Forestburg High School - Longhorn Yearbook (Forestburg, TX)

 - Class of 1957

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Forestburg High School - Longhorn Yearbook (Forestburg, TX) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 84 of the 1957 volume:

-ELI' wi ,5ffL3E J' if K 'H B u fi J any Hiivgb -04-A Mm? v W 59' 5 ggi Qs ' 4 'ixu 121 2605 a fam, 9 iii A 1:51, ' ' fl' 4. -4 af .3'fe2-? 2,555 ., 1---1 T -, iefgf ' J. ., 4-422-'ff 23153 :if A .235 xi ,5"11l'i!t. -. ., 13-',,, 1 'fr fg .'f:f'-.'f,.x- Qwuriy , plgg...'--va vw-'41-"va 'smiiifiiw-. 'Fin' ' ,, ""'51l,i??2"N :Em fl'-' .1 , "':' . '-'Wff' ' "" 7 '52""k wr-V:-:fa-P 'fir-rr JG? Q ,,, z., an-Q55 but V. ,. :mug ,.6rgQj?T'gr.fA-:V Q 4. A! - .?,73,. yd., ,D . ,, ,. A L' .. 1 3, I , '-ye:-sliglw 3' Mam:n?Ffsf ,,..:m1.y ' My 'sf vf ,-4 , :4:a'mv,gL4'fk1iQffg. ff"1..1..,,Mf .. :W-.iswawu 3+ffj!''j lbw 1 A 33 ' -F5 9' H' Y ' 'fr .'l'-I' ' -:Ex ' X19-. , I. 5 'Q 42 K. 'IW' qt: X l If ' l X' . ' Q N5 ...qw I, ,. EF", I pl" 'Fin ,I I f 1 u Q ' 1 L- Nb Y- HF' 5 , ii ' f 9.E. M5w4 N' "4 ,g,. -w1"l'1,y- A I: ' Wffgjilr-.' w,'-FF f 1 33 H .' ' ix' I ' Q: W ENV, I 'I VH' ,. 'T li, K' " Fwy! if 14, sy V 4 PA' si 15 T 5 w x . i. FQ 1 4 t r 4 n I 1 x i ,, 1 1' 1 - . w I 1 I N 4 I ' ,, 4 . x 'i , 5 1 , w JW: FE , QL. 'YN 1957 Published by the Annual Staff FORESTBURG HIGH SCHOOL Forestburg, Texas Vol. DC We Dedicate We, the Seniors of '57, wish to dedicate this annual to our spon- sor, Miss Goree. Without her loy- al devotion and untiring efforts this book of memories would not be what we wanted it to be. Foreword We, the Seniors of '57, wish to present this annualg hoping that it will remain as a memory of our school days in Forestburg High. Annual Staff Editor -------- Assistant Editor - - - Business Manager - - Organizational Editor Typist --------- - Advertising Editor - - Sports Editor ---- Feature Editor - - Snapshot Editor - - Artist ------ Advisor ---- ' ' IACKIE SUE MILLER - - - - - -CHRIS MCGEE ' " " ' ' JOYCE ECHOLS - DEIBERT GREENWOOD - VIRGINIA HUDSPETH - - - - ' JERRY ORRELL - - LINDA FREEMAN ----- DOYLEBOYD - - - H, C, HAGER, IR. GARLAND KUYKENDALL - - -MISS SARAH GOREE MRS . ELLZEY Custodian -z Jn a.o,,,f,q,r. no vgf,mai'u- , .w.z5r'?sig52f ra f .mi f krrrgwf- ,lp f lrpffql: g,Lf' ,,,,,V . Arg rw Wig iQiiiKg?g'1?fP, 'Q V x i-fe gafzliwf' ei-,gp My 9, ,S :Tiff-ro, f ,- In . .- '- ffxfswam , nn, in 5 'S w r , V, .D ,V Q K S . 1 S m""R wr A X 'A r Q '1' S 5 , S , xW's - S S gy.-.., , WF 1 5 1 , as f We g W ' 1? D Sf . , , r J Gif ,aw X N , o 3 r If Left to right: Gene Lanier, Bert Galmor, Woodrow Sirmans, Pryor McGee, Bufford Greenwood. Cooks wfwwfgi S . . ,.. mm. , ..lf..,, ,fx ?e ,511 ll . ,XfIlr9f?AK1gffQj'Vg V. .1 4 . 2 ff 1 , Svfjj .,, ,W -- Qgibgjfi il- r .ikvsr f - fs-Zkffff Msrzrir, 1.-ggllr., 4,15 .. -,.,g.r,5V H Q my :. 1 ww, '9 r ,Q 'Nw -.ri r ,Q Mez- . 11 ? 'is iii I sr, -lr ,,E,M,WgEniggikmz. ,Y r. ,,,.,,. . . ,.wwsi:r:5:'r:rW - nnfsizsiniriw ff , -wrt' . Wvdfwfgr f'-r K Wil, 1 5 KJ V , M ,. fr F rf 'L ,zz Q, 22,3 ff.-rr,-,.fs 1 f,rw zi, . rr, rf 3 'wwf firrreiksm . R r -'MM f, -no ff. :fs-ff-. , r. 2 -5145 ' it R ..... Y 5 V ,Ms W - E'?iiS:iiw-w r f ' -f 4 fif12!?ff15i'Qlffurse me Q " eww Hr V- -waz?-,.r. K 3 fir J J QW rx Q Q 2 K 13 ex 15 A X 'X me X Q Bn F S W, rr 3' ree gl HH K V 2 f "' Q 5 If ni 5 ff g 1'fgw14ezivf., ,S sf S, ,, 4 1 W CARL COVINGTON rm: ig rim, K X me MRS , POY NOR Q rr 35 2 3 sv X if by , - Q ,E R f'l"5 R .Qi'Qfif'i,,wr, , , imfzii.: , :Yr- f -fgg ,. WSW! 5' ' ana." 3' 5 147253: 555 - Yi" , 'T ,ffgif f - WTF' " . z z' 2 1'--1254 1 'lgzxsiaf :iw wgprfegk. 7 ' 7 :-wi. . E.v,h:2f ' 17:3:.A.o :x"' . f . " ' ,mfyfs 3:5-QSYNIQ N353 .,.. 11 J 'K Fxlfbfr -'T' Slfilmgfkffz- W1 H' 3 gif! ' nf - . ,fj,g3M.r ,X -V f re. . . '3 in . -if W 41' ' I I . I'l4ff,1f?. -' f ' Board of Trustees Left to right: Dick Ellzey, fSupt.j Mx. White, Walter Brewer, Alfred Fanning, A11an Shults, Buford Huddleston, Mose Tompkins, Glenn Lynch. County Trustee County Superintendent BLAKE FREEMAN HENRY W. JOHNSON Superintendent? Message To the Seniors of 57 As we close another school year and this "Yearbook," a pro- duct of your minds and hands, shall be added to our collec- tion of treasured books, many happy thoughts of the past will run across our minds as we think of you and the contri- bution you have made to the school and our own happiness. I count it a privilege and a joy to have. known and had the privilege of working with each of you. You have been an inspiration to me, and you have brought unity and a deep respect for the right and the good. You have lain down an example and a challenge for others to follow. I am sure they will meet your challenge. As you go from the "O1d School" you love so well, may success and happiness be the reward of your efforts. May God bless you and keep you and you and I do mean YOU. ' D. E. White, Superintendent Princqvalfs Message My comments concern fewer hasty and unkind words and more regular worthwhile habits. Often unthoughtful words are followed by hasty and regrettable acts. We should form the habit of thinking, and thinking again, before we speak in hasteg we usu- ally repent afterwards, in our leisure, but we can't al- ways make complete amends. Irregular habits cause many quick words and acts, often followed by trouble in home and school, on the job, sometimes the loss of a job, and some ill feeling wherever we may be. We need to feel a responsibility and need to be regular in eating, sleeping, working, and in all pleasures. If we use care about words or acts, and practice regular and wholesome daily habits, we will enrich our own happiness, be more successful, and greatly enrich the happiness of those about us. Sincerely, fkelelmfdalizf Weldon B . Sills 1,- :hh Faculty MR. D. E. WHITE, SUPT. B.S. and M.S. E.T.S.T.C. Senior Sponsor MR, W, B, SILLS, PRIN, B.S. N,T.S.C, Freshman Sponsor MRS, KATHERINE CARPENTER B.S. N.T.S.C. Junior Sponsor MR, CLAY F, SPARKS, IR. B.S. of Ag. Ed. Texas A XL M Sophomore Sponsor MISS SARAH GOREE B.S. and M. Ed. E.T.S.T.C. Senior Sponsor MR. M. B. JAMES Graduate Student N, T , S,C , B.A. I-I.P.C. Faculty MR. W. GARDNER B.S. N.T.S.C. Seventh and Eighth MRS, HALL B.S. T.W.C. Third and Fourth MRS. CAMPSEY B.S. N.T.S.C. Fifth and Sixth MRS, VESTA CARTER B.S. N.T.S.C. First and Second MRS . BREWER Music Teacher MRS , EDYTHE MCGAUGHY Nurse f x K 4 :I ,K My g. A ' Lg, w g if4ifgz5'f'221Qigii2?,,", 1 pq 5 FQQQYQ f :Q "1 if sw if , ffifff, " Tr.. Aff F3315 , v 1. ww? if-,zC.. , , Q ,D ig 15,5 fliii2fZe11e24fQfgeQgEfxLs A --I f-TlfiifiiqigiufflW2 ff-f,:.:.,..,w,e, 5- li Q- ,f ,, ,ig?:5,5,,,: as R - wngx' uw :ge W '- 1 rs ,QW e,,w,aW Kgiwx 1, , sw, gy, nw, 1. 1 ' 2 ,hw-s,Y 2 '1 f 1-,4 , , ,,,-,. 4, 9m.s,4..,,-ns. "ae. Q, f ,wiv v .. fvfmiww ZW'afe,:s?1 k X A l Xa el ' X" ' j'E??Ifiq"-2 EP! ' "Kg 53. Mi ' 'W H A vw - '--L2-E:?.'94gLyT43,11f51i?l X .3 5 . X J C LASS OFFICERS President ---- - - DOYLE BOYD Vice President - - - - CHRIS McGEE Treasurer - - - - - - JACKIE MILLER Secretary - - - - - JOYCE ECHOLS " 3 Iirrr rr r 1 I I rrrrr V rrrr . i Cl Irir 4 5 iisrr, 1 4 j wwf! Irei i L P rnrns rer e F VVLL Q . W 5 lf L - I A A 54- Lr--I,rr-r ' I I Irs, 4' I 4 1 DOYLE BOYD CHRIS MCGEE FFA 1,2,3,4 FFA 1,2,-3,4 FFA Second Vice President 4 FFA Sentinel 4 BB Letterman 3 Class President 4 Class Favorite 3 Most Popular 3.4 BB Manaer 3 Class Vice President 4 K N ii .M W , M W, ., , .- cg ,,.x,,.. J 1 f E- ww 4 : .gi , - .dypugg :feed F if fwfgifsg ,Pk-,wg iw: A mf viT,fLi2W7?i:,fmfrfi 'ik 7. i 1 funiors NORMA HARRY GORDY LYNCH BRENDA POYNOR WILLIE SHULTS SUE SIRMANS DONALD ROE SLEDGE LAVANA WILLIAMS GORDEN WADE RAMA LEE BOYD JIMMY DON GREENWOOD JANE BROGDON TRUMAN GREENWOOD BETTY ENSEY JAMES HOLLAND '11 M , ""'lW1W'rcqfywmp,h ,T V -. - nf , nmwmmmzgvseganmeuwmw 41251-5-M . N A N u w ! Sophomores Glenda Huckabay Jerry Dale Kelly Edith Frazier Sammy Harmon Oma Dell Massie Norris Boyd Lona Faye Wade Nell Galmor Wylie Edwards June Poynor Terry Coleman Caroyln Hudspeth Travis Landers K Qffr rf, , effawi'f?f2:,41JS-ff lfesfwfxifl i r 3 4 , K L , G i freshmen L, D. Sirmans Georgia Hunt Homer Bell e Freshmen Sammy Miller Janet Sills Elba Lee Freeman Carole Echols 5 Picfuie M Available No? m I , 54533 . ,f 2295, ' fiwizf-iw Q5 wh x H S , A ? 5 lim. wg w Mx? 5 5 'KY "-' "1',E'1?T. WQQEEF ya CD an High School Favorites Delbert Greenwood Joyce Echols Jimmy Greenwood Jane Brogdon Wylie Edwards Carolyn Hudspeth Sammy Miller Janet Sills Jackie Sue Miller James Holland PRETTLEST GIRL MOST HANDSOME BOY HALLOWEEN QUEENS AND KINGS Eugene Foster James Holland Dalton White Peggy Links Norma Harry Peggy Willis Delbert Greenwood Joyce Echols MOST ATHLETIC BOY AND GIRL WITTIEST BOY AND GIRL June Poynor Gordy Lynch mx ,L Mi' :Z 357 .. 1, u, fe. S, Q15-2 Smzgw gf ,afgeiiwgmijggfi W Mfimiq, G I h A 1 Qixiffi fwx 'wi f '- f J' , S, .4 -' f,-55:5 ' ' ag . ,46 1 Y 'ikfik-12i"f?4IW,53,1 Q Q -52 :- "" f gxg i e i i kgif, mek? X .,2,E,:f-iiwggf ...x. v . Front row, left to right: Brenda Poynor, Linda Freeman, Jackie Sue Miller, Co-Cap- taing Joyce Echols, Co-Captaing Betty Ensey, Rama Lee Boyd. Back-row: Mr. Gard- ner, Coachg Oma Dell Massie, Lovana Williams, Nell Galmor, June Poynor, Jane Brogdon, Carolyn Hudspeth, Ann Hudspeth, Manager. Girls ' Basketball Team, .qu ' 4 . L. lf fi XP' swf i 1 High School Boys, Basketball First row: fCoachj Willie Gardner, fCaprainj Truman Greenwood, Delbert Greenwood fManagery Travis Landers. Second row: Sammy Miller, Wylie Edwards, Norris Boyd, James Holland, Chris McGee, Gordy Lynch, H. C. Hager, Willie Shults. Front row: Shirley Diana Jones, Bobby Boyd, Margaret Hudspeth, Linda John- son, Alice Johnson, Linda Landers. Back row: Mary Sirmans, Patsy Muller, Wanda Johnson, Peggy Links, Sandra Echols, Elaine White, Rosetta Galmor, Mr. Gardner, Coach. Front row: Ennis Reynolds, Dickey Cox, Jan McGee, David Brewer, Jimmy Tompkins, Troy Edwards, Edwin Jones, Eugene Foster, Vernon Huckabay, David Wariner, Elbert Parks, Tommy Bonner. 1-mul 2 Wa Q f L '::w,,,'- fi, ' . ' HY 'if45'4.--f9??"?l : ,M - Kff-.T4r,Q'fV4'll451i?1?513m57f - v 5 Qeww-M, 'V 2 A ,, ,.,f .N I ani f -In ,432 53 , - w ,sag 4 fr-wzfwsgizgzzf aafzqq . , 1-f': ' 7f" i1-1, -f1.fgiU1'fii?2z if 7. ' f , .,'X -' v,': ' J VIRGINIA HUDSPETH JUNIOR HAGER F.H.A. President F.H.A. Beau First row: Virginia I-Iudspeth, Betty Ensey, Jackie Miller, Sue Sirman, QBeauy H. C. Hager, Linda Freeman, Nell Galmor, Lona Faye Wade. Second row: fSponsorj Mrs. Carpenter, Janet Sills, Norma Harry, Carolyn Hudspeth, Lovana Williams, Carol Echols. Third row: Rama Boyd, Glenda Huckabay, June Poynor, Jane Brogdon, Oma Dell Massie, Joyce Echols, Brenda Poynor. T as 1' f r',.. r gym aw ,ff J , JERRY ORRELL VIRGINIA HUDSPETH president Sweetheart Front row: fAdvisorj Mr. Sparks, Jerry Orrell, Junior Hager, Virginia Hudspeth, James Holland Terry Coleman, Chris McGee, Garland Kuykendall, Sammy Harmon, Jimmy Greenwood, Sammy Miller, Gordy Lynch, Wylie Edwards, Donald Sledgam, Delbert Greenwood, Travis Landers, Jerry Kelly, Elba Freeman, Homer Bell, L. D. Sirmans, Norris Boyd, Truman Green- wood , Willie Shults. 4-H Boys Front row, left to right: Troy Edwards, Danny Williams, Jan McGee, Ernest Moore, Darrell Lison, Charles Lee, Dickey Cox, Riddles, Tommy Smith, Gary Perryman, Dale Hudspeth David Brewer, David Warner, Jimmy Tompkins, qSponsorj Mr. Sills, Keith Brewer, Dalton White, Tommy Bonner, Ennis Reynolds, Vernon Huckabay, Elbert Parks, Eugene Foster, Edwin 4-H Girls Front row, left to right: Margaret Moore, JoAnn Greenwood, Judy Johnson, Sherian Eldridge, Kay Johnson, Sandra Echols, Bobby Boyd, Linda Johnson, Mildred King, Sonja Ellzey, Edelvis Massie, Alice Galmor, Connie Johnson, Donna Freeman, Virginia Lee, Floye Allen, Doris Foster, Sharon Sparks, Peggy Willis, Elaine White, Wanda Johnson, Peggy Links, Shirley Fraz- ier, Diana Jones, Alice Johnson, Margaret Hudspeth, Patsy Muller, Mary Sirmans, Oleta Hunt, Shelia Huckabay. Jones. Music Class First row, left to right: Lona Wade, Janet Sills, Mrs. Brewer, Billie Foster, Linda Eldridge, Shelia Ellzey. Second row: Peggy Links, Patsy Muller, Elaine White, Diana Jones, Sonja E11 zey. MOST LLKELY T O SUCCEED Chris McGee Joyce Echols x Www rv Eighth Grade f-xl? .Gr "' W Y- :sexiest - - - - gsS'z'flQke, ' ,. it my--Q, , 5 21 . -f s ,ggggiifiifi 3k1srii5?Q,sg,ei,..LL3 :E ' 5ae?E'Q??gf'x w 1a J . A S ,,:,.Hs,ef1: I ' K-,x qi, , A Q7 J -A -' N vii - "" - , f fi,-,fe - ' si 1 ' - ref Q -1 " iggggfg' I , fz,r.r-:,,r-wiser, , ' f . il , 3 9 iii: rr in wk L34 32,3-:Q triage ,LL, Wggggiffg, xxx: . with . K K ' P I Hi? . fiwsia iiiifijii. ' :: . 4 - E?fWiai1,x:f'2'51sr , ,,,,..sii 1 1 A fiigif' , -vr:::.Q N , 3 P '-:1r:,f:,I .X D" 3 P X fi i 4 I ' ' sshjnfi urs, fig-Wkfsrmgf g e, sweetie S-. V :Tz,3Sgg11' - xiriflezf- . 7,fi!',,'ifi1f2i9Kg -lf si Q .-4'-,Af X , - rs-:ggi z-ffzsszfgximfff . - N3 ,fry ., ,ser 1- , - , - 2- ,. - .ef K ' f-,'fgfg2j-'f f ID? .tl jfji ' -j-mf fi 1 Qiggq - J - rx fszgfsr - .s . . QR i f 5 . fiery: s 1 WCEQQQQ -' H3252 , md' - em f -f ,114- siei s kids 3532, sg Aiwa . 405 , SK, . I J lil? H gg- ak 5 fy ! .,1'z..f,f .,:V , Z, L David Brewer Linda Landers Tommy Bonner Ruth Whitson Dickie Cox Mildred King Eugene Foster Elaine White Troy Edwards Diana Jones Vernon Huckabay Mary Sirmans I an McGee Linda Johnson Edwin Jones Patsy Muller Jimmy Tompkins Margaret Hudspeth Elbert Parks Peggy Links David Wariner Alice Johnson Ennis Reynolds W anda Johnson Bobbie Boyd Sandra Echols Shirley Frazier Oleta Hunt Rosetta Galmor 1 -I Seventh Grade Loyd Bewley Sonja Ellzey Max Brogdon Alice Galmor Eldon Huckabay Dale Hudspeth Wayne King Connie Johnson Gary Perryman Gano Riddles Danny Williams Edelvis Massie Kenneth Whitson Margaret Moore Sixth Grade Elvin Echols Sharon Eldridge Milton King Jo Ann Greenwood Darrell Lison Judy Johnson Dale Shults Kay Johnson Tommy Smith sz , 'Q u , J ' 4452" K sf? fra + 'fl if 4' :,:'. '57 L 2. ' ' I-Iriff-.a::1i5Z'efnL'7i1f3 ' '.",Q aj-I fi "2-v3-.1'Z- rt,-2. ' v. ,- --r" .1 ,ian-'.,nl Fwh Grade Fourth Grade Third Grade Keith Brewer Donna Freeman Dennis Freeman Shelia Huckabay Johnny Muller Charles Lee Teresa Huddleston Ernest Moore Ruth Jones Sharon Sparks Dalton White Peggy Willis Sandra Whitson Clifton Bell Floye Allen Donald Boyd Elaine Bewley Bennet Freeman Billie Foster Doyle Johnson Melba King Mickey Landers Peggy Kuykendall Lewis Eldridge Virginia Lee Danny Allen Rex Bell Johnny Carter Donald McCand1ess James Roberts Donnie Shults Kay Foster Billie Hunt Marilyn Merrit Iris McGee Second Grade Picture Picture Nat Not Available Available First Grade Kenneth Bell Harold Freeman Larry Johnson Lanny Kelly Norman Lee Paul Moore Larry Parrack Wade Perryman Dee Whitson Johnny Johnson Marjorie Linda Eldridge Shelia Ellzey Mary Johnson Kathreen King Janice Jones Rebecca Jones Connie Moore 5.8, f ,iff U fy -'Hz :Q 1 'wtf-W 'ff ' 3 ,, EQQQQMFF , .. ::.v , , 8, gy ms K A in E 4 F N , ifififf f ff- - - . . A Q 2 X N . Qu ,,,.:,:..,..g.,,:M , 25 1 ig, ,V -,635 Rf-A L 6 ,.2Vz ,, ' gl G f Q U 'L ,M ' Q - h P - - N Ef.ap.1,.f! K, -up A i aw .:,, Q -, 4K I V , . Q M ..ix. All L g? ,J hmm GAN-gf! 3.., A f In g . '7'7 4 H eg ,iigy .. Eg : 1 .yah Vg? 77 i ' We 2' l'H'L E GAA 2 lpoklpnij F613 . lf 'W ho I-Jfhf .J,k My ' :ew ' rf' 1? -uf .3 tif- N31- 'Qk . .- Mr , ., ' x.'5,'...A f34-:'1,b,- . w.,mS!a,Q- Af . f,w,,w A fff' f ' V 3439gS53fx,gaym,.,3..,. ,,55fs7N1r:s.:igfgxZf I Q 1- E401 fu z ssvggsg 'ag :-A sif I '. ' " L' 1 ,. " sf P ' fiisfiii .vwzz.agef2f1s.fw 1 -I .xgfi igj " .-'-!35L,5E',: ,. I 'fiiffif .. ' , . H mf' ' ., . A x my 5 5 " A 1 gf mf' 'vb , i 'gg 0 z -. 6 2' xx? ' if 7' X X ,r kgvxa K 5 f Lk X ,A L' "SSE!f1 g .331 '12 E7 5 1 W Kg K ,,i,g E pl Dal. ALJ! L E,j.5.l! C13 JEEW 2:5 4. ALS! If F Rd , ., x l IQILE ' 1 ff 5.75 5N"".FE6 1 GLIIRL AN . . ,i.,,., , ' Jam: J efylblgjctfas-J of lfcfh ogy! Ja,,f, y 72icA' '-fnvd'A .1 , if ,,'p:' wld erfisers GOWJ TRUCK 8: TRACTOR CO. 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Short Orders Highway 82 Nocona, Texas MATHES ON CHEVROLET Ph. 444 Box Z 69 gtiEYRUI,rj1 A ' , "' Nocona, Texas SISTS DRUG STORE AND GIFT ANNEX "Where Friends Meet" Phone 101 Nocona, Texas NOCONA SERVICE STATION C. A. LOWRIE Ph. 567 Washing Lubrication Nocona, Texas MEN'S AND BOYS' WEAR Nocona, Texas VVALL. FURNITURE AND APPLIANCES zoz Clay st. Ph, soo Nocona , Texas ABNER WALL KARNESS gem: EQC S. FUNERAL DIRECTORS Established 1890 Hardware and Furniture W. L. SCOTT - Nocona, Texas W. E. SCOTT - St. Io, Texas W. E. SCOTT Muenster, Texas MASON A ND TEQIQY BUTANE, PROPANE AND APPLIANCES I ' . H y Phone 104, 493 and 860 223-B Clay St. Nocona, Texas I+Al4IVIl:I-QS AND IVIEQCHANTS NATIONAL BANK There's a Group of Mighty Capable Folks Here Ready to Service Your Account, Who Invite Your Banking. Member F. D. I. C. Serving Nocona for 51 Years Nocona, Texas 'Z I' I 0 IQ I I Z AND Better Values C H E THEATERS AS' Ph. 85 - 740 G I LBEQT DEPARTMENT KN STORE T Refrigerated Nocona, Texas H Air Conditioned E A New and Modern T In the Heart of E - 1 Nocona 6 Nocona, Texas QNEAL. RADIATOR SHOP Cleaning, Repair, and Recore Any Type of Radiator Phone 71 6 Nocona, Texas Compliments of CEI-4,0-JQIVI BEAUTY SHOP Nocona, Texas Lumber Co. "Your Home Q Owned Yard" Q Hi-Way g? sz Box 89 Nocona, Texas JACK LES!-4 SERVICE STATION Texaco and Firestone ADKINS UPHOLSTERY SHOP ELMER ADKINS, Prop. Products 120 Clay st. Nocona, Texas Pho. 770 , " Phone 304 Nocona, Texas E.l..McNAEB WHOLESALE Feed - Flour - Sugar Salt, Etc. Phone 360 Nocona, Texas MMA KQZK CO. Westinghouse - Maytag Nocona, Texas Phone 4 fs? K I NC-SEQY DEILLINE- CCD. ' C3 fi are: .. . 'I F - .52 , . ' 'iL, . 4- T, v.-- 5--: ' -Lg , zz! 51 S ' , - nes mg. 1. :gr F za, asm gpg- f Q -' -. gi. 35? 1 gang t . .. 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Q H.. ... nn-H. .- uunxxu nn-::e::un U. nu..----.N - --...X-.-:c-:.-.X x wh.: -. . .U . - ' .e.,........ ...... .--.-...--nn. -..----nu - --my---1?-5 -nu... . u-.nn !l!!iISl "'.. nnxu-un .----.N ,..-,- .19-se:.: ' I Nl 5 '.--- ' umm-x-N 5 nun.. I ...un Ugg nu -sux Ii. 5- - fn: 5 ". if "1 ,W '- 1121 ' iz.. ' 11zt:".z ' .. l ,xi Q l . ' x , I EV! , 5 P' n :fl 71 il v . .maze Q AID C I S ,if Nab 'Sl 'THE ' 4 1,4IIQ5 ' 1. NA-I-'CNA D. 1- Member F' Texas st IO BANK Zaalitg our THOMPSON - ..,,q,4rj-,' 3-'Flrf' C ja. TDEPENDABLE GROCERY DRUGGIST FROZEN FOOD LOOKERS st. Jo, Texas Ph. 2329 v' 'AO' 1 -- ' Zgiqgf 'VA' , PHARMACY Z A Saint J'o, Texas if ,4 if I Dx, - x if , f 1 x ,yw , X 1 ff ' iff' ,lv ' N T! " 4 R , . ff . Q . A . , ,- I lFI1"S GOOD FOOD CLUB CAFE A 3 MR. AND MRS. THATS IT 'cu wAC!T" ? ' I I K l 7, CLAENCE DUNN DRIVDIN Zi- M ...Q www INTHE WM Er X MOOD FDR ,fi Qgx NNE. FUDU mrqll- One Good Place to Eat Ph, 2232 Sai.nt Io, Tex, St. Jo, Texas Ph. 2579 SERVICE STATION DRY GOODS "National Advertised Brands" Wm Simplicity Patterns Ladie s Hat s Ph. 2388 St. Jo, Texas Dial 2344 St. Io, Tex. FEE 696 D IVIILJ.. Complete Line of Feeds, Grains, Custom Grinding and Mixing .TACK HUNT, Mgr. THOMAS AYRES Phone 1072 Wichita Falls Hwy. Bowie, Texas De pendable Se rvic e Bowjs AUTO PARTS 107 E. Wise St. Phone 499 CDVVE NS BPURALEY FUNERAL HOME Phone 77 Bowie, Texas Monuments I-I 4+ NTD?-JQSCDN GRANITE CO. BOYD DOUGHTY, Prop. Bowie , Texas Bowie and Wichita Falls, Texas Wg. of Highest Quality Monuments Bowie, Texas gd DEQKINS LUIVIBER COMPANY AND Z?W664 T I IWBETQLAKE and BUILDING SERVICE Bowie, TGXGS I Phone 69 DEPENDABLE DRUG Bowie, Texas NEELEY STUDIO For Better Portraits and Framing Come and See Us Bowie, Texas COYE RATLIFF Keepsake Diamo Elgin and Wadsworth Bowie , Texas nds Watches Cox? SEWING IVIACHINE Necchi and Elna Sales and Supplies Bowie, Texas UEHHYS Your School Supply Headquarter s Bowie, Texas 4-IEAQDS HARDWARE General Electric Appliances Gould ' s Elle ctr ic Water System Bowie , Texas EVANS MOTOR CO. Sales Service Bowie , Texa s UW' S MOTOR CO. Mercury Dealer A7 Phone 886 Bowie , Texas ZQLIZWQ CATS-E BILL GRAY, Owner Phone 369 Bowie, Texas BCDVVIE BUTANE GAS CO. Two -Way Radio Controlled Trucks for Fast Service We Give SKCH Green Stamps Bowie, Texas MIEQCHANTS GROCERY CO. Wholesale Grocery Bowie , Texas DQ. 61646 VETERINARIAN Phone Off. 491 Res. 820-I Bowie , Texas NIONTAG-UE FARMERS CO-OP Line of Purina and Martin Lane Feeds, Fencing Material f x C0-OP We Handle All Farm Bowie, Texas Produce COTTONS CAFE. AND DINING ROOM Hi-Ways 2.87 and 81 We Never Close Cleanliness HARVF. RATLIFF, Prop. S N CDVVCAD The Meeting Place Drive in for Malts and Drinks Bowie, Texas 1 JCJTJSCDNS DEPT. STORE Quality Merchandise Reasonable Prices ll2 West Wise St. Bowie, Texas SAN l'I'Al2 Y BARBER SHOP Wise St. Bowie, Texas IIHQESTV PQFKTWCDNUAL. F5!XP4KI OF BOWIE Oldest Bank in Montague Co. Capital fiS200,000.00 Surplus SZO0,000.00 Member of F. D. I. C, Bowie, Texas Ku With Best Wishe s for Your Success Compliments QQQZZA DEPT. STORE Bowie, Texas fMwMyMZ TO VISIT . . N X QMMHDW -gmgg? f5LfXLK5LlTTEFZ DRUG COMPANY Professional Pre scription Service Box 191 ROY V. SLAUGHTER Bowie, Texas Qcfyh Home of Wilson Sporting Goods Phone 60 Bowie, Texas Congratulations ki 'X w if 7 ff' 'ff U DIQJJQ. l ykgafa zsfz -Q OPTOMETRIST THE Bowie, Texas Compliments .ggk gl? QQEQQQY P Di AND VVIlXHXi MILL AND ELEVAT OR arks and Bradley Ladies' Wear Gifts, Jewelry amonds, Watches Bowie, Texas Bowie, Texas Pho. 2.02 411 'is 1. 32 4. ,Y QZWJJZZ IV! I LK CCD. Bowie , Texas WQWWQKZQZQ HANDICQAFT CENTETQ ' 'Texas ' Mo st Colorful if zwffdauw Z spewing P -P 114 N. Commerce Street Gainesville , Texas adfldfzm "Shoes for the Entire Family" 107 W. California Gainesville, Texas Compliments LECDN AQD CDTDCIVI C CD IV! IVIEQCE DRY GCODS S T Piece Goods - Nocona Boots STQRE Shoes for All the Family Gainesville, Texas Gaine sville , Texas CICDLJ1-2 I CESY BARBER SHOP 213 N. Com. Street Gaine sville , Texa s .m I TYPEWRITER CO. 610 Hodge St. Sales - Repairs - Rentals Ph. 1032 Bowie, Texas 6766'ZZlW00J HOTEL COURT 8: RESTAURANT Completely Air Conditioned Delicious Food in Our Beautiful Dining Room On U, S. Hwys. 77 and 82 at the Water Tower EIVINIETT CURTIS, Manager Ph. Ho. 5-3421 Cfaine sville , Texas zuducffe PHARMACY Your Walgreen Store Reliable Pre scription Service Ph. I-Io. 5-521 115 E. Calif. Cfaine sville , Texas NIOQQIS GROCERY 1001 East Brdwy. Ph. Ho. 5-5051 Gainesville, Texas EJEW n.2Ys HUMBLE STATION Atlas Tires - Batteries and Accessories 401 E. Calif, Ph. 5-2324 Gainesville, Texas zafnllk 5 SERVICE STATION "'?,!1i!9PS MOBILGAS STATION Gainesville, Texas saw? BUTANE GAS Howard 5-63 61 Gaine sville, Texas HUIVIBLE STATION D, o. PARR, owner Service With a Smile Gainesville, Texas VE L.-IVIAJQ ROOT BEER STAND 1041 N. Grand HWY. 82 M. A. CUMMINGS, Owner Gaine sville , Texas See jzcfzfefzufffe for Pianos, Evinrude Motors, Boats and Trailers Gaine sville , Texas INK DIXIE DOS AUTO SERVICE DRIVE-IN RUSS INKS, Owner At the Y General Auto Repair Dinner on a Stick Day or Night Ph. HO-5-9590 ' 'll Gainesville, Texas Gamesvl e LWZJZZZZQ NATIQNA1.. BANK Good Bank to Be With Gaine sville , Texas BQQWN I NC-3.5 JEWELRY ' 'Jewelry and Gifts for Every Occasion' Gainesville, Texas MCJCDIQES FEED STORE Garden and Field Seeds Fertilizers Seed Cleaning Gaine sville , Texas ACNIE 304 East California St, wn CLAYTON GILMER, O Gainesville, Texas 61' LCDNE STAT? CLEANERS We st Side Court House I. P. AND LOU GOSLIN, Owner Ph. Ho. 5-2151 Gainesville, Texas QENSI-IAVV SEED AND FEED STORE Ph. 2871 Decatur , Texas Home Owned wesiern Assoelaie Store by RICHARD NOBLES Ph. 2811 Decatur , Texas ulczfzizn CLOTHIERS LEO. M. KUEHN Gaine sville , Texas SANDEQS JEWELRY WALTER SANDERS 112 N. Comm. St. Gaine sville , Texas SCHAD AND DULTE Hardware - Farm Implements East Side of Courthouse Phone 224 Gaine sville , Tex. S 1 PHARMACY our A ' DEPENDABLE C D DRUGGIST "Your Rexall Store' Gainesville, Texas 'I' HE FITQST STATE BANK Member of F.D,1.C, We Welcome the Opportunity to Serve You Gaine sville, Texas T I-IE iuedaeffe DAI LY 141-.scsnssw 11-sw First in News and Sports Serving Gainesville and Cooke County for Over 65 Years VVATTS E120 S. PHARMACY in Cfaine sville Since 1 915 WATTS BROS. Will Fill Your Prescription as Doctor Ordered Gaine sville , Texas ZVZMZZ P-I CTE I. AND RES TAURANT Known All Over Southwest for Fine Food Recommended by Duncan Hines Gainesville, Texas LET us HEL A LVCDTQD NAERNQL Z T 'TXT ,S Zum Www Alvord, Texas ffm? 0342! DRY GOODS BARBER SHOP Alvord, Texas Alvord, Texas VV! NNS FEED STORE GAS AND ALL MAJOR BRANDS OIL Prop. W. P. WOOD Best in Feed Phone I-Ii. 82 Alvord, Texas Gainesville TV I VVCD VVAY SALES 8: SERVICE CAFE FINES HICKERSON, Owner 734 E. California In Y East Highway 82 Philco TV and Appliances Drive In Service Dial Ho 5-3272 Gainesville Gfii-T1eSVi11e, Texas KTQEAKA CLJD DRIVE-IN Frozen-Malt Ice Cream ERROLI.. AND LORM ANDERSON Gainesville, Texas G I L..E5ElQ'T'- D AEE STUDIO 106 W. Elm Ph. HO 5-4742 Gaine sville , Texa s BOYD AND EQEEDING STUDIO Fine Photography Gainesville, Texas I flaw Yiwu! olludlfw Office and School Supplies Gaine sville , Texas DEPARTMENT STORE Corner of Elm and Dixon Gaine sville , Texas Congratulations T I-FE ygazdak Ph. 1 2 O 1 Bowie, Texas Compliments and Be st Wishes for the 1957 Senior Class and School f qfZ"L-QN f or onh t wig, Q5 1 KZZLZQQM PUNEIQAL. HQME Phones 2222 - 5186 - 3391 We Have Cash Burial Insurance and Will Service Any Insurance You May Have Decatur , Texas TENNYS C ANGUS FARM ,Ax IXID T. J. TENNY, owner N u K H21-4 A ? f55 ' " 'AQ -. 1lm... qw: r-' """' S ix' " nj Alvord, Texas Alvord, Texas fVll'I"Cll-VEl.L.--GCDCIDVVIIXH LUMBER CO. rrul Paints and Varnishes Lumber - Hardware Wind ' 15 Electric Goods Building Material Pipe Cutting Alvord, Texas Phone 2.761 getty: Valued , Cl I Y DRUG STORE X E Alvord, Texas FEED STORE "Better Value" Your General Electric Dealer Alvord, Texas 6, Phone 2131 JJ3. 3l:L.LJSl-HE IRON 8: PIPE Phone 45 Muenster , Texas l FIS! IETQS MARKET AND GROCERY 2-7 5 J Choice Meats QA els ,7 Muenster , Texas A CE if , CAFE ZWG LUN "Good Food" NLILK CQ. Phone 73 Wichita Falls, Texas Muenster, Texas COMMUNITY LUMBER COMPANY Building Material of All Kinds Phone 49 P. O. Box 308 RODY ff. KLEMENT Compliments of SJQZWJMW -TOROME PAGEL Everything to Build Everything Muenster , Texas Muenster , Texas 'I' UGSLE -YO STE? MOTOR CO. ' D Winter King Batteries Phllh-PS 66 Riverside Tires G d O'l Ph' 75 I New and Used as an 1 Cars Muenster, Texas IV! U14 NSW LIVESTOCK AUCTION DICK CAIN Owner and Auctioneer xx-'s Q' rf 3 I 4 xx u-ul M . .IEA In-. Muenster, Texas I-4 CDT?-B AUEQS FOOD AND LOCKER SERVICE Phone 252 'I"" fM'f19L'L-Qvi5"R , I Muenster, Texas For the Best in Transportation and Service ENTQES FORD MOTOR CO. Your Satisfaction Is Our Guarantee Phone 44 - Highway 82 Muens ter , Texas Comfortable as an old shoe W thats the feeling you experience when you have money in the bank! WHY NOT OPEN A SAVINGS ACCOUNT AT OUR BANK AND BUILD UP A TIDY RESERVE FUND WITH REGULAR DEPOSITS? THERE'S NOTHING QUITE LIKE MONEY IN THE BANK! DIRECTORS .T. M. WEINZAPFLE President G. H. HELLMAN Vice Pres. and Chai of the Board HERBERT MEURER Vice Pres. and Attorney E. J. FISHER Cashier J. W. HEST JOHN KREITZ DR. T. S. MYRICK ' uemfez S ERIRAAI I 4: BANK Capital and Surplus S175,000.00' Member F.D.I.C. Phone 5 7 - 74 Muenster , Texas mvhfk I-4 ARDVVCDCDD FEED STORE GARAGE El Magnolia Gas and Oil Welding Repairing Saint Io Transporters of Grain and Live stock CAS!-I DRY GOODS Featuring Quality Merchandise .T. M. FLEMING Ph. 2324 sf. Jo, Texas Saint .To, Texas getty: Valued , DELBERT 'S S HOE S HOP Leather Work Shoe Repair Saint Io, Texas Compliments of X THOMPSON'S BARBER SHOP Saint JFO FOXWORTI-I-GALBRAITH LUIXABER CO. Ph. 87 BAUENSTEQ IVIILLING COMPANY Feed - Seed - Grain Fertilizer Muenster , Texas WALF BARBE SHOP Dealer in Churchill Custom-Made Clothes LOW WOLF, Prop. Shop Phone-100 Residence Phone -37 Muenster , Texas "lf lt's Good for Poultry or Good Poultry, You Can Get It at the" MUENS TER HAT CHERY Phone 63 Muenster, Texas IVI U13 NSTT-71:2 NIACHINE SHOP SUPPLY COMPANY Phone 69 Box 336 Muenster, Texas -CQ: CLE. 'DIX IE VVI LEE DRUG CHEVROLET DEALER Q A-D DEPENDABLE Diamond and Lee Tires DRUGG IST Wholesale Distribution Amalie Oil Ph. 79 Muenster CHEYRULH-I . ' W , THE 4-I A12 IV! vi N A SHOP Muenster, Texas ' Q 6 RAY WILDE y ,-Q INSURANCE AGENCY Q G I Insurance for Any Need Muenster Texas A , j'ZeAv66ET J QM? foam jammdgb Mechanic and Welding Ser i Ph 412.1 F tb g T .. 1.19 'friffvzg , R X' f H 1 2 Arrr Y A 1 1 1 a,aA C 5uff45Mv'fo0 fit? ii - .11iii1A1i1l1A: Alb. .:E2Ei,i:E X., 79624 GEWQLDCIZTQY Fore stburg, Texas BQEWEQS LAUNDRY "Dependable Service ' ' Fore stburg, Texas JENNlE'S CAFE Featuring Short Orders Soft Drinks, Candy Forestburg, Texas L.I'I"I"EL.L. MONTAGUE1 COUNTY ABSTRACT CO. PRODUCE Since 1893 Ph. ze Fresh Fruits and Vegetables W. J'. RYAN ROBERT RYAN Co-Managers Forestburg, Texas Montague Texas any JQMLQJ DISTRICT CLERK Montague , Texas Compliments of JUDGE AND MRS. HOWARD MAYS Montague , Texas Good Luck Seniors may jaimm COUNTY SUPERINTENDEN T OF SCHOOLS Montague, Texas POOCHIE STRONG GROCERY, CAFE, STATION Montague , Texas Compliments of I..CDL.Jl'5 T HCDLLAND DISTRICT JUDGE Montague, Texas MONTAGUE SKATING RINK "Fun and Enjoyment for the Whole Family" Owned and Operated by D. HOLLOWAY Montague , Texas We Wishto Take This Opportu- nity to Thank the Ones That Have Helped to Make This An- nual Po s sible . Co mpliments of T +-:E 7e!9fnk0m CCD. HERMAN YOUNGEER, Pre S . Muenster , Texas M904 few ELTON WINTON T. W. LANIER 8: SON WESTERN AUTO STORE JIM FENOGLIO SHERMAN FRIEND CARTER'S CAFE TOM'S DRIVE IN STAR LAUNDRY MUENSTERS TRACTOR SALES 8: SERVICE CROSSROAD MOTEL BAKER'S TRUCK STOP U. B. WYLIE FOXWORTI-I 8: GALBRAITI-I St. Io, Texas :nn-hu.n-rm , .4 ,,.. H ,. M. ,., .. ,., -Q:-.. W,-xfr, ,gg ., L ,,,. ,x,.,', M ,,?'f5'3LK?-fpww., 5' ,ni :IM , vs, . 4 ,, f-wr , 'QQ P .ek 'I 'Y f-1 " A , 9 L, 595, . :J Jw 1 1552.-Q?-vr I-Qin, 1 wg? .- 111. 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Suggestions in the Forestburg High School - Longhorn Yearbook (Forestburg, TX) collection:

Forestburg High School - Longhorn Yearbook (Forestburg, TX) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Forestburg High School - Longhorn Yearbook (Forestburg, TX) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Forestburg High School - Longhorn Yearbook (Forestburg, TX) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 1


Forestburg High School - Longhorn Yearbook (Forestburg, TX) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


Forestburg High School - Longhorn Yearbook (Forestburg, TX) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 20

1957, pg 20

Forestburg High School - Longhorn Yearbook (Forestburg, TX) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 84

1957, pg 84

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