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YJIJ., ,fl 4'Lv.Ln- if L w Published by The Senior Closs of Forest Pork High School Bolfimore, Morylcmd Copyright, 1964 Foresi' Pork High School The i964 FORESTER Anita Fisher 8: Lindo Zierler Co-Editors in Chief Rickie Rubenstein Business Monoger "Death comes to all, but great achievements leave l y a monument which will stand until the sun grows cold." The thirty-titth President ot the United States was the leader ot a new generation that had dedi- ltated itselt to shaping a brave new world. He was the picture ot youth and its ideals. Puring his short administration, the country was revived by the boyish spirit ot adventure, dis- covery, and growth. l He was the symbol ot courage in a world ridden with tear. He was a man ot integrity who believed in the integrity ot others. A cold bullet took his lite from him and him from us. l l 2 America is called a country ot racial discrimina- tion, but Negro and white were united in mourning tor a man who had tried to end that discrimination. America is said to be a secular country, a Prot- estant country, but its President was a devout Catholic. Churches and snyagogues throughout this country and the world were tilled with mourn- ers on November 23 and for days afterward. The world is beset by a cold war. Yet, people everywhere from rich to poor, from proud to humble, were united in bewilderment and sorrow at the death ot a leader and triend. He has been buried, but his spirit will live on forever. May John Fitzgerald Kennedy rest in peace. John Fifzgerold Kennedy 7917-1963 ll A world to be born under your footsteps" l,il .. A xg p W an f ,. The doors of Forest Park High School are open, and ci new world is to be born-a world ot learn- ing, participating, and serving. Because the Forester is still young, he can open his minol to the wide fields ot knowledge presented to him, because he is maturing, he questions. He has a hungry desire to learn and is not satisfied until he knows what is right. Once the Forester has questioned, he must learn. To become a well-rounded person, he must not only study to learn, lout also participate in extra activities, Because he is young, he has varied interests, because he is maturing, he realizes his potential and strives to enrich it. To be a part of the stir ot activity at 2:05 P.M. in the gym, the auditorium, or the classroom is enough to encour- age him to "ioin." l i "To you, Forest Park we are loyal Having participated, the Forester learns to serve. Questioning and learning constitute only one part of the growth of the individual. Now he must understand. Because the Forester is young, he can accept the knowledge presented to hirng because he is maturing, he learns to weigh the facts and judge wisely. In his three years at Forest Park, he has not been presented with an ordinary educa- tion because along with learning the facts, he has gained an insight into their meaning. A world has been born under his footsteps . . , a world ot promise. s.. W vi 'T' 'ifeh fl if , s 1:'3p3.g To you we will always be frue , ., . ,I W A """liaan.... E 148 l4Z'.y":.xilx'k '-JVJQVK -A L,'lQ"5EEHl1 ' Our love will survive, For we always will sfrive To keep if olive Foresf Pork! Our records may nof be The longesf Buf our spirif is ever The sfrongesf 5 , .XQXM 'gi A 1 I ' iff We hold our sfcmdards higher For love's undying fire Calls Us and urges us on! f ff is QA X, l mga -li Ag 325 ll lu. 1 ann 'll use ill lll Our flag of green cmd silver waves on high. O, may ifs pride and glory never die, 10 And may ifs influence on Foresf Pork High Be sferling and clean and alive! 1 -1 QQ ERI ll! 'il il if E!! Ill Ill Q? And afier all of Us have gone from here, And Foresf Park expands from year fo year, We know fhe school will sfill belong fo us For we belong fo Foresf Pork, For we belong fo Foresf Pork Academics page 16 Activities page 42 . x 1 , ff 1 f wi W Yi im' xii i Qs ii . ' ' , K 4 i 'iii 1, J' 1 ' 171811 p I if , K , ix ,, , Q . lg f Vai- .. my , il -jul. 1 I ,Q i Wir - ' ' X fi' :Tift i if 'Q V If inf ' ill ' 'L xt' I' ' .1 'fi fl 'E ', - , if 2 ,I 5 if fi' v Q -V1 42' .I P, 1 uni Q I- ' 1 I ii - , ,r,', ,f v i J ri if ,.f. F' fyiizj 2 jf. ' 1 ",' ' Y' g '.7,'19'5ef -"VE J' Q72 1-I-X 1 ,U we , 'rin' " " J - I4 1 A ,fiff wg .ff YQJJ .4-m i-H f .I fy A , I I f r I 17 A f . mf K ' xi , X TN, I f ' I ,Q J, 4 1 X 1 N QV N Qi .kr .fx 1" ' I if I , 1 . ,, .-4 1 9 if ii , '!3"7l .a j xy L1 px 5 Sports Seniors If ,f f if Z '17 I ' Q 'flu fl,- Y 5X xx xx sg, X 1 1 X x XX s v 1 page 68 . . page 92 V! 417 ,gg- -1 .41-Q ,, It "I , lf' :QNX X 1 ,, 5' If :hi I yn A fix 1 f 'X ,II M V' , 1 1 E5 Q wh H xlgxyx f J xx f y gh 'z' o 0 QW! I Q FH , 74' W I J .1 1' ! 1 U 1:5 fy I I l Q 'ilu I' L' f I If xx f N 'f ,A KX ' X XX fn XX- X ly 1 'XX E x sig , I 2 Table of Contents RQVAWPD lp I : ,PA ' f Q X I U, nl 'iff' X s V ff. . 55 A Q 1 , 'V ,116 1 in ,fl ,f X , N 1 frm -X, Y. . p -- I f p n uf f we .M ,X , X I-sf 'Q , .N 'Vffjf , W ' n ik X s Ads 'f ,f .l-3, X F X s page 142 . . y 1 w so X. 4---cz-ey xxx 1 ' VF I ff' W' KI if ' ' ll I lp: .ff VV 'lj ff' J I , cv 1 ' ' ' L f A, ' f , , 1,1 14? 1 M ' f, lf ff! 195' ,J f sf 121 u y I ln!! 1? ,g X fl: W 'A -x W 9:21 ff r X f f , .fs .4 , x I , I. ,L-f I J A 3 R ' fl lin' W 1 ,if 'f , IJ : M U1 :I g T: W I? x iq , v ,, ' XM X 1 N! R ., I , 1 i I V I "Educafion makes a people easy fo lead, buf difficulf fo drive easy fo govern buf impossible fo enslave." l 'Z I zg Lil :JIM r - Nm H ua ACADEMICS an "lt3Yf E? ' Mgr X ,,,....---"' In solving a school problem, Miss Duval consults members ofthe faculty. Miss Duval takes time out to read the Press. xfl W sf' fi M one--, cf,-it-tv, UW. X A Q ,, Ms....... yi, xx 18 "Those having torches will When June '64 entered Forest Park, Miss Dor- othy Duval had iust taken over the office of prin- cipal and had already begun formulating bene- ficial changes for her administration. As chief executive of Forest Park, Miss Duval has numerous and varied tasks. Her primary in- terest is to educate the students. One of the means for this is through the coordinating and supervis- ing of all schedules, and of old as well as new courses. By interviewing new teachers, she can distribute the work equally among the faculty and according to their desires and abilities. Although Miss Duval entered with us, she will remain with the school to perpetuate the goals and ideals which we now uphold as we "go forth to serve." X, Forest Park is fortunate in having two dedicated vice-principals, Dr. Charles Cramer and Dr. Virginia Roeder. Dr. Cramer is responsible for discipline of the boys and for business transactions ot the schoolg he is also co-adviser to the Boys' Leaders' Club and adviser to the Student Govern- ment. Dr. Roeder, who came to Forest Park this year, takes care of attendance and supervises schedule- making. In addition to being the disciplinarian of the girls, Dr. Roeder is co-adviser to the Girls' Leaders' Club. pass them on to others." Dr. Cramer offers a student some friendly advice Working together, the vice principals prepare ideas for Dr. Roeder helps a student find answers to her questions. school projects. XX S' iyl' m vs? ? x hp. l9 ti 3 , si , In the guidance office, Seniors take advantage of the college brochures. "Good counsel has no price." The Guidance Department gives the student in- dividual aid during his years at Forest Park. The counselor meets with each Forester in his sopho- more and junior years to help him select his curri- culum. When he is a senior, the student is given in- valuable help concerning his graduation plans, whether they include college or a iob. Ygggg. X Q J. Cohen Through her counsel, Miss Sharp sets many students on the road to college. Miss Clements, the counselors' secretary, takes dictation. 1 .1 Chairman l . L..V V. X , l .S fl l 'X l L l S. Kamaroff S c if - , . ss 1 ...IB V f 357- AVSW .,,x 0 'l .v"'r" W lfify l C. Johns H. Sharp 'F' g ' qt T I - f 1. '- . s .t fijiggijf H. Westerberg F. Chairman ' . - - 7 , -f .x- .. W' 'W i C. Loomis H. Baer During school, pupils use the library facilities for homework or reading pleasure. "The proper study of mankind is books." The library, an essential part of the school, provides books, magazines, and other materials which supplement and enrich classroom instruction, stimulate the interests of the students, and contrib- ute to their development as individuals. The services ofthe library are available to all pupils and teach- ers. In the magazine section, students browse through periodi- cals. 'Irv at Tifw Foresters use the library for supplementary study. 21 if A group of Seniors concentrate on grammar rules. Head Q N Y A if x A ff- ' VK' K V: A ,yn Y, . ,AW I V if M", V gk! S. Round A. Bloom E. Bobbin , W. ff if 'Iv W M. Burr P, Caldwell C. Conn Journalism sfudenfs carefully study each issue of the "Press. "Reading makefh a full man, Conference a ready man, and wrifing an exaci man." .V in X . V all VVI, k gy 2,9152 ' ...., r 1- I s 'W . f Lv J ni '5 , 4-.-. 1 .. , Xi , J. Brennan J. Burger S. Burkom As part of the drama curriculum, lecrern readings are presented. 1 1 f I yrrtk s if .. r I Hg f fm W "" .,. .1 L The largest department in the school, English, offers several specialized programs in addition to the college preparatory and general curricula. An enriched college preparatory program provides opportunities for an intensive study of literature and literary analysis. In the twelfth grade iournal- ism and creative writing course, a year of spe- cialized work and study in writing is provided. Both drama major and drama minor programs are available as part of the curriculum. Further reflecting the wide scope of activities provided by the English department are organiza- tions and activities which include the Forest Park Press, the annual school play, drama matinees, the Scribblers, a club for students interested in creative writing, and Tangent, a literary annual. Drama majors take a minute to rela G. Edmonds 11 1 R. Goldstein X. M. Wormser " S a . r Qlwt yd , ' Y Miss Burkom leads the class in a literature discussion. Uh S. Rhodes . 6' 535 fl ,,,. H. Habel J. Hoffman M. Leikach C, Lon R, Martin L. Pratt ggi-51 3 K .V x Zi rg is dt, A 'W F A In biology laboratory, pupils observe live specimens. The Science Department offers enriched, regu- lar, and basic courses in biology, physics, and chemistry. Of these subiects, biology, generally a part of the tenth grade curriculum, is the only one which is compulsory, with chemistry and physics being offered as electives in the eleventh and twelfth grades. A course in any one of these sci- ences is comprised of three class periods and two laboratory periods each week. During laboratory, students perform experiments pertain- ing to their current classroom work. In addition, interested students may ioin the Biology or J.E.T.S. clubs. "Equipped with man explores and calls the Physics students ponder over a laboratory experiment. Head H. Hirsch G. Blurnbefg P' Dipaulo M. Hutt J. Krieger C. Lichtenstein . i . lsii ' . X I N .YN .,K . ' 1 A L1 vit . - is 24 . " fv- v ' ' E Meseroll D 50 G99 his five senses, the universe around him, adventure Science. An inquisitive student peers into Q microscope. H Roges F U was i f ln the laboratory, students broaden their understanding of chemistry. ww . A. rg S in " 5' :L st' .if x Ma. ?"' s . .swing L7 ,,i44,, r"1. i hifi' ii- I xxx. T .,-Lf Q G. Vogel A. Waldman R. Weinstein A ,Ma I Analytics students discuss perplexing problems. Head The Mathematics Department at Forest Park maintains high standards while attempting to satisfy the pupil needs at various levels. Conse- quently, enrichment and regular college prepara- tory courses are offered in addition to general academic, general technical, and basic courses. The latter are not college preparatory, lout ener- getic students ofthe general academic course who prove themselves during the tenth grade have the opportunity to transfer to the regular college pre- paratory mathematics. This program has helped students to gain entrance to colleges and universities of high stand- ing and in some cases to receive advanced standing. ln Math ll, pupils further their knowledge of algebra ., 'E LV' fpQpn.f' 5 J A. Culley U ivan' :V:mfi:..XX me if-ff ' M. Cooper l. Danenberg General math students study fundamental processes. Z..- Wo w 4.-.. , Q. Y' . Y.. .- Axih 3 Jgttlg, J, Grady , fl X F. Hardman L. Rahlsen A geometry student explains a problem to her classmates. ...i--f"'- A t fx? Q1 f Astud t hhelpsaperple d thp "Mathematics possesses not only truth, I ll but supreme beauty. l 27 Head "Human history is in essence , a history of ideas." , .. 34 t if ..s i AX' Q K. Silben R. Breitenbcch The Social Studies Department offers a variety of courses which provide the student with vital in- formation concerning the world around him. United States history, the only required course, thor- oughly traces the development of our nation. For the first time this year, world culture and world civil- ization, two enriched programs, are open to any twelfth grade student who meets the requirements. Other courses open to all students include geo- graphy, modern problems, and modern world history. Through the study of history, students gain an understanding of the events which have affected the present condition of the world and an apprecia- tion of the developments which have taken place in history. In U.S. History, Dr. Liebman points out an interesting fact. s x t. . :li .L D N Z N ,N -is 1. ., Y., -, .. as . H rrrw ,wi 4 , -. . my vs C W ,., 1 yr r ATV .yt 9 7 M :fi . YQ ' uv- ? M l Va EV' 1 . r..rr 9. 1 E. Brusowankin D. Dettmore M. Dutterer Students listen to an oral report in World Culture. . ' W: Msgs. 5' 4 ff .W c . ' 1 W . is-t' Q S. Fishbein C. Levinson B. Rich l . ' N rf 7- x H, --- Y A fill A Q L. G. Tsottles M. Tyler C. Waesche Head fb M. Rossmeisl 'Y' .2 G. Corrol N- Bogwel, M. csessief lt il y lll , A M A In French, Miss Bagwell gives a lesson on pronunciation. G, gfown B. Kalvan . .1 Y.: "Perhaps of all the creations of man, M language is the most astonishing." Language students goin valuable speaking and listening ' if Y I U l,Madei experiences in the lab. The Foreign Language Department at Forest Park offers courses in Latin, French, Spanish, and German. In the program, students gain training in comprehending and speaking the foreign tongue and develop skill in reading and writing. Each modern language class makes use of the labora- tory where students listen to tapes of their partic- ular language. In the advanced courses, students study the literature and history of the foreign country in the native tongue. N. Molnar C. Schramm H. Tuerk Hed 1 W 'A sg 3' 3 E 1 ey , nw y..,.h3r, R. Corbett 22-. fe. f'v' H. Brooks en S BOTH VC! UCI 6 USES O 6 VYICIC lfle. 1-j.6"'l J li' rypfngsfud fl 1 bl fm h D. Cochran port of the commercial course ff r g ven. "You connoi feoch cr mcm cmyfhing. You can only help him fo find if wiihin himself." D d d E, Edelman A, Ek ,V M 3 5.5305 in I all ,Q V' ll f fe: ie,, , i 43" :,. ,f.g.,f4g:..r , 30 l . . Office aids do helpful typing and filing, ri: c.,,f ln a business education class, students take dictation. The Business Education curriculum is quite inclusive in order to prepare the students upon graduation for many positions in the business world. The students are prepared to become typ- ists, stenographers, bookkeepers, file clerks, gen- eral clerks, and machine operators. In addition to studying the subiects relating to the above mentioned positions, the students study Business Organization, Economics, and Law. They learn about actual business procedures through the Business Service Club, and Future Business ' 'fi fit'-f'??"f?7' ff if "'it' 1I1 f x f' . . . . . , L. ' ' . Leaders of America, field trips, movies, and A , if A T speakers. i V3 " so 'if " is L . Q- ' -rry if V .SZ ,,,, fl , yr '- ' N 4. I K Q. L. Harris M. Himmel J, Jackson M. Kahn J. Lewis S. Redd R. Ritter E. Slaughter E. Tildon Y if ':" We ,k:' " K.: T A i " ,. ' R- ' ' T H., A M , - f . ' if f T Im: M I if R .W T . sq. - . . 5, . X , W,,, , ,, , ,- W- . f 5, 4 W , L Q tif ' A . . ,Lg ff ' vw - :An g ' " 'T if A ' w A5358 E 194. JW , rs 1 1 , ,. X ,f :TT-iii 4 Mr 'Q -N ' 'S 1 .., 3, , H 1. rv, J Q Chairman yy if 9.2- ff l M. Hurnleld Y i J. Zvonar By comparing their needlework projects, art majors are able to obtain constructive criticism. "Art is not a thing: it is a way." An art major works intently with her paintbrush. As an elective subject at Forest Park, art may be taken as a special, minor, or maior subject. ,-A--.ig Working with various media, students develop creativity, ingenuity, imagination, craftsmanship, and personal expression. Assignments include two and three dimensional proiects, with trips to museums and exhibits rounding out the cultural program. Miss Hurnfelcl helps cz student with clay work. s X During music, students porticipote in o closs singolong. "The only universol tongue." Forest Pork's Music Department offers o voried ond thorough progrom. In the music minor course, students study the history ot music ond goin on oppreciotion ot the works ot the greot compos- ers. Students moy tcike music moior in chorus, bond, or orchestro. In these courses, the student con exercise his vocol or instrumentol obility in odolition to leorning elements of composition, theory, ond vocol techniques. The Coed Chorale brightens the Loyolty Doy Assembly with song. i' Mrs. Gollos supervises while pupils wo: scenery for the Winter Music Assemhlif Chairman rx 1 V f""'w ff S. Jensen xr -.....- X P. Fischer A. Gollos ff 1 33 .ff N 1 V., .... 1,,- 4, H . Chairman s t , t .,.. 1' ,.. 'Q V ff Z-L 'S ff X vt it K' M le is f M. Lurnsden G. Meushaw H. Peterson i 'Y L Lflbit- . ww: il A J, Press G Sagel S Welliel Industrial Arts students gain practical exercise with ma- chinery. "Work is the sustenance of noble minds." The Industrial Arts Department offers the stu- dents of Forest Park High School an important supplement ot their work in the academic classes. In this area of instruction, the primary obiective is to give the student an opportunity to become acquainted with the technical and industrial pro- cesses which are so prevalent in our modern society. Pupils are given worthwhile experiences in the areas ot metal work, wood work, electricity, and drafting. While no attempt is made to reach a set vocational obiective, the student does achieve enough familiarity with the basic tool skills and technical information in each industrial 'field to create a vocational interest in a particular area. Mechanical drawing is an important phase of industrial arts Chairman g nv L. , F. Dean M. Brewer L, Burnett lmaswjlf-"N 'S 7 fig' 47' ' ' xr . L. Mussenden ln sewing class, machine. X , ...- :5sf75'f' fff,.,sf,f. AE I . . l Cooking students learn valuable skills to be used in later life "That's what education means, to be able to do what you've never done before." The Home Economics Department endeavors to teach "future homemakersn appreciations and skills which are related to the various phases of home life. The courses in clothing, family living, and foods may be taken as either a minor, special, pupils learn helpful Uses of 'he or maior in the tenth, eleventh, and twelfth grades. 1 Clothing students model their work. Boys scrimmage during football practice. "A strong body makes The Physical Education program at -Forest Park consists of class instruction, intramurals, and interscholastic athletics with emphasis being placed upon developing physical fitness and improving skills. The department also stresses the importance of creating a favorable attitude and appreciation regarding oneself and others. Basketball is a favorite winter sport in the girls' gym. At Forest Park, girls are required to take swimming as part ofthe physical education curriculum, 36 In the junior year, girls learn fable tennis skills The mincl sfrongf' Head . bi 6' i 7" 'ii' l' , ie X F, Lee S. Stewarv C, Anderson Af the beginning of each gym period, boys warm up by exercising. .:-w,-w:,mn- M f, .rp J ,W war.. -,w.uu.v, -J . rf xr. fnmam, 'f.,v.uwnnnmu.,nvmf1:- . f- 'Magnum Boys use gym apparatus To develop physical fs. - sv W , V, 'Ie N. Dixon D. Greenwood D. Morrison Zn -' f , x 1' J .J R. Sunshine are X L. Willis A- . H. Zolei 1 W' Mr. Meushaw instructs new drivers. Besides learning howto drive, pupils observe car parts. "AIlons! the road is before us." Forest Park's contribution towards safer driving is in the form of its Driver Education course. In- structed by Mr. Meushaw, students not only practice the actual handling of a car, but also have lessons about automobile safety. Through the use of a text- book, pamphlets, and films, pupils acquire the in- formation needed for safe driving habits. This course teaches students to be better, more cour- teous drivers. The rnost exciting part of drivers' education is, of course, the driving itself. ' N C vi N " gvv- .NWA - " ' ' f y N N' Ls 'r . if ,, i,,. izf.gT,,T W Y-FK it , g.,.,L.,,.L' .Z IL ff . wee. ,gym sf' CUSTODIAL STAFF, From Row: Mr. Romm, Mrs. Massey, Mrs. Wilkins, Mr. McKnight, Mr. Handy, Mr. Toney, Mr. Peliigrevv. Second Row: Mrs. Giles, Mrs. Christian, Mrs. While, Mrs. Jones, Mrs. Gadow, Mrs. Mooney. Third Row: Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Pearson, Mrs. Marshall, Mr. Holland, Mr. Johnson. Alton V. Pettigrew 1905-'I964 Mrs. Sharfafz and Mrs. Surasky insrrucr their aids. Services will Many essential services are performed for The school by the nurse, The janitorial staff, the diet- icians, cmd the office staff, composed of Mrs. , Karloff and Mrs. Leech. '- 1 39 EALTIMQR "A teacher affects eternity, he can never tell where his influence stops." Anderson, Coleman M., B.S., M.A., Physical Education, Base- ball Coach, Basketball Coach Baer, Hazel M., A.B., Library Bagwell, Nellie, A.B., Modern Language Blewett, Peter, B.A. Dipiome D'Etudes Politiques, Social Studies I Bloom, Anna K., B.S., M.Ed., English Blumberg, Gilbert, B.S., Science Bobbitt, Eleanor, M.A., English, Club Council, Adviser Breitenbach, Robert E., B.S., M.Ed., Social Studies Brennan, Joan, B.A., M.A.T., English Brewer, Melisande M., B.S., Home Economics Brooks, Helen G., B.C.S., B.A., Business Education Brown, C. Georgia, B.A., M.A., Modern Language, June '65, Adviser Brusowankin, Edith W., B.S., Social Studies Burger, John F., Jr., B.E., English, FORESTER, Editorial Adviser Burltom, Selma R., M.A., English, Wednesday Morning Club, Adviser, FORESTER, Assistant Faculty Business Manager- Burnett, Lela R., B.S., M.S., Home Economics Burr, Mariorie, B.A., M.A.T., English Butler, Rose, M.A., Physical Education, Intramural Activities Caldwell, Patricia, A.B., English Cann, Charles S., A.B., M.A., English, Press, Editorial Adviser Cochran, Dora Jean, B.B.A., Business Education Cohen, Jerry M., B.S., M.Ed., Guidance, Board of Student Re- views, Counselor, June '66 Cooper, Mildred, B.A., Math Corbett, Ruth, B.S., Business Education, Business Education Department, Head Corral, Gloria F., M.A., Modern Language, Spanish Club, Adviser Culley, Alfred E., B.S., M.A., Math, Math Department, Head Dandridge, Irene B., B.S., Business Education, Business Ser- vice Club, Adviser Danenberg, Isadore A., B.S., M.Ed., Math Dean, Frances W., B.A., Home Economics, Home Economics Department, Head Dettmore, Donald E., M.A., Social Studies, U.N.Y. Club, Adviser DiPaula, Philip J., B.S., Science, Senate, Adviser, J.V. Track Coach Dixon, Nancy M., B.S., Physical Education, Intramural Activities Dohler, J. Edward, Jr., B.S., Math Dutterer, Malcolm A., Jr., B.S., Social Studies Edelman, Evelyn, B.S.S.A., B.A., Business Education Edmonds, George F., A.B., English, Drama Club, Adviser Ekas, Alice A., B.S., Business Education, Press, Business Adviser Fischer, Paul J., B.Mus.Ed., M.Mus.Ed., Music, Girls' Sopho- more Glee Club, Men's Chorus, Adviser Fishbein, Sidney, B.S., Social Studies, Open Forum Club, Adviser. Gallos, Anna, B.M., Music, Co-Ed Chorale, Treble Choir, Adviser Gessler, Margaret, B.A., Modern Language, Girls' Leaders' Club, Co-Adviser Gettig, Jay A., B.S., Math Goldstein, Ruth, B.A., English, FORESTER, Editorial Adviser Grady, James O.W., B.S., Math Greenwood, Diana L., Physical Education, Speedball and Archery Teams, Aquatic Club, Adviser Grimm, Margaret, B.S., Physical Education Habel, Herbert P., B.A., A.M., English Hardman, Francis, B.A., M.Ed., Math, Math Club, Adviser, FORESTER, Faculty Business Manager Harris, Lillian K., B.S., Business Education Himmel, Mildred, B.S., Business Education Hirsch, Henry G., B.S., Science, Science Department, Head Hoffman, Judith A., B.A., English Humfeld, Marian A., A.B., M.A., Art, Art Club, Co-Adviser, Art Department, Chairman Hutt, Mildred A., A.B., Science Jackson, Joan A., B.S., Business Education Jarrett, Robbie, B.A., Business Education Jensen, J. Sidney, B'.M., Music, Band, Orchestra, Adviser, Music Department, Chairman. Johns, Chester, B.S., Guidance, Counselor, June '65 Kahn, Mildred L., B.S., Business Education, June '64, Co- Adviser Kalvan, Bernard, B.A., Modern Language, June '64, Co- Adviser Kamaroff, Sarah H., B.S., M.Ed., Guidance, Guidance De- partment, Chairman, Counselor, June '66, Four Square Club, Adviser Krieger, Joseph L., B.S., LL.B., Science, Chess Club, Adviser Lee, Frank D., B.S., Physical Education, Athletic Director Leikach, Marsha, B.A., English Levinson, Celeste W., B.A., Social Studies, Public Speaking Club, Adviser Lewis, Jean A., B.S., Business Education, F.B.L.A. Club, Adviser Lichtenstein, Cecile M., B.A., Science, Physics Club, Chemistry Club, Adviser Liebman, Rebekah, B.S., M.A., D.Ed., Social Studies Loomis, Chassie G., Library, Library Club, Adviser Lott, Clarinda, B.A., M.A.T., English, Scribblers' Club, Ad- viser, Folksinging Club, Adviser Lumsden, Milton, B.S., Industrial Arts, Varsity Football, Var- sity Lacrosse, Varsity Wrestling Coach, Industrial Arts Department, Chairman Madei, Ilva S., A.B., Modern Language, German Club, Adviser Martin, Robert E., A.B., English, Cross Country, Track Coach, Boys' Leaders' Club, Boys' Opportunity Club, Adviser Meseroll, Ellen, B.S., Science Meushaw, Gearl W., B.S., Industrial Arts, Proiection Crew, Adviser Molnar, Nancy A., B.A., Modern Language, French Club, F.T.A., Co-Adviser Morrison, Donald B., B.S., Physical Education, J.V. Football, J.V. Baseball, J.V. Wrestling Coach Mussenden, Lydia, M.S., Home Economics, Home Economics Club, Adviser Peterson, Harold, B.A., Industrial Arts, Art Metal Club, Ad' viser Pratt, Laurlene S., B.A., M.A., English, School Play, Adviser Press, Joseph P., B.S., Industrial Arts Redd, Saphronia, B.S., Business Education Rhodes, Suzanne, B.A., English Rich, Bessie A., M.Ed., Social Studies, News Views Club Adviser. Ritter, Ronald, B.S., Business Education, Stage Crew, Adviser Rimmka, Sniegute, B.A., Modern Language, German Club, Adviser Rogers, Hermia S., B.S., Science Rohlsen, Lucille, B.S., Math Rossmeisl, Martha, B.S., Modern Language, Modern Langu- age Department, Head Round, Simeon J., B.S., M.A., English, English Department, Head Sagel, Gerald, B.S., Industrial Arts, Track Coach Savage, Dorothy, B.A., Science Schramm, Charlotte, B.S., Modern Language, French Club, Co-Adviser Sharp, Helen F., A.B., M.A., Guidance, F.T.A. Co-Adviser, Counselor, June '64 Silbert, Keel, B.A., M.Ed., Social Studies, Social Studies De- partment, Head Slaughter, Ernestine, B.S., M.Ed., Business Education, School Treasurer Smolkin, Charles, B.A., English Stewart, Shirley, B.S., M.A., Physical Education, Modern Dance, Girls' Sports Association, Adviser Sunshine, Rachelle, B.A., Physical Education, Badminton, Basketball, Modern Dance Club. Tilden, Eleanor C., B.S., Business Education 1 Tsottles, Gus J., B.S., M.Ed., Social Studies, June '65, Co- Adviser Tuerk, Helga, A.B., Modern Language, Latin Club, Adviser Tyler, Margaret J., A.B., Social Studies, FORESTER, Assistant Faculty Business Manager Unitas, Frances, Science Laboratory Assistant Vogel, Grace, B.S., Science, Biology Club, Adviser Waesche, Charles S., Jr., B.A., LL.B, Social Studies, Assistant Football Coach, J.V. Basketball, J.V. Lacrosse Coach Waldman, Alvin, B.S., Phg. Pharmacy, Science, Lawyers' Guild, Adviser Wallace, A. Clark, B.S.E., Science, Physics Club, Bridge Club, Adviser Warner, Wayne S., B.S., Math, J.V. Football, J.V. Lacrosse, Sophomore Basketball Coach Weikel, Stewart W., P,E., Industrial Arts Weinstein, Rose, Science Laboratory Assistant Westerberg, Herman, B.A., M.A., Guidance, Counselor, June '65 Willis, Lois, B.S., Physical Education, Archery, Tennis Coach Wormser, Marcia, B.S., B.Ed., English Zolet, Hyman, B.S., Physical Education, Varsity Club, Varsity Football, Swimming Coach Zvonar, Joyce G., B.S., Art, Art Club. Co-Adviser SECRETARIES Karloff, Beatrice Leach, Marilyn A 15 -in 1, ls.. -1, QW 1 . . W .. ,g it 4 I we as . . 'N se" "" . . . The wise man looks info space, and does noi regard fhe small as foo liffle, nor fhe greaf as foo big, for he knows fhaf fhere is no limif fo dimensions." A-pf", ACTIVITIES Q27 3" 4-Q5-F 9, SENATE-Sitting: C. Schreter, M. Miller, I. Fishkind. Standing: P. Jenkins, D. Smaller. STUDENT BOARD OF REVIEWSfSitting: P. Needle, C. Moses, F. Howard. Standing: S. Koenigsberg, G. Sommers, D. Kaye, J. Asner, J. Monnes, C. Jacobson, L. Kempner Student Government .vw 'iNQ13s:,",5 ,,,, . ' Meng., f , 'Lili 'W Veyfrm- 1 sf 1-f I"' is h H T' i fm J R.. L I lx: T 4 1:- M . Allan Holzman Marilyn Miller PfE5iCl5f7f Vice-President This year, the Student Government under the leadership of the President, Vice-President, ancl Chief Justice has continued, as well as introduced, many activities. The Student Court was replaced by the Student Board of Reviews, which allows more people to participate in the iudicial branch of the government. In addition, Forest Park book covers were sold for the first time in several years. J. Berman, L. Osfrawsky, T. Krulevitz, P. Thomas, R. Menuker, J. Miller, H. Marks, li ff fm .., wi' Q? CabinetAfSeatedJ C. Moses, A. Holzman, M. Miller. fStandingj L. Zierler, D, Holbrook L Lillien B Granek R Waldman T Berger G Talles M Lnppman A Fisher M. Garonzik, B. Rosenthal, E. Brown, B. Green. Highlighting the year's activities were the Stu- dent Inaugural Assembly, Loyalty Day, Teacher Appreciation Week, A Stratford Showcase, and Student-Faculty Games. Throughout the year, there was a great deal of student participation in these and other student government activities. Working together, Allan and Marilyn make plans for student government activities. Q .l 1 Vx i .QW , A Ci E p 4 Rickie Rubenstein Business Monoger A Scherr Photography D, Finklestein, Arty E. Eff Photography C Gresser Photography N Cohn Layouts. -vu Y Q Forester The FORESTER may be called a photo album, a picture book ot the seniors' years cut Forest Park, or an annual thot perpetuates memories of lite ot the studentsg but it is olso o representotion of a yeor of lobor by the people involved in its comple- tion. The work that is published in the book is the responsibility of the editorial stcitt under the direction ot the Co-Editors-in-Chief and the advisers, Mrs. Ruth Goldstein ond Mr. John Burger. Heading the business staff of the FORESTER is the Business Manager whose primary obiective is to provide the essential finances with which to sustain the yeorbook. Advisers for this staff ore Miss Selma Burkorn, Mrs. Morgoret Tyler, and Mr. Francis Hardrnon. I. Hockerman, WritefUpsp R. Le r Clubsg F. Blurnberg, Transcription D. Levy, Records. Miss S. Burkorn, Mr, Hardman Bus ess Adv sers Mr. J. Burger, Mrs. R. Goldstein Edito nal Ad sers ll- ,l 5. Pristoop, Undergraduate Salesp G, Sornrners, Ass't Business Managerg S. Leiberman, Secretary L Llluen S b scriptionsp S. Silberg, Circulationp E. Levy, Bookkeeperp J. Goldman, Patrons Adsg P. Baral, Comme cial Ads we Li-- xii .2'x,, M - Z - , 'V 1.34 I 4R41 l .J ...J-f-"Q ,GMM 44 N1 3 I I 1-I 11.1 ! 1 'J- ,fd 5 1-HW, if! I 'P x X s 0 - "' 5-.hi O Q! + ww -E . 4 'E s .2-' 0 H' 'X l . - 41 u 1 - qi 4 Iii V?"- -Islil. , eng ' E: .- Ffiiiliii- , 'EEE" ' NU ... 9 , i 52112 L' 'T xx 5? ff .K ily 2 ' , . ff, a, 1' E ,rv " 4 U ri?" Q . ,flu N I D : I ' 'T ' , AB fbi K fr if - x ,AV 4 Back Row: K. Lansberg, Proofreaderg B. Lean, Head Copyreader. Y, Managerg Leslie Porte Q9 Exchan anager, A. Friedman, As- Row: C, Weiner, Distribution M nd sky, Proofreode' Seco Front Row: L, Ostrow Advertising Manager. . Howard, nager, F Ma rd Row: A, Brownstein, Circulation i I sociate Editor: J. Jarob, Girls' Sports Editor 1 s all y l if . i Ta T' l ty l the TTT rinted to infor isp SS fe Park P Forest The student body about the various activities of the FVGS Se t only F10 publication onthly IT1 ol. This b scho SO but al iTe, udent ST of occurrences in as a report opinions and creative personal space to GS giv ff editorial sta of the efforts of the Se Becau rk. WO and the ef hi -C r-in dito E of the ction fe di he rf de Un own it- sh has Press he rles Cann, t ha adviser, Mr. C TO ring Te CG wspa per, ne ounded to be a well r 2 GJ ill S ent bod d stu 6 th he interests of T pot adershi le he t'T unde s ness staff is bu The the Business Manager and the adviser, Miss Alice o the riptions t SC lo SU arge of ch is in ff as. This sta Ek Through SHTS. ution, and advertisem trib paper, dis KD .C .. '4- O 1- C GJ U L CD Q. P- '4- 'It H- L CD P O .sf Q. O KD O. GJ In SD .C -tv- H- O V7 4- L O N- '4- GJ GJ .C 4- P- 'U O .Q KD 'U D +- in X 1 it T x l l L he pope es TOT rib U in .Q D 1-D +- C If T ..:. , Kris enjoys playing the guitar. Miss Duval introduces Kris to school activities. Foreign Exchange For the first time in several years, Forest Park has taken part in the American Field Service pro- gram. Kristina Synnergren, who is from Gullinge, a village near Stockholm, Svveden, is spending the year with the family of Barbara Rubin and attend- ing Forest Park as a senior. The purpose of the AFS is emphasized by its motto: "Walk together, talk together, all ye peoples of the earth. Then, and only then, ye shall have peace." By taking part in this program, the school is making an important contribution towards better human relations. At Senior Inaugural, Kris receives her ring from Bette i amy all . ,x 4, , t ,gig if -. , .nl A Jian 'F 0' ' ' 'l :arf 'I if W' s '45 l we 'N F tu A - ,V A A La A9 i Q l cf Xl Xl 3 l psi c-fi 41,4 Despite dreary weather, loyal Foresters show their spirit by cheering the team on to a 76-76 tie with Gilman. Cheerleaders reflect the spirit of the day. Spirit Brightens Lo alt Despite a heavy rain, Foresters displayed a great deal of spirit on Loyalty Day, November I, 1963. In the morning, the school band entertained students outside, and during the cate periods, cheerleaders led school songs. A seventh period assembly featured a skit urging all Foresters to demonstrate school spirit. The day ended with a large crowd attending the football game at Gilman. Margie Hecht and Ilene Hearn were chair- men tor the dav. i limi' Foresters' version of "You Gotta' Have Heart" enlivens the assembly. l FIKLS LEADERS CLUB Front Row Bette Green, Sue Pristoop, Floryne Howard, Judy Eisenberg, Shelley Barouh, Paulo Baral, N. Cohn. Second Row: Rickie Ruben- stein I Hearn M Hecht B Rosenthal A. Brownstein, B, Rubin, L. Zierler. Third Row: K. Synnergren, E. Brown, C. Moses, M. Miller, K. Datnoff, A. Fisher, E. Eff, S. Freed- man Dr Roeder Fourth Row Miss Gessler, D. Michelson, I. Seidenberg, B. Kushel, J. Schonebaum, M. Sneider. Fifth Row: M. Lippman, S. Weintraub, J. National Honor Societies Membership in the National Honor Society is an important goal towards which many Foresters work. Any student who has maintained an eighty- five or better scholastic average, performed out- standing service to the school, and displayed a strong character is eligible for membership in either the Girls' or Boys' Leaders' Club. The Honor Societies perform many valuable sored a tea for the sophomores. Members of both tain order by patrolling the building before school and during lunch periods. BOYS' LEADERS' CLUB-Front Row: Jeffrey Klausner, Robert Brenner, Terry Berger, David Allender, Second Row: Barry Rascovar, Harold Marks, Robert Waldman, Israel Oppenheimer, Third Row: Allan Holzman, Steven Silberg, David Ziskind, Robert Altshuler. services to the school. This year the boys have con- ducted an awards assembly while the girls spon- clubs guide at PTA meetings and help to main- School Honor Societies In addition to the Leaders' Clubs, Forest Park has two subordinate honor societies, the Four ,f M Square Club and the Boys' Opportunity Club. To be eligible for membership, a student must main- tain an eighty or better scholastic average and be active in many phases of school life. Like the Leaders' Clubs, the school honor socie- ties are always ready to perform services for the school. This year the girls in Four Square sponsored an ad hunt for the yearbook, and the boys con- ducted a joint meeting of all the honor societies. Both clubs monitor the study hall and coaching room before and after school. BOYS' OPPORTUNITY CLUB-Front Row: A. Kaufman, R. Waldman, P. Stein. Second Row: L. Chandler, R. Berlin, J. Miller. Third Row: C. Balser, A. Grenley, J. Fleischer. Fourth Row: J. Winakur, R. Begleiter. Fifth Row: H. Karch Sixth Row: D, Crump, M. Flaxman, S. Gurney. FOUR SQUARE CLUB-Front Row: E, Epstein, M. Jacobs, J. Goldman, E, Brown, P. Baral, J. Eisenberg, R. Feldman. Second Row: L. Ostrowsky, B, Hendin, H.Se11Ier, E. Fleischer, R. Blumberg, R. Wolfe, R. Leiter, N. Silverman, I. Hackerman. Third Row: R, Austerlitz, S. Woolfson, G. Sarnrners, F. Miller, C. Schreter, D. Levy, J,Jacob, E. Lessons. .z:2smrs"'r2s:':.. . se, -w,-rrrv "ig :ef . ,..+:.1a:'s11,- .am-ww fu'-me-v-f"'q 5 ,Ki G.S.A.-Front Row: M. Miller, R. Rubinstein, C. Edwards, B. Gronek, M. Sneider, E. Yerman, Second Row: Mrs. Stewart, E. Sody, L. Weitz- man, M. Hecht, A. Rothman, J. Berney. Athletic Honor Societies Membership in the Varsity Club, the athletic T0 be-Come C' membef Ol the Girls' Sports AS' hongr Socieqyl is Open 10 Qny boy who has earned Q sociation, another school athletic honor society, a varsity letter and maintained a seventy or better girl must maintain an eighty or better scholastic scholastic average. The club tries to stimulate an CIVGFCIQG Gnd pOr'fiCipC1Te in intramural and varsity interest in sports, particularly among the boys in sports. Similar to the Varsity Club, the G.S.A. the school. This year, the members have concen- attempts to stimulate interest in the girls' extra- trated on promoting higher attendance at school curricular physical education program. Members of sports events by such means as providing buses tor the club act as officials at intramural games and away games. annually conduct a Sports Day. VARSITY CLUB-Front Row: P. Jefferson, R. Brenner, V. McTeer, G. Talles, R. Waldman, H. Chavis, J. Hershberger. Second Row: J. Hammond, D. Ross, M. Scherr, T. O'Neill, D. Moses, R. Taylor, Mr. Zolet. T F'QlN9""'Y""' -.-..,....-R-. ,- , M-J... .,,. fm . fm-mnm'a i il Alix. 2 Y.f.w1--gpunrwunn . A Coaching The Coaching Department finds tutors for stu- dents who are having difficulty with one or more subiects. Students who have coached on large num- ber of hours receive a school letter or pin. l ., , J x Q'-,fi lc Anita Brownstein helps a fellow student with chemistry. Club Council The job of the Club Council is to coordinate the activities of the numerous clubs at Forest Park. Towards this ciim, the organization, among its other duties, annually sponsors Join-A-Club Week. If 'al' WEDNESDAY MORNING CLUB-Front Row: E. Eff, S. Freed man, A. Konigsberg, Second Row: E. Epstein, R. Feldman. Third Row: H. Settler, D. Simon, L. Lillien. Fourth Row: B. Hen din, S. Berman, R, Menaker. Fifth Row: K.Synnergren, T. Krulevitz, E. Rubinstein. Sixth Row: N. Silverman, M, Fox, I, Hackerman, i '11 '-..' SCRIBBLERS CLUB-Front Row: D. Wainwright, R. Rosen, B, Gryor, D, Dvoskin. Second Row: S. Denny, R. Wolfe, A. Friedman, S. Schnessel, K. Lansberg. Third Row: S. Geller, T. Dinovvitz, Carol Lyles, L. Ostrowsky, D. Legun-i, J. Budd, R. Baylus. English Clubs To develop modes of expression is the goal of Forest Park's English clubs. Through their publica- tion, Tangent, members of the Scribblers Club display their writing ability. The Wednesday Morn- ing Club discusses important literature while Open Forum Club members develop their speaking tal- ents through bi-weekly debates. OPEN FORUM CLUB-Fron1Row: S. Horowitz, E. Feinglass, E. Rudick, A. Suskin, S. Berger, K. Snyder. Second Row: D. Michelson, K. Rankin,J, Schonebaum, L. Carton, L. Platt, Third Row: C. Steinberg, B. Freedman, N. Zoba, E. Silverman, D. Rudolph, J. Oppenheim, J. Hubert. Fourth Row: l. Caplan, C. Rosen, T. Rothstein, K. Solmson. 6 WA' .el ,'Q.-A-""" ,iq 1 ul sl'1:.'Li Appreciation Clubs The purpose of The appreciation clubs is to provoke interest in the humanities. Throughout The year The Drama Club performs plays while mem- bers ofthe Folksinging Club enioy singing ballads. Currently, the Art Club, in addition to its other duties, is making posters for other clubs. ART CLUB-Front Row: P. Scott, N. Cohn, S. Barouh, D. Kaye, L. Kempner, S. Smith. Second Row: R. Potash, J. Rosenbloom, S. Rudo, B. Kushel, D. Finkle- stein, H. Rosen, S. Weintraub, D. Milford. Third Row: Mrs. Zvonar, L. Fisher, B. Bass, K. Robinson, J. Gerson, M. Wooding, A. Dannis, L. Danotf, N. Abromoe witz, J. Eisen, R. Smith, Miss Humfeld. Fourth Row: L. Chandler, l. Oppen- heimer, S. Gurney, H. Marks. r WW!! DRAMA CLUB-Front Row: B. Mordes, E. Feinglass, J. Hubert, S. Horowitz P. Caplan. Second Row: S. Hyman, B. Shapiro, L. Klein. Third Row: E. Sandler L. Thompson, B. Stearns, C. Greene, I. Arenson, E. Weiss, K. Marks, L. Stein Mr. Edmonds. Fourth Row: D. Roth, E. Black, D. Levin, V. Ross, R. Traub, P Katz, FOLKSINGING CLUB-Front Row: S. Blumberg, E. Rothstein, R. Arbesman E. Gabe, D. Gersuk, T. Feldman, T. Dinowitz. Second Row: J. Singer, S. Baron C. Lyles, R. Wasserman, I. Aaronsan, F. Sumers, A. Schwartz, M. Lichtig Third Row: E. Silverman, M. Needel, S. Schocket, L. Goldman, C. Weinberg S. Zeligman, S. Goodrich, S. Geller. Y-?5'.?'QF?9'fA ff5Q'iE'EK'.5?75fl5i'iS3f?LSL4.SihS'f W'.?t21?T'iFi!LifX37fkQQ'6'!W-ki 'ei 4, .. FRENCH CLUB+Front Row: S. Mazer, C. Maltz, S. Baron, R. Weinberg, J. Bul- rnash, M. Solkov. Second Row: B. Tamres, E. Eff, K. Datnoff, D. Michelson, R. Shipley, B, Bechkes, A. Schwartz. Third Row: M. Zell, B. Rodoff, I. Shane, S. Rosen, M, Robinson, C. Schreter, B. Shulman, E. Rubin- stein, F, Miller. Fourth Row: Miss Schrarnm, S. Weintraub, Mrs. Molnar, LATIN CLUB-Front Row: S. Zeligman, M. Lichtig, P. Katz, C. Miller, F. Bernstein, M, Hecht. Second Row: J, Feld, A. Harris, A. Kaufman, G, Rubin, A. Shub, A. Fried man, K. Lansberg, M. Mosby. Third Row Mrs. Tuerk, J. Borenstein, W. Siegel, L. Keyes Y. Dungee, S. Ray, J. Dorsey. SPANISH CLUB-Front Raw: E. Levin, P. Levinson, N. Avis, L. Porter. Second Row: R. Austerlitz, D. Kaye, E. Eff, J, Leban, R. Kaplan, F. Howard, M. Grub- man. Third Row: Miss Corral, R. Potash, D. Boverman, E. Rudick, C. Tompakov, D. Rudolph, K. Solmson, M. Schwartz. Fourth Row: M. Rhode, B. Bondy, M. Rubin, L, Lerner, H. Rankin. M w :na-'vw ,M ..4-1 Language Clubs The foreign language clubs aim for a better understanding ot languages and their countries and cultures. There is a club for every language offered at Forest Park-French, Spanish, Latin, and German-and members participate in various activities to increase their proficiency in speaking and writing. GERMAN CLUBfFront Row: D. Siegel, S. Spector, M. Pollack, J. Seidman, G. Tucker, B. Pototsky, B. Baruch, M. Miller, M. Katz. Second Row: H. Marks, C. Schreter, R. Weinberg, R. Silverman, J, Fleischer, N, Hackerman, S. Lipsitz, B. Parnes. Third Row: M. Needel, A. Brownstein, D. Glazer, I. Oppenheimer, V. McTeer, S. Schocket, A. Friedel, i I S1fJf.TZ5 ', ' - BIOLOGY CLUB-Fronr Row: H. Glazer, B, Hendin, A. Kaufman, J. Winakur, B. Pototsky, M. Pollack. Second Row: A. Harris, R. Truitt,J. Seidman, S. Liositz, R. Silverman, B. Baruch, N. Hackermon, G. Sommers. Third Row: C. Schreter, I. Solomon, B. Wallace, S. Ziskind, B. Turner. Science Clubs A student interested in almost any field of science can further his interest by one of Forest Park's three science clubs. Members of the Biology, Math, and J.E.T.S. clubs perform experiments, view films, listen to speakers, and take field trips to increase their knowledge. L , stein. MATH CLUB-Front Row: M. Schacht, M. Brill, J. Girshin. Second Row: M. Korman, S. Woolfson, R. Blumberg, S. Mazer. Third Row: S. Ray, J. Sch- wartz, B, Holt, S. Silverman, A. Robinson. 59 J.E.T,S.-Front Row: H. Marks, S. Silberg, H, Glazer, D. Glozer. Second Row: H. Kcrch, J. Singer, D. Ziskind, A. Brownstein. Third Row: S, Pristoop, I, Oppenheimer, E. Moses, R. Blumberg. Fourth Row: A. Watson, Mrs. Lichten- Career Clubs Career clubs offer students a chance to learn more about various professions. The Lawyers' Guild holds mock trials, and the Future Nurses of America, among its charity projects, collects for UNICEF. In the FTA schedule is the annual meeting of the Maryland Association of Future Teachers of America, and the Business Leaders of America Club is planning to compile a directory ofthe students at Forest Park. LAWYERS' CLUBfFront Raw: E. Rudick, E. Silverman, I, Shane, R, Blumberg. Second Row: B. Kolodner, J. Sundheim, R. Beitler, J. Polt. Third Row: C. Maltz, B, Shulman, J. Davis, M. Brill. Fourth Row: P. Pdgatch, J. Feldstein, K, Solmson, B. Orkin. Fifth Row: Mr. Waldman, B. Bechlces. F,N.A,fFront Row: S. Barouh, J, Edwards, L. Rofsky, R. Austerlitz, E. Shlian. Second Row: F. Howard, S. Blumberg, S, Marion, L. Klein, M. Strumwater, S. Hood. Third Row: E. Young, R, Dubeck, N. Abramowitz, L. Danotf, A. Dannis, R. Richmond, L, Kempner. Fourth Row: F. Surners, L. Topaz, D. Kaye, C,Griver, B. Granek, S. Smith. :Q l 1 5 ' F.B.L.A.-From Row: Moy Rogers, Charlene Jacobson, Aileen Jacobs, Linda Gaylor, Frances Coleman, Janet Brothers, Yvonne Lansey. Second Row: Panthea Wilson, Rona Dubeck, Hannah Pancer, Myra Cohen, Mina Alon, Regina Silbermann, Mary Jean DiBiTon1o. Third Row: Miss Lewis, Lorna Aaronson, Joy Dale, Marilyn Tanne- baum, Harriett Snyder, Guadalupe Vela, Frances Hopkins, Carolyn Wise, Gail McCormick, Sharon Wollman, Odessa Smith. h A l'1 S d Row S Freedman E E stein, R. Kaplan, E. Levi, N. Goldblalr. Third Row: E, Eff, R. Fleischer F,T.A.-Front Row: S. Woolfson, K. Datnolf, A, Sc err, R. ustern z. econ : . , . p I L K A F ' dman, Mrs. Molnar. Four1h Row: R. Feldman, A. Katz, S. Pristoop, J. Jacob, M. Jacobs, S. Lipsitz. S. Friedenberg, P. Boro, . ann, . rue ,zfgii 2 m 1 -fs - R 1 f 5 I U.N.Y.-Front Row: R, Kaufman, R. Leiter, L. Plott, G. Tucker I Kleinman C Tompokov M Hecht Second Row Mr Dettmore T Dunowutz Mu son, B. Bondy, P. Baral, L, Weitzman, A. Robinson, M. Mosby L Lerner C Boumsteuri Social Studies Clubs Social Studies Clubs provide on better under- standing ot the world and its problems. The Public Speaking Club has mode tape recordings ot its members' speeches. To discuss current events is the purpose ot the News Views Clubs, while the United Notions Youth Club invites speakers to examine world problems. PUBLIC SPEAKING CLUBfFront Row: M. Rubin, G. Sommers, L, Topaz C. Jacobson, R. Arbesman. Second Row: I, Brodnick, C. Morgonstein B. Milimon, F, Miller, A. Barkan, M, Miller. Tltird Row: Miss Levinson, H. Gold stone, E. Weiss, E. Sltlian, S. Rubin, 5. Snyder, A. Millison, D. Legum, P. Levin son, Fourth Row: S, Snyder, S. Cohen, C. Solomon, M. Botwinik, C. Corbeon H. Graham. NEWS VIEWS CLUBfFront Row: B. Freedman, D. Kaye, I. Caplan, S. Boron. Second Row S Blurnberg K Dotnotf C Joffe Third Row R Wolfe H Kramer Mrs Rich W Brandt. f SNS 'rv l:f':2X.i.Qi.f'r' L ,'f',f:.5.1eg: . .V eg- my , 'vi 'F 'ara HOME ECONOMICS CLUB-Front Row: H. Settler, N, Silverman, I. Hacker- man, R, Feldman. Second Row: E, Epstein, S. Berman, L. Lillien, E. Eff, T. Krulevitz. Third Row: E. Rubinstein, D. Simon, B, Hendin, M. Fox, S. Freedman. ART METAL CLUBfFronr Row: A, Meyers, T. Feldman, A. Damsky. Second Row: J, Gerson, K. Freedman, S. Gordon, B, Pornes, Mr. Peterson. Third l Row: D, Kaye, P. Levy, L. Grier, R. Campbell, S. Stoner. z Hobby Clubs Hobby Clubs bring together students with common outside interests. The Art Metal Club works with copper tooling, and both the Chess and Bridge Clubs participate in various torunaments. In the Home Economic Club's program, practice in home management is the primary obiective. BRIDGE CLUB-Front Row: A. Kaufman, M. Pollock, R. Davis, R. Solkov, B. Pototsky, M. Salkov. Second Row: J, Seidman, E. Feinglass, S, Lipsitz, S. Spector, C. Grooms, A. Robinson, L. Hausdorff, S. Beber. Third Row: Mr. Weinstein, J. Fleischer, R. Blurnberg, H. Marks, I. Oppenheimer, B. Holt, R. Silverman. CHESS CLUB-Front Row: D. Glozer, l. Taylor, L. Conn, R. Blumberg, K. Synnergren, P. Levinson. Second Row: Mr. Krieger, E. Nires, K. Wort- man, R. Stark, F. Miller, J. Singer, H. Parker, C. Baylin, 4 ' r,' ' , 'E ' Service club members have an important role in school activities. Aiding the librarian is the iob of the Library Club while the Red Cross Club conducts an annual Red Cross charity drive. One ofthe principal activities of the Business Service Club is printing material for school functions. LIBRARY CLUBfFront Row: B. Dvorkin, S. Pristoop, P, Baral, S, Barauh, R. Leiter, R. Kaufman. Second Row: Miss Loomis, R. Blumberg, D. Baker, T. Smith, B. Dearing, D. Kaye. Third Row: E. Lazarus, N. Silberg, M. Mosby, C. Cardwell. BUSINESS SERVICE CLUB-Front Row: Miss Dandridge, E. Silverman, S Zalis, M. Cohen. Second Row: S. Lee, H. Pancer, C, Carrick, M. Alon, H Snyder, Third Row: S. Hood, J. Wilson, F. Coleman, S. Glenn, Y. Lansey. Fourth Row: B. Myers, O. Smith, C, Wise, R. Hopkins. Fifth Row: S. Burke 1 I J. Reid, G. McCormick. Sixth Raw: R. Hayden, J. Arthur, S. Siegel. I tggg, Service Clubs RED CROSS CLUB-Front Row: R. Austerlitz, E. Epstein, S, Smith, M. Korman, S. Klein. Second Row: F. Howard, R. Dubeck, P. Kassel, F. Donick, M. Spivak, S. Mazer, M. Schwartz. Third Row: D. Baverman, S. Silverman, I. Kleinman, B. Shulrnan, J. Edwards, S. Wooltson, J. Rosenbloom, E. Martom. Fourth Row: I. Wolpert, K. Gordon B. Kolodner, L, Porter, B. Bondy, C, Tcmpakov, F. Sun-ters, M. Grubman. , - 1' - 1 mem: s':n:mr 111i I x., PROJECTION CREW-Front Row: Herbert Block, Brenda Turner, Emile Julian, Susan Abelson, Stuart Haman, Fred Harris, Second Row: Louis Goldberg, Leslie Ban- field, Samuel Fribush, Harvey Karch, Irwin Studnitz, Alonzo Price, David Ziskind, Arnold Begleiter, Bernard Watts. Third Row: Earl Tarter, Monro Brown. Technician Crews Members ofthe technician crews perform many valuable services for Forest Park. With the help of The Stage and Audio Crews, assemblies are pro- duced. The Proiection Crew is in charge of the audio-visual equipment, and thus aids in enrich- ing the schooI's curriculum. AUDIO CREW-Front Row: B. Warner, C. Davis. Second Row: B. Krauss B. Ford, Mr. Press, STAGE CREW-Front Row: B. Bunyan, P. Stein, Mr. Ritter, T. Berger, R. Begleiter. I fl f if . . .QE Q , 'if' ' ' BQ SONRISA SINGERS-Front Row: L. Cohen, J. Dale, A. Schwartz, T. Levi D, Kelly, S, Rabinowich, F. Maggio, Second Row: D. Bridges, F. Kitt, E, Mack D, Wainwright, S. Blumberg, L. Morris, L. Fassett. Third Row: E. Fudman 8. L. Merritt, R. Rubin, R. Johnson, T, Stokes, A. Dannis, B. Cryor, TREBLE CHOIR-Front Row: S. Berman, B. Johnson, D. Griner. Second Row: M. FOX, C. Jones, C. Tsakiris. Third Row: L, Kann, J, Vickers. Fourth Row: G. Magrarn, R. Johnson, L. Fassett, Fifth Row: P. Thomas, V. Savage. Sixth M I b Row: A, Conn, L. Merritt, M. Wall. Seventh Row: A, Richman, C. Brewer, R. Glcssman, C. Lyles. u S COED CHORALE- Front Row: V, Savage, E. Rothstein, C. Brewer, P. Jenkins, A. Richman, D. Griner, S, Berman, S, Caplan Second Raw: M. Taylor, C. Lyles, C. Tsclciris, A Braithwaite M. Kahn C. Butler S. Chappell, M. Fax. Third Row: A. Conn, B, Rosenthal, W. Glodney, M. Cohen, L. Keyes, A, Grenley, C, Pcrlws,S. Koenigsberg, D. Crump. l 66 .1 1 BANDeFronY Row: L. Collins, I, Wexler,J. Katz, M. Jones, A. Shub,J. Edwards W Wyatt J Blrenbaum C James H Eisenberg Second Row F Sappestein W Jen nings, D. Taylor, E. Stein, N, Sirasky, R. Bloomberg, R. Forman, S. Falk, F. Harris R Lloyd J Bridge B Ford Third Row J Landsman P Stern A Hutchinson J Rosen R. Vogelhut, R, Berlin, B, Cawthorne, F. Collins, M. Newton, J. Mozor, N. Dublin L Levin Fourth Row C Anderson M Sulberstrom L Rubin P Rudman H Gary L. Mathews, D. Caplan, B. Land, M. Adams, N. Heiderman, S. Dorsey, P, Brown. Providing entertainment for the student body and faculty at different assemblies and other school events are the music clubs of Forest Park. The Sonrisa Singers, Treble Choir, Coed Chorale, and Men's Chorus present vocal selections while instrumental music is played by the Band and Orchestra. Important skills and experience are acquired by The students as a result of varied activities. MEN'S CHORUSfFront Row: F. Wallace, B. Dupick, D. Crump, A. Grenley C. Balser, J. Ceder, T. Josephson, S. Taylor. Second Row: R. Salkov, J. Nason J. Snowden, P. Nason, L, Lomas, M. Margolis, W. Cornell. Third Row: T. Smith D. Moore, D. Marsh, L. Stancil, V. McTeer, M, Sounders, M. Peay, S. Ware Fourth Row: D. Grandberry, W, Cummings, B. Bragg, A. Kaufman, B. Lynd say, G. Outlaw, S. Moseley, G. Bagley. ORCHESTRA-Front Row: G. Clark, L. Smothers, M. Spingorn, M.Jones, A. Hurwitz V Donohue L Wolfe R Wolfe S Losrnsky N Batterson J Leban Second Row R, Chambliss, F, Miller, P, Sewell, C, Spriggs, C. Sheffey, M. Baer, D. Goldstein J Augustin A Shub J Blrenbaum Third Row R Forman S Falk R Bloomberg A. Hutchins, J. Rosen, R. Vogelhut, R. Berlin, R. Lloyd, F. Harris, M. Adams. Fourth Row P Rudman B Land L Mendenhall Mr Jensen 'PKK "If I should lose, lei me sfond by fhe road and cheer as The winners go by." .IL-LX f 4- ' ' 1 ff , 1 . f x,'1 ,QQ-'gg 7f " xx 1 f , Wifi "X f " ' E Q. -sf lf I ,lf K - 1 I , - ' 3:3 X ' A I I 'fig' Al i , .ff X, V. L., '2'l, ,f , " ff ,fy ! f WISH? 'G f I x f if ik. ,, , ,ff A l 'f,5j1:'fQ j+-5' 1 - ' , I 1 Ilia., if 7 . 1-J' KWH x '.' " xx 'fl , xi K A gi l! v X' - Q-A : 55 L f , -ff f "xx 'ffm In - ,Z': ' T1 A . f f I , XX 5' .t K k fr, , X 1,1 I N Y 1, X f fl' I' . I j I. K. gs-X ., jx , f Mf- 5-.R ,mf ' ' 4 f 1 v I-xj ,"m 51517 '1 ' ' , ir, N ' - .X 'A 5' ' ff' f XX if N f :X X. X ' 'X X X X I, xxx X X 1 V I X ' xx .W XXX X X, ! I fl '1 I ' 'Cm PM W I' N wwf H53 lf' X X 1' K N .F H lj' W x x 1' 5' ' NX- , X lj i I im! A , xx ' A ' L SPORTS FOOTBALL-Front Row: M. Lumsden, W. Wyatt, D. Jefferson, V. McTeer, L. Brown, T. O'NeilI, R. Green, L. Jones, E. Brown, L. McKenzie, J. Hommond, C. Woesche. Second Row: B. McMahon, D. Wright, T. Turner, D. Ross, D. Leventhol, C. Johnson, T. Crawford, G, White, G. Smith, J. Tozer, C. Dixon, R. Schmier, H. Zolet. Third Row: B. Jackson, W. Block, G. Sirota, G. Allen, B. James, J. Prettymon, A. Gilmore, R. Lebowitz, W. West, S. Coghill, L. Toft. Woodsmen Show Determination After a slow start, Forest Park's varsity foot- ball team came on strong and finished its season with a 3-4-I record. Coach Milt Lumsden's team opened with a T3-7 victory over Wicomico. Then followed three successive defeats at the hands of Edmondson, McDonogh, and Carver High. Through- out these three games, the Foresters were hind- ered by the loss of most of their starting back- field due to iniuries, and an inexperienced line. However, Coach Lumsden's charges quickly re- versed themselves with smashing victories over Mervo and Archbishop Curley. ln addition, the team held Gilman, previously unbeaten in nine- teen games, to a T6-T6 tie. Still, the season ended on a sour note, as Southern topped the Woodsmen in the final game. Outstanding individual performances were turned in by Dwight Jefferson, John Hammond, Leroy McKenzie, David Ross, Larry Jones, and captain Tom O'Neill. 70 Forest Pork's Larry Jones kicks-off to Mervo. After Q short Forester goin, the referee whistles the play dead. Anxiously, Coach Milf Lumsden paces on the sidelines. Before the gc1me,LcirryJones practices his kicking J... i - Y x Eg! -KK., yu--q-1-uv--vw s., . . , 3 . ,. ' 'fm' IZKX. f . .j " ,, 1 ,- ,.,-weep ., ..,...., :J L. g.,.,f, 7ff.5g...'77'f. 1 ty", . , ,J -my , .... .,.,.. f 5 o a 0 ww .,, .F RIFLE TEAM-First Row: G. Kermisch, M. Sylvester, A. Sober, R. Chinquino, F. Robinson. Second Row: D. Meyers, H. Cohen, J. Hubbard, M. Tilley, G. Wilcox. As they approach the finish line, Danny Moses and Logan Kearse begin to sprint. . , , 4 ,C W r . , , ws- , an V .w,:f'-- , ' 4. O. , I s, A N, . F off -. ,' 'f ' , . sfw " - W f ,. d".',:. , ,as lx. 1,3 f "fir" 'q'qi5i,f-if A f ' . ..' -4 1: r - f fb . . ' V , ' " -tv Vt- ' , 1 A-?7 ir ff A , -,ffflfli , f. e ' 'hi V aa." get -+ - 4 , A ' ' . f -3 5 1 ,Q it A 1- tr?" -gf . - 'ff '1,,g,.,. . -. 1' , Aw-'Sl' ' t ri- ,f ' P A "iesifQ?"ikQwf. MT-f-515. if , V fi 4- - f. . ww- X . N, . P .1 --J f 1, ,"..A-hw 5 yu' . .., sr- will? ig- ,..ef,.fws .- J, "rf ,Avi Rillery The varsity rifle team under the tutelage of Mr. Pete Lynch, ended the season with a spurt of upset victories to enable it to finish with a six and ten record. Paced by Bob Chinquina and Anton Sober, the team improved steadily as the season pro- gressed. Cross Countr Led by the third fastest harrier in the M.S.A., Forest Park's cross country team finished the season with its best record in recent years. With Danny Moses, second runner-up in the M.S.A. Champion- ships, consistently leading the pack, Coach Bob Martin's team piled up enough points to give the harriers a fairly successful season despite its inexperience. On the varsity team, there were only two seniors, Danny Moses and Logan Kearse. CROSS COUNTRY-Front Row: S. Brown, M, Tilley, J. Hubbard, D. Moses, L. Kearse, C. Wilson A. Bennett, J, Winakur. Second Row: D. McKoy, P, Nason, P. Mizrach, D, Cleary, K. Wortmon C, Balser, M, Flaxman, A. Kaufman, A. Harris, B. Becker. Third Row: C. Dyce, R. Lawson, L. Mc Cloud, S. Haynal, D. Myers, B. Dubick, G, Stevenson, J. Smith. 72 if ' vc-45. A WRESTLING TEAM-First Row: M. Scherr, D. Cleary, D, Moses, S. Haynal, T. O'Neill, J. Hammond, G. Smith, M. Rosenblatt. Second Row: D. Proser M. Stokes, J. DiComillo, E. Roberts, S. Taylor, A. Young, A, Laforest, B. James, Mr. Lumsden, Wrestling R l Varsity wrestling returned to Forest Park after a twelve year absence, and the grapplers made a creditable showing despite their O-6-l record. Hard work resulted in upsets in individual matches, but the Foresters narrowly missed a win in settling tor a l7-l7 tie with Loyola High School. Among the best and most consistent iobs turned in were those by Bill McCoy, Eugene Roberts, John Ham- mond, and Torn O'Neill. The second round begins with the Forester on the bottom. As the referee watches intently, a near fall is in the making. '11 r ,,., 5 f:E ,,,- -fwza. Robert Waldman nears The finish of the IOO yard bufferfly. I s Swimmers Have Two swimmers push off ar the starr of the TOO yard backsrroke. SWIMMING TEAM-First Row: W. Morkert, I. Brafo, R. Airey, S, Caplan. Second Row: A. Grenley, G. TaIIes, R. Waldman, D. Allender, L. Duty, T. Goldman. Third Row: Mr. Zolef, W, McMahon. .-as - , if 'ET 17 , N , I ff .,,. - V. , - , M., 'K T 'Xxx H V 'fn QQ. f'I,""f 'lf fl", Jai, , at 1 Ei: iz .ls an ,5,,glQsl.Q I up fs In . I ,-.7- Q. 1 Q . , , - J ' xl LT- X jf. .. , TM.. , ...!..... . ,., ,WE Wu..,.,.. W. ., 1 ' , , I , K . ,N .6 .. WTA -1 4""j' ' , ,ffffll T4 -1 C p,.p..c , ,- 'ax MJ if , sl Various forms ofthe racing dive are exhibited by four Foresters. Successful Season The varsity and iunior varsity swimming teams, under Coaches Hy Zolet and Clifford Rosenberg, both completed successful seasons. The varsity natators, led by tri-captains Dave Allender, Gary Talles, and Robert Waldman, completed the sea- son with a slate of three wins and three losses in league competition and a five and six overall record. The J. V. tankmen, with a record of eight and two, won the M. S. A. Championship. lt's neck and neck as two Foresters finish in the freestyle event. A Forester dives while team members look on. E 12.1. ---ig -f-4' .,-4 Captain Herb Chovis hooks in two points for Forest Park. The g Chovis posses off on the fosr break. ome begins os The bcill is thrown up in the ciir BASKETBALL TEAM-First Row: A, Beale, C, Weinberg, H, Chavis, K. Coulbourn, L Jones Second Row A More R Lyles R Allen T Turner Third Row M Anderson L. McCloud, A. Reinhart, S. Silberc, Juniors Dominate Basketball Five The varsity basketball five, under the coaching of Andy Anderson, hit a high point for the 1964 season when it upset McDonough 51-48 in De- cember. The star performer on the iunior-studded team was senior Herb Chavis, who finished the season with a l5.2 scoring mean, fifth best in the M.S.A. Division, II scoring race. The only other seniors on the team were Larry Jones and Mike Peay. Two juniors, Charlie Weinberg and Tom Turner, finished second and third in team scoring with ten point plus averages. Although the team had a dismal record of two wins and thirteen losses, eight out of eleven members are returning next year. Driving past four men, Tom Turner shoots for the basket Defensernan Tom O'Neill, pursues Edmondson player in attempt to prevent cr Redskin goal. Varsity Stickmen Have Spirited Season Faced with a lack of experienced varsity play- ers, lacrosse Coach Milt Lumsden ended the eleven game season with four wins and seven losses. The Forester stickmen provided much excitement for their fans, twice defeating arch-rival Ed- mondson, and giving Poly and City a strong fight before going down to defeat. Led by an outstand- ing defense and goalie Jay Pugh, the varsity stickmen developed, during the season, into one of the better lacrosse teams in the Nl.S.A. Turning in continually fine performances for Coach Lums- den were Bob Luekert, Mike Wertz, Robert Fine, Doug Holmes, and Donald Conaway. An overhead view shows lacrosse action during a Forest Park home game. Jay Pugh rushes out ofthe net to thwart goal attempt by charging Edmondson attack. . Q 2 usa-tmp nl . ',,,,' 9 1 . ew 4 41 vii- f I i 'X mf IJ.. k 4 5 :www -f .,.. LACROSSE TEAMfFronf Row: T. O'NeiII, R. Fine, R. Landsrnan, M. Werrz, E. Brown, A. Holzman, M. Scherr, B. Lueckert. Second row: T. Smith, D, Conavvay, S. Braiterman, E. Hersh, M. Miller, S. Silverberg, D. Holmes, S. Hoffman. Third row: J. Hammond, D. Ross, J. Pugh icaptainb, C. Davis, R. Sykes. Sfickmen face off in a game againsTEdmor1dson. .f NNE A ' ,An , f,-,ll 77 . J , x . -1' g. ' gf .if Yi K ,,4, M if . .,, jg - I -' . pls-. ina" - . fu' s Hr?- -. ' xl ff ,,. ' . K W A A w ,X A , ' V k 1 W ' s., .. K K 'X N' 'Niki L 'K 4 7Hv..5v- X 1 'N"'flY" V' ' I1 Jin. C sw, Q fEffea,q,Q1Q534 .gi Q ,4- ,:.' 'xr vi. ' W .4 -gyn- an-NM Robert Clark goes over the hurdles. 11. iig,,.,y:,,, . ,Lk, 7 L1,r. 'ww TFQQQX. A ,as ,-az' rr g A, K ' , Gif, Ak .. -,. i Discus thrower Nathan Kramer winds up for a heave. Track Playing against the more powerful teams in the M.S.A., the Forester track and field team fin- ished its season with four wins, four losses, and one tie. With the team piling up 602 points to its oppon- ents' 485, Coach Bob Martin's squad showed sur- prising strength in the discus, shot put, and broad iurnp events. Outstanding members of the team in- cluded dashmen Alex Jefferson, John Hershberger, and Bernard James, and long distance runner, Danny Moses. Two Foresters, Nathan Kramer and Alex Jefferson, advanced to the finals of the M.S.A. Championship Track Meet. TRACK TEAMfFront Row: Charles Woodford, Allen White, Eugene Roberts, Danny Moses, Frazier Lindsay, Tim Shelton, Herbert Chavis. Second Row: Howard Bright, Milton Sharpes, Nathan Kramer, Pete Shaffer, Harry Lipsitz, Robert Clark, Albert Bohrer. Third Row: Bernard James, Ronald Sanders, Alex Jefferson, Ken Shaffer, Harold Beber, Leroy McKenzie, John Fullard, Robert Chandler, Steve Salamon. Fourth Row: Mr. Martin, Torn D'Antoni. vs. ,f Gary Talles fees off. Golf Under The tutelage of Mr. Frank Lee, the Forest Park golf Team ended its season with a record of four wins and seven losses. Playing in The "A" Division of The M .S .A ., The Woodsmen faced a diff- icult schedule. The Foresters outscored Their oppo- nents overall, but failed To come up with The extra effort aT The proper Time. Outstanding members of The squad included Larry Nash and Robin MeTTle. Before a match, David Levin and Robbie Brenner warm up. Ae., T 1 s 0 'L L U ffl , 4 3 L . ,iw T T.-f,,'1,ff T T, ., , ,. , . , , A 5 Ke Rx s I 'Ky fa- J., 1 9 .rms-f,ff-fr A f f if 'T rk'r.w-,.ix.'s - g W . ,G 'Is ,w -,fits - f H 1 T f s 'flv',' +s4l.l.il5ffIly' Wlgf e 'f' T .' f . ' T 1 fl it 2 fzfltxfl, Tfgvi T'1, Y: i lf," 9 if 1 -.T JI',f?'fjIYlfj?ffi1f?t,5,1f'ff..i X153 T 1' i -xii ' 5 5' ' S 5 L lffiif, its fd rl! 1 2. Q'-1-'rf-I Q f ' 'T Q- .' 1 'W 5 yr. GOLF TEAM-Fronr Row: Howard Swartz, Gary Talles, Larry Nash. Second Row: Paul Ford, Robbin Mettle, Stewart Goldberg, Jan Koppel, Tennis Forest Park's varsity Tennis Team, under The direction of Mr. Pete Lynch, compiled a satis- factory record of five wins and four losses. The Team played spirited, but unsuccessful, matches against such M .S.A. net powers as Poly, City, and Gilman. However, the netmen still managed To end the season with a winning record. Among The better performances Turned in by Team members were Those of David Levin and Robert Brenner. 81 BASEBALL TEAM-Front Row: B. Sofrcmek, R. Clark, M. Schlenoff, J. Kowitz, T. Turner. Second row: D. Jefferson, B. Ross, D. Aliender, J. Miller, J. LoChupeIle,J. Deponoi. Third row: Mr. Anderson, C. Weinberg, W, Cooper, T. Trimble, V. McTeer. ff- 'f-.1514 T T T 1 1 Players on Cc1rver's bench clejecfedly watch Forest Pork victory. T Ron Clark stretches for ball as runner safely crosses bog. Diamondmen Brave Rough Season After an impressive start, Forest Park's varsity baseball team finished its season with a record of four wins and ten losses. Among its triumphs were victories over Gilman of TO-O and 8-2 and a TO-2 over Carver High. Coach Andy Anderson's team was led by All-M.S.A. catcher Marc Schlen- off, who for the second consecutive year was the leading batter on the squad. The Forester's fine in- field consisted of Ron Clark at first base, Jake Ko- witz at second base, Tom Trimble at shortstop, and Dwight Jefferson at third base. The brunt of the pitching chores were performed by Barry Ross and Charlie Weinberg. Jim Deponai slides safely into second base. Batter, catcher, and umpire await the next pitch Barry Ross warms up. gfw Q' , , s 12: Sue Toustine ond Morlene Sneider fight to keep the boll aloft. Volleyball Team Has Successful Season Betsy Granek spikes the boll over the ner. Forest Porlds volleyboll teom, directed by In the gomes, Tvvo of which were held ot Miss Jeon Lewellen, compiled on overoll record Eostern High School eoch doy ot the tourno- of three vvins, two losses, ond one tie. ment, The girls exhibited their skills in spiking, blocking, serving, ond volleying. VOLLEYBALL TEAM- Jonice Ellis, Morilyn Miller, Sue Toustine, Maxine Silverman, Betsy Crone,Pculo Siskind, Noncy Isoocs, Betsy Grcnek, Morlene Sneider. l , , A " K 'ss I4 -1 .ff , as - 11 ' M . . av, ' 5 ,, . . y. in ,V , ,.,,i:. L .. , 3 S J ig it .t'Hf'fs 's if Their bows drawn, the girls aim at the target. Archery With the coming of spring, the girls' archery team, under the leadership of Miss Diana Green- wood, began its practice. The team, composed of eight members and two substitutes rallied from a second place position in the first competition to two consecutive first places and finished the season as city champions. High scorers on the team were Brenda Sherr, Carol Schreter, Leslie Wolf, and Cee Cee Edwards, respectively. OFFICIALS CLUB-Front Row: J. Murray, C. Morgan, S. Hess, V. Dixon, L. Matisoff, J. Wohlmuth, P. Fossetv. Second Row: M, Sneider, P. Katz, J. Ed- wards, L. Leisure, A. Robinson, D. Griner, A. Lehman, Mrs. Stewart. Third Row: F. Hicks, A. Rothman, B. Rascovar, L. Friedman, L. Gibberman, L. Furst, D. Polotnick, K. Griner, J. Budd. Fourth Row: N, Eiseman, C. James. . 5 f . , - k 5 , 2 A if - ARCHERY TEAM-Front Row: Miss Greenwood, Lynne Siger, Susie Freedman, Brenda Sherr, Bonnie Orkin, Leah Leisure. Second Row: Cee Cee Edwards, Lois Kann, Carol Schreter, Terry Krulevitz. Officials' Club Started three years ago by Mrs. Shirley Stewart, the Officials' Club assists the Physical Education De- partment in after school intramurals. After learn- ing the rules of various sports and techniques of officiating, the members of the club use their knowledge to referee after school games. The officials earn points towards an athletic letter as a reward for their service. 85 c J". 1, ll 5 .gl W 45... , , .J 1 SPEEDBALL TEAMfFront Row: Becki Miller, Ellen Yerman, Marilyn Ferrell, Loretta Pierce, Patricia Brown. Second Row: Diane Kolker, Betsy Balenson, Sherry Lee, Donna Kolker, Leah Leisure. Third Row:Wilmo Caldwell, Anita Rothman, Marilyn wood. ln forward 3 ' 1-W ii1s....fl 71 Miller, Tamara Elliott, Sandro Hood, Carol Sheffey, Marcia Rosenberg, Miss Green This year's speedloall team completed the tall season with a creditable record of two wins and one loss. Under the direction of Miss Diana Green- wood, the girls exhibited teamwork, skill, and good sportsmanship in all of their games. Speeclball line practice, Sherry Lee lifts to Ellen Yerman. 115,77 . QSM'-r ng ,. .32 M -..M s A M, ec ff gg . .Q 1 . 'ltd' A 3,1 h. 1 W .e EB 4 ' ' I ll ld' ,, llll n g. 1 lil ,rg . 'L Speedloall players practice skills. cc., ' , fi- . ... ff N - in s. 5, I, ,,..,i,,., .V of K, ,, ' U VT VR., EMM . ,..- V A b .- .xr W, .gy x' 4, A "H, ., - .. ,A k 4 ff , .. ,:-V z., ,N-...ifl'-.riff . lu. '?g,f"-' 3, A 'ff-'Sn lv- U ' ' ' f A - Ns , MQ 'ar' f . 'V ,Q Rl T7, J li"t""s xy ., , . , ,, Us X ig , . MP' AVS rt' 3 gr' ivfff BADMINTON TEAM-Front Row: A, Lehman, S. Scherr, L. Weitzman, J. Wohlmuth, J. Ellis, D. Ludman, S. Klein. Second Row: Mrs. Sunshine, B. Jacobson, B. Swicar, K. Corrigan, L. Matisoff, G. Gross, W. Lee, P. Holtsclaw, A. Braithwaite, L. Henderson, A. Pottish, C. Edwards. ' Ski? ii M H Wife Marlene Sneider sends a volley to Betsy Granek. Badminton The varsity and iunior varsity badminton teams, with only five members back from last year, concluded their season with identical lA-lO records. The coach of both teams, Mrs. Rachelle Sunshine said that the girls played very well and enjoyed the stiff competition. Tennis The varsity tennis team, under the direction of Mrs. Lois Willis, concluded its fall season with a highly successful record of eleven wins and one loss. In the games, which were played against Western, Southern, and Edmondson, the girls dem- onstrated excellent offensive skill. TENNIS TEAM-Front Row: Melody Ballan, Jolene Oppenheim, Brenda Turner, Margie Hecht, Leslie Wolf. Second Row: Sneider, Ellen Levin, Nancy Hecht, Mrs. Willis. 1 sr, 9, .L we t 1 5 I fl. Vg, . ' X .,' fhrilgrflw, T y Tlef V,V..,, P... Y-D . N-Hr 1 ,Qtr ix? 1? JW-rg be ,--it we f if i i s.4 Betsy Granek, Barbara Rascovar, Marlene C 'f' ""e1?'Vf'V"T"9" T'iY3?"T"1 T' . ,jgM,'frJ?l, r X ,L fr eug1f'ef:.ff we-1ig.., Y 'F 'iff , 5- . 5 .f'f"'7'i ' , .,. -4 7 . A T -, ...ts ,H 32 '--r ' .5 1, , W I-H N 1 li! Ill -x ti. ,-.' -K n-.1 iv Forester guard attempts to block lay-up shot. Basketball Coaches Mrs. Sunshine and Mrs. Dixon chose a squad of eighteen girls to make up the var- sity and iunior varsity basketball teams. Both teams ended with satisfactory records against Eastern, Douglass, and Carver. High scorers were M. Sneider, B. Granek, and C. Crutchfield. Teammates practice control ofthe tap. BASKETBALL TEAMf First Row: J. Ellis, C. Weiner, B. Granek, M. Sneider, M. Miller, C. Crutchfield, M. Ferrell. Second Row: B, Glover, F. Hicks, J. Smith, V. Savage, C. Jones, A. Robinson. Third Row: Mrs. Sunshine, A. Rothman, B. Bruten, A. Watson, A. Hamm, J. Berney. your mm..- X .lk .. 5 X gg E 53. . I wa E 24 X A . , , or t 7 118 i4 O 1 X, l, il X , ffm A. MODERN DANCE CLUB-Front Row: S. Rudo, M. Nitzburg, B. Kushel, C. Gresser. Second Row: L. Giller, L. Koller, J. Markin, L. Thompson, B. Freedman, M. l-larrson S. Durant, B. Platt, R. Greenberg. Third Row: C. Steinberg, S. Wilder, D. Milford, V. McCullough, S. Ableson, S. Weiner, D. Ashbord, C. Grooms, F.Snyder,J.Smi1h Modern Dance Modern Dance is important in that it can strengthen the body, develop coordination, and aid in matters of personal poise. In the modern dance club, girls, who are under the direction of Mrs. Shirley Stewart, create movements to music and combine them into a pattern of dance. To demonstrate their abilities, the dancers partici- pate in clinics, demonstrations, and assemblies. Table Tennis The Forest Park table tennis team concluded a highly successful season. Competing against Ed- mondson, Douglass, Southern, Carver, and Dun- bar, the team compiled a record of thirty-four wins and only eight losses. Miss Greenwood, the coach for the team, attributed success to the girls' strong serving and good strategy. TABLE TENNIS TEAM-First Row: C. Perry, E. Mager, D. Kaye, I. Lowenstein, Miss Greenwood. Second Row: D. Kolker, G. Yaffee, L. Lund, N. Morganstein F. Howard, S. Roffman. I- rlf, sq-K Q. .V R45 ' ,, if .fu AQUA DEBS-Front Row: R. Rubenstein, E. Yerman, B. Granek. Second Row: A. Odenheimer, H. Snyder, Miss Greenwood. Third Row: F. Snyder, C. Edwards, B. Kushel, M. Hecht, N. Hecht, B. Rascovor The swimming clubs, under the direction of Miss Diana Greenwood, are an important part of Forest Park's physical fitness program. The Aqua- Debs, who present a program each year, learn synchronized swimming, a combination of strokes, stunts, and float patterns set to music. Assisting during class periods as water safety aids are the Life-Savers, who are fully trained in rescue skills. The 50 Mile Swim Club allows each girl to swim at her own pace. The outstanding member is C.C. Edwards, who swam 200 miles in one and a half years. Swimming Develops Physical Fitness Rickie Rubenstein executesapikedive. 50 MILERS AND LIFE SAVERS - Front Row: C. Edwards, F. Snyder. Second Row: Miss Greenwood, M. Kerngood, ' S. Borouh, B. Kushel, P. Kassel, J. Bassin, C. Simbcliski, D. Kolker. Third Row: N, Winelander, M. Salkov, R. Truitt, V. McCullough, H. Glazer, D. Kolker, P. Grimes. ? .Q 4 f 4X 'M .- 1 ,, L zqlif, , uit f7"W!z:""-Q.. CHEERLEADERS-Front Row: C. Tsakiris. Second Row: M. Jacobs, S. Durant, A. Brownstein. Third Row: E, Feinglass, B. Green, H. Loomis, E. Ep- stein, M. Goldstone. Cheerleaders Cheering Forest Park teams on to victory and raising spirit have been the objectives of the ten enthusiastic cheerleaders. Under the direction of head cheerleader Christine Tsakiris, this spirited group has been a key part in securing victories for the teams of Forest Park. Cheerleaders add spirit to the Loyalty Day Assembly. The girls demonstrate the "Locomotive" "" " " ' f' ' " ' ' s' 'fr - ' V fr A - v -st H1 Y- 'TXIQB-.1tfBHVfD'w?KvFfaiHMMMOkLhZsMUZaR IKE-.ififibt .45P'. "I remember my youfh and .fhe feeling fhclf will never come back ony more-fhe feeling fhof I could losf forever, ouflosf fhe seo, fhe eorfh, and all men." I 1 f .ff 1' fx' ' I 7, 4, x .4 . . X X -x Y f 1" . b iv , ,- YQ I X X R X I ' X ig xgl ,, ' ff ff ' X: " 1' W h if rf' I if ,,f ' . x 3 f 5' ,' T X 'N .:.t , X Wi' ' .X x N- X X ' L X 5 X H ' xi i - XX x ' if 1 1 my! x X X w ,il XXX X , X ,, W? Q A SENIORS v--,v N Q,--,' 1 i 1 .- ...- , .1 ..... . 'Mr .u uni V' Q- ID! A no adv lu .m Au-M at .a v"v 'I . ,....... y . 1 's I -. K 1 3 1 :iQ 4' f- 'A f lvl QW ' M J. -.- W "" 1 n '1 - 5 "iss Q . . . wo I y K 4, .. 1.4 T W' no . - . - .fn ' ' x .N "fa su ... Q . 4 ,W Nm ,. . W .,.,.,L , '14 v nu nu a U U' K Nu., ' ' ,,,, -. NW a' ' ggfh hh! urs - Qs -vi F .J -4 X E'N, XR Rx -1 'ig M., in ,Q nf Miss Duval cmd the year advisers enjoy refreshments at the Junior Prom. N-...f On Junior Day, Mrs. Kahn and Mr. Kalvan help Bette display the June 7964 banner forthe first time. Mr. Kalvan advises the chairmen on Senior Prom and Banquet -- L 1 1 Ar. i Qi K use 'Dr Jeanne Borenstein, Recording Secretory, Junior Year, Corresponding Secretary, Senior Year, Leslie Carton, Historian, Junior and Senior Year. Bette Green, Junior and Senior Class President, . ,- Year Officers June '64 held its first official class meeting at the close of its sophomore year. At this time, offi- cers were elected for the forthcoming iunior year. Some of those elected held office for one year, others, for two. However, it was largely because of the combined efforts of all of the officers that the year functioned successfully. They helped to plan activities, choose chairmen and committees, and run year meetings. Highlights of the events organized by the year were Junior Day and Prom, Senior Inaugural, the Picnic, and the Hootenonny. SENIOR OFFICERS-Front Row: S. Durcint, B. Green, S. Jachman. Back Row: J. Borenstein, B. Rubin, L. Carton. 'il I , JUNIOR AND SENIOR SERGEANTS-AT-ARMS: M. Feldman, R. Begleiter, J. Koppel, A. Holzman, S. Koenigsberg, G. Talles, R. Eine SENIOR OFFICERS-Siningr B. Rubin, Recording Secretaryg S. Durant, Vice- presidenfg S. Jachrnan, Treasurer. JUNIOR OFFICERS-Standing: B. Hendin, Recording Secretaryp J. Eisenberg, Vice-president S. Seidenberg, Treasurer. 97 Juniors sing and dance in the opening number ofthe assembly. .lunior Da On April 5, 1963, the class of June 1964 pre- sented its Junior Day Assembly, "A Tribute to Shakespeare." The play, under the chairman- ship of Ellen Brown and Mariorie Hecht and the direction of Ilene Hearn, interpreted scenes from three of Shakespeare's plays. As a finale, the class banner was displayed and the official year song was sung. In terminating the assembly, the class presented to the school a reproduction of a paint- ing by the French artist Monet, entitled "Cap d'An- tibles: Mistral." . . . and Prom June '64 "Dances 'til the Rising Sun" at their Junior Prom, which was held at Blue Crest North on April 6, 1963. Music, provided by Stan Bridge and his orchestra, and other arrangements were planned by the chairman Carol Moses and her co- chairman Carolyn Jones. Sophomore girls dressed in Chinese attire, served refreshments to the King and Queen of the Prom, Harvey Hyatt and Christine Tsakiris, and other members of the year. in ,J 1 K' fzzfgwfwpef, I ue Q, 'R 'S - 1,2122 , X . . rf .1. " x. yu .1 fa xg- ' an , ' 1 ,sl A a - :pf ,, wif: 'praswsrww ,g if-fav' , ? S xref: H .1325 8 Congressman Long delivers his message to the assembly. , 9 . .K , If M ssh. S -fi 2'-A ,sc-if ...Ze s Solemn Seniors, adorned with badges and beanies, repeat the Ephebic Oath. Senior Inaugural June '64s early Senior Inaugural on September 25, 1963 signified the absence ot a February graduating class and headed a list of breaks with tradition such as the informal dress and the omission of an opening processional. Not only did the assembly present change of Custom, but after school, history was made. For the first time, Seniors held a picnic at Leakin Park to celebrate their inauguration, and in the evening, they were entertained by folk singers at June '64s "Hoote- nanny." Bette Green gives Seniors pointers for the coming year f X I .li . -' Us a -S W ff r i 5 -4-1 , ,. L A fi If., K i , . : "' J iii' K N , un i 4' l',..,,,,, awe -awe W' ,....,,.....--- ,,q.4.noAs4v1pu.u4 ioo r wr ' W mi? 5 Ek 34 Q g 3 1 ' V 1 I ,225 -. f'.f" '-, 5'f'r"'e' W' V 5-'His' rf:-4.rf'ff-egg, 't , S ,MM J W- M -k V , A.. V , F, X HQ,-'f 315313 S -M 1 ', 4-'i 'av A W , 'g K in X 1 I gli, Q -,im . fifl k Y 4, xx X rm tx is l S f i in lil ll flkqx L. Aaronson 7 ,rw 'IRAQ ' ,. vjSMf:f,frf9iv,,- W- ar' , if if X qv- V. QQ-f S, N. Abramowitz C. Agne D. Allender M. Alon 0... 7 gs e Q: Af 9 -, S ' 1. As- 1 J n Jn . .. K. Rx: 'f ,NN I M, .Q ., I .,, ,. f, W T " 5 "MM A K -5- v. V 1 V "QV" , "lFlX?l'?1l::9k T A 2 ., 4 521.411-'z? P- , R. Alfshuler R, Austerlifz J. Baer . we Q, E if ,rx -tv "' ,F M. 1 S. Baron .. ' ur Jef, l sr N' 1' ff- U I ' ww-Y .MLJM xr' J " F., M. Bell R. Ber9ef J. Berman L. Berman Ns- W. F, ff km y . .. ' ,J J J Plc: M24 'Quai-A E. Amin I. Arenson J. Arthur J. Asner f A' - N 'N 1 4 1 M., v- .. 'CI' " ea' L M. Ballon P- BUfCll l- Bflfbel' A. Burkan Vx. .,,,. , if off - ,. . . 'Sw -eq' Ka , I ,. if W,'Q, ' New . 6 ,Q 1 gy" av' :CRX R. Barouh M. Bartz V. Baies A. Begleifer l K Ciblm T. Berger J. Berlin R. Berlin J. Berman S. Berman J, Bgrney E. Beynon D. Bishow . HOW: B B 'lj A 1 if 4. .Qi 4 ' lb Q X ff .W .f KV - f 4. Q V - ..: 1 ,- , .gr 1' DVS' "fer 2 C. Alston Q IIS r , . Xi w K :I .K 1 . . J. Augustin v . sr ,A . X, R. Begleiter Seniors LANA L. AARONSON . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . Press, Stott, Intramurals, Business Service Club, F.B.L.A., Home Eco! nomics Club, Sonrisa Singers. NINA H. ABRAMOWITZ . . . ACADEMIC . . . Junior Day, Senior Prom, Committee, F,N,A., Home Economics Club, Art Club, Cafe Officer, School Publicity Committee. CAROL E. AGNE . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . Homeroom Activities. DAVID ALLENDER . . . ACADEMIC . . . List of Honor, National Honor Society, Treasurer, Boys' Opportunity Club, Vice-Presi dent, Varsity Club, FORESTER, Boys' Sports Editor, Varsity Swim- ming, Tennis, Press, Staff, Physics Club, President, Proiection Crew, Vice-President, Band. MINA ALON . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . Intramurals, F.B.L.A., Historian, Business Service Club, Cafe Officer. CHARLES J. ALSTON . . . GENERAL BASIC . . . Homeroom Activities ROBERT A. ALTSHULER . , . ACADEMIC . . . List of Honor, List ot Merit, National Honor Society, Boys' Opportunity Club, FORESTER, Staff, Student Representative, J,V. Football, Baseball, Student Board of Reviews. EMILY ANTIN . . . ACADEMIC . . . Junior Day, Committee Chair- man, Junior Day, Committee, Senior Prom, Committee, Student Representative, Homeroom Activities. INA EVE ARENSON . . . ACADEMIC . . . List of Honor, Junior Day, Drama Club, Folksinging Club, President, Scribblers' Club. JENNIFER L. ARTHUR. , . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . Homeroorn President, Intramurals, Biology Club, Business Service Club. JUDITH E. ASNER . . . ACADEMIC . . . Student Board of Reviews, Press, Staff, Intramurals, Junior Prom, Committee, Club Council, Biology Club, Open Forum Club, Sergeant-at-Arms, Wednesday Morning Club, The Key. .IEWELL L. AUGUSTIN . . .ACADEMIC . . . FORESTER, S1Clff,HOme- room President, Intramurals, Counselor's Aid. REESA RAE AUSTERLITZ . . . ACADEMIC . . . List of Honor, Na- tional Honor Society, Four Square Club, Student Representative, F.T.A., Business Service Club, F.N .A., Treasurer, Red Cross Club, Treasurer, Spanish Club, Sergeant-at+Arms. JOAN LEE BAER . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . Drama Club, Homeroom Activities. MELODY SHARON BALLAN . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . ..Horne- room President, PAULA A. BARAL . . . SPECIAL COLLEGE PREPARATORY . . . List of Distinction, National Honor Society, Four Square Club, Fon- ESTER, Commercial Ads Manager, Coaching Letter, Extracurricu- lar "F", German Club, Parliarnentarion, U.N.Y., Sergeant-ah Arms, Horneroom Activities. INGRID LISA BARBER. . . BUSINESS EDUCATION ...List of Honor, List of Merit, Year Bookkeeper, Homeroom Activities. ARLENE MICHELLE BARKAN . . .-ACADEMIC . . . List of Honor, Intramurals, Biology Club, Public Speaking Club, Vice-President, Cafe Officer, Year Committees, English Department Aid. SYLVIA LEE BARON . . . ACADEMIC . , . Student Coach, Modern Dance Club, Open Forum Club, French Club, Folksinging Club, News Views Club, Cale Officer. ROCHELLE BAROUH . . . ACADEMIC . . . List of Merit, National Honor Society, Four Sauare Club: FORESTER, Sta'ff,,Junior Dov: Biology Club, F.N.A., President, Library Club, Vice'Presiclent, Sergeant-at-Arms, News Views Club, Vice-President. MARSHA BARTZ . . . ACADEMIC . , . List of Honor, Homeroom President, Student Representative, Student Coach, Intramurals, Senior Prom, Committee: Art Club. VIRGINIA M. BATES . . . GENERAL BASIC . . . Biology Club, Home- room Activities. ARNOLD BEGLEITER . . . ACADEMIC . . . Stage Crew, Physics Club, Proiection Crew, Vice-President. ROBERT BEGLEITER . . . ACADEMIC . . . List of Honor, Year Serge- ant-at-Arrns, Boys' Opportunity Club, J.V. Wrestling, Stage Crew, President, Biology Club, Physics Club. MILLARD BELL . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . , Homeroom Presi' dent, Biology Club, Business Service Club, Projection Crew, Homeroom Activities. ROSEMERI BERGER . . . ACADEMIC . . , Homeroom Activities. TERRY N. BERGER . , . ACADEMIC . . . List of Honor, List of Merit, National Honor Society, President, Boys' Opportunity Club, Stu- dent Coach, J.V. Football, Track, Stage Crew, ViceePresident, Physics Club, Vice-President, I-Iorneroom Activities. JOYCE BERLIN . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . Intramurals, Busi- ness Service Clubg Homeroom Activities. RICHARD M. BERLIN . . . ACADEMIC . . . Boys'-Opportunity Club, J.V. Cross Country, Junior Day, Bond, Orchestra. JEANNE F. BERMAN . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . Homeroorn President, Student Representative, Intramurals, Senior Prom, Committee, Business Service Club, F.B.L.A., Math Club, Cafe Officer. ' JUDY BERMAN . . . ACADEMIC . . . List of Honor, Four Square Club, Student Representative, Student Board of Reviews, Intra- murals, Junior Prom, Committee, Home Economics Club, French Club, School Publicity Committee, Horneroom Activities. LARRY BERMAN . . . ACADEMIC . . .Varsity Baseball, Homeroom Activities. SHEILA MARSHA BERMAN . . . ACADEMIC . . . List of Honor, Homeroom President, Intramurals, Junior Day, Senior Prom, Committee Chairman, Year Committees, Drama Club, Proiectian Crew, Co-Ed Chorale. JANE M. BERNEY . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . Girls' Sports Association, Historian, Basketball Team, Volleyball Team, Intra- murals, Officials' Club, Treble Choir, Swimmers' Aid. EDDIE BEYNON . . . GENERAL BASIC . . . Homeroom Activities. DIANE L. BISHOW . . , BUSINESS EDUCATIONY. . . Intramurals, Biology Club, I-Iome Economics Club, Open Forum Club. " . the mind is restless, turbulent, strong, and unyielding . as difficult to subdue as the wind." lO3 5 s ' Q 1 B L MN 1 ., M , A 5- ' ' WERE, -.M s .o ' 43 l' R. Blaney W. Blonder B. Bloom J. Blumberg R. Blumberg H. Bloom E. Blum F. Blumberg in S. Blumberg J. Borenstein G. Bosley ', .1 .. A ff.-K'egffj:,., A A Vyhk of I l ,i..f,,.: .,. V JN, I V., K V K K v .5 I WW v Qxxl, :,... ,. . . . - W' 1 .1-if' - ' 0 '71, 1 A 51-":49-264, - - -,.f '- . 5.1! :fl A r+.a+,,,v"f. 5 ' Q L I H-,mf 1 Qs- rf.. H N. - -f - ex I Q .5 . , ' .45 Alfa f K' - 'if - 5-3 i Q, me ' ' f V. f E " ' 4 - 'K x f 7' A' 'A , f gg. Q. 1 A ' "' " nw 13' KL r Q,-5 lf' .J 5. u 'Q 1- -- ' Q ' 1 - il' Q , . fm-.NA 4 X 61-1 G.. -r ' ' . fx.. L ,W A W. Brandi M. Brenner R. Brenner , K Q . . f .f ii. , .- .V , 'Q -J - . .. f. Q wr' f , m fi: W . cv X! f' "l w ' ' .IR 1 2' V - . 9553 . I . Q . if M. Brill 5- Brill Khali l -'dak' 14, 'UW . fm tfvv - l . .4 . .,,,,,,.. . . ...ff . , .f 'W I 7' ' I EX V. V. gf' 3 ':',y1-fa K N' ' A. Brownstein D. Bruce J. Burke A. Cann l. Caplan 'Ve QM .sf- Q 104 f .wi for J C. Brewer D. Bridges C. Brighy 5,-5. . ,,, .4 in . . . .ig ff Pa l h A gg' t' Y F. Brodsky E. Brown L. Brown - ' ban ' ,David Q. wx Tin-ee 'pw-:-Yan-cA.' V 14.7 C. Buller K. Cudclen A. Canady l-- COPlClh P. Caplan 5- CUPlUn rx fv- hx N rfliffp ' 1 g 5 I L. Braithwaite -ssgfxgggu 4021, ,rye- ' I sf It ti , IX .- , I M. Brown C.Carpemef Q y .. J?" 1' gimiitlal'-iilXa .Sk-4 tiff r . S-,I .,. V c:'lt.,iI'l'X Seniors RONALD H. BLANEY . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . Track Team, Cross Country Team. WILLIAM F. BLONDER- . . . ACADEMIC . . . Biology Club, Rifle Club. BARBARA M. BLOOM . . . ACADEMIC . .. List of Honor, FORESTER, Staff, Intramurals, F.N.A., Physics Club, Homeroom Activities. HELENE M. BLOOM . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . List of Merit, Press, Staff, FORESTER, Staff, Senior Farewell, Committee: F.T.A., Business Service Club, F.B.L.A., Spanish Club. ELLYN 5. BLUM . . . ACADEMIC . . . Open Forum Club, School Play, English Department Arid, Cafe Officer. FRANCES BLUMBERG . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . List of Merit, FORESTER, Transcription Editor, Press, Staff, Business Service Club, F.B.L.A., Red Cross Club. JEFFREY BLUMBERG . . . ACADEMIC . . . Homeroom Activities. ROCHELLE ESTHER BULUMBERG . . . ACADEMIC . . . List of Honor, National Honor Society, Four Square Club, Homeroom President, Intramurals, Junior Day, Committee, F.T.A., Lawyers' Guild, Library Club, Math Club, Secretary, Sergeant-at-Arms. SUE BLUMBERG . . . ACADEMIC . , . List of Honor, Junior Day, Senior Prom, Committee, Folksinging Club Treasurer, F.N.A., News Views Club, Nurse's Aid, Swimmers' Aid. JEANNE A. BORENSTEIN . . . ACADEMIC . . . List of Honor, Year Recording Secretary, Year Corresponding Secretary, Four Square Club: Student Coach, Intramurals, Homeroom Activities. GLORIA BOSLEY . . . ACADEMIC . . , Intramurals, Drama Club, FTA., Senior Prom, Committee, School Play. L. ADRIENNE BRAITHWAITE . . . ACADEMIC . . . Junior Day, Committee Chairman, Senior Prom, Committee, Badminton Team, Intramurals, Co-Ed Chorale. WILLIAM BRANDT . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . News Views Club, Vice-President, Treasurer. MARSHA E. BRENNER . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . List of Merit, Press, Staff, FORESTER, Staff, Intramurals, Biology Club. ROBERT L. BRENNER . . . ACADEMIC . . .National Honor Society, Vice-President, Boys' Opportunity Club, Varsity Club, Vice-Presi- dent, Judge, Homeroom President, Junior Prom, Committee Chair- man, Tennis Team. CARLOTTA L. BREWER . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . Homeroom ViceAPresiclent, Co-Ed Chorale. DONNA D. BRIDGES . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . Homeroom President, Modern Dance Club, Treble Choir, Sonrisa Singers, Locker Aid, Swimmers' Aid. CLEVELAND H. BRIGHT . . . GENERAL TECHNICAL . . , Home- room Activities. MAXYNE S. BRILL . . . ACADEMIC . . . List of Honor, List of Merit, Junior Prom, Committee, Press, Staff, Club Council, Lawyers' Guild, Math Club, Treasurer, Scribblers Club, Homeroom Activities. STEPHANIE NADINE BRILL . . . GENERAL BASIC . . . Student Representative, Senior Prom, Committee, Discophiles, Folk- singing Club, Cafe Officer. FRANCES R. BRODSKY . . . ACADEMIC . . . List of Honor, List of Merit, Student Board of Reviews, Press, Copy Reader, Year Com- mittee, Senior Prom, Committee, School Play, Homeroom Activ- ities. ELLEN K. BROWN . . . SPECIAL COLLEGE PREPARATORY . . . List of Honor, National Honor Society, Four Square Club, President, Cabinet, Judge, FORESTER, Staff, Homeroom President, Intra- murals, Junior Day, Co-Chairman, F.T.A., Corresponding Sec- retary. LARRY W. BROWN . . . GENERAL TECHNICAL . . . Football Team, .l.V. Baseball, Freshman, Sophomore Basketball. MONROE BROWN . . . ACADEMIC . . .J.V. Lacrosse. ANITA F. BROWNSTEIN . . . ACADEMIC . . . List of Honor, National Honor Society, Second Vice-President, Four Square Club, Press, Circulation Manager, Student Representative, Coaching Director, Coaching Pin, Cheerleader, Pep Squad, Captain. DAVID R. BRUCE . . . GENERAL BASIC . . . J.V. Track, J.V. Swim- ming. JOANN D. BURKE . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . Business Ser- vice Club, Treble Choir. CHARON N. BUTLER . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . Intramurals, Co-Ed Chorale. KATHLEEN R. CADDEN . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . Business Service Club. ANNA CHRISTINE CANADAY . . . ACADEMIC . . . Homeroom Activities. ALICE M. CANN . . . ACADEMIC . . . List of Honor. ILENE CAPLAN . . . ACADEMIC . . . List of Honor, Intramurals, F.N.A., News Views Club, Open Forum Club, Library Aid, School Publicity Committee. LISA LYNN CAPLAN . . . ACADEMIC . . . List of Honor, Intramurals, Drama Club, Lawyers' Guild, Basketball, Volleyball Team. PHYLLIS CAPLAN . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . List of Merit, Intramurals, Drama Club, French Club, Cafe Officer, School Play, Homeroom Activities. SUE CAPLAN . . . ACADEMIC . . . List of Distinction, List of Honor, FORESTER, Stott, Student Coach, Junior Day, Junior Prom, Com- mittee, F.N.A., Red Cross Club, Sonrisa Singers, Co-Ed Chorale. CHARLOTTE R. CARPENTER . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . Home- room Activities. T05 T Liiim' .. if 'Q- .vt -Q 5 . . 3, C. Carrick L. Curfon J- Cedef L. Chandler U , awk' JM? ' 'T H- Chdvis B. Chernack F. Cherney H A I EQ , ,j I-lo f M. 2 ? 3' ' B. L'-X, nf, ,. " -ve I . A- ki N 0 P. Clabaugh D. Clark P, Clark P. Chappell S. Chappell . 44 W 3. Ll! S. Chin H. Chlewicki L. Ciccanti ec ...f- 1 . ' -. W: fi' .-fa L TN , w t li Lk X- Fr K -1 ' kim' Y sv. G. Cohen J, Cohen L . . . ' mg A WV ,. OWN A f W3 B 2' . . ...i::f?l'f . . Eg , pa A 9 i , Z V il, WF' L -. F M - iv 'N f , in . P-5 I -s. 'hiv-xl' ni 1 5 .. M Q, ,:p. ph wg .4 .9 ' 3. ,du V ww 'Q K TQ U f .gf-' 'H' A' - f LT.. f ' , N L Q 1 1 -.. ' l L 1 E .z.-grim, if .l ,- M- Cohen M. Cohen R. Cohen N. Cohn F. Coleman ' 'm., 4.' . .6 ,ks ' ,cf , . .Q-,il ,. 'ft.,5.'M ,. B 4. ,, lf... l H . if ,Q fe. W ., . V L .. , ' s. " V bf ' 1 L. Conn E. Cornish A. Corporal C. Crutchfield M. Dale A, Dum-,is fx Vis: IO6 . ... B. Counts B. Cromer L. Dunoff T. D'Antoni W T"f"f , ""' .'-1,--'s.iv,,5., R' I -ff I ' ""1 Lf' , jf " xii' ' vs I ii' i, -l I I.. Cohen Es .M ,S Uv, t ,g , l gif.-' I gf Q ' are-fits luv D. Crump S. Dates 'Cl' I, 4 'reg' Seniors CATHERINE I.. CARRICK . . . WITHDRAWN . . . Intramurals, Year Committee, Business Service Club, Locker Aid. LESLIE D. CARTON . . . ACADEMIC . . . List of Honor, Four Square Club, Year Historian, Cheerleader, Drama Club, Open Forum Club, Corresponding Secretary, Cafe Officer, School Publicity Committee, Homeroom Activities. JERRY Z. CEDER . . . ACADEMIC . , . List of Honor, National Honor Society, Boys' Opportunity Club, Student Board of Re- views, Press, Stott, Senior Prom, Committee, I-Iomeroom Presi- dent, News Views Club, Physics Club, Men's Chorus. LAURENCE E. CHANDLER . . . ACADEMIC , . . List at Honor, Boys' Opportunity Club, J.V. Track, Art Club, Senior Prom Com- mittee, Club Council. PATRICIA A. CHAPPELL . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION , . . Horne- room Activities. SANDRA CHAPPELL . . . ACADEMIC . . . Intramurals, Biology Club, 50 Mile Swim, Treble Choir, Sonrisa Singers. HERBERT D. CHAVIS . . . ACADEMIC . , . Varsity Club, Basket- ball, Track Teams. BARRY CHERNACK . . . ACADEMIC . . . Homeroom Activities. FRED A. CHERNEY . . . ACADEMIC . . . Folksinging Club. SHIRLEY M. CHIN . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . Business Service Club, Library Club, F.B.L.A,, E.N.A. HELEN CHLEWICKI . . . ACADEMIC .. .German Club. LOUIS E. CICCANTI . . . GENERAL BASIC . . . Homeroom Presi- dent, Homeroom Activities, PEGGY C. CLABAUGH . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . Business Service Club. DELMONTA LEE CLARK . . . GENERAL BASIC . . .Wrestling, Track Teams, J,V. Football, J.V. Track, J.V. Wrestling. PATRICIA G. CLARK . . . ACADEMIC . . . Modern Dance Club, Orchestra, Junior Day. GAIL COHEN . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION , , . Homeroom Activities. JUDY I.. COHEN . . . ACADEMIC , . . FORESTER, Staff: Student Representative, Junior Prom, Committee, Biology Club, Home Economics Club, Spanish Club, Sonrisa Singers. LESLIE S. COHEN . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . Sonrisa Singers. MICHAEL HOWARD COHEN . . . ACADEMIC . , . Homeroom Activities. MYRA C. COHEN . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . Intramurals, Junior Prom, Committee, Senior Prom, Committee, Year Commit- tees, Business Service Club, Vice-President, F.B.L.A., Swimmers' Aid, Cafe Officer. RUTH ANNETTE COHEN . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . Busi- ness Service Club, Open Forum Club, Counselor's Aid. NANCY SUE COHN . . . ACADEMIC . . . List of Honor, National Honor Society, Four Square Club, FORESTER, Layout Editor, Student.Coacl1, Intramurals, Junior Prom, Committee Chairman, Senior Prom, Committee, Art Club, Corresponding Secretary, Art Metal Club, Vice-President. FRANCES MARIE COLEMAN . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . , . Stu- dent Representative, Intramurals. MICHAEL J. COMPTON . . . ACADEMIC . . . Projection Crew. LINDA N. CONN . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . Intramurals, Biology Club, Chess Club, Secretary. ELAINE A. CORNISH . . . GENERAL BASIC . . . Horneroom Activ- ities. ANNE L. CORPORAL , . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . Homeroom Activities. BERNADETTE JOYCE COUNTS . . . ACADEMIC . . . I-lomeroom Activities. BRENDA CROMER . . . ACADEMIC . . . Junior Day, Junior Prom, Committee, Senior Prom, Committee, Red Cross Club, Home- room Activities. DANDRIDGE CRUMP . . . ACADEMIC . . . J.V. Football, Track, Baseball, Men's Chorus, Moclrigol Singers, Co-Ed Chorale, CYNTHIA CRUTCHFIELD . . . ACADEMIC . , . Homeroom Activities. MAXINE J. DALE . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . Press, Stott, Intramurals, Business Service Club, Home Economics Club, F.B.L.A., Sonrisa Singers. ADRIENNE J. DANNIS . . . ACADEMIC . . . Forestette, Sonrisa Singers, Forest Park Choir, LESLIE S. DANOFF . . . ACADEMIC . . . List of Honor, Senior Prom, Committee, Art Club, F.N.A., Home Economics Club, School Publicity Committee, Cafe Officer. THOMAS V. D'ANTONI . . . ACADEMIC . . . Track Team, School Play. SAMUEL G. DATES . , . GENERAL BASIC , . . WITHDRAWN , . . Homeroom Activities. 107 'wx l h 1 J iaqww if J- 5,5 rf.. K. Dufnoff J. Deal C. DeHoff S. Denny S. Denton lg ' l I , A - T X v ,, gh f .,, lffilf Q C: 55' ff 14" , M- DiBif0nf0 E. DiMario T. Dinowitz A. Disantostefuno V. Donohue R. Dubeck NXoolf,v J t:Migf1:.. ,SER OF 'A-3,1N'2.,,'k AV -we . .gi ff A gig! ' . 1 Us exft , rw- Ng ' ML ,Inu gm if-.. v is 3 fl - Q. - V . ww- i XX A "' if L. Duiy B. Dvarkin D. Dvoskin S. Duran! A. Durr . . .lg . 1 hh X, . JW, NX' 1 Q f' ' Z2 - . ' -5 1 gf? fi is X X I D. Edgar C. Edwards J. Edwards E. Eff S. Einsfein J. Eisen A 0 1-, , , J . V lvl IG. A . P .. .J V. K-up 1 a J. g , zlxf' W.. V .'M,f ' . iv, SAV lx -wr S Ar -Mk., I., J Q. Q W f-' , M- -, Q' ' 6,71 , , Y r ff 'R if av . 'f ,, 1 A A 'Q' s . , , ff an 'F A K X-K . M. J w J. Eisenberg A. EI Gamil J. Ellis J. Englar E. Epstein L. Fussef? E. Feingluss F. Feldman M. Feldman R. Feldman T' Feldman 751522 m l ' ,scam 0 fv H. .. 'Cla N .5 Af-. l f . ff, , X . K i I' W , -CI x LY .at , , r go G. DeShazo h if?-2 R151 f. I -'wx ,.. i vu .R I KW' S. Eagle N. Ezrine Se KAREN JOYCE DATNOFF . . . ACADEMIC . . . List of Distinction, List of Honor, National Honor Society, Four Square Club, Coach- ing Assistant, Coaching Pin, Junior Day, Committee, Drama Club, Historian, French Club, Vice-President, News Views Club, Secretary. JIM DEAL . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . , Homeroom Activities. CORINNE D. Del-IOFF . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . Intramurals Modern Dance Club. SANDY DENNY . . . ACADEMIC . . . List of Honor, List of Merit, Press, Features Editor, Student Coach, Senior Banquet, Committee, Drama Club, Latin Club, Library Aid. SUSAN C. DENTON . . . ACADEMIC . . . Homeroom President. GRETA NOREEN DSSHAZO . . . GENERAL BASIC . . . Homeraom Activities. MARY JEAN DiBITONTO BUSINESS EDUCATION . . , F.N.A., Sergeant-at-Arms, F.B.L.A., Recording Secretary, Red Cross Club, Sonrisa Singers, Business Service Club, Intramurals, ELAINE M. DiMARlO . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . Business Service Club, Cafe Officer. 'FEMA MARCIA DINOWITZ . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . List of Merit, FORESTER, Staff, Junior Prom, Committee, Senior ln- augural, Committee, F.B.L.A., Scribblers' Club, U.N.Y. Club, In- tramurals. ANTHONY DiSAN'I'OS'I'EFANO . . . ACADEMIC . . . National Honor Society, Boys' Opportunity Club, Football, Baseball, Track, Golf, Tennis, Basketball Teams. VIRGINIA DONOHUE . . , BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . Intramurals, Orchestra. RONA M. DUBECK . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . F.N.A.: F.B.L.A., Treasurer, Business Service Club, Red Cross Club: Sonrisa Sing' ers, Intramurals. SHEILA ULEETA DURANT . . . ACADEMlC , . . National Honor Society, Year Vice-President, Senator, Student Coach, Cheer- leader, Junior Day, Modern Dance Club, Physics Club, Library Aid. ANNIE PAYE DURR . . .ACADEMIC . immmumig LESLIE J. DUTY III . . . ACADEMIC . . . Homeroom President, Stu- dent Representative, Swimming Team, J.V. Swimming. BETTIFAE E. DVORKIN . . . ACADEMIC . . . List ot Honor, List of Merit, Library Club, Treasurer, Sergeant-at-Arms, Library Aid. DIANE DVDSKIN . . . ACADEMIC . . . List of Merit, Drama Club, Latin Club, Folksinging Club, Scribblers' Club. SALLY ANN EAGLE . . . SPECIAL COLLEGE PREPARATORY . . . List of Honor, National Honor Society, Four Square Club, FOR- ESTER, Managing Editor, Student Coach, Extracurricular "F", Intramurals, Latin Club, Treble Choir, Cafe Director. DONNA M, EDGAR . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . Business ServiceClub. niors CONSTANCE C. EDWARDS . . . ACADEMIC , . . List of Honor, Girls' Sports Association, Second VicefPresident, Homeroom President, Shield, Archery Team, Intramurals, Officials' Club, 50 Mile Swim, Treble Choir. JEANNETTE MARIE EDWARDS . . . ACADEMIC , . . Four Square Club, Intramurals, F.N.A., Officials' Club, Red Cross Club ELAINE CLAUDIA EFF . . . ACADEMIC . . . List of Honor, National Honor Society, Four Square Club, Judge, FORESTER, Photography Editor, Homeroom President, Junior Day, Committee, F.T.A., French Club, Historian, Spanish Club, Vice-President. STEPHANY EINSTEIN . . . ACADEMIC . . . Student Representative, Intramurals, U.N.Y., Senior Prom, Committee, School Publicity Committee, Cafe Officer. JOANNE G. EISEN . . . ACADEMIC . . . Art Club, Senior Prom, Committee. JUDY M. EISENBERG . . . ACADEMIC . . . Year Vice-President, National Honor Society, Four Square Club, Treasurer, Extro- curricular "F", Senior Inaugural Assembly, Committee Chairman, F,T.A., Math Club, Recording Secretory, Corresponding Secretary, Wednesday Morning Club, I-lorneroom Activities. ABRAHAM EI. GAMIL . . . ACADEMIC . . . French Club. JANICE ANN ELLIS . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . Student Repre- sentative, Basketball, Volleyball Teams, Intramurals. JAMES M. ENGLAR . . . ACADEMIC . . . Baseball Team. ELAINE B. EPSTEIN . . , ACADEMIC . . . List of Distinction, . . List of Honor, National Honor Society, Four Square Club, Cheer leader, J .V. Volleyball, Junior Day, Committee, Year Committee F.T.A., Vice-President, Red Cross Club, Vice-President. NATALIE P. EZRINE . . . ACADEMIC . .. Intramurals, Junior Day, Senior Prom, Committee, Year Committees, Lawyers GuId. LORRAINE O. FASSETT . . . ACADEMIC . . . Intramurals, Junior Day, Biology Club, Officials Club, Spanish Club, Club Council, Treble Choir, Forest Park Choir, ELLEN J. FEINGLASS . . . ACADEMIC . . . List of Honor, National Honor, Society, Coaching Pin, Coaching Letter, Cheerleader, Pep Squad, Captain, Bridge Club, Drama Club, F,T.A., Open Forum Club, Secretory, School Play. FREIDA A. FELDMAN . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . Forestette, Biology Club, Sonrisa Singers. MARC I. FELDMAN . . . ACADEMIC . . . List of Honor, List of Merit, Boys' Opportunity Club, Year Sergeant-at-Arms, Homeroom Presi- dent, J,V. Lacrosse, Biology Club, Latin Club, Cate Officer, Home- room Activities. ROSSIE FELDMAN . . . ACADEMIC . . , List of Honor, List of Merit, Four Square Club, Senior Inaugural, Committee Chairman, Jun- ior Day Committee, Junior Prom Committee, F .T.A., Biology Club, F.N.A., Home Economics Club, Secretary, TOBA M. FELDMAN . . . ACADEMIC . . . Intramurals, Senior Prom, Committee. "The universe resounds with the joyful sound I am.'f 109 1 9- 4? iii' 3 R. Fine L. Fisher 4, Q r I IV: ax . .X I K. Freedman ,4- x f! . W ,kkk I 4 233' D. Friedman Q5-f Gellman S. Gersh N Goldblatl J. Goldman 1 N.. D. Finkelstein G Finkelstein M Finkelstein A Fisher E. Fleischer K. -.Q N'- 5"u ' k ri' V V3 ,ef h i xxx N! A. Friedel W ' 1513.55 ,IL f:-vf -E R. Friedman ,ge -- J. Gerson J. Goldman L Gold . r 3 H. Fisher .V 'V 1. 'f .uv vi i' t ' I . 1 , wr A ,bl B. Freedman rg tr A ' I X 1, V 2 'ff' H. Gary l l Seniors ROBERT B. FINE . . . ACADEMIC . . . Year Sergeant-at-Arms, Boys' Opportunitv Club, Treasurer, Homeroom President, La- crosse, Wrestling Teams, Biology Club, News Views Clubs OPEN Forum Club. ' DIANE M. FINKELSTEIN , . . ACADEMIC . . , List of Honor, Four Square Club, FORESTER, Art Editor, Student Coach, Pep Squad, Junior Day, Committee Chairman, Senior Prom, Committee, Art Club, Secretary, Biology Club. GAYLE C. FINKELSTEIN . . . ACADEMIC . . . List of Honor, Four Square Club, FORESTER, Stott, Intramurals, Junior Day, Commit- tee, Home Economics Club, F.T.A., Spanish Club, Cafe Officer, Homeroom Activities. MARSHA FINKLESTEIN . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . Homeroom Activities. ANITA EVELYN FISHER . . . ACADEMIC . . . List of Distinction, List of Honor, National Honor Society, Four Square Club, Cabinet, FORESTER, Co-Editor-in-Chief, Homeroom President, Coaching Let- ter, French Club, Vice-President, School Play. HOWARD FISHER . . JACADEMIC . . . Homeroom Activities. I.OIS FISHER , . . ACADEMIC . . Junior Prom, Committee, Art Club, Red Cross Club ERIKA FLEISCHER . . . SPECIAL COLLEGE PREPARATORY . . . List of Honor, Four Square Club: FORESTER, Staff, Student Coach, Junior Prom, Committee, F.T.A., J.E.T.S,, Secretary, Treasurer, Open Forum Club, The Key, Year Committee Chairman. LAVERNE C. FONTE . . . GENERAL BASIC . . . Homeroom Activities. MORRISA H. FOX . . . ACADEMIC . . . Intramurals, Junior Day, Junior Prom, Committee, Drama Club, F.N.A., Corresponding Secretary, Red Cross Club, Treble Choir, Co-Ed Chorale, Assembly Participation, I.EIGI'I FRADIN . . . ACADEMIC . . . J.V. Swimming. BARBARA SUE FREEDMAN . . . ACADEMIC . . . List of Honor, National Honor Society, Four Square Club, FORESTER, Special Activities Editor, Archery Team, Junior Day, Committee, Year Committee, F.T,A., Treasurer, French Club, Wednesday Morning Club, Secretary, Treasurer. BONNIE FREEDMAN . . . ACADEMIC . . . List of Honor, List at Merit, FORESTER, Staff, Modern Dance Club, Vice-President, News Views Club, Open Forum Club. KAREN FREEDMAN . . . ACADEMIC . . . Cafe Officer, Intramurals. ARMAND FRIEDEI. . . . ACADEMIC . . .German Club. SUE FRIEDENBERG . . . ACADEMIC . . . List of Honor, List of Merit, Homeroom President, Student Coach, Intramurals, F.T.A., French Club, Homeroom Activities. SANDRA T. FRIEDLANDER . . , ACADEMIC.. .List of Honor, Home- room President, '64 Numerals, Intramurals, J.V. Volleyball, F.T.A., F.N.A., Red Cross Club. ANDREA M. FRIEDMAN . . . ACADEMIC . . . List of Honor, List of Merit, Four Square Club, Press, Associate Editor, Student Coach, F ,T .A., Latin Club, Scribblers' Club, President, Cate Officer, Coun- seIor's Aid. DIANE S. FRIEDMAN . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . , Homeroom Activities, RENEEIFRIEDMAN . . . ACADEMIC . . . List of Merit, Student Coach, Spanish Club. PHYI.lIS FROMBERG . . . ACADEMIC . . . German Club. ELAYNE R. FUDMAN . , . ACADEMIC . . , List of Honor, FORESTER, Staff, Junior Day, Committee, Junior Day, Senior Prom, Committee, F .T .A ., Scriloblers' Club, Cate Officer, EII.EEN F. GABE . . . ACADEMIC . . . List of Merit, Student Coach, Sonrisa Singers. HAROLD I.. GARY . . . ACADEMIC . . . Band, Orchestra. SHERRY B. GELUVIAN . . . ACADEMIC . . . Intramurals, Drama Club, Red Cross Club. SANDI A. GERSH . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . Intramurals, Junior Day, Biology Club, Business Service Club. JANET GERSON . . . ACADEMIC . . . Art Club, Art Metal Club, Biology Club, German Club. JOAN GIRSHIN . . . ACADEMIC . . . Intramurals, Junior Prom, Committee, Senior Prom, Committee, Drama Club, F.T.A., Math Club. DEBORAH R. GLAZER . . . ACADEMIC . . . Red Cross Club, Intra- murals, School Play, Student Coach. SANDRA GLENN . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . Homeroom Vice- President, Business Service Club. NADINE I. GOLDBLATT . . . ACADEMIC . . . List of Honor, List of Merit, Four Square Club, Homeroom President, Student Coach, Junior Day, Committee, Senior Farewell Assembly, Committee, F.T.A., Recording Secretary, Biology Club, Sergeantvat-Arms, Treble Choir. JACQUELINE S. GOLDMAN . . . ACADEMIC . . . FORESTER, Staff, Junior Day, Committee, Year Committee, Biology Club, Cafe Director, Cafe Officer, Homeroom Activities. JANE GOLDMAN . . .ACADEMIC . . . List of Honor, National Honor Society: Four Square Club, Vice-President, Judge, Homeroom President, Coaching Letter, Intramurals, Wednesday Morning Club, Vice-President, LOIS B. GOLDMAN . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION ,. , Intramurals, F.N.A., U.N.Y., F.B.l..A., Falksinging Club, IRIS I.. GOLDSMITH . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . , Student Coach, Intramurals, Business Service Club, BETH I.. GOLDSTEIN . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . Intramurals, Biology Club, Homeroom Activities. III L' .fi .L 2. ev. G L . X' f ii, ' A C. Goldsiein M. Goldstone w . .w .V . kv v ,1 E. Granek 10 im.- S. Goodrich K X4 .2 Q5 'X x as .5 . B. Green ,..f?Q555i???EwQY 551' Hwnf. Gif 1 -- vi - A. Gordon .4 , K. . ,fx G. G W ff' xc A A 4 N Qld X. lf. ' M. 1 MK x ,PA R. Green 'G 1' va. '. 5 5,2 walks. ,UN 1 1 V v ,V x'f'nw wifi A e 'H s f X 'wr M. Goren N. Goudy V' HQWO A. Greif A. Grenley . , QW . 9 'L Q A H f" .Z 'S .' 9 Illilgii. .llllls ' M. Grossman V. Grossman A ' ,, R ' do r 'A .4 ...Q ,Q we W . mf , ...Q 3, G .. 'Mp W : 'Af K., ' -.ff - 'qi' 1 V V Q ' s' are W. Hull E. Halperin 3 Y Jie if Wa. , -. - Wm . Qmoffff '- k ' Wfw V 3 M '-QQ, .. as egfwff rf.f . J ' Kkffspa 2 vw- ' D. Griner C. Griver S. Grodnifzky J. Gross 4 K . 'XX ,7f3,4vfge:f,Yi my .gk . """ ' f""" -if xy .1 6 .4 . rv N M ,. F., -Q. f 3 f - 1. 4 V - V V W f as 'x J' 5 ' ' ' E. Gunning 5. Gurney I. Hockermon ' 4.5. Y L, -u . ' L . - 4 8 ' 1. Af' YV 4' My ' or f' J M, Hg'-nigh R. Hayden I. Hearn M. Hecht M. Heier L. Henderson S, Henderson S2555 ff .' " V - 'J-5 ' '7f'f""V , 4 1.- .3 Wx K. .. A 5? . ' m up Ni' If 1 112 of 3 -.Q 5 A ,J ' A gxkgd dd.1lIN .1' L J. Heggie N. Heiderrndn B. Hendin J. Hershberger ,p 3 ,...., , 37 , 1 Av as -as C. Gresser I , ,, I QM. 4 .3 I , 7 I M. Hankin I I I I I H. Hirsh . is fc: li' 'i .f . ,fs Ll' . xi . . I .,, CAROL GOLDSTEIN . Activities. MICKI GOLDSTONE . . Seniors . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . Horneroom . ACADEMIC . ..Cheerleacler, Junior Day, Committee Chairman, Modern Dance Club. SANDRA GOODRICH . . . ACADEMIC . . . Spanish Club, U.N.Y., Homeroom Activities. ADRIANNE JOYCE GORDON . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . I-Iomeroom Activities, MICHAEL H. GOREN . . . ACADEMIC . , . List of Honor, List of Merit. NORMAN E. GOUDY . . . GENERAL TECHNICAL . . . I-lomeroorn Vice-President, Stage Crew. ELIZABETH ANN GRANEK . . : ACADEMIC . . . Girls' Sports Associ- ation, President, Vice-President, Cabinet, Varsity Basketball, Tennis, Volleyball, Speedball, Senior Inaugural, Committee, F.N.A. BETTE ANN GREEN . . . ACADEMIC , . . List of Honor, Year Presi- dent, National Honor Society, Four Square CIub,CabInel7COacI'1- ing Letter, Cheerleader, Junior Day, Committees, French Club, Cale Officer. RONALD GILBERT GR ball, Track Teams. EEN . . . ACADEMIC . . . Football, Base- ANITA LEE GREIF . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . Student Repref sentative, Business Service Club, F.N.A., Modern Dance Club, Homeroom Activities. AARON LEMVEL GRENLEY , , . ACADEMIC . . . Boys' Opportunity Club, I-Iomeroom Pre sident, Track, Cross Country, Swimming Teams, Men's Chorus, CoAEd Chorale. CAROL GRESSER . . .ACADEMIC . . . List of Honor, FORESTER, Photography Editor, Junior Day, Modern Dance Club, Red Cross Club, Intramurals. DIANE GRINER . . . ACADEMIC . , . Intramurals, Junior Day, Of- ticals' Club, Madrigal Singers, Treble Choir, Co-Ed Chorale. CARLA F. GRIVER . . . ACADEMIC . . . Press, Staff, Junior Prom, Committee, Senior Prom, Committee, F.N.A., Horne Economics Club, French Club, Cafe Officer. i SHIRLEY GRODNITZKY . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . Home- roorn President, Business Service Club, Senior Farewell Assembly, Committee. JUDY GROSS . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION .. . Intramurals, Horne- room Activities. MAYNARD GROSSMA room Activities. VICKI P. GROSSMAN President, Intramurals, EDWARD M. GUNNIN Homeroom Activities. N . . . ACADEMIC . . . Drama Club, Home- . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . .Homeroorn Year Committee, Biology Club, Locker Aid. G . . . ACADEMIC . .. Homeroom President, SAUL D. GURNEY . . . ACADEMIC , . .Boys' Opportunity Club, Year Committees, Art Club, Biology Club, Treasurer, Men's Chorus, Homeroorn Activities. INA L. HACKERMAN . . .ACADEMIC . , . List of Honor, Four Square I Club, FORESTER, Write-Ups Editor, Student Representative, Intra- murals, Extracurricular "F", Junior Day, Committees, F.T.A,, Biol- ogy Club, Home Economics Club, President, Treasurer. WALTER L. HALL . . . GENERAL BASIC . . . Horneroom President, Football Team. ELLEN JOAN HALPERIN . . . ACADEMIC . , . List of Honor, List of Merit: FORESTER, Staff, Junior Day, Committee, Senior Prom Assembly, Chairman, Art Club, Drama Club, F.N.A., F.T.A., Wed- nesday Morning Club. MARLENE N. HANKIN . . . GENERAL BASIC . . . Homeroom Activi- ties, MARY E. HARNISH . . . GENERAL BASIC . . . Homeroom Activities. ROTIENNA DESEREE HAYDEN . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . Stus dent Representative, Intramurals, Biology Club, Business Service Club, F.N.A. ILENE KAY HEARN . . . ACADEMIC . . . List of Honor, National Honor Society, Secretary, Four Square Club, Press, Managing Editor, Head Copy Reader, I-Iomeroorn President, Intramurals, Junior Day, Director, F.N.A,, Sergeant-at-Arms, French Club, Treasurer. MARJORIE R. HECHT . . . SPECIAL COLLEGE PREPARATORY . . . List of Honor, National Honor Society, First Vice-President, Four Square Club, Treasurer, Girls' Sports Association, Junior Day, Co- Chairman, Aquatic Club, Corresponding Secretary, Latin Club, Treasurer, U.N.Y., Vice'Presiclent, School Publicity Committee, Varsity Tennis. . JAMES HEGGIE . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . J.V. Basketball. NORMAN W. HEIDERMAN . . . ACADEMIC . . . List ot Honor, J,V. Cross Country, Band. MARY CHARLEEN HEIER . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION .. , Counse- lor's Aid. LALITA I. HENDERSON . . . ACADEMIC . . . FORESTER, Staff, Intra- rnurals,CI1eerleader. SUSAN HENDERSON . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . , . Intramurals, Homeroom Activities, BARBARA J. HENDIN . . . ACADEMIC . . . List of Honor, List of Merit, Year Corresponding Secretary, Four Square Club, Home- roorn President, Student Representative, Biology Club, Vice- Presiclent, Serqeant-at-Arms, French Club, Extracurricular "F", Senior Farewell Assembly, Committee. JOHN HERSHBERGER . . . ACADEMIC . . .Varsity Club, Major "F", Track Team, J.V. Track. HELENE A. HIRSH . . . ACADEMIC . . . List of Honor, List of Merit, Tennis Team, Aquatic Club, U.N.Y. II3 ft: Q wg , A. Hoffman D. Holbrook J' Fi . if mi .326 wi if - 4 ' .-nf 1 A 1 I iJ'- gdbi ' I i. Y' ,,. .J L. Hopkins ' fzif gfi 'A ' ,trifgl Wi , V rs.. Y C. Jacobson H4 S. Horowitz S. Jachman P. Jarrell 3 1 gk' 'QF .W rm" - .. V ' A . 6 R. Johnson M. Kahn oo CNW P. Holtsclaw A, Hellman S, Hood f F. Howard J. Hubert S. Hyman "ras 755K-M., " 1 il N 25: S ,, 5 1 14 5- N gps. 'Inga ' f f ' 'W ' ' 'Z I K+ X I. . T 1 R. Jackson J. Jacob A. Jacobs A! '. 1. , 'V+ P. Jenkins C. Joffe B. Johnson lim? i'iv Y l 2 W fs F. Hopkins -vs S. Isaacson 4 J .. is 1 -hw . . My . 4 i M. Jacobs W 11 i .V tt,- 4 i Q To-.3'.g' . ,. .. Q fer , fo 3 M. Johnson 'Vx 13 .5 2 2 , .L Q 4 .. - f '- - AA C. Jones C. Jones L. Jones S. Kalvan K, Kandel L Kann QC? M. Jones D. Kaplan A 4 I fv- T 'Yr' N. Jacobs it go. 'Qi 4 it I E. Julian I. Kaplan kf y Seniors ALAN H. HOFFMAN . . . ACADEMIC . . . Tennis Team: Biology Club: Proiection Crew: I-lomeroom Activities. DIANE L. HOLBROOK . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . List of Merit: Intramurals: Secretary to the Cabinet. PAULETTE ALETA HOLTSCLAW . . . ACADEMIC . . , '64 Numerals: Badminton Team: Intramurals: Junior Day: Math Club: Officials Club: Treble Choir: Homeroom Activities. ALLAN HOLZMAN . . . ACADEMIC . . . List of Honor: Student President: Year Sergeant-at-Arms: National Honor Society: Boys' Opportunity Club: Varsity Club: Cabinet: Lacrosse Team: Math Club: Wednesday Morning Club. SANDRA HOOD . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . Speedball Team: Intramurals: Maiorette: Business Service Club, Clerk: F.N,A. FRANCES R. HOPKINS . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . Business Service Club: F.B.L.A. LINDA DARNELL HOPKINS . . . GENERAL BASIC . . . Homeroom President: Student Representative. SHIRLI HOROWITZ . . , ACADEMIC . . . List of Merit: Homeroom President: Coaching "F": Student Coach: Senior Banquet, Com- mittee: Drama Club: French Club: Open Forum Club: Scribblers Club: Cate Officer. FLORYNE E. HOWARD . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . List ot Honor: National Honor Society: Four Square Club: Secretary to the Cabinet: Student Board of Reviews, Clerk: Press, Exchange Manager: FORESTER, Staff: F.N.A., Treasurer: Red Cross Club, Recording Secretory, Sergeant-at-Arms: Spanish Club, Recording Secretary. JANICE R. HUBERT . . . ACADEMIC . . . Student Coach: Pep Squad: Drama Club: News Views Club: Open Forum Club, Sergeant-ah Arms: Spanish Club: Assembly Participation: School Play. SARAJANE HYMAN . . . ACADEMIC . . . F.N.A.: Drama Club: School Play: Homeroom Activities, SONIA ISAACSON . . . ACADEMIC . , . Modern Dance Club: Spanish Club. SALLY M. JACHMAN . . . ACADEMIC . . . List of Honor: List of Merit: Year Treasurer: I-lomeroom President: Student Coach: Intramurals: Lawyers Guild, Vice-President: Open Forum Club: Cate Otticer: School Publicity Committee. ROBERT R. JACKSON . . . ACADEMIC . . . J.V. Lacrosse. JUDY JACOB . . .ACADEMIC . . . National Honor Society: List of Honor: Four Square Club: FORESTER, Ads Layout Editor: Press, Girls' Sports Editor: Extracurricular "F": Club Council: F.T.A,: Biology Club, President: Senior Farewell Assembly, Committee Chairman: School Play. AILEEN PHYLLIS JACOBS . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . List of Honor: List of Merit: F.B.L.A. MARCY JACOBS . . . ACADEMIC . , , List of Honor: Four Square Club: Judge: FORESTER, Staff: Intramurals: Cheerleader: F.T.A.: Red Cross Club, School Publicity Committee. I i NEIL JACOBS . . . ACADEMIC . . . Homeroom Activities, CHARLENE HINDA JACOBSON . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . Student Board of Reviews: Business Service Club: F.B.l..A,: Drama Club: Cafe Officer. PATRICIA A. JARRELI. . . . GENERAL BASIC , . . Homeroom Presi- dent: Intramurals. PATRICIA JENKINS . . . ACADEMIC . . . List of Honor: Senator: Intramurals: Junior Day: Modern Dance Club: Treble Choir: Home- room Activities. CAROL SUE JOFFE. ., ACADEMIC . . . News Views Club, Treasurer: Band: Intramurals: Homeroom Activities. BEVERLY ANNE JOHNSON . . . ACADEMIC . . . National Honor So- ciety: Senator: Student Coach: Junior Day: Art Club: U .N.Y.: Treble Choir, Vice-President, Treasurer. MARY L. JOHNSON . . . ACADEMIC . , . Homeroom Activities. ROBERNETTE MICHELE JOHNSON . . . ACADEMIC . . . Student Coach: Treble Choir, CAROLYN JONES . . . ACADEMIC . . . Homeroom Activities. CAROLYN A. JONES . . . ACADEMIC . . . Student Board of Re- views: Student Coach: Intramurals: Junior Day: Junior Prom, Co- Chairman: Treble Choir: Homeroom Activities. LAWRENCE E. JONES . . . ACADEMIC . . . J.V. Football: Basket- ball: Lacrosse. MIRRIAM C. JONES . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . Softball Team: lntrornurals: Junior Prom Committee: Library Ald: Orchestra: Locker Aid. EMILE JULIAN . . . ACADEMIC . . . J.V. Track, Cross Country: Pro- iection Crew, President. I MARLYN ELLEN KAHN . . . ACADEMIC . . . List ot Honor: List of Merit: FORESTER, Staff: Homeroom President: Varsity Speedball: Senior Prom, Committee Chairman: Year Committees: Treble Choir: Co-Ed Chorale. SHEILA KALVAN . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . Horneroom Vice- President, KEN KANDEL . . . ACADEMIC . . . Biology Club: German Club: Proiection Crew. LOIS C. KANN . . . ACADEMIC . . . List of Honor: Homeroom Presi- dent: Varsity Archery: Junior Day, Committee Chairman: F.T.A.: 50 Mile Swim: Treble Choir: Swimmers' Aid: Student Publicity Committee, DIANA H. KAPLAN , . . ACADEMIC . . . List of Honor: List of Merit: Student Coach: Intramurals: F.T.A.: Biology Club: F.N.A.: Red Cross Club: Homeroom Activities. ILENE D. KAPLAN . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . List of Honor: F.B.L.A.: Homeroom Activities. Flow, flow, flow, the urrent of life is ever onward. 1 V : 7. - II C ll ,. .. t Q E its R. Kaplan if I be E E KA ,498 ss... 5. Kavalsky D, Kaye L A K A 5. y .,L?L5jfi,3.i I L. Keyes T .fx H. Karr D. Kelly , ' -' ff f ':Qf',f?e:li:?f3 5.1.1 1, .5 ,,,. is 3 s- mf L .fs . ,, if I E. King 'ff . A 1 Q, c lie . . A. Kan J, Kun KK . ' L if 'ffl- ...W X , 'pr 'N ' gf + -...SL f f Gt., , li L. Kempner E. Kermisch 5 . 'na W V , H Nikki gg f- G .i ' r. g ' . 'X KJ -fs. 5 fu- 1 T . I , ,, , I Y, fs - we . .Hz V 1 K A AKVV . . 11 1' - lr . ly fl ' , H. King A. Kinsey R sg". ,V !':N ""'s :ZZ :Xxx 4 . if ' V, 'P .fl A 1 r i f if J. Klausner L. Klein S. Koenigsberg L. Kohn J. Koppel A lelei VW A ,Ln , ly .. .Qu x . 7+ is' K F ' . .f'V K 3, gk gh ' A l ' 1 8 , 'l . , .. V' N' ff! w L. Korpisz P. Kurpeck B, Kughel me J. Krause L R. Krauss H. Kravetz R. Landsman K. Lansberg E. Kushner ' 15. A 4 . mf K. Kaufman .as w ,, . re... S.. vw' ' . r 1 A . R. Kessler 'f R. Kirsh ef' M. Korman aug! T. Krulevitz Btu? ,un 4, sf' 323 fr uf- .,, W! 1' " if .ffkgs f x 'Vg Jglx va '9 'A Q 1 1 ff o 1 .ff x 4' H me 1 ,i b K .P S. Lansey E if R. Kaufman 2195 1 . . . I 'X 1. . 3 - visfis C :ly 1 s We F. Kitt I I I I . Ny 'ei q I C. Kupfer Seniors RONA C. KAPLAN . . . ACADEMIC . . . List of Distinction: National Honor Society: Student Coach: Intramurals: Junior Prom Commit- tee: F.T.A., President: Biology Club: French Club: Modern Dance Club, Vice-President: Spanish Club, Recording Secretary. HOWARD M. KARR . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . Cross Country Team: J.V. Lacrosse: Varsity Baseball. AUDREY KATZ . . . ACADEMIC . . . List ot Honor: Student Coach: Intramurals: FTA.: Biology Club: Home Economics Club: Cale Officer. JEFFREY R. KATZ . . . ACADEMIC . . . Swimming Team. KENNETH KAUFMAN . . . ACADEMIC . . . J.V. Track: Folksinging Club: Men's Chorus. RUTHANNE KAUFMAN . . . SPECIAL COLLEGE PREPARATORY . .. List of Honor: FORESTER Staff: Student Coach: Library Club, Historian: U.N.Y., Sergeant-at-Arms: Cafe Officer: Library Aid: Homeroom Activities. SHERRIE KAVALSKY . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . Press, Stott: FORESTER, Staff: Business Service Club: Scribblers Club: Cafe Officer. DEBORAH KAYE . . . ACADEMIC . . . List of Honor: Student Board of Reviews: Junior Prom, Committee: Senior Pram, Committee: Art Club: F.N.A., Treasurer: Spanish Club, Treasurer: Library Aid: School Publicity Committee: Homeroom Activities. DEBORAH M. KELLY . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . Homeroom President: F.B.L.A. LINDA H. KEMPNER . . . ACADEMIC . . . Four Square Club: Stu- dent Board ot Reviews: Student Representative: Junior Day: Senior Prom, Committee: Art Club: F.N.A.: Home Economics Club: French Club: Cafe Director. EUGENE M. KERMISCH . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . Varsity Club: Baseball Team: Rifle Team: J.V. Lacrosse: Swimming: Home- room Activities: Rifle Club. ROBERT KESSLER . . . ACADEMIC . . . Homeroom Activities. LEONARD A. KEYES . . . ACADEMIC . . . Co-Ed Chorale. ERIC R. KING . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . Track Team. HARRIEN KING . . . AcAoEMic . . , List of Honor: Fotzestsiz, stuff, Senior Pram Committee: F.T.A.: School Play: Locker Aid: Swimmers' Aid: Homeroorn Activities. ALLAN KINSEY . . . ACADEMIC . . . J.V. Swimming: Men's Chorus. RUTH M. KIRSH . . . ACADEMIC . . . List of Honor: Four Square Club: FORESTER, Staff: Homeroom President: Student Coach: Junior Day, Committee: Junior Day: Senior Inaugural Activities, Committee Chairman: Drama Club: French Club. FANNIE KITT . . . ACADEMIC . . . Treble Choir: Sonrisa Singers JEFFREY S. KLAUSNER . . . ACADEMIC . . . List of Honor: List ot Merit: National Honor Society, Secretary: Boys' Opportunity Club: Press, Boys' Sports Editor: Varsity Basketball: J.V. Lacrosse, Basket- ball: Junior Day, Committee Chairman: Physics Club. LORRIE KLEIN . . .ACADEMIC . . . Student Coach: Pep Squad: Senior Prom, Committee: Drama Club: F.N.A.: Assembly Participa' tion: School Play. I STEPHEN B. KOENIGSBERG . . . ACADEMIC . . .Year Sergeant-ah Arms: J.V. Swimming: Biology Club: German Club: Proiection Crew, LINDA 5. KOHN . . . ACADEMIC . . . List of Honor: Intramurals: Red Cross Club: School Play. JAN KOPPEI. . . . ACADEMIC . . . Year Sargeont-at-Arms: Varsity Club: Open Forum Club: Wednesday Morning Club, Sergeant-at Arms: Golf Team, MAXINE T. KORMAN . . . ACADEMIC . . . List of Honor: lntra' murals: F.T.A.: Math Club, Vice-President: Red Cross Club, Corresponding Secretary: Cate Officer: Student Publicity Com' mittee. LYNDA S. KORPISZ . . . ACADEMIC . . . Biology Club: Drama Club: Open Forum Club: School Play. JUDIE KRAUSE . . . ACADEMIC . . . Intramurals: Drama Club: Lawyers'GuiId: Modern Dance Club: Open Forum Club. ROBERT W. KRAUSS . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . .J.V. Swim- ming, Track: Junior Day. HARRIET BARBARA KRAVETZ . . . ACADEMIC . . . Senior Prom, Committee: Art Club: Drama Club. TERRY KRULEVITZ . . . ACADEMIC . . . Student Board of Reviews: Archery Team: Intramurals: Junior Day, Committee: Year Com- mittee: French Club: F.T.A.: Wednesday Morning Club. CARL E. KUPFER . . . ACADEMIC . . .J.V. Track: Projection Crew. PAULA HELEN KURPECK . . . ACADEMIC . . .Junior Day, Commit- tee: Art Club: French Club: Library Club: Library Aid. BARBARA KUSHEL . . . ACADEMIC . , . List at Honor: National Honor Society: FORESTER, Staff: Shield: Art Club, President: Modern Dance Club, President: News Views Club, Treasurer ELLEN RONNYE KUSHNER . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . .F.N.A.: School Play: Library Aid: Homeroom Activities. RONALD S. LANDSMAN . . . ACADEMIC . . . Varsity Club: Boys' Opportunity Club, Vice'President: Judge: I-lomeroom President: Lacrosse Team: J.V. Lacrosse: Biology Club: News Views Club: Open Forum Club. KAREN LANSBERG . . . ACADEMIC . . . List of Honor: List of Merit: Press, Staff: Senior Banquet, Committee: Art Club: Biology Club: Latin Club: Scribblers Club. SHERYL ANITA LANSEY . . . ACADEMIC . , . Horneraom Activities. I I7 -P""x Y ' .P 'J -u Wx , .V if . ' K A X. .Ive T ffm wr Y. Lonsey L. Leuke B. Lean S Lee W Lee L. Leisure '7. fvs V 2. D. Levin D. Levin "f i gi Al, ,NW V, X444-K , s V ,K hr , - S. Levy 3 f K ' I Y ,X YW., YV 'X "RM M. Lippman J. London W. Muck F. Muggio vb R. Leiter E. Lessons E Leven R. Levin B. Levifz . .A .. - " I . ,vvb flxs 55? hex '1 5, 4 4 if iii ., Q C. Lewis f' rl 'K' Ms r, ,., V N w MN? 1. S. Libowitz L- I-05CL'1e" J. Love L Lund C Lyles W. Magid G. Magrum J Munnes J Markm J if is 4 w my 'Dil ' '-K.. HIM and f'- V. Leffman . so M v S ,y Uh T. Levi T 4 I L. Lillien . Seniors YVONNE F. LANSEY. , . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . , Intramurals: F .B.L.A.: Business Service Club. LAWRENCE L. LEAKE . . . BUSINESS EDUCAIION . . .Homeroom Vice-President: Student Representative: Orchestra. BONNIE S. LEAN . . . ACADEMIC . . . Press, Advertising Manager: Homeroom President: Table Tennis Team: Intramurals, Junior Day, Committee: Year Committee: Co-Ed Chorale, SHERRY .IEAN LEE . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . Minor "FU: '64 Numerals: Shield: Basketball, Speedball Teams: Intramurals: Head Maiorette: Club Council: Business Service Club. WILLA LEE . . . ACADEMIC . . . List ot Honor: '64 Numerals: Intra- murals: Junior Day: Officials' Club: Homeroom Activities. VERA Y. LEFFMAN . . . ACADEMIC . . . F.N.A.: Red Cross Club, LEAH LEISURE . . . ACADEMIC . . .Archery Team: Speedball Team: Intramurals: Otticials' Club. RUTH JEAN LEITER . . . SPECIAL COLLEGE PREPARATORY . . . List of Honor: National Honor Society: Four Square Club: FORES' TER, Clubs Editor: Extracurricular "F": Junior Prom, Committee: German Club: Library Club, Treasurer, Sergeant-at-Arms: U.N,Y., Treasurer: Wednesday Morning Club. ELLEN LESSANS . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . List of Honor: List of Merit: Four Square Club: Press, Business Manager: Red Cross Club: Senior Prom, Committee Chairman: Business Service Club. ELLYN S. LEVEN . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION , . . Intramurals: Jun- ior Day, Committee: Biology Club: Spanish Club: Open Forum Club: U.N.Y.: Homeroom Activities. ELAINE F. LEVI . . . SPECIAL COLLEGE PREPARATORY . . . List of Distinction: List ot Honor: FORESTER, Bookkeeper: Student Re- presentative: Student Coach: Cate Officer: Homeroom President: F,T.A., Corresponding Secretary: Treble Choir. TINA L. LEVI . . . ACADEMIC . . .Treble Choir: Sonrisa Singers. DAVID J. LEVIN . . . ACADEMIC . . .Varsity Club: Tennis Team. DEEDEE L. LEVIN . . . ACADEMIC . . . List of Honor: Drama Club: School Play. RHONDA H. LEVIN . . . ACADEMIC . . .Biology Club: Drama Club: Follcsinging Club: Library Aid: Scribblers' Club, Cate Otticer. BARBARA S. LEVITZ . . . ACADEMIC . . . List of Merit: Press, Copy Reader: Homeroom Activities. BEVERLY IRIS LEVY . . . ACADEMIC . , . List of Honor: List ot Merit: Student Representative: Junior Prom, Committee: Senior Prorn, Committee: F.T.A.: Math Club: Modern Dance Club. DEBORAH JOAN LEVY . . . ACADEMIC . , . List of Distinction: List of Honor: National Honor Society: Four Square Club: FORES- TER, Records Editor: Student Coach: Junior Prom, Committee: French Club: Senior Inaugural Assembly, Committee Chairman School Play. SONDRA PHYLLIS LEVY . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . Business Service Club, Treasurer. CECELIA LEWIS . . . ACADEMIC , . . WITI-IDRAWN . . . Homeroom Activities. SUSAN L. LIBOWITZ . . . ACADEMIC . . . Student Board of Re- views: FORESTER, Staff: Student Coach: Senior Prom, Committee: Art Club: F.N.A.: F.T.A. NIAXINE R. LICHTIG . . . ACADEMIC . . . List of I-lonor: Folksing- ing Club: Latin Club. SHARON LIEBERMAN . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . List of Merit: Intramurals: Biology Club: Business Service Club: F,B.L.A.: Cafe Officer. LESLIE ANN LILLIEN . . . ACADEMIC , . . List at Honor: National Honor Society: Cabinet: Senator: FORESTER, Subscription Mana- ger: Club Council, President: F.N.A.: F.T.A.: Wednesday Morn- ing Club. MYRNA G, LIPPMAN . . . ACADEMIC . . . List ot Distinction: Na- tional Honor Society: Four Square Club: Cabinet: Judge: Press, Editor-in-Chief: Homeroom President: Extracurricular "F": F.T.A.: Red Crass Club, Sergeant-at-Arms. JEFFREY H. LONDON . . . ACADEMIC , . . J.V, Baseball: Junior Prom, Committee: Biology Club. LESLIE ROSELLE LOSCHER . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . Stu- dent Coach: Intramurals: Business Service Club. JANICE LOVE . . . ACADEMIC . , , List of Honor: Student Reprej sentative: Intramurals: Senior Prom, Committee Chairman: Art Club: F.N.A.: Homeroom Activities. LEAS'SA DEE LUND . . .ACADEMIC . . . List at I-loner: Table Tennis Team: Junior Prom,KCommittee: Drama Club: Homeroom Activities. CAROLE YVETTE LYLES . . . ACADEMIC . . , List of Honor: Junior Day: Folksinging Club: Scribblers Club: Treble Choir: Sonrisa Singers. WILHELMINA MILDRED MACK . . . GENERAL BASIC . . . Biology Club: Homeroom Activities. FRANNIE MAGGIO . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . , Homeroom President: Sonrisa Singers: Forest Park Choir, WARREN P. MAGID . . . ACADEMIC . . . List of Merit: J.E.T.S.: Homeroom Activities. GLORIA FRANCES MAGRAM . . . ACADEMIC . . . List ot Honor: List of Merit: Student Coach: Intramurals: F.N,A.: Treble Choir: Biology Club: Modern Dance Club. JUDY MANNES . . . ACADEMIC . , . List of Honor: Student Board of Reviews: FORESTER, Staff: Intramurals: Junior Prom, Commit- tee: F.N.A.: Homeroom Activities. JANE ELLEN MARKIN . . . ACADEMIC. . . Four Square Club: Press Staff: IZORESTER, Staff: Intramurals: Junior Day, Committee Chair- man: Senior lnaugural, Chairman: Red Cross Club. II9 5 4 if .Y 1 "' I Lf H. Marks Q E. Marion M. Mason VXA 'ang' E B. McCrary .,-. fv S. McCullough W. McKoy in Q ,sax .fx 'Yes B. Miller F. Miller I. Miller ,av 2? 'vs N. Mazer S. Mczer p i l? px , 4 ,, if Ms W. McMahon C. Mebane K , . D f 1 ja. K, .- v 9' , I 9 . ,N , fb- v. . L .' -in Eff? - L HF ,u. G. McCormick E B I ' 1 . ras f - 1 XR ,W .. 1 M. Meisler V W H, I G- Melikel' R- Mefwker L. Merrih R. Metfle D. Michelson K M . w . 1 , an 1. p M fr fx ' R ,. if W wx. as v . 1-N Z ' ' ' 495:35 :.,,1q,.'2.' 1 fs -1 I ".' . J. Miner M. Miner L. Milloff r 1 'b Q .fm fa-mg , .-.w.,f. f'1's.ggg5jW:-m WX 3, eq., 3 , S ,W V f 1 1 3 I ng W... ,wg A y A V 1? ' ff' s 5 J X ' w I W , E. Moncarz B. Mordes C. Morgansfein L. Morris C, Moses Y V. Mossovitz P. Munck B. Myers J, Nqdifch M, Nufhqn Ubf Q-.s m r. -5 t C., . Miliman ,4 Q. sf ff D. Moses Nathanson ,-. Seniors HAROLD STEPHEN MARKS . . . SPECIAL COLLEGE PREPARATORY . . . List of Merit, National Honor Society, Boys' Opportunity Club, Historian, Press, Staff, FORESTER, Staff, I-lomeroom President, Student Coach, German Club, Club Council Representative, J.E.T,S. ESTHER MARTON . . . ACADEMIC . . . Intramurals: FORESTER, Staff, F.N.A. MICHELLE MASON . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . F.N.A., Home- room Activities. NORMAN B. MAZER . . . ACADEMIC . . . Track Team, Stage Crew: Biology Club, Rifle Club, Spanish Club. SUSAN G. MAZER . . . ACADEMIC. . . List of Honor, Four Square Club, Coaching Letter, Senior Banquet, Chairman, Club Coun- cil, Committee Chairman, French Club, Math Club, Red Cross Club, Wednesday Morning Club, Intramurals. GAIL B. MCCORMICK . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . Varsity Basketball, Business Service Club, F.B.L.A.: Modern Dance Club. BARBARA ANN McCRARY .' . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . Intra- murals: Modern Dance Club, Homeroorn Activities. SHARON A. MCCULLOUGH . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . Busi- ness Service Club. WILLIAM McKOY . . . GENERAL TECHNICAL . . . Tennis Team: J.V. Wrestling, Men's Chorus. WILLIAM E. McMAHON . . . ACADEMIC . . . Football Team, Mana- ger, Swimming Team, Manager, J.V. Lacrosse. CHARLES L. MEBANE . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . J.V. Foot- ball. .MELVIN MEISTER . . . ACADEMIC , , . J.V Track, Homeroom Activities. GARY J. MELIKER . . . ACADEMIC . . .J.V. Lacrosse. RONNIE B. MENAKER . . . ACADEMIC . . . Student Board of Re- views, FORESTER, Staff, Student Coach, Varsity Speedball, Senior Farewell Assembly, Committee, Senior Banquet, Commit- tee, French Club, F.T.A., Math Club, Sergeant-at-Arms, Wednes- day Morning Club. LELIA E. MERRITT . . . ACADEMIC , . . Intramurals, Treble Choir, Sonrisa Singers, Forest Park Choir. ROBBIN METTLE . . . ACADEMIC . . . Galt Team, J.V. Football, DEBORAH MICHELSON . . . ACADEMIC . . . List of Distinction, List of Honor, National Honor Society, FORESTER, Staff, Junior Prom, Committee Chairman, Senior Inaugural Assembly, Commit- tee Chairman, French Club, President, F.T.A., History Club, Presi- dent, Open Forum Club, Recording Secretary. BARBARA H. MILIMAN . . . ACADEMIC . . . List of Honor, List of Merit, Intramurals, Discophiles, Vice-President, Public Speaking Club, Recording Secretary, Cafe Officer, Senior Prom, Committee. BECKI MILLER . . . ACADEMIC . . . Student Coach, Shield, Intra- murals: Junior Day, Committee Chairman, Aquatic Club, Treas- urer, Latin Club. FRANCES A. MILLER . . . ACADEMIC . . . List of Honor, FORESTER, Staff, Intramurals, Junior Prom, Committee, F.T.A., C-hess Club, Secretary, French Club, Public Speaking Club, President. INETTE G. MILLER , . . ACADEMIC . . . List ot Honor, List of Merit, Press, Staff, FORESTER, Staff, Senior Prom, Chairman, Pep Squad, Drama Club, Open Forum Club, Treasurer, Red Cross Club, Cate Officer. JEFFREY RICHARD MILLER . . . ACADEMIC . , , National Honor So- ciety, Boys' Opportunity Club, President, Student Board of Re- views, Cabinet, Press, Staff, FORESTER, Staff, Coaching Direc- tor, Varsity Baseball, Basketball, Football, Junior Day, Commit- tee, Junior Prom, Committee. MARILYN H. MILLER . . . ACADEMIC . . . List of Distinction, Stu- dent Vice-President, National Honor Society, Four Square Club, Girls' Sports Association, Secretary, Senator, Student Coach, '64 Numerals, Varsity Basketball, Speedball, Volleyball, Extra- curricular "F." LINDA LEE MILLOFF . . . ACADEMIC . . . Art Metal Club, Folksing- ing Club, School Play. EDIE MONCARZ . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . Student Coach, Business Service Club, Modern Dance Club. BARBARA R. MORDES . . . ACADEMIC . . . List of Merit, Coaching Letter, Intramurals, Junior Day, Biology Club, Drama Club, French Club, Open Forum Club, Cate Officer. ' CAROL I. MORGANSTEIN . . . ACADEMIC . . . List ot Honor, Four Square Club, Intramurals, Extracurricular "F", Senior Inaugural Activities, Committee Chairman, Senior Prom, Committee, Biology Club, Public Speaking Club, Treasurer, Cafe Officer. LYNNE MORRIS . . . ACADEMIC . . . Student Representative, Jun- ior Day, Junior Prom, Committee, Modern Dance Club. CAROL L. MOSES . . . ACADEMIC . . . List of Honor, National Honor Society, Four Square Club, Chief Justice, Judge, Intra- murals, Junior Prom, Co-Chairman, Club Council, U.N.Y., Presi- dent, Vice President, Corresponding Secretary, Sergeant-ar Arms, School Publicity Committee. DANNY MOSES . , . ACADEMIC . . . Varsity Club, Cross Country, Track, Wrestling Teams, Horneroom Activities, VIVIEN MOSSOVITZ . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION , . . Student Coach: F.N.A.: F.B.L.A., Modern Dance Club, Homeroom Activities. PATRICIA ANN MUNCK . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . List of Honor, Maiorette, Junior Day, Committee, Treble Choir, Swim- mers' Aid. . BRENDA JUANITA MYERS . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . Press, Staff, Student Representative, Business Service Club, Modern Dance Club, I-lomeroom Activities, JUDIE NADITCH . . . ACADEMIC . . . Intramurals. MARILYN E. NATHAN . . . ACADEMIC . . . Press, Staff, Student Coach, Intramurals, School Play: Homeroom Activities. STARR R. NATHANSON . . . ACADEMIC . . . Homeroom President, F.N.A., Hornercom Activities. "Things past belong to memory alone, Things future are the property of hope." 'l 121 I W.-cf C. Needle 4"-'35 1 Q :fx S. Oberfeld .1 , 4 '- in Q l. Osfrowsky ,ms X 3 , 'F 0 gil .amz " i J. Pafz . 25, In 4 ' z gg B. Pierce S. Posner as-"K . 'w P. Needle , W.,, mx.,-.. f --z....,.+.-Q fl fig . .,. . K, . ff Q nf 'X 41' , , X. XB' M. Nifzburg N 1. w fr",-r vs ww f fw fn J. Norinsky J. Norinsky -+1 . qi, 4. ,, J .V k ,K W 1 5. Okum T. O'NeiIl J. Oppenheim I. Oppenheimer . , - , A X K -F, N.. . 4 5? A .k,b f H wt.-3 ,N W,gK9 K . I N .. f 'h K. wx j gvg-,M , K in 'Z x N ' N Q l I .. K fe ' HX: "1 C. Pancer E. Parker C. Parks H. Parmef f YW Q. l Q ' "'e K 'I 'hm fs 'T V I 'H wiv: b N ,T r 35 1 f ' K f QT, ff' e.e' V5 .Q J. Paul M. Peay R. Perkal S, Permgn v..'4,w.. . , 3, if "'. 5- Xe K ' WU fig? v' I, 5 A 'X ,Fi M ' fl ' gi .-4. M1 D. Pinn L. Plan B. Podolsky L. Pressman R. Price 5. Prisioop . . A. ... ww f - 1 "'R 'x ff r W- 4 we 'N .,.f1- 'fe im gg ' , in . Yt. y 1 W r, A . 1 A a 5 we f' 'T-f if s if L J, Norman t ...E f -fe -1- ,Ml-wt . is ' 1 'Wt f. af ,H Seniors CAROLE L. NEEDLE . . . ACADEMIC . . . I-Iomeroom Activities. PATRICIA NEEDLE . . . ACADEMIC , . . List of Honorg Homeroom President, Intramurals, Year Committee Chairman, Open Forum Club. MARSHA S. NITZBURG . . . ACADEMIC . . . Intrarnuralsg Senior Farewell Assembly, Committeeg Senior Banquet, Committeeg Senior Prom, Committeeg Modern Dance Club. JOYCE NORINSKY . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION ...Varsity Speed- ballp Business Service Club, F.N.A., I-lorneroom Activities. JUDY NORINSKY . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . Varsity Speeds ball, Homeroom Activities. JAMES NORMAN . . . ACADEMIC . . . Student Representotiveg J .V. Baseball. EILEEN JOYCE NUSSBAUM . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . Intra- muralsg Business Service Clubg Open Forum Clubg U.N.Y.g Modern Dance Club, Horneroom Activities. STEPHEN OBERFELD . . . GENERAL BASIC... Horneroom President, Intramurals. SHARON LOI5 OKUM . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . Student Coach, Intrarnuralsg Biology Clubg Business Service Club, Coun- seIor's Aidp English Department Aid. ' THOMAS J. O'NEILL . . . ACADEMIC . . . Football, Wrestling, Lacrosse Teams. JOLENE OPPENHEIM . . . ACADEMIC . . . Intramurals, Varsity Tennisg Senior Prom Committeeg Open Forum Club, Sonrisa HOWARD PARMET . . . ACADEMIC . . . Homeroom President. NANCY E. PATTERSON . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . .. F.B.L.A., Drama Club: Library Club. JUDI PATZ . . . ACADEMIC . . . Intramuralsg Senior Prom, Com- mittee, Drama Clubp Lawyers Guildg Modern Dance Club, Open Forum Club: School Play. ' JERRY A. PAUL . . . ACADEMIC . . . Homeroom Activities. MICHAEL PEAY . . . ACADEMIC . . . Fresh-Soph Basketball, Homeroom Activities. RUTHIE PERKAI. . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . Press, Staff, Business Service Club. STEPHANIE R. PERMAN . . . ACADEMIC . . . List at I-Ionor. BARBARA L. PIERCE . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . Locker Aid. DELORES MICHELLE PINN . . . ACADEMIC . . . List of Honor, Intra- muralsf Modem Dance Club. LILLIAN PLATT . . . ACADEMIC . . . List of Honor: I-Iomeroom Vice- President, Student Coachg Junior Prom, Committee, Senior in- augural Assembly, Committee, Club Councilg Modern Dance Club, Folksinging Clubg Open Forum Club, Treasurerp U,N,Y,, Presidentg Assembly Participation. JANIS PLEIN . . . ACADEMIC . . . Biology Clubg Drama Club. BESS S. PODOLSKY . . . ACADEMIC . . . Student Representativeg Intramuralsp Junior Day, Committee: Senior Prom, Committee Chairman: Art Club: F.N.A.g Modern Dance Club. H. Parmet Singers, Homeroom Activities. STEPHANIE R. POLSKY . . .ACADEMIC . . .Biology Club, Folksinge ISRAEL OPPENHEIMER . . . SPECIAL COLLEGE PREPARATORY ing Clubp Open Forum Cluby Scribblers Club, Cafe Officer. . . . List ot Merit, National Honor Society, Boys' Opportunity Club: FORESTER, Staff, Coaching Director, Student Coach, '64 Num- SHERRY M. POSNER . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION ...Student Repre' erals, J .V . "F"g .I .E.T.S ., Club Council Representative. W Sentutivep Intramurals, Drama Club, LINDA SUE OSTROWSKY . . . ACADEMIC . . . List of I-Ionorg Four STUART G. POSNER . . . ACADEMIC . . . Student Representativeg Square Clubp Student Board of Reviews, Press, Copy Reader, '64 Nurnerolsg J.V. Lacrosse, Trackg Biology Club. Proofreaderp Junior Dayg Biology Clubg Physics Clubg Scribblers Clubp Wednesday Morning Clubg The "Keyf' LINDA PRESSMAN . . . ACADEMIC . . . List ot Honor, Student Coachg lntramuralsg F.N.A.g Homeroom Activities. CHANA PANCER . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . Intramurals, Business Service Club, F.B.L.A., Corresponding Secretaryg Locker ROBERT W. PRICE . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION I ' A J AV. Bosketbcnu Aidg Cafe Officer. ELIZABETH ANNE PARKER . . . ACADEMIC . . .llntramuralsg SHARON L. PRINCE . . . GENERAL BASIC . . . Intramurals. Homeroom Activities. 5- , I SUSAN G. PRISTOOP . . . SPECIAL COLLEGE PREPARATORY . . . ,IM . CARL E. PARKS . . . Business soucf-mon . . . cs-sd chown., List of Distinction: National Honor society, Four sqwe club, JF " y, Hqmergom Activities, FORESTER, Undergraduate Sales Manager, Student Coach: Club fir? Council, Secretary: J.E.T.S., Secretary-Treasurer, Library Club, A V ' HERBERT PARMET . . . ACADEMIC . . . Homeroom Activities. SECVETCVYI Treble CIWOIYJ I-IIIPVOFIGIT I .E - ,, 1 S. Polsky IE3 . at 2 .. in V A HN, S. Quillen S. Rubinowich S. Rabincwitz H. Rankin K. Rankin X . 'fm 1 ffm, 'ii M R T cd 1. E 1 ly A7 I I va fs' . ' - ' ,i s Qgjg T . . L. Rascovar S. Reding J. Reid A. Reinhard P. Reisig 'Tum i 3 "FM 7' if Mgt R - . T IH M at M M Q Y TSV N at Q ,' If px If k A A f ...f . .,.. ii . ' 1... X'-. - G. Riddick K. Robinson C. Riberkof P. Rice A. Richman R. Richmond ggghggefl, . N- --f rf, z J Q, . 'N . fe ,jeg e i 15' 'S H Y 4 sl ' ak . a I., V . N... 6 'jk ' J. Rogers M. Rogers J. Rombrc C. Rosen H. Rosen i "4 if ff. X s Y' ' 5' n- 'N QQ '+A A i ,qfb X, . . . 15- fi f vw Y .' ' A K . S. Rosen L. Rosenberg L. Rosenberg M. Rosenblott J. Rosenbloom T. Rosendule B. Rosenthal M. Rosenthal E. Rothstein T. Rothstein T. Roy R. Rubenstein .Nw Q Q an is A-4 Sl m,,?4'ef ,-v vi at up ' s :pl i ,. B. Rascovur NX W- . I 'lil ' 'Jffqggx is I :IA 3- I D. Reter I I , 4: if tl I J. Rosen Seniors SHERRY QUILLEN . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . Business Service Club: Homeroom Activities. SHARON G. RABINOWICH . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . Sonrisa Singers: Forest Park Choir. SHEILA M. RABINOWITZ Student Representative: Home Economics Club: . . ACADEMIC . . . FORESTER, Staff: Intramurals: Biology Club: F.N.A,: Spanish Club. HARRIET L. RANKIN . . . ACADEMIC . . . List of Honor: List of Merit: Four Square Club: Senior Farewell Assembly, Intramurals: Junior Day, Committees: Chairman: Biology Club, Sergeant-at Arms, Corresponding Secretory: Home Economics Club: French Club: Homeroom Activities. KAREN J. RANKIN . . . ACADEMIC . . . Student Board of Reviews: Extracurricular "F": Junior Day, Committee: Open Forum Club, Vice-President, Sergeant-at-Arms: School Play. BARRY C. RASCOVAR . . . ACADEMIC . , . List of Honor: List of Merit: National Honor Society: Boys' Opportunity Club: Press, Boys' Sports Editor, Staff: FORESTER, Boys' Sports Editor: Bas- ketball Team: Junior Day: Homeroom President. LEE RASCOVAR . . . ACADEMIC . . . Intramurals: Drama Club: Open Forum Club. 4 SHERYL E. REDING . . . ACADEMIC . . . List of Merit: Student Coach: F.T.A.: Drama Club: Scribblers Club: Spanish Club: English Department Aid: School Play. JOANNE REID . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . Business Service Club: Modern Dance Club. ALAN REINHARD . . . ACADEMIC . . , Student Representative: Basketball Team. PAULA P. REISIG . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION , . . List of Honor: Press, Staff: F.N .A.: Modern Dance Club: Library Club. DOLORES R. RETER . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . Business Service Club. CINDY RIBERKOF . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . lntrarnurals: Homeroom President: Business Service Club, PHYLLIS E. RICE . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . Press, Staff: Intramurals: Business Service Club: F.N.A.: Library Club: Red Cross Club. ANDRA TERYL RICHMAN . . . ACADEMIC . . . Intramurals: Jun- ior Day, Choral Director: Home Economics Club: French Club: Red Cross Club: Treble Choir: Co-Ed Chorale: Assembly Partici- 'pation. RACHEL J. RICHMOND . . . ACADEMIC . . . Junior Prom, Com- mittee: Senior Prom, Committee: F.N.A.: Home Economics Club: French Club, GILDA W. RIDDICK . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . Intramurals: Homeroom Activities. KATHLEEN J. ROBINSON . . . ACADEMIC , . . Student Representa- tive: Intramurals: Junior Day, Committee: Senior Prom, Commit- tee: Art Club, Recording Secretary. JIM ROGERS . . . GENERAL TECHNICAL . . , Hameroom Activities. MAY B. ROGERS . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . Intramurals: F.B.L.A. JOAN D. ROMBRO . , . ACADEMIC . . . Senior Farewell Assembly, Committee: Drama Club: Spanish Club: School Play: Library Aid: Homeroom Activities. CAROLYN ROSEN . . . ACADEMIC . . , Press, Staff: Senior Prom, Committee: Year Committees: Math Club: Open Forum Club. HONEY LYNN ROSEN . . . ACADEMIC . . . List of Merit: Art Club, Treasurer: F.N.A.: Nurse's Aid: Junior Prom, Committees: Senior Inaugural Activities, Committee: Senior Farewell Assembly, Committee Chairman, Homeroom Activities. JOEL ROSEN . . . ACADEMIC .. . Homeroom Activities. SHERRY M. ROSEN , . . ACADEMIC . . , I-lomeroom President: FORESTER, Staff: Junior Day, Committee: Junior Prom, Committee: Senior Inaugural Activities, Committee: French Club: F.N.A.: Physics Club: Student Publicity Committee. LAURlE H. ROSENBERG . . . ACADEMIC . . . Student Representa- tive: Student Coach: Maiorette: 50 Mile Swim: Band, LOIS ROSENBERG . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . , . Press, Head Typist: Press, Staff: Intramurals: Business Service Club. MICHAEL N, ROSENBLATT . . . ACADEMIC . . . J.V. Wrestling: Lacrosse. JUDY ROSENBLOOM . . . ACADEMIC . . . Student Coach: Intra- muialsg Junior Prom, Committee: Senior Prom, Committee: Art Club, Vice-President: Biology Club: Red Cross Club: School Publicity Committee. TOD ROSENDALE , . . ACADEMIC . . . Homeroom Activities. BARBARA R. ROSENTHAL . . . SPECIAL COLLEGE PREPARATORY . . . List of Honor: National Honor Society, President: Four Square Club: Judge: Coaching Letter: Extracurricular "F": Junior Prom, Committee Chairman: .I.E.T.S., Vice-President: Cabinet: Co-Ed Chorale. MARSHA LEE ROSENTHAL . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . Press, Staff: Intramurals. EILEEN BETTY ROTHSTEIN . . . ACADEMIC , . . Intramurals: Jun- ior Day, Committee: French Club: F.N .A .: Spanish Club: Treble Choir: Co-Ed Chorale: Cafe Officer: Folksinging Club. TERRY R. ROTHSTEIN . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . Intramurals: Junior Day, Committee: Biology Club: U.N.Y.: FORESTER, Staff: Open Forum Club: Horneroom Activities. TERRY MAXINE ROY . . .ACADEMIC . . . '64 Numerals: Badminton Team: Junior Day: Officials Club, Sunrise Singers. - REBECCA MARCIA RUBENSTEIN . . . SPECIAL COLLEGE PRE- PARATORY . . , List of Honor: National Honor Society: Four Square Club: Girls' Sports Association, Treasurer: FORESTER, Business Manager: Shield: Varsity Tennis: Junior Day, Committee: Aquatic Club, Historian: F.T.A. k 125 E. Sugal fu-.. fx 'VN B- Rubin R. Rubin E. Rubinstein gAM,,..,,,i,,qvQF I, K 0 E vbvb :Su . . K LII M442 .-. . .A 1 A A .Q 1 fn" y . . I i gi. I il F E- Sandler V. Savage A. Scherr . Lx. -W b ,, ., . I In ,G A . ., Q fr ff :tl , 5 1a M JI R. Schneider . f S .J ww ,K 1, , I inii . " '9 as Z, V f . rx ,I .- ' . 'X iv' 7' J. Schneier S. Schnessel '91 : f',, gf- : M 'tj 1- 1 N Q 1 rv 1, I., l T4 xg ,W A. Schwartz A. J. Schwarfz M. Schwartz M. Segal 3 4' H -F Q-.Q W . 'lvl ..,. . l. Seidenaerg P. Sewell B. Shapiro M. Sharps .. fair .ffir fl'j3:ti .'k'- 4 K s . Q U- 45 ., 'S .J . ig . 0 J his , . .. - R. MQ OOM ' -f.. ' Qi . P. Schwartz .MS K nv ex , 'il A Y. ' S. Seidenherg C. Shelton ...hs V s ., .E M J mi 1 . 35- 5. Rl-ldv A. Sachs 4 rrrr , A :. ' R . . , . ,, gi I ll V' 'll J V e rs . V af Q A-N M. Scherr . Scherr .... J S ,, 'WW' ' E f. fn M l S fl , .8 4 3 mam m 35 S' A J rg Vx '39 J. Schonebaum 6 .i-'TY 5 Tc-I qw J. Schnifzer J. Scott P. Scott -X . .-,fljfi ,. gi ., 'ii' ' . ,Exim , .lt v N. V F A It E K N! .fi , .,..,. V , 5 A 5. Seligson R. Selren B- Sheff R. Shipley 4+-s. ne. 7 E. Sachs fm 'S 5 fr " I 5' .9- is A. R. Schwartz , Y , A A. li, , X U fn , if . - , I H. Settler A. A Seniors BARBARA RUBIN . . . ACADEMIC . . . List of Honor, Year Recording Secretary, National Honor Society, Treasurer, Four Square Club, Judge: Junior Day, Junior Prom, Committee Chairman, Aquatic Club, Recording Secretary, F.T.A., Wednesday Morning Club, Secretary, Treasurer ROCHELLE Y. RUBIN . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION , . , U.N.Y., Son- risa Singers, Cafe Officer, Forest Park Choir. . EDYTHE M. RUBINSTEIN . . . ACADEMIC . . . List of Honor, List of Merit, Intramurals, F .N .A., Home Economics Club, French Club, School Publicity Committee, Student Board ot' Reviews, FORESTER, Staff, F.T.A, SHARON E. RUDO . . . ACADEMIC . . . List of Distinction, List of Honor, FORESTER Staff, Art Club, French Club, Modern Dance Club, Cate Officer. ANNE'l'l'E E. SACHS . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . Intramurals, Homeroom President, Senior Prom Committee, Business Service Club, Spanish Club, Homeroom Activities. ELAINE J. SACHS . . . GENERAL BASIC . . . Senior Prom, Commit- tee, Senior Banquet, Committee. ELLEN SUSAN SAGAL . . . ACADEMIC . . . Intramurals, Cafe Ofe ficer. EDWARD S. SANDLER . . . ACADEMIC . . .Junior Day, Drama Club, School Play. VASHTI L. SAVAGE . . . ACADEMIC . . . List of Honor, Basket- ball Team, Junior Day, Junior Prom, Committee, Treble Choir, Sonrisa Singers. ARLENE F. SCHERR . . . ACADEMIC . . . FORESTER, Photography Editor, Homeroom President, Student Representative, Intra- murals, Junior Day, Committee, Year Committees, F.T.A., Ser- geant-at-Arms, Math Club. MICHAEL SCHERR . . . ACADEMIC . . . Student Representative: Lacrosse Team, J.V. Lacrosse, Wrestling Team, Varsity Club, Homeroom Activities. SELENE scnekiz . . . AcAoeMic . . , List of Honor: Senior In- augural Assembly Committee, Intramurals, Junior Day, Com- mittee, Jun-ior Prom, Committee: News Views Club. ROSALYN M. SCHNEIDER . . . ACADEMIC . . . Intramurals, Li- brary Aid, Nurse's Aid, F.N .A. JOAN O. SCHNEIER . . . ACADEMIC . . . List ot Honor, Student Coach, Intramurals, Senior Prom, Committee, French Club, F.T.A., Public Speaking Club, Counselor's Aicl. SOL SCHNESSEL . . . ACADEMIC . . . Biology Club, Scribblers Club, Vice-President, Corresponding Secretary, Senior Banquet, Committee, Cafe Officer. JOSEPH SCHNITZER . . . ACADEMIC . . . Student Representative, J.V. Wrestling, Biology Club, Physics Club. JUDI SCHONEBAUM . . . ACADEMIC . . . List of Honor, National Honor Society, Homeroom President, Junior Day, Committee Chairman, Junior Day, Club Council, Open Forum Club, President, Wednesday Morning Club, Vice-President, Svvimmer's Aid, Extra- curricular "F." I ANNE ROBERTA SCHWARTZ . . . ACADEMIC . . . Press, Stott, Senior Prom, Committee Chairman, Cafeteria Officer, Folksing- ing Club. ' ARLENE SCHWARTZ . . . ACADEMIC . . . Press, Staff, Junior Day, Committee, Library Club, Folksinging Club, French Club, Sonriso Singers, Forest Pork Choir. ARLENE J. SCHWARTZ . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION , . , Homeroom Activities. MAYTA SCHWARTZ . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . , . Business Service Club, F.N.A. PHYLLIS E. SCHWARTZ . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . FORESTER, Staff, Press, Staff, Intramurals, Junior Prom, Committee, F.B.L.A., Business Service Club. JOHN M. SCOTT . . . ACADEMIC . . . Horneroorn Activities. PATRICIA B. SCOTT . . . ACADEMIC . . . Student Coach, Junior Day, Committee, Art Club, Officials Club, U.N.Y. MARSHA NESSA SEGAL. . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . F.N.A., Business Service Club, Homeroom Activities. INA SEIDENBERG . . . ACADEMIC . . . List of Honor, National Honor Society, Four Square Club, Cabinet, FORESTER, Staff, Coaching Letter, Pin, Extracurricular "F", Club Council, Lawyers' Guild, Vice-President, Treasurer, Cate Supervisor. SUSAN M. SEIDENBERG . . . ACADEMIC . . .iYear Treasurer, FORESTER, Staff, Student Representative, Open Forum Club, School Play, l-lomeroom Activities. STEPHEN L. SELIGSON . . . ACADEMIC . . . Football Team, Home- room Activities. RUTH SETREN . . . ACADEMIC . . . List of Honor, List of Merit, FORESTER, Publicity Editor, Year Committees, F.T.A., Biology Club, Drama Club, Secretary, French Club, Senior Banquet, Com mittee, School Play. HARRIETTE A. SETTLER . . . ACADEMIC . . . List of Honor, Four Square Club, FORESTER, Staff, Student Representative, Intra- murals, F.N.A., Home Economics Club, Treasurer, French Club, Cafe Officer, Nurse's Aid. PAMELA D. SEWELL . . . ACADEMIC . . . Intramurals, Orchestra. BETTY ANN SHAPIRO . . . ACADEMIC . . . List of I-lonor, National Honor Society, Shield, Varsity Tennis, Table Tennis, Junior Day, Drama Club, Vice-President, School Play, I-'Iomeroom Activities. MILTON P. SHARPS . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . Track Team, .l.V. Track. CHARLES SHELTON . . . ACADEMIC . . . I-Iomeroorn President, J.V. Track, Homeooam Activities. BRENDA R. SHERR . . . ACADEMIC . . . '64 Nurnerals, Shield, Archery Team, Intramurals, Latin Club, Officials Club, Cafe Of- ficer, Homeroom Activities. ROSALYN K. SHIPLEY . . . ACADEMIC , . .Junior Day, Committee, Club Council, French Club, Recording Secretary, News Views Club, Spanish ' Club, Sergeant-at-Arms. "Go forth to meet the shadowy Future without fear and with .a manly heart." 127 E. Shliun 2. S. Silberg .1'Q'i'Ti7"Q . ff'i,3.f'nfrfr-Fw v ., N f up W . .W "' 'rg --n ve ii, N x . 14 XX -M V 4. if Zgx.-15. T. Smifh 128 L. Shrewsbury A. Shub 'Q ' . nf x ' ' f- M fm., .. - . U 7' I lv . - + ' f if . 'G' " el l 1- .. V f K . E. Silverman . . Q 's 'a '-.1 WSJ i 'S sf . 1 fvloop i f-ve 'DS N. Siamon S. Siegel W. Siegel E. Silverman N. Silverman P. Sklaroff B. Skwersky 5 '. . . Qvajv D. Simon fr J. Smith ww. D. Smoller M. Sneider H. Snyder K. Snyder ' L 5 3 'rf f-. N Q. K my ...wi V. , '- WW-uYxn".L. . ' , imgiivfeigw ' Q-Qws.-..f:,1a1r. 9 ilgf-'W-A.,.Sl. flff f N. Sirasky ,4- 4 W fi ,. . , .. A,?,.u. , . , ,. , , . img 1' f 'M'-W.. ,if--2. . V- - Ar' vw' if. . ' A ' ' - K A1 SA s. Snyder A. sober A. Stafford F. Slallings HOME Q 00,11 PIL' .e h 1 .7 5 I A , RQ 3 B. Sollod E. Stein i fdioihigi J irq. . Qwf ,xx 1 fn rif 'M SQ 54. 123 1 fif1i34ZfvE'1?24f . . '., giusf vyf 53132 , 1-Vff 5 ""' fx. G. Sommers n.,if'j,,L.-3 , . fm' fe. x I W lv-A ' ., 'rv J, 1, 5.1, Xi J J. Singer Sq. O. Smith P. Snyder . . . , A ' 1 . ,iv . . ...sf av? l X- V. L- 1 2 5' .. f lk l Q .. l W. Spalfer L. Stein P. Slein W V O , , y feo ., I of ' R. N m ,Q ' S ' L L . f ,li ,-...ts- f i x . 7' V I S. Smith I as S Spector C Steinberg Seniors EDIE I. SHLIAN . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . Student Representa-- tive, Intramurals, F.N.A., Historian, Public Speaking Club, Locker Aid, Business Service Club, Nurse-'s Aid. LOTS SHREWSBURY . . . GENERAL BASIC . , . Homeroom Activities, AMY E. SHUB . . . ACADEMIC . . .Junior Day, Club Council, Vice- President, Latin Club, Vice-President, Band, Assembly Participa- tion, Homeroom Activities. NADINE SIAMON . . . ACADEMIC . . . List of Merit, Intramurals, Forestettes, Senior Prom, Committee, Biology Club, Sonrisa Sing- ers, Nurse's Aid, Cafe Officer. SALLY SIEGEL . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . Intramurals, Busi' ness Service Club, Homeroom Activities. WYNNE SIEGEL . . . ACADEMIC . . . List of Honor, Four Square Club, Student Coach, Intramurals, Senior Inaugural, Committee Chairman, Year Committees, F.T.A., Latin Club, Math Club, Cafe Officer. I STEVEN SILBERG . . . ACADEMIC . . . List of Merit, National Tlcnor Society, Boys' Opportunity Club, FORESTER, Circulation Manager, Press, Staff, Student Representative, Basketball Team, J.V. Lacrosse, Physics Club, Vice-President, ELLEN RITA SILVERMAN . . . ACADEMIC . . . Intramurals, Spanish Club, U.N.Y. ETHEL SILVERMAN . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . Intramurals, Extracurricular "F", Year Committee, Art Metal Club, Business Service Club, Secretary, Lawyer's Guild, Open Forum Club, Cafe Officer, Senior Farewell Assembly, Committee. NANCY J. SILVERMAN . . . ACADEMIC . , . List of Honor, Four Square Club, FORESTER, Administrative Secretary, Intramurals, Junior Day, Committee Chairman, F.T.A., Biology Club, Home Economics Club, Cafe Officer, Club Council. DEBORAH SUE SIMON . . . ACADEMIC . . . List of Distinction, List of Honor, FORESTER, Proofreading Editor, FORESTER, Staff, Student Representative, Junior Day, Committee Chairman, Junior Day, F.T.A., Wednesday Morning Club, Senior Banquet, Com- mittee Chairman. i JUDY SINGER . . . ACADEMIC .Q . List of Honor, Chess Club, Folk- singing Club, Physics Club. NEIL B. SIRASKY . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . Band. PHYLLIS D. SKLAROFF . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . , Student Representative, Sonrisa Singers, Locker Aid, Cafe Officer, BERNICE SKWERSKY . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . , . F.N.A.: Homeroom Activities. JANE SMITH . . . ACADEMIC , . . Intramurals, Senior Prom, Com- mittee, Drama Club, School Play, ODESSA SMITH . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . Student Represent- ative, Student Coach, Business Service Club, F.B.l.,A., Home- room Activities. SUSAN B. SMITH . . . ACADEMIC . . . Biology Club, F.N.A., Red Cross Club, Corresponding Secretary. THOMAS K. SMITH . . . GENERAL BASIC . . . Football, Lacrosse, Teams, JN, Football, Lacrosse. DAVID A. SMOLLER . . . ACADEMIC . . . Homeroom President, Junior Day, Senator, Assembly Participation. MARLENE SNEIDER . . , ACADEMIC . . . List of Honor, List of Merit, National Honor Society, Girls' Sports Association, Vicev President, FORESTER, Girls' Sports Editor, BasketballTeam, Speed- ball Team, Volleyball Team, Officials' Club, President. HARRIETI' J. SNYDER . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION , . . Intramurals, Junior Prom, Committee, Aquatic Club, Business Service Club, F,B.L.A., Treble Choir. KAY R, SNYDER . . . ACADEMIC . , . Pep Squad, Drama Club, Open Forum Club, Red Cross Club, Senior Prom, Committee Chairman, Homeroom Activities. I WT PAMELA E. SNYDER . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . List Of Honor: List of Merit, Year Committees, F.N.A., Business Service Club, English Office Aid, STEPHEN SNYDER . , . ACADEMIC . , , Junior Prom, Commit! tee, Lawyers' Guild, Public Speaking Club. ANTON SOBER . , . ACADEMIC . , . Rifle Team, Rifle Club. BARBARA SOLLOD . . . ACADEMIC . . , Student Representative, Cafe. Officer, Junior Day, Committee, F.N.A., Red Cross Club. GAIL TERRY SOMMERS . . . ACADEMIC . . . List of Honor, List of Merit, National Honor Society, Four Square Club, FORESTER, Business Manager, Student Board of Reviews, Student Represent- ative, Year Committees, Biology Club, Public Speaking Club. WILMA I. SPALTER , . . ACADEMIC . , . F.N.A., Physics Club, Red Cross Club, Senior Prom, Committee, Homeroom Activities, SUE G. SPECTOR . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . , . Homeroom Activities, ARTHUR J. STAFFORD . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . Homeroom President, Student Representative, Art Club, Business Service Club: Drama Club. FRANK V. STALLINGS II . , . ACADEMIC . . . Track Team. EDWARD STEIN . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION , . . Band. LOUIS I. STEIN . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . Homeroom Ac- tlvities. PAUL T. STEIN . . . ACADEMIC . . . Boys' Opportunity Club, Home- room Vice-President, Stage Crew, Junior Day, Band, School Play, Assembly Participation, Cafe Director. CAROL. D. STEINBERG . . . ACADEMIC . . . Library Aid, Home- room Activities. 129 'Vw TIN w. ws- C. Steinberg L. Sleinhorn I. Siernberg T. Stokes S. Siringer .. '5 k,,f jj., V "-573 r'.M L, . h ,f ' A ? ' H9302 'V 'I' , df ' i f J e 1, I . . , Id., as 4 kj K' ' A, V, my In Wk VN , . gg. M rv. is 'S Q QJ I . - , Q . , ' 5 W - QM .r Q ' 1 Ev J C J M. Sukoneck F. Sumers C. Surusky A. Suskin " 4 .Q KL ' 1 -an -r-, C. Sussman K. Synnergren 'VXQN a "' L H - I G. Tulles M. Tunnebuum I. Turk S. Taustine M. Taylor T . A . . ' ' , ' ' A ., , H ' . ,v Vg w gf ff 'TN 'Y f ' " W. 4,0 "" 3 'VL If 1 A l N ' W 'Q AV, z K I x f ' i ,- -. 4-1-:.,y -nv" .. . - . V c ,,f W rx, f Y Tiff L 'Y Wd , I, P. Thomas L. Topaz L. Tralins C. Tsakiris H. Tucker J. Turek Q7 5 . Q. A 0 NX' 0 ' -V YD . ' ,tx 1- ' , I ' p. 9' I 4' I .,f XJ ff N. Turner G. Vela J. Vickers DA wainwrigh' R' Waldman L R. Wasserman A. Wufson B. wares c. weinberg c. Weiner M. weinganen Q r' I W' rf' qo- , of M, 1 f 5,-7"" I f' A 00 . .4 'Mfg' H' "il . , 1 f iv . fb. . 'ff i L , .fb N J 'L' W V . 'X pf ft -xx 'VN wk Qt ti : -P' i M. Strumwater , . l. I , ' I it .' sf R. Taylor I I 7 sei, I B. Warner Seniors CYVIA R. STEINBERG . . . ACADEMIC . . . FORESTER, Staff, Intra- murals, Junior Day, Biology Club, Senior Farewell Assembly, Committee Chairman, Open Forum Club, School Publicity Com- mittee. LOIS S. STEINHORN . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . Press, Staff, Intramurals, Business Service Club, F.N.A., Library Club, Red Cross Club, Student Representative, Senior Prom, Committee. IRWIN STERNBERG . . . GENERAL BASIC . . . Horneroom President. TOMMIE SUE STOKES . . , BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . Business Service Club, Discophiles Club, F.N.A., Treble Choir, Sonrisa Singers. SUSAN R. STRINGER . . . ACADEMIC . . . List ot Distinction, List of Honor, Homeroom President, Student Coach, Intramurals, Junior Day, French Club, Co-Ed Chorale. MARCIA STRUMWATER . . . ACADEMIC . . . F.N.A., Drama Club, Homeroom Activities. MARLENE SUKONECK . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . Intramurals: Biology Club. FRANCES LEE SUMER5 . . . ACADEMIC . . . List ot Merit, Press, Staff, Senior Farewell Assembly, Committee Chairman, Senior Banquet, Committee, Junior Day, F.N.A., Recording Secretary, Drama Club, Red Cross Club, Scribblers Club, School Play. CINDY R. SURASKY . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . Biology Club, Business Service Club, I-Iomeraom Activities. ANN L. SUSKIN . . . ACADEMIC . . . Pep Squad, Drama Club, Open Forum Club, Sergeant-at-Arms, School Play, CAROL SUSSMAN . . , ACADEMIC . . . FORESTER, Staff, Stu- dent Coach, Junior Prom, Committee, Year Committees, Art Club, Discophiles Club. KRISTINA SYNNERGREN . . .. ACADEMIC . . , National Honor Society, Cabinet: Chess Club, Vice-President, Wednesday Marn- ing Club. GARY ELLIOTT TALLES . . . ACADEMIC . . . Year Sergeant-on Arms, Boys' Opportunity Club, Varsity Club, President, Swimming, Golf Teams. MARILYN A. TANNEBAUM . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . .Drama Club, F.B.L.A., School Play, Library Aid, IRVIN TARK . . . ACADEMIC . . . J.V. Baseball, Football, Baskete ball, Student Representative, I-lomeroom Activities. SUE TAUSTINE . . . ACADEMIC . . , Girls' Sports Association, Vol- leyball Team, Intramurals, Chess Club, Modern Dance Club, Open Forum Club, Physics Club, 50 Mile Swim. MARIETTA L. TAYLOR . . . ACADEMIC . , . Intramurals, Modern Dance VClub, Forestette, Treble Choir. ROBERT L. TAYLOR . . . ACADEMIC , . , Baseball Team. PHYLLIS E. THOMAS . . . ACADEMIC . . . Student Board of Re- views, Intramurals, Junior Prom, Committee, Modern Dance Club, Treble Choir, Senior Farewell Assembly, Committee. LYNN TOPAZ . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . , Intramurals, F.N.A., Sergeant-at-Arms, Public Speaking Club, Locker Aid, Business Service Club, Nurse's Aid. LOIS INA TRALINS . . . ACADEMIC . . . Intramurals, Modern Dance Club, Red Cross Club, Spanish Club. CHRISTINE M. TSAKIRIS . ACADEMIC . , . List of Honor, List of Merit, Press, Staff, Intramurals, Head Cheerleader, Junior Day, Junior Prom, Committee: Junior Prom Queen, Biology Club, Homeroom President, HENRY B. TUCKER . . . ACADEMIC . . , Co-Ed Chorale. JOSEPH TUREK . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . I-Iomeroom Activ- ities. NANNIE V. TURNER . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . Library Aid. GUADALUPE S. VELA . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . Intramurals, Biology Club, Business Service Club, Drama Club, F.B.L.A., Library Club, Spanish Club. JOAN A. VICKERS . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . , Student Repre- sentative, Biology Club, Recording Secretary: Treble Choir, DEBORAH M. WAINWRIGHT . . . ACADEMIC . . . Intramurals, Junior Day, Art Club, Red Cross Club, Sonrisa Singers, Scribblers Club, ROBERT D. WALDMAN . . . ACADEMIC . . . List of Honor, National Honor Society, Boys' Opportunity Club, President, Varsity Club, Cabinet, Judge, Press, Staff, Swimming Team, Cafe Officer. BILL WARNER . . . ACADEMIC . . . Audio Crew. RAND: Meme WASSERMAN . Q . ACADEMIC . . . Press, Stott, Jun- ior Day, Senior Prom, Committee Chairman, Art Club, Folksing- ing Club, Secretary, Modern Dance Club, Spanish Club. ADRIENNE 'K. WATSON . . . ACADEMIC . . . Basketball, Volley- ball Teams, Intramurals, J .E.T .S BERNARD WATTS . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . Intramurals, Track Team, Praiection Crew. CAROL WEINBERG . . . ACADEMIC . . . Tennis Team, Aquatic Club, Intramurals. CHERIE S. WEINER . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . Press, Distirbu- tion Manager, Intramurals, Senior Prom, Committee, Business Ser- vice Club, Modern Dance Club. MARLENE L. WEINGARTEN . . . ACADEMIC . , . Junior Day, Folk- singing Club, Modern Dance Club, Homeroom Activities. I3I 7 Sf .. .... ie. - . 1 'vw M. N to ,. A r-eff. .. ll if -5 Mis! ' K - . ny: -l-Lqyw.. .. -N .. - 4 M msn' 1 f A , t LA K ., .. fa., m -Mm. , . Av. X A: Vizr E I A 1 i. it l v 1 ? 3, ' 4 I ef XX X .h X X X gg 5 Q , if 4 x I ta V3 .lx V.. wr R. Weingarten E. Weinstein L, Weinstein XPQRSYC' . .M I l W Q, W' ' 1 1 A V, L V-may "'V I S. Weitzman M. Wertz T. West N. Weinstock R. J. White S. Weintraub A. Williams Af .. lie ix .?"',.fN"f2?1.. , . L, g 4 .-.PW 4 X "P-'fl 233- if 1, 'fi' " fi -if .-:.Ql'3'. .Zi X 1 'gf'5"" ' '1 A ' V. " f . m e . gqw L 1 nfq 5 ffm if f':,f"' , ,gn g . ' .5 , fx X M - "5 'Q N . 2 L e 'W ,p , -1 is " M rt ...L 33" 2-. M 2 ' , L1 5 - sm A if H, 4+ :Tv 1, I Q.-jamie Tig, 1-4 X 1259225 Q 'if f-u.'iFq S x. f 1-1 .132+'2r' ,E m2E ,t -. q-f - -Q , K ' Y D. Williams S. Williams J. Wilson T. Wilson G. Winter C. Wise ,, ff-vw -ov 1. , ' "1 gym 'I . , fl ig A L. Wolf L. Wolie R. Wolfe L. Wolfson R. Woodward by N. uf ...A an E. Yerman E. Yospe E. Young P, Yurfegq S. Zeligman L. Zierler D. Ziskincl f . l mfr., 'Eg ...H - V . , . -,VN S ' ti ,di 'v. N. Zaba K. Ziv "?"Q!.' f 1' K S. Zulis S. Weisberg B. Williams S. Woolfson Seniors ROSE L. WEINGARTEN . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . Business Service Club, Homeroom Activities. V ELAINE R. WEINSTEIN . . .BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . Intramurals, Senior Prom, Committee, Business Service Club, F.T.A., Spanish Club, Homeroom Activities. LINDA WEINSTEIN . . . ACADEMIC , . . List of Honor, Press, Staff, Student Representative, Intramurals, Senior Prom, Committee, Junior Day, Biology Club, F.N.A., Drama Club, School Play. NORMAN WEINSTOCK . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . Year Com- mittees. SIMMA WEINTRAUB . . . ACADEMIC . . . List at Honor, National Honor Society, Four Square Club, Corresponding Secretory, FORESTER, Features Editor, Student Representative, Student Coach, Junior Prom, Committee Chairman, Club Council, Art Club, Vice-President, French Club, Corresponding Secretary, Treasurer. SUSAN I.. WEISBERG . . . ACADEMIC . . . List of Honor, FORESTER, Staff, Horneroom President, Intramurals, F.T.A., Biology Club, Home Economics Club, Historian, French Club, Red Crass Club. SHIRLEY WEITZMAN . . . ACADEMIC . . . List of Honor, List of Merit, Junior Day, Committee, Biology Club, Physics Club, Sen- ior Prorn, Committee, Homeroom Activities. MICHAEL WERTZ . . . ACADEMIC . . . Intramurals, J,V. Football, Lacrosse, TYRONE WEST . . . GENERAL TECHNICAL . . . Homeroorn Activ- ities. JUNE A. WHITE.. . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . Homeraom Activi- ties. ADELE E. WILLIAMS . . . ACADEMIC . . . Intramurals, Biology Club. BRENDA DELORES WILLIAMS . . . ACADEMIC . . . Student Coach, Varsity Basketball, Drama Club, Officials Club, Spanish Club, Treble Choir, co-Ed Chorale, Sonrisa Singers. DARA WILLEACE WILLIAMS . . . ACADEMIC . . . WITHDRAWN . . . Intramurals, Homeroom Activities. STEPHEN WILLIAMS, JR .... GENERAL BASIC . . . Homeroom President, Basketball Team, JESSIE M. WILSON . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . Intramurals. THEODORE G. WILSON . . . ACADEMIC . . , J.V. Football, Home- room Activities. GERALDINE WINTER . . . ACADEMIC . , . Intramurals, Biology Club, F.N.A., I-Iomeroorn Activities. CAROLYN D. WISE . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . Intramurals, Junior Prom, Committee, Business Service Club, F.B.L,A,, Modern Dance Club: Treble Choir. LESLIE DIANE WOLF . . . ACADEMIC . . . FORESTER, Staff, Archery Team, Varsity Tennis, Moiorette, Biology Club, French Club, Wednesday Morning Club. LINDA SUE WOLFE . . . ACADEMIC . . . F.T.A., Physics Club, Orches- tra, Student Coach, Cafe Officer, Homeroorn Activities. RHODA JOAN WOLFE . . . ACADEMIC . . . List of Honor, Four Square Club, FORESTER, Staff, Press, Stott, F.T.A,, Biology Club, Drama Club, News Views Club, President, Secretary, Scribblers Club, Secretary, Wednesday Morning Club. LINDA G. WOLFSON . . . ACADEMIC , . . List of Distinction, List of Honor, List of Merit, Intramurals, F.T,A,, Biology Club, French Club, Math Club, Homeroom President, Modern Dance Club. R. LEE WOODWARD . . . ACADEMIC . . . Homeroom Activities. SHERLYNN NANCY WOOLFSON . . . ACADEMIC . . . List of Honor, List of Merit, National Honor Society, Four Square Club, Extra- curricular i'F", Junior Day, Committee, F.T,A., Meth Club, Presi- dent, Vice-President, Red Cross Club, Historian, Student Coach. ELLEN DEE YERMAN . . . ACADEMIC . . . Girls' Sports Association, Press, Staff, Tennis Team, Intramurals, Junior Day, Committee Chairman, Aquatic Club, Latin Club. ERIC YOSPE . . . ACADEMIC . . .- Basketball Team, J.V. Basket- ball, Biology Club. EILEEN P. YOUNG . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . Business Service Club, F.N.A., Homeroorn Activities. PAUL YURFEST . . . ACADEMIC . . , Rifle Team, Horneroom Activi- ties. NANCY ZABA . . . ACADEMIC . . . Intramurals, Discophiles, Law- yers' Guild, Treasurer, Open Forum Club. SHARON A. ZALIS . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . List of Merit, Homeroom President, Extracurricular "F", Year Committee, Art Metal Club, Business Service Club, President, Cate Officer. SANDY E. ZELIGMAN . . , ACADEMIC . . . List of Merit, Student Coach, Folksinging Club, Latin Club, Homeroorn Activities. LINDA ZIERLER . . . SPECIAL COLLEGE PREPARATORY . . . List of Distinction, List of Honor, National Honor Society, Four Square Club, Cabinet, FORESTER, Co-Editor-in-Chief, Coaching Letter, Junior Day, Committee, F.T.A., Historian, Wednesday Morning Club, President. DAVID ZISKIND . . . ACADEMIC , . . List of Honor, List of Merit, National Honor Society, Boys' Opportunity Club, Student Repre- sentative, J.V. Track, Cross Country, J.E.T.S., Physics Club, Presi- dent. KENNETH L. ZIV . . . ACADEMIC . . . Horneroom Activities. "A world to be born under your footsteps" T33 The play features Betty Shapiro as Lady Bracknell, Ina Arenson as Miss Prism, Tom D'Antoni as ReverendChasuble, Barbara Mordes as Gwendolen Fairfax, Eddie Sandler as John Worthing, Steve Koenigsloerg as Algernon Moncrieff, and Deedee Levin as Cecily Cardew. Drama majors, under the direction of Mrs. Laureleen Pratt and Mr. George Edmonds, pre- sented Oscar Wilde's The Importance of Being day, March T3 and 14. Starring Betty Shapiro, Eddie Sandler, Steve Koenigsberg, Barbara Mordes, and Deedee Levin, the play also featured Tom D'Antoni, Ina Arenson, and Susan Seidenberg. The show, a frivolous comedy of manners con- cerning a mix-up of identity, was viewed by large audiences on both evenings. - .4 -':: Two players apply make-up before the performance. The plot becomes more involved during the tea party scene. sf.s.-wa, .. - l?lf'f9Ql5i5'l55EYfff. c A L V " mx W if ,,,..,, 4- .L We V, meg Asszggrs - ' ..,......-.,,- .1 'Mft at f ,, 1...-iw., W m.l.:,,.. J f.,. .. ,. -V -f r' P, i ggjif,,., .fun as siis L -"' f -"- i 'S' gf , ,Qi -if u--. K7 V 1.1, ,, , , 134 , 'Q' L v immmn W N nl r ' - k I M Ernest in the school auditorium, Friday and Satur- ' r 1 gimp 5 y- , ff 'Qi Suggestions are given fo the actors by student directors and by faculty advisers. Seniors Present l s . K. r 4'- r Q- zv . 7 , W -3,- qf. . :JK i M... ..- , , , - ' , 5 ,Lili 25 X n M, , , it at E A I tr. M 'A -1: 5 Y fs - s - ,K was ' , ,W Cecily and Gvvendolen discover that they both love Earnest. Comedy Jack courts Gwendolen while the enraged Lady Bracknell looks on. 135 5-we , Mem X l m ,' X1 me , 1 xg 7, P- 7 A' ll Y s"'4 V ffl ' Q 555. , ' ,J r 3 - , r Eg The departing seniors join in the singing of their farewell song. Mr. Walter Sondheim, Jr. delivers his address, stressing the importance ofcitizens' participation in community problems. - 4 ' " ' : if t A t K Q , ,. 3 5 t l wg Q ' 5 5 i i 5 ' 2 3 3 Z ' E . 2 A 1 3 , 5 5 5 s . nat E L I . 5 in E Q 136 June Bette Green urges her future opportunities. '64 fellow seniors to -llll IH B O ids take advantage of 9 i 5 . t 5 F IIQIIIIII K lllllf BH After the assembly, seniors gather near the bleachers for a farewell picture. Farewell To School Marking its official farewell appearance to the student body, June 1964 presented the Senior Farewell Assembly on May 29. The class marched into the auditorium, the girls dressed in white and carrying bouquets, while the boys wore ties, iackets, and boutineers. Addressing the assembly was Mr. Walter Sond- heim, Jr., vice-president of Hochschild Kohn and Company, and past president of the Board of School Commissioners. Miss Dorothy Duval, prin- cipal, also delivered a message to the seniors. A third speech was given by Bette Green, year presi- dent, who presented her farewell address to the class and administered the Ephebic Oath to Mar- ilyn Garonzik, president ofJune, 1965. 7 Sergeant-at-arms Marc Feldman leads the processional march. . ii Q u t gud? K!! 3 ,. ' xg- Q 55:3 5 ,jiri 1 The Greek gods and goddesses preside over prom and banquet festivities. Students present a skit which portrays life at Forest Park. Presented by the graduating class, the Senior Prom and Banquet were held Thursday, June 4, at the Blue Crest North. The banquet, presided over by the Master of Ceremonies Steve Koenigs- berg, consisted of a meal and an original skit written by the students. Greek elegance was the theme of the prom, formally called "Stars Over Olympus." Providing music was the King-Guard Band. Sue Mazer was over-all banquet chairman, and Inette Miller was in charge ot the prom. S. Koenigsberg and S. Mazer give humorous gifts to faculty. fl? ,f 5 1.- 5231 9 J' l N twin? i ..-fi Sm .lumors gctrbed as Greek motdens serve refreshments To Prom and Banquet H lghllght The Year Students enloy the last fleeting moments of prom to the srrotns of thetr farewell song 2 ,:. My X i The five hundred fifty-two members of the graduating class, who are seated on the stage ofthe Civic Center, await the conferring of diplomas. The Honorable Theodore R. McKeldin delivers his message to graduates, their families, and friends. The excited members of the class congratulate each other after the commencement exercise. 'B A y x X X X T X . M f I t 1 t 1 I A 1 1 f i 140 ll: 3,-SIIG-ff J! Graduation Marks End of High School On June 15, members of June T964 received their diplomas at the seventy-fifth commencement exercises, held in the Baltimore Civic Center. The Honorable Theodore R. McKeldin, Mayor of Balti- more, presented diplomas to the 552 students rec- commended for graduation by Miss Dorothy Duval, principal. Highlighting the evening was the announce- ment by Miss Duval of the scholarships and special awards. Two Glenn L. Owens Awards were pre- sented to the graduating Foresters who did the most for the school. Receiving the Strobel Medal was the student with the highest average in the year, and five alumnae medals were presented to the students with the five highest averages. jf K i is. K' ,1w.5"' Gt i J J -1 1 ' 5' iii' , fi t N Xa ,L 41'--'-1 ww 4, , M., ' r . tin t Miss Duval presents one ofthe Glenn L. Owens Awards, for service to the school, to Anita Brownstein. Mayor Theodore R. McKe-ldin awards diplomas to the seniors. l A1-1 "The codfish lays fen fhousancl eggs, fhe homely hen lays one The codfish never cackles fo fell you what she's clone. And so we scorn fhe codfish while fhe humble hen we prize Which only goes fo show you fhaf if pays fo adverfisef' x'ff' 'ifrs . ff If-VZ, I 5 0 3' , , I. f' 113525. .1 f. u ,J N , , An i, ' 5,12 1,3 fi 4 'qi I . -. . 5 7 fn , 3, . ,H : 14':1'b2 - "'!' - L- 'f'i 1: il " -- A ' is 1 , f 1 XI 7 ' ' r' ' H- " J, : 1 Ulf I' 'W H, 'Q' If A ,iii Q' ' K f'f . 5 fl Q 1' ' fm My H X' ' g f! 'f !t!' "'- xl lg: PM I In Yf rr' his " , 1154 II? lv: x 'P A JM 36 fr kt ,fn"" . ' 1 A 'f I L 2,4 1 1 Q F .L "u K ,,,m X, . Q E'.?'1':.z..'T?'3' ' , ' ' -,1 -r . ' , .JL : "Z 'll 1 ' . -4 .i .I . nun- Y. w ' I .ll . 'lf' , 4 V, :Q ' IEW: F. fl 1, ' m:lEL'. 1 ' M 'ar' ' , , i X X limi: 1 4 1, , 1 7 K I1 ,I X I, m! E . Ag 'f i , ' ,F x t "IO 1 'I . 'L nl M-', 1. 1 ' 5 .W x M .K 'QQ YK 1 12 KL! U xiii- 'Ht 199' HS A 9-INF Mr, 81 Mrs, Aaronson Les Abramowitz Mr, 81 Mrs, Morris Abramowitz Lilian Abramson Mrs, Harry Adelberg A Friend A Friend A Friend Mr. 81 Mrs. Jules J. Agne Mrs. Jules V. Agne Mr, 8. Mrs. Melvyn L. Agne Mrs. Alvin Akman Ira Albert Chana Alon Mr. T. Alon Mr, 8. Mrs. Harry B. Altschull Allen 81 Roslyn Amernick Debbie Anderson Anonymous Anonymous Mr, 8- Mrs. S. P. Antin Mr. 81 Mrs. Melvin Asch Mr. 8. Mrs. George Augustin Mr. John Chas. Baer Mr. Si Mrs. Albert Balbos Mr, 8. Mrs, Harold Ballan Joseph A. Bank Si Co. Mr, 81 Mrs. Samuel Barber Mr. 81 Mrs. Harry Barnum Mr. 8. Mrs. Albert Barouh Jeannette Barr Mr. 81 Mrs, Barranco Mrs. J. Bauman Mrs. Milton Baumel Olga Bawden Mrs. Bear Elenor Begleiter Vera Begleiter Mr, 8. Mrs. Ben Beitler Virginia Bendur Beniies Food Mkt. Hamiltton L. Bennett Mrs. Rae Berg Lance Bergerson Mr, Br Mrs. A. Berlin Barry Berlin Richard Berlin Mr. 8K Mrs. Sam Berlin Mr. 8. Mrs. Sidney Berman Bernie 81 Penny Best Wishes To The Year John Beynon Big Ben Mr. Richard Blackwell Mr. 81 Mrs. Ronald Blavatt Mr. 8g Mrs. Blumberg Mr, Albert Blumberg Mr. 8- Mrs. Charles Blumberg Mrs. Pearl Blumberg Bob 8. June Bobby 8. Ilene Harry Bond PATRCDNS Robert Bond Ronny 8. Ellen Book Annette Borr Brenda 81 Howard Mrs. Emma E. Brewer Mr. 8g Mrs. S. W. Bridges Mr. 81 Mrs. William Britt, Sr. Mr, 8. Mrs. Robert Britton Janet Brothers Mrs. Evelyn Brown Harriet Brown Mrs. Hermoine Brown Mr. 8. Mrs. John I. Bruce Beryl Bugatch Mrs. Thomas Burnett Burt 8. Janice Risa Joy Bush Mike Bussard Mrs. Mildred Butler Mr, 81 Mrs. Millard Buxbaum Mr. 8K Mrs. Henry Caplan Mr. 8. Mrs. Raymond Carpente Mr. 8. Mrs. Charles Carroll Mr, 8. Mrs. George A. Carroll Mrs. Florence C. Carter Mrs. Rose Carter Mr. Si Mrs. Robert Chandler Vincent J. Chesno, Jr. Mrs, Ethel Chester Miss Barbara Chin Mrs. Frances Chin Jui Chin Mr. 81 Mrs. B. Chodesh Barbara Chomet Donn Christy Mr. 8. Mrs. William C. Clark Mr. 81 Mrs. Gilbert Clayman Carolyn Clemente Dorothy Cochran Mrs. David B. Coel Bessie L. Cohen Carol Cohen Ina Cohen Mr. 8K Mrs. Isaac Cohen Martin Cohen Mrs. Cohen Rebecca Cohen Mr. 81 Mrs. Alvin Cohn Nancy Cohn Mrs. Rena Cohn Candy Cole Mr. 81 Mrs. J, Cole Rev. Clinton R. Coleman Mrs, Ethel G. Coleman Compliments of A Friend Compliments of Shakespeare Mrs. Barbara S. Contee Larry Creizman Norman Cremer Mr, 81 Mrs, Irwin Dale Mr. 81 Mrs. Nate Dale The Dannis Family IAA Mr, 8. Mrs. Abe Danoff Jerry Danoff Mrs, Ruth D'Antoni Dave 81 Cookie Dave J. 81 Lois T. David 81 Becki Mr, 8. Mrs, David Davidson Eddie Davis Mr. 8- Mrs. Marvin C. Davis Mrs. Dean Mr. 81 Mrs. Leslie Debelius, Jr. The Debois Family Mr. 81 Mrs, J, Arthur DeHoff, Jr. Mr. Albert Denny Harriette Demb Richard DeVoe Diane 81 Jerry Dickie Sr Jane Mrs. Antonio DiMario Jay Dinowitz Mr. 8. Mrs. Wm, Dinowitz Dolle 81 Elmer Miss Ellen F, Donahue Mr, 8. Mrs, Walter J. Donohue, Sr Mr. 8. Mrs. Walter J. Donohue, Jr. Romonas Dorcas Senator Paul A. Dorf Eddie Dreiband Beatrice DuBow May DuBow Mrs. Freddie Durant Mrs, Martha Dyce Mr, 81 Mrs. Edward Dyson Eddie 8- Shelly Mr. 81 Mrs. Eugene Edelen Mabel V. Edgar Mr, 8. Mrs. Eric Einziger Dr, 81 Mrs. Leon Eisenberg Leonard Eisenberg Ellen 81 Bill Mr, 81 Mrs. Monroe Elliott 81 Son Harriet 8. Howard Epstein Louis Epstein Mollie Epstein Mr. 81 Mrs. Samuel Epstein Della Evans Marvin Facter Doris Fader Mr. James J. Fahey Mr. Elmer N, Fassetl' Mr, 81 Mrs. David Federman Mr. 81 Mrs, Philip Feinglass Thomas M. Fekete Mrs. W. Feld Larry Feldman Lynn Kallus Feldman Mr, 81 Mrs. Reuben Feldman Mr. 81 Mrs. Reuben Feldman Mr. 81 Mrs. Reuben Feldman Suzy, Stevie 8. Terry Feldman Florence Feary Sylvan Finkelstein Mr. Fisher Alan Fisher Mr. 81 Mrs, Albert Fisher Mrs. Anna Fisher Miss Elizabeth E, Fisher Mr. 8g Mrs. Joseph Fisher Mr. 8. Mrs. Michael Fisher Mr. 8. Mrs. Roland Fisher Ilene Fishkind Emma Flaggs Myrtle L. Flaggs Mr, 8- Mrs. James Ford Mr, 81 Mrs, Allan B. Freed Nelson 8. Sheldon Freed Dr, 8. Mrs. Gerson A. Freedman Frannie Fribush Mr. Egon Friedheim Mr. 81 Mrs. Israel Friedlander Mr, 8. Mrs. A, Friedman From A Friend Elayne Fudman Mr. 8. Mrs. Joseph Fudman Phyllis Fudman Mr. 8. Mrs, Mickey Fulton Mr. 81 Mrs. Edward Gambrill Mrs. Viola M, Gambrill Ellen 81 Dorsie Geldman Mr. 81 Mrs, Gerallice Mrs, Esther Gersch Mrs. Ada Gertz Miss Gessler Anna Gianforte Mrs. Areitta Giles Glen 8. Mark Gilmar Ginger 8. Bob Mr. 8- Mrs. Louis Girshin Hilda Glozer Mr, 81 Mrs. Howard Glazer Ida Goldberg Marsha Goldberg Mr, 8. Mrs. Milton Goldberg Mr. S1 Mrs. Morris Goldblatt Mr. 8. Mrs. Alvin Goldman 8. Family Donald Goldman Janie Goldman Janie Goldman Mr. 8. Mrs. Israel Goldman Mrs. Milton Goldman Mr, 8. Mrs. Milton Goldsmith Alexander Goldstein Mr, 8. Mrs. Bernard Goldstein Dr. 81 Mrs. Marvin Goldstein Good Luck Graduate of i929 Judge J. Harold Grady David Grandber Mrs, Thelma S, Graves Bette Green's Parents Candy Green Elliot Green Ina Greenberg Shirley Greenberg PATRONS Howard Greenblatt Mr. 8. Mrs. Joseph Greif Mr. Herman Gresser Mr. 81 Mrs. William Griffin Mrs, Marie E, Griffith Mr. Everett Griner Mrs. Rosalee Griner Mr, Lee Grodnitzky Mr. St Mrs. Samuel Grodnitzky Shirley Grodnitzky Mr. 81 Mrs. Morris Gross The Gumnitzky Family Esther Gutmann Mr. Conrad Haas Mr, Vincent Hackeh Mr. 81 Mrs. Joseph Hackerman Robert Haines The Halperin Family Stephen Halperin Miss Belle Halperin Mrs. Margaret Hamilton Mr. 81 Mrs. Carl Hanenbaum Hank 81 Carol Gary Hankin Mr, 8. Mrs. H. Hankin Mrs. Anna Harris Mr, Ted Harris Harvey 81 Sheila Mr. 81 Mrs. Saul D. Hearn The Alan Hechts Mr. 81 Mrs, Isaac Hecht George and Fred Heckter Mr. P. Hefter Mr, 81 Mrs, Wilson Heitzman Mr, 8. Mrs. Jerome Henderson Miss Irene Heretick Mrs. Dorothy Herbert Mr. 81 Mrs. Joseph Herbert Mr. 8- Mrs. Bernard C. Herr Bonnie Hershberger Dina Heyman Seldon Heyman Mr. 8. Mrs, Alvin Highkin Mike Hofmeister Mr. 81 Mrs. Ezra Holbrook Mr. 81 Mrs. David Holland Mrs. Howard E. Holland Mr. 8- Mrs. Holniker Howard 8. Brenda Mr. 81 Mrs. Leonard Howard Mr. 81 Mrs. Robert Howard Alan Hubert Sandy Hubert Mr, 81 Mrs, Leslie Hull Elaine Si Judy Hurwitz Abe I Esther Ina Mr. Graycee G. Ireland Mrs, Ann Isaacs Mr. 81 Mrs. Leonard Jachman Mrs, Ann Isaacs Mr. 81 Mrs. Leonard Jachman IAS Mr, 8. Mrs. Charles H. Jacobs Aileen Phyllis Jacobs Mr. George James Janice 81 Burt Danny Janoff Frances Jarrell Jimmy 8. Kathy Mr. 8- Mrs. Milton H. Joffe Chester Johns Mrs. Araminta Johnson Mr. 81 Mrs. Churchill Johnson Mr, Edward R, Johnson Mr, 8. Mrs. George Johnson Mr, 81 Mrs. Henry W. Johnson Mrs, Lucille Johnson Mr. 81 Mrs. Robert E. Johnson Art Jones Mr. C. O. Jones Mr. 8g Mrs. Reuben F. Jones Judi 8. Bobby Judy 8- Stuart Carol Kahn Mr, 81 Mrs. Joseph D. Kahn Susan Kahn Mr, 8. Mrs, Fred Kaliner Mr. 8. Mrs. Harry Kandel Mr. 81 Mrs. Milton Kandel Mr. 81 Mrs. Louis M. Kahn, Jr. Mr, 81 Mrs. Al Kaplan 8. Family Ida Kaplan Dagmar Karsuik Peanut Kassel Mr. 8- Mrs. Henry Katz Mr, 81 Mrs, Irving Katz Mrs, Charlette Kaufman Mr. Jack D. Kaufman Mr. Jack D. Kaufman Michael Kaufman Sarah Kamaroff Percy P, Kaye Harvey Keck Miss Bernadette T. Kelly Mrs. Cleota Kelly Mr, 8. Mrs, Morry Kempner Mr, Alimay T. Kenderick Jean Kenny Kep 8. Mel Mr. 81 Mrs. I. Keyser Lynn Keyser Mr, Irvin S. Keyser Richard 8. Larry Keyser June the Great Kimmel Josephine King Allan Kinsey Mr. 81 Mrs. Allan S, Kinsey, Sr. Miss Sherry Lynn Kirby Mark Rodney Kirby Ruth Kirsh Mrs. Edith Kitt Mr. 81 Mrs. Morris Klaff Mr. 81 Mrs. Leon Klein Susan Klein Mr, 8. Mrs. Mi. 81 Mrs Mr. 81 Mrs Edward J. Dr, 8. Mrs. H, Kline Dave Knable David Koenigsberg Koenigsberg, MD. Herbert M. Koenigsberg Howard Kohn Donna Kolker Rozzy Kordish Mr. 81 Mrs. Harold Korman Mr. 8. Mrs. Archie P. Kouzis Mr, 8. Mrs. Paul E. Kouzis The Krafchicks Carol Krause Miriam Kravetz Harriet Kravetz Nat Kravetz Mr, 81 Mrs, N, Krone Dr. 81 Mrs. Herbert Kronthal Mrs. Margaret Kuntz Mr. 8. Mrs. Bernard Kurpeck Mr. 81 Mrs, J. Kushner L8.L Miss Lauren P, Lansey Mrs, Priscilla P. Lansey Miss Priscilla G. Lansey Mr, 8. Mrs. Warren E. Lansey Mr. Saint Lawrence A Philip Leder Rev, 8. Mrs. Leonard Lee Miss Shirley Lee Mr, 81 Mrs. Stephen Lee Mr. 81 Mrs. William Lee Walter Leffman Mr. Carl H. Lehman Philip Lehman Mr. 8. Mrs. Julius Leiter Mrs. Lerner Mr, Aaron Lessans Mr. 8. Mrs. lrreal Lessans Mr, 8. Mrs. Luther L. Leuke Mr. 81 Mrs. Robert Leven Mr, 81 Mrs. Ellis Levi The Levin Family Mr, 8. Mrs, Marshall A. Levin Y Levin Bill Levinson Stewart Levitas Stewart J. Levitas Donald Levy Nathan Levy Mr. Sl Mrs. Ralph Libowitz Mr. 8- Mrs. Jack Lieberman The Lillien Family Linda 8. Rachel Arlene Linderman - N.J. Mrs. Mary Lipman Joan Lisansky The Litchsteins Mr, St Mrs, Ezra Little Robert C. Lloyd Mr. 81 Mrs. Carroll W. Loomis Hope M. Loomis Sharon Losin PATRONS Frances Love Stuart Lowenthal Mrs. Carrie Lyons Mr. John Lyons The M 81 M's Mr. George Mann Mr, 8. Mrs. Jack Mannes Mrs. Plymouth McCoy Mt, 8. Mrs, Frank K. McCrary Mr. 81 Mrs. Irvin McCollough Mr. 8- Mrs. James McLandsborough Joyce McNeil Mrs. Lucy McNeil Joel, Gloria 8. Marc Magram Mr. 81 Mrs. N, Magram 8. the 3 Magpies Mr, Arnold L, Malliet Richard Manekin Mr, 8. Mrs, John Manning Philip Marchanti Marilyn 8. Fred Jean Matthews Robert, Stephen 8. Samuel Matz Bob Means David Meister The Meister Family Linda Menaker Mr. 81 Mrs. William Mendlin Mr. 81 Mrs. Siamon Merritt Mrs, William Metzel Mr. 81 Mrs. Louis Michelson Debbie Michelson Beckie Miller Mr. 8. Mrs, David Miller Gilbert Miller M1181 Mrs. Harry S. Miller Mr, Howard B, Miller Inette Miller Mr, 81 Mrs, Roosevelt Miller Mr, M. Miller Mr. 81 Mrs. Martin K. Miller Mr. 8. Mrs, David Millotf Miss Jo-Gail Millott Ella Milman Milner-Fenwick, Inc. Mr. 81 Mrs. David Mirvis Mrs, Bessie Monk Mrs. Pevlah Moore Sylvan Mordes Mr. 8- Mrs. Daniel Morganstein Dr. William Moshenberg Mr. 8. Mrs. Carlton S. Munch 8. Family Master William F. Munck Mr. James Murray Sophie Nagel Larry Nash Mr, 8. Mrs. William Nash Mary C. Nason Anita Needle Ellen Needle Harry K. Needle Mr. 81 Mrs. N. Newburger Mr. 81 Mrs. Jay Newman 8. family The Nudler Family 146 Mr, 8. Mrs, H, Nussbaum 81 Family Mr, 8. Mrs. Jack W. Okum Barbara 8. Stephen Oliner Mrs, Virginia J. O'Neill Mr.81 Mrs. B, Oppenheim 8. Daughters Mr. 84 Mrs, Ernest Oppenheim Mrs. Frances Oppenheim Jolene 81 Michele Oppenheim Sandy Oppenheim Robert Louis Orandle Linda Ostrowsky Mrs. Erma Parham Mr. 81 Mrs, C, Donald Parker Mr. 8. Mrs. John W. Parker Mr. 8. Mrs. Warren W. Parker Richard Paritzky Patron's Ads Editor Paul, Edie, Lisa 81 Terri George O. Peach Mrs. Peck Charlotte Perry Elva Perry Mrs. Pertman Allan Pertman Rita Pertman Joe 8. Lottie Pertnoy Miss Georgianna C. Phillips Mr. Wm, G. Phillips Pidge 81 Faye Irma C. Pierce Mr. James Pinn, Jr. J. 81 D.'s Pizza Mr. Alvin Plotnick Mr. Podberesky Mrs. Eva Powlson Cynthia Prince William Prince, Sr. Polly Pugatch Randi 8- Alan Mr, 81 Mrs. Gaither Rankin Mrs. Louis A. Rankin Miss Barbara Rascovar Mr. 8. Mrs. Robert Rascovar Mr. 8. Mrs. Roy L. Rascovar Suzie Rascovar Mr. 8. Mrs, William Redmond Reesa, Marsha 8. Ilene Marsha Rehns Hannah Reinberg Mr. 8. Mrs. Wm, Reineck Mrs, Reitberger Dona Rice Martin Howard Rice Mr. Paul R. Richard Mr. 8. Mrs. William Richardson 8. Son Mr, 8. Mrs. Thomas Richardson Mr, 8. Mrs. Jerome Richmond Mary Jane Rinzler Mr, 81 Mrs, Jerome Robinson Mrs. Jerome Robinson Mr. 81 Mrs. Morton M. Robinson Mr, 8. Mrs, Leon Rodoff Ronnie 8. Sue Ronnie 8. Tina Sharon 8g Arnie Rosenberg Lois Rosenkoff Adele Rosenthal Jerry Rosenthal Leah Rosenthal Mr. 8. Mrs, R, Rosenthal Mr. 8. Mrs. Vincent P. Rosso Rothstein Family Mr. 8- Mrs. B. Rothstein Ferne Rothstein Mrs. Mary E. Roy Mr. 81 Mrs, Irving Rubin Mr. 81 Mrs. Myer Rubinstein Mr. Mack D. Ruck's Dr, 8. Mrs, Ralph Rubin Mr. Norman Rudd Dr. Alvin D. Rudo Dr, Frieda Rudo Rhoda 81 Eddie Rudo Mr. 81 Mrs. Sol Rudolph Cathy 8. Robyn Sachs Mr. 81 Mrs. lsadore Sachs Mr. 8K Mrs, Louis Sachs Robert David Sachs Steve 81 Ann Sachs Mr. 81 Mrs. Morris Sagal Mrs. David Saiontz Sam 81 Jane Edward Sandler Mr. 8. Mrs. Gilbert Sanaier Mr. 8s Mrs. Arthur C. Savage Bob Scalettar Merle Schacht Mr, 8. Mrs. Max Schlian Bernie Schrieber Ken Schaffer The Scher Family Mrs. Louis Scherr Stephen Scherr Sylvia Schick Greg Schmidt Mrs. Hymen Schiff Mr. 8. Mrs, Murry Schneier Mr. 8. Mrs. Jacob Schonebaum Mr. H. T. Schreyer Mr. 81 Mrs, Sioman Schultz Mr, 8. Mrs, Herbert Schulman Lynn Schunick Mrs. Rae Schunick The Schwartz Family Herbie Schwartz Mr. 81 Mrs. LeRoy Scott 8- Son Mr. 8. Mrs. Harry Segal Donna Seidenberg Mr. 81 Mrs. Sidney Seidenberg Mrs. Harrie Selznick Eddie Senker Shairpless Beauty Salon Sara Shapiro Helen F. Sharp Miss Dorothy B. Sheffey PATRONS Shelley 8g David Shelley 81 Jeanie Regina 8. Sherman Daniel Shub Judith Shub Mr, 81 Mrs. Louis Shub Mr. 8. Mrs. Jerry Siegal 8. Family Howard Lee Silbert The Silin Family Mrs. Beatrice Silverman Mrs. Esther Silverman Mrs, Florence Silverman Sandi Silverman Mr. 8. Mrs. A. Simon Chas. Sinay 81 Family Mrs. Bernard Small Mrs, Harriet Smeyne Mr. Henry Smeyne Mrs. Eliza Smith Joy Smith Mr. Percy Smith Mr, Ronald W. Smith Marlene Sneider Mr. 81 Mrs. James N. Snowdon Irene 8. Arnold Snyder Mr, 8- Mrs. Gilbert Snyder Kay Snyder Mr. 8. Mrs. Milton Snyder Mr. 81 Mrs. A. W. Sommers Lynne Sollod lrvin Spector Mr, 8. Mrs. Arthur Spencer Gladys R, Spicer Mrs. William Spiegel Mr. 81 Mrs, Irvin Stadd Mrs. Christine Steadman Harry Stein Lu Lu Stein Mrs, Bea Steinberg Mr. 81 Mrs. Harry Steinberg Miss Rose Steinberg Paula Steinhorn Mr. 8. Mrs, Sol M. Steinhorn Mr. 8. Mrs. Jack Steiner Stew 81 Alice Mr. 8- Mrs. Robert J. Stith Ellen 81 Wayne Stoler Mr, 8. Mrs. E. A. Stoner Renee N. Strauss Sheldon Strauss Mi. 8. Mrs, Matthew Stringer Mr. 8. Mrs. Charles Strumwater Marcia Strumwater Mr, 8. Mrs. Abraham Stutman Mr. 8. Mrs, Sidney Stutman Miss Jackie Such Mr. 8- Mrs. C. J. Suger Ronnie 8. Karen Sukoneck Janis Sumers Janis Sumers Joseph Sumers Joseph Sumers l47 Martin Sumers Mr, 81 Mrs. Joseph Sussman Mr. 81 Mrs, Sinclair Swan Marjorie Tabatznik Miss Rosalie Tarkoff Ira Taylor Ted Mr, 8. Mrs. Harvey Temple Mr. Randolph Thomas Bill Thompson Rick Tinsley Mr. 8. Mrs. George Topaz Mr, E, J, Tracy Lois Tralins Christine Tsakiris Mr, 81 Mrs. Steve Tsakiris Dale Carol Tucker Uncle Harry Mr. Michael W, Valentine Mrs. Dorothy Vaughn The Vickers Family Mr. 81 Mrs, E. Volkin Renee Vorcheimer Mr. Clark Wallace Sheilah Wallach Mr. 8- Mrs. Dewey Watkins Robert Watts Mr, 8. Mrs. Robert Watts Mr. 81 Mrs. Max Weil Mr, 8. Mrs, James Weinberg The Weinbergs Mr. Morris Weiner Mr. 81 Mrs. Stanley Weiner Mr. 8. Mrs. Al Weinstein Mi, 8. Mrs. Abraham Weistock Mr. 8K Mrs, Sam Weintraub Mr. 81 Mrs. Jack Weintraub Harry 8. Fay Weissman Dr. Bernard White Mary White Louis Wiener Mrs, Rosetta B, Williams Mr. 8. Mrs. E, L. Wilson Mr. 8. Mrs. Herbert Wilson Mr. 81 Mrs. Melvin Wilson The David Winik Family Mrs. Edward Winn Mr. 8. Mrs. Arthur Winter Karen Winston Leabah 8. Miriam Winter Joseph Wise Drew Wolfe Rose M, Wolfe Mr. 8. Mrs. Willis Wolfson Mr. 8. Mrs. John Woolford Mr. 8. Mrs. LeRoy Wright Lois Yerman Mr. 8. Mrs. Max Yerman Mr. Alex Zickerman Michael Zierler Sally Zierler Mr, 8. Mrs. Joseph Ziskind 1.402 , I . gr I F V I V i Third Row: S. Dyrunt, M. Goren, P. Fromberg, R. Menaker, P. Needle, S. Stringer, S. Weintraub, P, Yurfest, A, Grenley. Second Row: R. Wolfe, I, Seidenberg, M. Pinn, R. Kirsh, E. Fudman, L. Morris, S. Smith, L. Wolf, J. Goldman. First Row: B. Green, S. Mazer, D. Finkelstein, N. Cohn, K. Dotnoff, E. Gabe, G. Winter, B. Kushel, R. l 403 t Blumberg, D, Michelson. r l Q - J .W 1 Fourth Row: J. Ceder, E. Sandler, W. Blonder, M. Peay, T. D'Antoni, B. Rascovcr, H. Porrnet. Third Row: J. Hubert, B. Shapiro, C. Steinberg, R. Setren, B. Mordes, E. Feinglass. Second Row: C. Moses, S. Seidenberg, S. Weitzman, W. Spalver, S. Hyman, S, Horowitz, B, Dvorkin. First Row: J. Smith, L. Klein, F. Brodsky, H. Rankin, A. I-isher, G. Bosley, H. King, J. Jacobs. 148 9 l l z l xl ' . l . ., w ,N . 1404 iv.. ff Qi fi . 2 Fourth Row: R. Begleiter, J. Scott, R. Mettle, S. Seligson, B. Altshuler. Third Row: B. Freedman, I. Caplan, J. Rombro, L. Carton, S. Robinowitz, B. Bloom, S. Jachman, N. Ezrine, R. Williams. Second Row: C. Gresser, B. Lean, C. Rosen, J. Cohen, N. Silverman, L. Wolfson, D. Kaplan, S. Isaacson, S. Goodrich. First Row: J. Goldman, L. Korpisz, E. Rubenstein, L. Pressman, J. Oppenheim, J. Berman, M. Korman, S. Gellman, N. Zaba, R. Shipley. 1405 do ufif , . ,IVA ,Q , 3 2 'f l. Fourth Row: L. Duty, C. Kupfer. Third Row: T. Levi, F. Kitt, B. Cromer, A. Braithwaite, R. Johnson, K. Robinson, M. Bartz, B. Hendin. Second Row: T. Feldman, S. Libowitz J. Rosenbloom, N. Abramowitz, L. Donoff, S. Weisberg, H. Rankin, G. Finkelstein, S. Chappell. First Row: S. Blumberg, H. Settler, R. Kaplan, A. Katz, H. Rosen,A Kravetz, N. Goldblatt, L. Fassett, A. Richman, E. Rothstein. M9 1406 ,- gs. K-J lf' " T L,,, , . +- . .Y D I, Lg ' infix . ' 5' ls. L -,J 2 xg., Z Fourth Row: N. Heiderman, M. Rosenblatt, R. Kessler, A. DiSantostefano, T. Berger, S. Silberg, R. Brenner, J. Koppel. Third Row: L. Fradin, C. Joffe, L. Rosenberg, A. Brownstein, B. Sollcd, S. Einstein, L. Platt, B. Levitz. Second Row: S. Freedman, D. Simon, H. Hirsh, B. Levy, J. Schonebaum, J. Eisenberg, J. Edwards, E.Julian. First Row: E. Epstein, R. Miller, M. Kahn, A. Scherr, G, Magram, B, Johnson, V. Leffman, J. Singer. 1407 ,-. Fourth Row: E. Yospe, G. Talles, M. Feldman, M. Cohen, D. Allender, R. Taylor. Third Row: B. Chernack, J, Norman, C. Rosendale, W. Cummings, W. McMahon, A Reinhard, M. Meister, S, Gurney. Second Rovsf: S. Taustine, L. Fisher, M. Jacobs, E. Marton, E. Yerman, A. Canaday, J. Scheier. First Row: B. Miliman, L. Lillien, M Lichtig, G, Sommers, S, Friedlander, S. Friedenberg, B. Sherr, V. Savage. 150 1408 'fn Fourth Row: J. Koppel, L. Berman, J. London, G. Meliker, D. Smoller, A. Begleiter, F. Stallings. Third Row: A. Williams, R, Austerlitz, S. Nathanson, B. Granek, E. Parker, E. Blum, W. Lee. Second Row: L. Lund, N. Siamon, C. Marganstein, J. Girshin, J. Krause, K. Freedman. First Row: M, Nathan, K. Snyder, L. Rascovar, E. Sagal,M. 1409 Strumwater, S. Lansey, P, Scott, J. Love, 'sv x.x 'ylrwrma Fourth Row: L, Chandler, A. ElGamil, K. Kaufman, T. Wilson. Third Row: J. Hershberger, J. London, C. Weinberg, D. Wainwright, S. Polsky, K. Ziv, F. Cherney. Second Row: G. Clark, M. Sneider, S. Caplan, L. Merritt, C. Jones, C. Steinberg. First Row: S. Scherr, M, Nitzburg, C. Tsakiris, A. Shub, A. Durr, B. Podolsky, L. Wolfe, P. Sewell. 151 E T410 E . t -"'M,.' A 21 , 5 Z ' . 4.1, t Q 2 i Third Row: H. Tucker, l.. Henderson, E. Gunning, J. Augustine, B. Warner. Second Row: L. Berman First Row: M. Scherr, J. Paul, M. Taylor, A. Suskin, J. Gerson, J. Nadifch, A, Hoffman, A. Sober. 1411-4401 , T. O'Neill, D. Moses, D. Smoller, C. Shelton, A. Begleiter, L. Jones Third Row: R. Green, J. Katz, A, Friedel, H. Parmet, P. Holtsclaw, J. Schnitzer, J. Rogers, J. Rosen, R. Jackson. Second Row: A. Schwartz, R. Berlin, T, West, N. Goudy, S. Snyder, L, Keyes, H. Chlewicki. First Row: E. Silverman, P. Thomas, C. Crutchfield, D. Griner, L. Kempner, C. Griver, M. Goldstone, A. Watson, R. Schneider. l52 2401 . as 46 35 K., f T T I, 'L 'L .5 M... l 1 Third Row: M. Segal, T. Stokes, S. Okum, R. Dubeck, M. Brenner, P. Clabaugh, D. Edgar. Second Row: P. Rice, J. Berman, I. Barber, P. Snyder, S. Kavalsky, D. Holbrook R. Cohen. First Row: M. DiBiton1o, L. Topaz, E. Shlian, I. Young, D. Refer, L, Sfeinhorn, P. Chappell, T. Dinowifz. Nor 'cl d: ' ' Leiberman. 2402 pf ure R. Wenngarten, C. Heier, D. Kelly, S 1- 2 v. , .4 , -'P 4' , , i U51 y 5 4 may f 4, 'xv ' 42 . f, Y Dfw M 3 , . , , , , 1 vi ' ' ,x 1 lv 1' , ' A", r Q I 1' . gd V Third Row: C, Weiner, C. Surasky, J. Gross, P. Reisig, P. Schwartz, L. Rosenberg. Second Row: E. Lessan B. M T. Roihslein. First Row: C. R'b s, cCrcry, E. Kaplan, E, Eff, F. Blumberg,J. Norinsky, i erkof, F. Howard, E. Nussbaum, E. Kermisch, H. Bloom, A. Sachs, E.Weins1ein, 153 , ,., - 1 "" l T.. - - T I 2404 ii l Fourth Row: N. Patterson, B. Pierce, V. Mossovitz, S. Levy, R. Rubin, S. Zolis, L. Stein, B. Krauss, J. Deal, C. Porks. Third Row: D. Bridges, S, Lee, H. Poncer, M. Cohen, D. Friedman, C. Brewer, S. Robinowich, C, Butler, S. Hood. Second Row: D. Kelly, E. Silverman, S. Henderson, M, Ballon, J. Dale, C. Carrick, L. Cohen, G. Riddick. First Row: J. Berlin, P. Skloroff, F. Feldman, S. Gersh, L. Aoronson, A. Gordon, F. Moggio, E. Kushner, M. Tonneboum. Fourth Row: R. Stork, R. Beitler, G. Gross, R. Smith, B. Wolters, E. Nires Jefferson. Second Row: S. Manekin, A. Millison, B. Shumon, C, Chopnick, A. Lehmon, R. Simone, B. Dearing, K. Solrnson, M. Grayson, L. Porter. l a .Th 305 ird Row: L. Sochoroff, L. Zolin, B. Orkin, S. Smulson, J. Vickers, J. Schoen, H. Karch, G. Wilcox, D. S. Tobor, S. Touper, S. Fine, S. Berger, B. Cose. First Row: S. Hess, D. Johnston, R. Povosh, l5A 1308 ... Fourth Row: L. Weiner, A. Laforesl, W. Tonkins, E. Woods, B. Kanow, L. McKenzie, M. Lee, J. DeCamillo. Third Row: E. Gambrills, R. Bloomberg, H. Graham, A. Young, G. Smith, R. Campbell, M. Ziskind. Second Row: M. Silbersvrom, L. Levin, M. Cohen, M. Katz, M. Spivak, G. Tucker, S. Schocket. Firsr Row: R. Campbell,J. Shivers, 1310 S. Tucker, S. Wilder, F. Bernstein, H. Abramowitz, R. Greenberg. ' 4 Third Row: B. Becker, G. Noland, S. Rosenberg, M. Bowley, B. Turner, C. Davis, S. Hendin, M. Baer, L. Lipman, R. Chinquina, M. Adams, L.Asner. Second Row R. Truitv, H. Rose, R. Steinberg, J. Dunslan, E. Moses, L. Girshin, P. Walker, J. Leban, I. Cain, S. Pollack. First Row: A. Robinson, M. Bathroy, P. Levinson, S. Singer I. Greenberg, B. Liberman, B. Kaplansky, D. Milford, C. Grooms, E. Gee, C. Azmon. 155 2303 Third Row: J. Pennewell, B. James, K. Wingo, M. Snyder, V. Roe, R. Schultz, M. Asher, R. Smith. Second Row: J. Snider, D. Jenkins, P. Scott, R. Frieman, H. Baer, M. Goldstein, I. Cohen, S. Haynal, C. Fisher, A. Cherry, I. Jacobson, A. Klein. First Row: D. Hornstein, G. Stein, P. Grimes, J. Sacks, A. Parks, D. Siegel, V. Ross,J. Mazor, S. Gurwitz. 2309 vm Ik R nur . Silk , . A.- Fourth Row: D. Alston, C. Weinberg, E. Tartar, M. Needle, B. Scott, D. Buchman, P. Perry. Third Raw: J. Millotf, B. Thompson, B. Bruton, M. Hill, D. Coleman, L. Lomoy. Second Row: E. Jones, A. Bryant, M. Freedman, D. Howard, D. Young, G. Coleman. First Row: L. Gunning, W. Caldwell, F. Cuffee, M. LaChapelle, E. Windman. 156 , 1203 l ,, YN Third Row: C. Dyce, M. Spingarn, S. Fauntleroy, Y. Woodford, M. Hill, G. Eisenberg, W. Dixon, J. Hubbard, D. Goldstein. Second Row: B. Stein, C. Cardwell, S. Ryce, B. Barash, J. Suskin, M. Clark, K. Berlin, N. Evans, C. Stanley, First Row: S. Robinson, D. Baker, J. Bernstein, L, Mendenhalls, A. Taylor, B. Talles, A. Hurwitz, R. Strauss, R. Roseman. 5202 Third Row: L. Gross, J. Alexander, L. Scott, D. Galloway, R. Lawson, R. Price, R. Ringgold, F. Moorman. Second Row: S. Williams, I. Abraham, O. MiIls,J. Beckett, G. Taylor, M. Mills, H, Friedman, N. Cawtharne, M. Diskin, First Row: P, Talbot, P. Ferguson, M, Davis, S. Dallas, C. Hammacker, N. Parker, S. Lee, E. London, Y. House. 157 The Forest Park High School Association Salufes fAe grczcluafes O une, May your unexcelled high school educa- We, the faculty and parents of Foresters tional opportunities serve as the foundation and those who follow us, will strive to perpetu on which to build ever better tomorrows for ate and expand such educational opportunities yourselves and all mankind. for those who follow you. The Forest Park High School Association Leon Baral lst Vice-President Mrs. Maurice Glazer 2nd Vice-President Miss Dorothy Duval 2nd Vice-President Kenneth C. Milford President Mrs. Louis Kann, Jr. Treasurer Mrs. Ervin W. Case Recording Secretary Mrs. Willard Hackerman Corresponding Secretary T58 I302 ALAN BEALE BARRY CAPLIS JOSEPH FELD JEROME FLEISHER MARTIN FLEISCHMAN DANNY FOWLER GLEN MENDELS LAWRENCE SANDERS LARRY SCHERR KENNETH WORTMAN SUSAN ABELSON EILEEN ADLER HYNDA BABKOFF MARCIA BLOOM DIANA CHAIT CELIA FEIERSTEIN CHARLOTTE FREEMAN SARAH GELLER DEBORAH GERSUK ROCHELLE GLAZER RENAE GREEN HARRIEI' GREIF NINA HOWARD BARBARA MELMAN YVONNE NELSON JUDY OPPENHEIMER JUNE PAGE CORENTHEIS PERRY BARBARA PLATT MAUREEN ROBINSON LOIS ROSENKOFF LINDA SCHER BE'I'I'Y SUNCIR SHARON VANCE PATRICIA WASHINGTON GAIL WEINBERGER MARILYN ZELL IRA BENTON MARK CHODAK CLARENCE DIXON DAVID DURANT PAUL FORD STEWART GOLDBERG ROBERT GOODMAN STEVE KATKOWSKY DOUGLAS MYERS PAUL RUDMAN EARL TORTER ANNE BASHOFF SONIA BELLER TERRY BERMAN YVONNE BRAHMS ANN CHARKATZ MARILYN' GERGER 307 MARILYN GROSSMAN ANNE KRUZER JEAN KUSHNER EUNICE MERVIS BONNIE MILLER MARCENE NEEDEL SUSAN ROFFMAN LINDA ROFSKY DEANE ROKOFF DEBBIE RUDOLPH INA SAKOLSKY MYRA SCHWARTZ TAMIE SMITH FRONA SOKOL ROSALIND VERONA MARILYN WENGLIN JUDY WOHLMUTH JANET YOFFE GOOD LUCK TO '64 JEROME M. BIRENBAUM JEFFREY M. BRIDGE CHARLES A. HARDY ARNOLD R. HORNSTEIN STEPHEN C. LLOYD JOHN M. REAZER QUENTIN WYATT SUSAN F. ASCH JOYCE M. BLAUM JOYCE D. BROWN RENEE S. CAPLAN MARY C. CHERCUS PHYLIS B. COHEN SANDRA F. DOBSON MARLENE FREEDMAN MARCIA B. FRIEMAN BEVERLY N. GALLON BALUS GLOVER FROM CLASS I202 AVIS E. GREEN HARRIET R. GREEN EILEEN B. GREENBERG MARCIA R. HOFFMAN MARJORIE A. KERNGOOD SONIA A. LOSINSKY BEVERLY D. McLEOD ELLEN R. MICHAELSON G. JEAN MILLER MARY A. OTT KAREN J. RESNICK SANDRA A. SALERSON KATHERINE C. SHEARIN HELENE F. SCHECTER VENUS J. STANLEY ESTHER A. STONE BEVERLY G. VINE GLEN E. WAGNER BEST OF LUCK To '64 from class 1 2 0 5 Congratulations I 3 O 9 Ye Olde Faithful KAREN WINSTON 1 3 O O Best Wishes Best Wishes Congrotulotions Good Luck to JUNE 164 from the THE '64 . from ALBERT E, DENNY Best Fishes BIOLOGY Rea' Es""e ri-is AQUA ness CLUB cl.Ass 2203 Insurance BEST WISHES GOOD from LUCK 1 2 0 0 CLASS OF '64 to THE GIRLS' LEADERS' CLUB JUNE '64 BEST OF LUCK 9009 LUCK to from CLASS OF JUNE '64 1 2 0 6 from 94 1 3 o 3 INGLESIDE DRIVE-IN BEST To CLEANERS OF CONORATULAT ONS . . . I 'Une '64 sos INGLESIDE Ave. Luigi? from C T I -COf'nel'- Ongm U O 'Ons Boitimore Notionol Pike FUTURE THE from me Quality Cleaning BRIDGE from and NEWS VLEWS CLUB shin Laundry CLASS 1204 CLUB 160 Besr Wishes AYET'S GANG CONGRATULATIONS FROM TO THE WEINER GRANT SCRIBBLERS' FELDSTEIN HOMES THE CLASS OF CLUB BURRIS LANDsEY JUNE, 1964 CHERNOCK MARSHALL TT DIMSMORE MYERSON SAMMYIS H9 il' C' 'Ons DYsON MURDOCK 0 DIVALBLISS PEREL DEPARTMENT RONNIE MENAKER GOODMAN YOUNG STORE Mom, Dad, and Linda HALL ROUSTEAZTACKHOUSE Moy yOUr future be Os rewarding Creations by Manufacturers of: GARY 3511 PARK HEIGHTS AVE Baltimore Md Os The pasf years A"m'l"l nees 8' Pl""'e's PHONE: 604-21154 yOU've sperm? OIT GOOD LUCK FOREST PARK. from CLASS 1201 CLASS 2308 Miss Burkom and 2312 Bid Farewell Compllmenls of the Regards MISS BURKOM fr RONA BLACKMAN Om HANNA BLOOMBERG 3 - 1 5 S H 0 P LINDA BOYD MARJORIE CHATMAN S . I. . M AX I N E FO X HELEN DUNN Rem 'Z"'9 DIANE GAMERMAN in JOYCE GILLARD ARLENE KALIN LINDA LANDSMAN CHERYLE LAVENSTEIN SANDY OPPENHEIM SHEILA ROSEN Rehearsal Club High School and New York College Fashions JANIs sIEGEL ELLEN TUCKER 72? Complimenrs Of vELMA WARREN ADELAIDE CROXTON A FRIEND DARRYL BLANKMAN KSQHQDCQKEQOURN PINILICO MARBLE OF REGINALD LYLES SUSIE FREEDMAN JOHN NASON RAYMOND REETER COMPANY -T-Tv' LOUIS ROSEN Compliments STANLEY SUCH CHESTER WORTHMAN POl'k l'1elgl'I1S Ave. IRWIN ZABA of ik A F R I E N D 161 CONGRATULATTQNS HES' of luck GRADUATES OF 1964 'O 'he GRADUATING CLASS J- JENKINS FOUR SQUARE cLUB INCORPORATED BEST WISHES SCHOOL RINGS MANUFACTURED to JUNE '64 2601 WEST LEXINGTON STREET ff0m the CE. 3-6188 Future Nurses of America Club COMPLIMENTS OF Uptown Federal Savings 8. Loan Assn. 6609 Reisterstown Road Baltimore 15, Maryland Best Wishes to June '64 from THE WEDNESDAY MORNING CLUB The Treble Choir Sings FL. 8-1170 FAREWELL TO JUNE '64 PHONE 542-2130 5217 PARK HEIGHTS AVE. Best wishes FROM . . . f h CAVALIER CUSTOM LATE: QUE MIKE Z- CLOTHES 1 To 0 . . . Tuxedo Rentals Alterations .lune '64 Linda and Anita BEST VVISI-IES Special Thanks to GOOD LUCK The Girls on the TQ THE ROBERT BLSHG-Staff of IDA June ,64 STUDENT Ingrid Barber - Wynne Siegel P R E S I D E N T Gail Sommers and ARLENE Arlene Barlsar ELLYN by HIS PARENTS MRS. M. KAHN GOOD LUCK Houses Financed By U. S. Gov't Low Interest Rates To BEST OF LUCK JUNE, 1964 TO SMITH BROKERAGE CO., INC. FROM THE JUNE ,64 FOR SALE COED CHORALE u. s. GOVERNMENT HOUSES A SPECIALTY l-i-1 FROM 5200 Down or Less-Small Monthly Payments ,O Don't Pay High Rents-Buy For Less THE Hiram E. Smith, Mgr. HAIR LAWYERS' 635 W. Franklin St. - Baltimore 1, Md. STYUSTS Earline Barnes, Asst. Mgr. - 243-3987 5419 Park Heights Ave. GUILD Office: 752-0521 H0me: 542-0247 94 Segall- majesfic photographers 20 years of majesfic Service 909 North Charles Street PF 163 cLAss 1301 THE BRIAN ASCH BARBARA BUHKES PAT BELL ROZ-LYNN BLITZER BARRY BLUEFELD MARSHALL BOYARSKY PHILIP BROWN HARRIET COHEN SUSAN COHEN PAM COOPER JOY DAVES STUART DETTLEBACK BROOKE DUBECK DAVID FINIFTER CAROL FRIEDMAN FRED HARRIS DALE LEGUM ARLYN LEVY ELLEN LEVY RALPH LLOYD EILEEN MAGER KAY MARKS NATALIE MORGANSTIEN ELLEN RESSIN MERLE ROSENFELD ANN ODENHEIMER GEORGE PARKER GARY RUBIN SANDY RUBIN MARILYN SALKIN NANETTE SAUBER MARLA SUE SHERMAN BARBARA SHULMAN FRANNIE SNYDER HOLLY SYKES EMILY WEISS GAIL YOFFE CABINET BEST OF LUCK U. from N. Y. BEST VVISI-IES from THE OPEN FORUM CLUB THE GERMAN CLUB HOCHSCHILD KOHN CLASS 1306 EDWARD BROWN CAROL BAUMSTEIN BEVERLY BONDY CAROLINE DAVIS ANITA EZRINE ELLEN FELDMAN SUSAN FULTON MARILYN GARONZIK MARNIE GLASSMAN PEARL GOLDSTEIN NANCY GOODMAN MARILYN BRUBMAN TERRE FRIEDMAN ILENE KLIENMAN ANNE KURLAND MURRAY GERSUK SUSAN LEVITON LINDA LERNER LINDA MATISOFF JACKIE MAZER WENDY MELNICOVE ROBERTA NORMAN SANDY OKON LINDA PEARL SUSAN PETASKY JANIS POLT HELAINE SACHERMAN MYRA RHODE JANEY ROSENBLATT LOLLY RUBIN ANITA ROTHMAN MARGI RUBIN CHERIE TOMPAKOV MARSHA WEISBERG PENNY WISE ROZZY YUDIN BRUCE SPIZLER 4 7 BRUCE BROWN THOMAS CAMPBELL ELIOTT CAPLAN THOMAS CHICCINO THEODORE DIXON GLENN EVANS 20 2 THOMAS PISANIC THOMAS WELLS JOSEPH WHITE BOBBY WILLIAMS STANLEY WILSON SARAH BECKERMAN BEST VVISHES JUNE '64 GEORGE GANTT PATRICIA BOWLEY 1 4 0 0 GREGORY GASKINS CATHERINE CHRISTIAN KENNETH GOCHENOUR SANDY COHEN LUCK JOEL GREENBERG VICKI GOLDFEIN from The RUPERT JACKSON SAUNDRA HARRIS CHANCE JONATHAN KEYSER JOETTE KOENIGSBERG WILLIAM LEE MILLICENT KOLKER TO ELTON LEE CLEMENTINE LAWRENCE - Bette CERCLE WILLIAM MATHEUS NANCY LOVE d an LEON PENNINGTON THELMA McCRAW FRANQAIS Nancy IRMA THOMAS B I W' h . BEST OF LUCK es ,Oli es Complumerrrs of THE CLASS THE OF . I JUNE, 1964 'A' Glenview BOYS LEADERS The 'A' Parkington CLUB FuTure Teachers RANCH-GARDEN APARTMENTS TO -f O - RO. 4-2942 JUNE '64 America UNIVERSITY OF BALTIMORE Coed-Mffonf' The Bookworms C I . COLLEGE OF LIBERAL ARTS Ongrol-U CIIIOUS 4 YEAR DAY PROGRAM for The B.A, Degree with maiors in English, Hi r , CI P h I . Siiggail PTEgrari'1Ycino33Li'caTion also available. Congr-CLTUIOTG from The SCHOOL OF BUSINESS, INDUSTRY, AND MANAGEMENT 4 YEAR DAY d 6 YEAR EVENING PROGRAMS f h . . D i six maior fieldin- Accounting, Finance, Business Milillggzmilif, Irigi-:iTriarI June '64 , M It ' , CI T ' . CAEIIETCIEECTSTEE PRSCRALWS iT1n1'I ::2EgTrI':IlcT?in Evening Division. SCHOOL OF LAW 3 YEAR EVENING PROGRAM, for The LLB. Degree qualifies for The of Maryland Bar Examinafion. PRE-LAW PROGRAMS-2 Year Day and 3 Year Evening qualifies for The School of Law and also The A.A. Degree. Wrile or Call for Booklel CHARLES 8: OLIVER STREETS BALTIMORE 1, MARYLAND Forest Park High I65 22nd Anniversary N4 xr0N'T,G,,,E L, A ,f X. Up , .V ,, . I ,gp ff, XXXTH - AK,, WMV, , V , X - X FS , ,HK K , .WM ' - m y I i e so - Q' c e 995, ' ,, V ff' ' Nb' ' 5 XX ' :ff 13,1 V ., '-'- '.. 'xxx i K , , ,- ' N xx . 4. H ' --.ff y- A sly ' ' . ' , 2+ af ff- fi N In iii . 4 Q . , ff? . ' - ' if U f K f' ,,k f . t , I , ,H . fb V' X 1' I :kvk f 1 K ff I r, . K V f n ,'se. s if ., F p . up VV bf Ls 41,1 T , T I " S T y it y..i 9, l 'Q I ' X K . 11 l "Xi X1 V 1 V R 5 , . . , . . , , . H , Q, msiux c.. ll.Xl'llxl,.XXll ltt.l.m. .ut I ,W li., ,Z SEPTEMBER 22,19l6 JUNE 4,1942 GAVIQ lllS l,ll-'E FOR HIS COl'Nl'RY ON .lljNl 4, I-942 ,fl 't,,,N,,N is THl B.xi'rt.i1 or- wowar Tm: lixsiox tj. MARKMNIJ Kt:t,1.Y, JR. M1cx1oR1,xL Posr 4174 of the AMERICAN LEGION was formed in his honor, to perpetuate his name and keep alive the AMERICAN ideals for which he so willingly gave his life. To this end the Ensign C. Markland Kelly, Alr. Memorial Post 464174 has been active in many programs and activ- ities, a few of which are listed below. Day Service is held at Loudon Park Cemetery on May tmerican Iflag-Educational programs for flag etiquette and American Flags presented to Boy and Girl Scout Troops. Athletics- unior baseball, baskethall and lacrosse teams spon .l - sored. Lacrosse trophies for High Schools and Colleges. A baseball field is maintained in the Northwood area. .Xnnual Sports Award presented to an outstanding coach in the State of Maryland. Baltimore City Zoo-Gifts of fllj Polar hears, Jenny the elephant and most recently the Sarclinian donkeys, Ginger Bread and Cupcake. Bois and Girls State- t8j High School juniors each year Q Drum and Bugle Corps-Sponsoring St. Mary's Drum and Bugle Corps and Honor Guards in American Legion com- petition each year. 0 Essay and Oratorical Contests-Sponsoring contests in all schools interested. Q Open Shutter-Maintain film library for "shut-in" institutions as well as providing live entertainment and refreshments SIS OCCllSl0ll HITSCS. o Scholarships-Mcllonogh School and Baltimore College of Commerce. 0 Memorial Services-Open to the public, each year a Memorial sponsored. Q Boy Scouts-Oxer 18,000 Boy Scout calendars presented an- nually to schools, troops and Cub Packs. Flllth for all who have made the supreme sacrifice for their country. Xllutch for announcement in the papers. Since its inception, the Post has been interested in the cominunityg and many things have been done to promote its welfare. Special credit should be given to the ENSICN C. MARKLAND KELLY, NIR. MEMORIAL FOUN- DATION, INC. for their financial assistance. The result-many of the programs are a reality rather than a dream. l66 94 ,lgesf QMsAes To The members of June, 1964 as they enter World of 94 F romise 167 Success to JUNE '64 The Stratis' of Gibson Drive-Inn Compliments of Garrison Lounge, Inc. 3403 Clifton Avenue TOT to TEEN SHOP Infant then Junior Pimlico 8. Milford Mill NATES 81 4510 Liberty Hgts. Ave. N Baltimore 7, Md. WI. 7-2849 Shopping Center THE Best Wishes to JUNE '64 U from NINE JUDY ABRAMSON ELAINE LAZARUS Best of Luck in the Future from NANCY AVIS ELLEN MANDEL 6204 ILENE BEITLER JOAN MAZER SUE BERMAN SUSAN MILLER Ruth Brenner Debbie Pere! Bertha Bryan Pamela Richie SUE COHEN HELEN MOSLEY MICHELLE DAVIS FAYE DONIEK ALICE FEINROTH LOLLIE MYERBERG BETTY POTLER BARBARA RODOFF JOANNE FELDSTEIN ELLEN ROSENBERG ROBIN FLAX SHARON ROSENBERG SUZI GITOMER PHYLLIS RUBIN COOKIE GOLDBERG LYNN SIGER JUDY GOLDSCHEIDER CINDY SOLOMON JOAN GREENBLATT ELAINE WEINSTEIN MARSHA HIGHSTEIN LYNN YUSPA JO ANNE KELLERT Courtesy of Copeland's Barber Shop Hours: Tues. thru Sat. 9 A.M. to 6:45 P.M. ARLETTE ZINN YOUR OPPORTUNITY IS HERE! The Boys' Opportunity Club Judera Corley Michelle Frazier Elizabeth Fox Regina Green Cindeye Havelock Sandra Jones Linda Lessans Marsha Margalit Susan Rosskopf William Bogen Cornell Langford Robert Lucas Wayne Markert Ronald Richie Mario Robinson Steve Walsky Good Luck to JUNE '64 from the RED CROSS CLUB BERNIE wishes JUNE '64 Best of Luck from the Men's Chorus Good Luck from the Good Sports ofthe Girls' Sports Association I68 2405 .iillitll fi l wax'-Vi .,g, Front Row: A. Greif, E. Moncarz, G, Cohen, M. Sukoneck, J. Wilson, B. Myers, R. Schwartz, J. Baer, B. Goldstein. Second Row: B. Skwersky, S. Siegel, G. Vela, J. Reid, J. Burke, O. Smith, C. Carpenter, C. Goldstein, A. Schwartz. Third Row: J. Turek, M. Sharps, R. Price, W. Brandt, F. Watts, B. Bell, E, Stein, N. Sirasky. H. G. Roebuck and Son i INCORPORATED PRINTERS and L.ITl-IOGRAPI-IERS I 2140 Aisquith Street Baltimore 18, Maryland I-lOpkinS 7-6700 Producers of Distinctive Annuals For Schools and Colleges Since 1919 169 A Friend Barbara Platt and Harold Abrams Alan and Dennie Henry Allen Alease Baker Shirley Baker Elenora Barnes Brina Bass Danny Batalion Miss Judy Bennett Yossi Bidnick The Big "B" Billy and Maxine Mr. and Mrs. George Bivens Mr. and Mrs. Eli Blaustein Sarah Blaustein Mr. and Mrs. William Brewer The Brooks Family Mr. Willie Brown Atty. and Mrs. J. L. Bundy Mrs. Lela R. Burnett Mrs. Persis Burter Mr. and Mrs. H. Carton Mr. and Mrs. J. Carton Class l2O'l Class 1205 Class 2202 Class 5203 Class T301 Class 1303 and 6203 Class l307 Mr. William E. Coarts Calvin Cohen Ronalee and Jeffrey Cohn Mrs. Gertrude Coleman Compliments ofa Friend Beulah A. Conn Mr. Joseph H. Clay Mrs. Caroline Clements Mrs. Lillie Covington Cross Country Clothes David R. and Sara P. Debbe Eddie Dreiband Eugene M. Edeien Edie and Ronnie Mrs. Esther L. Edwards Mrs. Paul Eisenberg Ellen and Alan Mr. and Mrs. Jos. Engle Mrs. Margaret English Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Fassett France Faust Mr. and Mrs. Artie G. Faulcon PATRONS Mr. and Mrs. Albert Fisher Alan Fisher Mr. and Mrs. Harry Fisher Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Fisher Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Fisher Jerry Fleischer Neil Folton Miss Bettey Fossett Mr. and Mrs. William Fox Mr. and Mrs. lrvin Galoon Robert G. and Ellen M. Mr. and Mrs. Herman Glassband Glumpas '64 Rev. and Mrs. John E. Golden Yaakov Goldfeder Mrs. Goldstein Earl Gray R. H. Greenlee David L. Harding Pfc. Everett B. Harrison, Jr. The Alan Hecht Family Mr. and Mrs. Abraham Helfand Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Hendin John A. Herold Mr. and Mrs. William Hetcher Mrs. Geneva Hillery Mrs. Ruth Hursey Jackie and Sandy Mrs. Martha Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Jones Bishop and Mrs. Raymond L. Jone Mr. and Mrs. Harry Kaplan Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Katz Sheldon and Audrey Katz Mr. Eddie Kelly Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Kleiner Nathan Kramer Larry and Marsha Mrs. M. Leach Mrs. Marie Lee G. D. Leidig Mrs. Jean Levi Miss Barbara Lewis S Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Lichtenstein Barbara A. Lloyd Nancy Ann Malnar Mrs. Barbara Maxwell Mrs. Edith M. McCormick Wanda McCormick Larry Mendenhall Mr. Edward Meridith CeCe Meyers Diana Milford T70 Mrs. Lillie B. Miller Libby Mintzes Mr. and Mrs. Walter Moody Mor. and Steve Miss Janie Morgan Janet, Ellen and Sally Morrow Mrs. Florence Murray Sarah Murray Mr. Victor W. Myrick Mr. and Mrs. Donald Norwood Marcia M. and Bonnie P. Mr. John Perry Mrs. Marge Phillips Mrs. Laurlene Pratt Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Pride Susan Raffel Louis Rankin Gail Weinberger and Lee Raskin Mrs. Louise Rice S. Rimka Robert Mrs. Martha Rock Merle, Abe, Arlene Rosenbloom Mr. and Mrs. Beniamin Rubin Boruch Schmell Chaya Schmell Irwin Schmell Mrs. Lucille Selby Mrs. Pauline Shannon Clifton Sharp Shubert Music Store Mrs. Yetta Singer Mrs. Margaret Singletary Rosalind Solin Miss Vanesse Stith Mr. and Mrs. Philip Taylor Terry and Shirley Mrs. Naomi Thomas Mrs. Mildred Tillman Mr. and Mrs. Mark Wartow Mr. Watts Mrs. Margaret West Mr. and Mrs. Reginald West Mrs. Connie White Mrs. Calina Williams Rev. and Mrs. F. D. Williams Billsey Willsey Wilma and Gerson Mrs. Pauline Wilson Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Wolf Miss Sally Young Gam Zawconti uiixiir '64 llgglios lbfklll lFWllf IL IL QD fklllll sim, iTune: Everything's Coming Up Rosesl Aiming high ' Gonna fly Blue and White take their place in the sky Shoutin' loud We're all proud See the spirit aglow on our faces Forest Park, through your doors Have passed lOOO's of kids and much more But still we say that someday '64 will be one that's outstanding Memories filled with Fine traditions of old Remember football rallies Walking to shops in the cold So step aside We can't stop Set our goal We belong at the top '64 has got more of the spirit and pride Full of love we can't hide So if you're '64 Stamp your feet on the floor and yell Yea '64! gaffelflfe!! Song iWords and Music by WARREN MAGIDI Farewell, our days in school are ended soon Farewell, this is that parting day in June. We leave Forest Park a little sad to depart From loyal friends and our teachers as well. Farewell, to Green and Grey we served you true Farewell, we face our future all too soon. Farewell, we'll live our motto and go forth to serve June, sixty-four bids "farewell" to all. l7l ,115 'V I if 1. rf, W s. X 1 W -Ike f 2 I R Go torth to serve lt would be unfair, indeed, to close this record of June 1964 without giving due credit to those who have been so much a part of it. We, the editors, would like to especially thank Miss Duval, our principal, for being most under- standing and helpful in the publication ot the 1964 FORESTER. Also, to our advisers, Mr. John Berger and Mr. Francis J. Hardman, goes our thanks for their expert guidance. To Mr. Tony Meyers ot Segall-Majestic Photographers goes our appreciation tor the fine photography which appears in this edition. For the myriads ot ques- tions and problems which he answered, vve are deeply grateful to Mr. Arthur H. G. Schultz of H. G Roebuck 81 Son, Inc., our publisher. June 1964 was sorrowed on June 21 to learn ot the untimely loss ot Katheline R. Caclden, a graduate of the Business Education curriculum. Anita Fisher Linda Zierler Co-Editors in Chief Rickie Rubenstein Business Manager Sally Eagle Managing Editor ,f

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