Forest Park High School - Retrospect Yearbook (Forest Park, GA)

 - Class of 1960

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777mg-Z AVWL, A-0 I' zfffffzfi ,fff1CfLL44f,x,L, A 65 ,mac ern ggi-Q CCL Li? ' 'L Ml ,z,. 1.,.g,,4V,U41f fdbvu ,fg,gj5f,L-,fr N ZQZ,7f",,6,dx6Ls ,Q'Zf1fcdAoffh1fn?4,a.,4 ' - 'WY ' N13 k Wm'12?4ff1A,f X +33 5 'R A ff 'ffumf 406. 'Ss SAM 7 wx S, J ' .W 3 S A gk ac: if mg i L .N V TS 5 I ' g EM sex Y RY uf S? ' R 3 v Qi Q XW S Q ' 5 Q9 J . 5 igfwiil Q Cb .Q Y gg 52 231 E QL li gg ,So 595 GK Qiiw P5 . 5 3 ' ' in Q V EYE 62ifQji5?C V. ,, Gvamiq - N9 GD . . 1 + fa 9 Q Y fo CQ v .' . . . f' , - 4 ' sl -I X Q " ' -J' cw, 4 , -- 5 F, ff N ,Y 1 , 9 5 fa vw - ml ,, Eg Q 9 CQ WQW 1 ,I . . 4 . 1 Gila w 'fi-1, ,'wZza .2 1 M5 252 'gg' VW I , 2 u , jgnkgfkgyayy C, ,594 fl?Lb95f5Mffi5QiWmfTgvf iljwlfyf Aff 45 M ww W 5255 3' mm Gal D yx, THE 1 9 6 0 R E T R 0 S P E C T Fo fesf Park Forest Park High School Georgia fi Z XZ X 'T A MN! di .... 2 . 5 3 T Eff , FET 3 E Q. The FRESHMAN views the school in awcsomc wonder 4 A l'hc SOPHOMORE views thc school with 21 humorous glance H' The 'IUNIOR views the school with 21 more serious attitude fr iii Mkgg H X xg 5 s 4 4 s 'U Mmmw, H Q it ii S awww, if mawwwm, aw fwwh , M "Q fwwwhmm JL: . , A few Nui 3 in 9 , . 3 xx A dedicated leader A dedicated wife and mother 9 A dedicated teacher AC T ERNEST L. STROUD B.S., Sletswz University MS., Auburn, Alalmlmz PRINCIPAL'S MESSAGE Once again it is time for us to receive our annuals and enjoy seeing our friends and ourselves in scenes of light hearted as Well as serious moments which we will never forget. Thanks to the wonderful work done by the annual staff. The annual is an outstanding means by which we see recorded evidence of the feeling of working together toward a common goal- that of making a good school even better. Each year we expect and achieve a greater degree of success than we had the year before. May this ever be uppermost in our planning and our working. To those of you who have done such an excellent job on this annual, I know l speak for the entire faculty and student body when I express our thanks and con- gratulations on a good job well done. 12 MR. EMMETT LEE Asxislmlr Priuripul N 1 in INIRS. MIRIAM WORSHAINI COIHISC10l' MRS. BARBARA BEARD Sevretary w x 41 The Administrative Stuff 13 F CULTY MR. CHARLES O. BAIRD MR. H. G. BATES MRS. A. N. BELL A.B., Mercer University B.S., Mississippi Southern Fl0Fidfl 50UIh01'I1 COUCI-iff, Math Shop and Mechanical Drawing Georgia History, Sponsor, junior Student Council MRS. BETTY BOGOLIN B.A., Georgetown College Physical Education, Tennis Coach MRS. MIRIAM H. BUCK A.B., Wesleyan College M.A., Peabody College Social Studies, Math MR. ROBERT COFIELD MISS ADELAIDE L. MISS BETTY ELKINS B.S., University of Alabama CUNNINGHAM A.B., Oglethorpe M.A., University of Alabama A.B., Agnes Scott College Civics, English Math AM., Columbia University English 14 MRS. GXVEN H. IELLINGTON B.S., Limestunc College RUSS JAN EPPS MRS. DAVID EXVINC B.S., Education B.S., University of Gctirgia Physical lidurntion, Health Georgia Teachers College lilementtxry Band Director English, journalism Sponsor, Panther Press MR. DAVID ISXVING AB., Merter University hlath, Phy sics MRS. WAYNE GROVILR A.B., LaGrange College Civics ooooooe 0 006000: i MRS. CAROL M. HARDEN MR. JAMES A. HARDEN lNllSS FAYE HOLI' B.S., jacksonville State B.S., jacksonville State B.S., Home Frunonms Typing, EngIi5h Math G.S.C.w'., lhlllletlgc lll0 Sponsor, F.H.A MR. HUBERT A. JERNIGAN MRS. ALLEN T. JOHNSON MR. ALLEN T. JOHNSON A.B., Asbury College B.S., Mississippi State University B.S., Mississippi State University Speech, English, Dramatics Director Typing, Shorthand, Bookkeeping American History, Government, Advanced Math, Basketball, Track, Sponsor, Student Council MISS SHIRLEY JOHNSON A.B., G.S.C.W., Biology, General Science, Cosponsor Beta Club Sponsor Varsity Cheerleaders MR. VIRGIL LANHAM B.A., L.L.B., Emory University English MR. CARL LINGOLD MISS HELEN LIVINGSTON MISS LELIA LIVINGSTON B.S., University of Georgia B.S., Memphis State University A.B., University of Georgia World History M.S., Peabody College M.A., Oglethorpe University Latin, Spanish, English Arithmetic 16 L, . LK' ff- Iivlfiyir .X I Cf ff 5 fJ2v5"Q ii, , fa ar' Lf 1,1 fi ., 1,42 MRS. LILLIAN B. MaCRAE MR. JOSEPH O. MCCLUNG A.B., M.A., Oglethorpe University Mercer University Georgia History Science, Health MISS CAROL MCGARITY A.B., LaGrange College American History, Sponsor Beta Club MR. M. A. MCLEER Ph.B., Providence College English, Sponsor Patrol MRS. CLEASON MELTON MRS. FLOYD NELSON B.S., Piedmont College G.S.C.W. Typing, Shorthand Math, Science 17 COACH MILTON MCDONALD B.S., Mississippi Southern World History, Girls' Basketball Coach, B-Team Football Coach ,tv-"". MR. RALPH R. OLIVER A.B., M.A., Emory University English i Y v . Y. I' COACH ALBERT PATTERSON MR. FRED QUICK MRS. MARY ELLEN QUICK A.B., Stetson University B.S., University of Missouri B.S., University of Mississippi Drivers Training, Physical Education, Science, Civics Biology Athletic Director, Head Football Coach MR. MAX RAGLAND A.B., Mercer University Math, Chemistry MR. A. SANTA CRUZ B.S., M.A., Mississippi Southern College, Algebra MR. GUS DENO SKURAS MISS MARY JEAN SLOAN MR. AARON LEWIS SPINKS A.B., XVayne State University B.S., George Peabody College A.B., Mercer University English English, Glee Club Science 18 INIRS. ODIS C. STAINIPS GSCW, B.S. Oglethorpe University English. Reading-Spelling MRS. W. H. WILLIAMS B.A., B.M., Ouachita College Librarian, Sponsor GALA Q COACH JIMMY E. TANNER INIR. LLOYD TARPLIZY B.S., Concord College, M.A., Peabody B.M., University of Miami College, Health, Physical Ed. Instrumental Music Coach Football, Baseball MISS ANNIE TERRELL B.S., M.S., University of Georgia Science INIISS CLARA TERRILL B.S., Florida State University U M.A., University of Kentucky - Math MRS. JENNY LIND MR. ROBERT L. WILLIAMSON WILLIAMSON B.S., University of South Carolina Maryville College, B.S., East Fnlf!li5h Tennessee State College English, Social Studies 19 20 Y3.'?5.l1?a3f1f.Q2':- x- J 1' , S S E S , Q f A- ' if V 'f . Ivgffx., in wwe. ' Ss3Q5X .. 35253: sv wg Senior Homeroom Officers 1' 5 CLASS OFFICERS-President, Pete Leistlg Treasurer, David Parker, Vice President, Mike Cheavesg Secretary, Margaret Hay. 12-A-Left to right: Treasurer, Betty Smeighg President, 12-B-Lefl io rigbls Secretary and Treasurer, Linda Rut- Bustcr Dickerson, Secretary, Sylvia Christiang Vice Presi- ledge, Vice President, Ben Osborne, President, George dent, Robert Smith. justiss. 12-C-Left to right: Vice President, 12-D-Left to right: President, Dur- 12-E-Left to rigbl: President, Eddie Ronnie Brooksg Secretary, Brenda wood Smitl1gSecretary, Donald Dycheg Loving, Secretary, Dave Brown: Vice johnson: President, jack Aarong Treasurer, Bill Wheelerg Vice Presi- President, Robert Shattlesg Treasurer, Treasurer, Mike Hilworth. dent, johnny Mauldin. Mike Cheaves. 22 SEN IDRS JACK PHILLIP AARON, JR. Malia: Be a good guy and people will think you are a "do-good." Ambiiiour To go to college and be a dentist. NANCY CAROL ADAMSON Al0lI0.' To he liked by all and loved by one, Ambition: To have the fastest hot rod any girl ever had. SANDRA LEE ADDIS Marlo: Kenny's nothing but trouble, hut oh, how l loyg trouble. Amf1ili0r1.' To get my M.R.S. degree from a certain sailor. LINDA JOYCE ALEXANDER Moira: Some say a dog is man's best friendg l'll take a sailor anytime. Amlzilimzx To own the Starlight Drive- ln, then l can quit working. NANCY JO BAILEY Molto: A smile is worth a fortune, yet it doesn't cost at cent. Amlzilianr To he a success in anything I attempt to do, like making a certain guy happy. XVll.l.lAlVl ERNEST BAIRD Motlo: Anything worth doing is worth doing right. xlmbilion: To attend college CTech, if possihlej and graduate before 1965. HARVIE SAMUEL BERRY Marzo: To help my fellowman in trouhle. .flmlzilioux To play professional base- hall. HYLDA YVONNE BERRY Motto: Why' be difiicult--with a little more effort you can be impossible. Ambition: To pass second year short- hand. MFLVIN THOMAS BLACKMAN fllollo: "Buy il Nash" Ambilionf To leave this humble insti- tution. f -1-SSN 5... is-rf' ROBERT ERNEST BLACKMON Moilo: I like to work and get paid, but most of all I'd rather get paid. Ambition: To be Harry james' first stand-in. BARBARA JEAN BRAY Morto: He that handleth a matter wisely shall find goodg and whoso trusteth in the Lord, happy is he. Ambilion: To find happiness in my life's work. DAVID RONALD BROOKS Motto: There is no end to the good you can do if you do.n't seek credit for what you have done. Ambition: To be one half the man my father is. DAVID JOE BROWN Moflo: Be careful whom you hurt- It might be yourself. Ambilion: To graduate from college. FRANCES DIANNE BULFIN Malia: Laugh and the world laughs with youg cry and you Cry alone. Ambition: To learn to make good bis- units. RONALD CLARK BUNN Moliox Don't start anything unlesfl you plan to finish it. Ambition: To become at carpenter. JIMMY RAY BURGE Motto: Long shots sometimes pay off. Ambition: To be the first man on the ITIOOH. BENJIMAN THOMAS CALLAXVAY Motlo: Like all, love none, stay single and have fun. Ambition: To make a success of life and retire at the age of 55. MlCHAEL ERNEST CHEAVES Molto: Don't give up the ship. Ambition: To graduate from Georgia Tech with a 4.0 average. 24 Qs SYLVIA PATRICIA CHRISTIAN flIOIIO.' Beware! For I may yet do something sensational. Ambilion: To he the only girl major- ing in Home Ee. at Tech. XVIIIIAM FREDERICK CI.ARK Mollo: Do your hest at all times. Amlailionf To make more money than loo can spend. jERRY EUGENE COBI.E Mullo: Smile tfI1lfJfffUI1.' Neyer to own 21 foreign car. XVILSON CARLTON COOK Marlo: your conscience be your guide. Ambiliwz: To he 11 success. XVAI.TIfR THOINIAS COTTRELL Molto: Don't just hold a job, when with a little planning you can get out of doing it entirely. Anllziliorlr To get into Georgia Tech. XVILLIAM MELVIN CROSS Molto: Do unto others as you would hnye them do unto you. Amlziliom' To own a husiness all by myself. PATRICIA KATHERINE DANIELL AIOHOJ I cried one day because I had no shoes until I saw a man who had no feet. Ambilionr To be a doctor. MARTHA SUE DANIELS Mullo: A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men. ANIbiff0f1.' To live a happy, single life. RONAI.D -GLEN DAVIDSON Afotlox like them all and love one. fl!IIbflf0J1.' To get a college education and play Pro football. y. :rib fi, , ' N ' KYTLE DORSEY DAVIS Marlo: Like all, love none: stay single, have fun. Ambition: Never to own another Ford. DOUGLAS HUBERT DENNIS Motto: I can resist anything except temptation. Ambition: To grow just one more foot. WILLIAM DANIEL DICKERSON Molto: Experience is the best teacher. Ambilion: To be a success in what- ever I undertake to do. DONALD GARY DUEEEE Molto: As ye would that men should do to you, do ye likewise to them. Ambilion: To live a good Christian life. DONALD CLIFFORD DYCHE Mario: Never act hastily. Ambition: To be a success in my undertaking. LOUISE VIRGINIA EASLEY Molto: Not finished: just begun. Ambilion: To help make Tyra's ambi- tion come true. NICKY PHII.LIP ECHOLS Molto: Do the best I can without having to work. Ambition: To get out of high school. SARA LOUISE ELLIS Molto: To make the best of what I have. Ambition: To be a successful wife and a Christian mother. JOHN MICHAEL EUBANKS Molto: Nothing's impossible: every- thing just seems that way. Ambition: To see the world. .Qifl wt, fllilcimf ui fa. .fx 9' LARRY IVIELVIN FANNIN Molto: Stay alert at lunch. Ambifions To abolish contluct cuts. SHIRLEY YVONNE FERGUSON Malia: From ll small spark may burst :1 mighty flame. XIIIIIJIIIOIIJ To reach the height of five feet. BARBARA ANN FIELDS Illollos To be liked hy all and loved hy one. Amlzitions To grow another inch. DONALD HENRY FINCHER Molto: Happy go lucky, fair and freeg nothing in the worltl lvothers me. Anzlzilion: To he n success in life. IVIARCPARET ANN FURR Molto: Short amtl to the point. fllIll7ifiUI1.' To he a success in all I untlertatkc to tlo. PATRICIA ANN GIGANTE fllollaf "XVnr Eagle" .limbilious To have some ambition. MARY IRENE GILBERT 510110: He who angers you, conquers you. Amlnifionx To work for the govern- ment :mtl own il car. GLYNIUA JOYCE GILLEY illoilos To he liked by all and loved hy one. Ambiliou: To be a success in every- thing I undertake. CHARLES HENRY GOSS Malia: Be happy with what you have. Ambition: To be a success in every- thing I untlertuke to tlo. .Q 'N lk gl' 'N .As-4 JULIA ANN GRANTHAM Motto: Do all the good you can, to all the people you can, in every way you can, as long as you can. Ambition: To do successfully every- thing I attempt to do. ADELAIDE CAROLYN GREEN Motto: Everything happens for the best. Ambition: To never have to go to work. FRANK NGARSON GRUBBS Motto: If I'm not first, I'm in the first line. Ambition: To wear a "rat" hat at the Tech-Georgia game next year. JOHN WESLEY HALEY Motto: Great was the man who in- vented sleep. Ambition: To have the best looking 'Sl Ford in Forest Park and Texas. GWENDOLYN LATRELL HANSON Motto: Everything that you do, do it as though it is the biggest thing in your life. Ambition: To make the one I love haPPY- BARBARA ANN HARBIN Motto: Live and learn, die and forget it all. Ambition: To be happy in whatever I attempt to do. ELIZABETH MAE HARBIN Motto: Live and laughg love and learn. Ambition: To be a success in any- thing I attempt. JEROLYN FRANCES HATCHER Motto.' What! Me Worry? Ambition: To continue being as serious as always. FRANCES MARGARET HAY Motto.' Happy am Ig from care l'm freeg why isn't everyone content like me. Ambition: To be a true friend to all. 28 S' ELLEN EAYE HILL Molto: Never die your hair red. Ambition: To fulfill a secret wish with my two hest friends. MICHAEL DEE HILWORTH Motto: Life is great, so live it. Ambition: To become the worlds' best pilot and drive the worlds' fastest sports car. ALICE JENNELL HUDSON Molto: The past is goneg the future is untertaing the present is here-use it. Ambition: To attend the Atlanta Christian College. XVILLIAM DAVID HU'I'I'ON Motto: Always put off today what you can do tomorrow. Ambition: To be a million dollar tycoon. BRENDA JOYCE JOHNSON Motto: Don't let work interfere with play. Ambition: To be able to take Short- hand at 120 words a minute. DOUGLAS MOODY JOHNSON Motto: Smile Ambition: To be a success in life. EREIDA JULIA JOHNSON Motto: To get home and cut the radio on. Ambition: To keep my face from getting so red when a teacher catches me chewing gum. VAIDA MARIE JOHNSON Motto: To do the best I can with what I have. Ambition: To be a nurse at Georgia Baptist Hospital. GEORGE WILLIS JUSTISS Motto: If studying were a crime I would be innocent. Ambition: To make a good husband. 29 . ,M Jgytwow ,.tt.Nmy. . .I THOMAS FRANKLIN KING Motto: Be happy. Ambition: To be a millionaire and travel. HOWARD RODMAN KLAUSS Motto: To have friends, I must be a friend. Ambition: To grow a goatee and become a beatnik. GERALD WAYNE KNOWLES Motto: Make sure brain is engaged before putting tongue in gear. Ambition: To go to college. PATRICIA CAROL KNOWLES Motto: Play the gameg if you can't smile, grin. Ambition: To successfully wear con- tact lens and be accepted as an airline stewardess. PHILIP THURMAN LANCASTER Motto: Freedom is one of the best things in life. Ambition: To be able to talk to girls without blushing. ROBERT JACKSON LAVENDER Motto: Keep a cool, calm head. Ambition: To last the year and gradu- ate. MARY ANN LEE Motto: Face the world with a smile. Ambition: To become a nurse at Georgia Baptist Hospital. PATRICIA GENIVIE LEE Motto: Boast not thyself of tomorrowg for thou knowest not what a day may bring forth. Ambition: To be a success in anything I attempt to do. PETER FRANK LEISTL Motto: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Ambition: To study medicine. IEDXVARD LINDSAY LOVING, JR. Mollox I can resist anything but temptation. Alnbilionf To- graduate with tw0 whole legs. BRENDA MAXINE LUMPKIN Moira: Many times it's not what you know, hut who you know. Anzbilian: To get in Emory University. IQUGIQNE JAMES LYLE Molto: To stay single and live the life of a bachelor. .rlmlziliom To become president of the Bank of Iiorest Park. IOHN TAI.MAD-GF MAULDIN Molto: Live long, have money, stay yllllng. Ambition: To be a spaceman. BRENDA JOYCE IVIAYO Molto: But you must! .'Iml1ilim1.' To make my favorite color "white." PEGGY AVALA McI.EROY Aioliox I'll always he the same: never changing anything hut my name. xlmlziliwlx To he a success in anything I attempt to tio. JOAN CHRISTINE McNAIR Mello: Always happy, cheery, gayg that is the secret of winning her way. 1'IIllbili0ll.' To leave this humble insti- tution. JOHN CfHARI,IfS MOODY Malia: Do unto others hefore they do unto you. fIII1lJili0Pl.' To be Craig johnson's bar- her. GALE ADRIAN MORRISON Molto: XVhy not? Anlbiliom To fulfill a secret wish with my two hest friends. X- dti . 'M ' gyr .- l.ORE'I'I'A LORRAINE MOSCARDEIII Molto: Love all, like none, stay single and have fun, Afzzbilimz: To pray daily for God's leadership in my life. JAMES LFNARD INIOYF Molfox Live a good life and hold your head high. Anzbifions To succeed. PEGGY MURPHY Mono: A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches, and loving favor rather than silver and gold. Ambifion: To be a successful house- wife and a Christian mother. GAII. JUANITA O'NFAI. Molto: Give to the worlcl the hest you have and the hest will come back to you. Ambilionx To Hnd the pot of gold behind the rainbow. VIRGINIA CIIARIITTI5 O'NIfAI. Mollo: Life is just a game, hut you have to play fair to win. Ambition: To be successful and happy in anything I clo throughout life. GEORGE BAYNARD OSBORNE Molto: If at first you don't succeed, give up. Don't he hardheadetl. AIIIIJIIIOIIJ To be a rich and successful psychiatrist. PATRICIA ANN PAIJGFTT Mollox Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Ambifiou: Finish School. DAVID RICHARD PARKER Malia: Forward. Amlziliou: To excel in anything I at- tempt. DONALD IIIiNVIfI.I. PARRIS lllollor Fat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow you are on your own. Aml1ilior1: To become a Major in the Air Force. XVILLIAM ALBERT PETTY Malia: llo unto others as you would have them do unto you. xlmlzitimlx To do the very hest I can in anything I undertake, JUDITH MARILYN PHILLIPS lllollvi I'll always he the same, chang' ing nothing hut my name. .flmlziliozzs To have a happy successful married life. TOMMY MARION PHILLIPS Molto: Do unto others as you would have done to you. xlmlzifionx To he successful in any- thing I undertake. jOSIiPH SIMMS PLUNKETT Molto: If it can he done, I'll try it. flmlziliwzx To drum major the Tech hand in the Sugar Bowl. JUDY REGINA RAYBURN Alollox Love conquers all. flmlzitions To own a home, quick! XVANDA GAIL REECE Xllotlo: Those who run around in circles shall be known as wheels. Ambilion: To marry jack and have Pl happy home. EIJXVARIJ KENNETH REIDER Molto: Let others do unto you as you would do unto them. Amlzilions Fix up my car. REBECCA LOU RHODES Marlo: May I wish no one ill and may no one find cause to wish me ill. Amlzifiwzx To bring rt little happiness into the lives of persons I know. MARY CALLIE RIDIENHOUR Mollo: Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven. Amlzilion: To End more time to put off what I never intended to do in the first place. JAMES CLARENCE ROBINSON, jR. Motto: Live fast, love hard, die young, and have a beautiful memory. Ambition: To become a millionaire playboy at 21. JANICE ANNE ROOKS Motto: If ye have faith of a grain of mustard seed, nothing shall be impos- sible unto you. Ambition: To get my teachers' degree at Oglethorpe University. OREN TIMOTHY RUFF Motto: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Ambition: To be a barber in Green- wich Village. LINDA CAROL RUTLEDGE Motto: I care not to be loved or wooedg my motto is give me good food! Ambition: To achieve happiness through kindness, and consideration and success by honesty and hard work. GEORGE LEMAUL SCOTT, JR. Motto: Try to get along with every- body and be friendly to everybody. Ambition: To drive a 1960 Impala convertible. CHARLES WILLIAM SCROGGS Motto: Stay single while you can. Ambition: To graduate from school with plenty of hair. ROBERT CLYDE SHA'I'I'LES Motto: Never kiss a girl unless you are sure she won't give you glandular fever. Ambition: To attend the Air Force Academy and be a pilot. ELIZABETH ANNE SMEIGH Motto.' A smile is worth a fortune, but it doesn't cost a cent. Ambition: To graduate from Georgia Baptist Hospital, a full-Hedged picture- taker. DIANNA SMITH Motto: Don't do today what you can put off until tomorrow. Ambition: To make a certain person buy a green leather jacket. 34 JAMES IDURWARD SMITH Molto: Always play fair and square. Ambition: To make a lot of money. JOEL MITCHELL SMITH Mono: Never put pleasure before business. Ambition: To graduate from college. ROBERT THOMAS SMITH Molto: Do unto others before they can do unto you. Ambiiiour To get a car that will run. XVAYNE OLIVER SMITH Molto: Love and lose: don't try again. Ambiliorz: To live a Christian life and be happy in what I undertake to do. RONALD TRAVIS SNYDER llfotto: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Ambiliorz: To become a mechanic. SHIRLEY KATHERINE STANLEY Xllolio: Quit while you're ahead. Ambilion: To be a beautician on a streamliner of all men. JANET ELAINE STEPHENS Illollos Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Amlailiorzx To own a 1960 Starliner. CHARLES DALE SXVANEY Molto: Don't take any wooden pesos. Ambilion: To go to Tech and, by some dubious means, graduate. LILLIAN DIANE TERRELL Motto: A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches and loving favor than silver and gold. Ambiiious To unlock my locker before I graduate, 35 CHARLES WAYNE THOMAS Motto.' Never throw a strikeg but never walk anyone. Ambition: To be an eccentric million- aire. WILLIE REUBEN THOMAS, JR. Motto: Faith and trust in our fellow ITIEII. Ambition: To live a long and success- ful life. JAMES DELL THOMPSON Motto: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Ambition: To own a million dollar cattle ranch. LELA JANE TURNER Motto: Always happy, never sad, sometimes naughty, but never bad. Ambition: To fulfill a secret wish with my two best friends. ANNA LOUISE TURPIN Motto: Learn to live and live to learn. Ambition: Be a teacher and work in an orphanage. JUDITH ANN VALLOWE Motto: A smile is understood in every language. Ambition.' To be liked by all but loved by one. LaWANDA VAUGHN Motto: Be happy by making others HHPPY- Ambition: To work for the 'Govern- ment in the Held of Social Service: see the world and then get ahead, preferably one with a man's body on it. SONJIE WINIFRED WALLER Motto: It's not whether you win or lose: it's how you play the game. Ambition: To serve God and one man forever. SANDRA ANN WHATLEY Motto: "Some people sit and thinkg I just sit." Ambition: To be liked by all and loved by one. JAMES GARY WILKERSON Motto: A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches. Ambition: To do nothing and get paid for it. WILLIAM LEWIS WHEELER Motto: Behind those eyes lies much mischief. Ambition: To graduate and have the loudest and best looking Mercury in Georgia. JUDY ANN WHITE Motto: Keep a cool head. Ambition: To marry Richard. THOMAS O'NEAL WILSON Motto: Why do today what can be done tomorrow. Ambition: To become rich and retire at the age of 21. DONNA JEAN YARBOROUGH Motto: Life is a gift, so let's accept it, be thankful for it, and do our best with it. Ambition: To have a successful career and to be the world's best pilots' mate. SANDRA ELLEN WILSON Motto: It's better to give than to receive. Ambition: To marry Rodney and be- come a housewife. 37 unior Homeroom Cfficers CLASS OFFICERS-Treasurer, Lura Lindlerg Vice President, Buford Adams: Secretary, Linda Davis, President, Red Benefield. 11-A-Secretary, John Coxg Treasurer, Curtis Williams, ll-B-Vice President, Sandra Suddethg Treasurer, Theresa President, Gerald Linnenkohlg Vice President, Doug jackson: President, Fred Carawayg Secretary, Karen Black- Parker. mon. 11-C-Treasurer, Elaine Brooks, Vice 11-D-President, Red Beneiieldg Vice 11-E-President, David Hesterleeg Sec President, Bobby Jernigan: Secretary, President, Gail Nix, Secretary and retary and Treasurer, Linda Davis Carol Cummings: President, Rex Treasurer, Beverly Carreker. Vice President, Loraine jordan. Morgan. 38 q'ZA :-, .5- ,, , 5 M HA C If wi Q -' A s IW, ' , V . F C ,M E iw we XM X Y w E , P Linda Bryant Alacia Bussey David Calloway Barbara Calmes IUNIORS Buford Adams john Anderson Carolyn Baker James Baker Sandra Barnwell janel Bell Kenneth Benefield Wanda Benson Ruth Canady Fred Caraway Karen Blackmon Judy Blalock jean Bloodworth Bradley Bowden Bonnie Bowman Pat Brackin Winona Bradford Elaine Brooks Bobby Bruce Carolyn Bryan Pat Cason Beverly Carreker Carolyn Childers Dan Casey Elton Coleman .in . ka.. x v- 4. if .. W QQ My Xin N Louise Collingsworth Ray Coker if x xg , , Safiwi as si fwfr - Srl -' EMA if 5 v X liz? .-'.,,.' , -5 . - ,zo :za Y sae: rf is ii' i is ' sr Cf. :E-: M "fi" f a ' Yi c ,fs Mi ' Ronnie Chatham at mf MN N'-LJ an xv'-sua?--,'.. + .vquax-H . H -.:l:...-2-ww Ni -- :im l W , f aii Y Y L W 5 M x v ,,gjWQ:ewZf,,,g,f,ygg,,X ' Q ' 'QYJJQKBXRWB Y' 'mill vfhrlftli ' A s Xxx 3 M, lf. UV' jm- i Q rf 3 1. S A wi -Qffj V E' ..,.,: E G Cathy Cook John Cox Charlotte Crawford Larry Crowe Johnny Cruce Carol Cummings Joan Davis Linda Davis Richard Dease Larry Denman Bernice DeRoy Phyllis DeRoy Voneva Dockery David Dodd Johnny Dodd Tom Duke Gwendolyn Dunlap Eugene Dunn V . ::..- ,- it XR ,X Y s f ll!!! Q -K xx lg Lb is X 3 ii " 'Q 2 30 W it S i?i?3, . , Q 11 S' . y iff iijliii Wallace Dunn Vickie Evans Robert Fortner Clifford Graham Jackie Echols Linda Finley Brenda Galloway Jerry Grant Shirley Eidson Bill Flynn Vivian Garrison Charles English Mary Ann Forshaw jimmy Golden wg 'wi Z 'i'i in I are Q un. Y is C ,,,,,,: , ,Q-x I - .f. ' 1 ' if it l Q 5 f J xg .X Q n QQ Xl 1 ' , l 2 X I ,v Q a 545327 2 ? .Q Vx A , if W A ,, fl? f - Q1 3 "7 ,, inf 'M - ' . 35352 , Y . if elftifr tl 1 l ii . 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V Sandra Martin Edgar Mashburn Rose Maxwell Gail Mercer Nanci Messier Clark Moon Mike Morgan Pat Morgan Rex Morgan Mike Moscardelli Dawson Moye Mike Mullins Bobby Neal Pat Neal Gail Nix Annette Page Douglas Parker Ronnie Patterson Billy Pearce Leonard Phillips Billy Potter Louis Rowlett Betty Jo Perry Loraine Pinkston Donna Ricketts Doug Rutledge jo Ann Perry Charles Pittman Maxine Roberts Jule Phillips Lynda Plunkett if ., ag ,, . 'X , f f mm 'iff 7 '3 r 'I' ' V , r , 'Zflg ' 'I- ' U 'Ni - ', I ffl, ,A 'W X I - V VM 2: 21-2:-:Q-5 ggi '- I A 1 5.5 Q? V. ' B I if Q' T I r. ' ,iflfi Wifi" V T If 55 H - vgliwfv Rv. J i 7 Z l A ' 71221 iw! i ,,.,..rf Q A, , . E ,M , .0 f I ., ,g v ,S J' ,2.,,,i J s ., 5 ' 0:1 4-Q fr .N L, www may - lg wi V ,V sf.1.,, . ' '-J, , rf, 'Arif , fg g41w we K sun Q uf., , , fix. 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Reavesi 5 lane lj ef Presid NA Pgresident-jadfle mm, Treasurer-list-Mzftha wen, 1Ce 911 op. IOC L-R President-Lawton Wimberly, 1oD: L-R Secretary-Virginia Morris, 10E: L-R President-Paulette Addis Treasurer-Larry Pierce, Vice President- Pf6Sid6Hl-Charlie S.P2ll'kS, Treasurer- Secretary - Treasurer - Carol McNeal Karen Smith, Secretary-Barbara Talley. gall? OVCHOU, VICE PfCS1deUf'Jl1dY Vice President-Hugh Gibbon. on er. ll mr: LR KN-XM ea re , 1 ... n Holmes, Pre .asm-e,,NanCy Ch -W t -Pasco Tnson Treasurer sue Wear-Bobb mee" v- ia Presfden' ha Brown' y Tolar. i we Pfrsi- x0GiuZin Presiden1'MarS b0f0 ' ' KEY- 44 SOPHOMCRES Z.. is tt ' if ,1 ,, ,,,. X ..,,, . K - ' E- Q - f Q. ,- . . ,, gl l af 6' ' mag i iw ,- igo gxjgrk tg' if A : I xv -cr " -,b H., .V A .E :qw are W --- J X .J C . V 'Q ' 1. ,E ,'-. ,",E , g r may J V V ' if ! 'Z' lk X Xxzliv M s "a-1? -Q lklfxlgfi v ' " ::'. 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Bryan, Tommy Bryan, Wayne Cain, Connie Callaway, Dorothy Campbell, Gordon Carbo, Mary Nell J arise' i .. x ll s sy., 1 ,ask 2 in 'tra k Z., ..,.,, J , W 0.55: 2 x 'w 359 lxgx K Xi' 8-x X X XX 1 til lx s it l l x K x Abbott, George Acree, Marshall Adair, Ann Addis, Paulette Anderson, Marlene Arman, Judy Baker, Gloria Balance, Roy Banks, Jerry Barner, Terry Barnes, Ronald Barnett, Carol ,L ,X if tx 5, ,Q if, is X is 9 f, W Q Blanton, Sharon Bradford, Carlton Brown, Marcia Butler, Douglas Butler, Sandra Byran, Charles Byram, Gene Carr, Pat Carreker, Kenny Carroll, Martha Sue Carter, Pat Chasteen, Nancy Chester, Alma Clark, Wayne Cole, Cecelia Conner, Joyce Crowley, Suzie Culbreth, Jimmy Culp, Alex Dalrymple, John Daniels, Mickey Davis, Rachael Davis, Robert Dennard, Kenny Donald, Dan Downes, Joe Dunn, Diane Dutton, David Dyer, Charles Edwards, Jean Ellis, Carolyn WHL eq 2 , if. I k Elf ish 4 2 12-glim, ,.. :: ii i i ,,,... .. ,Q K il: ,.,.2 x A -M. , , - Q. 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WI, Y. 4 I Fvef. l WY t- K . - Y l 1 , 1... 3 W 4--, bv v ,Vi 'Q ,., K0 'vw wr:-nv Hood, Gary Hopkins, Helen Horn, Linda Horton, David Hughes, Martha Sue Humphries, Wayne 5-3-6- 'vw lx if S . ,gi is Kern, Shelia Klauss, Jan Knight, Annette Knowles, Judy Lang, Katheryn Lavender, Tommy in I - .-as-ss,-3 , i ' asm, - Q 3' ii, Y? l , . if wxmk , Fm,-tx, -- , 5. . . -.-I'-Z. .4 'sf We Q, is . 3' A z :. 'vs ,r sh' ---15.3 .gm ,.,g,.',.-,. .g.:3.g:?ilg1:5f.M!2S ':ff13','Q:fjQ: H ve . .. . . .. '-'J'-in . bein 'FN-'.' Jlf.. .545 rf. .5 1: MR , f v . .v 1 of M f " 2' ' 'fw- f A 5-'A L ' K f '- 1 Q55 f" 'R ' Vi sw, X' ,' ' L" A :M ' I tag., . A Q4 "' Y. I W, XY ,rt - gff ' A. f w,, , J g iii? 5. f' ' 1, tb . s 'f -L, -Ziff fhfgeaz fi ,J A W .k .,, ff gtg A Q . iff ,af s.,-'4 mv-fl. zftm-is 2 g W " 3.-b .... 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Patterson, Barbara in .2 Patton, Cullen Phillips, Jody 'l Ui- in 2 'EPM Ei? 955 .Im 553413:-:-:iii ' f 'Q'-Q 123 X 9 Y ax. nz, t, ta y 5 f - or Z r as Q 5 a a r P if . A ' I ., Q B ," IZIA, Ii M M W '51 A X , . , , A I ' ' ,-.zeglrw . 'iifgigfie S- " h Y , ik 'F I "' . " V 1, me - C X .. A .- I felfifk- V. .W 5, , OSI: 13:4 5 1, - , I f f' f Redd, Clifford Redd, Kenneth Reid, Rosalynd Riceman, Kim Roberts, Sandra Rogers, Betty Sue Rollins, Linda Roquemore, Dicky Rylee, Betty Satterfield, Carolyn Scarborough, Diane Sheffer, Paul we 5 itll K fi 1, . r .Q .,s, x is el-2 . M f 3'f s ,, t if . 4 , ,gi W5-sis sb. w i . my 'hu f F " mf is x ft b .qv 61 'W - ..., a as i rw A 4 '19 fa . Y L 1 ., M,,.,,. . N 4, in , il Y Q P 6' , Sie X' . ,ff I' E ,, ,.. 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Stanford, Elaine Stancil, Wanda Stephens, David Stephens, Linda Stott, Lynell Stull, Terry Tatum, Richard Tanner, Steve Terry, Dorothy Thomas, Pat Tilson, Pasco 1 ' J w x me X 2 i. in 4 1 Shurley, john Simpson, Bobby Smith, .Ienelle Smith, Karen Smith, Sonny Smith, David Smith, Suzie . p . ,S Sommers, Evelyn ,Q ,R Sommers, Nancy " S pzk, N Sparks, Charlie we , -B 1 Speir, Nancy RER S A :" Stack, Cheryl if :R " " ' 1 . , .,'- M i " g,,. " 'H . r - ,S S ff? , if if X We c - 2 or K Y' ta 'ft t A 'i": X .1-A S B Sumlin, Wayne gm ,gm Summers, Annette .- Swaney, Roberta ,,,, 3 Sweat, Mike ' .. N Tally, Barbara ii "A A S i 1 , : .E WK . ml, 1 be Tolar, Bobby X, 1 Q 'Q ,If-1 K -W5 t , -- fig ah it :-: . ". we 49 1-.J Tucker, Mary Turner, Edmond Wheeler, Loretta White, Toby White, Mickey Williamson, Kell Wilson, Frances Wimberly, Lawton Witherow, Pat Wylie, Sandra Yancy, Pat Young, Pat X 1- Q53 inth Grade Homeroom Officers in lohtmy' Svier, . Sident' Vice Pfe .neva . i"l"f5'Hnq1 T "UPN, Vi. . esident-Beverly Sikiaine Neil- re1sure"Maf5' Ji5m?res'df'1lt-Iliane . :glittery and Tfeasur mn' Daw 51 Time-X. Q--N M..,NN ,M 9D-President-Richard Echols, Vice President-Billy Loving Secretary-Cherrie Hilworth, Treasurer-Billie Lumpkin. 9C - President - Linda Youmans, Vice 9E - Pr9Sid6r1r - CHFOIYY1 WilSfWn. Vife President - Clay Davis, Secretary and President-Nancy House, Serretaty and Treasurer-Kenny Gilbert. Treasurer-jane Merritt. 9F-Preside ci CUHSHS- n - - . U Y Set-reraryv.-I-ffnflgey Heaton, Vic . dknvice President! 5' Carroll T e President Bevedy Un -5 HenfY- ' 1' Casurer-MiL'k 'John Haluski 9C,.PreS3den3 Treasurer-TWV' ey Tate 2 K , 1- Y QU . Sed-em 3 50 FRESI-IM N Thad Allen Donna Faye Ayers john David Baker Margie Barry Michael Beach Melvin Beach Pat Beach Annette Bell jo Ann Bennett Edgar Black Eddie Bowen Danny Bozeman Tommy Breedlove Larry Briscoe Carol Britt jimmy Abner Angela Adams Carol Adamson jerry Alexander a 'Q' B x Ni XX Q X 9, P4 is , :- as 4 vii '-- L ff ge Q e ,Qs C ra A ' -' E 1 IL A 1 x l ss X ii .. if xx i 3- My H t ,: ,--,, -W i .I V.. ,.: 5:R: - 1 7 Y J , -':- '.., A Y 3 ., - S cf -ir ' Q: 1 gym fi Brew., mugs , A A1 " ' .K A-8' .3 s 5 . X 7 ' ' . , fir . ,ii ii 4 ., ,, .. -5 qi . .,,,. E I gg A W' Q 1 .. ea iw A f a A U3 ...., : A t , i t . A , 9 I '21 or Q, V , K 1 I i A 1 ' ' X . :Mr A . Li :Q 1, ' N - Q . 3 Q ' . q ,.,t in Y. W A - Y'-gf Q --f.- ja, 1, .I ...f' 5 B fi' ,Kit , if 5 - - ,.,, A 15...- V 1 W X-' , . ggzfs f Q 1 ' " ij? If y y .fri 7 T: K if 1 A r'.'f1mI- Chg X-f-1 ' C ' U i lf ' . ,I m X I iwzk-535 5 fi., X K 'viii + C Qty - , . 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Gwen Goodman Clyde Gordon Tommy Grant Jack Griffin Harold Guice Phillip Guyton Sara Haines john Haluski Linda Hancock john Hanley Janice Harmes Charley Harris Virginia Harris Kenny Hart Dwight Hay Bobby Haygood joey Heaton Billy joe Hendrix Travis Henry Cherie Hilworth Pat Hill Gail Hood Pamela Hood Sheila Hoover Nancy House Donna Huffman Raymond Hughes Glenda jackson Terry Jarrett Tommy jaynes jane jenkins Mary Ann Ferguson -Gene Johnson Johnny johnson Mary johnson Qs. - -'-- t o if m i My ' H ,Ng ..., ,. 4 e 5:- 9 iff f ',-- f 3 mf U I 50 Er , sv 2 .3f.--Milf., -:, , A- . , L .. 5. W. :wg f l,g,L5 fl 2 , 5? at , i at f Q wifi 4 .,.. , . , ,Er an- i X t , MG Q 1 ' we wwf 1- ' K 'Niki I '1 Tommy Edge Patsy Elliot Jan Fairbairn Larry Fields , , ' x zvugikji ' W 3 . .V 5 .. 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X s B X W NM Q i y 9.1 1 2 4 l 1955 t 9 f .M Q 1 S.. fi" 1 r s, , janet Mattson Tommy Maxwell Don Mayo Lloyd McBrayer Tommy McCurley Tommy McDaniel Gheroda Mclilawaney jimmy McGurity Sandra McKenzie jane Merritt Catherine Miller Connie Millican Dave Mitchell jerry Mitchell Pat Molohon Tony Moore Bonnie Morgan Vanita Morris Dicky Moye Diane Mullins Robin Murphy Elaine Neil Darrell Norris Dorothy Owens Gail Palmer Donna Parker Bill Patrick Harry Pierce Gene Perrego Linda Phillips Ronnie Piper james Ponder David Reynolds Bob Reeves Sandra Rhodes ,N , , A"' z H tm ,gi 92, any, ' 1. "-'Eff MH johnny Spier Brenda Stanford Wanda Stansell Bob Starr Linda Starr David Stevens Margaret Stringer Doug Suddeth Larry Sumlin jimmy Summers Roberta Swaney Mickey Tate Corley Thorton Judy Tucker Barbara Turley Milly Upchurch Kenneth Walburn jo Ann Waldrip jimmy Walker Carol Webb David Welchel Tommy West Myra Whatley jimmy Wheeler Charles White Tony Whitton Brenda Williams Georgia Williams Hazel Williams Mickey Williams Carolyn Wilson Mack Wilson Wayne Wright Barbara Youmans Linda Youmans f, C, Wx 553: , 932- 21. i- .' al 1 , , Q 3 L E? 1232 l S yi? 5 Z Q 3 'Q ' W ge : Z-it - .- gage 1? 1 fa K tg ,R S if My W nigga i ' Q at i e bf Ql sww r yf ,- -Sit.: 2553: 15122622 -5125 , . - B ' T17 . if 1 23 , ,skim py , W saws W Y? I Eg an ii! as Z W 3 1 ,S x 4 grit ar ag t ggi Q S ge 5 Z M gif.: 'li k Q Mes fig as H i 6 t tx: . gi Brenda Rogers Janice Rogers Linda Rooks Beverly Rousy E ,:t'tqw.Q -Q23 EW -' ii? T if .E fy Q 5 .gg X 0 ,it G g D' 3 3? G I E-'V if 3 'N .R S Q it N M 4 HL as gg ti 'fi swf at , X its X 1 3 Y A t K 'fflffifii 1 bif:.I.eE:f ' ' fit' U . - 1. . n rr is , - . i f I at A S ta Q of 2 W Nc sf i Bobby Rylee Preston Sanders Sybil Sanders Eugene Saunders jimmy Sealy Brenda Sealock Tommy Sewell jimmy Simmons Larry Simmons Alan Smith ' W zz. ,- jane Smith Jayne Smith Randy Smith Richard Smith Mike Southern .. t 5 4 Bu , i mi E W' we Q A X w i it 1. 4 54 , i at ,jg i - me . 3 az. , ---,. , W zz' i Q i v N' k 'S S fr, ' ig 1 ii X N . " ' if ' a Eze-M ,S 2 4 w Q, g :1 ,sis Sim s . Y' ,W f Q we 7 . -.Nasty we Q We if-fl QF i A dike sa 2 Q Q 5 X H Q 2 f , Ag ka " 'S SEXY Lit . ,.. Aw? Wk se 1 s f We may ' W ' E .iii V . .-1? We ,M ,A t . .,.,. - H Q 1 2 43, 1 ' QE-.L ' - , -. 1? ', ' Q ' 5' -25" -f'25:1-21, 5.52 Q.: fiwiifg , L, , ---r- Q 'M ' gall 3 13, I. , V- fr 'i if' xiii? :5'53?f'i'fLyl::fQg'jj-fl:' ' ' , 4 1 - -:.rffaM::,, x .:,.f2:'.21Nj2:gw,fiefil .,.,, E ,::'E:,,5tKr2 y2,y,L:,Lagzt:hf-dig' offs?-4,f'f.g:fls1'v,q2::'1 , . 1, ll' f ,.,v,.,,i,.., ' '-:ff .... 4 , ' 'f f as agffggzy, ggsi B ,.,, .i i..,. E5 1 , ,X xx 'M S - if -in Nj .,,, .i fex ' Q Q? L Z .,, Eighth Grade Homeroom Officers ""' il t 5 1 1 I n Nl' 5 -. 1 T wt in X S '- X I X ei E I , f ., -- 5 ' ' an P 1 X is-is , 8A-Left lo right-Mary Ann Bell, President: Paul Bene- 8B-Left lo right-Bill Crowe, Vice President: Sue Chat- field, Secretary and Treasurer. ham, Treasurer: jame Chumbler, Secretary: Beverly Car- roll, President. SC - Lefl io riglvl - Linda Courtoy, Vice President: Anna Merle Newell, Student Council: Sandra Collins, President: Randy Foster, Secretary and Treasurer. 8D Left to ngbl joy Kinman, President, Sheryl Elling ton, Vice President: Vivian Hackney, Secretary: jerry Hicks, Treasurer. SE-Left lo right-Mary Ann Chris- tian, President: jackie Bowen, Vice President: Frank Tanner, Treasurer: Sandra Hubbard, Secretary. 8F - Left to right - Claudia Smith, Vice President: Barbara McKenzie, Treasurer: Marty Murry, President: Tommy Meeks, Secretary. 8G-Left to right-Mary Jane Neun- dorfer, Secretary and Treasurer: Mar- sha Larson, Vice President. 8H-Left to righl-Shirley Petty, Sec- retary and Treasurer: Teresa Pittman, Vice President: Pat Seeby, President. 8l-Lefl to right-Mike Terrell, Student Council: joel 81-Left io right-Eddie Walker, Secretary: Nancy Clark, Xvaldrop, Treasurer: Billy Stephens, President: Carol President: Jimmy Whitten, Vice President: Zachary Swaney, Vice President. Wfhatley, Treasurer. 55 SUB-FRESHME 551 ' L5 i 1 QW , fe 2, 4 .ao-4' A" ' 'fl , ' .y, - it ' W A gagafv ' -' ,YEW . ,. ,,,J,w3 ,ef Q f "'-' -2Q- , W , E lbnlnl "4"::' n , , 14,-'Q ,.. ,M ' N 1 'fill X ' , 4 xg .u 1 -55,493 'f . 1 X, . . ,. Qlf w e i '.A'-"", "-, f , . ,gg .,. , ml ,I Q , . , ,. A '2AQ- V . if r ejtgf ' sg 311, it "-1:. .A . ,. "h' A' 'W f 0 e A sf as ' , M ia t D p Z., fu 4 ,-.,. I, 1- V., H ,, .. V .. 1 D In Q f i , f r uzlu I 3' ' 'Y 5? m , ' '..f 1 ,h y I - ,K ,aj ,V Charles Brooks, Pat Brown, Eddie Bryan, Bulfin, Charles Burks, jean Burnett, An- nette Burnley, Adelia Bussey. Second row, left to right: Cris Calla- way, Louise Callaway, Ray Calmes, Tom Campbell, Neal Cara- way, Tommy Carreker, Beverly Carroll, jack Cartee, Lamar Cash. Third row, left to right: Terry Caudle, Carolyn Chaney, Connie First row, left to right: Kenneth Bryson, Bobby Sherry Aboussleman Darlene Adams David Adams Tommy Addis jane Armstrong Yvonne Arnold Mike Ashe Ronald Baker Harry Bariield Elon Barner Frances Barnes jack Barnwell julie Barton Sandra Bause Donn' Bedgood Mary nn Bell Ricky Bell Danny Benford Paul Benelield Sandra Benson Faye Berry Robert Billington jim Bishop Willis Bond jackie Bowen johnny Bowman Anita Boyd Sharron Boyes Richard Bridges Diane Broadwell K X vw?-f , N - . ' ,I i ,ef- If X ' Li? r .C 1 E N QQ of 1 Q p,e,,w, Chaney, Cynthia Chasteen, Sue Chatham, Mary Anne Childs, Mary Ann Christian, jane Chumbler, Eddie Clark. Fourth row, left to right: Mildred Clark, Nancy Clark, Pat Clark, jewel Cochran, Sandra Collins, Patsy Cook, Linda Cooper, Fred Corley, Sara Costley. ,W V ,.... V K , f ' at A , H' ,., ' 'Z i , Q - ,QQ ' X .. ,-,' N es I Q 1? ,- - : V ,If if -.. Q. l f H f f' N l in in 4 W Q H ii? S I :K A :'ee 'F if Zig: B of r, ,,,, 5 is .., . , we Wiif Qg ,,, ,, ,f Q5 .... , . .. ja I K 'Q 5 i ef ga , A XM Qwwiir ,A ew.-..,.,,., . ,. , , so H - ., .. , , - lf sr i, ' e s , Q ff H' . wa s W 3-gas: .. . ,., ' - X ,Km it , gy, .,.... , , , 51' izifi i 1, 56 Iiwwg RW 4 zu x 54' 5 X of M., - . :, lim ' 3 . Y. A Y ,, T, X 5 is l " af w SH max avi? X sa r in gg ii, ' hxxer ' , '12, Il, .az -Kgs . mf-1 ,- ,gt 2. 5, 5 22,155 QSQ 1, P - .-,.,... ,..s::: n ie . 5 i , :' .. ' 'Riel ' F' i 3' "., ZE:Q: ffLeW5reweW,ewQw If :SSX 1, - ' 55 Sy We gg'-1 :ii11,,,,. 'K ------ K swf K - ivWmi.s, '-'- A. , ,. , i .sl ,,:- r K. 2 it W, i f B irfgjgzgj Ii, H . - Er? P F- - W 1' R 33252: we QQSWN :I. ,'!f l,j: ,,-gill siege? , SEQ Q Ei 521 , A :fak e .M 5 X ,S me X, Q AK :.- s K . 4 .V wigs in R ' . .4 as , gk ....., : VQVQ 1 555 W X321 X Us sim? 4 A I gg: 5 X sr we . lil. sa. , 3 ,V'f5:ff'i 3 saig, EW, 'fx Q i is? S 'ki M as zrf1,T f ,N . A. iiziibi . , A ,.,. N X X32 l- Wit . 95 'z:i'?.,5l i f ' ii Q li Wi , 7' . X - 5- ' A ' as ' - 23, ' .G .J siis . i x was 2:-'-13 Linda Courtoy Carolyn Crook Pat Crowder Bill Crowe Sammy Culver Candy Darden Doug Davis Erlene Davis Kathleen Davis Marilyn Davis Marvin Davis Ned Davis Anthony Deakins Howard Densmore jenny Denson Way'ne Dewberry Florence Dias Lester Dodson jean Dossett Claudia Driver Elaine Dudley Billy Dukes Gwen Dunn Sheila Dunn Tony Dunn Terry Dyche Gary Earls Dean Echols Kenneth Eidson Sheryl Ellington Q Elia... ,W 'QNX N '. v 1. " s SEQ! we . EW' gi Q5 , . fri!! " has-. 4 ., -6' '- ,.: 1, an F .,, an Ml t .1 Firsl row, lefl to right: Jeanne Emert, Tony Eubanks, Richard lo right: Brenda Gunter, Val Gustafson, Vivian Hackney, Tommy Evans, Bernice lllippin, Connie Flynn, Randy Foster, Hilda Fowler, HHISI, Judy Haley- Mlfhele H3113 SICV9 Hall, Jeff? Hafdfllfee, James Victor Fox, Linda Gary. Serond row, left to right: Sue Gilbert, Harper- I'0""'b WU", ,eff I0 "gm" PM H355 109 HaYe5v S3-mlm Danny Giles, Eddie Golden, Linda Golden, Beth Goldwire, Danny Hayes' WH'fff.Ha2'fL1?' Mary Hgzftherly' Dale Henderson' Shflla Granger, judy Grant, Pressley Grant, Doris Gullett. Third row, left Hesterlee' Jeff! HK 5, Hulon Hukman' . Q xy A I ,t fha, ' ..'.' , I Q qi :.' Q k Q.. . 1 is T ' . , Q.. ..., ,Q A , ' our '-- ,,, :,,. ,S ,QIV , : ' x , jj. R 3 s if t -N - I :,. ,., y , y I , ' .., v F ,e., - G F -f -i at t V Q. . . , ,- S, A, N.,, ' M if: N - A X ,ef -V '.l-- ,L - , L I 31 it ' ww,-A . V 1 .ig . t A , R 1. J.: 9 rx!!! 5 ,Q - s , Sky, 3 K ' l 2 V : r : 4, '-::. 5 wel 5 we . , get 3 X r N11 ND D I Q mt is , F X ,. 28 5' 57 'rr' fi- :Af at s V isis, -f , ati xv, . X ,,, ..., G Y' R, rw i .L IPA' 1 R ' . ' 5335 ',-: , Mt' - 1 + - H is 2 A ..,.. an H! jf SWE, V h 3 . I Ll, Lf , b. ,ik 3 1:4 , Si ,..- K A V- tl: R ,, L i W gmt .Q1 tg --AA . B y if A.Q, W Q, lla l li-L i li it -if .L Q"'-' J i 1' p LY .,A, y A,. Q Q e L L Y 31 1 V S an Q ' "1 rf! Q E A 1 . 5 VA, , L Inz. i .fa ,I Z- A ,Q 1 Q5 3 ,ll It h,., -1 , GL A , I , K e A tw' L nh W A f hhyw A yn V ,xxx .L il I, -4 hN W f be A LL ltt L is ga , zzsu - -.:, : W .,,--, ,X X j First row, left to right: johnny Higgins, Bobbie Hinton, Darlene Hogan, Lamar Holbrook, Linda Holcomb, Donnie Hood, jane Hood, Elaine Horton, John Horton. Second row, left to right: Charles Houze, Sandra Hubbard, Travis Huff, Bonnie Huffman, Becky jackson, Delores jackson, Jeffery Butler, Donna. jenkins, H, vs -Q V- ::-. 73.4, .. I it 5 A L 1 ,,,, . .,,.. , , i ,M at in L it '- iiii? fi ' - ' i V-W 'img M- L : P , - - ' ,.,, :,. ':"' .,,. t , L ' W . r. -. 5 -.:, :: -. We ,... s 1, :,': Brenda Johnson. Third row, left to right: joan johnson, Pat john- son, Melvin Jones, Diane Jordon, Wfayne Kelly, Brenda Kerr, Gail Kimbell, Sheryl King, joy Kinman. Fourth row, left to right: Jeanne Lancaster, Linda Landers, Marsha Larson, Reuben Lasseter, Betty Lee, Myra Lehner, Robert Liber, Fred Loesch, Danny Looney. L' .sry Jean Long john Lore Vickie Lyles Mike Maness Linda Miller Stanley Mitchell M y at WJ , l 3 L ,I A Ii A .i... 1 :f'1'- l . ' K as 1, 4 , 4 its X . '53, 53: ,.,.,LN , ' ' ' ' s L Glenn Manning Q . james Maro Winston Mitchell L. A" L LQ Audrey Marston Freddie Moore L L " Diane Marston li .L ni k 3 . 5,-'gigs ,ntff ri, x .Leg 5 .,-" ' ...vm '. V1 In ,PS if Cherry Martin .L L -V X Ramona Martin Roland Morgan " W Lewis Marucci Annelle Morris AI, L ff x i if X John Mathis H L V .L ,.,.,, X,., wi -L I , 'i L. Carol Matthews ' ' L V ' :g f 102 Mayfleld Randy Morris .3 25 I W li gilltf, :gr Eileen Maxwell Bobby Morrison ima., 5 -- b , 1 ,L Giles Meeks ' s'l' W ' :Z Q Q Q ' ,. L V .gl sg, ,Q B .L Richard Mercer 5 ,ff Q B L L 1 L - Fr2nkMerra1f Lef1e1lM0f5e f o X gil V " -- -:... ' ii Y K 2 De10reSMi11er 3 :5 - , LQQQ L ..--,-L ' .,..t .L ...- - A t 'A be ' Q51 .... L. Y' L L I1 v ' B 58 Sy' if Q :. 2 as is ft.-55 R Q K 2 2 5 1.3 . ..,k i k,,g,:l.5 , U at W K SS 5 A 'N Y in Siitet-Q35 X., W, ,N w e X vi X K N iv i a X t fx e we gf ilgce f... We ai te 3 i Q ! t f , y s a t S. 3 ,.::: 2 ig, M,, ' t y ,, V y ,Q it as - tztvf it iiabittta was . First row, left to right: Kay Murray, Marty Murry, jan McClung, Gayle McCollum, Sandra Mccurley, Judy McDonald, Mike MC- Donald, Cherrie McDougal, Barbara McKenzie. Second row, left to riglvtx june Mclienzie, David McMullen, Steven McMullan, Barbara McNair, Frankie McNair, David McNelly, Brooks McRae, Mary N54 ' 3 i is " ' it X .ty iii 1 S KK Xa ft 1 S 9 'Q :, .g 15? A X ' X at Richard Pinch Richard Pittman Teresa Pittman Michael Porter Ray Powell Audrey Price Larry Proudht Don Pruitt Charlene Purmort Diane Ratliff Chuck Reaves jerry Reeves Robert Reynolds Becky Richard Stevie Richards Larry Rivers Kay Roan Sue Rousey Pat Rowan Dickie Russell Linda Rylee Melvin Samples Carolyn Schwarz Harry Scott Milton Scott E. j. Seals Eddie Seaman Pat Seeby john Segars jerry Sherwood 59 We-rf Q, els ts. 2, F- Y jane Neuendorfcr, Anna Merle Newell. Third row, left to right: Bonnie Newman, jimmy Newman, Gary Noon, XVanda Norris, joan Ogletree, Bob Olds, Herbert Olixcr, Tommy O'Neal, XVaync Palmer. Fourlb row, left lo right: judy Parker, Maynard Parker, Maryland Paulk, jerry Perry, Wantla Petriello, Shirley Petty, Brenda Phillips, Perry Phillips, Bob Pierce. E Md", ,Q ..... A ,f .,. ,wg .sunk i it tl E .FL ul' Q3 S y 'il l , ,. tt. W - " V Connie Shumate Lonnie Shumate Eddy Sigmon ,,...-w ' N 5 L A i 'Ja Yi W '-f- Q Alice Simpson Y I Allen Sloan :., h Buddy Smith fa t tt ni k. :M xt, t Elissa: Qt: ,fjx . t r , t that ,t , I Claudia Smith a . I, V I l. f:: " Donald Smith ig, '--- he ' ' Nancy Smith N. l,, ......- ' Pat Ronald Smith :. N ai' V - - Skipper Smith . W is C , ,. tt .1 . yt- 4 X til Clara Spiker Kathy Spiker Danny Spratling t t it-tt t i 4 First row, left to right: Francine Thurston, Danny Trammell, Betty Tucker, Billy Turner, Carol Turner, Cynthia Turner, Steve Turner, john Turpin, Donna Vallowe. Second row, left to right: jimmy Vaughan, junior Vaughan, joel Waldrop, Billy Walker, Eddie Walker, jerry Wallace, Butch Watkins, Joan Webb, Benny Wells. Third row, left to right: Jerry Whatley, Zachary Whatley, Anthony Richard Stallard b . Stephanie Stancel Q A I, ,tv , 9. ' Billy Stephens "-t, t H 2 t G 'L l L. E E: K ' ' .. .' t t jg xl t fl ,iff Hugh Stephens a ' t john Paul Stephens -RM W Q 'f ti mia Norma jean Stone - " All x ' q 'Q' ali' S Judy Strietelmeier I iw' V 1 Diane Stull K T' , "-. . V' , Lynn Stull ,,'j',f,y A D M if, t t.t A, i t . , 1 x ' 5 -."' W W. M " tt' his Ii- 5'.. Y-. ., N at , Carolyn Swaney 1 . .--' Bobby Sweat , Delores Sykes Frank Tanner Mike Terrell lf E 50' L ffb 'CS' is x t W David Thomas ' ,tain Whisenant, Larry Whisenant, Gilda White, Kenneth White, jimmy Whitten, Doris Williams, Larry Williams. Fourth row, left to right: Levon Williams, Gloria Wilkerson, Nancy Wilson, Glen Winkles, joan Wofford, Kenneth Worsham, Glennelle Wylder, Wanda Yawn, Thayne Zifka. SY 5 .t-.' ..' f - ... , x I, ..,, F V t a, A is W J K K , uunn Q bl? .t-. R ,lit y b W 4 2:,, z V' Q. Q. 1 'fit it 't-'- at .t- K Q ft V' tt as t t . if' ,t t 1 ' Pi tt C W t 1 L t W fig.. . ,. . t.t W, ,, Ex t I i , i 1 ' ' X, , t . til I " t "' t Q Est ties B " ., ,M t ' . e tt-4 A t 4 'H t , w .,,. 1 ' at 5 4- 2 " ' W' 'W ' -I E-Wt? is-A 6 P ' -t:t. itiffifgitt S 'K 5 T I I l . K t it S if e"' L 4 ,Q t t .1 If ftifj skggig- Q, gf' ' X , H :M , ., pt 71, ,323 tt Af t t e I 'IJ-3, igj Y, 5. 1 " tv .I K 3 -tt ,S ' ' ' C ' it he it - new- .V ' S B at A is-ts. S 3 W Z ' - , 'SFU . . Y I t , Jetty V 1, ,QJQRQ . -- 1 X' . 2 . ' ' -f ' ' A ' 'Z H W' fit! -' is , -tiie'-3'3f?9,f.,,.t:fi 1 -' L C . ,. '-'t t h L kt t Y ,t - ..,.. tt gfffifiu' e gf t he ft 'C 1 4' 1 if V 52. Y ills A w i"f2'f'iT'Z'?v C It if? Q B X .- l1"'..,t-W Q'-. M T A ati M - ,Hia ffiftg t g X ., at 60 Seventh 7A-Treasurer, jackie Birchfieldg Secretary, Brenda Bracking President, Mack Bass: Vice President, jimmy Betsill. 7C-Treasurer, David Waldropg Secretary, Sue Whatleyg Vice President, Carol Dunng President, Marsha Cook. 7E-Vice President, Marsha Marbadg President, jimmy Pace. 7G-Secretary and Treasurer, Steve Swineyg President, Pat Spence: Vice President, Richard Davis. Grade Officers 7B-President, Mike Treasurer, Judy Caing Secretary, Debbie Burke. Cruceg Vice President, Judy Casey: 7D-Treasurer, Zan Waltlrtmpg Vice President, Terry Mc- Kenzie: President, Carol jackson, Secretary, Priscilla Gray. 9 1 I fy Y 7F-Treasurer, Chuck Yarborough: President, Ann Rey- nolds, Secretary, Cathy Padgett, Vice President, David Robinson. 71-I-Vice President, Carol Tyler: Treasurer, Connie johnson: Secretary, Mike Braswellg President, Robert Chamblee. 61 af is " '- til , 761311 W3 tw' mn gs! s O U 'nu' if nv R- A ..... N iflfi ittt rl J ,I ., w"'f i. K V r , ..... J , , I W1 'il QQ? S I use A " f -wig X It -r' ' 1 - .5 L' , ww, A ' ' w Y " ' t ,,,, . J V- ' J it Q J if J e , , y y ,',Q h W A ., ,., , gg ,E,.., ,... , , " - - --:., " . ...Q 7 ,k xl I ,, , his A392 I' Vial iifat 'Massa A "" 1 to . at 1- C - . p I ,,,.,, ' , imstftn ' ' 'J 'L if It X at at A A A if , - , tts J ' an M t. J -1-' - ,E . . .A , is . 2 - -'-1 I - , ., J a as . h W A A - A J J Q A J . .. 1 AA,. , J C2 A s A A J 41' fi 'wx ' 7- it 4' C J ek ' " fl V ' 1 A ,. X J if 2 H ' :J I Xllximaiulla uf J Q First row, left to right: Patricia Burnley, Sonya Busby, Sandra But- ler, Jimmy Byington, Joyce Byington, Johnny Byram, Judy Cain, Jimmy Cameron. Second row, lefl to right: Mike Cargile, Donna Carmichael, Pat Carter, Judy Casey, Hubert Cato, Dickey Canton, ed -V Gary Adams Jean Adams Julian Akin Tony Alexander Nancy Allen Pat Anderson Johnny Austin Donna. Avans Rita Averette Linda Baker Pat Baker Glynda Ballard Harry Barfield Frankie Barnes Charles Bass Mac Bass Jackie Beatty Rodney Beddingfield Stephany Vallowe Johnny Bender Jimmy Betsill Jackie Burchfleld Jimmy Bishop Pamela Bishop Sonya Bishop Linda Blanton Gail Bloodworth Anna Rose Bond Randy Bolden Johnny Boyes Ricky Bozeman Billy Bracken Brenda Brackin Mike Braswell Mary Britt Paulette Britton Sandra Brock Darrell Brown Dorothy Bruce Leon Bryson Johnny Burge Debby Burke Cindy Causey, Sandra Chaftin. Third row, lefl to right: Betty Ann Chambers, Robert Chamlee, Bob Christian, Jo Ann Christian, Nancy Coggins, Thelma Cohen, Linda Coleman, Carol Connerly. jggggigg x If 355332 5 v w f - - . ' ff lf " W5 , a-M252 251815 ' ,'.' 3:35, . - V. v,,-,,, t. . .. K w e 5-as - -"'- M ' J J K L t 4 .... V ,Wig Q ,L t -. K t ' .-., " ' 1 I Ah ' .askisff fi " 'fill "" f' 'zu ' ' . . ' i"f'35l-' V ' f ' 7 A. , Hi . '- + fb, are J . l 'E "'-' 'J 'U' fi ' . ' Y V. ' C 'isle " f- - " ' ' . sl Rf: ' W? V W f 'V ' Q in gb 4. gl gr. apps: , HA 4 tp E X2 il ff' R X if -, . W-M -. - : -a.ggg:,. A egg, H r f 2 Y X Q My '- ' '- x y wr 1 f.. -1 K ., f. i ,iw gawk N at 2.1, 35 nf gasp at of 5 3 . J' X Ur M V3 ,LL I K 'LDA 1 v ' 5 . 'fgnj N ., i 5: x :E: '1"' A ' ' - it 3 , 'N' C an 5 Q Y-4 yrwri , j Q , , 4 f 1 .. I Q ' R A t S .,., ,rpg t gig rg. J x ,ga Z' 4 -1- V -I 1' V. ew .H W M M , N V7 ,, ..., , x g wg V ,2.3Eg , Q Egg fj. ' J Wil . I - Will ' 1 ' 15-3 t N - I4 aaa "" ' , . -ur H W 5 .wlws-w - i n , M ' , xy, ii3'i9'.,::r'a'Ti f:?S'5?2? A Q fi at at X f X ffitvigtwrzaff-.fgezfafttf if Q 1.3 Q at C to C lg , I .ILM xMsHt...o1xw X V. s - Jqf? K Q ti if ffwis.. .Sri . D ' Qhl E R E? 31 l lil Kill - -sf i ff, . 2 -1 I Y ,NA . Q XX V Es f k W ,tkq .Q . . U li A :im 1,3 Q :'is---L, r e sst - , E , ' Q 22 'ii B x fi" f .. 4 ti 3 K First row, lefi to right: Billy Cook, Linda Cook, Marsha Cook, Faye Dunn. Third row, left to right: Grace Ann Earls, Ann Eberhart, X 'U X Cooper, Mike Copeland, Marie Corbett, Robert Cox, Nancy Crowe. Second row, left to right: Mike Crews, Annette Davis, Billy Davis, Richard Davis, Janice Dease, Elizabeth Dion, Lester Dobston, Carol ye. jerry Evans I +1 Wamtla Ezelle Vuuu gm ' in Todd rutmks B Q53 Q-Q-5 ., A 'E f Frankie Fisher L Danny Floyd ix .- ,',i Terry Foster I -qu E ' Donna Gafford X z Linda Sue Echols, Linda Ellis, Marilee Ellis, Beatrice Enderlin, Kathy English, David Ethridge. f" t is i 5- Q... ' e.,. Q 1- t- . 292 1 as we .- t, ,,,,.. a Q SV Q -,,- , W Marlea Gemmin A. , V ii Q I Vi Donald Goings ii Q ji ,V M Q. . 1: .Q S ' P"5"l'5'9"2'y e Q- Q Ted Griffin - W Vlvt f ew ,,., , - - M, . C Marion Guerin K A "'2 : 1 A V ., i I 3, ii Q i' Louise Grubbs it i g , L ,hrs -"' E L K i X Q Megs Guest Tj C ' 'Eff 'ws , J' Alice Guiton , ii E 1 l Kenneth Gunn Q. Q ' .. But-ky Haines . . ' - B,,,,,k, H3n50n rtyt , 4 , X e .A Q W Ronnie Hamid lll , E , .,,,.,,, ...Q 3,3 , V , lbbi A A Q, . .Y 5 M, W Diane Harris 9 ,V f it 1 R XEEQ ii Nfzfixfi gi Q Q Q Suzan Hickerson V jerry Higgins jerry Holbrook Betty Holmes Betty Holsclaw Danny Holsclaw Lon Hood Billy Hopkins David Howell Charles Huff Brenda Huffman Ken Humphries Carol jackson Dale jackson I is - ,WK fri iq ,Q ax wa mae W . si 9' , i 1 it Rf K 'Z s Q Q ,, . Q? ,. fl Q X K t .5 ' "FEE fi 1, 1 f Q , XX X , , 5 C 2 t N N- 1 Bobby johnson 'l't ' ' ' K Connie johnson . Louise Johnson Q Q, A Y Q EJ Eddie Jones t ' Q . is .I s t . E , 6 Gary jones -' ' A 'W' Riga Jqyneg i - , .. ' 5. X A -g -- ff Q K. .K :,, , I , T 3 1 I X, . Q , . . "-' "', we 2 ,M SEN? f .51 I X 499 sv . .Q , N f , ,.:. ' L ' x,.. sg 5 f V , EL ,R ,L -'f f 'f' P ' ' ' A K i if hir , ff- W' F gm gg is M , ,Q ,Q is 1 min " - ' K ,V 1, D, ,W . ,V .W :ggc - -f 4 , First row, left to right: Tommy Kelly, Don Knight, Marion Lamb, George Lambert, Terry Lee, Pat Leggitt, Larry Litt Long. Second row, left to right: james Madison, V g m." . ., ,W Q Q - W 'i wsswwffg if ii ,was - ' mme, at , el G? if A .,,. . ,. as ei N X 2 4 M ' " X aa were if ,gtg ,Z wwf' if V is at A-AZ, V My ,JL , Neg W J, 'tis Q t f aww H A , , fmwazge W , 2 1 WWW .,. MTWMN, ff 1 "-1: - M, sg- ,, S X S 8' lejohn, Linda ickie Malloy, Ronnie Mannes, James Manuel, Marshal Marbab, Brenda Martin, -f , ii ' E A i P ' V ' - ,, - K , - 1- A. V Q 1 4, ajf::, in-ta . K if 1' 'J -,f,5...ggjf 1-I M xflifz i:- , '. V if' , " 1 3 4 X maya, W, a W W wi lm R a W -... -, A W P L L E -is sl' Sw 2 H' , rf wx Wa l ' f 6 ml xlib VM Q Nw f , 1 . f at 5 ' ..,. . '- "ff , i-'i ii W is zz. .. - wit? nl. - t F F0 X if Q V Q iii L, ..., , . , . R5 wa r .SV Y K Pvt f 1 or Dan Martin, Harold Mathis. Third row, left to right: David McClel lan, Chip McClure, Dell McCullen, Jimmy McCoy, Marsha Mc- Elwaney, Linda McKinsie, Terry McKensie, jimmy McKown. ,Kes . . S L Q s 'X ,F , ..,, '2"' . Egfr - ,, .111 -2 V - ' i w ! , ,. ,r., f W, , i is reae K i H 5,rf'+1 W, ff ' -:"ai?1 f 1 , at Yi' if 5 5 of Laffy , K-qw ,: In xr A WL AIQI 6 7 3 if -,, , rrrt yy 1, ini e so L arne L L , - ,... - I W -'k -gl, 55 'I .. :,. ' ' s . . V it f M, ' . . ' -t iww' - W - 5 , ,- " fi i .,,,, W, of H . ' 2:,..e Y ., ' . gi my N . t L R ,, , 1 , 2 wg, ,J . . ,- l ' 64 Ronnie McMichael Elizabeth McNair Richard Mercer Willis Merritt Henry Messier Rusty Mills James Minchew Judy Mitchell May Mitchell David Mize Greg Moody Luneva Moore Manuelo Morreo Mike Norton Patsy O"Quin Delores Owens Kathy Padgett jim Parker Ronnie Parks Kenny Parrot Brenda Patterson Ronnie Patillo Dicky Patton Marsh Patton Glen Paine Ronnie Pease Tony Perkins Steve Pearce Lanell Phillips Linda Pope jan Potter Pam Powell jimmy Prater Charlie Price jimmy Price johnny Price Sharon Purmont Marilee Purvis Richard Raybum Brenda Rapier joan Reece Penny Reider Ann Reynolds Elaine Reynolds Janice Rhodes Joyce Richardson Marlene Ricketts Marion Ridenhour Hank Rithers David Robinson Nita Rodgers Linda Rowan Bobby Russell June Saul John Sewell Bill Shannonhouse in it as 24' A f . J 1 S - 1-L J J . , - if ts t Gail Simpson -' . - . j lm Sandra Smeigh V .. is Earl Smith 'Q V I J 'S-if V in Q W X 'E S - 1 "' V Gary Smith 'V S Q '35 ' 0 Larry Smith Q .At 4 4 A . X - . it Q Merle Smith 1 'X S N i 'li 9 ' . 2 Pat Spence Q 3 N-W1 X Mike Spratling - Janie Starr Q - Barbara Steele is i K 2 " g as A Douglas Steele I 1 , f V Kenny Steele "' - S S -' ' ' 'T' Kenneth Stevens X 1 . .Q . i ffl X K.. Anthony Stewart 'e X23 Je . X' R 'Kilim TW N 'A :gg Q . I 1 :,.. . 5 I ix Glynda Stone Cheryll Ann Strickland Jim Strietelmeier Dewey Suddeth Ken Summer Flora Swain gg Bobby Sweat t Steve Swiney Russell Tatum Dixi Teuton Terry Thomas Q5 is Judy Thompson it X V ' x Sh Q A ' Chuch Thompson X,... -X Wayne Tony ' ' S l R S it. Ot iw. , .. kiwi.. Q I X ,L S I' Y R A S .5 xg N .2-.fa Not Pictured: Beatrice Anderson Danny Burch Sandra Linenkohl Diane Parham Sandra Bieser Catherine Knight Jimmy Pare Dan Williams Fin! row, left to right: Charlene Turner, Cheryll Turner, Diane Turner, Larry Turner, Donna Turley, Carol Tyler, Jean Tyrell, Jimmy Vaughn. Second row, left to right: David Waldrop, Mike Waldrop, Zan Waldrop, Gail Ware, Nancy Weaver, Jerry Well- born, Sue Whatley, Rodney White, Third row, left to right: Henry Whitworth, Michael Wilkes, Elaine Williams, Jimmy Williams, Jimmy Winners, Carol Yarborough, Charles Yarborough, Chuck Yarborough. ' " wj 265 J V . , - jay, t a n -e Q R I 1:.. Q fm v i ii 4 f ,' Sv 1'3" .SQ - ' in' ., wi ll - . . . - 1' .E+ - '53 ' ' NUR: J - - ' '. - - ' S Mi I .,lL1w .'.- e i W 5 - - ' ' - 'ff R . A S - .. "V" J ,.e.-' - '-v' - i R X 'PX ' - T' R -eee ,Q ,- . it ' "l" at tte, s xr' .f . aa.' w e ' e We 'f "Tn if . 'A 'R J' '- :i" 2 5 N W ' Q is 4, Stix ini: ,ft - ' N R ,R--' Q 1, gm fz his ,iw 1: R-5 L e t Q- i x A K A 1 -. ., - - '- J. as 1' t 3 , .. N -K so I - I ef : i m gg . Af AQ- K' , 1 6,5 1 , Q QF . ii is 5 f .. Lx-' Q.. ' -S T - .-.?fl?e 2-'E-"S -- 3 W . S SE -e:. 3-... , R . " was t . ' ,f .,r'. f to ---e V, 'if f is 22 if wi J - , I' :Lili -K1 Fw ? .Q is... as .' R R - R ' - L 5 1 r A .. . ..,, J ' ' -- S E' J "" " I Q f X L .. i - . R r at R S 1 " f ' . 1 f-'. " K '1.- Q elf- V.', Q ., . 'N' 1 .N - ,i'-'-:-:f-: Q " J ' ' i ul in A f L Q il W t'll'l' tl R '- a , 'J ' 1. f ' -Qt . f iii- . 1 65 ACTI 66 3 3 'lisfiizxgl 2 Editor Feature Editors Literary Editors Ronnie Brooks Becky Rhodes Pete Leistl ANNUAL Sponsor: Mrs. Worshmn Barbara Bray Pat Gigante Mary Gilbert STAFF Representatives Buford Adams Dan Donald Lura Lindler Jeannie Elrod Activities Editors Sports Editors Margaret Hay Robert Shattles Carol Knowles Buster Dickerson 5 . fit " ii is 'ii Q Q A 4 hyy, W -'1 Mil 68 - ,xg -mf Business Manager Bonnie Bowman PANTHER PRESS Editorial Staff idly' gf -qnnnif' null' Assoriate Editor Mary Ridenhour Assoriale Editor Allen Lewis Editor-in-Chief Maxine Roberts '3' Managing Editor Clifford Graham EDITORIAL STAFF First Row, left to right: Allen Lewis, Mary Ridenhour, Charlette O'Neal, Clifford Graham, and Alex Culp. Serond Row: Judy White, Miss Epps, Brenda Mayo, Louise Easley, jannell Hudson, Janel Bell, Linda Davis, Wanda Vaughan, and Barbara Bray. 69 PANTHER PRESS P lm! ill xx N 'Q Q ge X , l . , K l l is is BUSINESS STAFF First Row, left to rigbt: Marie johnson, Jimmy Rose, Buster Dickerson, and Bonnie Bowman. Serond Row: Pat Padgett, Steve Tanner, and Betty jo Perry. 'lf Pmllfli PM COLUMNISTS First Row, left to right: Sara Thacker, Kell Williamson, Donald Fincher, and Laurie Wheeler. Second Row: Linda Williamson, Peggy McLeroy, Nancy Adamson, Nanci Messier, Gwen Dunlap, and Eugenia Whisenant. 70 I SENIOR STUDENT COUNCIL X OFFICERS Left to right: President, Laurie Moscardellig Vice President, Robert Shat- tlesg Secretary, Karen Blackmon, Treasurer, Loraine Pinkstong Sponsor, Mr. johnson. Seated, left to right: Carol Callaway, Barbara Carter, Cherie Waldrop, Sue Daniels, Margaret Hay, Laurie Moscardelli, Becky Rhodes, Loraine Pinkston, Karen Blackmon, Beverly Gilley, Sharon Burkes. Standing, left to right: Jeannie El- rod, Robert Shattles, Ed Loving, Wayne Bryan, jerry Lov- ing, Danny Padgett, Randy Smith, Travis Whitaker, Don- ald Fincher, Gail Mercer, Linda Davis, Pat Cason, Linda Mathis, Dan Donald, Ronnie Davidson. Sponsor, Mr. johnson. IUNIGR STUDENT COUNCIL 'Q'-FW OFFICERS Not pictured, Treasurer, jo Ann Christian. Seated, left to right: Mary Ann Christian, Sandra Hubbard, Phillips, Bucky I-lanes, Richard Rayburn, Henry Wfhitworth, Anna Merle Newell, Gilda White, jo Ann Christian, Mary Glinda Ballard, Terresa Pittman, Sandra Rhodes, Mrs. Bell, Ann Childs. Slmzdiug: Jim Parker, Claudia Smith, Perry Carol Dunn, Jeanie Emery, Darlene Adams. 72 Lefl to riglwl: President, Claudia Smithg Vice Pres- ident, Mike Terrellg Secretary, Mary Ann Childes. BETA CLUB OFFICERS Lef! fn Rigbl: President, Ronnie Brooksg Secretary, Becky Rhodesg Vice President, jimmy Robinsong Program Chairman, Sandra Suddethg Treas- urer, Linda Rutledge. Firyt Row, lefl In right: judy Rayburn, Pete Leistl, Robert Neal, Glyndu Gilley, Gail O'Neul, Miss Elkins, Sllmnmr: Shuttles, Ronnie Brooks, vlilnmy Robinaon, Becky Rhodes, lflton Coleman, David Parker, james Baker, Mary Gilbert, LindaRutledge,Sa1ndr11Suddeth, S1lI1dI'2lBilI'I1NVCll. Semnd Miriam Mcliown, Mary Ridenhour, Bnrbargt Bray, jamell Roux' Dianne Bulnn, lNIis5 Mciizlrity, Sponsorg Carol Mc- Bell, Chnrlette O,NC2ll. 73 KEY CLUB OFFICERS Left to Right: Secretary, Mike Hilworth, Vice President, Eddie Loving, Treasurer, Mike Cheavesg President, Ronnie Brooks. Seated, left to right: George justiss, Elton Coleman, Don Foster, Red Benefield, Robert Shattles, Buster Dickerson, Mike Hilworth, Donald Fincher, Dan Donald. Standing: Hugh. Gibbon, Ronnie Brooks, Doug Parker, Bobby Jer- if nigan, Ronnie Chatham, Mike Cheaves, Jack Aaron, Eddie Loving, Ed Youmans, joel Smith, Edward Trammell, Pete Leistl, Gordon Campbell, Steve Tanner, Chubby Davidson. 9 'W Y HI-Y OFFICERS Seafed, leff to rigbl: Vice-President, Buster Dickerson, Sponsor, Coach McDonald, Treasurer, Ronnie Brooks. Slandiug: President, Donald Fincher, Secretary, George justiss. First Row, lefi to rigbl: Paul Logan, Ronnie Brooks, Tony Moore, Billy XVatkins, Tommy Phillips, Lary Stansell, llenry johnson, Preston Sanders, Leonard Meader. Second Roux' jimmy Vifilliamson, Mike Eubanks, Frank Grubbs, Mike Hilworth, Wfallace Dunn, jimmy Robinson, Buster Dickerson, Robert Shattles, Donald Fincher, Craig johnson, Larry Crow, lilton Coleman, Red Benefield. Third Row: Coach McDonald, Sponsor, Cullen Paton, Melvin Black- man, Kytle Davis, Richard Dease, Billy Potter, Buddy Mc- Dowell, Bobby Norton, Danny Head, joe Downs, Frank Bellinetti, Dan Donald, Mike Moscardelli, Richard Tatum. Fourlb Row: Pasco Tilson, Lawton Winlberly, Bob Reaves, hlike Nolan, Jimmy Burge, Larry Denman, Bobby Tolar, Fred Carraway, john Cox, Gene Jernigan, Douglas Butler, Kell Willianmmson, Don Foster, Kenny Gilbert, jerry Coble, Charles Scroggs. -vw-U ---- -- f TRI-HI-Y First Row, left to ri ght: Laraine Pinkston, Karen Blackmon, Janet Stevens, Judy White, Judy Rayburn, Loretta Wheeler, Louise Easley, Charlette O'Neal, Becky Rhodes, Jeannie Elrod, Sandra Barnwell. Second Row: Nancy House, Vanita Morris, Elaine Cook, Bonnie Morgan, Elaine Neal, Janice Rogers, Nancy Jo Bailey, Rachel Davis, Linda Davis, San- dra White, Shelby Hooks. Third Row: Rosalind Haygood, Gail Nix, Cherie Waldrop, Miriam, McKown, Barbara Starr, Carolyn Baker, Billie Lumpkin, Gail Thomas, Brenda Gal- laway, Carolyn Bryan, Mary Ridenhour. Fourth Row: Ce- celia Cole, Lucy Haynie, Ann Adair, Janelle Smith, Gloria Hayes, Mickie Williams, Sandra Suddeth, Sonjie Waller, Reba Wilkerson, Pat Bracken, Jean Bloodworth. Fifth Row: Joan McNair, Ann Furr, Elaine Brooks, Pat Morgan, Louise Collingsworth, Sheila McGuire, Linda Stevens, Pat Gigante, Diane Bullin, Judy Phillips, Gail Reece. Sixth Row: Judy Grantham, Brenda Johnson, Brenda Mayo, Margaret Hay, Linda Rutledge, Laurie Moscardelli, Mary Nell Carbo, Carol McNeal, Carol Callaway, Beverly Lindler, Barbara Youmans. Seventh Row: Glynda Gilley, Judy Vallowe, Barbara Bray, Ann Turpin, Linda Alexander, Betty Smeigh, Carol Knowles, Katherine Stanley. Cherie Waldrop - Karen Blackmon - Miriam McKown - OFFICERS Katherine Stanley . . . . President Betty Smeigh . . . . Treasurer Sandra Barnwell . . . . Secretary Becky Rhodes .... Vice President Charlette O'Neal . . Publicity Chairman World Projects Chairman Community Projects Chairman School Projects Chairman LATIN CLUB FIRST PERIOD OFFICERS SECOND PERIOD OFFICERS SECOND YEAR OFFICERS Vice President, Sandra Barnwell, Secretary, Sandra Suddethg Treas- Treasurer, Pete Leistl, President, Treasurer, Wayne Thomas, Presi- urer, Elton Coleman, Vice President, Douglas Butler, Secretary, Lynda dent, David Hesterlee. Marshall Acreeg President, Barbara Plunkett, Vice President, Jimmy Starr. Robinson. First Row, left to ri glut: Joe Plunkett, Johnny Green, Doug- las Butler. Second Row: Sandra Suddeth, Reba Wilkerson, Gwen Dunlap, Sandra Barnwell, Theresa Jackson, Barbara Starr, Carolyn Baker, Adelia Oxford, Cherie Waldrop, Cathy Cook, Pat Brackin, Ann Furr, Jo Ann Perry. Third Row: Pete Leistl, Judy Knowles, Jeanie Elrod, Mary Nell Carbo, Annette Knight, Elton Coleman, Bobby Jernigan, Doug Parker, Red Summers, Wayne Thomas, Billy Pierce, Frank Pritchett, David Parker, Paul Logan, Linda Plunk- ett. Fourth Row: Ben Osborne, Marshall Acree, Thomas Scroggs, Howard Storm, Danny Webb, Buford Adams, David Hesterlee, Billy Potter, Joel Smith, Richard Dease, Mike Morgan, John Cox, Craig Johnson, James Baker, Tom Duke, Jimmy Robinson. FUTURE HOMEMAKERS 0F AMERICA OFFICERS Margaret Hay, Vice President, Linda Rutledge, Historian, Sue Daniels, Treasurer, Sylvia Christian, President, Martha Sue Hughes, Reporter, Joyce Conner, Projects Chairman, Elaine Brooks, Secretary, Sandra Barnwell, Chairman of Degrees. First Row: Theresa Jackson, Donna Yarborough, Jeannie Elrod, Gail Mercer, Sandra Barnwell, Lynell Stott, Carol Knowles, Rosalind Haygood, Gail Nix, Elaine Brooks, Margaret Hay. Second Row: Carol Callaway, Shirley Fer- guson, Laura Gladden, Ella Mae Cochran, Nancy House, Mary Johnson, Joyce Conner, Pat Witherow, Janell Smith, Elaine Stanford, Cherie Hilworth. Third Row: Beverly Lindler, Naomi Fleming, Margaret Stringer, Lydia Livin, Judy Laney, Sara Ellis, Peggy Murphy, Ann Adair, Gloria Hayes, Karen Smith, Polly Hanson. Fourth Row: Vanita Morris, Nancy Jo Bailey, Cathy Cook, Sandra Whatley, Carolyn Greene, Mary Gilbert, Gail O'Neal, Vicki Smith, Billie Lumpkin, Paulette Addis, Barbara Talley. Fifth Row: Donna Cargile, Carol Cummings, Phyllis Deroy, Beverly Carreker, Laraine Pinkston, Brenda Johnson, Jeri Hatcher, Sue Daniels, Janice Rodgers, Elaine Neill, Elaine Cook. Sixth Row: Sharon Burks, Linda Rollins, Cecelia Cole, Lucy Haynie, Linda Stevens, Voneva Dockery, Karen Black- mon, Laurie Moscardelli, Linda Rutledge, Jean Holmes, Mickey Williams. Seventh Row: Sara Furr, Hylda Berry, Judy Bender, Sandra Rhodes, Judy Knowles, Nancy Chas- teen, Mary Nell Carbo, Carol McNeal. Eighth Row: Sylvia Christian, Miss Holt, Bonnie Bowman, Martha Sue Hughes, Diane Maxwell, Jackie Reaves, Sharon Blanton, Connie Cain, Sheila Kern, Sandra Wylie. Ninth Row: Brenda Wil- liams, Gail Hood, Jayne Smith, Margie Barry, Jan Fairburn, Carol Webb, Barbara Carter, Dorothy Owens, Pat Beach, Myra Whatley, Barbara Youmans. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA OFFICERS Treasurer, Sara Thacker, Librarian, janel Bell, Historian, Brenda john- son, Chaplain, Brenda Mayo, Secretary, jenelle Hudson, President, Jack Aaron, Sponsor, Miss Cunningham. Not pictured: Vice President, Sylvia Christian. First Row, left to right: Sara Thacker, janel Bell, Carol Knowles, Sylvia Christian, Margaret Hay, Barbara Starr, Miriam McKown, Katherine Stanley, Cherie Waldrop, Janet Stevens, Betty Harbin, Mary Ann Lee, Sandra Wilson. Second Row.'Sandra Whatley, Mary Gilbert, Loraine jordan, Sandra Suddeth, JoAnn Perry, Linda Plunkett, Shelby Hooks, Sandra White, Phyllis Deroy, Shirley Ferguson, Bonnie Boman, Faye Hill, Jane Turner, Janice Rooks, San- dra Addis, Judy Phillips, Carolyn Green, Gail Thomas, Miss Cunningham. Third Row: Allen Lewis, Tom Duke, John Green, Elton Coleman, Buford Adams, Red Benefield, Jack Aaron, Thomas Mann, Frank Grubbs, Ray Coker, Gene Yancey, Brenda Mayo, Loretta Wheeler, Brenda johnson, Peggy McLeroy, jenelle Hudson, Gail O'Neal. Georgia Association of Library Assistants OFFICERS Left to Right: Program Chairman, Vickie Smith, President, Lura Lindlerg Reporter, Beverly Carrekerg Treasurer, Lynda Plunkettg Secretary, Loraine Jordan. First Row, left to right: Martha Sue Carroll, Annette Bell, Williams, Margaret Stringer, Sandra Butler, Vickie Smith, Barbara Talley, Theresa jackson, Sandra Eubanks, Carole Delores Pope, Mary Oliver, Annette Knight, Loraine jor- Barnette, Sheila Kern, Betty Sue Rogers. Second Row: dan, Sara Furr, Kathy Overton, Nancy House, Sharon Sandra Wilson, Evelyn Summers, Katherine Lang, Brenda Blanton, Lynda Plunkett, Beverly Carreker. 80 LITERARY EVENTS ONE-ACT PLAY Left to Right: Mike Cheaves, David Parker. DEBATE TEAM Left to Riglat: Tony Moore, Ben Osborne, Becky Rhodes, joe Plunkett. SENIOR PLAY CAST First Row, left to right: Phillip Lancaster, Sue Daniels, Jeri Hatcher, Johnny Mauldin. Second Row.' Wanda Vaughn, Mary Ann Lee, jimmy Robinson, Mary Ridenhour, Katherine Stanley, Douglas johnson. Third Row: Donald Fincher, Sylvia Christian, Pete Leistl, Tim Ruff, Ben Osborne, Mike Cheaves, Pat Gigante, Buster Dickerson Mr. Jernigan, Director. 81 DRAMA CLUB OFFICERS Reporter, Pat Giganteg Sponsor, Mr. Jernigan, President, George Justissg Secretary, Sue Daniels, Treasurer, Brenda Mayo. First Row, left to right: Buster Dickerson, Tommy King, Johnny Moody, Johnny Mauldin, Tony Moore, Mike Cheaves, David Parker, Durwood Smith, Douglas Johnson, Leslie Parker. Second Row: Mary Ridenhour, Donna Yar- borough, Mary Ann Lee, Katherine Stanley, Donald Fincher, Sylvia Christian, Barbara Jarrard, Judy Rayburn, Judy White, Jane Turner, Faye Hill, Janice Rooks, Judy Phillips. Third Row: Mr. Jernigan, Sponsor, Carol Cummings, Linda Davis, Carol Baker, Teresa Jackson, Sharon Blanton, Sara Thacker, Bonnie Bowman, Patsy Young, Nancy Sommers, La Wanda Vaughan, Brenda Johnson, Cheryl Stack, Pat Gigante, Gail Reece, Pat Brackin, George Justiss. Fourth Row: Tom Duke, Buford Adams, Jerry Banks, Jerry Helms, Elton Coleman, Janel Bell, Martha Going, Brenda Mayo, Ben Osborne, Louise Easley, Jeri Hatcher, Sue Daniels, Barbara Hardy, Sonjie Waller, Shelby Hooks, Jackie Echols. at W L .ww--.-...,,,,,.,.,.. SPANISH CLUB OFFICFRS Lcfl I0 Right Larry Mcfjlung ..... . . Treasurer Bill Flynn .......... Serrelary Douglas Johnson ...... Vice-President fNot Picturedl Sandra lflnrvey ......... President Left In Rigbls Delores Pope, Alncia Bussey, Louise Collinsworth, Brenda Lumpkin, jackie Reeves, Connie Cain, Sandra WZIIIS, Koburne Kenton, Phillip Holberton, Billy XVntkins, john Holberton, Edward Traminel, Larry McClung, Danny Padgett, Mike Fubunks, Chuck Bryan, Douglas johnson. 83 CHORUS First Row, left to right: Vanita Morris, Linda Phillips, Sara Stanley, Charlette O'Neal, Mary Gilbert, Mrs. Sloan, Ellis, Peggy Murphy, jackie Echols, Faye Hill, Brenda Director. Tbird Row: Dorothy Haines, Patsy Young, Caro- Lumpkin, Carolyn Green, Gail O'Neal, Dianne Bulfin. lyn Ballew, Elaine Cook, Barbara Tilley, Bob Starr, Tommy Second Row: Sandra White, Mary Ridenhour, Becky Sewell, Billy Faust, joe Fleming, Oscar Leathers, Sandra Rhodes, Sonny Holt, Cheryl Grantham, Brenda Galloway, Whatley. Patsy Smith, Wanda Vaughn, Barbara Bray, Katherine OFFICERS First Row, left to right: Accompanist, Becky Rhodes, Parliamentarian, Gail O'Nealg Librarian, Carolyn Green, Accompanist, Katherine Stanley, Treasurer, Barbara Bray. Second Row: Assistant Librarian, Vanita Mor- ris, Accompanist, Vice President, Mary Ridenhourg President, Sandra Whatleyg Secretary, Wanda Vaughn. 84 THE SCHOOL PATROL Firsl Row, lefl lo rigbf: Annette Burnley, Donna jenkins, Sara Costley, Gail Kimbell, Vickie Ma- loy, joanne Christian, Marie Cor- bitt, Sharron Boyes. Second Raza: Tommy Kelly, Mike Cruze, jerry Hicks, johnny Higgins, Tom Campbell, Anthony Deakins, Gary Adams, Mike Copeland. Third Roto: james Manuel, james Min- chew, Ronnie McMichael, Terry jones, Ricky Bozeman, Richard Rayburn. PROjECTIONISTS' CLUB First Row, left to rigbl: Tommy King, john An derson, Donald Fincher, Robert Shattles, Dan Don ald. Second Row: Ralph Harper, joe Plunkett William Clark, Bobby Tolar, joey Heaton, Mr. Ragland, Sponsor, Frank Bellinetti. Third Row. Marshal Acree, Carlton Bradford, Mike Moscar delli, Leslie Parker, Gary Duffee, jerry Helms. W' T xx-iw a. 535, .RQ Www . fx 3:31 is if IVV, 12? ff I - 1 Q, ' . f""5: 1112.3-42M N ACTIGN . . ROCKDALE COUNTY . . JONESBORO . . MILTON . . HENRY COUNTY . . NORTH CLAYTON . . OSBORNE . . CAMPBELLFAIRBURN . . XVEST GXVINNETT . . TROUP COUNTY . . CARROLLTON . . CARROLLTON VARSITY FCOTBALL im, is ,sa ff-:B :cs v nfs? 337 467 e waz' 'NE YT r 1 all 'LX 2 n 1 S 'A A I I N r l , E x , J mx First Row, left to right: Donald Fincher, Don Foster, Billy Loving, Bobby Haygood, Danny Head, Richard Echols, Benny Lopez, Red Benefleld, Henry Berry, Eddie Loving. Second Row: Douglas Parker, Bobby Norton, Mike Mos- cardelli, Melvin Blackmon, George Justiss, Chubby David- 'HM' MANAGERS Charlie Sparks Johnny Hanson Ronnie Brooks COACHES jimmy Tanner Albert Patterson Milton McDonald New 11124 B son, Jack Aaron, Tommy Cottrell, David Hart, jimmy Cul bert. Third Row: Kytle Davis, Thomas Mann, Ben Os borne, Pat Sanders, David Brown, Tim Ruff, jimmy Rob- inson, Gene Yancey, Mike Cheaves, Bobby Jernigan, Don nie Paris, Bill Flynn and Coach Albert Patterson. 3 E B JACK AARON Co-Captain Class A Lineman of the Year All Greater Atlanta Class A All State Best Blocker DAVID BROWN Co-Captain Honorable Mention All State Most Valuable Lineman VARSITY FOOTBALL FIRST STRING Sealed, left to right: Ben Osborne, David Brown, Donald Fincher, jimmy Robinson Mike Cheaves, Kytle Davis, Eddie Loving. Standing: Tim Ruff, Melvin Blackmon Chubby Davidson, George justiss, jack Aaron, Donnie Parris, Tommy Cottrell Pat Sanders. 5lJ'rE1f 1 eu ,F 91 v , til.. Donald Fincher Mike Cheaves Eddie Loving Halfback Guard Halfbacle All Greater Atlanta Honorable Best Scholastic Average All State Honorable Mention Mention All State Honorable Mention Most Valuable Back George justiss Center All State Honorable Mention Kytle Davis Fullback Most Improved Halfback Fincher stopped after long gain. Richard Echols Bobby Jernigan Halfbark Best First Year Player 92 I. f' jimmy Robinson ,Cent er K, .. . J' Chubby Davidson Pat Sanders Tackle End Tommy Cottrell Guard - X Ben Osborne Forest Park rushes to stop Carrollton gain. Half-bark Melvin Blackmon Bobby Norton Quarlerbatk Quarlerbark 93 Tim Ruff David Hart Thomas Mann End End Tafkle Red Benefield Halfbark Captain Aaron breaks through to halt a Jonesboro advance. Benny Lopez Mike Moscardelli Gene Yancy Fullback Guard Tackle e, ,M 94 Left to Right: Karen Blackmon, Betty Smeigh, Sue Daniels, Brenda Mayo, Sandra Barnwell. Second Row: Linda Rutledge, Beverly Lindler. Top: Carol McNeal. Not Pictured: jean Holmes, Sandra Harvey. VARSITY CHEERLEADERS CAPTAINS -dm Left to Right: Linda Rutledge, Betty Smeigh, Sue Daniels. 95 B-TEAM FOOTBALL First Row, Seated, left to right: Gary Noon, Lester Barns, David Harper, Henry Berry, joey Heaton, Dodson, Charlie Sparks, Gordon Campbell, jerry Buddy McDowell, Terry Bonner, Kenny Hart, Ashley Loving, David Robinson, Dwight Hay. Serond Row: Mattice, David Welchel, Coach McDonald. Fourth Eddie Walker, Mike Nolan, Tommy Carroll, Butch Row: Bob Reeves, Larry Brisco, Gene Jernigan, Baker, Don Foster, jimmy Culbeth, Bobby Tolar, Bobby Haygood, Danny Head, Billy Loving, joe Marshall Acree, Clay Davis. Third Row: Ronald Downs, Dan Donald, Jghn Segal-5, Tgmmy Mc. Curley. B-TEAM CHEERLEADERS First Row, Seated, left to right: Marcia Brown, Beverly Gilly, Diane Scarborough, Annette Bell. Second Row: Laura Gladden, Sandra Wylie, Barbara Youmans, Elaine Cook, and Sponsor, Mrs. Bell. 96 BOY,S VARSITY BASKETBALL Sealed, left to right: Terry Stull, David Hesterlee, Billy Loving, Hugh Gibbon, Richard Echols. Standing: Manager Randy Smith, David Brown, Coach Allen johnson, Wayne Thomas, Pasco Tilson, and Eddie Loving. FIRST STRING Seated, left to ri gbt: David Hesterlee and Hugh Gibbon. Standing: Wayne Thomas, Pasco Tilson, and David Brown. 97 David Brown Eddie Loving Forward , Guard Center, Wayne Thomas, out jumps North Clayton player. VARSITY David Brown steals ball from North Clayton. Wayne Thomas Charles Swaney Pasco Tilson Center Forward Ceuier 98 llugh Gibbon Richard lfchols Guard , , , Forward Billy Loving sinks one handed jump shot to send Forest Park ahead. BASKETBALL Game ends with David Brown in possession of ball. David Hesterlee Terry Stull Billy Loving Guard Forward Guard 99 f i GIRLS' VARSITY BASKETBALL Kneeling, left In right: Paulette Addis, jo Ann Bennett, Polly Hanson, Laurie Mos- carmlclli, Billie Lumpkin, Karen Smith. Slmldiug: Nancy Chasteen, Gail Thomas, Mike XY'illiams, Coach McDonald, Brenda Sealock, Pat Vifitherow, Judy Knowles. FIRST STRING Left fo Riglal: Judy Knowles, Gail Thomas, Polly Hanson, Coach McDonald, Laurie Moscardelli, Billie Lumpkin, Mickey Wfilliams. 101 Gail Thomas Forward Polly Hanson Forward Laurie Moscardelli Guard Billie Lumpkin Guard Judy Knowles Forward Mickie Willianis Guard Paulette Addis Guard 'Io Ann Bennett Forward Karen Smith Forward Nancy Chnsteen Guard Pat Withercmw Forward Brenda Sealock Guard GIRLS' B-TEAM BASKETBALL Seaied, left to righls Gloria Baker, Vivian Hackney, jackie son, Linda Cooper, Carol Britt, Donna Parker, Francis Reaves, Marlene Anderson, Cynthia Chasteen, Brenda W'il- Childers, Sandra Benson, and Ronnie Brooks. liams. Shmdirzg: Coach Milton McDonald, Gloria Wilker- FIRST STRING Vivian Hackney, Jackie Reaves, Carol Britt, Coach Milton McDonald, Linda Cooper, Gloria Wilkerson, and Marlene Anderson. 104 TRACK TEAM ii . UF" Eddie Loving Kytle Davis Bill Petty Richard Echols Allen Lewis Douglas Parker Seated, left to right: Richard Echols, Hugh Gibbon, Bill Petty, Douglas Parker, Charles Swaney, Eddie johnny Moody, Ben Osborne, Terry Stull, Billy Lov- Loving, David Brown, Donald Fincher, and Kytle ing, Allen Lewis. Stmzdiug: Coach Allen johnson, Davis. 105 hifi? , Sf ,ef . ., .1 if xr .. VARSITY BASEBALL Kneeling, left to right: Robert Shattles, Hugh Gibbon, Bobby Norton, David Brown. Standing: Manager Mike Cheaves, Melvin Blackmon, Bill Perry, Billy Wzltkins, Harvey Berry, Gerald Knowles, Coach jimmy Tanner, Manager Charlie Sparks. ,, in-V ,nf M .,.,,w W, W- mm. W, , L Robert Shattles Sefond Base Coach Jimmy Tanner Melvin Blackmon Sborfstop 106 VARSITY BASEBALL Jack Aaron Left Field David Brown George justiss Center Field Right Field Harvey Berry Pitrher Gerald Knowles Pitcher Bobby Norton Catcher Bill Petty Shortstop Billy Watkins Hugh Gibbon Serond Base Third Base 107 EA URE 1 I SENIOR SUPERLATIVES MOST POPULAR Ed Loving Betty Smeigh BEST ALL AROUND Ronnie Brooks Laurie Moscardclli BEST LGOKING Mike Cheaves Sue Daniels VV W u CUTEST Doug Dennis Shirley Ferguson WJITTIIEST Tim Ruff Jeri Hatcher IFRJIENDUUEST Buster Dickerson Margaret Hay MOST SCHOOL SPIRIT jack Aaron Linda Rutledge MOST IINTEULECTUAIL David Parker Becky Rhodes MOST TALENTED Joe Plunkett Mary Ridenhour MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Peter Leistl Mary Gilbert MOST ATHIUETIC David Brown Polly Hanson MOST BASHFUL Douglas johnson Judy Grantham BEST DRESSJED Ben Osborne Sylvia Christian MOST SINCERE jimmy Robinson Charlotte O'Nea1 HOMECOMIN G Y Q, ,ff ,ri A xv.. N A Tense Moment Before the Crowning of the Homecoming Queen and Mr. Football. Homecoming Queen, Betty Smeigh, The Homecoming Queen, Betty Smeigh, Escorted by Dave Brown. and Mr. Football, Eddie Loving. 117 Miss Forest Park Contest 1959-1960 MISS FOREST PARK - Faye Hill Left to Right: Sonjie Waller, first runner-upg Faye Hill, Queen, Sue Daniels, second runner-up. SEMI-FINALISTS Left to Right: Carol McNeal, Sue Daniels, Louise Easley, Faye Hill, Jean Thurston, Barbara Hardy, Jody Phillips, Betty Smeigh, Donna Yarborough, Maxine Roberts, and Sonjie Waller. 118 DRILL TEAM -av 4: Q xg, L. .I . N, M, First Row, left to right: Sherry Blanton, Laraine Pinkston, Elaine Brooks, Linda Phillips, Jeri Hatcher, Virginia Morris, Sandra Eubanks, Pat Yancey, Shelia Kerns, Gail Mercer, Lura Lindler. Second Row: Sylvia Christian, Sara Thacker, Donna Yarborough, Margaret Hay, Carol Knowles, janel Bell, Linda Davis, Vivian Garri- son, Roberta Swaney. OUR DRILL TEAM IN ACTION i at 3-hu? .-4. M . W, M . . .Y A A if Nana-,tex f , -1 'Q .. ,,. X : + M - , I W .-,V I , - ,,. 5 m Q Q' . V 119 FOREST PARK HIGH SCHOCL BAND -' -Q' First Row, left to right: Majorette, Reba Wilkerson, Lunell McKown, Cathy Cook, Sonjie Waller, Mary Tucker, Kay Murray, Sherry Elliott, Steve Tanner, Richard Smith, Ed- mond Turner, Janice Rogers, Jackie Bowen, Lynda Plunkett, Majorette, Gail Nix. Second Row: Majorette, Nancy Bail- ey, Pete Leistl, Judy Tucker, Mary Anne Christian, Tony Moore, Preston Sanders, John Haluski, Lynn Stull, Danell 9? Band? 0 up Coker, David Callaway, Shelby Hooks, Vicki Smith, Drum Major, Joe Plunkett. Third Row: Pat Clark, Carlton Cook, Don Blayo, Jerry Helms, David Dodd, Terry Stull, Larry McClung, Chuck Harris, Philip Lancaster, joel Smith. Fourth Row: Frank Tanner, Ken Bartlett, Randy Smith, Danny Granger, Ronnie Kinsler, johnny Cruce, Lee Maro. OFFICERS Pete Leistl Sonjie Waller Captain First Lieutenant ilgwirx Nancy jo Bailey Second Lieuleumzt joel Smith Serum! Lieutemnzt ll ll ll -W at Aw!! 'flillw lg 22? Y It as BAND xx r .A.. I . ..'.,,. k xl xiii u .ai Ek! 4-ff-ef'---'fe Majorelte Majorette Majorelte Gail Nix Nancy Jo Bailey Reba Wilkerson OUR BAND IN ACTION Ai A 4 , ,A - 121 I X CAFETERIA STAFF pf ' 'S 51 .Z - was M I if-ff' Af, K? . 3 '.:,:4g5.fM' -A 3,1 1 -V , ,- A- vu.,-K.. , K. Left to Ri gint: Mrs. Barton, Mrs. McKown, Mrs. Southern, Mrs. Jeffries, Mrs. Yancey, Mrs. Granade, Mrs. Wells, and Mrs. Bartlett. K J 1 DIETITIAN - Mrs. Bartlett LUNCH TIME 1 22 AN ITGRIAL STAFF R WM A r ...Q I, K QQ ' . L b L Lonnie Stargell and Lucille Forts Laywood Hartsfield and joe Byram ,,,...-fm' """"".' .uw Mwmnvq., N-...fl-Q gmar For Left to Right: joe Byram, Laywood Hartsfield, Lonnie Stargell, and Lucille Forts. 123 l DVERTI X ff , X fd!!! f 'f V 1 :F .K f,,f"'!i ,ffl fy M' f ,MQ ff ,,. .ff , .. .... , f . -f J 'Z ' 'fl Z E A ,N .f' ,.-" W-ff ,ff "' L.- 4 :,.,,: . M- H ,ff ,ff ,f ,ffl f' ff' A K -.. V . . ,. . ff ff ,A ,1-ff 'ff l ,I .4,, f, M, ff ,f f ,f f- ,ff . X. 'W' Wlbavipm ff' sxf iff ffff' -r ' ff, M df' rfagipf-f' ff ,f Xf ,M .VL JL.. .K asv., .W km , , tl. iv 4 12 4 f, 1 '--:' ".V- K, Nr SEMENTS . -N.-,M ... ' I -A u- . 2 .. K N I The beaufiful "Mural Room" of 'I'he DWARF HOUSE, Foresl' Park, feafur ing real charcoal broilecl slealcs. This room is available for priva're banque+s THE DWARF HOUSE Fores+ Park, Georgia 126 MORRIS PHARMACY Wm. M. Morris, Pi1.G. College Sireei' and Main Sfreef, Foresi' Park PO I-84l3 WITH ERINGTON BROTHERS Gulf Service PO 7-9 I 9 I I20I Main Sireef, Foresf Park We Baby Your Car Dixon Insurance and Realty P. K. Dixon Jonesboro Tornado Fence and Supply Company, Inc Chain Link and Redwood Fences 992 Main Sfreei Foresi Park. Georgia Phone PO. 6-2778 127 ADAIR REALTY AND LOAN COMPANY "Esfablished 1865" PROMPT SERVICE TO BUY OR TO SELL We are jus+ around 'rhe corner in your communify. Call any of I228 Main SI'reeI' our cour+eous salesmen- POpIar 7-9423 Foresi' Park. Georgia WYNENS HI-FI 84 TV SPECIALTY Records, Phonographs, Radios TV II55 Main S+ree+ Phone Foresf Park, Georgia POpIar 6-34II Complimenfs of BANK OF JONESBORO A. B. C. REALTY COMPANY Phone POpIar I-0954 CONLEY UPHOLSTERING SHOP Discounf on Maferials and New Furnifure 25 Years Experience Thurmond Road or I60 Highway Conley, Ga. W. F. Griswell Phone MA. 2-4232 EVELYN'S Ladies Befffer Ready-fo-Wear I244 Main Sfreei' Foresi' Park, Ga. PO. I-OI I I 128 Complimenfs of JeaneH'e AlloH' Marion M. Whaley CLAYTON COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE CLAYTON FINANCE COMPANY ll62 Main Sfreef Foresl' Park, Ga. Mr. W. Loy Dickson POplar 6-5257 ATLANTA COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY Au+o Accessories Faciory Recapping All Work Guaranfeed CECIGI' 7-5692 FOREST PARK FIRESTONE DEALER STORE BROOKS TRIM SHOP Ash and Main Sfreef POplar 6-764I "Precision Fronf End Alignmen'I" PIGSHC and Fibre Seal Covers Wheelmg Bilincmg Sporf Tops- Door Panels and Floor Mafs Bralte Relmlng Tires BGHGFISS 3l I7 Roswell Road Ai'lan'l'a, Ga. 129 l AIRLINE AUTO SERVICE 275 Spring SI'reeI', S.W. C omplimenfs of W. T. GRANTS Moreland Shopping Cenfer JA. 3-6I9I Complimenfs of CORAL RESTAURANT WATKINS FLORIST The Finesf In Flowers For All Occasions Phone: PO. I-95I0 I3I2 Main Sfreei' FOREST PARK. GEORGIA Mrs. Buford Wafkins, Owner DODDS' FURNITURE UPHOLSTERY CO. Easy Terms l2II Main S+reeI' Foresi' Park, Georgia - Phone: PO. I-3I I6 MarguerirIe's Beauty Center Clayfon Counfy's Largesf I247 Main S+ree+ Fores'I' Park Phone: PO. 6-7544 When II"s Ladies' Ready-+o-Wear I'l"s PEGGY LEE SHOP KWIK-SHOP II85 Main Sireei' Foresf Park, Georgia GENERAL LINE OF GROCERIES CHRISTlAN'S PHARMACY l300 Main Sfreei' PO. 7-9726 13 ummm? 5, r .ff-""""'d ynauss Xlliilcnnvrxnns Sick Room Supplies Sundries DRIVE IN DRUGS Filling Prescripiions is our main business +o serving your communi+y +o beH'er healfh. Free pick-up and delivery on Prescripiions Siore Hours: Weekdays 9:00 A.M.- I0:00 P.M. Sundays I0:00 A.M.- I0:00 P.M. Hallmark Cards Cosmefics 132 HARBIN'S FREEZETTE DRIVE-IN BEST Old 4I Highway ai' New Farmer's Markei' Complimenfs of CALLAWAY REALTY Complimenfs of BANK OF FOREST PARK ,mann 4, I of '74-me :AWG 'YTD' as., v .' 6 4 ' Complfmenfs .XLS MURPHY AND ORR RALPH'S CLEANERS l806 Main Sfreei' Foresf Park, Ga. PO. I-5334 We give S81H Green Sfamps FOREST PARK SALES 81 SERVICE I235 Main Sireei' Admiral, Norge. and RCA Appliances "Visif Our Record Shop" Complimenfs of smzszcus Kl1cHEN A+ Overhead Bridge RUSSELL DRY CLEANING COMPANY PO. I-9I67 3404 Sfewarf Avenue Hapeville, Ga. 133 i TRI-CITY FEDERAL SAVINGS B ,WW F S es rs es or uccess AND In All Of Your Endeavors LOAN ASSOCIATION 606 Scum Cenhal Avenue Your Official Counfy Newspaper Hapeville, Georgia THE FOREST PARK FREE PRESS and All Accounfs Insured up fo I10,000 H. Sfreef Kornegay, Execuiive Vice-Presideni' POpIar 7-9774 47, On Savings CLAYTON COUNTY NEWS 81 FARMER C ongrafulafions THE CLASS OF 1960 EDGAR J. BLALOCK Clayfon Coun+y Represeniaiive Business Residence I Po. 7-0244 Po. 1.52145 C0"'Pl""e""5 I of fhe GRAW "' 'JNDSEY STARLIGHT nluvs-IN THEATRE Insurance Agency and Reolfy Company The Besf and Larges+ in +he Sou+h I249 Main Sheei, Fored, Park' Georgia Free Admission for Seniors wi'rh Annuals . . laik, ln extra energy? 7191... Shop Wlfh Confidence Gordorvs Vf .M Y V "magic-Pak" ' . .,.,, I iw" W Low Prices Plus Poiau' chip' pi Gold Bond S'I'amps X f if - ' 1' 74' ' -T, For Free Giffs I . J M S bg 6 - V W Q- . 4, COLONIAL STQRES No other chips so frooh... No others have "Magic-Pak" aww' FRENCH'S ICE CREAM 8I Georgia Avenue, S. W. MUrray 8-9693 JAckson 5-8837 135 Complimenfs of SOUTHSIDE ATLANTA BANK PAINTS CABINETS PLYWOOD VARNISHES MILLWORK FIR FRAMING College Park Supply Company Lumber and Building Supplies l7l3 Lakewood Avenue. S. E. 3'7 'Phone Souih Main 'POpIar Sireei' I-2I5I Complimenfs of MARTIN BURKS' CHEVROLET COMPANY Jonesboro, Georgia WARE'S 5 8: 10 2960 Jonesboro Road I2I3 Main S+ree+ Complimenfs of CampbeII's Drive-In Restaurant 2975 Main Sireei' O'KELLY'S INCORPORATED Esfablished 1919 MEN'S AND LADIES' FORMAL WEAR Renfals and Sales Em Pom za: Mafchen s+., s. w. PHONES: JA. 2-9960 A'I'lan'I'a 3, Ga. JA. I-042l Complimenfs of Complimenfs MAIN STREET 66 SERVICE of II9I Main Sireei' Fores'r Park ABERCROMBIE - - - PATTERSON AFCO's B. T. Udee Says Yon can Comforfize Year-Round Will! AFCO Comforimalzer Aircondifioning Bofh Summer and Win'l'er ls-v-H' 4 I l 1 I 1 I ill llilll Masfer Gas Healing 'Ti Refrigerafed Cooling l I Esrss HEATING : and AIR CONDITIONING COMPANY I Po. 1-ossa N THE VARSITY Our Small Variefy Assures Freshness Curb Service A+Ian+a A+hens STARR INSURANCE AGENCY Complimen+s Aulomobile - Life - Fire and Casualfy of Represenfing: LEACH'S Travelers, American Fire 8: Casualiy and General Accidenl' Aufomobile Financing al' Bank Rafes II69 Main 'Sfreei' PO. 6-0274 PO. l-5866 Foresl' Parlr, Georgia SHOE STORES 81 REPAIR Shoes for fhe Enfire Family II66 Main SI'ree'I Foresf Parlr 137 FOREST PARK KIWANIS The Kiwanis Club of Foresi' Park, whose moH'o is "We Build", congra+ula'I'es +he RETROSPECT S+aFF on 'rhis ou+s+anding produc+ion , X M , R I x V li s . 1, N 1, - - f -e 1 , 8 fx i Liber+y, ln+eIligence, Our Nai'ion's Safefy Complimenfs of FOREST PARK LIONS CLUB JAONQ q,QNAYW0+? 138 S Hapeville Home Supply Co. ee HMARTY HOLMAN" PO. 7-7884 409 S. Cen+ral Ave. Wade Mofor Company Hapevillel Ga. 440 Spring S+., N.. W. Bus.: JA. 2-6720 Aflanfa 8, Georgia Res.: PO. I-0296 Complimenfs CARTER'S of CLEANERS and LAUNDRY .IOYCE'S BEAUTY SHOP Lake Ci+y GR' 8-6669 PO. 7-6949 l242 Main S+. C f' s. AND s. PRINTERS amp ""e"'s of IOS Broad S+ree+ GR. 8-8445 JONESBORO DRUG CO. Jonesboro' Ga. Jonesboro, Ga. Complimenfs: Complimenfs DICKSON FUNERAL HOME of GR. 8-22l I Jonesboro, Ga. D, M, JOHNSON 139 LAD 'N LASSIE Infants' and Children's Wear Forest Park Main Street Shopping Center Phone PO. b-535I East Point Tri-Cities Plaza Phone PO. 6-5703 Georgia Stainless Steel Corporation 3335 Stewart Ave. KS FRESHEST Ml Hapeville, Georgia PO. 7-9429 WM. J. lBlLLl LEE Clayton County Representative Please call on me, af any time, if I can be of service fo you. RFD gil POplar l-6522 Forest Park, Georgia POplar I-9437 140 WILLIAMS REALTY 81 INVESTMENT cQMpANY Complimenfs of . PONDER TIRE 8: RECAP SERVICE, INC. I l02 Main Sfreei' . Hwy. 54 Fores+ Parlr, Ga. Real Esfafe - Insurance - lnvesfmenfs PO. 6-9684 - 9685 A. D. Williams, Sr. A. D. Williams, Jr. PO. 7-5062 Phone JAclrson 5-2203 We Do Reweaving OFIice Phone MA. 2-54I3 Res. PO. 7-3853 SOUTHERN TAILORS 5 Auburn Ave., N.E. I" E' HELMS Ailanla 3, Ga. PLUMBING 81 HEATING CO. Sum Made fo Order Confracfing - Repairs We Maize All Types Uniforms Tuxedos, Full Dress Suifs and Cufaways P'O' Box 564 'For Renl' Complefe Hwy, Ib0 F-ores+ Parlc, Ga. Henry Gerson Durward "Du+ch" Gerson Open a Savings Accounf Now! All funds received by fhe I0+h of any FOREST PARK LAUNDRY and CLEANERS mon'I'h earn from 'l'he Is+. I270 Main S'I'. Open 7 a.m. 'lo 7 p.m. A SAVINGS 44, Laundereffe open 24 hours a day for S' mm 0, 0 cLAYroN coumv rznznm. h. d d . S, YOUR SAVINGS ,Z was mg an rymg. its INSURED E SAVINGS 8: LOAN ASSN. 5 up m 4 ph... GR. ..-am Cgmpgfe E"Ung'Y f""' -QQ s1o,ooo. QS 122 McDonough S+., N.E. 'Y e"""9 e""e 'iff C0158 Jonesboro, Ga. Phone PO. I-6008 LONGINO SUPPLY COMPANY Building Supplies POplar 7-I332 NOON'S CARD 8. OFFICE SUPPLY COMPANY Main S+ree'I' Shopping Cenier Headquarfers for all your School and Office Supplies NOON'S HAS IT! STANFORD'S DEPARTMENT STORE and STANFORD'S SHOE STORE Main Sfreef Foresf Park, G Complimenfs of OREN M. RUFF, JR. AND ASSOCIATES THE SPEIR INSURANCE AGENCY, INC. "You Have No Fear- When Insured Wifh Speir" 2956 Jonesboro Rd. Foresf Park, Ga. Bus. Phone PO. 6-l45I 142 Complimenfs of WILEY KITE REALTY COMPANY lI83 Main s+fee+ Poplar 7-saos Congrafulafions, Class of '60 Complimenfs of FOREST PARK REALTY 81 INSURANCE CO. THE RECORD ROOM Moreland Shopping Cen+er Complimenfs of Jeffries Gulf Service Station 27 - 1 NIR LINES DELTA AIR LINES Firsf wifh frue Je'l's in Aflania I BLAIR VILLAGE WASHERTERIA "On Hwy 54" Owned and Operafed by Mr. and Mrs. Ben Lopez Finished Laundry and Dry Cleaning Branch Posf Office "There ls No Subsfifuie for an Educafion" Congrafulafions fo +he Seniors. EAST POINT CHEVROLET DEALERS, INC. Serving Mehopolifan A'I'lan+a for more fhan 20 years. BEAR Fronf End Alignmeni' and Wheel Balancing FOREST PARK AUTO SERVICE I3I6 Main S+. PO. 7-9828 General Aufo Repairs George Taylor Wesley Haynie 600 N. Main S+. Easf Poini' Member C 8: S Charge Accounf Plan The Foresi' Pork Jaycees. known as young men of oc- fion, send fheir sinceresi' besi' wishes fo i'he gradu- ofing class. SMITH HARDWARE 8: SUPPLY CQ.. INC. I2I0 Main Si'ree+ Foresi' Park, Georgia PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY DOCTORS LAWYERS DENTISTS James P. S'I'oddard Thomas Nicholson E. Smi+h Allan Wasserman Marvin A. Miller Charles L. Cooley D. C. Ford Alber+ B. Wallace Roberi' D. Hoge 144 JAMES "RED" PRESSLEY l6l N. AIlan'I'a S'l'ree'I Smyrna, Georgia All Kinds of Insurance Bus. Phone GR. 5-4436 Home Phone GR. 5-5658 Office POplar 6-I02I Roule I-Box 77E Home MArlrel' 7-5254 ARMY SURPLUS SALES Overhead Bridge and Main Sfreef Bob Shilcany Foresl Parlr, Georgia Complimenfs of THE BAND BOX, INC. 2662 Lakewood Ave., S.W. PO. 7-0733 Renlal lnsfrumenls Music Repairs Accessories PLUMBERS SPECIALTY 81 SUPPLY CQ. Wholesale Disfribufors Also: Hwy. 54 af I60 746 DeKalb Ave. Foresl' Park, Ga. Aflanfa, Ga. MA. 2-8I0l JA. 5-5435 UNIVERSAL MOTORS Auflrorized Ford Dealer Sales and Service 34 I 8 Slewarl' Ave. D. I. CORBETT ELECTRIC CO. Elecfrical Confracfor Residenfial and Commercial Wiring Hapeville, Georgia PO' 7-8-13' PO. I-067l BELL BROS. AUTO PARTS Complimenfs New and Used-All Models of We Buy Burned and Wrecked Cars O. L. BERRY Au'I'o Repairs Highway 54 Aflanfa, Ga. LORRAINE LETTEER KEATING American College Musicians Nafional Guild of Piano Teachers Sponsor Nalional Frafernify of S'I'uclen'r Musicians ADULT OR YOUNG PUPILS ACCEPTED Teacher of PIANO HARMONY REPERTOIRE PRIVATE and CLASS LESSONS I325 Kife Drive Foresi' Parlx, Georgia POplar 6-2856 KING'S MEN'S SHOP Main S+ree+ Shopping Cenler Foresf Park, Georgia Clayfon Coun+y's Larges+ Car Dealer Home of Clean Cars Safisfacfion Guaranfeed FOREST PARK MOTORS Complimenfs of GREYHOUND BUS DEPOT A+lan'I'a, Inc. Q-Zfflli GREYHDUND CAPITAL AUTOMOBILE COMPANY A1'lan'l'a, Georgia REEDER AND MCGAUGHEY Complimenfs "Specialisfs in Sporfs" of FOREST PARK PARENT- JA' M757 rsncl-len Assocumou Broad and Wallon Allanfa 3, Georgia Mrs. Mabel Jernigan, Presidenf WELDON DRUGS W. J. Weldon Ph. G. Prescripfion Specialisf II53 Main S+. Phone Foresl' Park, Ga. PO. 6-9628 ASSOCIATED SUBURBAN REAL ESTATE BROKERS I.-P GAS COMPANY Reanors We Have Complefe Line of Nafural Gas For Good and Emcieni Real Edalie , Service Appliances E. B. Sanders H. J. Pieffe PO. I-0805 Foresl' Park, Ga. poplar 6-3944 I l59 Main S+. Foresf Par .lEAN'S FLOWERS Corsages - Wedding and Funeral Services Mrs. J. P. Oglefree I2l4 Main Sf. Foresi' Parlz, G Congrafulafions Seniors TWO-POINT DRIVE-IN 373 Flal' Shoals Avenue, S. E. JAclcson 4-9772 PETE SMITH STUDIO "lf i+'s phofographs, call Pefe" PORTRAITS WEDDING COMMERCIAL AERIAL I l65 Main S1'ree+ Foresi' Park, Ga. PO. I-4030 148 KE PIITEIISHEIS, IIC 0 pi, MQW ff if,WW, 5 M, QTQWWWWWW Q E953 53W 9 MMMWMF N, 0M w9'WWW0 M by fi, 0 lx W Migwjw WWW KJ Xp sa Qs ix? N? 0 igiiif if Xggigggsgx EEQQEEEQ 53535555 I 'N . SS vim ET gigs Mi F3 as E Xi' si SQESQQEE EE isis fisfgsfm S 9 s , ' .R 4 . SEN N555 if QS , XSQNEEHE

Suggestions in the Forest Park High School - Retrospect Yearbook (Forest Park, GA) collection:

Forest Park High School - Retrospect Yearbook (Forest Park, GA) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


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1960, pg 29

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