Forest Park High School - Retrospect Yearbook (Forest Park, GA)

 - Class of 1947

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Forest Park High School - Retrospect Yearbook (Forest Park, GA) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Cover

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THE GQLDEN EAGLE 1947 SENIOR CLASS 111 I B1 EXII I NI 1 Q1 1xNl1 Presb tsl By AE? t X 1 E1 FOREWORD Vxhat juultd thoughts our mtmory posstssts Hou bcauufullx lt palnts tht scents of xesttrclax xxhtrt tht brightness outshrnts the darkness makrng tht road ut haw tramltd a paradlsc T ht CK er ltngthtnlng Chun of mtmorx has only plnsant llnks and that lhertfort xuth thls thought rn mlnd ut haw: tsstmbltd thls Annual of 1947 Of coursr ut annot crowd 1nto tlns small hook wll our rdtals and work but ut ulll try to acqualnt you xxlth drar Fortst Park I-hgh through thls our xmrbook The Croldtn Eiglc CONTENTS DEDICATION RECOGNITION FACULTY CLASQEQ AFI HI ETICS ACT IVITIES SUPERLAT IVFS ADS fy 'X Y 3 3 ' 7 Y 7 3 I Y I Y I ' D 'A V 3 ' Y Y 1 X '1 ' 3 I 'K x J I cl N' Y 7 xr ' . bitterness and sorrow of today are smiled at on the morrow. 1 1 3. Y' ' I I Y 3 Y C L X 'X ' . ' 'A Y 'D C Y l I L ' X Y Y H Y' ' Y 4 Y Y' 3 'X l Th1S loyal frrend and advrsor has been an mspxratxon through our many trrrng school days On many occasxons she has lrghtened our heavy burdens and all who know her haxe grown to love her Wxth the utmost srnctrrty we dedlcate thls the fourth xolume of The Golden Eagle to Vlrs A B lVlcK1nney Q N? A 1 3 l . . . I . In Recognition of 1945 46 Mrs. Grady Lindsey, our beloved Junior home room tcachcr Miss 9 um S urs A B Mercer University English N sGlo I Hit ix B A Com erse College Unnerslty of N C History Health MRS JANII S FOWSI ND B S Georgia Stmte College for Women Cox ernment Health General Science Spoken English MRS I C CARBO AB. Oglethorpe University Typing. Business Law FACULTY MR T M BRXDX Supt Forest Plrk School VllSS ANINII Tl RRI ll M5 HI UHINLFSIIX of Georgia Columbia Home Economics Health 'Vilas C3 Fu but A B Bessi 1 I COllege Peabody Lmory Unixersitv of Cieorgii Vlithemities VlRb RUBX l IXIOKR Butler fmorx Unnersity Central Normil 'irginn State Teichers Collcg Biology ClXleS 'VIRS A B VlCKlNNll A B Converse College Georgn lmori, Columbia University English Senior' Officers Presldent Vrce Presrdent Secretary Treasurer Class ll-lltstory Four years ago durrng the turbulent trmes of World War ll a large freshman class entered forest Park Hrgh School There were many new grrls and boys from the mxlltary and war rndustry famrlres Our sophomore year followed wrth the same mterestrng contacts vx rth puprls from other states and do7ens of teachers We were smaller rn number durrng our Junror year when under the leader shrp of Mrs l rndsey and 'Vlrs Lrxeoak vxe drd outstandrng thrngs rn our athletlc and socral actnrtres VVhat memorres vue haxe of the week spent rn Thomaston the day and nrght at Lake Burton and the Junror Senror prom rn College Park Another school year came and vue found our class reduced IH number to 30 Our class rs strll athletlc mmded Wrth Mlss Sams as home room teacher and grrls basketball coach we have had an enjoyable and successful year We are proud of the posrtrons our senrors held on the team Captarns Molly Lee and Brlly Smrth Co Captarns Lourse Coogler and Joe Pollard We are also proud of Harold Stone who has played rn all the games of the season and has an out standmg record We wxsh to express our gratrtude to the four senxor cheerleaders Captarn Joyce Whrtfield Co Captam Dorothy Chapman Betty Jefferres and Glorra Morgan We would hare nex er suruved our h1gh school career wrthout lr1s Blackwell s mtellrgence Sara Humphrres and Gene Smlth s brrght remarks Paulrne laney s and Jeanette Stone s frrendly ways and Glorra Morgan playrng cuprd for others XVe have many more outstandmg members rn our class but they are too numerous to mentron now Too soon we thrrty Senrors of 47 must separate Eleven of us entered school together one memorable mornrng rn September l936 Commg all the way from the first grade to the eleventh grade together are lrls Blackwell Betty JGEGIICS Molly Lee Lourse Coogler Paulrne Laney Fred Green Mllton Yancey Harry Phrllrps Tyndol Barnette Marlon Smrth and Dorothy Chapman Frrmly bound together are the lnterests and frrendshlps of all the th1rty senrors After our senlor class play and graduatron exercrses we shall close the pages of our hlgh school hrstory but not the pages of the book of our hrgh school memory. By DOROTHY CHAPMAN. 4 7 I 1 ' 1 7 DOROTHX' CHAPMAN FRED GREEN IRIS BLACKWELL LoU1sE COOGLER 0 5 I u 5 I 3 , , 3 3 x - x ' . 1 1 I C 3 ' ' . I -D D 1 . 1 3 . X t 7- I 3 4 3 J l 6 3 B 4 x I I 'I - . I YA .3 1 .1 VH YB 5 A ' . , I 3 I , 3 ' 1 J l , . yu 1 V1 x ' I I I x I 3 w x I . , ' I ' - t A x 5 I 3 1 Y x I I D 3 3 - . A I 1 . 1 I H x I x x I 17 ' , , 1 1 Vx X Vx 7- w I 3 ' . , , e I 5 J 3 J I x 7 I . , 'A 3 1 5 I 3 . 1 . Q 3 3 3 3 H I I 1 I , . 1 3 K 1 3 ' I ' , , S NIORS 'I-YINDOL BARTNL VII fznk Foreqt Park Caeorgla Vlotto I am the master of my BIG Htgbest Ambltxon To be an Auator IRIS BI ACKXX ELI Hfmpu Conley Georgn Beta Club Vlce Prestdent lun H1 Y Annual Stuff Idttor Bxsketball Manager Motto When you tbmk you ow nt 1ll u are us btglnnlng to learn Hlgbest Ambttlon Dottors Asststant HERNIAX BROWNI Bugfuzz Forest Park Cweorgxa Motto Stick to what you tbmk IS rlght untxl proven other Vw IS? I-Ixqhest Ambltton o be an Fngtneer 'Vlxm SUI CARII I ml Pete College Park Gtorgta Beta Club 'Vlotto To alvs ays do my best Hnghest Ambxtton To xx ork tn an office JANII S CIIAIUBI RS Jzmmre Forest Pmrk Gtorgn Motto lNexer do today whxt can be done tomorrow Hlgbest Ambltton be Ax xator DORO I HX CI-IXPVI-XX Do! Forest Park Georgxa Beta Club Secretary Cheer leader Co Captam Trl H1 Y Motto Boys are troublt but ob how I lou trouble I-Itghest Ambltlon Home Ico nomxcs Tewhtr Y II' If A 1 , f . kn ' . , yo j .t Y 1 I Y 4 I I I Y . ,L .. T I r 'I 2 ji , . 1 V , , ' A I. I i 'A I V v ' I' --To an 1. YD I SlENllOlRS I oulsh COOCJLLR Coozyze Conley Gcorgxa Bas utbwll Co Cmptam BCM Club Trl H1 Y otlo c loxc nom sta slnglo. hue un Hxghnst Ambnrnon Donors Assnstant CAROI lN FI OSD Carol Conlex Gcorgxa Norto Todax nu begun ll xull md scrcmlw Hxghcsr Ambxtmon To fly mx own urplim l Rl Pl RIC' MAXI I X CJRI l Xl Ind forest Park Cleorqxa Hnghnst -Xmbmon Haw. 1 husl ncss of mx own Bl l'll HOI l OXXAX Forest Park Clcorgm l Otto Q5 not 'always xx x you know but know what you sa Hxghest Ambmon To tru el S XRA Ill, Xllllllill S tl lonst Puls Cnuorgm Bus Club In H1 X Vlotto Vwlhy should l study and mnlu myself sad H1gh+.stAmb1t1on To shoot the anxxl BbTTx JPFI RlES Betts Forest Park Gcorgla Beta Club Tf1HlX Chccr leader Molto x lllu cott undy nothxng, to xt Highest Ambmon To put a chalr on thc vmtcr tank . . - . ' 2 . M l-liikr sll, - -1 4 Y l f' " f ' , l 1- j is A NV day: Motto-Bctrgr late than never. Vl -.a' . ' ' 'hit . Y , . Us I., Al C ,V P lv-l.o'c is ' 3 on SlENllOlRS HORACI .Il 'NIKINS Iorest Park Georgma 'Vlotto A smlle IS understood by all natlonalltles Hrghest Ambxtnon To own a busmess PAULINI l ANEX Polly Iorest Park Cueorgn Motto Cuwe the world the best you have and the bust wlll come back to you NIOLI Y I ll Sweetpea College Park Georgra Beta Club Presldent Basketball Captaln Tn H1 Y Annual Staff Co Edxtor Motto Love may not make the world go round but nt makes me go round the world Hxghest Ambxtxon To b a Physical Educatxon Dlrector NORVIA MILLER Forest Park Georg1a Motto To set .1 goal and not reach rt IS fallure I-l1ghestAmbxt1on To work for the C 55 S Bank , 2 il I Highest Ambition-A Designer. ' ' ' - c . SENTORS GLORIA MORGAN Morgan Forest Park Georgxa Vlotto laugh and the world laughs wxth you l-llghest Ambltxon Doctor s Assxstant HARRX Klsl PHILI IPS Pee W ee Forest Park GEOIQIH Motto Good reasons must f course glue place to better Hxghest Amblf1On To 1o1n the Merchant Marlnes JOE POLLARD oe Mountam XVISVN Georgla Nlotto Vkhat s the use of vxor rung Hlghest Ambltlon To do my est XIELLIE PORTER Nellie Mountain Y xew Georgla Vlotto Make the most of what you have l-llghest Ambmon To be self supportmg CHARLFS SARGENIT Charlie Forest Park Georgxa 'Vlotto Put a foundatxon under your alr castles H1ghestAmb1t1on T goto college BARBARA SVIITH Bar Forest Park Georgla Beta Club Treasurer T11 H1 Y Motto Nothlng can brmg you peace llke trlumph of prln cxples H1ghestAmb1t1on To flnd Kllroy , - , .. , ., - o HJ ., 7 ' , A - . v' J . . ,. . A , , V . - o 1 SlENllORS Wll l IAM WARRBN SMITH Billy Red Forest Park Georgia Basketball Captain Motto To God thy country and thy friend be true Highest Ambition To make a success of life GI Nl SMllll llap Mountain N iew Georgia Basketball Motto Honor lies in honest tor Highest Amb1t1on To be 1 Sailor MARION SMITH Pucku lorest Park Georgia Motto lf at first you don t suc ceed brother you are slipping Highest Ambition To see the rest of the world HAROLD STONE Mountain View Georgia Basketball Motto laugh and be merry Highest Ambition To ovxn business JBANETTE STONE Nette Forest Park Georgia Beta Club Trl Hi Y Motto When you are up a tree chmb dovsn vuth a smile H1ghestAmb1t1on To bea nurse. JOYCE WHlTFIEl.D "Jodie" Conley. Georgia Cheerleader, Captain: Beta Club: Annual Staff. Motto-Love and smoke cannot be hidden. Highest Ambition-To be a commercial artist. SENICHKS "Ape uiheeleri' Forest Park, Georgia Motto-If you tell the truth you dont have to remember any- thing. Highest Ambition-T be footbal' coach. 'Vi I LTON YANCIQY "Ticker" 30rest Plrk, Georgia Motto-Where there is .1 w'll. there is a way. Highest Ambition-To be a woodworker. Snap Shuts O 3 i i i . 1 1 v f ,ww 4 C ass rophecy All at onct not rtytrlt IS broken by a sllght DOISL and I turn to stt a str1ngt 1nd sly llttlt flgurt who has suptrnatural powtrs tht Plxlt l4ItIlo thtrt You 1rt just tht ptrson Ih1yt bttn yyantlng to stt Plwlt tould you stnd mt lnto tht luturt for 1bout ttn yt1rs I yy ould llkt to look IU on n1y classmatts Iht words had st1rctly ltft my n1outh bttort I ttlt mystlt lXl1'lgllLIfltCllf1IO spact XVh1t IS IIIIS I 1m 1ppro1thlng I stt y 1st crowds ntyys t1n1tr1n1tn rtport trs Vvtll ll lt lsnt Ioulst Coogltr dtmonstmtlng htr 1blIlty to hop 1 l1st lrtlght IFIIH tht spttd of Wl'llCll IS l6O 'VI P I-I Among tht croyyd I th1nttd to stt 1 t1ll rtd htadtd gtntltman wlth a stattly 1lr nont othtr th1n Bllly Rtd SHIIIIJ ht w1s m1klng hls fortunt pI1ylng proltsslonal b1skttbaIl II1t trovyd s ty ts movt htaytnward as a swltt suptr spttd ytt pI1nt zooms oytrhtad suddtnly a parachute blossoms and Dorothy Ch1pman drops s1ftly IU our mldst Dorothy was talklng vtry anlmattdly as usual ot htr txptrltntt Htr XOILL tould not bt mlstaktn wlth GIOIIA Morgan on the ltadlng anlmal Whllt ln thls tountry I stt NIBFIOH Smlth IS stlll huntlng hls dtar I-Iope ht finds htr soon I ITN yyhlshtd away but to mort f1mlll1r grounds Thls IIITIL I stt tht old sthool wlth 1 tamlllar llttlt car namtly Mr Brady s wlth 1 thlrmlng offltl1I of tht Btta Club Vlolllt Let I t1lktd to htr and found th1t Sara HUHIPIIFILS h1s 1 yob at tht Clty Mustum glylng dtmonstratlons on how to shoot tht IHWII I IIN yy hlsktd brtathltssly 1w1y to 1l1I'gL houst wlth lots 1nd lots ol thlldrtn ln tht yard Is If 1 day nurstry' No ll IS tht homt ol 'I yndol B1rntttt stlll hoplng for IVXIHS to run for goytrnors of Gtorgla I htar from Tyndol that Bttty JLELIILS IS sufftrlng lnjurlts from htr 11st atttmpt to put 1 th1lr on tht w1ttr t1nk I am taktn to a dtnst lortst whert I stt a tatttrtd figurt wlth bloodhounds on Lllllkf sldt X es lt IS Barbar1 Smlth stlll trylng to find KllfOy Iht Plxlt stnds n1t lnto 1 country of lnttnst ht1t IVILXILO Thtrt I stt stytral old Irltnds Among thtm 19 Jtantttt Stont who I9 txplorlng tht lovy tr part of tht vast country Jeanette and of courst Bttty Holloway art travtllng ln Bttty Hollow 1y s conytrtlble Thty sald thty had just sttn I4Itrman Brown who 1 DY3 I3 ' I 1 1 11 g 3 L ' 1 1 1 1 V 1 'A I f'1." A. 1 1 1' I 1 A 1 1 Y1 11 Y I '35 A I' ' 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 71 ', Y I I I 7 3 'I N 1 4 1 Y 1 H- 1 -1 1 1 1. 1 I l '1 '. - ' J 1,, , . . 1 1 1 4 1 1 1 Y I 1' l 1 11 ' ' ' 1 v + 41 t .... t 11 L 8 1 Y 1 1 1 1 I B 1 v l' V 1 1 L ' V H 1 I' 1 ' 1 I I 1 I -1 I 1 V I I 4 Y I 1'1 1 1 V1 I- 1 11 .1 1 ' V1 1 ' 7 Y 1 L I V I 1 Y D 1 . 1 1' 1 I1 41 1 ' '41 ' 1 I 1 I travel on to far dlstant Indla to see an elephant caravan comlng my way' t V In 1 Y 1 L D .L I i Ik' I 1 X111 1 ' 1 L v o C C L 1 1 'A .3 3. L 1 1 L I1 r 'f 1 1 1- 1 1 11 ' 1 1 A 1 ' 1 ' 1 ' v 1 ' ' 1 1 - if 1 1 1' I Y' Yi 3 ' 1 v 1 V 1 1 41 r 1 I I ' .1 I 1 ' I 1 L I L . 1 D D ' H I 11 3 1 I A X r I 1 I. . "1" 1 I I 4' I 1 1 1 1 I' Q 1 1 '11 1v1 . .1 W ' 1 . 'I 1 1 1 I 1 I 1 71 . 1 1 1 3 ! I A 1 v Vg V' YK I 1 I XY A 11 1 xx ould 1ont1nu1 on doxx 11 to South AYNLFIC1 to flnd n1w sp111m1ns of l1OI'15 to 111111 11111 IUKFL I took 1 plan1 to F191 tI11 PIXIL tor 1 xx l11l1 I lt SAI-L 1n pl1n1 SIHCL tl11 p1lot xx as M1lton YJHLLQ I-lc sand I11 I11d b11n g1x1ng C 11olxn Floxd flxmv l1ssons 1nd SI11 I111sl111 oxxn P1p1r Cub noxx On board tl11 pl1n1 I Q1xx anotl1111lasSm1t1 F1111 GYLLH W1tI1 I11s HLVK b11d1 IQI11 19 1 1111ll1on11r1 xou knoxx 1 Il11x xx LTL gomg I1111111 from tl1111 l1on1xmoon Vx 1 l1nd1d IU CuI11 on tI11 xx 15 l1om1 1nd p1cl11d up IN1ll11 R11 Po1t11 r1tu1111ng I1on11 1It11 l11r 1onI11 11111 xx 1tl1 tI11 p11Q1d1nt tl1111 SIUL 19 a to111gn 1o1r1spond1nt for tl11 L1ox11n1111n1 111 ll 11 xx1 111 Xlllg ox11 t11 1nn19s11 1x11 X 1ll1x gm 1l X 1 111 111 X1sl1x1ll1 I1nn15 LL SI11 s11d 5l11 ITLJFCI 'XI11x S111 C11tl11lQ1 and I.11111s 11111I111sont11 1t1st ll l11 x p1o011m knoxxn IS t11 Vx1lloxx Cr11lx 11 KL 11s C711 111x xx IX IIKIIIIL I1x 1151 1xpr1Ss I QLL 1 btdllllllll IIQHUSL s1tt1nq 11n 1 I11ll 1111i xx 11111l11 xx I111 1ot1l1l I11 l1x1ng IH LI11 l11x1lx I1111111 Cn tl11 n111l I1ox I 1111l N1111111 1 ssmv IIIOLIQ 1 1 s 1 11111 111 1 111111 11 111 1 1s LLLIXL 1 A xx llOlk lD11x111f' out St1xx 1rt AX1I1L11 I d111pp11l1n .1 drug SIOTL I11 l11x1 1 so1l1 lfld Q11 111 111 lLIllxlIlS 1n1 I 11rx 9l11ll111S II11x own tI11 drug st1111 III 1 1111nt 111nt1111 XX l11l t1ll1111w t11 tl11n1 I f1111ltl11t tl1111 1111111 ot111x 1l1ssn11t1s I111 IJOIITYCI C11111 1111tl1 11111 H1111l1I SIOIIL 111 I111ld1ng IH 1x1ng1l1c1l II1 x 1, I I 11111 IIIK 1111111111 I-IIFOILI l111lQ tI11 s1ng11131 1nd Io t1l11s tl11 11fT111nQ st 1111 III P1111 t 11 11 Cl11rl1s S1111n IS noxx IL 111111111 or 1 1111st 11 s l11111111 Q1o111x SIOYL 1 S1 I Ior st P11 H111 11S 111 1111 1 111 1111111 l11otI11ll 1 '111 1r kk 11l1 11 x11 tl11 111 C 111111 11l1 S1 1o11l to xx 1t1l1 I 111111 1,1x1 tl11 oxs 1 xxorl1oul As s tI11 lo 1 11ll 1111111111111 1111 I 1xx 1lf11f111111111y1r1n11 I1 V951 I11s1l11 111l1st1c IAJIILSLIII 1ndtl11y1a1 I9-If I must 1111111111 1 1l11tSl11l11s1111111n s11nn1t 11 11111 XVIIIII Y ' I x V l l L i V l'. 3 X 1 1 FY ' ' 1 1 1. 1 " ' I . ' A 1. I 1 . ' ' tI1c 1 I 1 H I v I 'X Y I 3 Ex I VI i v ' Y' X W l Y A 3 ' V I 1 ,L ' 1 A k L 1' H HX V 1 I I Y A 1. L 3 In C I I 1 I H' I' Y. , - 11' YK 1 I I I' i V ' V5 C 1 I A L 1 Y V H I 3 IX ll N7 X B I X I X 3 ' -8 .. Cf. ' I' 'fly' '1 I"I" "1 'fl ..11'1."V'.' ' Ann- 1' 1, 'lx 1-Sxx' S 1 L' 1 1 1 A L v 1 L 1 K1 K 1- Cfl. l'l. " l'll- 'll' C, 1 , ' I' " 'I ' 1" Y - l'l' ' ' 1 I 'I I u 'x Y 1 x I ' 1 I Nlillu-, Iisq, Ilaff 1 l' xl 1f1.t' II y . .1 1. D y 'y 1l"" " mx' ' 1 11111111111 is g1lX'L'Il t11 Iris I5lacl1xx'cll's lat1's1concc11 in Carncgic Hall. S ' ,. 1 1' '.' ' 1 "..kIlIN'Cl' 11'J1it,C"1s At l11i I . ' I 'S IJ. lx .g,Ji11. I 1 '1 11 1' t 'tl ' ' 1 "'t 'tl I3 Il l1': '. l' K k " I' J '. II' ic T ci 1 lx 'YI I., . 1111l ' 1 ' A A 1 t'11n1 xx'itI1 I3ranl1 Vx 1"l' as '11 ' . So l g 11 " 111 ' 'xx' Q' .l Ilj 1' 'I '. ' 5. 1' '1 'I1 . ' . 5 I '1'1' ' 11' It is ot '. ' '. ' 1 ' ' ". 3 ' iz' 15, J '11 '+11Q1,11, lsast Wtll and Testament We the members ofthe 1947 class of Forest Park Hlgh School belteymg our selves to be of strong and sound mmd and it rn every respect to leave the halls ot sud htgh school for the world beyond do hereby bequeath 111 our belongmgs whether personal real or vlstonary to the clmss ot 1948 hoplng that they wxll curry on 111 our plms 'md dreams Artxcle 1 1 Dorothy Qhtpmm do hereby lelye to Vltrgtret C xson ptrt ot my 120 pounds Ind hope she doesn t get teused ts mueh as 1 htye Artxcle II We Herman Broven and Horace lenktns yyxll to XV1lle1ns Q11 loway our abrllty to be called a senlor by the rest of the school Artncle III I Nlary Sue Cartledge w1ll my abrltty to chew gum and not c caught Artlcle IV I 1 OUIQL Coogler do leiye to Ruth glIlLlLlS1'l'1N sly yy W ot look tn at boys and gettmg by W1 h tt Artlcle V I Irls Blackwell lelye my 1b1l1ty to line Ann xVlllllIT15 to stty Artrcle VI I Norma Vllller yyrll Vlargaret HYFIIS my tbrllty to talk tn class and not get caught Ar 1cle VII 1 Frank Vylheeler 1e1ye my tbxllty to be a 1un1or md Qemor m the same year to Robert Hlllt Ar 1cle X Ill Ctrolyn lloyd do hereby yytll to Dorothy Kane, my llUlllIV not to fuss earth the teachers Art1c1elX We nIyndo1B1rnette and Charles Sargent yy 111 Thomts Allrson our abrlxty to get along yuth hard boxled teachers AfKlClL X 1 Joyce Whltfleld do yyrll to Norma Hendrleks my loye mel abtltty to be a cheerleader and hope she doesnt get as many blue knees as I dld AfIlClL Xl I l-ltrry Phllltps yy111 to Rudolph lohnson my rtght to eome rn late eyery mornmg Artlcle XII I Molly lee w111 to Barbara nl errell my abtlrty to never get mad Whxle playxng ball Artlcle XIII I Vltlton Yaneey W1ll to Tommy Landreth my 1b111ty to eat HFSY tn the lunch room ey ery day 1 1 1V , 1 V 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 L g 1 1 1 1 1 1 .e , 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 V e 1 11. . - 1 e 1 e .1 e .. ' . . ' e 1 , ' ' ' '1 " A e Q. ' 1 11 1 11 1 1.1 . . 1 V1 re 1 . e. 1. e. 1 . 1 V - 1 x. , 7 L L 'x y s 1 1 V 1 1 1 1 V 1 1 1 1 1 V VX 1 e gf e . 1 1 1 1 V1 1 1 V , . 1 . . , V 1 1 . I. el u v vf g . 1 . ' . , 1 1 . le Il 1. 11. ' e e 1 1 V 1 V V . . I , I 1 I e 1 t 1 131 1 V3 7 v 1 x . , , 1. e 1 e e 1 1 V1 1 1 e . 1 , . 1 1 V V I . 1 e , ' f Ie I V 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 V a V I C L C 1 Ce e 1 V , 1 1 1 1 1 V 1 - V V1 . , ' , c e 1 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 V 1 11 1 e . e e e, . 1 V , 1 - 1 . 1 e 1 1 . k 1 1V1 1 11 1 1 V 1 1 1 . , . , 11 V 1 V 1 . V1 'V 1. I 1V1 V V Artlcle XIV I Betty Jeffrxes wlll to Btytrly Barton my ab1l1ty to hayt curly ha1r even on ball game ntghts wlthout wearmg tt rolled up to school Artrcle XV I Harold Stone vytll to Howell Cates my abtlltyf to rough 1n a ball game Artlcle XVI I .Ieantttc Stone vsxll to Flunor Holloway my abnlxty to get along wlth the class Artlcle XVII I Fred Green yyxll to Glenn Roberts my abllltyf to stay out of school and get by Artlcle XIX Vyle Joe Pollard and Billy Smlth vull Btlly 'Stephens our 1b1l1ty to tlvs lyfs ham tht back seat on the bus Artlclt XX XVc Marlon Smxth 1nd Gent Smxth wtll to Fugcnt Henderson our abxl1tyf to be an A student 1n conduct Artlcle XXI I Sara Humphrlts do yull to Janet phllllpS my ab1l1ty to bt flye feet Artxclt XXII I Betty Holloway do Wtll to Mlrlam Purmont my dblllfy to get to school late and get by vylth xt Artxcle XXIII I Nellle Rec Porter yynll to Imogene Blshop my fax orltt by word vyell and hope she vson t get rn trouble uslng mt Article XXIV I Gloria Morgan bequeath to .Ixmmy Dams my lblllIX to see and knovs everythlng that goes on ln the school bus going, to and from ball games Artlcle XXV I Barbara Smlth do vsxll to Charlotte Iaylor my dlmples and hope she wtll lxke them better than I do Bu Loulst Coocl Ha 1 1va 1 v v 11 - 1 1 , , . .. . V V - 1 1 n r v v v D Q 1 1 1 ' 1 4 11 I K I , . Y 1 ' v 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 - 1 1 4 1. L . r .1 . . , . . . . 1 I 4 1' g 1 1 V A 1 1 1 1 1 1 .. . X 1 v v v 1 . 1 t. 1. 1 1 1 1 1 1 y 1 7 1 r v v m - 1 1 I Y- V r 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 . 4 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 y y 1 1 1 .1 J., Baby Pisfcuares Irls B n vull Z IOUISL Cooghr 3 INL111L Ru Porur 4 Piulxm lanu 9 Qllorn Xiorgan 10 hzxmtu Nhthmon 11 Xhllon X umm 5. Dorqlhy Chapman, 6, Betty Jcffrius. 7. Sara Hgmphrics. 8. Carolyn Floyd lluniior Class T a r President Vice President Secretary Treasurer ll.'Xlil'r.'XR1X 'Tl'RRl'LL l7:ll.l.Y S'lil'l'lllfNS JQXNI5 ANN XVll.Ll."XMS ROBERT HUll: CLASS ROLL Thomas Allison, Beverly Barton. Imogene Bishop, Margaret Cason, Vyfilkens Calloway. Howell Cates, Jimmie Davis, Margaret Harris. Eleanor Holloway, Norma Hendricks, Eugene Henderson, Rudolph Johnson, Dorothy King, Tom- my Landreth, Betty Martin, Janette Phillips, Miriam Purmont, Dorothy Sikes, Ruth Shields, Charlotte Taylor, Betty Jean Williamson, Glenn Roberts, Jean Hampton, Sophomore Class Roll lresrd nt X Ice l r srdent Se retwry r rsur VIARNN 'Virus I LTIIL E11 Ixenox CA1IIbR1xL Suu Ll s RILHARD 11151111 Ellen Alken Annre Lee Anderson Jrmmy Anderson Ruth Banks Bernard Brles Marlyn Benson Glorla Bradford Oble Lou Bruton 'Vlargaret Brown Irene Byrd Lou Ellen Burks Mary Ellen Calloway Rosalee Calloway Carolyn Cates Merle Cates Harvey Cummrngs Brlly Dopson Ellen Dow da Jean Earrar Brlly Grlbert Brlly Green Paula Jean Harrls Marram Hrcks Powell Hover Exelyn Huggms Maurlce Lee Mattle Bell Mltchell Mlnnxe Bell Nlltchell Lrnwood Nash Lourse Nrchols Ha7el Ogletree larry Phrllrps Mary Ellen Prerce Don Rrchards Catherme Samples Jean Scoggrns Nannre Ree Sellers lne7 Shadrx Henry Shrelds Joan Sprlnger Mary Annle Stephens HoytSw1ney Vveymln lhompson B1lly Walker Ldna Wells Jacquelxne Wrlkerson lester Wrllnms Roy Vv'1ll1ams Mary Ellen Yancey Robert Vwllllrngham 31' - " 31' 1 1-1 V "1 1 e ' e et 1 le. er . , . :..: , ,, . V: JV 1 1 ll .e .. ..... 1 . 1 . 1. 3 .e 4 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 1 V V . V 1 1 1 1 V c V V 1 V 1 11 V 1 V V V V V 1 1 V 1 1 1 1 V V V 1 1 1 1 V1 V V V V V 1 1 1 1 1 1 V V V V V 1 1 11 1 1 1 V 4 1 - V V V 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 V 1 e. V V . . V 1 1 1 1 V 1 71V 1 V V e V e V 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 1 V V V V - 1 -V .V 1 1 1 V , . Freshmen Class Roll lr srd nt X 1 e Pr sxdent Se r tary Treasurer TATRICIX AI I:X'xND1-R LLCI Nl' 'T RXNIXTL ll EST LLI I' BOWHBR Jl:Rl Ill Jane Barnette Ralph Barronton Lawrence Bartlett Martha Brown Vrrgrnra Brown Otrs Chambers Brlly Chester Hella Coffee Sara Crews Dorothy Davrd son JOHLllD3X1S Wlarlyn Davrs Nlrlton Dunson James Flemrng Dorothy Cvar ner Betty Ann Garrett Charlotte Cnlbert Evelyn I-larrrs B1ll1e Holloway Mary Rxchard Lane Margre Leath Rachael Lee Vlamre MCG3flfy Sara McGourk Douglas Mcl eroy Exelyn 'Vhller Irene Vhtchell Julnn Morgan Arnold Patter son Hershal Ramey Jrmmy Robertson Helen Sheats Sammle Starr Theda Qmrth Robert Terrell Donald Thompson Mary Upton Delorrs Ware Danrell Watson Joe Vvelch Vlontene VV1ll1ams Huelrng Wrlkerson Arthur Whlt El17abeth Undervsood Andrew Lewrs I-Iansell Trammell Joyce Plant Brlly Roberts James Bell Tommy Gatchell Raymond Johnson Charles Forrester Joan Johnson 3 c' e 'Ac e ' ' "C C ' ' ' . ffw.'i'...i,. .i 'egg 3 3 Y V , V Y I 4 . Y Y I v I v 3 ' 1, V v I 1 . ' " Y 1 n , 1 I , u , ' , , 1 , ' . ' ' . ' Anne Kelly. Kenneth Kilpatrick, Ann Knowles, Peggy Knowles, Chester Lane. I 3' -3 q 3' L I1 I Y' V Ax vv vs I 1 I 3 ' x 1 A ' s ' 'L 1 V m , x I ' 1 43 x ' K ' V H . tv 1 3 e v 1 v v ke l 5 V i D 1 1 ! I Do You Remember In the first grade when Mxlton fell 1n a tub of apples at the Halloween Carnxval? When Dot and Betty were school patrols? In fourth grade when and why 'I ommy Wells h1d to copy the dnctronary When Mrs Whnttrngton used to whlp our hands wlth her llttle ruler? When the gurls used to play paper dolls at school? When Mrs Freeman put ears on Harry? When Sara and l ourse took that stray ext home When Mr Bulce ealled Dot a sporled brat? y s 1 Red romance wrth Betty Manous? Pat Bounds and Joe? The wateh Uncle bred gave Betty Cook? 'Vlolly and Marlon xn the srxth grade? Louxse and 'Vlr Spam The grrls class fusses ln the exghth grade? The blg hut Prank Wheller made wrth the semor gxrls at flrst How era1y the grrls used to be about Wrllxam Flemlng The many crvrc teachers we had rn the eighth grade? Mrs Thomson s bxrd legs? How the boys aggravated poor Mrs Pame When Joe came rn Mountam Vlew Grxll wrth a smeared face? What shade Joe? How blue Harold was after hrs swrm at the Junlor Semor prcntc at Lake Burton? The dam Joe was gorng to show us? How proud we were of our new typewrrters? Our first annual meetmg at Irls s and how much we accompllshed? When a group of grrls lard out rn the tenth grade and went to Grant Park? Mr Buxce s uncensored jokes? Joyce and Buck s lrngerlng romance? Flaps storres about when hrs Grand Maw dred? The hay rrde at Barbara s? l Y , , 2 ? ' e . I D . 3 I . , N .2 Blll " J f , X T , , . ., , X e . 3 3 3 D 1 J . , ., , 2 V , , , ,P s , , . s , s , 1 . . , Ioums Hllloxx on pmrty md mln clmlns xu yumpgd md ilu wmdcm LIN! was brolun Iloxx suk I OUISL got on ilu SCI"lITlbIxI' ilu du su want to I ikux ood to grt flow urs XX lun Irxs told Crlmn off md boss lu crm d lr1s md I oulsn s Iussgs our Ildrndgf, XX lun vw. usnd to Inu X nlory Corps Cromq to blll gimls on tlu snlwool bus I luomuston md Pugh C ourl I ln polxggmm tlnl Look us homn ll Iluomlslon noxx I N1 1 IICIIII Springs 'md tlnl mu vlws rlsuur ll ru vu stlud ll Ju son lla lmdlxdy 1I,I1C son Iln llulvbl Hubba C lub XX lun ull thu boys Ind llu musl s Hou yulous ilu SLITIOY gmrls urn of ilu Jumor 3,1rls list yur Crlorla s spmd tln mglul plrtns Iln good IlmLS su Ind Il ilu Illf Whom Cuusls vu vs ron ln tln srunth s.,r1dC 'md tln diy JIITIITIIL told on us llu day wg Croudrd mio Molly s lmll. ur und sunt to tln bull gum at lomsboro IC du Wlun ill but uglut Sgmors sum to town 'md thy llttln t rs luus gavn us' Iln I'11Q.,IJl tln Sgmor girls wuud m ilu buslus at Glorxa s afur thy faxr for lol. Io brmg Dol home XX C ull Crowdrd m 'I y ndol s car gomg afur ads The shower bath at 'I homaston and how we all got foolnd Bu SARA HUx1PHR1hs BITTH .IIIIRIIS 4 ','h. I V Yih L K 1 4 " 5 YB I I V L 1 . V g , - , 1 I v kv- I -hw, , - 4 , , glv ry rx AK H 7 3 ,, .1 . A , L L , ' X " . " I' ' f ? C I x 'ru 1 x r I J . .... . , MS am " .ll"? l IQ .I ' F . " . . 1",' "XX'cl . .mr f XX'l c ' '- J . . uk' .' lln' boys slccping in Clloria's car and the covcr wc look llJcm7 ' c I . '. . kb 3 ' ' Y x J K' L . 4 L I . I . 'I 5. CXAA-sk ys 1 I I sksvs yt st s Lv I 's ' .3 ' I C L v rx s 1 s ' X- ' s +L s 1- s K K s K , I IJ' X L V " ' . X ' ' alk IXI .. A ' . I Q s ly s 1 I I L' s A 1 w ' I A 9 I 3 I I, lst - s ' H ' ' , 3 Basketball Boys I Irs! lcam Lmwood Nash Bllly Smlth 4Capta1nJ JoL Pollard 4Co Captaml Martm M1115 Mr T M Brady .Second fum B1ll5 Stephlns Cum Qmxth Rudolph Johnson Harold Stone Vwfilkins Calloway F irst Team Obie Lou Bruton Ruth Shields Molly Lee 1Captainb Louise Coogler 1CofCaptainp Margaret Brown Barbara Terrell Coach-Miss Sara Sams Manager-lris Blackwell Second Team Jane Ann XX'illiams Catherine Samples Jean Farrar Barbara Smith Basketball Girls Cheerleaders Left to rzqht Btverly Barton Charlotte Taylor Joy cc Vwfhitfield Dorothy Chapman Bttty Jtfltrits Gloria Morgan Wt tht chttrltadtrs of Fortst Park lrt six in number consisting of tour seniors Dorothy Chapman Betty Jtffrits Gloria Vlorgan and Joyce Whitfitld two juniors Bewrly Barton and Charlotte Taylor At tht first of the year vu stltcttd our officers Thu, art Joyct Whitfield Captain and Dorothy Chap man Co Captain and wint skirts with a narrow gold btlt topptd ofl with vnnt hats and tht initials F P l-l in gold letttrs Tht actin part wt took at all the games and our ptppy ytlls madt a big hit with tx-.ry ont Ont of our favorite ytlls is But mt dlddy twht to tht bar lnortst Park High s gont mivhty far Swing mt sugar with a boogit btat let s su up off thtir fttt I V Q' 3 v Y V 7 I V 1 y u u In ' I Y ' 7 N -7 V I A Y 3 . B 1 l ' vm 7 x r x vs x w 1 ' s v s- y s ' 1 ' , Our uniforms consist of white blouses with gold chains on thc shoulder ' x . Y' H I I' yi 3 ' 3 H I 'J 7 3 Q I ' B 3 I I I H V1 Y 3 X I 3 vi I it H L Y' I.: i L V . L- . O V V' 1 rl is x Golden Eagle Staff faculty Adusor ldzlor lf7 Chuf T N1 BRXDX sB1 xc xxl Business Manager Sports Editor Art Editor GLoxz1A MoRC,Ax BILLY SMITH JOYCE XVHITFILZLD Asszstant Bus. Manager Assistant Editor Assistant Art Editor BARBARA SMITH IVIOLLY LEE MARION SMITH Beta Club Iris Blackvstll Jam Ann Williams Margaret Harris, Gloria Morgan, Thomas Allison Dorothy Chapman 'I yndol Barntttt Marion Smith Mollit l tt Bttty Jtffrits Jnntttt Qtont Sara Humphrits Joyc Whitifitld louist Qoogltr Bar bam Smith Barbiri FI trrtll Btwtrly Barton Dorothy Sikts Tri Hi Y Iron! rott Bttty Jun Vwillilmson Ruth Shitlds lant Ann Vwhlliams Dorothx C hipmin 'Nlolly l tt Second rott Margartt Harris Sim Humphrits Pnrbiri Smith louist Coogltr lmofftnt Bishop Iris Bliclsvstll lhzrtz' rot Barbiri rltrrtll Btmrly Birton Betty Jtffrits tltantttt Stona. Jimmit Dans Nlirla Pu mont Gloria Vlorgan V v 4 C , . t . . t , . . , ' 1 x 7 1 V x x Y , . t,.. ,. ., I .. -. L .L . . x, . L .nc L .v 1 L L . . . . , . 9 , . f . t. . L . 4 , , , .,i . Y Kang and neon "NA-W A-QRMQ Kmg Brlly Smrth uttn Dorothy Chapman lnntrrt Court Senrors m...!L5Xvm Left to rrqht Herman Broyx n, Glorra Morgan, Frank Vvlheeler l ourse Coogler Charles Sargent Jeanette Stone, James Chambers Sara l-lumphrles, Harry' Phrllrps Barbara Smrth Brlly Smlth Dorothy Chapman. Joe Pollard Molly lee, Gene Srnrth, Joyce Vylhrtfield Fred Green Betty Jeffrres Nlrlton Yancey, Marlon Smrth lrrs Blackwell, Ty ndol Barnette 0 wwvwmu -,..,,M ,, . c . , ,aw Maw' aa-, ...mW......,,.,...... t..,,, ,. H , .. X x,w- l . ..,., ,, , . f l .. L A 0 A 22.1.2 E, ,fix Superllafcnves Prettzest Bbw Lookmq Loum QOOCLI R CIIARI 1 s QRRC I 'XII 2 Curesr Cuzesr JOE PQLLARD .IQYCIS WHITIIIIELD Superllaltives Most Intellzgent Most Intellzgmt IRIS BLACRW ELL TYNDOL BARXJETT Most Popular MOU POPUIUV FRED GREEN DOROTHY CHAPMAN L i . X - .,..... .,,, A Superlafcives Best All R0Und Best All Round MOLLY LEP HAIZOLD STONIL 1 Most Athletrc Most lthletzc BILLY RED SMITH BARBARR SMITH Superllaztives Mus! Umzsuzzl Nlosl Unusual B12'r'rY HOI.I.OXX'AY JANIVS CHAMBERS xx ,M-H FOREST PARK PTA UB Ia UYS MRS AN REWDYLXNQ Y S I MRS I5 MES BARTON Trew r I 1'wr1wpwlL:.-ww t MRS. IESSIE BRADFCRD, PIM-111 i-mt - . 'D A A if , 3.312 FLY Your Used Car Dealer Cash for Your Cars All Cars Guaranteed 285 SPRING ST 29 WEST PEACHTREE JACK TUWNS ARISTOCRAT FARM CHRISTIAN'S PHARMACY MAIN AT EVANS ST Iust Around the Comer from SchooI S das Druqs and Presoupuons Ca 6528 Promot Q ourteous Se-rvmce at AII TIFIIGQ G C CHRISTIAN Owner A, . , ' f . . , COKER ELECTRlC COMPANY YANCEY BROTHERS COMPANY WAlm1t 5214 245 Whitehall St., S. Wf HOME AND AUTO SUPPLIES Compliments of J A MORGAN Produce Company GEORGIA STATE MARKET RA 2921 AM 5166 South Slde Atlanta Bank TOTAL RESOURCES OVER S3 OOO OOO UO Members Federal Depostt Insurance Corporattort Member Georqta Bankers Assoctatrort Members Amertcart Each Deposttor Insured up to S15 OOO UO Klng Jewelry Co EAST POINT GEORGIA Lastmq Gtfts for All Occastorts YOUR PATRONAGE APPRECIATED I . l5O North Main St. Shop at Allen s Cause It s no fable The nicest thmgs Wear the Allen label' IMA Corrxphments of T F Landreih FOREST PARK GEORGIA Jonesboro Complete L1ne of Bu1lders FARM and HOME HARDWARE East Pomi Ford Company SALES SERVICE 308 N Mam Street EAST POINT GEORGIA ' l I . O X Fresh Meats -- Groceries and Produce Dependable as the Dawn Jonesboro Cleaners IONESBORO GEORGIA Tom Dommelly Phone 2671 Complrments ot J A Brean Complrmertts ot Mann Furnrture Co IONESBORO GEORGIA Lackhart Ins 8: Realty Co Lakewood Herghts INSURANCE IAr1Y Kmdl Real Estate Auto Ernancrhq Westbrook Smrth Motors Ltd Dodge Plymouth Cars Trucks Expert Servlce Work Rex Darry Farm Grade A Pasteurrzed Sweet Mrlk Buttermrlk Chocolate Mllk 85 Georqra Ave S E 3283 Everythmq tor the House Holt Furmture Co 226 N Maru St East Pomt Georqra Gomplrments ot J P Puckett Servlce Statlon CA 4515 QUICK seavrors , . Dodge Ioh Rated l f ' f I . ' ., . , IA. We Consider Clayton County's Best Asset IS FOREST PARK HIGH SCHOGL McCoys at Hapev1lle Atlanta Furnlture Co l52 Whrtehall St S W ATLANTA GA WAlnut 9295 Hapev1lle T1re SBIVICB Complete Auto Serv1ce 3435 Stewart Ave Ca 83l3 Cornpllnlents of and Mrs W Pte1d Puckett FOREST PARK GA Modern Transfer 8: Storage Co 208 Wlntehall St S W WA 0974 T R 1VI1ller 8: Son Dry Goods Shoes 6l9 Central Ave HAPEVILLE GA The Fun Shop Evervtlfnnq Under the Sun tor Fun 3441 Stewart Ave HAPEVILLE GA Mason Furmture Co 168 lvhtchell St S W Furnlture of Every Descrrptron Easy Terms Mr. . . ' Ready to Wear l . , Russell Dry Cleaning 3418 Stewart Ave. HAPEVILLE, GEORGIA Prompt Service Huhbards Shoe Shop 3429 Stewart Ave. Ca. 9373 HAPEVILLE, GA. Complrments of Forest Park Hardware 81 Mercantlle FOREST PARK GEORGIA Comphments of Mrs G Edd G1les Complrments of Mann Funeral Home Ambulance Servrce l ONESBORO GEORGIA Murphy 8: Orr Cab1ne1 Shop Drsplav Work a Speclalty Marn and Murphy Street FOREST PARK GEORGIA Hapev1lle Furnliure Co Inc Complete Home Eurnrshrnqs Where Customers Send Therr Erlends Phone Ca 2612 770 Central Ave Hapevrlle Ga Comphments ot Stephens 8: Toney t - I . - I I I , I , , I . . V , . I i Chapman Drug Co Inc Dependable Prescriptions Service Ca 1136 615 Central Ave I-IAPEVILLE GEORCIA Cedar Grove Garage GENERAL AUTO REPAIR Boulder Crest Drive CONLEY GEORGIA MA 9122 Compliments ol Mr Sz Mrs Grady Lindsey EQREST PARK GEORGIA Compliments of Purliy Ice Company Nelms Brown T1re Sz Auio Supply S I. NELMS MA 07923 Delivery Service Complirnenis of Hapev1lle Drug Co THE STQRE ON THE CORNER Sams Flower Shop Say lt With Flowers 1771 Lakewood Ave S W MA 6686 Lakewood Laundry 8: Cleaners 1522 1647 lonesboro Rd S E IA 5956 WA 1996 ., . , 7 Tires We Batteries -- P- Electric Appliances ' A B C Plumbm Co Wade Motor Company g 399 Sprmq St N W Atlanta 3 629 Pearce Street S VV WAI 6720 W E MCCLESKE1' Cars Trucks Sa Q S rvwe RA' 7576 Authorized Dealer

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