, help us to broaden our interests and may lead us into a field which will help us choose a career in which we can be happy. Our school is proud of its many organizations, and they have become as much a part of our school life as our lessons. 56 YEARBOOK STAFF 1 t R g C, C d G. Cummin s Mrs. Clark W. wills J. Schultz, 2nd Row: Egiirggh, J.F32g,oE: Bemus, Frinuick, R. Levandowske, i.And6rSOn, W-Campb3TT, J.Sanders, C.Deering. EDITORS ART PHOTOGRAPHY ADVERTISING , REPORTS AND SALES BOOKKEEPER AND TREASURER Janice Sanders Grace Cummings Richard Franwick Jeanne Fuss Wilma Wills Roger Levandowske Charlotte Congdon Advisor Mrs. Olive Clark Mary Birach William Campbell Richard Anderson Janet Schultz Carol Deering Eugene Bemus Every week since last September the people listed above have been work- ing so that you might add another yearbook to your collection. We are proud of the book and hope that our readers are too. we have changed the layout of the picture pages and are using photographs on the title pages instead of drawings this yean We were able to do this as our contract allows us to use unlimited picture area without extra cost. Thanks go to Mr. Sokol this year for his work in getting the book typed and to Mr. Labuzzetta for all of the pictures he has taken for us. We want to thank Constance Schultz for substituting on our advertising trips, and we are grateful too, for the cooperation of teachers, pupils, and janitors on picture taking days. Tell us how you like the yearbook. Tell us the changes you would like to see in 1953--and enjoy your 1952 HECHOW. 37 aww YM F990 ri YK- , 1' YK- me 65' 3,ENe gk: glac , .gui G- soebeftfecrowexasa' YR -Reed' calm 1' ' G avi ' gr 92132332 GJ..E" 91608 wtfefcraaoof' 'Ee lk' Q. Ps. xnef' ewuweon' ow are . s J . 0099296 Eff, 'VA' ,G-9095 Q4 ""i ,, wi E- . ,,fgp . 5 gt g 15bgg2a9daBdrMiL5s ikssvw Q e453 foxy, 021, 9,k.?w, WL . ! 2'GiggtomQ6 IL g. 'President - James Everhart S. Council - Virginia Grisanti V. Pres. - Dolores Russ Librarians - Alice Huff Reporter - Grace Dawley Jared Woolley The senior band this year is composed of thirty-seven members. Ten of these members are new in the band this year. Although we lost thirteen mem- bers who had been in the organization several years, the new ones are trying hard to fill their places and to progress as they gain experience. The band this year, undoubtedly, has had the largest change in personnel and the most shifging as to instruments and parts that it has had since its organization in l 7. - During the past year the band has participated in the following activi- ties: Halloween Parade, Christmas Program, Grade Assembly, High School As- sembly, Spring Concert,Fredonia Music Festival and Memorial Day Parade. Last May at the Fredonia Music Festival, the band received an nAn rating. Of the fifteen soloists who also competed at the festival, eight received a rating of HAH, and seven a rating of HBH. Those receiving A's were: Jared Woolley, Richard Grisanti,Brenda Bradigan, Eugene Kunzman, Patty Russ,Grace Cummings, June Johanson, and william Campbell. Last June several members took part in a Chautauqua County massed band of three hundred and seventy-five pieces which played at the Chautauqua Am- phitheater. Three members, Marian Huyck, Dolores Russ, and William Campbell, parti- cipated in the All State Sectional Program held at Cassadaga Valley Central early in the fall. A few members also enjoyed hearing the United States Ma- rine Band at Jamestown last September. 58 ne? ' 9. G 6 R' el 1,5-agtsa-g'G 9 G1-609 T , Drrhag-: S H D'H0ufP' d 0 JU 2 M811 If' Mfg Row? V-Sn R . SEFbHg' Grubsgsigleap . , , R 0 FO :GO ster, 4g.t3g7l81f-1, DS e'r.'k.tn8: glzman . Scbrf L'Wa-be oedep -' H. E " A. CD01-plan Well: TRUMPETS Bill Bie CLARINETS Shirley Homan David Luder Stephen Van Rensselaer Lucille Ware Patty Perkins Ronald Ellman Christine Gruber Dolores Foster ALTO SAX Ronald Gostomski SNARE DRUM Arthur Crowell TROMBONE David Salzman ' BASS DRUM Philip Schroder SOUSAPHONE Douglas Houck The Junior Band this year has fourteen members, of which eight are new this yean Although the band is small this year it makes up for it in spirit and pep. Each member is getting a good idea of how a march, a waltz, and an overture, etc. should be played, with the fond hope that some day before too long they will be good enough to make the senior band. we also hope, that before the end of the year, more new members will join us to help fill out the instrumentation. The Junior Band played for one or two assembly programs and took part in the Spring Concert. 59 f-'ffs va--' 0195 G .cummcodg E . K,,,,,,s Q o X 5.w113fWi11s,qdneduaY in Q rand wi l3I'.Fu55axc1'5On , L . . obo, Esigdonsver, B' , ' 5 -' m5 ' 9 ?Vx Nl'laXYlam' . P- 'Au ,GuS"jC? X ' D sovqulgxl Y':B'N5e1S2CI5:5T ling, P' 'misc , u I ' , n 'I G gow - xy lent' . How ' G -De 2355556 25, a Q35-mass, a ' 9 mleilengv .Nut -1, M w B Kidd' F . V W LN s r A The election of officers took place in September with Wilma Wills as Presidentg Jeanne Fuss, Vice-President, Eudora Cody, Secretaryg Janice San- ders, Treasurerg and Dorothy Philbrick as our Student Council Representative we also chose Mrs. Henry Wills to be our Chapter Mother again. One of the first activities of the year was the informal initiation of new members, followed by the formal candlelight service in the evening. In October, we attended the F.H.A. rally at Orchard Park Central School In November, we will always remember celebrating National F.H.A. week by collecting used comic books to aid in the fight for the crippling disease, muscular dystrophy. We are looking forward to our annual dance, a talk from former F.H.A. members, letters from foreign pen-pals, and a talk by a social worker. n P 40 Pin' E C " M'-Wo CGH-f1'e dt, J lst R J, ow. 1Elm'8af,QSnYde1- . 1 Plfoff- 1 E.M ' E-He, 'whi tg 'Powell X: F' P ' and 'slflevl ' N.whi' R.s' ayngs' ROW: H in: L te age E' GUVEI 'Mohr 'Pars , G'A1l5tir3'BeI11us. tea Rgllefglli -' G,M1 thw- Row, ndogsk Bfor, ' . ' U1 ' e E011-ett 8, A 15' Q 3 R 0 rank! . Lawto - na The officers of the F.F.A. are: Don Workofi Presidentg Don Spears, Vice President, Roger Levandouske, Treasurer, Monty Fox, Student Council Represen- tativeg and Fred Payne, News Reporter. The boys from all of the agriculture classes attended the registered Holstein sale held at the Dunkirk Fairgrounds. Most of the F.F.A. boys are planning to attend the Cornell Farm and Home Week which will be held in March. Some of the projects which we have planned for this year are: a scrap metal drive, selling seeds, and selling farm magazines. One of our long range plans is Tito own a barn and some land for the use of the "Ag" boys. During the last three years quite a few boys have taken an interest in agriculture. There are now 35 members in the F.F.A. 41 gm' Rm wt F'Swigt0mSkt' h1Hnfr,B-3acgvsSa 1 155 395 R' Gv.F05bq k.K91xZtl6v S' -:XTFUS '-ga, Bow- , G9 Cimwe e gauge? WS D- ,por ' ,,-' B.He'S- ire, gf G-N1 N .Nc . Pre S ident . . . s .Burley V1 ce Pre s ident Secretary. . . Treasurer. . . 1. Student Council. . Echo Reporter. p A M Q 'M-.uw -N"' My Librarians . . U fx' fl M Advisor. . . . rhaybs PL. Sag ow: Jo Deering! racbs 236.511, G' G Dailey n, N. Bi Ruedk -KE-S56 C-Lag-Es ?'.?reS59 V Y B,B!'9:'1?a1cO53E?Ej,o?3Y1IeakeI'9 izgrarle' flange Salaam lenbinger-a0h' slfldrews ' .P nag, M L Suu D. vabe, M. Cody, . Joanne Everhart . Ada Carol Sager . Jeanne Fuss . Rosemary Gostomski . Lorraine Sausaman . . . Anna Wilcox . Brenda Bradigan Nadia Birach . . . Mrs. Angela Castle Every Monday and Wednesday morning, the Girls Chorus meets under the direction of Mrs. Castle. This year, the Girls and Boys Chorus combined to perform a Christmas Operetta "Scrooge's Christmas". They certainly deserve a lot of credit for an excellent performance. Last year, at the Fredonia State Festival, the Girls Chorus received an "A" rating on grade III music. The chorus also did a "bang up job" at the Choral Spring Festival. To- gether with solos and ensembles from our own Anna Wilcox and our very much missed Joan Bradigan, Dianne Downer, and Anna Birach, our program was very successful. Mrs. Castle hopes that next year she will be able to call her group a Mixed Chorus. For this year, we plan another program packed with numbers everyone will enjoy. 42 BW 01103 lst R QH- OW: R W.. J M ell, M p ell ' 10011 Pg. C J G,M ey, W astl -7-'itt ' Grei e. 1 JL Evergfig rg Jbhns 1 o . Whiten, G, K ' A' Rignzman, hteps RJz Fhl . Donncone Glly President. . . . . George Myatt Student Council. . . . Albert Richter ,i fygg Secretary. . . . . Ronnie Crowell f gig? ' if The Boys Chorus is a very new organization. We don't have to say how much we appreciate them, especially their performance in nIt was the Night Before Christmas.n We're hoping they'11 have a bigger and better group, and that they will join the girls chorus next year. Some of the numbers the boys plan to perform are: Qgggy gears Picnic, On Parade, and Jeannie with the Light Brown Hair. We certainly do plan to hear from the two male soloists namely, George Myatt and Jimmy Everhart, whose performance in the Christmas Program we'l1 never forget. 45 WA-W .faults w WMWMms kfxgfwwifl , sw is tdmgxl B' Goiiussel ' 0039 K- acxli t ' KIs.16Ut'ini',s M' 2gr1'ani J. Eqefgiabrack, SOB. Wgeiiine, th ., . . . W Waals 3,,f,'vgQi4. KL',y'f5e1g-YbRvg'grQ2E. 5' W ujfs 'ug ' R' Tgxoc ,imbur ' 5. , 5.5 5 R0 1e0n' . M- H6 119.9 ow 2B -1fN9 Roi' B' napa 1st iiqgamafizi Q: ng: gf-5x3.,F37,Avo8oD. Gi O K ' 3'G'D6eri 103' Y1111w'Ga1'dOY' Wyxavielam, MLS. Cooam g.S4fltz, XJ. Y'wiZfeTs Braaig 5,50uu Eereeclb gr' Smith' President. . . . . Joan Everhart 0' Cody, ' Vice President . . . June Johanson E' was ee ' Secretary. . . . . . Anna Wilcox e"d 2 ' Treasurer. . . . . Wilma Wills S. Council . . . . Rosemary Gostomski Chaplain . . . . Alice Huff Reporter . . . . Lorraine Sausaman Advisors . . . . Mrs. Lucile Cooley Miss Mary Lou Langendorfer On October 16, we had a joint meeting with the Hi-Y and Mr. Duncan, to- gether with the assistance of Mr. Gilbert Mosher,gave an interesting talk on Tri-Hi-Y's aims, ideals, and motto. We presented a bill at the Fredonia As- sembly and sent Joan Everhart as a delegate to Albany. During December, Christmas records were played while lunch was in ses- sion. In the future, our group wishes to have a sleigh ride, numerous speak- ers and movies, Silver Tea for Mothers, and a picnic to close the year. Our biggest profit came from the sale of individual pictures. 44 lst x ,L EEF-ggwf H 1?p55'S :ohgsggiclgr Ri Ch te ghqgte, -White,i?tuto:5Mfh1cone c erfaglf fgfbgv: -Pali? te, 8155315 'Hgfgadigaun 0 , vt e C eps t, : sal J H' Lalato .studeI?g" Lev-aglii Roxfinans La H' Moi, agpoffiofd. .1 I' 8 Myatt, Igfmggk, Orfllg-1:21111 ilgagili Greig Wton. Off Sy OWB11 Camplge-f?z'L3lgu3g.?S11,, now, President. . ... . Richard Franwick 'x Vice President . . Monty Fox K 2a?o Secretary. . . . Richard Anderson A y Chaplain . . . . Roger Levandoxske Treasurer. . . Donald Workoff ' Advisor. . . . . . . . Mr. Theodore Labuzzetta H The Forestville Hi-Y Club has this year, as in years past, highly lived up to the ideals of Hi-Y--"To create, maintain and extend throughout the home, school, and community, high standards of Christian character.' This year we prepared a bill for the Fredonia Assembly to which we sent delegates. Our bill was entitled, nTo strengthen the narcotics laws in rela- tion to illegal possession and sale of narcotics." Richard Franwick repre- sented the club at the annual Y.M.C.A. Youth in Government, at Albany. For the advancement of co-operation among members, we have sponsored through the course of the past year, a six-team basketball league, a model airplane meet, and a model car meet. To finance our service projects, we have sponsored a dance,sold school penants and plan, in the future, to spon- sor a movie and sell taffy. 45 T DE TCOUNCIL lst Row: M.Fox, D.Workoff, F.Payne, E.Kunzman, G.Kunzman, A.Richter, R.Bradi- gan. 2nd Row: P. Kidd, L. Sausaman, E. Goggin, B. Jacobs, R. Panek, Mr. Hall, G. Dawley, H. Gostomski, D. Philbrick, V. Grisanti. President. . . . . . Don Workoff Vice President . . . . Monty Fox Secretary. . . . . . Rosemary Gostomski Treasurer. . . . . Grace Dawley Echo Reporter. . . . Lorraine Sausaman Advisor. . . . . . Mr. Ray Hall The important activity of the year has been setting up the calendar and supervising assembly programs, with some member of the Student Council acting as chairman for each assembly program. One of the most interesting programs was the one last October sponsored by the Farm Bureau Insurance Company on safe driving. Pins were purchased for the new members of the club and numerals to add to the pins of second year members. The Student Council plans to sell tags at some future date. A com ittee is revising the old constitution and bring- ing it up to date. While the Student Council is not a governing group for the student body, it has made suggestions through its members in relation to improving student conduct throughout school, and especially in the cafeteria. A survey by members of the Student Council a year ago, relative to dri- vers training, has resulted in such a course being given now. 46 Q5mfwwwfw4www-gibQyi,ffffwfS?M'WQ552E N - -V. W-.. ' - ,f ,. -fr-If-1 . -f H of Lag5f4f'2 W Yfalbffqgkoi ?1fifz5gM' VMm,5WgQiMg??!, ',5Q5? f 2 'Q ii3QQffiQwGe5gQMifyWL'2QwN5Qg,MJ!EfilE?f W f4wi22zffSf2gMW2 Eiiigiiiifi - . o o emfvfgigi 5 fi' -Vi ne:-,.e:, .g""' ' AV K Akikt' V' ,,' Vj' V35 .' V -. .,' Vg? V V - : . ju ry ' , "'-k ' W V W i - N' , H .. ,iw V ..A.. ,. V,,A v vi -ff, Q-u , . , ' Q ,P V, ,, . . 5 omiwf ??f 7 ?5W'p 915 2. Hg 'L3i45U I5?,Q' J E ' ig Q "', ?5?EQ, ,img Q2?ow7f5wWifHft'Vwfg?3iQ fQWii fiffkiiz ,,Q3imu E1 s Q, " M , 'ff,'W QZ'Ee gisfzif wig! . few, VSV ,,.. Q ,,, ,Lm, , ,. . ,. - - V w i- kkk ar:-5 .. M-, w ,, A A f e ff may 'K -QQ-,,f1l.,,..-'f-P' '5 ' ' 3 - ' - -'--"- 1Q-' f ',AL 3 5, ' i ,S 7 - , :'.gwQffHSv"i. " ,wi VSV, V A V xg , , I A 2 5 Q- 3 V wr - ,gn A A Safe ty Demon s tra tion umm-m good Watch The Birdie 2? M r SP . VQYV MV . iiaily Sfvgia qa 1 1- o Vit' V ,w ig , . V-X VV, V f 'ld 7 !'l5'f?9Z5f5 ' ' H ' ,N IQ, , QV , , V o,Vo,VV, .VV V .V V3-VW , Q ,J V wg ' Pine Valley vs F. VU. S. Sherman vs F. C. 3- 47 PORT I A minute of time may mean winning or losing a game. During gym class, the whistle brings us in line for roll call and it tells us to be quiet. There are many sound symbols in school and on television. The buzzer for time out in a basketball game, the hissing of the steam in the radiators, the whir of the motors as the buses toil up the hill. We know a program is about to begin by the theme song and the news commentator's, nso long until tomorrown is familiar to us. These all remind us to play fair and square in sports and life. 48 FO0TBALL lst Row: R.Grisanti, J.Falcone, R.Crowell, E.Kunzman, J.Reed. 2nd Row: B. Bie D. Spears, H. Mohr, G. White, G. Salzman, N. Wainwright, G.Kunzman, rd Row: Coach Sanfilippo, F. Payne, D. Workoff, G. Mlacker, R. Levandowske, . Austin T. Grievisch. S C O R E S Forestville 29- Sherman -Q Forestville Q-Q Brocton Q Forestville QQ Ripley Q Forestville Q-Q Pine Valley iQ Forestville lg Panama QQ Forestville High started its football season by winning its first three games. We were proceeding along on all cylinders when we ran out of gas. We lost our last two games to Pine Valley and Panama. Players who participated in their last game for Forestville were: Buck Spears,Gene Austin, Don Work- off, Fred Payne, and Roger Levandowske. Freshmen who played good ball for us and who will bear watching in the future are,Ronnie Crowell and Joe Falcone. 49 ROW nd 2 xl - 9 Crowe H. I-Tn vsrefha 11100 ' J- A' , E1 F Yagi:-ikoff ' R e9:gS9 6, Q. ' RichxeEi.SEg52g6owsK ,G Rowzgpnipvo' s C o R E s , ?C2g'acf5a Fopgstville LQ Chautauqua 52 Forestville QQ Bemus Point Q2 Forestville Q2 Clymer gl Forestville ji Panama E2 Forestville gl Frewsburg QQ Forestville Q2 Sherman 2- Forestville 2 Ripley Q Forestville Q Mayville 2 Forestville gl Dunkirk Ind. QQ Our basketball schedule this year consists of eighteen league games. There are ten nC1ass Cn schools in Chautauqua county. Having completed half of our games, Forestville has come out on top only once,beating Sherman with a score of 39-36. We hope to do much better the second half of the season. With two exceptions, our varsity team is composed of Senior boys. Fred Payne is the Captain of the team. 50 BA K TBALL JI! 1012 VA lstRw- Q 0 . E. Kunzman R.B1-adi X, in! f 00-Sch Sanffli gan G.Myatt E.C ppc, L.Fe1fry, 5.26.51 PO Well, G.F'anc clfi, Loc-POW li ITV her, L.-Hall, J.Muc1r ell, T.Gr'ie1-risch. t APaHama' . 16 a Foreitvll 51 Qxwlm My R G lma wills' RO wi -gi s svefha - I 1. f Joanne 'f-51 K ' Ka 3ueS' fsff' ' Marie Tgxbziofes A ana ' 61199 , eavsam cimin ipriigiegolores 50m Behind the team lies the spirit of each competitive game. We,the cheer- leaders, have tried to lead the spectators in vivacious cheering, as well as to set an example of proper conduct and behavior for each athletic event We are the girls who always try to boost the morale of the team and cheer them on to victory. Wilma Wills, Joanne Everhart, Lorraine Sausaman, Rosemary Gostomski and Marie Tylock were nreturning veteransn this year. Two members who are new to the squad are Dolores Russ and Dolores Ciminella. Two alternates were also chosen, namely, Barbara Kidd and Florence Press. We have completed a successful year under the leadership of Miss Mary Lou Langendorfer, with Wilma Wills as Captain. We have staged two pep assem- blies, one for the football season and one for the basketball season. Wewwre able to purchase large black megaphones which helped to simplify the lead- ing of several cheers. As a group, we wish to thank Mr. Bie and Coach San- filippo for letting us attend all the nawayn games on the bus with the team. 52 QS QQTFQR L 553. A 1, ,, fX sn' H 'oe 1, Fifi- EQ: 'T,, ' 'EXXXW' 'I fmt? W SW ' ,XX . X A X XM.. X Q '.,wXwS'Y:.hXXMif2k A , , we ff, 9, W TU LI Edakiaas 'gy as QQ X 32 'Pekin 5 , X Q25 diffs, Lx? gy ,T V - fz:f jQ.i' 5 f K , X2 5 g, ES x A H X yin aw X xx! 5 sa, XXX, 4, 9,1-X' -WWW 1 f'XX"f.'W.QSWXaX Y , , f 1 Ni fzwbwiif 2 'fe i , ,XX XXXXM .X f 'X Q X Xi ? XX X Nl K' is 3' 'Q V XX 3 vga Xa "Y -Xl,-QAMX 'fX ' X XX v Wfwiwxg . X XX N X 5 L Q 5 X 5 T ,T rv f P v xl? A hX,f, ,, ig ' as Xa - fiwga gyyy ' 'X .QUE , X X' is WV Xw XA ziggy? is 5. ? x 5 Q X K 2 XXXQS X ,af .a2if,.XX , XX L fi' 5 VXXiff'XfXf N W' XX X .XX Q' def d'f9Ys 5X'. s9 Q ,Xa fel, 'Q' fX:2:gffX2A X . 'fs Weiss ' Z, J, ' X X AES? SQXQT V 5 5 "ffm ,. LG fQ i gg X. A1.A it-XM G , 4 QQQMXMX W -supra 1. Y-'Ir Q. RQ, Xwiigfrs 'ff ef 29' Q. a qm, ME A Q, J X X X X N Q W ' N521 X , XX. W N ,fs av X , f X .9 A . , , X sv X T 'X ' 'X QKEY, 23 S 5 gg zQ'a5l,e1v,X X. X MQ, Xa T X at ,X Xf .. it s f .X X1 iv 1' VX. . X -X . X 1- :MX 4. 1 , X. .XXX IX AS X-,Xa 'T X X, .X4i.f : 132 9 .f N , A 11, , X , X f, Z , . X,X- ,, M 'ftiffvsi 9 -3 ,f 9:57-,, Qs 4' Pd R 's V' F n' B-K sxhlwnaz, . -9 a ? Q 3 X. X XL SX X t ' W , 591 X K .XM we X' X fa MTX, .3 5 . X a' X ,' XX 3? 52 K X X: I 9395- ZX' ., , , . K' M 4 pf, 5.3. ,, . A H V , 4 X H K S: 5 .4 ' S , Mx ? f ,f ' X , , 4 gf: , WX- X A 21' .5 .m Oster ' S121 A W X. X Q- L, F Oster. -sf erhaptaonlg P' 5-.adigall ' White d-' F pf F'P11es 1 R.. 311 S, N LeVang0I'a, 0.213 How: L owske . chlmz, 15 Par-sell we aren't going off to a late start but This year our tumbling club got slow us down. The tumbling club plans to practice Monday and to let that Wednesday mornings, first period. bitions The The tumblers are going to take part in the annual gym exhi . club would like to go to a few schools for assemblies. The members also hope to take on the new activity of tumbling between halves of the basketball games . Our club has enlarged and David Luder, Leo Parsell, y Connie Schultz, Barbara Kidd, Peggy Kidd, Brenda Bradigan, Frances Waligora, Dolores Foster, Virgi now has 17 members. They are: Roger Levan- L le Ferry, Nelson White, dowske, Jim Everhart, nia Foster, June Johanson, Pat Press, Florence Press, and Phyllis Austin. 55 X 5 .s X A, f Q f i Z g I3 0 p Z if ' 2 z 1 1? 2 . Ag 4 5 a f ' ' sf A 5 jg ia, 5, 'jifg 4' Z? 7 4 F l 3 of , f FX E . Q f g X if fe 2 sa X ' X Q f f .X f W X 5 A 5, 5 f X 54X A P dy X M X A 5 1 9' A V 5 X -f A A 9 if 'IX 56 32 4? 'Q Q9 a ' if fa? X K XV if 5 K X S C W X X1 5 N X3 if 3 Q. F XR? K? X V X X Y X5 X N V 12 X 3 Xf X W s X X w X H X XX S X f v X X Q N N QU X N Q 1 We f X vXadh Xl Xf 3 A X3 P? H A X AX 2 XXXX X X X, X X X a ff? Y. sa R fx fig Xiff ' X aw X, wx I A2 X X P1 QW Zig X 5' X P 5 W at 1 X ' 62 i X 1 A 2 ' fe a Mi ' Y 3 S! Jw - 4 1 ,E .F X + 13? f 1 Z 4 5 1... 4 Y X, 19 ,A ,il Rf " ?2 f S r ' f ,X , XX 4 X, " K -' f 3, I 5 -es's.,.N if - ' '4e'2e1sefvwXv W ak. fif'Zes2 e' K Q 4 tw X,g,.'2?MwwMnQmf1anf X X ,XQawX X OW- A -- I ' " V -' H 4 5 Q P Au V 'L y ASX W X XX Q S X X M 1 a .. XM me M X X xg J J' d-' P PY - ' as . Jo B a V 1 as ,ee ' ff , fr ,Y f L A X 1 D ERTI I G Everything, except the air we breathe, has to be paid for, and in this country paper and coins are the medium of exchange. Newspapers, magazines, radio and television programs, and even this book, would not be possible if there were no people who felt it necessary to advertise. The members of the 1952 Echo Staff express their thanks to each and everyone who gave us an ad for the nEcho.n We know that those who read this book will read the ad pages and will remember those who helped support The Echo. 54 'X 'XJ OLCIIQ Duwkurk px., !95'2,.5ma.,4M:c.... f4llO ON YOUR DIAL Q- in sPoR1'lNc cooos s'r as D PLEASUB Z7 EAST THIRD STREET DUNKIRK NEW YORI1' SPORTING GOODS FISHING TACHLE KEYS LOCHSMITHING- GUNS AND AMNIANITION SPORTS CLOTHING LUGGAGE 'to 500 Waiis Day and Hicjl-H: J I Bugusss 4- 0 , D I 1: 1 QA, HOWARD FARM STORE f 5 QQu4hnQZhQw! COMPUNENTS OF llllIS CHHLMERS MEMBER F D1 G Suvm CREEK CGMPUNENTS smmsnmzss V SILVER QRVEK L W COLBERG 5IfvGf CVGCWY R R . , 'boo I s " olye ,R R Os rw QL st eel fa bY'ICQ'Ll ng fum wmurmx umm FORESTVILLE, NEVV YORK ...I N-Y 5 H U P 56 ,-' 'EC Elec tro -Me chani ca Devi ce S ffl. W Lg! - O 5159-41C , ,. COMPLINEHTS PARK CLEANERS SMR CREEK mawwomx CGMPLIMENTS GF Bl-XRONES MARKET SILVER CREEK NEW YORK COMPLINENTSE OF MBC VARIETY STORE Gia 258 CENTRAL AVENUE SIVER CREEK PLY ROBSON25' General Hardware P0u'n'l3S cw. shop C N P 70d.41:M74,4 ww W4Q7 V Snluer reek Bw vwk fm-Y ,WO he 'iq 'gf - - A ' s I A 1 , "The, 4052. th-I-Y Nlreshcs " 57 J05IEFH3 ILOIHES SHOP wt Headquarters V1 ndTh J5tre its Duramax naw Yom A Wa 7 A na BFBA DunK KS Oldest Iwelers P 3 34ffC +mIA Sea lai s HARDWARE B DERS SUPPLIES at RPM 3 CGVWPLHVIENTS 9 DRETZEHS PSENDML cz + 5' DuUX4!V Xl LJ OVLY EVIODERN shoe Repwmng East Th J St t 9 nkrk New York H- LESTER VENDELL U C cu QoPRAc.ToQ 544,51 XM JE F? 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E TY STORE COSVHETICS SHOES NOTBONS SCHOOL SUPPLXES HARDWARE DRY G DS PEN E ENINGS UPHOLSTERIHG 4 RESTYLING on sums moe 1 onosn OPULAR FURNXTURE CC PHIL .ck Sf Phlbmck FUNERAL HOME FORESTVILLE HEMI YORK Tires Tubes Accessories C-D-'x,9 o rv' L it ac ' ' 1 x O0 7: QW OO,, V O X L FOR me uPHoLsrERmc O -c,cx.ll 9 P GX'-Nf'D 60 FORESTVILLE NY TEL 4041 CENTRAL 6!If?A5E 214 CENT AVE DIJNKIRK N Y AU'I'I-I VIL LYS SALES AND SERVICE CONGRATULATIONS THE NEW YORK STORE Y SIDECIALJZING MENS WEAR BERTHOLD STUDIO G H+ E F +I. U-.nk k NY AJCqdJs C 5D,wv1w2i'Lvuf Z0077Z0.wva4C Ucwhnl 77? SEE IBERT IROAN ROOFING AND SIDINS 10 LAKE SHORE DRIVE EAST PHONE 2654 DUNIKIRK N Y Z,0Luwa4.J,a,g,0-U-U6 haffbi E' -E COVTPLINENITQ IDF Y LAUNDRA IVIATIC WASHING AT ITS BEST yDTeI Ph n 7'l CQ From II-IAII.3II.. IIRI'fI.j u.l1I4 r' CVV of' ' l Dunkh-I4 New or-k O ' ' , IN ' ' J I:or'mer'Iy 0 Orw- Cst our, 8+-' 0 ir , I. . . ao ' Reqsomble Prices For PorI'rqiI-s ', " " I 0 ' I . 2 I ' Exrev-'It CoIorim1 Done. Wholesale. anal. Pe.-f:o.uI 'FFGSH anal SQHD wad er- -Hgh oysicvs poultry clams eggs phone. 1252 Ke Shova 'CDN S 0 0 I IDunKmK Ne V IZS Cen raI Ave. un ir- ,IT . . BI e 0 e D 1 I4 PI Y I4 63 SCHGGOEB CHEVROLET 260 Central Avenue Teneeleeee me 3 E5 COMPLINENTS DT 4Q 344 Cenjcral Avenue SILVER CREEK NEW YORK I. mb E mmf re Ha dwa e PHONE 13 1: 8 CHEUQOLE T :Iver Creek New Yarle CUNPLIVTENTS OF' Re XQTT Drug Shure C 5uTverE,reeQ3K New YOVK 4 Str 1: FG FOSTER S v 425 WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE 14 P'TcunSt SsTueHCveek NY gtk 310 'F at E D H ci y E. Nmfinonal Banff The Whit BcmK nfhcforner N mb Ye of edeml Deposzfs INSUV YI 0 P yedlllael-fl U erutu T T wih e t LR. ormell, P,-ep. S , . , :Mere ee Cemef.-,eeeee The Homeo ood leecweam of A TH Ue' ,! ' ! . Lb jf S il ver Creek 'Q-mr' 01-4 , H . Q. 0 Q .E . 0, e e Eve an if e.-mgeemel F ' , f'N':..e0:i'm1seeee Q ef- C " MMM 'W Crolle G.L.F. Service Foster's Cee Clamp --:Iii Dairy ar-.A poulti-7 Feeds lllll-IIIIIIQIIS I I-Ill-Ill-III' IIIII-ll lll!lI-Il ' 'l- ' Fa vm Supplies Fewtilizers Insect icides Cul Punnoss ii' iii Telephone 200: 4-1csH'rm ST FORESTVILLE HY Con ratulgltions Buck lm HFNRY WILLS WATER M DWLU NG fl PD Compizmerits of M- JOQS BQrbef5hOp Foaesrxmie Nm YORK Mode of Hi-Strength Scmd'Cc1siHecxt-Treated Aiurnin- 7 um Alloy with cr solid Brass Lecrd Screw hcxvinq Cl quick cxciinq Double Acme ihrecxd. Combination of mcrtericrlfs provides G rust-proof, spark-proof, sputter-proof clump. -lah1lln-iillllllhlllUii'!!!ljlIl!I!l!l!QW ' ig!!IlH!IIlllll!lL'11ighl3gll'llll:.BL11 , I J C1 V1 T, 0 1: e 5 BY . 1 I 5' e mors of 5 9, Xi f f if i X r X i I , ff ' 1 , A n l or i 65 . gli HS ruggs O5 ra PARK Dairy Products SHOE STORES WELL KNOWN D rf 11 Y JOE5 SPORTING OOOOS ff? 32252 P DUNKIRK -no SILVER CREEK L CDMPLIMENTS CONGRATULATIONS Cumnrs 55 Jimi DUNKIRK NY S P r' S r-uc POULTRY EGGS TP0fTh HH BUYER OF 59 East Third ST Dilhklrk PLY SJ C K NY . .B O S cream-FOP Of, N A , O er 7 ' ' Prices o 'gkc CompXe+eiine 'f-Fismin -El-ex-ACS 'N Tewhialqac e'l'5 l'ReO5+,-.nies Hu.x-H-ing 4 So? o..H Equiprhokd' V7 incoln AVG- Duvikir-'14 OF , . Z: en ra., ve. 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DUNKIRK TRUST COMPANY DUNKNRK, mriw Yom EEK OT-' FEDERAL OEPOSKT YNSURRNOE COPSPGRATION omplnments Had Koch HV6iW63Vy C O. of DUHIKIVQDNEVVYOVLK ,,,.....,. W W-7-77 , - -- , X? 4' QE! Nobfbsgrocefy 5 Q9 RLVEStUi'IleJN.Y 5 Q0 O E Compliments of WALLACE IS Dr9SseS Clothing Notio n Day Goods Infants and Chiuvenls Wear M X400 Q 0 9 x09 94442 Qfffiffmfl .awry mmm jmmhnfi GW W QUALITY FEEDS ALL YOUR NEEDS TURKEYS QQ CAPOHS SHADLE HILLIHG FURESTVILLE S g 14, Q44 WLWW QQ' 6 Mann Street P5006 tab woo 'Q Q - , Q, ofa O Q L of ba, 7 Q 0 'X cob . . Q 5 14 , K . X279 Q 0 4 Q o- 6 . 5 Ka O6 0'2Q"o Q05 with L QJ QSO' 0 of Congvatl-l lations F-'om FUR Sv ,Sb N9 QQ X C For-fe s'L1uiHe, ewYorK L L L . 69 f I 'QJIL JM qw HURRY"" "' TO THE .3 X714 W 3 ffnifffzmffffar SPORTING soons lfaj Ury Cleaning .f.l:!E,?!.3I1 Comp fiment s of G 00. FFTOTVI SQSSSOWS Agency, IUC. Pwcfessional FISUYVO-DCS -iD KA! don THE BEST IN DRUG STORE GOODS THE BEST TH DRUG STORE SERVICE BRENER3 PHARNACY Jw? aewfw. 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Suggestions in the Forestville Central High School - Echo Yearbook (Forestville, NY) collection:

Forestville Central High School - Echo Yearbook (Forestville, NY) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Forestville Central High School - Echo Yearbook (Forestville, NY) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Forestville Central High School - Echo Yearbook (Forestville, NY) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 1


Forestville Central High School - Echo Yearbook (Forestville, NY) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 25

1952, pg 25

Forestville Central High School - Echo Yearbook (Forestville, NY) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 63

1952, pg 63

Forestville Central High School - Echo Yearbook (Forestville, NY) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 22

1952, pg 22

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