Forestburg High School - Longhorn Yearbook (Forestburg, TX)

 - Class of 1964

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1 f - 1V':?'s"gj j.-- ' , . . -F tk., 2 , -,5 2' ..x N-A 1.2 g,k?Ag'?7C Cfcf!Gf,-0 ,44f!4'f2!NQ Qgkznfhfrecdxqf Cf-P ' ! ffm fggcafaaf? nf Lie41i , 5 CZ - CL,J,d4Ad41f 4,effF4fu , 215, 4414 LVWMJ C4121 Q54 ?ff . diqgfj K' 7 ZQ4415 f44C'4Ll IN MEMORIAM GANO RIDDLES But as it is written, eye hath not seen, nor ear heard neither have e t d , n ere in the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him. I Cor. 2-9 And we know that all things work together for good of them that love G d O .1 to them who are called according to his purpose. Rom, 8-28 We know there is little that we could add to God's own words concerning the events that occur here on earth. However, we will always cherish the memory of one of our classmateswith whom we have had our moments of gladness, joy Work, play and sadness for twelve years. We ask all others in the Forestburg School and ' ' ' ' ' community to Join us in this memory also. Graduating Class of 1964 A U -4 ' 4 -i'.-1. 115.515-1 . .c?E4:421f:Ef5:zf1l -S. is-3452. 'Pav Y, if ,,..... ..,.n,.. fi+:wAevi12k:'-rgziktfw-Q 5.:m6:eif-:Yi-fa?Z,Ti.'s"'4daze: .'- f..-2.-f f'.,f'eu.+ .235-f-z-H .:,v:1 4-f4.4,2+ 1:33 '-rbirizb 1.1-x'1-fS37,'!.Q2 . '1 . .- fam: :'f1fH:7'- W- f-NW-.:'.f-y4:'2'6--AQ.. 12i: Qgfifssvhf ,1'fHf'l"PiVi1fVP'fr,f ':, -' , 7-:1-.' '- ., -1 -,VH I-ts " 'F-1'fZ5e" " 'Al 'I "fm r".. l-"- '-.Xk'-'I-'- 4-' f'.'1's".z1'f-4 -' "pf .: NS" 41s . www HE, "f'i,dfe'z:-:A -75-:.V,2g-fg14L7wQQ.'s:4 H52-if ff? A-' faiiwfl-.,9:'f' 'ff 111,255-f, 1- 'ic,:51'. .W .5 ,s ,N ,y ,Jqzxf -4, , . ' .., rf, .-.--'K-.- - .f.. .1--':q.,,+.,-gl, slzfkf 1 -..- 11- g-. 'W-Al 4-.N -f. W--. -.xx--,1..3r u..Y . . ...Lp1q,u,!-y.-ki fx --jg. 5.-g.e,LY,?.yh..' 4' fy-.-.M-L 3, '.f.f'-- ff-.:.. .z-N v.g'l::w't1I,' ..s:,e'3-4: -. P171 ,1?j'QfFe'EiLl-.. ""'ic"g'Qi,1q,l":L'. 114. jwfyi ,rm 45191. I t W: s-Aviv .Qgf .'E"....y:gvXy'A ' T!.!1f.-- 5r1f,.- . ' .J :s Pbkifrqj V.. Vfzqzfsgglzx .fi 'B ,L-shrggfwmv vp-N. 3 11v,,.,y. . ' . , 6?-'z-4,Q!',3-Qk75',:,g,5 L-3gi.i!!"N"qi:'T 'S' , , . .-,v:'-fgl12Y',.I'4 ZwJl.'.1x.5'2ffz kgif-x.'i'f'Qw-v . . ,, L .,......, 1 .- my:f:.sf:4ei':y:A--,a'1s.-.ewe,m:"e-fg,,'-A'-. ,nqw :-5 'Sf . 7-T -. . -,x:,:v"':4eign4 P- -.4-LL A 1 rg-wi, ,-3...-, . 1231s, .gp .:g?..--.:,',:+,ggbgilg V-ve A -g ' Y. 4, . af' , fry-:, .I -"'2j'.:'.. 1'...'.n, J :F - sg. 4.7" .Z f 517: -14 g 55,3-If-Q-,311-. 'Q 3, 7-lj:--, ' pr-A: Q . Lg. j,"'j--, -qvlgia-515 - w ,Q Y.gmjfggbaff?SkgQxyQ,53fi'!m.:q!i3Q:'.i-2ff.p,'gf5E7Saiming:-gs3iff!zg:5,pg5: gg-r.EyQgtg1i1 "'1Lv3'if -f , ... -grfiygigifj-94 ruiffi' F'1if.v2!'?.--.5115 if- f?'.'n1i'P3"!4'-2,ft?g'iF,.' - 35:4Ifinfffr'?'f -:m8:-s.f:lf5-:2.Qs1 ,Mhz-X J: ,. . . 1 , Q . ... I .. . . . .. V. V M . . Y 'Z' gag: ' . V -1.23 -Qv' fi 24 ' .1 1.-'fffj Lew F212 -P -I -1 ffixiia. -naiigrin .5 5 Q. I .JIS 'ix-'gg rx. j- '.J uv :1"W- ff , f.':-1'-1f2f"7 Q - 9aE.'ia9Q2w2g3:i'33f'f nr .wg x,z9,.1:Av.4-. ogy. f-: 1, 44. -97111, '.'-,Jw Ty. IE +..r.u-IM., -Q---,gn--1 fu - - 'fS1'E""'23"' ?"'I--"El .xggw .9 vr- f.. :sz .7 :A .11 .- 1 -rf ' 4' , PY ,' --B,:.yf-.1 .-. .- ' 44:-.-.1 , Eflifvfcifi. .-. . .., V.,-U., ..,.,,.. -. . f . -. ,fxv-M ff-,f --'Eff 3' 'lg' 451253-1::1:?i2'f: iQQZ1,:vpJw" . ,U .J fr. - !."J:', EPM'-",1.i-f'.i:Li,, av,-...GJ ,. S-g,':7"j5f.'!', '-1-Iv' Q1-.9 ,P'.::',iff:.-...f,-g-,,- 1-. - la fax' v . -,Pf'l',.'Xu .1..'.-v ,.....,-..- ,Qt-'H:'.-:. 'r fu-rf-. '-' iifbwzyv' '-g1f1.x?1a.'l-"ARF ... -af,-,.'y-5 , .l.., 4 -0' .X -4- .,-5.1.7 .Af--14 '.-.-f-.4-' 1-. .' -w -,-1,14-wr 2:-. . K-- -41:-':' S236-:f'i9i'xvF'44 1- f1f,.f' 15,14 T.-235-.Sf--f'lx'.. if? 1'-2251.-4.--: -,'r'11r.4w'JJ ,F--'Z-2' -Q fn:-.-5: -. -J: w:.ff4fs9:5Hf4?EfffmR5fff-'g., 225:25 "?53yd:,..':ff -'rkzif :-SEQ5 ' 'pa-fri A-,151 ,g,,:., Q25-:Aff-1,-93ll:,zg55.g,',:,L,Si E Q f 31.5 AR., 6,4 L.q,',x. mu ,,gg-.-,v--.w 4:5 1.11.51-If 4-'-'VfF"?i.:' 1- f 'xSLf'f5 ':f:,"'i, 9-',1's: 'l-'..-I-1 'M'ff21ff'ff'v-3i?f'!E'3??'1ffaff "mia" -:fE9w'Jn-Aff -62? !bg-n.'-- .51 Wbgvr Q..-f :., 'mf:es5fef4.g5.jifu.fq :we f ,, .r. .1 .-5 1 1.. 4 'gy --ft. ','5JQf:f-P:i'R'10'4"N:'f- . 557'-'--300 "fs-,f a"-7.iP.4J12.Q7E-I1 'sf V'-2 :-' Wim. '-' Y4f.'1.f,2f:T "I, " 'I' 'P' 'r- ' ' - Vff'-V5'f'24"-151 . -..,1 , vyxff- Q 1.1-rx.. fx, M95 1.4 "1 .. .1 ,Nl-.3 -.f..,-,I .A .,.,... , ,ff ,g.-.wxrifill -'5.',- -195 5 .- r.:':.'.'.f1---"4.'f,' .R 6-1 3,-4.31 .AN . M75 -1-.,,2s'.x ' ,,..,. 11 -.x'.5..f,., 'ffxfzf.flr.- 1 ' f?f,,7.yf 25,3-xfwy-.g. ' - 3qygziz'.f'f5j'.:'- ' mrfl'-N - f- 5 'T 26.1. .-4' Xp-2 if-EB? Niif:-91-1:11 ,'ft..,.-.1-:.,4.f7,, y :rw-e..1--slug. ,LEAN X,7x3,z,6 Z1 3345.1-1,--..zgj'. 'Hi' -, g4,7yx..A?g1:7:ff1?l-n'Q,:::ai-flupfiik, fini-52 vm,-+"f f -1 FH"-Tr '- wi Qliimvwf- HQ- .- ,, , . . 1. ,h 3741! .A-.A Liam-Lean?-L?2,v.2fT'-EE P lux r . . v' -,v , I ...L f-w.f2xg-1 -Tr.. .hygf ?42'5ieZ553:LY5W 1:4252 Hi 1 '1r:3'5y5i63'1" '4-5. x'-.- " . - J4-.-'w1f-f'n,-- .'1-N4:9:L,'f- .1 ,'P'.,1.:..1p,,.-3,-.:. . ma: App--:w:::- 1,11-'.9J4jrv1?'1' CLIF" 7-Q9 '2fN"'-'15 rf: .q5g:1'ffe'Q H251 'Ll-w,n'ifX. , sf, -Lis. ff,-.1 gg-: rg' ,.. 5.4 ,'-.,grn.1,.,a '1 3?z'fQfQ:Fv.1:Qa7 g.,-Qfguf.. ':.-.,x:"xv- Q.,-aw -, 1 9 'V "wr: '-'V' 1-,hr-. U: 47156 '1:r-'- rn, 1.4 4 5 : , 4:3251 21.-53 v4,?-,-tim ' 41 5Q-' H25-l'.1Y'4i 13.31 5- Ufrsi. '-Q?"fgff7f'f'Z iffg4'f1?f.2e+ 993,-rfimif - 22.1313 T' ':41-E f:U'.r.:f"2f-f -'w,..v-IQ-:-ax "J-?54i1FF2? 'Qi'-':--rLb.'.7 :. ,Ji-,.. .15 i A , L 4.55: gf ' 3- hmm 'LE' -Q FO RESTBU RG, TEXAS :y'42'i'Q'.3' erlwifl 1,35-Q ' Pug---5. 1 swf-.1 r'V4Tr-31 asf-xr... "Q " ' 'c' r. -.,- :- '-ff. :'cT'ifT5'i "Thai :Haw ' ' Nz- .,-,R-P.. .. 51.1" 1' - ',- 119' ,. -,ff . - WL ' 'gif'-4 fc' fl- ew 11 5'-f7..g:r'w.. ini , 1 , .:.x..- F. ".""r:Qj' - . 1A-sr'-1-z'-.H'Rafi-,fftzxn 4:2 5124 21591-f.?'1' R1 -142.1-I -szaz..fg.u1ffey.f flCffl'1-zu -34"-.j' ..-:WL-.LQ r 7.13- '1I:1Iv'f . -'Iii 'Qi'-' "r n.'4v'- .- x- ' 'T-'NP-'a1'..-'i"' . . 'fluff 21:15. c .L r u- .37 -1" 11-'biajqr 3?l"l-ff .- .N .-Sw-fi! ww I964 .521- , mg.: v 'J'- E-7? -HS VOLUME 1 1 x. ANNUAL ST FF L. to R.: Dale Hudspeth, Charles Edwards, Danny Williams, Max Brogdon, Loyd Bew1ey,Ede1vis Massie ,Terry Barnett, Alice Galmor, Eldon Huckabay, Gano Riddles, Gary Perryman. MAXWELL STEAK HOUSE Saint ,To Texas -1 -a W , 1 4 , w 1 1 , I , : K I f A J PRESENT AND PAST ANNUAL STAFFS I964 ANNUAL STAFF Editor -....- --------------- Business Manager--- Advertising Manager --------- Assistant Advertising Manager Snapshots--- -- - Art Editor- - - Photo Editor--- Organization ---- Sports Editor-H -------- ----------Max Brogdon Danny Williams - ---- Dale Hudspeth ---- -----Steve Long - - - -Eldon I-luckabay --- Johnny Lewis ---Jerry Barnett --- Gano Riddles --- Loyd Bewley Activities Editor--- ----Gary Perryman Typist--- -- Edelvis Massie Typist--- ---- Alice Galmor Sponsor--- ------ ------------------ M r. Charles Edwards Editor ----------- ---- E dna Merle McGee Assistant Editor ----- ------ S hirley MODIS Business Manager ----------- ----Jirnrnie Kuykendall Assistant Business Manager ---- ----- F rankie Johnson Snapshot Editor ------------- --- Nelda Blankenship Assistant Snapshot Editor--- ------ Hazel Segler Sports Editor ------------- Assistant Sports Editor ---- Ad Solicitor ----------- As si stant Ad Solicitor ---- Artist ----------------- Artist --------------- Artist--- Typist-- - Typist--- Typist ---- Sponsor--- ----Doyle Johnson -- Jennie Shults --- Bobbie Kelley -Wanda Johnson --- Doyle Lynch ---C. W. Harmon - - - - -Glen Smith - - -Theo Barclay - - - - - Loretta Zahn Rus sel Fenogilo -- --Mrs. Parsons V 1 l i X Y w I A. A .,,,2fmEg,,-VT, KS, MD LMJUUUUESIFUG IFUQDUU iw wi 1. ' ,. ' 1 M, CWB 2 43" 5 il". ,V 6 K-X:-Tay ' 'X L' fy Jkbi ,Wi J' -, ' ' V .lf , I 3 ' ,z .fb gov- r 61" rff' -,...,..nnBuv' J 4 , ,eng J? 1 I ffm J 4955 ,v. , -. .av-' A . af ...Q K 'Sw ,..-4-'kgdm my-'M Ma' A an W . . ,m,, L L . 1 Q' if5:'N3fQi:g7L' ii: D, E, WHITE LESTER W. BOYD, IR. B, S, M, S, B, S, M. Ed, ETSC NTSU English Science A Superintendent Principal Ir. Sponsor WELDON B, SILLS B. S. NTSU Math. Soc. Science Sophomore Sponsor CHARLES T, EDWARDS I. C. EMBRY MRS. I. C, EMBRY B. S. B. S. M. S. B. S. Midwestern University " NTSU TWU V, A, Business Homemaking Senior Sponsor Beta Club Freshman Sponsor MARION SOCKWELL TWU 3854 KENN ETH REYNOLD S A ' 11' 5' M A A A 52? W 'mg 8 Wmwxff I f 5 ' 5 I f 2 2 VESTA CARTER NTSU 1 85 2 THELMA CAMPSEY NTSU 5 sl 6 FIRST NATIONAL BANK MEMBER F. D.I, C, SAINT .IO TEXAS BUS DRI ERS w L, To R. Cecil Foster, Woodrow Galmor, Woodrow Sirman, Clifford Hudspeth, Carl Covington Decie Ellzey gc Wynona Riddles BERRY DRILLING COMPANY Phone 995-2308 SAINT IO TEXAS A BOARD OF EDU CATIO L. toR. Fred Williams, President: Buford Huddleston, Secretaryg Buford Greenwood: D, E, White, Supt,: A, B, Mc Million, John T, Willis, Vice-President and Ioe Hunt. Gene Lanier absent, MUENSTER STATE BANK 40 Years Resources Banking FOUI' Million Service DO11arS MUENSTER TEC A S .AAA, , , K PRlNCIPAL,S MESSAGE Graduating Class of 1964 and Sponsor I want to express my personal thanks to you for the hours you have spent in preparing this yearbook. It is Well Worth the time be- cause it will bring back many memories in later years. It has been indeeda pleasure and a privilege to Work with you, the graduating class of 1964, since you were Seventh Graders. As each class graduates from our school, I can remember themfrom my association with them, by outstanding qualities I find in the group as a whole. This group not only has been outstanding in the academic field but its quality of citizenship could hardly be excelled. I wish each of you luck and success. Sincerely, Lester W. Boyd, Jr. SUPERINTENDENT'S MESSAGE Senior Class and Senior Sponsor I have beenasked many times to Write my message for the School Yearbook, but as this is my last, I shall try to say something that might help you to builda strong, useful, hon orable life of dedicated service.Study earnest ly, think clearly, analyze carefully, and choose wisely. Be honest and dependable. Work in dustriously and take God as your partner, and success Will be yours. lt seems ironic that you, the Seniors, and I should leave the Old High School" we love so Well at the same time This is to wish for each of you much happi ness and a good life. D .E . White, Supe rintendent BOOSTER ADS DECATUR Western Auto Young Citizens Whites Auto A, I, Williams Furniture Co. NOCONA BOWIE Harry's Discount Store Paul's Food Store MUENSTER Center Coffee Shop Russe1l's Dept, Store ALVORD Hancock Feed Store Rice Service Station SAINT JO Darnell Mobil and Garage Winn's Mill 85 Elevator Walker's 5 85 10gt Lums Tractor Company Perkins Timberlake GAINESVILLE Gainesville Electric Motors E I 1 if 5 iffy: , W,.1 ..,.lA.W, L ,, ,, ,. ,--?.L ?.,, V 1A, ,Q, ,, ,,1.f, QQ. ,i ,,cl 7 .. is s SSEWUQDEQES Wx, ,L yi K 1 H , ., f' , ,.1 ff.f ,-,f , ,, 7' il!f,i??.i,'i'?f31'- 5 ,H in ww.1,L, , , mm: ,,, fl., SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Brogdon, Presidentg Danny Williams, Sec. -Treas.g Dale Hudspeth, SENIOR CLASS FAVORITES 1ce Galmor and Gano Riddles 1 LOYD BEWLEY FFA 1-2-3-4 B. B. 1-2-3-4 Jr. Play 3 Sr. Play 4 ALICE GA LMOR FHA 1-2-3-4 B. B. 1-2-3-4 Favorite 1-2-3-4 B. B. Captain 3 Sr. Play 4 Ir. Play 3 Most Beautiful 3 JERRY BARNETT FFA 1-2-3-4 B. B. Mgr. 3-4 Jr. Play 3 Sr. Play 4 Class Favorite 2 MAX BROGDON FFA 1-2-3-4 B. B. 1-2-3-4 B. B. 3-4 Captain FHA BEAU 3 Class Vice Pres. 3 Pres. Class 4 Most Athletic' 3 FFA Pres. 3 FFA Sentinel 4 Most Popular 3 Plav 3-4 DALE HUDSPETH B. B. 1-2-3-4 FFA 1-2-3-4 B. B. Capt. 2-4 Best Dressed 1 Most Athletic 2 Class President 3 State FFA Farmer FFA Vice-Pres. 2-4 FFA Sentinel 3 Class Play 3-4 Favorite 1 JOHNNY LEWIS FFA 3-4 ELDON HUC KA BAY FFA 1-2-3-4 Jr. Play 3 Sr. Play 4 STEVE LONG FFA 4 5 .5 ED ELVIS MA SSIE FHA 1-2-3-4 B. B. 1-3 Queen 1-3-4 Beta Club 1-2-3-4 4-H Club 1 Jr. Play 3 Sr. Play 4 GA RY PERRYMA N FFA 1-2-3-4 B. B. 1-2-3-4 Beta Club 1-2-3-4 Beta Pres. 3 Favorite 3 FFA Treasurer 2-3 Jr. Play 3 Sr. Play 4 GA NO RIDDL ES FFA 1 2 3 4 lr. Play 3 Sr. Play 4 DANNY WILLIAMS FFA 1-2-3-4 B. B. 1-2 Beta Club 1-2-3-4 FFA Dist. Sentinel 3 Beta Pres. 2 4-H 1-2-3-4 State FFA Farmer 3 lr. Play 3 Sr. Play 4 FFA Pres. 4 CLASS WILL I, Gary, will my excess height to Shelia. I, Alice, Will my ability to cook to Kay. I, Eldon, will my excess Weight to Carvin. I, Max, will my jumping ability to Dalton. I, Loyd, will my trucking ability to Johnny. I, Edelvis, will my ability to study to Teresa. I, Dale, will my pick of fine women to Charles. I, Steve, Will my bronc riding ability to Carvin. I, C-ano, will my quietness and alertness to Wilma. I, Jerry, will my wavy hair and sideburns to Lonnie. I, Alice, will my ability to stay out late to Janis. I, Johnny, will my ability to skip 6th period to Keith. I, Eldon, will my ability to play basketball to Peggy. I, Edelvis, will my ability of a long engagement to Becky. I, Gano, will my ability to push my weight around to Raymond I, Danny, will my ability to go with good looking girls to Bob. SENIOR OPINIONS OF JUNIORS Keith-popular as a skunk. Shelia-dull as a tornado. Raymond-dependable as rain. Johnny-witty as a deaf mute. Kay-unsociable as a pet dog. Teresa-steady as a heartbeat. Becky-timid as a grizzly bear. Charles-dull as a razor blade. Wilma-noisy as a church mouse. Lonnie-overbearing as a rabbit. Peggy-sad as a New Year's party. Bob-persuasive as a Sherman tank. Dalton-mischievous as a superintendent's son. Garvin-quiet as a jet breaking the sound barrier. Janis-sincere as a teller during a bank robbery. CLASS PROPHECY Last year, Mr. Boyd's science class perfected an amateur radio trans- mitter, and this year, a time machine. They let the 1964 Longhorn Annual Staff use the machine, so we could see what the class of 1964 would be doing 10 years later in the year of 1974. The first person we saw was Jerry Barnett. He still has his long hair and sideburns. He has learned how to play the guitar and has taken Elvis's place. He's making millions. We saw Danny Williams coming out of the First National Bank of Forest- burg and step into his new Cadillac. He had been depositing his oil money. We didn't recognize Gary Perrymang he had gained so much weight. We mistook him for one of his dairy cows on his ZOO dairy cow farm. We found Gano Riddles, Sheriff of Montague County, pullinga raid on John- ny Lewis's illegal gambling casino. The raid was unsuccessful, because John- ny's fast talk convinced Gano it was legal. As we figured, Edelvis Massie married Jimmy Mays. Unfortunately their marriageis on the rocks, because she is stepping out with the Sheriff of Mon- tague County. Alice Galmor is married to Bo Shults. They were taking their vacation on Mars in their new red space ship. Max Brogdon has inherited the Foster and Brogdon farms and has combined them to form a large quarterhorse ranch. Steve Long finally became the world's champion bronc rider. He now has taken Stoney Burke's place in the world of television. Eldon Huckabay was working for Charles Atlas. He works in the picture department--he's the "Before Man." Loyd Bewley is now the president of the Fore stburg Hay and Watermelon Hauling Association. He is operating three diesel trailer trucks. We didn't happen to see Dale Hudspethg he tried college for awhile and was caught out with the Dean's wife. Due to the above circumstances, he is back at Fore stburg selling watermelons. BOWIE NATIONAL BANK FANNING GARAGE Phone TR 2-2205 AND BODY SHOP "Bank with Confidence" BOWIE TEXAS FORESTBURG TEXAS SLM SAM Szvrm BULL LAZXEST TUE L TWO- GUN XPETE BAS KE T BALL A CL CC Queers i f 2-ALL-AROUND sip BEST LOOKHX16 TUE CLUB PRESRDENT gas-W , ,Nw DWJMUQDERS E 232 .IUNIGR CLASS GFFICERS ggy Willis, Vice-President: Teresa Huddleston, Sec. -Treas.g Keith Brewer, President Peggy Willis and Bob Upshaw Becky Anderson Keith Brewer James Bryant Janis Eldridge Shelia Huckabay Teresa Huddleston Charles Lee MAJESTIC 85 TRAIL THEATRES Registered Angus Cattle Woody Campbell BOWIE TEXAS CHAPMAN MOTOR CO. Chevrolet Oldsmobile Congratulations Forestburg Seniors B. W. Chapman Bus. Ph. 825-3343 Owner Res. Ph. 825-6580 NOCONA TEXAS Carvin Moseley Johnny Muller Lonnie Rater Wilma Romine Kay Vann Bob Upshaw Dalton White Peggy Willis HOFBAUER'S F0Od SLI-Ocker Service SIMPSON SPORTING GOODS Ph 759-4434 P.O. Box 10 GAINESVILLE TEXAS MUENSTER TEXAS COMMERCE STREET STORE P.O. Box 427 Phone HO5-4541 GAINESVILLE TEXAS MANHATTAN CLOTHIERS GAINESVILLE TEXAS Q x lu. at 145. V vt yas 'A A T1 kgfi.:-if gf, 4 , ,,,V ' 'vm' lv , fl 115, M ',Q ,,, .i - A ,g.,. .,V, L 5 V, s , . 7 ' . . , W, K ' wiv 7 i. 1' ivfffgf 'fn -' . Q , , 3 f fs 1- vxiffi- ,1-.Lf - ' f E' If 4, - -L , V - X H 'Q 4 Af ' Y fig M4552 E ' ' ' 'hw I ' - - . f ,Q EFA ,E L .,,., 5 , Nw , ,m ,,,aEm,,, , M, , A , Y -,Qi M I f x S X ' Eff? - 1142-eq! , 'Q' 2 1 G A- - vw + if 9, Q, f V, ,V .5 , U ,V i , ,mgwig -, JY., iw, ' X Mfg? Q". , - 7 f-ffzf' , . ' - V' K f -l -'ig-f j,1,s,,, , : if- '.:1-f?.,': :": 1'H15ig5" 2'f ,:!:'i . Q ff, ' - , y Y . W . - W' Qi M 5i,,f faA - ,, , - - 4- v f- . J . - . .ff wg.-K .yn f A , ' ' lv . in-in -nr' A . 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A wi 'L Q-W ,asia '2geff:s,ifasf5s22fG'i"fL3w Af , X N, 21a,fzff,iw mm W N MW W : M?EfQ,fwg,::jzBW'- sf , H " ,- , i if .,,,,, W vff' V I V f f. ' 1S,:.L.x ,Asmf72?-,?I5g,573?4:'.fVLS ,'fL,QQ5 "' "'fV 4 L. X , - ' . ,L,5,A,,.A,-L2-,g,Xa?iLssz,X ,K , f ,. '- 1g3rh.,,1mazv?iW,,g35p,??wsgjwk , -im: v.vA1qw-by , mais: , any ,vmwrmr SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Mickey Landers, Pres.g Billie Foster, Vice-Pres.g Elaine Bewley, Treas.g Sharon McMi11ion, Sec. CLASS F VORITES COOKE COUNTY ELECTRIC CO-OP. GAINESVILLE NATIONAL BANK "Electric Power for Rural Progress" Muenster TCXHS Gainesville Texas Floye Allen Les Bailey Wayne Bell Elaine Bewley Donald Boyd Carolyn Eldridge Lewis Eldridge Billie Foster Jimmy Freeman SAINT IO TRIBUNE PEDIGO PHARMACY Saint JO Texas Saint Jo Texas I-IUNT'S DRY GOOD STORE WARE CLEANERS Best At Popular Prices Saint Jo Texas Saint Io Texas my Dickie Harmon Bbw Doyle Johnson Mickey Landers if Virginia Lee Sharon McMi11ion Maybe Myers Kedith Pittman Vicki Upshaw Edith Ann Welch sf ii V , isss 5 it ' S fs N 5- An f jf A L. gg I. LIPCOMB'S DRY GOODS GILBERT'S DEPT. STORE Bowie 85 Nocona Texas Nocona Texas BEN FRANKLIN STORES CONGRATULATIONS "Your Self Serve Variety" MUENSTER PHARMACY School Headquarters Nocona Saint Jo Muenster Texas EERE GU xW-f' W A A. lv -AX WH -QR xx J""EQ+ 49 ww-mwzgm VKN FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS L. to R.: Larry Johnson, Presidentg Margie Brogdon, Treasurerg Janice Long, Secretaryg Lannie Kelley, Vice-President. CLASS F VORITES Mary Johnson and Johnny Moseley GAYLE BRADLEY Jeweler Box 777 Ph. TR 2-3481 Bowie, Texas C, D, SHAMBURGER Lumber Company Phone 759-2232 Muenster, Texas Kenneth Bell Marjorie Brogdon Charlie Dixon Linda Eldridge Harold Freeman Larry Johnson Mary Johnson Beckie Jones Lanny Kelley FIRST STATE BANK BRASHEAR BROTHERS of GAINESVILLE Livestock Dealers Weldon Bie Marvin TR2- 3453 TR2-1015 TR2-1583 GAINESVILLE TEXAS BOWIE BOX 41 TEXAS Paul Moore Johnny Moseley Norman Lee Janice Long Connie Moore Wade Perryman Melba Romine Barbara Welch BOWIE LOCKER PLANT Phone TR-2-1160 P.O. Box 152 Garrett Owner-Manager BOWIE TEXAS MUENSTER DRESS MFG. CO, MUENSTER TEXAS WILDE CHEVROLET CO. Frigiking Air Conditioners ENDERS MOTOR CO, A11 Types Insurance PITCH? FUDHU ' 759-2244 MUENSTER TEXAS TM- z MUENSTER TEXAS 'Q 3 ,L LEEEUUJENQIIFMLRZ a ff ,Y f X 'fs f 1 5 K if f xx 4 f EIGH TH G RADE Rex Bell Johnny Carter Kay Foster David Grider B ill ie Hunt G Don McCandless A Weldon Roberts Cathy Scott Chuck Scott Donnie Shults BURGESS FUNERAL HOME BOWIE TRANSIT-MIX CO. Bowie Texas Bowie Texas HOME BUILDERS SUPPLY CO. "For All Your Building Needs" OWENS-BRUMLEY Carl Long Manager Funeral Home Bowie Texas Bowie Texas SEVE TH GR DE N 5 Danny Allen Susie Anderson mh, X K Bobbie Carson , , 5 ' '1 'f Danny Grider Q., .X 5 ' Q Qi wg, i- f Darrell Grider Cathy Lee Billie McCand1ess Donna McMi1lion Rex Miller Virginia Welch Freddie Williams Y O BOYD'S AUTO PARTS FORD SALES OF BOWIE BOWIE TEXAS BOWIE TEXAS WHITES AUTO STORE MISS VILLAGE IR, SHOP Pete Guthrie, Owner TR'2' 3631 301 Smythe Petites 85 Regular Jr. BOWIE TEXAS BOWIE TEXAS SIXTH GR DE Gary Brewer I oe Bryant Sandra Carson Rickey Huckabay Harold Huddleston Linda Head Larry Scott Brenda Welch WHITES AUTO STORE STONE'S MEN'S WEAR Ph. 825-3761 Paul Brand Owner "Quality Clothing for Men" Nocona Texas Nocona Texas NOCONA LOCKER PLANT DAUGHERTY FUNERAL HOME Ph. 825-6123 Ph. 825-3857 207 Cook Lockerrental-Meat 8a foods Processed NOCODS1 TSXHS Nocona Texas . 'bt 'Wi FIFTH GRADE Dawna Boyd Ricky Covington Michael Cook Sharon Freeman Darrell McCandless Stanley Pittman 5' Robert Scott W, Dona Steadham 4? Michael Upshaw m , Dj, if R5 xxx 3, .. , ,S if , 1-- Ni, - Q gl t- CURLIN INSURANCE AGENCY IACK'S AUTO PARTS 210 Cook Street Automotive Replacement Parts Ph. 825-3224 Ph. 827-3378 102 W. Hwy 82 Nocona Texas Nocona Texas FISHER'S MARKET AND GROCERY HAGGLER'S WESTERN WEAR Phone 759-4211 Boots, Hats, Shirts-Levis Muenster Texas Bowie Texas FGURTH GRADE Terry Brewer Gary Covington Charles Dill Larry Eldridge Karla Greenwood David Head Paula Hudspeth Jimmie McMillion Mary Reynolds Joseph Riddles BILL CLOTHIER PEOPLES BANK Ph. 825-3728 Member FDIC Ready-to-Wear-Shoes and Sportswear Nocona Texas Nocona Texas ' FARMERS AND MERCHANTS NATIONAL BANK QUR DRUG STORE Member FDIC Ph. 825-3316 "We Give S8Ll-I Green Stamps" Nocona Texas Nocona Texas V ., l , ' 5 ik KE' ' mini as ri h J. , Q . L, J Z1 If as ry e Rebecca Brogdon Jackie Freeman Gary Johnson LaRee Johnson Monda Kelly Deborah Knox Brenda McCandless Tana Monroe Carolyn Riddles Diana Serna Gary Scott Charles Steadham , hh ll :l'. , Q Sheree Wylie T D R D Allen Head FLUSCHE'S GARAGE 8: FEED STORE Ph. 995-2324 P. O. BOX 457 Saint Jo Texas WEED STATION Sa GROCERY Saint Io Texas SAINT IO TELEPHONE CO, Saint Io Texas GEO, D, PEDIGO INS, AGENCY Ph. 995-2424 P. O. Box 7 Saint Jo Texas SECO D GRADE Sabrina Cook Davey Covington Larry Dill fx ,1.' Barbara Head Phylis Lanier Teresa McMillion Wayne Moseley .Terry Reynolds Hilda Serna Kathy Welch MITCHELL-GOODWIN LUMBER CO, CLOWER GROCERY Hardware-Building Ph. 427-3811 AIVOTD TGXHS Alvord f Texas, Congratulations Seniors DEB DRY GOODS NIKIRK Gao, ac MARKET Ph. 427-5525 Alvord Texas Alyord Texas w r WWW FIRST GR DE Bonnie Couger Pam Covington Darla Freeman Sharlotte Freeman Cecil I ones Audimarie Knox Charles Lanier Cindy Monroe Ricky Myers I im Orrell Paula Putnam Ronnie Reynolds Retha Riddles Charles Scott Andy Serna Don Sills Debra Steadham Norma Head KIBLER OFFICE SUPPLY 107 E. Oak 382-9668 MCCRAYS IEWELERS Royal Standard SL Electric Typewriters West Side Square DCHIOH Texas Denton Texas DICO FOOD S, INC, FIRST NATIONAL BANK Complete Locker Plant and Ice Service Decatur Texas Decatur Texas RHYTHM BAN L. to R., lst Row: Phylis Lanier, Bonnie Couger, Darla Freeman, Jim Orrell, Sharlotte Freeman, CharlesScott, Pam Covington, Cecil Jones, Kathy Welch, Ronnie kynolds, Debra Steadham, Andy Serna, Charles Lanier. 'Znd Row: Sabrina Cook, Barbara Head, Laree Johnson, Retha Riddles, Norma Head, Cindy Monroe, Wayne Moseley,Don Sills, Allen Head, Davey Covington, Jerry Reynolds, Larry Dill, Charles Steadham, Ricky Myers. 3rd Row: Paula Putnam, Hilda Serna, Becky Brogdon, Carolyn Riddles, Monda Kelly, Mary Jo Reynolds, Diana Serna,Teresa McMillion, Charles Dill, Gary Scott, Jackie Freeman, Gary Johnson, Joseph Riddles. 4th Row: Audimarie Knox, Tana Monroe, Sheree Wylie, Brenda McCandless, Karla Greenwood, Paula Hudspeth, Deborah Knox, Terry Brewer, David Head, Larry Eldridge, Jimmy McMil1ion, Gary Covington. .CARNIVAL CANDHJATES 51111 and Gth 31-d and 4th Brenda Welch and .T O6 Bryant Paula Hudspeth and Charles Dill 7- 7 ' LHGTFU WEEE? -ir: ,Nz 'Vk' fl' . , A , A X. FUTURE HOMEM KERS OF MERICA BOTTOM ROW, L. to R.: Alice Galmorg Parliamentarian, Vicki Upshaw, Virginia Lee, Keith Brewery Beau, Billie Foster: Vice- Pres., Elaine Beweleyg Sec., Sharon McMillong Song Leader. SECOND ROW: Becky Anderson: Pres., Edelvis Massie, Floye Allen, Kay Vann, Nancy Reed, Teresa Huddleston. THIRD ROW: Janis Eldridgeg Historian, Shelia Huchabay, Peggy Willis: Rept., Janice Long, Linda Eldridge, Mary Johnson, Margie Brogdon. TOP ROW: Becky Jones, Carolyn Eldridge, Kedith Pittman, Mrs, Embry, Advisor, WAGONSELLERS FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF BOWIE Fruit Farm 86 Gift Shop Oldest Bank In Montague Co. Bowie Texas Member F. D. I. C. GARY NEES LUMBER CO. Everything In Building Material Bowie Texas Bowie Texas FUTURE FARMERS OF MERICA I F. A ' S Vffggjif 4 .. K e A 5 BOTTOM ROW, L. to R.: Butch Eldridge, Paul Moore, Wade Perryman, Norman lee, Harold Freeman, Margie Brogdon, Sweetheart, Johnny Moseley, Larry Johnson, Eldon Huckabay, Lanny Kelly, Gary Perryman. Middle Row: les Bailey, Raymond Bryant, Wayne Bell, Johnny Muller,Carvin Moseley, Dickie Harmon, Doyle Johnson, Dalton White, Charles Dixon, Danny Williams, Pres.g Charles Edwards, Advisor. TOP ROW: Charles Lee, Reporter, Max Brogdon, Sent., Keith Brewer, Treas.g Bob Upshaw, Dale Hudspeth, V, Pres.g Mickey Landers, Donald Boyd, Lonnie Rater, Sec.: Jerry Barnett, Jimmy Freeman. MUENSTER MACHINE SHOP AND SUPPLY COMPANY ROHMER'S RESTAURANT-DRIVE-IN . Caterin Service Weldlng and general shop work g Pipe-Fittings-Bolts Phone 759-2973 Muenster Texas Muenster Texas MUENSTER LIVESTOCK AUCTION Phone 759-2201 STOCKMANS FEED STORE SALE EVERY THURSDAY Muenster Texas Muenster Texas BET CLUB 0 , , 'A' ggi W ,AAA r f an Q W1 A Ae' E E L. to R.. Peggy Willis, Vice-President: Becky Anderson: Teresa Huddleston, Secretary-Treasurer: Dalton White, Pres- idents Mr. J, C, Embry, Sponsor: Gary Perryman: Edelvis Massie and Danny Williams, L to R, Front Row: Jimmy McMi11ion, Mary Io Reynolds, Sabrina Cook, Brenda McCand1ess, Sheree Wylie, Charles Dill. Second Row: Paula Hudspeth, Billie McCand1ess, Margie Brogdon, Micheal Cook, and Dawna Boyd, THE STYLE SHOP H E D Ladies' 8a Children's wear SLAUG T R RUG and Accessories Silverware-China-Crystal Phone TR 2 2201 Pottery , - Bowie Texas Bowie Glfts Texas WHEELER'S REAL ESTATE AIRINGTON OIL COMPANY 114 Mason St, Phone TR 2-2522 Bowie Texas . Bowie Texas 4-H CLUB Bottom Row: L. to R. , Becky Brogdon, Terry Brewer, Jimmie McMi1lion, Gary Brewer, Tuck Scott, Mike Upshaw. Middle Row: Johnny Moseley, Larry Johnson, Chuck Scott, Freddie Williams, Kay Foster,Rep0rterg Paula I-ludspeth, Top Row: Wade Perryman, Linda Eldridge, Janice Long, Mary Johnson, Treasurerg Margie Brogdon, Presidentg Danny Williams, Billie Foster, Secretary. ANDERSON GROCERY AND CAFE HQWARD MIDDLETON SHERIFF FDr6SIb11rg Texas Montague County MONTAGUE FARMERS SUPPLY CO. SECURITY ABSTRACT COMPANY ,Your Puma Dealer.. Montague Texas I Bowie Texas HALLDWEEN CARNIVAL KINGS AND QU EENS Becky Anderson Lonnie Rater Billie Hunt Don McCandless Phylis 8x Charles Lanier High School Junior High Elementary HALLOWEEN KING AND QUEEN CANDIDATES Edelvils Massie Vickie Upshaw Margie Brodgon Ga1'Y Perfyman Les Bailey Norman Lee Seniors SOpl101'IlOI'eS Freshmen ii 4, , ?' ., . . e sn' wif . li! ff 'v-' I , , .-. - 1 . V i ,., X E es .,,. 1 , I 3 -- .2 ...I-Niki.: V A sexi W:V," Y' ggi I MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Danny William s BEST DRESSED Elaine Bewley Dale I-luds pe th CUMMUNITY LUMBER CO, Phone 759 -2248' Muenster Texas MUENSTER MILLING COMPANY Wayne's Feeds Phone 759-2287 Muenster Texas DILL'S SERVICE STATION "At Sinclair We Care About Your Car" Forestburg T SXSIS MONTGOMERY WARD Gainesville Texas MOST STUDIOUS Teres a Huddle s ton Lonnie Rater H :Q A 4 MOST PoPuLAR X f 1, Becky Anderson Charles Lee K TONY'S SEED STORE Muenster Texas GEORGE BERRY GROCERY Rosston Texas KENNETH WATSON Agent FORT WORTH STAR TELEGRAM Phone 627-5414 Decatur Texas DAN BUTLER WELDING WORKS "First Class Equipment" Phone 825-3712 Nocona Texas BEST ALL -ARGU D Vickie Upshaw Loyd Bewley WITTIEST Margie Brogdon Dalton White MCNABB FEED STORE ALVORD NATIONAL BANK "Paymaster Feeds SL Seeds" Phone 825 -3868 Nocona Texas S Alvorcl Texas EDWARDS HUMBLE BAKER DRIVE-IN GROCERY Phone V15 - 3321 Alvord Texas Sunset Texas MOST BEAUTIFUL AND MDST HANDSOME Alice Galrnor Max Brogdon MCDST ATHLETIC BDY AND GIRL Keith Brewer Peggy Willis FIRST SAVINGS AND LOAN BOWIE FURNITURE COMPANY ASSOCIATION New and Used - Free Dellvery BOWIE Texas BOWIE Texas WILLIAMS CLEANERS Phone TR2-1731 Box 121 BOWlC Texas BOWIE HARDWARE COMPANY Bowie Texas . x ..s 1' 'z i. E "A-' - . V IQ' fix page 7' KIIX X , S I xl! ig af x N? ' If Q3 V 'X fx -1 ,lf , V K 2? ,':'1?1y, ,iX W -1' If I Q I X - Q , ,X 4 ,Hb N V ' l x 'ry RM' J K ff Q9 N K., ' Q! ' x Www 's .. , . 4 ,-W, .,,, , . 'W Q W 'wif If I J E H we Xwkxi fl ff' 'gm 113 r J I NR XX! ff 4 11 ':' wi li ,ga ",, , L A if Q 6 5 W . 41. X 1-1 .. ' . :ef 3, H 1 W 1 A mn 1 fa. ., 3 's ww. :wi A A K? Tiff D D -5 . A-T' .-Efaf vig tp HIGH SCHOOL BASKETBALL GIRLS L. .to R, Becky Anderson, Peggy Willis, Floye Allen, Vicki Upshaw, Virginia Lee, Alice Galmor, Margie Brogdon Mary Johnson, Kay Vann, Billie Foster, Janice Long, Linda Eldridge, Becky Jones and Sharon McMillion, Standing Jerry Barnett, Wassie Reynolds, Coach, Danny Williams, L CAPTAINS SENIOR HL ,grab LQ W 5, X ,,,, M LLLLQ iisi f T - ' W ww , W La, f--- u '- - SQNQM- ass , ,"' 'LL' A r V LG , I K PM 2 ss? rg - ,Vg fr T T ' f ' B ' - f ri-r w i f 1:21 I1 7 . ,,., - . ei L M, L asia n- ,. . ig LL Mag. s,,,k , ?L,3LilfQ1g:,,, ' bfwiwri-:"W'fL i V ' , fs rr,. MI' f S fpwzfif? --., Lf .X 'ifsiiiix f i if XL A L A - I r,, M K g ,,:...'g in L rrr,rr ,, J L LsL,...l L ..,. ri -A- ' rr -L 5' L, si o r L E ' 1 L L L , L s-I ... Q v 'N S T A A B' S A ' M Becky Anderson Peggy Willis , L. 3 We A li ce G alm or For the Finest in Haircuts try TOMMY'S BARBER SHOP Muenster Texas BEN FRA NK LIN Muenster Texas Compliments of NORTH TEXAS PRODUCERS ASS'N Muenster Tex as TUGGLE MOTOR COMPANY Phone 759-2811 Muenster Tex as HIGH SCHOOL BASKETB LL BOYS 5,5 i ,K W , ,, wr Kneeling: Danny Williams, Scorekeeper: Jerry Barnett, Manager: Standing L. to R.: Paul Moore, Leslie Bailey, Raymond Bryant, Wayne Bell, Mickey Landers, Keith Brewer, Loyd' Bewley, Max Brogdon, Bob Upshaw, Dale Hudspeth, Charles Lee, Gary Perryman, Doyle Johnson, Harold Freeman, CA PTAINS SENIORS f x..-f Dale Hudspeth Max Brogdon Loyd Bewley, Dale Hudspeth, Max Brogdon and Gary Perryman GRIFFIN REXALL DRUG STORE BOWIE MACHINE WORKS Professional Prescription MfgS- Of Bowie PUTUDS Service Phone TR 2-1891 Bowie Texas Bowie Texas BENNETT on. COMPANY GENERAL INSURANCE Fire Auto Windstorm Liability ' PRYOR MCGEE Forestburg Texas Bowie Texas JU ICR HIGH BASKETBALLGIRL Front: Billie McCandless, Kay Foster. Back: Virginia Welch, Cathy Lee, Billie Hunt, Susie Anderson and Donna McMil1ion. JU IOR HIGH BASKETBALL BGYS Front: Rex Miller, Donnie Shults. Back: Freddie Williams, Rex Bell, Weldon Roberts, Don McCandless, Johnny Carter, Chuck Scott and Danny Allen. FIFTH A D SIXTH BASKETBALL GIRL t, FIFTH ANI? SIXTH B, SKETB LL BOYS or I3 , X sr, , C :ef Left to Right: lst Row: Michael Upshaw, Joe Bryant, Harold Huddleston, Ricky Covington, Larry Scott, Darrell McCandless, Gary Brewer, Robert Scott, Stanley Pittman, - iw .- ff-' -W-yxwwy f, . , . , Michael Cook. 2nd Row mtl JUNIOR AND sEN1oR PRQM HSPIKEDH HTHE OLD QQRRALN WHEREYSPKEITHYY "DON'T BE SO SERIGUSU i WESTERN DAY HSTGNEY BURKEN nBEANS, ANYONE?n nTHE LINEUPW "TEX sims" " HIGH'SCHOOL COWGIRL 8 COWBOY Hwowz GIRLSH NIFTIEST WRANGLERSn .....1.........w,, STUDENT TEACHER DAY , nGOT GAUGHTU nyogvgg mag mEAcHER?N NYOU--IS, wAs, AMQNP UBIG BAD CLASSn ' WWHAT YEAR DID --U HTHE CREWN nDAYbDREAMINGn HVISTORSW ' WCOMPLICATEDH ' NWHATv3 Ngxyn 2 f Q .-,:. .,:. h JUNK Q M ,.fff.N A , 1 5 ' . " A ' il., .'5f,':-ii':i' E , " i ii? 'L 11' 4- L " .ff :ii , K A u g , - 71.53, G ,S-1, L L i, ,5qg,5:1k,wf :fz ,gf ,Q gf iff L Qggigiigm fi' X f ggi, k ' '- ."l'j.g4,gg?gg,51fg,w-in'L-1 ' 1' Wk,-'ilQ-fYi'i. . n . -. :xv "W, . A K , ai A, . 2 522 4 ni ,L ii W 4 i w 4 A S A 5 NG-rub House' 'Rock Cnuck Wagons Ready for first liarthar Couldnxt even spell it, now I is one Smile You're an Candid L-.. V fi i , 4 F ., .K .A -'Fa , l', .Q 2? if. w Q id ws 1121 'S ' ' 1 1 I 1 xi " if ,. iw' A I . -' : 2 ': ,F a if 1 I 4 ' . 1- fx 3 ,- Ls ' ,V .1 2 ' f xi' A X K" , ' la A. ., 4 1 Vg" Q ,g ,J ' xiii V: 0. ,tif W -'fra 15 11 1 fw : W5 f "Jig ln., 5113 gig' ,' 1 ' ' fa!! 4 'f , '-, V 1, , 5, T i' I 'jx , 1, , L ' ,--1 ,I J, Y. , .1 , , -H.. ..........n.- ...gin-1...-.1.m.. .. ,...-..Q...

Suggestions in the Forestburg High School - Longhorn Yearbook (Forestburg, TX) collection:

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