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E 1 Q 2 ,1 ge 5" v" ' f Q, v' 5 W ng U' 8-2 ,,. Ill Yearbook S" f' gl! FOREST PARK HIGH SCHOOL Baltimore, Magzland We Hola' The Essence Of Success, . . . Y Knowledge, . . Skill, mfr .Mm ' And U na'erstana'z'ng Z ff I Liberate Yo An The Rest Of You ur M ina' ' cz' will Follow .wQ. . - -...,.... ., A-Q.-,f-,mi - QMM157! Enter To Learn . . G0 Forth To Serve Table Of Contents Faeulgf ana' Aclniinistration. . . 8 U nelerelassnien ...... 8 4 Sports ..... .... 5 4 Clubs ana' Organizations . . 78 Seliool LW ....... Senior Cartoon ..... Senior Portraits .... Senior Index .... Senior Aetioities . V Aa's ..... . 100 124 126 175 184 194 2-me ,S xnxx. xr fxwv-www -N., I M 1, 1 1...w"9 7 ,WM 11,1 1 is X J asv yy' A M L, KV, 1 Sf' gg f ifffrraw ' H G 2' 1 Q1 Fi 3 Q"'R I ,av--'- . ,,. 9"""' - ' V1-,,..W..,..,, ,,,. A,,,. W., . ,,., , , . . A , , ' V e??w',f.?f .I .wif if I I 'I I . , at . June, 1971 Dear Class of 1971: Ver ' fret uentl 'when a rerson or a Urou J of nersons embark u Jon a new venture, well wishers sa "Good Luck." 1 l .1 I xp I I 1 I ' Y I You are emharkmg upon new ventures in the world of higher education, the world of work, or the world of marriage as you leave Forest Park and I, too, say to you "Good Luckfv But may I remind you that "Luck" truly plays a very minor role in your future success as a college student, a worker, or a family member. Sueeess is de endent mrimarilv on one in fredient - "hard work." Nothinfr of trulv lastinv value is achieved with- .P I f . 5 U 4 .U . . . . out the ex enditure of reat effort. Durmv vour three 'ears at Forest Park, we have tried to 1nst1ll this idea in 'ou. In ..P Hg., . U- .7. . . s ite of how much work 'ou think 'ou have done in h10fh school, ou will later realize that at this Joint in vour life, I' . 7 1 D tv Y . I J ou have ust commenced to learn what it takes for success. True knowledffe onl be ins when one knows that he does Y 1 an Y g not know. So, even though I and others may say "Good Luck," do not sit back and wait for it. Success must actively be sought through personal effort Y and with success will come happiness. Good-bye and Good Luck, S Charles F. Michael Principal Dear Class of 1971: You have been looking forward for a long time to this, your high school graduation. You have been on the road to this goal for many years and it has been a pleasure to travel part of it with you. But this day also marks the beginning of a new journey as you leave Forest Park to follow another road. It is my wish for you that you will gain your farther goal successfully as you have reached this one. May your road be a pleasant one and may good fortune go with you. Sincerely yours, W7-I-if Haroldyn Mapes Assismrit Principal Dear Graduates of 1971: It may very well seem like the usual cliche to say that gradu- ates oi'1971 are entering the world in momentous times, but the statement is truer today as never before. Educators of today are not even certain that they are educating youth for the world of to- morrow. While we know the future holds great events both good and bad, no one is exactly certain what the remainder of this cen- tury will bring. One thing is certain however. The remaining quarter of this century will require people of far greater education, moral fiber and spiritual dedication than ever before. There are decisions to be made in the very near future that will affect this planet and all of its inhabitants down to the microscopic. You will help make these decisions at a very early age. It is sincerely hoped that in the few years spent at Forest Park we have given you the fundamentals needed to build upon. Whether you enter the world of work, higher education, or embark upon a matrimonial career, l extend to the entire class of 1971 my sin- cere best wishes. Sincerely yours. Mr. Bertram L. Merritt Administrative Assistant English MR. ANDERSON 3' ,a If 3 f 4 MRS. BARNEY MISS BOBBITT MISS DOUCHERTY Department MRS. JOHNSON MR. JQHNSON MISS I-IAWKINS MR. DUGGER MRS. GOLDSTEIN MR. MURPHY ft. , . AP 5 - rf. . MRS. SCHULZ MRS. WOOD MR. RUNK MISS SCHRAMM E MRS. TUERK F ore zlgn The purpose of our foreign language course enables the students within limits to understand and speak the different languages used around the world. Our language department offers French, Ger- man, and Spanish. On a praetieal level, we try to provide a background for future language careersg to make travel more meaningfulg to promote human under- standing through interest in language. Language MISS HICKS Ll M cz If h e m 'Q z C MR. BECKLEY S , Q MR. CARTON MRS. HOLT t MR IAMES 2 R ": MR. MINSTER MRS. ROHLSEN 4 . gszkkikg 1 ' VX A, Eel X ,, af .K E MR. ROSENDALE MRS. TAYLOR H istow MR. FISHBEIN MR. CASHOUR Department I UV MRS. BLOW MISS PECORA MISS IRVINC MISS LEVINSON MRS. TYLER MR, REYNOLDS MRS. WILDER MR. MYERS MRS. CLASCOE Science MR. LEVIN The Stfivnve Department ol' Forest Park presents its varied programs ol'l1iol- ogy, chemistry, physical svioncc and physics. Science also contributes to a competent education through the l1tll'lllI'- ing of a sensitive curiosity and the im- parting of understanding and interest in 0ne's environment. Also, the department strives to recognize and solve problems effectively. MR. MARSHALL MRS. BOYD Science " I i if i .. , K' M-un. . .... MRS. BOARDLEY MR. POTOCKI MRS. TEASLY M uszc SMX ffffj gi X ' MR. HAMLIN MRS. STREET 5 gif f Home Economics MRS. WILLIAMS MRS. LARSON MRS. MILLER Art MR. PAUL MRS. McALLISTER MR. SCHULZ ,,.VV, I n cl u 5 if 1 11 cz l MR. EDMONDS 1: l MR. REAVES A r I 5 V M MR. JOHNSON MR. TILLMAN Physical , nwiif -- ..-- V ,, I ""kk w w 25, .1-'if' -ff ' -f ' I I if , R R ' ' M ' , MM M , A A " mg::1w.qx ! j H I .Qs f K' ' ' 11 Q21 I 1 K. .fmsf wf -M 144 z , 2- 7 swf - .. ' R Y MR. ZOLET MR. MORRISON MR. SMALLEY MR. SCHWARTZ MISS IVEY Education MRS. BUTLER MISS JOHNSON Physical education serves the purpose of keeping our bodies Ht. The course goes farther than the daily activities of exercise. It offers extra-curricular activi- ties such as tennis, lacrosse, football, bas- ketball, swimming, bowling, archery, golf, badminton, gymnastics, and modern dance. ,ani 'WF' QR-, ss.,,,,,,,, . it MISS PIETRUSEWSKY ,- i--- MR. GREENE MR. SHEWELL Buszness X 2 R Q MR. BROSNAHAN MRS. GRANT MISS ROBERTS MRS. REDD LL 0 Cl ? I 0 Tl ,bil ,K an "' we I .Yagi l 5 F MISS MACLEAN MRS. PARKER 1 MR. MIARA MRS. ROBERTSON MRS- SCOTT MRS. WHITE MRS. WHITING Lz'bmrz'an5 MRS. HUMPHREY MRSB MCCRAE Drama MRS. PRATT Sjyecial Ea'ucatz'0n K MRS. RILEY job C00m'z'nat0rs ,J MR. ENGLISH MRS. BECKHAM MR. JOHNS S 6 0 T MR. ANDERSON MRS. DANIELS MRS. RESTIVO MR. MARSHALL 'xg nf Q1 2 SM ' f S7 kk, -.-nlxafihi X a l X 'ling' L, 413- X , ssylwii- i W G W MISS DUKES, MRS. BREWER, MRS. GOLDNER O joe Secretaries KK YQ' . MM,M S gm, MM,M ,J L 1' M M . M V , AZV 1 ,V.V ' ' V fi illi-'i , MRS. MARKEL MRS. STOKES 45 THE CA FETERIA STAFF r rtant People At Forest Park THE CUSTODIAL STAFF V ' .,A 1 u .r auf 1? - s gk QE- Rs x- a Ati., 5 , -W '21 TA. 1001 A gy' if 'M ' QgZ ?'2 1002 by if l 1003 yy, ,kk, 1, W 1... wi 4 ..,- ,ff if f in , sf I fi! Z :if fy x 3 , X v 4 .J- ,a . kv' eff 1006 aw' 1 S My x 1007 3 w x 1 +R 3 .. K i I .K I I ff-Ji diff 1-Q fs K 9 I . I A , - 2 - f az.. V :Q :gf 4 I. A ' v :?',AiXjj.- A - , I A 1 Ss, E , J Q . 1' K Q - . . s ., H ,fl i 1 5 'oi f i r f - . y . v 5 f X 1 J' ' K , , 'E -.f 1 -il Q4 sf 90"- S. G g X K -fml 9 use if R ! f V 1012 W1 3 , 1014 1101 ' 1102 ky 4 .. ,,.--Q 1103 1 45 A wwffxwv-'ff .ff-1.1. fs AQ' 1 .M , ,.,1 R QW? , ffff Tfasff Qg .41 -'iw K 'AS uf .WS fw- mem 1. 'Q' . m 1 ?t'af . :ivy ' WM M, L My .',J1,, .Wm !"':Yvx -11 . wr. 1 ., A Lp? V 1. 14.1, '1'1"U K V 1 13"-1-, gf. f '18-:k,..,,m - 1 W ,1-'ww 1 lg' - 1104 1 W1 .niakxi ' ' Mm Bmw ?1'E12a.w- 1105 .J x X f 2 2 51 'Y . fun? asa-' .mpg 3 M, S 4- if as una. sf bn- 1.- nv- an Q ...f -1. 2 C' 9 0 0 5 6 S.. 'i Dv W mf 1 i , ,4Mw..,, ,, x 1112 1113 W Q 1,k I m m -f Z.. :-. kk ,T K ,Z bw? in Q fl 'f-,' pm E1 --A,, M iggfwvl T N a A lmi, fm an L S X QW ' Q1 .2 '1114 iw' x,- u an "Nu viii-Q 1116 ,M ' ' -If' W- . , li l Q if 3,--1 ,L '-lv Ilfy mi: iff Q 'Q A 5 K 'Kar PORT i 2 Fi' .. A:,iiE ia: A u Sie . 'X 32. 'P ff, Q-X '15 K4 xy X P'Q'i'g3?P mfpwml, , H Var F0015 all N 'Xa 'Rt -N Q Q gm S VJ A c. 5 an E son, R. Epps, W. Porter, M. Edison, Mgr. R. Law LI CJ U CI 4D D- U7 2 .E .210 S-1 3 C as B ol E L. D I- fi uf E2 Q nd 15 L- L2 .C CID Q: B if Q9 'U C Z1 53 cn fri SE O O 2 A -ri Tu C O cu U 2 L5 Q4 'sl S. Q rc ': 2 4 L5 E li i3 unter, L. Taylor, A. Coley, E. Baker, rown, A. Payton, T. Scott, L. H . B iner M. Harris, W T21 wson, Mgr. V. Ried, T La Mgr. J. Coach Schwartz, Mgr. L. Parks, Row, L-R: dle i cn ci uf ca. Q. f-Ll L5 Ts I D.: nf DD C :wx L-1 O CIS f-2 .E S Q- :wx Q N, as .2 D5 I Pi. L-1 TE :: L5 Q af U .L' T: 3 3 fl .E 5 Q- cu v W 2 I I O 2 ui .5 U 5 C: CJ Lxi '5 5-4 cv 5 I nd uf .E .X ..t rd 3 bi 1? PN O I Lui U 2 'a 3 M Q? 'Q sf Q P4 E Q 3 cv .Z BS Pictured: L. ,Ion CI Mid w :E-2 VARSITY FOOTBALL STATISTICS Rushing No. Yg. YL. Net. Avg. TD. McDonald 111 563 3 560 5.0 5 Orange 58 315 14 T 301 5.1 0 Monroe 42 161 11 150 3.5 0 Others 71 126 123 3 -- 1 Tot. 282 1165 151 1014 3.59 6 Receiving No. Yds. TD. Coley 12 175 1 McDonald 11 49 0 Scott 8 129 1 Orange 5 50 0 Monroe 5 30 0 Hunter 6 84' 1 Epps '1 25 0 Tot. 48 542 3 Punt Returns No. Yds. Avg. Hunter 13 83 6.4 Orange 1 1 1.0 Epps - 1 3 3.0 Scott 3 25 8.3 Tot. 18 112 6.2 . Kick-1WRelurns No. Yds. Avg. Hunter . 4 60 15.0 Orange 4 . 60 '15.0 McDonald 4 50 12.5 Others 6 42 - Tot. 18 212 11.7 Fumble Remzwries Franklin. Coley. Rice 2 9 Others 1 Inlereeplions No. Yds. Ret. TD. Scott 2. 3 0 Orange 1 88 1 Allen 1 15 0 Couch 1 10 0 Epps. Baker. Hunter 1 ea. 0 Tot. 8 116 1 Punting No. Yds. P. Avg. Ret. Ydg. Hunter 34 941 11 27.6 162 Watkins 4 Z5 0 18-7 Tot. 38 1016 1 27.0 162 U61 Kick Ojs No. Yds. Avg. Rel. Ydg. Watkins 20 - 775 38.7 261 C201 Individual Fumbles F L Watkins 10 5 Hunter 4 -4 Monroe 1 1 McDonald 1 1 Moore, Hall, Scott 1 1 Tot. 19 13 Team Fumbles 19 Lost 13 Own Recovered . 6 Passing A C Yds. 1. TD. Watkins 106 45 537 9 3 Hunter 14 3 5g 0 Tot. 120 48 542 11 3 Total 0Uense""" Plays Yds. Avg. McDonald 126 659 5.2 Watkins 152 510 3.3 Orange 68 412 6.0 Hunter 54 255 4.7 Hlilun. pass, rfceive, punt and k.o. return Dfff'Pfl.Y8 Pts. Unassisted Tackles Rice 413 50 Hunter 290 37 Couch 248 18 Orange 192 19 ' W. Wallace 166 15 Diggs 145 12 5 games Scoring TDS. X Pts. T. McDonald 5 2 32 Watkins 1 2 8 Orange 1 2 8 Hunter 1 - 6 Scott A 1 - 6 ' Colcy 1 - + 6 Tot. 10 6 66 Opponents Points 102 Won - 2 Lost - 6 Tie Yg. - yards gained Avg. - average Yds. Ret. - yards returned Ret. Ydg. - return yardage C. - completion KO. - kick-off - 1 League 2-3 YL. - yards lost Yl. - yards lost TD. - touch down P. - punt A. - attempts I. - interceptions 59 FOOTBALL The Forest Park Varsity Football Team, though they had a poor season, was a good team. The men on the team just didn't get a good start. Most of the teams were equal to our team or not as good. Perhaps this season wasnlt the best of our physical abili- ties, but of our sense ol' sportsmanship. Forest Park's team is in its building up stages and there is always next season. Lose or Win we were still Foresters and we kept the faith. 7 IW U7 1 3 M I Q SCORES 1 US THEM 0 Oxon Hill... ....7 0 Thomas Johnson . . .30 6 Queen Anne . . . . .6 0 lVlervo ..... , , , ,6 6 McDonough . . . . . . 17 0 Patterson . . , , , ,3 12 Gilman . . ,,,,, 20 14 Dunbar . . , , , ,6 28 Southern . . . . .O 1 ,tg c A . N If al RIFLE TEAM WRESTLING - VARSITY Patterson . McDonough Mt. St. .Ioe Poly . . . Severna. Southern . . Mervo . F.P .. ..... 485 5 14 .....487 25 .. ..... 481 34 .....483 28 .....460 18 .....480 33 .....462 X 36 ' 21 26 SWIMMING RP. 25 Mofvo .... ..... 64 25 City .... ..... 6 5 8 Southern.. .....83 31 ' Edmondson . .... .63 15 Patterson ..... 67 44 Douglass .... .... . 48 26 Mowo .... ..... 5 9 26 City .... ..... 64 21 Southern . . .... .71 47 Edmondson . .... .42 18 Patterson . .I . . . . . . . 77 44 Douglass .... ..... 4 9 Loyola . . St. Paul . . . Patterson Southern . Boys Latin . . Carver . . . Northern . Northwestern Dunbar ........ oo. Curley and F.P Tie 22 BASKETBALL VARSITY F.P. 80 Northern 96 Brooklyn Park Laurel ..... Severna .... Curley .... Patterson . . Northwestern Mervo ..... McDonough Gilman .... Curley .... Patterson Southern . . Mervo...... Northwestern McDonough . Gilman ..... GO TEAM!! ' BASKETBALL - JV F.P. 37 Northern ....... 68 Brooklyn Park 53 Laurel ....... 61 Servena.. 50 Curley ..... 52 Patterson 28 Southern. 43 Northwestern . 21 Mervo ..... 60 McDonough .... 31 Gilman .... 31 Curley. .. 26 Patterson 35 Southern. 34 Mewo., 51 Northwestern . 47 McDonough .... 33 Gilman .... ' Sa , . 5'6- F.P. ..34- 30 ..24 43 ..63 26 ..56 21 ..34 28 ..39 42 ..39 33 ..62 33 ..37 36 ..39 ..33 ..32 ..29 ..49 ..53 ..34 ..35 ..47 THE MIGHTY FORESTERS f . ff 7 BASKETBALL FRESH SOPH City .... Curley . . Southern Douglass Mervo . . Gilman . Curley . . Southern Mervo . . l 1sLRow: R. SMITH, W. WIGCINS, M. WILSON 2nd Row: COACH L. PAUL, G. CAMPBELL, D. RICHARDSON, A. SHIELDS 3rd Row: R. ROANE Varsify Cross- Countgf lsr Row: L. GARRETT, W. WILSON, W. WIGGINS 2nd Row: R. BOYNTON, R. JONES, A. CROSBY, M. BARKSDALE 3rd Row: J. GILES jf . Cross County En E5 EN gs UT 55 AQ vi gg 25 S35 Ek -S-S fi Yugi 2,5 :wk .Ns 55315 2 in QM .img I SEE Q 'Nw E 2 E 2 Cf E 3 2 ES bf 3 H The Varsity Basketball team was really "on the ball" this year. Even though we came in second place, this was really an exciting season. Teamwork was the secret. From the excellent coaching of Mr. Warren Schwartz, to the efficient recording and managing staff, not to men- tion the skilled players themselves. The Forest Park Varsity proved to be one of Baltimore's topnotch high school basketball teams. Mr. Schwartz and the rest of the team would like to thank you for your loyalty and support during this past season. We'd like to take this opportunity to wish next year's team much success. We ,. 1-., t?'2f l I f Z, ,z., ..., , , ,,,,, ,im 6 .4fi f ' ?'w .f5'f A ' X e .. . . N' .:,.g- ,' .1 " -ax - 52535.7- P- T:l7q " , 'Q .t , 4 M M r e 5 h 0 Ll S 6 Z 61 W' xx Q X ,41- Top Row: C. Dix, H. Howard, R. Herring, C. Washington, J. Rouse, J, Williams, Coach Cashour Bottom Row: D. Smith, J. Green, W. Spivey, D. Wells 44 xlib Varsit Wrest!z'n my 5 l. f. V. Wrest!z'ng Team Go on with your bad selffllu 5 Q i 5 5 3,2 Q, .: W 6' w -5 - a I ff. g ,. 1 ggi . if 1 1 1 1 4 1 1 . v Girls' Basketball Team Jael' ' , . if ff M-'mf f I f , ,. i,W, , , ff , X 1 W 4, - M, , , y ' . I ' -f A f 1 1, l I K, VL,, , , , I k,,. ,. K . f Bottom Row: fL-RJ C. Tyson, Y. Walker, B. Stewart, R. Hicks, C. Ball, M. Finney, D. Curry Middle Row: QL-Rl M. Word, E. Wright, N. Wolst, E. Boston, P. Williams, D. Watkins, L. Worthan Top Row: QL-RD Miss Ivey, L. Parks, G. Moore, C. Jones, V. Fisher, J. Wright, J. Canedy Girls' Bowling Team Kneeling: QL-RJ F. Fenoy, T. Grinnage, V. Jennifer, L. Stone, A. Jackson, B. Ireland Standing: QL-RD Miss Pietrusewsky, S. Macslin, M. Stratton, D. Erwin. P. C-randy, S. Anderson Not Pictured: Beverly Banks, Brenda Allen, Natalie Bonner, Yvonne Parsons Top Row: L. DENTON, B. STEWART, D. BOATWRIGHT, S. SMITH, V. JENNIFER, A. JACKSON, B. McKINNEY Bottom Row: L. BELL, D. CURRY, C. BALL, L. PARKS, D. ERVIN Top: H. WILSON. J. LAWSON, C. JONES, R. HENSEN Bouom: C. SMITH, S. WEBSTER 0 Cl Back: N. WILSON, B. KINNEY, E. BOSTON, M. FANT Front: B. COLE Back Row: V. ARMEE, L. SMITH, D. HAWKINS, A. BOWEN, S. SPHEICHT Franz: M. HAMLIN, N. WILSON, M. DOE H 1 Clubs, Ayn leg K ky -1- k S j 1, Jr Aff I, ,J I N-Q6 OHGHNIZI-7 fiona qw :Q fi. at el ,Que I5 25 351: xf6' L-RD: W. Hawkins, M. Lee, S. Collins, R. Cahill. M. Macer, M. Ward. F. Hop- kins, F. Downing Walking With The Team 'lb' The Cl T 5 i K Club Standing: QL-RD C. Williams, S. Monroe, R. Epps Seabed: QL-RJ V. Reid, M. Harris, C. McDonald, L. Bernard, M. Woolford Y 'Fia- FE-'se 'fu 53-:'..:'. ig 'T l 5 18 . jill nl lil A?S5f'5 sf U . iw Tl Cl ,T r s + 1 .. First Row: Us-RJ M. Brooks, M. Spears, P. Archable, S. Webster, K. McKay Second Row: L. Bernard, S. Simpson, B. McKinney, D. Ervin, T. Warnick Third Row: M. Clark, P. Coleman, A. Bullock, T. Jones, D. Richardson Fourth Row: J. Logan, F. Ivey, J. Hill, J. Lawson, H. Clark, Mr. Anderson L Back Row: fL-RD M. Harris, L. Parks, S. Monroe, T. Jones, E. Jessup Front Row: fl.-Rl D. .lack- son, V, Patterson, C. Cha vis, J. Hill v 1,5 in I4 . Q 5' gin r 2 9- 1:15, J Q ' .'l -J ' 7 k Q' QQ HIG3 The Forest Park p R E S S fflno ff!! IE 83 Bank Z. 6 S joe 6 S CL-RJ A. Calloway, A. Fowlkes, Mrs. Rohlsen ,L m1,:A so ...LLL . .W.L.,, 'Vg ,. Top Row: CL-RJ M. Holland, M. Parrott, L. Parks, T. Jones, M. Macer, D. Jackson Bottom Row: QL-RQ V. Patterson, C. Chavis, J. Johnson, V. Franze UW' mn 'S Q U..-RJ G. Rucker, Mr. Broshnahan, D. Ware fl.-RD V. Peters, W. Hendricks, Mrs. Randall Mm i t e i 0 n S ' fik,,c,,m u T u R E usmzss EAQVERS Msmcn CQ nding: fL-RJ B. Saunders, J. Hill, S. Wicks, D. Tyson, D. Ervin, A. Jackson, K ted: QL-RJ L. Carter, P. Rice, J. Brewer CL-RJ R. Ferguso G G ff' D F g 87 The F.P.H.S. Gospel Chair 3 2 li t 2 i 3 Q i The Forest Park Gospel Choir under the direction of Miss Esther K. Saunders began in September of 1969. The choir itself is made up olfluniors and Sen- iors who have dedicated themselves to sing gospel music. Over the past two years of its existence, the choir has won great recognition throughout the city of Baltimore. l if The BSU is an organization that has worked to bring the student body of Forest Park together. Dur- ing its first years of existence, every student has felt its effects. The BSU has sponsored such activities as dances, rap-sessions, jazz sessions, and programs. The BSU played a major role in the election of the Liberation Flag. This organization has served the purpose of making Foresters more aware of the Black people's movement, social problems and aspects of our society. if 1 I, f The Black Student mon 6 5 J 66119 On Str ' The Band Express Yoursel The yell Band are you ready7' The music Pomp and Clrcumstance ragged beat up old green and gray uniforms Mr Hamhns No solos and 8 0 clock lateness are all familiar sights and sounds found around the shop building in room 500 . . . the home of the Forest Park High School Band. Under the di- rection of Mr. Lewis Hamlin, 56 people meet at that spot he- tween 8 and 10 a.m. They all meet for one special purpose . . . to stomp around in dirt or rain or in "the Hawkn or in fever heat, practicing precise movements on the field while playing their instruments. The band has 4- representatives in the "All City Bandf, 3 tX , A . A f . 'r Lx .mas 'I , so v n Student ovemment Cabinet Seated: QL-RJ M. Peele, R. Wade, J. Lawson, J. Hill, V. Patterson, L. Parks, T. Jones Middle Row: QL-RJ C. Cox, M, Spears, T. Simmons Back Row: CL-RJ W. Cambell, S. Monroe, M. Allen, M. Harris, C. McDonald islam S Q: . ff. Front Row: QL-RJ Marsha Butler, Vanessa Franze, Vanessa Patterson, Cheryl Cox, Linda Bell, Vernon Reed Middle Row: fl-rJ S. Monroe, M. Palmer, M. Purrot, V. Brown, D. Curry, J. Cordan Back Row: fL-RJ L. Bernard, B. McKenny, D. Jackson, L. Parks was - .A .. I f, .5 t S. .ai The ig, aaf odacious Yearbook Stajjf Thanks to Stewart Monroe for his pictures. Special thanks to Mr. Bertram Merritt and two '66 graduates of Forest Park, Peter J. Allen and John P. Keyser, for photographs . . . And, of course, thanks to Cynthia Thompson, Michael Lee, and James Lyell - our student photographers. C 65 r 5 C Z! Sitting: QL-RJ M. Butler, M. Allen Standing: fL-RJ M. Harris, T. Warnick, A. Giles, L. Johnson 9 n i .t -. ""ff-3'f Sitting: QL-RD R. Opher, M. Burke ton, B. Saunders Standing: QL-RJ M. Evans, Mrs. Colbert Z! D. Williams, B. Bay- VIcAllister fAdv.D, R. "Active Participants wx? l W o N 4 m IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEIEQNIIIIIIINW. ".'--"f'f"Al 'REE!!!IIEEIEIIIEIEIETSBEB9222215'if 5 ,, .4 u ' I--lllllllllllllllllll!Qlfllllllll- lllllllllllllllI:::E!lllllllll Tennis Club "'iiw 'Q-+ Table Ter RK, 41 Wm 'wif I-'M-JV Standing: QL-RJ M. Harris, L. rl Parks, S. Pumphrey, D. Blackwell Seated: fL-RJ V. Reid, J, Law- son, C. Harriday . .g , -.... .J :LL I X is Team :bb A VW GA - v 'v Xa x 2 , My ,, in-q . ,. l ,,, Standing: fL'RD J. Lawson, D. P L' A Hawkins, B. Kinney, L. Parks A Kneeling: QL-RJ D. Curry, L. Bell if z I tba ,ff CVNIVUI 'N' i E ill 'Girls' Sports Association' H 1""" Z V Q, a.-. l : W Row 1: QL-RJ O. Robbms, F. Carry Row 2: fl.-RJ M. Harris, B. Barber, W. Talh Row 3: fL-Rl B. Tisdale, R. Crawford fl..-RJ A. Carrey, M. Spears, D. Brown. B. Pinkey, G. Cannon, C. Calloway, S. Carter - A 'HQQA Row 1: QL-RJ C. Rodges, S. Bamberg, V. Jefferson, L. Smith, B. McKcnny, B. Parker, P. Jackson, D, Blackwell Row 2: QL-RJ A. Kittrel, ,l. Lyell, W. Hawkins, T. Bennett Row 3: fL-RJ M. Edison, D. Howell, J. Vinson, G. Ayers, D. Boldin, B. Thomas, T. Moore, A, Linares Not Pictured: J. Barnes, M. Butler, W. Harvey 00 S C H 0 0 1 L L 1 F E 1 -Q? ::- rd .. -qi.--ggi .. xrffyiz .-Qisff?-' f , ,, . Y m I r Exif 5 - LY 55- Y un . i X , -.1-:,,1. ggi , :Shih Ex 3 S Q 5 Q 5' X N 3 ggi, Hin ivy is 4 B14 jbki 4..f"" 'IO An Evefjf Is it really worth it? 4 The Iron Curtain!!! 2 Sum? Uh!! Too much last night. A A - X PR What you Sev is what you gut, Wooo!!! day Thing Come on Mr. Johnson, 'ust one more chance? . . . J Interesting Reading? . . . .14 V-f Express yoursclffff Humm . . . What have we here? . . . I05 1 Lmfalqy ' gf" ' ,,,,. I Qi' J . ,,. W ,. in :K E 7 3 W f faq" ig fguj N V fan l. 68.575 K A V Qfiy,3qc W V nf N 1 , ri E QQ I 1 X r ' w 'I - I, ' ' f:,fx25" LXQ fgvff ' -4 IV X1 XX The Day . . . Ana' The Dance M iss F orest Park 1971 ust Slzuckin' fhfza' z'vz'n' Amana' 1 ,ff - :LW Progress iff Before . . -44 11 xml? 2 'fr ,fa - . , V-...LRE After . . . 111 000011 . .. 'II2 Annual Chrisi 'nn is Z-. , ' ' vc ..:, i 000 . 0 0 0 - FASHIONS BY . . . WHO? . . . SANTA CLAUS!!! mas ASS6mbb1 1. - 4: , . . . MODELING CLUB WHOOO . . . WHAT YOU SAY!! "SILVER BELLSN 113 4 A Whz'te Christmas . l,f:.x - t , 1 .E ,ff0l"'V4FlW' The Breaking Of The Yolk e By The F.P.HS. Gospel Choir In These Cha ROY LLOYD MILTOP' Theee Pictures Are Gum nging Times wiv' THOMAS CHARLES M DONALD ,F BERNARD WILLIAM HARVEY ' . ..,, ALETHA BULLOCK ALLEN anteed To Blaw Your M ind "9 mai lll Ill www v-.-I H? Wg! A V ,ia 3 A 'E A, Ill Ill Ill ,fag mg :es gg :gg 259, :gi ee! iii ' 5532 ,W Ill Ill Ill Ill Ill Ill I- 3 20 EWG ,, we ng Wi lil WW. 'M I lt: Z I M 5 lil ul? uma M15 Qi! W'H ZZ? fi! 53 ll WILLIAM CAMPBELL AND JEANNETTE LAWSON Most Likebf T0 Succeed SHELLY SCOTT AND WESLY PINKNEY The Best ressea' gm ml , :azz an fl Ill Ill Ill The Sem PAUL CARTER AND BERNICE MCKINNEY The M ost Pelhulezr 5:2 222 eil as or Poll ,, A '.gJi,1ILiy,L . 6, ,,-, , , .. ,-A ,W ,, ,M , L,-xr: ,QQ , ,V . I--m f 1 . -. Lug A, I ,, , G V i' -.4 0 ,,..,. ,gy I WV,,W 5, '1?'fai i. '. I HAROLD HOWARD AND EDITH WILLIAMS The Latest 01111916 'T Q LLOYD HAMM A ,VI QA, Not Pictured: VERNELL LINK I 'KVV I 1' ., ..,, 1,,,.1.,,A.,, ,., nga We i- rf"T,1-SM g 4 wqff-?14"'11r,y ' 4Ig..j-'Il' . , 535: XM I li lfiffiigiffliifi .Q55z'f"-5Jw51ffA:iIL,, Q , -wh fy, V ,.,, , . bvfw-.,..,?1'w,,.Q,.. H 1,156 ,, t gm -Y,-, f V: ,ff ,, ,. ,-4.,a5'1-3iI,,Lg', ., ' 1,152 1,3 .,gj1 mfkgw, " .L --' 4 :. A-wwf, , .Q - ' s 'y,:?I?531f2. A J ggtgkf' ' V V921 ',,'I, 1 V 5 i -iiyff 1 1 ' ,f,sfgs" 1 ' 1 3,51 ',I' 13" f WW -.1122 ffTil'l'ZLfi lv'-Q. t t Z I 6 1 L'2TTt3fg'fg:11ilil-gy ' 1'f'f'fgf- 1 3 .ans-ghwfrlfifif J fa" .- wick'-g.Q',, Ai - .S"r5:EEI'?r5p5:g5I. 5 - 4, f- . - .f52EEEgsfsf3fPf'sg,zfa.f w24Q"Q53+--151, - JT, M Iz.z:.:4-?E,'3i.s++f1Z,, ,fx 'hugh ,fgunwvvvug,,,,,A,,,w:lN, I. 5, 1. f,wf 5,4 ,Q'f,a,5,b,W ,H tm 4. fj1W'rsv-sf-wrffm,fWg,,fvf"' f4,i,,1?g 242,193.5 'mp t Lyn-up 1U,.f:AMM MW.- f 5 A Elggmrs''fgg!f::.f:f':gg:f , AUS! A ,L- - I- I fm- ., ,.... - I ,. szg5 ,.IIEii1:..b?,4g,w5i,: Jjf' I M, - MILTON ALLEN AND ALETHA BULLOCK one Most For The Class Of '71 Disappearing Teachers F tery M 61? Seeing Y Sappy PO ear our Friends R unny C tatoes . On Ogy 317-Ot Krrby S005 4695 alld j!2g57IP1eSauCi I f ' ' saw O Mira seal Q6 Q06 0' N52 Q0 Qflvio sv 4244 63'0lj?62!-SX '3 QU L6 . Q 4? Q6 Q0 t rig, sq? W GJ F or V 7' t 3015 456 Q9 611261 Se of , C30 ff, Qj! e We 06.1, t . NQXV35 Yradaw KNXGWXYX Basketball Games PJXXMOWJ Without Spectators A? t mo. 0 fb 'Ze 2' Q QJEIIGIY' 60 Q09 C? 0 46 was 9000 ff O O 400 if ao cbx fx- 90 Qofiv 3 J' x GA Sqxfb eg. 965900 an we ,D gl Qfxbfm QQ. 7' '61 66, S4 't Q0 06? ' ae? Q5 02 N29 9:3 Q36 122 QS The 'fDyk6 Q the Blazersw Wallwriting Club f556b4,2 Q, o 46 o Q3 S' C226 Qgx S0 o 9665 Ybxevoo Q06 glove? J XO? 01217 F Rubber QSOQQ IHSOHE Q rench Fries 01105013 CZ Those Corny Candy Bar Commercials ad 06, 6390 Z' S If Q Q? Q K QW C3 4? 0 '57 000 0,5 -WO, GQ? 5 K3 . Bon X 6 Sxaxe Sue Cow 65 5 of-9232655 Q QJQ06 Qaqa? SS Q99 YH xo Q X9 Q NN F 5' 4, 45' 606 fp b 'f 6 4952, 015 ff C35 . li '5 1549, 2 Tough Substituiei' 'Q OIL, O4 ' QW? xo? fo 59 3 650 121260 41 33 'day Oy 7 Q9 HIZQVG 600738 ag flny Wvaph g rf 5a v . W A ' X X151 X K 1' ww xx o f7?'r9y-Zip-yi? A X .K ' , 1g. Qgg' 1 "Icp fx 23, Affgf TNQ' ik LZ n. , YT," Q if fi ax 'E' .Sli 7 5, .W 5 QA ,W or V las' , X X,.,V 5 T41 0 Y I ' TW W XXJQ 1334 V igfww mN5HA . X 7 iff 225 Ywwm A ik x , O? FL h" ' X . 'ik fs Af ,fwmp N Myljj fibfoyy Rfgqh N .MQ A 9 X' K .X 6 ig EM Xi x VX g ,N --- ,ff " fm' 7, X 5 Q1 wf T KWQ QM fwcff , S P ik ,WM V qt E VM , ifw 1 XE W7 bf Tiff? fx 7 'X fx if A 'Q NX fi C N? Q Q-A If A 'X T NM X 2:6 QQ D R I x Rf JT? C" "L , I 14.1. A 4, J M., - . VCE, V 5' .W x4 XXX, C' KC J cb, ' , .,..?rv,, +-h..-.- . ' ,, Q, ,Q , Q , v- 'WA , QV ., 'X ccfciw " k 'K- . . B., . wg cr C C, . K. . N if 5 fa X3 N N XX aff xi' X fp f X E- 4,-9 475A 2 xx . EVE Q Gi ' Q A0 X 6 X i EU if - Q A X Q X 77, Q ys 'xx E-'j -Q ig s s X gd . Q N ff' 6 Q Wai if Senior MQ xB 5? DENNYCE C. AIKEN AUBREY ALEXANDER ANDY ALEXANDER MILTON ALLEN OCTAVIA L. ALLEN TYRONE ALLEN FRANCES M. ALSTON REGINA ALSTON SHIRLEY ALSTON A ,L mf A LINDA ANDERSON MARCIA ANDERSON ROBIN ANDERSON PAMELA ARCHABLE JOANNE ASKINS RAPHAEL J. BAKER SANDRA B. BALL SAMUEL BAMBERG JOCONDA BARNES 129 30 BRUCE BAYTON LINDA BELL MARIE BENNETT LLOYD BERNARD MANESSA BEVANS DIANE BLACKWELL ALTHERA BLANCHARD MILTON BGARDLEY JOETTA BOLDEN WANDA BOMAR GALE D. BOND FRANCEL BOOKER I EARTHA BOWIE EVELYN BOYKIN ANNA W. BOYKINS JOELLEN BREWER WILLIAM BRIDGES ROSALIND BRISCOE if' A, I I MARGUERITA BROOKS WAYNE BROOKS WENDY BROOKS -Maur' ADRIENNE BROWN DENISE BROWN HAMILTON BROWN LEROY J. BROWN PATRICIA BROWN STEPHANIE BROWN VANESSA BROWN JERRY BRYANT V1-:RMELL BULLOCK CHINA BURGESS MANUEL BURRELL INGRID BUSHROD ALETHA BULLOCK JOYCE BURRELL HOPE BUTLER 4 I l E-W-P ROSALIND CAHILL GLORIA CAIN CATHERINE CALLOWAY Www DEVERA CAMPBELL GREGORY CAMPBELL LESLIE CAMPBELL WILLIAM CAMPBELL DOROTHY CARTER LEON CARTER LINDA CARTER NJ MARGARET CARTER PAUL CARTER PHILLIP CARTER ROSALIND CARTER SALOMA CARTER RENE CEPHAS JANET CHAMBLAIN DARLENE CHANEY SUSAN CHASE I3 CYNTHIA CHAVIS JOEL COATES 6 ANGELA COLEMAN HATTIE CLARK TAWANDA COATES PHYLLIS COLEMAN MATTIE CLARK SARA COLBERT STEVEN COLE CRYSTALLE COLLINS JOANN COLLINS SYBILL COLLINS LIZZIE CONYERS SAHARON COUSER CHERYL COX HATTIE COX MAXINE CRAFTON BRENDA CRAIG I 'I 3 7 'Q-Ax CORENA CRAWFORD EVELLA QRQWDER SANDRA CRUMP DENISE CURRY o JANET CROWDER JAMES D. CURTIS ROCHELLE CYNAIVION CYNTHIA DANGERFIELD SHARON DANIELS Maw VERNICE DARGAN KEVIN DASHIELL BRENDA DAVIS GWENDOLYN DAVIS JEAN DAVIS MICHAEL DAVIS FRANCINE DAWSON GAIL DEMORY VIVIAN DEMORY 9 40 CHARMAINE DENNIS LERAY DENNIS MYRA DENNIS 2 Em 1 he ALICE DESHAZO SYBIL DICKERSON LAWRENCE DIGGS LUTHER DISMEL JEANETTE DIXON BRENDA DDRSEY DEBORAH DORSEY GEORGE DORSEY FLORESA DOWNING DENISE DRAKE LINDA DRAYTON BRENDA DUNGEE mia GWENDOLYN DUNSTON PATRICIA DUTTON BILLIE DYSON 42 KEVIN EASLEY REGINALD EDWARDS ANNETTE EVANS MAURICE EVANS OLIVER FARROW ALEASE FAULKNER COLLEEN FENWICK SHEILA FENWICK DEBORAH FIELDS LARRY FINCH LINDA FISHER VIVIAN FISHER 22, 1 If DEVORA FORD ROSALIND FORD VINCENT FORD VERNON FORREST ANGELA FOWLKES COLLEEN FOWLKES 'I4 44 KATHLEEN FRANCE DEBORAH FRANCISCO JAMES FRANKLIN VANESSA FRANZE ROBERT FRAIZIER DEBRA FULLER ALBERT GALLOWAY PHYLISS CAMBLE MICHAEL GASKINS KATHERINE GASQUE JACQUELIN GIBSON PATRICIA GILLIAM DENISE GATEWOOD TERRI CEST ANTHONY GILES CARY GILLIAM MICHEAL GINGLES EARL GLENN 46 ROSA GLENN CLAUDIA GOBURN ANTHONY GOMEZ JOSEPH GRAY MAGARET GRAY CAROLIN GREEN LINDA GREEN JOSEPH GREEN CHEYENNE GRIFFIN BOBBY HALL SHARON HALL LLOYD HAMM JOYCE HANCOCK SHEILA HANNA ANTHONY HANS 5 K Y ,,,,, 3 E- ,,,.,','f J ' VV 'V 3 . f Y H . 'A 2 f r MICHELLE HARPER CHARLES HARRIDAY I MERLE E. HARRIS F47 48 114515 ANGELA HARRINGTON YVONNE HARRIS RAYMOND HARVIN LILLIE HAWKINS WANDA HAWKINS CAROLINE HAYES STEPHANIE HAYES MARY HEGGIE CLAUDETTE HENDERSON JACQUELINE HICKS JOAN HILL DENISE HILLER CATHERINE HINES PORTIA HOGAN YVONNE HOLCOMB GREGORY HOLLAND MARGUERITE HOLLAND YVONNE HOLLIDAY 149 50 "t""' ELROY HOLMAN FRANCIS HOPKINS HAROLD HOWARD JESSICA HOWARD PHILLIP HOWARD BRENDA HOWELL DENISE HUGHES MARIE JACKSON PAMELA JACKSON A x DORESSA JACOBS SAMUEL JAMES ERICH JESSUP FARLEY JQHNS EXMINIA JOHNSON JACQUELINE JOHNSON JACQUELINE JOHNSON REGINALD JOHNSON VANESSA JOHNSON 52 My-U m ., 4.2. 2 wr X If , VINCENT JONSON WILLIAM JOHNSON ANGELA JONES 4 X ,A CAROLYN JONES CORINTHIA JONES EQUILLA JONES CERALDINE JONES STARLENE JONES THELMA JONES ROSA J OYNER ROSA JOYNER CARL KELLY STEVEN LANE HERBERT LASTER MELVIN LAWRENCE CAROLYN KEEN E ROSLYN LANSDOWN E JEANNETTF LAWSON 54 JOSEPHINE LEE MARLENE LEE MICHAEL LEE MICHAEL LEE FREDERICK LEEPER MARSHA LEONARD ' I I ff ,...W ,, EVELYN LEWIS BRENDA LINTON DENISE LITTLE LINDA LLOYD VICTORIA LOGAN JAMES LYELL SHIRLEY MCBRIDE ALVIN MCCAIN DEBORAH MCCRACKEN MARIAN MCCULLERS BERNARD MCDANIEL CHARLES MCDONALD 6 i GAIL MCDONALD BRENDA MCKENNY PATRICIA MCKINNEY 1,53 A f f, MARY MCKQY AVON MCLAIN EARNESTINE MCLEAN BARBARA MCNEAL MARYANN MCQUEEN MICHELLE 'MACER GERLEANE MACK PAMELA MALONE SHEILA MANNS DONNA MARSHALL JACQUELINE MARSHALL MERCY MATTHIE sl I I u - 1, I H.. K. SHIELA MIDDLETON JANICE MILES REGINA MILLER I57 DONALD MINOR GAIL MITCHELL LINDA MONROE STEWARDT MONROE GLENDA MOORE HELENA MOORE JOSEPH MOORE NICHOLAS MOORE DENISE MUSE I MICHAEL MUSE PAULINE NEAL DENISE NELSON RICHARD NELSON PEGGY NICHOLSON GLORIA NORMAN DARLENE ODOMS JANICE OARHAM RICHARD OPHER DORETHA OWENS PATRICIA OWENS STANLEY OWENS .xi 4 DEBORAH PALMER MICHELLE PALMER ANGELA PARKER 60 LORNA PARKS MIRDIS PARROTT JACQUELINE PATTERSON VANESSA MTTERSON ROSE PAYLOR PEARL HILLIARD 4 A,,,,A, Q. .IUANITA PEARSON JANICE PEAY ELLEN PECK "1- MARILYN PEELE MARCIA PERKINS RALPH PERKINS DORINDA PETERS MARIA PINDER DELLA PITTS LINDA POPE CHARLENE POWELL DEBRA PRICE 62 LEANARD PRESCOTT MANUEL PULLEY STEWART PUMPHREY ROSALIN D PUTTY I ' '37 I RONALD RANSON VERNON REID Nr A MICHAEL RANDOLPH ALONZO RAMSEY PHYLLIS RAY SALLIE REED HOWARD RICE PAULA RICE DELANCEY RICHARDSON ALPHONSO ROBINSON KEVIN ROGERS I64 RONA RINGOLD RONALD ROANE DENNARD ROBINSON MARVIN ROBINSON DORIS ROSS JOYCE RUCKER fs, , BETTY SAUNDERS ESTHER SAUNDERS BONITA SAYLES CYNTHIA SCHILLER DAISY SCOTT SHEILA SCOTT "1 X, SHELLEY SCOTT ELLA SESSOIVIES LINDA SHANNON ff' .'7'2.i'fS,2 . E f 4 ff' :hs , Y,,.,,W,,.,.I,1,f.,Y,A A 5 66 TEDDY SHANNON VEDUIES SHAW WARREN SHELTON X I T ERWIN SHEPPARD ADRIAN SHIELDS MARCITT SHOULTY BRENDA SMITH CAROL SMITH EDWARD SMITH , .J w,Ia1sz1fg.'5 ELEANOR SMITH JAMES SMITH JUDY SMITH A LINDA SMITH MARGARET SMITH ROGERS SMITH RONALD SMITH MICHELE SNOWDEN MARIA SPEARS 167 DENISE SPENCE BEATRICE STEVENS SHERRY STUART 68 ilm, MICHAEL SPENCER CAMERON STANLEY HOLLIS E, STEWART KATHERINE STRICKLAND AANNETTE TABRON SHEILA TAYLOR SHIRLEY TAYLOR VALERIE TAYLOR NATHAN THOMAS RANDQLPH THOMAS RODNEY C. THOMAS ROY THOMAS CYNTHIA THOMPSON SHARON TUBMAN JOAN E. TUCKER ROOSEVELT TUCKER NATHANIEL TURMAN WALTER TURNER 70 9"" 'V' if MARY TYSON RUBY UTSEY RHODESIA WADE STANLEY WAKE DWIGHT WALKER VERNAL WALKER BRENDA WALLINGTON CLAUDIA WARNER VALERIE WARREN BELINDA WASHINGTON MATWAIA WASHINGTON DIANA WATKINS IRIS WATSON RHONDA WEEMS 'T 'I DEBORAH WH1'1'A1SER MARILYN WHITE OLIVER WHITE 72 PAULETTE WHITE WAYNE WIGGINS CASSANDRA WILDER Q, Erika? OLIVIA WILKES GLORIA IWILKES EDITH WILLIAMS GEORGE WILLIAMS GREGORY WILLIAMS HESTER WILLIAMS .IACQUELINE WILLIAMS JANET WILLIAMS LINDA WILLIAMS LOUIS WILLIAMS MAURICE WILLIAMS MICHAEL WILLIAMS PAULA WILLIAMS ANTHONY WILSON CYNTHIA WILSON HAROLYN WILSON MARK WILSON 173 FRANKLIN WISE MICHAEL WOOLFORD ELIZABETH WOODRUM BEVERLY WOODRUS 9' ivfi 'Sf ef nl ALFRED WRIGHT EVELYN WRIGHT DEBORAH YOUNG 74 MELVA YOUNG LETHIA YOUNG TERRY INGRAM WILLIAM HARVEY Aiken. Dennyce Pep Squad XII: Track XI: Table Tennis XII. Allen, Milton German Club X, XI, XII: Chess Club XI, XII: Yearbook XI, XII: Yearbook Editor XII: Senator of Senior Class XII: Student Govern- ment XII: Chemistry Club XII, XI: Manager ot' Varsity Basketball XI, XII: Senior Day Committee XII: Senior Inaugural Committee XII: lr. Day Committee XI: Financial Assistance Committee XII: Sr. Week Committee XII: Student Cabinet XII: Senior Poll Winner XII: Mgr. ol' Girls' Basketball XI. Allen, Octavia Class Secretary XII: Class President XI: Class President X. Allen, Tyrone Fresh-Soph Football X: .I.V. Basketball X. Alexander, Andrew .I.V. Swimming Team X: Varsity Swimming Team XI, XII: I.V. La- crosse X: Varsity Lacrosse XI, XII. Alston, Regina United Nations Club X. XII: Nurse's Aide XII. Anderson, Linda Chemistry Club XI: Editor ot' School Activities XII: Newspaper Staff XII: Gospel Choir XII. Anderson. Robin Class Activities X, XI, XII. Archable, Pamela Newspaper Staff X: Yearbook Staff X, XII: French Club X: Gospel Choir XI, XII: Modern Dance XII: Modeling Club XII: F.B.L.A. Xl: National Honor Society XII. Bamberg, Samuel Modeling Club XII: Iunior Day Committee XII: Homeroom Class President XII. Alexander, Aubrey Class Activities X, XI. XII. Barnes, Ioconda United Nations Club XI: United Nations President XII: Vice Presi- dent of Modeling Club XII: Yearbook Staff XII: Ski Club XII: Tennis Club XII. Bayton, Bruce German Club XI, X, XII: Art Club XII: Chemistry Club XI: Sergeant- at-Arms XII. Bell. Linda Softball X, XI, XII: Badminton XII: Homeroom President XI, XII: F.R.l.S.C. XII: ,Iunior Day Committee Xl: Basketball XII. Bernard, Lloyd Basketball X, XI, XII: Varsity Lacrosse X, XI, XII: Chemistry Club XI: Honor Society XI, XII: German Club X. XI: United Nations Club Xl: Yearbook Staff XII: Junior Day Committee XI: Vice President ol' Senior Class XII: Student Government XII. Blackwell, Romina Diane F.R.I.S.C. XII: Chess Club Xl: Tennis Intramurals XI, XII: Modern Language Club XII: Synchronized Swimming XI: Illlodt-ling Club XII: Miss Forest Park Runner-up XI: Editor of Faculty and Administra- tion XII: Pep Squad Xl. XII: Chemistry Club XI: Ski Club XII. Beardley, Milton Class Activities X, XI, XII. Bomar, Wanda Oftice Aides X: Pep Squad XI: Iunior Class Committee Xl: Archery Team XI: Class President XI. Boone. LaVernc 76 Library Club X: Biology Club X. Brewer, ,IoEllen F.T.A. X, XI. XII: Senior Day Committee XII: Yearbook Committee XII. Briscoe, Rosalind Black Student Union XI: Ski Club XII: French Club X: United Na- tions Club X. Brooks, Marguerita Honor Society' Xl. XII: Gospel Choir XI. XII: Editor ut' Senior Por- traits. Brooks, Wendy Coed Chorale XII. Brown, Adrienne Chemistry Club X. Brown, ,lames .lr. Class Activities X, XI, XII. Brown, Patricia Pep Squad XI: Homeroom Treasurer XI: Student Government XI. Brown, Robert ,Iames Class Activities X, XI, XII. Brown, Vanessa Homeroom Treasurer XI: Junior Day Committee XI: Senior Day Committee XII. Bullock, Aletha Renee Badminton X: Class President X: Student Government X: Expanding Horizons XI: Honor Society XII: Modern Dance X: .lunior Day Com- mittee XI: Financial Editor of Yearbook Staff XII: Senior Activities: Student Government XII: Senatorial Page XII: Miss Forest Park Run- ner-up XII. Burgess, China Class Activities X, XI, XII. Burrell, Manuel Class Activities X, Xl, XII. Butler, Hope Biology Club X: Track and Field XI: Gospel Choir XII: Newspaper Reporter XII: Class Historian XII: Coed Chorale. Cahill, Rosalind Cheerleader XII. Campbell, Greg Audio-Visual Crew X, XII: Fresh-Soph Football X: ,I.V. Wrestling XI: .l.V. Lacrosse Xl: Varsity Cross Country Team XI, XII: Varsity Wres- tling xii. Campbell, Leslie ,I.V. Basketball X: .I.V. Football X. Campbell, William Anthony President of Senior Class XII: Homeroom Class President XII, X: Art Editor ot' Yearbook XII: ,l.V. Lacrosse X: Student Government X, XII. Carey, Cornelius Cross Country Track Team X. XI, XII. Varsity Club XII: Track Team X, XII: Wrestling Team X, Xl, XII. Carter, ,Ioyce jones Health Careers Club Xl: Bowling Club XI: Gospel Choir Xl. Carter, Linda Basketball XII: F.T.A. XII: United Nations Club XII: Library Club X. Carter, Margaret Alicia Homeroom Treasurer X: Art Club XII. Carter, Saloma Library Aide X, XII: News Views Club XI: I".R.I.S.C. XII. Chamberlain, Ianet Gospel Choir XII, XI: Yearbook Staff XII. Chaney. Darlene Class Activities X, XI, XII. Chase, Suran Nurse's Aide XI. Clark, Hattie Honor Society XI, XII: Coed Chorale President: Corresponding Secre- tary of Senior Class XII: Gospel Chorus XI, XII: French Club Xl. Clark, Mattie Girls' Tennis Team XI: Girls' Basketball XI: President ol' G.S.A, XII: Homcroom Treasurer XII: Grievance Committee XII: Honor Society XI, XII: President of Gospel Choir. Coates, Towanda Michele President of Homeroom XI: Homeroom Vice President XII: Pep Squad X. Cole, Steven Lamont Fresh-Soph Football X: Wrestling XI, XII: Yearbook Staff XII: Audio-Visual Aid Crew X, XII. Coleman. Angela Newspaper Staff XI, XII. Coleman, Phyllis Badminton Team X: Honor Society XII: Yearbook Senior Activities Editor XII: Secretary of Senior Class XII: Decoration Committee for Senior Inaugural XII: Model Student City Council XII. Coley. Anthony Football X, XII: Lacrosse X, XII: Rifle Club XII: Varsity Club XII. Collins. Crystalle Students for Black Awareness X: Student Government XI, XII: Liter- ary Club XI, XII. Collinx, Sybil Ski Club XI: Pep Squad X: Cheerleader Captain XII: ChicfTypist for Press XII. Cornish, Rowlanda Forest Park Press XII: Coed Chorale XI, XII: I-'.T.A. XI: Literary Club XII: Sounds of Seventies XII: Junior Prom Committee XI. Cox, Cheryl Ira Co-Editor-in-Chief of Forest Park Press XII: Student Government XII: Alternate Senatorial Page XII: Homcroom Treasurer XI: F.R.I.S.C. XII. Cox. Hattie Student Government XII. Crowder, Evella Class Activities X, Xl, XII. Crowder, Janet Class Activities X, XI, XII. Ceaser, Veronica Gospel Choir XII: Pep Squad X: Class Treasurer Xl: Homeroom Vice President X: Yearbook Stall' XII. Curry, Denise Girls' Softball Team X, XI, XII: Girls' Track Team XI, XII: Girls' Baseball XI, XII: Homeroom Class President X: Girls' Badminton XII: F.R.I.S.C. XII: ,Iunior Day Committee XII. IT, 7 Brown, Hamilton Class Activities X, XI, XII. Dailey, Ellis Class Activities X, XI, XII, Dangerfield, Cynthia Student Government XI: President of Nurses Club X, XI: Literary Club XI: Treasurer of Class X. Davis, Wendell Jr, .l.V. Lacrosse X: Cross Country Track Team XI: Varsity Lacrosse XI: Varsity Wrestling. Daniels, Sharon Coed Chorale X, Xl: Art Club X: Drama Club XI: United Nations X. Dargon. Vernice Class Activities X, XI, XII. Dashiell, Kevin Biology Club X: Black Student Union X, XI: I".T.A. XI: Ski Club XI: Chemistry Club XI: College A-go-go X, XI. Davis, Brenda Class Activities X, XI, XII. Davis. Gwendolyn Junior Day Committee XI: Office Aide XI: Pep Squad X: I-lomeroom Class Secretary. W Davis. Jean Carolyn Cheerleader X: Class Activities X, XI. XII, Davis, Michael Lee Ski Club X, XI, XII: Vice President of Homeroom X: I-Iomeroom Class President XI: Coed Chorale X, XI, XII. Dawson, Francine Homeroom President XII: Junior Day Committee XI: Office Aide XII. Demory, Gail - Pep Squad X: Tennis Team XII: Office Aide XII. Demory, Vivian Class Activities X, XI, XII. Dennis. Charmaine P. Majorette X: Cheerleader XI. Dennis. LeRay Class Activities X. XI. XII. Dennis. Myra Class Activities X, XI. XII. Deshazo, Alice M. Class Activities X, XI, XII. Dickerson. Sybil Feature Editor XII: Pep Squad X, XI, XII: Tennis Intramurals XI: Honor Society XII: F.T.A. XI: College A-go-go X, XI, XII: Swimming Intramurals X, XI, Diggs, Lawrence J,V. Football X, XI: Varsity Baseball XI, XII: Newspaper Staff XII: Varsity Club XII. Dismel. Luther J. Class Activities X. XI, XII. Dixon, Jeanette Class Activities X. XI, XII. Dorsey, Brenda Tennis Club XII: Class Activities X, XI, XII, Dorsey, Deborah Homeroom Treasurer X. XI: Office Aide XII: Modern Dancing X2 Baseball X. Dorsey, George Class Activities X. XI, XII. Dow ni ngs, Floresa Class Activities X. XI. XII. Drake. Denise Class Activities X, XI. XII Drayton, Linda Class Activities X. XI, XII Dungee. Brenda Class Activities X, Xl, XII Dunston, Gwendolyn Newsviews Club: Pep Squad: Spanish Club: F.T.A.: Badminton Club: Softball Club: Home Economics Club: I'Iomeroom Vice President XII: Secretary Homeroom XI: Homeroom President X. Dutton, Patricia Girls' Track Team XI. Dyson, Billy German Club X: Pep Squad X, XI: Gospel Choir XI, Easley. Kevin Class Activities X. XI. XII. Edwards, Reginald Class Activities X, XI, XII. Evans. Annette Class Activities X, XI, XII. Evans, Mau rice Baseball X: J.V. Wrestling X, XI, Farrow, Oliver Class Activities X, XI. XII Faulkner, Alease Class Activities X. XI. XII Fenwick. Sheila Class Activities X. XI. XII Fields, Deborah Class Activities X. XI. XII Finch, Larry Class Activities X, XI. XII Fisher. Linda Chemistry Club XI: Literary Club XI: Gospel Choir XI. Fisher, Vivian Basketball XI: Junior Day Committee XI: Class Treasurer XII: Volley- ball Team Xl. Ford. Devora Class Activities X. XI. Ford. Rosalind Modeling Club XII, Ford, Vincent Fresh-Soph Football X. Forrest. Vernon Class Activities X, XI, XII. Fowlkes, Angela Forest Park Student Activity Bank X, XII. Fowlkes. Colleen F, Pep Squad XI, XII: Financial Secretary of Senior Class XII: College Afgo-go. France, Kathleen Class Activities X. XI. XII. Francisco. Deborah Pep Squad X, XI, XII: Class Activities X. XI. XII. Franklin. James Wrestling XII: Football XII: Lacrosse XII. Franze, Vanessa Class Activities X, XI, XII. Frazier, Robert Class Activities X, XI, XII. Fuller. Debra Homeroom Treasurer X, XII: Homeroom President XI. Galloway, Albert Baseball XII: Junior Day Committee XI: Coed Chorale XII. Gainey, Vanessa F.B.L.A. XII: Archery X: Class Activities X. XII. Gamble, Phyllis Class Activities XI. XII. I Garcia. Ernest l Class Activities X. XI. XII. Gaskins. Michael Fresh-Soph Basketball X: Varsity Baseball XI: Varsity Club XII, Gasque, Katherine Basketball Team X, XII: Softball Team XI: Table Tennis X, XII: Track Team XI: F.B.L.A. President XII: Vice President of G.S.A. XII: Tennis Team X: Modern Dancing X, XII: Soccer Intramurals X. Gatewood. Denise Class Activities X, XI. Gest, Terrie Class Activities XI. XII. Gibson, Jacqueline F.R.I.S.C. XII. Giles, Anthony F.R.I.S.C. XI: Chess Club XI, XII: Gospel Choir XII. Gilliam, Gary Class Activities XI, XII. Gilliams. Patricia Class Activities XI, XII, Gingles, Michael Ciass Activities XI, XII. Glenn, Earl Class Activities X, XI, XII. Glenn, Rosa Library Club XI. Goburn, Claudia Pep Squad X: F.B.I...A. XII. Gomez, Anthony Class Activities XI, XII. Gray. Joseph Class Activities XI, XII. Gray. Margaret Class Activities X, XI, XII: Gospel Choir XI, XII: Bowling Club XII. Green, Carolyn Class Activities X, XI, XII. Greene, Linda Class Activities X. XI, XII. Greene, Joseph I77 Ski Club XI, XII: Class Activities X, XI. XII. Grifbn, Cheyenne Class Activities X, XI, XII. Hall, Bobby L. Cross Country J.V. X: Track J.V. X: Stage Crew XI, XII: B.S.U. XII: Homeroom President XI, XII: J.V. Baseball XI: Mgr. ol' Fresh-Soph X. Hall, Sharon Class Activities X, XI, XII. Hamm, Lloyd Baseball, Swimming Teams X: Coed Chorale XII. Hancock. Joyce F.B.L.A. X, XI, XII. Hanna, Sheila Class Activities X, XI, XII. Hans. Anthony Class Activities X. XI, XII. Harper, Michelle Class Activities X, XI, XII. Harriday, Charles Fresh-Soph Football X: J.V. Wrestling X, XI: Varsity Wrestling XI, XII: Varsity Club XII: Chemistry Club XI: Tennis Club XII: Weight Lifting Club XII. Harrington, Angela Coed: Gospel Chorus: Superbs: Student Government XII. Harris, Merle Everett School Band X, XI, XII: Stage Band XI, XII: All City Band XII: Chess Club X, XII: Biology Club X, XI: Varsity Football Mgr. XI, XII: Varsity Basketball Mgr. XII: Varsity Club XII: Chemistry Club XI, XII: Club Council XII: Audio-Visual Crew X, XI, XII: Yearbook Staff XI, XII: Student Cabinet XII: Morning Exercises XI, XII: Ten- nis Club XII: Assembly Marshal XII. Harris, June Librarian Aide X, XI, XII: Gospel Choir XI, XII: Biology Club X. Harris, Yvonne Pep Squad XII. Harvey, William B.S.U. XII: Senior Class Officer: Financial Committee XII: Jr. Day Committee XI: Varsity Basketball Mgr. XI, XII: Yearbook Staff XII: Modeling Club XII: Foreign Language Club Xl: Art Club X: Mgr. of Girls' Basketball Team XI. Harvin, Raymond Homeroom President XI, XII. Hawkins, Lillie Class Activities X, XI, XII. Hawkins, Wanda Co-Captain of Cheerleaders XI, XII: Homeroom Treasurer XII: Mod- eling Club XII. Hayes. Carolyn Gospel Chorus XII. Hayes, Stephanie Volleyball X: Gospel Choir XI, XII: Computer Math XII. Heggie, Mary Modern Dance X: Secretary of Homeroom Class X, XI. Henderson. Claudette Gospel Choir, Coed Chorale XII: Pep Squad XI, XII: Spanish Club XI. XII. Hicks. Jacqueline Class Activities X. XI, XII. 78 Hill, Joan National Honor Society X, XI, XII: B.S.U. XI, XII: Student Govern ment XI, XII: F.T.A. XI, XII: Literary Club XI, XII. Hillard, Pearl Class Activities X, XI, XII. Hiller, Denise Basketball. Modern Dance X: Volleyball XI: Computer XI: Gospel Choir XI, XII: Modeling Club XII. Hines, Cathy Modern Dance XI. Hogan, Portia Class Representative XII. Holcomb, Yvonne Class Activities X, XI. XII. Holland, Gregory Class Activities X, XI, XII. Holland, Marguerite Class Activities X. XI, XII. Holiday, Yvonne Class Activities X, XI, XII. Holman, Elroy Basketball Fresh-Soph X: Varsity Basketball XI. Hopkins, Francis Class Activities X, XI, XII. Howard, Harold College A-go-go X. Howard, Jessica Class Activities X, XI, XII. Howard, Phillip Class Activities X, XI, XII. Howell, Brenda Class Activities X, XI, XII. Hughes. Denise Pep Squad X, XI, XII: Library Aide XI: Gospel Choir XII. Ingram, Terry Class Activities X. Xl, XII. Jackson, Marie Biology Club X, XI: F.B.L.A. XI. XII. Jackson, Pamela Ski Club: Homeroom President: Fashion Club XII: Pcp Squad XI. Jackson, Dorressa Class Activities X. XI. XII. James, Samuel Class Activities X, XI, XII. Jessup, Erich B.S,U. X, XI, XII: Art Club XI, XII. Johns. Farley Class Activities X, XI, XII. Johnson, Examina Class Activities X. XI, XII. Johnson, Jacqueline B. United Nations X: Office Aide Xl: I",T.A. XII: Ski Club XI: English Dept. Aide XII: Soph, Homeroom Treasurer. Johnson, Jacqueline P. Modeling Club XII1 Yearbook Staff XII: Math Club XII: Badminton, Modern Dance, G.S.A. X: Gospel Choir XI, XII: Pep Squad XI. Johnson, Reginald Class Activities X, XI, XII. Johnson, Vanessa Gospel Choir XII: Homeroom Secretary XI Basketball Tf-am X Bowling Team XI. Johnson, Vincent Class Activities X, XI, XII. Johnson. William Cross Country J.V. X, Xl. XII. Jones. Angela F,R,I.S.C. XII. Jones, Carolyn Xl, XII: Rifle Varsity X Xl XII Track 1 V X Class Activities X, XI, XII. Jones, Corinthia Class Activities X, XI. XII. Jones, Equilla Homeroom President Jones, Geraldine Yearbook. Bed Cross Jones. Lester X. X: Track Team XI. J.V. Football Xl: Varsity Football XII. Jones, Starlene Pep Squad X, XI: Cla Jones. Thelma Library Aide X: Germ ss Representative XII XI, XII: Vice President of Soph., Jr. Class, FT A XI Jr Prom Com mittee XI: Club Council XII: Sound of the Seventies XII Joyner. Rosa D. Class Activities X, XI, XII. Joyner, Rosa F. Class Activities X, XI, XII. Keene, Carole Class Activities X, XI, XII. Kelly. Carl Varsity Football X. XI: Varsity Basketball X XI Lane, Steven President of Statewide Distributive Ed. XII. Lansdowne, Roslyn Yearbook XII: Senior Day Committee XII: Home Economics Club XII. Laster, Herbert Class Activities X, XI, XII. Lawrence, Melvin Wrestling XII. Lawson, Jeanette G.S.A. X, XI, XII: National Honor Society, Skt Club Xl XII Prnt dent of Homeroom X, XI: President of Soph Class President of Phy sicians Club, Badminton, Softball Team X President of Jr Class F,R.I.S.C., Mgr. Boys' Gymnastics Club XI: O ment, Tennis Team, J.V. Basketball, Mgr Boys Varsltv Lacrosse Mgr. Boys' Varsity Football Mgr Boys La crosse, Mgr. Boys' Varsity Wrestling XII. Lawson: Jerry Class Activities X, XI, Lee. Josephine XII. Pep Squad XI: Cheerleader XII. ' Lee, Michael an Club XI: National Honor Society President ffice Aide X, XI: President of Student Govcrn Band X, XI. XII. Lee, Michael Coed X, XI, XII: Homeroom President Xl: Homeroom Vice Presi- dent, Homeroom Treasurer XII: Yearbook Staff XII: Ski Club XII: Gospel Choir XI, XII: U.N. Biology Club X: Vice President of Coed. Lee, Marlene Pep Squad XI: Cheerleader XII. Leeper, Frederick Class Activities X, XI, XII. Leonard, Marsha Class Activities X, XI, XII. Lewis, Evelyn Bowling Team, Table Tennis, Track XI: Ski Club, Skating, Fashion Clubs, Gospel Choir XII. Linton, Brenda F,T.A. XII: Honor Society XII. Little, Denise Black Student Union XI. Lloyd, Linda Modern Dance X. Logan, Victoria Class Activities X, XI, XII. Lyell, James J.V. Wrestling X, XI, XII: Coed Chorale, Yearbook Staff, Varsity Club XI. XII: Class President, J.V. Cross Country XI: Modeling Club, Christmas Program, Senator of Senior Class XII. McBride, Shirley Library Club XI, XII. McCain, Alvin Class Activities X, XI, XII, McCracken, Deborah Class President X: Jr. Day Committee XI: Class Treasurer XII. McCullers, Marian Badminton Team XII. McDaniel, Bernard Class Activities X, XI, XII. McDonald, Charles Varsity Football, Varsity Baseball, Varsity Basketball, Varsity Club X, Xl, XII: F.R.I.S.C., Senior Class Officer XII. McDonald, Gail Forest Park Press XII, McKenney, Brenda Modern Dance X: Jr. Day Committee XI: Miss Forest Park, Modeling Club, Homeroom Class President. Yearbook Staff. F.R.l.S,C.. Busi- ness Office Aide XII. McKoy, Mary Coed Chorale, Basketball Team XII. McLain, Avon Class Activities X, XI, XII, McLean, Earnestine Pep Squad X, XI: Class Representative XI. McNair, Dwight Varsity Basketball XI, XII. McNeal, Barbara Class Activities X, Xl, XII. McQueen, Maryann Class Activities X, XI, XII. Macer. Michelle Class Activities X. XI, XII. Mack, Gerleane Coed Chorale XI. Malone, Pamela Homeroom Treasurer, Jr. Day Committee XI: Homeroom Treasurer Office Aide XII. Manns, Sheila Class Activities X, XI, XII. Marshall, Donna German Club X: Pep Squad X. XI, XII: Gospel Choir, Newspaper XII. Marshall, Jacqueline Class Activities X, XI, XII. Matthie, Mercy Yearbook Staff XII. Middleton, Sheila Jr. Day Committee XI: Pep Squad X: Class Treasurer XII. Miles, Janice Class President X: Ir. Day Committee XI: Student Government XII, Miller, Regina Class Activities X, XI, XII. Minor, Donald Wrestling XII: Baseball XI. Mitchell, Gail Class Activities X, XI, XII. Monroe, Linda Class Activities X, XI, XII. Monroe, Stewart ,I,V. Football, J.V, Basketball X: Varsity Football. Varsity Lacrosse Xl, XII: Varsity Basketball, United Nations, Varsity Club XI: F.B.I.S.C., Mgr. Varsity Basketball, President of Varsity Club, Cabi- net Member, Assembly Marshal, Senior Class Treasurer, Yearbook Slafl' XII, Moore, Glenda Pep Squad, Homeroom President, Modern Dance X: Cheerleader XI: Basketball, Track XI, XII: Archery XII, Moore, Helena Class Activities X, XI, XII. Moore, Joseph J.V. Basketball X, XI. Moore, Nicholas Class Activities X, XI, XII. Morgan, Frances Modern Dance, Track X: Bowling, Volleyball Teams XI: Gospel Choir XII. Muse, Denise Curriculum Advisory Committee X, XI: Expanding Horizons XI: Stu- dent Government XII: Grievance Committee XII: Gospel Choir XI, XII: Volleyball Team X. Muse, Michael Varsity Club XII: Golf Club XII, Neal, Pauline Homeroom Secretary. Softball Team XI: Yearbook Staff. Senior Day Committee, Bowling Team, Senior Activities XII. Nelson, Denise Class Treasurer X: Coed Chorale XII. Nelson, Richard Stage Crew X: Art Club XI. Nicholson, Peggy Pep Squad XII. Norman, Gloria Class Activities Odoms, Darlene Class Activities Oarham, lanice Class Activities Oliver, Charlene Modern Dance, Opher, Richard Class Activities Owens, Doretha Class Activities Owens, Patricia Class Activities Owens, Stanley Class Activities Palmer, Deborah X, XI, XII. X, XI, XII. X, Xl, XII. Softball Team X: Newspaper XI: Yearbook Staff XII. X, XI, XII. X, XI, XII. X, XI, XII. X, XI, XII. Vice President X, XI, XII. Palmer, Michelle F.R.I.S.C., Homeroom President, Modeling Club XII, Parker, Angela Class Activities Parrot, Mirdis Class Activities Parks, Lorna X, XI, XII. X, XI, XII, Principle Committee for Revising Class Program, F.R.I.S,C., Class Treasurer X, XI: Vice President of Homeroom, Swimming Team. Of- ficials Club XI: Office Aide X, XI. XII: G.S.A., Student Government, Badminton Team, Volleyball Team, Mgr. of Boys' Varsity Lacrosse XI, XII: Vice President of I",R,I.S,C., Student Government Treasurer Mgr, of Boys' Varsity Football XII, Patterson, ,Iacquel Health Careers ine Club, Bowling Team XI: Archery XII. Patterson, Vanessa F.R.I.S.C., Guidance Aide X, XI. XII: Honor Society Xl. XII. Paylor, Rose Class Activities Pearson, Juanita Class Activities Peay. Janice Class Activities Peck, Ellen Class Activities Peele, Marilyn Student Govern Perkins, Marcia Class Activities Perkins, Ralph Class Activities Peters, Dorida Modern Dance Phillips, Charles Class Activities X. XI, XII. X, XI, XII. X. XI, XII, X, XI, XII. ment Secretary, Honor Society XII. X, XI, XII. X, Xl, XII. x, Class Treasurer Xin. X, XI, XII. I79 Pinder, Maria Black Student Union X, XI, XII. Pinkney. Wesley Class President X, XI. Pitts, Della Health Career, Bowling Team XI, Badminton T1-am, Gospel Choir. I-Iealth Aide XII. Pope. Linda Class Activities X. XI. XII. Powell, Charlem- Pep Squad, Jr. Prom Queen XI, Gospel Choir XII, Price. Debra Class Activities X, XI, XII. Prescott, Leonard Soph. Football X, Modeling Club XII. Pulley, Manuel School Band, Stage Band, Varsity Track Team X. XI, XII, Varsity Club, Ski Club, All City Band XII, Pumphrey, Stewart Audio-Visual X, Spanish Club X, XI, Weight Lifting Club XI, Tennis Team Xl, XII, Yearbook Staff, Assembly Marshal, Class Sergeant-ab Arms, Benny and Button Committee XII. Putty, Rosalind Class Activities X, XI, XII. Queen, Shelia Class Activities X, XI, XII. Randolph, Michael Class Activities,X, XI. XII. Ramsey, Alonzo Stage Crew XI, XII. Ransom, Ronald Class Activities X, XI, XII. Ray, Phyliss Class Activities X, XI, XII. Reed, Sallie Class Activities X. XI, XII. Reid, Vernon German Club X, XI, Homeroom Vice President XI, Homeroom Rep- resentative X, XII, Chemistry Club Xl, Varsity Wrestling, Varsity Tennis Teams, Mgr. Football, Chess Club XII, Varsity Club. AF,R.I.S.C., Homeroom President XII. Rice, Howard Varsity Track, Varsity Football X, XI. XII, ,I.V. Wrestling X, XI, Var' sity Club XI, XII, F.R.I.S.C. Sergeant-at-Arms XII. Rice. Paula Pep Squad X, Softball and Tennis Team XI, F.T.A., Sr. Committee. Yearbook Staff XII. Richardson, Delancey , ,I.V. Football XI, Varsity Cross Country, Rifle Team XII. Ringgold, Rona Newspaper Staff XI, XII, Homeroom President XII. Roane, Ronald I.V, Swimming, ,I.V. Track Xl, Varsity Cross Country. Varsity Swim, ming, Coed Chorale XII. Robinson, Alphonso Class Activities X, XI, XII. Robinson, Denard Softball X: Class Activities X, XI, XII. 0 Robinson, Marvin Class Activities X, XI. XII. Rogers, Kevin Student Conductor of Coed Chorale, Social Studies Dept. Aide, Ser- geant-at-Arms, Gospel Choir XII. Ross, Doris Pep Squad X, XII, Yearbook X, Student Government Xl, Coed Cho- rale, Gospel Choir XI, XII. Saunders, Betty F.T,A. XII, Bowling Club XI, XII, F.B,L.A. XII, Literary Cluli XII, Badminton Club XI. Saunders, Esther Director of Gospel Choir XII, Coed Chorale XI, XII. Sayles, Bonita Class Activities XI, XII. Schiller, Cynthia Class Activities XI, XII. Scott. Daisy Pep Squad XI, XII, Scott, Sheila Home Economics Club XI, Yearbook Staff XII. Scott, Shelly Class Activities XI, XII. Senft. Irene Class Activities XI, XII. Sessomes, Ella Class Activities XI, XII. Shannon, Linda Badminton XI, Basketball Club X. Shannon, Teddy Class Activities X, XI. XII, Shaw, Veduies Homeroom President X, Cheerleader XI, Gospel Choir XII, Homes room Vice President XII, ,lunior Day Committee Xl. Shelton, Warren Class Activities Xl, XII. Sheppard, Erwin Wayne Varsity Club XII, Golf X, XI, XII. Shields, Adrian Cross Country Track Team X, Xl, XII, Wrestling XI, Varsity Club XII. Schoultz, Marcia Class Activities XI, XII. Smith, Brenda Class Activities XI, XII. Smith. Carol 1 German Club X, XII, Tennis Team XII, Girls' Track Team X. Smith, Eleanor Newspaper StaffXI, Coed Chorale X. XI, United Nations X, Art Club X, Drama Club XII. Smith, James Fresh-Soph Football X, ,I.V. Basketball XI, Homeroom Presidcnt XI, XII. Smith, ,Iudy Class Activities X, XI, XII. Smith, Linda Class Activities X, XI, XII. Smith, Margaret Class Activities X, XI, XII. Smith, Rogers Class Activities X, XI, XII. Smith, Ronald Fresh-Soph Football X, Audio-Visual Club X, XI, XII, Lacrosse XI, XII, Wrestling XI, XII, Weight Lifting XI. Snowden Michele Homeroom President X3 Student Government Xl. Spears, Marcia Gospel Choir Xl, XII, Softball Team X, Homeroom Secretary X: Li- brary Club XI, junior Day Committee: Honor Society XII: F.R.I.S.C. XII. Spence, Denise Class Activities XI, XII. Spencer, Michael Cross Country Track Team XI, XII, Stage Crew XI, XII, Gospel Choir XI, XII, Varsity Basketball Mgr. XII, Literary Club X. Stanley, Cameron Class Activities X, XI, XII. Stevens, Beatrice Class Activities X, XI, XII. Stewart, Hollis Class Activities X, XI, XII. Stuart, Sherry Coed Chorale XII: Track Team X, XI, Strickland, Katherine Class Activities X, XI, XII. Tabron. Annette Class Activities X, XI, XII, Pep Squad, Majoretttws. Taylor, Shirley Class Activities X, XI, XII. Taylor, Valerie Class Activities X, XI, XII. Thomas, Nathan Class Activities X, XI, XII. Thomas, Randolph Modeling Club XII, Thomas, Roy J.V. Lacrosse X, Newspaper Staff XII. Thy 0ula'n't Handle 15. . . BRENDA J. ALLEN, ARLEEN ANDERSON, TONY ANDERSON, HORACE ARNOLD, WILLIAM ASHFORD, BARBARA BELL, LAVERNE BOONE, EARTHA BOWLE, LINDA BROOKS, CASSANDRA BROWN, JAMES BROWN, ROBERT B. BROWN, JOHN BROWNLY, BEVERLY BURRELL, TONY BURRELL, TONI BURTON, YVONNE CRABS, CORNELIUS CAREY, ANTHONY COLEY, ELLIS DAILEY, PHYLLIS DARDEN, MALENDA DAVIS, ROBERT DAVIS, WENDELL DAVIS, FRED DEMORY, TIMO- THY DENT, SYLVIA DIGGS, DOROTHY DONALDSON, RATHELLE DUKE, BEVERLY EADDY, WILLIAM EDISON, GREGORY EVANS, MONICA FANT, BRAVETTE FLEET, BEVERLY FULLMORE, MARY E. GAINEY, VANESSA GAINEY, ODESSA GANT, ROSETTA GLOWN, JOHN GREEN, SHIRLEY GREEN, YVONNE GRIFFIN, JOHNNY F. GROOMES, GREGORY HATCHETT, JUNE HARRIS, AARON HICKS, PEARL HILLARD, DEBORA L. HOLLY, GLENN JENNINGS, CHARLES JOHNS, CAROLYN JOHNSON, CEDRIC JOHNSON, LONNIE JOHNSON, JOYCE JONES, LESTER JONES, JERRY LAWSON, ANTOINETTE LI- NARES, DENISE LOGAN, VERNELL LINK, DWIGHT MCNAIR, LINDA MILES, FRANK LOGAN, FRANCES MORGAN, PAULA OWENS, CHARLES PHILLIPS, NARVEL W. PINKNEY, SHEILA QUEEN, EDWARD QUICK, JEANETTE RAY, ROBERT REED, SHEILA ROANE, DAVID ROBINSON, LUEDEAN SCOTT, TYRONE SCOTT, ROBERT SIMMONS, CYNTHIA SMITH, NARVEL SMITH, ELLIS SPRUELL, PHILLIP STANCIL, KATHRYN STEWARD, VANESSA STUCKEY, JULIAN THOMAS, REGINALD THOMPSON, JOHN TINDULL, MELVIN TRUSTY,,RONALD VAN HOOK, REGINALD VAUGHN, 'GEORGE WADDELL, RICH- ARD WALKER, WILLIAM WALLACE, PATSY WASHINGTON, BELINDA WHITE, GLENN WHITE, JAY WILDS, KENNETH WILSON, JILL WOODS, DUANE WOULDRIDGE, ANTHONY WRIGHT, RODNEY WRIGHT I K NO PHOTO AVAILABLE -Q 'Ninn-qu, X Q 181 .-i Q? .QQXi f'fi5 Lo7lnU'1 T HY Exp? v ff, nl I .1 , I Vg I 'ov-fSe,m09' wg, X uw A , AC- ! 1 . 0" -1' Senior Class jqcers Ist Row: QL-RD William Campbell - President, Phyliss. Coleman - Corr. Secretary, William Harvey -M Sgt.-at-Arms, Colleen Fowlkes ,- Financial Secretary, Lloyd Bernard - Vice-President 2nd Row: fL-RJ Stewart Pumphrey - Sgt.-at-Arms, Stewart Monroe - Treasurer, Bruce Bayton i Sgt.-at-Arms, Hope Butler - Historian, Hattie Clark - Recording Secretary, James Lyell - Senator, Milton Allen - Senator, Charles McDonald - Sgt.-at-Arms Chosen F or: Scholastic bilizgf, Personaliiy, Ana' Leadersh 119 184 ur Advisors Dear Seniors, The hour has finally arrived when you will bid Forest Park High goodbye. Through much "blood, sweat and tearsf' you have endured. As you pursue your many chosen fields, opportunities will avail themselves to you in a-reas never before dreamed of. Be prepared, academically, physically and mentally to accept the many challenges that will come your way. ' So-long and Good Luck, Fleming .lones Finairteiul Adzrisor Dear Graduates of 1971, The advisorship during the last three years of the Class of 1971 has been a stimulating and rewarding experience. Best wishes for a successful future for all members are uppermost in my thoughts and dreams for you. Sincerely yours, e 4511 Leonard Paul Class Advisor Thgf Want T0 Thank 5 For Lettmg Them e Themselves Again g4 The Queen CHARLENE POWELL And Her Court At The junior Prom Cake Ana' C0107 Day x ,LJ 5 wg., 1 -' 'S 7 Mod ii il ii Came? l Day cz Day 9 ,,. 4. 15 Q HS 3 wwf 4 1 ,, .i ,vw 14. ' AVA:-lx iighsw in Ilmmrr. mix. ,I 1 W wg A U ,. K in it ini WWW T Lf ,, ' , ' I. , -ALM ig , Ax 1. Vy,Qy.g,l Q, ., v fv H, , Sy.. 4 ,Zi VB, . 4 Q I V A A K Aj Y ,Q ' 4 v A f Q . 'j W gf M .+L iffy g, Qyiks . 'ifdsik xv In 1' ql X Sf X WILLIAM CAMPBELL ALETHA BULLOCK DIANE BLACKWELL Yearbook -T. , -"1'k.J1 LINDA ANDERSON PHYLISS COLEMAN A Q I f ,-f' XF .Q dw' A MERLE HARRIS MILTON ALLEN Edil0f-ill-Chkf C0-Editor-in-Chifjf I E ditors A MARGUERITA BROOKS STEWART PUMPHREY JACKIE JOHNSON MARSHA BUTLER SYBIL DICKERSON Lf. - I 11 We The Class Of 371, Being Uf Sonna' llflinel Ana' Boa'y,t Herehy Leaoe The Following Items As M ilestones Of Oar High School Career For This Is Oar . . . Last Wi'll Ana' Testament: Mr. Michael we leave some Afro-Sheen comb easy. To Mrs. Mapes we leave a schedule change. To Mr. Merritt we leave a suspension slip. To Mr. Minster we leave some "No-Dozf' To Mrs. Blow we leave a flute. To Mr. Dugger we leave an "America - Love lt Or Leave ltw bumper sticker. To Miss Hicks we leave "Una Haranjadaf' To Mr. Schwartz we leave an electric football set. To Mr. Paul we leave a jokebook. To Miss Levinson we leave some common sense. To Mrs. Street we leave a traffic light. To Mr. Hamlin we leave a better band. To Mr. Johnson we leave a Volkswagen. To Miss Schram we leave a jump suit. To Miss Reddick we leave an iron cross. To Mr. and Mrs. Broshnahan we leave an Almond Joy fto share half and still have a wholej. To Mr. Tewey we leave a copy of "The Last Poets." To Mr. ,lames we leave "Old Foresterf' To Mr. Runk we leave a copy of "My Little Reel Story Boolff' To Mr. Rosendale we leave a whole new wardrobe. To Mr. Schultz we leave an erector set. To Mrs. Schultz we leave a "Funk and Wagnalf' To Mrs. Glascoe we leave a smile. To Mr. Levin we leave an atom-smasher. To Mr. Potocki we leave a zoo. To Mr. Fishbein we leave some bait. To Mr. Zolet we leave a "Jack LaLanne Exercise Bookf' To Mr. Morrison we leave a ticket to go see i'Gorilla Monsoonf' To Mr. Smalley we leave a wading pool. To Miss lvey we leave a straightening comb. To Miss Johnson we leave a pair of lack Pureells. To Miss Pietrusky we leave a bowling ball. To Mr. Shewell we leave a typewriter that works. To Mrs. Humprcy we leave a copy of "The Cat in the Half' To Mrs. Murphy we leave a Moms Mabley album. To the nurse we leave a Red Cross. To the janitors we leave a job at Gino's. To the cafeteria staff we leave an antidote. 19 And to the Class of 772 Cllweety-Birdj we leave Sylvester the Cat. 94- 29th ANNIVERSARY MTW' 1 . t.:.sIa.sK1.ANe m.I.s: IH. f BKPTEMHK 22. 1918 JG!!! 4. 3042 VE HIS LIFE FOR HIS COUNTRY ON JUNE 4. I942 IN THE BATTLE OF MIDWAY '1sg..,,, ...A+ ,-nu THE ENSIGN C. MARKLAND KELLY, JR. MEMORIAL Pos'r QH74 of the AMERICAN LEGION was formed in his honor, to perpetuate his name and keep alive the AMERICAN ideals for which he so willingly gave his life. 52? To this end the Ensign C. Markland Kelly, jr. Memorial Post 44174 has been active in many programs and activities, a few of which are listed below. 0 American Flag-Educational programs for flag etiquette and American Flags presented to Boy and Girl Scout Troops. Athletics-Junior baseball, basketball and lacrosse teams sponsored. Lacrosse trophies for High Schools and Colleges. A baseball field is maintained in the Northwood area. Annual Sports Award presented to an outstanding coach in the State of Maryland. Baltimore City Zoo-Gifts of C115 Polar bears, jenny the elephant and most recently the Sardinian donkeys, Ginger Bread and Cup- cake. Boys and Girls State-481 High School juniors each year sponsored. Boy Scouts-Oyer 18,000 Boy Scout calendars presented annually to schools, troops and Cub Packs. Essay and Oratorical Contests-Sponsoring contests in all schools interested. ACTIVE SUPPORTER OF ANNUAL AWARDS PRESENTATION TO BALTIMORE AREA RECIPIENTS O Open Shutter- Maintain film library for "shut-in" institutions as well as providing live entertainment and refreshments as occasion arises. 0 Scholarships - McDonogh School and Baltimore College of Commerce. O Memorial Services-Open to the public, each year a Memorial Day Service is held at Loudon Park Cemetery on May 30th for all who have made the supreme sacrifice for their country. Watch for announcement in the papers. Since its inception, the Post has been interested in the community, and many things have been done to promote its welfare. Special credit should be given to the ENSIGN C. MARKLAND KELLY, IR. MEMORIAL FOUNDATION, INC. for their financial assistance. The result-many of the programs are a reality rather than a dream. SEGALL-MAJ E STIC, INC PHOTOGRAPHERS 9llNr+hChl S+ + BI+ M yl dzuzol IN MEMORIAM KEEL SILBERT ALMA BALL DEBORAH JONES CLINTON ROBINSON ESTELLE BUTLER CARDS-GIFTS AND NOVELTIES 664-91 I8 QUALITY SERVICE TAILORING Congra'I'ula'Iions and Besl Wisl1es IIIILIBIIINII PRESWG f x nu nun I I L ALTERATIONS Io My Dauglnfer 4.3, -.,.........- ALJAE'S I HOUR CLEANERS ALL WORK DONE IN OUR OWN PLANT Plan'I': 2800 W. Norfh Ave.-WI 7-9584 Sforez I509 Bloomingdale Rd.-WI 5-9765 RAY KING -:- Proprieiors -:- JAMES E. COOPER Ballimore, Maryland 2I2I6 ALETHA RENEE BU LLOCK From MR. AND MRS. ROBERT H. STEELE BLACK and PROUD is BEAUTIFUL BLACK, and on sI'uff AIN'T, We musl' begin Io RESPECT ourselves. B.S.U. Complimenis of HERBERT E. NUTTER FUNERAL HOME "A SERVICE WHICH INSPIRES CONFIDENCE" Residence and Office 3035-37 W. Nor'I'l1 Avenue Bal+imore, Md. 2I2I6 Complimenis of KENNETH H. LAW FUNERAL CHAPELS Mahon Tellingfon-Manager 4609-II Park Heighfs Avenue 542-I900 Complimenls of WALBROOK BARBER SHOP S. Taylor, E. Pears and L. Talley, Prop. I802 N. Longwood Sfreef 566-4743 Complimenls of EBONY RECORDS SHOP 3429 CIif+on Avenue 566-3746 To 'Ihe Class of I97I From WILLIAM IANDYI CAMPBELL CongraI'uIaI'ions Gradua'Ies of " I97 I " Congrafulafions Io Ihe Class of I97I From THE VARSITY CLUB J. JENKINS INC. OFFICIAL MANUFACTURERS Besi of Luck in Ihe FuI'ure BENJAMIN G. GORDON, D.D.S. 4308 Liberiy Heighfs Avenue 664-4460 Foresl' Park High School Rings 660I Whi+e Sfone Road CE 3-6I88 TROPHIES-PROM FAVORS-LAWARDS To 'Ihe Class of I97I BesI' of Luck in 'rhe Fu+ure DR. VERNON PENNINGTON OpI'ome'Iris'I Complimenfs of 'Ihe DOG 81 CAT HOSPITAL DR. F. WM. SPRANKLIN DR. J. WM. SPRANKLIN JR. 3020 Garrison Blvd. Baliimore, Maryland 2I2I6 542-7426 or 542-258 I DONNA MARSHALL DENISE HUGHES LARRY S. DIGGS THELMA JONES LINDA ANDERSON ALICE DESHAZO THEODIS WARNICK ANTHONY HANS 4 4' The Forest Park 4+ "'6- I 15 fi, CID 'cf' 1!f9fql't 2 5 ggi "gIGj' o Ll: ln' fs . A-ml' , . 4 I QF RHODESIA WADE ROWLANDA CORNISH CYNTHIA THOMPSON JOANN LOGAN ROY THOMAS REGINALD VAUGHN JACOUELINE JOHNSON PERRY WAINWRIGHT SYBIL COLLINS RANDOLPH THOMAS GAIL McDONALD ANGELA COLEMAN MARIA SPEARS HOPE BUTLER RONA RINGGOLD MATWAIA WASHINGTON CHERYL COX J. R. JOHNSON. ADVISOR 197 Mrs. Alston Alvin and Donna Mr. Hiram Ammons Anette Anderson Marion Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Bonnie Archable Mrs. Frances Babb Mr. and Mrs. Bailey Mrs. Grace Ball Mr. and Mrs. Louis Ball Rev. Daniel Ball Mrs. Carole Baney Mr. William Banks Mr. Alfred Barnes Mrs. Blanche D. Beckham Willie Bennett Beatrice Berry Miss Gwendolyn E. Biddle Mrs. Dorothy A. Blackwell Inez Blackstone Mr. Richard Blackwell Mrs. Ruth Blackwell Miss Donna Boardley Mr. and Mrs. Percy Boardley Mrs. Eva Bond William Issac Bond Mr. Ivan D. Bond Miss Darlene Bradley Mrs. Dorothy Braxton Miss Loretta Brandon Mrs. John M. Brewer Mrs. Amelia Brooks Denise Brooks Mrs. Geraldine Brooks Mrs. Katie Brooks Mrs. Virginia Brooks The Pride Brothers Mr. and Mrs. Wilbert D. Broussard Creola Bronson Mrs. Gertrude 'D. Brown Helen Brown Mr. and Mrs. Larry Brown Mary Brown Mr. Sam Brown Mrs. Gwendolyn Bruce Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Mr. and Mrs. Byrd John Buie Mrs. Josephine Bullock and family Aletha Bullock Mr. Frank Burgess Mrs. Mildred Burgess Mrs. Marguerite Burhanan Miss Hope Butler Mrs. Estelle Butler Melonie Burke Rosemary Barber Brenda E. Campbell Dawn E. Crawford Miss Doris A. Campbell Mrs. Mary Carroll Ronald Belany The Arktone G.S. Mrs. Mary Carroll Miss Alice Mae Carr Earl Carter Carter's Grocery Store Mrs. Etta Carter Rev. and Mrs. Leo K. Ceasar Ella Mae Chamblain Miss Stephanie Chapman Brenda Chavis Evelyn Chavis Mr. Larry Chambers 98 Patrons Madeleine Chavis Mrs. Barbara Christian Katherline Crowder Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Clark Beatrice Cubb Consuela Cox Irene Crawford Leonard H. Crawford Sr. Dennis Monroe Cunningham Mr. and Mrs. Elzie Curry Mr. and Mrs. Robert Curry Diane Coates Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Coates Mr. Wilbur V. Coates Jr. Mr. and Mrs. James Cofield Barbara Coleman Evelyn Coleman Maude Coleman Mr. and Mrs. Wm. B. Coleman Christine Collier Reginald Collins Mrs. Peggy Collins Mr. and Mrs. Freeman M. Comp Mrs. Alice Cook Mrs. Anna Cooper Therman Cooper Clarence Conyers Eleanor M. Conyers James Lee Conyers Mr. Robert Congeys Mrs. Kathleen Cornish Mrs. Rowland Cornish Jr. Louis F. D'Adarno Miss Laura D'anna Nellis Dallis Mr. Clinton Franklin Dashiell Mrs. Pearl L. Dashiell Kevin Jerome Dashiell Mrs. Deloris Davis Irma V. Davis Russell F. Davis Mrs. Grace Day "D Dv my daughter Mr. and Mrs. Edward Dennis Mr. Dent Mr. and Mrs. Thomas DeVan Mr. and Mrs. Lester Dews Mr. and Mrs. DeShazo Mr. and Mrs. Verness DeShazo Mr. and Mrs. Carroll H. Dent Mrs. Blanche Dawson Harold Dickerson Joyce C. Dickerson Mr. and Mrs. James Dingle Mrs. Julia Dingle Donald and Yvonne Mrs. Shirley Dorsey Mrs. Juanita A. Doctry Mr. and Mrs. Milton A. Dugger S Mrs. Janett Duncan Mrs. Eunice Dyson Mr. Matthews Edwards Mrs. Rebecca Edwards Miss Verleen Ellison Mr. Thomas S. English Stephen Barry P. Epps Richard C. Eure Ester M. Euseary Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Farrow Mrs. Corietha Ferebee Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Ferrell Mrs. Flossie Ford Mrs. Geneva Ford Mr. Raymond E. Fields T. Mr. and Mrs. Warren Finch Mr. James Finney Mr. Theophilus Finney Mr. Elmer Fisher Sr. Mrs. Margaret Fisher Vanessa L. Franze Mr. and Mrs. William L. Franze Irene Fuller Debra Fuller and Larry Burrows Doris Forrester Mrs. Audrey R. Ford Miss Sonja M. Ford Mrs. Melvina D. Fowlkes Mr. William Fowlkes Mrs. Alease Garrison Miss Janet Gaskins Miss Patricia Gaskins Mr. Willie Gavins Mrs. Marian Gibbs Mrs. Siner Gibbs Mrs. Irene Gibson Mrs. Rosa Gladden Mr. Glascoe Gregory M. Glenn Mrs. Helen Goodwin Flossie A. Gordon Mrs. Vestilla Gore Mrs. Mary Gregory Mr. Clinton Green Jr. Mrs. Christine Green James Green Mrs. Rosa Lee Green Mrs. Mary R. Green and family Stephan Green Veta Grieg Danny and Duane Griffin Miss Tonda Griffin Mr. John D. Griffin Sr. Lillian Griffin Frederick M. Gross Mr. and Mrs. Theodore E. Gross M 81 B Grocery Mrs. Pauline Gunther Mrs. Lillie Hagler Mr. and Mrs. Winston Hall Mrs. Sadie Hamlett Mr. David Michael Hamm Vivian and Bobby Hairston Mr. and Mrs. Wiley Hancock Jr. Mr. Barry Harcum Dr. and Mrs. N. Alan Harris Miss Alice C. Harris Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Harris Mr. M. Everett Harris Glenda Denise Harris Mr. John E. Harris Mr. Noah A. Harris Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Reginald Harris Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Harrington Traci Harris Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Harrod Floyd Hatchett Mrs. Velma Hawthorne Elizabeth Hayes Mrs. Mary Hayes Mr. Raymond V. Haysbert Mr. Rudolph Hayes Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Willard Hayes Mrs. Mary Haynes Mrs. Susie Taylor Haywood Beatrice Heni Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Henry Mrs. Essie Hill Sheila Hill Charles F. Hines Miss Bertha Holloman Mrs. Daisy Holland Mr. and Mrs. James L. Holland Barbara Holton Mr. Hiriam Holton Mr. James Hope Horace and Lena Mr. and Mrs. John L. Harvey Benita J. Houston Mr. and Mrs. Julia Hunter Mr. Ronnie Hudgins Mr. Willie Hudson Eva Hunter Mrs. Jackson Howard Jackson Mr. Joseph Janifer Mrs. Theresa Howard Rev. and Mrs. Kelly L. Jackson Rev. Theodore Jackson Jr. Janice and Jerome Johnson and Nines Barber Shop Mr. and Mrs. Aubrey Johnson Mrs. Barbara Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Johnson Mrs. Edna G. Johnson Mrs. Irene O. Johnson Jacqueline Patricia Johnson Miss Mildren Johnson Patricia A. Johnson Mrs. Portia B. Johnson Mrs. Ruby J. Johnson Mr. William H. Johnson Jr. Mr. Johnson Miss Equilla Jones Herman L. Jones Lois Jones Mary Jones Ophelia Jones Ples Jones Mr. and Mrs. Lionel Joseph Mrs. Glossie Jayner Roslyn Lansdowne Mr. and Mrs. Durgie F. Lawson Mrs. Pauline Lee Frederick M. Leeper Mr. Jastrow Levin Lee's Carry Out Shop M 81 L Mrs. Nola R. Leeper Mrs. Celestine W. Lewis Miss Joyce Leishear Aliia E. Lee Lowella Linton Mrs. Lois Little Albert Lowery Frederick Logan Gregory Logan Mrs. Martha Logan Mrs. Mary Logan Mr. Johnnie Lyles Albert Kane Lillian Kane Mr. and Mrs. Alonzo Kelly Mrs. Helen Kelly Mr. and Mrs. Henry Kelly Janet M. Kelly Mrs. Pauline Kelso Kevin and Angie Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Kingsbouough Ivert Knox Mr. and Mrs. Avon Mackel' Mrs. Christine Macklin Mr. Paul Macklin fc Clarence and Emma Madden Miss Pamela H. Maddox Mr. Robert F. Maddox Miss Sheila Malone Mr. and Mrs. William T. Manns Mr. and Mrs. William W. Mapes Mrs. Inez Martin Mr. Howard Marshall and family Mr. Marshall Manning A. Martin Rosa S. Mason Mr. Michael M. Matthews Mrs. Pearl McBride John A. McClendor Mr. and Mrs. David McCoy Karla Trevis McCullers Myrtle McCullers Geneva McGowens Anne McGowan Miss Barbara McKenney Mrs. Sue McLaughlin Mr. and Mrs. James L. McLeuden Helen M. McSwain Mrs. Flora Medley Kevin Medley Mrs. Mildred Medley Dale Melvin Charles F. Michael Mr. John Miles Mrs. Margaret Miles Mr. and Mrs. Norlington Mitchell Mr. and Mrs. Walter Moore Miss Emily Moore Mr. Lewis H. Moore Sr. Mrs. Alice Moore Mr. and Mrs. Bernie Moore Leonard Manger Mrs. Zelda Morgan Stanley E. Morris L Sz F Beauty Mart Robert Morton Mrs. Arlethia A. Mosley Mrs. Katie Murdock Mr. John Myers Mrs. Gussie Neal Leroy Neal Mr. Samuel J. Neal Jr. Stephanie and Nelson Mrs. Katie Newsome Mrs. Voyd Nixon Ellsworth J. Nordbrook Cecilia A. Novotny Mr. Fritz O'Brien Mrs. Curley Oliver Master Kenneth Owens Steven Owens Mrs. Betty H. Parker Elsie Parker George Parker Glenn Parker Mr. James R. Parker Mr. Henry G. Parks Mr. Lornell Parks Mrs. Winifred R. Parks Mr. James C. Partridge Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Carlton Peterson Delomes Patterson Hattie C. Patterson Jasper Patterson Mr. and Mrs. John Paylor Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Patterson Mr. Thailand Patterson Miss Valencia Patterson Mrs. Ruth C. Peterson Mrs. L. Phillips Mamie Phillips Mr. Phillips Ann Pierce Miss Ruth Pierce Mrs. Inez Pitts Mr. John Pitts Mrs. Ethel T. Poindexter Mrs. Mary Ponds Mrs. Alma Pope Mary Pope Leory Pots Cephas and Rene Powell Mr. and Mrs. Nat Powell Mrs. Glaster Pullian Mr. John M. Puryear Alice Queen Michael Quinton Charles Ranson Cheryl Ranson Willie Ranson Ronald Ranson Mrs. Mary D. Ray Mr. and Mrs. John T. Redd Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Redd Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Redd Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Reeder Mrs. Alice Reid Mrs. E. Richardson Mrs. Fannie Joe Reid Joyce Richardson Eileen Ringgold Mr. and Mrs. Henry Roane Mr. and Mrs. Charles Roberts Jr. Mrs. Barbara Robertson Mr. Paul Broertson Mrs. Roberta B. Robinson Miss Eunice Rogers Mr. and Mrs. George C. Rogers Mr. Kevin Rogers Mr. Rowe Charles Z. Runk Mrs. Edna Russell Mrs. Jesse Richardson Marcia Salmon Mr. Joe A. Sanders Miss Shontae Savoy Mrs. Albert Saunders Kevin Sanders Annie Scott Mrs. Gladys Scott Steven Scott Willie Mae Scott Oliver Scroggins Mr. Lawrance E. Seward Delores Shaw Mrs. Alberta Shelton C. R. Shepherd Mrs. Dilsey M. Sheppard Mrs. Short Mrs. Mattie Simms Gerald O. Simpson Mrs. Dorothy Smallwood Mr. and Mrs. Albert J. Smith Annie B. Smith Aretha Smith Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Smith Mrs. Camilla Smith Mr. and Mrs. Carl Smith Miss Denise Smith Eleanor Smith Mrs. Evelyn Smith Mrs. Lucille Smith Miss Ruby Smith Mr. and Mrs. Sam Smith Teddy Smith Mrs. Theresa Smith Mrs. Vera Smith Mr. William Smith Mr. William I. Smith Mr. Julius L. Somerville Mrs. Odessa Somerville Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Spears Ernest and Charles Spears Louise Speights Mr. Allen Spence Mr. Roy Spence Billey Stanlield Mr. and Mrs. Milton Stanley Lowella Steward Mr. and Mrs. Ronald F. Stewart Mr. and Mrs. Willie Stewart Mr. and Mrs. Robert Stovall Mr. and Mrs. Hargis Stubbs Mr. Richard Sutton Mary Swails Mr. and Mrs. George Scott Mrs. Alice Talley Bagwaina Tarrant Mr. John Solomon Tatum Arnold I. Taylor Deloris T. Taylor Francois D. Taylor Mrs. Hazel Taylor Mr. and Mrs. John Taylor Marion C. Taylor Mr. and Mrs. Retvis Taylor Mrs. Roy Terry Mrs. Pearl Tent The Ego-Trip Freak Band Mr. Alfred W. Thorton Jr. Mrs. Ann Thomas Miss Evelyn Thomas Frankie Leonard Thomas Mrs. Louise Thomas Mr. Tom Thomas Nina M. Thompson Theodore Thompson Thompson's Barber Shop Miss Catherine Thornton Mr. James Thornton Mr. and Mrs. William Tindwell Noreen Travers Mrs. Bernice Tucker Mrs. May L. Turner Mr. and Mrs. M. Tyler Mrs. Tucker Miss Deborah Utsey Mrs. Lurray Utsey Mrs. Mamie Utsey Constain Vaiden Vanessa, Michele, Karen Miss Glen Wagner Mr. Walker Cathy Walker James Walker Miss Nancy Walker Mr. and Mrs. James Wall Mr. and Mrs. James A. Walls Son Denise Wallace Mrs. Irene Wallace Mrs. Annie Ward Mr. and Mrs. Carl H. Ward Mr. and Mrs. Walter Warner Mr. William Warner Mrs. Edna Warren Stephanie Warren Mr. Avon Washington Mr. Benjaman Washington Mrs. Coatelia Washington Miss Diana L. Washington Mrs. Evelyn Washington Gilbert Washington Wayne Wiggins Mr. Reginald Washington Mr. Bill Watson Watson's Shoe Repair Shop Mr. and Mrs. William Watson Mr. Raymond Wave and Mrs. Mary Webb Mr. Willie Webb Mr. Ervin Weisberg Mr. and Mrs. Wells Mrs. Mary Westbrooks Mr. Albin J. Wiggins Mrs. Barbara White Mr. and Mrs. David White Mr. and Mrs. Ernest L. White Mrs. Madie L. White Mrs. Marguerite White Mrs. Rosalind White Mrs. Rita Whiting Mrs. Trilby Wicks Consuella Wilder Lottie Wildins Miss Yvonne Wilkins Mr. and Mrs. Williams Mr. and Mrs. William Wright Rev. Amanda Williams Arthur L. Williams Mr. and Mrs. Cordell S. Williams Dara Williams Edith R. Williams Mr. and Mrs. Harry A. Williams Jr. Mrs. JoAnne Williams Mrs. Lorraine Williams Mr. and Mrs. Sarsfield Williams Mr. and Mrs. Horace Williamson Benjamin Wilson Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Wilson Sr. Mrs. Deanna Wilson and Son Mr. and Mrs. John Wilson Mr. William Wilson Estelle Womack Mrs. Marjorie Womack Mrs. Gladys Woodrum Mrs. Sallie Worrell Mr. and Mrs. Wright Janet A. Wright Mr. and Mrs. Johm Wright Mrs. Odessa Wright Arthur Day Florence Marie Day Florence Forrest Wanda Forrest Mrs. Alma Baker Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Ball Mr. and Mrs. Reginald Beasley Mrs. Laura Brown Miss Deborah-Brownley Rose Burnham Mr. Alvin Carter LeRoy Comageys Mr. and Mrs. John Custis Mr. and Mrs. Donald Cary Mrs. Vernall Gee Mrs. Olivia Mae Jackson James L. Lewis Mr. and Mrs. Frank Mason Mrs. Sonia Oliver George Milburn Jacqulne Quickely Mr. and Mrs. Frank Houston Charles Powell Mrs. Delores Powell Dorothea and Kevin Powell Mrs. Ardelia Reid Lokemir Charles Smith Mr. and Mrs. R. Smith Mr. and Mrs. James Stevens Mr. and Mrs. A. Tunstall Mr. James Carroll Tokemir I9 MR. CHARLES DUGGER - Editorial Advisor MR- MELVIN MINSTER - Finam To: Mr. Duggar Ana' Mr. M znster We Want To Thank You For Letting Us Be Ourselves Again The Yearbook Sfdjjp

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