Forestburg High School - Longhorn Yearbook (Forestburg, TX)

 - Class of 1958

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Forestburg High School - Longhorn Yearbook (Forestburg, TX) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Cover

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, W 4- F -4 .. ., 1 Y- fav 'ff- ,M ,,v , A 4 v yr X' ,'-aqwx I Tk 5 IV Q ' .JG , ,SK 'Ii n ' r W: j in s S, 4 o vw 'mn 30-57 ' "6':mu"0x ,pin an f gin f QYM7 , . f - ' 7 gf 1 . ,,. ' M Tn ' 34+ , 1 , 'ug ' - . A k 3 95 HA, fl' +" ,N ,,.1 f , '- ,P .va '--' -. am , , 6, n -9 JW Vw Ei? f ie fffgfffaw Y YV VYVY Y 'Yi we-lg--J ff X K I f ff 65 x, '-L'- sal , we E 1 MQW " Q , Mffgk ,W --4 f- lx I f r xr W: 0 W, ? I A 1,1 Q 1Q'5:,Qf?2ff! ' 1,11 fff ff' ff vm V wg xf"fX X r E716 1958 Published by FORESTBURG HIGH SCHOOL Volume i f - i: Wifi? 5 .A "'fEN1'xgxI!g7 A S X ZQ6,i'Z'f"r ,Z ff! 1 l ' ' 7 Qfl fi ' "W ,pf f ' f ff X WSQW W f H A Q' M Afaughorn THE ANNUAL STAFF Forestburg, Texas Ten Dedication To Mr. White, our Superintendent, for his Pa- tience, Loyalty, and Untiring efforts in helping to make us better citizens of tomorrow, we the Sen- iors of 1957-58 dedicate this annual. Sfrfrcufard We, the Seniors of 1958, are happy to present this annual, We hope you will treasure it in years CO COII16. Annual Staff Assistant Editor ----- - - - LOVANA WILLIAMS Business Manager ------ - - DONALD ROE SLEDGE Assistant Business Manager ------------- JAMES HOLLAND Typists -------------- JANE BROGDON, JIM GREENWOOD Sports Editor ------ ---- ------- G O RDY LYNCH Assistant Sports Editor- - - - GORDON WADE Snapshot Editor ---- Feature Editor - - - Advertising - - - Organizations- - Subscriptions - - Advisor - - - - -' -BRENDA POYNOR - -' WILLIE SHULTS - - - RAMA LEE BOYD - - TRUMAN GREENWOOD - - - - -HENRY BERRY - - SARAH GOREE n-. Mrs. Decie Ellzey Carl CUSTODIAN We wwe X14 is-'W-erik xt X ff-3 f W M X COOKS Covmgton BUS DRIVERS Mrs. He len Poynor fs CI ' 'fbi 5 'riff' Qtr: fl ix Q4 'ir Board of Trustees School Building W W 6 4 fp 4,5 Www 'mv' J. A-6-1' Wm ,Wugg-WW' ff' ww gif! WW 7,-fayzfifgw My 'kgiimfa if fm 1 M wal, mwgw ,AW ZA? , ,,,"Tf" my AW W 954: a- ' ' H- "Q ' 4 , ' 3, ,QV . ', ' nf A 7-f W' J' r' .,-ww! Q , V sl 1 ,-ws.: W i' Wk wp , Ab ww' 'fi' , 4, My ' ,ff ,,""', 0 ' . ' l V A H ' " L f " ' w ' '15, 4' A ,J ' MV' , " QAM' ' K ' ,S V' HI . ff-I riff VWM- - at I 3, A K K Q I X V 1 ,V Q , V 3 5,1 mf , .Mg f f' 3' Z, . ' f' ,. ,I ,',g,..' -1 ' ' J., 1-L, , .fi , 'f A ""V g f' 4 A' . ff . + Y f , ff- ffm ' W ,, - . , Q5 A - f. I W V ' ' 'W --f ' ,Y ' ' 4" gi: , ,, 1 A ,Z ' QQ, M ' V, ' 1, " "'.:"'--5 1' ' -' :E JG 055- 1. c ' .' .V .,w.4pi11?' 12-71? V 'W ' " , ,f ,, , f 1' ' ' ,H ' ' ' ' W 'fn f':":f:'- 'YK' - . ':'4f V Q7"4f" W ' . 0' QPO dj .sm 6 ol? Q, fe 156 695 939 be we QP tt sz Qs ea- O 5 X45 6 I 63' Ivo 42, G I eo, 60 '24, CP Q! 4.6, Q, fd, Co 13990 QZQQJJSQ pogo af,-1105, We 4' Q 02 0 e 0 fp. 0 .060 050 e,,of'2, Q56 650 fo frog, 49 0' Q ,Q o '13 0 , 66 fb- 6 01 dsx-996001 020631 66: 6 039 eq 06 xx 00 4, I4 0 wo 'P 15 f Q 'S' 620 -v"'G Qf05Q"'9oQs6'Q'52,Q0'4t.- G 1- Q o Q 1' 0' Q 1' J 0' Q wwf. ff 1066 sw- fs-as or ' ' 1' 1' fo 'E f 'P eo' GO QL- 156 -45, so 66 ,Y 'I J Qf 'ooo G ,- 004- of 406, be, G-rQ5 Q52 Oo' 100966, Q15 Q9 056 051' ""0 to Goo- '22 do Q' I-9 Q ,oe G J Q O J f 0 Q J' a Q Q 04,65 o'Q-2,09 on 'fog ,QQ Q 40 6 OJ' of oe O"'r'bO'-5 Ge 00 'folk-49 C760 Q., QW 0 46 og '93, 00' 4 04, -'Z '47 0 ro QQ OSL ,po Q0 6' 40 as Q Q! 3 0,- 606 Jo' G' QQ 85650085 tbeo reef '60 eo' 990 'Po 0 f Q 0 f G .P 05 0 G0 63, 69 160 rofo is of ap Oo Q Gfazoefoa' 0 5'7L'r G O f ,O 3 I . 4335 Goof Q ' 0 is eq? ' In QQ 6 IQ 69 J Go,e,Qo offfg, ds -Pogo 0 on Q -P0 G- Oo Q5 .P Cb' O0 fp O 415 '00 Q6 45 essex., 00 60: 6, 6 Q o Q9 45 ag G60 og? 66,3 Q90 .OG Q-Q 15' 0619 2' Q 901 we Q f O 6 Ol, Q Gp., so 0 ere . bf 0, G ' Q 6 Q Z3 fi' J' Oo, e Og, f' Goa s Prznczpal 5 Message Worthwhile quotations and thoughts include: 1 A kind deed 1s never lost 2. I once complained - about not having shoes until Imet a man with no pp :" ' , feet 3 Whatsoever a man soweth, that he shall T ff also reap 4 Know thyself 5 Truth is a forerunner a n of honesty 6 Moderation 1S a strong virtue. 7. Do T unto others as you would have them do unto you. y M 8 The steam you use to blow the whistle cannot eff an 'i be used for power 9 Idleness is the devi1's work- y , shop 10 As long as you try to get even with a per- 5 jss 5 sl,1 5 2 ' son you will never get ahead of him. ll. There IS some good in all people 12. Think before you leap there may be sharp tacks where you land.13. When the Great Scorer scores against your name, it s not whether you won or lost, but HOW You Let s try to use them daily as our examples and Sincerely, Weldon B. Sills I 4 1 1 1 I 1 55-1-fi I , .Wx-Qdiw MISS SARAH GOREE B,S, and M, Ed, E. T.S.T. C. Senior Sponsor MRS, FONZEAL COLE B, S, N, T, S, C. Junior Sponsor Sizculfy MR. D. E. WHITE Superintendent E. T. S. T. C. Hardins-Simmons Un. Senior Co-Sponsor MR. W. B. SILLS B. S. N. T. S.C. - 36 Hrs. Sophomore Sponsor MR, M, B. JAMES B. A. Howard Payne Student, N,T,S, C, Freshman Sponsor MR, REX ANDERSON B,S, of Ag. Ed, A.S,C, Texas A8aM Vocational Agriculture MRS, LOIS HALL 13.5. T, W, C, 3rd and 4th Grade MRS, VESTA CARTER B.3. N.T.S.C. lst and 2nd Grade ,aww Zzcul y MR, DON WOODALL Tyler Junior College B, S, E, T, S, T, C, 7th and 8th Grade Basketball Coach MRS, THELMA CAMPSEY B. 5. N, T, S, C, 5th and 6th Grade MRS, FRANCIS BREWER Decatur Baptist Music MRS, EDYTHE MCGUAPHY School Nurse R.N. nllEllllllll Ullllllllluiwimiufiwiul-I fgzg fi - Q is sg N HHS I tbl!! I Svififii .ll lil lil ill Sli lil H11 Ki! Mil KI Bii il H31 ll Sq Q11 il Donald Roe Sledge, Vice Presidentg James Holland, Treasurerg Henry Berry, Presidentg Sue Sirmans, Secretary. MISS SARAH GOREE HENRY BER-RY Senior Sponsor FFA 1. 2, 3. 4 Annual AdVi501' BB LCIICIIHBH 1, 2, 4 Class President 4 Best A11 Around 4 BB Captain 4 Junior Play , GORDY LYNCH FFA 1, 2, 3, 4 BB Letterrnan 2, 3,4 Wittiest 3 Junior Play FFA Historian 3 JAMES HOLLAND FFA 1, 2, 3, 4 Greenhand President 1 Chapter President 2,4 Chapter Treasurer 3 District Treasurer 3 BB Letterman 1, 2, 3, 4 BB Captain 2,4 Class President 2 Class Secretary 3 Class Treasurer 3,4 Best All Around 2 Most Handsome 3,4 Halloween King 3 Student Council 2 Junior Play BRENDA SUTTON FHA 1, 2, 3, 4 FHA Reporter FHA Parliamentarian BB Letterman 1, 3 BB Manager 2,4 Junior Play Class Reporter 1 LOVANA WILLIAMS FHA 1,2,3,4 FHA Historian 1 Choral 1, 2, 3 Band 1 Book Club Secretary 2 Class President 3 Junior Play BB Letterman 1, 2 WILLIE SHULTS FFA 1, 2, 3, 4 BB Manager 1 Class Vice President 3 FFA Vice President 4 Junior Play FHA Beau GORDON WADE FFA 1, 2, 3, 4 Class Favorite 3 BB Letterman 3 0 DONALD ROE SLEDGE FFA 1, 2, 3, 4 FFA Treasurer 2 FFA Reporter 4 Class President 3 Class Vice President 4 Class Favorite 2 Junior Play SUE SIRMANS FHA 1, 2, 3,4 FHA Treasurer 3 FHA President 4 FFA Sweetheart 4 Class Secretary 4 Best All Around 3 Most Likely to Succeed 4 Student Council 2 Class Favorite 2 Junior Play JANE BROGDON FHA 1, 2, 3, 4 FHA Vice President 2 FHA Reporter 4 BB Letterman 1, 2, 3, 4 BB Captain 2, 4 Most Popular 3, 4 Best All Around 2 Class Favorite 3, 4 Junior Play Halloween Queen 4 TRUMAN GREENWOOD FFA 1, 2, 3, 4 BB Letterman 2, 3,4 BB Captain 3 Most Athletic 4 Most Likely to Succeed 4 Best All Around 3 Class Reporter 4 Junior Play .TIMMIE GREENWOOD FFA 1, 2, 3,4 FFA Band 1,2 FFA Historian 2 Junior Play RAMA LEE BOYD FHA 1, 2, 3, 4 BB Letterman 2, 3,4 Class Secretary 2 Junior Play FHA Secretary 4 Elass Will I, Henry Berry, will my curly hair to Shot Boyd. I, Sue Sirmans, will my petite height to Nell Galmor. I, Lovana Williams, will my ability to swim to Oma Dell Massie. I, Jane Brogdon, will my slenderness to June Poynor. I, Brenda Sutton, will my ability to get married to Sylvia Lindsey. 1, Rama Lee Boyd, will all the teasing l get to anyone who thinks they would like it. l, Willie Shults, will my excess weight to Sammy Harmon. I, Gordy Lynch, will my hair cut to Jerry Scott. l, Jimmie Greenwood, will my ability to stay out late to Wylie Edwards. I, Donald Sledge, will my petite height to Travis Landers. I, Gorden Wade, will my ability to make it to school and back home on drip gas to Shot Boyd. We, Thurman Greenwood and James Holland, will our athletic ability and ableness to get the Rosston girls, to Jerry Kelley and Terry Coleman. Mwsfifr iw? S i auf J7hl'OfiYiii5fs ESM BQ fi 611155 Przfplzecy Brenda, as everyone knows married her man, Ross. They are now living in a cute little house behind the store in Tight Wad with their fifteen adorable children. Sue, after working hard and living highly for sometime, finally settled down to hard work on the boss's knee. She married a nice guy from Bowie. Qhe's the bossj Jane and Durwood are now happily married Qafter a long chasej and are raising beautiful horses and long legged cowboys. Lovana is still trying to keep up with her catch and is working hard to revolu- tionize the beauty business with a new hair grower for bald headed women. Rama Lee is now in business for herself as she always said she would be. She drives a new car, has plenty of pretty new clothes. The sign over her door reads "A-1 Baby Sitting Service" - All ages Q21 preferredj. Jimmy Don left us for California where he specializes in yard and lawn decor. He has his own lawn decorated with a number of lovely bathing beautiesg it covers a large area of the Pacific Beach. Willie is now a hot-rod instructor at the Y. W. C. A. and boy does he enjoy his job. Because Gordy is such a'1adies'man, he is still running from those who would like to beat up on him. He had to invent a new fuel injector to help keep him in the lead. James had hoped to play pro-baseball for the Baltimore Orioles, but a cute little Rosston gal nabbed him. So he has decided to raise baseball players in- stead. Donald Roe after becoming a successful businessman, has retired to the quaint little cottage his father built to live comfortably with his wife and kids. Gorden has really made good money. He burned drip gas while in school so he thought it would be much better just to put up a little station of his own. Now all the high school boys burn "drip" instead of Ethel. Henry couldn't ever find the right girl so he became a bachelor millionaire. His favorite hobby is raising caine. Truman played basketball so well in his school days that he has become coach of the Yale team. He married the Dean's daughter and now has ten football players. 5 F 1 I A 3 r i w E F S 3 p .Q- juniors OMA DELL MASSIE Class Favorite ' TRAVIS LANDERS ' Class President A A SAMMY HARMON wg 2' ef, Class Favorite ,- .'.,, M . In 'ln NORRIS BOYD yas, is JUNE POYN OR JERRY SCOTT 'N GLENDA HUCKABAY JERRY KELLEY NELL GALMOR df' WYLIE EDWARDS wrwq, CAROLYN HUDSPETH TERRY COLEMAN Wg, 531' - LONA FAYE WADE SYLVIA LINDSEY I lntwllnlunuuurln-rulrlnulunIluluunlnulnlulillnunnrrfuarluluanlxiullrnuuuunuvlulurlllln1nuuurlM'ulurnunu nu J I-nl.nn11n1 Mnualvun unnrnul u-in lnrull iifli. .ff A . I Svphvmvres L. D. Sirmans Favorite Janet Sills Favorite Homer Bell President Carol Echols Sammy Miller Georgia Hunt lla Barnett Ina Barnett Eddie Barnett ,-new ,Mw- x MM g , X ,PS ' - gag 3 li li 5 ?rc'sl1uf1c'r1 Alice Johnson Class Favorite Jan McGee Class President Jimmy Tompkins Class Favorite Bobby Boyd Mike Berry Sandra Echols Rosetta Galmor David Brewer Margaret Hudspeth Linda Johnson Dickie Cox Diana Jonesx Troy Edwards Linda Landers David Wariner Blakie Scott I -I 1 4 5 3 3 l MOST BEAUTIFUL and MOST HANDSOME Janet Sills James Holland Qs ff YQ. MOST POPULAR Jane Brogdon Norris Boyd Q .- ll WITTIEST June Poynor Sammy Harmon 2 3 MOST ATHLETIC Nell Galmor Truman Greenwood -Q HIGH Henry Berry HALLOWEEN KINGS and QUEENS SCHOOL Jane Brogdon Vernon Huckabay ELEMENTARY Susan Anderson Wanda Johnson Rex Miller BEST ALL-AROUND Nell Galmor Henry Berry 'if'-77--' ffl!-M-uffff A .ix''sh2qfgzff51F?2fs5QSf55 K .iigffsgg 38, W A-.fl V ' MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Sue Sirmans Truman Greenwood 4 J I s s I z 5 5 a I : ? s I U E 5 I Q? mrauurngg urna xvrassre, Nranagerg Mr, Woodall, Coachg Brenda Sutton, Manager, Front row: Alice Johnson, Diana Jones, Sandra Echols, Linda Johnson, Linda Landers, Margaret Hudspeth, Jane Brogdon, Co-Captaing Ne11Ga1mor, Co- Captaing Carolyn Woods, June Poynor, Bobbie Boyd, Rama Lee Boyd, Rosetta Galmor. il 4A r 4,1 I .1 Manager, uraxre scott, sammy Miller, Truman Greenwood, Jan ":h . McGee, James Holland, Co-Captain, ,V , r 13 yyy Henry Berry, Co-Captain, David i 'dd 'd ' Brewer, Gordy Lynch, Mike Berry, Mr. Woodall, Coach, Sue Sirmans, i ,,,,, Scorekeeper. Front row: Wylie V M y 'n'z ,P , 2 Edwards, Dickie Cox, Jimmy Tomp- ,,:' kins, Troy Edwards, David Warnier. D ' ' e :'A 1 SENIORS 1 A ,,,.,, in ,fi , Y VKV, ,r,,,, . mt LV? on in y 114, Yny , L ,,yy :II 1 I ,,k'V ,K 'Ei ii hi N "A i . . n ,,,, V me y ,.,, N imwfwir-X. V i Grade chap! Basketball Gzrls ' Sharon Eldridge, Wanda Johnson, Peggy Links, Judy Johnson, Shirley Frazier, Elaine White, Kay Johnson, Mary Sirmans, Janet Sills, Scorkeeperg Mr, Woodall, Coach, Hays' Vemon Huckabay, Tommy Smith, Tommy Bonner, Dale Shults, Ennis Reynolds, Max Brogdon, Dale Hudspeth, Mr, Woodall, Coach, V V 1 1 L , . u 1 4 1 1 1 1 5 nlillunuuuuilrunurrnnunllu nn lnauul I1 nunaunlllullnulu ' J J I L ,,, ,,,, , 'iw' MRS, COLE SUE SIRMANS Advisor President WILLIE SHULTS Beau First row: Lovana Williams, Brenda Sutton, Janet Sills, Nell Galmor, Willie Shults, June Poynor, Glenda Huckabay, Oma Dell Massie, Sylvia Lindsey, Second row: Jane Brogdon, Carol Echols, Linda Johnson, Georgia Hunt, Diana Jones, Ila Barnett, Ina Barnett, Rama Lee Boyd, Third row: Linda Landers, Sandra Echols, Bobby Boyd, Rosetta Galmor, Mrs. Cole, Margaret Hudspeth, Alice Johnson, Carolyn Woods, Lona Wade, Sue Sirmans, Am MR, AN DERS ON Advisor JA MES HOLLAND President SUE SIRMA NS Chapter Sweetheart Front row: James Holland, Willie Shults, Terry Coleman, Sue Sirmans, Travis Landers Donald Sledge, Sammy Miller, Gordy Lynch. Second row: Jan McGee, Mike Berry, Jimmy Tompkins, Dickie Cox, David Brewer, Blakie Scott. Third row: Sammy Harm on, Wylie Edwards, Eddie Bamett, Homer Bell, Jimmy Greenwood, Jerry Kelly, Back row: Troy Edwards, Henry Berry, Truman Greenwood, L. D, Sirmans, Gorden Wade, Jerry Scott, David Wariner, Music Cflzzss FRANCES BREWER Teacher Back row: Elaine White, Mrs, Brewer, Teacher, Diana Jones, Patsy Muller, Sharon Eldridge, Sylvia Lindsey, Front row: Freddie Williams, Marilyn Merrett, Linda Eldridge, Sonja Ellzey, Rebecca Anderson, Shelia Ellzey, Danny Williams, I 1 V N X 3 Tommy Bonner Favorite Wanda Johnson Favorite Vernon Huckabay Elaine White Eugene Foster Mary Sirman Elbert Parks Patsy Muller Edwin Jones Oleta Hum Ennis Reynolds Peggy Links Shirley Frazier .gzyhflz Grade and Seventh George Barnett Favorite Judy Johnson Favorite Dale Shults Jo Ann Greenwood Sharon Eldridge Elvin Ray Echols Kay Johnson Tommy Smith Max Brogdon Class Favorite Edelvis Massey Class Favorite Eldon Huckabay Margaret Moore Dale Hudspeth Connie Johnson Gary Perryman Alice Galmor Gano Riddles Sonja Ellzey Lloyd Bewley Danny Williams Siiffh and Zffh Grades Charles Lee Class Favorite Rebecca Anderson Class Favorite Keith Brewer Ruth Jones Ernest Moore Shelia Huckabay Johnny Muller Peggy Willis Dalton White Teresa Huddleston '-av? 'I XR 2 N l P , 'fa . j c ag i xy ' In Jie L Q if 'YW 11, an ,s V - 'X V' 3'7l3Ns2iL 1525 EEN k,4.r,w5. vi 1 U ' , A 1 f df 'N A5 A KE -av ,Aria .L , ,og .:.,:E ,.,, , L -.M I., K , ,rr fr , . .U 1 ,z5fsafQ2i?aSgi2garm 'ff'-f -Ti ? lvl ,., , .V . 1,3 7,4 3 5.3: M nl il" " . ,il 9010 I1 and Chi d 5 adv .Jr ,it lm., sg I is ,ga ln gi it KVL, M, rg-5 . . 4 1 at ,Q my , JE 4' . H - V H - , 52555 1 f L..-f f, wp Y -M" va -' E reel ' no " L L me sr 'KJ - aiia . L x - L- W L gy- 2? ,.- 2 rg. - , L 5 .rx 'KD' Y' , A .f we if fl ' , .L f 1 X ' I F ' - .- 9 Q r nr 3 f f Xb il , V,- L fd xt , 4 I Q K M.. H s 4, Q -",' ' 'r .L 'vga . fiikfv A , , V , .L M W.m,, .. , L mg - Q K VV,.. . ,g Q ogg 222 - Li fwfzeif Q.. . 1 .0 ' lsegrw L, .. .. - L Q ., f Hx W Q-ww . 11-rf X , mph tlp-.' JO aw we ga Q gig? if l J J i f H il 5 l .21,f , elee , J Q X X J 'flax '15 if J - 12 E uw:-. L. Mickey Landers Virginia Lee Donald Boyd Elaine Bewley Jimmy Freeman Doris Foster Doyle Johnson Floye Allen Clifton Bell Lewis Eldridge Wade Perryman Marjorie Brogdon Larry Johnson Lanny Kelley Norman Lee Paul Moore Kinneth Bell William Scott John Johnson Harold Freeman Linda Eldridge Shelia Ellzey Mary Johnson Janice Jones Connie Moore Rebecca Jones l Lee Kay Rex Johnny Carter Foster Bell Favorite Favorite Donnie Shults Danny Billie A llen Hunt Sammi and Don MCC and less M arilyu Me rrett W Weldon Roberts Hrs! Grades Rex Billie Miner McCandless F avorite F 3V01'ite Cathy Freddie Williams 'WE' wad!! .x F 1 Susie A nde rson 51. QQ? " . e e'lee A e -v 1 5 L x H x I 9 A ' Ste phannie Helen Ellzey J 01165 , ,sf A ., .W A ' ,A -.-, . .Q 'CH n wr WPG! N , h C Taurlx fa ,Q . if X N M Q- -i Z ' 3 'Q H AvV-: ' l , ' 'Q , f V , "'f E A I A if "4 ' W ' Y ,E I 3 5 H u p W U, V:,2 .3 A if . . Q H " , , R ' . . w w K hw 'if 2' N.., H 7 I.. if. A ' CPG av I R Q. Q , " . 5 V . ., ,: V X? X V , L' 'Agnew Se-fxlayspfb BC" in . If -ff.Q, 4:w,1-gg.. ,W , , A: was " ' E?5gQgg., . . WF . . f . an 2 ve, s.- 'L0n1LfeB 'WIA fy X A Ii, ' in "'L 3 N ,. 'V' A . S A AV,. .VA . . . . . l 5 Q .ii Wi- 'Wh X M r ig - G -:nehwl ,Vs , , 7 7 . X "-V, - ' 'f-- i f'1. .- 4 . axis. H ' . ' f n V ' ,Q ' 0 K. ., ..,., , :E .fL:lJx A i .1 12 L4 3 W 1 is . ..,. . L .V Ak K. In ,A 1 . L V. 7 K . Q.. Q A X M A e . 155535 . K K Kf k f T .sy if H , ,,A.' f i AXQ, 5? 3 . "7 H 3 LY .ar A W ,43.:m,. ,, .. Q .. , K . WC 3 ,. , LA .: - Aim - l 113 WML Quaens Q 1, cw 4 '.'fY oy " . -1 SME i'S Q, womhn PE Q, 'xWAde nmny W g 'Pr 'Marr-33 Now! V S fl 4. L in QTTXC Y F3 hd 9 mls 0' Q A m y . ... 0 95 " ' 1 4 P I., ,.. , VA WLL T LKVA K lrfiwfix ' 'z - , 2 'Q k If ur gn A1 '5 Wig ' 9""'5 T K " .v Wh, Q ! X D gg 'gg A I"" I -X II A MH' ...jukff , yd ?iW,i we ,... Q QQ Alrl V5 X 5 I l w i . "?"S1 f"-'Sb-W" ga 1 N is G" L' H H-ww" if-R,A,4X Q A . ATc '5 Gif iii -0 3 , '5 2 e 5' Q W ' if in if F Q Q bf 4 , , .3 ww. . t V , W33Awm f Q5 kill ,gf Lf Q 2.i'ITfe sis nn4f8i7 Brafhcv- . 179' '1 e iWHQ? 'W . K . L.', 1 ,. " arf! 'Q SWi?ff ? ,":f' fzi, U 5 M: ,' 'f-' '.f- 'I gw H W , S k ilwx if lg, , 'fx 6 , Y X a 44' ,h:,:Zh:,,::1, f r W J'ErYV' 'HQ'ra" mmm? ig Q 'Q Q fgy we, ,ey Q 7 it V T .W f , 2 ,f 1, . 1 . 5 A. f .- , mt vw? f rn ,F W aww Sf , Hawfg . w s 2 wig,-, , , -f f - f X, : mains--L ' ' Yglff fbw' :mf ,, ,.,,,,5., M P S m..w,H. yy Mwwwww 91 J gm mw.gwH L I , Amm,, 5 Qywwfk Tnevgignn THAT Fav g.?E?gi3f MTTL 6 Kgs! L j'Q4:.- 1 1 4 53 X . m ,,'LL My Lzky 2 Q I X , ,I g g '- L 'Q A 6+ wax: uf Lsrrlc V iw xl Gar4Y 1 V I V v 1 lun-uuununru nnmuu lrlnn Inu lu Au uluuunnnnuulltun-Lululinaunnlullnlulxllluu unllulnunu1n.nlln.lLuulLu uu Qaifwhza FUNERAL DIRECTORS Established 1890 Hardware and Furniture W, L, SCOTT - Nocona, Texas W, E, SCOTT - Saint Jo, Texas W, E, SCOTT - Muenster, Texas 5 5 4 Y E ' u X x . v- ' AF' "QW A N X f l f X 2' OXXBJ x . , Zaaldlq ! X J C. vv. e - Your CD Deeeeeeeee Ts-IOMPSQN Druggist GROCERY Frozen Food Lockers St. Jo, Texas PHARMACY Ph. 2329 If It's Good Food You Want DLJ NEAR . V1S.t DAUGHTERY 1 THAT'S IT FUNERAL HOME DRIVE-IN Insurance and One Good Place to Eat Ambulance Service St. Jo, Texas Ph, 2579 Saint Jo - Phone 2400 Nocona - Phone 20 C-SLJ I-I: SERVICE STATION l, f X ,eewef Ph. 2388 St. Jo, Texas Compliments of KI NGETQY DEI I.I.l NCB COMPANY If ISI. - fi' I . :id -' 5 " .grail i . ,4 - Eh. if 1, , Q 2:21 s: - 4 A -.1..1 f IFE: F1. 32? F - V232 f Q -4 21" ' "f-"' E " - lm 5 7 'T 1 -4 .4 Y VV i jg,- ' ' W: S -f Saint Jo, Texas DIEB DRY GOODS Alvord, Texas Better Values Y E'.L11'i" FEED STORE ,UMNA Mcunwg, "Better Va1ueS" "::u:g:n,: zwwcia " 2' Alvord, Texas N I'l313'E'l2S BARBER SHOP Alvord, Texas CEP-SCDTQCSF EEQEY GROCERY AND MARKET Phone 26 1W1 Ros ston, Texas 'IQ I CHATQD NOELES STORE N. E. Corner Square Goodyear Tires G.E. Appliances Decatur, Texas Cvet More for What You Pay Save at Mode O' Day MODE O' DAY FROCK SHOP Lingerie, Dresses, Hosiery Blouses Decatur, Texas Compliments of 0 4, Tn-aompsows WWHR N1-HE 5 BARBER SHOP MR. AND MRS. Munn Fon ' CLARENCE HNE FDUD A DUNN U-sl! Saint Jo Ph. 2232 E f' Saint Jo, Texas ttf-,R GROCg',e zqQQzZ L.l..fQl'-i DRY GOODS 99 .2 if 4- -' Xin' ' I A--'Put .sm 4 .M 0 'Q .w.w' ...v..'-WM' A f t S ,,.1,. Avy OAC KSONS GROCERY AND MARKET Ph. 2452 St. Jo, Tex. "National Advertised Brands" Simplicity Patterns Ladies Hats Dial 2344 st. Jo, Texas FERT? I S PRODUCE Cash Buyers of Pecans Eggs, Poultry Fairmont Milk and Ice Cream Retail Ph. 2358 Saint Jo Res. 2208 Texas lungs h H T 1 K 5:s::f:s:1:fggEEE.- T Eimg from I f alilng ' ' .411-.11 'F .! Hm11,11:A.12111+ I L w . , o vcr: ...vec- xw xxxxusuxs: --H-U...--. . - x Q PQCJCC. , , xxmxxsx xxx: f- X uxx-un... W x M3-.:1:... 'CCJCCSN K X --pggzgggttzzzzz.. y3:::-C1 l - "'::11.111111: Fiffsrec X an A .-1111: f ::ecCJN . -111 -..- Q dnl mswv' ' 227.2 'Q5' Q: .xi -Q Q 1: . 2253 I' 1: xx ' 1222211 gz1:z--- N, ' - N . turns- 4 x X 3 k Y N I ll N ,, K l h ll 1 Q, lg.: fy? , x N K f f 1 I 9 3 1 , yt AEI x' h X , x vi 1-'IRS ' NK 1. BA rxxjfffirr-llc::mi!:i:i??g.1-CL Texas 5t.J0' Congrjffglations Compliments of Best of Luck 11'u-1-Ts-3 vvn NTON COUNTY ATTORNEY Montague County Montague , Texas TAX ASSESSOR -COLLEC TOR Montague C ounty Montague, Texas Compliments of Compliments of VEQA 'FCDIVI ABBOTA L. I NDSEV SHERIFF COUNTY TREASURER Montague County Montague , Texas Montague County Montague , Texas Compliments of Good Luck, Seniors VV. D. HENRY G12 IGSEY JOHNSON COUNTY JUDGE Montague County Montague, Texas COUNTY SU PERINTENDENT OF SCHOOLS Montague, Texas Compliments of Compliments EAI Lb! CJ. 12. ,IAC Ksom qui :MJ COUNTY COMMISSIONER L I O CONSTABLE OF Montague, Texas PRECINCT I Montague, Texas Compliments Compliments EUR I.. C. C . E.. EE NTC N W12 I C5 lr-I 'I' Montague , Texas COUNTY AUDITOR Montague , Texas Box 67 Phone 77 Compliments of SEC LJTQI -I-V ANESTTQACT CC. I.CLJ IS Montague, Texas T Cr, W, SELF AND R, L, SELF Owners Compliments of CARL PERS CAFE BUDDY CARTER, Prop. Montague, Texas DIS TRIC T JUDGE Montague , Texas POOCHIE STRONG NAONTAE LJ.-E GROCERY, STATION CCDLJIXITY ABSTRACT CO. Since 1893 Ph. 26 W, J. RYAN ROBERT RYAN Co-Managers Montague, Texas Montague, Texas Congratulations T I-I E ECVVIE CLINIC Bowie, Texas CAQNATI ON DCDDSONS MILK co. DEPT. STQRE Milk From Contented Cows Quality Merchandise Reasonable Prices fxtg f 112 West Wise St. 'Y' 1 Bowie, Texas Wichita Falls, Texas NACIXITAG LJE IDAIQY LAUNDRY H U T Wet Wash - Rough Dry P, L, WHITTECOTTON, Prop Help-U-Self Good Things to Eat MR. AND iglgskgfv. R. SNOW Slfffiitwilgldggs Montagiie, Texas Nocona, Texas CCDYE NAODEIQ IX! EIA' LI F: 1: BEAUTY SHOPPE Hair Styling, Our Specialty Diamond, Watches BERNIECE COVEY, Owner Visit Us When in Phone 765 Bowie, Texas Bowie, Texas QQ 1 in CNS PAQMERS CAFE AND EAT SHOP DINING ROOM Hi-Ways 2.87 and 81 If Your Wife Can't Cook, Open 24 Hrs. Don't Divorce Her, Phone 9506 HARVE RATLIFF, Prop. Keep Her for a Pet and Eat at Farmer's Bowie, Texas Ph. 9534 Bowie, Tex ECDTE FEED IV! I I. L. Bellevue Hi -Way Phone 1072 T. AYERS J. HUNT Bowie, Texas CDVVEN5 BTQLJIV1 LEY FUNERAL HOME Bowie, Texas DEQQYS 5-10-Z5 Your School Supply He adquarter s Bowie, Texas Dependable Service BOY DS AUTO PARTS 107 E. Wise St. BOYD DOUGHTY, Prop Bowie, Texas MONTAGUE Line of Purina and Martin Lane Feeds, Fencing Material A115 I '-'rms' We Handle All Farm Produce Bowie, Texas 4 5 FRUIT FARM AND GIFT SHOP Handicraft Center "Texas' Most Colorful Roadside Gift Shop" I, B, WAGONSELLER, Prop. Bowie, Texas DE. B. I-I. ROBERTS VETERINARIAN Phone Off. 491 Q Res. 820-J Bowie, Texas Congratulations DQ. NJ. 12. APFDLEGATE OPTOMETRIST Bowie , Texas Vim M Quay 4,Q1Z12'lfdg36'07Z J ' Zi TO VISIT SLIALJGI-JTEE DRUG COMPANY Professional Prescription Service Box 191 ROY V, SLAUGHTER Bowie, Texas FIIQST NATIONAL BANK OF BOWIE Oldest Bank in Montague Co. Capital 5200, 000. 00 Surplus 5200, 000. O0 Member of F, D, I. C. Bowie , Texas With Best Wishes for Your Success Compliments Zfwsazkf DEPT, STORE Bowie, Texas Compliments DO NALED EROS. Bowie , T exas Welcome to J, E, THORN'S SAN I 'VARY BARBER SHOP Wise St. Bowie , Texas Compliments s-lEA12D's ' HARDWARE N ' E ' General Electric Appliances Gould's Electric CHIROPRACTOR Wafer 5YStem Bowie, Texas Bowie, Texas GAQY NEES IVIAV Sl-ICDP LUMBER COMPANY Ready'-to-Wear and and BUILDING SERVICE General Merchandise Ph, 69 Bowie, Texas Bowie, Texas ECDVVIE HARDWARE CO. Plumbing and Waterwell Contractor Phone 1022 Corner Smythe and Tarrant Bowie, Texas NJCDI-INIBIV TZREES CAFE 106 East Wise Bowie, Texas fmzzawg CAFE BILL GRAY, Owner Phone 369 Bowie, Texas WVMZWJQ' Wholesale Grocery Bowie, Texas ELJQGESS FUNERAL HOME Funeral Directors and Embalrners Since l 8 95 Ph. Tr.Z-1144 Bowie, Texas Come to the KGVV KCDVV KOTQNER NEELEYS STUDIO Finest in Portraits Visit Our Studio When in Town 106 West Wise Bowie, Texas Favorite Meeting Place of All Teenagers Hi-Way 81 Bowie, Texas Compliments I-IE LE NE-3 13 Mason Bowie , Texas GRIFFINS Prescriptions Bowie , Texas 13 Zh A IRQ. N , X 1 f h ff if THE Sag my Parks and Bradley Ladies' and Children Wear Gifts, Jewelry Diamonds, Watches Bowie , Texas BILLY F-'. NEELD MEN'S STORE, INC. P. O. Box 108 s ,iif f' ij iff y Il Bowie , Texas 151 Mfniff j'ZeAvE6ET 24,152 V , .- M M, QQ! QM? jawn TIANNI NCES he Aco n Mechanic and Welding S Ph 4251 F tb g T DICK FI l 7FY SERVICE STATION AND GARAGE S Clair Products N f :A A I SQ' 9 ' v q QR if A AUT !-, REPAIRS f F? . 7A S' '1"" P' 1 f Z , f Q Pho e 4141 Fo stb rg T g gi . A U f SWWH4 SWRG'-'P A D if 2 T l N ix QA 1, I VVVLIES GROCERY Directors J. M, WEINZAPFEL President HERBERT MEURER Vice President E. J. FISHER C as hie r J . W. H ESS J , W, FISHER Wh0's EISICQD? Not this hnby. . .nor his mom or dad! Nc they wont be caught napping R.. T . S , K when opportunity comes alongg because ev y J. R. D member of the family has a savings acco tf IF YOU HAVEN'T STARTED YOURS, WE INVITE YOU TO DO SO NOW AT OUR BANKI 13-SA-3 IVILJI:.-INIE5 I TEH ESIAIE EAN K Capital and Surplus 5175, 000. 00 Member F. D, I, C. One -third Century Community Service Phone 57 -74 I Muenster , Texas CUTQTVVOOD HOTEL COURT 8: RESTAURANT Completely Air Conditioned Delicious Food in Our Beautiful Dining Room On U. S. Hwys. 77 and 82 at the Water Tower EMMETT CURTIS, Manager Ph. Ho. 5-3421 Gainesville, Texas Compliments of C. D. SHAMBURGEQ LUMBER CO. Everything to Build Everything Ph. 32 Muenster, Texas COMMUNITY LUMBER COMPANY Building Material of All Kinds Phone 49 P. O. Box 308 RODY J. KLEMENT JOROME PAGEL Muenster , Texas CJ. B. VVILDE CHEVROLET DEALER Diamond and Lee Tires Whole s ale Distribution Amalie Oil cr4m'Ro1.f31 m Muenster , Texas RAY WILDE INSURANCE AGENCY Insurance for Any Need THE CQ ET E DuxnE Cu-QAQM ' DRUG 43 X SHOP A Q L C Q DEPENDABLE X ,f Dkuec-:lsr Q ,,...... Muenster Ph. 79 Muenster, Texas Texas ACE CAFE "Good Food" Phone 73 Muenster, Texas TIPS SINC LAIR STATION Wash, Grease Tire Repair and Polish Owned, Operated by H, C, TETTE Muenster , Texas "If It's Good for Poultry MI or Good Poultry, HUMBLE You Can Get It at the" SERVICE STATION Muenster , Texas MUENSTER HATCHERY Phone 63 Muenster, Texas APPLIANCES SALES AND SERVICE CENTER Westinghouse - Admiral Phone 259 P. O. Box 308 Muenster, Texas TYLEQ 'Sl IVHDSON CCD. Wholesale Grocers Principal Office Gainesville, Texas Branch Houses Ar drriore , Oklahoma Norman, Oklahoma Established 1879 Gainesville, Texas ffwaagamf PRINTING - OFFICE SUPPLY School Supplies C LOTHIERS 302. E. Calif. The Men's Store Gainesville , Texas l 1'-IL.ovvE12S ll When You "Say lt With Flowers Q 1 It's Beautifully said" Xl - LJ DAVlD'S FLORIST Ph. H. 5-4511 Gainesville, Texas Gainesville, Texas i-I ICKEFESON TV SALES Sr SERVICE NEW DEAL CAFE FINES HICKERSON, Owner 734 E California ERROLL AND LORN ANDERSON 111 N. C Piiiiee TV and Appliances Ommerce G ' '11 , T Dial Ho 5-3272 Gainesville amesvl e exas WOODQUIIF CITY PHARMACY PAINT STORE GN Painters Supplies ii, and i Wallpaper Q7 206 W. Broadway Prescription Specialist Gainesville Texas Gainesville, Texas Compliments LEONAQD CDO IV! COM MEQCE DRY GOODS Piece Goods - Nocona Boots STORE Shoes for All the Family Gainesville , Texas Gainesville, Texas O'E12iEN B12ovvN I N CSS HARDWARE JEWELRY P. "Jewelry and Gifts 11122235 9 for Every Occasion" I I Gainesville, Texas Gainesville, Texas THE FASHIGN SHOP and if" lXl'L3i'+'l-2l'f5Xf TYKE TOWN SHOP BUTANE GAS Ladies and Children Ready-to-Wear Howard 5-3457 113 E. California Gainesville , Texas Gainesville , Texas dfWZ47 NAT I omm. EAN K Good Bank to Be With Gainesville, Texas E5 I PHARMACY EFT Olfll' ' DEPENDABLE Q 3 DRUGGIST "Your Rexall Store" Gainesville, Texas 'Fl-VE TF: I 1257- STATE EAN K Member of F,D.I,C. We Welcome the Opportunity to Serve You Gainesville , T exas VVATTS: BEOS. PHARMACY in Gainesville Since 1915 WATTS BROS. Will Fill Your Prescription as Doctor Ordered Gainesville, Texas T 1-I E aawedfwzya DA! LY QEGISTEQ First in News and Sports Serving Gainesville and Cooke County for Over 67 Years E-I. E. NAEYEIZS X SONS John Deere Farm Imp. and Tractors Sales and Service 105 W. Broadway Ph. HO 5-3921 Gainesville, Texas MEYEIQS MOBILGAS STATION We Specialize in New and Used Tires Ph. HO-5-9064 Gainesville, Texas COLONIAL 1:12ENc:i-as RESTAURANT MARKET 8: Home -Cooked Meals and Pastries MR, AND MRS. A, B. GARVIN Gainesville , Texas C AT ERING SERVICE 400 N. Commerce Phone HO-5-5381 Gainesville , Texas WAEDS TEXAS AMLICO STATION MR. AND MRS. CHARLIE LINKS Wash and Grease Hwy, 77 N. Grand We Give SSII-I Green Stamps Gainesville, Texas Gainesville , Texas E. 1... vvu L.'l'ON'Si MCNABB TEXACO STATION Wholesale Feed - Flour - Sugar 600 East South Front St. Salt - Etc. TE 0 , Phone 360 W' Nocona, Texas Nocona, Texas SANDEQS JEWELRY WALTER SANDERS 112 N. Comm. St. Gaine sville , T exas VV. NJ. .ICN ES MOBIL STATION "'?,!2i1S!5'S 403 N. Hwy. 77 Gainesville, Texas HUMBLE STATION D, O, PARR, Owner FRANCHIES CAFETERIA Homemade Pies See What You Want WHEN IN THE Munn Fun FINE FUUD Service With a Smile Closed on Sundays Gainesville, Texas . . Gainesville, Texas fwyawwz SWIM? L Qaeda 114 N. Commerce Street Gainesville , Texas 1-A1212A2'S "Shoes for the Entire Family" 107 W. California Gainesville, Texas Compliments and Best Wishes for the 1958 Senior Class and School MQTQ lgifqff 2' M Rfk? 3 QQ fiffbfmw FIUNEIQAI. r-IQME Phones 2222 - 5186 - 3391 We Have Cash Burial Insurance and Will Service Any Insurance You May Have Decatur, Texas Mama? Zffwfkyi R URNITTURE W F0 ff! X T f gi xf , YOU CAN RELAY """' mifixf ililllllll ' Telephone 2186 Decatur, Texas Let Us Help Save Your Money EW! llllll 99: 5 -as 1 5 3 Alvord, Texas ogfafamfa "Yours for Friends and Fashions" Dry Goods - Shoes - Clothing Ready-to-Wear Nocona, Texas VVI-IVTE AUTO STORE Everything for the Home and Automobile PAUL BRAND, Owner Ph. Box 405 241 Nocona, Texas QEDDVS MEN'S AND BOYS' WEAR Nocona, Texas Your Self-Service Variety Store BEN FRANKLIN Nocona, Texas Late st Fashions B ette r Value s A. S. GILBERT DEPARTMENT STORES Refrigerated and Air Conditioned New and Modern in the Heart of Nocona, Texas Congratulations Seniors C - SHAMBURGEQ Oil Field Supplies DRY GOODS Under Builders Nocona, Texas and Hardware Nocona, Texas DECPLES NAT! CDIXIZAL.. BANK Nocona, Texas Courteous - Efficient - Safe Progressive You Will Enjoy Banking With Us Ask Our Customers Member F.D.I.C. Congratulations ! FTQANKS MOTOR SALES NEWS G, M, C, Trucks - Oldsmobile Montague County's Leading Newspaper Printing for All Purposes Nocona, Texas Complete Line of Auto Parts and Accessories Motorola TV - Norge Appliances P. O. Box 178 Ph. 259 Day - 250 Night Nocona, Texas x i f Ei If ' 4 Use. 2 X W.. v NCCCDNA 'VIQLJC K AN D TQACTG12 CO. Phones 160 - 161 Hotpoint Appliances Farmall Tractors - Implements Power Units - International Trucks Nocona, Texas Fil 155281-il IS MATHESCDN VARIETY STORE CHEVROLET Good Advertisement Box 269 Ph, 444 f,r1r1x'rml,rq Best Deal in Town Q ' 1 ""d'- Nocona, Texas - '- Nocona, Texas 749166007514 -- Zzffmfi LUMBER CO. Lumber and Building Material Specialized in A11 Retail Yards Kinds of Building Serving Material Texas, New Mexico Ph. 24 and Nocona., Texas Arizona -1 Come in and See Us THE Ze mmf SHOP Box 453 Nocona, Texas GISTS DRUG STORE AND GIFT ANNEX "Where Friends Meet" Ph. 10 1 Nocona, Texas At the FAQMEQS AND MEQCHANTS NATIONAL BANK There's a group of mighty capable folks here ready to service your account who invite your banking. Member F.D,I.C. J. W. McCall - - - President C. S. McCall --------- Exec. Vice Pres. A, D, Lunn - Vice President W. F, Leopard - - - Cashier J. D. Sting - -Ass't Cashier Nocona, Texas IVLAESCD IXI AN D TEQEV Butane, Propane and Appliances D pw fgxa: 0 I ,il .1 -at Fava? VS, ,, ,, . I f Raj -- se- ,I ' Ph, 104, 493, and 860 223-B Clay St. Nocona, Texas TDANLJL. AND l..E LA CAFE A Good Place to Eat Always Open for Ball Games Nocona, Texas NOC ONA FLORAL Ph. 98 Nocona, Texas Compliments 'EO l"l:5L.J IQC5 SEN ICDQS I 958 Congratulations to Citizens of Forestburg for Their Centennial TONY FENOGLIO Nocona, Texas CRAINS TAYLOR SHOP I-I I SDE X X CLAIQ K XXX X Q8 A CO. If A El 7 Westinghouse V G Maytag ' :1: x "" ..-.. U? 8 ' . ' ts,. Nocona, Texas Ph. 4 Nocona, Texas M7065 W "The House That Service Built" "Charcoal Broiled Steaks Our Specialty" Refrigerated Air Nocona, Texas ETQEVVETQS 'ESCJCDSTW 1:1325 LAUNDRY MR, AND MRS, R, c, BERRY "Dependable Service" MRS, DECIE ELLZEY Forestburg, Texas GENERAL I NSLJIQANCIE Fire, Windstorm, Auto Liability PRYOR MCGEE Forestburg, Texas We the Senior Class Would Like to Express Our Appreciation to All the People Who Have Helped to Make This Annual a Success SENIOR C LASS Q'

Suggestions in the Forestburg High School - Longhorn Yearbook (Forestburg, TX) collection:

Forestburg High School - Longhorn Yearbook (Forestburg, TX) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


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1958, pg 53

Forestburg High School - Longhorn Yearbook (Forestburg, TX) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 65

1958, pg 65

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